Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1846 Page 3
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^ KUTICKi R. C. Witaur* ? Co. return Uutr (hank* to the Fir# Dep*rttn*?i and Police for the imI >o? eiertions Used by th#m IB saving the property in the store .to. II Water street at the fir# this eaeeietf R C Wrtmorr k. Co- desire nprciilly to ickio*trd|? the nid of bis honor the Mayor, la preserving their books sod '"fceidav V.jht. PHxiPKR M. WETMORE. Vavy Agent, begs to return his grateful acknowledgements to his Honor, the Mayoe, the members of the I'ire Department, and Mtimcipil Police, f.?r the .issisteuce rendered him in urisg all the books Hud pal>ers of the Nary Agency from the fire this evening, Tuesday night. ^ _ NOTICE. The office of the Nary Agent is removed for the preaent to the back office of the store No. II Bro?d street. PROSPER M. WETMORE, New Agent. ITT" All ciry paper* pleaae copy and send bi!ls. * It The art of Dajpier retyping has been tironght to ?ocb extraordinary perfection fit the PLUMBE NATIONAL DAOUERREAN GALLERY. !IS1 Broadwar. that to obtain an exquisite representation of one's eelf when in haate. ia but a momentary matter. The production of a picture ia performed in leas time than that which expire* in detailing the manner of proceeding which consist* in entering the gallery after casting a few edmiring glance* at the irresistible fpecimen* that are atrewn on tbe wall* of tbe entrance; you then (elect the desired size and afterwards are uihered into one of the neatly furnish room* and presented to the gentlemanly operator, who furnishes you with your "fao-siuUe,"as if bv mafic. Morr Proof or the Good Effects of Hn. JerTIS'S COLD CANDY. New You, Sept. If, 1846. Madam Hnvlnr had i *eyere cold I con?ider it i* neceuarr to let the public krow how rh?v can be cured a* 1 haye been. It it aimplv by u*i' e ? p?ek*irr or two of vonr Cold Candy. Being averse to all humbug, it u aomething of* compliment to get thi* certificate, voluntarily. from me. Reapcctfnllv rnura, ANTH. W. TH A'PAN, Reading Room, Society Library. To Mr*. Jk?vu. SM Broadway. neat door to the Tabernacle. Principal Office for it* ??le 3J* Broadway. Put up in pick fe? ot one shilling two (hilling*, four hillinei, and one dotl*re>ch Aeei"*. Ronhroe Jt ( n., 10 Aitor H tie, and 110 Br"?dw?< ; Rlxckett. 3K4 Bowery; Bunton. 49 Siath Avenue; Kly'? 133 Hndnon ifreet; Mia. H*v?, 1 # Fult n *t., Brooklyn. Pot np in packate* of one, two and lour (hilling* each. 3c Portable Dressing Cnaea .The attention of the rr*vellin*public i*"re?pectlullv invited tothe?ub?criber*' complete and v*ned aatortment of the above uaetul and convenient appendage* to a centleman'* toilet. Their a?*ortment ? embrace* every variety of portable caae?, auitable either lor a Jong orahort journey.each containing Mi that U ueceiiary for traveller a toilet, in the moat deairahle and compact form O. SAUNDERS ?c SON. 177 Broadway, opposite Howard'* Hotel. Pocket and PcnknlTt*.?A beautiful assortment of the above can be teen at t^e luhacriben', among which will be found aome of the moet tplendid and unique pattern* eyer Imported t* thii country O. SAUNDFRS It SON, 177 Broadway, few door* above Conrtlandt atreet An Astonishing Cure of Bllndney?The merit* of thi* core are werthy < ( notic?. We retpect'nlly rail the attention of out readers to the certificate of Bridret Brown in ennther column of thia day' paper An *?roni?tiint cure rt hlindneas performed hv Dr. Brown oculist, 232 Spring street. The cure menu the higheit coasiderstion. Great Barnralna In Carpeting.?We wonld invite the attention of hou ekeepari, especislly thoae abon' purchaaing the Decenary articles of Carpeting to the extensive wareroama of Hiram Anderaon, No. M Bowery, where can be founii aaplendid as?ortment "f Kngliah ?nd American farpetinr, Hearth Baca. Matte, Table and Piano Covers, Floor Oil Cloth. Dratgets, fee., at laaat 20 per cent leas than any other eaMbliahtnert in the city. There yon will And, warranted all woal, Ingrain Carpeting for Sa per yard: large lasted Hearth Bora $3 50 eaeh: and other articlea proportionably cheap. Observe the nnmher, 99 Bowery. Phainn'a Rfiufle Hair Dye, a n??r and In* alaible discovery, warranted neither to smat nor wuh off beirg a f.inuid Dve. which inntantaneonsly chnnites the color ?f 'he hair to s beautiful brown or black, without injnry to the hair or akin. The (rear superiority o f this Dve conaiata in tl"- eaaymode of application and instantaneous effect.all other dvaa re^iiirjnf Irom ten to twelve honrs to prodace any chance. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every ore ?roBa single application. Conntry gentlemen can have a boMe tprwsrded them by express, by sending Cash, en. ?|r?ed tn F.. Phalon. (I Broadway, Jndaon's Hotel. Price (I per Vrtilf, with fnll directions for nse. Citv (rentlemen are jsvited to eall at the depot and have the'r whwlm dred ? Bogue It Fswcett, I'M Cheanut atreet, agent for Philadelphia. RonMtl'i Premlnm Shaving Cream, and very variety of Perfnmery, Cosmetics. Toilet Soaps, extracts of the moat fa?h>ooaMe kinds, Amandins for cnapped hands, lie., lie. For sale wholesale end retail, by E ROU8SEI,, lit Broadway tat between Liberty and Courllandt atreet*. l*l>!)iid#lf?lilR Aevnts for the Herald, Q. Byiehe' h Co., 3T.e-lger Baildinga, 3d atreet, near Chesnut, wh<"-e th^e wishinr to tuhseribe. will please lear? their ruim-i Terms?TS cenrs per tnon'h, including the Snndar p?l>?r i #* eetiff withi'U' it Advertisements and ennimuni *rioi I isteiid^d fft neit daT's paper, most be left at the Kiwrr by I o'eloelr in the iftmooa. t o 1 Of tile <>hlo Rlyer. Fltcet Time. Statr of W.'rer. Cit i Sept. 14. .... ?... .. 8 fee* OX inches VI Mc(j, p?pt. 10 .. .... . . 4 fee* 4 inches PiMr' l>?r Sept 1A 9 feet 4i{ inches. " Sent 6 feet I inch flOHRV INIKKKT. TnMdajr, Hept. 30?4 P. 1*1. The stock market was rather heavy to-day. and prices fell eft a fraction Compared with quotations current yesterday tnornii g. there has been a decline in Long Island of per cent, Harlem X, Norwich & Worcester Jf Morris Canal J?. Canton }?, Pennsylvania 6's >?. Rradinfr Ttailroad and North American Trust closed at yesterday's prices. At the second board there was a" further decline in prices. Harlem fell off >i, Norwich & Worcester M The sales were very limited, and there appeared to be ery little disposition to sell at the ruling rates. There has been within the past day or two a very fair demand for foreign exchange, and quotations re main without any material alteration. We quote Prime bills on London 10SJ? a 109>.? ; on Tarit, f 5 30 a f.S ?7>f ; Amsterdam, 38*i a 39 ; Hamburg, 36,^ a 33>{ j Bremen, 78^ a 79. The absence of the Oreat Western ia unfortunate for the commercial claaaea. She may yet arrive in time to enable the merchants to reply to their lettera ; but the ateainer leaving Boaton en tho let proximo, will not be Me to toko eut the effect of the advices the Western will bring upon our marketa, even in the event of her arriviac before the foreign mail oloiea. The Great Western ia anxicusly looked for by theie who have tvlativaa and fiiemU on board, and by all tboaa engaged ia commercial pursuits. Hbe has undoubtedly experienced one or more of the tremendous galea which have awrpt the whole length and breadth of the Atlantic within the paat Uiiee week*, and it ia probable haa Buffered more or lcii damage, but we truat not to any alarming extent. We hjtuly look for her arrival, but, we muat admit, not without considerable anxiety. Hie teceipta of ttie Central Railroad Company this year, compared with those tor the corroaponding period last } ear, exhibit an increao larger than that ef any other railroad in the country, with the exception of the Philadelphia U Reading Railroad. Ckntbal Haii.boad, Micmnis. /er .Iwftuf 1844. 1840. Passengara *8 803 IS 11,3*9 49 Frrigut 4.W)i f>0 11.1M 73 U.|s Mail 876 SO ? Total $14,031 03 3:1.411 31 Thia increase - mounts to about fifty per cent; but the aggregate increase for this year, to the tat of September, femounte to mora than one hundred per cent, compared With the corresponding period last year. Ciktiil Railkoad?Total Rki-kipti. x 1845 1146. January $6,413 ai $19,703 75 Feluuary 7 80S 47 14.354 36 March 6.977 ?? 23 251 U April 11 (>CT 15 2.J.7.0 37 May 15 634 66 a: !'0H H5 Juiie IS 381 71 30.16* 31 July 14,665 79 16.311 03 AngUJt 14,08163 22 41131 Total eight month*.. . . $93,050 34 $186,765 93 More than one-half of thia increaae va? realised on freight, which i* pretty good evidence that the local bu?ine**of the road is alone suillcient to produce a reve" nuo l&rtfe enough to pay a handsome profit. We Rivo lielow, fiom the Detroit Fret Prtu ot the 18th iuat., aynopaia of the bill* , a>aed the Legialature of Michigan laat winter, authorising the aole of the public work* of that State; ni the company for the pur. ei.aan of the central line h&4 boon formed, and all the proviaion* required by that art have been agreed to. The sale of thc*e road* will hare a very favorable in' flu nee upon the atork of the State of Michigan, aa it will withdraw fiom the market a largo amount of Indebted!*** of that State, the bond* being received in payment fur theae work*. All who are intereated in the public debt of Michigan mmt feel gratified at the re*ult of tbii movement, as \fir>5li?m sil!?n<> nnn tolra Ur place among the solvent States, and promptly meet the latereiton the reet of the public debt at maturity. M?hihi* Ci^TitL **n SnuTHca* Rtiunmi. The a>-t chartering the Central Kailroail Company and providing for a aale of the roal, waa approved on the !Wth of Match, and within six months from that date the company were to pay *800,<>(X>, being one fourth part of Die purchase money, into the Sta'e treasury, and then to take possession of the road, with all the appurtenancea thfeunto belonging. Within one year from the date of the firs pa> roent, the further aum of one million five hundred thousand dollara it to he paid with intereat, and then (lie Coatral Kai road, with the ma'chine ahopa, cara, locomoti.?a, to. kc , belongs to the compuny. Htate' bonds, with the interest theieon, are recoivaiile at p ir, in p<j ment for the road, with (he exception of the part paid bonds delivered to the United Males Dank nnd Morns Cbi.pI and Bunking Company, which are receivable at ti e i 'ite <1 14i<8,sa<jneach f WOO of (he bonda, in case the coupons >j .ct July 1S4I lemain attached thereto An amount in money ha* to be paid, sufficient to liquidate the interest on the 8t?te debt for the yeare 1846 aud '47. Ti e road ia to be tiniaUed to Lake Michigan within three years From Kalamaxoo, to which place the road is now tmi had, to Lake Michigan, the road ia to be construes'1 Kith sn iron rail of not leaa than BO poun is weir-d to it.* ) Within t?o years from taking possession, the ti n.(any are to reconstruct the road fiom D*tT*tt WMt. flftf ?Jm, Md to pl?M th*Ta,nulm rtil of Ilk* waitfhl Mil that QMd hatw ?*r Kilnroiioo and Laka Michigan, and whenever any other not tion of the rond hu to ba ranaWed, an iron rail of lika weight ihali ba *laead thereon At a penalty for not i fii.iil.inK the road within the time ipecified between Kalamazeo and Lake Michigan, twenty five thousand dollar* for every year of inch non-performance can be collected, and lilty tbouaand dnllara per year can be collected for not racomtructing the roaJ for the ffr't fifty mile* weit, within the tine anil i.i lt.c n* >r?n< r ,'iiecift t 1 ftrrthe expiration of the year ! s . 1 I.etc ? .11 I e rn ton rail allowed on the road, unJ<?r't!.e i-fiil'y of o te thousand dollar*, of lea* weight ill in sixty pond- t.? il.c yard. In lieu of all other tax**, the companv are to pay the State an annual tax of one-half of one per cent on the capital atock paid in, and including the j'J.OOO 000 paid the State for the road, nntil the year 18*1. After that time a tax of three-fourth* of one par cent upon the capital itook paid in, including the purchaie money, and alao upon all loan* mado to raid company, for the pnrpoae of comtructiog tha road or chartering ir hiring steamboat* authorized by their charter, which tax shall be paid in the lait week in January in each year to the State Trea surer. For thi* tax and for other debt* due the State, it ba* a lien tiron the road ?nd it* appurtenance*, which hall take precedence of all other lien*; and next after the State, the citizen* of Michigan ihali have a lien upon the penonal property of the company to the amount of one hundred dollar*, originally contracted within thi* State. After the expiration of tha year 1H87, the State ha* a right to re purchaae tha road by paying tha market price for stock and ten per cent in addition thereto, and the charter i* liable to be altered, amended or repealed after twenty year*, by a vote of two third* of ea<.n branch of the Legislature, with the provi*o that the State make good all damages sustained by rea*on of such alteration, amendment or repeal. The company purchasing the road are positively prohibited by the charter from engaging in the btisineaa of purr.haaing produce or other merchandise for sale. The toiU to ba charged by the company on the Central Railroad after the year 1H48, or upon the opening of the road to Lake Michigan, whichever may first occur, ou passengers, for any les* diatancn than the entire length of the road, oLall not exc*e<l the rata of three centa per mile, and ten cent* in addition on diatancea not exceeding twenty milei. Ou flour, grain, salt, planter, coal, naila in kegi, iron, mill irona and castings, fiili in half barrels or in )>arrela. lumber, augar in boxes or in casks not leaa than a barrel, moltuea in hogshead* or in bar tola, pot and pearl ashes. beef, pork and wo*l in aacks, no greater charge ahall bo made per mile for traniportation, than the average charge during tha months of September and October la*t,upon the Boston and Lowell, Don ton and Providence, and Boston andlWorceiter Railroads in New Kngland; and the tolla ahall never exceed threetourthi of the pricea charged for the transportation of the mime article* by the State of Michigan on the Central Railroad on the firat day of January, 1840. The aame Legislature which pasaed tha law for the sale of the Central Railroad to tha Michigan Central Railroad Company, also passed an act providing for tha sale of the Southern Railroad to a company in our own State, for tha aum of $600,000, and gave them a charter with provision* very aimilar to those of tha company purchasing the Central road. The tala of the Southern road waa, however, made contingent upon that of the Ceatral road, and the law for the charter of the latter company, by express provision, doea not take effect and be in force until after the acceptance of tha charter of the Central Railroad Company. Within thirty day* after the taking effect of the act, the Southern Railroad Company, for the sum of $600,OoO can purchase the S uthern Railroad, with the Tecumieh branch, with all their car*, fixture*, machine (hop* and other building* and stock and material* on the road ? The *um of ten thouiand dollar* ia to be paid at the State treaiury within thirty davs alter the taking effect of the act?the further *um of forty thouiand dollar* ta be paid w ithin three month* from the time the act takes efleet. The company are to execute a bond to the State at the time the payment of the $40,000 it made, with sufficient sureties, to tie approved by the Auditor General, conditioned for the payment to the State of all damages it may sustain from the company neglecting to return to the State the stock, materials and furniture of the road in as good order ai when the company received the same, in case of any forfeiture of said road to tlie State; and when the bond is thus executed, the company are to be put in possession of the road and exercise full ownership over It. The company, within six months after the taking effect of the Bet, are to place additional locomotives and cars, of the value of $'J0,0J0, upon the road. If within the term ol nine years alter the payment of tho $40,000 above Noticed, the company shall pay to the State the further sum of $400,000. in eighteen equal semi-annual instalments of $-J5,000 each, together with the interest upon all portions of the purchase money remaining unpaid, at the rat* of six per cent per annum, to be paid semian nuully, to be computed from the time when the $40,000 payment was made, then, the road, with its appurtenances, belongs to the Southorn Railroad Company. The payments can be made either in evidences or State indebtedneat, as is provided in the law for the sale of the Central road, or in lawful money of (be United States. Within four yours, tne coinpauy are required to finish and putin operation, the road from Hillsdale to Cold water, and within four years from that lime te finish and put iB operation said road from Coldwater to some eligible point on the St. Joseph's river, within the connty of St. Joseph; and within VI years trorn the passage?f the act, to construct and to put in operation the said railroad fiom the St. Joseph river to the village of Niies Within 3 years from the parage of the act, tho Tecumsehbianch is to lie completed from the villoge of Tecumseh, by way of Clinton, to the village ot Jackson, by the way'of Manchester, and alorg the line of the railioads formerly authoiized to be coustiucted by the Jacksouburg and Palmyra Kailrosd Company, or so tar along said line as may not conflict with the charter of the Central Kailroad Com j. No higher tolli Bra allowed to be charged on the road than wtrj charged by the State on (aid road on the firit of January last. The other proviaiuna are very similar to thixe of tho charter of the Central Railroad Company. By the tale of the Central Railroad, two milliona of dollar* of the State indebtedness is wiped out, and money sufficient paid into the treasury (o pay the interest on the remainder of the debt for two years to come To rid herself of the incubus ol a heavy Mat# del>t, and to hare the Central road promptly fiuistied to Lake Michigan, which tue State, without a resort to higti taxa tiou, was unable to uo, were the reasons whicti governed the Legislature in making the sale. The eutire amount of ?tock has been subscribed ; and in a few da) s the Central Railroad will pass into the bands of a private company, and ttiey will find it the best investment of capital in the Union. So well were we convinced of this Jact, that from first to last?from the moment the charter was passed to the present moment?our faith that the road would be taken has never for one moment waveied, though many honestly doubted. Krom Monroe, we understand that the Southern road will also be taken. Arraugt-iuonu will immediately be mad* to hare (he stock taken, t.nd principally too, by citizens of our own Mate. Its sale will further deciuaxe the State indebtedness half a million of dollars. Tn* stock will vield a heavy per cent, and the investment is one of the Ibest that couid be made Our neigubers of Monioe will find a new impetus given to the business of their beautiful city by the completion of tue teal; and the State and the people, in the lessening of State indebtedness, and the completion of both loads, will reap a decided advantage Old Stuck ICicliangv, ! $1000 Y State 7s, '*9 102^ 200 aha Harlem RR slO 53 i Mt?U Ohio 6s, 60 Vi\ <ju <le 53 , >000 ftuu 5? ftb\ 100 do bll 53 I 100.0 dt> 130 2i0 do 'Sl\ i if00 Hradiug Bda bio H bo do b30 M 10 kh? JUrl ? Hudson l->2 50KeadiUfRR 6tS 10 do 15 100 do 64* 70 Phruix Bank a>H 8*5 d<> 6ijkt jU Maimers'Tr 2i>* HX? do s30 6l>, I M) ?M A Tiuat M 9 50 Nor Si Wor bbO J# I 100 do 9* 2*5 do 24 do 31 SO do blO Ss* Mi Long Itl R K .CO i9\ S9 Si on It Fl b?0 41 ! Is-i do 2?* 14 do SyrfcUticaRR 109*4 I ItO do 3?S New Stork Kiehtnn. $1(00 Ohio Si,'CO Wed 91 SO ?h? Harlem R R b20 SH< I ceo do ill 9 x 10 do cash S3 24 i h? Canton Co b 15 31V SO do c*sh S2JJ 26 do si 3?H 40 dd t.30 S3 SO Heading R R *30 64>4 SO do >3 'jt\ 24 do b30 61% SO do btw S3 '4 Nor Si Wor cash S8jJ SO do Wed S2?f SO do >3 SliK 300 do caih \2\ 2(0 do b20 S?Ji SO do b3 S 'l\ 24 do bit 18V 24 do L 111 R R Wed 29X Hi do ilO S8S Died. On Tuesday morning, the -10th inst., after a lingering illne**, Mri. AhkJUllitt, wilo of Benjamin Hallett, of V* ilmington. N. C., )g??d 60 yeara and 7 mouth*. The lriends and acquaintance! of the family, alio those of Mr. Lei'turd Brown, are Invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence. No. a-J3 Tenth atreet, near tha Secon avenue, on Thuisdav, at 3 o'clock, P. M., Kith out further invitation Iler remains will be taken to Greenwood 1 eaietery for interment On Tuesday, the 20th init , CiTNiiiot Fiilit daughter of John and Mary Farley, aged 13 montha and 39 days. The friends and acquaintances of tha family aro respectfully inritod to at end her funeral this day (Wednesday), at3 o'clock in the afternoon, from the residence ol her lather, No 96 cherry street ?* uii me i*#iu him., hi ueuvror, nvury , iniuuiv, ?noi a abort but severe illneia, Roki.kit T. Wrcaorr, lata of thii city, in the 46th jenr oi hit age. In Smi'htid'l, on the 'iii'h in?t, lUrztntH relict of the into Jul. Harris, in 'he fiUlh ) ear of her nge In Killingworth, Ct, on the 00th itist., Mm. Rhoda, wife of Alexander Phelpi, a revolutionary pensioner, ago.l 60. In Beverly, on the 30th inst., Oatn Woodbuit, aged So )??ri. A ho BiinjiMin Patterson, formerly of Salem, aged 70 yeart. In Cambiidgeihire. Mai*., MUa Reiicca Haitino*. aged *, the last suivivlog grandchild of the celebrated | John Cotton, formerly minuter of the drat church is j Newton. 1 O. OF O F. THE membera of Knickerhnrker Lodge, No. 32,1. O O. F, lire requested to be present on Thursday r?euat nest, I (0:t. I.) at TXo'cloek, at their Lodge K-vim, at No 71 Divi ion street, ?i businesi of importan-e will be transacted. ! ,30 tt'ih O. P. QL'INTAIU). N. O. A CARD. THE money article ol the ?l?w York Herald ot fhia mnrn in*, in Ki?in< whit pnrporta to be the Tiewa of the H?rle'B Railroad Company," atatea "that the Hudson R.rer Rail Company have abandoned the River route." Aa regarda ai.T action of the Board of Commiaaionera, or of the underaignea, thia aaarrtion la entirely nnfoundrd JOHN B.JERVI8, HAUL ALLEY. MATTHEW MORGAN, JAMEH BOOKMAN, WM. CHAMBERLAIN. New York.Jtept,?, 1IM?. a>ilt?-h SPLEN D11> porcelain* V'aaea and Mautr liuerr (Irinmenta, for a*le by B. MABlLKf I a30 2w"ra J(t Broadway. g~h. clakkk, MERCHANT TAILOR, lis William itreet, orpotite the Waaliington Stnrea, hat recei . ed l?,a fnll assortment nl | t^loiha, Caaaimerea and Veatinga, all of which will be m-?de up to order at an average profit of (an per cent on th* roar ? Buy inn all my goods for caah. I am eaablcd to furniali a Mi ? ;? $*. tudoiher gaimenra in proportion. 1 keep, in addition t> mv regular boaii.eas, a foil assortment of veiy j if* Coats, varying in price from to 911; aaun and white Venta, he. ke. tho>? who are not at present my rairomara. f wonld P*, '.M t (or tut* and kill, that I wa* ror a long I with the faahionable iwuai of "B'nnd"ge, ' Broadway. ,M It-rh Jr jWANTED A ilXii ATION rMpMtkhl* r'-un* WoAtB. to do CI. chamb'r wr<rkfH Willi** or rmefal none work ? Ball family. AMrMU Charlton street, up stain. a30 Ifrrc J" WANTED, BY a respectableyaui Oirl, a situation to do th? co >hmg, washing aud aqaing of a small private family, or chamber wo k and waking. The beat city reference given Please call at No.ll Marion at., in the basameut. sUtfru f WANTED, BY a r??pec table foani Woman, a situation in a private family to do Ba general h^use work, or as chambermaid. She is an excrlMatcook, a fiiat rale washer and ironer. The best city referenW can be given. Knqnire at Mo. 5 t herry street. up sairy.A' s30 If rh WAN TED, A 81 TUATION, by a young Worn >n, as chambermaid or norae iu a ifapMtable family. She is from the .North of IrelaLd, aud cau'prodace, from this eity, the highest recommeudations for OMracter and qualificationa in either capac ty She is a protestaftt. and haa no ohj-ction to travel, or go south with a fiiuily Kuquire lor "Sarah," 21 Oak street, front room on the Biyt floor. ? o If rc A* WAITED, SITUATION aa Coachman. iu a private Unity, either in town or eoehtry, (the latter pre'erred.) by an Lnglitliomu, long a rrsidaut in America. The advertiser cau produce the beat treoaimendaiious from his late employers, who ire of high respectability Address U. A., Heiald u( s29 If th WANTED, YOUNO MEJl of good address ami education, to qualify aa Teacheta o< Goldsmith's Sy.tem of Penmanship.? 1 erma and prospactt mtde known b> calling on the author at_*89 Broadway.s? 3f re WAN I ED, BY a respectable youug Woman, a situation aa Chambermaid and Has no ohieetion to do iteueral house work in a amall pri??to family; it a good waaher and ironer. Ueatcitv reference ,u be gi?eu. Please to apply at 121 Mutt jreet^reir baildm*, third lloor. ?2f2t*rc wantelT ~ A SITUATION, by young woman of induatrioua habits, u Chambermaid or Boamatrcaa. or woald be wil in( to take care of childreu ia a amall private family. I'leue apply at No. Ifil (jreeu at. aM 3t#rc ANOTHER GhKTlFlCATE OK a cure performr4 by Dr. UPHAM'S PILE KLtCTUAH Y, aadreaaed to the Agent* in Hue heater ;? ? Rocheaier, Sept. 14, 1146. \leaara. Poat k WilHo? Genta: It ia with no ordinary feelings ?f pleaauie that I > anab ed to inform you ofihe cure I have eaperienced by MMU'* of l)r. Uplum'a Vegetable Pile Klcctua'y, which I obtained from you in caae of 1'ilea, with which I hare ueeu afflicted My anfferinga have been almost bejoud eu'larance. and cannot be k?own, or imagined ouly by tliu e who have oxporieuced like atllicnona. Ilav ng been ao loag and aorely alllicird, 1 am induced to addrcat you, that thr?uh you 1 may make kuowu to aiy friendiand neigh->ora the truly wundurful virtuea ol Dr. Upham'a Electaarv, wli^ah I at,all hereafter keep on liand, as I fi' d it beneficial in other respects, removing obatinate coativeness, morb d accwnolationa in the stomach and oowelt, and to puril'r the blood?thua remoumg the of Pilea, when a aperdy cut* matt follow. It ii needlraa to add, th?t, previous to obtaiuing the Electuary of you, I li id eoaaaltea many of our be>t physicians to but little or no benefit Should you know a caae of malignant Pilea, pleaie refer thaa| to me at my residence in the town of Gdtea, where I shall be floated to gire them much more par ticuiar imurmiuon maa 1 am awe to in mis cr uimunicaiion. JOsHUA BEAMAN. !T7" Hold wholesale Had retail by the proprietor. 196 Bowery; wY ATT k KETCHAM, 121 Fulton street, New YorkPrice $1. ?20 Im'rh OF VITAL IMi'OlltfANGE lO THE 1JL1ND! AN ASTONI8H1NO CUKE OF BLINDNESS. DR. BROWN, Oculist, 131 Spring street, lorraerly 163 Canal sfeet. submits the following testimony (in which is involved ihe skill ol tM most eminent oculists sndphysiciaus) iu evidence of tt* success of his system of treatment fur Opthalmia, to which eases of 10 to 40 years duration have yielded. To Dr. Brown, Oealist? Dear Sir : A sense of gratitude for your professional exertions, and the invaluable benefits yoa hare afforded me in the restoration of my sight, from the itwl'al prospects of ooasidered irremediable blindness consequent upon measles, demand from me the most sincere gratitude and unfeigned acknowledgment. This is to certify that aloat ten years ego, i was attacked with severe intlisastion ia my eyes from measles, which put u>e into blindness tor three months." 1 partially recovered my sight for about three months. 1 was again attacked end went into blindness^ winch coutiuued over thr-e years; during)this time I was bliud, re quiring to be leal about, (kc. I then again began to discover some impiovement, but occasional attacks threw me again in blindness. 1 beceme discouraged and considered my case hopeless, and resigned the idea of ever age in recovering my sight. During these years of severe affliction and probation, I had availed myself of the skilful treatment of the most eminent oculists anil physicians, likewise attended the Infiimary, but derived no permanent benefit, my case becoming more aggravated under the various treatments. I then placed myself on 10th January ^ 18)5, under Dr. Brown, Oculist, 76 Chambers street, (being prevailed on fcy a lady who accosted me in Urand street, requesting me t?consult Dr. Bri.wn, as she was certain he could cure me, knowing what he had done ia cases declared incurable aud abandoned by the most eminent oealists) who said he could care me aud restore my sight; also my health was much impaired from the previous treatments. I am ' appy to say my sight is restored. 1 caa see to read fine pi int. and sew fine sewing, and attend to doines-ic duties. The above is a plain statement pf my case, and expressed with sincerity. It is with the utmost satisfaction I add my ttscimony to the numerous evidences yoa already hive, and if the afflicted can be tteaeAtted ny my statement, I cheerfully recommend those similarly affected my cuc, was beyoad my matt sanguine hopes, ud U very mild, causing not severe p tin nor inconvenience. BRIDGKT BuOWN,34Thompaaaatreet. New York, 20th June, 1141. Sworn to brlora ma thii 10th day of July. 1*46. A. H. MlcKLE Mayor. On application by mail, post p id. parsons residing at a diatancacaa receive advice and medicine b? describing thair cases as follows Age. employment, constitution, previoua health and habit, appetite ana digettion, state of bowola, disease a d cause, present symptoms and state of vis ton. Terms moderate. N B.?Some astonishing caiea will be annonneed eterf week Spacer ifi a ea in the San and Tribune ol yesterday aud True Sun of this day, aud Sun of Saturday next. (These i were aband ned cases and blind.) Patients at a distance will pleMe tarnish their certificates of care. All communications must be post paid. s30 lt*rh RHEUMATISM. P AINS, "nd stiffness of the joints, swelling of ihe muscnlar substances near them, and other s> m. .torus, too well k.tooii to need description, may be effectnally removed by the u e ol CHAS H. KING'* t omponud Sviapof Hydriod t- of Potassa, Sarajpar lla and Yeilow Dock. The tffi. acr ol these ingredients is indisputable, and by their judicious admituie a remedy is formed, tliat, lor ihe above, amed complaints we may almost term an infallible cure. Of the great numbers who have oue has doue so without receiving decided benefit, which fact, tofrtht r with its rapidly increasing consumption, ma be considered the beat criterion of excellence that a remedy c?n psse s This avrop ia alto the best preparation which can be employ ed to remove complaints anting from the misuse of mercury, aud thai el as of disagreeable diseases of the skin indic .ting an impure state of the blood Prepared only bytCHAS. H. KlNG, 193 Broadway, corner of tnhn st.. .New York. s30 Im'rli l rt.UTii ia a 1 RAN'GfcK THAN FlCilOiN. IT is a recoguited priuciple in science, in mechanics aud in politic.I economy, that " in union there is strength;" and bierr are few mora ap'. illuatratians^f the m,xim th .n Pease's Hoarhound Candy. In that preparation are united, by a peculiar proceaa, twruty-fiv* ingredients, each uf which, sepa r tely. in am ?ng the most popular aud efficacious of tie simple substances usually pretenbt d for diseases of the lungs and thioat. In thia nuioit there is strength?atrangth to conquer and to save. Huudreus who h*ve beau curad of colds and coughs a test ita virtues, and the IViess Pease have reason rejoice hit iliey li ve beeu humble instrnments in the hai.d* ?f ?i overruling Prov ideuce in confeiriug so great a bemfi on mankind I he iloobts of the most incredulous must aive way, w? think, bef.t.e the testimony nf the cloud of wit'e* rs /> ho htve certified to the re-torative effects ol this 11 xcel'eut i reparation Sold at 41 Division street. 10 Valor House; 139 H i tou street, Mroiklyn, L 1.; 3 Ledge. Duildiuui, Ifniadtip i', ra, 8 sta e inert. Button. a?s,37 utr stiert, ^Ib'iiy, N. V ?30 li'n - SPANISH t,X 11UO1 IS now admitted to l?e the best remeoy o-ed for prir* e (lit(jH(-Phy?ici My it i? the ouly medicine that will efle-taaily cure the c innlaiut ai.d drive out every par tele ol' poison from h? at stem. and leave it pcriectly pure and healthy. I> doe* not interfere witli business or diet, nor doe > it contiin a particle of mercury Sold at 3 Huosevelt street. priif$l. Aphjsicinn ia in attendance to give advice at II hoars of the . a> anil evening. sill I w *rh TO FROP?lETOKS OF EATING HOUshS. FOR 8ALK, a Steim Boiler for Cooking, with four lirge Kettles, Lc-<d Pipe, Taps, Couplings and Furnace, all complete; as ?ood as t ew. Can be boagnt cheap lor caali, at l*. HOMER'S, No. 110 Kulton at., or No. 8 Ann it. s>?2Wrh TESTIMONIAL. ILK CHEV'R DON ANOEL CALDKRON DE LA BARCA, Miniiter Plenipotentiary from the Court of Oonua Isabel II Queen of Bi>ain to the United States at Washington, do itate, that 1 h-v known Dr. A. CASTLE, a gentleman standing pre eminent in hit profession of medical and su (ical Ueutist?that tho?? requiting his professional hi may place the fullest confidence in his skill and integrity. signed. A CALDERON Dfc LA BARCA. i r. A. C. C A STL E, Ml Broadway, inserts Artificial Teeth, and p rforms every oi>eratioo pertaining to the restoration of the mouth, gums and teeth I'fllm'rh CAUTION. TO HOTEL AND STORE-KEEPERS, against a peison from Philadelphia, trying to j>?lm upon thein a spurious article of Wine Bitters and W ild Cherry Brandy, ?aid to be manufactured by me. This is to inform the public that I have no travelling agent under the name of Tobias, ex. cepting my (on, Joseph F. Tobiaa. miii nvitiM Tonus ?29 lm*r No. 6)1 North Third ?t.. Philadelphia KOOMS WITH PARTIAL BOAKD. TO LET? In 14th atreet, near Union 8qnare, apartmeaU for three <ir foar ungle gentlemen, wuh breaklaat and I**, and dinueron Htnidaya. if deaired. Two of the roomi Naanjnla with folding door*, and to a party acquainted with each other, a tery deiirable opp<irtnnity of miking a roinf.niable arrangement for the winter presented The mum *re liiihted with gaa, nnd h ated by the hot air furnice. The I'tiyilege of hot and cold ?ath? etn he h?d. For particulara, ke., apply to Meatri. J. at J. W WEEKS, >21 ltia*ih 14 Veaey inert. IK VlK. HC..NUV MASON, the aon ol the late Mr. 1 hoa Maaon, long reaideat in Halifax, NoTaSeotia, will addreaa a liae to K.dward Hardy, Lock port. State of New York, he may hear of aomething to hia advantage. X7" Halifai papera pleaae notice a212wia*re iMVEltsITY OK iNEW YORK. Surgical and Medical CUnique. THE Poor of the ettv are informed that they will raceir* adrice and medicine, free of charge, by applying at the Unieeraity Medical College, 659 B-oadway, on erery Hatniday throughout the year, from 9 to It o clock. The Clinique a under llie charge of Doctor valc^titik Mutt, and he <i*ea die lervicea to the poor, who maybe laboring nnder Surgical or Medical diseases. An opportunity is nun nnorued lo all who c .nnot pay lor prplesaioaal atsud-Jnce, to trail themselves oi this charity. UNlVKIlsITY LYINO IN CHARITY.?All woman, whose eircumataneee wi'l sot enable them to remunerate t phyaicikn for services during thfir eouftnemeat, are informed that they will be attended, free <>f charge, at their own houaes. This charity under the charge of Docto* O. 8. RrnroaD : and by leaving their names and address at hu residence, IM Tenth street, all iudigent females will receire prompt attendant a. ?>9 3tawislw* rh HARDWARE, HAIR SEATING, WATCHES, fcc. THR Subscriber offers to the trade and wholaaal* dealers, on favorable terms. I,no# gross low priced table Kmres and forks. 200 do Ane round stag do do at tlO per frosa M)0 pair do do gnard Carters, at JTK cents. A complete assortment of best C H Kilea, Chissels, fcc. 100 pieces superior Hair Cloth, al 1 sues, at the reduced prices. English Lever Wa'ches, at t!3. Mov?mentsat $? 0, itc. AUo, Trace Chains, Knob L^ks, Haws, Hr*ce< and Bits, ted Screws, Vices, violin H', Tea Trays, I'ercassioa Caps,fee Slc JOHN A. NEWbOULD, att liuMWIipth i5 lohn it, ui' ?taira. iilORN GitA.>lKA<rNk AVHE8H INVOlCfc of thia delightful Champaraa ilia store, to which the attention ol merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of thia Wine is now superior to thar?o< U) ta this (Gentry, and atao -ughcr

priM thaa that of thaheat b.-" 'a. c.uvtw.wr ?kco, MfU li'l ra '? Wall aueat. _ APcrrtw aowoii. BH Oto B ROLLINS. Aaeuoatcr T*LEOANT HOUSEHOLD KL'KNiTl'KE. ob ThonJLJ day, October lu o'clock, at IM?. 311 Broadway, a la ge assortment nf Klegdiit Household Kurnitare?coosisstiuk in part of Bra-aels carpets, parlor furniture, rtl tuitt ; one set of rouwood, mod* by Moat, consisting ol three couches covered with crnusou diinaak, ail chaira to match, two arm chairs do: two high backed do; also act made by suite. fit:?sofa aud two pillows covered with drabcnlor medallion ceutree, ten chaira to match, two arin chairs do, 1 tabarets do, 1 chsufteuss do; 1 p.ancforte made by Clnckrring. I do by Kirth k Hall; J Basic stools: rosewood quartette tables; 3 elegant gilt aud marble canaelabras, II lights; superb mantel glasses with rich carved frame*, largr sixer) plates; pier glasses, laige sue: satin aud white damask certains; Egyptian marble ceutie table, vary superior extension dining table,ui?de by Ellean.wuh a rich marble top side table to coutain the leaves; legant French clocks, made by Kauigo esteemed the best maker in Paris; bronxed and gilt candelabra* to maich; candlesticks dn; set of Rogers' best ivory balance handle knives and (oiks; rich cut glass ware; 3 rich and brut plated writers, cos' SttO. 12 mahogany chairi, * elegant maho<;my chaffeuss;elegant sideboard. glass doors, made bj Elleau; hull laut rus; stair rods, bed and bedding; elegant cea and coffee set, chins, dinner set of while china, pamtiugs, bureaus, lire seta, oil cloth, mattiug, druggctts, window sb<des, relrigeritor, 4tc Sale to commence with the kitchen furnitureCatalogues oil Wediiesdiy. s30 <t*rh AU< TIO.N 1NU1K.IC FURNITURK, kc.?1 his day, st 10 o'clock at No. ? 4th Avenue, above 2tfrh at . the furniture ol a family leaving the city. coLsisliLg cfd esung bureaus, sofas; inatiogiiiy and maple cliura; riKkeis; tea aiid Kg)piian marble top centre tables; work and loi'et du; washstaiidt and fu>uiture; brustrls caipet; bedstead*. beds and mitlresses; pilliasters aud beddiii|f; hall lamps,looking glass and inau el ornaments; sh'det; China rei setts; crockery, ice Kitchen furniture, stoves, he. aju u-in jpiu. Aae f. DAVID SCOTT. Auctioneer House fur\iiurk s \Lk in jkrrky city ? Th s Day. Wedneidiy, S*pt 30, at 10 u clock, it the large two *tery column houie. in G.ove street, near New trk avdnue, a few minutes walk from Jersey Citv Ferry, a uriieral MM tinrut of iicuteel ninltlW|l via:?KitChM, WliMIMt, two parlor* and four bed room* he*t carpeta; oil cloths, *ofss; chairs; table*; ceutre and pier tiblei; bianofo te and tool; mantel lamps aud (iraudolet, and all otner uteful article!. WtPMWM. *30 It*ih JACOB BKA STEl), Auctioneer. ^ ALK of lioiewood and Mahogany H ANOF0RTE8?On O Friday, Oct. 1. at II o'clock, preci> the large room* i9 Beekman ft.. (postponed Irom Wedne?d<> lut,)9 valuable pianoforte*, by celebrated maker*, with all the modem ini?r. nme?!>. Dcsleri and private families are lurited to c*ll and eiamine the.e iiiatiuineuta, the whole ol which inu*t be aold. time of limit* Invinir expired sSOSf ih II. DUCLUZEAU. Auctioneer. LAROE SaLE of Italian Maible and Alabatter Statuary, Orn imeiit?, Lamps, (locks, Silver Warr, kc , brine the entire importation ol SlgnO' O. B, Paudolfini, from Italy.? Tuttle <k Uucluietu will >ell, on VVeduesday and Thursday Evenings, at 7 o'clock at the spacious Hall in the Coliseum, 4U Broadway, the entire collection of Paudolllni, jmt received by the *hip Montieo and bark Constance, Irom Leghorn, comprising seveuty cs-e* ol the moit beautiful Statuary, Agate, Bardijflio and Sienna Marb'e Va*es. Uru?, Tsxxas, Ike., ever before introduced in this city, many of which were executed by the li st artists of Florence. Also, Clocks, Lauip*, Uirandoles, fine China Vases, Paintings, Japanuerv. kc. Catalogue* will be ready, and the collection arranged early OB Wednesday morning, and the public, ladie* especially, are invited to call and examine the aame *30 2t*rh JACOB 8. pLaTT, Auctioneer. SHOE FINDERY -Jacob 8. Piatt will sell. Tbis Day, at 11 o'clock, at No. 11 Piatt *t.. for account of whom it m?y concern, 14 c.tses assorted ' hoe Finding*, co. .pruiug almost every article in the line, vix: Bridle*; straight ai.d crooked laat tiook?;*hank and shoulder iiona.Freneh wheel* and key*; ati'ch wheel* and key*, welt trimmer*; file*; rasps; awls and hafu; brushes; Ame*'knivea; do skivers; punches; pincers; hammers:sticks; heel ball; shoe thread; boot cord; cntten laces: boot webb;luting; 12 0 lb*. Nail*, cot tack*, kc. The aame having been (lightly damaged in the conrie of traniportation. Tenn* cash. *30 lt*rc K W. LUDl,0 W, Auctioneer nAil U3U MCi IlV/UOEillUUW ru Uil I I U II Ti A A AUV/? TlON.?**n Wednead*r, Srpt 30, lit 10 o'clock, at 234 Ninth atreet, firat d.ior we?t of Unirertity Place. The Kurnitare w?? >11 new latt fall?conaiatmg in part of Bruanela and ingrain carpru;rich mahogany aofaa; dining, breakfaat and tea tablet: gilt girandolea; cut glaas dropi; attral lampa; window thadet; mantel ornjmenta; fire aeta ; mahogany hat atuid: h 'II lamp; door ruga; atair carpet: brasa flat rod?; rich mahogany French bedateadi; bnreana; dreaaiug tablta; marble top waahaMuda; imitation roaewood <*>ttage chain; mahog to v chain, ottomana, card and quart Jtte tablea, hair mattreaaet; beds; bedding, lie. Alao?China dinner, deaiert and tea aets; rich cot glaaa, he. Alao?1 auperior tone roaewood pianoforte. A1 <o ?A good aaaortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the aale * ill commence E. W. LUDLOW It CO., IT Wall at., a29 2tia*rh (Anctioneera. PUBLIC AUCTION. WILL be auld at public auction on Thursday ISOntit, Oct I, 1846, at 3 o'clock, P. M., at the Ant LLQ -ricaii Eagle Sale Stable, corner Chriaty and DeIaiicy ?u.fti, a pair of yonng cream colored Marei. New York, Sept. 36. 11(6. all 4t*r FOR SALE, ^1 _ A BEAHTIKUL BAY MAKE, aeven yeari old, ~Liu^*>ouud and gentle nnder the aaddle and in harneaa, property of a gentleman leariag for Eorope. She i a >tyli?n and apirited animal, and would be well adapted for a lady or young gentleman. To be aeen at Diabrow'a Hiding School, 408 Bowery, and for information apply .at 44 Beater aireet. up ataira. ?2> it're KNOX, rB 128 FTJLTON STREET, (Sun Bnilding,) f? J^?Deemingit unneceaaary to enter iat* particuTara re-J^ pcting hia Fail Faaiuona for 1846, would aimply atate that hia new atyle will eicel in beauty, Iightneaa, taate and color, anything every offered to the Hatwearini pnblic of the city f New York. Hia pricea are aa low aa hia hata are fine. . 25 Iwia'rrc LETTbR BAGS - FOR THE STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA /^?lfli f "m Boat' n for Liverpool, will close at the TeWereph Nfwi Room, corner ol ^SnXjUMfb Bravi r and Hanover streets, at 4J? P M., to-day ?3U It'rh FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS. r r a, THK superior a? steamer MUTUAL SAFETY, J. Peunoyer, muter will leave Tor the at ore ports on Saturday ueit, the 3d of October, lit 4 o'clock P.M. The Muiuil S.lety i? a live oak built vessel, and has been tested as a tea boat. Her accommodations fo passengers are or aaperior order, and offers (rent inducements to those oing Sooth She now lies at the Novelty Works, but will be afoocside the wharf at the foot ofClinton atreet on Thuraday tnorniag from which place she will depart as above, For passage, spiny fo the captain, or to J.tN. BRIG08, 40 South st. Where a plan of her cabin bau be aaen, and state rooms and berths secured. ?2> gf rh KkR NEW O K LEANS?Loaiaiana and New York Line?Positively firstand only fUfalar PackSUmmm'i ofSatuiday, October 3?The new and reguWr fast siilinu Packet nhip CHARLEMAGNE, Failes master, is now loading. anil will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South at. Po?itively nn freight received onboard after Vriday evening, 2d October. Ageut tu .New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly lorward all goods to his address. Packet Shii> JANE E. WILLI AJV1S. Parker, master, will snceeed the Charlemacne. s30rh rtftjr- PACKET FOR MARSEILLE8. ? The new Packet Ship PRINCE DE JOI.NVILLK, Captain juHilbWm W, touching at Gibraltar to land l?u?e iters only, will sail on her regular day, 1st proximo. For fruitht or pioage, appl> to ',H A V1BEHHI k PHPLP8, 103 Front at., or BOYD II HINCKE'N,9 Tontine Buildings. sN rrr AAvjr *OR NF.W ORLEANS.?To aai1 in a lew days a#T?^?The fine f??t sailing coppered -hip CUftTIS, Jgmlitmt apt. . will p sitively be despatched ai above. * r pistage, haviug ??, ior accommodations apply to s2S rh JOHN HERD - AN.61 So.thut NEW FRENCH GOODS. JAMES BECK & CO., BEG leave to call the attention of the Ladies to the richest asaortment of PARISIAN GOODS that has ever been offered to them in this ciT; aiid as a very large quantity of goods hare been pnrchased by them at the last peremptory auction rales at unusually low prices, buyers will find richer and cheaper goods than have ever been seen siiicrthe sacrifices made at Kuction in 1|3S Cases Paris embroidered Cashmere d'Econe; ' " pr nted co. do: " " embroidered Mousseline de Laine; " " printed do do; " " do. plaid Caahmerr d'Econe; " " plain S-4 Mousseline <! Laine; " " " i-4 Cashmere d'lG 'One; Plain Cashmere d'Econe, white 1 " " blue ) * " Mull If,.rnnv. ..Ml...... '' " scarlet I " " dihlia J French Oinghanit, plain and twilled 3-4 and 5-4 wide; 1 case Wliiia-aaow Mouaseline de Laine. SILKS. Silki Pyramid* u Volant* Silk* Daman Blanc Madeira " Cieacmdo riui Smin " Zephtrinr Dtimatte " Marucanie deui ( hainea " Aimura Uiiiue* " Corna** Lace paaacmen- " Goirlauilri de floors terie " Fl-ura uet Heiiieridai Caiaayau am!BrQ<|erie " Kent da Bengal " Horiaontalet Strlpea " Pekin Nam: " Rainbow Flouucea and " Pekin Fluvial Floweia " Brocade Or and Argent " Perspective a Ku'an " Robes embroiderod " Oeniflle Applique* " Kobe* corsage fcjopa 1 Africmne toot colt Souta he embroidery " Cad ri lie and Olice " Rich Qrouade anneaux " Pekin Camayeux * Alack watered, oua yard " Royal moire Pekia wide " Pekin ,Chi*oia " 40 inehea Taffetas, high | " Hatiu a Peraounagas laatre " Poiutille rattle auake " M do. Mourning Silka. SHAWLS. Very rich embroidered Canton Crape Shawls and Scarf*; White aad black camel'a hair Long shawls; Rich Caahmere and Broche do; Tnrkeri designs Caalim*r* Shawla; Mrgador " * Egyptian " " ALEXANDER'S PARIS MADE GLOVES. Of the moat recherehi colon; lor fall, to match the Silk* imported. BOUTON'M BREVETE8. MANTEAV*. VIS1TE8, BURNONS, Beautiful embroidired changeable Levantio* Viaitai; Poolt de Soi* Mint**; Fenx du Ciel Mantillas; " Robea dioer; " " Robea, coraage and lup* emb'd. LACES AND EMBROIDERIES. Very extensive assortment of Regency, Vaienciene*, Brnacla and bugliah thread Lacea: * u;?k kl.A ..J TL...J t r. I D..IL. Imitation do. do. do; Black uH white Thread Lac* Veila and Scarfs; Rich emb'd Capes, Chemiiettes and Ouimpa d>. Collars, Sleeves and Cnfft; Infanti' cmb'd Waists aid Robes, every variety; Kinh'J Linen Cambric Hdkfs. a I pncri; Hem ititched Re?ier? and Col'd Bordered do. WEDDlNti AND SOIRKE DHfcSSKS. Embroidered Motlln Dresses; l)o. Tallea do; Do. Bilk do; Do. Satin dot Aerian Snow Oriaads do; Thread Lace Jo; imitation Brnaieli do; Pointde Brussels do; Imitation Point d'Afideterre; Thread Lace Flounces, every width; Do. do. Scarfs and Veifa. HOKKH DK ( HAMBRK. j l :<>nstantinopU, I With a smoking Cap , 1'unis, With smoking Cap ) Smyrna, ( White, pink, celeste embroidered Cashmere Manteam, far children in the arms Riehlr embroidered Velvat and S Ik Nttt Ban, Parsesaad Qurteusea. The above, with a large stock of oth.i, (onds, it worthy the attention of atrangera ?iaitiu< 1bi, c? ? |h wl? fiag..oda not to be found else where in i nhi iiiiii i in ~ ii niw ? i smwrnrt-rn. I Third nioht ok >iiuj mo watt and mm. LEONARD. SIAHK TH EATH E-W * d n e?d? > i. Ey ea In ?.Hem. *-wjll be performed, the Comedy of MLCH ADO ABOL 1 Ol HI NO?Benedick, Mr. Daveapoit; Beatrice, Mr* Mowatt. Afer which, THE HAPPY MAN?P?ddy Murphy, Mr L fluid To couclude with the laree oftb? IRISH TUTOR?Teddy O'Rourke, Mr Leouard. Door* omu u 7 o'clock, and the perform.wce* will commence at nalf-patl 7 o'clock P ?o f1 ; Pit .OeeiK*; liallery_2A cruu. i BOWEHV THEATRK.? k> < inetday h.veuinfc, ht|K. JO. Third night of Mr* Shaw?The iieiformance will commence LOWS SACIUlh E ? Margaret Kllmore, Mr* Shaw; Matthew Ellmoie, Mr N'eafie. 'I o coucludr with the interesting diaint of THE CARPENTER OK HOUIEN?Marteau, Mr c hanfraa, Antome, Mr C.laike. (D"" To-morrow, Mr*. SHAW'S Fourth Night Ooor* open at T o'clock, curiam will riM at full past 7 ? Or*** Circle, 5# erati; Upper Boiei, ii ceet?; Pit and Gallery, li% ecu f*. m/f ITCH ELL '* OL VMPIC THfcATKE- Wedoeiday < ITJ. evening, Sept. 30, will be performed the new larce, emitled ONTHt TlLES?Mr Peter P.iriwiukle. Mr Holland. Alter which, the extravaganza of THE BEE AND THE ORANOr TRKE-King Block. Mr Clark After which, the faice entitled MY WIFE'S OUT?Mr , Scumble. Mr HolUnd. I To conclude with the new farce of THE IRISH TIOER 1 ?I* ddy It* an, Mr Nickiniou; Nancy Mia* Clarke. Dre>* circle 30 cents. upper boie* 21 cent*; pit oue (hilling; private bolt* % < l)o<ir* open ?t 7 o'c'ock: curtain rue* at half pint 7. C-?IRt.U*-tfUkVMtV AMPllll I1EATRM- Wedneaday /^evt u iuic, September 30, (lie performance* will comineuce wit? i avaltera of ( h?rlt? II; Keata of th? Oymuaaiain; H>racm><i?lnp; mic Sonii>, Ike. Second |>art will romm>-u<e with Still V*ultmv. or the gnat couleal in aomer-?tting, between Mttiri DaLE and McKAKLAND, in * hi It thr whole troupe v ill participate toye'lier W'tli ^variety of "ther ei.tertaininc t?. [t^Mr Lk.V I NORTH, the great American rider ia engated 10 perform hit gicji act ol horaemauthip, on Monday eretiing. Oct. i. Boiet 26 feiita, Tit I?.1-, crnta. TABURNAOLE. LEOPOLD I) E MEYER'S GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL, (Before hia departure 'mm New York,) Wil l Titt ri.AC'L 01 FRIDAY KVEMfSTG. OCTOBER 2, When lie will perfoim lor the firat time before trie New York public. UN GRAND ANDANTE HKLIGIOSO; UN KANTAHIA ou Heuiiramia; A NKW C AI'RICCIO.on a la<rorite American ait; and THE CARNIVAL OK VENICE, (by tequeal.) The IoIIowiiik eminent artim will appear ou that occation: ; MADAM IS PICO, MISS MATILDA KOHBIN?KV, MR JULE HECHT, And MR. OEOROE LODER, 1 With hia whole Orehe?lra, couaiating ol fnrtr-two artiata, j who will perform Lcoroi.p de Mitki'i " March Marocaiue," and the " M?-ch Tryamphala d'laly," (the latter hi*' ing been expreaaly arranged for ihe Orcheatra by the cele- ! brnted Berlioi, in Parii.) Kor particulara aee programme.. Ticketa One Dollar?to be had at the Muiic Storai and principal Hotela. Doora open at 7 o'clock?to commence at 8 o'clock, pre eiiely. (T7"" No poatponement on account of the WMther. .30 It STUYVhfANl UNS'lllUth, kkoaUWAI. TO-NIOHT, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 30. MR. LOVKR, LAuthor ol Handy Andy, Rory O'More, he. lie.) will give ii &rit _ inioti ?.1*uxu, T LLU8TRATIVE of the National Characteristics, Legends x Superstitions, Mirth aud Melody of his country, with amusing Anecdote*. Kecitatiom, Pathetic and Comie, aad his owru IKISH HONOS, some already honored with recognition in this country, and othera, aa yet, nmntroduced to the 1 American public. Admission, SI Tickets to be had at the Aitor House: also, I at Messrs. 8tnddart k Dunham's; ,Clnckeruig's; Dubois's; Firth h Pond's; aud Atwill's Music Stores, and at the doors each night. Doors open at 1% o'clock. Performance to com mence at t and conclude abont 10 o'clock. s28 lwis*r HOWES & OU'S W. Y. MAMMOTtl GiKUUS. j THIS uurivallrd corps of Equestrians will perform at Scliohtrie, on the 1st l)ct.',at Schenectady the 2d; at West . Troy the 3d; at LausiuKhurgh the 5th; at Troy the 6th and 7th; and at Albany on the 8th and 9th; aud will pass down the west side of the Hudson River, en route to New York. This is the Largest K.stablichment ever organized in the ( United States, comprising lit Men and Horses, requiring 2S Carriages to convey tke performers, wardrobes, musicians, I lie. Tue company has attached to it Eight female eques- | trians, ameng whom is the Ureateat Vernal* Rider of tua i Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MARIE MACAHTE, whose new style of Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, ; being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating addreas, j and the charming ntivete with which she chains her audience, render this gifted and highly-educated artiilt the lead- 1 ing feature of the arena in this country. The Proprietora reler the public to the brilliant description given in the respective uews'iapers of the extraordinary and daring feats performed b? this distinguished artiilt. Equestriaa Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr. NIaON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performer* i* the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose leata on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jove mle act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACAKTE. Wonderful Keats br Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Grouping*. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of Phcabns. Posturing and Gymnastics, by Mr. Nixon and hia sou. Mr. Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proten*." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Hope Evolutions. Mr. Oeo. Sweet, tha celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others. The whole comprising the leadiug, most talented, aad classic performers in the world. .29 HOWES It CO.'S New York Mammoth Circus WhLC-H ft MAIN'S MA.VlMUlHUiKUUa. immaine establishment, surpassed by do other in the . country for the gorgeousness ol IU eoilumri and trappings? for the number ot tnlented and accomplished eqeestri ini, and for the beautiful <tud of horses?have juat coneluded their Kutern tour, and are now ou theii way to this vicinity. They will open To-morrow (Toesday) Evening, at Jeney City, when one of the beat selections from their varied entertammenta will be given. On Wednesday and Thura ay ihey perform at Newark. Thia will be the only opportunity offered tint seasou, to thoae desirous of enjoying an intellectual trial, who reaide in the places alluded to. The success they have met with thus iar thia aeaaon, haa eicerded their moat tauguiue etpeitationa. sM r THiiKfc. KETTLE DKUM6. FOR BALE by J. K W Wolter, importer aDd dealer in Muaical Instruments and Italian Strings, 16 John atreet. Price one hundred dollars aah. aJ7 lwia're lO.NOH LOUIS MARTINI, Proleasor of aiugutg, will resume hit leaaona as usual, at hia Mnsic Room, M Leouard atreet, joiniug the Society Library Building. To the Amatkuhs op thk AcrcoKDioH he would recommend hia Album, jnat published, containing a delightful collection of the moat popular operatic melodic* and favorite pieces. This production waa much needed, to ahow that the beat musical compositions can be played oq that instrument, , whose capabilities have remained ao loug unknown. Signor L. M. accompanies hia pupil*. on the Piano and Unitar ati301ra*m COLMAN'S j KMPOR1UM OF'ART AND CLASSIC CAB1NJCT GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS, fXTHlCH includes Ins immense stocks of Boaks, Paintings, , vT l&ngravings, Kaucy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Material*, Masif, lie., are now to be lonnd upon the second floor, np one flight of easy, stairs, (having: leased the 8rst floor,) where every thing will be sold at as low price*, and uy n'Uch below the regular prices, beiug desirous of eloeint up .,* soon as possible hi* Book Department. ACnrap Lut will loon be pakiished for tho*e who will bay a juim'ities. furc> aseri are invited to call and wiae bis New Hooau, No "i" Broadway, second floor aliunde** <??re A~\,AlvU. | m a a 11 i t> v .1 it i c i> a v/> i m/i 1 K' XX O It i yj O 1/ /I il 4 If . Mil UvRRKTT, L'ROM KNOLAND Professor of Dancing, alsn T.nclier F of Music, (I'Ui'il of Monsieur K. Coulou, of Oreat Mil borough street, L,nnJ.,n, patronized by the ?uglish nobility, ami ex-.Vtailie iir L)anse to their Koyal Highnesses the Prince a (1 Princess of OraLge, and family of tin Highness the Duka of Smc *eitnar.) renpectfulL eunounces to the ladies and gentlemen ot New Voik and its vicinity, thit he ha> just arriv.d from fcngland, and jiurposei . pening a Juvenile D>n-iug Acodrmy. at his residence, on TUhSDA Y, the <th of October, and will have much pleasure in firing private lessons, at all hours. To those pupils who are deitfoek of obtaining an elegant proficiency in thia deligbrftll accomplishment, he trnsts, by his unremitting eiertions and attention to his pupils, to ensure that patronage which it will eyeT be his s'udy to endeavor to Tent Morning and E vening Classes will also ha hald for ladiaa and gentlemen. for the exclusive pra?tiua ol the following faahiouable new dances:? " TH? UKUOWA WALTZ,'' As introduced |rom the banks of the Neva into Pari! and London, IW the present season. 1846. The simplioity and chaining style of thia fascinating Waltx.lma secured for It, in Paris and London, the most complete saacest. THK NKW QUADKILLfc " MAXOtJKK V" As danced in London t,r Monsieur K Cuulon tint present season, when a few practical lessons will be absolutely necessary tu enable the pupil to dauce this very pretty set of Quadrlllfs Also, " La Valse a ring terns,"" La Cellanus," " La Valse a deux terns,u " La Polka." " Minuet de la Cour,'' " A < eo'te," " Quadrilles," fcc-. with every other fashionable style of dancing, taught at home or at the residence of the pupils. Mr. B. will also give private leuoni on the Pianoforte snd Violia on sep irate days. Morning and Evening Classes for Dancing, will be held ?( Brooklyn for young ladies and gentlemen, on Wednesday, October 7: also at New Jersey, on Kriday, October * Cards or terms to be had of Mr Barrett, M his residenca, 532 Hndson street, between Charles aud Aioos streets. New York. ?'iO lawJtw?rc P~R1VATK DANCTNO' AND WALTZINO AC A I>E MY, No. iA Mercer aueet, the aecond three story buildlog below Prince st. Mr. J. H. Heinng has the pleasure of .nfo/ming his friends and the public that ha will re-open his sch ol for the season on Saturday, Mctober 10, at his resi fence as above. Days of tuition Wednesdays and Saturdays, at half paat three o'clock, lor young ladies and masters. Tuesday and Kridsy evenings at I o'clock tor gentlemen. Classes will be formed for other dayi to meet the convanience of pupili. Ladies and gentlemsn wishing private lessons can commence immediately Mr. H will teach all the new and various stylos of daaeing snd waltung. including Polkas, Maxonrkaa, aad tha vracaful ItrOOWIf > mugm ujr .(IUIII. Vdmuui. Private aoireea for pnpila, Ihtir parenti or (oaraiioi, hi mail. A claaa eiduaively for waltzing will beheld on Ha-nrday eyeninga, commencing .November 7. ?2i 3iiiMWhH're ST(>RE WAN! 1.11 t WANTKU, a moderate aixed Store in Broadway aditable for the fancy Dry tiooda bu.ineia. Addreaa O. Ii Co., Herald Office, atating tent and number. t*rh TO LIST, tTHE lower part of a three atorv Buck Hotiae, pleaaantly aitnated in Kaat Broadway, eonaiating of two parlora on the ftrat floor, a fine baaement, aud two or ooma la the third atory, aa may beat an it the applicant. Rent reaaanabla to aa approved tenant, Irom now till May neit. Addreaa A. V., poet patd, Branch Poet Office. aM ttia'rc TO LET. JtaA PLKA8ANT and convenient apartmrnta to let, at FINo.n r.rat atreet. Kent low to a food tea nt. XaL aMifrh ROOMS, tKOR a lady and gentleman, or for two aingle gentlemen, can be had, with fall or partial bog'd, by applyinn at No. 30 Comm?rOe atreet, near ftaidt Lake h. ???f? TO LET, " M A SUIT OF HOO.MS, to on* o? two!c*mlemen, <" |.:iiU,.V^l,/:,'n^,. alMfi. 'lhN IKILLAKS KbWAHU. Ml OUT rm Sund-y, lJth Septeirber, from Itroariway, near < anal atreet, a amtll white Poodl* IX X1 Haa light brown eaca, and on* of hia fore lege ?li>-ht ad. Aetwera to the name of("PiiaM." Betn* o / K. Mtuwood, 14 Bear eg at. ai?**l? LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TELEGRAPHIC. Trtm.ndou, Klre in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Sept. 29. Kow of small brick dwellings on George street, west of Schuylkill Sixth, destroyed by lire this afternoon?22 in number?inhabitants poor?each containing live or six families?at leant 80 lamilie* unsheltered. Loss al>out 16,000dollars. Baltimore, Tuesday Evening. The Western mail has not arrived. There it nothing of consequence doing in Hour and grain, as our merchants are anxiously waiting the arrival of the steamer in your city. Holders of Hour and irrain are Arm. We have nothing from the South beyond Richmond. There is no local news worth forwarding you. * Buffalo, Tuesday Evening. In our Butfalo market little wai doing in produce to-day. The following sales were made i? 1000 bushels of Ohio wheat at 88 cen 9 ; Michigan Hour, fair, at $1 21 to $4 26 ; Ohio and Indium, mixed, at $4 15. Corn sells slowly at 66 cents, at which price very small lots are taken. Waat* em butter at 9 c?ents ; Western New York butter at IScenia. Freight 60 to 60 cents to Albany; 68 cents to New York. Freight on wheat to Albany 18 cents, to New York 20 cents; 3 cents lew on corn. Forty canal boats cleared from this place yesterday for the East. Tolls collected, $4,060 6B. BY THE MAILS. Washington, Sept. 28, 1840. 'Pu Bill of Expenaet. We have yet two montha intervening to the meeting of Congresa. From the outbreak of the war with Mexico, there has been a oontinuous urmn upun uio irvuutj ; tutu uio ,uin oui required of Congress on its re-aasembhng, will b? an act authorizing more treasury note*, or a Lean ot fifteen or twenty millions. The funds of the Treasury in the bonks are being rapidly absorbed, so that against the day the sub-treasury law in it* strong box features shall eo into operation, there will be scarcely'materials sufficient in their vaults of the public moneys, with which to raise the cry of panic; and yet, that money matters will tighten from the day that Mr. Walker begins to turn the loc^s upon the hard money,'and that the banks will be again reduced to the test of a rigid solvency, no man can question. This law, taken in connection with the abatement of receipts from the new tariff, (Rowing out of the reduction of duties, and the twelve months' grace of the warehousing bill, will save the Secretary and his agents for the first quarter, a great deal of anxiety, which a large amount of specie in their care, might otherwise inflict. The sub-treasury will tighten the screws upon the currency?the warehousing bill will relieve importations from the necessity of present payments?merchants will warehouqp their stock until the demand shall overstep the sudden prostration of prices, from the combined operation of all the measures of the new system. This may give an increased activity to the spring trade, and a paroxysm of receipts into the customs, but the interim will make the sub-treasurers more curious to know the use of their iron boxes, than apprehensive of the safety of the vast amount of precious metals on hand. "The treasury is now as pale as a ghost, from the excessive depletion it has suffered lrom the lancea of the Mexicans. Let ur briefly examine into the present and prospective state of the finan ces :? At the end of the fiscal year, ending 80th June, 1846, there remained l balance in the treaaury of 97,660,300 H The estimated receipt* of the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1840, ware : From the customs $14,600,000 From the public land* 3,200.000 Miscellaneous ISO,000? *30,*90,000 00 Total, including balance of preceding year. . .. 777. M4,47?,?0? 00 iirissiTvsn. Actual expenditure* 1st quarter, ending 30th September, 1846 M,408,803 41 Estimated expenditure* for the other three quarter*: Civil list $0,730,311 00 Army proper 2,604,736 #6 Fortification*, Ice 3,346 770 S3 Indian Department l,64nj#l 04 Pension*. 1,360,606 OS lntereit on public debt and treasury note* 956,976 48 Redeii ption. ef balance .of loan of 1841 39 3000O Treasury notes outstanding. 687,674 18 Naval establishment. . .... 4,603,846 63 Total ordinary estimated expenditure*.. $38,437,007 00 ; Total means, as estimated 34,478,300 33 l Which Vrill leave in the treasury on the 1st of July. 1846, a balance of. 14,847,344 33 , Allow that Mr. Walker has under estitimated the receipt* from the customs about 4,000,000 00 And the balance on hand on the first July laat,after de lucting ordinary expenses a* estimated, would ba $3,861,264 33 fiscal vksb 1046-47. CiiuoiBieu uru 111*1 y fwgvw.uw w War with Mexico 16,000,000 00 Liabilities growing out of the war with Mexico, exceeuing appropriations made 10,000,000 00 Public ilebt from loans redeemable up to IM3 14,600,000 00 Dabta ol the three ciiies of tha Diatrict, assumed by tae UmMd Hlates 1,000 000 00 Total, of expenditures, liabilities, and debts $71,*00,000 00 SBAna. Balance in Treasury 1st July, 1840, tak. & I iuc largest estimate, altar deduction I ordinal v expenses, say % 9,000,00* (M Kstimaiea rcctipts from *? the QUitotne 000,000 00 Public lands U.UOO.OOQtftt? 00 Total fW|oooooO~oo ESTIMATED DLflCIT. Amount of expenses and indebtedness,, $71,600,000 00 Amount of means on hand M,000,000 00 Estimated deficit $36,W0,0(K> 00 ; Deduct Treasury Notes., $10,000,000 00 ' And public debt not Incurred by war with Mexico 16,600,000 00? Or a total public debt of 96,000,000 00 And the deficit ia 000 00 Leaving a public d?*bt ?f 926,600,000 for future | redemption, and ten millions of liabilities requir lllg immeumio pajrniDin. urn iuo ?u jiiuuuub ui i Treasury notes will have to be redeemed, which, I added to the other principal items, will leave the I bill of expenses due in 1846-7, beyond the means I ol the Treasury twenty millionso( dollars; and a public debt remaining of #16,500,000. 'I his is assuming that the war with Mexioo will bo closed on or aboiit the meeting of the two ('ongresses ol the United? States and Mexico.? Unless the deficit of twenty millions is cancelled by drafts upon the gold mines and churches of Mexico, the spoils ot war, we see no prospect of closing this administration, otherwise than with a debt ol at least forty millions of dotlan, with the most favorable calculation, as follows:? Deficit tnd d?bt at ths clots of the carrant flscsl year |M,600,000 Pesos expenses of 1*474 SO,000,000 Total $60,600,000 Receipts of sll kinds 30,SOO,000 Debt transfsrabls to ths succession 140,000,000 Whatever may be the advantages of a public debt, therefore, we are in a fair way aoon to realize. The public debt of Great Britain, it has been urged, is the true source of her strength and stability, bating the direct taxes for the payment of the interest, whish hare ground her people i down to literal starvation. The debt we are incurring is but a drop in the bucket compared with the monster debt of England; but ouri is the nucleus of an excresence which, if not lopped off in season,wilt expand, and soon absorb the vitality of the federal system. If it should result, however, in the modification of the revenue tariff, to ? ?... l?~l .... ,l Ue ik.s .1 IIIO prUlCUUTO lumuaiu, wo uvuui iiui mjai iuv people of Pennsylvania and the North, will pronounce the war with Mexico a* the best thing of the age. Your* truly, 1,2,8. Washington, Sept. K, 1846. Dtath of Mr. Staunton. Dr. E P. Staunton, one of the assistant clerks of the House of Representatives, we are pained to learn, died recently in Brooke county, Virginia, near the Ohio river; and from wounds inflicted upon his neck fey his own hnnd, while in a state of delirium from n malignant fever. He was about thirty years of a#e, an amiable, steady upright, and intelligent man, a good clerk, and one of the very best men at reading and at calling the ayes and noes, ever employed bv the House He loaves a wife and three small children, deprived of /

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