Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1846 Page 1
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Tin Vol. XI1. I*. ?73.WImI? N. 51?. tbb xraiw oosrsTZTimoir OK THE STATE OF NEW YORK. We, tko People of the Slate of New York, grateful to Jit. migkly God for our Freedom, in ordor to secure ito Meetings, do ootakUok tkio Couetitution Arunc *.- *? * mm Hictmh 1. No member of this Mate shall be disfranchised, or Jeprived of any of the rights or privilege* secured to any ciiir.en thereof, unlet* by the law of the land, or the judgment of hi* user*. ij J. The trial oy Jury, in all csiei in which it ha* been heretofore uied, shall remain inviolate forever. But a jury trial may be waived by the parties in all civil caae*, in the manner to bo prescribed by law. $ S. The tree exercise and enjoyment of religious pro- i fesaion and worahlp, without discrimination or prefor- I enca, shall forever bo allowed in this State to all mankind ; and no person shall bo rendered incompetent to be a witness on account of his opinion en matters of religious belief; bnt the liberty of conscience hereby secured shall not be so construed a* to excuse acts of licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of this State. () 4. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety mar require its suspension. i) 6 No person shall be held to answer lor a capital or otherwise infamous srime (except in cases of impeachment, and in cases of the militia, whan in actual service ; and the land and naval forces in time oi wai, or which this State may keep with thm-f onsent of Congress in time of peace ; and in cases of petit larceny, under the regulation of the Legislature.) In any trial in any court whatsoever, tho party accused shall be allowed to appear an i defend in person and with counsel, as in civil action*. No person shall be subject to be twice put in jeopardy for the same offence ; nor shall he be compelled in any criminal case, to be a witness against himself; nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. i}?. Private property ahall not be taken lor public use utitknili {nat iinmnanGutinn wlinn nviwu?? -W?ll be taken for any public uso, the compensation therefor, if not to be marfeey the State, shall be ascertained by a jury, or by not leaa than three commissioners appointed by a court of record, as shall be prescribed by law Private roads may be opened in the manner to be prescribed by law ; but in every case the necessity ot the road, and the amount of all damage to be sustained by the opening thereof, shall be first decided by a jury of freeholders, and such amount, together with the exKnses of the proceeding, shall be paid by-tlie person to benefited. & 7. JCvery citixen may freely apeak, write and, publish his sentiments on ail subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right; and n# law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of apeech or of the press, in uk' .-Liminsl prosecutions or inflfctments for libels, ths truth may be given in evidence to the jury ; and if it all appear to the jury that the matter chained as libels is true, and was published with good motives snd a i ustifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted, and the \ v shall hare the right to determine the law and the t 'twe-thirds of the members elected to s Legislature, shall be requisite to sting the public moneys or property, purposes. be passed, abridging the right of the i assemble, and to petition the government thereof; nor shall any divorce ise than by due judicial proceedings ; y hereafter be authorised, or any sale lowed within this State, til shall not be required, nor excessive shall cruel and unusual punishments 11 witnesses be unreasonably detained of this State, in their right of sorerto pomes* the original and ultimate >1 lands within the jurisdiction of the tie to which shall fail, from a escheat to the people iX'anS 'TIE' ' every description, with all !'^Hs> Kfc. . (1 to tie abolished; saving. ' rvices certain which at any UB^wlawhilty created or reserved. S OTmfiN^feMflKy-'pls State are declared to be al'0,d* If to the liability to escheat, the "'* .t ^^^^^Hk^jrirty is vested iu the owners, ac** " 01 'heir respective estates. ' of agricultural land for u longer hereafter made, in which shall ,"'9Wllt or *erv*Ck> ol an? kind, shall be AH quarter sales, or other like lestrsints l' Ju ' reserved, in any grant of land hereafter * ' JJjHFsll be void. t.j^m.r chase or contract for the aale of lands in aiacs the fourteenth day of October, one i' - hundred end seventy-five ; or which may ^jM^Htmede, of, or with the Indians, shall be valid, the authority end with tho consent ol perta of the common law, and of the acts VBMLifiautUt ef the colony of New York, as togerH^Bld ?rm the law of tke said colony, on the nine ef 4?",'' 0U4 .thousand sovan hundred and ?uu me resolutions 01 the Conrren of raid ^pfty,and oftha Convention of the State ofNew York, in fdrre en the twentieth day of April, one thouaand *ev en hundred and seventy-seven, which hare notaince expired, or bean repealed or altered ; and auch acta of the Legislature of this State aa are now in force, ahallbe and continue the law of thia State, aubject to such alteration* aa the Legislature ahall make concerning the *ame. But all inch part* ,of the common law, and auch of the aaid acta, or parti thereof, aa are repugnant to thia Constitutioo, are hereby abrogated ^18 The Legialature, at its tirat aeaaion after the ad op tion of thia Constitution. ahall appoint three commissionera, whose duty it ahallbe to reduce into a written and ayatematic code the whole body of the law of thia State, or *o much and auch part* thereof aa to the aaid commisaioner* ahall aaem practicable and expedient. And the aaid eommiaaioueraahall specify auch alterations and amendments therein as they shall deem proper, and they ahall at all timet make re|K>rta of their proceedings to the Legislature, when called upon to do se; and the Legislature shall pass law* regulating the tenure of office, the filling of vacancies therein, and the compensation of the said commissioners ; and shall also provide for the publication of the aaid (code, prior to it* being presJbtsJ to the Legislature for adoption. ()10. All grant* of land within this State, made by the King of Great Britain, or persons acting undsr his authority, after the fourteenth day of October, one thousand aaven hundred and seventy-five, shall be null and void ; but nothing contained in this Constitution ahall affect any grants of land within this State, made by the authority of the aaid king or hi* predecessors, or shall annnl any charters to bodies politic and corporate, by bim or them made, before that day; or shall effect any such grants or charters sine* made by this State, or bv Iorson* acting undot its authority or shall impair tha ob igation of suit debt* contracted by tha State, or individuals, or bodies corporate, or any othor rights of property, or any suits, actions, right* of action, or other proceeding* in ooarta of Justice. Article II.?The Klcettwe Kranchh*. ^1. Every male citizen of the age of II years, who shall have bean a citizen for ten days, and aa inhabitant of tha State one yoar next preceding en election, and for the last four months a resident of tha county whore ho may offer his vote, shell bo entitled to vote at such election in tho olection district of which ha ahall at the time bo a resident, end not eltewhere, for all officers that now arc or hereafter may be elective by the people ; but such eitisen shall have been for thirty days next preceding tho election, a resident of tha district from which uro vubvi i- WW vwflfu iui wi1uu1 ho Ulieri BIB VOX*. Bat do man of color, unleaa ho (hall hare boon for throo yoart a ro?ic!ont of this State, and for one year next proreding any election, ahall be seized and | km (cited of a freehold estate of the value of two hundred and filly dollars, over and "bore all debts and incumbrances charged thereon, and shall have been actually rated and paid a tax thereon, shall be entitled to vote at such aleclion. And no person of color shall be subject to direct taxation unless he shall be seize.1 and possessed of such real estate aa aforesaid. 43 Laws may be passed excluding from the right ot in.frige all persona who have been, or who may be con victedof bribery, or lsrcenay, or of any infamous crime And lor depriving every person who shall make, or be come directly or indirtotly interested in any bet or wager depending upon the result of any election, from the right to vote at such election. t) 3. For the purpose of voting, no person shall be deemed to have gained or lost a residence, by reeson of bis presence or absence, while employed in the service of the United States -, nor while engaged in the navigation of the waters of this Slate, or of the United States, or of tha high seas ; nor while a student of any seminary of learning ; nor while kept at any alms house, or other asylum, at public expense ; nor while confined in any public prison. ^ 4 Lawa shall ba made for ascertaining by proper proofs tbo citi7ena| who shall bo entitled to the right of suffrage hereby established. <) 6. All elections by the citizens shall ba by ballot, except for snch town officers as may by law be directed to bo otherwise chosen. Article III?Legislative. SrcTion 1. The legislative power of this State shall be VAflted in A sfidlta an.) AaanesKI? (j 5. The donate shall consist of thirty-two members, and ths Hens tors shall b? chosen for two years. The Ailetnhly shall constat of ons hundred and twenty-eight mMsbris, who shall be annually elected. (j 1. The State shall be divided into thirty-two districts, to be called tfonole districts, each of which shall choose one Senator. The districts shall I* numbered from ooe to thirty-two, inclusive. . District No. I shall consist of the counties of Hultolk, Richmond and (tneena. District No 9 shall consist of the county of Kings Districts No. S, No 4. No. ft, and No. it. shall consist of the city and county ol New Vork. And the board of en Crvisors of said city and county shall, on or beforo tho at day of May, 1817, divide the said city and county into tbo number of donate Districts to which it is sntitisd, as near as may be of an equal number of inhabitants, excluding aliens and persons of color not taasd, snd to be of convenient and contiguous territory, and no Aaaomldy district shall ha divided in the formation of a donate district. The board of supervisors, when they shall hava cornplated such division, shall cause certikrates thereol, its ting the number and boundaries of aach district sad tba population thereof, to be tiled iu tho ollice of tho decretaury of Htate, and ol the clerk of the said city and county. < District No. 7 shall couaiat of the counties of Westchester, I'utnaaa, and Rockland. . District No. 8 shall couaiat of tho counties of Dutchess and Columbia- I E NE" NI District Vo 9 shall consist of the counties of Orange I nil Hnllivan. District No. 10 shall consist of the rountiei of I'Uter ; an.1 Ureene. Diitiict No. 11 ihall consist of the counties of Alhtajr and Schenectady. Distric. No. 1J shell consist of the county of Rene- I eelaer. District No. 13 shall consist of the counties of Washington and Saratoga District No. 14 shall consist of tho counties of Warren, Ksses and Clinton. District No 13 shall consist of the counties of St. Lawrence and i'ranltlin District No. 10 shall consist of the counties of Ilerki mpr, llumilton, Kulton an.I Montgomery District No 17 shall consist of the counties of Schoharie and Delaware. Diatrict No. 1H shall conaiat of the counties of Otsego and Chenango. C Diatrict No. 19 ahall conaiat of the county of Oneida. District No. JO shall conaiat of the countiea of Madison ami Oswego. Di<trict No. 91 ahall conaiat of the countiea of Jefferson and Lewi*. Diatrict No. 23 ahall conaiat of the county of Onondag*. Diatrict No 33 ahall conaiat of the countiea of Cortland, Broome and Tioga Diatrict No 24 ahull conaiat of the countiea of Cayuga and Wayne. Diatrict No. 35 ahall conaiat of the countiea of TompItina, Seneca and Yatea. Diatrict No. 3ti ahall conaiat of the countiea of Steuben and Chemung. District No. 37 shall consist of the county of Monroe. District No 38 shall consist of th* counties of Orleans, Oenesce and Niagara Diatrict No. 39 ahall consist of the eountiea of Ontario and Livingston. Diatrict No. 30 shall consist of the counties of Allegany and Wyoming. District No. 31 ahall consist of the county of Krie. District No. 32 ahall conaiat of the counties of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus *! 4 An enumeration of the inhabitants of the State ahall be taken, under the direction ol the Legislature, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-Are, and at the ond of every ten years thereafter ; and the said districts shall be so altered by the Legislature, at the nrm session auer ine return or every enumeration, that each Senate district ahall contain, aa nearly aa may be, an equal number of inhabitanta, excluding aliena and persons of color not taxed ; and ahall remain unaltered until the return of another enumeration, and ahall at all timea conaiat of contiguous territory,and no county ahall be divided in tho formation ot a Senate diatrict, except auch county ahall be equitably entitled to two or more Senators. (} 6. The members of Assembly shall be apportioned among the several counties of this State, by the Legislature, aa nearly as rruy be, according to the number of their respective inhabitants, excluding aliens and persons of color not taxed, and ahall be chosen by single districta. The re veral boards of supervisors in such counties of this Stuto as are now entitled to more than one member of Assembly, ahall assemble on the first Tuesday of January next, and divide thair respective counties into Assembly districts, equal to the number of members of Assembly to which such counties ere now severally entitled by law, and shall cause to bo filed in the ofiioes of the Secretary of State and the clerk of tlieir respective counties, a description of such Assembly districts, specifying the number of each .district, and tho population thereof, according to the last preceding State enumeration, as near aa can be ascertained. Kech Assembly dis- ! trict shall contain, as nearly as may be, an equal number of inhabitants, excluding aliens and persons of color not taxeJ, and shall consist of convenient and contiguous territory ; but no town shall be divided iu the formation of Assembly districts. The Legislature, at its first session aftT the return of every enumeration, shall re-anportion the members of Assembly among the several counties of this State, in manner aforesaid, and tlie board of supervisors in such counties as may be entitled, under such re-apportionment, to more than one member, shall assemble at such time as the Legislature making such re-apportionment nan presenile, ana uiviae sucn counties imo AiRemwy districts, in the manner herein directed ; and the apportionment and district! no to be made shall remain unaltered until anotnei gn?iuration ghili b? taken under the provision! of the preceding section. Every county heretofore eitahlished and separately organized, except the county of Hamilton, ihaii always be eatitleit to one member of the Assembly, and no new county ihall be hereafter erected, unlet! ita population ahull entitle it to a member. The county of Hamilton shall elect with the county of Kulton, until the population of the county of lia milton shall, according to tho ratio, ho entitled to a member. (; ?. The members of the Legislature shall receiva for their services a sum not exceeding three dollars a day, from the commencement of the session ; but such nay shall not exceed in the aggregate three hundreJ dollars for per diem allowance, except in the proceedings for impeachment. The limitation as to the aggregate compensation shall uot take elfect until 1818. When convened in-extra session by the Governor, they shall receive three dollars per day. They shall elso receive the sum of one dollar for evarv ten miles tbev shell i . vel, in going to and returning from their place of meeting on thi moet usual route. The Speaker of the Assembly shall, in virtue of hia office, receive an additional compensation, equal to one-third of hi* per diem allowance a* a member. f> 7. No member of the Legislature shall receive any civil appointment within thi* State, or to the Senate of the United State*, from the Governor, the Governor and Senate, or from the Legidature. during the term for which he (hall have been elected; and all *uch appointment*, and all vote* given for any such member, for any auch office or appointment, shall be void ? 8. No person being a member of ( ongre**, or holding any judicial or military office under the United States, (hail hold a seat in the Legislature. And if any Cirson shall, alter hia election as a member of the Legisture, be elected to Congress, or sp|K>inted to any office, civil or military, under the government of the United States, his acceptance thereof shall vacate hia seat. 1)9. The election* of Senator* and membora of Asaembly pursuant to the proviaiona ofthia Constitution, shall he held on the Tuesday succeeding the drat Monday of November, unless otherwise directed by the Legislature. ^10. A majority of each house shall constitute a quorum to do business. K.ach house shall determine the rules of its own proceedings, and be the judge of the elections, 1 returns and qualifications of ita own members, shall choose its own officers, and the Senate shall choose a temporary President, whan the Lieutenant-Governor shall not attend as President, or shell act si Governor. i) 11. Kach house shall keep a journal of its proceeddings, and- pqblish the same, except such parts as may require secrecy. The doors of each house shall be kept open, except when the publie welfare shall require secresy. Neither house shall, without the consent oi the other, adjourn for more than two days. ?11 Kor any sp-och or debate in either house of the Legislature, the members shall not be questioned in any other place. i) IS. Any bill may originate in either home of the Legialeture, ami all bilii pasted by one house may be emended by the other. ?i)ld The enacting clause'of all bills shall be," The people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows," and no law shall be enacted except by bill. ? IS. No bill shall be passed unless by the assent of a majority of all the membeis elected to each branch of the Legisleture, and the question upon the flnel passage shall be taken immediately upon its last reading, and the yeas and nays entered on the journal. <1 16 No privato or local bill which may be passed by the Legislature, shall embrace more than one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title. ^ 17. The Legislature may confer unon the boards ef supervisors of the several counties of the State, such fur ther powers of local, legislative, and administrative, as they shall from time to time prescribe. Article IV? (executive. skstioh 1 The executive power shall be vested in a Governor, who shall hold his office for two years ; a Lieutenant (iovernor shall berhosen at the same time, and for the same term. !)-J. No person except a citizen of the United States, shall be eligible to the office of Governor; nor shall any person lie eligible to that office, who shall not have attained the age of thirty years, and who shall not have been five years next preceding his election, a resident within this State. <1 3. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be eleeted at the times add places of choosing members of the Assembly. The person* respectively having the highest number of votes for Governor and Lieutenant Go vamor, anau na elected ; nut in caao two or mora mail have an aqual and the highest numt>ar of votes for Governor,or lor LiauUnant Governor, the two bouaaa of tha Legislature at its naxt annual session, (hall, forthwith, hy joint ballot, chooaa oua of tha said penona 10 having an aqnal and tha highest numbar of vote* for Governor, or Lieutenant Governor. ^ f Tha Governor (ball ba commander in chief of the military and naval forcai of tho State. Ha (hall hava power to convene the Legislature (or tha Hanata only) on extraordinary occaiion*. Ha ahall communicate by message to the legislature at avary icteion, the condition of tho State, and recommend such matter* to them a* ba shall Judge expedient lie ahall transect all noce((ary bnaine** with tha oflicera of government, civil and military. He ahall expedite ail auch measures aa may ha reaoived upon by tho Legislature, and ahall take care that tha law* are laithfully executed He ahall, at stated tunea, taceive for his service* a campensation to lie e'tatdiahed hy law, which ahall neither be increaaod nor diminiihed after hia election and daring hia continuance in ofllce. g|. b. The Governor shall have the power to grant reprieves, commutations and pardons after conviction, lor i all offences except treanon and cases of impeachment, upon auch condittona, aud with auch reatriction* and limitations, as he may think proper, subject to inch regulation aa may be provided by law relative 'o the manner of applving lar pardons. Upon conviction lor treaaon, ha hell hava power to suspend the execution of the sentence. until the case shall be reported to the Legislature at its next meeting, when the Legislature ahall either pardon, or commute the aentence, direct the execution of the sentence, or grant a further reprieve. He shall annually communicate to the l.egialature each case of 10prieva, commutation or pardon gianted;stating the name of tho couvict, the crime o( which he was convicted,the sentence and iu date, and the date ol the commutation, pordon or reprieve. <t I. In caee ol tho impeachment of the Oovernor, or his removal from olllce, death, inability to discharge the |iowera and duties of the said ofHce, resignation or absence from tho Htete, the iiowers and duties of the office shall devolve upon the Lieutenant Oovetnor for tho residue of the term, or until the disability ahall cease But W" YO !W YORK, SUNDAY MC whin the Governor shall, with the conaent of the I.egielattice, be Mt of the State in time of war, at the head of a military force thereof, he ahall conliimo commander in chief of aB the military torce of the State. ^ 7. The Lieutenant Governor ihall possess the same qualiticatfoaa of eligibility for office a* the Governor.? He ahall l?o Freeidmt of the Senate, but ihall have only a coating vote therein. If during a vacancy of the office of Governor, the Lieutenant Governor ahall be impeached, displaced, resign, die,or become incapable of performing the duMes of hia office, or he abaent from the State. the I'reaideBt ef the Senate ihlll >i-t llnvarnnr until the vacancy be Ailed, or the (Inability iha.ll cease t) 8 The Lieutenant Governor shall, while acting as such, receive a compensation which shall be fixed by law, and which shall not be increased or diminished during his roqffinnanre in odice. ; 9. Every bill which shall have passed the Senate and Assembly,"Mall, before it becomes a presented te the (Jovernar: if he approve, he shall sign it; but if not, he shall return it with hia objections to that house in which it shafl hare originated; who shall enter the objections at largo on thoir journal, and proceed to re-consider it If after such reconsideration, two-thirds of the members proaant shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the objections, to the other house, by which it shall likewiae be reconsidered; and if approved by two thirds of all the members shall become a law, notwithstanding the objections of the Governor. Bnt in all such oases, the votes in both houses shall be determined by yeas aad nays, and the names of the mem bars voting tor and against the bill, shall be entered on the journal of oeoh house respectively. If any bill shall not be returned by the Governor witliin ten days (Sunday* executed) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall De a law, in like manner as if he had signad it, unless the Legislature shall, by their adjournment prevent its retM; in which case it snail not be a law. Ajrtlele v.?Administrative. Section 1. The Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer and Attorney-General, shall be cboseii at a general election, and shall hold their offices for two years. Each ol the otlicera in this Article named (except the Speaker of the Assembly,) shall at stated times, during his continuance in office, receive for hia services a compensation, which shall not bo increased or diminished Juris* the term for whtoh ho shall havo boon elected: nor shall he receive, to hia two, any fees or perquisites of office, or other compensation. f; 4. The State Engineer and Surveyor shall be chosen at general election and ahall hold hia office twe years, but no person shall ha elected to said office who la not a practical engineer. (; 3. Three Canal Commissioners shall bs chosen at the general election which shall be held next after the adoption of this Constitution, one of whom ahall hold hia office (The Commissioners of the Canal Fund (ball meet at the Capitol on the first Monday of January, next alter auch election, and iletormiao by lot which ot aaid Canal Commiuionert shall hold his office for one year, which for two, and which for three years ;1 and there shall be elected annually thereafter, one Canal Commissioner, who shall hold his sffice for throe years. ^ 4. Three Inspectors of State prisons Jdiall be elected at the general election which shall be held next after the adoption of this Cons Station, one of whom shall hold Ills office for one year, one for two years, and one for three years. IThe Governor, Secretary of State, and Comptroller, shall meet at the Capitol on the first Monday of January next succeeding snch election, and determine by lot which of said Inspectors shall hold his office for one year, which for two, and which for three years;] and there shall be elected annually thereafter one Inspector of State Prisons, who shall hold his office for three years ; said Iusuecters shall have the charge and supsrintemleuee of the State prisons, and shall appoint all the officers therein. All vacancies in the office of such Inspector, shall be filled by the Governor, till the next election. The Lieutenant-Governor. Speaker of the Assembly, Secretary oi State, Comptroller, Treasurer, Attorney General, and State F.ugiueer and Surveyor, shall be the Commissioner of the Land-Office. The Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer and Attorney-General, ahall be the Commissioners of the Canal Fund. The Canal Beard shall consist of the Commissioner! of the Caunl Fund, the State Kngine'er end Surveyor, and the Canal Commissioners 6. The powers and duties of the respective board*, and of the several officers ill til is article mentioned, ahall be such as now are or hereafter may he prescribed by law. ^ 7. The Treasurer may be sus]>ended from office by the Governor, during the recess ot the Legislature, and until so day* after the commencement of the nostaesaion of the Legislature, whenever it shall appear In him that such Treasurer has, in any particular, violated his duty. The Governor shall appoint a competent perspn to discharge the duties of the office during such susptot ion of the Treasurer. 1; tt. All office* for the weighing, guaging, measuring, culling or ins|>ecting any merchandize, produce, menuiacture or commodity whatever, are hereby abolished, and no such office shall hereafter be created bv law; but nothing in this aection contained, ahall abrogate any of lice ci eated for the purpose of protecting the public health or the interests ot the State in its property, reve .. I uii|>t>mK m?. jn:u|iie mui correct standards of weights and measures, or ahull prevent the ci cation of any office for luch purposos herealter. Article VI?The Judiciary Section 1. The Assembly shall have the power of imKaohment. by the vote of a majority of all the memr? elected. The Court for the trial of impeachments, shall be composed of the President oi the Senate, the Senators or a major part of them, and the judges of the court of appeals, or the major part ef tliern. On the trial of an impeachment against the Governor, the Lieutenant-dor ernor shall not act as a moraber of the court. No judicial officer shall exercise hia office after he shall have b en impeached, until hia acquittal. Before the trial of im)>eacliment, the members of the court shall take an oath or affirmation, truly and impartially to try the im|>eachmeiit, according to the evidence; und no per son shall he convicted without the concurrence of twotbirds of the members present. Judgment in casca of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal irom office, or removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any otficj of honor, tiuat or profit under this State; but the party impeached shall be liable to indictment, and nunishid according to law. <) 3. There shall be a court o? appeals, composed of eight judges, of whom four shall be elected by the electors of the rtite for e ght years, and four selected from the classof Justices of the Supreme Court having the shortest time to serve. Provision shall be made by law, for designating one of the number olectrd, as chief judge, and for selecting such justices of the Supremo Court, from time to time, and for so classifying those elected, thalone shall be elected every second year. v 3. There shall be a Supremo Court having general jurisdiction in law and equity. 4. The State shall be divided into sight judicial districts, of which the city of New Yoik shall be one ; the others to be bounded by county lines, and to be compact and equal in (population as nearly as may be. There shall bit four Justices of tho Supreme Court in each district, and as many mora in tho district composed of the city of New York, as may from time to time be author ised by law, but not to iicm< in tho wholo such number in proportion to it* population, a* shall bo in conformity with the number of inch judge* in tho roiidu* of the State in proportion to it* population. Thoy (ball bo classified *o that ono of the juitico* of each djatrict (ball go out of office at the end of every two year*. After the eapiiation of their term* under auch classification, the term of tbeir office shall be eight years. f) 6 The Legislature shall hare the same power* to alter and regulate the jurisdiction and proceeding* in law and equity, as they have heretofore possessed. 6. Provision may be made by law for designating, from time to time, one or more of the said justices, whois not a judge of the court of appeals, to preside at the general terms of the said court to be held in the several districts. Any three or more of the said justices, of whom one of the said justices so designated shall always be one, may hold such general terms. And any one or more of the justices may hold special terms and circuit courts, and any one of them may preside in courts of oyer and terminer in any county. 1) 7. The judges oi tho court of appeals and justices of the supreme court shall severally receive at stated times, for their services, a compensation to be established by law, which shall not be increased or diminished during their continuance in office. <) 8. They shall not held any other office or public trust. All votes for either of them, for any elective office (except that oi Justice of the supreme court, or judge of the court ofappesls) given by the Legislature or the people, shall be void. 1 hey shall not exercise any power ef appointment to public office. Any male citizen of the **e of 21 years, of rood moral character, and who |ioihiim the rcquiside qualifications of learning and ability, shall be entitled te adminion to practice in all the courta of thil State. () 0. The classification of the justices of the mpreme court, the times and place of holding the term* of the court of appeali, and of the general and ipecial term! of the aupreme court within the several districts, and the circuit courts and courts oi oyer and terminer within the several counties, shall be provided for by law. <) 10. The testimony in equity cases shall be taken in like manner as in cases at law. t) II. Justices ol the supreme court and judges of the court of appeals may be removed by concurrent resolution of both Houses of the Legislature, if twe thirds of all the members elected to the Assembly, and a majority of all the members elected to the Henate. concur therein. All judicial officers, except those mentioned in this section, and except justices of the peace, judges and justices of inferior courts not of record, may tie removed by the Senate, on the recommendation of the (Jovernor : but no removal shall lie made by virtue of this section, unless tha causa thareof be entered on the journals, nor onleea the party complained of shall hava been served with a copy of Ilia complaint against him, and shall have bad an opportunity of being heard in hia defence. On the (ideation of removal, the ayes aud noes shall lie en () 18. t he judges of the court of appeals thill he elected by the electors of the State, and the juaticea of the upiemo court by the electori of the aeveril Judicial districts, et tuch timet at may be prescribed by law. t) 13. In caae the office of any judge of the court of uppeele, or Jntflre of the aupreme court, ahall become ecent before the eapiralion of the regular teim for which he waa elected, the recency may be filled by appoin'ment by the Uorernor, until it ahall be aupplied at the next general election of judget, when it ahall be Ailed by election liar the reaidue of the unexpired term. ^ 14. There (ball he elected in each of the conntiea of this State, except the city and county of New York, one county judge, who ahall hold hit office for four rears ? lie ahall hold the county court, and |>etfonn the duller of the office ol surrogate The connty court ahall have enc.h jurisdiction In caaas ariiing In jnaticaa' court*, and in special caaea, as the Legislature may preacrine, but ahall bare no original civil jurisdiction, except in such penal caaea. The county judge, with two jutticea of the |>eeca, to R K I )RNING, OCTOBER 11, 15 I be designated according to law. may hold court* of see- I sion* with such criminal jurisdiction as tln> Legislature

1 shall prescribe, and perform such other ilutiei us may be , required by law. The county judge shall receive an animal salary, to bo | fixed by the ootid of supervisors, which shall be neither increased nor diminished during his continuance in office. The justices of the peace tor services iu courts of sessions, shell be paid a per diem allowance out of the county treesury. Io counties having a population exceeding forty thousand, the Legislature may provide for the election of a separate officer to perform the duties of the office of surrogate. J ue i.cgisiaiure may comer equity jurieuiciion in special cane* ii|ion the ceuntv judge. Inferior local court*, ol civil and criminal jurisdiction, may be established by the Legislature in citiea ; and such couits, except for the cities of New York and Buffalo, shall liuve an uniform organization aud jurisdiction in such cities. 1ft. The Legislature may, on application of the board of supervisors, provide for the election of local officers, not to exceed two in any county, to discharge the duties of county judge and of surrogate in cases of their inability, or of a vacancy, and to exercise such other powers in special cases at may be prescribed by law. <) IS. The Legislature may reorganize the judicial districts at the first session after the return of every enumeration under this constitution, in the manner provided for in section four, and at no other time ; and they may, at such session, increase or diminish the number of districts; but such increase or diminution shall not be more than one district at any one lime. Kach district shall have lour justices of the Supreme Court; but no diminution of the districts shall have the effect to remove a judge from office. i; 17. The electors of the several towns shall, at their annual town meeting, and in such manner as the Legislature may direct, elect justices of the peace, whose term of office shall be four vears. Their number and classification may be regulated by law. Justices ot the peace and judges or justices of inferior courts, not of record, and their clerks, may be removed, (after due notice and an opportunity of being heard in their defence) by such county, city or State courts as may be prescribed by law, for causes to be assigned in the order of removal. In case of an election to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of a full term, they shall hold for the residue of the unexpired term. % IS. All judicial officers of cities and villages, and all such judicial officers as may be created therein by law, shall be elected at such times and in suoh manner as the Legislature may direct (> 19. The clerks of the several counties of this State shall be clerks of the Supreme Court, with such powers and duties as shall be prescribed by law. A clerk for the Court of Appeals, to be ex-officio clerk of the Su preme Court, and to keep his ofHce at the seat of government, shall be chosen by the electors of the State; he tion ihall be fixed by law anil paid out of the public treasury. i; '10. No judicial officer, except juaticea of the peace, ahall receive to hia own uae any fooa or perquiattea of office. 31. The Legislature may authorize the judgments, decreea and deciaiona of any local inferior court of record of original civil jurisdiction, eatabliahed in a city, to be removed lor review directly into the Court of Appeala. (j 33. The Legislature (hall providt for the apeedy publication of aU atatute lawa, and of auch judicial deciaiona aa it may deem expedient. And all lawa and judicial deciaiona ahall be freeifor publication by any peraon. S 33. Tribunala of conciliation may be eatabliahed, with auch |>owera and duties aa may be prescribed by law ; but such tribunala ahall have no power to render judgment to be obligatory on the parties, except they voluntarily submit their mattera in difference, and agree to abide the judgment, or aaacut thereto, in the presence of auch tribunal, in auch cases aa ahall be prescribed by law. !) 34. The Legislature at its first sosaion after the adoption of this Constitution, shall provide for the appointment of three commissioners, whose duty it shall be to revise, relurm, simplify, and abridge the rules of practice, pleading!, forma and proceedings of the courts of record of this state, and to report thereon to the Legislature, subject to their adoption and modification from time to time. !n 3d. The Legislature at its first sesaion after the adoption of this < 'onstitution (hall provide for the organization of the Court of Appeals, and for transferring te it the business pending in Lie Court for the Correction of Errors, and for the allowance of writs of error and apI eala to the Court of Appeals, from the judgments and decrees of the present Court of Chancery and Supreme Court, and of the courts that may be organized under this Constitution. Article VII.?Klnitwce. a?rem? i Aftnr nnvinv th? hvtiaimai nf rnllortinn superintendence, end ordinary repairs, there shall be appropriated and set apart in each liseal year, out of the revenues of the State canals, commencing on the first day of Jane, 1646, the sum of one million and three hundred thousand dollars, until the first day cf June, I?ft5, and from that time the sum of one million auil seven hundred thousand dollari in each fiscal year, as a sinkinfc fund, to My tho interest and redeem the principal of thct part of toe State deht called the canal debt, aa it existed at the time first aforesaid, and including thrae hundred thousand doMnra then to be borrowed, until the same shall be wholly paid ; and the principal and income of tho said sinking fund shall be sacredly applied to that purposo. !j 2. After confpljring with the provisions of the first section of this article, there shall bo appropriated and set apart, out of the surplus revenues of the Slate canals, in each fiscal year, commencing on the first day of June, Itt46, the sum of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, until 'the time when a sufficient sum shall have been appropriated and set apart, under the said first section, to pay the inteiest and extinguish tho entire principal of the canal deht; and after that poriod, then the sum of one million and five hundred thousand dollars in each fiscal year, as a sinking fund, to pay the interest and redeem tho principal of that part of the State debt called the General Fund debt, including the debt for loans of the State credit to ra.lrood companies which hare failed to pay the interest thereod, and also the contingent debt on State stock* loaned to incorporated companies which have hitherto DOid the interest thereon whenever and at far aa any part thereof may become a charge on the Treaanry or general fund, until the iame shalbe wholly paid; and the principal and income of the laid laat mentioned sinking fund shall be acredly applied to the purpose aforoaaid; and if the payment of any part of the said moneys to the said sinking fund shall at any time he deferred, t.v reason of tho piiolity recognised in the first section otthis article, the sum so deferred, with quarterly interest thereon, at the then current rate, shall be paid to the last mentioned sinking fund, as soon as it can be done consistently with the just rights of the creditors holding said canal debt.' ^ 3. Alter paying the said expanses of superintendence and repairs of the canals, and the sum appropriated by the first and second sections of this article, there shall lie paid out of the surplus revenues of the canals, to the Treasury of the 8tate, on or before the thirtieth day of September, in each year, for jthe use (and benefit of the general fund, such sum, not exceeding $900,000, as may a required to defray the necessary expenses of the State; and the remainder of the revenues of the said canals shall, in each fiscal year, be applied In such manner as the Legislature shall direct, to tne completion of the Erie Canal enlargement, and the Uenessee Valley and Black River canals, until the said canals shall be completed. If at any time after the period of eight years from the adoption of this Constitution, the revenues of this State, unappropriated by this .article, shall not be sufficient to defray the necessary expenses of the government, without continuing or laying a direct tax, the Legislature may, at its discretion, supply the deficiency, in whole or in pert, from the surplus revenues of the canals, after complying with the provisions of the first two sections of this article, for paying the interest ahd extinguishing the principal of the Canal and Uenoral Fund debt; but the sum thus appropriated from the surplus revenues of the canals shall not exoeed annually $3j0,00U, including the sum of $100,000, provided for by this section for the expenses of the government, until the general fund debt shall be extinguished, or until the K.rie Canal enlargement ami Genesee Valley and Black River canals shall I - l-.- l --J -r,~- .Ukl .k.ll h. >.. .a,.I canala (ball ba completed, then the euro of ><173,?00, or to much thereof ai (hall be Decenary, may be annually appropriated to defray the cxpenaaa of the government. ) 4. The claim* of the State againat any incorporated company to pay the intered and redeem the principal of the ktock of the State, loaned or adeanced to euch company, (ball be lairly enforced, and not releaied or compromiied ; and the money* aiiainr from *ucb claim* (hall be net apart and applied aa part or the linking fund provided ir. the aecond faction of thia article. But the time limited for the fulfilment of any condition of any releaae or compromiae heretofore made or provided for, may be extended by law. ^ A. If the ainking fundi, or either of them provided in thia article, ahall prove inaufflcient te enable the State, on the credit of auch fund, to procure the meana to aatiafy the claima of the creditor* of the State, aa they become payable, the Legislature ahall, by equitable taxea, *o increeae the revenue* of the aaid fenda aa to maka them, reapectively, sufficient perfectly to preaerve the public faith. Kvety contribution or advance to the canela, or their debt, from any aoorce, othar than their direct re vennea, ahall, with quarterly intarcat, at tha rate* than current, tie repaid into the Treasury, for tha uae of the state, nut of the canal revenuea, aa aoon aa it can bo done cooaiatently with tha juat vighta of the creditor* holding the aaid canal debt (> A The Legislature ahall not aell, laaae, or otharwia* dia|>o?e of any of tha canala of the State ; but they ahall lemein the property of the State and under ita managemeot, forever. It ipringa belonging lo this State. The Uud* contiguous thereto end which may lie neceeiary and convenient for the me of the ailt apringa, may he told by authority of law and under the direction ol the com tiliilonen ol the land office, for the pnrpoie ot inventing the money a ailaing therefrom in other landa alike convenient, hut by inch lain and |iurrhaae the aggregate quantity of theae Innda aha 11 not he diminished. (j a. No money* shall ever he paid out of the 1'reaiury ol thli State, or any of it* fundi, or any of the fundi under ' its management, except in purauance of an appropriation by law ; nor itnleaa anrh payment be made within two ' year* next after the pnaaage of auch appropriation act ; and every inch law making a new appropiiation, or continuing or reviving an appropriation, ahall distinctly a|?eiiy the aum appropriated, and the object to which it ia to tie applied ; ami it ahall not he sufficient for auch , law to refer to any other law to Ax auch aum. <)?. The credit of the State ahall not, in any manner, be given or loaned to, or in aid of any individual, aiaociation or corporation ^ 10. The State may, to meet reanal deAcita or failure! in revenue*, or tor expenses net provided for, contract debt*, hut mch debti, direct and coatingent, ling!/ or ia ? i m I ERA (46. the aggregate, ihell out, at any time, exceed one million of dollars, and tho money* arising Irom tho lonns crea ting such debts, slinll ho applied to tho purpose tor which they were obtained, or to repay the Jebt no contracted, 1 and to no other purpose wliatevor. Ml. lu addition to the above limited power to contract debts, the State may contract debts to rc|>el invasion, suppress insurrection, or WM the State in war, but the money arising from the contracting of such debts shall be upplied to the purpose (or which it was raised, or to repay such debts, and to no other purpose whatever. i) 13. Kxcept the debts specified in the tenth and eleventh sections of this article, no debt shall hereafter be contracted by or on behalf of this State, unless such I.Ls _? II I. - sL^.l^.J ?... .. 1.... f.- . .U.I. I. uem iiittii i?o auuiuriirii uy a im? mi iuiiic woir or object, to be distinctly specified therein, ami suck law hall imposo and provide for the collection of a direct annual tax to pay, and sufficient to pay the intereit on uch debt ai it falli due, and alio to pay and diicharf(o the ptincipul of luch debt witliin eighteen years from the time of the contracting thereof. No such law lhall take effect until it hall, at a general election, have been submitted to the people, and have received a majority of all the votei cast for and against it, at such election. On the final passage of such bill in either house of the Legislature, the question shall be taken by ayes and noes, to be duly entered on the journals thereof, : ml hall be: " Shall this bill pass, and ought the same to receive the sanction of the people V' The Legislature may at any time, after the approval of such law by the people, if no debt shall have been contracted in pursuance thereof, repeal the saute: and may at any time, by law, forbid the contracting of any lurther debt or liability under such law; but the tax imposed by such act, in proportion to the debt and liability which may have been contracted in pursuance of sucn law, shall remain in force und be irrepealuble, and be annually collected until the proceeds thereof shall have made the provision; herein before specified to pay and discharge tne interest and principal of such debt and liability. The money arising from uny loan or stock creating such debt or liability, shall be applied to the work or object specified in the act authorising such debt or liability, or for the repayment of such debt or liability, and for no other uurpose whatever. No sucn law shall be submitted to be voted on, within three months after its passage, or at any general election, when any other law or any bill or any amendment to the constitution, shall be submitted to be voted for or against. ^ 13. Every law which imposes, continues or revives a tax, shall distinctly state the tax and the object to which it is to be ariDlied. and it shall not be sufficient to refer to any other law to fix such tax or object. ^ 14. On the final passage in either house of the Legislature, ot every act which impose*, continue* or revive* a tax, or create* a debt or charge, or make*, continue* or revive* any appropriation of public or truatmonuy or property, er release*, discharge* or commute* any cloim or demand of the State, the question shall be taken by aye* and noes, which shall be duly entered on the journal*, and three-fifths of all the members elected to either house, shall, in all such cases, be necessary to con*titut* a quorum therein. Article VIII?Corporations. skction 1. Corporation* may be formed under general law*; but shall not be created by special act, except for municipal purpose*, and in cases where, in the judgement of the Legislature, the objects of the corporation cannot be attained under general laws. All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section, may be altered from time to time, or repealed. 6 'J. Dues from corporation* shall be secured by such individual liability of the corporators, and other means, as may be prescribed by law. (j 3. The term corporations a* used in this article, shall be construed to include all asiociations and joint stock companies having any of the powers or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships. And all corporations shall have the right to sue and shall be subject to be sued in all courts, in like cases as natural persons. $ 4. The Legislature shall have no power to pass any act granting any special charter for bankiug purposes; but corporations of associations may be formed for such purposes under general laws. ^ 5. The Legislature shall have no power to pass any lawjsanctioning in any manner, directly or indirectly, the suspension of specie payments, by any person, association or corporation issuing bank notes of any description. $ 6. The Legislature shall provide by law for tho registry ef all bill* dt notes issued or put in circulation a* money, and shall require ample security for the redemption of the same in specie. t) 7. The stockholders in every cot poratiou and joint stoek association for banking purposes, issuing lisnk notes or any kind of paper credits to circulate as money, after the first day of January, 1860, shall be individually responsible to the amount of their respeotive share or shares of stock in any such corporation or association, for all ita debts and liabilities of every kind, contracted after the said first day of January, I860 8. In case of the insolvency of any bank or banking association, the bill-holders thereof shall be entitled to pre I ere nee in payment, over all other creditors 01 men bank or association. !; 0. It shall be the duty of the Legislature to provide for the organization of cities and incorporated villages, and especially to restrict their power of taxation, assessment, borrowing money, contracting debts and loaning their crodit, so as to prevent abuses in assessments and in contracting debt by such municipal corporations. Article IX?Education. ^ 1. The capital of the common school fund, the capital of the literature fund, and the capital of the U. H. depo site fund, shall be respectively preserved inviolate Th< revenue of the said common school fund shall be qnlM to the support of common schools; the revenues of the said literature fund shall be applied to the support of accadcmies, and the sum of 000 of the revenues of th? |J S deposite lund shall each year be appropriated tc and made a part of the capital of the said common school fund. Article X?Local Olllcers. f> 1. Sheriffs, clerks of counties, including the register and clerk of the city and county ofNew York, coroners and district attorneys, shall be chosen by the electors of tha respective counties, once in every three years, and as often as vacancies shall happen. Sheriffs shall hold no other office, and be ineligible for the next three years after the termination of their offices. They may be required by law to renew their security, from time to time; and in default of giving such new security, their offices shall be deemed vacant. But the county shall never be mane responsible lor uie icu 01 uie inarm. The (iovernor may ramova any officer in thi* lection mentioned, within the term lor which he (hell hare been elected, giving to eucb officer a copy of the charge* againit him, and an opportunity of being heard in hi? defence. i)2. All county oflicere whoie election or appointment it not provided for by thii Constitution. iliall be elected by the elector* of the reipectire countiea, or appointed by the board* of supervisors, or other county authorities a* the Legialature ihall direct. All city, town and rib lsge officers, whoae election or appointment la not pro iiled for by the Constitution, thall be elected by tlx elector* of *uch citiei, town* and village*, or o *otne diriiion thereof, or appointed by *uch authoritiei thereof, a* the Legialature iball deaignate for that pur po*e All other officer* who?e election or appointmen I* not provided for by thi* Constitution, and all offlceri whoie office* may hereafter be created bv law, shall b? elected by the people, or appointed, a* the Legiilatur* may direct. $3. When the duratien of any office is not provided b> this Constitution, it may be declared by law, and if no' *o declared, such office shall be held during the pleasun of the authority making the appointment. 4. The time of electing all officers under this article shall be prescribed by law. t; A The Legislature shall provide fer filling vacancies in office, and in case of elective officers, no person ap pointed to till a vacancy shall hold his office by virtu* ol such apiiointment, longer than the commencement ol the political year next eucceeding the first annual eloC' tion after the happening of the vacancy. I) 0. The political year and legislative term shall begin en the first of January, and the Legislature shall assemble on the first Tuesday of January, unless a different day inijr be provided by law. ^7. i'roviaiou ahull he mada by law for the removal foi misconduct or malversation in office of all officer* (except legislative and judicial) whoae power* and dutiea are not loeaJ and legislative, and who ihall be elected at general election!, und also for mpplying vacancies created by such romovnls !> 8. The Legislature may declare tho caaea in which any office ihall be deemed vacant, where no proviaion 1* made for that purpose in thia Constitution. Article XI?Mllltla. S*< tiov 1. The militia of thia State ahall at all time* hereafter, lie armed and disciplined, und in readineaa for service, bat all such inhabitants of this Htate, of any lelicious denomination whatever, aa from acruples of conI science may be averse to bearing arms, shall be excused therefrom, upon such conditions us may be prescribed by law. ^ 'J Militia officers shall be chosen, or appointed aa follows (Captains, subalterns and non-commissioned officer* shall be chosen by the written votes of the member* of their respective companies. Field officers ol regiments end separate battalion*, liy the written votea of tlie commissioned officers #f the respective regiments and separate battalions ; brigadier generals and brigade inspector* by the field officers of their respective brigade* i maior eenerala. briffadier srenerals ami commanding offl cere ol regiment* ur saparate battalion*, (hail appoint the staff officer* to their respective (lirisoa*, brigade*, rcgi ment* or *e|iarate battalion*. () 1 The Governor ahall nominate, and with the con *e:it of the Senate, ap|>oint all major general*, ami th* commi.iary general. The a<1jntnnt general and othoi chief* of atafr department*, and the aula ile-camp of the comman<l?nn chief shall lie appointed by the Governor, and their commissions shall expire with the time for | which the Governor shall have been elected. The coin| mieaary general shall hold his office lor two year*. He | shall give security for the fhilhful execution of the duties of hi* office, in such manner and amount si shell be prescribed by law. t) 4 The Legislature shall, by law, direct the time and manner of electing militia officer*, and of certifying their lection* to the tlovernor. , . (>*. The Commissioned officer* of the militi* "*' "* commissioned hy the Governor; and no wmmieMaW I officer shall he removed from office, uules* by the Senate on the recommendation of the Governor, stating the around* on which such removal* I* recommenoou. or 'j 1 the decision of* conrt martial pursuant to law. I he prea*nt officer* of ihe militia shall hold their commia?i?tia i subject to removal, a* I efote provided Id In lease tho mode of election and appointment ol j militia officer, hereby diiected, "hell not be found effiv ducive to ihe improvement ol the militi*. the Legialature may abolish the seme and provide hy law lor their appointment end removal, if two-third* of the member* present in each hon.a shall concur therein. ? ?????m LD. M* two CMMi Arllrlr \ II?Ontlm. HrcTioit I. Members of the Legislature and all officers, executive and judicial, except such inferior officers >a may be by law exemptsd, aliall, befoi? tliey enter on the duties of their respective offices, take ami subscribe the following oath or alKimation :? " I do solemnly swear tor affirm, aa the rata may be) that I will *up|>ort the Constitution of the United States, and the ( onstitution of the State of New York ; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of according to the best of my ability." And no other oath, declaration or teat shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust. Article XIII?Amendment*. Sect ion 1. Any amendment or amendments to this Constitution may be promised in the Senate and AssemI lily; ami if the mrae shall be iigreeil to by a majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such proposed amendment or nmendmsnts shall be entered on ; their journals with the yeas and nays taken thereon, and referred to the Legislature, to he chosen at the next gej neral election of Senators, and shall be pp^liabod for i three months previous to the time of making audit choice, and if in the Legislature so next chosen, as aforoaaid, such proposed amendment or amendments,shall he agreed iu| ujf n nmjuni} ui nu uif iiiemnvrv eiKiM iO ten home, then it shall !> the duty oI the Legislators to sub. mil inch |>ro{k>m(l amendment or amendmenta to tho peo])Ie, in iuch manner and at auch time ae the Legislature shall prescribe ; and if the people shall approve and ratify such amendment or amendments, thy a majority of the electors (justified to vote for members of the Legislature, voting thereon, such amendment or amendments shall become part of the Constitution. -J. At the general election to be held in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and in each twentieth year thereafter, and also at such time as the Legislature may by law provide, the question, "Shall there be a Convention to revise the Constitution and amend the samel" shall bo decided by the electors qualified to vote for members of the Legislature; and in case a majority of the doctors so qualified, voting at such election, shall dscide in fuvor of a Convention for such purpose, the Legislature at its next session, shall provide by law for the election of delegates to such Convention. Article XIV?niece 11 sin eons. Section 1. The first election of Senators and members of Assembly, pursuant to the proviaiona of this Constitution, shall be held on the Tuesday succeeding the 1st Monday of No vember, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven. Tha Senators and Members of Assembly who may be in ofiico on the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, shall hold their oflleea until and including tba tliirty-Arst day of Dacember following, and no longer. !) 3. The first election of Governor and LieutenantGovernor under this Constitution, shall be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November, 1848; and the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor in office when this Constitution shall take effect, shall hold their respective offices until and including the 31st day of Dacember of that year. (} 1. The Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer, Attorney-General, District-Attorneys,Surveyor-Ganeral, Canal CommiseioDers, and inspector* of and -commissioners for loaninff certain monevs of the United States deposited with the State of New fork, and ceuaty super intendents of common State prisons, in office when this constitution shall take etfect, shall hold their respective offices until and including the 31st of December, 1847, and no longer. % 4. The first election of judges and clerk of the court of appeals, justices of the supreme comrt, and oounty judges, shall take place at such time between the Arst Tuesday of April and the second Tuesday of June, 1847, as may ho prescribed by law. Tho said courts shall respectively organize, and enter upon their duties, on the first Monday of July, next thereafter; but the term of office of said judges, clerk and justices as declared by this Constitution, shall be deemed to commence on the first day of January, 1848. ^ 3. On tho first Monday of July, 1847, jurisdiction of all suits and proceedings then trend ing in the present supreme court and court of chancery, and all suits end proceedings originally commenced and then pending in any court of common pleas, (except in the city and county of New York,) shall become vested in the supreme court hereby established. The courts of oyer and terminer hereby established shall, In their respective counties, have jurisdiction, on and after the day last mentioned, of all inJictmeuts and proceedings then pending in the ? resent courts of oyer and terminer; and also of all ndictments and proceedings then pending in the present courts ot general sessions or the peace, except in the city of New Y ork, and except in cases of which the courts of tsessions hereby established may lawfully take cognizance^ and of such judgments and proceedings the courts of sessions hereby established shall hare jurisdiction on and uftertke day mentioned. Proceedings pending in courts of common pleas in suits originally commenced in justices' courts shall be transferred to the county courts provided for in this (Constitution, in suck manner and form, and under such regulation, as shall be provided by law. f) ? The chancellor and the present supreme court shall, respectively, (have power to hear and determine any of such suits and proceedings then ready for hearing and decision on the first Monday of July, 1847, and shall, for their services therein, be entitlnd to their present rates of compensation until the 1st day of July, IMC, or until all such suits and proceedings shall be sooner heard and determined. Musters in chsncery may continue to 1 exercise the functions of their office in the court of chancery , so long as the Chancellor shall continue to exorcise tlio functions of his office under the provisions of this I Constitution. And the Supreme Court hereby established, shall.also i have power to hear and determine such of said suits and I proceedings us may bo prescribed by law > 7. In case any vacancy shall occnr in the office of chancellor or justice of the present Supreme Court, prei viously to the 1st day of July, 1840, the Oovernor may > nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the I Senate, appoint a proper person to fill such vacancy. Any judge of the Court of Appeals or justice of the Supreme Court, elected under this Constitution, may receive and hold such appointment (< 8. The office* of cnancellor, justice of the existing supreme court, circuit judge, vice-chancellor, assistant vice-chanceller, judges of the existing county courta of each county, supreme court commissioner, master in chancery, examiner in chancery, and surrogate, (except as herein otherwise provided) are abolished from and al'terthe first day of July, 1847. y iv. a ii* viiaui euui , uic iuiiiwi v* ui? uiwmui oupre me Court, ami the circuit judge*, are hereby declared to be lererally eligible to aay once et the drat election under thia Conatitution. <j 10. Sheriffs, clerka of countie* (including the register and clerk of the city end county of New York,) Justicea of the peace and coronera, in offlce when thia Conatitution ahall take effect, aball hold their re* pec tie* of dee* until the expiration of the terms for which they were respectively elected. tj 11. Judicial officers in offlce when this Constitutiea hall take effect, may continue to receive auch fees and perquisites of office as art now authoriaed by lew, until the flrat day of July, 1847, notwithstanding the previ iona of tho twentieth section of the 0th article of thin Constitution. 4 19. All local courts established in any city or village, including the Superior Court, Common Pleas, Snootier and Surrogate's Cdurts of the city end county of New York, shall remain, until otherwise directed by the Legislature, with their present powers and jurisdiction ; and the judges of such courts, and any clerk* thereof in office on the drat day of January, 1847, shed continue In office until the expiration of their terms of offlce, or until the Legislature shall otherwise direct. t) 13. This Constitution shell be in force from end including the drat day of January, 1847, except as is herein otherwise provided. Done in Convention, et the Capitol, in the city of Albany, the ninth day of October, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, end of the inde pendence of the United States of Americe tho seven r I ty-flr?t | In witMn whereof, we have hereunto lubacribed our name*. JOHN TRACY, tYeaident, And Delegate from the County of Chenango Jamb* K Mvabbuvb,! Fbarl'i* Sanaa, S Secretarial. iltKir W. Hthowo, ) l.v CoNrmTion or tint Preri.t or tub State or New Yoke, aitembled at Albany, on the fint day of Jane, in the year of our Lord, one thoueand eight hundred and forty-lix, purauant to an act of the Leglelature of the *?id State, entitled " An act recommending a Convention of the People of thie State," pateed May IS, 1M?! Ileiolved, That in the Judgment of thie Convention, the leveral amendment* to the Conatitution, agreed to by thi* Convention, cannot be prepared eo ae to be voted upon leparately. Reaolved, That the form of the ballot* te be given tor the adoption or rejection of the aaid amendment* (hall bo a* follow* On *uch ballot* aa are given in favor of the adoption of the ** id amendment*, ahall be written or printed, or partly written and partlv printed, the worde amended conatitution. ye* and on *uch ballot* ae are given agaimt the adoption of laid amendment*, ahall be written or printed, or partly written and partly printed. the word* " amended' onatitution, no;" and the word i "Conatitution," ?h*II be written or printed, or parti w I written and partly printed upon the aaid halloteia auoh manner a* that when inch ballot* are folded it ahall ap pear upon the ont*id* thereof. Revolved, That !<>.?? copie* of theee reeeluUon*. with , the ?aid .m.Ddment*, with th* Addremof theConvaa. tion,and ?l?o the present CoaatMaUan .ubjoinejL be> printad, and that tha Comptroller eauae Sftv copie. thereof . to be forwarded withent delay, aad at tha eapeaaa oftho , State, to each member of thi* Convention and tha* tha r remainder in like manner he tranimitted by him to tho ieverVl county clerk*, who.* duty K ahall bo to diatriImte the umi among the different towns snd wardi\ ot 1 thin Sfn'r, also that said amendmenu na puniianeu in in a I Httte ||r weakly, until tha neat election Resolved, That tha Secretary of State forward immediate! y to the several county clerk* and aherifl* of tkla State, a copy of tha foregoing ft rat and second resolu tions And tha said clerks and aheriCb ahall cause tha ' said resolutions to tie published once in each week iq each newspaper published in their respective counties, until the neat election, and alas a notiee that the said amendments will be voted upon at tha neat general eleetion, in the several election districts of the State Resolved, That it shall be the dtsty of the Secretary of State to cause the < onslitution as proposed to be amended, together with the forms of the beliefs, to be published at least twice prior to the election, in each of the public newspapers published in this Stale provided the same ahall be published for such reasonable compensation aa shall be Axed by the Secretary of Mala and . I omptroller ; but no neglect to publish the same tea any of the pepera of thia teste shall impair the validity of | the notice. . Hrsolved, That the Secretary of State examine and J compare the printed copies of the Constitution, ordered