Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1846 Page 3
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CHr 1 Th? Dauoeitric tciUTOBffU Cow stem*.?The following wtra the delegates ?? lecte ! yesterday at Taut' many Iiall, on tha Senatorial Convention :? lVard Ward. 1. Hugh MoGuire, 10. Wilton Small, 2. John L Brown, II. Amos F. Hatfield, 3. Henry Jo net, 12. James McNeapic, 6. A J Jackson, 1J. Wm Duryea, B Thorns White, 14 i'Dcch Dean, 7. John D Farrinfton, 15. tleerge F.Thomson, 8. No delegates present, 10 Ale* M. Ailing, 9. Henry I* Wanmaker, 18 Theodore Sedgwick. The 4th and 17th ward* draw blank*. aarittl or Emigrants?The fallowing i? a list of the passenrars enteiid at the Custom House during September 1840 : From Great Britain 5.595 ' France '.980 " Bremen 1433 " Holland ..1,025 " Hamburg. . **30 " Bn'gium 730 " Sweden. 283 " Other portt 190 Tot.-.l Pmtengert 12 057 7 n'i.1 in August 10.213 ' ' May 19.311 Tar Wrath** ?We had a heavy thower of tain yesterday, reminding us of winter. The Bioadway loungers wore their topcoats, and the omnibus drivers were s! feted over wi h their leather and India rubber cloaks. Tut. Stsh ts-Bih Pavr-mrst.?\ < ntcrday the streets were in a filthy condition, except the Russ pavement In re?pect to i's cleanliness, independent t>i its durability, this (lavement is nconomical When will the Common Council take up this subject! Fires?A lire broke out at 3 o'clock yesterday morn mg, id me carpemei a suop ooionging to .nr. u wen, in the of No III Grove street. Unmake trifling. Another flie broke out at No 26 Hecond avenue, in the stable of Frederick Johnson, about 6 o'clock. An InctMoiABv?Loo* Out.?Another fire took place at Lovejoy ' Hotel, on Wednesday evening. It was discolored in an uppet part of the house A person of decent appearauce took lodgings the day before ami absented him-ell in the course of the evening, when his room was loumi to be on Are, and his tiunk was searched and found to be empty. He is doubtless connected with one ot those gangs ol low.lies that infest the city, and have la,.l i \ e'.sivo plans for their operations Hohberi and pick-pockets are so woll looked alter by the police that , U.ey bare re-orted to these desperate plans to drive a trade. A gentleman Irom Utica was stopping in the same . room, and liis tiunk was partly rifled. Militia Kiisss.?Over 4 300 persons have paid up their 1 commutation to John btewart. Esq , the receiver of city taxes, r Skuig a round sum of $3,0-13. The first of November will be the last day to pay in, and over 1000 raoie an- expected to pay their commutation fines. This sum is paid very cbeeriully, end makes a great increase to tho city revenue. The new lew is e great boon in comparison with the old system under Joe Oulick and his sateliles, and at present works well. Liaisx 8uit?We learn that C. Edwards Lester, Esq, the author ot the life or Sam Houston, Sic., Sic.., Sic., has commenced a suit against the A'tw York Kxprnt for libel. Hiot ? A riot occurred on Thursday at 62 William it, in ' front of the store ot Kgt art Oeming It occurred between s merchant and a gectlemun. who had some difficulty arising out ef a controversy about pay ing a bill for board, ?hicn was claimed from the merchant. A large crowd were collected on tha occasion. Msritbd TaiscTK.?A handsome and well merited tribute was paid to Captain Allen, of tha fine ship Water loo. noon the conclusion of his last ussvaire across tho Atlantic. We hare ieen a silver waiter and a bowl of uhftaiiiiul make and chaste design, preiented to Cept. Allen, by hii passengers, in token of their approbation and ca'eem The Waterloo encountered and suffered from the stvere g. le of the 19th and 19th of September, the minks ot whim are borne by so many vessels lately arrived here-, and lor the skill with which the Captain handled I is r.oble ship, as well as for his acceptable de- ! poitineut curing his whole toj age, the passengers presented him with these two pieces of plate, the inscription upon which is in these words. Presented to Cant W. H. Allen, of the Packet Ship Waterloo, hy the Cabin Passengers, as a testimonial of their esteem for his gentlemanly conduct and seamanship during the passage from Liverpool to New York, and especially in the hurricane of September 18th and 19th. 1846. The plnte may be seen for a few days at the store of the makers, Sail, Tompkins St Black, 181 Broadway. i Police Intelligence* Oct. 3.?Burglaty.?1The dry goods store occupied by j George Burdett Stoe , No. 10 Greenwich avenue, was burglariously entered by a false key through the front 1 door, about 4 o'clock yesterdiy morning, and a quantity of dry good* stolen therefrom; also $6 in change was taken l:om the till. No arrest. DUKonttt Clerk.?A young man by the name of Joseph D. Btown. a clerk in the employ of Mr. John D j Kensey. did West street, was arrested yasterday by of- 1 ficer Builry, of the lower police, for embezzling money at various rimes Irom his employer within the lust four j months Upon being arrested, ho acknowledged having 1 tat< n $ 1 > anJ upwards at one time. Justice Osborn held I j the ?c need to bail in $it>9 tor his appearance at court j Jhtenjii to Shoot. ?Bernard Oilman was arrested last night tor snapping a pistol at John Lee, of 51 Washing- I ton street, with an attempt to take his life. Locked up. | *1 Thimble Ringer Cmugbt.?Officer Vanderzee, of the | 3d Waid, arrested yosterday an old customer called | Daniel Wansley, on a charge of "doing" a countryman by the name of Lansan Thomas, out of $70 at the neat littlo gama of "thimble rig." Locked up for examina- j tion. hurglariet.?The coal office occupied by Tyler St Mnper, in J.srrison street, was broken open last night | mil 'he detk forced open and ransacked Evidently the buiglirs were in search of money. No arrest. jiuothtr ? The dwelling house No. 3 Jay itreet, was burglariously entered about 3 o'clock yesterday morning li\ iorring ott' the padlock on the alley gate, and then forcing open tbo back basement window; and in all probability ihey weie alarmed, tor they left the premises without taking any property. Still jinmktr? rli* store occupied by Thomas Niel, No. US < annon street, was burglariously entered last night, or about 3 o'clock in the morning, but beiore the * thiol had time to carry off any property, the rascal was j alarmed by policeman Nichols, of the 13th ward, and the | thirl escaped. jlrrtil on Suspicion?George Allison and Michael ( McK-'nny were both arre?tod yesterday by officer ] WhiLrhart, of tho 3d district police, on suspicion of , be ng concerned i" the lobbery of $1300 from the office ' ol ill own St 'tell, some lew weeks since. Locked up ! by Justii e Ket. hum. Injantiiidt? A woman by the name of Eunice I.ane was anes'od last night by that active officer, John Kafferty, of the bill w aril, on a charge of taking her nowly burn infant > es.erday afternoon, and digging a hole in the yard in the rear of the house where she lived in Antliouy stiset, wherein she deposited her child, and covered it over with ground, causinr its death. Juslico Osborne locked her up lor e&oininat on. Pttil Lamnits?Muigaiet Malone was arrested yesterday lot stealing two dieseo- and a gold ring and thimble, valued in all at $b US, belonging to Caioiine Proudfutt, b-> Oak stieet. Locked up lor trial. John lielideieon w as r.aUgbt yesterday in the act of St. sling u tub ol hut er fioui oil the dock valued at $3, I belonging to A? el It. Burt Locked up lor trial A black fellow called Cornelius Coles, for stealing ; from another black chap calle d John Harney, a sack ; coat aim fi oO in money, from a crib St 13 Orange street, was committed lor trial M -v. lm ts . f Traveller*. The arrivals aie gradually decreasing, and thereby sfloidtng lo 'lie numerous iumates ol the respective Itetois leo? confined andmoie comfortable accommodations 'I .... InlU.a 111, ,.nmi.u,?l> II.- lull unx.ui.t n< Ira. vel i'ii i-^jdifieu ) esterdaj :? A?n ?ic*s? B Phillip*. East Windsor; E. Hyde. Con nrci>cut;J \i ung, I'hil. delphia; R Biown, New Voik; A Uof.a, Viiginia; Vv . H. J ) lor. do; E. vling. I'hila leiphi 'i M Leunett. Nawlmigh; R Waldron. United States Nav>;W blauchaid, Boston; J. Moriell, 8mg Sing; 11 Ho?p. North < aiolma. T P Orattou, Boston; T Traper, Carolina, J Day, A; alachicole; A Stevenson, Philadelj hlw. E LoveII I'. 8. A Asioa- J. Vthrney, Columbus; E. Batnum. Oswego, F.. Pliu-santi, Philadelphia; J Elliott, Poughkeepsic; J Thompson, Wanen county; J Wales, Boitoii; H Vaillea. 8, hi gfleld; M Lewie, t inciimati, D. Adams Ohio; J. (j-iduer, Boston; R White, Lexington; E. Kuport, Louisville; C WMrten, Boston; it. hhiiumuii, Boston' F, Raj. St Lutii); II White, Niagam: H. Johnson. Boston; | R Weston, Boston; Dr, Virginia; C. Browne, Lostou; J. Cornell, Wilmington; 11. Pomeroy, Harrisbtiigh; U Lover, llo'ton. ; Pratt, Baltimore Cnr?E Arthurs, Philadelphia; J. Tarant, Boston; C. ration, Alabama; J Wilkinson, do; V. Kimball, P. atertown, H Bennett. Philadelphia; Van E Mniter, Boston; I) Ptir),U s. Navy; 'I.; R. lodd, Boston; i. Faih > . Came; W Pennant. Scotland; J. Blireigley, B.?l tinioie; H Hubbard, .Middlctown; V. Townseud, Pbiladelt-lun; Dr. Allen, New Biuuswick; Gen. Devereux, N Jersey (' issim-R Baden, Baltimore; E Jewett, Hudson; C Goodrich, Schenectady; E. Jenks, Providence; Capt. Day, Noiwich, A Dvsight, New York; E Douglass, Baltimute; E. Btieil, New York; A Pratt, Philadelphia; J Davis, Noiwich; E. <?nr is, Norw lk; G. Johnson, Bos ton, G. Cornwall, Milford: G Rotiinson, Boston; A Gregory, ul.clsea; J. Datia, New Urleans; Mr. Gaacome, l i it/ n..u MxWAiiD?S. Vv tuljce, South Carolina; O. Berkenshaw, Bichcncnd; A Mrgga, North Carolina; J McKenaie, Dun as; M. Sergeant, Cambri.lgeport; T. Stearns, do; J. Fuldaie, Hiienjs Ay re>; W. Conway, Boaton; I). Oker>on, hrederick; J. St John, Philadelphia; 8. Taylor, Vermont; II. Dawson, do; B. Smith, Michigan; K. Young Canada: II Smith. Ohio; O. Pattorion, Philadelphia: 5. (iraofcar, Washington; Com. Conner, U. 8. NavyjCoi L. Jones, Philadelphia; B. McDonnell, Boaton; K. Karle. Pbiladt Iphia ; U. Todmarah, Louiaiana; K. Waahhurn, Biidge water ; K. Jooiiiann, Canada. Jtmoa? K. Spencer. Hartford; Mr. Tarlton, N. Vorlc M. U. Buck, Hartiord; R. Taft, ProTidsnie; J. Oaroi, Troy; J. Percy, Boaton; C Barnov, da; 11 Kinner, Hart ford: M Cheney, do; K Butt, Florida; O Barnard, Houston, Texas; M lliggina, Boaton; U. Hill, Norwalk;C. Bach, New Orleans; T. Conder, Walltown; C. Baden stain, ht Croix, W I; F. Trott, Washington; R. Hamlin rroTidenca; Br. Matey, Uaitiord. Cotirt of Common Plerut. Bafoio Judge Ulslioefl'er In tliia branch oi the Lourt there was only two inquests taken, alter which the cotirt was adjourned. The othoi branch of the Court, where Judge lugraham presides, is still occupied Willi '.hecanaeot Pollion ?. Clarke et hi. .... Afternoon Priformance nt the Circus?For tht- rs|>' c ? areomimnlatina nt the lit le one?, the Managera ofllie ki'S'h Am hi heure have prrpued a beautiful entertai .mer t tor lhia Afternoon, eomme .cing at! o'clock. The arsiiu apeil'ormaaea will commence atT. Bsle and MeFarlunl will nssie their final ffort to-mtht for the championship. Left North la to appear on Monday. I BHi . I ?? wmII Mil tht attention of rtpitalliu who aro abnnl ln?e#ti?itheir capital in Coppar stock, to tha prospects of the <Jraen Kidae C oapaay ol Pennsylvania. fh# principal shareholders of which (with Mr. Morahead a> President) mid* iu Pittsburgh. Some of the specimens of Copper ore hare been shown to u?, and are moat farorably apokeo of by the best geologists and mm. ralogists of thia city and Boaton. The mioe? <u Ad ma " oti'ity, Pa , and Washington Coouty, vd., are no i t " Ivv m e ion a d .me of the ore will yield from V : i*pe I > , ? avtao are deairoea ot employ n r i' . hjI-i; . i,i treaauree, the advantages nl l i.'tir-i , , 1,1 , ,m ?||| be petcep'ible, it being o .r tin' m r i , . u r. few unlet fr- m the navigation anil H*i'roid coji tyu-icr, and but twenty-four houra travel from Ne e Yoik. C. Ktlwarda Cratrr, American Consul aat Oenoa, requests all bis friends and correspondents to forwaid their eoauianicatious to him through tiaruden &. Co.'s tiprest, Wall street, prepaid, or they will not be forwarded To Dye, but not to be Daatl ?$IOO to $.*>OU: I Challenge the proprietors of all Liquid Hair Dyra, or powder wb:rh is called l-quld, to a friendly tri?l and com psnson of the telative merits of their discoveries and of mine. I feel[perfectly eer-aiu thit my Com,ion id for Dyeirnr the Hair i? far sunerinr to any oiher in the world 1 profess to be a concieuti'ins man. and if the e be any article of this description superior to my Magic Hair Dye I am sincerely nitons to irnow it. Toe above challenge of $ >0-1 to S'AO ia given. the.ef re. in entire good fkith and with moat friendly feeling ol l.iinlable competition. I prefer t > meet coinpetitort at Uie Kair. anil lie trial to be made in present e of judges choseu fr<>m the Uir-cor* of the American I net i tute K PH.ILOV, 61 Broadway. Superior IJofuer?ei?typee? Viae new anode Gallery. 261 Bru.dw^ p-ored, ., ev..-ry tliinir I'lurabd undrrulrs,? decided improvement We i. w mme vecune i yeiterd\y thit liive received -.11 [he henefrs <>f his inns' recent improve rents. 'or which we prophecy \vi I be nvrirdel the lushest rewnd of merit at the cuinny Kair Plilladcl|iUla ,u{?iiU tur Um Herald, O. B> Zieber fit l o , 1 Ledger buildings, 3*1 street, uear Cheinut, where thou wnhiug to subscribe, will please leare their names Terms?76 cents pel mouth, lucludtug the Sunday pa|>er ; tt'i eints without it. Adrertiienieiiii and comuiuuicatioui lutendrd for neat day's paper, must be lel( at the ueney hv 4 o'clock tn the afternoon t o la navigation of the t'blo River Placet. Time. State of River tocitiiiati, Sept. 14 3 feet 2X inches Wheeling Sept. 10 , ,, . 4 leet 4 inches " ittsburg Sept 16 2 fuel 4X inches. t.r>11 Soi.t H . A feet 1 inch. HONKV JUllKKT. Friday, Oct. 4?B P. Ill, The stock market was rather heavy to-day, and prices fell off a fraction. At the first board Reading declined >a per cent, Harlem X, Norwich It Worcester )?. Morris Canal. Long Island, and Canton, closed at yesterday's prices. Pennsylvania 6's went up X The transactions in the morning were almost exclusively confined to Reading. At the second board there was an improvement in Reading of X Per cent, Norwioh It Worcester X. and Harlem X Reading Railroad appear* to be tire favorite tnrlf nmnnr niutrnlnra on,1 tlm mains fnr In n AV tVirea day* past, have been large. Although the commercial year that ended with August was not one of general prosperity, the amount of busi ness transacted at Cincinnati was much larger than during any preceding year. To prove this, we have only to refer to the following table of imports and exports of the most prominent articles. COMMEBCX OF CINCINNATI ? IMPORT* AND EXPORTS. Importi. 11(4-5 1S45-6. Flour, bbls 146 695 213.111 Cheese, casks 2 968 645 boles 77,236 107,(28 Lead, pigs 21,33 1 33,258 Molasses, barrels 21,773 45,769 I offee, sarkt 52,205 61,480 Cotton, bal-s 6.2(0 6,739 Sugar, hogsheads 14.046 16,7 V Flax Seed, barrels 24,838 2 3 078 Whest, bushels 445,033 419.070 Whisky, barrels 183,730 185.274 Salt 106.878 128 327 Butter 1,549 3.087 " kegs 6.413 7,646 Pig Metal, tons 8,493 11,559 Exportt. Cheers, casks **' 6(1 450 " boxes 43,627 43,525 Flour, barrels 154,147 206.082 Lard 23,102 37,317 " kegs 171,698 143.375 Bacou, hogsheads 12.980 17.2(7 " tierces 3,576 2,777 Pork, barrels 102.310 177,009 Whisky 106,392 107,201 The above figures show an"almost general increase in both imports and exports. It is proper to remark that the ioregoing list of imports includes only such articles as were brought to Cincinnati by river, canal, or railroad.; and the exports oniy inciuae me sntpments to Southern port*. The ship menu to the Eastern market!, by way of tho Miami Co. nal, a* well aa by Pittsburgh, have been much largor than in any previoui year. In addition to thia, both flat and (teamboat* hare frequently left for New Or eann without rendering an account of their crrgo, *o that the figure* under the head of " Exports" fall far short of exhibiting the'amount of produce that ha* bean shipped from thi* port. Account* from Liverpool state that a?new feature ho* arisen there in the provisionjtrade, >1 regards beef, viz., a demand for Ireland ; and this ha* developed itself in a way little calculated upon by many in the trade. The quality taken for that quarter 'is no longer confined to the inferior kinds'; during the last month upwards o* 3,000 tierces have been exported to Ireland, and a conti derable quantity remain* there bought for Irish account These purchases, though principally made in a depress ' ed market, have cleared out all the eager sellers, and have given a buoyancy to the trade ; so that there are now no sellers, unless at an advance of 8s to 10s. a tierce upon the extreme low prices. The usual government contract has been advertised for 13 000 tierces (four thou sand more than last year), restricted, as formerly, to the produce of the United Kingdom, and being an increase on the previous year, will partly tend to enhance the price of American. About 6 000 tierces have changed hands at Liverpool during the past month. The import there was 1,168 tierces, 603 barrels, 66 half barrels. Pork also, at Liverpool, has partaken in the general ad vauce of provisions ; a little demand has existed for Ire land, and prices have advanced 3s. to 5s per barrel About 3.0UO barrels have changed hands. The govern mem contract is inveniieu lur io,uw uercea, wmcn is an increase of 4,000 tierces on that of last year. The import there is 604 barrels, 100 of which are from Ham' burg We subjoin an account, ordered by the House of Commons, " of the Quantities of Cured Provisions of all kinds imported into the United Kingdom from foreign countries from Jan 6 to July 6, 1046 ; specifying the different kinds, the countries whence sent, the quantities of each kind entered for home consumption, and the quantities of each kind reexported, and whether taken for the use of the ship or for merchandise, and the place to which the same were re-exported." Provision Trade or Oreat Britaix. Half Vtar from Jan 3 to July 3, 1846. batted Salted Harm of Betf. Fork. Bacon, all kindt Cut. Cwt. Curt. Cut. Quantities imported into the U Kingdom from Russia 8 ? ? ? Drumark 233 329 |2 128 . russta 2 1,316 ? 44 t-anover ? ? 2 847 Oldenburgh ? ? ? 5 Hmisrane Towns 2,443 9,362 41 2,711 Holland 8 2 2 269 France 12 3 3 I .-spam and Portugal 23 21 4 233 U Slates t.r America 88,383 15,434 1,272 1,130 Brush settlements iu Austr lia 37 ? ? 1 Biitnh North American colonies 1,734 341 ? 2 Other parts 215 83 ? 14 Total import 93,322 27,105 1.326 6,447 From Jan 3 to March 18, 1446. Cut!. Cwt. Cwt. Cwt Quantities retained for home consumption in the United Kingdom.,.. 273 61 7 3.869 Amount of duties teceived thereon ?79 ?20 ?5 ?1,447 Half Year from Jan. 5 to July 5, 1846_ ' Ctrl. Cwt. Cwt. Cwt. Quantities re-exp'trd Irom ttie United Kingdom as meichaiid'se to Hanseatic Towns 30 2 ? '1 he Cliaunel Islands 97 38 47 Malta i6 j7 _ _ ko pt a a _ _ Western cosst of Africa.. 47 84 ? 37 C. of Hood Hope, St. Helena and Mauritius 20 24 ? 281 British tr-r. in K. Indies. 44 a a Brit, settlements in Australia 27 206 ? ? British N. Amrr. colonies 32 <79 3 British West Indira 197 197 ? 1?J Slates of 8. America .... ? 179 ? H Other parts <0 16 ? 72 Total exports 703 1,726 ? 611 From Jan. 3 to March IS, 1616. Cwt. Cwt. Cwt. Cwt. Quantities taken for ships' stores 19.140 5,957 ? 396 No account can be furnished of the quantities of foreign beef, pork, and bacon retained for home consumption, or of the quantities taken for ships' stores, since March 18, 184(1; the articles in question having been admitted free of duty since that date, and the warehousing thereof having consequently been discontinued The proportion of the aggregate supply furnished from the United States, is very great, and shows that we not only And In Great Britain extensive markets for our beef pork, Itc., but that they depend upon supplies from thir country. The trade between the United States ami Great Rrltaia, in articles of food, is yet in its infancy, and it is beyond the calculations and anticipations of the most sanguine, what will ultimately be its extent. For a long time cotton has been the principal staple export of this country, and must for many years continue greater than any other single item, but before the lapse of any great l tUL .11 mi 'i i.i I'M ! lMftWthM, thc^Mpcftttian ( ether itapU unlive tions of the courttr^AUit ipproech very near that of cat ton. At oar own nflM(ketones et cotton increase, and the consumption of lj|| raw material in this country in. creases, the expoCtiHnn of this staple will lall olf from what Las heen eidmtril for some time past as an averaye annual inc.refge, while the demand for our other agricultural productions is increasing so rapidly, and the production is s<i unlimited, that there must be an exportation second to Jhet of no other. It is our firm-belief that the exportation oi cotton from the United State* has nearly reached its maximum?we mean from the Ihtited States proper. Last year the exports were aev ml hundred thousand bales less than in the year previotM, and the prospect at present is that they will be lew this year than they wero last. This has been caused by the variations in the extent of the production, more than by any thing else, and the same ! causes will jgahl produce the same results. According to the estimated annual the production of this staple in this couMry, the crop for 1846 and '47, should be at least three ntiUun bales, whereas it will, in all probability, be less than two millions. While the exportation of cotton fluctuates seveial hundred thousand bales , ..... iroin year 10 year, in* foreign demand lor all our staple articles of l'oo:l is annually increasing a 1 irge per cent, aod a few years will sutlice to roako this part ol' our ex' port ti'udo secon 1 to no other. UUt SliK-k Klrliangr. SlOOro Teun is 66% 23 shs Krie II 11 80 : i*ooo do su4 6ox m o.. oi.i i?v 7o00 ArkwMiSi 33 20 Syrk Cttca 10?V lilnai He tl M rt Bdi 72 li) N 11 & liaR R 11 81 10009 il.. 004 72 JO .Noi M Wor ?30 3?.V 23 tl? Munis Canal 6% 73 do 38 V loO du 6W 30 Heading K R 63ih 23 Canton Co 3?% 300 do b30 03Ja v23 do >,0 301a 300 do rOO 64 300 Loot; I si K R 29% 100 do s JO 03.V 300 Harlem li It ill* Second Board. S10000 City7s, 'J7 110 100 shs Readiu* R R 66 100 shs HeaJiug It R bj 6j% 100 do sllmolOup 62 330 do btO 66 30 Farm Loan 23 V ISO do b) 66 23 1'into a Co Jufi 30 do res (6 23 Murk Wor Kit 384. 2.30 do blO 6373 23 do t8% 30 do blO 63% 100 Harlem R It s30 S1.V 100 do >12S?os 61 30 do b30 32V New Stock (exchange. 11000 Read Mtg Bs blO 72V 23 sh. Nor k Wor blO 60S 3010 do bW 72% 130 do s3 38V 30 shs Morris Can blO 7 30 do i'J .38% 30 do Bat 6V 30 do sl3 31V 30 Harlem R R b6 33V 30 do bnw 38V 30 do baw 32V 100 do b3 38% 6.30 do C 32.% 100 do Bat 383, 30 do s? 32 173 do e 38% 200 do 3IX 30 Readiuf R R Sat 03V Married, At Meriden, Ct, on Wednasdav evening, 23d ult , by the Rev. (J. W. Perkins, Mr. Wst. L Thompson, of New ! Orleans, to Miss Maria E. Leotard daughter of Jonathan Leonard, Esq., of tho former place. On Thursday, 1st inst, by the Rev. C. C. Pise, D. D , ' Wm Mukkst, Esq , of Kugiton, U. C., to Mrs. Anna M. Wade. On Thursday, 1st inst by tho Rev. Samuel O. Burchard, Joh.v Henry Girrait, to Miuths M. Comtton, all of thu city. At Trinity Cliurch, on Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 1, by the Kev. D. Whitchouse, Mr Hknrt Biiyoham, to Miss Catherine Wolvc, daughter of Mrs. Cornelia Many. Died. On board the ship Norma, from Havana, on the 23d ot Sept., ol brain fever, Mom. Aqard Marry, a French gentleman. On the 3.1 inst., Mart, daughter of the late Christopher Murray, in the 20th year of her age. The friemls of the iamily, and those of her uncles, John anj Patrick Murray, are respectfully requested to attend her funeral to-morrow (Sunday), at halfjrast 3 o'clock, P. M? from the bouee of her uncle, Patrick Murray, near the corner of Columbia and Atlantic streets, South Ferry, Brooklyn On Saturday, the 13th June, at Wexford, Canada, aged 120. Daniil Atkin, commonly called " Dan, the Blade." Deceased, during his protracted lite, contracted marriage with no less than seven prolific wives, whole children's children and great grandchildren, of vmrioua hues, grades and professions in tho social aoale, are said to amount to the number of 570, 320 maloa and 260 females. In Reading,Sept. 21, Adam Stoodaeo Clarie, in the 70th year of his age, a member of the elaaa that graduated at Yale College in 1788 At Albany, on the 2d inst., in the 85th year of his age, lather of John, William, and Joseph Gibson. InOranby, Ct., Sept 29, James Bartholomew, aged . 80 a revolutionary pensioner. At Newburyport, on the 29'h ult., Philip J. Cushijso, brother of the Hon. Caleb Cushing. The flage of the shipping in the harbor, and of the engine houses, were hoisted at half-mast on the occasion of the funeral. TO PRINTERS. j FOR SALE?A flat platten Tower Press, for book work or I newspapers. A hydiaulic Press, and a general assortment of priming materials. Apply to 1). KANSHAW, cor. of Nassau and Aim sis , New York. o3 If r 1 light barouche wagon for sale cheap. A VERY light, neat article, with light top, two cane sided seats, to carry four persons, made by (joold, Albany; m perle-.t order, and nearly as good as new cash price $121.? Apply to WOOD. lOMLINSON k CO., o3 3tis*rc 410 Broadway. ? 1 ,1 iyi|| UKV OOOOsTVANTEiJ^rhe subseniP X^jv/vrV/ber wishes to purchase 10 to $12,000 of staple Cry (Jouds, and pay one-half eash, and the balance in well selected lauds in the State of Michigan, at fair prices. All communications s-rirtly confidential. Address " Country Merchant,'' boa 1816. lower P. Oltice. o3 3tia*r nails, twine, shoe th .ead, &c. CUT and wrought Nails, Brads and Spikes. Seine, 8ewiug, Wrapping and Baling Twine. Cotton Seine, of the bes; quality, " Hopewell," and other marks. Shoe 1 hreid, green, half bleached, yellow and brown. Cat pet Warps. Cotton and K'ax. colored and plain. Oaknm, Cordage. Bale Rope, Cotton do India Twine, land 3 thread, suitable lor fishing,ke. kc. Kors leby CEBRA fc CUMING, o> lt*r 106 Pearl St. ARGUTE ou along established morning Paper of about 200 subscribers, for sale. Enquire a'. 27 West Washiugton Place, between 6lh Avenue and Washington Parade Ground. o3 It* r packing of beef, pork and bacon, j |MIE subscriber is prepared to take orders for the above j JL wo kupon the most reasonable lerms, engaging to de- ' liver the meat, put iuto his hands frssh thoroughly cured and packrd wilhiu three days, with the maximum increase of ?e>ght which packed uieatt will acquire in auy period of lime. For particular! apply to JAMES DAVISON. n3 3'*r 45 Leroy atreet comer Weat. Sr.liAKH,?Thr "Hibiueroi h*? i?tu removed to 38 illiam atreet, near Wall, and will be open an Monday the 5'h, wiih a freali and aelected lotol Srgata, put up in the same at. le a? the Chinese a-ud abroad tneir teas The object ef this nc.vel, but scientific plan, i> to preaerve the heat part of the aroma of the tooacc?, that la lo t by putting them in w ,od buses . alao to preserve hem from the damp, as it causes 'he tobarco to ferment, tendering it moat di.a it'eca le.wli le lu that state, 1 his lot has beeu parked by the hundred, so r|i t evetv body, single, or in club of two or four persona, may have the chaute n try thrm The lovers of me glmnus weed, wisouig to sm ke good Segara.juat as itiey re i uffVd at Havat a. without being contaminaird wit > the b?d flavor o the cedar hoses, as well as toe friends of lu<lu?t y and ent"pri>-r re respectfully invited to cdl as ab ve, and ex mine the Segars nd if they find the article superior to am other, to give "I he H bane,us" a 'hare of patronage and n rrtnru lit Will find alw .v. at thi house sucn 9 gars as ought to he lotind in a city like the t.antral of tne Emm e titate, .i d at pncea tower than any other place. ?3 .3 2tSalk Vi*rc UKUNptWICK: t'hbbTI.NG.i. 'T^HE Brunswick's me the heavies of all the y rd-wtde X brown ebrrtings be ng about one pound to iU yard* and h price is but a snade a ove the n.Unary n aw g ids < ouutry merchants re solicited to examine this ><rticle in eouneciinu *itn ev, ry other snnwu st>le of brown sheeting* nd -shirtings, worth cent, an I upw mis. Also a very I irge ?toca of C liou Uniting, pur up in pound bundles, and 04 bundl s o 100 lbs. m blne papers, at 5H cents to 6}<Cents, n t 7 cents per lb. These Bails are off red in small lots ?t the hu Oird hale puce Iso, Wick, Warp, '1 wine ud Wadding, at 18 and W Cedar street, hall a block above Peart street ecood Boor. 03 ll*r T. N. UNDERBILL. GRATIS. FRENCH SPOKEN-ED. CHURCH'S SYSTEM Pltht. L?>eUNs m the French Language, at the CSew Jl Vork Society Library, Broadway, corner of Leouar.l street Evenings?Monday, 5th Oct.; Wednesday, 7th, and Friday the 9th, at 8 o'cl ick, precisely. .Moos i hutch, author of the work entitled " French M-uken," having already formed two public couraea, one at 4 o'clock every afternoon and the o.her every Tuesday,'! hur d >y and Sam day of each week, at I <.'clock (evening.) w il , it (tin reque-t ol atvrral persona, lorm another evening course every Mo day, Weduesday and Friday, also at eight o'clock in tMMMlM. Mr. C ? uhing that every menAer may judge of hia aystem of imparting hia langntre ua living owe, will, before receiving any corni>eiiaatiou, give three lessons free; he will aUo deliver gia'ailoOiiy a p.mphlet containing he leaaona. u . bat each person m<yatudya: home and judge for theinaelvva before they become a member, and wiinout the leaat eaiienae. whether lliia mode of luatruclion ia according to their views The third leaion being given, the peraona who would like ro join, will li ive to pav $') in adv ince, aud the book $1 id, lor the c 'Urae of 21 leaaona, heainaiug the ilth inat. Those who haviug lud the lire le.aoaa free, would like to retire, will not hare spent an? thing. In order to avoid the incumbrance of the hall,the tickets and printed pamphlet tree ol ail expense, will be uelivered till Saturday, 3.1 Oct., from 1(1 A. M nil 4 P. M.,at the Society Libraiy Mall, Broadway, cor of Leonard at. IN B ?Noncketa or pamphleu will be delivered afier 9atnrday 3d I >ct. ___ "* H*r STILL ANOTHER TRIUMPH OVER DISEASE IN MAINE. Warren, Lincoln Co., Julv 15, 1815. DEAR SIR:?I take pleaanre in c mp.ying with your request to bear teaiimouy in .'avor ol ?our valuable medicine, naving had a daughter, 15 yeara old, very dangerously ?iok the laat year, icalmed with it. My daughter took a violent cold in Sept. 18*3 wnirh aenled on he. lungs. She waa troubled with a bad congh all winter I tried varioua kinds ot medicines, hutuon* of tbem had I lie desired effee-. The congh continned nntil March, when we became alarmed at ner condition, and applied to a, who atteuded her tome time, but did her no good We then couanltrd another, bat all to no purpoae. Having eahaualed the whole catalogue of medicines now in the land?two dunugnialied phyaieima having done their heat to restore her?we then obtained a bottle of DR WIS TAR'S B ALSAM OF WILD < HhRRV, which relieved her immedietely. After taking four bottles she wee completely restored, and now enjoya gnr.d health . JOHN LEEDS. None genuine, nnleaa signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper, kor sale by A. B. fc D S NU8. Agents lor N.York City : also by drnggiata generally throughon: the United States and Canada t>3 ItDfcWrc GREENWOOD ILLUSTRATED. TART II OF this heantifnl work it now pnbliahed, cotaining Three rxquiaite Steel Engravings? A view ol Indian Mound, with the Monnment of Dchum-me A view of Bay Orove Hill, A view of Bay Sid- Avenue. The deiciptive ma ter ooutaim an interfiling and affecting narrative ot Do-hnm-me. hy Mm Sawyer, and an original biographical akelrh of De Witt Clinton, whoae remaina temporal ify repose ia Bay ( being in contemplation to erect a suitable public monument as atnbnte to his memorv oJ 3,ia*rh R. MARTIN, tt Jolui at. ^ wmmvmm u iiu.11 h'm _ mtMmx AL'CTKWr SOTICKI. ; ! VI I I *? H, I I UL. I LARGE AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF ANTIQUITIE3. ROYAL GURLEY fc to , Auctioneers, will iell it ihe " Magatin Jspanais," 69 Dunne street, between Broad way nod Kim itreet, ou Thuradiy morning. Oct t, imt>, a superb collection of antique japan lacquered porcelain Jaia and Vases, of the richer! antds; mandr'iii porcelain dishes, fruit pistes. cups aud aaucera ol (lie lineal quality; ancient creadeu mncetain groups of figures,cups aud aaucera, ol great Kealltyi ml que f.tria nl' the Ibtli century, richly curved and beautifully painted; original ancient Venetian borarla or wiue gliaaea, of great curioaity; two inagmtii ent Jnpau poicelaiu tililra, or wash aiauda; curved and lulaid furniture, of great antiquity, and a carved ebony wood arm chair, aix fret high, and nearly three hundred vesrs old, aud in grandeur equal to any thing imjioi led into thia country. Bale positive I 11 o'clock, raiu or alitor, and now laid/ for examination, with catalogues. N. B ?The public ii general are respectfully invited to call and exi.niLe thia aa iguilicent collection of antiquities win, Iimiih rarely ro be met with. i.l6t*rc fl UUCLU/KAU, Auctioneer. HARDWARE, CUTLERY. GU,NS, AIMD PISTOLS. I UTTLE k 0: CLUaSKAU will tell thia day, at 10 o'clock, at the Salet Ho ,m, 83 William afreet, a general aatortmrnt of Hardware, being the balance ol a dealer retiring trom buaineai. vex Padlock*. Till Locka, "lue Hack Saws, Curry bomot, Lotion Cards, Tacka, tsiiuffria. Table end Tea Spoons. Shoe Knives, Rat.,r Htops, Needles, Fish Hooks, rolieh d hire lro ,s, t oimnon Knobs, Screw Drivers, Clark's Pailiaine.t Hinges, Table do , I ast butts, h lies. Sic. .also, an invoice of Pocket Bo 'ks, sightly daui-ged Vis,, ?00 llrQiliet. Tee Ii, .Nail I'aml. aud lialr '1,0 rod pai s brass 'air-1 Pistols, aaso ted sizes Also, i0 dosbie bariet German (runs. _ 1 lie whole s In will he pert mp'oiily sold to the highest oiuhit. <'a'Mlogrr-n a '1 now ror?l v. o*ll*rc U .t vv SHlKUKk', Aucti .1 * r. CI ATALOGUK S\LK rf (jhina mid Kurthfiiwart* by H. * K Wednesday. Uc*?ber 7, at 10 o'clock, t the ;*ie No. 'j fin** titei, i:etr Broadwav. a central a>?oi tint nt of tiliiFttid oilier |Ti. red. cdsed, uipr, kc , Warr, from the shelve., iu I Is ? sent mailer*. Plates', dishes, bowls, cliunlKr , e * rs, jtw*. ?e i w ?re, toilet sets, c^ii.a, Ike. Also, 40 luckttfe; <?l tss Ware ai 60 ?i-ys credit uver$M) ? Sale positive Puckages uui packing luruialieU at modern.e elm k*-s. oj u*r , W \V. SHI fwLlb V, Aucti* ueer FUKNI rUKe. 8 iLK. by H. k. %* iHard This Day, Saturday, Oct. 3,10 o'clock, at the salesroom, 5 Pine at., ' a quauiiry ol'furniture left fn>m a house s tie?cha rs, tables, beusteads, nm'resse*, lWo valuable c*ipets, 10 yards each, in fine order, Diitauim ami tiu ware; two large beef steak a-~d hot wale dishes, hat ata.uJ, and v.i> other article*. Hale plsitlvSi Ol it*r " LOST. A I'OR ol Gold Speetacle., in a steel head b<(, gaing from t o upper part of Broadway t? Jaraey City, or returning The Uniter will be amiably rewardru by leaviug Una at th it office. w 3gt WANTED. 'PWO or Three experienced "alesmen. Apply in the A e?e..:: j it JAMES BE' K St CO, oS 't'C :iJ9 Broilwav. ol 1 U/t'L'iON WAMThll BY A young man a. out do<>r clerk, assistant. or porter, in a shipping or commerci I hou*e. or in auy other tmiinraa. h.a ben, u.ed to w <rk, mil wou'd be willing to mtke him>elf useful to hi. em, loyers The brsr ,.f reference given as to rharacter and capability. A line addreaied to 1), at thia office, will be utte. ded to. ol 3ifh BOGITkeeFER; APR ACTICAL active businena man, liberally edncated, wishes to engage in tome mercaniile house st Boob keener, traveli g .g ut or it a good Hccouutanr, write, pi mi and r pidly 5is acrusinmt-d t > collecting, and seeming uiitatandiug ai counts?'as no objection to go Somh oWett. Salary moderate, if titnatiou t? permanent and muiualii agreeable It Willing to loan hit employer. |j00 or S1UOO if de.ired. sati.faetory ref-rence. giveu. Addre.t "Frank," thi. office. Communications will be confidential, ol lt*rc WANTS A Si 1 UA'l'1 ON. A STEADY active Woman as tiurte. or nurse and team.treas, who understand, the Care of children perfectly well, or would be f<>u .d a kind person to take care of an invalid lady. Mo.r respectable reference from her la.t si'Uation Please apply at .77 Pearl at., between Chatham and City Hall Place, over ihe atore. ol Jt'je opihaLvir; dispensary. MONTHLY HKPORT OK number of c sea aucue.stully treated, and discharged aa anlirely cured, at Dr. vvneeier's "pth.lmic Unpen- ! tary, No. 29 (iieeuwich street, (near the Battery,) new York Diseases cured, and operations ancceaafnlly performed from the tat of September, to the 1st of October:? iuintuitu 1U1U lore r>ea, uimneu ol tight 7 MNW ....24 Cataracta 3 IufUme i from hereditary Ahacraa of the cornea... 2 rautta $ Injartea to the eyea from K>upti?e ffei'ti na 16 accident 9 Egyptian opthalmia 2 Iucipienl amauroaia 4 ' Pneumatic " 7 Syphilitic eruption of the Eiyaipelotena" 14 eye lida 8 Gonnorrhceal S Filma and ape. ka 11 0^- I'amphleta in relation to Dr Wheeler'a treatment and eurea of diaeateaof the Eye may be gratia, at hit office. o3 SatTueilt h ira i?*r i LE r YOUR SISTER HEAD IT. ON MONDAY aeat, W. Uardurr, of 191 Greenwich at , will offer the ladiea of New York, abont $70 006 worth of Dry (ieoda of every deac. I lit ion, being the atoek of a aery . heavy eaiabliahment thtt haa lai ed in bnaineaa. Mr. U hav- ! ing purchaaed the entire atock for caah. at almoat incredible low pricea, will be able to aell auch bargaina aa were never 1 before heard of in New Yoik. N B ? Ihe atore will be eloaed on Satnrday, to arrange ! the gooda, and for g'eater convenience. The aecond floor 1 will alao arranged for the above aale. o2 2t*rh TREASURY NOTES?New Emia?ion?wanted by WM. It JNO. O'BRIEN. 33 Wall atreet, nuder the Mechanica' Bank. O"- Farmera' and Mechanica'Bank, of New Brnnawick. Notea and Uertificatea wanted. Florida funda for aale. oS lwrc FOR SALE. TO J?lTHOORAPHER^-One large iron Lithographic Printing Preaa, and two amaller onea. A nnmber of ; lithographicatonea. large and am.ilI. and likewiae all -he neceaaary apperatna anilahle for a lithographic eatabliahment, I t tie whole of which w ill be aold at a great bargain. For lu.ther particulate apply at the deak of the Heraltfoffice, corner of Falton aud Noaiau ata., between the honra of 12 and 2 o'clock Li? ol 3tia?rc ! ^JPLENDID porcelain# Yaaea and Mantelpiece Ornaaoenta, j 30 2w*rr tt Broadway. MURRELL RUNNING A SLAVE. The national police gazette, pubii.hed ?t J7 Centre street, New York city, of thi> week, Saturday, October 3d, will cumin a continuation of tbe wonder* fill eueerof JOHN A. MURRELL, the Western Land Pirate, with a spirited and finished en. graving nt his mode of " running a slave from his owner." I Also, the brilliant charge of Chief Justice Horublower, to the Jury, in the esse of K|ieueer. Foreign Criminal Intelligence.?Trial of tha Mayor of Dublin lor seducing his daughter?Pauper Lunatics?A " nwror" canght?Irish Prejudice against Corn Me >1, and Poisou of a whole Family by Servants?Murder in Parisbya husband lor the sedur ion ol his wife?Wonderful Ferocity of a Spanish Felon?Parisian Ignorance and Iriatl Jury Trial, Ac. Local Intelligence.?Rn>e by a colored man on a whi'e womau?Ahor'ioii and False Pretence by Dr. Sloat? Sentences in Ihe Sessions?Trial of Justice Drinker?The License (Question in Ki .gs County? H irriele Murder in Richmond Vs., by a husband, for alleged aeduction of his wife?Pickpockets, Mock Anctioneeis and Uamhlrra Arres'ed?Muide' Trials in Oreeac and Ou?idv countiesSketch of 'em Brow . the western counterfeiter?t rimiusl 1 ems. F.iecutio. s ouu eifeits, Fscspes Rewards, A". Editorial ? Acuuittal of Spencer?. .ililornia Kxperiitinii snd ihe New r dice?1 lie i ri.'ks mid Morals of Policy Oamb' hie?J mes T. Bathe under the Howard Hoa e? Vovrmei ta' f'J'hirves?siailrnsd epola and Pickpockets? j The Mayor and 'be Peter Funks?Philadelphia i'o ice? He- | j lease of Dr Hatch and testimony of A. M. C. Smith?J hn J , B (tough?Yates County Incest'*aae. | Pure live re t? m $1 |irr .iiiriiin l i tdvanee. n2*ih French and English co mMehc ial s< hool. 37 \|-rcer st eet - Evening classes for hn Fie eh and ( r.nglish 'ang i iges, Arithmetic and Book-keeping will com mence in the above eaiab i hmc t on Monday, ihe lib October. Tern t moderate. For pa Ii nliri, apply to S. O. KEhTt L*. Principal Tlie feeeral branches will be sriur.ielv attended to olit'rh i music rHE PIANO TAUGHT on eery moderate lerrat, bye perso . who liaa a perfect knowledge of the aci?nc*, and who undertakes to teach it thorough v. Terms. 3 dollars per month. An) person wishing to take instruction will pleas, adressa line to " Music, at the Herald Office " si# Inua'tr notice to the public. A 8 there bis hren t m'p rs >11 who lus represented himself a, II,' gent of the uodera gn.d, and as aurh has ob sin-d i rod. i . ended for turn?h i ii m<iu iiin the public fiat ii) one r-pteae ring biqiself as 'uch due ves no Ciedit; and lhar n i tiler hsndit, or ^noda of au . kind intended for 'he undertig e l. should be delivered or eutrutied to any per .on not In uished with a written outer a'gned by vito vi ri. o2 3'*'h 0' hia I ?a ful ?ttnrn?v CSV S Hnl SI' Private Da icing Academy, will opcu a n Mond y, October J at 43' Houston st . one door east ol Uroadwav Days of luiriou Miidaia and Thursdays, Ir on 3 to It P. V., lor ladies, misses and masters, and from 7 to 10 P. V., for geit'lemeu. A class will be formed from It to IIP M . f r |p tlemen. o3 Jr * r Pit I V A i r. UA.hi.IAM A>U wa '1/|NU ACAD?C M V. vn 99 Mercer stieei, the eecoud three story bulldog below Prince sr. Mr. J H Searint has the pleasure of informing his friends and the public thai h* will re-open his sch ol for the season on Saturday, (tctoher 1?. at his rrsi'lence as above. Uavs of ini'ion Wednesd iys and Saturjays, at half past three o'clock, f r young ladies and miateit 'I neaday and Friday evenings at o'clock for gentleman. Classes W ill he formed for other days to meet the conve- ; nienrr of puin.a. Ladies and gentlemtu wishing private leseoni can commence immediately Mr. 8 will ell the new and variona stylea of dancing and waltung, including Polkaa, Maznurkas, and the rr.cefuT Kedowa as ti"ght by Mont. Cr Harms utnal. A elaea egelucirely for walrging will beheld on flu'urday ereninga, commencing NoT?tnber7. >2> 3tiaMWItS"rc TO KENT PURNWIED rpanmenta for tingle gentlemen, with breakfaat and tea if required Apply at it Warren at. o3 lw?rc ______ TWO Parlora, with bed ronma adjoining, rery handaomelv furniahe J. with or withoat breakfast and tea if required. Apply at 53 Barclay atreet, corner of College Place. o3lt?r FOR SALE, THAT well known parcel of ground commonly called MBMl'B ti *RDf.iV, containing 22.1 ota of ground, being about 2?0 feet in length on Broadway about 240 feet ou Croaby atreet, and 200 feat in width on Prince atreet. For Inrther particular" apply to C. F- OShORN, olltu'N 147 Mulberry at. THE i.l.or.K HOTEL, ?6 Hroadwrwr. bri THIH HOUSE haa, dnrng the aumtner, been reivTIB paired and painted throughout, and r aa entire new farJ^JBL"i'"te It will be re-opened for Trarellerg, Ice., on Tneaday neit, the (th matant.and will be kept on the old plau of a reatanraut, with the addition of a table d'hote. A few famlnea, and tingle gentlemen can be accommodated for the winter. o3 I mere JAMK8 H. PAOE. KNOX. r? 121 FULTON HTRFET, (fun Building,) ^ JP? Deeming it nnneeeaaary to enter into particulars gpk reapeenn hia Fall Faalnona for 1140, wonld aimply at?te that hi, new atyle will ex-el in beauty, lifhtneaa. t?ate and color, any thing erer offered to the Hat wearing pnblie of the city of New Yoik. Hia pricea are aa low ai hie hata are fine. "3 wit'r Oi.D DOBS IlICHAKDs ia aatoniahing jwihe cititeua and country people with wi>nder-e^0P{f ImCat low pricea, for hia beat quality and moat feauonab.e JR nil durable Booie and Bhoea Look for BOSS RICH/alt DM, No. 325 and 324 Hndaoo comer Vandam at. N. B ?Tliouaandt of every kind to fit the foot and pleaat the mind. o3 la*i j - JP- 11 :?" * 1 S . 1 ' Hi: J AMfsicMtcim. DIStfIT OF HH LEOSARD DARK 1'meATKE ? Saturday treeing, Oct >?will fce ? pefortnrd the drama of BORN TOCJOOD LUCK? Paudeeu O llatterty, Mr Leonard; Counteaa Maliua, Mra Vernon. After which the eomedr of KING O'NF.fL?Louia -TV, Mr Davenport; CaptO'.Neil, Mr Leonard; Marchioueaa da Clermont, Mrs Mownt. To conclude wuh the HAi'PV MAN?Paddy Murphy, Mr Leouard Doora open at at half-i^* 6 o'clock, aud the performance! will eim.ueuce at 7 o'clock, lloies $1 ; lit COecute; Ual lery ii centa. BOWERY THEATRIC?Saturday Kreiui, October J? Last tiiglu of Mra Shaw?The performance will commence with the tragedy <1 EVADNK? Lud .nco, Mr Nealie; Colouo, Mr Booth; Eradue, Mra bhaw; Ulivio, Mra Madiaon. After which the drama of SIX DEGREES OK CRIME? Julio Dorniilly, Mr Clarke; Micuael, Mr Booth; Louise, Mm Jordou. (T?"" Mon lay evening, Benefit of Mra 8HAW. Hours open at 7 o'clock, curtain will riae at hall paat 7 ? Dreaa Circle, M ecnta; Upper Botea, 24 cenia; Pit acd Gallery. 12X centa PpHKLL'S OLVMTIC THEATRE ?Saturday eve meg, Oct. ?, will tie iierformed the operetta of the ALPINE MAID?Swig, Mr Holland. Alter which the fatce ol the WIDOW'S VICT'M?Mr By rou Tieuiaiue Pelham Podge, Mr Holland. Jane Chatterly, .Mra Tiuim. ' After which the musical fairv extmrar ni> i entitled TilV BKK A.NU TliE OKANtlfc TREE?King biiicki Mr I'lvk. To conclude with the ne-? farce ufTWE IKHil TIGER ?I'ddy Umi. Mr sickmtoti; N uioy Clarke. L)f * > circle JO cenL>, up, >er boles 25 Cents; pit one shilliiig. pnraie b 'les $">. I in r? open ?r 7 . >'chirk . ru t in ru-i in ti ill" nmt 7 VV AI.NL 1 " I it r.T i'riL.v Int., I'l.II. U'-.l. 1'HI A c. V MaHSHai.i., Lessee W 't Hi ik> r i??r Positively the the lot night of .VR If'.'? SAl C It I) AY EVEMMI.Octobrr 3, IWR, w ill Le perlorinrd the favour lece of DID YOU EVER 8KM) V I K WIFE TO BUR LINO ION To be followed by the drain* entitled DON OJESAK DE U \Z IN. Eoii Cmsnrde Bum Mr Wsllack After which. I'm Ui Deu* by Matter and Miss f(> ed. To ba followed by th- new tfr<tinit hi t ?? acts, enti led {gfj FUNKS I INK. F'edeti h de < hamper* ille Mr Walltck Viscount tie Cliampei ville Mr Hichr ga Vlarie Miss A Fisher M s Ylowvt. the popular American act ess. a'Comiwnrri by Mr Davenpor . will comoiet ce an eogsueoiei.t ou Monday night news on wMnh ore im Mr Leonard, the einluent Irish < oincduui, will also milse his first appaarauce in Philadelphia AR^ITSTREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA 1 W. K. Btinron Manager and Lessee Q^7" This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated in the m< st gorgeoos etyle. aud is now the most beautifnl Theatre . in the Union ,-ksBA I URDA Y. Oct 3. 1841, will be performed Shasspeare s tr gedy ol MACBET I Mnrbeth, King of Scotland ?tr Wall ck.Jr; MaedulT. Mr | Howa d; Baiquo ,<lr Hrnkim; Maleom. Mr Boweia; n.a #a... Mr 1 .else M.aaUsn.W Ik I ? ?AT - I I - - i- - 1 Hec>l?, Mrs "oward; The Three Wiichei, Mcon Barton, He,.it, end Shew. Dancing ly Oceana | OF AUr, TO MORKOW. Frederic BaronWilUughur t Mr II w<rd; Ham Mo'kus, Mr I ' Burke; Maria, Mrs Howard; Lady Spielburg, Jjl* Mr* Hughes. C7" On Monday, The Rivel Family. ! i BWtRYClWUd i Boxes, 2J cents?Child en nuder 10 hairprice?Pit, I2K cente. AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE. 1 IJIOR the accomm. datio > of families, there ia to be an , extra entertainment thia afternoon, commeuciug at 3 o'clock. I In the evening will be the final atruggle lor the champioa hin between DALE ?t McFAKLANDLEVI NORTH appeari on Monday. |o31t*re ' GRAND SACREl) CONCERT 1 WILL take place at J. PINTELX 307 Broadway, on Pun ( day evening, Oct. 4th to he cootiuued everv Sunday until further notice, when will be peiformed aelectiona from I the i CELEBRATED ORATORIOS, 1 HANDEL, HAYDN. 1 8PHOR. and MENDELSSOHN, Together with a choice (election of Sacred Solos, Glees, I < Dnetta and Chornsses from the tnott celebrated compoiera. for which pnrpoae J. P has engaged the following well known and popular artists:? < MISS J ACKSON, ' MRS SHAH PR, MR. J. LYNCH, MR. BEKGE will preside at the Pianoforte. Concert to commence at lialf past 7 o'clock. Admit- ! tance free. o3 2tis*rc : FALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. j Mr. Alexander, the Young Magician. > NOTICE.?In consequence of the severe indisposition of . Mr. A'esander, his performances must be postponed ' until Monday, Oct. 12,18IG, when he will positively appear. | og 3tis*rc CAMILLO SlVOKi'S ' rmcT ptitfePDe it Will take place on Monday, Ociobtr 5, at the l TABERNACLE. THIS celebrated must will perform the wonderful i piece of Paganini's? ! i "LA I'REOHIERA D1 MOSE."' 1 (the prayer of Moan,) upon asingle string, and the 1 CARNIVAL OF VENICE, ai written by his immortal master. 3 CT7" Tickets, SL to be had at all the music stores. OJ 4tfh i ALHAMRA, 1 1J9 Broadway, near Prince ilreet. i Ma. Ueobue Loin u. Musical Director, Mr. W. Coaatn, HHMi 1 This sp'endid, well kuown and fashiouable establishment is now opeu for the winter season, nit Evening, October 2,1846. i A Musical Entertainment will be given every evening, by i the following talented artists:? 1 Miss Seltna Murray, Miss Caroline Hiffert, Mr Austin Phil- i lips, Mr. Boulard.and MK. JOHN DUNN, the celebrated comic singer, who will iut.'oduce (for the first time in America,) Parry's Buffo Songs. THE ORCHF.STKA, . selected from Mr. (ieoge Lodrr's inimitable Band. A Sacred Concert every Sunday Evening. C7> Admission twenty-five cents, including refreshments tothe amount of oneshilliug C7"" Doors open at half past 6?performance commences at 8. ol 3trc 1 8TUYVK8AMT INSTITUTE. BKOAUWAY, ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, COTOBEH J. MR. LOVr.K, (Author of Handy Andy, Rory O'More, be. lie.) will give his third IRISH EVENING, ILLUSTRATIVE of the Nauoual t haracteriatiea. Legends ! | Superstitions, Mirth and Melody of his country, with J amusing Anecdotes, Recitations, Pathetic and Comie, and I his own IRISH SONUS, some already honored with recognition in this country, and others, as yet, unintroduced to the American puMtc. Admission, $1 Tickets to be had at the Astor House; also, at Messrs. Stodilart k Dunham's; Chickeruig's; Dubois's; Firth It Pond's; and Atw ill's Music htorea, and at the doors nchnighl. Doors opeu st 7)4 ,'clock Performance to com masse a at I and couctude shout lOo' lock. s2? lwis?r HOW Bs> Jt OO.'b N. i .MAMMOTH OIKCLS. 'PHIS on rival lad corps o' Fejiieatrians will perforin at ' 1 8i holi i te, on tha 1st Oet.;at Sche: rctaiiy the 2d; at Weal 'I-.,... ,i,- i.i ., I ,n~ r.i. .* 1'..... ,l?c.l.. j m.. C7?11iik*. n? jvt\u ?irrei. I fcclTjgMrj s*" ,WU*!S" ? OYVlNASTTC LXtRCISfca. , vv fullkk "-p'vVhir ?^'?;.7co:vn?*r?o \V . P,b"Ahi* eeiebli.hment, ? Am, .'reer .traction in Bmoklvn, or I'omf tt?wn o? -< - "UNION course, L. I.?Tuori'.N'* ei26sN4^s DU%*? *? ?" ?" "CJ' To'come off on Thur.Jor. I Y burnc. lor tro,liu?hor?ei-To com. o , the Ith of October, et 3o clock. ^ , Hnffolk. | D., enter. * '%*_ Am?K..O Apirer, enter. b t r Hunt, enter. O. SFH ] New York, Sept. 3#, IMS. , : ol"*rc _ rrvrrrrirrMTsKS OK. i ?d FROPklET^ OF o^cu . M TO LET OH LBAffK. ? \SJtfYSrte ! 1 an***r ^ ZitSlmiY I0'?*" VnomhfoIw.Von" ?APP?T I Wvrl-Z::X < 'Williams. Proprietor. I I o3 BfliTk l?*r and at Albany on thiTTT and 9th; and will p,s* down the ' wrst aide of the Hudaon Hirer, en route to New York. < Th a it tiie Largest Establishment ever organized in the ' i (Ji'iien States, comprising IV ?leu and Hones, rrqnti ing & { Carriage* to convey the pe< orinera wardrobes, musicians 4tc l he company baj attached to it Eight Female euues | triaus, anianj whom is the Oreatest Ketone R'dar of t'-e ( Age. recently arrived from Pari*. I MADAME dAKIt MA' AHTE, . 1 whose new stile of Equestrian Keats, Peculiarly her <i?i, . being chaste a id classic; her gnceful and fascinating addiesr, i ' and rnr charming n lively with winch she chains heraudence, reuilet this giPed and higoly-rdncuted urfttlr the lend ing fea ure nl rHe arena in this country The Proprietor* , reler the public to the brilliant description giveu iu the re ; ipeetive u-ws apers of the extraordinary and daring (cats erforrni d t) rln* distinguished ur/is.'e ,'.aur .lri .1 L)vector ,Ir tlO'VKS. Riding Master, Mr NIaoN nil f e uuapproeehahle Clown, D \N Kit ? j am oi^ the Performers u the celebrated uid principal Hi tier, the Napoleon of 'he Arena, Mr. HOB 8r?, whose feata or, Hor.ehack ire the most extraordinary ever witnessed, isvr nile ict of Horsemanship by Muter Nixou Olympic Kxer ! cines, by'lie wmle Company, led by the great Europe.!. 1 Tumbler. Mr. -VAI'ARTK. Wnnderfnl Keats by Mr Cole's Dogs H-stor t,id Billy. The SWISS HrtOTHEKS I ru their elegant tiyinuutic Postures and (iionpiugs Mr | Sweet as the ' hanoteer of rhoebaa Poetn'iug and Oym { nasties, by Mr Nixon and hit son Mr Howes in his Mythological and brilliant Act nf " Kauciea ol Proteus" .Vjr I C. Howes in Slack Hope Evolutions Mr. Oeo Sweet, the I celebrated Tight Kojte Dancer With a variety ot others. The whole cotnprtaiug the leading, most talented, and classic perlorfnrra in the world 79 HI" ''-S S> ' O'-' >ci* V -k v-mroolh ('--mi WbtA H & MANN'P MA.Vi.viOIH ClKGl ? PJ^HIS immense establishment, snrpassed by oo other ie th* ' 1 m. couirrv lur rnp gorKcotisueas 01 >i? co*iurn?-? niu irt)/- i ? piuga?tor the nomhrr '-t Llrutrd and accomplished eijueatriana, and for the beautiful atnd of horara?have juat eon- ! elodrd their Kutrru tour, and are now on th'ii way to thia wiciuity. Th?y will open To-morrow (Tueaday) p-veuiug. at Jersey City, when one of ttia heat aelecti na from their varied entertainmenta will be given. On Wednesday and Thara ay ihey perform at Newark Thia will be the or ly opportunity offered thia aeaaon, to thoae deairona of enjoying an iutelleetnal treat, who reaide in the places allndrd to The access they hare met with thua fir this aeaaon, haa exceeded their moat aaiiginue etiiectationa. alt r MAN AH A IT A VOCAL CLUB. Rofima 188 Chatham Sqwirc. j THF. proprietora of the above named earabliahment, deairona to keep pare with the improvementa of the age, have endeavored to trot up aomething in the ahap? ol arnuae, mei.t that cant be h-at the coming aeaaon, at.d hv an doing secore a ran i f natronagefer them. Matisfird that his ronrae will loae them no hing.but win for thrm the eatvem of II their frienda, aud at the tame time have a tendency to keen their I pnraea well atocked, their mtnda Iree from the tacg of anxiety, and in the end pilot thrm to, aud anchor thrm in a port of plenty. Kooma open every Tneaday. Thuraday and H>turday eve- ; nines, when aa good vocal and instnimrn'al mnuc will be produced, and an hoar whiled away aa pleaaantly aa at any place of tna kind in the city. o3 If J ORF.F.N It LOHF.F. Proprietora. THhKP KKTTL.L DHUMrt BALE hy JV W.^Woher, Jmporter and dealer in 1 . ') - i i I <. > -I U .1 I LATEST TINTELIIGENCE. r~ ,L , ** telegraphic. Buffalo, Friday evening. Sales ot Chicago wheat 83 cents ; Racine do 90 cents; Flour, mixed Michigan and Indiana, #4,75; Zanesville, Battle Creek and Smitbfleld Flour at #4,85 ; choice Ohio nt ?4.87 ; Cock port 95; Cheese is in good demand at 6^ cents per lb; Pork, Mess, #10 per barrel; Prime nt #7. F. H. Ruggles has been nominated as the Whig candidate for Senator from this district. by the mails. Highly Important from Washington. inrilllTIl ... TilP ??- r% . r.-r a i-, I\\J I IVI I Y l!N I nt UtrflK I IVItIN I 3. Attack on Tampico Certain. General Patterson to Lead the Troopi. The Departure of General Jesup. Washinoio.n, Oct. 1, 1846. The greatest activity prevails 11> the Wur and Nnvy Depar'uient*, among tho?e whose especial duties relate immediately 10 the preparation* tor carrying on the war with Mexico. Ttieie is no doubt that all the available strength of the nation is to he employed, until our *epublican neighbor cries Tor quarter, and consents to terms of pence Tne statements recently made, through the New York He aid, of a oontem plated attack on Tampion, is a fact now beyond question. Last June a large number of guns and thells were shipped to the Gult, from this oitv and elsewhere, to be thus made use of, if so advised by the proper department A delay of offensive operations was occasioned by the anticipated return of ?anta Anna ; but now that the administration lias been disappoin'ed in what they had a right, or a reason, to expect from him, and being unwilling to await the deliberation* of a constituent Congress, the long pent up war thunder it to have vent, that, with it# accompaniments, it may awaken the drowsy Mexicans to the " still small voice" of peace. General Patterson (at the head of five thousand men, including the seven hundred regulars from the North, to be sent under direction of General Oaines) is to advance on Tamp co with all possible speed, after the necessary provision shall rave been made for that purpose. The naval forces are, at a proper time,to unite their strength with those of the land, and thus insure success. Orders to this end were issued yesterday, but to whom it is not now material. We already have possession of a large portion oi Tamaulipas, but the entirety is to be secured. Cortez landed at Vera Cruz three hundred (rears ago with six hundred and seventeen men, and with thirteen muskets and ten small field pieces. The other deadly instruments were cross bows, swords, and spears. A comparatively easy tonquest was accomplished in consequence of he superstition of the natives, who looked on the ire arms as the weapons of the Gods. However, hey have since learned better, and may give no ittle trouble by an energetic resistance, with >owder, to the invasion of Tampico by our outliders. General Jesup, it is said, will leave the city to. morrow morning lor the south, to personally superintend the arrangements necessary to be made ["or the new point of attack. If the War Department had been wise, it would have accepted of the fleet of New York oilot boats, when they were tendered through \dmiral Maginn. Ere this, wo could have had rampico and Vera Cruz too, if we had only said :he word, and given the honor to the pilots irrespective of the jealousies of the navy. Fxlix. Washington, Oct. 1,1846. Second Meeting of the IVinnebagoet with the United Statet Committiontri?An Indian Diplomatist in the Field. Tne Winnebago delegation had a second oonference with the United States Commissioners to-day, in one of the buildings over the way Attached to the War Department. Major Andrews having stated to tlio delegation it the last conference, that it was understood by heir coming to tue seat of the government, that hey had a proposition to submit in reference to ;hr exchange ot the lands upon *Inch the / now -eside in Iowa, lor other lands belonging to the United States government? Kittle Hill, the principal orator, opened the talk :o day, by saying that they did not coine on to tftrrany proposition at all, but to hear wnat proaosition would tie made to them on the nart of heir tln'Ht Father, 'lhe agents ol the United Suites loin told the tube, that it w<<uld he the j! ject of the visit ot the chit Is to Washington, to lear, and i o to submit proposi iori8. Mr A. K I'.irris. (%ni ot the commissioners,) with some general remarks. said that the Great Father ot tne re ' men tiad b light .1 fine territory ol the K uiz is nation for tne Wiunt bagoes of Iowa li was said to be a good country, it Lay southwest ol A ssour, and west of the lands ajcepted by the*. who, coming orig nally irom the same neighborhood, Would be good neighbors m their new count.y Thntcountry was suul to lie a cnuuiy well wooded anil watered, and pl< niy ol uutl.iloes. .viajur Atidrrwa who was now be lure them, had been out there last summer, and had -wn tt.e country?and ho said it was a ve<y hae country Little Hill was indignant Hut eyes dilated? his Irtime seemed to expand, die ochre and vermilion upon, Ins face actually appi-aied to brighten. He spoke rapidly, and Willi gieat energy? li s gestures, and Ins whole hearing denoting he native orator. The hravu ol the (treat Father need not say anything more about that Missouri sountry Their young men had se?-n it; and the jommissioners must he mistaken; lor the young men of the tribe had represented that Missouri country as a poor country, and a sickly country? the natives were sickly and poor. It was a l>ad jlunate tor the Wirinebagoes. Ttieir own ooun:ry, which they now had been called to give up, they could not exchange for such a poor country is the Missouri country. They had been offered hat Mi?souri countiy three, yes lour times before, ind they had refused it. And had they known sefote they started to Washington, that tins war he country to be given to them, they would have wved themselves and their Great Father the trouble of the journey. They had refused it four times before, but perhaps their Great Father had not heard or it?perhaps the papers were lost or torn upon the way ; (an involuntary hit at tbo Postmaster General ) Now they had spoken out in the village of their Great Father, and they hoped he would hear their words. They did not want to have any thing to do with that Missouri country. Mr. Parris, in a conciliatory spirit, replied: By the treaty of '98 the Winncbagoes were notgi ven the iowa country to hold it forever; but only for a time. And it was thought by their Great Father that it would be better tor them to be given another countiy, farther awny from the evil influences of the white man With this view, their Father hud bouirht them the Missouri coun try. Mr. P. thought they must be mistaken about it, for it was said to be a hne country, kc. Little Hill said he dvl not want to bear any tiling more about that Missouri country It waa a poor country, and not suited to the Winnebagoes, who were all their lives used to a good country Me had hn^rd that their Great Fatbor respected the Great Spirit: it was to be hoped that he would not offend him in this matter. The tribe had, perhaps, offended the Great Spirit in giving away ?o much of their fine country to the white man, as they had given. The little strip they bad left they did not want to surrender for a mere tent n the wilderness, among the poor and sickly people of the Missouri country. It was useless to fey my thing more to them aoout the Missouri country ; ano thoy did not want to offend tho Great Spirit by accenting ol such a country in exchange Tor their own Hue country. The Missouri country was a poor country, and iliey did not want to talk about it. They could not ngtee to take it; and they wanted their Great Father to hear of this talk. Mr. Parris told tiiem that the commissioner* would seo their Great Father, the President, and have a talk with him, and that the commissioner!

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