Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Eylül 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Eylül 1846 Page 4
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<n*nt ef iw? ?oV?mawiit? \ onbinnt in??ilA| ww haiil Aitthe "VN"hiio liiJiijp of ih? i'f?bid<?nt, but ti tho brlok hou-e ol Mr. Bancroft. The Secretary, although nbU* to move nliont in his room, is not. sulHcieii'ly strong to ieuve his chamber Trough there would I,* i snllicicnt number of cabinet officers for conhriitation wi;houi Mr. Hnneroft, this act of accommodation argues rroncly the kind fooling entartainod lor him, especially on the evo of h.s retirary from the Navy Depirtm-nt. The regents of the Smithsonian Institution mat to-day at the Patent office. Mr. DhIibs wn? elected Chancellor, and Mr Honyli, rtf the Co-ird, S'1crctary, who will tcrvo in tupaeity, pra'tiitou?ly, for the present; and at a proper tune, a permanent oftioer will !> a < ct> >1 ?u a iix*d com* pensation. A d>awin* look i In tor icons of service, wi:h '1)0 following re-uli s M--??r* Choat* nnd Ilawley, two y< nr ; M R i 'i mid Tot ten, four years ; and Mcxsrs RhoIic ?nd P't'S'on, "ix years. M?-s*r?. r' (the Mnyor of Wash iri^ron.) Owen end T>?ti?ii are toe Executive Board; Me#srs. Cboate, Hawley niul Ho?h, the L braiy Committee; nnd Me*?js. lluah, Milliard and liufh, a committee to digest n i.l?n for i-urrv'nu out the provisions of tr11* ac eHHhlifhitik; the Institution. To-morrow tlio s:ie lor tiie building will Li* sslecod, and the Riiaiil then expect to a<(jnurn, to me#' probably next December Several ofth- voluntee rs from this riiy have rnturnrd from the Rio Grande. Thev are nr>t desirouato return : tli*-y are sausimd with what they have eon Bud lelt. Fei.ix. Washington, Sept. 9, 1S46. flumored Rctignntion of Mr. Daturnft?Captain K McBMr't Payer jMisttU?General Srott?Son of Senator Evois?A I founded Soldier?Smith toHum institution. It wa? rumored this morning, at G o'clock, that Mr. Bancroft hadgiven up the seals*{office?ilia', no longer " Secretary of the Navy " was to ho at- ! tarhed tc his name?that the old salt Captains , have occasion to lejoico and make merry?that a : temporary vacuum lias boeu made in tho Cabinet ?that the voice of Massachusetts in tho Executive , Council has baen himliod. The resignation has ! been looked lor daily, but ns to the exact time ] j,one could discover. Mr. Uancrolt lias been lor the last week confined to his house by sickness ; b it, notwithstanding, his books and papers were being packed up. and nn auctioneer (Mr Dyer) has lieen engaged to dispose of his furniture, or>gmally brought from Boston, by vendue. Ue the rumor true or not, it has, ere this, reached Philadelphia, and perhaps New York, by telegraph, 1 lor gentlemen employed the lightning 10 speed the iiiieuij^eiiee. i am inciin^u i?> I? *!i? ve null II Will lie announced in the " Union " before this reach* s you, that Mr. Bancroft ha* been appointed minister to the Court of St. James. It is already known that Mr. Bancroft dismissed : Cant. McBliur from oliice?that the captain had, as Mr. Brmkerhofr would fny, "some plain talk" i with the secretary 011 the subject, ami that the secretary caused to be entered on the books that ihe captain was dismissed for contumacy, or something akin to this unenviable quality. >ow, Captain MeBlair has threatened to chastise Mr. Bancroft unless he causes the said entry to be ex- j punged, wiped ou', rescinded, made null and 1 void?and to-day prepared a letter to be sent to him, telling him of the consequences of a neglect i to comply with the requisition. There is no backout in the captain; be feels that his honor has been impugned, and gives an opportunity to Mr. ' Bancroft to make a due reparation. He is highminded, bruve, honorable; would scorn to do a mean act himself, and will not permit injustice to ilim by others without resentment It would be magnanimous in Mr. Bancroft to direct the ohliteration demanded ; it would redound more to hi# credit than to per.nit the ohjectiouahle record to . remain 111 the archives of the department. How nil this may terminate cannot now be foreseen, but it is hoped that it may soon be announced, in the language of Congressional peacemakers, who interfere to prevent duels between lellow members, that the " mattei has been amicably adjusted. " Gen. Scott left the city in the afternoon train of cars. His destination West Point, to join his lady, 5 Who.for so-ne time past, h is been indisposed, and residing on the Hudson tor the benefit of her 1 health He t'jok Ins neat alongside of senator Evans, fo~ whose arrival at the depot he waited with much anxi-ity. Tliey are old and tried friend*, and it is reasonable to infer they had teL'etllnr an acreeable piimvmnnn <in tlm u/m in Jlew York. A con of collator Evans, a graduate of West Point, visited the public building* to-day. Hv is a flue looking young fisllow, with a ?li:up eye, nn<l in appearance uvoiy tatrh a soldier. He will very shortly embark tor #v? seat of war, to join Gen. Wool. There was at ;he depot n sergeant, who was seriously wounded at the batde of Resaca dc la Pulma. IIo hobbled along with the aid of a stick, und hurt emu* to Washington on busmes* conjnecti*d with his release from the service. S?uch a spectacle '-KCited our tendei e?t sympathies, and we could not repres* the hope ihnt the war would soot". be succeeded by pwace. D Hie R? gents of tho Sniithiotvan Institution, with the President of the United Stales, and several of the Secretaries, assembled on the mall near the Centre market, this motiun/, at nine o'clock, to select a site for buildings and grounds. Tney wore thus engaged lor i wo hours,and at last came to the determination to appoint n committee to report on 'hf subject at the next se?-<ion of the hoard. An adj mrnment took place to-day until the latter end of November N arlv all the regents have leitthe ci>y. Mr Hough" will remain lor several day-. 10 transact l>u-:ii>s* committed tohi? chnrg.* lie Vf ry generously undertook 'he. task, reftiHnig coiri|i<*nsaiion. The object nt the regents seemed to he economy, a d therefore tli-y iKi'tponed the election ol a Secretary to tiie institution, un'il th? re shall be actual occasion tor hll That.... - ' ' feat harmony and nnnnimi'y, tlmy nil parted with desires lor one another'* oappiness and a *afe return to tlio scene of their deliberations. Everything augurs si happy consummation of the object and l>enelicial results from the bequest of the gentleiunn whom: uaine the institution bears. Felix. Bultimork, S;pt. !>, 1S46. Pieatarif Weather Azain?The Typographical Star?A Hotel Thief *1rrtllti?OJd f-'rllnrrs Trip?Collins, the Irish %ic1or?Theatricals? Markets?Stotk Board. 4 c The weather in tliis section continue* clear and dry, I but i* by no means oppressive at present. A cool breeze take* the edge off ol the ray* ol the tun. There wan quite a spirited regatta, yesterday, in the lower harlivr. About ten buats entered for the prize, ! onsutingof a suit ol handsome Hags?and the race was ' h beautiful one. A steamboat, loaded with spectators, , accompanied the bunt* the whole distance, which was fifteen miles. The boat recently presented to the Mo- ; chanical Kire Company by the firemen of Philadelphia, eame l> nearly a half mile ahead of all her competitors, beating them easi y, as she also did on a previous contest. \ foolish story is going the rounds of the press, to the effect that n great tragical star, of typographical origin, j lhay shortly be expected to astonish tnc world. The person alluded to is a resident of this city, and although a groat admirer of the drama, and a very good reciter, never had any intention ol becomlug an actor, lie i< uneof those unfortunate fellows wbo, in common conversation. cannot utter ten wards in ten minutes, on account of a stuttering impediment in his s|>eecli, but he can recite, or sing a iong, without the slightest impediment A man who gives the name of J. M Brown, but who is i'Uppo?Ad to be Hammond, the great hotel thief, has been urro.ted an) committed in this city, ou the charge of robbing a fellow boarder of upward* ol fJOO. at the Wheattield Inn a few nights It tvai all in notes on the western banks ol this Slate, except about which were in the pautalxnt pockets of the gentleman rahbad On arieiting Drown a similar amount of chaiigc, nnd in the same coin, wns found 011 hi* per .on. in his trunk were found two skeleton keys, one of which had l>?cn tiled; ?o an to open marly e?ary 100m in the hotel. Quite a large delegation of Odd f ellows will leave thla city to-morrow to attend the soiiee and procession of the Order to take place un Saturday next. Collin* wii again wall received last night, by an audience composed in great measure of our most respectdblo descendants of " the ?od." The home was crowded, an! ao delighted did they teem with hi* perforata sec. that the house was in a continuous state of pleading exeitomrnt. Kvary song was encored, and a? a vocalist, he possesses one ijiuliBoation that is always t<-genti :1 to success in Baltimore, that u you can under.rtan l distinctly every word he airiRs. The Swamp Fox"la?till continued nt the Front at.? The companv 'it this c*;alili?h:neut is one ol the to..t iu fho country."and we hope that Mr Burton will reap the harvest which his enterprise and porscveraiice ao richly deaarva The Maaaiits.-Howard street lionr is sow firmly held *i SI l?H, and Cir? Mills at $1 25. Wheat is also firm ar ads sliced prices. Sides or Nterki at Bsltlmnra 3e?t. Msrrlsad fl's dosed at ssked. JBs'ti" mora ?'?, onirii. clot-Jar 91% nk-.i M old; Baltimore sad Ohio HaiIro<4 ?>.ii?s iCVi asked, 4'H bid. '"ABtNRr Cmasori ? vi . Bancroft resigned his -ea? tn the Cabinet thia (lay, Burl will take, we ? f 1 *? opportunity to emhirk for London lfa Is t by Jm'ge Mason, who, in taking cktrgaafthe Savt u^partrfieat, enters upo.i famil aruuubs, and retries with him the re*p?c.i tud c >nfl Ian te of the Whole rommnnit) -lod^r .Usui *ill act also as , Attorney Orneral ad inttrim until i m successor in that office shsli be a, ed .u| n?UiiUd -ir.?A,ngton I Union, Srpl. 9. * | AfroijfrMEvns b* TtiK ij?ii.sil?k> r ?'leorge Bail cioit, ol Miusachurl i?, :o 'iqhmv ijfiiitiitonliiiirf ami minister plenipotentiary of tha I'mted States for the United Kingdom* of O'aat Britain tud Ireland, ekoe Louis MeLane. recalled at bia own request John V. Ma?on of Virginia, to be Secretary ol the Navy of the United States, rice Hao. George Bancroft) resigned. \ Pmc.aMi.#ff'*i Hi IMi ?U? tu*u.itxp kktuit I kr Hi* MfmiBrt), anlvad bar* *f .' %.?* H*W V?rt, ta >6ft4 wttil ttoroi f?r Braioa 8t Ihgo, A lad, the son of the late Cl.arl** Snyder, wa? drowned i?i the Delaware yesterday alt#moon by falling over board,wljila tryin;j to catch -.ono dead fi*h Hunting in the lock Thi? C3ie i? t*ctiliarly melancholy, from the Circumst nee of hi* mother having baen recently widowed by tlitt death nl hei] butband. who waa |*u3ocaU-J bjr bur ting a blood ve>?el while hatliiu;; in the Delaware The whiff completed the selection of their Common Council tickct last ei rning. Tho friends of the Central railroad have succeeded to chinning a mh\oritv in favor of tho mbsc rip'ion ol' two million live linn lied thousand dollars hy the citv. Tht> Democrat o ' unven'inn for choosing a candidate to l?t>re?ent ll.o Tuird < ongreaaional Di-tricr, met ycMerdxy alujinoon yu i l ad *c>m unsuccessful ballot* The \ota * ?*! Brown 19, F.igli.h 17 and Smith 13. llie tnio-1 Hlues.ol N<-waik. X. J., are now enjoving toe lios;itaIitiei ol cirvol inwri, sun! are mum admired lor their proficient') in military tacti<*?. and tho neat >.y pearnnce of taeir uniform The fine band that accotn jmnies 'hem. pe form? mlmirnbiy, and comes Id for a :-Laio of f.ivoi The vi?itei?. m com; any with the N..tiooal Orcj iind l*l>ila. elphia Cadet* p?iuok of a cat tiah mip|ier ltut evening a: the Kail* of Srhuyikiil Iheie u an evident improvement in the ttock pales today. .v large a.nouiit ot State ;' ? changed l.unJs ut a slight advance ??leu of Htacki at Philadelphia. S?.pt. 10.?Kimr Uoaro? $I0C0 U'llmn fcton Mil f.'?. 18i3, *1, > 00 St if S?, j5.I?. ; 3 Che> & Dvl Cauai "fork. 15; ifl.wio -tatc 5'?, rw.WV. l"01' do C?t?; M KM Jl}?. Sm uhi Uiiaru ?2J \ ckjliu.x B oil:, fi; ?? 0 St re i'? HUAmu Sali?.?10 I' 3 U'tuk. 3Ji\ ''1)0 Heading Kit, W. The Hon. A P. Bngby is confined to his lodgings in Washington by an atlacV of billon* fever. t con IIIUHOIAL, IVew I vrk, e|it?inber 10 Ashm.?'The demand continual moderate for both deacriptions, and small salen are made at f>3 ti9>? In poti, ami $4 for poarU. Rk?.iwax.?Sales in prime yellow wore effected at 27 cents, ca?U. We hear of nothing in Cuba. !\iin?Dirt'rrs ? Within a .lay or twocon?iil?rnMe activity ha.; sprung up in the way oi export, lor which purpose the demand yesterday was brisk, with u lair amount ol transactions. The arrivals in Western continue small, and aie quickly taken up at $4 50 for prime Wo noticed a sale of fancy Genesee at f 1 6JS, to i j- ! The sales ia Oenesee und Michigan during the weak cannot hi> lois than MMO barrels. In Southern there if | little change : holders remain firm at the last quotations ?say $4 :li to $4 tO. Hichmond Mills is held at $4 (i'J' Eye llotir is scarce, and is quoted at $'J 87Jersey corn medl is also in request, mostly for export, at IS t? (3 In wheat there is less duiug ; prices however, have been pretty well sustained. The supply continues limited Sales were made in Western white at 90c to $1, the maiket closing at the latter figure. Some Western 1 red of an inferior brand, sold 70 to 75c, fair 80 ; ; prime is scarce, and we believe much wanted A sale of fine Genesee was ma.'e as $1 OA; a lot of Illinois rod, via New Orleans, sold at 90c ; North Carolina, heated, for milling, sold at 60c to : rye is in fair request, with a fair amouut of transactuns, principally for export, at (iO to 70c?a sale was effected as high as 71 ccnts, but this is not the ruling figure. Old is scarce aim high ( orn is also scarce arid in request, both for expert aud distilling. Northern and Jemey yellow sold at til to i ?2,So ; Western, mixed and part heated, sold for 60 to b'JV weight; Southern yellow is worth about otic, luea sure ; white. t>0 to fla.1* Cotton?There u a< more disposition to purchuso to day, than has existed beiore this week. About700 Dales were taken, one-hall for expmt. Trices are steady, but uot to stringent as befoie?the amount on sale continues very limited. We quote? litkkrool Classification. Nov Orleans I Vplandt. Florida Hob. if Texan. \ Inferior ? a? ? a? ? s ? Ordinary 7,Sa 7? 7k? Middling.. I i l'\a S'? liS* 8i? Good Middling.... HVs ?^a PW 8H? Middling fair... . &>,? 8'? l)te *8 9'? Kiur HJsa 9(? 8,%a 9'* 9.3?s 9* Kullv Kair *J>a #'a* 9s 93** 1? Good Fair 9>i* 9if ?V? ??? 10 a 11 tune none. uonr ? Coffer.?The last public sale was largely attended, ! and transactions were conducted with considerable spirit at ail advance on the last quotations. The tiansactions by private include itnO n ltMiO bags, part received coastwise, at 6*a' a 7'4 cents : 3.'?0 Legtiayra, 7S, a S ; "JoO Java, 9'.t ; 175 Sumatra. 7',', 4 month* ; and 400 8t Do mingo, ti a ti'r, cash. By auction. 4,1:1Q buffs Brazil sold at 6\ a 7.'t cents?average nearly id Wti, 4 mouths. Corren. -New rhe&ihintf is selling at J.I cents, 6 mos.; old w as sold lor 17V cash. Taunton yellow niotul is iu | demand at 20 cents, 6 mciiths. Fkuit ?We uhvo only to notice sales in bunch ra?in? at $J 12S * - 20 ; filberts $o 76, 1 months ; Genoa Jo- j mous, fair. $3. and a lot of poor at (I 7ft cu?h. Hay.?North lliver is soiling, fjr shipment, at 3d u 40 ccnts Hi;?tr ? A. sale of Sisal was made a day or tw o ?ince at $127 00. 6 months ; alto, ;>u0 baits of Manilla, to arrive coastwise, at lonner rates. Hosct.? In all other than Cuba two market is but moderate. A tale in this was effected at 43 cents, 4 months. | lion ?A lew lots of the new crop of Eastern and j Western sold mostly for export, at 20 rents, cash. l%Dinn ? A few case* of .' lu.iilla changed hands at G'? 1 cents . Caracas, dl a SA cents, G months. Homo Guatemala on privaiu terms. l.t ap?The niaiket in Missouri has been for the past weilt exceeding biisk, with sale? to the amount of 23,000 pigs sit <3 75 8 3 87,',, cash, and ?> on time. At this j limine holdars were very firm. Molas?k??Since last'week, we have heard of no sales worth repotting ? tho -icinauj continues firm. P*o*i'ii>v? - There is hut little alteration in any of the ai tides routing under this bead Ohio pork remains at the ia?t rate -; '-ales made to some extent m prime at a h 12>i ; me-?, $9 0.}{ a 9 0S">? Sioine Philadelphia inspections nu'd at V.' 60. Heel H in nioderate request. prime city sold at >4 ^0 a 4 75 ; mess, $6 it) a 6 7,1; prime j nest sold, for export, at >!i a 11 '>0 Lard, Onto, is in better demand, Mima fair request exists for o\|>ort puipoira hnlei weie made in prime at 6}* cts, ana 7 ct? lor exti.i Hutter and cheese are without chaiure in nrirei I .in I a fdir itemaud continue* lor boih descriptions. i Kick.?6om-* 3y tieroe* *?1J at J.'l 75 a >4, cash. The , market remain* uiri ??riM ?Tnno in but little doing in the varioua descrip- . tion*. Snies in Ohie clover weie maue to soma xtem, ! (nit we did n<a learu the ligure. Kussiu hnaeeU aold at ?1 3D, 4 montns Si o*hi ? Tu* decani for C?b? box and musjovado ii not verv biisa. but t>.e coi.'mu. I iit m The Mle* ioclu.le 240 bh<:a New Oilcan* at b^* ; Hi cents , 900 . Porto Hi o ~S * < i 100 ciil>a. 6V * 7 ; lOo Ml (Jiuix, b a 8,S . 11(0 box.'* brown Havana, most.y \?8; and 75 j low wh t? do. 8,4. ^ months Tju.luw.?Tlie arrival* continue icmall Sal** have | been made inpiime at 7.V a 7 l, c?nt?, and also a lot of it fei iorat ti'.j, cash. Tu?*c?o? I he demand it moderate, and the market for I most descriptions inactive. In manufartuied, there i? a , fair business doieg at our quotation* 70 hhds. Kentucky old at a 6\? cent*; witli some ceftar leaf, 10 a 1J; and 00 bale* Havana. 22.', a 60, and 76 a HO, 4 moi \Vn Ai.fc home?Sate* have been made of 8000 lb. North WcFt Coast at 33jpi 33St cents; 2000 lb South Soa, 33.'*;anil , 12.000 lb saperior at 33'., for North Weft l'.oa?t, and 34'4 cash, for South Sea. Wiwks?There ii more inquiry from tlio trade, and wo notice cales ol 1'>0 qr. casks sweet and dry .Malaga at 45 : cents; 40 Port. 50 a 00; 10 do and2j Ind. bbls. pure juice, i $1 a SI l.?; 5 pipe? TenerifTe, t>5 cents; 15 quarter casks I Sherry, $1 2j a ;f>l t>0; 200 red 42 a 15 cents; 4H casks j u. .. ci ?.?I . 1 ..: ' > -" - 1 .....ilia! i> pi It], 'I JUj>V? WU IlUil (10 I P'l, on tcimi wo did not learn. 1'aNcngera Arrived. Lomion?racket ?hip Mediator?I) Lauder, Elisabeth Lao dci, Louisa I auJer, John Lauder, Frederick Lander, J F Jarara James, Win Spicer, T Colburii, J Stent, Mn Bryon, T Luce. >1i?? W A Buralnn, M Merryfield. all of Loiido.i. Mr w Hays, of Bait; W Powell, of N York, aad 34 , in1 lie steerage. LivnirooL? Packet ship Rochester?Mr K Forrest ',id Iv dy, .> ?ork, Mr IS hpears and lady, Kentucky; Mr J u M?r- I tiu a,.d I di, d*>: Mi s Matthews, NYork; Mr J linner. Scot- ' I*11Jj Mr \V (J Feigiuon, do; Mr H Dcverill, KiigUnd; Mr J II Stewart; Mr J giuclair, 8 Carolina; Mr J Patou, NYork; Mr J Kium-ar, Scot and. LiTr.HtooL?8hi|> Liberty?F. Grey, of Scotland; D H Miller, of Londou?130 in steerage. Ilavar?Ship Sou:h|Mrt?J Frank, and IJ in ateerage. IIambi Rii?Birk Sir Isaac Newton?J P Jerke, Tiidy and child. C. F Uleuti, lad) and two children, B Broche and cnild. A Tallgrnfl-. J H Koch, S I'lmer, 8 W Neuslaedter, S Adeldorfe. A T Zeiine, F L Lerlrzienke?121 in the steerage. Ulakiow?Ship Taroliuu? H L Teuunnt, and 22 in the j steerage. (Inmow-B\rk Weyboaaet?Mr J Alleu, aud 31 in the tec rage. F.ircUu (neporUiUoiia. Losnoi?>hii> Mediator?77 grindstone* Ihbotson & llomer ?6 H Warder k CO?it Nayior Ik co?l'j eki F. K Coilins It to ?14 hl?d . brandy Ci Mever k e<>?I bU J B Wmd c k co?3 c? <' U On'ilher?4 do ''cks J ?l OppMiheim?21 kegs Polle ' Colgate?10cks J V.' Hehtnidt k Vogel?1000 agar mouldi Woolaev k Woolsey?10 eaies 8be)>p?rd k Morgan?37 pkgs Cnmini k Mat ?8 Vyse k Sou?12 ct copper Phelps. ! Dodge k <-o?3 wA \Vli-e'?r?2 Barber Broilers?0eki O B Mo, r wood k co?61 cheat* 214 c? J fh lli|>i Sc co?217 coak< Silfkeii, Ironsides k co?9 bl? Ke?-ler k Co? 1 do Cottene t d co- I do T Of Peyster?I do J U \V*rde ?1 do J Laaack?I do A T Steward?I L t?e*ey k co?I II Steward?I <0 A Biri-lav?I do Henry k co?3 do McCall k Strong?II tiC Ak F Eve ?on?2 bla A Pattersou?267 tuii coal<? Ornwold? 3 old copper bo l?r? J Parr?i2 cs ind/e 13 chesra 11 ceroom 19 pkga 102 ci wine to order. LitraeooL? Ship K'-chefer?100 ton? coal, Woodhull k Min iirn?4 r.nk< B ret herk Bog-r?4 Vau Antwerp Hnbbe I ke -22/'J t??r. m; lull. t'.? i ....i....... s. u.... ii_> -?u Jnikin*. kc,?f Bird Ollllan.fc . 0?11 (l.hon i PO ??l? b ri iron. M Mmor-k c??HI i mi (J >V Mil-Id.?II C? 'Vlght. StiirKP.. v Sh,w-| j Van Nr?t-3 C Kobt>tn??79 hairs li . i "ijri't Ji OWk 1' F Yloorp V co?7 ca?p? Rirhvd?oii ,? ? 'j"!* 1 ON \Virhaw?3 H TJonpakco? 1 Al) ?llrn V c?i?I II Otiilurr V co?9 R k II Hugbt Si r.o ? ? P;bo?n k co-( W.vdwtll k l>i*on?7 ca 8 bbl? w W1 I r* ictic 4* c?-10 ok. li annli J B KllinU i-l ck. t e? 7 nl? Howl rid N. A?;<riwilt-1 < ? J J Mo ton?L' Kp.a?, ! ?iwh*?keo-? bU 4 tr????a ilcCall m Si r dk ? 19 c? J bla A J * ??"?I ? * Hi *roy u f,?| Hill, Broihrrt k co? 2 Ibbntaonii ilr>in?r?I ?}l?u. Cramrr * co .,1 Troy?I w W F<>lg?r Alfoidk po-i, , I cmk F Tr>mp? * Son- 1 9 r?off.* k < utter-J>., il'.iirifmUn V Bin -IJOlbia tin 30 c? eopppr b.?l? tin I i rlin.U,.tW i* c.>?2 ca Ha?lu<L lie co? 3 !>kt? Bernr k \V?v??3 11 In J J t)o,n(. fc a ..?1 bbl T Hn t k co-: paah I p< E < r.r.ii .?-i r?k J K Grv k co oi Hpr lord?I c<k omww. ft* oct ?t (*- 1 bbl. Bn'kler, ( ralii'n kro?I do 1?? n J' liillrr?U bbli Hor rrk Htvn ? i c >ak? 2 c? I' B i onjiir. Lllit k co?I Mr C H K Boi-? k rn ? 3 Hnrhn. W. rd k eo?C cka t Maraall?| u |{ Arnold k ro?1 heil * WoJdaworth k to?I cs (5 I"*rlor k >>m?2 r?m?f d k III Alltn k co? 2c?.kt I Si J I >t?1 I) (? ke? It Hon?1 "obi i<> n I* Jouaa?1* bit "m li ( hirerr k ro?I rk H Bir'M?*2 abl? lo. krr, tie <<l k co?1 eki 2.? Ry.n. WiIjoi k Vo.bu-*?7 ch i fh'ti I. 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Thnrgance k co?It bla CVmeron k Brand?i* bli and caaea Bulklev <ira ham k co?130 c Jamea Lee k co?7 do Andrew Mitchell k co?10pancheooa whi-key Neilaoa k Browa?I ca JLkS Slireeve?6 caka 8 pipea 2 cs 400 toua pig iron lo order. MARITIME HERALD, j PUllT OF IMKW VOHK, 8KPTEAIBKK U. mm MM UN HIM 5 38 | MOOR RISKS 10 27 c arm iKTS ( li | hioh WATk.1 er 39 M Cleared. Shins Eli Whitney, Dyer, Antwerp, Wm Wiaaser; Charlotte Herd, llougtitou, do. do, Auaterlitz, (Fr) 6 utreau. 1 In ire, H.i) (I & Hinck-u; Sullivan, Waite. I It trlestoii, U Bulk- j ley; Leonard, Childs, Baltimore B irk Suwarrow, Montgoniery, Mobile. J Llwe'l At Cn. Brita Harriet 4. Bert In, (Ure | men) Scluniilt, St Thomas, -chinnlt 6c Bale lien: Rainbow. (Br) < luirch, Halilas, T Wiunielt; Shamrock, Rouen, Hi 1 Marys, iNesinith Ai Walsh; < linton, Andrews, Savannah, Sturgeia, Clearman Si Co. Sclira Vesper, Baker. Norfolk; . Amphibious SiiiilIi, and J W Krickson, Smith, ITiiUdrlphia; i Klleu, Keinan, Doston. Sloop New York, Jarvis, JNeiv Ha- ' ten. Barge Orb, kapp, Philadelphia. Arrived. Pa< kct ship Mediator, Cludwick, from Loudou and Forts- ! mouth, Aug 1st, wiih mdse, to John Oriawold. On the eve- 1 nins of ilie 8th inat, iu a thick Cos. on Oeoruea Bank, cuine ill 1 collect wiilia bark, which earned <way atarboaid quarter, ! spanker boom, aud loie spauker; sustuued no other damage | nt coiikciiueitce. Off Mark, Aug ad, eichniKed signals wuh ship boutlipitrt, hence, 21 days oat. No date, lat 44 27. Ion 27 40, apoVc packet ship Westminster, Hovey, hence lor Lou- I don. l'acket Rochester, Britton, Liverpool, Aug 6th, with mdae, | to Woodhull St Miuturii. The Rochester has experienced a | continuance of light westerly winds and fogs. Off lnstcr Hull, Scotland, lost James Thompson, carpenter, overboard. 4th inst. lat 43 30. lea 60, waa in Co with packet ship Burgundy, from Havre for NVork. Ship Liberty, Norton, from Liverpool, Angi, with iml?e,to J W Phillips. Ship Isabella, (of Baltimore) Briggs. (before reported) from Liverpool, July 29, w ith, to M Browne, anxl 132 passengers to T Tapscott. Ship Talbot, Storey, 16 days from Antwerp, with mdte, to Talbot, OI> pliant Ik. Co. 2l6stetra^e paaseugers. Ship Diixitiiy, Ktuible, froiu Sumatra via Boston, 3dayi, will J3BS piculs pepper, to J L Oaidiner. of Boston k-M-1' UI IIIU'I, irtmi nun, rtUlf I, Villi mitt, lO ! O Biiikltv . Aug 19th. 111 sight of Terceiro, one ofthe West rill i .nil" e?cli?imtd signals with the bark Win Keuoedy, Alartiu, from Trinidad de Cuba and Kingaton, Jam. for Tri ejte. Ship TarolintV Siuiih, frotn Olaagow iih Auguat, to N L Sc G Oiuwo'd August 23il, lat li Ion 39, apoke bark Barring Brothers. from New \ ork tor Glatgow. Ann 2Jlli, lat 44 1cm 43, passed rtm bark Eitord, (Lirerpool, to Bockiport, Mr ,) steering ??i. Hump b irk Sir Isaac Newton, Wieuholtz, M davs from iUmi'urk', w<ih mdi?, toSchindr ^ llalclieu. Kara VV eybosset, Harris, 11 day a from Glasgow, with mdsa : to miner. Br bark Helen, Risk, 66 da/a I'ro* Lirerpool. w i'h salt, I See. to master. 239 steerage passengers, to Humcd k Co.? | irfs hail lire deaths and one birth during thep?isag?. Auk , 16, lat 42 2?.'ou4l 4ft spoke bark Fredonta, ol Newnnrypoit, . 36 d?ys out from Lirerpool, fur Boston; nprli-il Iwr with , p-niiion*. Ht pt 1, uo lat, apoke ship Robin Hood, Johnson, 1 of and from Boaton for Hiraun-h. Sepi T, a poke brig tierm. (of Kamport,) DjirJO dara fiom Windsor, N8, b?uud to . i'lirfailelplna Tin* Helen lna beeo 16 d?ys on the comt, nnd 1 2 days in ti e Loner Bay, and waa towed to the city by ateim i boat Jacob Bi ll. Br b?rk Alrertou, Clark, 48 dtr? from Lirrr|>ool, with 1 in Ue to Adams k co Aug 2, l?r 1143, long 19 40, spoke ship Tyrone, of Thoitiiston, from t harleston for Liren>ool, 22 days out. 6th inat, lat 43 30, long > ? Utf, apoke brig Tole- i do of Camden,fiom Philadelphia tor Halifax. Brig K P IVck. 8t ckpide, 74 ds ui Palermo, w;th ttid/.e to ! Draper 4t Dar'in Aug, U in a squall from the South which lasted 4 hoars, lost main topsail, inaiusail. foresail, split fore topsail, earned away rizsing, Stc. Aug. 6, lat. 36 40. Ion. 3910, ' apoke bark Ohio, fin f'lii'a. to Bordeaux*, 9th. lat 38. lou 42 sp ike brig Sea l.nle. fm Boaton, for liibraltar: 31st, lat 12 37 ' Ion 03, Br slop Mary Caroline, fm Loudon f >r St Juhua, N B. 1 Brig Philip Hone, Mitchell. 9 days from Richmond, with tobarco to i> H Klkins. The P H waa bound to < ?enoa, and put litek oi. acrouot of the sirkness of Capt M and part of ihe crrw. 9th, f>0 miles N W ef No Man's l^nnd, i poke ' while ihip Serali. ol Mataposset, 21 hjors out from New | Bedford, bound on a criiisv. Brig Vniandt, Artry,8 days from Machias, with lamber to ! Brott h Vo?e. Briu >r. Greenlaw. # dan from Caliu, with lath to Smith It Bovcgton. Urtg Deum.rk Bradbury, 10 diys from Eaitpjrt. wilh pin ter to Brett St V'o-e. Rrm ^oine, Marnon, I'rorideure, HI, in ballast. Biig Warcaller, (new I Perry, Cam'len, Me., to Coe, An- ; de'iou Ik ro. ^iy.I, - P- f;-1.1. * j r ?L? *.??? r.? -j iii?* uiiui iicnnprn, ^lt , wun na v?l stores. to R M lilackwell Hchr Man km, Terry, Sara nah. cotton, bouuil to Boston? ' I>ttt in here on account of the NE Kale. H.-hr Triiiniu, Kurtniou, Thomastou, lime. Scltr Wave. rrtidirion Thom?ston, lime" Sclir Kisinx Sun, rininaier, Auison, Me. spars. Schr B Hunting, foster Michias. lumber. Hclir President. Krisby, New Haven. Hchr Cinderella. Crowell, Boston, iud?e. Hchr Vermont, Case, Boston, indue. Schr Auitusta, Beck, Newport SchrClara, McKarlaue. Lubec, plaster. Schr Henry Curtis. Hcrrick. Boston, uidse. Schr Jasper, Hamilton, Bostou, m Ise. Schr Mandarin, Hickley, Ncwburyport, fish. Schr Victory' Allen, Boston, fish Schr Louisa, Post, Boston, fish. Schr Fancy, Chase, Boston, fish. Schr Victor, Parker, Boston,full. .Schr Mariner, Nickerson, Boston, fish. Schr Marietta, Perry, Boston, fi*h. Schr Kllen IIihIhi.hi. Sherman, New Bedford, oil. Schr Industry, Kelly, New Bedford, oil. Schr Bay St*te, Clarke Calais, lumber. Schr Alhrtnpto">, finer 6 da-s (in Thomai'flii, lime. Schr Saul a?0, Ii|[raliam. 7 days fin '1 hnmaston, lime Schr Susan Wardwell, Hodgkins, 8 days lrom Portland, mdre. Schr Rio Grande. Lrnord, t days fm Lubec. plaster. SchrD-nnis, Hodgiirn 8 days from Ktatport, plaster. Schr OloHc, T'lletts. I0<i?y? fm Calaia, laths. Schr Klin H He.rick. Clareuce. :i days troin Salem. Schr Tasso, Allen, from Lubec, with plaster, to the Cap I tsia, SchrC Vand?rbilt. Taylor, Middleto\rn, mdse. Schr Milo. Keller, Thoniaston. lime. Schr Uen Warren, Holmes. Thomas'on, lime. Schr Watchman, Crie. Thomastou. lime. Schr Cor?o. Crocket, Tliom stou. limr Schr Metallic, Simonsou, Thomaston, lime. Schr Increase. Hall, Thomaafou, lime. 8chr Kachange. Hatch. Thomaatou, lime. Hclir Yanke, Hewctt, Tli imastou, lime Balnw. Packet ship Burgundy. Edgar, from Havre, Aug 1, with rndae, to Fox fk Livingston. Also, 2 si ips; 2 brin??unknown. At anohor in tlie lower liay, brie Charles Thomas, of and fo' Salrm from Phi'a. "clir Wilder, from Pliila for 8aco. Pch' Yantic from I'hila for Kali Kiver. Alao i brigs bound Kant, pat in oil account of head wind. From the Lower Bay, brigs Empire, Oahejloa; l'iulura, Miranali; Sarah Btally, Wilmington. ================== larellaneoui Hwoul. I'm ii r Hiiii* 8T?:rnrw Wiiit.iict, roplum, for Liverpool, will aailthla morning. Br* K.Trtit*. Bi.yci.11 L?eia, 'Oth ult from Wilmington, NC, reporta having ? countered bad WM'hcr on thr i*?i>ie. "rimiun in ri'denca anything eiperinuced by him during some thirty years tnat he fus *>een sailine on'he same waters. He ?t ites, too. mich to the credit of ihe Ameri. an flag, tiiat on the *7ih of ?niy, in I at 20 S N lou til 40 45 W, bn g out o| provisions, and otherwise much distressed. 'hev note I' r Ani. fini acfeOOMT Vnlsnte. <;a|itsm Mathias. 3 dtv> from Virginia, honud to Barbud ei, a d was prnmt>iiy ] aapplied from lie.4 sto. es with war r and provisions. IlafK WiJJiston, from ,N#w Orleans for thu port, pnr into ilainptoii Komli ?n the 7tli luitaut, for niter. Lai*i?cHe??Ship Home, of GJO ton*, wa* to be Hunched nt , Newbury pert 9tb in?t*it, by \|r. Currier. She iiowued by \1??iri. (i i.ilon !* Ttllirl, wd Optiin I'm.iam. of New V nrk, lin 14.) feet length on deck il ami a half feet beam, ?i f?et depth of bold A bark of 3nO ton* ourtlirn to have l??n lannched yeiterday. froni the yard of Jacob Teea, Kensington, Philadelphia. Mie *?? built lor Menri. Oodfrey Sc Co. of thi? city. Cans rent*, ?f DuIaii from Cronff.dt, on the 13th of Aoc, du'inf a hear file 'mm WN ?v, fell in with Br hri* Rriranni , Murray, from Haraboro, NS, for W*le?, in diatreta, full of wver; tne crew wubed to be taken off, but waa unable to di ?o until next day, on acronnt of a beaey aea tlottheiu .ill ! 9\if l> "n h>Mri!, ana o?i the Ijth hoirilid tne wrerk, tud took t ime proTiniun*, hr. tearing her (ante day. lat 48, lou 40.? BrongSt tlie erew, eight iu nnmber, to Boitoo. At Cillao, July 11, Herald, Stewart, N Bedford, Ji ?p 50 blk fish. At Johanna, iu May, Sumn, Mancheiter, NB.200*P S9 wh on hp rd Hailed from New Bedfurd.,8;h ihip* Brata.tV and ColumIma. h^tk J ?per Pi |e, Indian Oceia. L> ttera b \e been leevived iriitn ' ant Hedge* Babcock. of . hip Arraitia, f .Hag H rho . by Meaan - Ik O tlewrl', owner* of thtrahip which report her at Callao, Jiilyi wi:li MTI bl.U prrm oil, IMO bbla whale oil bou"d on a crttMe ? ' pi B write* he newi if the war between thia country and Mriicu bad tsnt d?r 'July i| 6rar reached Cail -o Heoort* the ahin Hti aon, >ickere<<a. *l?o of ag Harbor, j having taken 70 bbla black fiah oil. aince learing Taicuhuana. ! which pint the left in March laat, with 120# boll whale ana epi-rm A? no mention ia made in the letter of Ce. t Nicker- j on feimet illucii, it u bvfed hi* h?ai.h u reuored. ^ v .<, < l?a?.'.y Slap* av. bark Ka?ortts, Troui Brauisu to Bali Wore. lua fir briga M<>p? and & uii-rirt, both bouud Co BalliMfcrc. , Sliip Slirlfield.ol'and from Bath lor New* O'ltana 8th inst, Cape Cod bearing IV. Korrljpi Ports. bi???Dor?, Am 17?In imrt. brig* Lwv.111 for Bostou. same day; Ada Whitney, from !' ila. disg; Bell*, Yoae, lor Tmka lalaud. 2*; (.'alias, (of Cglcis) do do. Kiioiion, Jam., Auk m? In port, brie i..<inbiian, Waiter, for Ba|., 3 day.. 7% MaTakui, Auk In port, ship Spring, Ilaiuiliou. for Hamburg. Idic; bail* Kd'iibnrg, Jackson.?r Cores. do; l-ouiaiaua. Williams, for Kaln.o-th, do; SliMM). I.iu "a, and Ka<ubow, Sainp<oi>, for Coiea. do; Lonnda, Maria, Itich, for Trieste do; Harriet Neofll, Kiix Patrick, uue; Jnne, Dunkwater, c*o: Xaid*. Chapman. do; brigs Joseph, Berirh. from N Vork, discg, had lieen aahttto.afctf remained !* hours ou Cruz del Padre, would b? hort dTiwn i< soon at diac'arged. Alcanna, Drm* water, for Boson. 5 tl?; Map-* leoo, Meriill, do. Idg, Alvano, Iugrahain, nail Prince <t? Joinrille. for New York: Centurion. Mortis. from Portland. : foi Huana; Marshall Taylor, and Orb, ftrkina, u?c; aid 26'.h brig Viontilla, L)-via. Nt w York. Qrm?. Au? 31 to *ept 5-Caledonia, Greenhorn. Ol?s- | fow, Tom Bowline, Robson, Be fast; ?l Mnlgraee, 1 Kelly, d i; Wm Ward, Mcoullar. Ureeaoeji. *foo Iter. Viewers, Li vilok; Emonangti Olasgow; Dnjnel Oram, uwu , era. Liverpool; M?<lnir? Jotiu, do; l.Mly of the L k , Fi'/mor-i' Qreeuo?-k: Lady Sulr, Oosbee, flallf *, Strotbmore, El-ia, <lork; Wandswor n, DaJlop pbrt Gi-?u >? 8t I homii, mii? 2ti?In p.irt, b' irs Mi'ua.f orti .from Port Spai >, Trinidad, fo- Biltiinor?. 37ih? Ann Man*. Rackline. Irom Beroice, uucer, iu t arrived; nc^rs \'aria. Smith, for Baltimore, in a day or two: Uaeeu, Kldrid^-. f?.r B&lti more 3fli|i, and ( atoline, Ferria, from P?rt for Turk.j 1>I in J. unc. St Johks, N F, Aug II?In port, brigi Lady ' hapman, Hu>it. N Orleana: Hill Lidy Mary, Kempt. N York; Pth, Normal, Lynch, do: Wih. aclir Gallant Wary,; 19ih, brie Mohawk. Crocker. Boaton: 14th, s?li Sisters, Pike, do., Port Spun, Aug 20?la port, brig Koyal Sailor, , Elliott, from, juat arr. Ti mki Iii.ami. Anc 3<i?lu p >rt, brif Elizabeth, Lane, |dg for Philadelphia; achr Portia, Kirwan,for > York, do. Horn* Porta* At u*anuria, Va, Sept 7?Sid sehftlamilton, ??New ! York. Boston, Sept. 9.?Arr ships F.pammouha, Chick, Havre; Margaret Forbes, Preacott. London; b^eka Pent. Harris, Croastanilt. Elainenr, July 8; Hamiltos. lnew Charleston t>acket.) Harding, C. mden: schrs Boston, Collins, Philadelphia; Mo- I tart, McFarland. Lubec for N York. Cld b.rks hlvirs, Henry flerena. Cape Town, CGH, and a market; Niag.ra, N Orleans; brigs Kdgli-, FesaeMen, Baltimore; Acenu, H'>wea Philadelphia; Sulla. Bray, do; schrs St Helsna.Luatumb Wilmington, N C; Row ens Phineaa P?ine Norfolk and Richmond; Cabot Taylor, NYork; Grecian, Cha<u, do; Splendid, Crowe'l, do. Isabotla, Sherwood, do Nothing gone 'o sea. Bark Lyssnder remains in Nantucket Koads, wnh brig Oak, the latter having fitt b'ek. BvrII. Sept 7? Arr brie Uaardo. Mereen, Ouadsloupe.? I 3d, eld, hrig Rowland Auams, Wilmington, N C; achs Li- ! btrty, Mooera, St Petors, Miq. fch. aid, brig New Vork,Nor- , ton Martinique. Towed to sM ?th, ship Sheffield, Si.,ith, N : Oil?in CHanLESTOM, Sept 7?Arr ship Ansou, Barkman, New | York. Dctch 111 Affn llABBnB.fUat?? trlin Mirr Haw. i for L. a It; Saiah A da ma. Nickt-rson, for Phila; S?rah Churchnvm, Bay more, Fall River Tor do; and uine aclira and two sloops unknown. Gloucester, Sept. S.?Air brigi Calcutta Berry. Bangor far NYork; Mentor, Lede ihoff, Camden, forilo: ?chn Delaware, Hard IK, Philad; Montano Chate, aud Black Hawk, Kelly, NYork; Milo, Kelly: Win Henry, Wade, and Clipper, Hnniinjf'on, Thomaaton, forNVork, sloop* Undaunted, Baker, and Pilot, Nicke son, NYork. Hta.i.vis. Sept 7?In port, brig Gordon. Murch, from Biddeford or Philadelphia; aenr Henry Cnrtis, from Boatou, for N York. Morilk, 8?pt2?Cld achr MSbile, Bulmer, Peniacola. Marri.ehead, Sept 8?Arr brig Relief, Brown, Philadelphia. Gth, lid. alonu Hercules, Baker. N York. Nkwpoiit, 7th.?Arr achr* Mercy, Ka'l River, for Rich- , mond: Koae, D'ghton, for Bangor; Pearl, Providence, for Philadelphia; feuratua do fordo; sloops Midas, Providence, for M York; Aim B Holmes, Fall River, for Albany. NKwnuBrroitT, Sept 8?81a, sclir Augitatuf, Kilborn, Phi- ! ladelphia. New Bedford, Sept 8?8ld. bark Matador (Han) Bremen. New Orleans, 1st uiat ?Cld, ate-imhip New York. Phil lipa, Oalveatou; bark Wni Ivy, Holfniiiti. Eirazo* Sant'ago; brig* Confidence, Coxzena, NYork; A'bertiiia, Montgomery, MnlagnrHa; achr Eagle,Cobb, Pe"a?cola Poktland, Sept 8?Cld, achr Delaware, Parsons, N York, via Sico. Providence, Sept fc?Arr achra Thetis, Thomaa, Nan?emond: Delaware,Baker. Phila; Ariadne, Baj lis, Phi la. Cld brig Topliff, McOrath. Phil Sid aclira Engineer, VVhitten, and Jamea Francis, Morris, Norfolk; Abner Hall, (i:ew) Nickerson, Phila; lncreaae. Westcott, and P B Savory, Whelden.Ao; Habberahain, Penncaton, ^ York. Richmond, fi*Pt 8?Sid sclir Pocahonta*. Smack, NYork. HTONixaTOR. Scot 4?Arr brig Noble, Deining, Boaton. t? load oil for H<tterdain: 7th, U S PhiKiiix, L ent Patterion, Irom Gnlf of Mex cn, from a surveying expedition; achr Rienzi, Dorfee, N York. Satakrah, Kept i?Arr brig Madison, Houy, from N York. Saco.Sept 1?Arr acha Richmond Packet, N \ork. Salem, Sepi 3?Sid, bark Eliza; achr October, Baxter, N York. WiLMi^fiTO*, NC, Sept 4?Goiug up, brig Samuel N Gjtt. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Heme Port*. Baltimore, Sept 10?Arr brigs Indus, Collin, Port Snain, i ia St Thorn as; Peiiiruin. Dill. Barhadoea nnd _ Si Thomas; Hope, Harriott. S< Vinceuta; achra S*r h, Eldridge, B?'b>f does; Marv Augusta, Munaon, Haatport. Cld achra Go? lieunett, Warfield, "obile; Lochiel, llaynea, Boaton; Iowa, Dayton. NYork Sid, Dark Iowa, Thompson, Havana: achr J Tyler, St Johns, NF. Norfole, Sep Rth?Arr packet ach'Mar" Jane, Oalmrne. New York. Arr" h, achr J W Uiinptou, Oabome. from N York; a-lir Carolina Farria f.n Trinidad. Port 8|n|-i. In H*n>pto? Roads, ship Richard Antlerson. Bennett Im Jamea River, "'ouivd to Liverpoo1; bark* Pt-emx, Bouch from Liver- I pool fur Richmond, pv-sed th'-ong1* the Roads to-day; Par- ; thian. Williston from New Oileana bou ?d io New \ ork, put i r ... r-i.i u-M.I..,./. n.,,.,r.. I R> P..?.. I Kichird Andcrion, Bennett Liverpwl eJHll* bLACK.r>Ml I H 8 T E P H E N ROBERTS. CORNER OK MONTGOMERY AND SOUTH STS., [near the Tobncco Inspection i ,s prepared to do the IRON WORK OK VE9SELS w/tb the greaiest facility. j and nn the moat reasonable term, tC>~Oidrr? from any part ol ihc country for doing the top | work ol Teaseli, will be puu,<tually attended to Lettera addressed a? above, Wil| receive prompt attention. an 30 1tn?p MEDICAL. AID.?' The Spanish JCatract,'' possesses the I power of curing a certain private disease, after all other I medicines li ve failed ; its principal v rtucs are obtained from the " Alisnia I'lanUgo," (water plautain,) and (he b??t I Spanish Svsaparilla, which together form tha moat powerful I purifier of the blood in use, and if applied in aeason, will cure,the worst case of Hyd ophob'a; the bite? of venemons reptiles, are also speedily enn d by a few applications of it. It e-adicates e\ery part rle of vims froin the system. leaving the Mood pu'e and heal'liy Sold at INO. 3 Nooaevelt a'reet, wuli lul. directions in K .gliah. F.enrh Spanish Price $ per ?i?-1. warranted * en e Those w hn use it re ommend it tot eir frienda, whict* is the leaaoa it is not ?dver- I tiled macH all |w*trc l.UMcUiMKI ll-'M t OCM.MS, AND ALL DI*k.ASl?3 OK THE LUNU8. DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. THE ORIGINAL AND OLNUI^'K PREPARATION Coughs, folds. Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver lompl .|uT. Spit, Uii( Blood Difficulty of Breathina, Pain in the Side and Breaat, Palpitation ol the Heart, influenza, Croup, Broken Constitution Sore throat, Mervoua Debility, and all diseases of I Tnroat, Breaat, a> <1 Lungs ; the most effectaal and speedy cure ever knowu lor an v ol the above diseases DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OK WILD CHERRY. OK all the remediea of the dny, and they are a grcr.t variety, which profeas to be of great value to the human family. we hesitate not to pronouuee 1)R SWAYN'E'SCOMPOUND SVRUP OK WILD CHERRY aa one of the greatest discoveries of moderu science. Of all the many coL'ip.iu>.di put forth for the cure of diseases which affect huintn nature, not one remedy could be name.! which ha* in an short a apace of time acquired such uubuauded confidence with the public, aud has performed such miraculous cures; and has merited and received so much eulogmm from the fa BK CARb.FUL OF YOUR COLD.' Many people are very apt to coutider a cold bot a trifling ma'trr, and think that " it will go away of itself in a lew days," and they give themselves no trouble about it B it to audi we would ?ay, " be c ireful of yo?f colds.*' do not tamper wiiti you.- constitution*. If you desire to live to a good old age." use such remedies as will effect an easy ar.d permanent cure DK. SWAYNK'S COMPOUND HURLT Of WILD CH?RRY hat cured more colds than any other medicine offered for tale iu this country. The ce.-tiftca'es of euro effected by this invaluable medicine, which the proprietor ii daily receiving, are of the moat gratifying character.and tend 10 show iu sanative properties and the nigh rank It hold* iu public estimation. The Press, the Mtdical Faculty, and thousands who have used DR. sWAYf K S COMPOUND SYRl'P OF WILD CIlf.RR Y, all concur in prononucing it one of the beat remedies ever invented for the cure of all PULMONARY AFFECTIONS CAl TlON?Dr. Swsyne's Preparation of Wild Cherry was the firft that waa ever introduced to the public iu this or any other country. Yeara after this "celebcated remedy" came out, up sprung several others, anch as Balsams, Candies. and even ivrupa, trying to build on that already established, to that even perso-t might be deceived (and get a J worthless mixture palmed off upon them) if they did not bear in mi .d the name of Dr. 8wav.ii . p? Remember, all prei>arationt purporting to contain Wild Ciierrt, are Jlcti/joui and taunltrfnl, except that j hearing the written siguatnre of Dr. SwAVftic.?Oieatcare ' should be observed to purchase from the regularly appointed agent. Principal Office, corner of K1QIITH and RAC?*treeti, Philadelphia. k ? k k Ar.rNTi in New YiiHic-Charles H. Riko. corner of Broad ray and John streets, R A. Sa.sus, ISO Bowery; K B. ".Var-jkr. 20* Bleecker street, J.C. Hart, 341 Grand, corner No-fo!k;J. L Lewis. ii7 Greenwich; Dodd. 7?i Broadway; Wvatt and KktchaM. 121 Fultou; Mrs. Haves, Brooklyn. si Im NIWF'r BOUK olINDh.KS 8T(JCK and Tool Warehouse ? JOHN H. HOOLF., No. 124 Nassau s , hat for taleRussia Leather, Plow Knives, Ba k f-kivers, I'm Cases, Colo>ed do Brushes, CaifSki-.. Agate Bnrmsheri, English Colored Calf, (io'd Leaf, Tttfkey Morocco, (iilduig and Blank KoHi, Maroon and Blu* Roan*, " *' Tooli, American fc. K. Sheep *kics, Compasses, Hammers and Binders1 Mns'in, .Shears, Marble and C?mh Papor, Lettering Pallets, ine and Tnread, I'oliaiiera, Ice. fco. Preiacs and Plow", Al?o. I second-hand Embossing Presses. N D ? Lettering Hlocks. Hildiui H lit, Tools. Kmhnslinc Piste . Sf <"0t to order <t the shortest notice. null Im ?od*m GENTLKMLM'ti I ALU STYLE OF HATS. | Bird Comer Pin* and A'attnu Slrettt ENTLEMEN'* HATS, of the it?nd?r<l sty'* for enf suing sewon, are now ready for examination and sale. The subscriber deeotes bia stent|on, n hitheito, to the production of the finest qailitics of Bearer and Moleskin lists, iud. a* inch, they are with ro ili.leufr iec>inme ded to the ptiMic. UIIU), sl2>ieod*r ' orner Pine and N ?aau streets. I OA"VTOi\ OiiAPhi SH\^V iTa Of the moat aplendid description, in Hcarlat, Modes, L?Tmder, Htnwi, While and Black; also im >pln4id rich ly emhroitiered at (30 ; with a rery great aaaortinent at eeery price, which will be to rhe adrautaue of bnyera either wholesale or by the si' fie shawl T? examine at J AM Kit BECK * Co.'a. * Broadway. P. 9. A fall itock of ladU Cameli Hair Shawl* aad Scarfk at moderate price*, by ? " ?M cedlwt . {| ? u?iu? K0t?B7" rillaye or Springfield, Maaa., and wijl opec u.e ?ame for tha public iccaam diliou ua tr.e JOih iku. The Liiiou liuu>4 1? large, richly liouhed ?i d fnruithutl, and offera uuanaalled adt uuaxei to all persoua travailing through tJrriuglieid lur bnainaaa or pleaanre. U?riug reeeutly kept the ' United Sutea Hotel and " CMftw Hill," at Saratoga, the ?ubacnber reaped lolly inritea lilt old friend* in<l patruai, and all olli-re, to give Inra a call in hii new quarters. 8. 8 SEMAN. Springfield, July 14, 1*46. in J 1rn?r "HARTWELL'.-. WASHINGTON HUUSK. O.)') CHESTNUT STREET, Ph.ladelphia. The ahere fi(it)liiboi4>nt having recently undergone rhoroogh rep i>n. ard rrt'uraiahed throughout, p-eaenu all the advantages of a New llouie, with ibe Ionic experience of the preieut proprietor, whocaaonly mart hit pauses, that bia efforta w ill not lie relaxed to secure evaiy luxury thai may conduce to lh? comfort or pleasure of tiia gaeftti. i4 lm eod*r HOWARD HOTEL, NEW \ORh: Cornrr Hroad%oay and Maiden Lane. THK Snbacribera, thankful >o> tli? p<it>oaage they have receierd .iure they h??e ?nrce*-ded Vlpun [fo^ ird ill the abore eiteuitr nud popular hotel, mo?t re?|>?cilily n?k a c until ..a cr of the aaiue, wiili the aanura cr tbt at uo h"u?r i i tk? city il btttal cl'-ulaced for comfort and convenience ao a' u > other e ttbllthmrur will there he a . rouger d apoti'iou uanifetied at all timet to aort tbr pi. lie ?porot?at:on. THOMAS It WHITK. auT 2ni3taw*rrt irlAtVON aPtUNGS PAVtLiU^ rhK PUBLIC ia informed thatthia eatabliahment, having '>een enlarged and improved aiace the cloae of the laat toaaou, will be opened for the reception of viaiterv on the let da/of Jnae LA NOON It (JAMUNIlH. _Mav 1.1E4*. yM tm*r PAVlulON, NEW BMGHTON. FBLANCAKU haa the honor to inform ilia frienda and die public in general, that the Pavilion M now iu full operation and prepared for their receptionSteainboata ran between Pier No. 1( North Hirer, and New Brighton, at the following hoart, vli:? krom New Urightoi. I Krom New York i, U A. M. J 9. 1J A. M. i. tr M: f ?w<5jP.M. > BLANCAKU. Pavilion, Now Br?ghu>n. Jnae 1. !*?* jaTtf r? BOAKDINCx. ni.KAHA VT Rnnim irtih <.r witliont Konnl Aff li Rrnail. i way, opposite Trinity Church. Merchants from th? coancry will find the location very convenient to business. will lm*rh NEEULha manufactured bv john rimmer k SONS, alcester, england. RODEUT 9 STENTON. 74 MAIDEN LANE. (.Up Stair.) bole age NT FOR THE UNITED STATES. ?In uo country in the world does the manufacturer so surely reap the liecefit arising from deserved superiority as in the l ulled Statss ; and, for thia reason, an American looks for the inanufiicturer't name impressed uj.ou any article before he purchaies ; aud if he finds the nuality good, he remembers and reciniiit'tiUH what lie has tried and pioved Mill, there is uo rule with >ut exception. All who purchase Needles by wholestle are well aware that thev are uot n.ualy labelled with the real mannlaeturer's uame, bit' with the name of the importer in New York. Philadelphia, &c , who thus deprives a deserving mau of alt the credit justlj due to him ; and as the impo ter can attach his name to the good* oi various m ikers, the buyer hn 111 certainty of obtaiuiuit the same article in quality which he had previously paichused, and again requires. This is not right. It is time that justice should be done to the real maker. R 8 Stcnton offers to the wholesale trade, (and through them to the ladies of the Uuited States,) John Kimmer 11 Son's VY'arrautrd llo\al Hemispheric, Superlative and Dnlled-Eyed Needles, as the best ever imported into this country. In England, and throughont the continent of Europe, where they are sold under the genuine nnme, Rimmer's Needles have a reputation superior to all others. a!8 eodlm*rh JDK. CONVEKS' invigorating cordial. KOK GENITAL DEBILITY. IMI'OTENCY INCONTINENCE. OR NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, fcc. &c. This celebrated and powerful remedy has been , used with the most happy effect in the practice of eminent physicians and surgeons in the Bri tish Empire, Kruice and Germany. Indeed, so remarkable ! were the cures, that the late " Sir Astley hailed it as the " harbinger of life." The us* of this cordial will fully attain this high encomium. The' dical authorities in the United States recommend it as superior to any other article lor the cure ol'the above distressing complaints. Tbe pro r'rielor does uot offer this remedy to the afflicted as a Cathoicon, hut as a specific for the following deplorable affections, the consequence of early, indiscreet, secret habits of yonth, or the excessive indulgence of the passions in riper years, viz : general physical prostration, nervous irritability, torpor ol the liver, paliiita'inn of the heart, dyspepsia, tostive ness, pain in the head, dimness of vision, vertigo, lunacy, loss of muscular energy, paralysis, weakness of'the back and lower extremities, lassitude, nocturnal emissions, gleets, imjiotency, or premature aud total decay of virility. Menially, tlie victim suffers aberration of mind, confusion of ideas, loss of memory, dejection, or melancholy f rebodiugs ; nusocialty, aversion tc social intercourse, timidity, self-distrust, and lore of solitude. These are some ol' the effects of tills violation of the laws of man's physical aud social beiug. Hundreds of cases of sudden decliue or consumption may be traced to the above baneful practices. Young men in cities, and particularly in the country, where these solitary habits j prevail to an ?li rm i n s extent, and those, too, whose ruatriinoiiiil alliances have not been productive of tinise happy results j which shonl.1 attend the connubial state, will |>erceive this advertisement treats of an imiiortant subject to them. Ynuiie nun, il you would be relieved from these evils, and be restored to manly, vigor of body aud mind, delay not to procure tins cordial?it i< the Only auclior of h !>? for you. The mode of effecting a cure, and the hints ana full disclosures which accompanv the medicine, ace highly important to the married and single. Price per bottle; $10 half dozen ; or $20 per dozen. N. B.?This Cordial contains no Mercury, or any mineral substance. Strangers in the city, before leaving, should procure a lew bottles of this cordial, which will be found eminently serviceable in a warm ami debilitating climate, where these disorders ue greatly aggravated, and the system rapidly decays. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. O. FAY, 135 Fulton street, Lamp Store, Sun building. New York. 0>?The " Cordial ' will be lorwarded to any jmrt of the city 01 country by addressing a* abort, poit paid, amount enclosed. Alio, for sale by Dr. Wadsworth, North Miin street, l'rovidenrc . K. I.; at 1H8 Washington street, Boston ; No. 4 Broadway, Albany, Marchliu, Utica, N. Y.S and by Martin and Whiteler, 3<o Market st., Baltimore, Md.; W. Williams, Buffalo; ana of Dr. Hjlsted, Rochester, N. B ?Married (irr-ious, and tho?e contemplating marriage, eo'itci' us of physical inability from certain causes, may confidentially consult Dr. ('oiivert, personallyor ky letter, post paid, enclosing $5. at I3G Kulton st?eet. N V. s8 lm?r DSALMUiV S IlK.uKUV ? Kor duo dni of the stomach. liver, and kidneys, accompanied with indigestion, loss of appetite, head-ache, bilious attacks, giddiness, jialtntalions languor, low spirits, loss of tiength. pains in the baca, side, and lowei part of the chest habitual costireuesi, worm .. and Other distressing svnipioms Tins celebrated medi iiie has mcl with extraordinary success in private practice. and is prized so highly by (hose who hare uken it, that the . ronrietot has been induced to introduce it ta the public enerally He assures ant sufferer from the above complaints, inat it is as it professes to be, a perfect cure, invigorating the S'-stem. restoring appetite, health, color and stiength even to the most debilit ted. This remedy contains no merrnry, nor any preparation of it, and does not prereut the closest attention >o business. The most satisfactory reference given. if required. OKaS H BI NO, 192 Broadway, s4 Im'm comer John street, sole Agent fr>r New York. D1. JOHNsO.N, 17 Duane street, near Cliaiham street. is one ot the oldest and most exiwrieuced Medical and Sur Iicdi i ir city 01 .lew I urn, in mr [rfitmru ut a certain cla*s of delicate diicun The Doctor is est <blitked in one stand for eleven years, and during that tim?, has succe?s'ully treated 12 000 ca-r* of venrr<al. mercurial ai d other deli'-aie C impUnita. The Doctor'* leputation lor skill in tho<e old nslf ':urtd cases, th :t h ire etuted for years, is I pre-eminent. No matter how long you may have gleet, stricI ture. ulcers upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in | the head, and bones of the lea*, i will, and can cure yon. if I your case is curable. Constitutional weakness, sometimes ' called seminal weakness, brought ou by a secret lubit inI dulged in by young men. Many an unfortunate victim ul | tins unnatural vice, has experienced mv salutary treatment. ! Lhs|'ei>su, weakness of the limbs, and small of the li.ick, conlusion of intellect, forgetfuhiess, palpitation ol the heart, aversiou to iOciet>", are only symptoms of this complaint. He warrants a cure in every case or uo charge. Mild aud recent ranea cured in two day*. Postpaid letters, containing $3. for advice attended to. Or. JOH.NSONisa repulaily educated t'hytician and Surgeon. *3 lm*r - BATCHELOH'S HAlll DYE. A LIQUID COLORING FOR THE HAIR, WHISKERS, (ke.?Its claims to patronage will at once be understood by those who have used or sold the preparation* offered for dying the hair. It* application is aimpie, its effect rprtmn r hrinv rmiiKalir?lIV n n#rffrl hair iIvm u-iitiaitt >U. stroying the elasticity or health of the hair. To f<ucy (torekeeper*. druggists. tic., it will be fonud a moat desirable article, aa they can with confidence, recommend it to their customers, and no be troubled with complaints of its dying the >kin or linen. It will not rub off the hair, and constant washing only improve* its appearance. The color is pertnauent and perfectly uniform, entirely free from those unnatural | tints, varying from the faded green to the royal purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyes. In proof of its efficacy (he iuventor is prepared to apnly the dye to whiskers, or a portion of the hair, without charge, to those wishing to purchase, if it prove* satisfactory ; for which purpose he has prime rooms. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by WJI. BATCHKLOK, No. 2 Wall street, uear Broadway. Trie? $1, double sixe SI M. ( ?in the address. Sole agent in WasUingtou City, J. H. Gibbs, Penn. avenue. auti lm*rc. MEEN FUN, ~ 1 ITHE CELEBRATED CHINESE SKIN roWDF.R, FOR restoring, beauttlyiag, and preserving the complexion, and rendering 'he skin delicately white, wno >th, and soft. The ladies of the higher classes of China, Jaoan and Persia, have for uei been noted for the exceeding delicacy of their skin, attributable f the use from infancy of a cosmetic, until recently preserved as a hereditary anu inviolable ecret amongst a certain set of Chinese priesthood, designated Teense, or l'ele<tial Doctors. The recent extended intercourse of Groat Britain with that nation has elicited mauy important communications respecting their customs and Inbits ; amougst the number the recipe ofitlia long hiddrn Skin Powder, called by thein Meen Kun, or Celestial Skin Powder. This seciet was disclosed by a descendant of one of the priests nf the temple ol Teen Tan. or Temple of the Heavens, to Charles Malcolm, Esq., M. 0., for professional services. Meen Kun is simply a preparation of Oriental herbi, and may be used with perfect safeiy for the cure ot .ill cataaeoua disorders Amonjrst the ino?t prominent aie Tan, Krerklcs, , Insensible and Copions Perspiration, Blotches, limples, Soots, Ir itatioa, Coarseness, and a variety ol others. WTo be had of V. CLIKEHUGH, 299 Broadway; C. H. ' Ring, comer of John and Broadway; A. B. Panda It Co., j 100 t>ult?n street; llushton It Co., Broadway ; Henry Johnson. eov' er of Broadway and Chambers street ; and all other respectable chemists and |<ertumer* throughout the Unwed i States : and of the sole importer*, HUBUrt fc Co , I W all atreet, in hotel pricr J< .5*.. aid 7a ml! 'm'rt j ^HALLtNUe. - VALIr.H'M KRKNIH t'lLLX- : ?vW ?Thi? ii tu unrivalled remedy for diaeaaea o' a private oafarr-* positive and speedy cur?.withoa' the restriction of diet or hindrance from businrii. The many ad?ant**e? i which the French Pilla posae?i over B.lnin Copaiva. Cap j uI?Bt mni o'htr nauseating miituree, c?nB'ii fail to ifive t'>em a decided preference. Uraidos being the moat effectual and apet-dy cnrn ever discovered, ij?r are entirely iree from any uiipleaaaut siaell, do ant affect the breath or aicken the *tomuch in the least. and Buy be taken at anytime or in the presence of the m.>it intimate friend?thua enabling the patienta to cure themaelvee without the tear of ???p,eiou or discovery. Tiiey are equally effectml for either se* in all complain a, auch as (?onorrhcea, Orivel, obstinate Oleets. Klnor Albas (or Whites, peculiar to rem-Oea), weakness of the irmnrativa organs kc., and have cated hnndreda of thesn tronbb-some complaints. after every other remedy Ind failed. They hare been eitousively used tot the l?st fen yearn, in all stages of these complainia, with ?uco universal snccesi, the proprietor challenge any one 10 -roduce a remedy of eqnil certainty, under a forfeiture ol Price |1 i*r hot For tale *? 14 Vaaavo atreet, biaem?nt a lit i lui'm Makiukd CauIEp will, vii,C7i m m teresl them by |*rnsing Mor>,I Physiology, writteu by the Hon. It U. Owru. *i fc sJ.lkimn and alterations, by R (ilover. M. D. Were this boo. carefully rod by every married person, and its advice strictl-, followed we a e pri auaded that a different stile of society from the preaam would eiiat. The terror! of poverty and the prospect of a large family of children, winch conld be but poorly reared, | prevent many prnde-.t people from entering the matrimonial atara. but here it a work that will trll you important aeerea, which mjtobviate all aaeh objections. Price of the book M (Nil. For aaJe No. I Aaa n., and moat other book torn. iuiia*n # ? V ! - M. BLLlMMft* LXMIMCNT U WHMWf # t?# c?*mi It ?u^>^aTjw>|, if. cm a JT? ? 'U?>?iua, m oartajo u applied To ba l.?) m m J^U atnnc, uitly 'A ?a par bottle ir? )arge a> im?ra F6VSAJ4E", * A VIUK HJlDULK HOU8S W/lt.L driraalau lb a curiae. Il ii jn?t the m" . I^IV^ far riding on liorsebftci; end baa been loof JLJUCL?n?t d to th* aaodla. Applr to B. Ualbraitli, Hi Pa 6 Place *36 > FOlt WALK, JtaA ON THE EAST aid* ol'Adrlphi atreat, Brooklyn, ] about fifty vaid? north of Myrtle Areuur, a thret> XJdL ?tory nui! bairntfut liouae. writli ten room and cellar attai hnl?the pi?t of ground 11 M by 122 leet. moatly laid out in gardau. The liouae ia hiuiditmie aud very <nkatautially built, and tlirre it uo place in Brooklyn at >o moderate a coat, which aunusiea, nr fa liapi r<|Oa|. it lu tnata. and the talabrity and i-le.uantoea> i.f the iiiuatiou. Kor a Merchant *lio wi?h-< fiie benefit ol couuiry air lor Ms I tinuv. ? nue nc c.ui ha*?- nppor'uui'y of raschiug Perl strret in tweutv-tw* ml| ntttes. this would be fouud mint deniable property Apply on the premue. * 1 w?rc ! ~ TO RENT. AaA A VODERN two story Hnuie, nesr |m?h a RO^d u? igitbjrhood ud vritLot i r<* minute* walk JtiiKL I vib|o'?. To a good tenant t'e ?'it wil_ be moderate. ...d possession given oo the Ut of October For particulars. appiy to OKO . PMlUE. 41 Wall street. Alio, a three etnry House lu Greenwich street, n?ar Moot, rent t the rate ol $4.00 per annum, and possessinn intmediei? Iv Apply as tb-te. aT main a ANTED. m Gentlemen and their wivea or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with delightfully situated room a, by applying a' 474 Broadway autt Im'rc 1U hKO^Klb lUttS UK l-lKUUario Ott MENAGERIES. TO LET OR LEASE fot a year, or tend of rem? The boildmg, known u <he American hlagle Ruble. XJHL corner Delaucy and Chrystie streets.ooe block east of the i.owery. Tbe buildiug is 64 leet wide, by W feet long iu the clear; and from it* sire, and contiguity to the Bowery, would be well adapted for u Circus or .Meuagene, or would auswer Well for wuiter quarters for either, having oTer 7# stalls for Horses, and plenty storage r?om lor wagons. Apply on the premises, or 131 (Jhrystie street. JNO. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. j anlf 2tawThJc8a lm*r ESTABLISHED TRICES a! GURNET'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 134 Strrct, (Su.t Bun-cisa.) I FIRST QLAL1TY BLACK FUR HAT ...... t) ? J4RCOND " " ... s m I'colNdJA{j,TY 8I^K \* CI _ THK8E prices have been flrmK ^ubliih?'dViuiii mar i be w implicitly relied on, as thfc Ocinty, scyle *ud Ai.ish . u! the Article to which they appertain. The proprietor woald ; respectfully ask the public to test the value of his iiaU, by j comparison with the productions ofanr othei manufacturer in j the city, aud believes no candid raind will leave the premisee aissiuishea wiin incun or iDtirprices. nu 18 lm#rc T. T. OURNfcV. 134 Fa?ton tt. REMO/AL OF ROBERTSON'S FHCKMX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. r? THE undersigned would respectfully notify the Jpk pulilie, that he has rein >r?d from hit foriaer location 103 to 89 Kill ou street. Ha,tug tuueh more commodious store mi?] buying otherwise increased hi* facilities, he is confident ofgivin* satufaction to his former putroua. KOHEllTSON, Hatter. M Fulton St., anIS lm*m Wm ?nA OnM I NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, bil MA1UEN LANE, NEW YORK. J FINE Calf City Mide Boots, for. $3 00 , Fine C?lf Citv Made Dress for, $3 50 ; Fine French Dresa equal to any boot iu the city, $4 SO. AM our boots warranted i>ud equal to any now mide. Every thine else in our equally low. Jobbers and others will please fire ns a call before purchasing; our stock is all made under our own ^ inspection and bought lor cash, and therefore we can aell an 1 low as any house in this city. Boots neatly foote. for $3 30 ; i repairing done in the store. McGEARY 4t HIGGlNs, au2Slui*r _ 69 Maiden lane, corner of Williana at. FINE BOOTS, FOR $S 6U, __ City made, and are equal to those sold in other stores E forSS. Fine French Call Oresi Boots lor (4 30, equal IS to the best made, and sold in this eity for $6 or ft. All > /f Coots warranted to give satisfaction, t Y0UNO k JONES, No. 4 Aon street, Neer the American Museum. Quick sales and small profit* ia our motto.?4 Ann street I an?i niTrc . MONT1H.Y REPORT FOR JUL,* or THK i VKW YORK MKDIt"AI. A1?n Rinoirii i?rm? ' i^l TUTE? No. 75 Chambers street. CASUS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. , 6 Acute rheumatism. i (examined Co detect disea3 Cuei scalded head. tea of the l?aai. 4 C&aea balanitis. 3 Primary coaaumptioa rand 7 Cases of OonorthcMU 6 Under treatment. 2 Partial deafness. 4 Secondary venereal. 3 Quantity of hard wax ta- 14 Primary chancres. ken frjin ears. A Cases of uyspepai*. 4 linpotenry. 2 Caaes diarrhea*. 2 Chronic rhenmatiam. caaeaaeminal weakness. 2 Difficulty in making wa- Caaea of whitea of Ions ter. standing, cured by a new 2 Casea of diseaaea of the and simple treatment, womb cured. P~7" All ilikeuea of the nrmary organs, aad diaaaaei pe I culf&r t" lemil.s, are cured at tlua Institute I SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS .vND CURES 2 Uxiuary Hs'ula. 6 Irritation in urethra at the 1 Injury of elbow joint. neck of (He bladder. 8 Strictures cured in urethra t Ampatatiou. 5 Cai>ea of gravel and aaud in 2 Operations to icmove de the bladder, under treat- tonality meut. 1 Opeiarion fistula aao. 2 Operations for disease of 4 Hemorrhoidal tamora rente uiiiram moved. 6 roiiiouof uvalas removed, t Iudoleut alcert of the legs 2 Krsctnres. cuted. 4 Pea issues put in. 3 Eularged toaaila removed. 1 Fatty tumor removed in the 1 Disloc tion reduced. thigh. 3 Aba- esse* in rectam. 4 Operations for hydrocele 1 Polypi removed. or water in the aeratnm. 2 Retention urine. 4 Operations for phymosia The poor attended u> between 9 and 10 ia the morula*.' H. BOSTWICK, M. D., si 2w*re Attending Surgeon and Phvsieiaa. ATCHES 1?WATCHES AND JEWELRV.-lhoee who wish to putchue Uold or Silver Watches, Uold Chains. Uold Pencils, Keys, itc., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who ia selliug all descriptions of the above a- retail, much lower than any other house <n the city. Gold Watches aa low as tit -md 123 each. VVatcUet and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All watcnes warranted to keep go-ul time, or the money refunded. ! U. C. ALLE.N, Importer of Watches and Jewelry. Wholesale and Wall street, a:i'3 lm?me in stairs. QUACKEKY IN NEW YOnK.?Dr. Ooona 14 Uuaee street, uear r.ha<ham street, wishes strangers aad citi xe-s. the victims ol disease. or the nniiositiou of quacks, lo peruse the following letter : ? i Dr. CoorcH?Sir?Last July I contrasted a disease, and | immediately applied to a doctor, who pro:.used to cure ma in a week. 1 continued with hun two months, and was gradually Setting worse. I tried one after another, all the advcrtixiuc octors, and each promised p^si ivelytocurr me. I it length discovered that the object of these meu was mouey, and they weieuntdoet rs. 1 concluded li. iro tu fli?? tinam?*l the doctors kept me under * comae of mercury f..r six week*. My throat and uoie ??i? ulcerated. pains iu myj-inta, >nd bodt covered yvith nicer.* ; 1 was a complete skel. ton ; the doctors considered it diuKerous to give me ?uy mora medr; cine, and advised southern lim.tte I lel't the hotpittl, ud ' by the advice of several friends, placed mvsell under Tour ear*, on the 1st of January last The re-alt is told. I am now well, nnd res'orcd to perfect health. 1 wish this pub lished. a?d refer to me si im? m THOS. OREEN. Bricklayer, Harlem. PRIVATE DISEASES. COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHAKHJiCY, 9b Nassar SratrT THE MEMBERS of ihe New Vork College of Medicine and Pharmacy^ established fir tie suppression of quackery, CAn'i-iue to direct their particular a'tentioti to all diseases of a private natnre, and cau confidently promise to persons requiring medic il treatment, a safe and permauent > cure, without injury tollie constitution or con line men t from business Iuvalids are particularly requested to make application to the Coilrge on the first appearance of those, as a vsst amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the Oullene, for many years connected with the ptincipal hospitals in Europe, (or the cure of those complaints, attends for cousultation daily from 8 AM. to 8 P.M. Terms?Advice aud Medicine. $5?cure naranteed. IMPORTANT TO COU TRY lN^ALIDS-Periou* I IT I lie in the country, and fimliuK it incbnvenient to make Personal ai plication. can have forwarded to th?m a rhmirm. ' tainitijr all medicine requisite 'o perforin * radical care, by stating feir ca<o explicitly, lonelier with all symptoms. time of contraction, and treatment receired elsewhere. if any, and enclosing $3 post-paid. VELPEAU'S tJPEClrit; TILLS. I l',e radical cure of gonorrhoea. gleet, leminal etuis* * I JP aiona. and all mocopnrulent diachareea from the urr lira. 1 These Pills, the result of 'wenty yw'i experience inihe Hospital de Charite in Paria. are p.onouncrd by their celebrated inventor, Professor Velprau, aa au infallible remedy for all diseases of the ureihra They effect a cure in a math j shorter tife than any other remedy, without raialti f he breath. disagreeing with the stomach, or coifineuteiil busiuess. Price $1 rcr >?<?.* Ct ' INSTITUTIONAL btBILITV CURED."THE TONIC MIXTURE, prtpmed by the College of Medicuie and Pnarmaey of the City of New York, > confident!) rrcommeaded for all cases ol debility produced byiecret indulgence or eiceai of any kind. It ia an inralnabte remedv for impotenre, aterility, or barrenness, unlets di peudiug on malformation. Single bottlei SI each: caaea of ba'fa dozen Si; carefullv paeked, and sent to all parts of the Unio' . ; RICORD'd ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. FOR the permanent cnreoT primar or aecondary syphilis, uleera, nodes, or any complaint produced by an injudicious use of mercury or unskillul n epical treatment. ' All penons suspectin|( venereal taint remaining in their svstrtn, should me this iiowerlul purifier without delay, as no Serion can couaider himself sale alter having the eenereal iseaae. wirliont thoroughly cleansing thejsya em wi.h this jnsrlv celrbrated alterative. Sold iu single bottles at $1 each; in ca?esofh*lf a doien for Si; carefully packed and sent toa'l parts olthe Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OfMAR9APARILLA | OENTIAN ANu 8A1AFRA8, PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the su^presaion of quackery. This refined iind highly concentrated estract, posaes.iug alt the punfjmg <i? lines and curative powers of tbe iVirs herbs is confidently recommended by the < ollegr at super or to B'iy ?itract of Haraapanlls at present before rh# public, and may be relied ou as a certar > remedy for ?l'd seaaea srt?- , tag from an impure state of the hloorf, nch as scrofula and salt rheam. rmf wnrin. hlotrhea or mmniM the li ne? or joint*, nod'*, cnHneoin rntptioNS njeerated ; sore'hroat, orauy dise%?e sruii!* from the secondary tlleeu of vpliili* or in injudicious use of intrcary. S.ila in single bottle*, it "J cents, ia e >ses ofhsll's dnten bottles ft M " " one dot# j " (HN ( a<es forwardrtl to all parts of th? Union. N B ?A y libersl riticonnt to wholesale purchasers. Office open from t A. M, t" 8 P. v1. W.8 RICHARDSON. M D. dfcw M N'uui street. New York. I'" >' J i i i i i ?? CHE A'KW yoRK HKMLU. JAMES 60RB0N BENNEJT ^PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HER *M)?Krer* day, Pnee t rents per ropi V tt Per ?nnum?livable in adeanee WTKKLY iI'.KALD?lTsry *amrdaj-Pnee * coats per cm>> ? S3 Itk cents pej uinora-pavaH* in advance HKi! VI.U KOR KL' ROP K?K very *ieam Picket datPri"?-G.'4 -flits per copy?*' <*> per wnom pavnhl* i? *ADVKRTISKMBMTS at the usual price*?always east a idTnuce. HMNTING of all kinda naeutod with beaaty and dei Mtch. Alt letters or eoinmnnieatioaa, by mil, addreaaed to tn i tabliihmeut. mst be poat paid, or the postiga will ba ? I UORDON' ^NCTT, V- I Proprietor of the Nrw Yona Hmald RsTsiLisptHtrr, Mwtfc-WMtMM > (filtoaMdNaawiattfMi:

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