Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1846 Page 3
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ft porting fntolSftiiw. Cdt'air, L. I.?Taffftllto Vcitc*?*r ?fo#tta| bill* and advertisements. for the last few day*, hare announced a trotting match I* come off over the above course, between Mr. Spicer's b. m. Lady i.lien, W Whe> lai's b. h. Green, and H. Jones' g. h. Achilles, for a stake of $300. best three in five, to wagons ; which created considerable interest among the patrons of the turf, bat those who went to the track exclusively te see this match, were disappointed. Achilles did not show himself on the track ; and Green?alter having had his best points exhibited to the seectators, creating a disposition to lay out the " rocks." which were offered first at 100 to 74, then 100 te >*0, again 100 to 60, and to ward* the time oi starting, in smallsr sums of two to one?was with, drawn, his owner paying forfeit The horse wes a very fine looking animal, bat it was considered prudent to withhold his performances from public gaze ; and if he has any fast points about him, hit owner is determined to keep tne proof to him eel! The general opinion, however, was, that ha was intended more lor ornament than for service. Hicom> Pease?The above fnct being communicated to the people on the track preliminaries were arranged for ihe recond piece on the list This was a puree of *60. mile heats, best three to five, under the saddle, end the following isa list of the entries r? David By rent entered. b. m Coquette. J W helpley, ' e. g. John Moffatt J Rogers, " -g m Flora. W Reed, " h m. Betsey Baker. IV Harrington, " b. m. Cottage Maid. All the above animals came on the track, and the nf ABoh U'SI lUhitfitld tO th? UWfll fAPmaliliste *?f 1 Being to scale, fcc ; bat the grey mare, Flora, baring baan ridden round the roursc with the intention of developing her action, and getting her finest point of speed, was suddenly taken away her owner deciding not to let her So. The four ou era, however, started, and made a very nely contested trot. Kimst Hsat ?Coquette had the inside of the track, and was itldenby L? Bryant; next, John Modett, by Mr. Wliclpley ; then Betsey Baker, by Colonel Bertine, and on the outside was the place assigned the Cottage Muid. After one or two attempts, a start was made, the Coauette a little in advance, Motfatt second, Cottage ' Maid third, with Betsey Baker a con- 1 sociable distance in the rear. At the Arst quarter 1 pole. Cottage Maid went ahead of MoAatt, leaving the Coquette some distance behind the others at , the half Between the half and three quarters there was . some good work on the part of the ridera, and it was dia- 1 covered that Betsey bad lessened the space between her > and t. oquette At the three quarter pole the Cottage ' Maid bioke up, which gave the chances of winning the heat either to Bryant or Colonel Beiiine ; Cottage Maid, notwithstanding her break at the lo-ver end of the traok, recoveied so well that sho was only beaten a length or so by Coquette and Betsey Baker; Moffatt, however, was not so successful, being four or Ave lengths from the score when the others went by it. The time for this heat was 2:46 SkconD Ha at. ? The horses came up again for this heat; but not being considered in a (gir position, they had to try again. The next time, however, they got a startBryant's mars having a little the beat of it. and leading to the quarter ahead of Betsey?the Cottage Maid in very , veiy close attendance on their footsteps?Moffatt four or . un? ii n man onn mgni rear ween, nv tno name or Jobn t.ill rathrr, on the Five Points, and threatening to take his life if he made any noise ; at the same time they rifled his |>ock*u, bat only obtained $1 35, and then ms.'e their cs -ape On the prisoners being brought in the inesence of the complainant, he identified them both as the two villains who committed the outrage upon bim. Justice Osborne locked them both up ior examination. Attempt to commit a Usee ? Officer Haughey, of the 18th ward, arretted a scoundrel called Jehn Johnson, on a charge of attempting to commit e rape on a small fill between 7 end 8 j ears of aga, by the name of Christianna Trump, residing with her parents in the 4th t venue, between 38tb and 30th streets. Committed for examination by Justice Meiritt. Robbed while Ji sleep ?A pedlar by the name of Cornelius Hesley was robbed lest night (Sunday,) of over $130. in cold and bank hills, while he laid asleep at the house of Daniel Korrigen, at Fordhsm, Westchester co , supposed to ho stolen by an Irishman by the name of William Welsh, who entered the bed room of Heaiey, and stole the above snm out of his pantaloons which was placed under his pillow. The thief is supposed to have come to this city. Amongst the money taken, there was a bad $8 bill on the bask of Apelschicola, and a $3 counterfeit on the Monroe bank, Michigan. Those bills might possibly lood to tho detection ol the thief.? nvc jengws Denmo, ana appearing out or order. Be- j tween this point and the three-quarter polo. Col. Bertine'a j mate kept a fine gait, bad closed up the apace between Bryant and himself, and waa now going aide and tide with him, round the turn to the straight tide, where Co- I quette, being over-urged, broke up, giving the Colonel : a fin - opportunity for the heat, which he held on to, and came to the atand about two lengths ahead of Bryant's i mare and the Cottage Maid?Moflatt considerably farther in the rear. As soon as Mr. Bryant had dismount a 1, he j appeared in the Judges' stand, with a complaint against Col. Bertine for crossing him aa he wai coming to the : score; but his complaiat received very little attention ! fiom the judges, and the result of the heat was announced. Time 3:41 Tmisd Heat.?Some ineffectual attempts to start were again made before the word waa given, the Judges being determined not to give an advantage to either of tbem Still Bryant got the lead, slightly, wbico, however, did not increase; lor Moflatt soon took a place at hia elbow, and went to near the quarter with nim, where John broke, giving Betsey Baker a chance to seek the comf any of Coquette, and she made every effort to overtake her Cottage Maid broke up between the quarter and half, and was thrown back somo distance. John , Moflatt had not recovered his feet since his last freak, aud appealed to be losing ground at every step. At the threequarters, Betsey Baker broke up, ana her rider could not for the life ot bim get her to work again, and ahe and John Moffat were ooth distanced?the Coquette winning the beat, cy two lengths, in 3:46 koi-a-TH Hkat.?This time the Coquette and Cottage Mflid had it all trt thnmanlroB wnnt Aft* wall end continual) wide and aid* until they passed the t reequarter polo, when the Cottage Maid broke up, and Bryant ?a mare won the heat, in 2:42. Thia wait very close heat, until the break occurred. Facing Match ?Between the first and second heats of the trot, one heat of a pacing match, for $100, in harness, came off ; at the end of wnich, it was discovered that both the drivers had violated the rules, in not carrying weight. The judge* decided that both of the animals should be distanced, annulling all betting on the match. The time of the heat was 2:46. Baltimobk Races?Canton Cousin?The races which commence to-day over this course, are anticipated to be of more than ordinary interest and sport. The following fine horses have arrived and will be entered for the various purses: Mr. Samuel Laird's famous "Fashion," Colonel Johnson's "Revenue," and "Protection," Mr. Greeu's "Passenger," Mr Win Field's "Wilton Brown," and a number of others of promise and repute, belonging to the above named gentlemen, besides the fine stable of Mr O P Hare, proprietor of the Course. The horses named above are all winners, and one, "Faasenger," never was beaten. The iaces in Louisville last week resulted as follows: Tobsoat, Oct. 6.?Proprietor's purse $260, two-mile lint?, Kentucky weights. Ja?. F. Bradley's ch f Miss Riddle, by imp. Riddleworth. out of Lady Jackson?3 years old... 1 1 W P. Oreer's ch g Red Bird, by Orey Ragle, out of Leopardess - 3 yesrs old 4 3 John Armstrong's ch h Glider, by imp. Valparaiso, out of Kitty Turner?6 years old 6 3 F. G. Murphy fc Co's ch. c Bill Barbour, by Orey F.agle, out of Gabriella?4 years old 3 4 F. O Brengman's b. f. Ilose Ragle, by Orey Ragle, out of the dam ol Tiberius?4 years old 3 6 Time?8 61?3 47. Police intelligence. Oct. 12.?Highway Rokbrry?Officeri Watson and Mnnson, of the 6th ward, arrested last night two desperate chaiscteis called Jack Dublin and Barney Shenden charged with a highway robbery, in knocking bo policemen ana ci'izena, loos oai lor tne rascal. Taken from a Tklef?A leathern trunk waa taken frnn n thief law night by Captain *erry, of the 8th ward, centaining lemale wearing apparel; also a baaket containing catablea, and some bottlea, for which an owner ia wanted. Apply to the above captain, at the atation house jittempl to Kilt- Officer* Jacquea and Sbadbolt, of the 10th ward, arrrated yesterday two Dutchmen, called Frederick Helium and Lawrence Swift, on a charge of stealing, alto for atabbing Jacob Bieley in the lett leg with a knife, inflicting a aevere wound. Locked upby Justice Ketchnm Char?e of Larceny ?Officer Stilea, of the Ilth ward, arrested yesterday a chap called William Smith, on a charge of stealing from Mr. Phillip Herring and John ! MeChba. Locked up by Justice Ketchum. Vi?U?t Auanit ?A complaint waa mode rasterJay i before Justice Or borne, against Mr Joaeph McMurray, , shipping agent, No 100 Pine street, by an Irishman by the name ol John McCabe, charging him with a violent I assault, under the following circumatsuicea It appears I from the story told by McCabe, that he purchased a tick- i et of Mr McMurray, for >8, for a passage on board the Virginian, for Liverpool, and yesterday morning he accidently lost the ticket, when he informed MiTmcMurray of tho leas, and the vessel being about to sail, Mr. McMurray gave him a written order to go on heard tha hip Upon going on board the ship, he waa there told that the patter waa of no use, and ordered off the veitel; he then returned to the office of Mr. McMurray, who leceived the paper, tore it up, and kicked the Irisum?n out of the office; and for redress tha abova complaint was made. Justice Osborne issued a warrant for Mr. Murray, and placed it in the hands of officer Stewart, of the Lower Police, for service. Revolt of Sailori ?Assistant Captain Dwyer and officer Carpenter, of the 1st ward, arrested yesterday evening three sat on, tnr the namea of Michael Lecey, John Birmingham, and William Carrick, from on board the brig Kvpid of St. John's. Newfoundland, charged with a revolt on board the above vesael, in refusing u> do dutv, and other way s acting in a very mutinous manner, while the vessel lay in the stream off Pine afreet, she having just arrived from the above port Justice Osborne locked them all up for further examination. A fire broke out in New Orleans on the 2d inatant. In n kitchen in the rear of a block of frame milium*", >uino *ix or men in namn?r, on tlio north (id* of Triton Walla, Mar the comer of Baronne atreet I In a few minute* the main bmldiuga and a house in the 1 rear (need aa a lime abed bjr Mr. Jamiaon, the builder) ! were in (lamea, and in leu than half an hour aftar ita commencement, the whole h lock waa in one maaa of | smoking ruin*. The house* burnt were owned by different indivlduels?Dr. Barton. Captain Welsh, and by a free portion ot color in Carrollton, named Cbanreril? an i were all. we underhand, imurad The occupant! ol the houses w re I). Hiescham, J. W Mitchail, Mr. Leonard. late commissary cf the Hecond ward. Mr Boyle, J C.kC. K. Wnguer, Mr. Moir, Mra. Heed, and Mr Biown. Nerie of them, we believe, with the exception of Mr Wrgner, were inatired Vat let lee. Mr. Frederick P. Walter, a metrhent of New Orleena,' e native ol Hartford. Corn . and ot the Arm of Welter It Colt Wbi killed in the former city on Ilia 31 inet. by tha falling ol a cornice of e building. Mr. W. waa formerly e partner in the houee of L. Rhvdea It Co . Ht. Louie, end waa universally known end eeteemed throughout the Waat. At ?j**. ^otohaf to, ISdfl V.t Dtmztrstic Ptfly-Qrtemft>J Cemetery, 4t- 4<" i he ririTT~:" a*o WW ->h? Conventionha*adjourn ed-and the constitution ?the result of the protracted It bors of this body?is on record, u t monument of the wisdom of ths Convention of 1946 If this constitution is approved by the people a vast and momentous business will be thrust upon the next Legislature The perfection of many of the most prepositions in this inetru. ment is confided t> th? I ?:?'-tur -; th- vision will, therefore, be an importint one exposition to the new constitution is already showing itself in ririous quarters; its fate may bo deubtful. Many of the delegates remain in town till Monday; but the greater portion cleared from this port this morn; ing. Hoffman is here; so is Bishop Perkins; so is the Hon. J. Tracy, lee . Sic. Whan it it believed that the supremacy of the democratic party is in extreme danger, it has been a utaga long observed, to call a secret convention of the moat tried and faithful leaders of that party to consult upontho imminence of the peril, and suggest some imperative rule at a guide for the operations of the "buncombe' boat of the democracy. K.very town and ward in thii good commonwealth are thronged with the emissaries of the "party," and all the numberless preliminaries are put in motion. 8uch a meeting has bean called here, we suppose .now. We ece some very prominent men of the democratic party about town, and the cause ot such a succession ol distinguish) d arrivals at this nerticular sao ment cannot be attributed to any other reaaone than thoae cited above. It it a fact, then, that the democratic party it in peril?that a confidential lite of the dictatora it in session. It it farther a fact that tho procoedingi of thete grave and mysterious gentlemen will transpire in a few days, when we thall give them to your readers. Howes and Company't Circus left town last evening. They played here ta numerous and highly dalighted audiences Madam Marie Macarte's style of riding elicited universal applause, it is said. Dr. Sprague's church is being rebuilt and entirely remodled. The amiable doctor is celebrated as being the possessor of a very extensive collection of autographs of the most eminent lawyers, poets, politicians, philosophers and divines of the last two or three centuries. Boston, Rochester, New Haven and New York are celebrated for their beautiful cemeteries. It is hardly known abroad that there is a plot of ground near Albany, consecrated to sepulture, which is one of the loveliest in the world, it is called " Greenwood Cemetery," the name having been adopted after the ancient " Greenwood Cemetery." It it a succession of hills and mossy valleys; there are clear silvery brooks overshadowed by the Catalpe, the willow, the locust and the elm; there is a continuous succession of avenuas or roads about these grounds ; there are flowers acd birds here; there are mounds covered with moss, soflfas velvet, and variegated with an hundred hues No illustrious dead repose here, because the lot or the wood has been bat recently purchased; but it is on# of the sweetest spots on earth for human burial. I have walked over it often, and often tried to distinguish a dew drop from a tear on one of " Greenwood's" monuments. The Hon. Horatio 8eymour is in town; indeed there have been very many arrivals of prominent men within a few days. The noble steamer "Isaac Newton" was visited by a IflNM nnsnKar> /\f tkn alif- --- ? * ? 11 ** - ?o~ Hwwwi v* ui? UUI.OUB ycsieruay; ui were "ioua and deep" in their praises of this wonderful apccimen of navel architecture. Contt off Oyer an<l Terminer. Before Judge Edmonds, Aldermen Jackson and Johnson. Oct. 14.?This day being appointed for passing sentence on Charles Thomas, (coloreJ,) convicted last week for the murder of Henry Ford, long beiore the court was orgainzed, the court room and all the avenues leading to it were filled with spectators to hear the sentence prononnced. At hsdf-past 10 o'clock, precisely, Judge Edmonds, with the two aldermen, and His Honor the Mayor,entered the court-room and took their seats on the bench. The District Attorney then moved for judgment on the convict. Thomas, the convict, who had been in court since 9 o'clock, was ordered to rise. H? was then asked what he had to say why sentence of death should not be passed upon him? He replied,in a firm tone, that he had nothing to say, but that he had not had a fair trial?that no questions were asked as to the origin of the dispute between him and the doceased?that he was fully prepared to die, and he was glad that Ood made him to die. Judge Edmonds then proceeded in a feeling and impressive manner to address him. He had been indicted for one of the most heinous crimes known to our laws; that ho had a fair and impartial trial, was ably defended by his counsel, and that he was convicted on the clearest and most conclusive testimony. He therefore impressed upon him the necessity of making the beat use he could of the sh >rt time that was to be left him to make his peace with his Maker?he also warned him against indulging in any hope of mercy; there was no circumstance in his case that would warrant such a hope. He then proceeded to pass sentence on him, which was, that he should be taken back to the place from whence he came, and that on Friday, the 30th day of November next, he should be then and there hanged until he was dead. The warrant, directed to the Sheriff, for his execution, was then read and handed to Mr Owen Brennan, the deputy sheriff, and the convict remanded. We understand he said on his way to prison, that they might have made the time much shorter. The Court was then adjourned. movements of Travellers. Vdfterdav'fl arriwala worn far alt/ir# nf eaovr !???? bsen registered during the preient autumn, at the following hotels:? Am*?icib?j. Wright, N Y; A. Klournay, Cobourg; E. Flash, Sing Sing; J. Burnett, Conn; J. Hopkinaon, Phila; Lt. De Camp. U. 8. N: Lt Jennings, U. S. A; L. I Saundera, Hartford; M. Croghan, D. Loyd, Charleston; C. Nourse, Washington. AiToa?N. Morton, Taunton; W. Tilton, Boston; K. Dugdale, Burlington; J. Bursley, N J; J. Wilcox, J. Stoddard, Savannah; T. Weed, Albany ; S. Mc.Croary, Baltimore; G.Peabody, Phila, K. Fitzgerald, Geo; D. Lo rz, Charleston; M. Fowler, Bolton; J. Kidd, Albany; PaultCanandaigua. F. Merrett, J. Robinson, Pittsburgh; H Hollingshead, C. Wilson, Phila. Citt?J K. Tyler, W. Horstman, Phila; S.Breton. Albany; F. Haggerty, U. 8 N; W. Lyman, J. Humphrey, I Albany; Mr. Blanchard, New Brighton; J. Orne, Phila; W. Butler, Patteison; G. King, Calais; J. McCrec, Phila; Major Walker, Washington; W. Ball, Florida. Fasitanin?A. Godwin, Mobile; L>. Pratt, Princeton; W.May, Savannah; W. Wilson, Cleveland; J. Kelly, M. Randall, Lewiiton; F. llart, Mich; J. Hogg, Pa; 8. Ohershene, Phila; A. Lunt, Boston; T. Truston, Phila; J. Wilson, Boston; Mr. Blanton, Plymouth. Jrnson?Mr. Milnor, Trenton; Mr. Milner, L. I; J. W. Browne, Georgia; J. Holbrook, Boston; J. Trowbeth, Norwich; W. Edwards, New London; Mr. ChafHn, Hart ford; J. Coe, 8 Dutton, Phila; A. H. Bull, Hartford. Howaan?8 Traver, Rochester; J. Knowlton, Boston; I. Smith, Baltimore; A. Bagg, Detroit; C. Hyde, Va; J. Farrell, Hudson; Mr. Martin, Canada West; 8. Pater, Belfast; R. Higham, Canandaigua; Dr. Morgan, Ala; F. Rea, Albany; W. Farmer, Montgomery co; A. Cadv, Sullivan co; O. Payen, Albany; K. Learned, Troy; J. Ail worth. Vt ; E. Robinson, Albany; F Clarke, Nassau Hall; T. Buswell. Va; C. Swilt, Kentucky, R. Farnham, Washington; T. Budd, 8. C. Board of Hnpei-wlaors. llis Honor the Mayor presiding. Oct. 12?The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. rruinmt?leuuons oi various peraon* for remission of taxes were presented and referred to their appropriate : committee*. Reports- Of Committee on Taxe* , in favor of roiling $9,530,769 50 for expenses of the police, and for payment I ofCroton debt, (or common ichools, and other j purpose*. Accepted. Resolution?To appoint a Committee to esse** and aet apart the amount of salary to be paid to the ward a*?e?*or* for the preeent year. Adopted?Meier*. Benson, Stoneall and Livingston appointed. Varioa* small bin* were then audited, anJ ordered to be paid, after which the Board adjourned. CI re alt Court. Before Judge Edmonds. Oct. 13? Striker vi. Relit/.?Thii wu an action for rent of premiaea in the upper part of the city, and wa* tried once or twice before and reported. A verdict we* found for plaintiff, which wa? affirmed by the Supreme Court, and the judgman af the latter *et aside by the Court of Error*, and the came lent back to the Circuit Court to be again tried. The premiae* in queation were purchased at an a**e?ament aale, and the legality of the assessment waa questioned, and upon that ground tha defendant re fuied to pay hia rent. Tha oa*e wa* called on yeitorday morning, the Corporation counsel appearing for the plaintiff, and Metara. Sandford and Nlott for the defendant. Adjourned to thia morning. Haperlor Court. Before Judge Oakley. Oct 13 ?Jinn Mary Rehme re Fritz Hubert.?Thi* waa an action for breach of promise of marriege. The parties are German*. It wa* proved that defendant promis ed, in March last, to marry plaintiff, and that the ban* were published, hut the defendant afterward* retractad. I'nr tl,. .I.r.... !> <- " . v. >..? it wno jiruviiii uioi me piaimin agreed with defendant to let him off for $10, and that ihe gave him certain time to pay it, en I further, that before the time wea out, ihe commenced the *ult. Verdict for plaintiff, $40. For plaintiff, Mr. Wordaworth?for defendant, H. T. White. Common Plena. Before Judge lngraham. Ckmrlei F Briggt e?. Wil/iam Jom?, Sheriff of City AT. V.?Thla wan an action of replevin, to recover back property aeized by the ahariff under an execution, which the plaintiff claimaunder a mortgage?adjourned to thia morning. Before Judge Daly. Latkrap IF. Cinin vi. Jam'i Hubbard?Thia wae an action to recover $106,34, the amount of a bill of goodi. The defence waa merely technical. Verdict for plaintiff, for the full amount Gilbert Harper at. JHexmier L. Lackhnrt, el alt.?Tliii waa an action of treapaaa; the plaintiff alleged that defendant iaiuod a landlord'a warrant, and made an over levy, and aold the property for much more than the amount oi hia claim, and never refuied the balance. The defence waa, that the property waa aeized, aa well under a mortage, aa for rent, and aleo that it waa over valued Adlourned tothia moraine. For nUlntiar t d?.i. ? Mr. McDonald; for defendant, Mr. Muloch ' The Red River Rtnuilican of the 2d liuitaiit, aaya " John H. Harper, whoae arreat (for the murder of W Meredith, in Independence, Mo.,) we mentioned laat week, waa brought through thi? place, and left on Wednesday laat for Independence, lie ia a South Carolinian birth, a lawyer by profeaaion, and an educated, poliahed gentleman, age.I about 35 yeara. He confeaaed that he killed Meredith for improperly addreaaing hia wife. He appeara but little daunted, and eaeerta hia readineaa to commit the like offence, for a similar cauae He entirely exculpetea hia wife from blame, and declaree that ahe acted in the moat proper ana correct manner ; that Meredith waa a lop, and thrice inaulted her He waa endeavoring to make hia way to Chihua hue, and fell aick at the rtore of Mr. Thoa Arid, in the Seminole nation ; hia guide, a Frenchman, .who he em ployed at the Choteau trading bouae, on the Miaaouri line, there lefthim, after having a quarrel with hira, and upon reaching the North Fork ef the Canadian, betrayed hiaa, whi?ih oeuaod hia arreat 1 T? tfco*r who ijJf ?MMKir, rofthHwd | With flrptnrr, eonr'niMHand Itilitr, the nbsrtifcfN oltrf ; their portable Htirttn^flM Drama* Curt as the most comI'lete of the kind cr^MMered to the public. Thev porter* ! all the mertti of ihr Aborted article, with the** superior advutae**-, beiac <*h*?ir, more compact, and th* article* con- , lamed in them wMMd to perform their dutietiand last ihoujh not leatt.MMl being furaiahed with the rubsetibers , celebrated MetrlhfTXblec vi.-iiUNDfcRS k SON, 177 Broadway. A few doora aboee ( ourtlanJt street. MelalUc Mhlet Raaor atrop^-The eubecrli ben would rait the attention of s trans era and the public to their astortmei?r?wtibeabosre, beyond eontl the beat article ' manufactured v O SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard Hotel. Na|%atto?i of the Ohio River. | Placet. Tim*. State e/ River. Cincinnati.*. Oct. 6 3feet8)?in I Wheeling Oct. 6 3 feet 5 ina. I PittaburglT Oct. 9 1 ft TV; ina. i ( 1 MONJCY JHARJCXT. j Monday, Oat. IBM! P. 01. The stock market continue* very heavy, and pricaa very familah and unMttled. Harlem fell of V* ; Norwich and Warcaater, X; Reading, X ; Mom* Canal improved X, hampered with price* current on Saturday morning. At the Seoand Beard pricaa fall a fraction- Harlem declined X, and Farmer*' Loan, W# anna a a comparative atatamant, exhibiting the quantity of certain article! exported from this port for the fin.t nine month* of each of the part three yeara - - . . Sept-30, 1841. Same time'45. Sam*timr '46. AppUi.bbl*,. 4,887 3,450 I, Ashrna, Pol, bfcb...... 31,387 40,753 47,169 _ - 7,701 4,140 Be*-, pickled, bbla... 40,107 35,444 50,156 ilried, ewt 609 872 3,361 g,"w"i fwf 4,095 3,057 0,013 Butter, firkins 33,457 13,355 33,431 audlrs, Sperm, boxes 7,647 11,395 11,153 Tsllo#, bote. 19,703 39,652 20,071 I * nease, casks 6,553 4,138 4,146 bP"* 34,346 52,333 51,136 Cither Seed, tea 1,515 5,499 6,096 I offer, cukind bbl?. 413 102 1 , , b?g?;, 47,166 34,472 6,371 < or.lage, coils 2,366 2,621 1,823 Com, bushels 191.161 96,733 511,136 Com Meal, hhdb 3,971 5,177 3,557 bill'. 27,462 19,831 67,355 Cotton, bales 276,207 215,716 114,850 Domestic Cot'n Goods, balea and cim 16,406 17,171 26,955 1 klsh, Dry Cod, ewt... 29,735 26,714 21,224 Maoibrel, bbls 1.633 2,574 5,737 Herring, bbls.. 5.053 3,639 3,'107 ; Max Seed tea. 8.131 5,289 5,516 , r lonr, Wheat, bbls... 291,604 235.997 601,106 Kve, UDls 5,509 4,021 9.733 [ Gunpowder, kegs... . 8,917 11,203 12,395 Hams and Bieoa, ewt. 7,051 3.535 5,B0! Hides, number 29,367 35,873 29,052 Hops, bales.., 216 2,618 1,379 Indigo, esses., 37 17 34 ceroous 33 15 6 Lard, kegs 196,115 52,018 131,736 -Lead, pigs ? 25,141 12,502 ! Lumber, shks, hhd, and Pipe, number 25,065 26,945 35,283 boards Ot Plank, M ft 4.137 6.728 3,198 Btlvsa li fiAoilsnar M ? <?A ?, '171 411.1 . hoops, M 1,513 1,116 1,630 shingles, M 1,723 1,657 1,466 Ne?U, casks../.. 5,714 5,718 6.099 Niv Stores, rosin, bbls 01,806 65,197 77.293 I ipiriu turpent, bbls 1,699 2,674 8,246 ! tar, bbll 60,032 26.743 < 25,105 . turpentine, bbls...149,841 172,739 99,506 ? Oils, olive, bktt It CSS 1,600 689 500 linseed, casks.,... 134 107 " 72 whale, galloan,. .1,133,831 . 2.63G.244 691,807 ?Perm, gallon! 208,0V, 695,448 396.608 Pork, bbll ... 66,076 51,560 56 768 Rice, tci 19,477 14,459 16,024 Saltpetre, bag*...... ? 2,412 314 Soap, boxes 66,349 25,029 23,667 Sngan, white HiT.'bai 418 ? 153 i brown Hav, botes.. 8,065 1,967 648 Muscovado, hhdi... 819 7,777 651 refinod, cwt 14,406 36,066 6,838 Tallow, casks 6,661 5,274 6,222 Tei<, Soei It oth bk.lbi 113,965 200,243 56,611 Hyson Skin, Ibi... 44419 11,341 2,032 H & Y Hyion, Ibi. .166,416 427,378 191,933 - (lun Ik Imp, lb. 94,044 95,487 76,408 Tobacco, leif, lihdl... 3,723 2,669 3,436 b.le., 6tc 5.276 5,922 10,319 mauuTM, kegs 10,771 15,793 14,605 Whalebones, cwt 10,577 1 0,443 11.313 Wheat, boahel* 47,538 19,104 675,097 Whiskey. bbls 723 834 1,550 Wool, balev - V 654 931 There haa been an increaie In the ohipmenta of beef, batter, corn, com meal, wheat and rye flour, lard, lumber,, wheat and wool, and a falling off in moat of the other iteeni included in the Het The increaied shipments of flour, corn andl wheat thia year have been very great. The value of the export! for September waa about six hundred thouiand dollar* fop than the value of , merchandise exported duriiig the corresponding month in 1845. The value of merchandise e xported iroaa this port, in each of the first nine months of the past three years, has been as annexed : ? Valuf. of Mr.acMAsnisE Kxronr^n feom tiik District > or Nkw York. 1844. 1845. 1646. January $1,637,843 1,467.955 2.166,644 rcuuiu MMtMf i,MUH Much 3 921.481 :>.J8},6?,|W April 3,022,781 2.159,061 -\300,1?4 M ?y 2,772,017 2,971,270 J.UI.M9 Juue 3,372,172 2,181,788 1,062,20 ! July 1,970 213 2.103,603 3,038,832 August 1,797,293 2 350,362 2 621,018 September 3,012,116 2,838,314 2,626.670 Total $22,861,397 21,681,496 23,628,709 Tho value of more 1>andi?o exported from thia |>ort, for the tint nine months of thla year, excee<l that for either of the previooe two years,being nearly two million* more than last year, and about eight hundred thousand dollars more than the year previous. The probability is that the total value of the exports from this port, for the year | 11446, will exceed by sevenl millions of dollars that of I any previous year, as there is likely to be a very eatenj sire foreign demand for our agricultural products, and large shipments this fall, both on home and foroign account The decrease in the valae of experts for September, this year, compared with th at for the aame month in 1646, was confined principally to specie. We annex a comparative statement, for the puk-poee of showing in what i?ema the falling off is :? Comefbcc or Tnr. Post op Nrw York. Extorts for krtti :mser. Sept. 1816. Stpt. 1846, Domestic mdse... $2,133,461 2,238,401 decrease 195,060 Kore an free do... 137,608 82,309 " 66 299 Kor'u, dutiable do 267,286 306,868 increase 38,676 Specie 427,990 i 2.266 decrease 426,736 ; Total ($3,266,334 2,621,826 " 637,609 Tho only item exhibiting an increase, is dutiable foreign goods; but as the Secretary of the Treasury has put a veto upon an exportation of those goods for re-importation, we suppose that the shipments are made for the purpose of finding markets abroad, instead ol holding them subject to the depreciation in this market m< exports ior we w*e? enaing me win instant, distinguishing the (leatinatflon, were u annexed :? XXPOBTS FROM RCW YOXK. To Orrat Britain ?Reel, 196 tiercee, 49H bbl?.( 100 half bbla ; lmtter, 10i.; ham*, 333,683 Iba.; tallow, in.'.'!>9 lbs.; rice, 14-',311 lba.; cotton, 839 bale* ; leather, i 16,342Ibe.; flonr, 83,890 bbla.; lard, 808,638 lba.; cheeee, I 338,917 lba.; apples, 142 bbla.; staves, 38,700 M.; tobacco, manufactured, 3,146 lba.; corn, 10,319 bushels; wheat, 83,315 do.; hemp, 607 ha lea; Rax, 36 do.; corn meal, 106 i bbla.; roain, 300do : tirrpentiae, 4,086 do.; wool, 96 balea; whalebone, 18,146 lba.; aperm oil, 18,643 gallons; clover aeed, 7,991 lba.; oil ca):e, 94,000 lba.; pork, 704 bbla, 300 half bbla. To Front* ?Tallow. 366,101 lba.; quercitren bark, 46 hhds.; hopt, 714 bales; ootton, 1,116 balei; rica, 376,481 lba.; wool, 4 balea; whalebone, 10,106 lba.; hidea, 17,670 lbs;a?bes, pots, 119 bbla; beeawax, 7,109 lba.; Rour, 6,141 ' bbla.; laid, 16,133 Ita.; pork, 40 bbla.: aahea, paarli , 43 I bbla.; wheat, 3,147 bnahela ; roain, 1,661 bbla.; staves, I 10,000 M . beef, 30 bbla. To Danith 8'?il Indin.?Corn meal, 70 pans.; pork, 136 bbla.; flour, 00 bbla. Live stock.?60 mules and 10 horses. To Brihth North -4mrrican Colonieo.?Flour. 1,666 bbla; rice, 1,363 lba.; pork, 444 bbla.; butter, 3.098 Iba. i To St. Domingo. Flour, 306bbla.; dry flab, 38,000 lbs.; I pork, '20 bbla ; lard, 6,904 lba.: cbaeae, 844 lba. To Britiih tVrst tad in.?Flour, 406 bbla., 39 half do.; corn meal, 413 bbla ; corn. 1.838 buahela: noi-W. 48 hhl?. butter, 1,307 Ibe.; cheeie, a,468 lbi; lerd, 3,170 Ibi ; hey, 70 balei. Live itock ?84 oxen, 60 theep, 07 mule*, 4 1 horie*. Old Stock Kxehenet. {1.000 N Y Bute 7'(, >40 1M M slias He-lem Hit 533,' 1 25.500 Ohiot'a, 1850 MV 100 do S1J 52V 25 >h* Farmer*' Treat 21S <00 do 52 100 Morria Caualt 50 do MO 52 \ 40 Ohio Life fcVTraat 94 150 Heading HR IS4K 200 Lteg Ialaad KB, >60 29V 120 do 64*. 150 .In Harlem RR. b30 52V 20 alta Harlem .30 52 ' | 100 do .30 52 50 do *30 52 I i 50 do .10 52 50 do alO 52 , 50 do 110 52 50 do alO 51 | 50 do .10 52 50 do M? 5174 I. 200 do 52 56 Farmera-Loan, Wed 24? 50 do >30 52 50 Nor Ic Wor R& 50V New Stock Bxehenf*. 50 alia Morria Canal e 7*. 50 ah* Harlem RR. htt? 52V i a do bio 50 do e 52,V 5o Nor k Wor RR c 50V 100 do 1.2 51V ; 54 do >4 5*H 20 d? *10 52V 50 do b4 58 V 50 do b20 52 >, ' 50 do c 58 S 50 do Wed 52 V 1 25 do h3 51k 50 do a3 32k ' 50 do alO 51V 150 do il'i j 50 Beadiug KR a45 64*S 50 do btw 52*. | * ????? * <?? | errted. On the evening of the Uth inatant, b^r the very Hov Father Coin, JaHii Baaor, of Clone*, to- Mia* Winifrbd Mi**avoH, of 0446th. On ThQraday, the flE ln?t, at Boodv <4l?, N. T., by the Rev. K. H Hunter, D.D , Ben Sricaanv, of the Planter'# flouae, St. Louia, to MU> Lucr Chobcmili. Hunt*#, '( tighter of the officiating clergyman. nitd, On Monday, I'ith init, Ckablc# Auuumt s of Albert and Henrietta W. Havemey?r, aged 1 year and 23 day*. The frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this, Tuaaday afternoon, at half |>aat 4 o'clock, frem 104 Chariton street Laat evening, of eonaumption, Mr. Oaaoaua the 73d year of hie age. The relative# and frienda oi the family, and alao thoae of hia ton, George Niven, Junr.. are raanactfully reqneatad to attend hi# raoergl, from the reetdefyce of hfa aen-in ?m" jju* jr. i?w, Jimao C. Harriott. N'o fi? Hntei itrstei, on Wodiv Jay afternoon nut, at half pad '* o'clock At Eaatchaater, Westchester county, Oct. tlth, Mra rsss Stmna, wit* of Mom* Soaring, aged tii. Tho roUtivo* and friends are rtquaatod to attend her fdneral, on Tueeday, the ISth inet., at 1 o clock, from hor lata reaidence, Waatchaatar county ifij" Paper* plea*e to copy. In Hnrrisonville, Ohio, on the 23d September, Loin Cavahma, late of Nori, Italy, ia the 90th year of hi* ago, the father of A. Cavanna In Klmira, on tha 24th ult, Mr*. Jane Woodwabd, red 76 years, 6 month* and 14 day* On Saturday, 96th ^llt, Benjamin Wood abd, husband of Mrs. W., aged 87 years, 3 months and 26 days, a soldier of the revolution. Weekly- Ucport or Death*. In rhe city and county of New York, from the 3d day of October to the 10th day of October, 1146. 40 men. 38 worn, u. 64 boy*, 66 girl*. Total IK DISEASES. Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, 3; Atihma, 1; Bronchitis, 3; Csncer, 4; Casualties, 3; Cholera infartum, 6; Colic, 1; Consumption, 28; Convulsions, 16; Croup,6; Congestion, 1; Cyanosis, 1: Debility, 6; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in the head, 6; Dropay in the chest, 2; Dysentery, 11; Epilepsy, J; erysipelas, 2; Ferer.2; Fever bilious, t; Fever remi tent, 3; Fever scarlet, I; Fever typhoid, 4; Fever typhus, 8; Fever gastric, 1; Fever nervous. 1; Fistula. 1: Heart, disease of, 2; Hooping-cough. 8; lutlammilion of bladder, I; lutlammation ot brtin, 2; lutlammation of bowels, 5; Inflammation of lungs, IT; Inflammation of stomach 2; Inflammation of liver. 2; Killed or murdered, 1: Marasmus, It; Old age, 4; 1'alay, 1; 1'oison, 1; Premature birth, 1; Pleurisy, I; Teething, 2; Tetanus, I; Unknown 2. Age?Under 1 year, 64; 1 to 2 years, 26; 2 to 6, 20 ; 6 to 10

1 ; 10 to 20, 4; 20 to 30 , 23 ; 30 to 40, 17; 40 to 60, 16; 60 to 60, 10; (0 to 70, 6; 70 to 80, 8; 80 to 90, 4; unknown, 2. Colored persons .13 1/Uiw<b.lius d. AKtnLH, City Inspector. CitT Inspector's office. Oct. 12. IMC ~wantedT A SITUATION ns Nurse and Seamstress, or as lady's mud. Please call st No 11 Kliaabrih at. n]3 2r*rc wan i'ed, BY a respective American Girl, to take charge of a child, and to do plain sewing, or chambermaid, or waiting. Apply at 159 Fourth avenue, first tloor. ol3 lt*rc WANTED, . BY a respectable young woman, a situation as Cook, and to assist iu washing and irmung in a private family, or at laandrrss 1 he Lc.t of ci'y references can be (iveu as to cfiaraeter ami capability. Please apply to 4(t Bowery, between 9th and 10th it ol3?t*rc wanted. AOENTF.KL young man wishes to bind himself to the hsruest and saddle makma business, for It mon'hs. He has nerved three years to the above business. Please sddress 31 6ili sticet. oi3 2t*r wanted, BY a Youug Woman, a situation as cook, or to do washing and irouiug The best of city relercuces may be had, ou applying at 15 Henry at. olJ lt*r wanted, BY a Young Woman, a situation as chambermaid or waiter, or to do general housework in a small private family Good city reference caa be obtained ou applying at 1(5 Heaters'- o!3 lt*r WANTED, A SITUATION as Cook, by a middle aged woman, that can give good reference. Apply at 031 Broadway, np stairs, 1st lloor, front room, nest to corner Thirteenth street. ol3 lit * r WANTED, BY a respectable young woman, a situation ia a small private family as chamnermaid, or to asaiat in washing and irouing. The best of city references given from her last place. Please call at No. 74 Oak street, 1 door from the comer of Jsmea st. o!3 It** re WANTED. IN a Wholesale Wooden and Willow Ware Home, a per on rami liar with the businrss. To one who is willing to make himaalf generally uaeful, and who i> sufficiently acquainted with the bmineai to assist in the purchasing department, if nereaaary, a fair (alary will be paid. Addreaa F. H P. at thin office, with name, reference!, fcc. o!3 3t?re * wanted, A BOARDER in a private iamily. A eentleman ran be comfortably accommodated, in a central and airy part of the city, with a (ingle bed room, breakfaat. tea, fire, attendance, he. Farther particular* may be obtained by a line addressed It. Herald office, which will be dnlv attended to. oH 3t?rc WANTED, BY a small family coming to the city, [where no other boarder* are keptl part of a genteel nouse, furnished or unfnn<i(hed, in a quiet respectable neighborhood Comfort more an object than rent. None need apply but person* of the utmost respectability. For further particulars address Englishman, at this office. oS lw*r TO PLANE MAKERS. A GOOD journeyman Plane Maker may ret steady work by applying, by letter, to M H, at this office. o!3 lt*r ADVICE Exclusively giveu to the Lovers of Fine Arts? There is at 3D Broadway an exhibition of Oil Paintings, of the ancient Datchaud Flemish schools. To be seen daily from 11 o'clock A M. until ! o'clock P M. Admittance 85 cents. ol3(t*rc NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INVENTORS. THE Annual Address will be delivered in the Mechanics' Hall, 471 Broadway, on Wednesday evening, at right o'clock, on the auhject of new and useful inventions, and the law tor its protection, by Oeo. Gilford, Esq.? The public are invited to attend. o!32tis*r JOB. P. PIR88QN, Bee Sec. GEN - HAL TAVLOK'B Approach to Mantcey.? B. FBUTLh R, Lithographer, 17 Ann street, will publish on Wednesday morning, 14th inst, a print with the above title, from ail original sketch by one of (Jeneral Taylor's staff officers. The scene represents a portion of the troops, cavalry and infantry marching down a mountain, from the heights of which theie is a view of the whole pi tin beneath, where is seen the main body of the army, in solid column. In the distance beyond, he city of Monterey. Price of single copies, one shilling; one hundred copies, eight dollars. ol3 2tis*rc DR. VALE'S LECTURES, THIS EVENiNO, October 13, at Clinton Hnll, corner ol Beckmnn and Nnuan?On the Astronomy end Worship of the Ancients?Exhibition of eaact copiei of Hindoo end Egyptian.* Zodiacs?Large Transparent Globe, painted for the occasion?The Royal Maaonic Arch, and Astronomical Card, II feet by 9?Olonoui Apollo will be snug aa appropriate, by scientific amateur gentlemen. Tielteu to the introductory lecture, Si ceota; to a ancceed?* raani o three, $1, a* gt It in nil. Single leetwee in the , course, Mi eanta. Tickets to be had at the Hall, or of Mr. Vale, J Franklin Square, Pearl atreet, where hia globea are 1 for aale. Iiiatraction on the Ulobe, and in Aatronomy. oil lt*re SECOND WEbK _E or THI FJIIR JIT CjtSTLE O A R D E N THIS Day, Agricnltiinal Convention continued. The Baud from Governor's faland will perform at the Fair from It A M, through the day. Wednesday, October Nth, let day of the Cattle Show. Animal a sho-rld oe ou the 5round by 9 o'clock A M. An adilroaa at TJ$ P VI at the Fair, 'huraday, PM, anniversary addreaa by Hon. J. F. Simmons, of Providence K. I , at the Tabernacle, 'ihe New York Sacred Mnaic Society have generaaaly volunteered te perform aeveral fine pieces Ttcketa to be had free oi charge, at the clerk'a deak, at the Fair, and of the managers. oil lt?r CLARKE'S SACKS, 116 William st, opposite the Washington Stores. GRACEFUL AND CHEAP?By purchasi g all mv goods for caah, and giving no man credit. I am enabled to over the moat tenanting inducementa to the truly economical.? Thua I will make to order a roar, usually charged at %K, for $20, and aa $19 coat for $13, and everv other girment in proportion. I am likewiae provided with a magnificent aaaortmeat of fine Overeoata and Sack.Coata My black cloth Sacka, with ailk eollara end fronra, are $11; aome aa low aa ti- Three coata are fanltleaa in atylr, and unprecedented for chrapneaa. (1 B. CLARK, 116 William ttveet, oil 3tia*rc formerly with Brundage, Broadway. TO TAILORS. A GOOD CHANCE ia offered to a person with a email capital, wiahing to cairy on the Tailoring biuinraa. The present owner ia going in the country, and will dispose of hia atoek (which ie email) and good will of his business, which ne lias earned on lor twelve yeara, on reaaonable terma. Ap. i ply it No. 116 William at., upstairs. oil 3t*re N. W. T. I ROOMS. TWO or Three Gentlemen can be accommodated with plea*ant rooma, in a private family, with breakfaat and tea, if required. Apply at 17 ztoward at. Referencea required. Terma moderate. - _ : oil lw*rh JUST RECEIVED, r|J?ECT from Paris, 5 eaaea, containing ISM niecea, of LA vary rich Marabout and Oat'ieh feathera, of high coat and apperior quality, and for aale tpw at LYON IAACB, S Division at. The particaiar attention of etiy and eonntry mitlinera la called to the above article. ol? Iw*rh THE FAIR. MR BRADY would reapectfnlly request all thoae viaiting the Kair, and wishing to obtain a faithful Daguerreotype (ikeneea, ia the beat atyle of the art, to examine lot apectmeaa there on exhibition. Mr. Brady liaa received the fnat premiuma lor the paat two yeara, and learea it with the pnhlic tojndeeifhe merita it again. <A lwia?r LOUT?At Castle Garden or on the Battery,on the morn ing of the 7th, a warth-keyand aeal, both set wish turqnoiae. The aeal haa "Eliza" engraved on the atone. A liberal reward will be given if returned to the bar of the City U ntal ?_ la.l. Office of the New York Has Light Company, > October It, TtM. ) THE PHE8IDENT and Director*here thii day declared dividend of four and one half par cent on the capital lock of thi* Company, for I ha aix montha ending lat Anguat laat, payable to the stockholder* on and after Monday, the 2d November neir. The transfer book will be cloaed Irom tlie 21th init. nntil that date. By order, oUtNorl'rc C. L. KVPRITT, Bec'y. THE CHESS PLAYER'S MAGAZINE, Edited by C. H. Stanley. A PERIODICAL Organ of communication for American die** playera, for the arbitration of disputed pointa and doubtful questions ariaing in the study ana practice of the game ol cheat, for the iaairuction of young playera, and the amuaeaieutof all. Published ia monthly pans, at 23 cents, or S3 a year. ol3 2t*r R. MAkTIN, 29 John at. \ CARD PnO.M Mr. A. A. ADDAMB to the pnblic.?Haying, during my lite engagement at the Bowery theatre, been under the care of Mr. Young for a surgical operation, he positively forbade my attempting to acftt thar timevbut anxious to fulfil my engagement to the manager and the public, I was induced to do to, and was unable to proceed . Being compelled to taka atimulants to keep up my system, in my then weak state, it overpowered me. The result is knowu to the public. I am now only anxious, if possible, to regain their good opioion. A. A. ADDAMB. i Howard HoT?:L,Oct. 12. , . , . Nkw Youk, Oct. 12. I?t6. ki? nereny certiiici tn*t an operation wu performed by me on A. A. Addam*, l?sr|., uml hy my direction*, he kept hi* room from the 14th Sept. to 28rft. During that peiiod he j was unable to attend to any basinet*. olltf r H. YOUNG. M. D. MADAME MAK.ONCELL1 WOULD inform her pnpjU, and frianda generally, thai ah, coutinuas her inelructiona in lin|iu( and Mane, at har residence, U7 Bievoort Place, Math atraat.) 8ha also, if requirnl, given leaaona at lha residence of tha pupil, all todla'Ja HAIK DYK. BATCHELDER'8 Inatnntaneona Liquid Hair Dye la absolutely the only article yet invented that eaa lie depended on to color the human hair, whtakers. he avithoat staining or injury to the akin, or deatroying tba health and elutieity of the hair. Thi^faet la atteated by hundrada who j nae and uke every pnaaihle pains to recommend it. The color will not be dutarbed by roeataat washing, and will ba lound perfectly uniform and even, without any of thoae ua* natural tinta ao much complained of ia the ordinary hair dye. Sold wholeaale and ratail by WM. BAT'HKLDER, 2 Wall at. Agent in Philadelphia, Egg. Hon sec I oil Im'r LAUD. 3i tnntdatt, H ao.ikn n ii,u.. AtOTlOR none**, E. H. LUDLOW, Anctioottr. DL'Tt H Bulbous Koonat Auction?E. H LUDLOW v CO will veil on Tuesday, Oct 11. it 11 o'clock ai the Mies room. T7 Wall street, large luonmut ol Uotcli Bui boas roots, from the Nnrserjr of K Vender Hclioot It Sons. at Hillifrrm, near Harlem, in Holland?comprising double tnd unite Hyacinths, Narcissus. Tulips, doable sad angle Jonquills, Ins, < roeas Early Due Van Shrills, he. he., ibe whole being in rood order and lately imported. Catalogues are now read* '',f OKh.E i HOUSE A IS I) f.lKl.UH fhAH'h AT AUCTION?A. LEV V will sell mi Wednesday tnorulug. at 11 o'clock, at No. *!>3 Broadway, a rlioice rollertion ot oruam-ntal plau'i eousistiuK of nume-oas vaueties, amouE?t which are m:m> oral ge and lemon tr*e?, in full fruil; one eery large. Also, flower standi and frames Sale poaitive ol3 2t*r WM. W SHIHLEY. Auctioneer. BOAKDINO HOUSE KUKNITURE?This day. Oct 13. at 1(1 o'clock, at the hutue 10 (th St., near the Bowery,a quautlty of H'<arding llnuie Eurniture, Bedsteads, Bedding. W'sshtunds, Bureaus. Tables, crockery. Kitchen Ware, and rations other articles. Sale positive, tor cash. oil Ifr hY H E. W'lLLARD. THUS. LE8LIE, Auctioneer. Other *23 Eullun st, Brooklyn WILL Sk LL This Day. at 227 Eultou street, Brooklyn, commencing at 10 o clock, hna.rliold furniture, (the fsmilv sir in* up housekeeping,) consisting of 12 m hognny parlor chairs, 2 aim chairs, sols, dining,woifc Ik centre tables, wardrobe, bureau. Brussels and ingrain carpers, stair carpel in* and rodi, hearth rigs, pier glasses, foul post ai.d press bedsteads sud cots, feather beds aud bedding, hair inattressea, astral and chandelier lamps, llower vases, window hliuds, cmua ueu nuu glass, parlor, xir tight, cooking mu uranium stoves, kiCtlieii furniture, and a variety of mrful and oma tneutal aaticlci not heroin en urn crated Sale poitM r. w itnout regard 10 the weather. ..I j If re JACOB 8. PL ATT. Auc'r. HARDWARE St CUTLERY?Auction Sale-Jacob 8 Plait will aell thia morning, at 10 o'rlock, at the auction room, 21 I'latt at ret, 300 casks, caaei and lota aaaortrd hard I ware, cutler)', and French fancy goods. be. comprising an extensive assortment of shell aud heavy hardware goods. For particular*, ate under auction head iu morning papera. Sale peremptory and without reaerve. Catalogue* now ready. o!3 lt*FC i JACOB 8. PLATT7 Auc'r! SHOVELS. SPACES, MANURf! FORKS. NAM S, fc, ?Jacob 8. Matt will aril thia morning, at preriaely 11 o'clock, at the auction room No. 23 PI tt atreet, for account of whom it may concern, aa follows:? 100 dozen U and long handle ahox :la, iron and poliahed ateel bladea. Alao, iO dozen iron grain scoops anil 1) handle apadea. A! ao, 40 bags English tid. 8d, lOd and I2d wrought iiaila. Alao, a general assortment of hardware and fancy gooda, the sale of which will c mmeuce at 10 o'clock. old lt*rc Ja(T(TB"a. platt, Auc'r. If NliI, ISH, German, French and American Faucy Gooda. -4 ?Jacob 8. I'latt will ae>l this morning, at Ins sale of hardware and cutlery, alao commencing at 12 o'clock. 200 lota of fancy gooda. carded cutlery, aoapa, gold and silver pencils, steel purses, aim ft' aud tobacco buses, segar e <ses, 1000 packs cards, German silver table spoons, do tea spoons, sand boaes, lead pencils, powder flasks, 1 case assorted Frruch letter paler, two cases liair combs, hair brushes, colognes, fishing rods, chnia alleys, percussion caps, sealing waa, inkstands, scissors, tec. 8nle peremptory, and without reserve. ol3 ll*rc WE ARE requested til call the attention ol the hardware trade to the sale to he made by James M.Miller, this day, TueaJiy, Oct. 13, 1846. at 10o'clock, at Ins auction room. ' No. 2 Liberty atreet, consisting of a general assortment of < Birmingham and Hielfield gooda Alao, two entire sets of pattern cards of spring cutlery. Bale positive. o!3 It* rc GREAT SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDiNG LOTS, IIV THE CITY OF \EIVJ1RK THK SUBSCRIBER, Executor of the but Will tiid Testament of G?u. Thomas Ward, deueaaed, will sell at public I auction on Saturday, the 17th day of October neat, on the promiaea, at 2 o'clock P. \1., Fifty Valuable BUILDING , LOTS on Washington, Plane, Nesbit, and Ulereker streets, ! constituting a part of the homestead of said 'I liomai Ward, deceased, and directly fronting hii late residence. These lots ' are situated in the improred part of the city of Newark, within 300 feet of Washington Common, and present ainnatdrI si-able opportunity either for investment or of obtaining a I handsome location as a private residence. The property in j the vicinity is mostly built upon and is constantly becoming ! more valuable A map of the property can be seen at the of1 lice of Edward Cook, No. 2*9 Broad street. Terms and con ; dilioiis made known on the day of sale. WM. PENNINGTON, oltn|7eicSn?r Executor of Gen. Thomas Ward, dec ~ LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED with Asthma read the following letter:? j Mr. Seth W. Fnwlet? Sir?Having been afflicted for more than thirty years with j the asthma, at times so severely as to incapacitate me from attendance to business, and h iviug adopted many medicines i without any hot temporary relief, I purchased about three | years since, of Mr. Edward Mason, your agent in this city, i several bottles of Wislar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, from the effects ot which I obtained more relief than from all the ! medicines I had ever takeu for that distressing disorder. 1 ' have, by the repeated nse of your valuable Balsnm, been more free of pressure for breath, and oppression of the lungs. I than I had anticipated, and indeed conceive myself as cured ; of this most disheartening malady. I I Ar, m,..f -l....r.,llv v,.? this L ??.. !.. ,1 ? rr, ? n I I which yon will uie as your judgment dictates C. D. MAYNARD. ' Argus office, i'ortland, March 26, 1846. None genuine, unless signed I BUTTS, ou the wrapper. For sale by A. B It D. SANDS, Agents for New York city: also by druggists generally throughout the United 8tates and Canada. o)3 ltDhW UNIVERSITY OK THK STATIC OK NEW YORK. College of Physicians and Surgeons. THK October Course of Lectures will be commenced on Tuesday, 6th inatant, at 10 A. M. Two Lectures daily 1 durinr the month. On Hvgeine, by Professor J. M. Smith. Comparative Anatomy, by Professor Watts. Venereal Diseases, by Professor Parker. Diseases of the Uterus, by Professor Oilman This Course is free to the Matriculated Students of the ; College. Members of the profession are respectfully invited j to attend. R. WATTS, Jr. M. D Secretary to the Faculty, i Collet" 'I Physicians and Surgeons, 67 Croby street. 06 3teod ia*r j It. C. WhTMOKE & CU., IMPORTERS and Dealers in China, Olass. and Earthenware, inform their customers arid merchants from the 1 country, generally, of (he destruction of their store by fire, I on the night of the 29th September, and that they ate now 1 opening anew stock of goods at No 113 Pearl street, Hanover | Pqnvu. at which idace their business will be resumed and j continued All orders npon their bnoks, at the time of the late fire, will speedily be shipped, and they trnst that the casualty w hich 1 has for the monieut suspenled their business, will not deter ; any of 'heir customers from ronttnu'iig their purct ases, nor i country merchants from examining their wares. | ol Iweod is rc WHO CAN ADMINISTER to the sick better thaiTa Woman I?Proverbially ,lus i, asked by every one? | with her careful and comfortable treatment?nrr experience | ;n the simple and certain remedies for diseases when m its , infancy '"Take care, my son, or yon will c.itcli cold.-'? : How the maternal heart yearns lor the welfare of her off spring in this sdvice, and if that son shonld uot heed or foi| get this kind injunction, where should he seek relief V\ turn the happy combination of herbs that Mrs Jervis's Cold : Candy it compi sed of. No " tweaty-oue" miners! mysteries , find countenance in her compound, simple and certain in the cure of Colda, Coughs. Hoarseness, Whooping Coogh, Croup 1 Ike. It ulodt its health-lit way to popularity. For sale, wholesale and retail, by MRS. JERVI8. 336 Broadway, next door to the Tabernacle. Agenta?Ruth on k Co., 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway: Blaekett, 364 Bowery; buriiton, 49 Sisili avenue: Ely's, 233 Hudson street; Nelson, eoruer of Catharine ana Madison; audMrs. Hays, 139 Fulton st, Brooklyn. o!2 3tit*rh UITL'II. Imuow rpHE PIANO TAUGHT on rery moderate terms, by a A person wko hu perfect knowledge of the icienee, * and who undertake* to teach it thoroughly. Term*, S dollar* I per.mouth. Any pertoa wiihmg to take instruction will please addret* a I in* to " Music, at the Herald OfBce." ) *10 Imis're ' DR. LOWELL; OoIJLISTANI) AUJUST, ~ ATTENDS to Disease* of the Rye and Car, from t to i o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, comer of Warren street. Upthalmia,Stoppage of the Tear Passage, C.atamcta, and I Opacities, effectually removed. AM AUK08IS treated with great attention and success. STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a few minutes. ARTIFICIAL KVK.S. of superior beauty and finish. SPF.C.TAt L.K8 adapted to every defect. <.H lwis*r KNOX. ' f* 121 FULTON STREF.T, (Sun Building,) Deeming it unnecessary to enter into particulars J^m . respecting hi* Fall Fashions lor 1816, would simply state that I his new style will esrsl in beauty, lightness, uste and color, any thing ever offered to the Hatwearing public of the city ofldewYerk. His prices are as low as his hat* are fine, nlfl lwis*re UNION COUKSb, L. 1.?TKOT1 IWfif. ~ : I &&S&S i TViwrw/'iy, Oct. 15l/t, at 3 o'clock. _ PURSE S2J0, $i0 to the second best horse?Mile heats, best 3 in S, in hnrueis 1*. Hunt entris b h Moscow <1. Spicer enters b li Amerii us J. Bryant enters c in Lady Suffolk Railroad cars will start at I and 2 o'clock, and return after the sport is over. Oil M'je It. BI* UljUtH WAKKHOUSIlT?JAM U. AKMsruOflU * J THORNTON, No. 37 Cheapaide. Baltimore. 7M.0M Segara, embracing egtra fine and medium qpalitiea, conaiating of Regaliaa,' La Normas, Caatilloa, I'rincipea, Caaadorea, Reflet. Alao, a general aaeortment of Tobacco, for aale on low terma. aI7 1m ia*rh 1 SCOTT'a tASUIONa LIOR LADIF.S and UENTLKMKN?Jaat publiahed and ; t- for aale at hia office, No. 144 Broadway, New Vork. , oil 3t*rh MASONS, Stone Uuarriera and Laborere wanted immedi I ately, at Weat Hobokan, by J. Clark, boaa inaaon.? Work for all the fall. oil 3t*rh FUR CALlKOK'NIA ANL> OHKOON?The M9VW Arat claaa, faat amling, coppered and copper laarened JHabhark WHITON. K. Oelatun maater. will be deepalcned early in Noremberlor California and Oregon, touching at Monterey, St. Pranciaeo, Oregon City, Columbia river, and if indneemeuta are offered, at other imermediate porta. For freight or paaaage, having good accommodationa, apply | on board, at the foot of Dover afreet, or at No. it Liberty at., where lettera will be received up to the day of aailing. I olllw'r JAMES BISHOP k CO. BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OP LiVBIL POOL PACKETS. For LIVERPOOL?The only regular Packet ol Htlr I1** ls,h "f October?The aplendid faat-aafling I .BfilbPacket Ship CAM BHI IX lb'. hurtl.,n in'ui Captain Wm C Baratow, will tail imtitivefy ou Kriday~iHe Ktn of October. It ia aeareely neeeeaary to aay, aa k la wall know to the travelling public, that, the accommodationa ol the Cambndgn for Cabia, Id Cabin and Ike era (a Paaaewgcra are fitted out ia a moat auperb andcoatly manner, with eaery modern improvement and convenience, that cannot but add to the cemforfof thoee embarking, who ahould call and aee thia aplrndid ipeeimen ol na?at architecture, before engaging el*ewhere gh or passage tn Cabin, 3d Cabin nan Steerage, early application ahould be made on board, foot of Beekman atreet, or to the aubacribers. ROCHK. BROTHKRS It Co., "Ht 13 Knlton at. (neit door to the Kulton Bank). Jd^ foRNKW OKLKANH ? Louisiana and .New i York Line?Poaitively the Aral anil only Regular ! flHKnPackct of Ui.-morrow,October 11?The ae w and faal selling packet bark lANK K. WIL.LlA.V18, Tarler. , maater, ia now loading, and will sail aa above, her regular day. I >cor freight or peaaege apply ou board at Organs wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E * ' OLL^S,*th at.' Poaitively no gooda received alter Tueaday evening, IJih Paaaengera will pleaae be on board, at Orleana vrnarf. foo'. of Wall atreet. at I P which tiwa the ahip will sail8hipper? will plaaac vend in their bille [adtagimmediate!y. Agent ia New Orleans. Jamea t Woodruff, who will Mi in AjmMiim. " ? 1.?? , ? ?| BENEFIT Or AtR CUB. XE.i.X PAHa 1'HKATKE? Tuesday Erenine O't IS? wfll r>? presented the WIFE'S SeCKET?Sir Walter At/not, Mr ( tin Ktu; Lord Arden, Dyott; J abet Auerd, Fi.her; Lady Eveline Amyot, MrCnu Keen Neville, Mra Hunt; Maud. Mn Abbott. To <onrlude with SOMEBODY ELSE? Hant Moriry, G Banett; Limit, Oyott; Flilterman^McDoaall; Minnie, Mra Doura open at at half mat S o'clock, and the performances will 'Oiumeuee ar? o'Hoelc Boies tl ; Pit JO enota . Gallery U cei i _UEiiENTOr MRS SHAW. R J; rHLATRE.?Tueiday Evening .October 12th, i,...~lT1lf,..prr, rm*,,c* *,tl commence with the play of THE Wlr 1.?vtariana, Mri hliaw : Leoo Gouxngi ' larke; Ferrardo Gonzasu, Booth; Count, t liantrau, Florioel, Mm Booth. ToI' e followed by the LION OK THE SEA?C apt Biddie, Mr Clarke; Cai t I'tcet, Jordan; Tom Timber, Neafie; Mary Morgan, Mra Jordan. Doors open at T o'clock, curtain will r.i* at he 1T pa?t t ? I) re as Circle, 6# eerta: Upper Boxen. ? -eio Pitaad Ifol.e ry, UK cent* MITi HELL'S OLYMPU THEATKK?Tuesday eveunig. Octeobr 13, will be performed the eitraTaganxa of FAIR STAR?Digaroon, Nickloaon; Cheriy, MrsTimm; Lord Stalk, Mr VValcot; Crambo, Ertrard, Horella. Mia |{ iaherwood; Fair Star, Alias Clarke; Cherry Toe, .Vlita Partin eton Previous to which USED UP?Sir Charlee Golditream, Mr Walcott. fl Vficr which, MY WIFE'S OUT. To conclude with JOHN PKETTYJOHN A CO. Dresa circle J? cents; upper boxes *J cents; pit oaia shilling; prirate boxea $J. Doors open at half past 6 o'clock; curtain riaea at 7. BOWEK.Y CIRCUS. John Tryon Lease*. Wsr-eu Draper Treasurer. T ur??l ay F.veiiing, October 13. MO.NS. CHARLES the Ureal Wrestler, has been engaged for two nights Only, null will give hii rxhihitlou of Grecian Wrestling In UI Europe he has never found a match for lum. He now offers his gage to anv man in the United States. Mr w. O Dale, the only rival of Mr North, in hta principal act of Horsemauihip. Mr Brewer wilt give hit gymnastic exhibition. Mr Smith npmi ihe corde volaute. To conclude with the Archer'* Ksatival, in Which the greu Wrestling Mat< h take* place Messrs., Hmilh, and Mrs. (inllen, will appear m mrionsncts of horarman.lnp. ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA W. E. Burton Manager and Leasee J M. Si ott Stage Manager. 0T7" This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated in the moat gorgeous style, and is now the moat beautiful Theatre in the Union. Mr Biirlon in two of Ins nio.i popular characters?Bailie Jarvie, in the operatic drama of Rob Roy, and Jim Bagga in the laughable farce of the Wandering Minstrel. TUESDAY, October 13,114#, j Will be acted the drmnanf RUB ROY. Rob Hoy. Mr Scott; Helen McUregor, Mr* Lewis; Duma I Vernon. Mrs Howard. To couclude with the farce of WANDERING MINSTREL. Jiin Bag lis, Mr Burton; Mm Causeui, Mrs Hughes. The manager has (he pleasure of announcing an engagement, for a lew nights, with that celebrated and accomplished tragedian, James Wullack, Sen. He will appear on \V*dneaday. WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA E. A. Marshall. Leasee W. it. Blaek, Manager AVr.Ml il Jinwimar. nf m r7"a"n 61b kso ft, Tba eminent Tragedian, in thia city, since nit rtmm from Europe. TUESDAY EVE'NO. October 13, list, will be performed LADY OF LYONS. Claude Mrlnotte .... Mr Anderson i Col Luinuv W K Blake; I'auline, Miaa A Fisher To conclude with A MAN WITHOUT A HEAD. Mr Oblivious Top- - - Mr Chapman To-morrow, Mr Anderton't 3d night. (?"7" Arrangements hare been positively entered into with the following ga'avv of talent:?Mr. Forrett the popular ope ratic corpa, Mn. Seguin, Mr. Frazer, Mr. Begum, Madame Augusta, Msd'slle Dimier. fee. THE ALHAMRA SALUUW, J59 Broadway, near Prince itreet. This tplendid, fashionable and well known eatablishmrn t it now open for the teaton. Musical entertainments every evening, with the aatonith. ing performances of MON8. ADRIENT, the greatest Magician of the 19th century. Dancing by M'lle Jetselyne. O- Admission twenty-fire cents, including refreshments to the amount of one shilling O*" Doors open at 7?commences at I o'c lock, oil lw*rc Irish evenings. STUYVESANT INSTITUTE. BROADWAY, On TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1146. MK. LOVER. AUTHOR of Handy Andy, Rory O'More, lie. will repeut his entertainment, as given on Tuesday last, entitled " Tht Outlaw amaJExuu of Erin " with numerous amusing anecdotes, historical and personal, characteristic of IrehintL and^his own songs. rvumiasiou, ?i iicku to or naa at trie /isior none: also, at Messrs. Htoddart fc Dunham's; (hicketuig's; Dubon'i; Firth k Pond's; audAtwiU's Music Htores, and at the door* 1 each night. Doors opeu at W o'clock. Performance to com meuce at I and conclude about 10 o'clock. ol( 4trc THE FIRST GRAND CONCERT or MADAME ABLAMOW1CZ. TI7TLL take Place at the APOLLO SALOON, on Thurs vT day, the lith of October, on which occassion she will be assisted by the following distinguished artists MADEMOISELLE RACHEL. MADAME LAZAKRK, MON8 UIBEAT. .MON8. JULES FONTANNA. Mil HENRY MARKS. Mr. OEO. LODER will preside at the Pianoforte. K^Tickets One Dollar each?to be had at the principal , Music Stores. Full particulars in small bills. 01} rc A VIEK1CAN JVTrSiCAL 1N-TITUTE7 " HAYDN'S truly benutiful and highly deaeriprive Oratorio, ihe SEASONS, will be repeated at the Tabernacle on Wednesday evening, Nth instant, commencing at 1% o'clock precisely, under the di ection of MR GEO. LODER Mr. H. C. Timm will preside at the Organ. The solo parts will be sustained by the following eminent I resident talent: Himou, a farmer, basso, Mr. Robert Andrews. Jane his daughter, soprano, Mist J. L. Northall. I.ucas, a yon.* countryman, tenor, Mr. VV. D. Cornea. Chorus of c uiitry people, chorus of hunters, kc. the whole force of the Institute Tickets to the public, $1 each. To aubaeribera, for the *el riea of five Oratories, M cents each. oil 4t* tc H MEIOQ8, Principal. NEW YORK GALLERY OF THc. FINE ARTS. THIS Institution, occupying the building known aa the Rotnnda. in the Park, is open daily Lorn 9 A Si until dark. On Mondty and Tuesday evenings the rooms are brilliantly liehted until 10 i* M. Life Membership one dollar Single admission cents ? i ne ruonc actio >ta admitted free on Sa'urdiyi, b, making arrange menta with the doorkeeper. o? 2wii*tt OUUUiM'K fc.MPORIUM OK AMT AND CLASSIC CAB1NKT GALLERY OK OIL TAINTINOS, WHICH include! hia immcnae itocka of Boeke, Paintinga, Engraving!, Fancy Stationery, Drawing!. Drawing Materiala, Mnaic, he., are now to bd fonnd npun Uia aeeoud floor, op one flight of eaay auira, (having leaned the Drat floor,) where every thing will be eola at ea low pricea, and many much below the regular pricea, being deairona ol cloning up aa aoon aa poaaible haa Book DeparimoatA Cheap Liat will aoon bo pnbliahed forthoee who will bay qnantitiea. rurehaaeraaro invitad to call and examine hia New Hootae, No. Ml Broadway, aerond floor. ilk eodeva ttrre fHE public of Philadelphia and neighboring ciuea, are very JL reapeetfnlly informed, that, on Monday, October 6th, 1*46, ; THE NATIONAL CIRCUS AND THEATRE, I Cheatnntatreet, near Ninth, will be opened for the Winltr Staum, Under the Management of Meaara. WELCH It MANN, tea at vie which, they flatter themaelvea, mnat enaare a coatiaa* aaee of that blS l INOUI8HP.D and FASHION ABLE Wr PORT, which haa invariablv attended thia rery Paflalkr re aort, eince it has fallen under their uncontrolled direction. THK WHQLlC OF THK INTERIOR haa been rendered aingnlarly elegant by a rich, rlaaaie, light and novel atyle of Decoration, ia which the moat gorgeona el fecta that bnrniahrd gold can prodnee, will he chaatelv heightened by a ground of cream color and rare white. I THK SPLENDID CHANDELIER, ' (an eihTbition u i'taeTT,) will emit numberleaa gaalighta. earning upon j THE STAGE ARENA, . and, indeed, the remoteat parte of the edifice, a light aa cheer fnl and brilliant aa the ran at noon day^ i nt rvmuure it erwtr?y ittirthe fabrics of the Seats ?n?l of the Kepoaers, ere of the beet quality: the mats and carpets We of the mnet brilliant patterna The Tuitera and patroaa of tbia inoet Fashionable Arena, will be welcomed and saluted by A FULL ORCHEXTR.1, ofrreat talent, led by the rnry eelebrated Mr. ST. LUKE, ol rajmo'e Italian Opera Honse, who will commence with, and direct the National Anthem, and in the coarse of the evening I introduce the favorite aire and pieces ol the meat admired French. German, and Italian Operas. The Equestrian end Dramatic Artists encaged are of acknowledged talent, and the Troop of Horses are not to be equalled in America. The celebrated Clown, DAN RICE, has been engaged, and will appear on Mondty the I3tb met. Novelties, impossible to be surpassed, ore in active pre par ation. the Managers having resolved to render this one of the moat extraordinary seasons ever witnessed in Philadelphia. 06 lwrc HOWES It OO.'S N. Y. MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THIS nnrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at Catskill, Oetober IStn; at Oakaill on the 13th; at Gilloa on the Mtht Jefferson on the I3di; at Roxbnry on the ISth; at Clovesville on the 17th; at Woods loch on the 19th; at Sangsrties on the 30th; and at Kingston on the 31st. This is the Largest Establishment ever organised in the United States, comprising ISO Men and Horses, requiring 3? Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobes, mnsiciaas, ke. The company has attached to it Eight Ksmale eq a ramus, among whom is the Greatest Esse a Is Rider of tne ** ' MACAJITE, , whose new style of Kqnestrian Feats, peeeliarly her own, being chaste and clasaic; her graceful and Ibeeisatmg addraea, and the charming niicrtr with which theebaine her audience, render thie gifted and highly educated article the lead! ing feature of the arena in thie sonntry. The Propneters refer the public to the brilliant description given in the rej tpective newe wpere of the eitraerrKunry and dnnng isau I performed b' lh''distinguished erfist*. .. Equestrian Director, Mr. IIQWEH. Rid lagMsatst, Mr. , NIXON, end the anapproaehable Clown, DAN RICK. ! Among the Perfornmrs if the ealebrmed and principal Hi der the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HORRR, whose feaU on < o"e &f?. Heetor and BHlr The SWISS BROTHERS. in thoir#l?puu Uymnmtic Pottnrss ud Oroapian. Mr. Hwecl m the Charioteer of Phobias. Postal** isiUra Mtllia |r Mr rh A hi# son. .Mr. Howss m his Mtthotocissi end brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteas." Mr e el eb r *1 e d' T ighT fcojVo an e e r "vrfth variety of oUiet*. The whole comprising the lending, Moat talented. tad classic performer* in the world, oil re HOWN * < (VS Mew Tork Mammoth Cireu (?YM NAS I I<J EXKRCISK8. W FIJI.I.Kit respectfully luiortn* hi* friend* and the public it general, that he ittU oonliuoes to give initrociion in 0>mn?*tic?, at nia eatahllihmcDt, 20 Auu atreet. To gentlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doinir busines* down tnWf, this location will be found most advantageous and econom-cat both at to time and money. (?7" Fencing and Spa rine taught upon the most apiwoved prncplea oJlmend*rr WHEAf nN* THOUSAND bu.hels Illinois Wheat Just landed U..1 KroSLJNtl.^