Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1846 Page 3
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won fueh utiivertal praira for IU admirable performance* that we need only ray that tnay will be aa goed at uaual, and the band the an me. Mr. George Loder con* du :U the conceit Havai Hi.aa ?Thi< artiit giro* a concert in Philadel* phi* on Friday evening next, lie will be asaiated by Ed' ward Walker, a diitingu'ahed pianiet; Signora Pico, Wri. Walker, Thornbecke. Meienen, and other*. The over, tare to Semirami* will be played on eight pianoa by aix teen pianiati. Poikrt end Penkul vra, Melaaora, Nallfllea, kc ?A beautilul aaiortmeul of the above ran be seen at the abtcibe No 177 Broadway, conintirg of the moat plandid aud u iique pattern* ever imported 10 ihit country. O. SAUNDERS k SUN. a few doora above Louitlandt aueet. To tlioee who atudy Eronoiiiy, combined with elegance, convenience and utility, the aubaeribera offer their Portable Shaving and Dreaaiug Cirri, e? the noil complete cl the kind ever offered to the public. They poaseu all the went! of the imported article, with theaa auperior adyantaMCI. Leiflff rlt?nli?r m..i- Bn.l tk. .rf.i-na r/uit*ini?l iii iIkdi wsrrsiitrd to perform their duties; and last,though not Unit rich bring Airmailed with the subscribers celebrstsd Msullis Tablet. O. SAUNDERS k SON. lew door* above (Jourllendt II., 177 Brosdwn. WI(i?To tlions persons that are so unforTinate ai lo be bdd,we would lecorameued to call and esamine ibe la'gest and Beat aaaorimeut ofW iga and Toupees in theritr. For lightness and beruiy ol finiab, we know of nothing iha: can an well supply the place ol the natural hair at the wiga manufactured uv GILBERT It FLEITHEH, ITacticalrfairCutters, and Wig Makers. No. 179 BROADWAV . up stsirs op| usirr the Howard Hotel. Navigation of tits Ohio HJver. Placet Tint Slate of Ritw Cincinnati . Not. It 10 ft., and riling. Wt reling . .Nor. 24... ..II it. and falling. Ptltaliurc Not. 20 Bfl. 3 in. rising Louisville Not. 94 ..... 0 font and rising. MONEY MAgKBT Holiday, Nov. TO?O P. BlThe market continue! to bo abundantly cupplied with rapital, and the demand from, all quarters U ealtly supplied. The hunke discount liberally, and the rate of iatereat in the street is confined, to the legal standard Stocks are eery heavy, and it appears to be impossible to susta.n prices, even for tbose of a raslly solid character. As for the fancies, there it no dijpth that they may not leach. From present sppsararices there is every probability of several ol them goir.g completely out of sight The telea at tha beards thig morning were unusually 11' mitad. Norwich and Wore eater fell off at the first board 2*m Dftr P?nt and lUpUm iv * **-- J 1 J M? ... i Ai iuv ivcoiiu uubiu iiw wich inJ WgrMttai ' Jruccd 1 per cant, making the dee) in* lor the dt.y }'% p?r cant from Saturday'* price*. Sterling ea'b an*;* ha* not baan in Tory active demand ^^^*ahia packe (i and the supply of bill* pressing upon the ^^Wtkat ha* daprassod tha rata*. Prim* bills on London ^M^-% quota - 4 rutS per coat premium. Soma Tery good Vime* b- otftrti at 6*?' per cant preminm. <"he diipment* of prodnca continue vary largo, and it is wit A the greatest difficulty vasaals can be abtainad to c,rT y forward supplie* as fsst a* thay ara offered. While 11 a value of our siports is increasing ao rapidly, tha im /ortstions continue vary light Our largest packet > hips ara arriving with vary limited freight lists, and the pro bability is that thar* will ba no importations of any con sequence until the fpring traJa is about opening. Ttui is the Ustday of the old tariff, Tha act of 184] is dead. Tha aivaloraai tariff goes into operation to morrow morning,and thar* will ba the greatest activity in th? custom hous* for soma days. The amount received for toll* on all the New York S ate f inal* during the third weak in November, 1846, compared with that received in tha corresponding weak in 184) is as follows New Yean Ststr CartaLS?Tolls Rkckivcd. Receipts for third week in Nov., 1846 $107,111 93 Same period in 184) 1)0,401 37 Decrease $3 jyO 14 The aggregate amount racelved for talis, from the commencement of navigation to tha 9Jd iustant, $9,739,600 During the umt period in 1446 2,620,53:1 Increase $112,063 The amount received for toll* this y ear to the 22d inat, inclusive, exceed* the entire receipts during canal nari gation i n 1846 by the *um of $36,419 The buiine** on the Canal at Buffalo this year, from the opening to the cloce of navigation, compared with last, fat* been as annexed Canai. Business st Buffalo?Sii irMr.*Ts East. 1*46 1346. #1001.1161* 724 869 1,218.819 "Wheat, bushels 1,161,700 3,41)7 397 Cera, do 33.099 1,119.689 The great and unparalleled increase in the shipment* f corn, show the wisdom and policy of tho reduction of toll* which was made upon this article by the Canal Board, at it* session last winter. The tolls received at hd Buffalo office in 1845, amounted to $484,988, and in 1316 to $763,127, showing an increase at that point this year, of (278,127. The number of clearances in 1345 was 6,373, and in 1446,8,107?showing an increase of 1.782. We annex our usual tahla of quotations for the prinoi ** pal State and other stocks used far investment s? rnicES or STecas in the New Yobs Mabbet. Htdftm- 1*4*. 1848. 1846. Ila-.e. ablt. Sept. 38. Oct. 14. Nov M. Uaited States 6 18(8 |W> *106)6 1M a? 107 a ? J 1853 96 I 9T 96 a 99 98 1 87* New York, 7 1949-49 101)4.101 1*2 *101)4 191 sift! " 4 ltjfl-54-60 104 *106 ? a - 1*1 *146 6 1S61-62-67 10tX*IO>.)4 106 *104)4 1*5 *106)4 " 5)4 1860-61-46 99^*101 ? * ? 1*0 *108 " 6 1846-7-8-9 ? ? ? ? t ? 97*98 " 3 1860-1-8 86 a 87)4 91 S ? 97 a 98 ;; ? it >.v-t tlu _ . _ r a ? j not fit i i*s? nS ? ? Mhi wu ?w. " *H 043-30 34 . 95 - . - *2. r* Ohio, C UH Mlfa 94 -a- - a9?K ; "-?? "*? w u**? M ??i2 ? 5 ?j??j ? - n iu . J' J !? 1? 99X?IM Kentaeky, 0 lto _ 1H alOl n^i t?\ m 5 77 a M Wall Ma ? niiaon, (in 33 a ? 33 a M Mfca? Indiana, J 35 retro II a 33 U*a V% tt a 33* Arkaaaai, ? ill - a- 34 a 33 Alabama, ? , __a? a _ 5 sou. llK - a- UH* C? renBiTliania.i MVa 07 07 a 07^ ? a Mb Tenneaaee, 6 ? 97W 99 ? a ? M alOO N.York City,7 1IS7 1M .no ? a- lot alOOK 7 |?0 lO(kai07H ? a- l03Kal04 9 IttO 93ka 01 04 a ? 01 a 04 N 9 J*5*"79 04?. 04X 04 a 05 01 a 01 Bk Cam eN.Y fall 91 a 93H 03 a 04 Ma Hk . , '"*> 04 a 05 04 a 05 03 a 04 N. T. Life Ina. fc Truat Co. 100 alio 100 a ? IM alio frWr 1 ?'* ??* "V*9* MHa 15 K a OlxoLifa Ji. kTruat Co. 94 2a 95 04 a - 09 a iltuk of u. o. in r?nntyl^ 3?i 4 3k? 4 1U? flc Beitcn k Proriilence ItaiPd 100 alM 100 alOl ?' .100* 2 Tartar ft. R k Trana. Co Ml alOl 101 a - lot a Mohawk\k. iludhi Railroad. 50Ha 31 51 a 5IH 3l*a 31 Cnea k Schenectady Rail a 113 alU 113 a? 113 allll* Ryracuie k Ctica Railroad. lOOJtfallO IOI alOO 1101^*111 Auburn k Syraonae Railr'd, 100 alM 100 a ? 101 a!03 Auburn k Rncheater R. R., 00 a 00 M alM |0n a ? Reading Railroad, 04*. 03 04*a - OtXa 03 elawaru k Hadaen Canal, 151 a ? 145 a 134 ? a ? Reading Railroad Bouda, 71 a 7lK 71 a 71* 73 a ? Reading Railroad Mto Bda., 71*. 73 73 a ? 7S*a 73* Quotation! for thete lecuritiea remain about tka tamo at reported by the laat tteaaer. There it very little activity in nay ot them, and we do not anti. cipatn any movement of consequence until ion*thing mora i? known in relation to the oenrae which will be purraed in Congress in regard to oar foreign &ffkirs and the national flnancee. Within the next month>everal vary important matter* will transpire affecting commereial and financial affair* very material, ly. The Arit i* the enforcement of the new tariff; the ?econJ, the enforcement of the ipooie provision* of the Independent Treasury bill, beaidea what Congreea may do in relation to the raising of loans to meet the war ea pense* of the government. All these things have their influence upon business and financial matters generally, and until they are disposed of, there will be a very unsettled state ef things. The Governor of Missouri, in his message to the Legislature of that State, makes tha fellow lag remarks in relation to the finances ef that 8tata :? " Of the seventy five thousand dollar loan, authorised by an act of the last Legislature, to meet an estimated deficiency in the revenue for the last two years, thirty thousand dollars were procured?twenty from the brancu of the bank at Jackson, and fifteen from the branch at Palmyra?the mother bank and other branches refusing to lean any sum- being forty thousand dollars lass than tha act authorised tha executiva to borrow. The bonds fni these sums have been renewed, end other renewals will be necessary, unless mesne are provided to pay tbem oft' - The revenue from taxes for the last two years amounted to fi.tin 7AS 60. The ordinary expanse* of the btate government for the same period?including the expense of holding the State Convention, about flfi.fiOfi?amounted to $-147,374 78. This shows an ordinary revenua 1ahovp ordinary exnenaee of $88,478 81. The bonui and dividenda from the bank, lor the tame period, ware (19.817 37; and the mtareat upon the State bonda outstanding, not including 86,000 dollar! duo the Jackaon and Palmyra branchea, amounted to 143,000 dol lari. for the aame period. Thia makea an excess of intorait on State bonda over the income from the bank to the State of $118,18-1 78. Tbe ordinary receipt! and expenditurea for the next two yeara.and the income from the Bank, and the internet upon tbe State bonds for the aame period, may not vary far from the atatamedta for the laat two yeara. If not, the exceaa of ordinary revenue added to the income from the Bank, will fall to meet the intereat upon the State bonda.for the next two yeara, by $-18,703 91. To mart thia aum, it will be nacasary to provide for a lermnnrnt increase of the revenue In addition to thia turn lb? bank claima from the State $85,000, the moat of win' li ia intereat paid upon the bonda aold to raiae capi1 el f>r the bank;and the hinncnea at Jackaon and Palmyla hold the bonda of the State for $35,000, aa above atetad making in all. a debt of $130 000, for the p*,y n-ent ?f which proviaioa ahould be made. Only 'btee homla of one thousand d dhra each, wrra aoM under the act of the laat loRiila'tno. ati t riming a aale of bonda bearing a rate of Intereat not *c?eding eight per cent for the redemption of the ten per cent bonda. redeemable in I'<40. and after. With the proceed* of these bonda, aix live hundred dollar ten p-'r oent bnnde were redeemed. No other Bonda wee >eld heoante no offers were made to take the n, * ich were then deemed reaaon ibla; and be$ it ?ai believed at that lima that the new conatitu I ' | Hon would be adopted, ana that it would ba advisable to invest a portion of tha achoul fund craated undar that instrument, in tha redemption of theaa State bond*. Tha act authorising tha aala of tha band* waa alao deemed defective, in not providing a place for the redemption as wall ae tha payment of the bonds. Since tha rejection of tha new constitution, however, tha whole amont of tha bonds issued undar the act ot the last legislature, has bean offered for sale ss eight par cents , at par; and, judging fi om the corresiwndence with the bondholders, the probability is, that the tens now redeemable wi'l be sac hanged for eights, except a small amount which should be at once redeemed." Unices immediate meaiuresare taken to provide for the deficiency in the revenue alluded to, the State Tree tury will become so embarrassed id its operations, that it will be in the greatest danger of delinquency ; la fact, euch a result has already been partially realised The taxable real estate in the city of Mobile is valued at $7,000 000 The rate of tax is forty oents, which pro luces $3S,000 annually. The city debt is $73-4,377 M, and the annual interest $36,313 SW. The tnnual taxes are set apart to meet this interest, and an annual appropriation of $10,000 to create a sinking fund for Ibe payment of the principal. There is, then, a deficit of reve. nue to meet the interest, of $8 313 83, and of tha interest and sinking fund together, of $18,313 83. The mayor of the city, in making thia financial exhibit, recommends the sale of city property, so aa. to reduce tha debt so much that there will be more revenue than will ba needed to pay the reduced amount of interetL I >1*1 Bloob Kw?k??a. $.000 Ohioda. I860 93 ICO aha Harlem BR 50V :00 ?h? Morrla Canal 3% 100 do b30 31 30 Canton Co *7 300 do a 30 30% 130 L laland RR 33V a 130 do 30% ; 73 Norte Wor RK 31 100 do >60 30% 1 100 do 30% 30 Readiug KR Km 63 300 do 309k Second Board. > 100 ahj Nor Ic Wor RK 52% loo aha Nor It Wor aiOds 31V I 100 do 33 50 Reading Hit (] 30 do bl3 33 23 do 63 100 do b 13 33 30 Harlow RR 30V i 73 do OK MX i0 do >30 30% 23 do bio 51% 200 do >60 30'! 23 do 31V 30 do 30% 230 do 51% 150 do bio 30% j IM do 51* 30 do 30% Sow Stock Exchange. | 25 aha Nor It Wor c 51% 25 alia Nor It Wor Tuea 30V it do c 31% 30 Harlem RR c 50% 100 do c 51 50 do ity 50% 200 d > e 30% 30 do a3 54 % 100 do 1)5 50% 100 do c 30% 50 do tw 50% 30 do *3 30% do c 30% 30 Reading RR atw *3 50 do ity 50% Bled, On Monday morning. 30th ult, after a lingering illneia, ELianoa RartLTBa, wife of C.J. Oe Valcourt, in the 4!?th year of her age. lhe friends of the family and of her brother, Cornelius Schenck, are invited to attend the funeral, from har late reaidence, No. 301 Walker atreet, on Wedneaday afternoon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. 2 On Monday, 30th ult.. of nervous fever, William Cox, junr., in the 33d year of hii age. Hia frienda and those of the family, and alao thoae of his brother-in law, Thomas J. Duukin, are respectfully requested to attend his funeral, from 110 Fourth avenue, corner at' 33th street, on Wednesday, the 'Id inst , at hallpast 3 o'clock. 3 Drowned, on the :16th ult , at West Point, N Y., musician William Reed, a member of the West Toint Ba <1 having at the time on his Hndresx uniform, being blue trimmed with red ; height, 6 feet 10 inches. Any information respecting his remains will be thankfully received by his wife at West Point, or at No. 616 Pearl street. Weekly Report of Deaths. la the City sad Conuty of New Yo'k from the 31st day of November to the 33th day of November, 1846. Men 31; Women 38; Boys 45; Girls 33. Total 119 diseases. Apnnlex". 3; Asthma, 3; bleeding from lungs, 1; Burred or Scalded, I; Bronchitis, I; Cancer, 3; Casualties, 1; Consumption, 37; Convulsions, ! ; Croup, 6; Debility, 4^ Delirium tremeus, 1; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, 4; Dropsy in the head 3; Dropsy iu the cheat, I; D owned, i; Dysentery, 3; Epilepsy, 2; Erysipelas. 1; Exposure, 1; Fever, 3; Fever, purrperM, 3; Fever, remittent, 3; Fever, scarlet, 5; Fever, typhoid, 3; bever, typhus, 6; bever, gastric, 1; Heart, disease of, 6; H .oping Cough, I; Inflammation 3; Inflammation of brain, 3; Inflammation of bowels, 9; Inflammation of lungi, 8; Inflammation of atomach, I; inflammation ol throat, 1; Jaundice, I; Malforma'isn, 3; Marasmus, 4; Mollification, 1; Old age, 1; Palsy, I: Premature birth, 3; Sprue, 1; Suffocation, 1; Tetanus, 1; Tumor, 1; Unknown, 3. ps Are?Under one year, 34; I to 3 years, 9; 3 to 5,17; 5 to 104't 10 to 20.9; 3D to 30, 17; 30 to 40. 30 ; 40 to 50,14; 50 to 60, 8; 60 to 71, 1 70 to 80, 4; 80 to 90, 4; unknown, 4. (.'OHM'S, d. ARCHER, City Inspector, City Inspector's Office, Nov. 30, 1846. TOST OFFICE, ) CITV" OF NEW YORR, Nov. 3fl, 1846. 5 BY the authority or the Poalinnater Uener-I, the United Statea City Deapatch Poat la diacontinued. KOB'f H. MORRIS, P. M. NOTICE. POST OFFICE?CITY DESPATCH. 'HHE aubacriber. with the aaaiatance of thoae who were A heretofore engaged with him in conducting the United Statea City Deapatcn, h.aa eatahliahed on hia private account a " City Deapatch Teat," under the uame of the " Poat Office City Deapatch." '1 he principal office of the " Poat Office City Deapatch" ia located on the corner of Liberty and Naasau aireeta, oppoaire the Poat Office Luter boxea marked " Poat Office City Deapatch," aie placed iu convenient aituatinna throughout tne city, eatending from the,Battery to 42d atreet. All letten therein depnaited will be put-ctaallv called for tliree timea each day,Suudaya excepted, option being griven either to free the I ettera in the manner preacribed in the annexed regulation, or to leave the poatage to be collected from the party to whom it ia aidreaaed. In anuouiicing to the public the organization of thia Poat Offir^ City Deapatch, ao ueeeaaary and important to the convenience and buameia tacilitiea of the city, he reapectfully aoliciti their patronage and aupport; and aeeurea them that no exert'oua ahnll be apared, no effort omitted, to promptly deliver all lettera, circulara and noticea that may be entreated to him ' Theauhcriber refera to the annexed copy of a letter of Hubert Morria, Eaq. Puatinnater, for hia opinion of the capacity rnud iiiteeritv of the neraona connected with him ia the buainrs*. A. R. MEAD HcnuLATion* ? Delivery at the Principal Office?Letera depot i tad before. Will be aeal our for delive ry 1% o'alnck A.M. at o'clock A M. 1214 do M. 1 do P. M. >X do P.M. 4 do do. At tbe Btationa. Lettera dei oaited befnre Will be aeot oat for delivery 7 o'clock A. M. at ? o'clock A. M. 11 do do 1 do P M. 2 do P. M. 4 do do Peraona deairona to aend lettera free, ran procure free atampa at the Principal Office, or at eilher of the btationa, at 2 ceoia each, or $1 SO per hundred POrTAOt FOR LEfTEHS 2 CENTS EACH. Baukt, Insurance Coinpaaiea, Hocietiea, o r other partiea having circnlara iioucti, hv d billa, lie , for diatributicn, will be dealt with oa the moat favorable terma New York, Nov. 20,1144. New York, November 2*th, 1146. Robt. H. Moaaia. Eaq . P. M. Dear hi r?I he "U. 8 City Deapatch Poat" having been diacootinard, I have determined, with the aaaiatance of tlioee who have heretofore with my-aelf a'tended to ita coaceraa, toattabhaha aimilar buaiueaa. under the title of the "Poat Office City Deapa'eh " The object of thia communication la to request Irom von an expreaaiou of yonr opinion aa to the manner in which we have heretofore performed ihe duliea counected with the "U. 8 .City Despatch Teat," while under your charge ; and the probability of our being able, with the name prnmptneae and at'ettion. to conduct the "Poat OAee City de? alch ' in a way which ahall aecure the eeafidenco and approbation of the pnblie. Respectfully yonr ob't- aerv't, A. B. MEAD. Poet Office, City of New York, > November 28ih, 1146. ] A B. Eaq. Drar Mir?la answer (o ynura of thia data, I with pleasure atata, that 1 kave every confidence that yon and the camera alladad to, will, with gieat promptness and integrity. farform iha aaraicaa you h-ve nadartakrn, and I cheerfully recommand roar affart to lha farnnblo conaideration of the public. Tralr yours. dl ltia?r MOBT H. MORHH p. M UNI A ED STATES MONEY REPORTER, AND OOLD AND SILVER EXAMINER. IN prratnutg tliia work to tha pnolie, the pabliahar aan wi h tba aay to all, lha'. it lar^urpaaaea aayllnug of the kiud aver uaued lie m .ny advantages oaer any Other now in ata mnat he tarn at the lint tight. It contains upwarda ol 100 engravings, giving the par value, and a fac simile of Wold and nlvrr I uia in uae, which will be added to every week aa tha wo-k la la.urd. till it eontainalhe aagravn ga and pucea ol at cry kind ol com in circulation in ma I uued 8 atea. Italaohaaa marginal ludei, au iliat at the fir at glaaca yoa can turn lo the State you wiahto find. The work w ll be laaued every Wrdueaday at the Fublieaton ortice >o *0 Bioad'ay. C< riveted ai d raviaed by the pubiiaher weekly, who haa aecured a copy right of tlie aamr. Wold, silver, end bank note* bought at tho office, 90 Broadway, as quoted in the Heporter and fciamtnor. A number of <rftcient persons wauled to sell the above wmk. l uce cents. 8. TaY lUH , Publisher, dl Iw'rc " DIOOOLUTIONT THK fiim of WV M AN, EL.Mr.N UOKY It DERBY hat baeu dissolved by the death of Uoorge Klmcadorf. Tho ! surviving parlies will settle the bussnets of the fiim. JOHN O. WVMAM, LYMAN DEHBY COPARTNERSHIP?The subscriber* have formed acoSarteerahip in the Merchant l oilonag buaiaaaa, uadrr tha m of Wl M AN It Dfe.ltBY, and will continue the business at their old ttaad, Not. 13d and 213 Broadway. JOHN <J. WYMAN, LYMAN DERBY New York, let December. dl 3t*r NEW TAHIFK. IN view of the reduction of lb# 1 anff, which takes place this day, and to keeppaee with tho spmt of the age. Win 'J - Jennings A Ce.. (American Hotel, will reduce the pneea of thair Llothioe m like loronortiou. The* hava anw on haod ? large ana splendid aeeonment of Cloths. I attimrrea. j and Vestinrs; alto, a large assortment of first quality ready mads ' istlnng. lam y Dress articles, under clothing, he., he. Gentleman la waatof articlss art invited to evamine our , dl tw rre T^O'flCE?Any person having rclaima against thr nnder' signed, are requested to present the same to Henry H. I My rat, Esq., solicitor, at hit office, No.* Nassaa street. Sen I York. dlfit* r JOHN G fTRPKVAN. Renovate youh plated goods-any p?r>oa cm, to a few rainatcs, without tht ast of a battery or any deleterious sobtaace, by the simple aad eipeditions application of the Hilrer Plating Fluid, re-ali ver say kind of platedtgoods, or any article competed of brats, copper or Oermtn silver Kor sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J BROWN h CO., 1*2 fhIiob at Also by T. Chalmers, 7o0 Broadway; H. Many, JJO Pearl street; I nilo P. Greenly, 174 Grand sticel: J. h A. Handel, 241 and 119 Broadway; and E. B. Warner, 20J Bleecker street. [ dl lt*rc i cheal'kk than ever* ?? A full aiiitofsniierfiiie Cloth tnide to order, iu the most unaianiial and l'*?hien ible style, can be prixured for *-'? i t mofkatt'8 Fashionable Cash Tailoring k.stabli<l>| .r it, N< . 24 Catharine St.. New York. Kvery arliele ia the i??IW|ow. Callaodtee. JOHN .MOEt'att* J l I in r ?d r a A kake chance A GENTS are wanted to audertske the sale of a new and "selul patented article, that can be sold to eesry fseiily , tu tlie Cnton. To men of respeetnbility and basinets habits, s iruatantee of |M per annua will be an I.H.. _ . w. ,1*' "7 'rwItem st. New York .111 Utters mast be rottpeid. n?* lm*rh I ~dh. powell] oculist aurist, AND OlcRATIVE SURGEON. A TTEND8 to Diseases of the Eye Ear, from i to i im. o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, cormar of Wail rau meet. Opthslaua, 3topr?ge of the Taar Passage, Cataracts, aad Opacmea, effectually rsmorad. AMAUKOHIk treated with great attention aad success. Ureterals cases of STRABISMUS, or Squumnff, eared is a lew mutates Just imported ARTIFICIAL EYES, of superior beenty and tinisli. _ ill lt*r CLARKE'S SACK OVERCOATS. .No. Mb WILLIAM h TKEr.T, (Opposite the New Sloiea.) THE e'rguit appeaiaucc of my Coats is aow universally acknowledged. Harm* a large uumbsron hand erary geuliaui u uis> be saie of Seng ntied. Brow n Sack Orrrcoats wiili silk relrst collars amlcuffs. arid buttons and Wall wadded linings, all ol the same color, $14. Those with ailk lr< uta la addition $IJ. Black French Cloth Orerooots, superbly uunmad, $16. The ouly secr.tin tny buaiuass is, that I buy all ui> goods for rash and take the adrantrge ol ths discount, aud am satisfied with rery small promts. Black Dress Coats, limde to measure, $is, (rery best t reuch,) lower quality lower pr.ces. Every ether article equally low. 1* .r?Nu credo whatever gireo. 01 Iter KESPt CTaBLEk ouug Woiatu wants a situatioa to do general housework, or to take care of children; has no objection to da chamoar work. The youug woman can ba seou for three days. Please call at tl Bayard street, in the basemeut dl lt?r INFORMATION WANTED?If William Chambers, of Todmasden, Lancashire, England, will write home, or to his brother James, in ht. Louis, Mo. he will hear of ronathiug to his adraetaae. dl 3t*r WANTED. ^ SITUATION in a Dry Ooodsat re, by a youn^ English ale and retail tradca. '1 lie adveitiaer will be poaaeaaed of from $2000 to $IjCO iu a few uioutha, which ho will bo willing to advance is the concern in which he it engaged, if, af>era trial, the batineta pro*ca to hia eatiafactiun. I'leaae aedreaa "Salomon,"' Herald office. dl 3t*rrc WjINTEDT BV a young woman, a aituation aa Chambermaid, nurre, or aeampatreaa. Apply lirat floor 569 Waahington atreet, where goodeity refereuce may be had. dl 2t*r LUST?On Saadiy laat, near 8t. John'a church, a email paper box. containing a aolid heavy gold King, carved aa a haiglit reclining. If the aaid ring haa fallen iuto honeat bandi, a favor will be conferred on and a liberal reward given by me 011 ita return to No. 9 Varick et.eet. dl 3tr ^ UEORUE LP PER. CO- SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SVRUP? -OS) THE ONLY MEDICiNE iVHICH HAS STOOD THE TEST OF EXTERIMEN TIM -ILL CASES OF rULMON-iRY DISEASE. THE ONLY MEDICIOE OF THE hi * D THAT CONTAINS NO CALOMEL, OTlUM, OR ANY OTHER DELETERIOUS DRUG. I THE ONL Y MEDICINE TEA T CAN BE ^ ! USED WITH SAFETY AND ADVANTAGE BY CONSUMFTIVE TATlhNTS AND OTHER - FDEFERRING UNDER THAT CLASS OF DISEASES GENERALLY THOUGHT INCURABLE I BY THE MEDICAL FACULTY. rP HE elements ol whuh this Syrup is composed ere simple . JL herbs sod roots, the medicinal properties of wmch parity ' the blood, strengthen the system, end (ire a healthy toue to | the lungs .uid digestive organs. Its operatiou upon the system is mild, yet efficacious: it loosens the phlegm, which creates so much difficulty when tight; it relieves the cough; it assists usture to expel from the system all diseased matter, ! Dy expectoration, which, if retained, produces cor sumption, it ripens the matter in an abscess or tubercle, and then causes its expulsion lrom the system, at the same tune soothing the irritated parts, healing the I iceiaiiuu, and produciug aheai.hy action; it legulutrs the bowels without the aid ol purgative medicines; it ellsys the must troublesome cough without iujn.iug the system as other medicines generally do. A UK.fc.AT CUKfcOK PULMONARY CONSUMPTION BY SCil fc.NCK'a PULMONIC SI lie, P. This is to certify?thar about four years ago 1 was taken with a violent cough, aud of raisiug thick bloody matter, and difficulty of breat'ip g, pain iuthelelt side fever and night sweats-lots of appetite eud atiengih ; my flesh was almost wasted away ; every spuug aud tail 1 would hase an attack of this kind, so that 1 could not work ; each<itpe 1 would gst innch worse. I had Ihe attention of thiee or four different i physiciaua, from whom I received no benefit. They ail said that my luugs were badly affected The last one that came ti see me, touuded me. he shook his head aud and, one lung was sound, and the other almost was-ed away He prescribed some simple medicine, which had no effect et all, and lie never came to see me again. At this I was induced lo try Sclieuck's Pulmonic Syrnp. I diJ not receive auy bet efit from it until I had taken t rre botiles, but apparently got worse, my cough was tight aud dry, it was wim great difficulty that I could get breath. Mv friends, as well as myself, thought my time was ihon iu this woild. But all at ouee, 1 was -akeu with one of my violent s|>ellt of coughiue, when something gave way, and I taisid, as near as I can le-l, three half pints to s quart of bloody matter and corruption, ihe most horrible stufi I ever saw or smelt. From ilmt lime 1 gained very fast. I continued raisiug mere or lets lor some time. I continued taking the medicine until I had caken seventeen boillea. At th.s time I considered myself well and beffan to work airiin. This was in the t' It of ISl_S. I hare regained my strength anil lieah. ami have enjoyed the beat of health ever aince Thia 11 a plain, ahort In.toiy of mycaae, and ia the tiuih. Auy person deatroua ul turiher particulars. can call upon me at my residence, No. 110 Twe'fih street, New Vork. _ Wvl. HOLDER. Prep* >d b- J H SOHENCK, and foraaleat hia priuc pal office, .No l CUURTLAND i' aT, opposite Uin National Hotel, N. Y. Alan may be obtained at 273 ard 102 Broadway; 121 and 100 Fulton at eet; 171 Dma on street; 176 Boweiy; 170 tiraud atreet; 3>7Tlnr I Ar nue; 170 (4 eeuwich a teet, New York; 103 U,-a d street. w illlamsburgh; corner Fulton and Cranberv ?tree a, Brooklyn; 06 Moutgomtrv atreet, Jeraey City; ai d of dgeutr in all putt?f the Ulilted Statea Pietse temr inhei that I*. ft Becktnan ia no longer an egeat of mine, and the proprietor wilt not he reapona.ble fer any me icine nrrhased of him, aa he no longer aells the genu ice tcheiick's Pulmonic Syrup. J H. bCHENCK. dl 3i I uThis - at*r A LUXb.' IANT HEAD OF HAIR. THE moat celebrated article ever invented for cleanaiug the akin and embellishing the hair ia BOOLE'S H YITCKION FLUID. 1 he press and universal voice of the pnblic throughout the whole country, hail it as a great boon and eatol its great virtues as the only article ever known for curing ALL DISEASES OF THk'. SKIN. AND PHENENTlNO BALU NESS AND OREY HAIR. Among the Ladies it is the theme ofuniveisal praise. The Editress of the Transcript savs:?" We ha/e at last an article for the hair not only innocuous bat salutary. A Fluid purely vegetable, which cools the fevered head, imparts a gloss to the hair and prevents its loss" The following ia only one of the many certificates in its favor: " This may certify that nearly eight months since I lost all mv hair, and foi ait in >nths mv head was entlrelv bald: ar tha mil of that time 1 purchased a bottle of Hustle's Hyperion Fluid, of D hcott, Jr., It Co.. the agents in Worcester. Since tbeu I hare used it regularly, and strictly according todireeliens, in const quence of which the hair has sisrted all oier my head. It is now about an inch long, and growing rapidly." T H ADllEUS HONE. West Bnylston, Mass., June 12th, 1*40 Prepared only by W.V1. BOOLE, Boston. Fur sale by A. B. It D. 8 AN US, Druggists, 100 Fulton St., corner of William, and 77 East Broadway, New York. Bold alto by H. Johnson, 273 Broadway, and by druggists generally dl if r DR. WISTAR'3 BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY. THI8 is g'chemical eilract from Wild Cherry and Tar ? everybody knows that Wild Cherry possesses important i medicineal properties?and Tar Water has always been administered iu Consumption, and Lung affections generally by our oldest andpest physicians. This preparation embodies ! all the virtues of Tar and Wild Cherry in a much smaller compass than any otter ever product-d. The manner of preparing it, and its success is all Pulmonary and Liver affecti ns, conclusively prove tnis. We say confidently, no medicine ever effec ed such wonderful cures. Letnoonegive up to Corsumption's latalwraap without giving this a trial. Being formed from vegeta vie subaiances, congenial at once to our soil and sys em. it it sife, simple and efficient. A treatise relating to (his subject may be had a' the agents for ihe Balsam Call and see it. Be sure and get Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Chcry, as there are imitations abroad. None genuine unless signed I BUTTS on the wrapper For saie by A. B.kD.8 ANUS, Agents,for New * oris City: ?iao oy urugKiaia generally intougnoui int uiilirn nuiri alia J Canada. .11 ItDfcW TWELFTH WARD. AT nmtoui adjourned meeting orihc DEMOCRATIC REPUHLICaiu t ECTOR8 or the TWELFTH WARD, held at the houte or Joha Campbell, Vorkville, on tbe Stk iM , for the pnrpoae or taking into conaideration the propriety of aelecmig auitable peraoua to be anpported .a candidetea for the Ward, and General Committers at Tarn, many Hall h? the enauing year, JEREMIAH TOWLE, Kaq . waa called to the Chair, and JUHN U. KIP, Eaq., appointed Secretary. The following named gentlemen were unaidmonaly no minated:? For the General Committee: Jeremiah Towle, Patrick Doherty. Nalhiel Jarvii. For the Young Afrn'i General Committee: John Crkeefe, U. H. "tryker, jr. John H. Hiker, Nichqlae 8. Tieman, WmlTPoar. For Ike Ward Committee: Henry Brevoort, laaac Uyckmen, William Ueuecke, Ih-rnee Hpofford, John G. Kip, Deniel If. Tieman, John Qnin, Charlea Henry Hall. Jamea folhamua, John Murray, Patrick Maataraon, A. V. Bather, C. 8. Willelt, John McArther, Michael Kilbert, Jamea Walah, John Klynn, John P. Dodge, John Kick, Daniel McCarthy, Jamea Lynch, Jamea Doyle, Reaoleed, That we new with deep aolicilnde and alarm anr attempt hy men in power to apply the public inoneya to j influence and ccutrol the free suffrage or Amer.cau citiiena ?and that all atiempta to inflneuce the light of auffrage by coriupt or onpieaaiye meaua, ahould be discountenanced and put down; leaving to every citizen the loll and nnbiaaaed right or freely discusiing the merita or public men and meaanrea without the tear of proacription, whether they occupy I anbordinate public officea, or are employed aa laborer* on the highway. Keaolved, That it ia the dnty or every good citizen to nae til iiun'iiniiir mitut IU urircl inr|?i TUIcn, Kau Hum ulfDI up to merited disgrace ind punishment. JEREMIAH TOWLE, Chsumnn. Johu (? Kir, Seciearv n2* b.MTis?r "A FEW MORE OF THE REFERENCE* AH TO THE GOOD * FFECTS MPS. JF.RVIS'S COLD CANDY, IN CURING COUGHS. COLDS. HOARSENESS, HOKE THROAT. WHOOPINO COUGH, INFLUENZA fcc. ANTHONY W TRATPAN, READING ROOM, BOi CIETY LIDRARY. ' TIMOTHY HOI'KINH 73 John street. /.A* HAM I All B h LK NAP, l?*7th street HENRY I). LEHKbNE, Charleatot^ H. C, (residing at . Murray ?trert Moum.) I CHARLES W. DOYLE OJJdAtenut. MKH WHALES. A Jane street Ji'HN H PAKE. Est,. MR. FAi R('H IL1), It Charlton street. MR*. B t Franklin Place, Brooklyn. A FEW MORE ANON. Sold hy MRS. J EHV1H, 33* BROADWAY, neit door to ha Tabem iclr. Ayr uta?llurhron fc. Co. 10 Aator Hoots 110 and 356 Brn'dwaveBlae.kett, 344 Bowervi Bomton, 49 Sisrn avenue, 17 and 109 Amine D ; E y'a, 133 Iludaon street; Nelson, corner of I a. turn * aud Ni i lisen; Lceoiint. corner of 44rand and l),?i. j ?i"n ?treet? and Mr? H?ra im ? i.

't rr, Br?ofcUl): , ,0 Qnai'ni^ vvlnf"'i1 ","1 1 Atltati'e 8k 'o nil for MHH 11'Bv?ilo*' msfrf-"candir "'{a^irstk- 1 Sperm Oil, at 11 mllnii ?ev? * jb: .w'D'*f bleaeh! ktjsjex j ? km "d r" Udalar 16.v.w- j UU I tmin.) wo-gMHtem, I JACOB S. PLATT, Auctioneer. PLATED WAil< , Ji|?ntrt(, Uirioioln, Lamps, Geld Watches. Jewelery, Papier -laclie goo la, Carpeting, Cabinet Furniture. Faucy Articles, kc ?Jacob 8. Piatt will all this day at lg o'clock, at No 21 Piatt atract, 304 lots of tlia above toMt, amongst which axe KM lota fancy good* and 20 caeca 'lore, auitablr for daalara and with which tha tala will Aleo. at II o'clock, an invoice of rich English fancy goods, auitabla for presents, coosialiug of aaparb paper Portfolios, highly decorated with landscapes, inlaid Willi paarl and cold of thr newest style; ditto Toilet atd Work Boxes, pearl in laid, richly decorated of high cost. Also, splendid tut Butter Tubs, vaxioaa colors, ou heavy silver mnaoted stands, heavy pl.t ed Caud esticka, Casters, plated Tea seta. Cake Baskets, .Salts, Dishes, superb rosewood Writing Desks,fcc Also, one German silver Communion Service Also, an eateusive invoice of mmolu tod broute Girandoles. highly finished for 2. 3,4, < and 10 lights, with heavy gnaws. Also, 20 bronte and ormelee Solar Lamps, complete wi h shades. Also, at It o'clock, 20 warranted all gold fob seals, It gold chased rings, 24 gold taclet rings, 12 hoi uw gold rings, 23 gold atada, It dot fancy steel breast piua, 72 gold pins in silver cases. Also by the case 20 package s assorted Toys. Also, a few hue 12 cairet go.d Itpine and anchor escapement Watches; and 31 assorted silver Watches?to close sales Also, at 12 o'clock precisely, 1 superb tste a itte Sola and 1 rose wood Couch, both covered with crimson plush. Also 12 rose wood parlor chairs covered with the same ma terial to match The above are really prime article* and worthy aueuiiou. Alio a Tew Kngliih doable bariel Fowling Piece*, of due quality, patent breech and percu**ion lock*. Alto, an i-voice of polialied Fire Beta with ataudard*. elegant japanned Tea Trara in neat*. AI?o one elegant B.uiael* Carpet, entirely new?about7# yard*. N. B.?Catalogue* are now ready. dl lt'rc H. DUCLUZKAU, Auctioneer. Auction notice-La? sale of fancy furs, SLEIGH ROBES, MUFK8, fcc.-TUTTLE It DUCLUZEAU will aell tin* day, at ten o'clock, at No. M William afeet. without reaerve, on a credit of aixty dava, a large and valuable aatortment ol fiue Fur*, made expretaly lorcity rerail *alea, compriaing every variety of Luatred, Lynx, I label I a, Bear, Sable, and other flue Muff*, Boaa, Victonne*. Cap*. Trimming, Itc. aim, Sleigh Robe*, Tig., Wolf. UI ,ek Bear, Badger, Brown Bear, aud Raccooe Robe*, Tiger Skin*, Genet Robe*, Ike. I analogue* now ready dl lt?r WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. SALE OF RICH HOUSE FURNISHING, China, Glaaa, La mix, Girandole*, Silver Plate, Britannia, Cutlery, Itc. ?By H. E. Willard?Wed etday, Dec. 2, at II o'clock, at the comer of Broadway and Chamber* (treat, catalogue aale of French and Euzliah China; dinner, lei. coffee aud toilet Setta, in a great vriety; elegant gilt, ailver aud bronxe Girandole*, 1 to lOlighta: Cliandeliera, Solar Lamp*, beat Silver Plate, Caator*. Cake Baaketa, Spoona. Fork*, Itc.: auperior Cutlery -in aeta and dozen*; Britannia Coffee and 'lea Seta; block Tinware; new pattern* rich Glaaaware. The aale i* worthy the atteution of houaekeeper*. n30 3ti?*rh JOHN J. SWIFT. Auctioneer. ELEGANT FURNITURE -Swift k Morgan will *ell on Tueaday, Dec. lat, at it o'clock, at No 19* Weat 14th at., between Ith and 9th Aveuuea. a full aaaortment of furniture, made by the be?t makera. Pier Glaaaea, Extenaion Pining Table*, kc., kc. Alan 1 very auper or Hoae wood Piano Forte, made by Chambera. nil 3ti* MkTu*re DR. KELLlNGEu'S . INFALLIBLE LINIMENT U warranted to lAiNeure sore* and ulcers of every nature in a few j^X?L|ifa It acta like magic in removing rheumatism, and all other pains. One or two doses is as certain to relieve bilious eholic, diarrhoea, Be. as it is taken. It is perfectly delightful in its odor and flavor..It is universally acknowledged to be the best family medicine ever offered to the public.? Price it cents r>er bottle. Sold at90 John street; comer Bowery and Broome; 3d avenue and loth st; Jeffriee's drug store; Dr. Bunett'a, Doyer and Chatham.and at the H. K. office. City Hall nl? lm?rc LONG BREED CANARIES. The Stock of Dr VAN KLEECK'S, Sixth Avenue. Toflfe comprising birds ol high colore, and purchased bv him at great expense ; also a good ae'ectio i of song birds' TWhf cages. bird seeds, and other articles connected with he trade. For sale by WILLIAM S JOHNSTON. No. MO Broadway. ii25 2w<?rh WANTED. t A THREE or four story house, furnished or unfurnished. in Broadway or a few doors out of Broad way, in any of the leading streets between Grand and streets. A note left at this office, for Tenant, will be attended to. dl lt*re COlTON AND WOOLLEN FACTORIES IN ULSTER COUNTY. AbA TO LET OR FOR HALE, the Cotton Factory, ffTI? 100 feet by 40, four stories, contains 3'.00 spindles and MBwruncilun"!. inc ?? " .n?u r> . . ?? ?? i'j uy '>i, eoiitaioi ISO ipiudlea >nu 7aatlinct loom*, dye vats, , Sic. Posaeaaioii given immtdiairly. Apply to n? 3t?rh QF.O. BUTiF.K. 8? Cedar at. HOAKiUiM* MEltOHAMTss' HUUSe., JVog 135, 137 ami 13'J Broadway. MTHK PROPRIETOR would reaped f'ullv inform familiea aud tingle ceutleinen desiring Board for (he winrer in comfortable qnartrra, with all the conveniences of a home, that he haa a number of light and pleasant apartments to let (funiiahed) at moderate prices. A choice of rootoa inar be had by early application. QUIm'rrr OHI,AM>0 EIBH. Jam FOR SALE?A f rm ol fifty-two acrea, moat depvw lilhtftdlr situated, about live milea froin F.liiabethJlJULtown, N. J , comprising a handsome comniodioua > dwelling houae, fitted witti marble mautela and every convenience lor a reapecable family ; the whole, including gar drnei'a home, barna, ice BOaae, and other buildiuga, in a substantial atate of repair; die orchard coutaina twenty acrea of choice fruit treea. Tne eaay acceaa from New York.either by the varioua cara from Jertey City or the terry to Elixabeihport. whence a rail road train rune within a hundred yarda of the honae, rendera this property very valuable to those doing buaiueaa in thia city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three yeara on boud and mortgage at five per cent. VYBE k HONS, 172 Pearl at. Alao, for aale, a dwelling houae in Washington street, nil lm*r PREMIUM HOOTS Quick Sales and Small Profits. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for SI 50. our own make, and warranted to give aatiafaction; fine French imperial hvwua Riwitt for ti Ml annil tr% rhnM ninsllv mli in ! Broadway 7or$?~or~r~'at YWUNil k "JON EH' fine l French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moit faehiouable atoree in thia city. Our boota received the hi|heat i praiae in the lata Fair of the American lnatitute, for the i pnee, ever jold in thia city. Boota. Shoea, Gaitera, fee made to order at the ahorteetinotiee. Meuding. lie. done in the etore. YOUNG It JONES, i Ana at. i al fje PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS KOK Ai.BANY. Daily (Sundaya excepted) at 5 P. M.?Through Direct. ! From the Pitt kelwrcn Cturllandt and Librriy it*. jMn Si rain boat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A, Houghton. will laare on Monday Wrdnrs3B^2HEBLdav and Friday ereuiuga. at 5o'clock. Steamboat COLUMBUS, Capt G. B. Rigga, wjll leave on . Taesday, Thntaday and Saturday evening!, at J o clock. At i o'clock, P. M.? Landing at Intermediate Place!. Ft*m tke Foot of Barclay Strret. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, I apt. M H. Furry, will I leave on Monday, Wedaeiday, Friday and Sunday afternoon!, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave on Tneaday, Thnrtday and Saturday afternoon!, at 5 I o'clock. The above boat! will at all timea arrive in Albany in ample I time for the morning cara for the Eait or Weat, Freight taken at moderate ratei, and none taken after ? , o'clock, P. M. All peraona are forbid trnating any of the boati of thialine I without a written order from Ihe captaina or agenta. For paaaage or freight, apply on bord the boata, or to P. C. Bchulir at the office on the wharf. n30 rh DRAFTHow ENGLAND. IRELAND, /hMHM SCOTLAND AND WALES !-Peraona //atKnjhcau remit any amount from one penud and upwards to their Iriends in any part of "" ifcmoieat Britain or Ireland, by applviug to the I tnbacrihrra, of whom drafts can be obtained payable at sight, I without disconnt.m all the priuaipal towns and cities throu?hont England, Ireland, Scotland slid Wales. Those obtaining : dralts can forward them bjr the packets of the 1st, Slh, ' Itli, I 16th, list or fdth of the month of December, or the Royal Mail Steamers sailing from Boston on the Itth and I at of January. W. It J. T. TAPS'JOTr, M Sooth at., dl r 2d door below Burling slip. ***- UNION LINK OK PACKETS KOK LIVERlinVPOOL?Packet of the ith November?The sjplenjHllKedid, fast sailine packet ship RAPPAHANNOCK, Captain Drummond, will positively sail as above, her regular day. 1 he accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are very superior, her cabin being fitted up in the most modern style?her second cabin and steerage being ou deck, in lofty and well ventilated rooma, and all ol wmch will be taken at the lowest rates. Those nbont to embark far the o'd country should seethe accommodations, and those wishing te vecure berths should make early application on board, loot of Dover at , or to W. k J. T. TAP8UOTT. K Sooth st., dl r 2d door below Bulling slip. rAjP- KOK LIVERPOOL?Aew Line?Regular packtaS^Vet of December H?The splendid, last sailing packsBflbrt ship SIDDON8, Edward B. Cobb master, will sai. as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled , for splendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, r...., .c ii' ,ii ...... .... ' K. K. COLLINS k CO., % South st. Tucket ship Sheridan, Coiniah matter, will succeed ihe Siddona, and aan 26th January, her regular day dl r aBE TAFSCOTT'S FORKIQN exchange and tJMy EMIGRATION OFFICE.?Drafts en England, HHfa Ireland, Scotland and Wales ? Tenons wishing to emit atone? to any part of Great Britain or Ireland, can procare drafts of the subscriber* payable at sight withont discount, in all the ptineipal towns, u follows . In England?On Messrs. J. Barned k ' o., Liverpool; Nai tioual and P?rV'D*ial Bank of Kngland and branches. In Ireland?National Bank of IreDud and branches throughout. In Scotland?National Bank of Scotland and branches throughout. Drafts can be forwarded by packet ship Roacios on the 26th instant, ateara shipUieat Western on 26th, or Royal Mail steamship from Boatou on lat proximo. W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, ?6 South street, nil second door west ol Hurliug slip taw- FOR LONDON?First I'acket?The splendid, tKJ^Vfaat sailing packet ship ELIZABETH, Capt. Bets, JHMIswiII positively sail ss above. The accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are superior to those of most of the other London pocket*, and the price of passage is reduced, for which apply to W. It J. TTTAPSCOTT, 86 South at.. nit 2d door brlow Burling slip sAtc FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st be|HVk cember? The first class fast sailing Packet Ship JVKtRiNCF, ALBF.RT, Captain Win. Sebor, will sail aa share, her regular day.i The accommodations in this splendid vestal for esbin, Id cabin, and steerage passengers, are too well known to require comment. Person* intending to embark, should mak* early application on board, foot r f Maiden Lane, or to JUOLdTl MCraUMUAY, C9S0??n ?t., Corner of I'ine. The new Ship Kobert Peel, D. Chadwick, muter, will see ceed the Prince Albert, toil Mil the I6th Dee. n2t rrc. "gjff KOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Line?ReJlfh ruhr Packet of list December ?The toperior fut EfiEkti**'1i?S pecker ehip LIVERPOOL, IIM tone hnrghen.capt. John Eldridge, will mil u above, her regular day I For freight or passage, having elegant and superior aceemj modatiom apply to the captain on board, at west aide of Bur | line .hp, or to wooDHlJLL |i MINTURN, IT Sooth at. I Price of passage S"' The packet ship OUEKN OK THK WK8T. IW tons I burthen, haft. Philip VVoudhouse, will succeed the Liver' pool, and sail on her regular day, 21st .January, 1047. nil "\rJkgv- ?T)R OLAStiOW?The New Line?Regular hfyTV. Packet. 1st December?The fine fast sailing Hr. SfittCm hark ADAM CAHK, 400 tons, (.apt. John Wright, will sail as above, her regnlar dar. Kor freight or t>uaage, having splendid accommodations, apply on board, foot el Roosevelt street. East R'ver. to ' WOODHULL it MINTURN, gT Soutn street. The A 1 Br. bark Ann flarleyjf apt. Robert Scott,will see ceed the Adam Carr, and uil on her regnlar day, the 1st. Janearv nl re afk- PAORCT8 KOH HA V Kk'.?Second Line?Packet iH^ihip BALTIMORE, Capt. John Johnsron, Jr., will Bmb tail on the let ol December. For height or passage, aprtf to ii EOTD ft HINCK&ft, No. M Wall at. I ANl^BDlK.ITf. I ~ LAST WEEK OK KiNO JOHN. PARK THEATRE?Tueidiy ereuiug, Dec'r. lit?Hth Light of MRS CHARLEB KEAN, MU CHAHl.ES KF.AN, md MR. OEO. VANDENHOFF. On which oceaiicn will be performed bhikapeare'i tragedy i of KINO JOHN?John, Kmg of England, Mr. C. Keen: Philip Kinlconbridge, Mr. Vaudeuhoff, Cnnitance, Mri. C. Keen To conclude with the ferce ol 8PK1NO OARDENR? Lord Coortiugton, Mr. O. Birrrtt. On Moudei. the 6th of December, the petite Vieneee dmceri will make their firit appearance. Doonojieu at 6K o'clock; and the performance! will eomtnenceat 7 o'clock. B"ir?$t;t'i 50 c nil; Ual'ery H ceuti BOWE~KV THEATRE.?Tueaday Evening. Dec lit, will be performed the (Jraud National Drama of PUTNAM. (Jeii. VVitluugt.iu, Mr. Vache ; (Jen. Putnam Mihtr. Kate Putnam, Mri. Sergeant After which the CHILDREN OF THE WOOD. Bir Rowland, Mr. Koireiter ; Joicphuie, Mri. Booth ; Lady Helen Mm. Madiaon. To conclude BLACK EYED SUSAN. William, Mr. Stevei.1; Doug an, Mr. Vache ; Suiau, Mri. Sergeant ; i Dolly. Mri. Booth. Dren Circle 21 centi; I'it end Gallery 12H centi. Doori 0|ieu at o'clock; curtain rnei at 7. ITCH ELL'S OLYMPIC THE AIRE. Tueiday i ereumg. Dec'r I?The entertaiumenu to coomeuce with comic drain entitled USED UP? Sir Charlei Gold tream, Mr Walcot: Mary Wutxel, Mi?? Rnberti. After which, FAMILY JARS-Dclph, Mr Holland; EmiIV \l,?? Knhart, APer which, the THKKK GIFTS?King Bellifullon, Mr Nickinsou; Queen Mr*. H. Isherwood. To conclude with the JOCKEY CLUB?Act* Mnccaiwr, Mr Walcot; Leauder Lsrkington, Mrs Timm. Ure*? circle JO cents; npper boxn* 2J cent*, pit on* shilling; private boxes $J. Orchestra boxes, $1. Doors open at ball past (o'clock: curtain rises at T. I HUWEKY CIRCUS. Boxes cent*. Children half price. Pit I2)k cents. FIRST NIOHT Ok MR NORTH/ The tirsl rider of the age. TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. 1st, | Mr. NORTH will introduce his beautiful Shetland TWIN PONIES. J KAN IK L1ND aud BLACK MOOGY, iu tneir truly aouderfulperformances. I Mr.Gc.ORUK W. SERGEANT, will make his lirst sppe ranee this season, iu his great scene of horsemanship, I c*n*dEi>GLAND. IRELAND AND SCOTLAND. Master WM. NIXON,the infantile prodigy, aged only nine : years will ride his scene of Horsemanship as the SHIPWRECKED SAILOR BOY! BILLY WH1TLOCK, and his immortal banjo will appear m Dan Uarduer's famous serenade; betides a multitude of ; ether novelties. To conclude with Mr. Kemp's new pantomime of HARLE SUIN'8 FROLICS?Clown. Mr. Kemp ; Harlequin. Mr. ardner Columbine. Mist Jestelyn. nJO IWrh | THE ALHAMKA SALOON. MB Broadway between Spring and Prince itreete, near ly opposite Niblo'e. H E R R ALEXANDER, 1 The Great Original German Magician, who cauteed suck unbounded astonishment atNiblo's, Will Appear Every Evening 'Ihit Week. run particulars iu mo umiy uuw. Tickeu 10 the Rotunda, 5# ccnti; to the Balcony,Meant*? I Children audrr II veeri of age half price. I Door* open at tX?commence uJjj o'clock. iWtt*re WALNUT ST. THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. E. A. ManiHaLL, Lriaee... W. R. Blake, Manager. La>t Night but Three of 1 MADAME AUGUSTA, and M'LLE DIM 1KB, Cor the Benefit oi Vile. DIM1ER. TUESDAY EVENING, Dee. I, 1IM. Will b? performed THE ARTIST'S WIFE. Clairmont Mr. Jamiion. which URIELLE, or LE DIABLE AMOUREUX, With enure new aceucry, dreaaea. waiidi, Ac Ice. Urielle Madame Angnata. I.elia Mile. Dunier. Thoebe Miaa Waltera. Count Mona. Frederick. To enhclnde with THE NEW kOOT.VIAN. Bobby Break window Mr Chapman. ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bi'mtok Manager and Leaaee. J.M. Scott .Stage Manager. O"" Thia Theatre haa been thoroughly re-deeorateo in the moat gorgeona aty le, and ia now the moat beautiful Theatre in the Union. TUESDAY, De ember 1, Will be preiented the drama of WALLACE, the Hero of Scotland. Wallace Mr E 8 Conner Marion Mra Burke Fu2patrick Mr Wood Favorite Dance by Mr Beunie and Miaa Oceana. After the above, the new Comic Pantomime of THE MAGIC PILLS, or TtlK cyNJURER'd GIFT. (irimaidi Mr W A Barry _ M. ur I 1 uaneuuiu xwti ? ruu I Coluuitmie Miss Siuclur I For description of (ricks, new erencry snd machinery, for ' (he above Pantomime, refer to bills yftlie day. Mr W A Bsrnee end Conner every eveni' g this week. CHINESE MUSEUM, PHILADETTPHXX HENRY HERE, Composer and Pianist to H. M the King of the French and Professor of the Royal Conservatoire of Paris, begs to announce to the public of Philadelphia, that in compliance with the wishes of many lovers of music. I he has becu induced to give (on his return from Baltimore,) I another GRAND CONCERT, On FRIDAY EVENING, December 4th, LARGE SALOON OI^THE* CHINESE MUSEUM, on even a more magnificent scale than that produced by him atrhe Tab-made in New York which has been unanimously pronounced 10 have been the GREATEST MUSICAL FESTIVAL that he? ever beeu presented to the citizens of America. HEN Rl HERE hta succeeded to secure the valuable services of the following eminent talent Siguora ilOSINA PHt Mrs. WAI.KKR, Mr. El)WD WALKER, the celebrated American rismst. Mr. H.THOKBECK . Mr L. MEIONKN. FIFTEEN of the most distinguished PIANISTS of Philadelphia and A GRAND ORCHESTRA. HENRI HERE will peiform? A New Grand CONCERTO, (the 4th) with the Hand Bell Rondo, for Piano Forte and Orchestra. A Brilliant FANTASIA on "Lucia de Latnmermoor." VAKIATIONd (di Bravura) on the Pre am Clercs, with Orchestra A DUETT CONCERTANTE for two Grand Piano Fortes on La donna di Lago, by Mr. EDWARD WALKER and HENRI HERE. ARIAS, by Signora PICO. SONGtX, bv Mrs WALKER. Two OVldRTURES by the Grand ORCHESTRA. The Concert will conclude with the Overture to SE Vr I RAM IS, arranged for EIGHT PIANO FORTES, and executed by FIFTEEN of the BEST PIANISTS m Philadelphia, and HENRI HERE (C7" Desirous of tlfording every facility to families, schools and students of the Piano Forte, Henri Hera hai determined to lis the following pricet of admietion for thie evening;? tingle Ticket! $1 each; Kamily Ticket, to admit 3 peraoni, (I; Kamily Ticket, to admit i peraona, >3. dl ItTTnKr >' H t. K CON V E HI'a, coMBimifa A SELECT KBKE AND fc, a H Y . Every Evening, at the Stag Hotel, 26 Mercer ttreet, between Howard and Grand. VOCALISTS: Mil. Newton. Mita Barton, Mr. Collina and Mr. Gliadon. A proreaaor will preiide at the Piano Forte. To commence at half-pait T o'clock. dl lt*r AMERICAN MUSICAL INSTITUTE. SPOHR'S "LA8T JUDGMENT and MENDELSOHN'S "LOBGESANG," AT THE TABERNACLE, On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Id December, com mencing at 7', o'clock, and doting at 10. The Chorua and Orcheatra aa nana! The solo parti will be iiutained by the following reaident talent : Rep, Mra. E. Loder Secondo Mine E. Watioa Teuoia Mr. K. O. Paige Daiao Mr. J. T. Maaaett Conductor Mr. George Loder Mr. II C. Timm will preiide at the Organ Ticketa?to the public one dc liar each To anbeeriberi? Tor fire performance, fifty centa aaeh, by applying at the In * ititate,4? Broadway. j dl !( uar II. MEIOGS, Principal. 1 TABERNACLE. THURSDAY NEXT, DECEMBER Sd, CAM1LLO SIVORI 1TIT ILL gire a Second, and poaitirely hu i.atT, Concert, in TT which he will be untied liy Signora Pico, Mra Loder, Mi?? -Nonhell, Madame Ablamowicx, and Signor De Begun, Ifrr the rocal); by Siguor Kapetti, Mr Kontana, Mr. Geo. ,oder, and Mr. H. C. Timm The piaceito be performed by Camillo Birori are the fol lowing : 1 The celebrated Adagio and Hondo, "II Campenello," (Me hand-bell) compoied by Paganini. J. A diet fur t aiolina (by general deaire) executed by 8ignora Kapety and Sirori?computed by Maurer. 1 1. A duet lor piano and riolin, from the opera " Lneia di Lainmermnor," executed by Mr. Kontana and Sirori, (enmpoard by Omillo Sirori.) 4. " The CaruiraJ of Venice," with tome new eariationa, nerer heard before. _ n30 ! ~ THIRD OONcKKT OK THE HUTU HIM SOS tAMILY, AT TMIt TABK.RNACLB, I And laat hat one previoat to their nailing Philadelphia. THK HUTCHINSON KA.MILV leg leare to aneonnce to their frieuda, and the |>nblie, that they will aire their third (and laat bat one) entritiuiment, at the Tabernacle Thia Krraing next, Dee. I. The programme will embrace the following, among othera. The good time ecming < Md < hurcli Bell. Mother'a Bible. The Mnnnt.nreer. The Millenium. II nlge of Sight Bong of the Shut. Moau of the rriaoner. He doih all thinga well. < Irare of Bonaparte, lie. Ticket* 50 centa; to be had at the principal Muaic Store#.? Doora open at l>?o'clock. To commence at 7)4 ^6 3tiaThHnkTii*rc UREAL RATTLE or TIIK RESACA DE LA PALMA, ANr> INK BOMBARDMENT OF MATAMORAS, Now exhibiting at the ci-.i.'. IM..U oic: n / uumiL mui, om jirwauvv; OT^Open erery day from II, A. M., to#, P. M. Adinireion | 21 ciuti. Children, ISX tenta. nil lw*rh THE GREAT NATIONAL F1UTUK.E or TH? LANDING OF COLUMBUS, PAINTKD for the Capitol at Wathintton, by J. Vinderlyn, will be contioned on eihihitton for ihort time lonrer, at the National Academy of Ueaifn, corner Broadway anil Leonard atreet. Alao, aereral admirable eopiea, by Mr V., from the chef d'mnrrea of the treat maatera. Titian, Correiio. and Hemh andt, together with a aplendid eiew of the Cataract. Rapid?, andacenery a hoot Ni*gar.i bulla Open fioiri 9 A M to 10 f. M. hr-aon tiaketa 1# eentat single adinitaioo 39 cents. Drienptit c pamphleti bl? rt?. | nITlmia'rc i ~ PLUNKETT iTPAKOKWSUS " ? HAVK ItKMOVUO their Metropolitan flat and Cap Store to No l?H Fnltoa atreet. one door eaat of Naa, tan atreet, where they will eoatinne t<> ???ll a;liel?a, e<|Oa! to thoee of any other establishment, *t ibe foliowmi reduced ! MUhlit?Nuiria?tuHaU...$# '>0 tat?Molealm lfata....$lM 3d " ' J #0 2d "... ISO Ut?Cloth Cape I * lac-<ilated Cape IN N " IN U H Id " 71 Id " nn All other artielea at rflnally lew price, Jalet Plunkeu It Baa; rardeaaea reareelinlly reqaeat a eeniinnatioa of the kind patroaafe with which hey haya hitherto been fire red bT lm#rc "* "? . 1 " L? LATEST INTELLIGENCE, TELEGRAPHIC. Wash i??? ton, Nov. 30, 8 P. M. We have no newt sufficiently interesting to bo worthy of trantmiMion by telegraph. The Southern mail has arrived, but bring* nothing later from the army in Mexico. The New Orleans papers contain an account of another horrible steamboat explosion on the Mississippi, with the loss of upwards of thirty lives, but the lull particulars of this awful calamity will be found in an extra slip from the Picayune olHce, which you will receivo to-night by the eleven o'clock mail. II TBI MAILS. Important from Washington. Washinoton, Nov. 29, 1846. Lute Mexican Intelligente? Capture of Tamyico? uittotution o] the Government?Departure of Almonte for England?Movement* of Santa Anna?The Rumored Expedition againit Ecuador?Policy of our Government in Relation thereto?The Coming Settion of Congreu?Prendent'* Menage? Slavery?'l he Tariff, frc. Q-c. The recent news from Mexico has taken the Cabinet by surprise. Despatches announcing the departure of the squadron for Tainpico, with a view to an attack on that city, had no sooner come to hand, than others were received an* nouncing the bloodless occupation of the city, which surrendered directly on the receipt of a Tk? !-- -J..: ? 'uiiiutuua vv? iui?k x iiuac i?9i nuviuoi wno still followed up by others (the receipt of which ommunicated yesterday), giving intelligence of the dissolution of the new administration, the actual or intended departure of Almonte for Englane, and of Santa Anna having been compelled to refund the two millions of dollars lately taken by him from a conducts, and upon the use e which he had relied for the prosecution of the war. The result of events so unlooked lor, and of such importance, it is difficult to speculate upon Santa Anna is a man of courage, fertile in expedient*, an 1 not easily daunted by adverse circumstances. But these occurrences will unquestionably derange his plans, if not lead to their absolute defeat. The dissolution of an administration friendly to his views?the departure of Almonte, his confidential friend and adviser?and the loss of funds upon which he hod depended for the pay of his soldiers, and the purchase of supplios, are misfortunes ofno ordinary magnitude. The neaceablt! surrender of Tamnieo seems to have had na connection with either of these events. Santa Anna had ordered the town to bo abandoned by its garrison; which was command ed, after evacuating the city, to repair to headquarters at San Luis Potsi. The general had issued this order with the double purpose of strengthening himself with the acquisition of the garrison and at the same time of weakening the force of (len. Tuylor, a detachment from which, lie colculnted, would be sent to occupy Tampieo. The conviction that the towa could not withstand the assault of the squadron, and that the lives lost in defending it would he a bootlese waste ol I strength, doubtless contributed, in no small nieafurej to Santa Anna's determination on its voluni tary sacrifice. The city, at the last advices, was garrisoned by one hundred and fifty sailors and marines from the squadron, who are by this time j relieved by six hundred soldiers detached irom uren. rauerson a coinumnu. The same mail that brought advices of ihe surrender of Tampico, brought intelligence that General Valencia was setting out from Guansjuato, on his march to San Luis Potosi, at the head of six thousand troops. This fact, taken in connection with the withdrawal of the troops from Tampico, argues a determination on the part of Santa Anna, to risk every thing on an engagement at San Luis Potosi. How the more recent, and to him disastrous, events which 1 have mentioned, . may modify this resobve, remains to tie seen. 1 he rumored crusade of Gen. Floras against Ecuador, is, I learn, regarded by the administration as an empty bubble. They entirely disregard the assertiou that Louis Philippe has given the expedition his countenance and support. They believe the French monarch to be too prudent to leodbia ' aid to any such equivocal enterprise; and though not having the same degree of confldenoe in ton wisdom of the Q,ueen-mother, they nevertheless | look upon the statement that she has supplied this quixotic adventurer with funds, and permission to make drafts on the Spanish army,as highly exaggerated. Should this expedition prove to be mora than mere rumor, the policy or our government will be direct, immediate, and if ne cessary, forcible interposition I he united states will look with regret, but nevertheless without interference, except such as consists in friendly mediation, on the intestine dissensions of any of our sister republics on this continent; but in accordance with the doctrine enunI ciated by Mr. Monroe in 1628, and since recognized as the sovereign will of the people of the United States, our government would feel compelled to resist an arined invasion of any of the south American an expedition fitted out under the direction and by the countenance of any European power, more especially when the ulterior design of such invasion would be to erect any of the republics so invaded into a moI narchy. But, as I have said, our government does not apprehend any immediate occasion lor the practical enforcement of this doctrine. The French government is loo heartily ashamed and tired of the ridiculous aifair of La k'lata, to exhibit a readiness to rush into any other similar absurdity; more especially as Dy trie adoption 01 sacn a. course ttiey would come in direct collision with the United States, and thus endanger, it not destroy the amicable rela ions now happdy existing ! between the two countries A week trom to-morrow Congress will commence one ot the most exciting and busy sessions ever held within the walls ol the capitol. The President's message will embrace a variety ol im) portant subjects. The Mexican war will be the chief feature.ThePrcsident will pointto the results already accomplished,in the achievement of three brilliant victories, the capture ol a number of towns ' and the occupation of the Calitbrnias, New Mexico, New Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, and Sooora, embracing 1,500,01)0 square miles, and all in the space of live months, as entirely unparalleled in history. He will go into a detailed account of the measures of the Sovernment in relation to Mexico, and will, oubtless, suggest to Congress the propriety of extending the tcrritoii*! jiiiisdiction of the United States over the California* and New Mexico. He ( will probably advise a slight modification of the tarilfj so as tocousult for the coal and iron interest andfurtherto provide revenue t* meet the Increased expenditure rendered necessary by the continuance ol the war. I do not think he will siludejto the affairs of South America. Besides the important subjects of deliberation contained in the President's message, the question of slavery will agitate, a ad that to no tnthng extent, the debates of Congress 'J he question will naturally arse from the introduction of bills extending the jurisdiction of the United .Srau-s over our newly acquired territory. 'I be Western MUMiuv,iaiPj nucnuj JCOJ'JUB U1 JllUli ^HUICIII brethren tor their opposition to the River and Harbor bill last session, will, in a body, oppose the existence of slavery in tlio new territory. This will fully open the question, and a stormy debate may be anticipated. A compromise ot this expecud difficulty is already talked of, not be. tween the Western and Southern democracy, hut between the slavery and nn'i-slavery party, and the negotiator* named are, Mr. Calhoun on the one side, and Mr. W* biter on the other. This is a mere rumor, however. The whigs will introduce a bill lor the immediate repeal of the tariir law of *4ai They will I come furnished with innumerable petitions and & I formidable arrny of rtgures. | On the whole, the session will be exciting busy, and animated, and questions will bo disposed of vitally affecting the interestsol the Union. trAI.VIKNRIS. Washington, Nov 2tl, lKIti An Enigma Salvtd. The news which 1 sent you yesteiday, of the recent occurrences in Mexico, is n key to the noli cy of our government in grantng tree ingress to hanta Anna into Vera Cruz. There was, in fac t no compact between liitn and our government, nor did the latter count, as some journals hnve invidiously asserted, on h.s treachery. That they ex pee ted to turn hie presence in Mexico to guuil account, it true, but how ? In this wise: Mexico, with iri domestic troubles to distinct i her attention, could combine her strength anil 1 needlessly prolong the war without any advantage