Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Eylül 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Eylül 1846 Page 4
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tVmt to keep the 1*11 gently oiotIdi, tad la that way m!|rkt make a ch*n(f? la bolder* of many of the fancle* We uliicx our uniial tabla of quotation* for the prlo. c!p?l itock* in thi* market for the patt week, and at tip cio*e of the market on the Saturday previous. It will be ^eroeiveJ that there hai been coniMerable fluctuation in price*?that come of the fancies have improved, while other* hove fallen off; and that, in several instances, there ha* been a decline anJ a recovery during the Harlem appears to be in a very lererUh etata, as rrgar.'i* prices Vcotatioks roa thk Fmcim Stock* is T?a Nt:w Voaa Miaur. Sdf Not Tut*. Wed T%*t Fri. S*tOhio V* s-ijf wjf MV ? WX ?? ?* Kentucky ?' ? ? ? ? W ? i'rnusylTauia 1'* 6tiW ? (C'.S ? MS 6GX Illinoi* 32>? ? ? ? ? ? ? iiid.?'.a6'? xo ? ? ? ? ? SOW Pead'Uii ftK Bond*.. 71 71* 7* 71* 71* - 71$ lt?-><Jin* M'f?e Douds 73V? ? 'Ji ~ly ? "Si j;? lt.iTio.<l.... 6SK 83 61# 6J*?3* WW N.n.lch ?d Wi,'...57 S7g I'? 57>J 57-? 59 5 Krie Hmlroad, old ... <8 ? 47j? <8 ? ? ? Krie Radioed,Dew... 81 ? ? 80 6" ? ? Harlem Railroad .... MX ?K ? ?K *}$ * ?X Long island Utilroad 3U MJ, i'J>? 2#* 29*% t9\ 29 *a Mohawk 51H - - - 51-Vi ? ? 42>? ?_ ? ? ? ? ? l ariner'a Loan 2l\ ?<?< 24 Cn.iMnCo 30'. yx 3?* SOW 5li>? 3o? 30*J Morrtu Canal 7S ~ 7. 6* ?* Vick?t>iirg i'? ? i7? lj? ? ? ? I'mtad Sutar dank... SJfi ? ? ? ? ? Last Botlou M.V? ? ? ? 16 I5Jii ? North American Tr.. 9 9 ? f\ #>4 9<% 10 A comparison of prices current at the close of the market y ester Jay with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits an improvement in Ohio 6's of !<i ixrccnt ; Pennsylvania i'l, K ; Indiana, l4 ; Reading llmlrond, 1 ; Norwich & Worcester, IJ4 ; Fanners' Loan 1a. and North American Trust, 1 ; and a falling off in Ileutling Lor.ds of }? per cont; Mortgage Bonds, 1>? . Long Islund, \ j Canton Co., X, and Morris Canal, >?. The business of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company, within the past few weeks, has fallen off, the weekly returns showing reduced roceipts, compared with those previously given. We annex a comparative state of the tral&o on the road for the second week in (September, in each of the past three years :? Philadelphia and Rkadikg Railsoau. 1844. 1845. IMG. Travel $J,m 24 $2,319 (1 $2 917 58 Kieight en good* 761 21 1,(96 18 2 656 11 1)0. coal 13,762 12 25,665 63 41.451 <2 $16,767 77 $ 30,6(1 65 $47,048 41 Coal transported, tons 12,286 22,970 28,915 The aggregate shipment of coal from the coal districts of Pennsylvania to tide-water this season reaches nearly one and a half million of tons, more than half of which was from the Schuylkill mines, transported on the Read" in2 Railroad. Coal Tbadk or Pxicjisvlvawia. 1815. Ton?. Cv-'t. From the Schuvlkill Coal Mines 844,246 11 " Lehigh 36A.1S1 12 j,>icaawan>m !?,<? jo Wilkesbaire 34.68U 06 " Piue Urove 51,911 12 Oraud total 1,427,167 00 This is the result of nearly nine months' buainou, showing a receipt at the rate of 168,607 ton* per month which for the remaining three month* in the year, ?ctiibor, November, and December, would amount to 476.8-21 tone which, added to Uie aggregate receipt* frcm January 1 to October 1, will make a total of at leait two million* of torn of anthracite coal reaching market for the > car. The quantity of anthracite coal received from the coal region* of Pennsj lvania in each year for several year* past, ha* been a* annexed Anthracite Coal Trade. 1838-Tous 723,830 1812?Tou* 1,108.001 )*j9 " 817.669 1843 " 1,261,539 1840 " 865,414 1844 " I.6J1.6CS 1841 " 91C V>6 1845 " 2,021,674 1846*?Toui 2,190,000 * Estimated. It will be aeen that the increase in the receipt* from 1643 to 1844 was 80S,130 tons, and from 1844 to 1846, 390,00") ton*, while the increase from 1846 to 1846, according to the raoit favorable estimate we can form, will be much less than one hundred thousand ton*. This deficiency will be more than offset by the increased impor- ' tation of foreign coal, whioh has for several year* pact > bren very limited, in consequence of the high duty imposed U| on the article by the tariff of 1842. The quantity of foieign coal imported into the United Btate* in each of the pa*t eight years, has been as annexed. Foreign Coal Imported into the United States. It38?Tods 129,083 1842-Tous 141.521 1&T9 " 18 ,5U 1813 " 41 163 1840 " 162 067 1814 " 87,073 1(41 " 155,394 1845 " 85,7?6 7 he above tables are an illustration of the operation and effect of the tariff of 1843, upon eur foreign and domestic coal trade. Had it not been, however, for the change which ha* recently been made in the tariff', in relation to coal, there t would have been deficiency in the aupply this year, and price* would have advanced a large ppr ccnt, and the poorer class of consumers would have been seriou* sufferer*. Tho supply of furoign coal, in the principal markets, after the 1st of December, will be very large; anil it will enter lareelv into consumDtion. where th? anthracite ha* heretofore been useJ, and in that way bring price* dawn to a low point. Immense quantities of coal from the mine* of Nora Scotia, are coming in under the warehousing act, and being'itored for the reduction is the duty. It will not com* forward for tale until after the lit of December, when we have no doubt all kind* of coal will be mnqh cheaper than it i* now. We know a great many large consumer*, who have conclu ded to wait until that time before laying in their winter suppliea, which is evidence that we are not alene in thi* impression. Old Stock Exchange. liflOfl U 9Gi, '62 105 X 50 shs L Island R R 29tf IJ11O ohi.. #s,'GO 91 100 do s60 29 IMM Indiana Kj B<ls *)? 50 Utics 3c Sch R R 1I1W 10?0? Indians $ Bds 23 ys 30)5 10 Svr 8t Utica R It 109K liOOO P*' n is C6>i 100 Harlrra R R 53,'J 4(rfin Kc diuj Bds 7IH 950 do 53 30W> Heading Mtg Bds "l)i :?kj do bio 53l? 5W,(> do 72 150 di, 62 jJ ldO shs Morris Canal ?30 bV 100 do b4S 5J>i ICO do *10 6J? 250 do b 10 53 1.4 N A Trust 10 50 Reading R R M V 21 do 50 do 61V 7> Canton Co 30*. 100 <!n If* do b60 31 300 do (10 61* 25 Nor It Wor RB St so do 61% ih do 58% loo do ?C0 c<)< 25 do bj 58% 100 do *60 *4 150 o J8?< SO do biS 61% ?00 do b30 MX SO do 110 64)? Second Board. 50 ?h? Nor k Wor UH 350 >tu H?r]?m R R 3 S3 ISO do sW S?% 175 do >3 S3 150 do 58% SO do blO A3 1,0 do bflO r.S.% 10* do b60 S3K 50 do ? S*V ISO do bJO 5?% TS do it% SO do b4S 5<% |0 do 58& '0 do blS S3 JO do 5?X 200 do 130 5?V I 40 do b60 59 10.1 Reading R R bin 6??J 150 do bM S? SO do b3 64% 26 do blO SO SO do *60 61 Si 50 do St% 100 Long lid R R b60 29% lew Stork Kxclunn. 25 ?h? Morri? Cud c t\ 100 ?h? Hirlam R R b3 53}, ? (VnTrut c ?% SO do blO S3?, '0 dc bs 25% 100 do >3 S3 IM L> Iftland R R btl 29% ISO do c 51 ,50 do c 29 50 do blO 51V 50 Nor fc Wor bis S8W 2M do b3 53)2 it do b3 58% 50 do ?3 53% 15 do ?4 58% ISO do c i'/% SO do *1 58% 15 do >3 25 do b3 S8? 100 do b3 S3 1(0 do blS Sdk 100 do Mon SIX 25 do luw SUS 150 do c S'K .75 do C St'i ISO do 13 52% SO do b3 ik\ SO do bow 53.V SO do Mon 48% SO Read R R Moo 64% 25 do bnw 5f!% SO do b3 ?4J4 200 de c SQu Harried. Jti Vltterrille. Ul'ter county, N. V.. on the 0th init., by tbo Bev. J. F. Demare*t, William H Oiii, of the Arm ol N Oti* fc Co, of New York, to Eliiaskth, dvughier of Htmncl Al'en of the former plaee. Iu Jikmieateleii, on the 9tb inst. after the order of the Society of Krienda, of Doiix C. Ro?bi*?, of New York city, with Matilda Loiua, daughter of Ruiiel Frost, ot the former place. Died. On the 30th inat., of typhus fever, Mid Etitt M. Tli* friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at half-past 3 o'clock, from her late resideno*. 01? ermine street, on Tuesday. II On Sunday, the '20th iont, of consumption, Cathk ri*c. w.fe of Wm J. Terry, in the 'J8th year of her age, after a lingering illness of ten months. Her funeral will take piece irem her late residence, , No 885 Cherry street, at 4 o'clock, P. M., to-day, the 31st L init Her Mends, acquaintances, and members of lodge ft No 1,U A O. D.. as well as the members in general, J are respectfully invited to attend. a In Tien'on. N. J . on Sunday, the 20th ln*t., Col. Wm S*owd*n. in the 61st year of his age. I On Friday, Sept. 18th, at Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co , of consumption. Eii*a A Hi sns, wife of James J. Stewart, F.fq .of this city. \ .\t Washington, on Friday last, Alt'* Bcorr, in the 90th vear of her age. widow of Wm. A Scott. At Albeny.on the lath inst, Mra. McElcskian, aged 77 je<ir* and 4 months. t At Petersburg, Va . en the 14th inst, after a lone and mo?t Oiatresoing illness, Dr. Thomas Robinson, fn the v 7?tli year of his age. L On ihe 4th inst., Jawi Wbudcll, wife of Cornelius I V D Wendell, and daugh er of the Hon. Caleb Holmes, I formerly of Haratogi Co., New York. I in the village ol' Lyons, N. H , on Monday, Bctlcr 1 Itks, of Berkshire Co., Mass.. aged 04 years ; and at 11 o'clock the seme evening, his wife, aged 60 years. i In Annapolis. Md., I4tn Inst., Mra. Ann, wife of John Munroe, h ed S?. In Mobile, on Friday, tho 11th lost, of yellow fever, contracted while on a visit to New Orleans, Lieut. IK*jamin F. Van Hook, of the United States revenue ser* t vice and recently attached to the cutter Wolcott, of that atsnon ^ "\T . a'OOHk, who l?'?ly srrivrd in the fJIsdistor, frrm M iv* I' <! w. it rt-<|U??ted to ca'l si No. 180 P? nrl street, II nlicie lie v. ill rcceivr ? me important iMotmniou. f * ' I 4 t O. OF O. F. ' TB? MEMBERS of Loag. W?nd Lfdire. No (3 I. O. of | X O K tr? r*>qu9?t?<l to * tbe Lodfe Room, Mjrrtl# , Arenue, Brooklyn, on Tueaday eeeaia*, iMoahor M, ?t o'clock baelue?e or importance will We broiwht before : V order of JAS. VAN OTKC, N. U Si:l*h H. B?v?m. Secretary. ijllt'ib : CARD. THK MEMBERS OF FuCAHONTAS Km En* we Co. No <#. el W-.rl?m, roiarn their itacere thanlu to Jordan < L Molt. f?r the very liberal aud abundant tuppl* ol refieahmrnt* lureiahod b> him at the lire it AUnbattauville, ou S it urU <y tnornuK tfeptember 19th. By citler of the Company, HENRY r. McOOWN, 21 It** aecretary. A CARD. THE THOMAS DL'HtLL arretted on Situ-day for pitting Coaiiteifek Money, ia not Thoinaa K. Oarell, of the Baih t.oute, in B . adwiy. a?l It*in THh BLST MAGAZINE PlJhLlatiLL). OfUIH. IMS MA GAZIXE. Of LITERATURE AND AKl\ |>Oi oui'OBER. J816. i ' HAH \M'S MAOA2IN*. is the beat paiiodical publiahV* ed in the country. It coutatiii original artiolea trom tlie bctlwritert in the United Statea. Tt<e embel ithmuita are bv the Drat trtlila. and ihe Magtziue now itandi at the head ol Ainericau Literature. It la delivered in any part ol the city at ii cenra per number, or aeut by the mail to all p*rt? ol the United Sulci at S3 per annum; 2 copie< for $ >; S copioa for $lu. Addreat WM U. ORAHAM,r Tr.hune Building. New l oik Country Agenu, the trade aud the public generally, will find a luge of all the .Magaxiuea aud New Boolu, which v?e tell a publi>be''t prices. a2l 2tm WHITE FRENCH CM.NA DININU StTS- | \rKKY superior quality and entirely new forms, Cr?t im- i .ported. Also. Iji c white China Tea Se a, complete. 41 piece* for ouly $i?no lamily will b? without a act who will take the ttouble to call and see these acta. Families Inriiishiag in the China or UUai liue, will save at K-iu; 5 per ceutat the CHINA IIALL. Broadway, corner Clumber street. J KERR Alto, a splendid assortment of all kinds of China mud Ulass, wholesale vid furnishing, at Chiua Hall, Chtsuul street, directly opposite the State House, 111 I'll i lade I phi a. s21 3t*ni Kfc.RR k BON. C, 11. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR. 116 Willis n street, opposite the v? aaliiii^totl Mores. G. B. C. h ,s received a aoinplrte assortment ol l lotlu, C assinieies and Vesting*, suitable lor fill wear, which, hemg peid lor iu cash, will be made to measure at vti) low puces. A line Kreucti twilled black cloth Coat, to order, ?20. usual puce $25; very haadsome Cloths, froin which Coats will be made, for 14, 16 andSH. Evrry other gartnaut equally low. Likewise, Tery handsome Cloth Sacks Iroin 8 t S 0; i weed do. ftoni J to tf; Satin Vesta, white Murscillea Vests, 4tc. stl iwii-.c O. B. CL?RKE. CtuL.l> AiMD lilAiVlU.ND 1'C.iN Mrth-ElvS MAY BK. SUPPLIED with superior Points, just landed? by applying to DR. LtWlt FEUcHTW aNuKR, 21 Liberty atreet, near William. : Alao, Flatina in plate and wire, and Palladium in plat*. s2i 3t*rrc ' EDUCATION. Nl-W BRIGHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, Slntrn Itland. WM. H. DUFF. K. M . Principal. CI IRCULAKS containing full iwrticulars, terms for Board' ers, &c , can be OMauied at tne Store of Messrs. R Lockwood k Sou, 411 ilroadway, New York, or at the Institute. s2l 2t*r TTlE~A H1JEY HO 1EL. ~~ NOVEL AND ATTlUlCTlVe. AMUSEMENT. '1*11E PUBLIC utteiition is particularly directed (o the A competition, advertised lor ihe Shooting at the Abbey Hotel, on Tuesday, the 22d, far a valuable Silver Cup As this ntnusMneiit u both novel and attractive, it is expected thatjtbere w ill be on tint occasion * a full attendance at the Pistol Gallery, at the Abbey. SThe prize may be seen at ihe bar of the Hotel. s2l 2tia*irc ! " RARE "OPPORTU N1TY. THE subscriber, a Merchat Tailor, having mora room in his stoie than his business require', would let apartof i tne same, for a Geutirmau's H uinisrviig f stahliihineiii, Invinc three food windows, glass c sr, tic. The location is one of Ihr very best in Broadway, and business part of the i city. For further particulars addreaa C. W. at this office. Mil lt*m DK. J< 'iSl.S, Dentist, M3 tfroaiway. (weal side, two doors bove W 111lh street I Inserts lee' il without nsin and warrants them good as the Natural one* for bitiug and mtstication. A complete double set of best mineral teeth ou fiueguld plate*, $i0. A set of best mineral teeth on fine gold plates for the upperjsw, to be worn by atmospheric pre?*ure, $30 Single to th, from $1 to $3. Decayed teeth filled with fine gold, and preserved for life. Remember Broadway, (west side,) two door* above White street. *21 lt*rrc Dlt. POWELL. OolJLlaT, AUitJSi, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, ATTENDS to Diseases of the Eye and Ear, from to 4 o'clock, at his residence, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Tear Passnge, Cataract*, and Opacities, effectually removed. AAlAUtfUsIS treated with great attention and (access. Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, ?r Squinting, cared in a few minutes. ? Jost imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of saperior beauty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to every defect. Advice to the poor without charge. Office and residence 261 Broadway?entrance IK Warren itreet. s2l lt"m WANTED, A SITUATION aa Housekeeper, by a middle aged Lady, who hat tor so^e years beeu accustomed to the charge of the first houses in the cit> ? will have no o'jeciion to leave thecitr. The mint respectable references given, on ap| licatiou to Mr*. M., 3S0 Broome street. s2! 3t#m wanted; A SITUATION a* Chambermaid and Seamstress, or ! Chambermaid and Waiter, by an active young Woman, who can give rood references. Apply at 91 3a Avenue, corner of 12lh street. ?lllt?rrc WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE young Woman, a aituation as Cook, Laundress or Chambermaid, or te assist in Wash nig and Irouing. The best of city reference can be giveu. Apply to 123 Mott street, rear building, 3d story. *21 2t*rc INF. RMATiUN WAITED, OF An'hony Oilvin, a na'ive of the city ?f Dublin, Ireland He left Brooklyn, Long Island, in the yaar 1139, for New Orleans, and is considered as running a steamer on the Jackson river. Any information of him will be thankfn ly received by his nephew, John Mayne, 477 Pearl street, New York. [L New Orleans and Florida papers will please copy. sis 2tticitW?rc 1J(J i WANTh-D. ~ BY a gentleman fully experienced in the business, a situation as Bar or Book-keeper, or to tike the general charge of a large establishment. The advertiser has been for the last six months in a well known first class summer Hotel, and his engagement will soon terminate. Address A. B., care of E Hnnfo.d, Architect, W Nassau St., New Yoik. sl? J(?m TO SOU I'HERN DRUGGISTS. WANTED, by* Yonng i\fan, an excellent Druggist and Apothecary, a situation to go South. Best of references Riven. A not* addressed to J.A. C., atthe Herald Office, f>ew York, will he attended to. sli m LEFT OFF WARDROiib AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIE8 OR GENTLEMEN having superfluous effects I to dispose of, such as Wearing Apparel, furniture kc., ! can obtain a fair eash price for the same, by sending for the j subscribe, through the Post Office, or otherwise, wno will attend at their residences. J. LEVENSTYN, 4CS Broadway, up stairi. Ladies cmi be attended to by Mrs. J. LEVENST* N. sit I m*rc J WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN can obtain the highest caah prices for nil kind of wearing, (tc. by applying for the subscriber at No. 11 Marion street, between broome and Spring streets. N. STOKERS. N. B.?A line through the post office or otherwise, will be punctually attended to. au26 lm*rh LOST OR MISLAID. A NOTE of E DJksrlburt It Co. in tlieir own favor and endorsed for $I07?W All persons are cautioned against negoeistirg or receiving the same, as payment has been .stopped A tuiab'e reward will be paid on return of the abote to S3 M ali stieet, corner of William. s20 2t,ni': #5 KEWAKD. LOST, on Saturday evening, from one of the Kast Broadway line of s'Kgen, a BU^t Valise, no irark, belonging to Jacob Van Hcliaick. $5 lewlrd will be given the finder at Siliamau tc's Office. No. 17 (Joenties S.'ip or to Mackerell bS>mp*ou's Suge.OlBce, Ea?t Broadtviv. s20 2c?rh .1. VAN SCHAICK. | #5u0 reward. i LOST OR STOLEN, on the evening of the 17th instant, , on board the steamboat North America, on her passage to Albany, a HEALED PACKAGE, containing several huu urea anarea 01 norm American i ruat una Banking <nmpan>, in certificates of 25 and JO, and (mailer denomination*. (in I Hank certificates ) Alio one certificate fur one hundred I hares of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad, stock staading in the name ol H. K. Noe, on the book'a of aaid company in New York, wiih rower of aitomey attached All peraona are heraby cautioned against negotiating the same. Apply to H. K. NOE, 30 Merchanti Exchange, N. Y. The above reward will be paid for the retnrn of aaid package and in > patents. *19 Iw'm Si'EKvi tANDLKH AMI OIL?A superior article of S[ifrm Caudles at ti cents per lb., and liueat quality Winter Bleached Sperm (lil at $1 the gallon Also, Bleached Solar do. at cents ; also, old Java Coffee, Green and Black Tea* and uroreriea, he , ul the beat qu ility, lor aale in quantiiie* to-ait, by J. O. F'jWLiH, Z'nt and 421 Greenwich and 7C Ves?y streets. N. B ? Families boardx.g house anil hotel keeper*, are invited to gire the above a trial. Goods packed a> d delivered to any part of the city free of chrrge. sl? lm*re LEECH&M LEECHES! JUST KECtlVEU, 10,000 large and healthy Swedish Leeches. Alee, 4.000 (?erm in Leeches, in prime order, foraaleby J. KKmDINaNO ?,LfcUt ?l.t l-n*re Impr'erof L?erh|.>. No I lg William ?f. Madame MARONCbLL.1 WOULD inform her pupila, and friends generally, that ahe condone* her instruction* in 8inging and Music, at her residence, 1 7 Bieroort flare, (Utli street.) Phe alio, if required, K'?e* lessons at the reaidence of the pupil, all eodlm'je A LARGE CELLAR TO BE LET\ A T 61 Croaa at eeL It i* US feet by 24, and l? feet deep ? Xm. Brewer* agenta for ale and beer, or othera, having hogahead, barrels, lie., to store, will fiud thu to l e an excellent place of depoait. It being a central location. Enquire on the premises at Cater Huylan'a wholesale aad retail liquor atore. alt 2teod*m HARDWARE, HAIR &EA1UNU, WATCHES, kc. rpHK subscriber offers to the trade an J wholesale dealera, 1,000 groce low |iriced Table Knives and Fork*. 200 do flue rtund stag do do a< SI0 per (roce 500 pair do do (Hard Carver*, at 37 cents. A complete assortment ol hut C 8 r'lles, Chisels. he. 100 pieces inperior Hair Cloth, all sizes, at the redaced price. Knglisli Lerer Watches, at $13 50; Movements at to JO lie Al?o Trace (/'hum. Knob Locks, ?aw?, B.accs ?nil Bits, Bi d dcrews, Vicea, Violin Btrieg*, Tea Trays, Pe cussion i Caps.fcc ?tc. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, i 14 MWFis*r 43 John ureet, up stairs. NOTlCe.. FHODFPROY. (M'f. J. H Oavelle.) will open on Wednesdiy. 23d inn., her ftll and winter assortment of Millinery, and ladies' articles in general. 3It BROADWAY, sU >Wrc Opposite the Carlton House. T MUSIC HE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate terms, by a person who has a perfect knowledge of the sciene*, ann who undertakes to teach it thoroughly. Terms, 3 dollars per month. Any person wishing to take instruction will . please a.ldreea a line to Maaic, at the Herald Office." lmn*Tp BIKI) CAUh: MAMUFAOTUKt. TIU' tfTn't-'iShotter and Lnurem.) . tniir ? Wo?,d inform hit customer* and tht n f . I r l.irgp turpi y or Cnmmen snd >aney Bird <,*es, of every description ; also. Urxiden, Cedar and Willow Ware, Brushes Bs.kets, *L "I tMorUnwt of article* otu 11 y kept in USftUSUr* ^r1 " I aiiw^I Mmom. extensive^Ee^oFvaluable greenhouse plants, at auction. A LEVY wi 1 aft) oa Wedne?d?y iiioruinir 2 d iiut.. at 11 o'clock. ?t thwwaldence nfvir. John Ehler, Weehiwkeu h?-ijlin N.J afcMK 1 mi lea fiom Hoboken ferry, ??r tli* iKTiliw, on tl?e raail to Hackeoiaek, u tilruirt collection of va!?atile_ptauta. amounting lu ntirlt' B?e thnutmd pota, coi^tat'Uf of Cameliaa, Orango ai d Lriuog 1 rni, Koara ol maat approved aorta, .Aiiliai. Oleanders, Jaainina. lie., With othtr variety. the whole t'oriniuif * valuable collector lor au> feullcaWa graeuhwute. 'lne aale will be wiihocg any rt?nt. srageaof Mr RobffUon will conray paaaeagars from Hobokau terry to the pi; ce for lit){ canu. Catalogues iow reify at th? office, No. 2 Barclay it, Aator Huu?. o at the auction room, No. 291 Broadway. 21 >:'m / WM . A Itlkl Ht.H, Auctioneer. WM. A. BKECHKR, atora ? Cedar atreat, np ataira.? Dry (iooda nr catalogue, lor caah. Rrgul&r aalaa on Monday and Thursday farcical ar attenuoa five a to uui(im'i ule j ol atock foods inHInT wanted. A Sl'IT OF ROO\'8-Parl?r and Bedr.vm. in a pjW amall Ujnily aaar Broadway, not lower than 7rli atraet, JJULnor higher up than 10th atreet Wanted bv a ainalr GruMem in. on the first floor ,ji 3t*rrc * 'K SALfc?A HAKGAIN. A WHOLm*L? wil Retail Liquor Store? at b ! Ilshed?liu hrW ?UCli Tor the 1 1 1 fourtr?u years. near the Kut Hiveraud Wall street?will be told cheap. S?M.Ucr ry relerenoe will be given for aellicg out For further particulars enquire of James L'pton, at Mr. Wm Alyer'a Porter Home, Nassau afreet. between Maiden lane ami Liberty street, between tlw h >urs ol 9 A. A', and 4 P. At. 21 Seine TO~keni\ MA I.AHUK Handsome Back Parlor, nufurnished, wilb breakiast and lea if required. Apply at M3 Broadway, two d<>or* ah*v? White it *21 lw ii rc K_N U A, r? 128 FULTON STREtT, (Sun Building,) V% JP? Deeming it unnecessary to euter into particulars 'rapecting liia Fat} KaahioM tor 1S4C, would simply sta'e iliat Ilia new style will etr? > > beauty, lightness, taste and color, an) thing ever offeredto the hat-wearing public of the city f vew York. Ilia priMe are aa low aa hit lists are fine. ?I7 Iwi.'r t'/iLL STYLE tUSNTLEMEN'S HATS. fl K'lWK, Merchant'* JCgehange, 40 William street baa now ready tor inspectUa and aale, hit splendid Short Nai'iied Beaver# and tine WlkM'Uof the moat fa<hionabie and desinMe shapes, and warranted not to be surpassed by the productions ol any llaf Establishment in thia citv. Prices?Ileal Beaver, $4 M. Beat Silk, $4. >9 2w*r NE'W FREi'C H liOODS. JAMES li?CK & CO , BKG leave to call the atHMiw of tbe L.dies to the riehatt aasoitment of PA RISIAN GOODS that haa ever bren ottered to ibam in thia citv; and aa a very large iiuamitv of goodi bare been purchased bi them at ti e laat peremptory auction >a)??at unusually low pricea, buyers will find richer and cheaper goods than have ever been seen aiuce the sacrifices made at auction in 1I3( Cases Pari* embroidered l aaJwere d'Econe; " ' " jir nted #o. do; " " embroidered .Mottaaeline de Laine; " " printed do v. do; " " do. plaid CaahmeKl d'Econe; " " plain >-4 Mousseline da Lame; " " " VI Cashmere d'itacae; Plain Cashmere d'Econe, whit* J 1 ji" " blue '* " pink for Boys and Mutei; '' " scarlet " " dahlia J French Ginghams, plain and (willed 3-4 and 5-4 wide; 1 case Whi.e-auow Alousseliue de Laine. SILKS Silks Pvrsmide a Volants Silks Damas Blanc Madeira " C>eici-nd? rates Satin " Zephiriue Damuiee ?" Maiociine.deux Chainea " Annure Baxinee " Corsage Lace punrneg- " Oolrlandea de Hears terie " Flrurs ues Hesperides " Cauia> eux and Brodena " Ken* du Bengal " lloiizontalet Sliipes " PekiuNattt'" Hi.iuhuw f louuees and " Pekin Klarial ? Kluwe. a " Brocade Or and Ardent " Perspective a Ku^an " ltobes emuroider d " Uentelle Appliqure " Kobas coraage h. juj-e " At'iiCMU# tout cull " Souta he emhroi'iery " < " Rich Brocade anneaux " Pekin Camayeax " Black watered, one yard " Royal moire Pekin wide " Pekin Chiuois " 40 inches Taffetas, high " Sarin a I'ersonnagea lu?tre " PointiUe rattle-a&ake " 36 do. Momrainx Silks. SHAWLS. Very rich embraidered Canton Crape Shawls and Scarfs; White and black camel's hair Long Shawls; Rich Cashmere and Brochc do; Turkeri designs Cashmere Shawls; Mrgador " " Egyptian " " " fALEXANDER'S PARIS'MADE GLOVES, Of the most recherche co ors: for fall, to match the Silks im|xirtt*d BOUTON'S BlifcVETES. MANTEAUX, VI8ITE8. BLRNONS, Beautiful embroidired changeable Levaniiue Visites; " Poult do Soie Mantes; Keux da Ciel M'utillss; " " " Robe* diner: " " HoSes, corsage and lap* emb'd. LACES AND EMBROIDERIES. Very eitensive a'st.rtTnt of Htftuty, Valeucienes, Brtusels and Engluh thread Laces; Rich black and white Thrtad Lace Cape* and Berthi Imitation do. do. do; Black and white Thread Lace Veil* and Scarfs; Rich emb'd Canes, Chemisette* and Ouimps <1 . Collar*, Sleeves and Cods; lufauta' emVd**'ai?u aid Kobe*, every variety; Emii'rt Linen Cambric Hdkfs. a I pricei; ttein atitched Rrvitr-and Col'd Hordt-red do. WEuDINli AMD SOIREE DRESsES. Embroidered Matlm Dreatea; Do. Tulle* do; Do. Silk do; Do. Satin do: Aenan Snow Organda do; Thread Lare do; Imitation Brnaaels do; 1'oiutde Brussels dj; Imitation Foiut d'Angleterre; Thread Lace Flounce*. every width; Do. do. Scarf* and Veils. ROBED DE CHAMBRE. ) Constantinople, C With a smoking Cap > Tunis, . With a smoking Cap )Smrrua, ( White, pink, celeate embroidered Caahmere Minteam'Ttr children in the arma. Richly embroidered Velvet and Silk Nett Bags, Panel and Qnt'leuaea. The above, with a large stock of other goods, ia worthy the attention of strangers visiting thia city, as they will liud K'.ods not to be I'uund elstwhere. JAMES BECK <i CO., _ 'ISjSte^dm 3i9 Broadway. LADIES' HAIR DREfcSINU. WILLIAM J. BARKER, (fonnerly with H. Martin, and late with W. Lhbblee.l tender* hit service* to those ladies who may desire their lieada dresstd at their owadweli.--. ,... ,k. r..i ? Single time, dressing , SO 40 Do. shampooing and dressing $0 JO Per month, every uay, pioportionablv low. W. J. B. a tune beiur wh >lly devoted to thia branch, he will occupy no a tore; but his order book will be kept at the Pianoforte and Music Waie-mom of Mr. 1). Walkrr, 411 Broadway, where ladiea miy affix their nameaand reaideoces opposite the hoar desired. Kor lu'ttier particulars ei,quire of VV J. B. at hia reaidence, 8T Eaat Broadway. slA Im'r FANFORDS AT IT AGAIN. THE TAILORING BUSINESS carried on formerly by Wm.Maltliieasen,127 Fulton at..will hereafter be continued by Hand ford k. Brothers,and we would aav to the public ?ud our friends now la tlxi time, for we hare just puichased an entire new atock of French, K.mlnh and 1J?-!? in tlotlia, ?ud every variety of caaaimerea and vesting] that is mMmiMi or desirable. which will be maoe up to order to auit the mo?t difficult at to faanion, tas'e and workmauihip. Alan, a full assortment of gentlemen s outfitting, mcli aa shirts, drawers, bosoins, collars, suspenders, umbrell is, Iic , all ol' which we guamutee to sell u low aa they can be h imht in the city.? Comeandsee 8 VNFORD BR'VJ'HEHS. 127 Fulton St., next Herald office. Marcus B. Satifoud, Anson P 8?*ro?o. s!9 lm*rh JUDD'S PATENT CliNTKlFl/UAL WlADMILL. PATENTED May 2il, 1146. Any one wishing to purchase the eniire right of any one. or any part of one, or all of the States of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Nmih Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana, pleue t.> apply to the inveator, Allen Judd, at hu residence, Cabotville, Mass., by letter or otherwise. New York Tity. Sept 18. I?4? sl9Jt*m ~ _ ALLE N^DODSWORTH'S FnirAiii uAiuinu svnuuL, i>o. 44? uroome it., near Broadway. A I). would beg leave to inform hit friendi and the public thit, having m de great alterations and improvements in his rooms, by which t e size and accommodations are very miirh inceased, he * ill commence hit classes lor the season on Tuesday, Oct. t, at 3 P. M., for Ladies and children, and S f. M. f t gentlemen. The instruction* include all t.i? Faahionabla Dances of the day, 'i ermi, he. made known by applying at the School. al9 'm*r WUtlO JAUUIll'. MP. BUROHRIM, Teaeher of Piano, Violin, flute and Guitar, continues to teach Isdies and gentlemen ol INrw Vork, and gives the beat reference of hia method, if reqnired. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 211 Broome atreet, corner nr Lnd'nw ?l!)3i*re 1X2 U ft U A It W A i , roatra or lohn street. TO THOSK WHO SHAVK THKMSELVE8. j From the firming I'oit. SPKCIMF.NU OK RINO'.H unapproachable VKRBENA CRKAM FOR HH AVINO.?This article, universally ! p.aued l>y those who made tiial of ir, laat year took the first i premium of the Institute Fair. Indeed it is fully conceded 1 bv those who kunw, that it ia impossible to manufacture an { article euual to it. It is sofleuing to the skiu, fragrant to the I sense, a destroyer of freeklei and pimples, and ia told cheaper than the old snaps. All, therefore, who would consnlt economy and comfort in sharing, ahonld possess themselves ( of it. Fr-?m the New York Odette.?The New Soap.?We ?|>enk j from eiperienee, and we speak from the more professional ' knowledge of our benefactor sud friend James Grant, No. 4 Ann street, who says it is ahead of any thing ever yet found j out hi this departmeut of modern improvement. It is not only 1 snemnlient but it is someihing more." In short, we be- 1 lieve it ia the tr.-.. shaving soap in the world. Beware of initiations, and observe the written signitare j ander the directions for use, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared and i Tor sale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by C. H. RING, Drnggiat, an261m*m* Itt Broadway, corner of John street. GERMAN HARDWARE. ' ALARUIC assortment of Oerman Hardware, consisting of i Sensors, Chisaels, Butcher Knives, uMe Knivea and 1 Forks. Haws, Plane Irons, Halter Chaius, rocket Knives, Knitting Tint, Umbrella Kiames, Ike. Alio, Curtain Tins, Turtain Omsmrnis, Slates. Ike., ims just been received by ihe nnderaigued. uid it offered for sale low, on accommodating tern.a to dealers. 8L M'fc.8 AND SLATE PENCILS. 44 caaes Slam, assorted N>>* I t<>6. 2, 3. 4, 4, 5 < and No*. i, 4 and i. Also, 9 caaga Slste Pencil* For an! ,jy OEOKUE r. GER JIN<4, 78 Maide.j iane. ? ? ,, J nnrtion ofLibarty street. Vloltna, Guitars, Elates, fce., constantly ou hand. anM Im ec PlUf.M ? iTritition of the kidneys, pain in the baek orsida, lianitoal co-tivcueaa. eruptions. aor? eyes. Doctor Ji.(-la'by a Piles Specific, has made radical cores in many caaes ufihe above mentioned complaints, as can be proved f>y personal reference. The specific is not a purgative and is an entirely vgstable remedy, without a particle of colycvnth, gamboge or aloes, is pleasant to take and perfectly harmless in the moat delicate cises, male or female. Agents will be appointed in every town, county or State, where there is n?ne. on application to BEALHtaCO, 108 Nassau street. ?? lin*m DAOUERRIAN MATERIALS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 81 Nassau street, has now on hand an assortment of Half Plate and Medium Voightlander Tubes. Also, American, of his own manafaetiire, superior to any yet nude in the United States. PlMes, Cases, l.'hemicals, Costing bues Baths, and every maerisl used in DacnerreoM nmg. TJiertnometcn, wholesale and re.ail; Spectacles, Telescopes. Uahsnic Bmieriea, Kekt. 8#l?*r I t. M. CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON* FEKRY. jMQ J0L THE Strain boat PHOPH1ETOR. raptain bofMiBd*H. Vial I an, will run on Monday, Tuesdav and SC3QL Wnl?oil iy ,Jlst, SVil and IJd ol Sept. .leaving Curiut' ?ficr(?9)k A M. and IK H. M. I Whitehall -l? A M and J P M. i Corny hiani?')}i A M. and i P. M. 1' ? .'eambuit Jtisk.PIl fc. I OKKt, will leave Pike rtrett. K R-at 10,^; and d^. tf Mlehall?l mid S Corv Islnn<J?UiJ and 6. C /"t- Hie up, ctuia. ?tl 3f rrc THOMAS BV 1LBT. Prnp-iytor Mm KOK BtLKAaT, IKtLANl).?To <?il ? punctually on the I<t October The sple. p cket >hip MACAO, Capr Jamri fe.itt, Will |>ui.C'ually aail as al>ove, bar regu'ar (Ivy. Mie has splendid ?cco.nraodatiou< tor ca'nn aui* steer*ce putotf gars. wh i Mill be t?kru on 'In lowest term*. Kor parti culara apply on board ihe ship foot of Pine street, or ro JOSh PH McMURKAY. si I re fOTner ol Pinevn) So. th Mr?eta. rt.OrL.*.'? Ll.\fc, OC BlKA' Al.n.\.sk, Direct?Daily, Sundays excepted? at 6 o'clock. P. M. I #Yum Steamboat . ier between Courtlandt and Liberty th. I M Steamboat, ('apt. A. Hougluou, will leave ou Monday, Weduea fc11 > n day and Friday evpnuiRt, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENI'KIK HUDSON, Oapt. H. (i. t'ruttendeu, will leave on Taeaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Tlie above boats will at all times arrive m Albany in ample time fur the morning cars for the East >uid West. K eight uUeu at moderate rates, and none token after 1 o'clock, P. M. All ...? ,.r ?u- n?. without 4 written order from tl.e captains or a^eut*. For piastre or freight, apply on board tlicboaU, or to P.O. ' Hchnllz, at the office on the w lisrfT UNITED 8TATi:9 MAIL LINE. At 5 o'clock, 1* M., Lauding at Intermediate Place*. from the foot ot Ktirclay itrret. 8tesmKoat NORTH AMERIC A Cnpt. R H. Fury. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and huuday alternoous, at 5 o'clock. Mteani'Kft SVNTA CL VUS, Captain B. Overhsngh, will leav? on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday aftcrcoons, at } o'clock. Apply on hoartl, or at the office on the wharf. sllrc TO TRAVELLERS GOINU SOUTH. NEW AND MOST AGREEABLE LINE TO Frednickibuigh, Kichmon<i, Prterthtirgh. V'ii ; I.ynrhkurgh, Ralrifh, H'rldi-n. V C; and Charl'tton, S C. ?/<a THE PL'BLlC ^re iiifortnid that th? new ^L- . 1 snle- did low pressure ttnamtr MOUNT 3CZ3KaLVKIlNO\.cr>uuertii k with the Great Mail Line at Acqme Crerk, leaves Commen t ? r?er wharf, Baltimore, every Tursd ty and Friday cve::iug, at 11 1'. M., for the abo?e points. Through Tickets 'o Richmond $1 00 " " to Petersburg 4 00 " " to Welden, N. C 7 00 " " to Charle too, S C 19 00 Being at the tame price, mote direct and expedition*, and mnch more certU" man he t 'hestpeake Bay and James Itirer Steamboat Line, all the wide and rough Portion of the Bay, between the month of the Potomac aud Old Point Comfort, beirg entirely avoided hy this Line. Travellers are advised that thr Liu* hereby advertised ia part and p reel of the Ureal Mail Lin* tluongh Virginia, and that it is the intention of the Companies composing the Great Mail Line that passengers shall be conveyed by them in connection with the Mouut Vernon, alwaya is cheaply ai by any any other line, and with more oinfort, expedition and certaintv, thuu by auy other Line eiceptthe Line via Washington. For further particulars enquire at the ''mi'hern Tlajlroad of ncr, i iMi n , d-mii hi otp. ft i o i wi r\ 11 at p i. t_i~, inn the Commerce at. whaif, or oa Tue.idiy* and Friday* on board the Mount Vernon, of C. W. (J'JNNEL, C?,,tain. N. B?Traveller* by the above Line will bear iu mind that they lure two hrurs mote in Baltimore than paneugrr* by the Chraapeake Bay and >amn lliver boita, xnd y t reach any point South nl Peteriburg st the unit time with iln-ne latr, even when there ia uo breach of connection hy >h" Bay Line >18 lm*rc NOTICE. TROY EVENING LINE. HOUR i HA^OEH. ugf( ON and after TUESDAY, September 15, iff*tlic low preuure ateamhoat KMI IHE, Cain. ZKLavBCdK>R B Macy, ? ill- leave the areamboat rier at the foot of Cimrtlandl itreet, at 6 o'clock, 1*. M., iu*te*d of 1 7 I*. M. at her-tofore *H r ; FUK b l'A FhN iM^AlND. " i ^iWBQ 0M ON and ifter TUESDAY, tbe 15th day of &??September inat, the boat will run aa follow*: " Leave Staten Island at 6, 8, 10, 12 A. M. and a, 4. I'd 6 1' M. L- ave New V ork at7, 9,11 A. M. and 1, 3,S, and 7 P. M. All freight at the ri?k ol the owner* thereof. ilir gm INDEPENDENT MORNlNti LINE AT , SZSREFmF1 O'CLOCK.?FOR ALBANY from the ' ^^ NEKa'tramboat pier at the pier foot ?f Warren treet. Pas**ge tl 50. Touching at the loot of Hainmoud *t. j Breakfiat and dinner provided on board. The ?wift and magnificent (teamer IRON WITCH <rommauded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, leave* New York, Tue?dar, Thursday and Saturday. Leave* Albany, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing at Van Courtlandt*. We*tpoiut, Newburgh, Milton, Po'keepiie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Catikill, Hudaon. au25rc OPPOSITION MORNING LINK AT~?i WCLOCK FOIt ALBANY Landing at Hammond atreet. Van Cortlaudt's (Peekakill) Cold Sprirg, Newburgh, New Hamburgh. Milton. Pongh keepaie, Hvde Park, Kingston. Upper Red Hook. Briatol, Caukill, Hudion, and Co*?ackie. I'aaaage, One Dollar. ^01 THE uew ?nd faa'-*ailing low-pressure .?J?*te?mboat METAMORA.Caot. P. H Smith, 3KiM9^3c.will leave lie pier foot ol Warren street on Monaay, W?dn?sday and Friday, at o'elotk, A. M. Re ' tumiag,leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Passenger* taking thi* boat will arrive iu Albany iu time for Iuic ciniuiuK ?^nnn iuiii "mi. Breakiaet ami Dinner on txmd. Kare til Via Cortlandt'a Dock, 23 cents; Poughkeepaie, SO; > Hudson, T5\ Albany. tl. _ _ si lm r i FtR'TPACKET fcH'P KOR NEW OR' I WPyJV LHAV8?'The splendid tirnr clam packet ship OS' wHwfia CEOLA? Captain Child?will tail positively on the 24th -eprember. I Her sailing qua) itim are well known anil the is in all re. a^ects a j|? rnir conveyance (or second r ihin a?d steerage passengers, who are requested to examine her accommodations previous to tlieir eugsgnot 1>K anr other reisel. For fur tiler particular apply on board the amp, at pier No. 10 E. R. i below Old Slip, or to J. HERDM AN & < o., f 1 South at I The well known faat xilinc ahip john holland, Captain .will succeed the Osceula, and sail on or about I the 1st of October. s?0 rh HAULEM PA UK TROTTING. Tuesday, sept. ?m. ?t :t o'clock, p. m?Pur.e. $>0, mile hetts?best three in fire under the saddle. W. 8. Reed, enters h. m Julia Dean ; R''1 utile, eut-rsgr g Williamsburg J Whelpley. ente<s ch m Fanny Pullin Wm. Cav born, enters m Flora John Rogers, enteis b. g Tom ?21 2tis*rc TROTTING?UNION COUK.SK, L. ISLAND. I?Purse $?W?Mil* lieas, bMC three in live, in liar iiess?free for all fottin* horses?$'i0 lo the second best. No. Z?Purse 150?Two mile heats, under the saddle, with ?n inside stake of $100. half I'ntfeit?free for *11 trotting horses. except Lady Mitfo'k. Moscow and O'ey Ksg'e. ? No, J? Suite $100, half forfeit?Two mile heats, under the saddle, for trotting horses tint never won a purse over fifty dollars. No. <?Stake $100. half forfeit?Mile heats, heat in five, to wigons?wagon and driver to weigh tlire'hundred pounds?free for trotting horses that never won money. No. J?Make ?i0, half forfeit?Mile hea's, best lu five, vnder Ike saddle?free for all pacing horses except James K. : Pollt. | No. 6?Pur>e $260?Two mile heats in harness, free lor all : trotting I.orsea?S.i0 to the second best. Tina purse to come oil the firat week in October. Trotting over the above Course will commence the laat of ! 8e. tember. Three or more in each to make a race. Weights I and distanee, ill all cues, according to the rules of the I Course. The above purses and stakes will elose on VVednea. I day. the 23d ofSept., at (Jrce.i St Losee's, b.' 9 o'clock I*. M. OEOROK 8PICKR. ! New^Vork^Sepr. II, 1146. _ sIB KVIW't'rc i CENTKEV1LLE COURSE, LONG ISLAND. TUBMib^riWr will iib ? ti>c oi Mt|u lo the Course, 1 or ihe courryance of inweugers, on the day of I the creat Trot. Mnndtv S-nt. 21. For nartirulari if? adver tiarmcut 8t?gM lc ire 2t Fulton it., lirookltn, ?t 1 o'clock P. M- Fare, each way, fifty cei.u. C. CARI.L, Proprietor. Brooklyn, Pept. 13 13IS. ?1!> 3t*rC CV>TKhVlLLh CUUUSE?TROTTiNU. ffl T OKtiAl dPOK. I'. MONDAY, Sept. 21, at 2 P. M?f'nraa Three Hundred Dollan?Two Mile He'lt. for whieli are eutereO and wnt noaitively ?tar?, ihe eelevrafed trottin* hone MOS OVV sort thai wonder of (he world, the pnrins horae MMKf K POl.K Moicow to fo u he pleaaea, l'olk to a wagon. flnme day?Pnrie S30, mile heat*, bet' 3 in \ >n haruex. for hornet wbo ne*er won a pnrae over $30. Kntriet to eloie ar the Cvnrte by 3 o'clr ck, P. M., taine day?three or more to make a field. JOEL CON KLiN, Proprietor. N. B.?'"ara will leave the *o?th Kerry Urooklyn, for the '' . i> si -. j ? .h. . . I ,nm over. Knro cwch vriv iA t??'?. a 17 r N?w I-tne ofPacken for LIVKRI'OOL.? P?c'*et mMMTV0''J* h Septe in'ier?The aplendid fiat sailing aud jwHWafii mil |i?' krt "hip,SHXKIDAN. llflO to . burilen, ?|> ain O B. Corinth, will > il oil Suuril.iv. Nertember 2fih, lier regular <l<y. The ah |>? of thia line being nil 1000 tonn and upward*. peraon* about to etnbirk for the old country will not fml??? tee the advantage! to be derived from aelecttog thi?!|ine in preference to any other, aa their capacity retidert them everv wey ffloio rimfomble and (onveuieiit than ahi|>* of a ?m?ll claaa, and ihei> accommodation! for cabin, aecnnd cabin, and ateerage pai*erger?, it i* well known, *re nupcrior to toouc < f any other hue nf packeta 1'erioni waiting to ncCjre bertha ahould nor (nl to make e.uly application ou board, foot of Wall atreet, or to W. ?j. T. TAI'SCOTT. At their general I'ttaage Office, 3t> f <>rnli at, tecond door below Hurling Slip, The Sheridan will aail from Liverpool i>n the 11 th of November. Periont withiug to rend for iheir Inendt can hove them brought ut in thia in tgnilire.-ir packet, or any of the regular line, lailing on the l*t, 6ih, 7th, 11th, lGili 21 at and 26th of every mouth on lnvor?bl? term* Application to be made at above, or to \VM. TA''S' OTT, OS Waterloo Koad. Literrool. Ait-rt. Drifts for nay amount, payable on demxiid, without diaeonnt in all tbf principal towua i.f England, Ireland. Mcotlard or Wales cmi it til times be obtained on application til by lettf, post psi'i,) ?? above 'J'lm e egwt p cket ship Hor heifer, will succeed (be Sheridan, and sail oil the ll't of Ocfoner. her regular dir. >2lih ami*: Puh new oi<lka5>T?i,om? ana and New wflfv York Line?Heitular Packet for October 3? The SKHMbiiei regular fast sailing Packet ship CHAKLE! MAO>E, Capuin Kailes, will positirely si11 as abort, her regular day. Kor freight or passage apply on board at Orleans wharf, ] foot of Wall streat, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., V> South at. | Agent in New Orleans, James F.. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all foods to hu address. i Packet Ship J AN E K. WILLIAMS. Captain Paiker. will I sneered th# Charlemagne. s2lrc PACKET Shlp ^LKICN OK THE WK?T, Cor fcfTJFV Liverpool ? Passengers mil plesse he on board JmSmL Srermhoiit l!?rrnlrs atVVhi'ahtll ?t 12 o'clock |)rrcisi-ly. 1.rtlcr H"gs will clos? a> the nsnal plicea at half i a<i l?. WOODHULL St MINTCRN, %'l) Itrc tn Honfh street. iiw.- NOTM K Coosifueei pi >htp MM \o from Liverpool, will | leas" s'?d tl'eir permits on hoard, <>>? **<? 1 ot of P ne st'e.t. or t > tl.- office nt the I on.ignea. I All goou. perni'iitd in lir# days mint una*.id My be sent unite public More. J. McMUKKAY, I ltnc Corner of fine and South su. 1 f /' v : j v , ; | AMI'SKJIKNTH, Ac. tJAKH THEATEfc - Co Monday Evmuif, H^pl. II, will be |>rr formed R|( HLLIKU?C*r<*lt'al Iliclielliu, Mr torie?i, Couui da ba!ad*a, D?iri> ; daaeeliar de Maul''?tj Dvoit; Father Joseph, Uu?*; Mnguet, Fisher; Louut ilt- Clermont, Mcl>ru**ll; Julie (In Mortimer, MisHnut; 2d*' non d| Loruie, >1i- Kauuv Gjrdon. I To couclnde v%11li ili? urc? oi the MISERIES OF HLMAN L1FL?Mr Ally Croaker. Mr. G Bar ett, Mr Mil dmky, | Fisher. Mrs Courtuay, Mui Fauuy (iviil^ii. U<>ors <'i?eii si 7 o'clock, and the parlornaaxtces will eomrocncc at half-past 7 o'clock. Boies $1; Pit 'J) cauls ; Galj lary ta cants. ^ BENEFIT and las appearance of Mr. A. A ADAMS. BOWIlH* Ti-iK/iTHfi. ? On Monday Er^uiug, ttapt. 21, will ha perfumed the tr gedv of KING LEAH?King ! Lcai, Air A A Ad lama; Lordelia, Nltss Julia Den.; fcigjrt ; Mr INcafia: Edmund Boot1 ; Gouertll, Mis gergeaut, Ke4.n1, Jordau; Ar.nthe, Miss Bell. To co.'c'udt witli the drama of THERESE-?Carwiii/Mr A A Addami; Theresa, Miss Julia Deau; Fontaiue, Mr Booth; Countess, Airs .Vladison. Doors opeu at 7 o'cktA. curtain will rise at hall past 7 ? Dress Circle, 50 cants- L j ' er Boxas, 25 ra ils; fitund Oailary,12K cents. BUWKftiY AMPHlTlitAl'KK?On Monday Evening, September 2i, the world renowned ACROBAT*) m two acta?1 o commence v. it la a lu horse cavalcade, called Lords and Ladies of 1'ersia; Comic ballad; Mrs Wnlleii aa La 8yl* pMde; Trampoline, or double leaping; The Dying Moor; v?1 flea minaiaa; Oli^utoriil PfiliiN (hotp iii-s by the Acrobat Family; Villaga < ouitship; Ground aud | Lolly TnmhiHiK l?v !'-? Troupe; Lvrlutioua uu ll>? Klytux ' Coid; Melodies and Chorine*. The whole to conclude with the burlf I fa ot'fiilly Button. Bi>ic>, 23 cents; Pit,!!)? cents; Children to Boxes, half price; Sc?u in privste or lamily Box'*, M ceut?. Hours open tit o'clock lVi-f "in?i to coinnn-iice at 7'?. M'Clit.LL'4 UL> ilfli: i'rtfc V i lit-Uu evening, Kept. 21. ? 1:! tie performed llio comeilietta of VVMO'i THE COMPOSER?Signor Cil'aiiui, Mr Holland; Countess. Miu Kooeits. Alter which the i>ew musical faitv 1 xtrariiiranza of THE BEE AND THE OUANG*. TRfcE?Kin* Block. Mr Clnrk; Prince Amiable, Mrs 'Jimm. To couclude with ihe farce of LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS? Mr Gi,lightly, Mr Holland; M:s Major Phobus, Mr* 11 Uhei wood. Dm* circle i'j cent", upper boxi's 2i cents; pit oue shilling; prir. le boxes $5. Hons open at 7 o'clock: curtain rises at half pint 7. UKi'llANo" IH'.M'.fir, C.ASTLE GAHDEN MONDAY EVEMN J *ep: Si.?Admission iO centi.? Tire following a r?y of laient will appe ir: Acrob t K-rn ily, Barney Williams, Mr Holman, Mr. Good wiu, Mr ill field, Buffo I'toupe of htluopian Singers, Together wi li Dissolving Viewt an4 Chinese Kre Works Conime-.iciiu with GRAND MEDLEY OVEKTUHEaftc which the ETHIOPIAN TROUPE will give 1 lenei of bon*?, Parodies, Ike The Ci?> part con.luding with DISSOLVING VIEW8, under the direction of Profeisor Eie.steiu. IIX'O.IO fAKT The wonderful performance! ol tne celebrated ACROBAT F AV1ILY. After which BABNEY WILLI AMS will appear in an Li?Ii chiracter, ai d dance an Irish J1wi h Mr. Goodwin. CONCERT?By Messrs. Holtnui, Goodwin and Buffo Troupe. Concluding with the ACROBAT FAMILY, aa the "Ariel SiupeuiionisU, or, Flying Koims of Phantasyon perpendicular cordi. WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA E. A. Marshall, Lessee W. R. Hum., Manager. Mr. and Mrs CHJ1S. KEVIN'S Seventh Night. MONDAY EVENING, September 21, UU, Will be performed, 8hakrspeare's piny of A S Villi I.lkt.- IT Jacijuea Mr Clias Ketn Rosalind, ( with (lie Cuckoo song)... .Mr# Chat Ktiui Alter winch the laughable fuceol THE MAN WITHOUT A IIK A D. " ()? Tuesday, Mr. CI'AKI.KH KKA.N'H Benefit. !l( II STRfc'.l 1' THE.VIRK. nill.TuJKLrHl A. IV. K. Bi'htox Manager and L?iifr O"" This 1 litatio Ims beei thoroughly re-decorated iu the in '&t tfOigt-nut ?tyU, and is now liic must beautiful Theatre iu the Lniou. MONDAY, Sept. 21. 1S4S, 'I he Life and Uexlli of KINO HICHAM) THE THIRD, From the original text of Mmkespenre, for the first time iu America. Fifteen new scenes from correct authoritiei painted by Messrs. llielge Mid Olessing. Two Hundred New Dretses, Coatly Arm im, Magnificent Finblazonmeuts, AVe?pon?, and other appointments. m ide expressl v fortius piece. Duke of Gloucester, Mr VVallick; Clarence. .Mr Marsh; Hastings, Mr Howard; Buckingham, Mr Arnold; Richmond, King Edward, Mr Heukins; Murderers, Meisrs Burton and Burke; Queen Elizabeth, .Vra Wnllark; Queen Margaret, Mm A Lewi*; Ledy Anne, Miss Chapman; Duchess ol York, Mint Hughes. ?CF~ No nther piece on the aame evening. GOTHIC HALL POSITIVELY THE UiST SIX SIGHTS OK TUB AMAZING DUCK Of VAU( ANSON, And ef the other most celebrated Mechanical Pieces,ai MOWS G. TIETZ Must return e*r!y in October, to tulfil his engagements ia _ _ l'.iris for tilt ensuing winter. s3l lt?r (rilAN DGON C E il'f. A OR AND CONCERT will be given on MONDAY, the 21st September, at three o'clock ill the afternoon, iu the O to Cottage. Hobnkeu by Mr. Kendall, the celebrm'ed Bugle Player, and his full band. Admittance free sil it*ic LOUM8' HWARTZ. aiUYVbSANT liNiiil I U I K, BROADWAY, ON MONDAY, SKl'TEMHER 28. MR. LOVKR. (Author ol Handy Audy, Rory O'More, tkc. lie.) will give his tir.t IRISH EVENING, ILLU8TRATIVK o' the Ndtionnl characteiistirs, Legends Kni.?r?riri<\ti? Mirfti ?ml iVltlrwtv ol* his rmiiifrv. Willi ! ainuing Anecdntes, Recitations, Pathetic anil Comic, and hia own 1K1KH SONGS, *om* already honored witli recofnition in this country, and others, aa yet, unintrodnced to the American public. Adimtsiou, (I. Tickets to l?e had *t the Aator Home; aUo, at Mevirs. 8t<>dd(rt Dt Dnnliain'a: (('bickering's; Dubois's; Kirth Si Pond's; and Att* ill's Muiic Stores, and at the doors j eachui?ht. Door* open at j'clnck. Performance to commence at * and conclud* about HI o'clock. ?20 lwis*r ! WELCH &~MANN'6 MA?lMOTH CIRCU8. TMIIS immense r*labli*liineut, surpassed by no other in the i X country for the Korgeonsncss ol ita costume* and trapI pinna?lor the number oi l Itnted and accomplished e<|iieiIrnui, and for the beautiful amd of horara?have jnat concluded their Ka^teru tour, mhI are now ou then way to this vicinity. They will open To-morrow (Tuesday) Evening, at Jersey City, when one of tlia beat aelectii>ua Iroin their varied enteilainmruta will be giveu. On Wednesday and Tliur* ny Uiey perform at Newark. Thia will be the only opportunity ofteied thia seaion, to those desirous of enjoying au intellectual treat, who re?ide iu the places alluded to The ucceaa they have met with thua tar tin a season, liaa exceeded their moit SHii?'uine espectation*. ill r HOWES* CO.'b N. Y. MAMMOTH CIRCUS. 'IM1I8 unrivalled enrpa of Equestrians Will perform at X Lyon* ou the 14th September mat.; at Anburu on the llth, ti th and I7th, during the ^reat Agricultural Kair; at Syiacrse ou the IS.h and I9th; at Home on the 2lat; at Utica on the till trd 2;d; at Herkimer on the 24th; at Little Kill* on the 25tli: t Fort nam* on the Vtith; at Cooper?town ou the 28th; at Cherry Valley on the 29th: at Coble* Kill on the 30th, and at Schenectady on the fir?t day of October neit. This la the Largest Establishment ever organized in th* Huiien (Mate*, comprising IS# Men and Horse*, requiring* arriages to convey the periormers, wardrobes, musicians, See. 1 be company baa attached to it Eight Female equestrians, among whom is the Greatest Ketnnle Hidcr of th* Aite, recently arrived from Fari?, MADAM KMAH1JK MACAKTE. whoae new atyieof Kquettnen FMis, pecaliarly her own. beinu chatteand claiaic; her graceful and fiacmating addreia, and the charming n mete with which she ehuu* her audi* j euce, render this gifted and highly-educated artiste the lead ing feature 01 tne arm* in tnts conntry. lie rroprieiors refer the public to the hrilliint descriptii u given in the r?srective newspapers of the extraordinary una daring feat* performed by this distinguished artiste. Equestrian Director, Air. HOWES; Riding Matter, Mr NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, D*N KICK. j\m.>ng the Performers it the MleDrated aud principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. UOUQ8, wliote feats 01, Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jure nile act of Horsemanship by Master Nixuu Olyu pic Exer cite*, by the whole Company, led by the great Kuiopeir Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wouderfnl Keats by Mr Cole's Dogs, Hector and billy. The SWISS bROTHERS in their elegant (iymnaitic Postures and Oruupiugs. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of Phaibus. Poscunng arid Ojrmnasties, by Mr. Nixon r.nd his ton. Mr. Howea in hia Mythological and brillifait Act of " Kancies of Proteus." Mr C. Howes in Hlack Rope Evolutions Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. V/itii a *ariety of others. The whole comprising the leadiug, most talented, and classic performers in the world. sUrr HOWKH h <JO 'S .New York Mammi-th Circns S ION OR LOUIS MARTINI. Professor of Singing, wri) resume his lessons as ntual, at his Music Room, 38 Leonard street, joining the Society Library Building. To thk Amstki'Iis or the Accohdiois he would recommend his Album, just published, containing a delightful collection of the meat popular operatic melodies aud favorite pieces. This production was much needed, to show that the best musical compositions can be played on that instrument, whose capabilities have remained so lent unknown. Signor L. M. accompanies Ilia pupils on the Piano and Onitar anJOlm'm MONTE VERDE'S BILLIARD AND BOWLING SALOON. NO. 5 BARCAY STREET, (three doors below the American Hotel,) New Vork. The Subscriber would respectfully inform his friends and this public in general, that hr has four as good billiard Tables, ?? cjs be found in the city, all kept lu complete order. As 'hese tables are in separate aparimenu, the proprietor thinks it will be more select And agreeable to kniillemen risring his house, in private parties. Earli gentleman visum* the above estalilis! meet, ? Jl he lornis'ied witn a private cne :mu apron, iur cm'tciw isc and the best attendance in the citr. Any gt-utlemen wishing the billiard roo n exclusive to themaelvr*, or the bowling alley*, can hare ill* same by applying at the bar.? Also two Bowling Alleya which are alwaya kept m lint rate ordrr. with the beat ol atteadiuce. Lunch every Jay at II o'clock. Wednesdays and Mondays, Kixli or CUid Clu.wdrr During the season the choicest Oysters, men as Khrewslury.t.hinkarora a, Mill I'ond, Oold Spring and Massachn?t? Diy. Oentlemeu calli* K lor the abore oysters can always hare them at the shortest notice;.they can depend o? havitg the ahove asaortine'it. ills Bar la well focked with the choicest Wines and Llanrra.and ttegars of the hest quality. Also Sherry Coblers, Miut Juleps, aud I unchei made in a manner not to t>e sarpasned. C7*- Oentlrmen will please to commouicate at the Bar, u> y neglect of duty of the attendants. 7 FUANOll MO.NTEVKHDK, No. J Barclay street C/Trirate entrance at the Hall door. an28 Irrmr UULMAN'S KM POM HTM OK AKT AMI) f'LABSIC ( AB1NBT OALLKRY OK OIL I'AINTINGH, fJETHICII inclndes his immense storks of Bosks, Painting, r? KngravinfS, Kancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, lie., are now to be loand open the second door, np one flight of easy atciia, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be aold at aa low prices, and many nmch below the regular prices, being desirous oi clostog My aasoon aa possible liia Bovk Department AC heap List will aoon be published for these who will bay inantitiee. Purchasers are .nvited to rail aad etamiae his New Rooms. KAKK CtlANCh A NUMBER OK AUKNTtt WANTED to undertake th* ?*le of a new and utrfal patented ulicll, which can h? old to e?ery family in the Union. To men of re?pecial>l? character*, a guarantee of $500 per iinnnm will be given T?> prevent competition etch agent will ha>* a dutrict a#cnr?d to him. Apply to 8. FRENCH. m Broadway. up 'tair*. Lettnii mn?t be poatpnid in order to teenive Minn (ion. au24 lm*m _______ mm **fc-*a*e?. ' NOTIC1 ?'l . y...??-dM.t.otr?at >X*5Vtlie crew nf the Knll.h jli'P V ATAO. Cat?,, Heotj. MhGSb?*fri>m Liver|w>ol, a>no debt" oftheir Contract rg *.ill h?> by the Ctptmm or eowilii*? KOJi LI VKkPOUL?Hegnhr I'nfkrt of thr 26th *#4^M....i?.nher-The firat cl??? l?T tailing pache ahi* JgygJDnK!N K.H. ("apt rainier, will ??il aa iHore, h Ha'TTnfVefrinpwloraeeo^moiationifor,.Mond cabin anu ateerao paawnncra, p raoiu a.on.dnMk.- 11 JOB r! PHMcMU ttR A V? ,2i rc corner of f ? ? wid &o*th % i * 1 1 ' . . .! '.I I LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TELEGRAPHIC. late raoHK nraxxco. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. ANSWER TO THE PEACE OFFER. The Mexicans Kef use to Negotiate until our Forces are Withdrawn from j MEXICAN TERRITORY. Arc. k.c. Washington, Sunday Night. We learn from the correspondence of the Mobile lh,-aid and Tribune, that the V. S. ship Princeton arrived at Peusacola Sept. 10, in the evening, four days from V>rn Cruz, with de* ! spaiuuca in uiiswcr iu must' |_iur oilers cm pracrj sent from the State Department, which were 1 published about the clo*e of tho session- They i were answered by tho Mexican government in* I stantly. Lieut. Henry Purviance is the bearer, ; and proceeded with all despatch to Washington. No one in our squadron has the idoa of the nature of them. A new Ministry has been formed in Mexico. Almonte is Secretary of War, and Rajon of Foreign Affairs. Santa Anna's administration has begun auspiciously. Santa Anna himself is at his country seat, near Jalapa. It was expected that he would go to the Capital in a day or two. , Mexico was making no preparation to carry oa the war. Some time sinoe a brigade was formed and equipped complete, to march against General Taylor, but the commander has not budded, and will not move from the city of Mexieo. He Dr?(ers spending his evenings in the cafti, to advancing against Old Rough and Ready. The papers are pressing him, but ho will not move. In fact, the soldiers have not desired to march. The Squadron tre blockading Vera Cruz and Alvarado; they would gladly take a hand at anything, but positively, there is not one to fight witii If you go ten miles to the north of Vera OniX. they send you bullocks, and the country womr a desire to come on board to look at the ship. miles south of that city, they actually came in trwi boat?, sending invitations off for a fandango, i the captain of one of the launches, and desired to countrymen arc with ue, the soldiers against ua. James Whelan, O. S., of this ship, fell overboard, and was drowned. Ho was a native of England. Every exertion was mi>de to save him, but without success. The Princeton brought the captain, Mr. N. Myer, and part of the crew of the Hamburgh, captured by the U. S. brig Somers, lor attempting to force a blockade. The Naiad sailed for New Orleans under charge of Lieut. Berryman. The Princeton passed her in lat. 21 SIN., long 94 19 W. The Answer from Mexico. Baltimore, Sunday Night. A letter from the United States squadron in the Gulf has been received in Washington, which gives the substance ot the Mexican Government'* response to the peace proposition. They refuse to enter into negotiations until the American land and naval forces have been withdrawn from the territories'and harbors of Mexico! We are assured here that this is the answer which the President received yesterday alternoon by Government express from Pensacola. Nothing new from Nauvoo. Hijffalo, Saturday Evening. The market to-day has been rather livelier than yesterday ; there have been some larger transactions. Four thousand nine hundred bushels of Massilon wheat, good quality, went off at 77 cti. per bushel Two hundred barrels o( flour, Cleveland city mills, at S4 13 per barrel; one thousand do. Pyramid, Lockport, at $'4 12i A lot of mixed Michigan and Ohio Hour was sold at $3 96 per barrel. Corn is quite scarce, and good samples would ruadily bring 55 cts. Some sales of Ohio and Pcnna butter a: from 7 to 10 cts. per lb. Chautauque county butter sold at 12| cts. Lard, some sales of small lots at 64 cts. There was quite an excitement in the Court House to-day. Geo. G. P. Barker, ex-Attorney General, while delivering his address to the jury to-day, fell dowu in an apoplectic fit. He was carried home, and the physicians held out hope* ol his recovery. BY THE MAILS.. = Washihoton, Sept. 18,1846. i The Next Campaign?The IVhig Party?1 heir Probable Ticket Defined, and itt Availability Ddintated. i r rum uic jucociu aiuiu ui uic twu p?iuot, and their inexplicable subdivision*?from the wide distinction between the whigs and democrat* ap- -on general measures, and the apparently irreconcilable dissensions in either party, upon factions, men, principles, schemes, doctrines, dogmas and absurdities, we may safely take up the prophecy, and proclaim it to the twelve tribes of Israel, that the campaign of 1848 will surpass, in foroed marches, the advance of our invading army into Mexico?will be more interesting in its skirmishes than the march to Santa Fe, and more decisive in its results than the bottles on the Rio Grande. or the return of Santa Anna to the government of our sister republic. We propose briefly to examine the prospects af the whi# party, their probabilities lor a candidate, and iheir chances for success. Pending the late session ot Congress, tbe military glory of General ! Scott, token into view with the crowning glories 1 of the nainrs and fame of Jackson and Harrison, ! was by nil odds the predominant idea. It was | endorsed by Henry Clay at Ashland?it was taken into the especial care ot John M. Clayton, one of | the most accomplished political wet-nurses of the dny?it was approved at a dinner of the magnates of the party in Washington, and down to July the I nomination of the hero of Lundy's Lane, as the 1 whig champion for '48, appeared to be a foregone j conclusion. But, unsatisfied with the laurels ofthe victorious warrior. Gen. Scott, nnadmnmslicd hv tii? dis astrous examples of his illustrious predecessors, mmt tnlic upon himself the hazardous occupation ot '?the complete letter writer." Did not the fexas letter ot Mr. Van Buren extinguish him 1 Did not the Texas letters of Mr. Clajr "use turn up," especially that patriotic declaration, that, " so far from having nny objections, personally, to the annexation otTexas, he would l?e glad to i see it." And had not General Harrison to be ' Mopped, from the certainty that, if permitted to j go on- he would write himself out of the election 1 I And did not the salvation of Polk turn upon hia repudiation of pen and paper after the perpetration of that most masterly, comprehensive, ambiguous, cabalistic, and suspicious Kane letter 1 All true?true as gospel, every bit of it. And yet, in the teeth of these admonitions, (}en. Scott deliberately proceeds to open an ofiicial correspondence with the Secretary of War. What is the result! "A hasty plate of. ?oup" lays him out, te 1 all appearances, us dead as Julius Cwtr. It changes ut onee the whole plan of the campaign ?it h-aves John M. Clayton without his man, and throws out the hnstyGeneral among the unavailable commodities of the party. Now, then, the friends of fJohn McLean who had ke;>t inthe shade, recover arms and come into luie. Oeu Scott will not answer?aa certainly as a gouid of bard cider elected Harrison, would that hasty plate of soup defeat the Major Gren raJ. Wiufleld could never win the fleld after having eontessed to that unlortunately light and liquid dui ner. Roast beef might have saved hun,or salt junk; but soup will never be countenanced by the American people as the rations of a soldier. It wms an affectation of a delicacy of stomach, which tbo proportions of a man sn feet six, and over two hundred nvoirdnpois, render positively ridiculous ?it was a pretension to industry unparalleled in the history of any live (ierieral you can produoa. The (Init ial, then, was abandoned?the old hunk ers ol th<* whig party turned their eyes at?u? ?o , Ashland, but nc response from the oracle hM

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