Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Ekim 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Ekim 1846 Page 3
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r a? ? mmmmmmag though unjustly, and shortly, public verdicts of jurorr, o frequently against It, will populariza tha idaaof injustice on its part, and justify what ara called cuetom * 'abuse oatha. which begin to ba assimilated with the idea of " straw bail;" for it ia wall known that consignments have been oifered to honest houses in this city, if they would accept them invoiced at from forty ta fllty per cent under their real value, but with consular cert ideates attached in due order. The Collector here having required, lately, a consul's certificate of a house, for en invoice, me consignor wrote from the continent to nil agent, sending him the consul's certificate, saying the consul was more complaisant than the collector, for the former sent him the certificate by mail, and the value and descriptions ef goods in blank, to be filled up according to his pleasure. The American consuls in general are unacquainted with goods, and are bound to accept the testimony of parties who appear to testify before them ;but foreigners in or near manufacturing districts,ask the appointment of consul for the honor of it, and the convenience of their friends, the manufacturers. Under the edvalorem system, little importance can be attached to conaular certificates, but great importance to the selection of appteisers, expeiienced judges of the values and qualities of goods in the markets where they are manufactured. Much p arsons would give character to this department of the revenue, and prevent attempts to defraud it, and avoid all the vexatious suits, which will render it, if co ntinued, unpopular; for it ahould be a maxim with ci.vil governments, as with military, never to carry on p stty wars, or suffer defeat in them. If per sons of exp< jTienca as judges of goods, in the manufacturing districts, could be induced to accept appraiserships, it' .could be a great economy to government to remunerate them handsomely, and to the mercantile communi .cy a great source of pleasure in their relations with tha custom house. The tolls received on the New York State canals, for the third wevk in October, 1846, and for the season, this .year and last, were as annexed Ni.w Ynax State Canals?Amount ok Tolls. Third week in October, 1846, $131,120 93 Yor the corresponding week in 1843 133.936 71 Decrease in 1916 $13,806 78 The breaches in the canals have probably decreassd the toll* for the week ending on the 33d of October, 1846. The total amount of tolla on all the canals, from the opening of navigation to the 33d October, in 1846, was $3,919,396 64 Total to 33d October, 1845 2,080.493 82 Increase 139,813 73 The increase for the year will not be so large, at thia rut*, an we anticipated. In our previous calculation! we made no allowance* tor ?uch a contingency. The high pries s ruling on the leaboard for all deecription* of agricultural product*, induce* uito think that the ru?h.ju*t before the navigation cloiea, will iwell the increase of toll* much above the present amount There is not that anxiety and fear in relation to shipping produce on the canal up to the latest moment, which in former years checked the transmission of merchandise, as the laws of this State now give the different railroad companies the privilege ot transporting produce during the suspension of ftivigation; and any quantity, which might, on its way by canal, be arrested in its progress by ice, can be transferred to a rail car, and reach its destination. In "this way, every barrel of flour and bushel of grain is sure of reaching market. Navigation on the Hudson River continues free for several weeks after the canals cl*>se;and the sappliesol breads)nils destined for this mi irket, generally come forward before the river freezes 06 er. | Old Stock Exchange, f J0W U 8 5's 96? 75 sbas Nor and Wore 61? &0* Ohio!'*. '60 93)2 150 do 6I?J 200 shat E B eaton Co 16)4 150 do b30 62 650 Harlem KK blO 51 liO do Gl'f 100 do aS 51 125 do 6 Ji 100 do 5014 "i do 62 100 do b30 51 50 do 62*4 100 do blO 5074 400 do 62'? 50 L Island RR V9la 25 do blO 62** 25 Utica fc .tchsn 112 50 do alO 62)4 50 Heading H.R C3W 16 Erie KB, old atock 47 20 scon lli t 49)4 500 >haa Read fcgKR 60d 63* 50 ?ha? Nor fc Wor >90 61V JJ do 6J? 23 do b30 62^ ISO do ?3? 50 do b 10 622 5? 3? 63.',' 50 do bis 62)2 50 ,d? ?T. Wi 30 do b 15 62$ SO Harlrm R:? 50* mo do >3 62 50 do b3 50*; 50 dn b30 62* 50 do bS 50)2 56 do 62 100 fcO 50 w 50 do Mob d 11 62 50 dd 50>J ow Sto< a Kxchanga, 50 ?ha> Fan.y Wed 24* 100 ahas Nor k Wor W'y 61* JOB Harlem AK b30 51 23 do btw 62 :? do b3 50* 23 do k3 61V 40 2? v?3 25 do c 61* 30 ko Wbl5 51 25 do Wed 61* i 50 do . c 50* 25 do >3 61* 50 do Wedn 30 * 23 do Wed 62 50 do tw 56* 50 do c 62V 1H0 do *3 50* 25 do >10 62V ; 50 do c 5(1* 100 do Wed 62V 4tjO^(to^^^^e. 3(1* 23 do >4 6i* At TompkinaeiU*, Htaten Island, on Saturday the 94th inat. Susan, youljgeatdaughter of Archibald and Sarah - Gordon, aged one year and ten months. At Pottsville, I'enn., on the 19th intt., William, only child of William WilaonSmith, of thia city, aged twenty-ene months. At Braintree, oa the 28th inat., Mr. Wm. Coleman aged 79 At Salem, on the 22d inat. Ichabod Tuckeb, Esq. aged 61, late t.lerk at the Judicial Courts of Essex county, and a graduate at Harvard University, in the claaa of ! 1791 | At Waaton. Ml*. Ann Derby, arad 8(1. niHnv -r it. let* Samuel O Derby, Eng. "* THIRD CONGRESSIONAL Vl STRICT NOMINATION. AT AN ADJO'JKNKD MkT fINO 0F THE CONVENTION of the Third .avgrrsaioral Die'rict, held at lha Honat af J O rtaaeul (a pursuance of a rreommenda tioa of the Democratic General Committer, HENK.Y Nll'OL, E?o of the l?t Ward, waa duly nominated aa the Democratic Candidate to rep-eaent thia Diatrict in the neat Conire-a JAMES C. STONEALL. Chairman. iiAian HrWDr aj ) f is I'uu , \ Secretanaa. Ortoher Tf,t. 1B4G n28 I tire BE 11 K.NnWh to the Voteia of the Fonrth Congrea?ion?j Diatrtrt in the 8t?te of New York, that 1 againat rne domination of VVm B. McClay, lor it waa made roatr>/t to the tommoa uagea of the Democratic Party, and e jpecal y that of " Equal and tract Juatice," aa I am pre'/attd tw prove t) the a?ttafaction ot evety honeat voter. JAMES RoBINSON, The pecple'a Candidate for Cong eaa, aa you may are in the I'rne Sun. Q7> There will be a meeting of my Irtenda at Phalian Hall, Grand atiaet, on Fiiday night. 30th mat., at 7 o'clock. <>7t lt*nc NOTICE. : THE MEMBERS, Patroua and Frienda of the German Hebrew Benevolent Society, are hereby notified that the advertianment which had appeared in aevrral daily paper* concerning the day of their Anuiveraarv Dinuer waa an error, that thrtr Dinner la aet apart and will be given on 'iHiriiainav .k. n.k. r in??1? ? . .... 111 mo ApnllO OSIOOna, 1 Clti Bmadway. The Trustees take this method to assure their friend - that nothing will be wanting to make that evening an agrresbla one?and as th? only object will be chanty, they ; aspect to see ill their former friends and all those who can make it convenient to a'tend. off lt?r*c i THE MOST RECENT AND IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FRtiM GREAT BRITAIN it IRELAND. THE OLD COUNTRYMAN of this day contain* the fallen account of all the most important affairs in I-urope?Famine in Itelaadsnd Scotland?Failure of Trade in Eugtsiid? I oss of the Great Britaiu Steamer?Sporting Intelligence ?Newm.rket Races?Great Ciicket Matches?Ini- , 6nts t decision relative to the Championship of Pugilism? ! anktnpts? state of Ttade?Marriages and Deaths?Local tR-curreiCes kc?Snoring in AmeMea?Oiea. Trcnmg end lacing Marches?Interesting Oaines of Cricket, and a v ) risty of Alucellaneons Intelltgeuce of inteiest and importance I'ablished at No. l?t Nsssan street, New Yotk; price 6>a cent-, and may be had of all naws-vandrra. oil lt*rc PhlME I LL> IK16H WH'SKEY DMLk egpectcd hv the paekrt ship J?hn K. Skiddy, ten puiicneouf. each containing frqra 100 to 110 gsllnns of i W ia?'s celebrated ?lid Cork Whisker For sale in quauti ties to rait purchasers, by DANIEL NOONAN, oil iff a Greenwi' h street. i RACrS. I THE HIGHEST price paid for all kinds of Domestic ltagvby VERBS R h BROOKS, r [ Paper Warebonse, cM*7rr Not. 8S and *7 N>u>n ??? ' THEAPEST AND BEST INSTRUCTION I IN WRITING I lVf BRISTOW rasprcifolly aiinonncea Ins return to ! IT I New York, and the re-opening of hii Academy for ! H Dey sad Evening Pupils, at * A'o 803 Hroadiray. cemer of Dusne llretl. I Superior and Elegant fivatem of Writing, taught with eee tsiuty and aucceaa in One Courae of eaiy Leaaona, by Mr. ' dr now. By thia lyttanv Ladies am taught a neat, handaoma, deli care ar.d fhshio'.i>b!e ha< d. truly elegant and lidy-like. (Jen tlem* n acqni'* a bold, manly aud expeditions atyle, am'able fo' evary o'^cnnation of lifu-no matter bow bad, illegi ble, I Cfjwp*1,' ?r defective tke writing mav be. < . rai'grra Titiiiug New York ran obtain the ayatem in'h'eadayi. ol<eodlm*ire I kEWaTkIjI V OST IN B( EECKKR atreet, near Braadway, about the M-4 14th instant. Four Heals, engraved and set as a Wafh Slide, w:ih one other anal attached, with the lettera S. >1. P.. 1 engraved thereon. The finder will receive the above reward | by leaving them at lag Front atreet, op ataj-a. olt3i*r , I LOST^ I I T AST evenng, a Hair Bracelet, in going from corner Bur lJ ling Hltti ced South atreet to fig Cliff atreet. The finder will be snit-bly reworded hv leaving the aame at George Snt ton'a office. No. 30 South atreet, or m Front atreet, Brook I' n. o>T her | I THK RICHMOND TRAGEDY 1 I |LT8T rnhliahed, in book form, price twelve and a half ' ?l centa. an Authenticated Report ol the Trial of Myera and others, for the murder of Dudley Marrin hoyt, with the elo ,1'irni Speeches of ( onnsel, and "The Lettera" in full ; with I Kaplanstery Notes, which furnish a e ear and complete his- ' to?y of the caae. Drawn up by the Editor ef he Hichmoud i Hourtiani Standard. ng? If re HK'IIAP.DS k TOMPANY, JOAnnst | I THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY", II/'I' ce'ebrute ita 13th anniversary hy a Dinner, on WW Wednesday, the 21th intrant, at o'clock P. M , at the ApoHo Saloon. Preaident?M M NOAH, v Vice Preaident?LEWIS MAWSON, I nJ4 St*r Treaanrer?JOHN LEVY. I " \ uf HlfAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. I TTMIE American Exchange Bank on the 14th inst declared a I Dividend ol Three (1) per cent, peyabla to Stoeknolden 1 tin and after Monday. Nov. Id Trena'er Book* will he eioeed from Mth Oct. to Id Nov. I j ol'lt#ii? J. J. FISk, Cashier. _1_ .. .1 .. ?L L-JJ | SALESMAN WANTED. ' /~hNE who cu take chare* of any department in t Urge ReU tail Dry Uooda Score, nay address with references. D. vv W. k Co.. at this office. olt tt* r WANTED. By a protest ant youug Woman, a situation aa ( ham barmaid, or to do Hu?i? Work ia a small private fimily, with ?ood city referenre. Plaat* call at 57 Bedford street. Will answer calls lor three days. o?8l'?r WANTED. A SITUATION by a yoDDg woman in a prirate family as ' ( liamberinaid or Waiter. Good city reference given ou applying at SI Walker street ott lt#r SUGAR BOILER WANTED. ! ONHWHO is arenstomed to boil in ear bo. and can com* welt recommended, is waited logo to a healthy part of the West Indies. A liberal salary anil permanent employnient will be (iren. Apply to ALFREDF KEMP. I oMlt*r 75 Broad street. Wifit N L*R?E WANTED. ! A RESPECT 4BLE young Married Woman, with a fre?h Breast of Milk, to take a young child to nurse. Apply before II A. M. to Dr. Douglas, 421 Greenwich street corner Laight o2ISt*r WANTED. t'TUATIONSby two young. Women, on# to take care of J Childrru and Plaia Sewing, or to do < h<mbcr work?the other to do Ueuer I Housework. The beat city reference given. Please call at 15 Mott street, n*ur Chatham Snuara. oM2t*rre BOARD UP TOWN. J WA> 1 h u Tor (ientlernau and Wire, a parlor and bed rooin furnished, with full board, between Uh and 14th treeti. Priv.?te fainilv wnold be preferred. Note, addressed i " Robert," and lelt at tlua office, statiug location and pticea, i will be promptly attended to. o37 3f r , JOSEPH CROCKER, at the Weateni Hotel, Jersey citr wuu a man to attend Bar and to keep hia books. One that is experienced, and can briny a good recommendation. Alto a good American or English woman for Cook o!7 2t*r ! UNION HOUSE. j THK subscriber has taken the above named new and splendid Hotel, just completed, at the centre of the beautiful village of Hpruigfield, Mats . and will open the same for the public accommodation on the 30th mat The Union House is large, richly finished and furnished, and offers unequalled advantages to all persons travelling through rpringlield for huiiuets or pleasure. Having recently kept the "United i States Hotel" and "Congress Hall," at Saratoga, the sub- | sciiber respectfully invites hit old frieuds and petrous, and I all others, to give him a call in his new quarters. 8. 8. 8EMAN. ' Soriugfield, July 14, 1>I6. an3 3m*r ! CARLTON HOUSE. PH HODGES has the pleasure to announce to his friends and the public, that having purchased the in: terest of nis late partner, Ctpl. J. Benson, he will coutinne' the house on his own account, and is now prepared to make arrangements with families or tingle gentlemen, who wish board for the winter, on the most favorable terms. ol9 2wit*c ! CLARKE'S SACKS, I 116 William strut,opposite tin Washington Stores, GRACEFUL AND CHEAP-?By purchasing all my goods for cash, and giving no man credit, 1 am enabled to offer the most tempting inducements to the truly economical. Thus I will make to order a coat, usually charged at $2), far $20, and an (II coat for (li. and every other garment in propoitinn. I am likewise provided with a magnificent assortment of fine Overcoats and Sack Costs. Mv black cloth Sacks, with silk collars and fronts, are $11, some as low as $J. o77 jtis*re DRAWINCt AND PAINTING. JR. WATERSTON, teacher of Drawing and Painting to the Flushing Institute, L. I , has still some leisure time which he wishes to fill up iu givirg Trieste Lessons, or in atteuding schools. Terms moderate, and may be learned by applying at 171 c anai street, or at 1 J.i rowen'i bookstore, corner Broad- ! wht an^ Hl^erVe/' street, N Y. o27 1m*r | UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK.?MEDICAL ; DEPARTMENT. TI1K Idtroiluctorv Lectures for the He>aion 1816-47, will I commence on Monday evening Oct. 26th, at 7 o' the College Building, 6i'J Broadway, (opposite Bund street,) . and be delivered in the following order:? ILMonday?Professor Mott on Surgery. Tuesday?Prof Pdttiaon on Aoatomj'. Wednesday?Prof Revere on Tractire of Medicine. Thuraday?Prof Paine on Inatitotea of Medicine and Materia , Medica. Friday?Prof Bedford on Obatetrica. Saturday?Prof Draper on Chemistry. The Profeaaion and Public are rerpectfnlly invited to attend. JOHN W. DRAPER, 024 iat3l-r Secretary of the Faculty. PF* DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES. A LARUE importation of French Platea, just received *nd for aale at the Plumbe National Daguerrian Gallery. No. 2M Broadway. o2G 2w*e | DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS FOR SALE. GERMAN, French, and American Cameraa, Lena, Platea, Caara, Chemicala, fcc., 10 per cent. chea|>er than any other place in the United Statea, at 112 Broadway. N.B. Inatructiona carefully given in the art. i Atao, wanted to pnrchaae or hire, a good lathe for braaa or light iron work, with toola. ire ?l* lm-c NCOTtfy THUMP&UA'S CITY CASH Wholesale and Retail Family Grocery, Tea, i Wine, and Spirit Establishment. No. 097 Broadway, New j York.?J. 8. Scott It Uo., No. 76 Nassau itreet, in cornel fiuenee nftk. ...I.- .... ? 1 r .L_: " , . wwb UI > imuiim " , M (- I 1 UfMlWU CUS" miners, have baen induced to open an eatabliahment on the caih principle, at the above J97 Broadway. They will eonatantly have on haud the beat assortment or goods in the above line, and at pricea that muat aatnniah the inhabitanta in the upper part of the city. Amongst the aaaortment will be fonndthe following: Teas of the lateat importations and finest qualities; sugars of every arade; Mocha. Java, Lagnayra, and Maracaibo coffee, wines, champaigne, aherry. Madeira, port, claret, kr kc.; Irish an I Scotch whiskey (the Scotch whiskey of the celebrated Uleulevet and Islay nrauds): Barclay It Perkins' London brown stout; Edinburgh aud Alloway ale; new Malaga fruit; i pickles; soap; sperm candles;oils; old Knglish dairv cheese; ' Glasgow spiced hams; English, French, and American mustard; a very large assortment of imported Segars, Ac. Ac. Ac. N B ?Very old aud superior London dock port; Amontillado pale sherry; Manzanilla, do; pale gold and browu sherry: ! East India reserve Madeira, Newton, Gordou, Mnrdock, and Scott's, Ac Ac. P. S?Goods delivered free of expense in any part of the city, and for caih nHt oil lm*rrc | FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING I AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING! ESTABLISHMENT, W. H. DEGROOT It CO., lOid Fialton Street, Second block East of Broadway, New York, WHERE every variety of Gentlemen's Clothing can be I had for lower prices than at any other eatabliahment in ! me city ol New York. O'er Coat* and Over Sacks, of Broadcloth, Baarer. Pilot, | Tweeds, and Mazurka Cloths, of every aty le and color, from $4 to $70. Cloaks?one half, three quarter and full circle, of French and American Broadcloths, from ti to $25. Drraa and Frock Coata?black, blue, brown, olive and green, of French, English, Belgian and American Clotha, from $? t<> $16. Office and Buaineaa Coata, Pelto, Back and Winter Frocks? of Tweeda and Broadclotha of every atyle in the market, frrm - - - - $3 to $4. Panta?Broadcloth, Caaiimeres plain and duicy, Doe Skin? French, English, and American. from $2 to $4 Veau?donlile breasted, straight breast, and rolling collar, new atylea: plain and fancy Velvets, Woolen Velvets, Caa | simere, plain and fancy Satins and BHka, f om $1 to $6. ALSO, A large aaaortment of Broadcloth, Casaimerea and Vestings, which will he made to order, to ruit the moat faatidiona. IT7~Boya' Clothing, of every deacription, ennatantly on hand W. H. DEGROOT k CO., o7 lm'r No. 10a Fnltnn atreat. BATTLE OF MONTEREY. SAKONY k MAJOR have jnat pnbliahed two splendid printa?one a atartling representation of the Biege of Monterey; the other poitray ing the Generals Ampndia and Taylor, with their respective staffs, treating for the eapitulatiou of Mouterey; both tastefully colored. Single copies 12K cents: per hundred. $6 8. k M. nave also published a correct full length likeness of Oen. Taylor, aud pictures of all his battles; together with a general assortment of beautifully riecnted and colored prints, to which they would call the atteutiou of the public. I Orders from all parta of the country promptly attended ta. Agents reontred in the principal cities and towns, who will be supplied on the moat lavorable terms, old 2w*r 8ARO.NY fc MAJOR. V* Nassau at. FAMILY BOARDINO SCHOOL. ! AN Experienced Teacher, residing in the Country, takes into her family a number of Children, not exceeding ten, as boarders aud scholars. No pitas spared to render the hnniff a nlffkunf hnm*? tn thm nnrula mnA ?n ad?ai>?? ? their ?tudiei. Great attention paid to their health and morale Thr aitnation ia very retired and healthy. No day acholar ia admitted. There are at preaeot three yaeanciea. For icTerence and terma enquire at 31 Hammond atreet. o2S Jw*rre money lent: The highest PRICES advanced in large and email ' Kum< on gold and iilrer Watehea, Diamond!, Plate, Jewelry, Dry Gonda. Furniture, Clothing, and every deacnptioo ef Pergonal Property. JOIlN M DAVIK8, Licenaed Pawnbroker, 333 William at. near Dnaneat. Peraona received in prirate office by ringing the bell. ' o30 Im'rrc. testimonial ILE CHEV'R DON ANGEL CALDERON DE LA BARi'A, M in later Plenipotentiary from the Court of Donna laabel II Quern of Hpaia to the United Htatee at Waahington, do atate, that I hare known Dr. A. CASTLE, a gentleman standing pre eminent in hie prnTraaion of medical and au'gical Dentin?that thoae requiring hie nrnfeaaioa , al aid may place tiie fulleat coi.fljeucr in hia ah ill and integrity. Signed, A CALOKHO.N DE LA BAR! A. Dr. A. C CASTLE, 331 Broadway, lueerta Artificial Teeth, , and performe every ope ration i en.on nig to the rratoration of the mouth, gnma and teeth i39lm*rh J. STOUVENEL * CO., 1 \n. 3 Jttkn afreet, neat Broadway, and Ho. 39 Gold afreet, MANUFA( TUREK9, and Wholeaaleand Retail Dealrre ! in Glaaa, Solar, Lard, aud Camphene Lampa, Chandeliera, Bracketa, Hall Lampa and Lanterne, Girandolea, Can- | delabraa, Itc. Itc. Private honaea, chnrchea. and hotela, fitted up with gaa, chandeliera, bracketa, Itc. Vve are alao mann- j Tacturing cat and plain glaaa, of evrry deacription, which in | wiluuiui tnuuiii up anrpaaseu ny any in ine country. All the above article* made to order, and matched in an v pattern, and guaranteed to give latufactlon?all at a great reduction is price. Olaaarat to order. Lam pa altered and refiniahed. Good* loaned for parriea. *13 lm*mc TKAVfeTLLlNuTrRlTMtS, luT JB OHN CA I TNAI H, Trunk Manufacturer, No. I Wall atraet, corner of Broadway, haa now on hand and constantly making, a good aaaortment ol Trunk*, Valiaea, Carpet Bag*, and Batenela,wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for American or European Travel, aad Portmanteaus for the French Nolle Peefe. Orders lor the Weet ladiea, Booth America, Be., filled with despatch. o9lm*rc A RARE CHANCE. LATE 219 Broadway?Agents era wanted to andertabe the sale of a new and useful patented article, that can be i sold to erery family in the Union. To men of respectability and business hat*its, a guarantee of $J00 per sniinm will be givee. Apply to C. ALDEN. No. 117 Fnlton st., N. York. AM letrers mn?t be post paid oil Im rh i Office of the New k ork tias Light Compeuv, October 13, 11*8 ?w? THE PRF.81DENT and Directors have thia day declared , a dividend of four and one half per cent on the capital stock of this Company, for the sii months ending 1st August last, payable to the stockholders on and after Monday, the 3d November neat. , ... ..I The transfer book will be closed Irom the 34lh mat. until that date. By order, . ? , on tNov2rc C. L. F.VFRITT. 8ee'y. j Orricg or thc Morbis tan Keen Halt. Roao Co., i Newark Oct. 33d, 1118. 1 NOTICE ia hereby given, that Proposals will be received until the 9th November neat, for ihe Orading, Masonry, and Bridging required to complete the Branch of the Morris and East a Bui road from Morristown to Dover, a distaoce of about II milee. Mars and Profiles, aatimates and specifications will be round alter 3-th instant, u ihe Office of the Company, at Mor"VVI' " feaaary information will be given. i ne line will he divided into sections of convenient length, IS*, "fttmetfon.jgd Prnprsele In writing, directed to the j u Ji qpfa?BB- H-JU-UMHP | 400VMR ROTICKI. ROYAL OUKLEY, Auctioneer. VALUABLE ffALIAN AND ENGLISH ENGRAV1NUS?Tide Evening will be sold, by Royal Oar I ay It Co., if Che Long Boon 1M Br adway corner of Dunne street, 1 an extrusive and banntilul colle? turn of choice Engravings, the prodoctiona of eminent nrtintn, mc'udiug Michael Angelo and Ka|>hae(S grant worka iu the Vatican,lie. Cataloguei era now ready. old If r H. DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. VALUABLE ORIGINAL FAIVTINOS.-TUTTLE It Dl CLUZEAU will aell th>s day, at It o'clock, at No. (i Williawi street, without te?enr?, positively to ch?e the collection, 1M ealu bla original paintings, of recent importation. Compelling the worka "f Mnbeiia Murillo. Vaudi ke. Moras. Balvaia Rota, Pamnnini, Bool, Darid, Aubiy, Metis, I 'orriglio, fce. are now ra*dy, and the collection can be examined 'till the hour of tale. N B ?The attention of the admirers of the flue arta it respectfully solicited, as erery lot will be sold peremptorily to I the highest bidder. <i2tli*r chancery sale. BY order of the Court of Chancery?Under the direction of Isaac V. Fowler. Master in Chancery, will be sold at public auction by DUMONT k H08ACK, at the Merchant's Exchange, Wall street, on Monday, the second day of November, IMC. at II o'clock, the two story brick front house and lot No. 6 Watts stree-, north tide, third house froui Sullisau street, with two story building on the rear, and the right of au alley leading to Broome atrvet;aaid lot is 21 ft. 6 in. front and rear and Tift. 9 in. deep. o21 lw*r essence of coffee. THIS delicious beverage made of the purest and best Coffee.has gained a great popularity, not only on account of the great facility it offrrt to hnturkeepera and bachelors by making with one tea spoon full, more or lest, in a cup of hot wslei or milk the most palatable coffee, but also bv m tune riority to auy coffee prepared in the usual way. The manufacturer having lately atuiucil tome advantagea in retaining all lite flavour in the eateuce, 11 confident that it , will now give to all who trv it. Kor tale at Bunker He Co., No. IS Maiden Laue; W. S. Corvin, No *39 Broadway; Oasaner k Young, No. 134 Chatham at.; J. Gottabcrger, corner Chatham and Outre au.; Scolield k Co., No. 73 East Broadway; John Milhan, No. 113 Broad way. E. Z. 8ZAUKDZKY, o3i lw'ra Manufacturer, Mo. 93 Murray at. PLUMBOTYPES. GOLD MEDAL AWARDED. THE Proprietor of the Plnmbe National Daguermu Gallery, having diacovered a mode ol rranaferriug Daguerreotypea to paper, ia now prepared to execute thia new atyle of poitraiture at the rate of 100 lac aimilie copi?a for ten gollara. The Plnmbe National Daguerrian Gallery, No. til Broadway. Platea, Caaea, and atoek of all deacriptiona, at wholeaale or retail. "JG lm*c CiGOTT'S BAZAAR" 74 Puttvcr. (trekt, orroaiTC Niblo'i. SANDS SCOTT, late of the Bazavr in Dey atreet, bega to , acquaint hia numeioua frienda and the public, that lie haa . opened the above houae in a very auperior atyle, and hopea to merit a fair ahare of the public patronage, krom loug experience in huaiueaa, he Battera hinuelf to be able to pleaae the moat laatidioua; the accommodation a of hia houae for buaineaa and comlort he b'lievee cannot be aurpaaaed bv any honae of the kind. Hia patrona will alwaya find the houae well anpplied with the beat ol every thing the market alforda in the way of Alee, Winea, Liquora, and Cigara. Steaka, Chopa, Cold Cuta, Rarebits, Povchad Eggs, Tea, Coffee, and. in fact, a large aaaortment of refreshments at all timea, until 13 o'clock at night. Plenty of rooma for private pamea at all timea ready. Roast Beef and Yorkahire Pudding every Sunday from 1 to 3. o2i lw*rh GOLD PEN MACHINERY. THE undersigned offcra for sale, on reaaeuable terma, aeveral complete acta of Gold Pen Machinery, in perfect ' order for m-nnlacinring Diamond Pointed Gold rena. They , will be accompanied with complete practical ioatructiona. if deaired. Terma made known on application in peraon or by poat pa d letter to J. M. TROWBRIDGE, 8yracuae, N. Y. o24 Sw*rrc J HE PIANO-S1NGING?ITALIAN? ENGLISH. ]\J R9. MORLEY, Pupil ofthe Celebrated Crorilli and Sir ar-n. t reorge smart, u prepared to (ire leuom in Singing, in F.nglith, or Italian, end on the Piano Forte, at iter residence, No. 10 LlnPEN ARD street, or that of her pupils, on reasonable terms. Mrs. M is also ready to teach schools in classes, in the city or io the couutry. T7".A inu'ical accomplishment, connected with a refilled education, is the surest passport to society, iu all its rations attractions, and those who wish to aril themselres of such advantages, should place themselres under the tutelage or Mrs. Moilev. o22 1in*rrc FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. TWO or three Gentlemen can be accommodated with Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, and the use ol' a Parlm- in a prirate family. Apply to No. 7 Hicks street, Brooklyn. o2S lw*r NEW YORK. RIDING 8CHOOL. NOS 6ft d- 67 IVJTT STREET. >-aoNTiiso canaL street. i Between Hudson and Urttwich streets. MR. J. H MERIAM takes this opportunity of returning his most grateful acknowledgments to those who hare so handsomely patronised him from the first moment he was . identified with the New York Ridiug School, and pledges j himself to endearor, bv the most unremittine attention to merit a continuance of their kindness. He would respectfu'ly . info-m his friends and the public, that he will reopen his I Evening Classes, in connection with his Day 8r hool, for tui tiou and exereise riding, on Monday erening. the 2d of Norember. Application to be made at the Ofltte, or School ;oom. JA8. CODDINGTON, Proprietor. o2< lm*rrc NEW DISCOVERY, BY which all Stores, and Pipes, or Urates, may be kept JET BLACK, with as beautiful polish as a Coach Body, with one application a year. Sold only at 21 COURTL.AND street. Also, HAYS LINIMENT, warranted to cure any ease of Piles. Dr. M'Nair'a A( Ol STIC OIL, a certain cure for Deafness. Hews's LINIMENT, warranted to core any case ef Rheumatism. Oldridges BALM OF COLUMBIA, for the Hair. East India HAIR DYE, will color the hairaJet Black, and not stain the Skin. Longlev's Western PANACEA, warranted to cure any case ol Asthma or Dyspepsia Sold at 21 Courtland street. r>22 lm?r CAST UK* UU1MIMU AMU MJHhliUM WANTED. LADIES or Gentlemen having nay anpertluoQa or cut off clothing or furuiture 10 dinpoee of. cut obtain i fair cub Srice for the same, by applying to the aubacriber, at hit renienee, or through the pott office, which will be punctually attended to. M. S. COHEN, 69 Dunne at. N. B. Lndiee can be attended to by Mn. M. 8. Cohen. o!3 lm*rc LEFT OFF WAKDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN baring inperflnou* effecta todiapoaeof, auch aa Wearing Apparel, frurniture Ac., can obtain a fair caah price for the name. by aending for the anbecribe, through the Poat Office, or otherwiae, who will i attend at their reaidencea. J. LEVEN8TYN, 466 Broadway, op ataira. Ladiee can be attended te by Mra J. LEVEN8TYN. a 16 lm*re CAUTION, TO HOTEL AND STORE-KEEPERS, againat a pereon from Philadelphia, trying to palm upon them a apuriona article of Wine Bittera and Wild Cherry Brandy, aaid to be manufactured by me. Thia ia to inform tne public that 1 hare no trarelling agent under the name of Tobiaa, ca crpting my ton, Joaeph K. Tobiaa. SOLOMON TOBIAS, aHlaa*r No. M North Third at., Philadelphia WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the fteulty?a nerer tailing remedy for all affectiona of the kidneya, iiiffunmatiojun ! weaknena of the urinary organa. both in tnalea and femuffin. Thia eicellent medicinal preparation, (auiled for all climatea.) haa never been known to fail in removing the moat obatinate attackaof gonorrhoea, he.. and can be aafrly recommended to the public, aa ita nperatioua are quirk, aure and certain. It ran be taken at all timea, without regard to diet or hindrance trom bnaineaa Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, '41 Grand atreet, in boaea, at 1 ahillinga and 6 alnllinga per boa. None genuine nnlgva aigned by the proprietor. [T^* Ordera through the Poat Office will be duly attended to. a 16 lm*rc | STRAW BOARDSTEN TON 8 Straw Boar da, auperior quvlity. juat received t ud for aale by PERSSEfc BROOKS, FRENCH FANCY GOODS. ' EFABRttiUKTTKS FILS It MONA, II Maiden Lane, (op stairs) importers of French staple ard Fancy Woods, hare on hand a large and denrable aaaortment of Fancy Goods, to which they are adding by every arrival from Havre. Their atock conaiata partly of ateel goods of all kinda, aurli aa bag and pnrae Clasps, Beads, Taaaela, Broaches, I nmbi, Hair Pins, Braceleta, Buttons. Itc. &c.; bans of all descriptions, Peifumery, < ombs, Brashes, Accordions, rich Head Ureases. 'oiffeures. ofuew styles. Paris fancy articles, tltr. Ikr., to which they would invite the attention of purchasers, and which they offer for sale on favorable terms. oJ7 lwia'r MK. MOOKK, who arrived here in August last, in the Whdiator, from London, is requested to call af No. IM Pearl street, where he will receive some important information. oti >w*rh BOARDINU MERCHANTS)' HOUSE, Not 135, 137 and 13.4 Broadway. TlIK PROPRIETOR would respect!nil* inform IffjV families and single gentlemen desiring Board for the JigJflL win'er in comfortable quarters, with all the conveniences of a home, that he has a nnmber of light and pleasant aparments to let (fnrnnbe4) ?t moderate prices. \ choice of rooms may be had by early application j,Jfl lm?rrc ORLANDO FIBH. TO TAILORS?A DESIRABLE CHANCE. MFOR SALK?Tha Sro k and Fiititrea of the long established Tailoring Kstab lishment, No. 8 Courtlandt street. The location is eiceedinsIv r ml h?in? iii the nciuity of? great number of Horela. Alto, an unexpired leaae to mo two and * half year* Poaeeaunn giren on the firat of November next. F> r further particular" apoly ix a bore. o'ti Jt * rrc TU LET, ' | FROM thi* tima, the three atory brick Hoeae, No. 11 Dey atreet, taith a Stable in the rear. For partieulara, inquire at No. II 8onth atreet, or at the honae, between 9 and It o'clock, A. M. ol* It^rre STORE TO LET. tONF. of the be?t loeationa in the city for any kind of fancy buaiueaa, jobbing or otherwiae, well ahelred end countered, will be let low if applied for immediInquire at No. 110 William, corner of John atreet. o27 Jt?r TO LET, kd TMRKF. BRH'K HOUSES, aituated in Hobokrn, ]!?! within two miuurea walk of tlie Kerry ; will be ready JhIHL for occupation on December lat They each contain from 7 to 9 rooni and * cellar. Rent from Slid to $17S each a rear, with privilege of free lerri ge to the f?m ly. Apply to JA8. A STEVENS Jr.. oJT lw*r at H"boken. THE GLOBE HOTEL.. ?? Broadway, tag THIS HOUSE hae, during the somm?r, boon rep?W paired and painted throughout, and has entire new farJLI&nitare. _ It will be re-opened lor TravA.ers, It' , on Toeeday next, the 0th io'tant.and will be kept on the old plan of a reetaaraat, , with the addition of a uble d bote. A few familiee, and ein gla gentlemen can be accommodated for the winter. oJ lm*re JAMES H. PAGE. FARM WANTED. JM Wanted to pnrrhaae for caah, a farm of coneiderable #rfmaettent. in a hraltliy location, near New York or Philaotandelphia; the farthest within twelve hours Journey by railroad or water, l.-om New York, Persons deeirone or disposing of such pmserty will addreaa a letter to R. K. Z., Charleston, S Carolina; giving as minnte a statement as possible of the locatioi.eatent and building* of the larm, the capacity of its soil, the kind and qaantity el ita produces ihe force requisite for its cultivation, and any other quality that it might possets, in order that a precise estimate may at once be formed of ita value and suitableness. The lowest taeh price of the property is alto required to be named. The advertiser, intending (o visit the above named cities in the eatly part of ihe ensuing month, will examine those ' farms, the price and location of which may beet answer hie purpose. olt l?ste ~ ROOMS TO LET. 1 tag TWO or three furnished lodging rooms, suitable ffTTw lor tingle gentlemen, pleasantly aitnated at No. 104 XJJL Leonard street, nearly opposite the Carlton House will be let on reasoafcle taint, on immediateappflentfoa.? I For fnnkar particulars aptly at abev*. ott M?n r | AmvaKMENTS. B CIRCUS?BOWERY AMPH1THEATRE.I WEDNESDAT EVES1NO, Oct 18th, Becnud uight of Mri. CAMILLA GARDINER. , hlGNOR FELIX CARLO. The Celebrated and Univrieally Favorite Italian Clown.from Franconi'a. 1'aru; Aalley's, London; aud all tlie principal European rhrat'rs xud l ireuvs<s SIG.NOR CARLO, will, fur the 3d tunc iu America, ap pear aa the Revolt nig Sprite. ou a ladder 111'eel huh Mr. Huiinali aud Mr J Howe, iu an elegant two horae act, aa the Olyini ian Wrratlrra; Mr W. I), t airoll, in his principal act of horsemaush in; Mr*. C-inille Gaidnt-r will exhibit her New School of lady enuestri.uiisin; Mr. Dale aud Mr. M. I.ipm-.u, will appear iu a grand vaulting match. ip- Mr. LEVI .nOkTH 11 vugaged 1 r next w eek Doori open at svg o'clock. Performances to cotnuicuce at 7 o'clock. ifoxeatt ceuta. Pit 12>. ceuca. RAYMOND & WAKING'S IMMENSE MENAGERIE, WILL Op.n at NIBLO'SG \ KDF.N. on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Oct. 2flth. for a abort lime. Thia establishment having recently been enlarged hy a new accession of inimala from Europe, together wiih the ferocious Lions used by the celebrated Mr. Carter in London, reuders it the ' best and most extensive Menagerie in the Uuiled States. ' Ou their entrance into town they will be preceded by a gorgeons Roman Chariot, literally covered with gold, superior to Van Auiburgh'a or any thing ever constructed hnth in carviugaud gtldtug. Length of Chariot 30 feet; height to summit ol cauopy, 20 fret; weight. 8OC0 lbs. I Mr PIERCE, the great animal tamer, will aignalixe him- I self to tke exception of no other livine man, w ith Lions. Leopirds, Tigers, Gtixily Bears, ktc. This establishment re Iii tin- beginning of the world, ua we are taught by the , Holy Scripturea, God aaid uuto inan, "And to every beaat ol' , the eirtli, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thine that crer|ieth upou the earth, wherein there ia life, I aurrrtiJer to ' thee control; tuid thou ahalt have dominion over the liah ol the aea, and over the fow la of the air, and over every thing that movrlli upon the earth, ahalt thou hate dominiou.'' When thia power and domtuion waa given by the Almighty I to man, it waa intruded by hia wiadom. that he, unto whom ; he had coutided ao much, alionld become ac<|uaiuted and fa miliar with the aubjei la over which lie ahould exerciae hit rule ilenre. it liecaine ueceaaary that man ahould atudy the htatory of animated nature, make Inmaelf matter of a acieuce on which hit owu happineia depended, and which, when developrd, could not fall to advance the great canaea of civiii xatiou and leaining. So lully waa all thia appreciated, in the early atagea of civ I lira tiou, religion and light, that the early loondera of chriatian 11y in Europe and England, collected immeoae menageriea. to which they introduced their children, and taught them that all animated nature proved the eaiatence of that (Jod whoaegoapel they taught, and w hoae law waa paramouut to all otliera, and tnuat he obeyed. We read that St. Auguatin, aoou after he eatabliahed himaelf at Canterbury, and there reared the bleaard croaa,collected from all the remote nationa of the earth that were acceaaible, apeciinena of the animal world, and taught hia monks that the atudy of natural hiatory win not only eaaential to common intelligence, but to the propagation of religion itaelf. In mora recent timra, all of the enlightened Sutra of Enrope, in obedieuce to the comtnanda ol theiraorereigua, have, at vaat labor and expenie, tstablialied inatitntea, made up of the animal world, fir the purpoae of aiding the propagation ' and advancement of actecce and uaeful knowledge. England, j k ranee, Italy, Germany, in fact all modern Europe have, for ! centimes back, paid unremitting attention to thia auhject; and i'"" ??IWH u. r uiw|'c WHICH una 11(11 HI Illluril IliaCOflCIU 111alitutr, i* retarded at on that backward eourae that leada, iu the end, to acini-barbaric ignorance and folly. Admiation 25 centa. o24 3teod it *r HOWES fc GO.'S N. Y. MAMMOTH U1KCUS. THIS unrivalled corpa of Eqneatriana will perform at Klleaarille on the 23d of October; at Liberty on the 23d; at Mouticello on the 24th; at tflonmingburgh on the 2<th; at Waldau ou the 27th, and at Newburgh on the 2iih October inat. Thia ia the Largeat Ratablichment ever ortaniied ia the | Halted Hl&tea, eompriaing 1M Men and Horiea, requiring M arriagea to convey the performera, wardrobea, mnaiciani lie. The company haa attached to it tight Female equef | i trians, among whom ia the Oreateal Female Rider of i"a Age, recently arrived from Paria, M A DAM K MA HIE MACARTE, whoae new atyle of Equeatrian H rata. Peculiarly her oara, ; , being chaoteand claaaic; her gracefnl ana faaciuatiog addreai, and the charming mivrtc with which aha chaine herandience, render thia gifted and highly-educated artiite the lead- j ing feature of the arena in inia country. The Proprietor! refer the public to the brilliant deacriptioa given ia the roapective newaiapera of the extraordinary and daring feau 1 , performed b' thia diatwguiahed artiite. Equeatrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Maater, Mr. ; NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Ainoug the Performera ia the celebrated and principal Hi- | der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBH, whoae feata on i Horaeback are the moat extraordinary ever witneaaed. Jove ! nile act of Horaeraanahip by Maater Nixon. Olympic Eierciaea, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wunderful Feata by Mr I Cole'e Dogi, Hector and Billy. The SWISH BROTHERS, ia their elegant tiymnaatie roaturea and Grouping!. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of Phmbua. Poaturing and Oym naatica,by Mr. Nixonand hia aon. Mr. Howea in hia My- I tholbgical and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteoe." Mr. ! C. Howei in Slack Rope Evolutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Hope Dancer. With a variety of others. The whole comprising the leading, moat talented, and , classic performers in the world. 1 oltr HOWES It CO.'S New York Mammoth Circa*. TO KKUiTUETOKS OF ClKCUSfctJ OK ~ 1 MENAGERIES TO LET OK L EASE, for s year, or term of years? [ PJW The Building, known as the American Eagle Stable, : faJJL coiner ol Delancy aud Chrystie afreets, one block east i or the Bowery. The building is 61 feet wide, by 80 feet long in the clear ; and from its site, aud coutiguity to the Bowerv. I | would be well adapted for a Circus or Menagerie, or would aunwer well for winter quarters for either, having ov?r70 j stalls for Horses, and plenty storage room for wagons. Apply i on the premises, or 131 Chrystie street. JNO. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. ' 3 o3 SaitTh 1nv*r I HOTTING. PHILJIDELrHUI HUNTiNO PARK COURSE IB 1 PI'HE Fall .Meeting over .he above Course will commence ' J. on Tuesday, liie 3d of November, aud continue two 2 days. No. 1.?First day, Nov. 3d, Purse $200?Two mile heats, 3 under the saddle. O. Young, enters a. g. Sorrel Hi rum. I J. M Ham mil I, enters g. g. Fourth July. J. Potts, euters s. g. Trenton. ft. Spicer, enters s. g. Sir William. No. 2.?Same day, purse $100. tree for horaea that never won money, 2 mile heata. in harucaa. Mr. McHoberts, enters b. g. Bendigo. O. Spicer. enters b. m. Lady Ellen. 1 M. H. King, entera Fall. J. M Hammill, enters Paris. I No 3.?3d day. Nov. 4. purse $300, $100 to the second best, 3.niile heals, in harness, free for all trotting horses. It. Spicer. euters b g. Americas. J. Csae, enters It. g Moscow. : >o. 4.?Stme day, purse $200, mile heats, beat 3 in i, to ' wagons, free for horses that never won a purse of $200. Wagon and driver to weigh 300 ponnda. ft. Spicer, entera b. m. Lady Ellen. J. Webker, enters br. m. Lady Washington. i O. Yonng. enters br. y Rattler. . J. M. Hamtnill. eutera a. g. Bui war. Philadelphia, Oct.2i. I8<6. o27 1 UNION COUKSfc, L. 1. J (S\ T ^ ACCORDING to agreement, the second >?'? between Lady Suffolk and J. K. Polk, Tor a purse of (too, comes off on Monday neit, the 2d of November, two miles and I repeat. t A. Bryant enters Lady Suffolk, to go under the saddle. c A. Conklin enters J. K. Polk, to go to a skeleton wagon. c New York, October 26, 18-16. <> 8P1CKK. o26 ?fje IKXiS? DOGS? D0<;s. 1 MFOR SAI.K a lot of Dogs, comprising New- J foundland. Ki g Charles Spaniels, Italian Orey- 1 hounds, Alpine Mas'iff*. Euglish and Scotch Ter- a inte-s and Setters, with a great variety ol Watch n?<, 'it,, v.ii...,i ... ,n. fi?.sr t,, h. 11?. citr There i? a brood n( Newfound land Pups that cann?t be surpassed in the United States. P. 8. The King Charles 8, enifls are juat imported frim London. Apply to WM. MOOHK. 46th strict, Blnoamngdsli Hold. The atagea rnn every hill hour. o27 3rm r , FOUMD. , MA BLACK Tinned Cocking Spaniel The owner can obtain him after piping eipeniei, bp applying It Wo. i John itrcet oJ83l,rrc t""OK CHICAGO.?Probably the laat Boat tin- 011..U-I pper I ihin finished entirely with Hta'e Rooms. The new ind ap'endol BOSTON,' aptain W. T. Pene, will leave Buf- ( fil J for Chicago, tonehinf at the intermediate poru, on Monday, Norember 3d, at ( P. M. Kur freight or paasage, apply on b-ard, or to KIMBERLY k PEASE. t Buffalo, Oct. ISIS. o27 it*re HAVANA LINE UK PACKETS KROM I'lllLA- I EI. PHI A?The A I fait sailing I balk El.I/AjM||faBI,'.iH J, John 8. Remington, muter, will sail poii- i tirelyon lith Norember, and Passengers will lesve on 13th, 1 per steamboat. i Kor freight or passage, hieing snperior fornished accommo- " dations, apply to JOHN K. OHL It SON, t o3l ISt'Khr. 101 8. Whareea, Philadelphia. . t IMP BLACK BALL OR IILU Ll.hE OK LlVr.Knjffy POOL PACKETS?Kor Liverpool?Only regu- i i Jfmtmmrn lar Packet of the 1st November.?The new, magnificent, last sailing, and celebrated favorite racket ship MO * TEZUMA. bnrtnen 1100 tons. Captain A. B. Lowlier, will sail positively on Monday, 2d of November. i i It is scarcely necessary to say, as it is well known to the t travelling public, that ihe accom mods' ions of the Monte * - t > ma fcr cabin, 3d cabin and steerage pauengets, is fi'ted ant in ( a most snperh and coatlv niapner, with every modern im- ( provement and convenience, that cannot hut add to the com- , fort of those embarking, w ho should c ill and see this splendid ^ specimen of nival architecture, before engaging elsewhere. Kor Pssaaga in cabin, 3d eahin and s.eersge, early application , should lie made on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. s 021 r 35 Kulton street, nest door to the P ulton Bank. "SHE KOR NEW ORLEANS ? Louisiana and New York Line?Positively the first and only Regular . JHMKp'' ' tail on the 4th of Nov?The fast tailing | I packet ship HUDSON, Page matter, will ml u above, her 1 regular day. M For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall etreet, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., S? Sonth at. I ? Agent in New Orleans. Jamea K. Woodruff, who will > promptly forward all goods to hia addreaa. The Regular Packet Ship Louisville Hunt matter, will 1 aneceed the llndaon, and aail on November 13th, her regular , dav. oJSr r UNION LINE OK NEW YORK PACKETS , J WMV FOR LIVERPOOL-The arlrndid faat aailing " dlMPEaand favorite Packet Ship OHIO, 1*00 tone btrthen, Captain Bird, will aail on Monday, Nov Jd, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second rahin, and steerage I paaiengrrs are very superior. Those wishing to secure bertha should make early application on board foot of Pike atrcet, 1 or to W. k J T. TAPSCOTT. M Honth-st., ' o27 r Id door below furling Slip. I KOIl LI VEKPOOL?Packet of the a?ih of OcTi , sMWWber?The elegant new packet ahtp MAIiiKA, jpHHbCapt. Rnaaell, will be despatched aa above, wtlheu j litis splendid packet ship has oitqnallcd accommodations for cabin and second cabin passengers. The latter will be i rak n at steerage rates. Those abont to take passage wonld | 1 do well to (gamine this auperior ship previous to engaging J elsewhere. Kor terms of passage, apply on board the ship, at Mot ray's | wharf, foot of Wall street, or to , 026 J H EH DM AN. SI Month at : J YACHT NORTH KILN LIGHT FOR SALE. ' XM&- The nndersigned, having conclnded to withdraw i ifltPfe from "Yachting," offers for sale the well known I JBGALschooner yacht NORTHERN LIOHT, T tons 1 The Northern Light is most substantially bnilt of white ! j oak, copper fattened coppered to the wales, and is very tho- , ' ronghly fonnd in all respects. There are 'wo state rooms, having two berhs each, and eight open berths (fonr of whleh are double) in her after cabin, which, with eight berths in her forward cabin, afford accommodations for passengers, being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for passengers, in onr Southern waters. The (jnalitirs of the Northern Light for aailing, and as a " sea host," are too well known to reqatre fnrrher deierip. BSuwm <v,r. wincHttTiae 1 -AMl'MKMUIMT!*. PARK THlATKK- Wednesday Evelina. Oct'r 28-W ,|| oe performed the couiedy of the KLDhR BROTHER ?( harles, Anderson; Eustace, D? ott; Lewi*. Barry; Virnmount, Bits, Btisac, Fisher; Angelina, Mrs Abbott; Silvia, knight; Lilly, Sutherland. To conduce with ilie burlesque opera of KORTUNIO? Baron Uunover, Mr A Andrew; Hun Mm Portiua, Mm Fanny Oodon; Strong back, Mr S Pearson; King Alfoaritr, Mr li Audrrws. Door a opau .,t at half-prut o'clock, and the performances will commence at 7 o'clock Botes $1; Pit Ml :#?;? ; Ox'.llty M coats. BO W KK > TH KATKK?Wrdnesdsy Km:so. Oct ISth. the prrfottnsnces will rmnmeuce with tlir Tragedy cf Ki MU L.E \R? King Lear, Mr A A Addsins; Edgar, Ntsfic; , Cordelia, Mrs .Madison. To conclude witn tl.e Grand Spectacle of MONTEZUMA, or, The Last of the Aztecs Dramatis Person*? Meticans?Montezuma, Kmperor of MetiCO, Mr Stevens; Truimatli Teoteuchli of Huitxilopotchli, Clarke; Princess Cholilla, Daughter of Montezuma, Mrs Madisou. Spa .iards ? Hernando Cortex, the Couqueror of \lciico, Mr. ISealie, Juan Kcalauce, I'age to Cortex. Miss K. Berber. Doors open at 1 o'clock, curtain will riee at hall past 7 ? Drcta Circle, id ceau; Upper Boxes. ? cents- Pit lad Gatlerv. UK cents. M IT! HULL'S OLYMPIC THE ATKE ? Wednesday evemna. October 28th?To cnnnneiice with Cll AKLhS XII?Triptolemus Mudil ewerk, Mr Mitchell, Adsui Brock, Holland; Kndirs. Miss Clarke After which BOOiS AT THE SWANN-Jaeob Earwig, Mr Mitchell. To be followed by LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS?Mr vjoiigmi> . ivir 11 11H'?ii. To conclude with the Eitrnvaganza of TAMING A TAR- I TAK, Mazourki, Mr. Holland Dreaa circle M ceuu; upper boxea 2i centa; pit oue ahillmg; ' private boxea $1. Doora open at half past 6 o'clock: curtain riaea at T. WALNUT 8TREKT '.THEATRE. PHILADELPHI A ! E. A. ManaHaLL, Leaaee W. R. BLaaa, Manager. Ninth night of MH. HO K H F 8 T WEDNESDAY EVENINO.iOct 28. i?4?, will be per- 1 formed the tragedy in .*> acts, by Or Bird, called THE GLADIATOR. Bpartarua .Mr Korreat i Phaaariua MrJauiiion Jnlia, Miaa Crocker: Siuora. Mra Blake. Grand I'aa Beul by Miaa WalteraTo eonrlnde with (lie comedy of the FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LAD Y. Kpy Gome/ Mr. Richuiga. On Friday Mr. Forrest'a Benelit. l: /" Arrangementa have beeu positively entered into with the following galaxy of talent:?The popular operatic corps, Mra. Seguin, Mr Frazer, Mr. Begum, Madame Auguata, Mad'alle Dimier. (kc. ARCH 9TREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. ! W. E. Bi'Rton Manager and Leaaee J. M. Scott Stage Manager. UT^" This Theatre haa been thoroughly re-decorated in the I innatgorgeouaatyle, and ia now the moat beautiful Theatre in the Union I . WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCT. 28, For the lit time in America. THE VIOLET i Andre, the Uoldamith '. Mr Wallack i Trinqne', hiaemi loyer Mr Marali | Armand, Mr Martin | Blanche. Mra Rohera Hlanchette, Mra Burke. Dancing by Miaa Oceana. After which To conclude with DON CASPAR DE BAZANA Don Cteaar tie Bazm. Mr Wallack: King Charles Mr Bowera; Don Jose. Marali; Marqnia de Rotondo, Burke; Lazarillo, Miaa Chapman; Maritana, Mra Buike; Counteaa de < Rotondo, Mra Hughra ; J.11C. AL.I1A1V1IVA i5Al.UUrt, , 6A9 Rroadway between Spring and Printe streets. W Connrv, Manager.] Qromig Lodkr, Musical Director. I THIS 8' lendid and fashionable establishment i? now open ( aa a pi 'ce of amusement for the Winter Season. rr1 ADMITTANCE ONE SHILLING < The whole thoroughly warmed, and aa comfor table aa a private parlor This and Every Evening during the Week I The entertainment* will be varied, and conaiat in rart of ' , Beautiful and incomprehenaible Illusions by the wouderful Ididy Magician. J Ventriloouism by Mr Wyman. ,J RAN I) VOCAL b INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTi, , By the whole company of talenred Artistes. 1 The Italian Kantorcini Danciug by M'llea Jeaselyne and Marguerite. ' < With an immeuae variety aud constant change of highly 1 < attractive novelties. I bull particulars in the daily bills. 0^7*Admittance One Shilling.^3} I Doora open at 7?Commence at I oxloek. o26 6t*c j TABERNACLE. il THE FIRST GRAND CONCERT I] or HENRY HF.RZ, ! PIANIST to his Majesty, the Kiug of the French, and Pro i ] feasor ol the Royal Conservatoire of Paris, will take idace ou TH UR SDJIY E VENING, Oct. Wh. He will be assisted by ' MADAME ABLAMOWICZ, < MR. TH MAYER, ( MR. TIMM. and i SIONOR RAPETTI, J And a tried Orchestra. } PROGRAMME. , PART I. I * ?A fhtt 11 Rsrhl.rn .1. " ..ees.te.l I i by the Orchestra Rossiui I I- Duett?8e un istaute, from the Opera " fcilisa e I < Clandio," Mereadante Sung by Madame Ablamowicz aud Ph, Mayer. ? I. Grand Concetto, (the 2d.) lor Pianoforte and Orchestra ' . I. Allegro Maestoso. , II. Andante a I'F.cossaise. Ill Rondo Suisse. 1 Composed and executed bv., Henry Herz I [. Ballad... Thtough Forest Glade.'' sung by Madame Ablamowicz Linley c Intermission of ten minutes. PART II. 1 i . Overture... executed by trie Orchestra Anber I. Aria. .Cruda funesta Smania. .from Lucia di Lam- J mermonr, snug by Mr. Ph. Mayer Donixetti ' I. Grand Pantaaia on favorite airs from Lucia di a Lammermnnr. rompoted and executed by. Henry Hen c I Cavatina.." Di t'lacer," from La Gaxxa Ladra.... aiine by Madame Ablamowicz Rossini p i. Variations ill Bravura and Rondo Briilant, on the i March from Otrllo. .w ith Orchestral accompaniments. composed aud executed by Henry Herz * Mr. TIMM, will preside at the Tiano. Tickets, One Dollar each?to he had at tbe Music Stares, ind at the door on the evening of the Concert t CT7" Doors open at 6?Concert to commence at I o'clock , precisely. o2J 2trrc i CONCERT. ! : MR. KAVANAOH respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he will give a CONCERT, at Coluranan Hall, Grand street, an Thursday Evening. October 29th, vhen he will sing all his most popular Songs, both Comic ind Seutimeutal He will be assisted by Mr. Holman, Mr. : Muttiug, and a young lady. j 17" Tickets 1J cents. Doors open at half past Six o'clock. Concert to commence at half past Seven. For programme, ee small bills o2t}tis"r PROFESSOR ROGERS I HAVNG returned from his Northern and Western tourin which his astonishing developemeu's of Human Mag irtism hare commanded univeisal attention, and been witnessed by the most enlightened men in the country, whose tamest certilicatea Me naa in nil poaaraaion, unoancei nil mention of commencing Conrse of Lecture! which will v >e illuitnted by intereiting rxperimenti, at Lyceum Hall, 03 Broadwny, nearly oppoaite Niblo'i, on Monday Kerning, ind on Tneolay at ilie Preabyteriau church in Yorkrille; on T Wednesday ?t American Kepubliean Hall, it corner of are- , iuc D and 3d atreet; on Tliuraday it the Lyceum, Harl em; J in Kriday at the Lyceum. Sutra Itland; a*d on Saturday at 1 :orner of Orore and Hmlaon atreeta, See bill. ' oM MWSt3?r VANDERLYN'S GREAT NATIONAL PICTURE of the Landing ol Colnmbna, painted by order : of ('ongreia, it now exhibiting for a abort time in the e urge aaloon of the Academy of Deaign, corner of Broadway 1 ina Leonard atreeta. a Open from 9 A M to 10 P M. Seaaon ticket! 50 centa; ain- c lie admmiou, gj CU; deacriptire pamphlet!, IQ. I t oU 3wii?ic I exhibition ok the antique GALLERY or thi 1 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. \ Corner of Broadway and Leonard itreeti. THE Oa'lery of Antique Stature ia open to the Pnblie daily, from 10 A .VI. to 5 K M., until the commencement I ?f the acnool on Wedneadiy, the 4th Norember. j Admnaion Kree?Deaeriptire Catalogue! 12K centa. oiil atiaeod*rrc ' , THE CLIMAX, I OR I)K. KOSS' Pattnt Domeatic Oymnaaiua, will be I opened thia day, iu Orand atreet, oppoaite Centre Mar- | let, at M o'clock^ A M. The exerciaea will b>-novel, health- | in ana nrnasing in a nign degree. Auniiuaiitc o x|>cacc, or i j U per Quarter 1 ^ ^ Editors, Physicians and School Teachers ere reipeet- I y inviedtn cvaminc the apparams n?> 11*rrr ! . UYMNAS'lIC EXERCISES. 117 FUI,LEU respectfully informs hia fnenda end the v V ? public i.i general, that he still continuea to give to- j traction in Gymnastics, at his establishment, 29 Aon street. To gentlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doing bnsineaa down own, this location will be tnnnd most tdrantageons and ecolomical both as to time and money. |?7~ Fencing and Sparring taught upon the most approred irinciples. o3 lmeod*rc COLMAN'S EMPORIUM OF ART AND t'LABBIC CABINET GALLERY OF OIL PAINTINGS, h IIP HICH includes his immense stocks of Bosks, Paintings, FY Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing ilaterials, Mnsic, Re., sre now to bs fonnd npon the second loor, np one flight of easy stairs, (hiring leased the first loor,) where every thing will be sold at es low prices, and mtnymnch below the regular prices, being destrovsof closes np as soon as possible his Book Department. A Cheap List will soon be published for those who will bay h I quantities. Purchasers are invited to call sad stasias his Nsw Rooms, do. 2QI Broadway, second floor. atseodeis tfrre ti MUSIC. ti THE PIANO tsnglit on very moderate <J KsSHwfl termt, by a Lady, whohaa a perfect know l~W * f M leiltc nl the ?c ence, and who undertakes to ti 111 X I * teach It thoroughly with the greatest facility. s Terms?1 hree dollara per month. [C7" Any lady wishing to receive instruction, will please a iddiess Mnaie. at the llerald Office. oil Imis'rre ^ K N 0 \: ~ i > r? lit FULTON STREET, (8nn Building.) f* r Denning it unnecessary to enter into particulars i eipect ng bis Kail Fashions for IIM, would simply state that ' lis new t yle will eieel in beauty, lightness, taste and color, j my thing ever i.ffered to the llstwearing public ef the City i >1 New ? ork. ma pricea are aa low a? ma nan ire mm. n_J- ftria atyle of Hata manufactured and foraale by oft 1wi?*r KNOX. ; liP- FOR LONDON?Hegnlar Packet of the Ut . Jfll^VNoyrmbei?The firat elaaa, faat aailing packet ahip 1 BUtWKL LINOTON, Captam Chadwick, 1000 tona, lurthen. will tail aa above, her regular day. Hariug very am erior acc mmodattoaa for .-abia, aecond I :abin and ateerage paiaengerr, peraone intending to embark , honld make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden jina, or to JOSEPH MeMUKRAY, n2f, corner of Pine and Hem rh afreet a KOR HAVRE.?The anpenor French brig AHifSffy. VKDE. Cantaiu Onandcan, to be promptly diaHlb patched. For freight, apply to o?Srh BOYD it HINCKP.N. Broken IdJ- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the nth ?3CTyNor?The new and Tery aplrndid ahip NE" UENbWOHLD, burihen 1.000 tona, Capt. William Skiddy. a nearer, will aail aa above, her regular dav. (] The accommodation!, for cabin, aecond cabin, and ateerage laaaengera, da to comfort, are unciualled by any otner veaaci i Peraona intending to embark would do well to go on board ind judge for themaelrea, before engaging e .ewhere. For i farther particular!, apply on board, foot of \1aulen lane, I JOSEPH MeMt RRAY, h o2B corner nl l'maand Month atraata. J uia ONLY Rh'til I.AR LINE OF NEVV OIK JUL r pa ajn" PAi'KKTH-Tha ahipa to aail in lap- * IKIIVLEANS rAf.KKTB-T ^ prop,f t Brft^#t* rhi^'W^LANTiC, Captain Roae, foot of , WTkVl^ki?th^SCLTANA,(:apUi8 Bankar, foot of Mai- \ I. LATEST INTELLIGENCK TELEGRAPHIC. Philadelphia, Oct 27?#h. 35m. P. M. The grain markets are dispirited Some salea of flour were made at $."> 2ft to f 5 50 ; but thera is little confidence, ai I a further decline is looked for. It i? very cloudy hero. Baltimore, Oct 27?7h. 13m. P. M. The Southern mail ha* ariived through from Now Orleans to the 2Uth mat. .nclunve, but it conveys no later intelligence liom Mexico oi tha seat of war. Thw (ralv^?fnn. hnnrlir i?xn<?p.ii?fl fmm Brazos Santiago, with late despatches from Gen. Taylor, had not arrived at New Orleans when th? mail led. The Western mail comes through from St. Louis to the 21st inst. inclusive?nothing from Santa Fe. Flour receded in this market to-day, dosing at So 12J per barrel. No local news of interest. BY THE MAILB. Waihivctow, Oct. M, less. Major Gtntral Butler and tht Ktntucky f'oluntirn. ) To THE KdiTO* or THE HcBALD I? 1 perceive in your paper of last Saturday s Utter from this city, dated the 31st instant, in which the writer indulges in several statements against General Butler and the Kentucky troops at Monterey. ? ? says :? VVe aro happy to apprise you (his name is legion) that the particulars of the alleged faux pat of Major General W. O. ButUr, of the volunteers of Monterey, have been laid before tho Secretary of War." I am happy to inform you that, on applying at the War Department this morning for information. 1 received an answer from the Secretary of War, by hia chief clerk, that no ether communications have been received from the army on the subject than such as are before the public. Mnninor that vaii will inasrf this In van* navf nenes i im'reipec'ttaUyj' A kYnTUCkIaN. " Wa*hii?<>toiv, Oct. 33, 1844. The Organ, the Prtie, and tie Army?Momhoro in Town? Local Preparationi for tkt Coming Seaton? Medicine for the. Army?Mr. Thompson'i Plan for a yew Paper, 4-e. 4-c. The organic editor admoniahea the preee againat diesloaing the plan of the contemplated operation* againat the enemy. It would be certainly injudicioua, if there were not a thouiand channela of more immediate communication of the movementa of our force* j but a* there ire, we perceive, no objection to our early tranamiaaion ?f the progreia and plan* of the war. The people of the United State* are intere*tod in till* conteat to the extent >f $300,000 per day; and every incident which foretell* ;he probability of ita early concluaion, i* of the greaUat mportanoe to the country. If Major Chaae brought no further deapatchea to the [ovcrnment on Friday laat, we ahallbe promptly adviaed tf it in the Union If be did, and they are of a confidential character, it will be, ot courae, proper and expedient for ;he official editor to aay nothing about them. We are cheered thi* evening by the arrival of a live member of Congre**, betokening the approach of the iiiiinei* and faibionable aeaaon in Waihington Hon. Vtr. Roberta, of Miaa., we find among the arrival* at the United State*. The only other member* in town are Meiira. Bagby and We*tcott, of the Senate , who have been here aince the adjournment; Mr. Johnaon, of the Senate, lately arrived; and Meier* Sawyer, of Ohio, and Ruaaell, of New York, temporarily. Our fancy (tore* aro laying in unuiually large auonlie*. tenor Restinella ban opened a new and extensive estabisbmontonthe avenue, noar atreet; while Monaieur Hantier, the Parisian confectioner of the Cabinet and 'orp? Diplomatic, haa augmented hia atoro to overflowng. with aweetmeata. A nay and lively aeaaon la anticilated; but aa it ia the abort aoaaioa, the attractiona ef 'ongroaa will he materially diminished from the ahaence if many of the wivea and daughters of the membera.? rhat we will have an exciting session there ia no doubt; ind that we ahull have a large attendance of atrangera ia iqually certain. Mr. Caruai, our popular dancing maater, haa invented i mixture for the cure of dyaeniery. ?u prevalent in tho irmy. He aaya ho haa aent olt several bcxea, and that lis article ia well apei.en of He vrante a contract to furlish the arm v. the aame aa it ia provisioned with beef, lork, and whiskey. Would it Dot be well for Secretary tlarcy, in cuse of an affection ol the bowels, to try some if this medicine, by way of an exp rimem' Mr. W. Thompson, for muny years the writer of the ocal news of the National Inlelligtnter, it publishing a ery useful pa|>er. called the Saturday P retting Newt ?' le proposes enlarging it before the meeting of (uuirress; >nd among other peculiarities of making it generally aoeptahle, he will publish a standing directory of the resilences, he. of members of Congress in Washington, to le corrected weekly. To all persons bore or ebioad uivicg business with Congress, this will be a very valuible feature. The paper is published at a dollar a year. iV'o wish him all success in this chesp family newspsper. No further advices from the army, this evening, of maerial importance. W. WiiHisntos, Oct. 36, 1848. The Treasury and the Sub Treasury?/As Old Hunkert and thi Barn Burners?Division in the Cabinet upon Stint Wright?State of the Catr. The Treasury Department it Uauing ootea, and it* War Department ia occupied pretty much in tilling ip order*, checka and drafti upon Mr. Walker. We itve aeen one of theee Treaaury warruuta Unlay. imong other pictorial emblema it haa a vignette of a ub treaanry iron aafe, guarded liy a griffin, while near at land ia the Agure of Mercury, with winga to hia heela, epreaenting, we auppoae, a tub treaaurer awartwouting vith the " tpoila." It ia now aaaerted that the miaaion of Mr Walker te iew York, undercover of an attempt to negotiate with he banka, waa to communicate to Durand It Co the arm and embelliahmeuta of the new Treaaury uotea of be three million iaaue. There ia a rumor of a deaign on foot to eatabliah an bolition paper in thiacity, under the auapioea of Meaera . Q. Adama, John P. Hall, Joahaa R. Oiddiuga, Gov. lade, and other*, on a baaia of $30,000 per annum for hree years, at the end or which time it is expected the bolitionot alavery in tbia district will be effected Wt n trace the report to no raliable authority, although here may be seme such absurd enterprise in centw ilation. While upon this subject of abolition, it may be m well :o observe, that the controversy between the Oegan and :he Intelliftncrr, in reference to the opinions of Mr. Jefferson, promises yet a good deal of entertainment.? We wish it to be distinctly understood, however, that Kathor Kitcbie, for the time being, is, perhaps, at the instigation ol Mr Walker, keeping up this Litigation igainst the aliolitionists, with a new to the defeat of Silas Wright, by effecting, if possible, in thi< covert way the withdrawal of every abolition vote in York State rrom the Wright ticket. The cabinet, as we understand , ire divided between Old llunkerism and the BarnUurnars?between the election of Wright ami his deeat, as follows : BsRis-Bvaaaas?The President, Mr. Buchanan, ami Mr. Cave Johnson. Old Huisatas?Mr. Walker. Mr. Mercy, and Mr. maion So that you will perceive that although there ia a tie, ho real person (to-wit, the executive) is in fsvor of Wright. The President is doubtless ol the opinion thit bo election of Wright will keep til quiet tor another ear, while his detest wili only set the ciiyurs of the riser lights to their troublesome intrigues, which, up o the Oregon treaty end the Veto of toe Harbor Bill, tere pretty well silenced into submission The news which you will receive to-day from the louih u ill brine von nothinr later from the Arm*. Waihihutoh, Oct. 30, ltMti. S>la$ Wright?The Cabinet?Jt Veep behind the Door. On Saturday la?t, beaidea the Mexican war, thera win n interlude, .which waa devoted to the agreeable peaimo of a family quarrel. Silaa Wright waa at the botjm of the pie. Mr. Walker protected that the nomineion of Si lea Wright waa directly repugnant to the old emocrat*, and that hi* election would re.ult in the car tin defeat end diaruption oi the party in IMS The louth would never auatain him. lie w*? equally un ound on the tariff, the Oregon and the Tex*. queation* I'he party would doubtleia rally to hi? election aa Ooernor, and thu* piece the qneation ot the Van Bareib e.tomtion, incidental tariff, end bard old .ub-treeeury ind all, ?o atrongly, a* to create en irrevocable ?plit. rhe 1'reaident waa lavage ; he denounced Una iliaorganzing -pint oi out of place at thia atoge, defended Wright, and hoped for hi. triumphant election ( ave I jhn.oii and " Old Buck" .tood t.y the Preaident. Merry waa not preacnt ; but he i* known to be oupoewf to W light llaaon aaid little or nothing ; but he 1* clearly In favor of Walker'. .cheme for the utter and complete mtin -uon of the old Van Buwe regime^ Jf bether Kitrhia deniea thia mumeni uou i urnor .. peep behind the Jo#r. PLUTO. Dti.Tixoar, Oct d7, 1844. The Turner Defalcation--Remnnt of Commodore Docafur? Queer Ditclonrt at en Inquret?Roman .1mphiDeotrt?ColUno?Markott, 4c. A reward of $1000 ia offered for the arroet ol Kichard I. Turner, by the Preaitlentol the Mechanica Dank- The mount of hii defalcation ia auppoeed to !>e about $16, nhi, for ae dexteruiialy haa he managed liia hooka, tba t ia with much difficulty that the itcme can he ferreted tut He ia about .10 yoara of ago, Ave feet eight inrhea n height, haa red liah brown hair, a amall artery in the eft cheek alway pulaating. which ia ?a?i!y o'.uerred ; ma a remarkably laige loot, ia courteoiia an I bland in da manner, but haa a down 'o?h. inability to neet your eye. Ho haa been eome time apciuimg hie ighta in compeny with a parcel * T?';u< blood-auckira, paying all ?apen.e., no ' unive"""/ regarded by hem a ft no fellow He baa a wife children, lint hey are batter off without than with h'm. fa Mm i, 'arriea on anextenaiee millinery cata'diahment. The remaina ol < nmmodore Decatur are to he receitr* M in thiacity thia afternoon, by our military Tlloy are

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