Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1846 Page 3
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t , . s iatnbli RaDroari to Mot Id. tW? year and last wore ? follow#*? I'HU.DU Km 410 t-OLVMBla R41LR04d. Rail*ay Mo. Power. Total Amount as par last report.. 117,591 60 100.tit 94 111,949 <4 l)o month Oct. 1946 20,940 94 10,001 93 96.449 77 Whole imouut uncc Nov. M. 1045 132,435 44 116,256 77 251,692 21 Ami.uut received op to Nov *. 1945 116,592 91 103,929 46 220.421 37 Increase over '45 21,912 53 12,429 31 34,270 94 The receipt! of the Reeding Railroad Company,for one week in November, in each of the pad three yenre( were ai annexed Philadclphia and Rvadixc Raii.boad. _ , , 1944. 1945. 1916. Weekending Nov. 16. JVov 15. A'oo. 14 /ratal $1,643 61 1 993 35 2,459 40 b eight oe good* 966 43 1.299 95 2.695 67 J* reighl oa coal 12,907 77 27,928 05 43.903 92 Total $15.417 91 31 123 15 49,949 99 ?al transported, tons... 11,565* 22,029 19-20 30,479 1-20 Old Htoclc Biehange. $5,000 17 8 4's, 1962 106* $5,000 NJRR Bds 14M)A^ $1,1(10 N V Stale 7s. '19 103* 50 shs Long lsl RR 27* 70 .lis Manhattan Gas 95 10O do 27* W do 97 50 do lilO 29 25 Morris Canal 6* 109 do 28 50 do 61* 100 do ?77{ 150 N A Trust b60 7 100 do 27* 100 Canton Co 2?* 200 do s90 27 100 do 130 283a 100 Heidiug RR 63 50 do 29* 59NorltWor blO 60* I0O Harlem RR, *90 50 2?5 do 60s, 2(0 do blO 50* 100 do stw 60* 1( 0 do b6d 501, 50 do bl5 CO* 1*0 do ?3 50 150 do b30 6(>* 350 do b60 50* 50 do 60* 100 do 50* 100 do s3o CO* 100 do *60 SO* 150 do 60* 100 do bl$ 50* 225 do s60 60* 300 do b3 50* 75 do 60*' Second Bonrrt. 50 sbs Harlem RR slO 50* 50 Long 'sland RR *90 27 u j . j?h j" uu iw t' 50 do 1)60 50*2 50 d-? 27V 50 do 50V 50 Nor St Wor 60% 100 do bl5 50 V Now Slock Bielunf[0. 150 shs Mech Bkf At b60 90 50 tht Reading KI( b'O 63 50 do ^ ft60 90V 50 Nor Ic Wor rub 60% 25 Ctnron Co bow 2871 25 do >1 t>"V 200 Harlem RK t3 49V 25 do Mon 60*1 50 do 160 49V 100 do cath 60*, 50 do tnw 49% 50 do Wed 60% 100 do b50 50 25 do cath 60% 150 do cath 4971 25 do Moo 60% Died. On Friday, 20th inat, johanna ryan, wife of John M. Zahn. in the 36th year of her age, a native of Cathel, county Tipperary. Ireland. Her frienda, and the frler.dt of her brother-in-law Patrick Larny, and of her titter Catherine, and of her buthand, are reapectfully invited to attend her funeral, at 3 o'clock this (Sunday) afternoon, from 33 Monroe atreet. At Baltimore, 18th init., wm. martin, ten , in the 66th year of hit age ; one of the defender! of that place, at North Point At Gloucester, Mrs. dolly, widow of the late Mr. Joseph Adams, aged 91. At rharleatown, 16th inat., Gen. pkter 8. van orden, aged 84. He had been a member of the State Legislature from Rockland county for a number of years, and waa the general who commanded the troop* on Harlem heights in the last war. He was alto a soldier of the revolution^fi/tjienRceajnnwhich^ THE LAFAYETTE FUSILIERS, commanded by Ctpt. Jatnts Wilton, live their First Annual Btl.L. at Hathbnn't Hotel, December 724, 1846 Tickets can be had by applying to J. W. Wadleith. Music Store, 737 Broadway; 233 Broadway; and at Rathbun'a Hotel. P. Dodworth't Band will beiu attendance. n22 lt*rc spectacles lost. A PAIR of cold mounted Spectacle! was loat on Saturday afternoon, near the Hoipital in Broadway. Five dollars will be paid on their delivery at tbe Bar of the City Hotel. n22 2l?fh lost or stolen, *t*hree NOTES, one at 90 daya' date, dated 26th October, J. 1846, for $434 96 ; one at 5 months, same date, for $430 00, payable at Steuben County Bank. Bath, drawn by Edward T. Hu bell, and eudoried by Depew, M?nn It Co , and one for $1000, dated about November 1, 1846. at 90 days, payable at the Merchants' Exchange Bauk, drawn by Depew. Mann 8c Co.. and endorsed by Thomas Southard. As the payment of said uotra has been stopped, all persona are hereby cautioned Hgainit negotiating the tame ' DEPEW, MANN St CO , 114 Warren st. N. B?Any psraon reluming said notes to the uCscribers, will be liberally rewarded, anano questions asked. |? u22 1 w*rh D . M. St CO. RTTRRJT A M 14 U/KT CIUIIW THE STOCK of DRY GOODS damaged by fire last week at 263 Greenwich street, will be ready for sale on Tuesday, Not. 24th. The goods are but slightly damaged, and will be sold less than oue-fcurth of their yalue. BKRTINE It WESTER FIELD, 2(3 Greenwich at., between Warren n2t 2tis*r and Murray its. NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN. GENTLEMEN, why do you either'give away, or sell for a mere trifle your half worn out frock, dress ard overcoats, and pants, when you can get them either cleaned, dyed, altered or scoured, and refixed with new collars, cuffs, lining, butrons and strapi, for a little money? Gentlemen, look to the times. Yon may be called on for Mexico,and then new clothes would be naeless. As such, bring .or send your clothes to No 91 Murray street, comer of Washington, where you canfect all you want done before yon go tothewars according ro promise, and no disappointment, as is geuerally the case a* this season of the year. Call and see; give me a trial is all I ask. In addition, we'also make up'pauts and vesta for $1,50; coats for $6 to $1. all warranted to fit. Clothes clraurd. or dyed warranted to keep colors, and free from all scents. Please notice?No disappointments at my cheap cash Tailoring stoie this cold weather. A CORTI8SOS, No. 91 Murray st n22 2w*rrc Es'ablisbed, 1136. WOMAN AND HEKTDISEASES, FROM the cradle to the grave?Adapted exclusively lo hrr instructiou, in the uatural laws of her system, and all the diseases of her critical periods, by Edward H. Dixon M. I)., pp. 325 just published, and for sale by Charles H. Ring, comer of Joliu street and Broadway, price $1 25 Every intelligent woman should possess this work. The Albion says Every rrudent mother may consult this work with great advantage to herself and her children. Boston Journal ?Dr. Dixcu but a deep interest to this work. FIFTH EDITION. 1UST r BLIBHEO. and for sale by CHARLES H. HI NO, or John ?'reet end Broadway? A TREAT18E ON Diseases OF THE SEXUAL SYSTKM-Adapted to geneial and profeasional reading, and the exposition of quackery, by Kdwird H. Dixon, M D., author of Woman and her Di?<' sea. from the cradle to the grave. Sundry surgical c?sai s and lectures on the operative surgery ofthe eye, price $1. T.i is woik eontaius a complete review of all the reuses of pri inatnre decay, and the symptoms and treatment of excess iu every class of life. The Boston Journal remarks :?Dr Dixon ha? written much and well ou various branches of surgeiy : hi* kbook shows a thorough acquaintance with modern science. Stricture, Gonorrhoea, Heydrocsle, and Vericoule, are particularly well treated. We hare our doobts about the propriety of exposing 'o all sort* of readers these expositions of the vices and fr'iltief of those who labor under a weak moral teutiment. Yet the Authoi's originality and ingenuity under trying surgical circumstances. stamp bit book with uncommon interest. Horace Greely remarks :?It contains no line or word calculated to excite l ....... k?, ,i.- ?. ...... i 1 ....ii pterent thonaan :ls from rushing into I count of dissipation, if reasonably placed in (heir hands ; we hope it will litre the wides' poaaible circulation ? Trihtine. n22 lt?rrc. bOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID. THIS ocellert article is winning public laror in an extraordinary degree, bn'. ret in ? manner comnieuxurxle wirh it? superior merit. The way brashy 1r Unttlery hair is as.oming a silky and glossy eharacter, beneath itx potent mtlacuce, i? anything b <t mrderate. Ax f i cutaneoax eruplinux upon the cranium, it it an imi>lxcable encmv, anil eradicates th?in wilh all pottihle eaxe, with dandruff. and erety other ditiurher of Nature's choxen adornment for the top piece of the human family. To crown all, Mr. Bogle i? decidedly a man o! xcience and a gentleman?Button Olive Branch frepared only by WM. BOGLK, 228 Waalnngton xtreet, Boxton. Kor xale by A. B. k D. SANDS, Druggists. 100 Kultoo at , i corner of William, New York, Sold alio by H. Johnson, 293 Broadway, an'l 77 East Broadway, and by druggiita generally _____ u22 lt*rh l GOLD PEN MACHINERY. THE nnder>i#ned offera for tale, on reasonable terms.sereral complete xett of Gold Fen Machinery, in je'fect order for manufacturing Diamond Pointed Gold Fena. They will be accompanied with complete practical instructions if deaired T rma made known on ani lication in peraou or by pott paid letter to J. M. TROWBRIDGE, Syracuse, N. Y. n2' Jt?r NOTICE. ALVAN SPERH Y having nted the nameofSperry btHead withont authority, hat this day, by writ of injnnctiou it tard from a judge of the Superior Court, been enjoined ard rest aired from uting taid copartnership natne of 8|>errv It Kesd for any purpose whatever, under penalty of fire thousand dollars. And no contract made by said Spenv, in the name of Sperry lit Bead, will be obligatory on the rutacriber. THEODORE V. KE?D. hew Haven, Connecticut. Nov. 3d, 184*. n21 lw?rc NEWTOWN PIPPIN aP, i.KS.-lhe subaeriber has on hand offer foe tale 1000 barrels of c'oice hand picked Nattfirtea Pippin*, rat up expr?s?ly for the Euglish market; alto, 2000 barrels of choice Lady Apples, Hpstxrnberga. Green, lie. (Quinces and Powtoea alwayaon hand and put up to order far shipping et the sho> test nonce utMrtri annvuiri i i XI 1m*rh Nn. 1 Fulton market. KA.-HlONABLt LANClMi, 74 Lamatd afreet, Wttt of brondicay MJLLE PAliLINE DE"JAHDI N8 of the Academic nyale. Pans rutpectfnllv informs the public that her' lasses for faahionable Dancing have commenced Besides all the usnal Dance* tanth, will be ilie new waltz VI*1 zurka, Mazu-ka Quadrille, Polka*, (tarmui) and -lie He, do-a. Schools and families attended. Term* and hotus madekno?n on application. MiaaD will (ire the first ball for the season to her pupils, the Arat week ol December, nil im?rc - ffmrcE: OCEAN 8TEAM NAVIGATION CO-The Booki for Subscription ate now rpen at the Office of the Company, 41 Br-iad street, for an amount that will, with the fotmer subscriptions, he S'iOOjMiO, to compute the second steamer. The tetms of subscription are } per cent at the lime of subscribing the balance to be paid in instalments not eiceeding 10 per rent eath, as may be required by the o|>eratiois ol the _ompany. ou th-sr (irin( 30 days' preeiotia natice The Stockholders who aubsrnbe to the Ant 8.100.(100 will liarr the preference orer otheis for the balance of the stock whenever the same ia required. JOHN j. boyDt HERMANN OELRICHS, JOHN A. I8EL1N, WM. CHAMBERLAIN. EDWARD MILLS ' FREDERICK HEWITT. ROBT H MORRIS J. J. comhtock, J. L. STEPHENS, ?t .. .... Diiectors. Naw Vos*. Nor I#. 1146 n2o i?rh HIDLd aND FAT. " SEVEN CENTS per lb (cash eurrent m-ney) will be paid for rough Fat. and the highest market price for hides, and all articles in the line, by john hunn. | I lw*r No 22k, Elizabeth street. DVOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS BENNeHS. SMITH A CAMPBELL. Dyottrille Glass Works, Philadeipnia, mannfactnre Carboys tor^cids, Demijohns, Wine Porter and Mine, Purple sad Green Mineral-Water Bottles: Tumblers, ana all kinds of Druggists' 4 laaa. Orders addressed to No. JJX South Ftont street, Philadelphia, will meet with prompt attention. nil lm*rc A. A. SAMANOS, ' fMPORTKR OF TOBACCO AND SEOJtRS, NO 94 BROADWAY, up stairs, offers for sale, on liberal tems, 9-' bales St. Jago; i hints H. Scraps: 21 cases Head Leaf; 36 cases Seaffarlitta; lease of Justus 8mokisig; J dos of Natehetoehet 8uuf; 400,900 of Havana Angara; 9,000 gro?s, *Vrietinn Matches, Merck k Backes' fabric. Also, a large assortment of Paper Begara, various brands whologulo and retail. oil lm*rc to~ boot makers. i WANTED taumvdftolr one first rste Book Maker Alio Tf a Ludy'? Shor Maker, to go tfew milts in the country. None need apply but sober men, ? they will board in the funily. Apply Monday and Tueidiy from ten till three i o'cl ock, at Mr. James Farritfui a, No. 1 Ferry atreet. i a22 3t*rh j NVANTKIJ, A SITUATION b- 1*1 rear,cubit r?i,?e women, on. , cook, wnohei < I I ".> <> I'll I !, ; the other u , I nursa or chamber -i >i I > f- in the last I place. NoobjeC' 11ry with. , ' re.liert.bla fainili ? : I, iu the j te.r. Can bo seen lor l.i?ed..? u?3tt*rh WANTED.?A situstioo by * respectable I'lotesunt girl, to do the general h.tusewo'k ot :? mull family. Alto, ! by a young girl, sixteen year, of age, to take care of clul- ( dren. and aasist iu the work ul a a mall familv, in a respecta ble family (JooJ city reference, given. Apply at the cor- i iter of Irviu Place and k ighteeuth atreet, o?ar the atora. . I ug'l it'rrc | WAN TED. ; COMFORTABLE and reapectabla accommodation can be supplied, with or without breakfast or tea, for a Kan- 1 tlemau, wno can hare a siugle bed room, with a fire place, and whore every attention can be boatowed. A note addreaaed to " Q," Herald eAee, will lead to immediate farther explanation. nIT lw'rre "wanted, 1 TO aell, a Daguerrrott pe apparatus (new) and of the latest , improrement, cheap for cash, with inatrnctions to the purchaser gratis, or would be exchanged for any property aucliaathe bnyer might have. Enquire of Dr. Uallup, 42 Courtlandt street. o? lm?c a rare chanck puk. mechanics. ONE of the most protiuile businesses iu the city of New i York will be sold our for cash, with all 'he atock and ] fix urea Euquire of Mr. Biowu, 6J0 Broadway, between , the hours ol II aud 1 o'clock. ntD 3l*ric ST. PETl-R's church, HAROLAY ST. ] 'PHE very Reverend Dr. Veihaien, Provincial ofthe fociA ety ol Jesus, iu Maryland, will preach in this Church on , Sunday next, at tialf-put 10 o'clock. A. M.. and at 7 o'clock, P.m. Subject iu the morning, "The Submiaalon due to tile Ciril and Ecclmiaatical Authorities." In the eveniug, "The Supremacy of S Peter." A collection will betak-nupaf- I i ter each ae-mon for the poor of the Church. n80 St?r . notice. i ALL PERSONS that have demands tigaicat JOHN M. LYON, deceased, are requested to leave their billa, witii . vouchers, at SO Division at, before the 1st of December. nil 3ris"c E. LVON. j drawing and painting. Jit WATERSTON, teacher of Drawing and Painting 1 * to tie Flushing Institute, L. I, lias still some leisure time which lie wishes to till up in giving Private Lessons, or I in attending schools. . , . , . ... ' Terms moderate, end may be learned by alloying at 171 Canal street, or at T J. Crowen'a bookstore, coruer Broadwar and Bleeeker atreet. N. Y <>27 1m r G E N EK. AL W O KTir T7~ A SPLENDID Likeness of this gallant officer isthisduy published, and now ready for sale. Orders received,and a liberal discount made to dealers?only 25 cm per copy, j GOV. YOUNG'S GRAND MARCH also this day published, and now ready. Price One Shilling. Dealers through- I out the Stale supplied at the usual rate. n 12 2w"rrc CHAS. HOLT. Jr. 156 Fulton sr. j LONDON Pickles. Sauces, and Mustard.?CROSSE 9t i BL ACKWEI.L'S?liOdoz of every variety, justlavded j I per ship Christiaua, direct from the manufacture's, korsale ; by WM. J SNYDER. . < I n2t 3t*r 103 Front street, up stairs. ' | EXCHANGE TABLES, SHOWING the amoun to be drawn for in a British 8'erlinr Bill of Exchange, to remit for any sum collected in United States currency, or advances made ou shipments from this country. They are simple, bnt sure in operatiou, and patroniced by most oi our extensive dealers in exchange. For tale | at the stationery stores of P. A. Merier k Ce, No. 49 Wall street; E. B Clayton k Sons, 96 Wall street, and the author, ! F. Henn, 235 Centre street. n21 2taw3w?rc i ?9 NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. ^TEUROP.v THY, or Drugs and Galvanism, compared by i I IN FREDERICK HOLL1CK. M.D. This book should be in the hinds of every practitioner of | | the various methods of curing disease. The reputation of < the author has only beeu augmented bv the persecutious he j i has met wiih, and this book is an evidence that he is as strong , and fearless as ever in the cause of truth. , For sale wholesale and retail by the National publishing ; Company, South-east cor. of Fifth and Chestnut sts., Phils delphia. Retail price 25 centsThe most liberal discount is made to the trade, on all books , 1 publi.hed by (he Company. nl9 im*re J NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMpANY. ] HOLLICK'S last magnificent work on the Outlines of ! Physiology?Quarto size?Illustrated by a beautiful mo- , del on paper,dissected and colorored to the life. 1 This model, on first view, presents the body of a man. By raisiug the frout wall of the b 'dy, the intestines and vitals | are discovered These are again raised, and discover the dis: seeled heart. The free cuticle is then removed, and the i brain and nervonssystem are presented to view, and finally, J the whole being lilted, the back and spinal sections are exposed. 1 The whole plate is one of the most enrions things ever ! conceived. ' i The book is 'embellished with a Plumbeotype etching of the author. Pnbliihed by the ! national publishing compa y. ? South-east corner 9th and Chestnut sts., Philadelphia. Retail price $1 25. j The most liberal discount made to the trade, on all books . published by the National Publishing Company. nl9 lm"rc , "MEEN FUN." CHINESE SKIN POWDER-This mnrh admired ad- i denduoi to the toilet, stands pre-eminent for restoring, J 1 b-autifyii'g and preserving the akin and complexiou, pre- j venting all kiuds of cutaneous disorders, dissipating tan, a freckles, pimples, spots and erutions Tbe august patronage couceded by the several sovereigns snd courts of Europe, , the Supreme Court of India, snd the uumerous testimoms's Udiijr icwncu vy [UV I'loprinora, *ic la UleuiseiVaS IUmcient to establish the superiority nf the article wr hoot further detail. Sold, wholeiale. by the Importer*. HOB BS St , CO , 2 Wall street; retail by Huthlou lit Co , 110 Br adrray, I lu Aator Hon?e and 8J6 Broadway; Henry Johnson, *73 Broad- . 1 way;C. II. Ring, 192 Broadway; Clirehugh, 299 Broadway, J and Druggists and Perfumers generally in New York and ~ ihroughont the Uni'ed Stat-a, iu boxea; price Js. and (a each, 1 H7" ! > proof nf the anperiority of tbia article, a counterfeit line appeared in the market, and probably more will follow ! ! 1'nrchasera ahonld therefore be on their guard to aee , that the "Mern Fun" haa the Ngnature of Kabiau It Co. on I the wrappers. and government atamp. u!9 12t* r CHEAP SUGARS. CHEAP SUGARS ?J. O. kowler, 230 and 421 Greenwich ! and 76 Veaey atreet, haa iu atore a ltrga atock of white ' and brown Sugars, which he i* selling at reduced prices? . New Orleans sugar 3s 6d and 4a7 lbs; St. Croix 4s6d; finest ' do is; Stuart's yellow 10 cents; crashed loaf do ll)a cents; . brown Harana 7? and 0 cents. Grocers and Bakers wonld ? do well to give mm a call. Also a general assortment of ? Groceries, Fruits, fcc " nl91m*r J THE t GOLDSMITH s WRITING ACADEMY, 209 BROADWAY, LA FAROE ? BUILDINGS. CORNER OF RKADE. h WRITING FOR THE MILLION. MR. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. Pro essor of Penman- F ship, in ordar that his system, of Writing may be- c couie National, will reduce his terms of instruction in Mer- S canlile and Epistolary Wiiting, on and after Monday, No- ? rember 23d, to the nominal sum of b ONE DOLLAR, ? for the course of "Ten Lessens of oue hour each." guaranteeing to all, (old and youug.) a satisfactory improvement ? at the expiration of the lessons. As i he instruction is stall times individual, pupils may receive their lessons on sach days aud hours as will best suit their convenience, without i , losing auy portion of the exercises. Hours of instruction? : For Lsdies aid Misses, from 11 A. M. to 2 o'clock P.M. daily. ; j Gentlemen, from I to 10)a A. M., and from 3 to 10 o'clock P. 1 * M. daily. The Terms will, in all cries, be received in sd- , I vauce. An extra charge will be in de lor btatioue.y. PUBLISHED THIS DAY, 1 GOLDSMITH'S J "TEACH YOURSELF SYSTEM" ? Of Penmanship, containing examples elegantly engraved from the Author's own hand wilting, with ample instructions, and ] illustrations of the right manner of holding the pen. Price , ' only I ONE SHILLING. | t To be had at the Author's'Rooms, and all Bookstores through- j < out the United States Also, for sale, of the first quality only. Gold and Metallic Pens, lnki, and Copy Books. ? u21 2ti?*r t MUSIC T AUGHT f WITH much facility and rapid progression ?M. Dninsday, No. 425 Broadway, fonr doors above Caual street, c Professor of the Umtar, Singing, Pianoforte, Accordeon and e Violiu, continues to tesch ladies and gentlemen of New 1 oik, at their own residences, il requested, without extra charge. Terms reasonable. Instruments, strings and music tl fnrssie. Apply at <25 Broadway. n20 3t*rc ACCORDION TAUGH I . a L JACOBS, Teacher of the French Accordion, can take 2 a few more pupils for his winter class, if applieatio i 1 is made soon. He has just issued a new bonk, comprising a J selection ?| popular ens, with valusble instructions for the I a instrument, founded on a practise nf eight years. Apply at the originrl Accordion and Musical Instrument Depot, where terms will he made known. 55 Chatham at., nl7 lm*rrc Opposite Chamber at. I LtscOiNb IN olNGliNG, IN ENGLISH, j ITALIAN. FRENCH OR GERMAN. I , MR. JULES HECHT, of the Conservatoiie de Muaique i J at Brussels, begs leave to inform his friends and the pnl>- { a lie in general, that he is now prepared to give lessons in j, singing iu either of the above languages, at his residence, 116 g Leonard street, or that of his papils. Messrs. O. Loder, W ? scnariani.erg, li. ' I imm and W. ?e*inea, have kindly j, peimitted tn refer to them at to hi* abilitie* a* au artiat and ) teacher. rieaae apply to C K. Hoyer, 301 Broadway, an d t, Hchaifcnherc fc Lui* 3CI Broadway. rl5lt?*rh T J HE tlANO?SINGING?ITAIA AN? r ENGLISH. MK9. MORLEY, Tapil of the Celeb led Crorilli and Sir Ueorge Smart, ia prepared to give .eaaona in Singing, in f hugluh, or Italinu, and on the Piano Korte. at her reaidenre, " No. 3d LlttPENAHL) *>reet, or that of her pnpila, on reason- e able terma. Mr* M ia alao readr to leach achoola in claaaea, a in the city or ia the country. li Sy A mnaical aecornpliahment, connected w?h a refined b education, ia the anreat paaaport to aociety, in *11 it* ration* ti attraction*, and thine who with to aril themaelrea of anch ad r rantngea, anonld place themaelrea nnder the tutelage of Mra n Morle* otllmerr 1 TO DAGUEKKIAN AKTIS1S. ^ THE attei lion of -rtiata it requested to the adrertiaera preparation of Bromiue, the beat accelerating liquid erer ' tiaed lor Photographing. Picture* taken with it hare a rich white tone, and it worfca with certainty aud nnickneaa in all * weather. ^ J0H.N. HOACH. | . . . , , ? < nuua ttreel. r ltcanalsobe precnredofT. C. Dome, Montreal, tod of Orom Dexter, Albany. N. B ? Aitiata will find alwar* r? hand,at 02 Naaaan afreet, i Vnig'lander and American Inatrnmenta ol all aiaoa. Platea oftha Planiahed and Mtar brand, caaea, chemicals, thermome. teia, mercniy batha, coating boxes, kc. kc. nl9lm*rc FLUMtioryPEsL f'-OLD MEDAL AWARDED. THE Proprietor of die Plumbe National Dagnerriaa Oal- e lery, harmgdiacoTered a moda ol tranaferring Dagner- I reotypea to paper, ia now prepared to exeeale thia new atria p of poitraiture at tne rate of 10# lac aimilie eopiea for ten dol- e lira. The Plambe National Dagnerrm (fallcry, No. til c Broadway. Platea, Caaea, and ateck of all deeeriptiona, at wholeaale or retail nil lm*e ! o DAOLEUKEOTVPE APPARATUM FOR BALK. GERMAN, French, and Amertean Camerae, Lena, Platea, . Caaea, Chemieala, kc., It per cent, cheaper than anv ( other place in the United Htatea, at lit Broadway. . N.B Inatrnctiona earelnlly aieen in the art Alan, wanted to pnrchaae or hire, a good lathe for braee or ?, Ilehr i??- with mnli fce r NOTICE TO DKUlKelPTS AMD DEALERS ? IN PERFUMERY. f, GREAT BARGAINS! GREAT BARGAINS! r, THE Snbacnber, formerly director of the firat Laboratory ' Paria. that of Langiea, Pere el K ile, can u-w appeal to o the public for the trath ofhit aaaertion, that hta ToiletBoapa, a Hhaeing Cream, Extraeta. and Perfumery in general, are equal I to the beat imported, and from their fleeter freahing, gene- ti rally anperjpr?end at prices Iroin 30 to 50 per cent. lower, b Dealers wilt And that they can aell more largely ol hit faro- p higher proAta, than of any other ( Hetai ?r Fortiga or Domeatic. Wholeaale and t The moat aplendid gods Water Fenntain in the world for 1 tali itifreit iifriliee, ? ROUA8KI F "I?.1 *f Toilet Boapa,Bhat in* Cr??m, t j ^ Broadway, N.T-Twetween Conrtlandt I Md L,berty nlO lw*r 1 # m 'c 1 I.IJIII. u. -i ' ALEXANDER ft TRICOSAPHE?IMPROVEMENT or ISA# THIS nevr ?nj popular LlijuiJlHiir Dye, since i * introduction, ku met with unruuiplcil but mented success, jnd the subscribers would inform the public that still further improvement hu lately beeu mads, so that it stands now unparalleled. It colors llie Hair ritbar Hack or Brown Instantaneously, and neither washes off or soils the clothes, sad instead of injuring the hair, imparts to it the beauty and elasticity ol youth Its superior excellence will be apparent to srerr env upon a single application. Kor sale by Rashton It 1*0, Brradway; A. B. k. 1). Bands.corner Fulton and William streets: J. 8 Asmuwall, William street,ai d Johnson, Moore, (i Til lor, Maiden Lace. Mew York. Bole agents for the Jnited Statea K. It O. A. \VRIOHT, tl 8 4th St., FLilad. nlVZwJMrrc _ PREMIUM SHAVING SOAP. THE Uenu'-ne Walnut Oil VtUilary Bliaving Heap, manuInctured by the inreiuor, Dr. Peter D. Vroom, has agatu beeu awarded the pre iniam at the late Fair. We caution the public agaios purchaatug either of the rarioua imitations got lap by otliers. It eau only be had geuniue, wholesale and retall, from oar old establishment, No. 3 l ourtitud street, wh- re we offer also, npoa the lowest terms, a general aaaort meut of Perfumery ami Toilet Soaps, at all prices. JOHNSON, VROOM * FOWLER, Uener I Agents for Or Foord'a celebrated Pectoral Syrup, the brat remedy ever offered te the public for colds and all diseases of the Inuga. nIC lm*rre THE HOWARD HOTEL is now prepared to accommodate for the w inter aeaaon a few families and single boarders. with desirable apartmenta at reasouable rste all lw'rc THOMAS It WHITE. UNION HOUSE. THE subscriber lis* taken the above named new and splendid Hotel, just completed, at the centre of the beautiful nl age of Hprtugheld, Mass . and will open the same for the public accommodation on the 30th mat. The Union Houie la large, richly fiuiahed and furnished, and offers urn-quelled sdv ntajfca to all peraona travelling through cpriugtield for buaineia or pleasure. Having recently kept the "United gutea Hotel'' and "Coagreaa Hall," at Saratoga, the subscriber respectfully invites hia old friends and patrons, and all others, to itive liim a call in hia new quartera. 8. 8. 8EMAN. Springfield, July 34, 1146 an3 3m?r HOLMES' KITCHEN RANGES. THE proprietors in presenting the above Hang-a to the publie, warrants them to perform the purposes for which :hey are purchased, and if not, they will be removed free }f any expense to the purchaser. Numerous relerencea :an be given lo persona wishing to purchase. The prices range from Si to ii dollar*. Urate* of the newest pattern* for Pailora, Office* and Bed Kooina. Stoves?Hall, Office, and Bed lloom Stoves, Stovepipes, kc lie. Tin Wai'e? Bright, plain, and japanned. They have maaona at all times ready to act ruuges, grates, and boiler*. Alto imokey chimneys cured?no care no pay. A. UILHOOLY and 80N. l*ropr ieiora and Manufacturers, 71 Naaaaa Ureal nU lm*rre NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Fit M. DEL LUC, nephewa of tfe late B.SOUILLARD, would rvapectfuilv luform the public that they are the [rue and only successors to PLACE It SOUILLARD Lie Druggists of this city, and that tliev still conuuue to carry on :he Easiness of Druggists rud Apothecaries, under the Arm of DELLUC & CO.. SUCCESSORS TO PLACE Ik SOUILLARD, at tha old stores established by ilia said Pltea It Jouillard, Not 3 Park Row and ill Broadway, and that the7 lave no connection whatever with any other establishing .n New York. October 33d. 1141. ? i m?r GUNS AND BOWIE KNIVES?100 tint!) rnddouble barrel ducking Cinua, suitable for the present aeaaoo. 3M?double barrel cocking Ouns. 400 assorted single barrel Guns, common to Ana. 300 Bowie Knives, substantially made, iuteuded for serice. 300 self-eockmgand rev living Pistols, of cast steal barrel*. Kor'sale by A. VV. SPIES Ik CO.. *1 Maiden lane, Importers of Hardware, Cutlery, Guns, Pistols and Sportng Articles of svery kind. nt lm*rre SHAWL WAREHOUSE, -?o. 17(? Pearl St THE PROPRIETORS of this Establishment invite purchasers to esamiue their extensive collection, raegicg "mm MOMI shawl at 30 cents, to the India camel s hair at fiOO. Dealing exclusively in the article of Shawls, we can nake it the interest of buyers, oh. account ol the large aslor ment in store, as well as the low prices at which we are idling, by ihecase, doxan or tingle one. JOHN C. HENDERSON k CO.. ng lm'r 176 Pearl atreetSPERM CANDLES, OILS, FRUITS, fcc. CUPEKIOR Sperm Landlea, at 25 ct* lb; winter bleachJ ed Sperm Oil, at $1 a gillon; very good white Lamp Oil, '5 eta;white Solar do, 62>? eta, with a very large atock of reah Teat, Family Oroceriea, fortigu Pruita, lie. For aale fiholeaale and retail, at very low pricea Oooda delivered to my part of the city, free of charge, by J. O. FOWLER. Grocer and Tea Dealer, 2J0 and 471 Greenwich, and 76 Veaey ata. Alao, a large aaaortment of cheap white and brown Sugar*. nil lm'r LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OK GENTLEMEN having auperflaoua effect* to diapoae of, aneh aa Wearing Apparel, Fnroitnre fcc., can obtain a fair aah price for the name, by a ending for the ubacriber, throng; the Poat Office, or otherwiae. who will ittend at their reeldencea. J. LEVEN8T VN, 466 Broadway, np ataira. Ladiea can bo attended to by Mr*. J. LEVENWTYN. n* lm*re jEFT off wardrobe and furniture wanted. I" ADIE8 or Gentlemen can obtain the higheat caah pricea LJ for all kind* of Wearing Apparel, Carpet*, fcc., by aendng for the aubacriber, at 11 Marion atreet, between Broome ud Sii-iug. N. STOKERS N. B.?A line addreaaed through the Poat Office, orotherviae, will be pnnctnally attended to. o20 Im'rrc CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES or Gentlemen having any anperfluona or eaat off clothing or furniture to diapoae of, can obtain a fair caah irice for the aunt, by applying to the aubacriber, at hit reaileuce, or throngh the poat office, which will be punctually ttendedto. M 8. COHEN, 66 Dnana at. N. B. Ladiea can be attended to by Mia. M. S. Cohen, ols lm*re TO THL PUBLIC. alVE my article atrial, and judge for vonraelf. 1 warrant them all to be na repreaented. or the mouey refunded. MV EAU LUSTKAL HAIR RESTORATIVE. Thia univeraally approved and admired article, free from irdrut apirita, pungent e.iential oil. and other deatructive nateriala, cteana the hair expeoitiouaiy, render* it beautiful nd bright, and impart* to it tha delicate fragrance of the lower*. Hair waahed with ihia ex.rart aeon becomea pleaingly aoft and luxnriant in ita growth, and it will poaitively iriug in new hair on bald head* by ita nae, and hair that ha* een made harah and la turning grey, or falling out, bv the i*e of apirita or other improper preparation*, will aoon be rehired to ita natural color and brilliancy, by a few applicaiona of the Ean Lnatral. It ia a preventive egainat baldeeaa, nd an infallible enre in all affection* of the akin on the icad.aa dandruff, and lor preventing the falling off of the lair and turning grey. It ia the aimple produce and immediate extract ef aome ilanta aalntary for the hair,endowed with properties ao highly leanaing that it diaengage* the epidermic ana capillary tube* if the corroaive action of the perapiration and of the dry and lead particle* that it depoaita. Thia preparation purifies the lair, give* it a beautiful gloat and aoftneaa, and an agreeable nd vivifying perfume P'tr hic, wnoifwir iuu retail, Dy join lunei, uncniMI nd Perfumer, 46 South Third street, below Chestnut, Phi adelphia. A premium awarded at the Franklin Institute For sale alio at my agents, Wyatt and Ketehum, 111 Fulou itreet; V. Clirehugh, 205 and 299 Broadway; F A. Arault, corner Broadway and Liberty; J. B. Jacquemnnd, 415 Iroadwny; liaviland, Keese 6t Co., Maiden lane; and by all eapeerahle druggists in the United States. s24 Im'r HOW HORRIBLE IT is to walk the aisles of the death stricken in large hospitals, waking the awful stillness by the startling echo if your feet on the hard bare floor. How dreadful it is to hear the ward matron's accustomed vhisper in her poiutiugs to a poor being who "18 EXPECTED TO DIE TO-NIGHT" with the consumption ; yet the irophecy is liberal for him, for it is twelve hours from noon ill miduight. and the miserable invalid, unprepared, d winlies hours of hope luto minutes of misery. How much better it would have been had this same person ised MRS. JERVIS'8 COLD CANDY o eradicate the first trilling cold (as it is called) that settles >n his luugs, nor wait until poisonous neglect should acidike, cut off its victim. MK8. JEB VIS'd COLD CANDY is warranted good for a old, cough, hoarseness, sore throat, whooping cough, influnsa.ltc. ['"/ Be sure to ask for Mrs. Jervis's Cold Candy, bold by MR8. JEKVW, 331 BROADWAY, neit door to he Tabernacle. Put up in packages ofls, Is, 4s, and $1 each. Ageuts?Rushton It Co. 10 Astor House, 110 and 156 Bro'dray; Blackett, 364 Bowery; Burnton, 49 Sixth avenue; Ely's, 33 Hudson street; Nelson, corner of Catharine and Madison; recount, corner of Grand and Division streets, 17 and 109 kvenue D ; and Mrs. Hays. 139 Fulton street, and 1 Atlantic treet. Brooklyn; 110 Grand street, Williamsburgh. ntl 3tis#rre NEW YORK RIDING SCHOOL. IfOS M f 07 WJ1TT STREET. ruotvTtivo caisAL stsict. Bettrtm HwUoti and Orttwich itruti. V/fR J. H MERI AM takes this opportunity of returning fl hia moir ?rr?r#fnl arknnwl*<lirno<?nta to thnsn who hut* 0 handsomely patronised him from the first moment he wm dsntified with ths New York Hiding School, and pledgee imielf to endeavor, by the most unremitting attention to aent a continuance of their kindness. He would respectfully form his friends and the publie, that he will re open his Evening Classes, in connection with his Day School, for tui n>n and exercise riding, on Monday evening, the Jo of Noember. Application to be made at the Office, or School ocm. JA8. CODDINGTON, Proprietor. ol4 Im'rre ROUGHS. COUGHS. COUGHS. ^ORBYN'S COUOH LOZKNOES-Thia popular retneo/dy will be fonnd the most effectual one now in use for the nre of coughs, colds, hoarseness, irritatiou of the luugs, hortness of breath, asthma, consumption, lie This is not ike many prepaiations, got up merely to please the palate, ut to remove those dritressing symptoms which bnt too nf n prove fatal when neglected, as many thousands can testify > rho have experienced their happy and salutary effects; mail of whom have been iedueed to the brink of the grave ? .hey promo.e a free and easy expectoration, and require no

on linemen t A single box will cure the most obstinate ongh thst ever existed. For sale by O. COLBY, chemist, Re., 351 Pearl at, Frank in square, ageut for the United Mutes. o24 lm*r RHEUMATISM. [JAINS, and stiffness of the joints, swelling of the muaeu1 iar substances near them, and other symptoms, too well nown to need description, may be effectually removed by he uie ot CHAM. H. KINO'S Compound Syrup of Hydrio ate of Potassa, Sarsaparilla and Yellow Dock. The efficacy ol these ingredienu is indispuuble, and by heir judicious admixture a remedy is formed, that, lor the bovenamed complaints we may almost term an infallible nre. Of the great numbers who have tested iu virtues, no ne has done so without seceiving decided benefit, which ict, together with its rapidly increasing consumption, may e considered the best criterion of excellence that a remedy an poaaets. This syrup is also the best preparation which can be em loyed to remove complaints arising from the misuse of mer ury, and that class ef disagreeable diseases of the skin indiating an impure state of the blood. Prepared only by.CHAS. H. RING, 193 Broadway, corner f John st.. New York. s30 lm?rh SCOTT * THOMPSON'S "MTY CASH Wholesale and Retail Family Grocery, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Establishment. No. M7 Broadway, New ork.?J. B. Seott It Co., No. 71 Nassau street, in eonse) uence of the solicitations of a number of their up-towu cueimcrs, have been indnced to open an eatnbliahment on the 1 a?h principle, at the above Ml Bro-idway. They will eontantly have on hand the beat aasortment of goods in the I hove line, and at pricea that must astonish the inhabitants iu 1 be upper pert of the city. Amongst the aasortment will be unndthe following : Tras of the latest importations and finest qualities; sugars I f every xrsde; Mocha. Java, Laeuayra.aud Maracaibo coffee < rines, champaign*, sherry. Madeira, port, elaret, Re.Re.; | risk an I Scotch whiskey (the Scotch whiskey of the celebrerd Glenlevet and Islay brands): Barclay R Perkins' London rown stout; Edinburgh and Alloway ale; new Malaga fteit; ickles; soap; flierm candles; oils; old Kngflsh dairy cheese; Jlaigow spiced hams; English, French, end American musard; s very large aasortment of imported Segars, Re. Re. Re. N. B ?Very old and superior Condon doek nort; Amontiltdn pale sherry; Manzanilla, do; pale gold and brown sherry; 'sst India reaeive Madeira, Newton, Gordon, Murdoch, and leott's, Re. Rc. P. H ? Goods delivered free of eg ease in any part of the ity, and for ce?A enfy. oil lm* rrc UU 1 . J-.l, ILL.U LL. . MB I RAYED, from No. Album Place, 4th itresl a poiater do.' white and liver tolort-d answers u the name ol iLpp A tollable rewsid will be I'tuJ ?a try at No. >4 Clinton place, * li si ullj Jr are J Ml'AMK to the premises, No. JU Commerce it, a large, young, and hoe Newton ml land Dog, with se vcral marks aud u? collar. Tke loter, by proviug propt^l^sad paying for hi* eipeuses, 4te., can reclaim lum. LONG BKEEL) CANAK IE?. THK Celebrated stock of W. 8. Broddway, will bt jVK offered tor sale at No. 3 John street. Bird kancieri jKp are invited to call aud tee them. They are admitted T1 1 to be the best in the Doited Stales A Chinese Lark , in toog, with the usual variety of rare aud valuable birds ? Cages, Seeds, kc., for sale by A tiHIKVK. I oit lm*re No. S John street. N. Y. ' KtJK SALL?A larm ul lifty-twu acres, most de ' PjW liglitfullv situated, about lire miles from KlizahethJSiltowu, y j _ comprising a handsome commodious dwelling house, fitted with marble miutels and every coove' mrnce (or a respectable family ; the whole, including gar i denei'shouse, barns, icehouse, and other buildings, in substantial state of repair; tbe orchard contains twenty acies i ol choice fruit trees. I Tne easy access from New York,cither by the various cari from Jersey City or tbe terry to Elizabethport, whence a rail road train runs within a hundred yards of the bouse, renders this property very valuable to those doing bueinese in this City. The greater part of tbe purchase money can remain for three years on boud and mortgage at dye per cent. VY8E It BON8, 17? Pearl st. Also, for sale, a dwelling house in Washington street, nil lm*r FKEEMAN'ti HALL TO LET. huA THIS HALL, built by tbe Freeman's Hall AisoffHw ciabou of the city of Brooklyn, under a charter from JatfLthe Legislature of the Bute of New York, is now uglily completed aud ready for a tenant. This sp.icious building, fifty by eighty feet square, and four stories high, is elegantly situated for a public hotel in Bouth Brooklyn, ou the corner of Columbia and Amity streets. There ii a hall occupying the whole of the third Boor, and three stores ou the base incut front on Columbia street, and to afirst rate tenant the whole will be rented by me association at a eery reasonable rent, ou a lease lor a term of years. The atteutiou of keepers nf public hotels is invited, and they are retfiested in new the premises For further information, apply to either of the undeisiened committee. JAMES FKKEL. 36 Myrtle Avenue. JOHN SWEKNEV, Columbia Hotel. South Kerry. THOMAS MULL1UAN, cot nor of Atlantic and Hicks sueols, or to THOMAS LESLIE, Secretary of the Association, corueiol 'iillery aud Kalian Kultou sis., Brooklyn. Nov. 6. IM>. u9 2w?c BOARDING MEKUHAN T&' HOUSE, Not. 136, 137 and 139 Broadway. MTHE PROPRIETOR would respecilnlle inform families and tingle geulleincn desiring Board for the wiutenu comfortable quarters, with all the conventeuces of a heme, that he has a number of light and pleasant j apartments to let (furnished) ? moderate prices. A choice ! or rooms may be lied by eerly application. OM linerre OH'.ANDQ KIBH PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. mriigibSk V E. CASTLE It EDWIN McCORKELL. I the latter from the Royal Academy of i I I A V VT Music, London, will give lessons on the j *' Tiano Forte or Violin, at their residence, 72 j Walker street, near Broadway, or that of their pupila,upon very moderate terms, which can be made known by applying as above. nt lm*r i MUSIC. THE PIANO taught on very moderate terms, by a Lady, who has a perfect know f|Jni ledge of the science, and who undertakes to II B I teach it thoroughly with tho greatest facility. Terms?Three dollars per month. ITT Any lady wishing to receive instruction, will please address Mnsic, at tho Herald Office. o27 lmis*rrc PKEMIUM BOOTS Quick Salct and Small Profiti. . FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 SO. onr own make, Vand warranted to give satisfaction; fine French imperial Dress Boots for $4 So, equal to those usnallv told in jM Broadway for M or $7, at YOUNO It JONES' fine French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable stores in this city. Onr boots received the highest praise in the late Fair of the American Institute, for the price, ever sold in this eity. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters, fee made to order at: the shortest jnotice. Mending, lie done in the store. YOUNG It JONES, 4 Ann at. nl lm*je LOOK AT THIS! . LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if yon want s fine article of Boots and Snoes, call at 3<7 Broadway, where you will find the largest assortment, cheapest, and the moit lashionable in the city. Do not mistake the nam her, 367 Broadway, cor. of Franklin street. N. B ?A large assortment ol Imported French Boots, at the low price of Five dollars, and the largest tsaortment ol ver shoes of all kinds. M. CAH1LL. o20 lm*rrc PLUNKETT * PARDESSUS fff HAVE REMOVED their Metropolitan Hat and Cap Jpw Store to No. 123^ Fnlton street, one door east of Nissan street, where they will continue to sell articles, equal to those of any other establishment, at tbs following redneed ntes !? Quality. Quality % 1st?Nutria Fur Hats... |3 SO 1st?Moleskin Hats.... $3 00 3d " ... 3 M Id " " ... 3 50 Ut?Cloth Cape 1 50 l?t? Glued Csps 1 00 Id " 1 00 2d " 75 Sd " 75 3d " 17 Jd All other articles at equally low prices. Jules Plunked ft Reue Pardessus respectfully request a continuation of the kind patronage with whicnc hey hare hitherto been favored. n7 Im'rc .s^a- FOR LI VERPOOL?The New Line Line?RelllVk (ular Packet of 31st December ?The snperier fait JBttHfasailiug packer ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons burthan, i.?p' Johu Eldridge, will sail as abuse, bar regular day. For freight or passage, basing elegant and superior accommodations apply to the captain on board, at west side of Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL k M1NTURN. ?7 South ?t. Price of passage (75 The packet ship UUEEN OK THE WEST, 1350 tons burthen, Capt. Philip Woodhonae, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her regular day. 31st January, 1047. u33 AAar- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positisely the first and only regular HHIb Packet of Wednesday, 3Hh iast. The new fast sailing Packet Dark MILTON, Capt. Weeks, is now loading, and will |<ositisely sail as abose, her regular day. ?|?For freight or passage apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, oot of Wall street, or to BE. K. COLLINS k CO., J 56 South-st. Positively no freight received on board after to-morrow eveuiug, 3lth inst. Agent in New Orleans. James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address Shippers wlllpleate sent in their bills lading immediately. Packet Ship Oswege, Capt. Johnson, will succeed the Milton. and sail Dec. 5th, her regular day. n33 rh aduc- 0-r.W LINE OK NEW YORK PACKETS FOR (AyfV LIVERPOOL?Packet of 36th of November.-The MilMm splendid, feat sailing and favorite packet ship ROat-ll'S, 11N tons burthen, < aptain Asa Eldridge, will sail on Thursday, Novemoer 36ih, her regular day. The ships of this ine being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for tne Old Coantry will not isil to ace the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pre| ference to any other, ae their g eat capacity renders them everyway more comfortable and convenient than ships of a mall class, and their accommodations for Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, it is well known, are auperior to those of any,otner,line Packets. Persontlwithing to secure bemhs should not fail to make early application on beard, foot of Wall street, or to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTY, At meir general rassage umce, nl2 r 18 Booth > treat, 2d door, below Barling slip. rAa'- ONLV KKUCI.AR LINK UK NKW OHLKAN8 rACKET8?The ships to mil in TapJIHBfascott'a Regular New Orleane Line, in their proper order, are aa folk we, via:? Packet ahip MILTON, foot?l Wall etreet. Nor. 24th. Packet ehip UNION, Cept, Rathboue, foot ol Wall itreit, Nov. 87. The shipa of this liue hiring now commenced their regular tripe will aail every three diya. Peraona abont proceeding to New Orleana will find it mnch to their advantage to aelect lint Line in preference to tranaient alnpa, aa their punctuality in aailing may at all timea be depended on,and the price of passage ia very reaaouahle.? Kor which, and to aecure bertha early, application ahould be made on board the aeveral packets aa above, or to r W. It J. T. TArscoTT, ia south street, |"n22 aecond door below Burling Klip. ???- TAPBCOTT'S KOKKION EXCHANGE AND uMWy EMIGRATION OFFIt.E.-U'afts en Kngland, llttltB Ireland, Scotland and Walei ?Peraona wiahing to teinit money to any part of (Ire at Britain or Ireland, can procure drafti of the subscribers payable at eight without dieconut, in all the principal towna, aa follows In Kngland?On Meaara. J. Barned k < o., Liverpool; National and Provneial Bank of Kngland and branchea. In Ireland?National Bink oflreland and branchea throughout. In Scotland?National Bank of Scotland and branchea throughout. DraTta can be forwarded by packet ahip Roacioa on the 26th instant. atram ehipOieat Western on 26th, or Royal Mail atearaahip from Boaton on latproiirro. W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South atreet, n22 second door west ol Bnrling Hip. sea- KOK LONDON?Packet ofthe 24th November irfjkfV ?The aplendid faat tailing packet ship CHRISflatkwim Tl ANN A will aail aa above. f Tl.ia aupenor packet hat very euperior accommodations lor cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passengers: her second cabin and steerage being on deck, in rooms well lighted and ventilated The acecmmodatio a for this class of passengers are superior to those of moat of the other London packets, anj the p'ice of passage reduced. Kor which, and to aeenre the best bertha, immediate application ahould be made on board, foot of Wall atreet, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, n22 26 Sonth atreet. aecond door below Burling slip, r*3e- KOR LIVBRPo7)L?WitiTUespeteh?The very HfV fast aailing coppered and copper fastened Ship JHHHBSw Ct'N('OKl)l.\, having three Court ha of her cargo eugaeed. will have deepateh. Kor freight or passage, having handsome famished accommodations, aaply to n20 K. K. COLLINSk CO, 5? 8octl>-st FOR LONDON?First Packet-The aplendid, fast sailing packet ahip ELIZABETH, Capt. Beta, JMnSfewill positively sail as above. The accommodations for cabin, second ethin and ateerage pasaeagera are superior to those of moat of the othsr London ' nLei. ??! ?lsn nrien rtf tisaannm ia reftncad frtf wKifli annlv to ' W. It J. T. TAPSCOIT, M Booth at.. nit 2d door below Burling ?I'P Mg- WANTED?A good Ship or Bark, to load for iM^NtttOrltui. Apply to JIBb E K. COLLINS It CO., nl7 r 3d Sooth afreet. tAh VOH NEW ORLEANS?Lonuiana and Now alfW York Lino? Regular Packet for Wedneaday Not. raHHKa 14.?The splendid fait sailing racket abip OSWt (JO. Johnson, mailer, will positively lail aa above, her regnlar day. For freight or passage, having handiome forniihed aeeommodationi, apply oo board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at , or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, M Sooth it Agent for New Orleani, Jamei K. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to hia address. The packet ahip 8AHTELLE will laeeeed the Oiwego. n!4 PACKETSrOK HAV HE?Second Line?Packet iH^thip BALTIMORE, Capt. John Johnaton, Jr., will k^hi mil on the lit ol December. For freight or paa age, apply to n. BOYD A HfNrHr.N. No. M Wall at. JAMES BEVERIDOE, Hail Maker, Comer iHffEKroat and Rooaevelt itreeta?Saili, Awninga, Bagi, Uifc&c . made to order,ia a neat and inhi'antial manner, at low prieei. Sails to be repaired ieinred againat fire, and roreil gratia. Secure from rata and dampnen. AM ordera punctually ean tiled. oj? lm*rrYAOHT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR SALS. i*ji The nnderaigned, having eonelnded to withdraw gSHM^froro " Yachting " offera for aale the well known MMbiihoouer yacht NORTHERN LIGHT, 70 tona bnrthrn The Northern Light ia molt anbatantially built of white oak, copper last me if coppered to ihe walei, and 11 very thoroughly lonnd in all reipecia. There are two atate |MM having two berhs each, and eight open Bertha (four of which are double) in her after cabin, which, with eight bertha in her forwarif cabin, afford aceommndationa for 34 paaaengera, being admirabl y calculated for a yacht, or packet for paaaengera, in onr Bonihem watera. The qn-litiea of the Noitnern Light for railing, and aa a "aea boat,' are too well known to require farther description Ko' tsrma and other parucnlara apply to the anbeeriber, at No. 13 South Market street. Button. W. r. WINCHESTER, or to DUMONT It HOSACK, k oJ4 Sw*rrc 114 Wall atreet. . j . i . .. . i , 1 . jl Aftl'SMEm l>A11K|TH tATKE-Monay Evening, .'Not. Jld?' A u:ght ol MR8. CHARLES KEAN. iuR. CHARLES K KAN, and All GEO VANUENHOFF. Ou which oecasiou w I' be performed Miaksieare'a true ol ft 1 ISJOHN?John. King of England, Mr Charles Kei rUilip Faulconbriagr, Mr (?eo *? Viiidenholt; < oustam Mrj t harles Keen i To conclude wuli thn c imrdv ol" AbVI< E GRATIS I Oldbody Mr Bui. ?) >1 K He Horn I Doora Oi'Cii it half-p t b o'clock, eud ilie perforuiwici will cuuiiiirucc it 7 o'clock. Buiei $1; Fit 'M cents; Ge lery 21 ceuli. BOWER If THE ATRE.?Monday E ecu lag, Nov. *1 will be perturmrd MA/KI PA?Maxeppa, Mr. I Bar; Abder Kliau, Booth, Couut I'remiilaua, Claike, /ami Mra Sergeant. i 1 To b-followed by the Legendary Drama of NICK (J THr. WOODS?Roaring Ralph Stackpole, Sir. De B> Bloody Nathan, Neahc; Uolaud Forrester, Clarke; Tel i I Doe, Mrs. Sergeant. i I I'revioua to which BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?Jol Uoill, Vlr. De Bar, Beauty, Mra Booth, i Ureal Circle 25 cents; Fit aud Gallery I2X Centa. Doora opeu at o'clock; curtain riae at 7. MITCH ELL'8 OLYMP1iT"THEATRE7?Moudav eve | tag, Nov'r 23?The entertainments to commence wi the drama of U ED UP?Sir Charles Ooldatream, Mr. Wi cot; Mary Wu'zel. Miaa Hoberta Alter which, the farce ol the THltEE URACK8? Prince Pert, Mm Timm. After winch, the DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM-.Mr Di ciiner Pipes, Mr Holland. t\> conclude wi ll the MYSTERIOUS FAMILY?Na ciasua bilfodil, Mr Holloud. Dreaa circle ah centa; apeer boxea 2* real*; ril en# ihillui private boiea $1. Orcheatra boxea, S3. Doora open at hall pail t> o'clock; curtain riaea at 7. UIKCUS? BOV"/-ICY AMPHITHEATRE. Boxes 21 centa Pit I2)d centa. Childien half price. MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 23. Mr. KEMP, the great English Clown, will give aome ne Fenta and Bnu-Mo's iu the tiug. Mr. Runiialla will ride wi Mr. Lipmui his celebrated tw> liorae act, called the Pupi of Hercnles M id <me Camilla Oaiducr iu her gieat, origiuo chute aud linilied arh >ol of Lady F.queatrianiaui. Mr. lln glea upon the Fll ing Cord Mi. Kemp will give lira Aut eldean Fandango. Horaeinauahip br Mailer Nixou M ardner will introduce his dog Napoleon, beaidea I'oXtariu 8rill Vaulting, 'Jumbling Ac 1C7" Door npen at 6l??Commence nt .1^ to 7 o'clock. RAYMOND & WAKING'S MENAGERIE. LOCATED ON THE LATE SITE OF NIBLO'S OA! DEN. THIS extraordinary collection of Living Natural l urioi lias, wilt continue open daily from lb A M. to IU P. J I ? Mr. Piarce, the celebrated lion tamer.will give his interei lug performances ol harnessing aud driving a large Nuinu an L1011, conflict with a Brazilian Tiger, groupings with tl (rained animal*, Ike., at 11 A. M., 4 and P. M. Admittance 16 cent*?Children half price. n22 Iw rrc : ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. ; W. E. Bt'BTorr Manager and Lesse J. \l. Scott Stage Manage I 0Thi* Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated i the most gorgeous style, ami is uow the most beautiful The Ire in the Union. MD'LLK. BLANOV FOR ONE NIGHT for the BENEFIT Ob MONS HAZARD, ( Bring his last appearance on any stage.) Last night but two of the engagement of Mr. E.8. CONNEI MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 23, the favorite ballet of LA GIZELLE. Oizelle Millie. Blangy. Duke Albert Mons. Hazard. Ptcrious to the Ballet, the Play of the LADY OF LYONS. Claude Melnotte Mr. E. S.Conner. Pauline Mrs. Burke. Colonel Damas , Scott. To conclude with the original PAS NAPOLITA1NE, By Mdlle. Blangy and M. Hazard. Tuesday' Mr. CONNER'S last night WALNUT ST. THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. m E. A. Marshall, Lessee... W. R. Blake, Manager. ' First night of MADAME AUGUSTA and MAD'LLE D1M1KR. MONO\Y EVENING. Nor. 23, 1846. Will be performed the new grand Ballet of the OIZELLE. Oizelle Madame Augusta Myrtha Md'lle Dimier Duke Albert Mons. Frederic Previous to which the comedy of the MIDNIGHT HOUR. On Tuesday, Madame Augusta and Madsmoiselle Dimii I will perform. ' free amusements EVERY NIGHT, at the MELODEON. 53 Bowery nea ly opposite the Bowery Theatre. The place lots been th roughly reuova.ed aud refitted, and is now one of the hin omest concert rooms in this city. The following wc known performers will have the houor of appearing evei evening, Sundays excepted : Mies De Mortimer, J. Havana C. White. K. White, and Mr. R. Brandt, the accomplish! pianist. The proprietor warrants to all those who will honi .he Melodeon with their presence, to wituess a pleasing pe jormance, and also receive erery comfort aid accommodi ion that can be bestowed upon any assemblage. Free to all. t 22 4tis*rre W. B. PATCH, Proprietor. falmo's theatre. ON MONDAY, Nov. 23d, IM(. MR. LOVER, (author c " Handy Andy," " Rory O'Moore," lie.) will give hi first IRISH EVENING, at Palmo's Theatre, with h'town Songs ; the celebrated rt citation of " Sliatnut O'Brien," and Mr. Lover's origiai comic story of the Gridiron. Admission 60 cents. Tickets to be had at the Astor Hons and doora each evening. Doora open at half-past T -, perforu ance to commence et 8. and concluded at 10. nit 4t rc HROWN'S EXHIBITION OF STATUARY. CCOMPOSED of Oiiginal Works, riecnted in Italy, not y open at the rooms of the National Academy of Desigi I corner of Broadway aud Leouard streets. Admission 26 et n20 lw *r TIIE GKEAT NATIONAL P1CTUKE or THE LANDING OK COLUMBUS. PAINTED for the C?|>itol at Washington, by J. Vande lyn, will be continued ou exhibition for a ahort tiui ] longer, at the National Academy of Design, corn, r Broadwa aud Leonard street. Also, several admirable copies, by Mr V., from the ch? I d'muvres of the great masters, Titian, Corregio. and Ren 1 b'andt, together with a splendid view of tlie Cataract, Ri I puis, and sceuery about Niagara Falls. I Open from 9 A M to 10 l*. M. Wesson tickets 50 canti : single adimssiou 25 cents. Descriptive pamphlets eta. n!7 lmis*rc 'I'HE First Annual Dull of Wastiingtou Assembly No. X Benevolent Order of Be eans. will be held at the Apoll Saloon. 410 Broadway, on Monday evening, 23d lust Dingle celebrated Braes B*nd is en gaged lor the occasion. Tickets of admiasioo can be had from John Douglass, N 20 Exchange Place; Joseph Lowden, 171 Bowery; and Jol McCehe. cor, John and Nas aan era n20 4t*re The thimd ANNUAL feTE Ok the fift COMPANY NATIONAL GUARD will be given i i the Coliseum, Monday evening, Dec. 28th. 1(46. nti 10 and 22* rrc F. MILLARD, Secre'ary. I NOTICE. YOUR FROCK. TO GENTLEMEN?Gentlemen, as the cold weather ha come, yon shout'* all know where to aet Frock, Dress c | Overcoats aud Pants fixed up in a handsome manner, with net , cuffs, collars, lioiugs^battoos and straps, to save your buyin | new ones this seasonaUall at the Cheap CashTailoiing Stori No. 94 Murray, corner Washington str'et, where ion ca ' get all yot relothes cleaned, dyed and altered, and free fror all those disagreeable sceuta that generally attend article i that you have had cleaned. Gentlemen, this it no puff. Ca] i and see. and yon will find tint you are not charged such enoi mous prices as you have had to par at this season ol the yeai ; nud meet with great disappo nlnienla. Please observe thi 04 is the number, where you may depend not to meet wit any disappointment. Ii7 2w?, A CflRTISSOS. 94 Murray st BLACK OXIDE OF MANGANESE. 1 OA CA8K8 of superior MANGANESE. For sale b , lUU PER8SE ?t BROOKS, I si 18 Iw r No. 0i aud 67 Nassau street. I TRAVELLING ~ RUNKS, &c. JOHN CATTNACH, 'Iron* Manufacturer, No. 1 Wa street, corner of Bri way, has now on hand and ennstan 1 ly makine, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valises, Carpi i Br- , and Satoiieli,wholesale and retail. ! Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable f< or European 1 level, una I orimautoaae lor u k'receh Mailt Paste. Ordera for the Weat Indiea, Hnoth America, fce., tilled wii d ?rmrph. o< Im'w " PALO ALTO CHAMPAGNE." AN INVOICE of thie " Patriotic and Deliciona Wine, haajoarbeeii recoived by the aobacriber, to which th attent.on of Hotel Keerera and Private Gentlemen i> invitci ' Kor aale in Iota to anit purchaaera, by K. B. DALY,Importer of Winea, he. | oV m*rre ai ItrnaH street JISKKKK?ON INSUKANUJfe. OOIVIFAN1, Orvmi Ne. 40 Wall nr., orroaiTB ifi^itcatari Kiomaimk. 'PHIS Company eoauaoea to maure agniaat Into or dainai I br Eire, on dwelling: hc naea.warehouaaa, build,npa n g ?aral,*r>oda, warea aud march* ndiae,and every description < perinnrl property ;aiao aaaiuat loaa or damage by inland a i Titration m.ltraniportatiai ' DIRECTORS. Thornve W. Thorne, El'aha RifTpa. Thomna T. Woodruff, Anion Baiter, IL R, Bobaon, M. r. Joaeph Drake, Thornton Price, Joeeph Allen, MoeeeTucker, Jameaifc, Iloltnea John H. Dgriaon, John P. More, John H.Lee, William K. Tnora, Caleb 11 Tunae, Thomaa Morrell, Prancifr. Sane, Eatene Bognrt, JohnX Marritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Preaideal rn T HOP*. tUereterv ?*4 tfre THE LONG ISLAND INSUIUM E COM PAN If. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS. Omen 41 Fultoi* itrkkt, Broorltw. CONTINUES to take riaka on buildinga, machinery, mei chandiae and property generally, on their naual farori ble terma. Thia company has paaaed throngh the two great eat conflagration a that haye erer occurred in the country ' they owe their eacape from them with comparatively aligh loaaea to the ayatem which they hare alwaya practiced o limiting and acattrring their riaka All loaaea which th< company may auataiu will be adjuated and paid promptly a heretofore. . .... The Company take apecial care to notify their cuatomert n New York, of all eipiratione ol policiea. B. W. DELAMATER, Pie.ident, n] lmiarc E. C. KINN, Secretary. I MONEY LENT. THE HIGHEST PRICES advanced in large and amal Soma on gold and ailver Watehea, Diamonds, Plate, Jew I elry. Dry Gooda, Furniture, Clothing, and every deacriptio ; ef Piraoual Property. JOHN M DAVIE8, Licenaed Pawnbroker, 133 William at. near Duane at. Peraona received in private office by ringing the bell. oJ01m#rre. BRANDY?Juat received per French brig " Arv6de, Bannemout fc Becker Brandy, under Cnatom Horn lock, and entitled to debenture For aale at LAWRENCE, MYERS fc Co. nVgw?rrc 3> South William atreet. CENTREVILLE COURSE?L. 1. TROTTING < T in k* Lik TWO Puraea in one day. to come off on Thnraday, Noveir ber the 26th?Parae $20. mile heata, baa'3 in J, m hai i neaa. for pacing hor?ea?Puree $20. mile heata, beat 3 in J, In rr< tting horses, under the aaddfe. In each, free for horae that never won a pnrae of $30 ; ihree or more to make a held toeloae on Monday, November the *3d, by.9o elr-ek, F, M., a I Green k Lnaee'a. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. Centreville, Nov. 22, 1?0 _ n22?t*rre Dlt. KELLINOfclt'S ' ?2_ - INFALLIBLE LINIMENT m wyrtrntml t. JiiOrnrf IOTM and q!c*r? of avary namre in ? If* M aUwrw ii Hen hka magic m removing rhtumatiam mnTherVLie. on. - 'woV.e. i. ? carmin to rehev, bilions eholic, diarrheas, he. at it la taken. Rl? Perfect! y?o IHrSSBxtra tat fl :x and Chatham, and a; (by ii Jk. clllcr j City HaM- nlflm rt W ?L?L -JI.J? ,| 1 HI 11 J l. .Ill II J ' = ' LATEST INTELLIGENCE. fih ____________ telegraphic. 4y L*U? UlMilcrt^LoM of L.lfe. Buffalo, Not <M?11 P. M. The Buffalo Commercial Advertitrr has receivjJ|' ed accounts ol the loss of the schooners Helen I Strong and Indian Queen ; the Leaching of the Pj schooners Cleveland, Dayton, J. 11. Lyon, U.S. I? M. H. Sizer, Chas. Howard, and Huron, in the iK northwest gale ol Thursday. Two passengers, a ['. ntan and a woman, nam's not known, were lost oil'the Helen Strong, and lour of the hands of the Osceola. The Indian Queen was heavily loaded with iT. goods, and was wrecked above the lower point jj| of Dunkirk harbor. The Helen Strong, after losing her rudder and bursting a steam pipe, struck broadside against the rock coast four miles above Barcelona. The Osceola was blown ashore >r four miles above the Helen Strong, and the rest g; of the sail craft tire beached between this and Erie. There is a break in the Welland canal?10 days to repair. " Albany, Nov. 21, 1846. I* General ('ass, of Michigan, is at the Delavan if- House. Gov. Wright has called out the first roll." gimont; ottioers as follows : Col. \V. B. Burnett, * i Mujor J. C. Burnham, Lieut. Col. vacant; Captains C. H. Siuw, Gen Count De Ongars, J. Haulley, J. P. Taylor, J L. Hewett, C. K. Garsing, D. ?. Hungerford, T. S. Gnszyniski, M. Fairchild, " L. R. Campbell. E BY THE MAILS. 7 INTERESTING r FROM THE IU | * ARMY OF INVASION. < Confirmation of the Death of CAPT. RIDGELY. IOIB or TBS MEXICANS at the SIEGE OF MONTEREY. special despatch to the n. y. hkkald ofp1ce. New Okleans, briday, Nov. IS, 1846. There have been two arrivals from Brazoz Santiago, this morning, and although they bring nothing of any very great interest, 1 hasten to giva you what little intelligence I can gather. The Virginia arrived this morning, having lelt the Brazos on the 5th inst., and brings intelligence )r as late as the 24th ult., from Monterey. _ j Mr. Haile, the accomplished correspondent of the Ptcayunt, whose graphic and interesting letJ" ters from the army have been so extensively coljj pied throughout the country, came as a passenger. ry The weather at Monterey was quite cold, and tjj considerable sickness (chills and fever,) prevailed Y among tho troops stationed in the city ; but > the camp outside the city, was much healthier. At Camargo, and in fact all " olnntr tr> - - - ??? J ?1 ?* 41? I ?vr a vun xoauci, uicio is a feicat ucai ui IUC I same description of sickness. A number of the . brave fellows wounded in the storming of Monte;i rey had died, but the greater portion of them were e doing well. >: It was positively known at Monterey that Gen. _ Ampudia and the army had retired beyond Ssl. n tillo, without any attempt to fortify the passes, and >. the roads were all open. Gen. Taylor will not, in fact he cannot, owing to the present crippled condition and small number of his troops, march lrom Monterey, and he must r- be re-inforced before he can think of it. y A report in this morning's paper concerning f Capt. K-idgely of the U. S. flying artillery, proves to be too true, ilc was returning to his quarters on horseback, when his horse stumbled and fel| >; forward, throwing him and causing him to strike head foremost upon the ground. No hopes were 2 entertained of his recovery. His loss will be 'a deeply deplored by the entire army, with whom 0 he was a universal favorite, and by his contrymen 111 at large, who will never forget his gallantry and jj ( bravery at the battles of liesaca de la Palma and 't Palo Abo, while the glorious events of these two days are recorded upon the pages of history. The number of Mexicans killed and wounded is said to be infinitely greater than has been before ,r supposed by us, or reported by the enemy. ? At all the towns from Camargo down to the mouth of the Rio Grande, wounded Mexicans may be ? seen in numbers in the streets, who came stragI* gling home days after the fights. It is said that men who were in the employ of our army at 4 Matamoras and other places disappeared suddenly 1 some time before the fight in numbers, and some time after appeared again, and those who were not too much broken down, or wounded too badly, ' | resumed their occupations. What a beautiful ? illustration of the conciliatory policy ol our govern(1 ment 1 There can be no doubt but that a national t spirit is roused throughout Mexico, and unless our K government exerts itself quickly, we shall lose the ? advantages we have already obtained. The Edith, steam propeller, arrived this morning from Urazos, whence she sailed on the 7th, and brings, it is said, despatches from Monterey several trays later man ine ruin, out they cannot i, t contain any intelligence of interest. 1 have been unable to bear any additional particulars than _ , those I have already given. In lact there is no news, the army being completely at a stand still Soon after the Edith left Brazos she collapsed a w I line, by which her second engineer, John CromJ" well, was severely scalded. Owing to this acci dent she was compelled to the Belize under canvas. Captain R. C. Gatlin, U. 8. 7th Infantry, wounded in the storming of Monterey, came over in the E. The brig J. Cohen, of Philadelphia, went ashore at the Biazos on the 4th inst. A part of ( the cargo will be saved, but the vessel is a total , loss. There is a great disposition here to volunteer, if there is the slightest inducement held out. There was not so much of a sale in cotton yesterday as I supposed there would be; the * news that was brought by the Alliance, althoagt. ; favorable, had the effect of preventing operation's t and the sales only reached 800 bales. e To-day there is a prospect of a little better busi ] ness being done, but buyers arc cautious about n operating, as they are fearful that the steamer's ; advices are in town, to-day's mail having failed. There has been a heavy arrival of cotton to-day from up the river, amounting to 2996 bales. Ono 1'. cargo brought by thefsteamboat Ambassador, from Vicksburg, consisted of hales. The weather still continues dry, clear and warm. Yesterday's mail caino through this morning. The irregularities of the mail are getting to be un' bearable, and there is a private express on foot, I hear, that will knock the mail arrangement oom pletely into a cocked hat. The public will de' mand a reform soon, and the Department will be compelled to use a little energy. Yours, truly, D. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Nov. 13.] r- The steamship Galveston, Gapt Wright, arrive,1 yes. r terelay morning from (Jalveston, having left there oa tlio * IOth inst The Galveston brought over a large numhvr ^ of passengers, among whom we note Col Hays, Lt. Col. Walker, [Capt. Walker of the U. 8 Rifle Regimentj Capt McMullen, Dr. McMurphy, and Messrs. A. a D. Cage?all of the lite regiment of Texas Rangers By thia arrival we have an extra of the Galveston N'w* ' of the 10th inst., with intelligence from Monterey to the 13th instant, one (lay later than the lest letter we heve r published from oui special correspondent, but no later . than the advices which were received here on the 1st in1 stent. The ATrws gives a new version of the intelligence * received here direct.and as we believe it to be altogether erroneous, and at an act of juatice to the Suet, we lira * publish their statement. Captain O. K. Lewis, formerly connected with ua iq