Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1846 Page 2
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picking ( ion, mi/ht fa!J e".r, !-i*'".i slmrt; eivl th't. ii'i lir no probable circumstances, it was thought, could it exceed 1 it year's. These account* Iwitig mora con current than is usuellv the rase, and coming from differ ent q'l.liters, obtained ,? veiy general belief; the result wit t Urge demand in the first instance on speculation, and, subsequently. arether extensive one from the trade Prires he?e been some*het irregular. but the advance may be stated at '*1 per pound fiom the lowest point of last week, for American of the middle qualities, and the same for all qualities of Brazil, Fgy ptian and Surut The business fi speculation consists of 34,4.>0 American, 3 H.'u) Egyptian, 400 Uahia, and ll>uo Sural, and for export loll) Vmerican and 3UJ Sural : J60 bales Surinam and Baibadoos are declared for auction next Friday Lownon Corn Trade, Sept. IS?Since the sailing of the (rreat Western, our corn market ha? been less buoyant than it was for a week or two previous. Oil the 14th inat fine dry qualities of English wheat were in steady demand, ct a decline of Is in the quotations last given ? There was a fair average quantity of free foreign wheat on sale Holders were not quite so firm as last week, and a few sales were ert'ected in the secondary qualities at a trilling decline The transaction* for export in bonded qualities were confined to a few low qualities of Danzic The demand for 11 . ur was dull, and few sales effected ? The business of the 16-h inst was considerably less than on the 14th, the supplies being small of every article except wheat, of which there are fine samples from Suasex and Kent ; but the factors requiring higher price*, the stocks held by the mdlers, obtained at recent rates, appear to he sufficient to prevent compulsory purchases for immediate use, and the trade consequently has re mained nominally at the prices of the la?t market dav In foreign wheat the only business has been in interior Danzic for expor tation to Holland and France ; but the v ilne of this article does not advance, as the attention of the Kr nch, Dutch and Belgian merchants is beginning to be more lirerted to the obtaining of supplies of Indian corn from the United States Inquiries for ludian coru are becoming so general from the countries where the pot.ito crops have been lost, that this grain is hold tor much higher than the present prices notwithstanding the reported abundance of the crops brought by the Caledonia steam ship \t yesterday's market froe foreign wheat was held with great firmness. bu? the transactions were limi'ed ; Indian corn continued in good request for Ireland, but b<w cargoes on sale , while -lis is ottered for hue Ualatz, hut lew sellers to be found. Livsnroot. floss Traps:, Sept. is?Our market for grain has been stead; .and prices have still an upward tendency At our market held on the lfith inst , the dealers bought wheat sp iringlv, and all inferior qualities weic Id to -id per bushel lowerthan last quoted. There was an increased demand lor ludian corn at an advance of l? per quarter best yellow brought 44s. and while 4t>- pet 4t>0 lbs. There was a moderate sale for barrel flour at the reduced prices of Fridav last : Philadelphia brought 30s and Western < anal 31s per battel Irish flour s as Is p r sack lower than on tiie 8th inst. Vrsterday the tifide for all descriptions ef both old and new whe-t was rather languid ; but decided firmness prevailing on the part of ho -ters, the quotations are generally maintained ilthongh in the absence of any active pror o i gs in flour, importers o' Sta'es and ' tnadtan in anticipation of an extensive demand through the -easott, s??,.e equally tenacious as of lute ; in the ? 1-- effected. th*r-l'oi?, approved bran Is of 'tee re.,|j/.td 3tt to Sis an t -uch qu lit e? in bond-47s to its lid p- i bn'tel ; It xh flour at t"e same timo temaining mrs- ied Indian c- rn, being still in lively request a- d t?-w targe parcels ofl'e-ing at present, a lurthet advatu f of I- to sai estab'i to-las t'eri-by increasing out qaota' lot the I e kinds fron, 48- t 47- pet q t liter s v> h slis- Pric v Of- i 4n sits ll'St Hrly Onli Uy H, f n. *Tr An ru?t 3 j 2fi -t o 20 8 a f> t ? All tit' 1 l. I 77 3 23 .1 3" 7 9 n * 0 0 at,.-., a- 4t it 2' 'i "1 t "n lit a ? if. a n 4 u .-tut 29 4 10 >9 1 21 a I' in 79 9 33 t: 0 a Ssp't n er 49 I 1 li 21 2 32 7 411 1 :P? |t- 0 September li . 0 33 7 23 3 32 4 4<> 11 33 '0 (I U Asv r! t" -verseof the six weeks 47 2 29 2 23 4 31 4 40 n 37 1 fl 0 n..,e .. . 1- . Pr-,1 pse-ent wf*li .10 0 SO 10 30 3 0 3 0 00 Do other Brit. Col 10 10 10 10 10 100 4j? Lo'oo* September 19 Cotton --Tie demand has been pretty bri>-k since our last report .An advance in prire ha* also taken place, which ?ppe?r? tn 'e supported with consider He him ne*? tpe u'n'o ? and *hippers ore (-'till the ohb f nperator? There i" li* le on otTer, and merchant* look wi*h court'ence for better price*, ere lone, a* n Urge portion of th? present *ti? k i? held for much higher rates ; 57 hales at public, sale foI I readilv at 75a I to 35< l for very ordinary to fair, and 2?< for unmerchantable Madras however. i* not so much in reque?t anil the chief par' of 1107 hales, 2f? h?lp" a' auction w ere taken in a! 3! 1 to 35^ 1 forordinary to (eoo l fair Tinrievilly, being lute ra'cs: but have suh?eouently been sol 1 at a trill* tielow the buying In p"'~ei first clus", sea damaged. 35fd tn SJd. and second 3k4d; good f\d to fi'j 1, fully fair to 6jad per lb; none is declared lor auction The ?ah>* of the 14th in>-t were 2000 ' cle/, and to-d iy 6000 bales changed hands, and s further advance of Jd per lb was supported Metals?A steady busineisnas been transacted in Scotch Pig id full prices Several parties however, pressing sales, have can?ed ihe rr jrket to have ratner a quiet appearance b:i* the principal holdars arc firm, and demand 7As for mixed, and 77< fic for No. 1. at which rate a contract tor 500 tons i* reported, with a bill. Railway Bars have been in good demand, an l find a ready sale at about ?o cash, as elsh Iron is steady at ?8 10a for Bur an ' 100s to 110s for Big in Wales. In Swedish about 70 tons arc repor leYthis week at ?11 British Big Lead is rnthei lower f ?> Ifor American and Spanish full rata* are piuJ. r.nglis 11 ile and Cuko Copper havo declined tOs per ton. and a good business has been done ; Cako ?tS 10s and Tile ? a. 'Os. Sheets are Js'd per lb. lower. Spelter is quiet ct xlDSs on the spot and for arrival Swedish Steel has nei ti taken to a small extent forarrival at a low rate, bat for per-els on the spot no inquiry Tin Plates have been in improved request, and stiff rates are paid. Kvglish Tin is neld firmly at our quotations. Na val Steres ?Tuipentine? Spirits havo been in rather better request, and a n*e of 01 has tal en place, sales having been made in puncheons at 14s 6d to 43s, and now the latter rato is demanded. For 1,009 hbls rough lately imported 9s 3d lias been obtained, an l the market has a steady appearance 2.060 bbls have come in this week Tur?A good demand has prevailed for this article, and for 1,800 I bis. Swedish just in, about 17s has been accentual, which is rather under tha asking price of last weelr Archangel is firm at It's to 18s 6d, but not much doing. 2,102 bhls 257 half bids have ome in during the week ending September 14 Provjsions--A fair amount of business has been done in Irish butter. The trade is pretty freely supplied. and the maiket has a quiet a'pearaace. Bacon has been purchased with caution, at tne same time prices are high and tirmlv maintained. Prime small Irish continue to hud a ready sale at improved rates, line quality selling at 84s. to 90s., but for largo, and out of conditioned parcels, sales fire with difficulty made. American smoked have been sold at 45s. to liis , as is site and quality. Westphalia continue in good reauest at 58t. to <U* American Lard has been purchased to a fair extent at higher prices, a.-.d now holders are tirni, and demand 45a to 48s. for bartels, and 43s. to 50s for kegs The stock has been much reduced of lato. Kor Irish Lard, holders have confidence. and in?ist upon higher prices, w hich, in somo ins'anres, have been paid ; prime Waterfurd bladdered has brought 0-s to"4? Kegs are in good request, and prices looking up; the agon's now ask 58s to 64?. Kor Irish barrelled Beef and Pork there is rather mire demand. and prices are firm, owing to the near approach of the l.i ge goseinment rontr ct Kor American Provi isions tie market ba noi been so active this as last week, but prices are fi-mly maintained Prices in bond rule as follow : India Beef, I' 0 s to I0os per tieice of 3.1tJ lbs ? Mm 8,>s to 90s . prime tries* 75s to 80s per tictce of 304 li s ; prime meet Pork. 57s 01 to ,'.8s , ei barrel , and Ham- 4. i. j**r ou t for the best Kunher suppl es of \mioira three have arrived, and the demand is not so brisk good and One selling at 43s to 54* , and inferior end niiddli. g 35s. to 54s. Kor knglish, there baa been steady demand at late prices, but the mongers are buying sparingly, in anticipation of somewhat easier prices, as 100D e< targe ruppliat come In Foreign bad met a lair sate Tallow ? The demand is good, and prices have fur tlier advanced The home trade are inclined to increase their stocks with nil descriptions, us the coi sumption is on the increase, arrivals conlhpuing to be deficient of last > ear. and prices ruling moderate. Holders have confidence, und supply the market sparingly although seve ral parcels have come in since this day week ~ There has been a large tn<*in?ss transacted in Kusmiii on the spot, nnd at stiller rates, fine new PY. Candle bringing 42s 61 to 42s 91 undol-1 42s to 42* 3d. 'For forward delivery a good deal has been done at 49s to 42* 3d for the last three trontns of the year, indeed, for separate months, the 'ride ere compelled to pay 42s 6d for P. Y t andle The demand has hern active for home made at 4Is fid to 44*. nett cash but the market is still woll supplied, All other kinds of tallow have met wi'h attention, and brought previous improved rates. Wool.? .although the market for i>glish exhibits a better teei ng, there is not any positive advance in prices. The retes exhibit great firmness, and the demaud for most deseiipt.ons i* satisfactory, bpinners a-e making ra'ber better p-ires for yams, and acting w'th moie confidence Tli* alterations made in the American land will it i- thought, lead to an incieaee of business Ar rivals of colonial this week are only 341 bales, and fo reign JfO bates T'i.e laige public, sales of 26 ' H> b*I?s foreign ant colonial, roa.nm need on the S ti in?t?nt. mi the Hall of Commerce; there was a large attendance of buyeis Iroin the rnamifo tniing riisiiict" ?mi the prices paid are equal to the latter part of the last miio 01 sales which were an impiovetnant on the raily ones. hivrsroov M*ftKv.TS. Sept. IS-Ashes?There is animproved demand foi beth t ot and pen! gco tn 400 hbls have been taken at 23< fid to 24s. and 24s is new ally ic.piircd for lioth descriptions of the rew im or* Hntea?There is no alierst oa in pre es, and the hu.'ii es> of the week ie only to a limited extent 1700 salted Nor'h American are reported at 2fcd to Id nor lb, and 400 West India at per lb Iron - There has not been much doing during ihe last few days in this market, and, on the whole, tho trade may be consideiet rather easier evidently o greater disposition to re?li*e on the pan of holder*. lb e*ent prices ire for Scotch >n i?l,<?go ?, 76* per ton in Liverpool 04* #d to RA* lierrhart hnn ?ut heat htr* 16*. iheet* A19. plate* ?1-4 10*. rod* ?<* I V per ton, all in Liverpool. Naval Store*?The demand for turpentine i* regular at previous quotation*. A few hundred barrel* have been ?old nt s* 6d .No sale* repotted in any description of tar. American Provisions ?We have little change to notice in our market *ince oni leport by ihe I treat Western on the 14th in?t. The wea tlier h?? i-w'-i -.t I favorable in the extreme, and in tbi lataat diatncia th* harvest ts now all secured A* a Re neral remark, wh?ct i? of Rood quality, but deficient ir yield about one-filth; oai* fight, and certainly one-fourtj 1??? thin la*t season, and potatoes injured moit decided ly. and this in every portion of the three kingdom*. Ths opinion of those best informed i*, that few if any potatoel will be loti by ( briitmai. We areglad however to know at fact, that tua United States has a superabundant har vest, well <ecuied, *nd amply sufficient to meet out wants at lair prices, it the spirit of speculation do not in .uce imprudent parties to push prices too high, and thui cause a r> newal of the disastrous losses which have occurred so often of late. Of Indian corn and flour, pro -fence woul say thut it would b~ oangerous to calculate on present rate* remaining permanent. Many partic.iI?o think tha. money ere long will be much more stiingent; and thr.iiah at present it is extremely easy in Lon don, yet the Bank of Lnaland shows no further dil position to lower the rste -f mtorest, under ths lea teat railway calls alone will swallow up the surplui I apital now looking lor investment, and should this prove I unc It will have an immediate effect on all produce ? I Kice ?4W0 bal * Bengal sold at 17s to |0? for broken, ant I 141 fid to iOs |? r cwt fur middling to good white Tel I low The demand continue* to improva, and Patari I ''?lk l'.C, has bee* said at ill fid t? 44s, *?d belo* ii ! i?mur ~n | the itt'er late there era now no sellers ; AO hhda North j Amu: ,o*u, of go .d qimlity. brought at suction 4J* 6d to I 4.1* 11 per cwt; lower 1#?> rip'loiu are scarce, and much ( wanted. Lard ia rather lower. Rood to tine quality, in barrels, ia selling at 4I? 61 to 4Js; fine keg lard has been old a' 4As |>er cwt Tobacco -Sales to the present dat# about 359 hbda. consisting chir fly of Virginia and Western stiip, taken for Ireland and home trade. Prices for j all kinds may be considered somewhat lower, wi'h a tendency itiii downward* The inquiry small for every 1 description bu)eis waiting the samples ef the new. of which the lew aiieady drawn appear very fair, the Vir- [ g'nian well flavored and devoid of that mixture with Kentucky it possessed the previous importation The Western goo<l substance. pretty coloury, and fair length Wool ?There is very little moving here in the trade at present, most of the buyers being engaged at the public sales now ptogre'sirnr in I,on Ion, the accounts of which aia pretty favorable, they will last still about ten days, and the entire quantity brought forward will exceed 2 VOOO bales. hmployment is pretty general in the ' manufacturing districts, and there is an increasing deu,and for goods Moat of the mills are now working fuil 1 time. The m il ket is nearly clear of United States wool. Prices for all kinds are pretty steady. Thk Iaaow Taaox, Itc.?From a return ordered by | Parliament wo collect some Interesting items relative to I the iron trade The quautity of foreign iron imported j ! into Great Britain during the year ending the 5th of Jn{ nuary, 1846, included 220 tons of ironinpigs, and 33 402 1 tuna in bars, unwrought The value of the wrought iron and ateel brought in was ?21,197 Sweden supplied j neatly all the iron in bars that was imported A small , portion of this foreign iron wai re-exported from KngUnd The export! of British iron from the United King- I dom, in the year ending the 6th of January last, were? I 77 381 tons of pigs, 153,882 tons of bar, 10.209 tons of bolt and rod. 22.936 ton* of oast. 1 949 tons of wire. 2 974 ton* ot anchors, grapnel), Stc., 11,738 tons of hoops, 6 463 torn of nails, 66,164 tons of all other sorts, (except ordnance,) i '4,-160 tons of old iron for remsnufacture, and 7 016 tons of ; unwrought steel Pru sia, Germany, the United States, Russia, and the British North American colonies, are our : hest customers. The quantity of British hardwares and i cutlery expot ted from - he United Kingdom to the 6th of 1 ; January last, whs 3*1764 tons, and the declared value, ' ?1.163 999 The United States of Amarica took by fur ; the laigest quantity. the value being ?719 314. The i British North Amerioaii colonies received to the amount 1 of ?300 476 ; Germany of ?169.469 ; the British territones hi the Fast Indies, of AT 19.896 ; and the British j West Indies of ?60,463 The value of tho British ma- \ , chinery nnd mill work exported from the United King- , do in in the year ending 6th January last, was ?904.961. of which Russia took ?116,604; Germany, ?113 847 ; France, ?103 078 ; Spain. ?66,367 ; the British North ' American colonies, ?46 366; and the United States of I America, ?44 611 ?/.ii-ei/ioiii Times, Sip6 19. ! Hsvkk, Sept 16.?Cottons?The animated feeling that I predominated in the transactions, previous to the arrival of the Great Western steamer, was further increased im| mediately nfter receipt of the advices brought by that ve'sel, ail active impulse was given to the demand, and [ up to Thursday la?t the sales were to a considerable ex, The attention of dealers was again directed to inid: illing descriptions of American Cottons, and these, as ' well us most other qualities have experienced an ad\auce ' ol f 1 on preceding quotations, the exception to the nn proveinent being in the su|>erior grades. Ti war-is the ; eio e and up to the end of tha week, however, owing , parity to the loss encouraging accounts trom Liverpool, and parti) to the lirm a'titude evinced by holders, theie I w is not -o much spirit displayed; but this cannot be at| tiibuted to any iintavoralde feature ill tho situation of : ; things, as our stock is daily decirasing an 1 the recent , | imports me 'on ti ifling to nave any influence in the opeia- j ' tio is Ttie tiuriiies-transacted has been exclusively lor tin tra e and the reu-ous which before deteirtd spedi litoislrom coming forward * eing still moie conclusive -in e the ia'e ii?e in prices, the semand mu>t theieiuie , be expected io depend eu iiely on tne wants for con- : , sumpiioii 4 esteiday at the opening, our maikrt ex- | | 111'.lied no In w l? mine, the saiea were to a lair amount at ; ' well siippotted iaie?. and upon tha whole theie was a j I general it eling f confidence prevalent sulks i rrrcTKD. f. c. f. c. .-1419 hales New Orleans 67 0 to 87 0 I 3369 " Mobile 67 0 " 79 oO I 1664 " upland *4 0 " 60 U I aOO " New Grleans, to arrive. . ... 73 0 " 80 0 ' 44 i'ernamhuco 0 0 " lOl 0 111 Ui'6 b#l?s Ashes Since our last report a revival has taken place ! in the demand lor Vinencun I'o'ash, and prices have ad- ! vunced on pievioim quotations 4iH) bbls, purity to arrive, I i found l"i) crt Mt f 34 nO to 33 and subsequently '.'60 bhls, Celiverahle in December, wore sold at l 3a to 33 ?U per 3u kit, duty (f 8 35) paid. In I'earlash we hare nothing to notice , it it now wortb f 37 to 37 00 for consumption I The Zuiicn. liom V w Yoi k. had on board 414 bbls Pot* ; Drugs and Dv<-s - Quercitron Bark has been in goo 1 re qnestt the sale? consists of 37 casks NV Vork, Urst | brands at f 16 30, and 4M bags Raltimoi IS 60 to Id , per 30 kil, duty paid. Nothing has been in other , 1 articles Imports; ? 1M hags Quercitron .hags , Beeswax, ex Zurich, from New Vork; 6t> ge Salipe- j tre. 30 cases Shell Lar, 43 cases Dy <ules Saf- | flower, and 1700 bags Turmeric from Calci Hiiles.? j By the advices from Montevideo of 39th J e learn | that the arrivals from CorrientM Wera Computed at SuO.OOO Three vessela were on the point ol departure ' lor our port, and three others wete on the berth. 1'be transactions in our market have again been on a restricted srale, consisting of only 1600 New Vork, wet salted, at 39'i c; 480 Pernamhuco, dry salted,at 37 c; 3008 Buenos Ay ret, dry, at 83$? c to 03^ c, and some lota ol Braail and Mexican, damaged, at 41 to 70 c per half kil, duty i paid. The imports were 446 from New York, 119 bales j l ust India Kips, from Calcutta; and some parcels coastwise. It ice ?Carolina is much sought alter, but there ! bring none in first hands, prices at present are unsettled. ' The sales in second hands consist of merely some small 1 lets at f 98 to 1 38 30 per 30 kil, duty (f 1 37.S) paid A lot cf 35 tons Kast ludia, to arrive, was dis- ' posed of at f -37 for home use. We have received 3007 bags from Calcutta,which had been sold for delivery. I Tallow, See.?There has been a good demand in Tallow, i and prices have undergone an advance. The sales con- j sist of 180 casks of Russia, yellow, partly to arrive, at i f 63 30 to 60. 33 casks ditto Soap, deliverable at the end of this month, at f 39 30, and 170 casks New Vork, de- ' lirerahle up to December, at f 63 to 63 73 per 60 kil. duty : paid American I.ard bus also been sought after, and 440 hits were run oil' atf68 to 59; also 300 brls and 300 firkins, to arrive, at f 39 to 60 lor consumption. The imports were 54casks tallow, and 160 brls Lard from New York ex Zurich, and 100 casks Tallow Irom St. Teters burgh Whalebone?There lie* been ugaiu but a very limited enquiry, and price* continue to wear a drooping appearance The only lales to notice are 9 ton* northweetcru fishery at f 3 10 per half til for consumption. We <]uote southern at f 2 46 to 2 50 We received by I the Zurich, from New Voik, 899 bundles. Stock on i hand 200 tons against 120 tons last year. Wheat and Flour?A rather considotable advance has taken place iu the price of home Wheat, owing to the scanty supplies, the average of the last Monte villiers market being f 61 per sack of 20O kils, making a rise of f 2 60, on preceding quotations. In loretgn growth we have to record sales . of 2,000 hectolitres I'olish at f 67 to 69, and 1,000 heeto' litres Danish ut 1 61 60 per sack of 20O kil for home use. ! We are now bare oi American flour, which would find j [ ready buyers on arrival. Our stock of foreign W heat 1 is also quite drainedState of Trade In the Manufacturing Die tr lets. [From Wilmer's Times, Sept. 19 ] MsscHrirrs ?The sudden advencein the price of cot! ton et Liverpool on Monday, consequent upon the recent | advices from the United States. caused an exceedingly irI Tegular maiket here. Those spinnera and manufacturers I who were tolerably tree trom stocks, demanded an ad! vance equal to the increased price ot cotton; but the buyers showed little inclination to comply with the demand; and. as some parties who held stocks were willing to sell at previous rates, the business done was generally at the prices of last we k; though upon one or two articles which are in request.and of which stocks are very small, a very slight advance was obtained. Roriiaur ?We have had a brisk market and a good demand for flannels, at former prices. There is little change in the wool market to report. Hi-DocasriKLD.? We have had a dull market, and very few buyers; though business in the warehouses during the week has teeu lather brisk. In the wool trade there : is scarcely any thing doing. Lkcds.?There has been but a thin attendance of merchants at the halls, notwithstanding, the tale of such goods as have taken place have been at last week's rates. --- ?....t?....... lil<J niniiui.i.u.i.. wiiuuuc ~'"B | to order. Faeir.Hrs at Livcsrooi.. Sept. 18?Since our 1a*t rei port fisigh.* have been veiy inactive, and (treat difficulty it htill irlt in loading ship*. Kate* are nominally al la?t quoted, hut Mimr reduction hat been submitted to in seveial cases, in particular we notice shipment* of salt ' to New Oilcan", fieipht free. The supply of tonmge continue ahundant We quote for New York, dead weight, 7s to 8a; .a. then ware, 5?. hue good* 13s 6d to ! 15-: hatnwaie 10" to 13' fid ( or ton Philadelphia? dead Weight. 8?; eaithcnw are. 6?: fine goods, 30s hiitduate, .'U? Boston ?dead ? e gin. 10* to 11*; eaithenwar . 4s fil. fine good' 15 to'it's; lardware, 13s fid to 15s New Orleans ? dead weight,?*: earthenware, 5*: fine goods. Jit*, hardw are 10' vlotule ?earthenware. 10*; hsidware 35* f hai lectori?salt and coals. 6s per ton offered; earthen" arc, 6? to 7? pet ton, fine goods, 35s. The Maii.p for Eitrofk.?The Boston Transcript ol the 2<1 t>ot give* the following details relative to the mail lilt liehmil by the Cambria We learn from the Counrr that a strange mistake occur;ed at the l??t olitre ) i sn rdaj . by which a portion of tha mail intended for the t amhria was left It reems that the Sandwich mail carrier entered 'he jest office in tha morning and taking the New York mail bog jtltt arrived, for his own rharge, seized upon the former, and bore it off to tha Old Colony Railroad. The mistake was soon discovered ; an arrangement was made to keep the Cambria back for an hour or so, and Mr Pomeroy, the chief officer ol ttia po*t office started an eapreas over the Old Colony road to hring back the misaing mail. He ancceeded in reaching it, and wa* on hi* way back to the city, ant reached the draw over the Neponact river withnut &rn.l*n? Rut iK? .1 ?c a. ? ? ..i - ui?i ui me nriiigo we? oik-ii, m>u the engine and eaprea* were precipitated into the river. It ?n lortunat# that all connected were not killed. Mr. Tomeroy w?a badly injured, and waa left at Neponeet, in a critical, though not hopeleaa ntuation The other peraona connected with the expreae and the letter* of the atrayed mail, arrived in the city laat evening, the latter eery much dampened, aa well a* badly delayed by the ' untoward accident. I Since writing the above, we have heard through a gentleman who raw \lr Tomeroy laat evening, that the injuria* auatained by him were not ao aeriou* a* wee firet auppoeed. no bonea having been broken, although he , waa very aeverely bruited The letter* in the mail were aomewhat wetted, but moat of them, when dried, will be found to he perfectly legible, and will be forwarded by the packet tliip Washington Irving, which ia to eminent Monday. Thoae which are toe much inj'ired will be returned to the writer*. The letter* were all lrom New York city, and thoae eouth of there weie all regularly forwarded. 'very effort we* u?ed by the offloe here to prevent 1 any inconvenience or delay reeulting from the lirat accident, and with even tolerably good lock on thtir aid*, thoee effort! would have been *iicee?*ful I e locomotive (the Quiucy) end the itnJ'fm the nrtr thii morning, aut o( light. An attempt wm Di t mad* to raiee them at low water to-day NEW YORK HERALD New York. Sunday, October 4. 18441. Tlte Mew* from Ku?o|w?It* Political and Commercial Aapect. The arrival of the steamer Hibernia at I'oston, has placed us in possession of one week's later intelligence from Europe. It is important, both in a commercial and a political point of view.? The commercial accounts are of the greatest importance to us. The probable rupture in the tntentc corUialc of France and England on the question of the marriage of the Queen of Spain, may be of importance to us in time to come. We hnve carefully examined the accounts, and have arrived at tlte conclusion that the harvests throughout Europe have been deficient. In France the domestic supplies of grain will not sufllce for the domestic consumption,and at least two million quarters of corn in addition to the crops of that country, will be required to meet the wants for consumption. This not only cutsoff supplies from France, to meet any demand Irom Great Britain, but will require from some scuroe, a very large quantity. In the other grain growing countries on the continent, there has atso been a deficiency in the harvests; and the souices to which Great Britain has heretofore looked for supplies to make good any deticiency in her own harvests, have this year proved defective, and the attention of those engaged in this trade in the United Kingdom, must be turned to the United States for whatever they want. It has been asserted nt public meetings in England, that the surplus agricultural pioduction of this country, as great as it undoubtedly is, would not suffice to supply the deficiency 111 Great Britain and France. This is going too far; and although we look for exaggeration on all sides, it is our impression that it will not require fifty per cent of our surplus to meet any and every demand from any part of the world. The advocates and opponents of free trade, in this country and in England, take very strange views in relation to the hearing the existing high pi ices for breadstuff* has upon the principles ot the two parties. It is unother ev deuce of the desperate position the ulirus of each party occupy; and show> that they will, like drowning men, catch at straw- to i-cp their principle* above water, and to ruve tln-ir political existence. Tbeoppooe teoffiret re Iritain, ?.<v that the people liavo not realised the benefit of low prices f r br< adstnil pi utilised. They point .n ilirfu.uL nl ?rn-, ? unit .-k where are ail the boasted benefits ol iree tradel This will do very well for pol ticiil effect, and might pass very well in a stump speech, but n will have no influence with those who will lor a moment reflect upon the inconsistency ot such an assertion The free trade party men never agieed to regulate the seasons, or the harvests, and it has nothing to (lo with d. fin ent domestic production?it has merely provided lor the admission of supplies from foreign countries, in times ol scarcity. If prices are high under the free trade system, what would they have been under the old restrictions 1 The opponents of free trade in Great Britain say nothing about that. In this country the free trade party are in liigli spi ts, on account of the high prices ruling for all our agricultural products. The wlioie thing is put d< a h to the credit of the democratic party; and the ultras consider it a perfect God-send, ' at this moment, as it will without doubt have a very favorable influence upon the approaching elections. The days ol miracles have not yet pass?<l ?uin? It i? psrtrnnrrtinsirv with what effect Cer tain circumstances can be used for political purposes. The free trade party inGrcatBritain is in despair, in consequence ol the high price of food; and the free trade party in the U. States is filled with enthusiasm and excessive joy, in consequence of the advanced prices realized for our agricultural products, and the extensive foreign demand. According to their theory, the home market is abagatelle compared with those abroad; and it must be admitted that circumstances, so far, this year, have confirmed their principles. These circumstances have, however, been produced by events, over which all the politicians in creation had no control. Had it not been for the failure of tae potato crop throughout Europe, and had not the harvests generally been deficient,'prices for breadstuffs, both in this country and in Europe, would have been lower than have been realized for many years; and the opposite parties, viz: the protectionists in this country and the free traders in England, would have been in ecstacy. They would then have been at the top of the heap. However, it is an ill wind that blows no one any good, and the political geniuses ot the present day are very much in want of something to make political capital of. Even men of stable minds must have a hobby-horse to ride. Thus, high prices for food in England, may detract from Sir Robert Peel's reputation as a profound statesman, while high prices for breadstulls in this country, may immor1 ir?a V? y\Vw?rt T U/albor flip SiflPrntO ru of tho Treasury, end the leader of the free trade party in the United States. It is strange how little it requires to make or mar a man. Episcopal Convention.? 11/ reference to a report of this body, in another column, it will be perceived that Bishop Onderdonk find his friends have achieved a inost sign tl victory over the opposition. By a tremendous majority th convention passed a resolution, directing the trustees of ' the Episcopal land topay to the Bishop the sum of $2,500 annually from the 1st October next, for two years, the Bishop giving security to return the same, if some competent tribunal should decide that he was not entitled to be paid any salary during his suspension. Thus this long question is at last set at rest, aad i: is well that it is, for we expect to see at the next convention, the Episcopal church di< racted, as were the Baptist and Methodist denomiua'i ins, on the subject of abolition We are extremely sorry that this qu? s'lott lias made its way : into the church, but it lias done so, and having done so, it mu.-t be met ai d settled one way or the other. L> okout for a -lor r y *ts-ion of the next annual convention ol the Episcopal church. Post Office Mismanagement ?We perceive that there is a universal ou'cry rais-d by the press, in relation to the late culpable negligence hy which the European mail w?? left behind, oncl the letters and papers intended lor the good people of CnpeCod, were shipped to Europe by the Cambria. We regret to see our contemporr - '(>.? their temper and get in n passion, wiiyn there is no earthly use in it. We have been oinplnir <ng of grots mismanagement in the , ? i otfices for the last twelve months, and instead ol growing better it is every day growing worse. C-ive Johnson seems to look upon our complaints as capital jokes; and it would really appear that alter overy instance ol negligence and mismanagement, he went out of his way to bring about another. This being the case, we are determined in future to take things coolly and philosophically until the end of the present administration, when we may have another postmaster general. All wo can now do is hope, hope, hope. Oh that Cave Johnson would take to farming! Nkw York Lrrraas by tiik Cambria.?Th? Postmaster of this c ty yesterday received a reply by telegraph from Boston, to his application for th< restoration of the mails left behind by mismn nagement, " That they will bo forwarded to Neu York this evening," and be dispatched by th< Great Western on Thursday next. The agent ol the Great Western have announced their in [ tention of forwarding the Cambria's mailt 0 | the usual charges, pottage, fcc - ( - J - AS*. - u UL IuFiantxr from Sorrni AJuatcs ? Be the arrival of the brig Mary A. Jonoe, Gapt. Jones, <ve have received news from Montevideo to the 10th August. Mr. W. Brent, late minister at Buenos Ay res, with his lady, and Sealer Antonio P. .an, came passengers in the vessel. Notwithstanding our advices, via 1110 Janeiro, to :he contrary, wo learn, that the blockade is not yet raised. The in justice of the blockading squadron can best be shown by the fact, that from the 1st to the 13th July, anil during the month of Jane, seventy-two vessels were permitted to pass the squadron, but of these not one was American. Mr. Hood was at the camp ol Gen Rivera with i dispatches; when Capt. Jonas soiled he had not i

as yet been at Montevideo, and die inhabitants , of the latter (dace were of opinion, that for tho 1 i...... (v,? MrvUmlrt would continue. The Buenos Ayrean army had vacated Moldanado, and Gen. Rivera himself arrived at Montevideo, the 10th August, being the day on which the vessel sailed. Capt. Jones says that the prioe of hides was rising daily. He also wishes to return his thanks to Capt. Henry, of the U. S. Jgoop-of-war Plymouth, tor the many attentions received from him while convoying his vessel home. On the 29th July, Mr. Harris, the American charge d'ati'airs, addressed a letter to the Minister ot Foreign Relations, stating that he was instructed to present to the Argentine Government,in pursuance of a joint resolution of Congress on the2tith of February la?t, a copy of the "Narrative of the United Srntes Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838,1839, 18411, 1841 &ad 1842, by Charles Wilkes, E?-q , commander of the expedition and of the United States Navy." Mr Harris availed himself of the opportunity to express the very sincere satisfaction he felt ait being the medium of presenting the work to the Argentine government, not only from its real mi rit, but because it serves to illustrates the kind spirit and friendly feelings which animate the government and people of tne United States towards the Argentine Republic. The Minister, replied under the same date, uiai n. Cj. ine uovcrnor uuucpi^u wnu ujc mugi I cordial esteem such adistinguished present, which was a Iresh evidence of the Kind spirit and friend- | ly leelings which animate the government and i people of the U. S. toward* this republic, and had I ordered it to be placed in the Public Library, the I directors of which were instructed to preserve it I with special cure, and also to deposit in the ar- 1 chives of the instit tion copies ol the letter of the 1 charge d'all.nrs and of the reply thereto, as like- j wise ol the note addressed to the Argentine mm- > inter at Washington, directing him to make ! : known to the S?ecretsry of State the high sense entertained by the Argentine government of the friendly dis inction conferred upon it. 'sTlie Buenos Ayres Pa<krt says :?In consequence of the paragraph published in our last, relative to the salutes on the 4'h of July, we have been requested to state, in order to avoid misapprehension, that the Devastation had no Aureri I can flag on board, and that Commander Crouch | acquainted Captain Pennington of the circuin- j stance, and ol his willingness to hoist any nther Hag he had, which was satisfactorily agreed on, ! una the Devastation accordingly hoisted two ! Union Jacks. Hear Ye! Hear Ye!?We have received from i soine unknown individual in Michigan, whom I from his style, we take to be one of the prophets of these latter days, a communication intended for publication, but without name, date, or anything else to make it-intelligible. He has inclosed j in die letter the sum of two dollars. W e should be pleased to oblige our unknown and friendly inclined triend, but from the occult nature of the commu- j nic&tion, it is impossible for us to insert it. If the prophet will send us his address, we will remit him bis two dollars. Theatrical s. Fare Theatre.?Mr. Leonard appeared iasi evening in three piece*, on the occation of hia benefit. Hi* ] Paddy O'Raflerty, in " Born to Good Luck," wa? received with a great deal of applauae. Hi* Irish jig was capi- I tal. Mr*. Mowatt appeared a* the Marchioness de Cler- | moot, in " King 0'N*il," Mr. Davenport playing Loui* | XV., end Mr. Leonard Captain O'Neil. The perioral" j ances concluded with " The Happy Man," ii which Mr- j Leonard appeared as Paddy Murphy. To-morrow evening Mr. and Mr*. Charles Keanwill appear in the comedy of " The Jealous Wife," and on Tuesday evening in > Shakspeare'a comedy of " The Two Gentlemen of Ve- , j rona " They will doubtlea* receive a warm welcome tomorrow evening. 'I hey return from highly tuccot?ful I engagements in Philadelphia and Baltimore, where they ' | had overflowing houses. Bowert Theatre.?This great focus of attraction, ' waa again filled from base to dome last evening by the admiiersof Mrs. Shaw, who sustained the heroine in Shicl's beautiful tragedy of "Kvadne." The original de- j sign of the author of this piece was finely carried out br i ; the various performers, and Mrs. Shaw particularly de- ' serves great praise for the truthfulness with which she i debilitated her intricate part. This charming actress will again appear to morrow evening in her much ad! mired character of Julia, in Knowles' play of the I "Hunchback;'' the mere announcement of which will be sufficient to fill the house, without taking into conai| deration the numerous other attractions. I Greenwich Theatre.?The enterprising manager of ! this theatre will present to-morrow evening not only the 1 strong attractions which hare lately given so much sat- i isfaction to the public, but in addition novelties of great | strength. The new drama of the "Man in the Iron Mailt,'> which ii at preient being performed in Pari* with great j success, will be brought out with a powerful cait ofper. formers?Mr. Freer and Miss Mary Durt. sustaining the j principal characters. Alter which, the Ethiopian Minstrels will give specimens of the resl negro melodies, in i which they are so distinguished Tbe "vagrant and his Family," will also be presented : and after a dance by ; Miss Robinson; John Diamond will appear in some of his characteristic dances, which are nightly received with ! much merriment. This is a strong Dill, and should colj lect a crowded house. I Bowtsv AMPHiTHicsTaK.?The performances of Dale | and McFarland alone are sufficient to attiact crowds to I this circus. The number of somersets thrown by these i rival champions is really astonishing. These, togather | witli the gymnastic feats by Mr. Brewer, also the horsemanship. still vaulting, slack rope exercises, and negro melodies, must ensure e pleasant entertaiument to the admirers of the arena. The proprietor is using every effort to grstify his patrons as he has engaged the cele' brated l.evi North to perform bis extraordinary ai.d ' graceful leata of horsemanship on Monday evening next Howes' CiHci'i and Madame Macastk.?We learn that the excitement to see Madame Macarte, the great French female equestrian, is beyond all bounds. Our friends in Troy will have the pleasure of seeing her on | the 6th and 7th, and in Albany on tbe 8th and 9th. Our friends in the river tow ns will soon have a chance to ee this accomplished laily, hi well ai Mr. Hobbs, the J i eat trick rider, who ii in fact the belt trick rider now ifiog. He turn* four somerseta successively while riding. a feat that never hai been equalled. Howard Athenmum. Bostun. will open to-morrow evening, with Sheridan's comedy of the "Kivals" Mini Mary Taylor, Mr. (Chippendale, lato director at Nihlo'i, New York, Mr and Mn Crisp, Mr Ayling, Mr. H Hunt, Mr and Misa May w ood, and Alisa Hildrvth, are let down among the itack peifoimera. Md'lle Rlnngy, the beautiful dentrutt hni gone to Boiton she i? engaged at the Howard Atbeneum, where he will uppcn with M. Hazard, an excellent dancer, and well known in thii countiy fluilral. Castillo Sivoai ?Tomorrow, the anxiously looked for debut cf this distinguished violiniit, before an Amaii can audience, takes place, and it we mav judge of i ii reception h?ie. by the uniform success of the great mo ssrto in Europe it will he cf a character mure than ade" quatu to satisfy the warmest anticipation of hii friend* Fie cornet to us possessed of the lx>w of hia immortal master, ragroiiui; and if fame speaks true, the same genius that inspired the former owner will thrill tho hearts of In- arm MWFi auditors lit the Tabernacle to-motrow averting. \ Cxaxd Sacxkd Covcmt Ir aa.jounced for thia evening at the Alhamra, when sou.e of the richest mualcal geuis from the divine compositions of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and other m'uent compoaera of tacrad harmo pj,.? Wili be performed by a select corps of talented muticians led by Ueorge L-der, who atauds pre eminent as a director The nndonhtcd respectability of the ! estahlishmant, tiie ability of the managers, and the ex eel lent arrangements mmle to ensure good order and de coram have already stamped the reputation of the|Albunira end it will doubtless prove a most delightful eveI ning's resort to the public, and a mine of wealth to the liberal director*. Such an attractive entertainment being offered at a quarter of a dollar admission, with the choi * i.Aiiowawar ileaomi and tallies included, is ind?i?d cear co??v.N?u?i, , ? - --- < ai eurprieing m it l? novel. The eucceie of the experiment cannot be doubted even for a moment, i The 8acred Mueic Society on Friday evening elected, by their boerd of managera, Cyrna P. Smi'h, Eaq , ol Brooklyn, their Preiidrnt, in the plare of Mr. Luther B ! Wyman, who reaignaon account of prira'c bntineri which rendere him unable to iparc the necMety tim' for the dutiee of an office, which he hue hitheilo held , with iiuch credit to hituielf and (atiifaction of all inte reeted. ^ Firth h Hell have publiahed a ailad arranged for the piano and guitar, entitled " We ?Lall be Lappy yet." It will be found a valuable addition to the mueic (tend. , The enginery of law wot put in operatiou et New 9 London, the other day, for the redreee of two eomewhet I lingular grievance! in one rtee. a Mr Jedediah R Brown, wee eued for defiling a certain well of water en " tbe premieee of George Wheeler, by throwing Into it a if ltrgc quantity ol unnnmeeble and oflbneive traeh. *o that Mr. Wneelere family could not uie the watar. For tfcja I Mr. Brawn wne adjudged te pay bmo and the aaata. Nnv? from tub Wit I.hbtis?The brig P. | Souls, arrived at New Orleans on the "J6th ult., i bringing news to the 17th. Weoopyfrom the Picayune :? Tha local news from Havana, and the lalaial in general. i* as usual, of vary little importance According to what the Pirns* says about the French squadron now at Havana, the throe sail ships will remain here until the middle of October. The steamer Tonnerr had left for Vera jCrui with some important sealed despatches for the Mexican government. The vessels in port are?the frigates Andromeda and Blonde, and brig Py lades. Sonor Don Francisco Felix has been appointed Bishop of Havana, and is expected to arrive there shortly. Two Mexican oflicera arrived on the 6th ult, at Havana from Tobasco, on board the Mexican achooner Laura A irginia, for the purpose of inviting Santa An na, en the pert of the government of Tobasco, to go there, lu order to proceed to the city of Mexico. As the L V. left Tobasco on the 30th August, they could not learn of Santa Anna's departure for Vera Cruz. The Habaneras are insatiable for amusements and "dalicaciee " They are now talking in the principal circles about forming en extraordinary Casino, in real Italian style. They wish to form all the Philharmonic Societies into one ; but that teems to be earn what dilKc ult. There are at present in Havana, five Philharmonic Societies, among the three distinctions of society?aristocracy, the plebeians, and yutfe atrdio?and the number oi their members is upwards of 6,000 daily expected, ai the Theatre Principal had been thoroughly repaired, and in readineaa for the approaching ; season. The weather had experienced a great change during the fimt week of September. The excessive heat had almost suddenly disappeared, ami a cool northerly breeze had taken its place for some dayi. City Intelligence. Citt Convention.?The Convention met at 6 o'clock P. M., last evening, the President in the chair. No business was transaeted. Lilliputian Hity.?Every body has perused with delight Dean Swift's travels by Gulliver, but few are pre- | pared to And an actual lilliputian miniature of New Vork in our midst Persons of an imaginative turn of mind may realize and enjoy these scenes, by visiting Mr Delden's wonderfully accurate model of thii metropolis. Here every church, public building, private dwelling house, shed, tree, steamboat and cral't of every description belonging to this vast human hive, can be viewed in the utmost perfection. Every architectural ornament to the Corinthian capital, the cornice, and balustrade, is represented in such a uuii0e and beautiful manner, as astonishes every beholder. We are glad to perceive that this great work is being thoroughly appreciated by the New York public. The Coukt or Over ano Termineb opens on Monday. There are two or three capital cases on the calendar. Amongst which is the case of Rust for the mur. der of his wife It is thought, however,.they will not be proceeded with this term. The Circuit Court will also he in session; but short causes only will be taken up this week Superior Court ?The October term ef this court commence* on Monday. Two courts will be iu session, end the calendar up to No 16 will be called. Police Intelligence. Oct S ?Burglary.?The promi'ei occupied by Notion and Brown, limo and lath dealer*, in Welt ft near Hoboken street, vu burglariously entered lent night in the rear, by digging the earth away from under the latge iron gate, making a hole large enough to admit them, by which meant tney obtained un entrance to the office, and forcing open the desk* with an oyster knife, cariied off about $10 in pennies and silver coin No arreit. Another ?Trie thread and needle t'ore occupied by Mr. John Smith. No. 43 Amity itrent, cotnarof VVo.'ster at . win hurglarioualy entered by some expert " krarksmen" last night, through the rear window, and the following property atolen therefiom :?$30 worth of sewing silk 31 pieces of tihbon, 0 dozeu silk gloves, a lot of cotton stock- i ings, n cotton aliirt, a pair of Jnwera -J worsted damask shawls. or mote silk veils, and a lot of handkerchiefs, valued ui all at shout $100. No arrest. A Peculiar Position?Officer Durvin of the 14th ward police, di.covered about 3 o'clock yesterday morning, lying in a firm state of intoxication on tbe aide-walk in the Bowery, a Mr. John J. Carr. one of tbe late passengers of the Great Westarn. The officer at once conveyed him to the station house, and found on hi* person 81 sovereigns, 3 silver lever watches, and $8 in change. On being asked how ho came in that situation, he said he was on his way to Saratoga to his friends, but accidentally slipping off the "track." and missing bis way in consequeaca of the lamps not being lit, was the oxuse of his present difficulty. Justice Ketcham fined him $5,which be paid, and was discharged Charge of Grand Larceny.?A servant woman by the name of Bridget Penton. was arrested yesterday on auepiciOD of dealing a gold watch, chain and key, belonging to her employer, Mrs. Maria 8. Cammever, No. 41 Warren atreet. Committed for examination by Justica Osborne. Violent Ateault.?Officers Prince John Davis and Stewart, of the Lower Police, arrested yesterday a Dutchman ny <ne nume 01 v? iiiiuui a. iseumeyor, wiue ueuici, i^u. 13K.4 Greenwich street, for violently assaulting Jacob Weichhausen, with a glass bottle, inflicting several severe wounds on the head and face. Justice Osborne held the accused to bail in $1000, for his appearance at Court. J! Prrrociout Girl.?Unite a novel oase presented itself before Justice Osborne yesterday, by the aid of officer Prince John Davis, who brought into the court a young, good locking girl, by the name of Henrietta O'Neil, with auburn hair, of only 13 years of age, an apprentice to Mr. K.ugeno t-'erres, boot and shoe maker, residing in Gold street, to whom she was bound to learn the shoo binding, lor tl:c tern of three vears, on a charge made by her master fur nbscnting herself from his custody without permission. It appears from the statement of thegiil that she was not treated kindly by Mr. Kerris. and foeling disposed to better her condition, she becaire ac<|uain!eJ with a young man by the name of James Welsh, and after a short courtship, they got married on tbetlOth ot last month, at the Kpiscopa! church, VanJewater street, auJ since that time they have been living together. Mr Kerris finding out her whereabouts, causedtier arrest on the indenture, as a runaway apprentice. This case presents rather a nice point in law?to whom the legal possession of this girl belongs, to the husband or the master, Mr. Kerris A hearing in the matter will be held on Saturday next, before Justices Osborne and Drinker, to test the legality of the husband. Meantime the husband holds possession. Receiving Stolen Goodt.?Officer Stswart, ef Brooklyn, arrested yesterday one of the New York " Peters," called Nathaniel Chapman, nliat the Captain, who is employed at the auction shop, No. MJ Broadway, on a charge of receiving a gold levet watch, valuad at $?!0, from a thief called Jonn Brown, knowing the samo to be stolen It appeara John Brawn stole the watch some few weeks ago from a gentleman in Brooklyn, anl absconded to Priilndelnhia. where he was overtaken by the above offl ccr and brought back to Brooklyn for trial. Sine* hi* arrest ha confessed the robbery, and told who had the watch, which proved to be the above individual. Conveyed to Brooklyn, and locked up by Justice Garrison for I examination. Pttil Larcrniei.?Henry Hilan was arrested yesteri day lor stealing a silver watch, belonging to James I Dwyer?locked up for trial John Dunn, alias Three Angered Jack, one of tho Wi' tor street ' boys," was "grabbed" last night for stealing : a calico frock belonging to Mary Clatk?committed lor | triil. Julia Beates was detected in tho set of carrying ofT >3, ' belonging to Matthew Met ombes, while in a house of | easy virtue in Xnthony street; she was caught by officer Wooldridge of the 8th ward?locked up for trial. " nuiking a Dummy "?Quite a crowd was created around the Park fountain last evening to witness a blsck fellow balance and throw somorsets The " knucks," or pickpockets, were not very idle; for on the dispersing of the crowd a gentleman residing at No. 175 t.hatham street, by the name of Arthur Terry, had his wallet extracted from the tail of his coat by one of there lightfingeted gentry, containing about $14 in bank bills and some valuable paper , which papers, if tbey are 'honest" thieves, they will retnrn to Mr. Terry through t e post office, they being of no use to any on* except t e owner. Supposed to he Stolen ? Officer Leonard, of the chiefs office, arrested a black woman, yesterday afternoon, on the corner of Dnane and Chatham streets, having in her possession a $100 hank bill; she was endeavoring to get it exrhiinged at the brokers' office ; she said she found the hill in the street; it is supposed to he stolen and an owner is wanted. Apply to officer Leonard, at the chief's office. Ulevtmcids of Traa ellera. The "movements"are eviden'ly homewards. The hotels exhibit less of hustle than previously There Is, noveithcless a sufficient "ccession, dailv, to preserve tbe registries of each in a fair equili. rium The following constitute nearh the whole of yesterdey'e anivnls at the u i le.meuNti ed ho'els;? Asms - Btv J Calhoun. Pniladelphie; J Cooke, Vermont; Lieut Wiiffln, Rio Janeiro; R sic oy, I olnmbia; vl TV... In,, Uim ,1a l .iinin, A H.lirOUrilcT. Noifolk, J Robb^N"O;";~H7tclico< k N H. K'LamDert, Boston: C Menton, Mobile; J. P. Ad-imi. U H Coneol; M Ray won i. Albany; O. Toung, England. E Weill. Napier, E Slader J. Hall, Baltimore; K. Harrington, Wormt?r; Ed Spalding, Havana. \ Richard .on, 0 Murch, Bo-ton; H I'eiuol, Ohio; L Dole, Mat*; 8. Taleott, Washington. amrricih.?T. Ridge ley, Md; T. f lirka, U 8 A: J. Bank*. Trinidad; Col Singleton. S. Cs S. Jone*. V H. A; II Dwyer, Li; Js. Koie, < tiarletton; J Smith, N C; R tiriAn' Savannah; ?>. Rtiper, Albany; J Munroe, Mo bile; M. Adann, Boiton; W Raiiy, H Kandrick. USA; I OoHihoro, Waihington, R. Reioengler, Phila; E. Ba Iter. Baltimore. Citv ?J Catman Md; J. Terry, Richmond; A. Caah, Phila; W. Rollina, Baltimore; L. Marven, J Chiiholm, Newark; J. Lawton, Conn; J Ely, Binghampton; J. Wardaworth, Geneva; C. Rockwell, Norwich; J. Lathrop, Detroit; C. Broch, P. Cogger, Albany; Hon. J. Watera, Texaa; L. Houston. Ala; G. Wingfieid, N O; N Thayer, Boiton; O. Anderion, Savannah; H. Sergeant, Phila. FaiyaLtn.?W. (Griiwold, Saratoga; M. Houghton,. Cleveland; R Merlin. Saratoga; J. Jonei, Geneva: G, Chapman, N. S; C. Walker. New Orleani; J. Bonnell Worceetcr; E. Senford, N. O.; R Courtney, Albany; H, Harriion, Staten Island; C HpolTerd, Boiton; Mr Dunken Montreal; T. Church, Phila; W. Bohes. Schenectady; R Eaitren, Ohio; H. Syaaon, Wayne co; J. Lambert, Bridg port. Howard ? E. Llttlefield, Boston, J. Bntler,|W. Minor. Oh.o; O Furniss, Boston; M. Fanner. Phil*; E. Tyler, Mil*. E. Maxwell, Naw Orleans; 8. Richard*. Boaton; R Stewart, Tennessee; J. King, Conn; J Cuvelller, Montreal; T. Pearaon. Illinois; C. Swarton, Newport; M Tnokortnan. Liverpool; O. Murphy, Canada West; J. Walker, Ohio; H. Campbell, Rochester; H. (Jo(T ( olumbia: A. I'nnsinuult, Montreal, H Houghton,St Albans; \f. Stnbbs. do; M. Whitah, Brentford; K. Js'juitt. L Tension, Canada, L Tnppcr. Troy; Kt-v. J Bacut, Bab timoie, M. Mason, N. O; M. Brown, Boston Jt uids's?H. Prior, New Haven; l.i mis, St Louis; T. Toaea, (ieorgie; T. Whiteside, ( hamplain; J. lliifkIngham, Ohio; J Paul, Conn: C. Blower. \V Avia Boston; H. Goodman, Hadley's Falls; J De Wolfe Smith N Y; Mr. Cochran, Quebec; J. My gall, Lover, T Trott Washington Th? N w Orleani papers mention the clearance of the ahlp Admittance for the Sandwich Islands, with 1300 bales of oottea " ?g-w -. n r nwistlon, V O TII fcAT. After transacting aorne unimportant business, the Convention took up the resolution of Julgt Burnett, with tl.J amendments of Rev. Mr Forties end Mr. C. Hamilton. Judge Dim tbeu made a long aud lucid speech of an hour's duration, and concluJ?d b> offering the following resolutions aa a subatitute for all that bav been presented on the ?ubject The resolution was iu these words i ? Whereas, it is asserted en l believed by many that the gei.t nee pronounced by the highest ecclesiastical tribunal in the church on the Right ltev B T Onderdonk, suspending lain for an indefinite period from the office of Bishop and the exercise ol the functions of the m.nistry, is on its face illegal and void ; or if valid when pro uounced. it has already been cariied into full effect, end is no longer in force ? And. whereas, it has been asserted as the toiamn belief of members of this convention, that the Right Rer. B T. Onderdonk is wholly inoocent of the charges whereof he was convicted ; and whereas, upon the sup position 01 in* tram or ina u? ?m wm, u? ?nid Rt Rev B T. Onderdonk not only in l.iw, but in consuieoco, la entitled to the whole income of the Episcopal fund of this diocese, in the-eame manner as If no sentence of suspension had been pronounced :?therefore, Resolved, That the Rt Rev. B T. OnJerdonk. If conscious of his entire innocence of the charges preferred against him, and if hs shall be advised that the sentence pronounced against him be invalid, or hat ceased to be tuopeiation, is earnestly and respectfully advised to instruts the necessary prooeeding* against the trustees of the Episcopal fund to enforce the payment to himself, as Bishop of this diocese, of the whole income of said fund, and that in the even* of his success in the said suit, tale convention pledges itself that all his aharges, expenses, lie , in the prosecution thereof, shall be repaid to hun as properly chargeable to that fund. Aud he it lurther Resolved, t hat to provide the means far the support of the said Bishop during the pending of the suit so to has instituted, tha trustees or the episcopal hind snail be and are hereby authorized and directed to pay hita the iso of FiiMK). provided security shall be given to the satisfaction ot the Ehaucrllor.that the moneys which shall he advanced shall be repaid to said trustees iu case it shall be finally decided that the said Rt Rev. B T. Ondardonk la not entitled us Bishop of this diocese to the iaoonae ef the said tund, and that this convention has no laerfal authority to appropriate tha income af tha said fund to hie support. Mr Foaaas explained the original resolution. He repeated his conviction, expressed at the last convention, that Bishop Onderdonkis still it jure and it /acta Bishop ot this dioceso. IsjMr VivTon moved to strike oat the proviso which provides that the money shall be paid on security given for refunding it in case of a decision by a competent authority that it was improperly paid. The motion to sttiko out tho proviso, was taksn with th* fr?l Ina ir?ir ruciilt ? Clerical?Ay?? 2S Lay??Ayea II Nays, IK) Naya 101 Lost. Mr. Dean then withdrew hit resolution ia order to make ruom Tor a substitute. whioh Rev Mr. Forbes waa about to propose. on cue ii.ioa that tua aabatitute aheuld be recorded on the jatiatL Mr. Kobbki then submitted the fallowing : ? Resolved That the Trustee* of the kpuoopal Fund be directed to pav over to the Rt Rev. I T Oederdoak, D. D., out of the ineo-ne of the aaid land (eaoepting the portion thereof aet apart for accumulation) the sum of two thousand five hundred Rollers aunuidy, to commence from the flrat of October le4d and to continue un?it the meeti'.ig of tbia body subsequent to tha next meeting of the general convention aubieet. hewn*ar, to anv uctioo of the general assembly on the aubjeot Provided, that sufficient set urity shall be riven te the traateea el aaid tund, tnat if it ahall be hereafter determined by nay competent authority, that no part of said fbnd oetUd bo rightfully appropriated to tha anppoit of the Biaaop du| nag bra suspension. then the part of the fund ao appreprL ated, ahall Ire reltanJed to the aaid trueteea by Ute Convention, and that ha be paiJ a> the aame rate for the period from the Id ot January, IMA, to tha lit of October, 1840, whenever tha state of the fttnd will admit. J The queationon Mr Koaaas's amandtuent waa than tar kan with thin result Clerioal?Ayes, 90 Lays?Ayea 71 Na>s 97 " Naya 44 Tha Coaveation than adjournad to 7 o'cloak. P. M., when it waa callad to ordar as usual. 1 Abolition.?Mr. Hsaaiso*, the ohairmaa ef tha special i committee to whom waa referred the application of It. runups icotoreaj cuurci, iu iu iu* wmvention, submitted majority report adverse to the application, ou ttie (round of expediency. The Rot. Cv*.v M Jonnsoe than road the minority raport of the same conamitee, on the same (abject, for arable to admitting the chutch in quaniian to repreeentation. ('On motion, both report! ware ordered to be printed, and referred la the next annual Convention On motion, a resolution of thank* t* Dr. Cralghton, for hia gentlemanly , lair, and impartial, parfaraauoe of hia dutiea ai President, waa than moyad and oarriad unanimously, and on motian. The Convention adjourned tint dU. Affalri in Cmllforala. [Prom the New Orleeni Time*, dept. Ml By the arrival yesterday ef the brig P Coals, frem lie* vans, we have received our corre?pondenoe frem Pern Cruz, as well as films of papers up to tha Slat nit, whiob were transmitted by the British steamship vied way. i t* The intelligence, though anterior te that reeeived by the Princeton, nevertheless possesses some interest na indicative of the course el the Mexioan Oeverament in regard to the war Private letters state, thai however inclined 3anta Anna may be to treat with tha U. States, yet that the feeliug ot the masses is ae much opposed te peace, that he i* likely to meet with unexpected o?itacles in endeavonng to come to an amicatila arrange meat. It is represented a> his earnest desire te ceuveke Congress as speedily as possibly , and te exert kis whole influence with that body towards securing a apaedy and By tius op|>ortunity we hsvs likewise received the proclamation of Counnui ore sleat, commanding tke Pacific Squadron, to tha inhabitants of California, ou kit t?' king possession ot that provisos, from wkiah it appaara ! that the first account wa Rave of tha circumstance, suiting that the country was toraiaily annexed ta tha United | States, is substantially correct. We bespeak, for thin interesting document aa attentive perusal. to Tnc imi iiitavtb or OkLiroattia. The Central Government el Mexico naving eaigimen.-ed hostilities agaiuxt tha United States el' Aiaorie/, by invading its territory, and attacking the troosa ef the United States stationed at the nouh side af tha Ilia Grande, with a force of reran thousand ruea, under tha command of Gea. Arista witica army was teiaiiy destroyed and all their ar tilery, baggage, etc , captured en the 8th and 9th of May last, by u force of twe thentsuid throe hundred men, under the command of Gen Tayler, and the city ef viatamorai. taken aud occupied by the forces of the Unite i States. The twe Buttons buing actually at war by this transaction, I shall hoist the standard of the United Sta'es at Monterey immediately, and shall carry it ihrongheut California 1 declare to the inhabitants of California, that although : I come iu arms, with a |H>wetful I'orae. I Jo not ce ae among them as an enemy to California. but on the >u>n trarv , 1 cume as their best friend, as henceforward Culii will he a portion of the United States an i its peaceable inhabitairs will eajey the sumo rights aud privileges as the clti/ens of ?:i; other portio.i of ihst ns ion. w.tu all the rights aoi , iivnage* user nut <n jot; togethwr ith the piivit ge o: closing tbeir out magistrates atil oiherotlceia lor the admiiM?tratfon of Jiieiirr M'nuii^ uicmui?r?, 111 u? ?m rip pnnvmi?ni win bp ex'en led to ihew at :o any other btaie of the Ua.mi, they wilt alio enjoy a ptria*aent government, oader which life. property, and the ceiutr.utiontl rigitia and lawful eecurity to wo->hip the t.roa'.or lu a w iy mo?t Congenial to raca uue't ?-u? of uuty, w ii> be aecure; which, unfortuna'el}, trie Central tlovcmaeat at dexieo cannot aft'irtl them. deatroyed a- liar re*ou;?e* aro, by iDtemal taction* nu t corrupt other*, who c.-aa'n conmant revolution* to promote bet. own in'ercra. and eppreiitha people Uuoirthe flag ol t?a United dta'o*, California will be free from all audi trouble* and ex{ pcu-o*. coimequently the country will rapidly advitioe I and improve, bath in agriculture and commerce *? of cotirte the revenue la** will be the >ama in California a* in all other parte of the Cuited State* ?aflTordiag lliaai all manutactnre* and produce of toe Cuited Urate*, tree from any duty, and all foreign good* at one quarter ef the duty they now pay A gieat increa** in iho value of real e*t*ta. tha produoU of California, may reasonably be expected. With the great interaat and kind feeling* 1 know the ftovernmenl ami people of the Uoiteii S'ate* posae** t?. ward* the titixan-ot Celif i 'iU, the country cannot but improve mora rapidly than any otuar on tha Coatiaeat of America | Ouch of tha inhabitant* ot Celifortiia, whether n*tiva? or foreigner*, a* uiav nut a a ?,-><.e i t* accept tea ugt privilege ot citiieniihi, a I to Uve [leiceaidy undet the I tree government of ttio Cni'e I M a ?a will ' * allcwad ; nme to di*po'e ol then pio r y and to remove out ?f ' the country , it bey chuo e. wninnr any reairtc ton , or ; to remain in it, oftaaivnig -.. .ot nautrdity With full eor.ft tence in li.e hun-v and integrity of the | inhabitant* ot the rouotrv , I invite t-.e In igsa A nulla*, a no "the; civ.I ottlcoi*, :o return tn-ir nth n? and to eia> cute their iu ch'-ua a- hri atuiom, that tne puM.c innqaititv ma) not be di>'.uibed, at la*. until tlia government ol tne teiritoiy can be mote hefiuitely arranged. All pemun* holding title* ot real ei>W'.* nr in quiet poa?e?*ion ot land* niidoi ruler ol right, ahall hare ttioir title* and right* gar ni ead to them Ailcburcies ana >he uropeity the) contain, in po??*-ion ol the clergy ot California, ihali couliuua in *aine right* and poaee?*ion they now anjoy All piovifion* and aupplio* of every kind. furnUUed by the inhabitant* lor the u*e of the Cubed At* ahipi or troojn, will be paid tor at fair 1 ata*, ami no privata pro petty will oe utien tor punuo uae wituout juat tompenaation at the moment. (Signed.) Jom D. Bloat, Commander in chief of the U. 8 Navel forcee. in tiia Pat itio Ocean. U. 8 Smr 8?Ti*tAH, / Harbor of Monterey, J til. it lit# J Kaval Iiii?ili^MM> [From the New Oileuna Helta. Sept 14] The U 8 ?team cutter Lcgire, which hai been below for several data waa repot ta.l in the river coming np 1 laat evening. We uudeuuand that ene ha-come to thia port for the purpoae of having Borne pottion of bar ma{ chinery repaired. The revenue cutter having came up ves'erday aa far aa Kort Jackson for the purpoae ef ta| King in a frcah attpply of w .ter. We learn by a paragraph in the F.vnittg hullftin that the ?te?m frigate Mii'lMippi aaile ! from (Vnvaro'a on Tuesday, the jld invt.wiiuVi aluiitnan (Iregory *. a ptaaengoc, who ia the hearer of de-pat heatiom Washington for Commodice t onnni. Th< aam.-i ?( er??) s ibat iouih en ca<e? of yellow lever hove uecurte at the navy t ?rd at i cu?acol?. and th .t thai : ire two hur dre t invalid* at the Ho* pit via it-era? cLi. ft cav* of scurvy from the Ucriiaa and Potomac. Court nf< minoii IMrne. Full court Oct. I.?,? > C.aitlt adi. Jahn Kmt Report of rafaran confirmed with coata. .JonyK J IVut "dt. John Van iVart ? Appeal denied with *7 ceita, ?o abide th? event of the lult 1 Jvhn Bltin tit sB'.dtiw iiHfa.-V?rdl?t coafncti With ooata

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