Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1846 Page 3
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. 1'llr\t>!wi ln**Mign??e. r-,H 9* ?* Seventeenth Sunday aR#r T .i. '.y 11 ^.ix'atetnth Sunday atlrr fitriitjr. IS.? Niuet*o"ii.i Sa' .-.iy alter Trinity.?St Luke the KvsngeTv*"n'i*th Sunday after Trinity, as. St. Simon and SL J hi* e the Apostlea. ^ ^ark'e church will be re opened for divine eervic# to"tJ''y The Monthly OO'ering* will be made. lloura of vice half pest 10 A. M., ani half past 3 P. M. , The ladies of Christ church, Williamsburg, di-slmus r of aiding in the erection ol their church, proi>ose holding Kair about 'he middle of November next Donations of aui'a' le articlea are solicited. They may be le't with Mr* Reynold* lftfi Chamber* street. New York, or with Mra. Phyfe, tfc>9 U roadway, opposite Bond atreet The two following Series of Diicouraei will be delivered by the rector, the Itev. R. C. Shimeall, (D V ) in 8L Judo's chuich, on the morning and evening of each Sunday, until complete J?the first, the "Clreat Salvation the plea tor its acceptance ; and the inevitables perdition consequent upon it* neglect (The raornitig course.) ? The second, On the Viceaand the Virtobs? addressed to the Young Thit aeries will be illustrated by copious references to incidents in the li"es of the most distinguished personages of history, sacred and profane, ancient and modern. Subiect lor thi* evening, the follow mg Introductory ? T^.e advantages and disadvantages of Youth, considered relatively to the great moral conflict for doim'.jon over them, between the virtues and the vices ol 'axe age. j ur ?i .tic iiui v < uunurier, wnicn nas just been finishod the Protectant Jdpisccpal Missionary Society for fcaP".e'n, was towed on Monday, by the steamboat Pilot, ^rotn the foot of Nineteenth street te the foot ot Dey a'.raet, where it will he permanently moored Tb'j Rev. Isaac P Labagh. Missionary to the Jew s, arut'jJ ?u Saturday morning last in the packet ship Wellington, and the Rev. Paul Trapier, of ( h.irlestou, in the c ateamer Cambria, at Boston, a few days since. Clikicsi. Chuhoi-s ?The Rev. N D. Bent, from St. Thomaa' church. Taunton, Mass., to St John's church, llangor, Me The Rev. Benjamin Wright, Christ church, Sacketi's Harbor, N. Y". The Rev. Dr. Judd, , from Christ church, Sackett's harbor to Zion church, Avon, Livingston co. N. Y. The Reverend Kduiund F. Shatter, from St Peter's church, Canibridgeport, Must. to St John's church, Jamaica Plain. The Rev, Oeurge Wilde, of Boston, ha* been unanimously invited to the rectorship of Ciiace church, New Bedford, Mass. The'Rev D F. Sprigg, to Meherin parish, Rt. Rev. George W. Freeman, D. D, Missionary Bishop of the Southwost. proposes setting out for the field of his Inborn about the last of September, after which t me letters and payers for him may be addressed to Little Rock. Arkaosa*. Tbe Ilev. George 0. Mile* lias become aeaistant m>ai*ter of St Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N Y. The Rev Churl. s Reynolds has accepted a call to the vecior*h',p of Christ Church, Williamaburgh, N. Y. The P[ev Wm. Long lias been appointed minister of St. Andrew's, New Preston, Conn. The annual election of officers and managers of the ?tew Ybia Bible end Common Prayer Bociety will be held at the Church Depository, on Thursday morning neat, tbe 8-.h lust, at 9 o'clock?at which time and place the annual report of the Board of Managers will be pre> scnted. A regulai meeting of tbe Board of Trusteeajjf the Prctes'unt fcpis. Tract society, will be held at the Chuich Lieposroiy, No -JO John street, on Wednesday evening rest, the 7lh inat, at half past 6 o'clock. In <hc Church ef the Holy Apostles. 27th street, near fbh avmue Rev Foster Thayer, Rector, divine service is held evciy Sunday at hall past 10 A M., halt-past 3, imd halt pan 7 P M Sermou this evutiing, 4th instant, by The It-.-v lir. Wamwright Tbe Presbytery ol New ni L. will hold its neat semi-anniial iu< wring in Plamfield, on Tuesday, the 6;h day of October, ai 3 o'clock P M statistical reports, wriiten repoits eu die state cf religion, and sessional records, aie to be sueaented tit this meeting. The Rev. J. D L Zender, of Paris, will, with divine rsimissio*. iiold (be meeting and preach ill the French language, every Sunday, at ball-past ill o'clock A. M , iuthe Co'evmtoi > Room ot the Retormod Dutch Chuich; cntranc e iu Fulton st, near William. 1'he.atated net-ting ol the Synod of New Jeriey wil' he b /I,) at Trenton, N. J., on Tuoaday, the 20th of Octo" her, ut 8 o'clock P.M. '4'he lourth Preabytery of New Tork will meet in the Vearl street Presbyterian church. (Rev. Mr. Read's.) on Ttu aday, October 6th, at hall putt 7 o'clock P M., and be opened with a sermon by the Moderator, Rev. Dr. Adams. Tbe third Preabytery of New York will meet at tho Houston stieet Presbj terian church, corner of Thompaon street, on 1 ue-duy, tbe Gth ot October, at half past 7 o'clock P. M , and be opened with a setmon by the Moderator, the Rev. Jamea Knox. The following churches are open for pnblie worship aarh once a montu, on Sabbath evenings in the following order- 1st. Sabbath. First church (Fifth Avenue) Rev. Dr. Phillips ; Canal stieet, Rev. Hugh 8 Carpenter. 2nd hebbath, Uriveraity Place, Rev. Dr Potts; Brick church, Rev Dr hprmg 3d Sabhatb, Dusne street, Rev. Dr, Alexander; Forty second street, Rev. J. C. Lowrie , Hammond stieet, Kev W in F-. Schenck. 4th Sabbath. Futeeuth street. Rev. Dr. Suodgtass. Last 8abbath, Rutger's street, Rev. Dr. Krebt. Every Sabbath evening Manhattan Hall, 63 Houston street, Rev. B. T. Phillips. On Monday last, being the Festival of St. Matthew, divine servire was perloimed, as usual, in All Saints' Chapel, Quebec., en which occasion the Itev. Isaac Hellaauth. Pioie-sor of Hebrew and Rabbinical Li'erature at Bishop's ( ollrge, Lennoxville,was admitted to the order of priests, tbe lievetend Ofliciul Mackie, and the Reverends W. Chaderton and C. L F. Haeusel uniting with the Bishop in the imposition of hands. During the same service the following gentlemen were admitted to the order ot deacons; Mr. John Fletcher, 11. A., of Trinity tAllege Dublin, and Mr Charles forest, student of BiUhop'n College Lenuoxville. The Bishop preuchod with Special leierence to the solemnity in which ho had just been engaged, on the epistle lor the day, (2 Cor. IV, 1?6) extending his lemaiks to tbe verse succeeding, " We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us." The " Evangelical Alliance" closed iu protracted sessions in Loudon ou the last day of August. It was atBended by delegatus froin the Freo Church of Scotaud. the Wesleyau Methodist Connection, PresbyturiHI.I of ail llfifCMLitionS. lome 1 mm ?h? It'ntiihlisKcrl I'.hlimh of tng'and, from F rance, Italy, Germany and Russia, 'While iJty name from America. Amongst the delegates tho?e troui the Wesleyan Methodist, body, and the Free Church of Scotland were the most numerous. The deliberations were conducted uith closed doors, a proposition lor the admission of reporters having been formally discussed and negatived by a large majority. The Kev. Dr. Pis# will lecture in SL Teters's Church cn Sunday evening, Oct. 1 lib, at o'clock: subject, ** 1 be Pentateuch, its contents, its nispiiatiou.'' At the end of the lecturo a collection will bo taken up in aid of the Church. A regular meeting of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asy-um Society, wiii lie held iu the schoolroom attached .to St l'alnck's Cathedral, this afternoon, imme Oislely after Vespers. Those persons who received tickets for the lieu -Sit at Castle Garden and hare not yet miiue their returns, are requested to attend The names of those w ho hare settled wi'h the collector wilt bo announced at the meeting. The Board of Managers will meet otterdue adjournment of the society. A very iminn ing ceremony took place on Sunday morning .est, in the Roman Catholic Cathedral nt Montieal? the elevating to the Lpiaoopal dignity of the R>-v Mr. one ot ti e canons, who was nominated at Rome tor i he - Ih. o ol vrrlihn hop ot Oregon Ilia title is " Archbi-t up of Vv alia W alia " Seven dioceses are now formed in Oi sou. ami provisionally thioe prelates superintend tgrui the Arc'.bi-hop and two Uisoops. Tne vugrburgh Gazelle publishes a letter Irom Home 01 the 6 h nit., mentioning that the Pope had received an stili gr pit It tiei from Louis Pnllippe, containing expreesiob ot the highest esteem for Ills Holiness A latter fiom glta announced the arrival in that city, from I Cert a ot in i nty.tive ret usees who had availed themselves y o! the late amnesty They were welcomed by the inhabitants whh the liveliest joy; and tho reiugees requested the Po, e'a tinilher. Count Mastni, to express their gia itu te to His Holiness 1 he enthusiaam of the people of Komi) had even manifested itself in the fashions The Isc'i-'H in theii dresses, Itc , prelerred the Puutitical colors ot u hiie ami yellow, and the men also wore cravats of the same culuia. The Celugne Gazette of August 16th, inserts some Italian corre>|>oiidehce, stating that aeveral rates ol Italy, leeling alarmed at the liberal measure* a- opted by His Holiness, had addressed a note to the Au-iriau i.oveinnient on the subject. Tho latter, it was stated, hod insdv i"prc?enta1iuuii to Rome, and much cuiio-i'.y wait lelt in I.aly to know whether l'iu? IX. woulu long ,-er>i?t in hi* meaiure* of reform. >,gr Trcci, Bishop of Oubbio, ha* published a ?aude in which he cell* upon the cleigy and people of Li* oiocvse to enter iuto thy appropiiate leelmgs ol giati' tu. . twr the g'orieus act ol clemency display ed by tpe Mnpiema Pon'in in the act of i mne-ty ; and to manliest tho-e ireling*. hy their adheience to oruer, concord, uud si.t ui.s ioIi to leghnnate autlro, iie? He chow* thai tn tr is cut i, erely a benefit which alTrcu only the polui c. i aliialtn, but a universal benefit, putting an enu to the hi?i?H>n? ol paity.ol opinion, ol teuueucy like li e ol triump.iant charity piomu.gated by our h?v ... He reicaik*. "that in* lore of order, of neace, el puulic tranqniliiv i* enrooied in the heart of than , that we must do ? v ictattoo to nature in combatting the e principle*, and t?.at violence i*nuot last im g The feeling ol hi* Holinen toward* ine Jeiuit* may pith , ? I e guihered from a *ccne described by th.i lAano di /mi*# r?"On the 31st of July, the day iledica'ed to i?e gloiineu St. Ignatius, the founder of 'he Cuni| any ol Jo 1 nil, the Pope, yieh'ii g to the impulse of hi* devotion iovv.ida thi* gie.t hero ol Christianity, repaued to the church of iretu ; alighted at the f-ortsl ot the convent, where he wa* received by the Itev. Father RnoUiean. 1 tieuuiai of the ptou* luitituto. surrounded by all the Alumni ol the Germane-Hungarian College His Holn o?? tun ed towaid* the aitai, whereon are deposited the mortal relic* of Snint Ignatius ; there he made an act ol adore'loii ol the Holy Sacrament, and assisted at a .Mass . ceiehr.'ted by Mgr. Arpi, one of the private chaplains oi llis Holiness. Laikk prom Momtrvidro.?By the arrival of i the liaik Francis Partridge atihis port, Iroin Rio <tu Jancno, me Lxcnenge reading room* learn Irom the I supercargo that they tell in at aea with the brig Mary A. | jon> end liom the master understood that up to the time ot hi* leaving Montevideo, August 10, no arrangement bad been made between Mr. Hood, the mirister from t.ngUud, and the Buenoi Ayrean government. t Aflaire at Buenoi Ayrei and Montevideo remained without any change Mr. Hood had come down Irom JJuenoi Ay rea. and waa in the " Bueeo hii abject wae an inteiview with (iea. Onbe?would retnrn again In a few davi, At Bio ''a Janeiro but little wae doing in flour, and in rrfl -o a gbl decline w ai anticipated. should the Ameri can credit* continue to be itopiied There waa no freight to t e had at any rule, as insurance against the war risk rout I not be obtained but at exorbitant premium* 1 he nr,i<r rim I ci- <d Ain.?in-am vosmiIs in |?>rt, it w?t thoi gnt, would haie to lemMi until the icttl.-m.-ut ul the i..( wiui Mexico is accomplished ?l)altim?rr i Patriot, Oil 1- ________ The Vharlealofi Area tug iVrtra of tin* JW);h tilt 1 ,i.y? : ? We leant Horn Caiit. Brnry, of the Lark Bur'el, ai rived thia morning from I'oint Tetre, that on the ?th init. that place waa eisited with a violent hutri , Cine, which nut considerable damage in ithe interior 1 he ihtrping in lt?e harbor mltered no m.itenel injury, No ictemaenci had haan received at feint Tetre irom I V jk, uaighheriag Wands whan the lurtal Jen, Oct. a. 19*4. The Otmneratit State Oewvflffen -" f unhere" and " Barn Burnett" in Cenlett?Triumph of the " Progreeeioniitt"?" Colo" Triumphant?The " Breach " not Oimtnirhei As you have already received by telegraph, a? I am informed by the publishers here, an ou'line of the busiueea operations of the Convention, which resulted in the unanimous election ot " Cato," to head the State ticket in the coming campaign, I shall only glance over the surface?the troubled surlace of the meeting, during its long and tedious session As was expected, there were two sets of delegates sent up from Albany, Oneida, and Madison counties ; the legitimacy of whose claims to seats in the Convention, as the representatives of the true democracy, was sharply con. tested?committees from different districts having been appointed in the case of each county, by whose decisions upon the merits of the case, the Convention was to be governed. Tbo appointment of these committees, committees en organization, resolutions, address, &.c., consumed the morning sessiou In the nlWuoon, after the officers of the Convention had taksB iheir seats, the reports of the committees on delegations were heard?that on Madison county taking the lead The decision in reference to the contesters from this county was in favor of the " barn-burner " set of delegates The committee presented a lengthy writ ten report; going minutely into a history 01 too proceedings of the two branches of the democracy of that county in their local meeting*; reading decumenta, and quoting i|?echea, resolution*, tic Attempt* were made by one or two member* of the bunker branch to elfect a discussion of the matter of the refiort in the Convention, which failed, and the complaint* of uiifairne*), gagging, and auppreased discussion, were made by some. In calling the accepted delegate* forward to take their eat*, the secretary, by mistake, called the name of one of the rejected una*, (Mr. Beutlyd when he arose and said, he had been sent there " by the democracy of Madison. but hud been excluded from his teat and from fellowsiup by the will of the convention " He should ''be happy to tit with them, and to show how the principle* and rights o.' democrats had been trampled upon, but hi* mouth vii r'o?ed " (Hisses, stamping, tic ) Mr. Biscm, of Saratoga, then moved the reconsiderstion of the vote, on which one set had been received, in order to give the rejected delegates an opportunity to state theii grievances He thought the interests of the party would be subserved. by a full and candid investigation. The motion dia not prevail. Motion was ibeu made, by oneaf the accepted delega'es, that .Messrs. Bently and Stebbcns, the rejected delegates, be invited to sit as honorary members. Mr. Shkrwoop, of Orange, said he hoped " no such motion would prevail It would be adding insult to injury After rejecting them, virtually denying their claims to tha title ot democrats, to ask them to sit there as irregular democrats." (Applause ) Mr Stst*.m*. of Madison, thought the remarks of the gentleman unjust. Mr. Srr.t?o%, of Clinton, wa* " sorry to hear the gentleman from oniiige, disposed to throw firebrands into the l>ody, to inflame the feelings ef members " Upon the repoit of the committee in relation to the Oneida delegations being made, a snndar motion to invite the rejected to sit as honorary members, was made. Mr Hkhtlv, trom Madison, a-ked, " what is meant hy sitting ss honorary members, after being declared to be undeinocieUo I Would gentlemen be allowed to speak an<l defend their lights, or, were they only to be considered*, other spei tators; if the former, be knew what to do , if the latter, he sboul i decline " (Applause and hisaitig ) Mr Chookk moved that the declinature be accepted. (Qreat appntuse ) A gentleman moved the honorary member* have ail the privilege* of delegate*, except speaking and voting. (Excitement) Mr Htjxr. of Oneida, said be should not decline the invitation to sit a* an honorary member. He presumed the invitation had (wen made in courtesy and good feeling ; he should reciprocate it (Tremendous applause ) business was here suspended for the space of an hour and a half, waiting lor the cqmmitlee relating to the Albany delegation to report. They had gteut difficulty in arriving to a point. VVben they did roport. two reports were marie. Five reporting in favor of the Barnburners and three in favor of the Hunkers This opened the held fairly, and a long discussion followed? going back in interesting detail, and historical allusions to the scenes w hich produoed so much excitement in Albany county last fall and since. In this discussion, Messrs. Beach, Bailey, Jewett. Seymour and otheis participated with spirit The legitimacy or orthodoxy of each party of the democracy were descanted upon, and examined with great plainness, and frequently with severity, but without producing any discoverable con c'liation. If anything,! should judge the "rent was made worse " The delegates finally received their seats. The Barnburner portion being admitted?to-wit, John Van Buren, Peter Van Antwerp, Charles Chapman, and O H Crittenden; rejecting R W Pack bum, Abraham Verplaak, E. C Litchfield, and D. R. Jewett The entire difficulties seem to have grown out of dif ferenree relating to the authority, power and tenure of committees?the regularity of conventions held under calls by committees whose terms ol office had been considered to have expired, Sic It, Really too trifling in the view of every impartial mind, to justify so serious a rupture among high-minded men The discussions lasted until near eight o'clock in the evening, at which time the convention adjourned for a recess of an hour, after nominating Governor and Lieut. Governor. Upon re-assembling, the two canal commissioners, J. T. Hudson, of Erie, ami i.. 8. Allen, of Washington co., were nominated, and the long address was read with a string of resolutions, nearly as long A State Central Committee, consisting of Peter Caggar, Henry 11. Martin, A. C. Klogg, Win Cassidy, and 11. V. Lewis, was appointed, and the Convention adjourned at about 3 o'clock in the morning. What will be the course of the disaffected members of the Convention, on returning to thoir various localties, time will show. Whettor they will "bury the hatchet" and enter into the support of the ticket, with energy, is doubted by some It is very probable the defections will not be very extensive. Political Intelligence. The whip? of the 4th Senatorial District, in thia State, have nominated Jama N. Lake at their candidate. In Ksiex co N. Y., Orlando Kellogg ia the whig candidate for Congress. At the whig convention! of the 3d and 6th Congrea- ' sional District!, Massachusetts, Amos Abbott ana Chas. H u I son have been nominated tor re-election. In the 8th Di'trict, John Q Adama ia the whig candidate. The democrats have Dominated J- K. Hudson, of Erie, I and fomeliua L. Allen, of Washington, as candidates lor canal commissioners in thia State. Francis II. Haggles, of Cbautauque, la(te first Judge of that count;) ia the whig candidate for senator in the 8th district. James Humphries ia the whig candidate for Senator in the id Senatorial District of thin State The Liberty party in the eighth Congressional district, have nominated General Appleton Howe for Congress in opfxisition to John Quincy Adams. Mr. W. Jackson oi Newton, and others, contended that Mr. Ada in was sufficiently strongly imbued with the principles of "lilmit) ." but the convention thought otherwise. and Mr. 11. we was nominated Invltn'lons from distinguished citizens to Mr. A. K. Boyle. N r. w York, October I, 1846. Sir,?The itteut'na generally paid to i'houoarajihy by scieutlllc s< d literary |>ers<>os who hate read your works, or who h itr had the good fortune to ittend your lectures, end the pamewlar f itji witli which some or the most celebrated educationists ol Great Briiai and America resard it.?havtug ' iuirodiiced it into the schools undei their control, tnd some of them < sen r iing so ar as to predict that it will eventually sui-eiseJu the ususl mode of w ritms?make us anxious that the > uti le alould obtain firm .11 autlioriied scarce, that information on ihe subject whit It will enable them to form an oyjeim of it? un ity. B? hrving, from your position aa a representative of the American Phonographic .Society, and from the attention which yon a-e to haie given it. that yon are eminently qualified to make a clear aiiU faithful expo-iriou of ita character and claims, we reapcctfully request you to 'direr one or innre public lectures on he autject, at such time and place as mat ee convenient to you. lieapect ully, Ot o *e B. Cheever, Orville Dewey, L Br nil h, W. C. Bryaut, W. Ad iins, W. K. Williams, John linnan, Georiie P. Morns, L. Uayi. rd Clark, Henry W. Bellows Joseph O. Cogswell. Mr. Boyles raply New York, October 3, IMS. l>enilem-n ?In behalf of the Phonographic Society, I sincerely thank yon lor Vo ir liberal ai d very polite invitation, w Inch it i> car- ly ectaaary for me to say I cheerf ully accept. I h-ve accnrJtngl made ariaugemeiif* to deliver two lette-w it the Stnyeeaiut Institute : 'he first 01 Thursday, tii,' 8 h instant, and the aeeo- d on the Monoav following Kir I ar n ul ,ia, I beg o refer yon to -he arivertit' meats , I will cant to he i..seried i- the di ly pipers. I will merely ; ailil f ir t! e minrm I'lon of those vrh<. oi-y not see the adver- ( ti-rm- nla. the* at the close of he fi-ar leclu-e the whole of the andirnce will have received from me -uch inatruction, aa will enab a them la r>ad the newly printed characters fluently,?with nearly aa rnticti esse aa common print APow me more, gentleme i, to tender you my heartIcl thanks, and to suscriD myself, If our moat obedient servant, Afoctci F. Boyle. p Philadelphia Agenta for Uic Meruit!, (h BZ'eber Is Co., } Ledger Buildings, 3d street, near Chesrut, wh-re 'hoee wishing to subscribe, will please leave their uamee Terms??J cents per month, including the Bniidey paper ; 4V cent* without it. Advertisements and cmmmiinations Intended for neat day's paper, mutt be left at the agency hy I o'clock in the afternoon. t o I > NnvlgnUon Of thu ?'hlo Hlver Placet. Time Stale of River iDcmouti. 8opt 14 3 f??t SK inches ITlw...ti,>? Usui 10 a I - I pjttabutTr Sept 14 a feet 4X inch**. Sept 0 ........... ft feet I Inch. MONEY MARKET. Sntnrday, October 3?a P. IS, By the arrival of the steam ship Hibernia at Boston from Liverpool, we hare advice* seven day* later than thoae receive 1 br the Oreat Weatetn. In a commercial point of view the new* ia highly important, and rather intereating than otherwise politically. There had been a very great advance In cotton, it having reached a farthing a ponnd, which for the time i* larger than ha* 1 been realized for tho aame period within our recollection. Indian com had advanced three shilling* aterling per quarter, but floor had slightly declined. The poli'i cal intelligence will be found in full in another column, j Upon the receipt of theae advice* in Wall atreet, apecu- ' later* became very much excited, and hardly knew what to do or which way to turn. We ahall know by 1 Monday next, what effect the newa will have upon the 1 produce market* Stock* in Wall street advanced on lis** receipt of the new*, which 1* tome day* later than that recelvtd by t*a Oreat Wtatorn. Leng 1 aland want npH'i Norwtob I and Worcester Hi Harlem *. H reding *; Canton *; 1 North An^floan Truat, * with large tale* af all kind? jl'e aiuieB the currant quotations in this market tor foreign a*4 domettic exchange, fur uncurrent money, and for upMte. Kobeion ?uhiiU):> Loudon 108*., Ilia Hamburgh 321*432* rarit Jf 30,ti 27* Bremen 7l*a79 Anuterdun 38*?J9 Uomeitic Eu hitch Button..... par. * dia Mobile par. a * <lie. Philadelphia .par a * do New Orleeiu.. *a * di>. Baltimore*... * a * do Naaltvilie t\i) ilia RichinunA t a I* do St. Lou it 2 i 2W do Wilrn'tiM, NC.2 a 2 V do Louiti ille.... l*a 2 do ChvrlastKl ... 1 at* do Cuieiunatti... 2*a 3 do Savannah,,...1*a 2 do Fittaburg l,*a I* do Anguata...... I* a 2 do Detroit t?a J do Columhue... ,l*a t do Buffalo 1 alW do ApalacliiMla. .1*4 2 do Albany *a ? UltCl'KBENT Mo*sr. _ Blight at. Sold at. Bought at. Sold at. New England* dit. * die Mobile, ip pg I* dti. 1* do Alb.,Tr,>y,kc, * do * do New Orleant.I* do 1* do N Y. country. C do * do Ohio 2 do 2* do New Jersey.. ?, do * do Indiana 2 do 2* do PhilfutrlgMa.. * do par. Krutncky.... 2* do 2 do Baltimore... k do M du. Teunrtaee.. .2 do 2* do Virginia,... .1* do a do Mitaonri 2* do 2 do N. Caroliaa.. 2 do 1* do Michigan....] do 2 do 8 Carolina...1* do 1 do Canada 2* do 3* do tieorgia 1* do 1 do Quotatiok* roa Bracts. I'tr cent. Value. Amer. gold, old. .106 a 106* Carol oa dollars. .104 a 106 do do new..100 a 100* Fire franca 93*a 94 Half dollara par a 100Duublooua 12 20 a 16 32 Porluguete gold. .100 a 100* Do patriot.. 12 22 a 12 72 , Spanish dollar*. ..103 a 101 Sovereigns 4 86 a 4 87 do qn-iters.. .99 a 100 Do light 4 82 a 4 85 Mexican (loiters. .100 ** 1004$ Heavy guineas 5 oO a ? ? do quartan. ..#9 a 100 Nspuleons.... 3 81 a ? ? Quotations for sterling exchange for the past weak or two have been ateodlly declining. By the packet of the lat and 16th of September, the ruling ratea were 9)$ a 91* per cent promtam, while aalei of prime billi by the packet of the lat inatant, were made at 8k'o9 percent premium, and the tendency i? towards a further decline There ia very little inquiry as yet, for the packet of the 6th Oct?the Greet Western?but from the extent of the orders which she brought out for shipments of our breadstud's, and the large exportations almost daily made of our agricultural products, we should judge that the quotations for sterling exchange would steadily fall off, until they reached a lower point than has been realized for a long time. There is very little doing in domestic exchange, and it is necessary to remark, that our quotations cannot be 1 considered otherwise than nominal. Uncurrent money is very plenty is the street, which is pretty good evidence that the oountry merchants coming to the city , aro pretty wtll freighted with funds. There are no movements going on in specie, either in the way of im. portation or exportation. We annex the returns of tha receipts on the Erie Railroad for the month of September, this year and last. It will be perceived that there has been a very respectable increase this year. New Voaa ard Eaix Railroad. 1846. Sept?From freight. $12,101 96 " " Passengers and mail 8.260 91 Total .7.$18,332 99 Same time last year. 16 666 92 Increase. $'J,746 97 This increase is equal to about seventeen per centThis looks well, and must be highly satisfactory to the friends of, and those interested in this importsunt entor: prise. The following is the article on currency and banking as agreed to by the convention, now in aesaion, for IDC uiiwruuou HI uic uuutuiuuuu ui iuu ouiie .? %1. The Legislature shall have no power to pass any act granting special charter* for banking purpoiea 5 but association* mn> be formed for rack purposes under general laws. 1)2. The Legislature shall have no power to pass any law sanctioning in any manner, .directly or indirectly, 1 the suspension of specie payments, by any person, association, or corporation, issuing bank notes of any description ^ 3 The Legislature shall provide by law for the reg! istry of all bills or notes, issued or put in circulation as money, and shall require ample security for the redemption of the same in specie fj 4. The stockholders in every corporation and joint stock association for banking purposes, issuing bank notes or any kind of paper credits to circulates* money, after the first day of January, 1850, (hall be individually responsible to . the amount of their respective share or shares of stock in any such corporation or association, for all it* debt* and liabilities of every kind, contracted after the said first day of January, 1860 ij 6. In case of the insolvency of any bank or banking association, the bill-holders thereof shall be entitled to preference in payment, over all other creditors of such bank or association. The quantity of certain articles exported from this port, for the week ending the 3d inst., was as annexed. Commerce of the Post ok New York?Weekly ex- I roRTt. To Britaiis.?Cotton, 1 338 bales; Pork, 446 ! barrels; Cheeso, 36,675 pounds; Flour, 12,660 barrels; ' Wheat. 47.296 buthels; Corn, 31.801 bushels; Lard, 329,130 |a>unds; Tobacco, manuf 9,h31 pounds; Corn >1eal, 685 barrels; Beans, 910 bushels; Hemp, 117 bales; Leather, 3,500 pounds; Tsr, 600 barrels; Butter, 9,670 pounds; Sperm OU, 7.905 gallons; Hice, US,213 pounds; Tallow, 30,329 pounds; Beef, 30 tiercel; Beef, 28 barrels; Hides, 3l.UOO pounds; Staves, 2,400 M.; Wool, 81 bales; Apples, 626 barrels. To Fsaisck.? IUcs, 102,170 pounds; Flour, 3,329 barrels; Tallow, 135,082 pounds; Provisions, 1.000 barrels; Cotton, 439 bales; Ashes, 24 barrels; Lard, 31,028pounds; Hops, 4,697 pounds. To St. Domcoo?Flour, 360 barrels; Flour, 60 half barrels; Rice. 7 929 pollnds; Cheese. 1.436 rounds: Beef. 30 barrels; Hams, 1 300 pounds; Butter, 1,400 pounds; ! Lard, 4,303 pounds; Pork, 244 barrels; Dry Fish, 19,400 I pounds. To British West Indies?Flour, 1,943 barrels; Corn Meal, 120 barrels; Terk, 310 barrels; Beef, 30 barrels; Corn, 1,15-2 bushels; Lard, 1,096 pounds; Cheese, 1,634 Hay, 78 bale*. Live Stock?Sheep, 323. To Banish West Indies.?Rice, 10,108 pounds; Dry Fish, 14 000 pounds; Cheese, 630 pounds; Butter, 3,757 pounds; Lard, 1,100 pounds; Flour, aOo barrels. To SrsNisH West Indies?Flour, 30 barrels; Haras, 1 305 pounds; Butter, 3,138 pounds; Pork, 80 barrels; Cheese, 9 495 pounds, Rice, 0,829 pounds; Haddock, 14,140 pounds; Lard, 19,600 pounds. To British North American Colonies.?Flour. 2,930 barrels; Beof, 325 barrels; Rye Flour, 350 barrels; Pork, 175 barrels; Butter, 13,786 pounds; Corn Meal, 90 barrels; Wheat, 1,721 bushels. Old Mock Kxrhange. , $6000 U 8 3's, coupon 96% 850 shs Harlem RR 52% 5000 Kentucky 6's 995$ 150 do slO 32 'I 10000 Pending B.mils 72% 100 do s.10 5rjs 50 shs Farmers'Trust 25% 50 do s'io 52% j 45 N A Trust 8% 3(0 do 53 : 500 Canton Co 31 150 do slO 33 I 23 do 3?% 160 do st>0 33 is dn 30% 130 do 33% 100 Long Bland RR s90 29% 6 0 Reading RR 12nu 63 2M1 do 29% iso do 6644 375 Nor k Wnr RR 58% no do 66 SI 30 do s90 31)2 25 do 6o% I 736 do ?10 39 30 do s43 63 I 250 do AliO 38% 130 do 66 ' 100 do s60 38V 100 do bI3 66 Second Board. 100 shs Farmers'Trust 23% 200 shs Harlem bl3 53'a' i 25 Canton Co 30V '50 do 3' 'a i.hi do bS 30% 100 do h3 33% 25 do b3 30% 50 do s60 33 ! 50 do l'60 31% 30 Reading RR 66 |23 Nor k Wor ?11 50% 30 do s.50d.i 63 25 do 58% 3000 Ohio 7's 102% 30 Harlem 33 Now Stuck Biclunge. 30 shs 1*8 Bank b3 I 25 shs Canton Co bnw II 23 Rending HR cash 65% 50 do bio 31 f30 Nor h Wor s3 58% 75 do cash 30% j : 125 do cmIi '<8% 100 Harlem RR cash *32% ! 250 do bnw 39 50 do Dow 32% ! 225 do .3 50% 50 do rash 33?| 75 dn Monday 66% 50 do b3 5'% j | do n w 38% 180 do b26 53 123 do blO 30 150 do >3 32% | '30 80 b4 59 30 do s9 52% .50 do Taesdiy 51% 200 do b*w 53 .25 do Al3 56% 30 do Wedneidiv .52% . 50 do M 53% 100 do cs h 52" ! U6 do t>3 58% 100 do 115 63 ??????a?w?np??s IB tarried. At Dexter, Me., on the 20th of September, by tho Iter. E O Cn'yenter. Heth L rAirrnis, Esq , of Foxcroft, to Vliss Li'cinds H*m, of '"ambridge, Me At Boston, on Monday. Sept -J8(h, at the King's Chapel, by the Rev Mr Peabody, Cobnelivs (,'onwai Felion, Eliot Professor of ( Ireek Literature in Harvard L'niverlity, to M.av Louisa, oldest daughter of Hon. Thomas 8. ( ?r> , oi Boston. Dlrd. On Saturday for-noon, Oct. 3d, Mr. Jamc* AlHiir, | aped M voars and ft month*. Hi* frfcnd* and rlso of hit "on. Mr Tboma* Ashley and 1 family, arc respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, : thi? (Btindsv) afternoon, at ft o'clock, at his late resi, lenre 176 Seventh street, lietv/een Avenue* B. and C. On Saturday morning, Oct. 3J, after a painful illnet*, JaSOS th.RRY. aged 4ft i car* The friend* ot the lamily are invited to attend hi* fu; neral, to morrow (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from i hit late re*i.tence No 31 I'earl street On Saturday, Oct 31. Robkrt V., ton of Robert and | Matilda Martin, of croup, aged 3 year* and 9 month*. The friends of the family -re invited te attend the fu- | neral, from their residence inOowanus.on Tuesday next, j I at 3 o'clock, P M. At Astoria, L. I., 3d October, after a short illne?*,the , widow of the late Jams* MoDonsh.l, of the aame place. | The frienda and relative* of the family, aro respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, at 1 o'clock, this day, from her late residence, threoqnarters of a mile from liualgate Kerry, on the Newtown road. In Ashford. Sent 28th, Mr Dvsr Ciao*. ngod 74 In LitchAeld, Sept 3Sth, Miss Aaioau. Wesskls, aged . 78 Sapt 27th, Mrs. Statiba, widow of tho late Stephen Sanford, 3d, aged 80. In Hertford, at the residence of tho late Almaior Dens low, Sept 38th, Mra. Mast, relict of the late Doct. Lliphalet Buck, of Oranby, aged 83. On the 30ih instant, while on a visit to her friends in Schenectady, Mrs. Sabah Bkattik, in the 70th .year ol her age At Philadelphia, Oct. 1st. (suddenly,) Miss CathaBce i OiTCHWS, in the 88th year of her age Also, on 3d lust, Mr*. Maroamkt Brows, in the 78th } ear of her age. At hi* residence in the county #l Soochland, Va.. on the 23J Septomlier, Col Jons OtreaaABT, a distinguishod member ot the Senate ot Virginia. In K'oxcroft, Me., 18th iu?tant, Mr. Ichaboo Chasulks, aged 84. in Brooklyn, Oct 1st, Mr* Mart Bosrvm. aged 96 years. In Marhlehead, t.ftth ult, ( apt. Jons Casoi ah, rged 8|. for many years a shipmaster of Boston, ami mora reI cently extensively known and universally respected is a

[ merchant In Nvaanak, Ot. Ctpi Ctndler was t na live ofCnlcheator. Knpla"d. hut for orer aigty yeera hu been a reap lent in tne L'nite.i rftetea At Churluaton. <i. C.. the :Md ult, Cnpt.CM4Bi.Ei Nkwcli., maetrr of hark Thaetus. of IJoatoii, aged 30 years in 1'ittaiowo. Keu-aeluei couuty, Oct let, Himu Hunt, in the nOth your of Uu age MCI Mill Atri'itlcs, LARGE AJiD EXTENSIVE SALE OF ANTIQUITIES. ROYAL (JL'RLLY fc LU , Auctioneer*, will aell at liu " Magaaiu J'pauaia," u1 Duiuie at. ret beiweeu broad wa> anil Kim atrect, ou Thurtday g. Oct 8. 1H6, a upe rb collect on ol antique japan lacquered ) orcelaiii Jara and Vaaea, of the richeit amda; mandniu po C'lain diihea, f Ult platra. ciijx anil aaurera of tlic fiucat quality , aucieut dreadrii porcelain groupa of hgnrca.cupa and aauceta, ol giral heautv: ant que fuu ol the iCtli century, richly carved and beautifully painted; onginal a. cieut Venetian l.ocarla or wine glasaev, of grev curmuty ; two mnglti rut Japan poieelain tvMea, or Waah ateuda: carted and inlaid furniture, of great antiquity and a carved ebony wood arm chair, aia fret nigh, end nearly huudred veira old, and tn grandeur ? .1 io auv tiling iiui'oiied into mis country, aaie puiuive t 11 o'clock, r*tu or shine, and now readr for elimination, with catalogues. N. B ? The public ii general are resrecifulle invited to call a?<l CI4 lin e t'-ia magiiiiicrul collrctiou of amnionic* which ie very raiely to be met with. o3 6t*rc TO COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE GENTLEMEN. AOENTLEM AN,, of very acive habits aud good edneatiou and address is desirous of employment. He ie willing logo to any part of the world, and act in any capacity that will inaure lum a fair coinpeiiaa'iou. He can produce high testimonials and recommendations for any olhce of a coulldeutial nature, or situation whe>e real, integrity and , abilitv are requisite Communication), addressed to " Chili" ai tlua olhce, will meet with prompt attention. | K j ot 2tu*rc EXCHANGE HOTEL. NO. 133 FULTON STREET, (formerly krencli'a Hotel) having been purchased by the subsciibers, they woulu inform their liieuds and the public in general, that they are ' ready to accommodate gentlemen with single rooms, furnished in the best manner aud ou the most reasouable terms, by the day, w eek. mouth or year Our prices for moms by the week are $1 75 and $1, according to choice Price < f 'odgiug, lor single night, 3i W cents. There i? a reading roo > , warm, cold and shower oaths attached to the hotel, for the accommodation ot our natrons. There it also a spacious saloon ai d bar-room, where the ; choicest of wiues, be , are to he found We also pledge ou'selyes that eveiy ihiug shall be done to render those who favor us with a call, comtoruble. Yours, respectfully, WM. O. DU.NLAP,) WESLEY CASE, > Proprietors, i ol lw'rrc CAI.VIN CASE. > DEPOT OF FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE, 315 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) FflfRARDIN, Agent for the Manufacturers, has re ceived from recent ar> ivals.and offers for sale at very | low prices, a large assortment ol P ocel uu V-see of all (izes, plain white and lancy decorated Dinner, Dessert and feu seta; L'anry Cups, Mugs with nam s and mottoes; Cologue Bottles China Clocks aud Candlesticks, be., be. Also, far sale, less than cost, a splendid Dessert Service of French Cut Glass, engraved ni n i i r? ,k. .,i,i,?. ..a stablishtnent in Spruce street, to match any patterns of French or ?r.i(lt?h China. o4 lm eod#r I DK. JONliS, DENTIST, 3S3 BBO ADWAV, INSERTS TEETH, ?nd warrsn s thera u good as tha natorsi oofs fur biliug and mast-cation. A complete double set of brat Mineral Tectli, oti fine gold plates $30 000 A sat uf best Mineral Taeib. oil Sua gold piste, forth* uppsr jsw, to be worn bp atmospheric pressure SO 00 A single Tool'i, from $1 00 to 3 00 Plugging Teeih with gold, from "5 to ISO ttameinher ? Broadway, (treat side,) two doora above W' llr street , N. B ?l)r. J.operates in tha evening, as osusl. ot 3t*r DK tElAX OOURAUD'S I ITALIAN ME I>1 CAT ED SOAP, j THIH adinirab't emoilient is now, by commou consent, rated A No 1 us s remedy fur blutclies, pimples, pustules, j scurf, tan, freckles, euu-urn, all kinds ol erup urns, unit every 1 species if discoloration ol the aki-t- All competition has been comp'efely u stanced hy this invaluable preparation, the demand for which, wnhiu the last sis m to lis, has increased more than 500 per cent, and is still increasing. The cleirness -ud fre.hnees which its use imp ,rts 'o the complexion, hare rendered it proverbial aa a beautifie-of the akin: ar d no dressiug room c ui be considered fu.uished with a proper toilet th t lacks j QOORAVD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. It is also a del cioua compound andean be used in h Td or salt water; aud i( a sovereign and instantaneous remedy for the bites of iusects. It beauty be, as it is asserted, only skin deep, it is the more important that the thin covering in which loveliness resides should be kept in its present aud most attractive state. I'r.O. might go ou smpl> fyiug tlie merits of hit Italian Vrdicated So.p, but he thinks that the number of certificates which have been published throughout the Union at a cost of several thousand dollars, to the Doct-sr, Irom eminent Physicians, Clergymen, Members of Cougress, Captains of abips. Officers of the Vrmy. and a host of distinguished ; Ladies. thr origin* I of which testimonials can always be aern if requited, are, (he Doctor thiuka. sufficient to convince any one nut wilfully blind. If there be any such, the Doctor ' migh' apply to them the language of scripture, and say. "It ye believe not Moses and the Prophets, neither would ye believe i though one rote from the dend." i Oouraud's P. udre Subtile positively extirpate*, root and i ' branch, all sopertliinns Jtair. Gouraud Liquid Rouge will impart to the pale cheek and { lip a crim-on llu?h, as inagnificeut as that of the rote. Gourand's Grecian Hair Dje will change red or gray hair to a beautiful black. ' UoJMud's Lily v\ hitc instantly dissipates rednesses, flashes end roughness. Beware ol decepth u, and remember that it it impossible to procure the genuine preparations of Dr. Onuraud, except at nia depot, it Walker ttreet?firsl store i rum Broadway, and ot hie AacrtTi?74 Chestnut street, Philadelphia; Boston, A. 8. Jordon, 2 Milk atreet; Low< II, Carpenter & Co.; Worcester, O-ccsi It Co.; Pierce, Albany. of lm'rre STULibN?Last mglit, from I'rursiau briz Dido, ui pier No 6 North River, a Lung Boat, panned outside black, with white streaks, Ice., the name Dido ou toe steru, and a small beat painted outside blaek, with oue white streak, and inside gieen and browu. I Ten dollar* reward offered for the reaoverv of the said brats. SCHMIDT It BALCHEN, o' "*rc 107 and 10 Wall street. LOST? A check of thirty dollars on the Mechanic*'and Traders' Bank of this City. It was made payable to the ' order ol Hliiabe'h Brouev, and endorsed oy J D Brouer.? As the payment has been st -nped. it is of no value to the tinder. A suitable reward will he paid on leaving it at No. 302 Pearl street, won Mr A Hill. 04 )t*rrc LUSI'. j A PAIR ol Gold Spectacles, in a steel bead bag, geing from the upper part of Broadway to Jersey City, or returning The fiuder will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at thi* olte. o3 3trc WANTED. TWO or Three experienced Salesmen. Apply in the eveuiug at JAMES BECK It CO, o3 ttrc 3i? Brod WUy. SITUATION WANTED BY A young man. as out door clerk, sssistant, or porter, in a shipping or commercul house, or in any other business. Ha* been used to work, and would be willing to make himself useful to his employers. The best of reference given as in cnaractrr ma capnoitity. a ttue uuurcaaeu iou,ni tnts office, will be aite-.ded to. o3 3tfh LIGHT BAROUCHE WAGON FOR SALE CHEAP. AVKKY light, neat article, with light top, two cane aided teat*, to car>y four pertona made by Ooald, Albany; m perfect order, and nearly aa good at new caah price $12i.? Apply to \VOOU, lOMLlNBON ft. CO., o:)3tis*re 110 B: onil? av. Otli) fWW"| LiHY HOODS VVANTKD-Tbe.uh.cnip l?)UvUbrr wiahea to purchaar 10 to $1? 0 H) of ataple l.r, Lfc.u.. and pay on, -half ?, a d the hlanee in well .elected landi in the Mtate of Michigan, at fair pricea. All conimiinicati'ina a rietly confidential. Addre.a " Country .Ve chant,' boa I8S6, lower P. Ob-ce. oJ3tia*r PACKING OF BeLF. PuRK. AND BACON. 'I^HK aubaeriber ia piepared to take ordere for the above * wo k upon the moat leaaonable term., engaging to deliver the meat, put iuto bia hiiida freah thoroughly cared and packed within three days, with the maximum increaae of weight which picaled meata will acquire to any period of time. For particulara apply to JAMES DAVISON, 03 3t"r <J Leroy aireet, corner Weat. TjV RENCH ANITENOLISH CO.WMKKCJAL SCMOOL, M. 37 Mercer atieet ? Kvening da.sea for the Freur.h and Kngliah language., Arithmetic and Book-keepiug. will commence in the above r.tabli.hment on 'Monday, the 3th October Tertra tin.<ii rate- For pa tienlara, apply to 8. O. KEETEL8, Principal. The aeveral branches will be separately attended to. o2?t*rh MUSIC ! THE PIANO TAUOHT on very moderate tcrma, bya ' Parana who ho* a perfect knowledge of the ecience, and who uoderrakea to teach it thoroughly. Terma, 3 dollar. , per month. Any peraon wuhiug to take inatrnction will pleuae addreaa a line U> " Mna.c, at the Herald Office." alO lmia're * j NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. A 8 there h .a been aome prraon who ha. represented him- . t\ self aa the sgeut of the uuderaignrd, and aa attch haa ohtaiit'd coooa i Headed for him?"hm latorsu'ion the pnb- , lie that any >ue r?pieaec.ting himself aa such deae yea no I e edit; and iliv n i mcr hindur or roodi of anv kind intended for 'he under.ig ed should be delteeied or eurrosted to j any rer-ot. not fa'tt'ahed with a written order aignrd by viro vin. Of Mill Of hit I iwpil 'tinnier. I AiniaKNi'WTt. mr. and mrs chs mean DABK J'HKATKJC ? Monday Evening Oe| i?mil be I pm.cured the JEALOUS WIFE?Mr Oakley, Mr C lira Kran; .Major O klev, Mr Barry; I bariea Oiklry. L)y olt, Air? Oakley. Mralharle* Kroin. Tu conclude with 'he farce ol DONE BROWN'?Mr Frederick Brown, Mr (> Barrett: Gabn Snoxell, Kieher; Mr Tidmar.h. Ai.deraon; Sophia, Mm Kite Horn; Clara Belhome, Kenny Gordon. I floors i |>eb at at half-lam (o'clock, and the oerformaneae will cornmeuce nt 7 o'clock Boaea (1 - Pit ft) canta ; GalIcry 26 ceuta rr or bins. sh.i w. BOWERY rHEATBK.-Moudar October STbe I'erf. inia'ii e mil commence with the play of the HUNC HUA' K?Julia Mrs Hliaw. Maeier Walter, Sir .Seatie. Sir Thorn it Clifford,l larkr; Modua, WeuiMSi Maater Walter. Clianfrau. Fathom, Hadawao. To be followed by toe comedy of the LOVE CHASE? C'onitaiire. Mra; Walter, Mr Clarke, Sir Win Fosdlove, li E Stereos. Ooora oj'eu at 7 o'clock, curtain will nee at halt paat 7 ? Dreis Circle, Su eeutjf Upper Boiea, 26 eetr.j; l it and Gulletr. ISW ortt r Mi'1'C.HELL'a ttl,\MI'IU TmEATHE?Mouday evemug, Oct. 6, ?i'l be performed the operetta of Uia At.PINE MAID-Smu, Mr Holland. To be followed by (lit tune) the burle'uue extravaganza ol FAIR STAR?0 itferoou, Nn; Cherry* Mr? Turim, Lord Suiik, Mr Walco^; frHOiko, Kvemrd; Ho re 11a .M,i i isneiwocu; pair auu, Pltss L/iarne; t.nerry I oe. .?u,s t ar- t tiugton. To conclude with the WIDOW'S VICTIM?Mr Byron Tretnainc i'elham Podge, Mr Holland. Drew circle M cents; upper boxes 20cenu; pit one shilling, private boxes $>. Doors open *1 7 o'clock; curtain rises ?t half past 7. AKCH STREET THEATRE, i'HILAUr.LillTA^ W. E. Bi stox Manager and Lesser Q^* This theatre has lieeu thoroughly re-decorated in the most gorgeous style, and is now the most beautiful Theatre ' in the Union. MONDAY, October 5, IMC, First Night of the It A y E 1. F A M I LY, Who will appear m their iuiuntable performance on the TIGHT. ROPE. Previous to which tne farce of IS HE JEALOUS, in w hich Mr E Shaw, Miss Channitn, Mrs Howard, and Mrs Rogers, wi'l appear. The tomtc Pantomime of M DUCHALEMEAU. Ill which the sho'e ol tlie Havel Fainilv will appear. To conclude with the la'ce of ; THE IRISH TUTOR. Dr. O'Toole, - Mr E Shaw. iry* ' o-morrow?Jocko, and Vol au Vent WALNUi si'ltmET THil.iTHE, TuTladZTThIa E. A. Mahshall, Leasee W. R. Blake. Manager First night of Mis. Mowatt, the popular American actress, accompanied by Mr. Daveuport: Mr. Leonard, the | eminent Irish Comedian, will also make his first appearance I in Philadelphia, thus presenting, with tne support of the Regular Company, a combination of dramatic excellence seldom witnessed by the frequenters of this theatre MONDAY EVENING. October J. UK*, will be performed Hhskspeare's tragedy of rome6 and Juliet, i Romeo, Mr Davenport, ivlercutio, - Kichtngs. Juliet, .... Mrs Mowatt. I After which the farce of THE IRISH TUIOR. Teddy O'Rourke, Mi Leonard. IT/** To-mo .row, Mrs Mowatt, Mr Davenport and Mr Leo- ' narj will appear. 7^5" Airangeiiieuts have been positively entered into with , the following ga ?iy of talent;?Mr. Forrest Mr. Anderson, una inv popular operatic corpi, i>irs, ckkuiii, xvir. rrazer, i>ir. 8eguiu8ic. I i GRAND SACRED CONCERT WILL take place at J. P INTKUX 307 Broadway, on Buu- 1 ay ttwilll.Oct.tth to <>e tOWUN ever* Sunday until further notice, wlieu will be performed selection* from , the CELEBR.1TED ORATORIOS, HANDEL, HAVD.N, HPHOR. and MENDELSSOHN I , Together with a choice selection of Sacred Solo*, Oleea, , Duett* aud Chorusars from the most celebrated compote's, 1 for which purpose J. P. ha* engaged the following well I known and popular artists:? l MISS JACKSON, MRS SHAKPE. ' MR. J. LYNCH, . I MR. BKHUE will preside at the Pianoforte. ( IC7" Concert to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Admit- ! . taiue free. _ o3 itis *rc I FALMO'S OFLKA HOUSE. Mr. Alexander, the Young Magician. NOTICE.?111 couseijuenceof the severe indisposition of Mr. Alesauder, his performances most be ooslpoued until Mouday, Oct. 13, 1816, when he will positively appear. o3 3tis * rc CAMILLA) SlVOKl'S FIRST CONCERT. Will take place on Monday, October 5, at the TABERNACLE. THIS celebrated aitist will perform the wonderful piece of Paganioi's? I "LA PREQHIERA DI MOSE," (the prayer of Mosea,) upon a single string, and the CARNIVAL OK VENICE, as written by his immortal master. [T7? Tickets, $1, to be had at all the music stores. of Itfh STUYVESANT INSTITUTE. BROADWAY, ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, COTOBER S. MR. LOVER, (Author ol Handy Andy, Kory O'More, he. he.) will give , nil imru IRISH EVENING, ILLUSTRATIVE of the National Characteristics. Legenda Superstitious, Milth and lUUto of hii conutry. wuh nmnimg Anecdotes, Recital ious, Pathetic and Comic, and , hii own IRISH SONGS, some already honored with recognition in thia country, and othera, aa yet, unintrodnced to the American pnbric. Admission, $1 Ticket! to be had at the Aator Home; alio, at Meaara. Stoddart & Dunham's; f liickeriug'a; Dnboia's; Firth it I'ond's; audAtwill'a Music tHorea, and at the doora eacli night. Doom open at j'cloek. Performance to com mence at i and cnuclude about 10 o'clock. i28 lwia*r HOWES & CO.'S N. V. MAMMOTH CIRCUS. 'I''HIS unrivalled corps of Eqneatriaua will perform at A Hrlioli i'ie, an the lat Oct ;at Sclient ctaily the 2d; at Weat Troy tlit- Id; at Laimtighurgh the ,'>lh; at Troy the 6th ai.d 7th; and at Albany on the 0-!. and 9(h; and will paaa down the , wat aide of the Hudaon Hirer, rn route to New York, i Tina ia the Largrat Eatxfclicbuieut ever organized in the ! United Mtatea, compriung Men and Horses. requiring at Carriages to convey the |>erlormera, wardrohea, mnaictana, ke. The company nrj attached to it Eight Female rqneatriana, among whom n the Ureateat Female Rider of to# Age, recently arrived from Pr.ria, MADAME MARIE MACARTE, whoae new atyle of Equestrian Keata, peculiarly her own, being cliaateand claaaic; her graceful and fascinating addreta, and the charming niivrte with which a he chaina her audience, render thia gifted and highly-educated artiite the leading feature of the areua in this country. The Proprietors refer the pnblic to the brilliant deacription given ia the reapectire newa apers of the extraordinary and daring feate performed b- this distinguished artiste. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOVVE8; Riding Master, Mr. 1 NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers ia the celebrated ayd principal Ki! der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whoae feats ou ! Horseback are the moat extraordinary ever witnessed. Jnve I nilu net of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic ExerI ciaee, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The 8W188 BROTHERS, in their elegant Uymnat'ic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet a a the Chan oreer of Fhiebna. Posturing and Gyrunaatic?, by Mr. .Nixonand hia aon. Mr. Howes in hii Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of rrotens." Mr. C. Howea in 9lack Rope Evehtooos. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others. Ths whole comprising the leading, most talented, end claaaic performers in the world. ?29 HOWES It CO '8 New York Mammoth I'ircna. WELCH & MANN'S MAMMO TH CIRCUS. F|7 H IB immense establishment, surpassed by no other ia the I X country for the gorgeousuess of its roatuin-a and trap- J pings?lor the number <-t tnlrntrd and accomplished eqaeatrians, and for'he beautifnl atud of horses?have just coueluded their Eastern tour, ai.d are nowonih'ii way to this ;?iwiivr 'I'knv wili nit?>n Tf>.m<inrnw ( TnririHV ) kvtninif. t Jersey City, when one of thu bed selecti oa from their tried entertainments will be given. On Wednesday and 1 Thnu ay they perform at Newark. This will be the only opportunity offered this season, to those desirous of enjoying an intellectual treat, who reside in the places alluded to. The-access they have met with thus far this season, has exceeded their most sanguine expectations s!4 r 1 THKEE KETTbE DRUMS? FOK SALE by J. K. W. Wolter, importer and dealer In Musical Instruments and Italian Strings, l( John street. 1 Price one hundred dollars tasli. sZ7 lwis*rc | union gymnastic academy, i NOS. 1M and 161 Crosby street, one door from Bleecker stre t. (late American Uymuasium ) The proprietor of this establishment hereby informs the Sublic that he has placed it under the entire and exclusive irectiou and management of Dr. J. B. HII'H, under whose I dneCilon it has beeu thoroughly re-arranged on an improved , plan, so'lbat it is now by far the mml perfect institution in Die United States. . Gentlemen who w ish, whether for health or pleasure, to re- I sortto Gymnastic Exercises, will find in this place every thing they can expect or deaire. J T HATfltLD, t o4 lw*i| Proprietor. J UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. < H I ?U-'t -- J PUK*L S^MI, SMI to tne sec >ed best?Two mne heats iu * harness, lor trotting horsea?To come off on Thursday, 1 the llh < f October, at 3 o'clock. I). Bryant, enters g m. Lady Suffolk. t G Hpieer, enters b. g. Amerieus. j P. Hunt, enters b g. Moscow New York, Sept. 30, 1(46. Q. BPICER. e CENTHEVILLK COURSE. COMFL1MENTARV BENEFIT TO CHAS. CARMAN iM ON Mouday. Oct. J, ?t i o'clock P. M., the following I'uraei will to contended for. The n a trotting Pune of $ >0?mile lieati, belt 3 in 5, tinder the saddle, for which 'he following entrtenare made J. Whelpley enteri i t. John Mnlfitt. P. Hunt, br. m. Lady Moscow. E. Floyd hi. m Block Beio. II. T- Walker b. g Tom Moore. J. Rogers m. Flora. VV. H Reed he. m. Brtoey Baker Alter the abore there will beapa-ing matcn?pane $50? mile heetn?beat three in fire?in harneoi?for which the fol , lowing horoea will contend C. r . Bamne br. m. Oregon Maid J. D-Mc.Mano a. g Capt. Watigh Mr. O.... r.g. Mary A. Conklin br. m Cayuga Miid iWTBtifc.M 3t?je_ _CHAB. CARMAN. ~T KNTX, a . FULTON STREET, (Run Building,) ^ FjJI Faahioua for I???, would jimpi>~?7't77h*t! "w "a'*1 "V lilhtnc. ...d color, If V. V l"'o" 10 r HatwMriBB public of the city ol rw?? "" rne*' sf? ? low a. hi, h.t. are fine. J , BOBM itlCHAttU. u iiimuhini r ft f* coourry le with woutlrr^gj^^lf m l?? rrnii, Mir hit Hit aiilitrMi moat ftntmioTf and durable boon and 8hne* Look for BOBfl fill II *!i I?" 314 ??d >*< Hudaon corner Vandim ?f. N. B ?Thouatuid* of ercry kind io fit the foot *?d I'lea.e the mind. n3lm*r , fUn (5LOBF. HOTEU m broadway. tTHH HOtJSK has, .lor IIK the aun.rprr, been re- , P*i*ed and painted ihrouflionl, and b** entire new fjf nitnre. II be re-opened lor Trer^l to, lie , on ne*', the flth intrant,and will be kept on the old plan ol a reaunmnt, with the addition ol a tabled hire A few faininei, and em gle (enrVmen ran be accommodated for 'h?*liltM. oil in ?re II. PAOI t T() KENT VURNIBHED apartment* for linale gonti*ui?a, with I ! hreahfaat and tee if required. Apply at 14 Warren at ' , ) lw*re [ 1 LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TELEGRAPHIC. Bixkai-o, Saturday Evening. A young man, named Charles Baldy, poisoned himsell lu*t night. steamer Nile ran on tlie Goose Reel?deck load hail to be thrown overboard. tor 14,000 bushels of wheat on sale, 90 te 92 was offered, and 94 cents was asked. For prime Western ilour, to ?4 94. No corn in the market. BY THE M A I Lj. WAsniwroN, Oct. 9,1M6. So they say, such is the confusion among his various denutieii at the M>at of war. that Gen. Jns up, Quartermaster General, leaves to-day for the "red field of fight," in order to make tbe whole gang of them square up their accounts, and to see that the detachment for Tampico is properly provided for. The ship Gen. Washington, at Alexandria, Va., lias been chartered by the government aa a transport, and is now taking in her cargo of supplies? a portion of which consist j of hay and oats for the horses and mules of the grand army. You will observe by the last report of the treasurer of the United States, that there are nearly five millions of dollars remaining with the public depositaries subject *o draft. This shows that over and above the receipts into the treasury, and the issue of drafts and treasury notes, upwards of three millions of the surplus have been absorbed since the adjournment of Congress Two months more will empty the till. The New York Journal of Comnurct has been reporting a failure in a quarter's arrearages of the Postmaster General to pay up. The Union denounces it as a slander, and gives us the gratifying assurance that Colonel Johnson (for we understand that the Postmaster General ia also a Colonel) lias his bills footed up to the last sixpence, and are duly receipted as he goes. That's the way to do it. We rejoice to hear it. It shows that the cheap system is working smoothly, when the department is enabled to pay as it goes. We are informed of a strange preeeeding in mother quarter. The Cherokees have heavy claims upon the government Several of the bead men of the tribe have been hanging on here at Washington for several veers, awaitinir a set. dement. Recently, under a law ot Congrats,two attorneys were appointed to examine into and report upon these claims to the Indian bureau.? One of the attorneys appointed has gone botne with the papers, promising to examine them in the meantime, and to return and report upon them after the fall elections Thus are these peor Indians delayed, and put off from year to year; idvisers, counsellors, agents and attorneys swalowtng up their money. We hope the present ible, active, and well disposed commissioner of Indian affairs, will put in his strongest oar to the correction of these evils wherever they may exist, and to the most prompt and rigid accountability of all agents or advisers oi the Indian tribes under the protection of the government. There is no department ot the government requiring a more vigilant surveillance than this of our Indian relations. Flour at Georgetown and Alexandria bas gone up a quarter sinco the arrival ot the Great Western, and is stiil rising. Washington, Oct. 2, 1846. Itemt of the Afternoon. Lieutenant Kuggles, of the army, who did good lervice in the battles on the Rio Grande, of the 8th ind 9th of May, and who has been up in thia region on the recruiting service, leaves in the morning lor the seat of war, and says he hopes to get o Monterey before all the fighting is over. Lieutenant Todd, late of the Texan Navy, who was recently engaged in the transportation service in the Gulf, being one of the officers of the government, in charge of the store-ship New York at the time she was wrecked, arrived in the rity to-day, and will await further orders. The Winnebago delegation, in all their fantas* ;ic trappings and paint, gave an entertainment his evening at Apollo Hall, to Colonel Medill, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and a number of nvited guests. With the aid of gingling juttons, small bells, and gourds, in each of which was a handful of beans, and with lie indispensable bass drum, made torn a nnil keg, in addition to a continued chorus not unlkc that of the Millerites at one of their ascension revivals, they kept up a most deafening clamor to their various barbaric danocs. There was a dance to a low monotonous chorus, representing "a brave" out upon the war path, couching to the ground, creeping along upon his abdomen?lookug rouild?climbing a tree, springing down, seizng and throwing his enemy to the earth, ai.d icnlping him, when he sets up a yell, in whioh the .vho.e party unite with the most infernal uproar. Ifter several other war dances, thev gave one vhich woro the aspect of peace. A brave came nit and danced a solo, increasing in thu rapidity II urn inoiioii", nil cum jnuieiy ciiittUMru, worn he whole party set up a shout, followed by a wild riumphant chorus, half the party joining in the iromenade. The brave then laid down his arms, uid another came out, and soon for half an hour, riie gutteral music to this branch of the perfornances, sounded very much in the beginning ike the smothered " chuffing" of a heavy steam ngine in the basement, increasing after the style >f the railroad chorus of the Ethiopian minstrels, o the utmost rapidly, at which point the solitary lancer stopped with a yell, which was answered jy a veil trom his lellows, nnd immediately folowed by the most savagely vociferous yelling and [lancing by the whole company. These fine specimens orthe natives would have a ran equal to the Swiss Bell Ringers, if they would undertake the United States and West India circuit in the way of trade. A large wedding party, the bridegroom, a Monsieur Pouquette, of New Orleans, and the bride a Miss Moncure, of Richmond, Virginia, pasted through the city this afternoon 011 the honeymoon excursion northward. Both parties are said to be almost as rich as Santa A una. We wish them all the luck in the calendar, we had. also, a Virginia matrimonial visitation at the United State* Motel, this evening, where a loving couple from the faithful old commonwealth, were, under the ministerial .auspices ol the Kev. Mr. Sprole. the President's spiritual adviser, pronounoea a unit indivisible, and indissolubly the same individual, a sort of transformation whieh a ns appears most incomprehensible. The parties interested, however, understood it from he beginning, and bore the infliction of the lentence of the law with the resignation of the :ouragcou*, when they see that there is no hop* >f escape. We feel for the poor husband, notvithstanding he has an admirable bride; but hen, if what the deceased Caudle says, is true, >r the half of it, " he will see sights before he inishes the penalty of his lolly. Teno'clock P.M.? We have had a most beauiful thunder shower, extinguisning halt a foot of lust, and Hooding the streets with water, foliomd by a soft and delightful moonshine. It has Ken a long and scorching summer in this latiude. The Docroa. Baltimork, Oct. 3, 1846. Steamer's Nrwi?Btllimort .flAenaum?.Vetc York Mi ning Company? Etcapt oj Ihr. Gipi'y Burflirt. The news by the steamer was received her# on Thnrsley afternoon, and caused ipnte a juiiilee among the hold sra of flour and grain. They appeared to b? at a'loaa how ligh they ahould go, aome thinking the newa would warrant an advanca of a dollar per barrel, whilst others thought fifty or seventy-five cente sufficient Thia Horning, however, the true eflect of the newa will ahow iteelC. The foundation of the Baltimore Athencum haa been laid at Jaat, and, judging from the model, will be quite a handsome building. The money for ita erection haa been raiaed by public aubacription. R Carey Long, Kaq , the irehiteet, haa a fine judgment with regard to buildings, ind a> it n not to have a steeple, something grand may be ixpected. The New fork Mining Company have commenced the leliverv of coal from their works near Cumberland, and alculate to have a constant daily supply at their whart or ihipment They cannot doliror at present more than ive or ait hundred tons per week, but arrangements are naking that will enable them to largely focreaae the , Thomas and Haeg. the two principals of the ang of Oypaie thiovoa, arretted some time since, made Mir escape from the jail by scaling the wall in broad ay light. Through the neglect of the warden a number f boards wore left in the yard, which, on being placed n end leachnd the top ot the wall, by means of one of rhich they cleared the enclosure iu a hall minute It Mo seems that they were let out of their cell during the bsence of the warden at court, by one of hla deputies, ontiary to his express orders, end hence t ie result ? 'hey were the most important prisoners in the jail, evtenee being at lmad to convict tliem at nearly fifty bur[laries, whilst a Ivrge quantity ol goods it stUl in the losseesiqn of Old Ma) . for which no owner' have yet >een found. They might as wall had la ladder in the ard. for tbelr accommodation, aa supply of hoards C< W fc. II..1 ,1' , Piiir.i. u*.,ciua ACrtUnt' , will open ' "n Mord >,?.)eti>bei J at 431 Houiton at . one door eaat ol Bro*dw?y Uaya of luiriou M'ndaia and Thu'tdaja, Ir- m 3 to? T. M? luf ladiea, miavei and inaaterv, ind from 7 to 10 P. M., for gen'lrmau. A cUai wilt be formed from 10 to t IIP. M. free ttemen. o3 2'*r Fuiv fAU, THAT well known ptrcel ol ground commonly called NIBI.O'S u 4R.LEN, containing 22.lota ol ground, be- ! lug about 210 fue'. in length on UrnaJwa>, aln-ut 240 fret on i Croahy atreet. and 200 feet in width ou Prince "troet. For (nrihe- partirulara apply to C. K. OSdORN, o3uti*#rc 117 Mnlberry at. OPPOSITION MMiMMi LINE AT 6* O'CLOCK FOR ALLANY Landing at Hammujid.itrect: 'Van Cortl-ndt'a (Peekakill) . Cold Spring, Newborah; New Hamburgh. Milton, Pongh krepaie, Hvde Park, Kingaton. Upper Red Hook, Brietol, Catakill, Hudaon, ^oeaackie and Kinderkook. (T^Peaaage, One D illar.w_a) gMf) , 1'IIK uew and faat-aailing low-prnaaure J^Wuia^*atonmboat METAMOKA. Cant. P. H Smith, SKmJK^K.wiII leare he pier foot of Warren atreet on 'MdtfUay,' Wedneaday and Friday, at tjlf o'clock, A M. Ke turning, leave Albany on Tneaday, Tlmraday and Saturday Paaaeugera taking thia boat will amee in Albany in time for the traina of CH/a going North and Weal. *, Brraklaat and Dinner on board. For fitJght or pa??*ge apply on board, orof A. CLARKE, corner of Weat and Warren atreeta. Pare to Van Corllandt'a Dock, 2) centa, Ponghkeaj'aie, SO; lludaon 5; Albany. $1 "i lin r LINE Ob I'Al KKIMOIt N E W~ 6HLEANS, ? Toaail a? ufider. WHIP C-n a M( V I .main P,?rr? flrl?hae 7lb_ JVSyfihip Cl'RTIS, Captain Outrrbridge, October |0th. 49Mm For l uuiii iu either of the abore ihipa, whieb will be moderate, ap|ily on I mrd, foot ol Dorer irrret, Ent Hirer, or to (itOROE SHERLOCK, I.M Mmilrii l.tiie, near Sooth ttreat. P S.?Paaaage* can alio be had to and from nil parti of England, Ireland, Scotland and Walei, and to New Orleeni, ttc.. weakly. o? 3t*rc KoH NEW OKLEA.NM ? Lotniana and New LAJwVVork Line?Regnlar I'aeket of Oc'ober It?The fOUfcfatt cilinc bark MNK WILLIAMS. Karker, muter, it now I ..ailing, and will anil a* abore, her regular ' i'or f.-eiglit or puaage apply on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atrcet, or to F. K. COLLINS It CO., iC Mouth at. Potitirely r.o goodt reoaired alter Ynetdny, fVro-er li. Agent in New Orleeni. Jamea K. Woudriifl. who will protaotly lorwerd all good* to hia tddreai.