Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1846 Page 1
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rm jj j Vol. Ill, No. No. MW. Ch nVWUIb, CONEY -ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON FERRY. TI1K PROPHIKTOH. Captain ^Lt. Mallaa, w ill rnunn Monday, Tueaday nuil SC^MJc. WniiiMilnv, 21?'. 2?d and 2Jd ul Sept. .leaving Canal ilrtrl?9)4 A M.and P. M. fl'htlrhnll?ld A. M. and 2 P. M. Cumv Island? A.^VI.jjbU j :r 1'1'JIIIUIKI >U3LI n n.. I we r r., Will IUTI Pikr ilrtel, E ft-at IOtf; aud 3%. H'hilrhall?l' and 3. Co?v Island? I2X and K~7~ > are lii>i emu. aZl :tt?rrr THOMAS BKILBT, Proprietor PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEALERS FOH ALBANY, Direct?Daily, Sunday* excepted??t G o'clock. P. M. Prom" t m'er brtwrm Courtlandt and Liberty it I. ' steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. timf**HonghtoB, will leave ou Monday, WedneaH ilBTflT. day uid Friday evemnga, at 6 o'clock. Hteitni'-HMt HENDKIK HUDSON, Cart. R. U. Cruttenden, wil' leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, *tt o'clock The above boati will at all timeaamre io Albany m ample time for the morning cars for the East and Weit. Kieulit taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after 5 o'clock, P. M. Ali peraoua are forbid trotting any of the boau of this line, without a written order from the captaiua orageut*. Kir p\**a?e or freight, apply on board theboata, or to P. C. I Scliolu, at the office on the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Placet From ths fool ttf Barclay ttr-et. Steam bo?t NO KTH AMERICA. Capt. XI H. Fnry, will leave on Monday, Wedueadaj, Friday, and Sunday afternoons. at 5 o'elock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Overbauch, will leave nn Tuesday, Thnraday aud Saturday afteruoou*. at } o'clock. Apply on board, or at the ofEce ou the wharf. >21 rc TO TR AVELLERS GOING SOUTH. NEW AND MOST AOREEABLE LINE TO Prederickiburgh, Richmond, Prterahurgh, Va ; I.ynchburgh, llaltigh. JPeldm, N C ; and Charleston. S. C. /JSI THE PUBLIC are ...formed that thr new ?i?and aplendid low pressure steamer MOUNT ; n i "auiLVKKNONi counectiug with the Great Mail ' Line at Acqnie Creek, leave* Commerce atreet wharf, Balti- 1 more, rvery Tuesday aud Friday evening, at 6 P. M., for the abo>e poiut*. Through Ticket* to Richmond 84 00 " " to Petersburg * 0? " " to Welden, N. C 7 00 " " to Charle ton, S. C m 00 Being at the mine price, more direct and expeditious, and inucn more certain than the (.lirsvpenke Ba/and James Iliver Bte.imboat Line, nil the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth ofthe Potomac and Old Poiut Comfort, beitg entirely avoided hv thia Line. Traveller* are noised that the Line hereby advertised is part anil p reel of the (irnt Mail Lin? thioiigh Virginia, ami | that it is the intention of the Companies composing tlie Great Mail Liue that pa>?eng*ri ahall be conveyed by them in connection with the .Vlouut Vernon, always >i cheaply ai by any any oilier line, and with more Comfort, expedition ana ceruinty, tliaii by any other Line exccpt the Line yia Washington. For farther particulars enquire at the Southern Railroad office, PrMt st., Baltimore, of STOCKTON Si FALLS, or at the Comifiereo st. whatf, or on Tuesdays and Fridays on board the 4Mcnut Vernon, of C. W. GUNNEL, Captain. N. B.?Travellers by the above Line will bear in miud that they hive two hour* more in Baltimore tliau passengers by the < h.'sipinke Bay and lame* Iliver boats, xud yet reach any point South n| Petersburg af the same tune wit') these las', even when there is no breach of connection by the Bay Line. s!8 Im'rc NOTION. TROY EVENING LINE. HOUR I HANQEO. ON and after TUESDAY, September IS, In* pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. Tff. i i tlT.i?i H B Macy, viill leave the steamboat pier at 'lie Ibut of Courtlaudt si-eet, at6 o'clock, P. M., instead ol 7 P. M. as lier'tofore s14 r FUlt STA'it;'! IM.aNUj/r* ON and after TUESDAY, the 15th day of BL,, September nut, the boat will run u fellows: - ' Stateu Island at 6, 8,10, 12 A. M. and S, t. a d C t'. M. L nve New ? ork at7, 9. II A. M. and 1, 3,5, and 7 P. M. All freight at the risk ofthe owners thereof. ?I4 r MBk INDEPENDENT MORNING LINE AT O'CLOCK -Foil ALBANY from the steamboat pier at the pier foot #f Warren street, fass-iue $! 50. Touching at the foot of Hammond at Breakfast and dianer provided on board. " The swift and magnificent steamer IKON WITCH .commanded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, leaves New York, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Albany. Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. Landing at Van Courtland's, Westpoint. Ncwburgh, Milton, Po'keepsie, Hyde Turk, Kingston, CauVill, Hudson. auto re nnnAeiTTiiw f IMP ? T nI /\> V/rirwciiiwii mvuiiiiivjr Iii:i i j A1 05 u CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond street, Van frrtl'ndt's (Ptekikill) Cold !<prirg. Newhurgh, New Hamburgh. Milton. I'ongh keepiie, Hyde Park, Kiuoton, Upi-er Kcu Hook. Briitol, Cankill, Mndion. and Coiiackie. 1'anaee, Ore Dollar. THE new and faa'-sailing low-pre?iure &Zj**y~?i1?te'mboat METAMOHA. Capt. P. H Smith, SLmBULwiII leave >lie pier Tout of Warren itreet nn Monday, Wrdn'iday and Friday, at 6>i o'clock, A. M. He tnraing, leave Albany on Tuesday, Thur?d.iv acd Saturday Pusiengers taking thia boat will arms in Albany in time for the cart going Nonn and West. Breakfast and Dinner oil hoard. Fare to Van CortUndt"* Dock, 25 cents; Poughkeepsie, 30; Hndann,7i; Albany, tl. il lm r Sh r. W. bYitXES it cu.'s SF.W YORK AND LIVF.UPOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE PW. BYRNES It CO , of Liverpool, are desirous ol'in lormiiiK tke puM ic of the United States, that they cot.linue 'O despatch a line of first class Ships and Pickets to New Vork. nil the lit, 6th, IIrli. lGlh, 21?t and 2Sth of ea It mouth; and on the 12th a d 20ih for Hlnl idclphia, nndonthe 8*h and 20th to Boston, and ai stated periods LP Baltimoic; alio to New Orleana daring the healthy i.easoa; by ?ny of which lines part es can engnge for tiieir Itieuds to be brought out Without. disappointment or delay, this being the oldeil and I irte lit ekUblishmeiit in the pasieuger trade iu Liverpool, di d bavins found the importance ol * duect Agency in the United St.itei. lot the purpoie ol' placing within tbe power of the file da of the pa?e,iger> coming out. the immediate correspondence with a resectable establishment, from whom tliey can rely for attentioh and favor toward* their relations I*. \V. BYHNES & CO. offer many advantages to passengers wln<-h no other* h ve atlenip el, ill i? direct commuincaiio" bv the r ships from Ireland to the United *ta es, as they have. tnvaria>>lv, re* jel? durii'K 'he spring f om Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Bcifaatand Londonderry, by which meara emigrants ore saved nincli trouble andexpenac. by being shipped ft their own seaport luid alto of being I inded lu any of ihe porta of the United Statei to which ships tra'e from Liverpool. iiesrly at the same erst us direct to New York. i\ W BVRNKtf St CO. have agents in all the seaport towns in Ireland, from whence ite imeri leave for Liverpool, ml III man} oftM WMtittltmii who are mint attentive to emigrmts on embaikation, and by whom any money can be pad that may be teiiuiied to procure sea stores, lie. The peraoui who act for this Company in the United States are? NEW YORK ?Mr. Ehvard Sanl, il 8outh, corner of Wall street. ilt)?TON-Mr. W. T. McKay, ? Milk atreet. 1'HILAOELriUA?Meaarj. H. C. Craig at Co., Market atreet BALTIMORE?Mr. Ororge Law N KW OKLKANH?Mr. John Toole. 11iiat t > *"l> Kiciianor. ?Drafta Ur any amount, payable at sig:.t, on I he P ovincial Bank of Ireland anil all ita branches, and all > on all the priucipal towns of England and Scotland, svithoutdiscuunt. Fur particulars of tettns arply to P. W. BYRNES k CO., id South, cornerof Wall st.. New York. P. W. BYHNES k CO . ??! lm*m 3fi Waterloo Road, Liverpool wSaV f<<-" Liverpool, wilt ant tlm (Tilt aday) morning *t iriimtrnm I" o'clock. r*??fiin,ri will pltsse lie on board strain .i. it Herculea. Whitehall Dork, at that I'me Letter iiaga will clone at the usnal places, at half past 9. WOODHULL U MINTURN. s22 87 Si.u li street. KLACK BALL, OK. OLD LINE OF LIVER FOOL PACKETS, for LIVERPOOL?The only regular Packet of mfjI'ffV1'"" ' !t October?The magnificent ami celebrated Afc^fltMfv:-sMlii)g, faeorite Packet Ship OXFORD, burtlien iwu t'<ni, Cn plain Samuel Ye^too, w ill sail positively mi the Ut of October. It ia scarcely necessity to say, ?a it is w ell know to the traTelliiir public that, the acco? n otlaiioni of the OXFORD, for Cabin. 2J Cabin auil Rteer?ge Pasnengera it fitted out in a moat lUferb and costly manner, wirh every modern improve inrnt and convenience, (hat cannot but add to the comfort ol those emhatkiug. who should call and see til s splendid specimen ot naesl architecture, before engamng elsewhrrc Hor pm-ntr* in (Tallin. 2d Cabin and Btsercgr, early application should be made on board, foot of lieekman stieet, or to the sut<*cribera. ROCHK, BtlOTHKKH k <.'o , ???rrr Vt Fulton st (rem door to the Knltoti Bark). FIK'T PACKET SHIP FOR NKW ON] ?$VVV LE ANK?The splendid first class packet ship OSTJMiilfaa 1 K.OLA, Captain Child,,w ill aail |k>siii%< 1> on the 2<th -eplrmber. H?-r asrlitg qualities are well known and she is in all re. a irc'.s a auji?-rior conveyance for second cabin aud steerage passergers who are requested to fiamire her i:ccoinmod,?tions previous to their engaging by any other veiiel. forfiir ther particulars apply on board the ship, at pier No. 10 t. K. below Old Slip, or to J. HERDMAN fc. CO., 61 S.iuth sr Th? well known faat siilinc ship JOHN HOLLaNP, < ,n ??, >?ill Aticcttd tl.e and ?aii on or *i < hi UIP i.i -.roffitn-r. ?a" 'h M)K Ut.LhABT, lMt.LAWD.-To .Ml pnnctn illv ? the lat October. The apleodid P cUet MteU'lnp MACAO, <>pt. >am.? Scott, will puiictaally i ml n> above, h*r regular <l?y. She haa apltiidid accommodation* for cabin and ateerage |mt?engeri, wli > will be uken on ilia lo*?t termi. For pailiculari apply on board the ahip foot of I'ine itreet, prtrt J OH K. I'll McMUHRAY, a?l rr rnmrr nf line a-'d Sonh ?tr>et?. New Line oTFacketa tor LlVKKI'OOb- lac*et KFJtVi.1' K " S?P<??nber?The aplrndnl fait tailing and jMl>ikiMlavorHt packet ?hip HflKHIDAN. 11(H) to.a hnrdeu, ' up Jin <5 B. Cornith, will ? ii on Saturday. September ?th, her regular d?y. Tlie ah p. nf thu line being II 1(100 tou? and npwardt, peraont about to emli rk for the old country will not fail to a?e the advantage! to be derived from aelecting thia line in preference to any other, ?a I lie i r great capacity rendera them eveiy wiy more comfortab'.a nud eonvenient than ahipa of? .null claaa, and their accommodation* for rabiu, teeond cahn,, mhI ateeiagr |iaami una, it la well known, are Ittperior to tnoae if any otlii r line of packeta IVriDnt willing to a?en re bertha ibotild not f il to make early apii'icati.m on hoard, foot ot Wall atrret, or to W. IcJ T. TAP8C0TT. At thur gner.i! Pataoge Office, INS >otith at aeeond door bf low Rnrliot Klip, T!ie Sheridan will aail from Liverpool on the llth of No vemiier. Penon? wlaluiiK " aend lor thi-ir Iritnds ran bare them bronght ut in tbia 1.1 .gnificent packet, or any of the regular line, tailing 011 the l?t, Sib, 7lh, 11th, ICtb, 2lat and 26th i.f every month on favorable leitna. Application to be made ti above, or to W,Vf. TA P8(. OTT, 90 Waterloo Road Mverrool. Agent. Draftt for any amount, payable on demand, withont ai?crunt, in all the principal Mwnt of Vnglwd, Ireland. Scotland I or Walea, can at all i|me? be obtained on application (il by letter, pout paid,) ai above. The e'egant p cket ?hip Koehetter. will anececd the Sheridan, and tail on tlieSlit of Octootr, her regular day. tSlili E NE' NEW "S TO SOUTHERN DRUGGISTS. WANTKD, by s Young Man, an eicellrnt Drrtciat and Apothecary, a ai.liatloa lu go South. Beat of referenrea K'vru A u?!v itddrrurO to J. A. C.t at (lie fknld OAicf, New Hill be attended lo. ?1 *> in LEFT OFF WARUROBK AND FURNITURE WANTED. 1AP1K.H OR GENTLEMEN harini aupe'llaoua tlTecta A to di<pose of, aui'li at Wearing Apparel, Hurnilure Sic., c m obuiu a fair caah price for (lie a^inr. by fending tor tl e aub?cribe, through the roal Office, or other* i-e, who will atteud at their raudcucei. J. LKVEMSTYN, 4Cfi Broadway, up ataira. Ladiea can b? attended to br Mr?. J. LKVEN8TYPT 15 Im'rc WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LAD1KS AND GENTLEMEN ran obtaiu the highest ca?h prices for all kind of wearing apparel ,1'uiuiture, Stc. by applying for the subscriber at No. 11 Marion street, b?twrtu Broome and Spring street!. N. STOKERS. N. B.?A hue through the pott office or otherwise, will b? punctually attended to. au26 Itn'rh | *500 RliWAHU. JOST OK STOLEN, ou the evening of the 17th instant, J on b.'ard the steamboat North America, ou her passage to Albany, a SEALED I'AI KAGE, containing several hundred shares of North American Trust and Banking Company, in certiticates of 25 and JO, and smaller denominations, (in Bank certificates ) Also one certificate for one hundred >hnres of the Norwich and Worcester Railioad, slock standing in the uauie ol R. K. Noe, on the book's of said company in New V ork, with t>ow?r of attorney attnciied All persous ate hereby cautioned against negotiating the same. Apply to R. K. NOE, 30 Merchants Exchange, N. Y. The above reward will be paid for the return ol said package anil its < outeuts. sl!> lw*m SPERM CANDLES AND OIL?A superior article of Sperm Candles at 25 cents per lb., and finest ipiality Winter Bleached Si>erm Oil at $1 the gallon. Also, Bleached Solar do, at (j2>? certs ; also, old Java Colfee, Greeu and Black Teas aud Groceries, itc , oi the best anility, lor sale in iiuaiitities to suit, by J. O. FOWLER, 230 aud 428 Greenwirh and 71 Vesey streets. N. B ?Families, boarding house and hotel keepers, are invited to give the above a trial. Goods pickfd ai d deli re^ljoju^ypanj^fjhejmyli^eof^ TO LEASE, f$r a number of years, a beautifully situated Water Power, adjoining a flourishing village, with a suitable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, ha ring a water and railroad communication w ith that city ol 10 miles. The permanent summer supply is from 70 horse to almost any amount. Apply to MORE it BAKER, al lin*r 2<U Broadway. $311,000 TO LK.Nu ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ou productive real eatat? in this city or Brooklyn. It will be divided into iimi am: applicants. Applv to S S. Broad, No 11 Wall street to r in* i .niton Water Oinre. I*a?ement no?l lin*m LEECHES! LEECHES! LE~El.;llE^! AFRESH supply of large and healthy Swedish Leeches, just received?for sale in quantities to aim puichasers, packed up aoaa to be transported any distance with snfety, by O. A Si. II. WITl'E, lit lm*rb Importer wf Leeches. 3fl Jolin at. MAGNETIC ELECTRICAL MACHINES, EIGHT DOLLAHS EACH BAKTH 8t SllA W ben to chII the attention of the public t<> their improved Apparatus, for mediol and other purposes, winch may be aecu in operation at their office, 2119 Broadway, where may be had Barth h Bhaw'a Galvanic Excitaut, aud Hull's Whooping Cough Specific N. B.?A large assortment of Gold aud Silver Leaf cnu tantl v on baud: A liberal di?coout to Conntry Agents. sl7 lui*re LEECHES! LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED, 10.000 large aud heallliy Swedish Leeches. Also, 4,000 Germ in Leeches, in prime order, for aale by J. FERDINAND OLEU, slllm*rc Impn?terof Leeches. No 118 Willnm ?t. BIRD CAGE-MANUFACTORY, 136 Spring Street, (between Jfrotter and Laurens.) T1(K SUBSCIUBEH would inform his customers and the public, that he keeps constantly on hand, a Urge supply of Cmnmon aud Fancy Binl Urges, of every description ; also. Wooden, Cedar and Willow Ware, Bru?he? Baskets, aud Nl its, auil a general tuprtuieut of articles usu *lly kept in a wooden ware store, which he will sell less than they csu be bought elsewhere. J. KELLY. ?Jlin*r RAKE CHANCE A NUMBER OK AGENTS WANTtD to undertake the aale of a new and useful patented article, which can be sold to every family iu the Union. To men of respectable characters, a guarantee of $500 per annum will be given. To prevent competition each agent will hare a district secured to him. Apply to 8. FRENCH, 213 Broadway, up stain. Letters mast be postpaid in order to receive attention. au2> Im'm AMERICAN MANUFACTUH ED CUTLER Y WM. WILD, manufacturer of Cutlery, No. 100 Diviaior, street, New York, has constantly ou hand a good sjsorrinent of 1, 2, 3 and 4 blade Knives of Ins own manufacturing, good and cheap In the trade anK tm're CLOCKS, frANCk' GUUltS AND ULAMWAHh. A Large assortment of Fancy Goods, Clocks, Violins, Gm tara and Flutes; also Glassware, China, itc, will be sold , to dealers at reduced prices, at OKORQE F. GERDING. nnz#im*c Mn'fli'WEIR'S CELEBRATE IJ BROWN ELECTUARY, ATPROVED and recommended by the faculty?a never (ailing remedy l">iralI affection* of (he kidneys, inll<minatioi: au ' weakness of the urinary or^a a lioth in males and females. This excellent medicinal preparation, (iitiieil lor all climates,) lias ne?ei beeu knowu to fail in removing the inost obstinate attacks of gonorrhoea, lie,, ami can be safely recommended to the public, as its o)ieratious are gnick, sure and certain. It can he taken at all times without regard to dirt or hiudrance Irom business Prepared unly by JAMES WEIR, 548 Grard street, in boles, at 3 shillings and 6 shilling! per box. None geuuiue unle-s signed bv the proprietor. If r~ Orders through the Poat Office will be duly attended to. s!6 lm*re HENllV LAWRENCE, 14 John itrtel, a frvo tioort from Broadway. IMPORTER ot French, Kuglish aud Oerirun fancy article! ?comprising Zephyr Wool, and other kinds Patterns of every description. Canvass?Silk, Cotton, Linen, lie., all widths. Silks?Purse aud Floss of nil kinds. Fringes, (Jim|>s, ke. a Urge variety. And a l.irge assortment ol Steel Beads, Purse Slides and Ends, B.ig l laapt, Perforated Paper, he., fcc., which he wil! sell at the lowest possible prices. s6 lm?rc NO'l ICd. POODFFROY, (Mrs. J. H. Oavelle.) will open on Weduesdiy, 23d iust , her fall and winter assortment of Millinery, aud ladles' articles in general. Jis BKOADWAY, sl5 2w*rc Opposite the f'arltou House. MRS. BISHOP, CORSET MAKER, Nil 106 llsdinn itmrt. N i<\a Vorlr WOULD rrtnrn hersin?ere thanks to the lai'ies ofthis vicinity ?nil the public in general. for the very liberal pitronage bestowed ui on her while iu business at 214 Hudson street, and wonliJ inform them that she hat commenced business again at IDS Huds n itreet, where the will keep on hand a general assortment of Corieti of the latest style, all of her own manufacture, wholesale and retail. Alao, Kuaaia Uelu and fi?ek Brace* of every description. 15 I m m TRAVKLL1NO TRUNKS, &c. JOHN CATTNACH. Trouk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall stret t, corner cf Broadway, has now on hand ar d constantly making, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valises, Carpet Baas, and Batrfi*Is,wholesale and retail Also, a superior art cle of sole leather Trunks, suitable foi American or Kuropean Travel, and Portmanteaus for ihr French Mallr Potte. Orders lor the West Indies, Heath Ameiica, he , filled with des|?tch. nu28 1in*r FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, FEATHERS, &c. HENRY St KAHN, Importers,i3 Nassau street, np stairs, near Maideu lane, have received by late arrivals from their house in Faris, and offer for sale, a motteitensive and choice selection of the latest nnd most fashionable st> les ol ArtiAci 1 Flowsrs, iu buncnet, wrMtM. sprigs,ivIum. Vr Together with a complete a*s.iitinriit of Ma erials for Artificial Flower-makers, of the newest descriptions, ami embracing e> err article in this line. FF.ATHEM8?Maiabouts, do imitation, ostrich and faucy Feathers, in great variety, and of the very richest kinds. sIS lm*re L' 11 E AMAZON WIt>3, oB. f 1 ENTLEMEN'S Herd Heads of Hair, being ti.e Istett and vjr greateri improvement lu the nwnaftictvre of Wigt and He Ips, and (lie tnbtcriber it happy 111 being the lirst to iutrodnce thrm her*. They display the forehead and temples to any height, a paint in wig m&kii.g never before attained.? They ere composed of veutilitmg or gossamer work. TUej fit on rli< h-ad oy a mechanical contrivance entirely new; the) are imton in i m imeut. They immediately adapt themselves to the countenance, and at once beco-ne pert and parcel of the living man. Copy the address. K. PHALON,*l Broadway, opposite the an2S lm*re Olohe Hotel, under ludson's Hotel THE lNVl^lHLK W l(t SO closely rneniMi'i the real hr:id ol hair that sceptic* and conuotsseurs have Pr' :|ounced it the perfect and eitriordinary invention ol the day. The great ad? uit.- ice of this novel ai d nuiijue Wig, i? lis being nude witlhut tewing or weaving, which ceases its appeartnee so closely to resemiile the natural hair, both in lightness and nstur I appearauce, as to d'fy detect!' ii. itsUiture being to brautifnl, so poroui, aud to tree, that m all ea ei of pertpirati -n cia|?i ration i.? unimpided, and the great evils of other wigs avoided. The scenic and connoisseur are alike iLVited to inspect this novel and beantiful Wig.andtne peculiar met.iod of fitting the load, at the inventor's, ( A. L,. BAKUY.) 1)5 Urimd way, enruer of Liberty street, upstairs tIT Im'n-e ttKW INVtmi) vV Hxs BATCHKLOR'S new invented Wigs and Scalps, made ol the nneit natmal enrl hair, and adapted tu t^ie most eau n'nner to the peculiar style of each individual. They are entirely a new inventioa, doing away wgh all rh? vclatious iiffirulties ?o long eiperiected iiy those who wear wigs. The public are invited to int|>?et a large and well selected uo.:k, eontauiiug every variety of size, and color; they will WM. BAT' Hhl.OH. inventor and onljr<;tur?r, 3 street, BMr Bnnawi) Removed from ISi Kroailwnr llfiM t-> copy the address au2.Mm?rc BATCHELOIL'W HAilt UYh. A LIQUID COLORING FOR THE HAIE, WHI8A KKR8, Stc.?In claim to patronage will at once bp understood by those who have used or a. Id (he preparations offered for dying the hair. It* application is simple, its effect certain ; being emphaticall) perfect hair dye, without destroying the elasticity or heallh of the hair. To fancy storekeeper*, <?uggists, fcc., it will be fonid a most de.irahle article, at they can wilh confidence, recommend it to iheir cnstomers, and not be troubled with complaints of its d> ing the. skin or linen. It will not mb off the h 'ir, and constant washing only improves its appearance. T lie rotor is pennant-lit and perfectly uniform, entirely tree from those minatoral tint*, varying from the faded green to llie My?l purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyes. In proof of its efficacy (he inventor is prepared to apply the dye to whiskers, or a portion of the hair, without charge, to those wishing to purchase, if it proves satisfactory ; for which purpose he has private rooms, Prepared only ami sold wholesale and retail by WM. BATCHKLOR, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Trice 91, doable size SI Ml. Opy the addiess. Sole agent in WaiU rtftt ronn avenne saM lm*re '11H K undei signed respectfully tenders his services to his , ?'j? '"ends and the Vnhlic in general, for the tale ol i'ro due# of an v kind-also, for the Receiving and F orwarding of (roods, anil strict and punctual attention will be paid to all orders, and charges aa moderate as any established house in th^scily A. JLAKiTTt, Agent. Savannah, (Ja., August 31, IMS. sS iw*rc -jf-?? W IT O OllK, WEDNESDAY MC THE WAR AT THE WEST, THE MORMON TROUBLES. additionalpartTculars, [From the* 8L Lonii New Era, Sept 15.] Thf taumer Alv.raJo came down >e?u>n!uv eroiiinir. and li|r olicui report that the rumors as to Ihe first battle i>*tween the Mormons and anti-Mormons were groily exaggerated. ThoFttr that in that battle ?ne Mormon was wounded, and no person was killed or wounded on the p.irt of the anti>.Mormons. However, ou Saturday, another battle took |> ISM. In the morning, two cannons were fired at the nnti-llormon camp from the city, but the (hot was not relumed. After ward* the anti-Mormons sent in a white flag to make certain propositions for the adjustment of their ditttculties, which were rejected by the opposite party. The anti-Mormons thcu began to manoeuvre an J march so as to fijnk tlia Mormon forces. When they were within cannon shot, the Nauvoo party fired on the anti-Mormons, and the battle began. It continued from one o'clock till forty minutes past four. There vert many discharges or artillery and small arms. " & Ou ono tiie, a man named Anderson and his son 16 years old, ;iud a man unmed Noma, all ol them Mormons, were killed. and several others wouudod. On the partef the anti-Mormons, ('apt. Smith, of ("arthnge, was klUed, and saveral others wounded. The people ol NsBtoo reported the anti-Mormon loss at a much larger Bomber, but their report was contradicted at Warsaw, fe. Morrnondom la represented as bearing all the features of a citadel; e#y man within its limits is under arms, and many of the boys are hfea-ing huge pistols and knives upon tteir persons?numbers of the women, it it said, are keanfor the fight, and express themselves ready to bear aNMshould it become necessary, for the protec. tion of th? temple and the city. There appears to be but oae feeling among the Jack-Mormons, and that is, to die before tliey will suffer the force, which threotens their city, to invadaits having re pulsed their foes twice. they begiu to incruMapn the couhdeoco of their ability to protect theui*elve?; and twice have they refused olfers of ncaco Should the antics larniia no r?infnrriim?rt? tlioy will have tOMerciso more skill and bravery before tiity can succeed in bringing the Mormons to terms The tij?ht will lie aanewed, no iloubt, but it is inorc than probable that th?> Mormons will maintain |N>si>ession of tho city. [From the St. Louis Ilevei'ile, Sep. 15. By the Ocean Wave, which arrived here on Sunday morning, we learn that a collision had taken place between the hostile forces in Hancock, on the afternoon of Friday last, and that from twelve to fifteen amies had been killed and wounded. The Mormons, it is said, had but one man killed. They marched out to meet the advancing forces: of the anties, and, encountering them about one mile east of the city, commenced the action, which, after about two hours' firiog, ended by the latter withdrawing their ferce and leaving the Mormons in possesion of the Held, A second fight w as exacted to take place the same ovening Letters had pasted, previous to the fmy, between Major Talker, commanding in Nauvoo, and < ol. Singleton, the leader of tho Anti-Mormons, in which the Utter made certain propositions which be said if the Mormons would accede to, all the difficulties would lie adjusted. These were :? 1st The Yoii?ons to surrender up their arms a. All but their agents, who may rotuin to dispose of their property, must leave the State in sixty days. 3d. An attorney to be selected to take supervision of all writs, serve and settle the same between the parties, it.These proposition* were agreed to by the Mormons, but when submitted by Col. Singleton te the oflicais of the Anti-Morinous, they rejected them. Col 8. and Col. Chittenden immediately threw up their commands, both declaring that the Moimous h.>4 shown a willingness to make peace, highly creditable to them as a people, and they resolved to take 110 further part against them ColBro'ckmun was then elected to the rooiBaiid of the assailing force, and the tight mentioned ab?*e was the result. The steamer Alv.-trodo arrived down last evening from Warsaw, and from her officers we leara that the Mormnna i.ii.I A..ti It lnr.?..?a l.o.l o I.MI. I--. iifternoon, whicli ended, as belore, in the Antiea retreating to their camp. An eye-witnass, who wntc.hed the progress of the second battle from the top of the Mormou temple in Nauvoo, describes it as a very spirited engagement, in which the new citizen* anil Mormons prevented the advance of their foe* at every point. The Naurooites have thrown up three breastworks, at about one and a hn>f miles from the city, toward* the rood leading to Caithagc, and behind those the defending I forces are posted, with five piece's ol artillery. At ibout 12 o'clock, M., the new citizens tired two six pound shot into the Antics' cuinp, upon which tho latter unit out a ling ot truce, with a leipiost to hold another " talk;" but the citizens ol Nuuvoo returned for answer, that they wero done talking with them, and that hereafter they should tight until the others became desirous of a peacn. The action now commenced from the artillery on both tiles?over eighty discharges of c.ianou were heard from both parties during the course of an hour and a half.? They now closed in,J and commenced discharges of musketry at each other. A movement was then made by i the Antics to outllank tho Nauvoo right, and pass their broa; twork. which was hero defended by the Hpaitan baud of Mormons, with " sixteen chamber rifles;" the latter drew out from tho breastwork to repel the advancing force,and succeeded in beating them back. During this skirmish on the right a man, named Anderson, the leader ol the Mormou Spartans, fell, shot through the lungs by a riflo ball, and almost instantly expired.? About the same moment, hi* son, a boy of about li'.tcen ) cars of age, who was engaged in another poition of the tanks, was struck by a srx pound shot on the right shoulder, and his body made u crushed mas* of hones, the whole breast being lorn to pieces. Another Mormon was stru-.'k during this paJt ot tho fight with a cannon shot, and killed instantly. Hit name was Norii*, a blacksmith. The ft*ht continued for two hours ami a half, and every attempt the Antits made to pass the position of the Nauvooites, they were successfully beaten back, until, at length, they were lorced to retire to their camp, leaving tho field in possession of the new citizens and Mormons. During the progress ot the light an invalid Mormon was posted upon the top ol the temple, with spy glass in hand, watching its j.rogi eta-, and the wives of the citizens, with their cluldien, weio gaiherei! at the base of 'he building, with upturned eye* ami painfully anxious taics listening to his report of tho buttle, which, from timo to time, lie reloted to them from abevo. Uur informant says that he heard many of these poor Mormon mothers declare that they would perish in the street* of Nauvoo, defending it against this mob, if it should drive their husbands in from the field w licio they are posted. The number of killed on the part of the Anti-Mormon fore* is unknown. At Carthage they only acknowledge to six badly wounded?Capt. Smith, one of the number, mortally. Kvory preparation waa making ou both aides tor another battle. All capable ol bearing arms in Nauvoo are engaged in the fight. Many of the women and children of the new citizens are in the city, without the power or opportunity to leave; their husbands ure in the liold battling against an unreasonable mob, and they are left a piey to the worst of fears. The report of tho first light was a wildly exaggerated rumor,only one Mormon having been wounded in the heel, ar>4 several Antics badly frightened?the main bodies of tho opposing forces not having ventured within musket-shot range. Niw Mn.t.s in Lowmj.?Effects or the Tariff.?Tho foundation tor tho *icvv mill on the carpet Is nearly completed. This mill will l>e filled with power looms for oar pet weaviiig. It is to be 372 feet long, by i::0 feet wide. Q stories high, and lighted fiom the top, and will contain '200 loom*. I his company is al?o putting up a Urge machine shop, picker-liuuse, and otherhuiliiingH The new Hamilton mill is 317 by 48 feet, and 4 storius high, calculated for 20,000 spindle*. It a fait being: fitted lor operation I'art of the building was undermined by water last spring. and about 30 feet of it fell into the canal. The new mill on the Merrimack is nearly toady for machinery. It i* 6 stories high, 3o3 feet in length, and 4H wide, and will run tiOO looms and 20,000 spindlea. and give employment to 600 hands. It is intended for the manufacture of printing cloth. The water for this mill la earned Irom the canal through au immense wiought iron feeder, or flume, til feat in uiamo ter. with a fall of about 30 feot. This feeder was made at the machine shop in thisci.v, and will coat, together with the expenan ol laying it down, nearly $'i0,00o This is, we should think, a decided improvement unon the old wooden flume. The company are also building a new picker-house, 'Jltf feet long, ami a new waste house, 110 feet long. I' is estimated that theic will be laid, the present season. by the company, about a,(KiO.OOO of brick.? Thoy employ* at the present time, neailv 1600 hands, male and female. The new I'reacott mills are Dearly ready for operation. Tho large mill is for spinning, and will contain, when full'JO 000 spindles, and will be driven by water power. The amaller mill is to be filled with looms, and a stevira engine of one hundred and eighty horso power,wul bo used in driving the machinery. The new woolen mill of the Middlesex Company, on Concoid river, is 160 by 43 feet, 6 stories high, with an engine home and n large engine for uio in case of a failure of water, which is always expocted on tbi? rivar in uminer. The company have also recently liuilt a new machine ihop and made addition* to their old milU. At the Lowoll llleachery, extol sivo improvements are being made. A lnige bleach house, one llnishing home, one dry house. and nn engino room for a new engine of 120 horio power, nre now being built. Some idea of the giowth ol Lowell, may he gathered from thane (act*. Iheie am anuni'ier of other establishment*, of a smaller kind, about to be started. and improvements to be made, of which we shall lia?e somelUMg to say hereafter. ? Lowell Courier, Stpt. 1!). Powers of Attorney to Recuvk Momf.y ok tuk Government.?We nr? rcijucMed to call tlic attention of claimants to the law passed July 29, lH4ti. This act provides (lint whenever a claim on the 1'nit?d S'ates "shall hereafter be obtained by a resolution or act of Tongiosa, and thereby directed to be paid," the money shall not be paid to any |>erKon other than the claimant or hia legal representatives, unless such per- ' son shall produce a power of attorney, executed niter the ! enactment of the resolution or act allowing the claim. " And every such warrant of attorney shall refer to I such resolution or act, and expre?tly recite the amount allowed thereby, and shall be attested by two competent witnesses, and bo acknowledged by the person or per- j sons executing it before an officer laving nu'.boilty to take the acknowledgment of deed*, who (hall certily such acknowledgment; and it shall B| penr by such certificate that such officer, at the time t>f making such acknowledgment. read, and fully explained such of attorney to the peuon or persons acknowledging the same."? Union. RK I )RNING, SEPTEMBER 2 From the Camps and from Mexico. fKrom the Washington I'nion, Sept. '21.1 i Since our last paper despatches have been receive.! from the camps of Genemli Taylor and Wool. They confirm subitantiaUjr the accounta which we hare published from the New Orleans papers, lien. Tavlor was on the eve of marching lor Mouterey (icn Wool was receiving arms, ammunition and recrnlta, and was (treparing foi an immediate march to Chihuahua. Thus threo camps ure in motion, and wo expect to hear of decioivo and successtul re sults from all at no distant day. It is supposed that in thirty day* or sooner, (Jen. Taylor will he iu possession of Mon'erey, aud perhaps ol Saltillo. Uen. Wool, of the army of the centra, will beat Chihu unuu, uuai ci. huurney w in no mi oiinu ro. i no uieaiius nre apparently drawing clot or around tho Mexicans, an.I three important posts and auctions of country will be in our hands, betides tho ports which wo may have taken in California. It appears from the Mohilo Tr ibune that tho Princeton has arrived atJPenkacola, with despatches from our squadron ott' Vera Cruz. The gentleman who has brought despatches for our government brings also some Mexican papers as late as the 33th August from Mexico, and from Vera Cru7. down to tho Jd Sept., inclusive. Wo give the following synopsis of their contents:? hatctt Touiiinltt from !Utxk-o. IlKCKIVID 11V THE PRINCKTOFf. Additional Mexican pupors have been received at the Navy Department, from tho city of Mexico, to the 36th of August, and from Vera Cruz to tho -J.1 of Septombor, inclusive. They mention the arrival in the city of Mexico, on the i3d of August, of (ion. Almonte, Crescendo liejon. and Crescencio liovos, who accompanied Santa Anna from Havana, but say nothing of any contemplated appointments to the high ofllces of government, the duti* s of which, subsequent to tho overthrow of tho late administration, had beon discharged by the chief clcrks of the respective departments. They publish an address to Ranta Anna from General Salas, who was in the exercise of the chief executive authority, dated the 10th of August, and delivered to Santa Anna by three high ofilcers commissioned for the purpose It consists chiolly of compliments, llo says, ' lining obliged, 011 the dwcontinuaiico of the late government, to exercise the authority which whs reserved by the plan for your excellency, 1 have confined its exercise toXhe execution of that iilun, and to the most urgent business of state, according to the common existing laws, an.1 respecting, as well in accordance with tho spirit of the plan, as with my character, tho public guarantees The fu st measure h&s been to place nil the troops of the republic rn route to Monterey, Now Mexico, and the California!." Santa Anna's reply to this address is dated at the AunVrida or farm of Kncero, August 30th, and also deals chietly in generalities, compliments and professions. He says : " Your excellency is pleased tosnvthnt the nation recollects some services which I have hail the good fortune to render it. I shall count them mi nothing if I have not the glory of rendering it th? greatest, the most lasting for its future generation!, which ii to give it a definitive constitution us a sovereign nation in the full posiession and exercise of it* rights, and on the road to its prosperity. Kor this I havobeen summoned Kor this 1 come, and 1 sh<ill know how to accomplish it. And aa the first measures necessary to this end are two, and consist in summoning the nation to give itself ft constitution and repel its enemy, and as your excellent: hast taken the firat irtep* in both, you have merited well of the nation; and 1 not only approve the acts ol your government, but as a cMef honored by the nation's confidence, I congratulate you on your success, and thauk you in tho uaine of the nation." These are the only allusions to the existing war. The newspapers seem to belie Gen. Sala's assertion that he had put troous in motion towards the thoatre of war ; and are assailing the present administration upon the same ground which they took in opposition to Herrera anil Paredes. The following is translated from the Rryublicanu of the 2Jd of August. " We see it stated in the Diario del Gobiemo of the ldth inst. 'that the brigade which was ready to march at the time when tho pronunciamento took placo, has not yet been able to leavo. as it was desired to finish providing it with everything necessary, in order that it may uot depart like the brigades which tho late admiuiitrution caused to march, without equipments, and above all, without ammunition.' Without pretending to speak in favor of the late administration, we deem it proper to saythat this statement of tho Diario is not coirect. for every Mexican knows and saw, that the brigados which have left we?e perfectly well clothed and equipped, and we know also that according to vouchers which must exist intheoltlces and general treasury, all the supplies of clothing and equipments, which tho chief officers ol the corps required, were furnished, and even the brigade which has not yet loft has been provided with everything necessary. We have been informed that the expenditures for the clothing received by the army of reserve amount to near one hundred thousand dollars; and, in order to ascertain the truth, it will be sufficient to put thia question. If the brigades which have left departed I without equipment! or ammunition, of what consisted the burthens of the 1,000 mulea which they carried with than? It is also known that another, and the chief portion of the ammunition which was to have been M-nt, ntill remains in tlio citadel; to that the detention of the troop* which took part in the jironwiciain- iKo.must be owinK to some other cause, and their honor is at atako iu marching to juiuthe army on the frontier. "This is the moro necuss8ry, becauso n rumor is afloat, brought by letters from the interior, that the firat brigade which marched under the orders of Garcia Conde, anil mad* their prununeiaiaenin near Penaaco, hus remained at that place, or has retrograded to San Luis, leaviriir its chief to pursue his journey with his aid only, to lender his services on the frontier if this be a fact, what riamo does it deserve 1 A feeling of shamo compels us to be mute. * * We all ask, ia the l&at brigade to leave for Tuxos or not V On the '."id of August, General SjIus issued a decree, declaring the constitution of 1B.H, or the federal consti tion, in force until a new constitution should be catabliahed. abolishing the astomblie.* of the departments, and requiring the present governors of department* to stylo themselves governors of States. ' The Vera Cruz/n</ica?/i? of the 37th of August, states that, the preceding afternoon, a boat was despatched to the city from one of tho United States ships of war, under a Hag of truce, bearing a letter addressed to tho commandant general. The boat returned immediately, the ofllcer in charge saying that ho had no orders to wait for an answer. The edi'ore of the Indicator any, that they ascertained that tho letter encluaed another from the Secretary of State of tho United States, to tho Mexican minister oi foreign nil',lira, which tho American commodoro requested should bo tent toliun. The Indicator says, that nothing was known of the contents of the letter but that the present government, whose principle ia to make known to the nation everything that occurs, good or bad, will soon publish its content*. Santa Anna, in his reply to General Salaa's address soys, that his wound having been irritated by his voyage, and by cxcitnment, it will be necessary for him to wait at Liiccro until it ia in a condition to enable him 10 travel No mention is ma'le of Tareile*. A Vera Cruz, paper ' complains of the absence of anything of interest in the papers received from the city of Mexico, and the papers generally aie filled with details of the prnnunciamtiUnt in vaiiou? parti of the country, in favor of tho existing government. [Krom the Mobile Herald, Sept. lft.1 Id another column (published yesterday) will he found two letters from our valuable correrpondents, attached to the ii|iiadrou, announcing the departure from Vera Crux and arrival at Pensacola, of the tteanuhip Princeton, bringing important despatches from the I'ommodoie, and also the reply of the Mexican Government to thn overture of peace communicated to it from the Department ot State early in Atigutt. Lieut, rurviance, tho licarer of the*e despatches, arrived here on Sunilay, and immediately proceeded on to Washington. What the nature of thi* reply Irom Mexico is, we of course cannot positively say, but we are inclined to adopt the opinion expressed by one of our correspondents, that they are peaceable. When Lieut. P. arrives at Washington, pernap*, we will get an idea of their centcnts. Affair* In California* On Board U. 8. Ship LkVaitt, ) OH Mazatlan, August 10, 1H4?. ) I wrote you from Monterey on the 6th of July, or shortly after, giving you a detailed account of the occurrences at that place; fearing, however, that you may may not have reaeived it, I forward it to you by this opportunity, which will probably bo the last communication yon will rvcoive from me, being now hameward bound On the 6th of July all was bustU in the cabin of the Savannah; some four or five men were busily employed writing letters, proclamation*, lie , preparatory to taking possession of California It was long alter the watching hour of midnight ero I was enabled to catch a shoit and troubled lepom, as all was to be piepared by tlx o'clock the following morning, which cainx ai bright ami beautiful as i July day ol our own fnvored island At six A. M . Capt. Mervine came on board to receivo orders, and at 7 he left with a summons to the military commandant of Monterey to surrender tho place loithwith to the aruia of the United Btatei, and al?o a similar Himmoni to the military Governor lor the surreudor of nil California. At 9. A. M. of the 7th July, the expedition started from the Savannah, composed ol the hoati of the Savannah, Levant, and Cyane, and landed without op|>oiiHioi> at the mole The force* were then marched up a short distance to the custom house, where a conn nine of the inhabitant* were asfembled. Hero the marine* ami men were halted, and the proclamation read to the multitude by Redman M. ,Pn~e. Esq , purser of the Cyaue, in aloud ami distinct manner, which waa received with three hearty cheera by those present The ll.ig of the tTniied States WHf then hoisted by acting Lieutenant kdward Higgins, immediately after which a solute of 21 guns was fired by the Savannah and Cyane The custom house wa* then tnrncd into a bariack for the United state* force*, and everything settled down quietly. Communication" were immediately <ie?patchod to Commander Montgomery, of the Portsmouth, at st Kran. cisco, at which place, and at Zanonia, tho I . S. flag was hoisted on tire mon.ipg of the 8th; and before U-n days had elapsed the whole of ( iilifornin North ol Montciey, wan under the flag of the U St.ite*, much to the apparent satisfaction ol the people, who hope it Kill last, knowing how much better they will be off under the Government of the United State* On the Ifiih of July Captain Stockton arrived, too lale, however, to participate directly in taking possession of California On the ilih Commodore Sloat gave up the command to t ommodore Stockton, hoisted his flag on hoard the Levant, and sailed for the United State* via Mazatlan and Panama, and we hope to reach the United StaUs In all November. Tho Mayvill* Engle of Tuo*day, September, say* that between 10 ami half past 10 o'clock on the previou* night, the jewelry store of D, 8. Ilu lson, corner of Main Cross, and Kront streets |wa* entered by a skeleton key, Irom Main Cross strict door, and robbed of jew airy to the a.nouut of <4QJ0. I IERA 13, 1846. Mllltnry lntelllgt'iirir Th? brig C. II Ho^era, Captain K. W. WiUon, nailed from Spear's wharf on Friday afternoon lait, bound for Brazoc Santiago.having on board Captain Kor, anil l.ienta. A. I.owry and <i Humphreys, of the U. S. Dragoon*. Tho lady and child of Capt. Kor accompany him Tho vessel took on boa>d at the Kort n detachment of 30 mon, recruits for tho Second Dragoons, to which the officers abovo named belong. Capt Ki r and Lieut Lowrv were bolh in tho battles of the sth and Hth ol May I ieuten ant Humphreys is just from West I'oin*. < apt Kt*r was accompanied to the wharf by a nuinV or of In* friend* ol whom he has made many during hit shoit ?tay, and tho vessel was emphatically cheered as fche left tho wharf ?Baltimore Jimrrican. Naval liilrlllKriN'r. A number of now recruit* for the naval service have been put to work as laborer* in the Brooklyn Vard. Moit of the officers ordered to the new sloop of war Albany, reported tliemiolvei at the yard yesterday morning. The United State* frigate Comtitution with a convoy, from llio Janeiro, wag spoken on the 1st of Septenibor, in latitude 17 66, longitude 60, by the Ann. arrived At Baltimore. Capt. Hill, of the Ann, report* that "on the 14th at (lay litrUt, the Constitution and ono sail were not in light?all the other ve*?els ol tho convoy were then eon." The U. S. ship Vinccnnos, Captain Paulding, arrived at Amoy, June 4th, from Hong Kong, and the U. 8. ship Columbus, Commodore BiJdle, from do., arrivod at Amoy , June 6th. The U. S. iloop-of-war Dale had lailed from Rio de Janeiro on the 6th of August for the Pacirte The U S. ship Saratoga, just ai rived at Rio from Boiton, wai to follow tho Dale in a few day*. The U. S. brig Bainbridge was ordered to the River Plate to await the arrival of the U. S..ihip Preble, before her return home. The U. S. sloop Plymouth woi to leave for the United States with a convoy about the 11th of August.?Bait. .Imrrican, Sept. 32. Varieties. The Boston Transcript of the viOth; say* that " Capt lloo.l, of the bark Hebron, arrived this day from Pictou, N. S . whence he flailed on the tilth imt lonnrti that two days previous to hi* tailing, there was a strike among tho men employed ill the coal mines, for higher wages. Several of the masters of vessels had protested against the company, and, at noon on tho 10th word was received at thu loading place that several of tho miners hail commenced work again. Since writing the above, we learn that the hands engaged in and about the mines have all resumed work." Rahc.?We learn from the Leoon'tilown Herald that a negro man named Charles, slave of Mrs. Ann Ahell, on the Patuxent river, forcibly entered the dwelling of Sirs Kvans, a widow lady living near Clark's mill, on thu night of the 6th iust., and violated the person of her daughter (Mrs. Davis) in a most shocking and brutal manner, lie was arrested on Thursday|last, and committed to jail to await his trial at tho next term of the county court. Another.?A colored boy named Richard Kdward*. was arrested on the charge of attempting to outrage the persons of two small white females, of the tender ages of H and 10 years. He was taken before Justice StansLury, and committed for trial at the present term of the city court. The outrage was committed in Ilillen street, on Tuesday last. It was with great difficulty the officer could keep off the excited crowd, as he was conveying the accused to prison. Could they have got hold of him, he would doubtless have undergone a prompt and summary punishment.?Halt. Sun. At Baltimoro, in tho military procession of the lath inst., was to be seen the venerable Colonel Schnlt/e, seated in a barouche, and now in his 95th year. Col. S. is by birth a Hessian, and camc to this country with tho British troops during the revolution. Soon after hi* arrival he sought au opportunity to outer the U. S. army, and continued with it until peace was declarod. Subsequent to the war ho settled in Baltimore county, and in the last war with England, he distinguished him* i If as a defender of Baltimore, having command of a rrgimeut from Balti IIIUI v tuumjr. Wo learn from the lust Lynchburg papers, thnt Cupt. Wm. A. Talbot, who pursued Kpes from that place, lias returned home without succeeding in overtaking hiin. He went as far na (isbonton, Texas, at which place he lost all trace of Kpes, who paid hit hill an I lelt several days before < apt. 'I'.'s arrival; hut it wm n?t known in what direction li? had gone. Captain T. had handbills printed and circulated, which may yet secure hi* apprehension. The Philadelphia Chroniclr says, that " Between 8 and 0 o'clock on Monday evening, dining the performance of the tragedy of llichard the Third at the Arch street Theatre, one of the wing scones caught fire from the giis-light, and ill n moment everything wax illuminated by 1 blight blaze. The cry of tire threw the audience into the greatest consternation an I fright, nnd the scene that ensued was utmost indescrihablo. An inctantaneous rush was made for the doors, and all struggled to get nut Th?i llames continued, and the fire would, nn doubt, have f)ioved a disastrous one, had ii"t the greatest exertions >een made to subdue it. The tiie eneinrs and hose car riages weie soon 011 the ground, and with their prompt asu Unce, the workmen at lenglh succeeded in extinguishing the flames, but not heiore several scenes had been burnt, and considerable damage done. About half the audienco had got out into the sweet, hut after considerable delay, the play proceeded. This is the set ond time this theatre lias b?:en seriously in danger of being nurm wiiniii a ;ew iuuiuiih. A communication was made from Buffalo to Haltimoro, Maryland, on Tuesday afternoon, and an answer was iecaived at the Telegraph office in this city in about two hour*. It will bo borne in mind that the wires aro not, as yet, connected between New York and Jenoy City, and that the communication and answor had both to be rewritten at Jersey City und Philadelphia.?Buffalo Jldvertiier. Mr. Mauguin, a well-known personage in France, lios undertaken to proceed to the United States, to sustain the pretensions of the family of tho late Ktienne Oirard to soma part of tho vast fortune he so generously bestowed upon his adopted country, to the exclusion of his own relative*. The rhlladaJphia Spirit of tht Timet says:?That a severe quarrel occurred on .Saturday last in tho Sun office between the Native candidate for Congress in the first district, end a brother of the^andidate of the name party in the fourth district, whiah terminated in a fierce ! personal conllirt and the effusion of some biood. It | appears that Mr Littel, the candidate has backed out of j tlio field and has lift the party, with that instinctive forecant which prompts rut* to leave a falling house, for . which actof discretion Mr. I.evin brands him. in his usual benevolent and polite manner, as an " infamous traitor." He indulged in such amiable remarks on Saturday in tho presence uf Dr. Littel, as (stated, when the latter resented it by culling tho honorable gentlaman in ;i Ktyle by no meant) agreeable to hi* ioelinga. A regular fight ensued, ami the honorable gentleman's head was brought in contact with a gas fixture, and being the softer material, received a wound ol some severity but not dangerous. Mr. Levin hereupon ordered the Doctor out of his office, hut one of the proprietor! interposed and gave the mcml?r a gcutle hint that the o/Hce did not belong to him, and imiiiuated that the street was a more appropriate place for such violence as he wai the author ol, and there tho matter reited for tho time. Melancholy Huicidk?We learn from the Romlout Democrat that John Terwilliger, a young man about 21 \ears of age, formerly a resident of Kingnton, lately enlisted in Stevenson's California regiment. lie was warmly attached to a young girl of Kingaton, and obtaining a furlough, he went uii a few days ago from the encampniont at Governor's Uland, and endeavored to persuade the object of his attachment to marry him. A steadfast refusal caused tho desperate determination to commit suicide, and he took a dose of arsenic on Tuesday, but the potion was so large at to cause vomiting. Medical aid placed him out of danger; but, contranr to his doctor's directions, and from his declarations, it is supposed, with a steady resolve upon destruction, he drank a large quantity of water, w hich produced death. Sudden Wealth?The St. Louit Republican, of the 12 It, gives the following account of a visitor, who called at their ofhra, relative to tlie securing of property left him in Kurope:?' The death of a relative in KngUud had suddenly made him the rightful heir to A'53.000 sterling, on deposit in the Bank of Kngland. i it.:. ...? -f i. ik. family estate in Westmoreland, the mansion ef which, alor.o, cost X'iS,000 sterling. It a|>|>cani that only a few weeks line*, the former puiieitor ol thia wealth, waa in perfect health, a widower of about 4"> yean of age, looking forw&rd to a long lite, find perhaps a hapny one. allied <o ono of England'* daughters. He hail been admonished, it ii true, that death might rearh him at that ?Kc, for he had already buried hit wile and two children. Very noon he died, and without making a will. Ky the lawa of K.ngland, an intestate'* eitate goes to the heir* at liw, nnd the person before us being the oldett collateral heir in the descending lin?, the whole of tliin large estate. amounting to a half million of dollar*, ho* fallen to him. Our visitor left u*, much cheered with the mlormm inn he had received. lie will coon he on lm way to I'.ngland, to take possession of what ii, in thia country, deemed n splendid fortune. Although a mmi of very simple habit* and wants, ho was alieady forming plans for the future. The estate lie intended to distribute In Kngland,. to branches of the family ; but the money he intends to bring to thii country, unit here to pa?? the remainder of his day*. A* some asstiranco of this, he leave* his wife and two children behind him, with the design of rejoining them a* soon at possible. . i y IrRTHRii Particulaas of thi: Acciufnt at Kingston, C?naua ?Tin* Ktnu,* Htialrf of the IMh in?t., odd*: ?The unfortiinnte rtirterer* were in- : terrcd yesterday afternoon. attended with "ori-owing regret! hy a va?t conro\ir?e (if j ?o| le Koartt i l>o.!ie? were taken together to St tieorge < < hureh, tilling the ?pnrioiiK ainle w ith the e*d, from th?!ien to the bo lying ground. the otheri Iintin( l>een interred el?< where Tho eighteenth body ha* not l>e?n reeoreri ! v??, aiyl thera hnno that there i* noun to rerover, for no one millet or claim* another There may huve oen only 23 tn the host, ard if io, a* *ix ?' re ?av?<], t v I ole of the lort have been found The 'ollnwii g lit of n?mi? we take from the If4ij|: John I homn*. a Uili an) child; Wm loice, a wife; John Ouiim a wil? and child; Ale*. 1 hornpnon, a wife; Thonta* ll iteo.a w lf? anil child; Thoir.aa K<?'P. a n ife anil child; ll<>: eit toibe*. a wile and foniily in I:eland; Price Lemma. a wifo and family in Ireland; William Vorbci, a wife; T Vore, wlfo and threo children, (Jeorge Morrow, SViiusm l row, Henry i Drew, Robert Somcrville,* Klliott, J. Met urtney, a painter. | " Tlu re aie two more, whoao names we bare not been I ablo to aicertain." LD. *rlc? Two C?nts. State Constitutional Convention. Monday, AumitT 2J.?Mr. Hunt presented a petition from New Yorlc that clergyman may be eligible to office, and that lumale citizen* of tlii* State rauy be enti(led to civil rights Deferred. Mr. Towmeivl presented u remonstrance from New Vork against the personal liability in ' chatters o< corporations. Table. Mr. Hwackhnmor ??ftV*roil the following :? Ite olved. That every profession, trade, occupation or biiMiness. no hurtful to the community, should be open .11. it .' to all ili? citizen* of the state, without lice dm or ?ny impediment whatever. Ki lei red. I ho following resolution ?u on notion of \lr Itince agreed to : Raaolved. That the Convention will proceed to a final vote on nil the amendments proposed or to be propose J on the drat hitirle of the report of the Committee on Finance at or before 4 o'clock this day. '1 he Convention then proceeded further to consider the report of the ! inance Committee. The queatioo ?! upon the amendment moved by Mr. Bouck, to the amendment of Mr. Loomix to the tint lection of the report. The amendment of Mr. Uouck ii in (uhatance thia. Ho proposes to reduce the unking fund for the canal debt to $1,J Jo.UOd He also sets apart $172,000 annually to meet any deficiency which muy occur in the revenue of the general lund, lor the expense! of government. He apj'iopriates $360,000 annually until the canal debt ia paid, lor the interest, and subsequently SI,600,000 annually for the redemption of tho principal of the general fund debt. The remainder of the canal revenues are appropriated to the enlargement of the Krie canal and the completion of the (Jenesee Valley and Black river canals After the payment of the canalTdebt, $<J7'i,0<)0 ia annually appropriated from the canal revenues to the general fund, to meet tho expenses of the government. Uebate whs had upon the amendment, when Mr. Nicoll moved the previwus question, but the convention refuted mined by Messrs. Vun Schoonhoven, Chamberlain, Harris, Loomis, Stow, Tilden, SteUon, Marvin and Bruce, when Mr. Hhodes Kent up a proposition prohibiting the ale of the Suit Springs, and providing for exchange! of salt lands lor other lan Is contiguous, under cortain restriction!-hut the proposition waa not in order. Mr. lUchmond then obtained the floor, and the Convention took a recess. Afternoon Sristo*.?The debate was continued by Messrs. Richmond and Nicholas, when the hour of four having arrived, the Convention, according to order, proccaiied to vote. iilr. ttouck withdrew his first atnendmcut to Mr. Loomu' pioposition, reducing the amount lor the canal debt sinking fund $100,000. Mr. Loomii' substitute for Mr. Moti'man's fust section waa adopted. 87 toliti. Mr. Loomii' second section wai adopted, 99 to 22, with a slight amendment proposed by Mr. Chatfield to the Inst lino. Mr. Loomii' third section was then taken up, und Mr. bouck moved hii substitute. Mr. Patterson moved to nmend Mr Loomis'section, so that it should provide that the surplus revenues of the canals, alter complying with tho two preceding sections, should b? appropriated to the ordinary expenses of Government, und lor the completion of the enlargement, and the Uenesee Valley and Dlack Kiver canals. Mr. P., however, withdrew his amendment afterwards, to allow e vote to be taken on Mr. ltouck's. But Mr. Nicoll moved to amend Mr Lotftnis' third section, to as to provide that at least one-third of the surplus revenues shall be annually applied to tho improvement of the Erie canal, until the aggregate of such appropriation should amount to , and thu residue to bo appropriated as provided in the section. There wuro various propositions to fill the blank. Mr. White moved $0,000,000, Mr. W'Conor $6,000,000, Mr. Uussell $2,500,000, inc. All those propositions were voted down by decisive votes. Mr. Chamberlain then moved to lay Mr. Nicoll's proposition on the table. Carried, 70 to 47. Mr. Patterson then renewed hit amendment. Mr. Chatfield called for a division of the question, so that it should be put separately on each of tno three canals. Mr. Kukland moved to lay it on the table. Loft, 3D to 72. Mr. Patterson again withdrew bis amendment. Mr. Brown renewed it with variations, limiting it to the improvement of tho trie canal. Mi. Chamberlain moved to lay it on the table. Carried, 08 to 43. The question then recurred on Mr. Bouck's substitute lor Mr. Loomis' third section, appropriating $173,000 annually of the surplus to the support of government, and the residue to the enlargement and the two unfinished canals, until completed, and thereafter $1172,600 annually for the support of government. Mr. B*uck moved the previous question, and there was a second, kc., and his substitute was lost, 51 to 60. Mr. Loorais then moved the ptovious question on his third soction, and there was u second, iic , end it was rejected, 63 to til. Mr. Chatfield moved a reconsideration. Table. Adj ? JlUitiny Jirzut. THKRMOMF.TEKJB. BHK WKH'S. Distiller's, !Sii.--ii House and Parlor Thermometers of all sizes, maaulactured fur wholesale dealers. i\ow mi band, a gross assorted sizes, WHMWi correct. Lenses, Hpecucles and Daguerriau materials. For sale by JOHN KOACH, ?2J 3 *rh Optician, 82 Nassau street. - rimiHTIK'H GALVANIC RINGS AM) MAONtTIC FLUID " What, though 'be causes may not be explained, Hince'tbeir rttecta arr duly ascertained ; Let not delusion, prtjudice or pride, Imliire niiukind to sei the ineana ande; Mt' im wbicb. tin tisIi simple, are bv Heaven designed To alleviate the ills of buinan kind.*' ("AHitISTIK'H liriiuiiie iialvamc Ring and Magnetic J Fluid, art a positive uid permanent cure for all eases of Rheumatism, ? ulr or chrctiiC, applying to the head, fsce or liuibs, O' ut, TicdolorMix, Vertigo, Netvoos and Sick Headache, Indigestion Parnlv sis. Palsy. Kpilepsy, Fits, Couvulsious, Cramp, Palpitation of tin* Heart, Shortness of Breath, Apoplexy, Stiffness of the Joiata, Weakness of the Limbs, Lumbago, Pain in the Hid* and Chest, Smnal and HipCompl.tinls, Nervous Tremors, Neuralgia and its modifications, General Debility. Deficiency of Nervous and Physical Kiier pfexy, tliejr are confidently recomman Jul. In cases ol Dyspepaia, wiiich is simply a dt rangemeat or want of Nerroua Kiiersy iiMcounec'ion Willi the Digeative Organs, they haYe been equally successful The Galvanic Uelt?, Bracelets, Garter* find Strengthening Planter!, are ured iu mint chronic rase* of disease, aud ran be worn by tl.e more delicate person with perfect aafety and convenience. Only Agency in New Vorlr, 182 Broadway. Ktpluiatory Pamphleta, with full directions, inav be had gratis. s*4 Iw'ric J. 8T0UVENEL & CO., X<> 3 John itrrrt.nrar BroaJuiay, and No. US Gold tlrett, MA.Ml l* A< Tl ItK.KS, and Wholesale and ltetail Dealers in OUss, Solar, Lard, and Cainpliene Lamps, ChandeI era. Brackets, llall Lamps and Lanterns, Girandoles, Candelabra*. &c. Private houses, churches, and hotels, fitted up with gas, chandeliers, brackets, &c. We are also mull' factiiring cut and plain glass, of every description, which in quality and cutting cannot be surpassed by any in the cocatry. All the above articles made to order, auil matched t> auv pattern, and guaranteed to give satisfaction?all at a great redurtion in price. Glass cut to order. Lamps altered and refitiished. lioods leaned lor parties. *22 lm*mc WkllTL IRLNCH CHINA DINING SfcT3. J VKRY tupertor quality and entirely new forms, first in- f ,ported Also, fine white China Tea Beta, complf, y picce* for only SJ?no family will he without a act take the trouble to cill and see these tt'T% Kami I ics liiiin<ihii,ic m tUr .hma I tlaraHwe, wffl sare at least/J per cental the CHINA HALL, Broadway, comer Chamber street. J. KKRR. Also, a splendid assortment of all kinds of China aud Glass, wholesale and furnishing, at China llall,\( hesnut street, directly opposite the State House, in Philadelphia. >21 3t'm Kt.HR It BON. /"J.UANO?200 t >na. the balance of the cargi of shin Shaka I't-are irnin icnauo, kU UKiH ca?k*, H?r b^ic iu luiMniau paicluiern, by K. K. COLLINS Sc CO., 46 Sou th atreet. (C7" The many (iperiiMiU made thia ie??ii from th* cargo, no; on'y prove* the great gain in uaing it, bat that it uit leaat equal il nor mil crior to auv other gnano. ?14 m black teas, IN ?mill package*, at rery low price.? great Tariety? tome of winch are ol an extraordinary quality, jutt re cited. Alao, n fresh lot of the N. B , Vin dav < 'hampaun , "Aniontillido" tuid "M.uijnlla" Sheriyjold Hclieidam Oin.aaperior old IC'im ,n:d choice Urandiea, iu wood or glaai Kor aale by N. BLOODGOOD, alT Im'r Pine at. YVTUJU crHTNAlLrt. >jAf) K EOS of 100 Ib* each of IX and 3 inch wrought nailt lat quality, are daily expected, and will b? aold low, ou delirery after lat of Lecemher next, at OEORGE r. OERDINO, wW Imee 7ft Maiden lane. Jnncfinti of l.ibertv at ~V WUOLLf.N UOOJDS MKKCHANTif ii. migeon fc co., CLOTHS, CASSIMERK8. AND 8ATTINETS REKIN19HER8, No 341 Wr?r 8t>kkt, N. Y. REKERENCK3 and order* for work at Meaarx. Wooleott and Slaile. 6'J Piue atreet; W.C. l.angley It Co., 14 Broad atrret; p. Hrighan* k Cn . 60 Pine atreet. al? ?m*m MEEN FUN, THE CELEBRATED CH1NE8E 8KIN POWDER, l^OR reatoring, beautifying, and pre.errmg the complex' T ion, and rendering the akin delicately white, ?month, and aoft. 1 he lad iei of the higher classes of China, Japnii and Persia, have lor afei been noted for the etceediug delicacy of their skin, attributable to the me from infancy of a cosmetic, until recently preserrrd a* a hereditary and mrlolablo ecret amon??r .* certain set of Chineif priesthood, designated Teen*se, or Celestial Doctors. _ . ... The recent eitended intercourse of C^reat Britain with that nation has elicited many important commonicatious respecting their customs and habits ; amongst UM number the recipe of this lour bidden **kin * owder, called by them Meet! Fun or Celestial Skin Powdrr. This secret was disclosrd by a descendant of ?ne of the | riests of the temple of Teen Tan. or Temple of the Hearens, to Charles Malcolm, JCaq., .VI. I)., for |>rore??inn?l ?emcea. Mrri! Klin u iiniplya preparation of Oriental herba, and may ( ? med WiUi perfect aalety for the cure ol all cutaneoua ! difordera. Amougit the moat prominent ?re Tan, Frecklea, Inaeniible anil Copiona Perapiration, Blutehea, 1'implea, Mpota. Irritation. Conrteneaa, anil a variety of othcra. To b. had of V. CLIKEHUGH. ? Broadway ; C. II. Iling, corner of John ami Broadway ; A- B. Hand* It Co., iuU H ult< n atreet ; Kuahton it Co., Broadway ; Henry Joliu on, cor-ef of Broadway and Chamber* alrret ; and all other rerpeetable ehemiata and pcrlumera throughout the United Stale* ; a:>d of the aole importera, HOUBtt k Co., I Wall a tree t. in boiea price fc., |>? m4 7?. aid Im'rre MOTHER'S CORDIAL. 1'HK ?nperior efficacy of thia article, when naed in the laat a atagei .1 pregnancy, la ao apparent, that no female who h.n onee etperienecd It* benefit* would be willing, on any Conditio". to be ilepiiTed of it. Ita effect* are to ahorten and ifimiiuan the *u Ifcting* attendant on Child Birth one lull, aud thua place both child and mother in a aute ol aalety. Thi? n no <|U<tck article, but the prescription of regnlar Miyairi in, une who In* made tlii* branch of hia piacticea par' cular atudy. Kor ?ale at 192 Broadway, corner of Johu alrret. Him * m TO TAILORS. THOSE .?Iki wiah to acquire a rapid knowledge of Catting all the ran. na ?tyle? of garment* worn at the preaent time, are advued to obtain a copy of Stinetnefta' celebrated work on the aubject, wiii'h contain* all the information that can be deaired. It na? alreadv met with the moat unprecedented aale. and u n?ed generally by the trade throughout the tJ/il' ii. and in u > inted to give entire aatiafaciion to all wh? adopt it, prineiplea Price per copy from eight to ten dollar*, accordi >g to the binding; alio, amgle or teta of pattern*, o t the varioni atylea of R irmenta cnt to order, by W. H. sflNEMETTS, ill1tn*r Mo 111 Breadway, New York.

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