Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1846 Page 3
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jf l I. I 11 I1SI . . VtfMM # UM 0H*? HJHTi PMtfi. ?H*r Stele tf tout, 4.uotMftu Sot. 10 .,.. i foet,&lt&L .<twh8?fi?|r Not. II! dft 9 in., MlTl*. Pittshiiflf. ..... ..... .Nov 19 4ft. 6in .at stand Louisville Nov 19 .... 6 ft 9 in , at stand MONKY MAHKKT. Monday, Nov. '41?6 P. M. The ttock market thit morning opened rather buoyant, but Ml {off (lightly at the cloee of the first session of the board. At the second board there were lerge aaU* of Herlem nrnl Norwich, at a trifling advance on price* current in the morning. The Knickerbocker Fire Insurance company havede clared a dividend ol fix per cent, payable on the lat of December. The books lor subscription to the capital stock of the Hudson River Rail so ad Company, are open et No. f Merchants' Exchange. The sura required to be sub. scribed bv the eharter. on or before the 1st of March next, i? three million* of dollar*. This, with another threa million*?which the company propoao borrowing? will, iti* eitimatad, bo (ulHoieut to complete the road . between this city anJ Albany. It is full time something was Jon* towards connecting these two cities by a railreed, as we shall in a few Jays be shut oft'from all Jirect communication with the interior, which will throw the western trade, and the tide of proJuce setting towards the Atlantis ports, to other cities. When the expenditure of a few millions of dollars would give us throughout the year a communication with the whole western country, for all the purposes of trade, it is the most astonishing thing'in the world that the energies and resources of our citizens are not concentrated upon one of the proposed lines, and efforts made to push jt forward rapidly to completion. There is capital enough in the oity; there is.necessity enough for a work of this kind; there is a sufficient quantity of immediate profits iu the investment, to bring this thing to an immediate completion. There is a large class of moneyed men in this city more disposed to engage themselves in the most desperate speculations of the dsy, something that makes or breaks them at once, rather than apply their resources to the construction of important and valuable works of internal improvement, calculated to add to the wealth, and increase the prosperity of the country, and become large and profitable sources of revenue. We cannot expect to complete either of the contemplated roads to Albany, so long as there is such a diversity of interests involved. The best and most feasible rou te should be adopted, and every effort made to put that through with tha greatest rapidity. The Hudson iliTtr rout* and the interior route, via the Har; lcm road, may both bo ultimately finished, but it rauit be year* before aueh a deairable result can be accomplished. Our impression, judging from the geo. graphical position is, that the Harlem Railroad is the most feasible, the least expensive, the most likely to be the most productive and of the greatest importance to this city and those interested as stockholders; and these things point out that as the line for immediate completion. This road is new finished and in running order, a distance of thirty-five (36) miles. This road intersects a point only lour miles from Sing Sing, the first town of any importance on the Hudson river; from that point it diverge* into the interior of the country, in the direction of Somers, the principal town in Futnam county, and in the centre of a rich agricultural section of the country .Somers is 53 miles from the City Hall, about twenty-five miles from the Hudson river, and about sixteen miles from the Housato. nic railroad in Connecticut. It will be observed that this Company will, when the road is finished to Somers, (whioh will be accomplished sometime in January,) have reached a very important point, one that not only secures a mnch greater revenue than has been heretofore received, but a point which secures a further extension of the line. Every mile added to the road, makes its ultimate completion a matter of much less doubt and uncertainty, and cannot but increase the confidence of those imorviveu in in pi vu ucuveueiB. We hare nothing to any in relation to the Hudaon Hirer Railroad Company, any farther than that we hope it will, after the second attempt to fill "p the capital ateck haa been fairly tested, and in the erent of ita being unsuccessful, join the Harlem Company, and push that road through at once. If those who hare interested them, selres in the Hudson river route, .are really anxious for a railroad communication with Albany, independent of any local ad vantages a road on the rirer may give them, they will not hesitate a moment to take hold of, and aid the conatruction ef the Harlam road. More than one-third J of the distance between this city and Albany will soon bo covered by the track ef this company, and the remainder of the distance, to form a connection with the western road, being about eiehty miles, can be built for a sum much less than that required to build the one hundred and fifty miles on the liver. An effort is being made te 111 up the amount required to construct a road from New Haren to intersect the Harlem, at some point in the vicinity of Williams' Bridge. Of the twenty thousand aharea set apart for this city and the towni on the line, about 14,000 aharea ha ve been taken in this city. The company have not opened, nor does it intend opening books for the indiscriminate subscription to the stock, but offer it to such parties only as are able to take it, and keep it from being thrown upon the market. There if not the slightest doubt but that this road, which will pats through the principal towns in Connecticut, on the Sound, and intersect the Housatonic at Bridgeport, will be finished long betore aay connection is made with Albany, by any line within our own State. The distance from the point where it would join the Harlem to Now Haven, is about sixty-five miles, and the distance from Somera to where the Harlem would join the Western, is about eighty miles, and we have no1 the slightest doubt but that the New Haven road will be finished and in operation yoars before the extension is made to Albany. Another burning of bill* of the Central Bank of Augusta, Georgia, was had at the bark on the 11th inst. when nearly ferty eight thousand dollars were destroyed, leaving a circulation of lesa than foity thousand dollarsThe coal barge General Taylor arrived at Fair-mount on Saturday afternoon, from Schuylkill Haven. She is seventeen and a half iitet wide, and about one hundred feet leng, and is the first arrival from the coal region of the large barges adapted to the new locks and the en larged navigation. The N*w Or/ran, Timet of the 10th inst, in speaking of Texas securities and exchange, says 11 Texas securities have been quite inactive since our last; there is some demand at our inside figures, but holders are not willing to soil on these terms, preferring to await the chances of a speculative movement in the market ere long. We quote treasury notes UX a 10c; interest notes 10), a 10),'; eight per cent bonds 18 a 19c; ten percent do 20 a 91c. on the dollar. "No improvement has taken place in foreign exchange, and the demand, as belore observed, is not equal to the supply- We quote sterling tiiat per cent premium; France Of 46 a Of 50. The rates for Northern exchange he?a alitfhtlv imnrnrflfl nn/)?r *ho inquiry. * now quotn liity day bill* on Now York V a 'JSi par cent discount; chocks, % per cent discount." The message of Gov. Draw, of Arkansas, announces tht the State debt amounts to $3,617,337 .59, with an annul accruing interest of $164,660 19 The Governor raommend* that the State Bank be wound ujS The peulation of the State is 146,000, being an increase of fifr per cent in the last aix years. Old Htock Kxchangi, $20 Ohio 6s 'CO 92 % 60 shs Hail em RR ?fiO 50 201 do 93 50 do ,40 50 5t Perm 5s 68% 100 do b60 5e% 51. Reading Bds >4m 73)4 1? do 50% 200 do 73 250 do 50 lahs Baok State N Y 03 200 do 15d> 50 2-Am lis Bank 85 200 do b20 50 lOhio Life It Trust 90 100 do 49% lCCantoa Co 28)4 100 do bOS 50% JiMorfcWor >60 60 100 <1? >90 49V 50 do blO 60% 2M? do b!5 49% 100 do >90 ?V 50 L Island BK 27% 50 do >20 CS% 200 do 27% 125 do 60)6 100 do >60 27 100 do slO 60% 50 do >90 27 ;50 do bM6t% 100 do bJO 27% 50 do OS 100 Readi.k RR 62% 50 do bit 60% loo do b30 61 Benond Board. 19(1 * Nor It Wor blO 60% ISO aba Harlem RR >30 5?% 50 do b3 tqf, 150 do >3 50% 50 do blS 60% 50 do >60 50 M o? hie 12? do biO 50% 100 do b30 60% 150 do ,30 50V iii) do ?3 60 * ?0 do ji m 'jiiJ 'jU b 15 60il 600 do b3 lo2 s s n s t a si too'a''d MO "% 14 d? ,3? in'? Bow Stork Biehange. 50tw Htrlem RR >10 49% 100 shi Harlem RR h3 49V 00 do b3 ' 0 50 Nor Ik Wor ? >30 60 150 do cash 49% 50 do cash 60% 50 do alO 49% 125 do ,3 r,o 51. do .2 49% 25 do btw 60 190 do boo 50% 75 do eaih 60 je do stw 49% 25 do b3 60% Marrletl, At Nashville, Tenn., on Tueaday, 10th inat., by the ev. C D. Klliott, Mr ffa. FLOuawov, of Shreeveport, ,n , to Mise Elisabbtk M., daughter of General Robert trmsitong. U. 8. Consul at Liverpool. On the Idth inat, at the Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity, 2d avenue, Mr. Tho?. Mulleis, merchant, of: thia city, to Arise, daughter of Mr. Nicholaa Hussey, Half Pay Field Train Cerpe, British Ordnance Depart pioiit. 11ii-nil i ii.liihhl..i. iiJiJUi?mmi u Q (>? Woodsy mornin*.*IM ih?i, Mm Hst'tt Ho? it. Widow or tb?lit" Htnrjr Hsulthome, in the <4th year of bar ?*a. Tha friend* and acquaintances ara respectfully invited to attend her funeral on Wednesday, 'i5lh instant, at 10,o'clock. A. M., from her late residence No 07 Frank lin street, corner of Church. Herremaina will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. j , On Monday, Nov. 03J, Wm. Hr.xar Drrrv, ton of Richer laon Duffy, a>r? 1 II yar? tad i moi lis The relatives sii < tri.-u.ii?f t't- :?ih |. .. r ipedfuDy invited to attend Ms fn.u, tio.?i r*,- r-> idouce of his father, No. 47 Ron,-cvtft r to morrow ( Vednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Weekly It c port of Deaths. In lhe City aad County of New York from the 14th day of November to the t'st day of November. IMS. M?u SI; \\ otnru IS; Boys SO; Uirls 43. Total lit. niscaacs. Apoplexy. 11; Asphyxia, 1: Bleeding, I; Bleeding from stomach, 1; Burned or Scalded, 2; Broacnitis, 3; Cancer, 1; Carnalities, t; Cholera iiilantain, 1; Consumption, 28; Convulsions, II; Cronp, C; Congestion, I; Debility, 9; Delirium tremens, I; Di-rrhma, 3; Dropsy, S; Dropsy id the head 4; Dysentery, 7: Fever, ft Fever bilious. 2; Fever, puerperal. 2: fever, remittent, 3; hevar, scarlet, 3 ; Fever. typhoid, I; Fever, typhis, 3; Keser, cougestive, I; Fever, nervous 1; Hsu ted, I; Heart, disease of, 7; Hooping Cough, 3; Hysteria. I; [uflammation of brain, 2; lodammatinu of bowels, 5; Inflammation of chest, I; Inflammation of lungs, 16; inflammation of stomach, I; IutUmmalinn oi throat, 1; Inflammation ot liver, I; Intemperance, 2; Marasmus, 4; Old age, I; Palsy, 1: Premature birth. I; Pleurisy. 1; Scrofula, 2; Spinal di, 1; Suicide. I; Ulcers, I; Uuknowu. 2. Age?Under one year, 34: I to 2 . ears. 20; 2 t? 3, 3C; 3 to 10, 6; 10 to 20.1: 20 to 30, II; 30 to 40 23; 40 to 30, 14; 30toW, 10; 00 to 70, 0; 70 to 10, 'J; 00 to 91, ]; unknown, 2. CORN'S, fl. ARCHER, City luapector. City Inspector's Ollice, Nov. 23, 1846. 18T REGT. U. S. VOLUNTEERS. THE members of Company K, ar? reanested to meet at .Military Hall. Bowery, this evening Every man is expected to be on hand, as the Company will be mustered into service about the first of next week Wanted immediately, fifteeu able bodied men, to complete the Compaur. The members of this Company are alan requested to meet at Military Hall, on Friday evening, the 27th mat . at half past 7 o'clock, lor the election of non-commissioued officers. By order of C.B. BUOWKH. n23 3'ia*je Lienlenant Commanding. U. S. VOLUNTEERS-COMPANY C, FIRST REGIMENT THE members of this company are directed to report themselves forthwith at the Branch Hotel,No 36 Bowery, preparatory to beiug mustered in'o the service of the United States. A few able bodied men wanted to fill vacancies. By order of JAMES BARCLAY, Captain, ii21 It* rre HEAD QUARTERS. STATE OF NEW-YORK. Adjutant General's Ot ricr.,) , Ai.bant, Nov. 21, 1816. t GENERAL ORDERS. THE Governor having'bis dap received a requisition from the President of the United States for a Regiment of Volunteer Infantry from this State, to serve during the existing wnr wifVi Mpvu n iff ia Itbmhv Ardorati fliat tho Ciear Uans. merit of Voluut?er?, organized under the call mnde in General Order* dated May 28th. 1846. and commanded by Colonel Ward B. Burnett, ol the city of New York, fo-thwith assemble at such place as shall be designated in the city and county of New York, by C >l. Burnett, for the purpose of being inspected and mustered into the service of the United States, by Col. J tmes Bankhead, of th? army, who has been directed by the War Department to perform that duty, and with whom Col. Burnett will consult upon the subject Kach Company will be required to have eighty privates, being sixteen more than the original organization; and an additional Second Lientenaut to each Company will be elected as soou as practicable, in the manner prescribed by law for choosing officers of the mditia of this State. Col. Burnett will also promptly make the necessary arrangements for filling any vacancies which may happen to exist in the present officers of his Regiment. By order of the Commander-in-Chief. K E. TEMPLE, Adj. Geu. HEAD QUARTERS"MERCER HOUSE. First Regiment U. S. Volunteers of N. Y.,) November 22, 1146. i REGIMENTAL ORDERS?NO. 1. In compliance with General Orders, dated Albany, November 21st, 1846, the several Companies of this Regiment are ordered to assemble at the places of rendezvous herein designated Particular instructions will be sent to each Captain immediately. The following places are selected as the rendezvous for the several Companies constituting the First Regiment of New York State Volunteers, viz: Company A. C. H Shaw, Captain, Mercer House, corner of Broome and Mercer streets. Company B, Count. De Bongar, Capt. Company C, James Barclay, Captain, Branch Hotel, No 36 Bowery. Company D. ? Taylor. Captain, Native American Hall, corner of Grand and Broadway. Compsny E, Hewitt, Captain, Shakspeare Hotel, corner of William and Duane streets. Company F, ?? Gallagher, Captain, Military?Hall, Bowery. Company G, ?? Hungerford, Captain, National Hall, Canal street. Company H. f Company 1, ? Fairchild, Captain, Democratic Head Quartets. 168V? Spring street. Company K, Campbell. Captain. The officers and members of Companies are hereby ordered to renott at their respective rendezvous immediately for du... ii .. ahi.. WARD B. BURNETT. Colonel First Regt U. H. Volunteers of New York. Chas. F. Gallagher, Act. Adjt. n23 3t*r '|<HE LAFAYETTE FUSILIERS, commanded by Cant. 1 James Wilson, nive their First Annnal BALL, at Bathban'* Hotel, December 22d. 1816. Tickft* can be had by ap61 yiiiK at 727 Broadway; 234 Broadway; and at Rathbun s Intel. P. S.?Dadworth's Band will be in attendance. 22 lt?rc THE MEMBERS OF PROTECTION HOSE CO. 21, beg leave to return their sincere thanlta to Mr I?aae H. Smith, of No. 205 Front street, for the very liberal supply of Refreshments I'urn ahed us at the fire in Water street, ou Saturday morning, the 21st inst. WILLIAM W. NILE8, fee 'jr. Johi* A. Potter, Foreman. n24 lt*r FURS ! FURS!! FURS!!! "The For that warms a monarch, Warmed a bear " "Now is the winter of our discontent, Made gioiious summer by the Furs of Knox." rshakspeare improved. MUFFS, SLEIGH ROBES, BUFFALO OVEECOATS, Ac., a large and cheap assortment, For sale hy KNOX. THE HATTER, Pn2l lwisr 128 FULTON ST., SUN BUILDING. COAL. THE best Peach Orchard, th* last this season, at these low prices,?Broken, $6; Egg, $6 25; delivered f'om scboo er Rio Grande, at the next pier to Spring street; warranted good quality, from the Sphoon vein. This is one dollar less tha i y "rd price. Apply at the vessel, or at the Coal Yard, No. M4 Wa-hington, near Spring street. r.24 2t*r PATRICK KERRIGAN. ERVALENTA. THE nnderaigned havejnat received a freah aupply of Ervalenta. put op in pound packagea, which they offer to the public either wholeaale or retail. DELLUC k CO.. Apothecariea and Chemiata. Eole Suceeaaorn to Place k Kouillard, n2t lm?rh No a Park How, and Ml Broadway. A CARI). E. W. TRYON k CO.. TAILORS, No. 237 Broadway, BEG to inform their iiirnda, and the public in general,that having made arrancementa with a houae in London and Paria, they are conatantly receiving the neweat and moat faahuinable gooda, and atauch priceaas will euanre entire aatiafaction. And aa E. W. Tryon ia now devoting hia peraoaal attention to the eiecntian of every order, and having aecured the aervicea of a auperior Tantaloon Cutter, are prepared to furniah every deacription of garment appertaining to gentlemen'a wardrobe in the latent and moat faahionable atyle; and feel aaaar'd that they cau now give their frienda and natrona better aatiafaetion ihv ever. n24 3 ia*rc WHO ?ill anfferfrom that paiuful diaeaae, Liver Complaint, wh> n immediate relief, if not a poaitive core, may be effected bythe timely nae of WISTAR 8 BALSAM, for proof ol which read the following:? __ vrsieriom, m. r., Mar 7, 'BtS. Dear Sir?In the year 1841, I waa so severely attacked with Liver Complaint as to be entirely unable to attend to my buaineai 1 consulted with IK* beat physicians i? our plai e but they itave me no relief. In the winter of 1842, I procured a bottle of WISTAK'8 BALSAM OK WILD CHERRY, and berore I had nsed oue halfof it, I waa able to rrsuine iny business as usual. I have since that time used two hot lea ot the Wild Cherry Balsam, and have hccn entirely f-ee trom nam; and. with the escertion of a bad cold in February last, hare enjoyed better health than I ever did before WM.'C. POTTF.H. We are all well acquainted with Mr. Wm. C. Potter, know that he.was affli ated in the manner he describes, and thai his statement is entitled to fall credit tCOTT 8t WALDRON, Merrluutts. None genuine, unless signed I. BUTTS on the wrapper. For safe by A. B. St D. HANDS.Aitents for New York 4"ityj >i'u ny uruggisia irutraii) mrougnoui me umteo mates aud Canada. * nZI HDkW BOGLE'S HYFERION FLUID. XW" E now lay before onr readeia, aaya I he B?eton Poat. the tT certitieale from Woreeairr. in favor of thia luromcatab'e artie'e lor hair The agents, in returning it, aay it la only one of thn many proofs of ita entire anceeaa, anil ia de.lined to superseue ell other preparations:? " Thia may certify that nearly eight mo >tha ainee I loaf all my hair, and for aia montha my head waa entirely ba'd; at tha end of tha'tinie I pnrrhaaed a b< ttle nl Bogie'a Hyreri n Kin id of D. Heort, Jr. it Co , the agenta in Woreeater. Hinee then I have naeil it regularly, and ametly according to directions ill Consequence of ? liirh the hair haa started all over ay head. It ia now about a> inch long and gro?iirg rapidly. "THADDEU8 HONK. Weat Boylaton, Maaa , Jnne 12th. 1144 " Prepared only ty WM. BOGLE, 221 Waalungton atreet, Boaton. For aale ly- A. B. It D. SANDS, Druggiata, 100 Fulton at , corner of William, New York. Sold alto by H. Johnaon, 293 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, and by druggiata generally. n24 H?r CHURCH OF ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR. UNDF.K the patronage of the Ladies, and in aid of the Kunda of the Church of St. George the Martyr, it ia in. tended that a PERFORMANCE OK 8ACREC MUSIC ahall take place at the APOLLO HALUON, No. 410 Brosdw?y, on the evening of Friday, Dee. I. Mra. Loder, Miaa Northall, Miae Watson, and other distinguiahed rocaliata, including the Ctoir of Trinity Churrli, hare kindly yolanteered their effective aid on thia occaaion. Dr. Hodgea to preaide at the organ. Further particulars in amall billa. Tieketa, 50 ccnta, to be had at the uanal plecea. n23 3t r FURNISHED FARL"K? A SUIT of elegantly Inrniahed Parlora, with Bed Rooma, il required, to let on very reaaonable term", in a private honae where boarilera or lodgera are not taken Enquire at II Barclay atreet. n23 3t ia?r THE EYE. DK. WHEELER, Ocnliat, 29 Greenwich atreet, near the Battery, devotee hia evelueive attention to diaeaaea of the Eye ana Opthalmie Surgery, and natures the public that there are notamongat the numerous diseases to which the human eye ia subject, any disorders of that organ which cannot be essentially relieved or cured by him. The vast nnmber ol Undoubted tealimnuials which can be teen at hia office, will aatiafy the public that hit practice is not eiceeded either in ettent or success by that ol any other Ocnliat in the United States. Artificial Eyes for aale, and whiehwillbe inserted on reasonable terms. Office houra Irom I A.M. to 1 o'clock P.M., alter which he visits ont-deor patients. A pamphlet containing remarks on diseases ol the Eve, TaJu ^'" erona instances ef great cures effected by Dr. Wheeler a Mode of treatment, can he had gratuitously at his residence, or the same will he forwarded to anyone making application to him hy letters, post paid. ogeod2m*rc RKANDY-Ju.t rece;vad_per French brig ' Arvhde,' CMto,B How LAWMCNct/MY ER8 k Co. o01*w*rrg ?loath William strwt. nmmmmm iui iw m .miimj mu WANTtfUA situation, tiy $ vaunii ftytgeiwi lid, ?a ill | jmsergl bouse work or sistsi in wiinieg ind "torn?g,af i ?i tfftoli in ? private uintlv, Tn? b?ittW' "r irftf 01 11' be had on applying It ttoCKrrltoa it. nliii'r WANTED A SITUATION by a young man u Bar-Keep er, o' has no objection to a grocery anil liquor store, in both of which lie had seven rears eiperience. He M>eake well the Gerwan language. Unquestionable releience will be girru if 'equired. A place in an American store would b? pre'eried A note addressed to M B, No. J, Burling; 8li , will be thankfully attended to within tire days. ntl 'free TO 1 A1LOK.S. WANTED?A first-rate Pantaloons and Vest Cotter. Apply at RUTLAND'S, No. 40 Maiden lane, up stairs. Good references required. u2] 3t*rre BOY WANTED. I TO LEARN WOOD ENGRAVING, one wbo lias a taste for Drawing. Good references reqnired i Apply to JAMES A. READ, ' ufS It rrc No. 4 John streets. TO BOOT MAKERS. j WANTED immediately one first rate Book Maker. Also a Lady's Shoe Maker, to go a few miles iu the country, j None need apply but sober men, as they will board iu the family. Apply Monday and Tuesday from ten till three ; j o'clock, at Mr. James Femgau's, No. 1 Ferry street, ult 3t*rli WANTED, TO sell, a Daguerreotype apparatus (new) and of the latest ! improvement, cheap for cash, with iustructiona to the I purchaser gratis, or would be exchanged for any property 1 such aa the buyer might have. Enquire of Dr. Gallup, 41 Courtlandt street n29 lin'C i ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN can be sceommodatud S with Breakfast and Tea and a large airy bedroom in a j private family, where no other boarders are kept The locution near Broadway on the west side, below Canal stieet. The best of references gircn. Adiliess M.C. box 111 lower 1 Post Office nit lt'irc CLARKE'S SACKS, 116 William street, opposite the Washington Stores, ' GRACEFUL AND CHEAP.?By purchasing all my ' goods for cash, and giving no man credit, 1 am enabled to offer the most tempting inducements to the truly economical. Thus I will make to order a coat, usually . charged at $25, for $20, and an $18 coat for $13. and every other garment in proportion. I am likewise provided with a magnificent assortment of fine Overcoats and Sack Coats. My black clolli Sacks, with silk collars and fronts, are $11, louie ii low as ?3. 1123 ttn?r LOST OR STOLEN, THREE NOTES, oue at 90 dsys' data, dated 26th October, ' 1Mb, for tUt 96 ; oue at 5 tnoutlia, aame date, lor $430 00, ! payable at Steuben County Bank, Bath, drawn by Edwird T ! Hubbell, and endoraed by Depew, Mann Ik Co , and one for I $1000. dated about November 1, 1646. at 90daya. payable at the Merchants' Exchange Bauk, drawu by Dene w. Maun tx Co., and endoraed by Thomas Southard. As the payment of said noteahaa been stopped, all persona are hereby cautioned against negotiating the aame DKPEW, MANN k CO , 114 Warren at. N. B?Any parson returning said notes to the subscribers, will be liberally rewarded, anil no questions asked. n22 lw*rh P., M. It CO. NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN. C4 ENTLEWEN, why do you either 'give away, or sell for f a mere trille your half woru out frock, dress and overi coats, and pants, when you can gut them either cleaned, dyed, altered or acoured, and refned with new collars, cuffs, lining, bnttous and rtrap?, for a little money f Gentlemen, look to the times You may be called on for Mexico,and then new clothes would be useless. As such, bring or send your clothes to No 91 Murray street, corner of Washington, where you canjaret all you want done before you go to thewars according to promise, and no disappointment, as is generally the case a* this season of the year, ('all atd see; give me a trial is all I ask. In addition, we also make up pants and vests for $1,50; coats for $6 toll, all warranted to fit. Clothes cleaned, or dyed warranted to keep colors, and free from all ' scents. Please notice?No disappointments at my cheap cash I Tailoring store this cold weather. A COKTISSOS, No. 91 Murray at. I n22 2w*rrc Established, 11)6. GOLD PEN MACHINERY. THE under.igned offer* for .ale, on reasonable terms, several complete sets of Gold Fen Machinery, in perfect order for manufacturing Diamond Pointed Gold Pens. They will be accompanied with complete practical instructions if desired Terms made known ou application in person or by post paid letter to J. M. TROWBRIDGE, Syracuse, N. Y. j n2i it*r NOTICE. ALVAN 8PERRY having nsed the name of Sperry it Read without authority, has this day, by writ 01 injunction issued from a indite of the Superior Court, been enjoined and restrained from using said copartnership name of Sperry 81 Rrail for any purpose whatever, under penalty of five j thousand dollars. And no contract made by said Speriv, in the name of Sperry b Read, will be obligatory on the.sobacriber. THEODORE D. READ. New Haven, Connecticut, Nov. 3d, IBIS. nZl lw?rc NEWTOWN PIPPIN APrLES.-'-'lhe subscriber has on hand and offer- for sale 2000 barrels of c> oice hand pickrd Newtown Pippins, put up expressly for the English market; also, 2000 barrels of choice Lady Apples, Spttzenbergs, Greens, be. Quinces and Potatoes alwayson hand and put up to order for (hipping at the shortest notice SAMUEL 8HOTWELL, n20 1m*rh No. I Fulton market. FASHIONABLE DANCING, 74 Ltnnard itreet, Ifnl of Broadway Mvll,*. raulint uwuakijipib. oi uie Academic Koyale, Paris. respectfully informs the public that her ('lasses for fashionable Dancing have commenced. Besides all the usual Dances taught, -will be the new waltz Msznrka, Maznrka Quadrille, Polkas, (various) and the Redo?a. Schools and families attended. Terms and hours made known on application. MissD will give the first ball for the season to her pupils, the first week of December. n2l lm*re notice: OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION CO.-The Books for Subscription are uow opeu at the Offire of the Company, 41 Broad street, for an amount that will, with the former subscriptions, be $500,000, to complete the second steamer. The terms of subscription are 5 percent at the time of subscribing, the balance to be paid in instalments not eiceednii; 10 per cent each, as mav be requited by the operations of the ompany, on their giving 30 days' previous notice The Stockholders who subscribe lo the lirst $500,000 will have the preference over others for the balance of the stuck whenever the same is required. JOHN J. BOYD. HERMANN OELRlCHS, JOHN A. I8KL1N, WM. CHAMBERLAIN, EDWARD MILLS. FREDERICK "EWITT, KOBT H MORRIS, J. J. COMSTOCK, J. L. STEPHENS, Directors. New Yoaa, Nov. H. 1846. n20 lwfli NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. cieat to establish the superiority of the article wi'hont farther detail. Sold, wholnale. by the Importers, HOBBSk CO , 2 Wall street ; retail by Roshtoa lit Co , 110 Br adway, 10 Astor Hou-e ami ?>. Broadway; lleorv Jnhasoo, 273 Broanwav:C. H. Ring, I9v h-oadway; Clirehngh, 290 Rroadway. and Druggists nod IVrinmers generally in New York and throughout the United States, in boiea; price 3a. audta. each. In proof of the superiority of this article, a counterfeit has appeared in the market, and probtbly more will follow !! Purchasers should themfore be on their guard to see that the "Mem Kun" has the Mgnature of Kabian Ot Co. on the wrappers, and government stamp. n!9 12t*r NEW YORK RIDING SCHOOL. NOS. 65 4-67 WATT STREET. paoiaTitro cataat. STBICT. Betireen Hudton and Grttwich itrfeti. MR. J. H MKRI AM takes this opportunity of returning his most grateful acknowledgments to those who hare I so handsomely patronised him from the first moment he was 1 identified with ths New York Riding School, and pledges j himself to endeavor, by the most unremitting attention to ' merit a continuance of tneir kindness. He would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he will reopen his r.rening < lasses, in connection witn in* u?y srnooi, lor tni t?n and glerniM riding, on Monday evening, the 2il of November. Application to he made at the Ointe, or School room. JAH. CODDINOTON, Proprietor. o24 lm'rrc DRAWING AND PAINTING. JR. WATERSTON, teacher of Drawing and Painting to' te Hushing Inatitnte, L. I., ha* still tome leisure time which he withes to fill op in giving Private Leuona, or in attending sehool*. Term* moderate, and may he learned by applying at IT! Canal street, or at T J. Crowen'* bookstore, corner Broad[ way and Bleeclier *treet. N. V o2T im*r I HE PIANO? SINGING -ITALIAN? ENGLISH. MRS. MORLEY, Pupil of the Celeb ted Crovilli and Sir George Smart, is prepared to give lesaona in Singing, in English, or Italmn^nd on the Piano Korte, at her residence, ' No. 50 LISPENARD street, or that of her pnpils, on reasonable term*. Mrs. M is also ready te tench schools in elaases, in the city or in the country. A musical accomplishment, connected with a refined education, is the snrest passport to society, in all its various attractions, and those who wish to avil themselves of snch advantages, shonld place tbemselveslnnder the tutelage of Mm Mnrlev. oM tm*rr I TO DAGUERRIAN ARTISTS. THE attention of artists it requested to the advertisers preparation of Bromine, the best accelerating liquid ever used for Photographing. Pictures taken with it have a rich white tone, and it works with certainty and quickness in all weather. JOHN ROACH, Optician, SI Nassau street. It can also be procured of T. C. Doane, Montreal, and of George Dexter, Albany. I N. B ?Artists will find always on hand,at 12 Nassau street, Voig'lander and American Instruments of all sizes. Plates of the Planished and Star brand, esses, chemicals, thermome. j te's. mercuty baths, costing hows, Itc. See. n!9 lm*rc PLUMBOTYFES. GOLD MEDAL AWARDED. THE Proprietor of the Plumbe National Dsguerrian Gallery, havrng discoveied a mode of transferring Daguerreotypes to paper, is uow prepared to execnte this new style of poitraiture at the rat* of 100 fac siraili* copies for ten dollars. The Plmnbe National Daguerrian Gallery, No. 231 Broadway. Plates, Cases, and stock of all deacriptions, at wholesale or retail .36 1m?e A. A. SAMANOS, IMPORTER OF TOBACCO dnO SKOARS, NO 94 BROADWAY, up stairs, offers for sale, on libsrnl terms, *9 bales 8t. Jago; 3 hhda H. Scraps; 2* esses Seed I.eaf; 3d cases Scaffaritttn: 1 case of Justus Smoking; 3 dog of Natehetoehes Snnff; SAd.MO of Havnnn Sugars; 1AM gro*s, Knetioo Matches, March It Backas' fabric. Also, a large assortment of Paper Sogers, various brands wholesale and retail. oil im*re Adcnoi tonoi. VfOBTUA^1 !^V'8r VA^AB^r'j'k.WtlLRy- j in ByHCifRTt. WILLAL D. tins dir. Nov. Ii. 1IU o'clock. at tile Halo Room, No i 1'iur at cel. catalogue tale > of gold and silver Levers,, mid Duplex Watchea, of the beat makera, guard and fob Chaius, Piu?, (iracelels, Card Caaea, kr . alto plated Castors. < uke Basketa, Girandoles, Clocka, and various other articles, ajeweller'a itock. Bale positive. and all articlaa warranted at on catalogue. iiK ll'r H. DUCLUZEAU Auctioneer. OIL PAINTING*?Cloaing *ale without reaeree, at No. Ml-Broadway?Tuttle aud Ducluzeau will tell on Tuesday, 24th iuat., at II o'clock, without referee, the balanceof the collection known aa "< lark'a Gallery " Thia tale will embrace many valuable origiuaU on ftretchera. auitable for connoiaaeuri, speculators and others Terma caah. <i2J 2t it* MA STORE TO LbT?The Store 1? Broadway, beyoTVtweeu Liberty and Courtlandl streets, west aide our of XitfLtbe liucat ttauda in the city, will be let until the lirat ot Aiay, wheu tlia building will be pullcddown. It will be rebuilt, and possession given iu sixty daya after. It will be rebuilt to suit the purposes of a good tenant Kew auch opportunities of an admirable location present themselves. The rent from uow till the 1st of May, very reasonable. u23 3t?c M KOR SALE?A farm ol tilty-two acres, moat defy?* lightfullv aitnated. about five miles from Elitaallk XJULtown, N. J , comprising a handsome commodious dwelling house, fitted with marble mantels aud every convenience for a respectable family ; the whole, iucludiug gar dener's house, barns, icehouse, and other buildings, in a substantial slate of repair ; the orchard coutaiua twenty acrei of choice fruit trees. Tne easy access from New York,either by the various cars from Jersey City or the lerry to Klixabethport. whence a ra I road train runs within a hundred yards of the huute, renders this property very valuable to those doing business iu thia city. The greater'part of the purchase money can remain for three years on bond and mortgage at five per rent VY8F. It SONS, 172 I'earl at. Also, for sale, a dwelling house in Washiugton street, nil liu'r HO A K IJ1 !N( f 55 KRfTH A N'Pb' HOIISK Not. 135, 137 and 133 Broadway. MTHK PROPRIETOR would nipecifgll' inform families and smile genlkuieu desiring Board for the winter iu comturtaMe quarters, with all the conveniences of a home, that he has a number of light and pleasaut apartments to let (furnished) at moderate prices. A choice or rooms mar he had by early application. o? lm*TTc OH LAN DO WISH. PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. C. E. CASTLE St EDWIN McCOllKKLL. the latter froul the Hoyal Academy of V V A Iff] Music, London, will give lessons on the . Piano Korte or Violin, at their residence, 72 Walker street, near Broadway, or that of their pupils upon very moderate terms, which can be made known by applying as above. nt lm*r MUSIC. i THE PIANO tag eh t on very moderate terms, by a Lady, who has a perfect know ITT^TI ledge of the science, and who undertakes to I sx I U teach it thoroughly with the greatest facility. Terms?Three dollars per mouth. IT7* Any lady wishing to receive instruction, will please address Music, at the Herald Office. o27 lmis*nc PREMIUM BOOTS OmiVIc .Vrdsl nnj/ .Vmnil ^ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $9 50, our own make. Wand warranted to give aaciafaction; fine French imperial Dress Boots for $4 50, equal to those usually told in Broadway for $fi or *7, at YOUNG fc JONES' fine French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable stores in this city. Oar boots received the highest praise in the lute Fair of the American Institute, for the 1 price, ever sold in this city. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters, kc made to order at * the thortestjnotice. Mending lie. done in the store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 Ann St. I nl lm?je PLUNKETT & PARDESSU8 V* HAVE REMOVED their Metropolitan Hat ami Cap l jpk Store to No. 123K Fnlton street, one door east of Nas| san street, where they will continue to sell articles, equal to ; those of any other establishment, at the following reduced rates Quality. Quality, 1st?Nutria Fur Hats... $3 50 1st?Moleakiu Hats.... $9 00 3d " " * ... 3 00 3d " " ... 3 50 1st?Cleth Caps 1 50 1st?Glazed Caps 1 00 '3d " 1 00 3d " 75 I 3d " 75 3d " 37J< All other articles at equally low prices. Jules Plunkett k Rene Pardessus respectfully request a ; continnation of the kind patronage with which: hey have | hitherto heen fsvored. n7 lm?rc i - ? - NOTICE?Steam Ship GREAT WESI 1 MlMlll I I II I I I sa t alt SMCT ,a,n,l any part of the United Kingdom of Ureal ^-s^Djli^lLS LIntain or Ireland, can obtain drafts of the subscriber to any amount, payable withi out discount which drafts can be forwarded by the above j steamship, which leaves New York on Thursday next, Nov. 26tb, on application to W. lit J. T. TAP8COTT, H2-Ii 86 Bonth street, 2d door below Burling Slip. I tjg- KOR LI VEKPOOL?Regular Packet of the' 6th j MrM^.December?The first class fast sailing packet ship jBBfiibASHBURTON, W H. Rowland, master, will sail as above, her regular day. i As regards the accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers in this well known vessel comment is I unnecessary Persons intendiug to embark should make i immediate application on board, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n2t 69 South, coruer of Pine at. i amah PASSAGE Tu"T*AKAT~BKA/TL?The superior I nflt?W first class, coppered and copper lasteued bark UN- ' ; JEmmtrn DINE, 8 K. Appleton, will be despatched lor tlie | above imrt about the first of October. Invalids, aud others, who desire to avail themselves of the ! healthful and agreeable climate of Para, will find the Undine aud her accommodations ef a charac er not to be surpassed. For particulars apply to JAMES BISHOP it CO., | n24 lOtis^rrc o U iberry street. | jf^g- KOH LOND IN?Regular Packet of the 1st DeMntYk cember? The first class fast sailing Packet Ship JBfiBbPHlNCE ALBERT, Captain Win Sebor, will | sail as above, her regular day.| The accommodations in thid splendid vessel for cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, are too well kuowtt to require | comment. Persons intending to embark, should make early application on board, foot of Maidni Lane or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, C9 South st., Corner of Pine. I The new Ship Robert Peel, D. Cliadwick, master, will sue ceed the Prince Albert, aud ?ail the I6tli Dec. niMrrc. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular PackKWWrt of 26th November.?The jiieudid, faat aniline jfjSHfapvrket ?hip KOSCIU8, Ana Eldridge, muter, will aai< m above, her regular day. The acrommodntioua in thin eplendid veaael for cabin. 2d cabin, and ateerage paaaengera, are too well anown to require comment. Peraona intending to embark ahould make early application on board, Toot or Wall aireet. or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n2t re 69 South at, car. Pine at. ae?- KOK LI VEKI'OOL?Tf:e New Line Line?tlegular Packet of 21at December?The auperior lut JBdlUnaailing packet ahip LIVERPOOL, 11M torn burthen, cap' John Eldridge, will aail at above, her regular day. Kor freight or paeiage, having elegant and auperior acceinmodationa apply to the captain on board, at weat aide of Burling slip, or to WOODHULL ?t MINTUIIN. ?7 South at. Trice of purage $75 The packet ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1250 tona PVJ tuaui . iniiur urum auu uaiTlfllim, compare!! ny H FREDERICK HOLLICK, M.D. This book should be in the hinds of every practitioner of the various methods of coring disease. The reputation of the author has only been augmented by the persecutions he has met with, and this book is an erideuee that he is as strong I and fearless as ever in the canse of truth. Fot sale wholesale and retail by the National publishing Company, 8outh-eait cor. of Fifth and Chestnut sts., Phila drlphia. Retail price 35 cents. The most liberal discount is made to the trade, on all books publrhed by the Company. nl? 'm*rc NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. Dlt.rROLLICK'S magnificent work on the Outlines of Physiology?Quartosize?Illustrated by a beautiful model on paper,dissected and colorored to the life. This model, on first view, presents the body of a man. By raising ihe front wall of the body, the intestines and vitals are discovered These are attain raised, and discover thedisI sected heart. The fsce cuticle is then removed, and the | brain and nervous system are presented to view, and finally, \ the whole being lilted, the back and spinal sections are ex| posed. I The whole plate is one of the most curious tilings ever ' conceived. The book is embellished with a Plumbeotype etching of the author. Published hy the NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPA Y. South-east corner 5th and Chestnut its., Philadelphia. Retail price $1 35. The most liberal diaeonnt made to the trade, on all books published by the National Publishing Company. nl9 lm*re "MEEN FUN." CHINESE SKIN POWDEK-This much admired addendum to the toilet. st>nds pre-eminent for restoring, beautifying and preserving the skin end completion, preventing all kinds of cutaneous disorders, dissipating tan, I freckles, pimples, spots and erntions The august patren| age cnuceded hy the several sovereigns rod courts of Europe, , the Supreme Court of India, and the numerous testimonials burthen, Capt. Philip Woodhonse, will succeed the Liverpool, ind sail on her regular day, 21st January, 1247. n2:i FOR NEW ORLKANm?Louisiana and New MXxV York Lice?Positively ihe first and only regular MmNs* Packet of Wednesday, 2jth inst The uetv last sailing Packet Bark MILTON, Capt. Weeks, is now loading, and will positively sail as above. Iter regular diy. ki For freight or passage apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to |E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 66 Houth-st. Positively no freight received on board after to-morrow 1 evening, 21th lust. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address Shippers wilt please sen i in their bills lading immediately. Packet Ship Oswego, Capt. Johnson, will succeed the Mil- I ton, and sail Dee. 6th, her regular day. n22 rh cwree- NEW LINE OF NEW YORK PACKETS FOR lJHMfy. L1VERPOOL?Packet of 26th of November.?The splendid, fast sailing and favorite packet ship KOsblUS, 1106 tons burthen, Captain Asa Kldridge, will siil on Thursday, Novemaer 26th, her regular day. The ships of this me being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the Old Country will not tail to see . the advanisges to be derived from selecting this line 111 prri fereuee to any ether, as their g eat capacity renders them everyway more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommodations for Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, it is well known, are superior to those of any.otneriline rackets. Persous'wi .hing to secure besah* ahonld not fail to make early application on beard, foot : of Wall street, or to W. k J. r TAP8COT I'. At their general Passage Office, n22 r 86 South street, 2d door, belew Burling slip. ONLY REGULAR LINK OF NEW OKs#?9y LEANS PACKETS?The ships to sail in TapjHHKsscott's Regular New Orleans Line, in their proper I order, are as follows, vit:? Packet ship MILTON, fofltof Wall street, Nov. 24th. Packet ship UNION, Capt, Ralhbone, foot ol Wall street, ; Nov. 27. I The ships of this line having now commenced their regular trips will sail every three atys. Persons about proceeding to New Orleans will find it much 1 to their advantage to select this Line in preference to trsn[ aient ships, as their punctuality in sailing may at all times be I depended on,and the price of passage is very reasonable.? For which, and o secure berths early, application should be made on board the several packets as above, or to W. K J. T. TArotl?TT, "> Sooth atreet, n22 aecond dcor below Burling Blip. XJKX~ TAPSCOTT'8 FOREIGN EXCHANGE AND mHWW EMIGRATION OFFICE.?Dmfu en England, Ireland, Scotland and Walei ? Peraona wiahing to remit money to any part of Great Britain or Ireland, can procore drafta ol the aubacribera payable at aight withont diacoiint. in all tin principal towna, aa followa t In England ?On Mrtara. J. Barned St' o., Lirerpool; National and I'rnv neial Bank of England and brauchea. In Ireland?National Bank of Ireland and branchea throaghont. lu Scotland?National Bank of Scotland and branchea throughout. Drafta can be forwarded by packet ahip Koacma on the 2fith inatant, ateam it ip Oieat Weatern on 26th, or Koyal Mail aleamahip from Boaton on lat proaimo. W. k J. T. TAI'SCOTT. 86 Sooth atreet, n2? aecond door weat ol Bnrting alip. ana- Kill I.ON DON ?Packet ofthe Mth November MJVV ?The auleudid faat nailing packet ahip CHRI8MUta TlANNA will aail aa above. fvThia anperior packet haa aery anperior acotnmodationi lor cabin, record cabin and ateerage paaaengera: her aecond rabin and ateernge being on deck, in rooma well lighted and yeolilated The accommodatio- a for thia claaa of paaaengera are anperior to thoae of moat of the other London packeta, and the p'ice of pannage reduced. For which, and to term* the beit bertha, immediate application ahonld be made on board, foot of Wall atreet, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, n22 86 South atreet, aecond door below Burling alip, , liktc WANTED?A good Ship or Bark, to load for M3^VNew Urleana. Apply to Brnmm E. K. COLLINS k CO , nl7 r 46 South atreet. I YACHT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR. SALL." fdg- The undcraigned, hating concluded to withdraw from " Yachting." offera for tale the well known SBCnachooner yaekt S'ORTHKRN LIGHT, TO tons bn rt hen The Northern Light ia moat anbatantially built of white oak, copper faatcned. coppered to the walea, and ia tery tho roughly fonnd in all reipeeta. There are 'wo atate rooma hating two bertha each, and eight open bertha (four of which are doable) in her after eabin, which, with eight bertha in her forward cabin, afford accommodatiooa for W paaaengera, being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for paaaengera, in onr Southern watrra. The qnalitiea of the Noitnern Light for Bailing, and aa a " aea boat," are too well known to reomre farther deecrip- j tion. For termt and other particulari apply to the inbacriher, at No. 14 South Market atreet. Boaton. W. r. WINCHESTER, or to DUMONT k HOSACK. oJt*w?rre 114 Wall ytreet. ~xAI?- Foil LI V KKFOOL?With Deaj a-eh-'l he tery MfflV faat nailing coppered and copper faitmed Ship JKltSb CONCORDIA, having three fonrtha of her cargo engaged, will hare deapatrh. For freight or paaaage, having handaome furniahed accommodation!. aaply to nJO ? K. COLLINS k CO, 54 Soeth-ai. rnmummmm i . " J J I 1 i J . .1 A?t'?iow!Birr*. PARK THKATXJS- -Tumli. Kmiki, N?f. UUi-adt atthi of MK8. CHARLES KEAN, MR. CHARLES KttAN and MR. GEO VANOiCNHOSr, Ou which occasion w;l> be performed Shakapeare's traced)' of KINQ JOHN?John, King of England, Mr. Charles Knn; Philip Kaulcoubridge, Mr Geo ge Vatidriihofl: Constance, Mr* Charles Ketn To coucludr with the fnmrjv of ADVI< E GRATIS? Oldbndy Mr. Biis: Ellen. M-m Kate Horn Door* open tt half-past ?i o'clock, ml (lie performance*, will commence at 7 o'clock Bunt $1, Pit V crnti; Hal-, lery *6 cents. BOWERY THXATHK?T*v*d*v f u nmi, Ni?. wii, will be )>erforined MAZEI rA-MawpN, Mr Or; Abder Khan, Booth; Count Premislnus, Clarke; /amila Mrs Sergeant. To be followed by the Legendary Drama of NICK OK TH.n WO'fDH?Roaring Ralph Huekpole. Mr De Bar; Bloody Nathan, Neatie, Roland Korrester, Clarke, Telir Doe, Mrs. Sergeant Precious to which BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?John Quill, Mr. De Bar; Beamy, Mrs Booth. Dress Circle 2J cents; Pit and Gallery 12X cents Door* open at t>K o'clock; curtain rise at 7. i'ALMO'3 THKATKi;. i On H'tdnttday Evening, A'ur. 'Hith, 181b, MH LOVER, (Author of" Handy A udy," " Rory O'More," 4tc.) will kit* ,. -?r,. I ...I " PJ1DDY BY IJISD Ji\l) SK~1," With Mirthful Anecdotes, ilie trash Metric*! Recitation of " The truh 1> ishermau," Mr. Lover'* original comic ?tory of" New Potatoes." anil liia owu songs. Adiniistiiii JO ceiiti. Ticket* to be had at the .Valor House and door* each evening. Door* utieu at half-post? ; performance to commence at 8. and conclude at 10. u2I 2trc li'CHELL'B oly.mph THEATRE.?Taesdjv eveninir. Nov'r 21?The entertainment* to commence with the coinedy of the RING DO V E8?Sir Harry Ringdove, Mr. Everard; Miss Lougclarkit. Mr*. Tiram. Af'er winch, the THREE OIKTS? King Bellifullou, Mr. Nickiuauo; Uueen Mr*. H. Uherwood. After which, the laree culled the CABINET QUESTION ?Tom t'oliah, Mr Hollnuil; Lucy, Miss Hoberts. To couclude with the farce of LEND ME hlVE 8HIL LINUS?Mr. (ioliglitly, Sir Holiaud. Uresa circle Ml cents; upper boies 25 cer.ta; pit On* shilling; private boie* $5. Orchestra boaea, $3. Doors open at hall peat ( o'clock: curtain riaea at 7. THEATRICAL NOTICE. I INTEND opening the Grekkwich Theatre on Monday ueit (or a short tune. Ladies and gentlemen desiring engagements may confer w ith the niidersignrd at the office ol said house on Wednesday and Thursday ne*t, between the hours of II and 3 o'clock. All letters must be post paid. The aiteiitiou of music an* is directed to the above. WILLIAM STAMMERS, n24 3tis*th Manager. BOWERY OI ROUS. Boies 25 cents Children half price. Pit I2W cents. FOURTH WEEK OK MR. KEMP, The giest English Clown, fiotn Astlry's, Loudon. TUESDAY EVENING, NOV. 24. MADAME CAMILLE GARDNER the greatest female erjnestrian in the United States. Mr Bnmell Runualls, Mr. Ritggles, Dan Gardner, and his educated dog Napolcou, Mr. Nison, and his 'aleiiteu children. ON THANKSGIVING DAY, there will be performances?Morning, Afternoon, and Evening?on which occasion Mr. KEMP will bring outauew English Pantomime. Sr. Carlo is also busily engaged in getting u|> a splendid ballet. iB lw** RAYMON'l) & WAKING'S'MENAGERIE LOCATED ON THE LATE SITE OK NIBLO'B GAR uc<n. TI11S extraordinary collection of Living Natural Cnrioei. tie*, will coutiuue oren daily from 10 A M. to 10 1'. M. ?. Mr. Tierce, the celebrated lion tamer,will give his interesting performance* ol hnrne**ina and driving a large Numidian Lion, conflict with a Brazilian Tiger, groupings with the trained animal*. Str., at II A. M., 4 and I^P. M. Admittance 25 cents?Children half price. n22 lw rrc THE ALHAMRA SALOON. 659 Broadway between Spring and Prince streets, In consequence of the brilliant audience* and triumphant success attending the unrivalled exhibition of the celebrated H E R 11 ALEXANDER, The Great Oriitinal German Magician, The management have at an enormous expeuse RE-ENGAGED HIM FOR SIX NIGHTS! THIS EVENING, and every evening during the week, lie will introduce,among an immense variety ol experiments in Natural Philosophy, Chemistay, Optics, Pheurnatics and Natural Magic, SEVERAL ENTIRELY NEW KEATS, ol the most extraordinary character, and NEVER BEFORE ATTEMPTED BY ANY MAGICIAN ! Full pellicular* in the programme. , Tickets to the Rotunda, 50 cents; to the Balcony, 25 ceuts? Children under 12 years ol age half price. Doors open at 6)4?commence at 7)4 o'clock. n23 I wr i ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bt'gTon Manager and Lessee. J. M. Scott Stage Manager. This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated iu the most gorgeous style, and is now the most beautiful Theatre iu the Union. MISS JULIA DEAN, In her celebrated characterof Julia, in the Hunchback. Last night but one of the rugageraeut of Mr. E.S. CONNER. THIS EVENING,, (Tnesday) Nov. 24, the play of THE HUNCHBACK. Mas'er Walter Mr J.M.Scott. Sir Thomas Clifford Mr. E. S Conner. Julia Mia* Julia Dean. Helen Mrs. Howard. Dancing by Mr. Bennie aud Miss Oceana. To coucludr with the LADY OF THE LYONS. Claude Meddleuot Mr. Burke. Polly Aune Miss Chapman. Wedresday' Mr. CONNER'S last night. FAiII AND FESTIVAL. THE LADIES OF the UNITED BRETHREN, or Vorsviau Church, will hold a Fair auri Festival in the Brooklyu Institute, corner of Washington and Concord street, on 1 h uiksg.viug Day, rfteruoou and evening, with a view of promoting their endenvors to erect a building for worship in ine i itv of Brooklyn. Persons friendly to their undertaking, and des<wus of obtaining tickets, may procure thein at Mr. WILDKK'S Bonk Store, No. 57 Fulton street. oVVositc Hick* street, end .it ihe door. n2i 2t?rh FHKE AMUSEMENTS EVERY NIOHT, st the MKLODEON 53 Biwery nearly opposite the IS"" erv Theatre. The |>lace has been tho. roughly reuov* e l and rultted, anil ia now one of the handsomest cuncert ronii in this city. The following well known peiforiners will hsve tl.e honor of appearing every rreuiug, Sundays eicepted : Mm De Mortimer. J. Kavauah. ! C. White. K. White, and Mr. H. Brandt, the accomplished pianist. The proprietor warrants to all those who will honor the Mr lode.m with their presence, to witness a pleasing perlorinance, and also receive every comfort aid accommodation that can be bestowed upon any assemblage. Free to all. 22 4ti??rrc W. B. PATCH, Proprietor BROWN'S EXHIBITION OF STATUARY. COMPOSED of O: igiual Works, i xeeuted in Italy, now open at llie rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard streets. Admission 23 cis. 1130 lw*r THE GREAT NATIONAL PICTURE or THE LANDINO OF COLUMBUS, PAINTED for the Capitol at Washington, by J. Vanderlyn, will be continued on exhibition lor a shnrt time longer, at the National Academy of Desigu, corn, r Broadway and Leonard street. Also, several admirable copies, by Mr. V., from the chef d'oeuvresoi the great masters. Titiau, Corregin, slid Kentbtandt, together with a splendid View of the Calaiact, Rapids, and scenery about Niagara Falls. Open froin 9 A M to 10 P.M. Season tickets 30 cents; single admission 23 cents. Descriptive pamphlets G)? cts. I?I7 linis*rc A NEW WORK BY SAMUEL LOVER, Author of "Ilandu Int.'y," "Iloru O'More," 4*c i 4"C" 'fHE publishers of Yankee Doodle nave great pleasure iii JL announcing that they have inide arraogemeut with Samuel Lover, Esq , for a series of American Sketches. writtan expressly lor Yankee Doodle, and entitled "Handy Audi's Post Bag," illustrated by Charles Martin The publication will he commenced on the 28 h inst., in the next number (VIII) of Yankee Doodle, and continued regularly thereafter. I Yankee Dood'e contains in each number ten pages of reading matter, and from twelve to sixteen illuxtratious by Chas. Martin ai d Hubert A Clarke. It is published every Saturday at 61? cents per number or S3 per annum, in advance. Those of the trade wishing to supply their customers with the new work by Mr. Lover, are urgently requested to send in their orders immediate!'. Persons desirous of subscribing for the work by mail, may remit at our risk. All orders and letters must be addressed to W. H. GRAHAM, n23 3t?ic 160 Nassau st. ~ STKAW.BOARDScpEN TUN S Straw Boards, superior quality, lust receivs jl ud tor mis by iriciLHaK a jbmuuks, * 1 ?4 aarfr Naui? ? FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. M8THAYED away from the anhacriber, tliia day, a better Dog, Black anil White Hpotted, imweri to the name of Bluff. The above reward will be paid livery at 23 Clinton Place. "24 2t?rrc DR. KELLlNGfctv'd . INFALLIBI.K LINIMENT ia warranted to (?M|^"Tir' aorea and nicer* of every nature in a few ^3^?judaya. It acta like magic in removing rheuinamm. and all Diner I>aina. One or two dote* ia aa certain to relieve biliout cholie, diarrhoea, he. aa it ia taken. It it perfectly delightful in itt odor and ffavor.?Jt la ntnvertally acknowledged to he the beat fimily medicine ever offered to the pabllc.? Price JO cent* per bottle. Hold at 90 John a'reet; corner Bowery and Broome; Id ataenne aud Itlth at; Jeffriee't drng atore; Dr. Bnriett'a, Doyer and Chatham. and at the H. K. office. City Hall, nltlm'rc ~ LONG HREEU CANARIES. *$5^ THE Celebrated atoek of W. S. Broddway, will be offered tor tale at No J John atreet. Bird kanciere jHt are invited to call and tea them. They are admitted *- to be the beat in the United Htatea A Chineae Lark in anng, with the nana) variety of rare and valnable mrdi ? Cagca, Seeda, lie., for aade by A. ORIKVK, o2J im*re No. 5 John atreet, N. V. REMITTANCES TO IRE1*AND, kcT jm rn tit M (Je.OHOE Mr UK) I>K, Jr., haa removed hit offireao No. 40 Broadway, and contiunea to remit money, in tenia large or peraona reaiding in any |>art of Ireland, in the tame manner aa he and hit predeceaaor in bnameia have dour fur the laat thirty year* and more; alao to any part of England or Hen land. Money remitted by letter, poat-paid. to the anhtcriber, or peraonally deposited with him, with the name of the peraou or peraona in Ireland, England, or Hrotland, to whom it ia 11 be tent^ and nearaat poat town, will be immediately tranimit ted AIM I'llU acrorainmyar;n * rrrrij?i iv mn mrci given or forwnrded to the seuder. m24 lm*r ULASUUW AMD NEW V UKK LINE Ol~ PACKETS. PJBv ?& itfv KKSONS wiahing to tend for tneiMrienda in any part of Scotland, to nil direct from Glasgow, can itiikr arrangemenu with the Subacrihera, to hare them brought out in any of the regular line of Par.keti, tailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLKY, Captain Scott, ADAM CARH, Captain McKweu, ^ BKOOKlll V Pt'i'' Hawking, Comprtae the above linn,and tha high character of thoae veatela should be anfficient indncement for pe. ,-ona who may be aending for their frienda in Scotland, to make arrangements for thia (the only line.) Farther particalara given, on application to W. k J T TAPSCOTT, 75 South a treat, comer of Maiden Cane, or Meaara. fclKID k MURRAY, Agrnu tlf | in OUftCOW. AAA- KOH N k.VV OKI.KANS?l.omai u > and Net. tfSffW York ?Regular Packet for ? edne.dav .Vir. ABL ?V?The splendid faat tailing packet ihip OMWK(WV Johnson, maater. will poeitiraly tail aa abore. her regit" n? freight or paeaagc. having handsome moAationa, apply on ^dfJt ^LLlNS k tfe^' '? ' Agent for New Orleans, James K. Woodruff, who will ^.^TXl.liA^lLl^w*fl|r.?cMd the Oaweg>. all j ' LATEST INTELLIGENCE TELEGRAPHIC. Kipldtliin?Siunii South. Hai.ti.w jif, Nov. ?1?10 P. M Beaty's Powder Mill*, eight miles Irom the city, exploded tins morning. Fire men "/ere blown to atoms- It is stated that no less than two tons of gunpowder were in the building, allot" I which exploded almost simultaneously. The concussion was tremendous. The whole surrounding country and the city ot Baltimore were violently shaken, as if by an earthquake Furniture and earthen and china ware rattled m every dwelling. The high wind of to-day has delayed the Southern mail. We have u despatch from Washington reporting that the steamboat having the mad an board, is aground in the Potomac, the gule having driven the water out of the river. No mail Irlt Washington this morning lot tin* South, owing to the low stage of the water and the gale. Nothing of importance in the Western I mail. BT THE MAILS. Washington, Nov. 'JO, 1846. Extension'.?Extension !-Extension'. ? The A'rw Rroeremite Democracy Battle Cry?R. J. Walker and other great men?Destiny? Prophecies and Eloquence. Our sources of information are undeniable They are various, and all corroborative. The Richelieu of Presi dent Polk?the master-mind of the " annexation adminie tration," has projected a political campaign, which, ii well fought with zeal, vigor, and unity, (n'd? father Ritchie passion,) will not fail to overthrow their enemies The crusado of Peter the Hermit, was a small potato bu aiuess in comparison .vith lLo giorious undertakings now in contemplation?uty, resolved on by the Kxecutive Sanhcdr'm of Colonel l'olk. Tho Secretary of the Trea sury we know has declared that theie will he but two great questions involved in the next struggle for the Pre sidency, and ho has announced them in advance. First, ia the upholding of the Walker turitf bill of 1846, without modification ; and tho second, the great American doctrine?the progressive democratic doctrine of " extension." I will givu you ere long some hints on the tatirt question. A few words will now suffice as to 11 eaten ion." It is a groat?a mighty?a grand?a magnificent conception. Its illustrious uutlior is confident it will stifle and extinguish all the other piddling disputes of the American people?abolitionism? -anti-rentism?internal improvements?harbor bills, all will sink into insignificance, and be forgotten in the consideration of this bold, and iudeed, sublime policy. Annexation, it is said, carried the election of 1844. "extension," is a second edition of tho same groat American polipy. revised and corrected, enlarged and improved. On the banners of the standard-bearers of the progressive democracy ia '48, will be emblazoned in letters of fire, "go a-hoad," "keep what you get, und get all you can." Extension, extension, extension?enlarge the area of freedom. Ho ! for Panama ! High '. for Cuba! Huzza for the Canadus, Nova Scetia und New liiun*wick included '. Do vou doubt this 1 Let ine tell vnit if wsva* An irAii arn hellind till) Dirn Tho Itlno.l nf ?!,.> ;vu it uw / vu aiv .?v ?Bw. ? ..w w.vvu vi IUC progressive democracy ii up. The lien-spirit of our Maxou forefathers is aroused. Onward, onward?Extend, extend, are the watchwords und countersigns. Have we not magnetic telegraphs, steamboats, railioads, and gunpowder made by soaking cotton in "hell-broth," Who can stop us'. Who will stop us 7 Who dare try it 7 Wo, wo, to St. Oeorge if he lifts a linger towards interference in our south-western extensions. If lie dare, we must wait till we have finished them before he shall yit^ld his northern colonies on this continent, and Jamaica and the Bahamas, to Brother Jonathan. Dare Louis Philippe venture, in his old age, to intermeddle, and leave a bloody w ar for his successor, whoever he may be, to did, with the most powerful people on earth? None of them will seek to impede the consummation of our " manifest destiny." The puny squoakings of the small beer politioal quacks in V'ankee1 doodle-dom won't be heard. Wo have already got Oregon up to 49, Alta-California, Chihuahua, New Mexico. New Leon, and Tamaulipas. It is true we have not got up to 84 40 in Oregon?we have not Alvarado, nor New Mexico, nor VeraCruz, nor San Juan de Ulloa, nor To| basco, nor Tuspan, nor Tampico. Wait awhile with patience. All things are not done in a day. Wo shall get them all, and more too. Remember my prophecy in three years we shall have them, end with them Zs.catecas, Ouanaxuato, Popocatepetl, Huasacubaco, Telcuco, Pazcuasco, Timpanugos and Zumpaugo. and then the extension must be commenced in the Hlatt end North, and iu the West Indies. Our banner is that of liberatois. Wo go to establish free government?to put down monarchy and anarchy, and other " chy" opposed to the welfare of the masses Our piinciples art- utilitarian? " we go for the greatest good of the biggest many,' as the stump orator in Tennessee said. It is to establish the glorious principles of the progressive democracy that we rally, ceo the glorious stripes and stars'. How proudlv will they glisten in the Mb, when floating o'er the halls of the Montazumas! The eagle of America in roaring prnuuiy nun. yy no snail cueca ill" nigni ' His o'ersbadowing wings shall extend over the broad area of the continent, and with all it* appurtenances. Remember this Uonialvo ! In a quarter of a century Brother Jonathan will have kicked every vestige of Kuropean rule oft' of those aforesaid premises, and turned all the yellow bellied Mexicans into good Yankees. Your cold bloeded political theorists and calculators, like Calhoun, and ("lay, and Webster, and McLar.e, and Buchanan, and Wright, and all that sort of second late, behind the age people, mere talkers, may r.amble and growl?they may go to cyphering about tne expense, nut it wont do " D?n the expense !" " We go for principles," say the l'rogressives. " We go for the rights of man." " Hurrah for Kxtension and Bobby Walker." " Hurrah for the Union and Father Ritchie." Hurrah for the stone President Polk threw from the top of the Rocky mountains ! Ho ! Anti-Renters. You shall have land now just as much as you will take without paying rent, or anything else. Ho ! You who ,are in dent, and you who are in such bad credit that you cannot get into debt. "Ho ! all you who have been turned out, and all who c?nnot turn iuto office*. Now is your time. Kxtend! Kxtend ! Kxtend!" Thi* will enable you all to be satisfied, contented and happy. It is the political philosopher'* stone that will iurniah inexhaustible wealth, and continual dejuvencsrence to the progressive Democracy ! The principle never can die. The policy never can become extinct. The opposition oi those who deprecate this mighty people becoming a great military republic, will not lie heard?it will be drowned in the rheeiing shout* of " Extension!" " kxten?ion!" " Hxtcnsion!" Thi* It the true meaning of" E Pluribui UnumOne olmany may he said of each one of our " extcnaiona." All hail the banner of liberty?about, freeman shout. Muiic there ?strike up llail Columbia, President's ijuick Step, Star Spangled Banner, Yankee-doodle-doo Yaiikee-d^oleDandy, and now now play " The kxtension Grand March." How magnificent! Landlord, bring out your whiskey ; rce how the small potatoe po'jticians are sneakiuir oil' behind the crowd. Ah ! mv '.ads. van mav hang up your fiddle*. The age of chivalry is come. "KxtoTisiou' Kxtension! Kxtension !" " Land and Liberty," are now the soul stirring war erica. Bobby Walker will mak" all these people walk Spanish, or he will walk over them. " The Secretary stands alone." Krect in hi* greatnei t?what care* he lor the Presidency? But he will yet hi President It is so written in the book of fate by Father Ritchie, and will happen, despite the efforts of his many enemies. If he should decline the burI then, liis horseman, the fearless Dallas, will be. This ia written in the book of fate also. It is one of the chapters in the Chronicles of the Rise and Progress of the Glorious docrine of " Kxtension." The destiny of this people can be foretold. This is an eventful era. Mawkish, commonplace, sentimental, fastidious, shilly-shally political theorist* and quacks, era out of place. A new race ia about to take the field. The Vanken Alexander, Caesars and Napoleons, are now to come forth on the stage of action. " Kxtension " Kxtension Kxtension !" is now and hereafter the shibboleth to power and distinction. He who opposes it, ia a doomed and defeated man. -4 Yours, alarmingly, " Old Poins." Wiihikitos, Nov. 33,1846. The Executive Church? The Preaching of the Rev. Mr. Sprole, the Patter of the jldminietration?The Punctuality of attendance of [the Executive Jloutehold ? Nothing taid of the Mexican War, which it the reaion why we have tomethmg further to tay upon the euhject in defence of the Jldminietration?ji few explanatory remarki upon the fan Sett Case, believed to he nerettary to a fair underetanding why public opinion here it in favor of Mre. Connor. The day haa been unsettled and gloomy, and winds up witn a stout nortnwester. *rn? Kev .>ir. nproie preached ua a strong and brilliant sermon to-day on tbn resurrection. The President and the ladies of his fami. , ly, as usual, were there, among the most attentive of the congregation. Rain or shine the Executive family is always represented at the morning or afternoon service, frequently at both, at the Second Tresbyterian Church. Mr. Sprole, in his very comprehensive opening prayer, somehow or other missed the Mexican war. Perhaps he thought it was in safe hands, and would be well taken care of, without any special appeal to the Supreme Arbiter of Nations Perhaps he knew the President waa bothered enough during the week with hia Secretaries Mercy and Mason, and Walker, regarding the volunteers, and the outfit, and tho baggage wagona, and the prisoners, and all the little incidental expense* of the army of occupation, and its deeimetiona and its re intorrements, and that, therefore, it was the part of benevolent forbearance to let the chief magiatrate have a little repose on the Sabbath. We approve the paator'a judieiou* consideration. Af' ter all, it is not a matter of much importance, perhapa, how long this mutual work of butchary between (Jen. Taylor's force and the Mexican* should continue. Whst if a thousand men are slaughtered in the capture of * single town?does not the general increase ef population all over tho world, cell for some summary process in order to reduce the consumeis to the aggregate pro duction of bread 1 It is a self-evident fact that consumers are increasing beyond the increase of supplies. Our country, too, is filling up at an unparallelad rate. In addition to tho innumerable home contributions to the population, Europe is teeming her surplus ef starvation upon our shorns. And this brings us to the justice of this war. Wo shall want elbow room; and ib >n acquiring new territories equal in extant to the hsqf of Europe, It does cost a few thousand men, it will oSly prepare a vacuum for tho ultimate accommodation of ax many millions. Th# Rev. M. Sprole may then, perhaps, think as we | do, that," the existing war with Mexico" may be a p g?

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