Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1846 Page 3
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* i mi IH? p?M.p4l fcpw??M of mk book ?nd brttcb, ?? | iMr p$rio4? 0*?k? of *<>im CiooMwt. Lcjnt III-. U46 1810. I?4C. . JtUy Stft Of IV. I 1.203,931 1,160,331 1,147,893 i *r?.fbill ..UinbM . 771.007 Wl.4t.ll 99*.16) 1.170.11* 4-> I'wfci.,. 4 1.761 411.644 4W.H0 480.392 , l? nt).?HK . I*>.111 | 616 001 610.706 6 8.860 ? ?t 8 MtcUl'l 0J0.W1 004 110 0*3,478 910.146 I I >? ? H.. 6 700,440 6*1.607 667.100 661.111 ?c U*i.k 474.701 644.080 666,494 667.131 | 10 1 476.112 797,10* 117.062 8U0.04P t6.IX.0S6 6.166>70 6.017,*15 6,191,420 Owii'o I'.nk 4tK.,. $800,017 116 661 134.261 91.892 8 orkMlnlamW.. 1 100 4,071 . 4,107 4.161 < . 1...9... .. IW 1.626 4.511 6 669 ? .. KM . 103,609 41.020 05.664 51 624 t ?.! Vrdi'i. 170.412 179.379 1?2.?;8 140 494 . 117 667 65,110 01,611 68.160 1 M >.i 110.134 77,301 24.094 76 641 74.6W 51.290 51,062 46,049 trim 539.865 470,039 440,381 Cirrala/iaM. K'uk .-Ith* tl.UH.113 997,769 996,053 1,509,480 O.aitfk 61 4 olanitiK. . ... .. .. .. I 4,t i ,i?d? ., .. . i M. aiM?rM?n> MH ... 460.666 279,795 282 110 134,004) rinairrt' n4 . Ml.405 271.605 061.654) 341,610 I . ?? Inak 17.415 11.010 78.605 11,655 - " Knn* 267.4.1 16*712 160 537 2416.807 I . k "f * I IflS.Sie 155 370 vnjsi 124,38? $2,138,702 1**621 1,863,372 2,3(35,(193 Deposits. Bask <>f lb# Hote. 8i71.6i7 on.711 512,724 551,691 hi tuck at 1 olembt*.. 3IISM. 73 6*1 6l.6#i 67.906, do Iw4rl... 44.717 91.4*1 3.1 719 11888, 4 >?il.wiitrn KK ,. 9* 428,474 287 883 289,041 . 288 437 165,934 181,US La <>a tub 19 #07 164,949 155 911 139,765 bssie Baak 114,828 166.326 104.2* 129.689 Bvk,,f6( 215 266 367 *94 198,718 199,100 ? i $2,134,668 1.883,111 1,545,123 1,595,981 i Wear* able to see liy the above, where the increase | i-i each department he* been. By these comparative taiile* we ere able to ihow the movement of each bank, ml the change* (rom month to month, made by each in. titntion Th wot only give* those interested in these batiks, a* stockholders, a better insight into their mo'-emei.ts than they could otherwise obtain, but enables 4hoie engaged in trade to form an idea of the facilities afforded, and the probable etfect on prico*. 1)1$ Stock Bxrhanga. 8tea* I Hie. ?jl, PM sits Hsrirm HR, 50V 9 SMS (I1.|?7., 997k |M 'do b30 50V l a -tia Mauhaltae Bk, 93 7? do 56% I 4 Vnkilmni 6k, 8% 399 do s30 I3j Mm..u Met* kit, 8% l?u do >90 504.' | loo k ,iBrr>' Tr, bad 14 lot do boo .10% > Ml N A Trust, 7 121 Nor It Wor ItR, 61% I '* Casual 1'e, b38 29% 421 do ?l% ? do o sM 29% 16 d> 62% 106 d> l*V VI do .60 62% ' vi 1 eag Ulead KM. 29% 7j do litO 62% 58 do bl 29% 171 do 62% M m.w KK. .36 48 10 do bl5 62% to Ifi4?| BK, 63 111 do *60 62 3S6 do *68 43', titt un?l Uonrtl. $ ttat KetdiSf Bd<. 78 14 sh. Nor fc Wor, .90 61% 2i sh* Mum* Ctasl, its * do 61% I 16 Il.rlrie, 50 ? 16* do *96 61 I 06 do *60 5* 2*9 do 61% I I at do bJS 16% 25 do si 61% i IS* do 16 1*0 do .60 61% jO do *36 56 81 do 61V j 56 do S3 56 54 do 6L% IM do t>2 56 % 56 do 61% ?* do t>3 56 % 58 do SI?. ! lot do bt* H'J 806 Krtdias, .60 68% 58 do .90 56 flaw kim k Ktthsnga. ' 16 .Its Mech B Ass bKl 86 81 sh. Nor It Wor, .3 62 * liailsin KK. b3 M% 73. da 1.3 62% I 10 do t3 *>% 85 do .15 62% I 110 do bl V>% 190 do .3 68% 10w do *10 10% 21 do .50 62 1 50 do .3 V% Ml do .10 62 71 Nor k Wor, bit 62% 81 d> 1.3 6t% 50 do cull 62% 81 do bl5 621. 106 .loHlar rssh 62% 16 do stw 62% 50 do Wed 68% Married. At (ireenport, L. I, on the 12th inst., by the Rev Wra. F. Collins, Mr Kvani Thobnnill, formerly of N. Yoik, to Mis* C.THiais. Ilin.l formerly of Brooklyn, L 1. On Monday morning, 16th inst., at Boston, by Rev. Dr. Vinton, tVw Hkkrv Bot'i.ron, Ksq , Mayor of the city ot Toronto, and M. P. P., to H.aairtTE Kli/.siieth .only daughter of he Chevalier Thomas Dixon, Consul for H. M. the King of the Netherlands at th# city of Bolton Died, On Monday morning. 18th inst, after a short, but painful illness, Mr IV*. Kiju h, Jr., in the 43d year of his , The friends and acquaintances of his family, and those of his brothers Kdward and Henry, are respectfully Invited to attend his funeial, from his father's residence. Mr. Win Kinch, brewer 113 Thompson street, this afternoon 18th iust, at 3 o'clock precisely, without further invitation. On Tuesday morning, 17th instant, at half past lour o'clock, i Ktst. Her lunerRl will take piece to morrow afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, from her late residence, No 43 Little street. Brooklyn Her friends and thoso of ner brother inlaw, Edward McLaughlin, are requeited to attend without further iueitatiou. On Monday morning, 16th inat , Bsbtholomkw CoaiFi.LO, aged Jtt yeara ilie friends, and thine of the family, are respectfully requested to atteod his funeral, from the corner of Hlh avenue and 31st street, thia (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. At sea, Sipt. 14. on board ship Bombay, from Manilla, and on hei it-turn to Boston. Aiom Rannoi.rH. (colored,) of disease af the heuit, aged about 50 years. Ha was an exemplary , upright man, and very generally known by most ot otii ; ticket captains of the Havre fine na a most excellent en,I aeltutibc chf f<cat'iiat. Ol him it may )>e said, " /. n hones' man is tlio noblest work of God." At 1 piil nti, Michigan, on the ?th inat., after a short illness, Kli - iuth Aa< ma. wife of Houston Vanclere, und daugh'er ol Hichard O. Brewer, foimerly of thia city. At Boxfoi J, llth inat, Mrs Maav Smith, aged ninetyfour years. At Philadelphia, on the 16th inat., Mr*. M*av Coo sr., consort ol the late Thomts Cooke, alter a short, but severe illness, in the 93d year of her age PUBLIC MEETING?"VOTt TfOUKSELP A FA KM." tpilE regular weekly Pablie Meetiag of fn Naliuasl ReJL bum Aaeocistioa, this rreuiug, u \ put 7 o'clock, at Croton Hail, will be addressed ost llie snijict of the Kree Boil Measnre, by Mr. Van Arwinge. of Pittsburgh Alldraiioas of hearing aa eiplaa t on ol tha uirasa'rs and priacipias of the Nauoaal Refi ruiers, are respectfully invited lo attend. Beats reserved for the LsdMM. Admittance free nli Iff ' IB HK CAPABLE, IS HK HONEST."?J>rrsaaoe ATA MKfcTlNGof the Jr KKKKM >> DEMOCRATIC a* A88GCI ATIO.M ol the Berteteeaih Ward, held at the K. P. II., 21 SectNid Areuae. ase I'riStv areaing Nov llth, Geo Montgomery pieseulcd the following taaolauoae, which wera unanimously ad pled. Itcsolred, That we deprecate the present system of notntnatiiiir our rpimiBiitiiliv<ii mhI rantlitiii? f?r .i#it? Kainu wanted, tlV l voUl Ata *?U ?ci9?i?f?(J with the Kr??h and JD ttiglirti * iitn il'.n.K Te?rhtT or Ataiiuat TiUMt, itiirr la ttie cm or ? y p>>t <> country The I est or reference, " " I r I office X Y / _ il!3t*rc W A.\ I'LO. ~ OH the 1S. ship It 1114 >? t lumber t' .?1*1 ? bodied seameii mul ordinary scmien. .ire warned lor tlie U. 8. ship (thin. Also, a ftill hand of musici.iiis Apply mt the U. H. Nsval Uruilcgrona. No. I Cherry street, N. y ul?Jt*r wanted, BY a healthy and respectable Young Woman, a situation as Wet Nurse. Apply at No. SO Y'arick at. ull ll'rc wanted; A SITUATION at Wet Nurte, by a healthy woman, aged It years. Best of relereuce* will be given. Apply al 4J Mauds men, Brooklyn. inlrt*r wanted, ALONG BOAT It to !t feet long. Any person having tuch, wilt call on board the >hi|> Maaehetter, Pier No. 4, North river nl8 3t*r wanted, A SITUATION by a respectable young woman, aa unrse and seamstress, or as chambermaid, or to do washing and ironing. Good city relereace can be given. Apply in Kor dmu street, second.door I' oni Jcrolomon at., Son'h Brooklyn. nl??l*r wanted, AKK.W YOUNG I.AUIKH to d'< light sewing. Also, a little G<r| to a ssist in general homework. Enquire at 71 ttrce'. nltlt* ic Boa Rd~wa nted, WITH Parlor and Bedroom, for a gentleman aud his wife, on or u-nr Broadway, in the vicinity of the park; terms not to exceed tit per week, with fire. Kclerencea etch until. Address G H B, at this olticc. r I'J 2t* r AVOU.NG WOMAN wants a situation nt chambermaid, washing and ironing; lias uo objections to do general housework. The belt of city reference from her last I lace. Kiiquire 3U3 Washington St.?corner of Dnaueand Washington streets nit lt?r A YOUNG WOMAN wishes for a situation inaprivalo familv. City refereuce given. Enquire at No. (SMolberry st lira! lloor. from. ulg 2i*r WAN'I'd employment by * young man, ol'lnn,cr?leh?bin, a* porter in a wholesale store, oHany other placeIs a carpenter, and has a chest of tools. Good references given Flense address K L) , Herald Office. sill lt*r FhENCH GIRL WANTIil)?One who spa Its hut little English preferred. A young person competent to teach and take care of two little itirls, one four and the other six vears old. willing to assiat in sewiug, may hear of a desirable situation and liud a pleasant home by applying at 11) l'csrl street, first floor. nl8?tis?r WAtsTe-D? By a tespectable youug Woman, a situation at children's nurse, or plain srsing, or Chambermaid; is*a first rate washer and ironer. Good references, Apply M. L. U., 36 Great Jones street, iu the rear, first door. nl7 2t*r WANTED, A SITUATION, by a respectable Protestant Girl, ai Chambermaid, ami Laundress or Chambermaid, or Flam Sewing. The eery best of City reference can be given at to her capacity and character. Pleiae to call a! 190 Molt t net, front mom, seroud floor. n!7 2t*rc WANTED. C) OMFORTABLE and respectable accommodation can / be aupplied, with or without breakfaat or tea, for a gentleman, who cau have a tingle bed room, with a fire pltee, nud whers every attention can he beatowed A note addressed to "id," lierald eftice, will lead to immediate further explanation ti 17 lw*rre WANTED, TO sell, a Daguerreotype apparatus (new) and of the lateat improvement, cheap for cash, with instructions to the purrhaswr gratis, or would be exchanged for any property nchaathe buyer might have. Enquire of Or. Gallup, 42 Conrtlandt street. o29 lin*c LO!?T. ON Stuidir morning cnmiugfifrom 20th street taftli avenue, a Hair Brsrelst. with a Gold Clasp, the iuitiala M. K H. ou it The tinder will receive a suitable raward by leaving it at 176 Pearl street, or 31 east 2<tli street. n 18 lt'rrc LOST. rpiiK PUBLIC are hereby cetificd that a draft for $1000 hat 1. been loat,(through the Post Office.) drawn by the olumbiau Bank, Boston,to the order of Christian Msyr.New Yoik, I and |*yalile at the Merchants'Bank, of this city. The payment ol the draft having been stopped, any information res|>ecting the above may lie left at the Merchants' Bank, Wall atreet. New York. u!8 St?rc FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. LOST?In passing from Wall atreet to City Hall, a Bundle of Papers in anit in the U. 8. Court?Spark man and kelsey vs. A It K. 8 Higgios St Co The pa|wrs arc of no value excert to-oa. Reward will be paid by MARTIN h STRONG, nit H*f No 29 Wall street LAD IE* now-a-days cannot complete their toilet without Bogle's Hyperiou Fluid. The merits of this srtist are spreading far and wide, yet no more than is actually deserved. The Lowell Courier lays, Mr. Bogle is a gentleman of intelligence, and has examined into the philosophy of his craft, and reduced it to a science. We alio cat the following from the Uoston Evening Osteite:? "Bogle's Hvpenou Fluid is generally considered one of the best restoratives for the hair now in use, and will contiuue to increase in the favor and estimation of the public, as fist as its manifold virtues become known. Besides keeping the hair soft and glossy it effectually removes scurf sud dandruff,thus preientiug halduess and early gray hair. The treatise on ti e anatomy and physiology of the nair, accompany ing the fluid, . ia worthy a careful csamiuatinn Bolton Put Prepared euly by WM. BOOLE, 228 Washington street. Boston. For sale by A . B. It D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton st, c irner of William. New York. Sold also by H. Johnaon, 93 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, and by druggists generally. n't It*r THOSE AFFLICTED WITH A COUGH OR COLD, READ THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONY. CI ENTLEMEN?I would consider it an absence of grati* tude to you and duty to the public, to withhold the testiI mony I am enabled to furnish of the efficacy of your HoarI hound Candy, for THIRTEEN YEARS 1 HAD A SEVERE COUGH, and numerous remedies were recommended, hut all to no el feet, a lid I had * ivru up all hopes of ever regaining my henlth and fa nod uo relief, uutil I used your HO AKH (HI N D CAN DY. I lira: purchaatd a JO cent package, and two dollars worth made a radical cure. Srrcral of my friends hare used it through my influence, and all haTc esperiencecUta beneficial results. J. I'raae It Sous, 45 Division street ? OWEN PHEI.AN. 135 Chatham-st Sold by J. PEA8K It SUNS, 45 Diriaiou-st. Agents?liuahton It Co., 110 Broadway, 10 As tor House : 271 Broadway ; 715 Broadway. Mrs Hayes, 139 Kultou-st , Brooklyn. K. H IT Williams. 341 Broad-at.. Newark. nil lt+r NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS IN PERFUMERY. UREATBARUAINS! GREATBARGAINS' f|7HE Subscriber, formerly director of the first Laboratory A in Paris, tha' ol Ltugiea, Pere at Kils, can n- w appeal to the pablie for the truth i this airertioo, that his Toilet Soaps, Sharing Cream, Estrada, and Perfumery ia general, are equal to the best imported, and from their arsater freshing, generally supsrior?aud at prices from M to 51 per cent, lower. Dealers will And that ther can aell more largely of his favorite articles, and at much hither profits, than of any o her I Perfomety, either Korcigu or Domestic. Wholesale and 1 Hrtaii. The most splendid Soda Water Fountain ia the world for sale at a great sacrifice. E. HOUS9K.I,, Manufacturer and Importer ef Toilet Soaps,Sharing Cream. Perfumery, kc-, 159 Broadway, N. Y., Between CourtDudt and Liberty sts. ntfi lw*r PKEM1UM &IIAVING aUAP. i ffHt Uenu ue_ Walnut Oil ^Military Sharing Snap, mauu assured from practical tndwcr, thai it u^fliiBraitl la the cause of deatoemtse principles, aad foreign to the design of thr founders of oar icotistitution. predicated ou the radical principles of democracy. Hrsoircd, That wo earnestly daura thai a concert of artioo may h? recommended. and adopted l>y the democratic party, whereby a reformatioa may be an wr agbt. aa to place the uomiaating and appointing power where it legitimately belongs, m the hands of the people, and aot la the bauds of a lew designing demagogues II aolacd, That 'he members of this aaeoeiatioa hold themaelres in readiness to unite with their feftow-ciuaraa, wlsaa and where ei|iednnry may require, for the parposr o f promoting the genrral mtereat. Resolved. Thitthe members of tliia aaaoriatiou rejoice in the iriumphaut election of their tallow-member. Ilea. J?he Towuseod. aa Stale Beast or. Resolved. That the members of this association taadar to the family of their lata fallow member, .tames f Thompson, Ksq , tlieir aim ere condolenrr for llieir beresfemral. OhUHfll. MuN I k . I'reaidaat. John C.l au neat, t v p,..,*.,.,. lira W. I.otscu, { ' H Knaitcis N . D?minicb, Secretary I'st L t iaot. T. t i>iresponding Seen tary n II li ?i n of ice, THF. remonstraa's agnail, and all olhtra iaterrstad m the aakject ol having (he convict labot of the I'aanteatiary of the city and cnanty of New Vork. coatraeted ?at l?r ih? insuulacture of Saddlery Hud ware, are rasper pall v reuses!ed to attend a meeting ol the special man tor of the Bond t.l Assistant Aldermen, appssiaied for thai pa-poes, isn k'ntlty neit, Ittih mat , at i o'cacfe. f M , at the I' ham bar of the Board of Aasutant AI del man. By order. alilt*r>e HIAAf B SMITH, I hair man i?|iy| I 1/ kd | MONatf to lead <<a Bead an it IWiUl"/ gage on prodaerire real eels te la ibis city?one sum of $li una, oae do of |ll.M, one do nf ||g Mi two snms ofM?'aaeti. oaa do of #7 AM. one do ?f l?S ot fi.cai; two same of $J Mi each, one sunt ?t ft iee tsao da ml fl.OTi. oae do of U.bM, three tl?*> each, twa earns III tz bMiraeh, oae do of Bi.lei, oae do of BI.Mi, oae do of Sl^iwO, four soma ol $1 one recti Also $b,?W UI hid.M to lead aa Brooklyn property, in oaa saai. Apply "> 8. A Broad, No. I! Wall street, 1a the I tea Water Office basement allfc'm S^AlfTIOs Til"-iTTaLKKB IN hi Hi. AHba-tsno J action nf Ktban Alien aa Bloat and Syne, sa that ircuittienr'of the United States, for aa iafm geaseat of his pstrat-iighf to mauafaetara. est. and sell ta ha need.the ell i t aking I'tstol. a verdict has beesgtten t (f with costs ol trial, and a fine of twelve hundred dollars, sad aa lujanction has beaa issued sgsiost Blaut aad Svma to sastram ilsrm from m.kiiig or sailing said atlirle 1 heir petition for a lew trial, and to carry it te Washington oa bill of streplions has bean refused. | ' The pablic are therefore rest ertfally caauoaed agaiaat K relisting or selling the Self-'ioekiug Piaiola. made by untaad_Byrne, or aav Pkttola of a similar kind, aa by dier* ga ding this caution, it woald make it eeeeasarr for the sabscriber to appeal to Ua laws for pratem hi la all aarh cases AH articles of Una kiod are msde by Allea aad Trarery, Norwich,Connecticut and are foe sale b, the j rise pel dealers in the article la Naw V .rh b.TIi \ > *1.1.1 b !>orwirW, i own., inh ^orcmhee. Ike* t r CL.AKhfc;\S SACKS, 116 William tirrtt. oyfxmtt tht WaJii?tt<m Statu, ft RAI K1UL AND I HEAP.?Sir ptrci?n?| All 1 II (ooda for eaeh, ?n'l (iTiac no r i.du. I aai enabled to offer the mo?t v-"l'"D? iudnerm?.te ta tbauely economical. Tim I will make to order e tuti, eeeelly charged at Wi. Cor HO. and en II com fur III. ul nwr other i"""01 ,n proi~??o? I am lihewtne pm tided w.m a magnificent uinrinriit of fin* l/tereeata and lack My black clmh Secka, with ailk collar* Mid Iraao are |n. tome at low ai $3. all It* rre black oxide ok manoanksl 1QQ CASKS of tapeiKir M A WJ^N EB^K ^ by nil Iw f No. U and 17 > anil ilrwt. " H1DKS AND FAT. SEVEN CENTS per lb (canh current miory) will be paid for ronirh Kat. and the highest market petee lot Hidee. aud all armlet in in* line, by JOHN HUNN. n I lw*f No K. Elitahelh timet 17 < IH X M. h A B.-wii y Sal caali, ii applied for immediately. AiMrtaaC. H . a> ihia otfi'-e, elating where an internew mar be had nil l?*re P \( M EHH h.O T\ Pit M PA RATI ? b"H BALI / 1 KH M AN, I much, and American ( am*raj Lena. Plarna, VII Caiet, Chemicals, fce,. II par earn, cheaper than any other place in the UaiteAJBaaee, at 111 Broadway. N.B. laitraetunia caraABy Ciraa ia the yt. Ala*, wanted to enrehaee orKa, t good Me far brase at IU*iraaWMfc,wWl??to,l? m. unarm op ine n"?nr, ut. reter U. Vroom, haa again brrn awarded ihe priouem at the late Fair. We caution the l>iiblie agaraat p^chaeiag either of the earioaa imitationa got ?V by oihera, It can ouly be bed genuine, wholeaale and retail, from oar old eetibliahmrat, No. I Conrtlaud atreet line we offer aleo. upon the loweet terma, a general aaeort meat of Perfumery and Toilet 8oape, at all prieee JOHNSON, VKOOM k FOWLKJR. General Ageata for Dr Foord'e celebrated Pectoral Myrop, the beat remade eeer offered to the public for celda and all diaeaere of the lunga nig Im'rrc SPKHM LAN DLK8, OILS, FHU/T8, kc. SI PKKIOK Sperm t aadlea, at 23 eta a lb; winter bleached Hi run Oil, at ft a gallon; very good white Lamp Oil, 7J cia. wl.ite Holar do, UJa eta, with a eery large atock of freah Teas. Family Groeenea, foreign hruita, fce. For aale Wholeaale and leuil, at eery low prieea. Uooda delirered to any pan of tee city free of charge, by J. O. FOWLKR. Grocer and Tea Dealer, and f'l Greenwich, and It Veaey ata Alto, a large aaeortment of cheap white and brown Sngmra. all lw?r DRAWING AND PAINTING. JR- WATKRSTON, teaeherof Drawing and Paiating a 1.1 ie rlaahiag Inatilate, L. I.v haa attll tome leieare time wkien lie wiahea te U1 ap in gieiag Priaate Leeeoue, or in aueediag aehoola Teraue moderate and may be learned by applying at 171 ' anal atreet. er at T J. I rowan'a bookstere, corner Brnadw ?. Mid Hlerrbr, alrrrl > V 0J7 , RHEUMATISM. PAINS, and atiffneaa of the Joiata, awelllag of the mnecnlar aabauorea near them, and other aymotoma, too well known te need drirriptina, may be rffeetaally remorcd bv i.c are ..I < HAW M Kl>tl'w< .impound By rap of Hydrio dale of folMM. W*tir|>?rill* uf Yellow Dork The tintr of ill*** uirrfirili l? iudi?| amble, and by ..l.i nt adiaKtar* remedy ia f oraied, tint, lor the ikxniauf (?ai|>Uwli *l may term an infallible ran Of Ike treat aaaben who haee I no* baa d.Mle aaa oitbaaat receivlag deeded hmaebt. ohieb ?. '. r ! MB It* 1*1 idle inrreaauif eoatemidioa, may ba *o*aid*r*d tb* boat aritaetea of eiceJleae* that a remedy 1 caa |N.aaeia Thia avr*p it alee tb* beat preparation which can ba em . ployed le eemi'laiat* ariaiaa Imm the miaaa* of Bier eery, awd that elaaa of diaayraeable diaeaeeaof the akia iadiaeiiat aa impair irate of the bleed. f tapered aaely br I HAH M. HINli. IM Broadway, eoraer of fern at. New TerB UBIm'rh TOILET NOAP* AND PERFUMERY TIIK amly tree aod ..r.giaul Waleat Oil MtliUrr Hhaeini ftaap family Boo pa highly Berated Toilet Amp*. ?;? , leBoea. utratu.aad a yea ml aaaortmeat or aeery eariety I?f prrfaaaeer cf tb* ehaieom deornrtioa. aad at the loerest MMb Baaothoe* Merehaet*. aad Deader* ia yeear*' are tatreted in ***aue?*or ao**b brlaae* parrhewag eta***-, (*. f~y No I < oorUaadt at reel ail '** > B'HSNlW. V* fiQVI > rOWHB DK Kt ?AKE'S IODINE UNIMENT. TNK ABTONIMIINO a.eeeoa that ha* .needed the aaptieaooee *f thae meat rateable Liaieaeet, aed the bleb II It I mee tell del ae* daily reeeired. eirrtal ay calliai eyme tb* aMieied to raaart at eaaee ta the eely reaaedy that n| be relied apoe. aed will di all 'bet It ie repreeeeled t* do. i e* a each aaetram. bet a aeoeatiBe rbeaical eewipeead of >?dia* of haowa aed e*tabliab*d atbeaer tt yaraaaa tail r aod *>?r.?ally carea MHKI kl aTlaM. either ebraeia ee lalDmmamry. earalraia ee lee* of the aee ef tb* limb*, mafraetioe* ml tor da aad maacle*. aad rial, it tier* net of hew loo* t'a?d.a? ip'aiaa. brwtaea, tamora, d iwelltac* aad eal rged jntau. eteld to a fete aapl.caliee* of tbia i.iaimeat It bar be?a eaed with* aarrcaa i ta acrot*U or *.?*' Veil. * . Urged tlaada ditaeaea of the a| t?* mid btpti taw tie d dnrewi aad all eerenaa rfleettoor It II laertaaale. aad aria lilt a . barm it.ri piag tb* blrediag I of Berb weaada. aed rreatag them to heal ta a few daya It be* eeeae bee* baow* to fail curing lb* moat arebbora al -era j ae fee*r aorea aed awr|l?d leg*, pam tb* ktdaey*. >a tb* tbaet. aide, at rW peek. aora tbenat aad aroep. It rpeedilr ml aBeeteallr aradtralea tataaeeai erapttoa* ! *' tb* able ia lb* form of aalt rheam. ereatpelaa. ptmplea. e eg worm ae tetter. baehrr'r tteb, aeald bead, lie It taeiaatly rr more* toothache aad headache It eetracta tb* pata red aere* came, hmtam.*, bt Bald by b. INUbBI Tula yiepriatet Bt laha itraat oil eodlm*rre SHKKWIHil) a FIRMER'* 8AUKIN, BROADWAY eader late IVaD Maaeem-Thia Baloaa, IB roaaertioa with their raubl.ahmaat tor * ' f '" " > ? ' Walher atreet* bet beea Ailed *p with . " '* Bpl'aaaaa *1 e oar feet, recreetioa >..d latere which Ban 4 ee a liberal .iwtlay foal J yrecar*. . Snarled g* It la. ea owe a/oar lac gem 1 ( Broad " T-' *" coerigeowa to *n tb# priartpl# Ifotcli tb* a*W~ acrtbee* aotietpate a rbeee .,f imtrneage ?.|eteal?it to their Iff ftHTWf>NH IflWt. N. B. la additiea to aa eatraae* ia Broadway, a rat y plea aat eatrane* M opened ia Manay atapet. where p*r*ooa J w. ah tag a pneata ei.traar* aad peteat* room will had at c?a 1 >" '1 ?gj??l. ifaoteaaent.tu.aaT otbae latbecitT Upea Wadaaeday, Net lltb, at id a'cloeb. all iwmi ' ? 1 CHEAPEST ANP NSTHtTT!"* I t\ WIPT?\0 MBRISTCW ".PffH.lh movrN |l? 'etcrm W * Ni-w Verb. n< the af kit Antoat Im , Day ud hrnai ?l S? :>?W MraaWtray. r?f?" / IkMH *#? #I Alienor wd Kl?|i" Kl?'* ! Writing. tasgWd w ih e*r taiatv ud ^i(ru Ob* t mim ud rut I mm, At *t< Bristow. By thiaayatetn Ladies ? * naiM a a*tt. tnaduitB drli cat* Bad (hahiooabte li*"d. trait elegant ?d I ad? III* 1 tletnen acquire a bold, nanlv ssd etfwditmaa tit <e aa for every ocmjiatioB ol I fr- no matter how bad. tiled tie I eramped oy defeetive lb* writing att a* I'"' Ml rang era viaiting .Now \ oik eaa ahoia ikritMra id three daya. ogt r..d its* ire PAtENT ha r u Eiujm. mv iunk THR mttuyorders that w* hate rrfrn nl I - < "or IVrut H4 Lucriui; Machine.'' hi?r iu c?*i*?rfi>>ii w??h il.** mi mi tioo paid to the our nli iting im ih? Kn lulW ? ?*? *<! the opinion t-k lrts^i ; i ufht 'he JM lishing part of n Ho to pert?*cti<i?i 1 ??* ?Inm W- j ehme occupies the spare, only, ol about lourteeu >?.? ?.- *?*J ' cau b? placed any where m a room, *\eu ma ? oraer Wr u? happy to remark that it has b**B irrsirrd with ad w rattoo ' here, aa well aa iu Luglaud. Krauc* and < rrrmaay , wheie measures have lieeu taken to pa'eut it alio, md, Br So? to k invite those whn have not ni*| rrf*d the Martna*. to do to, I at the south ???t corner of Kightlv street aatd fttttk b**bb?. | talier* an* will It* fnuud iu operation, uol Bill t>? shown ' . Mr. Ueurgr Mchott, nu tli* premises, who will alBu r?r*i*o order* fur the patentees. ^o203t*wIm rre I.W'DF.N k MIIAW ENOUSH HAKDVVAKE, HAHt ShA I INO.fc. JtGKNTS' VI' ST.1IH!S I'llt VI. 1 AA GROSS Piu'd whit* Imar kaivrs >ad forks, $4 id IwV Jier gruas. MK do hne^roniid ata . do do, fit |>*r grata dM pair can mi! knives and lorkt, Ir- iu Hif to Pl{ rov ra |ier pair. M dor. !*nteut knob loeka, ft V? jwr dates. iU tela li e Gothic lea trayt, fi I'rr art SO do balance handle ivory kunra, all with Preach foika, $10 to f'4. Alio, ail aize* of beat hair tratiag at th* reduced lilt, warranted C 8 (ilea 01 all ku.da and nan; lire iroua; trace i-haias; locks, ricea, ke. |L with a geacral sasi-ilutent ol staple l)n uitngliam and Sliclfield goods at low prices JOHN A. NKWBOULl). ol9 mwf?c No tt John street, (up ataira ) " DANOINO AND WALTZING ACADEMY, 21 IIOWAKU STRKKT. SIGNORA and SIUNOK KKKKKKO liars ro-opea their ichool. Day* of tuition, Wednesdays aud Saturdays. and Mondays and Thnrtdayi, at half-past , three o'clock for yottng ladies and yonng gentlemen ? Monday and Thnridiay evenings at I o'clock, Daaeirg and Waltzing Class for Ueatlemen. Wednesday and Saturday evening!, at I o'clock, Waltzing Class fur do ? All the fashionable dances, including Polkas, Maznikaa, u? | Rcdowas, will be taught in the above-mentioned Cloase*. Private Soirees will be given at usual. Private classes, private lessons, and Boarding Sclioola punctually attended to. o23 lmeod're CENTREV1LLK COURSE?TROTTING. II I mri mmm. u. 11 WO Purses iu one day: to come off on Thursday, No vein ber the 26th?Purse $20, mile heats, best 3 in 5, iu haruess, for paciug horses?Purse $20, mile heats, best J in J, fur trotting horses, under the saddle. Iu each, free for horses that never won n purse of $30 ; three or more to make a field. Close on Monday, November the 23d, by 9 o'clock, P. M., at Ureea St Losee's JOEL CO.NKI.IN, Proprietor. Centreville, Nov. Is, 1846. nlSlt'r w\ . KuK BALK CHEAP.?A tine Stylish B.y Horse. JMTSSoU lor want of use. LLsUn Apply at DILK'8 Stable, Mercer street near Blrecker. nlS3t*r TWO DOLLARS REWARD. MLOST from No. 548 Broadway, on Monday the 16th inst, a young slut ol the terrier breed, dark colored, ears and tail long, have nut beeu cnt. The ward will be paid to any person bringing her to the above plsce, iu Broadway. ulS 2t?r DOG LOST. MKIVK DOLLAH8 KKWARD-A pointer bitch, about aix mouths old, white color, with yellow spots on ramp,jiiid yellow ears, with a small slit in em. The above reward will be raid for her dehvery 1 at 191 Third avenue. UKNJ. J. KKLLAM. ^ n!8 It'r LONG KREED CANAK1ES. THE Celebrated stock of AV. 8. Uroddway, will be offered for tale at No. 5 John street. Bird h'auciers jpBjL ar* invited to call and aee them. They are admitted " ' to be the best iu the United States. A Chinese Lark in song, with the usual variety of rare and valuable birds.? Caves, Seeds, lie., for sale by A. OKI EVE, o8? lm're No. 5 John street, N. V. mKUK 8ALK?A firm ol flfty-two acres, most delightfully situated, about fire miles from Elizabethtown, S. J , comprising a handsome commodious ng house, fitted with marble mantels and every convenience lor a respectable family ; the whole, iurludiug gar denei'ahouie, barns, icehouse, and other buildings, iu a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains twenty actes of choice fruit trees. Tne easy access from New York.either by the various cars from Jersey City or the teriy to Elixabethport, whence a rail road train runs within a huudied yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to those doing business in this city. The greater|part of the purchase money can remans for three years on bond and mortgage at five per cent. VYSE It SONS, 172 Pearl st. Also, for sale, a dwelling house iu Washiugtun street. ul8 ltn*r FOR SALE IN WILLIAMSBURG A|A A handsome two story basement and attic frame 1771V house, with tea room and under cellar attached, huilt ! XJ&'ast spring by days work, aud finished in modern style, , JlotrjXiJ) with folding doors on the first and second storiee, I >...u ........... lunwiin mui, nre .insets, mahogany ball It ten, iKJitico front and rear, the windows running on pullies, green Venetian blind, in front, and ihutten in the rear, court yard in front, and aniublr lor two respectable "VUl1 m*' r?" l>rorerty >? situated in the moit deiirable part o( Williamsbmg. being between the Peck slip and Uraad atreet ferries, and withiu fire minutes walk of either ferry coiTenient to churches and the public school; location Sou-h j Third street, south side of the street, and about 00 yards I from the new brick Presbyterian church iu South Third at i Price $2300; part can remain on mortgage if desired Km quire on tne premises adjoiniug.orol K. H. Ludlow & Co 27 Wall street. n!7 it* rrc FREEMAN'S HALL TO LET. THIS HALL, built by the Freeman's Hall Assoffl| ci.tiou of th. city of Brooklyn, und." chiter fr?" UK the Legislature of the 8ute of New Voik, is uew nearly completed and ready for a tenant. This spacious building, filly by eighty feet square, and four stories high, is elegantly situated for a public hotel iu ; South Brooklyn, on the corner of Columbia and Amirv | streets. There 11 a hell occnpying the whole of the third ' floor, end three etoree on the basement front on Columbia 1 afreet, aud to aflrat rate tenant the whole will be rented by I the association at a eery reasonable rent, on a lease for a I term of years. The attention of keepers of pnblie hotels ia invited, and they are requested to view the premises. For further information, apply to eithrr of the undersigned committee. JAME8 FREEL. 36 .Myrtle Avenue. JOHN 8WEEN KV, Columbia Hotel. Sonth Kerry. THOMA8 MULL'GAN, corner of Atlantic and Hicks streets, or to THOMAS LESLIE, Secretary of the Association, corner of Tillery and Koltou Kullon sis., Brooklyn. Nov. 6. 1846. n9 2w*c BOARD1MG iMERCHANTft' HOUSE, No* 135, 137 anil 13H Broadway. a THE PROPHIETOK would respectfully inform families and single gentlemen desiring Board for the winter in comfortable quarters, with all the ronveuiI ences of a home, that he has a number ul light and pleasant j apartments to let (furnished) at moderate prices. A choice I of rooms may be had by early application | o? Ire'ere ORLANDO VI8H. sm| THE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale the following tff&Bulhs and Trees at very reduced prices, viz.:? I 3.000 Neapolitan Violets, iu flower, It per doz. or $12 per hundred. 8.000 Tulip Bulbs, SO 30 per doz. or S3 per huudred. 3,000 Hyacinths, $1 00 " or $7 " 3 000 Jonquils, SI 08 " or $7 " 3.000 Narcissus $100 " or $6 " 3.000 Ranunculus, 30 " or$3 " j 3,000 Anemones, 30 " or $3 " 3,000 Ciocus. 35 " or $1 " i Several cases Dutch Bulhs offered to the trade at a liberal discount. 10,000 Ailanthus Trees, straight and thrifty, f-oin : ten to fifteen feet high sui'ahle for parks, avenues, or streets, ; at the lowest rates. Krnit and Ornamental Trees of all kinds. Urape Vines, 8hrubhery, and Herbaceous Plants, together ! with one of the largest assortments of Green House Plants to he found in the viciuitv of New York. Our lair patrons aud the politic are respectfully informed that we are now fully ! prepared to furnish any quantity of Double White Camelias and other choice Flowers, suitable for Boquets for bridal or other parties, having erected two additional hot-houses : during the past summer for the ezpress purpose of furnishing I cut flowera during the gsy season. We will be happy to furnish all orders which we may be favored with, iu point of i ; style inferior to none, as reasonable as they can be procured i Hi uy similar rsniMisiimenl DUNLAP Ic THOMSON, 63J Broadway, nU lw'r Mi Attnot and lltth itrect. PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION 0. E. CASTLE It Kl) WIN McCORKKLL, pB^V9| the letter from the I loyal Academy of If A I II Music, London, will give Iruooe on the I Piano Forte or Violin, at their residence, 72 Walker street, near Broadway, or that of their popils. n|>on eery moderate terms, which can be made known by applying i I as a bora. _ _ __ n4_lm?r_ , MUSIC. THE PIANO trvght on very moderate I terms, by a Lady, who has a perfect know fTT^jl ledge or the science, and who nndertakee to : ! IVZ 1 I e teach it thoroughly with the greatest facility. Terms?1 hree dollars per month. trr Any lady wishing to receive instrnetion, will please address Music, at the Herald Office. _ nTt Imn'rrc j PKEMIUM BOOTS Quick Salet and Small Profitt. - FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50. onr own make, and warranted to give satisfaction; fine French imperial Dress Boots for $4 M, equal to those nsnallr sold in M Broadway for <6 or 97, at YGUNU It JONKS' fine French Root and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable stores in this city. Onr boots received the highest i praise in the late Fair ol the American Institute, for the i price, ever sold in this eity. Boots, Shoes, Uaiters, lie made to order at the shortest .notice. Mending, lie done in the store ' YOUNG It JONKS, 4 Ana at. | at lm?ja

LUOK AT THIS! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if ron want a line article of Boots and Snoes. call at 317 Broadway, where you will And the largest assortment, cheapest, and the most faahioaable in the city. Do not mistake the nam bee. *7 Broadway, cor. of Franklin street. N. p ?A large assortment ol Imported French Boots, at ' the lew price of Five dollars, and the largest assortment ol I fl^er shoes of all kinds. M. CAHILL. I lB*tl? I PLUNKETT It PARDE8SUS (R HAVE REMOVED their Metropolitan Hat and Cap jpm Store to No II3H Fulton street, one door east of Nasstreet, where they will continue to sell articles, eqnal to IA.M? or tar other etubhthinent, at the following reduced ntic Quality Quality, IM?Natria far llaU,..$S JO Ut?Moleskin tints $3 on Ml " ... 1 00 Id "... I JO lit?Cloth Capi I J< lit? dated Capa 1 00 a" I 00 Id " 74 7J Id " J7X All other articlei it eqniilly low pricas. Jnlee Flaaketl h Kane r?rdeeiaa reapectlnlly reqneit a enatiaaeti<>u of the kind patroaace with which: hay hare hitherto bean fn?r?d B7 tm'rc l/UUlilia, CUUliHS, COUGHS. pORBYN'S COUOH LOZENfilCB?Thia popolar reme- j a J dr will be found lha moit rffectaal one now in ma fat the eare of ejaoba, coldi, hnarieaeii. irritation of tha lnn??, hortaeaa of breath, a?lhma. aomammioa. kc. Thu ii not i like aaany preparation!, got op merely to pleaae the palate, bat to femora tnoaa dittreaamg aymptonie which brt too of loo prora fatal when neglected, aa many thnnaanda can tattify who have aiporiaaead their happy aad lalatary affacti; maay of whom have bean reduced to lha brink of tha grnre ? They i-eoiao a a fraa and aaiy eanecto-ntion, and ra<|nita no nnl'inamant A aii (la boa will corn the moat ohat.mte e> nnh thai arar eiutad. Koradabyti < OLBY. ehemiat, ke., HI Taarl at, Frank lua aqaart, agent for the Uaited fkataa. oft lm*r STRAW BOARDS- I Itp Iff TON B threw Boat da, aaperior aaxlitr, Jnat raaaiTO ! A aad fat aaio ky iTUUM fc BAi>URB. ?" "*" * ' Atxwioa aoncaa* TTdiTLr7T AI , Auctioned IARw ?*Al.f I" OIL PAINTINOS?Tuitlr St Dn i >u. oa Wednesday, Nmrmlw lt? . k at V Itl (Ornntte building the retire r..ll,, , ?, . r tilualdr Oil Paintinga, known ry," and tor nur r?n rahibited iu thia eit> N B ?< *lili<tar< . rr no* rrrdy.auJ the public are u raard iwrall wdria*uw I tar collection. harry picture ml to ?~?t nil Id iu 'be liielirat bidder. The auctioneer |4ywtbe?rrl> r? t ihel effect. all ll*rc I , k I I il l t I N \in r I N \ urtii ui Ki hi I \ II Ami rtrret. the eulire (lock of a Paper Ml an luaaa. r?>uiiB| nl tbousaud piece* of F reach an turrifn peitrma. borders. or in I >la, t* auit purchaser uad manaani of Dry floods. comprising Br on (toha, I MMUIH VIprrM^dr lain.?, I inrna, Pruna, She* irt Shut ted. to lb llautlbcri hirla.llueirrv, Oliivea, Spool Co ' kr M.o aeaarnt dorm liuen Hhirta, Bosoms,(,'ollari I I leak an atKMliarai at (old and ailarr 1'eucils: *lao * lc at 6i i. . i i. ul* lt*r ato FOR HUDSON, and intermediate Una ApHMSii'ia The ate utter ON K.I DA, rapt. Oct JHCjBL11 I ipprr, ran ill Ira** the font of Kohiiiao PHCato ( Wrdorada* I altrrniMaa, at 5 o'clock. * roe paaaafa w a,? ?ht apply ? Wild. nt* It'r NOTICE. aMQ On aud al'er Friday, .November 70th, th LaJMy*'''"'1' ' ?VI.I'll aptain Braiatrd, ml S^_SEnK.m*hr tbr following rripa to and from State laired anaail lurthn uaaitee, rig > Lor** Near V <af4 I Leevc Btrieu laltand. At A. M At *'? II A M. I I* I r M. I II M. I* " I I P. M. M " I ullr_ ~ I lUii MOit SaiM* ANL> EVENING LINE MOANING LINK A I IsfcVEN O'CLOCK I "H ALB AN V AND THO Y?From lb ^^nu*>'iriailiiiat Pier at the foot of Barclay elrge SaSiDLl a'1'iai at Peekakill, Weal Point. Nee BV !Umi" .u. Miliua Poughkeepai*. Hyde Park. Rhini ,11 Had Honk Brtaiol, Catakill, lladaca, Cnutku erhuuk Mid R hiiMirc Break last and dinner <>* board the bow. TWimnb'ai MMiAK.k,?illlM?t ?a Monday, We< ac-J?? ud kridav M?ni IU*l7 A. M 'i be steamboat SOUTH AMt RICA, Captain iJorham, g T***?a> fhi 'day tad *atarday raorniugs, at T o'clock. Re truing oa opposite days. k'or <m>ii or freight apply oa board, or at tha office oa th kut NEW IUKK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. k '* ALBANY ANDTROY DIRECT, kMiOi the pier at the loot of Coertlandt iweoi. The low I'rtuiii airaiubuat ICMPIRk, Captain R B. Mac] oaraa tha lout ol t onnlaudt street, oa '1'aoaday, Tbarsda ad Saturday eveaiuga,at live o'clock. The hto?iab.iai COLUMBIA, CaM. Wot. 11. Fock, wi laata oa Monday, Wednesday aad k'nday evenings, at o'clock. I*4iarr.i;e:a takug tl,aar Baa will arriro ia tuna to tak the Morning 'l'raia ol Cava f;ujv Troy weal to Buffalo,aa aorth to Sa.-sioga, Whitehall aad Lake Champtaia. k'or l'aa? so or Freight, apply oa board, or at IM OSia o the wharf. .No taken aAai t% o'clock. NOTICE?All good*, freight, bank bills, ipaeir, or aa other kind of proiieny, positively at the ownar'a riak. j*r I NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK, KOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. From the I'ior at the foot of Courtlandt Street?I'ussug il.AO- Bertha 60 runts. aMQ JtSL ' A83KNUER8 lakiog thta Boat will a ^ - ,1?J* arrive in lime to lake the .Morning Train < XmJI^E. ran Irnin Troy wrat to Buffalo, and nort to Whitehall and Late Chaiuplato. The low preaaurr steamboat EMPIRE, Cant. R. B. Mac] This Kvemng at 5 o'clock. Regular daya, Tuesday, Thur dav and Saturday. k'or Passage or Freight, apply on Board, or at the Office n the Wharf.?Freight inuat be nut in charge of the Freigl Agent. or the cotn|>any will not lie responsible fur loaa. PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMERS FOR ALBANY, Daily at) o'clock, F. M ?Through Direct, From Steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty it .Mn jym Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. J ^aJS Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wedne SmJEE, day and Friday ereniuga, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Cant. William H. Feci will leave on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday evening', at 'clock. __ At S o'clock, F. M , Laud lug at Intermediatn Places, From tbe foot ol Barclay afreet. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Fury, wi leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday (k Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Orerbaugh, wi leave on Tuesday, Thnrsday and Saturday afteruoous, 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all timea arrive ia Albany ia amp time for the morning ears for the East and Waat. Freight taken at moderate rates, aad none taken alter o'clock, P. M. All peraoaa are forbid trnating any of the boata of this liai without a written order from the capt&iua or agents. Fur passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. < Behultr.. at the office on the wharf nlir HOUR CHANGED FOR ALBANY BY PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMERS, .^yssb On and alter Monday, Nor. 16th, tl ^^aBQMp^3pstr.tmeri Knickerbocker, Isaac Newton an ^K^3DbColumbia, will leave the foot of Courtlam street daily at 5, P. >1., instead of 6, as heietofore. Bin 11 lw OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE FOR THJ NORTH AND WEST. gMM> FOR ALBANY,75 ceut*; Utica, >1; S ^L?^T"*a^^?rncnsc. $2 50 ; Oswego, $2 75 ; Rocheste 75 ; Buitaio, tJ ; Cleveland,$5 54; Port mouth, i'lttsburjth, $9; Detroit, Michigan, $6; Cioei uani, Ohio, $9; Milwjukie. $9; Chicago,! 9; Toronto, U. C I $5 50; Hamilton, $5 50; Kingston, $t 50; Whitehall, (2 5 I Montreal, $5 54.? l'asaeugera, by applying, sen get the I tickets at the office No. 140 Barclay ureet, at the aboi price*. o9 lm*ch M. L. KAY, Agent. i djjf- Packet ship SIDDONS, from Liverpool, ia no nVffWdiachargiug under general orders, at Orleans wha JBnMalout of Wall st. All goods that are not pernutP i will be sent to ihr public store. nil I WANTED?A good Ship or Bark, to load I iJJJWNtw Urlc?ii?. Apply to SfilL E. K. COLLINS It CO., | all r 36 Son lb stieet. iAt- FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCEHN.-Tl ! l49f*Wvery Tart lailing, c<A>pered packet ahip LOl'I JBImMbVILLE, 513 torn, built id ihia city, of lire oak, i cust. cedar and while oak. Her spar* and running riggu I nearly all new. Site haa accominodauoua for JO cabin pa j MM, It uol sold previous lo Thursday, 19th lust., si will that day positively be told at aoctiou, at the Merchaa Exchange, at 1) o'clock, e. M , by Messrs L. M. Hoffman Co. Apply bu board at Oileaoa Wharf, foot of Wall stres or to E. K. COLLINS k Co . nlT r 36 South at. aAr- FOR LONDON?First Packet? The apleudi lUfylut sailing packet ahip KLI/ABETH, Capt. Bel jflflMbwill positively aail aa above. 1 he accommodationa for cabin, second cabin and ateerai passengers are superior to those of moat of the other Loud< packets, and the price of passage is reduced, for which appl to W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 South St.. nit 3trc id door below Burling slip. "YACHT NORTHERN LIGHT EUR SALE gAe> The underiigned, having concluded to wi thdra IKwSVfroin "Yachting," offers for sale the well know tffia&achooner yacnt SOUTHERN LIGHT, 70 tot burthen The Northern Light is moat substantially built of whil oak, copper lasteued, coppered to the wales, aud is very th roughly round in all respects. There are two atate room having two berths each, aud eight open bertha (four of whir are double) in her after cabin, which, with eight bertha in h forward cabin, afford accominodatioua for 24 paaseugri being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for passe gers, iu our Southern waters. The qualities of the Nortnern Light for sailing, and aa " sea boat," are too well known to require further deaeri tion. For terms and other particulars apply to the anbscriber. No, 13 South Market street. Boston. W. P. WINCHESTER, or to DUMONT k HOSACK, oi4<w*rre 113 Wall street. AAvf ONLY REGULAR LINE UK NEW U1 jMfW LEANS PACKETS-The ships to sail in Ta jBMBfascott's Regular New Orleans Line, ia their propi order, are as follwws, vit:? Packet ship PALESTINE, Capt Mnmford, from foot i Wall street, Nov. I*th. Paeket ship VICKSBURU, Capt, Berry, foot Maiden lan< Nov. 21. For paeaage in either, apply te W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 South street, nl4 r two doors below Burling Slip kdac FOR NEW (mLEANS-Lonisiana and Ne WFWK. York Hpsnl.r I'.ek.l In, W*AM,, JBKUn 15.?The splendid fut sailing racket ship (JsWI (iU, Johnson, muter, will positively tail at above, her ret lar day. For freight or putaffe, having handsome furnished areor mods twos, apply on board at Orleans wbarl, foot of Wall si or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 54 South at Agent for New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who wi promptly forward all goods to his address. The packet ship SARTELLK will succeed the Oswego, nil lew- KOK LI VERt'OOL? Hegular packet ol (he 2bt u]^Nov-The new and fati sailing packet ship JAM K JBUfcH. 8HEPH ARD, burthen I.Mi tons, Capt. Aim worth, will tail positively on ihe 20th November, The accommodations, for cabin, second cabin, and tteerag passengers, as 10 comfort, are uueiiualled by any other veasi in port; and u a number of her puseogera are already engi ged, those desirous ol securing berths should make early t| plication on board, pier No. 5 North river, or to JOBKPH McMURRAY. nil corner of Pine and South streets. JAMES BEVER1DUE, hail Maker, Coras jJjflfW. Front and Roosevelt streets?Sails, Awnings, Sagi gSHfakc., made to order,in a neat and substantial mannet at low prices. Sails to be repaired insured agaiust lire, an stored gratis. Secure from rata and dampness. All orders punctually cieculcd. oJJ Iniirrr FOR LONDON?FlRHT I'AI KE P?The spin MPjMfVdid last sailing packet ship CHRISTIANA, Cap Hammond, will sail as above. Tins superior packet has very supcior accommodations fr cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers,her second cahi and house being on deck,in rooms well lighted and vrntilatn The accommodations lor this class of passrngers are superir to these of most of tho other Condon psckets, sud the pric of passage is reduced, for whi'h. and to secure the bei berths, immediate application shonld be inade en board,at th foot oI Wall street, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, K South street. Second door below Bnrliug Slip. The L.1TC1NIA will snceeed the Christiana, and sail on h? regular day nlSrre Xdy FOR MONTKIMCY, ST. FRANCISCO, ANI sMgyORKOON CITY, Columbia HiTer-The bar JHllfsWHirON, Roland (Jelslon, master, haring bee detained by the inclement weather, will continue to receir freights until Wednesday night, I tin inst . for which, or pai sage, (haring aecommodations lor fonr additional pusengrrs apply on board at the foot of Dover atreet, to Mr. (Jeo. 8u ton, No. ID Sontli atreet, or at our office No. 51 Liberty atreei where letters may be left. Peraona deairotis ol making consignments to either of th abore porta, are informed that a competent and responaibl supercargo accompanies the Whiton. who will take cha'g of, and render prompt retnrna for goods consigned to him. JAMES BISHOP k CO., nl5 3tis*rh No. 51 Libe>ty street. liJ- PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL FROM LIVES srfffJV POOL?Coaaigncea by this ship will pleu-sen MmWim their permits on board at West aide, Barling Sli| without delay, as all goods not permitted in Are days will b sent to the public store. n 15 It re WOODHITLL k MINTURN, n South st set f'A?<hKT*M>R HA V Rk Secmd ice. (B^ship BALTIMORE, ('apt. John Johnston, Jr., wi .ItftBb awl on the let ol December. For freight or pn age, npply to nl BOYD k HINCffEN, No. t? Wallet. itdr HA VRE ?The superior French brig Al b*3(WW Vk.DE. ( antajn Onandean, promptly|di J BVw patched For freight, apply to 'h , IflNCUrr Brokers iffik FOR LI V K,It I't It) I. Packet of the lltb Norm fJJJY ber?The eplendid last sailing packet ship VICTC JWimksHI \. I apt Hartshorn, will sail u almre. The sc com mods nous for cabin, second cabin and tteerag pasaengns^are too well known to require comment. Persons intending to embark, shoald make immediate w -X " ' ? ' 11 t P fAHIt?K*K?T?. I PARK THK.ATKK -WfilucidiT Evening, Nov lilh? , Third night of r ! MRU. < HaKI.H KK * ) 1 MR (Htuh.sKMN, *nd ? K U?.l> VANUtNHOKK, \ On which occasion wii? l?e per loaned Miaksi*are'? tragedy I i- of K IN tl JOHN?Johu, King of England, Mr. ( baric* hean; 11 Philip K-ulconbridge, Mr Jro KC vaDdenliuft; f'ooilftnee, 1 a Mrs ( buries Kenn Toceuclgde with the MISERIES OK Hl'M AN LIKE. Door* opeu at half-past 6 o'clock, and flic performances 1 will counnieucc at 7 o'clock. Boxes $1; Pit 60 cents; Gal-, ! r- lerySSSS: BOWERY THEATRE.?Ke-eug?geuieiit of Mr. Booth.? 1 This Eveuing, Nov. 18th, will b? performed the d tragedy of KINO HE AH; Ktug Lear, Mr Booth; Edgar. j t Mr. Neatie, Earl ef Kent* Mr. Stevens; t ordeli*. Mm ( olet mui Pope, her last appearance; Regan, Mr* Jordan. i? Pas de Nathalie by Misses H and J Vallee. it To conclude with the spectacle of ROOK WOOD; Dick Turpin.Mr De Bar; Sybil, Mrs Sergeant. - Dress Circle 26 cents; Pit and Gallery cents. 7 Doors opeii at 6^ o'clock; curtain rise at 7. PALMO'S OPKIIA HOl'SK-l he public are re.pectfolly 1 informed I but this element, coinmndioaa, and comfortable eatabliiltmrnt, hat iiiK receutlv been put iu ro'npleteor- i der, i. open for twelve m,li'a only, under the management I Mr Chtpiwiidale, late director ?t Mr. Nibln'a. Adunuion to nil part, of the Theatre. M renta, oritur ' * 0over only excepted, which may lie arcured daily at Ilia Box !' Olfiee, from M 1111 3 o'clock. n WKDNtSI) Wv Nor. 18 the eutertainmeut will com ineurr ?im ti.y MUiK >/ 1.1 r*t I Kmily, Miss .Mary Taylor , After which, Mona. ROUXAKI icill iiukc lui lint ippwi' nucr ill II gland Pan de Hem. To couelude *illi the Ballet of LA CH ATTE?Aboulita, Mi .lit. Hazard I'rinrr M Znlimi, M'lle. Blarney. U'CllKLL's" OLYMPIC THEATRE. Wednesday evening. Nov'r II?To commence with the petite Comedy of RINGDOVES'.?Sir Harry Hiugduve. Mr. Everard; Harrv Ringdove Walcot; Julia. Mrs. H. laherwood. e | To be followed by ilie 1*1 uct of ROBERT MACA1RE? I Koliert Macs ire, Mr. De Bar. i- After which ihr Farce of THAT HASl'AL JACK !?That - K ur il Jack, Mr. John Duu?. To conclude with the SAVAGE AND THE MAIDEN. t Urea* circle Ml ceuu; upper hoxea IS eenu; pit one smiling! I* .rate boiea $5. Orcheatra boxes, %3. t- 'Joaira open at hall paat * o'clock: curtain riaea at T. , ClRl'US'-HOWKH.Y AMFHITHKATKfcT~ Boiea 25 cenla Pit 12W crnia. Children half priee. REENOAOEM KAT OF THE TWO OREAT CLOWNS. # ! WEDNESDAY EVENING, Not. I?. , Mr.B. RUNNALS. C AMI CLE OARDNER; Mr. FELIX CAKLO,the Italian trick clown, , will all appear on thia occaaiou, ! Camilla Gardner in her Great Act of the Syren of tho | Scarf. ' In the courae ol the evening, Mr. Kemp will perform hi* ' i terrific feat of dancing a fandango on a beer buret, from riug II to ceiling. n!7 lw*r 4 RAYMOND It WAKING'S MENAGERIE. ? LOCATED ON THE LATE SITE OK NIBLO'S OAR5 DEN. fpHIS eatraordiuary collection of Living Natural Cnrioai A tie*, will be kept open oue week longer. Mr. Pierce, the celebrated liou lamer, will giee hi* interesting performance* ol harneasing aud driving a large Numidian Liou, conflict with a Brazilian Tiger, grouping! with the * | trained annuals, Ike., at 11 A. M., 4 aud P. M. - ' Doora open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., and from #>{ to 10 in the evening. Admittance 25 ceota?Children half priee. u!7 lw rrc ' ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Buxton Manager and- Leaaee r- J M. Scott Stage Manager. >f HIT* Thia Theatre baa been thoroughly re-decorated in the h moat gorgeona atyle, aud ia now the moat beautiful Theatra in the Union, r, MK.E. 8. CONNER a- in hit celebrated character of Macbeth. WF.DNKSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER II, n the Tragedy of it MACBETH. Macbeth Mr. K. S Conner lat Witch Mr Burton 3d Witch Mr. Burke Ladv Macbeth Mr*. Lewis r* Dancing bv Mr. Brnme and Vi?* Oceana. u To conclude with the successful Burlesque of the ? LADV OF THE LYONS. . , ('lod Meddleuot Mr. Burke v Polly Anne Mia* Chapman 3 Beausanter Mr Phillip* To-morrow. Mr. E. 8. Conner in Love's Sacrifice. WALNUT ST. THEATRE..-PHILADELPH1 A. K. A. Miiiihsll, Leasee ... W. R. Bi.aar, Manager. 11 MR. WOOD'S FAREWELL BENEFIT to the Stage, t IWKDNE8DAY EVENING. Nov. II, ? Will be performed, the Drama of lU THE MAID OF CKOISST. OR t THE LAST OK THE OLD GUARD ! After which, the Comedy of le THE IRISH AMBASSADOR, 8ir Patrick O'Plenipo Mr. Collin*. 4 After the Comedy MR. WOOD will deliver hi* Farewell Address to the Philadelphia andienca, on this, the occasion ? of Ilia last appearance on the Stage. , To conclude with the petit Comedy of J- MY SISTER KATE, _ lu which Mr. Ritchings, Mr. Chapman, and Miss Fisher _ will appear. To-morrow MB. COLLINS will appear. ie Ticketa to all parta of the Houae $1 ' <l THE ALHAMRA SALOON. I 1 ' 660 Broadway between Spring and Prince streeti, nearly ovvoeite Niblo't. _ ENGAGEMENT OK ? HGKR ALEXANDER, the celebrated German Magician. r THIS EVENING, r. and every evening during the wrck, , NEW FEATS IN NATURAL PHILOSOPHY! u jl MUSING AND BEAUTIFUL ILLUSIONS I STARTLING EXPERIMENTS IN MAGIC ! I); An entire change ol performance! nightly, introducing many ir new experimeuta, and eahibiting the ra WONDERS OK SCIENCE AND AllT. lu addition to the eihibition by I1ERR ALEXANDER, ~ there will be given each evening a tiiand Vocal and Instru' . '7 mental Concert. "j 1 Kull paiticulara in the programme. I Ticketatothe Rotnnda. 50 centa; to the Balcony, 25 centa? L ' Children under 12 yeara ot age hall price. or Doom open m n>a?i mniiirurr at ">* o'clock. u Hi lwrc^ I TR E E C U N C E 11 T S A 8 ELECT FREE AND E a 8 Y , If ; Every Evening, at the Stag Hotel, 26 Mercer ilrttt, ' between Howard and Grand. ig ' Commencing on Thnraaay, Nor. 5, ?t 7Jg o'click. VOCALISTS: if Mr*. Newton. Miai De Mortimer, and Mr. Collint. ta i A profeaaor will preaide at the I'lano Forte. It I nlS lt*rc " i THE HUTCHINSON FAMILY I JtT THE TJiHEHNJICI.E r I FIRST CONCERT OK THE SEASON. d- HP HE HUTCHINSON FAMILY with plraaure announce ' A to their friend and the citizrua geucrally of New York, that they propoae giriug a Vocal Euteitainment at Ihe Taber'' riacle. on VVedneaday rlfening next, Not. II. Ttua being i their brat appearance in New York aince their return 1 y Europe, they will lutrodnce a Programme of their choice Mniic, including scleral new comport tuna, which hafe won faror and applauae abroad. Tickcta Kilty Ceuta? to be had at the principal Mnaie Storea. Doora open at 6 o'clock. To commence at half-part 7. ? nit itia*r T1IE CHEAT NATIONAL PICTURE !e or tub "" I LANDING OK COLUMBUS, h "DAINTF.D for the Capitol at Waalungton, by J. Vander' JT lyn, will be continued on ethibition lor a ahort time .. louder, at the National Academy of Design, corn, r Broadway ' and l.eouard atreet. Alao, artera! admirable copier by Mr V., from the chef . d'mnrrea of the gieal maatera, Titian, Correaio, and Hcmo. ; brandt, together with a splendid new of the Cataract, Rapida, and scenery about Niagara Falla. .. j Open from 9 A M to 10 t*. M. Season ticketa 30 cents; j single admission Hi centa. Deacriptite pamplileu tibi eta. iil7 lmi?*rc GOTHIC HALL, 31H HKOADWAY. - Grand Exhibition of TWO MANIFICENT ANI) HISTORICAL ? i PAINTINGS, EACH being U0 feet square, representing the Bombardment of Matamoraa, and the glorioua Battle of the Reaaca | I He la Raima, under the commend of the intrepid Oeueral . e. Taylor. (T^-AdmiMion 21 cents. Children 12 1-2 csnts. Upeu J evn v dey from 12 M. to # P. M. nU lw*r | ELOOUtlONT" [Vf K. GEORGE VAN den hoke, daring Ins tur in this j w lvl city, which is limned to sis wrrks. will lr refein I ' few [minis in Elocution, st his rooms, 11 Leonard struct. k | >17 3t*r i " A(XoRL>K?N TAUGHl. n- T JACOBS, Teuchcr of the Krunch Accordion, csn ukc JU. a few more pu pi is tor his wnurr elsss. il applicatio i i is made soon. He has just iseaed a new book, comprising * II srlectiou ol popular sue, with valuable instructions for the instrument, rounded on a practice of eight [ears. Apply at the origiusl Accordion and Musical lastrametit Depot, where terms will he made known. 31 ( hatharn si , ? | ql7 lm*rrc Opposite t hamber st. M TS SINGLNU, IN LXvLiaH, ?- I ITALIAN, FRtNoH OR OLKMAN | MR. JULIA HKCHT. of the Cooeereatone de Muaique at Brussels. Iiegs leave to inform his I'rieuds and the pul>rl lie in ge nersl. that he is now prepared to give lessons is 1 singing in either of the above I mgnages, at his residence, IK Leonard street, or that of bis pupils Messrs. G. Loder, W Scharfenberg, H. C. Timns and t . W. Be>mcs, hsvekiudlv permitted to refer to them as to his abilities as an artist and teacher, rlease apply to C. K. Hoyer. HI Broadway, sad r, Bctisricnl cm Is Luis *1 Broadway. nil lg*ll | !* ! THE PIANO-SINUINU?,ITALIAN? d ENGLISH MRU. MOKLF.r, rupil of the Celebrated Crovllli and Sir George Amart. is prepared tn give lessons in Hanging, in ~ English, or Italian, and ou the Piano Ernie, at her reaidcece, , No. M LlbPEN AKD aireet, or that of her pupils, on reason' able terms. Mrs M is also ready te teach aehoola in elnaaee, I in the city or in the eosatry. ' , O" A musical aecompfishmeat, connec-ed with a refined , education, is the surest luseport to society, in alt its variows attractions. and those who wish to avil thensael van af sarh ad ' vantages, atioald place lbemselyea,ender the tuteleueef Mrs 1{ Merlev. oHlm*rv ' THI8TI.L HALL,. THE Managers ef the THISTLE benevolent A A i SOCIATION rcspeetlally announce thai their eihbt IT ball for t'e season Will take place at trestle Garden, ea THURSDAY evemng, nov. It, the proceeds to be e|' . plied as formerly, to charitable purposes, without disiiurtie' '/ of sect or country. k The order of dancing according te programme n Manager ?l the Yloor?Mr O Roberta, a. ' Leader of the Orcheatr?Mr H m. Wallace : The celebrated Mr. E Kendall on the Bugle I Bag Piper?Mg. McKerracher. J* Doors open at 7 Dancing will commence at o'clock ' precisely. TieSets One Dollar each?will admit a geatleman and two lad'SU. To he had of Maaara Wtodart, Deabam k t e , Vetic Store, No. *1 Broadway . Palur Milne. 17 Centre street , the bar at Castle Garden, aad of eitherof the managers Arrangements have been made that stagea w ill inn through Hudson atreet, Broaile ay the Bowery aed East Broadway. 1 to and Irom thu Garden. natilli o'clock, at the asual charges I I _ Carriages will set down their comp ny eater lag isio |ku d Battery ?y the Greenwich street gete. and grmg out byJjhe >, i gatu opposite Pearl street, t.king ep is rerersed order I be u Inspector ri Hacks will be preaaat, rigidly to enforce the police regulations _ Checks not transferable. A. CAMERON, Hee'y ff N. B.-Memhera entitled te tickets are raqaested to make II eerly application to the Secretory. a. he members liehr.t - will be issued on the evening of the Bell. nil Kvr i ~ COLWAN'S r i emporium or aht and classic cabinet I " ""^HlkaV or OIL TAINTINGB. *" KITHIOH includes hie immenee amahs efBoake, I'-atiase. yy Engravings, Eeecy Stationery, Draw lags. Drawing Matcrnla, Meaic, fce., are now lobe loeed upwa the second t- door, ep our flight of easy lUira, (having leased the him ' floor.) where every thing will he void at m low proms, s-.d : many much below the rcgnlar prices, bring deaireua et cine e iBg up as soon as possible hie Beak Depart meet 1A f -heap List will aoeu be pukilaked fecibeee whe will bsry , ??? ,, J| latest intelligence g i I 1 a==-.? -.=s=i TELEGRAPHIc. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. MORE TROOP8 ORDERED OUT. Seven Thousand Volunteers to be called into Service. THE ATTACK 0* ALVA RADO. Washinoton, Nov. 17?noon. The War Department has made requisitions calling into service eight additional regiments of volunteers. <Ji??? from oitrli of th?* following States :?Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virg ma. North Carolina, Louisiana. Mississippi, and one of mounted nisn from Texas. Now is the time "Up, guards, and at them !" Commodore Conner's official account of the second attack on Alvarudn confirms the telegraphic despatch of Saturday night, and the statements of the Picuyunt't < orrespondents. Bajltimork, Nov. 17, 8^ P. M. We have nothing to forward you lrom the southern mails, nor does the western mail contain anything worth telegraphing, not even the election returns from Iowa. Flpur has slightly declined here to day, the transactions ruling at $5 374 per bbl.>klriiia, Nov. 17, 8 P.M. The arrival of the Great Western's and Acadia's news has quite unsettled the inaikots. They are perfectly stagnant. We can report no ssdes. The weather is beautifully clear and pleasant. Philadxlpha, Nov. 17?9 P M. The trotting matches at the Hunting Park course were well attended to-day. First Trrt.?For the first trot, mile heats, the following animals were entered i?Hatler, Lady Moscow, Lady Washington, and Bnlwer, Lady Ellen having been withdrawn. In the first heat Ratler got the lead, nnd main tained it throughout?time, 2 45. The second heat was well contested between Lady Moscow and Ratler, but unfortunately the latter broke near the close, and the Lady won, distancing the two other competitors, Lady Washington and Bulwer?time, 2 39. In the third heat, the contest being now altogether between Ratler and Lady Moscow, the latter led from the beginning, anil took the heat in 2 424. The fourth heat was much the same as the previous one, and Lady Moscow settled the business in 2 47?thus winning the purse. Skcond Trot.?This was for a purse of $900, two mile heats, in harness?#100 to go to the second best horse; for which Americus and Moscow were entered. The first heat was won by Moscow, by about a length, in 5 174The second was a most exciting heat, each horse alternately lapping the other until turning the quarter stretch upon the last mile, when Moscow broke, and his oppanent took the heat in 5 17 In the third heat Moscow led for the first mile and a quarter, when he broke, and Americu* took the front, and wonjthe heat and Jthe purse in 5 22. Buffalo, Nov. 17.?8 P. M. There have been very large sales of produce in the murket, although the prices have been but little afiectcd. We quote Cleveland, Massillon and St. Joseph wheat, at 75 cents per bushel.? Wabash do. at 70 cents. Flour?Ohio and Michigan, round hoop, 94 25. Mess pork $10 50 per bbl. Flaxseed 87 cents. Sheep skins average 40 cents. At Dhtkoit.?The latest market reports re* ceived in Buflalo, quote flour at $3 75 per l>bl. At Clkvkland.?Tire latest reports in Buffalo quote flour at $3 80, and butter at 6 cents per lb. Kacinc wheat 50 cents, which is the highest rate. Boston, Nov. 17, 9 P. M. The weather to-day was fine and bracing, and the arrival of the Acadia caused quite a brisk movement among the flour and grain dealers. Flour fell Irom yesterday's quotations. This reduction has caused quite a sensation among the speculators. The wind being partially fair, a large number ol vessels, wind-bound for over u week, got under way. At 2 P. M. the wind got back to its old quarter, (N.E.) and whether these vessels will weather the Cape is a matter of doubt. Sivori is drawing large audiences at the Athencum. Sales were made today at the stock board of 156 shares Norwich and Worcester Railroad at 62J to 62i, and 75 Long Island Railroad at 30 to 301. Y THE MAILS. Washiisotoiv, Nov. 16, 1646. Chang a in General Paet Office. John Marron, 1st* chief clerk of the Post OlBee Department, to lie 3d Assistant Post Master General, vice Dr. Miller, (John Tyler's brother-in-law,) whose services were dispensed with some six months since. Dundai, Lte principal clerk of the contract office, to ha i-1?t of the ilanartmant. vice John Mirrnn mad* 3d Aaoiitant Post Muter General. Halter to be principal clerk of the contract office, vie* Dunda* promoted. W WaiHinaTOfi, Nav. 16, 1846. The Conducta, +c. It ie believed here that that unfortunate conduct* of the two millioni ao opportunely coming in the track of Santa Anna, will prolong the war to the necessity of a cloaing fight at San I.uia Potoai, unlet* thia government in the meantime ahould put in a atout oar to aid the revo lution just breaking out in the Mexican capital. Salaa, however, ia an active man, and it will require eomething mora than a mere ptoounciamento to displace him, although Santa Anna and the army may beabaent from hie "ffe lattan from the War Department, to (fen. Taylor, which were captured by the Maaicana, prove the cor rectnea* of our statement* heretofore concerning the purport of aaid instruction* It aeema that the very tulleet diecretion ie given to " old Zacfc," and that ineteed of the department giving him advice, it aak* very rvapectfnlly for advice a? to what ought to or Can be done to close that ugly quarrel with the least expena*. OH! KRIKKY. WriHUOTOS, Nov. 16, 1846. Uivaredo.'?Meartiel? once--twice? Who eaye Jtfeared*? The new* from Alvarado haa created no little apparent mortification in th* Cabinet ; but what ale* could they expect from a captain who awing* up marine* to the yerd-arm like dega; and than whoa* humanity ia ao ax. ceaaivaly tender, that in a military movement, at th* plaahing ef a ball in th* water, hetturna round and aak* if any body la hart; and for fear that aomabody weald, be hurt, w * anppo**, h* craw la off. And ao ther* waa on* mora battery in there than they expected to find! Its a kind of a lagoon or lagtina, where Alverede ia, you know, and whan thay got the Viaen ever th* bar. Ie and behold ! ther* waa a battery *f three gun* atowe.l away In one corner mere than waa contracted for. Oh! my (led, 1* th* envy to be madw th* laaghing-atoek even of th* Mexicans. Doe* net Don Marin any he la ready for n* again any time w* may chaaaa to cornel And why did not Com. i earner let hi* men take th* town, for all thay wanted waa permiaaion to do Ml It would make yeur hair (tend en and to heer whet the Secretary ef the Navy aaid this morning about Alvai ado , and w* are informed from good authority that eom* of th* Navel officer* up in this latitude actually wept from very ahame en r*odlng)tb* new a yesterday of th* wretched attempt upon that insignificant Mexican seaport I it* whole reepoaafbillty reels with Commodore Connor Hi* Aret attack anon Alva redo woo said to baa feint, a mere me*, by wteeh the Ate* ware draws away from th* effing ef Ton Crua, in eraer to lot teste Anna E' to, aa if by mate aoeMaat?the officer who boardo4 awawaiwaimwwm