Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1846 Page 3
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Htl ??* ?, J I pHi. ? 1 kAMtR CAUDONU. wflfleh** "'Sc. loo ?w I p?S'Ji?f, lb? irt ( NoVambar Mar V?iJ? w ,n cl0?? tt the Oflcei on SamrdaT the Jlat iatttnL ?t 4H o clock, r. V . fonn/!i via ell lature ma it b? prepaid to Boitoi. Letter* of 1) JfiUi o'uaei or under, Senate, tud etch additional halfounct6 Ceufi ROBERT H MORRIS, P. M. oJOSj^, fh 1-1ilftD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. A^T A LARUE and eulhutiuue meeting of tha DatuocraJtX ey of tha Third Congressional District held pursuant to public notice at tli* Shakrpeare Hotel, ou Thuridiy evening, X9:ti luitaut. to reapouil to th* nomination of HE.NRV MlCOLL, Esq.. to irpraacot thia District la the Thirtieth 4 ongren. tha maoting waa called to order by Alderman Rtoneall, who nominated tha Hon. Campbell P. Wutrt aa President I Da Mr Whit*'* tofcing tha chair, laaiah Ryudara, Em nounn .tad tha followii^keiitlemen aa Viea Presidents t? lit Ward?John 8. Gilbert, " " E C. Barton, 2d " Samusl J Waterbury. " " Jeaie O. Kenton, !hl " l?aac V. Kuwler, " " Will urn H. Jamen 4th " Char let Mills. " " Dr. O'Dnuuel. 5th " Thaopbilus Pack, " " Jess* Brush. Th* following gentleman war* nominated a? Secretariat:? John McMichael, Henry V. B-iher, - I I D W , I I . . |*|,,| ,,,. Thomas C Field*. The foregoing officer* having been duly accepted by the meeting, the following communication waa then read: ? Octobo 28th, 1848. Kir?The Congressional Convention for the Third District having completed their labor*, reipectfnlly report that Henry rsicoll Esq , of the first ward, received the requisite number < f v.>tea, and waa declared duly nominated aa the Democratic candidate to represent tin* district in the neit Cougree*. llcipecttullv youra, ke , JAMES C. STONEALL, Ch'a. Isaiah R.ndh., f Secretaries. Y.*k, i , , The President presented the name of Henry NieoP, Esq a* thg.n miuee #f the ConTenti/m, which waa enthusiastically confirmed After which, Aldermen Puraer offered the folfowiu, rtaolut ona, which were adopted: he*. Ived, That in ihe measures of the administration of Jame* K. Polk, we recognise the practical assertion of the 1 rinciplrs lor which the Democratic party have ao long snuggled; that in the separation of the (Jovermnent from the Bank*?the adoption of a more liberal policy in our commerci 1 intercourse with other nations, we see the consummation of gieat reforms, which will honorably distinguish tnose by whom they were achieved, in the history of our country and the world, Iteiolved, That we hail with profound gratification the reromiuatinn ofSilaa Wright aa the Democratic candidate for 4 Jovemor of this State; we entirely approve of his administration: we vividly recall to our minds the political crisis, the thickening perils, the apparently insurmountable difficulties rimid which hi* great name was brought to onr aid, and aaved the State and the Union; and we *hall;*u*tain him,and carry him triumphantly through tha domestic conflict* in which for onr sake* he embarked hi* fortune* Ketulved, That we cordially respond to the nomination of Henry Nicoll aa the Democratic candidate for Congress in thii district. That a life without reproach, ihe greatest iutegrity of char cter, Abilities honorably proved in the public service, and political opinions aouud and fixed, commend li mi to our confidence and support; and we pledge ourselves to the noil xralous and eneigctic efforts to aecurt his election. Kraolved, That we heartily approve of the various names lirasented by the couuty nominating conventions, and feci ?murro nisi uuuiucimjoi uimiiiuo, no aisappoiuteu leeiings, cku arrest the limit of democracy, which hat ever sacnliced private preference to maintain cardinal principle!, and aecn e iha Union from the infliction of whig measures, aud the accidental elevation of whig candidates. The meeting was then addressed in an eloquent and patriotic manner by Isaiah Hynders. and several other gentleman. CAMPBELL P WHITE, President. John b. Oiliest, 1 E. C. Bartor, Ham'l J. Waterbuey, Jesse Keator, William fH?TaV,r., Vie* Presidents. Charles Mills, I Dh O'Dorrel, Theovhili;! Peck, I Jesse Brush, J John MeMiv*l>aels, 1 Henry V- B-k.-r, Michael Byrnes, ( secretaries. William Phillips, | Thomas C. Fields, J o30 ltje GENERAL MEETING. THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN Electors of the city aud county 01 New York, friendly to regular nominations and the usages of the patty, are requested to alt-nd a General Connty Meeting, at Tammanv Hall, on Friday evenins, October 30th, at half past 7 o'clock, for the purpose of In sriug the report of the Assembly and County Conventions, and also to respond to the nomination ofbilas Wright, (or Governor; Addison Gardiner, for Lieut. Governor; Johnl ownsend. for Senator; aud John T. Hndsou aud Cornelius L. Allen, for Canal Commissioners. The following speakers have been invited, and will address ths niesru^g James T. Brady, Henry Arcul?rius, jr, Gen. Wa'bridge, Ohio, L. B. Shepard, Hon. Ely Moure, J.J Mouell, Newburgh, Hon. Butler, H. Phillips, Philadelphia, John McKeon, Hon. Moaes G. Leonard, Hon W. B Maclay, H.H.Byrne, Samuel J. Tilden, Isaiah Kynderi, T Duan English, Hon Fernando Wood, AVilliam Shalar, Towuseud Harris, Mike Walsh, George Davis, S. A. Crapo, Thomas C. Field, E. B.Hsrt, D. D. Briggs, D. B. Taylor, K. J Porter, L. Livingston, Frederick H. Lee, T. Bailey Myers, R. B Boyd, William C. Bouck, Hon. R. Rantoul, Boston, William A. Walker, Hon. James J Roosevelt. F. Gillender, Hen. Charles G herns, George H. Purser, Hon. C. C. Camhreleng. Henry Nicol, Hon, Michael Hoffman, M M. Noah, Charles O'Conor, Isaac V. Fowler, K. V. R. Wright, And many otnert. By order of the Convention, IIF-NRY ARCULAK1US, Chairman. Heeav P. Warmaeer, ) Secretaries Jour Hoses, { secretaries, o30 u rfe WHIGS. FIRST WARD. YOU are invited to attend a Meeting, this Friday Evening, at the Old Head Quarters, Broad Street House, corner Broad and Prail streets, at ha'f past 7 o'clock, to receive the report of their J ommitiees and respond to the nomin itions. By oider ol Ward Committee, G. W. HOLLAND, Chairman. T. K. DE FOREST, Assist. Chairman. J.ResEVELT, | Secretaries. James Blaee, 1 , [[ f~ Several eloquent friends will address the meeting. o30 it*r COUNTY CONVENTION.?An adjourned meeting ol this Convention will be held at ram many Hall, ou ! ria<y r.veiling next, at 3 o ciock. ruactuai attendance is requested. HENRY ARCULARIUS, Jr., Chairman. Hswtr P. Wixiuiri, ) Jomw f. Berts, \ Secretaries. 0? it rrc TRADESMEN'S MUTUAL BENEFIT SOCIETYAN ADJOUHNED MEETING of the above Society will be held it the HowvrJ House, corner of Broedwey end Howard street, this (Friday) evenine at 1% o'clock. Business of the greatest importance will be transacted, and members are partiemlarly requested to bring their cards of admission with them Th-i regular monthly meeting will be held at the same place on Wednesday evening next. N orember 4, at o'clock. R, FRENCH, President. Thomas W. Ncwtoiv, ) q..,.,,.;.. Wi lliam Hall, j awtaries o30 lfrc YANKEE DOOULE. Ni'mieb FOVB. CONTAINS two additional paxes of reading matter, (making ten in all.) with the following splendid ILLUH TIU) TIOS8 : 1?The Mexican Artiul Dodger. J?Fashions for November, two spirited illustrations. 3?The backer Editor. 4?The Man whoia opposed to Mock Auctions. 5? Heads for a thrilling Novel of City Life.?Chapter I? Hung* lord de Smash, Eao. at Windaat'i. 6? Keturning trom Parade. ??The Devil a Listener. f?Notes ol a Distirgue?Chapter III. S? Spiritual I onui.drums. It?The sporting Season. 11?Appeal to Vankee Doodle'a Benerolence. 1:?View of Broadway. IS?i alifoiuian and bis Dog. FT/*" Newsuien and the Trade supplied as usual Terms?8)4 eeuta?$3 par annum, in advanes ^M. H. GRAHAM. Tribune Building. All 'he new boohs and cheap publications can be had at our counter, ai the publi lie a' puces o3B 3t rrc PEW IN NA NT PAUL'S CHURCH. TO I.ET?Pew No. 1M, central location. Applv at the OAs Waslneei'n streer. (>30 li?r 1'AlbAT COFFEE APPARATUS. WO''D WORTH, suceeesor to Boufanti, Broadway, lies jnst imported an eseoriment of tne mote approved spp->rita? for making Coffee, to which he luvitea the atteotion of ?ms-ears of hia srstelul nod deliemut bever.ige Among the enllectiuaa is the celebrated " Cefeiiere Pirisienue," uhief, if desired, prepares the milk and the coffee at ihr ame time, prodnciug at pleasure, either Cg/e-noi'r or Caft-au-lait ia the short space of Are minutes. Ale, the " Cefetierre Thnvien," " Cafetiere Le Brun," " Cs a leva Bascule," and tne "Cafetiere liydropnrumatiqnt." all of which are contrivances of great merit and ingenuity, and are in general use on the continent. WOODWORTH'A, late Bonfanti's Fancy Store, 123 Broadway, Barclay Baildings, o> I'ere near the Hospital. OKWAY IRON, for the manufacture of Onus, Pi.tola nid Swords; also, lor Harpoons, Wire, and other articles reijniririt great strength and tonghne<s. For sale by die onuulscturer1* sole Agent, C. JC. HABICHT, oi(?t ih 8> Wes- street. WAY IKON, of the well kuown N and I K stamps, A ,t and sonars, very soft and touch. For sale always, b, C fc. HABICHT. nWC'*rh M West street. UK. PUWKLL, OoULl&T AND AUK.1S1, A"1 K.N D8 to Diseases of the Eye and Ear, from to 4 o'clock, at hu residence, Ml Broadway, comer of War"opthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataracts, aad Ceaeities, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and sneeees. trKABIBMUS, or Squinting, cared in a few minntes. ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beauty and finish. #,'EOT ACLER adapted to every defect oJ# It'rh SEW BK.1UHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, Staten Itland. WM. H. DUFF, A. M , Principal. .rpHF NFXT TFeRM of thia long: eatablished and well ? Aj kir>wn institution will commence, after the vacation, on the >d if November. in the splendid mansion erected by the bmChtll IfHIb. lie peculiarly solid and ItflaitMMar in yrhtn thif blilglM ha* been coiMTrurted, INMn ?' Qfitl r, mtV!able and denirable a winter aa anmmer remdenre. '1 o tbof elect schools for their tons, who consider the vale of goal a?r, eitenaire play grounda, loPy and airy apartmeta, and convenience of accesa at all aeasona, no aitnation ca turpaaa this. While the repntation which the inatimtiti haa tor so many yeara enjoyed, ae a school of aonnd leanini*0'' prettical education, is best auatained by the numarouoonng gentlemen who, trained op by the principal, arc no* honorably and creditably acquitting fhcmaelyca in yariotiai erary. profesaionnl and commercial pnranita. (',irciir?( with term', which are moderate, for boarders, and rnl|?erticnlaia, can be obtained at Meaara. R. Lockwood ri. t jii Rrn^wm' and at the InaMtnte Rri.L... okl Iff "MOKE CONVINCING PROOFS. " IVtw enn doubt " Rf.?) th# following certificate Messrs. J. P?ue and Son. 45 Divisi, n street:? (,x*i itmkk I would rounder an absence of gratitude to T,,u >n dun to the rublic to withhold the teatimony I am enablado furniah, of ihe efficacy of tour Itorrhound Candy, forthnten years 1 had a revere Cough, and ntimrioua remediei ?<* recommended, but all to bo effect, end I had given no a',I hpea of ever regaining my health aed found no relief until ln?ed your Horehound Candy. I first purchased a 50 eeo> nskage?and two dollars' wor h made a radical cure. Severn of iny frieuda have used it through my influence, and all haveiperienesd its beneficial reauls. *' OWEN PHEL.AN, 135 Chatham st. Boldbr J- Pease, fc Sons, 45 Division street. Agents? Fuahm fc Co.. 110 Broadway, and 10 Astor House, >73 Broadway 15 Broadway, Ith street, corner 3d avenue, 17(1 Spring stree't:Mis. Hays, 119 Pulton street, Brooklyn; 153 Faltoa ?tr*t?. K. T. Williams, 343 Broad atrett, Newark. dW ft I IOAJIDIK& I POM'MHJAtti.K Ki>ont? wJ a ?Oo4 KM#, < be had 1 V' fo> Uuy ai.J (caiiamw. or two ?*?)? iMilNtw, ?> No. lit W eoiter iTeet, Srtwtet) rrmatani Horn ton itr*?(i, and within llnei blocka of iwadway. old If rrt BOARDING IN A PKIVATK FAMILY. Artw gratcrl Boardera can be aeeoma*datcd at }*, Bioowe ?:roet. near HuJaon street; the rooaia are with paniriea attached; there il a hat hi eg room with hot ud cold 'wvrrfat aey time. Krerv aiteutiou will be i?d to mike it a comfortab'c *?id quiet home. For further partiru* ler?Jt>le?ae enqetre ?t the hoo e, Ml Brnorre st eer, or to C. H Ring 193 Broad* .y ?3,, ,w.r TliL lii ha i M'tu MR. 8UNDKKI.ANI> Ini the pleoure of proposing a aeriea of KXl'fcKl Mb NTAI. LKC1 llh tiTou fhj Hamtn Soul, in Cliutoa Hall, on Thursdie, Friday aud Saturday Evenings ol the present week, at 7k o'clock; combining a s?riea ol reaulu produced in the minds of the audience?ecstatic, iriTf, witty, mirthful, musical, mysterious and wonderful, including a Surgical Operation without the consciousness oi pain, aud solvm* the Myateriee of Sweden, borgiauiam. the Mormon and Popish Miracles. Dreamt, Spells. Charms. Witchcraft aud Ghost* V3- Tickets 15 cents, to be had at the door. oWIt is*rrc k?0'-| (W II I TO LEND on Bond and Mortgage. ui \P ,7^5 V/Wr sums toiuit anolicaau, on good productira heal Estate in this City or Brooklyn. Apply to 8 8. BHOAD, No.'.ll Wall atreet, in the Office of Pearce h Co., o2> 3t*r Baaement. ! A SPLENDID CHANCE. BOOK STORK FOR SALE -The Stock and Fixmrea of aamall retail Book Store for sale, including atalionery, cheap publications, show raaea. etc, etc. To a young man I with $200 or $300 capital, n better chauce nerer was offered. Address " Boohsmrr." at the H?rald Ofli 'e o!9Jt*r Mtt. MOORE, who arrived here in August last, in the Olrdia'or, from London, is requested to call ar No. 100 Pearl street, where he will receive some important infortnati'n ?23 2w?ih , CHEAPEST AND BEST INSTRUCTION IN WRITING. MBRISTOW respectfully announces his relurn to New York, and the reopening of his Academy fur Day and Evening Pupili, at No 303 Kroudway, corner of Dnone atreet. Superior and Elega .t System of Writing, taught with certainty and success iu Oue Course of easy Lesious, by Mr. Bristow. | By this system Ladies are taught a neat, handsome, deli- , cate and fashion-hlr ha'.d, truly elegant aud lsdydike. Gentlemen acquire a hold, manly and expeditious style, suitable for every occupation of life?no matter how bad, illegible, cramped or defective the writing mav be. 3 r S'rangers visiting New York tan obtain the system in three days. ukt eodlm*rrc LONG bKEED CANAttlEdf THE Celenmted stock of W. 8. Broddwav, will be offered tor sale tins day at No. 4 John street. Bird Fanciers are invited to call and tec them. They are admitted to be the beat in the United States. A Chinese Lark in aong. with the usual v?riety of rare and valuable birda. Cages. Seeds, lie. for sale by A. GRIEVE, o39 lm*rre No 4 lolin street, N. v. | I'HO -E in want of a g.od DAGUERREOTYPE MINIATI, HE cannot do better than go to the Broadway Gallery, 179 Brosdway. Miniatures for a dollar, and a perfect likeness guaranteed. O. W. PROSCH. o29lt is *r ' TO CAPITALISTS. I (ft 1 fk/Ul w ANTED for three months, for which a bonus yPAWV/ of $100 will be given, secured by a Bond and jnuriK'Ke <> personal properly in K'ur nmti me "mount. Address immediately, 1000, at this office o29 3t*r WANTED, TO HIRE or Purchase a Lathe, (second hand,) snitable for Brass and Iron work, with aliderest, chucks, dulls, tools, he. Direct, " Lathe," Herald Office, stating price and where it may be aeeu. ol9 1 tn*e WANTED, A SITUATION, bv a vounsr Man, II years of age, who writes a good hand, has some knowledge of Bookkeeping end ran make himself generally useful; he is desirous of procuring a sitnatiou as Clerk, Assistant Bookkeeper, or Copyist, if possible. The best of references given. For further particulars address J. D. 8., bog No. 140Tower post office, or apply at 01 South street, up stairs. o?9 3tr SALESMAN WANTED. ONF. who can take charge of any department in a large Retail Dry Uoods Stote, may address with references. Dt W W. h (Jo., at this office. o28 3t*r SUGAR BOILER WANTED. ONE WHO is accustomed to boil in vacuo, and 'an come well recommended, is wanted to go to a healthy part of the West Indies. A liberal salary and permanent emoloj;- i ment will be given. Apply to ALFRED F. KEMP. o28 3t*r 74 Broad street. WET NURSE WANTED. A RESPECTABLE yonng Married Woman, with afresh Breast of Milk, to take a young child to nurse. Apply before 11 A. M. to Dr. Douglas, 423 Greenwich street corner Laight. o2l3t*r COMFORTABLE FIRESIDE TREATMENT. SICKENING mercurial ;hottles of black quackery stand on washstands in cold chambers?bare walls grin on the cough ridden invalid in rooms occupied by the homeless. MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY, comes teeming with the crystal brightness and warmth of the fireside?the happy smile of a happy concoct ion of herbs, rolls joyonsly ont its laughter of joy, and the matron imilea, for it u doing good to human kind. Wouder not, then, at the conicieua flush f 1 pride that victory bringa o'er eongha, colds, hoarseness, influenza. sore .throat, whooping eongh, cronp, Icc. Sold by Mrs. Jervis, 333 Broadway, next door to the Tabernacle. Agents?Hushton It Co. 10 Astor Honse, 110 Broadway; Blackett, 364 Bowery; Bum ton, 49 Sixth Avenue: Ely's, 233 Hudson street : Nelson, corner of Catharine and Madison; , Leconnt, comer ol Grand and Diviaion streets; and Mrs. Hays, 139 Fnlton street, Brooklyn; 110 Grand st ; Williams* j burg o2> 3t*r ! RAGS. THE HIGHEST price paid for all kinds of Domestic Rags, by PER8SE It BROOKS, Paper Warehonse, o23 Tie Noi as unH st N...... .,.??? IHE PHILADELPHIA HE KB DUCTOK. At 2fi6 Broome it rut, N. Y. JACOB VREELAN, Greenville, N. J. cured of Scrofula (by one bottle medicine. Hit ion saiu'this day, Oct. 11, t lint it *u a wonderful cure. IT yon but call at 266, you can hare references of this disease all over New York. Cases of 10 Tears standing. John Boucher, 74 Celumhia street, had the Rheumatism, he was nnable to walk withont crutches. He, bv his own statement, October 18th, was cured in thtee days; he told me of a case of Dysentary cured, two doors from his place and one of Dyspepsia. Simeon Brown, Attorney street. No. 71, cured of Dropsy, and a rerT bad case, in eight days, he thought he wonld burst, the swelling was so great. Mrs. Darts, Manhattan street, cured of Consumption, afier being giren up by different Doctors, and raising one pint a day of blood and corruption. Mrs Cling, cured of Consumption after spending hundreds, residence, 65 Si anion street. John Ervin, cured of Pleurisy, 13th street. Avenue C. Darid Anus, cured of Fits, 153 Front street Mary Hard.a, 160 Delancy, enr-d of. Dispepsia. Miss Levy, cured of Piles in one week, after hiring them six years. One lady reported fire cures by one bottle medicine, one of whicn was Consumption of the Bowels. Hundreds could be produced?Scepticism can be coniouaded in fire minutes, and eridences produced to eonrince the world. otO I tn rrc 1 82 REWARD, LOST IN BCEECKER street, near Br*adway, about the 14th instant, Four Seals, enrrared and ?et as a Watch Slide, with one other seal attached, with the letters S. M. P.. engraved thereon. The finder will receive the abore reward by leaving them at HI Front street, npstai-s. o2l 3i*r AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK DIVIDEND. THE American Exchange Bank on the 24th inst declared a Dividend of Three (1) per cent, payable to Stockholders on and after Monday, Nor. 2d Transfer Books will ha closed from 26th Oct. to 3d Nor. o25 lt*rh J.J. FI8K. Cashier. ESSENCE OF COFFEE. THIS delicious beverage made of the purest and best Coffee,has gained a gieat popularity, not only on account of the great facility it oners to housekeepers and bachelors by miking with one tea spoon full, more or less, in a cup of hot wstei or milk the most palatnhle coffee, but also by its superiority to any coffee prepared in the usual way. The manufacturer having lately attained some advantages in retaining all the flavour in the esience, is confident that it will now give satisfact,au to all who trv it. For sale at Bunker It Co., No 13 Maiden Lane; W. S. Corvin, N<> *39 Broadway; Uassner It Young, No. 134 Chatham St.: J. Gottsberger. corner Chatham and < en Ire its ; Scotield I, I .< M? 71 SU.f Jnhn Yt,ll?n N? 111 war. K Z. 8ZADKDZKY, o2J Iw*ra Manufacturer. No. >3 Mamy at. PLUMBOTYPES. OOLD MEDAL AWARDED. THE Proprietor of the Plumbe National Diguern-n Gallery, having diacovared a mode ot tranafemnf Daguerreotypes to piper, it r.ow prepared to eiecute this new style of poitraitnre at the rate of 100 fac aimilie copi's for ten dollara The Flnmbe National Dagueiriau Gallery, No. t}| Broadway f'latea Caaea, and atock of all deacriptinna. at wholraale or retail i jt lm*e aoUTi'a BAZAAIT I 74 Paincc itrkkt, orroitTK Niat.o'a. SANDS SCOTT, late of the Bazaar in Dey atreet, bega to acquaint hia numeiona frieudi and the public, that he haa opened the above houae in a very auperior style, and hopca to merit a fair ahare ofthe public patronage. From long experience in busmen, he tlatteia himself to be able to please the moat fastidious; the accommodations of his houae for business and comfort he believes cannot be surpassed by any bouse of the kind. His patrons will always find the house well supplied with the best of every thing the market affords i in the way of Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Cigars. Steaks, Chops, Cold Cn;s, Kiwebits, Poacned kggs, Tea, Coffee, and. in fact, a large aasortment of refreshments at all times, until 12 o'clock at uight. Tlenty of rooms for private parties at all limes ready. lloast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding every Sunday from 1 to 3. o?5 I w rh GOLD PEN MACHINERY. THE undersigned offer* for tile, ou reaaenable terms, several complete seta of Gold Pen Machinery, in perfect order for m iiuftcturing Diamond Pointed Oo'd Pens. They wilj be accompanied with complete practical inatrnctioua if desired Terms made known on anpl ication in person or by post pad letter to J. M. TROWBRIDGE, Syracuse, N. *. o24 .1 w rrc '1HE PIANO?SINGING?ITALIAM? ENGLISH. MRS MORLEY, Pupil of the Celebrated Cmvilli and Sir (leorge Hmnrt. is prepared to give lessons iu Hinging, in English, or Italian, and on the Piano Korte. at her residence, No. M LIsPENAHD street, or that of her pnpils, on reason1 able terms. Mrs. M is also readv to tench schools in classes, in the city or in the country. j fP A mniieal accomplishment, connected with a refined I education, is the surest passport to society, in all its varions attractions, and those who wish to aril themselves of snch advantages, should place themselves under the tutelage or Mrs. Morlev. o22lm*rre NKW YORK RIDING SCHOOL. HOS.M +67 WATT STREET. raoisTino carraL stukkt. Between Hudnon and Gretvrich ttrtett. MR. J. II MERIAM takes this opportunity of returning his most grateful acknowledgments to those who have Tso handsomely patronised him from the first moment he was identified with the New York Riding School, and pledges himiell to endeavor, by the most unremitting attention to merit a continuance of their kindness. He would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he will reopen his Evening Classes, in connection with his Day Hchool, for tui tion and eio'eise riding, on Monday evening, the Id of November. Application to be ??<&?* Um.o.j,,School oil ltr.^rre BATTLfc OF MOMTKREY. CARONY It MAJOR have jmt published two spleadid O prints?one a startling representation ol' the Strge of Monterey; the other portraying the Oenertls Ampndia and Taylor, with their respective staffs, treatise for the capitulation or Montcey; both tastefnlly colored. Single copies | itH cents: per hundred. Sfi n. Ik M. have also published a correct fall length likeness of Gen. Taylor, and pictures of all his battles; together with a general assortment of beautifully executed and colored P""1"- to which they would call the attention of the public. ' Orders from all parts of the country promptly attended to. | Agents required in the principal cities and towns, who will 'I*1 ? 00 'k* moat favorable terms. ?"<w*y SAKONV ?t MAJOR, Nassau at W O AND PAINTING. J ?iEAT ttmchcrof Drawing and Painting tTm- -h& I.. hM still tome leisure ii"tw.di.g selJioU8*,0 "B W ta ***** PriTMe L'"out- 0' Cms^ltI^!!iVfV*nj F2L ,f*n,,d *Y applying at 171 i wsy wl ileeeker Let^N.T ' b00k*0^ ji'Sf A > K?p?nroi*J Teacher, rvudias hi (M ConotO', Uk?i /a lewt'if tamily i number p( CM!ttva. not MMMMtf tea, as bosHers iaJ scholars No rjpa iuuW (? render the hoase bleaeant home to the puidle, HI to advance them in their studies. Great attention paid to their health aud morals. The situation is very retired sad healthy. No day scholar > it admitted. There are at prssjet three vacancies. For is- 1 lerence aud terms enquire at 11 Hammond street. otttw*rrc UNION TRJUSE THK subscriber hss taken the above named new and splendid Hotel, jnst completed, at the centre of tiie beautiful 1 Til age ol fpriuglield, Mais, ana will open the same for the public accommodation on the Mth inst The I'mon Home la laree, richly finished and famished, and offers unequalled advimages to all persons travelling throagh Cprtugficld for ; business or plessure. H'vmt recently kept the "United States Hotel" tod "Concrete Hall," at Samtoca, the subscriber respectfully luvites his old friends and patrons, and all others, to give him a call at his new quarters. S. S. 8E.MAN Springfield, July 14. IW. an) lm*r CARL ION HOUSE PH HODGES has the ploasare to annoanee to his friends and the public, that having purchased the interest of nis lata partner, Capt. J. Benson, he will continue , the house on his own account, and is now prepared to make arrangements with families or single gentlemen, who wish board for the winter, on the moat fovoraDle term*. olD ?wis?a * CLARKE'S BACKS. 116 fVilliatn streit,opposite the IViuhinrtim Stores, GHACKFUL AND CHEAP ? By purchuini *11 my 1 goods for cash, and giving u* man credit, I am enabled lo oiler the inoat tempting indnecmenta lo the trnly economical. Thus I will make to order a coat, nanally charged *1 $25, for $20, and aa $11 coat for $15, and every other garmeut in proportion I am likewiae provided with a magnificent aaaortmenl of Ana Overcoat* and Hack Coat* Mv black cloth Hacka, with ailk collar* and front*, are $11, aome aa low at $5. <>27 5ria*re UMVEKaU'l OF NEW YORK?iVlELUCrtL ; DEPARTMENT. THE Introductory Lecture* for the Seraion 1816-47, will ! commence on Monday evening, Oct. Mth, at' o'clock,in 1 the College Building, 659 Broadway, (oppoaite Bond atreet,) and be delivered in the following order:? Monday?Professor Mott on Margery. Tuesday? Prof Patlisnn on Anatomy. W'edneadav?Prof Kevere on Practice of Medicine. Thuraday?Prof Paine on Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medic* Friday?Prol Bedford on Obatetrica. Saturday?Prof Draper on Chemiatry. The Profession ana Public are reapeclfnlly invited lo attend. JOHN W. DRAPER, o24 i?t31 * r Secretary ol tlie Faculty. I daguerreotype plates. 1 A LARUE importation o( French Plate*, juat received *nd lor aale at the Plumbe National Daguerriau OaMery No 251 Broadway o26 2w*c DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS FOR SALE. I GERMAN, Kiench. and American Camera*, Lena, Plate*, j Caaea, Chemical*, he., II per cent, cheeper tiiau any i other place in the United States, at 111 Broadway. N.U. Inatructioni carefully given in the art. Alao, wanted to pnrcliaae or hire, a good lathe for bra*a or liiihf iron work, with ronln. he ol4 lm*c SCOTT & THOMPSON'S CITY CASH Wholeaale and Retail Family Grocery, Tee. Wine, and Spirit Establishment, No. 597 Broadway, New 1 York.?J. S. Scott k Co., INo.Tg Naaaau itreet, in conaej , quence of the aolicitationa of a number of their up-town cuatomen, have been induced to mien an eatabltahment on the j ca?h principle, at the above 597 Broadway. They will constantly have on hand the beat aaeortmeut of good* in the I above line, and at pricrt that mutt aatoniah the inhabitant* in the upper part of the city. Amongat the *a*ortment will be j found the Pillowing : Tea* of the lateat importation* and finest qualities; sugar* < of every' grade; Mocha. Java, Laguayra, and Maracaibo coffee, wines, champaigne, sherry. Madeira, port, claret, he. he.; Irish an I Scotch wllilkev (the Scotch whiahev of tha ccUhn. 1 ted Glenlevet and lalay brands); Barclay k Perkins' London brown stout; Edinburgh aud Allowav ale; new Malaga fruit; pickles; soap; sperm candles; oils; old English dairy aheese; Glasgow spiced linmi; Euglish, French, and American mustard; a very large assortment of imported Sggars, kc. kc. ke. N. B?very old aud superior Londoa dock port; Amontillado pale sherry; Manzanilia, do; pale cold ana brown sherry: East India reserve Madeira, Newtou, Gordon, Murdoch, and Scott's, kc. kc. P. 8? Goods delivered free of eipciite in any part of the city, and/or carh only. olt lci'rrc FRENCH FANCY GOODS. EFABKEQUETTE8 FIL8 fc MONA, ?1 Maiden Lane, (up s'airs) importers of Frtnch staple and Fancy Goods, have on hand a large and desirable assortment of Fancy Goods, to which they are adding by every arrival from Havre. Their stock consists partly of steel goods of all kinds, such as bag and parse Clasps, Beads, Tassels, Broaches, Combs, Hair Puis, Bracelets, Buttous, kc. kc.; Fans of all descriptions, Perfumery, Combs, Brushes. Accordions, rich i Head Dresses. Coifleures, ofuew styles, Paris fancy articles, i kc. kc., to which they would invite the attention of purI chasers, and which they offer for sale on favorable terms, j o27 lwis*r TRAVELLING TRUNKS, kc. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, has now on hand and constantj ly making, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valises, Carpet , Bags, and Satssiels,wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for [ American or European Travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Mailt forte. Orders lor the West Indies, South America, ke., filled with despatch. o# lm*rc j A RARE CHANCE. LATE 289 Broadway?Agents are wanted to undertake the ! sale of a new and useful patented article, that can be I sold to every family in the Union. To men of respectability | and business habits, a guarantee of $500 per annum will be giveu. Apply to C. ALDEN. No. 117 Fulton it., N. York. Ail letters must be rost paid. oil Im'rh I MONEY LENT. i THE HIGHEST PRICES advanced in large and small Sums on gold and silver Welches, Diamonds, Plate, Jew- I elry. Dry Goods, Furniture, Clothing, and every deaeription ef reraonal Property. JOHN M DAV1E8, Licensed Pawnbroker, 232 William st. near Dnane st. Persona received in private office by ringing the bell. o20 tm*rrc. CAUTION, TO HOTEL AND STOKE-KEEPERS, against a per son from Philadelnhia. trvinv to nalm nooti them a , parioua article of Wine Rittera and Wild Cherry Brandy, said to be manufactured by me. This is to inform the public that 1 hare no travelling agent under the name of Tobiaa, ex ceptmg my son, Joseph F. Tobiaa. SOLOMON TOBIAS. s2tlm*r No. tt North Third St., Philadelphia WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN I ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the faculty?a never tailing remedy for all affections of the kidneys, inliainmatiotipnil weakness of the urinary orgaus. both in males and feinaljT. This excellent medicinal preparation, (suited for all climates,) has never been known to fail in resnoving the most obstinate attacks of gonorrhma, Ice,, and can be safely recommended to the public, as its operations are quick, sure and certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to diet or hindrance trom business. Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, >4* Grand street, in boxes, at ] shillings snd 6 shillings per box. None genuine unless signed by the proprietor. BT7" Orders through the Post Office will be duly attended I to. sit 1m?re NEW DISCOVERY, BY which all Stoves, and Pipes, or Urates, may be kept a JET BLACK, with as besutiful polish as a Coach Body, | with one application a year. Sold only at 21 COURTLAND 1 street. Also, HAYS LINIMENT, warranted to cure any ease of Piles. Or. M'Nair's ACOUSTIC OIL, a certain cure for I Deafness. Hews's LINIMENT, warranted to core any case of Klieumatism. Oldridge's BALM OF COLUMBIA, for the Hair. East India HAIR DYE, will color the hair a Jet Black, and not stain the Skin. Longley's Western PANACEA. warranted to cure any case of Asthma or Dyspepsia Sold at 21 Couitland street. n23 fm?r J MRS. E. HILTON, I 84 Broadway, ojrpotilt Trinity Church. FURNISHED and pleasant apartments, with bedrooms attached, for iwrmanent or transient boarders; suitable, | also, for gentlemen and their wives, with or without board, snd the privilege ol breakfast served in their own rooms.? i Ueutlemen iu business will will find the location very eon- i venieat for its con'iguity to Wall st. old lm'rc i XJg- HAVANA LINE OF PACKETS FROM PHILA- ; HWhOKLPHIA?The A I fast sailing hark EI.IZAMMEbBE rH J, John S. Remington, master, will sail poai tivelyou ijih November. For freight or passage, hirin superior furnished sccommo, detions, apply to JOHN K. OHL fc SON, oSS llt*gbz 0101 8. Whsrves, Philadelphia, i ONLY REGULAR LINE OF NEW OM- 1 MWV LEANS PACKETS?The ahipa to aail in TapJBaMmscott's Regular New Orleans Line, in their proper | order, are aa follows. riz:? i The packet ahip SULTANA, Captain Banker, loot of Maii den lane, Hat October. Packet ahip HUDSON, Captain Page, foot of Wall street, November 4ta. W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 Sooth atreet, o29 r two doora below Bnrline Slip. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the lit 1 November?The first elm, Put sailing packet ahip ^ MiWElLINOTON, Optam Chndwick, 1000 tona, i burthen, will aail aa above, her regular day. Having very superior ace mmodationa for ,-abin, aeeond cabin and ateerage paaaengera, persona intending to embark ahoold make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, o2fi corner of Pine and South atreeta a*3r- JAMES BEVKKlDOE, hail Maker, Corner iJIffVFroat and Rooaevelt atreeta?Sails, Awnings, Bags, JHaaBCa^ie . made to order,in a neat and substantial manner, at l-w prices. Sails to be repaired inanred against fire, and stored gratis. Secure from rati and dampness. All orders punctually esacnted. oJJ Im'tro YAOlil' MUKTHKRi* L.1GH X FUR SALfc. ! Mg- The undersigned, having concluded to withdraw wMMfVfrom " Yachting." nlTera for sale th? well known MHBtbacliooner yacht NORTHERN LIGHT, 70 tona bnrthen The Northern Light is most substantially bnilt of white oak, copper faatened coppered to ihe wales, and is very tho! roughly found in all respects. There are two state rooms, having two berths each, and eight open berths (four of which , are double) in her after cabin, which, with eight berths in her I forward cabin, afford accommodations for 04 passengers, I being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for passeni gers, in our Southern waters. The qualities of the Nortnern Light for tailing, and as a I " sea "boat," are too well known to require further deserip| tion. i For terms and other particulars apply to the subscriber, at o?4Iwrre W P. WINCHESTER. FOR HAVRE.?The snpertor French brig AR|Hffv VEDE, Captain Ouandrea. to be promptly dtsBgjL

Patched. Fo, '^^NCKF.N. Brokers. l*g- FOR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON?The nlVlitat claaa. fait tailing,coppered and copper fattened JHakbark WHITON, R. Gel. ton matter, will be deepatcned early in November for California and Oregon, touching at Monterey, St. Franciaco, Oregon City, Colnmhia nver, and if indneemeuu are ottered, at other iniermediate porta. For freight or puaage, having good accnmmodationa, apply on board, at the foot of Dover atreet, or at No. Si Liberty at., ! where letter* will be received up to the day of at iling. Ql3le't JAMES BISHOP h CO UT ONLV REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR GLASGOW? Packet of let November?The ?plenJJBHHfdtd new and fast tailing packet ship BROOKsBY, Captain McEwen, will positively tail u above, her regular f'hit ship hu splendid accommodations for cabin, aecond 1 cabin and ateerage puaenger*. Thoee about to proceed to Scotland are aaeured that the ahip* eotnnriaing thin liue aail positively on the lit of each month. Those wiahing to secure berths, should make early application on board, foot of Roosevelt atreet, or to W. k J. T. TAP8CQTT, "S S South sr. Id dnorhe'ow Stirling slip. j PACKETS PGR HAVhK-Seeond Line-Packet lBVyahtp ONEIDA, Cent. Ju. Fnnek.will aail on the JHMfalat ol November. For freight or peuege apply to ol rh BOVD ft HINCKF.N. NoTli Wallat. "union line of new york packets lfl|y FOR LIVERPOOL.?The splendid fa.t sailing jHHMmi*11'' favome Packet Ship OHIO, 1000 tons burthen, Captain Bird, will sail on Monday, Nov. Id, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, aecond eabin, and ateerage paaaengera are very snprrior. Thoee wuhing to aecnre berths should make early application on board foot of Pike atreet, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, to Sooth-at., 1 o?T r M door below Barling Slip. AVCTton wroncB?. ??iAcOI? # fLAl^T, A?ct?o?'e?r 4 MiuNtr.R BALL of tho oslsote^fra fwch of Fancy A Goods. Hardwire, Glassware .kc ?Jacob 8. Piatt will sell tbli diy, ( the motion room, corner uf Piatt and Gold itreeti, to cloie accounts, hy order of assignees, 160 cuki, cum Mid lott, lieiug promiscuous sals worthy the mention ol hardware, glasswarr and fancy goods dealeti, ta well as speculators of all deacriptious, embracing a (real variety of goods in the above lino. Also, a general aoortment of Hardware and Cutlery, via? Carveri, Knives and porks, Hcusora, Shears, Dirks, ran and Pocket Knives, Coiifresa Knives, Southern and Spanish Knives he., on cards anil in doaens. oJO lt?rh JACOB 8. PliATX, Auctioneer. GLASSWAHK ?VO caves Glassware ol the fulluwiug daMripti ma, will be auld at 11 o'clock thia day. at the auction room No. 23 Plait comer of Gold atrret, vii:?Finger Bowls vanoui colors Wine Glasses. Tumblers, colored aud white Goblets. L onliala, colored and w lute Bar Decanters, l-l. wc Vasts venous st' les, heavy cti. green, blur, purple, and auburn Cologne Bottles, kc., kc. Sale peremptory and without reserve. oJo ll*rh H. D. WILLIAMS. Anc'r. HOUSEHOLD FUKNITUKE-Oo Saturday, 31st October, at 10 o'clock, the entire Furniture contained iu the three story house No. 20 White street, consisting of mahogany Sofia, three quarter and full French I hairs, Waalistanda, Card and (.'autre Tablet, dreaaingaud plain Burcana, French and Windlass Bedsteads, Hair Mattreaaea. Faathrr Brda. tniaa.l. I.I tne?I'm - 0: J 1 - .? ??. L.,* 11,1'a, uirnncoies, l.ooa in* Glasses. Crockery noil Uluiwure; an assortment ofKitch- | en Kurnimrr, with whi-h the sale will commence CataI run on morning of sale. o3D 2t*rh WILI.l A.M H JO'hES. Auctioneer ELEGANT NtW CABINET FL'KNITCKE -Friday, Oct. 3d. at 10 o'clock, at the wareroomi of Win. Frost. .No. Hi Broadway?The entire stock of elegant new cabiuet furniture, all made to order, ainonc which are rosewood covered with rich damask, delaine aud worsted eu suite tete-atete, divan and cliaus; rich damask covered aim chairs, mah on any French bedsteads, bookcases, wardrobes, rosewood chairs in different styles of damask coveriug i, rich Gothic clisirs, marble top centre tables, ottomans, rosewood sofas, walnut bedsteads, marble top serpentine bureaus, sideboards, rosewood French presses, variety of ladies' s? win* chairs, new siyles. Vo'taire chairs, mahogany and walnut rocking chairs, quartette tables, rosewood aud mahogany work tables, marble tops, f ucy chairs, single and double washstanus, marble tops, I'embroke tables, mahogany hat stands, towel r-cks, Ur. Also, 3d rich ormulns and brouzr solar lauipt. fc Terms? C*sh in curreut funds. o3U lt*ili CHANCfclRY SALK. BY order of the Court of Chancery? I' nder the direction of Isaac V. Fowler, Matter in Chai eery will be told at public auctiou by DUMONT Ik HI BACK, at the Merchant's Eschange, Wall atreet, on Mouday, Hie second day of November, IkSti. at 12o'clock, the two atory brick frout house and lot No. S Watts stice , north side, third h 'use front Sullivan sfveel, with two story building on ihe rear, aud ihe right of au alley leading to Broome air-el; laid lot ia 21ft. S in. front and rear *uJ 73 ft. b in. deep. 023 lw*r TKOTTINO. PHILADELPHIA HUNTiNQ PARK COURSE THE Fall Meeting over the above Course will commence on Tuesday, the 3d of November, and continue two days. _ nu. i.?rimuy, ivov. jd, rurse (ago?two mile heats, under the saddle. O. Young, enters a. g. Sorrel Hiram, J. M. Hammill, enters g. g. Kourth July. J. rotta. entera a. g. Trenton. O. Spicer, entera a. g. Sir William, No. 2.?Same day, purse $(00, tree for horses that uerer woo money, 2 mile heata, in harneaa. Air. NlcRoberta, entera b. g.Beudigo. O. Spicer. entera b. in. Lady Kllen. M. H. King, enters Sail. J. M Hammill. entera Paria. No. J.?2d day, Not. 4. puree (300, (100 to the aecoud beat, 2,mile heata, in harness, free for all trotting horses. G. Spicer, enters b g. Americus. J. Case, enters b. g Moscow. No. 4.?Same day, purse (200, mile heata, best 2 in 5, to wagons, free for horses that never won a purse of (200. Wagon and driver to weigh 300 pounds. G. Spicer, entera b. m. Lady Kllen. J. Case, enters b. m. Lady Moscow. J. Webber, enters br. m. Lady Washington. G. Young, enters br. g. Hauler. J. M. Hammill. entera a. g, Bul wer. Philadelphia, Oct. 2?. 1B46. n27 9t*je UNION COURSE, L. I. IB T r IACCORDING to agreement, the second rv e between Lady Suffolk and J. K. Polk, for a PIVM of $100, eonil off on Monday uext, the 2d of November, two miles aud A. Bryant enters Lady Suffolk, to go under the aaddle. A. Couklin eutera J. K. I'olk, to go to a ikeleton wagon. New York, October 26, 1816. O. 8P1CKK. 026 8t*je FOUND. MA BLACK Tanned Cocking Spaniel. The owner can obtain him after paying eipenaes, by applying at No. 5 John meet o2l 3t*rrc FOR SALE! tmL THE new and elegant three itory brick Houie, high gin basement and under cellar, and ;court yard in front, built by day'i work by the owner, situated ou the north aide of Ninth itreet, between Kirat Avenue and Avenue A, in view of Tompkina' square. now beiug finiahed and will be ready for occupation by the let of November. The above home ia replete with all the modern improvement*. Terma favorable?$5000 of the purchase money miy remain on mortgage. Apply to JOHN SrCAHILL, oJO Iw* rrc 14 Wall street,or ou the prrmiies. "TO let. JaA A WELL finished three story Houae and Attic, fffgV with B-semrnt Iront and rear, with new range in back 4mHL basement. No 436 Houston street, near Broadway. Inquire of Jolui Attridge, 273 Thud street, from 8 to 9 A. M; 12 to 1 P. M; and from# to at night. o30 4t*rrc LONO ISLAND RAILROAD CO. ea4M THE FARE to New Loudon and Norwich bv the Boston day line, has been reduced from the 1st ot November. To New London $2 00 1 o Norwich 2 25 October 29. 1646. o30 6tr TO LET, FROM this time, the three story brick House, Noffrvw 23 Dey street, with a Stable in the rear. For particulars, inquire at No. 21 South street, or at the house, between 9 and 13 o'clock. A. M. o30 If itc ~ ROOMS TO LET. M A FURNISHED back Parlor, auiiable for two GeuT777W tlemen. Also, a third story front Bed Room, with or XJlL without Board. Apply at 62 Greenwich street. o29 3t# rre TO LET, A* THREE BRICK HOUSES, situated iu Hobokrn. within two mintrea walk of the Kerry ; will be ready XilL for occupation ou December 1st They each contain from 7 to 9 rooms and a cellar. Rent from SI30 to $175 each a year, with privilege of free lerri ge to the fnm ly. Apply to JA8. A STEVENS. Jr., o27 1w*r at Hnboken. "To"TAILORS?A DES1KARLE CHANCE. t FOR SALE?The Stork and Fixture! of the long established Tailoring Estab liahment, No. S Courtlandr atreet. The location ia exceedingly good, being xicinity of a great number of Hotela. Alan, an unexpired leaae to run two aud a half years. Poaaeaaion gixen on the flrst of Noaember next. K< r further particnlara apply aa aboxe. oJS3t*rrc HOARDING MERCHANTS' HOUSE, Not. 135, 137 and 139 Rroadway. kd THE PROPRIETOH would respecifullv inform frrTV familiea and aingle gentlemen deairing Board for the win'er in comfortable quarters, with all the convenieucra of a home, that he has a number ol light and pleasant apartments to let (furnished) at moderate prices. Achoice of rooms may be had by early application. oM Im'rrc _ OHLANDO FI8II. THE GLOHE HOTEL#, bl> broadway. tTHIS HOUSE has, dnr>ug the summer, been repaired and painted throughout, and has entire new furniture. ill be re-opened lor TrarA.era, lie , on Tuesday next, the Ith instanr,and will be kept on the old plan of a restaurant, with the addition of a table dxiote. A few families, and sin gle gentlemen can be accommodated for the winter, ol im're JAMES H. PAOE. FARM WANTED. mm Wanted to purchase for cash, a farm of considerable pM|extrnt. in a h ralthy location, near New York or Philsw4^.delphia; the larthest within twelxe hours journey by railroad or water, I om New York. Persons desirous or disposing of such pre aerty will addreas a letter to R. E. Z., Charleston, 8. Carolina; giving aa minute a statement as possible of the loeatioi. extent and buildings of the (arm, the capacity of its soil, the kind and quantity el its produces the force requisite for its cultivation, and any other quality that it might possess, in order that a precise estimate may at once be formed of its v\lue and suitableness. The lowest cash price of the property is also required to be named. Tl.n aileartis.r mtnnJmir tn visis tka shoe. ? the enrly pert of the entiling month, will examine thote ftrmt, the price and location of which may bett antwer hie purpose. oM 2w*rc " MUSIC. ~~ ^I THE PIANO taught on very moderate KESSajSH termt, by a Lady, who has a perfect know lyrTTl ledge of the science, and who nndertahet to I I 3c I I teach it thoroughly with the greatest facility. Terms?1 hree dollars per month. rrr Any lady wishing to receive instrnction, will please aadiess Music, at the Herald Office. o27 Imis'rre KNOX. CM 128 FULTON STREET, (San Bailding.) f* Jpwr Deeming it unnecessary to enter into particulars respecting his Fall Fashions for 1846, would simply state that hit new s.yle will excel in beauty, lightness, taste and color, any thing ever offered to the Hatwearing public ef the city of New York His prices are as low at his hats are fine. C~J~~ Paris style or Hats manufactured and for tale by oft Iwis'r KNOX. BLACK BALL OH OLD LINK OF LIVER tgjMpy. POOL PACKETS.?For Liverpool?Only regnJbmImm lar Packet of the 1st November.?The new, magnificent, fast sailing, and celebrated favorite packet ship MOW. TEZlIMA, burthen 1100 tons. Captain A. B. Lowber, will stil positively on.Monday, 2d of November. It is scarcely necessary to say, at it is well known to the travelling pnblic, that the accommodations of the Montezuma for cabin, Id cabin and steerage passengers, it fitted out in a mosMnperb and costly manner, with every modern improveaBut and convenience, that cannot bnt add to the-eomfort ol those embarking, who should c ill and see this sptendid specimen of naval architecture, before engaging elsewhere For Passage in cabin, 2d cabin and steerage, early application should be made on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHF'.RH k CO. o2l r M Kill tun street, next door to the Fulton Bank: Ida1- FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New IVVWYork Line?Positively the first and only Regular JHHMmPacket, to sail on the 4th of Nov.?The last sailing packet ship HUDSON, Page master, will sail as above, her regnlnrday. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, "e"k. COLLINS k CO., M South at. Agent in Now Orleana. Jama* E. Woodruff, who will proruptly forward *11 goon* to hiaaddreaa. The Regular Packet Ship LonitTill*. Hoot maater, will neceed the Hndton, end >*il on November 13th, her regular dev o2?r Iffg- FOR OL ASOOW?Regular Packet. lit Not MvVyThe fine new Br packet ?hi|? BROOKBBY, MO aUfa'ou, C*pt. Hugh Mcfcwen, will Mil * above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having aplendid accommodation*, apply on board, foot of Hoaevelt atrcet, Kaat R rer, to WOODHULL k MINTURN, ol rh 0 Sooth afreet. KOlt UVERl'OOI.-Kcguhr packet of the lith JS^VNov?The new and rery aplendid ?hip NEW jttAfaaWOHLI), burthen l.tM tout, Capt.William Skiddy, maater, will anil a* above, her regular day. The accommodation*, for cabin, aecond cabin, aad ateerage paiaengera, aa to comfort, are unequalled by any other reaael In port. reraona intending to embark would do well to go on board and judge for themaelyea, before engaging elaewhere. For further particular*, apply on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, oM corner of Pine and South atreete. T?t aKWK-rVg tfMn AVMKKtoir. i niKI TH(.Ai?.j?-Frlda* Eeentn* Oct> SO?Wlllh# r perfbrtr.ej VI,. KINO OF THE COMMONS?Rin? Jamea, Sth of Scot!*n J, Mr Anderaon; Sir Ad?m Weir, Barry; George Weir, Dyuti; Madeline Weir, Mra Hunt; Widow Barton, Mra Dyott. To conclude wilti tlie LADY OK LYONS?Claud* Melj iioU., Mr Aud.rton; Colonel Dainaa, Baaa; Pauline, Mr* Hunt. Widow Mcluotte, Barry. Door* open at at hall-rut * o'clock, nod the performance* will commence at 7 o'clock. Botei (1 : Pit N? cut* . tjalliryU cent*. I Latl night of th? ilnga^t int nt of Mr. J A Addams BUWEHY THEATRE?Friday Ereamg, Ortooer Mlh the performancca will ciioiincuce with the Tragedy of BlUITl S?Brutua, Mr A A Addima; 1 itua, Clarke; Collatiaua, Mreteni; Seitua Taruuiu. Booth: Tullia, Mra Madiaon. | To conclude with L.AFiTT*.? Lalitte. Mr Neafie, Altlionao, Booth; Velaa^uc*, B'eyena; Pietro, Gorman , Kicari do, Mia? Barber; I oiiarantia, Mra Jordvi o- To-morrow, BENEFIT of Mr A JI ADDA MS Door* open at 1 o'clock, curiam will rieeatoaii p..*. / ? Oreaa Circle, it crate- I'pper Boxe*, IS cent*; Pit and GalleIT. 1*K cent*. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Friday eyeniug, Oct'r 30th?To cninmeure with JOHN OK PARIS? Prdrigo Pott*, Mr Mitchell, John of Pari*, W'alcot; tirand Chmnberlaio, Mr Nickenaon: Vincent, MraTunm, Roan, I Miaa Clarke. To be followed by DRAWN FOR THE AHMY-Moufflet. Mr Holland; Adele, MriTitntn. ' After which the SAVAOE AND THE MAIDEN?Mr. , Cruuimlea, Mr. Mitchell; Mr. Kolair, Mr Holland. Dreaa circle 40 ceuu; upper boxe* th cent*; pit one *hilli*g; prieate boxea %i. Door* open at half paat 6o'clock: curtain riaea at 7. ! CIRCUS?KOWtKV AMPHITHEATRE. FRIDAY EVENING, Oct 30th, Fourth lllirht of Mra CAMII.I.F. lilHIIIMl'll "SIUNOR FELIX ( AKLO"~ The Celebrated ?ud Umyeraully Favorite Italian Clown,from I Francini a.Paria; A?llej'?, Loudon; and all the principal European Theatrea and Circusaea. S1GNOR CARLO, will for the 3d time iu America, ap , pear :ia the HtTOlrilU Sprite, ou a ladder 12 feet high. Mr. Huunala and Mr I.Howe, ill an elegant two horae aeti aa the Olympian Wieatlera; Mr. W. I). Carroll, in hia principal act of noraetnanaliiii; Mr?.C-mille Gardner will exliibit her New School of lauv equeatrianiam; Mr. Dale and Mr. M. Lipmen, will appear m a grand vaulting match. 1?/"" Mr LEVI NORTH ia engaged ler neat week. Doora open at vi< o'clock. Feriormuncea to Cviuimeuee at 7 o'clock. Boxea 26 ceuta. Pit 12X centa. WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA k A. Mhiho i.. Leaaee W. 11 Black Manager. ! Brmjlt and latt nipbt but of MH. K. FORREST, When he will apt ear lur the aecoud time aa Jack Cade. I FRIDAY FA ENING. Oct'r. 30. IMfi, will he performed the tragedy, in 6 acta, bv R T Conrad, Fan, enli led JACK CADE, Jack Cade For eat Friar Lacy Ritchinga Wat Worthy Jamiaon Marianne Miaa A Fiaher To conclude wiih A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. IT?" To-morrow. Saturday, poaitirely the laat night of MR. FORREST. On Monday, the popular Oreratic Corpa?Mra, Regain, Mr. Frazer, Mr. Seguiu Madnme Augnata. M'dlle Dimier. Ice. ! ARCH RTREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bi'RTota Manager and Leaaee J. M. Scott .. .Stage Manager. 1 OCT" Thia Theatre haa been thoroughly re-decorated in the ; moat gorgeoua atyle, and ia now the moat beautiful Theatre i in the Union Benefit of Mr. Wj3LLJ1CK and pohtively Hi tail ap- ; prarancr THE STRANGER, and WONDER. Mr Wallack will auatain hia favorite charactera of Don ! Felix and the Stranger. Mr Barton aa Liaaardo h'KIIUV t'VrNINtl (VI "I* n Will be performed the drum* oi The STRANGER. Stranger Mr Wallack Steinfort..: Marah Teter, Burke; Frances, Bowers; Mra Halter, Mra Burke; Charlotte, Miaa Chapman. Dancing by Miaa Oceaua. To conalude with the comedy of THE WONDER. Don Felix Mr Wallack Col Britton, Mr Howard I Lissardo, Mr Burton j Donna Violante, MraLewia; Flora, Miaa Chapman Mademoiselle Bl.tng , the celebrated danaeuae, la eugaged forafrw nights and will shortly appear. MKNAGHUK AT MllLli'S RAYMOND & WARINU'S Collection of Living Animals. now in this city, are the largest in tlies United I States. The place ia well adapted and beautifully fitted up | for the reception of the public. MenRgerie iaopen from 9 to 12, A. M; from 1 tot P. M; and i from 7 to 10 o'c'ock iu the evening IAdmiaaiou 23 cents?Childreu, half price. | o30 tf rre | HUWtSk GO 'S N. V. MAMMOTH GIROU8. | THIS unrivalled enrpa of Equestrians will perform at Middletown en the i9th of October; at Port Jarvis on the : ]0'h; at Uuiouville on the 31st; at utanhopc on the 2d of ! Novcmhor; at homer ville on the 3d; aiFleinington on the 4th; j ! at Lamhertville on the 5lh, and at Trenton on the 6th. ] o20 tf r THE ALHAMKA SALOON. 669 Broadway between Spring and Prince itreett. W Cqhbviv. Manager. J Geohoe Loder, Muaical Director. 'THIS 8* lendid aud fashionable establiahnieut u now open J. aa a place of ninusemeut for the Winter Seasou. ttT" ADMITTANCE ONE SHILLING. -TV> The whole thoroughly warmed, and aa comfortable aa a private parlor. This and Every Evening during the Week The entertainments will be varied, and consiat in part of Beautiful and incomprehensible Illuiiona by the wonderful Lady Magician. Ventriloquism by Mr Wyman. GRAND VOCAL 8t INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTS, By the whole company of talented Artiatea. The Italiin Kantocciui Dancing by M'llea Jeaselyne and Marguerite. With an immeuse variety and constant change of highly : attractive novMtiea. Full particulars in the daily bills. O*"Admittance One Hhilling/"Tl Doors open at T?Commence at 1 o'clock. o26 6t*e TABERNACLE. THE SECOND GRAND CONCERT OK HENn T HEIIZ, WILL take place on Mondav Evening, November 2d Particulars, in future advertisement. t|o30 th . , LEOPOLD DE MEYER'S Grand Musical Festival, IN AID of the Charitable Kund of the German Society, as already announced, will lake place on TUESDAY next, the 3d of November, Itt6, at the Broadway Tabernacle. Tickets, at One Dollar each, may be had at the usual places, of the Officers and District Visiters of the Society, and of the following committee: J. W. Schmidt, H. Oelrichs, Theo Victor, A. Belmont. E.Fiedler, A. E. Kieckhcefer, : E. Stricken, C. K. Degen, M. Kader, I H. A. Cassebeer, James Bach, W. Gana, B.Audrese, F. Steinheil, F. Wisamann, I O. Hesienberg, J.D.Walter, E. Bech, 1 G. Vnin Baur, C. Meletta, T.Maurice, I C. W. Faber, E. Unkhart, F. A. Schumacher. I 029 3t r CONCERT, j Vocal and Instrumental. MISS JULIA L. NORTHALL has the honor to an- , nounce that she will eive her first Concert this season. at tie Apollo Rooms, on HtlDAY Evening, November 6th, lf46?minted by Mr. Bnrke, the eminent violinist, and other distinguished arttau. \f_/~ Full particulars in a futnre Advertisement, olt 3t n r VANDERLYN'S GREAT NATIONAL. j PICTURE of the Landing o( Colnmbna, painted by order of Congress, is now exhibiting for a afiort time in the large aaloon of the Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leouard atreeia. Open from 9 A M to 10 P M. Heason ticketa 50 centa; am gle ndmuaiou, 25 cti; descriptive pamphlets, b'*. o2l 3wia*rc EXHIBITION OK THE ANTIQUE OALLERY NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. Corntr of JiroaAway and Leonard itreett. THE Oa'lery of Antique Statues ia open to the Public daily, from 10 A M. to 5 P M., nntil the commencement ! ol the school on Wednesday, the 4th November. ^Im'simn Free?Descriptive Catalogues 12X centa. o2l t>tmet?<l?rrc ! liYMNASlIC EXERCISES. WFULLKK respectfully informs hit friends and the poblir 1,1 general, that he still continues to gi ve instruction in Urmn?'fici, at his establishment, 29 Ann street. I To geutlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doing business down I town, this location will be lonud most advantageous and eco| nom>cal both as to time and moner. ; (?7~ Fencing and Sparring taught upon the most approved principles. o3tmeod*rc COLMAN'3 EMPORIUM OF AKT AND CLASSIC CABINET GALLERY OF OIL l'AlNTINGB, i l^JI" H includes hit immense stocks of Boeks, Paintings, i ? .ddMfravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawings, Drawing MateMIs, Music, itc., are now to be found upon the second | floor, up one flight of easy stairs, (having leased the first floor,) where every thing will be sold at as low prices, and i many much below the regular prices, being desirous of closing up as toon as possible hie Book Department. A Cheap List will soon be published forthose who will bay quantities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Booms, No. 203 Broadwsy. second floor. alaeodoss tfrre PROFESSOR ROGERS HAVING returned from hit Northern and Western tour in which hisastonishing developemen's of Human Mag I netism have commanded nuirettal attention, and been witnessed by the most enlightened men in the country, whose | earnest certificates he lias in his possession, announces Ins ' intention of commencing a Coarse of Lectures which will i be illustrated by interesting experiments, at Lvceum Hall, I 363 Broadway, nearly opposite Niblo's, on Monday Evening, ; and on Tnesday at the Presbyterian church in Yorkville; on Wednesday at American Kepublican Hall, at corner of avenue D and 3d street; on Thursday at the Lyceum, Harlem; I on Friday at the Lyceum, Htaten Island; and on Saturday at > comer of Grove and Hudson streets. Bee bill. o26 MW?t3'r ~~ FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT, or W. H. 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Additional Intelligence from Mexico* THE MEXICANS \\ A DILEMMA. be., be. Washington, Oct 29,7 P. M The Picaj/unt ot the 22J instant, has Mexican papers down to 20tli September. The Mexican wore very bitter against th? United States. On the 9th of September, General Othon, Governor of San Luis Potosi, issued an address to the inhabitants of that State, announcenig that our troops had taken possession of the capital of Mew Mexio?. The dangers ot the country, he tells them, are each day increasing. The Mexicans appear perplexed, not knowing \islitif try t li i rx 1/ r\f Armiin'o ..... ??u all Kearney's movements with intense interest, but are puzzled to know what he intends to do next. The Picayune promises in its next number an interesting account of the siege of Monterey, prepared by Bailie Peyton, who was a very efficient participator in the fight Lieut. Curd of the army, arrived hero last night with letters from olficers in the army to General Scott; but no official despatches came for Government. Philadelphia, Oct. 29, 7 P. M. The interment ol Commodore Decatur's remains took place to-day. 'I here was an imposing military display, under the martiulship of Gen. Cadwailader, ol the civil authorities, and others. It was a very long procession. The market is dull. The weather is clear and warm. Bupfalo, Oct. 29, 8 P. M. There is but little change in the market. Oar quotations are, Chicago Wheat, 75 cents. Milan and Sandusky 80 cts. Cleveland 82 cts. Flour still remains at $4,50. Corn 40 cents per bushel. The market is dull. BY THE MAIL8. Washixotox, Oct. 38, 1848. Portentous Rumor* relating t o the Jfrely at Monterey and the Texan Rangere? Curioue History of the Tyrone, fere in the Pacific Squadron?Estimate of the Extra Expeneee of the Campaign for Six Montht in Mexico? Governor Brown and the Tenntetee Volunteore?Oo?Wright and the Secretary of the Treaeury, and the euc cession?Judge Mr Lane and hie friends?No Newspaper to he started for the present, f(. <fr Another idle rumor is afloat this morning, to witthat after the capitulation c( Monterey, the Tcxbs Rangers had broken through all arrangements and discipline, in an attack upon the retreating Mexicans. The mail of this afternoon, we hope, will put this and ell other rumors and apprehensions respecting the army, quietly under the counter. The report, however, of an attaok fty the Texians is far more plausible than the late fabri cation of an nssnult upon the Army of Occupation by the defeated and retreating forces of Ampudia ; and while it would not be a matter of surprise that the Texans had cut short tho armistice, the boldness of such a proceeding on the part ot Ampudia, would be so remarkable an act of courage for him. as almost to atone for the treachery ot the assault. Through his meanness Arista was displaced, and now, unless Santa Anna is very scarce of materials, this Ampudia may well anticipate a dismission from tho service as u compensation for his rapid flight across the Rio Grande, and his defamation of the officer who remained leng enough at least, to bring off the rem nant of the army. Tho command of the racific squadron during the last three rears. has undergone some cuiious and interesting transfer* October 14th, 1843, the frigate Savannah, of 60 guns, left New York via rape Horn, for the Pacific station, having on board ai commander, Poet Captain Kitzhugh, and Commander Holland*, a* a passeuger. Hollands would have ttarlod with the command, but for fear of complaint* on th* score of seniority. After leaving Valparaiso, the frigate fell in with L'ommodar* Dallas on tnc store ship brie, who come on board the Savannah and hoisted hi* broad peunant, a* chief of the squadron dispersed along the Pacific. Fitzhugh thereupon yields the command of th* ship to Hollands, and comes homo. The Savannah afterward* hauling up at Callao, And* there the frigate United States, Cnpt. Armstrong, who is sent with said snip by order of Dallas to Mazatlan, Commodore Jones having left and returned home in the Constellation. The United States on returning to Callao finds Dallas dead and buried, and Capt. Armstrong being the oldest officer on tho ground assumes the command of the squadron, and Stribling, the next oldest takes the command of the flag ship'Savannah, while Holland!, Stribling's, junior, takes charge of Stribling's ship the Cyane, and returns home. Commodore Armstrong in the Savannah, cruizes to the Marquesas, the Sandwich Islands and California, and returns to Callao, where he finds Commodore Sloat, to whom he gives up the equadron, and return* in a mer chant vessel to Doston. Sloat mukes the same cruize a* Armstrong, and then, after reducing California, and proclaiming its annexation to the United States, gives up the command to Stockton, and returns across the Isthmus of Panama, homeward. The ihip of th* lin* Ohio with th# still broader pennant of Com. Shubrick, will shortly supersede Stockton, and thus goes the operation* of th# law of seniority in the Navy, creating a great deal of outlay in the travelling expenses of the superseded commodores, but keeping every thing in a state of contentedneas. order and discipline. There have of late been some most unreasonable and axcessively high estimates of the expenses of " the existing war with Mexico,'' as given in the public Journal*. Th* debt created thus far is little or nothing. No debt haa been or will be incurred for arms or munitions. The magazine at this city alone contains powdar enough, (or the materials for its manufacture) for a ten years war mialt eannnn on/! hulls ait fflnUnt tfl hnttgr down tke peak of Orizaba after razeeing the caatle at Vera Cruz. There are arm* enough on hand at the rariou* depot* to eqnip a million of aoldiera, and inanities* sufficient for a long campaign for that rait body of troop*. In thi* respect, *t least, we would have been found ready for a war witli (ireat Britaa, if not in reipect of frigate* and (teaman. a. The lead, from'toll* of the public mineral land*, ha* promised an ample supply for a hundred thousand men In hard fig! ' lor u tiro year* campaign. The old : w an, in ding the cost of a Chrinmat pudding, ' ed *o ii. n for raiiina, ?o much for egg*, ao much iot, and butter, but nothing for the flour, bectuae, 1 she, " we had that." Upon thia plan we may very v ly count upon ?o many milliena for transportation ' and *upplie*, and for purchase of wagon*, (team bou'.s, transport*, hatteaux, barges, harness, packsaddle*, mul ?, horses, cattle, flour, beef, pork, whiskey, coffee, tea sugar, medicine*, boxes barrel*, tenta, and tent pole*, clothing, ponton*, ami pontoniera, pay of volunteers, and increase of regular*, axe*, mattocks, sborel*. pot* and pan*, hospitals, torts, depots, stations, fuel, Itc.; but in the important article* of bomb*, guns, drums, mertara, cannon, and cannon carriage*, muskets, rifles, cut; lasses, and cartridges, grape shot, rocket*, powder and ball, no expense la incurred, because we had them already. We may say the same of the squadron* in the Pacific and in the (lull. We had tham. and hut little expense ha* been added to tho peace establishment in th* Mexican blockade. we utume, wereiore, mai uie exiraoruinaiy iip?u>? of the existing war, from the passage in May laat of the bill declaring its existence, for the six months ending with the present October, will fall short of the ten millions appropriated by that bill, as the following rough estimate for 30,000 additional men to the previously existing army will show. Allowing each man (including officers) for clothing, pay, and subsistence to cost for six months $160, it will give for 'ii,ooO men the extraordinary force in the field, the sum if $3,000,000 Allowing each man to cost $30 for his transportation 400 000 For A0? baggage wagons and harness, at $160.. 76.000 For 600 mules and pack saddles, at $76 87.600 For 1000 horses for wagons, at $60 60 000 For 3000 tents, at $10 80,000 For 8000 horses and equipments, for dragoons, cavalry, artillery, he. at$100 100,000 For purchase and hire of steamboats, brigs, scheoners, Itc., including Stevenson's expedition 1,600,000 For contingenVexpenses 600,ooo $6,809,600 So that Including the cost of arms and munitions, the expenses of the war will be hardly equal to the $10,000,000 appropriated by Congress tor the fifty thousand volunteers, or not exceeding, for the army end navy, up to the close of the current October, or for a campaign of six months, ten millions above the expenses of the peace establishment, leaving out of view entirely the five hundred mules, the 40 pieces of artillery, and the military stares and munitions captured from the enemy. to say nothing ol the gout ana ?i?" """" -?' "* And before long. and of the very reepectebie slice of territory already annexed in the progreiaive extension of the border* of liberty. Gov Brown, el Tenneaaee, waa recently here with demands upon the treaaury to the extent of $04,000, advanced by the bank* ofTenneiaee toward the pey of her volunteer* It ha* been represented to u* that the auditor having theie account* to *ettle, employed three week* in bringing them to * conclusion, where** two deyi would have been ample time to an activa accountant The fact ia, when men who have aerved the government long and faithfully, so long that age haa disqualified them for service, justice to the public demands that they should give way to younger inflividu la, eveu at the cost, if necessary, of pensioning the superannuated officers thus discharged. One of thu moat uncharitable and wicked insinuation* of tbe day, seta forth that Mr Secretary 1ms intimated to the collector of the cuatoma, at New York, that It would perhaps he advantageous to the democracy of the Union that Silas Wright should be defeated, whatever temper ary advantages hi* election might confer upon the party in the commonwealth, This ia, perhaps, the mere bubble of a rumor, but bubble* sometimes show tbe course of the stream Silas, in the crisis of '44, was the salvation of New York. It will, therefore, be as little aa the Stat^