Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1846 Page 1
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THJ Vat. JUL. So. WtUWlMlt Mo. M?B. THE EUROPEAN, Jfo. 8 Qrtimcieh itriet, tkrtt doort from tkt Batttry. TIHIS Rome If now .pan for tha arcommedatieu oI tha A* r?blia. who are (olidicd to (ira ?har? ol their palronaia. and *ra aa?ured thai eeerjr effort will be made to rrndar U a com ort.ble and a*re.?bl? i??ort, to any in tha riry. Tba bar will alwaya ba .upplted with the choice* liqaora, wiiiM wid Mftf<. Lodiiuig* by the Night, Week or Vonth, from 2J eeuta per nijht. A tree lancn .Terr day from 11 , o'clock r . I o'cl.cb. ali lwT 4..A 7ZZ ,..u dud nul when mitten with the Emrrvdi. AN iNFALLIBLL CURii. FOR PILLS. Dr. UPHAM'S VEUtT^L*: ELEoTU \RY?la ao effectual cat* for Una ino?i diatreaaiag malady, knowu amu a>! phy?ician*aa ihc Hobm >'rh id*, or 1'ilca. 1'haie it no m?t>*e ahoat it It u at one* Mi* aud e&cacioat, tad ple*a<ul u iu ^cuoo. Mo Imu c/ taking Culd while under ita uflaruti, no change in dirt |*?u<rr if lakea according to duecnoaa a core for lit* 1a guaranteed. ^Hundred* of ce ufica'ea may ba un by calling on tha pro* prietor or bia agenta, of curea perforated by 'Bit madiciaa of 10, SO, and 34 year* ataadiug. bold wholeaale and rauil by tha proprietor. 1?# Bowery; WYATT k KETCHAM, 111 Fulton at. N. V.; Brooklyn, C. meant, 1M Kultoa at ; E. Ma1 toon, nor. Myrtla Avenue and Pear. Price $1. aM la>?rk DUTCH DULBS FOR SALE. THE Snbaeribara offer for aala aaranl caaaa of Balbona Klovar Kou:a, couaiating of doabla and aingla Hvacmtki Tulip* in varietie*. Jonquil*. Narciuaa, Anemoue*. Kanuutulua, Frittillariea, Crorua. he., auitable for parlor, graaa hoe?e, or gardea cnltnre. Also, ana of the largeat aa anrunauta of greeu bonaa Flanta in tha vicinity of New York; frnit a,,d rmaineuial l'reea of all kindi, warranted true ?o the utmtj vegetable and flower Heed* of tha beat known varieties UroM Be*da, tie; 10,000 Aiianuiua Tree*, initlt and thrifty, from to 1} lea', high, aniubla for parka, aveauaa or erect* A liberal diacoant will be m de to thoae who pnrchue to >ell again. ' ar Dahlia* are now in fall flower; onr friendi and the publ'C are invited to Tiew Ihrm at the garden ueir Harlem, ou 0th Avenue uud I Itth atreet; apec.meua at he atore dnriag tha flowering leaaoa. The Century Plant u again ia full fl >wer; to be teen from 7 A. M to in K M DU.NLAP It THOMSON, Seedimen aad Floristo. -%j a>7 lw-r CJ5 Hro&dway, near Bleecker, TulLET SOAPS AMD PERFUMERY. THE anly true and original Wainat Oil Military Bhaving Soap, family Soap*. highly Scented Toilet Soap*, Cologne*, Extracts, and a general aaaortmeut of every variety of perluiuery of the chotceat deacriptiou, and at tha lowaat pricea. Southern Merchant}, and Dealer* ia general, we invited to axainiue our atock before purchaaiag alaewhere. Otlm'r" JOHNSON. VKOOM fc FOWLER MEEN FUN! MEEN FUN!! MEEN FUN!!! THE CELLIKATKU Chineae fckin Powder, patronised bv Her Majesty Quern Victoria, Uii Royal Highness Prinee Albert, and uied m the nursery of-royalty and br the several sovereigns and ceurta iu Europe. Ladies or this country ured no longer be under the disagreeable neceiiiry of n?ing i>ui?oooui subaunces to free their ilcin of cutaneous dim dm, Messrs. HOBBS k CO , No. 2 Wall street. harms recently imported i?to thu country the above named invaluable addendum to the toilet. The lubitanee ii a white powder, entirely free trotn all mineral as.riagents, prepared solely trom oriental herbs and fragrant exotics of inestimable aloe, qaiie h.rmless in their uature, that those with the Moat delicate and repressed complexion,may apply it without injury. It is withal 10 salutary that it apeedily allaya all tendency to irritation of the skin, and dissipates tan, freckles, blotches. eruptions, and all other evils of a similar nature. To be had wholesale of the importer! HOBBS ft. CO., 2 Will street; A. B. BANDS It CO., 100 Kul>on atreets Wyat ItKetchnm, Kultou slret; C. H. King, 194 Broadway; V. Cliiehongh, 399 Broadwy; and retail of all respectable chemiata and perfumers iu New York, and in all the principal eitiriof the United States in boxes?priee ?a and ta. iti lm?r Hf- uqder?tgned respectfully tenders his aervicea te ina JL old fnenda and the public in general, for the aale of Pro dues of any kind?alae, for the Receiving and Forwsrdiugof Goods, and strict and punctual attention will be raid to all orders, and charges as moderate as any established house in this city. A. LAF1TTE, Agent. Havmuah. Oa.. AnsnafJI. 1M*. i(Sw*rt UNION HILL ACADEMY, FORDHAM. WK8C HESTER COUNTY, mil at* ion. JLEX. DEMPSTER, Jt. M , Principal. at.'cricsaoa to the REV. WILLIAM POWELL. IN thia Keraiutry are TMutit all the branch.*! of a solid Ear lish education, withUe other modern Languages ard the Classics, if req'nred. The pnpila have this peculiar adraatage?thai the whola course of study ii conducted bv the Principal hirosrll. To foreigners who wish to be instructed ia the shorten time, in the fcaigtiah language, this luititution offers every advantage, aa the Principal knows sufficiency the French, Spuii?h, aud German lauguaces, to enable him to communichte instruction to pupils from those countries. Hoard and washing per annum (300. 18 ToThSalltf*rh NOTTCTc.. FGODEFROY, (Mrs. J. H Gavelle,) will open on * Wednesday, 23d inst., her fill and winter assortment of Millinery, and ladiea' articles in geuenil. Sit BROADWAY, sIS 2w"rc Oppoiite the Carlton House. WELE'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the faculty?a never failing remedy for all affeetiona of the kidneys, iuflam diuoi id # wnuraoi me urinary oqici. ocxn in nun ua females. Thtt excellent medicinal preparation, (suited for ill climtw,) bu o4r?r btn kian to fail in removing the moat obstinate attack*of ponorrheaa, Ice,, and can be safely ratonnaaM to tha pablic, aa it* operations are qaick, sore and certain. It can ba taken at all timea, without regard to diet or hiadraace from baaineaa Prepared oaly by J iMEV WEIR, Nl Orard street, in boxes, at S shillings aad 6 shillings per box. None genuine ante s signed by the proprietor O*" Orders through the Post Office will be duly attended to. sl< lm*rc THE EAST RIVER MUTUAL INSURANCE (Stock) Company, ol the city of New York, office, >Ne. ?1 Wall street. Thia Company continues to iusure against loss and damage by fire, ou dwelliug houses, warehouses, buildings, goods, merchandise and household furniture, on aa favorable terms as similar institutions in this city. JOHN BROUWER, President. H Birwsiv. H?rremrv m> Im'm DKl.MlMJ I'AfEH?Of any sue or quality, in-malacX turrit to erder, at their I'APf.R M ILLS. Windsor Locks, l'Oai.?eticat. TERsSE Ik. BROOKS, tii wric Nos.63 k#' Nassau street ALLEN DOD8WOK,TH'S PRIVATE DANCINO SCHOOL, No. 44* Broome at. near Broadaray. A D. wou'd beg leave to iaform his friends and the pablic that, baring m >d? fieat alterations and improvements in his roems. Or which the sue and accommodations are very much iac eased, he * ill commence his classes for the season oa Tuesday, Ort #, st J P. M, Ibr Ladies and children, aad I P. M f1 gentlemen. ^T e instructloaa iaelude all the Faahioaable Dancea of the 'I'erma. Ice. made kaowa by apply iac at tha School. a!9 loi*r 1" H K AMAZUiN WIGS, oa. GENTLEMEN'S Foal Head* or Hair, being the lateat and gieateat improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and So Ips. and the subscriber it happy in being the dm to introuce them here. They display trie forehead and temples to any height, a paint in arig making never before attained.? They nre composed of ventilating or gossamer wort. They fit on ihf head by a meehaaical contrivance entirely new; they are put on in a moment. They immediately adapt themselves to the conntenance, and at once become part and parcel of the living man. Copy the address. a.. l'HALON,?l Broadway, opposite the aaJ? lm#re Olohe Hnrel. ai.rter Indsnn's Hotel THE INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real bead of hair, that aceptica and connoisseura have pronoanced it the moat perfect and extraordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel an<l unique \Vig, is its being mide without ae?u.g or weaving, which eanset ita appearance to eloaely to rvsemlile the natural hair, Doth in lightness and aatar-.l appearance, as to d<fy detection. its tf store being so beaatiral, a.< porou*, *nd eofree, that in all ca es of iiers|>irati"?evapo ration ia unimptded. and the great evils of ether wiga avoided. The sceptic and connoissenr are alike icvited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the brad,at the inventor's,(A. C BARRY,) M6 Broad way, comer of Liberty street, ?p atai'S. a!7 lm*mc vUfcW IN VhJYi'ivD WiOrh BATCHELOR'8 new invented Wigs and Scalps, madccl the finest natnral earl hair, and adapted in tiie moat easy manner to the peculiar style of each individual. They era entirely a aew invention, doing away with all the vexations ditieniaes so lorn; expeneacad by rhose who wear wiga. The public are invited to impact a large and well selected steck, containing every variety of size and color; they will then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATCULLOB. inventor and only nnuiufactttrcr, 1 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 161 Broadway fleaae to <*ony the addreaa an2M m re liATCHELOK'S 11A1K. I)YE. ALIttUlD COLORING FOB THE HAIB, WHISKERS, kc.?It* claims to patronage will at once be understood by those who have used or sold the preparations offered for dying the hair. Ita application ia ample, its effect certain ; being emphatically a perfect hair dye. without destroying the elasticity or health of the hair, l'o fancy storekeepers, dkuggists, Itc., it will be fouud a moat desirable article, as they can with confidence, recommend it to thafr customers. and not be troubled with romplaints of ita dying the skin or linen. It will not rub off the hair, aad constant washing only improves its appearance. The color ia permanent and perfectly uniform, entirely tree from those nnnataral tints, varying from the faded green to ihe royal purple, pro<tar*(t hv tli* ntilninrv kiir dv?i. In nrool of its fmClCV the nveaioi i? pre|*red u> apply the dye to whiikers, or ? portion of the t.air, without charge, to tliote wishing to porchaae, if it proves satisfactory ; lor which purpose >* h*? I1'1**'? room*. Prepared oulr and sold wholesale and retail by W M. BATCHELOIt, No. I Wall street, near Broedway. Trie* $1, doable site ft I SO Cepy th* address. Sole aneiit in WaabRIiso I " r?ns iirfunp ?n2Slm*?e niFtli CAGETIA.M KAOTOHY, 13* Sfii > ng Hrrrrt, (tttwern H'nuitrrand /.ourem.) THE HUBSfKllKK wonld inform his cnat rners and the I uulie. that be Iteepa c o;i s rant Ijr on hand, a Urge supply of Common aud Kiucy Bird Cage*, of every description ; also. Wooden, I edar and Willow ware. Brashes B:u<krts, ad Mats, and a general assortment of articles nsnilly kept id a wooden ware store, which be will sell less lhan they can he bomhi elsewhere J. KR'.LI.V. ?1lm?r S'KRj) CA.NDLKS AND OIL?A superior article of ftaerm '.andles at 25 cents per lb., aud finest <inallty WinMr B.aached Sperm Oil at $1 the gallon. Also, Bleached Solar do, at cent* ; also, old Java Coffee, Green and Black 'l eas and Groceries, fce , of the beat nnalilv, lor sale in qaintiiie* to s?tt, by J. o. K'JWLER, _ a.diM Orswwi'b and K Vesey streets. N. B ? Families, hoarding hou?e and hotel keeper* are invited to bit* the above a trial, (foods picked and delivered to any pait of the city free of ehrrge. all lm*re MAGNETIC ELECTRICAL MACHINES. F.IOMT DOLLAMS KACH ' BARTH k SHAW he* to c-ll the attention of the pnblie t > their improved Arpirntn*. f..r meriicil and other p?r. p. ?<-s, wbich may be sera m operati n at their office, V89 Vmai'wsy, wner? may he had Barth k Snaw* Oalvs.iic ij, eite.i t, ?**l Holt's Whooping Coniih Specific N B?A large tasortmeut of Gold a.. <1 gilvti Leaf on baud. A liberal ili.c.inn; to Con yr" Agen'?. s!7 Im'i* iu iilt. fCULlC. THE Or. HEINE, whose name has frequently appeared in the newspapers, is not Dr. SOLOMON HEINE, of No. 1ST < bambere street. This if to preyeat mistakes in the miuds of the public. Dr. Solnnoa Heine being oar lamily Cysician, we, the adersigned, have taken the liberty to ye this n;aerted. mmsP.naaU 1m*m E NE: NEW I ?EO AH WAREHOUSE.?J AS. D. ARMSTRONG k | , *3 THORNTON. No. V Cbeepaide. Baltimore 7M.MM Sahara, rmbracag ntra Am ud aiediam qualities, eosiutics of Rrfaliaa.'La Noinu, Ciatilloa, Precipes, Cuulorvi, Hade*. Also, a general aeamlmeiit of Tobacco, for aale in low ternia. at7 1inia*rh KA5?HION ABLE DANCING, 74 I*?nard Wut / Broadway. \f?LLK PAULINE DK8JARU1N8, of the Academic XU Koyale, Ham. m|wr.tfully lulorma the public tnat her < Uaaca for fa<liioaabU Dauciug laaie comutuced. Braid's all tlie a uai Usi.cts t ubt, uili be the uew waltz M-xu ka, Maiurka Qea<nll?, Poikas, (various,) new Walt* a ctaq t?i> pa, eomt>o>t.d lor ?l1le Cerito, by Mona. Prrrot, and the new and irace.'ul waits Kedowa. Hehoola and Kamiliea ai tended 1'eriua and hours nudtknown on application. ?ll lm*rb DANCING. \f R. SARACCO,dancing master, and Min ANGELINA, XvA bit liulur of (In rraowntd Puiiiu Duciui Attdimy of Mr. Cilliriu, (whtrt her eitiao*"ir?ry skillulaeas tad pieasiua Mutt of tsaabing have procu-iwS bar general leputation lor her tuts aad spleudor.not or^^mong themoit 1 distingaisbed families of that re-owneu town ofraru,, bat also mom a great many oi highly respectable Ameieau and Kuluh Itdisi ud gentlemen, who treqeented ine above-mentioned Aetdwy.lMTe ja?t opened i Dancing Academy at No. JO Caaal iwet, eoraer of Broadway, where all the most fashionable quadrilles, Maxourlias. | Waltzes M*oueka, Redowaa, Polkas, Gallops, Walues, III. ! U? taught. Ladle* and gentlemen an indistinctly received in this Act- | demy, where say body may be tare never to meet bat with good society, and where order and decency will be always strictly observed, stt?w?rc MUSIC THE PIANO TAUGHT on Tery moderate term*, by* pemoa who has a perfect knowledge of the science, and who undertakes to teach it thoroughly. Terms, 3 dollars per^mouth. Any person wishing to take instractian will please address a line to " Music, at the Herald Office." si* lmu? re LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! AFRESH supply of large and healthy Swedish Leeches, jast received?for sale in quantities to sai* lareliaaers, packed up so as to be transported ear distance with safety, by G. A U H. WITTE, sll lm*rb Importer of Leeches, 34 John st. J. STOUVENEL & CO., Ni>. 3 John itrtrt.ntar Broadway, and So 2? Gold itreet l\/f ANITFACTURERS.and Wholesale and Retail Dealers 1TA in Glass, Solar, Lard, and Campbene Lnmjw, Chandeliers. Brackets, Hall Lamps aad Lanterns, Girandoles, Candelabras. lie. kc. Private houses, churches, and hotels, fitted ap with gas, chandeliers, brackets, lie. We are also manufacturing cut aad plain glaas, of every description, which in quality and cutting Cannot be sarpassed by aur in the country. All the above articles made to order, and matched t > any pattern, and gasranteed to give satisfaction?all at a great reduction ia price. Glass eat to order. Lamps altered and refinished. Goods loaned for parties. sll lm*inc FINE bLACK TEAS, 1"N small packages, at very low prices?a great variety? * tome 01 wmen are 01 an extraordinary quality, Jail received. Alio, a freih lot of the N. B , Vin day Champagn , "Amontillado" and ''Maaztmlla" Sherry ;old Scheid&m Gin,superior old Ram and choice Brandies, in wood or glsss. For aale by N. ilLOODGOOD, ?IT lm?r Pine it. TO LEASE, for a number of years(a beautifully situated Wat< r Power, adjoining a flourishing village, with a suitable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, ha ring a water and railroad communication with that city ol 1# tnilei. The permanent inmmer supply i? from 70 hone to Imost any amount. Apply to MORE It BAKER, ?1 l|?*T *U Broadway. DEAFNESS CURED. QQ1 BROADWAY.?(Extract)?" I cheerfully comply OO JL with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to itate that he wai invalided home in coniequence of total deafness and discharges from the ears ; that under the treatment of D'S. CASTLE It EDWARDS, Aumti, (3S1 Broadway,) N. Y., he recovered hia hearing and haa agiuu returned to bis duty." Signed H. McNEVEN, Surgeon to H. B. M.'a forces, Jamaica. All case* of deafness attended to. Acouitie Drops for sals. A sure cars for incipient deafness ansinf fro* cold, discharges from and ouzxiug noises in the ears, collections of hard wax, lie. ?uTT lm?r KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. I^HE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holmes's X Rangei to the trade, or set ihrra ut> for private families or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to maHufscturs and sell theta. Our experience in manufacturing and setting Ki chen Manges in rhiscitr, (or the pa4 eighteen years, warrant us in asaerting that Holmea' Range cannot be lurpasied for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes for which they are purchased, and if not, th*y will be removed iroe 01 any execute to me purenaser. numerous reierences can b? given to persons wishing to purchase. The prices range from 23 to 43 dollars. Urate*?Parlor, Office and Bed Room Oral** of latest pat terns. Stoves?Hall, Office and Bed Room Stoves, Stovepipe*, te. Icc. Tin Ware?Bright,plain, and japanned. Tlier have maiou at all tinuu ready to act range*, grate*, and boiler*. Al*o mokey cniinney* cured?no core 110 pay. A. OILIIOOLY and SON, Proprietor* and Manufacturer*.71 IN'nssau street. U lm*mc TRAVELLING TRUNKS, tec. f OHM CA1TNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall v street, corner of Broadway, has now on hand and constantly making, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valise*, Carpet Begs, and Satsiiels, wholesale and retail. Also, mperior article of sola leather Trunks, suitable for American or European Travel, and forma means for the French Mil lit JPotte. Orders lor the West Indie*. Seuth America, fee., filled with despatch. anil Im'r FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS HEW AMD. TO THO0E PEKSON8 who will prore that JULES HAUL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE is not the best, tlie Terr best, yet known in this country or Europe. This valuable discovery will ensble a peison" to aye the hsir or whiskers iu a few minutes without the kuf inconvenience. This prepirstion is warranted not to wash out nor to iujure the health of the hair and retain all its softness and brilliancy. Be certain aud ask for Jules Haul's Liquid Hair Dye, as sll others are spurious, If you wi?h for black ask for box marked N ; if for brown ask for boi marked B. Premiums have been awarded to the subscriber at the Franklin Instrute hxhibirion. k'orsale, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, Jules Hsul, perfumer and chemist, 46 South Third street below ('hesnut stieet, Philadelphia. And at my agents, Wyatt It Ketcham, 121 Pulton; V. Ctfrehugh, 203 ana 109 Broadway; K. A. Ar-snlt, Lai' ye'te Bazaar, corner of Liberty and Broadway ;fJ. B Jaequemond, 413 Broadway; Ha? iland, Reese It Co , Maiden laiie, and by all respectable druggists in the Uuited States. s24 lm*r To THE PUBLIC. GIVE article a tri?l, anJ jniign for yourself. I warrant them all to be > lepreiented. or ihe money refunded. MY E4U LUSTRAL HAIR llESTORATIVK. This universally spproved and admired article free from materials, c'eana the hair eipoi.itiousiy, reader* ic keautilul and bright, and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of the [ flowers. Hair washed with i baa eiua't s-on becomes plea itgl y soft and luxuriant is ita growth, and it will poeimely bring ia sew hair on btld heads hy iia use, and hair that has been Bade harsh and is turning grey, or falling out, be the aae of spirita or other imp'oper preparations, will soon be restored to iU natural color and brilliancy. by a few applications of the Eau Lnstral. It is a preventive against baleress. and an infallible cure in all affections of tlia akin oa the head, as dandruff, and lor preventing iha falling off of the hair and turninic gray. it ia the simple produce and immediate extract af some plants aalutary 'o' the hair,endowed with properties ao highly cleansing that it disengages the epHertnisana capillary tubes of the corrosive action ot the |>errpiration ai dot ihe dr? and dead Fcrticlts that it denosite 'l'his preparation purities the bair, gi vf s it a beautiful gloaa and softness, aud an agreeable and vivilyit g perfume F?r sale, wholesale and retail, by Jniea Haual, Chemist and Perfamer, 46 ttoath Thiid street, below Chestnat, fhi ladelphia. A premium swarded at the Franklin lustitute. For asle also at my stents. Wyatt and Ketchum, 111 Fallon street; V. <'lirehu?b. 205 and 209 Broadway; V A. ATtault, corner Broadway and Liberty; J. B. Jacquemend, 415 Broadway; Haviland, ? eese It Co., Maiden lane; audbyall respectable drug<iats in the United Mates. s2l lm*r LEECHES! LEECHES! TUBT RECEIVED. 10 000 large and healthy Swedish J Leeches. AJse, 4,000 German Leeches, in prime order, for aile by J. FERDINAND CLEU, sl5 lm*re Importer of Leeches, No. Ill William st, RAKE CHANCE A NUMBER OF AGENTS WANTED to undertake the sale of a new and useful patented article, which eau be sold to every family ia the Union. To men of respectable character!, a guarantee of 1500 per annum will be given. To preveut competition each agent will have a district secured to him. Apply to 8. FRENCH, 299 Broadway, np atairs. Letters must be postpaid in order to receive attention. an24 1m* m "CLOCKS, FANCY GOODS AND OLAS3WARE. A Large assortment of Fancy Goods. Clocks, Violins, Gui tars and F lutes; also Glassware, China, lie, will be sold to dealers at redaeeo price*, at GEORGE F. OERD1NG, so211mea 7* Vlaider lane MM. MOUHK, who lately arrived in the Gladiator, Irota London ia requested to call at No. 100 Pearl street, where he will receive some important information. New York. Hept sJ^2w#BI ladies' Hair dressing. WILLIAM J. BARKER, (formerly with H. Martin, aad I jit 6 with W. i/ibblcfl,) fender* his ifnicei to thou ladies who but desire their heeds dressed st their owe dwel: lings, on the foil own* terms:? Diufle tine, dre?sinf, 31 Do. sfctmpoomc and dressing, ....$0 5# Per mouth, every day, firoimrtiontbl? lo*. W, J. B.i time being wholly Hreotet! to ?!?! brunch, he will occupy no itors: but his order b^ok will bt kept at the estthlishluhmeut of Mme. N. " 8cheiteuns, 127 Brondwajr, under ihe New Vork Hotel, comer of Waeerly Plies, where ladies m if ami their names snd residencee opposite the hour desired. For fuatier pnrriculers enquire of \V . J. B st his resideuce, 87 Knst Bro*dway. i!5 lm?r IMPORTANT TO TUB LADIES. JUST received from Auction, and offend at U |>?r cent below Impoiter'a pricea :? ;00 Tambour tucked Drenea 94 * IM do T?-rv fine do J 00 200 Neapolitan Lace worked do i 00 100 Rivirre Kmbroidered J 0t 90 Needle worked, (two rowa) T 00 71 do do (three towel. 00 \ large lot colored Organdie MmIuii, ki $2 50 per dreaa, ua a]price. .< J* A few rery aplendid Lace Dre*?e?. Irora.. 10 0? Do do llonueed. from ?IJ to.. .,JJt0 A rich Aaeortment of re?l and imnMion Lace Canee, Herthea. Cepeaan.l Weera., French needlework apea, Collata, embroidered Haudkaii luef?, jkc kc. " ally low. .? IWrrr I'f.TKR HOBt- *T*. m BroadwayliRL'O hTOKK FUK FALK ESTABLISHF.D FUH TWENTY YEJjH B. THr. Kl. r.Hl hlBMIS <.fle. for Sale their old and well eatahlithed atand. *3 bower)-, comer \V ?lker atreet, ie1 (ether with Leaae, Htoell aid KiHurea, 8o?'a frountaine, fcc. The Store ia now doing a good bnaiiieaa, and ia in compute order. Will be aold low to a good perchaaer. Apply te WKr.Ki k ANUtBSON. '.'it M Fuitna. corner Water, and H Bowery. 111 IUMI CAIKM manulMJured India Rubber Htjoee, j i 'MW 'niww Of Ml1) everahoea, and Miea' and bnakina?will be aeld lew to cloae a concern; ale?, ssttr-mer" 11 la*m M?. i H* sever Bqaare. Vff YO / yORK, WEDNESDAY M( Dm Army of th? WnI< [ Krom tto St. Louii Republican, Sept ii ] The steamer Bwtrand arrived at this port yeaUnhy i from theMias#Bri. Major Stuart, pay muster of tbii district, was a I'MMDfer We leirn that before leaving Kort Leavenworth,:|m p*id to the nine companies of the 3d Regiment of MlMotiri Volunteers, then at that post, the commutation for one year's clothing?forty-two dollnrs. The order to .llsband the regiment had not been received when he leftt^e Fort On reaching home ye<t?rday, he found his in^ruetlona, in regard to the full payment of the volimttei* prior to their discharge from the service. These instructions will make it necessary for him to repair a*aiu to the Kort. and he has taken his passage on a boat whichJUavea to-day. The volunteers from St. Louis will recaT* liar to and from th? nlar.a i>f ran. dozvous- amounting to about twsuty-two dolUm?and if they shall have bMO iu service one month, a lui ther mm of (even dollars. So that each of them will be pal I over seventy dollar* forth* time thus devoted to the servioe of the oountrv. Th? expense, then, of the regiment*, ao ' strangely ordered lad so suddenly disbanded, will be , between ninety and on* hundred thousand dollars. It is I said, that the order dispensing with the service of these ! i volunteers, was issued in consequence of the reception : ef despatches from Gin. Kearney, apprising the government that his force WM already aa great as he desired : but we have no mean* of ascertaining the authenticity of the alleged apology Jbr the sudden change in this military movement. A gentleman who Vas a passenger in the Bertrand, was at Independence while the boat lay at the landing during the night. Hi there heard that an individual had arrived from Bent's fart, who stated that he had met and passed an express from Gen Kearuoy to Fort Leavenworth, with th? tidings that Gen, Kearney had entered Santa Fe without arv opposition. This was the report, and we giveitM such, remarking, howevor, that Col. Wharton, in conMand at Fort Leavenworth, was in daily expectation of aAaxpress, with advices from (Jen Kearney. That he captured Santa Fe, we have no sort of doubt. The election for fi^id officers was to be concluded the day after the BurtMM left. It was prstly grnerall) supposed, that Dougherty would be elected Colonel; Holt, Lieut. CeloMi, and Hinkle, Major. About the close of the election, thajr would receive the m?i of the disbanding of the regbaaet. ? military Affairs. ArromTMCNTs ar th?Oo?e?no?.?Joseph W. Brown, to be Colonel of the Hqgiment of Volunteers of Michigan Militia, to be held in tMdinesa for the I nited States service, under an orderfSMi the War Department. John M Berrien, to be Lieutenjat Colonel of same. John V. Reuhle, to be Major of nine. -Dstrotf . f'rtt J*r?ss, Sept J3 A fine large horse, c?M?d the " Rocky Mountain," was taken recently to Little Bock, for the purpose of being sent to Gen. Z. Tavlor. as present from Col. William Winn, of Arkansas. The horto la six year* old, a fine dapple grey, sixteen hand*high.?New OrltantBulletin. Navll Intelligence. The repalri on the huMof the Ohio, at the navy yard here, are so far completed, that (be may ba taken out of the dock at any moment. She ha* been newly coopered, and in other respects thoroughly renovated. It is doubtful, however, whether ahe will be sent to sea thiautumn, or even ringed, the order to tit her extending ouly to the repairs or the hall, and tha preparation ot masts and spars, rigging, saila and boa'a, and not to the collection of stores and provisiona. In caulking the Jamestown, (loop of war, built only three jear* ago at Norfolk, and reewtly returned from a cruise of a > ear and a half on the,Coast of Africa, the wood has been found rotten in tavitral places, both in board and out board Thit is somowfiat extraordinary; and what adds to tha surprise ia, that the rot ha* been found to exist in both the live oak and pine wood. The Franklin has been fitte i up v??y neatly, and hav* ing no guna on board, make* a mora cotofoiinMe receiving ship even than -the Ohio did. 4ho will probably betaken into the dock by and by to look at her bottom, which has not been seen since she wai built.?Bunktr Hill Uhtrtra. We learn that Capt. Fitzhugh, at prosed! la command of the steamship Mississippi, ha* been appointed to the oommand of the navy yard at Pensacola, and that CoreV McKenzie ia to tacceed him in the command of the Mi* issippi, to which ihip Lieut. B. W H enter, lata of the Truxton, ha* been alio ordered.?Narjoik Beacon, 28(A S*ptState Conatltntlonal Convention. MonujiY, Sirr. 38.?The President presented a com?L muiucation in reference to the return* called for by tl? Convention in relation to the fund* under the charge Srf the court of chancery. Mr. Stow presented two aections amendatory of tha r*. ' port of the elective franchise :? ,tj?. An elector owning a freehold, or baring an unexplrrd term of not less than twenty one yenrs in a leasebold, (now existing) may, by an instrument executed by him, doclaro that b? intend* to exempt from incumbrance*, for debt, the property described In such instrument ?the value of tuch property shall not be less than one thousand dollars % The value of the property mentioned in the last section shall be ascertained by the assessors of the town or ward in which it (hall be situated ; who shall make a certificate of their appraisal. Such instrument and such certificate shall be acknowledged, or proved in the manner entitling a dead to be recorded, and shall bo recorded in the clerk's office of the county in which the property is situated ; and notice of such record shall bo published in such manner, and far such time as shall be prescribed by law, after such record ; and notice thereof shall have been duly published, such property shall not be unincumbered by, or for, any debt creatcd or contracted by such elector. This privilege shall not enable an electorto hold more thin one piece of property thus exempt si ttio san.e timo ; and tuch exemption shall cease when ever he shall cease to be a resident of this StateTable and printed. The Convention then proceeded to the consideration of the report on the Banking and the Currency. Mr Cambreling withdrew the report heretofore suromitted by his committee, and otfered the following:? %1. The legislature shall have no power to p?ss any act granting special charters for banking purposes, but associations may be formed for tuch purposes, under genet al laws. fji. The legislature shall have no power to pes* any law sanctioning, in any manner, direct or indirect, the suspension of specie payments, by any person, association or incorporation issuing bank notes of any description ^3. The legislature shall provide by l.w for the registry ot all bills ornotes, Issued or put in circulation as money, and shall require for the redemption of the same in specie, ample security by pledges of property. <}4 The stockholders ia every corporation and ioint stock association for banking purposes, issuing bank notes - or any kind of paper credit* to circulate as bo. ney, after the first day of January. I860, shall be individually responsible to the amount of their rMpectire shsre or share* of stock in any such corporation or association, for all its debts snd liabilities of every kind contracted after the said fiist day of January, 1850. The legislature shall limit the aggregate amount ol bauk notes to be issued by all the banks and joint stock associations in this State, now existing, or which may be h?rAfi(tAr ??KtaMishf?<l. tyi Ali incorporate J romrianie* and as*ociation* exercising banking pow ers, thai) t>a subject .to nutation and examination at the in*tanc? of their ahare hoUera, or ot (heir creditor*, under regulation* to be established by tho legislature ; and in caie of the failure of any auch incorporation or aaaociation to discharge ita debt* or liabilitioa, or of any of it* membeia to discharge the debta for which thoy may bepertouaily liable as member* of aueh incorporation or association, provision shall be mnde lor the speedy and equitable settlement of tho affair* of auch incorporation or aaaociation and for dissolving the *amo. Mr. Aibaclt moved to lay tho report on the table,and that it bo printed?Loot, M to 37. Tho first aection of tho report wa* then read. Mr. VLANDaaa moved to strike oat tho aection and in *ert? The power of issuing paper money, or bill* of credit, hall nut bo granted by thJa State | Mr. Whit* moved to amend by adding after the word " money," the word*,1, of a denomination leu than (Ire ^ollara." Amendment loat, 77 to 0, as aiao the substitute of Mr. Flanders, 78 to 13. Mr. Moaai* offered the following a* a substitute for the fin t section Lawa creating corporation* (hall not be passed, eieept for municipal puroose*, and for the construction of *uch work*, and for tne. performance of *uch businei*, as necessarily require* sovereign prerogative power*, right* and privilege*. The legislature may pa** general lawa under which aiiociation* may bo formed lor business, religious and charitable purposes. Rejected,78 to 0. The question wa* then taken on the first section, and it was adopted, 75 to 1. The second section wai then read and was debated by Mes*rs. Simmon*, Cambreleng, Shepard, Stetson, Stow and Alien, and carried, 94 to A1 : and then the Convention took a receu. avtkbftooit *t>-*ivh. The third lection waa taken up a* follow* 'j The legialeture ahall provide by law for the regietry of ell >>.11* or notea iat.ued or put in circulation ai money, ami ihall reqnitu ample aectuity for tho redemption of the acme in apecie The third aection waa adopted, 74 to 30. The fourth aection wa* then taken up and adopted, AO to 34 The fifth aection waa then taken up, aa followa "The Legialatnro shall limit the aggregate amount ot notea to tie iaaued by all tbe imnka and joint atock aaaociatlona, in thia State now eMating and hereafter eatabliahed" Mr. White moved to inaert "and the denomination." Loat, and the aection adopted. Mr. Joidan moved an additional aection, aa follow* : ? " In caae of the ineolvancy of Mny bank or hanking aaaociatiou, the bill holdera thereof ahal) he entitled to a preference In payment, over all other creditor* ol eaid bank." Thia a actio a waa adopted?tiyea 85, noe* 0. The aiath eeetion providing for the viaitatien of banka and their winding up in one* of ineelvemy, waa atruck out?44 to 4. Mr. Tildea moved to recommit the fourth aection, with iaetrucbona to make the liability of atocklioldeia unlimited. Mr Cembmleng moved to lay the motiuu on the table. Carried?48 lo 19. 'I he article, having been gone through with, waa laid on the table to be niiued Adjourned. Potltteal laielllyanaei Dr. William A. Newell, ia the whig candidate for : Congroa, iathe id diatriet ot New Jereay, compoeod of ; Monmouth, Burlington and Mercer couutiea. Tbe whig* of the Mh diatriet, Oeergia, have, at laat, nominated a candidate for Congreae, Colonel Jamea ! A u it in. John Taliaferro ia the whig candidate for Coagreaa, ia 1 the 8th diatriet ot Virginia. RR I JRMNG, SEPTEMBER Tb? PtUllM at Kobcrt Owm, TV tht Hon. Ik' / Bnroaa ?d brimmd, ko ParUmmuml Bhewktm?Thai for mora than baif a contary jrw po tltiouor h?t, with unrHiim inotion, trmpK.1 bina-o t to andaaior to aacartaiu tlta fuitJamon'tl ?u-?-a * i,.. i. prodica the continually rocurrtsg (Tib lid aMaonoa ?( ocioty; and tha cauaaa whi'h ? oul l poriwtaali) pr? diica foodnoia ami kapiinoaa That in thu inv?atij(atioQ bo liaa ?nc<'t?l?l I?;m1 b.a moit aanfuiuo anpoctaiiou* Tint finding Uio?o cauaaa w?ra ?mu>|i*rla4 by ciaty, and that tbair dta< ovary !??? U,-..l pun >t iaa which war* indiart OM-aliUen to tbo oj t??t an.i doorad projndicaa which l. < i bran for >(ri it ?til<od into tba miodi .in.l hahiU of all in arory country, bo waa to procaed at Oral with (teat cau't?n in making thaaa ail important, ataioal trutha known to iho world Ho therefor* piomulgata.) thorn by alow degroaa a*! pralorrod allowing thoir boautiful affacU 10 fmliaa wbeMvtr an opportunity ptoaoatod itaaif >n*>n a a. alo ulfloioutly largo to maba tha roaulta palpohlo to tba punur; an.i us uiui kim, to lauucetae public ( mveetl ale the principle* that could pnxluco change* to ben* Soul ID HUIN of ill conditioned individuala ll waa by apply in* theee new pnnoplea to practice at New Lanark, tuat for thirty year* M *u en*M*>d to govern a population of two thoueand tr? kuadrad |?reoue without mm apply inn to a magietrate or lawfar.ark*ving one legal punUhment Midicted upou any et them The fundamental cau*e* of e?il your petiliouet Jterw vered to l>e thiee. and ol go?l. the aaaia number, aod he ha* now ascertained that to ta<miuaU the evila ol Ula. and to iu|MMtfJe lh-m hy a auperiur aad happv Makaf human exitU-rce, all that la reuuuite ia for the Hubert tiea of the civilized w orld to be induced, hy the great goad to be aocompliahed, openly and imuluite jualy to abandon the three fundamental caueee of human evil, and their MMflNl McMM and a* openly te adopt the thr.e (fundamental cauaea of good, and to inlrodaoe their conaequent practice*. Thiseiitue cnunge of principle and practice may he now effected over the civilized world, in peace, with or der, by the exiating government*, in a ahort period, and without injury to any one, but with gieat permanent benefit to all. whatever may be their preaent atatiou or condition ia aociety That the three fundamental cauaea of evil are ? 1. Thu belief taught to all that they form their own individual qaalitie* of body and mind, although no one knowa how to form even the nail of hit little finger, or a particle uf hi* brain. 3. The auppoailion taught to all, aa a certain truth that each nan believe or diahelieve, according to hia will, aa he like* s while a moment'* rational reflection might onvince all that they poaaeas no aurh power hut that they are, in every caie. compelled to l>?lieve or ditbelieve, in accordance with the atrongeat tmpreaaiooa made by any partial or circumatance* upon their minda ; and, i TI.. ?i;.. ? .ii kmi. il.I they can like or dislike, love or hate, persons anil things at their pleasure, according to their will, while a simple rocurrarice to their own feelings must convince all that they possess no tuch power, anl that they are alwaya compelled to like and love that which hat been made the most agi*eahle to theii MMtttetlw ; an4 to dialike and hate that which hai been made the moit disagreeable to their individual constitution or organization That the three unchanging laws of nature (or of Ood which will ultimately constitute the fundamental principle! on which society must he baaed and entirely con tiuoted, are :? Ut. That maa hai been created without power to form any ofhie own Individual qualities, physical, mental, or moral. id. Without power to form hi* own opinion by his will; and. Sd. Without power to love or hate person* and thing* kt his pleasure. The three firat are the sole cauae of all vice, crime, division, ain and misery among men ; the three laat will of necessity produce knowledge, union, excellence, aud happiness in all, and for all, dunng the whole future That thus are the few and efficient cause* of evil and of 5ood made obvious, and by a strict process of invesugaon may be demonstrated to be everlasting truths to all who have been taught to trac? effects to their natural causes. That to ascertain the causes of evil and good, and the straightiorward mode to remove the first and replace them by the last, is tho greatest discovery which the human mind has yet been enabled to make. That this discovery has enabled your petitioner to knowlhow to apply the fundamental principles of good; and to reconstruct society in accordance with them in uch a?ianner, that each one afaall be ao placed from Uirth amidst a new combination of superior circumstances, that ha shall have his character, phyaical, mental, oral and practical, well iormed, be well occupied through life, be well governed, ao as always to be a valuable member of society, and enjoy a virtuous and happy Mate of existence. That as your petitioner is conscious he did not and coald not make his own qualltiea, or the varied cirrumxUneee which have acted npoa his natural qualities from birth, which together have given him all his powers, Ise can has* no merit for thia discovery, nor does be seek any indWidMl reward. That y?ar petitioner prays tour Hon. House to adopt decisive fflOMKres to make this all important discovery known to tW other authorities of the civilized world, and to induce tbeaa to abandon openly and aimultaneoualy the three fundamental cause* of evil and their practical, and aa openly to adopt the three fundamental cauiei of rood, that uolou, JuitiM, excellence and happiness, may be made to supersede erfl and misery. And j our petitioner will elVrptv. (Signed.) ijRQBKBT OWEN. TtwRlghU of foreigner* In Brazil. Rio Da Jaicbiho, August 4th, 18M. I lend herewith a newspaper " O TrWpe." of the 3d ult, containing an article on the lituation at English houses in Braid, iu cane of the death of a parser either in this country or in Europe. This is a moat aurioua mat ter. The law aa applied to the estate of Mr. George March, who died aouie time ago leaving a will, oper*tea thus his property has been taken out of the hands ft his executors and sold, and tlio money d^nositod with tM Orphan's Court. lnca<eofthe death ol a partner ma commercial house, whether dying in Eugland or BraziV the Orphan's Court is authorised to anapend all the businesa of the house, and erder their atfairs liquidated, (no one to be paid meanwhile) in order to ascertain the portion belonging to the estate of the deceased paitner. This wonld be ntter ruin to any English house, scattered as their debts are, all, or nearly all, being an open accouut; with the uninterrupted management of the concern it now take* from 18 to 21 months to collect an account That the law will be enforced,'no one doubts. The British minister has in vain attempted to ha>e it impended or altered. It does not apply to either French or American subjects On the recent decease of an Atneriean auujeci, me estate was kcuicu wunoui uie mmrieience ui the Orphan'* Court, tki* Government declarii g that American* and French were protected by a perpetual clauae of their respective treatiei. But as you will ice in th? article referred to, the British Consul on the death of a British aubject, called meeting of his countr?mon, ami declared hU inability to protect their intercuts from the operation of the law. The Temp*, published at Ilio Janeiro, of the ad July, remarks a* iollowi s? We would call the attention of the public to a aubject, the importance of which render* it ef general iliferent, and claims the attention of government A few days lince, the English Coneul called a meeting of hi* countrymen, and the term* in which he expressed himself, will certainly hare an Injurious effect upon English trade. He declared he could no longer protect the interact* of H. B. M. subjects, by taking possession, for io? ueiieiu ui usiri IUU i vmuren, ui ma prupeny 01 laoie who deccasc, us by the laws of thia country, the administration of inch estate* now belonged to the Orphan's Court. And alter having shown them the correspondence on the subject, between himselt and the British minister, he advised them to take measures lor their own security. Truly, if such be the ewe, much Taxation and extortion must ensue,and the credit of many solvent and respectable bouses may fee jeopardized. Suppose a ca?e. There is in this country a commercial establish ment.wlth one or more ptrtners residing here, and others resident in Europe. 11 ate business b? one of buying and aeliing on their own account, the judge can, on the death of one of the abseut partners, ipio ftto, suvpeud all the operations of the house, in order to bring into the coflers of his court, the share which may belong to the deceased. Should the titisineas be one of commission, ij it jtiat that because of the death of a partner in Europe, who forwarded consignments to the house and made advances on them, they b<-ing not yet told, the judge should come in, order the sale and take chargc of the business .without taking into consideration any of the circumstances 1 Is it reasonable that on the death of one of the partners, the judge r h011 Id suspend ail the transactions of the house, to examine its accounts, when theie maybe most important transactions pending, many hundred contoi of rrt's, in the shape ol bills of Exchange, an J purchases of cargoes ' How is a commercial house, mixed up with many ethers, to be liquidated ? How can it be subjected to the scrutiny of (Ural agents, in order to collect an impost on the net remainder I How, in justice, can a house be compelled to suspend its payments,?stop it< business, by thns holding its funds, and those of other paitiea 1 We have a recent example in the cas? of en English house, Inglie, (.'aims It Co., which ? * saved only b'ctuie the death of Cairns, the partner in England, took puce before the expiration of the treaty. Also in the case o( uiv n wnv uicu 111 rwn jem a|(u miuifi'ui, having a wife and children in f'.urope. Hii consul called a meeting of the partiee intereated, and having taken an inventory, named committee of the creditor* to take charge of th? estate. But when the committee were proceeding to make a *a1e in order tha' the product nhonld be divided among them, pro-rata, the judge of the Or [>hiui'? court itomied the ?ale, and only permitted it to proceed on condition that the proceeds ihould he depoiited in hie court?which waa done more than thrre year* ago, and an yet, the creditor* resident here, have not been aide to recover the proportional amount due them. We know that many of theae evila ioay be obviate I by making a will, but there ate othera of a peculiar nature The writer then goe* on to ihow the difficulty that would occur in the ca?e ot an Kngliihman dying in Kngland, havirg children In both countries, and by will, leaving hi* piopeitv unequally divided among htarhildien By the law* ot Kngland he ran do this; but the Orphftn'i | court <>f would, by the lew* of the latter country I be atithotixed to interfere in favor of the children ton ' there. He proceed* to ihow the object of the law being I to lecovcr the government tax of 10 per cent, on ih< amount of pro|>erty left, and to evfciblt the frau4* ?n< wretched itute of the Orpiiau'* couit. The article i boldly and well written Religion* InUlllgtne*. The corner *te?e of ChHtt Church, Williatnaburgh will be laid to-morrow, October lit, at 3 o'clock P. M.The addreaa will be delivered by the Rev. Dr. Tyng Rector of 8t. George'*, Now York. IERA 31 >, 1846. UwMnM la ? teancar) . Haa l.aau II ftaadfcrd, Aaaiatant Vica < haarollor. *i'T *' ?T\?mat L H'rlh tkr Trunin Jim .inn ?W atWa. |at It'itUmm CAapmmn. /.??. GtSton jhJ Murray Hilt mm fbr complaisant* ; 8. A. ?j?*, far d?frn lart. - Dart-lad that tha moittf a#e aud Jaaraa ?( Um w?ka|Wa laauraora < iini|?n; ?<?ia?t ti.a 0'Italian i otton Kactarr waa tba dra^ltro, aixl valid a (Vtohai That tha tiaat aalata ul Mr?. Dyalt, wara th? (<a?rw?rara fruai tha aa>t f ira I Minanra U mtk l Cua*aiaa arta-t thrrvii a< *<ant for that or at a. Tha l.iU aa>l <r? |?aa ? h ? !> t Mortftig* au l da* (tw ' HuaHd m i rt. uiiio'l.a. IWfWil lUafU. bat it ?(tlr...ajc# !>) iha tr?>! aa'ata a fetch alaa raala ra.v?. m x aadar Iha luaa Thaa tig at a a* i?a? au iMaraat la tba Cattto factory. but wawilt ia>ii? ' That aa hia |>u o iaaa at tha maatar's aaia la \|?rtl IMO Bar ha did not acaalra tba right ia qaaatiaa, aadtha iraal aatala waa uat, b) that (ala. praaiadad Iruan aAraiac tha Waa. aad radaaaing tha martg*t? tad darrea That tha truat a aula baviag radaamad tha aaata. thara ta aathiaf lanj'iltahla la aulurcing tha dacraa ?fia? tha utla wuk b Bach a acqmrai la IUO which utia waa tub'act to tha dacr. , That fkaiMil light a* |>urcbtMr of bail lk? factory u> IMS, dee* not warrant him or ItrlM I* derlaiinf lk? life Uu) Hre Lmi ?ok\ boraw? he wm i-*id the pt >ee. Of ia4*mmlied lUe tiuit iteli, uii |4jra?ul i?l indemnity now would require or* the* halJ ike decree That Uia debt againat tli? !>??? ?aa nl equieaient M ntch indemnity Thai tlia mmIbHniM ha ataat. l*votiJ the ralue of Mrl Dyatt * I ife lataraat IB the decree. ronaidered capital at toe true* fui?1 Ma of tbe Trail iu.i?a>m That Iha us* pead by l hapman la iha Life auJ Tire. beyond hia rarti^'la aia a |?apar ofiat Iha l.ila and Klra bond* hot 1 by lirha are ?oid. aad no itaa*. Tha bond and norma*a a( I hepmao to Rtepheoe lor VMVK'. were uauitout Tha eomplainanta took bo Utla by thair fcrwloura u*tlei thta mortgage, aud tha aaiignment a< tha debt ii unavailing. became it wm after C. had aaaigued Ni Talman. Complainant* entitled to have Krtarj and latvli wU to pay halanreoi Weahinglon la*araaee i aajiany decree. ?iih thaaa modification! AatothoMud lot an I lartory, thara waa no mar gar ai I to tha citato* and rignta now earning and Autoload, of i either tba i ight to tha uaa at tha water, or ai IP tha right . to raatricl H to a peper anil No forfeiture by the change, bat aa a^mam < <xaplaiaaiiti, tha ewneraof tha Hold Ut can only uaa tba iaUr for a papoi mill Injunction againat ita othar uaa, and rafarence to maatar to aaceruia prectae boundana* Whole recovery goal to Mr* Dyetfe children Denial Uiaytr >. Uerdo* tmU Br*vn \ Gorden ra. Dr?ftr and ft'eirn (eroaa rait >?E. narvl ford. for comnlaiaaat Draper: A. InderhiU aad A. L. Jordan, far MroWB Decided that thai* u no proot of tha conn <eraUou being formated or advanced liy Hrown to L>ra|>or, on which the Lewi* l a. Hank judgmenta were aaaigned to Draper. And that It ia not proved thai when Draper houghl the judgmenta he waa Indemnified by Brown, er had in hn poeaeaaioa any aaiete of Undai and Brown ? A defeadaat cannot, by a croa* bill, aet tip a delrnre which he hai omitted to atate ia hi* aniwer to tha orig inal bill : the defence l-eing known to him when ha en wared, aad Iheia being noibing to prevent hia a. tung it ?p In hia anawer < umplainant Draper to have uaual decree for hia debt and hia roeta of !>oth aura, aa a creditor in the fint auit ( io*a lull diamiaaed, without coeia. rue,it a* above On the motion to luppreaa teatimeny, T. B. White | wa? held competent Brow u'i itatemaun ar? no*, competent agmuat Diaper. White'* #r?t depv?iu?u tap preaaed. ai alio the plejding* in the Benk of Utiea Chanoery ault, and the anew era ot Pi wee to the eroai-intorrogSatonai (Varioui other minute point* decided aa to the ratimony ) Jamet Iddinri, raraieer, fc ri Qtorf W. H'urn end el**r? ? A 8. Johnaon, lor comidaisant , W M I.\aria. lor Matthiaa Or urn and H. and A. M Bruen , N. D hiUngwood for U. W Bruea and the he in of T H ftmith, ana for ft H. WilLame.?Decided, that all tha debt* of T. H. hmith k Son, for which M. Bruen held in truat Bmith'a real eatate and the (hip Maria and her cargo, from < auto* wore pa d by faiula lurmihad by Smith k wu and Ainuh'a eat .te, before lull. That il Bruen ?r*a Irom thence'orth h truiiee ol 'he leal MUM for southMa and i e?i>aei; and the aubaequent title* to the aicn procur? d Uv and thrutigh lorecloaurea, enured for their brt>elit I he'tirl. a lield by H k A. M. Bruen wrre acquir> : * r'? "it couai ilaniii,,n tml nnikt aKnre the lama fa e Ali 1 ,, 1.,;. iuJ the proceed* ?ro to be an ounte l lor to > e-ta e.~ Tbat T. H. aibitii, at hi* death, *<i m.otw th<n $e00,000, to Smith It Hon, end tu.t Arm, t \ n ..n? of the c.onipiomjae of it* debt* ha* a awflu IhotW W Brnen, a* a creditor ot Smith'* eeta'e a re n t of hi* debt to the Arm, wa* entitled to ba e one hell ut .b tt debt paid oat of the eitate ot Smith in the hand* tit the Ilium'* and the helra anil deviaee* of Smith ; au U W Uiu en'* r 19lit pa**ed to the receiver in M>? rioliior'* uit ageiuat him. That Smith'* eita'e i* to rrvdiie.1 with the firm, the 000, paid to the United ?ta-?* on the romprumiie of the large debt of Snmli end ?ob; Imt M. Bruen i* not to be credited lor hi* 1 laimn eg*m*t the government on that occasion. That the release from Smith'* heir* to M. end A.M. Bruen, do no' alfect the coaiplaiiuint'i ca*e; and a*, between themnelv. * the ie leaie* being without confideration Mm'tt'* Ivein may compel the Bruen * to apply what it 111 U..'ir banl* to the diacharge of Smith'* debt to (i W Br .ten, to the exoneration of the property which M Braon nave up totheheira. M Bruen to bo allowed a liberal ami lor h>? tervice* in the government coruj.romi*.- a roinmu ion on aale of tho Maria'* cargo, ai l hi* diabuuoment*, with all other rcaaonable allow unc i Account* directed, with a great vaiiety ol detail. betwee 11 M. Bruen and Smith'- e?t*te; M. Bruen and Smith k Son; Smith'a eatate and O. W. Bruen ot the con coma of Smith & Son; and O W Bruce with Hmitli'* ecate at executor; and between Smith an t Son. and G W. and H. Bruen. A receiver ordered of the edect* of Smith, and of 8mith and Son, in the band* of M Bruen. and H and A. M. Bruen, and off). W Bruen a* executor, and en injunction agaiuat it* di*po*ul Decree to be entered a* of a day prior to M Bruen'* death. John Jl. AltIdthergtr vl. Jamn R Bmrtinr, complainant in person ; J. E Gary for defendent?Do-iled that Mai ter was right in hia report on the partnerihip account*, Ilo , except a* to the balance due to Bertine from the firm. No (itch balance wa* proved. Decree lor the complainant on the reeidue of repott. No coita to either party R Ktant. alt, Adminittralrix, rt K. Etam, .hfmtnitttrtU0r. and crott guii brtwtm tame ; J. M. Van 1 ott for colfMt|Mt? t. H. Owen, lor defendant ? Decinon of Maator VtMuntr, a* to tho mode of atatiug the partoor hip ccotutt, aMrmed. D. Leavill, Ktvttmm e/ N Ji. Truitnnd Banking CamI ?A /S . ?1 V Titna And K. fttiuiiAnl tor complainant*? 0. B. .tfvora and K. Catting, for defendant!.?Decided that fli* transactions of January 6th and Itiih, 1H41. were loam oT tfla daiandsnt's credit, and not sales of bills of exchange. ar>A the same ware uau rioua and void. The subsequent operation* WMWrarnrenewala of those, and were equally void. Xom|4|tBant u receiver, it b borrower, within the meaning ol the uiury act of 1837, and i* entitled to have tlie securities held by the daf ndan's lor the 106,433 74-100 fumes atHI claimed by them, to be given up to him But he ia not i entitled to recover back whathaa been paid ou the loan* Defendant* to deliver to complainant the Arkansas stocki I and the i ate* Trust bond*, snd to | ay the ro?U of *uit I Assistant Vice Chancellor announced that h? bad now dsci Jed all the cauaet which had been argued he fore him, except one, which loine motion* pending pre vented him from taking up, and the partie* stipulated thai it khould not be decided. lie alao *tated that on Friday next, he expected to a**ume the duties of Vioe ( han< cellor, and to commence hi* (tated term ou Mooda) For the present, hit chambers will be in the Vic* Chart cellor'* ceurt room. Ilia successor, Mr. Holier sun. wiU be iworn in on Friday, and on Monday commence* hu term aa Aoaistant Vice Chancellor. The Horn Distemper on liOn| Ialantl? Motlc of Tnatmtnt. N> w Voaa, Sept M, IH4*. Obtervlng in your paper of Saturday laat an accouni of a diitemper raging amongst horse* on Long Idand. and knowing you to be aa advocate for public good. I beg leave to ?ugge*t, that by ate'ing in the Htr?u *uch facts a* ate within rour knowledge, relative to the above diieaae both in iU Drat and l?(t rage* of attack , and also the internal appearance oi the body after death; It would enable men ol science, and farmer* ex[>erienced lathe management of horse*, to write on the subject, and prescribe a remedv that might put a stop to it I have been a practical farrier for thirty year* past, both in Kurope a:>d America, and can with accuracy state the following facts, that ra-ne under my inspection and treatment ie Istive to a Jneme similar to that on Long laWnd. The nmmtT of '31, having been a* hot a *ea*on a* bad corns for several yesr? previous, both ia tJroat Britain snd America, several horses in Nova Scotia, snd I'rioae F.dward's Inland, were attacked at the orie time, with two different diatempera The vertigo snd molten grea?e. both originating from nearly the name cauae 1 be Aral cauairg a preternatural velocity of the blood, (instantsneoualy affocting the brain.) and temporary inlimma tion Tho fat upon the teemlnanes in various parts of the body underwent rarefaction, making distinct efforts to discharge by the different anunctoiies, tha prnportlor nearest the veaael* becoming abeott>e<] by the hleod, retarding circulation, snd theretiy prodncmg fever I1 was tlie leading opinion at that time ol tha moat eminen' Veterinary Hurgeuns ol the Iiritish pravtneea. that tba foregoing di?e.ia>>a proceeded from excessive heat. en< tba in purity of the parched or diied grsss. taken n<o th? bo<!y I hjve been called on several times du ing these* on to attend snd admini-ter medicine to haraea labori iq tinier tie foiegoinff ami imiixl t>y e*pen?nr? ' that the following whi the only remedy U> bo need witt; tureen*. The flrit step toward* cur" i* '? draw blo?d i anJ that, in quantity according to tf.e < xiif"ivy of th< c;up, and tin* ?t?te ul tbe eubjnct. Bl<-ed mtw.i *e>aa ra i mote from each other; administer a phytic dr.iik m ai M , opctatn apcedily, and l:i?tly adminu'er fojea'ton* Mtrt leven or ten minute*, until ral i> t >a bUfci>-<i. shunt ! any paralinic affection or Oimtia ti< n at the muackt, pie dui e a *tlfl"ne** or Inactiti'jr njon at \ p.r Urpait !e friction with I'rong penntrjting ettib o"?i, ri* he Immediately bronnht Into u*e, and parteverad i i *n> i ther information on the *nbj?et will be cVte'ftilJ) f *e? by calling at No. 0 Lawrence itreet, N*> i < ^ IOi!N i 1 4Coo>T rol IHI OoilKlluit ur i l/0"; ; Ay, Sept. 28?Pretout-Lt Go' ' twenty-three Senator*. No 51 F. ' > 1 * ' . i ton. Slotion to re*toie catin* to iti 1 ? r" ' ' ' ' Denied. No 28 J Kowlf r v? P ' ; Killer*. Same. Dafaniu ?et * <<> place* on talendai. but not to he ?? *" ' . No 27 O. W Stanton, Jr.?? K nr j r? > , without prejudice till after reee?* N. Lr?u?d liirdaeve rlaced on 'ho eat* nder ' till after recew. No II H ?,m, < -n e>ert, he. Motion to eet a.lde defeult Deni w 1 h No. M. The *chen*tad? ?*nk ** X N a,i.?w. Mi. A. 1, C. Pace coitflnded for pUlntiir In *rn? 1 Mr R H. Peek ham wart heard for defendant In error?vod M . A. C Pale* In reply Deciifon poetponrd. No. 16. D. Con* ley ?*. D w. Coonley. Cie. attributed. LD. ttee two Unlit AfUn la Kmtm, The St. Louis Union, of the '22d insttmt, ?ayi, 4 relative to the troubles at Nauvoo All ww quiet at that place on Saturday, whan they ' left But very few of the proscribed citicen* remained ? unit thav ware preparing to leare aa apeedily aa poealble. Among tli* pataaogeri oa the New Haren were Mr. Hobhint an I fumil> . anJ Mri. Carliale Smith, the latter a h.gMv T'rlllirrnt lnlv. ttie wlJow of a brother ef the ir< - i-1 J. ?. ph and Hy rum Smltn Tn?<- utenl ii < hi. city t'.ioir rc?iJence Mr. Robbina was of the Temple. ao<l incurred, as iuch the eapeclaJ odium ul the " old ci ixon. " At Keokuk. aa the party he barely enapaJ imagination Kiom a KentUnmn n lio ?u> in Nauroo when the aatiea ntciuil. we learn that their imuhar waa tisteen handrei ana twcnt)-QV?, auu inai tuelr train ol kifuage wagon* numbered over one hundred. It i* luppoaed that they uffortd aeverely during tae akirniiakiag of the three da) a. 8?ibo peiaona who were l)ing uck la a houao naar tha outpoata, ?var that they law mora than twenty wounded man borua from tha field after tha ftght of : Kriday. i The Tew Vormoni j et remaining, u wall a* many that huve led, are in quite a wretched condition. They have barely the meane of auataining exiitence. Tha philanthrope John Wood had left (Juincy with a quantity of pror ittona for their relief. - One of tha atipulaUona of tha treaty, (if to the tenni of capitulation might be called.) wan, that the Mormoba bould receive their arm* aa they croaaed the river. Thia had t ei a coniUied With. A l?tu>r to the PhiUdelphia\En</uir?r atatei, tha ate amboat Uncle Toby, landed a number of paaaengera at 8t. Louia; Mra. Emma Smith, widow of Joioph diatth, and family, were on board, on their way up tha river. I had conaiderable converaation with her. her adopted daughter, and young Joe. They informed ma that tney , lali Naavoo laat Kriday, and went over to Montroae, i where they remained in a boat teveral daya. They Inally concluded that it waa prudent to leave Nauvoo and vicinity altogether; ao they returned thither, procured a portion ol the furniture, and departed. The Ooveraor of Itlinoia haa deapatched Gen. John T. Davis to Maaaac county, to inquire into the merita of tho late difficulties there, an account o( which wo publiahod a week or two aiuce, and to act according to hie beat judgment. Twenty Days Later from the Cape or Goo? Hoi k?The lust-sailing bark Wm. H. Shatter, Capt. Molmea, arrived at tnia port oa Sunday, having aailed from Cap* Town on the 3d ult. Wo are indabtaid to Meaara. Seccomb, Bartlett It Co.-for Capo Town papora of tho latrit datea. They are tilled with aoooanta of unimportant border kirmiahea in Cafflrland. la one of them Mr Uordon Nourao, a young man of promiae, waa killed Beyond the Orange river, Capt Warden, tha Hntiah reaidaint rommiuinnar attarkad " tha rahalltana Dart of the farmer*," the Boeri under Jan Kok, killed tour or five, and took 34 priaonera. The following paragraph* are from the Cap* Town jUrtrlurr of Aug 1 :? The late*t intelligence from the head quartan of the three diviaion* under Sir P. Maitland, Colonel Hare, and Hir A. Mlockenatrom, lead to the expectation that tome action* of a dtciaive character were not many dare dietant, | not many bouri. Force*, amounting to nine or leu thou*and men, are evidently moving aimnluueouily on tho rugged faitneeee* of the Amatola hill*, whore the Cefflri are luppoaed to have concentrated (heir *trenglh and their wealth, that ia, their horde and ocka. They are taid to he fortifying the paeaei, digging pita-, armed at the bottom with atakee, and covered with deceptive turf, aa they were accaatomed heretofore to entrap elephant* and lioni. That they will reeiat ia certain, and it cannot be but that the conteat will prove a bloody one. I'rivata letter* bring the kiatory of tke divisions under Stockenitrom and liar* down to the 3?d Jnly. On Tfanraday, the Reeiatanoo, from Montevideo, arrived iii ftimoo'* Bay, havingou board 600 men of the *4 battalion ?l the 4?th regiment. fluch of the men aa are ok will, it ia undaratood, be landed for koepltal kere; ard the reat will pioceed at onoe, without being diaembaiked, to Algoa Bey. The fighting work, it ia koped, will lie over Mom they reach the frontier ; but they row* iu good ume to garriioa the country and relieve the buigber*, whote again urgently call tk*m to their home* Much aucceaa hat attended the attempt*recently made to laud aupplie* near the mouth of the Ktah River, aa well a* at tie < owie muuth. The newly arrived troop*, by the way, will probably be lent oa by *e* to the for1 mar of th*?? point* of debarkation." The ialand of Manritiu* waa in aa unhappy atate on account oi the *u>pt'?*ion of the bank. The paper* atin')tueJ the enitmrra??ment ol the concern to the " ab?uid metallic *y*tem imposed by the mother country." 1'lie diiector* had called upon the shareholder* te pay up tho two tifihs, and they in turn had determined to examine the bank'* alNir* for thomselvee. Bark Guiana, from South Australia for the Mauritiu*. waa wrecked June 34, upon tha reef of Point aax PI menti aod a total loaa?crew aaved. Car* To?n, 30th July, lb4*?I have to report to yen the emval in -iuiou* i:?y of th* American bark Lncy I'alimui ill nI \r X \ (ii L. from the MntatrihimiM ekann*l without her nuihuriaed cuptain (Cooper) oa board. It would appear mat the Milled from Kio de Janeiro on a voyage to the cue it of Africa, and vaa detained by H. B. vl. hi if Hopha in passing down the channel. Afterward* in the Angoxha rl*er, she was boarded by the boat *f II B M.ui|i Cleopatra The fir it officer and craw then requested the assistance of Captain Wyvil, of the Clxopatra, to Mint in bringing the Lucy Penal man out of the river, and proceeded with the vessel to Moiambii|ue, leaving Captain < ooper on shore : from the nee the Lur j I'viimraau was bi ought to ttimoni Bay, wbeie sbe u .w li ? in charge of Mr Chase,U. 8. Consul, fcvery circumstance concerning the Mysterious affair, so far as has tiaaapired up to thia moment, may be learned at the office o the Secretary of Hta'e, Washington, to which depart men. nil official papers concerning her have been addressjd P. ? Why does net the American government sand 1 some of the M guns (according to the Ashburtoa treaty) down on the east coast of Africa, to prevent the necessity of the inlerterejce of British cruisers with American vessels in those waters, and to took after the interests of Amerioan mere ban's trading on that coast f?BeeI. r??t New* from Haijfax ? Sir Jeremiah Dickson, lata commaiidcr of tiie force* in Nova Scotia, and bis d ingUler, took passage in the ffiiUnaia on the ltth A fire on the I Win nearly destroyed throe houses in Mollis street, opposite the Halifaa hotel Sir John Harvey has not yet made any removals from office, nor alterations n the con noils, as left by Lard Falkland? hviion TVanieript, JHik Ai.i.?oki> Cam or liscurr, tic. in Yana Cov.ttt. 1 ?Tit*' 1 '*< ( C\.iMtf y 'ltir%ruph recently published I llie accoui.t of a father K< n?J by two or tkrM ?f kia AMfltaMWith complicated btiwtu and turpitude. It ' I arenn frorn'h* teUo?iijg account bv the Ptnn Yam Do- , ' m?cret, that lhi> ateiy waa originally little to be rillrf on, and > im* rer.'iared (till ateia JialuX kf MtkMalV ftiilnDct '1 br I'tmnrrtf *at t that nn til* rMpnon ef tba pnaoner, Mri Aiken and Lucy Arnold^Pete the principal wilneaaea on the part af the comidainaat. ly . order ol tba court they wei* aeparately aiaaiDM. J 1'ba ronaequanc* waa, that thay flatly contndkltd ach other in aeveral important particular* Mra Aikan it waa proTa.l. balora bei marriage, run away with Aihen, (who Maa lhaa and mil i* a piufeaaed Mac kief) aad for | eight or moa weeka travelled about the country with him, pacing aa a>aa and wile Mb* waa prevea to have boan bolwr* b?r uui run*. uJ atiil ia, ajproatitolo. Har general character waa aJao tally impeached It waa aiae proved thai ah* waa JiaaaUtlM with har IMher. for Ml gmog her a portion ol hi* property, and at dlfaral timra bad made threeta agaiuai him. a a* wing very vtaadirtive feeling i.ucy bed forth* paat year fieqwently 1 be?u at Aikaa'a, receiving iroaa thaaa rarteoa fruiti, an I had been latitod to come and lire with Ajfcea, to ? hoae bo nee ahe baa Rene, a ad where ahe atill imaiaa Her ataleeaeata wore aiao Aetly contradicted. by wtV neaaea lo whom ahe bad prevuiualy Hale I the facta. Ia addition to all thi*. oth*r evidence waa gives I* prove t? at the aacuaed waa not at lh* plac* at the time the oganca waa aatd to have been commitud The whole atory of the complainant and her aaatar waa improbable The character ol the eocuaed waa proved to hare been unblemiaited for twenty )*aro, by a hoot af moat raapec table witaeaae*, hi* nearcat neigh boa a U. B. Clrcall Vmrt. Bj- ? n art of t UIIJUH |WM?4 m Augntt. IMI, IW Clff Uii Court of Ike CiiiMd ntato* for lha ta?U*ri DiMiM of * ? Vol*. ill. la futuro bo h?ld oa tbo tblrd Moola) of ()clat>or. lu>toaJ of ika IhI Manlaf ta Notoahor, aa kaoinlsra, anJ tba Jul; Uiaol thooaart m tl?laM *?at?nr* - r*ituk O'Brtoa. oa*irt?d Wat arook ui ika IJnito.l lHaloa IiMtrtat Conn ?i lartoay aa tbo big b aaaa, ' in toiling fittj -oaa ioior?i|ni fro* a tallow (awaaaga*. vaa aontoueoJ yaalorday Btoroiug b* Ja4go Iota to oao I ) oara' iitij iMonoio.l, ?o (?> a duo al a*d bo fortbor , laipritora 1 un'il ibo I Bo .a paid /? r# />??. M?'m\ 1 t.M raa# wbarb ?a n)irti< Ml Nlou1?) < Hr'mid. ?M of >oa?o*4oy Mr* tag by Judgo Daly llo at) Mmmj 1 IS-rtf apoa ginac ' an anlar an lha iwornnl for tbo lalaaea al kb aoUK, ohK-h aiaa ibU w aboal %*? Tbo orOor mm aaaof ta4. bat tbo pvor girl oul ba bum ? t*. M. ( oaiabotaiwr'a OMn. b.ioro ( wkmwmi Mortoa. H,rt J# ' k"f 't " **? T1? - r ... .. I eis . r'UO .ew of Aa Ma4we, ' W" * ? U" "m ? ? * VR* fOtMpf, const: f MA K ? R. No W YmI, m titMitu ia LmIim iUtkifl rt. W mm aa4 ??? r* !>' ?a I rru .? ? h?????r4 hM ??" M > ?! ?? M Ml jlfcll ??4 > 14 k I ' *<M K?? "?WH^ lu< m I?? Hmit a * ?b*>? Mw ?MI h?r as I*m?4 ' Inmil M*> > *?? ( l #f?W W iK? lawI Mil* lUtfkf x atnMi} u.4 ratal I .<> ? Rihi ? !?? w4 IMI ? ?4 nw| teMfM > im tu?.w?t \ K i lr ICIAL FLOWkHs, FKA' IIF.K.t, fee H>.\KTkR4HN iM^xm >1 Vuw HMI. >f MOT. ?m k.uli, Uai!<?ii kt law I flltb n*m lb ia fari*. i . ?. r t.? aaia. ! ? aa4 ?li ii ininwi tik imi a?4 i >i>n??N? a?|>aa af fti^'i I I'u ?rn ? kaacviaatb* ??? ? kadaafr. ?. Tiii?iIi?i?i'Ii "ii l?ia r'ia?? m Ma anaia fct AmA'-i%t fiww a?a???. I ib* #aaen?oeee, aM ! ? ?ry HifU i? tW.? Itaa . . -rk* I HE#?- 4t alMU. 4a. ?* , ? *?* ? < Faadi- ia .real >a? ??, aail a# At "T niM Mate : Wp*"*! YvStrj^rir%

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