Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1846 Page 1
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fjn jy j m Vol. XII, Mo. ?53.Wtaol? IVo. M0O. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETTIROPRIETOR Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?fc>?ry day. Price I casta percopr? ? H lift r.uuum?i<)vniilr iu advanre. WEEKLY Hb'.B ALD?Every Batarday-Price ceata per copy?93 12W cent* pk annum?payable in adTwee. HKRALLi KOR EL'ROI'K?Every Strain Backet day. Price CNIU per cop;?P*' aunum, payable ia ad vane*. A U V E RT18KM EMTS nt llielniuaJ price*?alwaya etel advaare PRINTING of all kindi eieeated with beauty and dei pal eh. All letter* or communication*, by mail, addreeved to $ e ublithinent, mast be pint paid, or the poatage will be a< 4. cledfrom the ?nhacru>tion mouev remitted. JAMES UORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the Nrw York Hukalo EsTaBLiintcNT, Worth- Wmi ?mi rof Pulton aad Naaaife Itrttta' ?_ DR. KILLINtiKK'H LIN1MKMT ? warranted /XJBT>to ?top diarrhcn* with two doaea; it care* ulcers. ' ? f \ lorei of all and every na? re, cnu, bruiaea, ipralna7#ic. in three day?. Id all eaiea the money will be refunded in caie of a failure. It will alio eradicate all rhea matie paina, na certain lu applied. To be had at 90 John atreet, only it cent* per bottle, in large bottle*. al lm?rc HORSE AND WAGON FOR SALE. ^1 A GENTLEMAN leatiog for Europe, wiihei to ^iAI^irll hi? horie establishment, consisting of a very ' ' ' ? I hnj- Mi?te, 7 years old; lea'her top Wayon, saddtc, hidle, harneat, 4ic. The whole if in perfect order, and will be aold a bargain. To be >een atTlmraton ft Towuaend a atablea. 71 Krnrie at. al I 2??mr JUSr iSfORTED, " Mt A Ql'ANTITY ol Herman Summer llapcscrd, Mawaeed, lie., very good lor Seed Birds in the muu'tinit aeaaon One pair of Krench lap-eared Kabbiu, Jj^Jwhose w.iol la finer than Merino: 4 pair of Engluh Pheaa uita: 8 young Afiirao lirey Parrot!. The uaual variety of rare and valuable Birds. Kor aalja ^jEjjyjgy j,. s|7 2w r 6 John at., New York. la KING CHAHLfcS SPANIELS, Italian Urey V/BU llounda. Newfoundland Watch Doga. White Poodle Ji li I)n?a. English aud Scotch Terriers. la feet the publie can ue aupplied (with few eicetitiona') with anything of the canine tace, at tne depot of A. GRIEVE, No. 5 John at., New York al7 lm r TO LET, M THE three atory Brick Houae. No. 176 Tenth atreet, near Tompkins' Square. The houae ia in excellent order, aud possession given on or before the lat of November. Enquire on the preiniaea. a!9 3t*r GOOD CHANCES TO SAKE MONEY. MTO LET, fixturei, fcc. For aale one of the beat corner Grocery and Liquor Stores in the city; also, a ^ood "orter House; a Livery stable, with Hones, Coaches, For sale ohesp for r i?h, four Houses and Lots in Kenwick street; a House and four acres at Bergen Point. New Jersey;* first rate Ondv Store for sale. Persons in want of House-, Stores. Farms, &.C., or wishing to let or sell out.apply to GILLESPIE, 462 Pesrl sr. A partner for the Furniture anu Undertaking business,with $000, is wanted?this is a safe investment. sl9 3t*re to let: JlaA ONE OR TWO single gentlemen cm be accommo]<> dated with breakfast, and either double or single bedXsilKrooins. furnished or unfurnished, in a quiet aua respectable family, in an airy and central situation, by addressing to B. C.. at this office slj I w?rc toltent, MA KOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, near Broad way, in the vicinity of the Battery, in excellent order, and possessing every convenience for a Boarding hou?e. Rent moderate to a rood tenant, and possession giren on the 1st of October. Apply to s ilwm GEO. L. PRIDE. 41 Wall st. Fur sal,e, ON THE EAST side of Adelphi street, Brooklyn, pS ab.out fifty yards north of Myrtle Avenue, a three XJIL storr and basement house, with tea room snd cellar attached?the plot of ground is SO by 133 leet, mostly laid out iti garden. The house is handsome and very substantially built, and there is no place iu Brooklyn at so moderate a cost, which surpasses, or perhaps eqnalfrit in taste, and the salubrity and pleasantness of the situation. For a Merchant who wishes the benefit"of country air for his fimily, while he can have opportunity of reaching:Pearl street in twentv-twe minutes, this would be found most desirable property. Apply on the premise. *>8w*rc wanted. Gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen, can ffjSw be iccoininodated with delightfully aitnated room*, by jjyfcepplyinK at 474 Broadway. auM lm*rc KSTABLISllED I RICKS AT GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 134 Fui.toj? stkf.kt. (Sun Building ) K1KST QUALITY BLACK FDR HAT S3 SO HECON1) " " ' 3 ?0 FIRHT QUALITY 81LK HAT 3 no SECOND " " " 2 40 {" THESE priCM have been iirraiy established, mid miv as implicitly relied on, u the beauty, style and finish of the article to which they appertaiu. The proprietor would respectfully aak the public to teat the value of hia Hata, by comparison with the productiona of any other manufacturer in the city, aud believes no candid mind will leave the premiere dissatisfied with them or their prices. Itla'm T- T. OURNEY.134 Fulton at. WAi rJUfUAT <v. J AM hiS, FASHIONABLE HATTERS, No. N9 Nassau Street, near Fulton. 11 THE aubacribera eneou raced by the approbation beJ^?atowed on their Hata, bee to atate that they have always on hand a choice assortment of their own manufacture. The plash and trimminga which they use are imported direct from Paria, and they manufacture aolely for their own atore Gentlemen in want of a Hat are respectfully aolicited to call acd examine. M. B. WATTRIPONT, s15 itw?m WM. H. JAM EH. NEW BOOT AND SHOE STORE, t?9 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. J FINE Calf City Made Boota, for, %3 00 ; Fine Calf City Made Dreaa for, $3 50 ; Fine French Dreaa equal to any boot in the city, $4 50. All our boots warranted and equal to any now made. Every thine elae in our equally low. Jobbers and others will pleaae give ua a call before purchasing; our stock ia all made under oar own inspection ana Dongnttor casn, ana mere lore we can sen as low a* any house ui this city. Boots neatly footed for $3 50; repairing done in the store. McGilAHY k HIOOIN8, au2S lm*r 69 Maiden lane, corner of William st. FINE BOOTS, FOR *3 60, A City made, and are equal to those sold in other stores jm for S5. Kine Krench Call Dress JBoots lor $4 50, eqnal jm to the best made, and sold in this city for 96 or f7. All JBoota warranted to five satisfaction. YOUNO k JONES, No. 4 Ann itreat, Near the American Museum. Quick sales and small profits is oar motto.?4 Ann street. su23 lro*rrc DANL1NO AL.AUr.A1 V.?.MADAMK At-H I 1.l,K, in returning her sincere thanks for the liberal patronage of her friends sn<l the public, desires most respectfully to inform them that she is about to resume her professional attendance to Seminaries and private familes. Her Salon, 41 Walker street, will re-opeu on Saturday, the 3d October, lor the tuition of those ladies and gentlemen who may wish to ;oiu her dancing and waltzing classes, or form private quadrilles, as follows:? Kor young ladies and also for young gentlemen under 10 vears of age, Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 3 to i o'clock, r. M.; for gentlemen aKore It years, the same days at 5 o ' clock. Krening class for gentlemen, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 o'clock, and the Soireei exclusively for her pupils :u?d their parents, as usual. Madame Achille has the pleasure to announce that in addition to the dances already known in New York, she will instruct her prpils in those Polka Waltres and Qnadrilles which are now the most popular ia the best society in Paris and London. These beautiful pai are the new quadrille Mazurka; the Cellariut iraltz ; the graceful Redowa; the Viennoiir, or valtz a titu-r tempt; the pretty wait* a cinq tempi composed two months siuce ia London by Perrot; and La Mazovicn ne.h new Mazurka waltz, which with that, a cinq tempi, will no(T>e brought out in Paris till the coming winter. These dances can be taught by no other person in New York than Madame Aehille, as she has received them from Mons. Jules Martin, just arrived Irom Paris, and to whom they were exclusively confided by the above celebrated professors, in testimony of their high esteem. st im MWK*r "" DANC.NO AOADEMY. BHIVWriKr MOTVI ?r n...._ ... William Stmkkis. MR. (i. ROBERTSON. in announcing to hii friend* and the public, that hii Clmci lor the toition of Dancing will reopen at the above room* on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, takes the opportunity of returning hi* moat siucere thanks to his late natronafor their very liberal encouragement, and respectfully announcea that he will introduce 111 hia Academy this leaaon, various new and fashionable dances, with the favorite Polka*, Mazurka and Polka qnadrillea, the graceful and inuch admired Hedowa, with Mazurka and other style* ol waltzing; fancy dancing, fcc. Day* of tuition, Wednesdays and Haiti'day*. Honrs of attendance for ladies, Misses and Master*, from 3 to 6 P M.; Oentlemeu from 8 to 10 in the evening. Asstmblit* will take place semi-monthly, commencing Nov. 4. Mr. R. would also announce that he will give private instructions to pupi's or in classe*. at semia tries < r at their residences, or at Mr. R.'s pm at* Academy. 82 Canal street. Mr. R.'s cla?? at the Lyceum, Jersey City, will open on Thursday, October l?t. K,ir more particular information, pi use apply at his resideuce, >2 Canal street. slg lm*rc DANCING ACADEMY. NORTHEHN F.XCHANOE, 273 BL EECKKRSTREET. MR. O. ROBERTSON. in returning hi* most sincere thanka to his friends ard the public for the liberal patronage bestowed on him last season desires, most respectfully, to annonuce that bis classes for the Tuition of Dancing will { open at the above rooms on Kridav, October 2d, wlieu lie will i have the pleasure of introducing various naw and fashionable Dances, tne favorite Polka*, the Mazourka ai.d other atyles of Waltzing. Mazourka and Polka (Juadnllea, and the beautil a I and much admired Redowa Waltz, Kancy D wiring, &c.? IIavsoI ru it inn Ttmiln. .,,.1 i,....... i. lor Ladies, Misses and .Vfasters, from J to P. M.J Oentlemen from to !0 evening. Assemblies will take place semi monthly, commencing No*. 2d. Instructions will be given to pupil* privately or in classes, at seminaries, or *t ihetr r:siaences. and at the class reom, or at Mr. R 'a private academy, 81 Canal strret. The above reona, during th? snmmer, hive be?n K'e itly improved, pointed, decoraird. and the floor has been all laid anew; m king it equal to any rooa in the city. Mr. K. would alao inform parenta who may place their children under his charge, that every attention will be paid fr, llifir proper tnatrnctioii and comfort while at arhool. Kor further partxulara, apply at the elaaa room, or at Mr. R.'s re.!. ,,. < vial .trrel ?lfl |m?rr FASHIONABLE DANCING. MLLE. rAULINE DE9JARIMN*, of the Academic ltoyale, Pari*, moat res|i?etfully informa her pupils, ttr. lliat alie will commence her clsaaes, lor the tuition of Dancing in all ita fashionable branches, on the 1st October ; when she will hate (lie pleasure of introducing some entirely new dances, which she has just received fnim her agent in Paris, who will immediately send her all llie novelties as they appear in the fashionable ciicles throughout the season. Besides the uaoal dances taught in the classes, will be the new Waltz-Maiourka, Maxourka Unadnlle, Polka* (various), new Waltt u Cing Tempa, the Vienroia, or YValtx a Deux Temps, and the new and graceful Waltt Redowa, kc. M'lle. P. D. takes this method of returning thnks to her nnmcoua patrons, and begs, also, to state lhat thoae ladies and gentlemen who may honor her with their patronage may rest assured that every meana will he taken by her to impart that grace and alcgance of style so essential to the modern ball '"hchools and prirate families attended. Public classes and private leaaon* at her residence, 74 Leonard itreet. west of B TOM way, what* terns and hours ol auendance may be kaowa .l? lw? E NE NEW E. A . KUTZ, . MANVrACTrRF.* AND IMPOKTKB Or NAUTICAL k MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. 180 Water itrert, cornrr of Burling Slip, AT. Y. WOULD respectfully iuform Kn friend* and th? public, that he Imj roust&nrl f on hand t general a??ortm?nt of Sfituti, Uaidruti, Cum|iuu(, Sny ultiaei, Theodolite*. Let riling liutrument*, Morecyor* Comkuin, Cham*, Mathematical luairumen'i, Scale*, farallel Kule*, Thermometer*. Barometer*, Hydroineior*, Sacrometera, Rale*. Ouuter Scale*, complete ?et* of Gauging laitiument*. amiable for <a*rom Home mid City Oauger*, Gauging and Wantage i\om( <xr . together with * general assortment of r.nglisn auu American Charts of all parts of the World, both general *?,<? P?rt'cular,' Bluut'a Coast filot, ltewditch'a Navigator, . ... Bills of Ladiug, Manifests, Log Dooka, CNauUcal Almanacs, he. All the article! in the abort line are of tke beat material! and workmanahip, and warranted correct. Seitanu, Quadrant!. Compasses. Spy Glasses, and all the article! in the bore line repaired in the neateit and moat corTtct manner Goods to be repaired seat for and delivered. anl9 ltawlm*rc IN CHANCERY. BEFORE the Vice Chancellor of the Firit Circuit.?An thon Fischer vs. Susan Catharine Fischer.?Bill for a Divorce. a vinculo matrimonii ? K. W. (Jeiisenhaiuer, Jr , complainant's Solicitor.?Susan Catharine Fischer, the defendaorin tlui came, whose [ late of residence ia iu Paria, iu the Kingdom ol Frwce, n required to appear in thia cause by the eighth day ol March nei'. or the bill filed therein will be taken ai confessed by her. Dated New York, Sept. I, 1846. 17 law3w*w By ORDKlt of the Honorable Abkl Meeker, Supreme Court Commissi >uer, notice ii hereby given that au attachment baa uiued agaiuat the eatate of Thomaa D. Finch, now or late of Ballaton Spa, an absconding or concealed debtor, on due proof made to the aild Supreme Court Commiuioner pttrtu nt to the dirretiunt of the Statute concerning "Altacnme.ita ngam>t atncondiug, concealed or non-resident debtor!.'' And that the aam<> will be lold for the payment of hia debta nnleaa he, tlir ?a,d Th' ryaa D. Kincn, appear and diacharge auch attachment acc?rfcng to law, witluo three monthifrom the lint publication of thii notice. And thit the payment of mi debt! and the delivery ol any property belonging to !?id debtor to him or for his uee, and the transfer of ..ny property by him for auy purpwse whatever, are forbidden by mw and are void. Dated Ballatoa spa, July 24, 1846 \v . B. LITCH, of Ballaton Spa, jy'l ltaw3mo*rre Atty. for attachiag Creditor*. UNITED BTATme CIRCUIT COURT, Kilth Cireuit and District of Louisiana, Saturday, Jith day of June, A D.1I4S. The ronrl m?l >.?r....... r?m?n. P....n> the Hon. Thru. II. McC?leb. district Judge. Tli? ilon. J. MeKinley, presiding juita-, absent. Josiah Barter el al vs. rhester Clark rt *1.?No. 1490? It appearing to the court ili?t the defendants, Jacob 8. Baker, Van Wyck Jc Phillips, John Hunt li Co., Luke Davit, W. 8c J. Van Buskirk. Walter Jafger 8(. Co.. Mrs. Alice Mead, executrix^Win. C. W?,ddell, aiaiKixe; Mauniel htout, Austin Melville Si Co., 11. Boareum li Co.. Piukney It Berlin*, Weyman, Clarke lcCo.,and J, \V Pinkney, have not been served with process of subpoena herein. and that ?aid defendants re idt in the city of New York. On motion of K. 11. Wilde, olicitor for complainant!, (G. B. Duncan, Esq., solicitor for the defendants served, beieg present in court and not objecting thereto.) that tliia rule or published in one of the gazettes ofNew York once a week for three otoliths, requiring them to plead, answer or demur to the complainants1 Dill, not demurring alone, on or before the first Monday in November next ensuing, or the allegationa ol said complainant's bill will be taken for confessed by said defendant*. Clerk's Office, Circuit Court of the United States, eastern district of Louisiana. 1 hereby eertify the foregoing to be a trie copy from the ordinal of record in this office. AVitness my hand and the seal of said court, at the city of New Orleans, this 6th day of July, 1816. jy 23 law 3m m El). RANDOLPH, Clerk. CEMENT. SAND AND GRAVEL FOR THE UNITED STATES DRY DOCK, AT BROOKLYN. Navv'i Urricc,) New York, August 28th, 1846. S SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed ' Proposals lor materials for the Dry Dork,'1 will be received at this office until 3 o'clock. P M , on Saturday, the 3tth day of September next, for about MO casks of Hydraulic Cement, or the qusmity which will be required lor use during the present season ; For 500 cubic yards ol building sand Kor 500 cubic yards of beach gravel. All of the above materials are to be landed an such wharf as may be directed by the Engineer, and previous to the 1st of November next. The proposals fur crmrst musf state a price per cask of 300 pounds, from which will be deducted 12K ceuti lor each cask which is retarned. Those for sand and gravel must state a price furcnbic yard. The cement mutt be pat ap in caaks to contain about 300 pounds. The ttavea must be made of hard wood and bound with twelve oak or hickory hoops, and weigh about 28 to 30 pouudt. Eai.h barrel mutt be papered, and they mutt be traniported and kept under cover until tney are delivered at inc nary yam. Person* intending to propose for cement mutt send to the Dry Dock office one cul of the above description, u a sample, on or before the 21at of September. The sand mast hr coarse silex, entirely free from dirt. The (ravel iniisi be beacli washed, free from dirt, and not exceeding 1>. inches in diameter. Samples of the sand and gravel proposed to be furnished, must be sent to the Dry Dock office The proposals must be accompanied with the written assent ol two responsible persous ti become sureties on bond for the faithfnl performance of the coutract, and ten per cent ol the amount aeliverwl will in all cases be retained until the contract is fnlly complied with. No proposals will be considered unless accompanied by a written guaranty, signed by one or more responsible persons, that such bond will be given by the party whose offer may be accepted, under the penalty contained in the 6th section of the act of 10th August, IRI6. Any further information can be obtained of the Engineer, William J. McAlpine, Esq., at the Dry Dock Office, at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn. PROSPER M. WETMORE, si law4wrrc Navy Agent. WHAKK TIMBER KOK THE NAVY YARD. PROPOSALS, sealed, and endorsed, "Wharf Timber"' will be received by the Navy Agent, New York, at his offices) Water street, until Monday, 38th September, at 3 o'clock, P. M.. for 3100 Pine or Hemlock Dock Logs, 30 to 43 feet long, to average 36 feet, to be green, with the bark on, not lest than 7 inches diameter at the small end. 1700 running feet of White Pine Timber, 14 by 14 inches square, to average 41 feet in length, none less than 30 feet, to be straight and of parallel width. 2000 running feet of White Pine Timber, 13 by II inches square, to be straight and of parallel width, to average 41 feet, and none less than 30 feet in length. M0 White Pine Tie Logs, 13 indies diameter, 21 feet long. Any farther quantity of tha above Timber that may be required. To be delivered at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, at aoon as required, at the expense of the contractor, subject to the ininspeetion of the yard. A bond, with two sufficient sureties, will be taken for the faithful performance of the contract, and 10 per cent, retained as collateral security for its fulfilment. No proposals will be considered, unless accompanied by a written guaranty aigned by one or more reapnnaible renoua, that ?ucn bond will oe given by the party wfio?e offer may be accepted, under the penalty contained in lection Gth, of the act or 10th Auguat,1816. Navy Agent'* Office, ) New York, Anguat ?th. 1?46. _) PROSPER M. WETMORE, al law 4t Navy Agent. NATIONAL LOAN Fund Life Aiiurance Society, oi London.?" A Raving Bank for the widow and the orphan."?Capital i.400,000 or $2.M0,000.?(Empowered by act of Parliament)?I Vict. Royal aa<ent, 27ih Jnljr, IBM. UNITED STATES BOARD OK DIRECTORS. (Office 74 Wall atreet.) Jfnc York. JACOB HARVEY, E.g., Chairman. JOHN J. PALMER. Eaq. A AM. 8. HOWLAND, Eaq. JONA'N GOODHUE. Eaq. OOR'M. A. WORTH, Eaq JAMES BOORMAN. Eaq. SAMUEL M. FOX. Eaq. OEOROF. BARCLAY, ILaq. WM. VAN HOOK, Eaq. Philadelphia. C. OI LOUIS A. GODEY. Eaq. S. a WALKER. Eaq. GEO. R. GRAHAM. Eaq J. Lea*der Starr, General Apeat, and Edward T. Rii hudiom, General Accountant, (or the United State* and British N. A. Colonic*. Pht*ic"Iai*?.?1Vrw York?J Kearny Rodger*, M. D., No. 110 Bleecker at. ; Aleiander E. Hoaack, M. 0., 101 Frauklm at.; S. 8. Keenr. 2*0 Fourth at. Bajrera.?The Merehanta' Bank, New York. Stakdi^o Coi'ifiei..?Wra. Van Hook, Eaq , J# Wall it. Solicitor ?John Hone, E*q.. II Pine at. Chi'f Office for America, 71 Wall atreet. For pro*pect"a. tablea of ratea. blank forma of application. list* of lull agents and medical Pismmrrv &c., please apply u ibotr. One hall of premium loaned for five year* if desired Medical eiamiuert attend at the society's office daily at J P.M. Pamphleta on life assurance given to applicants free of charge. i. I.K.AM)Ml STARR. iiu26 ltaw 4w r Oeperal Agent. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 50 IVall Street. New York. THIS Company being authorixed by an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, paaaed May 12th, IBM, entitled " An act for the benefit of the Jefferaon Insurance Company," to fill un ita capkal stock, which waa impaired by losses occaaioned bj the fire of 19th J Iy, 1846 ; and the Board of Directora of said Conpauy having unanimously reaolved that the aaid capital stock be filled ap aocordiUt; to the provisions of said act. Notice ia hereby riven in conformity with said act and with the approval of the Vice Chancellor of the Kirat Circuit, to all the present stockholders of the Company, that they are required to signify, on or before thi 'hdayof October neit, to the Preaideht or Secretaiy of tan. <^onu*ay, at their office. No. JO Wall street, in the city of New York, whether ihey elect to fill up their stock, and also in case they elect to fill up their atock, to pay the amouat required at sneh times and such manner aa tne Board of Directors may hereafter de cide. And notice ia hereby further given that on the Mth day of October neit, so much new stock thill be created and disused of, at will make uo the original capiul of taid cotporaliou, and lor that purpose books of subscription will be opened at 'he said office on the 2fst day of Octoner'next, and contmue open daily from 1? to I o'clock, until the amount requisite ia subscribed?(the present stockholders to have a prior right to such new atpek.) The agreement to fill up aharea aaabove mentioned and the new subscriptions lu take effect ou the 2d day ol November ucit, on which day an instalment of five dollars per share is required on new subscriptions. And notice is hereby fuifher given to such stockholders la shall not elect to nil up their stock, or by neglect slull forfeit the right so to do, that they are required on the >d day of No ..U. " " *"? or oecreiary, ntthe Mid office, their original certificates of stork. nml in lira thereof to receive new certiAcatra, for each number of shares u lliey mty respectively be entitled to, Mid Stockholder* receiving pay for fractional | irn of shirrs. T. W THORNE, Prett. Oro. T. Here, Sec'y. Dated New York, August l(th, !I4<. anl2 2t*wtN2r female seminary. No. 71 EAST BROADWAY, corner of Market meet. Aiaiklla at Sirah r. CLaaat, Principala. THIS institution commenced ita fall term on the 7th last. The drawing rlaaaea are under the laperintendence of Klir.ahath Oram, who haa been long and favorably known to the New York pnblic The department of ancient aud modern languages and bellca lettrea continue! under the direction of Jacob t Bergen, A. M. There are no tatra charges for fuel, stationary, tlte uie of booki in the Kngliih claatei, Preach, Latin and Drawing. A stage <? pronnrd to conyey pnpila residing in a distant part ofthe city, free of charge, all iw 2taw* ITIC "7" ANDREWS 150YLK, A UTHOR8 and puhliahera of Phonntypic and Plionograph-* * ic worka, frcm MS Wellington street, Bolton, liate opened a branch office at 61 NASSAU STREET. New York, a IK *Vl of th*ir Publications. elementary and periodical. I A liberal discount made to Booksellers, and others who buy to sell again. ..7*!?!' 70rlu m,y Uo b? h?d n{ Fowl"* Well", IJI Naa"u ,w,et- ANDREW'S & BUYLE, M Naiaan atreet, New York, and M ? v(. n > ... 139 Waahington at , Boiton. Tt'Rra ri T * wall hortly commence a course of LiECiH Itaod'enc *m I" eat are Will be (Iran. Vy, Wf YO YORK, MONDAY MORI ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE FROK 11SI1CO. hiohx.t nmunura. SANTA ANNA, ?.A Hi., otu., at. (Krom the Now Orleans Ficayuue, Sept. 11.] The Arab arrived off the Belize the night of Wednos- { day last, the !?th nut, having left Vera Cruz on the af- , ternoon of the 31 iiMt, at 4 o'clock. The Arab, it will | be recollected, ic tltt vess?l which conveyed Santa An- ' na to Vera Cruz. The most important news by the Arab touches the arrival of Santa Anna at Vera Cru/.. On this point we are ablo te (|>eak upon the authority of Mr. O'S'eil, one of the ownors of the Arab, who made the voyage from Havana with Santa Anna. The general had previously assured Mr. O'N'eil that than would be no occasion to run the blockade?that the yeaeel wtuld be allowed to enter without any difficulty. When the Arab arrived off Vera Cruz, they descried the St Mary's, and the Arab immediately bore up for her. The St. Mary's sent a boat to the Arab, with the first lieutenant on board. Upon reaching her he encountered Uen. Almonte, whom he recognised, and with wheip he exchanged salutations.? Uy lien. Almonte the lieutenant was conducted to Uen. Santa Anna, who wai lying in his berth quite ill. Then a short iDterview took plana, and when the lieutenant reappeared on deck., he gavn to the owners permission to pass the blockade. An account received by a commercial house represents that the suite of Sa^ta Anna evinced much emotion, and even alarm, whenboarded, but that the General himself was perfectly calny and apparently expected the visit. It is further added that the general delivered a letter to the odicer who boarded the boat, which produced at once the desired affect We learn that when Saata Anna'landed, he was received but by a few frirada?that the reception was not a public one, and that it waa not marked by much en thuslaam. Santa Anna Maiilf wii evidently duappoiuteil by the reception given to him. liii health continued infirm up to the lime of the departure of the Arab, tie was able, however, after hia arrival, to entertain at a public dinner in the |>alac? of Vert Crux, a large number of civil dignitaries* and military officer*. At the din ner a more favorable diapotMon was manifested toward! the General, and there) was gome appcarance of enthuaiasro. Subsequently, on hia way to the capital, he stopped at his hacienda, El Encerro, in the vicinity of Jalupa, wh?re he remained tip to the latest accounts received from him. He woultl>laave there for the city of Mexico at the very earliest moment his health would permit. That hia presence in the Said may be urgently required. ia manifest from another important fact which we learn by thia arrival. Tho army atationad at San Luia Potoai has declared again in favor of fa redes! Taredes, by tho way, is a prisoner in tha Caalle of Perote. as was rumored when the Oaring left Vara Cruz. The declaration of the army at San Luia in favor of I'aredaa waa generally believed in the city of Maxico when Mr. O'Neii left there, and we learn by a commercial latter from Vera Cruz that it was also fully credited there. Mr. O'Neii represents that it i? extremely difficult to arrive at any concluaiou as to the state of popular feel ing in regard to the different aapirauta far power in Mex ico. Among commercial men, and in fact among all classes not immediately connected with the military, tho utmost apathy and indifference appear to reign. The day the Arab left, a flag of trucu waa aent ashore by Commodore Conner, aud the same occurrence had tiken place on two or throe occasions previously We have, ef courae, no clue to the nature of the commttoi cations interchanged, but as the Daring arrived from the mouth of the river the day prior to the Arabia departure, it was conjectured that the Commodore might have re ceived by her communicationa which controlled hia conduct. fKrom the New Orleana Delta. Sept. 11.] I Santa Anna, alter remaining but a short time in Vera Cruz, proceeded to hit hacienda, Ht Kncerres, near Jalapa, where he still remain*, owing, it ia laid, to indiapotition, though it in strongly surmised that a stronger moUrea than that of ill health prompts his retirement for the present?that of a desire to feel his way before advancing on the Capital He is surrounded by a large military force, strongly attached to his interests, and detached bodies of troops occupy positions on the route fiomJtlapa to the city of Mexico. Uen. Almonte is at the Capital, and is now Minister of War and Marine. No further change had taken place in th? state of olt'airs in the city of Mexico since our last sJvioei, and things were apparently quiet, though pronunciamicntoi were being daily issued from the dilterent bureaus in rapid succession, as meaningless as such Mexican documents generally art. | Santa Anna was daily expected at the Capital, and preparations on a grand scale were making there and all along the route to Jalupa, to receive him. The object of his delay being a matiar of astonishment to the populace, and only known to thore who pulled the wires. As Mr. O'Neill passed through Perote, on his way back from the city of Mexico, he waa informed that Paredes was confined a prisoner in the castle of that city, but could learn no particulars. A rumor, however, was then prevalent that the army stationed at San Luis had pronounced in favor of Parades a few days previoutly. It was rumored in Vera Cruz on the day the Arab left that the British brig of war Daring, which arrived the day previous, had brought despatches from our government of a pacific character. The Daring, it will be recolltctcd by our readers, left the Dalize a short time ago, carrying despatches to our squaJron at Sacrificios. Everything looked quiet at Vera Cruz. A boat with flag of truce from the squadron was seen going to the castle as the Arab was leaving the port. The roads leading from Vera Cruz to the city of Mexico were infested with robbers, and scarcely a day passed without hearing of the diligences, being stopped and the Passengers robbed of everything they possessed. Tne intelligence of the loss of the brig Truxton had reached Vera Cruz, and the version of her abandonment by her commander was similar to the one already received here. IKrom the New Orleans Times, Sept. 11.] The ]>er?ona;,es who accompanied Santa Anna from I Havana, Almonte, Rejon, etc., had gono on to Mexico, where they had been regulaily installed in various State olHces. Almonte is|.Vlinister of Murine and of War, llejon of the Interior, and Oomez Karias of Finance. The British brig ol-war Daring arrived at Vera Cruz on the 3d inst, with despatches, said to be from the Ame ncan government- iu?? uc>|nticu?i nciuiv^'iwuvu comprise offers of peace on a permanent basis, ami exprosing President Polk's readiness either to send a Minister Plenipotentiary to Mexico, or to receive a Mexican minister at Washington. It was currently reported in Mexico, on the 28th ult., that the troope at San Luis de Potosi, had pronounced for Paredes. An express had reached Mr. Macintosh, the British Consul at Vera Cruz,confirming the intelligence Mr. O'Neil, however, states that Mr. Macintosh did not know what credence there was to l>e given to the news I thus brought ; but as pronuneiamentti followed one another In such quick succession in that distracted country, it was possible there was some truth in it When in the city of Mexico, Mr. O'Neil heard that Paredes was a prisoner in the hands of the present government : and in travelling to Vera Ciuz, between the morning of the 38th and tliat of the 2nd hut, when the vehicle he was in was passing through Perote, that gentleman was actually told by an inhabitant, that the exPresident, ad interim (Paredes) was a close prisoner in the castle. Mr. O'Neil, absorbed by bis a flairs, did not, unfortunately, think of bringing any newspapers with him, cither from the city ol Mexico or Veracruz, so that we are without any documents showing the onward progress of the late movement*, immouiuieiy unai luua aijuc quitted Vera Cruz, force or about six hundred infantry and a few cavalry, took up the line of march from that port for tho city of Mexico. Air. O'Xeil met them on his way hack to hi* vessel ; they teemed in pretty good order. We leam that tranquility seema to reign throughout the principal places in Mexico, the movement in favor of Santa Anna having been pretty general and simultaneous. But, as our informant shrewdly remarked, the fact is that the masa of the )i?ople?though engaged in mercaiti'e. industrial, or manufacturing pursuits?seem to take little interest in the interminable coups d'etat which, In Mexico, ipset one government anil substitute another, with the facility of a harlequin change in Chrl'tiras farce. Durior the passage of Santa Anna and his suite fmnj Havanur, he kept himself ftrictly confiued to his crl in, alleging tv taring from his mutilated leg as the cause.? He was rcompanied, as we have already stated in ajprecnlinR Mtakn of our paper, by his wife, who u a very young lady, and bis daughter by a former marriage, a veiy interesting girl, about 1-J years of age They are both blondes?lair, with light hair; and appeared exceedingly amiable. Amongst the other passengeis in the Arab, Almonte excitod the greatest interest, trom hia speaking so freely the English language. He was the life and soul of the whole party, who, including himself, at times seemed agitated with some fiars regarding the reception they would meet on reaching Vera Cruz. We must except Santa Anna himself, who neither betrayed fear, nor the slightest symptom of fear of the event, during the wholn parage, tfs the arrival of the Arab outside V?r? i H17 . the was boarded by a boat from the flt Mary '*,

the offlccr (n command of which (the boat) immediately recognised Almonte, bailing him as the came alongside. On mounting the deck, ho and Almonte deecended to Santa Anna'a cabin ; after a briof colloquy, the American officer left, and the Arab went in, an4 anchored immediately under the gum of San Juan de tTlloa. The war with the United 9tate? did not appear, ?o far aa Mr O'Neil had an opportunity ofobierving, to create that excitement amongst the people which one would naturally think would be the reault of the pretence of a powerful and victorioui army, marching luto the very heart ol' their country Naval Intelligence IKromthe New Orleans t'icayuiie, Sept. II 1 We learn that the U. H. Frigate I'otoinac arrived at IVnsacola, the !Hh instant, having railed from Vera Crur It is known thai the Totomac haa a good many caui of acurvy on board The frigate lUritmi wai to aail from Temacola for Vcia Liu/. onkthe 10th inat The stcnm frigate Mississippi would also leave Teuaacola thia day or on Mondav next to rejoin the squadron, unlet* order* of a different tenor ahoald in the meantime lie received. We learn from conversation with Lieut. Chaduck, of the Kwing, that two of the boat* from the cutter west over the bar at Koto la Marina, landed, and held a very j pleasant intervie w with some score of Mexicans. The , latter were very willing to traffic, and brought down to the boati an ample atore ef provisions, which were purchased for the ua? of the cutter. The Mexican* were 1 eager for newi from " the wari," and made theu viai- i tor? altogether at home. | RK I *ING, SEPTEMBER 21, 1 MILITARY' ArrAZRB. NEWS FROM THE ARMY OF INVASION. Further Particulars of the Riot At Biiritn. THE CHIHUAHUA EXPEDITION. &c. &c. &c. [Krom the ?N?w Orleana Delta, Sept. H.J The steamboat Seu arrived yesterday morning from the Rio Urande, having on l>oard a portion of Co'. Johnson's | Regiment of Texas Volunteer*, who liav* been diacharged from serv ice. The returning volunteer* left Camargo on Tuesday of iam\ wee*, ai iuc utuc wi lueu ?r|>uriuic uio army ww leaving Camargo in detachment*, in the direction of Monteroy, and Gen. Taylor wu expected to (tart in person on Wednesday. We learn that tho prospects and th? expectation of the General lor a Aght are greatly lessened So much so, indeed, that it ia believed that the other Texas regiments will have leave to return home,if they will accept it. The Texas volunteers generally enjoy good health. Not a death ku occurred among those from Galveston. T1IE RIOT AT DUR1TA. Hi: ai>*dcahtkrs 1st Brio., Id Division, ) Camp Patterson, Sept. 1, 1846. S The steamer Corvette lay at the landing last evening, taking in tho remaining companies of the Georgia Ite^imont of Volunteers for Camargo. About half-past 8 in the evening, a most disgraceful and violent encounter took place between two companies attached to the Georgia Regiment, on the boat?the Jasper Greens, commanded by Capt. J. McMahan, and Kinosuw Hangers. Tho tntlee was kept up for over half an hour between these two companies, in which they generally engaged on both ides, doing all the injury they could with guns, knives and clubs. Gen. Shields was absent at Matamoras, which left Col. K. D. Baker in command of this Brigade. His encampment was immediately opposite the boat, about a third of a mil* from the bank of tne river. He had just returned with a company of his regiment from the burial of one of their nnmber, and hearing the riot still progressing on the boat, he ordeied this company and one other to follow him to the boat, with a view of quelling it. In his attemping to,do so, one of the officers attached to tho Georgia companies engaged in the unlet, at once attacked him with his sword. They had been ingaged but a few moments, when some cowardly villain among the rioters fired a pistol at him, whicn nassed through the thick part of his neck from behind into his mouth, knocking out one of his teeth. 8uch is the report to me this morning, from the Assistant Surgeon of his regiment. The woand is not this morning considered mortal, although last eveninr I did not suppose he would he alive at this time. He ii more comfortable than could be expected, aod we now eLtertain no doubt but he will recover. In addition to Col. Baker, Capt. Roberts was (lightly wounded by a pistol (hot. Cant. Tost, Acting Commissary, slightly. Sergeant Ilelm, of Company C. badly founded?a ball pairing directly through his body. Corporal Uraary very (lightly. l'rivate Dillon mortally wounded with a oayouet? he probably will not livo the day out Private* H. Martin. Stewart, Shepherd and Lee, all (lightly wounded. Thi* constitulen, as far as can be ascertained, all who were wounded in the 31 Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, and who aeted under the commund ol Col Baker, in the ett'ort to suppress this disgraceful and unpardonable riot. How many are killed and wounded among the two companies who were engaged in the riot on the Corvette. I cannot ascertain with sufficient certainty to venture any statements But one body has as yet been seen by me, and several are said to have floated down the river, tlia' were knocked overboard during the lifcht. The cause of it ws* easily ascertained?whiskey wa< at the hot om of the whole of it The Jasper Greens was an Irish company, lrom Savannah?the other, a company ot Americans A meeting of the Field and Stall'officers of the two Illinois Regiment*, and one Indiana Regiment, who also had (otio men on the grouud. has been called, to meet at these quarters this morning at 7 o'clock, when, without doubt, a court oi inquiry will be organized, and a rigid investigation be had. The boat has been detained with the tieoigians on hoard, and will remain here until the inveatigation u over, and the course to be pursued with the rioters determined upon. A strict guard wa* kept up during the night, although some of the rioters escaped previous to the guard being stationed. Dr. Wood and Dr. Boal, of the Indiana Brigade, attended Col Baker daring the whole night, to whom hi* friend* are greatly indebted for their kindness and attention I open this to say that it has juit been reported to me that tli? man who shot Col. Baker has been discovered. and that the commanding officer of the Georgia Regiment stand* ready to Surrender him. THK CHIHUAHUA EXPEDITION. 8am Antonio Dr. Bkxar. Sept. S, 1846. I will give you a hasty note of ourpr?i>*rations for the onward march of the centre division of ttie army for Chihuahua, and on aome future day All up the gap. Gen. Wool, with a part of hi* start', left Port Lnvacca on the 8th ult, and arrived at thia place on the 14th, leaving behind hit aiJ-de-camp, Lt. McDowell, lit artillery, in consequence of an ftccMent wuich befel him, from the effects ot u hich I am happy to ?ay he haa now entirely recovered. That worthy man and veteran officer, Inspector General <" hurchill, has arrived, a* also Capt Fraaer, of the corps of ragineers; Capt. Cross, Aaet Quartermaster and chief of that department here, and Lt Kingsbury, otdnauco department, who composo apart of the general's atatl'. Capt. Prentiss, Ass'tAdjt General, ia expected to join in a few days. The two regiments of Illinois volunteers, under Cola. Hardin and Uissell, left their encamnment on Placedona creek, on the 11th ult., and nrrived nere on the '.24th, leaving at the " Oja de Agua'' Capt. Webb's company, ia charge of the sick, who, 1 learn, now are fast recovering, and will join their regiments in a few days. Col Harney, with a detachment of the 3d Dragoons, consisting of Bvt. Mjr. Ueall's, Capts. Howe and Blake's com|*nies, returned from the Presidio do Rio Grande on the U6th ult, having been absent about one mouth. Since their return, Capt. Howe's company has been consolidated with Major Beall's and Capt. Blake's companies. Cant. Howe will probably go upon the recruiting service. Two compunieaof 1st Dragoons, under Capts. Steenand r-UKUS, ami iwo cuuipameB ui oui ivegnuem u a. iu<aiiu/, the whole under the command of Major Bonneville, left Kort Smith on the 13th July, and arrived here on the- 27th ult, having accomplished a march of 700 milei in aboat six weeks. Great credit ii due the gallant Major and those under him, in thej performance of this tedious march and in bringing their train in such remarkably fine order. The Arkansas mounted volunteers, under the command of Col. Yell, left Washington, Ark , on the 16th of July, and arrived here on the 28th tilt These troops are encamped in a delightful spot, three miles above tno Alamojbearing the name " Camp Crocket." The surrounding country is a beautiful rolling prairie, dotted over with clumps of oak, muskeet, etc., through which, many little streams wend their way to the clear and beautiful San Antonio river, with ita banks ga nished with fuliago, flowing along in front of the camp, affording the troops an abundance of pure water ; while the opposite side ia bounded by a range of hills, stretching to the northwest. On the western side of the San Antonio, are encamped live companies of Texas Vo| luutoers, under the romaaand of Col. Young : and being six months' men, they will probably be disbanded in a few days. The advanco of the Army will take up ita line of march about the 15th inst, and perhaps sooner : great exertions being made by the Quartermaster's Department. under the indefatigable Captain Cross,who is well known in the Crescent City, and who leavea nothing undone, which is possible, [to place! this train in proper state to give efficiency to the expedition. Oen. Wool is up early and late, and is fast bringing the volunteers into form. He is still in town ; but to-morrow or next day, will pitch his tent, with the treopa, in Camp Crockett, u -will every officer, whoie constant busineia doe* not make it Decenary te remain in town. 1 have do doubt that the General will take possession of the capital Chihuahua some time in the month of October. The distance to the Rio Urande i* calculated at about MO miles, ami from thence to Chihuahua, 460 miles ; making our march nearly 800 mile*, over a lovely country. The Kentucky and Tenns??e cavalry, it i* (uppoied, will join Gen. Taylor'* command. Tney have, a* yet, rot arrived. Gen. Wool'* force will amount to about 6000 men. Hah nr. Bp.iar, Sept. ft, 1846. Since the 3d in*t, Cajrt. Washington's company of the 4th U. 8. Artillery arrived here from Carlisle, Pa. They entered the city yestcrdny, nn<l panned through in full uniform, with four tj-pourdrn and two IJ-pound howitzer*, with their caissons, travelling lorge, baggage train, fcc , 4tc , which made <|tite a formidable appearance for tin* part of the country, and muoh astonished the Mexican* here, they never having teen ?o great an artillery display in an army, and believing that nothing could equal that of the Me&icans. They encamjied on the San Fedro, about two mile* from the city. Lieut. Itogers. of the 3d Dragoon*, (who wa? left by Col. Harney with three companie* of Texas troops, under tho command of < apt. Cady, at Presidio de Rio Grande,) and Mr. Callahnn, arrived this morning , and reported the remainder of the command near at hand) their provisions being damaged anJ condemned, it became nece**ary to procure mure?and a* tbe inhabitant* at 1 I'reiidie profvasedto be very friendly, they fent a mull boat, with nine men, over tbe river, to bring the article* jiurrhaned Alter the men had puahed oil' their boat they were attacked by a body of Mexican*, (ecreted in the chaparral on the bank or the river. Three of our party were killed: the remainder jumped overboard,and reach- > ed the bank on thi* *ide. During the afternoon, the Mexican kept up a tire from their muiketry, and succeeded in killing one mule and lightly wounding another The troop* having no mean* ot eroding tbe r ver, took up their line of march for thi* place, being already under order* to that effect. Undoubtedly by thfa time, thi* ?ig nal victory i* heralded through Mexico, a* giving additional lustre to the arm* of the magnanimou* and exalted people. Hurgcon K. B. I'rire, formerly of Baltimore, ia ordered to Head-quartet* a* Medical Director. We are l'a*t approaching the day of marching, and : every inun Uanxiou* to be oft". We anticipate a pica rant trip, though there are tome who fear that little fighting j j will be done. The troop* are generally in good health, and thoie who brought diieaae with them are feat recov- | oring ( apt. Webb'* company arrived frtvw the Oja dc : Agua a few minute* after my last had departed. Col. Churchill, with Lieut. Carlton, lit U. H. Dragoon*, detailed a* A**i*tant ln*pector (General, ia going through a Ihoiongli inapcctionof all the troope here. I have Jutt heard that a company of Infantry, under command of Lieutenant Wctmore, u on ita way from Port Lavarca. The Lipu Chief, Cwtio, ?ud other* of the deputetien IERA [846. from that tribe to Washington. arrived here yesterday, (lacked 08'with the gewgaws bestowed upon them at the Capital. Til* ARMY OF TUB WEST. [From the St Louis Republican, Kept 14.) Letters wero received iu tlui city on Saturday, from the proper authorities at Washington, notifying the United State* otlicert here of the determination of the goveminent to dispense with the services ol' the regiment of Infantry called for by the requisition on the Governor of this State, of the Wtli of July, and which has, ere this time, assembled at Kort Leavenworth. It is directed that . thav shall be mustored out of serviccus speedily as possible, either at Kort Leavenuorth, or any other point whore thev mav be. Thev will, of course, rcreive liuv (or the time which they may hare pained in service, (or travelling to Kort Leavenworth, anil, we presume, nix months clothing. The orders are peremptory, and will, no doubt, be complied with immediately. Four of the companies are from St. Louis, and we understand nearly all of the regiment had arrived at Kort Leavenworth lost Wednesday. Uivkrsidk, Sept. 4, 1846. Beautiet of Rivtriide?The Canal?The Convention? Scheme to Defeat Silas W'right?Trenton Fallt? Trouting?Hunting. 1 now write yon from one of the quietest little nooks in the wide world, embosomed in a neighborhood of clumps of trees, whose summer foliage is redolent with beauty and health, and whose shado is the very spot to cnltivate a " dolea far niente" disposition. Kvergreen forests bound the distance with their blueish purple tints?rimmed by tho dark brilliant waves of the Black River, whose pathway studded w ith tails, and dotted by islands, seems more like a rosary of jet and pearls,whoso " Ave Marias" are marked by brilliant emeralds let fall by an angel, than a dashing, leaping, laughing river This county was named after Governor Lowis, who, Uod bless him, is now lost in the oblivion of a better world, and has of yore been known as the " Black River country." Yet in the small space of fifty years, a great part of it has been converted from a howling wilderness into a comparative Kden of agriculture and cultivation? the indomitable ax of the Y aukoe pioneer has done the same servioe that their steel did in a different manner at Lexington, till the present time; and strauge to sav the resources of the country are yet but half developed, aided by the hard Dutchman, and the steady Scot, as well as the sober yeomanry of Wales, and the sons of Switzerland, have converted this once wilderness into hloominir and nroductive farms, whose gulden butter and delicious cheese, line limbed horses, and blooded sheep and cowi, have made it the envy of name, and the admiration of other larger counties in the State. It will be well recollected by you that this county is one of the group called " Northern New York." whose ?reat man has beon Silas Wright. The canal, when finished (and it will only take $300,000 to complete it) will be the grand outlet of the resources of this county, viz., butter, choeaa, lumber, charcoal, and grain. The excitement throughout tho county is intense in regard to tho action of the Conrentien upon this subject. There is already a ichemo to defeat the election of Silas Wright for Governor. 1 understand that there are six democratic countics that are deeply involved in this scheme, and as fast as I can find out (acts, by hook or by crook, I shall give them to you. Trentou Kails are now one of the pleasantest places of resort The water is very low. and the view by moonlight is unsurpassed, even by the great Niagara. I should certainly give the former a visit, if only to prepare my miud for the majesty of the latter There are seveial very select visiter* tnero at present It strikes me to be ttio veiy spot to hie away a honey moon in. Some of the finost petrifactions in this State are found in limestone of the region around them ; j at the few blue haie-bells that 1 met with, growing over the edge of the grey rocks, are ! to mo infinitely more interesting. Yesterday, I went trouting, and only took some dozen, vet 1 cannot analyse tho exquisite feelings that ono has r.hou feeling them bite ; amltthen their shining silvered sides, studded with rubies! Ten traces feebly the delight of an anglerDear old Izaak Walton?1 have realised all that in this sport you wrote about so wisely, for which I thank your crumbling and long withered- hand. 1 expect to be iu the wild woodi soon, among the red deer and red men, both of whom are passing away. I had almost forgotten to say that there are several very singular and interest ing spots in this; county, which 1 shall visit and write about. Joseph Bonaparto lormerly had a country seat north of this, and it was here that bo passed the summer with the Piincess of Connio. It was in this country that, during the Reign of Terrer, many of the exiles found refuge, and their quaint stone mansion* are numerous in the neighboring county of Jefl'eraon. Thai a ore also very fine Indian relics lound here?pipes, arrows, earthenware, and hatchets : and tradition states that the valley of tha river was a favorite hunting-ground.of thair's. . Hah*. LocuroBT, N. Y. Aug. 31, 1840. Butineu *f L?ckf?rt? WaiKington Hunt? StcrtUry Marcy. ur? ?a I tin Hnn Wastiinrtnn Hunt, of this place, for a look round through this Tillage thi? morning. We find that a large proportion of the real estate I of the lower town, possessing a great water power from the canml, i* the property independently or conjointly of Mr.Hunt, and ex-governor Marcy, Secretary of War ? We visited lust Saturday the cotton factory of Hunt Field li Co-, which haa been struggling along against numerous drawbacks for a>x or seven years, but which is now running some 4,000 spindles, 90 looms, and sixty others in preparation, making the whole number of looms 160. In the very teeth of the new tariff law, it is the determination of the company to persevere. They give employment at the factory to about 1J0 persons,and they wera not yet resolved upon diminishing the number. We visited this morning the large flouring mill of Spalding & Co., in which Messrs. Hmut and Marcy are the chief shareholders. It runs fourteen pair of burrs, and turns out, or can tarn oat, 000 barrels of flour per day. There are varions other factories and mills in the lower town, and innumeralile cooper shops, where they | turn o;:t tens of thousands of floor barrels, which the adjoining mills convert Into barrels ?f llonr. The I.oekport and Rochester Railroad Company had raised 'ast year subscriptions to the amount of $300,000, but tho Oregon business in Congress stopped all fnrtber proceedings. About 100 acres of ground near the canal ] are covered with stone prepared for tho second chain of locks in the prosecution of the grand enlargement; but the estoppel ol the legislature to the work leaves them there like a scattered mass of ruins, a magnificent unbuilt monument to the wisdom of the legislature of York State, a sort of legislation which would have broken down any other Btate than the State of New York. We are inclined to the impression that Judfe Hunt weuld decline a nomination lor governor by his party, even 11 It were tenuerca aim Mini ? ?cm. tt ? mo ?tisflad that hii personal preference* ate in opposition to hi* being called into the field, either for governor or for Congraaa, though we suppose hia comtituenta will hardly 1*1 him off on the la*t indictment. To-day we push up te Niagara. Truly, -Th? Doctor. Buffalo, Kept. 3, 1846. The Theatre?Mri. Movatt at Bianca, fc.? The Excellenciei of (hi i fine Jlctren Define J. The play of" Kazio, or the Italian Wifa,"WM well done at the Buffalo Theatre last night. It ia tha tirat oocation presented us cf witnaiaing the acting of Mra. Mowatt. Not Booth in Richard HI., not Miaa Cuahman aa Cordelia, not Kembla aa Hamlet, not Fanny Rlaaler in tha Cachucha, not Dempiter ia tha aong of John Andaraon my Joe, not Da Mayar on hia piano, not Ola Bull on hia fiddle, nor tha Miaaaa Sloman on their fifteen hundred dollar harpa, arer entered more heartily into tha apirit ofthoir aeverrl performance* reapectively, than did Mr*, Movatt lait ni?ht Ir-ta th? rery aoul end bottom of the character ah* luitnlned. From tha first to tho last, throrgh all the gradation* of conf dance, doubt, jealouiy, conviction, pride, humlliatian, dl*tn?ut, vengeance, de*p?ration, tren~hery, despair, r?mcrss, repentance, anguish, and that strerg affection running though them all, crowning pit, md redeeming nil tho representation* of Bianca by thii charming . '-tres*. wn positively supern. Mr Davenport, ns Korio acquitted himself in a manner which mmt hnre baen aa flattering to Bianca aa the ropaatcd cheers of the cttdience. The niwas well sustain*! in all its parts. Mr*. Mowatt deserves enconragement at home; fur hor superiority is 1 such that there is littlo necosalty that abe should run the teur of Kngland for a rertifioete. She yet remains in Buffalo aeveral nighta. There was a (food honae laat evening, and we beapaak her an increasing auditory to the end of har engagement. We leave our old anJ comfortable quarters at tha United States Itotal thla morning, for a " go<vl bye" to " the falls," and a " how-da do" to Lake Ontario and the river St. Lawrence. Ostensibly, Th* Docroa. Corn for thk Corrkc.tion of Error*?Saturday, September 19 ?Froaeut? Lieut Governor (ierdiner, and nineteen Senators. No. 8?H Van Denburgh va P. Ha vena and wife. Mr. H. W Pock ha in, roneluded for defendant in error. Mr. H. Hogehoom waa hearl in reply. Deciaion postponed until December. No. 0.?D. B Moeea and al. va. K. Mead and al. passed without prejudice till Monday. No. II.?Medical Inati tutionof Genera College va O. 8. Pateraon, iioatpooed till after the receaa in November No. 13.?F. Ray vs ] V.Birdaeye. Short noticed and re noticed for Monday, 38th inat. Ordered that cause No. M, S Ouno va 11. Thomaa, have preference on Monday morning, and that , then the calendar be reaumed at No. 9. The day calen darbad been previoualy called, and no counael waa present prepared to argue. Court for thr Corrrction of Errors.?1 hnrfday, Sept 17.?Preaent Lieut. Oor. Gardiner, and nineteen aenatora. P. F. I.ahena and *1 vs. J. Melden and al. "Hie court proceeded to the deciaion of this cauae, and tbe rote stood Bine for the affirmance and two for reveraal. Tbe rote waa re considered and the deciaion further noatponed. No. 7-Mohawk and Hudaon Hail road roepeny v?. J Brown. Mr. T. Keynelda concluded for plaintiffin error. Mr. A. t. Tage waa heard for defendant in error Mr M. T Reynold* in reply Decision postponed until Deee?bar.?Argtu LD. Prtc* Two Cento. Varieties. The Common Council of Pittiburgh have offered $3000 reward for the arreit of the murderer of Lawson, the fireman. The Albany Knickerbocker of the 17th, givea the two following horrible transaction! n having occurred in that city Von I?aac Mterne, the keeper of a German tavern iu the lower part of Broadway, wn brought up for a meat outrageous and brutal rape on a hoarder at hi* house named Mary Ann Suthger, about 16 or 16 year* old. It up|>euri the wretch enticed her into a room, then threw her over on a bed, anil itifled her criea by crammiug the bed clothea down her throat, while he accomplished his purpose on her |>eraon. The evidence of tho girl is very strong and cannot be contradicted ; *he intended to go before the grand jury to-day, and unless Von Iiaac com miti suicide or does some other horrible thing to prevent it, he may expect a voyage to Sing Sing. He waa bailed. We have heard of a molt outragroua case of villany which has been practised on a girl in thii city. It appears that aho applied to a colored fellow in town, who Keeps an intelligence otttce in Pearl atreet, for a situation, and he hired her to a canal boat captain. The girl wai from the country, and entirely innocent of the posi tion she was placing herself in, by going on board the boat. After being there, however, a day or two, the captain succeeded in accomplishing her ruin, and all hauds on board followed his example. It waa with difficulty she managed to e?euj>e from the brutes, and sought refuge with a poor family 111 the lower part of the city. A week or ten days elapsed, and it was found that she was horribly diseased. A physician was called in, who on learning her story, immediately informed John O. Cole of the facts, and he nas taken tho nocessary steps to punish the wretches. On Friday, the 38th ult., Col. R. C. Hale, and the officers of the Brady regiment of Pennsylvania volunteer*, assembled in the public square of Lewiatown, MiiHin county, To., for the purpose of presenting swords to Lt. 11 T. Maclay, of the nth infantry, and Lt. J. 8. Woods, of the 4th infantry, for their distinguished services in the battles of Palo Alto and Kesaca de la Talma. The scene is said to have been very imposing. Several able addresses were delivered on the occasion. The people of Mercer county, Ohio, hare given another notice to the elTect that all colored person* must leave that place by the 1st of March next, or they hav* resolved to remove them?peaceably if they can, forcibly If they must. The celebration of the 1. O.ofO. F. in Philadelphia, passed oft'with but one occurrence to mar tlie interest of the day, and that was the expulsion of Frank Johnson's brass band from the procession, on account ol their color. The Charleiton Courier of the IMh says of the steame r Southoner This really magnificent vessel arrived here this morning, at 4 o'clock, after a passage of 67 hour* from New York. The gorgeous descriptions of her which have appeared in the northern papers do not appear, by any means, to be exaggerated. 8he is in model, nni external and internal embellishment, decided ly the finest vessel that hat for long time appeared in our waters." The woollen factory in Peterboro', N H., known a* Cogswell's factory, was burnt down on Wednesday night last, together with a small dwelling house and barn. Th* property was insured. The New Haven Courier of Saturday says, that " The wires wore occupied between Boston and New York the whole ot yesterday, scarcely five minutes occurring between sunrise ami 10 o'clock last evening, when not in active use. The newt by the steamer was transmitted to the New York journals and news rooms during the morning, beginning at about 6 o'clock, and continuing until nearl\ noon ; most of the principal papers having different reports of the news s*nt over the line At the same time we understand, and simultaneous with its reception in New York, copies also were lett in Springfield, Hartford, and N?w Haven In addition to the great amount of de'ails 01 the foreign news sent over the Mires at noon yesterday, Boston tai over two hundred messages for New Voik. au I New Vurk liad abuut sixtv for Boston, waiting lo be transmitted over the line; all these, in addition to a crowd of similar communications, roady at each way-station to be sent to New York and Boston From the rates ol charge wo conjecture ,ttie line earned ' nearly $200 yesterday." A nolle pro$rqui was entered yesterday in the case of Dr Jones alias Hatch, indicted for the great robbery of Livingston & Well's Kxprcss. It was the opinion of the District Attorney that the Doctor could riot be convicted on the legal evidence against him. The confession which ho had made, and by reason of which a large amount of the money has been obtained, could not, undei the laws of evidence, be introduced against him, and he was finally discharged.?Rockeiter Jidv , Wilt. lteilglou* Intelligence. The Ohio annual conference of the Methodist Kjiiiconal Church has iust closed its session in Piqua. Kvery *" thing was harmonious Th? business of theconferwDce was liuikhed in a short tiaae, and tho brethren met and parted in peace. The nest session of the conference will be held in Columbus, on the 1st of Kept., 1847. OLD VIOLINS^ S JOHNSON, No. 1G7 William street, Niw York, has for stir the best collsction of genuiae old Instruments ever offered in New York. Also, very flue new instalments, from the best French makers, viz: Ouitars, Violas,violins, Violoncellos, Itc. The balance oft lot of foreign Music, by the most celebrated tuihors, for piano, violin sua piano, solos, dnctts, trios, quartettes, quintettes, Ike., for one cent per page. Homs entirely new 1'aris music for two cents i>er page. Those desirous of purchasing Instruments or Instrumental Music, are respectfully invited to call. N. B.?Instruments repaiied by the best workmen. sU IwDltltW'rc Tilt undersigned respectfully tenders his services to his old frieuds aud the public in general, for the stle of Pro duce of any kind?also, for the Receiving and Korwardmg of Goods, aud strict aud punctual attention will be paid to all orders, aud charges as moderate as any established house in this city. A. LAFITTE, Agent. Savannah, On., August SI, IMC. ?6Jw*rc WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the facilty?a never lailiug remedy for all affections of the kidneys, inflammation and weakness of the nrinary organs, both in males and females. This excellent medicinal preparation, (suited for all climates,) has never been known to fail in removing the most obstinate attacks of gouorrhcea, Itc,, and can be safely recommended to the public, as ita operations are quirk, sure and certain. It can be taken at all times, without tegud to diet or hindrance Irom business. Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, *41 Grand street, in boxes, at 3 shillings and 6 shillings per box. None genuine I unlets signed by the proprietor. Oy Orders through the Post Ofice will be duly attended to. slit lm*rc HENRY LAWRENCE. 14 Jthn street, a few doort from Br?a4wmf. IMPORTER of French, English and German fancy articles 1. ?comprising Zephyr Wool, and other kinds 1'attents of every description. ( umi?Bilk, Cotton, Linen, Itc., all width*. Silks?Purse and Floss of all kinds. Fringes, Gimps, Itc. a large variety. And a large assortment of Steel Beads, Purse Slides and Ends, Bag Cltsps, Perforated Paper, lie., Itc., whie* he will II at tho Iawmi nnaaihl* nrirei. 16 IfflSn _ Hfc &AHT KIVKH MUTUAL. INSURANCE (Stock) Company, of the city of New York, offiee, Ne. ?1 Wall street. This Company continues to insure against loss and damage by fire, ou dwelling houses, warehonaea, baildiafe, Roods, merchandise aod household furniture, on as favorable terms aa limilar institutions in this city. JOHN BROUWER, President. Charms H. Birnet. Secretary. at NEWPORT FANCY BALL,. THE gentleman who hired a Fancy Draaa at 64 Warren at. for the above Ball, u i>olitely requested to win it to the owner. all St*r MRS. BISHOP, CORSET MAKER, No. IN Hodaon atreet, New York, WOULD return her ameere thanka to tbe ladiea of thia vicinity and the public in general. for the very liberal patronage beatowed apon Her while in baainaaa at 143 lladaon atreet, and wonld inform them that ah* haa commenced baaineaa again at 106 Hudson atreet, where aha will keep on band a general aaaoitment of Corsets of the lateat atyle, all of her own manufacture, wholesale and retail. Alio. Knaaia Belta and Back Bracea af every deeeriptioo. j ali Im'm ! TRAVELLING TRUNKS, he. JOHN CATTNACH, Trnnk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall treet, center of Broadway, Haa now on hand and constantk' making, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valises, Carpet ags, and Sat ere Is, wholesale aad retail. Also, a superior article of aole leather Tranka, eaitable for American or K.uropcan Travel, aad Portmanteaaa for the rrrurn mane rci[f. Order* lot the Went Indiea, South America, kc., filled with deapatch. nH lm'r FRENCH ART1K1C1 A.L rLOWERS, FEAT HERS, *c. HBNKY ti KAItN. Importer*. .13 Nn-n street, ap stair*, n{irMiid*alwie,h?rp r'Cfircd by lute arrivafa from thrir nonaetn raria, ?nd - ?T>r for ml#, n noit ntiunv? ud choice a*ler*ion of thi h'f ?t i?*d moat fashionable atrlaa of Artificial Flowera, in ^nncher, Treafha, aprig*, garlaada. kc. Together with a complete auortrornt of Material* for Artificial Flnwei -make", of ihf ner at deacri|?tioiia, and cmbraciWff' ery article in tSU lin?. t KATHCKS?Marabonta In imitation, oetrieh and fancy Feathera, in *reat variety, *n*f of tJie rerj richest kinda. alfl lm*rc _____ T H tT" A M A ZUM wrGKNTLEMBW8 H?l He*d? of Hair, b?mg the latest and greatevt improvement i? the m-inufacture of Wig* and He Ipa/and the *ab?criber it hwppy m bein* the tir?t to inttoduce then her*. They d?pl*y the forehead and temple* to any heigh* a ?'>int m win m?kin* never before attained.? They *rr c.>mi>osed of ventilatiu* or goaaamer wor* Tbey fit oil thf h ad h) i mechanical contrivance entirely new; they aie put on in ? m >ment They immediately adapt themaelyea to the cauuteuancc, uid at once become part and par??l of th? it mi; man ( opy the addres* K I' Broadway, opposite the aul* Im'rr tllnhe Hotel, anrter fndaon'a Hotel. THE INVISIBLE W1G SO closely resemble* the real head of hair, that sceptic* ami connouseiirs have prnn>nneed it the moat perfect I' d etrraorrfmary invention of the daT. The great advantage of'his novel anil u.ii'|ne Wig. is its being made without sewing ot neaving. which cause* it* appearance to closely to metafile the natural hair, both in ligntaeaa and natural appearauca, at to drl'y detection, its teitare being ao beautiful, i poron* a. id an free, that in all e*<*( of perspiration erapo radon it unimpeded, and the great avils of other wiga avoid ed. The sceptic ana connoiaaear are alike invited to inapect thia novel ana beantifal Wig, and the |>ecnliar method of fittint! the head, at the tnvantnr'?.( A. C. BARRY.) H* Broad war. corner of Liberty atreet. up ataira. ?" ! *?? MA( rNRTKrELEUT JUCALTmACHINES, EIOHT DOLLARS EACH. HART!! k SHAW beg to call the attention of the public to their iaarroveil Apparatus. for JMdical and other purpoaea. which may be km in operation ? thoaf omco, W? Broadway, where may be had Barth k Bbaw a Oalvaaio ! ?*Client, and Holt'a Whooping <*pMh Specific. N B.-A large aaaortment of Gold and M1*?T Leal ?M> atantlr on hand. A libetal diaeount lo Coaatiy AganU. HT lw*re