Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 16, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 16, 1846 Page 1
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TH] Vols xu. ifo. auo-whoit no. *?a 4. THFNEW YOMHERALD.' IAMES 60RB0N BENNETT PROPRIETOR. {Jircnlatiou---Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Eee'v day, Price I eentt per copy-$7 li per fjiam-payable in adrance. WEEKLY HERALD?Eeery Saturday?Price cen t I per coin? 3 I1H cents par annum?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?V very Steam Packet day. Price cent* per ropy?S3 00 per annum, payable in ad- 1 ranee ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiual pricca?always caab i in admire I POINTING ofall kinds executed with beauty mad I patch AH letter or communication!, by mail, addresssed to the I establishment, must be post paid, or the poitage will be de- I ducted trom the subscription uioney remitted t [ JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the 1 New Yoax Hxnai.n Establishment. < North- Wnt cnmrr of Koltou uil Nassau treats* ] TKAVELUNi; AOCUJinUDATlONS. i change of hours. ! L. 1SL.1XD R.1JLR0.1D-f\1LL JIRRJiXmKilENT , M i Oa and tftar MONDAY, October I), 1616, Trams mil rau a* 1 fuliowr: ' Leave BaooiLr-r?at 7 o'clock A. M. (Burton unn) for 4>rernport. daily, (exc?t>l Huudays) stopping at ] Farinmgdale ana St. George'* Manor. " " *t9K A M., daily, for Farmingdale and later- ] mediate place*. I " " at II o'clock, M., for Greenport, daily, f Sunday* etcepted,) stopping at Jamaica,, liicksville, and all station* e*?t of Hiehsvi tin. " " at 4 P.M. for Furmuigdale, daily. A un Oaaarrroar?at A. M., daily accommodation trai. for Brooklyn. M " at 3H P- M-, (or on the arrival of the boat(Vom Norwich.) noiton traai daily, (eicept Sunday*,) atoppiug at St. George'* Manor and , Farmingdale. Lea** FaEMinoDALE atf-K A. M. daily, (except Sunday*,) accorauiodnti .n train, and 12 M. and i\ P. M. Leave Jamaica?? * o'clock A. M., 1 P. M., and 9K P. M., far Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boaton train. J A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Oreenport, with a paa*eu(*r*' car attached, oivMnndars,. Wednesdays and Friday*, at 9K A. M. Hetnrniug, leave Oreenport at o'clock P. M, oa 1 neaday, Thnraday and Saturday!, atoppiug at inter mediate placea. SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hareaftor run to Tompaon Su'ion, leave Brooklyn at Vo'alock for Thompson and intermediate placea,commencing Santas 'ac9tk Nevambvr, returning leave Thompson at 2 o'clock P.M., Farming Dai el W, Jamaito 3)4, leave Brooklyn for Jamaica 9 A. M., and 4 P. M. Fane to?Bedford, centa; Kaet New Ytrk.'. IK: Ban Course, UK;Trotting Course UK; Jamaica. 26; BrushviiU, ; H i de Park, ( t7 miles) 37K; Clowsville, (during the *ev 1 i in of Conn) l?Xi H?mp*te?d, I7K; Branch 37K; Carle Plice.44; Weatbnry. 44; HickiviBe, 44; Farmingdale, 62K; Deer Park,69' Thompson, 99; Suffolk St it ion, 91;Lake Road Station, 91 UK; Medford Station, Si UK: Yaphauk.Sl S7K; St. George'* Manor, 91 62K; Riverhead, 91 62K: Jamesport, SI 62h; Mattetuck, 91 92H; Cntcliogne, 91 62K; Soutnold, SI 62Ki Ureenport Accommodation Train, 91 74; Oreeuport by BnHmi train. 92 23. Stagea are in raadinet* oa the arrival of Train* at the aeveral Station*, to take passenger* at very low fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readine*s at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage f. r the aeveral trains, 30 minntea be'ore the hoar ol'atarting from the Brooklyn aide. T)<es:*ai?boat "S ateamra" leave* Greenport for Sag Harbor on the arriral of the Boaioa tram from Brooklyn Srooklya, (let. 9, 1649. o9 rrc i luAl-. A ll) MA'JUi'i n.iD W fc,?' N IlAIIJ liOADH, GEOilGlA. ah lhr an^htTLtie Railroad ' J ol the 8tste ol Georgia, lorm a continuous line from 8?- ' vanush to Oothealoga, Georgia of 171 miles, rii J? ffuvauuahtn V.seoe... .Central Railroad 190 miles Mtci-a to Atlaata Macon 8t Western Railroad 1*1 " Atlncta to Oothealogu. Western k Atlantic " N " Goods will be carried Iroin savannah to Atlaata and Ooth ealoga. at the following rates, vi* : On WkioHt Goods. Tojtt- To Oolh Bugst, Coffee Liquor, Magging. Rope, lanto. coins a Cutter. Cheese, Tobacco. Leather, Rides, Cottoa Varus, Copper, Tin, Oar and fheet lroa. Hollow Ware aud Cuttings SO 39 $4 73 0 our, Kics, liacoa in casks or botes, 1 'ura, BeeLFuh, Lard. Tallow, Beesirai, Mill Gearing, Tig Iron and Grind dtones.... $ M ?0 MR ' On McasttBKMicnT Uoods. Botes of Hats, Bonnets and Furniture, < per rnbic loot? $9 M $0 * Botes and bale* of Pry Goods, Saddlery ulass, Taints, Drugs and Confection- < ery, per cubic foot $6 30 p. 100 lbs. 35 Crockery, parcubic foot . $0 13 " " 33 Molasses and Oil, per hhd. (smaller I eaaka in proportion,) If H $13 00 Ploughs, Marge) Cultivators, Corn Bhellara. aad Straw Cntteri, eacn (123 (130 Plouglia, (small) and Wheelbarrows... .(0 10 (100 ' Salt, pet Liverpool Sack (0 79 $6 <6 I Pastasg. bavannah to Atlanta (10 04 Children nnder 12 years of age, half "rice. Savannah to Mncon, (7 M (T f tioods consign ad to tha Subscriber will be forwarded ' free of Commissions. !T7" Freight maybe paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Ooth ealoga. F. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, C. R. K. SsvattiVAH. Anguat 13. Iktt. al>2m*rre REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WOR- , (gTTTl 1'kthi change of^^^^^A (Scare or Bitugtige, or withmiu^H^^B . I M J-crossiny any berry . o isaeugem taking their seats si Norwich, are insnred their . u throogh to Bostoa This being the only inland route tli t communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by thia line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their r baggage, and who will otherwise gire his attention to their , ease and comfort. This liua leaves sonth side Pier No 1, North River, foot of Battery tiace, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 5o'clock,P. M., gnd arrives in Boston in time w> take all the eastern trains. . The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dnstan, leaves every Tnesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 3 o'clock, P. M. The steamer WORCESTER, Captain Van Pelt, leaves every Moaday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 3 o'clock, P. M. For farther inlormatiou, inquire of J. H. VANDEltBILT, No. ? Battery Plaee, North River. el tf re iv TROY MORNING ANLf EVENING LiNfc ] MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. i nttM| gfl FOR ALBANY AND TROY?From the ? OC?2x*MF8iiamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay street. 3MEnudH^JE.Ltu<ling at Paekikill, West Point, New argh, Hampton, Milton, Ponghkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhine J aeek.u. Red Hoofg. Bristol, Catalull, Hudson, Coisaekie, Kiaderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast aad d.inrron board the boat. 1 The steamboat P1AUAKA, will leave ea Monday, WadBesday and Friday Mornings 7 A.M. . Ihe steamboat TROY, Captain Oorbstn, on Tuesday, I Tha sday and datarday mornings, at T o'clock. Re 1 rising oa opposite day*. Far ansae# at freight apply ea beard, or at the oSaa ea tha MEVr YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LIKE. > -R ALBANY AND TROY DIHKCT, Fmai the pier et the foot of Conrtlandt sueet. The low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Maey. leaves the foot ol Conrtlandt street, ea Tuesday, Than day ad Saturday ?vening?,-t Gve o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will laavs ea Moaday, Wednesday aid Friday evaatngs, at 3 lyil. -1 - .? . . . I .WC^|V? HI VUBUi WUk ?rriTB IV 11I3? TO Ullt the Morning Train of Can from Troy mtt to Buffalo, aaf north to Bamtoga, Whitehall and Lake C'oamclaia. For Paaaago orFreight, apply oa board, or at too Offiee oa the wtarf. Mo freight taken after 4R o'clock. NOTK Er-AII gooda, freight, bank bille, ipeeto, or any otbor kind of property. poemrely at the owner'a riak. J Mr NEW VORK, ALBANY.AND TROY LINE, KOR ALBANY AND THOY DIRECT. From the Pier at tba foot of Courtlandt Street?Paiaage f 1 90 ?Bertha AOconta. 1 _an-l gmI PAMKNOER8 raking thia Boat wilt XT arrive ia time to take (he Moraine nf f SCZrfKjK. cara from Troy weat to Bnffilo, and r.orth \ to raki ehnll aed LaaeChamplatn. Th? low preaaure rteainbo-l EMPIRE, Capt. R. B. Mary, r Thia Keeniu( at ? o'clock. Regalar daya, Taeadav, Thorn- a day and Saturday. For Pannage or Freight. apply on Board, or at the Office on the Wharf.?Freifht inner be not in charge wf (he Freifht \ AfC"i or the roe paiy will niilbe reaponaihUf-r loaa. I UFPOai llON MORNING LINb' AT bi' U i, CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landia| at Hammond atreot, Van Corriaadt'a (Peokakill) , Cold Spring, Ncwbar^h, .New Hamb'jrah. Milton, Ponfh p keepaie, llyde Park, Kmgaton, l.'pper Red Hook, Briatol, . Catakill, Hudaon, Coaaackie and K?oilrrko->k. , Paaaage, One O/ llar.^O nftM jrW THE new and faai-aailniK low-rreaanrt fl^ygfcQoateamboatMF.TAVlORA.Capt. P. H Smith. SiwaMDLwill learc .he pier foot of Warren atreet oa Monday. Wedueaday and Friday, at 6R o'clock, A. M. Re tnrnug.leave Albany on TueaJay, Thnraday and Saturday Paaaenyera taking thia boat will amre in Albany in time for the train! of cara going North and Weat. Breaklaat and JJinoeron board. For freight or paeaage apply on board, or of A. CLARKE, corner of Weat and Warren atrecta. 1 Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, lb eaau; Ponghkeepaie, St: f Hodaoii. 73; Albany. ?l. o4 Im r ( TO I'KAVLLLuKa OOi'.dCr SOUTH. NEW AND MOHT AUHKKA dLK LINE TO a FrrAntcktkwrgA, JUrAmend, PttrrAurgk, Pi ; LyncAAtirgA, JUiergA, SKeMew, 61 C j end CkarUttMi, S. C. THE PUBLli; ere informed that the new I Bg yt|d 'of presaare atcamer MOUNT EHNON, eonneetiiig with the (ireat Mail Line it ACijaie ( reek, learea Commerce atreer wharf. Balti- E more, eeery Toeaday and knday erening, at a P. M. for the aboie point a. Through Tieketi to Richmond $ I 00 f " " to I'eterabnrg " , m " " to Welden, N. C 1 no " " toCharle too, 8. 0,"*jp gg Bring at the fame price, ffioie direct and npoduinu and n much more certain than the Cheaapeake Bay and Jara.raKiTer ' bte.noboat Line, all the wide and rough portion nf the Bay between the month ol the Potomac nnd Old Poiut Comfort, a beirg entirely avoided by thia Line. Travellers are adnaed that the Line hereby adeerriaed ia part and parcel of the Ureal Mail Line through V'.rgima, and that it ia the inteution of the Com|>antea composing the Ureal Mail Liua thai pmvrnycra ahnll be ermreyed by ihem in con- . paction with the Mount Vernon, always aa cheaply aa bv any any other line, aud with more Comfort, eiprdttion am car- , tmnty, then by any othet Line eaccpt the Line via Waah- , ingt".i r or Inither pirticnlara enonire at the Honthern Railroad of- , Bar, Pratt ft.. Baltimore, of S I'OCKTON St k ALLS, or at * the Commerce at. whatf, or on Taeaday* and Fridaya oa n board the Mount Veruoa. of , C. W. UyNNEL, Captain. ' N. B.?Trarellera by the above Line will bear in mind that t) they have two honra mere in Baltimore than passengers by r the Chernpeake Bay and >amr> Hirer boata, and yet reach any point Houth ol reterabarg el tlie aim# time with theae laat, area whew 'here ia no breach of connacuen by tl>e Day laiM. ?H 1m?t* h E NE NE1 ttuvmic Ai^nnuuATiuNB. A m. M. M KUCHE^koTHLi^V Co. ARRANGEMENTS. MB1IUICM to tad Puttee from Ureal Britain and Ireland BLACK BALL, OK. OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the lat and 16th of every month A!?o, by fir?t clue American ahipt (weekly ) Periona lending to the Old Country for their Irienda, ca nake the neceaeary ariaugemeiits ?i'h the subscribers, an liave 'hem brougnt out in any of the em lit ahipa eomprisiu .he Black Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool Packets, aailm from Liverpol on the la aud lCih of every month. Also, b tint class ships sailing from that port weekly, which oa ig-Qt, Mr. Roche, Senior, there, will tee are sent oat irilhot lelay. 1 he Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, eon >rur rhe following inagniticeut -hips, and will sail iron Lit rrpool on the regular appointed days, aa follows hi DLL I A, 1st January, 1st May, lat Septembe EUROPE, 16 th " 16th ' 16th " SEW YORK, Lt February, 1st June, 1st October. COLOMBIA, 16th " 16th " 16th " If ORKHHIRE, lit March, lat July, let Novembei OXr RP. 16th " 16th " 16th " JAMBKiDOK. 1st April, la'Aug., I.t December. MONTEZUMA. 16lh " }6th 16th " P. 8.?The public are respectfully uotiflrd, by desire of th iwuers of the Black Ball, or OIJ Line of Liverpool Pack, ti hat no puienger agents nut R. B It 1 o. hove permisaiai 'torn tbein to advertise to bung out passengers by that I mi ind that they are tne ouly regular authorised passenger agent I i.?. in it... niitf Wr have n all timea for M>e drafts at tight, for any ainoncl Inan direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dubliu; altoo Maura. l'reacntt Grote, Ainea It Co , Baukera, London,whic ire pain free of d'aroont or any charge whatever, in all tb principal to win throughout England, Ireland Hoc riled an App.jar ada.'MO h J 1st: e VP jat paiLta ROCHE. BROTllRAA A Co., SS Fulton atreet. N. Y , next door to the Fulton Bank. The olficeof Mr. Uoche, Seur., ia at 73 Dunlin atreet, oTrc Liverpool. M m~M~"M P.^^&RNESnHxT'S HEW YORK JIND LIVERPOOL EMIQRJtTIQX OFFICE. PW. BYRNES & CO., of Liverpool, are daatrona ofu e forming the publ ic of the United Statca, that they con inue to deapatch a line of firat elaaa Shipa and Packete ti Sew York, on the lit. bth, lllli, 16th, 31st and 26th of eac! nonth; and on the 12ni a'd 20th for Philadelphia, and on tl> Ithand JOth to Boaton, and at atated peiioda to Baltimore tlao to New Orleana during the healthy aeaaon; by any o vhicli linea parttea can engage for their Irieada to be broiigh mt withoct diaappointment or delay, tiua being the oldei ind large at eatabliahroent in the paaaenger trade in Liverpool ind having found the importance of a direct Ageucy in t! Jnited Statca, for the pur|>o<e of placing within the power o he frievda of the paaaeugera coming out, the immediate cot eapondeuce with a reapectable eatabliahment, from whoi hey can rely for attentioh and favor to war da their relation eivingthenld country. P. \V. BYRNES k CO. offer many advantagea to patter [era which no othera have attempted, in a direct coramumci ion by their aliipa from Ireland to the United Sta'ea.aa the lave, invariably, veaaela durii g the apring from Dublin, Cork IVatrrlbrd, Belfaat and Londonderry, by which meana emi rranta are aaved much trouble audexpenae. by beiug ahippe it their own aeal'ort and alao that of being linded in auy o he porta of the United Statea to which ahina tra?e from Li rerpool, nearly at the aame coat aa direct to New York. P. W. BYRNES St CO. have ageuta in all the aeapor owna in Ireland, from whence ateainera leave for Liverpool ind in many of the interior towna, who are moat attentive ti migranta ou embarkation, and by whom any money can hi aid that may be repaired to procure rea atorra. Sic. The peiaona who act for thia Company in the United State "NEW YORK ?Mr. Edward Saul, 5* South, comet c Wall afreet. BOSTON?Mr. W. P. McKay, 51 Milk atreet. PHILADELPHI A?Meaara. H. C. Craig St Co., Markt itreet. BALTIMORE?Mr. George Law. NEW ORLEANS?Mr. Johu Toole. DaarTt aivo Exchakoc ?Drafta fnr any amonnt. payabl it aignt, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland and all ita brauchei ind alao on all the principal towui of England and Scotlanc sifhontdiaci-nnt. For particnlara of terma apply to P. W. BYRNES k CO., SI South, corner of Wall at., New York. P. W. BYKNliS St CO., aM Im*m 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. PACKETS FOIt I1AVKE?SECOND LINE, tftt: . M-jy> mUL EEM, The ?liii>? of thi^Tiu^will lail uunu^tne year m the lol owing order From N. York. F'm Havre ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Jhip UTICA, Capt. J. A. Peirce, < May 1. June' It ( Sept. !. Oct. 6. ftip ST. NICHOLAS. Capt. M. W. Mar. 16. Eveleigh. J Get. 1. Not. 16. ship ON E1DA, Capt. Fanck. S }; ( Not. 1. Dec. 16. *hip BALTIMORE, Capt. J. Jolin-S }; jjj *tou' ( Dec. 1. Jan. 16. They are all of the drat elaaa, ably commanded, and wit tccnmmiidationi ample and cummodioua. Tl)e price of pa; iage in the cabin it S100, excluai ve of winei and liquori. Apply to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agenta, No. Tout ine Bull Jin inL No. U wll atreet. Oooda aent to the agent! for forwarding, will be inhject t lone other than the eipenaea actually paid. au21m GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Pi& jul nKF J*ra> ERSONS wuhiug to aeud lor tneiMnend! in any parte Scotland, to aail direct Irom Cllaagow, can make arraugi neuta with the Subacrtbera, to have thrin brought ont in an lithe regular liueol facketa, tailing monthly from (Jlaagoai The ANN BARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARR, Captain McEwen, 8AKACF.N, Captain Hawkini, BROOKSUY. Jompriae the above line,and the high character of those vei ela ahotild be sufficient inducement tor pe. oua who may b ending ler their frienda in Scotland, to make arrangement! fc hia (the only line.) Further particular! given, on application to W.kJ.T. TAI'SCOTT, 7S Sonth atreet, corner of Maiden Lane, or Meaara. RE1D k MURRAY. Agent! lit r in Glasgow. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKiWS. tjjfc *?? r^ail from NtwYoA list, ud tron^iTerpool 6thofeac oath. JPVom Neto Ttrk. Livtrpoo Vew ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, J aSSi'i *! jf!?! J.EI&. jXrt 11 <*?.' *ew ihip Qneea of the Wat, S If"""7 ?! jlw?* l^toa.rv. Woodhou.e, j ^ ? itt few Ship Rochester, NO tons, S i"n?IW ?! a .. Joha Briton. j Ocwber *1 ftf*" Ihip Hottiagaer, M?f toas, > jlh?* ?} SLm 1 Not. l\ ?t These snostantitl. fast sating, hut cltss ihipi, nil built i he city of new York, ire commanded by men of eiperienc iid ability, icd will be despatched pnnetnilly on the list c inch month. Their csbins are elegant and eommodions, and are fnraishe rith winterer can conduce to the ease and comfort ofpasset :er?. Price of passage SI90. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be ri pontible Cor any parcels or packages sent by them, antes egalar bills of lading are signed therefor, sof freight or passage apply to VVOdDHULL fc MINTURN, 17 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., mire Lirerpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. wnce on the 1st, and from Marseilles the ltlh of each moa luring the year, as follows :? Whips. Captains. From N. Yorl Tl'CE de JOJ.NVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Uept. dlSSURl, Bilrester, May 1 Oct. UlCOLK (new) Ereleigh, June 1 Nor. I JA9TON, Coulter, Jnly 1 Dec. 1 NEBRASKA (aew) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan.* Ships. Captains. From Marseille) 'R'CE de JOINYLLLE, (aew) Lawrence, June IS Nor. 1 dlSSOL'RI, Silrester, Jnly 10 Dee. I IRC OLE, (new) Ereleigh, Ang. IS Jsa. I 1 ASTON Coulter, Sept. IS Feb. 1 fEBRAHK A. Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 1 These r esse Is are of the first class, commended by men 0 ipenence. Their accommodations, for passengers are uusui assed far comfort and convenience. Ooods addressed to th Kuts will be forwarded free of other charges than those acts J fs'"'For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietors No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents. _ **re STositine Buildings. 80 Wall.cor. Water sr. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF PACKET*. st& Jlllt jQh Ounuirrrom Nt^TnToa the let^w^oTaagow ( each month. From N. York. Fm. Ol'gon ( Jnne 1. Joly I) hip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkine, \ Oct. I. Nov't IS. I Krb. 1. March I J. ! July 1. April 1}. Ir. Ship BROOK8BY, H. M'Ewen, < Nor. 1. Ang. is. ( March 1. Oec'r IS. I Angnat 1. May IS. Ir Bark ADAMCARR.JnoWright j l)rr'r 1. Sept. IS. ( April 1. Jan. IS. i May 1. Jnne IS Ir. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Bcott, J Sept. 1. Oct. IS. ( Jim'y I Febrna. IS Theae ahipa are geod, anbatantial veatrla, ably commanded nil will sail pnnctnally on their regular daya. Their accom nodaiicna for paaaen|cera,are good, and everyattention will b id to promote their comfort. Theagentaor ' xaina wil ot be reaponaible for any parcel* or package* aeat by them in'eaa bill* of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or p?WW(I/d.oull fc MINTURN, *7 Booth atreet. New York, or nitre It KID It MURRAY, Olaagow. FOR LONDON-FIRST PA' KF.T-The.plen FHlyk dnl fail .ail ing packet ahip ' IIHIhTIANA, Capt Uhl. Hammond, will aail a. above Tina superior packet ha? verv tupe'ior accommodation. ?o ahin, aecdtid cabin, and ateerage pna.engera.her .ecood cabk nd honae being on room, well lighted and ventilated I he accommodations lor thia claa. of pa.aengera are .nperio n those,,I moat of the other London packet., and the prid f passage i. reduced, for whi-h, and to .eenre the he. eith., immediate application should be made en board,at thi MM of Wall atreet, or to. W. k J. T. TAPRCOTT, M Booth afreet, ere. M.,riwl. .. #r?*f 4?m>Fbtiow Bnrhng Hlip. i J ^INIA will succeed the Christians, and ?iI oa he egular day. Bll m .m W YO I W YORK, MONDAY MOR = Jkn Illustrated View, in Colore, 1 -? ^ h f NBW YORK AND HAVRE COMMERCIAL P LINE OF PACKETS. Mt M. . fMIE subscribers beg to inform their friends and the pub A lie th?t they hare been appointed by JOHN BARBE, ' Esq .of Havre, agents in New York for OM above line, on* of which will be despatched fiom Havre weekly, throughout the season. The ships ol this line will lie of the lirst class, commsuded by meu of chtracer and ability, and the greatest care taken to give every satisfiction to shipp-rs, a* t also to promote ihe comfort nud convenience of passengers As the rates of freight and passage will be much less than by other lines, shippers and passengers will doubtless consult their own interest by applying for I'urthe-iul'oriiiation to 11 W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. MtWIi st , 2d door below Burling slip, n5 J. BAHBK. Havre. * s. a,. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRl !' KOVAL MAIL STEAM KH1PSol 1200 tons and 4*0 horse power each, un der contract with the Lords of the Admirally. HIBKRNIA Capt. A. Ryne CALEDONIA Cap.E. O.Lou. * BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA.* * 'apt. C. H K. J u ilk us ACADIA Capt.Wm Harrison Will tail Irom Liverpool and Bision, via Halifax, as folows:? raoM aoiTon. rkom Livsaeoor.. 'aledonia Nov. I, Britannia Oct. 20, I driuinnia Nov. 16, Acadia.. Nov. ?, Acadia Dec. 1. Caledonia " 19. ' Cambria Dec. 4. Passing Moan. ' From Boston to Liverpool . ,$l?a. From Boston to Halifax St. No berths secured until paid for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, eicept specie, received on lavs of sailing. Kor freight, pissage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIGHAM. Jr.. Agent, A; H ABJdpV.fl It CO.'9, 6 Wailst. Ilt" Ib addition to the above line between L.tst?.h>I :iad Halifax, an<l Boston, a contract has hren entered inti with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line betwenn Lie* h erpool anil New York direct The steamships tor tins ser? vice are now being built, and early nest year due nonce wiII he given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eixht months, and every foituight during the othrr mouths in the year. Going alternated between Liverpool, aud Halifax 0 and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. ?13r - tfg- NEW LINK OK NEW YORK PACKETS KOK roQrarV LIVERPOOL?Packet of list of November.?The MmMMes splendid, fast sailing and favorite packet ship HUTI'l,\QUEft, 1000 tons burthen, Captain Ira Bnrsley, will sail on Saturday, November 21st, her regnlar day. Tha ships of this ine being all 1000 tous and npwaids, persons about to embark for the Old Country will not lait to see >' the advantage*to be derived from selecting this line in pre* fereuce to any ether, as their g eat eapseity renders them 7 everyway inure comfortable and convenient than ships of a ' small class, and their accommodations for Cabin, Second Cab'n aud Steersge Passengers, it is well kuowu, are superior to those of any line Packets. Persons wi hmg to secure bendis should not fail Co make early application on board, foot of Burling Blip, or to W. fcJ.T TAFSCOTT, t nil r 26 Booth street, 2d door, below Burling slip. " *'OR LONDON?Hegular Packet of the ICth November?The well known fast sailing packet ship WBKsINDM'ENDENCE, Captain Allen, 900 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. The accommodations lor jabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are too well known to require comment. Persona intending to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURKAY, ^ n7 re corner of Tine and South streets 1 YACHT NOK.THEKN LIGHT FOR SALK. The nndcrtiffued, hnvmg concluded to withdrew YachtuiK." offer* for tele th* well kuowu * jBfiUmschooner yackt NORTHERN LIGHT, 74 torn * burthen. The Northern Light is most substantially bnilt of white 2 oak, copper fastened coppered to the wales, end is very tho2 roughly found in all respects. There are two stite rooms, 2 having two berths each, and eight open berths (fonr of which 2 are doable) in her after cabin, which, wnb eight berths in her 2 forward cabin, afford accommodations for 24 passengers, 2 being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for paaseu2 gers, in onr Southern water*. 2 The qualities of the Nortnera Light for sailing, and as a 2 " sea boat," are too well known to require lnrthcr deicripB 'wi. * Kor terms and other particulars apply to the subscriber, at " No. 13 South Market srreet. Boston W. r. WINCHESTER, or to <1 DUMONT ?t HOSACK, I- o24 6w*rrc 111 W ,11 street. ? Bl.ACK BALL UK OLD LINK UK LIVER m POOL PACKETS, KUK LIVEKPOOL? Only JUSUnsi regular packet of the 16th Nevember. The new, magmhcrnt, fast sailing, and tavorite packet ship KIDKLIA, bunhen 1100 tons. Capt W. O. Hackstaff, will sail positively on Monday, 10th of November. It is scarcely necessary to say, as it is well known to the Travelling Puhlie.'thst I lie accommodations of the "Kidelia' lor uanin.secona < sdiii ?im oteersgeii t.iengers uf nnra mu in * mmt superb anil costly manner, with every 'modaru improvement and convenience, thai cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking, who >houldcall and ace tbia aplw did specimen of .Naval Architecture, before engaging elsewhere. For Passage in Cabin, second Cabin and Strerage, earlv application should be made oo board, foot ef tieekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO., nil 36 Fulton s'reet, (next door to ihe Fulton Bank. FOR GLASGOW?1The Mew Line-Kegnlsr infW Packet, let December?The fine fast sailing Br. JSmUmm bark ADAM CAKK, 100 tone, Capt. John Wright, will eail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid accommodations, apply on board, foot of MpOMvnff s'reet, East R ver. to WOODHULL it Ml NTURN, Tl Soutn street. The A 1 Br. bark Ana Harley,ICapt. Robert Scott,will succeed the Adam Cerr, and sail on her regular day, the 1st. January. n3 re ONLY REGULAR LINE OF NEW OK Mfty LEANS PACKETS?The ships to sniT in TapakjUBBicott's Regular New Orleans Line, in their proper order, are as follows, via:? Packet ship PALESTINE, Capt Mumford, from foot of Wall sc.eet. Nov. i*th Packet ship VlCKSBURO, Capt, Berry, foct Maiden lane, Nov 21. For paaaage in either, apply to W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, M South street, nit r two doors below BurLng Slip. . lAJ. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New - nljjb York Line?Regular Packet for Wednesday Nov. h JmBkL t6.-The splendid fast sailing packet ship OHWE< JO, Johnson, master, will positively sail as above, her regur. lar day. . , . , . For freight or passage, having handsome fnrnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans <vhart, foot of Wall at, or to E.K.COLLINS St CO, Ml South at Avent for New Orleans, James ?. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The packet ship SAUTELLE will sueceed the Oswego, nit ? FuR BF.LFAST?Regular Packet of the Uth dlA November.?'The first Class, last sailing bark Mpaf.THI.TKH, Capt. Colling, will sail as above. ; Having very anpericr arcommodstioos for cabin, second ' cabin and steerage passengers, persons intending lo emb irk '* should make immediate application on board at toe Atlantic * Dock, B.ooklyn.orto JOSEPH McMURRAY, nl> rh corner of Pine and Soeih street * WANTED?A vesael to Ibad for a Southern port immediately. Apply to mtrnS, E. K. COLLINS it CO. -I AAA*- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 20th nyf> Nov?The new and faa' tailing packet ship J AM KM jUfkUell. HHKPHaRD, bnrthen I.Ono tons, Ctpt. Aiusworth, will sail positively on ihe 2P?h November. * The accommodatiens, for cabin, secc*d cabin, and steerage passengers, as to comfort, are unequalled by any other vessel r in port; and aa a rnmber of her passengers arW already euga ' ged, those desirons ol securing berths should make early ap plication on board, pier No. 6 North river, or to

' JOSEPH McMURRAY. nit rorn^r of Tin# aud Month irriflti J J AMU BEVEKlDGE, eail Maker, ' sJfT^y Front and Roosevelt street.?Hails, Awnings, Bags, KaMBnlke., made to order,in a neat and snbsuntial mami-r, at low prices. Haila to be repaired insnred against fire, and r s'oted gratis. Secure from rats and dampness ?All order* punctually ggtcuud, o33 lm* nr. AJPP*"^"r" J - ' ' mmmmmmmrnrn ' RK E NING. NOVEMBER 16, IS of * Disttngnlthed Abolitionist. ? tc tl ^' m Fi 1 1 i? ? 8< ca Amcrlco-Moxlcan Affairs In Europe. [From the London StanJarJ, Oct IS.] in * . . th The account* respecting the rejection of the British t offer of mediation between Mexico and the United States Rr by Mr. Polk and hit council, although considered not im- f0 probable, require confirmation beforo receiving implicit hi credit The Mine degree of vagueness and assumption cc is considered to apply to the report that Santa Anna had ci referred the propositions alleged to have been made by tli the United States government for a settlement of their p, differences to the National Congress, without giving any m opinion in the matter. The-subject must, therefore, re- th main in uncertainty until further advices. w The documents published in the Standard, yesterday, Cl respecting the conversion of the Mexican bonded debt tr have excited great interest amongst the bondholders. ,i Great pains uppcar to be taken to propagate thff belief bi that Santa Anna had commenced his new career in Mexi- ,v co by repudiating the said conversion. Were there any u, truth in this averment, the patriotic general had not bfcen so scrupulous in the case of the conversion of the bonds as in that of the American overtures for peace, for, from g, the gravity of the subject, it must naturally be proturned that it should in like manuer be referred to the tr National Congress We are not informed, however. |a upon what ground the effort is to bo made to repudiate $i the conversion It is to be hoped, however, that lie can- ?i aiders that lets than justice has been done to the creditors of tbo state, and that lie will forthwith replace the p, bondholder* in their original position, and pay tl! the dividend* regularly in future. Indeed, if 8anta c, Anna and his government is not prepared to offer ],< the bondholders better terms than those embraced in the -p late conversion, he and all bis abettors should be unhesi- 3, tatingly denounced tor attempting to upset a solemn ra agreement made with the constituted government of to, and scouted froin the pale of civilized nations 0, * * * * * * * * - g The very general expectation that the mediation of pj England in tho dispute between Mexico and the United y States would be accepted, has been disappointed. Tho United States have altogether rejected the offer, in terms eminen'ly worthy of the courtesy and policy of Mr. Pollt. C1 The reason assigned is. that " no European intervention fi in Am?rican atlaiis ought ever to be tolerated by the y United States." The exciting cause of this most absurd \ announcement is a speech said to have boon made in this ,, country byLord Palmerston. Wc are not among tho admirers of Lord Palmorston'x foreign policy ; but we w confess that we never heaid that the noble lord said on p any occasion that the American government "should" ? attend to his suggestion. The despatches roceived by ? tho Cambria announce, also, the important fact that the bi government of Mexico had declined to accept the over- p, turns of the United States for the termination of the war, af until tho will of tho Congress convened for the 1st of p, December was known. The United States government is naturally exasperated at this defiance, nnd propose to Ci carry on their future oporaiionx at Tampico. it .... . * * pi [From the Lendon News, Oct 18.] "1 The character ol the modern Mexicans dooi not essentially differ from that of tho South Ameiicans generally, f though modified by various circumstances, especially 1 those which have occurred with relation to the country " during the last twenty years. The Kuronean influence. \ both fur good and evil, has been strongly felt by all the ' younger men of education, and would have produced all the correiponding effects upon the people in process of *' time, hut for thoie wretched internal dissensions whi-h ,! have left no period of repoae for the formation of cha- : rncter. The Meaicane may he aubdivided into three claaaoa. each resembling the other in aoine local reipecta, JJ1 and differing more or leti in the stronger leaturei, botli . of inward and external character There are, first, the .V descendant! of the Aboriginal Mexicans, now termed : tho Indiana*, or raysanos; secondly, those whom we V: should designate as Hpanish Mexicans or children of i Mexicans who intermarried with natives of Old bpain; and thirdly, those whom wo must term Mexican Spaniards, or the children of old Spaniards, but born and permanently settled in Mexico. Among those classes it may ., readily be conjectured that thel.ogeit will be the Indiana! V in the interior, amidst the woods and along tbo borders of rivers and lakes; while the Spanish Mexicans will be the most numerous in all citiea and seaports. All for- " eigners naturally flock to tho more populous, orderly, K and commercial cities and towns, rather than risk their -11 lives, property, or speculations, among tho wild and law- p less portions of the inhabitants; anl thus tho great ma- "" jority of those who constitute the nativo residents of the [): capital city of Puebla,\alappa, tec., and even the seaport* . of Vera Cruz and Alvarado, are of the latter class. The number of the Indiana*, or country people, is gradually but continually diminishing by intermarriage with the rn townsfolk of their several vicinities The intermarriage also of the Mexican Spaniards has rendered their class the smallest find the same circumstance,as it regularly merges ! them into ethers,will probably always keep it the smallest. The pure Indians, notwithstanding the vicinitudea and J7 strange admixtures to which their country has been alibied, still retain verr much of the aboriginal character. c< I'he young men aod women are for the most part rather * under the middle height, of beautifully regular features, rJ with a deportment of natural grace. The women often have an air of aweet dignity and refinement, though how * they should have learned it in the wild woods, among J" men as barefooted as thomselves.would puzzle the UDderstanding of this side of the tropic of Caucer. Thair ' voices are generally sarill, but sweet-toned, persuasive, ' and often pathetic They are of a clear, delicate com- '* nlAvinn <if r)i? riritfit rntmor rnlnr thiir liml-a rallior blight, aud more active than strong. Of a high enthn ustic a|>i(it, they are ready in a moment to throw their * livea away in auy cauae which excites their paaaiona. ' The awoni or the knife are drawn and used in an ordinary quarrel. w ith far leaa heaitatiou than the hand is clenchud T; in pugilistic Kngland. Very many of the young men, .* and ine majority of the old, have their faces, breaats, and ' shoulders deeply seamed and scarred, from gashes gamed " bv those quarrels They have, no doubt, increased in a ratio with the importation of aguodirnir > a horrible sort ! of pale yellow biendy fiom old Spain, like liquid flame, '' and ot which all classes regularly drink. Aaaasainations [j[ are of course of commen occurrence. One of the most hideous sights imaginable is a very old Mexican Indian, when hie copper complexion has turned to wrtnklod . bronze, and his limbs hare become distorted, his dark ? face rendered shapeless by scars, bis mouth displaying three or foar fragments of black fangs, and his large, shining, bloodshot eyes rolling in their sockets, standing ? mud drunk with aiuadiente, yet steady and salf possessed, !? while he brandishes his knife in the middle of the path 1 yon are compelled to tako. But the Indians are, for the most part, hurmless towards foreigners when let alone; kind hearted, of quick intelligence, and possessing a natu- 1 ral dignity, courtesy, and composure of demeanor, if With elementi of nature like these, the admixture of the ! grave yet fierce, cool, yet impetuous, chivalrous yet remoraely cruel, ridiculously pompous yet high-thoughtnd . and proud character of the native* of Old ffpain, has pro ducud in the modern Mexicans a natural complexity of . physical, moral, and intellectual qualities, deeply inter- .' eating to the philosophers who would contemplate these ' remains of an ancient and extraordinary nation d wring ' the period of their transition state. Prom so young a people us the modern Mexicans, exposed to most arduous trials in their struggles for independence ; subject to stiil greater, because ur more confusing, difficulties, when thoy had gained this independence, owing to their iucompeionev to self government at this early stage of *' their now political existence too much has been ex- K1 yected ; and it is no weirder that they have hitherto dit- m appointed all the greet acticipetions so prematurely eateitained concerning them and their beautiful rouutry.? Ill That they are now destined shortly to receive another U" influence fiom the conquest of the country by the Ainer- -d ionns of the north, seems but too probable. But the in. Aueuce is sure to be uncongenial in any case ; and, what wiili the tierce religious superstitious and intolerance of al the modern Mexicans, their fixed habitual craving for | to perfect independence, and their deadly hatrad of all ra- tl pacious invaders, the conquest and annexation (direct or el indirect) of the country will introduce a new element of It discord among the toiled Stales oX Use north, such as d. [ERA 146. AT hum them bitterly to regret the money waited in Staining io ill-itarred and ill-striped anincreaie of terri try. Ai to the Mexican* paying the expenses of the ar, thev will no doubt" protniie to pay ; but it if more tan probable that the " expense of collecting." will abtrb the interest, and eventually cancel the principal. LCorreapendence of the London Xewa.] Extract from a private latter dated Mexico, 38th Auuit Political alfhira here are in iuch a contused itate, tat it is almost imttossible to understand what is going I; however. I will tell you all I know You will altady have heard by the last packet, of the pronunciaento in VeraCruz, in favor of Santa Anna, and that an ivitation was immediately sent to him to return to the (public. Two days after the arrival of this new s here, te troops followed the example of the Vera t'ruzanoi, id pronounced for Sauta and federation. Paredes had a w day a before, on the ground of hi* going to march to ,e north, delivered over the government into the hand* f General Bravo, and a liberal miniitry had been rtned, whoae intention it was to have at once made lace with North America; and by carrying through i ime liberal motiona, have at leait for a ?liort time satisid the different reetleaa partiea. Thii, however, failed ith the federalists, and the follower* of Santa Anna, and >e revolution broke out. The fallen administration did >t attempt to make any remittance, and thus no blood a* *hed, and all patted off quietly General Salat (a an without any reputation or follower*) took upon mself the charge of affeirt, and Gomez Kariit, the chief the Federalists, aaiiitt him in the exerciso of the ' itiei until the arrival of Santa Anna He wat expected arrive by the last packet, but this was not the cute, at ] 3 had hired a tteumboat for the occasion, in which he 1 rived three days later, and although it wat reported 1 sre that the Commodore of the American squadron hud 'dart not to allow him to outer into Vera Cruz, which at of course very natural, being a Mexican general, rt he wat permitted to land in the middle of the day ithout being molested, and it now on hit way to Mexi> to take the reint of government, with the constitution ' 1A44, consequently federation. The soldiers, and the srsonul friends of Santa Anna ono is in 1 s favor, but yet the people allow thoso things to tako j eir course, without troubling their hands whether is for thoir good or not. or at least without taking any opt to prevent it. That tl?v Americans have allowed 1 inta Anna to enter the republic it a circumstance hlch no one as yet can explain satisfactorily ; he has i doubt been in communication with the American ive nment, but whether he has promised to make a leedy peace, aud intends being at once at the head of ie government, to deceive them and carry on the war i gorously, or whether it is really his purpose to make lace, and it capable of doing so, is not known At the me time, the American forces in the north, iu four boot, are marching on in different directions One proleds into Nuevo Myico, a second hat already taken >ssettion of Monclova ; a third, the principal detacbent, it on the road towards Montery ; and the volun ert, keeping along the ceast, are in possession ol San arnando, and are taid to be at the present moment past >ta la Marina. It appears alto that Ciudad Victoria, the ip.tal of Tamaulipat (on the mapt under the name of guaro), hat already fallen into their hands, and God rly knows how this will end. The American squadron i Vera Cruz remain* quiet; and it appears that it it not i eir intention to undertake anvth ng against that place he Mexicans in general still are of opinion that they e capable of carrying on tho war, whureus all the reiguert and all Mexicans of judgment ure, since tho ittles of Polo Alto uml Kctacco de Guerrero, of quite a intrary opinion, and are no doubt right, for the Mexiin troops leave every place where the Amoricans make eir appearance. There is no doubt that a peace at the esent moment would be a moat disgraceful one for the oxicans, but what are they to do ? If they carry on le war it will be quite as disgraceful, for in that case e shall see the Americans enter triumphantly into the apital of Mexico, lor it ii the general opinion that the oops will not face the Americans a second time. The stance the Americans hare marched from the Mexican onndary is about 450 leagues ; and the distance from here they are to the capital, about 100 ; that is to say le more advanced body. Extracts from another letter dated Mexico, August ).?Since my last communication, the revolution bean in the south and in Ouadalaxara, has been complet1, and (ieneral Ssnta Anna has returned to this coun y. On the day of the departure from Vera Gru/. of the st packet, the garrison of that place prouounced for intu Anna as Ouadalaxara, and on the fourth of this ionth the capital followed. * * We have at this momont small prospects of a speedy ;ace, and Santa Anna does not even mention the ibject in his address to the Mexicans. It is, howirer, said that ho intends placing himself at the sad of the troops, to try his luck against the Americans he troops which have left this city are collected at in Luis Potosi, and he may have some twelve thousand n'n under his command. Perhaps the habit of obedience i Santa Anna may have its influence upon them, and rercome their habitual aversion to lighting. The clery are sadly afraid that Santi Anna will confiscate their ropnrty, and tiieir fear seems to be very well founded n the seventh of this month the American ficnt made >mo demonstration against Alvurado ; but the unex ecled resistance they met with, and the bad weather, mned th 'in tj give up the attempt, utter soma aimless riug upon the lorts. The ports ol California, Monterey, an Francisco, and Sun Liiogo, arc occupied by tho unericaus -, hut the inhabitants are said to have retreatd into the interior,-instead of hailing the Annexators.? u the port of Tnx| an an American vessel of war was rreoked, and its crew, consisting of 64 men. were made rit oners. The most important piece of information for .uglaiid is that the proposal of Mr Manuel scandoti concerning the holders of the Mexican bonds as not been approved of. I cannot conceive how this arson has been abla so far to deceive honest John Bull, i to cause him to agree to a proposal which would rove positively an injurious to the bondholder* a* to lexico, ami would be of advantage only to Messrs. Ksimion, Macintosh, Murphy, Schneider, O'Brien, an I, as is said here, Uankhead. This may serve you as another roof of tho fact which I have repeatedly stated to you Iready, that British interests have here no worse enelies than Mr. Macintosh, the consul, and Mr. Bankhead le envoy of Great Britain. Tho recall ol .Mr. Murphy am his post will reach London by this packet, and I in of opinion that, even if Mr. Macintosh should, as is ery probable, otfer to Santa Anna some participation in lis business, the situation of the latter is such that ho 'ill bo compelled to adhem to the present resolution, id the recall of Mr. Murphy. How couhl ths Kngiish ipitalists believe it possible that in the present statu ot ie linsncos of this country, Mexico could afford to give p a larger portion of its revenues thin before 7 The 'hole business is an invention of Mesra. Macintosh ami scandon, and the per centage which the holders of the onds were to give up was meant to lall into the hands ol lese gentlemen and their coadjutors, they intending ) give up some tr.fle ef their gains to this government t is suppose.l here, that in case of success they would ave netted from 3 to 4,000,000 piastres.', [Kromthe London Heraid, Oct 10 ] It appears that one of the first acts of Santa Anna on tie assumption of power in Moxico has been to recall lr. Murphy, who has so long acted as charge d'affaires >r the republic in this country. Whether the superseslon of this gentleman has been made on special or mere eneral grounds, we have no means of knowing, but idging from tho tone of the manifesto that Santa Anna ublisiied, immediately on his arrival at Vera Cruz, the lere fact of his retaining his appointment under the residency of I'aredes, is quite sulllcient to account for is removal. Coupled, ho we via, with Mr. Murphy's recall an assumption that the late conversion of the Mexican ? ds has buen refused confirmation by the new governent, or, in other words, by Santa Anna. We hare no re null means 01 connnning or denying mo truiu 01 tnis numption, beyond what has transpired in public; but muat be preaumed that unprincipled a* Santa Anna baa sen represented to be, he will think twice before he ammits auch a gross violation oi equity It muat Curler tie ohaerved that, aa men like Santa Anna do not ammit such acta aa are implied in the caae in question 'ithout an adequate motive, the diaavowal of the conaraion could therefore lead to only one concluaion. Aa to nominal ciaima of the bondholdera against Mexico ore conaiderably reduced by that act, the only and inritahle conclusion is, that he, Santa Anna, would not ive given theqj auch favorable terma. We have in>ed heard it reported that auch a suggestion was anamitted to Santa Anna from certain parties in ngland the moment there waa a probability of hia gaining power j but lor the truth of this repoit 0 cannot positively vouch at present Although e consider it utterly out ol the queation that the cun rvion can be now interfered with, the bondholders ill clearly aee that the deairo to abrogate the arrangernt, can only origitinte in the idea that less favorable rnia should havo been given them, and they will no >ubt form a proper estimate of the merlta of the paraa here that could make auch a a.iggeation. By the axt mail trom Mexico, the real state of the caae will, ell probabilily, become known; and aa soon a< wo to particulars, we pledge ourselves to let the bondjlders know to whom they are indebted, for tendering inta Anna advice, so well calculated to promote their iiereat We have always deprecated the official interference ' our own government, in lavor ol the bondholder* of icign .states, beyond ol lrmndly remonstrance, on ie ground that the relation i* strictly a private and Dot national affair, and because we consider all foreign ans to foreign governments, a principle inimical to pub; interest. 11, bifwever, the government oi Mexico ere to attempt to repudiate tne late conversion of their ibt, we should consider it a fair exception to the gene1 tule. It would then be an incumbent duly of the foign minister to interfere officially, and, if he did not eke the caae a ratut brUi sufficient to justify reprisals, break oft all diplomatic intercourse with a governent capable of committing such a breach ol public itli. ****** * Mexican bonda were done aa low aa 23^ for money, | it the last price for account warn 23. Kvery effort lie" sen made in certain quarters to produce a panic since e arrival of the mail, arid the quotations show the ex nt of their success. Vsurletlea. The researches of our police, are likely to be follow 1 by the detection of the robbers of the (ferman 'mmc rant lamily, and the recovery of the money, rhia . orning the turn of *308 waa lotind in the yard or the , juse occupied by Eliaa Kent. Kent has beon in jailI lor ie last three deys, and it was reported that he bed died lis morning of delirium tremens. This was untiue. '1A. fitit. Journal, Nav. 14. Onmr ?Prairie chickens arc aaiil to be more 1 tmmiant and fatter this than on any previous mason ir several years, ami the sportsmen of the west invite icfr brethren in the east to come out and " take a i liance;" but, unfortunately, a large number of the 1stir will have to wait until tha Oregon railroad it com < leted. ' ??El HI _L BJ. Prtc* Twt Cants. News mow Jamaica.?Bv the schooner Nathan Hale, Cai>t. Bradley, which arrived here yeste day from Kingston. which pert she loft on tha 31st uli , we have received Alee of paper, up to that date Theiw it little of interest in them, except some details of the effects of the late hurricanes which wera felt in different parts of the island. The only place in which they were extraordinarily severe was Montego Bay. The following we extract from tha Kingston Morning Journal, lftth ult Murnxuo Bay, Oct. 13.?A period of two years baa just elapsed since we had to record the moat serious disasters to the inhabitants of this town, by what is called a norther, occasioned by a strong set in to the hay from the effects of heavy gales from that point, causing a ground swell, which, as soon as the wave roaches the reel without, mounts above it. and raises the rolling mass perpendicular to an enormous height, which seems te increase, instead of lessening its impetus, and these enormous rollers drive towards the shore in continuous su 'cession, where, wreaking their infuriated force ou vessels, w harves, or rocks, or whatever comes in their way .sweep all that can be moved before them in their oiiwgrd course. The pierent visitation was front the south. It began on Saturday evening, (the rum* day of the week that the October storm of 1SI4 began) but it wai lome time ere it gained ita full force. At 3 A. M. on Sunday it increased ; at five it became alarming, and by seven o'clock it waa doing a fearful damage to the inward wharves of the buy mid the vessels in the close harbor, five of which were stranded. About noon the torm seemed to be at its height?the waves sometimes loraiing a vertical wall of ten or twelve feat. It was a magnihcent sight, displaying the power of the Almighty in adding sublimity anJ beauty even to the strife of the leinentH and the objects ot terror and destruction. Here follows a list of casualties to the shipping, many of which weie sunk or diiven on shore. No lives wero lost. K O. Timet, Nov. 7. The intelligence of tho markets is very meagre. Sugar had declined from 3 to 6s. per 100 lbs on previous rates, and owing to tho Isrge quantities coming into market, a furtber'docline in the price of the article was anticipated. The Journal of the 30th says?"A 'o. of 4 tierces and 39 barrels was put up yoslerday. lids ml per 1100 lbs. were otfured for th>< tierces, 37s. tor 30 barrels, and 30s. for the remaining 9 taffeta." Those oilers, not being cos i loied lair, were l-11 withdrawn.?N O. Delta, Nov 7. Ship Building in Main*.?Tho Balk Tribunt says:?Contracts for twelve largo now ships have recently been made by the ship carpenters of that town. A large numhsr of vessels are every year built at Bath, and a large number are also owns 1 by its citizens, many of whom are quite wealthy. The brothers Patten, of Bath, are the largest ship owners in tha United Btatas, and men of wealth, which rivals that nf most of the " millionaires" of Boston or New York. Sons of a small farmer on the Kennebec, they went early from homa in pursuit of a fortune. The one beeame a sailor, the other a boat-builder at Bath?and it so haprenod that just M tho sailor brother had acquired skill and knowledge enough to command a ship, the father cut from his land and rafted down to Bath some pine timber. The boatbuilding brother thought the best disposition of a pert of it would be to build a vessel for his brother to command, and so it was decided. The veseel was well built, well commanded, and therefore successful?for success oan in such enterprises be commanded by di igeuce and skill. Thif wus the beginning of their fortune. The good result ot the first experiment led to itaYepetition? and now tho boat-builder and sailor are tha heads of a rich commercial house, owning more shipping than any other in America. Morality in France.?If statistical returns apeak truth, morality in Franco is becoming every year less and less regarded. The number of con damnations lor adultery la increasing every monlliiot aeparationi betwoen husbands and wives the number bus arisen from 841 in 1*37, t?f 1.109 in- 1944. Bankruptcies have risen from 1,061 in 1841, to 9,081 in 1844; the amount in 1841 boing 99,179 000 franca; in 1844 191,909,000 francs. The amount of dividend* on each bankruptcy has been much less. and the number of fraudulent bank rupts lias become much greater. The number of illegi timate births is greater now than it was a few yean ago, regard being had to the increase of the population. The % number of couples living in concubinage has also Increased, and it daily incieasing in a remntknble manner. If we turn to criminal records, we ahall And the same painful facts?crimes of all descriptions on the increase, especially in those of tho blackest die?the increase being much greater than the proportionate increase of population fo what circumstances must these thing* be ascribed 1 111 NO'S CUlKiH CANL) V COMMON SK.Nhh. has always beeu considered ia every axe. one of the sorest ludicalious ol a sound intellect, and when cserteil in the cause of suffering humanity it becomes i mint ennobling virtue. When suffering ooder the effects of a cold or alight cough, how much better to at once get rid of it by employ tug King's universally recommended vegetable t'ocgli randy, than to allow the aeeda of perhap* aim geriug asthma or a fata] consnmptiou to be sown m yonr constitutions. Does not common tense point oat the proper conrse to be pursued?warm clothing and ftuu'i Cough Candy I Thousands litre been quickly cuted, ana many that had despaired?thau why not yon, reader, or > our selling friends 1 llend this from the Kcv Mamutl D. Burchard :? King's Candy?Having bean strongly recummcndnd by some kind friends to try King's Cough Candy for a very severe cold, 1 did so with, I mus' confess, great scepticism as to its virtues, bnl 1 found myself speedily relieved aud able to atteud to those duties (ruin.wliich I had seriously feared to be debarred. A feeling of thankfuluess and a deatre to beuafil others, prompts me 10 give the little iutlueuce my lime msy pniini, in mnku:g the virtueuif this remedy known to tha public, and impaitiuga little "1 that which it proverbially great asaiatance to the effecta oi medicine, namely, confidence. 8AMUEL D. BUKCUAKD, Pastor of lloaaton atreet Presbyterian Church, comer o Thompaou and Houaton atreeta, New York. For aale at King'a 192 Broadway, corner of John at. oi lm*ie E. A. KUTZ. MarrvpacTuaRn ami importrr op NAUTICAL It MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. 180 Water itreet. earner af Hurling Slip, H. Y. WOULD respectfully inform hie friend* and the public, that he liaa couatautly on hand a general assortment of Sextants, Unadranta, Compaaaea, Spy Glasses, Theodnlitee, Lerrlling Iuatrumenta, Surveyors Compaaaea, t'haiea, Mathematical Inatrami-n'a, Scales, Parallel Knlea, Thermometers, Barometera, Hydrometora, Hacrometera, Kales, Guutar ncalea, complete aeta of Oanging Inatrumenta, anitable for ('uarom llooae and City Oaugera, Oanging and Wantage Koda, lie.: together with a general aaaortment of Engliah and American Charta of all parta of the World, both general aud pirricolar, Blnnt'a Coaat Pilot, Bewditch'a Navigator, < Blank Booka, Bills of Lading, Manifeata, Log Booka, Nautical Almanacs, Itc. All the articlea in the above liue are of the beat materiale and wnrkinauahip, and warranted correct. Beatanta, QeaIrants, Compaaaea. Spy Olaaeea, and all the articlea in the above line repaired in the ueateat and moat correct manner Oonda to be repaired aent lor and delivered. aul9 ltawlrn'rc INDIANA KOND8. THE undersigned liaa laaned a circular, dated ttad inttant, encloaiug the form of a tnbacription, required to he made bv the first of December next, lor the cnmpletioe of the Wabash and Erie Canal, aud to give effect to the Act of the Legislature of ludiana, paaaed at the lair, session, providing for the payment of luteresC on the bonds of the State. 'Die Circular liaa been forwarded to sncb holders aa have lurinslied me with their address, and in order that all bond- ' ho'ders may have the opportunity of securing tha advantages of the law, by becoming parties to the subscription, notiee in now given to anrh bondholders aa have not received the eif cular, that it will be promptly furnished or forwarded oe application persona'ly, or by mail, to Messrs. Winslow k Perkins, No. 52 Wall street, or, at iny office. No. M Nassau street. CH AULE3 BUTLER. No. M Nessau at. Dated Oct 30. 1846. oil taw?w*r UANVINU AND WALTZ1NU ALADI5M1, 31 H(IWAHi) STREET, SIUNORA and SIGNOR KKHREKU have re-open their school. Days of tuition, Wednesdays and Satnrdiya, and Mondays and Tharadaya, at half-pant three o'clock for yonag ladies and young gentleman.? Monday and Thursday evenings at o'clock, Dancing and Waltxing Claaa for Oeutlemen. Wednesday mid Saturday evenings, at o'clock, Waltaiag Claaa for do.? All rhe fashionable dances, including Polkas, Masarkas, and Kedowaa, will be taught in the above-mentioned Clneeea. Private Soirrea will be given aa aanal. Private classes, private leaaons, and Boarding School* punctually attended to. o?3 I mend*re Dlt, tUlAKE'd IODINE LlNlMliSfr. 'PHK ASTONISHING aueeeee that ha* attended tha apJL plication of this umat valnabl* Liniment, and the high testimonials that are daily received, warrant my calling upon the afflicted to rrsfert at once to tli* only reasedy that r can be relied n[>oa, and will do all that it is represented to do. It is noiinack n oat rum, but a scientific chemical eemponad of lodiue ol known and esiabliihed efficacy. It permauently and effectually cares RHEUMATISM, either chronic or inf] minatory, purely tie or lots of tha nae of the limbs, contractions of cords auad muscles, and gent, it matters u?t of how long standing; tpreiaa, braises, tamers, hard swellinga aud enl irged joints, yield to a few applications ol this Liniment. It has been aaed with incredible inrceaa in scrofnla, or King's Evil, a-larged glands, diaewes of the spine and hiplointa, tic siolorenx, and ml nervoaa affections. It ia invaluable, and acts like a charm, (topping ibe bleeding of tlch wounds, and causing them to hell in a few days. It has nrver been known to fail caring the moat stubborn al-era or fever aorea and swelled legs, pain across the kidneys, In the cheat, side, stiff neck, sore throat and cronp. It speedily slid effectually eradicates cutaneous eruptions .i .i -> .i , I i, errsmalaa. nunmaa. ringworm or teller. barber'a itch, aeald hea</, kc. lt inaiantly irmnrn toothache nod hrcdMlw. Iteatreew lj>? cure* com*, bnmona. chilblain*. ?3. Bold bf B. nOIRSOLL, *ol* proprietor, W John airear oil nodlm^rrc PATENT HAT LUEH1NO MACHINE. THK mnnyordera that w# have received for oar Par ant" Hat l.omng Machine," hare in connection with the *Uea tion peid to the one eihibitin* in the Mir, fallyaaauined tho opinion eapreesed. ih?t onr Maehin* he* broMht the po liihing iwrt of * lint to perfection. The whole Machine orrnpie* the .pure, only, of about fourteen incliee, end can be rlaced ?ny where m a room, even in corner. Wain happy to remark that it ha* been received with adm ration nere, aa well a? in Kngland, Franc* and Hermany, where meaanrea have been taken to intent it alao ; and, we bee to luvite thoae who have not inapected the Machine, to do ao, at rhe aonth eaat corner of F.iahtb atrnnt and Sulk nvenne, where one will lie found in operation, and will bn ahown by Mr < Jeorgr Hchott, on the premiaea, who will alao receive orilera for the patentee*, oin Itawim *rre LOUD F.N k SHAW. jc.rrfch..-uM irtauktAMCk. OUM^AMI, UificiNt dWiu. it., arroani fKMueiani' Kai nation. 'I*HIS Company ceatinnaa to laaura asataat Ion* ?r daman* I by Fire, on dwelling bonmna.warahoneee, hntldiage la goaeral, gonde, ware* and m en lined < a*. and every dear nptioa e pa *..u.a' i ope rty; alao ocooit loaa or daman* by in land sal riftim and rranaportapnu. D1RKCTOHS Thomna W. Thome, K. aii* Ilinr*. Thomaa T. Woodrnif, Ar.aon Beier, H. H Kebvon, M. P. Joeeph Urake, Thomaon Price, Jeieph Allen, Moaea Tncker, fame*iK. HaMh John H. Uaviaoa, John P. More, John 11. Lee, William K TSain,. Ceieb Ij. Tan**, I horeaa Morrdtl. f ruitit P Has*.. ??*-? ?of*rt, Joha?C. Marntt. .. . _ ??* . THO.VA." W. THORN*. Pra.idaal L(J. J. ilOfVi fHtUfi *M Mm