Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1846 Page 1
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TH] Vol. XI1. No. *l>7?Whole [Co. 4550. TKAVCLURQ ACCOMMODATIONS. CHANGE OF HOURS. LONG l?LANL) KA1LUOAU. FALL ARK-INURMEST, jAA MSB BMP 1 lt> "Til . Oa and after MONDAY, October It, 1S46, Train* will run aa follow*: Liirt Bbooily*?at T o'cl< ck A M. (Boaton tmin) for Urernport. daily, (aaeept Hondaya) itonpins at KarinniKd.>le aud Sc. Ueoqte'a Manor. *' " at9k A M.t daily, for Faimingd&ie and intermediate placea. " at It o'clock, M., for Oreenport, daily, f8nndnyi e*cc|-ied,) stopping at Jjtnnicn, Br, ch, llickaTille, aild all ttatinna rait of Hiekiy. lie. " " at i V M. for fr'aruiinKdtle, daily. L iatc UncEirrotT?at A. M., daily accommodation trai for Brooklyn. " " at JX P. M., (or oa the arrival of the boat from Norwich,) Boaton train daily, (except Sondaya.) atonpinf at 8t. Uuorge'a Manor and rttrtnmgdale. Lbatb Kiivupt'in at l>X A. M. daily, (eicoM Hundavt.) accoiiMT.odati in train, aud 12 M. nod 'j\ P. M. Lbat* Jamah*?aa t o'clock A. M., 1 P. M., and P. M., for Brooklyn, or op the arrival of Boaton tram, _ _ a irciRtit train will leave Brooklyn for Oreenport, with a ' PKMru(vn' (u attached, uo Mondays,:Wedcetday and KriMTi, tl A. M. Hemming, leave Greenport at IX o'clock 1 P. M, on 1 ueiday, Thursday and Saturday!, stopping at inter- ] mediate placu. ' SUNDAY TRAINS. ' Will hereafter rea to Tompson Bm?ion, leave Brooklyn at 1 9 o'clor k for Tbotnpion and luteruiedive |-lace?,commencing Hand tv the tkh November, rvturuiuK leave Thompson at} ! o'clock P. M., Fanning Dole 2*4, Jauiaico 3X, leave Brooklyn for J-uirio 9 K. M? and 4 P. M. 1 , Karc to?Bedford, I cent*; fcUst New York, U>4; Race 1 Course. 18J4; Trottieg Coarse 18V; Jamaica. J' ; Bruahville, . j Hrde Park. (17 milei) S7)4; Clowaville, (daring thfcev > A or Court) r*4; Htmnstead, S7>4: Branch 37j4; Carle PMce,44; Weatbury, 44; Hickaville, 44; karmmgdale, 62)4; D?er Pitrk.ct: Thompson, W; Suffolk Station, SI;Lake Koad 8 atjon, $1 18Ji; Medford II*: Vnphank.Jl 37X; St. Ger,rje'a Manor, (I 6iX; Kiverliead, SI C2H; Jaineaport, 1 6IU;Matretuck, $1 S2)4; Cutchogue, $1 t.2\, Hpiuliold, | I 62V: Greeaport Accomraodatioa Train, $1 75; Oreenport by ??!? train, tl 15 Si'mee are in reidiness on the arrival ofTrainaUthe (everal 8:a??ii*. to take passengeis at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Bagxajie Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, t > receive baggage f r the several trains. N minutes be ore the hour ofsiarting from the Brooklyn side l The sieai'boat "S atearain" leaves Greenport for Bag Harbor ou the arrival of ihe Boston train from Brooklyn. i Smok^n, Hct. t, 181*. o9 rrc I Ol-,'- 'flvrtii AMI -viAUO.x Ai>L? W KAIL K0AD8, GKOiiOlA a.* .itlSrSra ' X ol tlie State ol Georgia, lorm a eontinnooa line from 8a- { vanuah to Ootlicxloga, Georgia of 371 miles, vis Hnvaaaah to Vtac^n..Central Railroad 190 milei Macon to Atlanta \lacoa It Western Railroad 101 " I Aiiaota to Oothcaloja, Western St Atlantic " W " j jod^ will be earned Irani Havanua'a to At'arti and Ooth- 1 c&'.oiu, at the following rates, via: O* WeihHt Goods. To At- To OolK I hue .r, Coffae. Liquor, Bagging, Rope, lanto caloga. 1 Butter. Checae, Tobacco, Leather, Hides, Coltoa Yaroa, 4'vPPer, Tin, Bar and Sheet Iron, Hollow Warn a-wl Cittingi (0 fr? S* 7i 1 Flour, Hire, Baron in cask* or bote*, 1 1'orn, Berf. Fislt, Lard. Toliow, Beeswa':, Mill Gearing, Tig Iron and Grind I Stone 90 50 ?0 U)6 r .VIE*IllBKMBItT G00P?. smn ui nan, uuuaiii Rjia ruruirure, per cnhic toot $0 11 $ ! Buiea a* J bc'?j of Dry Oooda, Saddlery G!m?, Pr.uits, Drugs tud Confectionery, per cubic foot $0 Mp.IHIIti.i3 1 Cror-krry, percqbic foot $6 15 " " 15 Moluntt and Oil, per hhd. (smaller m proportio*. ) ,...$SOO $13 M Ploughs, P-irge) Ccltirators, Corn Shnll?rj, aMl Ft aw Cutters. eeeh $125 11 50 1 Ploughs, ( mill) and Wheelbarrows... .SO HO ml 05 Holt, per Liverpool Sack, $0 70 $4 95 PjHiiOK. fcav^niiih to Atlanta $10 CO L'.hi!tlr?n under 11 years of age, half price. 8ar<;uiah to Macon, $7 00 O" UhoiIj i'ouiixiicii to the Subscriber will be forwarded free of''onritnissioHs. (T?" Freizht may be Paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Ooth c?Ti/i:a K W1NTEK, Forwarding Agent, C. R. H. Sayaiv^ah. August 15. a 15 2m'rrc tt.HjrUL.AK MAiL LINE FOX BOSTON. I V'A NORWICH & WOE. -SeTT*"* mm CESTF.U. without chaa^e ' Tidlti f' "? or Bngynge, or withouc^^BggK^ r * ii 'i CTL. i-crossing any l-errr jJSESEE?s*eu?e? taking their seals at Norwich, are insured their a . t? throngtt to Boston 'I'llis being the only iulaud route tl. t commumrates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by thi? Isr.e are accompanied through by the cou- . ductor of the tram, who will have particular charge of their baggie, aud who will otherwise gire hi? attention to their ease aud comfort. Thii line leaves sonth tide Pier No 1, North Hirer, foot of Battery Place, daily, (Sunday* excepted) at 5 o'clock, P. M., and arrives in Boston in time to take all the eaatern traina. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dnitan, leaves very Tuesday, Thursday , and Saturdays, at 5 o'clock, P. M. i The steumer WORCESTER, < aptain Van Pelt, leaves eery Monday, Wednesday. aud Friday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For further information. inou-re of J. H. VANDEilBILT, No * bafery Place. North Kiver. at tf ?c NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALU AMY AND THOY DIRECT. From the Pier at the foot of Courtlamlt Street.?Passage " $1 fiO - Bertha 60 ceutf. PASSENGERS taking thu Boat will ararrire in time to take the Morning Train of TtT jl* ran from Tioy weit ie Buffalo, and north to vv in ehali ai-'d Lane Chauiplain. Thi? low prexure steamboat EMPIRE, Crpt. R. B Maey, Tim Evening at 6 o'clock. Ktgulardaya, lutsdty, Thursday and Saturday. For >'assege or Freight, apply on Boaid, or at the Office on the Whan.?Freight tuust Le put iu charge of the Freight Ager.r or the Co"pmy will not be re?ponaihle f"r Ion. TROT MOtt.NiJN(i ANU r.VfcMNU Ll.Nh MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. ; /5t? t'OH AX, BANY AND TROY-Krom the tl^.. ^"Itft"r.e-Sj?3ie?inbu?t Pi at at the foot of Barclay Ureal. I'lajiifTf' m 1 ? Pckakill, Writ Point. New bcrvII7Tlr...i;i:ue, Miltoa, Pouyliket,(aie, Hyde Park, Rhine bee*. U. H^d Hoc-4. Criatol, Cauki]lt Iladtoi, Coraackie, Xiudertiook ?nd tauimore. UreAkUit and d.<aner on board the boat. flie steamboat MAOABA, will leave ea Monday, Wad cday ?a-i fndar Momiifc* 7 A. SI. T'ic tt'.amt)<?i TKOl , Ca;>taj? Goiliaic, ?a Xaaailay. Th? Sua? t-nd Saturday mornrngi, at7 o'clock. iiu?4 <ui opposite dara. ?'or 'ju.^( or freight apply boar ', or at tin affiea oa :!?? whirl. MEW \TOiiit. ALI3ANY AND TTvOY LlEZ ? JU ALBANY AND TROY DIB EOT, * ?*-ro the pier at tha foot of Coartlaiidt it>e*t. T; a low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain ll.B. Maey, ivsvej the Kiot ol Courtlaudt meet, on Tuesday, Thursday kuil UatuMiy trenians, at ai* o'clock. The tkoaeitoet COLL'jiBi A, Capt. Wm. H. Pack, will Jtave iu Monday, Wednesday .?nd Friday eveaiegs, at o'clock. Pi3*.'nc?n takiaa th??e tears will amra ia :ima to uka the Merai*f Tiain oH.'ara from Troy we*t to 'Juffalo, *a<" ai'-'h to feeratofn, Wliifii -U aad i'iianplain. , For haw*# or Freight, apply on board, or ai tha OA** oa ; tha rhiv {. i No freight taken after 4K o'clock. NOTH fc?All goods, freight, bonk billa, ipccio, or aa> o'flaT kiadof property, posmvelv a* the owner's nak. H6r ( PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMERS FOR ALBANY. Daily, Snndaya eacert*d?Through direct at t o'clock, P. M. J\om 8tcamb?at pier brtxctm Courllamlt and Liberty (?. jr* Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. vf ?JiMtafcr? Houghton, will leave on Monday, WeduesUtitt>wi58iQL day aail Friday rvruings, at ? o'clock. tic-.mVat ISAAC NKWION, Cat>t. William H. Peck, will leavs oa Tueeday, Thnradry mad Saturday evenings, at ( o'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Hices t'ram the foot at Barclay ttrttl. Cmmlimt HAM A CLAC8, Captain B. Overbangh, will leave o<i Moaila;, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. I oia/.mto*t NORTH AMERICAi Capt. R. H. Knry, will ( Irms os Tuesday, TunraJay and Saturday afternoons. at io'clcck. 1 Ilia liOuta will at ill umea arrive in Alb&nv in ample time for tha moritinx cara for tho and Weat. Freight token at moderate ratei, and noa? taken after 4K < o'clock, P. VI. .Ml iktmii are forbid trusting any of the boata of thia line, wi'ho it a written order from the captains or agents. I K.jc pn*s??ie or Ireigfct, apply on board tliaboata. or to P. C. ? the r.Wf? on file wS?rf. nlRr U^FUcji I Ion MOtliNlJNU LiNb AX bg U - I CLOCK FOR ALBANY. Landing et Hammond atreet. Van f.7,rtl\ndt's (Peekakill). i Cold Spring, Newuurgli, New Harabuigh. Milton, t'ongh- ( keenaif. Ilvilc Tark. Kingaton, I'pper K. .1 Hook. Briatol. I Catukiil, Hud?mi, Ct.xaackie aud Kmderkook. < Ooe Dollar.?^_3 ^Ow* "! *i25 THE new *.ud fis:-tA.hii? low-pre??nr? fltr?"-? ?j-*'^?f3??J?"i:nbo?t.MKTA.%iOKA, < ?!>?. P. H. Smith, To'm i ji'f ? 'I leave .he pier foot of Warren itmt ou Monday, Wtdu-iJa> aud Krtday, ( 6>? oVIock, A. M. Returning, leave Albany on Tucadny, Thur*dny and Saturday Caa?er;gfra taking this boat will Arrive in Albany id time Tor tilt; train* of curt going North ai:d \V?t. Breakiaat and Uimier o.i board. I<or freight or paaaige apply on hoard, or of A. CLARKE, corner of We at ai d Vvarren atreeta. War* to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, 24 rent*; Poughkeepaie, 40: ' Hurtann. 74; Albany, tl. o4 I in r ( 'JO TK.AvhLLu.Ka <iUlNO SULTH. NEW AND MOST AGREEABLE LINE TO Ft fdri icklburgk, Hichm?nH, I'etmbur *A, V'a ; LyncAbvrgh, llnUitK,H'tl4*n, Y. C; and Charleston, S C. Al. the PUBLIC are informed that the new i CLs"",e,".4!'' 'nw praaaure steamer MOUNT EilNON, connecting with the Great Mail Lii e at Acquto Creek, leave,< omaieree-.treet wharf, Bain- i, every 1 uetday ajul I1 "day etiauij, ?t? f. v fur tl,? tbote pmuti. ThroitihTicketi to Richmond ?t oo i ' " to I'eteraburg 4 no 1 " " to Welden, N. C 7 no " " to Charle ton, 8. C. "'is 00 Brim it the tame price, more direct and expeditions, and 1 much more certain than ihe Cheaipcake Bay and June* Hive* ' hte- mix>at Linn, *11 the w ide and rough portion of the Bar ' between the mouth ol the I'otomac and Old 1'oint Comfort! ! beii g entirely avoided by this Line. ' Travellers are advucd that the Line hereby advertised if part and p .reel of the Ureal Mnil Line thtontth Virginia, and ihtt itia ihe intention of the Companies compoaing the Ureal Mail Line :hat passenger* ahall be conveyed by them m eonueetion with tile Mount Veruou, alwaya ?a cheaply aa by any any other liue, and wth e.jmfort, expedition uo certainty, than by any other Line except the Line Tia Waah. ( V'.ir inrther particular* enquire at the Southern llail road of- , a(e, Pr>lt at., Baltimore, ol 8IOCKTON Jk KALLH, oral , 1^ Commerce at. wharf, or ou l'uesdaya aud Kridaya on board the Mount Vernon, of . 1,0 C. W. GUNNEL, Capuin. M I*. B.?Traveller* by the above Line will bear in mind that | they have two hour* more in Baltimore than paaaeugera by / Ihe < heaapeake U?y and lamea Hiver boats, and yet reach anv l'otut Koutli ol Petersburg at the anme tune with theae laat, even wh?u there U no breach of connection bt the Bay hut*. M !* :? " S NE1 NEW 1 hakitihk, A<^onmuoATiunB. s S SI' KOCHEnntOTIlTTTV Co. ARRANGEMENTS. Remittances to tad Puiasr from uteit Briuia ud Ireland, | BLACK BALL, ORbOLL) LINE OF LIVER- 9 POOL PACKETS. I Sailing from Liverpool ou the In and Itih of every month. Alio, by first class American shii>s (weekly ) Persons sending to the Old Country far their Iriruds, can < make ihr ntcessary artaugeinenta with ilie subscribers, and !??- them broug it out lit auy of the eulit ships comprising he Dlick Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool Packets, sailing < from Liverpol oo the Is and ISih of every month. Also, by t "irsl class ships sailiig froin that port weekly, which onr , H nt. Mr. Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent out without i ielay '1 lie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise (he following maguificent ships, and wi'l sail IromLiv- ' rpo-l on the regular appointed days, as follows :? t FIDELIA, 1st January, 1st May, lit September i EUkOPE. 16th " 16th ' 16th ' 4 NEW YORK, lit February. 1st June, 1st October. . COLOMBU. 16th " 16ih " I6(h " , YORKSHIRE, 1st Yarch, 1st Jnlr. I't November. OXK 'RD. 16th " loth " )6Ji " I > DAMBRi DOE. 1st April, Is'Aug., 1st December. I WON Tf.ZUMA. 16th " 16th '/ 16th " t P. 8.?Tilt- public are respectfully notilird, b/ desire of the i iwat rs of the Black Brill, or Old Lineof Liverpool Pack-Is, hsl no pas-.en iter ageuts hut H. B Ac t o. hive permission from them to advertise to bfiug out pnsseugeis by that line, ind that they are tue only regular authorised passenger ageuts 3i iaiu iiiiu in tm* city. We hire at all timet for si'e Jraftj at sight, for any amouct, drawn dirert on tlii Koyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alio nn Messrs. Prescott Orote, Ames 8c Co , Bar km, London,which ua pal free ofd'sronnt or any charge whatever, in all the principal i<wui throughout England, Ireland Scotland and wales. Apply or address bv !et'*r, po?t paid, to ROCHE. BROTHERS fc Co.. J5 Fnlton street, N. Y , next door to the Kulton Bank, j The officeof Mr. Roche, Senr., ia at 75 Duoliu atreet, oTre Liverpool m M. Ml P. T^ftRNEsTHxT'S ! NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION ' Oft'ICE. PW. BYRNES fc CO, of Liverpool, are desirous of in forming the public of the Uaited Statea, that they coutinue to despatch a line of first class Ships and Packeta to Mew York, on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 26th of each month; and on the 13tna>d nth for Philadelphia, and on the I'h an4 20th to Boston, and at stated periods to Baltimore; tlao to New Orleans durum the healthy season; by any of which lines parties can engage for their irieuds to be bronght sot without disappointment or delay, thu being the oldest ind largest establishment in the pasaeuger trade in Liverpool, ind baviug found the importance ot a direct Agency in tKe United States, for the purpose of placing within the power of [he frie?ds of the passengers coming oat, the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment, from whi m they can rely for attentioh and favor towarda their relations le-ving the old country. P. W. BYRNES & CO. offer many advantages to paasenters which no others have attempted, in a direct coinmtnncaLion by ti e r shipa from liel.iud to the United Sla'es, as they nave, invariably, vessels durwg the spring from Dublin, Cork, Waterfonl, Beilaar and Londonderry, by which means emigrants are saved aiochtrouble andexpense, by being shipped it their own seaport anu also that of being huded in any of he porta of the United States to which alui's Ira - e from Li rerpool, nearly at the same cost ai direct to New York. P. W. BYRNES St CO. have agents in all the seaport lowns in Ireland, from whence steamers leave for Liverpool, uid in many of the interior towns, w lio are most attentive to emigrants on embarkation, and by whom any money can be paid that may be required to procure sea stores, &tc. The persons who act for thi* Coirpauy in the United States ire? ! NKff YORK ?Mr. Edward Saul, 58 South, corner of : Wall street. BOSTON?Mr. W. P. McKay. 52 Mi'> street. PHILADELPHIA?Mes^n. H. C. Craig fc Co., Market street. BALTIMORE?Mr. Oeorge Law. NEW ORLEANS-Mr. John Toole. Drafts ai?p Eichaniiic ?Drafts far any amount, psr?hW it aight, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland and all its branches. ?n<J alao on all ihe principal towns of England and Scotland, iv itKnnf /iiai>. inn Far particulars of rermi apply to P. W. BYRNES 8c CO., iS Sooth, corner or Wall at.. New York. ' P. W. BYKMiCS it CO., i i *22 Im*m 3C Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool | < PACKETS FOll liAVKE?SECOND LINE, i : ifS- I: The shiin of thu Liue will sail during liie year iu the lol I I lowing order From N. York. F'm Havre. \ ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UTICA, Capt. J. A. Peirce, < May 1. June 10 (Sept. I. Oct. 6. 3hiP ST. NICHOLAS, Cart. N. $&}?; , tT?le,Kh- t Oct. 1. Nor. 16. , Ship ONEIDA, Capt. Funck, \ ^ {; j ( Not. i. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S U,1; ^ }1 ,ton' , < Dec." 1. Jan. i6. ' They are all of the Ant class, ably commanded, and with iccominodatinns ample and commodious. The-price of psa age iu the cabin is $100, exclusive of wines aud liquors. Apply to BOYD H1NCKEN. Agents. No. 9 Tout me buildings, No. 68 Wall street. Goods sent to the agents for forwarding, will be subject to none other than the eipei.aes actually paid. au21 m (JJ,AS(.?UW AND MEW ifUilK. ElNE Ot PACKETS. P Elisors wishing to send lor thtirmends in any part of Scotland, to sail direct from Olasgow, can make arrautronents with the Subicribers, to have tliein brought out in any it tne regular line ol Packets, aailing monthly from Olasgow The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CAHK, (Captain McEweu, 8AHACEN, Captain Hawkrni, BKOOKSBY, ? Comprise ihe above line,and the high character of those ret elsshould be sufficient inducement lorpe, .ons who may be lending fur ineir Ineud* in (Scotland, to make arrangement* lor .ins (tlae only liar.) Farther particular* given, on application to W. fcJ.T. TArSCOTT, 75 Sonth *treet. corner of Maiden Lane, or , Metan. llKlD k. MURRAY, Agent* alOr in Ulr^gow. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PAGKfc*TS. m Ml M. & T^aT from N?*^Krk21*t, and from Liverpool 6th of each month. From New York. Livn pool. Sew ahip Liverpool, 1150 lon?, j (} 5ini 6 J.Wdridge. > Augnat 21 Oct. 6 s,iSo^ewo^:Zetu ftr" jii7ch I 1250 ton*, P. Woodhou.e, f Seutem'r SI Not. ? ^Ship IUehe^.Wton.. } J* * ? ? John Briton. 1 October 21 Dec. Ship Hottingner, 1050 tow, ^ ,?} ft* J Ira Bur*lv J Nor g, ja? t These anomantial. faat ?aiing, hni claw ?hip*, all hndt in :he city of new York, are commanded by meo of eiperieuce uid ability, and will be despatched pnnctually on the 21at ol ?acli mon t!i. Their cabina are elegant and commodiou*, and are fnrnulied with whatever can conduce to the cue and comfort of pa**en[era. Price of pauage S1U0. Neither the captain* nor ownera of the*? ahip* will be rsipcnaihle for any parcel* or package* *ent by them, onlea* regnlar bill* of lading are *ipied therefor. For freight or pa*?eee arolv to WOOUHULL It MINTURN, fp South *treet, New York, or to FIKLDKN, BROTHERS It CO., ml re Liverpool. MARSEILLES L12*E OF PACKETS. m 4$ 4$ m The uudcrmt^iiou Ifliiit will b? regularly deipiteTirdrrt leiica ou the l?t. ai.J from Maraeillea the Idth of each mon luring the year, as follows S? shipa. Captaiaa. From N. York. IH'CE de JOINV1LLE, (new) Lawrence, April I Sept. I V1188IJKI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 IRCOLE (uew) Eveleigh, June 1 Nor. 1. iASTON, Coulter, Jnlr I Dee. I. NEBRASKA (new) Wiuoa, An*. I Jin. .1. Ships. Captaiaa. From Marseilles. 1 'R'CE de iOINVILLK, (caw) Lawrence, Jane 10 Not. 10 tllSSOURI, Silvester, July It Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eveleigh, Aug .10 Jin. 1* ASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 j These vessels are of the first claaa, commended by men ol upenence. Their accommodations, for piifncen are nnsur used far comfort and convenience. Oooda addressed to the 1 ?enta will b? forwarded free of other charges than tlioae aetn illy paid. | ("or freight or paaa-ce apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Kruat street, or to BOVD Ic HINCKEN,, lire 9 ? ontine Buildings, 8a Wsll.cor. W<ier it. NEW VOKK AND GLASGOW Ll^E Oh PACKETS. iit M. M. M. ^^thnTfrnm Ne^^orkoo the is^Iu^Tisrow o^h^!t!) I ?t each month. From N. York. Fm. Oi'gow. I C Jnne 1. Jaly 16. I IKif SARACEN, N. T. Hawkiaa, { Oct. 1. INov'r II. ( fc'eb. 1, Match li. 1 t July I. April 1} Sr. Hhip BROOKSBY, H. M'Ewan,} Nor. 1. Aug. U. ( March 1. Dcc'r 14. v Anirust 1, May IS. ' Hr Bark ADAM CARV.,JiioWright < Dee'r 1. 8?|it. 15. i ( April 1. Jan. 15. I i May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R.Scott, < Sept. I. Oct. 15 ( Jasi'y 1 Februa. 13. These, ships arc good, auhstantial vessels, ably commanded. Uid will sail punctuallv on their regular days. Their for ras-eiigers,are good, and everyattantiou will be | paid to promote their comfort. The agruta .?r ' imiii- will 1 ?ot hr responsible for any parcels or package* se jt by then., I Kn'eas bills of lading are signed therefor. < Tor freight or P"?? VMdUULL fc MINTURN, I ! 87 South street, New York, or oil re REID k MURRAY, Olasgow. H)k LOMJON-FIRST I'A' KET-TeesplenKpjrjfWdiil last sailing packet ship CHRISTIANA, < apt. . HHfaK. Hammond, will sail aa above. 1 ins superior packet has very snpe' lor accommodations for t shin, second eafiin, and passei gers.her second caliM rnd house being on rooms well lighted and ventilated, i i 1 he accommodations lor thia class of passengers are superior , , ;o tnase of moat of the other London packeta, and the price . | if passage la teshiced, for whi-h. and to secure tha best lertha immediate application ahouid be made on board,at the toot of Wall street, or to 1 W. It J. T. TAP3COTT, 86 Sooth street, in i iTciuii i. Hecona door below Barfing Blip. ' ; Th* LI (. IN^A Will succeed th? Christiana, and aail ou har regular day. ?1? m , w ro ifORK, SATURDAY MOB Army and Kavy Intelligence. IFBCfAL DESPATCH*-' TO THE 1 V. IIERAI.D OFFICE. Rio Grande, Oct. 30, 1848. Jlmpuilia'i Proclamation. 1 fend, enclosed herein, the proclamation [already pubnheJ] of Gen. Ampuilia, publinho I at SaltUlo on the :8th ult. He if a great liar. We took upwarda of 30-000 >oundf of powder and a large amount of flour. Before the siege Ampudia assued his countrymen that Jen. Taylor had bnt in00 regulars. with a force of "adrenturera" who were good (or nothing. Three thousand >f hil excellent cavalry would oppose and harrass ui on he route to Monterey. He now says that fifteen hunIred of our men were killed on the first day.? Put Ampudln versus Ampudia?Ampudia drunk and \mpudia sober. He surrenders hi* fine works, !eemed by him impregnable, to a petty force of troops of he line, as he calls them, and this too when his works j vere defended by more than 10 000 of the choicest tror pt >r Mexico. An ofHcnr, direct tram Monterey, report* i hat up to the Hay of hif leaving, bat l'J7 had died, inclu- < ling all. So the Ion on our aide waa not to enormous? I he Mexican*, it ia understood, are not fortifying the i !Unconada. The army i* retreating on San Loui? To- ' osi. X. Y Z | Ilio Orakoe, Oct. 18,1810. , Ucxirnn Central)?Jlritta'i Palace an Jlmerican Hotpita^ ' Const deration! on (Ar War. ' When the baggage of the Mexican army was captured , it He?*ca Jo la Palma, it wu remarked that the officer* :ampaigned rather more luxuriously than wa* becom 1 ng in the loldier* of a republic. The camp torniture, ] he pavilions, the plate, all told tl>at war to the poaaeaaora i >f tlicto wa* not the uncomfortable purauit we are oc. 1 customed to regard it. It ii thii fact which moke* it de- J 'irable on the part ofthe hundrodsof Mexican General* hat their country ahould over bo at war. They are ge' ' lerolly the irresponsible disburaing agenta, and on a mo" ( lerate nominal compeniation almoat invariably amaaa | :on*id?iable, if cot large fortune*. Tho poor aoldier ia ' cheated of hi* pay by the moit fraudulent commutation*, | vliich he has no power to resist It U even aaid by Waddy j rhompaon in hi* recent work, that tha o91 care sometimei 1 ender their account* to government, accompauied a* 1 roucher* by muster roll* of men of itraw. Thi* ihowa bat a stuperdmu system of iniquity i* the ground-work ' >f all tbe revolutions in Mexico, where the nlditu1, to iggrandiae himself, promise* the meat liberal reward* to lis followers and supporter* A pronunciamento 1* eaaily irepared, any old one. published a score of yeara ago, inawering every purpose Until thi* military incubus ihall be aboliahed, three can be no uuiet for Mexico.? fiorrera attempted a reform *o beneficial to hi* ceuntry, >ut tho bare mention of io radical a change, a design to ouch the sacred tight* and privileges of the " defender* )f the country ."combined tfceso unprincipled cormorant* inder l'arode*, who pronounced, and took poaieuion of he capital without a blow. Theae remark* upon tho influence and wealth of the Mexican General, have been suggested by the ividence of Arista'* worldly possesaiona in and about Monterey. Not many years ugo ho waa poor and in >xi!e, working at his honest avocation aa a tinner in the 'ity of Cincinnati, he has aiuce been n prominent and pfliteniial Mexican General, and i? now the owner of irinc ly estates. Hia palace In Monterey ia the abode of ,uxury aud tijilcndor, *uch ns are rarely witnessed except imonj ibe prinrei and nobles of foreign lurdv Ilia garlens uio ti'le.l with every tropical fiuit. Fountains of ihu pun it water apatkle on evory side; and a " shrubbery which S(ieii?tnno might have envie I," delights the eye in J Bi'.'jru* s cooling and delicious shade. Fruit i:i;4 U>JCt?<n and shade are now enjoyed by the wounded end ir.vplM American aoldier. Tha palace }f Arista, t..c cftljer chosen b^r hi* government to meet .he tirot a Ivauco of our army, i* noiv,?ituaed in tho very leait ot th<- ,V*xicaa territory, converted into an Amen - a La?pital. it is hacienda i* said to he about 10 leagues from the city. The citato ha?, at different periods, iup ,ilirvi lergc amount* ot provisions for tho use of the army if tho North, iieail quaiter* ia Monterey. Who would not >p a Mexican Geueial? Who would not stir up rovoluion?, and bo ready at all hazards to destroy a government which should even dare to violate such precious ? inch advantageous privileges? It is against cucli a com ?? tiiioi. U1UI ?t unvo HOW III llglll Vv'hotrcr a government pro tem offars to negotiate with in, or talks of war to the knife, a pretext is made lor it* uverthrow The first was the case of Herrera. Parcdes would war against ns with all the ciKriciei of the nation ? s?n? (oith impassioned appeals to the patriotism of Me* rans?was willing to head the army, an?4 die in the la?t litch. He, too, was condemned by tlio fickle nation, and it remain* to bo seen how long hii successor will hold Uie reins of power. In view of these facts, our own Go vernment at Washington has now a question of the highest responsibility and impoitance. At the close of the ex isting armistice, what shall be the policy and purpose oi the wai I Whom shall we recognise as the government of Mexico I Shall we continue the rain and futile nt tempt to discriminate between it and the people? Or shall we adopt that system mote rational and efficient with a people like the Mexicans, to help ourselves and let the losers, l.ok to the central government for their pay I We must make the war isconvmient to the inhabitants of the country, or it will last forever. Theuc conii ilet ations are important to the public officers and statesmen ol our country. The sooner they are seriously and calmly viewed the better fdf u?, and the mote speedily will peace return. X Y X. NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. The U. S seliooror On-ka-hy-e, Lieutenant Commanding Berrymsn, has dropped down from the Navy Yard to the anchorage off Town Foint ?Norfolk Herald, Nov. 11 Pobtlakd, Nov. II, 1846. The Enltrpritt of Portland ?The Atlantic and St. I.tvorence Rail Road, ifc. 4'cOur town ha? been in quite a commotion for the last ten days, ia censequence of several meetings of the Port land Iron Company, which meetings were adjourned from time to time, awaiting the arrival of Mr. Septimus Norris. This gentleman arrived on Monday, at noon.? Ilis arrival waa soon made known and chronicled in the papers of next morning. The stock of the company was a)ltaken up in two days, after the books were opened, amounting to $260,000, and a demnnd for as much more The meeting took place last evening at the Exchange ; Mr. Norris was introduced to the meeting bv John A. Poor, Esq., and on mounting the stan I, Mr. Norris addressed the stockholders in a veiy beautiful and appropriate speech ; ho was received with shouts of applause. They then proceeded to business, having first adopted the by-laws. After which the following directors were chosen : Septimus Norris, Horace Kelton, John A. Poor, Oeorge Warren, James C. Churchill, A. W. H. Clapp, and John Fox. At a meeting of the directors held this morning, John A. Pcor was elected President, Septimus Noiriv Chief Engineer, Horace Fulton, Superintendent, William Stump, Chief Kngineer'x Private Secretary Authoii'.y was then given to Mr. Norrli to purchase tool-, machinery, engine, &c. fcc. for their works, also to make the nppointuieit oi the different foremen of the various departments of the works. Mr. Norris, we learn, has selected a dwelling house, and will in a few weeks become a citizen of Portland.? He comet among u? with a hearty welcome by all our citizen*. He certainly it entitled to all respect and ho nor? a* a man of tcience he it unsurpassed, and a gentleman in every respect, affable and pleasant to nil he m?ett, hat a happy and clear way of expressing hia idess in a few worda, and to the point, lla ia uncommonly quick, and overcomes any difficulties with ease, as can be seen by the bright flash ol his piercing eyes. He is the S'e| henson ol America, and we wish him long lite and success in this giand cnterptite. The Atlantic and St. Lawrence railroad ii fast prograting, aud will, when completed, be one of the most important and profitable roads in the country?!li<0 miles, and Portland ia, in connection with the Lakes, grasping the whole western trade. It will go ahead with rapid stiides, of Boston, and.will be the ptincipal dfpot 01 the Atlantic steamers in a year or two No city in the L'nion has the sunt natmal advan'ages. New Verk is 47 i miles fiom the lakes? lioston 6.1. Portland has a noble harbor, but three miles Irom the broid Atlantic. No pilots ii n required to euter or leave her port, tint khi will undoubtedly become one of the most important commeicial cities in the Union. The Bostonianl aie not wiilii g o believe that this road will be made, it is so dead against the city ol Doston, which must keep wide awake or be beaten. UeiJgloua Init inquire. IsTrnsri"'! Misaionaur Mektino?Notwithstanding (he unplaaaxbt woather lust evening, the faiewell nu?siooaty meeting was held in the Clinton street Methodist I uurcn. i-.xccl'ent adilie.set were delivered by Kev. Win liobiittii, l?tv Mr. Wilbur and lie v. C. Pitman Air. Roberts, in tut address, alluded with much let-ling to hit lorcner I'l>ot? uere wuen he wat pastor of the church ? in the eiec'.n .i ol tbe edifice in which thoy wore worshiping?tn >he thrilling scenes he had witne^i-:d within ill wulir md at itl aaored altar?to tuuie w ho bad been i unvaried to Ood, and to some who had died in the triui. , lia ol faith He informed the meeting that tho Hon. W'lli.itu VV right had presented to the Clinton street M. K.CU'n Ii uie sum ul one ihout'tud dollars, by cancelling a mortgage he held .ui.inst it. 'i his n a liberal donntion Liiat icILcu great credit upon tho donor. The chuich p.iast U a vote ot thanks to him lor his liberality. They si 10 showed their gratitude by making Mr. anl Mrs W light life members ol the Missionary hociety ol the M. E Church. Several other life members weio made ? vkout fiOO were raised to uid tne cante of mittions.? l .vo cpnltt, presented by two litile girls, tho one to Mr. Kobvr s, tho other to Mr. Wilbur, added much to the in Ten ui me meeting. i ne inue cnuureri uia nonur iu Hitmaelvea in prekentinft them, with n lew remaiki wiiKili were mails with all the innocent aimplicity ol :lnl ifaood. The reveteml benoficuiej leipoudcd to the liltlo onea in a >ery approptiate anil touching manner.?

X<waik Daily Jldvtrli,tr uf Tkuriday. Arf aiius im Nauvoo.?Wo learn from a gentleman wliu came down on the Tioga, lam evening, lut a meeting of the " olJ citizen*" had bten Leld at Nnuvoo, on l> riday evening latt, aud another on baturlay morning, protecting n^um"! the courte of (J?T. Kord, in i|uarleiiii|( near tiia Tempto, a luice of UM mon, lor luu purpose of protecting Uioae |x>opie called Jack .Vormon*. Xhe " AuUet" have declared their intention of driving the offender* out, and defy tb? Governor and hia poti>e in their attempt to keep order. On tha ither hand, the Governor, it la ?aid, i? rnolute, and will auert and deleud the majecty of the law.? St. Luun Union. flPipFW-^ ?a?^egasgg ...J .. - .? RK B INING. NOVEMBER 14. 1 Affairs In Canada. ' ar* [From the Montreal Herald. Nov. 10 1 Provincial politic* are without interest. The leisure on Horded to professional politician! is. perhaps, more pro- ' Stably occupied in diicuciing political economy. We bo magina that we give a correct account of the public ch feeling, when we tay, that in the large citie*, Free Trade ] loctrine* are making way as principle* of action, while imong the agricultural community their attachment to #in he provincial protection on cattle, 4cc , prevent* them |0| rom embracing theie new view* Since the imposition >f the cattle dutie*, price* have been much higher for wt neat, and thi* change i* naturally enough imputed to the Iscal arrangement*. Thi* i* a vary cogent reaion for heir ditliko of preaching* from the text* of Smith and wt flicardo It li not *o eaiy to understand the cau*e of C01 heir affection for the 3s. d'utios on grain, originally im- co >o*ed a* Dm condition of our favour in the Uritish mar- ' set If thii were removed, whenever the price of grain jut ?*re higher here than in the United State*, we should "J >e able to export our entire produce, supplying it* place i "or home consumption, by the cheaper article from the opi >ther side of the line*. But, notwithstanding, the obvious idvantage whiflk would arise from a more liberal plan, : ind, not with standi hi;, the very plaiu fact, that prices ! . ' lere must b? regulated entirely by the market* at home, i j?1 ti* very cert are, that the great majority of the farmers | would dread a reform. In Canada; the landed interest i* | J'" paramount, ?o that until the agriculturists can he brought ; ?.e to see the attairin a diS'erent light, thero is little hope of u iny alteration, beyond the concession of last Session.? tul l'hat merely repealed the impost on bread atutU passing :hrough the country for ex'-ortatiun. Tho weatern part >f the Province U that moit strongly intoreated in the ] ;ultivation of wheat ap A recent act of Parliament, intended to provide a gener- dii il ayitem of education, has excited ^considerable ro- j tistauce in lh? country pnrislus, especially thoae in- jJ habited by the Kronch. This law makes it imperative on fach pariah to assess itself, and to elect cortaiu officers j for tlio management of the school; Bnd it gives the (iover- wl nor General authority to compel an aaaeaament if it bo sn neglected. There are lomo objectionable part* of tlie \ct; but, aa far aa we are aware, thoae are lit most felt in pariahea where there are conaidorable aei Jiflerencea of religioua belief. It i.i not, however, in Mi theao localities where the greatest difficulty hus been ex- lui [>erienred, and wo believe that the oppoaition ia entirely thi iue to the clauaea which make the assessment corneal- fa\ lory, and, without which tha law would, in many cusps, th be noaily inoperative. The trouble has been principal- ed ly excited bv the laboura of two or three obacure in- Aj ilividuala, who hare thought opposition to taxation a fair thi means of obtaining popularity with the Ignorant msssea pe of their countrymen. The men who have generally of taken the lead amongat the French Canadiana have been, or on the contrary, among the warmest friends ol the men- (Ji sure, though p.iased by their political opponents. With a view to ensure it a lair trial, Or Nelaon? the ci-devant j10 rebel general, and the Hon. A. N. Morin, wont down to Hlt Nicolut and Berthier, to harangue the people. This ia clj nerhapa the only good thing that Dr. Nelson ever did in _r his life, aa a public man, and he waa insulted aud almost *t atoned for hia paina?a fino commentary on hia constant i,i..,r,= n< i- ..i parti of the French country the people hove exhibited a rui better spuit, anil uaay manifest a just appreciation of the [>v blessings of education. The agitators have got the ,n( name of eteignoin (extinguishers). ou The first annual report recently published by the tcj Montreal Building Society, presents a very favorable tlr account of its transactions. It has done business to the extent of jt'6 ,r>67 13s. 7d ; upon which it has realized a op profit of je-2,13# 13s. ftd. The bonuses have averaged 33,'4 ev per ceut. This u the first society of the kind in Canada; but another has been started at Toronto, in which the bonuses fjr the two first months have averaged 3d}, per cent Similar clubs bid fair to become popular here; a !>e third is said to he on the tapis at Hamilton. !'c From a report of the stati<tics of crime recently 10 published by Judge McCor l, it appears that in Montreal, ^ oflenccs tried by the Courts have increased 100 per cent siKe 1829, against an increase of 33)? per cent in nopula- 1,1 tion. It must be remembeied, however, that in 1818, there was no police?a fact that may account for the of figures, Hince the augmentation of trials has occurred er pnncipully on the two items of larceny and keeping dis- hi orderly houses?odences very opt to be unnoticed where eil no police exists. * ho Considerable excitement has been caused by com- ci plaints of unnecessary cruelty in the Kingston peniten- pi tiary. It is calculated that 150 lashes per diem, or upwards of 50 OuO lathes a year are inflicted there. The cj, probability is, however, that the data by which this result gt] is arrived at are very much exaggerated The outhori- y, ties are anonymous letter-writers, some of whose state- ?<] ments have already been contradicted. All parties de- [>. mand enquiry. Porrlgn Theatricals. Tho Mrs. Yates who attempted to drown herself, was bt proprietress of the Deptford Theatre. She was at Ast- cc ley's when her husband committed suicide. Hho was w lately engaged at the Standard, Hhoreditch. Iter maiden namo was Uurrel? sho c.imo out at the Royalty, in 1819. ol Tho name of a Mr. Lester appears amongst the new st< engagements at the Hay 'iiaiket Theatre, 'i'he gentlemau u h son of Mr. 11. Wallack ; he has gained some g, reputation in the provinces as un actor of much promise to in genteel comedy. lu Mr. Wright who has returned from hia excursion to in Mai gate, re-appearej at his eld quarters, the Adelphi, in his favorite character of Mr Honey bun, in the farce ol t0 " Did you ever send your Wife to Camberweli T\ Barry,the celebrated Clown, is at Astley'a. pi Mr Knowles opened his theatre in Manchester on the w loth inst, with the tragedy of " Macbeth-" Messrs. C. V Pitt, It F. (iraham, W. 11. Maddocks, and Davidge, with 1 Mi?s K.mllv Mon'aruo and Miss s.iker. form tlio portion of the company J Jocepli Cyblor, maitrc drchapelr to Mio Austrian court, has just died at Vionna, nged Hi yean. He was one ol tbe most esteemed model u composers in liermany The new theatre building at Paris, on the spot former* ly occupicd by the hotel Koulon, ia to be called tho theatre du Prince. The reigning Duke of Save Coburg Goths hai juat m composed a grand opera for tbo theatre royal, Berlin. Mr. Laven's opera is in active rohearsal at Drury lane w theatre, in which Mrs. Bishop will sustain a principal ?' P?rt- T " The Siege of Leyden," a new opera in four acta by vi Messrs. Vogel and Hippolite Lucns, has been just put in fj rehearsal at tbe Theatre Royal, at the Hague. This work will be put on tbe stage with great care. A popular and j0 talented Dutch artist has painted the scenes from sketches made expressly at Leydea, nud the costumes will be after th* pictures ol the epoch. The Kin?, who has command- m edthis opera, has forwarded to Mr. Vogel a national song of tho time of William, to be iatroiluced into the opera, which it is expected will prove highly successful. ,l; 0| M. Hith, a composer well known and esteemed in Oer A many, has formed an opcratic corps at Potsdam. The K performances commeuced on the 27tb ult. with "LeCzar J et le Charpentier," by Lotzing. The performances are tl at tbe King's Theatre. Madame Bertololi and Signor Rigamonti are gaining ti great applause at the theatre del Cieco, Ma- rid, m " Ma- \ nne Kaiiero," tho first as prima donna, and the latter as 0 rirst tenor. " I Lombur4i" has also been produced for ft tnc debut of Kelotti. Ouv Stephen has also been reaping n ?;oldon laurels in a new ballet, called " La Kortuna ; 6 la (u tenia <iel Mundo." Ole Bull's ^oucerU are well attended. Madrid is very full of visiter*, on account of tiie royai " Muuauie Oliver an l Madame Sophie Trey, two actress e> of the theatie of Cette, narrowly escaped being 111 drowned in returning from an excursion on the sea. The boat came in contact with a Dutch brig, and was im- ki mediately upset. The two ladies were precipitated into ci the sea. and would have peiishcd, had it not been for one of their companion*, the editor of the Theatrical Journal, <t< of Montpelier, who saved both by catching them, oue after the other, by the hair of their heads, aal sustained them until another boat came to their assistance. ' Goldsmith's "Vicar of Wakefield" has furnished two c< French dramatists with the subject of a drama, in two acta, to ba shortly produced at toe (Jymnase Theatre. si l? M. Dumas,in his translation of'Hamlet," latoly produced, d| has trunsiierred the ghost scene in Itichard the Tuird, to .1, add to that of Hamlet. The Dramatic and Mutical Review gave an interesting ni sketch of the life of the celebrated cautatrice, Jenny q Lind, last week. She was born at Stockholm, on the Mh ol February, IH-jO. Her parents kept a school. "Her ]e voice is of an extraordinary compass, and the upper notes aie quite delicious, as clear as a bell; and she warbles . like a nightingale." We leai tliero is hut little chance _ ol her visiting England?at least, for some time to comc; far she docs not like to sing even in Italian, much less ~ fcnglisii. T Madamo Grisi and Signor Mario became life subscribers ..j often guineas each to ihe Koyul Society of Musicians belore they lett Kngland; and Siguor K Lablache, besides . becomii.^ an unnual subkcrib^r,p/esented a donation of live guinea* to that excellent institution. The Distin family have been performing at Norwich, th and seveial other places, recently with the greatest sue ?c cesa. la addition to their very clever display on the d< Sax horns, they introduce vocal music, in parts; an I Pi Miss M. O'Connor sings some Irish melodies very ce sweetly. pc Meyerbeer, the composer, who has been seriously ill. P.' was somewhat better according to tac last letters lrom " r?ns. Of At the Italian Opera, Paris, Coletti is expected to make hi his dChut in ' Semlrainlde," and afterwards in the "Two th foscari." Tadolini has arrived to superintend the produc- ne tion of this latter opera. The piompter of the Orand Theatre of Marreilles, hav- ! ?,< ing had seme tiifling quarrel with the manager, one day ! j | last week, threw himself out?f a window, live stories m high, and was killed ou the spot. a,( A letter from Pesth, in Hungary, dated 29th ultimo, ,ri contains the following particulars ol a brutal outrage us " The day beiore yesteiday, at the German Theatie, the *1' performance was the ' Mysteries of Paris,' a drama 0,1 lounued on the celebrated novel. As soon as the mana- h" ger of tho theatre, M. Korst, who Is a clever actor, and a" had a part in the piece, mado his upptarance on the stage, ha mis received with dealcning hisses, and criea of ' OH ?oft ! ?we will have no <J?i mini theatre!' M. Forst ad- j vaiict d to the front of ihe staga to adiiress the andienre, nbut the hisses and cries were redoubled M. Forst per- 10 slsted in being heard; and remained on the stage, indi- " eating tiy his gestures ihnt he would w.iit till the storm should stibiMe. but in this he was mistaken, for about a n< hundred young fellows rushed from the pit on to the I * ktage, cr>ing oat " D? a the German Theatre !?male- ? diction to the German Theatio ! ' seir.ed M. forst by the I 1" collar, and commenced kicking him in the most brutal | I* manner, until ha quitted tho stage. Not satisfied with j tc this, they followed him through the streets to hia own I l" home, hooting him, striking him with their sticks, and n pelting him with potatoes and eggs. The police at length ' 01 [ERA 846. 'eated .several of the otf'onder*. M Ferst it confined ' hid bed from the brutal treatment he ha* experi- O cod " rhe Misses Cushman have been drawing crowded uses at the Liverpool AJelphi in their most popular , , aractera. jj| Landfort Theatre ha* openod for the winter Ronton i efficient company hat been engaged, including' ta oiigtt other*, Mr. K. Law*, Mr. W. Saldera, Mr. Ron- ' f0 ), Mr. W. Ryan, Mr (i. Barton, Mr France, Mr* Leigh ttI jrray, MUt Vernon, See The opening performances th iro '' Othello," and " The Waterman." I,' Villa Biddlo, a pupil of the Royal Academy of Music, po to made 10 luccetaful a debut at Mr. Allcroft'* laat A ncert, at Covent garden Theatre, ha* gone to Italy, to tit mplete her muiical education. c? rhe new theatre of Verona, the Teatro Nuovo, has it opened in very excellent style with Verdi'* opera of w Ittila!" 111 \uber ia busily engaged in writing the music of a:i ,,r era for the Acadeniio Royale de Mitsiquo, which, it it w d, will be the author of " .Vlataniello't" last work. cb Dn the opening night, tho Pari* Italian Opera of Co- to ti made a very favorable d ibut in " La Semiramide;" *t; ) journal* apeak highly of him both a< an actor and iger. They expect to give Verdi'* " Deux Foscari" rii fore the end of tho mouth. Pacini's " La Fidanzetta ma'' is nlao in r<ah*artinl: Mndjmn Pnrfinnl will una- ar q the principal part. It is in contemplation to brine t, subsequently, Mercadante's " Leonora," iu which at blache, sen , will have an excellont build part. an H. Vieuxtemps, the celebrated violinist, has just bean i>ointod that violinist to the Kmperor ol Russia, and ! ectur ol the Conservatoire at St. 1'cteraburg. Nlad'llc Cnrlotta Oris! is orgaged to pa** th ) mouth or nuary at Rome. lh Mad'lle Mars has met with a serious attack of illnesi m thin the last few days, bat at the latest date hopes are m tertained of her recovery. w \ letter from Berlin says: "On the 3*JJ ult. the Theatre L? >yal, Berlin, gave the tirst representation of 1 Struen- j ?,' a tragedy, in live acta, and in verso, by the late ichael Bfcer, with an overture and entr'actes by hi* il itrious brother, Meyerbeer, l'ho music, especially . 3 overture and second entr'acte, which are a kind of . t itaiia on the national airs of Denmark, was most en- . usiastically applauded. This tragedy, which is found- , ' upon the life of Count Struensee, who was beheaded . nil 29, 1771, at Copenhagen, was originally written for 0 Theatie Royal in 1910, but was not allowed to be rformud in rousenuence of tlio tticn recent occurrence f tho events alluded to. It has now been produced by , der of the King, and will doubtless create a Jururt in tjrrnany. o( An artist of some celebrity in Franco, M. Barthelmy1 th proposed to erect a grand miiiie hall in I'uris, oppo' e the Louvre Colonnade, aud by the sido of the ol urch of Saint Germain 1'Auxerrois. This intended su and talle a muiique is of an elliptical form, that being, so is said, the lorm best calculated lor the reflection of et und. It is to te so constructed that it will either allord ot commodation for 6,000 persons, or collate, aud leave bi om merely for 600. The orchestra, which is to occu- er one end of tho ellipsis, is to bo constructed on similar pti schanical principles, so as to provido space for MOO or in ly 100 execulamt and vocalists, as the nature of tho en- m rta nment nay require. Such a building has for a long m no been a great desideratum in Paiis, u hero a music p? 11 capable of accommodating a large audience, and an )o chestra on an extensive scalo, do not exist;and there is nv cry reason to believe tliat Mr. Barthi>lmy 'a ingenious io an will at once be carried out. m A new opera house is building in Barcelona, and will 1 called the Theatre Isabella. This establishment will r<! i opened on the occasion of the lrios which the Barce- ?' naiso intend giving to the l^ueeu in the ensiling spring vi hen iier Majesty contemplates visiting Catalonia. The ti; i.e of the interior is said to bo equal U> that of the grand *? eatre, L,a Scala, at Milan. The Duke de Hivas, a grandee of Spain, and member ' the Spanish Academy, bail wrilteu a play id five acta, iti'.led "t)ou Alraro l'lndica; ou Uue Dentine," which is been accepted at tho Odeou. This work in contiderI to be one of the best 01 modern Sp.miah dramas, and ?c is already been translated into several languages, espeally Italian, a<d very warinly applauded as well at Na- u us at at Madrid. jj' Mrs. Kitzwilliam ii making a most successful tirorinal tour. Her engagement)) at Uir.ningtiam, Leicester, id Worcester, bave been reoewed. She proceeds into *" uiluhire and Laucathiro previous to her return to town jK I'be tireen Busbei" and the "Maid with the Mil ting 1,1 lil," "Olif Rosin tho Beau," have baen her most at- tr active performance*. It is reported that 1'aul Bedford is to bo the prima basso iffo at Covent Garden, and that a grand scena will lie pl imposed expressly for him, in tho course of which he ill accompany himself ou the ophcleide. Mr. Lavenu's new opora,which is to he shortly brought 0I it at Drury Line,is highly spoken of. Mr. Larvuu ?ai j0 dp-son to the late Mr. Mori. 0j Mr. aDd Mrs. Charles Matthews have accepted nn en- pi igutnent to perform, for n limited period, at the Hrigh- 0| II theatre taa latter end ol this montu. Mr Jo tin Pari y, v.>o, has been engage 1 by Mr. Hooper, lor a few oven- V igs, to ?ing between the dramatic pieces. I uac (l orrrttt lnvnr r?f mtiair* on<! ar^nrdincr ir i I'lay lord, acquired oil excellent knowledge of tho viol s< i jumba, having, during his lather's lito-Umc, been a pu- oi il of Coperario (Cooper.) Ho cave great encourage- M ifiut to tbe cultivation of the " diviue art," and made >? V Bnil grants to it* professors. In the list of his band we |> [id tho names of several compoteis whose works aro w ill known to us, as tboso of Fo??rd, Ferabosco, Johnson, 1; ay, Veering, nd others. It was during the reign of it monarch that dramatic music was prominently ? -ought forward theie being performed, iu the Middle u ample, in Iti35, a masque, written by Sir William Du- Ul mailt, tbe vocU and instrumental music to which is ^ id tu have been composed by William and Henry g, awes. There was also another masque, by the same ithor, produced in 1639, tho music by Lewis Hichard, aster of his majesty's music. ? I'ersinni has beon in London, making arrangements ith Mr Bealc, whose appointment, as chief director id manager, has given tho highest satisfaction to the sard and all others connected with the establishment. he various musical parties which have visited the pro- Cl inces for these ten years past, have been under Mr. eale's superintendence, including Thalberg, Listz, Da leyer, Dohler, Urisi, f crriani, Custellan, Rubini, Mar- Ci i, Kornasari, Lablache, F. Lablache, John Tarry, tec. rr The Princess's Theatre has closed with the engage' * ent of Madame Vestris anil Mr. Charles Mathews, who *( e going to make a professional tour in the provinces. T he Princess's Theatre will remain closed for a few j' iys, when it will re-open with Loder's long talked of " [i?ra founded on the ballet of " G welle,'' in which Mad. !* lbcrtazzi, Mr. Allen and Mr. Leiller will be engaged. ' leimore, one of tho best amongst the successors of old o: o?y, is to be the clowu in tho Christmas pantomime at * lis establishment j: ltofsirii's jiattlccio, sn> s a French journal, under the tie of " Hubert Bruce."'is already in rohcaisal at tho | icadamie Royale de Musiuuo. The music is composed t fa seUction fiom the works of the ma'tlro in his youthil days, which had the misfortune to be damned. Bar- (| >hilet, Uardoni, Mad. Stolz and Mad'lle. Nau are to sus- ? lin the pi incipal roles. , They have in rehearsal at Prague, Goethe's " Faust," 6 ith music, by Lindpaintner, and Shakspere's " Midsum er Night s Dream," the music by Mendelssohn bar oldy. The Russian General Aloxis Ivoff, of St Petersburg, nown in the artisticul world as a sitillul violinist, ha* imposed an opera, eutitled " Undino." J IvanofT i? engaged for tho approaching Carnival at rieate and at Vienna, the eniuing spring. a David'* " Deinit" ha? jiut been represented in charac- J ir at Aix-la-Chapelle. Korty figurantu and two mock H imels were introduced on tuo stage. H Duth amd the Poi.m?A melancholy instance of " idden death occurred Tuesday night, at the saloon Va- '' ntino, I'aria. A young and beautiful women, whilst (t mcing the Polka with great animation, suddenly fall on *' 10 floor, and without ottering a wjrd, died. 1,1 Perrot and Madame Cai>teilan are expected at Milan, 8, id fc'ornasaii at Verona, Uetelii ii cnuagod at Lislx>u. ?j n dit, at Bologna, that Madame Tadolini. Mornani, and ^ previa aro at present unengaged. Lablachc will not aI avo Naples until alter Christmas. p Intendant General of the Theatres Roy- tj has announced (hat them will ha executed in the M iuisc ol the latter thieo inontl><i ol tho year thi en new to eiman operas, "Uuiliaiiiao d'Orango,' by Kckert , to '1 he JSlacksmith of Worms." by Loit/.ing ; and " 1 ho wo Princes," by Ksser The revival of bpontiui i <*?rdinand Cortex" has proved perlecily successful. Morn than usual preparation* are making in Italy, the '' ti't of song, for the approaching carnival. Those at aples we have already announced. Li Hcala, at Milan, ?J ill give lour new works ; l'crrot was expee'ed there J 0 ilth of tnis month. At La Pergola, at Florence, thu n-on w as inaugurated with Rossini's opera "Matilda > 8chabraii,"aii'l a goo<l ballet entitled "Giovanni da .r.' ocida." At Uauoa theie is no siDgcr ofcclebrity, exipting Rovere, the best prima contico which lUly ? isseKtes at tne present time. At P.irraa they aro ap- ?J audit.g an opera entitled " La Cantatrice," the first u ork oi a young composer, and Cetera ha* arranged a* ballet the subject ol "Count 1. golino.'" At Turin, on the J loniug night, they gave the o|h>ra of "Robert le L)ib. " c " At Venico tho man.igrrof La Kenice has engaged e young Maestro Maliplero to write, this winter, a iw opeia expressly lor this thoatru. C Mr. Dempster, at the last aocounts, was giving hia mu- i '' :al entertainment* ,n Aberdeen with great success j 1 be Abrrdtm banner , in speaking of him, says :?Mjs u*ic altogether has on us the tame effect that good mu- 1 x : and natural manner salways have - that ol a lanzied J*1 ansportatian into Kairy laud. Wu ate not given to tho " ie ol hy pel bole, and we oie theieforo quito at a re- I ectful distance Irom exaggeration when we express 1 J11 selves as we have done, and when we add tiiai wo ivenotthe slightest douh. that the sentiment of the idience at the conclusion of Mt D's performance wai at of our own lieutt?" we are sorry it's over " When ; . e loud cheers of hia audience called for the repetition the genuine Scotch song and air " 'i'ak' yer anid cioak out )e," Mr Dempster with the willing accord of the ? rmer, substituted and snug with much leoling burns s Highland Mary," after which, in returning thank* to ose who had lavored him with their presence, he an- I I. mnced hia intention of giving a second entertainment, hen ba is to favor the Ahenleen public by staging hia Jt( 'lubiated " May queen." Although, as he mentioned, 1 ia a native not ol Aberdeen, but ol Keith, we must l>a pi emitted to say that we shall consider ourselves eutitled l?, i pronounce a very low opinion indeed of the musical of ate ol our cit./ens, if on that occasion the county ?*; iorns shall not be Oiled, a* it if tritely expressed, h> rwflowwg. } * LD. Prlca Two Cants. Hubert Owtn rt Jhtvantaget to lit Drrivtd from a Knou>lttlg* uf ihr Scitnrt of tht Influence of Ciriumtlancti ovn Uuit u>i Natui e. What i? man nrcording to pait experience, 10 fur *4 existence -ha? beuu developed by the history of thx man race ! Ha i?, by this ovi<lence. a beinu wIiom physical. raor1, moral, mid practical (jualilie* are formed at birth, r mm, i>y me great crcaiiu* |iow?r 01 me uuiverie, ill whom* subsequent ch.ructer ii formed for him by o influence of tiie circumutjn.-es which are permitted natuie un 1 socie'y to net from birth to dea;h ?n the culiar organisation ttr.m formed in on each individual, ud, therefore, "on is the etiated characUror organixa>n of the individual at hirth, and us are the cirrmnstauI, whether inferior, mixed or Rood, which act from rth. through life to death, upon that organization ao ill the charucter of the individual he, taken at any moent of hiii existence " With the knowledge of thii icience, freed from the ejudices of latitude and longitude, aociety may now, ith groat laV.iux benefit to all, almost re-create tha larocter of man and re-construct the institutions which ciety, while inexperienced in the icience of circnraauces, has unwisely conceived and executed Inferior circumstances created by aociety. make infe)t men and women. Mixed circumstance) created by society, make men id women with mixed churactera. Superior circumstances, wherever society shall cred them to the exclusion of mixed and inferior, will ike mperior men and women. Society, if it had the knowledge of this icieace, posssea the molt ample neons und power, now to oreata eso superior circumstances, to the exclusion of all imlior or mixed. It ia now the interest of every one over tl.o earth, that ete superior circuuintancea should ho fonned, without oro delay, grndunlly to supersede the inferior and ixed, that tliere might be nous hut su|>erior men and omen formed to occupy every portion ol the earth, and sccure tho oxcollcuco, perpetual progress in real lowlcdgo and consequent increase of goodness and ippincKi thence arising, through every succeeding mention. Man being to such an overwhelming extent th? creere of bad or good circumstances, aud it being of th* ghest importance to exch, that all should be made good jm birth, the great object of all future education will i, to well inatruct each one in an accurate and ixtsaire knowledge ol this new science, and how, most adintageously, to apply thia invaluable knowledge to rer.v day practice, as well aa to form the great outline r the government of the woild, with all its details, >m the well ordering ol the whole to the oareful form*in of the character of each individual, and supervision his conduct, to securj his well doing and liappineea rough life. The ample means which Kociety possesses t? graduly supersede inferior and mixed circumstances by iperior, consists in the abundance of land, minerals, is, rivers, springs, scientific productive pow', and manual skill and labor to direct it, with every her niatoiial which mav now he had in suncrlluitv for iitdiiig?, or the manufacture of clothe* and food, but penally iu the )i?w knowledge t>y which ? superior lysical, muntal, moral and practical character may be sured for every ono born with the full facultiei of bnanity. And the beat mode of applying those ample cans to practice, to eil>ct tho chungo in the shortest iriod, without injury to any, and the most beneficially r all, will be through a cordial union of the governants of Europe and America, in tho first instance, to rtn a real holy alliance to accomplish the greatest perunent good tor governors and govorued aver yet atined, and when America and Kurope have been thus igeneruted, wli'ch, going properly to work, msy te ex;uied over both districts, even in our day these goBrmneuts may then form a similar alliance with the aulorities which Mile in Asia and Alrica, and thus may ley easily extend this happy change ever the world. KUI1KKT OWEN. At sea, ship Victoria, 13th Sept, 1840. Varieties. At Boston, on Thursday, a man named John Leaa, iTTiuiitted suicide, by jumping from the third story wintw ul house No. 3D Ann street lie fell on the aide alk and fractured his skull. He was laboring under a of delirium tremens at the time he committed the ted. Gov. Younu's Health ?A letter in the ~1lbauy EvrnK Journal, dated Nov 9th, says:?"Mr. Young, though >t entirely recovered from his attack of hemorrhage st spring, appeared lively and cheerful. He Is able to an*act business aiul to entertain his friends in a free id social manner, guided, of Bourse, by prudence. I ive the assurance of his neighbors and himself, :ha? be is been improving iu health finely for several weeks? (penally since the 3d of November instant. Anew steam factory is in progress of erection in this iwn, but a few rods iu n westerly direction from the te already built. It is to be about one hundred feet ng, forty wide, two stories in height, an4 is to be built ' wood. It will probably be completed and the spindles it in motion before tho large brick factory gets into lull icrution. It is calculated exclusively for spinniug. and ill contain between three and four thousand spindles.? orlsmoulh Gazette. The Frankfort (Ky.) Commonwealth notices the death i Woodford county, on the 24th ult, of Henry, an old jrvant of James H. Klliot, Esq , at the advanced age of no hundred and twelve >oar?, (lltl). He was born in larylaud, and at two years old was taken to Staunton, a., alterwards to Kentucky, where he speut the larger ortion of his life. At H4 years old he married his fourth rife, and raised a family of seven children. He waa a utliful servant, an honest man, and died a Christian. The canal boat President, Goat. Drum, arrived at her rharf on Uaturday evening direct from New Lisbon, .:.i. . r ft ? i 1 i .. . v.: - il. a t rriral from that new work, wo think proper to chronicle The Sandy and Beaver i* in fine order to Naw LiiBiiPitti^urmQjMttU, TutiJay. The St. At fire* the name* of three mora r the stcamboafa 'aoaggecT and lo?t near that city?the oreat, Wheel of Fortune, and the C. Connor. ETho 6th of November wax celebrated in Naw Orleana > the Italian* A national iatate waa flred in honor ?f le memory ef departed patriot*, and varioni appropriate sremonie* took place. Thk Gkrman Roiiubky.?Officer Mink has sucfcdeil at last, we tbink, in obtaining a clue to the len who robbod the Oerman emigrant* at the houta of reuder, on the pier, norno time unce. Stewart Korbe*, >mewbat notorious at the police otflco, wa? arretted estenlay alternoon on a charge of being concerned in le robbery. It appeari that he >ent by a deck hand on le lianc Newton, named Henry Like, on Monday night, iveral twenty irunc piece* to have changed in Naw ork. Like let out tlid *ecret, end Officer Mink heard f it and at odco communicated the Uct* to the Mayor nd Alderman Harcourt, who iniUtuted an investigation, .ike, whenarieiteJ, dauied having cUapgedany money jr Korbe*, but waa finally frightened into an admiaaion, nd confessed that he had changed about $50 for Forbea, u Oerman gold. Koiben wa? committed. Mink wa* on rack of farther information la*t night, and got clua to a ieteofgold p.itied by Klia* Kent, similar to that itolea rom the Oerman*. We thould not be turpriiad if thia rreit would lead to the ducoverv of the whole affair, vhich hut been *o long ahrouded In my stery.? Knicktr acker. The person* implicated are in priton, and an officer ia n New York for the purpoie of procuring, if po?*ibl?, lie money exchanged by Like Very (anguine hope* re entertained of tlie final development ol the whol* *ct* connected with thi* outrageou* robbery.? 'ouriial. Finn in Bridoton, Me.?On Saturday morning, i fire broke out in the blacksmith whop of Mr. ohn Webb. The furniture eitabliahmenta of Maaara. I. V. Smith and H Baiton, and a new nw mill of Mr. niimin IVnlUpr u'am r.ftmolotflv Aliriltoad in ihm amo*. and all efforts to save tor ot thoM buildings or leir contents were vain. On the opposite aid* or th* rret tne bouae of Mr. Perkina waa partially destroyed, nl the houses of Mr. Webb and Mr. Kimball were (laaged. Mr. Walker loat a new and valuable aaw mill id apparatus estimated at $1160?no insurance. Mr. tnith lost shop, mac hinery, stock, tools and furniture, 1 estimated at $1000?Insured $400 in I. Mutual Co., orham. Mr ituston lost shop, machinery, atock, toola id furuituru, oil estimated ?t $?00? insured $700 in rotection Co. Ilaitford ; Mr. Webb lost shop, stuck and via, estimated at $&iO?no insurance. The damage to r Perkins's liouso ia estimated at $160. The damago Mr V, ebb'a house is estimated at $160. The damage i Mr. Kimball's houro ia estimated at $7*. Magnetism and Famine.?The Buffalo CommtrU Adrt tisrr remakfl:?The advicea'by the Hrinnia received he re by telegraph on Saturday were inxrect, and hs they were do'patched Westward by the er.drick lludeon, t'uey will no doubt occasion l.ea?y issea to persona West, who may bo influenced by them, istead of there heme; an advanceof <>s on fleur ai wai presented, there is r.ot an alvancoof a single penny J he advices were distrusted hero on Saturday by some [ our shrewdest operators, who embraced the eerljeet I'poitunity of selling, and some 6,two bushele Wisconsin lloat, told at *0 cent* If no dependence is to be pieced u the accuracy ot the news transmitted by the telegraph, le qulekei the wires and posts are femoved, the better >r ail concerned. News from Cd?a.?By the brig North Bend, ;ai>t Cole, we received a til?; of Havana |>npera j the Wh ult inclu ire.and also a letter from our Mataaas correspondent ot the 21st. Our letter from .Matanzaa stated that the OOlfte crop >jll be sansibly lessened from the ertecte of the humane, and those of tobacco and grain almost com|tfet?lf *t. The cane fields have escaped without any matenl injury, though the quality of the com In? crop will, tt thought. I e deteriorated, ami the quantity be about 10 16 per cent less. Business was (lull, hut the coming MOO will, it was believed, be a earlier than inal. as muny estates will commence grinding within or 14 days, and produce was expected to be in market r the end of November, or begiuning of December.? Knrlrt.nn Courier, 10'V NEW DISCOVERY, ? V whirh all ftoves. and 1'ipes, or Ornfea, m?y he kept e ' Jhl BLA' K, with w lienutiful polish *s a < VJSJl '"All ith one application a year. Hold only at II COURTLANu eet. Also, HAYS LINIMENT, wnminfed to eare aay eaae of le? l>r. M'Nair's A( Ol H IJC OIL, a certaia eere lor lafneea. Hewa'a LJNIMfcNT, warranted tsssnm eve Itheumattam. Oldriiiir t BALM (IF lOLUMBlA.fcr hast India HtlK t)VK. will color the hair aJet ack, and not a?ain tlie h?in. Lo'^j1- s Wesrerii "ANA K.A, warranted to enre soy ease of Asthma or Dy*!?pata ild at tl Coaullaad street oM lu?*?

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