Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1846 Page 3
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11 1 LI-.LU milla TaltN JUur BIIW tirtiii | en.ii otHcn (boat purchasing w article of this kind, would do ' w??H to Mil tad etamist at tha mauufcctorr the various pat : Vnis offered, each beta* Mt of the beet MRritli, bat rtiy inc only in oamidc finish. Cerrifteetes, in proof of their utility, aratatba poumioi of the mreutor, from lomr of the moat eieutific reutletne n in the eosatry ; fibrral diacoant mad* to wholesale parthum O. 8AUNDKRS It HON. 177 Broadway, opi>o(ite Howard Hotel Nayl(atlon or the Ohio River. FUtei Time State / Rivr Cincinnati Oct. A J feet 8K in Wheeling Oct. 6 a feet A int. Pittehnnr Oct 10 1 foot fl in?. Louitrllle Oct. 8 3 feet 3 in* MONBT MARKET. Wednesday, October 14?6 P. M. Tha ctock market continue* rery heavy, and tha aala* are vary limited. Prices, however, improved a fraction to-day. Norwich and Worcester went upii ; Harlem, V> and hong I eland, H. Tha Baltimora and Ohio Railroad Company have declared a dividend of three par cent, on the stock of the Washington Branch Railroad, for tha half year ending tha 1st instant. The receipt* of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad, for the month of September this year and last, have bean ai annexed Norwich axd Worceiteb Railboad. Srpt. 1145. 1S46. Inc Sep. '46 Thrnuvh irtTel $7.117 411 10.12121 2,911 W Lnr.l 6.99r 50 7,062 51 565 08 Frrieht $1,019 45 10,171 24 2,111 79 Mail, kc 966 61 1,11161 115 90 Total $21.20111 $29,007 76 $5 106 65 ^ The increaae for the month thia year reachea a fraction more then twenty-fire per cent. It will be perceived that the balk of the inereaae haa been in the through travel and in freight Theae receipt! are independent of thoae of the two boata belonging to the Company, running on the Sound The average of theae boata for the month, amount to about thirty thouaand dollara, making the aggregate income of the Company for the month> from the road and the twata, nearly aixty thouaand dol lara Thia ia certainly very favorable, and the finance! of the Company, under theae receipta. muat aoon exhibit a very aatiafactory appearance) the ainking fund will receive the appropriationa it requirea, and the atock" dioldera will receive dividenda upon their inveatmenta' equal to 'hoee of any company in the country. The magnificent eteamboeta of thia Company plying on the Sound, have attracted a very large amount of travel, ahowing that the travelling on any and |every route, increaaea in proportion to the facilitiea for traaaporting The receipt* at the principal land office* in the Weitern country thia year, compered with those for corresponding period* last, hare been exceedingly largeWe annex a statement of the receipt* at the Ureen Bay land office Silc* or Public Landj?Qskkn Bay Office. 1*45 1*46 Jlcrtt Doll an. Jlcret. Dollars. jely 7.446 88 8,306 61 37,761 68 47,360 51" Angest 7,830 14 8,800 1* 33.113 *9 27.654 Mi September. 1*446 03 13 3*7 61 34,166 73 30.218 43 Total.... 16,813 06 33,11* 40 14,041 50 105.133 53 This increase is equal to more than two hundred per cent. The sales in Jnly, 1840, were larger than in July, An gust and September, 1840. The Bank of Biunswick, of Augusta, Oa., ha* declared a aimi-annual dividend of four dollars per share. The Georgia Railroad and Banking Company, have declared a dividend of two dollar* per share. The Mechanics' Bank of Augusta, Oa., ha* declared a semi annual dividend of fonr per cent, payable on de stand. The total receipt* of the Little Miami Railroad for the month of September, 1846, were $11,854 64; of which $*.888 87 were for freight, and $5,966 17 from passenger*. The weekly statements of the Canal and Banking Com p&ny of New Orleans, exniDit a unuorm movement in the aggregate, and great strength in the principal department! Cipiil and Bairsina CoMrawr, New Osleans. Cath Liabilititi. -tug. 31. Sept 21. Sept. 2*. Circulation $765,570 $739,915 $727,090 Individual Depositors 1,2413,273 1,136,S?9 421.511 W. Stldau, Trea'rofU.S.. 289.745 278,859 943545 Dae distant bka. for col'uoai 46.766 75,937 57,915 Total $2,304,455 $2,245,101 $2,149,062 Ca*hJl$telt. Specie ...$1,293,638 $1,444,016 $1,304,545 Paper pavable within 90 dys 1,081,227 1,078,775 1,109,608 Foreign mad Domestic bill* of exchange 387,255 143,612 167,639 Note* and billa payable in OTer 90 diys, stock, ec... 390 871 407,311 462,672 Total $3,152,993 $3,073,775 $2,984,465 The circulation lince the 3lit of Auguat haa been steadily falling off. while the amount of specie on hand has been steadily increasing The above institution ia the principal depository of the government in the South, west, and has conducted the financial operations of the government in that section of the country for some time pest. Wa annex our uauel table of quotation* for the principal State and other etock* u*ed lor investment raicas op Stocks in tmb New York Miriit. Redeem- lMt. IMS. IMS. JUti. able. Sept. 14. Sept. 30. Oct. 14. United States G 1161 102**101 106 *1*6*106 S ? i 1653 96** ? 96 * r 95 I 96 New York, 7 1646-49 103**? 101**1*3 m *101* 6 1850-54-60 103 a ? 104 *106 - a 1061-66-67 103 a? 104**106* 106 *106* 6* 1960-61-65 ? * ? 99**101 ? * " 5 1945 ? a? ? a? ? a ? S 1646-7-6-9 ? * ? ? * ? ? a ? 5 1150-1-1 ? * ? 95 a 97* 93 a 6 1655-6 97 a ? 96*s 97* ? a ? 5 1056-60-1 ? a ? 96** 97* - ? ? 4* 849-50 ? a ? 94*95 ? a ? Ohio, 6 16 54' ? a 91 93*? 94 ? a ? 6 1656-60 *S*a 91* 93*a 9t 93*a 91 5 1650-56 -a- 63 a 15 ? 7 1656 161 *101* 10* altt* 10**1103 Kenteckv 6 96*a 90* 100 a - 100 *101 5 ? *90 '7 a 80 76 * 00 Illinois. * 1670 32** ? 33 a ? 31 a 34 todir?> 5 25 yean 30 a ? 31 a 33 ll*a 32* a-a-ui*** 9 ? ? a? 35 * 49 ? a ? w-hums 6 ? 67 a 67* ? a ? ? a ? 5 ? a ? *6*a 66* ? * feniuylvaDia^ 66 a 66 * 66*a 67 67 a 6'* Tennessee, 6 ? ? a ? 97* 99 ? a ? N. York City,7 1657 ? a ? 109 alio ? a ? 7 1653 ? a ? 104 Wa 107* ? a ? 5 I960 ? a ? 91*a 91 94 a ? 5 1639-79 9f*? 94 9l*a 94* 94 a 95 k Com'* N. Y.. Ail] 94 a - 92 a 93* 93 a 94 Wl|? ? a Jl SJ ? w N. Y. Life In*, ft Trust Co. 110 *112 1M all* 100 a? Farmers' Low A Tra>( Co >*)(? Uki 24*4 H,'?? 24 OVUo Life In*. ItTruat Co 9J*t 91 94*2* 94 9* ? can* of U. 8. in Paansyl'a. s?? 4 Ixi 4 3)4* 4 Boaion * Providence Rail'd 196 *109 IN *1M 101 *109 N.Jeraey KUkTtut.Co ? a? 101 *102 102 a ? Mohawk I* Hod's Railroad. 40)4*41 40)4* 41 41 a 41)4 Odea It Schenectady Rail'd 114 *119 111 atl4 US a ? SynwawkUuMRulroad. HO alOOfc 109)4*110 100 *100 Auburn It Byracuaallailr'a. ? * ? tM *103 100 a ? Anbarn A ttaehaatar R. 1R., 90 90)4 90 a 99 00 *100 Reading Railroad, OS a 64 64Xa 64 ?<X? ? El a ware A ftudaoa Canal, ? a ? 142 a ? 144 *14? ading Rail .dBoada, 71 a- 70 a 73* 72 a 72V adiRg Raiiinad Mtg Bda., 73 a 73)4 72)4* 73 73 a ? Ther# haa been do motorial alteration in our quotation* within the peat weak. In fact, the operation* in all deacriptiona of*tock(?the food, bad and indifferent?for the paat month, have been unusually limited. The market ie eery much unaettled and in a very feveriah condition. aa thera are ao many things likely to depreia price below preaent rate*. The Secretary of the Treaaury haa returned to the aeat of gorarnmeut, having perfected the buaineaa which required hla presence in this city. Ha will continue to iaaue Treaaury notea aa usual, so far aa possible, and will from time to time Increase tha rate of interest, aa h m'ybe necessary, to facilitate their circulation or increase the demand for investment inn "*or V Kirhang*. $1(1,000 N Y wa l-'n, It MM 150 aha Harlem RR 52 $5 &>fl Ohio 1060 *ft S0? do no 51 $1,000 do, 117$ ?3ft 225 Nor k Wor RR jjv 15 at City Bank III IM do b] 5* 50 Ohio Lifc k Traat M 100 do blO 50 100 L a Ial RK l?ft 05 do ?I0 50ft 50 Mohawk RR MJi 50 Eria RR, (old it'll) 41 Rftond Board. 100 aha Harlem RR, blO 51ft 50 aha Nor li Wor RR 50 JOO do 51ft 100 do >1 50 M do 50 50 do S0?< 150 do 51 30 do 50 *{ Now Otarb Kirhan$a. l' 25 aha Canton Co b30 MM 100 aha Harlaa RR, alO 51 15 Nor k Wor RR a4 50ft 50 do Tata 31 IM do b4 50 100 do ?30 51 25 do Thnra 59 50 do Thura 51ft 73 do Thnra 50ft 50 do bl 52ft 73 do aM 50ft 50 do nw 51ft 100 do b3 50ft 375 do c 52 ft 50 Hailrm RR at 52 Maniad At Trinity Church, on Wodnoaday morning, Oct I4tb, til the Bar. J. F. dchroodor, D. D , Mr. Fatacia C. WRirriiRao. merchant, of Pittaburgh, P?., to Miaa Hiiapr.Li Boacca, ofthla city. On tho 19th Inatant. by tho Rot. P. R. Brown, Alexandeb PoTBic to Aortai Hamilton, both of Scotland. Dlod. On Wednoaday morning, 14th inat., Nathaniel H. Cot. in tho 99th yaar of hit im Hi* friend*, and tho*e of hi* father, Wra Cox, and or hh brother-in-law, Thoma* J Duakln. are respectfully requested to attend hi* faneral. thl* afternoon, (Thursday) at S o'alock, from 144 Fourth Arena#, comer of 36th etreet In Haverhill, Mr*. Pnxoc, widow of Stephen Webater aped 94 In Newhnryport. on 8nn"ajr evening, Mr*. Aoe Pm* relict of Daniel Pike, aped S3 year* Oct 10th, Mr*. PaTiri?c? *iLLow*T.ln 'he 84th year of hor ax* At hi' residence. In Mount Upton. Chenango county, on the 37'h nit, .Ion* 8? cna, in the 84th year of hi* age. He we* drefed into the army at the age of 14, and served three cifl'erent term* of th-t*e month* each In Bangor, 36th tilt, suddenly. Oi-i?ra ItaantLL, egad Brty* n \lr R. t? a* ? revolutionary pen* oner He en tned the revolutionary ear ?t it* commencement, bef?.e he was fl'tern ' eat* ef nr?. having enlii'ad in Kaaton. V**'.. hi* native town, and continued in the service b. dirteient enli?tm?nt to the lose of the war. In 1813 he enlisted in Captain Tt. at'* oompnuv in B , and entered the war where he remained until he lo*t one Of hi* pi m* in a cannonading tinder General Biown. 1 '.. .j" jLfR AiiHAHjJ JUCtMLflf IfAflMt, a ?<v?.i ! Jfl doUBty, VlWMm, Jftl)b> applying to DAVID 9. I> ?9, <1 Wllfna atren. Merchant! Ei change ol3_tcd3t?r $26 REWARD. The above reward Will be gi??n for the apprrligation end eonvi-t >n or *t-y j-*r? m ap-i-i-ling (,T|f rf. port* detrimental to "lei i-.ararter of the r-'gaed, m he haa neeer committed >m ?< i mi"" on,, c U'mlrmu EDM C. CO.l 1E?. Sit, llon.yst, oJS 3i*r South Brooklyn. "" POSTPONEMEN T. ~ ~ THEOrent Oyater Party which waa to hire utembied ca Baldwin'? laland. in the town of Hatlanda, thu day it poarponed until Friday, the ItU) ietr. olr ??*jo OEOROE VAN BRUNT CHEAP PIANOFORTES! POR SALE Cheap, a beautiful rote wood Pianoforte, ol ,?X ocurea. made by St .dard, Worcester !t Dnnham. hifiuc btfii in qm but ishort tine. Aho, a superior tuort m#nt of piaaoiorcts, for sale or far hirt Apply at , , JOLLIES, 413 B'cadwar, 0 * " ? comer Liapenard ttreet L LEOPOLD LIE METER'S AST Composition tor the Piano, a grand Ftntaa,a on the American National Aira, Hail < olumlna and Vanket Doodle. JTilt nuhliah*d An A fnr ?U at 8CHARFFNBF.RO b LUIS, 06 3teed?rc i6>Hroadwar .viR. valk's first i-i.i rni<K IN THE COURSE this even nir. at Chuton Hall?Subject. the Worship aid afttron me of the AMINtt, c..tnpared with modern A-tronnmy, eapabi'ity of aucient astroncui toy, measure the lire of the Karl li. to obtain tt e latitude at see, the time of day (or hoar angle) by the suu. the phaseisnd tottie of ti e moon. tt>e seu'ou and to calculate ee|i|i?rt, (the maimer fewiliiny riiilliwM ) the.ancient xodises, instrunents, Kimnomicil theology, prittls, inysteriea, preserved by Druidt and Mesons. Tickets st the door, or ot' Mr. Vsle. 3 Franklin Souare Pearl at. His globes for si'e, anil instruction on the globes given: o S li*r GREAT FAIR AT CASTLE GAR HEN. THF. KM) AT I A has heeo postponed on account oi westher, tiW Saturday. Cattle Show s'illopea. An address on the ground this day, at It M, by lien. Dearborn. This al ternoou and evening, the "snil frotn the blind lostitntion will perform at the Fa r The anniversary address will be delivered at7)4 I M, si the Tebernsele by Hon J. F. Sim m ins of R. I. Tickets tree, to be > ad at the clerk s desk, at the fair, and of the Managers Friday?Agricultural Convention will meet at the rooms of rile American Institute, in the Park.? Fireworks at 9 o'c ock I'M. Noticr to PvttoTrciiNia ra? There will he a display of F'ireworks, in competition for a silver cup and diploma, at Caatle Harden, on Wednesday evening, Oct. Hit, at 8 o'clock P M. oil lire NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing between BOWN bSTH I NOEK.wgs dissolved on the 10th day of October inst. All drbts against the late firm will be settled by F. A. Bown, at.<1 all claims due must he paid to him. F. A. Bown will hereaffer carry on the business ns usual, on his own account, at 107 Psarl st. o'S ?rh KEVER AND AGUE. COMPOUND Tonic Mixture, a warranted cure for the fever and ague, has now been in use about teu years, with uniform success, jmd its efficacy tested by many of our well Kuowu citizens Prepared and (Old wholesale and retail by the proprietor. JAS. ?. A8PINWALL, <>13 3l'r Drumiit, 86 William it. TO THE CITIZENS of New York, aud the world in general That Edmuud Callander Coatei has never keen heard from since the loss of the steamship President, is utterly false.? That he was expected in England at any particular time he is not aware of?lurther, he never set foot ou board of, and never had a sight or the above mined ill fated steamship. The above uamed still resides at 2(0 Henry street, where he follows his profession as an artist, and where he will be j pleased to hear from all his friends and acquaintances. Edmund Callander Coates. son of Edward Frederick 1 Coates, -taudson to the Kev. Christopher Coates, Rector of : Easington, V o Ualiire, born at Windsor Lodge, Mount Pleasant, Swansea, in Glamorganshire, South Wales. Should any Person deem the above insertion strange, i will relvr them to Italy and the Italians, in a series of letters bv J. T. iieadley, published in New York by J. S. Piatt, No. Ill Fulton street, ptess of the Hnme Library, No. 1, chapter 13, Leghorn, Civita Vecchia. Naples,etc. <>13 2t' r RKPKINT of Blackwood's Lady's Magazine?English price per number, 30 oeots; American price, reprint, ? ' i cents?>o 1 jmt published, containing stones hy the most celebrsted authors of England, Poetry, The Uueeii, The Court, Hsnt Ton, Ike. For sale by H. Louglk Brother, W. H. Graham, Burgess, Stringer It Co., aud William Taylor. ol3I<i??rc HAS THE GREAT Author of Nature provided hi with no re medy for Consumption, and the diseases leading | mrreip wnicn are as leariuuy common m our country f lias | he left ua to find relief from that fatal icounte, by raiisackiug ! other lands' No, it ianotao. The beat?nature's own remedy, is ready at our hand Ths Wild Cherry and the Piuc fu'niahus with a cure, where a care is possible. Dr. Wirtar's Balsam ol Wild ' herrv, formed by chemical extracts from Wild Cherry bark and tar, relieves all cases of consumption, and effectually cures it where it has not progressed so far as to be beyond cure?subdnes the most inveterate cases j of Asthma, even of thirty and forty years' standing?stops ! raising of blood, aftc other remedies fail?and removes evei ry kind of affection of the langs and liver which our climate induces. The remarkable efficacy of this wonderful mediI cine, in many diseases hitherto deemed incurable, has exci1 ted amoog physicians great curiosity as to the precise nature I of its ingredients. Let purchasers beware of imitations and > counteileits. None genuine unless signed I. BtlTT'8 on the wrapper. Fore sale by A B. St D. SANDS, Agents for New York city; also by druggists generally throughout the United 8t?tes and Canada. ol5 ItDStW ! TO JJRUGGlaTS, &c. FOR SALE?Th? Lease, Store, Furniture, Good Will, lite , of a well established and handsomely fitted uf Drug Store, with a full and complete assortment of Drugs, Chemica's, Fancy Articles, Itc., situated in one of the best neigh. borhoods and greatest thoroughfares in the upper part of the i city. The store is now d ring a Urge and iucieasiug prescripI tiou and family bnaniess, and to any one wishing to euler upon I a genteel and profitable business, this is an opportunity sel! dom to be met with. Terms reasonable. Apply at 199 Sixth avenue. o'AThltltTn * r An OOM on the second floor, large sue, to let, furnished, to a single gentleman, or gcutleman and lady, with ; board. Lminire 91 Cedar at., near Broadway. oli!lt*r SEW STORE IN HROAI)WAS? AaR TO LET?The large dwelling hoase J51 Broadway, witli a rear building, about being altered into a store; XJA100 feet in de|>th, with tbr rot re recent iinrroveiiienti. I Th- plans mar beaeen at the office of John Jay, 23 Nuaati atreet, to whom early applicatiou should be made. ol5 1 w*r APARTMENTS WANTED. taa Two rooms on tlie first or second story, by a small | pTW respectable family. Rent not to exceed eight dollars I J^B.per mouth. Apply by letter to H F (J , at the office o> tins paper. The localiou to be within a quarter of a mile I of Fulton at. ell itrh i TO LET. MA Pleasantly situated house to let, and the furniture for sale, suitable for a private family or boarding boose To a good tenant, the place will be let at a rei rv reasonable rent, for one or more years. Apply at II Cast Broadway. ol5 It*r ! pUKNlSHfcD APARTMENTS MTo Let, with use of kitchen, to a small respectable family, or single (entlcinen. without boar! >or further parti' ulars apply on the premises, 61 Greenwich l str-et. where no hoardca are raken. o!5r A RARE CHANCR ~ l Ab& FOR 8?L.F.? and beautifully fitted up ! pjW rooms 77 Wall street,as a bar and coffee rooms, will JiJULb* sold at a bargain, if applied for immediately, tnelnd a stock, fixtu ea, Itc Reasons for selling mide known by ai plvine on the premises, hprween 10 and 3. eli 3t?r I ~ KARVI WANTED. snw Wanted to purchase for cash, a farm of considerable KReitrnt. in a healthy location near New York or Phila! ^^fUlnhil! th# finhptt within f wpIvp hnnra i htirnou Ki? railroad or water, from New York. Persons desirous of dispoaiiw of snch p'operty will addreaa a letter 10 H. K. Charleatou. 8. Carolina; giving aa minute a atatrment aa pos' aible of the location, eiteut and buildinfa of the tarin, the capacity of ita aoil, the aind aud quantity of ita prodncea the | force requisite for its cultivation, and any other quality that it might p"aaeaa, in order that a preciae eatimate may at once be formed of ita ralue and anitableneaa. The lowrat cash , price of the property ia alao required to be named. The advertiser, intending to visit the abore named eitiea in the early part of the ensuing month, will diamine thoar farnu, the price and location of which may beat anawer liia purpose. ot4 >w*rc . UNION COURSK, L. I.?TROTTING. tfl T Thwrtday, Oct. ]5l/i, at 8 o'clock. Pcrsf. wso. iso to the second beat horse?Mile heata, best J in 3, in harness. P. Hnnt enters b h Moscow U. Mpicer enters b h Americus J. Bryant enters . era Lady Suffolk Railroad cars will start at I and 2 o'clock, and return after ! the sport ia over. I nil feet* n spirw'u I UNION OOUKSE. tfl t -Afrffi - -ainft-r P KKAT RACKS thi? day, Thursday, October lith, at 3 V* o'clock P M, between Lady Suffolk, Amerieua ami Moscow Trams leave Brooklyn at 9X A M, 11 M, 1 P M, 2 PM, and return as toon at the sport is over. Fare W <-ent? each war. olir UN AND AFTfcR MONDAY, October 11th,, the Train that leaves City Hall for White Plains, at 5 o'clock P M, will theo leave at 4 30 P M. The 'rain that now leaves Morriaiana and Harlem at S 30 P M, will be discontinued.? The tram that leaves City Hall on Sundays for White Plains at J 30 P M, will leave at 4 30 P M. The train which leaves White Plains on Sunday at 6 o'clock P M, will leave at J P M. oli 3t*r D. KELLINGEK'S LINIMENT. IN this wonderfnl preparation the afflicted have Jaa^lK what they have Ions and aerionaly called for. <kl^^^Not a solitary case, in the sale of twenty thousand bottles, has keen known failing to do all that was eapected of I' It acts like magic in all rhenmatie affections , and pain* of all and tvery nature yield to it immediately It is as certain to care austires, of any description, either on man or horse, as the application is made, and in shorter time than , any other remedy ever offered to the people It is very fragrant, safe and agreeable?to be nsed upon all ages, ester I nally and internally, and no fear of taking cold alter its use. Mr. James Murphy, of the Bowery Liue of Stages, says that 1 11 saved the life nfnnm Afk.. . ?J; i - "i- . ihu in mini iwimy uoiru not a bottle hu flailed. High Bridge.?Al thia pine* groce after groce hna beeu turd without a fa lore Mr Arnold Maaon and Mr. Haninel lloberta, builder, of the bridge: Mr. Mnaon tapa. that by the par of three or four bottle* hia rheumaue paina have been entirely eradicated. M r Robert, give* it a. liia opinion that it waa one of the great eantes of aaving hia life from an injury aitatainfd from a fall. To be had at Ml John atreet. and at the great Central Depot, Harlem Railroad Office, City Hall, in large bottle*, at M centa per bottle. *29 Im'rc 41 un MLLiiMitn a Li.n.rifciil ,i auiuue AMf>io atoy diarrhoea wuh two doe**; it cure* nicer* ?C^^-*nd tore* of all and every aaaere, enti, brniae*. tpratna, he. in three daya In all eaaea the money will be refunded in eaae of a failure. It .will alao eradicate all rhen matie pain*, aa certain aa applied To be had at N Job* atreet. only M cent* per bottle in large bortlea. al lra?re ADVICE KXCl.liSIVLLY GIVEN TO THE LOVKRS OF FINE ARTRTHF.RE it at 38 BroHdwav an exhibition of Oil Painting*, of the aneient Dutch and Flemiah achoola. To be aeen daily from It o'clock A M. until 3 o'cloeh P M. Admittance 14 centa nlllt*re H ATR DY E. BATCHELDF.R'R Inatantancoiia Liquid H?ir Dye la ahaolntely the only article yet invented that e?n he depended on to color the human hair, whtakera. Ike. without tatning or in.inrv to the .kin, or destroying the health and el.atietty of the hair. Tn>#fart i* ntteated by hundred, who Jiaeand fake every pnmble pain* to recommend it. 'I he co'or will not he disturbed by constant waaliing, anil will be lound perfectly nnitorm and even, without any of thnae unnatural tint* an mnch complained of in the ordinary hair dye Hold wholesale and r0U,| n?WJ* BATf HKLDER.l Waller Afnat n Philadelphia, Eng. Kouaael. ol?la*( i -I A (5L t I KM "flff N?M- ?abla tMii'HI, Wall t:i?l> * lui.'d >? this < attWactKe or silent, (?ij?ai 1 i "(erred.) with a caefeapitsl or MM, u mar be ledraneed to ftO.MN, with adraatlBe Cpnamuaications, with ml sifnarnres. will inset w?h attention. and ba strictly confidential. addressed to MgwSaaa. Harald office. old Th^ffiTn*f CAST OFF AorMlNO a\U KURN1TUJUC , c WANTED. LADIES orOdMbam baringaay superflnoas or east off clothing or lomlture to dispose of, can obtain a Air cash 5 rice for t)i* h h,V spplyimt to the subscriber. at his reai j euce, or throush UM post office, which will ba soMiaaily ittruded to. *, M S. COHEN, C9 Donne at N. B. oaab? attended to by Mi> M. S. Cahea ol3 1m?tc TT. r wanted, ? SEOO.Xft HAND Steim Engine. with upright piston a and tubidar boiler Also a slide Utbe. with shtari II lie; long. Patnonr huring them f r ttle will address a note the Herald oBee, where they can be teen by the snbs'ri ber. r shti'rt S COCHRAN wanted. IN a Wholajalo Wooden and Willow Ware Honse, a person familiar with the business. To one who is willing to make himseTVaonerdlr useful, and who is sufficientlr acquainted with the business to assist la the purchaaiog department. if necessary, a fair salary will be paid. Address L H P. st thisofficd, with name, referenced, he oil it*re WANlfcD, A BOARDER iaa prirate family. A senrlemau can be comfortably accommodated, in a central and airy part of the city, with a aiug'e ben r on, breakfast, tea, fire, attendance. Ice. Farther particulars may be obraiued by a line addressed R Heenld office, which will be duly attended to. o 3 lt*rc wanted, BY * amall thmily coming to tlie city, [where oo other hoarder* ire kept] port of a genteel hoaae, furnished or uufuipiahed, io a quiet reapeetable ueiahboihood t'omfort inore an object than rent None need apply bnt peraona of the itinoat respectability. For fnrther particulars addraaa Knglis>'maa, atthia office. 08 lw*r DURMSHKb HoOMB, with board or private table Apr ply at 126 Broadway. ollSt'rc y POST OFFICE, > New York, October U. IB4C. $ THF. Steamer Hibernia will leave Boaton on Friday, the ISth iuat. liar mails will cloao at the office on Thar* day, the 16th inat. at ?X P M. Postage on all lettera muat be pre paid to Boston. Lettera of half an onuce, or under, fire ceuts, and each additional half ounce fire cvnta. oil 2t th ROHKKT H. MOKKIS. P. M DRAKE'S IMPROVED CaM Iron Fire Proof Window Blinda, which for unatueia at, J durability eannot be aurpaaaed, maybe | examined at the Fair, and ordera received during thia ?**eU, after which rel'ereiiee may be made to 8. Fleet, It Anu at. olt 2t"rc ' JUST RECEIVED, DIRK.CT frail Paria, 5 caaea, coutaiuiug UOOpiecei, of very rich Marabout and Oafich feathen, of high coat and auperior quality, and lor tale low at LY'ON ISAC3, i Oirition at. The particnlar attentiou of city and country milliners u called to the a buy# article. oil lw?rli VIIKV VI IUV 11CW X UXK uu Liifni lompauv, / October 13, 1316. ) THE PRESIDENT and Directonhaxe thia day declared a dividend of fear and ouc half per cent ou the capital stock of this Company, for the sis months ending 1st August last, payable to the stockholders ou and after Monday, the 2d November nest. The transfer book will ba closed irom the 31th inst. until that date. By order, ol3tNov2rc C. L. EVFR1TT, See'v. _____ r* 123 KULTON STREET. (Bun Building,) fl Jph. Dcming it on necessary to enur into particulars d^m respecting his Fall Kaihioas for 1343, would simply slate that his new style will eacel iu beauty, lightness, taste and color, any thing ever offered to the Hatwearingpublic of the city of New York. His prices are as low as his hats are hue. old I wis* re national life insijranch company, OK THE STATE OK NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED under the Constitution of the United I J-d States?In the control of Trustees. The ubscriptiou 1 books for insurauce, and (tor stock in the Safety Fund, or heaerved Guarantee Capital of this new Company, are now open at the office of the Commisaioneis in Wall street, and at the Western Hotel in <'ourtl*ndt street, where copies of their Constitution and plans of business may be obtained, and subscriptions will be received by the Committee for such luiriioar tie situated. (T7?" The lull number of Agent* required by the Conilitu tion, before commencing business, having been obtained, the orgs nzuliou will, m a few day*, be completed, in the con trol of tlie most diatinguiihe'd, intelligent, and eminent men of the Slate. 877" No payments are requi'ed antil the completion of the nrgsuizst.oii. when notice will be given by the Trustees. The Constitution of this Company lie* been c eated by vi rtue, and in pursuance of the enumerated, reseived, natural, civil, religious, and inalienable rights and lawful privileges secured to tne people of the United States, by the express provisions of the American Constitution, irrespective of all common or unconstitutional laws, and forever independent of all legislative control, restrictions, or government, where under all personal, legal, or individual lidbility whatever of its members and stockholders it positively limited to the premiums or stock subscribed by "special limited contracts," as much as under any legislative chartered companies what, ever. The objects of this Association are Mieiy those of banev. olence and humanity, and the plan of business is especially ) designed for the benefit of the poor and middling classes? but cau be equally availed by all. The sharea iu the Reserved Guarantee Capital have been established at ten dollars each, and are unlimited in number, : or bv accumulation in amoaut, (over and above tnepreminma) ! for fifty years, affording a perfect protection to tltewanrea members for unusual losses, always possiblt to octar beyond the premiums, eqnal to any of the largest Institutions of London. The Board of Controlling Trustees and Officers are required by the Constitution to be selected from eel of wealth and eminence, and af'er their appointment for tip first four years, they are to be nominated by the Board of Visiter; sod Commissioners, who are also authorized to till all vacancies. This Institution is empowered to insure Health, as well at Lives, under special limited contracts. Among other benevolent meu. aud distinguished Statesmen, who compose the first Board of Visiters and Commissioners, aud who have been constituted Honorarv Members for life re Tl* Uou. UUNRY CLAY, of AahUmi. Ky , Ei*Oov?nwr Hon ROBERT 1* DUN LA?. M. C.# Mc. Hon. JOHN Hi GliLKH, l*t? U. S. Heuntor, M.mic L Hon. HKNEY Y. CRANSTON, M.C.. Rhode Isltnd. Hon. AMOd ABBOIT, M. C.. Mmuchuictts. Hon. W.M. B. MACLaV, M. I , New York. ?H l? I5TV.1.'!.1 ER? *?*VOSb, Kan , of Orlaana county, u,il ANDREW S rOVD. E??j , of Oucida county. N. Y. Thin Company will he organized upon a plan of aafety and encoded uaeliilueaa, aurpaaaing any iegialatiTe chartered Company of the country, and upon a icale of magnificence uurivalled by the largeat Companiea of Europe, with a Branch, in the direction of Local 1 ru.teta, in erery State of the Union. Gentlemen will he furniahed with a copy of the Coqatitution, and eeery further information required, on application te the Bubaeriber ia New York, or to eithgj of the Couimiaaionera, at their reapective plaeea of r?aide*a*. DbnjAinm b/\llb, special oiumisaioner, named in the C'nnsti tntiou for completing the organization. New York, Oct. IV oil lOtia r OF VITAL 1MPOKTANCE TO THE BLIND. AN ASTONIBHINO CURE OK BLINDNE8H OF 20 YEARS STANDING ? Dn. Blown, Ocnliat. 232 Spring, formerly 163 Canal street, lubmita the following testiinouy (in which is involved the akill of the moat eminent Oc lints and Physicians) in evidence of theancceaa of h i yitein of treatmeut for Ophtha'mia, to which eases of 10 to 40 years duration hare yielded. Da Blown, Ocnliat, Dear Sir? It is with gratitude Icon, tribute my testimony to the numerous proofs you hare ef yonr skill as an Oculi t. M str ngly evidenced in my caae in the restoration of my sight, from considered irremedial blindnesi, of about 20 >ears duration, consequent on Small Pox. This is to certify, that about 20 years ago, I was attacked with severe inflammation in my eyes. My parents procured the ablest medic il skill in thr city, likewise attended the Infirmary over two years I had suffered severely from all these treatments, beiug earthed. cupped, Btc. kc numerous times, with setere cons'itutioual t eatinent, but derived no good. My case necame more aggravated' I was also under vaiions other treatments also applied numerous remedies, hut experienced no benefit. Dur ng these years my eyes were a severe affliction, being at times Bliud. and for mouths together, unable to attend tp business, wn h severe pain and much dia tress, light being intolerable, accoo panied with a purulent discharge. I had abandoned the idea of ever again recovering my sight; bn- from tli- earnest solicitations of Dr. Thorp of this city, i was persuaded to coaault Dr Brown, Ocnliat, who Dr. Thorp stated could care me, as he was conscious of the .k.l:._ 11. St k. l-. ..... . r .k: _ k ?i ,. 1 wi.ij. wnmiin i<> uiw iiau. ^uoipqnrRuy I consulted Dr. Brnwn, who stated he ronld enre me, bat it woo Id rciiaire from tlx to eight mouths, u it wis * bid esse of chronic opthalma, si follows: iiiflsmmstion of 20 years' sunding. with grsnnlsted lids and nebnlons epscity of eornaa, with purulent discharge, great distress from light, and rision materially impaired, kc I placed myself nnder Dr. B.'s treatment on 19th January, 1816, and from commencement experienced re'ief the paint and soreness began to lessen, and the light to be lest painful and my tight to gradually improve. I rejoice and aut grateful I am ctlted. and my sight restored. 1 can tee to read fine print, attend business, and look on powerful lights without inconvenience or injury.? This is a modest statement, expressed with fidelity. It is with gratitude and t itisfactien I add my case te the many testimoniala you poasess, aud earnestly advise those afflicted with disease of the eves, to avail themselves of your mild and skilful treatment, which in my case has been beyond my i hopes, relieving me from the awful prospects of irremediable blindness. Therefore being confident of the abilities Dr. B. possesses as an oculist, I feel confidently persuaded of the most successful results. Dr. B.'s treatment it very mild, causing li'tle pain and inconvenience, and by meant in no wise affecting the constitution, being perfectly safe with the tenderest intaat O'NEIL McGLONE, 48 Broadway. Sworn to before me, this 22d day of September, 818. A H. MICKLE, Mayor. PThis is to certify, that I sm personally acquainted with O'Neil McUlone. and bear testimony to hit case being a desperate one of lippitndo, accompanied with granulations and nebulous opacitj of the transparent cornea, from small pox. This I consider an astonishiug cure, and me its the highest consideration. H. C. THORP. M. D , 132 Oieenwich avenue. On application by mail, postpaid, persons residing at a distance can receive advice and medicine, by describing their rases as follows:?Age, employment, constitution, previous health and habit, appetite and digestion, state of bowels, disease snd came, preseet symptoms, and state of vision.? Terms moderate. Some astonishing curea will be announced every week.? See certificate in Snn of Saturday next, of an important cure. Also, Herald 2f Wednesday next, cure of 4 years total blindness. Patients at a distance will please furnish Their certificates or cure. All cominun icstiooj must be rost paid, olilt'rh LEECHES! LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED, 10,800 large and healthy Swediah Leeches. Also, 4,000 Oermaii Leeches, in prime order, ' for sale by J. FERDINAND CLEU, I', Im'rc Importer of Leeches. No. Ill William sr. SEAMAN & MUIIl WILL, open their new and extensive Urv leoodi r.stahliart in cut, No 311 Broadw?y, lit door above the Hospital t ireeu, on Monday next, the 19th day of Oetobtr, at 9 o'clock A. M. Their atock n entirely fresh. has been xelected with (rent care, expressly for the city trade, at reduced pcirex, and comprises as rich an assortment of I'ariaian Dress and h alley Dry (foods as hare bean offered to the public daring the present aatamn. They invite purchasers to examine their roods, ai they are confident the great falling off in prices will enable them to offer greater inducements than can be offered by established booses having old and depreciated stocks on hand. Their assortment comprises every vaiiety of the most splendid Silks, Cashmere, Deeoase, Merinos, Monsseline de Laines Camels Hair, Cashmere, Broehe aud emb'Oidered Crape Shawls, (tome of which are eyual to any offered this , leasee;) Laces and Kmhroidaries, Mourning Goods, Parisian Cloaks, Wedding and Ball Dresaea, tore,her with every variety or^attractive and desirable goods nsnally kept in the largest Broadway establishments. Mr. Mnir retired from the firm of A T Stewart k Co. on 1 the 1st of January last, and he (Infers himself that hit many J" that home, and his perfect knowledge of the Broadway trade, will enable him to offer, at all times, an attractive stock of goods,well adapted to tha prevailing taata and fashions olHtia?rc NEW PAPER HAM GIN Ob. FRANCIS PARES* CO., NO. 379 PICARL STRK.ET, HAVE the largest supply and the mast splendid assortment of all the latest and the moat approved stylet of? PAPER HANGINGS, BORDERS, fcc., whieh they offer to Merehanta, Dealers, Landlords, and 1 others, on the most advantageous terms. The moat competent Paper Hangers eaa he had at tha I iherteet notice- It im?re ' " ' 1 m 1*9 'WX J .el ^ At'OflOl UilUM r V At CAB Li LOT AT Al'CTtOX THIS DAY. ? JAMK8M. MILLER, Auetioaaer-Thursday, OctobTr 15?Will be sold it aucuoo, thst very desirable lot. *5 feet bj WO. situaltd on Mortoo itrHt, dn> Hud ton. being part or the pro party lately owned by ibo Trinity church. *'laO may remain on boud and mortgage. Farther particular* at thecals- oLi It*re A 7INK fC\NT8 A'l AUi/llUiV will >ali on Friday moraine, at II o'clock, at 2*8Broadway, an rttemive collection of fin* flints, coaaittiag in part of double Camillas, Oranges and Lemons, in fruit; Hoars, Agu, an thus, Plumbago. Jessamiue?, Cactus, Atalias, Myrtias. with many o her yarieiies, aud of choice sorts. Hair positiTe. On Saturday evening, a large sale of Engravings, just imported. olilt'r H. bl-CLU2EAl. Auc'r GOLD WAT< HE8. he ?'Cuttle at Ducluxeau will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at No 88 William street, ltd gold Watches, for account of whoa it may couceru Also, silser Lepine. Anchor, Verge and Vertical Watches: Maarter, tlerman silrtr, and o'htr Watches Also, goldLevarsv of from 1 to 3 extra jewels; silver gilt and other Watches. Cat aLgues now ready Te-insc sh N.B. Every lot on catalogue will be warranted at repreetnted. tnd sold without rereive. old If r GREAT SALE OF VALUABLE BUILD NO LOTS, fV THE CITY OF KF.lYJUtY THE SUBS! Kl B Ml, Esecutor of tn? tut Will ?nd Tm'i trot ol'G n Thomas Ward, de .eased, will tell at public action on Saturd.y, the 17th day of '>ctobcr uei-., ouihpremises, *t 1 o'clock P. M., Fifty Valuable BUILDING LOTS oh Washington, Plane, Nesuit, and Ulercker streets, coostitut ng a part of the homritead of said I home* Ward, deceased, and directly fronting hi I te residence These lo'i aie situated iu the improved part o' the citi of Newark within 300 feet of Washington Common, aud preaent a innst deep able opportunity either for investment or of obtaining a hmdiomt location at a private re.ideuce. The property in tlie vicinity ia innitly built upou aud it rouatantlv becoming more valuable A map of the propeity can be >eea at the o"lice of Edwaid Cook. No tti 9 Broad street. Terms and conditions made known on the day of sale. IVM. PENNINGTON. o8tnl*excSn?r Executor of Gen. Thouias Ward, dec. UMIVEttaliV OF NEW YORK. Surgical and Medical Cliniuut. THE Poor of the citv are informed that they will receive advice aud wtdiriue. free of charge, by applying at tbe University Medici College, CM) B osdwav, on every Hatui day throughout the year. from9 to 13 o clock. The Cliniqae is under the charge of Docto* VaLgtsTivg Mott, and he gives bis services to the poor, who may be laboring under Surgical or Mudical disi ures Au opportunity is hue afforded to all who c inuot pay lor professional attendance, tifcavail theinselvos of this charty. UNIVERSITY LYING IN CHAlllTY-All women, whose circuinstauces will not enable tliein to remnnerate a physician for services dunug their confinement are illformed that they will he attended. free of charge, at their own houses. This charity is under the charge of Doctor O. 8. Bedford ; and by leaving their tiames aud address at his residence, 109 Tenth street, all indigent female* will receive prompt attendance. ?19 3tawis2w*rh CLARKE'S SACKS, 116 IViltiam st., opposite the Washington Stores. f"2_RACEKUL AND CHEAP? By purchasing all mv goods V lor cash, and giving uo mau credit I am enabled to offer the most teni'qiug iuilucemeuti to the truly economical ? Thus I will make to order a coa', usually charged at $26, lor $20, and an $11 coat Tor $16, and everv other (tnnent in proI portion. I am likewise provided with a magnificent assortment of fine Overcoat! and Sack Coats My black cloth Sacks, with silk collars and fron's, are $11; some as low as $6. These coats are faultless iu style, and unprecedented for cheapness. G D CLARK. 116 William street, o!3 6tis*rc formerly with Brundage, Broadway. ROOMS. TWO or Three Gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms, in a private family, with breakfast and tea, if required. Apply at 17 noward st. References required. Terms moderate. o!2 lw*rli TO WOOLLEN GOODS MERCHANTS. H. MIGEON k CO., CLOTHS. CASSIMERES^VND SATTINET8 RENo. 841 WaiT Street, N. V. REFERENCES and orders for work at Messrs. Woolcott and Slade. 63 Pine street; W. C. Langley k Co., 26 Broad street: D. Brigham it Co.. 66 Pine street. a 16 2m'm FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 2tili MjWy October?The well known, fast sailing packet ship -{ HBfaKAJ AH. Captain Cobb, burthen 160 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Haviug very superior acc-mmodations for cabin, secoud cabiu and steerage passengers, and terms moderate, those intending to embark should make immediate application ou board, piei No. 6, North river, or to JOSEPH MeMURKAY, oM rh corner ol Pine and South streets. FOR LI V ERPUOL?New Liue?Regular Packet kEVVynf Oct. 26ih?The elegant fast tailing packet ship hLuARHICK, B. J. H Traill master, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for jplendor or comfort. Apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street,ar to E. K.COLLINS k Co. rnee of paasage $100. Packet snip K08C1US, A. Eldridge, master, will succeed the Uarrick and sail November 26, her regular day. fit rn FUR LIVERPOOL?To eail on the I7th October WHV~'The splendid new packet ihip SaKDI VIA, Cspt. jffiffiMSwCrokrr. hu accoinmoda'ions for* limited number ol tecoud cabin passengers, which will be taken at steerage rate*, iler between decks are lofty and well ventilated, and every way suitable to die comfort of those embarking. For passage apply to UEORtiE SHERLOCK, 151 Maiden Lane, near South st. For New Orleans, and will positively sail this day, the ship CURTIS, Cspt. Ooterbridge. Apply ss above. ! ol5 ll*rc , xAJr- FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 21st of Octo V^bn-Tbc elegant new packet ship NIAOAKA, ' JMMfewCapt. Rnssell. will be des]>atched as above. Tins splendid packet ship has unequalled accommodations j for ealnu and second cabin passengers. The lat er will be I ink. n at steerage rates. Those about to take passage wonld 1 do well to cxamiue this superior ship previous to engaging elsewhere. roe terms of passage, apply on board the ship, at Murray's wharf, Asm of Wall ?trect, or to oli ?t r J. HKRDMAN, 61 South st. I? NEW LINK OK PACKETS FOR LIVERmcv POOL?racket ofllat of eeinember?The splendid, jMBfafast isiting and favonte packet skioROCHESTER, Iooj tons burthen, Cept. John firitton, will sail on Monday, I September 21, her regular day. The shipi of this line being all lOOOtonsand upwards, persons about to embark for the old country will not fnil to see the advantages io be drrtceu from selecting this line in prelereucc to say other, as thuir great capacity readers them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their aceommeaetioes for cabin, second cabin and steerage patsenge-s, it b well known, are superior to , those of suy other line ofpnkets. Persons wishing to secure beitlu, should not fail,to make early application on board, foot of Burling slip, or to W k J. T. TAPRCOTT. at their general passage Office, (b> South st, secoud door balow Burling elip. The ROCHESTER will sail from Liverpool ontheith j of November. < Persons wishing to send for their friende can h*ve tham I brought out in this magnificent packet, or any of the regular line, sailing on the 1st, 6th, 7th, Uth, 16th. list and M<h of every mouth, on favorable terms. Application to be mode an above, or to w 4. TAP8COTT, 96 Waterloo Road. Liverpool, Agent Drafts for any smeun., payable oo demean, without dis count, in a'l die principal town* ol Cngland, Ireland, Scotland ir W?!t?, can at all time* be obtained on application (if by letter po?t paid) a* nbore. olir BLACK BALL, OR OLD i INK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, For LIVERPOOL?'The ouly regular Packet of nfMfV-the 16th of October?The *plent)id faa'.-aailing jHMfaPacket Ship CAMBRIDGE. bnrthen U)M) ton*, C*pu u Win C Baratow, will tail positively on Friday, the 16th of October It i* scarcely neeeasary to *ay, a* it i* well know to the rrai Telling public, that, the acco" tnodation* of the Cambridge lor Cabin, 2d Cabin and Steerage Passengers are fitted out in a ! moat aupecb and coatlv manner, with every modern improvemrnt and convenience, that cannot bnt add to the comfort of 1 thoae embarking, whoahould call and aea th>a aplendid apecimen ol naval architecture, before engaging elaewhere. : ^Fcr passage in Cabiu, 2d Cabin and Steer ge. early applica' tioo ahonld be made on board, foot of Beekman atreet, or to i the anbacribera. ROCHE, BROTHERS It Co., | oil r 33 Fulton at. (nevt door to the Fnlton Bank). ONLY HEOULAR LINE OK PACKETS FOR GLASGOW?Packet of lat November?The splenI ^HHKndid new and faat sailing packet ship BROOKbB Y, i Captain McEwtn, will positively aail aa above, her regular day. Thisahip ha* aplendid accommodation* for cabin, aecoad I cabin and ateerage paaiengera. Thoae about to proceed to , Scotland are assured that the ahip* comprising thia line aail ' positively on the lat of each month. Thoae wiahing to sel cure bertha, ahonld make early application on board.foot of Rooaevelt atreet, or to W. It J. T. 1 AP8COTT, 014 rh 16 Sonth at. 2d door below Barling alip. i noo/\wri r i\uji onur ari wi i\pa- 1 PYV9Wtail punctually the 15th November?The si leiaH AapBbnew packet (hip ULKNMORE, Captain MiehafI, will tail u above, her regular dav. The anbieriber bat completed hia arrangement! to hare a I regular line of first elaaa ahipa. tailing the lith of each ' month from the above port, thereby preventing the moat favorable opportunity to those who may feel deairona of having their frienda brought ont from the north of Ireland. Kor i further particnlara, please pply (if by letter, post paid) to o5rc JOB. McMUHKA V, cor. Kine and Booth arreeta. EOll OLA8UO W? Kegnl r Packet lat Nov ? rfJWWThe fine new Br. packet thip BKOOKSBV, MO JBBMm'eas, Capt. Hugh MeEwen, will tail aa above, her rtgular day. Kor freight or paaaage, having tplendid accommodationa, apply on board, foot of Roaevelt atreet, East R ver, to WOODHULL k MINTUkN, (it th fl Booth atreet. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. PARTI KB wiahing to remit moneya in large or aAMMpW mini I sums to their friends in Oreat Britain or I rejHBSSwIaad, can da to in the moat aafe and aipeditioua manner through the anbacribera, by drafts at tight, payable in all the principal towua in England, Ireland and Scotland. Money may be aent by letter (poat paid) from any part of the United States to them, giving the addreaa and me name of the party to receive it, which will be regularly forwarded by packet or steamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL k SON, au2*lm*r 117 Kulton atreet. NEW LINE OK NEW YOHK PACKETS KOR LI VERPOOL-Packet of Hat October-The JHBLSrw, splendid, fast tailing and favorite packet ship ROCHESTER. lOOn tana bnrtheu, Capt John Britton, wiQ tail on Wedneaday, October llat, her regular day. W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, olro Sfi South atreet, Id door helow Burling Slip. ? ^ L'/l r> Mk'tv MDI tf A Aia V ..d r v? tt ? bumiiiuin aiau ticw ; |B(y Vork Line?Positively the first and only Regular AHHKsPacket Tor Saturday. October Mth?The taat tailing bark OENK8EE, Captain Urt||i vwill positively sail as ?bo\ e, her reitnlar day. IFor height or paasage apply on board at Orleans wharf, footof Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., S6 Sooth st. Positively no goods received after Friday evening, 23d ; October Agent in New Orleans. James E. Woodruff, who will promptly lorward all goods to hi a address. Packet Ship Louisville will succeed the Oeaesee, and sail on November 4th. oli mm PACKET SHIP ROSCIUS, from LiverpoolkJJ^y Consignees by this ship will please send their perflBBfcmits on board, foot of Wall street All goods not permi led in five days, mil he sent to the pnhlic store oC> nfg- FRENCH BRIO ARVF.DE?Consigneesofcarare reqnestau to send their permits on board, bejHSaKntween piers ? and 5, North river O oils not permirred on the 19th mat. wil' be sent to the public store oil BOVU it HIMCREN. Ayentr. SKO iH WAREHOUSE.?JAM D. ARMSTRONG k THORNTON, No. 17 Cheapaide. Baltimore 700,000 ttegnrs, embracing extra fine and median qualities, consisting of Regalias, I-a Normaa, Cgatilloa, Prineipes, Casadoree, Reflea. Alys, a general aaaortment of Tebaeco, for tale on low terme. ____ ,r> lm 'a*eh AJLIHIlAI?lS,?eC buaheia, llliaoia Wheat, lor saie by ~~ FT K K, COLLIN? k CO . aaMr * ink street I j? " "I ' ?' 1 I AHVBBBItSW. rr: '.in11 1 . vr s.::pAatiutArHj-pinrt^r ? ?' ?. ?,v : i* I Presented the WIFE'S sEcRET?Itr Walter Am rot, .?ir Char Kean; Lord Arden. Dyoct: Jabet Saeed, ruber; ; Lady Erclior Amyot, MrCnos Kean; Nerille, Mre Hut; | Maud, Mrs Abbott. To conclude with FORTl'^'tO? Duron Donorer, A Andrews: Hon Mna Pcrtjua, Funny Oor<lo:i: Huu Mm Myru u?. Mm Haul. Unors opeu at at half-pcs* d o'clock. and the performances will cuin.uance at T o'elork. Boi?s f I ; fit iOreeta; (tillery 13 cents. OOWKRY THEATRIC-Thurasday Oct. '3th. 1 V* ?The performance will commence with the tragedy of VlROfNILs? Virgimus. Mr A A Addams: Iciliua, Mr Clarke: Oentarua, hterrna, Appina, Booth; Virginia, Mrs Sei leant 1 o conclude with the drama of LADY OF THE LAKE? Roderick Dhn, Mr Nealia; Fittjsmes, Clarke Ellen, Mrs Joidan. Doors open at T o'clock, cnrtam w.ll riae at halt past 7 ? Dreaa Circle, 3d centa: Upper Botes, B cents: fit ??d (Jallery, UK cents MITCHELL'S OLYMNC THEATRE- Thursday leaning, Octeobr 13. will be performed the drama ot AMUDEUH?f\ rdiuaud, Mr Clarke; Oil Valgus, Nickin loniTjoci Rafael D'ksluucgo, Walrot, arlo. Miss Clarke; Eras Autnuio, Mr Ereia'd; Count Mrdora, Blester; Casilda, Mist Roberta A'ter which. FAIR STAR?Buraroon. Niekinann- t'.her ry, Mrs Timm. To cou< lude with SEEING HOLLAND Dress circle JO rruu; upper boxes cenu; pit oue shilling; private boxes $ . Doora o|>eu at hall put 6 o'clock: curtain rues at 7. BUWLK.K UlKCUa. John Tryon Leasee. War en Brtp*r Treasurer. I hm Miay Evening, October 15. Mr W. O. Dale, the ouly rival ol Mr North, in hi? principal act of Hoiaeinauahip. Mr Brewer will give hia ft mnastic exhibition. Mr Smith nptni >he corde rolante. Messrs. Dale.Lipmm, Smith,land Mrs. Oullen.'will appear in various acts ol horse man* hip. The band of Negro Minstrels, led by Mr Dmuiit, will (ire a variety of the ino-1 popular songs, choruses, melodies, kc, as sung on the Southern i lantaiions. ARCH STREET TH EAlrRE !~PH IL AULLPH IA. W. E. Bi'htois Manager and Lessee J M. Scott Stage Manager. | (?7* This Theatre has been thoroughly re-deconted in the most gorgeous style, and is now the most beautiful Theatre in the Uuion. MIL JAMES WALLACE, Sr., will appear in his great original character of ulian St Pierre, iu the celebrated plsy of the Wife, Mrs Burke as Mariana. Messrs Scoti, Burke, Marsh, Shaw and Howard will all appear in the above piece ' I THIS EVENING, OCT. li. Will be acted the play of THE WIFE. Julian St Pierre, .... Mr Wallack Mariana. Mrs Burke To conclude with the farce of IS HE A GHOST' Mr Nicodemus. Mr MtsH: Dtggory, Burke. I i WALNUT aTRfcKT THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA E. A. Mans hall. Lessee W. R. Bi.aic, Manager. Fourth Avpearanct of MR. ANDERSON. Tlia emiueut Tragedian, in this city, unce his return from Europe. THURSDA V Ey E'NG. Octoher 15.wiH b, performed i nr. ivrnu up i ne. I/UAIMUNB. King Jam? Mr Auderaou Alter the |>lay. Mm Walters will apiiear iu a grand SPAN I8H BANCh. To conclude with the? MARRIED RAKE. To-morrow, Mr Anderaon'a last night but oue. HIT" Arrangements have been positively entered into with the following ga'axv of talent:?Mr. Forrest the popular operatic corps, Sirs. Seguin, Mr. Fraxer, Mr. Segnin, Madame I Angusta, Mad'slle Ditnier, kc. ! FALMO'S Ol'ERA ttOU&E, Chambers street. MY8TERIOU8 *nd Oriental Soiree of Mr. ALEXANDER. the Yourg Magician, just arrived from Paris. Wednesday Evening, Ot 1.14, Extraordinary and Unprecedented Exhibition of SPLENDID AND SURPRISING FEATS OF MAGIC. The extensive stage of Palmo's Theatie will present the appearance of a splendid TEMPLE OF ENCHANTMENT, 1 mairnificeutly illuminated bv hundreds of ligli s. The Orchestra will lav the new quadrilles, Au Diable Lea Lessons, and the Canal Ht Martin. The atnusiug Punchinello Dance, by the young Derruder. i '1 he evening's entertainmeuts will conclude with the great < Bear P Ih a, as danced at the first Theatres of Paris. Boxes, JO rents; second tier boxes and pit, 25 cents', children half price Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performances to commence at ?. till THE ALHAMKA SALOUN, 569 Broadway, near Prince afreet ADMISSION REDUCED TO ONE SHILLING This splendid, fashionable and well known establishment is now open for the seasou. Musical entertainments every evening, with the astonishI ing performances of MON- A, KIENT. ! the greater Magician of the 19th century. Dancing by M'lle | 1 J tear I) n [T7~ li n it 7?ci nmencea n: 8 'dock. : o!3 Iw I OAMILLO BlVOKJ'a ' ' C O ND CONCERT, fVill h uce oat Friday, October 16fn, at the : TABERNACLE. CAM II,. IVORI will perfonn? 1. Tha li i'an of a Orand Kantaatic Concerto. [B min ] 2. The celebrated Kuudo " 11 Campanello," [The Handhell.l 3 The favorite Variationa on the air " Nel Cor," Violin Bolo," all compoaed by PAGAN INI. He will be asaiated in hia Concert by MI88 L. MOSS, MONS. P. MAYER, And a numerona and aelect Oreheatra, led by oltrc MICHELE RAPETTI. MR. LOVER'S LAST NIUHT. i STUYVESANT INSTITUTE, BROADWAY, On THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1846.1 MR. LOVER, Al/THOR of Handy Andy, Rory O'Mora, lie. will repeat by particular deairo. hta firat entertainment, entitled " Illustration* of Ireland." with hia own Iriah aongt, aa alao hia own original comic atory of" The Gridiron." Adiniaaiou, $l Ticketa to be had at the Aator Home. alao, I 1 at Meaara. Stoddart It Dmiham'a; ,Chickeriog'a; Dnboia'a; j Firth ft Pond'a; and Atwill'a Mnaie Sturea, and at the doora each night. Doora open at 7R o'clock. Peribrmance to commence at I and conclude abont 10 o'clock. oil 2trh THE FIRST GRAND CONCERT MADAME ABLAMOWICZ, VJ"ILL take place at the APOLLO SALOON, on Thura' day, the 15th of October, on which occaaaion ah# will ' be aaaiated bv the following diatingniahed artiata MADEMOISELLE RACHEL, I MADAME LAZARRK, MON8 OIBErtT, MON8. JULES FONTANNA. , MR HENRY MARKS, Mr OEO. LODER will preside it the Pianoforte. ByTitkfti One Dollar each?to be had at the principal Mnaic Htorea. I Kail par icolart in amall bill*. "II re NEW YORK ANATOMICAL MUSEUM, 289 Biiicery, apforitt Prince it. THE PUBI.IC are informed, that after the labor of many year, Doctor BEACH ha> incceeded in col lectin* ana I preparing Anatomical apeeimena, iilnatratiag the atrnetnrenf every part of the *na*n ayatena; among which ia a tall aiied female figure, exhibiting the fee to a in utere, amid the anrrouiiuing organa. Thia magnificent collection (principally in wax) ia now open to riaitera in the abore building, and occupies aeeen rootna, where <11 may hare an opportunity of atodying the wonderful mechan'ani "I their own bodlea, tad the morbid atate produced by diaeaae F"r particular* aee amall bill*. Admittance IS facta nlj eoi|3t*'C J HAH8ELL. M 1) , Superintendent. NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS. THIS Institution. occupying the building known aa the Motnnda. in the Par*, i* open daily I'om 9 A. M. until dark. On Monday and Tneaday evening! the rooma are brilliantly lighted nntil 10 P M. Life Memberakip one dollar Single admiaeioa 2S cent*.? The Pnblie School* admitted free on Saturday*, by making ; arrangement* with the doorkeeper. o7 2wia*re I fiUwEa * CO.'S N. K. MAMMOTH GIKUUS. THIS unrivalled eorpe of Equestrians will perform at Caukill, October 12th; ei Oaknill on the 13th; at Oilloa on I the luh: Jefferson on the lith; at Roxbnry on the 16th; at i Clovearille on the 17th; at SVoodatock on tna 19th; at BaugarI tie* on the 20th; and at Kingaton on the 21at. Tin* ia the Largeat Establichment ever organised in the f7ntt*rf Hmtfii rmnnriiinir I '*A Mam Mil Hnr?*? rmn itlnno Curiunto convey the performer*, wardrobes, oinnciu* kc. The company ha* attached to it Eight Venule eqn w triana, amen* whom i? the Greatest Vernal* Kider of tit Age, recently arrived from Pari*, M ADAMK MAR1K MACARTR, whoee new atyle of Equestrian Keau, peculiarly her own, being cha*teand elaaaic; her graceful and faaeinating add re**, and the charming nitecfr with which ah* chain* heraadienee, render thia gifted and highly-educated artitU the leading feature of the arena in thia country. The Proprietor* refer the publie to the brilliant deecripuoa given iu the reapeccive newa upera of the extraordinary and daring feat* ^r.r^ ^c^'^^^'R.d.n, Maater, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clowa, DAN RICK. Among the Performer* u the celebrated and principal Kider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOB 88, whoae feat* on | Horseback are the mott extraordinary ever witnessed. Jure ' nil* act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great Karopean Tumbler, Mr. MACAKTE Wonderful Keau by Mr M Cole's Dogs, Hector tad Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, i in their elegant Oymaaatic Posturee and Groupings. Mr. , Sweet as the Charioteer of Phtnbus. Posturing and Qvm nasties, by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes is Ins Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. i C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions. Mr. Gso. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others. 1 The whole comprising the leading, moat talented, and classic performers in the world, oil rc HOWEH A CO'S .New York Mammoth Cirens. COLMAN'3 EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASS IC CABINET GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS, WHICH mclndes his immense stocks of Books, Paintings, Engrmviugs, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Material*, Mnaic, kc., are now to be fonnd upon the second floor, np one flight of easy stairs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be void nt a* low prieee, and manymneh below the regular pncea, being desirous of closing np *s soon at possible hi* Book Department. A (neap List will soon be published forthot* who will Buy quantities. Purchasers are invited to call aad axamiao hie New Room, No Ml Broadway, second floor al'icoder* tfrva GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. W FULLER respectfully informs his friends aad the . ?*ii' ? .........i ,k., n. ...... ... "ruction in Uyinnaatica, at hu eatabhahineiit, ? Ann atreet To gentlemen reatdmgin Broohjyn, or doing bu.ineaa down town, thia location will b? loand moat adrentageoaa and eeouom*ca> both u to tine and money. yZF Fencing and Sparring taught npon the moat approved prmciplca. ol iweodarc MADAME MARONCELU i lVOULD inform her pnpila, and friend. f?narally, that ahe i " cominnea her inatructinna in Hinging and Moaic, at Iter | rCKidrnce, 1)7 Bieroort Mare, (Iith rtrcrt ) Hhr ilao, if re- , quired, giver leaaona at the residence of the pnpil all eodlm'je J Muaic < nnHF. FIANO TAUOHT on very moderate term., bya , X person who ha* a perfect knowledge of the f and who undertakes to teach it thoroeghiy. Terms, J dollsrs per .month* Any j*eraon wishing r<> take w please address a line to " Mnaic, at the IJereld < >mce II Imia^re ( Drafts on grkaT BRitainand irki.and The anbecribera wonld remind their fneoda and the public thst they continue t?? issee drafts f.?r ny amount, i?ey. able in all tha nrinri al town, ol Eng'and. Ireland Hcmland or Walea.wi hont diarom.t or any other charge, which dralt. 1 *' S'VVTKBc'Si*4 , ! oil ih M South at, Id door Below Bnrltug alip. I LATEST INTELLIGENCE. ? '>> ii BY THE MAILt. Waihiwoton, Oct. IS, IMS, S P. M. Opinion in ffathington relative to tht Victory?The Im mediate Return ef Caytain Eaton toMonttrey with Deo paUhet. There eii a long Cabinet meeting yesterday, discussin*, no doubt, upon the lucceta of our arms at Monterey The government ia certainly tore at the tertna of capitulation entered Into by General Taylor with Ampudia There is a mystery hanging orer it which even Oeneral Taylor's official despatches hare not cleared up F.very American heart must exult at the brilliant acts and consummate ralor of our brare officers and soldiers in carrying before them all the fortifications of the Mex irans, to the very heart of Monterey. Still it will recoil, silently admit that nothing ahort of a complete aurrender of the whole Mexican army, should have been entertained It is clearly manifest from the deapatches of Uenerel Taylor, that Ueneral Ampudia made use of a palpable falsehood in order to extricate himself and army, in stating that a change had taken place in the governmant at Mexico, and that the party in power were favorable to peace Now, on the loth or 13th of September at most, Ueneral Ampudia must have been informed by hie goyernment, that't had declined tho proposals made by the government of the United Sfatea. Ueneral Ampudia ia put down by the Mexicans as tho last card in the pack. But 1 will here give him the oredit ef having played very successfully with two packs, and thereby extricated himself and army from total destruction You will see by the Union of this day, what it says about Commissioners to go to Ueneral Taylor's camp. Now had the Union come out before the deapatchea of General Taylor reached Washington, as it ought to have done, tbe remark would have loosed better That there was such a report about the 1st instant, cannot be denied, and it may be that the succees of our arms at Monterey hai caused a change. Captain Eaton returns this day to Monterey with despatches for Oeueral Taylor. As I stated yesterday, tho armistice of eight weeks has been disapproved of by the Freshlent. Nosth. WashimotON, Oct. 13, 1H46 Monterey?The Capitulation?'The JUminntratxon ami Ike Botheration. So, lir?*ay what you will, the capitulation doaa not pleaae the adminiatration. It ia pleaaad with the great victory, with the good deportment of the commanding general and hia troop#, in their long marchea and hard fighting ; but with the term# of the capitulation it ia not exactly pleaaed. It ia atill believed that Ampudia ia not over brave?that when he aent out the white flag he waa cared out of hia aeven aenaea, and would have been glad to have got off with hi# men, without a muaket or an ounce of powder. Nay, further, that if he had been pe remptorily demanded to aurrender at di?cretiou, he would have done it, or in a few houra could hare been driven to that alternative. It ia thought that Oen. Taylor haa suffered the Mexicana to eacape when he had them in hia graap, and might juat aa well have captured the whole of them, and aent them into the United States, aa not. But inatead of that, he haa given them sixty daya to recuperate, at the end of which time they will be enabled to precipitate upon the invading army a warm of vellow-akina to the number of 40 0<M men. Some ten daya ago a messenger with inatructions to Qen. Taylor to push forward, left thia city. The purport oi the instruction# wo gave you at the time. That officer in a week hence will arrive at Monterey ; but hia deapatc.hea will bo a dead letter. A aolemn treaty of peace ha# been entored into between the partie#, to aubaiat. on the part of (Jen Taylor until instruction# from hia government can be received, with the return from Washing ton of the meaaenger despatched with the new* of the fighting and the capitulation By thi# treaty all intervening inatructions that may be received are enpercaded. Captain Eaton, the Mercury from the camp, occupied aa we learn, only aixteen daya in a journey of 1700 miiea. We can acarcely expect that he can return in ao abort a time. Forty daya will probably elapse, of the aixty, of the armistice, before the orders of the government to a forward movement will he available, dunnr all of which time the army will remain inactive at Monterey,eating up their provisions, for it ii not likely the Mexicana have left them any thing The truth ia, we suspect Oen Taylor think* it a small buiineu to be fighting ao contemptible an enemy a* the Mexican*, and ia getting tired of it; for, after waiting a long time for a treaty, he thraahe* them, and than die miaaea them in good order, with aixty day* grace to think oyer the matter, before engaging to thresh them again. Thia U following out the policy of Mr. Crittenden to the very letter?every time we thraah them asking them if they have got enough, while the only way with * an enemy who are ao exceaaively atupid as not to credit our humanity, ia to pummel them right and left until they cry " pecavi" without aaking. But, however contemptible at fighting, the Mexicana are a little the ahrewdeat of all nation* under the nun at diplomacy and negotiation. Senor Rejon completely extinguished Governor Shannon?Pena-y Pen* wrote Mr Slidell out of thp country, and now we find that Ampudia haa anticipated a total overthrow, and canvartad it into a creditable affair, by a timely negotiation. San ta Anna in the same way amuggled himself into Maaico, and wa should not wonder if we proceeded to a conclusive treaty, if wa were to find ouraelve* the leeera by the bargain. Therefore, with Father Ritchie, we go for the vlgoroua proaecution of the war right straight forward. Belligerently, THE DOCTOR Washikotou, Oct IS, IMS. Jttmt of the J!fttmoon?Tb.t ConttmplaleJ Jlttack en Tampico, fc. A powerful sou' oaater, which commenced blowing last night, haa bean prevailing all day. Strong wind and great quantities of rain. Apprehend there must ba soma wrecks along Chesapeake Bay. No further now* last evening from the South Wa mot at the car* the Hon. John M Botta. passing westward, who informed ua that there was no mail veeterdav oath of Weldon?failed to eonnoct, undoubtedly We *re indebted to Mejor Heiu, neeociete editor of the Union, for eopiea of the oOcial despatches oi (leu. Taylor, forwarded yesterday Tha widow of Col. Wet eon, of the Baltimore rolun teera, who waa killed at Monterey, will reoeire a half pay penaion of $37 per month. We are informed that the Cabinet had another meeting this morning. Tampico ia next to be reduced, and then, if the enemy do not come to terma, the nary will be apt to have a privilege of a fling at the Caatle of Bt. John. Father Ritchie peremptorily deniee the rumor of the peace commiaeionera. ' 'Men may cry peace, peace, but there ia no peace." It ia war to the knife, until the enemy cry "peccavi." jpr The deposition of Mra Linn, of Bt. Louia, in the caao of Benton ra. Governor Thomaa, (a libel suit,) boa beam received by the court. The trial la to be resumed la r November. Bad day for the elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio, if the aiorm has extended ao far, of which there ia llMe dntiM It $srill hm hid nifttrularlv fin* ihm mrklmm ?e?v of whom are too ilalicate to turn out in th* rain. Ob thi? other band a rainy day ia alwaya an advantage to the hardfiated. Rain or anine, they are thar ! The market waa rather alimly provided thia morning? the long bridge acroaa the Potomac being undergoing certain re pair at the draw-bridge. The coaat aurvey have nearly accompliahed the than gulation of Cheaapeake Bay. ft ia a moat minute, the rough, and complete operation. The Secretary of the Treoaury ia espeeted every train from the North. A company of thoae daughter* of mercy, the Sietera of Charity, have taken charge of the nuraiag of the eick at thy city hoepital. Pending thee* equinoxiaJ atorma, we are beginning to feelannioaa tor the ateamer. The Cabinet are not Toaa impatient for her no we than the merchants. Mexico and the potato rot are the great questions ol the day. The poeition of Oeneral Taylor'a army ia new regard od aa critical, and more critical if he pu-hea forward iu advance of re-inforcementa. The Waahington and Baltimore Railroad ia yielding a dividend, in which caae it ia to be hewed the company will put up a reepcctabte depot at their terminua on Pennaylvania Avenue. We a hall perhaps deecnbe thia edifice one of theae day* Our city father* are ruminating upon th* expediency of whiteweahing that black and dingy atraeture called the City Hell. There le a great deaf of whitewaahing done inalde of that bnildlng. W* know not why thr outside ahould not hav* a ooat Th* Kilmotea gave ua one of their pleaeant entertain menta laat night, and a big circna ia oomng to town. P. 8.?Hon. H. S. Kox. late Britieh Minister, died at hU reaidenc* in thia city at S o'clock to-day. Sick only a few day*?aged about Sa. Washivotoh. Oct li. lt*dd NiictUivm Iti mi The Winnebagoeabaro not 7at bit upon a traaty with the government. Tbay rode oat to-day, the delegation occupying tbree omnibuaaea or omnibi. Aa tbay peaaed by the Department they were aingiog one of their war tonga, the newafrom Monterey baring awakened their appetite for rcalpe. Mr Walker'a report from the Treaanry department on Banking, propored by Mr. Oouge, ia eat. We tend you a copy. It ia a documentary hiatory of banking within the aeveral tttataa for aix aucceaaire yeara laot peat; and makea a volume of 1940 pagee. It will be a document of great ralne to yoar money men. The Oerman Benevolent Society dedicated tbeir r.ew Hail to day Thar bad a eery raepectable proceaeion, and a oupeib band of muaic. Two horaea ran off down the avenue thia afternoon, under a tort of it am ft dt, creating a great cone tarnation among the haokmen. The omnlbua waa dialocated and Jetaehed by a concuaaion againat the curb atone at Cole nan'a Hotel, the horaea daabing ahead with the forevhaela, leaving the hex and bind wheela in the gutter rhe porter came out to eacort the paaaengera into the tonao, thinking it waa an arrival, but they had ail de nmped out of the back door. A horao a little below, raa knocked aa Bat aa if atrnck by a aix pounder No hrther damage waa done Baltimore, UCI. l?, loao. ??/. H'afton Major RintgtU't Rtmomt? Tkr Kltrhon ? Itnrlkm, ft. Tho untimoly (at* or Col Wm H. Watoon ha* canto) ho moat univertal and haart/alt aorrow I havo erar wtttoaood in any community. Ho wna known by ovory nan, woman and child, almoit in tho city, and hoinj ^

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