Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1846 Page 3
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li cloMly connect*! with the' coal trad* of r?nn?ylranid and 1*, therefor*, susceptible of being mail* a prolu 3 tlve and profitable piece of property. The atock of the company ia selling in this market at seven and seven and a half per cent, for one hundred paid in. There is a mortgage on the property of the company for three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars, represented by bonds bearing interest at the rate of seven per cent, and payable in lfJGti. The market value of these bonds is at present uukAown; their real value is par. A sale of a nmmi 101 01 mete Donu# will us -? Jay, whea we shall get ?t their real Milue in the market If the stock of tlil* company i* really worth any thing, these bond* are worth par, aa mortgage bond* take precedence of every thing el*e, and the asiet* of the company must go toward* aatiafyiog the claim* of the bondhuld era, befare the itoekholder* can come in for* fraction The bond* of very many atock companies are, however, telling in thia and othar market* at many per cent l>*low par, while the itock of thaae compenia* i* telling at comparatively high price*. In the Reading Railroad Company for initance, tha stock 1* idling at thirty-fire per cent balow par, and the mortgage bond* at twentyeight per cant balow par, there being a difference of only aeven per cent between the bond* and tha atock in the market. We annex a table giving the quotation* for the principal stock* in thii market for each day of the past week, and at the cloee of the week previous. It will be per' reived that there has been but very little variation in prices, and that the operations In some of the fancies have been very limited Quotations i?r the Principal Stock* it the Sm York Market. Sat. Hon. Tutt. Wed Th y Fri. Sat. Ohio 6's 83* ? ? ?3* 93* 93'; ? Kentucky 6's 98)4 ? 9S* ? ? ? ? Pennsylvania 5's 66 66W ? ? 66'i ? 66* Illinois 34 ? 33 ? ? 32* ? Indiana C's 3D ? ? ? ? ? ? Reading RH Bonds.. 70 70* ? ? ? 72 ? Reading M'lfe Bonds 73* ? ? ? ? ? ? Heading Railroad. ... 1,3 63* 63 63* 63* 61 63* Norwich and Wor... 5?i* 57 57* 57$ 57% 57* 57 Erie Railroad, old ... 48)2 ? it ? ? ? ** Erie II ? ? ? ? ? ? Harlem Railroad 5?* 55 55 54% 54*? 54* 53* Long Island Railroad 30 30 30* 30* 30 30 30 Mohawk. 50* ? ? ? 51* ? ? Stonin'ton 42* ? ? ? ? ? ? Farmers Lean 24* 24* Mia 25* 25* 24* 24* Canton Co 30 30 30* 30* 30 * 3 1 30*, Morris Canal 6* C* 6* 6* 7>* 7* 7* .......... . *7* ? ? ? -/% -/M I mted Stule* fiuik... 4 ? ? JJjj ? ? ? Kwt Boston 14,'V ? ? ? ? ? ? North American Tr.. 11>4 11 10 9K ? 8J? 9 A companion of price* current at the close of the market yeiterday, with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits a decline in Erie Railroad, old, of per cent; Harlem Railroad 1; North American Trusts}; and an advance in Pennsylvania Vs of ; Reading Railroad y%\ Norwich and Worcester }; Farmers' Loan ] ?; Canton ft; Morris Canal 1; Vicksburg ,V Some of the fancies have not moved the past week at all, while others have been operated in once or twice. On the whole, prices closed a little better yesterday than on the previous Saturday. The Peterboro' and 8hirley Railroad Co. was chartered by the Legislature of Massachusetts in 1846, for the purpose of constructing a railroad from the Fitchburg Rail' road, in Shirley, through Groton, Pepperell and Town fend, to the State Line of New Hampshire, at Mason ; and by an act of the Legislature of New Hampshire, a company hat been chartered to connect with this road and continue to Peterboro'. At the last (ess ion o f the Massachusetts Legislature, the charter was to far altered as to permit the Company to commence the road, where it connects with the Fitchburg, at Groton instead of 8hirley. if the Company shall think it expedient to do so. The company was partially organized in Jan. last, and a meeung for a completion of the organization will be held at Town' send on Monday next, at 10 o'clock. At this meeting Directors will be chosen, and the act in addition to the act of incorporation be accepted. It is expected that a large meeting will be assembled, as great intereit is now felt in this enterprise, not only in Massachusetts, but in the New Hampshire towns on the route. The line of the route in both States, comprises a large manufacturing region, having extensive water privileges, and a n imber of factories, besides which tome new establishment! are already (contemplated and in progress A railroad it much required in thit direction, for the accommodation of freight and passengers, and no doubt is entertaine ! by those acquainted with the resources and business of the country, of its entire success as a good paying road. We trust it will be speodily commenced. The receipt! of the Reading Railroad Company continue very large, although compared with previous week* this year, those of the first week in September show a falling off. We annex a comparative statemont of the business on this road for the first week in September in each of the past three years. fiiii.AOti.riuA a*r> Bkadixg Rail Road, 1844. IRij. 1816. Travel $2.?M> 31 $2.2?? 34 $3,6St 39 Freight on goods... 8?4 91 Ml 99 . 2.6K 36 ,T coal 14.243 11 25.126 09 40,297 811 Total $17.11(39 $2X 327 42 $46,547 13 Notwithstanding the heavy receipts of this Company, * it appears impossible to sustain the price of the stock in this market This, however, may not be looked upon as having any influence upon the real value of the stock as an investment. These fluctuations do not amount to much, as they are regulated by the brokers in the street more than by any doubt as to the safety of the socurity. The following is a statement ot the amount of coal sent to market by the Lehigh cansl during the week ending the 8th inst, and since the opening of navigation Lehigh Coal Trade, Ig46. Thii wttk. Previously. Total. Bv Lehigh Company 6,759 05 105 524 It 112,281 19 By Rliume linn 3.501 15 75,798 00 79,299 15 By He <v<tr Meadow 3 1)26 00 52,502 00 55.128 00 t%v t-'nzltlou uu uv.iui ?v uv By Buck Mountain 1,069 16 27,117 CO 28.I1M If. By Summit Lfve) -13 00 7,873 1)0 1,116 10 From White Hareu 497 00 1,333 00 2,730 00 Total 18,247 16 331,lit 14 349,396 10 The amount received for tolls on the New York State raml< during the fir*t week in September,wu $61,401 15 Hume period in 1845 75,740 30 Increase $5,740 86 The aggregate nmonnt received fortolli from the commencement of navigation to the 7th September, inclusive, $l,5tfW.'J59 15 During the ume poriod in 1B46 1,454,152 37 Increase $135,10*78 Old Htork Kxchang*. $J2000 Tnin'aSa Gfi5, iO ?h? Canton ("o ?M 30?; i IOO>> Heading Mtg Bd? 71)2 25 do Mja 25 "hi t'liruix Bank 86 59 L. liland RR b:tfl 30 100 VirkibiirB bit l>60 j'j I'O do ?5nn 56 Farmers' Tr bOO 21 200 K*adio| RR cijZ 56 do 24^ IPO do >60 hH2 2<>o Morri* Canal 7 100 do b35 63V 50 N A Truit bCO 9 25 do >10 63)2 4MI Harlem tiH ii% IMNork WorHR MJi 100 do b 15 53M 25 do blj 57 SO de 53?, 100 do 1,30 57 50 do >30 53 U 100 do b4i 57\1 50 do b30 53?, 300 do 57 5 Erie KR 48 5fi do li 10 ?7 Sceond Board. .fnn I, 1 no HJ. 1,1/ u U?_,. 11/ 10MI dn 72 50 ilo 7'2 1IVI Long liltnd Mo Harlem RR SjC ^100 do (mi 1'ifl do 53}i ;<1 Nor li Wor alO 57 50 do MO 53H New Stuck Kxchansre. 25 ?h? N A Trust cash 9 lOOahs Harlem RR blO 54 100 Karm* Traat M'in i4jfj J00 do Cash JJ'f IjO do cash 24?? 50 do 20th in?t 53Si 2 LIiHndRR b30 JO* 100 do b3 53$ 25 Nor k. Wor bj 57 100 do Ca<h l]u 25 do Monday 56% 50 do >10 53C 2} do al V)', 50 ReadintilR ?30 6 3'? 50 do raah 5??? Married. On Sunday evening, 13th init, by the Rev. Oardner Spring, Mr. Thomai Ardf.h to Makoabbt Kmma Mum, all of this city. _ _ DM. Of coniumption, on Sunday, the 13th inrt., Makuaxt O'Nbill, in the i2d year of her age. Her funeial will take place thi* afternoon, (Monday) at o'clock, from licr late reiideDce, 165 Grand street. Her nrqnaintanrei, and tboae of her brother, Patrick O'Neill, are re?pectfull? invited to attend. > In Brattlcboro', Vt, 9th init, Lieut Col. Ominiiu Dr arrorv, of the U S. Army He commenced hi? military career aa a Lieutenant of Artillerv, in March, I8IJ, in,1 aerved with dlatinrtion during the war with Great Britain, and in that ?itb the Seminole Indiana. At Dennyiville, Mr. Da.hbl. Boiwoith, a revolution?tT pensioner, At t'^atport, Me.. 30th ult, Mr? Haxkah Joh*?o!?, 89. At MarbUhead, Mra. Sarah,widow of Benoice Johnson, aged Hfl, At Manchester, ath in?t., Capt. Simeon Masefi.i., 70. At hi) residence, in Shelby 40., Ky.. UAth ult., Robert Tetis. seed Oft Ho ?u born In Baltimore co . Md., Pth March, I7B1, and emigiated to Kentucky in 1807. A patriot and soldier of the revolution, in tho darkeat hour of the great struggle he joined the Mainland regiment of volunteer*, raited hy Col Lux, for the purpose of relieving the naked and famished remains of Washington's army, then encamped at Valley Forge, and was appointed 1st lieutenant of a company commanded by Captain Richard Owens. Of this band, who received the special thanks and commendatione of f?en. Washington, the subject of 'his notice was the last survivor. At Boscowen, Aug. 30, Benjamin Little,, in hie S7th year He removed to Boscawea with his lather in 1774 and lesided on tho same (arm on which hia father began till bis death In Lockport, N. Y , on the 20th ult., Mr?. Catharine r>isT?L> h , at the advanced age of 7ft y^ra. In Brooklyn, on the Oth inat , Capt. W?i. Hellece, in the 74th } ear of hia age In Brooklyn, on the 15th in?t.,of consumption, Llihu H Da Camp, aged AO years. In Biooklyn, on lath inst., John Mortimer, Jr., in tho 77ih >esr ol his age At the residence of Mra. Ann Kelly, P miles from Fayetteville. on Sunday. QM August, Mr? Ki.iea Oal?, after a short illness, in <na 77th year of her ago. , At Cambridge. 6th inst. Mr*. Evaicl Steoman, 17. At Sterling, Mr Lcke Hetwood, SO. At IlBRipton Foils, N. H., September Hth, Mr. John Bio*K, 91. At South Newmarket, N. H , 7th inst, Dooeoa Thomas JJbown, N. ^At.Ambcwi, N. H, Mr. A?n* L*avitt, 94. I O. OF O F. I THE member* of ORIENTAL LOHUK. No. it, 1. 0. of O. F.. are hereby notified I hat a special naming of the Lodre will be held This (Monday) Ermine, at 6 o'rlo. k, at the Lodge Koutn. National IUII Bv order. IV. B SMITH. N O. W. O. Wood, Pee'v. ,14 |t*r "NOTICE TO ALL VVhu.MTr SIA VTHJN-CfcHN. THE creditors of Jl'STIJS D. MILLER, lortneily a p?rtner of the house of White St Co.. Dry Goods Merchants iu Catharine late of 74 Caual street, are particular! v re<ines'ed to meet Emor Harte, at 1i Kultoii street, on TUESDAY, the ljth msl, at 12 o'clock, when matters ol (Teat importance to their interests will be laid before them. ?I4 lt*mc NOTICE. ^ CO. will open their uew ?tore 011 MONDAF, the 21st mat., at 9 o'clock, A. M., wtlh a 'Mil Ol goods entirely uew, which- has been selected in ?JP,? ^Jr thr occation by one of I lie partne a. A. 7'. 8 k Co. will be moat happr lo re?itc the viaits ol llinr friends, customeis and ilie public. aWlwis'mc . A.xllHKWa dr BOYLtt, _ AUTHORS anil publiabe.t of Thonotypic and Phonographic works, lr? in 3T> Washington street, Boston, hare opened a branch office at 6t NASSAU STREltT. New York, lor the tale of (heir publications. elementary and periodical. A liberal diacouot made to Booksellers, and other* who buy to tell agtiu. Their works may alto be had of Kowler (k Weill. 131 Nattail street. ANDKEYVS St BOYLE, r>S Na-tau street. New York, ar.d I3s Washington at., Boston. N B ?Mr. Boyle will?hortlv commence a course of LEC* TURKS. Due notice of the first Lecture will be given. ?M 3eod*irc _ __ W INTER -TON'S WRITING AND BOOK-KEEPING ACADE\1\, No 211 Bioimvtr, RE-OPENS for the fall aud winter seas in, on MONDAY, the 14th inat In PENMANSHIP.?Mr. W. dev?tes his principal atten liou to a free, graceful and easily acquired ttvle of rapid Writing, and not to making pictuiea of birds, eagles and lisliei. The rourte of instruction iu BOOK-KEaJ'ING, will be thorough, and comprise every thing uecessary to give to the pupil a complete practical acquaintance with the science. Open day aud e\ eaing? Private lessons if detired ll Persons will be qualified as Teacheis of M?. W.'a syt tern of Writing, upon moderate termi. *14 2t*ine G B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOH. 1I6 William street. op|>oaiie tiie Washington Stores. G, B. C. hat received a complete ujorimeut nfl Moths, Cassimeres anil Vestings, nuit iblr >f >r fall wear, which, being paid for in cash, will be mid*- to menaure at very low price*. A line French twilled black cloth Coat, to order. $20, usual price $i'i; very hvndsome Cloths, from which Cutis will be made, for 14, 16 and $18. Every other garment equally low. Likewise, very handsome Moth Macks from 8 to $10; Tweed do. from S to |1, Satin . Vests, white Marseilles Vests, Ike. Strangers and citizens will effect a great saving by calliug at 116 William street, opposite the Washington Stores, all It*r O B. CLARKE. hardware, haill skating, watches, &c. THE subscriber offers to the trade an J wholesale dealers, on favorable terms? 1,000 groce low priced Tabic Knives and Forks, 200 dp fine rt-uud stag do do at $10 per grocc MM pair do do guard Carvers, at 31% cents. A complete assortment of best C 8 Files, Chisels, itc. 100 pieces su|>erior Ilair Cloth, all sizes, at the reduced price. English Lever Watches, at $13 60; Movements at S9 60. lie. Also. Trace Chains, Knob Locks, Saws. Biaces i>nd Hits, B< d Screws, Vices, Violin Strings, Tea Trivs, I'e ctission Caps,kc. Sic. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, sH MMFis'r 65 John street, up stairs. green Turtle soup. IN addition to the good things usually to be found in a Dining Saloon, GREEN TURTLE SOUP and MILL POND OYSTERS are served up every day in the Week, at the BANK COFFEE-HOUSE, 2J Fnlton st . Brooklyn, by ISAAC LARUE. N. B?Families tupplied with Soup or Oyatera, at ihort notice. Brooklyn. Sept. 14. 1816. sl4 1w*mc DK. JUNES, DENTIST, 383 BROADWAY, INSERTS TEETH,and warrau's them as good as the natural ones for biting anil mastication. A complete double set or best Mineral Teeth, on fine cold plate* $50 000 A set of best Mineral Teeth, on tine gold |ilate, for the upper jaw, to be woru by atmospheric pressure 30 00 Siugle Tooth,'from $1 00 to 5 <>0 Plugging Teeth vrith gold, from 75 to 150 Hemember ? Broadway, (west aide,) two doori above White street. N. B.? Dr. J.operates in the evening, as usual. sM It*r ! A CHILI) WANTED. A RESPECTABLEand healthy American Woman, whose infant is less than a month old, wishes a child t? nurse, A line addressed to A. M.B. at this office, will receive immediate attention. iU 3t*je wanted, A SITUATION as childrens' nurse and seamstress, by a young woman, of good and obliging disposition, and one willing to make herself generally useful. Apply at 8o Lexington Avenue. sM 2t*inc SALESMEN WANTED. FIVE experienced retail Dry Goods Salesmen, of good addren, and possessing proper qualifications, will hear of sanations by addressing hox 1281 Post Office. sU lt*mc I iviAN AuEft IN DK* UOUL>S STutvfc. A COMPETENT manager is wanted, to take charge of an extensive retail dry goods establishment in Broadway. ; AKcuucni?u,|>usaeisiDx proper quaimcauons, will oe ltuer* ! ally cou>peuaated. Address box 1281 I'ost Office. J ?14 lt*mc " WANT1S1), A LADY competent to t-ke chance or a Juvenile Scliool already established The location heal Jiy and pleasant, distant eigtu mile* from New York Tlie opportunity ensures a fainly-h. me and comfort. A knowledge or the 1 iano and French would be as advantageous as lavorable to forming ail engagement the advertiser, K. M. C , to wh< in address, at this office, stating where an interviaw may be had. is 14 lt'mc A GENTLEMAN acquainted with every line of mercantile business, a good book keener and able o write the Spanish. Kr. lcIi and German correspondence, wishes to fual an ' employment adequate to his knowledge, in any mercantile hou e in this place. A note directed to H. H No. 134 Water street, up stairs, will be attended to immediately. *12 lw * rrc ; wanted, ASM ART, active, bus nrs* man, to take hold as a partner in a larte and elegant Saloon, where all kinds of refreshments are served up. including airs, win-*, liquors nod se Kirs:location cannot he surpassed in the city of New York; uow djmg an excellent business, as it has dona for years past. Any person qualified for the above business cannot inv st the small sum of $li 0 to so good advantage. Kor further information, please to udd>es> a line to C. J. B . at this office, which wjtl immediately attended to. *11 <t*r KAILKOAD TIES. XTT ANTED immediate!?, 10,000 Oak, ^hesnut or Locust v * lie*. >evcn icet inn*, nn two siaeaanu t> incnea thick. Apply at the office or the Harlem Railroad Coimmiv's Office, in New York, or to the Chief Engineer, at white Plains. ?l lw'r "WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN can obtain the highest cash pricea for nil kind of wearing apparel, furniture, Ike. by applying for the subscriber at No. 11 Morion s'net, between Broome and Spring atreeta. N. STOKERS. N. B ?A line through the poat office or otherwiie, will be punctually attended to- au36 lm?rh FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD, THE counting room of Mesara. Brown & Bell. (Ship Builders,) waa broken open on Saturday afternoon laat, about t o'clock, and one thouaand three hundred dollar! ahstracted therefrom. in I, 2, 3 and i dollar billa on the feeventh Ward Bank, iu the absence of the Clerk, who had gone to get sixpenny piecea to make change, and waa only ahaeut about four minutea, locking the door and taking the key wi>h lnm. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the money and thieves, or in proportion to the amount recovered. Tnree men were ietn to enter the office; one ia now in Prison and ideutirfid. C. HAMPTON, alt 3t*mc 91 Columbia, or !34 Ooerck at. ! TWENTY DOLLARS~~REWARD. LOST, on Saturday afternoon, in going from Catharine Market to Washington Market, a pocket WALLET. I containing about one hnudred and twentv five dollara, moatly injlive ana ten dollar billa of banks in thia State aud the Stamford Bank, Conn , and a Custom House paaa for the canal boat Kotary, to Sard Hill and leturn to ihia port Any person finding the above. md reiumit g it and contenis to MTEI'HEN H. WARING, 183 South street, will receive l)ie above reward ?nd the tha iks of the owner. al3 2t *mr FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAKS 1IEWAIID \ SMALL WOODEN CHEST, containing two thouaand r\ and one hundred Kive Franc Piecea. together with some ilhall piece* or wearing apparel, ihe property uf Henry Bal<Uuf, Ute of Germany, now or Philadelphia, waa loat'or ito' len on tlie 22d of Auguat laat, either Imm the ateamboat plying between New Vork and Amboy, or from the cara running I rorn A in boy to Philadelphia, while the owner waa a pixenrer in the Union Tramp irtalio" Line flora New York to l'ni> idelphia. The above reward ol"$600 will be paid for the reco% try of the whole amount, or a proportionate reward for the recovery of any part thereof L. HERBERT, Agent of the German EmigrantSacietr, 10 1w*gbx No. North 74 Hecond atjyet. Philadelphia. I UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE OLLi TURTLE CLUB ATLANTIC HOTEL Hoboken, Sept. 11. ISI?. AT the rnineat of aeveral friendi the nnderaigned will ert e op a choice TURTLE, on Wednesday the lath inatint. at 4 P. M.. ?t hie hotel. Many, who remember nirnilar occaaio?a at hia former reaidenoe in Hoboken will be preient to enliven the iceue, and all Invert rf thia delicioua repeat, at d the natural eujoyment alwayi attendant, are invited to partake Ticket* may be had at the R?m't Head, Kulton atreet, N. * and at tn? bar of the hotel, rrice *1. ?13 4i*rc 1hos. SWIFT. the engraving business, FORMERLY conducted hy James Harris. Nn M Nassau street, deceased, will be continued as formerly. Orders for Conper and steel plate Engraving, Heals, Labels; Visiting and Wedding Cards engraved and printed in the neatest style Cloth and Woollen Manutacturers and Dry Go"ds Merchants, will find a constant supply of Cloth Tags at the office. Labels for all kinds of Kancy Goods, gnmmrd and na* gummed fl. HAIIUIS. For sale, a CoPP' r-plate Printing Press. si] Jt?rc kitchen ranges. HOLMES'TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietors are now prepaied to furnish Holmes's Kanges to the trade, or let ilietn ui> for primta families or boarding houses, havmg purchased the right from the patentee to manufactur? and sell them. Our experience in in.iuufacturing and setting Ki clien Manges in this city, for the past eighteen years, warrant ns in asserting that Holmes' hauge cannot be surpassed for economy, convenience, and durability. They art warranted to perform the purposes for which they are purchased, and if not, they will lie removed free of any e?p?n?e to the purchaser. Numerous reference* can be given to persons wishing to purchase. The prices rarge from Zi to 45 dollara. Grates?Parlor, Office and Bed Room Gratea of latest pat"St'rea?HaJI, Office and Bed Room Stoves, Stovepipes, Tin Ware-Bright, plain, and japanned. The* have mason* at all times ready to set ranges, gratea, and boilers. Also smokev chimneys enred?no cu'e no pay. A- OILHOOLY Mid WON, Propnatorj ind MftAafacturcn^S .Natkau itrflt. 12 1m * me TO TAILORS. THOSE * ho with to acquire h rapid knowledge off lifting all the virh ni atV lea of gtrnientt worn at the present | tini-, are advited to obtain a copy of 8 inemettt crlebrttrd work on the tubject, whi' h c? nttint all the information fh?t can be detiied. It hat already wet with ?he mo-t unprecedented tnle^ and it used generally by the trade throughout I he Union. ar.d la warranted to gire entire aatiafaction to all wh* *?Pl it* |>riarip|f? Price per copy from aight to ten dollar?. according to the binding; alto, tingle or tett of patterna, cf tte ?r,0n.MTU.0f^m,nucVordi:r,|bVKMETTa '10 lm?r No. IH BrmjwiT, York.. TO TAILOH * A Yon' 8 M?r'i*d Mnn, *t promt rngagrd in htmn'M foi himtel', hut not amcieat neui to roiinnim to tdrau tuff, *i?hri titnutioB u talnmaii and < utter ran inlliictier ?omf ti OfHl worth of good trad*. A modrnle talar) , with a par rentage on his caatom, woald be the manner ofeompen: nation, Addreaa " S. F." thi? o?re Woald take a partner j of ?c?? ctpital ia bis pttMat kMum. *11 fc'MTh rc f AUCTION NOTICE. \ITINE 9Al?Jt.?J,n#0 package* Pun Wirni, Madeira* and TT ^ub,)3 VIM, including sup., Rcifiua, Purr Juirr anil other PortMjKaat India Viadeira. and Bncellaa Chablia. will be aold on THI'RbDA V, 17th September, at II o'clock, by L. M. HUFFMAN X CO., in front of their itore, Mo. lift Walt atreet. Catalogues I wo davi before ihe sale. The Winee ut ini|>ort?d by Mr. Alexander Saltau. and are II stored under Irck and key of the Custom Home iu bond, eutltled to debenture. >11 4t' mc "l I' ESDAV,' 8eW. 15. by A. J 1JI.KK1 Kh'.K. Auctioneer. M?_ At 12o'clock, at the Merchanta' Kichauge. ORRIS CANAL k BANKING COMPANY MORTGAGE BONDS?Peremptory sale lor account of whom - -? " ... ?iw. rwu, ucal INK I .; CIrit at [he rate of seven [>? r reui. per anuum. payable umim nuilly.on 1st April and lit October, with roupou*; principal, rc imhiirs.itila in HX illJt rc WWIM . A HKCCHLH, Auctioneer. M. A jEECHKK, store 46 Cedar street, up stairs.? Dry Goods by catalogue, tor raali. Regular sales on Monday and Thursday Particular attention given to assignee's sale j oi smelt goods an26 Im*r CENT&EV1LLE TROTTINO COURSE. APl'RdK of$30e. to be given tor the two champ ous of the turf, t'OO id the second hesr, and to come ?R on Monday, the 2is- inst , tiro Miles aid repeat. A. I'onckliu raters pacing cli. g. James K. Polk, to skeleton w ag on. P. Hunt b g. Moscow, to go as he pleases. Kach to carry weight according to the rules of the coarse. Same day, a puree for $30, mile beats, best 3 is i, under the saddle free for trotting horses thai never won a pnrse overS.Ul; 1 to close at Oreru K Losee's. on the 16th inst., at 9 o'clock, P M. Three or more to make a field 1 N B ?A'so a puree ofttOO. two mile heats, in harness, free for all trotting horeee; to come off aboat the 28ik ot September; three or more to make a field; to close at Green -V Losee's. nn Tuesday, tbe ltd, by 9 o'clock. P. M. In rase three start. $">0 of the purs# will be given to t>ie leroud best horse; if only two start, the parse will be SIM, and rothiug to the second best; if only ooe start, ther- will not be any;King given. _ JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. tentreville H-pt IZ.mtH. ?13 ?t*rc TO LET, THE subscriber having* lease of au eligible atore 1??jW in the moat fashionable part of Broadway, and its beXJflLuiK of greater capacity than hit basineaa require*, would let a part of the aim* to aome one whose buiiuru might operate in conjunction with hi* own. Kor a Uentlemena' Furnishing Kit.ibliahmeut it cotild not be surpassed in the city. 1 Kor further particulars on the subject please address 8. 8. i at thia office. alt It'tne JgA THK Lease, Stock and Fixtures of a Oroeery and iTtTB Liquor Store, in oue of the beat l?cauona iu the First XiULWard. To an enterprising man this la a rare chance, at the preaent oceupinl hat another store in the city, nud muat aell or atcrilice oue of them Terms will be easy, if applied for immctiatelf, at No. ii Washington street, or at the Arcade Batha, No. JO Mi imber at. sU Ji'inc PHIVATE rooms, aA WITH breakfast and tea.?One or two gentlemen ]!> who deaire comfort and qniet, can be accommodated an XJULabove, inaamall private family, where no boarders ait- taken. Location, up towu, north aide, withiu one ininute'a walk of the three linea of atagea. References required. Addreaa N. O., box 1390, Lower I'oat Office. alI3t*mc ^KT TO LET TORTHE WINTER. SUITS OK ROOMS, conaisting of Drawing Rooina, f.iiar'ors, bed roo?M, lie. 8cc., for private fainiliea. The aCiUL nouae la replet* With every convenience, having hot, cold and shower baths, and lighted with gaa. The entire honae haa been newly painted and furnished; private tables luruiahed. 1 he location is rery desirable, being only oue block f<om Broadway, eaatside. Apply at 413 Houston street. sl?lw?rc I " 1'f ? I.k'T MA TO SINGLE OKNTLEM^N?Large and well fur]7vTB nished Booms in a Private Residence near the Battery. Xjlla References required. Addresa A, Herald Office. aT73t?rc PARLOR AND BEDKOOM TO LET. AaA THE BOOMS are ou the third story front, handITtTB aomely furnished, and in a private family in Chambers JlilflL street, very i ear Broadway. They will be taken care ul and rented for Si |>er week. Metis cannot b? had iu the house. The best ol reference required. The rooms will not be reuted for a term less than sit months. Address K. K this Office. sl2 4tis*rrc AILANTHUS TKlitis FOR PARKS, 8THEETS, Sic. jMtff FIVE THOUSAND -ulauthus Trees, from ten to *5fl|twe re <eet high considered, by good indices, the strsiirhtest and thriftiest trees ever offered in this in itket. Oentlemen and others wishing to purchase can view them at the garden of Francis Briells, Harsimus, Jersey City, or for terms apply at the Seed Store of I DUJNLAr St THOMSON. all Iw'r ?3i iroadway. KNOX, fl 121 FULTON ST MEET, (Sun Building.) deem-fl lug it unnecessary to enter into iiarticulars rnpstt-JP* Inn his Fall Fashions for 1*46 would simply sute that his new style will excel in beauty, lighiress, t*ste, and Mtor, anything ever offered to the hat wearing public of ihecity of New Vork. His prices are as low as his hats are tine. ?9 lwis*r FALL STYLE GENTLEMEN'S HATS. Hfc ROWE, Merchant's Exchange. 40 William street, has now ready lor inspection and sale, his splendid Short Napped Beavers and fine Silk H*ts of the most fashionable and desirable shapes, and warranted not to l e surpassed by the productions of any Hat Establishment in this citv Prices?Best Beaver, $4 50 Best Silk, SI. >9 2w*r THE EYES. DR. WHEELER, Oculist, 29 Greenwich street, devotes his exclusive attention to dise tses of the Kve and Opthalmia Surgery; Artificial Eyes for sale, and inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours irom 8 A.M. to 1 o'clock P.M., after winch lir visits out-door paneuts. A painphl.t containing remarks os diseases of the Eve, with numerous instances ef great cure* effected by Dr. Wheeler'* mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously ft his residence, or the same will be forwarded to anv oue making application to him post paid. s!2 Iweml'inc HENRY LAWRENCE, 14 John ilretl, a few doori from Broadway. IMPORTER of French, English aud (ternian fancy articles ?comprising Zephyr Wool, aud other kinds Patterns ofevery description. Canvas*?Silk, ("otion, Linen, gee., all width*. Milk*? Purse and Flo*? of all kind*. Fringes, Oimp*, Ike. a large variety. Aud a large assortment of Steel Bead*. Purse Slide* and End*, Bag Claap*, Perforated Paper, Ice., Ike., which he will aell at the lowest pouible prices. sS 1 m re FKMALfc SEMINARY, No. 71 EAST BROADWAY, comer of Market itreeu Arabella x Sarah K. Clarke, Principals. THIS institution cotnmeRced its fall term ou the 7th inst. The drawing classes are under the aaperintendence of Elizabeth Oram, who has been long mil favorably known to the New York pnblit The dep.irtmeut of ancient and modern languages and belles lettres continues under the direction of Jacnn T Be'gen A. M. There are no eitra charges forluel, stationary, the use of books in the Engli*h classes. French, Latin and Drawing. A stage is provided to courey pupils residing in a distant part ol the city, free of charge. aW iw 2t,iw*me ' MUSIC TAl'OHT on very moderate terms, by a person who has a perfect knowledge of the scisnc-, and who undertakes to teach it thorough y. Terms, $3 dollars per month. Any person wishiug to uke instruction will please address a line to " Mnsic, at the Herald OIBce." slO lmi?*rc FASHIONABLE DANCING. MM.LR DESJAKDIN would respectfully inform her pupilsaud the public, ihatshe has returued from Saratoga Springs (where ate had the honor of introducing the Hedowa Waitr, which she had just received from Paris) and that bIm is now prepared to renew her lessons in all tbe latest fashionable daucei, at her residence No. 74 Leonard stieet. si lw*re DANCINO ACADEMY.?MADAME ACHILLE, in returning her sincere thinks for the liberal patronage of her friends and the Iinlilic, desires most respectfully to infi>em them that sheik about to resume her professional atten Walker street, will re-open on SatuHl.iy. the 3d October Inr the tuition of those ladies and gentlemen who may wiskto join her dancing and waltzing classes, or form private quadrilles, as follows:? Kor young laHies and also for young gentlemen under 10 vein of age, Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 3 to 5 o'clock, P. M.;for gentlemen aNive >0 years, the sime days at i o'clock. Kvcning class for gentlemen, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 o'clock, and the Soirees exclusively for her pupils ana their parents, as usual. Madame Achilla has the pleasure to anuouuee that in addition to the dances already known in New York, she will instruct lier pvpils in those Polka Waltzes and (Quadrilles which are uow the most popular in the best society in Paris and London. These beautiful pa? are the uew quadrille Mazurka; the Cellariut trailz ; the graceful Rrduwa; the I'iennoiir, or u nlit a driix trmpi; the pretty waltz a cinq Irmpt composed two months since in I ondon by Prrrot; and I.u Mazoiien ?e, a new Mazurka waltz, which with that, a cinq IrmpM, will not l>? brought out in Paris till the coming winter. These dances can be taught by no oth?r person in New York than Madajne Acliille, as she has received them from Mons Jules Martin, just arrived Irom Paris, and lo ? hum tliey were exclusively confided by the above celebrated professors, in testimony of their high esteem. ??_Lm M WK*r 1|| I MM! I'AIHS manufactured India Kubher Sooes, Ivjconsisting of meirs overshoes, and ladi'a' sundais and buskins?will be sold >ow to close a concern; also, shirr'd Suspenders, manufactured at the Uuiou Rubber Works, by MACKEY It WALKER, ill lm*rrc No 1 Hanover Square. HUAiuiinu m nuuoiuii ohvce.1, GENTLEMEN and their wive*, or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and pleasaut rooms, with pantries attached, hv applvin* at 416 Houston ?t >10 2n*r HUN'l, n> r> PJIRK ROW. HAIR CUTTER, WIO and Scalp Maker, reipectfully inform* hi? friend* and the public in general, that he has introduced lii? Kali Style al' Hur Cutting. >12 lw*inc BUOK-K.Efc.IMNU, tec , No ns CEDAK STREET. THE public is rcirertfullv informed and aianrad that the coorae of imtruction purmeil by the subscriber ia tralya courie of Practice in Keeping Book>, rather than of Lectmea on Book-keeping' A complete set of book a ia ken by every pnpil, who. by aid of the tenchei, entera in them, transaction after transaction, until the whole variety of baaiataa of* good ineicantile houae shall have become disposed of. In this manner every entry become* the subject of eiplanatioii and atudy, and the pupil of moderate capacity must, in a very abort time, become a competent book-keeper. Kooma op-n from 9 A.M. to 9 P. M al2 lw*inc ~~ UllliAPhK 1HAN fcVhh.. A FULL SUIT of Superfine Cloth mad* to older, in th? moat substantial and fashionable style, can be procured -for AM, at MOKKATT'8 fashionable Cash Tailoring Eatabjishmeat. No. It Catharine street, New York. Every article tit he fine equally law. Call and tee. %niT A i ? DAGUEK.H1ASI Ma f EhlALS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 12 Nhmii hu now on hand an aaaortmeut of Half Plate and Medium Voightlander Tube*. Al?o, Amcncan. of hia own manufacture, ?u| ? I rior tin any yet made in the United Ktatea. Platea, < aae*iChemieala, Coating ttosea Batha, and every ma'erial uaed in Daguerreotyping. Thermomeiera. wholeaale and retail; Spectacle*, Teleacopea, Galvanic Batterira, a8 1m*r "caution: IJtg- AI.L PKBHONSare hereby cautioned uttimt JnUfV trusting any of the Crew of the Brit ah bark jatMBto Ahhota'ird, Capt b 11 kland, from Cardiff, Walei, a lie iiet>t? of their contracting will be paid bv trie Captain or Con unen. W. fc J. T. TAPBCOTT. , Ni.w Yon*. Sept. II. HI* ?l2mr PACKF.T SHIP SARTELLt, from New OraJjryW leant, i* rliarharging at foot el Pike atreet I on ngnrei will plraae attend to the receipt of thpir good* r \i KM SHIP ?Ul, >1(11" tl

VKRPOOL, it diacharging under general order, at MHfaCool of Hover atreet, K. K. All gooda not perma, STSgl. ,?t to,c .^oD|iuLL i i ii. .1 . mi TKAfllBOATV, Mi , CONEY ISLAND AND FOHT HAMILTON. LANDINtl at tliruow Urrcnwood Ciuc ^^JMfl^3ptrry l'ork. each way?Kara US rmia tai h Th? Htnml>oit VhOPBIKTOK. Captain H. Mallau, will on ku J attar MONO \V , lull mat . utitil further u<Hicr, cominriirv running rritularly toCoo?y laland and Kort Hamilton, toiirliiuic at tl.r nrw dock it Uowauua, gmnj,' paatrnitcra an opportunity of ?iewii K Orrenwood ( rtnttrry, rHuruiBK it at early hour LemuiL'ai follow*:? Canal strrrt?A SI. and l'? P. M. Whilthall?10 A M. and 2 P M. Corny ItlanJ?U} , A. M. and 5 P. M. !L^"'l'ouchinir at tiowuiua ?ach Way. A Bnat will Inve Pike itrtct, Kaat Kiver, u lollowi ? / 'cot of I'tke street?\ l>i A. M and 'JW p. M K Kite halt?7 A. M. 12 i>1 and 4 P M. Caney Itland?\\i P. \1. and 6 o'clock. P. M Lauiliu* at Kort Hamilton each way. Fare I2U centa. ?'? 3l*r THOMAS U Hi LB V. Proprietor. NOTICE. TROY F. YEN! X (} LINE. HOI K (.HAMitn. *cM ON and after TUESDAY, September IS, lowMeainhoat EM PIKE. (apt. JLaJLJuK B Mac)*, will leava lite iteainboat pier at the foot of I ourtlanil. Ureet, at 6 o'clock, P. M , lutieail of 7 P. M aa heretofore al4 r Tuit ttlA 1 fclN INLAND. jggl ON and after TUE8DAY, the litli day of ft, Sei'tenilier mat, the boat will nin aa fullowa: Jr Mr Le.ire Htateu laland at ti, V, 10, 12 A. M. and 2,4 .aide P.M. I<i m* New k ork at 7, 9 II A. M and I, 3.5, and 7 P. M. All fieixht at the ilak ol'the owuera thereof. alt r NOTICE HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK. 0* THE evening lice of ateameta for ALBACLosMSac^NY, coiiaiatinit of the flendrik Mudton, JImJULKmi-kerbocker, Columbia. and Empire, ou aril after i'tieaday ne?t. ^i ptcinh<-r l.'> will leave New York for Albany at 6 o'clock, P. M.. ini'aad of 7, aa heretofore, all Iw OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE FOR THE' NOK.TII AND WEST. al\ KOU ALBANY, 7Sct?: Utica.*2: Sy. Q?-J ..! Jp racuse, $2 40; Oswego, $2 74: Kochester, !Um_LULjK. $? 74 : Buffalo, $J ; Cleavrland, *4 4U ; Portsmouth, $S; Pittsburgh, $9; De'roit, Michigan, $ii; Cincinnati, Ohio, $<>; Milwankir. $'?; ?"lii"hud $9; Toiuiito, U. C. $.'>50; Hamilton, 14 40; Kingston, St 40; Whitehall, 92 40; Montreal $4 40 Passengers, by applying, can get their ticket at tlia Olfice, No. lOu Barclay street, at the above pncea. M, I,. KAK, Agent s9 lw?r PEOPLK'8 LINE UK STEAMERS FOR ALBANY, Direct?Duly, Sundays eicepted ? U ? o'clock, P. M | From Steamboat pier between Courllamlt and Liberty iti. wMfl *m_ air.uiitioat KNICKEHBOCKER, Capt. A. QajQanir Houghton, will leave ou Monday, WednesjEmPGK. <lay and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat 11ENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. K. O.Cruttenden, wilt leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. The above boata will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time Tor the morning can Tor the East and West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 4)4 o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of thil line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Bchtilir., at the office ou the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. At 4 o'clock, P. M., Lauding at Intermediate Places. From the foot a] Barclay etreet. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. It II. Furry, will leave on Mouday, Wednesday, Friday, auU Sunday alter; noons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave ?u Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i S o'clock. Apply on board, or ?t the office on the wharf. sOm FOR NEW UUUNSWICK. jMM ?0t THE large and swift Steamboat NEW P1IILA1)&.LPHIA,Caplain|L S. Fiaiee.will j?mM^C.Imvd New Vork from the foot nl Itarclav atreet.every day (except bunday) at 9 o'clock, A. M-, for New BrenswicK, landing at Chelsea, Blazing Star, Rossville, Beniley's, Perth Ambny, South Amboy.ainl Puce's Point, arriving at New Brunswick about half past 12 o'clock. Re turning will leave New Bruuswick at half pa.t 6 o'clock, P.M. Fare to South Amboy. Price's Point, and New Brunsj wiik, IS ctnu. All the other landings. cenia. All kinda of freight taken at the loweat ratea. New York, 3d September, 1X6. s4 2w*m I 40 INDEPENDENT MORN1NO LINE AT CSmSSrSt1 O'CLOCK.?KOH ALBANY from the 3E?MQIL*teamboat pier at the pier foot af Warren trvet. Paaingr $1 SO. Touching at the foot of Hammond at. Breakfast ami dinner provided on board. Theawifk and inaguiticeiit steamer IRON WITCH, commanded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, leaves New York, Tues! day, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Albany. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing at Van Courtlandu, Westpoint, Newburgh, Milton, Po'keepaie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Catskill, Hudson. au2Src OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY. Landing at Hammond street, Van CortlandVs (Peekikill) West Point, Newbntgh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Pough keepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook. Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, and Cocsackie. Passage, One Dollar, i ssii THE new and fast-sailing low-pressure st earn boat METAMORA, Capt. P. H Smith, i2K^SCZ.will leave ihe pier font of Warren afreet ou Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. at o'clock, A. M. Re> taming,leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Passeugers taking this boat will arrive in Albany iu lime for the car* going North and West. Break last and Dinner on board. Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, IS cents; Poughkeepsie. SO; Hudson.76; Albany si Im r MM The Proprietor* of Steamboat* wishing BELLS HUNO, would do well te pay a 3K^o3B^^K-Tisit ou board the Steamboata Niagara, Mountaineer, ti-veruor, Iron Witrh, Thomas Powel, Excelaior, lU gwr Williams, kc., and examine Mr. Holer's improved rtyle of Bell Hanging, especially adapted for Steamboats. pur dp neatly and strong, and warranted for one year.? H. H., No. s Ann atreet and No. IM Fulton street. Ml / lint-OilTC ?T BRITISH ANU NOM'J'H AMKKIxJ^gfSWCAN KOVAL MAIL STEAM SHU'S, ?l 1J0# ton* and 440 horae power rnch, uu?<Wk4ffl d"?o?twet with the Lord* of the AdmiimltfT HIBKRNIA... Cape. A. Ryri?. CALEDONIA Capt.K. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. , CAMBRIA Capt.C.H ?. Jndkioi. ACADIA Capt. Win. Harmon Will (ail Irom Liverpool and Bolton, via Halifai, aa fo'l Iowa rHOM aoiTon. rnuH LiTBlrooi.. Britannia Sept. 16. 1846. Cambria Sept. 4, 1816. Cambria Oct I, Hibernia " IP, Hi he ram " 16, Caledonia Oct. 4, Caledonia Not. I, bricannia..... .. " la, . Ptiiini Homi. From Botton to Liverpool flSU. Krom Boaton to Halifax JO. No bertha aecured nntil paid for. Theie ahipa carry experienced itirgeoua. No freight, except apecia, received on days of unlink. for freight, pauage, or any other information, apply to 6. BRIUHAM, Jr. Agent. At HaRnDKN It CO.'S, 6 Wail it. fT/" In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, an ' Boatou. a contract haa been entere * into with Her Majeatf'i government, to e?tabliah line between Liverpool and New York direct, The iteamthip* for thim tervice are now being built, ami early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will itart. Under t lie new contract the iteamera will aail every Saturday duruiK eight montha. and every lortniitlit daring the other montha in the year, (imng alternately betweeu Liverpool, and Halifax and !! u4bttVin Liverpool and N^w York. il3 BOSTON STEAMERS, >r J3B nu t un. ti*i ,'i n 1/ i.i t r.m-\>u i.. T'S?CTTHE BRITISH and NOIITH AMERI AmbmMM CAN Royal Mail Steam racket Ship HK1l TAMNIA. will leave Boston for the abort Porta, on Wednetday. 16th Sept . 1816. ratsage to Liver|>ool, $120; pastire to 11 * 11 Otx, $21. For : freight or pillage, apply to J). KRllill AM, Jr. Afeut, r\.i IIARIS l)EN k Co., 6 Wall street. No her?li secured until paid for. ?12 lung YACHT FOR SALS. THE YACHT OIMCRACK. ? She ii iO Teet iflfjljfy long. mid 12 feet wide?copper fattened and copperi^HHUbed to the bends. 'J lie material used in her conttruction were of the beat quality, end an bolted and riveted torether a* to render repa'it, for aome > ear? at least, nnne. cettary Sn- it (hi my opinion) the fastest rettel of her totuaite Hi America. Her keel, the ouly ballast she carries, it of iron, auil weight ten torn?the centre-board it fitted in the keel, and doet not come through or weaken the floor timbert. She it a UN heav y weather boat, the weight of her keel rendering it imiiottible to overset her. She it very completely found ill light sails, aud the gear to let them, with cover* to protect them from the weather when a' anchor. A doien persons may dine comfortably in her cabin, which it siiteen feet long, with six feet head room. The furniture it new and in perfect order. With the exception of a bathing room the it ptovided with all the comfortt to be found in yaclittof the largest tile. Having no further ate for her, I will tell her for lest than half her original cott. JOHN C. STEVENS, 14 Barclay tt. N. B.?She may be teen at or near the Ferry, Hoboken. ill wit ire iAa- FOR NKW ORLEANS.?The packet ship <>!MMMfV' EOI. A, ('apt. <;hild?, will be despatched for the JaakKa'III)V r port ou the I9tli inat. Tina .uperior fast sailing tliip offers a moat desirable conveyance lor cabin, aeconu cabin and steerage paasengera, who will be taVen nt the loweat utes For passage apply on board the ship. at pier 10 East Hiver, near Old alip.or lo J. HERDNlAN k CO.,81 South at N.R?The subscribers will have a regular succession of first claas shipa aailing wet klv tot IIMIitcfl port. al3rc FOR. LIVKHI'OOL?To sail on Wednes*ay, rfjrjfy ICih Sep,ember withaot fail?The splendid, new, aailmg packet ship CHAOS. Captain Wilaon, now loading at the foot of Dbver atreet, will be deipatched aa above. Her accommodations for aecood eabin aud steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any of the packet ships. Those about to embark would do well to e?ainine thia splendid ship prev oua to engaging elsewhere Apply on board, or to JOHN HEUDM \N ?t CO 61 Sou.h atreet. N B ? Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool) can a? usual he secured at the loweat ratea. al3 Kl>R NEW OnLKANI? Lotiliuu and N?W pUfJV ^ o'k ' i"'1?Poaitively first and only regular packet. JHHlbto aail on Saturday, I9tl< inat. The fast sailing Packet slnp 8ARTELLE Taylor, muter, will aail aa above, her regular day. For Ireight or passage apply on board at Orleans wliarl, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS it CO., M South st. No freight received on board after Friday evening, llth inst. Agent in New Orleans, Jaines E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his addreaa. tPacket Ship OENEaEE, Minot, master, will snccecd the rtelle. s 13 JC?^~ >OK NEW OHLEAN8.?The superior sa.l fast ktffw sailing packet ship AN *E, Capt. Hill, will meet .HlUtbwUh despatch for the above port. Thii ship's accommodations for cabin and steerage passengers arc unsnrpassed by any ahip now up for the above port. For freight or pastagt, which will he at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HEHDiMANfc CU.6I Bouihat. N. B.?The subscribers will have a regu'ar sncceaaion of packe' hir>?. sailing weekly for the above port all B. ink' HAI.I. OR OI.D LINK OF LIV KK. FOOL PACKETS. Only regular Packet of (he I# h of ftepteulier? tJflMrVTiie u?w. magniflcent. ?nd celehra'ed faat-aailing, JMi2.Uv?rii? Market Ship YORKSHIRK, hurt" t.i UJ0 tons, L). J. Bailey. commander, will Mil poaitirely on Wed nmday, the Hth of Sept. It ia acarcely neceaaarv to My, iu it ia well known to the mvellii.g |nbll*i that the aecommodationa of the Yorkahire, for cabin, second cahiti and atrertg# pasarngera ia htttd out In a mnat sopeib and,costly manner, Willi etery modern imprnri-ment mid ronrenenr-. that cannot hut add to tlie comIVi'tof ihoae emhtrkinf, who ahould call and see this splendid apeennen of niTtl architecture, he lore engaiing ?|a?. when ; and the Yorkshire ia thought, by nautical men, to be the laaieat packet "floff. for passage in cabin. aecond cabin, and stee age, early application thna'd be made on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. HOCHfc, UROTHK.RS It CO.. Ji Fulkui at.. Neil door to the Knlton Bank. PATKK.T ship Rochester, from Liverpool ?ConntjT'jy signer a will pleaae send t^eir permits on board, at JMNfefas *** aide Burling slip, wnhoat rtrlay. N B?All goods not permttred in five daya mast be sent to public store. Aiiimitafom. ?*. MH f'ORRt NT?His first appearnnre niace hit retorn from Earopa DARK THEATHK? Ob Monday treniof, Sept. 14th. * wHI be performed M. are'* irxtfrdy of KING LCAjK ?kin* Lear. Mr Horrent: hdtfar. Mr. Dyott; C'ortlt lia, (her lirif appearance thia ????u.) >l?a Hunt Prior to u\* tragedy. the . tenure "La 8?rene," bv Anbtl} aud previous to the farce/'Concert Overture, ' Kslliwod* I j conclude with ilie farce of the YOUNG SCAMP* Joaei h, Mis Hunt. Doors open at 7 o'clock, aud the performances will commence at half-past 7 o'clock. JJoies $1 ; Tit ioceuu; Gallery 25 cents. BOWKRV Tli&ATHK.?Ou Monday tveulUK. Sept H, the performance will commence with ShAkapeare's tra. K^dy of M AC BETH?Macbeth, Mr. Neatie; Lady Macbeth, >liM Julia Dean. Alter which, Mt??e? II. and J. Vallce will dance Le Pa? des^ 1* orices. To conclude with the Nautical National Drama of LA FITTE, or, tile Pirate of the Oulf? Latilti-, (tint time.) \lr Neafte; I'heodore, Mia Booth Door* open -t 7 o'clock, enrtain will rue at halt put T? Dreia Circle, 'jD ceou; Upper Bote*, JS ctota: Pit aud Oallery, UH cent*. CASTLE liAitUK.N, with iu eiteuaive fro uieu idea, open day and evening.? week of the BL'KFO TROUPE OK ETHIOPIAN MI NSTRK.I.S ? Thi* Evenuic. tile eutcrtainment will commence with mi Overture. Ballad, by Mr Holtnan. Comic Dauce, Mr Ooodwiu. (?/*- Intcriniiuon of hall an hour lor relreahmenta, and to view the beautiful rang* of COSMORAMAS, on the Upper Eaplanadc. T<> conclude with a aerie* of DISSOLVING VIEWS and 1 CHINESE riHK WORKS. The Kmutemeui to cuinmeoce at a quarter to I precisely. Aumitttnce 25 cent*. i THllfcfb COMIC PANTOMIMKS. UABRIEL IIAVEL IN THREE CHARACTERS. JWJ IMLiU'S UAKDEN?Monday Evening. Sept 14th, the performance* to heirin with a favorite Overture. To be aucccetlcd liv the comic pn*toral puitnminie of LA FETE CHAMCE I'RE?Chevalier l.ourilan. < iabriel Ravel. Craeoviniiie Dance, by M'uie Leou Javelli. tti which inc uruntime iifliuuuiiiiie Ol Jl/uivu?riPO, Oibriel lirvrrl. To , with the CONJUROR'S GIFT ? Colorto, Osltric' Havel; Elviua. M'me Leon Javelli. Om ri anen hi hnl! i? ?'n?ck : entertainments eomyienoe :n half |K(.t 7 oVIoe k Ticket* M cents. WALNUT bTHKKT THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. E A M?hh*i.l, litiwf W. R. Bum. Mmuer FIRST NIGHT OK MR. AND MRS. CHAS. KEAN. MONDAY EVENING, Sept. II, 184*. Will l-f ; eilotmed the admired tragedy ol THE UAMESTER MrBi-reily Mr C Kean Mm Beverly Sirs C Kean Htnkely Mr Richiugs J?rvi. Mr WH Blake Aflrr which the laughable larce ol LEND ME KIVE SHILLINGS | ty To-inorr?w evening Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Keau will appear. AKC11 STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bi'BTOt Manager and Leiaee 0v*" This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated iu the most gorgeous style, and is now the must beautiful Theatre in th? l.'mftn. MONDAY, Sept. 14. 1816, THE KINO OK THEI OMMON8. James the Fifth. Mr. J Wallack. jr; Sir Adam Weir, Mr Marsh: Malcolm Young, Mr Rowers; Laird Small, Mr Burke; Mungo Small, Mr Howard; Lord Seytou, Mr Arnold; Archbishop, Mr Hamilton. Madeline, Mrs Wallack; Widow Barton, Mrs Hughes. Dancing by Miss Oceana and Mr. Beuuic. To conclude w ith the farce of LADIES BEWARE. Giles Green, Mr. Cunningham; Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Arnold; Victor Ko'inet, Mr. Wright; Rosalie. Miss Chapman. (C7"Oii Tuesday Sir. Wallaek's Benefit. C'llK I S-BOWERV AMI lllJIlEATHE.-This'popu' Ur est itilisli rent will open lor the season on MONDAY EVENING, Sept 14,1816. 7 lie house lias throughout bt-cn entirely rtjuveu&ted. 7 he ex'erior handsomely painted; the interior enlarged, so a* to afford a fair view of the riug to three thousand persons. The company ol ladies ami geutleinen, and the >tud of horses, comprising the elite of all the taleuts in thia or any other | country. Mr. McFarlaud, the aixty aomcraet thrower, the M??rt. Lipinan, Thrift, Miller and other* ol the comnauy, and the celebrated Aoobat Family, will add materially to the variety of the performaucea. n,very novelty and variety | that expenae, or a desire to gratify the public, can procure, ' will be furuiahed in rapid aocceaaion. For particular!, aee bills of the dav. Admission?Boxes 25 cents; Pit 12X cents. Box office open I rom 10 to 3 o'clock diily. _ N_. B.?A lew season tickets for sale. _ welch & mann's mammoth circus. THIS immense establishment, surpassed by no other in the country for the gorgeouiness ol Us costumes and trapI pings?lor the number of talented and accomplished ri|ues: trians, and forthe beautiful stud of horses?have just concluded their pattern tour, and are nowontheii way to this vicinity. They will open To-morrow (Tuesday) Evening, at Jersey City, wheu oue of the beat elections from their varied entertainments will be given. On Wednesday and Thurs ay they perform at Newark. This will be the o; ly opportunity offered this season, to those desirous of enjoying an intellectual treat, who reside in the place* alluded to. The uccess they have tner with thus far this *ea*ou, has exceeded their most sanguine expectations. *14 r huwfc7& cu7't> jn. y. mammoth cutouts. 'pHIS unrivalled corp* of Equeitnana will perform at m Lyon* on the ltth September tnst.; at Auburn on the lith, loth and 17th, dunug the great Agricultural Fair; at Syiact'se ou the llkh and l<>tli; at Home on the 21st; atUtica on the 2'id and 2td; at Herkiiner on the 21th; at Little Falls on the 2ith; at Fort Plain* on the 20th; at Cooperstown on the 28.h: at Cherry Valley on the 29th: at Cobles Kill on the 10th, aud at Schenectady on the first day of October nexl. This is the Largest K*tabli*hmenl ever organized in the United state*, comprising 15# Mas aud Hones, requiring 28 I Carriage* to convey the perlormers, wardrobes, musicians, Ike. The company has attached to it Eight Female euue*; than*, unu<g whom i* the Ureatait Female ttidar of tha Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MAKIK MACAKTE, whose new *ti le of Kqueatrian Feat*, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating addre**, and ihr chariniui.'>i iivrfr with which she chains lierauAl ence, render this gifted and higlily-edncaled artistr the leading feature of the areua in this country. The Proprietors reier the public to the brilliant de?cri|ition given in llie respective newspapers of the extraurdmary bad danng feati performed by thu distinguished arliite. Equestrian Director, nr HOVVES, Killing Matter, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, D "tN RICK. Among the Performers ii the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. IIOBHH, whoit feats cn Horaeback are the moat extraordinary erer witnessed. Jure nile act of Horsemauship by Master Nixon Olympic Exercuts, liy the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Ml MACARTE. Wonderlal Keats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Rector and Billy. The 8WI8S BKOTHEH8, in their elegant (iymuistic Postures and Oronpiugs. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing aud Gymnastics, bv Mr. Nixon and his sou. Mr. Howes in Ins Mythological and brilliaut Act of " Fanciee of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Kope Evolutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebiated Tight Rope Oaueer. With a variety of others. The whole comprising the leading, moat talented, and ! classic performers in the world. I s!3rr HQWKHItCOH New York Mammoth Tireus | NEW YuKK. SAURKU MUSIC SOCIETY. HANDEL'S Grand Oratorio of the ME88IAH. will ha performed by the 8acred Music Society, on WEDNESi 1>A V EVENING, Uth last., at the Tabernacle, commencing at half past 7 o'clock. 'j lie principal solo paru, ke , will be saataiaed by the fullowing distinguished roraltets:? Mm J. L. NORTHALL?Sonrano. Mrs J. KEHGUSON?Contralto. Mr. M. CULBURN?Tenor. Mr. K. 8HEPPAKD?Bass. The Chorusses ^wiM be loll and effective, supported by an 1 (inductor?Mr. U. (j. HILL. Organist?Mr; W. H. <?REATOREX. C"/ ' Ticket* JO ceut* each?for lie at the Mutic Store*: Santonin Milr*, Boadway; O. K. Nedntt, corner ol' v? nil and W?ter street*; J. P. lYrkin*, No. 1 Wall *t; C. Holt, Jr , 156 pulton street; J. D. Klaudrow, 23<i Bowery, and at the door of the Tabfrnacle. *14 3tec A GRAND EXHIBITION, |?1OR THE BENEFIT OK MR. JAMES STEWART. I * at the Hhak*pea?e Hotel, coruer ol William and Duane | streeta, will lake place THIS KVEWINO, when all the lint ' rale Sparrera will be present. I |C' Ticket* JO ceur*, to be had at the door. *l4 1t*mc'* CENTURY PLANT. THE CENTURY PLANT exhibiting at Dt/NLAP It THOMSON'S Seed Store, 63j Broadway, is again I covered witn flower buds, seed pods. and perfectly formed plant* Open from T A. M to It P. M. Admittance 12^ cent*, children half price. The price of admiuion will be j cheerfully refunded to any visiter, who i* not perfectly sstisfied that it i* the largest and moat wonderful plant of the kind ever exhibited in this country. *12 lw*rh MONTEVERDE'S BILLIARD AND BOWLING SALOON. NO. J BARCAY STREET, (three doori below the American Hotel,) New York. The Subscriber would respectfully inform hii frieud* and tin* public in general, that he ha* fonr as good Billiard Table*, a* can be found in the city, all kept in complete order. As'he*e table* are in separate apartment*, the proprietor think* it will be more select and agreeable to gentlemen visiting hi* house, in private partie*. Each gentleman rititing the above establishment, wjl be furnished with a private cue and apron, for hi* especial use. and the best attendance in the city. Any geutlemen wishing the billiard too* exclusive to themselves, or the bowling alley*, can have the same by applying at the bar ? Also two Bowling Alley*, which ar? alwaya kept in first r?r? nriimr ? ifh tit# h?af nt nrtfndnnrr Lunch every day at 11 o'clock. Wednesdays and Sundays, Kish or tlim Chowder During the lenon the choicest Oysters, inch u Shrewsbury, Chinkarora's, Mill Pond, Cold Spring and Mtasaeha et* Buy. (ientlempn calling for the above oy?ter? tin always have them *1 the shortest notice; the)' can depend on havirg the above assortment. His Bar i* well stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors,fcud Segars ol the bestquality. Also Hherry Cobleri, Mint Juleps, and Punches made in a manner not to be surpassed. O" (Jeutleinen will please to communicate at the Bar, any neglect olduty of the .U.nd^t.. No. i Barclay street. fl^Prirate *nT*nr*?Ujie Hall dnor. au2* lm*r SIONOK LOUIH MARTINI. Professor of Sincing, wi!l resume lm lessons at usual, at his Music Koom, 98 Leonard street, joining the Society Library Building. To im?: Am4Teu?s or thr. Accordion he would recommend his Allium. Just published, coutaiuinf a delightful collection of the most popular operatic melodies and I'atoriie pieces. This production was much needed, to show that the best mimical compositions can be played on that inurnment, whose capabilities hare remained so long unknown. Higuor L. M. accompanies his pupils ou the Piano and Guitar au30 1 m ? m DOUBLE-HEADED CHILD. ONKofthe wonderfnl freaks of nature, now eihibitingat Coliseum llall, No. 450 Broadway, New York. One of the greatest cu loaitiea of the age, a TWO HKADKl) CHILL), horn alive <> the Island of Nantucket, June SI, 1816, and pronounced by the moat eminent physicians, aurgeons and physiologists of New York and Boston, and all others of the learned professions, who have seen it, to be perfectly uninue. 1 mi little boy hai a beautifully formed bo<lf, with two perfect heaai ana ueckt, with two hearti, lour lungi, nar toinach. Win and gentlemen who feel dmroai of witnemng the wonderful ana curioai in oar own ipeciei, ire inrited to cell W i" i "I'lhition continual, th?r? being nothing th?t need offend the min of the no?t futidioni. Admission |*)f cenu. iH lw?rc COLMAN*? EMPORIUM or AKT AND ? LAH?10 ?ABINJCT W GALLERY OK OIL IMINTIMM. HICH incladei hii imoiente iioeii ofBoiki, raintiugi, Kngraviugi, KsacY Stationery, Drawing!, Drawing Materiala, Mane, he . are now to be fonnd upon tn? aeeond floor, up one flight of eaay auiri, (ha?i?g lewed h"' floor.) where erery thin* will be ?>ld at ai low pricea, and many itincli below th? regular price;, being deiiroai ol eloaioi nu mi toon at potiiblf Hw Book UepurtWMt. A eap Lut will ioo? be pnbluhed fortboM who will tay XXXl* UTiMd to rail and enmme hii N?w Hoomi, No Brn?HwaT aefond Hw "I"**" "'Tr I " |te.|,l,KVll,Lb W III ft, LhAU THE labtcriheri are recemng from the f^ctgrv M ville, N. J., their tegular inppliei gt tM? ?u,?r)or Lead, dry and in oil put up in raahi aud *fcg?, which they warrant equal in quality to any unP';ied brand Kor tale in lota of >ue leu aud nr>iy?r?tl, 'Dy KRYATT, t AMPBF.LL k CO., IO Kront itr?et. Alio. R?d Lead, Litharge, *nd Orange Mineral. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TELEGRAPHIC. Baltimou, Sunday Nigbt. tien. Kearney left Bent's Fort tor Sante Fe on the 8d uit. lie lost 1(10 horses, und his troops are on hall rations. The army numbers 1900 men, all on the march. The Mormons and the Anti-Mormons are on the eve of battle. A fiL'ht is inevitable. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, September 12,1846. Naval Force* in the Pacific and CMf of MexicoNumber of Limit?Captain Mc Blair and Mr. Bancroft?Peter Washington?Electric Magtvtic Telegraph?Mr*. Linn't Tettimony. Alter several days of inquiry and investigation, 1 have been enabled to obtain the following information, which may be n-lied on as correct. The United States naval forces in the Pacific, on the west coast of Mexico, now under theoommand of Commodore Sloat, including such ships as have been recently ordered to that station, I consist of? Guns. Razeo Independence, Captain Lavellette 64 Krigate Savannah, Captain Sluat. 44 " ( 'ongreis, Captain Stockton 44 Sloop rortamouth, Commander Montgomery. .W " I.e>ant. Commander Page 'Ju " Warren, Commander Hull. 40 " Cyane, Captain Mervine HO " Saratoga, Cemmander Shubrick "W " Dale, Commander McKean 10 " Preble, Commander Shield* 16 Schr Shark, Lieutenant llowmon 10 Store-ship Erie, Lieutenant Turner ? " Lexington, Lieutenant Bailey tf Total guns. . .300 i ae uoiumuu?, 174) i/ominoaore aiauie, wui, 11 | is understood, join the Pacific Squadron on hor I return from the East Indies. The frigate Constitution, Captain Peroival, recently attached to this squadron, is now on her way home. The Savannah is the tiag ship, but will not be when Coin. Shubrick arrives in the Pacific, in the Independence. The United States squadron in the Gulf of Mexico, under the command of Commodore Conner, now consists of the following vessels :? Gun*. Frigate Cumberland,(flag ship) Capt. Forrest..44 " Haritan, Captain Gregory 44 " Potomac, Captain Aulick 44 Sloop Falmouth, Commander Jarvii 30 " John Adams, Commander McCluuey. . .90 " Bt. Mary's, Commander Saunders 30 Steamer Mississippi, Captain Fitzhu|(h 10 " Princeton, Commander Kngle 0 " Spitfire, Commander Tatnall 3 " Vixen, Commaiider Sands.. a Brig Porpoise, Lieutenant Hunt 10 " Some , Commander Ingraham 10 " Perry, Lieutenant Blake 10 Schr. Flirt, Lieutenant Sinclair 0 " Reefer, Lieutenant Sterrett ? " Petrel, Lieutenant Shaw ? ' Bonito, Lieutenant Benham ? Store ship Relief, Lieutenant Bullus 0 3*9 The number of Run* In the Reefer, Petrel and Bouito, not Mcertained, ?ay 1-2 371 The Spitfire and the Vixen sailed from New York on the 29th of August, to join the squadron. The sloop Falmouth and schooner Flirt has been ordered home. A difficulty between Capt. McBlair and Mr Bancroft, was mentioned in a former letter. The Captain has received a satisfactory letter from Mr. Bancroft, in which he admiu that the Captain's dismissal I rum office, instead of being caused by "otitrngoou* conduct," was determined on before the ulleuged "outrageous conduct" took place, and was not ii. any manner owing to any "objections to his personal or official character. Of course, the Captain will not bestow the threatened chastisement on Mr. Bancroft for having caused to be entered on the books of the navy department thai lie was dismissed for "outrageous conduct." The objectionable language will bo expunged. A pamphlet haa been printed and circulated in the departments, and through the city, giving to Mr 1'eit-r fj. Washington, the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Oillce Department, the character ol' being "corrupt, and skulking in the darkness of neutrality." Ten pnges are thus occupied. Why any man would go to all this trouble to write and print about another, is inexplicable, except it be in the vain hope to injure the Auditor in the estimation of the Secretary of the Treasury?a work not easy of accomplishment. A line of wires is about to be extended from the telegraph office to Camp Hill, a distance of about two miles, to connect with the United States observatory. All the observations are to be united by telegraph, in order to facilitate the coast survey. The commissioners appointed to take the testimony of Mrs. Linn, widow of the late Dr. Linn, in the libel case of ex-Governor Thomas, have performed their duty, and transmitted the evidence to the District Circuit Court. The trial will probably come on in October. Felix. Baltimore, September 13, 1846. ?- r_.?,k. Htrtmt Then rr .......?.-j? .... tre?Matrimony in the Sheriff1! Office?Theatrical*? Marketi?Slock Board, fc. We hive cool aml damp weather in abandance, and the morning opening with a drizzling rain : there seems every probability of a long continuance of it Quite a Hcene occurred last night at the HollHay street Theatre. The first play hail commence#, and was indeed half finished, when the stage manager, Mr. Forbes, came to the foot-lights, and announced that th? performance mutt cease, aa an injunction had been laid ou the houte by the Chancellor of the State. It appear* that some difficulty ha* occurred between the preien* proprietor, Jame* Wagner, Kiq. and Mendez J. Cohen. Ksq., who ia the representative of the former owner* of the establishment. The tickets were returned to the audience at the door, and the money promptly refunded to thorn at tlm hn* office. An effort will be made to day to io arrange matter* between the parties as to allow the season, which has opened fo prosperously, to continue, and the rent to he deposited subject to the order of the Court of Chancery. Ad amusing scene came off yesterday in the Sheriff's office. A young German who bad Just arrived from K?derland, in company with one of hi* fair oountry women, to whom he was under a pledge of marriage, was arrested on the complaint of the latter, on account of his refusal to fulfil his promise of marriage. He had also appropriated a considerable sum of money belonging to her to his own use. Finding himself thus in the hands of the law, ho proposed to compromise the matter on the spot by marriage. Dr. Duncan was accordingly sent for, and in a few minutes the knot was tied. Robert Rankin. Ksq. acting as groomsman, and Deputy Sheriff Driggsas bridesmaid. Front street Theatre had an excellent house last night. Mrs. H. Lewis is the attraction, and has been received with considerable form. Thi MnaarTS.?Hour and grain continue firm at tho advance heretofore noted. Sales of S toe fee at Baltimore Skpt W? Stock Boabd?Maryland 6's, closed yester , day at 76^ asked, and 74 bid ; but no sales. Baltimore fl's i of 1890, closed at a<ked, 9bid ; but no seles. Bal timoro and Ohio Raiiroaa shares, 48K asked, Vt\ hid. BiLTiMoac, Sept. 30, 1810. Taking Ihl Vnl- j I noticed, some time since, in your paper, a letter from your correspondent here, heeded, " Taking the Veil."? Not presuming to <jueition the raracity of the writer, for I doubt not be told the ?tory u it ?u told to him, yet wrong he* been dona an innocent one, who waa an known to him, in connecting her name with one whoa* memory is linked with disgrace. 1 have\nown her long and known her well, and will amy that thia report, that ha> wounded her in her retirement, and caat a gloom on her friend*, ia wholly without foundation. Mr. K. waa known to her, and yet he waa unknown to her; ha vinit ed her father'* house occasionally, but presumed no far thei than a formal acquaintance ; had ha dona ao he would hare been repul . <|, hia bearing waa gentlemanly, and the civilities extended by Kata and her aiatar were only those hii conJuc would command. Thia person I scarcely knew?to dwoll tiuon hia name or charaoter I cannot , hii appearance and manner hare tha Impress of talent and education. But the ladp I hare known fram childhood?I knew bar well I taw the bnd, and saw the full blown ro?e. I aaw that flower shut out it all Ita purity and lorelinaaa from the gaxe of the world, to commune with it* flod. For flrmneiaand decision of cbarao tar, for a Itin.l and amiable ditpoaition, few war* bar eqnala. Domeatic affliction* may hara haatened her to leave her home and itltnili, hut aha ha? long aln a expre??*d a wi>h to lead retired life, and let me truat the i* now happy in lier clout* red retreat. I know you would not willingly mfliet pain on an innocent one, or wrong one wtw*? vowa are to bear wronga with meek neu and h"7niiJy 'I herolore let me aak ul you to inaert thi? l?Vier ; you will confer a favor on the writer, the in ' Viued one an I her frlenda, and humanity will thank your kindueaa. Vaaitaa. fHiLiniiriiu, Heptomber It, 1944. The whig? el the ft rat diatrk-t nominated the Hen P. Joy Morria, aa their candidate for Cong row. laat evening j Thia diatrict waa repreaented in the 38th Congreaa by

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