Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Eylül 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Eylül 1846 Page 1
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T H J Vol. XII. Wo. M4U?YVfcoJe *??. 449M THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON ll-NNETT PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand DAILY HfcK \Ll>? K?<wy 'la), t"n?e J eacta per eopy?*1 Ujier *anu? ?i'a> *hle m ndrauce. WEEKLY flEKALD?l'?ary Sicurda)?Pnee 61? cecti per copy? ' UK rialijw aunuin?pa; ?Wle laadvuier. HLHALU H)H EUROPE?I'vary ftieain Packet da? Pnca fiii Cauif per cop<-?41 <M) par icnam, paybU is ad ranee A l>V ERTISKMEMTS >.t the ntaal price*?alwaya eaa) idvmce PRINTINO of all k!ud? eiectued with beauty and dai patch. All letter! 01 common leauott, by mail, addreusd to >ii t i/tbliihoient, mutt t??- pott psid, or the rmtaca will be J? d ctedfmm the ?ol>?crit>tiou mourv rcmirt?d. JAMES (JO 11 DON BENNETT, Pioprieror of th? Nf*Von HmttLD fit, Na??K U'*!l r'lPf I' litlnr and Nrhmi ItTMM It H I L.1UI 11*1, J??, CENTKAL AND MACON AND WESTEHN KAIL ROADS, GEORGIA. iftii v.^f * rn "lITWrn^ru and ArlaiiticTClrohd j A ol tin- S'ntr oi Georgia. form n routmuou* line irom Sa aunah to Oothol gn, Geoin <>f* 37! milts, riz S?vam.\h to Vtacnu,...( eotral Railroad 190 in ilea M ?Cob to Arl tHU M?coa k V\ astern Railroad 101 " Atlanta to Oorhc lofw. Winifrn It Atlantic 44 80 44 G xhI* w?H be carrird Savannah to Atlanta and Ooth calogs, at the fnll 'V u.g rates, fim : On Wkiaiit Goods To At- To OothSue ar, Coffee Liquor, Bagging Rope, lanta. ctloga Butter ' hrtue, Tobacco, Leather, Hide*. ( ottun Varus., 'ftpper, Tin, Bar a* d Sheet Iron hollow W.ire a d (/Utiip $0 50 $0 75 Flour, Hi** H ?cnu in ca*ks or boxes, Pora, Brrf Kith, Lard. '1 allow. B?ea* vax. Mill Gearing Pig Irou and Giiud Stones SO 50 $0 62)6 Off ME4SUR01K5T GOODS. Coirs of flat*, Bonnet* and Fuuiture, per enbic loot $0 20 $0 86 Boxes a. d inlvs of Dry Goods. Saddlery Ghi* Paints Drue* and Confectionery, per cubic foot $0 20 p. 100 lbs. 35 Crockeiy, p*r cubic 'o?-t $0 15 14 " *5 Mo ?m?s and (Ml, jer hhd (smaller rti ka ? nrnpnrttou ) $9 00 $12 I'O Plau<h>, (tiriir) < iiltiratora, Coru Slieller.:.aun Ittrau Cutter*. e?*ch .,,|l 25 SI 50 Plouaba, (>u.?ll) and Wheelbarrow,... .J1! SO SI 05 Sill, per Liverpool Sack 40 To SO 95 P4itiaE. S?v?nn?h to AtUnra S'O 00 Children under II j cars of age, hall price. 8?v<uiiahto Macon, $7 00 IE7" O.mda cnnaigiie* to the Hubtcriber will be forwarded free of' oi* nn?? on a (T^"" Kreichr nut be paid at SxyaiKah, Atlanta oi Ooth e'Toga K Wl N'TER, Forwarding Afent. () B K 'tvitHH A mm' 15 ? 15 2*rrc KLtiL L.AK MA L UNh FOK HOSTON. V" A NORWICH k WOR*0 <" CKSTEK. wiih-'Ut change of JH'ara or B.|If g*, or wuhouc.^^^HK XmJIs ? raiaitijr aay Ferry , m W ? l'.? r i.v, . Ill n tbeir a?-at? t Norwich, are iniui ed ibeir aeac> br-'vcti 'o Thia beiuit the nu'y iiila .d route thit cuininu threngh by ateam>"<at ai d railroad. P a-?jgt'i ibia line ?re *ccn?ipai)ied ihrou. h b> the dnct i i f ibe train, who will have particular charge ol their biaK'ine. ami wbo will olnurwiae giTe hit atleatiou to their e??e mid comfort Tl?. I.... I... .. .m?k .i?l. I?i?e Nn t NMhKi..f Bihk.j; 1*1 r*. diily, (Sunday* eicepted) at Jo'clock.P. M., anil ani'es in ttostou in lime to lake nil I eastern trains. 'I he tie* steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dumiu, leaves #v*>y 1 u-sJ-iy. 'I hersdav, and Suturd-ys, at & 'clock. P M. '1 hr st?'mer VVORCE?TER. 'aptaia Van Pelt, !??? reiy Vondiv. Wednesday. a .d Fridav. at So'cleck.P M. F j fuither information ii quire uf J. H. VANUEHBILT, No * Baitm l"l<ce. North R'ver. ?l ti re TO WESTEit IKAVELLEK5. m mm* fpHOSTbli# it - e d that the reee c t kre ak 1 -u 'he Canal c*n??d - ' i_j?? freth?i haviug been repaired. trie PIONEER k. EXTRfcSf LINE, ria ntilruai and Cai<al from Pli iladrlphi* to P>tfsborgh. commenced its recoUr rri|>? for the seasrn or Monday, the (th of April, leant) k 'he Dep?t. No. 174 Market street, DAILY. at 7K 'elneC AM ; this nut* i^ursiers nUl aeoid all the fatigue and da& ge. oi night craeelliag in eoachea, both Railroads being pas* ed iu dai'lighr Kur further mfornstiasi. ?l<f>lf at the clt*. established Office. Iti Mirket street 5 Hrwirs ?b?>?e Eighth street ap!tt ?rrc A. B *'tTMMIN<<M, Agent > ? tJRIilMi AMI NOKIH AMtKiKOVAL MAIL STEAM SHIFS, ol 1IM tons i*d CIO horse power each, ondf r eortnti with the Lords ofthaAdmimlty HI BERN IA Can A Ryrie C ALE DON I A Capt E. O. Lott. ItttllA.l llA Lap! J.HeWItt CAMBRIA CaptCH E. Jodkins ACADIA (.apt. Wm. Uarrison. Will saiMrnm Liverpool at?d Boston, ria H?|ifux, as foilewa >? t rom nesTot* raaM i.rTrnpeoL. Britannia Sept. 16. ltlt. '"ainhna Sept. 4, ICIt. Cambria On. I, Hibernia '* If, Hiboraia " 16, CalaJunia Oct. 4, Caledonia Nov. 1, ISnuuma " It, Pats.iuK Manas. Wrosa Boston to Liverpool ...f 110. Froa Boston to Halifax M. No berth* secured until paid for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No lreight, except specie, received on dart of sailing Far freight, putall, or any Oilier information, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr , Agent. At H ARN DRN & CO '9, *Wall st. YiT" In addition ta the above line between Liverpool ami Hitlifii. an Bostos. a contract haa been entered into with Her M'jeaty's government. to establish a line between Lite.p <il and New Toik direct, Tae steamships for thii eer. nee are new b?ing built, and early eext year doe notice will be given of the time whea they will start. Under the new cont act the steamers will tail every Saturday during ei|ht months. ?ad every fortaight durmi the other mon'ht in the y?ar. Ooiog alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Be in ?*>d berveen Liverpool and Vca York. all - ? .suflti-lAl'M U1 r? Uhrs t,K/\L EMIGRATION OFfTCE. Removed Iron u * 8omtb street?Persons sanding for ~~-*!MUjjaaML_theiT friends in any part of the old coantrr make the neceaaary arrangements witn the subscribers, ou reasonable itms, to hare them brought oat, in THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. The Ships of thia line are unsurpassed by hay other, and their immense sue (all being Iflon tuna. and apwards) renders then more comfortable and convenient thansnipsof a smaller class ; and trie greateat reliance inay be placed in their punctuality in sailing. The subscribers are also agents lor the 8t Oeorge aaa Union Lines of Liverpool Packets, in any of which paasaae can be engaged on reasoaable terms. Drafla fer air amount, payable without diacount in all the principal itwui of Snglaud, Ireland, Scotland or iVUMi ? rl?? be eatamed ft (inner particalara, apply to #i/.T. TAP8COTT, ttTIre * S?n?h ??.. ?<f dnnrhelnw Baning Slip, N. T. ^TZTZZT" DHAtTB ON tiRKAT "BRITAIN AMD 111k.LAND?IVrtoui wiahing to rel mi' m?"?T "> lltoir frienda is aaay part ol Great Britain or Ireland.ran procure drafli of the .nbacnbcra for any aanonnt,"Iron ?1 and upward* payable on demand without discount, in all the |>riu :ipal towi? throughout the Uuited Kingdom. The roj 'I mail ete?.mer will leave Boaion on the ltth instant. and he stesmship " Ureal Western" will aail from New York on the 30th bv either of which dnfts can be for warded W & J T T \pfM OTT, ?6 Sooth aueet, "H "e * doors below Burling slip jiNr N >TI< K.?t'onaifneaa p*r packet Ihip LANHjRHftt AKK from Luerrool, will pleaae iriit down their JMHKai'ermira immediately. All goodi not permitted * i >i ii live rfa>? will be tent ta the Public Mores tl6 m <ai>?. fOtt LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular nacsi4Tl>?t,toaail September Kth?The elegant, fast aail Flifcr i?? packet ahip HHEKI DAN, O. B. Corniah, raaa ler II1* *iu, will sail as abore, her regular day. Kor freight or passage. baring accommodations unequalled far splendor or comfort, apply on hoard, at Urleana wharf tent *1 Wall atreet.or to ? K COLLINS ft CO., M South at Priee o'peasagr $'00 Pae, et ?n>]? O AH KICK. B. J H Traak, maeter, will succeed the SHERIDAN, and aai) October With, her nguUr day >10 PAttS<Gr. h ROM BELKAST DIltEcT-To M3MFVsail i u.ictu.lly the 14th November? The a. letd d JHMKbi'" i acke: skip GLEN.MORE, Captain Michael, wilt am aa ahoy*, h?r regular day. 1 he au^arrib^r * aa completed Kit arrangementi to have a reuu ar Hue cf fire' claae ahipa. Moling the llth of each mo< th firm the a'vnre fort, thereby preaenting the moat favorable ppo tuniry to tnnae wbo Bay feel deairoaa of baring'heir friei <la biought ort from the uorth of Ireland For fnrtlier i articuiara. iileaae pply (if hy letter poaipald)to JOS cMI UK\Y, e?r.;Pinr and South streets, orto Meaara. RICH aKDBUN, BROTHERS k CO., almf Vn 4 York ?' *?! f> If at. Iff KOK LI?- KRPOOL?New Lme?Regular Packet id% of 21ei Sep'-The anperior fas'sailing packet ahir JMa&QliEKN 6r THE wr.ST, C?pt. Philip Wood heuae. 17V tetia karthea will aail aa ahoee. her regular day. ?or freight or paaeage. having s.lendid. large anil comforfr able tun room* and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, at weet pier of Hurl ing alir, or to , WOODHULL k MINTURN.r South tlifi. Prier of f!00 The r?|uUr racket ?hip Rochester, 800 rona bnrthen, will meer*1' the Uneen of the Wmi, tad tail mi her regalar dar. Ill), f October lj ICC to*"l] vEft f(>oL?To I [>otiiiTri r on the Mn> 17'h toy'"I? h * flra?-ela*?, (nit-ttilinf Packet aKMp MAKMION, Cap am Edwards, bartben lfl0? ton>. ? > sell as abo.?, her regular day. Marine tfry o|?#rior iccommodttiODa for c?hla, second eabin, and ?r> oratce r>aa?enge" pereont intending ro embark wnwM C n?ult?i?eir inftr<et and comfort by iiiftpectiiiff the rr??? 1 d judirt for themitlrea For arms, which will inoderata, *p )y on boar *, loo? or Peek Sit*, or to JO*?.PU McMlHR ?Y. B?U' Gneaer >f Pmefcaoath an OI.ASOOW LINE Of PACKET*?ToeeiTiat uHfV October, her reenter da*.?The fion, fur eailine JEmB!2*>I"P SAk A<-EN, ?*> tons. Capiaia N. T Hiwuiu, will Mil >a above. for freight or puiift ha*ia? fieellent areommodatiooa, pply to wOODHULL t MlNTUHN, 7 Boatft itreet The regular paeket ahip BROOKSBY, <M tone, Captain i Hnih MeEwen, will eneceed the Saracen, and eail on her re- j gnler day the tat Vo?<nnher. i^tc ! iMf; PACKKIf roK H A V Kf.?Hrcourf Line?'I be ; JW?kt>?'ket.l.ii.f<T >|COI.AW,<:?|rtaiaJNnthai.iel W I Jillfar>elei(h. will tail on the 1st of Octeber. T?i Tieicht or pt??t?,an> > to ? re V'Vb H HIN? KUN.M Wall ttreet. 'TPA< IfcT ii ip 8?racatj. from Olaefow, u diemHKHVofc<f*in? aader general order at foot of Pike at., | JESvLrtit Hirer All I'loet not 1* rallied matt be tent to the public atnte Bill me WQOOHL'LL k MLNTT'RV. ?7 v>ath at. | E NE NEW TO LET. , MON't OH TWO mnirlf iftfutlrmm c *n hr acc-uninoda'ru * ith brrakl'ail, and nthtr do?blr or * ngle badnjoint funiut'ed or nufuiituk<*<| iu a quia? a J rrM*"*' Ui?l? I iiinly iu aii airy and central airuatiou, by tod rt??U|f to H *' a hi? ulBcc *15 I w rc i U Kr.M , MA FOUR STORY BUK'K HOUSE, near Broad* wav iu ?irm??v of ?Km <? po?aet?ing every r nveuience lor Uoirdnm i uu-? K?m m derate p> * good uuiut. and postessiou given ou ili* 1>( of October. Apwy to Mwm fiRQ L PR ' DK, 41 Wall ?( VA A \ I l.i), A FLRNI3HKD PARLOK, without Uwri?fr nt room on Brosdwffy liftMtrn Spring auil Houston IU. ' Vili \ddrest; with puticul' rs, \V V II , i>ux WO Lower I ml > 'flic*. s I > 3t m SLITS l)K ROOMS, consisting of Drawing Rooms, mr'on, bed roo I. lie fco., for pi ivate families The jJJL house I. replete will ev<- y eouveuienee, haviughot, cold and shower baths, and lighted with g*s. 'I'he entire house hu been nevs ly painted and furnished; private tablet furnished. "I he lor.itiou i? very desirable. beiug ouly one blork f om Broadway, eait side. Apply at 41J Houston atreet. ?niw-re b'OJl riAl-E. tON THL FAST side of Adelphi itreer. Brooklyn, about fifty yards uorth of Myrtle Avenue, a three itory and baa*ment honsc. with tea room and cellar rd?the plot of ground ia a) hv 122 leer, mostly I ml out hi garden, 'i'he house ia handsome and very fiuestautially l>n Ir and there ia uo place ia Brooklyn at to moderate a coat, which surpasses, or p?'ha|>s e.|nal? it iu taste, and the saluhri- | ty ami I'lea s.iutnets of the situation. Kor a Merchant who 1 wishes the beuetit of country nir lor hit f unity, while he can , hare opportunity of reaching Pairl street iu tweutv-twis mi- I uutet. tint would ba found most do.Mralile property Apply | ou the premise. _ ? 2w ?rc j " WANTED. ~~ Gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen, cau ; (?! he accommodated with delightfully situated morns, by ' nit at 474 Broadway miW Im'rt iu rilofKihTotUi ok UliOJU&fc,>> Oil ; MENAGERIES. TO LET OK L?AS? foi a y-ar. or terra of years? j ffw The building, known at ihe American Eagle Stride. J^iQL corner Oelancy and I hrystie street*.one block eaai ol tlia bowery. Tha building is fit teat wide, by M feet long iu the e'ear, and Irom its site, and contiguity t<> the Bowery, would he well adapted for a Circus or vlenagarie, or would | answer well lormnfr quarters for either, having orer 70 . stalls for Horses, and plenty storrge r?om tor wagons Apply ou tha premises, or 131 Ctmatie street. JNO. WILLIAMS, Propriator. auM 2tawThfc8a lm'r AILANTHUS TREKS FOlt PARKS, STREETS, fcc ay| KIVE THOH8AND ilsnttnn Treet. from ten to |K>4|twe ve eft high c<>nt<dered, by giod judges the smJkm. lira ehlett and thriftiett tree' evroffe eJ in tint m iket. Ornllvmrii nn'l other* withiug t> purchase can > lew them at the gaidcn of Francit Briells, H irtintn, Jeraey City, cr lor terms apply atilte Sred St re of DUMLA: It THOMSON, sltlWr Ml fln>td??v A KAKM r OK &Al-,b Jftd| A KARM at private tale, situ ited in the St?te ol Jp9q|New Jersey, in the comity of Somerset, township of ^rf^Hridgewater, in Waahii gton Valley. 3^4 miles fro'n bwundbruok, 4 miles from Somereille, anil* inilrs Irun Piuckanim The Karm contains 90 arret, or thereabouts ; it is pleassntlv situated, with a stream of water running 'hruugh it; alao springs of never f'iling w iter hv tl'? door, a good lions* aud harn. *nd other out buildings all tit go id repair; also a free stone qnsrrv and copi e? mine: the mine t " be sold separate or all together to suit pu<rtia>ert Wood land ana meadow in propurt ou to the farm P?\ine t mule sty. ISAAC- BOI.Mrll N B ?Any rerton wishing ?o purehs??, e*n ?.e*ihrf?m by calling on Jacob Brim on tin- pn-mises t" 1* ?nj|A TO KOKh.lOjN OhM'LtMbN trnviug in I e 3P??Unitrd States, or others, desirous of parchas-ng a pet-' ^Lfctnanent Ooontry Residence in Pennsylvania ? The tubtciiber desirous ol chauving his resideuce, offers tor tale hit Karm and establishment, situated in Montgomery enmity.Pa 14 miles north of Ph ladelphia It contains <01 acres ofland 2M of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, ludian com and hay, equal lo any ualtnd fa m ii. the Uniou?the remainirg M arret briug wftodlsnd On thi premitet it a fine ttone mausion. 60 feet uy 45 with a verandah attached, IS feet wide, eneiidng the length of the house and a larne piazza on the eatt; tin- whole giving ample er iwiuiiiwuriiiuiis luti laiuny vi iw*-n(v pertous. l ne |>irunrf grnuuds surrounding thr house are shadrd with elegant evergreens, and vrry beautifully It id out. There are ou thr farm tnr?e atone houses for farmers or tenants. together with three 1 -trfr stone barns containing ?tab'ing and conveniences for a tmndred head ofca'tla, and for (he Horace of I'iO ton* of produce, witn cioch house, wtgii'. hwuae, granary and com rriba ittacned There are also the advantages of a fine spriug houar ice house, fiah pond, a garden of two acrea. orchard* stocked with the fl est frui'. groeu house and (rap* w ill, a stream oi p in if water i i every field, a di I) m .r- ing and eteuii.g mail to and from the city, b\ which tie Philadelphia and New York paprra of'he same day are received, and an omnihi?? passing the gate mom:ng a d evening. In the immediate vicinity are KpisenpaJ, Lutheran and 'reaby'erian churches Further description la unnecessary, aa ill persons wiahiua o purchase are invited to Call a id examine the estate It may however, be added that for Heauty I'eal hful aitnation, and g?s of every kind, it is not surpassed by any in thr ! butted States. I o save "onHle iimayte well also to me'i 101. the price, which i< tSU per acre Apply to OKOROK SHKAKK, VVhiiemarsh, all ?t?w *w*rrr Mfiatfiimrrr (Vi Pees. WA.littll'UMJt JAvib.s, t AoWlUf* A DLL HATTERS, Ne. 89 Kassan Street, near Fulton. THK subscribers encouraged bv the approbation bejpusstowed on their Hats, beg to state that they h?ve alwai s on hand a choice assortnieut of their owu manufacture. The luih and trimmings nhch they me ate imported ditei t Paris, and tney manufacture solely for their own'store lieutleweii iu waul o< a Hal axe respectfully solicited to call ai>d examine. M. B WATTKIPONT, s'^ ?w?m WM. H I \MKH FALL STYLE GENTLEMEN'S HATS. fV ROWF, Merch mi's Exchange, 40 William street bas now ready lor inspection and sale, his splendid Short "aiiped Beavers and fine Silk Hrts of the most fashionable and desirable shapes, and warranted not to he surpassed b) the production* ol?ny 1U1 C.*t*bli*htTient in this citr Price*?Beit Beirer, $4 SO Be*t ailh, >4. *9?w?r REMOVAL OF ROBERTSON'S PHCENI> HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY. THK nndapigned would respectfully ootifr the public, thatne tiaa removed Ironi hi* former locatioi, >03to 89 Fnl'on *treet. Having a much more cotnmoriiou tore, and havaig otherwite incrrmed hi* facilitie*, he i> confident of giving *atiifa<tion to hi* former patron*. HOBEKTSON, Hitter, ? Fulton *t., anil lm"m (betw?en Wm ?nd Onld ) NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. A FINE C?lf City Made Boot*, for, |] N ; Fine Calf V City Made Drew for, $3 60 ; Fine French Ore** equal m to any boot in the city, $4 60. All our boot* warranted and eqnal to any now made. Everything elae in om fine equally low. Jobber* and othtn will pleaae gire n* a call before purchaiing: oar atock i* all made under uur own mapection and bonght for caah, and therefore we can *ell ai low a* any home in ihi* city. Boot* ne?tly footed for t:i 60. repairing done in the (tore. McGEAHY at HIHOISS, an26 lan?r 69 Maiden lane, corner of William ?t FINE BOOTS, FOR *3 60, J CUT made, and are equal to thoae aold in or1 - rore? for Si. Fine French Call Dreaa Bool* fn equal to the beat made, and aold in thia city for $< AI Boot* warranted to give *ati*laetion. YOUNG It JONES, No. < treet, Near the American Mux > Quick *ale* and amall profit* i? our motto ?4 Ann *treet rniH 'm'rre L>h ivlLL>.Mikuni.,.w..lh..\J ia w.utjuuci. *top diarrhcea with two do*e*; it care* ulcer* ipraiaa lie in three daye. la all rmn tjte money will be refanded in r.aae of a failure It will alio enulieatt all rheo matic paint, aa crrtain aa applied To be had at 90 Joht ?lreet, only JO eenta per bottle III lante bortlea ?2'm*rr HORSE ANlTWAGON FOR BALK ^1 A GENTLEMAN leaving for K.nrope, withe* to I rll I """ hia horte earablithment, coatittinc of a very ' ' f? . h?ml ome bay .Maie, 7 yeari old: lea her top Wagon, aadd'e, bridle, harneea, lie. The whole i? in perfect order, and will be a.>ld a bargain To be aeen at Thnraton it Town ?end ? atablet, 71 Rea Te at ?11 2 ? ? mc OHKISIIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOB THE rERMANENT CUHK OK RHEUMATISM, AMD Al.l. NERVOUS COMPLAINTS NO matter hew chronic or ?e? -re may be the complaint, n readily yield* to the wonderful powera, ?? defrlo|ird h-, (hia remarkalile diacnyery. The moat reapeeta'Je teitiiuo mala from all pern al'ihe country, are daily receirrd Tufc- /!* DPI I w n o I / t* I Old II I DKL-Iia k( , ire dni'trd Tor nrioai diHUM. ?id c in hf worn b\ thi noat delicate with perfect aafanr ana convenience Thefrrai md beneficial influence eterted on the ayttrm b> theer artirlea. matt be witaetaed te be believed Ouly Agency in New York, No 183 B.oadway, hetweei. Johnarrear. and Maidm Una \l/~ E* planetary pampblata may be bad irtna Tb lwdUlW arc 1 H E AMAiCUN Wip8, ENTL EMEWB Bail Haada of Hair, being the lataet and vT greateat improvement in the man niacin rr ol Wig? and Valpa: and the aabernhar ia tappy in bams the firat to intro luce them heta. They diaplay the forehead and templea to jay height, a pfl'nt in wig making nevar before attained.? They are c..mi?.?rd of ventilating or goaaamer work They fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they \re pat on in a moment. They immediately adapt themaelve* to the countenance, and at once become part and parcel of the I it mg man Copy tha addraaa. E. PHALOM.Il Broadway, oppoaita the antt!m*rc fMobe H?ml under Indaon'i Hotel BOOK-K.ELPI.NCi, Act" No 88 I LDAH HTBEET THE public u ratpectfnlly informed ami a?aed that lha coume of imtruction par>atd b> the eehacriber it truly a coarae of Practice in Keeping Booka, rather than of Lecturer on Book-keeping A complete irtofbooM i? kert by every pnpil, who, by id of ihe Irach(< entera in the in, iriuaect'oii after iran<a?' tion, until the whole variety of hn<iueaaofa g^od mercantile h<>me ahill have b'Cnmr diapotrd of lb t' it every entry liecomea 'ha atibject ofnp'anati'Hi ai.d ?tndy, and he pnpil of ii'od'iaie capacity mum. i a vrry abort nme become a competent bO"k-keei>ar Knomi up n fritn 9 A M. to 9 P. M ?'? Iw'mc KKh.NCH I. A N t 11A (1K Monsieur edmond du buisson, h??ini ?few heart to dupoaa of, oflor? hn rricei lo ibotawho "ideairont ?f acquiring the French langa-ce. For further partiralara ?aquire*thu reaideaee. Now York Hotel, m iki moraine, from T to #. aad from 4 to i T. M ?"*l lm trr chhapbk 1 han lvkk A FULL SUIT of Hnperftne Cloth made to order, in the r Si0" ,"h,t*ntiHi and fashionable ?ryle, can be pr?eored Ki'.t *' iJ^^-ATT'S Kuhiaunble < *?h Tai'oriug K?>? ftlitliment. No. 14 Cathanae ttreei, New York. fc?ery artiClrj.\^r? low ( all aad to*. talT lWm JOHN MQFKATT j IVIlKAT- twt biii<?|i, lllinon Wh??i, lof (ai? uy T*? K K COLLINS ll LO., " * - hImiIiiiini j S - w ' vv vo YORK, THURSDAY MOl ViiCtcri of \tw Uurkii. 8*m Houtox and hk R?ruai-ir?By C. F.<'wariU I.aiter, E?i| - Hur^am St Stringer?Ma i Mr Le?tet written nothing but the above, hi* character ai ? popular writer unit patr-fetta citizen woulil he well pttal>li?h*il. J Bf soul-stirring details of an heroia life, like Houston's, *ri' l.c-t iMii'mlmfd b> a nervoim pen and t.e?t presented to the public B) e by a mind whore vividness partakes of the very tire andelevation ?o prominent iu the theme and man lit- haa aalected. It ia but honesty to our country, and the hetaiam har many struggles have called forth, to draw froaa the archive* where modesty or neglect hat to lone la ft them, those records of souls and achievement whiah are tha true heraldry of the past, and guiding-stars to thoaa who may yet have to sieer the helm of their country. Such hooka are not alone tor the old ; they sboulcfta placed in the hand) vf tha youth of all conditions, a* tha primal source* whence they may glean thote models 01 character am) true stan lards of mind, which form the columns of a nation's architecture. What better, mould for their actions or guide for their duty than the life of a man who, unaided by tha adventitious qualities of birth or fortune, by the sole power of mind and force of character, has not only won the applause of his fellows, but obtained the highest honors gratitude and admiration could award ; has been the pioneer through the bleak and howling wilderness, awoko its solitudes from the (lumber of centuries ; giving to the desolate haunts of the savago the blessings of civilization. and illuminated |Udarkness with the mild glories of n republic ! We hatra read, and read with plepsuro, passages which, but that they were stamped with the histoi mi's seal, wa would readily have mistaken for the exaggciations of the epio and <ho romance ; passages which recalled days whtfn men were heroes, cradled by heroic mothers, who eould tell their sons to "arm for battle,'' and "return unontheir shields." nassaires which. with a slighfaiteratien, of remind tbo exclamation or the Spjruu mother as she stood tearless by the bier or her i!ead son. "Sparta hath not many a worthier son than he H'e do not tusrely assert or deal invague declamation without corresponding evidonco of a degree of heroism in the subject of this volume, seldom found on the page of history. Lot the reader tarn to the battle of "The Hor->e Slioe," and uhiie he peruse* the account (still tnoro thrilling for the narrous language of the writer) of the wounded Houston striving to wrench from his thigh the arrow of the Indian ; and, failing, requesting the ser vice at the hands of a brother In arms, and we question if ever his feelings were more divided between admiration, sympath) and pain Indeed, throughout every page of this work, the reader will tee the inutiltiy of turning to the classic recollections of a MiUiades or Themistoclea, when on his own soil, end (better) in his own time, he can contemplate a character like HoiMton standing out from the canvass in such bold and heroic propor tions. For the work itself we have bat to say that the pen is wottny of the subject; and that, perhaps, throughout the whole range of his countrymen, he could not have selected a pen more tempering vigor with grace, or a mind combining all the iequiaite* lor such a work. a?'miia'ion for what is noble in Character, the honesty of the citizen and indeiienilance of the patriot "8am Houston and his Kepnfelic" needa not our commeudalion. It will bo read hy<alL Thk PHOVOIiHAFHtC IIi.adkft, ?I?d thk CoMPLrTr. rnonoonaphic Class Book, odited by S. P Andrews and A. F Boyle, ate the title* of two wotks we have revived, and fiom a lusty examination of the priuciplea upon which the authors hsve attempted to introduce a system to supersnde all existing modes of language ex i>ii--?uu ny we routiner me worn 10 no augm mn chimeiical. In tea 1 of li-l?u g a written '{ pendent upon signa, their system is founded upon sounds, ami of course i* simpler and more read) acquired By the?e work* a system of writing ia i'ntromoed, combining more than the lapidity of sti-nog l>hy, with more than the legibility of short hand, w hile itsfacility of acquisition ren.iers it an object to all We i-heeifully recommend these w orks to the attention of 'he acientific and to all who. now ignoYaat, are desirous' i>f speedily obtaiuirg the power of writidf anil leading fluently. Mr. B.'y le inten ts delivering a course 01 lectures in this city, iilustiative of bi? plsu, and will uu doubtedly he auccenf tl in his enterprise Tin Amkkicav Ri tnw: Ge irg.i H H. Coltoo, editor and publisher ? We have received the September number of thia ably conduced review, and it i? undoubtedly one of the best numbers that Ha* ever appeared.? \i< article on Paul Jouea will be found ol gieu' interest, tml aNo the review of Cooper's work, " Itiilian and 1 u<111 " The la'tiTis founded somewhat on iaUe pre "i?ea, ' ut display a great talent in ita author We can safely tin-, periodical on an equality with any oi its iran*atlauiic btethren. Lo>uo% Uscct : Republication of Rtirgess, Stringer v i .it ? This number is unusually full oi matter interest ing to the medical profession, an 1 is well wortliy ol their patreiaire. Scknh iw ikk Hockv Moc* tains : Carey St Mart, Philadelphia, and Wm H UraLam. New Voik?Kroni the glance* we have taken of tin* work, ve tin-i it ti'.U l with instructive tacts, amusing incidents, and all us feauies portra) mg Ihe work ol a superior mind. Thk N'w Voru Journal or Mkdicinc, edited by liarles A Lee. M. D.s Langley, publisher*? ias now rvached the twentieth uumher ot it* seventh volume. and we aie glad to hefcr that it ia supported b> he faculty of the country Ita contributors are ainung the higheat and m#?t intelligent men in America, and the present number rontain* treatises by author* whose 'uiines aloi.e will vouch for the interest and instruction ol their writings. Chamkh' Information ran the Pkoflc : Burgess, stringer & 1 'o.? We have received the second number ol this valuable republication, anil have no hesitation in delating it an invaluable acquisition to the community generally, an J particularly to that class who desfre information on any subject, but have small means and short time to procure it in. Sew Music. Thk California Grand March roa thi Piano, tor sale ?t Samuel C. Jolies', is the title of a very beautiful piece of music, dedicated to Col. Stevenson by a lady ol Pittsbu rgh, and will undoubtedly become one of. the favorite aira of the day. Literary Iiitelll|fence> The Providence Journal sa>* " We learn with pleasure that the Hon James K. Simmons has accepted the invitation of the American Institute to deliver the annual addicts before that body, in New York, on the Oth of October next. No man could have been selected better uualified to di?euss the irreat Questions of national in.lus try, to which the inititute ii devoted. Farmer*' Club. Ti-rsDiv, Ssrr. lo?TuenliT the club nuaambled, but not in its usual strength, the principal member* being oc cupied with the Hoiticural Society at Boston, other* at lilhurn, nnd the molt influential at the Board of Agriculture now in lemion iu tins ray. Kren Mr. Meig*, th defatigable ?ecretaiy, wan absent ; but upon (ien. Her being: nominated to the chair, Mr. Browne w?f ited to act in the abience of Mr. Meig*. Or. Underbill corrected wme blunden which the press had attributed to him on the proceia of the fermentation of tho urupe, and fully rectified the principle he had advocated at a former meeting. The doctor recapitulated the view* he entertained on the effect* ?f fermentation on the grape vine*, which were only a repetition of th* principle he advocated at the lait meeting. Here a person of the name of Smith lorgot hiiimoll end the otiject* of the club no fur a* to draw from the chairman a withering reproa.-h. for the unseemly allusion* he indulged iu toward* Dr. Underhill. The chairman drew the attention of the member* to a moat interesting report of the committee who visited Randall'* Inland, and witneaaed the tlficacy of Mr. Leonard's system in einploj iug panpen iu the cultivation of the prolific soil of that iiortion of the city property. The report was highly satisfactory it to the iiU'eati of tuch a tyatem, and much stress waa mails by variont speakers upon the possibility ot extending the example ot Mr Leonard, at a model for agricultiir.?l emplo) meutforlhoie whoie health and itreugih per mitted the active exeition of their otherwise dormant . nergics Dr. Kield bore ample teatimonv from hie former professional associations with the Alma llouw department. to the urgent necessity of converting the lacnltiei of the real as well af pretended claimant* lor the bounty of the city to a purpose that would render them uselul and profitable to the public a* well at thrm-elrea, mil assigned even to children, result* that were peculiarly adapted to their capacity, such at weeding, fco , githering and drying snrt on, rote leavet, and other light labor*, suited to tbeir ages 1 hit. evidently, wat subject of deep and abiding interett, calculated to dimimsn the onus of corporate ex|?enie, productive ol health, and ritfigned to remove the stigma of dependence upon public bounty. Alter many lorcible ill mirations and Ironi the interest universally eneittinel lor Mr Leon ard't fiittaod highly successful ex|>eriment on Randall'* I-UbJ, It was resolved to invait the same committee, ? Uo visited the Island, with |>ower to extend tleeir itsearches further Paveial very interesting itatntKal lects with legard to tbit lslan?. were embodied in :lie oiief l".it comprehensive report of the committee, so titich sis as to render the lu tuer investigation of the I ni fn ial lesiiltcol such as)stem a mattei of consideration for the American In1 titute in its general ca|?city Tl>? subject of the occasion. "The Preset ration of Kruits ami Vegetables," was here brought forward, Doctor Underbill and Aldetman Hull each g*T* 'he process l!ieir experience dictaUid, and the nature of the climate required, but little practical information uas elicited be\ondtbe common piocen* now adopted act oiding to the exigeneie* ot the ?ea?ou A curiosity, in the form of a serpent cucumber, measuring tiv? feet, was exhibited fiotn the garden ot A P 1 uuimingv ot Willi, in burgh It posse*?ed but lew il any outwarl attractions, and *>i announced by Mr. Meig? not eatable Ita fantastic foim was its only attiac'i"ii anil it passed around without the salutation tlic.t (i-.ii.iliy attends exhibitions of more attractive and palatelue ort?r The Club n Ijouined alter a luRlily u-elui and profitable discussion uf matters that indirectly must (ontri I'U e to foim a* agiicnltural sch ol oi which n man, whatever may have been the caunea ot hi" fir- e?ay, need l e ahane I ol the ajstaoi t at can alleviata his di?tie?s, remove hia dependem e and | lace him anil lin offspring, moially and physicall), beyond the reacti of future embarrassment The club atanla adjourned to the 11th of October, at the Mechanic Hall Bioadway. lor the puipoae 01 nueti"K ibe termers. gardnera aud silk culturiat. In convention. and will not again meet at the Institute in the l ark until the first Tuesday in November. From Napvoo.?The St. Lout* Republican of the Sth inst, keys, a letter from Qumcy, dated on Monday evening informs us that there waa'no eewa there fiom Hancock county, later than we have already been put in pofcseaxion of. It was probable that some decided action would take place between the Iwlligerents about the middle ol I his week 1'hete must be either an arrangeTrent ol the difficulties between tie he?Hle |*rUes,a ligm, or a bark out rs provls ons lorm l?ige i ivrr> ?r'of men as the auti-.VIonnco I ave in the Held?I ;tK) could not loaf be supplied it K 1 RNING, SEPTEMBER 17 ; Trial of Spencer for the Murder of hit Wife In Jtnttsy City. COURT or OYKH and TkKMINKK, HI BID* CO., !?. J. Beforu Chief Juitice HornblowiT, and Jiutcoj John Tonnelle, jimr, James M'Donuell. John Uritftth, John (J Sjieer, C. Van Winkle, and (ieo C. UoKuy. EIGHTH DAT. The Court nut at 0'? o'clock. Hi* Honor, the Chi^l Juntice, at the litting of the Court uteri that hi* attention had hean pointed to an article in one of the Jerier City paper*, in' which doubt* teemed to exist a* to the legal right of Judge DeKay to preside 1 upon the bench, on the ground* of hi* being a resident of New York The question a* to Judge DeKay'* right to pre*idahaving himielf (atiifactoiily explained to the Court the tact of hi* being a reaident of New Jersey?wa* hereupon decided affirmatively, counsel at either aide not objecting The aitirle iu questioa aj peared in the Jersey City .Idrrrlitrr, which highly complimented Judge DeKay upon I hi* valuable service* a* a judge upon the bench, and merely called public attention to the fact, in order to obviate any future difficulty iu case either party should oxcept. The iiueition ou the subject of heradit&ry insanity in the Spencer family, which hud been let up as otto of the plea* to juitify the general ground asiumed by the defence, wa* here returned on argument by the defence, who cited authority from the book*. Tne Static replied. The i or?r ruled in favor of the defence; stating, at . the tame time, that the latitude taken by the State tu it* ' opening, by going into fact* previous to the homicide. hud weight Willi the ( ourt in running its decisien, as 11 laid the grounds lor it. Hon. JoaHt'A L Speni kh was here recalled anil examiued by tho defenco ?I reside at Utica and am a member of tlie bar of that city; 1 am also a senator lor the State of New York ; the prisoner is a nephew of mine; the son of an elder brother,who sits now near him; lie now resides at Hartwick; he resided in Oneida ; he is now o9 years of age; the mother of the prisoner is ,dead; they had seven children; three of his children died of ; consumption; the third daughter was insane for some ' month'* before she died, she died insane in June, 1AJ4. at my residence at Utica; she was 'jO years ol age when she i died; the prisoner was bom in 1814; the prisoner's father was married in 1813; the prisoner was of premature birth; i 1 saw him in early infancy, and he weighed tint :!>%' lbs., 1 and >howed evidences of premature birth; ray brother | was attacked with insanity for the first time in he was then about 21 years of age and a reaisent of Sullivan. in Madison couatv; when I first received intelligence of this calamity, I resided in Oreene county, and went to ; Madison for the purpose of taking charge of y brother, : and had constant charge of him until the following Spring; it must have been lor about six months that 1 did not ai. low him to be out of my prosance; tho cause of it, as understood there, was his severe application to his studies; he was a wonderfully raving maniac at the time; that w as apparent in his ravings, as he was always talking of his studies; I ordered bim to be tied tip on nn occasion when I absented myself, and had them removed when 1 returned; I ogxin had his hands tied up after making a personal attack on myself, and on his promising to conduct himself better I again ha I the fastenings removed; he struck me the blow I refer to on the heaJ; on one or two occasions he eluded me, and I followed in the evening; hut when I followed he was out of my sight; I searched the road towards my father's house; we found him the next day; he went through the woods, ahmit ten or twelve miles through a deep snow; he then came out on the road, and was recognised at the turnpike in Oneida county. On the ether occasion \vh*nhe eluded nw the family had ' retired to bed ; he slept with me bocause*! wj< afraid to allow hiin to he alone ; he was waiting, and I went to bed belore him. and he took aihamagnof mv dosing ; lit the time my reit was much broken ; I lotind him about three miles from our ie?ideoce at a public house ; there were there nn asse i blage of military, which wa< oca sioned in relation to the difficulties connected with the Leopnd on the Chesapeake ; in the course ol the sum- , mer he then recovered his reason, but never appeared to ] havafecovered the same manner ; during his first in aui ty he had a vividness of memory that would surprise every body , all his memory was as vivid as a sunbeam ; he sometimes fancieO himself a Roman general, and call ed toge'her his forces, mentioning the name* ol' several that he had met with in his readings, and grouping them together; al-o several of his acquaintance* ; lie ufTeied to nave a wrestle with me. and ! did not decline it; be tan and I followed him ; there were numerous other in I dica.ions of his insanity not necessary to mention or take i up the time of the court with, I presume; he had I paroxysms of this insanity, too. varying in degtees ; he commenced lib theological studies, and went into the ministry in Are years alter; he was violent, and used p-afaue language , he wal more violent towards hi* paienta than any other member* of the lamiljr; the second uttaok was in 1B&J; lie was then pan'or of Uie church at "ankatta Harbor; I believe it was in IS31; hearing ol tiiis I a put to Me him; he had left,and then I returned and lound him at home, at Utica ; I theu induced him to remove to Oneida ennotv, aud take charge ol the church there; in the spring of leSi it became a case of matked character j i then travelled with him a lew months, in the hope that ch-tnge of scene would divert aud occupy his mind ; lie then had Irequent parox\sms, and I subsequently placed Mot at the letreat in Haitford, where he remained lor ttirM months During this time be was very <ieurous of liting engage I in his miuiatetial duties, und, as I could learn, do stranger could detect the .slightest -aberration. Thar* wa? no waut of correctiou He xpoke extempore, and always loud. Thit was before I took hiin to the Retreat, and I left him there a little less than three mouth*; the physidtea then said he wa* restored. and aitor coming out, ray bi other and my self enjoined on him to avoid all uossible excitement, and keep calm The next intimation ( received' of hi* madness, xm that ha w^s n ravtnff maniac in I'tovidence. 1 re ceived a letter to thii effect, that he was diiturbing the peace of the city. I went there, an<l feund hia locked up in a cell. The Mayor ol' the city told me not to take him oat that night, an it would he dangerous?it waa unaafe. He broke out of hi* cell, I underatood. He wa* dressed iuaatlor'a dreaa, ol duck texture. When I went to *e? him at the cell, he had rolled up the aleevea of hia coat aa far aa he could, alao hia pantaloon* aa far aa he could, and rolled himaelf up ill the blanket that waa on hia bed; it waa rolled up about hi* body, and hia head waa out of the fold*, preienting all the appearance of a maniac; and, a* a singular fact, he proposed to be taken to the Retreat; he turned to the keeper, and with the look of a maniac, *aid, " There, 1 told jrw,u you would not be able to keep me within theie wall*, that my deliverer would come." He, after he left the ceil, told me he would dethrone the Almighty, that he wa* an usurper; we then left for the Retreat, and he allowed other ay mptuma of insanity by throwing hit hat violently at me; I then placed him in the Asylum; it wa* in May 1*34; he remained there about five years; the circumstance of the death of hi* first daughter occasioned a change, and he came out in 1439, and joined his tamily; he attended the funeral, and remained during the service calm imd qirie1; he remained with hia family at Burnham until after the death of his wife and second daughter; after thair death, I had the other daughter re moved lo my house; the third daughter died at my bonne; the fouith daughter, Mn. Barret, now in Court, waa also sick at my house; daring the decline of the third daughter, her conduct was querulous, and what would suggest the idea that (he was ungrateful; but all those were explained by the fact that in H44 *he showed marked symptoms ol insanity; in April we placed her in the Asylum at 1,'tica; she was two or throe woeks at the Asylum, when we received a note that her case was hepetess; she then was brought back to our house, in care of a nurse; she died in June, about six weeks after her return, as well aa 1 can bring to mind. The Court took its usual Etc CIS. At the re-assembling of the cotirt, The CHiar Jcstick enquired if a man of the name of Daniel Parish waa in the court. It waa stated to the Court that Parish had circulated, or bad caused to be circulated, an infamous pumphlet in relation to his divorce from the deceased, in which statement* wero made that proved the writer to be a brute and a beast, tnKtead of a man. The Court wished to asceitain lrorn thin man if he were the writer, in order to deal with him as the Court may deem proper. The man was not in court. Hon. Mr MricKciR recalled.?My eldest brother is now in the asylum at Utica He is about 6?J years of age. My father died in and had been afflicted with epilepsy Ironi l?01. lie died in one ol these tits, at 7'J years ol age. My brother kliphalet was afflicted in early lite with epilepsy. No cross examination. Witness withdrew Jsmls M. Peak, M. D?I am a practising physician, living at Coopeistown, Otaego county ; I became acquainted with the prisoner in the >i inter of 1M&-4 , I no,iced symptoms of wildaess and vacancy, showing a be nation ol uuni, when he waa about to mesmeuse hi* subjects. It indicated plainly to me that the prisoner wa* ol unsound mind , it attracted my attentiuu at once. In my more lamilitr Interview* with him, at tut leciuieroom, 1 was frequently in his company, and duung the conversation* with lum at that lime, I noticed his abruptness, frequently U ting the subject, thuwmg an sb-liac tiou of mind. til* louiarks were Ireqieuti) unconuect- | ed, showing an irrelevancy, and having no connection 1 with the subject ol convei Ration. i uuin e.i tue^e in .1- | cation* particuiaily whan he ?|>ok? about mesmerism. ' These ij mptonis weie sometimes moie marked au l distinct. He waa there about live or six weeks. I made the remark at that time that the pnsouer wa? insane I u>ade th??o observations Horn Uie peculiarities ol the M It was made the subject ol couveisa'ion ut me time, at Cooperstowu He piofesaed to be a full bene* er in mesmeium. C'run Ex'immtd ?1 never thought other mesmerisera insane) I undeisiood he went altei wards to Cheny Valley, oi hoitflaiu.: I should thuik hisekpeiiineuis vseie uot success!ui enough loi him to obtain certificate*. bu 'it ixumiiialiutt mum'd ? He could not gat ceitifl rates i.e.uuse m* ekpeiiineuts waia not succfftaiui , and ha w as consideied as not being ol sound mind , it was a common remark thai he waaciazy. liLukuL k fat-so* t * ho i. in the employ ol the Kail Komi <.oii'pany) swoa.v?1 htro lived in Jeiaey t.iiy lor i the 1-st twilte jeais , io> place ol business i? c the MalllO'id depot; ontiisloi July last, I iioliced the |>ri*onei pa?t ana iepes< lu a slate ol auiletiou ?1 minu , tie *aiaed | up aud dowu by tne uepol , it was laiuing ai the nine , 11? WOIO V UIO*U tual 1"?1 u?<i U?im uuxuna , uu, a Li uulil cigar in bu mould i w.ik?a U|< aud uu*u in ? tleUi 01 agllauoD lor al'oiil uu hum , ha.. a liango look , till counteuiuicu ww cujeciou \ i thought Uu ? a* ciaxy , iho iam ?ai pouting do?n ?l Uia tunc , I o0mi??i1 mm alter this for about bueen nunuiet, he then ulaapioaied at together, tie lied, I holiete, a bet uu, i >aw him t>ltei watda, ami a lady wa? with him Jamm Kinnt*. (who ii also in the employ of the j Kmlioail I onipauy,) curiol orated the testimony of last ' witueM con?idei?.l Hie |-iikouei wa* craxy ; he wnlke.l allhu rale ol live inli*? an liour, and k? ung hl? aiWI ) | be bad au iii.lighten cig.u iu bm mouth aud u u* bii.uK il J>r j. ?iam biuiut tetlibed ttiui about the i.niu ui the Iiii n k ol ibo t ttlle* ol stli knO Oh ol i) , ui u< u 'J >wr uu uie Hio OikDile, tie ww pi .koner in tue Jet key y *i r> 0??t, au4 ItfWMWkiiUBC *> ?oaaow? UMMhiB ftt * .... . at I I II Ml' TVT? 1ERA , 1S46. rapid rate, jumping up suddenly and whistling. I saw him take his tent by a lady with a child he addres#nd the lady ; lh? chilJ was betuaeu hiiu and the 'ady , the lady did not seem to encourage 'he conversation ; she tnt-ri 1 nvuv h#?r hnu.i mv hrotbur whu uith tin* li.<* conduct attracted the attention of all the puk>e:-Kv''? ; ?') lint inipioxaioii ?t the time was that he ww under the in fluence of liquor ; I did not continue of that impression long ; 1 then wm of opiuiou that he was either drunk or crazy. Da. Isaac Kihhy, a physician, who liven in Jersey City, and does business in New Vorlc, teititied he saw the prisoner some three weeks t>efore the murder, on hoard the feriy boat ; and ho stopped u]> the passage opposite the ladies' cabin. a* if to atop the ladies Irom coining in ; thin was at the New York side , be walked up and uown the boat;and at tided about from the how of Ihe boat to the ladies' cabin ; he put his loot before the entrance ; I shoved him aside ; 1 saw u lady there near him, and he stood before her ; 1 remarked to a friend of mine, " that ii a very pretty lady I aUo made the ob?.ei vation to a friend, that I thought the man w as eithe- a fool or crazy ; the lady turned, so that I could sea her face, and I made some observation* to a friend of mine -I can't say if he heard ino?upon which the lady took his arm, anil they went towards (lie cabin ; he took the lady's aim and drew it under his, shaking his head, and seemed to force her along | this >111XIIxl my attention, as well as that of the passenger* ; I thought he wot cra/y ; remurki were made anout; ho was eating a hnnaua at the time Htati* (>. Mi: ?i>, (one ot the pnssi'Ugors who had been in company u ith laM witness, on the occasion referred to,) corroborated the testimony in relation to the eating of the banana, and walk mi up to the lady in the cabin, taking hold of lier arm, fcc.; his conduct win very unnatural; I I made a retnnik to my wife nt the time aimut prisoner's conduct ; I romaikeit t'.at she " w as a perfect |iicture she wai very beautiful ; I mode this latter remark to a friend of mine. Dr CLtik, of Jeraey City .examined?I reside in Jersey City for the last 6 years; I am a surgeon; I saw,the prisoner often in Jersey City at my place of business; 1 don't re- i collect when 1 fiist saw him; he came 3 or 4 times a week to mv pla 'o ; 1 observed always something unnatural in his manner ; his e> e tirst attracted my uttention ; it was fiery ; slightly bloo lshot; restless, aud moving from object to object; every time he was in the store it was the same ; his speech also was hurried ; he appeared when speaking as It he had been thinking about something else, and suddenly asked lor the article he required ; he appeared to compress his li?is frequently. and there was a slight twitching about the muscles of hi* faco ; when he purchased any article he seized it suddenly ; all his motions were lapid ; he was always restless, moving about from one part of the store to another ; he purchased one day n small sheath for a knife : he showed me the knife; my store is situated directly opposite where he used to live. Adjourned to half past 0 o'clock this forenoon. Hitnte Constitutional Convention. IA Tim ,linn tli? fur. ! tber consideration of the icport on the finance, kc., the question being on the fifth section : !)"' The claims of the State against any incorporated company to pay the interest and redeem the principal of the stork of State loaned or advanced to such company, shall he lairly and duly enforced, and not deferred, released or compromised ; an I the monai s arising irom such claims shall lie set apart and applied as part of the ?ii.Wing tund provided in the fourth section of this article Which section Mr. F. F Backus had moved to amend by including also the debts due l?y indivi lunls ? Lost ? Mr Van Schoonhoven moved to sti ike from the fourth line the words " and duly,'' and fiom the tilth line the word "defe le I," which motion ureva led Mr. Marvin t hen moved to sti ike out the whole ol the section. The debate was continue I by \1es?r? Bascom Pa<i?h, Huffnian, Strong. Van Schoonlioven, Ru?*ell. Kirkland, flawley, 8t?Uon, Jordan and Patterson, the latter not having concluded at 2 o'clock, when the convention took a recess. Arrrssoov Srssio*.? The proposition of Mr. Waterbury to amend the Mh section by sti iking out the words "or compromised" was nfKatived. The" mo'ion of Mr Patterson to strike out the 6th section, was alio nega tived.6Ato.4u The 6th section \lr Vlai vin desired to amend so as to strike out the "qu irterly " interest on taxes levied to meet deficiencies in me sinking fund - Lost ? The seventh section was then taken up. It prohibits the sale or lease of the canals, "so far as the same aie now finished and navigable " Mr Patterson moved to strike out the worals quoted, to as to foihid the sale of the canals linisned or unfinished. Pea,ling this motion, the comuiitte lose?Adjourned ??f<gus. Election!. M*i"f ELfcno^s?In ('.iiifttieilanii county, the Portland Wrgus thinks the democrat hare chosen a majoritj 01 men iin'iiurN nuii couinj unlets in roruaim 1110 vote for (iivt nor stood? Broniou I, I'M, U*n? 89i, Ken smJen and scattering 198 For reprpients'ves to 1 on gress, Liule 1,110. Clapp 795, scattering i9>. Thirteen towns iu tue 'ti?tiict give, according 10 th>? .Idvrriurr, a plurality ot b9J vote* H<*niit Mr. < lapp. and it is confidently unticipa'ed thai he is fleeted. I'he jirgui calru lutes that \lr Dana is defeated The letui n? Ironi tw elvp town* in Cumberland, lour in York, ami one in Lincoln, 10 not promise much toward! 11114 consummation They give lur Uana tn*> democratic candidate, 4 174 ; for B1011 ion, whig 4,140 ; and lor the i>calt?i ing force <W4 , nixking a plurality el StiO against the 4f|W can lldale. Ba'h an,I VVest Bath i>olled a heavy vote against Mr McCrate and in lavor of Mr. Morse, the whig can >idate lor that district. The vote, as given in the Jirgui, ii?Morse 49!?, McCrate 200. scattering <*>9. Our returns are too mengie to judge ol the Legislature. The constitution of the Stale, however, allows trials until the work can he accomplished, and if the members be closelv arrajed, some time may elapse before the exact state of the house can be ascertained.?Button Courier. The following is the vote of Portland on Monday for governor 1M40. 184.V Dana, Jem 8H4 Anderson, dem 878 Bronson, whig 1,131 Morse, whig 970 Other* 173 Other* 70 3,180 1,918 An increase oC 270 votes?6 for the democrats, 161 for the whigs, and 103 for others. Only one representative was chosen from FoetUud, William Boyd, whig, by thro* majority. Varieties. The jury in the case of Harah Murdock vs. the publishAre #.f M?, hi V'~ / ET ..?, t n>r IIK^I km.i.l.t in ? diet of $460 lor the plaintiff. A Hen of counterfeiter* wa> (Uncovered near Green River, in Columbia county , l>y Deputy Marshal Hunt, of Syracuse, on Sunday evening, who after a desperate struggle succeed in arresting two of them, named John Vlallory and \mbrose Wilmn. They were brought to thin city, and will undergo an examination belore K J Hilton. I . s Commissioner, this morning. Officer Hurst obtained their press with which they executed thoir spurious money.?.ilhany }ltrald, The Albany Herald gires the account of a most dia" gracetul riot which took place in that city on Monday ? A respectable citizen waa dreadfully beaten by some notorious rowdies; and on 8unday evening while divine ervice wan ueiiig ponormeu in uio ? nuri u, iiiumeu m Lydius street, belonging to theMethodiat denomination ef colored persons, a hand of re wdies about twenty-Ova in number attacked the edilioe with brick bats, paving tonei. and other dangerous miaailea, which destroyed the windows and window ahuttera. ami seriously injured a number of pernous. One or two we understand were hurt dangerously. The congregation were obliged to disperse in every direction to save their persons from violent aasault. The Chirletion Courier given the account of the detection of a band of negro stealers.who have long infeated the Chi*raw country out HwSDAr.n ?id kirtr Goli> Sovmiriun Stole.'*. ?On tlie 4th of August, William Kelly, a young bnglish mechanic, arrived here in the Uritith steamer, with 150 gold sovereigns After vititing several towns ia tba neiglihorhoon. he visited Providence, where he met another Knglialiman, a machinist, named Oeorge Townley, who wa? out of money. He took him as a companion, pajing hit bills ai far ns Nk|Uli brought him back to Boston, and then took him to Lowell, li aving nil his baggage at a hotel in this city. At Lowell he lost tight ol Tuwnley, and upon bis returning to his hotel here yesteiday, he found that Townley had broken opun two ot hia trunks, and carried off ali the sovereigns left, being 160, or fUO Towuley waa laat seen at the hotel on hriday Kelly sent notice o I the robbery to New Vork yesterday by telegraph Towuley liax worked at a actaw factory in Provi lance, and has at*o worked in Pateisan, N. J., and New OrleanMotion Pott. Massachiisbtts Boys ? Two gentleman who mui in Wcalfield, at the dedication "1' the Normal Srhnnl Uniia? i*at ThtirflriflV . wpta r?r.nlliiiff in irnnv^r tatiou the occasion ol ttiaii fir?t vmiu to that Tillage.? Out of them wm? Uie sou ol i bUck smith. aud wm bred to the trade ol a hatter, but mauilestiug a strong inclination lor stiiily, inbuequently entered a law offtce, and ttated that he firit came to Vv estlif Id at that time to take some dejxisitioiK in a pauper ca<e The other gentleman stated th?t his first visit was connected with a pauper case also?ha too. was a poor boy, and had come down iroui &MUilitti?ld, about v5 miles, on loot, to see if he could get some work in WettAeld. The chief interest of 'Ins statement is the lact that this gentleman in now at tne head ol a flounshing theological seminar) in the eastern | art of the State, and the blacksmith's son. and battel's apprentice, Is the Uoveinoi of the Commonwealth ? >>ung/i*<<f Onxrlti Cot'RT POR THK fORRKCTlON or KRROM ?Monday, Srpt 14, 1846. ? Prcaent, Lt. li-jv tiardinrr, Justice Heaidtley and twenty Senator* Cause* No^ 3, 4 and 8, were postponed unMI fter the ie e?t in No* No 6. O. Call vs the People, Called an I Nos 7 and 8, patted without prejudice lo the ,ue?ent No 9. L> B Muses anil al vs r Mend and al . uflle i and pushed On motion ol Senator Cott, order- I. that the jirb Mile of i thin Court be amended >o at to lead as oiluwi Nq I member of thit f'-ourt shall, an tttoinay, ?o'i "'Of or counsellor, be concerned in or eigne an) c?u-e in this I i-niiri Uitt.ur i ok.-.w.t In those smtt in which h? Khali he a party, or in the ?uhj?ct matter of which ha (hall be intei eated." A' J?'iri ?l nn'il to morrow at 0 A. M. Ayea 13, tiooa 9. - litany Jnutntl Rnprrlor Court Before J?<l|fa Vamlerponl Clmk'n T)ay -Thin r?u?*. which waa cowim?nvj on Tuenrtay, wa? remiineii ie?teri aj- momji g kii>i ormplril the entire >1*V It will he taken up agum thl? i. orUinR P<>r'>te f'hlef Jn-ti<"P .Joi'f? Jnt'fb I ft" ( tvlnii JiKlliMir I nl,ifiafly Tin. < ' 'ter.i?>, Hliar wbi< la the 1i hie! .'a.'uvr <- - t, ' j'iry ^ealad verdict tlUa L. D. Hri? r?u out* I Krwin Mexico. The Bullimore Patriot gives the following astrast from ? letter written by au officer of tlie i-quadron lu the Uull of Mexico:? Or?- Vi.h* Cart Aug W. 1846.?The permission ot our commodore to let Hants .Anna pax in argues an uu<lerat-tn<J11>|( ol some kind; at all events there set-ma a disinclination on the |>art of the caatle to draw our fire, an our shipa lure passed in aquaJiou within close range I of thn hatterie* . 'Tis a grum, lormidaMe looking fort ros?. tut vory rrurh over rated and. in my own judgment, c julu l?e saon taken with the force now on the atation. for maty, if not moat nf the heaviest cannon, are mounted in Uaibotte, and theiefore exposed to grape anil cannietar. The force withiu the r.aitle amounta to betwaea 400 and BOOinrn. and the yellow fever if kilting them off like sheep It U thought we shall make anctaer at'eik on | Alvarudo aa aoon aa the steamers arriv a. tiut I 'e ar aot, , aa all the prize* taken luve been ge Ire* | Faon thk ' ami' ? Despatches have b pfu received ! which agree, in the moat material circumstance a. ihnit the movements of the army, with private I* t a rs. tien. ; Taylor having aent forward the van andihe Ko-ijol the II nrmy, was to leave Camargo on the first oiy? 0 ft'1* P*"*sent mouth A very experienced officer, who lie-it opjiortunitiea of judging of the course ol even" expressed the opinion to us, to-day. that by thi? time (ion ! Taylor wua in |>ossesaioa of Monterey. We understand that no allusion ia rneJe to Colonel Harney in any of the despatches just recoivad One woum KU|<|>o*e mui ocuoiiii i } tor wan Bailer acquainted with hi* movomenU than the Mexican*. ? IVuhingtm Union, Sept Ifi. Army Intelligence. 'file Matamnrai flan njri ttat an officer recently Mated in that office, that from the day he flrat encamped on the Rio Grande, an average of one dead body per day had flonted with the current pant hia encampment. Many u man is ?een in the atreet* one day by hia friendi and | then in suddenlv mimed, and without creating *urpri?e enough to induce an inquiry aa to where he it gone In many instances we have no doubt but that they are murdered and thrown into the river. Mr Clark and several other periona direct from Bent'* Fort reached here laat evening in the iteamer Lewi* F. Linn. Mr C . we undaratand. i* bearer of deapetchea from Gen Kearney ; hut the intelligence ia, no doubt, anticipated by recent letter* ? .S? r??. * New Era, Stpl. 9. Kavwl liiteliliieMce. The U 8 ship Conititution n* we learn frem a letter dated Rio, July 30. arrived at that pott t wo dava prevlout after a pt*?age of 33 day* from Valparaieo. She wii to tail thence on the 4th or 6th of 4ugn*t for Boiton The letter state* that thp puis?" round the Cape wa? enlivened by inov. hail an I rain tn tremendo'i* r|tiant>tie*. but " Old Ironaide*" went tnrough with her n?nal ability , she i* intind. nnd in fine condition, and the offlcera and crew were all well rH*aLK*Ton. Sept. 11, 1846. The City Election?III Remit, ftOur munirinnl election, which came ofl"on the 7th. en ? m? ? ?Me<l ui to get up a little excitement?not etactly of political character?the content being rattier Vet ween th? two candidate* than political parties. However, the b'hoys managed to make a goo 1 deal of sport out ef it? their part of the fnnhaa hardly ye* cea*ed. According to the Couritr "The people willed change,"' not probably ?n much from a want of confidence in the incumbent a? from a de*ire an*' determination to put down the cliquei who rule onr afl'.irs. from the appointment of ait invirnnro secretary to the corporal of a beat companv in our militia The late May or i? a man of uacompromising character, deci>ion and atij.'ity, with abundant capncity to fill mce important offices than that of Mayor of the city of Charle<to>i; hut a good many of cur people thought he was relaxing in hi* ennrgies. getting neglectful of their requirement* and little above listening "o their respectful petition* a* well a* identified with the moneyed clique, which latter i* getting evidently odioui. and it ia not improba le that he may have fait that he was too firmly seated in the chair of office to he ea?ily ointed, from the fact of having been *o oiten re elected almost without opposition, and thai con*equen?ly he eonld aa?ume a little more power than Whs consistent with the desire of the sovereign people that a* it may, ' The lIl.JliiL.t I 1 1 I.. ..\ U V, |i*upio wiurci vnii # uvk -i nuu uui-wn >iu?mu i?v instead of General John 3c'?nierle, ndx they willed, 10 it ii The present incumbent is rentleman of the highest order of intelligence, profes*ing eminently a euavitv of manaars nlwaya agieeable aniCcalcalateJ to win approbation, with a capacity anil ei ergy we believe iiifflcieat to administer'he efl?ir* of our city government a* well m any one This, however, we have yet to learn, for hitheito he haa never held office of any kint? never heen before the people for their suB" ages wliich fart makes our victory the g;eat?r Tis said the friends of the drfeatad candidate have betted and lost heavily so nire<*eie th.iv of the popularity o f their man and ef hii military influence. Afterihe shade* of evening had closed in on the day * hen the election wa* rterlaied, agreeably to a call, a Urge concourse of citizen* a?aernbl?d at the Battery, ormed and proceeded through our pnnciMl stieets to the theatre, with banners and trar.?|ieiancles, eanss and mirth, where they were addressed by sereaflt gentlemen ?when the meeting broke up aud tlie sober, quiet l>eopU dispersed to their homes ; but some few ol the more enthusiastic proceeded from stieet to street to the reai. deuces of the aldermen newly elected, aad cheered them in tones ao sonorous aa to keep the city dieturbed to a late hour. Infernal Depravity?Incest and rape bt a Father on his own Daughter.?The records ofcrmi* can scarcely present a case of more horrible and revolting depravity, than wa ara about to relet*. An eiaminatio* was had wis morning before Justice Locke agsin>t Amoa Arnold, upon the complaint of hi* own daughter, Philena Aiken* She swore in substance, aa follows That she ia the natural daughter of Amoe Arnold ; that she resided in Italy, (the residence of her lather,) ia July last, that ahe was at his house on the ISth of that month, and hearing her child cry, abe went into her rather* hop (a cooper'* ihop,) supposing the child to he there. Her father told her the child *> in the garden. Upon her atartmg to leave the ihop, he seized her by the "boulder, and told her *he ihould not leave until ahe had suhmitted to hi* wiihe*. He then (truck three time* with hoop pole. Upon her ecreaming Tor aid, he choked her until ?he fell back aa aome atair*, from exhauition. Upon getting up *he (creamed again, whan he took a knife from hi* pocket and threatened to cut her throat it eh* did not dayist. Notwithstanding her utmost effort* to etcape, he finally threw her on the door, and accomplished hi* hellish purpose ! In the meantioie her aieter, Lucy Arnold, peited the shop, and aaw a pert of the tran*action Mrs. Aiken* told her lather the would call her sister, if he permitted. He replied that it would do no good, a* he u*ed. her whenever he wished, and that she dare not reluse Thia inter, Lucy, wee 1? year* old last February ! Mrs. Aikins first informed her husband ea the 3d ol thi* month, i Hhe dsred not do it befbro, M hoc father hsd twice threatened to murder both her and her husband if ahe ever told. On the 4th instant, they, (Mr. and Mrs. Aikias,) moved to Dundee, sad she dsred to inform her husband only the day before. The foregoing is the substance o( Mrs. Aikens'.testimony. Otherwise, we hsve learned othsr particulars. Lucy is now confined to Iter bed, aa it is supposed by violence committed by her father, ss shs had made arrangements to quit hi* house. Mrs.'Arnold hss said that if she is taken, it shall !>e by inches. The poor girl is supposed to be pregnant by her inhuman father. Mr. Locke has this 'morning isaued s wsrraat for Lacy, for the purpose of obtaining her testimony, and also to got her away from danger. Arnold has been committed Tor further examination We understand the penalty for thi* crime is not les* then ten yeer* imprisonment Thar* sis horrible surmues connected with the deeth of another 'laughter , but we at prenont forbear to mention thea.? rcnn^ ran L/auy /? r^rupn Breach of Promise ? Marriage in thb Sibriff's offick ? We believi* that we have recorded 1 marling** in every kind of place, by Holy Writ ami otheiwine, but we have now the pleaaing doty to perform, of recording a man iage by virtue of a Sheriff'! writ ; a power we have nevoi Men uaed to coMummit* ?uch an object befoie It app an that a young Herman, named Adain Hchwab, had obt. iued the heart of a fair country-woman of liia, named D.ihara Baumann. whilit they yet lived in the " kaderlanl " Viiaro then penuade<i hi* intended to emigrate wit i him to America, and accordingly,* lew day* unce, thny arrived here lioa Bremen Barbarn, it alao appear*, had a contilerable urn of money, which Adam tuccaeded in obt-uning from her, and then, after vetting hi* foot in a free country, withed to fraehlmeolf from hi* engagement to marry her, which ahe did notjfancy, tindor all the |?cul<ar circumstance*. a* it <vonld leave her <un<mg ?tranger*. in a moat interetting iitnation, in more way* than one, aud accordingtv, Mm Hau'nan, obtaine d a writ, and had the lalaa Adam arreated by the sheriff of Baltimore city, ou tbe cnarge of breach ol marriage proiiu(? Tbi* wa? a predicament that Adam never anticipated, and in order to get out of a bad itcrape. made a compromiee, with the illtreated Barbara, that if ?be would withdraw the anit, ha i would be a? good at hi? word, an I marry her on tfce (pot, I right in the sueriff' oflce Barbara willingly couaeutI ed to be made a wife ou any terma and in accordance I with their deaire tbe Rev Or Duncan w.u aene for, and 1 ?oon bi< ap^aianoe. and the wed ling came off in ne *ljle a teleraMe crow I h-iiig collected te witneM tbe ceieinoay Bol?ert Rankin. fc*.) gallantly tendered hi* nervice* to act a* gioom-mm. and Deputy Sheriff Digg> lor the want ol one ol th?* fair aex, aotod moat creditably aa hridnmeid The cervraony waa duly performed, tbe groomsman, aa he ia aiwey* entitled in *uch ; ca>e* get lug tbe tirtt ki?* from the " blinking bride," iid tiiu- ia tl- pienence of ail, by mean* ol Holy law, i.d the Sbeiilf'a law waa tde nnp lal k?ot tiad. Ihare If a K'ea. many good ?a) * to "ettia l?w imu an I w* to ink a bettor in thia caao coulil not nave haeu <l??i?eO, lor it xrai |U?t to tMe one pari) , and a.tiilactoi) to lb* j other?Bait CUpptr. Stpl il An attempt w?< ma le on *atur lay even inf left, by a young woman employ e l in the family of ono of the moat retractable physician* ol New Haven, to poison ueiself by a immure of araen c an I laudanum l?it f .nunateiy powariul emetic was admiautoied in lime to prevent j CORNS -CURE WARRANTED THK A'abiaa Or* Plaster is an sffertaal ?ar? lor tirai; it easily applied. md fives immediate reliel In cue it shonld lail to enrr the money will be re I ended Uvet MS botea have been told thin ?ea?on, ami rot our bo* ha* t>eea e ururil for hernia lailed to effect a ?fr Kim tale by David *uid?k<o 77 Kaat Broadway, I"0 "'ultou ?iree' lud fTJ I llro nlw.ii, I li llm*. I* Br.i.lwar, < HubSar ?M hadi?ou-?l. W >att k I: Ku'-0"-.t, ini'li i?l "*t ring street. K. M. O?ioa, IJ7 Mowery, *.?ii h 4>af f?*ar?Uf Priee ? reau par box. (ul

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