Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1846 Page 1
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TH Vol. XXI* lo. SMUWhol* No. ?3M. THE EUROPEAN, No. 6 Greenwich etreet, three doot e from the Battery. THIS Hunts ii now pen for the accommodation ol the Public, who are solicited p> give a share o! their palroDate, and are Kaiurrd that every eftort will be made to render it a c< m'ortshle and agreeable letnrt equal to any in the aity. The bar wiU al way* be supplied with the choieeer liquor*, wines autl segur*. Lodnibt* by the Night, Week or Month, from 24 ceuts jwr night- A tree lnuca every day from II o'eb ek to I o'clock. **4 1 w r jitid the. men that o'ied not when emitten with the Emerods. AN INFALLIBLE CURE FOR PILES. Dll UPHAM'S VtOKTABLB KLECTUAKV-la an tfficlual cure for this tnost distressing malady, known amor gst physicians as the HiXin irrh "ids, or Piles. There i? no mut-.k* about it- II is at once safe and eliicacious, and J,lew-lit lull* aetidn. No fear ol takiug cold while uuuer its influence, no change in dirt ueeetssry )i taken accoiiliug to directions a curd fur I lie is guaranteed. giHundredi of c?-tilicaies may be seen by calling on the proIir etor or h>* agouti, of cures performed by this medicine of 0, 2d. and 30 years standing. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietor, 196 Buwery; WVATT St KKTtJHAM, 121 FuPou *t. N.Y.. Brot-klyn, C. Steam. 161 Fulton at; K. ;V|a:t"on. ?or Myrtle Avenue and I'esr. Price tl. tlx ims.b DUTCH DUL.bC) FUK SALE. TliK Subscriber* offer Tor sale sevcai care* of Bulbous Flower Kouis, consisting of double anil single Hi m, ciuth. Tulip* iu ?*tie?ic?. Jonquils. Nuciuu, Aurmr lianeneulus, Fritril Isries, Crocus. fcc., suitable for ^5TJ' greeu house, or garden ru turn. .Alto, one of the 1st ?Ty onincuts or green house Plants in the vicinity of N ,l v r?. fiuit a'.d ornamental Trees of all kind-, warrant Jl ,,*? 7' tlia uauir; ?egrlable aud Howe Seeds of the best L,,.,!??' n.ti ?; Ursss bteds, ?tc; 10,000 "If, " end tb'ifiy, from t to 1) leet high, suitiblef. , lines or si re eta A liberal discountwill be purchase to sell again. <4" 10 Un?* wI,u Our Dahlias are now in full flower; r __ r . . publ>e are luvited to view them at the ?,r Ihilril on gfh Avenue and i Itth street; spec JCCl! h"store during U?e dowering season. 1 a'm" wTAf*" " "K,'U iD r ?l> ? >"?"< to be seen from 7 .o7 ?vU.?LA> " THOMS -fN, Seedsmen and Florists, I - ^ 635 Broadway, nvar b keeker. Givimtifmv\^8U ECONU.YLC>ie>. r ;; ? , ' i',. " e'oa.sand .on ' cleaned or dyed, from __ r *,|g * , rants do, fram 33 cents to 60 eenis; ladiei from an cent. .rosses, cloaks, comes, Ote., ele ned or dyed from Mcents %l Carpets cleaned st SV cu. rer yard. aeks altered to other colors 1 e n.s cash. tzl? .n 1. SMITH.70 Allen st. rr TOILET bOAfb AND FEHFUMER*. . <I1IC only tr ie snd original Wainut Oil Military Shaving A Soap, hsmtly Soaps, highly Scented Toilet Soaps, Corogues, fcxtractr. aud a geurral assortment of every variety <>l perfumery of the clictccst description, and at the loweat priori. S, uthern MercSanrs, and Daalera in genera*, are invited to examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. (IT- No. 3 Courilaiidt srreetiiu lai'r JOHNSON. VHOOM ?t FOWLFR. WHEN FUN! N1EEN FUN!! MEEN FUN!!! FIMIK CELbkllATCl' Chinese ekin Powder, patroniied A bv Her Majesty Queen Victoria, His Koyal Highness Prince Albert, tuid used in the uuisery of royalty and bv the several soveieigus and courts in Durope- Ladies of this DOBStrt ueedno longer be under the disagreeable necessity of u,ing poisenons xubstnncrs to fiee their akiuof eutaue, us tliio drr?, Messrs. HOlfBS St CO, No 2 Wall street, havit)g recent!) imported into this country the above iiamed invaluable addendum to the toilet. 'J he substance is a white powder, entirely Irre from all mineral as ringentt, prepared solely frotnorienial herbs and fragrant exotics of inestimable value, qai e harmless iu their nature, that ihose with the mostdtlicate aud repressedcompVxton.mav apply it without injury. It < withal so salutary that it speedily a.lavs all tendency to irritation of the skin, and dissipate, tan, freckles, blotches, etnptiors, and all other evils of a similar nature. Tobe h.d wholesale of the ,m,K>rters tiOUUSIt CO , 2 W >11 stieet; A. B. SANDS to. CO., 100 Kul on street; Wvat kk'.oli.m m H..? ,o. n.?.j vr Clirehmigh, 199 Bcosdw.y; and retail of all respectable chemists and pei;lume>s ill Sew York, undiu all the citiri of the United dlates iu botes?price 1i and 8a. lm*r '|*HL uuderaigued respectfully lenders hit sere ices to mi 1 old friends and tlia public in general. for the sale of Pro duee of any kind?also, for the Receiving and Forwarding ol Goods, and strict and punctual attention will be paid to all orders, and charges as moderate as any established house in this eity. A. LAFITTE, Agent. S'.vanaah. <b?.. A"?wsf.i?t. 1*48. ?? Swerr UNION HILL ACADEMY, FORDHAM, WESCHEHTER COUNTY, ncaa new rosi. JlLEX. DEMI'STEU, .1 M , Principal. t'CCCMOB TO T HF REV. WILLI XM POsVELL. IN this Aemiuary are taught all ti e branches of a solid English education, with me other modern Languages a< d the Classics, if required. The pupils have tins peculiar advantage?th*L the whol conr-e of stady is conducted hv the Principal himself To foreigners who wish to be instructed in the shoriesi time, in Ike English Lnguige, this Itstiiutinu offers every advantage, ae the Prineipal knowv sullicien ly the French, 8pini<h, and German languages, to enable him te communicate instrnetion to pupils Irom those countries Board and washing per annum $AK). all TuThdalm*rn NOTICE. FUODVFROY, (M s. J. H. Osyelle.) will open on Wednesday, J id inei, ber fall and winter assortment el &li)linery, **d Indies' articles in general. _ St* BROADWAY, alt *w?re Opposite the Carlton House. WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED ard recemmeodrd by the faculty?a never tailing remedy lor all affections of the kidneys, infitmmstioa an * weakness of the urinary organs, both in males and females. This excellent medicinal preparation, (suited for mil ciiaum,; iim umn urcu uhwii iu icii in rviaorwf me mote t?cin?[? attacks of gonorrhoea, lie,, and can be safely recommended to the public, at its operations are quick, tare and certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to diet or hindrance trom business. Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, >41 Grand street, in boxes, at 3 shillings and 6 shillings per box. None genuine uule-s signed by the proprietor. iC7~ Orders through the Post Office will be duly attended tO. tig lBI*TC THE EAHT RIVER,MUTUAJL INSURANCE (Stock) Company, of the city of New York, office, Ne. 11 Wall street. This Company continues to insure against loss and damage by fire, on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings, goods, merchandise and household furniture, on as favorable terms at similar institutions in this city. JOHN BROUWER, President. Cuaai.rt H. Miarter. Secretary. it lm*m PRINTING PAPER?Of any six# or quality, mnnulactured to erdor, at their PAt'KR MILLS, Windsor Locks, Connecticut. PEKS8E It BROOKS, 25 wnc Noe. 61 kC Nassau street. ALLSTN DODSWOR TH'S PRIVATE DANCING SCHOOL, No. HI Broome at. seer Broadway. A 1). would beg leave to inform his (Vieadt and the public that, baring m ds great alterations and improvements in hit roems, by which the site and accommodations are very mecli increased, he will commence his classes tor the season on Tuesday, Oct. C, at 3 P. M , for Ladies and children, and I P. M for gentlemen. Toe instructions include all the Fashionable Deuces of ths day, Terms, kc. made knows by applying at the School. tM Im'r THE AMAZON WIGS, oB, r1 ENTLEMEN'S Real Heada of Hair, being the latest and 1 vJ greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and I Be Ips, and tlie subscriber is heppy ia being the first to introI dues I hem here. They display the forehead and temples to w soy height, a paint ia wig making nevar before attained.? They are composed of veatilstiug or gossamer work. They r fit oa ihr head by a mechanical contrivance eutirely new; they are rut on in t moment. They immediately adapt themselves to toe countenance, and at once become pert and parcel of the living man. Copy the address. ?. PHALON, SI Broadway, opposite the snM Im'rc Globe Hotel, nsder Jadaon's Hotal THE INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real head of hair, that sceptics and connoisseert have pronounced it the most perfect aud extraordinary invention of ths day. The great advantage of this novel and nniqns Wig, is its being aside without sewing or weaving, which causes its appearance so closely to reeemlile the natnral hair, both in lightness and atturil appearance, as to defy detection. its Ulcere being to beautiful, s-> porons, sad so fret, that ia all cases of perspiration evspo ration it uuimptded. and the great evils of ether wifi avoided. The sceptic and connoisseur are alike icvited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, and the pecnliar met.iod of fitting the head, at the uiveulor'MA. C. BARKY,) 146 Broad way, corner or Liberty street, np stairs. sl7 Im'me NEW INVENTtLI Wlua BATCHELOR'S new invented Wigs aud Scalps, made ol the finest lateral curl hair, and adapted in the most easy manner to the peculiar style of each individual. They aie nilrely a m invention, doing away wuh all the vexatious difficulties so long eiperirueed by thoae who wear wigs The public are invited to inspect a large and wall (elected dock, containing ayery variety of tise and color; they will then beablr to judge the effect WM. BAT( HELOR, inventor and only manufacturer, 1 Walt arreet. Bear Broadway Removed from ltd Broadway Fleaa* to copy the address anki Im'rc HATOHELOK'tj HA1K DYE. A LIQUID COLOHINO FOR THE HAIR, WHIA KERK, ke.?lu claima to patronage will at once b? unF dersrood by thoae who haTe uaed or ?old the preparations oflered for dying the hair. Ita application ia simple, ita effect oertaia ; being emphatically a perfect hair dye, withoat destroying the elasticity or health of the hair. To fancy aforel keepers drnggiata, kc., it will be foand a most desirable article, arthey caa with confidence, recommend it to their customers, and aot be troubled with complaints of ita dying th< skin or linen. it will not rnb off the hair, and constant washing only improves its appearance. The color is permaneni and perfectly uniform, entirely Iree from those unnataral tints, varying from the faded green le the royal purple, produced by the ordinary hair rlyee. In proof of its efficacy thr inventor is prepared to apply the dye to w his ken, or a por tloo of the hair, without charge, to thoae wishing to purchase if it prose, satisfactory ; for which purpose he has prirati rocms- Prepsred only and aoM wholeeule and retail by WM J. T ft * Wall street, near Broadway. Pnei $1, don hie sixetl 3d.Lepy the addreaa. Sole agent in Wash aa-oe rire, i t* n.Mv. fy,,,, ^ ,me? JHliD CAGE manufactory, T'* f e???r end Lmurens ) HE HLBhCKlBEK wonld inform his cnst- mers and thi public, thaiI he heepa constantly on hand, a large suPlll of Common aud bancy Bird Cagea of erery description atao. Wooden, CHar and Willow Ware. Brushes Baskets and Mats, and .general assortment of articles usually hem n a wooden ware store, which he will aell lea. Own thoy can b boaehi elsewhere J. ICELLY. il lm?r PERM CAiNDLEB AND OIL?A superior 'article o Sperm Candles at U cenu por Its., and finest quality Win ter Bleached Sperm Oil at II the gallon. Also. Bleacher Solar do. at klW cents ; also, old Java Coffee, 6reen an. Black l eas and Groceries, kc , of the best anility, for sell in quantities to suit, by J. O. FOWLER, SJO and 411 Oreenwirh and 76 Veaey streets. V B?Families, boarding house and hotel keepers, an incited to gire the above a trial. Ooods packed and de llvered to any part of the city free of ehnge. all lm?rc MAGNETIC ELECTRICAL MACHINES, F.IOHT DOLLARS FACH BARTH It SHAW peg to call the attention of the pnblii P> their in prored Apparatus, for medical and other pur poses, which may be seen ia operation at their office, 7*1 Rr wdway, where may be had Baith fc Bnaw a Ualraaic Eg Citant, and Holt'a Whooping Cough Specific N. B.?A large assortment of Gold aad Silver Leaf can atantlv on hand. A liberal ducount to Country Ageuta. .17 lm?rc \AT 1IEAT? 1MW bust.els, Illinois Wheat, for sale by ff r I. COLLINS It CO., a* HlMbaMM E NE NE1 i tie. "K **lr* '"? U><1 Medium qua pes, Casadoree* ll.ti'f ' U N?rm"' CMtill?'' Priu ' * B"";ral assortment of Tobacco, for sal* on Ic i ?77 1m i??rh rASMIONABLE DANCING, Ms i i i' dV,'?','!'' itrtrt, Wesf of Broadway. w , ,PA?MNE DESJaRDINS, of tho Aeadem I I l..... < ? r t fl re,l*ci/?ll)' inlorma tho public that li ?li,i fasnvnuable Dancing hare commenced. Braid I vt.l..e,fc,u?v ."If,"* t"??br. will bo the now walta M'zurl ? jv 'ioa'lriUj, Polkas, (various.) uew Walta a ci temps,^oir.posed for VI'lie Cento, by Mom. Prrrot, and I ??..* *!* t*cef ' 'Walt* Hedowa. Schoola and Kaimiiss aJl lmarb rai4 hours msde known on application. M1 ? ~ DANCING. "r aR ACCO, dancing matter, and Miaa ANGEL1N rp .n traehtr of the renowned Parisian Dancing Acat ? . Mr. Cellarini, (wheie her ettitorl.i'ty skilfulnc ua~ ylruiaa manuer of teaching hare procu-ed her a genei y'/Utaliou for bertaate andsplendor.nnl nre/Amoug the nu . stingmshed families of that renowned t iwn ofPari but slso among a treat many ol highly reapect tide Am ' ican and Kuglih lidier and geutlemeu, who treqnented tl ! above-mentioned Academy,) have just opened a Danci i Academy at No. M ('anal street, corner of Broadwo ! where all the moat fasliiousble quadrilles, Mntourki Waltzes Mazourka, Kcilowaa, Polkas, Uallops, Wallies, I are tsught. .... Ladies and gentlemen are indistinctly received in this Ac demy, where any body may be sure never to meet but wi good society, end where order and deceucy will be alwa atrie'ly observed, 2lJw?re MUSIC THE PIANO TAUOHT on very moderate terms, b; person who has a |<erfrct knowledge of the scivnc and who nude .takes to teach it thoroughly. Terms, 3 dolls per,mouth. Any person wishing to take instruction w pictae auurciia una iu iHUkic, at UJC IieratlO UIDCC." till lmi**rr LEECHES! LEECHES! L.EELHES! AFRESH supplV of large end healthy Swedish Leechr juat received?lor aaie in quantities to evil purchase) becked upaou Co be transported any diatance with safety,! O. A k H. WITTE, It lm*rh Importer of Leectiea, 31 John at W J. STOUVENEL & CO., JVerS John street. near Broadway, and A'a 119 Oald ttrei MANUFACTURERS, and Wholesale and Retail Dealr in Glass, Solar, Lard, aad Carapkene L?mps, Cham! hers. Brackets, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, Giraudolea, Ca delabras, tic. See. Private houses, churches, and botela, fitti up with gaa, cliandeliera, bracketa, ttc. We are alao mau facturing cut and plain glaaa, of every deacriptiou, which quality- aud cutting cannot be aurpaaaed by any iu the co . try. All the above articlea made to order, and matched I ativ pattern, aud guaranteed to give aatiafactiou?all at a gre reduction in price. Glaaa cut to order. Lamps altered ai reftniahed. Goods loaned for parties. a22 lm*mc FINE bLACK TEAS, IN small packages. at very low prieea?a great variety aome of which are ot an extiaordinary quality, juat r ceived. Alao. a freah lot of the N. B . Vin dav Champagu , "Amo tillado" and '-.Manxunlla" Sheriyiold SchenUm Gin.auperi old Hum and choice Braudiea, in wood or glaaa. For a?le by N. BLOODGOOD, 17 Im'r Piue at. TO LEASE, for a number of yeara, a beautifully aituati Water Power, adjoining a nourishing village, with uitable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, h ving a water and railroad communication with that city 10 milea. The permanent aummer supply la from 70 horae almoat any amiinnt. Apply to MORE It BAKER, ?l lm?r ma Rrnadwav DEAFNESS CURED. OQ1 BROADWAY.?(Extract)?" I cheerfully comp WO X with the req-iest of Lieut Mcintosh, to state thai 1 waa invalided home iu consequence of total denfurss and d charges from the ears : that under the treatment of D a CA TLEfc EDW VRDS. Annate, (Ml Broadway,) N. Y., he I covered his hearing and h.ia agun returned iu his duty " Signed H. McNEVr N, Surgeon to H. B. M.'s Forces, Jamaica. All caaea of deafness Heinle.1 to Acoustic ! rops for tale ure cure lor incipient deafue arising from cold, discharges from an 7 ouxxing noises in il ears, collections of hsril wax, .-wc *u27 lm*r KITCHEN" RANGES. ^JIOLMES'TWO OVEN KITCHEN^ RANGES^ I. Ranges to the trade, or >et .hem up for private fumili or boardiug hnuae*. having purchased the right from t! pr.teutee to ma no factor* and sell them. Our experience manufacturing and setting Ki chen Ranges in thiaci'y, f the pn?t eighteen years, wairant us in asaertiug that Hoime ha; ge cannot be siirpis ed for economy, convenience, ai durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes fi which they are purchased, an J if not, thy will be removi free of at y exp-nse to the purchaser. Numerous relerenci can be given 10 remons wishing to purchase. The prie range frem ti to ?Sdollars. Urates?I'arlor, Office and Bed Room Grates of latest pi terns. Stores?Hail, Office and Bed Room Stoves, Stovepipe kc kc. Tin Ware?Bright, plain and japanned. They have msuo at all times ready to set ranges, grates, and boilers. AI smokey chimneys cured?no erne no pay. A- GILHOOLY and SON. Proprietor* and Manufacturers,71 Nassau street U lm*mc f30,000 TO LEND ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, on productive real i tate in this city or Brooklyn. It will be divided in ions suit applicants. Apply to 8. 8. Bread, No. II Wi street to the l.rnron Warer Ullice. haaement an SI tine TRAVELLING TttUiNKa, Ac. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wi street, eerusr of Broadway, hat now on band ar d eoustai It making, a good assortment o< Truuka, Valiart, Carp Bags, and Satmiela,wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable f American or European Travel, aud Portmanteaus for tl French Mailt Pttte. Orders lor tho Wast Indies, South America, ke., filled wi' despatch. an26 Im'r FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. TO THOSfe PERSONS who will prove that JUL* HAUL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE it u the beat, the very beat, yet known in this country or Europ This valuable discovery will enable a person to a; the hair or whiskers in a faw minutes without the least i convenience. This preparation is warranted not to wash oi nor to irjnra the health of the hair aud retain nil its sofuut and brilliancy. Be certain and ask for Jnlea Hani's Liquid Hair Dye, as i others are spuriona. If von wish for black ask for box mar ed N ; if for brown ask for box maiked B. Premiums have been awarded to the subscriber at tl Franklin Institute t xlubitiou. For sale, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, Juli Haul, perfumsr and chemist, 46 South Third street belc Chesrut street, Philadelphia. And at my agents, Wyart Ketebam, III Fulton; V. Clirehugh, 205 aorf 109 Brondwa K. A. Artsult, Lafaye'te Bazaar, corner of Liberty and Bros wsy;|J. B Jacqucmond, 1U Broadway; Hasiland, Keese Co., Maiden lane, and by nil respectable druggisu in the Ui ted States. s24 lm*i to th* public:. d~1 IVE mv article atrial,and judge for yourself. I warn VJT then all Co ba aa represented, or the money refunded MV EAU LUBTRAL MAIR RESTORATIVE. This universally approved and admired article free frc ardent spiriu, pungent e-aeutial oil, and other deatrueti materials, c'eans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautit and bright. and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of tl flowers. Hair washed with ihie extra?t scon becomes pie singly soft and luxuriant in it* growth, and it will positive bring in new hair on bald heads by iu use, and hair that h been made harsh and is turning grey, or falling out, b" tl use of spinu or other improper preparations, will soon be r stored to iu natural color and brilliancy. by a few applic tions of the F.aa Lustra). It is a preventive against baldcei sod ait infallible care in all affection* of the (kin on tl head, aa dandmff, and lor pravenling the falling off of t! hair and turning grey. It is the simple prodnce and immediate extract of ton plants salutary 'or the nair.endowed with properties ao high cleansing that it disengages the epidermis ana capillary tub of the corrosive action of the perspiration and of the nrr a> dead particles that tt deposits This preparation purifies tl hair, givra it a beautiful gloss and softness, and an agreaab and viviiyirg perfume. For tele, wholesale and retail, by Jnlea Hanel, Chetni and Perfumer, i< South Third street, below Chtatnnt, PI ladelphia. A premium swarded at the Franklin Institute. For isle also at my agents. Wyatt and Kstehnm, 111 Ft ton street; V. Clirehuan, KB and 209 Broadway; F A. A unit, comer Broadway aad Liberty; J. B. Jacquemond, 4 Broadway; Haviland, heat* Ic Co., Maiden Ian*; and by i reapcetahle drnggiau sis ihe United Hates. s2l lm'i LEECHES?! LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 large and healthy Swedi Leeches. Alas, d,000 Germ in Leeches, in prime ordt for sale by J. FERDINAND CLEU. 15 lm*re Impo'terof Leeches. No. Ill William st, i RAKE CHANCE A NUMBER OF AGENTS WANTED to undertake tl sal* of a new and nsefnl patented article, whieh can I told to every family in the Uaioo. To men of respectab characters, a guarantee of SM0 per annum will be given 1 1 prevent competition each agent will have a district secun tohim. Apply to 8. FRENCH. 289 Broadway, np stairs Letters must be postpaid in order to receive attention suit Im*m CLOCKS, FANCV"goods ANd qlASSWARK A Large .rsdortment of Fancy Goods, Clocks, Violins, Oi cars and FIntra; also Glassware, China, lie, will be tc t* dealers at reduced price*, at GEORGE F. OERDINO. auMtmee 72 Manic lane MR. MOORE, who la'elyarrived in the Gladittor, frr London u requested to call at No. IM Pearl stre t where he will receive soma important information. I New V ork 8rpt II. ISM a2t 2w*n J ~ LADIES' HAIR DIlESSINls. W 11* 1*1 A >1 J.(formerly with II. Martin, a lata with W. nibble* I tender* hit nmc? to tni J ladie* who m*T deaire thaii head* dreaatd at thoir own d?* ling*, on the fol own* termet? i Sin*letime, drerting, (a Do. ?h?miH?oiu* and rfmattn* $* Per month. erer> day, piotiortionabli lew. W.J. B.t time being w n Hy deroted to ihia branch, will occupy no ainre; hut hi* order b..oh will be kept at t eat.ihli*hii?hmrnt of Mme. N. Schelteme, 717 Broodwi ? nnder the New York Hotel, comer of Warcrly Plat r where ladiei mif allix their oamra and residence* oopoai ; the honr deeired. For feitner per'icnlara enqeire of V?. J. at hi* reaideuce. 17 Eiat Bro?dway. ?1S lm*i ! IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. YUST receired from Auction, and offered at 20 per cent 1 > e# low Importer'* price* 700 Tambour tucked Drew ' T 130 do Terr fine do . ? ; WO Neapolitan Lace worked do J ' IM Hieiere Embroidered J #0 Needle worked, (two row*) ' ]i do do (thrre row*),....... ? A lat*e lot colored Organdie Muainu, at tt 10 per die**, ' n* ial price ;* A few yery aolendid Lara Dre**e*. from 1? do tlonnced. from f li to.. JS A rich Aaeortment of real and imitation Lace Cap Berth**, Capeaand hleere*. French needlework Cepea.C ' ~embroidered Handkenhief*. Ac. Ac. onu*mlly low . a? la'rrc PLTLK It Oil Ml Ts, i7J Broadwa ! W DRUG STOKE FOR WALK, Tji8^aillfbsp for twenty ykjirr VHIBKRS offer for Mel* their old and w tdaMnM etand, U Bowery, corner Walker (treat, ether with Leeaer ritock and Finer**, Bode Fountain*, I T j* doin* e good knaineea, and ia in comph VMVO W YOKX, TUESDAY MOS ' NEGOTIATIONS WITH MEXICO. "w BXovemwrts and Intentions of the ADMINISTRATION. llc The Prosecution of the War, ['*, U kCjjJkc. [From the Washington Union. Hept. 38 ] lt. W# can sla'#. upon 001.., e'ent uuthont) , that thereport i? not tro4 tbet jlexico hat not i efuied to nogotialo with the govrnwitent of the United st ite? until we ahull , withdraw our Mkc from her territory, and otir fleet* . 1 from her coast* Thia report i* ub-iolutely destitute of foundation. The Mitinmciit of that republic bus deter- i .? miued to refer theYreaident's overture to open n*-gotiartl tione for peace to fba constituent congies* of Mexico, nt which wll| assemble in the beginning of December- we believo flbsth. Ic- We efo able to pul'an end. in a more explicit manner * than we have hitherto been able to do. to all mj story and j .. all doubt about the deipatcbe* by the Princeton. The it) preceding paragraph give* the true vorniou of tbo transic. action; the precise wrm of the correspondence which i ha* taken place between the two republics, we presume will be made known M no distant day. Tho gist of the matter is. that the Mwticen government has not positive1 ly declined our owture?nor has she accepted it upon ? conditions?she has Wither refused nor accepted it. but has referred our pswpotition to the constituent Congress f - ui weceiiiucr in uepiae tni wnole question. Wo aro u liable t'?(ajr bow far Santa Anna participated "j! in this amwer. Wrjfnderutand this reply was tram raitted by (Jeneral Ihgjon, tbo secretary of foreign af fairs, and that only JIMr days elapsed between the re~ ceipt of the letter of-onr Secretary of State and the reply of the Mexica? minister. But though Santa Anna might not bavo been consultod about the form o f the reply, vot the chajbcter of it seems to correspond to the general principle which he professes to have laid down for himself?or thrdwhMr himself upon the wishes of the ~ people and of the con|H{KUent Congress. . We had a right to enpet a frank and prompt answer to our liboral nud giuoltoun proposition for negotiation But the acting Mexican government declines to act with?. out the advice and concurrence of the Congress of Deed cemher. Thus three mnrths will elapse between their u- letter and the meeti ig oyCoiuress How long they may u spin out their decisions, Mfore they advise the exeou "* tive government, co man can conjecture. Another a't month perhaps might pa^* by. And thus we should ](j have four months consumed in idle and unavailing procrastina ion. This is sbrely in the usual dilatory stile ? of Mexican negotiations But, in the mean time, what sagacious politician cog hesitate as to the course which ? we ought to pursue? ; ' * We are aware, in first place, that though Santa Anna may defer negotiation, he will not fold his arm's. 0f and adopt a system of inactivity, bo far from tnis, we see him declaring to General balas and his countrymen, that he is determined to throw succors into California. _ and to despatch troops to meet our advancing armies He . eveu promises to gather laurel* on the Sabine?that is to p* s y, drive Gen Taylor and Ufa associate generals out ol a Mexico beyond the Rio Grahde, and then to pursue them oi through tiro whole territory of Texas, until bis advancto ing a: ms can gather their victorious laurels on the banks of the Saliiue We ought to thank him for stoppng at _ those confines, and not pushing on to Washington, as he is said to have tureatenod some years since Ij Suiita Anna had flatter boast less ind act more. This he swaggering has beeu Wo lonj the characteristic of Uis is- oumrymen to impose even upon ihem. In his long manifesto of the 16th August, proclaimed at Vera Ci ut. i-he speaks with unusual moderation of the United States But in a few days after in his interview with Uen balas, he drops the charactei of the man of aenae, ait 1 tesumas the rliudomoutade of the boaster. He promises fo lay the st laurels which he is to reap on the hank* of the bubine, at tbeleetuf his couutrymeii. Oue would have suppoaod _ that the laurels which he had lost at San Jacinto would have I eeu sufficient to subdue any wild hope* of reaping laurels on ;he bunks of the Sabine. Texas, aingle handi't ed, defied all his chivalry. He knows the catastrophe " which befel him. Why, then, does he boast of gathering e military honois in opposition to Texas combined with the "J Unite d States 7 All this, of course, is ridiculous bombast. Vet w* id have no wish to disparage or atmse the character of Ms* ?' present ruler ot Mexico. But we take it lor granted that '*! he will employ h!1 the means ho can command in carry81 ing on the w ur against us. " Shall we a?k, then, what is our own duty 1 Can any man kt of sense hesitate to advise the most spirited and vigorous prosecution of the war on our part T We stand in this s, predicament We have incurred great expenses insend ing our troops into Mexico. They aio advancing westJJ wariily in three lines. '1 here is every reason to believe *? that General Kearney is already in possession f Santa Kc -, that Ueneial Taylor is now. or will he in a few days, at Montetey, and [icrhaps at Saltillo ; and that Gen. Wool will be at Chihuahua by tho 10th or IMh of October. ? Shall we then fold our arms, and relinquish one of the advantages which we may have obtained f On the con'rato rv, shall we not prosecute our victories, and make additil Mortal conquests?towards California, and towards the no capital of Mexico itself ? By the time that Ibis dilatorydiplomacy can be assumed by the constituent Congress, ,11 we ought to be in possession of a largo portion uf the it- whole country. Soiarirom niltr-inv away the means ec which are in our bands, we should turn them to the best arr.oiint. and ouen the nfiirnliatinn with all ? we can command. * This ia according to the true tactic* of war, and acoordth ing to the witaat maxim* of legitimate policy. Grant an armistice now to the procraitinating petition* of Mexico ~ ?admit any cessation of arm*?and the mean* by which ,s we arj to wage the war will melt away like the ?now* of winter under the beam* of the *un. The more than . JO,000 troops which General Taylor ha* under hi* imme,-e diate order*, independently of the collected line* of n- Wool and of Kearney, constat of a large proportion of at volunteer* whose set vice* expire in twelve months from " their enlistment. Cease topiosecute the war with the l> utmost vigor of which it i* susceptible, wo scatter their k. ranks, paralyze their energies, and demoralixe their character. No reasonable man can a>>k it Kvary patie triotic. man will reprobate the sugge??ion The more wo see of Mexican diplomacy, the mine it is marked by pro? crastination ; the stronger wo see the necessity of proeccuting the war with all our energies. Such, wo cannot y doubt, will be the course of the a<tmiuistration Ml! We have expressed these views ireely tor several days St past. Wo are happy to see them confirmed in part by si- three of the opposition papers. [_ T he Baltimore Jimerica* concludes an article in last Thursday's paper, with the following advice, viz., that mt " in the meantime a strict enforcement of the blockade of the Mexican coast, and a vigorous proeecution of war, are the mean* to be mainly reliad on. Advantitiou* aid im may ba used, if it can be made available ; yet no depenrf dance on suoh collateral means should bo allowed to en. " feeble the energy of our military movements." I(. We admit the force of these remarks, end we concur ly in the policy of the advice they convey. i ........ *e We must not only " hold on to the advantage* we hav* e* gained," but gain every advantage which the valor of ,J" our arms can obtain for u*. We must prosecute the war l,e with ail the vigor in our pow er. [From the Now Orleans Delta, Sept. 20.] In a priv.ite letter from a friend at Toint Isabel, rely calved by the Telegraph, we And a postscript, written as el the boat was on the point ei departure, to the following >d effect:? be " I have just teen an extract from a letter from Capt. !e 8 , which say* that Caualea has been taken prisoner." ||t Wa have no other allusion to the report. li Views from Mexleo. . [From the Washington Union, Sept 30 ] J' We lay before our readers this evening two most imiU portent documents, translated lor tha Linton from the dl papers ef the city of Mexico. The one is the declaration of General Balsa and his associates, signed by them at - .the citadel of the city of Mexico, on the 4th of August, asserting the nullity of the existing government and of sh >,. I nnir,.,, I hoti tha, nlkor ii Iha manifaatn nf General galas to ths Mexican nation, dated August These documents are ol the deepest interest in relation ? to Mexican affairs, inasmuch as they are the basis upon which the present government of that country stand ? The reins being at tbe last advices, in the hand ol Salas. awaiting the arrival of Santa Anna in the capilal of [>0 Mexico B(| fltWItlAL 0ALA9 A!*D Hit AtlOCIATFf. In the citadel of Mexico, the fourth day of the month of Augurt, one thousand eight hundred and foity six, the undersigned generals, chicle, and officers, hsving met, end being penetrated with tho urgent necessity which exists lor relieving the republro forthwith from its t grievous peril, and considering:? >'?! I That froai the moment when the constitution ceased to exist, which the republic freely snd spontaneously gave itself, those which sfterwardt were fiamed, hare ? not been adapted to the exigencies snd desires of the itn greet majority of the nation et, -j That hence heve proceeded the incessant changes which have afflicted the country to such an extreme, L that when she was torn to pieces, and after her external ills had been stndiouily aggravated, some spurious Mr*ud icons have desnied themselves warranted iu wishing to se subject the nation to the most shameful vassalage by el attempting to invite a foreign prince to govern the counM try, with the title of a monarch. jt S That for th? purpose of facilitating so horrible a treason to independence, they have been so bold as to he disown the sovereighty ol tbe people, by naming a Con he giess in which, with special care! were combined the most extraordinary elements, yet those most suited te complete the ignominy of the nation B That all tbe laws which the present Congress may pass, and all the acts of the government being null, because

neither the Congress Dor the government is legitimate; consequently a just motive Always exists for the nation to continue to demand the exercise'of its inconnfl testible rights, usurped by the present administration, oo A- That tha administration referred to, being composed 00 of aaen devoted, some to monarchy, others of dintestable CO centralism, and all unfriendly to the army, whose disco | solution thev meditated some time since, because they w encountered in It an impediment to the accomplishment of their perverse views oo li. Thai if those should unfortunately be carried into to effect, the benefit* of the independence would be iiluis, sory, to which wosacriflco our blood and our fortune lor ol- the purpose of enjoying the right to govern ourselves, ; conformably teoui desires ann iu'erests. r 7. That by establisning a constitution in accordance ; with the will of tbo great majority of .the nation, wo , (hall at lengtn poneee* a etame coc;e ol lawn, beneath ell whoa* beneficent "hade our great element* of power end to- wealth ?hell be developed, and our internal tumulia for ke. , aver oaaee. tte ; w# bare come to proclaim, and do proclaim the follow, ing plan for tho true regenoiation of the republic ^ l. In place of the preeeot Congreee, another (ball UK I tNING, SEPTEMBER 29, ' meet, composed of representatives chosen by the people according to tike electoral laws which served tor the choice o7 that of 18-14, which shall charge itself with constituting,tho nation, by adopting*the form of government which may appear to ho in accordance with the national will ; and which shall charge itself also with all that relates to the war with the United States, and the iinostion of Texas, and other frontier departments. The monarchical form of government, which the nation evidently detests, is excluded. 1. All Mexicans faithful to their country, including those who may be absent therefrom, are called upon to render their service* in the present natiouul movement, for which purpose we specially invite hi* excellency General Don Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, tha well deserving of his country, acknowledging him from this moment as general in-chief ot all the lerces pledged and determined to light, in order that the nation may recover ite rights, secure ile liberty, and govern itself. 3. U ntil the sovereign Congress shall meet and decree whatever may be proper for the war, it shall De imperative upon the executive to dictate whatever measures may he urgent and neceseary to sustain with honor the uatlonal ling, and to fulfil this sacred duty without the loss of a single moment. 4- Within lour months from the time when the liberating forces shall have taken possession of the capital of the republic, the Congress mentioned in the first article shall meet, for which purpose it shall be the duty of the gcacral-in-chief to daspatcn the summons in tha terms adverted to, and to take care that the elections are inudc with the greatest freedom possible. t. The existence of the army is guarantied, and it is assured that it shall be cherished ana protected as the well deserving military class ol a free people ought to be. 6. Whoever shall seek to retard the meeting of the aforesaid Congress, or shall make an attempt against it hv andeuvorinir to iufrinire the freedom of its members. by dissolving It or suspending Us sessions, or shall at tampt to oppose the constitution which it may establish, or the laws which it may enact in accordance with the presout plan, is hereby declared a traitor to the nation. Manifesto of General Solus, Me generalin-chief of Mr republican liberating armv, now exercising the supreme executive power to the nation. Fellow-citizens : Placed at the head of the movement which was happily effected on the morning ot this day, 1 consider my sell under the strict obligation to present to you an account of my|<"onduct ; of the motives which determined me to act, and of the object to which the revolution is directed. Ever since the destruction of the federal constitution in 1835, abandoning the path of law. we have recklessly rushed along tue tortuous track of arbitrary prod edings. Advancing, as chanco directed, without any beacon to guide us, we have reached the brink of a fearful abyss, into which our unfortunate country is on the point of being precipitated. System has followed system ; constitution has replaced constitution ; and one set of persons has succeeded another in power ; but neither have the systems been based on solid foundations, nor have the constitutions been invested with tbo seal of legitimacy, nor have the individuals charged with power escaped the fatal contagion of party spirit. Thus factions have always ruled?but the people never. Men, not principles, have triumphed ; we have had a thousand changes, but not one revolution. Hence has resulted a complete neglect of the laws, horrible disorder in the treasury, dilapida tion of public funds, ruinous stock-jobbing, demorsliz i lion of the army, utter want of concert in the administration, loss of credit abroad, dismemberment of territory, and the immense risk to which our nationality is exposed. This is no occasion for hr nging to view, one by one, all the acts which have brought us to the present state ; nor to throw the blame on one party or to defoud another. Such a rev lew would be of no advantage : it would only serve to confirm a truth that we all confess to out own conscience, to wit: that every party has contributed ila share to tne work of the public ruio ; and that, both the victors and the vanquished, have alike been victims, because the society which we form has always been se . because, in each case, a faction, not a principle, has triumphed 'i he last change, however, beyond measure bolder ami more imprudent than those which preceded it. was not limited, like theso, to the mere change of the jierson- in power, and to the expansion or contraction of social principles Those who effected it. raising their views to higher objects, aimed at the entire destruction of the organization o! society. Utteily regardless of the cliatnr ter, the customs, and even the vices of the nation, they ought, w ithout lespect to the length f time which has lapsed since our independence wss achieved, to re establish anew, in Mexico, a form of government for which we have not among us any of the tiasea on which it rests in Europe The taction which entertained this ' design, unfortunately, found the most complete support te the i government of January, under whose protection it displayed its banner; and, without any reserve, be gan to unfold and sustain monarchical principles; blasting with vile calumnies our public men, bringing our ofl'airs into contempt by moans of misrepresentations or ridicule.Had tmiwing from the past, as thus exhibitod, the conclusion that the evils of the country ari?e from the republican1 ?yitem; and that the only remedy tor them consist* in the measure which they dared to propose? the erection**? a throne for a foreigner. As an effective means of attaining this end, it dictated the summons for a Congress, which should represent what it called 1 hA nri?tfM*rnrv onTfVaaa wIiasi. tiAsnm nonnln a'arn .- -"J ? "W" "UW"W'? r1-"!"" "v,w to be {rejected w;th ditttin and insult; as born, in the opinion of this faction, onljr to obsy. In vain the government, on iaeteUing the Congress, enileavored to draw back from thi? erroneoua course ; in vain was the endeavor made of changing the heed of the state to prevent the appearance of a now ere in public affairs : in vain did the cabinat oa tho lat of August, attempt, by its initiative measure of the M, to oppose a dyke to the torrent of public opinion, which wee already overflowing its banks to overwhelm the oligarchical administration. On the morning of the 4th. the citadel passed the sentenco of death upon this system, a^d two days sufficed to overthrow it. I, who now addrcrayon, had already aeen the immense mats of public evila "ami 1 could find no other remedy than a frank and loyal ap> j peal to the fountain of ail power, by calling together tho nation,conformably with the law which served in 1023 ior the foimation of the constituent congress; inviting, moreover, his Excellency Oenerai Antonio Lope/, de Santa Anna to the post of genoral-in-chiet, because his unquestionable influence with the army was the best guaranty tor the union of that meritorious class with the people, and because his decision in favor of republican principles. renders him the firmest supporter of this system against the perfidious plans of the monarchical party. i now begin the fulfilment of the plan (programme) which has been announced, by publishing the summons for a ( digress issued in 1823, without any other variations than those rendered necessary by the difference of timea and of names, or any additions except those contained in the three concluding articles, the necessity of which is obvious. L it the nation then come forward to establish its government in entire freedom, and let the parties engsge in the struggle at the proper time, ami in a legal manner?into that straggle which is the essence of the representative system. Neither an oligarchy, nor the power of a single man, shall then decide upon our future lot If the result of the elections should displease any faction, it will have no right to oomplain, as it has been invited to the work; and the constitution which hail De formed will be undoubtedly legitimate. Meanwhile, it is indispensable that all farmer compacts should end, as they are oil either stamped with nullity, or objects of repugnance to a portiou of society; hut the existing common laws, and those which the provisional government proposes to publish will supply, in some degree, the void necessarily occaaioned by the present state of things. Our alliance with foreign nations will he in no wise altered; lie cause the government, faithful te its treaties, will maintain the worthy representatives of friendly nations, as well as their citizens, in the enjoyment of all the privileges and considerations required by duty and harmony. The religion which we profess has nothing to fear : property will be respected ; individual guarantees will be maintained. Frankness, honor, honesty, and entire devotion to republican principles, are the bases of my conduct. I ask of you, fellow citizens, only confidence in my intentions, and effectivo aid to sustain the war to which honor anil duty oblige us. Our soldiers, defending our national independence, on tho frontier, and the people aArming, through theirs representatives, the principles of civil liberty, and deflnM lively organizing the republic upon them, the movement of the 4th of August, 1846, will be, not a seditioiKbut a . revolution. JOSE MARIANO DE SAMkg. * Mexico, August 6, 1846. > g. The California Bxpedltlon. On Board Smr Thomas H Pica kins, ) Sept. 36, 1846, 9 o'clock. ? From the hurry of preparation attendant upon our de. pxrture, I seize a moment to dispatch yeu a letter, the first of a series, I hope, descriptive of a voyage around Cape Horn, arrival in a distant country, and, when therd of the soil, climate, government, population, and other matters of intersst to the readers of the Htrali. Our ships are all ready for sea. The boats which are to tow them to the Narrows ere now alongside. The long agony is over, end efler ell the delays and attempts at stopping us which the enemies of the expedition have brought bout, we sail this morning with a fair wind, and a ship load of oAcerv and men anxious for the voyage, and happy in the expectation of it Our ahips are all atored with provisiona for a aix months'voyage. All the neceatarioa, and many of the I : . - _/ l.r. ... -n.lJ.I it,. ?... ami . ...... .... tented and happy set it would ba difficult to And. The iloopofwar Preble acrompaniea u?, probably ai fir a* Rio, which will be our flrat port Our captain calculate! 120 tailing daya for the voyage Arrived in California, the action of our regiment will, of courae, be very much influenced by circumitancea aa wa ahall find them there. We aball, however, probably, immediately thtow up forlificationa, mount our gum. and conaider ouraelvea in poaaeaaion of the countn until ; it ia oura by terma of peace When our regiment ia diabanded, it will be changed from a mditr.ry into a civil and mechanical organiaation All the implement! of the various tranche* of labor ore taken with t>a, and we there fore contain within ouin-lvea the element! ot a piweifal induntrial State What we ahall make California, with her heavenly climete, rirh aoil, end rare comaaercial edi vuntapet, time alone will ekhibit. I ahall write to you at our flrat port, and let you know our progreaa. With ' a farewell to you, and all my kind frionda, and all our | wall-wither!, I remain, youra, K O. B. Twenva O'Clocb. Wa are ouUide the bay. I land this latter by the pilot who ia juatalmnt to leava ua. doing out of lha harbor, tha loud ohaara ware echoed from ahip to ahip, and our band atruck upeeveral national aire. ? vary thing bida fair for a proaperoua voyage With three loud cheera far " homa," and three maia for " Col. Htevenaon," our omb have hid adiau to Mow York. Good by a. ?. O. 1. 1ERA , 1846. Tbt Army from the Went. ' [From the St. Louie Republican Sept. 81.] ?' Dv the officers of the steumor t Salena, which boat Aid arrived Irom the Missouri river yesterday, we have intelligeuce from Fort Leavenworth to l'J o'clock, of Tnea- ; arw] day last The Oslena took up ( apt. McNair's company 1 '' of voluntoen, and they were mustered into service ou ,u?< the evening of her arrival. When she left there wits 1 still one company. Irom lridcpcn lence. to arrive, to com- 'ro" plete the new regiment, uud of course the eleeticu of ' officers could not he conctoded until the rigiment was A full. Major Su.rt, the paymaster, was engaged "n Tuos '"J"1' day in paying the troops,which he could not pet through 0I" with until tho following day. The steamer Little Mis- ' souri, which couveyed lha order for dtsbuuding the new #mj regiment, was met by the Oalena on Wednesday at Hewitt, about tbiity hours run below the lort She J> doubtless arrived tbore, if not before the regiment was , oftl lull, at least before it waa ready to march. No news had loar boon received Irom Oen. Kearney. ' (From the St Louis Union, Sept. 31 ] We have received a communication, by which we learn Mr. Toplin orrivod at Independence, September ^ lith, direct from the Sacremento river, where he lelt t Uantain Fremont on the 31 of April last. ('apt. Fremont had received no newi of the war, but was intending to {}orj remain where he was until ho received further orders from the United States, which wero daily oxpected Our readers will remember lie waa ordered out of the country, but did not intend to comnly uutil he was ready. . Mr. Toplin was at Lieut's hort on the lath August, j, (ien. Kearuev and all of hit troops had been cone some ... days. He met a portion of Col. Price's legiment at . Pawnee Fork, and Col Price himself at Pearl Spring, 1 with the remainder of hii command. They were all in good health, and getting on w ell The Mormon battalion ^ I was at Council Urove on the 20th August. _ojl Naval Intelligence. C0P The U. 9. Ship Ilaritan, Capt. (iregory, sailed from this ?,]] place yesterday motniug for Vera Cruz. The following | fl tea list of the officers attached to the Haritan Captain r04i Francis II. Oregory, Commanding- Lieutenanta Spencer \vh C. Gist, J C. Walsh, ltobert Krainott Hooe, Thomas T. aj0. Hunter, Edmund T, Shnbrick. Acting Master W. R. | ceJ McKinuey ; Surgeon J. M. Koltz; Purser, A. E. Watson ; j J> I,ieutenant of Marines, Willjam Lang; Assistnnt,Surgeon 1 pie, Thomas M. Potter; Passed Midshipmen, Wm. H Hudson, ' .Jjg y Tuomas Pattiseo, William Nelson; Midshipmen, Thomas ve , Money, R. J. D Price, T. Lo Walker, H ( uyler Hunter, ' y W. W. Holmes, J. P C. I)e Kratfts, J. Howard March, ion Milton Haxteeu, Charles Gray, David Coleman: host- ol j, awuin, Robert Dixon ; Gunner, C. V. Oliver. Carpenter, jj William Laighton ; Sail Maker, George T. Lozicr ; Cap- | tj,e tain'a Clerk, John L. Gregory ; Purser's Clerk, Matthew j ltjtl W Aleran. Passengers?Lieutenants Thomas Roots, A William Leigh ; Lieutenant of Marines, George Adams ; tj,e Mi Ishipman MatHt.?Pttitacola Gazette, Sept 10. cep The U 9 Iron steamer Mary Summers, which was the purchased by the U. 9 Government last July, ior ser II vice on the Rio Grande, has been put in thorough re- aski pair by mechanics of this city, and may now bo con nan sidered one of the best boats in the service?one which the government will be loth to part with, for tho mate- lloi rials are of the most substantial kind, her frame being at tl of iron, and the wood work of well seasoned hard pino P and oak. the Th# Summers was formerly owned by the Georgia pay Steamboat Company, and used us n between j the this city und Augusta, burning wood. Since she has , 9 been purchased by government, her whole machinery j ing has undergone a thorough repair, and her boiler is so F altered as to burn coal the The Summers ia 205 tons burthen, length of deck 120 clru feet breadth of beam 24 fee', and. besides her freight, ' tab] ?ill carry bO tons of coal She is schooner rigged, ami | C as she now lies at tho wharf, makes a very respoctuble > dm appearance. I ten She will be nnderthe command of Captain Peck, well i spe* known to tho ollicers of the army as the gentlemanly j commander of the steamer Gen. Ta> lor, duri,.g the Flu- in i liila war?Savannah Geo-gian rem i P, News from tub Mountains.?The steamer Clermont arrived at this jilucn y steidiiy evening, ' mg from Kort Union, above tho mouth of tho Yellow Stone, Con which place she left on the 16th of August She u u? 7 chartered by aconipiny of traders,? ho have recently es and tablished a trailing post on the Upper Mis-.mii i, lor the liul ptiriKiMO of l airying on eommerce wi'h the Ulaekleet.? con. She left St. Louis on the Tihul July, and went up ut high 7 as Kort Union, oa the Yellow Stone She wai the ven days on hat upper passage <o that |>lai e I ho oth- hVr cers ol the C. report that t .ey saw some small held* of 2: buffalo above Vermillion, but no more until tiiey were Noi within three day 'a journey of Fert Union ; and ttieie they i I were seen in great numbers, crossing the river frnrn the trol ea?tern to the western side, during three days' run, Ou wh, their way un they saw several war parlies of Sioux In j gas dians, one of w hich attacked tho Gins Ventres, whilst C <he boat was lying at their village, und fired seveial hul- | tain lets into the boat without injury. Tito party was small, ; and and was soon compelled to retire. That poition of the j ted company intended for the Sioux trade was left at Medi- ' (, Cine creek, where they were about to erect au estutdish- . to 1 ment, to be called Fort Detiancr The remainder of the ] 7 company, with the outfit for the Blackfvet trade, was J era landed on the timber about a n.ilo below Fort Union, I ces where they would make mackiuti'v bouts and ascend to | in 1 the Marias river. The river at Fort Union ? as excess- ; ttm ingly low, having scarcely water enough to float a skirt'; j ami and on their return tho officers were apprehensive that res] they would have to stop entirely. The river is lower 1 oth than it has been for thirty years ; there wai but one rain A in July and August, and the prairies on both sides of the 1 river neve been burnt by tne Indians. At Antelope it- I E land, they labored two weeke, in order to forcekheir way Ne over tbo bar by eparring end forming a channel. Part of i U1V CUIJIJ'HII} (ilHUKU UUWU UU milt. | UW On their rotura the CSroe Ventrei were preparing to ma; reeUt an attack from a war party of 700 Sioux, who ware ! for expected next day. It wa? raid that a war party of 130 I Sioux had gone up to attack the Crowe. Many encamp- , Am meuti of lndiane were found on the river?they had re- , ol' I turned from the prairies to prepare ior.winter. At I.tan ft qui cour the 1'onkas were encamped, they had been re- the attacked by the Sioux, and seme of their men I bet klUed. Thie wai the first breach of peace between those par tribe* lb* many yean, and they were expecting another wai attack from a large party of Sioux, who had threatened to nue exterminate them and take possession of their country. In I Above and near'tM* Council Blud's, and down ae far as twe the Block Snake Hills, Urn* found large encampmenta of of c Mormon*on both aidei orthe Wvar?they were making 7th preparation! for winter. The upper Missouri ii becom- h ing very dangeroue, for at t|>i! leer stage of water the iug bendi are filled with magi. At Leavenworth there ware Hoi nine companiea of volunteer!, who expected to Mart to nee join CoL Kearney in a law day a.? Sr. Louis New mm, the dlst uist. app "gerti Mormon Intelligence. Aw The St. Louis Republican of the 31st ha! received fur- J ther intelligence from the Mormons. It aayi?" We have th? a moat dismal account of the condition of the Mormons tio who undertook to emigrate to California, but stopped at ths a place agreed on between them and Col. Allen, when J the latter was desirous of raising a battalion of infantry lut from among them. They were to locate on the Platte pie River, and there to remain for an indefinite period of time, nei They attempted to raise a crop for their subsistence, but fer failed to do to, and have abandoned the Platte, and are 1 now at Bellevue, on the Missouri river, near the Council I in Bluffs. They are said to bo in a starving condition, and Bri nothing but the aid of the government, during the com- 1 ing winter, will save many of them from death. Pren- bet dent Pelk, it is understood, some time ago despatohed an rag ngent to their camp, to inquire into their condition?pro- 1 bably with a view of granting them some relief, and he stn is said to have returned to this city on the Oen. Brooke. ret In addition the New Era of the same date says?" From I the attentive officers of the Oeneral Brooke,we learn that tro the Mormons who wars noticed some time since as being fee at Council Bluffs have scattered. Some have gone over I to the Platte river: number* have located in and about tot the Blnfls, and a deputation and a large number of wa- exj gons have been sent back to Nauvoo to induce 1 others to follow. It was currently reported at the Bluff*, that they intend to concvntrate upon tuo Pottawattamia laniU, ?o aoonaa Una tribe of Indiana ahall remove to the *outh lido" of the river, which they bava _ tipulated with the United State* to do the coming year 1 ? A large number contend for the emigration to Oregon ; otheia lor California; and the Oregon party have *eparated thoae who are contented to *tay on the Mi*aouri, and appear to be the mo*t nu me roue-and in or derjto carry out their deaign of lemoting to that coun- ! try they hare aent tar thtsd into the Wildrrneaa, and in J|*rthe direction they intend to puraue, a number of ttawir j jiarty , to prepuio a crop agaibit their coming. At Coun- *[. ' cil Bluffi much diaaatii>raciion prevail* amongat the old "? aottlei a, on account ol Uieir appearance, but aa the Mor- *f"' mona are by far tho moat numcroua, thay conceive it ' moat prudent to aay but little, and to bear with inconvefence* and inaulta with Chriatieu fortitude. The tegi- : ent recently taken from there to awell the aim* haa , , r tt what may be termed a great m.uiy graaa widow* ; I J'm and, if we are correctly informed, near one half of tho** I 1 whoenlia'ed were married men, who have gone off and i >l|( left their familiea upon the charity and at the mercy of 1UI their brethren. Our informal!, in convening upon tbi* I auhject, itated, that he never aaw aa many women and children together at one time in hie life, ae he aew the ' day aflerthe Oea. B arrived at the Bluff*. They flocked in from all quarter* to hear the new* Nauvoo and the regiment lor Cnlilornia wa* the burthen of their in- ' i quiriea. Beaide* thoae who have gone off in the regi- 1 ,hl ; uient, a great number of the men have left their familiea thl I to aearcn lor location* at which to winter; other* are te! on hunting eacuraion* and tho balance are employed iu agriculture, arc. '1 he jomt-atock *y *tem appear* io bave boeu done away with, and every family ia now upon el* , it a "own hook " They live abopt *e,aiately in hut* mi . and tenta, and each one is trying to take care of it* own ?l" household. Should thoy linger abont the Bluff* ill the removal of the Indiana, it ia moca than probable *n at- i i tempt will tie made, by thoie'Bo have given up the 011 ! idea of emigiatiug to the Pacific, to concentrate their P* ' lorcea, and to take poiaaaaion of that beautiful country known aa tha Potawattamie land*. Who* they aio they , | have been enabled, by farming am^iuimbg. to keep aoul . and body together, hut during thev^oming winlgr they gm mutt auffer very aeverely, if agretlt many oftham do not actually pariah, lor the want ot proviaion*. i FnR Compasy Koibid?The rompony of J, 1 Meter*. Leonard, of our county, ,u d Shnw, oi flc), Ht Louia are near at hand after a long and tetiou* trip, eon Mr. Shaw icturned fiom ihe plain* early l?*t apring, and to t wa* unable then to bring hlarobe* with hiaa, on account ot tha extramo lowiiaaa of the Big Platte river. Upon . on*idr ration of what w *? beat Ito he dooe, they ?*'.(I wa. , gent to tran?l ort them acro?a by land. They were putin charge of eight men. and were coming along pretty wall. P until the Pawnee Indian*, teeing their wrnkne**, conclu- ? ded that th.T?r. ot^mMking to make them warm daring the winter, and itele 140 packa. lha raat Ol ware retained in *plt* of them and are now near her*; the company hava la poaaeMioa fib or IMpeekt, which will be herein a lew days ? Jedapmidawca JSepeatler. a L 13. Prtt* Two Coats. t Common Councilnit or Ai-otBMtn, Sicct. 28 ? Statku Mb btibo ? Jackion, President, in the chair, he minutes of Ihe la?t meeting were read end apred. Several petitiona of no intercut were prat?.l and referred to their appropriate commit teea. kr Quarry-Matter an blackwell't Itland?A petition ii John Kvana, quarry-master, pray lug tor an additiou it salary. id. Mti?t aei.K moved that the prayer he granted ; he the petitioner wat a deaerving man and an excellent ' :r?Referred. hr H'atton ?Petition from Ur. Watson to be paid the inut o( hit bill for personal servicea performed at the i Ward district stati on liuute?Referred. rr$ry City?Communication from the Chief Kngineer lio Kiro Department of Jersey City, asking lor the i of afire engine for u limitei time ? Iteferred. '' ntrarif ?Koport of Coinuuttee on Streets in favor of ing balance on contract* tor paving, ronatructing era in and repairing varioua a'roeU?Accepted. 'rofe.ltor Morten Telegraph?Re port of Committee on uta in favor of instructing the Chief of Police to eonit with Profetaor Merae for the couatraction of Telephic tinea, to communicate with all the Police stat, in case of firea or riots: at an exi>enae not exceed$300(1. I.aid on the Table. 'he Brooklyn Union Ferry Company ? Report of Comee on wharvea, in favor of allowing the Union Kerry . npany to run a boat from the foot of Hamilton Aeenrie, oklyn, to Whitehall alip in this city, for the convaice of peraona attending tunorala to Greenwood Canr. at tke annual rent ot >1, it demanded. Accepted. tr. Secretary Bancroft ? Resolution by Alderman neall, tendering the h??pitaiilies of the city to the Hon. Liancioft Adopted, aud a committee o( five waa apited to carry tho resolution into clfoct Contract ? Report of Committee in favor of giving a tract to Geo. fruesdaie, to supply the city with 10,000 Ions of oil. Accepted. " "kite and Walker Street!?Report of Committee on tda and Canala, adveiso to constructing a sewer in ito and Walker etreeta, and rescinding an ordinance pled in 1043, ordering said sewers to be built Acted. ier '10, Eait Hirer.?Report of Committee on wharree, s and slips, in favor of grauting exclusive use of pier last river, to owners ot steamship Southerner, for one r. Accepted. u el for Public Offices?Resolution by Alderman Ben. to authorize the Comptroller to advertise lor a aupply nel for public offices. Adopted, tmrrifon Imtilutt ? Invitation from the membera oi American Institute to vitit tlie annual Fair of the Inula, on tne Mb of October next. Adopted. todrl of li'eia York?Invitation from the proprietor of Model of New Vurk, at the Minerva Iteoms. Aoted. aud Thursday next at o'clock, designated for visit. oard of Education ?Communication from tnia Board mg fur f 11,000 fur school purposes Keterred to Flee Committee. Imt f/nuse?Resolution to re organise the Alms me depu, tuient, ho as to abolish the private table kept lat establishment for officers. iVr at fool of spring street.?Communication from street commissioner, enclosing a resolution lor the ment of the contractor for widening and repairing pier at the foot of Spring street Resolution adopted, treef Commissioner* office?Communication euclotassessment list and 01 j,nances Accepted. Ves for discharging prisoner*?Communication from counsel ol the corporation, stating tlie illegality of iging lees on lue liberation of prisouers. Luid ou the In and 01 dated to be printed sty Inspectors office?' ommunications enclosing Its ul venous ordinance* lor grading, tilling lu of luls, loving rubbish, *tc , were leceived Jrum the city sn i'tor Laid ou the table 'wain* f.-s/s ?Resolution to have the awning posts v.n -uii si reel, between Ann si i vet and 11. ekmau sliest uned beluro the Id day of November next Adopted. >rcas rausi ims iiusan or Assistsisrs.? Tk* Lrititici ornry ? Report and resolutiou ol Kinanca Committee muuded by tue hoard of Assistants, in lavor o' grantadditional cuiupeusatiou to the Diltrict Altoruey icuried in. 'he City Halt.?Report from the committee on offices epaiii, in luvor ot cleansing, paiuting, tic. ihe t.ity 1, pionded the expense dues not exceed t'lltJO Nuiicurren in. 'he Jersty City ferry Company?Resolution to direct coiuptio.lei not to gr?m u new loase to the Jorsey ry Company ltefuried to committee on Ferries. lud si, eel.? Resolution to light '22nd street to the rth River with gas. Adopted he Uut Company ?Resolution requiring the compler to report to tlie board, at the next meeting, y the gas company hat not lighted Bank street with Adopted. 'ap'atn Janet Duncan ?Resolution ef thanks to CapUuucan lor his gallantry at the battle ot I'aJo Alto, appropriating $i(h) to purchase a sword to he prosea to him. Heierre-l to nnsnce committee. !at Company ? Resolution requi.tug tha gas company ight Madison and other streets with gas. Adopted, 'er Run Pavement ?Petition ot several persons ownof property, between Waverly aud Washington pla, prayit g that grunito pavements may be constructed iroauway between said places, in the same manner as t iu Broadway between Chambers aud Read streets, i ottering to pay two-thirds of the cost, in lront of their pectivs property, provided the corporation pays the ar third. Referred to committee on streets, iter some other routuie business the Board adjourned. losae or Assistant Aldekmen.?Monday evening ? il Gray, Ltq , President, in the chair. 'elilient preienied and referred?Ot sundry property ners and others, for a sewer iu lbh street, from Broaoy to 7th Avenue. Of Dr. Young, for compensation medical services rendered at one of the station houses. nvilaliont?To attend the 19th Annual Fair of the lerican Institute at Castle Oarden. To visit the Model Vew York on Thursday afternoon. Aocepted. .eports of CommiUttt? In favor of concurring with Board of Aldermeu, in causing Fast Seventeenth it., ween 1st Avenue and Avenue B, to be regulated, ed, tic. Concuried in. In favor of causing the sidoik on the southerly side of 11th street, between Avei A and First Avenue to be flagged. Concurred flavor of constru. ting a sewer in east il&th street, been the 3d and 3d Avenues. Concurred in. in favor onstructiug a sewer in 2bth street, from the Oth to the Avennes. Concurred in. Fon. George Bancroft? Resolution in favor of appoint a committee of five from each Board to wait upon the >. George Bancroft, late Secretary of the Navy, and rly appointed Minister to Fug land, and extend to him hospitalities of the city- Concurred in. Tha Chair ointed Messrs. Maclsy, Oilmsrtan, Dougherty, Robion and Oliver, as the committee from ton Board of Ipprnpriation. ?A communication waa Monfaod from > Street Commisitoaer, taking for a furtJBP Uipioprion of $437, to defray eaponeae of QompletlH thjfjerji - ^ i foot of Spring street. Relettae * Parert /rest tka Board of Jlldrrm m - Report and ioeo^ ion in favor of (routine exclual ve um oi one aau ot r No. 98 for the accommodation of steamship Boutherplying between thia port end Charleatoa, S. C. He red, leport and resolution in favor of constructing a aewer Walker street between Church atreet and West >adway. Concurred in. leport and resolution in favor of causing Broadway, ween 31st and the northerly aide of 33d street, to ne ;ulated, paved, he. Concurred in. leport and resolution in favor of causing Houston set, between Lewis atreet and the Last River, to bo [ulated, repaved, fce. Concurred in. leport and resolution in favor of authorising the compiler to advertise for proposals to furnish the supply of 1 for pubiie offices, fcc. Concurred in. leport and resolution in favor of causing the City Hall >e thoroughly repaired, painted and cleansed, at aa tense not exceeding $3000. Concui red in. 'he Board then adjourned until Monday ovenfag neat The Democratic Primary Election*. New Yoaa, Sept. 38, IMS. THr Kpitob :? ir: In your journal of this morning, under the head 'ity News, your reporter, in giving an aoeount of ptimary election in the eighteenth Ward, haa used name in a manner calculated, under existcirrnmstancea, to do me a personal iaf. inasmuch as it placas ma in a falsa position before pulino. 1 wish to say that I took no interaat in the :tion, farther than to cast my vote. I was net invitnor did 1 attend any caucus meeting*, nor was 1 adid of any of their arrangements My name, it is true, i used on both tickets, though in different positions : ich, in both cases, was without my knowfadge. and unst my expresa wish and desire I may add, that so from positively opposing Mr. Walker, he weuld at st hive had my negative support, had it not been far i extraordinary measures taken by him to insure .his scess, ol winch the public will probably be made aesuited hereafter. Re.p.ctfuUy.your^h..p mom ^ ' Superintendent of Alms HouseIn your report yssterdsy of the primary dlaetiana roughout the city, yon take ocoaasen to aay that in ? ?th ward. ' the House of Lords party' sueceeded af the best kind ofctfeating ' This is entueiy e misiepresantaUofc Whatever cheatr or Oincr wrong may have marked previous primary c.iions in our w ird, the election of lest h ndey is ad. tied hi sllcsndld men of whatever party, to have been n l ne ted in the forest mannsr. The poll books of the srter election were rigidly followed, the inspector* on th -id#? were present tli day, no complaint waa made any side of injustice done to the vifcers, peace and xi humor prevailed throughout, and at the close the forturste minority submitted with a good graoe ton nit which they had done their heat to avoid. law Yoaa, Sept 37. A WITNESS. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. BLANCaKO has the < onnr ie inform his frieade and the public in RMvrsI, that he will keep the Pavilion, at w U i(iiton, open daring 'he eustnng winter, should s snf sot number ol boarders offer to wtrraat his doin* so. Any imoeic.lin will reach M. Illtucard by bttuf sddrnesed 'he ?i*?in>>o*U ran M follow* Fr,m New Hrigkton. 8 li A. M. lJ . $ $? * VbiIANCARD. eeiltoe, New Bn?trtoe. ?Pt.8*. ?1? tft* WKUUGHT WAIL8. fkfk KECJ8 of V?e lb* eeeh of?H ? fluTS"!^Tow! ' " l/U wt qneli'.y, w* Jul* eeiwct*'. ?? will ? ?ol dehrerT after let of f. OEROING, ??into T? Meidw 1??, !? ??? ? Liberty 1 ! S \ < - r*.