Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1846 Page 1
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, THJ Vol. XII, lo. aOtt-Whol* Ro. 4514 > A Its, 4k*. LONG ISLAND JKA1LKOAU. FALL ARRANGEMENT, aaoMooo m Ou.auJ altar FRIDAY, October 2, 1(46, Train* will run at follow,: Lean Bbooklt*?at T o'clrck A. M. (Bniton trrtnj for ti'?wipo?t. daily, (efcept Sunday,) itoppmg at earmiuirdala and St. Ut-orce', Manor. " " *t?WA M., daily, for f srwingdiit and intermediate places. " " at 12 o'clock, M., for Greenport, daily, (Sundap evepted,) stopping at Jamsica. Branch, Hickatille, and all placet east of Hickiville. " " at 4 P. M. for Farmingdale, daily. Leave OtKxteroKT?at 8)4 A. M , daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at 5)4 P. M., (or on the arrival of the boat from Norwich.) Boston train daily, (except Ban- i diyt.l stopp ng at St. (ieorge'a Manor and Fertningdaie. Leave KaaMi.NODALt: at 6V A.M. daily, (except Snndaya,) accommodation train, and 1 P. M.w Leave JaMaioa?at 8 o'clock A. M., 2)4 P. M , and 6)4 P. M., for Brooklyn. A freight tram will leave Brooklyn for Greenport, with a 1 passengers' car attached, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, at 8V AM. Returning, leave Greenport at )?4 o'clock r. M, on 1 ueaday, Thursday and Saturdays, Stopping at intermediate places. 8UNDAY TRAIN. Leave Brooklyn at 9 o'clock A. M.. for Greenport Returning, leave Greeuport at 2)4 P. M., for Brooklyn, stopping at all tne stations. Fake to?Bedford, 8 cents; F.ast New York, 12)4; Race Course, 18)4;Trotting Course Jamaica 2s; Brushville, 31)4; H> del'ark, (17 miles) 37)4; Clowsvilla, (during the sealing of Court) 37)4; Hempstead, 37)4; Brauch 37)4; Carle Place,44i Westbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; Fartningdale, 62)4; Deer P?rk,90: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station. SI; Cake Road Ration, $1 18V; Med furil Station, $1 18.V Yaphank,$l 37)4; St. Georee'a .Manor, SI 63)4; Riverhead, SI 62K; Jainrsport, SI 624?; Matteluck, S> e2r; Cutchogue, SI ,82)4; Southold, S1 62)4; Greenport Accommodation Train, SI 75; Greenport by Boston train. S2 2). Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengeis at very low fares, to all parts i ol the Island. ] Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall stren. to receive baggage f r the several trains. 30 minutes before the hourofitartiug from the Brooklyn side The steamboat "B'alesmvn" leave* Greenport for Sag Har- . bor on the arrival of tha train from Brooklyu. Brooklyn, Sept. IS, 1846. a29 rrc I GfcXklKAC, AMD MAGON AJND WESTERN BAIL ROADS, GEORGIA. ^VJl ufift MbiMb Atlantic Railroad A of the State ol Georgia, form a continuous line rrouSa anuah to Oothcaloga, Georgia of 371 milea, vis Savauunh to .Ylacou... .Central Railroad 190 milea Macon to Atlanta,... ..Macon it Western Railroad 101 " Atlanta to Oothcaloga. Western !t Atlantic " 80 " Goods will be earned from Savannah to Atlanta and Oothcaloga, at the fallowing rates, vix : ? On AVihiHt Goods. ToJlt- To OolKSo gar, Coffee. Liqnor, Bagging. Rope, lanta. c alogo. Butter. Cheese, Tobaece, Leather, Hides, Cotton Varna, Copper, Tin, Bar and Sheet Iron, Hollow Ware and Castings $0 30 $0.75 Flour, Rice, Bacon in casks or boxes, Pora, Beel, Fish, Lard. Tallow, Beeswax, Mill Gearing, Pig Iron and Grind Btonea.,. $0 30 $0 62* On Measurement Goods. Boxes or Hats, Bonnets and Furniture, per cubic loot. $0 00 $0 08 Boxes and bales of Dry Goods, Saddlery Glass, Faints, Drugs and Confectionery,-per cubic foot $0 10 p. 100 Iba. S3 Crockery, per cubic foot $0 13 " " S3 Molasses and Oil, per hhd. (smaller casks in proportion.) .$9 00 $12 00 Ploughs, (large) Cultivators, Corn Shelters, aud Straw Cotters, each $126 $1 30 Ploughs,(small) and Wheelbarrows... .$1 80 $103 Salt, per Liverpool Sack, $0 70 $0 93 Passage. Savannah to Atlanta...., ..$10 00 Children under 12 years of age, half price. Savannah to Macon, $7 00 tCT" Goods consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded I ree ofCommiss'ons. (T^ Freight may be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Ootheajoga. F. WINTER, Forwardiug Agent, C. R R. SavaivwaW. Augnst 13. 1846. a!3 2m*rre REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH St WOR- us^ ^g(CKSTKR, without change of CL?iH." t?Cara or Baggage, or withonu^BHGB " . -Lcrossing any herry TTT^I aast-ugew taking their seats at Norwich, are insured their eats throneh 'o Boston This heine the onlv inlai.d rnnt,. tint communicates through by steamhost nod railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will hare particular charge of their baggage, aud who will otherwise give hi* attention to their ease and comfort. Thia line learea south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Bsttery Place, daily, (Sunday* excepted) at 5 o'clock, P. M., and arrives in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dustau, leaves every Tuesday, Thursday,andSaturdays, at J o'clock, P M. The steamer WORChaTGR. Captain Va? Pelt, learea every Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday, at i o'clock. P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDEllBILT, No. 8 Battery Place, North River. ?l tire "" TO WESTERN TKAVELlLEIIS. fJMlEI'ublic is raapectiiui "p^ormsd that the recent break JL in the Canal, caused V ?>? lite freshet, having been re paired, the PIONEER ft F.XrKfc88 LINE, via Railroac and Caua) from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regular trips for the season on Monday, the ?tn of April leaving the Depot, No. 374 Market street, DAILY, at 7)4 o'clock, A.M. By this route peaseuger* will avoid all the fatigue and dan fti of night travelling in eoaebca, both Railroads being pass d in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-establiahed Office tN Market arrant, i door* above Eighth streetapl* Sm*iTc A. B. CUMMINQ8, Agent. tlffy lHlv r. unesTTTT'S KEIf YORK AND LIVERPOOL EUIORATIOS OFFICE PW BYRNES ft CO , of Liverpool, are desirous of in forming the public of the United Slates, that they continue -o despatch s line of ti st class Ship* and Packets to New York, on the 1st, 6th, llih, 16:h, 31st and Iltith of rath (t h til'I 20ih to Boston, snd at stated periods to Baltimore; also to New Orleans daring the healthy season; by any of which lines parties can engage for their Irieuds to he brought out without disappointment or delay, this being the oldest l"d large st establishment iu the passenger trade ill Lit erpool, and having found the importauce ol a direct Agency us the United States, lb' the purpose of placing within the power of the frie ds of the passengers coming out. the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment, from whom they can rely for attentioh and favor towards their lelations 1c iving the old country. P. W. MYKNKH V (lO. offer many advantages to passengers which no others have attempted, ic a direct communication by the r ships from Ireland to the United Sta'es, as they have, invariably, vessels durn g the spring from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast and Londonderry, by which means emigrant^ are saved much trouble aadcxpcnse. by being shipped at their own seaport and also that of being I inded in auy of i a the porta of the United States to which ships traite from Liverpool, nearly at the same cost as direct to New York. P. \V BYRNES It CO. have agents in all the seaport ' towns in Irelaud, from whence steamers leave for Liverpool, and in many of the Ulterior towns, who are most attentive to emigrants on embarkation, and by whom any money can be paid that may be required to procure tea stores, Sic. The persoua who act for this Company in the United States are? NEW YOIIK-Mr. Edward 8anl, J? South, corner of Wall street. BOSTON?Mr. W. P. McKay. 52 Milk afreet. I'HILADELPHIA?Messrs. H. C. Craig St Co., Market street. IIALTIMOHI-Mr. (frnnrr Law NEW ORLEANS? Mr. John Toole. Duafts ?ic Exchakqe ?Drafta fur any amount, payable at light, on the Provincial Hank of Ireland and all ita branches, and alsa on all the principal towni of England and Scotland, without diaennut. Kur particulars of terms apply to P. W. BYRNES Si CO., J* South, corner of Wall at.. New York. P. W. B\ KNr.S St CO , 22 Im*m 36 Waterloo Hoad. Liverpool OPPOSITION MORNING LINE A/jTbi^)7. CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond meet, Vau C.nrtluidt'a (Peekakill) Cold Spring, Newburgli, New Hamburgh. Milton, Pough keepaie. H>de Park, Kingston, Upper Hid Hook, Briatol, Ca'.aklll, llndton, ''oaaaekie and Kinderkonk. (jrp"Pa?i!i|re, One Dollar ,Mtrt THE new and fasi-sailnig low-preaanre flJ^M-ga.teambont META.VIORA, ( apt. P. H Smith, 3E_>JKjK.n ill leave he pier loot of Warreu atreet on Monday. Wednesday anil Friday, at GK o'clock, A. M. Re turning, leaie Alb*..y on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I'aaaeiigera taking tnia boat will arrive in Albany in time for ? ? the trains of cara going North and West, breaelaat and Dinner on board. Vor freight or pa-vage apply 011 board, or of A. f LARKE, corner of Wear and Warren streets Fare to Van Cortlandls Dock, 2a cents; Ponghkeepaie, 50; Hudson. 75; Albany <1. ol lm r Aflt FOR LIVERPOOL. Packet of the llth October. Cffy The iptendid faat tailing Packet Ship Virginian, siiNna burthen Hoo t m-, Capt. W . 11. Parsons, will a ill l>o Inn, second cabin. and steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any other reaael in |>ort and n a number of her passengers are already engaged, thoae desirous of securing bertha holid make early application on hoard, loot of Maiden Lane.orto JOSEPH McMURMAY, tc I'omer of Pin,- la Smith afreet RLOsLAR LINK Mb P.\t KKl SHIPS FOK ajNHfy LIVERPOOL? l he packet ahtp CAMBRIDGE, jjimtbaailf on the 16th of October. 1 tie packet a hip KOI HE81 KK, on the 21 at of October. And the packet ship OAHKlcK, on the %th of "October, heae splsrndid packet ships mil be despatched aa above, it being their regular daya. Kor paaaage, baring unsurpassed accomtnodaiiona, apply to . J, HERDMAN, (1 South at Paaaage Irom Great Britain and Ireland can, a> usual, i>e ae. can d at the Ion eat rates, on application aa ahore, o?tc ~xXB- ONLY KKOULAR LINE OK NEW OR LEANS PACKETS?The ahipa to aail in TapfiH?H?icott'a Regular New Orleans Line, ia their proper follows, via:? The packet ship SILAS HOLMES, Captain Berry, at Maiden lane, October 9th. The packet ahtp JANE E. WILLIAMS, on the Hth October. , , The ahipa ofthu line haring now commenced their regnlartripa, will sail every three days. Persons about proceeding to New Orleans will hud it much to their advantage tnsrle t thin line in piefsrence to transient ihipa. aa their punctuality in sailing may at all times he depended on, and the price of pgassge ia very reasonable, for which, and to secure berths, early app'ication should be made on board the -cvoral pac k '''y' ^ j" Y' OTT, W South street. , r,4t two doors below Burling Sl ip. #f'A< k p r?>OH HAVRE Second Line- Packet ship ONEIDA, Cart Jas. Kunck, will sail on the U. .1 /jhBDltiS'.UrS V?1 2 E NE NE1 I JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. ! OJfictNo. oO I Vail Strttt. Ntw York. '|'HI9 (,ooi?iui? bcing^nmhorUrdJ-y ui a<jiof the LrfUU . i i .. . yi i-?rw ior*, passeu .visy inn, me, enlitird An act for the benefit of tlie Jefferson IiierrrnnCP Company, to fill up its capital mock, which wss impaired by , losses occasioned by the lire of 19th July, IWJ ; and the Hoard of Director* of said Company having unanimously resolved that the aaid capital atock be filled up accordin g to the provisions ol aaid act. Notice ia hereby given in conformity with aaid act and with ii* y**? ol the Vice Chancellor of the First Circuit,to i all the present stoekholdera of the Company, that they are re* | outred to slguify, on or before the '.hdayof October uett, the President or 8eeretaiy of ssiw Company, at their offici, No. 50 Wall strict, iu the city of New York, whether they elect to fill up theit slock, and alto hi caae they elect to fill up their atock, to pay the atrtoirnt required et euch time# and such manner as the Board of Di:actors may hereafter del crde. And notice is hereby further given that on the 26th day of j October uext, ao much new stock shall be created and dispoo- j ed of, as will make up the ordinal capital of aaid coiporation, and lor that purpose books of subscription will be opened at the aaid office on the list day of October'uext, and continue open daily from ip to 3 o'clock, until the amount requisite ia subscribed?(the present stockholders to have a prior right to suqh new stock.) The agreement to fill up shares asabove mentioned and the new subscriptions to take effect on the 2d day of November next, on which day an instalment of five dollars per share is required on new subscriptions. And notice is hereby farther given to such stockholders as shall not elect to till up their stock, or by neglect shall forfeit the right to to do, that they are required on trie 2d day of November uext, to surrender to the said 1'resideut or Secretary, at the said office, their origiunl certificates ol'slock, and in lieu thereof to receive new certificates, for suchuumber of shares aathcyinay respectively be entitled to, said Stockholders receiving pay for fractional parte of shares. T. W. THORNE, Treat. Geo. T. Ilors:, See'y. Dated New York. August 10th. 1M6. aul2 2tswtN*r HARDWARE, HAIR SEATING, fco. .1GENTS PRICES. GROSS low priced Knives and Forks. tcvrvr I00 do pin'd white bone do *6 JO per gross I00 gross fine stag liar die do do at SIO per (toss. 310 pair stag Carvers, gnsr Forks, 37,SJ cenu. 2.7 baskets Bright Vices. , 100 t'ox Patent Knob Locks. 20 casks Trace and Log Chains. 100 pieces Layruck's Hair Cloth, at reduced list. Also, a very complete asaortmrnt of warranted C 8 Files, Chisels, end Drawing Knives, all numbers of caliro printer's doctors; Bed Screws, Hteclytrds, Fire Irons, Kettles and : Saucepans, Tea Trays, Violiu Strings, Percussion Caps, Gnn Locks, he. De iters arc solicited to examine the abovegoods and prices oriore purcnanar. JUHN A. NILWBUl/JbU, o5 StiaM WkK*j wc 55 John ?t , tip stain. DEPOT OF~FKKNCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE, 313 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) FOKRARD1N, Agent for the Manufacturer*, has re i fin-J from recent an mil,Ml offers for sale at eery low prices, a large assortment of rnrcrlsiu Vises of all sizes, pltiu white aud fancy decorated Dinner, Dessert and Tea | sets; Taney Cups, Mugs with natn-s and mottoes; Cologne [ Bottles, China ('locks and Candlesticks, Sfr . Sic. Also, for sale, less than cost, a splendid Dessert Serriee of Freucti Cut Glass, engraved. N. B? Uiders received for the gilding aud painting establishment in Spruce street, to match any patterns of French or Kugli'h China. ol Ini eod*r COAL. 1AM uow srlling the best Peach Orchard Coal at $5 JO, lor large lint, $6 75 for egg and store, screened and delivered in the best order from the yard, comer of King aud Greenwich streets?25 cents less from the boar. ol lmeod'rc PKTF.H CI.IVTON. R. c. wt/r.vioKh & oo., IMPOHTERS and Dealers in China, Glass, and Esrtheuware, luform their customers and merchants tiora the country, generally, of the destruction of their store by fire, on the night of the 29th September, and that they ate now opening anew stock of goods at No 113 IVarl street, Hanover Square. at w liich place their buiiness will be rrsiilTied aud continued. All orders upon their books, at the time of the late tire, will speedily he shipped, and they trnst tint the casualty which has lor the niouieut suspeu led their business, *ill uot deter any of their customers from routiuu iig their purci ases, nor country merchants from examining their wares. ol lwcod is rc CHEATER THAN EVER A FULL suit of superfiue cloth made to order, in the most substantial and fashionable style, can be procured for JfO at MOKFATT'S Fashionable ( ash Tailoring Establishment, No. 24 Catharine street, New York Every article in the une equally low. Call and see 3 s2S l2teod*rh JOHN MOFFATT. BALTIMORE COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGERY?Sessions 1846 7. THF. LECTURES and Mechanical Instruction in this institution will commence on the 1st Monday of November, and continue four months. A new and c mm"dious building will be in readiness for the class. 1 arte and costly addition* have been made to the museum. To encourage emulation a handsome set of extractiHg instrument*, worth fiO. will be awarded to the membei ol the graduating claas who shall exhibit mitstproficiency. t lupin A. Harris. A. M. M. D., professor of the principles and practice of Dental Surgery. Thos. E. Bond, A. >1. M IV, Professor Special Pathology, and Therapeutics. W. K. Handy, M. D , I'rofessoi of Auatomy aud Physio?SL... 1ST-...... i u u ax, p.uttsaur 01 cfjteratiseand Mechanical Dentistry. Cvrenns D. Coae, D D. O., Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry. Ticket of each professor $25; matriculation $">; ilemonstral tors' $10; dissecting ticket, optional, S'O; diploma $:M. ?2l ttwiw'r W H HANDY, M. P.. Dean. MAGNETIC ELECTRICAL MACHINES, EIGHT DOLLARS EACH. BARTH It SHAW beg to call the attention of the pnblie to their improved Apparatus, for mediesl end other purposes. which inay be seen in operation at their office, 289 uroadway, where may be had Barth It Snaw's Galvanic Excitant, and Holt's Whooping Cough Specific N. B.?A large assortment of Gold and Silvgr Leaf constantly on hand. A liberal doconnt to Conntrv Agents. slT Im'tt new paper hangings. FRAPi CIS PARES A- CO., NO. J7# PEARL STREET, HAVE the largest anpply and the most splendid assortment of all the latest and the most approvrd styles ol? PAPER HANGINGS, BORDERS, lie., which thrv offer to Merchants, Dealers, Landlords, and others, on the most sdvantageons terms. The most competent Paper Hangers can be had at the shortest notice *4 lm*rc French artificial flowers, feathers, &c. HENRY & K AllN. Importers, JJ Nassau street, np stairs, near Maidr-i lane, have received by late arrivals from their house iu Paris, and offer for sale, a most extensive and phtiipp ftfliTtinn nf the Infect and mfltt fnfthiitnahle atvlnt of Artificial Flowers, in buncoes, wreaths, sprigs sarlauds, Use. Together with a complete assortment 01 Material* for Artificial Flower-makers, of the newest descriptions, anil embracing e> cry article in tin* line. FEATHERS?Matabonts, do imitation, ost, ?ch and fancy Feather*, in great variety, and of the very richest kind*. It lm*rc MHS. BISHOP, CORSET MAKER, No. 106 Hudson street, New York, WOULD retnrn her sin'ere thanks to the ladies of thi* vicinity and the ptihlic in general, for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon her while in Onsiuess at 343 Hudson street, and wonld inform them that she has commenced bnsiuess again at 106 Hndson street, where she will keep on hand t general assoitment of Corsets of the latest style, all of be. own manufacture, wholesale and retail. Also, Knssia Belts and Back Braces of every description IS lm*m LIBKKAL BOOKS, at the Beacon Office, No. 3 Franklin square, Pewl street. New editions of the works of Mr. Thorn is I'aine, Voltaire's Dictionary, Hiram' Life of Christ. Volney's Knius (a good edition). Vale's Life ol T. Paine, the Works of Mr. Owen and Dr. Hollich, Palmer's Principles of Nature, Shelley's Queen Mab, Le Citatenr, Kmma Martin, Three Impostors (cnrions book), the Vrstages of Creation, New Tracts, iln.vrterl v Bnserm. he an*7 lm?i fjg- _l'ASSAOE~FROM BELFAST DIRKCT-To PMpsV"'' punctually the 15th November?The si lendid apNKnnew packet ship OLENMORE, Captain Michael, will sail as above, her tegular day. The subscriber has completed his arrangements to haven regular line of first class ships, sailing the 15th of each month from the above port, thereby presenting the most favorable opportunity to those who may feel desirous of having their friends brought ont from the north of Irelaud. For further parti en lars, please -pply (if by letter post paid) to o5rr I OH. Mc Vl UH H A V. cor - Pine ?n?l Sooth streets. LINK OF PACJCET8 FOR NEW ORLEANS, To sail as under. tAK BHIP FRANCE, Captain Pierce, October7/h? iJMWy Hhip CURTIS, Captain Outerhridge, October Iflth. JNMmKb For passage in either of the above slops, whjeh will be moderate, apply on I oard, foot or Dover street, East River, orto OEOROE HHtt-BLOCK, 151 Maiden Lane, near Houlh street. P H ?Passages can also be had to and from all parts ol'and, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and to New Orleans, ; lie w.-Ali- nl It* re I iff FOR NKW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New r/*M^y?''1 Lint?RmiIu Packet of October II? Phe JBtaNMmfasi sailing bark JANE E. WILLI AMH, Parker, master, is now loading, and will sail as above, her regular ! day. for freight or passage apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLI MM k CO., M South at. Positively no goods reeeirrd after Tuesday, October 13. .\grnt iu New Orleans. James K. Woodruff, who will promptly lorwsrd all goods to his address. Packet Ship Genesee, Cspt Minott, will succeed the Jane E. Williams, and sail on the Pld tier regular day. nlr Afta- FOR B.'.LKASr. ICELAND, DIKKCT-Regu adr*jy lu Packet of the ?th Oct.?The first class fast saildiUUObuiit packet sh>p MAC * O, hurthen lllo tons. John I Sco.t, m*?ter, will positirelv sail ou Thu sday, the tth Oct., her regular day The accommodations for c<hin. sec >nd cabin and steerage pe'tengers, are unsurp ed hi am rrstel iu port and prices moderate As a number of her P-aasengeia are alre.idt inI ..aired hose desirous of securing bertha should make earl, application on hoard, loot of Pine ?? , or to ' JOSk PH VleMUHRAY. ot rc comer ol Pine anil South streets A&fc FOR UlTAStiOW-Hf^T.'F PwkiT" 1st ~^T,r~ MrWyThc tin* new Br. packet ship BHOOK8B V, .WW JHMiiiciii. Capt. Hugh Mckwen, will sail aa shore, her rttiilii dap. For freight or passage, having splendid accommodations, apply on board, foot of Rosevelt s'reet, kest M ver, to AVOODHL'LL Si MINTURN, o? rh 87 South street. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. PARTIkS wishing to remit moneys in large or fvEJMtVsmall sums to iheir friends in Ureat Britain or Ire- I JflflMfmlaiid, cau da so in the moat safe and espeditlons through the subscribers, by drafts at sight, [m> able , j til all the principal towns in kngland, Ireland and Scotland. I Money may be sent by letter (post paid) from any part of the : Unitsd States to them, giving the address and tne name of the ' JV?** receive it, which will be regularly forwarded by packet or steamer. Apply to ABRAHAM ?RLL k SON, "?'">*> 117 Folton street. TC" Al!U ?N-9L'8H OO.VtMkKCl AL Ht HOOL, Rowing classes for (he French and ' m'rn'c in tffe^hJi^* Book-keeping, will com1 jsvsr* br"#hw wiu gJfcg-g *' . fegg W K) W YOftK, WEDNESDAY MAP OF THE CI' COPIED FROM ONE O Captured at Resi t@L ^.isgissggsi ^^iliiKsancl -?wJ| U I GULF OF MEXICO THE NEW POIN u JIBFBA 1. Muletoer Square. 5. Waste Lt 2. l'laco d'Armes. 8. Hospital. 3. Custom House. 7. Pier*. 4. Liberty Fort. 1 8. Fort Pat: The Howie from our FTodlisr, bjr \v<\jr of Taaaptco, to the Cltjr orJKsxleo. The shove sketch is a plsnof the cHjr of Tsmpioo, ts" ken from s map fousd in Arista's camp, aiter the battles of the 8th and 9th of May. As there is' to be an attack on Tampico by our ioroes, and as our army will doubtleas penetrate from that city to the capital of Mexioe, the following description efthe route wilt prove interesting. We give first the route from Monterey to Tsmpioo.: Monterey, said to contain 16.000 inhabitants, Linarast which counts about 8000, and Saltillo, now called Leona Vicario, containing 13,000 souls, are towns pleasantly situated in the Sierra Madre, and not far (torn eaoh other. Hera the Tallies are fruitful, and provisions abundant for the osisting population. The country bo-'tween Monterey and Zacatecas abounds iu flocks and 1 hards. The latter is a mining district; its population is | computed at 33,000 souls. Sonth of Zacatecas is the fer- ^ tile and well cultivated di?trict of Aguas Caliontes, which is said to produce one fourth of the Indian corn and one third ei the beans and pepper consumed in the State. The nest town of importance is San Luis Fotosi, capital of the State of that name. It is surrounded by a w?ii cuiuvftiea country, i(?rcieni, ana tuis^cr, which may ho aAaa??l?iial W ?u* t?<? , U U*? population to between M and 60,000. The town itself containing about'jo,ono. A sketch of the route from thi* part of the table land to the sea coaat, will giro our readeri tome idea of the difficulties that attend all communication between thii elevated region and the port* of entry on the Gulf. The country between San Luis and Tula, which ia reached on the fourth day, i(, for the mott part, an atid tract, at least it appears so in the dry season, strewed with masses of limestone. It is very deficient in wood and water, but a large proportion of it is used for grazing. From October to June, there is the greatest difficulty in procuring water; during the rest of the season there is no wan' of pasture or water. Near the mountain of Norle. the face of the country assumes a different aspect, and the road passes through deep woods, which extend to the summit of this spire of the Sierra. For a considerable distance the road, only practicable for mules in single file, is knee deep in fine dust From Norla it descends, by a circuitous route, to the plain, at the extremity of which is Tula, a small and inconsiderable town, remarkable chiefly fer being situated on the verge of that arid tract of country whica extends with Utile intermission, to San Luis. On leav ing Tula, the face of nature is chauiged. The road from being dry and duity, and running among cactus and vucca plants, winds through a fruitful valley cultivated in corn, beans and pepper, and dotted with neat farm houses. A few hours ride over this fine country brings the traveller to the mountain of Gallos, the first broad step in the ladder of descent from the table land to the level of the coast The patli is ciaggy and steep, and the descent occupies about an hour and a halt. A lew league* lartner on 11 me con tadera. which is longer and much more proripitoua. Thii descent terminate* in the warm region " titrra templada." The rallie* here are fertile, and cultivated in corn, pumpkin*, bean* and pepper, and the Indian village* are teen cmbotied in orange grove*. The third deicent i* called the rhamnl and the last the cucharat, the ihorteat but mo*t precipitous, bring* the traveller* on a level with the coast, the " tierra calitnlt-" Near the cucharat he ford* the river Lemon, a rapid ttream,generally reaching to the saddle girth*. From|thi? river it i* three day* ea*y tide to the wretched town ot Atiamlra, through rather an arid country, divided into cattle farm*. A few hour* row down a imall itream and aero** a deep baiin where the shipping lie, lands him at Tampico. The river Tanuco, which head* not far from San Luia, is navigable for a short distance above Tampico, for boats of light draught, and there i* another route pairing near to it callerl the ralte dt mail. But the aipect of the country i? similar to that described, and the same precipitous mountain* have to be overcome on both route*. The following description will give an idea of the defences of Tampico On the street* running from the Lagoon to the rivet Affair* In Mexico. [ Krom (he Mexican Diario del (iobierno, Aug. 19 J Viva la Republica! At twelve o'clock Last night, or a little after, toe roar of artillery a ad a running fire of rnuilcatry in the citadel and cantonmenU.rockeu ascending from all aides, drums beating and bands playing,with the rims and acclamations which resounded from all parts,joyfully disturbed the re|>ose ol tlio population; extraordinary, too, by reason of the advanced hour of the night in which was celebrated an event so important in all its consequences to the country. Much is the arrival of the illustrious and wortny Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the port ol Vera Cruz, at one o'clock on Munday, the 16th inst, according to letters official and private which we have the pleasnre to publish The nation has been saved The arrival of Oeneral, Santo Anna is of so much importance as to have preserved the independence sni republican form in all its purity.? The national honer and integrity of the territory saved-and the almost certain dereat of our foreigh enemies secured, as well as unnumbered days of glory for the country and our valiant army. He who fought for independence, assaulting boldly the fortress of Vara Cruz in *21? the founder of tho republic in '23? he who, conducting the army from victory to victory against the troops of the United States, auxiliaries of the rebels of Texas, suffered the horrors end the unworthy treatment of a captive in '36?ha who, wishing to impede another outrage of Krench troops to oar national (lug, hadjthe misfortune to lose a leg?he who, invoked by the country in her days of affliction, flies to save her, not fearing to expose himself to s thousand dangeis, is without doubt the man whom Mexico requires. who will establish an a sure basia our national independence, who will guarantee to the nation the liheity icquisite to organize itself accoidnig to its ueceasiti ; who, tei niinatmg the sad division between the mm) and people will obtain loni the latter the aid which the loriuer requires .andjpot the army in the condition/necessary to coutemi against onr enemies We rejoice with the country at ibis happy occurrence. .1 ? III,irMiipral whom " B rwiinrmumiB Kiiiuetctj iuc n.u?v??? .. B fortune and his desert* restore .to a position to rauke his country gieat, free and happy. We give thank* to tho Almighty, the author aad supreme disposer of all, and we pray Him to continue his blessings upon us, aiding Ueneral Santa Anna to carry forward the good intentions toward the republic with whioh we know he comes animated. cibculsb raoM the depabtmert or state to tue QOTaattoas or thb ssveeal deiast wests oa states. The general in chief of the liberating army and acting Executive, having already promulgated the call lor the assembling of the sovereign constituent t'ongress, in confortuity with Art. 4 of the plan proclaimed at the citadel, it remains for his Excellency to dictate the measures which will insure the greatest freedom possible during the grand an 1 imposing ceremony of the elections, agreeable to the obligation enjoined et tho close of said aiticle. To this end he has thought proper to direct me to recommerd to your Exoellency that, in the most efllcarions manner end under the atricteet respongfciiity, yoti prevent any public functionary af your Department, e*cept by the exercise of his privilege to vote as a citizen, trom interfaiing In any manner, directly or indirectly , to promote tho election o( any particular person, RR i MORNING, OCTOBER rY OF TAMPICO, F ARISTA'S CHART8. tea de la Falma. , a ss ! *-8a 7* .._ 1X1 Ca / T OF ATTACK. BICEI) inds. 9. Fort Warrior. 10. Rock Fort. 11. F.xercism# Grounds, riotism. 12. Forts. A. Forts (fauuco) there n a garrison containing six hundred troops, and in said street there are threo pieces of artillery, pointing to the river, and attended by a number of poor objects just ready to drop to their parent earth. On) a mound on the opposite side of the lake there is a fort and four pieces of cannon, and on the canal which leads from the river into the lake, there is ano'her composed of sand bags. Outside of the town there is one other, which is in a state of dilapidation. In landing there would be little to contend with ; indeed many of the native Mexicans are ready to change their taskmas ters. a*At the bar there are about two hundred men, under the command of General Cot, ot Texan memory. Parrodis if still Commandant Genera), and Colonel Castillo, >layor of the plane. The whole force, at the bar, in the Mty, and in the forts, consists of but one thousanJ and welve men. of whom two hundred and forty are commissioned ofllnera '. aThe natur.l defences of Tampico nullify somewhat its advantages in moral and physical delects of its military protectors. The spnroacn to the city ia guarded by a Mr of an average depth of lets than ten feet water, and dnr which a dangerous turf is sotting for the greatest rart of tbo time. Beets sometimes employ four days in i-ywi .nil eirui-u iu ti?4 ?Ms *%? tVm-iIu oUannel ol the entrance is a perfect labyrinth, anTa single gtiti well served and manned could effectually protect it against tw? or three boats or one schooner of a proper size. These things will entitle the capture of Tampico to great raspeet, even if its defences should be reduced far below their present strength J The road from Taapico to the capital, a distance of bout 300 mile*, presents still greater aimcuiuei?a portion of it passes in the dry aeaeon along the valley " Canader," of a in,all stream which ii croaeed some sixty or icventy time*. The ascente, eepeciallv that of the mountain San Ammonica, are mora, precipitous than any on the road we have doacribcd. T%m route ia rarely travelled during the rainy cenion. Two road* conduct from San Lui* to Guanajuato, the shortest by Ban Felipe is arid and mountainous, the other by Aguma Calientes and Loon passes through rich and fertile plains, the most fruitful portion of the table lands. It forms a part of the country called "Las Villas," the towns, from the number of towns it supports. Aguas Calientes, Leon, Apesco, /.slays, Silao, Irapreato, and Salamanca, with populations varying from live to fifteen thousand souls, are situated within a short distance of each other, and not far from the eities of /acatecas, San Luis, Guadalajara and Guanajuato. It is known too a* the Bajio (lowlands). Everything is abundant in this region except wood, at all times ; and water in the dry season. Guanajuato is a beautiful city, of between thirty and forty thousand inhabitants, to which may be a tded those of tho suburbs, swelling the number to about seventy thousand. From Guanajuato te Queri-taro the road passes through irapuate, Salamanca and Zelaya, towns pleasantly situated in the fertile Bajio. The valley of Zelaya, especially, is dotted with villages, with their neat churches and spires, seen rising from among carefully cultivated fields and gardens. The river Laja is traversed on a stone bridge of fine arches, near Zelaya, and in the rainy season frequently overflows its banks, and inundates the surrounding country; but in winter its bed is quite dry. Throughout the Bajio olive groves abound, and wheat and barley are generally cultivated where the land admits of irrigation. The principal culture, however, is Indian corn, as it consti iuib* IDS CD1M IWH V* UiS CUV|?C' A uia pvmvu w? iuv country, from the circumstances of its superior fruitfulnets, wee the chief scat of war during revolutionary contsts, and suffered proportionally. Uuerftaro is a large town, containing about 30,000 inhabitants. From Querctaro the road traverse* a portion of country only partially cultivated, as it suiters for want of water until it reaches Tula, at the foot of the hills that shut in tho valley ot Mexico on this side From hence to the capital is a day's travel, ever a country varied by low barren hills anl rich plains. The small towns of Ouantitlan and Tenepejitla are situated between Tula and Mexico ; and not far from the former is the celebrated Desagne, or drain of Huehuetoca. on the contrary, leaving to the citizens the most absolute liberty to elect those who merit their confidence. His Fxcellencv flatters himself that this order will be strictly observed; but if unfortunately any authority or public functionary should so far forget hi* duty, the res pousinhty will be made effective, punishing the transfressor according to the offence by a fine ofTrom one to ve hundred dollars, whatever may be the rank or station of the individual; or should the trangression merit more severity, the author will he dealt with in conformity with the laws of the land. 1 have the honer, Sic. Mexico, August 13, HM0. DiraaTMKKT or TsMacLiras,) Ciudad Victorida, July 30. { To his F.xcsllency the Governor of Tamaulipas:? Sir,?From the moment in which Oeneral Taylor, with a considerable force, established himself in Corpus i tiriait naruin, of the least reflection penetrated the in tentien of the American Government to wrest from ui the immense territory of Tainaulipes, and with it New Mexico, aituate on the left bank of the Rio Bravo; since the annexation of Texas, already decided, did not fulfil, we may say, the ambitious plan proposed to themselves by the spurious som of Washington. For this reason I solicited with ardor, and obtained the privilege to march against the usurpers; conducting to the theatre of war the opposing army; overcoming the obstacles that presented themselves, which were by no means slight, and rising superior to the infirmities with which I was then afflicted. Great was my enjoyment on reaching the towns of the North and city of Matamoras, to see tho nohle and patrio'ie eiithti'iasm display ed by the inhabitants This in connection with the other clrcnms'iticet in our tutor, led me to assure the Minister of War that I tsonld in < few days put to rout General Taylor Bui Oenerd Mariana Arista having been directed to take command at tiie moment when I was about to carry in o lull effect my plana, there remained no other rerotirie to me but obedience; and the lamentable result is already known to your Excellency. D<nhcartene<l and mortified, I asked, on the 14th of May, to retire lor the establishment of my health, since my remaining with the division of the North could hoof no benefit to theae unfortunate towns; and this having been granted for this location from the town of tlaleona. i offered myself to the President pre : m to return and combat again with theae haughty connuerors; from this place too, I have repeated my solicitude with the same object. |L As a general of the Mexican army, and inasmuch aa I was a citisen of Taunaulipas, whence too I have received abundant testimony ol regard, 1 desire to make to you this simple statement, that you may be persuaded that if I separated myself from the theatre of operations, and from the duty I so much desire, there were powerful causes for this step, and not that before or since has my interest been diminished to go and defend this heroic peoplo, worthy of evory cere. Re pleesed to accept the considerations of my particular regard Ood and liberty Signed, PLDRO DK AMFUDIA Sas Lets Potest, duly If, IMfi iERi* 7, 1846. The Statu Constitutional Convention. AI b ahv, Oct 6, 1W6. m v?vji?? ocr-nrg?ornprai nrrirw ? I'M luorrifil fi'omen't Srrtion, $-c. We again visited the Assembly Chamber tins morning, where the State Constitutional Convention it now in ses(ion. The concluding huiineti it to vastly important that I cannot hut entertain the beliei that a summary will be acceptable to you, and interesting to the readers of the Stw York Htrald. The new Constitution, at adopted by the Convention, having been printed, the Convention commenced a kind of review of the whole ground this morning, beginning with tho preamble, which it at follows :? " Wo the people of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty Ood for our freedom : in order to secure its blessings, do establish this constitution." The preamble, after a brilliant effort on the part of Michael Hoffman, in roply to a proposal to amend, was adopted. Tho Convention then decided that'the trial by jury should romain inviolate forever, but the following clause loft it optional with tho parties in a civil suit whether tho trial should bo a jury trial or not: "But a jury trial may be waived by the i>arties in all civil cases, in a manner to be prescribed by law." This clause was incorporated into tho second section of the first article of tho new constitution. In certain cases heretofore, courts of law have refused to receivo the testimony of witnesses who did not believe in the existence of a Supreme Being ; but this day the Convention hat introduced the following clauso into the new constitution :? " No person shall be rendered incompetent as a witness, on account of matters of religious belief. " The attention of the convention was then called to the tourth section of the first article of the old constitution, which declares that " no minister of the gospel, or priest of any denomination whatsoever, shall at any time hereafter, under any pretence, or description whatever, bo eligible to, oricapuble of holding any civil or military office or place within this State." Singular to state, after a contest distinguished for abilitv beyond any thing I have ever heard before iu this chamber, the section was stricken out. Hereafter the clergy of this State, of all denominations, are, if this constitution be adopted by the |>eople, eligible to any civil or militaiy oftice. It was suggested as highly probable that no priest would accept office, but it appears to me to be a clear case that wo shall have a priest lor do vernor by and by. I think this movement is without precedent in the history of the government of this State. The ninth section of the first article, which provides that private property shall not be taken for public use, without just compensation, was then had under consideration. A very lengthy discussion ensued, which wai not concluded when I left the chamber. To-morrow ha* been fixed upon for the final adjournment of the Convention; but it is believed that the session will be prolonged ?om days latir. Tho whole body seems to be distinguiahed for good order and unanimity ofientiment; the general uppcaran. e ami address of the member* ii very creditable to the State and the nation ; they would not sutler by a comparison with any body of men of like character I ever saw. I will try to send you a brief report of the proceedings on the day of adjournment, which 1 hope will be acceptable to you. Oovernor Wright is not, apparently, very apprehensive o" the lesutt of the election to be holden next November ; his rpiut* are excellent, and his geueral health, probably, never was better. The weather here is of that kind usually called " Indian Summer " 1 never experienced more beautiful weather Just as I close, Mr. O'Conor, of New York bus moved to reconsider the 7lh section of the 1st article ol the new Consitution, which provides that "all propeity ot the wife, owned by her at the time of her marriage, and that acquired by her alterwards, bv gift, devise, or descent, or otherwise thanlrom her husband, shall be her separate property," 8tc. Mr. O'Conoa followed his motion by a forcible appeal to the Convention against the whole section His argument was able. He (poke nearly one hour, and during Lis speech made rather a grotesque reference to Johnson's reports iu support of his positiou. lie was lollowed bv Lx-.Mayor Morhii, of New York. Tlie matter pro raised to become ruther exciting and highly interesting The Mayor came down upon the Convention in a parliamentary ityle. lie gare the Convention a graphic picture ol life in New York during his teim of oitiee, where he (aid poor women toiled lor money which waa squandered by their drunken husbands. Ilio ex-Mayor waa followed by several mombera of dialinction, and I have only time to aay that 1 believe the former judgment of the Convention will be reveraed, and the ofleuaive section atrickeu out. [Krom the Albany Argua, Oct. 6 ] Mr. Ayrault, nudor inatruction of the Convention, reported tno article on the righta of the citizen. Table, until after Mr. JorJan's report ia taken up. Mr Murphy port aa part of the constitution, the report'ell by hia ooaueiuee on the powers of municipal corporations to tax, Ac. "Mr. StoV'mdved tS ley the reeelotfon on the table. Lost, 54 to 4fe- "ftuding the eonsideration of the 1st section, Mr. Nicholas, by consent, offered a section providing for the engrossment of the constitution. The special order of the day, the report of the select committee ob the revision of the constitution. The preamble was read in the following words :? " We, the people of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty Uod for our freedom : in order to secure its blessings, do establish this constitution " Mr. Hunt proposed a modification, which was rejected, and the preamble agreed to, 111 to 0. The first section of article 1 was read " No member of this State shall be disfranchised or deprived of any of the rights or privilege* secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land, or the judgment of his peers. Mr. Hunt moved to strike out " or the judgment of his peers." Lost, and the aection agreed to. Mr. Kichmond offered the following section : ? L'J. All political i>oweris inherent in the people. Bit. The second section was then read : ? If 3. The trial by jury in all cases in which it has been heretofore used, shall remain inviolate for ever. \fr f >r<si>Af movfirl ta Miid i? " And shall be Mcured in like cases arising in any new court or proceeding herealtcr instituted or authorized. But a jury trial may be waived by the partie* in ail civil cases, in the manner to be preacribed by law." The amendment wai agreed to, and the taction at amended, adopted. 107 to i. The Sd tection of the report wu then read, at followt -? " The free exercite and enjoyment of religious profeslion and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall torever be allowed in thii fHate, to all mankind. But the liberty of conscience hereby secured, shall not be so construed as to excuse acts ol licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of this State. Mr. Harris moved to add after the word " mankind,' the following :? "And the legislature shall provide by law for the cf factual protection of the rights of conscience, so that in the exercise thereof, no person shall suffer in person or estate." Lost, 68 to 3d. Mr. Taggart movod to add after the word " mankind," the following : ? "And no person shall be rendered incompetent to be a witness on account of his opinions in matters of religious belief." Mr. Murphy moved to add " But evidence may be given as to the belief or disbelief of the witness in the obligation of an oath, and of the ground of such belief or disbelief, in order to enable the jury to judge of his credibility."' Mr. Murphy's motion was lost, 9-1 to Id ; Mr. Taggart's adopted, 63 to 49) and the section, as amended, was agreed to. The 4th section, rendering ministers of the gospel ineligible to, or incapable of holding, any civil or military office in the State, was, on motion of Mr. Russell struck out, by a vote of 77 to 38. Mr. Bwackhamer moved the following section "livery qualified eloctor, not excluded by virtue of holding any other office, shall be eligible to any elective office in this Bute." JiLsid on the table, on motion of Mr. Kennedy. The 5th section, relative to the writ of habeas corpus,was agreed to. The ttth section was then read as follows "Mo person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime (except in cases of impeachment, and in cases atising in the militia, w hen in actual service, and in the laud and naval forces, in time of war, or which this State may keep, with the consent ol Con gress, in time ef peace , and in cases of petit larceny under the discretion ol the legisiat ire) unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury, and in every tual on impeachment or indictment, the party accused shall he allowed to appear and dolend in person, and with counsel No person shall be subject to be twice put in jeopardy for the same offence , nor shall he be compelled in a criminal case to be a witness against himself in any case, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process ol law) nor shall private pioperty be taken for public use, without just compensation." Mr. Kirkland add the following : ? " When private nroperty a all be taken for any pub i lie use other than tnat of the State, the compensation to ' be made therefor shall be ascertained by a jury, or by not loss than three commissioners, appoints i b> a court ' ol record, as i-hali be prescribed b- luw P> iva'e roa-h 1 may he opened in the manner to be (.ie?cub d hi law but in every case the necessity ot the row and lbs amount of all dam.ige to be sustained by the opening mereoi, nilll or nrm in vnnuwj uy I juiy (II III rilUKl ere, hnil auch amount, together with the expenaea ot tun proceeding, to be paid by the reraon to bo benefited ' . Mr. "Murphy moved to umend th - enieudiueut, l.j j atriking out til after the worda " by jury." and ediiin( inateail:? j " Ot twelve freeholder!, where the tame ahall be aitu ated, who ahall be choien and qualified ai jurora in civil ceaei " Mr. Murphy 'a amendment wta rejected. 84 to iO Mr i Kirkland'a amendment wee adopted. Mr Cook mover to amend the amendment of Mr. Kirkland by adding aftei j the word* " preaciibed by law " the following "And in auch road, when opened, the public ahaJl havo the right of way." Loat. Mr Forayth moved to add after the worda "pre cribed by law," the following , . | " But auch compeniation ahall in no caaa b# reduced i by any allowance (or proapective benefite" Loat. Mr Loomia moved to add after the worda j " private roada," the worde " with the rrght of way to the public over the name ;M and alao by atiiking nut the i worda "by the peraon to b? benefited, end iriaortinp; inatead, * aa ahellbe preicribed by jaw The que ton waa put on the (liat Hmendment, end loat, 94 to aecond, Mr l,ooml. withdrew Mr. Mor.fa awMI to atrike ottt the worda " other than that of the State Pending thia, the Convention took a recvaa Annexe#* Ba.ato* -The aectmn pending ut the monk tliD. Trim* Two c?ua? in*. with the amendment thereto, with iome modification, wan adopted. The aeventh (action, which Mr.aree to marrieu worn on tne control ol tlieir own property? wan the auhject of a long debate, under a motion to re! consider. The roconaide ration waa finally carried, 69 to 4:1. Mr. Hitrria moved te amend ao aa to provide that the propeitv of the wife ahall not he liable for the debta of tee huaband, and requiring the legialature to paaa lawa more effectually securing to married women the benefit of auch pro|>erty. Loat, 44 to 01, and the eection itaelf rejected, 40 to .W. Mr Baa 10m moved a eection declaring that the contract of marriage ahall not be held to veat in either ol the contracting purtiea the property of the other. Loat, 6 to 89 Several other propoaitiona were oflered to take tlie place of the rejected taction, by Mr. Loomia, and otliera ; when, on motion of Mr. Sanford, the whole atihject waa laid on the table, M to 49. The eighth aection, aecuring the liberty of apeech, the freedom of the preaa, Sic.., waa adopted, with an amendment of the clause in regard to the law of libel, making it applicable to criminal proaecutiena only. The ninth aection requirI ing a two-third vote to appropriate the public property to privato purpoaea, waa adopted. The tenth aection waa under coiuideration when the Conveation adjourned. OonaMaauaoH, N. V'., Sept. IMA. Tht Rut' f rom Buffalo ? Grand hland and Major Nook? Nary hi aid ? fmprovemente Sunt f ltd at I ha folio? Tkf Lake -Town of Otwtfo?Stall tlie 1 of Trade? Sack til's Jlat bor--Jhi old Skip in Ike Skip Haute- Kinf ?fun?The Cathedral ?The Market?The Fortifications and Ike Solditre?Iron Steamer?The Thousand Iolondo ? Uill Johkton't Residence?gin Kate Johnton, Jkt llueen of the Thautand Islands, tfc., ,J-r. '1 he run down from Buffalo to Ogdeuaburgh. via Niagara Kalla, and all along down on the odge of the clii" above that dark and fearfully deep and rapid rivar, and through Lake Ontario, and down tne St. Lawrence, beat* the world. Left Buffalo 1>?r rail riuil veatardaw mnrniar a* I -passing Orand lalaod, where Major Mordecai Manaa1 sah Noah purposed to aettle the Jewa in their New Jerusalem many years ago. Hi* monument ia still visible on the American shore of the island aa you pass down. Next | camo Navy Island, where the Patriots were starred end i frozen out, or scared out, in the late Canadian war, end the old wharf, at Schlosaer, where the Caroline was out out and sent down in a blaze into the gulf of oblivion . and then " the Kails " themselves, where we remained several hours, taking a stroll over the island with aa interesting lady from Bufl'ale, and where we dined to the military discipline of the takle d'hote of the Cataract House. The Porter family, who own the property at the Falls, are said to be worth half a million. We shall therefore take the liberty of suggesting to them an improvement or two to their interest, and to the public gratification. And our preliminary suggestion is, that thay are under obligations to the public Irom whom, in the bridge at the island and the rail road to the ferry, they realize some five thousand dollars profit per annum. Wo would then propose an amendment of the bridge te the Island It is planked up like a wall at the sides, and the beat of a summer's day, thui concentrated upon the door, makes it insullurable to the foot passenger. Thia planking ought to bo removed, and a substantial ornamental iron balustiading substituted, with statutes surmounting the posts over the piers?something elegant, classical, and in good taste?say a range oT cast iron statues on either sine, in different attitudes, representing i the Nereides or the Naiades, pouring out from their got In favor of 1846 388 Amount of Malt raceivad at Oawego by Canal, to Slat July, 1848, incluaive? Cleared at Malina, 431,333 I Liverpool cl'd at Oawego 30.693 or 134,118 bbla. Some of the principal orticlei ahipped by Canal at Oawego, from the opening of navigation to tha Slat July, | 1846, incluaive? Boarda and Scantling, 11,938,935 feet; 8blng)ea, 3,887; I Aahca, .VISA barrela; Pork, 8,033 do; Beof, 8,483 do, Bacon, 483,810 pounda; Hour, 190,033 barrel*; Wheat, 168, 081 buahela; Corn, 336,841 do. Skimming tho blue expanae of Lake Ontario, whioh atretcked out to the hori/on like the ocean to tho aouth- 'J ward, we touched at Hackett'a Harbor, where a little re- Jr ' venue clipper wan lying in wait behind the old ahiphouae, in which a treinwndoua old hulk haa been reating i ! ever aince the laat war. Laat year they bored aoaie two , 1 v..u .? o v... W I inou.sana noicn iiuuw? uun, iv mvoiwu >. uv> UU>HV.. were found, and tindin-them to, they repaired the build-pi^ , j ing, and fattened up both ends, <> that the ship can't be. I taken out without tearing down one end of the house. The people of the town are now afraid that if an approj priafion u made to finish the ship, the President will veto the bill, because the vessel is at too great a distance t from salt water to admit of a constitutional construction. Crossed over to Kingston, Canada West, a fine city on a peninsula jutting into the lake. The Catholics sue erecting a most noble (tathic cathedral on the Heights, apparently from the deck, on the plan of the Trinity, in Now York, but larger. The new market-house near ( the wharf, presents a front to the water, scarcely unsurpassed in architectural symmetry by any building north of Washington. Out what most excites the curiosity ol . tho voyeger, are the formidable fortifications in progress, > I in the lino of a half nioon around the town on the water ! side. To your right, and tho right of thl town, on a lofty barren hill, is fort Henry, bristling with cannon all , around, and with a subterranean passage down to tho water on one side ef the hill, and another iu progress on the other side, protected by a tower at the water's edge. On the side near the city, | at the margin of the lake, a great moat or braaetwoik is in courie of construction, the guns of which are calculated to rake the surface of the water, j In the centre ol the little hay dividing this hill fiem the - city, a mnrtello tower (a round tower, of about fifty teet diameter) is rapidly rising upward. In front ol tha city Ithey are building another, ami abova it another, and below the hill of Hurt Henry, on another hill, till another. These towera, from all we can glean on the way, are to den urn* their oblutioiia to the ruahing utream. Would not that ha beautiful ) And than that Jirtiguring wooden I box, called Uiddle'a Stair-cane, atuck up againat the flank of Uoat Uland, between the Fella, ought to be removed ; and a atairway cut down in tbo rock?any thing to got ' that wooden eye-euro to a front view, out of tha way, for however creditablo to the apoila the picture Nam Patch'a Light Home will do It contributoa to the pictureaquene** of the acene. A aala and accessible path ought to ho cut to the ''Care of the Winda," under the Hog'a Bark, in little central fall, to preveut men from breaking their heads in atumbling ever the rocka, when 1 they go under Not another tree, not a aingle sapling, , ought to be out out of the tine iereat of the Ialaud There, aud tome other iniproveraenta might be made with the greatext advantage to all concernea That railroad down 1 tM rlift' to thofuiry w a* certainly a great diacerery , and affords a most convenient meiat of riding uw and duwn ; , but viewed from the opjHiaite aide it loons lika the rail I end of a dittillery, or a rope-walk run down into the | river It la en improvement which mare the picture -it j ie out oi tarte with the aicesaenea of the place. The graded road up the clifl' on the Canada aide, ia Ave hun I dred timea over in better keeping with the locality Lfleet ought here to be itudied before mere convenience, in i preserving, aa lar na poaaible. and aa long aa poteible, the orimnal identity of the falla. But we will agree te the rail-road, only make the other addition* wa have ?ub, mitted. From the Kail* we paused alonf the nlirt and gradually j descended it to Lewiston, seven nilai, where the whole I face of the country suddenly *iak* seme two hundred and fifty feet, and where the Niagara, having eaten : through the barrier front the cataract, expands in the i lower country into a broad, deep, and navigable stream. 'TWWWtreenmeho swsn*i ?M vteemer St.. Lawreeee. I Cant. Van Clevo, for Ogdensburg. The Captain Is prand , ol bis boat, but says that as your upper cabin* are all the go, he I* going to lubstitute on the line neat season 1 one of the fashion, that will be the belle of the Lakea, ! end which will cast the North River cralt completely | Into the shade of Anthony's Nose. The stesmer te now ! on the stocks *t French Creek. Early this morning we hau lad up at Oswego, one of I the most beautiful of all the lake towns from East to West, and as sn evidence of its prosperity, we append you the following table of ill businass : ? Amount of Tolls received at 'ha Collector'* Office, Oswego, from the opening of navigation to list July, 1840, inclusive .>72,196 28 Do for the same time, 184* 63,170 89 In favor of 184d >10,018 84 Number of clearances issued to 31st July, 1810 1,704 Do. 1846 1,478 be fifty leet lu[n, HUH port noifs at regular inutnn, mi arpnal airmigcmeut, lor a do/.en heavy pieces of ordnance. The) have advanced with them to tone twelve or fifteen feet in height, and the workmen are aa busy ax bees upon all of them. The whole of the works, when completed, will he capable of commanding a defence ' equivalent to five hundred pieces of cannon. Hevoral soldiers of the 7Ut regiment, in their fatigue dresses of | flcotch plaid trousers, yellow jacket, bucksain belt, with ! a bayonet in the sheath, light cloth cap and tassel, were among the loungers on the wharf They seemed tetake a particular pleasure in exhibiting themselves, as if challenging ua to a tight ; strutting up and down like (Joliath of Oath, when he defied the armies of Israel. The Princess Royal, a pretty little hlack painted steamer, of tha British line, on the lakes, was lying in port, and twenty men were hammering away upon the sounding . keel of an iron steamer upon tha stocks Left Kingston st a H M for the run of the Thousand Islands of the bi Lawrence, one ol the most enchanting ; pieces ol i vai ?u the mc? of the earth 11.? ' river i? l>ere f<< m ten to Iwslt* miles wide, hour shoio to shoif o. :hu main land with islands ol all ni?s. (torn ' twen.y nines " length, to bit ol aiuuboeiy three leel 1 Mii.oie or ? gis?-v point, and scatteied in tne water in ' the- most cbarmmg irregularity and profusion Atone * point yu glide between the suoies cl two large islands, at toe oval moment you pass tin-in, and you may count fifty piciuiesque isianda from the deck of the steamer, ail nioiuself covered w ith pines an- cedars, end the * ' LU" 1 one ?f tk.a. larger one* geneiefiy luneuiieu. v>? vm ? , disputed island,) we taw the residence of Bill Johnson, . celebrate ! in fapineau'a revolutionary war. Hie cottage is built upon the edge ot the lock, and he hex a few 1 fruit treea on the little clearing around it, and quite a nice little get den. He keeps a grocery fot the accomaodationol pasicngeraecioia the river at this point, end the fishermen. Lower down, at breuch Creek, e littlo village on the American shore, lately dignified with the ' name of Cleyten, lives the hero's daughter, Mies Kate Johnson, a beautiful, delicately formed, lady like perton age, who rejoiree in the title of " The Queen ot the Thousand lelende." A gentleman of .New York, owning e number of these islands, has girea her one of them, on which, we learn, she purposes building a summer residence. But the tinging of the bell announces that we are in port Knougn lor the present, you will conceoe. He neat expect to advise you from Montreal. Agreeably, we hope list Lo>. tea.

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