Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1846 Page 4
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can do (n return M?are Silaa, for be atari red that upon h's rlecUon or defeat, hanga the previo aa queation of tho surest on li defeated. the barnburners are proetrata? it ai ct.d, they h*?e yet to co|te with tho diplomacy of Mr Walker in . onventiou We are requested to teto, by en it fl ient>al friend of Judge McLar e. o! this city, thot hi* friend* here 10 > mail ere opposed to the establishment of a paper at thi* time in N? o. Voik or in any other place to the advance meat ol hi* claim* lor the I'teaidency. and that they ara equally ignomnt of any such enterprise being in contemplation l'oey further charge the origin otthe report to the enemieii of Mr. McLane. and on thia account they deem it expedient to give the rutoor a prompt denial After afiue rain, l ist evening, we have a cool day, with a aharp biacing wiud from the northwest. P n .VIr Dallas, the Vice Pieaidect, ia in tow n, safe and toond from tho ordeal of the Pennsylvania elections. A bearer of detpalchet from the eraiy i* in by the Powhattun. W WaiHiKOTon, Oct. 29, 1848 Ttdtngi and fa*tcngeri b\ the Powhaltan/rum the Southward. The Southern mail bring* us the most gratifying ac count* 11 urn Monterey, the particular* of which you will have duly received A hearer ot despatches, direct from ramp, ha* come in, Bo tbat we mil expert uio detain 01 the gajiant ugimug at Mon'erey forthwith, with the mote melancholy particulars of the hilled and wounded Lieutenant UW'D, ot the bat'a'.ion from Baltimo:*, ptus-d through in tins afternoon's train, coming up in the ?me ho;r (M,e regular line,) with the bearer of dei pi: i n lie look) la' well,led end aaucy \V S. Mjurt, the aggrieved L? bund iu the Hoyt c ue, el to , ?'-ni lr< ugh Una city ihu alleiiioon en route o New lu'k lie it u email, keeu-lookiug mm, with large whiiUert. llo . David Levy Yulee, of the Senate, ariived from the routh hj the aeme coaimuuication. the tie<>nn.r fj* hettan Lscepttrig the wreck of the steamer off lie mouth of the Itio i,nude, the newt brought up turn elteinoun aft lot Lt too livelier! satisfaction. baLTiiaoaei O t 30, 1U4? ,Viei from ihi .Irmy?Railroa I -iccitif.t - Conftmon of a Muidtrn?Mr Culhnt Jlaflrr ? fc. The newt from the ermy hat oulj ,/ei.,aiiy i .lu ved the rutpente which u vatt num er of udi >1:11 ut have been sulfeiing at to tha fate ot their Maods and relatival n tha battle-field So far a> I fan'.earn, not a wor 1 hit Wen heard in relation to the k Ibd and wounded among the naliimoreaLt Private leltera ma) , however, throw tome light on t ,e tuhjact. A ratlioad u 'Cideut ui a teriout nature occurred on the Aniia|arlit Huilroad ) etterday afternoon .tlr Thomas llalu, a hrtk<toiaU w?a thrown under tha tender by the breakage 01 au ax.eice, and to seriously cruthad by the ctr lain, g on tut 01 east, that but laiut hopet are entei* tainvd ol nit reco ery Toe negro Ales ruder, convictod on Wednesday of muriaiirjg the negio boy Shepherd, hat, I learn, made a full cotiletvion ut hit crime, which it to tie published iu a few da., t. li It tai l 10 be quite a remarkable affair .Mr Collins closed hit en^ageon tit at the iiolbday it. Theatre, la?t night, with a good house. 50< tad loco 001s. How?ri mrrrt Flour .ut3,25apd over 1UV0 l>b i est ids) ?t th tuns, wbicn I ij rote a> the current tale There were seulcmrtiti lor receipt# fr .ui cara to-day at 8} 12>?. rh-r-is a good inquiry tor City .Vlilla plou- at $5.75, bm holders gene ally nu? thai rat--, and a sale of 500 bo t w-ij made vr* a; Si, t7J?> aud o lie:- sn ail parcel* at the me once The e is a lair supply of Wheat, a id puces have fa.iher declined. 1 qu >te good to pinne reds at 9julUJ cents, a d o-dinary to good 80a9b cents Silrs of old Co ii >t KSs-ii c uts for while, aun 60.65 for yellow We quo t new at 5lii5 ireurs for w lute, and 55s54 i-rnts for yellow hale* ot K eat 67 cents. 0<t? aie worth 3D cents Whiskey.? Demand inode aie at 23Jg ceuU lor hlidi. and 25 cents fur boll. Philadelphia, Oct 3D, 1816. The weather, to-day, has been of the most deligntful description, and gave additional splendor to the imposing array of military on duty, in paying the last respects to the remains of the late Commodore Stephen Decatur.? The escort, in the absence of Major General Patterson, wan under the command of Gen. Cadwuluder. The column was putln motion about half past II o'clock, and after going through the route laid down, reached St. Petet's church about half past 1, in the following order:? Military escort. Seamen, among Ihem an old rait, Pu>ht. Owen, who bad served with ihe deceased, carrying a blue pennant, on which was inscribed Decatur's toast ? " Our counry?always right? But our country, right or wrong." Two other sailors followed, who had also served under Decatur, one named Robert G Fisher, who had serred with his father Her Mr. Graer. chaplain of the Yard, and the Rev'd Messrs Jones and Davis. The corpia, with seamen as carriers, sfy I S-8D-' gj-jS- Pall Rearers. Pall Btartn. ?^.6 Si E I ?~Sj< Com Stsward, jj Com. Morgan, I * J u 2 Capt. Hunter, '* Capt. Gwinn, I ^ J g? Gen. lloumfort, O Com'r Msgruder. S X, Soar -> loozr Marina Band. Committee of Arrangements. Ralttives of the deceased as mourners. Pen-ioners of :he Naval Asyium. Wan ant Officers 17. 3 Navy. Ofll era of the 17 3 Msriue Corps. Officers ol the I'nited States Navy. Of&cers ol First Division not on Duty. Attorney General ol Pennsylvania. Mayor, hecorder, and sheriff' Shipmasters, Citizens on foot and in carriages The coffin was interred in a grave close to the temb of his father, agreeably to the wish expressed before death The Wayne Artillery and Harrison Blues, under the coinmaud ot ( apt Murdoch, ol the former company .were honored bv beltnr selected as the firintr nsitv nnd the tank was performed in admirable style The inner colli n wii ol oak lined with cedar, the tame In v hlch be remains wete placed ;6 years since. It was enclosed in a Mac walnut rate witn the following beautiful lo'cript'on upon a silver shield on the lid. The language indicated the nnthoreta. Here lie the remains ol I ommoJore Stephen Decatur of the United -Mates Navy, wno departed this life in the city of Washington, on the tlld day of March, laid, aged 41 y ears. " His pubho services are recorded in the annels of his Country His private vi. tues in tne hearts of his friends, and above all in her heart who was for fourteen years the partner of his life and the delighted witness of his est <1 en woMb. ? ho can with truth inscribe upon this bumble tablet that he possessed every viitue ot winch the li-im in ctiaiacer ia susceptible, and each carried to ita higocst perfection Columbia mourn for time, which aootbes the giief of iridi-Idua's, will only render you mote sensible ol the irrepaietne loss you have sustained " 1 u? itlativa* who walked hs muutneis were. Jackaou Decatur, au own nephew of he deceased; Major I'wiga, attached to this station, w ho n a relatlte by marnage ; his sou (Sforge Decatur Twigs, and Purser iStoekton An old negro, named Samuel Howaid, who servad With ti.a commodore as cook, walkeJ ill the processiuu Tue spectacle attracted vast ciowde to overy accesai ble point along the line of the rotate, una ecercily anything else baa beeu thought of to day Tne appointments of tne she? if have < ccssion?d const daiable excitement The aelection ot Mr Wooitf. ?a deputy , h.ia displvtsed the naiivc-a so tnii.-h that I undeistand some ttireata have been made to bui n 'he that rt in elflgy. Peter A Browne, fcsq.wlowas . pointed a >11 oitur, has resigned in consequence ol <li Lelar refusing te declare that the appointment was only rary. and yat a public announcament is uiada this moining that no permanent appointment has yet be> n made. Sales of Stocks at Pnlladelplila. FtasT Bjssd, Oct. 2s.?S9M United S.aies J's 11. 91. SI90 County 5'* Ml Arid SaLta -$J* State 5*a ?7V Necomd Uu?>?10* Lauide,, and AmHoy KH bondr, 9R>?; I ah?rr Hauk of fenu -ylrania, 260. ( Mrch -tiic*' Bi. k 2i, Jij CuBoty J'a. 01 Arnr 8*L*? ? $900 Stale V*. 6?S: 100 do 6"V G Teiine. loiuriuCtto , 14); 1000 Lehifh .N.T,*atiou t>'*. jl)*y. CotTort, Oct. 59, 184(1. The Wtatker? The Xavy Yard?Bunnell?Piety?Skipping, fc 4-e. During the whole of yeaterday we were blefied with Scotch milt that would hare wet an Lngliahtnan to the kin. but Boatoniaua are hardy j therefore, neither miat, rain, lightning, thunder, earthquake*, nor ordinary re. urrectiona, would keep them in door* while there waa arm the ghoat oi a chance to make another dollar. Our treet* and bntineie reaorta were a* thronged, a* if the un had amiled from a cloudier* rky ; and in the evening the 'heatrea were alao well attended, in apite of the new tariff, the eipenaea of the war wilh Mexico, and all the other mean: re a of ruin and woe that the alarm!*!* predioted would cruah the country ; in thia vicinity at leaat, every department of trade aeema to be highly proa peroua. Religion, too, ia in the aacendant, and I ahould not be aurpriaad to hear aoon of a general revival among tb? chnrv.hea. By force of legal auaeion, our good folke have effectually abut up all the grog ahope during the Lord'a Day, an l I have no doubt that they will try ami but them up *11 together. The utmoat activity prevail* in our navy yard; the ?bin of the line Ohio has boon thoroughly repaired and now lj cop pored, and ie now lilting out with despatch. Her low r masts ara in. and rigged, and tho topmasts pointed ready for iwaylng aloft If aoraw for bar rould ha procured, aba rould be got ready for aaa in a couple of wee he. There ara aereral other vaaeel* filling out. Our mcichant shipowner* nam to b? aick ol building ilop shipa, a< they find them to be proflllea* in the end; and conaequently all the naw vessel* in the court* of oonatruction a a of the be*t material*, etrongly rut to gather Our underwriter* have been to often cheated dt alop work, that thoy refute to incut a any but the flrtt class roiieli. By the way, I do not eee that any ol the Naw York paper*, excepting the Herald, ha* given nay description of the New world. The (ketch of her, published in the Herald, wa* pronounced by her captain to be the be?t condensed description of her that could be wiiitan Captain Skiddy bat the reputation of being one of the roost accomplished and experienced ?hlp ma* ten in th* country, and one, too, that for ahrewdnet* in clinching a herd bargain, would even make a Yankee tare Mr McKay, who built hi* ehip, it ia aaid, lo*t nearly W O to bjr the job, and others who worked for the oept.<in, found him extremely costive In the pocket*. ii . iTi"' u hM b?"t? noble chip, that will bee credit to him wherever *hn is teen, end naval archllec tore appreciated In my last I s'ated that Hivori's first concert would be given on Saturday evening, ? the Howard Athenwum, I wea mistaken, it will not come off until Wednaadav evening, the 4th proximo, and then at the Melodeon. *?lee of Hterks at Boa ton. At AvvTioa.-40 shares Western lUitosd nart Mi Put. ad .North Adams Kailioed } Vermont and Matsa BMBBBMB"""'?"*'".! LI?1 6 hmetti Railroad <77: 4 baa tern RailroaJ ** pr ct adr ; 15 tat* Bank (par 60 1 52%: t Freeman' Bank ik prat adv.; It Merchants'Bank l|*al% pr ct adv.; 26 Traders Btiik <H%, 7 City Bank. par. 5 North Bank (96. Baolaai' Boaku ?1 aliara Bo?tou and Worcester R.R I1C; It Kurhburg ttK, uew. 112%: 15 Lou* lalaud BR ?3fl d?%, It Norwich rod iVoreeiter HK 61; 25 do alt *162; 20 do 62% 10 do alO dtl?%: 25 do blOdfki: 1" do 62%; '0 taat Boaton Company blOdltl* 25 doalO <116% VKNK/r*LA.?By letters nnd papers to the Bth instant, received by the schooner Martha Elizabeth, at this port, we have information of th? occurrence of popular dia'.urbancas, growing out of the diaeaInfection of n political party in Venazuala at the retult of tha late election tor President of that republic. Thia pirty (called " Guzmtniatoa." from the name of their leader. G'lzmm) claim* the electiou of their favorite , at th: t'.me time that it la decided that there ia no choice by the people, and consequently, the election ia to be made by the neat Cougioae General Jnae Anteuio 1'aez. the former Prealdent had been appointed General in Chief ot the Army ol the Republic, and had iaaued a very patriotic eddreaa to hi* country men, calling upon them to oppress 'edition and inaiDta.nthe honor and tranquility ot the republic It api>eaia by an official note that Col. Uueriero commanding a party of government troops, had en ountered in the plaina. at a place called Laguna de Piedra on the ZBih ol September, a partf ol the (action numberiDg upward* of Ave hundred (Ben, and hid dispersed thorn, leavu.g one hundred dead on the field of battle, and a greater number wounded, or drowned in the Tiiuador. t.ol Guerrero took no piiaon.te "" ft ' |>|?iwu?ii Ion <>t Oiuinnu as the cauae an 1 prime mover ol tre<e tuinulta, I'ut be could n<?t be found unt'l after much aeirch The Pueito i a'tello Din to of the 9th inat. aaya that he ha! been appraheuJed at tie house ol a toinale friend In i araccaa Theie were five candidate! for the Pren 'ency !/.: tieneral Baitolnme lalotii GM Jo?a l .ideo Monrg.a, Manuel Felipe Tovar, Col. Joae Felix Blanco and .Vnt<>nio Leocadio Guzman The latter ta popular a ith the lower clisae*, but there U no doubt that bi-iuie hia the lacuona aia put down ami government and order fl.mly eataaliaiied ?Hair. American, Oct. -9. Naval ?A letter froin H o Janeiro, tinted Sept"ni'?er 12 b, n c-ived at Norfolk, says the storeahip Lexington with Capt Tompkina'a artillery company on hoxid, ariived here y echo day. The U 9 frigate Columbia, < om Ritchie bearing the broad pennant of Com Kouaaeau. waa at Rio Janeiro, ISth ?' I'leniber, all ll ? Suffolk Beacon, Oct 28. COM ? K HOI A la. New York, October DO. Atnri ?The recelpta during the week hnve con'inuod 1 light, w l'h a good demand, which haa advanced price! aome hut un.etiled the niaiki't Atiout 600 bbla have . been dlaue ed of at F4 60 ? 4 62>f fur pota, anJ $6 far ' peaila The maiket cluaed at those pricea. Bar ADai l rra?The mutket ha? been unaettled alnco the reception of the late new* fioin Kurope, holder! wishing to kaep up the price, and the buyera, although turnout to operata, will not do ao at preaent pricea. hut prefer to await further advices; conaequently the maiket has been dull. The transactions, which have been chiefly for export, consi*t of 36 000 bbl*. Genesee, straight Michigan hail Biooklyma portion for Krauce at 6 97)? a $6, doting yesteruay with sales of 3000 bbla. \ Genesee at the loner tate, at which it wui pretty freely offered; anil tbii, together with 6000 bt>l? deliverable l Nov 17th, at $0 ll>i; 1000 Troy, bete, $6 *7%. lOOn flat ! Ohio, tb store, and I?)0?? .nixi I Michigan, afloat, at $5 76, | constituted tne pi iucip-1 business yesterday. Hohlers oi Southern have Go been mote disposed to sell, an. 1 prices have receded about S3 ceuta; 4Pu bbls. Georgetown sold at $5 87>?; and smaller parcels uherwanls at $4 74, 8 a BOO M'la Baltimore Howard -treet, hm, $5 7ft, and 1000 : to a> ri< e tit the sntre prico Kyo flour may bo quoted at $4 1'2>? h 4 36; buckwheat $4 33, ari l Jersey c.ornmeal, in bbis J4 a 4 U'f, cash, with but a moderate businesi; , last salo Brandy wine, in puncheons, $19 60, cash. Today Genesee flour was sold at $9 but the sales tvero innrely for immediate wants. A number of lrold"rs are | storing in preference to submitting to the slight decline in prices; but the market is so overstocked that prices 1 must come down before long. In gtain, holders lravo submitted to a reduction.and have made some large sales lor shipping and milling. Among the transactions aro 10,000 bushels of Illinois red at 10(5al09c; 6000 inferior Western at 106; 10 a 15,000 mixed do $1 13 a 1 19; and 1 about 63,000 good to prime white Genesee, $1 30 a 1 39, j chiefly $1 36 a 1 29. Northern rye has continued in request for export, yet prices have slightly receded, tho i lowest rates being paid by distillers, owing to the superi or facilities afforded bv them lor its immediate discharge. Tho transactions reach not less than 65,000 bushels, at 77 ! a BO cents, mostly at the higher price. Earley, too, has sold pretty freely, 900O bushels two and lour rowed hav! ing changed hands at 60 a 6J.S; cents. Northern oats are in request for export, but the supply being large, prices : tend downwards; we quote river and canal 34 a 36 cts; B000 bushels prime of the latter sold for England at36 a 3titi cash. Tne transactions in corn have been very heavy at about pievious rates, but of both corn and wheat the supplies seem undiminished, the samples, especially of the latter, being verv numerous; the sales of ! coru, which are almost entirely for export, as near as I may be, consist of 26,000 bushels mixed western, at 70 u 71c; 40,000 Northern yellow, 76 a 79; 16 600 yellow and white Jersey, 79 a 90; 11,500 white Southern, 75 a 78, weight; 6 a 10 000 Southern and Western on private terms. To day Genesee white is held at 130 a 126 cents, mixed red at 106 a 116; corn, white, 71 a 73c; yellow, 76 a 77; rye, 80; barley, 61c. Cot rr.x?There has been all the week a moderate de> mand, and the market, though quiet, is Arm. Among the transactions we observed sales of 1590 bags of Brazil at i 7 u 7 \ic; 160 Laguyara at 7>a a 7?t; an J tone small sale* ot whit* Maine ,ibo at h)?'; 200 Java at 10, and 600 Suma| tra at 7J< ? nearly all at 4 month* C?ti ox?Ptices are flrtn, and the ealee reach 1000 j bales?exporters and manufacturers buying chiefly. Civxarooi. Cuiiinostiss. Nt\c Or it atsi Uflanit. Florida. Mob.QTtxat. I Inferior. none. none. none. ' Ordinary 8*r. s* ?H? "X1 9 , diddling 9ka ?K 9Vi 9 >4 | Good Middling 9)(iia 95?olO 10 alO1* ' Middling Kair 10 ?I9>4 10 alO? lOKalOlt l c'air lO^alO* lOVaatOH lOVall Kelly Ktir lOfcalOJf none. llttallK I Good fair none none 111gai2i4 ; Sine...,. none none 13Hal4t* Fh'it?Sales have been made of 4000 boxes bunch , raisins at SI S3 a 1 90,'closing at tho lower rate; 1(*>0 half ! do SI 03; 1300 quarter do 37)$ reoti. with an occasional i parcel of both lor lass; 330 cttk* anJ 300 half do lun on private term*; tlitO bags Tarragona auft shell almonds 13 cent! 1000 ball kegs Malaga grapes S3 23 a 3 60 ; 630 boxes Malaga lenroui S3 a 3 30, 4 months, and 130 bags , Afri -an pea nuts $1 ie\. cash Hiurt ? There bare oeen sales of 1300 Rio Graude, SO lb to go out of the market, on terms not transpired; 600 i do. 131b to go up the river, at 11 cents, leas 83S per cent , for cash; l(M>0 do 93 lb to a country tanner, 111$, 6 mot; I oOO t.ampeachv, be about 7 cents, cash, as they run, and t sintil lot .Southern 7>$ discount off or cash , Ilur< ? Tnere was scarcely but thing done inhopsdurj ing the Wiek. The market has been unusually dull and { we nave euly to notice small sales of Western, bost I quality at Id a 13 centa. criah WoLtftxt.? The demand lor prime, which is scarce, is verj good for infeiior qualities tireie is scaicely any luqutry We notice sale? of a caigo of sour M itsnzas at 14 cents: 10(1 hlids Tiiuidad at -4>t. V00 sweet Cuba 16s K.S. and 60 prime I'ono Rico i9a3P, 4 iuoa Pmiiyisioss ? There has been but little done during the week. There has been no further teceip'S of new, but tome, we belieee, is expected immediately. Ohio Pork hat again declined rapidly. and the market closet heavily ; the tales consist of 300 b"l* Prime part at $8 67>? ? it count at tho clo e pioba 1} have been bought for le?a ; I7i 0 v,ess, $i0 26 a >9j7>t closing at the litter rate; and l(h> thin sless. $10 Oh o Lard has been in bettor tumult and I,nO.i bids, and Kegs have changed hands at 7* a 7* tnrhbls and a cents tor kegs Pickled Meats icm.iin scarce, end we know of no sales The receipts ol nutter end ' bewe hare been pretty heavy, but tne market it not so brisk as last week. Piicea remain . wit .out any change Sutus ?About J.tHiO kushels Rough Fiax have been i sold since our last at $1 30 a $1 33. csah, which it an ad \ vance There is nothing doing in Clover or Timothy ScMsc.?About 600 baas Palermo has been auld at S4S i 6 month*. S<_<;?!? ?There have been no sales worthy of notice ? the demand it moderate and atock light, prices tem.iin | Without alteration friaiTi? The market in foreign baa not been so brisk I a> l ot week. Among the tales made are the following : 16 half pipes utntd. Onpny ic Co , brandy at previous I rates; as much Pellevoisin. $i 16; 10 puncheons Irish and Scotch giain and malt whiskey, $1 76 and $3 a $'7 76, 10 pipes Holland gin on private terms; and 6 puocheoua Jamaica rum. $1 46 a SI 60 n months The tales of domestic whiskey reach 6 a 6 )0 libit, chiefly at 74 cents, and about 760 drudge casks at the same price. Winks?There have been sales of 100 qr. caska sweet > and dry Malaga at 43)4 a 46 cents; do Port. 07)4 a 16; 36 I Madeiia, #1 a $1 13)4 6 mouths, iind 70 Pico, on private terms. Cotton itlsrketi Nik Oaccavs, Oct. 31 ?We left the market on Kri'ay night nearly at u stand, in consequence of all parties w aitir.g turther advices from Liverpool, or buy nis declining to operate at the high rates claimed by factors. On Hnnirihi) nr.) Monday there was no material change, the failures of the uiail leaving all in suspense and the transactions of the two days barely reached 7oO bales, tko principal portion of which wsa sold on Saturday There was no change In price*. Although the mail failed on .Monday beycn 1 Charleston, intelligence w.ia ta reived fmm \'ew Vnrtr be mnpni nf fha \.,u. Va-S Charleston steam packet, advising a depressed market there, and a decline ol H a \c, but bringing uo now* of the expected Liverpool steamer. Owing to thii and other emus, the market closed on Monday dull drooping, an I factors evince i some desire to realise at leas stringent prices. The result was that yesterday there was rather more activity, and the sales run up to 760 t?les. making the aggregate of the transactions of the three days 1600 hales. Although some operations have occurred at a decline of He from figures previous, ly (.(Tared and refused, the tailing olf has not beon sufficiently decided to lead rs to change our quotations, which coutinue to accord with the principal business: ? New Orleans Classification (assimilating to that of Liverpool)?Louisiana and Mississippi?Ordinary, 8H a 0; middling. PH a 0>k, good middling, 0H*PV< middling (sir, P% a lf>H; fiur, lOHelOH. good fair, 10H a ll; good | and line, llH a 13. Domeetlc Markets. Aiaaisr.Oet. 2k ?Flour ?The receipts ef flour are nominal, and transactions limited to sales lrom store at $5,a7H for (denesse, and $4,76 for western. (Jrain?No . sales of wheat or corn Sales 9oo0 bushels of two-rowed barley at 67a67He;2400 do. four rowed at 6fi>?c. Rye i 79c. In the street. HlSICtlt, Oct. 27th ?Various rstllni hivs sarra.l In ! bring al*>u'. decline In the prlcea of wheat. KreighU re high and remarkably ecarce, and aa a natural coaee Stance a much larger amount of grain ia accumulated an can be apeedily ditpoae 1 of The break in the ' canal, eaatward, funnahea another obatarle to ahipmcnt. Holdera off'ered-no more than ?l, yeaterday, and there area very little diapoaition to buy ?t that, Flour remaina nominally aa befora quoted?fft,8iai,7l?. Barley ii dull at 40a4i cent*. In Corn there n little doing, aalea are made at SOaA'J eta. I'aaaengtra Arrl ved. Litibpooi.?Packet ahip Earope?Jamea Fetet and lady, Catharine Thompaon? 241 in ateerage. Ma hap mam?Brig Terra Fuago?Otto BcrkebJed Iikteat Date* CtlTBO AT TH* !>(W TOB1 HIItLD OfFICB. Antwarp Sap M M.draa Aug 11 Aujier JulyH Malaga Sep 22 AfriCA Aug It Madeira Sep 21 1 Antigua Sep 7 Mauritius Apl lu 1 Auil.ayaa Oct 1 Maracaibo Oct 2 Augustine Bay Sep 14 Maracilleu Sep 27 Bataria............ July 17 Mausanilla July30 Bay oflslanda, N 2.. .Apl 7 Matanzaa Oct 2 Bermuda Oct It Mayaguez Aug 30 buenoa Ayrca Aug 10 Mazatlan May It Brliza, Hon Sep 12 Monterey July27 Barbadoca Sept 22 Montevideo Aug 20 Bogota July 30 Merida, (Yucatan)... Aag30 Bonaire Aug 20 Nassau, N P Oct 6 Balua Aug 0 Neuritaa Oct 1 Bombay Aug 27 Qahu.Sl June 1 I Caulou July 31 Oregon Mar 5 Cape Town.CijH... July 17 Para hep 13 Calcutta. .. Aug 9 Paria...., Oct 1 Cardenas Oct 12 Port au Priaeu Oct 2 I Chagrea July 26 Porto Cabello Aug 19 Cieufuegos Sep 29 Point Pctre, Guad.... Aug 23 Cap# Haytian Aug 21 Paruunbuco Sept t Cnracoa Sep 2 Panama JunelS (arthageua Jul) 30 layta Apl 22 1 Caitipcachy Au/30 Point laabel Sept 6 I Coo u i in bo July 3 Rio Janeiro Sep 14 Callao JuneII Rio Oraude Sept 2 Uernurara Sep 27 San Juaii Aug 11 Delhi May 14 San Diego Keb I rayal Junel2 Sau Francisco Mar 11 I JiVirslfi. r M#d 21 Sf HsIphi A tie 5 Guayama, P fl Sep 23 St Tboruaa , Oc' 8 Oaitamtla Aug 10 St Jago tie Cuba Oct S Galveston 8rpt 9 StJonua, PR Sep 6 Uonuivti Aug 23 S'.gua la Oraude Sep 20 Guayaquil.., Ma) 1 SlXJroii Sep II Oallipagos Islands.... May 4 St Domingo wep 10 Havre Sep .10 (k L'hea Auk 4 Hartuia ......Oct 0 Surinam Julv35 Hobarl Town, V D L. .Mayli Singapore Auk 1 leremte Au. 19 Sydney, NSW May 8 Jacmel Sept 10 Trinidad de Cuba Sen 23 Kinacstou, Jam Sept 87 Talcaliuaua July 17 ; Loudou . Oct 3 Tahiti Apl 13 Liverpool Oct 4 Taiupico Auk3I La (Juayra Sap 13 Tobaaco July 18 I Laguua Sep: 23 Turk's lalaud Oct 10 Luna July II Valparaiso JuIy20 July 23 VeraCruz Oct 4 ; Manilla July 3 Zanzibar May eorilg.i luiportatlont. I Livguro-L?Packet ahip Europe?13 pltga mdie Perrin St Britr ?700 hozea tin Heurich St br thera?3 pltga uid.c J M Betta?-6 Stone, Nieo'l St Co?I E P Hever?1 C Ellia St co -J M N Seytnou?i F H Freelaud-29 CoKaill St co?4 A W 8pi-a?4 >e*b, I I, Ruiel! St co?3 C A Newbold? I A It S Will tie? 5 <4 Meyer at tons?2 A B Vael St co? I A A h te1 wily hi?4 Paron It Sie?nrt?2 O Meyer k too?1 J Campbell | It o?3 A Stew ut St c >?2 Kicliardaon St Watao?10 Reiea : Br ithera It c.i?I F Lei-e -4 L Atterbury It co?3 D H ddeu ; It aous?I J Vau Neat?1 Buckley, O ahatu L co?3 Ilallctt St Co?I U Le> Icy? 0 I B Ellimau?3' bxa tut 1 cak Koboiaou I St WtT - 1 bM? 3 ca S .nda, Sullat St co?3 cka J S Gray St co I ?3 Jo K "1'omrt St sunt?1321 baa tin 37 cka ziqc g ce copper Phrlpe Doilg-- St co?30 da II I T Set up'U?1 R E Aleock? . I I Mat er?9 bales I.ord St I av lor?200 bat tin C Wnrdlteo? 300 pea kentledge Howled St A-pniwall?172 toua coal 200 aacka aalt C 11 Ma ahalI?<410 baa tin 72 pki to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of tiie Steam Ship*. I Steamer., JZrTca. I Caledonia, Lott Oct 4... Oct 19... Nov 1 i Britannia, Hewitt Oct 19... Nov 3... Nov 1{ Acadia, Judkina Nor 4... .Nov 19... Dec | ! (} Western, Mattltewa... Oct 31... Nov 13... Dec 2 , Caledonia. Nov 19.. .Dec 3... Dec lg Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. LIVERPOOL. LIVERPOOL. John R Skiddy, Luce, Sep 20 Montezuma, Lowber, Nov I New York < ropper, Oct 1 ."New W orld, akiady, Nov 6 Liverpool, L'ldridge, Oct 6 Watvrl o. Allen, Nor II , Hiddons, Cobb, t'ctll Fidelia. HacksufT, Nov 16 j Columbia,Knthbone, Oct 16 Hoituguvr, Uursley, Nov 21 ; PORTS MOt'TH. PORTSMOI'TH. Prince Albert, Sebor, Sep 21 Wellington,Cli idwick, Nov 1 I West muster, Hovey, Oct 1 H. Hudson, Moore, Nov 8 HAVRE. Hirst. Argn, Anthony, Sep 8 Oneida, Funek, Nor 1 Zurich, Thompson, Sep 16 Bavaria, Howe, Nor I j MARSEILLES. MARSEILLE^. Oaston, Anthony, Oct 10 Areole, Hoodlesr, Nor 1 I II LA S(,OW. OLAStlOW. Adam Carr, Brymner, Sep 16 Brooksby, MeEwen, Nor 1 1 : =============^^ ! POUT OF NSW YORK, OCTOBBH 30. | mm v hi CHRISES 6 2# I H30.V JKTI 2 00 M ICS ItTI 6 58 I HIOH WATIt 4 21M i ??? Cleared. Ship Niagara, Russell, Liverpool, 8-anton (k Frost. Barks Altorf, Prince, Waterloid, J Ogilvn; Hannah Sprague, Lnut, London, J Ogden. Brigs Ellen St Llara, ??, Tampa Bay; Beuj Bigetow, Baiter, Boston; Mary Perkins, Port au Prince, H k W Del ifield; D B. Boudrot, Belfast, T S Winslow. Schrs Pacific, Smith, Baltimore; Cambridge, Hull, Boston. Sloop Aurely, Crowell, Wilmiugton. Wednesday?Ship Columbia, Kobinson, Charleston, Dunham (t Dimou Schri Aun Hyman, Totten, Newbern; Pacific, Smith, Baltimore, 1 B Co. Barge Cayuga, Philadelphia. Arrived. i'arketship Europe, Furber, from Liverpool, Sept 17, with C H Maranall Ik Co. Spoke >7th inat, la' 40 80, Ion 70, packet ship Havre, Alnaworth, hence for Havre. Brazilian brig Terre Foe o, Quinn, 88 days from Maranham, with 8100 hides 14,000 lbs old copper 49 bags cocoa, to E i Corniug Ik Son. Schr Auaconda, Gorham, Boston, fish. S Isr Mary Ann, Williams, Bath, Me, potatoes. Sloop Iowa, Starr, from Brandy wine, with flour and grain, to Alleu Ik Paxson. Telegraph reports no vessela in light at sundown. Sailed. Ships Atlantic, NOrleans; Columbia, Charleston; barks I Watlteag, Mobile; Hanuah Sprague, London; brigs H Buck, | Bermuda; Merriman. do. == Btlacellaneoiu ttecord. Letter Bao of Sleamer Calednui i, for Liverpool, will ' ; close at the Each-inge and Offing Reading Rooms to-morrow I afternoon, al X before 8 o'clock. Letters can be pie-prid to any patt of the Louliueiit. 6cmr Atlantic.?On the I2ih instant, the schr Atlan'ic weut eahorc, between the month of the Rio Grande and the Brozos Island, about sn miles from the latter. No lives 1 I lost. Shir Macedonia, Morse, from Ctdiz, for Boston, went ash >! on i ergins Ltunc. near tin j mean. on me morning of 27th, at 3 'clock; v?? low ad up iu the eveniug, but not known what daniago la done her. Brio O. W. Knight, befoie reported ashore at C trdenaa, went aah >ra upou a shoal near the wh trvea, loat man-mast and foreto|<maat. The tnaiuinait broke the kelaou in the ?tep and ripped upth?deek. 'I he vevsel i> not alrainen aud la tight Capt. htaffoid thiuka ahe may be got oil' with hia own crew. 'I he fore-and-aft achooner aeen on Oreat Round Shoal, noon of SUh mat. proved to be the Ch trlea Henry Cootnba.uf Bi-ckopoit, from Binkor f<r I'roridence, with lu ber. oh1 went on in a heavy aqvall from the wesrwa d, ii2d iuat, about 7 t M and ttninedntely n.lgad, the ae< inking a compute breach over her, and diiving the cut into the riacacitiK weeie they leinatued 1 wrnty-two nou a The cook. Michael Ott en, ol Uuckaport, wo? huit t the lime the veaael at'U k, aud re fuied to go into the tigging; he wa. 1 tilled to the main igcine, where he waa drowued in two or tnrt-e hou'a. The'c ew we-e reamed by achr Stta Serpeut, of Kalmout. alter tnorr than twri ty Vea6rla It id puled them, piobably wi hout acliig hem, and carried to C hith.m, "cha Kami: ?Captain Bnt'er, af the achr Oalena, reporta naroig picked uo on hie p iaia<e Irom .New Orleana to >iatagnrda, on the 6ih ina>aut, i In 21 01, h>n 91 J, arven of the c e<v from Kaoie. of Mobile, fom Brazoa St lago lor N Urleana, which veaael f.uuder.d at aea 20o mtlea to the , aouthwaid of the Baiixe. The crew had b.-en eight dat a la their email boat when 1 picaed up. The Katne -prune aleak wheu witni i thi ty milei of the Paaa. The tn tie and lour tneu came op in the achr GaUna; ilia captain <v-a leli onboard of the br g Albe.tiua, at Matagorda for NO.levua. foreign PortsCallao, Sapt 11?In p irt, .tup Rainbow, Hayea. from New i Y rk, v.av is, tn Valparais > and Coquimoo lor Canton, aoou; had Dti date fom N York to V; had rery hewy weather on the nm warn p mage I. vol at ha, Uct 7? a rr achr Itoancke fyktn CaIv.llo, Oct8?did bark Gen Paez, ??, for I ri.ila Valparaiso. \ng 22 ? In port, ahip Coquimbo. Boat, for Coqrinnbo. io load lor lioi'on, few daya; Stth, ahip Meiker, ( Ua) K*rberg, loi Boan u. fep. 1 Vioo, Sept 19?lii port, ehipe Alhambra, Wilson, from N Orleana. to enl a mt day. vupooned fir Coruuua. having perI' rined quarantine. vi.riha Washington, Steve ,? f am Jo <rr Nth. and ordered in qutrnitiiie lor If day a; bark Uainaiucntio, 'owes, f. om do in quarantine, to sail Sfith, supposed for Coruuua. tf??>aie> I'nrfa. Baltimore, Oct ?2?Arr schr Ma-thi Elitabeth, Gatchell. 1 Porto Cabel <>; schr Orb, Hnhhard, Port Spain, Triuidcd. Cld aclir r >rtia, Ki. wan. Nassau, Nl*. Bath, Oct *2?Art brig New Yo>k. Norton, NY'ork. Sid ' Jlt'i, inig Wanderer, Smith, Wilmington NO. Old 26'h, | i brig New York. Norton, Barbidora. Arr 27th, ship Macedoi nia, M.irae, t 'adit. Bostom, Oct 2?? Arr bark I.acnnia, Howea, Philad; brigi ' Isabell*. Matthews, and Set belle, Ha-ninaa, Philad; tehra Sea Bel'e Austin, Wilmington, NO; Page, Ctiamberlaiu? Fortune. Pn ry. and Augusta, Wedge, IN York. Signal lor a brig. Tin; bark Jnhn Stroud-emaiua at anchor in Nautaaket ' Honda. Old. ships New oeraey, VViuaor, NOrleana; Concord, '< 8 -udder. N York , b ,rka t.ff 'ri, Huaaey, Trieste; Lillua, Oilcliriat. NQrlenus; Klk, Nickeraen, rhilad; Remarket, Taylor. N York. brigi Euphrates, Foley. Pictou; Auakapaa, Sai- 1 telle. Mobile; Gnllio. Maho iey, Wilminglou, NC; Potomac, i Matthews, Alexandria; Erie, Baker, Philad: A Marshall, 1 Mayo, NY ork. 8U, wind N W to N, fresh. wiih rain moat ol 1 the dav; ba-ka Carina, Prnttieket; brigi Choctaw, MeLellau. 1 The M anchored in President Hoada, hut may hare gone to aea towarda dark Schr Ct gnet aailed laat night. Uhaxoi 8t I a no. Oct M?In port, rhips Uncaa, Ocean, U 8 ahiii II Moriia^Uuinn, Clintou, and Grower; barks Tarquin and win lev; bnga Arctnrna, Mathilda, Edward. Hollowed, , I Gaorgiana, nampaon, Apal chicola, Tu-aon, Rolff.C H Rouen, Vrlaaeo, Leopold. O'Donnel.; schra Eufaulia, Fidelia, Francis Seward. Hippie, Kloridau, Louis, 8 Wilia, Waer | Witch. Sea. United. Watchman; ateam lighten sea, Ciuciu- 1 uati, Augnata, Muumouih, John Thompson, and Colouel 8ie Tena. Charlkiton, Oct 22?Arr schr George Waahiugton, Read ; Newpirt, KI. Olocuci reR, Oct 25?ArrCevlnn. B tbbidga, Camden fur NYora: Mary Snow. Wood, Thumaaton fordo; 27th, sclira Lucy White, Thomaatoa for NYork. L>wei Del, Oct IT?The bark Cheater, for New Orleana; brigs Hudaou, for Cambridge; Columbia, for Fall River; Holly Boston; aches Cynosure, I'reaident, and Old Hun dred, for Bosten: Aleit, lor Providence: 8oaau, for Tauulon, and Maiaiaoit, fordo, go't underway et the euchorage thia loienoon and aiood to ara. MaTAOORra, Oct 14? In port, hriga Planet, and Tokanango, disc; brigi Henrv. Alberllna, and srhr Patri t, toaail for N Orleana on the 17th mat. Nt* Br.tiKOSD. Ort 28?Art pilot boat Josiah Sturgia, Allen, Norfolk; 27th, achri Com Tucker, Coi, Phils; Sarah, Perry, N Ycrk New ORLcasa, Oct 20?Arr ahipa Sonth Carolina, Owen, NYork; ludab Taoro. Nickerson, Boston; brig Prairie, Clark R U...I. r 1.1?.. II...I.. at? 1-. a. Emer, Morgan, Bio Grande. Below. brig Hop* Howea.Shaw, from Bragoa Santiago; Spun brig Aaltador, from Malaea. Old | hip Viola, Jameaon, Havre: bark Gvzelle, Mathar, Bordeaux | brig Globe, Young. Maraeillea; ?chr? Taeibe, Meek, Mata. gorda; Expedite. fluekrtt, N York, via Franklin, I.a. i PoaTivrot'TH, Oct 2??Arr achra Rival, Myriek, VintlhaI Ten for " orlolk. i I'niLanr.i run, Oct 58?Arr briga F.mclinel Kllia, ChirleaI t in; Palm. Hall, NYork; achra Mary ft bifcean, FuIIerton,Boaton; Syren, Jamea, NCondon; Republican, Sharp, Providence; A W I,eeda Eudicott; Col SB Davia, Baynam; D M ; Meaaerole, Yonng: Meiieo.TemliB; Mary hliza, Sharp; i Rrillixnr, Cotton; Oriental. Brown; Wreath, Willata; Pern, I Johnaou; Tangent, Plummer; Louiaa Reeve), Cavalier; Hei raid, I'iraer. and Brandywme, Stephenaon, NYork; Angnatua. Kilbourn, Newhti-yport. Proviokvck, Oct 87?Arr aloop Hamlet, Tnthill, N York. Cld brig Harriet, Coleman, <lo. Arr 86rh. aehr Jerolemaa, Goalee, Siitfulk, Va; aloop Roger Williama, Sturgia, New I York. Richmond, Oct 87?Arr bark Bachelor, Page, NOrleana; . achr Patrick Henry, ??, NYork. 8ld, achr Graad Inland. : Young. Beaton. Savavvan. Oct 81?Arr Br chip Grace, Ryrie, Antigua; , brig Pbilnra. Thatcher, NYork. Cld, briga Macon, Mattiaon NYork, Cordova, Towne, Warren, HI. Bid, brig Macon, I Mattiaou, NYork 11 By Last Wlght'i Southern Hall. UsLTiHoit. Oei?5l3hIwef^?r?r, [Br?m| Johaoscn, Bremen: Johauues. [Brem] Klockamcr. do. Sid. brig Abo. Jonea, Rio Janeiro; tchri Comet, Boaney, Halifax, NB; For I tia, Kirwan.Nxaaau. NP. _ _ . . NonroL*. Oct *? Arrecbie Vesper, Baker, NYork; Mo tropolis, Niche/sou, Proyincetowa. Old, bark Atom, Dene, Wludiee. Bid. berk rheuil, Boiuh, ri Orleans; echra VVil llun, Wixou, N Bedford; Joseph B, Chadwick, Mobile. MCDlCAL AD VIC K.-DOCTOR LAM CRT re conn deu.rally coueulted at hie office, *3 Quid etreel, uear k'ultoa, oa <u! diseases of a private nature. Hie treatment, being mild and judicious, requires neither mercury, reetraiat in diet, or hindrance from buaiaeea. Debility, nervoue or constitutional, from indiacreet indulgences of the paxstonj, causing nightly emietioae, aad, eventually, itr.poteiicy, engages the Doctor's attentioa, hie object being to rcetore the eyatem to tliat etate of vigor nature origiuallv deeigned. Stricture, a dieease frequently exieting without the patient being iwue. caused by maitreatment and sometime* cauaed by the negloet of the parties itismtelvee, ie effectually cured by Dr. L. Letters, pott paid, eucloeing a tee, immediately attended to, and maaiclne, wit* advice, tent la -ny part of the Uaited States. Office 63 Q.Id street oTQ Iw'r 'PHK ONLY 8CCUKCITY A (J AIM SI' QUACK CUT 1 UUNTrhlAN DlSrc.NSAK*. i\o. J Ul VISION street was e,t*hlisried A. I).. 183b, by use present proprietor, for ihe iucccuIuI treetineut of scrofula, strictures, diseases or the urenirs, kidneys, etc., uervous debility, mercurial diseases, seminal aeakuess, gravel, nodes caries, rheuinatisin, ulcers of ike glottis, tonsils, tnM*t, nose and lnnbs. syphilitic irrtis, or iutlained eyes, impotence or gradual wasting away of the powers ol life, uiftt sweats, swelling ol the joint*caused bjr mercury, sad uuwisrly treated se cret iii-cues, usa in secret ui seises, wnciuir aniu or viiuleut; mid fi">us an tape- nance tha' vary falls c> the lot of any one physician, he ia enabled to warrant a perfect and lasting care in assy and all ' easei ill above mentioned diseases. The af&icted should remrinber that this is the only place ia the city where the celebrated Dr llnutar's Red Drop can be obtained; a medicine uever known to fail in curing tha very worst forms of secret diseases. The dispensary is so arranged that the person calling will see 110 one lint the doctor himself, who is in constant attendance in his private rooms, roady and willing to render relief to all who may give him a call. Hundreds of certificates, voluntary given ol course, sotne of which are moat astonishing casea on record, arc oneu fur luapectiou at the Di peuvery.all ol' which were cued by this medicine.? ?Price One Uollar per vial, whieh is warranted in all cases or no charge. Strictures cured in as many weeks as it has been year* standing, without pain or inconvenience ? This inedi in# cannot be had genuine ia Boston. o?9 lm*r M7DtX^L7^F^UROrcTL.-Mo QI'ACKEKVTT. Dr.Morrison has beeu engaged for over ii years in the successful treatment of all lorras of privite iisetuev, iner curial and syphilitic eruptious, gleets, strictures, gouorrhuea and debility, ai isiug from a secret habit. Dr. M holds uo cominuuiiiii with preieuded surgeons. See his London diploma, with the signatures of the court of eviminers of the Royal College ol Surgeons, including Sit Astley Cooper's, Sir Anthony f srlisle's, fcc., Itc., in his office 201^ I-niton at. Letters attended to. o28 P* rc MLDICAL AID.?DR. GRt'.OORY is consulted as usual in all disesves of s delicto < r eomnlicitrd ua lire. He is a regular physician nnd Surgeon, thoroughly t ducated id the principle! and practice of caring the diseases incident to hi* 11 <tiTe country, <*uh an experience of nearly So > ears.? His 'eiideuce tad offices are at No. I Aosevelt, one d..or liom Chath 'in ?:ree'. o^7 lm*rc OrriCK or the Mokkis and rssxs Kail Koad Co., t Newark O 22d, 18 if.. ) NOTI' E it hereby girrn, ihat Proposals will he received nniit the 2th November next, for the Griding, Mascury, and Bridging required to complete the Branch of the Morris and Kates Rail road from Morristowu to Dover, a distance of about II miles . Maps and Profiles, estimates aad specifications will be found after 2 th instant, at the Office of the Company, at Morristowu, whe eall necessary information ? ill be given. 1 he line will be divi 'ed into tactions of convenient length, for construction, nnd Prop sals in writing, directed to the Trrasnrerat the Office of the Company, in New ark, will be , received lor the whole or any part of the work B v order, o2ltNov<i rh JOEL W (lO ^ DIT. Vice President. j Office of the New York Gas Light Company, October 12, 1846. <* ? "> 1 THE PRESIDENT and Directors have this day declared | a dividend of fonr and out half per cent on the capital ; stock of this Company, for the aix months ending 1st August 1 Inst, payable to the stockholders on and after Monday, the 2d ; November next. The transfer book will ba closed from the 24th inst. until that date. By order, oil tNorlrc C. L. EVER1TT. 8ec'y. j DANCING AND WALTZING AOADLN1Y, II HOWARD STREET, SIGNOKA nnd 8IGNOR FEKREKO hare re-open ! their school. Days of tuition, IWednesdays and t Saturdays, and Mondays and Thursdays, at half-past i three o'clock for young ladies and young gentlemen.? Monday nnd Thursday evenings at 8 o'clock. Dancing ) and Waltzing Class for Gentlemen. Wednesday and | Saturday evenings, at 8 o'clock, Waltzing Class for do.? All the fashionable dances, including Polkas, Mazurkas, and 1 lledowas, will be taught itr the above-mentioned Classee. ' Private Soirees will be given as usual. Private classes, pri- | vate lessous,and Boarding Schools punctually attended to. o23 lineod*rc YA&nlONABLL DANCiiNU, 74 Leonard ilreet. West of Broadway. IVI H rAULiiib i/EjOJAnyiiia, 01 inr Acnueraic IvA Roy-ale, Paria, reapectfully informs the public that her Claaaea Tor fashionable Dancing have commence^ Besides all the nsual Daucea taught, will be the new waltz Mazurka, Maanrka Quadrille, Polkas, "(various.) new Waltx a cinq tetnpa, composed for M'llu Cerito, by-Mons. Perrot, and the new and graceful waltx Redowa. Schools and Familiea ateuded 1'erma and houra made known on application, alt lm*rh DANCING ACADEMY. NORTHERN EXCHANGE, 278 BLEECKKRSTREET. MR. G. ROBERTSON, in returning his meat aincere thanka to hia frieuda and the public for 'he liberal patronage bcatowed on him laat aeaaon deairea, moat respectfully, to announce that hia claaaea for the Tuition of Dancing will open at the above rooma on Friday, October 2d. when he will hare the pleaaure of introducing rarioua new and faahionahle Daucea, tne favorite Polkaa, the Mazourka and other atylea i of Waltzing. Mazourka and Polka Uuadrillea, and the beautifal and much admired Redowa Waltx, Fancy Dancing, itc.? ! Daya of tuition, Teuadava and iFridaya ; houra of attendance j for Ladiea, Misses and Maltera, iron 3 to 8 1'. M.; Gentlemen 1 from 8 to 10 evening. Aaaembliea will take place aemimonthly, commencing Nov. 2d. Inatructiona will be given le pupils privately or in claaaea, ateeminariea, or at Their reeideucea, and at tne claaa rcom, or at Mr. R 'a private aeademy, 82 Canal atreet. The above noma, during the eummer, have been greatly improved, painted, decorated, and the floor I haa been all laid anew; m.kiug it equal lo any room in the ' city Mr. R. would alao inform parenta who may place their children under hia charge, that every attention will be paid | to their proper instruction and comfort while al acboql. For further iwrttcnlira, apply at the class room, or at Mr. R.'a reaidence. 82 Canal atreet. a!8 lm*rc DANC.NU ACADEMY. 8HAK8PEARE HOTEL, corkk* or Duaias am> William Stbkxtb. MR. U.ROBERTSON, in announcing to hia frionda and the public, that hia Claaaea for the tuition of Dancing will re-open at the above rooma on Wednesday, Sept. 30th, takea the opportunity of returning hia moat aincere thanka to hia late patrons for their very liberal encouragement, and re* apact fully aunonucea that he will introduce in hia Academy true aeaaon, varioua new and faahiouable dancea, with the farorne Polkaa, Mazu'ka and Polka qnadrillea, the graceful and much admired Redowa, with Mazurka ana other aty lea ol waltzing; fancy dancing, lie Daya of tuitiou, Wedneaday a and Saiu'daya Houra of attendance for ladiea, Miaaea Maatera, from 3 to 6 P \I.; Gentlemrn from 3 to loin the evening. Aaaembliea will take nlice aemi-monthly, commencing Mov 4. Mr. R would alao aunonuce that he wijl give private instruction* to nupi'a or in claaaea, at seminaries or at their residences, or at Mr. R.'a privat Academy . 82 Caual at<eet. Mr H.'a claaa a- the Lyceum Jeraey City, will open on Thursday, October lat. For more particular infvrmatiou, please apply at hia residence, 82 Canal atreet all lm*rc DK JOHNSON, 17 Duaue street, near Charnain atreel, is in. nlile.f in. I mn,r r,.1 ... ,1 M.,_ gieal Pr'Ctitiouers in the city of Nets York, in the tre-tmeiit ol s certain class of delicste diseases The Doctor it established in one stand for eleven years, aud daring that time, hu successfully treated 12.000 cases of, mercurial and other deli-ate complaints The Doctor's reputation for skill in those old, h\lf cured cases, that have eiisted for years is pre-eminent No matter how loug you may have gleet, stricture. ulcers upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in the head, and bones of the less, I will, and dan enre you. if your case is curable. Constitutional weakness, sometimes called seminal weakness, brought on by a secret hibit indulged in by young men Many an unfortunate victim oi this unnatural vice, has experienced mv salutary treatment { Dyspepsia, weakness of the limbs, and small of the hack, confusion of intellect, fnrgetluliiess, palpitation of the heart, | version to rociety, are only symptoms of this complaint. He warrants a cure in ereri case or norliarge Mild and recent esses cured in two days. Postpaid letters, containing ' $1. for advice attended to Dr. JOHNSON ist regularly educated Physician and Surgeon o9 Im't ~~Fivt, iTC Mln bU LKJ.LLAKS KtiWAnh, TO THOSE PEBSON8 who will prove that JULES HAUL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIH DYE is not the best, ihe verv best, yet known in this country or Europe This valuable disrovery will enable a person to dye the hair or whiskers in a few minutes without the least inconvenience. This preparation is warranted not to wash out nor to inj n re the health of the hair and retain all its softness and brilli.uicy. Be certain and ask for Jules Hani's Liquid Hair Dye,fas all others aie spurious. If you wish for black ask for box marked N ; if for brown aak for box marked B. Premiums have been awarded to the mbacriber at the Franklin Insti'ute b xhibition. For tale, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, Jnles Haul, perfumer and chemist, 46 Sonth Third street below Chesnut street, Philadelphia. And at my stents, Wyatt It Keteham, 121 Fnlton; V. Clirehugh, 205 and 299 Broadway; F. A-Artsolt, Lafayette Baxaar, corner of Liberty and Broadway;|J. B Jacquemond, 41} Broadway; Haviland, Keeaek Co., Ylaidcn lane, and by all respectable druggists in the United Stales. >24 lm*r DAGUERRULN MAfEiUAEsI TOHN ROACH Ontieian il .ir.-t h.. *1 hand an assortment of Half Plate and Medium Foightlander Tubes. Alio, American, of his own maunfaetnre, inpe nor to any yet made in the United States. Plates, Cases, Chemicals, Coating Boxes. Baths, and ererjr material nsed in Daguerreotrpmg. Thermometers, whole sale and retail; Spectacles, Telescopes, Ualeanie Batteries, he ?tc. sStm?r SPKHM CANDLES AND OIL?A superior article of Sperm Candles at 2} ceutsper lb., and finest qnality Winter Bleached Sperm Oil at 91 the gallon. Also, Bleached Solar do, at Mk cents ; also, olJ Java Coffee, Green and Black Teas ana Groceries, Itc , of the best quality, lorsele in quantities to snit, by J. O. FOWLER, WO and 4tt Greenwich and 76 Vesey streets. N. B ?Families, boarding honse and hotel keepers, are invited to give the above a trial. Goods packed aud de-. Iivered to any pert of the city IVee of chime. sl> lm?rc SANKOKD& AT IT AGAIN. THK TAILORING BUSINESS carried on formerly by Wm.Matthiessen,lf7 Knltnn St.,will hereafter be continued by Sandford it Urnthers.and we would say to the public and our friends now is tbe time, for we have Just purchased an eutire new stock of French, English and Belgian cloths, and every variety of cassimeres ana veerings that is fashionable or desirable, which will be made np to order to suit the mo?t difficult as to fasmon, taste and workmanship. Also, a foil assortment of gentlemen's outfitting, aneh as shirts, drawers, bosoms, oollars. suspenders, umbrellas, lie., all of which we guarantee to sell as low es they can be b >nirht in the city.? Come and see BANFORD BROTHERS, 117 Fulton st., neat Herald office. Manors B. Baisronn, A tone r Rinnan. Sltlm*rh MRS. ZEOLIO. No. 67 Divitiem Strut. W ILL opens large assortment ef Paris millinery, Bonnets TT fcc. She will oner lor inspection a choice irock of fell goods, comprising silks, satins, plain and cat velvets, lie lie , which being selected with good taste from the Istest arrivals, is well worthy the attention of purchasers. Merchants and milliners from the country, wanting materials and patterns, would find it their interest to eaTl before purchasing, as the s'ock is fresh, the style the latest; which will he disposed of on reasonable terms oti lmo*rrc HAIR DYL BATCHELDEH'S Instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye is absolutely the only article yet luvented that can he depended on to color the human hair, whiskers, kc. without staining or injury to the skin, or destroying the health aad I of the hair. Thislfact ia attested hy hundreds who use and take every possible pains to recommend it. 1 he color will not be disturbed by constant washing, and will be found perfectly nnilnrm and even, without any of those unnatural fiats so much complained of ia the ordinary hair dye. Sold wholesale aad retail by WM. BATCHELOR, 2 Wallst. Agent in rhilndelj* - Rag llomaael. ell Un*r patent hat luer1no machine. ( THE mcoyordtri thtt wu have rt^clv# I f*r onr P*fgot,'Hat Luering Machine,'* have m eoanactiog w?tli iha atiau tiou paid to tba one exhibiting m the Fan, lullr^ ataiaad , the vpnioa ezprwei, that oar Machine ha* brought the po liahiug partgof a Hat to perfection The whole Machiaa occupies tha space, only, of ebeut fourteen inches, and can ba placed any where in a room, evan in a corner. wa are happy to remark that it hat beau raceired with adm ration here, u well as in England, Franca and Germany, where measures have been raken to patent it also ; and, we beg to inrite those whj have not inspected the Machine, to do so, at the south real corner of Eighth street and Sixth avenue, ^vhara one will be fouud iu operation, and will be shown by Mr. George bchott, on tha praoiises, who will also receive orders for the patentees. ogQ 3taw lm?rrc LOUDEN it SHAW. defut of fkench chiika and ol.a&3 wake 319 broadway, (br stairs.) FGERARD1N, Agent for the Manufacturers, ha* re. ceived from recent amcsls-and offer* for tele at very low price*, * Itrae assortment of Porcelain Vun of *11 *ixe* plain white aad fancy decorated Dinner, Dessert and I'ta sets; Fancy Cups, Mugs with uamn and mottoea- Cologne Bottle*, China Clock* and Candlesticks. Iu., kc. Also, for sale,les* han cost, a splendid Dessert Serrice of Frei.cli Cut Class,e i graced. N. B.?Orders receiced for the gliding and painting establishment m Spruce street, to match any patients ul French or English China. o4 1ineod*r heap miawl3, 3ilr3 a cachmekeft, PURCHASED by the Subscribers, at the large peren*pt,.ry sale of Messrs. B. uksr t It Hnttnu, are now offeied at M pt r cent below the regular cost of importation, Comprising ' some of tile 'meet and oest Paris made Cashmere Shawls.' Long Sh wit of ecery color, and entirely new style*. Square IJ-4 Cashmere Shawls, eery beautiful pa.terns. Pi luted Shawls and Sc .ri*. Mauiilla*. Cloaks arid Coat*. sILKS, . Of new and most splendid Brocade styles, at abont hall the manufacturers' priest. CASHMERES. I Of Patarle. Lnpiu, Seydonx fx Co.'* finest cloths tod hot printing. qui e new aun splendid patterns. The above, with a lsrge stock of other goods from auction, are offered at auction prices, by JAMES BECK It CO., ol7 eod2wr ?? Brosdwav. COAL. I AM now selling the best Peach Orchard Coal at t5 7S, lor large nut, %6 00 for egg and stove, screened and delivered in the best order from tne varil, comer of King and Green wich stieets?2i cents leas from the boat. ol lmend'rc PKTER CLINTON. > CONSUMPTION, COUGHS, AND ALL DIeEASEn OK THE LUNGS. ??????????????: DK. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP WILD CHERRY. THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE PREPARATION. ! Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Complain^. Spitting Blood. Difficulty of Breathing, Pain in tne Slue and Breast, Palpitation ol the Heart, Inflnenxa, Croup, Broken Constitution, r ore Throat, Nervous irt bilitv, and all diseases ol the Tluoat, Bre st, aud Lungs ; the most effectual and speedy cure ever known for any of above diseases, DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. OF all the remedies of the day, and they area great variety, which profeaa to be of great value to the tinmen family, we hesitate not to pronounce DK SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WIlD CHERRY as one of thegreat... ?r nr .11 ,i,. pounds put forth for the cure of diseases which affect human nature, not one remedy could be named which has in so short | a space ol time acquired such uubouuded confidence with I the public, and has performed such miraculous cures; and has | merited and received so much eulogium from the faculty and others, as this justly celebrated remedy. BE CAREFUL OF YOUR COLDS. Many people are very apt to consider a cold but a trifling: matter, and think that " it will go awav ol itsell in a few days," and they give themselves no trouble about it. But to such we would say, " be careful of your colds," do not tamper with^ourcomtitutious. If you desire to live to a good *' old age," use such remedies as will effect an easy and permanent cure. DR. HWAYNE'8 COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHKKRY has cured more colds than any other medicine offered lor sale in this couutry. The certificates of cures effected by this invaluable medicine, which the proprietor is daily receiving, are of the most gratifying character, and teud to show its sanative properties, and the high rank it holds in public estimation. The Press, the Medical Faculty, and thousands who have used Dr. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, all concur in pronouncing it one of the best re. medies ever iuveuted for the cure of all PULMONARY AFFECTIONS. Fry Remember, all preparations purpor'.ing to eontain Wild Cherry, are fictitious and ceun/tr/Wt, except that bearing the written signature of Dr Swarvi- ? Great care shouldTie observed to purchase from the regularly appointed agent. Principal Office, corner of ElUHTU and RACE streets, Philadelphia. &&&&&&&&&&?&&& Agents tie New Yoaa?Charles II Rim. comer of Broadway and John streets; R. A. Sarins, I'le bowery; E B. Warner, 306 Bleeckerstreet, J.C. Hart, .ill Orand, corner Norfolk; J. L. Lewis, 537 Greenwich; Uodj, 771 Broadway; Wvatt and Kctcham. 131 Fulton; Mrs. Hatr.i. 139 Fultou treet, Brooklyn: B. Olds It Son, Newark: John Pearson, Railway; Mrs. Kidder, 100 Court rtree:, Bo.tou: Dcrgin (It Co., Portland; C. Dser, Jr., Providence; hoinuvt, Phelm It <.o. 143 Water street. N. Y. r i* im STWF*t ENGLISH HARD WAKK, H 11 u rati A i ij\G,&u. AGENTS' UP S TAJ lis PHCES, I IIII tjnuno ' m " wnue Done tiiin i&nu turns, It ? AUv i>er gross. 10# do uuejouud sta-, do do, $10 per gross, too pair carving knives and forks. tr m S7ig *" cent* per pair. 60 dox patent knob loeka, $< SO per doxen. 60 acts fi e Oothic tea trays, f > pei act 60 do balance handle ivory knives, all with French forka, $10 to ('4. Alao, all aixea of beat hairseating at the reduced list; warranted C 8 tilea ol all kinds and aixea; flra iroua; trace chaina; , locks, vices, kc. kc., with ^general Haaertmenl of ataple Bir- I Bingham and Sheffield gooda at low pricaa. JOHN A. NEWBOULD. ol9 mwf'e No. 66 John atreet, (up ataira.) THE EYE. DU. WHEELER. Oculiat, 29 Greenwich atreet, near the Battery, devotes his exclusive attention to dlsetsesof the Eye and Opihalmic Surgery; and aaaurea the |>ablic that there are not ainougat the uumetoua diaeaaea to which the hu man eye la auhject, any diaordera of that organ which canuat be eaaentially relieved or curtd by him. The vast uumbexot I undoubted tvatinioniala which can he aeen at hie office, will j ntiely the public that hia practice ia not exceeded either in [ extent or aucceas by that ot any other Oculiat in the United i Stater. Artificial Eyea for aale, and which will be inaerted on : reaaouable terma. Office houra from 2 A.M. to 1 o'clock P.M., after which he viatta out-door patieuta. A pamphlet containing remarlu on diaeaaea of the Ere, with numerous inatancea ?f great curea effected by Dr. Wheeler'* mode of treatment, can be had gratuitoualy at hia reaideuce, or the aame will he forwarded to anv one making application to him by letters, poat paid. o#eodlm*rc MONTHLY REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER, OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE. I1 o 13 Chambers Street. Catet Succcttftdly Treated. 1*HIS Report presenta a greater number of caaea than was ever before ticated aucceaafuliy, in one month, at thin inatitute. 22 Examined to deteetdieaaea 6 Scald head. of the lunge, liver, kc. 2 Acute p eurisy. 7 Cases of dyaentery. 6 Cases balanitis. 4 Intermitie..t lever. I Primary consumption. 9 Gonorrhoea, acute. 11 Acidity wind on stomach. 4 Chrome discharge from 1 Partial blindness reatortd. urethra, loug standing. 7 Great debility and loaa of I Acute rheumatism appetite from improper 3 Chronic rheumatism. h oita. 4 I'ai > in the back 4 Pain in the side and breaat. i 7 Palo iu cheat and about the S Partial deafness. heart. 3 Indurate'1 chancres. 19 Cs?rs seminal weakness. 10 bad headache. 5 *ecoudary venereal. 4 Impoteucy. 1 recovered. 1 do of 4 ye>rs standiug. 3 Under treatment 3 Ulcerated throat. 9 Cases venereal warts. It Primary rhaucret. 2 Convulsions. 2 Morbid liver. 3 Aff-ctions of the heart. 4 Whiles of long standing, 2 Palpitation heart. cured by the use of the 3 Bleeding from lungs, speculum. 1 Case o apoplexy. 2 Suppression of 'he urine. 2 Erysipelas. 9 lever continued Successful Operations and Cures. 1 A carpenter cut nil the Hex- 1 Man got his fingers smashor tendons n the anterior ed and anof-er badly cot part of the wrist. bv timber tailing on them 1 1' jury of the face attended ?they were attended to to. 1 Small turn >r removed from 1 Snrained wrist attended to. the neck of a lady. 1 Spon aneous ulceration of 2 Abscesses opened. the knee joint and dis> 2 Operations for fistula in chage of sinova for I or 10 ano weeks, perfectly recover- 4 Operations for phymosia. ed with as good joint as 3 Cases of ulcerated legs of ever. long standiug 3 Hemorrhoidal tumors re- 2 Enlarged tonsils removed. moved. 4 Cases ol hernia or rupture 3 Operations for contracted attended td. fingers. minor operations that 7 Strictures cared in the nre- are not worth mentionthru. ing. 2 Operations for hydrocele (radical.) tn^-The poor attended to between 9 and 10 in the morning H BOSTWICK, M. D? o0 2wend*rc Attending Surgeon and Physician. ts U isfc. ? Ul KSh-L.V ?AM V-Hll.AN CO iTUi.bu ' Of all the remedies yet discovered for the peimanent cure of a delicate disease, is the most speedy and certain. It contains no injurious or nauseous, drugs leaves no odor on the breath, reqa.res no restriction ol di.t, I diiuk, expose e, or business, and is adapted to every age, | sex, aud condition. Patients may rely that this is no private practice 01 a phyaiciau with noerrmg success, radically caring ninety-nine catei ot the haiidred. and at preaeut i? the moat popular remedy in a reighb >ring city. Try it, and convince your.elf, even after other remedies fail, one bott e earing nine oat of every ten >-atea. Kail dirertiona accompany each bottle. Sold wholeaale hv Comatock It Co., 11 Coartlandt treat, retailed at '6 Hudson, corner Bowery and Grand, Bowery and Walker, Eaat Broadway and Market, Fallon and Water, Cham, rn ind Brcadway, No 271 New York; corner Fulton aud Cranberry atreeta, Brooklyn; Third and Month atreeta, Philadelphia; corner Charlea and Pratt atreeta, Baltimore; C Stmt, Washington Citv; and Roheruon and Cormick, Norfolk, Va. oil It >w2w?rre DK. t-OHMI'l'T, member of the Uuiratn;, of ,New Vork, also of the medicnl aociety, mforma hia oatrooa and the public, that he haa removed hia office from Dunne street to J4 Readr street, three donra from Broadwiy Dr. O. tiering confined his practice to the treatment oi delicate diaeaaea for the last 14 years, can with certainty warrant a rnre in all caaea Dr. Corbitt iuforma the public tha. thera i? no other Dr. CorDitt in the city, and that he has no connection with the plagiarist of hia name, in llnane strict A medicine may be bad to prevent a certain diaaaae in all iu i? run Open from 1 A. M. till 9 P M. olOd 'c KITCHEN KANGEIV HOLMES'TWO OVEN K1TOHEN H ANOES. THE Proprietor! are now prepared to furnish Holmea't Knngna to the trade, or ?et them op for rnvatc families or boarding honaea, having purchased the right from the | patentee to manufacture and sell then Oar riperiecce in ; maun factoring and setting Ki ehen Ranges ? jhis city, for i Range caiiaot be surpassed for fCAtioi*v? e?JTfnie#ft, ind durability. They ere warranted to perform fl?r purposes for which they are purchased, and if not, th**y will b* removed free of any eipense to the purchaser. Numerot.. referencea can be given 10 peraona wishing to tuirrimc The prices range from 25 to 46 dollars. Grate#?Parlor, OAce and Bed Moom Grares of latest pat terns. Stores? Hall* OAce and Bed Room Stores, Stovepipes, lie. lie. Tin Warn?Bright, plain, and jnpaon.d They hnr. moon, at all time, read* to .at ran<r., ?rate?, and boiler,. Alio mokey ehimaeyn eared?nn care po pay. A.OILHOOLY'aad SON. It lrn'me0^1*^ ** Nunan .treat Wis ? COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALK. THE Residence of the late Llonard Kip Esq. pi oat of the city of Hertford, Com The liouse JalLuo the high grounds overlooking tha city, from ft it is not distant tan win ataa walk. It U a doe bit boa brick, foar rooms on a floor. With large portico in front bailt a faw years ago with bathing room and every t? modern convenience, and ia the moat substantial mana - ** The stable and barae, directly in the rear of the bonai finished in the most substantial manner. The garden abc ds with fruit treat of the t>est kinds. A more desirable reeid for s gentleman wishing to retire from tha city conld n found! on scconnt of the beauty of the snrroandiug coa y, the pleasant society of the city, iu advantages of adac Jm from the neighborhood of Trinity College, (not more tl a quarter of s mile distant) and the eaaa of access to New i. and Boston at all seasons of the year. Half the purchase meuey can remain on mortgage a length of time, or be paid in instalments to suit he parch er Apply to LEONARD W. KIP, ~ m Broadway, New York, or d) tweod*TC Her W\t I. KIP aih? ij. itoLLlitirhiv o hihlialbis i jv IN this wonderful preparation the afflicted have Target what they have long and seriously called for. > ot a solitary cise, in the sale of twenty thonsaud bottles, has been known failing to do all that was espected of it It sets like msgic in all rheumatic affections; and pains of all and every rr.tnre yield to it immediately It ia as eer lam to cure all sots. ol auy description, either on uisu or born, as the application u made, and in shorter time than any other rertiedv ?**r offered 10 the people It *ery fr.igrant, ante and agreeable?to be uaed npou all agr?. axter nslly end lutc-nally. and no fear of taking cold alter ita una. Mr. Ja^es Morphy, of the Bowery l ine nf Stages, aaya that it saved the life of one of his men; and in u?iug rwruty dozen cut a bottle has failed. High ilridge.?At this place groce after gtoce baa been need without a failure Mr Arnold Mason and Mr. batnuel Roberts, builders of the bridge: Mr. Mason says,that by the use of three or tour bottles his riiennisuc pstua hare been entirely eradicated. V r Kooerts gires it as his opiuion that it was one of the great causes of sariug his life from m injury sustained from n fall. To be li d at SO John street, aud at the ?treat Ceutrnl Depot, Harlem Hailroad Office, City Hail, in arge b 'tiles. a: 3h cents per bottle. i^Iiii1^ hiUOK. A i THIS! ^ LAD1F.S AND GENTLEMEN if vou want a Ana ( article of Boots ami dnoes, call t 367 Broadway, where you will find the largeat aaaortment, ehe pest, and the Jlmoit laahiouahle in the citv Co no' mistake the num ber, 387 Broadway, cor.ot l-raiiktin street. N. B ? A larye assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Five dollars, and the 1 jrgest assortment of ver shoes ofall kinds. M. CAH1LL. CO 1 m * rrc _ . UlI) BOHS MlCHAKUs is astooisbmg lmthe citizens and country people with wouder-^^BHV IMl'ul low rices, for his heat quality and most fa-h >a*bie Jt ,ud dunhle Bouts s^d Shoea Look for BOSS HlCHa AKDd, No. 323 and 324 Hudson corner Vandam st. N. B ?Thousands ol every kind to fit the foot and p>"(ue the mind. o3 ,'an*r rALLl TACSfllUtX, I040. f? WM. BANTA. No ?t Caual atreet, and 1? f? jp?Chatham street, offera to hia frtenda and . tie public a large auortmcut of llata, of >ho aew atv 1?., at the 'ollowing low pricea ?ix:?Moltakin ailk Hata on rAt bediea. S1; uutna lur Hata, warranted to retain .heir abi'^e anil color, S3; abort nap ailk H*ra, en fur bndiea, S3 M' Brat quality Paria moleakin ailk Hata, S3 W; fi'at qualify nutria tur Hat?, S3 10.? Alao. the fall patterna of entKren'a ailk velvet and taney cloih cape; mohair, cloth, oil. ailk, pluah and fur eapa, Sc.? Boya fa'l pal tern fur and at' a haia. ol ina're 7* A CARD. ST JpL ROBERTSON, propri .tor of the Phoenix Hat and Cap Mannf-ctorv. reiurna liia acknowledgtnenta to ly* numrroua fricnda and cuatomera for their pievinue liberal Kalronage of hia eatabliahmmt. H? haa lately removed trom ia former location at 103, to No. ( KULTUN St., where kis fall atyle. lately introduced, and which haa been much admired for ita aymmetry and eleitance. ia now being exhibited. Notwithstanding the jgreat diapartty between nia price* and thnae of hia brethren ir. trade in Broadwa. lie e>g*gee that hia Hata will be found no examination equal to the beat manufactuied. He invitea the incredulona to eall and hava their doubts set at rest. WM. ROBERTSON, JR. rnicr.e, Eret quality of Nutria Eur, S3 3* Second do. do. do .....3(0 Kirat do. Moleakin 3 30 U J J _ -* - occuau ao. ui, 3 00 Third do. do 1 M s23 Im*rrc C1KKMAN >'H VSllil AN?L>lt HIT.INJC. No. ? buaa ff street, most respectfully informs the pnbl ic, that ha has relinquished hit oat-door pr*etice;die confines himself entirely to office practice.Patients laboring ander chroaic affections och as diseases of the spine, bones, joints, aloers, scrofala, mercurial diseases, strietnres, piles, Ite. Also, certain diseases to which the young men are liable in all Urge citiea, may apply wnn confidence, Or. Heine being a regular physician, and a member of the medical faculty. olg im*re /"hUACKEKY IN NEW YORK.-Or. Ceerin, 14 Deans. vqPstreer, near Chatham street, wishes strangers and eiti zeus, the victims ot encase, or the lmpositiea of quacks, t* peruse the fallowing letter Or. Cooraa??ia?Last July I contracted a disease, and immediately applied to a doctor, who promised to cure me in a week. I continued with lum two months, and was gradually getting worse. 1 tried oue after another, all the aurertixmg doctors, and each promised positively to cure me. I nt length discovered thar the object of these men was money, and they were not doctora. I concluded to go to the hospital, where the doctora kept me under a course of mercury for six weeks. Mr throat and nose were ulcerated, paius in my joints, and body covered with ulcers ; 1 was a complete skaletoa ; the doctors considered it dangerous to give me any more medicine, an, advised a southern > limate. 1 laft the hospital, aad by the advice of several friends, placed myaelf under voat care, on the 1st of January last. The result is told, 1 am. now well, and restored to perfect health. 1 wish this published, and refer to me of lm*r THOS. GREEN, Bricklayer, Harlem. 1JK. UON Vfcitft* INVIGORATING CORDIAL. FOR GENITAL DEBILITY, IMPOTENCE INCONTINENCE. OR NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, Ac. Ac. This celebrated and powerful remkdt has been used witn the most happy effect ia th? practice of eminent physician* and surgeons ia the Bn tuh Empire, France and Germany, ladeed, so remarkable were the cores, that the late " Sir Astley hailed it as the ' h.rl.inir.r nf lift. ? TK. ... ?r .1... J..I ?III f-l?~ sustain lliis high eueomium. The highest medical authorities in the United States recommend it u superior to any otiisr article lor lli r core of the aboTe distressing complaints. Taepro prietor does not offer this remedy to the dieted as a Catholicon, but as a specific for the following deplorable affections, the consequence of early, indiscreet, secret habits ol youth* or the excessive indulgence of the passions in nper years, viz : general physical prostration, nervous irritability, torpor of the liver, palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia, oetiveness, pain in the head, dimness of vision, vertigo, lunacy, lose of muscular energy, paralysis, weakness of the back and lower extremities, lassitude, nocturnal ruissions, gleets, impotency, or premature and total decay of virility. Mentally, the victim sutlers aberration of mind, confusion of ideas, loss of Inr usury, dejection, or melancholy f rebodings ; uasocinlty, aversion tc social intercourse, timidity, seU-distrust, and love of solitude. These are some of the effects of this violation of the Invrs of man's physical and social bring. Hundreds of cases or sudden decline or consumption may ho traced to the above banef ul practice!. Young men in cities, and particularly in the country, where these solitary habits prevail to an alarming extent, and those, tea, whose matrimenial alliances have not been productive of those happy results which should attend the couuubia) state, will perecite this advertisement treats of an important subject to tham. Young man, it yon would be relieved from tkeso evils, and be restored to manly vigor of body and mind, delay not to procure this cordial?it is the only auchor of h"pe for you. The mode of effecting a cure, and tho hints and full disclosures which accompany the medictne, are highly important to tho married arid single. Price S3 per bottle; $18 half doaan ; or $20i >er dozen. N. B?This Cordial contains no Mercury, or any mineral substance Strangers in the city, before leaving, should pro cure a tew bottles of this cordial, which will be found eminently serviceable in a warm and debilitating climate, whsro these disorders are greatly aggravated, and the svstem ramd IT decays. Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. O. FAY. IM Fniton street, Lamp Store, Sou building, New York. (O^The " Cordial" will be forwarded to aay Par". 0f ike city or country by addressing atabore.poit paid' amount enclosed. Also, for sale b; Dr. Wads worth, 45 North. Main street, l*r<v rideuce, H I.; at It8 Washington street,P.ostoa ; No. 4 Broad way, Albany; Marehlin, Utica. N, Y.: and by Martin and Whitrley. 3 '0 Maikei si., Baltnr\o;e, Md.; W. Williams, Buffalo; and of Dr. Hs'.sted, Roehealer, N B ?Married person*, and those contemplating marriage, conscious of physical inability from certain canaes. may coafidenti illv cnusult Dr. Convert. personally or by letter, post paid enclosing (5, at IM hulron street. N V il Im'i j ISE.tae.d UK 1 lir. Liu.n ?ur ottvi<t>e?sun u < hrouic and acute diseases of the Bladder, Lencorrhoee or whitee, Urethra, Strictures, Kidneys, weakness. Also, Gonorrheas, Inability, Gleets, Weakness of the parti, fce. are srweaily and effectually removed by Abernethy'a Botnai cal fills, without one particle of mercury. They are equally mitiPle for females. They gire tone and energy to tha gen, retire organs, rar-ly, if ever, experienced from raking oilier medicines For sale at A-.otheearies' Hall. M Catha rine ttreei, and 127 Maiden lane Price $1, with directions. _al2 Im'nir PRIVATE DIWE 1SE8?ESTABLISHED A D lb4?, FOR THE nUPPREBblON O.- QUACKERY.-The Members of ihe New York College of Mehetne and Pharmacy, established for ihe suppression of quackery ceu'i.iue to direct their particular attention to all d> scaars of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons reqairing medical treatn,en(, a safe and permanent core, without injury to the eoustitntioa or eoahuemeat from bnsinesa. Invalids sre particularly requested to make application to the College on the first appearance of those disease*, sa o vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the Collese lor runny years con nected with the principal hospitals in Eorope, lor the care of to i p.m.' " "" <""1> "om' *"* Terms?Advice and Medicine, $5??ure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COU TRY 1N VALI US?Persons living in the country, and findiug it inconvenient to ran** personal application, can have forwarded to.them a cheat cootaiainK all medicine reqamte to perform a radical core, bp stating their caaa explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction, and trentroeut received elsewhere. I any, and enclosing |i, post-paid, addressed to W. 8. HI' HARP80N. M. 1).. ?'i Naaaan street. New York, VELPEAU'fl SPECIFIC PILLS. FOR the radical care of ronorrhoes. gleet, leniinal ewrle atom, and all mocopuntlent diachaniea from the nrethra. These Pills, the reanlt of 'wrnty year's experience in the Hospital de Chants in Paris, are piononnced by their celebrated inventor, Professor Velpeen, as an lufallible remedy for all diseases of the nrethra. They efleet a cars in a mnch shorter time than any other remedy, wi'hoai uniting the breath, disagreeing with the stoniaeh, or confinement from business. Price >1 per box CONSTITUTIONAL Uf.BlLU'Y CURED.THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Citj of New York, le confidently recommended for all easesol debility produced by secret Indulgence or excess of any kind It is an invaluable remsdv lor impotence, sterility, or barren n ess, in I ess depending en malformation. Single bottles SI each; cases of halfs docen 15. carefully packed, and sent to all p?molthe Union. RICORD'S AL'l Ve. MIXTURE 1 FOR the jiermsnent core of pnm.i - tecoudary syphilis, venerial nlcers, nodes, or any eomp,ai.i: produces! by as injudicious use of merenry or unskilful medical treatment All peisons suspecting venereal taint remaining in their aye tem, should nie this powerful purifier wttliout dslny, as u< person can consider himself safe alter having the venerea disease, without thoroughly cleansing the eystere with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold te single bottles at $1 each; in ease# of half a dose* for S5; carefully pnclird and sent to all parts of the Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK at A RSAPARILLy OENTIAN AND 9A8AFRA8, nRK.PAHyn i,? > ,. v? V_.L , / IT Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery ion remied and highly concentrated attract, possessing el the purifying ; u !mea and rnratire powers of the soot herbs u confidently recommended by the UoMrfr aa superio to any eirract of narsnparilla at preaent before the poblit and may be relied on aa a certain remedy for all diseases arie "f ,n it?pa*re state of the blood, snch u scrofula am alt rheum. ring worm, blotchea or pimples, ulcere, pain ii the bones or joiuti, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulceratei tore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effect of syphilis or an injudicious use of mercury. Sold in single bottles, at "5 cents in cases of halfa dmsn bottles fJ 50 one dozen (6 t# Cases forwarded to all parts of the Unica. N. B ?A te-y liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Office open from I A. M. to 1 P. XI. W.8. BICHAKDSON. M D.t Street. New York PttBLISHBO BT JAMF.8 00111)0 N BENNETT, Nobtiwi** Ccima of fntot ane Ma sua* It I

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