Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1846 Page 3
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IWWWIyy??w ! I V aAftKJBf, | Prt4?y, ?? . 6-dt P. M. TV,J stock ??rket 1*11 not to buoyant to-day, and prico* in aavaral inttanoes fall off a fraction. Harlem declined * per cent , Indiana, * ; Norwich and Wor cotter, \ ; Reading and Long Itland cloted at yetterday't price* ; Canton went up *, and Ohio 6'a *. At the aecond board price* were firm, and the aalet of Norwich and Worcaiter to tome extent. The railroad atocka of New ?ngland, and thoae of thia State, which are favorite inveatmenta in Boaton, all command good premiuma. Concord Railroad atock baa been knocked off at auction for SO per cent advance, and fitch, burg ia inquired for at 18* a 19; Lowell, 17* ; Maine, 11* all*; ?aitern 7, and Old Colony 1* per cent advance. Portland ia worth 98 ; Auburn and Rocheatar, 99 ; Connecticut River, 91; North Adam* and Pittafield, i 99 ; Chat hire, M; Vermont and Maiaachuietta, 79 ; Wat tern par; Northern 97* a 90. All thoae jealoutiea and < trouble* about Central and Rutland line* of road acroat Vermont have bean adjuated by a recent vote of Fitch- 1 burg Railroad director* to releaae the Central from any exclutiva obligation, and enable the Fitchburg Company to connect with both Central and Rutland line* on equal term*. The atock for Sullivan Railroad, which connect* the Central Road with the Che*hire,at Bellow* Fella, haa been take*, we learn, to tne amount or $330,000, or nearly the requiaite aum for ita conatruction. The agent of the bond holder* of the Stat* of Indiana, hai iaaued a circular, dated '.lid ult, encloaing the fortn of a aubacription required to be made by the lat December neat, for the completion of the Wabaah and Erie Canal, and to give effect to the act of the Legialature of Indiana, paaaed at the laat aeaaion, providing for the payment of inter?at on the bonda of the State. The circular haa been forwarded to auch holdera aa have furniahed their addreaa, in order that all bond-holdeia may have the opportunity of aecuring the advantage* of the law, by becoming partie* to the aubacription. We have no doubt but that the condition! required will be aubmitted to, and that the arrangement propoaed will be perfected. Thia will place the State of Indiana in aa favorable a poaition aa Illinoia, and' pieced aa they are, parallel with each other, in a geographical a* well aa a financial poaition, there will be an incentive in each for improvement,calculated to produce the moat favorable reaulta. The publio work* of aaoh of theae State* are in a meaaure connected, and aa the population of each in. creaaea, and their proaperity piogreaaea, theae work* muat become productive, and enahle thoae who depend upon them for return* to the large amount Inverted, to realize a portio 1 of that income which they have *0 long looked for in vain. Very great progreaa baa been made within the put two year*, by tne delinquent state* 01 uie Weit, in improving their financial condition, and in re moving the infamy of delinquency and the ineubu* of an immenae debt. The cempromiiee which have been made, havy removed great burden* from the people, and provided for the payment of a large portion of the interact annually accruing, from the income of the public work*. We annex the annual notice for 1814, of the government of France, for (upplie* of American tobacco. Thi* 1* in accordance with the monopoly which that government ha* for a long time maintained. ADMirnaTBATioir op Tobacco. rOBBIOIf TOBACCO*. Notice to Mtrckmnh.?Merchant* intending to cell foreign tobacco* for the lupply ef the royal manufactoriec, are notified that at the office of the Minister of Finance, the deciiion will be made in public citting, of the cealed offer* for cupplying tobacco. Ob 23d Decembeb, 1840, at 1 o'clock, P M. 1. For two hundred thouiand kilogramme*, of Kentucky leaf tobacco, of the crop of 1840?conformable to a iiugle (ample. 9. For two million* (even hundred thoncand kilogramme*, of Kentucky leaf tobacco, of the crop of 1840?conformable to three sample*. 3 For eight hundred thoucand kilogramme* of Virginia leaf tobacco of the crop of 1840?conformable to two cample* On 22 p Jabuabt, 1847, at 1 o'clock, P. M. 4. For one hundred and fifty thousand kilogramme* of uperior leaf tobacco of Maryland, of the crop of 1340? conformable to one sample. 6. For two million* four hundred thouiand kilogramme* of Maryland leaf tobacco, of the crop of 1840?conformable t* thra^ samples. a For Aik million Aiflrht hundred thouiand kilogram me* of Virginia leaf tobacco, of the crop of 1846?conformable to two type*. A separate bid muit be made for each of theao six supplies. The bids to be laid on the Council table at the opening of the sitting, at 1 o'clock, P. M. Copies of the list of charges, approved by the Minister of Finance, in order to serve as the basis for determining each bid, will bo at the service of merchants in the different offices of thi tobacco administration in Paris, and at the royal manufactories in Paris, Havre, Marseilles, Bordeaux and Morlaix. The samples, in conformity with which the deliveries of tobacco are to be made, will he placed at the manufactories in Paris, w here they may be examined every day from IMo 4 o'clock. The { ousellor of State, Director Oeneral of the Administration, VIE. SIMEON. Paris, Sept. 8,1846. The total quantity required is seven millions kilogram, mes, equal to 16,760,800 pounds. This is quite an item out of our aggregate annual production, but small com. pared with what the demand would be if the trade was fiee from the restrictions of the government, which tend so much to reduce the consumption. The most important commercial matters which our government hs* now t) regulate, is in relation to this important and valuable staple,and we are glad to see that proper efforts are being made to secure its admission into foreign countries,upon terms ai favorable aa our other staple* enjoy. Whether these efforts will be aucceaiful or not, time will deter mine, but we have our fears ai to the result The gov" ernments of Europe depend too much upon the duties upon this article as a source iamove or reduce them, and the failure of previous attempts to ob. tain concessions, induce us to think that all future negotiations will terminate in the same manner. It is possible, however, that the progress of free trade principles within the past two or three years, may enable our ministers abroad to make more favorable arrangements than the experience of the past war rents us in anticipa. ting. It it estimated by the best authorities in the coal regions, that the increase in the supply of anthracite coal this year over hut, will be about two hundred and sixty thousand tons, which will be furnished as near as can be ascertained from the annexed sources Increase irom the Schuylkill region 135,000 tonsLehigh 76,000 ' " Lackawanna . 36,000 ,' " Pine Grove 35,000 " Total 360,000 tors. The increase in 1846 in the receipts over those of 1844, , was 390,006 tons; consequently the increase in 1846 over 1S46, according to the above estimate, will be abou1 180,000 tons less than in 1846 over 184k. This exceeds | thp pjtimotn u/a have formed, and nlares thii trade. BO 1 far ai consumers are concerned, in a more favorable condition than we anticipated. A great part of the defiei? ncy in the increase of anthracite coal tliia year, compared with laat, will be made up by the additional importation of foreign coal under the new tarilf. We hare no doubt the supply of coal from all aeurcei thia year will be fully equal to the demand. The Schuylkill Navigation Company have adopted the annexed tariff of tolla on coal traniported on the canal for the remainder of this season. Tsairr or Tolls?Schovleii.l Canal. Prom Mt. Cat ton. S. Harm. P. Clinton. To Philadelphia St cents. . M cents. 5S rents. To Fall, of Schuylkill... 54 54 4* To MauaynnU 54 50 46 To Consheliorken 50 50 44 To Spring Mills 50 50 44 T-. Norristowii 44 4* 44 To Pi rt Kennedy 40 41 44 To Valley Forge 40 40 44 To Pheuiveille 46 46 42 To K oyer's lord 44 44 40 To Potato* n 44 44 40 To Douglas.ville 44 44 *0 To Heading 40 40 16 To Moh a.ills 11 To II mburg 21 14 12 To Orwigding 20 20 20 In addition to the charge on the descending load, as stated in the above table, there will be a charge on the empty boat equal to 4 cents per ton on the load carried down at each of the first three locks passed when re. turning light? excepting only coal boats passing through the Fairmount locks, which will be permitted to return empty toll free. ' 1 I Lblna I f ??? M|?| mill ho . iichu.. .iv.u ??./ treated ai any other boati carrying mifcellaneonf freight. There if a vuit difference between theie charge* and tho*e made by the Reeding Railroad Company, on coaj tramported from the fame point*. The ratea on the rail. toad are a* annexed Ratei or Ton. and TaARiroaTATto*. From Af.'. Carbon. S. Haven. F. Clinton. To Richmond $1 60 $1 30 ft 50 To Philadelphia 1 70 I 80 My The expennet of traneporting coal on the canal, inde pen .ent of the toll, cannot be Tory large. Old Stork Rxelunge. $5,000 UB6i, "61 lotx 1 J# ?hf Harlem RR 3oH tie,MO </o ??0 104 ?0 do baw 50 ?Z S5.W0 U 8 5n *> do bit 5fl?Z Si nno N V 8 6*. '8t IM 75 do MH SI.5M ' hiu S?, to JOKneHR 70 95.000 lad Bol Brit ttyn 3$ 100 Pater.on RR b60 IN si (too Pending Bda 73 ? Nor fc Wor RR 63k 40 ih* Bk Com eerip 9tX 300 do 61V 300 do (tm 91H .1#? <j? b?? J? f JO Long lit RR ? 100 do bio *l?j 50 do b30J2W 50 do n*0 6lk i? J2V 350 Reading RR 63k 50 do MS 75 do 63V 50 do blO tt.Q 50 do bT 0?H IN do MO a 9 mmmmmm?mrn I 1 IH'IM, ! n lU jIuMj Second Board. 21 ?hj Long "ui BR Jl>i 1H tin Nor St Wor 63'-? M do Jl* 50 do ?*: id do b3 100 do Cl.S 100 -** do *4m " 63U lid Readme RR 61** 00 do b|0 fJg 50 Morri* Canal 756 25 do bli 63*% iO do T, 50 do ? 63*2 . tot Harlem RR ilO 50*% 1000 PenuajSe 675% Sn* diock Krrhanir* 25? ht Can too Co li'.'i " ! , *"') < H "IrmMUt &*t 50*. 50 L Is) RR .- i 71V Vi i' i cult 5056 25 Nor k Wor S r i?< . :u d > caih 507? 25 do tl <3?6 Married. On the 5th in?t, by the Rev. Benjamin Event. Mr. Ararat A Thomfiok, to Ai'oriTa A. Ratmord, ell of thil ??r Died, On the 6th intt., of congeition of the brain, Edwabb W., only ton of Joteph E. end Catherine Ayret, aged 4 yeert and 3 dayt. The friendt of the family, and thoie of hit unclee, Samuel P. Ayret and Edward Weir, are reipectfully invited to attend hit funeral on Sunday, the 8th initant, at 1 o'clock, from Eaat 10th ft., near Irving Place. On Thuraday afternoon, Cathabire, widow of the late Bernardut Rider, aged 06 year*. The relative! and acquaintance! of the family, and the membert of the old Baptiit church, formerly in Oold it., are invited to the funeral on Saturday afternoon, at 4 AlelMlr fenm ?k. Ufa...., ~f k?e mmn/f 9-imtinl Osgood. IB!) Fourth it. On Tuesday evening. 3d inst, Mi?t Euubkth, daughter of John K and S. A. Bradbury, aged l year and 9 day*. In Concord, Mas* , on Wednesday.suddenly, Dr Pa**Tier Broarc, formerly a practising physician in Barnegat, N J., aged about 8A years. At Ashfoid, Conn., 39th ult., Mr. Joins Lawtois, aged 74 years. In Woodbridge, Conn., 95th ult., widow Bathsheba Srraar, at the advanced age of 97 years. The deceased was the relict of Mr KbaDezer Speiry, who died in IHlft, and was the great grandson of Richard Sperry, the original proprietor of the large tract of land at the foot of West Rock, on the west, known a* the Bperry farm, and to whose kindness the Judges Gotfe and Whalley owed many of their comforts and most of their daily support for a time during their concealment in the cave, and in that neighborhood, i At KUzabethtown, N. J , 31st ult, Lieut. Wm. B. Beti eblt, U. 8. Navy, aged 33 years. At Anson. Me ., ?lder Wm. Pause, a soldier of the revoI lution, aged BIS Near Kayettville, N. C , 2;rd tilt, Mrs Manr Betwdc, relict of the deceased Mr. Colin Bethune, and the venerable mother of the Hon. Leuehlin Bethune, in the 01st year of her ago. On 31st ult. Miss Elizabeth McOsuuhha:* daughter of Phillip and Elizabeth McOaughran, of the Townland of Drumhella. parish of Balentampal, Ireland, and sister to Patrick and Margaret McOaughran. of this city, on board of the ship Devonshire, on her late passage from Liverpool to New York. The brother of the deceased young woman offers his sincere thanks to the passengers and second mate of the above named ship, for their kind attention on such a fatal stroke to her beloved family. a card! THE Undersigned hiving been arrested by the request of his late clerk, James Lmah, on a charge of hari> g stolen money from him,*my friends and the puDlic are requested to suspend ap opinion on the subject, as the uudersigned is fully prepared to prove the charge false. n7 lt*r HUOH MOSS, 119 Rivington at notice. TO GENTLEMEN?Gentlemen, as the cold weather has come, you should all;know where to set Krock, Dress or Overcoats and Pants fixed up in a handsome manuer, with new cuffs, collars, linings, buttons and straps, to save your buying new ones this season. Call at the Cheap CashTailoiing Store, No. 91 Murray, corner Washington street, where you can get all your clothes cleaned, dyed and altered, and free from all those disagreeable scenta that generally attend articles that yon have had cleaned. Gentlemen, thia ia no puff. Call and aee, and yon will find that you are not charged such enormous prices as you have had to pav at this season of the year, and meet with great disappo'ntments. Please observe that 94 is the number, and not 88. where you may depend not to meet with any disappointment. u7 2w?r A. CORT1POS. 94 Murray st. shawl warehou e, No. 176 Pearl St THE PROPRIETORS ol this Establishment invi'a purchasers to examine their extensive collection, ranging from a cotton shawl at 20 cents, to the India camel's hair at $300. Dealing exclusively in the article of Shawls, we can make it the interest of buyers, on account ol the large assor unent in store, as well as the low prices at which we are selling, oy me cue, uozen orsiugie one. JOHN C. HENDERSON k CO.. n7 lt*r 176 Pearl street. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS: BHOWN 8HEETING8 AND SHIRTINGS, of every style sad width, all the known brands, both heavy and fine: Stark Mill, Lawrence C. Indian Head, Cabot A., Premium Heavy, Merrimack, Exeters, Unknowns, tee., may be had at manufacturer's prices, on the second floors of Nos. 18 and 30 Cedar street, half a block above Pearl street. Yard wide sheetings, }V cents per yard. Also.Batts, Wicks, Twine, Warp and Wadding. Also, beat Southern Cotton 1 aru, Nos. 6 to 11 and 7 to 13. T. N. UNDERH1LL, n7 lt*re It and 30 Ce Jar at. FOR SALE. . THE old ESTABLISHED OY8TER SALOON, No. 30# Broadwt y, near Duane street. An excellent opportunity for any one wishing to enter the above bnsicess. Enquire in the Saloon, any time daring the afternoon or evening; n7 lt*je OIL?OIL?OIL. Good white winter oil, at 6 shillings per gallon. usually sold for oue dollar; pure While Sperm Oil, warranted to burn all night, and give a beautiful, clear and brilliant light, at one dollar per gallon: Solar Oil, ol a superior quality, at C shillings per gallon. BENJAMIN ALBRO k CO., 118 Division St., between Rldridge and Allen sts., n7 It*re and 848 Grand St.. near the Bowery. BEWAkci, THE bine bl-xe of burning alcohol, in day lamps, in dark, back bar rooms, ou cold, rainy, chilly days, throws an awfnl glare on human flesh and mind, once pare and bright, now racked, pale, haggard, and torn with false stimulant. The bright sun at noonday, with the streets peopled by its warmth aud light, comes next, and in the gutter lays a young man, facing the world unblushing, for mind has left him,with eyes protruding from their sockets? in use' es drawn in frightful contractions?froth oozini from the corners of compressed lips, and a dreadful death co'.d settling on his luugs A poor old mother is letuicg o'er him?she pats away the matted lock of bair, And underneath fleams protected white of skin, That eft was lontlly kissed by that dear km. Pee ! see ! the mark?it is my son !" thus distracted cries a Mother! Now this is the effect of Kum. The effects of MRS. JJSRVIS'S. COLD CANDY is reversed?in the effect of curing colds, coughs, hoarseness sore throat, croup, whooping cough, influenza, lie Hold by MRS. JERVlS, 338 Broadway, nsxt door to the Tabernacle. Put up iu packagea of Is. 2s, 4s and $1 each. rTr-' Be sure to ask for Mrs. Jems s Cold Candy. Aoents ?Kushten li Co. 18 Astor House, 110 Broadway; Blackeft,3S4 Bowery; Bumton, 49 Sixth avenue; Ely's, 233 Hudsou street; Nelson, corner of Catharine an<l Madison; Lecount, corner of Grand and Division streets; and Mrs. Ha)s, 139 Kulton street, Biooklyn; 110 Grand street, Williamahnreh r7 3r?r 1HE ANATOMY AND FHYslULUGY OK THE SKIN AND HAIR. THIA is the title of a very Inudsome p mted pamphlet, which we received t esterday from Bost-n. ft contains a well writteu essay upon the anatomy and plivti dogy i f the akin and hair, by We. Bogle, who is one of the first hair artists in this country. Mr. Bogle is a gentleman of intelligence, and lias examined into the philosophy of his craft, and redoccu it to a science. The treatise which he has written on the nature of the skiu and hair speaks vi ell for him. Mr. Bogle it the inventor of the celebrated "Hyperion Klnid" for i he hair?an article which Is becoming very widely known and has an ex ensive aaie; probably there iauo better mixture than tliia for thr prevention of baldness, removing dandruff, and preserving the natural beauty and softness ot the hair ? Those who have paid but little attention to the hair?among whom we are?would be surpnsed to learn how mutli can be said uo the subject by an intelligent person who has studied the nature of it ?Lowell Cturin. Prepared only by WM. BOGLE, 228 Washington street, Boston. ? For sale bv A D. SANDS. Diuggista. 100 Folton st , corner ol William, New Yo k. Sold also by H. Johnson, diiu oy uiukioii generally. n7 lt*r DEXIER'S SALOON. ' CORNER of Lispenard and Broadway, (formerly Florencea ) L. P. DEXTER, recently ol Kalnneaii Bar, Battery, leturna bia sincere thanka to t'r public generslly, tor the liberal patronage he rrceired while leaiee of that ra tabliahuienr, ami brgaleare te atate that he haa jnat opened the abnre Saloou, where he would be happy to aee aoine of the old lacea. Particular atleution ahall be paid to the eating department. til 3t*rc YANK hB IH K)DLE?No. o. FIFTEEN HUMOROUS ILLUSTRATIONS. THE fifth number of YANKEE DOODLE" content ten pagea of nrigiual mat er, and fifteen humorous illustrations, ?a Ihllowa :? 1. The Greedy Yankee Boy?Political Caricature. 2. The Yankee Vulcan? < 'obtaining Poitraita of the American Vulcan the American Beraager, Itc , lie. . 3 Stryker'a Bay?A striking portrait of Horse and Ri,'rT . 4. How to get up a Fnme?Set to Music. 5. 'I he D'gmpated Keltic Drums 6. Cost of Arms rs. Coat and Trowsers. 7. Rndei in Di'guise. I Opinions of :he Press 9 Neptune turned Toll Keeper. II. Street Scene II. Heads for a Thrilling Norel?Chap II. II. Coekney Consternation. 13. Dreadfnl EfTecu of the Imp rtunitiea of Cabmen. II. A C.nee of Hats. IS. Illustrated Title Psge. Terms? 6lg cents? $3 per, in advance. r.S ?t tr W H. OKaH AM. Trihnne Building. rgsAl.l.nw w?NTHi_r?m...j ...r...?. ?lby JOS. EMKM1C, niit'r 114 Pearl itreet. Hannxer aqnare. BK A N [J Y ? lint rrcerxrd per French brig " ArrHf, ' Bannrmout It Berber Brandy, nnder Cnitom Home lock, and entitled to debnoture For aaie at LA WHENCE, MYERS It Co. o3l2w*rrc M South William atreet. FINE LINEN SHIRTS. MMES PALMER It FARR, l'( Broadway, would invite the public to call and examine their apecimenaof needlework, and the atyle of their patterna. Order* executed lor any pan of the ronntrv- nJ lw?r HXFIDWAKK MK.Hl HANTS ate requeued to rail at T. J WOOD'S, 62 (Chatham atreet, and examine a new I article of Doable lion Spoke Nhaxet. manufactured by N. i Hant. The trade aupplied by T.J. WOOD, Sole Aeent. | 3tia*r _ Monait CouttTr, Mendham, N. J , i October 29. IMS. I DR. SETH W. FOWLE?Dear Sir?Thit may certify that I am about aexenty fire yeara of age. via born and haxe alwaya reaided in thia tawn. In October, 1945, I took cold, and lor aix montha I waa afflicted with the influenxa, and the worat cough I haxe ever experienced during my whole life. Mvaelf and frienda had atrong donbta my ever recorerina. I got a bottle of Schenck'a Syrup; it done me no good. I then appli?d to a phyaician, who preacribed for rne aexeral timea, hut did not cure me. At laat my phyaician adxiaed me to take Dr. Wiatar'a Celebrated Balaam of Wild Cherry, which haa performed ao many remarkable eurea. I did ao, and I l believe that taxed my life; my cough left me entirely when j had taken a tingle bottle. I am now enjoying good health '[ I ever again have aaimifar attack, or any ol my family, I ahall immediately reaort to Dr. Wiatar'a Balaam of Wild i Cherry. The phyaician who recommended thia Balaam to me, waa induced to do ao from hit own penonaj obtervation and experience in uting it. One very atrong cate of en re of a yrr g man occurred in thia immediate vicinity, of which Dr. Human informed me. ? , F.PHRAIM SANDERS. None genuine unleae aitmed 1. BUTTS on the wrapper. For aaTe by A. B. k D. lunda, Agent, for New York City : alto bv druggiata generally tbroughont the United Sutea and al eodltfcitWre M jyuiWM'JUUUlgJMJPaJ OF RfcTfRl D Mid g?it( hihm *i?ha| I tHHMlon ill ? ! ictriMiDlt family, to KU??d a lady or iMMi.aad to make beraelf ttaefbl In ngedlaworlt, of .nptrinttnd the Be* ccaaary ddtiea of a house. The adyeitiaCr would lure ho objection to attend ou aa laTnJid, or to make he ran If j uaeful, either in town or eonntry. The beat refereuce may < be obtained by applying 10 H. a.. I Johu atieet, in thia city, ' either |?eraoiially or bv writing. oT 5t?rc BOAKU. A< JENTL KMAN and hia Lady and two or three amgle Ueutlemen can find a pleaaant home, and ceary comfort in a private Family, 147 Wooater atreet, near Honaton. n7 It*r $8 OR #10,000 WANTED, ON BONO AND MORTUAOE. at ait per cent, on a Houae and Lot ia Broadway, Secuiity ample and oondaj man undoubted. , The loau will be taken now or at any time before the let January nett Add eaa A. B. C , at thia office n7Sria*rc WANTED. : A RARE CHANCE ?Any peraon baring RM in caah, or 150 in real eatate and $160 in caah, will do well to apply ! immediately at No. 41 Warrau atreet, for n7 'fi. MR nsonop WAiilhD. A FRENCH Woman to take charge of a little boy fonr yeara old, and capable alao aa Lady'a maid. Apply at 51 Walker atreet, between If) and if, A. M. u7 lt*rc j SITUATION WANTED. , A RESPECTABLE young girl vranta a aituation to do the work of a email family, t# go aa children'e nurae. chain ber work, or waiting. Beat city reference from her laat place. Please call at 51 Mariou street, basement, where she can be seen for two days. u6 2t*r TO PERFUMERS?WANTED. A GENTLEMAN who is qualified to tike charge of the < miuufaruiring department of a Perfumery Establishment; one wh> can produce undoubted testimonial, as to in. tegrity and ability, may address "Perfumeryat the Herald Office, with real name and reference. u5 3(*r WANTED, BY A Gentleman residing in one of the Western Counties, in this State, a Gentleman and Lady that are Theatrical Performers?the lady to Sing and Dance, the Gentleman a musician he , to travel durivg the enaniug winter. Enquire at No. <38 Pearl street, four doors from Chatham, from I nntil 3 o'clock, P. M. nSSt*r WANTED, TO HIRE or Purchase a Lathe, (second hand,) suitable for Brass and Iron work, with sliderest, chucks, drills, tools, he. Direct, " Lathe," Herald Office, stating price and where it may be seen. oil ln'c LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN having superfluous effects to dispose of, such as Wearing Apparel, Furniture he., can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, through the Poet Office, or otherwise, who will I attend at their residences. J. LEVEN8T YN, 1 46S Broadway, up staira. Indies earn be attended to by Mrs. J. LEVENBTYN. til. lm?rc KENCH taught by MANKtJCA'8 ORAL 8VSTEM. Claasas for ladiee are now forming Those desirous of joining will please apply at E. Grain's, <3 Mercer street, nt lw*r GRAPE VINES. oh nnn ISABELLA grape vines, best kmd,of OvtUvv one and two years growth. Korsaleby JOHN FEHH, Reading, n6 3t* I Beiks County, Pa. TAKE NOTICE. THAT the Co-Partnership heretofore, and for the last nine Tears, existing between CHARLES OSBORN. Esq., late of Bellport, Long Island, and the snbseriber, nnder the firm ol OSBORN 3c LITTLE, hat been dissolved by the death of Mr. Osborn, and that the affairs of the late firm will be settled, and the business conducted on the tame terms as heretofore by the Snbseriber, on hit own account, st the old stand. 13 FULTON street. CHARLES S. LITTLE. i n5 lw*r ' OaTIN DELAINES FOKCllRi'AiNS? Five cases newI est Paris styles, of which the choice by the piece is offer- , ed, at the lowest market prices by JOS. EMKRIC, n5 3t*r 114 Pearl street CHRISTIE'S 1 GENUINE GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTER, IMPREONATED with the Electro-Magnetic Princi|ffe and uied in connection with Christie's Magnetic Fluid. That season of the year when plasters of any kiud are used with the greatest benefit ia just api>(pachiug. It is therefore deemed proper to direct public attention to the peculiar nature of the Galvanic Strengthening Platter, which is confidently asserted to be the most safe, certain and effectual application evef discovered?an a few words, the best plaster in the world These articles are highly recommended in all caret of Rheumatism, lor pains and weakness of the breast, and for : many of those complaiuts to which females are specially liable. At an effeutual means for strengthening the system when debilitated by disease or other causes; as a certain aid in constitutional weakness; at a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the chestgenerally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plaster will be fonnd of great and permanent anvantage. The sensation canted by its use is exceedingly pleasant and agreeable. JC?" Only Agency in New York, 113 Broadway. Beware oftpuriont and worthless imitations. o5 lw'rc SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, I i NEW YORK, October 39th, 1346.J THE following statement of the affairs of this Company is ; published in conformity with the requirements of the : ltth section of the Act of its incorporation i Preminms on risks not marked off 4th October, 1346 $330,563 1$ | Preminms received for the year ending 4th October, 1346, viz On Marine risks 676,936 11 On Inland Transportation aud Navigation risks. .101,990 37 On Fire risks 160,863 97 3*8,344 36 1,169,396 51 Earned Preminms during the year ending as aforesaid 931,495 33 Net tUrneil Premium* 960,890 99 Loite* during the une period on Marine r'sks, moluuing interest, commiuiou, fce. 412,316 62 On Inland Transportation and Navigation risks 73,966 It On Fire risks 60,736 96 Re-insurance during the year li,l;2 16 Expenses, including salaries, office rent, fuel, lights, books, stationery, kc.... 23,290 39 976,910 14 Net Profit* dxuingth* yenr. , .5184,044) 83 The Net Profits during the year 1942, divi'd 32 pr ct. 96,260 00 M " " 1943, " 34 " 166,610 00 " " " 1144, " 36 " 196,190 00 449,060 00 Deficiency of 1946, arising from the disastrous fire in Broad street, 19th July, 1946 319,191 60 Leaving, 4tb October. 1916 128,969 60 [ Dividend 32)? per cent, on $960,990 99 for 1946.,. 279,796 90 Net accumulated profits in five years. 409,644 60 The Assets of the Company on the 4ii October, . 1946, were as follows [ Cash in Bank and ou hand 42,414 41 New York City 6 per cent stock 28 662 92 7 ' 21,960 00 60,612 92 ! Bonds and Mortgages 142,433 33 Bills receivable, and premium accounts nnset| tied 619,073 C9 Loans on stock, scrip of sundry mutual insurance | companies, interest due on bonds and mortgages, aud sundry items, amounting to 13,122 97 696.666 61 The Board of Trustees have this day declared adividend of THIRTY-1 Wu AND A HALF PER CENT on the Earned Premiums of the year ending October 4th, 1946, for which cer.ificates will be issued on and after the 1st of January next. Also, adividend of BIX PER CENT IN CA8H on the reduced certificates of 1942, 1943 and 1944, payable on and after the 2d day of November proximo. It was further unanimously resolved, That, in the opinion i oi tne noard of i rustees, no division ol tne profits ol this Company ahould be made until the accumulated earnings I ahall at least exceed One Million of Dollars. By order of the Board, JOHN WHITEHEAD, 9e ere tar p. TRUSTEES. Moses H. (Jrinnell, Jacob R Nevius, Conrad W. Faber. Fred'k O. Foster, Samuel M. Fox, Rich'd K. Haight, Wm. Edgar Howland, Peter Poirier, (iodfreyTa'tison, Oeo. Winthrop (Jray, Samuel L Mitchill, Roawell Hprague, Schnyler Livingston, Oliver Slate, Jr., Anthouy B. Neilaon, Drake Mills, Alfred Seton, Robert L. Maitland, Charles Sagory, Henry A. Coit, Peter J. Francis, John A. Iselin, Theodore Dehon, Elias Ponrert. Wm H. Macy, John I). Van Buran. Frederick Wissman, Charles H. Marshall, Joseph toulke, Jr., Wm. II Cre&gh, B. F. Dawson, P. Strachan. A. B. NEILSON. President. ALFRED 8ETON, Vice President. JOHN WHITEHEAD. SecretaryNew York, October 19. IWg. n3 Iwis re THE LONt* ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS. Orncx 41 Fcltoi* street, Brooelviv. ! /"CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mer| a_> chsudise and property generally, on their usual favorEble terms. Tins company has passed through the two greatest conrtagratn ns that have ever occurred in the eouutrv ; they owe their eseape from them with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have always practised of ; limiting and scattering their risks All losses which the company may (mum will be adjusted and paid promptly ( heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers in New York, of all eipirations o( policies. B. W. DELAMATER, President, n3 Imisrc E.C. FINN, Secretary. CLAKKfc'n BACKS, 116 William ?tmt,o}>po*itt llu Wathineton Start*, GRACEFUL AND CHEAP ?By purchasing all my goods lor cash, and giving no man credit, I am enabled to offer the most tempting inducements to the tmly economical. Thus I will make to order a coat, nsually charged at $25, for $20, and an $11 coat for $15, and every other garment in propoition. I am likewise provided with a magnificent aasortmeut of flue Overcoats and Hack Coau. Mv black cloth Hacks, with silk collars and fronu. are $11, some as low as $5. n l 4tia*rc "tcTwoollen ooodh merchants. H. M1GEON k CO., CLOTHS, CA83IMF.RE8. AND 8ATTINETS REFINIHHERH, No. 841 W?st Smart, N. Y. REFERENCES and orders for work at Messrs. Wooleott and Slade, *3 Pine street; W. C. Langley k Co.j$5 Broad street; D Rrigham Hi Co.. Itf Pine street a1#*m?m ! IMPORTANT TO THK LAUlhiS. JUST received from Anetion, and offered at 10 per cent be- | low Importer'a prieea WO Tambour tucked Drenaee H 00 130 do eery fine do , S 0? MO Neapolitan Lace worked do J 00 101 Riviere Embroidered .....3 00 M Needle worked, (two rowa) 7 00 73 do do (three rowa) 0 00 A large lot colored Organdie Muelina, at S3 30 per dreaa, nanalprice. .. 4 30 A few rerr anlendid Lace Dreaaea, from 10 00 Do do flounced, from |13 to 33 40 A rich Aeaortment of real and imitation Lace Capea, Berthea. Capea and Sleevea, French needlework Capea, Collara, embroidered Handkerehiefa. lie. Itc. nnnanallv low. 8 Im rrc PETER ROBERTS, 171 Broadway. THE PIANO?SINGING?ITALIAN? i ENGLISH. MRS. MORLEY, Pnpil of the Celebrated Crovilli and Sir Oeorge Smart, ia prepared to give leaaona in Hinging, in Kngliah, or Italian, and on the Piano Forte, at her reaidence, No. 30 LlhPENARD aireet, or that ofher papila, on real onable terma. Mra M ia alao ready te teach aehoola in claaaee, in the city or in the eonntry. JL7" A mnaieal aeeompliahment, connected with a refined . ' edacation, ia the anreat paaaport to aoeiety, ia all ita varioaa attractioae, and thoee who wiah to aril themaelvee of aaeh ad- 1 I rentage a, anon Id place themselraajnader the tatelage of Mr*. BPB?yp-pi? JJU J..J , ,1 0\Ui ArOTtOH WOtfCKt, JACOIf a. K'.AiT Atiftiuueei JACOB S ft.ATT win ?eT 1 Tnts Day, s?tafUy, Nov at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, peremptory ule <>l ? large invoice of Gold tod Silver Watchet, lor accouut of whom It mav concern, for caali, and to which the attention of the trade it directed, at every lot offered will be told withoat reaerve to the higheat bidder, and the aale will couaiat ol an entire invoice ofa very recent importation .and of fathionable and approvtd tlylea. Couaittiug ol IB carat catet line gold, lull Jewelled anchor etcapeineui Watchet, with heavy and hcary eitra caaei, with gold dialt. gold and braat capt, lie Alto, heavy double back half plate do. Alao, a few with huutiug catet, aome of whicharevery line, and worthy the attentiou of gentlemen wishing a good timekeeper for private uac, and to whtcn their attention it tptcially called. Alto, gold Lepiuee of aatorted qualifier Alto, fine ailver half plate horizontal Watcbet, jewelled, kc. kc. with round and tlat ateinv Alto, fine ailver gilt half plate horizontal do. Alto, hue ailver gilt quartier do, gilt diala. Alto, gilt quartier do. Alto, twelve black marble clocka, latett and matt fathionable ttylea, kc. Alto, an attortment of gilt and gold Jewelry and Fancy Gooda. Alto, 5 Kidgeway s b lower blue Uinuer sett, 169 piece* Alto, 60 teCt Tea Trayt, assorted. d7 11 r PIANO FOKTE INSTRUCTION. E.('A8TLEii EDWIN McCORKKLL. ' pSyBBSt the latter Horn the Royal Y.udemy of I I A I tl Muiic. Loudon, will give lesson* on the x * * Piano Korte or Violin, at their residence, Z5 Walker street, near Broudway, or that of their pupils, upon verv moderate terms, which can be made known by applying as above. nt lm*r MUSIC. THE PIANO taught on very moderate tqSHH terms, by a Lady, who has a perfect know W ledge of the science, and who undertakes to |I9 I I teach it thoroughly with the greatest facility Terms?1 hree dollars per month. JT^" Any lady wishing to receive instruction, will please adarees Music, at the Herald Ollicc. n27 luiis* rrc TO LET, MA BLACKSMITH'S Shop on Kuruaan street, Brooklyn, between Tillery and Atlantic streets. Possession given immediately. Also, an Oi Frame and Engine of six horse power, for sale. Apply to Mr. WILLI AMH. ou the premises. n53t*r ^ BOARDING MERCHANTS' HOUSE, Nm. 136, 137 ami 139 Broadway. MTHE PHOPK1ETOH would respecifullv inform , families and single gentlemen desiring Board for the winter in comfortable quarters, with all the conveniences of a home, that lie has a uumber of light and pleasant apartments to let (furnished) at moderate prices. A choice of rooms may lie had by early application. o2fi lm*rre ORLANDO K1SH. THE GLOBE HOTEL, <W Broadway. THIS HOUSE lias, during the summer, been re V"W paired and paiuu J throughout, and has entire new furJuMLniture. _ _ It will be re-opeued for TravA.ers, he , on Tuesday neit, | the <th instant,and will be kept ou the old plan of a restaurant, .1. .1 J.l:,! ?r . ...Ill, .l'l...i? S r.inli.,, -...i gle gentlemen can bs accommodated for the winter.' oJ lm*rc JAMES H. PAUE. Tu FKUI'KTetuks OFTJIKATUSRS OK MENAGERIES. h/A TO LET Oil LEASE, for a year, or terra of years? ff!!w The Building, known u the American Eagle Stable, XJJL coiner ot Delancy and Chrystie streets, one block cast or the Bowery. The building ia #1 feet wide, by 10 I'eet long in the clear ; and from its ane, and contiguity to the Bowery, wonld be well adapted for a Circua or Menagerie, or would answer well for winter quartern for either, having over 70 atalla for Horaea, and plenty atorageroom for wagona. Apply on the premiaea, or 131 Chrystie aareet. J NO. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. o3 SaltTh 1na*r LONG HKEED GANAK1ES. | THE Celebrated stock of W. S. Broddway, will be tfOATg offered lor sale at No. 5 John street. Bird Fanciers jpRCj. are inrited to call and see them. They are admitted ""l to be the best in the United States. A Chinese Lark in song, with the nsual variety of rare and valuable birds Cages, Seeds, lie, for sale by A. OKI EVE, o39 1m*rrc No 5 John street, N. V. FURNISHED APARTMENTS JU TO LET, at 61 and 73 Broadway?(Jentlemen can fSvTv be accommodated with parlor and bed room, or bed JialflLroom without parlor, witn breakfast and tea, if reqoired. Two or ihreegeutlemen can have a parlor, aud separate bed rooms, at 64. Those wishing quiet and comfortable rooms will please call as above. Heference given and required. nT lt*r TIME EXTENDED. T A orp rru ID nu TUP GI? A Q/\\T IjAOI i air vr > itci annouii, BY THE PIONEER AND EXPRESS PACKET LINE FROM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH. FOR the purpose ol accommodating tnoie who desire to rail themselves of the pleasant mode of travel to Pittsburgh by Railroad and Canal, the proprietors have determined to run their boats until Friday, the 20th instant. \rj- Office in Philadelphia. No. 174 Market street. Passengers should be careful Jot to pay their fare in New York further than Philadelphia, as there is no one m taat city anthomed to sell tickets lor this line. A. B. CUMMINGS, Agent. PhilsdelMIis, Nov. 1846. 117 lw ?HANGE qf HqURS LONG ISLAND KA1LKOAD. FALL ARRANGEMENT, ^VTT dbdbfigto aqa Cusuh^Sm MONDAY,October 12, 1846, Trains will ruiias Leave Uaooxt.vtv?at 7 o'cfejt A. M. (Boston train) for Oreeoport, daily, (except Sundays) stopping at . Farmingdale and St. Oeorge's Manor. " " at9H A. M., daily, for Farmingdale and intermediate places. " " at 12 o'clock, M., for Greenport, daily, (Sundays excepted,) stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hicksvillc, and all stations east of Hicksville. " " at 4 P. M. for Farmingdale, daily. L lava UaaanroBT?at 8)f A. M., daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " " at JK P. M., (or on the arrival of the boat from Norwich,) Boston train daily, (except Sundays,) stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. Laava FanvitfoDSLa nt 6% A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) accomanodation train, and 12 M. and 5JK P. M. Laava Jamaica?a 4 o'clock A. M., 1 P. M., and 6)i T. I M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boston train. A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Greenport, with a passengers' car attached, on Mondays,iWednesdays and Fridays, at 9M A. M. Returning, leave Greenport at Of o'clock P. M, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, stopping at intermediate places. SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hereafter rue to Tompson Station, leave Brook'yn at 9o'clock for Th?mp?on and intermediate places, commencing Sunday the 8th November, returning leave Thompson at 2 o'clock P. M., Karming Dale 2V- Jamaico 3V, leave Brooklyn for Jamaica 9 A. M , and 4 P. M. Kaag To?Bedford, I cents; Kast New York, 12%: Race Coarse, 18V,Trotting Coarse, 18V; Jamaica, 2a; Brushville, ; Hide lark, (17 miles) 27V; Clnwsville, (during the sesi fit of Conrt) 3. V, Hempstead, 27V; Branch 37V; Carle; Weatbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; Karmingdale, 62V; Deer Park,69: Thompson, 88; Suffolk Station, SI;Lake Knad Station, $1 18V; Medford Station, 11 lBSf: Yaphauk,$l 37V; St. George's Manor, 11 62V; Rivernead, 11 62H; Jamesport, $1 62V; Mattetuck, 11 62)?; Cntchogue, 11 62s; Southold, il 62V'< Greenport Accommodation Train, II 75; UTeeuport by Boston train, 12 25. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage f> r the several trains. 30 minutes be'ore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side The steamboat "Statesman" leaves Ureeui>ort for Sag Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Oct. 8, 1846. o9 rrc AAAr KOK LONDON?Regular Packet of the 16th November?The well known fast sailing packet ship 4HBblNDk.PKNDLNOt', Captain Allen, 900 tons burthen. will sail as above, her regular day. The accommodations lor .'abin, aecond cabin and ateerage paaaengera, are too well known to require comnient Peraoua intending to embark ahonld make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden L&ue, or to J09KPH MeMUKKAY, Ii7 re comer of Pine and Honlh atreeta KOK LI Vf.KPOOL?Rcgnlar packet of the 11th November?The firat claaa faat vailing packet ahip WATERLOO. Capt. Allen, bnrthen 1000 tona, will aail aa above, her regnlar day. Having very anterior accommodationa for cabin, aeeonil cabin and ateerage paaaengera, peraona intending to embark, ahonld make immediate application on.board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURKAV, n7 re cor of Pine and South ata. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A ahip to Toad for New Orleaua. Apply to JGfiBb E. K. COLLINS St CO. u6 56 South atreetUNION LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.? Packrt of the 9tli hjovember ? The magnificent new jSmKw packet ahip AMERICA, Captain Weare, will aul aa above, her regular day. Thia ajdendid Packet being on her firat voyage, few are aware of her imraenae aire, ano being 1500 tona burthen, or her exceedingly comfortable accommodationa,which are not aurpaaaed hy any other ah p afloat. For paaaage, andtoaeenre bertha, early application ahould be made on board, at pier 4 North river, or to W. It J. T TAPROOTT, nC rh St South 'treet. Id door, below Burling alip. If? NOTICE ! I?Paaaengera per packet ahip ST. PA! TRICK, recently pnt back to rhla port, are hereby Hfa notified that arrangementa have been made to forward them by the new packet ahip AMERICA, Captain Weare, on Monday the 9th inatant. Thoae therefore who wiah to avail themaelvna of the op portunoy thua afforded them, will call at the office of the anbacribera and get their ticketa W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, nS ill 86 South atreet. 2nd door below Burling alip. ***- ONLY REGULAR LINK OK NKW ORlMfW LEANS FACKETA-The ah,p. to tail in TapJHNKaacott'a Hey ular New Orleans Line, in their proper order, are a? folLwa. Tit:? Packet ahip WABASH, Cart. Hathaway, from foot of Wall atreer, on Saturday, Nor 7fh. Packet ahip OALk.NA, Capt K. S Dennia, from foot o! Maiden lane, on Weilnr?day, Nor. 11th. and Pa'ket ahip LOUISVILLE, Capt, Hnat, from Orlaana wharf, on Saturday, Nor. 14th. Kor peerage in either, apply to W. h J. T. TArHCOTT, M South atreef, nO rh two donra helow Bnrlinc Slip ' YACHT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR SALE.' The nuderaigned. haring concluded to withdraw CY^efrom " Yachtioit," offers for aale the well known jSftaMachooner yacnt NORTI1KRN LIGHT, 70 tona burthen The Northern Light ia moat anbataktaally built of white oak, copper fastened coppered to the walea, and ia eery tho rougniy lonna in ail respects. i nrre are two state rooms, hanug two berths each, and eight open berths (four of which are double) in her after cabin, which, wiih eight berths in her forward cabin, afford aceommodattoiit for 2? passengers, being sdmiritbly calcnlatcd for a yacht, or packet for paasengen, in onr Southern waters. The (jnalitiea of the Nortnern Light for tailing, and at a " tea boat," are too well known to reqnire farther description. For terms and other particulars apply to the subscriber, at No- IS South Market tlreet. Boston nilIwrre W P WINCHESTER. (f> JAMES BEVEKIDOE, Hail Maker, Corner af*Jy Front and Rooscrelt streets?Sails, Awnings, Sags, JHMBblkc.. made to order,in a neat and substantia! manner, at law prices. Hails to be repaired insured against fire, and stored gratis. Secure from rats and dampness. All orders punctually eseented. nW lm*rr? HAVANA LINE OK PACKETS PROM PIHLAJlpyy DELPHI A?The A I fast tailing bark El.l/ AJMspAbsH K I H J, John 8. Remington, master, will sail poeitirely on 15th Norember. For freight or passage, having snperior furnished accommodations, apply to JOHN F. OHL k SON, oil llt'gbz (101 S. Wharves, Philadelphia. PAtkKTHKOK HaVkpT?Second Liae?Packet , Jw#y?hip BALTIMORE, Capt. John Johnston, Jr., will i 4MNWm sail on tha 1st ol December. For freight or passage, apply to 1 BOYD k HINCKJCN, No. U Wall si. [ 'i"" -?111 n i i j ? r?, ^.r??!<gWTtv , DAL?Sit Fcter Trifle. Mr Ba??; Sir Ulner Surface. O An dre??; Cliarlei hurUce, U Barren; Lady Teazle. Mr> Hoot To conclude with the WANDEHINO BOYR-Count de Cromy, Mr Barry; Paul and Juitin, the Wandering Boyi, I Mm and Mm 8 Denny; Uaroue**, Sir* Abbott; Marceliue, Dyott. Uoora open at at half-paat C o'clock, and the perVrmaacee will commence at 7 o'clock. Boiea (1 ; Pit it etiu ; UalleryJJcent* MATH AtTK\K.\N< E i >1- M US. POPE. BOWKKY THEATUE?Saturday Eeeaiag. Nore'r 7. the performance* will eummence with the Comedy of the HONEY MOON-Juliana, Mr* C Pope. Alter wmen trie uouoie ?. mcoriennt ny Mia* M tod J Villa*. Tu be followed by the Comedy ol the ARTFUL DODGER?Timothy Dodge, Mr De Bar To conclude with the Drama of DUMB GIRL OF GENOA?Strappado, Mr D* Bar. Doora open at hall peai 6 o'clock, cnrtnin Will rise at 7? Dreaa Circle, it cent*: Upper Bote*, B rente; f.i and Gallery. UK ceaia. MITCHKLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Saturday ??eu inf. Nor'r 7?To c mineime with the t 'ouiedietta ol WHO'S THE COM POSER?Signor Calarini, Mr Hoi land The entertainment* to be tollo'd with THE TWO DUKES ?lranio, Mr Clarke; Fieuella, Miaa Clark*. Grand Pa* Stnl by Mis* Partington After which for the hfth time, a new farce, called the MYSTERIOUS FAMILY. To conclude with of farce of DEAF AS A POST?Trutain Sappy, Mr Holland. Urea* circle SO cent*; upper bqgea 2S cent*; pit on* ahilltaf; private bote* SSDoor* o|>en at half paat 6 o'clock: curtain rue* at 7. C1KCU8?HOWEK.Y AMPHITHEATRE^ SATURDAY EVENING, Nor. 7. England and America. Mr. Kemp the hlar Clowu of the Old World. Mr*. C'AMILLE GARDINER. Mr. LEVI NORTH wili repeat hi* great Pantomimic Sceue of DON JUAN, or the Libertine on Horaebick He will eihibit hit tremendous and original Act of Horsemanship. MR. KEMP, The celebrated Clown. Cask Vaulter, and Antipodean Professor, wiih the LA TRANCA HISPANIOLA, From Astley's Royal Amphitheatre. London. Running on the Empty Cask. Still Vaultiug by the Company. Mr. Lipman's acene of the Dying Moor, 'logethrr with the moat aaiouishiug teals of the Ring, Gymnastic*, Singing. Ike. Doora open at 6V4 o'clock. Performances to commence at V? o'clock. Boies 2S cents. Pit I2)a cent*. n7 ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bi'htom Manager and Leeee* J M. Scott Stage Manager. (?"7" This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated in the most gorgeont style, and ia now the most beaaufnl Theatre in the Union. hrii.I.laNT attmai'TUIM Third appeaiance ?j M'LLE. BLANUa., Iutl>? Grand Uall-t of the UIZELLE, She will be aaaiated in her Ballet'a by thai popular Axliite VIK. HAZARD. The Domeitic Drnma of AGNES DE VEKE. AameadeVere Mra Burke Mrs Dobba Miaa Chapman Oliver Dobba. Mr Burke SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7. Thia Evening will be produced the Uraud Ballet of OlZELLE. The Gizelle Mile. Blanget Duke Albert Mr Hazard frevioua to the above the beautiful Drama of AGNES DE VERE. Aguea de Vere Mra Burke Oliver Dobba Mr Burke Mra Dobbr Miaa Chapman Mondar?Madame Mlrnge. WALNUT STREET .THEATRE. PHI LADELPHI A E. A.MiKHttt. Leaaee W. K. HLtai. Manager. SIXTH NIGHT OK THE OPERA. SATURDAY EVENING, Nov. 7, Will be performed for the laat time thg opera of THE BOHEMIAN GIUL. Thaddeus Mr Krazor Devilshoot Mr Seguiu Count Aruheim Meyer Gipaey Queen Mra. Blake Arline Mra. Seguiu To conclude with the larce of DID YOU EVER SEND YOUR WIKE TO BURLINGTON. Mr Honeybun Chapman Mra Houeybun Mra Blake /*AT MAV1\ t U The new Opera of MAUlTANA TABERNACLE. HENKI HERE'S THIRD AND LAST CONCERT (but one) Will take place on TUESDAY EVEN1NCL NOVEMBER 10th. Fur which he haa engaged, SIONORA PICO. MISS NORTHALL, MR O LODEK, and A FULL AWn FFFICIKNT ORCHESTRA. HENRi HERZ Will perform,, 1. Hia Grand Concerto, (the aecond with the Swiaa Rondo.) I. I.a Viol arte, (bv deaire ) 3. Variation (di Bravura) on the Pre aux Clerca The Concert w ill conclude with (finttime in America) A HRILLIANT PUCE OtV F.lilHT URAND PIANOFORTE!, FOE SIXTEEN PKRFOHMI'HI. in which Mr. Here will be aasiated by Fifteen of the moat diatinguished Profettora of New Yo*k. Full particular! in next advertisement. n7 ltr CROTONJHALL, CORNER OF THE BOWERY AND DIVISION STREET. 3IGNOR GIUSEPPE VALENTINI, THE unriTalled Ventriloquist, whoae performances gave such general aatiafaction at several Concerts 1-at winter, be(rs to inform the inhabitants of New York, that lie intends giving, at the shove place, on TUESDAY feVENlNO, NOV. 10, A Pleasing ami Novel Entertainment, consisting ol Dialoaues in VENTRILOQUISM '. Alao with a grand Concert of Vocal and luatrnmental Music, on which occasion SIO VALENTINI, Hen., Professor of anewlv constructed instrument called the HermonicoMandolino, aud the celebrated and beautilul Songstress. MHS EM MIT, Who on litis oeession will niiir some of her most IiODuWr Songs and other persons will apjxar who have kindly volunteered their servicer Mr. OLDFIELD will preside at the Piano. Do/.rs open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at (o'clock precisely. gy Tickets 23 cents. n71t*r FREE CONCERTS.' coMsismfl A SELECT "FREE AND EASY," Every Evening, at the " STJIO HOTEL," M Mercer street, hetween Howard ami Orand. Commencing on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 7M o'clock. VOCALISTS, Mrs. Newton, Miss De Mortimer, and Mr. Collins. A professor will preside at the Piano Forte. n71t*rc VANDERLYN'K GREAT NATIONAL PICTURE of the Landing ol Columbus, painted by order of Congress, is now exhibiting for a snort time in the large saloon of the Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard streets. Open from 9 A M to 10 P M. Season tickets 50 cents; single admission, 25 eta; descriptive pamphlets, CM. o2l 3wis?rc MENAGERIE AT NlBLO'S. RAYMOND It WAKING'S Collection of Living Animals. now in this city, are the largest is the United States. The place is well adapted and beautifully fitted up for the reception ofthn public. Menagerie is open from 9 to 12, A. M; from 1 to 4 P. M; and from 7 to 10 o'clock in the evening. (Cy Admission 25 cents?Children, half price. nao ti rrc TROTTING. PHILADELPHIA HUHTiNG PARK COURSE i fff 1 TrT i r*lfaM^r*7s- f/ ^ 'I^IIK Trotting on the above Courie ia postponed until 1. Tuesday and Wednesday, the 10th and 11th of NoTcm ber. Philadelphia. Not. S, 1146. n6 4t*rh UNION COUKai-7l7 l ?T -Afrm-r -Aifrrft r ACCORDING to agreement, the second re' e between I.ady Suffolk and J. K Polli, for a purae of $400, cornea off on Monday next, the 9th of November, at half-past ) o'clock, two naitea and repeat. A. Bryant entera Lady Suffolk, to go tinder the saddle. A Conklin enters J.K. Polk, to go to a skeleton wagon. | Also?Pacing Match for $200?Mile heats, best I in 5, at 2 o'clock precisely. James D. McMan enters s. g. f'apt. Wangh, to go to wagon. Isaac Wood/off enters r. g Boston Merry, to go to sulky. New York, October 26, 1646. O. BPlCEH. nl 7t rrc RACEN?UN'ON COURSE. L. T. aTHE great Rare between JAMES K. POLK and LADY SUFFOLK will come off on Moe .HdB^K day next. Not. 9th, at 3X. P- M., and a Pacing Match SI hall paat 2. 'J raius will run as follows Leave Brooklyn, A M. I Lrtte Brooklyn, 1)4 r. ,vi It M. | J And return ai toon ai the racra are over. Fare, 23 ceota each w?y. n72tr LUNG ISLAND KAIL ROAD?SUNDAY TRAIN. THK Sunday Train will here titer run only to Thnminen, a? followa Leave Jamaica Tor JSSV9PIE Brooklyn at >, A. VI leave Brooklyn lor Jf51HB2E_Thoinpaon and intermediate |>lacea at . A. M. Keturninit, leave Thompaon t P. M.J Karmi ugdale, 2% P M , and Jamaic i, JX P. M I.rave Brooklyn Tor Jamaica at 4 P. M. n7 3tr PLUNKETT It PARDESSU3 HAVF. RRMOVKO their Metropolitan Hat and Cap Jp*' Store to No I23X Fulton (tract, one door eaat of Naa au atreet, where they will roatinue to tell articlea, equal to thoae of any other eatabliahment, at the following reduced ratea Quality Quality, lat?Nutria I" ur Hate... $1 JO lat?Moleakin Hata.... $3 Ofl ?d " ... | 00 2d ^ ^ ^ " ... 2 so 2d ' 1 rifl 2<V ' Ti 3d " 7S 3d " 37)^ All other articles at equally low prices. Jules Dunkett It Rene Tnideaaiia respectfully request a continuation of the kind patronane with which: hey hare hitherto heen laror?d n7 Imr* PKKM1UM HOOTS Quirk Stiln and Small Profitt. _ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 M onr own make /Wand warranted to (ire aatiafaetion; tine French imperial IMDreaa Boota fir $t V, equal to thnae nanallr sold in J* Broadway for Pi or ?7, at YOUNO fc JONES fine French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of (lie moat faaliionable atorea in thia city. Onr boota reeeired the hifhest praiae in the late Fair of the American Institute, Tor the price, erer aold in this city. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters, ke made to order at the shortest jintiea. Mending kr. done ui the store. YOUNG k JONF.B. ? Ann at. nl lm?je look aTYhIsT _ LADIES AND OKNTLEMEN it yon want a fine article of Boots mo Hnoes, call at JS7 Broadway, where yon will find the larfeat assortment, cheapest, and the Jw tnost laeluonable in the city Do not mistake the nnm ber. *7 Broadway, cor. of * ranklin aueet. M R ?A laree asaortmeot of Importsd r ranch Boots, at the low price of Fits dollars, and the Iarfeet aenortimeet of Oyer shoes of all kinds. M. CAHILL. oto i m *ne ' OLD BOSS KICHARDs is astonislin? the eitiaens and country people with wonder-^IVIV fnl low priees, for his best quality and most fashionable and durable Boota and Shoes Look for BOBS RICHARDS, No IM and 04 Hudson corner Vandam at. N. B?Thousands of esery kind to fit the foot and pleas* i the mind. lm*r I 1 < y i i-*y. > .. 11 f i ij, LATEST INTELLIGENCE. * TELEGRAPHIC. Baltimore, Nov. 6?9 P. M. The Soutueru tuid Western mails are in?no important news. The stock market closed firm to-day. Merchants are anxiously looking for the European mail of the ult. It has been raining here all day.,2.The remains of Col Cross wero escorted by our military companies this afternoon, from the vessel to the Washington cars No loca intelligence of interest Buffalo, Nov. ft? 7? P. M The state o( the markets may be very briefly expressed, as there is but little change. We quote as follows -.? Wheat 77 a 78 cts ; flour 94 5ft a 4 60; corn 32 cts. per bushel; cheese 6 a 8 cts. per lb., according to quality. Boston, Nov 6?8 P. M There is a great whig meeting this evening in F&neuil Hall, addressed by Daniel Webster; alao a great democratic meeting at the old Museum building, addressed by Bolles, Hallett, Banks, kc. These meetings are the last previous to election next Mocday. Both are well attended. A man named Benjamin Kevy, was accidentally drowned in the basin at Providence Railroad depot this morning. Bales of stocks, Boston, Nov. ft.?Norwich and Worcester,64; Vermont Central,83; Long Island 32^; Western, 1001 -.Boston it Providence. 106k. No steamer ynt. The night is clear and beautiful. The speculators suy, thay are determined to cut the wires when the stenmer urrives. Providinck, R I , Nov. 6?3 P. M. There is 110 news here worth mentioning. The democratic State Convention meets on the 24th instant.A beautiful little girl, aged ten years, daughter of Mr. Woden, was accidentally killed to-day by falling into a well. Barbs, Mass., Nov. 6?P M. The meeting at Hubbardston on Monday, de eided to push the project of a railroad from Barre to Worcester, throughout, without delay. Portland, Me., Nov. 6?8 P. M. No news here?great rejoicings among the whigs, on receipt of the New York election news. Hartford, Ct, Nov. 6?Evening. Whig rejoicings over the New York returns, and democratic preparations for the State Convention next week at Middletown, constitute our budget of local news. Banqor, Maine, Nov. 6?Night. The Supreme Court met here on the 4th. The trial of Ezra Canney, for the murder of Mrs. Sarah Emerson, was commenced. Bath, Me., Nov. 6?P. M. Steamboat Governor leaves shortly, to take the place of the Oregon on the Sound, until the race between the Oregon and Atlantic comes efl'. BY THE MAILS. Waihiwutow, Nov. 6, 1846. The Erptn$tt of tht Jinny, f-e. Our late estimate of the expenses of the army, for the volunteers, is very well borne out by the official report of the Secretary of the Treasury, in which he sets down for the last quarter, the expenditures of the army proper at (8,163.669 30) but including the arming of the militia, and the account current with Mexico, will give you a bill of costs of at least eight and a quarter millions, for the three months end ing the thirtieth September. The great weight of all the expenses of the war with Mexico for the last sixfmonths, has fallen upon the official returns of the last quarter. Deducting all the expenses of the regulars, it will be found, as we have heretofore estimated, that the bill for the volunteer lorce for the six months ending with October, will not materially exceed the appropriation of ten millions in the bill of May last, to "provide for the prosecution of the existing war with Mexico." The expenses of the flrst quarter of the fiscal year 1846-'8, of every branch of the government were (8,463,60-2 41 For the first quarter of the current fiscal year ending 30th September last 14,088,601 37 Diflerence $4,6-24 968 06 ? which may be set down as the actual increase of expenditures on account of the war with Mexico, a ratio which will make the bill of ten millions very nearly equal to the extraordinary expenses of a six months o.Hinnaisrn : and nuite sufficient, when we consider the small ness of the expenditure" of tha tint three month* of the war, aa compared with the laat quarter. But Father Ritchie haa adviaed ua, that ' th* letter writer*," like the old man'* wife, know nothing about war. We don't koow where the troop* are to no, nor where they are to come from, nor how many are to come, nor when they are to go, nor the why nor the wherefore of the delay of the Department in calling for more men Kathor Ritchie say* the letter writer* know nothing about theac things, becauae no don't know any thing of them himaelf. How, therefore, ahould they know, when he dontknow, we ahould like to knew 7 Who knowa more than he knowa 1 Who haa a right to know any thing but himaelf 7 Nobody. For fear of being called to account for aaauming the imperative tone ot the oracle,we will venture to g< eaa that the war ia confidently and officially expected to be cloaed with the meeting of the constituent Congioss of Mexico. Tbat'a why no more volunteera are called for-that'a why the attack upon St. John ia delayed?that'a why Ampudia apoke of commis ionera of peace The expenses of the Navy for the last quarter are scarcely over hall a million, the coats of the service for the corresponding quarter of the laat fiscal year. So that, take it all together -the march of a thousand mile* to New Mexico?the shipment of troops?the co*t and transportation of supplies from the frontier to Monterey ? the hospitals, the sick, the extensive line of operations of the aimy, and all the attendant exjtenses ot a campaign of new troops in a foreign country, the expenditures on account of the war with Mexico have been aa economical as could have been expected, ami less by many millions the estimates of many of our contemporaries in advance of the Secretary's report. In conclusion, we hope Mr Marcy is right in expecting that negotiations will take the place of arms, and peace succeed the havoc of war, veiy shortly after the meeting of the two Congresses in Washington and iu Mexico, in December next. W. Washington, Nov. 9, ltM? The ffrw York Election?Doleful Vieagee of the Cabinet Crocodile Teare?Father Ritchie?The Door of the Sueceieion open to all Competitori?Jl merry time aheod of ue. The New Vork election hei descended like a ihower hath upon the adminiitration. All la gloom upon the aurface, but there ii far lea* of mortification than appeartnces would indicate. " Appearance* are aometimea deceptive." All hand* here, from information received, give up that Wright i* extinguished ; but we contend that the lightning string through to Buffalo embraces only the central line. Let u* wait till the outsidera have rendered in their returns. Still, It is doubtful if Jefferson and 8t Lawrence ran resist the onslaught of the anti renters That fatal bridge over the Cavuga tells, also, a moat dismal story for tne Cato of the North. The President to-day, all alone, keeps closed doors.? Nobody is admitted to the President to-day. Like David of old, he is lamenting, in the solitude of hia chamber, this woful defection in the camp ef Israel. "Know ye not that a great man ha* fallen in Israel to day r Right or wrong, the administration will come in for a full share of the blame, But Kather Ritchie is net to blame, lie did all that the organic editor could do to save the sinkink f'rsar. He declared the unity of the administration in behalf of Wright, extolled his virtues, and Denounced his enemies But the very *ea| of the padre give credibility to a counteracting suspicion. All the Cabinet are doubtless remarkably sorry ; hut we are dubious that the tears of Messrs Marry, Walker and Mason, are not the tear* of an anguish and despair which refuse to be comforted. The Postmaster Oeneral wears a virago of honest despondency. The prospective ?.?nr?finn oi the Van Buren regime has receded behind the horizon. The order of eucceaaion proposed to be established from the day that Old Hickory caat hia mantle over the ahonldera of the sage of Lindenwold, ha* been invaded, and ia now, to all appearancea, entirely broken up. The field iaopen to all comera, end a merry time of it we ahall hove. We await the returna from the outaidera to an evposition of the phaze which the chaccea lor the aucceaaion will aaaume from the defeat of Silas Wright. Yours, truly, _ CALHOITN Bai.timobr, NOT. A, IM4? T\t Politician!?Domegtic Stock Declining? Rename of Colonel Croat?Dekut #/ Ike Stammering Tragedian-Marketa, ^e. " What'athe matter in New York!" la the general e*clamation of whig and democrat. The anppooition at firat waa, that Silas Wright only waa defeated, every day'a intelligence rendnra the aapecf of thinga better for the whiga, and worae for the democrata; and it ia now euppoted that the latter have been routed, " horse, ft ot and dragoona"?that it has been a perfect Haragors.i, or rather, according to the new atyle, a regular " Monterey ileleat." However, the whiga are crowing, and the de< moerate are threatening full retribution in 1848 The remaina of the gallant Col. Ciwea have been in this city for two daya peat, ami are to he conveyed to Waahiagton thia evening. They will be eecorted' thg

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