Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1846 Page 3
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in 144.1, wss 1 >6:V5S? torn ; In I&44. 1.6J1 660 ton* ; and | in l^l&. -J.o-il.874 tons, which shows an increase Iroin one I y?r to another oi nearly four hundred thousand tons.? he same rate of increase the receipts of 1846 should amount to about twenty four hundred thousand tons.? The actual receipts are likely to he less than twenty one hundred thousand tons, l?ing an increase of only about ! 80 000 tons. It would appear by this that the supply o* coal would be below the demand for consumption, but their have been receipts from other sources larger than usual, which will enter into the consumption this year We allude to larger shipments from the mines of Mary. I >nd and Virginia, of bituminous coal, particularly from the ( umberland mines,a description of coal admirably oal ciliated-for all purposes, possessing in equal portions the 1 anthracite and bituminous nature, and tilted for the par1 jur as well as the furnace. The importation of foreign coal has thii aeason been unusually large. The supply from all source* maybe large eneugh to m jet the de moiul for consumption, and we *ee no reason at pre ten1 to apprehend any material advance in prices. The Secretary of the Treasury has applied for a loan ( of five millions of dollars, to bear interest at the rate of I six per cent per annum, rodeemable in ten years. Pbofosals FOB United States Loan. TBKAirav IIefabtment, Oct. 30, 1816. , An act having been passed by Congress, and approved by the President of the United States, on the 33d of July, 1816, entitled " An act authorizing an issue of treasury notes and a loan," the undersigned, Secretary of the Treasary, will, in pursuance of the provisions of said , act, receive proposals at the treasury until the 13th of 1 November, 1846, inclusive, for the subscription of a loan ! of five millions ef dollars, on a stock bearing an interest ol six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually. The proposals will state the price to be paid for said stock; 1 the money loaned to be placed to the credit of the Trea- ! surer of the United States, with him or with either of the assistaut treasurers at Boston, New York, or Charleston, or the treasurer of the mint at Philadelphia, or New Or- I leans. Stock will be inscribed on the books of the department, and certificates issued for the sums thus agreed for, on evidence of the deposite of the money as i provided above hurinv interest from til., of tl,,, I posito, and irredeemable before the l'2th of November, The proposals will state where the money will be deposited, and should be directed in letters, under seal, to tne Secretary of the Treasury, endorsed " Proposals for the United States loan." No oft'er for any sum under ene thousand dollars will be considered. R. J. WALKER, Secretary of the Treasury. \ This loan will make up the tan millions authorized by ; a recent act of Congress to be raised. The other five millions will be raised by an issue of treasury notes, part bearing a nominal interest, and part interest ut the rate of five and two-fil'ths per cent. There is very little ; doubt but that this loan will be taken at once. The United states 6's, now in the market, command a premium of six per cent, and an investment of this kind must be very desirable to our large capitalists. Old Stock Kxchangs. $5,||00 Kentucky til 100 50 lhs Kartns Trust 24 ] $2,400 Ohio 7s 100 ( 50 Long Island lilt 30 i $2,000 lad Dol Bds 25yrs 33% 50 do boo 30V ! $5,000 Teiins 5s 67% 150 do b30 30% 50 slis Manhattan Uas 9) 306 Readiug RR G3% 25 Morris Canal 7 150 do 63% 150 do 6% 100 Nor k Wer sCO 63% 121 Cantna Co 29% 50 do 64 350 Harlem RR 50% '00 do 63% 200 do 51 100 do ?C0 63% 35 do ?10 M 250 do b30 63V 50 do 51V 50 do 61% 10 do S10 50% 506 do tslO 63% 250 do 50% 50 do 110125 63% 155 do b30 51 13 Erie RR 45 200 do *60 50% 20 Syr k UticaRR lie Second Board. 3000^ Reading Jids 7 3 50 shs Nor k Wor blO 63% *1>U bunt 111 ivn ju-a 13U uo D10 i>3M ! 50 Jo b60 3o? 150 do bio 63& .50 do b66 31 50 do blO 63V I 100 Harlem RR .60 50)6 50 do >3 63*? ' 00 do b30 51 100 do b60 61 150 Heading Kit 63V 50 do 63V 50 III State Bk 9V 25 do 63V 50 Nor k Wor blO 63)2 New Stock ICxchang*. 100 alia Nor It Wor caah 61 200 aha Harlam RR auw 50V 50 do Mon 64 100 do a9f 50V do b3 64 100 do a30 50* do Tnea 63V 50 do caah 51 <15 do caah 63)6 50 do auw 50)6 50 do l>3 63 V 100 do caah 50V 50 do 13 63)6 50 do Mouday 50V | 50 do Mou 63V 150 do caah 50V 50 do caah 63V 50 Reading RK alO 63V j 50 do b3 63V 50 do al5 63?,' j 25 do caah 63)6 ?????^? | Died, In tbe town of Mnkwonagn, Wisconsin, on the 6th Oct , Amos Thompson, aged 66. He was a native of : Munslield, Conn., and for services rendered to his country in the revolution, received a pension. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. FOR GOVERNOR. SILAS WRITrkT. '2* or tT. LAWKElfCE. FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR. ADDISON GARDINER, 3 OF MONROE. FOR CANAL COMMISSIONERS. JOHN T. HUDSON, of Erie. CORNELIUS L. ALLEN, of Washington. FOR SENATOR. first District, JOHN TOWN SEND. FOR CONGRESS. if D I'laT, nLlfKI niLllLily. 4TH " ?WILLIAM B MACLAV. f>Tii " ?DAVID C. BUODERICK. til li "_:DAVID 8. JACKSON. FOR ASSEMBLY. vVilion Small, *> cat Heurr Keyaer, Alexander Stewart, Charlea Baxter, Dand I.Chatfirld, Michael Walth, Daniel E. Sirkela, Dyman Candee, John H. Bowie, Jamea C. Hutherford, John E. Develin, Alexander M. Allium, Alexander Wella. Dennis Harrison, Norman B.Smith, Edward H. Carpenlier. FOR SHERIFF, JOHN J. V. WESTERVELT. FOR COUNTY CLERK. JAMES CONNER. FOR CORONER, DR. < WILLIAM A. WALTERS. n2 2tia rrc C7* VOTE FOR ??U JAMES CO NT E R, THE MECHANIC'S FRIEND, PEOPLE' S*C AN D I D A T E FOB u2 Stiarre COUNTY CLERK. GRAND RALLY. JtMERICJINS TO THE RESCUE ! i PROTECTION TO AMERICAN LABOR IN PREFERENCE TO CAPITAL. GREAT RESPONSE MEETING. OF THE AMERICANS r\r JL. tU" >L /l^.a.a.a.'oaanf D.w/waV# Ml inr OUIll t'lmticHiiniui "num. ATVAUXHALL GARDEN, B0WEBT. ON MONDAY EVENING, November 2nd, at teven o'clock. To respond to the nomination of WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL. The Hon. Geo Folsom. Hon. Lewis C. Levin. General , Peter bken Smith, and other gentlemen will address the 1 meeting nX lt?r | fc.lUHTt.hN iH WAKU, AMERICAN REPUBLICANS. a<HE Citizens of the above Ward, friendly to the principles of the American Party, and to the election ol the ticket headed Ogden Edwards, for Governor ; and all who are opposed to the ranid strides of radicalism throughout the loud, snd opposed to the so-called amendedConstitntion, proposed for the acceptance ot the people, are requested to inert at C. khenherd's Harmony Garden, corner of Fourth Arenue aed 39th street, this Monday evening at 7)* o'clock, to rouflini the nominations presented by the Americsn Party I'or the scceptance of the people, and to transact such other business as may be proposed to the meetius. PHILIP JORDAN, Chairman of Ward Committee W R Tari.on, Secretary. n2 lt*rh ? NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, is this day dissolved by mntnal consent. L k J. JACOBS. New York. November 2,1W6. L. JACOBS will be happy to see his friends at the old stand, 5? Chatham street. J. JACOBS will eontinue to keep as heretofore at Tig Chatham, wheie his friends sre invited to call, u2 3t"rrc TOBACCO. 1Q CASES Primed selected Counecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, new crop, for sale by P. HOLT, 223 Front st. Also, as above. 7i cases old crop. n2 If r REWARD. I HORSE AND WAGON STOLENSTOLEN from the Subscriber on Saturday Evening, 31st October?A Bay Horse with a box Spring Cart. The | l?,ise has a small white spot on ths neck?the cart has a leather top and side cnrcains.and shafts rrooked. 4 reward of twenty dollars will be naid for the recovery of I lie property ?nd the cea victim of the thief. gin23t*rrc 8. H1LKR, 67 Forsyth atreet. Mails, twine siiok tiIread, ?c~. (1 UT and Wrnneht Nail,, Brads and Spikes. j Seine, Sawing, Wrapping and Baling Twine. Cotton Seine, of the heat quality, 'Hopewell," and other marks bhoe Thread, green, hall bleached, yellow and brown. Carpet Warps, Cotton and Max, colored and plain. Oaknm. Onrd?ge. Bale Hone, Cotton do. India Twine, 2 and S thread, suitable for fishing. Ac. Ac Korsaleby CEBRA A CaIMINO, r,2 U*rh . IN! Pearl street. I IS 11 MUX LAUGHAliLh. I ! ff SO hear quackery " come out" learnedly in profeaaiooal ' I ph'ases and cla|i trap to-'Split the Mrs of the Ornondlings '?assuming en orthography ol diction that wnuld-mike a "horse laugh" when classified with Iheir ralpahle undertone of vulgarity. Honest Knjliaa. such as it is, will con?#v the k ACT THAI MRS. .TLRVIS'S. COLD CANDV Ins cured'many nrold, and will curt all the early effects t ol' a cold being a Cough, hoarseness, aore throat, whooping coogh influemr.a, croup, Ac., but " Will Not " cure *he costsnmp'ion?nor the liv er complaint?nor draw a nail out of the r?ol_nor lease yci to" imagine " that it will raise the dead, j as the " alt healing humbugs of the day would have it." Put up in packages of la, ?s, 4s nad $1. Sold by .\iHS. JKKV1S, 338 Bioadway, next door to thn Taberracle. Aoists ?Rnshten A Co. 10 Astor House, 1)0 Broadway ; nivrkett, 364 Bowery; Burntou, 41 Sixth arenae- Ely's. 213 Hudaou street; Nelson, corner of Catharine and Madison; Lerouat. corner of'srand and Diyiaion street*; and Mrs. Mays, 139 Fulten atreet, Brooklyn; HO Urged street, Wi|. Latiuourgh. #2 Jt*W? PROFESSOR ROOKKS. HAVING returned ftvsm his Northern aud Western tour, in ? hich his asmnishiuit develepeinenu of Human Ms* Deuim hive coibiiuuid^il uuiwimI mttentiou, and been witnested by thr most enlightened men m the country, whose earnest eertifica'es he has in his possession, asuonnces hit intention of commanding a Course <>l Lectures which will be illustrated by interestiuic rsperiincnts, at Lyceum Hall, 561 Broadway, nearly opposite Niblo's. on Von day hs cuing, and ou Tuesday ?t the piesbyterisn ehnrrh ,rt Ynrltrille . on Wednesday at Amrnc |(. pn!. II ,|l >| r? t er ol'arenue O snd Jrd street . >.. Iliur J 1 ,t I. reu ", Harlem ; ou Friday at the L) cni v'1 . i .d, i dm > irnrday at Corner of tirove and IIhus"ii fr. Is. i>2 *1 With' ltia*re CAKL). " Mil. K. O PAIGE respectfully announces his inteutinn of forming a ( lass for Gentlemen, lor institution iu Burning. o commence ou the 2d of November rust. The plan nl instruction lo be pursued is not that which is generally anderttood by " class teaching," wherein the scholars are taught " en masse," without reference to the individual faults and peculiarities either in the yoiee or manners ul' each scholar, except in a enteral way; but ia intended to partake more of the nature of individual instruction. kUch scholar in turn, tu the hearing of the others, shall receive a lesson in the intonntion and development ot his particular Voice, going through a regular course of vocalizing, and, as he progtesser, be instructed in musical derlamaeou and expression; have the principles of taste and stvle illustrated for him lis example as well at precept; in short the object thall be to make htm a good singer?not merely a good reader of uiu?icat notation at first tight, but a good vocalist The want of inch a plan of tnition, by which a acholar can receive individual inatrnction at a moderate price, and at the tame time enjoy all the advantagea of aaaoctaunu for the practiaing music in pirta, haa been much felt, and Mr Paige truata that hit long and ancceaatul eiprrience in thlt community aa a teacher of singing will he a sufficient guarantee that what he propcaea will he attended with good t radical results to those who with to learn to si- g. Tenna ten dollars per quarter Application to l.e made at Mr Paige's residence, Athenteuin Hotel, 317 Broadway, where further parricu-ara can be obtained; alto at ' bickering's Pianoforte and Music warrrorni, La purge Bulldogs. No 289b, Broi-'w-v nt l'*m BV OKDKR of JOHN W. LuMON US. Ksquire. Circuit Judge of the firat circuit, notice is hereby given, pursuant to the provisions of the statute authorising attachments afaiuat abscoudiug, concealed and iion-reaident debtors, that sn attachment has issued against the estate of Patrick Burke aud George Barnes, tioii-residents of ike State of New York ; and that the satne will be so'd for the payment of their debts, nnless they appear aud discharge such attachment, at cording to law, within nine months from the first puulication or this notice; and that the payment of any debts uue to thetn by their debtors, and the delivery to them or for their use, oT any property belonging to them and the trausler of r-uy of their pro|>erly hy them are forbidden by law, and are void. Dated the 9th day of October, 1816. A. A. PHILLIPS, ni lt*rh Attorney for attaching creditors. GREAT RFJDUOTION IN PENMANSHIP. ~ MR OLIVKK B. GOLDSMITH will reduce his terms of tui-ion this day to Three Dollars, for the lull course of Writing lessons, ami no eitra charge, guiranteeiug to every pupil, (old aud souug.) a satisfactory improvement. Two peraous commencing same day from one family, ouly Five Dollars. Rooms 289 Broadway, La Karge Buildings. Open day and eveuiug from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Lndies class daily at II A. M., excepting Saturday. n2 It'rrc V^l-i/VtYIX C. C5 OAI IV3, llfi William itrnt,c]i]H)sitt the IVaihington Storet, GKA.CK.KUL AND CHEAP-By purchasing *11 my goods lor cash, and giving na man credit, I am enabled to offer the moat tempting inducements to the Italy economical. Thna 1 will make to order a coat, usually charged at $25, for $20, and an $19 coat for $13.. and every oilier garment in proportion. I am likewiae provided with a magnificent aainrtmeut of fine Overcoats and Sack Coati. Mv black cloth Saclu, with ailk collars and fronts. sre$ll, some as low as $3. n2 lt*ih A SITUATION WANTED, by a respectable girl; can cook, wash end iron. Also, one to do general house work. Apply at No. 79 Mulberry street, in the rear, first floor up stairs. n2 lt*rrc WANTED. A RESPECTABLE and genteel young man as elerk in a large boarding house. One well acquainted with the busiurss. and bookkeeping, and having good recommendation, may address A. B. C.. at this office. nl 3r*re WANTED, A SITUATION, by a young Man, It years of age, who writes a good hand, has some knowledge of Bookkeeping and can make himself generally useful; he is desirous of procuring a situation as Clerk, Assistant Bookkeeper, or Copy, ist. if possible. The best of references given. For further particulars address J. D. 8 . box No. t50 Tower post office, or apply at 61 South street, up stairs. nl Jtrh WANTED, TO HlllE or Purchase a Lathe, (second hand,) suitable for Brass and Iron work, wilh sliderest, chucks, dulls, tools, Ike. Direct, " Lathe," Herald Office, stating price and where it may be seen. o29 lm*c PANTALOONS MADE TO ORDER IN EIGHT HOURS. IN KRll'LAND'S best style, from i selection of 106 different patterns of Cassimere, French, English and American, at such low prices that a printed list is scarcely credited; any one wishing to exchange four dollars for a fine pair of cas imere Pants, ran do so by calling in at No. 40 Maiden lane, up stairs. A perfect fit mav be relied on or no sale. ""Every other garmeut furnished at the lowest rates, and at Making and trimming lower than any other houie in the city. In caae of a misfit, the money will be paid f r hit goods. ullw*rhd TAXES?1&16. OFFICE RECEIVER OK TAXES. Tublic Buildings, I'ark, Oct 22. 1846? Notice it hereby giren that the Tax Bookt for the prese> t year.are now open at this office,and that 1 am ready to receive the taxes due upon them. All periont paying their taxes previous to the 1st day of January, will be allowed a deduction on the amount equal to interest at the rate of 7 per ceut per annum, calculated from the day of payment to the 1st dav of February. Office boura for receiving taxes,from 8 A. M. until 2 P M. JOHN STEWART, Receiver of Taxes. Persons sending afull description of their property to this office, will have their bills sent to them, or they can be had at any time by personal application. o31 Btrc BRANDY?lust received per French brig " Arvede," Bannemout It Becker Brandy, under Custom House lock, and entitled to debenture For sale at LAWRENCE, MYERS It Co. o3!2w*jrrc 39 South William street^ KAlrS. THE HIGHEST price paid for all kinds of Domestic Hags, by PKKSSK It BROOKS, Paper Warehouse, o28 7tr Not. 65 and 67 Nassau street. APOTHECARIES HALL. THIRTY-SIX CATHERINE 8TREET MARY A. WATSON returns her sincere thanks to the frieuds of her late husband, and to the public generally, for the patronage so liberally bestowed on him for the last six years, and begs to state that the intends carrying on the business, and respectfully solicits a continuance of their kind favors. Mrs. W. has engaged, as sui>erinteudent of the busiuess, her late husbaud's assistant, Mr. L. Howkins, who has had eleven years' experience in the business of Apothecary, Chemist and Druggist, in tome of the principal cities in England, and tohseqnently in this city, and whom she can confidently recommend to those who may favor her with their support. Those who entrust him with their prescriptions, may depend upon having them prepared with accuracy, neatness and dispatch. In this establishment no boys or inexpenenced young mru are ever allowed to prepare medicines or wait on customers. A large supply of fine Swedish and Smyrna Leeches are constantly on hand. A competent person wiU apply them at auy time during the day or night without extra charge. and mediciuea A large aaaortmcnt of Hair Oiia, Coiognea, En encea, and fancy articlea for ped'ata 031 lw*r DR. ROAKh'S IODINE LINIMENT. THE ASTONISHING aucreaa that haa attended the application of thia most valuable Liniment, and the high teatimouiala that are daily received, warrant ray calling upon the afflicted to retort at once to the only remedy that can be relied upon, and will do all that it it repietented to do. It it no q iack uottrnm, bnt a tcientilic chemical Compound of iodine ol known and eatabliahed efflcacy. It permanently and effectually curet RHEUMATISM, either chronic or inflammatory, paralytic or I oat of the une of the limbt, rontractioua of corda and muaelea, and gout, it mattera net of how loug ttauding; ap'aiua, brnitet, tutnort, hard twelliugt and enl irged jointa, yield to a few applicationa of thtt Liniment. It haa been uted with iucredible tuecrtt in icrotula, or C ing't Evil, enlarged glandt, diaeaaea of the tpine and hip jointa, tic dolnreux, and all nervout affertiona. It ia invaluable, and acta like a charm, atopping the bleeding of fleth wounda, uiid ranting them to he 11 in a few daya. It haa never been known to fail coring the moat atubbnrn ul-era or fever aorea and awelled lega, pain acroaa the kidneya, in the cheat, aide, atilT uerk, aore throat and croup. It apeedily And effectually eradtcatea cutaneoua etuptiona of the akin in the form ol aalt rheum, erraipelaa, pimplea, ringworm or fetter, kaiber'a itch, acald head, tic. Itinatantly removea toothache aud headache. Itexlractj the pain aud cnrea corna, bnniona, chilhlaina, lie. Sold by 8. I.NGEHSOLL, aole proprietor, t?0 Johu atreet. 031 eodlin"rrc "PALO ALTO~CHAMPAGNE."AN INVOICE of thia''Patriotic and Delicioua Wine," hat jnat been received by the aubacriber, to which the attention of Hotel Keepera and Private Gentlemen ia invitedg For tale in lota to auit pnrchaaera, by K. B. DALY, Importer of W.aea, lie. o22 lm*rre 9t It road atreet. ESSENCE OF COFFEE. THIS delicioua beverage made of the pnreat and beat Coffee,haa gained a great popularity, not only on account of the great facility it offera to houaekeepera anil bachelora by making with one tea apoon full, more or leaa. in a cup of hot wnPmr rtr milk IhP mn?f li?l)if^hlp rnffpp huf >Ufi hv Ha una*. riority to any coffee prepared in the u?u*l way. Tlie m.iiiulactiirer having lately attained some advantages in retaining all tne flavour in the essence, is confident that it will now give satisfactien to all who try it. Kor aale at Bunker h. Co., No. IJ Maiden Lane; W. 8. Corviu, No r39 Broadway; Oassner fct Yonng, No. 134 Chatham st.:J. Oottaberger, eortier Charham and Centre its.; Scofteld He Co., No.'3 l-mst Broadway; John Milhau, No. 183 Broad way E L. SZADKDZKY, o25 2w*re Manufacturer, No- 93 Murray it. WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED and recommended by the faculty?a never failiug remedy lor al I affrctions of the kulneya, inftainmation an-1 weakness of the urinary organs, both in males and female*. This eicellent medicinal preparation, (suited for all climates,) has never beeu known to fail in removing the most obstinate attacks of gonorrhoea, Sic,, and can be safely recommended to the public, as its operations are qnick, sure and certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to diet or hindrance Irom business. Prepared only by JAMES WEIR, Ml Grand street, in botes, at 3 shillings and (shillings per box. None genuine unlgrs signed by the proprietor. Orders through the Poet Office will be duly attended to. alt I in* re NEW DISCOVERY, BY which all Stoves, and Pipes, or Orates, may be kept a JET BLACK, with as besntifnl polish as a Coach Body, with one applicstion a year. Sold only at 21 COURTLAND Also, HAYS LINIMENT, warranted to cure any case of Pile* Dr. M'Nair's ACOUSTIC OIL, a certain cure for Deafness. Hews's LINIMKNT, warranted to cnre any cue of Itheuinatism. Oldridge's BALM OK COLUMBIA, tor the Hair. Kast India HAIR DYK, will color the hair * Jet Black, and not sum the Skin. Lougley's Western PANACKA, warranted to cure suy case of Asthma or Dyspepsia Sold at 21 Cnurtlaiid street. oat Im'r SCOTT * THOMPSON'S CITY CASH Wholesale and Ketail Karnily Grocery, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Kstabliahment, No. M7 Broadway, New York.?J. 8. Scott Ik Co., No. 76 Nassau itreet, in come) quence of the solicitations of a number of their np-town customers, hare been induced to open an establishment ou the cash principle, at the above S97 Broadway, lliey will constantly hare on hand the best assortment of goods in the above line, and at pricrs that must astonish the inhabitants iu the upper part ol the city. Amongst tne assortment will be found the following : Teas of the latest importations and finest oval-ties; sngirs oferery grade; Mocha, Java, Laguayra, and Maracaibo coffee, wines, champaigne, sherry, Madeira, port, claret, Ike Ike.; Irish an 1 Scotch whiskey (the Scotch whiskey of thecelebrrted Ulenlevet and Islay brands); B .relay fc Perkins' London brown stout; hdinhnrgh and Alloway ale; %ew Malaga fru-t; pickles; soap; sperm candles: oils; old Kngfish dairy cheese; Glasgow spiced hams; Koghsh, French, and American musai n Te/7 ortment of imported Hegars, lie. kc. kc. uij..' , .i. Ji^T? as nperior London doei iiort; Amontil"" ? ' "htr.c . ^ l**?? I A OENtlJLMAM end hie wife, wit|e*KkiMree, Of two I IX single Oentlrmen. with either fnll or partial beard and dtlightiul 'Kiiimuuiriiiiin n?<int. eaa Wall and pleasantly teenmm n ?" nvve family, wlwn owlv a t'm Air received. Applv at < lintou ?tr*ct, secoud door from I Amity street, South Brooklyn. Reference* exchanged. I o3I 3t*rrc NOTICE TO HOTEL KfEPEttS, Ac. AVOb'Nti MAN of known rest rctabilitv sinl*itegrity, i> desirous ol a situation at Barkeeper. Ha i? f u 11 \ com(>elent to conduct tact a husitrta, listing oug been at the h?a<! I th?t dtputiMI iu our oi ihr Aral hoosea in this city No objection ustM eenntry. BnUslaclory references Addivat A. Z , to ihr care of Mr. J P. Jones. rugraser. 4i N isssu atrrrt, New York, oil lt?rrr A KAKE CHAM K IATK ?M Broadway?Ageuts are wauled to undertake the J tale ol a new tad aaeliil patented article, that cau be told to every i null in the Linen. To uieii of rri|>ert ihitity and bntineai liabita, a guarantee of $600 per aunum will be litra. Apply to C. ALDKN, Mo. 117 Kalton at., N. York. 1 All lettera rnuat be pott paid. oil ltn*rh ! MONEY LENT. THK HIGHEST PRICES advanced in large and amall Hami on gold and filter Watches, Diamonds, Plate, Jewelry, Dry (foods, furniture, Clothing, and every description ef Personal Property. JOHN M DAY IKS, Licensed Pawnbroker, 233 William at. near Duane sc. Persona received in private otlee by ringing the bell. o20 lm*rrc ! CAUTION, TO HOTKL AND STORE-KEEPERS, against a pet on from Philadelphia, trying to luilm udou them a ; spurious article of YViue Bitten and Wild t'herrv Brandy, i aaid to be manufactured by me. Thia ia to inform the public that I have no travelling agent under the name of Tobias, ex crpting my ton, Joaeph K. Tobiaa. SOLOMON TOBIAS. tWIm'r No. 68 North Third at., Philadelphia MRS. t. HILTON, 84 Broadway, apposite Trinity Church. FURNIsHKL) anil plenaaut apnrtmen'a, with bedrooma attached, for |iermauent or transient boardera; auitable, alto, for geutlemeu and their wivea, with or without board, and the privilege ol breakfast served iu their own roomi ? Ueiitlemeu in business will will find the locatieu very con venient for ita con iguity to Wall at. olG lm'rc' THE I'J A NO? SI NGING?JTA LI A N? ENGLISH. MRS. MORLKY, Pupil ofthe Celebrated Crovilli aud Sir Oeorge Smart, ia prepared to give tetanus iu Hiugiug, in Kmtlith, or Italian, and on the 1'iano Koite, at her reaideuce, j No. SO LIM'KNAHD aircet, or that of her pupils, on reasoui able terms. Mrs. M ia alto ready to teach schools in claaaea, in the city or in the couutry. | O" A musical accomplishment, connected with a refiued education, ia the surest Passport to society, in all its vaiiona attractions and those who with to nvil themselves oftuch ed vautaget, should place themselves under the tutelage of Mr*. Morley. <>22 1 tn * rrc j NEW YORK RILING SCHOOL. SOS. 66 d>tS7 WATT STREET. PKONritVU CiSSL STKKET. Between Hudson ami Grtetvich streets. 1 lVf R J- " MKRI AM takes this opportunity of returning Ai.*l his most grateful acknowledgments to those wbo have ^lo haiidsomelv pauouised him from the first moment he was identified with the New York Riding School, aud pledges himself to eudeuvor, by the most unremitting attention to merit a continuance of tlieir kindness. He would respectfu'ly { mfoim his friends and the public, that he will re o|>eu his Kveniug ( lasers, in connection with his Day School, for tui tion and exercise riding, on Monday evening, the 2d of November. Application to be made at the Office, or School ! room. JA8. CODD1NGTON, Proprietor. ' /,9i lm?rrc i battle of monterey. UAHONV k MAJOR have just published two splendid 0 prion?one a startliug representation of the Siege of | Monterey; the other portraying tlie Oenerala Ampudie and 1 ay lor, with their respective sulfa, treating for the capital*> tion ot Monterey; both tastefully colored. Single copies 12K cents: per hundred. $6 S. k M. have also published a correct full length likeness ' of Uen. Taylor, and picture* of all his battles; together with I a general Asortmeut of beautifully executed and colored | prmu, to which they would call the attention of the public. Orders from all parts of the country promptly atteuded to. Agenu required in the principal cities and towns, who will be supplied on the most lavorable terms. olS 2w"r 8AHONY It MAJOR, M Nassau St. drawing and fainting. JR. WATER8TON, teacher of Drawing and Painting to the Flushing Institute, L. 1., has stiU some leisure time which he wishes to fill up in giving Private Lessons, or , in attending schools. Terms moderate,aud may be learned by applying at 171 , Canal street, orat t J. Crowen's bookstore, corner Broadway and Blercke; street. N. Y o27 lm*r Fall and winter clothing AT THE CASH TAILORING AND CLOTHING establishment, or w. h. degroot & co., 1014 Fulton Street, Second block East of Broadway, New York, WHERE every variety of Ueutleineu's Clothing can be had for lower prices than at any other establishment in i the city of New York. Over CoaU and Over Sacks, of Broadcloth, Beaver, Pilot, Tweeds, and Mazurka Cloths, of every style and color, from $4 to $20. Cloaks?one half, three qudrter and full circle, of French and i American Broadcloths, from - - - $5 to $2Y Dress and Frock Coaci?black, blue, brown, olive and green, of French, English, Belgian and American Cloths, from ft to $16. Office and Business Coats, Pelto, Sack and Winter Frocks? of Tweeds and Broadcloths of every style in the market, - - - $2 to $6. Pants?Broadcloth, Cassimercs plain and fancy, Doe Skin? French, Hug lull, and American, from - $2 to $6 , Vests?double breasted, straight breast, and rolling collar, new styles: plain audfaucy Velvets, Woolen Velvets,Cas simere, plain and fancy Satius and Stilts, ftom $1 to $6. also, A large assortment of Broadcloth, Cassimercs and Vestiugs, which will be made to order, to suit the most fastidious. QTv*Boys' Clothing, of every description, constantly on hand. W. H. DEGROOT It CO., o7 lm*r No. 102 Fmlton street, j left off wardrobe and furniture wanted. LADIES or Gentlemen can obtain the highest cash prices for all kiuds of Wearing Apparel, Carpets, kc., bv sending for the subscriber, at 11 Marion street, between Broome and Spring. N. STOKERS N. B.?A line addressed through the Post Office, or other: wise, will be punctually attended to. o20 lin*rrc i CAST OFF CLOTHING AMD FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES or Gentlemen having any superfluous or cast off clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by applying to the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post office, which will be punctually l attended to. M 9. COHEN, 69 Duaue st. N. B. Ladies can be attended to by Mis. M. S. Cohen, olj lm#rc boarding in a private family. A FEW genteel Boarders can be accommodated at M Bioome street, uear Hudson street; the rooms are large, with pantries attached; there is a bathing room with hot ana cuiu water at any time. r.very atteutiou will be paid to make it a comfortable and quiet home- Kor further particularsjplease enquire at the house, 484 Broome street, or to C. H Ring. 192 Broadway. <>30 lw*r FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL. AN Experienced Teacher, residing in the Country, take* into tier family a number of Children, not exceeding ten, ai boarden and scholars. No pains spared to render the home a pleasant home to the pupils, and to advance them in their studies. Ureal attention paid to their health and morals The situatinu is very retired and healthy. No day scholar is admitted. There are at present three vacancies. For reference and terms enquire at 11 Hammond street. olllWrre UNION HOUSE. THE snbsctiber has taken the above named new and splendid Hotel, just completed, at the centre of the beautiful village ofbpnugtield, Mass . and will open the same for the public accommodation on the 30th inst. The Union House is large, richly finished and furnished, and offers unequalled advantages to all persons travelling through hpringfield for business or pleasure. Having recently kept the "United States Hotel" and "Congress Hall," at Saratoga, the subsciiber respectfully invites his old friends and patrons, and all others, to give kirn a call ia his new quarters. . 8. 8. 8EMAN. Springfield, July 24, 1?4?. an3 3m*r I HAIR DVE BATCHELDER'S Instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye is absolutely the only article yet invented that can he depended on to color the human hair, whiskers. Itc. without staining or injntv to the skin, or destroying the health and elasticity of the hair. Thia fact is attested by hundreds who use and take every possible pains to recommend it. The co lor will not be disturbed by constant washing, and will be I fount! perfectly uniform sod even, without any of those unI natural tinta ao much complained of in the ordinary hair dye. 8old wholesale and retail by WM. BATCHKLOtt, J Wall at. A Agent in Chilsdelpe l'ng Itnussel. n|]1m*r ('.OLD FENMACHlNERY. r 11IK. undersigned offers for sale, ou reasonable terms, se. X veral complete irli of Gold fen Machioery, in perfect order for mmufacinriug Diamond Pointed Gold rem. They wilj be accompanied with complete practical instructions, if desired. Terms inade known on application in person or by post paid letter to J. M. TROWBRIDGK, Svracuse, N. V. o21 3w?trc luiL.e.1 ouAPn AMD PbKP'UMhtt*. fTMIK only true and original Walnut Oil Military Shaving X Soap, Family Soaps, highly Scented Toilet Snaps, Colognes, r.itracta and a general assortment of every variety of perfumery of the choicest description, and at the lowest prices. Southern Merchants, and Dealers in general, are invited to eiamiiie our stock before purchasing elsewhere. [Ta~ No. 1 (Jonrtlandt street. sit lm*r JOHNSON. VHOOM Si KIWI.KK SKO Mt VVAHKIIOl!Sk--.MS 13 All>IH 1IIONO * THORNTON. No. V Cheaps id e. Baltimore. 700,000 Segars embracing evtra fine and medium qualities, consisting of Regalias, La Normal, Castillo#, I'riuei|ies, Caaadorea, Relies. Also, a general assortment of Tobseeo, for sale on low terms. s!7 Im is*rh TRAVELLING TRUNKS, lie JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, comer of Broadway, hat now on hand and constantly making, a good assortment oi Trnuks, Valises, Carpet Bag*, and Satonels,wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for American or Karopean Travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Mallr Poitr. Orders lor the West Indies, South America, lie., filled with despatch. ?9!m*ic UOlKiHN, COUGHS, COlKfHS. CORBYN'S COUGH LOZKNGRS-Thia popular remedy will be found the most effectual one now in use for the enrr of coughs, colds, hoarseness, irritation of the lungs, shortness of hreath, asthma, consumption, &C. Tins is not like many preparations, got up merely to please the palate, hut to remove thnse distressing symptoms which bnt too of ten prove fatal when neglected, as many thousands can testify who have experienced their hippy nuil wltiury effccti; many of whom have been itilucrd to the bunk ol the grave ? They promote a free and raay expectoration, and require no confinement. A tingle boa will cure the moat obstinate congli thai ever exiited. Kor sale by (J. COLBY, chemitt, 8tc., 351 Pearl if, Krank lin square, agent for the Uuited States. o24 lm*r THE INVISIBLE WIG SO cloiely retemblet the real head of hair, that sceptic* and counoiAeurt have pronounced it the most perfect and ettraordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel and nuii|ue Wig, it its being made without tewing or weaving, which etutea iti appearance to cloaely to resemble the uatnral hair, both in lightness and natural ap( earnnee, at to defy detection, its tetture being to beautiful, to porom, and to free, that in all catet of iiertpiration evapo ration n ummptdrd, and the great evils of other wiga avoided.

The sceptic and conuoitteur are alike invited to luspect this novel and beautiful Wig. and the peculiar metnod of titling the the inventor's,(A. C. BARRY,) US Broad way, corner of Liberty street, up atairs. a 17 ltn'ine TO WOOLLF.N OOOD8 MERCHANTS. H. MIGEON At CO., CLOTHS, CABBIMEnKB^ AND SATTINETS RENO. Ml wVht SraggT, N. Y. REFERENCES and orders for work at Messrs. Wooleott and Slade, S3 Pine street: W. C. Langley It Co.a?5 Broad ?tw?ti D.Bn|h*J? k Co , M run street. si^m*n? AUCTION NOTICKH. \V. McCOKMICK iictii MOKTU AUK. SALE?Bar am. i Saloon Furniture. Monday at 10 o'clock, at the c?. ., r of Mercer and Howard street*, wi'l be auld?All the Furniture, Fixture*, &tc of the Saloou known a* the Albiou. Thia eatabliahuu-ut waa recently fitted up in the moat complete manner?ever> tklll I* in ruder and ready for a person to comma uce buaiueaa. All the furniture aud fixture*, together with the uuri|ured leaar, (1 yeara, at (300 per an till III,) ? ill be aold in one lot if deaued, if uot, it w ill be auld in separate parcel*. u2 2t*ih T HOTTING. HHUJingLPHUI HVNTkNQ PJiKK COURSE ^ 3>ilf r|x 11 b. ball Mretiug over the abute I DtlNwiU MMMaM L on Tueaday, the id of November, and continue two days. No. 1.?Firat day, Nov. 3d, Purse $200?Two mile heala, under the anddle. If. Young, enters a. g. Sorrel Hiram. J. M 1'ainmill, enter* g. g. Fourth July. J. Potts, eutera a. g. Treutou. <J. Bpicer, enters s. g. Sir William. No. 2.?Same day, purse (KM, Irre for korsea thai never won money, 2 mile heata. iu harness. Mr. McKoberta, eutera b. g Bendigo. <f. Hpicer. enteri. b in. Lady Ellen. M. il. King, enter* Sail. J. M Hammill, enters Paris TV.',, a 9.1 tlfev Mn. a ....... asm an.,.. ,i.. > ! 2.mile heats, in harness, free Tor all trotting hone*. U. Spicer, enter* b. g Americas. J. Case, enteri b g Moscow No. 4.?Maine day, purse $200, mile heats, best 3 in to wagons, free for horses that never won a parse of $200. Wagon anil driver to weigh 300 pouuds O. Spicer, enters b. in. Lady Ellen. I J. Case, enters b. m. Lady Moscow. J. Webber, enters br. m. Lady Washington. G. Young, enters br. g Kattlrr. J. M. Hainnnll enters a. g, Hnlwer. Philadelphia. Oct 23 1846. o279t*je UiNlON COUKSh, L. 1. m T Sfrtfer r aHnL*jtt3CBSSS^dB35S!is^ ACCORDING to agreement, the second ra< r between Lady Hutt'olk und J. K. Polk, Tor a pome of $100. comes off on Mouday Ucal. the 2>1 ol' November, at half-iust 3 o'clock, two miles and repeat. A. Bryant enters Ladv ISutfolk, to go under the saddle. A. t oukliii eiiu-r.i J K. Polk, to go to a skeleton wagon. ; Also?Pacing Match lot $2tlo?Mild heats, best 3 in 3, at 2 ' o'clock precisely. James D. McMan eutcra s. g. Capt. Waugh, to go to wagon. I lsiac Wonjrutf enturs r. g Unatou Meiry, logo to sulky, i New York, October 2fi, Utii. O. SPlCER. olt ?t*je i PLUMDOTYPES. i GOLD MEDAL AWARDED. TklE Proprietor of (he Pluuibc National D guern mi G illery. having diacovuri d a uiodc ol transferring Daguer. icntyl as to paper, is cow prepared to execute this new style of poitraiture at the rate of IU0 lac sinulie copies for tell doli lars. The i'luinbe National Daguerriau Gallery, No. 2M It r.tail Wat* W..... I I .....l. -r.n.i 1 wholesale or retail r26 lra#e | to lkt. tA WELL finished three story Honae and Attic, with Baseiutut front and rear, with new range in back basement, No. 430 Houaton atrret, near Broadway, ire of John Atlridge, 273 Third atreet, from I to 9 A. M: 1J to 1 P. M; nd from b to 9 at uight. o30tt*rrc to let; t THREE BltlCK HOUSES, aitnated in Hobokrn, within two minutea walk of the Kerry ; will be ready for occupation ou December lat They contain to 9 rooma and a cellar. Kent from $130 to $173 each a year, with privilege of free lerri 'ge to the famdv. Apply to JAS. A STEVENS. Jr., 027 lw?r at Hoboken. ! for sale. ! JtaA THE new and elegant three atory brick Houae, high | ffTjW baarment and under cellar, and court yard in Trout, XJJ& built by day's work by the owner, situated on the north aide of Ninth atreet, between Firat Avenue and Avenue { A, in view of Tompkins' square. now being finiahed and will i be ready for occupation by the lat of November. The above I houae ia replete with all the modern improvementa. Terma 1 favorable?$3100 of the purchaae money may remain on mortgage. Apply to JOHN M'CAHILL, o30 lw'rrc It Wall atreet,or on the premitea. boarding merchants' house, Not 135,137 and 139 Broadway. MTHE PROPRIETOR would reapec>fullv inform familiea and aiugle gentlemen desiring Board for the wiu'er in comfortable quarters, with all the conveniI encea of a home, that he haa a number ol light and pleasant ; apartments to let (furnished) at moderate pricea. A choice i of rooma may be had by early application. I o?8 lm*rrc ORLANDO FISH. I (lOlIN'PM.V MKHIIlKMri.' b'llU Mai t. THE Residence of the late Leonard Kip. Esq., jus m out ot the city of Hartford, Conn. The home stands tJoMiOU the hieth ground* overlooking the city, from which it is not distant ten minntes walk. It ia a double home, ol brick, four room* on a floor, with laitte portico in freut. and bnilt a few years ago with ha tiling room and ere.y other modern convenience, and in the moat aubatantial manner.? i The atable and barn*, directly in the rear of the house, are ' hniabed in the most aubatautial manner. The garden abounds i with lYnit trees of the best kinds. A more desirable residence for a gentleman wishing to retire from the city could not be I found, ou account of the beauty of the surrounding country, I the pleasant society of the city, its advantages of education from the neighborhood ot Trinity College, (not more than a 1 quarter of a mile distant) and the ease of access to New York 1 and Boston at all seasoni of the year. Half the purchase meney can remain on mortgage for a ' length of time, or be paid in instalments to suit ihe purchaser. Apply to LEONAKD W. KIP, 19t Broadway, New York, or 08 tweod*re Rre WM. I. KIP. Albany. Thb UM'tiC. 11UJ RL., 06 DrtiaUWity. tTHIS HOUSE has, duriug the summer, been repaired and painted throughout, and has entire new furniture. ill be re-openrd lor Travdk.ers, ke , on Tuesday nevt, the 6th instant,aud will be kent on the old plau ol a restaurant, with the addition ol a tabled bote. A few families, and sin. : gle gentlemen can be accommodated for the winter. oS lm?re JAMES H. PAGE. j PREMIUM BOOTS Ouiclc Suits and Small Profits. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 10. our own make. Wand warranted to gire satisfaction; line French imperial IB Dress Boots far Si Ml, equal to thoae usnailv told in I JH Broadway for S6 or $7, at YOUNG k JONES' fine . French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moat fashionable stores in this city. Our boots received the highest praise in the late Fair of the American Institute, for the price, ever sold in this city. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters, kc made ' to order at the shortest notice. Mending, kc.done in the j store. YOUNG k JONES. 4 Ann st. I nl lm'je I LOOK AT THIS! ?^ LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if von wants fine IVarticJe of Boots and Shoes, call at 367 Broadway, where I Uyou will liud the largest assortment, cheapest, and the ' M most laihiouable in the city. Do not mistake the nam . ber, 367 Broadway, cor. of Franklin street. N. U ?A large assortment oi ImporUd French Booti, at the low price of Five dollars, and the largest assortment of Over shoes of all kinds. M. CAllILL. o20 lm*rrc . OLD BOSS KICHAHDs is astonishing the citizens and country people with wonder-^0^9 Vful low prices, for his best quality and most fashionable i and durable Boots and Shoes. Look for BOSS KICHAKDS, No. 326and 124 Hudson corner Vaudain St. N. B ?Thousands ol erery kind to fit the foot and please the mind. ol lm*r | KNOX. 128 FULTON STREET. (Sun Building.) fjl >w Deeming it unnecessary to enter into particulars 1 respecting his Fall Fashions for 1846, would simply state that his new style will excel in beauty, lightness, taste and color, any ihing ever offered to the Hatwearuig public of the city I of New York. His prices are as low as Ins nats are line. rry Paris style of Hats manufactured and for sale by ] o28 lwi.'r KNOX. FALL FASHION, 1846. *WM. BANTA. No. 94 Caual street, nnd 130 Chatham street, offers to his frieuds and the public JP" I a large assortment of Hats, of the new style, at the follow lug low prices, rix:?Moleskin silk Hats on lur bodies. (3: nutria I fur Hats, warranted to retain their shatye and color, S3; short I nap silk Hats, en fur bodies, $2 VJ: first quality Paris mole1 skin silk Hats, S3 60; first quality nutria lur Hats, S3 60 ? Also, the fall patterns of children'k silk velvet and fancy cloth cans; mohair, cloth, oil, silk, plush and fur caps, 8tc ? Bovs fall pattern fur and silk hats. ol Im're LONG BREED CANARIES. ' THE Celebrated stock of W. H. Uroddway, will be I offered for sale at No. S John itrret. Bird Fanciers jML are invited to call and aa? them. They arc admitted to be ihe beat in the United Btatra. A Chinese Lark in souk, with the nsnal variety of rare and valuable birds.? Canes, Seeds, Itc , for sale by A. UHIKVK, o?9lm*rrc No. J John street, N. V. D. KELLINGER'S LINIMENT. IN this wonderfnl preparation the afflicted have ,lar>K0t what they have Ions and serionsly called for. f ^ AN Not solitary- case, in the sale c' twenty thonsand bottles, has been known failing to do all that was eipected of it It arts like magic in all rhenrnatic affecuoris; and pains ofall and every nature yield to it immediately. It is as certain to cure all sores, of any description, either on man or horse. U the application is made, and in shorter time than any other reinrdv ever offered to the people It is very fragrant, safe and agreeable?to be used upon all ages, ester nally and internally, and no fear ol taking cold alter its use. Mr. James Murphy, of the Bowery Line of Stages, says that it saved the life of one of his men: and in using twenty dozen not a bottle has failed. High Bridge.?At this place rroee after groee has been used I without a failure. Mr. Arnold Mason and Mr. Samnel Roberts, builders of the bridge: Mr. Mason says,that by the use Of il.ree or f >?r bottles bn rheumatic pains hive been entirely eradicated. Mr. Roberts gives it as his opinion that it was one of the great cansea of saving his life from an injnry sustained from a fail. To be had at 90 John street, and at the great Central Depot, Harlem Kailroad Office, City Hall, in large bottles, at M cents per bottle. s29 I in* re I Ml alC. . if i ms.- _ THE PIANO taught on very moderate , [,aily, win. has perfect know ledge of the science, and who undertakes to IIS X I* learh it thoroughly with the greatest facility. Terms?1 hree dollars per month. JT7" Any lady wiahing to receive instruction, will please nddiess Music, at the Herald Office. oZ7 lmia*rre I.AST Til 11' ( >K I Hh >N BY THK PIONEKR AND KXPRK8S PA< KK.T LINK t ROM PHILADELPHIA TO I'lTTBBL'ROH. jdjl TiH TaJT iTTT jrnion by tint Loir, will be inadc on the I5th of November ne*t. Traveller* wishing to avail them?elre> of this pleasant mode ofconveranr#, will govern themselves accordingly. R?~ Olfice in Philadelphia, No. 2M Market street, ssangers should be cvrelnl not to |>ay their fate in New York further than Philadelphia, aa there 11 no one in that city authorized to sell tickets for thia line. A. B. CUM MI NOB, Agent PHiLADr.t.pHia,Oet. IIM6. oJI Iw ~ ~N OTI SET aat*4 ON and al'er Thursday. Noyenrber S, 1816, a Irani will Icare City Hall for Harlem and MorJWAjiJK ritnniaati o'clock. I' >1 Returning, leave "*kl!LA?jaP* llarlam at 6 o'clock, P. VI. The train that Icayea I ity Hall lor Williams Bridge at 6 o'c'ock, P. M.. and the train that leave* Williami Bridge attX, A. M., will lie ditcniitinned. ?l 8t*rrc M i.Mi I.-TAM) IIAII.ID'AD ? ?? *a?M THK KARK to New London and Norwich bv the Boston day line, ha* been reduced from JH)S the 1st of November. Tf New London 12 #0 t o Norwich a 2j I October w. I it _ o^natr | *a?M ORKAT KINAL contest between Lady 8uf| folk and James K. Polk, previons to their de; paiture for Kngland, on Monday, November 2d, MC. over the Unioi# onrae. I Kttra train* will run at follow* Leave Brooklyn, tX A. M. I Leave Brooklyn, IX P. M 18 M. | 1 I And return at tha dote of the 1U?*. Fare, 84 cent* each way, oil It r 1 ' I " " j ami NKMicirrN. I KlHST NIOHT OF .MK COLLI>8 PARK 'J HEA I KE?Monday Kteunic Norb> t? Will be performed the comedy of SOLDIER OK FORTUNE?Captain O'lLurke, >lr Cullina; The Duke of Anjou. Mra Hunt To which w ill be added the IRISH POST?Terence O'tirady, Mr Colluia To conclude with LEND MK KIVK SIIILLINUS-Mr. Gohatitly, Mr Rata Doora open at at half : .-'? o Vock tnd ' he ptrfotmutcoa will c'mineuce at T o'rlork. BoieafI ; 1'it 60 coals ; Gallery 26 eenta. | FIRST AITKAKANt K OK MRS. POPE. ! BOWERV THEATRE?Monday Evraiao. November t the performances will commence witliLON E'S SACRIFICE? Maritaret Klluioir, Mra . leinaii Pope, Matthew Kllinore, Neaflo, St Lo. Stevens; Paul La Kout, Booth; Herinline, Mra Seiaeani To conclude with the 1)1 Ml) tilllL OK GENOA?Htrnppvdo, Mr Dc Unr; DcaperctU, Booth; Juliett.i, the Dumb liirl, Mra hope Doora open at 7 o'clock, eortaia will naoai half peat 7 ? | Dreaa Circle, 60 ceata: L'pper Boiea, tj ctau; Pit aad Oalle' ry. cents ]\/l ITCH ELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Moudav eveuAtA ma, Nov'r 2?To commence with NAVAL, EN GAGEM EN I S?Admiral Kingston, Mr Nickiuaou; Sirs I'oiitilea, : MiaTitnm To be followed by Die TWO DUKES? Jranio, Mr Clarke; i Kieuetta, Miaa Clarke. 1 After which, for the ttrat tune, a new farce, called the 1 MYSTERIOUS FAMILY. To conclude with SEEING HOLLAND. Dreaa circle 60 ceuta: upper boiea 26 ceutai tut una ahilltae: private boxes S3. Doors opeu st half past 6 o'clock: cnrtain rises at 7. c i rc u s?ho wek.t~a m h hith e at k fc. MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 2, MR. KEMP, The celebrated Clown < ask Vaulter, and Antipodean Prolessor, with the LA TltANCA HISPANIOLA, Kroni Astley's Royal Amphitheatre, London. LEVI NORTH, and I he derma rider, W B CARROLL, hi his grea' Bareback Ac', with the Juvenile wonder Miss ROSALTHK M A lilt. AN, and DON JOAN. The world I challeuitcd to produce an equal conibiuatiou ol novelty and ! attraction. Together with the must astonishing teats of the i Riuit, Oymuutics, Sinuiuc, Uc. Doors open at b > o'clock. Performances to commence at 7 o'clock. Boxes 23 cents. Pit 12>? cents. n2 m AKi H STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA W. K. Bi aroa Manager and Leasee J M Scott Hinge Manager. , ttT?" This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated in the most gorgeous style, and is now the most beautiful Theatre in the Uuion. ! Benefit of the Krauklm Library Company?Ureal Bill?The operatic drama of HOB HOY. Second ii uhl ol the American drama, THE Sl>.UK OK MONTEREY By \V. H. Beunie, Esq. of ilus Theatre. Mr Burton as Bailie Jarvie. MONDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 2, Will be performed the draina of ROB HOY. Rob Roy J Sen t Bailie Jarvie Mr Burton Major tJnlhraiih Burke Frances Oah ildiatoue Miss Chspiu.ui Helen McCregor M-s Dewis Diaua Veruou Mrs Howard Dauciug nv Miss Oceana and .Vlr limine. I To contlnde with the HIKGE OK MONTEREY. General Taylor Mr Scott General Worth, Mr Bowrri; Sally Dodridge, Miss Chapman Mademoiselle Blang", the celebrated diuseuae, ii engaged : for a few nights and w il I shortly a|i|)ear. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, P H1L A DELPHTA E. A. MiatHit.'.. Leasee W It. Bi or, Matutr. FIRM" NIOHT OF THE OPERA. MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 2, Will be performed the admired opera of the BOHEMIAN OIRL. Thaddeui Mr Frazer Devilahoof Segnia Count Auihetm K Meyer Arltne Mrs Beguiu To conclude with the farce of A MAN WITHOUT A HEAD. Mr Oblivioui Top Mr Chapman Tueaday?Second night of the Opera. LEOPOLD DE MEYER'S Third Grand Musical Festival, i His eighteenth appearance before an appreciating New York public. IN AID OK THE CHARITABLE FUND OF THE GERMAN SOCIETY OK NEW YORK, WILL take place on Tuesday, November 3d, IBIS, at the Broadway Tabernacle. The following eminent Artiatea have vuluutrered their valuable services MRS. E. LODER, KRAULElN KORS1NSKY, M'LLE RACHEL, MR. PHILLIP MEYER, HERk HECHT, and MR GEORGE LODER ' With his Whole Orchestra, consisting of 42 eminent artists. PROGRAMME. PAHT I. 1. Grand Overtu,e front the Huguenots?hy Meyerbeer By the whole Orchestra 1 2. Song? (German) Mr. Phillip Meyer | 3. Improvisations on Russian Airs, composed aud ezee ted by Leopold de Meyer L Dito Kranleiu Koraiuslty and HerrHecht 5. Grand Aria Mrs. E. Loder, with Orchestra 6. Introduction and Grand Kantasia on Klisire d' A more, composed and executed by Leopold de Meyer Intermission of ten minutes. part it. 1. The March Marocaine, composed by Leopold Hector Berlioz, in Paris, rid executed by the Whole Orchestra | 2. (leiman Ballad?by Jacer?"llir Madrlien o trauet den Mennern doch uicht" Mile. Rachel 3. Ernst's Carnival de Venice, arranged Tor the Piauo-and executed by Leopold de Meyer i 4. Graud Trio... Frauleiu Korsiusky, Mr. Phillip Meyer a id (Herr Hecht 3. Grand March Triuinphale D'lslay, composed by Leopold de Meyer, iusliumeuted by ihe celebrated Hector Berlioz, in Paris, and executed by the Whole Orcheatra O" Tickets, SI each. Programmes and Tickets to be had 1 at the Principal Muaic Stores, and at the Door on the evening I of the ConcertC7" Young Ladies and Gentlemeu under 14 years ol age, hall price. ; Doors open at 7 o'clock?Concert to commence at 8 o'clock, I precisely. i No Postponement ou account of the weather n3 2trh I CONCERT, Vocal ami Instrumental. MISS JULIA L. NORTH ALL has the honor to annonnce that she will give a Grand Concert at the Apollo Rooms, on Friday evening next, Nov. 6th, assisted by the fallowing distinguished artists:? 81GNOKA ROSIN A PICO, MK. BUKKK, the eminent Violinist, MR. H. C. T1VIM, and 810 DE BKGNIS. Full particulars to-morrow. nl r MENAGERIE AT NIBLO'S RAYMOND U WARING'S Collection of Living Animals. now in this city, are the largest in the United States. The place is well adapted and beautifully lilted np for the reception of the public. Meuagerie is open from 9 to 12, A. M; from 1 to 4 P. M; and from 7 to to o'clock in the evening. IT**" Admission 23 cents?Children, half price. o30 tf rrc HOWES & CO.'S N. V. MAMMOTH CIRCUS, j : 'IM11B unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at J. Middletowu ou the 29th of October: at Port Jarvis on the I 30ih; at Uuiouville on the 31st; at Ktanhope on the 2d of I Novcnibor; at Moinerville on the 3d; atFlernington on the 4th; at Lambertville qn the 3th, aud at Trenton on trie 6th. This is the Largest Establichment ever organized in the United States, comprising 134 Men and Horses, requiring 24 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobes, musicians Sic. '1 be company has attached to it Eight Female eaner trians, ameng whom is the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MARIE MACARTE, > whose new style of Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her owl, 1 being chaste aud classic; her graceful and fascinating address, sno trie charming ? -mete witn wnicn in* claim ner uuaience, render rhit gift?d and highly-educated artiite the leadI hftWmoflM area* in tlx* country. The Proprietors ' refer the public to the brilliant deacrinuna given in the respect ive i.-wi'nper* of the extraordinary and daring feat* ; performed b- fius distinguished urtitte. I Eourttriaa Director, Mr. IIOWE8; Riding Matter, Mr. I NIXON, mil the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICK. Among the Performers n the celebrated and principal Rii der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBB8, whoae lent* o? l Horseback are the most extraordinary erer witnessed. Jtiye I nile act of Horsemanship by Master Ninon. Olympic Eseri cues, by the whole Company, led by the great Knropeaa Tumbler, Mr. MACAKTK. Wonderful Keats by Mr Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, | in Lheir elegant Gymnastic restores and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phcebna. Posturing and Ojrm : nasties, by Mr. Ninon and hn ton. Mr. Howes in hit My* , thotigical and brilliant Act of " Kancies of Proteua." Mr. C. Howes iu Slack Rope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dtneer. With a variety of others. The whole comprising the leading, moat talented, and I classic performers in the world. HOWES It CO.'8 New York Mammoth Cireae. oil tf r I VANDERLYN'S great national PICTURK of the Landing ol Columbus, painted by order of Congress, is now exhibiting for a snort time in the large saloon of the Academy of Design, eorner of Broadway and Leonard streets. Open from 9 A M to 10 P M. Heanon tickets SO cents; single admission, 2S cts; descriptive pamphlets, 6J<. 024 3wia?rc ' ^EXHIBITION OK THK ANTIQUE GALLERY I NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. Corner of Broadway and Isonard streets. THE Gallery of Antique Statues is opeu to the Pnblie daily, from 10 A M. to S P M., uniil tlie commencement oflhrscnoqj on Wednesday, the 4th November. | Admnamn Kree?Descriptive Catalogues I2K cents. o2l Otiseisd * rrc ! GYM N AST I CEXLIfC 1S KS~ WrunUtl res|i?nliilly inlorms Ins Iriends and the HHH public i.i general, that he still continues to give inI strnrtion in Oymnaatics, at his establishment. M Ann street. I To geutlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doing business down town, this location will be lonud moat advantageous and ecoi noimcal both as to time and money. JT/"" Fencing and Sparring taught upon the moat approved j principle!. ollnaeod'tc i OOLMAN'S EMPOHIUM OK AHT AND CLASSIC CABINET I OALLEKY OK OIL PAINTINGS, WHICH include* hn immm? atock* of Bonk*, Painting*, Engraving*, Kaney Stationery, Drawiafa, Drawing ! MateiW*, Mnaic, Ac-, are now (< b* lonnil upon tha aecond floor, up one Unlit of ea*y (having leaied tha lint ! floor,) where every thing will be *old at a* low prieet, and I many ranch below the rrgnlar price*, being deairoaa of cloaiog np at anon a* poiaible hie Book Department. A i, heap Liat will aooa ha pnbliahed forthoaa who will k?T | a qoantitiea. Yurrhaaeri are incited to call aadarumiga hi* Naw Room*, No 2*11 Broadway, irrond floor *16 coder* tlrra HE ALTHKUL EXERCI8E.?The Tremont Bowling Saloon, No* 64 Eaat Broadway and 7| Div|*ion atrret, ronton* aix of the belt Alley* in the city, which ap|>eari by the following *n game* made in ancreuinn by a gentleman thi* week, 179, 192. 189, 216, 244 and <81 ; the aggregate of the *ix ai ringa i* 1202 pin*, averaging over 200 pin* in a *triag. Ill conie'iuenre of the great inrreaie of patronage (which i* the mo*t iclect) the Proprietor will open a new eatabliahment in a few day*, called The Tremont Branch, at 300 Ea*t Broadway, eitending to No. 441 Grand atreet, with lour meat aplendid new Alley*, new Haiti, and every thing new and in the heat order. The Proprietor will *|>arr no pain* to entertain hi* patron*, and a? many of them live at a diitance, he invita* them to take East Broadway or Orand atreet line of atac**, at hi* eipenie, a* they both pa** the door*, and in caae they can't get an Allay at a moment'* notice, they ?h*ll be inpplied with *tage ticket* to pal* and repaaa from og# e*tabli*hment to the other. A* they will coutain ten Alley* he tru*t? that all will he accommodated, ?^' ' ' DAGUERREOTYPE PL AXES. A LARGE importation o( Krench Plate*, jnit received 'lid lor *ale at the Plumb* National Daguerrian OeJIery, No. < 261 Broadway. n2? 2w?c DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS KOR BALE. GERMAN, Krench. and American Camera*, Len. Platee, Caaaa, Chemical*, kr., 18 per cent, cheaper than any other place in the United Bute*, at 112 Broadway. N B. lanrection* etrefally tire* in thei art. AI?o, wanted to parcha** or hire, a food lathe for bra** or i light iron work, will tool*, * oil im ? LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TEUEQHAPHIC. Dcspnlc li <>i the Kuro|WMi Mull*. Wo wore pleased to leaui by the Magnetic Telegraph, Inst night, that the ma Is intended lor the team ship Caledonia, which left this city on Saturday evening, hy the Long Inland Railroad, in consequence of the accident to the Oregon, arrived safely at the Boston post otlioe, at half past one o'clock, yesterday alteri oon. On being assorted, they were immediately conveyed on board the steamer, which took her departure tor Liverpool, at half past .'1 o'clock : thereby, only being detained one hour and a half beyond her ti|>|>umieu nine lor sailing. IiUFKAL.0, Oct. 31st, 6 P. M. The market does not sustain itsell, the tendency is rather downwards. We quote wheat, Ohio good brands, 78 cents. Flour, Ohio #4,50. Wisconsin and Illinois brands, $'4,-4-1. Michigan choice brands, $4,rv*> Corn 37 cents. BY THE MAIL8. WtiHisiiTos, Oct 31,1*40 The Hurricane at AVy Wt?t-?jir rival of Lieut. Pease from the IFrtckt?The Mexican War?Probable clote of the campaign in the Centre?The Reason* Why? Items of I.ocal 4'c 4~c(In the arrival ot the fowliattan mail steamer from the South yesterday, the public attention was davoted momentarily from the splendid achievements at Monterey to the terrific anil disastrous visitation of the coasts o f Florida, ia the lute West India hurricane. The details of this frightful storm you will have already received ; und )cl nun mo uos.i ucnon 01 1110 umi property along the Florida Keys w# huve yet to learn. Lieut l'caso just arrived from Now Orleans, with da spate lies from the Lucille, and who was in the United States brig Lorry, with Com. Sloat and aon, ray a it ap poared na if all the winds and rain of the four quarters ol the earth were concentrated upon the Florida*. The U. 8. light houses, those ton ers of rocks, built to defy the elements, wcro swept awav by the surging ocean as if they had heen stacks of reeds The coral bottom of tho sea was raked ami torn by tho swooping sands. Tho coast was doiolatod by the winds, aud the beach strewn with the wrecks from the destructive surges of the boiling waters. On the day after the subsidence of the storm the sea was white with pulverized coral and the sediment from the bottom, as f?r as the eye could extend in every direction. The safety of the brig Perry, after being dismantled, and dragging her anchors for miles, may ha con sidered almost miraculous ; and well might the brave salt rea Commodore, who for iorty-seven years upon Old Ocean, had breasted " The battle and the breeze," declare that he had never expeiienced a regular West Indian before Our hope now is, that from the intensity of this must hare been compressod to a limited space: but .here are reasons to npprehend that it may have extended to Cuba, and tho West India islands adjacent, and that our noble ships of war in the Oulf may have felt the whizzing of its terrible wings. Dreadful as are its ravages already known, it would lie a relief to know that wo had learned the worst. What will the pirates of Barnegat think of the treasures scattered along tho beach at Key West t Well may they lift un their impious voices in the pious exclamation, " thank Uoil that wo were not there'.'' We expect Commodore 81oat by the boat of this afternoon. The accounts from the squadron, and its operations along the LuciAc side of Mexico?paciAc while tho horrors ot war are raging in the interior?are full of in terest and romance. It is the visitation of civilization, and its Arst decisive encroachment into regions into regions which have remained for centuries us they were found by the Spaniards centuries ago. The War Depaitment expects peace to be asked by Mexico on tho meeting of their constituent Congress. This alone will account for the hesitancy in calling out the 20,040 additional volunteer) required to the vigorous proseeution of the war. The fact is, we suspect the campaign of '4H is over, and u most brilliant one on the liait of the Americans will it have been. History will liavo nothing to write in her record staining the honor of the American name. There have been no acts of cruelty to the vanquished?no wanton aggressions upon the defenceless?no outrages upon the citizens of the country invaded. In this respect them is not a war in the annals of war so entirely characterised by magnanimity on the part of tho conniinrers, forbearance to, and protection of the enemy subdued, and honorable and Christiatily depoitmeut ? But we were about to say that the department hesitate* to musterand despatch reinforcements We may lately, thee assume that the forward movement of Gen Taylor, (auer the receipt of the approach of Santa Anna,) will be deferred until Tampico shall have been reduced. The orders sent down to Gen. Taylor will probably be countermanded upon subsequent information of the inexpediency ol an immediate march. He will require a larger force, and more rations than can be collected by the termination of the armistice. It is, indeeJ, extremely doubtful whether he will be in a perfectly safe condition to leave Monterey before the meeting of the constituent Congress. The appaicnt?for it may only bo apparent? but the appareut inactivity of the War Department gives some coloring of plausibility to the asseverations ot Ampudia respecting the wishes of Santa Anna for peace. His promises may yet he relied u|?n, and the expenditure required to the despatch ol a reinforcement of *20,000 volunteers may be deferred until the necessity shall be more conclusively established. There may be no necessity for them, if (ten. Taylor abides in the interim at Monterev?there will be an inevitable necessity, | if our small anil exhausted army is ordered at once to Gnetrate the mountains. In one word, we cannot beve that under present appearances the administration | have decided upon penetrating into the heart of Moxico, 1 among those populous towns beyond the heights of the i Riconada, but are seriously of the opinion that from necessity, if not from choice, the forward movement of . General Taylor will be delayed until after the meeting of tho Mexican assembly. The condition of the army? the excited spirit of resistance among the Mexican people?the near approach of Santa Anna, and, more than all, the apparent inactivity of the War Department, jua Leaving tbii momentous question of the war, and ita temporary abatement in the prospect of peace, for the object of thii war ii to achieve peace, anil reverting to. incidental trillea of local interest, we beg leave respect fully to submit, that we have received inlormation : ? 1. That Mr. Vico President Dallas, and his associates, Mr. Dent, of this city, and Mr. Lee, of Philadelphia, have thrown up their appointments to plead the case of Mrs. Conner, of this city, as the legal widow of the late lien John P. Van Ness, versus ex-Collector Vsn Ness, ?f New York, and that the prosecution on her part will be dropped accordingly. But, on the other hand, it is not improbable that the prosecutrix will he herself snhjected to an indictment for this assumption. The reason, it appears, why her counsel abandoned the cause, was that it would .lot stand the test of even a preliminary examination. Proofs in the mutter of some $'150,000, ought to be as clear as sunshine. We know nothing about the case, but if Mrs. Conner is the widow of (Jeu Ven Ness, she is at full liberty to prove it, for all that we care. Our opinion is nothing as a point of law, aud therefore, we do not volunteer it. % 'J. That a cricket club has been organized in Wash. ington, and that they were exercising yesterday upon j the Mall. By next spring they will peihaps be dis|>osed to challenge your St. (leorge's. 3. That the balance in the Treasury on the first of November will be thice millions, quite enough to last till the assembling of Congress, and this, by the way, is a matter of more than merely local imports ace 4. That half the pain of Major Noland, in his removal as aommissioncr of public buildings, is avoided in tha | fact that Sengs tack did not get it. A. That our City Hall is going to be made into a de1 cent building. ?. That the President and Mr. Secretary , but the bell rings. In a hurry, THE DOCTOR. PH ILADBLPHI A, NOV. 1, 1846. In addition to tha fire in Kensington mentioned in my iam OCCUI IIIIK vu muiua; iiiui uniftl io? vuirn ?. tempts at incendiarism ware msd# in the aaoie district, cne or which caused the destruction of a carpenter's shop; hut the other, from its fortunate discovery, was defeated,the dames but slightly injuring the building, which was nlso used as a carpenter's shop. Last evening a frame building, a short distance below the city, which had been tenantless only a few days, was also set fire to and destroyed. About three o'clock this morning a fire broke out in a brick building in Moyameneiug, below Washington street, built by J. T. Halloway, and occupied as a factory for making knapsacks. The building was totally destroyed, with an adjoining rope walk; ami throe rows of brick dwellings in the same vicinity were much damaged. These houses were all tenanted by poor families, who. apprehending that the wliele woull he destroyed, removeil their furniture to the neighboring lots, where their property was exposed to the rain, which was failing in torrents at the time, until the firemen had subdued the flames The surrounding property was fortunately saturated by the rain, or the damage would have been much more extensive. . Kor the last thirty hours the rmia has been falling almost continually, accompanied hy a northeasterly wind, which is occasionally violent enough to be termed a gale. Baltimore, Oct. 31, 1846. Rami/ Day - More Di$ehturt? relative to Turner'$ De filtration? Circui, Th'atricalt, Mark'.tt, 4-c. We have a cloudy, disagreeable day before ua thia morning, the fir*t, I believe, for a month past The defalcation of Turner, the clerk of the Mechanic* Bank, continue* to excite coniiderable con venation.-' Notwithstanding a reward of $1000 it offered, no tiding* of hi* whereabout* buve yetboen discovered. In addition to the large amount, he i* alleged to have embezzled f< r hi* own uae, it ha* linee been diacovered that ho allowi & ome of the depositor* of the bank, hi* friend* and rela tivei, to overdraw their account* to large amount*. The investigation of hi* hooka are not yet completed, hut undentand that an overdraft to the extent of WH.OOO, in on* individual, was yesterday bronrht to light. The person alluded to ha* made over all ni* property to the ank, and acknowledged himself indebted for * large balance. It i* alio thought that other* will be found u* the same predicament, before the book* are all balanced. The** matter* will not, however, injure the Bank, a* it it acknowledged to be one P' the *a/e*t and best couduft