Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1846 Page 3
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ct?I doc omenta, gtvea the following.aumm*T of the Pa reign commerce of Euro pa The European mercantile marina, without including tha coaiting trade, compraheuda 960 000 vaaaalt, maaaorfy in ail 6*466,00* lama. Tha total vain* of tha marobandlae they carry ia eatin j'aai at 11 986 765 000 franca. Tha proportion* par cant aarh of the different State* of En'ope heart in t hi* teal value are at follow a:? England, 61 16-46; Fnur4*e. 1J 6-6; Holland, a ID; Hamburg, 4 6-6; Ruaaia. H 6-6; Sardinia 6 1 6; Belgium, 3 l-S; Fru*aia,3 19; Auatrla. 1 66; the Two Sicilie*. I>?; Sweden and Norway, 1 1 6; Tueoaay. 119; Denmark, 1 1-46; Bremen, 1; Fortu. gal, 6-9; Bpain, 14-16; and all the other State* tin par cent. The-re-mlt 1< that t!jp trade of France and Belgium, taken altogether. U e.jual in value to that of tiermany and Holland united?that in toaay, each repraeenta IS 4 6 of the total. The four taken together.rspreaent abc t ? S of the trade of England. On the Md of December nest toe French government will receive contract! for the supply of 200 000 kitlogrammta, 3 71)0,000 kilogrammes and 800.000 kilogramme!, of different description! of Kentucky tobacco. Ou the 33d of January, 1847, contracts will be received for the supply of 360.000 killogrammei and 3.100 000 klllogrammes of Mary land tobacoo, aa also 1,900.000 killogrammei of Virginia tobacco. It ia said that the vast quantity of tobacco will, ?n the application of Mr KingUni'ed Stafei Minister, be allowed to be brought to France in American vessels; and this circumstance has exited the biterest hostility of the Bordeaux end other ship owners. Lait year the g nernment Insisted on the employment of French vessels, and soma promise was ma is in the la?t session of the Chambers that for the future none but French vessels should be employed in the "conve; siico of tobacco. Had thii promise been adhered to, it would not ouly have caused great expense to Fiance, but would have been an infringement of the navigation treaties between France and the United States. Ul<t Stork Kirhangs. 8 Konn U S Vs 100 skas Canton Co 29V 1.0 ' NV S'>V'?. '41 10) 50 do bSO 30 1000 t)liio6'?,'60 ?3V 50 do b60 30 3 <K) Oln.i ?'s loo'4 150 Harlem RR SOW Ifl>0 llliuoit 6's, TO 33V 100 do bl5 50W 3 1. n i'cuu 5's slm 67 10 Erie llR, old stock 46 5o00 do 67V 50 .> Jeriey KH 103 30 0 Heading bonds 7iv 60 Nor k Wor 6'.<|d 50 ? has Farm's Tr blO 2?V 60 do 5d 62V 100 do s3 31 400 Readme RR 63% 60 do 21 100 do 63V I K. Boston Co 1KV 100 do bOO 63V 100 L Island bK 29V Second Board 59 tins Iiarlem RR 49% 166 sha* Nor k Wor blO (IV 250 do 49% 50 do 62? JO do < ?? 250 do alO 62k 50 do I?n 49s 50 do ilO 6 *2 50 do *10 ?9V 50 do *10 62k 50 do *30 4934 50 Canton Co boo 29V 50 do 1*30 50 50 do 29*2 50 Nor and Wor ?C0 03 50 do 2954 50 do b30 62S 25 do ,00 3 ><2 50 do *60 62k 5) Reading RR *20 63 V 50 do 62k Haw lUnk Kichanm 25 tha* rutan Co b30 SO 50 this Nor k Wor blO 01 *5 do c 2934 100 do e 6JV 25 da b3 30 50 do Thnr* 62k ?? ? ,do nw 29V 25 do *3 62k 50 Kar'rm RR bt.w 50K 25 do *3 62k ,5" do e 504, 50 do c 62h *0? do *3 5?i 125 do c 62k 250 do c 50V 25 do *3 61k ,50 do .30 5014 .'4 do Thnr. 6?V J5? do c 50J4 25 do c 62V J-J do ?S 50 50 do Thar* 62V '?? do *2 :oy ?l?d. On Tuesday, 37th inat, at her residence on'Washington avenue, Brooklyn, of consumption, Sarah J , wife f Joaaph W. Bta<Uhaw, M D., aged afl yean, doughier of tba lata William Haight, and grand daughter of th? into (ion Halgbt. of Athoa*. Funetal *e rvice at Christ Church, 8ou'h Brooklyn, at 9 1* Vl ., cn Thurtday, from whence the remain* will be removed to Athena for interment. The frianda and acquaintances of the family are reopectfully invited to atUrnd wi'hout further notice. Oa Tuesday, 37th inst. after a severe illneas, Uariei. cchwasiwaeldcb. late a resident of Philadelphia Hit remain* will be brought to thia city, for burial in the Urteumood Cemetery The funeral will take place tLi? afternoon at 3 o'clock, from tha residence of hi* brother, christian Hchwarzwaelder, 7 J a me* street,to which the fiietid* oi the family are respectfully invited. On Tuesday morning, 97th inat. of tiropev in the chest, Rosast 8tever*o.n, Esq., counsellor at law, aged thirty ntu? jeurs, barn iu Franco. His Mends and acquaintances are respectfully invited te attenn his funs ral.troin his late residence, 134 Leonard ktiyet, lhi? foivnoonat II oVltck. TKhMISNbOUrt demonstkauon. THE PEOPLE IN THE FIELD. ATREMKN DOL'S inhering of the Deiaocrmy of the Jrh C >a|re?siuail Die net,'-oun,owed of the 8th, 9th end 14th V ads, look pier* lest evening iti the ( lie corner of Hu sou end ' billion streets. A la ne stand had been erected fi iilie oeoinu, cap ble o< holding handled peiaous, wl.i h. loug i efoie in* hour of tue mMUiif, was crowded.? Hie Use p< ii >pii e in front and arom d tli? stand wa< druseI) pe. pled with ill- dr mot.acy of the district, ai.d the stireli 1 > di i as Isr a> hi I way ot the block iu Hudson auJ t w-'di Kmg iiret WnS thro ged. 1 he oc- a-wii was enlivened by a sp sod id band ol aiu.ic ad tirrworks at every drsciipti, ti in |ircpo,tiott 'the unno*t imp .tir-nce seemed to prer il la tna witola throng for trie hour of ill- Aieeung to arrive At le. gth t aintetiug wa. called to oider, and oga.neiby the a; p> latmsnr., I the following otficeis: ? For P.e.ioetu, UK. & i EPliEN HASBROUCK, of the i4th w ud. Fo. Vice Presidentn-RICHARD T. COMF1 ON. JOHN .VKinON J a.WEs ? IJKEENMAN. TIIUM.ta BLTLER ' THOMAS M. UTROUSON. AflM AHAM B. PLMJV DAVlD VANDEHVOORT. btOKoh PeLLDINO. of Ith ward TOWNeKNt) HARRIS MOSES O LEONARD. OUSTAVUS A. CONNOVER. 'J Hi 'MAS H. ALLAIRE. RICHARD b'.TIITLE. GEOROE STAhR. BERNARD RICK. WM. BK181 EY, of Ihe9th ward. J SHERMAN BKOW.NELL. THOVIA8 ?. T*PPEN A HAM BLA' KLEDuE. JOHN C ILLAUHAsN. SAMUEL NICM >L8. DmNMS CAllOLIN. ENO' H DEAN CnARi.E8 A MATTHEWB. TERKANCEJ DI.KeEE. FKANLlS U LMOKE For fscretariea?JOHN B. H asKEN, of 8th ward WILLIA >1 B. A II KINS STEPHEN C. DURVEA BE-J. K CtiRN f LL. of 9:h ward. JuilN Rli HsKD>OV. t H * 1 E- ? ANDhL'9. JAMES >iULLIOAN, ofMth ward. J. M. i ICE PATRICK MclLLROY. The till of the n?rti>( ?u then rr?d, if:cr which, John B. Harken. Esq , on behalf"! the Committee of ArrangeI eul?. (pp in'?o by the Nominating Coueenlion, read tlx tei nrt re oiutioaa, lie At the anuooiicemeut of the uami of UWIi) C. BKOOKR ( K. the emendate for Congress oae general, lug continued, and uuanimous ahont of ap1'iobaiioa t nrat liom the whole multitude The innntnatioii wa, latified by the meeting withi ut a aingle dissenting voice and fif em hearty -ud heart-inapired ch era pealed thrnug) the air. Itatemed all for ttroderick. aid "nothing elae.*^Itr li zard no hing in cumput ng the Lumber of (eraoui gathered together ou tbia occaaiou at at leaat from live to aii thoi aand. J he men itig waa addreaaed by Robert H Morris, Thomai tin a k.ngliah, Edwatd Btrahan, and laaiah Kyudeta, E>qs. and the p octediuga tern iuated with three timet three fortht *h 'e t rk t a' il ohirig hut the ticket oW Itfh 'lu WM I ChAlvt A,NLl i\AilVfc.d. | HE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, of thia week J published at 27 Centre atreet. New \ ork. and lor eale by all the Newa Aito a in lh? Lulled Sates and Canada, will contain in attrition to ita usual interesting variety? A ae idling and thorough review of the proceedings m tht recent t' ?l before the Oy-r and Termiorr ?l this city, 01 ai.. . i iirik'n .1... v ,TT,'uviiv r.i, iNoMtrv Final >i rainauou and editorial comment in the caae ol Mr Hl>l T aad .V,ra and .Mr M VERS, in the r ichmocd murder 'I be roe of A. M C. S V11TH, of the old Police, before thr Ot'iiti Jorv and Setaioue. A 'u I matory and rrport of all the particular* of thi SLAV K taSr.. from hia lirat ducovery on board the eeaael til iM.ah the lr gnf riotoua, a/.d otner proceedings. Wonderful a d mysterious MURUKK Life ol ML HKELL, with eleitan' original engraving, ice. 1CT Oid'ra from Agents ahould be aent at one . Priet V >yi cewa single c py o? lt?r BE II KNi'WN to the Voteia of the Fourth Congre* aional L) atrii t in the Ofte of New V-<rk, that I pro rai itiiual the Nomination of Wm B. McClar, lor it waa made i o?ti?r> to the common oa gea of the Dtmoeratie Party tun y that of " Equ .1 and tiact Juatice," aa I an prepared te pieve t the a infection ol erei y houeat rotar. JAMES Rt'BERTSON, The pec pie'a Candidate for Cong ea*. as voa may are ia the I rne Bun. There will he* meeting of my frienda at Ihnlun Hall 0'*i d atiret, oa FiiJa) night, 30th insc.,at7 o'clo k. it ne 1 HE HUMAN SOUL. MB. FUN OL BLAND hta ihe pletiure of proposing i aenca of ' JCrElt 1 M E NTA L LECTIT' Eg on tha >i,in u foul, i'l Clinton Hall, oa Thni*da< , Friday and fa. luiday > venii ga ol the p'O-rut week, at 7|f o'. loi'k; enmb'Hii.g a aeriea ol reaulle produced in the minds of the and.., graee, witty, mi thlul. muaical myttertoui nJ lul, lucludif g a 8".glial Operation wilt out the c..a ciooeii tan nam, ?nd aolviue the Mtatetie* of Swedenh rgiaoiam, the Moint.on and Ppiah iVtiraclea, Dieaina Bprl e t heme. Witencraftend tihoeta CT/- Tickeu ti cents, to be had at the door f. ? V .a 'r< IT I* IcifOsdlBLK Tor u> to Compra?? into oar narrow I mi a, ere? * kiuf mlutiuii to all of the numfou* cure, tli th re been effected by Ur. M iitar'e Balaam, We can u*l> rrlVr to a my few aa apecimeua of ill general tfficarv, A few, dare ago. a lad, cdlrd at the office in fine health (ud lookiug aa mbtitt aa though ahe netrer knew what sick tola w a. To our aurpri.e, aTie a'atrd.thet until recently the had keen aick for bet-ran three and four yeara, with whaf waa aoppoted to be consumption?that ahe had a yio' leu Cough, uight aweeta. with aliernate chilli and lever, ?nd ereiv n-n-l symptom of confirmed consumption. The re au't waa ihat the became ao emaciated aa to niniot moil the ?P| erraure of a skeleton than a li*iog being Prorideo< li ilIv. aha at tail time heard of the wonderful cutea per fo medhy Dr Wtatar'a Balaam of Wild Cheny, and com tnenced UI ng it herself The effect waa, that ah> began tr get be tar ?t once. B? degrees the congh left her. th- rhtlli a> d ferer disappeared, and in two month, ahe again I'uoiic liC'tetf in |?r ect he Itn. ,\r?n? ge nine, nnleaa aignrd I. FUTTRonthe wranrer ko a le by A. B It D St IN lift, Agent, for New V nrl t ur i al o by Druggists generally throughout the Unner fi <_ei ail. o.SDltW .1I h ll 1 ^ I> on , Bond iind VIurtKage. it tP wtFj'/t ear anim lotun ap- lie tufa, r it good prodiictin i.e .1 t.?. it* in thia < ity m Brooklyn At plv ? s It oil). No. II Wall meet, in the Office rf I'r? r? tk Co., o2??l*r _ ill anient TM'LKNLim CHANCi: " BctOK STOH*. K'*K SALE-The Brock nd Kinnrre r> I rritil B n il "to- for a-le, iaeluding I'siinnery tie p publics! e a. th v? caaea ate, ere. Tn ? you'* mar wuhtfOO or #W capital, a he"-r chance never waa nffer-d / ddteaa " Books-ore,"at :he HernbHIffl^ 3r*r it MO'fHK, who a-riaed her' in An a eat last in tin G1 dia'O". trout L-" do", ! rri| sealed loea'l v No. .(* Pa trl atraet, where he will rereire aoma imp otant mforma Jj,m ots lw*rh u L - . aw?-"g*88 JLONO BREED CANARIES. I TIf* Celebrated a took of W. ?. irodd wee, will bo offered 1 for fhi< day >1 ""o 5 Jehn imtt. Rird fucim ?ft hit he J fo e-ill and ,f them They admitted ?<? ^ b"' !b th* L"t4 *"" * - - T""- Tfl * fcfXlIh?^ AUA"kv? " Sim-rye No i lobe etreef ft V. r?Uj() V i.. weeivl ? U.AliL'EKKEO 1 V tT. >tl> {1 ATC b-t cannot do better then so to the Broedwty 0*1lory. *79 Bra.aJ.eey Mintmuiee for ?e*d ?? '?? Hlif fUMHidr " " r^CWtH. oS91: i* #r __ TO CAPITALISTS. (ff 1 fid W) ^ VNTEP for three month. for whieh l,onn. IlfllU officii will e *>ven, aecoied by a Bond and Vi.. iy.*e >01 pnraupal property "m f or tiinci he amount. AJJrosa iirmrdiateL.JOS?. at 'lii? otfire o?? 3rr " wanted, TO HIRE or Purchase a Lathe, (irrmtl hand.) rnitaMe for Brae, and Iron work, with alido, teat, th-cka, d>i'la. (oa)i Sic Direct. " Lathe," Herald Office, ititiny pnee and where it o>ay he a?e i. ul? t ei?c Lust. A LARGE "lack Lenther Travdljog Tiunk, m>rkod W. A C H on both enda, ai d the n ma of hhare. lu addition. Hupp aed to hare been t*krn from the ateamboat Rhode laland, thia mommy, October Jfth Information la w mi fed at Mr Banker1*, Mention Hoaae. 36 Broadway, for which a liberal reward will be paid. o? If r WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE youni Woman, a aituatinn in a reapeetable faui I v, aa Chambermaid and take charyeof Children, or aa Scamarre-a and take charye of Children. Enquire *t P-mca afreet. New York. <iWlt*r Vl'A MTkll A SITUATION, bv a vnuoff Mm, I* years of ice, who write* * good band, hi* aotne knowledge of Bookkeeping and fan make hiruiel!'generally useful;he i* de*iruu* of prorunng t situation a* "lerk. Assistant Bookkeeper, of Copyid if possible. The be*t of referenre* given. For further ptr'ienlare eddre** J. D. 8 . b ?* No. CM Tower |<o*t office, or apply at 61 South street. np stair*. o"t Jtr SALESMAN WANTED. ONE who can take charge of any department in a large Actail Dry Uooda Store, may address wall reference*. 1). W W. k Co.. st this office. oJ13t*r SUGAEl BOILER WANTED. ONE WHO i* accustomed to boil in va'uo, and eau come well recommended, i* wanted to go to a healthy part of the Writ ludiea. A liberal salary and permanent em >loyment will begirea. Apply to AJLIKED f KEMP, oil 1t?r 71 Broad ttreet. \VEf~NURSE~WANTED. A RESPECTABLE young Married Woman, with a fre?h Breaat of Milk, to take a young child to nurse. Apply before 11 A. M. to Dr. Douglas, 423 Greenwich street corner Laight o28 3l#r W ANTED, SITUATIONS hv two young Women, one to take eare of Children and Plaie Sewing, or to do < h >mher work?the other to do doner I Hou'cwork. The beat city reference given. Please call at liMott street, near Chatham Square. o28 2t?rrc BOARD UP TOWN. WANTED fc Gentlemen and Wife, a parlor and bed room furnished, with full hoard, between tth and Idth streets. Private family would be preferred. Note, addressed "R"bert," and left at this office, stating location and prices, will be promptly attended to. o37 3t*r COMFORTABLE FIRESIDE 'TREATMENT1" ^ICKENINO mercurial bottles of black quackery aland on withstands in cold chambers?hare walla grin on the con-h ridd?n invalid in room* -ccupird by the homeless. I MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY, comes teeming wi'h the I crvsral hrichtneas snd warmth of the fireside?the hapiy smile of a happy cenenc'ion of herb*, rolls joyously o-t its I uth'cr of joy ->rd the matron smiles, for it is doing rood to human kind. VVo- der nor, then, at the c nsciaua flush f pride that victory br ngs o'er coughs, coMs, ho men **, it Anenaa, sore throat, whooping cough, croep. Ac. Sold by Mrs. Jrrvis 318 Broadway, nest door to the Tabernacle Acenta?l'u?hmtiSi Co It A?tor House, 1't Broadway: Bl.'uhetl. 364 Bowery; Burn ton, 49 Sixth .Avenue; Ely's. 233 Hudson street ; Nelson, corner of Catharine and Madison; Leconnt, comer ol Grand and Division streets; and Mra. Hays, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 110 Grand st ; Williams' burg o39 3t*r THE PHILADELPHIA HEHB DOCTOR. AI 266 Rri'otru utreet, N Y JkCOB VREELAN, Greenville, N. J. cu'ed of flcrofol* bv one bottle medicine His son aai t'this day, Oct. 28. th It it W?a a wonder!al cnr?. If you hut call at IW, you can have rrfetenres of this disease all over New York. Case* of 20ve rs John Boucher, 75 Columbia strre'. lud rhe Rheumatism. hr was unable to walk wiihout crutches. He, bv his own statement, October' 8ih, was cu ed in tnrre days; he told me of a c <e f Dysentary cured, two doer* | from his place > r.d one of Dyspepsia Simeon Brown, Attorn. y street, No 71. cured of Dmp?y,and a verv bad cue. in eight day s. he thought he would burst, ihe ?welding was so Brent. Wis Pavia, M?iihvtan street, cured of Consumption, af er being given up hy different Do-tors, and raising one pint a dav of blood end corruption. Mrs fling, cured of I otimmptini after spending hundreds, residence, 65 S autou street. John Erin, cured of Pleurisy. IJtli street Avenue C David Ar us, cured of Fits 353 Front street Mary Hard a. 160 Delruicy, enr d of Disrepair. Miss Lew, cured of Pile'in one week, after h'vint them six years. One lady reported 6ve rurea by one bottle medicine, one of which was Consumption of the Rowels. Hundreds could be produced?Scepticism can be eon out dad in fire minutes, and evidences i roduced to convince the world. o29 lm*rre RAGS. THE HIGHEST price paid for all kiuda of Domestic Bags, by PER8SE It BROOKS, Paper Warehouse, o28 7rr No?. 65 ard 67 Nassau street #2 HE WARD, IOST IN B! EKCKKR a'rret, near Br-tdway, about the J 14th instant Four Sells, enrrave* nod set as a Wat'h Slide, with one other teal ailached with the lettera 8. M. P.. engraved thereon The fi der Will receive the above rewaia byjesviig them at I 8 Front ?treet, upatafs o2g 3 ?r > | THl RICHMOND TRAGEDY. JUST published, in hook fiom, price twelve nnd a half cents, an Suth nticatcd Report ot the Trial -.I' Vlvcs and others, for the murder of Dudley Marvin Hoyt wth the eloquent Speechevof t'ounae'. and "The Letteis" in full ; with Explanatory "Sotes, winch f..rniah a e ear and romplrte history of the case Drawn up by the Editor of he Richmond Son'heru Standard. | off 3t*rc RICHARDS 4c COMPANY. 30 Aen st i AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. THE American Exchange Bank ou the 24th iu?t declared a Dividend of Three (3) ' er cent, payable to btocknoldera cn una eirer vionm^. ivnv. za Trsnsrer Books will he closed from 26th Oct. to 3d Not. , o?1flt?rh J.J. EI8K. C.sehier. UNION HOUSE. THK subscriber h's t-hen the eboee named new and spiertlid Hotel ju?t completed, at the centre of the benntilnl Til age ut epriintHeld, Mass. and will open <he same for the ! public accommodation on the 301 h mat. The Uuion Houte i ta I ante, richly finished and 'urmshed, and offers uneqn *ll?d adr-ntages to all persons travelling tbroesh -pringtield for business or pleasure. Hung recently kept the "United States Hotel" and "Congress Hall," at Saratoga, the snbsciiber respectfully mritrs his old friends and ,.atrous, and all oth?rs, to?ivv him a call in his new quarters. S. 8- SEVAN. Springheld July 2i. lit*. ap3 3in*r CARLIUN HOUSE PH. HODGES has the pleaanre to announce to his friends and the public, that haying purchased the in. west of late partner, t.apt. J. B-nson, he will coutinne the honse on his own arconot, end is now prepared to rn-ike ariaiigemeuta with families or single geullriuen, who wish busrd for the winter, ou the most fovorable terms, oil 2wis*c CLARKE'S SAC]K9L 116 William stmt,o]>posite llu WuJiinetnn Stores, CJKACfKUL AND CHVAP?By purchasing all my * g >ods for cash, and giving n* man credit, I am ruableu to offer the most templing inducements io the tiuly ! economical. Thus I will mnkr to order a coit, usually charged at $25, for SZO, and on $18 coat for $li, and every , oilier garment in proportion I am likewise p.o> ided with a , msgmficeui assortment of fine Overcoats and Seek Coats Mi black cloth Sacks, with silk collars and fronts are $11, some as low ?? $3 oT j j?sIC I 11 li <4 wV I.air A \ 11 HA I I i I K i JR. W.ATER'fTON, teacher of Drawing and Tainting to the Flushing Institute, L. I A his still some leisure time which lie wishes to fill up in giviig Private Lessons, 01 ' in attending schools. [ Terms moderate, and may be learned by applving at 171 Canal strset. or at T J. Crowen'a bookstore, corner Br-ad1 wis and B'eeric at-oer. N V nlT ;m*r i U..lV?,ivCll I OF NEW iOKK.?MEDiC/rlL DEPARTMENT. THR Introductory Lectures for the Session 1216-17, will commence ?n Monday ev.nwg Oct. 26th, at' o' the College Building. 6S9 Broadway, <oi>posite Bond street.) i and he delieered in the following order:? Mond^?Prolersor Mott on Surgery. , Tuesds ?Prof Pattison on Anatomy, i- Weduesdsv?Prof Keyere on Praetire of Medicine. Thursday?Prof Paine on Institutes of Medicine and Materia I Medics Knday?Prol Bedford on Obstetrics. , i Seturoay?Prof Draprr on Chemistry. The Profession and Public are respectfully invited to at, tend. JOHN W DRAPER, ot4 istlt'r Secretary ot the Facnlty. DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES. A LARUE importation of French Plates, just received Mid lor sale at the Pluiahe National Daguerriau Oa'lery No 1 131 Brusdwav olb 2w?e . | DAtiL ERRED lil'r. APPARATUS FOR SU.E [ ' ER.M AN, F eurli. and Aineric.n Cameras, L?ns, Plates, , : vJT Cases, I heinieals, he.. 16 per rer.t. cheaper than any ether place in the United States, at 112 Broadway. ' ' N.B Instructions carefully run, in rhe arr. Alan, wanted to purchase orniie, a good lathe for brass or I iwnr iror worn wirn at#* n?w imv SCOTT tf THOMPSON'S CITY CASH Wholesale and Retail Family Grocery, Ten, Wine, and Spirit Establishment No. .'47 Broadway, New York.?I. 8. Scott It Co., Nassau ?treet, ia corse queoce of the solicitations of nu Tiber of their np-iown customers, have been ndnced 11 open an establishment on the I I ea-h principle, at the above 397 Broadway. 'J bey will toni etmtlv have on band the beat aieorttneut of goods in the above line, and at prices that mnat astonish the iiihabiunta in the neper part of the city. Amongst the aaaortmeut will be fooud the following : i Traaof the lateat iinportationa and finest qualities; aug-rs i ; of every grade; Mocha. Java, Lagaayra, and >iar caibo coffee, wiuee. chanpaigae, sherry. Madeira, port, claret, k'.ke.; ' Inah an i Scotch whiakey (the Scotch whi>kev "f the celebrated tilenlevet and laiay orenda): Barclay It Perkins' London brown atout; Edinburgh and Allowav a>e; new M Ufa fru t. pickles; soap; aperm eandlaa; oila; old English dairy cheese; Glaatow spired bam a; English, French, and American muaurd; a very large aaaortinent of imported Begars, tic ke lie i N B ?Very old and a ape nor London dock i>ort; Amonr.ili lad<< pale aherryi Manxanilla,do: pale gold andbrown (berry; F-aat India reserve Madeira, Newton, Gordon, Mardock, and , Scott'a, fce kc. P. 8 ?Goods delivered free of expeme i a any part of the rirv, and for raa/i only plj les?rTg TRAVELLING TRUNKS, Ac. JOHN CATTNACH, Tnmk Maanfactnrer, No. I Wall street, corner of Broadway, has now on hand and constant > Iv making, a good aaanrtment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bast, and ftatehels.wholesale and retail. Alio, a superior article of sole leather Trnnka, satiable fot American or Knropean Travel, and Portmanteaaa for the > French MaUe Pattt. Ordera lor the Weat Indiea, Soath America, ke., filled with I deapetch. o9 tm*ie A HAKE CHANCE [ T ATK Broadwa*?Aiienta are wanted to undertake the La aale ol anew ami tuI \ ariicle, that ran he aold to even f unity ?n the Union. To men of respectability I am) huiineaa haNta, n {u-rantee nf $600 per amain will be ? given Apply to , J' ALUKN. No 117 I-niton at , N. York, t 'I l*e*?ra ninaf ho poet pn-il nil !m ih tl.Nr,V t,b.N 1' "piJIC HIGHEST PtlH F.-t vdrnced in lame and imall ? "niti* oa f*ld nd ai'ver Watehes, Dianionda, Plate, J'W' *?? ^ri "t>"dr. Furniture, I.In'hine. and every description . ef .'erao al Property JOHN >1 DAVIE8, 1 _ Uieenaed Pawnbroker, f32 William at. near Dnane at. ST?' I *eeeiee?l in private office by ringing the bell. oaO In'rrr i eracv o STRAW BOARD."* ; I gSJut?" B?""u,,fKUi4VV?i;oK?""" 1 01 '?* N ead(7 Neeeea t|. , nnHIl dalieione beeerage made of 4M rtrt't and boat Cat1 fae.hai g ,'oed iinl populanrftaot aaly O" account of the great facility It unri to hnuiekaopora auj bachelors by 01 ifciug woh one tea spoon fu'l, laata or less. in a cup of hot htHi ui milk tlx mult palatablemMta butaJeo by Its superiority to anr coffee pieiwreil irw artaT hrty The mgnul'sclurerhaeiUK Injajy agarned aoiue advantages |u (turning all tnc lli?our in wm naere, u couliJeut that It Mill aow gne ?ti?Uci,.u to an who try it. For aale at Banker k Co , Jdo IJ M udeu Lane; W. *. Corvia. Ho '29 BroaJway. Uisjeiar It Yoanc. No III Chatham at ; J. (eotttherger corner Chalk an and Centre ata : ficcftrlJ It CO., No. 72 baat BtoaUwar; johu Millian. No. 113 Broad way. H Z. 8ZAOV.U2KY. _o24 Jw*re Maoul'actujvr. No. 91 Murray at. i'LUKlBUTYPES. GOLD mkdal awarded rT9HK Proprietor of tliaPlahSa National Oegoem-n OalA lery, naTrug diacoefrod a mode ol iraioferr-ng Daguerro itypaa ?o p->prr, ia toif prepared to eatcntr thie new atyle ol" poitraiture at the rate of iH lac aimilie copi'a lor (en doli lata. The Plumbe NatlMal Oaguetriao Gallery. No. >31 Broadway. Plate*. Cue*, aad atock of all descriptions, at teholetalc or retail ' "** l?*C ! tcuTT^b BAZAAK. 71 Painua ituax, orroaira Niaio'e. O \NDS W 'O'lT. lain at the Baaa.r in ll.v O...I k... to O acquaint his ueuieiupe friend* and the public, that he haa upeuau the eboee hoata in a Terr (apartor style, end hopes t'? , merit a fair share of the public patronage F'om lone experience in business, he tlstmra himself to be able to please the most lastidioua; the accommodations of his Itousa for bosiuses and comlort he briieves cannot be surpassed by any bouse of the kind. Ilia patrons will always hud the house well supplied with the beat ol erery thing the market affords in the way of Ales, W mas, Liquors, and rigart. Nieaks, Chops, fold Cuts, Hart-bits, Poached > ggt, Tea, Coffee, and. in fact, n large assortment of rafreahmauu at all times, until If o'clock at uiglu. flamy of rooms for private parties at all time* ready. Koast beef and Yorfcnbire Padding every Sunday from 1 to 3. oV> Iw'rh iOLIi J'l&M MACHINEKY. THE undersigned offer* for sale, on reasanable terms, several complete sets of Gold fen Machinery, in perfect order for ra-uufacturiiig Diamond Pointed Go'd Pens. They wil{ be accompani'd with complete practical instructions if desired. Terms made known on application in person or by post pn>d letter to J. M. TBOVVBHIDUK, Syracuse, N. K. oft 3w*rrc THE PIAMO-UNQINQ? IT ALIA IS? ENGLISH. MRS. MORLEY, Pupil of the Celebrated Crovilli and Sir George Smart, is prepared to give lessons in Singing, in English, or Italian, and on the Piano Korta, at bar reaidence. No. 50 LIbPKNAKD si teat, or that of her pupils, on reasonable terms. Mrs M is also rsadv to teach schools iff classes, iu the city or in tha country. O" A musical accomplishment, connected with a refined educatiou, is the surest passport to society, in all ita various attractions, and those who wish to avil themselves of such adi vantages, should place themselves under the tutelage of Mrs j Motley. oI1lm*rre 1 FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. TWO or three Ueutlemea can be accommodated with Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, and the usn of a I'ar'o-, in a private family. Apply to No. 7 Hicks street. : Brooklyn. o23 lw*r | NEW YORK. RIDING SCHOOL. NOS 65 <J> 67 WJITT STREET. rSONTIIVO MXSL STBSCT. Bttieten Hwisim and Grttwtch itreett. MR J. H MKRI AM take# this opportunity of returning hit most grateful acknowledgments to ih?se who have so I andsomely patrouisrd 'dm from ihe first moment he was identified with tht New York Riding School, and pledges himself to endeavor, hv the moat unremitting attention to merit a eost'nnmee of their kindness He would respect fu I y i into m his friends ard the public, that he will reopen his Evening Classes in conneetiaa with his Day School, for mi tiou ami exereue riding, on Monday evening, the 2d of November. Application to be made at the Offi- e, or School room. JA8. CODD1NOTON, Proprietor. I o24 I m rrc i NEW DISCOVERY, BY which all Stoves, and Pipes, or Orates, may be kept a JET BLACK, with as beautiful polish aa a Coach Body, 1 with one application a year. Sold only at 21 COURTLAN1) i street. I Alio, HAYS LINIMENT, warranted to cure any case of I Piles. Dr. M'Nair's ACOUSTIC OIL, a certain cure for i Deafness. Hews'i LIN IMENT, warranted to care any case ; nf Hheumatisin. Oldridgr's BALM OF COLUMBIA, for the Htir. East India 11AI K DYE, will eolnrthe hmraJet > Black, aud not staio the Skin. Longlev's Western PANACEA, warranted to cure any case of Asthma or Dyspepsia 1 Sold <t 21 Conrtland street. fB lm*r CAST Ofk CLOIHINti AND PUUNIIUUp. WANTED. LADIES or Gentlemen having any superfluous or rast off clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash Sriee for the same, by applying to the subscriber, at his resieuce, or through the post office, which will be punctually I attended to. M S. COHEN, 69 Duane st. N.B. Ladiescanhr attended to by Mia. M. B. Cohen. I oil lm*re i LEFT OFF WAliDKOBE AND FUitNlTUlLE WANTED. LADIES OK GENTLEMEN having snperflnons effects to dispose of, such as Wearing Apparel, burniture he., can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending tor the i subscribe, through the Post OAce, or otherwise, who will I attend st their resideaess. J. LKVENSTYN, 46? Broadway, up stairs. ' Ladies esn be attended to by Mrs. J. LEVEN8TYN. I *la lm*re l/AU X lUil. TO HOTEL AND 8TORE-KEKPER8, ipuut a per100 from Philadelphia. Crying Co palm upon (hern a apanona article of Wine Bitten and wild Cherry Brandy, aaid 10 be manufactured by me. Thia ia to inform (he pablie that 1 have no travelling agent tinder the name of Tobiaa, ex eepting my eon, Joseph K. Tobiaa. SOLOMON TOBIAS, l an Im*r No. 6S North Third at., Philadelphia I WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWM ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the faculty-^ never failing remedy for all affections of the kidneya, inllammationam* weakness of the urinary organs both in males and femnUaf. This excellent medicinal preparation, (suited for j all climates,) has never beru known to fail in removing the I most obstinate attacks of gonorrhoea, lie,, and can be aafely I recommended to the public, ta its operations are quick, sure 1 and certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to diet or hindrance trom business Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, 741 Grand street, in ; boxes, at 3 sluliinus and 6 shillings per bos. None genuine i unlf?s signed by the proprietor K7" Orders through the Post Office will be duly attended to sfg lm?rc FRENCH FANCY GOODS. EKABRKVtCETTKS F1LS fc MONA, 61 Maiden Lane, (up s'air*) importers of French staple and Fancy Goods, have on hand a large and desirable assortment of Fancy Goods, to which they are adding by every arrival from Havre. Their stock consists partly of steel goods of all kinds, such aa bag and parse Clasps, Beads, Tassels^ Broaches. Combs, Hair Pins, Bracelets, Bullous, lie. he.; Funs of all deacriptiona. Perfumery, Cemba, Brushes, Aeeoidi ms, rich Head Ureases. Coiffeures, ol new styles. Paris fancy articles, lie. kc., to which they would invite the attention of purchasers, and which they offer for sale on favorable terms. o37 lwis*r lilSMlllMlUl i. us Ml M Ms - 74 Leonard itreet. Wett of Broadway. MJLLE PAULINF. DESJAKDIN8, o( the Academe Hoy-ale, Pari*, respectfully informs tlic publsc ma; lier Classes for fa<hiooable Dancing hare commenced, ficaide* all the U'ual Uaocea i -nght, will be the new waltz Mazurka, Maiurki (daadrille, Polkas, (rations.) new Waltz a cinq te-nps, composed for M'lle Cerito, by Mous. Perrot, and lire new and graceful wait* Redowa. Schools and Families ate.ided Terms and hours made known on application. 24 lra*rh | DANClNtj ACADEMY. I NORTHERN EXCHANGE, 273 BLEKCKEKSTREET. MR. U. ROBERTSON, in returaroR lira moat aincere tliankl to his frieoda and the public for ">e libe.M pnlroo' age bestowed on him last season desire*, most respectfully, i to announce that hi* classes for the Tuition of Dancing will | open at the abore ro M on Erida., October 2d, when he will I hare the pleasure of introducing various new and fashionable 1 Dances, tne larorite Polkas the Mazourka and other styles I of Waliziug, Mazonrka and Polka Uuadrilles, and the beauti, I'ul and much admired Kadowa Waltz, E'ancy Dancing, lie.? I Days of tuition, Teusdavs and Ik'ridays ; hours of attendance I for Ladies, .Slissei and Masters, from 3 to 6 1*. M.; Gentlemen l from ( to 10 evening. Assemblies will take place semiI monthly, commciicini; .Nor. 2d. Instructions will b* (firen I to pupils privately or in classes, at seminaries, or at their r-I siuencrs. and at the class reals, or at Mr. R.'a nrivate acade. my, 82 Canal street. The above rooms, during the summer, I here been (ready improved, painted, decorated, end the tloor I has been all laid anew; m -king it eqael to any room in the city Mr. H. would alio inform pareota who may place their | children under hia charge, that every attention will be paid I to their proper inatruction and comfort while at school. For I further partienlara, apply at the claaa room, or at Mr. R.'a re"deuce. ** Canal atreet. alt lm?rc DANCiNG ACADEMY. I BHAKSrtAHK HOTKI., coartan of Duait* aim | Willis* Stubeis. I \f R. G. HO8KRT8ON. in announcing te his friends sad lvl the public, that his Classes for the tuition of Dancing . will re-open at the above rooma on Wednesday, Sept. IPth, takea the opportunity of returning hie moat amcere thankt to i his late patrons for tneir very liberal encou ragrmrnt, and reI spsctfully annonueea that he will introduce in hia Academy tins aeaaon, various new and fashionable dances, with the 1 favorite Polkai, Mazurka and Polka quadrilles, the graceful and much admired Redowa, with Mazurka and other slj lea ol waltzing; fancy dancing, lac. Days of tmtion, Weduea; days and Saturdays. Hours of attendance for ladies, Misses ! and .Masters, froin 3 to 8 P M.; Gentlemen from I to 10 in the I evening. .Assemblies will take place semi-monthly, conj menciog Nov. 4. Mr. K. would also announce that he will give private instructions to pupils or in claaaea, at seminaries or at their residences, or at Mr. B.'a private Academy. 83 Ce1 nal street. Mr. R.'a class at the Lyceum, Jersey City, will i open on Thursday, October 1st. For more particular information, please apply at his residence, 83 Canad street. alt lin'rc FALL AND W1NTEH CLOTHLNG a a i ii r, i,A"n TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT, W. H. I)EGROOT It CO., lOU Pal (on Htrnt, Becond block Eaet of Brood way, Now York, WHEHE fr?ij variety of Gentlemen'* Clnthine eon b? hod for lower pricco then ot oay other eetabliihmeat in the city of "few York. Orei Cotti and Over Hack*, of Broadcloth, Beaver. Pilot, Tweedo, and .Mararka Cloth*, of every otyl* and color, from $4 to $10. Cloak*?one half, three quarter end foil circle, of French and American Broadcloth*, from $51 > $23. Dreaa and F'ror.k Coat* black, bine, brown, olive and ttreen, of French, Enflith, Belgian ond American Cloth*, from SI to $14. Office and Booineo* Coot*. Pel'o. Sack ond Winter Frock*? of Tweed* ond Broodclotha of avery otyl* in the matket, f' in - - $2 to 3d. P?nu? Broadcloth, Coaaimerea plain and fancy, Doe Hkin? French. lCnglith, and Ameriran, from $2 to $4 . Vetta?donble breaated, *traight hreaic, and railing collar, ...I?- .,1.1. ...Jib*** Velvet. U\.<)l.n Velvet* ( ?? i timer*, plain and fancy 8aunt and Htlka, fora $1 to H ALIO, I A large eseortmeut of Broadcloth, Caeaimetea and Veatings, ! winch will be made to order, to iait the inoet fastidious, i IT^Boyi' Clothing, of erery deteriptioo, ennitaatlr on ! hand. W. H. DKOROOT it CO.. I oT lm*r No. It! Ynlton itreet. BATTLE OF MONTEREY. SAllONY It MAJOR hare Jnst published two splendid I nata?one a startling representation of the Siege of Monterey; the other po,traying the Genera's Ampndia and I ay lor. with their respective *t ,ffs. treating for the capitularion of Montr,'er; both tastefully colored. Mingle copiea I2H cents: per hnndied. $6 n fc M. have also published a eorrert fnll length lihene** of (Ion. TV, lor. and | ictare, of all hit hattir*; to*e'he' wi'h a general assortment of heantifnlly eiecuted ?i,d colored print*, to which they would call the attention of the puMic. Order* from all pnrta of the coon ry promptly attended ro. ' Agent* renoirc! in the eilies and town*, who will be aupplied on the moat latoraMe tertpa. nlg?w*r RAMON Y A MAJOR, *t Naaaaa at. FAMILY HOARDING SLHfJOL. AN Etpenenccd Teacher, leaiding in the OanfTr, takes into family a nnmher of Children, not eireadiag ton, aa hoarders and arh lara. No paint spared to render the honae a plrasnnt home to the pupils, and to adtanca them in > thrtrit'ndira. (treat attention paid to their lie dth and moral* The ailuation ia rery retired and healthy. No day scholar I is admitted. 1 hart are at presett three reeaneisi fot iel faraace and term* asuairg at tl Hammond itreet < a*tw*rr? I AUCTION Ml TICK*. CHANCERY SALE. BY order of the Court of Chiurerv?1,'uder the direction of Isaac V. Kowler, Matter iu Ihiurery, will be sold at ? fiab+te by iiCMONT k. llOSACK, at the MetI chant's Kxcltwfe. Well street oil Moudhy, ti?e second d*y of ' Nreeoihar, ll'b at it o'clock, the 1*0 ?t <rv brick Ir.ut hou-e i *?<1 let No. 6 VV'Mtsat ?? , uwthsiJe third h u#e fri ui Sul} 'iian s'rect, with two storv hui'di a ou the rear, ai d ??> i right of %u allay lr??d i.g to Broom* str -at; said lot is 21 ft 6 I in. front and rear .nJ 7J it. 9 in df*p o2i lw*r TIOTTIML PHILADELPHIA HUNTiHQ PARK COURSE aw l^HBgcaiagc: T^Ht. I>all .\ircliug over Jir above I nunc will toiuuie?ca ou Tueaday, llie id of November, ?uj continue two davi. No. I.?Fir?t day, Nov. 3d, Purte f!00?Two mile haata, under (lie aaddle. G. \ ouiw, .iifera 1.1. Rnrrel Hiram. J. M. Ham mill, autara Kourtli July. J. Pot la. euteia .....a a Trrniou. U. Swcer, cuiera a. g. Sir William. No 2 ? Dame day. parte (100, tree lor hortes thai never won money. 2 tulle hrau. in luuneaa. Mr. McRobcrta, astata b. g. Bcndigo G. Spirtr ruiera b. IB. Lady Ellen. M. It. Kmc. eutera Call. J. M Haininill, ruler* hrii. No 3.-2(1 day, Nov. 4. |>ur*e >300, $100 to the second beat, 1* heat*, iu harness, free for all trotting boreea. G. Spicer. enter*... b g. Amerieua. J. Cur, eurers b. g Moscow. No. (,-Simr day, puree $200, mile heats, best 3 iu 3. to wagon*, free for borers that never won a puree of $200. Wagon and driver to wrigh 300 pounds. O. Spicer. enter* li. m. Lady Ellen. IJ. Case eutei* b. ui. Lady Moscow. J. Webber, enter* br. m. Lady Washington. G. Y uug enters br. g. Rattler. J. M. Hammill enters a. g, Bulwer. Philadelphia. Ort 2>i IKS. oil? 9t*je UNION COUK.SL, L. I. ?T -aVtfi r ACCORDING to agTeemeui, the second ra r between Lady Suffolk and J. K. Polk, for a puree of $100. comes off on Monday ueit, the 2d of November, two uules and repeat. A. Bryant antera Lad v Suffolk, to go under the saddle. A. Conklin enters J. K. Polk, to go te a skeleton wagon. New York, October ib, IBM. O. SPlCKR. o$6 ?t*je DOOS?DUGS?DOGS. MKOK male a lot of Dogs, comprising Newfoundland. Ki g Charlea Mpoiiel*. Italian Greyhouuda, Alpine Mas' iff*, English and Scotch Perinte sand Setters, with a great variety of W*trh Dogs. 'I he New foendland are the finest to besscniuthe ritv There is a brood of in ew fouudlaud Pup# that cauu.t . be surpaaaed in rhe United States. P. M. 1 he King I harles S ?ipels sre just imported fr~>ai Loudon. Apply to W.V1. MOOKK. 46th street, Blr-omingd'le Ro d The'laera run every half hour. nrSt'r LOST, A WHITE I 'd Brown Spotted Spaniel, anawers |AD to the usme " Sport'' The finder will be liberally fi n rewarded by leaving hiui at 21f Ninth stteet. , n? lt?r?e I FOUND MA BLACK Tanned Cocking Spaniel The owner ran Obtain him after paying eipenaes, bv applyiag at No. J John street <>28 3t*rrc I TO LKTl IN A RESPECTABLE Private Family. ApartPl ments. with Breakfast and Tea, or full Board, to one 1 or mo aingle Gentlemen. Locution very deairable? Tertna moderate. Addreaa a uote to O, nt W. Dubo'a' Milie Store, HI Broadwav. oil] end*rre TO LKT, t| FROM thiitima, the three atory brick Home, No. 23 Dey atreet, with a Stable in the rear. For particnlara, inquire at No. 21 Booth atreet, or at the houae, rn 9 rod I? o'clock A.M. o?9 lt*rre ! ~~ ROOMS TO LKT. I A FURNISHED hack Parlor, amiable for two GenI f!?-W tl*men. Alio, r third atory fro"t Bed Room, with or J2JUL without Board. Apply at 62 Green*icb atreet. o;9 3'*rrSTORE TO LET. aONK of the be-t locationa in the city for any kind ol fancy buaineaa, johhinK or otherwise, well shelved and countered, will lie Vet low if applied fur immediately. Inquire at No. 110 William, ccruer of Jolm atreet. n27 3f.?r TU LET, THREE BRICK HOUSES, aituated in Hobokru, frrjw with'n two rainu'ea walk of the Kerry ; will be ready I JliUla for occupation on December lat They each contaiu from 7 t" 9 rooma aud a cellar. Rent from $110 to $171 each a year, with privilege of free terri ge to the fain ly. Apply to JAS. A STEVENS Jr.. o!7 lw*r at Hnboken. TO TAILO RS?A DESIR A BUTCH A NGE. FOR BALE?Tha Sto k and Futures of the loug [JtjW eatab'tahed Tailoring Eatabliahment. No. 6 Court JwtfL land' atreet. The location ia exceedingly g od, being in the vicinity of a great number of Horela. Also. an uneipireo leaae to run t ao and a half yeara I'oaaeaaion given ou the first of November next. Ft r further particulars apoly aa above. o;8 3t*rrc BOARL)1 N't MERCHANT?' HOUSE, Not 135, 137 urul 139 Broadway. ** THE PROPRIETOR would reapec tulle inform TiTjW families anil single gentlemen aesiriug nuara lor me | J?2lA wimer in comfo'tiible quartern, with all the conveniences of a home, tli-t he lis* atiumher ol l>ght aud pleasant { apartments to let (fnruithe'') at moderate pricea. A choice , of roouaa may be lud by early application. o28 lin'rrc ORLANDO FISH. Tilh liLOBli HU i'fciU, bti llriiutlWMy lal THIS HOUSrl haa, the anuimer, "been rej mI paired and punted thionghout, and baa entire new furI JLtfLmture. ' It -Mill be re-opened for TravA.ers, Vr , on Tuesday next, | thr Gth icataiit,aiid will be kept fin the old plan ol a restaurant, with the addition of a table d hore. A few famines, and ain I gle gentlemen caii be accommodated for the winter. t>3 lm*re J AM KM li. 1'AUK. FARM WANTED. apum Wanted to pnrchaae for caah, a farm of couaiderahle XftSSeiteut. ill a hralthy location near New V'ork or Philaanmmdelpina; the .anhrnt within twelve hour a journey by railroad or water, f vm New York. Peranus deairona or disposing of suc'i pre svrty will addresa a letter to R. E. Z., Charleaton. 8 Cnr .linn; giviue aa minnte a atatetneut ai potaible of the loeatic a. extent aud buildings of the farm, the | capacity of ita ami, the kind and quantity of ita prodncea the ! force requisite for ta cultivation, and any other <|U?lity that I it might piasca, ir order that a preciae eatimate may at once I be formed of in valne and atritableneaa. The loweat caah price of the property is alio required to be named. The advertiser, intending to visit the above named cities in i the eeily part of the ensuing month, will rxamiue thoae farmi. the price and location of which may beat answer his purpose. oil 2w?rc MUSIC. ii -gm-T-i . _ THE PIANO taught on very moderate MsSfiSfifl terriM, by a Lady, who haa a perfrcl know k~fjl It-dire of the rceuce. and who undertakes to IIS X I teach it thoroughly witli the greateat facility. Terms?I liree dollars per month. JT7"" Anv lady wishing to receive instruction will please addicts Music, at the Herald Office. o27 lmia*ire KNOX. r? 128 FULTON STREET, (Sun building ) HI Deeming it unneeeaaary to enter tutu particu arsj^m respect ng his Fall fashions for lltS, would simply stare that his aew a yle wilt excel in beauty, lightness, taste and color, any thing ever offe-ud to the Hatweariug ruMic of the city of New York. His pricea are as low as hit hats are fine. Paris style of Hats manufactured and for tale bv oil lwit?r KNOX. 'eiis. H IViNt LINK. Of? P4CKRTH fcKOM PHI LA. The A 1 Tail aailiUR bark ELIZAi H J, J ..tin S. KemiuKtoo, m-iater, will tail positively no lith November. For freight or paceajte, luring auperior fnrniiru-d acrommndationi. apply to JOHN K. OHL k 90N, o21 llt'tbr. 6IH 9- Wharves. Philadelphia. f|-^ ONLV IlEUUt.AH LINE OK NEW OK fJJWLEANR PACKETS?The ahipa to aail in Tap Kaicolt'i Reialtr llew Orleana Line, in their prope order, are u fo'lowa. via:? The packet ahip Hl.'LTANA, Captain Bnnker, toot of Mai den lane. Slat Oc'olier. Packet ahip HUD80N, Captain Pace, foot of Wall itieet November 4 th. W. tk J. T. TAP8COTT. 86 Sooth atreet, "20 r two dnora helnw Bnrliue Slip. "sjjtjfF bOU LI VEKPOtlL?Packet of the J9lh ol Octo her?The elefant new packet ahip NIAGARA HNKaCapt. Ruaaell, will be deapatclied aa above, wilheul Thia aplendid packet ahip haa nnrqnal'ed accommodation! for cabiu and aecond cabin paaaencera. The Infer will be ink n at steerage rate*. Those about to take passage wrold do well to examine thia inperior ahip previoua to engaging elaewhere. For terme of paeeaRe, apply on board the ahip, at Mnrray'e wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to _o? J. HK.KDMAN. 61 Hon that. I FOK Lt 1NDO.N?Regular Packet of the lat , nXVL November?The firat class, faat aailin* packet ahip Tmmtm w EI LINOTOV Captain < had wick, 1000 tona, ; burthen, will aail aa above, her reenter day. Having very anterior acc mmndationa for ,'abin, aecond cabin and ateeraae paaaenRera, peraona intending to embark ahonld make immediate application on hoard, loot of Maiden ! Lan-.orto JOSEPH MeMUKKAV, "26 eomer of Pine and Rooth srreer* , '****- JAMES BEVEHlUOK, ail Maker, Corner (MJV Front and Hooaevelt atreela?Ma. It, AwninRa, Bags, jtimmtrnke., made to a neat and anba'antia* manner. I at I >w prices. Rails to be rrpaired insured aRainat fire, and atored xraiia. Hecnre from rata and dampneaa. All orders Pnncrnellv ev# -nted. o2f lm#rr* tea- ULAlk if a L L i>K Old Ll.vE Or LiVr.HPiKIL PACKEI'S?For Liverpool?Only regoJWmKmm lar Packet of the let November.?The new, magmii' ent. I.iat sailing, and celebrated favorite packet ahip MO < TEZUMA. burthen 1100 tona. Captain A. B Lowber, will aa.l poaitively on Monday. 2d of November. It ia rcarcefy neeeiaarv to aay. aa it ia wall known to lha travelling p ihlic. tl at h? acromnaoda'iona of the Montagumi f< r cabin, 2d cal in and ateenure pa-sengr ia, ia fitted out in a moatauierh and coatlv manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that rannot but add to the com fort of thoae embarki' g. who ahould c II and ire thia aplendid apecimeu of aeyal architecture, before engaging elaewhere. I hor Tuiic m cabin. 2d cabin and e.eerage, early application i alionld be made ou board, fnotof fleekman atreet. or to tlie auhaerihera, ROCHE, BROTHERS It GO. ! ot* r K Fulton atrcct. ncn doer to the Fnlton Bank. FOH NEW ORLEANS? Lomaiana and New iflWWYotk Line? Poaititely the firit and onlyRegnlar jHMKePackrt. to a*il ou the 4th of Not.?The laat lailing ! packet amp HUDSON, Page maater, will aail aa abort, her 1 rrgnlai day. For freight or peerage, apply on board, at Oileant wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS h CO., 'A 8ontli at. I Agent in New Orleane. Janiea K. Woodruff, wno will promptly lorward all gooda to liia addrene. The Regular Packet Ship Louisville. Hnnt matter, will anecred the Hndiou, and Mil on November 13lh, her regular day o22r YACHT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR SALE. AAag- The undersigned. hiring concluded to withdraw aMN^from " Yachting," offera for aale lh? well known SBffiifctchooiier yacnt NORTHERN LIGHT, 7# tone i nrthrn The Norlbern Light it rnoar kulwt-ntially built of while oak, rorper la?tencd eoprercd in the w?le?, and la rery thoronithty found in all reapec'.a Thrrc are nrn atafe rooma. haying two her ha cach.r.nd eight ot?n bcitha (faar of which a c double) in har ?ft" cabin, which. With eight bertha in Iter forward cab>n, afford accommodatiora for 2< paat?ngera, being admirably calculated fir a yacht, or paeket for passenger", in on' Southern watera. The quMitire of the Nortneni Light for sailing. and aa a "tea boe\' art too wed known to r?in> e lu 'har deaeriptioti. For terme and other rkrticulkra apply to the auhecribrr, at No H Sooth Market atrtet. Iloaion "2t?wrrc W I' Wl \< HESTER. idjp FOR HAVRE.?'The juperloe French brig AltKffV VIDE. t antaiu Ouaudeuu, to he promptly die' I JHMMw patched For freight, apply to * eUrl BOTU ? HINCREN Broken. ?a^?w^ew?a????mmmmmm?q I amivbmbnti. Lid Kigkt ofMK..1XDIiH30N'S Angagrmrrif PAaaA 1 uiai lac?'ThuiitUy k-Tfiiiaic t?Vr Wll| or pi'toniieU Seluller'a mutantic play, la 5 I'll, ofTHH HOBUKKS?t liirln de Motif. Mr Atidcranu: hiiurn de Moor, U>ott; Herman, burk; bpiegelberg, Puller,, Mr, .iiipt Toe-iurladc with I hi fare* of SOMLBODY KLtL-Jloi Moritx, If (? IH feu; Luteal, U>o;t; Muuim, iln Hiuii; Lomae, Mm Kit* Hora. Uoori o.-iii at at u, li-paal o'clock, aad the performs* cea will cuuiuitnca at 7 o'clock. luiei II ; Bit S# cnu ; twr Icrv t< reart. BOWr.UV rHttATlltC-iluiday Lreaiea, Oei'r l*li llie , erlortnaucre will commoner with Ine Tragedy of 'THJSLLO?Othrllo, Mr A A Addama; Itgo, Mr N.afie; Iteadcuiomi. Mil Jordnn. To coocluite witii tin Uraml Hpecf'cle of MONTEZUMA, or, The Lait of ihe Axleca Uraaialis Pereooa? Mexicaua?Montezuma, Emperor ol' Mexico, Mr. bteaeoa; Teuuuaili, Teotruehli of tiuitnlu|H>tclili, lirke; Priurei* Choltt a, Daughter of Moolrruma, vlr?. .Madiaou. Spaoiarda ? Hum i,do Curlex, I' e Cou<jue-or of Mexico, Mr. Ncefle; Juxu Kcxlauce, Page to Cortex, -Vlram L. Barber Doort opru at 7 o clock, curtain id nee at belt pael 7 ? ' Dreaa Circle, 10 eeuta- Upper Uoxea, 14 cacti; I'll aad tia'loFT. rente ITCHLLL'B UL I Ml'lC TntATilfc ?Tharaday erenii g. Oct'r W;h?To c>uiineuca wilbUALl) UP? 1 Hir Cbirlea Coldalreaui, Mr Walcott; Lady Clnuetback, Mr. XI > To be lollowed by DRAWN FOR THE ARMY-Muufi llet, Mr Holland; Allele, .MraTiunn. Ailer which the WA.NDKKING MINSTREL?Jem Di|i, 1 Mr Mitchell; Julia, Miss Nickiuson. To be followed by AN OBJECT OF INTEREST?Mr ' Marmaduke Frunaoae, Mr Hull o-d Dreu circle 40 cents; upper boxes 24 cents; pit OM shilling; privete boxes S4. Doors opeu st half pest t o'clock: ceruin rises at 7. CIRCUS? BOWKKY AMI'HITHKATRE. THURSDAY EVENINO. Oct I9tb, Third night of Mra.CAMlLLE GARDINER. SKJNOK FEL1.X CARLO, j The Celebrmtrdaud Uuirersally Favorite Italian Clown, from Franc mi s, Pans; Astle^'a, Loudon; and all llie principal European Theatres aed Circasses. SIGNOK CARLO, will, for llie 3d time in America, ap ! pear as the Revolving Sprite, on a laddie 12 feet hieh. Mr. Huunals and Mr J. Howe, in an tlei; jit two horse act, i as the Olympian Wrestlrrs; Mr. W. D.I arroll, in his principal set ul horsemanship; Mrs. C inille Gardner will exhibit her Ne ? School oflauy equrstriaiiism; Mr. Dale and Mr. 1 M. Lipmtu, will appear in a crand vaulting match. ITT" Mr. LEVI NORTH is engaged I rnextweek. Doors opsn st K o'clock. Perhirinaucei to commence at 7 o'clock. Boies >4 cents. Pit 12^ cents. j ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. ! W. E. Bcrtois Manager and Lessee | J. M. Scott ... Stage Manager. lL/~ This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated m the most gorgeona style, and is now thn moat beautiful Theatre , in the Uuioo 1 THURSDAY EVENINO. OCT. to. Latt SiiiUl oflhr engagement of Mr. WJiLLACK. ERNESTINE, ana the VIOLET, ob Napoleon's favorite Flower. Frederick, and Audre, a Jeweller Mr Walluck. This evening will be acird the diama of THE VIOLET, Or Napoleou's favorite Fiower. Audre, the Ouldsmi'h Mr Wnllack Aruiaud, Mr Mar'iu | Blanche. Mrs Rogers Blanchet'o, Mrs Burke. Dancing by Miss Oceana a d vir Benuie. The above to coaclnde with the farce of ERNES 1INE. Frederick Mr Wallack t cioiu da Champerrille Mr bcotl Marie. Mra Howard | Kmn ine M'a Purke To-morrow. Brnrjlt of Mr WJILLACK, wh?uwill bo acred the Stranger and ihe comedy of the Wonder " fl WALNUT STREET .THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA E A. MaRsntLi.. Leasee W. R. Bun, Manager. MR. E FORREST, aa Jack Cade. THURSDAY EVENINU, Ocr'r. 29, lMg, will ba perrormed the tragedy, by Or Bird, called JACK CADE, Jack Cade Koreat Kriar Lacy Ritchiuga Wat Worthy Jamiaon Mariaaae Miaa A Fiaher Alter wbick the MARRIED RAKE. Mr Fliehty Riehinga Mra Trictrac, .bliss Fi?her I 8n?nn, Mra Blake To-morrow, MR FORREST'S lttnrflt. dT^Arrangemeuta hare beeu positively entered into with the following ga'axy of talent:?The popular operatic corps, Mra, Hegniu, Mr. Fruxer, Mr. Segnin, Madame Angtuta, Mad'alle Dimier. he. THE ALHAM11A SALOON. 459 Broadway betwrm Spring and Pnnct afreets. W Conam, Manager.) Ukohijk Lodkr, Musical Director. THIS S leudid and fashionableeaublialiment la now opto aa a pl-ee ofainnannrnt lor the Winter Seaaon. d>" ADMITTANCE ONE SHILLING . The whole thoroughly warmed, and aa comfortable aa a private parlor. Thia and Every Krening during the Week The nn'ertaiumenta will he varied, and couaiat in part of 1 Beautiful and incomprehensible Illusions by the wonderful Lady Maaician. Ventriloquism by Mr Wyman. GRAND VOCAL ?t INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTS, By the whole company of talented Artiatei. The Italian Fantoccini Dancing by M'llea Jeaselyne and Marguerite-. With an immense variety and constant change of highly attractive novel tie*. Full particulars in the daily bill*. [?"7*"Admittance One Shilling Doors o|>en at 7?Commence at I o'clock. oM 6t?c LrliUrULll IJV. RID I DIV O Grand Mutual Festival, IN AID of the Charitable Fund of ihe German Society, M already acif-unee', will take Place on TUESDAY next, the til of November, 181b, at the Broadway Tabernacle. Ticketa, at One I) 'liar each, may he bad at the naual ! places. of t> e Otficera and District Viaitera of the Society, and of the following COMMITTKK I J.W.Schmidt, H.Oelrichs, Theo, Victor, A. Belmont. K. Fied ?r, A. E. Kiccahcafer, . K. Stricken, H. Degeu, M Under, II. A Cesaebeer, J<me?Raili, W liana, B. Andreie, F. Hieinheil, K. Wia?mann, I () lles?eiit>erg, J. IJ. Waiter, E. Bech. 0. Vcm llanr, C. Mrletta, T. .Maurice, C.W. Faber, E. I'nkhart, K. A. Schumacher. I oW 31 r TAHEKNACLK. THE FIRST ORJISV CONCERT HENRY HERE. PIANIST to Ilia Majesty, the King of the French, and Proleaaor oi ike Royal Conservatoire of faria, will take i I place ou ! THURSDA Y EVEN ISO. Oct. nth. He will he -aa'atcd by I MADAME ABLAMOWICZ, j .MR. PH MAYr.K, b R. TIMM, and PIONOH RAPETT1, jlnd a select Orchestra. PHU'IK AMME. PART 1. ' I. Overture to the " Barbiere di Biviglia," executed by the Oreheatra Roaeini a- Duett? Se tan in ante, from the Opera " Eliaae Claudio," Me read ante bong by Madame Ab'nm .wicx and Ph, Maver. j 3. Grand Concei lo, (the 3d.) for Pianoforte and Oreheatra I. Allegro yleeatoeo. II. Andante a l'Ecoaaaiae. Ill Rondo Sniarc. Com|>oie<1 and execu rd h- Henry Herz 1 4. Ballad...." Thiougli horeat Glade," anng by Madame Abla'nowirt Linley lutermiaaion of ten minutes. I PART II. 1. Overture... executed by tne Orchestra. Auber 1 2. Aria..1 mdi funcsta Smani?. .from Lncia di Lammermoor, aung by Mr. fh. Mayer Pouuetti 3. Grand ) annate on lavorite airs from Lucia di Lammermoor. cotnpotei! and execnted by. Henry Hers I Cavatina.." Ui piacer," from La Garza Lndra.... sung by Madame Ablamowicz Roaeini 5. Variations di Bravura and Hondo Brillant, on the March Irotn Otello. .with Orchestral accompaniments,composed and rxecnteil by.....Henry Herx Mr. TIMM, will preside at the Piano. Ticketa, One Dollar each?to be had at the Music Stores, nod at the door on the evenini ol the t.oncert OCr" Doora open at 6?Concert to commence at I o'eloek rreciiely. o8t 2trrc r CONCERT. * 1VJ H. KAVANAQH rerpectfully inform* hia Friend* and i'i the Tublic, that he will aire a CONCERT, at Colum. bi ui Hall, Orand atreet. ton Thursday livening, November ith, when ha will ai^Rall hia moat popular Sou* a. bothCoirie aud Seutimcuial lie will be aaaiatcd by Mr. Holmaa, Mr. 1 Nnt'ing, and a young lady. Ticket* 21 cent*. Door* open at halfpaat Si* o'clock. Concert to commence at liall past Seven. For p ogramme, ! are ?mall hilla o?9. 31. n >. 1. 4t ia?r CONCERT, Vocal and Intlrumental. MISS JULIA 1.. NOKTHALL haa the honor to antionnce 'hat ahe will aire her firat Concert (hi* aeaaon, I at the Apollo Roc,ma. on FRIDAY Keening. November Stli, | IMG?aaaiatcd by Mr. Bnrke, the emiuent violinist, and other di'tinguiahed artiata. ,j~ Full particnlar* in a future Advertiaement. oil It ia r VAvUERLYN'S GREAT NATIONAL. rn/'Tl-m- ..c .1? r |;? ?< l'.l.nh,. n.,n?J he order ; of Cougrea*. is now exhibiting for a aliort time in the large aal?on of the Academy of Dntigu, corner of Broadway j and Leonard trreti. Open from t A M to It P M. Heaaon tieketa M cent*; (ingle admi-iion, U eta; deicriptire pamphleu, 6,'*. oar 3wi?*tc I HOWES M CO.'S N. Y, MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THIS nnriralled eorpa of Equestrian* will perform at Kllenirille on the tzd of October; at Liberty cn the 21d; a' Monticrllo on the 14 h; at tSloomingbunth "U the Jfctlt; at Walatu on the I7th, and at Ntwbargli on the 2tth October inatThia iatheLaifeat Establishment erer organized in the United Mover, comprisiug lit Men and Horrea, requiring H C arris* to ccnyey the perforraera, wardrobe*, mtraietana fce. The company naa attached to it Eight Female eater triae*, r.menc whom it the Greateat KemaJ# Kider of in* Age, recently armed from Taria, MADAME MAKIK MACAKTK, 1 wboaectw atyleof Equestrian Ketta, peculiarly her own, being ehafteand claaaic; her gracefjl ana faaeinatingaddreM, and the charming niivete with which ehe chain* herxudi" ence, render thia gifted and highly-educated artirtt the leadi tog feature of the arena in this country. The Proprieton refer the pnhlte to the hrillitnt description fires IB the roapectiee new* apera of the extraordinary and daring featn performed b- thie diatingutahed urtiiU. Kitoeatriazt Director, Mr. HOWK8; Riding Matter, Mr. ' NIXON, and the nnapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. | Among the Performer* i? the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, .Mr. HOB SB. w h oae feats oa Horseback are the moat extraordinary erer witnessed. Jure mle act of Horsemanship by Mas tar Ninon. Olympic Exercises. by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wooderful Feattby I Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Grouping*. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of P hoe but. Poetaring and Gym usance, by Mr. Nixeaand bin ton. Mr. Hwwen ia hi* Mythological and brilliant Act ol " Fancies of Proteuu." Mr. C. Ilowea ia Slack Hope Evolution*. Mr. <feo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a rariety of others. The whole romDriuni the leadine. moat Lalrrud. ?>d i claaaie rerformera in the world. oM r HOWEH It CP'S Xrm York Mammoth Ciyten. ; U!NIO> LINK OK NEW YORK PACKETS mFWV. P> >R LIVKRPOOL ?The ii Undid Ibt >111101 iMWa tml r.r>.rit? firkrt Ship OHIO 1"00iont bnrthen, I'taiu uiril, will ,*?| on Monday, No* 2d, her regular day. Her accommodation* for cabin, aecond cabin, and ateerage I paaaet ycr? are *ery rnp?rior. Thoee wishing :<> aecur* heriha ; st.< old make earli ?| plicanou on bnar<l font of P'ke atieet. ort.. W. It J. T. TAPS' OTT. 81 i?oet? at.. o?7 r 2d door below berime : ?Ajj?- POK Ld VKHrOOl^?Kegnlet pecker of the Ml; WJfV3"! ?Tb? new and reiy efieedid ?hip NEW HibWOKLD bonbrn 1 eco tone, Opt. William Skidd y, m^ter. wil tail aa aboae. h?r regular day. . Tnt accommodatiftua, for cabin, tecnnd cabin, ana iiffriff pm??ngera, *? to comfort, are unequalled by ?"T other reeeel ^eiaooi intending to embark would do well to go on , and judge for theinnHei, before angaglof a!?ewKara For pftxolara. My^oyipof f.r.t^la^a , e,o to I all oiner of flit m4 South il/eeae LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TZLaa&APBXO. IMPORTANT FROM THE ARMY Santa Anna Near Monterey. Twenty Thousand Mexicans in the Mountain Passes. MOJTEREY EVAlTAiLD UY AXPIIDIA'S ARMY. HKAtiTH OF THE AMERICAS THOU PS. Another Steamer Wrecked-Several Lives Lost. General Butler Not 0ensured. Duels Among Our Ofloere. jmxut9 icxnn rorcci i;iiu?aucu< &c. &r. kt, i Washixoton, Oct. 28, 9 P. If. The New Orleans Picayune of 21st instant an* nounces the arrival of the steamship Galveston. 1 from Brazos Santiago, coming via Galveston. The news by this arrival confirms the previous accounts of the battles of Monterey, as published in the Picayune. Advices from Monterey come down to tlio 9th October. On the 27ih ult. Gen. Taylor issued an I order congratulating the surmy on their late itloriousvictories. Col. MoCiung was not dead, but improving. Lieut. Dilworth, of the 1st Infantry, j had died of his wounds. Major Sear, of the S j Infantry, was doing well. Captain Owen, of the | Baltimore battalion, whocatne in the Galveston, I reports that we had live hundred and sixty-one : kdled and wounded. The Mexican loss had not j been ascertained, hut it was believed to be not less than one thousand. The great subject discussed in the array, con' tinued to be the terms granted to Arapudia. It Is urged that he made the defence of Monterey contrary to the wishes and orders of Santa Aei na. He fought well, and Gon. Taylor was induced to be lenient towards him. Such were some of the reasons given. Others say Gen. Taylor yielded with reluctance to the opinions of the three officers next in command. At Cam&rgo two affairs of honor were sxpeeted to come otr. Brigadier Tliomu Marshall had called Col. Bailie Peyton to account, and a meating was expected between them on the 11th. Another duel was expected at the same place, between Captain Musson of New Orleans, and Capt. Shcveus of Texas. The Matamoras flag, announces the death <d ' Capt. Kobert Mitchell, Ass. Qr. Master to the Is* diana volunteers. '1 he flag gives the deaths of volunteers at Matamoras, from September 1st to October ftth, sixteen in number. Forty-one were discharged 1 during the same period. Gen. Patter son had issued an order to all whoaa it concerned in the region ol his command, ** specting regulations of steamboats, which gave some dissatisfaction at Matamoras. Also; an or* I der agreeable to the terms ot the armistice, kee*I ing the Mexican troops clear from the Kio Grand*, j or the route between it and Monterey. The steamer Col. Harney, with a full car^o of government stores, was lost on the 12 h inat. near the mouth of the Kio Grande. The Harney wer? to pieces, and the cargo was scattered along the shore. Fifteen lives were lost. There were twenty-eight persons on board, ("ant Shannon ; Rooney, the mate: the nilot and two engineers were saved. Of those lost, the names were not A letter from Monterey, dated Sept. 29tb, lays the Mexican troops had almost all left the town. Ampudia left for Saluilo on the 26th. oufle ' crest-fallen. The opinon prevailed in camp that tha Mevi. cans would not propose peace, but make a stout resistance at tho passes at Saltillo. Gen. Taylor, the writer says, would have inade great havoc at Monterey on the 25th. if Ampudiu had not sent in ptoposais to surrender. Gen. Taylor acted upon the conciliatory policy ot our government. Hays' and Wood's two Texas regiments were ; tn return home, and new remmems were to be raised, if hostilities were renewed. The main part of the wounded officers were doing well, and Gen. Butler was recovering. An express came into camp on the afternoon of the 29th, from Saltillo, stating that Gen. Banna Anna was &t the latter place fortifying. He had thirteen thonsand men, which Amosdin's force would swell to twenty thousand Nothina is said about any quarrel between Geneials Taylor and Butler, or of injudicious cobj duct on the part of the lnttc*. Nothing from Gen. Wool's ariny. Buffalo. Oct 23. ft P.M. The state of the markets is ver/ fluctuating Our business to-day has been exceedingly uuii. I The transactions are limited, nor does there j seem much disposition to operate, notwithstanding the fall in prices. The quotations are, Wheat 83 cents; Flour #4 "0; Freight se*?| koeps up : the rates are. for Albany on Wheat. 1 cen s, Flour $1! BY THE MAIM. | WmHlifOTOt, Oct 97,1940 j Mevtmenli in the Gulf? Tamptco?Tke Farititiee ff Tr antportation and Defence ? Gtiteral Scatt?Fera Cm*? Daaire of Naval Ofutra? Tht frmiatice?jfndi cipatiom af tkt Government, vie.?Minister / FionaIt is not truo that Commodore Fsrry is to ttsccoe* """? ? - * ehiaf .mmminH of tha fhil I omraouoro i/wmn m ? ? squadron, at present, although 1m nay at a future Una Commodore Perry la assigned to a specific doty, an" lew, within tha laat two weeks, the original arrange' mant haa bean modified. Commodore Connor, mora aw ticularly, enforce* tha blockade. General Jaaiip ?u, at tha laat accounts received fra him, doing all in hi* power to facilitate tha expedition t Tampico , and tha regret hare, at hand aoartera. ia Mm* ha did not aat out *oonar to proeacnta tha deaign* ol t^, admi nut ration. That tha raaolt will ba favorable, th ia no raaaon to doubt Thara are upward* of thirty-two steamer* at the ca mand of th# government, boaidoa veaeoleof light drau* , attached to tha fleet, carrying mora than a lionoiea ?? Theea will ba eufllciant to oover the landing at tor' Tbo entire number of men to iwarm in that neigh hood, i* stated to be about seven thoueena Am much aa has bean said about Oonoral Scott, he been perhaps tha moat industrious in this oMv in o plating th* plan of operation*. Last eummor. when th* President was at Old Pole., many of tho captains in th* navy spoke to him on ?a subject of ??M"g en attach on the cattle at Verat'r*r, Ma r*fused to entertain the suggestion in such inaouor aa to encourage them to hop*. Th* officer* did not, a* course, recommend th* measure, a* it would here boa* discourteous and contrary to the asprff du < orp?; but nnJanlui/l that thev would k * ,ney gave am. highly gratified at auch a determination. And ?lnr . araral gentlemen, long attached to the navy, tay lit mora they look at the conetrnction of the ran tie #r .loan De Ulloa, the more eatiifled are they that ?t u.i 'akcu, without the loai, probably, of a Oar brave tare only want an opportunity twi* 'm But it aeema that the administration derive n.rt, |. 'I ampico alionld be taken. What will then ireiu with regard to Vera Crua will depend on coutmgvii Meaico, they think, will then aee her folly, end ??ie mercy, and, In that event, we will aera a peec *Ithoe iponding itrength at tha caatle. An efllcer, intimate et the White Hoiiw and wi?e knowi bi much abont aitall m?'tcr? e? Mr Polk h?meelr ?aye thai tha armietlce of (>e:ier?l Taylor hearvtaiJeJ i the movement en Temple about two weeka. Therg ,

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