Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1846 Page 4
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to herself. You will perceive that the first duty of our government was to bring the war as speedily n? possible to an honorable conclusion. It" an opportunity occurred for weakening the strength of the enemy, our government was justified in seizing upon that opportunity. Any mode of making a diversion in favor ol' ( Taylor on his inarch to the city of Mexico, would blunt the edge of the warfare waged by the Mexicans on the ariny of occupation, and would thus serve materially to bring hostilities nearer to a termination. for the accomplishment ol this object, which it would liuvB been worth while to ?>*iid an army by way of southern Mexico to achieve, an excellent opportunity presented itself iti the desiro of Santa Anna to return to his country. It was very natural to suppose that the unbidden return from banishment ol a man who hail so numy enemies in Mexico, won d be ca'.cula e?l to cause a slight diversion in ftvor of irei.i ittl Taylor, and w >u'd make the Mexicans more it?.*ir?us of putting an end to the war, weio it but for the purpose <>f arranging ihoir domestic affairs to 'luii own sat s'ae.tioii.? Now, it was perltctly nautral tor ISautu Anna to d-Mre to revisit lis native country, aiul our government came to the conclusion that to throw an obstacle in the way of his patriotic intentions. would be extremely impolitic. Morever they reflected that even if Santa Anna should succeed in , reducing the discordant elements of party in his own country into solid opposition to the United Stites, trie war could he more speedily terminated than if our forces should s'uil he obliged to 1 contend against an unresisting, or a weakly resisting enemy, capturing more prisoners than j Gen Taylor would know how to manage, and taking more towns than he would have soldiers j to garrison and all without any beneficial etl'cct on the unimpressible masses ol' Mexico. Accordingly, Santa Anna was permitted to land at Vera Cruz. The result has evinced the wisdom of our government. Dissensions have already broken out, and a dissolution of the ministry Iriendly to Sail- : ta Anna has taken place. The general will ho compelled, by the recent occurrences, either to make peace with the Um'od States, or to stake every think on the issue of the battle of San Lu'S I'otosi. In either case there is a prospect of the war reaching a speedy termination. A defeat of the Mexicans at San Luis i'otosi would be decisive o! the tate of the campaign. Santa Anna would lind it imnossihlu to rn lu t another arinv. i mid thus would be compelled to sue for peace.? As it is, there js every reason to believe that his j hopes of successful opposition are by this time ; annihilated. And this is the explanation of the policy of the government, in permitting Santa Anna to land at j Vera Cruz. Galviensis. Wsshiwc.tu-v, Nov. VJ, 1840. Cth B<>no ? Cut Malo Wo have a report to-night?and our informant u a gen- i tlem?n of distinction and veracity?that the Mexican re- | public, that i? the army, is split up again to fragments ; ! that by one half of the urniy Santa Anna has been de- ' clared dictator, and has left San Luis for Mexico, carry- i lng that portion of the army with him, and that the other j half of the army, under Vulexc is, has obstinately refused j to lexve San Luis, or join in the proclamation of Santa I Anna as the dictator. The truth of the matter is more | likely to he that Santa Anna has been pronounced die- , tator by the titny, and that he has lelt Valencia in com- I man i of the main body at San Luis, while ha, with the | detachment, has returned to quell the revolt in the j capital The difficulty ef procuring a peace with Mexico will i be the difficulty of finding a government with which to : treat. Would it not b" the very best plan to authorise Gen. Fcotl to issue a promote iomtnlo declaring himsell President of Mexico, assist him in organising a government nt <he point of the bayonet, the regular method of the Mexican elections, and then to tend commissioners to him at the Nntioiial To lace to treat of boundaries, indemnities, right of way for a ship canal (torn Huasacuolco to Tehuantepee, joining the Atlantic and I'acitic, and all other matters between the two countries ? Honestly, we may be driven to the necessity of some such expedient belore the war is over. Among ttio arrivals sinc e yesterday morning, we have At coi,r.m\'i ?Hon. Messrs. Breere and Semple, of Ihe Semite ; General llinton, the great mad contractor of Ohio : Gideon Hswlt>v nt tl.? SmiiSuAnU, u John A. tVuvhirg'ou ol Mont Vernon. At BaowaV?Messrs IVunvbseker ami Turney, of the boar.te ; and Monra. Payne, Linn Boyd, Andrew Kennedy, L 11. Sims, A. Coaitable, ef the House, and Dr. Lane, ) Serge.nit.nt-Arm . There is an increase ef arrivals of strangers at the ' United States, and otir Congressional mess are daily ex- l j ccled. t ongress is coining, and things begin to br ehten 1 up a little. Youre, truly, KOJti'Y-NlNL. BALTIMORE, Nov. 30, 1848. Tke ll'iathrr?Jlrlurn of Harts?Market*, The weather continues dear and sharp, though tot too cold for comfort. ^ llaag. one of the the Gypsy thieves who r cenlly broke I Jail here, was yesterday brought to the city ftom Pittsburgh, and is now safely encased in irons, to prevent his activity from again giving a s',jp,to the vigilance of bis keepers. lie was pissing hiaisc It oJ at Pittsburgh as a physician, and had engaged the enactions, and was about to he married to a lady of respectability and some pro' pertv. Ha had with him a variety of articles stolen from the neighborhood of this city efier hi? escape from pi i?oo, principally from the dwelling of the Hon John M othered, including a splendid cloth mantio. g<dJ watch sad chain, and a pair of gold scissors, which he had presented to his lady-love The Masstts? >? Sitnrdsy, oar ll>"i'msrket was pretty moth st s sraud : t uyers sod sellers i.niu unable to ncrre on prices ii|]| e'? offered $1 t7,?a tor How sitl stiert tluur ; but Is Ideu were u willing to i prints- at Uist price, auticiiwting a lurlhvr t Jesnce PniLADdi rrns, Nov. 30, ISIS. Thr yolvntet ro?t lno'htr How among the Firrrutn?*1c \ riJmtal Burning of Children - Stocki, ij-e. John S Dusollo, the editor of the Spirit of Iht Timit, his been appointed aid-de-camp to Gov. Shuntc, with the tank of Lieutenant Colonel. Prompt as was lha action of otir volunteers upon leain. ing tho reouirition upon the State lor a r?r?iment to ?cn? in Mexico, they have been led by four other eotnpanie* i 'n th? interior, who have already been accepted, while no decisive action has as yet been bad upon the oilers of j the city troopa. Te i companies from the city have of ] fared and their roll* aro nearly all full, while cover a new companies are forming for the purpose of putting in their claims It is understood that most of the "Killers'. Club hare signed the roll of one of the voluntocr corps, whose chance of being accepted stands good. If their sirfttt 01 outlawry can be restrained by the atrict discipline of a camp they will make good soldiers, for their roursge cannot tie doubted, though they have heretofote displayed it in opposition to the laws. 1 have j??t learned that the City Guard*, Ctpt. Joseph Hill? the Washinrton Infmtry, Capt. \V. K. hinder, and the Philadelphia Light sOtiarda, I apt. John Bennett, have been officially accepted by the Governor for service iu Mexico. A skrimmago occurred last evening in Southward, between the Weccacoe an I Franklin firo companies, but no especial harm was caused, cave the breaking of a few hea U with bricks and fire horns, which were among the weapons used by the combatants. The firemen bad been called out by the partial burning of the roof of a small market hoil'e in Kighth below Fitrwater, which had been set on (lie. it is said, for th? purpose of drawing the Weccacoe engine out into that neighbor uwi mv iuii 11 vvuiu no aiiaikeu uy ino riaiiKIID : men, with whom a feud has recently occurred. The inn place wan se' on (ire ubout noon today, and the .V.? engine wn agiin attacked, the Killer* taking part with ihe assailing company One jouii* (ellow mined Pan', who runs with the Wecoacoe. was dangerously wounded, a cut with the horn which wai taken Hum mm, hat, it if feared, fractured hi* iktill. and a itah waa uiao indicted above the right eye. A sheriff's posse of police appear# l on the ground, nut not until ail the rioter* had teuei'el.1 Two children, of an lri?h lainily, residing near the Hchu)lUill weie dreadltilly burned thi* morning, from tua bed in which they were lying tskitig (ire from a furnace carelessly placed bc ievh it One has since died, nud the ether i* not expected to lire. t^tloD. D. Webster, Massachusetts ; lion. U. McClelland, I Michigan ! and (Jen. James Wilton, New Hampshire, arrived this afternoon ftom New Yoik, a.d have taken rc trtis at Hartwell's Washington Ifonse. kalesof Slorks at Philadelphia. KiasT Boaao?#3?do shs V. 8 Lois6'?, j?, ioi. Sgcoen Bosan?dOOshs Vjckibn'* ,,3?Penn Tnwnthtp Bid H. lOOfl U. 8 L isn 4'aSt, lOlj T Fj.mers' V MrCMates' Bi'ik. Iltf. Vet i n alts?MO Lehigh t s, II Memphis Btok.7l; Sn Vicksbarg B ink, 6T,. kteanihnat t'olllal ?n. [From the Picayune Extra, Nor. 02 ] Tutsir ob Tmibiv Liens Lost isd Twsxt* oa Thi iii f? ?Ln?P.?'rh9 Sultana, Capt. Tuft#, which er r.ved Oii* morning Iron Vickaborg, brief ? the paiticuI*it o' ? terrible ?'.eae?boat accident which occurred on the iltt ii.tint, abou' aaven mil** below Natctaei, in the bead o ilit river, by which eouie twenty or thirty lirea weie and a great number of [erioue were ?ererely cal,i ?4. The .viltaet. hound dot a the rirer, came in contact with ine efaieboet Marm, Cent. T. w. Duuniea, bound v, ? ml j o'clock in the afternoon, atriking her juat 'oiw i 1 of ihe whael-hotite, and by the violence ol the ?hoc< ' ! * ' the connection pipe ot the Maria, by which toechie cl irk. ne aecon ! engineer, en l between twentyfive ,d tnirtj deck handi and deck pataeugeie were eealdtd, mmy of them eo aererely that thore wai no proipoct oi their leeovery. y I"he ^1-irin tank to within about two feet of her cabin floor within tra minutei after the colliiion, drowning between twen y five and thirty peraona wno were on the lower deck. It u thongnt that Capt Duunice waa drowned, but it ia not certainly known. The cabin paaeengera wnro ill ?l?V*d. The eteamhost Talma. Capt |Jite, came dewn the rivor a ion al ar the accident, and took on hoard the wont led and conveyed tiiem hack to Nate her to he lived in the h.iapitel The SulUnn remained by the ?id ot the wreck till aunrite the neat morning, renderi.if ever? aa< ie'enre in their imwar We are unable to iur.itfh a liet oi the perova of killed aed ecaided The V i'ti * III b a a total loaa. It ia thought Tha bowa oi ha ft were mu?h Injured COM 91 KHCIAL.I | New Vorh, Nov. JO. Asm* ?*-The maiket was extremely dull to-dty. and we beard of no sales worth noticing. Tot* are held at ; I'earl, $j 73 Brrtw.iDuring the lu?t three day* about 3000 lli*. of souhein yellow were sold at iiS1^ cents, and 2?00 northern at 27X cash ; also, 20 bales of Cubs, lor expoit, on term* not made known B*? ?i>sr i rn.-Ou Thursday, the weather having act in col t and clo-ed the canal probably lor the season, tnere was a good business done, and at an advance of I2j? cants p-r 1 ariel Something like dotal barrels of Genesee were taken at $3 23 ami $3 37,'. ; and about 4000 Michigan at $ > 23 and $3 31,'4. tin Friday $3 37.ttf was tlie general asking price for goad Genesee und Michigan, hot \eiy few soles were made, as the buyers wero reluctant to nay over $6 2.> About 3 000 barrels only were sold, mostly u1 the liaver.' rates On SutuuNy the wt atlicr raving n o leruted, and luigc quardi'iea h iving iiruve I prices again iec?ued. About 10 Onubarrels ol p-iine trenes-n und Mnlng.n viae dispoM-d ol at $.'> Id tn ^3 23 ; a id : bout 300 bum Is Troy a' $5 31's Georgetown, (street, aid IS randy wnu, wore hel l ai So 30, l ut mat with no purcha-er The nmikei closed heavy and unsettled. 'J he stock on hand la verv luigo aid is indenting dnily, in consequence nf tho dirti 1111 v ol \> sell to export il. As long us this c.ou inues to be Ibe can*, pric: s cannot auvauce to any amoui t The closing of the canal dm'S not appear to have had any elt'ect on the gr.iri market, and piicos remain pretty much iho same us they were previous to the sai'iug of tho Western. There has been but little doue during the last few days On Thursday abunt 4 <>00 bushels of mixed western brought fl 03, which iR the largest trnnsiction made since. Wheat of nil kinds is heavy. Hart samples of Genesee would not bring ever $1 10, and line white fcl 06 to $1 12, and red | II l? (I 111 ....r,tilurl...n.l.i.T V <1 l>-- !_ <1 ? ft w t|Hnii>? . iiyn?ri:i,.,cii UNO, hiul prices have an upw aid tcndeucy; 26 000 bushels sold chitlU at Tan 70,l4 cents 111 the ship, and 78 a 70 delivered. The sales of Bailey reach 0.600 bushels at i9 a bl cunts. Northern Oat' are held tr.uru tiimly, ur.d may now he quoted at .17 u 31 cents; some Southern brought 3d, cash, t orn i< inactive and prices remain without cluiugn. On Friday about 4,UtK) bushels oi mixed Western wcro taken on priia'e terms. Also, a small lot ol'Jersey at 75 cents, 6,000 mixed Southern at t4 and 00 oents, 10,000 new Northern 01 weight, and about 3.000 naw Southern on private tctma. On Saturday R)e w?i in excellent demand at 78 and 70 cents, and llurley at 64 and OS, and some extensive operations were made at there terms. There appeared to be a disposition to buy up large quantities. w hich we expect is intended for export, w hen frcgnts aie a little reduced. The receipts, too, have not lnen to I.ii go since our Ijst for Kurope, and the purchasers inty bo impressed with the opinion that the speedy closing of usvigation may enhance the value of their stock. There was scarcely any business done in flour to-day. Some small sales ol Genesee at $6 35 and $6 37>?, wilt cover the da) 's transactions. Corn s?The demand from the trade continned good, and us the stock of Brazil is reduced to about 5000 begs; the market ii quite firm, and prices have been well supBUM. The sales are 30' 0 hags Brazil at 7'4 cents; 1500 Java, part 9\i a lit, for white, .and b}? lor greeu; SCO Sumatra. 7'?. now held higher; 300 Laguuyra, 7i,; und 200 White Marucaibo, 8.!,. 4 mos. Correa?New sheathing is iu excellent demand at221-,' cents, and Taunton yellow metal at 20 cents. 6 mos. CoTToit?'The sales to-day amounted l,300 bal-a, at tirmer prices. Holders, in some cases, are asking more hut have not succeeded in obtaining it. klngagements to (.iverpool have been ma le at seven sixteenths, and that is now the asking rate. Oai us im. I)vas?bales have been made of 30 ceroons calisaya bark. 3000 ltn retined nrgols, 00 bags nutgalls, on terms not transpired; 26 cases Spanish solid licorice paste, 18 cents; 25 do interior Calabria, 17; soda ash (80 per cent) in lots, 4; and 20 cases Kngliili black lead, 9\i, 0 mos. Dri ivoons - The market continues very inactive, and h<? nnlv *alc.a orn /. f.w. ?f ---1-: -1. ?' it none at present, is the only article in demand. Tbe only titles we have noticed are -24 tons camwood at $63, 00, on time; and a cargo ol' Sisal logwood,on terms not transpired. KaoiT. ?Wo notice sales of 000 lixs. bunch Raisins at $1 TO; SlOO hf. do. 60 cents; 000 qr. do. 60 a 62,S ; 13!) casks Sun, stip|K>sed within our range; b()0 drums Sul tana, on private terms; 100 frails Arabian dates, b>? cents; 10 cases tieuoa citron, 23, from second hands, theru bei-g none in first, and the stock in the country vety light; /..into currants, tn lots , iI; 4 a 600 bbls., the residue of | the cargo, on terms wo did not learn ; 16(1 bags Spanish scit shell almonds, IA, 4 mot., 300 bushels new Noith Carolina IVa Nuts, $1 23 ; and 30b cases macaroni and vermicelli, 0 cents, cash. Ilh.ur ?The supply of the different dosciiptions con- , tiuues very light, and tbe only seles that cumo to our knowledge ate >0 tons clean Russia, to arrive, at $220, b mos; and 2<-'0 bales Manilla, from second hands, on i teims we did not learn. Hioxs?The market lias been tnoie dull than usual, I nod we havo only to notice sales of lot) Rio (Iruude, 2C1lb about 11 cents, 6 mos ; and in Philadelphia for this market, btHH) Porto Caheilo, (now being received,) about 8 mos mcichantable. aIolassii ?1The last sales of the new crops New Orleans, were at 36c., and tnere is only 60 barrels of this description remaining in the maiket undisposed of. In ! old. thgie is nothing domg. Natal Stokes ?There is scarcely any thing doing, or , likely to be dune, while freights remain so exorbitant The sto- k continues! light, no arrivals having taken i place since our last. What little business has been done, i has been chiefly for home usa. Of spirits turpentine, wo | notice sales ion fair extent at Si cents, cash, in lots, w Inch is now about the highest price, and 160 casks landing. at something less. Tar has sold in lots, as wonted for home consumption, at $2a2 26 per bbl. Rosin continues exceedingly dull. Provisions- -The maiket for h.rf continue! denres*. ed, the demand being light ; -CM) tc?. new Cleveland prime mesa. ju?t received, sold previous to arrive! at f lft: new prime and me?* n ay be quoted *6 and $>, and el1, ( 60 and $7 $7 AO; the stock of new ii at>out 15UQ0 bbl? ; and ot old, about 5000 bids. Ohio pork is very ; quiet, 200 hid* sour pome brought "(ii 13S; atack about 4imii.ii bills. Ohio lard is in fair request, and we notice i sales of la'.'OO bbl*.at7}.,; and 1000 kegs 7J??7J?c. Some new pickled shoulders and hams from the interior, say ! 150 halt, sold, we un tersland. at 4 and t> cents. Ores ed > | hog* have advanced to 6 cents, flutter and cheese re- ! mum as lust noticed. Jin k ? On in< to the difficulty of procuring freights to Europe. theie have been no transactions worth noticing Spirit*?The supply of brandy m light, and in other . fori igu, mere has teen nothing done. Domestic Whiskey i is (lull, and nnccs have psomewhat rocei ed ; about 300 j bbls. were said on Friday at 2i cents and under. Sri. ah ? A a the duty is to be reduced on the first of next month, the market for Muscovsdoct is dull, as buyers will not operate to any amount until then, to as- j ceitain what rflect that measure will have oti the market?prices have consequently receded about j of a cert Of new crop New Orleans, 60 lrhdi. fair to good have changed band* at 7j a 0} cents, and Kb do. only tern 8id unsold The prefeut ciop or Louisiana is es im.ited at about 700,000 hiids. against I9S.UIO last year; and those of I'orto Itiro and Cuba we understand aie so lar highly promising. Tobacco.?The market is quiet, and we know of no | sales. Ry auction, 4t> hints. Kentucky sold at'7,'-4 a 4j 4 rnoa; ot d 6 do. Maysviile 2>? a 4??, cash. Fssiohts.?To England continue brisk, anJ higher ! rates havo arain bei 11 obtained We hoar of nnirur-o. i nienti) to Liverpool ol ft to bales of Cotton at \,1 n pi per i lb. lor square ami round; 16 a 20,000 hbls. Flour at t>f | tr bbl.; Corn anil Wheat in hulk I'd a 16d. anil in bag* ltd ' per bushel, while tome ask still more lor tiiat in bulk, in consequence ot the lato resolution of the Compamei on this subject. To London, tliey continue very Arm and active, hut the rates are not materially altered. To Glasgow. 6s 6 1 is ottered for Hour. To Havre they are steady ut lotmer quotations. To Antwerp, ore. | Gram may he quoted 38 u 37 cents per bushel. Kstatk fsiis-Sales at the Kxohange by An ' thouy J. Blsecker, Nov. 30?Store and lot No. 333 Brond- ! way S. W. coiner of Anthony street, lot 26 hy 103.$29,. I 200; two story brick front bouse snil lot, No. 7t! Franklin ! street, lot 26 by 90, $6,100; tw o story brick front house No 79 Fiaukliu street, lot 26 by 100, $6 BOA: three story dwelling house and lot No. 210 Molt street, lot 26 by 94, $V090, hit end old building No. 23 ^I'liiire st, near Mott, 23-9 by 126, $3,300. I Cotton Trade. On Tuesday, 17th inst, wo were placed in possession j of dates Hum Liverpool to the 31st October, per steamer "Gioat Western," showing that the market tuere had sd- I taiicod orio-e'ght.h ot a penny per lb, suiee th? departure | ot the previous steamer, but at the date of her sailing, tvss ioi- (ii in thus i,ieoarinc m lor rue advices .Iua "Acadia" which we received early the next day. llelerring to our remarks for the causes operating disadvant igeuuely upon price* in this market, We must observe tuat the advancing tendency in freights, and the difficulty of negotiating Kxchunge, together with a growing apprehension nt a tight money market ill Kngiand, vv hich is exjiected to lolluw the anticipated demund lor specie, stimulated holders here to bring forward their supplies for immediate sale ; an l as tlio week ending J 1st mil. | was geneiully niuiky and disagreeable, the lew buyers ! out had the market to themselves, und prices sunk one i quartet ol a cent, which was moderate, considering the 1 tact, that the advance in freight and decline in exchange < during that period, was equal thereto. The pressure to | se.i being uicica?ed by some large arrivals udded to j the icarcity, and at times, impossibility of procuring freight, led to a fuither decline ot a quarter of n cent iu the early part of last w eek, at which some parcels w ere taken on speculation, to be stored here. '1 he presaiDg 1 sales were chiefly of the upland description, ot whicn the large arrivals here have been composed, and the quality is considered better aa ipgards strength of staple tb in that of the list season. The amount disposed ef lor the svoek ending 'dlit. (inst., amounted to ?t?OU bales, aud was computed ot the grade* of "Middling 1 lair" and "hair.'1 and, in addition thereto, about 5t 00 bales of Oulf Cottons w ere ahippod from tirst hands. Holders of the old crop ol this latter desrnption, are exceedingly firm, and well they inay be, when the quality ot the first pickings ol the -New Orleans receipts is con aide red?wlrich fiom the samples of the parcel* in this market, are considered decidedly inferior in strength ol staple aud cleanliness, to that of last yaar. The Jdtb instant, Thursday of last week, being set apart aa Thanksgiving day, business was entirely suspended,and the day preceding being packet day for the steamer "(treat West ern, ana wiuiai very itorniy, the weeks business vn broken iu upon, una st ihe pressing lots bare been re moved, price! have ag.'in lanmc 1 mure steadiness, notw ithsuuning the incieeting diftlculiy of eitecting shipliienta. The silcs^as* week up to Saturday evening,98u> inet., amount to uQOO bale! ; an 1 we have reduce 1 our quotations to CQftlor n thereto. In regard to th? crup, there ii no now tes'ure to report; the picking i'uoii has been n< laroraMe a< wet anticipated, hut in no case that hat cotne under our notice, have the ettimatee of well inlormrd parties teenev tenJed? a< tboee familiar with iu condition at the Southweat at the close of the growing aeason consider the injury done waa of too lahicul a nature to 1% recovered by any extent of mild weather during theeutumn. The movement! in the staple this eeaaon to the latest later, compared with the previous two, have bcou as Annexed Haiti. Koceipts at Tortaof 17.8. since Sept. 1, 1848 '4*0,610 " atme period last year. . .386.76'! " ' " ' year before. .370,1 rI Haporte from t' S since Sopt. 1,1816 97,840 " ?ame period last year. . . 408,884 " " ' ' year before. 330,766 I The receipt! at this pert since the Arit Instant have I been 31.0<W bales Expert!, 11,000 bales Taken hp pinners 15,001). Taken on speculation. # 000. Stock in city, 3?,000. Amount on sale, 10 000 bale*. The doting quotation! -in this market were n? annexed Livsarooi. Cli turiCATiow. New Or It ant Upi'indt. florid* Mob. Texat | Inferior... one none. none. | Ordinary "Vi 8 uoue Hiddliug ??a 9 l*a 9 9k? ?* ; (JooJ MiJriliuf.... a 9'. 9S? #?? 911s 9k Middling y air... . 9',a 9)2 9'tt 9)2 lu a 10 V Fur 0>4? 10 9,',n alii* 10*a 10* I fully Kair 10 a 10* none. li-*a U (food Kur in'a a Hi* none. Ilka II* t K.ue 11*110* none. H*? H* : Cotton DIarketi Nrw Orlxani, Nov ill.?The reception of the Euro- ' pean advices by the Britannia in the early part of tho , we. k to completely unsettled tho market that nearly all business was nrrette I, il.e discrepancy being to great between the views of buyer* and sellers, ai d we left the ' m 'ke? on T'lesdsy last iu a vary Inactive itato holder! contending strenuously fur some a-JViiriee. while on tho other Iran, buy er* did not appear to i-ou.iJer the foreign a Ivicet tulU iently sncnuraging to warrant tho pay m int of bighet late* ihau woic cuuvut prior to their receipt, i There wn< alto a de.ue to lo irri the < tfhot o" the nerve upon the Northern market!, and intelligence in thit particnlar wae interrupted by the failure ot tho mail '1 he early part ol Wednesday alto continued inactive, hu> uii and t *11 _ rs being unable to meet in their views, and indeed but lew patties came forward, us Exchange negotiations were difficult, even at the low rates winch prevailed before the close of the day, however, several purchases were made, amounting in all to about 4009 bales, at prices which were suppressed in the principtl transactions. but generally understood to be but a fraction, if any , higher than the rates paid before the receipt of the Britannia's accounts. On Thursday again the market exhibited hut a moderate degree of animation, and about 3000 bales were sold, at prices a shade easier i than those which prevailed on the dav before. Yester day the difficulties in Exchange ncgociatioas continuing, anil tho accounts from the North being unfavorable, buyers were unwilling to ccme forward without some concessions on tho part of holders, which the lattor were comjiellod to yield, and sales to the extent of about 400o bales were effected, mailing for the past three days 11 000, and for the week 11 000 bales, the greater part of which bee been taken l'er England and tbe North, with some few parcels for Spain, and Mediterranean. Buyers for France have done nothing (luce the receipt of the loreign advices. As regards juices, they have | as we have remarked above?constantly tended in favor of buy ore since tbe market opened on Wednesday, and the stiles of yesterday exhibit a decline of lully an of a cent since our last report, particularly on the middling and lair qualities, and our quotations have been amended accordingly. The total reoeijits at this port since 1st Sejitember, are 146.377 bales, against 367 176 bales at same date last tear ; showing a decrease ot 111,79b bales ; and the falling olfin the receipts at all the jiorts, up to the dates, as compared with last year, is 117,837 bales. In the total exports from the United States to foreign countries, as compared with the same dates last y ear. there is a decrease of 109,673 bales to (Jreat Britain, and 9,438 hales to France, while to other tereign ports there is an increase of 1.036 bales. We I note the following particulars of i ales, for the past threo j days?300 at 11; 35< at 9X a 9>,; 160 at 11; 348 at ?; 87 at 9; oyO at - ; 601 at ? J 46 at 9,',; 336 at (X; 300 at 10; ; 800 at ?; 600 et 9>; 93 at 9l4'; 1,306 at ?; 76 at ; 466 1 uif *, :uv ui ?,?>; iu v-iimiuuuu; ui i1?<, ii< ui ?;ii *iv at ?; 33 at W'4; 161 at 9\; 300 at ?; 1,470 at #?.; 163 at O^. anil 1,030 et9 3-16 cents per pound. New Om itMi Ci.itsi?-ic4Tioi?.? (Assimilating to that of Liverpool)?Louisiana and Mississippi?Inferior, ?; ord. to good ord, 8>, a fc>*4; middling. 0 a 9,V; good middling, 9,'* a PV. DiidJliug fair, 9*? a 10; fair, 10)4 a?; good lair, 11 a 1good and due, 11>? a 13. Cotton Crop. The XVoodvillo (Miss) UcpuOhcan, ol the 14th inst , , cont. ins the subjoined report, embiacing returns ol the : crop Irom a number ol plantations in Wilkinson county, j Miss. The Committee appointed under the 3d of a series of resolutions adopted at the late meeting ol the Agricultural Society of this county, reipectlullv beg leave to report that they have ohtnincd from a number of planters of ; the county a statement of the number ol acres cultivated , by each of them?in cotton, the number ol bales each oxpectod to made, and the number they will actually j make the present year, (1840,) which is stated in the fol- ! lowing list:? Slalttnenl of Cotton Crop of Wilkinton county, Milt., ' for year 1846. Number of acres in Cotton, 31,095 Number of bales exported 16.434 i Number of bales made 4 936 The abova list covers all parts of the county, and maybe depended on. it will be perceived that the crop will be little over one-fourth, not one-third of a crop. LSrt-nriKtiilTs. N'rw Ori.f an* . Nov 'JO:h.? & lnnr?Tha fitvnrfthU nr?. counts by the steamer ocoH?ioned on immediate advance , in prices of 50 to 76c per bbl. and on Monday some WOO bbls were sold at $6 to $6 37X per bbl. On Tuesday the market, influenced by large receipt!, went down to < ft 90 a $6, and on Wednesday to $5 75 to 6 B7)? per bbl, j the transactions of the two days embracing 13,oOo bbli. j Oa Thursday about 6000 changed hands at fo 50, and yesterday a still further decline was submitted to, and some 3U0O bbls. were taken as follows: BOO bbls and 1000 do Ohio at *5 25, 400 Illinois at $5 25. 400 Ohio at $3 50, ami JftO do at <. > 35 per bbl The transactions of the week embrace 28 000 bbls, nearly all for shipment to Europe. Grain?The effect of the steamer's news, an- | pouncing an advance in Ind an corn at Liverpool, was to occasion an immediate odvanca here of 7 to 10 cents per bushel, and tnmo considerable sales were made at 68 to ; 75 cents per bushel Tricot, however, soon receded to i the point from which they started, and some 20,000 bush, pis have changed hands in the past three days at 60 a 70 1 cents lor mixed to prime white ami yellow, making a to- 1 tnl for the week of 7ft COO bushel* yesterday's sales comprised 6800 tacks (15,000 bushels) at 63 to 70 cents per bushel, mostly prime old white and yellow. Nothing doing in wheat. Small sales of white beans at >6 a f 6 25 pe: bhl. Corn rronl lias advanced materially, and a lot of 276 bbls w is sold early in the week at $4 per bbl. , Tobacco?H'o have again to notice a very inactive mar l;r*f fi?r this urlirlit nn.l (lies antirA cal?a rtf ?V>n tw>al irnolr only comprise 150 hhda. including 100 low admitted at ; 2}<c per lb, and 17 do nt the ram? rata. The itock cow on baud duos not exceed not) hhdi. We continue our last quotations. Inferior l>i a 2. common 2*? a 25$, fair, 3 n 3'j. fine, 4 a 4>$, choice 4% a 6),', tegur leal' none. Sugar?The sugar maikct has displaye 1 much activity since our last review, but prices have declined from Si * \4? |>er lb. The sale* of the week embrace fully 2S00 huds. mostly for shipment to the North, with some parcels tor the West, and a portion to be again resold on the platform. Wo quote common to fair 31, a 8. prime and 1 choice 6'4 a f>*$c per lb. Molasses?Tho sales of Mol>sncs hare also t>een large, amounting to about 221)0 hbls, taken mostly ior shipaient to the eastern markets Prices, however, are lower, end the bulk of the sales yesterday, and the day before, were at 23, with some small lets at 23t*c per gallon ( itiRLKSTOis, Nov 2fl,?Grain?The market continues to present the s me languid aspect, so often noticed, the 1 demand being yet confined to the wants of tho city trade. . A cargo of old North Carjlina corn, 2,000 bushels, received this week, passed into second hands at C.l cent*. 3 000 bushels Maryland oats were also received, and were taken by a dealer at 43 cents .>00 bandies of North i Itiver, 1,100 Kastcrn hay, have come to hand the past week. Of the latter description, 830 bundles have been sold at n figure in tho neighborhood of 73 cents. Flour? Tlio inquiry has been very limited since our last report, and Ihe sales of a trifling charanter We quote Baltimore at $tit4 a $5.H' Ariived this week, 103 barrels Western, 900 Virginia, and 100 Daltimoie. Kicc?The market since our last lias been rather heavy, except for good qualities, which have commanded more attention For all grades under prime the market has been drooping, and pi ices tending downwards. Tercels of the lower qualities hare been Koldotfdn.V, The difficulty of negotiating ony favorable terms for exchange, aud the meagro opi ortunitiesEl'or shipping, still operato against tiansactions. The sales of the past week amount to about 1,100 barrels, extreme prices, ranging from to S4' for inferior to choice. Princinal sales at *37.. ikrrALo, Nov. 28.?The market is, as a matter of course, nery dull at this season. There are still some few ui rivals fromjupthe lake, but the receipts are very trilling The quantity of wncat and flour in the hands ol holders and lor sale is not large. Wheat remains stationary. snd without any change in price; Cleveland is held at 7oc; Sandusky and 'ike descriptions, at i2c: Toledo, at 71c: W uconsin, at 70c, and Chicago, at 68c. A sale otAOO bbls. Michigan flour, with storage until spring, ! was made at $4 OB?*; 2tKt bbls, delivered, at $4 00 >'orn I is nominally SAc. A sale of mess pork was made at i $10 20. Prime i< held at $7. In other matters, we hear , of no change, with about the usual business doing The ! canal was frozen over on Thursday night, with ice of | considerable thickness, which was broken up yesterday, I however. Stracusk, Nov. 27.?In grain and produce generally, nothing of consequence hss been done during the week. Some wheat has changed hauls at 94c which may be sit down as the ruling price tor the article Klour has likewise declared Holders ask $ > a $A 12>, par bid. The maiket is dull, and sales confined mostly to store lots ________ New York Cattle Market. Nov. 30.?At market 1460 beef cattle, (about 300 from the Mouth) SOxows and calve* ; dm)sheep and lamb' Deef Cattle?There has been a fair busiueta doing I during the week, at prices fully equal to tkose quoted i in our last report?$4 AO to $0 7A ? which we give as the pricss now current lor good retailing qualities. About 600 unsold. Sheep and lambs are in moderate request, at stoady prices. Sheep $1, $-1 60, to $4; lambs $0 76, $1 60 to $2 AO. MO left over. Cows and Calves are plentier, and command better prices, which range, as in quality, from $20, $26, to $40. Hay and Straw ?The recent rain storm having kept ! back supplies from the country, prices of loose hay in I coneequenco have improved, and sale* from the wagons I are making at At a 70c. per cart, for timothy and cloverseed Notth River hale is worth 40 a 43 centa. Straw | brings f -J *0 the 100 bundle*. Foreign Markets. By an arrival at New ?i leans from Havana, were| ceived the following interesting commercial circular : ? Havana, November li, IH4A. Sine our report of 7th ult. our Island has been again ravished by a disastrous hut ricme, far more destructive to the shipping in our harbor than ?hat of 1341 It commenced on the night of the 10th October and laitad until the middle ol next day. About 100 sailing vessels, steameis, and vessels ot war In onr port, were sunk, wrecked, dismasted, or otherwise seriously injured? < besides a gieat many roasting vessels Much damage was also occasioned to buildings in this city, and many lives were lost. The tempest extended for a considerable distance to the east and west of Havana. It seems to have raged wilh eoual fury i-.i MaUnzis, but not quite so violently in Carusnat On the south side there was a great deal of damage at Cienfucgrs. but lese at Trinidad, wnlle at St J ago de Cuba tho g<le was not felt The sugar and coffee crops have suffered considerably, ul; though not so much pro! ably as was at flrst supposed ? Whenever the hurricane rnged it beat down the cano and partially broke it. Such part as is broken is ol courao lost, but it is ditlicult to as vrt.iin how far that is tho case. Where the cane is not broken, although bent to the ground, it may be restored with * continuance of fsvorsM# weather fot soma time to eom*. Bines the hurricane the weather bss btsn suspicious, and w* understand the can* look* promising in many I districts gut ona cannot roly moroly on its ca ternsl appearance, which was shown Id 1HU, whan a [ [ goo. 1 deal of the cane bore a fair aepert, and yet proved hollow, yiahlinr little or Dotliiug. We may however hope for better things thia veer, aa we havo had a sufficiency of rain, while in 1*41 there waeaeevere drought during the spring and summer. Under these ctrerimatancae, there ii a groat difference of opinion aa to the extent of injury the cane will suffer. Home perrons think it will be trifling, while others estimate it at 20 to 30 iwr ot. \ 11 parties agree that the quality of the sugar must suffer from the calamity. The stock of sugar in the mar ket is sm*U and but little is loft in the country. During I October, 27 OitO boxes were shlppe ' from hence and Matanz is, oi which S400 boxes went to the United S'ates ? Prices experienced some advance after the hurricane, which has been sustained, particularly when we bear in mind that the quality at this late period becomes much inrerior We quote, assorted kinds, rt1 j and lOJiaH*! and 12?,; whites 11%il1%-yellows 7%s9?browns 6>is7\?. There ia a fair general demand and a good deal has already been shipped this mon'h Home purchases of no1 rises have heen made at 1 rl, but most dealers ask rs. The coffee crop will be diminished a good deal by the hurricane, though less than was at first apprehended. It arrives in small quantities as yet, wi'b but little choice as to quality, and eel Is at The business in imports will on the whole experience some advantage from the ln'.e calamity, as the plantain trees, ro n an I rice fl. his being in a grant measure destro) ed. there will he more need for supplies from abroad During the first month or tw o, however, tho fruit on the bioken plantain trees the scattered corn and other ramnauts that may I. . ?;|l r,.?. enough food. Alter that tho eflVcts of the disaster will be more felt. On the other hand, the scarcity of coasting vessels, owing to the number destroyed, is moro or less injurious (o the business in some articles, such as shooks, lumber, oil. Sic,as dealers do not like to buy more for the interior than thoy can at once send on to its destination. . Two cargoes jerked beef name in from the Rio (irande, amounting tiHUOO q's, which sold at 15 rs with half the timo fur delivery. The arrivals of fish have been very moderate, and the last sales were at for cod and 26 rs for hake, from Boston. A caigo from Newfoundland was totally wrecked during the hurricane, and no more has come io from the British Provinces Only one cargo Carolina rice has been im|>ortal, which sold ?t 12\ rs. for fair quality, ltd 1 casks good quality, in store, were disposed of just before atl3rs. 19o0 bags Brazil fetched 11% and 12>? rs. for . fair and good. There is now only soine Valencia on hand. 1 lie stock of lard is lens than 2000 kegs, and it 1 sells at $12J$ a 13>?. Mora than d,000 m. fset W. nine lumber have been sold at $30, $28, and $27, and about 1 260 m feet P. pine, from Georgia and North Carolina, at from $26 for interior river, to $34 for steam sawed. Soma slot of box shooks have been made at 7 a 7j$ rs., and hhd-sliooks. at 12 and 16 rs Sperm candles in limited in- j qniry-at $34 to 36. Tallow candles in some domand at ' Jl-Ug a 11,i Whale oil, common and rehueU, is in lair request, at 17 a 31 r*. Sperm oil dull at 38 ra. No Antericau Hour lia* come in?Spanish sella at $9)* a 13 Several cargoes have been arriving from New Orleans j with corn, potatoes, onions, beans, hay, ke., and are sell- j ing at losing prices, clii-fly because they came too much ; together. Freights?The transactions for Kuro|>e are chially confined to English and Spanish vessels at ?? 10 a X4 to British ports, and there is no inquiry for American vessels. There is also very little doing for the United States ; we quote $1 a ll? fur box sugar, and $3 for molasses. Our government allow small foreign vessels to be transferred to the Spanish Aag, to replace the coasting vessels that were destroyed. Exchange on London 10 a 10,V premium. New York and Boston par to premium. ipoxts or Sueaa rtoM 1st of Jatvast to esd of October. From Havana. From Mai an x at. 184 j 1846. 1841. 184S. lioxrt. Jloxrt Boxrt. Both. To the Uaited States 24.151 72.131 Is,537 46.319 Ureal Brit un,Cowte?,fcc. 8i 318 141,440 39,<91 117,860 Hamburg and Bremen ... II,8UJ 41,263 11 601 44,149 Hellaua and Belgium 1,554 31.893 4.434 2 892 Spain 79,222 95,127 10,911 16.519 France, Italy k otb'r poiti 16.662 56,486 0,450 37,567 231,714 419,340 93.325 265 676 ' Prices Ccrrevt of Imports?Sotith American jerked beef, par ar, 15 a 16 reals; United States do , 14 a 16 . rs.; codfi-h, per quintal, f-Us a 5; haddock, do, $3 a S.'t; quintal, $12>? a 15>,; hams, do , $9 a Id; Tallow candies per quintal, $14 a Ml*; tperm candles, do , $31 a 30; whale oil, per nr., 17 a 21 rtala; apeim oil, do.. ? a38 rs; I Dai,a, per 1, $6'i; .hoopi, per 1000, $43 a ft0; flour, Ame- ; rican, per bbl., $15; flour, Spanish, do , $5>S a 13; lum- 1 bcr, Bath. 1000 teet, $38; do Portland, do , $34 a 37; Jo. T. P. dr., $35 a 34; box ahooka, per box. 7 a 7>a real*; hhda. d >. per hhd , 12 a IS ra.; empty casks, each. $3 a 3'*; Russia sheeting. per piece, 10; ravensduck, per piece, $0\ a 6*4, sailcloth, A V do., $19; halfduck, do, $10. . I Faeaersifcrs Arrived. Lokdix?Ship St Jamra?Mrs II Waruer and servant, New Ink; Capt Rmuieube'g, Miss M Capprl. Germany; Rev ?' A Pj Havana, 1'ituburg; W Hienon and lady, Holland: E Jnhutou, Leudou; 1' V Curtis, lady anri 3 children, Master A t urns. .Miss MCurim, T l.ynhaui and lady, audTSieveusou, England. 3d in ihe stcrraae. Lima pool.?>hip Patrick Heury?Mr Roof, lady fc 3 cliil- I rlrcc; ,vlr Balicok; Robert Cotton; Richard BuKou; J H Hmit; Charles B Tstham; Arthur Gogaii; C H Meeker and Stephen H Halt 236 iu the steerage. Korelgu 1 in ptrrut Clone. Loido*?Ship St James?60 cases Lawreuce. Murray kco ; ?I do Uppeubeiiii fc Co?12 do I'helpa k Dodge?70 cksliB Moorwo d?10 bales HWTkH Slali?7 cases A k II Waller?53 cks J Horsey?32 pkus J Ellison?4 do Vyse k Son?7 cas?s i ilfsiiy, Young k co?2 do G Meyer k Sen? <62bis ti i Plielps k DoJge?10 nhda G li Morewemd ? 3 cases H D Wil- j llama?15 bales C Stoddard?3 hhda O Meyers k Son?15 Dales ; K Fiedler?5 pkgs Schrage, Kiop k ca?2 cases J K Herrick | ? I ck T W Martens?leases '?? Roberta?<5 bales liar nouy ; i Nrpitew k co?I case \V Bradish?1 do Woolsey k Wooliey ! ? 1 do T C Meek?1 do L 1 Cnhen?I do T Lohinouson?I do i Barlett k Milford?I do Cary k llart?1 do Mr Kearney?1 do i yraydoek, Carliea k co?1 do Wiley k l utu; m?200 tens chalk Urinnell, Mmturu k co?20 cases O B Moorewood?501 packages to Older. L,ivenrooL?Ship Patrick Henry.?15 pkgs H A Peck k ce 43 cases E J Saeudrrs?5 tbls Phillips k Allen?I pkgs J G Jones k co?I bt Busier k Brothers? ?17 hhda 3 bags J Keybu n?21 cks Brown k Ires?37 cks 1 lg Godirey k Psttison?9 casts 1 cte KBi|lis?7 bgs J Giboo?24 esses I bbl J Hunt? 1 W iley k Pulmsn?6 \V J Hunt?I hi Binns k Halsfed?401 tkga VI Dmu.iitoun k CO?15 bgs J G heu?I case J C Wrlton . Co?I ck I bi Barber k Bro-hers?7 cks A R 8 Thorp?55 W Whitewright?7 d > McCa.l k co?2 eases Buckingham k co? 2 R flpedding?io K New bold?I Richards k art?7 Lambert k Brothera?I J .9 Newbold k co?5 Patou It Stewait?># R k it Height?1 B 8 Lynch?I P Marshill? 2 Hughes. Ward k er-a J * o w oineaa? 1 * Jones?ij w ooue?i m rsortnain ?5 Wright, Stnrges St 8h?w? 2 CtmaroD Sc Brsnd?73cum steel 61 bales 2 c*i Narlor St co?J W 8 Hart?S J Lowndes ?t J Keyueldj?500 ball iroa?25 ra<ei copper MS bis tin fhelps, Dodge Stco?to cases steel 117 bars do H J.esnp?13 chain cables 8 *qu-res?1000 bi? tin Woodhull St Minturn? 2tG in < nil, Ward St Connell?100 tons roal 109 do salt Olioucll, Minturn It co? 85 cts 75 cases t j order. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF NEW YORK, DECEMBER 1~ H St H M tarilil .7 7 j Moo* lats 5 27 m IV r UTI 4 lllsitu Kink,....... 7 15 m Cleared. Ships Europe, Fnrbid. Liverpool, C U Marshall; Union. Rattoon, New Orleans, Stanton St Frost; Sutton, Oil low ay, Charleston, Oeo Sutton; barks Solide, Maumxen, Autsrcrp, Wm Weisser; Iwanowna, Snean Brazes, fc<, Harbeek It lo; 1 brigs, Sherwood. Savannah, Stnrges, I lesrwan It do; N O Bourne, l'rue, St Marks. Sic, doe, Anderson It I o; Florence, Kale>, (lusda'oupe, llurchard It Thebsud: srhrs Etna. Waide Belize, KH Lewis; J W Kempton, Osb?rn, Norfolk; O son, Henderson,Georgetown, SB; IVchshontas, Smack. Richmond; Viount Hope, Bnghtman, New Orleans, ; N L MeCrcsdy St Co; Beuj Bigelow, .Boston; barge 1 Dolphin, Lame, Philadelphia. Arrived. Packer ship Ri Junes, Censers, 9et 18th fm London, with Bidse to Unnnel, Minium It Co. Packet ship Patrick Heiirv, Delano, Oct Mlh, from Liverpool. with tndse, to (Jrirnell, Minturn St Co Nor Mth, off i Southampton, txchaitgrd signals with snip St Cieorae for i New York. Has espmeticed very strere weather and westerly gales Brig Ottawa, L?nox, of Wiscasset, (reported yesterday) 20 di)S from Maal, with logwood, te Rouchaud St Thebanl. Left no American Teasels in port. 13th inst, l-t 13 19. Ion ll , II, spoke bug Venus, from Honduras for Boston 21th inst, la 58 21 Inn 71 9H tn.iki hark Kranklln frnm Trinid.,1 H.l'n I ba for Boston, 28 days out. 29'h inst, in coming up the bav, hi the squall fr. m ilie northwest, w?? knocked down en her befin ends, and split for earn I and fore topsail. Schr Ann Varia, Jouai, Near barn, Nt, naral atorea, to 8 L Mitchell. Nrer aehr Monterey, Appleby, Brookhaaen, ballaat. Schr Kmeline, Whelden. Philadelphia, e al. 8 hr Chas M Smith, I hambera, Philadelphia, coal. Schr America bouihird, Philadelphia, coal. Sclir J K Mnnaell. Koire, Near Haven, ballaat. Pilot boat Virginia, (arrived Saturday) Wright, 4 day a fm Norfolk. KiperimCed a heavy gale lbti milea eaat of Cape May; foat jib and amall boat. low. Ship St Oeorge. Ferria, Pont Livemoel, to John Ogden. Brig, avi h maiiiya d fine, at anchor at the loainernmost , end of the Woodlauda. Hailed. 8hi;>? Union, New Orleans; Hoaciua, Liverpool, aud othere. Packet ships St Jameaand Patrick Henry are nil. helow, the Capiaina aud ctbin pataengera of both reaaels were brought to town by steamboat Jacob Bell. Miscellaneous tlccord. Tnt 8mr Eunera. for Liverpool; and Trince Albert, for Lonoon. will sail litis day at 12 o'clocs. The Baltimore, for Havre, will tail to-in irrow, the 3d mat. Letter begs at Kiehangr, and ofi* g Heading Rooms. Bans Vgaivon?This vessel, previooaly reported ashore at Fire lalaud, hea not got off ei atated in aeveral ol the morning paper*. Sena. J Baica, (of Port k'.liiabeth.) waa wrecked at Wadding Kiaer, L 1, on the night of the 22d mat . an I it it supposed all on board perished. The J B waa from Philade'phia for Providence, Keevea, master, and had a carro of IMS tuna of coal Srtaa Mrnan.i. of and from Portland. eol ashore on l'?rh gninr into Sandwich, and remained ashore on the 27th, would probably bo got off. fiTtawen PonTLAtro. Rostra, at Boston from Enatrort, mon of 2Mb alt reports Britten ataamer North America, from Boaton. left two lieura before. At dirk aaw the N A gnng into Mooarpecea Head Harher. Abont that time it commenced anowiuc eery laat and blowing eery hard. The Portland ran for Mt Desert and auccredtd in making a harbor; the wind, which waa N C, aoon hauled rt mid to n E and Houth, and hi w a per fee nnrrieane line brig and sereu ichra went ashore u sight of the P at Cranberry Isles an I S VV Harbor. Four s<-lira and a sloop were ashore at bass Harbor, and a achr at Deer Isle. A large achr war ashore on Foi Island, in a bid situation, fast- rlayreu bark Canten, (belore reported) ashore on the Mnscla iid,r?. Capt Rogers tears thai tha North Americn went ash ire in the gale The To.tland put into Portland on Saturday, and some ef her passengers arri(ed in the eity last eeeniag by t"e railroad. I Sep Saiit Ays, B Wells, of and from Wells, Me. wilh wood, in coming into Boston harbor, 22.1 last, split her jik in the N W blow, nud was obliged to anchor in Broad boand, where she ptrte-l both clnins, and droee npon a ledge near the O srs>, bilged, tilled with water, a-d drora ont t? aea. ' 'apt W ami new wate taken off tha wreck aboat to miles 8 F.ofB ston Light, by a t'apa Cod schooner, and !aa<ted on sonic part of the Cape. They reached the city on Friday, jaeiug nothing bnt what they had on Tnr. sen a CitscitatOATrs. ProTincatown, Nor, 27rlt, had fallen in with, ?Uh, Cape Klicabeih NNW70mt|e?. sch Enterprise, of aud Irout Frankfurt tor Portland, which had sprung n leak 23d, and waa nearly full of water Took off < apt Sproul and crew, and landed them at Prorineetown. Bars l.igi .iiar, of New Vork, Irom Harannab for Boaton. remained on the beach, high up. Sch Boaton Packet (of Orringtoa) 'lydtr, which had bean on Tniro Beech, with loan of foiemast, had bean got off, and ia in thia port-?(Maine Correspondent. Beita. F*a!??i.ip, el and from loothbay, with waed, pnt I tat) Portland Mth, and inshore d uadar Honae Island skoal ? P \1. Abont 16 P M pvted both chains, and was run rn shore I pear |Trit Preble. au 1 Ink. badly. Had iitowb over deck I load, inost of wliich wu sived. The master had oblatued j chains, anchors, fcc., and expected to g.t her otf. ^CHS. K^'irr, Sawyer from Hya, before re|? irttd ashore a'. Folly Cove, issiuted in the Gloucester Telegraph, to be- , long to that plare, v*her is inauici lor $6^0. It was ex- i pected she would be got of!. Sloop Deliuht, at Smdwich. in the gale of #th, drove a*hore a; th - head *f the bay, a* d will uot get off (hit wiu- . ter. Vessels also went ashore at the lower harbor aud at Ag- ; a wain Point. Bchb ALBuW -Duniig ihegaUor Wedneiday night, J5'h m?i. ?chr Allium, Alfred Lldiidga, nutn, Kre'lenck.- I burg for Bo*tmi, wuh flour aud corn. went a*hore on liatd- I lug'* beach, Chatham. Bella Plan kt, Klijah Hiwn, of aud Iron B?th for New York with |>orutot-* aud leatiier, pai.ed her cable* off Ciue Poge Light, and went a*lure on Hiidiug* bench near the Aloiou, oil 2idh; will h?ve 10 dincharge to get off. Sella. liiui (of Beverly,) Brown, from Warrlian, for Bo.'.uil, lull cnrgo rnilr >ad Mm. went a*li<.re al Taru.uliu Cove, iu the violent N W gCe f 2til, nut. Should the w??thrr con'inue moderate the will be got off. LdG.UTowk -Not 27?Arr ;hi? runrui: g,(m tow ftfateatner'ine |?.) *chr vfuruitig Star, fhnol'in. Fortiuiut for Kail Kiter. v no c|>i le* an-.' |?>u|nri. Tbe St S ancho ed uiglil of toll, burweru ( n,* Pogr bed toe login bo t. and ,n the gvle of gem ?H obliged o on' * way lier foien.ait, aud iont deck load ? [Maine Curre*, undent. Wloiuuii ii. S 'ip Bowditcli, Boidcu, for N\V Coait, droji|>ed below Wairen, 2luh. ^ Bn.tzot Santiigo, Nov 17? loiiile lha bar waiting, briar Vol sco, Samp.on, Aususta; sch-s Ku'sla. Wunw, Sea, I Sarah a <i Maria. Vessels outside, shi|> Oceau, oue ship name unknown; briz Uuion and srtir Seamew. Usx.oK, Nov *6?Cld, brig T P Perkins, Uilkey, Western lilauda. Hith, Nor 20?('Id barlu Princeton, Ketd, Havana; Nahuinkeag, Kisher, S-vau ah. llosreN, Nov 20?Cld. Perfect, Gardner, New Orleans; Hinted s.a'ea, York, Baltimore; arr 2Mb, ship St Petersburg, Murdoch; sld uu 17tb, lor Lirer|>ool, put into Provincetown, at held;e reported. Tvlegraphed, bark Wymvn. Irom Baltimore. brigs Dover atid'4 okru, Irnia do; Krie, from Philadelphia; sigual tor tlire* brig o Bid S ituiday, wiud WN W to VV8W, moderate, ships Kerar, Dsimvtin, hark Neptune, brigs ees fcagle, Ar.o, schr Bridgwater, Acadisu, Sunday, wind was WSW to N\V, very I'glit; brigs Acorn, Charlotte (supposed for Portland I sclir Alpine i hsthsm, Nov 21?Arr sclir Pilgrim, Dodge, Georgetown, D C Pld 26 h. schr 8 A nppleiou, N York DgNisia, Nov }g?Arr schr Columbia, Berry, 1 Inladelphia for Bosiou, having been blown by. ?doaktow:?, Nov 27?Arr schr Weatport, Kent, Wilmington, N C. KatT I IIi)mmrnv, Nov II?Arr achra Metslluc, Simontoo, and Leo, Jsinitaon. New Y'ork; 23d, aid achra Increase, Hall, and Nonrmalnl. Perry, N York. OcoaugTowv. S. C. Nov 21?Cld, achr Wescogus, Woaa, Martinique; 2t)th, b if Leonora, Muidwell, Havaua. lUr.l.o wall INoV 2'J-Arr *< Urn rem, ciiaarus, I una; zorii, | Franklin. Swul, N York,(aud al<l 27rh for Thomaslon ) IIoi.miu's Hoi.e, N#?. 27.?'he pilot boat Superior, has bean to 'he al.ip (not buk) icporteii > tsierdar at anchor near the middle ground. It u the Are-tin, of and Irem Boston, for New Votk. She hu three anchor* blowing a (( 1*. Arr, achr Myers, of New Yerk, from Ne th Ur jua, lor Bottou. In taut, bark Wjn\?n, Dill, from Baltimore for Boa-on; brigs Itabelli, Vlatthews, Boiton lor Philadelphia; Sen . Hum PhiUnelphin, for Boston; California I Hichboru, Bangor for Rhode Island, achra Baltic, Pike, Newberypurt. Tia Salem, far lieorgetown, DC; Fraacis, Foster, | Weluleet, for Kapp>hauniick;Lue-r, Loru.g, Boatou for Philadelphia; lobelia. Sherwood, and Hllen, Rvgera, do for New Vork; F.dward. Hardy, <4uiocy, for do.; Increase,.Hall, Tnotnaatoii for do; Del Norte, , Bluehill, for Philadelphia; Kdgar using, I'rumrr, North Carolina, for N York. Ala* in port, bark Wm Larrahre; btiga Baltic, Northerner. Mary Stautou; achra D b Keeler, Martha Isabella, Kdwaid and Frank, Jaa K ancia, Ocean, Sarah. Mary, iVlyera, Wm Wyer, Cbiel Sao he in, John Tyler, O H Perry, and rerenu* ent er Jackson. Ship Arearna will probably underweigh today, ifit abonld mode-ate. Bark (Jen Ureei.e, br>g* Nauroo, Tweed, and Wanderer; irhra Crescent, and Caroline remain on ilie K Chap. The weather his been so rough people cruld not werk on board thetn. It is now moderating and lighters ate going to them. Mobile, Not 21?Arr Polacra, (Bp) Ariatidea Oris, Mala- \ ga; achr llenry A Darling, Hubbard, c-d, brig (Bp) Kprauza, Nettoe. for Barcelona New Oai.raii, Not 21?Arr ahipa John Dunlap, Choate, Bordeaux; Bultana, Bunker, New York; bark Loretto Fiali, Bickinore do; brigs Lawreuce Malouey. CalTrslon; Areturua, (joald. Santiaeo; Titi, Brown, etaraaa: Jnau J D Canhagina, Orav, Anton Liz*rdo; achr Argua, Brtwer, Corpus tnristi; eld, steamelup Palmetto, smith. Galveston; slupi Sunbeam, Wiuso', Liverpool; Adeline, Pike Loudon; 8t Lonia, Ma-ka, Philadeli III ; bark Nashua Skaata, do; brigs H-nrv. Cole, Port Lavacea; LdwarJ, Dearborn, Rirlimond; achra William and Elizabeth, Beach, hrazos Santiago; Home, Kinney, do; Oylra Wilds, Jonos,do; below, 2 barks, 1 brig and a achr. New Bt'ETroRT, Not 25? Cldachr Peru, Small, Porta Rico, i Pt.TMOt.-TH, Nov 24?Sid achra Martha Washington, Holmes, New York: Albert, Whiting,do Poktlatu, Not 27?Cld bark St Marys. Milliken, Mobile; brig Montilla, Davis, Matanzas; achr Lydia S.over, Dyer, Cardenas Poai smouth. Not 24?Cld achr Peirce, Sm-th, Mobile; 27rh, brig IVIaniL Knewltoii,_do. h*LkM, /MOT 47?i.luscnr vtary lh*b, enrol i, it i oia. WuctmET. Not 13?8 <1 ship Othello, Tucker, Charleston; brie Oat id Henshiw, Pinkham, taatauzas. By Last NiKhV*_83utiiern Ifi&il Home 1'ortli Baltimore Not 30?Arr [Br] ?clir Triumpli, Oreen To- I tie Key, Bahamas; eld, bark Hebe, G.eeu, Kio de Janeiro; b in Bell-*, [Br] Whitl'er, Baibadoei; schia Mary Anu, Katoa, I'h rtritoo: Seynine, Cole, mew York; aid, bark Hebe, Greeu, for Bio de Janeiro. DK. JOHNSON, 17 Uuaue atreet, near Chatham atreet, >o well known a? the moat ancceaM'nl practitioner iu New York in the treatment of drlic ite diaeaaea. The Doctor's reputation Tor akill in thoie old, half?nred easea, that hare exiated for yeara. i< pre-eminent. Gleet, ttneture, nleera upon the body, cr in the throat, or noae, prima in the head, and bones of the legs, effectually cured. Constitutional weak nesa, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men causing Isairious dret.nn and nightly emissions, positively cared Reoent oases cured iu four days, without mercury. No alteration iu diet or preTention /ruin business- I'oai psi J letters, containing a fee of >3. attended to. e3tl lm*in HOLMES' KITCHEN RANGES. THE proprietors in presenting tbeahoTe Kangsa to the publie, warrants thein to perform the purposes for which they are purcliaaed, and if not, they will be rrmoTed free of any expense to the purchaser. Numerous references can be giren to persons wishing to purchase. The price* range from f> to ii dollars. Grateaol the newest patterns for Parlors, Offices and Bed Rooms. Stores?Hall, Office, and Bed Room Stores, StOTepipes, Ite. &te. Tin Ware?Bright, plain, and japanned. They hare masons at all times ready to set ranges, grates, and boilers. Also tmokey chimneys cared?no core no pay. A. OILHOOLY and 80N, Proprietors and Manufacturers,7g Nassau street nld lm?rre COUGHS, COUGHS, COUGHS. COKBYN'S COUGH LOZENGES?This popular rejneuy will he found the most effectual one now in use for the core of coughs, colds, hoarseness, irritation of the longs, shortness of breath, asthma, consumption. Ike This is not like many preparations, got up merely to please the palate, but to remove those decreasing symptoms which but too of ten prove fatal when neglected, as many thousands can testify who hare experienced their happy and salutary effects; ma ny of whom haee been reduced to the brink of the grace.? They promote a free and easy expectoration, and require no eoniinemrnL A (ingle box will cure the moat obstinate eongh that ever existed. Kor sale by U. COLBY, chemist, Ite., 3S1 Pearl sf, Frank lin sqoare. agent for the United States o'J4 ltn*r ! DR. COM B ITT, Member of the Unirersity of New York, also of the Medical Society, has rein syed his office from Dean a (treat to IS Beekmau street three doors from Nium I street. Dr. Corbitt having confined hi* practice to one class ' of diseases for the put 14 yeara, can warrant a ear* in all j eases. Dr. C. does not tiac mercury in hia treatment. Oreo I from I A M. till ? P. M. n?8 1w*re I NO CUKfc NO FAY. j DH. CORBITT, 1? DUANE Street, Memher of the Royal i College ol Htirgeoas, Loodoo, maybe conaulted in the { treatment of certain delicate diaraaea. A practice of foarteen yeara. devoted to venereal diaeaaea, enables Dr. C. to erne the worst form of thia diaeaae. Recent cans cored in four days No Mercury naed. Htrietnrea cured in one or two weeka without auy pain. Cenatitntioual debility ? Thoae individuals who have indulged in a certain loathsome habit, fan I'oaitively be reatored lo health and ancirtr Dr.C. baa nut removed Im office aa inainflated by a lertainmuihroom Dentin. Remember, 19 Dnan* itreet, Beit door to Dr. Johtiaon'a i'1 lm?r MKL)iCAL CAKU?Dr. Morriaou baa Keen engaged for over Hi yrara in the aneeeaaful treatment of all fonna ol private diaeaaea, merenrial and typhilitic eruption*, gleets, strictures, gonnorhmn, and debility, criawg from a aeeret habit. Dr. M. hold* no communion with pretended surgeon* See hi* London Diploma, with the aieaatnrea of the court of examiner* of the Royal Col'en e of Surgeon*, including Sir Aatler Cooper'*, Sir Anthouy Carlisle'*, kc. kc., in hi* office, W1.H Kullon struct. Letter* attended to. nl ln*nt | via.* ' Htilt iA.x?DK HKirae.. i*o. ? uuan* 11 irreet, moat re*P*et<nlly inform* the pontic, that he ha* relmqnithed hi* oot-door pr?euee;>he eon tinea himaelf entirely to office practice.rattenu laboring under chronic affection* | ?neh aa diaeaae* ol the ?pine, bone*, joiuu, ulcer*, *crofala, mercurial diseases, incture*, pile*, kc. Also, certain di.i a*e? to whi'h the vonng men are liuhtr in all Intge cities, may apply ?MM confidence, Dr. Heine being a tegular phyai eian, and a member of the medical laenlty. olfl lm*re PlWVkl- ."ff.aar.V-BhaAUl l/( 111*. I'tLiLA DtLfHIA COLLEuE Oh MKD1CINR?ObTICK Iff NASSAU STREET, NEW rOKE.-Tho Member* of the Philadelphia College of Medicine haying had experience both inEnrope nod on thu every form of UtXICATC DISEASES, <x> confidently and aiueerely nromiae to the afflicted a aimed), safe and permanent cnre, baaed on the inoat modern and scientific principle* I They have patients every day from all tnru of the Uni'ed 9oiai. ( anada and West Indies. who have been I abort us un drr old affections, each aa aggravated altera, diseases of the bones and joints, insrcu.itl and skin diseases, eruptions, ehrnine rksumatism, Ite., tsc. The result of the ahnse in giving mercury, injudicious treatment, and nnpardonabla quackery. STRICTURE CURED. THE SPECIKIC EXTRACT, forth* cure of Gonorrhoea. (Sleets, Sitnernrea, weakness of the aetnal oig.-ua, nocturnal emiaainas, ai,d all discharges from the arethra ? 1 his powerful dinretic cnrn^w^gQ^ than any other remedy s? yet discovered, without inrlmring in any way with busineea. Prick One Dollar per oat. 8AR9APAR1LINE. The Concentrated Katraet of the Genuine Honduras Root. PREPARED hy the members of the Philadelphia College, iB accordance with the most modem discoveries of extracting ite real medicinal virtnee. It hae been tested and approved by the < ollege. for the cur# of scrofula, rheumatism, cutaneous eruptions, enlargement and pains in the b?nes, syphilitic symptoms and the train of dissaaet consequent on an injndieions nse of merenrv and miskiltrfl medical treatment Price One Dollar per bsrtle. or til bottles for $i. NON MERCURIAL BLACK DROP. THIS valuable alterative ia a tare remedy in syphilis, both primary and constitutional It shoald be resorted to immediately snar the Aret appearanea of the disease. Parsons who hava eruptions oa the skin, venereal nodes, rhenmsasm, serofnla, or any disease arising from in.purities of the blood, shoald not be one moment witnoat it. Single bottlee One Dollar, eases of half e daaen ti. THE TONIC ELIXIR- . v PREPARED avpreesly for the ose of those who dnlged seerotly, or committed exeeeeee of any kind. 1 hie invaluable invigorating toaie will positively care Impnfesico in either ot the sexes, noetarnal emissions, narrows Irntaoui ty, general physical prostration, weakness el the sexaal ortsus. and eoastitntional debility prodasad Irom It is also s powerfnl corrector of Remain never tails to pro lacs the periodical desideraramthat netore demands, and it so esasntial to preserve good health and vigor. Pries Two Dollars per bottle. wrS1?.* doisst. PARTICULAR NOTICE. PATIENTS residing in any pdrt of the Union, by writing ? statement of their sitnition. let the disease be of what kind it may?dslicste, iodsliests, pttrsts or, it will be consnltsd npoo by the members, who meet daily for that purpose. ?nd thoneeesiarry remedies with directions, forwarded immediately In this instance the fee (*i), which will include all expenses, mist be eiMr^cd, post paid and directad to W. P. "CgltmA. Ag.nt,^ Where one of the members? Doctor McDonnell?is in at tendance. nUlm'rc GENERAL WORTH. A SPLENDID Likeness of this gallant officer is this day published, sod now randy for sale. Orders received,and a liberal discount made to dealers-tmly ? ets par eopy. OOV YOUNO'S URAND MARCH also this day PwbI IIshed, tad aow ready. Pries 0ns BniUlaf. Daalew (hrtragh NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY. NKI'KOP ' THV, ur t-ract and UdiMUia, cuuiDtrtd by KR&DKktICK hOLLlCK, This book suouii be iu the b. udi of every practitioner of the various uieinods of curing I'line. The reputation of .he author :nt only betu augiurnted be the iwriecatioaa he iim m?t wi'h, ana una bo-.i: u an evidence that ha is iu suoug and tearless is ever id the came of truth. ( or sale wholesale and retail by the National publishing Company, South-east eot. of k itth and Chesluut its., t'hila delphia. Hrtnil price *> cents'J lie moat libcml discount is maJe to the trade, on all hooks publiahed by the <-oui,'imy- nl> 'ui*rc NATIONAL fUbLil.ShlNiU GOMl ANY. Dlt.'HOLLIt K b magnificent work on the Outlines of Ph) atoloav?tiusrioaixr?Illustrated by a beautiful mo del on paper,dissected and eolorored to the life. This model on first view, presents the body of a man. By raisiug the liont wall of the b dy, the intestines -inrt vita's are discovered 'J hear are again raised, and discover the dnsected Ir.-art The free cuticle is thro removed, and the brain and uervous system are presented to view, and dually, the whole being lilted, the buck tied sptual sectious arc cipoaed. The wholo plate is one of the tnost cot io-i things ever conceited 'i he book is embellished with a Plumbeut- pe etching of he author I'ut-'i he J bv the N\Ti?iNAL 1UBIJ8HINO C()MP\ Y, Pouth-r m Mi and Chestnut sis., I'i.tln<leiplua. price SI i'i. J he in- i il.eral ti -i t made to the, on all books pnhl ihr-,1 hy '.tie V -i| l'n' li?t|ing t on | v > iiH lin?:c 'ivlht.N FUS." C3HINKSR SKIN POWDKK ?Tlii? innrh admired ad> deuduui to the roilri, at nd< pre-, mi. cut lor re-.oriug, b-autifying and preserving Ilie alii > und complexion prevritiug alt kinds of cuiauroui disorders, do?i,ating tau, freckles, pimples, ipota arul erurious The august ^.itionage conceded by the several sovereigns andcourt* of her pe, theboprtuie Court of India, and the noiner iu? tejtimouia'a duly received hy the proprietors, are in tiirinsrlvra anffieient to establish the superiority of the article wi hint further detail. Sold, wholesale, by the loi|>oriera. HOBllb it CO , J Wall street; retail by K a ahum St t'o , 110 Br adway, I# Amor lino e and (36 Broadway, Henrv Johns,,u, 773 BroadwayLC tl. IllUK, l?3 Broadway; Clireliugli, 28? Broadway, and Oroggnta and Perfumer* generally in New York and ilironghout the Uni'ed Stat.a, in boiea; trice 3a. audaa each. K7*" lu proof of the anperioriry of this article, , toiuiterfeit has appeared in the market, and prob ibly mor ewill follow ! ! ?* Purchasers should therefore be on their guard ro aee that the "Meen Kuu" haa the signature of Fabian k. Co. on the wrappera, and government atainp. ul9 llt'r Lib FT UiF W A HDKfTilTT A N u FUltMl UttE WANTED. LAD 1KB OH OKNTLKMK.N having superfluous effects to diapoae of, aucb aa Wearing Apparel, Knrnitnre lie., can obtain a fair aib price for the aame, by sending for the subscriber, throng, tbe Post Office, or otherwise, who will attend at their resiliences. J. LfclVKNSTYN, 464 Broadway .no atnira. Ladiea ear be attended to by Mrs. J LJCVENJTYN. n* lra*rc JUt 1-ivJM.ria UU.KlPAN I, Omca No. W Wtu. it., .irroaTTa m*?MgBc?n?y?' Cicwaaof. ' 'HIS Cocapaar ccatinnea to lamreegainat lota or damage Jl by Kire, on dwellicp houses, warthotues, buildings le e? I _ n.-.l. .mA . personal properly;?!io vainil lou or damage by iuua4lr11 vigatton andtraasportatian. in DIRECTORS. ' be Ttionu W. Thome, KlithaKivge, Thomas T. Wcxlrnn, Anton Baker, K. K. Rebson, M. P. Joaeph Drake, Thornton Price, Joteph Alien, Motet Tncker, Jsmei R. Holmni, John R. Daviton, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb (1 Tnnin, Thomat Morrell, I'rtocil P. Sage, Eugene Bo,-art, John,C. Meruit, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNK. President, fn T. HOP*. toiHiT. ,vrrm J'llE LONlS ISLA.NU l.aaCK E CO vlfA* K. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS. OrPICK 41 FULTOW STRUCT, BllOOCLVIV. CONTINUES to take ritkt on buildings, machinery, merchandise aud property generally, on their usual favorable termt. This company has patted through the two greatrat conflagrations that hare ever occurred in the country ; they owe their ea,ape from them with comparatively-slight Intact to the tyitem which they have alwayt practiced of I i initial and scattering their ntki All lottea which the company may tuatain will be adjusted and paid promptly aa heretofore. The Company take ipecial care to notify their enttomert in New York, of all expirations ol policies. B. W. DELAMATER. Pieaidant. n3 Imitrc E.O. FINN. Srrrctary. PR EM i l> W s> HAVING .-.GAP. THE Genn'ne Walnnt Oil Military Shaving Soap, manufactured by the inventor, Dr Peter D. Vroom, hat again been awarded the praminm at the late Fair. We caution the public againa' purchasing either of the various imitations got up by orhers, It can only be had genuine, wholesale and retail, from oar old establishment, No. 3 Conrtlsnd street, wh're we offer also, n('"ii the lowest terms, a general assortment of Perfumery and Toilet Soaps at all prices. JOHNSON. VROOM St FOWLER. General Agents for Dr Foord's celebrated Pectoral Syrup. the best remedy ever offered M the public for colds and all disess-s of rhe Ininrs nlK lm*rrc MARRIED LADIES WILL KIND MUCH to isterest them by perusing Moral Physiology, written by the Hon. K. D. Owen, with additions and alterations by R. Glover, M. D. Were this book carefully read by every married person, and its advice strictly followed, wo are persuaded that a uift'erent state of society from the present would exist. The terrors of poverty and the prospect of a large family of children, which could he but poorly reared, psbvent many prudent people from entering the matrimonial state; but here is a work that will tell you important secrets which may obviate all such ohjeitions. Price of the book 50 cents. For sale by Zeiber U Co corner of Cheinut and 3d streets, Philadelphia, and most booksellers; and the Editor, I Ann street. New York. oil ltn*r LESSONS IN SINGING, IN ENGLISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH OR GERMAN. MR. JULES HECHT, of the Conservat.iiie de Mutique at Brussels, begs lease to inform his friends and the pnblic in yeneral. that he is nosv prepared to give lessons in singing in either of the. above languages, at his residence, IIS Leonard street, or that nd hit pupils. Messrs. G. Lodrr, W. Scharfeaberg, H. C. Timm and C. W Betmei, have kindly peirnitted to refer to them as ro his abilities as au artist and teacher. Please apply to C. K. Hover, 301 Broadway, and Heharfeulierai St Luis 3GI Broadway n15 lm*rh ACCORPTON-TAUGHT. L.JACOBS, Teacher of the French Accordion, ran take a few more pupin for ma winter class, i applicatioi is made soon, lie nas just issued a new book, comprising a election of popular ana, with valuable instructions for the instrument, founded on a practice of eight years. Apply at the original Accordion and Musical Instrument Depot, where terms will he made known. 55 Chatham St., n 17 lm*rre Opposite Chamber at. CHEAP SUGARS. CHEAP SUGARS? J. O. Kowler, 250 and <28 Greenwich oud 70 Vcaey street, has in store a large stock of white and brown Sugars, which he is selling at rednced prices.? New Orleans Sugar 3s 6d and <s 7 lbs; Ft. Croix <s(id;!fiaest do 5s; Stuart'* yellow 10 cents; crushed loaf do 11)4 cents: brown Havana 7V? and 8 cents. Grocers and Bakers would do well to give nim a call. Also a general assortment of Groceries. Fruits. <tc. ulli lm*r DK MARSHALL H ALL'S COKDIAL RENOVATOR ?A sovereign remedy in weakness of The organs uf generation, and which in every instance, whgre need a cording to fliieciions, has produced the most hippy resnlts. It it bow used out, prescribed by the uinst aroinaut phyiiciam la Enrope and Atneuca. in the treatment of the fallowing diseases : Constitutional weakness, brought oq by a secret habit iad alucd in by young men, causing lascivious dreams, nightly djscnaryds, dyspepsia, weakness oi the email of the back, eonfneion of intellect, forgetfulneas, palpitation of the heart, glee.a, whiten, obetructiou of certaia evacuations. total im potency and harrenneea. Price $1 per bottle?6 bortlce for 9. Bold at 14 Unane arraet. n!9lm*r DX BUERHAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. THIS Medicine, eo Ion; celebrated in F.nrope, baa been fonn J trnlv va'aable aiaee ita introdnetion into this country. In Debt); of the Organs of Keprodoction, fining from | aolirary indulgence of the paiaiona, or from natural causes, it i> a quick and infallible remedy. It removes chronic gleet*, and those affectiona of the urethra raiitakeu for atrictu en.? In female dianaaea, particularly wbitea, accompauied with debility, it is used with success Hefereneea can be glren to rarioua phyaiciana Price $9 a bottle of 16 ox., or for $0; and aold only for the importing agenta, W*H Fulton at , N.x. nH lm*re I 'I'Hfc TONli; t-LLXIK or REtlTOKM'l V K COHDIAis. JL rrepared by the Membera of the Philadelphia College of | Medicine, and lor aale at their office, 97 Nassau alreet,,New York, is got up gxraxssLV for the nae ol thoae who hare indulged secretly. or coamitted excesses of any gind. This invaluable -invigorating tonic-will positively cureirapoteaee in either of the aeses,nocturnal emiaaiona.nerrona irtrt-ability, general physical prostration, weakneea of tlie aeinal org am, and constitutional debility, produced from any eanae Itu also a powerful corrector of Female Irregulaririea, and never fails to procure the periodical desideratum that nature demands, aud ji ao essential to preserve good health and rigor. Price Twe Dollars per bottle, or caiea of half a doxea $19, e irefully pocked and forwarded te nny part of the Union W. F. DICKINSON Agent, j alt tm*r f7 Naaaau at.. New York P~ RIVATE DISEASES.?ESTABLISHED A D. Hit, FOH THE SUPPRESSION Ob QUACKERY.?The I Members of the New York College nf MHicint and ; Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery continue to direct their particular attention to all di acaae* of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persona requrioy medical treatment, a wife and permanent core, without injury tolhe cimatitutiou or confinement from business Invalids are particularly requeued to make appli c tion to the Coilete ou the first appearance n| those diaeaaes, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be tlsua avoided. One of the members of the College,tor many yeara con neeted with the priaeipel hoapitaia in Europe, for the cure of these eomplaiuta, attends for consultation daily from I AM to 8 P.M. Term*? Adnee and Mndiema, li?tare guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COU<TRY INVALIDS?Peiaoaa living in the country, and finding it inenivenient to make , personal application, can have forwarded to them a cheat con l Lttnius all medicine requisite to perform a radical ear*, by i stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, I time of contraction, and treatment received elsewhere, i 1 any, and enclosing $4, post-paid. adtft-essod to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D.. fl6 Na'aao ?traat. New \ ock, VF.LPJCAU'S SPECIFIC TILLS. LI OR the radical cure of gotiorrhoea. gleet, seminal ems F aiona, and all moeopurnlenl diaeharnas from the urethra. These Pills, the reenlt of twenty year's experience in the Hospital He Charite in Paris, are pronouneed by their celebrated inventor, Profesaoe Velpean, ptilan mfallibla remedy for all dieeaaea of the nrrthra. They effect n cure in a much s irter tine than any other remedy, without tainting the brea. disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from bB,in*cuN "^TU^TIONVL DEBILITY CURED THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared hy the College of Medicino and Pharmacy of the City of New York, la confidently rraommended for all eases ol debility produced by secret Indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or herrennais, unless depending on malformation. Single bottles $1 each; eases of half a doxsn 85; earefbUv i peeked, and sent to all parr* nfths Uuion. KICORD'8 ALTEtaAT'VK MIXTURE. ; C* OR tn? permanent enre of pnnu." c* i?eond*ry jyphili*. m: yeaeriai ulrers, node*, or any 'ompitui produce? by ta I ol mercury, or notk iliul medioal treatment All pereona aoapecting venereal aunt remaining in their avetrm, ahonid tue tlua powerlo! parifier without delay, na no Srraon con (onaider nimietf anie after having the venereal iteaee, without thoroughly eieauaiog the ryatem with thia ' jnatly celebrated Alterative. Sold id aingle bottles at $1 each: in ciueeofhalf a doxea for $3; carefully packed and real to all pertaol the Union. CONCENTRATED KAtti uT OK SARSATARILLA ^ GENTIAN AND 8A8AKRA8. [PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine and * Pharmacy, eatabltahed for the anppreaaion of quackery. Thia refined and highly concentrated attract, poaaeaaing a'.l j the pnrtfyingg n<litiea end enrative powere of the above herba la confidently recommended by the . ollegc at mperior to at y extract of fartaparilla at piraer.t before the public, and may be relied on aa a certain remedy for all diaeaaea aria ing from an impure atate of the blood, anch aa aerofula and rhenu. ruag worm, blotches er pimplre, nicer. pain in the bonra or joiutt, r.odea, etitaneona ernptioce, nlccrated tore throat, or any disease anting from the aeeoudary cAeeta of avphiiit or an injudicious nae ol mercury. Hold in aingle bottlea, at 73 centa " in eaaee of half a doxea bettlet ?15# one doxea 9# ** Cases forwarded to all parte of the llaion. N B.?A very liberal discount tj whetaanle pnanhaaaial m

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