Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1846 Page 4
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000 year, anJ their numlier w?? comparatively small. It was enough to mske them all rich and comfortable. If it ware not so, it was because they had, as Gov Dodge said, made bail use of their money, or had let other people take'it away from them Their Great Father had not expected them to coma to Washington, unless they were willing to remove from tneir present country He therefore took it for granted on their arrival here that they were ready to exchange lands with him The Great Father thinks they must be sensible or the absolute necessity of their removing from their present home. The tribe are not only within the limits of aaState, but they are in constant broils with the white people, and equally ao among themselves. Their Great Father did not censure them for this state of things: ho commiserated their present condition, and wished 5? put an end to it. We think the chiefs have misapplied the liberal offer made to them There is no difference between our offer and your wi-hes, as told to tis by Governor! Dodge and tlarke, and others who have seen this country. Your Great Father understands distinctly that you desire a home between the St Teter's and Blue barth Rivera The only diderence is, that you wish the region on the south side, and we offer you the tract on the north side of the St Peter's. This river will t>? a boundary between you and the white people. W? hope you will consider this proposition, and act Wl?ely. The Secretary will furnish you a copy ot it, so that you may clearly understand it. We Rive you now 60.000 more than we have ever ottered you before. Wo charge you nothing for your now lands. Wo give you them, besides peying you for your own. At the same time, we may modify any unimportant particulars of our forms, but we cannot change our proposition, nor increase the amount of the first payment. We wish to reserve a fund for schools among you These are tho points on which we are immovable. Vou must go on the north side of St. Peter's river; and we cannot pay you lor the lands you relinquish a sum exceeding blOO.OOO On Monday next we will meet you at Apollo Hall, or at some other more convenient placo than thie for our purpose, aul for the accommodation of our friends who may wish to be present. OlpOvll Brothers '. One more word in conclusion. It is suggested to n>e by our chiefs at my aide. Brothers ! our hearts are chilled This land of ours was given to us by the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit fiist divided the earth To you he gave a portion, and to the red man another portion, lie marked the boundaiies between us Del (be red men have displeased the Oreat Spirit in giving away their lands Brother* 1 1 fear this ai rangt'inent will displease the Oreat Spirit against you, or against us Brothers ! I tear our Oreat Father had not made this offer lrom what the Great Spirit has whis|ieied to him Does he fear the Great Spirit 7 Brother* ! we have already gone lar away from our country, where 2ou first found us, and which the Great Spirit gave to us, is red children, as our portion. If we go much iurtber, we fear that the wiath of the Oreat Spirit may descend upon us ! Brothers! that is all we have to say this morning. What our brother here has said in regard to wasting our moDey, may be true. White men may have xwu ii irum us : run n )a noi tnose wno are among in Brother* we don't believe, iomehow,Uiat we have ever got ?.ll our money Major Andrew* replied that their complaint* heretofore had been that the traderi had got all their money. Ilo had, therefore, auggeited an arrangement by which they oouid keep it. The Old Gull intimated that the proposition of the Oreat Father would be responded to at the next meeting. And the Council adjourned till Monday next at ten o'c look Thus far these wild savages have negotiated with all the tact ot old diplomatists. They first refused to commit themselves by offering a proposition?they positively refused the first otter of the Government ; and now ask time to consider the second. They arc determined to drive the best bargain that can be had. Baltimore, Oct. 3, 1346. Cowhiding a Judge?Children Killed?The Gypsy Burglare? Theatricals?Markets, <J'CQnite en oxcitement was raised in our city yesterday, by threo young men from Savannah, Georgia, cowhiding unci beating in the street, Judge Levi S. Delyon, of that eity. After giving him some heavy blows they jumped into a carriage and made their escape, but were soon arrested, and bound over to answer to tho charge before the city court this morning. They charge the judge with having been the author of an anonymous communication, in which one of them was accused of gross immo rnllty. An infant son of Joseph Manning, Ksq., aged about one year, accidentally fell out of a second story window yesterday, and was taken up in a dying condition A little girl, about nine years of age, daughter of Mr. G. W. Brown, died v?*t*rdnv fmm ?h? u~-.:? been run over by an omnibua a Ton- days since. The ship Copernicus arrived here yesterday from Bremen with 176 emigrants on board, making nearly 2000 that have landed at our wharves during the past month. The Gypsy burglars, who broke jail on Thursday, are still at targe. Strong suspicions exist that the dcputy warden, through whose negligence the; escaped, has been rewarded for his services. An examination into the affair is to be made in a day or two. Holliday Street Theatre was crowded last night to an extent never before w itnessed, to soe .Mr and .Mrs. Kean in the "Honey Moon" and the "Stranger," on the otension of their benefit and last appearance. They intend to return again, however, in a few weeks. Burton is making great preparations to oren Front Street Theatre, with the original of.Shakspearo, sustained by the VVallueks Tar. Markets ?The Flour and Grain markets still continue unsettled, on account of the expected arrival of ilie liiberuia, at Boston, with later dates. Holders yesterday demanded $">50 lor Howard street, which buyers considered to be a figure higher than the news would warrant. The stock on hand does not exceed 30.000 bbls. rHILADKLt'' 111A , Oct. 4, r. M. T\e Mm ktli The news from F.urope, per (Jreat Western, had the effect to cause an immediate advance on almost every article in the produce market. Flour went up from $4 76 to $4 60, Wheat from 103 a 104 cts. per bushel to 112 a 120 cts ; Corn from 70 to 76 eta.; Corn Meul from $3 to *3 50 a $3 75 ; Cotton continues to advance, and more especially so since receipt of Hiberniu's news. Flour was quite firm yesterday at *3 50 for good fresh ground } 2660 bbls shipping brands sold at $6 26, $5 37J, mid $5 60, and 700 bbls old stock at $5 06]. Holders of Corn Meal, in some instances, have refused $3 75 for Corn Meal; no sales reported. Wheat, since receipt of Hir>erniu's news, is held beyond the withes of puichasers i good reds are held at 112 cts ; 2000 bushels Southern Corn sold at 70 cts ; Mess Fork is held et $10 75 a $11. and prime at $9 ; Whiskey tells at 27 eta, and Lard at 7] a 9 eta. CU11HRKC1AL. Srw York. October 3. Asiira?Sales were made in pots at $3 8114 a $3 871,', OI1U rC4I'IH Ul 7*1 ov. BucAOiTi rrt?Th* market o;>eiied thi? morning with fair icquny for western dour lit $6 6J.',a $:> 68 '4, at which price considerable changed hands ; Out when the Intelligence by the Hiberma was received a slight bustle took place, and the confusion continued throughout the day Hales were made, during the afternoon, at f5 62>? a 6 76. The market closed somewhat unsettled at the above prices. Southern is held at #6 76; Com is dull at 86 cents Cottov?The telegraphic despatch announcing the arrival of the Hiberma at Boston, and an advance in this article equal to a farthing at Liverpool, had the effect of inducing holders to advance their prices still higher, without any dis|>osition being evinced by buyers to operate?yet sales have been effected in several instances t higher rates than could have been obtained yesterday, If and are reported at 600 bales, entirely on speculation. Teas at Avctios.?Teas?Imported In the ahip Cehotn Terras?Notes at six months. Hyeee?11 chests at ?1 01 per lb; 6 do 43c; 170 do 41; 160 bss 33H, 300 do 3t. Toang Hyson?14 half chests 6A; 6 do 61,Sb? 37 do 60; 40 do 66H; >3 do 63S, 64 do 63; 11 do 61'ii If do 61; 13 do 4?Si 70 do 49 . 49 do 48Vi; 33 do 43; 171 do 47; 71 do 46; 69 do 44; 71 do 42; 110 do 40; 120 do 3P1,; 88 do 381,, ? do 38, 49 do37S|; 41 do 34; 262 do 33; 232 hxs 67l." ; 12 do 61M; 132 do 64.S'; 43 do 64; 66 do 27 S; 994 half do withdrawn. Gunpowder?42 half chests 67; 34 do 60; 17 do 45*,'; 6 do 42; 43 boxes 67V. 100 do 37; 26 do 36S'i 100 do 34; 13 do 33; 100 do and 366 half chests withdrawn. Imperial?9 haff chests 70; 0 do 67; 17 do 46,>% 10 do 44; 63do 48*4; 40 boxes 66: 226 do and 148 cases 36*?; 16 boxes 32,1Lj; lit half chests withdrawn. Hyson Hkin-12 chests 40; 27 do 37*,'; 27 do 31,^; 66 half chests 29; 66 do 26; 37 do 26; 33 do 23Jtf 76 do 23. Twankay?176 half chests 24*,; 111 do withdrawn. Souchong Oolong?45 half chests 47; 60 do 27'*'; iOdo 24>,. 67 do 24 ?ruchong Ningyong?69 half chests 23 Pekoe ?20 hair rh-at? ST- ITk /-I,..!. ITI^. an ohesta )SH, lOi head withdrawn. Powehong Oolong ?10 cheat* 71li; 0 do 61; 26 half oheata !W. The Crop*. In thta vicinity the cropa ere excellent ; the farmer teem* to be repaid ten-told tor all his toil, drain of every description it better, and haa yielded a more abundant harvest than before for many years. The potato crop i* tine. We have not heard of an instance of the rot? Utehfuld Paptr. m L 1 . . J . T | I'sieengara Arrive*!. L,o?vdo!??Ship Hendnck Hudson?Geo M Woolsev, New York. Mrs E Wocdsille, N Yoils. Rev Hearv R Wilson, I lvdy, 4 children, and three native lutdreu Philadelphia, wiahingtoii Murray, N York. Rer Henry H Oshoru, Coventry R I; Rev George Webber, Rred6eld, Me., William < .'ackson, England, Herman L Hoffman and sister, Cine ions I t Ohio; Henry E Drarton, rhiladelplna, .lahet Harrison, N York; Hev Tobias Spicer, Lanaiuburgh, M Y. Rev Oseai H Gregory. Weet Troy. George H Gliddou, I.avpt; Henry A Glivldon, Egypt, William L tValier flasaris, Augustus Vandaracy. Belgium, John W Baeeett. N York; Mis. Maria Aatttu. England, Johu Walkerand lady, N i"fk: Kichirdh Mark and ludv, England; Theodore Schwa'ts, lady and . nl New V.i.k; ilJ^ard Horc, lady .vid fhi dr-n.f- Jo.d. Mm* k au Brr \v#r. bsMUland; Geurae C Kni-h iel. I ?dv and 3 children, KngUud, John L Haphael, ?M h H H'.onen, KagUudj Chirle* K??lb, VliH? (. Ko(i?, ^ vli?? flit* K ? < 1 i ri. Uhtc, Uuifrey fcinir ' ' l '.'t ' " *?R lip Kidtln?Rei I Bvl<?r, Mr* As<!*i, J B A<i(> ' Jr diss F Ad.r; Mi?s V M Ad?*rl MlseSnaan Ad et , *> Jot 9 , 11o ii na> ru i, Vim Lif iVifL Mis* Diger*, ii Little, .v'f Mc?*iug New *oik, Mr ( onnitet, Ocr mtu. ; Mr Stat Mr Wigiey. ieglsnd; Mm L H ttnar, Bcotiand, A B Oa'due , M D. 1enusi I rai ?. Ili'ii-bhip I'alestue? L Paria, of Franc*. MoBiLt ? Brig Manhattan?, J Ssngster. foreign ImuvrUUoni. Lc*po???Stup Hendttek Hudson?192 chests 2 bbls It CI Hollin k Hanfoid?MM) b in an 63 casks Thrldt Dodge kco? 1 bale mitt J S Rockwell k co?1* casks J Lee k co?(0 ck? Schmidt k v oeel?l# hhds I bo? Kdword Blackburn?J6 pk* Barber k Bv<.tlirr?-fi casks u bsndreth k co?4 ruin K M Iromoi-lJ kegs ndir Pollen k Colgate?07 cuki B ? Hum -4 case. Hherperd k M organ-u k,kg, ;u,? mo?|.i, WooUe, fc Wool?*r?It e*^?? io? bottles quicksilver K*rr , tow?n k c >~! I hales H W 1 k II M.di?70 km 13 cases 1 cask ^uaaming Bodge k<to-do hollies qnieKfleer Noel k 0t ( onref?7 pkys mdne V v.* k r ,,k, * Webb?teseee Herniate kOyder-Jt bbli Handler Pholro k to?1 ciiti ( cuki J llincu k m- r n? I cms vV W Rme-lciiei I) Apj> fton?J c ?ko Jo . rt kinsman*?jji chets ->iff?* i k lrou?ide??t coeke (. 1. .?i rn*?ft j cooks 1 chest H ' ones kco?J Cssot Louis McLean?4 coses Levi Look k co?120 casks 9 Utrstow?I cos* 10 cooks W A Wheeler?13 boles Jonas Phillips k co?14 coses 3 casks '> pipes 1 puncheons John Nobbe?15 bales Cameron k Brand ?I case A Megan?1 case Beroheimtr k co?I punch rum <J Dans?I pipe wine Maulaad Comn? k co?I cos* books ?d- . 1 t ' L mand Baldwin?1 |>kf Piatt It Brothers?1 ?jr cask wine K Degan?1 case Barclay k Livingaton?I ca?c Charles Kiogk Co?1 bo* Lmngsion k Well**?I case Joseph 8 Natt?t caae J 8 Riddle?1 mr W A t'olman?I pkr Henry Carter?330 tout coal John Gruwold? 1 caae W A Wheeler?223 baa tut 10 caaka erder Ln aarooL?Ship Knielia?1230 aacka aalt 130 tone coal C H Maitball?8 cka < Marshall?HO? boa tiu 40 caara copper Phelpa Dodge k Co?4 < aiea K k 11 Heigh' k co?2 balea W Torrey?3 paga T llichatiU? 300 boiea tiu G B Moorewnod? 2 pkgt Plat' k Brothcra?1 ctk W N ey moar-3 cka bellows Van Armadale k co?2 cka J Ibbolirn k llorucr?2 cka Merritt k co?2 ca Warren k Steel?1 bx J x D Wycofl?1 ca Hunt, Bto hers?4 c,a Watt k Sherman?2 ca Lewis Attrrbury?4 ca Lord Taylor?3 cka Deuiatou and Diabrew?1 ck J kt Berrien?I ck I'hrlan k Phelpa?I ca Adama k co?2 ca J Cjinbell k co?12 balci I ca McCcle?1 Strong?1 ck Van Leuce, Smith kco?2ck K Patrick?1 cask T J Wood?1 ck HaUted k Dark?1 b* K Tomes k ton?1 ca Hale. Uruthera? 1 caae Harudrn k co?3 boxea R C Blackburn?do crates, 9 caaka W Sk K C Mclutoah?13 caaea Leonard Stone k Tilcol!?4 caaka J L k S Lr ijuer?2 bale* G Hastings?1 cask J Kosevelt?2 bales, 1 caak N Wiiyhl?1 cask Wetuiure k co? 2 caara Carter, Ilalaey k Baldwin?1 bale W Sloan?I case Woram Houghrort?4 caaka kolger. Alius k co?1 bale J Lefferts? 1 caak Hoiniell Steel?I c?ak A Belknaji? 1 caak Hart It Brother*?2 bales llaman k Hays?2 casks ? Hunt?2 cases Preyer k Poabutg ? I C tk J Brown?I caae J Bartou k co?1 cask N H Smith k co?1 caae T Riguey? (0 boiea tin plates Cats, Ward k Conove ?2(1 cratea, 2 caak* R K Alcock ?I ok (i J Jackson?1 caak R llawkius?I caak O T Byrd? 1 caak lit J Cox?I cxae B Pike, jr? I caak R 8 Steutou?1 caak Htsluck k co?100 boxes tin J B Kllunan?1 box W J Brown?2 balei R Sodding?9 balea, 3 caaea J Oihnn?7 ctara D Oakey k co?2 caara H Jeaaup?2 Clues J Sluvirt It co?30 cratea. 12 caua, 3 chain cablet? -I e-ska to order. II.WU. Ul. 1 n I?_ I . > I, . A.I..... Km ... 1 n I... blocks K Bossang*?_2o0 baskets 100 cases wine A Buu infer Ikco?4 esses L u Bum Ac co?4 do A H Ward Ac co?15 do Lrguis Ruwland At co?15 baskets wiue Schmidt A*. Voxel? 2<H) basket* do ( has Knglc?2 cases K B *tz?6 do C Khuteldt ?8 d<? J \V Hollenstein?5 do 8 J Gerding?44 eases V Hardsnotn?900 bdls willow 3 cases to order?9 do A Legoux?4 A Koux?3 bbls brandy 30 do wine A Lifz. Mositktidko?Brig Mary A J*nes?[before reported]?10 bales nutria tkins, 5 cks do L. 1 White Ac co?7 bales O J Hayes. 1 bale hair 188 hide E Coming At Hon?197 bales, 2516 htd**s 6 bales nutria skins 17 chegu* hair M M Deprest Ac co? J b .lea wool 1 du horsehair 4 bales indze to order. Jacxicl?Sehr Sarah Robinson?100 bags ot coffee to Thoa Mare ?u?80,000 sticks logwood do do?267 bags ol coffee to H Ac W Del'field?40,000 sticks logwood to Stokes W Lines? 41,500 sticks logwood to Geoige D<>ut;lass. M A It!TIME HERALD. I'OHT OK NBW l'OKK, OHOUEli 5. KM MM I'll HUM 6 2 | MOO!* II1SES COT TO ?T? i Si I HIOH wtTII 0 42 Arrived. U 3 ship Plymouth, Cornm-uder Henry, from Hio Janeiro, August 17th Sept 17, lai 37 13, long 73 22. l?lI In the wreck of the brig Joiephlur; no per?on on board, appeared to have been of iti hmuiid, Captain Rohinson?dismasted; her hatchea were brokrn open and part of her cargo waa n attered about i the deck and hold; look her in tow aud brooghi her to the Hook aud put her in charge of the atennboat He rules, fame time, spoke ichr (Jen Browu, Im Aux Cayesfor Boatou. The Plymou'h ha? beeu gone 2 yean and 6 mouth.. This vessel waa built bv the nav.1 conatructor, Mr aooke. of Boatou; the h proved hertelf to be one of the belt stoops-of- war in the | navy. Had uuder convoy icveral resaela fiom Kin Janeiro; ' parted company with thetn iu a gale of wiud ou the 28th, off Cy>e Henry. racket ship Fidelia, Hackataff, from Liverpool. Sept 2, to C H Marshall. Oa the 19th and 20th, iu lat 43 20, long 46 40, experienced a rooit xevere gale frotn the 83W to N W, blew j away topgallant maat while lying too. also aails that were closely fin led, 4u. 2d instant, lat 41 20, long 67 30, saw brig lurz of Eastport, steering south. Ship Arcule, Hoodies.., from Marxeilles, Aug 10, with * mdse to Chamberlain Ik I'lielps. to Lvrrett St B tltelle. Brpt 10th, 1st 43 30 N, long 03 30 W, experienced a hurricane which commenced at innth and ended at north, was laying too twenty hour* with a atrip of canvass in the mizen rigging-, 22d, lit 42 30 N, long 36 36 W, apoke aud waa bonded from the aliip Diadem, hence for Liverpool, who repoitrd iiaving ioatou the 19th all their sails, blown trotn the yarda, excep* tnainaail and mizen topsail: had sprung the foremast and main topraaat, loat maintop gallant mast. yarda, Ike , and all the bulwarka an the starboard aide; 25ili,lat 43 06 N, loug 38 39 W, paaaed a large brig with losa of foremast; 28th. lat 41 50 N, long 63 30 \v, paaaed a large clir with losa ot fewpiH Shin Hendrick Hudson. Moore, from London and Ports- | ' mouth Sept 1, to John Uriawold. Sept 19, about the latitude | 4 3, long ftg 30, experienced a very hairy gale of wind, and blow tug with great v iolence from 7 AM uut>l 5 PM, during which time the wind hauled round from 88K to N W.tlie ship I laying to eight hours under bare poles; 20tli, saw a ship ap- 1 patently disabled about the mainmast, iat 43 27, loug 33; 21st, 1st 43 12, long 51 40, saw another ship with but lit'le sail set on the mainmast; at the i?me lime saw a brig without fore- I sail or mainsail; also a schooner with only a foresail set It | was then hue pleasant weather; Sept 20th, lat 42 01, long 63 23, ' saw a s< lioouer with her foremast gone. Brig Harbinger, Winchester, 41 days from Rio Janeiro, with toffee to Mason It Thompson. Brig Manhattan, Knrber,20 days from Mobile with cotton, , to K D Hnrlbut lit Co. Brig J Petersou, Wilson, from Wilmington via Norfolk, 22 days, with uav I stores to J Ogden. Brig Merrimack, (-olson, 13 days from Dolor., with timber : to Badger & Peck. 20th Sept, lat 3' 20, long 78 52, apoke baik Pario, from Darien, for N York; 26th, lat 36 4 0, long 78 13, spoke brig Virginia, nf Baltimore, under jury masts, had bern j totally diamaated iu the gale of the 6th Sept; same day passed , the wreck of the sclir Livingston, of Beverley; had been tripped. h Scnr Larch, Robinson, 30 days from Jacmel. with coiTee, lite, to Benedict lit Williams. Sept Dili, off west end of St Doiningo, spoke brig Fawn, of and for Boston, fioin Mansanills; siine day, achr Kmily, Hllvard, of Provincemwu 2 ds out from Anx Lays 10th, spoke hark Hecla Scott, fin NewYork for Tort au Prince, 17 days out; 26tti, off 4,ape llatteras, ' experienced a heavy gale of wind, which lasted 32 iioura ? On the woodlands, passed a sunken schr, her stern out of i water, name J Mists, of Barstowu, N J. Schr South Carolinian. Powell, 7 days from Newbern. *C. I with naval stores to B Blossom. Sailed 111 co with icha Julia Si Nancy, and 8 L Mitchell, oothfor N York. Schr r'.tlen, Stuart, 3 daya from Virginia, with shingles. Schr Sterling, Kobiuiou, 3 daya from Virgiuia, with corn. i Schr P B Savery, Wilaou,3 daya from Virginia, with coal. Schr H M Johnson, Hardy, 6 daya from Lubec, with plaater for Newark. Schr David Cox, Nickeraon, from Boaton, for Albany. I Schr Mariner, Nickeraon, from Boaton for Albany, Schr Cordova, Scudder, from Kingston, Mass. for Albany. Schr Fancy, Cliaae, 3 daya from Boaton. Schr Mariet'a, Crowell, J daya from Boaton. Sclir Sarah, Perry, 5 daya from Baltimore, with iron, for Dtghton?put in on account of head w inda. Below. 1 ship. 1 bark, and 3 brigs uuknown. i Also, British brig St- Martha, from Pictou. Sailed. Saturday?Ship Oxford, Liverpool; South Carolina; Johu Holland, Brains Santiago, and others Sunday?Ship Charlemagne, New Orleans. Mlacellttut'Olui Kecvrd. Loss OF thf. Hr.LF.x McLiod.?The ship St.'Marv, Capt j Foster, at New Orleans, pi'ked up at sea on the 13th Sept, | lat 35 IS, long "3 30 < apt Shankliu and crew of the Mary Ann of Philadelphia, which vessel was dismasted in s gale on Sth j Sept. and ahiiidnurd. off Cape Hatleras t apt Siiaiiktin. ou Sept llth siw a New York brig, name unkuowd, with her masts gone bv the deck ; on the 12th. spoke schr Angeline K. Thompson. w hich reported having seen the day before, a schr bullion upwards The St. Maty al?o bronght up to the City John Valentine, one of the c ew of the brig Mcl.eoa. Capt. Marstou, of Baltimore. who itn?< ttint that vesael left the Capesof Virginia on the 7th luat. wilh a cargo of assorted merchandise, bound to this port On the following nigh', in a liesvv K le. hut their sales anil ai rung a Irak. Ou the llih, the brig ?aa linlffull of water, anil at the aame time w&a near the hrll of the achooner Mary Ann, when Valentine jumped overboard and awim to it. Uu the 12th, the veasela still remained near each other A anil wat aeeu iu the west,and the Helen McLeod bore down towarila her. hhortlv alter, a violeut atorm of wind and rain act in, and after the anual! cleared away, ahe could not be aeeu, and it supposed to have gon> down with all hauda ou board, eonaiatiug of the captain and crew eleven in number four ladiea in the cabin and four in the atcerage. ( aid Shanklin ia of opinion that the crew and passengers of the Helen McLcod may hare been taken off. a llieie were several tail iu eight. Baio Ai aoaa, Henderaou, from Liverpool at Charlraton, I reporu6th nit. lat IS Ot, long 47 30, w<? hoarded by ('-apt. AI- ' en of the Brhaniue Mary Anu, (ot London) having ou board H U M troops, from Madrai for London, aupplied her wilh stores. Wo. apoke brig Zenohia, from Cuba for Liveryool. and toon f on nerlhe captain and crew of echr Uaae Townarnd, 1 of New York, abandoned at sesthe20th, having been totally ' dismasted and otherwise injured in the gvle of 16th rept. Schr Itr.tairi r., of Boston at Charle>tnn,in distress, bonnd to Traxillo. Hond llth nit 1st 20 h ng 09 39, experienced a heavy gale of wu.d from htoB. which lasted to (he 18th. IGth was hove on beam ends, rut away llir weather rigging of the foremast, wheu both masts went by the board, carrying with tliem all the rigging and soars at'arfird. most of the sails were saved, but so badly chafed as to he of little or no servicestove hulwa'kt, lost bosts and sustained oilier damages 2lat lat 28 31, long t.9, aaw a b'lg with topmasts head, bulwarks, i jibhoom and boat gone, 22d, lat 28 long 68, spoke brig Olive, from At Thomas for New Haven, supplied us with water and soars 23d, lat 28 30 toug 7(1, spoke brig Benj L Swan, I'roin At Croix lor New Haven. 2lth, latitude 80 long 71 30, spoke brig Nai.ade, ol Brulillington, from the ftpauish Main for Loudon, who reported that he saw 23d schr Mary Ann, Hill, of Dennis, Maas., dismasted, with decks swept. The MA repotted Laving seen another schr dismasted. Brio Jnsi rn Atris?, Oerrish, ar Anvannsh, from Matanras, 8 days. Itoundto New York, put in to sell fruit. Kxperienced a heavy gale of w ind from KNKoff Care Romain on the night of 26th insl which continued until the morning of the J7t i, when it increased to a hmricaue. Shifted cargo, store bul w irki, and lost sails, iiignig, and part of deck load. BaRg Louisa, Rt Charleston, from New York, sailed Rlh ult In distress, bound to Turks Island 6th lat 28. 30 long TI, expereuced a heavy gale of wind from S K t? N h , during which was hove on be mi euds, cut .w ,y the weather risei u when nil the niaats went over the tide. carrv ing w ith them all the saila. rigging and apart attached shifted, stove and damaged most of the cargo, reused the veaarl to leak; stove bulwarks, water casks, and sustained oilier damage, IXtti iilr, lat 35, 17 long 73, 45 saw a brig with lost of (ore and main topmasts. Mill, taw a brig or schooner with lost of both mutt. foreign Ports. MotrTSKtL, Sept 3d?Arr, brig Milton. Kllis, Liverpool; ship Derby, Uibton, Glasgow Cert 3flth, eld, bark /tune, McUarty, Liverpool; brig Dyson. Harrison. Liverpool. Qi'rnc, Kept 17?Arr barks Nero, Liverpool; Kmma, rivmoutli; ship Atlantic, London. Home PoMa. CM??tl iT?.v,Ott l-Atr, baik Louisiana. N York; brig George Gates, New Vork; 8ert 3dth, thips Aurora, LiverPool; Gen Farhhill, Liverpool, bug Lmeliue, Matnnsaa, tchr Uehierr, Bostou. Hattrcnn, Oct 3?Arr. steam tchr Heneea, Selle w, Ncw New York , tchr John O Adams, Saunders, Hula. t oop Ma ry Kluabrih, Strickland, Albany; aid, steam schr Sacbrm, Demon, New Votk. Woodsawyer Snepa'd. N York. Li.wrs. (Del,| Oct 2?The packet thip Kalamazoo, for Liverpool; brigs Sarah Ellen, Toeliff. and Charlotte, lot Bos ton; I L Hicliardson, for N Sork;achre Atlantic, for Bermuda; Ornament, for H ilifat, ,N8. Jane Yatna, for Boaton; Congr*ia, lor do; renneaaee, for do; V', for do: Harriet hand t-r, i ir Norwich,* ivilltan, for Kali rive , and Oregon, lor Newburv port, earned w ml stood to sea yesterday,>ii I here >ie i, ? ,t tl? amhor ge five fore anil aft irn one a > h ng i gt ' ? | WMWlw i- .,r ., ' riV' * *'V,' ' !l! ' ail;', Algous. Bp, nlding, v'.. 1. ' Uslch, Lcndr-n: arhr Butler, Wreiu*. , , 5 in * i -.1 S'?al atoll mpeschy, !Smo ? t orb; below,,i * U|.. ?li'p s Louis," Ma'rka,"l'VilV;Y'h''pa and I brig, name unknown. faoTiotwrr. Oct i-Arr, aehra Jeroletrui, On,,lee Suffolk. Vu; Martin Man*. Haters Phils: stoop New York, Oardnrr, N kork; Den Lewi., Beleck. Hnn'iogton, LI: Arf. I at, ?chr Commodore, Gardner, Albany; t Id. Ja, L Long. Jon#,. New 1 ork. Portland. Oct l-Arr. eikre O'Brien, Parkar. Paraboro. N 8, Mot,it, McFarland, Rondnat; eld, ,ehr Aleitndiii Bek?r. New York. Rr.-iiyoiD, Oct >-Arr. sclir rotcmac. he lly, Beaton; Bid brig Vietbry, Flwell. FaII Rteer. Sata niVAHi W?Cln. bflf tJinton. Andrtwt. N Yoik. brig, Joeaph. Athioa, Matanta,; Mobile Bnlkley, N York VyiLNIfbTOft, Oct I?Arr, brig Uaaid Duffel, Lollatt,N York; eld, Sept J4 aehrs Larcn, Uurliam New York; Hannah and Abigail, Lelaud Boston. ?th, brig VV J Jone, Hobart New York; 2?th. schr Af Thorn, Sandrod. N York; Olrre, Smith, New York; K H Powell, Powell, New York. By Lail Aflglit'a southern U&il, Home Porti. Pnii.aDEi.PHiA, Oct 4?Arr, brig ("amherland, Oatiin, 16 i iL fm Baibadoet Lett bark Duuiap, Thomas, Im Bangor, ditchg; the only Am raaacl, Schrr Lagrange, Crowall, 3 d? j fm Richmond; Samuel McDowell, Vail, Provideuce; barrel Mara, Stackhouae; Grainpua, O'Neal, aud Whale, Baldwin, N York. Old, ahin North bur, Spencer, London: brie Oak, Ryder; Maria Mudley.and Grand Turk. Merrittaew, Boatoo; William, Currier, Duzbury, Maaa; Martha It Elizabeth, French, N Orleana; achra Baltimore; Sevney; Richmoud, Harford,and Sarah Fraucia, Watta, Bo.ton; Copy. Tailman, Nautuckrt; Maria Cauaev, Stubb; Jamea It Samuel, Somcra; W B Corbett, Martin; A a Juhuaon, Ward; Herald, Parker; H C Mead, Smith; l.ion, Lewia. and Pcnuaylvauia, Boweu; N York; aloop Montula, Wheeler Newport; bargea Neeeaaily, Haud B Hiluer, Hunter, N York. UNION GYMNASTIC ACADEMY, NOS 119 and 161 Croahy atreet, oue door from Bleecker atre t, (late American Uymnaaium ) The proprietor of tliia eatahliahmeut hereby informa the public that he haa placed it under the entire and ezcluaire direction aud management of Dr. J. B. RICH, under w hose direction it haa been thoroughly re-arranged on an improved plan, ao'thvt it la now by far the uioit perfect matitutiou iu the 1 'i.iltd State*. Gentlemen w ho wiah, whether for health or pleaaure, to reaortto Gymnaatic Kzerciaea, will find in thia place everything they can tijiect or deaire. J. T. HATFIELD, ot lw*r Proprietor. RHEUMATISM. PAINS, Rod stiffness of the joint*, (Welling of the muscnUr substances near tlirin, and oilier s>inntoms, too well known to need description, may be effectually removed by the u-e ol LHA8 H RING'b Compound Syiupof Hydrio d?te of Potassa, Sarsapar 11a and Veilow OockThe efficacy ol these ingredients i* indisputable, and by their judiciou* admixture a remedy i* formed, that, for the aboretiamrd comidainl* we may almost term an inr*llible cure. Of the great number* who have tested it* virtues, no one ha* done ao without receiriug decided benefit, which fact, together with it* rapidly increasing consumption, may be considered the be*t criterion of excellence that a remedycan posse,*. Tin* syrup i* alio the beat preparation which eau be em ployed to remove coinplaiuts arising from the misuse of tner cury, and that cl iaa of disagreeable diseases of the skiu indicating an impure state of the blood. Prepared only by ( HAH. H. KINO, 192 Broadway, corner ofJohn sr., New York. *30 Im'rh ANOTHER OEKLIi lOATE OK a cure Performed by Dr. UPHAM'S PILE ELECTL'AK V, addressed to the Agents in Rochester :? Rochester, Sept. 14, 1816. Messrs. Post 8t Willis?Oents: It is with no ordinary feelngs of pleasure that I am enabled to inform you ofthe cure 1 have experienced by the use of Dr. Uphain a Vegetable Pile Electua'y, which I obtained from you in case of Piles, with vrliscli I havn been afflicted. My sufferings have been almost bo) ond endurance, slid cannot be kvown, or imagiued only by tlioae who have experienced like afflictions. Having been so long and sorely afflicted, I am iuduaed to address you, that through you I may make known to my friends and neighbors the truly wonderful virtues ol Dr. Up ham . r.iectu?ri , wtoch I shall Here liter keep on mini, iu 1 find it beneficial in other respects, leuioving obstinate costiveness, morbd accumolstious in the stomach and Dowels, and to puril' the blood?ihns remouiug the cause of Tiles, when a ?pe*dy cure must follow. It ii needless to add, th-t. p-erious to obtaining the Electuary of you, I had consulted many of our best physicians to bm little or no bt-ue6t Should you know a ease of malignant Tiles, please refrrthem to me at my residence tn the towu of Gates, where I shall be pleased to give them much more,par ticular information than 1 am able to iu this communication. JOoHUA BEAMAN. Miy Bold wholesale and retail by the proprietor. 194 Bowery; WY ATT It KETCHAM, 111 Fulton street, New YorkPrice SI. s30 lm'rh i magnetic electrical machines, EIGHT DOLLARS EACH. BARTH & 811 AW beg to call the attention of the public to their improred Apparatus, for medical and other purposes, which may be seen in operation at their office, 289 Broadway, where may be had Barth It Snaw's Galvanic Excitant, and Holt's Whooping Cough Specific. N. B ? A large assortment of Gold and Silver Leaf constantly ou haun. A liberal diarount to Conntrv Agents. slT tm*rc NEW PAPER HANGINGS. FRANCIS PARES & CO., NO. 379 PEARL 8TREKT, HAVE the largest supply and the most splendid assortment of all the latest and the most approved styles of? PAPER HANGINGS, BORDERS, lie., whirk they offer to Merchants, Dealers, Landlords, and others, on the most advantageous terms. The most competent Paper Hangers can be had at the shortest notice >4 lm*re French artificial flowers, FEATHERS, &c. HENRY It KAHN. Importers,53 Nassau street, upstairs, near Maidea laue, have received by late arrivals from their house in Paris, and offer for sale, a most extrusive and choice selection of the latest and most fashionable styles of Artificial Flowers, in bunches, wreaths, tongs, garlands, lie. Together with a complete assortment ol Materials for Artificial Flower-makers, of the newest descriptions, and embracing every article in this line. FEATHERS?Matabouts, do imitation, ostnch and fancy Feathers, iu great variety, and of the very richeat kinds. slS lin*re M11U UlflUHP ??? CORSET MAKER No. 106 Hudson street, New York, WOULD retnm her sincere thanks to the ladie* ofthis vicinity anil the public in general, for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon her while in business at 243 Hudson street, and would uilorm iliein that she has commenced business again at 106 Hudson street, where she will keep on hand a general assoitinent of Corsets of the latest style, all of lie. owu manufacture, wholesale and retail. Also, Russia Belts and Back Braces of every description ill 1m m MOTHER'S CORDIAL. THK snperior efficacy of this article, when used in the last stages ol pregnancy, is so apt>areiit, that no lemale who has once esperienced its benefits would be willing, on any condition, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and diminish the sufferings attendant on Child Birth one hall, and thus place both child and mother in a state ofsalety. This ii no quack article, but the prescription of a regular Physician, one who has made this branch of his piacticea particular study. Kor sale at 192 Broadway, corner of John atreet. sllm*m PI LKS ? Irritation of the kidneys, pain in the back or side, habitual co>tivenen, eruptions, sore eyes. Doctor lognldiby's Piles Specific, has made radical cures in manv cases of the above mentioned complaints, as can be proved by personal reference. The specific is not a purgative and is an antirely vegetable remedy, without a particle of colycyuth, gamboge or aloes, is pleasaut to take and perfectly harmless in the most delicate cases, male or female. Agents will bn appointed in every town, county or State, whore there is naue, on application to BLALBIgCO.lOt Nassau street. s6 1m m DR. UORB1TT, 19 Duane street, between Chatham and William streets, may be cnusulted in the treatment of certain delicate diseases. Dr. L>. hat lor the last lourteen years enjoyed the most extensive practice in privxte disease* of any medical man in New York. He cau cure the moat aggravated cases of this disease, and mild cases reinoTedin two to fire days. Dr C.'s mode of treatment is sale and expeditious, requiring neither the use oi mercury nor restraint u diet or exercise.. Stricture of the arethra eorfd in one or two .weeks, with scarcely any |iain or inconvenience. Constitutional Debility.?Those bidividunU who have indulged in a certain loathsome and secret habit, cau positively be restored to health and society. No charge unless cured Dr. C. is the only testified London Surgeon who advertises in New York. He keeps no counterfeit Loudou Diploma snspended in his office. si lm?r DU. CORBITT, member of the University of New York, also of the medical socety, informs his natrons and the public, that he has removed his office from Duane street to M Keade atree', three doori from Bioadway. Dr. C. having confined his practice to the treatment ol delicate diseases for the last 14 years, can with certainty warrant a cure in all casea. Dr. Corbitt informs the public that there is 110 other Dr. Cornitt in the city, and that he has no connection with the plagiarist of Ins name, in Dnaue street A medicine may be had to prevent a certain diseaae in all its forms. Open from I A.M. till g T. M. ?2?lwT MAKKIKD LAD1K8 WILL KIND MUCH to interest them by perusiug Moral Physiology, written by the llou. II. D. Owen, with addition* and alterations by R. Olover, M. D. Were this book carefully read by every married person, and its advice strictly followed, we are persuaded that a different state of society from the present would exist. The tenors of poverty and the prospect of a large family of prudent people from entering the matrimonial state; lint here i* a work that will tell you important secrets which may obviate all such objections. Price of the book 10 cents. For sale by Zeiber Silo corner of Chesnnt and 3d streets. Philadelphia, and most booksellers; ana the Editor, 2 Ann street, ^rw York. s23 Im'rre NO CUBE NO PAY?THE HERB OOCTOK.-II any one has the Dysentery, Summer Complaint, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum, or any disorder of the bowels, we care not how bad they may be; if there is any remains of life in the poor patient, if he has even been poisoned by a fashionable poison doctor for mouths; if he is so reduced that all hope is fled, and his body is so emaciated that the bones have worked through the skin, even then, when thus far reduced, il he has sufficient life in him to uses pleasant herb medicinetnat any child can take, if lie uses th.s by directions, and if it faila to cure after the doctor saya it is beyond the power of medicine to help him, or in the least to mitigate his sufferings? then we promise, on its failure, to return double the cost of the medicine. Kail ! why it cannot fail?it cures as certainly at it is sure the sun will give yon light or the clonda drop rain Throw aside yourdoubts, come and we will give you a pamphlet which shows some of the most astonishing cures ever heaid ol. Come to the Herb Doctor's Dispensary, No. f, South Seventh street, Philadelphia, or to No 266 Broome street, New York. Come to one of these place > if yon are in want of medicine. Come, the Herb Doctor roaitea Vure herb medicines for all diseases, and is curing thousands, 'on have, we know yon have, confidence in herb medicines. You, with ns, believe thrre are virtues in the herbs, transcendent healing virtues that all the ingenuity of man Could not produce, but only Ood alone. He made the thousand beanteons herbs to grots for man's reliel He spread them round on every side, and if the sick would gather, and apply with judgment, farewell to all disease. Seventeen years has the Hetb Doctor been investigating their virtues, and preparing irom tnem eann restoring medicines, and ne nns tne hands nl a Higher Power, the humble instrument of coring maii> thousands. Last year, in Pltilwlrlphil,ha had MOWthan twenty thousand patients. He carta all disease*. Consumption res, at leaat three hundred caaea of real undoubted tuberculin contumpt inn; and well M might, for he cared tiimsell? and it curing more than all the other doctora put togethrr in the city of Philadelphia. Now, you can get in this, your city, aome of these auperior .medicines. He does not pretend to cure all diseases with one medicine, like aome of your advertised fills and Syrups?No. He would not insult your better judgment with such folly?but he really does make some hundred different kinds of pure Herb or Indian medicines, oue'or each disease. KnijuireatNo Jfiti Broome alreet, from 8 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock at nightauW lm*me T6 THE NEKVOl'S AND PEBILITATEP -PRO FEASOR BOERHAVVE'S UNIVERSAL TONIC and Hvgtau Renovator? This medicine, to long celt-brat'^ in Europe, lias beau found truly aaluablc since its introduction into una countrv. In all cases of nerrous or constitu. tioaal debilrtv, arising Irom a secret destructive h-.hit, dysvepaia. torpidity of liter, luuctional derangement of the luugs tending to consumption,and in female diseases attended with local inconveniences, this medicine stands preeminent For its virtues references can he gtvedto various physicians and natieuti. Price $8 a bottle of 1$ ounces, anil told only for tne importing Agents, MOKRlSfci'O atZtum Fulton street "e? Yoik mN lui'me IIB&ftAL BOOKS, a Om Eeaccw Ofhti N . .u.gnn J sun are t> k -i eet Nov edit n ns of ihe * rka -it >tr '1 > 1 nn?, '< liitir> y. I'uw' Life <>l ? htiat, Volncv \ llu. i good edition), V lc'? Life ol 'I . Paine. the W 'tk A Vir. 0?eu and Dr Hollieh. Palmer's Principles of Nitiire -'hr-ll* ' Quren Slab. Lt Citateur, Emma Martin, Three lm|Miat<>ra (curioua hook) the Vesuges uf Creation, Nt? Traeta. Gnarterl v Heirnn fcr ?nr? Im'r DAGUERRIAN MATERIALS. JOHN HOACH, Optician, R Nassau ?trcet. haa no-won ?J band an assortment of Half Plate and Medium V'oigbilander Tubea. Alio, American, of hn own manufacture, aupenor to any yet made in the United State*. Flatea, Caaei, Chrmicaia, Coating Bones, Bathi, and ti eey material used m Daguerreotj mug. Tneinioinetera, wholesale and retail; Spectacles, Telescopes, Galvanic Batteries, ke. he. siim*r GERMANHARDWARE. A I.AUG'/, assortment of German Hardware, consisting of Scissors, Chisaela, Butcher Knires, table Knives and Forks. Saws, Hare Irons. Halter Chains, Pocket Knives, Knitting Tina, Umbrella Prames, ke. Also, Curtain Pins, < irtain 'irnements. Slatea, he., has jnst been received by the undersigned, and is offered for sale low, on accommodating terms to dealers. SLATES AND SLATE PENCILS. 40 cases Slates, assorted Nos. I to6, 2, J. 4, 4. "t d an4l No*. I, 4 and a Also, cases Slate Pencils. For sal uy GEORGE r. OK.KLMNG, 71 Maidej sane, v- , ^ Junction of Liberty strtttjK i?i coat inn tly on hnn4. VERY IMPORTANT TO CONSUMERS OF TEA. f 1 OOD BLACK TEA. ?? cents oer lb. A (JT OOOD YOUNG HYSON TF.A, M eMdapcr lb. Every purchaser of a five pound package will have the iwe advantage aa though he purchased fifty cheats. Oar object la ! offering ?uc!i induce meal*. ) to extend Ml cultivate oar ' large and well earned {gggnftftT? and can appreciate a good article, and wish ji obtain itat little more than half the usual price charged lor it, should scad to tlie principal Store ol the New York and Chip a Tea Company, 88 Catherine street, New York. All orders from the country mast be accompiMed by cash ' or the same, and all letters pre-paid, or the goods Will not be orwariled. it lin#rre 192 BROAD IV A Y, COS-IKS or JOH* STBKET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pott. SPECIMENS OK HI.NO'S uuapproachable VERBENA O CREAM FOR SHAVING.?This article, iXiversally praised by those who made trial of it, last year loan the first tremiuin of the Institute Fair, ludeed it is fall? conceded j y those who know, that it is .impossible to maagfacture an article euual to it. It is softening to the skin, frag|ant to the sense, a destroyer of freckles and pimples, and ia sold cheaper than the old soaps. All, therefore, who woafa consult ecouomy and comfort in sharing, should possess themselves of it. From the New York Gazette.?The New Boa p.?We speak from experience, and we speak from the more Mafcssioual j I knowledge of our benefactor and friend James Qrant, No. 4 Ann street, who says it ia ahead of any thing eyer yet found 1 out hi thia department of modern improvement. It is not only . an emolioot but it ia something more." la abort, wa be- : lieve it ia tha bm?.ehaviug aoap in the world. Beware of mutations, and observe the writtea signature tinder the directiona for use,of " C. H. Ring." Par pared and , for aale, wholesale and retail, and for eiporvelioa, by C. H. RING, Druggist, ?n* lm*me in Broadway, corner of John street. T H E A M A Z Ol wips, GENTLEMEN'S Real Head's orHair, being the latest and ' greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wins and Sc. I pa. and the subscriber ia happy in being the first to introduce them here. They display the forehead and temples to luiy height, a point in wig making never before attained.? ; They are com|iosed of ventilating or gossamer work. They fit ou ihe bead by a mechanical contrivance entirely new; they I are put on iu a moment. They immediately adapt themselves 1 to the countenance, and at once become part and parcel of the living man. Copy the addreas. k. PHALON, 61 Broadway, oppoiite the an28 lin*rc (Mnbe Hotel, underJudson's Hotel. THE INVISIBLE WIG CO closely reaemblea the real head of hair, that aceptica O and connoisaeura have pronounced it the moat perfect | and extraordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel and uuique Wig, is its being made without ; sewing or weaviug, which causes its appawBbe so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in ligntaees aad natural appearance, as to defy detectiou. its texture being so beautiful, ao porous, and so free, that in all cases or perspiration evapo i ration is unimpeded, and the great evils of etatr wigs avoid! ed. The sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to iuspect this novel aud beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fit, dug the hrail, at the inventor's,( A. C. BARRY,) 146 Broad way. comer of Liberty street, up stairs. ?17 lm*mc ! NEW INVENTED Wtbb. BATCHELOK'8 new invented Wiga and Scalps, made of the finest natural curl hair, and adapted in the most eaay manner to the peculiar ityle of each ininvidual. They are entirely a new invention, doing away win all the vexations difficulties so long experieaeed by thoaa who wear wigs. The public are invited to inspect large and well selected stock, containiug every variety of aisa aad color; they will then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATCHELoR. inventor and only manufacturer, 1 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed from 165 Broadway Please to copy the address. an2S lm*rc BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE. A LIQUID COLORING FOR THE HAIR, WHISKERS, Sic.?Its claims to patronage will at once be tin- < 1 drrstood by those who have used or sold the preparations offered for dying the hair, lu application is simple, its effect : certain ; being emphatically a perfect heir dye, witlioat destroying the elasticity or health of the heir. To fancy storekeepers, ihuggisis, Sic., it will be found a most desirable article, at they can with confidence, recommend it to their customers, and not be troubled with complaints o( its dyiug the skin or linen. It will not rub off the nair, end constant wash| ing only improves its appearance. The celor is permanent | and perfectly uniform, entirely free from those unnatural tints, varying from the faded green to the royal purple, produced by the ordinary hair dyes. In proof of its efficacy the i inventor is prepared to apply the dye to whiskers, or a porj tion of the hair, without charge, to those wishing to purchase, I if it proves satisfactory; for which purpose he bas private ! rooms. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by WM. ! BATCH ELOR, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price ; $1, double size SI 30. Cepy the address. Sole agent in Washnet no Of*. 1 'llhha. Pean. avenue an2S lm*re Medical aid.?dr. Gregory, no. 3 roosevelt street, an experienced physician has recently pub lished a small volume on the.foUfes and foibles 2, human nature, , entitled "The(Rubicon." it is intended as a friend to such as mav hannen to need wiivim nrivatalv. It treats udob . I disease* anu derangements of a very delicate and private nature, among which are venereal in all its varieties and forms, with completeinstruetions for its cure, and also in relation to the practice of a certain secret habit among the ; young and thoughtless. Price 50 cents, i The following are a few extracts from the works of eminent physicians on this subject:? "Many vir#ous people predicted immense harm from publ lishing information on so delicate a subject.'1 j "A topic in physiology which artificial modesty has hitherto covered up." "It is not confined to the obscure and vicious, but pervades all classes of society." "Neither the plague, nor war, nor small pox, nor similar . diseases have produced results so disastrous to humanity." "It is the pestilence that walketh in darkness, and the destruction that wasteth at noonday." | "It excitrs the powers ol nature to undue action, and produces violent secretions, which necessarily andjspeedily ex- i hausts <h - vital principal and energy of body and mind, hence the esrfy failure or loss of the faculties." lorthe cure of diseases aud consequences eminating from this dsngernus practice is Dr. Gregory's Invigorating Tonic Coruial. Nothing can be better adapted to help and nourish { the constitution, to repair inward wasting*, loss of appetite, i depression of spirits, confuted memory, etc. It enrichea ana pwrities the blood, without healing and intlamiug it?Price $2 I a bottle, or in cues of half a dozen at $10, carefully packed I Jhr exportation. Consultations privately at all houra. i a25 lm*r PHIVATE DISEASES.?BRANCH OE THE PHILA- I DELPHI A COLLEGE OK MEDICINE-OFFICE ; 97 NASSAU 8TREET, NEW YORK. The Members #f i the Philadelphia College of Medicine having had extensive | experience both in Europe and on this courtneut, in every ; form of DELICATE DISEASES, do confidently and sui" cerely |i*miic to the afflicted a apeedy, safe and permanent ; enre, based on the moat modern and scientific principles. They nave patients nery day from all pans of the United ! States, Canada, and West Indies, who hive been laboring un- 1 der old affections, such as aggravated ulcers, diseases ol the hnncs and injurs mercurial and slfin diseases, erunrimis chronic rheumatism. he., ice The reiult of the abuse in I ri\ iug mercury, injudicious treatment, and unpardonable i quackery. I PARTICULAR NOTICE. | Patients residing in any part of the Union, by writing a statement ot their situation, ler the disease be of what kind it j mav?delicate, Indelicate, private or otherwise, it will be ! consulted u|>oa by the members, who meet daily for that purpose, and the necessary remedies, with directions, forwarded immediately. In this instance the fee, ($5 ) which will in; elude all esi enses. must be enclosed, pose pnnl, and directed l to W. F\ DICKINSON, Agent, 97 Nassau st., New York. Where one of the members?Doctor McDonnell?is in attendance. STRICTURE CURED. TUT. SrEctric Extract, lor the cureTof Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures, weakness of the sexual organs, nocturnal emissions, and all discharges from the nrethra. This powerful'diuretic cures sooner than anv other remedy as yet discovered, without interfering in any way with business. Trice One Dollar tier pot. SARSAPAHILINE, The Concentrated Extract of the Genuine Honiara* Hoot. , PRETAREE by the members of the Philadelphia College, in accordance with the moat modern discoveries of extracting its real medicinal virtues. It has been tested and ap' proved by the College, for the cure of scrofula, rheumatism, cutaneous eruptions, enlargement and pains in the bones, syphilitic symptoms, and the train of diseases consequent on an injudicious use of merenry and unskilful medical treatment. Price One Dollar per bottle, or six bottles for $5. NON MERCURIAL BLACK DROP. THIS valuable alterative is a sure remedy in syphilis, both primary andconstitutional. Itshould be resorted to immediately after the first appearance ot the disease. Persons who have eruptions on the skin, venereal nodes, rhenmarism, scrofula, or any diseases arising from impurities of the blood, should not be one moment without it Single bottles One Dollar, cases of half a dozen $J. THE TONIC ELIXIR. PREPARED expressly for the use of those who have in ' dulgrd secretly, or committed excesses of any kind. This uvaluable .invigorating ionic-will positively cure impotence in either of the sexe*,nocturnal emissions.nervous irritability, general physical prostration, weakness of the sexual organs, andconstitutional debility, produced from any oause. Inalso a powerful corrector of Female Irregularities, and never fails to proenre the periodical desideratum that nature de- ' mauds, aud i? so essential to preserve good health and vigor, i Price Two Dollars per bottle, or $20 a dozen. Vfr. F. DICKINSON. Agent, alienor 97 Nassau St.. New York Lucina cordial, or, the elixer of love. ?For the lure and apeedy cure of Incipient Consumption, Barrmuni, Imnotency, Lucorrhma or White*, Oleet, \ Obstructed or difficult Menstruation. incontinence of Urine, or inrolnntary discharge thereof, and for the general proatration of the aysiem, no matter whether the remit of inherent can:ea,or prodneed by irregularity, ilinesa, or accident. The wide celebrity ol thia wondertnl and inestimable cor- ; dial in both hemisphere*, i* a sufficient guarantee for it* qmck and positive succesa in curing all the above affections and complaints. Nothnyr can be more snrpnsuig than it* invigorating effect* on the human frame. Persons all weakness and lassitude before taking it, at once become robust and fnll of energy under its inffnence. It immediately counteract* the nervousness of the female frame, which is the only cause of barrenness, and which, prior to Magnin's discovery, was considerable incurable. And it quickly removes the impediments produced by physical prostration, which frequent^ deter men from getting married Language, indeed, e*mfg,i do justice to the merit* of the Lucina Cordial, whicn is regarded by the heads of the faculty in all parts ol the world as otic of the most important medical disooveriea of any age Price $3 per bottle. Principal ofhee 14 Nassau street, has* went. aull lm?m tff Kf k/k RE WARD.?Cross' Specific Misture tor the cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, strictures, and analagous complaints of the organs of generation. Of all remedies i et discoterrd for the above complaint#, this is the most cer tain . It makes a aneedv aud permanent cure without the least restriction of diet, drink, esposure, or change in application to business. We give no long otiackish recommends tion to deceive the public ; if the meJiciuc does not sp-iak for itself, none shall speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can he had, and the rropneror challenges a single case ol recent gonorrhoea to be brought, which the misture will not rapidly cure under a forfeiture of $i00. This is a disease that unfortunately perrades all rank* of society, high, low, rich, snd poor, matrimonial and single ; they are here presented with a remedv by which they can cure themselves without the least eaposure in the shortest time possible /iifther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the miituic is taken at night on going to ben when exposed It is put up in bottles with lull directions iecon>| anying it *t$I. O'>e h'tflie hsta * week. which generally cure* ; many arc cured i? two days Kurnlf hy II. Hum. 191 Broadway, corner luhu street, New 1 ork; Mr. Barry, corner ( hesuut and ^evenih street, I hiladelphia; S. W. Fowle, 137 Washiugtoo a reel, Bps'on; 24 Canal street. New Orleans, aud 9J Main street. < ineinaats. alt Im're iiili aL AU V|CJt ? IHJtTOK LAMILHT is sustl dentiallT eonsnlted at his office. 83 Oold street, near Fnltou, na all diseases of a private nature. His treattueul. , being mild and judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hindrance from Business. Debility, nervous or I constitutional, vising from indiscreet indulgences of the passions, causing nightly emissions, and, eventually, im- | potency, engages the Doctor's attention, bis object being to restore the system to that auto of vigor nature originally designed. Stricture, a diiease frequently eatsting without the patient beiwi aware, caused by maltreatment and sometimes caused by the neglect of the jiarties themselves, is reffecmally cured by Dr. L Letters, postpaid, ; enclosingfa fee, immediately attended to, and medicine, witn advice, sent te any part of the United Sutea. Office U Oold street oJ lw?r TESTIMONIAL. | ILK CHRV'R DON ANOEL CALDERON DE LA , BARCA, Minister Plenipotentiary from the Contt of I Donna Isabel II Queen of Spain to the United States at Washington, do state, that I h're known Dr. A. CASTLE, a gentleman standing pre-eminent in hit profession of mertieel and suftcal Dentist?that those reqnirieg his profession al aid may place the fnlleat confidence in hia skill and integrity Signed, A. CALDERON DE LA BARCA. Dr. A. C. CASTLE, 291 Broadway, inserts Artificial Teeth, and performs evary operation pertaining to the reatoration of 1 the mouth, gums end teeth ?? lm*rh ,| . j- *!? CAtrnoN, TO HOTKL AND store-KEEPERS, against a per ob Tram Philadelphia, trying to palm upon them ? inrinui article of Wine Bitters and W> lid Cherry Brandy, amid to he manufactured by me. Thii la to inform the public that I lure no travelling agent under the name of Tobiaa, at cepting my Boo, Joseph F. Tobias. ? SOLOMON TOBIAS, aM lm*r No. M North Third at.. Philadelphia TO PROPRIETORS OF EATING HOUSES. FOR IALK, a Steam Boiler for Cooking, with four large Kettles, Lead Pipe, Tata, Couplings and Funiace, all complete', as good as new. Can be bought cheap lor cash, at R. HOMER'S, No. 1M Fulton at., or No. I Ann at. ago 2w*rh BOARDING IN A FK1VATK KAMII.V gyfl A FEW genteel boardera can be accommodated at 6St Broome street, third door from Hudson sirret. The rooms are large, and every attention will be paid to make it a desirable home. There is a bathing room?hot and cold water at any time. For further particulars euquiir at 581 Broome street,or to C. H, 1UNU, 192 Broadway , corner John at. o2 lw*rh PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. IJI BLANCAKD hat the honor to iulorm his friends and the public in general, that he will keep the Pavilion, at New Brightou, open during the euaning winter, should a sufficient number ol boarders offer to warrant hit doing to. Any eoimntinicttinn wiU reach Mr. Blancard by being addressed to him Post Office. New ?ork. The steamboats run at follows ?oas A'rsc Jlngliton. from Now York. 8 II A. M. 12 A.M. 2 iK T M. J* 4 * P.M. r. BLANCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton. Sept. 2S, IM6. s2l ifth umor* tiuucb. THE subscriber hu takes the above earned new u4 sptrndid Hotel, j art completed, at the caatre of the beautiful village of Springfield, Maaa., and will open the aame fot the public accommodation on the J4th iait. The Union Home i< large, richly (hushed and furnished, and offers unequalled advantages to all persons traTellmg through Springfield for business or pleasure. Hating recently kept the United States Hotel and " Congress Halh" at Saratoga, the subscriber respectfully invites his old friends and patrons, and all others, to giva him a call m his new quarters. 8. 8. 8EMAN. Springfield, July 14, IMt. an* Jm*r aHARUN SFRINGS PAVILION. THE rUBLIC igintorined that this establishment, baring been enlarged and improved since the close of the last season, will be opened for the reception of visiter^ on the 1st day of Jnne. LANDON k GARDNER. May 1. IMS. my?3 tm*r HOWARD HOTEL., NEW YORK.. Comer Broadtocy end Maiden Lane. THE Subscribers, thankful for the patronage they have received siuee they have succeeded Messrs. Howard m the above extensive and popular hotel, most respectfully ask u continuance of the same, with the assurance that as no home in the city is better calculated for comfort and convenience, to at no other e ,tablishment will there be a stronger disposition manifetltd at all timet to ensnre the public approbation. THOMAS k WHITE. au7 2m3taw*rvc HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE. OQQ CHESTNUT 8TREET, Philadelphia.!NThe tbove wArtPestablishment having recentlv undergone thorough rr|?irs, and refurnished throughout, presents ell the advantages of a New House; with the long experience of the present proprietor, who can ouly assure his patrons that his efforts will not he related to secure every luxury that may conduce to the comfort or pleasure of his guests. s4 lmeod*r UNIV'ERSirYlJF NEW YORK. Surgical and Medical Cliniaue. THE Poor of the city are informed that they will receive advice and medicine, free of charge, by applyiag at the University Medical College, 659 Broadway, on every Saturday throughout the year, from 9 to 12 o clock. The Clinique is under the charge of Doctor Valentine Mott, and he gives his services to the poor, who may be laboring under Surgical or Medical diseases An opportunity is ,hua afforded to all. who cannot pay lor protessional attendance, to avail themselves of this chanty. UNIVERSITY LYING IN CHAR1TY.-A11 women, whose circumstances will not enable them to remunerate a physician for services during their confinement, are informed that they will be attended, free of charge, at their own houses. This charity is under the charge ofDocTOR G. 8. uedkord ; ana ny leaving tneir uarnea ana aaareaa at ma reiideace, 109 Tenth (treat, all indigent femalea will receive prompt attendance. (29 3tawia2w*rh oo?auMrTiu? uuuuiia, AND ALL DISEASES OF THE LUNGS. ?????????????? DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE PREPARATION.' Cougha, Colda, Aathma. BrnncliitK, Liver Complaint, Spit, ting Blood, Difficulty of Breathing, Pain in the Side and Breaat, Palpitation ot the Heart, Influenza, Cronp, Broken Couatitntion, Sore 'I hroat, Nervoua Debility, and all diaeaaea of Throat, Breaat, and Lunga ; the moat effectual and apeedy enre ever known tor any of tne above diaeaaet JDR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. OF all the remediea of the day, and they are a great variety, which profeaa to be of great valne to the human family, we heaitate not to pronounce DR. SWAYNE'SCOMrnlrvn uvmrp np \uti n i'ul-duv .. -... -r ,i.? greatest discoveries of modem science. Of all the many compounds put forth for the cure of diseases which affect human nature, not one remedy conld be named which has in so short a space of time acquired such unbounded confidence with the public,and has performed such miraculous cures; and has merited and received so much eulogium from the faculty and others, as this justly celebrated remedy. BE iAREFUL OF YOUR COLD. Many people are very apt to consider a cold but a trifling matter, ana think thsc " it will go away cf itself in a few days," and they give themselves no trouble about it. But to such we would say, " be careful of your colds," do not tamper with your constitutions. If you desire to live to a good " old age," use such remedies as will effect an easy and permanent cure. DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY has cured more colds than any other medicine offered for sale in this country. The certificates of cures effected by this invaluable medicine, which the proprietor is daily receiviug, are of the moat gratifying character,and tend 10 show its sanative properties and tlie nigh rank it holds iu public estimation. The Tress, the Medical Faculty, and thousands who hare used DR. bWAYf E'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, all concur in pronouncing it one of the best remedies ever invented for the cure of all PULMONARY AFFECTIONS. CALTlON?Dr. Swayne's Preparation of Wild Cherry was the first that was ever introduced to the public in this or any other country. Years after this "celebrated remedy" Came out, up sprung several others^ such as Balsams, Candies, and even svrups, trying to build on that already established, so that even persons might be deceived f and get a worthless mixture palmed off upou them) if they did not bear in mind the name of Dr. Swatmk. (?7" Remember, all preparations purporting to contain Wild Cherry, are /Ictilioui and counterfeit, except that bearing the written signature of Dr. Swavme.?Great care should be observed to purchase from the regularly appointed agent. Principal Office, corner of EIGHTH and RACE streets, Philadelphia. &&&&&&&&& & & Aokivts is New York?Charles H. Riiro, corner of Broadway and John streets; R. A. Sards, 188 Bowery; E. B. Waxskr, 20J Bleecker street, J.C. Hart, 341 Grand, corner Norfolk; J. L. Lewis, 527 Greenwich: Dodo, 771 Broadway; Wyatt and Ketcham, 121 Fulton; Mrs. Haves, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; B. Olds Ik Son, Newark, John Pearson, Rahway; Mrs. Kiddkh, 100 Court street, Boston; Duruin Ik Co., Portland; C. Dt >;r, Jr., Providence; Hoaplky Phelps fc Co. I?2 Water street. N. Y. si lm MWF*r JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. Office No. 50 Wall Street. Neu> York. THIS Company bcinn authorised by an act of the Legislatare of the State ol New York, passed May 12th, IMS, entitled " An act for the benefit of the Jefferson Insurance Company," to till up its capual stock, which was impairrd by losses occasioned by the nre of 19th July, 1M4 ; and the Board of Directors ol said Company hsring unanimously resolved that the said capital stock be filled up accordin ? to the provisions ol said act. Notice is hereby given in conformity with said act and with the approval of the Vice Chancellor of the First Circuit, to all the present stockholders of the Company, that they are required to sienify, on or before the 'h day of October uexl, to the President or Secretaiy of sail. Company, at their office, No. 40 Wall street, in the city of New York, whether they elect to fill up their stock, and also in case they elect to fill up their stock, to pay the amount required at snch timet and such manner as the Board of Di.ectors may hereafter dej MH, And notice is hereby further given that on the 20th day of October neit, so much new stock shall be created and disposed of, as will make up the original capital of said corporation, and lor that purpose books of subscription will be opened at the said office on the 21st day of October rnext, and continue open daily from ll> to 3 o'clock, until the amount requisite is subscribed?(the present stockholders to have a prior right to such new stock.) The agreement to fill up shares as above mentioned and the urw subscriptions to take effect ou the U day of Novrmber next, on which day an instalment of five dollars per share is required on new snbscriptions. And notice is hereby further given to such stockholders as shall not elect to till lip their stock, or by neglect shall forfeit the right so to do. that tlicy are required on the 2d day of November next, to surrender to the said President or Secretary, at the said office, their original certificates of stock, and iu lieu thereof to receive new certificates, for such number of shares as they may respectively be entitled to, said Stockholders receiving pay for fractional parts of shares. T. W. TIIORNE, Prcst. Oro. T. Hsrv, Sec'y. ii...1 \,.r Vnrk Ai.irail tSth 1IM ?nl? JlswlNtr MADAME MAK0NCELL.1 WOULD inform her pupils, and friends generally, that the continues her instruction! in Singing and Mime, at her residence, 1)7 Bievoort Place, (ltith itreet.) She alio, if iequired, give a leasons at the reaidence of the pupil. >11 eodlm*je ANCINO ACAUfcMY.?MAUAMK ACH1LLK, Tn returning her sincere thanks for the liberal patronage of her frirnda ami the public. desires moat reapectfolly to inform them that she is abont to resnrne her professional attendance to Seminaries and private familes. Her Salon, 41 Walker street, mil re-open on Saturday, the :kl October, lor the tuitiou of those ladies and gentlemen who mdywiahto join her danciug and waltsing classes, or form private quadrilles, as follows:? k'or young ladies and also for vonng gentlemen under 10 ir irs of age, Wednesdsj., and Satnrd iys, from J to J o'clock, P. M., for gentlemen above 10 jears, the Mine days at J o clock. Kveningclass for gentlemen, Tnesday* and Thursdays at S o'clock, and the Soirtts exclusively for her pupils ana their parents, as usual. Madame Aehille has the pleasure to announce that in addition to the dances already known in New York, she will instruct her pvpils in those Polka Waltzes and Quadrilles which ara now the most popular in the best society lu Parie and London. These hesntifnl jure are the new quadrille Mazurka; the Cellaring waltz ; the graceful Rtdnwa; the Pi'etinoize, or wallt a Heux tempt; the pretty waitx a cinq tempt com|>oaed two months since in London by Perrot; and La Mazorien nr. anew Mazurka waltz, which with that, a cinq tempt, will not be brought out in Paris till the coming winter. These dances can be taught by no other person in New York then Madame Aehille, as she has received them from Mons. Jules Martin, jnst arrived (rom Paris, and to whom they were eaclnsively confided by the above celebrated professors, in testimony of their high esteem. Im MWt'r t'Hh VUUK8LLK-KLAD THE KOLLOWINUt? Of all tha remedits yet discovered for the permanent ears r,r a,....* the American Compound is the mo?t ipccdy and certain, ft containa no mercnrr. leavaa no odor on the breath, reqnirea no rritrielion in diet or buaincu, and ia adapted to every ace. tea and condition, ratienti may rely that thia ia no trumped up " hweabutt" ithaa long been need in the private practice ol a phytician with unerring lacteal, radically curing ninety-nine raaea ol the hundred, and at preaent ia the moat popular remedy in a neighboring city. Try it, even after other remediea have Tailed, hull directions accompany each bottle. Sold nitoleeale by Comstock k Co., II Courtlandt atreet, retailed at the drug atorra, corner Hudaon and Leonard atreeta, corner Bnwcrw aad Fourth, corner Bowery and Walker, Bowery and Honeton, corner Grand and Allen, hart Broadway and Market, Fulton nnd Water atreeta New York; north weit corner Third and Somh atreeta, Philadelphia; corner Charlea and Pratt atreeta, Baltimore; and C. Stott, Washington City, all lteod*r BELGIAN COOKING 8JOVK8. 2 OF theae famona Cooking Stoves for sale. UKOROE F. OERDINO, auM.Laoc - IMtidan . ^ ?* ' < . V 4 1- "'".' ? ' ' . 'J.'.-^? I FOR SALE, <l___ AT SMITH'S STABLE, is Jtw? <^itr. ?* /Utr>iu poire Ana Horace?Alio, a number of fine aiugja Tram the weateru part of the State of Neht * 1 ota. Two or throe fait trotting Horace. ol lw*r?le D. KELLINGER'S LINIMENT. ft , -- IN thia wonderful preparation the afflicted have -UaTNgot what they hare long and aerioaely called for. ?^?kNot a aolitary cue, in the aale of twenty thonaacil bottlra, h.ia been known failing to do all that wai eipected of it. It acta like magic in all rhenmatic affectiona; and puna of all aud every nature yield to it immediately. It ia at certain to cure all aotea, of any deaariptiou, either on man or the application ia made, aud in ahorter time than any other rcmedv ever offered to the people It ia very fragrant, aufe and agreeable?to be uaed upon all agea, eater ually and internally, and no fear ol taking cold alter ita uae. .Vlr. Jaieea Murphy, of tlie Bowery Line of 8tagea, aaya that it a-trad the life of oue of hia men; aud in uaing twenty doxeu n u a bottle haa Ailed. ... High Bridge.?At tnia puce groee alter groce faaa been med without a fa.lure. Mr. Arnold Mimn arid Mr. Samuel Robert, builden of the bridge: Mr. Mnaonfaaya.that by the uae of three or lour bottle! hit rheuuialic paiuf tiaee been entirely eradicated. Mr. Roberta giiea it aa lit! opinion that it waa one of the great cauaet of aaviug lua life from an injury autlaiued from a fall. To be hid at 9* John atreet, and at the great Central Depot, Harlem Railroad Office, City Hall, in large bottlea. at M centa per bottle a>9 lm?rc K1NCJ CHAKLKS jl'AMKLS, Ita tan tirey Houuda, Newfoundland Watch Ooga, White Poodle Doga. Engliah and Scotch Tarriera. In fact tlie puba iapplied ( with few eiceptioua'J) with any thing of tun canme race nt the depot of A. UttlKVE, No. 5 John at.. New York a!7 lm r BltUADWAY i'iiOFEKTY TO LiiASfc.. mTFIt UWNCH of the valuable Block, fronting upon Broadway, Canal atreet and Liapenard atreet, ortera the tame to Leaae for a term of yeara to any dual e-Company that may deaire a property of thia doacription for imp.oTeinent?ita central location upon Broadway and Canal atreet, ia one of the moat deairabie apota in the city for the erection of a Public Kdiflce or f>ir Storaa. Alao.the Property on Broadway, nearly oppoaite to Bond rutuuiug 10 mercer street; uie irout oa srowwir and Mercer meet it 73 feet by 200 feet. A part of the money neceiiery for the improvement, would I be advanced, if necessary. For particulars, apply to JOHN LA FAROE, 111 2Wrh MO Brnj?.y| jMlf- ff _ FALL FASHION, i846. H WM. BANTA. No. 91 Canal street, and HO Chatham street, offers to his f'ienda and the public a large assortment of Hats, of the new style, at the following I low prices, viz:?Moleskin silk Hatsou lur bodies, $': nutria i lur Hats, warranted to retain their shape and color, $3; short nap silk Hats, eu lur boAes, $2 30; first quality Paris moleskin silk Hats, $3 30; fiaat quality nutria fur Hits, S3 30.? | Also, the fall patterns of children's silk velvet and fancy I cloth caps; mohair, cloth, oil. silk, plush and lur caps, fce.? Boys fall pattern fur aud silk hats. ol lm*rc ! IS a ?aru. gr ! Jpa ROBERTSON, propfiMor of the Phoenix Hitil* and Cap Manufactory, returns his acknowledgments to hfe numerous friends ana customers for their pievieus liberal puronage of his establishment. He has lately removed Irora his former location at 103, to No. 29 FULTON St., where his ; fall style, lately introduced, and which has been innch ad| mired for its symmetry and elegance, is now being exhibittul Nnf withafnnHinir thn ffmir diiPtnfv h#r?psn hii nrifffi andthoae ofhia brethren lc trade tn Broadway. he cvgagea that hit Han will be found on examination equal to the beat manufactmed. He inritea the incredulnua to call and hare I their doubts aet at real. WM. ROBERTSON, JR. raicta, Frit quality of Nutria Fat, $3 80 Secoud do. do. do 3 00 Firat do. Moteihin 3 50 Second do. do 3 00 Third do. do I St 23 lm*rrc i ESTABLISHED PRICES AT j GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 134 Kitltow itjiebt, (Sun Building ) FIRST QUALITY BLACK FUR HAT.. 77. . $3 SECOND " " - .3 FIRST QUALITY SILK HAT 3 00 SECOND ? ' ? 3 50 r> THESE prieet have been tirmly ettabliihed, and may be aa implicitly relied on, at the beauty, atyle and finish of the article to which they appertain. The proprietor would reapectfully aak the public to teat the ralae of hit Rata, by eompariaon with the production! of any other manufacturer in the city, and belieTea no candid mind will leave the premiaea diaaatiafied with them or their pricea. all lna*m T. T. OURNEY. 134 Fulton at. WAT TRIBE) NT AC JAMES. FASHIONABLE HATTERS, No. S '4 Kaauu Street, near Fulton, fl THE ipbieribera encouraged by the approbation beJmwstorved on their Hata, beg to atate that they hare alwaya on hand a choice aaaortment of their own manufacture. The pluah ?nd trimming! which they ute are imported direct from Paria, and they manufacture aolely for their own More Gentlemen in want of a Hat am reapectfully aelieited to call , and examine. M. B. WATTR1PONT, ' a 15 3w?m WM. H. JAMES. FOR BELFAST, I*ELAr\D, DIRECT?Ragu aJHWV'ar Packet of the 8th Oct.?The firat claaa faat milJHMHmtng packet ahip MAC AO. burthen 808 torn, John Scott, maater, will poairirely sail on Thnraday, the Sth Oct., ber regular day The accommodation! lor cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage passengers, are unaurpaaacd by any yaatel in port, and price* I moderate. Aa a number of her paaaengeri are already en! gaged, those deairens of securing bertha should make early ' application on board, toot of Pine at., or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ot rc comer of Pine and 8outh streets. FOR OLASUOW?Hegnlir Packet. 1st Not ? MRrSrVThe fine new Br. packet ahip BROOKSBY, Stt jjfinaSutona, Capt. Hugh McEwen, will tail aa abore, ber r?vu Imp d*v* For freight or passage, having splendid accommodatsons, apply on board, foot of Kosevelt street, ?ast K rer, to WOODHULL k MINTUhN, o2 rh 87 Soutn street, Jttfg- PACK ET8 KOR HAVRE?Second Lin*?Packet JdHMfyilui' ONEIDA, Cspt. Jan. Knack, will mil on the JflSMbUl ol November. For freight orpniut apply to ol ih BOYD k HINCKEN. No. 18 Wall at. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. AjKg- PARTIES wishing to remit moners in ltxtf* or t?VVWsmall an ma to their friends in Oreat Britain #r Ire.( Selend, can do so in the moat safe and expedition* manner through the subscribers, by drafts at sight, payablo in all the principal towns in England, Ireland and Scotland. Money may be sent by letter (post Paid) from any part of the United 8tarea to thtm.giring the address and the name of the party to receive it, which will be regularly forwarded by packet or steamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL fc SON. an2Clm*r 117 Kolton street. OLD ESTABLISHED UNITED STATES k lIMW GREAT BRITAIN k IRELAND EMIGRANT JBHBoOFFICE.?'The Subscribers continne to bring out passengers by the regular Packet Ships, sailing every five days ; and also for first-class Ameiieau transient ships, exiling veeldt. at very moderate rates. Drafts two also be furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above, an* JOHN HKRDM AN k Co.. *1 South street. WINDOW SHADE DEfOT, No. 7 SPRUCE STREET established in 1840. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. GHADE8 of all descriptions, kinds and sixes, SO par earn cheaper than tan be bought at any other place. Trimmine at manufacturers' prices. Signs, Banners, and Interior Decorations done in a stylo not to be surpassed. BARTOL k OKMSBEK. iut7 'm?? Mannfaeturers and I SPERM CANDLES AND OIL?A superior article of 8|>erm Caudles at 25 cents per lb., and finest quality Winter Bleached Sperm Oil at pi the gallon. Also. Bleached Solar do, at uW cents ; also, old Jsra Coffee, Green and Black Teas and Groceries, lie , oi the beat quality, lor sale in quantities to snit, by J. O. KO WLER. 250 sod 421 Greenwich and 74 Vesey streets. N. B ? Families, boarding house and hotel keepers, are 1 invited to give the above a trial. Goods packed snddeI livered to any part of the city free of ehrrge. all lm*rc SPLENDID porcelaine Vases and Mantelpiece Ornaments, for sale by B. MABLLK, iS0!*?rr M Broadway ~ TO TAILORS. THOSE who wish to acquire a rapid knowledge of Cutting all the various styles of garments wutu at the present 1 time, are advised to obtain a copy ol Stinemetta' celebrated j work on the subject, whir h coutains all the information that can be desired. It has already met with ihe most unprecedented sale, and ia naed generally by the trade throughout the Union, and 11 warranted to give entire satiafaction to all wh? adopt its principles Price per copy from eight to ten dollar 1, according to the binding; alae. single or sets of patterns, c f the various stylet of garments cut to order by tir (I urrfi arsv. .pnpTta ?y . n. pi 1,1 C..Mr.i ib, allMm'r No 113 Broadway. Nrw York T'UK undersigned respectfully tenders his umcti to his old friends and the public in general, for the sale of Pro dace of sny kind?also, for the Receiving and Forwarding o/ Goods, and strict and punctual attention will be paid to all orders, and charges as moderate as any established house in this city. i. LAF1TTE, Agent. Susannah. On., August SI. IMS. s<S 5w?rr PRIVATE D1HEA8E8.-E8TABLISHEL> .A. U. 1840. FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY.?The Members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the snppression of iinackery | continue to direct their particular attention to all di teases of a private nature, and can confidently promise to I persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent enre, without injury to the constitution or confinement from , business. Invalids are particularly requested to make appli{ cation to the College on the first appearance of those diseases, I as a vast amount of suffering nun time may be thus avoided, i One of the members of the College, for many years con nrcted with the principal hospitals in Europe, lor the cure ef I those complaints, attends for consultation daily from 8 AM. I to I P.M. Terms?Advice and Medicine. S.1?cure guaranteed IMPORTANT TO COU TRY INVALIDS-Persona I living in the country, and finding it mcnnvenient to make personal application, ran have tnrwirded to them a cheat eontain nig h) I medicine reipi isite to perform a radical cure, by | stating t' eir case explicitly, together with all aymptoms. 1 tune of rnnrrarrinn. anil rieasinens received elsewhere. I ! any, and enclosing post-paid. ! VELPEHPh WI'ECIEIC PILLS. UOR the radical cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, aenainal rmil f sions, and all moeoparnlent discharges from the urethra. Theae Pi lie, the rrault of twenty year'a experience ia the Hospital de Charite in Pari*, are prononnced by their celebratnd inrentor, Professor V elpeau. as an infallible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. They effect a cure iu a much shorter time than any other remedy, wi'hout tanning the breath, diasgieeing with the stomfcli, or eonnnemeut from , business. Price It per boi. CONSTITUTIONAL DeHILIT Y CURED.! TIIK. TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Oity of New York, is confidently recommended for nil cues of debility produced by secret Indulgence or eaceas ol any kind. It is aa inralua hie icmedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depending on malformation. bottles $1 each; cases of ba'fa doxen H; carefully peeked, end sent to all parts ofthe Union. RICORD'S ALTEHATI VE .MIXTURE. FOR the permanent enreof primary or secondary syphilis, venerial ulcers, nodes, or any roinplamt produced by an inittdirioni rise of mercury or unskilful ineoiral treitmeut. All persona suspecting re ne eal tainr remaining in thetr ava irm. should nae ih,a powerful purifier without delay, sa im person can cous'der hims-ll safe after hsring the r'eueiral disease, without thoroughly cleansing the system with this I jna'lv celebrated a'ferarire. | Sold iu unfile bottles at % 1 each; in cuius of half a dozen f for S5; carefully |>acVrd and nenf foall partsoftKc Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRA' T UK sARSAPARILLA i AND SA8AKRA8. I pREFARED by the New York Collet* of Medicine tod , ' . Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purifying| n-lilies and carattye powers of the snore herba it confidently recommended by the Collate aa superior to any extract of Sarsaparilla at pretent before the public, and inay be relied on at a certain remedy for all dieeaeet aria, ine from an impure atate of the blood, auch aa acrofnla and ealt rheum. rin? worm, blotchee or pimplea, ulcers, pain in I the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated ore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary efleets of syphilis or sn injudicious nteof mercury. Sold in single bottles, at 75 cents. " in cssee of half a dozen buttle* $3 50 " " on* doxen " $ ?* Case* forwarded to all parta of the lTnion. N U ?A re-y liberal diacount to wholeaal* purchaaere Office open from I A. M. to I P. M. W 8 RICHAR D80N, \1. D? ptlBLISHBD BT JAMES OOHDON BENNETT, | Notts art rr Cobisbb *? Eul-iow asd NaMao Sttttv *

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