Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1846 Page 1
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TH] Vol. XII, No. !lU.WhoU No. ?OT. tuiLKUAua, m?. LONG ISLAND KAILK.OAD. FALL JtRfLANGKMKNT, mim Uuauid after KllilJAY, Uctober 2, 1846, Train* will rau u follow*: Liati Uiooklt1!^! V o'? I, ck A. M. (Boctoo tr^in) for liraanport daily, (except Sunday*) stopping at Per in n* dale aid Si. George's Maaor. " " atlii A SI., daily,for Karmiugd*l* anil intermedial* place*. " at II o'clock, M., for Graanport. daily, (Suudiys excepted,) stopping at Jamiica, Branch, 1 Jlickarilla, and all ylacrt aaat of llickiville. " 14 at 4 P. M. for Yariniiigdile, daily. Leave ttitaaraar?at IV A. M, daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. ** " at IX P-M., (or on th* arrival of tka boat from Norwich,) DOatou train daily, (except Sunday*,) itapp ng at St. George'* Manor and Karraingdalr. Lint Fa>mi*opai e at A. M. daily, (except Snndayi.) accommodation train, and 1 r M. . Ltirt Jamaica? at I o'clock A. M, 2V P. M., and GXP- I M.t for Brooklyn. A freight train will iraye Brooklyn for Greanport, with a Saasaugara' car attachad, on Monday, Wedaeadav and Kriaya, at 8 V A. M. Ratnrning, leave Greenport at 1,X o'clock P. M, on Toeaday, Thuraday and Saturdaya, a topping at intermediate place*. 8UNDAY TRAIN. Leave Brooklyn at 9 o'clock A. M.. for Ureeuport. Retummy, leave Greenport at 2X P. M., for Brooklyn, atopping at all the atationa. Faac to?Bedford, 8 centa; F.ast New York, 12X: Race Course. 1SV; Trotting Coarse 18V; Jamaica 2\ Brushville, SIX; Hvderaak, (17 milt a) 37X; Clowiville, (during tne ?#*aion of Coon) I7X; Hampnead, 31%-. F ranch JlX; Carl* Place.44; W'eitbary, 44; Mickayille, 44; Farmingdale, C2.X; Dear Patk, W: Thompson, 88. Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Rnad Bation.Sl 11V; Modford Station.S 18*: Taphank,$1 37*; St Oenrxe'a Maaar, fl 6>X; Rivvtieod, SI 62X: Jameaport, SI CIS; Mattetack. SI *2H; Cntchogue, SI *2X; Houthold, S C?H; Greenport Accommodation Train, $1 75; Greenport by Sua ton train, S2 28. Stag** ar* ia raadinea* on the arriyal of Train* at the aava in oiiiini. vm uk* paaaeuge a 11 vary low urea, to ail part* Oi the Ulead B'gfa** ("ratal will ba in readme** at tha foot of Whitthall tredt t? receive baggage I. r tb* aararal traini, 30 minute* balore the hnar of itartiag from tha Brooklyn aid* Taa etvaiebeat "Stateamui" laavaa Greanport for Sag Harbor oa tka arrival of tba train from Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Sept M, lilt. *20 rre Gib** I K.A1- ANU IAAOUM aNU WLSTJSKi* KAIL KOADa, GEORGIA. ^pnTnLKoadaT with tnaWotaraTaiid Atlantic Hat I road A of the 8tata of Georgia, farm a coutiunona lino Prom Savannah to Oothcalnga, Georgia of 371 milea, via :? Savannah to .Vlacon... .Cautrnl Railroad 190 milea Macon to Atlanta,... ..Macon It Wet tern Railroad 101 " Atlanta to Oothealoct. Western It Atlantic " M " Gt-ode wil ha carIV*d from Savannah to Atlanta and Ooth caloga, at the following ratea, via : On Wiioiit Ooona. To Jit- To OotKSoger, Coffey Liqnor, Bagging. Rope, lanta. caloga. Batter, ',/haeia. Tobacco, Leather, Hide*. Cotton Yarn*, Cyg'per, Tin, Bar *?d Sheet Iron, HnDow Ware ar s'Cutiaga W SB $0 79 'i?nr, Rie*. Hacen in caaka or boxea, Fora, Bfef, Fiah, Lard. Tallow, Beenwaz. Mill Gearing, Fig Iron and Orind Saenee $0 50 SOUK On MBAtcacMiNT Gnoo*. Bexea ef Hau, Bonnet* and Furniture, per enbie foot . - -...... SO * SO 35 Bexea and bale* of Dry Good*, Saddlery iriaaa, ruin, Linus ua oontecuonery, Mr eubic faot 80 10 p. 10* lbi. IS Crockery, pareabit foot , $9 14 " " 16 Metaaees sad Oil, per hhd. (smaller casks in proportioa.) $9 H $1100 Ploughs, (large) Cultivators, Cera Bhelleta. and Buuw Cottars, each $116 $160 Pleugna.f small) and Whealbarrows.,. .ft AO $1 06 Salt, per Liverpool Sack, $0 TO $0 16 PilUOI. Savannah to Atlanta $19 00 Childreu under 11 yean of ace, half price. Savannah to Macoa, $7 00 tUT*" Oeodt consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded f roc of (-ommiMioan. (1 >? Freight may be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Oothaalagm. F. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, C. R K BArawisan. Angost 16. '"IS. al6 2 m * rrc REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON V'A NORWICH k WOR- aa?M jMR ^ajCtSTKR, Without cliange baJB fCara or Baggage, or withoac.^HH|^E T *?raaaing any Terry , Paaaoageaa (Bring theiraaata at Norwich, are iniOred their eeata through to $oatoa Thia being the only inlaid route that communicatee through by steamboat and railroad. Mtaiangara by tm* line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their haggaget and who will otherwise give his attention to their ease and comfort. Thia line leavee south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 6 o'clock, P. >1., and arrives iu Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. The sew steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Daman, leaves vary Tneaday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 6 o'clock, P. M. The /steamer WOHCR8TKR. C aptain Van Pelt, leaves every Alouday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, P. M. For farther information, inaaira af J. H. VANDKRR1I.T No. I liturf Place, North Raver. ?1 ti re TO WESTS K-N IKAVELLEKS. Mk flnefftoHtc u " ?:>eouSi "WTrmed that the recant break X in the Cud, caused ^ >^ate freshet, harhlg Keen re paired, the PIONEER It EXI*>S LINE, viTlUilroatl end Canal Prom Philadelphia to IVtabortb. ootnmenced ita regular tripe for the mwm on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. 374 Market street, DAILY, at 7M o'clock, A JVC By this roate paaseugsri will avoid all the fatigue and dan St of night trarelling m eoaebas, both Bailroada being pass in daylight. For farther mformatioa, apply at the old-established Office tl* Market street, t doers above Eighth street.. apiO ?n*rre A. B CUMMINOB, Ageet. M. MM. r. W. BTrnes & co.'s NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION O FEICE. PW. BYBNES k CO , of Liverpool, are deeirons of in forming the public of the United States, that they continue to despatch a line of first clsas Ships and Packets to New York, oa the 1st, 6lh, Uth, lGih, 21st and 2ClH of each mnatti". and on the ltrhasd 30th for Philadelphia, and on the Sth and Mth to Boston, and at stated periods to Baltimore; also to New Orleans daring 'he healthy season; by any of which lines parties can engage for their friends to be brought oat without disappointment or delay, this being the oldest and large at establishment tn the passenger trade in Liverpool, and having found the importance ol a direct Agency in the United States, fo- the pnr|>ose 01 placing within the power of the friends or the passeagers coming oat, the immediate correspondence with a reipectable establishment, from whom they can rely for attentioh and faror towards their relations louring the eld cnwarry. P. W. BYRNES it ?C. offer many adraatages to passengers whir h no ethers hare apemp'ed, in a direct communication bv the r ships from Ireland to the United Hta'en, as they hare, iqrariahlr, rsssels during >he spring f nm.Dublin, Cork, Wa'erfortl, Belfast and Londonderry, by which means emigrants are tared mach trouble andeipense. hr being shipped I at their own seaport and also that of being Nnded in any of f the porta ofthn United States to which shins tradn from Lirerpoo), nearly at the aame cost an direct to New York. P. W. BYKNJ^t it CO. hare ageuu in all the aeaport towns ia IrelgaK|Mtan whence steamers letre for Lirerponl, I and in many draffiitrrior tewns, who are most attenrire to I emigrsnts on dMlrkstion, and by rvhom any money can be paid that may be required to precnre sea stores, he. The persons who act for this Company in the United States are? I NEW YORK ?Mr. Edward Saul, SI South, comer of Wall strait. BOSTON?Mr. W. T. McKay. 51 Mil> atreet. I PHILADELPHIA?M stars. II. C. Craig it Co., Market atraet. BALTIMORE?Mr. George Law. NEW ORLEANS? Mr. John Toole. Pbatts *i?d ExcHanog?Drafts fer any amount, payabls \ at aigbt, oo the Pronneial Bank of Ireland and all ita branches, and also on all the principal towns of England and Scotland, without discount. kVr particulars of tarms apply to P. W. BYRNES It CO., 51 South, corner of Wall sc. New York. P. W. BYRNES it CO., sit lm*m JS Waterloo Kind, Lirerpool. FUK CUAKLBSiON, UAVAAA AtNO iNEW ORLEANS ._ THE snperior aea steamer MUTUAL ! IMS SAFETY, J. rennoycr, matter will leare for the acore ports on Saturday next, the 3d of October, at t o'clock P.M The Mutual Rolety 11 a lire oak bailt Teasel, aad haa been feared as a sea boat Hrr aecopimodations fo imssmgef* are of superior order, and offers gets* inducements to those oing Hou;h Hhe now lies at iM Norelty Wi rks, but will be alongside the wharf st the fno- ofClinten etieet on Thursday morning from which t lace she will depart as abore. For passage, arply to the esjitMt^or to ^ ^ Whart? plan of her cabin ban ba (tan, and itate rnomVand berth. .ecnred. >211 At*rh T BRITISH ANU NUHTH A MP. HI ^^WfCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS ISM toua and Hit horae power each, an dareontmet win. tha Lorda of the Admi S'MomKfi Cajif. A Rfria. Cap E. O. Lott. r al7n\?!* Capt.J J. Hawitt. afTnin Capt. C. H E.J?dk aa. lowa'^^*11 (r? Ll**'P0<>1 ?*d BoatSa.^S' NjlSuTaa foiFit a I A",AW* MpHfl, rom Breton to Liverpool..... rom UoatoB to Halifax ... . '? No bertha eneared until fand B?' * jSinaa' ? . ^r0rJA:r?" No for freight, painter, or "X^f.MBl., apply w At HAR.ND^N A c'o'flVwih JHJ? In addition to the abore line between L'iieJ^Ji K a?' end Boeton. a contract haa bean en tared iSmwVth Her Majeatv'a corernmant, to eeubtiih a lira between L rerpoel and New Yort direct. The .team.hip. for thiY.iTrice are now being built, andearly neat yaar dae be airen of the time when they will atart. Uader (he new eoatract the ateamera will aail every Saturday danaa ei.h. mnntha, and erary tortnuht daring the other moarh?in tha ye*r. Going alternately between Liverpool. and Halifa. and i and between Liverpool and New York. ?'t rv ha.T MilII" m I.i...?^r: ajROfr, A,i arron. ata torlud tra tii-g tht Craw of thia JftatdHU re??al, at no debtt of their contracting will ha raid b? the ' ap'am or (Joueieurt. WOODHULL fc MINTTTRN, ?!J fh S7 -on'h .treat. I-OK NEW ORLEANS.?Ta aail in a|,w daT? kS$V?The Ana feat anting coppered .hip CURTIS JjMllTiCapt. , will pootirely he deapatchad aa abore horirntage, baring aapanor accommodation., apply te [y aJS th JOHN HERDMAN.dlBonthu. E NE Is I'.' ibOM#, ?M /d Kor NEW YOKK and intermediate plitM. ateamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA, JtMoHJLi aptaiu Lawrence H. Fraiee, will commence running between Amboy and New Yo>k, ou Monday the 21th Sept. lairing South Amboy at 6X, Perth Ambov at To clock A.M., touching nt Bently, Roaanlle, B'aaug Star and Chelaea. art mug in New York al out 9 o'clock, returuii g will la ra New York from Pier No. J North Hirer, at 4 o'clock P.M. Kara from Sooth It Perth Amboy, 23 cent*; Beutly 2i ccuta. all tha other landn ga 11% cauU. All kinila of freight taken 1 at the lo watt ratea. South A in hoy. Sept 22. ll'< ??> Im't i ltort.trs LINE UP Sl'ta.Me.KS KOK ALBANk, ^ Direct?Daily, "uudaya excepted?at ( o'eloek, T. M mt7?wt ouBWPtj'ii i/irr nerurten {jourtianai ana lAorrty sia jlM liteamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. llonghtun, will leave on Monday, WedneeJMMjSUaL day and Knday evenings, at 4 o'clock. Steamlioat rTzMJKIK HUUBON, Capt. H. O. Cntltanden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday craning!, at 4 o'clock. 1 The above boat* will at all rimea arrive in Albany in ample time for the morniug carl for the East and Wast. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after S o'clock, P. M. All iwraoui are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captaina or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board theboats, or to P.O. Schultz, at the office on the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Plaeea. From the foot oj Barclay street. Steamboat NOKTH AMERICA. Capt. K. H. Fury, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 9 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbangh, will leave en Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 9 o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. stlrc TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. NEW AND MOST AGREEABLE LINE TO Frodericksburgh, Richmond, Peteribureh, Va ; Lynchburgh, Raleigh, IVelden, N C; and Charleston, S C. gMA aM THE PUBLIC are informed that th? new ^LamkDSHHI*aa'l splendid low pressure steamer MOUNT X3DLvI?KNON, connecting with the Great Mail Line at Acquis Creek, leaves Commerce street wharf, Baltimore, every Tuesday and Friday evening, at 4 P. M., for the above points. Through Tickets to Richmond $4 00 " " to Petersburg 4 "0 " " to Welden, N. C 7 00 " " to Cbarleitoe, 8. C 19 00 Beiug at thp tame price, mora direct and rzpediiious. and much more certain than the Chesapeake Bay and James River Steamboat Line, all the wide and rough uortiou of the Bay, between the mouth ofthe Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by this Line. Travellers are advised that the Line hereby advertised is n*rt mill li.ennl ??sa fl? I .1 L. 17I-- -1- - --? r r-- k w v?i?v man uuir uiiuugl! V irginil. MIU that it is the intention of the Companies composing the Great Mail Line that paraengerx shal 1 be conveyed "bv them ia connection with the Mount Vrrnoa, nlw?y? cheaply aa by any auy other line, and with more Camfort, expedition and certainty, than by any other Line except the Line via Washington. For farther particalare enquire at the Hou'hern Railroad office, Pratt at , Baltimore, of STOCKTON it FALLS, or at the Commerce at. whaif, or ou Taeidayi and Fridaya on board the Mount Vernon, of C. W. GUNNEL, Captain. N. B.?Traveller! by the above Line will bear in mind that they have two honra more in Baltimore than paaaeugera by the Cheaapeake Bay and Umea Kiver boaU, and yet reach any point South of Petersburg at the tame time with theae laa'.even when there ia no breach of couuection by the Bay Line ?1? lm?nNOTICE. TROY EVENING LINE. HOUR ? HANGED. gMA 001 ON anil after TUESDAY, September 1}, the low preaaure ateamhont EMPIRE, ("apt. Tali IT* " B Macy, Till leave the ateamboat pier at the loot of Coartlaudt atreet, at 6 o'clock, P. M., instead ol 7 P. M. aa heretofore alt r foil sTAiEN INLAND. jMM agk ON and after TUESDAY, the 15th day of September mm. the boat will ran aa follows: :B^Z3k3E_Leave Stateu Island at t, I, IB, IS A. M. and t, i.avdS P M L> ave New \ ork at7, 9, II A. M. and 1, 9.5, and 7 P. M. All freight at the rub ofthe owners thereof. ?I4 r AM INDEPENDENT MORNING LINE AT CHA? O'CLOCK.-FOR ALBANY from the B^BBK'ttainliiMt Pier at the pier foot ef Warren treet. Passage SI 40. Touching at the foot of Hammond at. Breakfast and dinner provided on board. The swift and magnificent steamer IRON WITCH icommanded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, leaves New York, Tuetdav, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Albany, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing at Van Courtlnudts, Westpoint, Newburgh, Milton, Po'keepsie, Hyde Park, Kinpa'on. OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT 6i O'OLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond street, Van Cnrtlandt'a (Peekskill) Cold Sprint, Newbnrgh, New Hamburgh. Milton, I'ougli keepaie, Hyde fark, Kingstou. Upper Red Hook, Briatol, Catakill, Hndaon, and Coaaackie. Pattags, One Dollar. aMn THK new and faar-sailing low-preianrn ^MK^3**tmmboat M ET AM OKA, Capt. P. H Smith, jBanHEal^will leare ihe pier fo?t of Warren atreet on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 6)4 o'clock, A. M. He taming,leave Albany on Tneaday, Thunder and Saturday Paaaeagers taking this boat will artiye in Albany in time for the cars going North and West. Break fait and Dinner oa board. Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, 3i casta; Pottghkeepaie, SO; Hndaon.76; Albany. $1. al lm r MORNING BOAT FOR ALBAN Y AND TROY eMMaNl PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR?Breakfaat AnHny^9*and dinner on board Ihe boat. Paaaengera aC3HQK.taking thia boat will arriye in time to uke the ereaing train of care from Troy west to Buffalo, and north te Saratoga and Lake George. The Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Wna. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M , from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay a treat. Returning on opposite days. For haaaage or freight, apply oa board, or to F. B. Hall, at the omee on the wha-f. an 19 re TROY tViOKNlNG AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay atreet XE3BM9B?Landiag: et Peekakill, Weet Point. Nan burgh. Hampton, Milton, Ponghkeepaie, Hyde Park, Rhine cgVU. Red Hook. Briatol, Catakul, Hndaon, Coxsaekse Kiaderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. Tha steamboat NIAGARA, will leaya on Monday, Wad nnaday aad Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat TROY, Captaia Gorham, oa Tneaday Tnarsday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Retormng on opposite dart. For passage or freight apply oa board, or at the oflicn on tha wharf. NEW YORK- ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, Fsom tha pier at the foot of Coartlandt street. The low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE. Captain K.B. Maex eaves the loot of Courtkuidt itract, oa Tuesday, Thursday sad Saturday evening*. at?erao o'clock. Tha Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. YFm. H. Peek, will I en re on Monday. Wednesday aad Friday eveninga, at 1 o'clock. Paaacngcra taking thaaa Beau will arriya in time to ukt the Moniing Train of Can tram Troy waat to Buffalo, aac aortb to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. For Paaaaga or Freight, apply oa hoard, or at tha Oflao o? (he wharf. No freight taken after 5X o'clock. NOTICE?AH gooda, freight, baok billa, apecia, or any otoer kind of property, poeirively at tha owaar'a riak. JMP gMQea DAILY LINE OK BOATS BETWEJCft NEW YOKE AND 8TATEN ISLAND SDHHL The atemaboota SYLPH, Captain J. Brain ted. aad STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will Lee re Stolen laland tH, I, t, II aad 11 A. M; at 1,1,1,4, J, , land?, r. M. Leare New York at 7,1, II, aad 11, A.M. aad 1,1,1,4,1. 1,7 and X peat 7 P. M. All freight at the riak of of tha owner* thereof. A atage will leare Vanderbilt'i landing for the Telegraphic Station every boar throughout the day. Fare IIX centa. _jy 30 FOR LIVER POOL.?Only Regular Packet to CMiyaail oa the first of October.?The superior feat sailwHHbing and favorite packet ship OXFORD, Capt. Yeaton, will positively sail as above, her regular dty. For passage by {lie above ship, having superb accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the lowest rates, apply to JOHN HERDMAN It CO. s29 rh 61 South street. BLACK BALL, OR OLI) LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. XJFg- For LIVERPOOL?The onlr regular Picket of af3Pf^.the lat of tlctober?The magnificent and celebrated JMilllfafVist-sailing. favorite Picket Skip OXFORD, burthen I Ml* tone, Captain Samuel Yeaton, will sail positively on the lit of October. It is scarcely necessary to say, as it is well know to the travelling public, that, the acco" nidations of the OXFORD, l for Cabin, 2d Cabin and Steerage Passengrra is fitted nut in a most superb and costly mauner, with every modem improvement and convenience, tha' cannot bnt add to the comfort ef those embarking who should call and see th'a splend.d specimen ol naval architecture, before engaging elaewhrre For passage in Cabin, 2d Cabin and Ktaerage, early applies- I fion should be made on board, foot of Beekman aired, or to mr aunninn. nui nfj, Dnuini'.na ? i o , ttrrr 15 Fnlton ?t. (prat door to the Fnlton flank). . FIROT PACKET ?HiP FOR NEW OR CM> LF.ANS?The aplcudid firat cU?? packetahip OSJHNHn CEOLA, Captain ChildJwill anil poiittvely on the 14th September. Her aailing qualitiea are well known and aha ia in all ra. apecu a superior conveyance for arcond cabin and ateerage pataengera, who are re<iueated to examine her accommoaaliona previoaa to their engaging by any other reiael. Forfar ther particulate apply ou board the ahip, at pier No. 10 E. K. brlow Old Slip, or to J. IIERDMAN It CO., II South at The well known faat tailing ahip JOHN HOLLAND, Captain , will ancceed the Oaceola, and aail oa or about the let of October. ?H rh fifct^ FOR LI V EItPOOL-NewLina?Regular Packet rfyyVof Oct. ?rh~l he elegant faat tailing packet ahir SMfiaOAKHlCK. B. J. H Traak muter! Will tail at ah. re htr regular diy For freight or paa<age, haying accommodation nneq iallcd for -plendor or "omtort- Apply on board, at Orleaaa wharf, foot of Wall a tract, ar to E. K. COLLINS It Co frica ol paaaane SIC# Packet ahip nOSCIirS, A. Eldridge. matter, will ancceed the (Jarrick and Mil November M, her regular day. L egrh rgj- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of iha Ith uM#WOctober?'Tha ft at clue faat tailing packet ahip jBEAfaaHK.NHY CLAY, Capt. Nye. wil nil u above, her ie?iilw day. Having very auperior aeeomtoodaiione for cabin, aeeond cabin and atearage paaaengara, peraona intending to embark thonld make immediate application oil board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURt<AY, atk cor of Pine and South tta. k'utv LIVa.xiri|0. ? The New Line? liegmar iMtk Packet of l a< Oct.?The aniierior, laat railing JMNphepacket thip ROCH> 8TLR OnO tone ourthtn, Capl Joh? B.itton, will tail ?a above, ber regular day nor freight or paaaage .heving elegant anu anperior a-eommogationa, a, ply ta the Captain onboard, at prat aide of Barling altp, or ta WOODHULLfc MfNTURN, Priea of pnaaaga, $lgg. 17 8-th atraat. _Thtpnehn| ahip HOTriNOUKR, 1000 tona. Captain Ira iayllet November hotter, ud anil oa h?i ragnlar VV YO ;E\V YORK, FRIDAY M( 2 Sonnet to fllra. Polk. A FACT LITERALLY BENBEKED. Lady, I n? thee 'mid a gairish throng, That hrat to theo the courtier'a willing knee. And heard in dulcet tone* the llatterer'i *ong, Which parUitea were breathing unto thee. There ?m no radiant pleasure on thy brow, No look of joy ?but humble meeknee? there, At if thy pare spirit fain would bow, In getitto gratitude, itself in prayer. Again f saw thee by a beggar's side. Relieving wants in blessed mercy's name ; And than I felt a thrill of honest ori.U That amid chsogsa Ibou wert (till the ume? That power could not thy holy faith subdue , True to your Saviour?to your country true. September 34th. Calks Lton, of Lyouadale. Wamiinoton, SEPT. 19,1846. Tit Adminutratun Revttwtd. "They are held together by the coheiive power of the puhlic plunder."?Calhoun. Prottctio Irahit tubjectiontm, tl sub/ectio yrottc tionem, that is, protection induces allegiance, and allegiance ensures protection. The imperfect manner in which the Administration has carried out this principle of protection, is the secret of the want of allegiance of the party. We speak not of the protection of a high tariff, for that has been faithfully repudiated ; but of the protection of the "naked and hungry" of the church, whose cry for bread, like that of a pack of wolves around an Indian lodge for meat, can only be silenced by an occasional marrow-bone, cast at random among the group. These are the fellows who have created all tho mischief, and that have kept up all this disturbance. The whole secret of tbedifiiculty is to be found in the disparity between the loivcs and fishes, and the hungry multitude. The miraculous power of multiplication as exercised by the Son of Man, would alone be competent to the distribution of a moisel all around. As it is, Col. Polk baa no such power, and after dividing the spoils on hand to the best of las ability, he can only cry, "peccavi," hands off, for the trencher's empty. To a fair understanding, it is necessary to go back for a moment to tho Baltimore Convention. The result of that council was not a permanent cnnnnliiUlinn nl' th? elimut luiin i?mnnr?ni ar tice, an informal suspension ol? the quarrel, extorted from the necessities ol the case. As soon as the victory wars achieved, the important question arose, which ei the factions should control the administration 1 The Van Buren interest, which had ruled the longest, which had sacrificed the vVest. and which had offered up both Van Buren and Wright as burnt saehfiees upon the altar ot democracy, with some just show of pretensions, claimed the honor as their right, by pre-emption, and from their rank, their influence, their losses, and their services. But the demand for the reins was most promptly rejected. Blair and Rives were turned adrift, in the face of all hazards and ngninst toe almost sepulchral remonstrances of Old Hickory?an anti-Van Buren man, or old hunker,was taken from York State and placed in the Cabinet, superseding the candidate recommended by Messrs. Van Buren and Wright. It became necessary not only to convince the Van liurea- Wright-Benton clique that the administration was under 110 particu ar obligations to them over the rest of the party, but that it was their office to follow and not te lead the executive government?though it were of their own appointing. The same of the "young democracy," a tribe which rose upon the ruins of the Maditonian, and the dynasty of John Tyler and John Jones, a tribe now extinet as the ancient mastodon. It was scotched by the election of Father Ritchie as printer to both houses?and was finally killed (the Daily Timet) in a single blow on the nape ot the neck, by the ivory mallet of the United Statee Senate. The Calhoun faction were treated with even more apparent cruelty than either of the preceding. Mr, Calhoun,with his hands full of the Orecrnn nnn.Htinn th? spfrlpmpnt of urhinK Kn utahU tiave preferred to hold over all other considerations, was turned adrift without apology, Souih Carolina jay^nortifled and rebelled, as usual, and continueangnting the administration down to the last winter; and even after the passage of the new tariff, took it as the best that could be had of the inefficient existing Executive authorities. The Western division, particularly the Buckeyes, had an equally grave complaint with the rest of the malcontents. They had no member of the Cabinet?no foreign minister, and only one respectable office under the Administration. North, South, East, and West, there was one universal complaint against the State of Tennessee. She had done nothing, and had got every thing. The Van Burenites were defrauded?trie Calhoun men were'outraged?the men of the West most grossly deceived, and the young democracy murdered in cold blood, and without remorse, and without a funeral consigned to Hada. At the beginning of the late session, we find that, gathered up here and there, ami headed by that arch tactician, the hononorable the Secretary of the Treasury, the party of the Administration, indepenslent of all clufuxt, was enabled to o >erce the obedience of the most refractory, with the tender of rewards on the one hand, or threats of exceminunication on the other. Seizing the Oregoa recommendations, the men of the West determined to bear off tbe palm in a blind obedience to the Executive oracle. The New York Delegation, however, were hard to surpass in this chapter of servile servility. There was still a drop of sweetness in the bitter draught in the prospect of retaliation against the annexation of Texas, and against the South. But even here the South were triumphant, and Cass, Allen, Dickinson, and company, too late discovered that they had been playing a game of bo-peep with John Quincy Adams, backed by the first chapter of Genesis, and the President's Message. The North and West had yet a hope remaining?the bill oi rivers and harbors ; tney passed it to his Excellency?the late acknowledged head of the party. The tariff was pending wtiile the rivers and harbors remained in deubtiul possession of the President. All right, says Father Ritchie, and the tariff was passed, Biinkerhotl and Rathbun knocking under at discretion. The tariff being secured, the rivers and harbors are thrown overboard, followed by the French spoliations. The Nonh and the West ' now indignantly split off?they aro henceforth ' pledged to the prostration of the powers that be, , especially Secretary Walker. The President next arks for two millions to buy up the government of Paredes, and bribe him to . put an end to the existing war with Mexico. The House pass the measure (the North and West) with an abolition proviso, in their bitterness ' sgainst the success of the South, and the atipa- j rent perfidy ol the administration. Honest John , Davis, in the Senate, talks the whole scheme to i death, by talking out the last invaluable half i hour of the session. 1 And ihns we find, that a party, whioh wasuni- 1 ted at the outset ol' the most momentous session of , the government, and which after having jiassed ! the whole schedule of the measures of the Bal- , timorc Convention, and the principal bill, the | laiit'f, with an unequivocal majority against it, is instantly resolved into its original state of dissolution, saving that the South, the most openly rebellious division of all, and the weakest, have 1 gained every thing?the Oregon, the tariff, and ] the vetoes; while the North and West, with an overwhelming force, all-sacrificing, and all-obe- , dient, have been stripped to their skins, in the ve- i toes, the tariff, and the Oregon, isever was there i such a curious and anomalous condition of affairs presented in the history of politics, since the days of the French Directory. With the triumph ol the whole chain of the Baltimore resolutions, which the party had united in supporting as one man, we find the administration elected upon them, recommending them, and approving them, in the very hour ol success abandoned in every quarter:? 1. By the north and west, because of the ruse upon , the Oregon question, snd the veto of the rivers end harbors. 3 By Pennsylvania, because of the repeal of tha act of '43, in the face of the Kane letter. 3. By the South, because the administration is suspsctad of a design to overthrew Mr. Celhoun. Or in the following order :? 1. By Allen, Cass It Co., because they were so egregiously deceived on the question of 64 40 3. By Benton, Cesa, Allen, and the West, and the , northern frentie a, because,of the veto of the rivers i end harbors. ' By Van Buren, Wright and company, including Benton, Allen. Teppan, Blair and llivea, and a formula ! ble rank and Ala, because ef the pertevering systematic Berts at their ultimata extinction, beginning with the Baltimore Convention. 4 By the South, because they apprehend another convention, under the management ol Mr. Walker, end ike consequent overslaughiiig ef Mr Calhoun. ?. By numerous disappointed office-seekers of all the chfites, and by the rank snd Ale of the claimants in the vetoed hill of Frenok indemnities. Thus stands the administration now toward the party electing it j and the worst of all is, the cohesive ammunition is pretty well expended Rk I )RNING, OCTOBER 2, IS | Kduratlon In Turkry?The Progrtu of | Civilization. [From a Constantinople Lettarof July 8] The ((uaation of education, which the Turkish ministry have just manifested their intention of taking seriously in hand, by the appointment of a Council or Public InSlruction. it mora closely and vitally connected with the estinies of this country than any other. In our days of rteam, the Koran will no longer servo as the Turkish hncyclopacdia, and sole source of instruction.? Turkey is now brought nearer to the west by a regular system of communication, which it daily receiving trash additions The multiplication of Austrian, French, and Knglish steamers, not to speak of the scarce fledged steam navy of the Porte, give* the golden born that busy animated look which characterise the great porta of the west; aud reminds one rather of Marseilles, Liverpool, or New York, than of the capital of Turkey. By their fjmily resemblance in manuers, religion, ideas, and [ language, wjui in* nations 01 me wen, til* ureeK ami Scleromas mbjecti of tha Porta, ami the Armenians and , Jewi, by thair commercial activity, have naturally pro- 1 flted by thii rapiJ intercommunication with the west, for thair adTancement in knowledge and civilization; while the Turka, by tha difficulties which their language presents to strangers, by the exclusive bigotry of their religion, their constitutional apathy and pride of character, hare remained comparatively inaccessible to these influences. The consequence is a growing disparity of intelligence between the Moslems and llayahs, greatly in favour of the latter. The time, showever, is arrived when the more euiightened Turks feel that their political superiority can be only maintained by their keeping pace with the advancement of the Christian world in knowledge. They feel that the retrogradation of their national position has been owing tofthe stationariness of their ideas; and they learn by daily experience that want of knowledge is want of power. The hatti-sheritl' which harbiogored the fall of the Riza ministry, and accused that adminstnition of failure in all but their military reforms, recommended ministers emphatically to busy themselves with providing instruction for the people, and insisted upon the necessity of founding schools for this purpose. It might therefore bo fairly presumed that the distinguishing feature of the succeeding administration would be its devotion to this question. Indeed the difficulties which it presents demand all the energies of Kushid Pasha and his colleagues to overcome. Twenty thousand schools exist throughout the empire, at which only some sentences ef the Koran aro taught, and sometimes a little reading, writing, and counting. In these and in the funds whicn exist for their maintenance, lie the materials for the new system of education, hut where is the instruction to come from! Where are the masters for these '.10,000 schools ??masters who can teach anything beyond the rndimeutal Mahommotan accomplishments above mentioned I There are none. A nursery must be therefore formed for supplying lit masters to tha sohools of the empire ?a great normal school for qualifying teachers And who are to he the heads of such a school? Men doubtless acquainted with the European training. ? properest persons would be Turks educated at the groat European seminaries. Now, there certainly exist a few Turks, such as Kmin Pasha, the President of the Council of ruhlic Instruction, and Achmet Efl'endi, of the Office of Interpreters, who have received an European educa tion. Emin Pasha is even rejiorted to have taken honours at Cambridge. But it does not follow that such should have that perfect mastery of the rudiments of any science that would qualify them for teaohing it aa professors, eveu if they had the other proper qualifications for teachers. But what is a far more serious objection, such men find their accomplishment* so available in serving the government in more profitable way*, *nd post* ot higher dignity, that there is not, perhap*, a ingle reipectable Turk, who ha* enjoyed the advautage ot a good education in Europe, that could he found willing, even were he qualified, to accept a professorship in auch a normal aohool aa I have described. It i* clear, therefore, that the organization of *uch an imtitution it not quite no practicable in the preaent atate ol thing*, as ia desirable. The material* do not yet exist, and muit be of very gradual growth. A sufficient quantity of young Turks must he educated in the European universities expressly for this end. Neither ought theae to be selected from the class ef what 1 may term nobles, as such aie at present who receive the benefit of foreign training, for it is idle to think that such can be retained in the humble condition of Hodjaa, with a salary of two or three hundred laytar. But they should be chosen fiom such unambitious rank* of the commonalty a* are likely to bo content arilh a moderate remuneration.lor their servicea, and a subordinate position in the State. Some might be bred at Paris, some in England, and a greater number at the more economical universities of Germany In the meantime, it might bo asked, why could not Eurojieans be installed in Uie professorships? It would be highly desirable, sad will no doubt fall in with the views ol the council, that there shoul i be at least one European professor appointed for the teaching ef hia own native language. But apart from tho invidiousnet of putting the whole establishment under European hands, there would be the utmost difficulty in finding the number of Europeans requisite, who combined a native facility of expression in the Turkish language, with the amount of kaowMge necessary in aome particular, department of science. A normal school of the kind 1 have akotched above has been determined on by the council. Stath Constitutional Convention. WcDxasoar, Sept. SO?Mr. Townsend presented the memorial of Brown, Brothers Si Co., of New York, for a board to oqnalize taxation. Referred. Mr. Jones, offered the following resolution:? Resolved, That after Saturday next the Convention will not take up and consider any of the reports of the standing committees of this body then unacted on ; but will, on the^ensuing Monday,"proceed to consider the report of the select committee appointed to revise the sereitl amendments adopted by the Convention. Table, until half past S this afternoon. Mr. Baker's motion to reconsider the vote adopting the 4th section nf thn nrtirlii nn liRnkinV and th? r.urrnnrv fr?Utaa tr> the individual liability of stockholders of banks and banking associations) was laid on the table until 9 on Monday morning. Mr. Swackhamer moved that the report or committee No. 11, on the right* and privilege* of the citizen, be considered after reports No*. 4 and 7.? Table. The convention then proceeded further to consider the report on the election or(appointinent of all offlcor* whose functions are local, See. The fifth section of the report, relative to the election of Mayors of cities, was struck oat. The sixth section, providing for the election or appointment by the supervisors, or other county authorities, of sail county, city, town and village oillcers whose election or appointment is not provided for in the constitution, in such manner as the legislature may direct, was agreed to. The seventh section, relative to the powers of the officers alluded to in this article, was struck out. Mr. 8wackh- mer offered an additional section, authorising the legislature to fix the fees to be paid to county clerks and district attorneys, such fees to be paid to the county treasurers. The county clerks, district attorneys and treasurers to be compensated by salaries. Mr. 9t. John moved to add that the salaries shall not exceed the amount of fees paid into the treasury of such counties respectively. The amendment was rejected, and the section was then rejected.? The eighth section, authorising the legislature to regulate the fees of those officers ior whom no provision is made by the constitution, was rejected. The ninth section, authorising the board of supervisors to fta the salary of district attorneys was struck out, 63 to- 3J. Tho tenth section, relative to tho duration of offices, not provided by this constitution, was adopted. Mr. Sweckhomer offered another section :? -i ue iumi uui ux mo leoi or eompensation of attorney* or counsellor* at law, and the fee* nd compensation now established are abolithed ; but provision may be made by law for allowing to the prevailing party in any luit a* a part of the recovery, an equitable compensation for the expenses of prosecuting or defending such suit or proceeding. Mr. Jordan moved to refer the section to a select committee. Lost, and then the section wa* rejected 00 to '29. Mr. Worden offered the following section :? All officer* mentioned ill this article elected by the people of the leveral counties and in office on the (list day of January, 1047, shall hold their respective offices until the first of January, 1000. And the term* of all officers mentioned in this article and not elected by the people, when this constitution takos effect, or appointed to fill any vacancy in such office, shall expire first January, 1040. And the legislature shall provide by law for supplying any vacancies occurring in any office created in this article until suoli vacancy shall be supplied by election or o.liewise, and all elections to fill vacancies shall be for the residue of the vacant term. Kcferred to committee No. 7. The article wa* then laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. The Convention then proceeded to the consideration of the report of committee No 4, " on the elective franchise?the qualifications to vote and to hold office." The first section was read as follows tj 1. Every white male citizen of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a citizen for sixty days, and sii inhabitant otithis State one year next preceding any election, and for the last six months a resident of the county where ha might offer his vote, shall he entitled to vote at such election, in the election district of which ho man nave ncen an actual resilient (luring tne mat preceding sixty days, and not elsewhere, for nil officers that now are, or horaafter may be, elective by the people. Mr. Bauer moved to atrilce out the word " white " in the first line The motion waa debated by Merra. Burr, Bruce, Baacom, Waterbury, Penniman, W. Taylor, Hua ell, and Strong. The Convention took a recess before the vote waa taken. Aftcrnoo* Sumo*.?The report ef the aelect committee to whom waa referred the article reported by Mr. Loomia in relation to corporationa other than banking and municipal waa taken up. The drat aection, providing that corporationa mav be formed under general lawi, and hall not be created by apecialact, except incases, when in the judgment of the Legislature, the object of the corporation cannot be attained under general lawi?waa adopted without a diviaion. The aecond aection waa then taken up aa follewa :? " Due* from corporationa ahall be aecured by auch individual liability ot the corporatora and other meana, aa may be prescribed by lew." Mr. Tildenpropoaed aa a anbatitute, a aection drawn by I himself and Mr. Loomia, to thia effect?that after the year . HM>, every atockholdar in any corporation for pecuniary | benefit, except inturance compauiea, ahall be liable In i rase of the insolvency of a company, contracted while | he waa a atockholdar, to an amount equal to the nominal , value of hia stock Mr Ayrault moved to strike out the words excepting insurance companies. Carried, 68 to ; (7 The aubstitute as amended, was then tejected, 41 to 61. The second section, as shove, was adopted. Mr. Van Bchoonhoven moved a section requiring a two thiid vote to pats any special act passed unoer the firat aection, granting the power to take private property for public I use er granting a franchise ol way over a public stream or highway. Mr. Morris moved to amend w aa to require a majority of all elected to pees each Mil. Carried, 64 to 37, and the section aa amended, adopted, 49 to 14. The remaining aection, defining the term corporationa, waa adopted. The article, as amended, waa laid aside to bo printed Adjourned- tiUfy wJrgu?. I ERA 14 6. Affairs In Canada. [From th? Montreal Herald, September as.] There i* absolutely nothing new in tlie Provincial politlci. Public attention i? (till directed to the consideralion of the navigation law!, end the other commercial rnoiiilications rendered necessary by the new policy of Great Britian, rather than to local concerns, which do not present any point! ot immediate interest. Prieur, one of the Conadiani banished on account of the troubles of 1837-8 has recently returned fiom Sydney. The improved price of flour und timber has given a spur to speculation, which promise! to run uuite to its legitimate extant. However thia may be, the country must of course gain by thia great addition to the value of its staples. The extent to which capital ii embarked in theee tradee, and the large amounti of debti which moit merchant* have upon their book*, makea thia circumstance of the utmoat importance, and our people are of courae in apirit* corresponding to the occaaion. Considerable iut-rest ia manifested in the working of the newly diacovered mineral treaaure* on the British shore of Lake Superior. There ia no doubt that a largo mining business will shortly spring up in that hitheito neglected regi >n. We mentioned in a slip which went home by the last mail, that the Directors of the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railway bad agreed to return the amount of the deposit* ?less the expenses?paid by the Knglish scripliolders who had not signed the books of the Company. This arrangement was consented to on account of the excellent prospects of the project in Canada, which make it certain tnat no difficulty will occur in carrying it out, without holding unwilling parties to the bargain. In connection with this undertaking we may notice, that a number of our most inliuential citizens have commenced a survey of the 8t Lawrence opposite the town, with the intention of carrying over abridge to connect the Southern Railways with the city. They are to.apply for an act at the next Parliamentary session. We mentioued in our last, that Captain Bayfield, the well-known Hydrographer, was here to survey the Lake St. Peter, in order to enable the Provincial Government to decide upou the proper course ti/li? taken with regard to the public works in that part of the river. The cir- I cumstances are these; the channel which has hitherto ' been usod by the Montreal shipping having been found ! tno'ahallow for the wants of the port, it was resolved to ! make an artificial one, and about ?70,000 has been laid | out in thia " new chtnnel." The work was begun under | the ausiiice* of the Board of Works, presided over by , irir. iviiiaiy u now appear* mai ma nvarograpnicoi plana, upon the faith of which the undertaking was commenced, did not at ail represent the real position of the shoals; and it had become a question, whether the whole amount expended, was not utterly wasted. Cant BayHold's report is not yet published, but it is understood that he recommends the prosecution of the now channel, on account of the great outlay already incurred, though he expresses his doubts whether he would ever have advised it to be begun had he had correct data before him. The last remark is to bo explained by the fact, that the Captain had givoa an opinion, some years ago, in favor of tho'work, upon the faith of representation* made to him by Mr. Killaly. Our commercial meu will ha ve good reason to congratulate themselves if this decision should lead to the energotio prosecution of the work; but the original blunder, which has involved so great an increase in its cost, is not the leas lamentable. Our Kali fleet arrives slowly, partly on account of the shallowness of the river, which at this season is unusually low. The City Bank statement has been published, to the end of Aiignst, and oxhihits an account of Assets ' ?717,704 13a id ; and Liabilities ?300.711 Is lid ; lbs i amount of gold and bullion on hand being ?3 > 054 I'Js (id. . The number of emigrants arrived at Quebec, by the reports to the 10th September, was 30 084, being 0,170 more than during the same period of 1845 Mr. Templeton, the singer, has been starring it in Canada, and has just completed a campaign, which must ; have been very successful. It is said that Mr. Katon. who has already completed Capt Barclay's feat of walking 1000 miles in 1000 Lours ! is to he backed to walk loOo quarters of a mile in 1000 I quarters of an hour, lie is upwards of 71) A very ingenious cannon has boon recently exhibited 1 here, invented by a French Canadian gentleman, named Larochelle. It snonira*. binds nod disc.hnrvns itn-li" and can bo made to Are about tiO ahot* per minute. The | model ihown here was worked by a irnail crank turned by tho hand. A cricket match cme off on Wednesday, between the Kingston Club and the OarriioD in that city. It termined fcby a tcoro of 111 for the military, and 104 for the Kingstonians?a pretty tight match. Ithaca, Sept. 20, 1840. Afertcan Jieut?Raymond's Mtnagttit, <pe. The Thuradey'i Herald hae just been received The Mexican news cauie* some excitement, and varioui *pe culationi are itarted a* to the probable duration of the war. We are quite barren of looal news juat at present, and indeed I hardly feel myaelfin a condition for letter writing, not haTing recovered from the " jam" at the caravan. To-day has been " show day," and as far as crowds of people were concerned, it has been a show day truly.? The town waa early filled by people from the neighboring country, all eagerly awaiting the appearance of the menagerie. High expectations had been raised from the reports which had preceded it, but we were still unprepared for the magnificence of the sight which presented itself on their entrance. The most novel feature of tbe procession was the great band car, which has already been noticed in your paper. It ia needled to say their tpacieui pavilion was crowded to overflowing. Messrs Raymond and Waring (the propriatora) I am pleased to learn have had a raoat successful aeaaoa, and are now making their way towarda New Vork,ia which city they intend to take up their winter quarters. Varieties. The Wheeling Telegraph states that Dr Staunton, assistant clerk of the House of Representatives, returned home from Washington a few days ago, laboring under incflspotitionj and in the temporary absence of his family, committed suicide by cutting his throat. The RaMmere Jtmtrican -says, 'that Major Delevan, one of the Arm of Weloh, Mann Sc Delevan, proprietors of the National Circus, was badly hurt one (lay last week, by being thrown frola his wagon. He was on a visit to the Hon. Henry Clay, and when returning the heraea he was driving became frightened and ran away, and hence the accident. His face was considerably cut and scratched , and his body a good deal braised. He was compelled to remain behind when the company left Leaington. Immense bcquesti?Isaac Franklin, of Sumner Cd, Tennessee, has bequeathed a larga portion ot his immense estate to establish a seminary of learning in that oountv, for the education of males and females, and especially for the benefit of the poor. He had immense piopertv in Louisiana, and in other place*. The value of this bequest is supposed to be about six hundred thousand collars. John Orant, Frank Bassett, and James Frazure, were charged on the 6th inst., before Mayor McAlpin, of Mobile, with a conspiracy to seice, and convert to piratical purposes the schooner Mobile. Orant was the leader of the plot, and, being overheard, in his attempt to make a proselyte of Frazure, was arrasted. A man named Mathiaa Cloud died at Boston on Sunday last, from the effects of laudanum taken by mistake. The Hichmond Southern Standard of the 30th ult. says of Mr. Hoyt: "At a late hour yesterday evening, we , learned that this unfortunate gentleman, although not dead, remained in * very critical situation. His physi- j cians sny that if mortification does not take place in the | next 34 hours, he may yet recover. We sincerely hopo it may be so." Pctbx PaifiTcv, one ef the chiefs of the Tuscarora Indians, who, with Elder James Cusick and others, paid a visit to our city last spring, and gave several concerts of sacred music, departed this life on the 8th ult. at Fort Scott, Mo., whither the tribe had emigrated Irom New York. In a letter from Elder Cusick, we learn that out of about 300 who went to that new country, thirty have died, amoDg whom was the wife ot Peter Printup, who died on the 4th of August last Manv of those who re- | main, desire to return to their native country. -Pkiladtl phia Sun. Coprt for tiir Correction of Errors ? Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1846?Prcsen' i Senator Loll j presiding, and nine other Senators No quorum being ; present, adjourned nntil to morrow, at 9 o'clock, A M. ! On the 7th day of Novemler next st 9 o'clock, A. M, the I rourt will again proceed to the healing of arguments { By the order eppointing thii term, riui-ea on writs of | error sre to have prefersnco. The following shows the present atate of the Error calendar No. 3 VV Small vs the Herkimer Manufacturing Co 4 J. McCullough vs. J. Moss. 9. The Madison Co. Mutual Ins Co vs. J. dates and nl 11. The Medical Institution of Geneva College vs. O. S. Tatterson. 13 f. Hay va Birds*} e 16 (J. P. Front vs. the Saratoga Mutual Eire Insurance Co. 33. J. Fowler vs. 8. P Jermain 34 W. Ellis vs. the same. 37. O. W. Stanton, Jr , vs. J. Kinney. 50 F II U.l-C -- II n 11 ail 1* I* Cnralaa a?.l ?1 ? . | I'll Hough SI H. Coggill ti. I). Leavitt, President, lie. 35. J wager vs. 8. K. Stow. SO. J. Burckle vs 8. Lac*. ' 37. R. 8 Shannon v?. W. Baakina. 39. E. Charles vs. the 1 People. 40. H Adams vs the People. 45. D. Meail ts. J Lawson. Called once and passed ?0. O. Call vs the ' People. 21. E. Jud?on va. J. Houghton. 33. W O.Wood la. c. Weiant. 2i>X. T. Me It ram ts. E. P Heycr. 50. H. Loomia ts. H. Munro. 38. T. Denny ts. the Manhattan Co. 39 A. French ts. R. D. Carbart. 81. H. Swift and al. ts. J. D. Bears. 33. O M. Patchen y?. the city of , Brooklyn. Fires.?A very destructive fire commenced in i the wood ands of Mr. Clark, in the southwest pan of Plymouth, which was still burning when last heard from. The (lie extended over a range of eight miles, | and between one and two thousand cords of wood had bean consumed A large number of cltitena turned out. . and aeveral persona were employed by the Ply* ! mouth Insurance office, and sent to assist in , quelling the flames, and great hopes w* tertalned, that tba Bra would bo extinguished In the couneotthe forenoon The Are took frem a cosl pitA barn In Plympton. belonging to Mr Lobdell, with its contents, was destroyed hy Iru Insured. On, a house and two t>arn? belonging to Mr. Lyman at An* , gier's corner caught (Ire Iron, ;h. sparka ot the tiva of tba quarter peat 9 o'clock train for Worcester, and with moat oV their contents were consumed. Los. ettimatad at about $3,008, on which there was $800 insurance at tha Concord Mutual office. Tuesday evening, Luke Wvman's honse, two barns, and outbuildings at Waet Cambridge, were entirely destroyed, with the contents ef the bara, tha harvtet of the late crop. JLD. - ; ? . mm Price two Owtti City Convention. Thta Convention again met at 5 e 'clock lait evening, I when the report of the " Committee on dividing the eity into warda and diatricta " waa taken up. The committee reported in favor of allowing the city to remain, aa at present, divided into eighteen warda?ajea 18, noea 8? aa follow? :? Area-Beach Benedict. Brirga, Boyd, Candee, Cook, Crupo, Daviea, Dougherty .Graham, Haabrouck, Hatfield, Lee, Mane role, McUav, Mckpedon, Parker, Porter Noca? B rode rick, French, Greenman, fnnea, Kelly, Maclay, Puraer, Varian. TL e report wai accepted, ayea 10, noea, 7, a a followai Ai?-i?>cii,Dri|i[>, uoyu, v???, vies. Dougherty, Graham, Hasbrouck, Hatfield, Lm, McGay, NlcSpedeu, Parker, Porter. Noss?Benedict, Broderick, French, I noes, Kelly, Pur" aer, Varian. Resolutien by Aid. Purser, that all repreeontntion la future ba bated upon population, without reference to property. Adopted. Report of committee en bonding payengera, referred to ipecial committee. A resolution to adjourn tins iit on the 30th lnat., waa adopted. The Convention adjourned to meat thia (Friday) eTenia*, at b o'clock. Movements of Travellers. Yesterday 'a arrivals exhibited a diminution from the usual scale of names heretofore registered at the following hotels:? e Am??kui?? E. Kimley, Massachusetts; J. Lewis, Philadelphia; W. Lengstreet, Washington: J. Roberts, W. Point; D. Cowan, E. H. John, Hyde Park; J. Oray, Boston; O Zantzinger, Philadelphia, J. Gray. Boston; 8. Small, Pennsylvania; O. Barry, U. 9. Navy; P. Stockton, Newport; 8 Philips, Mass; C. Day, N. Orleans; R. Ogden. Slats; R. Smith, Boston; L. Van Bohell, Philada. Astob?11 Putnam, Mast; W. Chapin, Hartford: W. Freeman, Boston; J. Snowe, Rochester; W. Long. Portland; W. Bellamy, Philadelphia; J. Bterratt, Baltimore; (1. Laury, Washington; R Cast an, J. Cassidy, Baltimore; A.Ruckar. J. Hatcher. Virginia; W. Wurtx, Philadelphia: J. Smith, Pittsburgh; J. Herague, Hudson; J. Allen. Cincinnati; O. Alstoo, Charleston; C Grant, Boston; F. Stonow, Paris; G. Maloney, Washington; C Grant, Boston; W Belcher, St I,ouii; O. Wade, Beaton; C. Wetherall. II. Tavlor. Baltimore: B. Poor. Roatm- B Mather, Cleveland. Citv?J. Bullock Rhode leland ; W. Have*, Detroit; Rev. H. Sherman, New Jersey; T. Lonsdale, Maryland; T. Uuat, Richmond; J. Woodward, Maea ; J. Thrasher, Havana; J. Hooper, Philadelphia; O. Tiadale, Backets Harbor; A. Tyler, Norwich; T. Barry, Washington; J Mitchell, do; Capt. Tyler, Georgia; N Clapp, Philadelphia; D. Gadaon, Dr. P. Gadsden, cliarleaton; W. Ruthe, Rye FaanauN?8. Thompson, Bridgeport; J. McRae, C. Goldsmith, A. Ford. Philadelphia; T. Knapp, N. York; C. Pettett, Pennsylvania; G. Chriatie, Buffalo: 8. Pickens, Hudson; J. Haahrook, Ogdenaburgh; T Shaw, Mobile; W MoGavy, North Carolina; W. Wiedell, Ciocienati; T. Raymond, Ohio; J. Ramaay, North Carolina; G. Dent, Mobile; G. Davis. Baltimore. Howard?J. Nolan, Philadelphia; C. Wolfe, Pittsbu'h; J. Learning, Cnpo May; Mr Walla, New York; D. For rest, Pennsylvania; J. Blakely, Cincinnati; E. Mathew, Philadelphia; J. Adama, Boston; W. Temple, Canada; Capt. Travers, Salem; Orlando Furnaaa, Mobile; J. Gould, J Athton, S Moody. Boston; J. Park, Amtrersbergh; D. Greene, Providence; W. Richards, Georgia; H Gilbert, New Brunswick; Hon. V. Ellis, New Orleans; C. ltced, Bostun; E Allen. Mississippi; Col J P. Howard, Vermont: V Tiadale, ('amide Welt; Captain Willotighby, Montreal; J. Strong Canada. Jrnton?W. Buckingham, J Buckingham, Ohio; L. Fowler Hudson; A. Moseiey, Troy, O Morten, George Rico, New Haven; C. Judson, M Drownlee, Boston; H . Brownell, Hartford; L. Uta liorj, Conn,; T Clarke, MUutard, A. Bauson, Haitford; M. Clarko, Princeton. , United States District Court. ISoloie Judge Betta. Oct. 1 ? Stntencr&.?The following persona ware sentenced by Judge Bottst?Jomee Van Fleet, coavicted of an assault with u dangerous weanon on the second mete of the ship Garrick. was sentenced to aix months imprisonment. to be kept at hard labor, and to pay a Boa of one dollar. Gardiner, Morrit, Johnson, Thomas and John Campbell, convicted of an attempt to make a revolt on board the ship Iowa, wore each seutenced to three months imprisonment, and to pay a line of t n dollars aach. Miller, lllake Kritz, and Wilson, also convicted of being actors in the same attempt, ware severally sentenced to two months imprisonment,and to pay a fine of five dollara each. Henry Kulkston, also convicted of being ooncorned in tha same attempt, was sentenced to twenty days imprisonment, and to pay a fine of five dollars. Thomus Wilson and Charles Squires, convicted of an attempt to make a revolt on board the ship John T. Har wood, were each sentenced to three months imprison-' meat, and to pay a fine of ten dollars. Charles Crocket, Thomas Harrington, and another, also convicted of being concerned in the same attempt, were each sentenced to two months imprisonment, and to pay a fine of five dollars each. Alfred McCoy, an apprentice on board said ship, also convicted as a party to aid revolt, was sentenced to one month imprisonment. sctttetvcc or Death ?Two important trials came off at the recent Green county Oyer and Terminer, held in the absence of Judge Parker, by Jndge Edmonds of the First Circuit. The first was the case of Patrick Flynn, indicted for the murder of Robert James, in Durham, Green county, on the 13th of August last. will be recollected, was a drover, with whom Flynn had been connected in businesi. The evidence showed a case of waylaying and premeditated a ssassination, and the jury brought in a verdict of guilty, of murder in the first degree. The prisoner was sentenced to be executed on the 10th of November nex - The other case waa that of Perez Hitchcock, who was indicted for the murder of his father John Hitchcock, in town of Wyndham, on the *J6th of May last. The evidence against the prisoner was his own avowal, accompanied by protestations that the fatal blow was given during the progress of an afl'ray. He was found guilty, and sentenced to the Stat* prison for life. TO TAILORS. THOSE who wish to acquire e rapid knowledge of Catting all the virions styles of garments worn at the pveeent time, are advised to obtain m espy oi Stinemetti' calibrated work on the subject, which contains all ibe information thai can be desired. It has already met with the most napreeedented sale, and is used generally by the trade Uironab*?t the Union, and u warranted to (tee entire satisfaction to all wl*? adopt ita principles Price per copy from eight to tea dollar i, according to the binding; alio, aingle or aeta of patterns, ? f the various atylea of garments cut to order, by W. H. BT1NEMETT8, 10 lm*r No US BreadwarVNew York. J THE AMAZON WI^S, jjjr NTI.EMEN'S Real He?a<U of Hair, being the luteat and VX greatest improremont in the manufacture of Wigs and 8c Ipa, and the tnbacriber la nappy in bying the ftnutp|nO|W duce them here. They display the forehead and nB)Rfla any height, a pout in wig making never before attained.? They are composed of yentilating or gossemer work. They fit on tbs head by a mechanical coatrirance entirely new; they are put on in a moment. They immediately adapt themeelyea to thr countenance, and et once become pert and parocl of tho liring man. Copy the address. B. rHALON, 01 Broadway, opposite tho anil lm*rc Globe Hotel, nnder Jqdaon's Hotel. THE INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real head of hair, that aeeptiee and eonnoiisrari hare pronounced it the most perfect and extraordinary intention of the day. The great advantage of this norel snil unique Wig, is its being made without sewing or wearing, which causes its appearance so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightneaa and natural appnarance, as to defy detection, ita tenure being so beautiful, ao porous, and so free, that in all eases of perspiration evapn ration ia unimpeded, and the great arils of ether wiga avoided. The sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to tnepeet this novel ana beautiful Wig, and the pecu liar method of fitting the head,el the inventor's,(A. C. BARRY,) ltd Broad way, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. al7 lm*me t*fc.W INVENTED W1G?. OATt IIELOH'8 new invented Wigs and Boalpe, anude of U the finest natural earl hair, and adapted in the most ewy manner to the peculiar style of each individual. They at* entirely a new invenuou, doing away with nil the vexatious difficulties so long experienced by those who wear wigs. The public are uvited to inspects large and well selected stock, containing every variety of eixe and eolor; they will then be able to judge the efiect. WM BATCHELOR. mveutor and only manufacture!, 1 Wall street, nest Broadway Removed from 1(6 Broadway Plraae m copy the address au2S I marc BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE. A LIQUID COLORING KOR THE HAIR, WHISKER H, (tc.?Its claims to patronise will at once be anderstood by those who have used or sold the prsperatlous offered for dying the hair. Its application is simple, its effect certain ; being emphatically a perfect hair dye. withovt destroying the elasticity or health ef the hair. To fancy storekeepers, druggists, kc., it will be found t most desirsble article, as they can with confidence, recommend it to then euetnrncrs. and noi he troubled with complaints of its dring the kin or linen h wil I uor rub off the li nr, nod constant >uliing only improves iu apiwaranee The color it perm meet end perfectly uniform, entirely free from those anuajeral UnU, varying from the faded mem to the roraJ purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyes. In proof of ita efficacy the inventor ia prepared to apply the dya to whisker*, or a portion of the hair, Without chargr, to there wishing to purchase, if it provea satisfactory ; lor which purpose he hee prirate room*. Prepared only aud aold whole?ale and retkil by WM. BATCHELOR. No. 2 Wall atreet, near Broadway. Price S>. double aire tl in. Cepy the addreaa. .Sole again in Waabnirroo (<iu. I 'J OihKn. rerni. ?niilfn#re WINDOW SUAiJE DEPOT, Ne.7HPKiri E STREET nriii Hiiro in 1M0. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. SHADES of all descriptions, kinda and aiaee, M per eem cheaper than can ee bought at any other place. Trimtning at mannfacturera' prices. Signa, Hannera, and Interior Decoration* done in a atyle not m be aurpaaaed B4RTOL h OKMBBEE, anl? rn e , ,nn faerneera and n, i,.,rte a PKK>) CANDLES AND OIL?A superior article of Sparm Candles at 26 cents per lb., aed Aaeet quality Winter Bleached Sperm Oil at |1 the gallon. AI(o,Bleached Solar do, at t>lk cents ; also, old Java Coffee, Oreen and Black Tea* and Droceriee, lie , of the beet quality, ferule in quantities to ?uit, by J. O. FOWLER. ? _ _ ** ?ed fM Oreenwieh and 7? Veaey street*. S. B ? Families, hoarding houae and hotel keepers, are erited to gire the abore a trial, floods packed aaddelirered to any part of the city free of ehrrge. ?H Im're PILES ?Irritation of the kidney*, pain in the hack or side, hatiitaal co'tiTOoeas eruptions, sore eya Doefor lng -Id hy'a Pilea Specific has made radical core* in m nr ei*?* of he above mentioned cm plaints. u can be proved hy pertonal rsfereuco '1 he specific it not a pt?rgati?e *"d is an entirely v getable remedy, with' at a pirtirle of eolyevnah, gamboge or aloe*, pleasant to take and perfectly harulrra in the moat delicate easea, male or female. Agents will be appelated in every tow*, eoeety or Btete, where there i* ene, on application to IcAMktO.IM Nasaaa atreet.

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