Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1846 Page 3
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MB?H? Relief to Uu Afflicted.?THla la Uki MUM fir rhenmat am. paina, a tiff not of the Jermta, twelliag of * ""scalar ?abit?ue-?, he. Wo would recommead thou ofoar iriemli who or* afflicted to try Ring'a Syrup, pi*pored ** preasly for diaeaaaa of this clto Wi know it to he A No. 1 to re'eiTng rhumati?m;*ed it ii pot op with th* grrateat pouibla ooro, end it doitinod to do n.irt good in th* way of 'alirying t' o diatreaeed thou any otbar medicine over cffeiedtelhe public. Th* ngrodissu of which it la compoacd or* known jod uuivcraally r*coir mended by the whole inedieal ftcellv. ' They a-e hydrodetoof potaaee, earuparilla, end yellow dock roota. three of the graateat purifleraof the blood, and of the ' aveiem generally known ; and by their Jadiriooa admiitmre | their rlfecte are greatly lucreateJ frepaied and for aale by I Charle* H. R>ng, Chetniat, 191 broadway, cor. John at 1 Navigation of the Utilo Klvor. j Plactt T\m* Statt of Riv*r Cincinnati Nov. 19. . .. .10 ft., and riaiug. ; Wheeling Not 34 13 (t and falling. . Nttsburg Not 97 9 ft. 9 in falling Lottirrille Not 38 8 ft. 3 in rieing. HOBKT MAKKKT. Wedneaday, Dee. 8?fl P. M. Stocka opened quite firm to-day at the firat call, at a alight decline from yeoterday'e quotation*. At aacond | call, howtTar, eeery thing gaT# way, and a general | decline took place of from K to 1 per cent, and cloaod j heavily. Harlem (old u low as 49'4,,and Norwich 60 From appearance*, a further falling off may bo ax! pooled. The eleventh annual report of the Wilmington and JUlaigh Railroad Company, exhibit* the annexed tatement of their affairs: ? WiLMinoTOn ano Ralsign Railboad. Liabilitie* of the company on the let October, 1846, 4888,817 6*4. Which lura ia made np as follows:? Bond* sold in England, bearing 6 per cent interest $2*1,686 67 j To the Literary Fund of the State of North Carolina, at 6 per cent intereat 86 000 00 1 Company's bond* endorsed by the State of North Carolina, bearing 6 per cent internet 260,000 80 ! BUI* payable, bearing 7 per cent interest.. 16.000 00 ! " bearing 6 per cent intereat... 42,272 88 , Scrip Bonds due to Contractors. 1,793 43' Bonds for hire of negro laborers, due Jan. 1, 1846, and previous 3,939 48 " " " due Jan. 1, 1847.. 18,270 00 One sundry person* for material*, labor, he. 30,876 08 $868,817 62 Amount of receipt* from railroad lor the year ending Oct 1st. For passengers $103,499 60 4< freight 44,766 11 " mail transportation 37,060 94 $186,286 66 Expense* of road for the year 191 864 49 Amount of receipt from steamboat* for the year ending October 1st For passengers and freight.. .$96,474 90 " mail transportion 37,060 94 $132,636 84 Xxnansaa of beats Cor tha vaar I" <*> > OS Nat profits of road tad boats $38,140 04 In regard to the expenses of tho road, the examining committee any: " It will be seen that the expenditures of the railroad arc to an amount greatly exceeding that of any previous year. "The Committee think proper to explain that there has been expended during the year for four new locomotives, two new coaches, a large-number of new trucks, and a new coach house, the sum of $43,391 07, which does not properly belong to the currant expenses of the read "it appears by the report of the superintendent of the road and read repairs, that there has been expended for road repairs, (including the aum of $41,747 74 for new iron) the anm oi $79,790 46." CoMraaxTiva Tables of Annual. Receipts ahd Expentubes BAiaoAD. Rtctiplt. Emprnditurtt. 1>41 162,628 t> 131,384 14 1941 118,103 87 94.007 41 1143 111,148 71 70,178 08 1944 141.704 14 131.646 14 1844 161,481 11 111,804 44 1846 184,298 64 191,844 49 txanaoats. 1841 134.600 31 110 460 20 1843 93,873 81 86,084 23 1841 104,064 17 77,990 08 184 4 110,918 41 71.987 09 1944 127,009 34 90.184 65 1846 112,534 84 97,827 96 The Company intend applying to the Legislatureof the State fer an amendment of their charter, with a view to an extension of the road to Fair Bluff, or some other point en the South Carolina line. For the purpose of providing a sinking fund for the liquidation of the debt ef the Company, it was resolved at a meeting of the stockholders that the president and directors be instructed to prepare without delay, an'lnstrument of writing, and cause it to be presented to every stockholder in the company, for his or her signature, binding them to the payment of $5 on each share of stook annually for five years, ea and after the 1st Nov., 1847, for the purpose of raising said fund ; that no such subscription shall be con sidered binding until the assent of individual holders of at least 6400 shares be obtained, and also the consent of the Legislature to a similar contribution on the stock held by the State; that all the net proceeds of the read, after paying the expenses ol the company and the inte. rest on the debt, shall be added to said fund, until the whole debt shall be extinguished ; and, that after the debts of the company shall have been paid, the whole preceejs of said road shall be and are hereby pledged to the re-payments to the stockholders of their contribution! M above, until the sums so contributed shall be rsbuqpad with the interest thereon. The revenue irom customs received at Liverpool, for three quarters this year, compared with corresponding quarters in 1946, were as annexed Bkvbivuk vbom Customs?Liverpool. July ?.33.612 ?264,336 August 277,167 224.263 Beptexber 227,203 437,724 Oiviag ?227,222 ?('t. 1.016,223 (Showing an increase ia the quartar of ?112,206. Taking the three quarters of the year now ended, the aoceunt will stand as fellows t? QuaaTtas JCmded, 1646. 1246. April 6 222 272 723,4(7 July 6 217,272 244,426 October 12 227,262 I,0l6,2g2 Totals f t JUS Sift MSI. Hi ?skewing a grosa increaae upon th? aim moothi of 41100M. In 1S44 the revenue from cuatom* received at Liverpoel wee ?4,407,844, aadin 1845 ?3,433,113, ehewing a delciency la the year ef ?1,064,563. Thia waa accountad for by the tariff redaction!, including ?800,030 aa the leea en cettoa in the pert of Liverpool alene. There haa been thia year farther reduction* of important dutiei, yet the revenue ia ateadily regaining lta former poaition, and ia a few yeara, ualeaa tome more reductiona are atade, the cuatoma revenue at Liverpool will be greater than ever befere. A very great inereaee in the commerce ef the pert, moat be realized to preduce a revenue under the new tariff equal to that received under the old, but from the appearance of our export trade, we ahenld judge there waa very little doubt bat that the meat aanguine anticipation* would be realized. The revenue from cuitoma received at Maaaheiter for three quartern thia year, compared with oorreepond' log quarter* laet, waa aa annexed Ravanna vbom Co*roi*a?MaRcneiTca. Amount received during the quarter ending October 10, 1848 ?68,640 Ditto October 10, 1846 18,464 Increeae on the quarter.. ?38,178 Comparative atatement,Rowing the amount of cuatoma dutiea collected in Mancheater during the flrat three quarter* of the preient year, and the correapond" ing quarter* of 1846 QiAXTia* Enema, 1845. 1141. Inerme April 5... .?11,043 April 5 38,427 77.3*4 Jolt 5 12.61* JaljrJ 54.*30 41,341 October 10. 1* 444 October 10. .54,844 38,174 ?(1,196 148 1*7 Total. ?188,981 It ia gratifying to obaerve an increeae of receipta during l*at quarter, notwithatanding the large amount of ; duty paid during the one preceding upon wheat, leer he. immediately after the pe*aing of Sir R Pee I'a corn meaaure. Wo undarttand that it ia accounted for by the in creeeed number of partiee taking advantage ef the aaving ef ohergei, end the convenience and eetlafaction attending the bonding eyatem, which ie now bciug generally adopted djt tbe principal wboleaal* dealer* in tohecce, j tea and coflee, wind* and apirita, he, in Mane hotter and : it* neighborheed. The toll* on the Wabaah Canal, from the opening ef navigation to the let of October thie year, compared with the corretponding month* of 1949, were aa annexed Toll* on thi Waba*h Canai.? IxDiana. ? 1*43. IIIC. March $3,3*3 9) $*1 *5 April 6,434 91 7,878 *4 Mar 38 1.K3 19 Jo** *11 30 9.11* *3 Jaly 1,183 93 3,01* 09 Auimt. 1,799 49 3,0*4 73 September 7,794 *? 0,311 *3 Total g*9,*79 I* $39,83* 3* -thewing $9$,68$ AO in par fund*, up to the laet ef September, thi* year, again* $19,970 1$ in " bine dog,'' worth, at the cleee of narigation, 40 cent* to the dollar ' that i*. $#,689 07 The toll* for the month* of October and November j*?t year, were a* follow* i? October $14 90* *a Noromber $19,01* 1$ 1 Krom pretont appearance* there will be an increat* in theae month* thi* year. The Oorerner of Sooth Carolina, iu hi* n o< *o the Legixlatnreof that State, in alluding to tho Ui.aiict* of the State, and the Bank of the State, remark* that? " Daring the pe?t year the indebtedne** of the Htate he* been leuterially reduced The Ba?k of th<- Ktite he* paid off the balance of the lum of $|(vi noil, inned under the nni of I8J3, and which jtil >ue o.i tha l*t of iamiary laat. The prompt- ! u*? * lib which the Hveral iiwue* oi Sitta itock npra been redeemed a* they bee am* payable, cenno tell to reflect mott favorably on tho credit of (ho State ? The **"?* hoo transferred to tho sinking (had, from tho proflta of tho Aaoal year ending lot of Ootober, tho turn of $00,000, and hu oot oport a furthor amount, which it hot boon considered prudont to reserve, to cover Ioomo. Thii to on evidence that tho inotitution io in ouccoooful operation. That tho bank hao ouoUinod looaoi during tho year, io to b,i apprehended, but thio io incident to every ouch inotitution. No exercise of cautioncaa prevent losses from oometimeo occurring ; and more eopocially io it difficult to avoid them, when they arioe out of circumotvnceo which violate the moot eacred obligations due to oociety. loolated inotanceo of thio nature cannot and ought not to weaken our conidenee in the well established character of our publio agenta ; nor io there any thing in the amount ot ouch looaoo to awaken anxiety ao to the safety of the inotitution. The rate of intereot, ao at prooent eotabliohed in thio State, it appears to ma might, with advantage, bo reduced to a lower standard Our banks all loan money at six per centum, and the intereot on all the bonds and judgments in favor of tho United States, io computed at tho same rate. Without going elaborately into tho subject, 1 would suggest tho propriety of a lower rata, and that it be fixed hereafter at six instead of seven per centum, as at present. Old Mook Kxrhangs, $3000 OhioT's 09K SO.ahs Harlem R R UK ueoe do ?to i?o do otx 2000 uses, 'ttexdiv 101 50 do o30 tt\J 10000 rean is at 175 do 4tM 10300 do Mm e?K 100 do sJO 4tK 5000 do bood 60 300 Norwich k Wor 50M 100 shs farmers' Trust 2tM 150 do slO 50m 15 Canton Co MM 50 do sM 50*-, 100 Vieksbarg bN 15 do mi1. 50 Long Island RH 25 225 do 50>J 50 do 10k 100 do also 50 inn ,tn kiotiv u J., "> mo iw> ao "*?C M do ,te 50* M 'o 14* 50 do 50V 100 do iM 24 50 do iM 50 M Erie K R 42V 100 Reading R K bio 63V > do 42V 140 do blO 6j* ooond Hoard. HJpoo Ohio 6e. '56 ?IJa 200 lb. Harlem RR sow 140 aba Harlem KR bl# 49* 50 do 50 40 do 49* Z*. Ialaud KR S3*; 100 do ?60 49V 40 Heading KK 50 do e?0 492 40 Nor St Wor RB .30 50 1JJ do .60 49?, 100 do b60 50* 40 do e60 49* 15 do 50 V 40 do 49V 50 do 50 v j0 do 49%tf 25 do 50V 40 do 49?J 50 do al5 50* 'J? de 49* 50 do elO 50* 40 do .10 492 40 do 50* 100 do b3 40 50 do 50* 40 do 50 too Canton Co 26* 100 do ety 40 50 N A Truet 7 W Stock Exehaogo. IS aha Morria Canal 5* lot Nor k Wore RR aS 50V J? , d? ? 4* 100 do e 50V ?40 Harlem RR .3 49* 50 do .30 50V 40 do .3 49* 150 do 50* .J? do .30 49* 25 do b3 50* '2 i? tw '0* da a 50* 4? do 49V 100 do .20 50 J2. , ,d0i >. bJ <?* 40 do bS 50* 40 L Iiljnd RR c 14 V 50 do Sat 40* 25 Nor It Wor RR .3 50* 25 do e 50* 40 do blO 40* 94 da b3 50* Married, - 9? morlBin?. Doc. 3, 1848, by the Rot. E F. Hatfield. Capt. Oko. W. Couch, of this city, to Mica Mabt J. Hutchiifos, of ManhacMtt, Long Island. In June laat, by the Rot Mr. Knock., Mioa E. Ardcbeow, daughter or the late J. Andaraon, Jr., of tbia city, to W. Wallace 8uttob, M D , of Philadelphia. Died, lrt 'n,t ' M""1- Elu ABETH GaLLAWAT, ill the 87th year of her age. Her lrienda and acquaintancaa, and thoao of her daugh:*r; ??" Michael*, and alio of John J Michael* anu win. i. nucaney, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Thursday afternoon, Deo. 3, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 136 Clinton atreet, without further invitation. Suddenly, yesterday morning, 2nd inatant, Mr. Samuel Mcdlib, aged 62 yeara. Hit relatione and frienda are respectfully invited to attend his iuneral, from hia late reaidence, 147 Essex atreet at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Af Tompkinsville, S. 1., on Wedneaday morning, 2nd inatant, Avon, son of Edward and Elizabeth Bush, aged 12 years and 2 months. The relations and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this day, at 10 o'clock, from thj residence of his father, at Quarantine, 8.1. On the 6th ult , at the residence of her son, Mr. Oeorge Marshall, of Kitely, Canada West, Mrs. Mart Marshall, at the advanced age of 01 years, 1 month and 12 days. 8he was born 1766, in Pelham, Massachusetts. Mrs. Marshall with her husband, removed to Canada in the spring ot 1803 In consequence of the bad state of the roads from St. Regis, and to close the trials and sufferings of a protracted journey, she mounted on horseback with her youngest son, Oeorge, in her arms, until she reached her destination in Augusta And it is a striking coincident that this same son has been calls.1 upon to perform the painful but grateful duty of sustaining her in her second childhood, and of bearing hsr to her nnal resting place. Post Orrtca, New Yobe, Dec. 3, IMC. NOTICE.?Persons having parchased the prepaid Three Cent stamps ef the "United States Citv Dispatch," may either return them to the Post Office, where they will be redeemed, or they may use them on let'ers for city de ivery, and deposit the letters either in he Post Office or in the Dispatch Post, called " Post Office City Despstoh " which letters will be delivered aa prepared, I having made an arraagemant with the " Post Office City Diapatch"to pay them for the delivery of such letters. d3 Itr KOBT. H. MORRIS, P. M. ! NEW YORK LIrtHT DRAGOONS. 2?tb Re*t. VI. Mgsde, N. Y. 8. A. ! mnrna -r.": vi iuii icKinirsi are requeued to Meet the Colonel, at the riding school of the regiment, corner of Chiistie and Drlancy streets, on Saturday, Dec 3th, at > o'clock P. iVI. A full and pnnctnal attendance is requested, as matter of importance will then bo brought before them. By order of *VM. H. DUFF, Colonel. J. R. 8. VAN VLEET. Act'*. Adj't. d3 *ia*r H.TAIL STOCK O# DRV OOOU WITH LEA.-K OF STORE FOR SALE.?For sale, a stock of Fancy and htaple Dry Uoods.well assorted and at low prices, in one of the "<ost desirable locations in the City. The lease has abont throe years to ran, the location maybe considered one ol the best. The store has been fitted up at a sreat ripense, and possesses many adesntagea as to the interior arrangements. The stock at present is under Ten Thousand Dollars; with an additional stock of Three to Fire Thousand Dollars, there can be sold for cash Fifty to Pevcnty-five Thousand Dollars a year at a very fair average profit. I1ie stoek will be sold for cash or satisfactory paper on a credit of not over 6 months To those desirous of commencing the wholesale and retail Dry (foods business, the prssent offers one of the greatest indaeemento. Address L. L. B., at this ofilce. with real name, dl lw?t NOTICE?In the matter of the estate of the late Jcha A. Drew, deceased? Notice ie hereby given, that the nndereigned have been dn If appointed by thejndje of probete of the, county of Michilimackicac, in ihe -tme of Mich'gan. administrators of the I eatete of John A. Drew, late of Mackinac, county of Michi11 mack mac, deceased, aud hava taken apon themselves thnt trust, by giving bonds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 21, 1I4C. WILLIAM T. DREW, ui'vuv irvMire SAM'L* K.ll ARiNO, d3 lw*re Administrators of the nun ofJohn A. Draw. DROWN SHEETINGS AND COTTON BATBMJ 100 bales I brat heery 4-4 Brown Sheetings, and MO bales of clean Beta, will be aeld at a Urge di count, from Normbar prices, to eloae tha atoek thia month City ratailera and village merehanla, are aulieitad te examine thaae goods when in qneat of Bata and Sheetings. A good yardlwide aheetiac at 5H centa. Snperior, do do. eente? At Noa. II and 10 Cadar a tract, np ataira?Clean BaU, OK ceata ; very fine do, 1 7H eenu and I centa. T. N. UNDERHILL. dl lt*r CLARKE'S SACK OVERCOATS. No. 110 WILLIAM 8TREI.T, (Opposite the New Btarea ) THE elegant appearance of aav Coata in now unireraally acknowledged Having a laree number oa hand every gentleman may be anra of being Ailed. Brown Mack Over- I coata with ailk relrat collara ana cuffa. and buttons and well wadded linings, all of the aama col'<r. $14. Thoae with ailk ; fronta in addition $10. Black F-ench Cloth Ovareoats, anperbly trimmed, $16 The ouly secretia ftp baaineaa ia, that I bay all my gooda for eaah and take the adrantaga ol the 1 diacoant. and am aatiafied with very email profits. Black Draaa Coata, made to measure, $3*.(aery beat branch,) lower quality lower prices. Every other article equally low. F. ?? No credit whatever given. dj 4t*r NATIONAL HoTEL?BOARDERS. No. 5 Courtlandt ttreet. A FEW regular Boarders, either families or single gentleman. can be accommodated at the National Hotel, No. 3 Conrtlandt street?; the rooms being pleasantly situated. and every comfort provided by J. B. * URT-S, dl HQ re No. i Conn land t street. BOAKD1NO I ONE orTWOfOENTLEMEN, with their Wives, or Bio < ale Gentlemen, can be accompanied with good board and pleas-nt rooms, on the most reasonable terms, by applying immrdntely at 313 Mnlberrv ttreet. betwee i Spring and Frinca atreet. 0 n't forget to call. d3 lt?r WANTED, A SITUATION, by a young Woman from the country, aa Wet Nnrae. in a private family. Good city or country referencaa can ba giren, on applying at 161 Waat Broadway. | d3 If r BUY WANTCi?In library One or food character, who can read and write.may addrraa "Library." and leave hia name and number at the office of thia paper di It'rc WANTED?A aitoation by a yonng woman, aa a chambermaid, waaber and irmier, and far character and honeay gn?d refareneeacan be given. Apply at 474 Broadway. wanted, A SITUATION by a yonne Proteatant Woman, aa nnrae. chambermaid, or to do plain aawing. The boat of eity , raleroacoa can be hod on applying at 4S Main at, Brooklyn, dt Jt*r WANTED, TWO Gold Dial Makera ?Liberal wagea will bo given.hy applying to M. at tho Croton Honao. Broadway, between the honra of It and t, whore an interview can ba had on the aaljoet. dl lt*r TO TRAVELLING AGENTS' AN OPPORTUNITY proaanu itaelf to travelling agenta to cell a work of eatabliahed reputation. tho prunta of which are ronaiderable. Apply at the office of the New York Legal Obaervor, 41 Annat. dttt*r fey-rmerrrrt V?A? 1 E.JU, Br a Yoaag WoiBU, aaitoatioa Lanndrata, Waiter, or to aasiat ia Washing and Iroumg, or to do chamber work The bait of elty or eonntry raforaneaa may b? had oa applying at No. 1M Sixth avenue. batwaan IJth and IJtL atresia. <13 lt*r a kake chance. \ QtNTS ara wanted to undertake the aala of a now ud V naafal pataatod artiala, that can ha aold to every family in the Union. To maa of reepee^bility and baaineaa habiu, a gaataataa of $M0 par aaaam will be No. 117 fnltoa at. New Vork. All I at tan matt be poet paid. nW Im-rh f N FORMATIONVTANTF.D-lf William Chamheri, of STodmaaden, Lancashire, Knglund, will write hoina.orlo hie brother Jamea, in St. Loan, Mo. ha will hoar of lineIl.inj to hia adyaetaie. jl It* r wanted. j V SITUATION in n Dry Good* tt re, by n youne Englishman, who hu had considerable eiperience in inn whole *l*end retail iridai, The advertiser will be possessed of frnrti $2000 to $2too ia a few months, which he will be willing to advance in the eoncern in which he is engaged, if, ?Fll"?,\Ule basinets prom to hu aatiifaclion. Platae audr??," Herald offlca. dl 3f rre ,~,.rT.u AMD FRENCHMEN, ? *? -?$>? I .1-1.. . .. A prima doona, bath baud tome and yoang, Wee aoated at h?me ta grief ; Har nind waa troubled, her uetree ware uuatrung, And nought could afford har relief. To aing at a concert aha matt that nighr, That morning aha'd taken a cold ; And aha knaw full wall that Bitobi might, I mean Mr. Lodbb, might acold. She picked up the "Sea,'' aa har only hope, And quickly commenced to lead Of Hanck' Sraur?not Jonea'a eoap ; She tent for a bottle with apaad. She took three doers, three hourc apart, Of Haitcg'a Hoabhocnd I'oatrovnD ; lt'currd har cold and gladdened har heartShe aaya't'a the beat to be found. HANCE'S COMPOUND SYRUP ol HOAHIIOUND ia a SOVEREIGN cure for COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS. ASTHMA. CONSUMPTION, Ac. Prica J# centa per bottle, or aia bottiea for St M. Kor aala by SANDS, corner of hultonand William ata. ; HENRY JOHNSON, cor. of Broadway and Chambera at.; D. Saudi A Co , 77 Real Broadway : Codding ton, cor. of Hudaon and Spriuga ata. ; Kaculapitn Temple, cor. of Broadway and Howard ata. ; Ouion, cor, of Bowery and Oraud at. d] lm*r MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY. A ftim m CUKE roR' COLDS. COUGHS, HOARSENESS. SORE THROAT, WHOOPING COUQH, INFLUENZA, Ac. RA/t REFERENCES have been gi?en to Mrt. Jervii OUV VOLUNTARILY, in SIX WEEKS, proving it. good effects in caring the sbove trouble.. Sold hy MRS. JEHVlS, US BROADWAY, nest door to tho Tabernacle. Put np in package. ofl?, 1., 4a, and SI each. Agents? Ra.hron A Co. IS A.tor Hume, lit and ttt Brosdwayijllaekett, 1(4 Bowery: Bornton, 4t Sixth arena*, 17 and 199 Avenue D.; E.y's, 333 Hudson atreet; Nelson, comer of Catharine and Madisen; Lecount, corner of Grand and .treet.; Hallock A Co., 149 kultoa .treat, and Mr*. Hay., 139 Fnltou afreet, and 1 Atlantic .treat, Brooklyn ; 110 Grand atreef, Williamiburth. ! aura to ask for MRS. JERV18 S COLD CANDY BOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID THE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOOY OF THE HAIR ? Why tliomld it be more incredible that art cau cnltir ,t* hair on the top of the liviug human head, than that it ahonld grow com and grass on the top of a hill / People seem to think their hair will stay on thtir what they will, joat *o long a. Pro*idence wills it so to do, and no loneer. But here they may be mistaken. They had better read a pamphlet entitled a. above, a copy of which uow lies on onr table It is by iMr William Bogle, who may "catch" yon quite " unawares" with some fact. and.principle, mach to t our comfort and consolation, if you are inclined to he bald.? Ckronotype. Prepared only ny WM. BOGLE, Boston. For sale by A. B. A D. SAN US, Druggist*, 1M Fulton it., corner of William, and 77 East Broadway, New York. Sold al.e by H. Johnson, 373 Broadway, ana by druggists generally. (13 lt*r A/GHT KESrORtip a.iu inriiA.UNAllun UK IHfc tVES CURED, BY THE ROMAN EYE BALSAM?A Specific Oiutmeot for Diseases or ihe Eyes. This Balsam will speedily restore weak eyes,remove inflammation tad aoreneee from rhe ayelide, and restore siftit where it is possible I to do so. The weakness of sicht from old af a, or Irom overstrtininc by t*o fixed attention to minute objects, can be cared by a lew applications. In fact, its almost miraculous influence on diseases of theeyes4will astonish any one who uses it. Prepared only by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist and Drncfist, successor to A B. SANDS St CO 273 Broadway, in the Oraoire Building. Sold also at 100 Kulton street, and 77 East Broadway. Price 21 cents. d3 lm*r genuine bear's oil. THE enormous number of Wigs manufactured .in this couutry must be a conclusive proof that the hair is greatly neglecteu. It can De satisfactorily proved that if proper care were taken, a wig would not be uecessarv iu one case out of ten in which artificial hair is worn. Concentrated perspiration is one ol the most energetic poisons to which trie roots of tlie hair can be subjected ; and as an antidote to its destructive qualities, the Geuuiue Bear's Oil stands alone ? i There is nothing known to chemists thar can compare with it It supplies the roots with a most healthful nourishment I It darkens the coloring matter within the capillary tubes, and gives the luxuriant locks, which it prodaces, a tendeucy to cue I. I Purified and perfumed for toilet purposes only by HENRY | JOHNSON, Druggist, (successor to A. B. Bands It.Co.) 273 I Broadway, west side, in the Granite Building, corner of > Chambers street. Bold, also, at 100 Kultou street, and 77 East I Broadway ; also at 301 Hndson street, corner of spring. 0s* Beware of spurious imitations, and be snre and purchase only the article prepared by HENRY JOHNSON.? Price 50 cents and 23 cents per bo tie. d3 Ira'r another voluntary tribute to wistar's balsam. Winthrop, Kennabec County, Muine, August 12. 1843. DEAK SIR,?If my testimony in favor of your valuable medicine will do you any good, or be of an v service to the eiekaed afflicted,you are welcome to make snch use of it as you please. For seven or eight yeurt I have not enjoyed perfect health. In the Spring of 1844 I had some cough, I was then iu Worcester County, Ma's .and applied to u physician , who gave me some med'eiue, but it did not relieve me. I was notable to work during the summer. Last fell 1 wee > ranch worse: so reduced by coughing, and sweating nights, that I was obliged to take uiy room. My Physician tried iu vain to remove my conph, and restore me to health, but I did noicxpect m rrcovei; I However concluded to try Wniars kalsam of Wild I herry; 1 wit then troubled with rery frequent spells ol coughing, night and day; before 1 had ttken one bottle, my cough wr.i easier; 1 couliaued to take the mrdiciiie until I was able to leave my room. I hare taken atveral hottlea, and 1 think Wiatar'a BnUan ol Wild Cherry haa cnrred me; at least 1 leel aa well, and as atrong ai I hare lor twelve years. JOHN METCALF. I am acqnaiuted with the subscriber, and believe his statement to be true. HOWARD B LOVEJO Y. None genuine unless signed I BU I'TS on the wrapper. iuFor sale by A. B. k'O. BANDS. Agent for (New York City; also by druggists generally throughout the United States and Canada. dl ItDfcW I OOTtiACHF CUKED IN ONE MINUTE, BY th? use of the Clove Anodyne. This is an etcnllent article, and will cute the most violent toothache or pain iu the gums in one minute. It is not unpleasant to the taste, will not injure the teeth, and effects a permanent cure. Prepared ouly by HENRY JOHNSON, ohemist and drugsist, 173 Broadway in the Qranite Building. Sold alto at IM Fulton street. 77 East Broadway, and at Ceddiagton's. 3*3 Hudson st. Price 33 cents. JC/~ Purchasers must beware ef spurious compounds called Clhve Anodyne, intended to deceive the unwary. Be sure and ask fur the Clove Anodyne prepared by HENRY JOHNSON, and purcha-e ouly of respectable dealers. d3 ln??r I FANCY BOXl-S AND COKNUCOJPIAS, SUITABLE for Confectioners, for Christmas and Naw Year's presents A large assortment o{ these articles ?Also, colored papers of all kinds, may ba found, and will be told by wholesale and retail, at reasonable prices, at tha manufactory of BAUER It BUDEN 74 Fultoa st, np stairs. N B?Wadding-cake Betes on hand, or made to order. d3 ltn'i THE e?.partnership heretofore esisting between the subseribers, under th* Arm of Wm. E. k Jae. Bark,.Jr.. is this day dissolved by metual consent. New York, Nov. IS, 1344. WM. K. BURR, | .. JAB. BURK, JR. james burr, jr. will carry au the Cloth, Caseimere and Vesting butincaa, at4g Maiden lane. dl 3t?r FRENCH FANCY BOXES For holiday presents-brun, larosiere It COURT, 111 William street, have just received and offer for aale two cases of French Fancy Boxes for bonbons, ef the latest style dl lm?nrc "M"OTlCE?Any person having claims against tba unuer1" signed, are reqassted to present the same to Henry H. Byrne, Esq., solicitor, at hit office, No. 3 Naasau straat, Naw York. dl6t* r JOHN HERDMAN. umi?.D OlAlfiS W1UNKY KtfURTEll, AND GOLD AND SILVER EXAMINER. IN preaepting tbia work to the public, the pubiiaher ean with the utmoat confidence aay to all, that it laraurpaaaea anything of the kind ever iaaued. lummy advantage! over any other now in uae muat be aeen at the firat eight. It contain! upwarda of too engraving!, giving the par value, and m f?e ainile of Gold and t?il?er Coin in uae, which will be added to every week aa the wo'k ia ia.ued, till it contain! the engraving! and ptieea of every kind of eoin in circulation m the United Btatea. Italaohaaa marginal index, ao that at the firat glance you can turn 10 the State you wiah to find. The work will be leaned every Wedneaday at the Publieaton office Nu 90 Broad "ay. Ci riected and revised by the pubiiaher weekly, who haa aecured a copy right of the aame. Gold, ailver. and bank notea bought at the office, 99 Broadway, aa quoted in the Reporter and Examiner. A number of efficient persona wanted ;o sell the above work. Price I centt 8. TAYl,OK, Pubiiaher. dl lw*rc QO- BCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP- 00 THE ONLY MEDICINE WHICH HAS STOOD THE TEST OE EXPERIMENT IN ALL CASES OF PULMONARY DISEASE. THE ONLY MEDICIOE OF THE KIND THAT CONTAINS NO CALOMEL, OR ANY OTllEl^DEL&TERIO US DRUG. THE ONLY MEDICINE THAT CAN BE USED tvrrn SAFETY AND ADVANTAOE BY CONSUMFTIYE RATit NTS AND OTHER - FUFFEHRINO UNDER THAT 0LASS OF DISEASES GENERALLY THOUGHT INCURABLE BY THE MEDICAL FACULTY. fHK aliments ol whuh this Hyrup is compoeed era simple M. barbs and roots, the medicinal properties of wmcb purify the blood, .uenglhtn the system, and glee a t\ealihy tone to the lanes and digestive organs. Its operation upon the system is mild, yet efficacious; it loosens the phlegm, which creates so much difficulty when tight; it relieves the cough; It astute natuie to aspe> from the system all diseased inslter, oy eipectoration, whieh. if retained, piodeces cousnmption; it ripens the matter in an abscess or tubercle, and tben causes its ripulsion from the system, at the same time soothing the irritated parts, healing the laceration, ami producing a heal* hy seiism; it legnlares the bowels withont the aid of purgative medicines; it allays the most tronblesome eongh withont inj*iing the system another medicines generally de. A OKfcAT CURKOF rULMONARV CONSUMPTION UY SCHKNCK'S PULMOMC 8VKUP. This is to certify?that abont four years ago I was taken with a violent congh, aud of raisiug thick bloody matter, and difficulty of brearbu g, pain iu the left aide fever and night sweats loss of appetite aud stiength ; my flesh was almost wasted away ; every spring and fall I would have an attack of this kind, so that I romd not work ; each ime I would get innch worse. I had the attention of three or four different physicians, from whom I received no benefit. They all said that my lungs were badly affected The last one that came to see me, sounded me. He shook his head and said, one lun^ was sound, aud the other almost was ed awajr He pre criirru some mvui? me, wmtn n*n uq "nrci mi mi, ud h? never came to aee me At thia I was induced to try ttehenrk't Pnhnonic 8, rap. > t!id not receire any benefit from it nntil 1 bad taken tnrrc bottles, bot apparently got worse, my cough waa tight and div, it waa wita great difficulty that I could get breath. Mv fiienda, aa wall aa myself, ihoncht my time waa abort in thia world. Bat ail at once, I waa lakia with one of my violent apella of conghina. when something care way, and I raited, aa naar aa I can tall, three half pinta to a inert of bloody matter and coemption, the moat horrible atuf I ever aaw ot amelt. from that time I earned very laat. I continued raiting more or lata for aome time I continued taking the medicine nntil I had taken aeytnteen ho tlea. At this time I considered myaalf well aud began to work agaio. Thia waa in the f. II of lltS I have regained my atrenath and fleah and have enjoyed the beat of heal lb eyer amce Thia k a plain, thort hiatery of my eate, and ia the tmth. Any peraon detirnna of Ibrther pinicnlara. eaa call npon me at my residence, No. lib Tar fth street. New York. WM. HOL.DEK Preps ed b J H. SCHKNCK.and foraaleet hia principal office. No I COL'RTLANDr bT , opposite the National Hotel, N. Y. Alao may be obtained at 771 and It2 Broadway: III and 100 Knlton at aet; 171 Diets.on itreet; 470 Bowery; 171 Urand atreet; 3)7Third Ar-nne; 171 O eeawich a reel, New York; 105 Grand atreet. va i|IUinahui<ti. comer Fulton and Cranher-e -tree a, Brooklyn; 05 Montgomery atreet, Jeraey City; an d of agenu in all p ut? of the Uni ten Htatea. Pleaae remrmber that P. 8. Beekman ia no longer aa agent of mine, sad the proprietor will not be responsible for any ma ieiue he go longer sella the genuine hrhenrk'v Pnlmouic Uyrup J. H/lK HKNCK. I 01 JtTuThltBet'r 1 * . _ .. . ? "gg? | < fyutt. ?n?n)?. S. _ WM. W. SHIRLEY. AielioiMt. 1LVER PLATE AND BRITANNIA WAHE,GIRANDOLES and Huim Funnelling Artielea, by HENRY E. WILL AKD, Friday Dee. 4, lOii o'clock, at iba idea room. No. $ Pine ureal A large valuable aaaortmect of brat liver mounted and pitied Caatera, 6 to S gla*a; Cake Baakeu, Waitera, diunrr aud deaert Forkt, table and tea Spoona, Britannia tea and coffee Seta Biggiua, Kottlea, block tin beef teakand oyiter Diahet. Diah Lovera in aeta, 14 ateel Are Seta and Standards, japau Plate Warmrra, rich gothic Tea Tr>ya and Waitera, gilt, ailvrred and bronxed Girandolea, aoiar ; Lamiw, cat Glaaa Ware, fancy brouxe caat Chaira, Hat Stan da i fcc. Salepoaitiva, and worthy the notice of retailert and faini[ liea. dl lt*r MONDAY, Jlat initant, 18t6, will be told at II o'clock, iu the old Fiencli Cabinet Ware Hnnae, No 31 Baekman atreet, the eniire atoek of elegant and lateat atyle of city made Cabinet Furuitare. Can be examined Irom now I till aale. d] 3t?fh 1 LOST?On Sunday laat, near St. John'* church, a atnall paper box, ooutaiumg aaolid heavy gold Ring, carved aa a kuighl reclining. If the aaid ring haa fallen iutonoueat liandi, a favor will be eonferred on aud a liberal reward given by me, on iu return te No. 9 Varick atieet. dl 3tr GEORGE LODER. nuiuriun i kin oiiwi'iuri JK. WATER8TON, teacher of Drawing and Painting to ie Flushing Institute, L. L. haa still tome leisure time which ha wiahaa to All np in firing Prirata Leaaoua, or in attending schools. Terms modarate, and mar ha learned by applying at 171 Canal street, or at T. J. Crow en's bookstore, corner Broadway and Bleeckar street. N. Y o37 lm*r BILLIARDS. _ ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON. No. I* Barclay street, just below U e As tor Honse, is the largest and mjst commodious Saloon in the city. It contains nuie Tables, all in good order, and or Perm's make? (who is acknowledged by all good players to be the best billiard table bmlder in this country,) with Ana maple and mahogany beds. These tables ean, at all times, be depended upon for making correct angles, as they hare all cloth cushions, and are, therefore, not affected bv the weather. Michael and uoseph. formerly of the All Nations' Hotel, and late of Uothic Hall, take this method of informing their friends and the public that they hare just opened this establishment, and hope by proper management and strict attention, to merit a renewal of the patrouage heretofore so liberally bestowed upen them. Oentlemen who may faror them with a -all may depend on liaviug the beet of attendance, with a privata?ene and apron for their own occlusive use?and those wishing to play in private are informed that there is an excellent table ia a separate room, which ean he secured bv application at the bar. N. B. The most fastidious need feel no delicacy in patrouiaiug this establishmant, as the company will ba found always select, and the best order prevailing throughout. MICHAEL PHELON, nlilm'rh JOSEPH WHITE. DISSOLUTION. THE firm of WYMAN, ELMKNOORP It DERBY has A boon dissolved by the deeth of Ooorge Elmendorl. The surviving parties will settle the bnssness of the firm, JOHN O. WYMAN, LYMAN DERBY. COPARTNERSHIP.?The subscribers have formed a copartnership in the Merchant Tailoring businasa, under tho firm of WvMAN It DEKBY, end will continue the buaiaese at lhairold stand, Nos. 134 ana 333 Broadway. JOHN O. WYMAN, LYMAN DERBY New York, 1st Deeember. dl 3t*r JUDY THE BECOND NUMBER OF " JUDY." the New York Charivari, will be published et the effiee of Burgess, I Stringer It Co., eerier ol Broadway end Ann street, on SATURDAY December 3th. 1 This nnmber will be illustrated with s variety of original and liumoroui designs, diawu and executed by some of the first artists iu the rountry Price 6)^ cents. dl 3tia r PUKE MALT WHISKEY -CHARLES MURRAY, 73 Roosevelt street, New York, takes the|Uberty to inform his friends and the public, that he has 300 gallons Pi re Malt Whiskey, aud is constantly manufacturing a further supply, which he will sell at $3 per gallon, 30 per cent over proof. A liberal discount allowed to those that buy to sell again. dJJt*rc , MM. CARROLL'S Medicated Vaior and Sulphur Raths, 1(4 Fulton street, opposite Church street. A ceriain cure for Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Bore Throat and all inflammatory diseases incident to the changeable state of the weather. The Sulphur Vapor Ba'h is particn, larly recommended by our first physicians as a cure for all i eru'tions and diseases of the si in. No dauger of taking cold I after the use of these baths. d2 lm*rc LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS i AND TEA TRAYS. TllF. subscriber has just opened one of the best selected stock of Lamps, Ac., now in this city. Lard and Solar . Lamps in Gilt ; Bronzed and Turquoise inlaid with gold; : also Girandoles of various patterns; Silver,Gilt,and Bronzed; , Hall Lamps with stained glass. The above goodeate sit ar. ranged for inspection, and wi,l be sold at low prices. Chnrch! es, Hotels, and Manufacturers can always find a large sssortI meat of Lamps suitable for their purpose. JOHN U. MORGAN, , d3 lm*rc 134 Fulton st 1 door from Broadway. CHURCH OF ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR. FY1HS Ladies of the congregation of the Church of Sjint ' A George the Martyr, have the pleasure to announce that , several ol' the most distinguished vocalists in this city, iuclu: ding the efficient choir of Trinity Church, will unite in a per- I 1 formauce of Sacred Music, under the direction of Mr. Hudg> es.ntthe Apollo Salons, on Friday Eveniug. the 4th inst.? ! The whole of the proceeds will be devoted in aid of the ! funds of said Chords. All the performers, on this occasion, most kindly tendering their services gratmtonsly?a circura: stance which the ladies now mention with unfeigned estisI faction, in the hope that their benevolent exertions may be 1 crowned vrithinrrMi. Farther particulars in the programme, which, together with ttekete of admission, price 50cent*, mejr be obtained 1 et the Maiic and Bookstores, and alio at the dooron the I ereaing ol the performance. d2 3tis re I 8CBIMOEOUR fc DAVIDSON^ DRAPERS AND TAILORS. I ' No. 16 John itreet, New York, I First floor, up ataire. n*7 Inure i MRS. ZEGLIO. NO. 87 DIVISION 8TREET. AS WILLopeua large aasortment of Paris millinery, I ^BjBonneta. Ike. She will offer for inspection a choice stee . of Fall goods, comprising silks, satins, plain and ent relreU, lie., fce., which being selected with good taste from the lateet arrirals, is well werthy the attention of ' parches en. Merchants and milliners from the country, wanting materi als and patterns. would find it their interest to call befor purchasing, as the stock is fresh, the style the latest: whie | will be disposed of on reasonable terms. n26 lm*rc OOOD*EAR'S OVER SHOES, 100 BROADWAY. LADIES' AND OENTLEMEN'S OVER 8HOE8, manufactured of Ooodyear's Celebrated I'sieut Metallic India Rubber, psrlectly flexible in the coldest weather. For sale by the case or single pair, by BROWER k BROOKS, i IB Sole Agents for Ooodyear's Manufactories, ' d3 1 merrc 1W Broadway, opposite Trinity Church. I ~~ PREMIUM ROOTS Quick SaUi and Small Profiu. . FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 SO. our own make, and warranted to aire satisfaction; fine French imperial Dress Boots for ft J#, equal to those usually sold in ! Jff Broadway for $* or ffT, at YOUNG k JONES' fine French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moet fashI ionable stores in this city. Our boots rectflred the highest | praise in the late Fair of the American Institute, for the , price, ever sold in this city. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, kc made m ahLs af the shnrfaar iraHp* Mnntlinir If A i4ntie im f Km ! tor*. YOUNO ft JONES, 4 Ann it d? lm?rc ! PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOH ALBANY, j Daily (Sunday* excepted) at 6 P. M.?Through Direct. frtm t Ac Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty it I. ja Sceambcat KNICKEKBuCKER, Capt A, ^LeJ^U3bH..uKht.)n, will laarc <id Mondny YVedneaXaSOLil'V anil Friday evening*, at 3 o'clock. Steamboat COLUMBUS, Capt O. B. Rigga, will 1**T* on i ' Ta*aday, Thuraday and Saturday evening*, at b o'clock. j At i o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. | Frona the Foot of Barclay Street Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, l apt. ft H. Farry, will I leave on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday and Sunday aftemoona, I at i o'clock. > Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave on Teeaday, Tliuraday and Saturday afternoon a, at i 1 o'clock. The above boau will at all timea arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning car* for ihe East or Weit, Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after ? o'clock, P. M. All peraona are forbid treating any of the boatt of thia line withoat a written order from the captaiaa or agenta. For patange or freight, apply on bord the boata, or to P. C. Bcnaltt at the office on the wharf. n30 rh - ?? DRAFTS on ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES '-Pe'eon* y^ftlRlidftciin remit any amount from one pound and npwarda to their frienda in any part of Great Britain or Ireland, by applyiug to the anhaenbrra, of whom draft* can be obtained iwyable at aight, without all the principal town* and citie* throughout England, Ireland, Scotlana and Wale*. Thoae obtaining draft* can forward them by the packet* of the l*C6th, 11th. ltith, Hat or "6th of the month of December, or the Royal Mail Steamer* tailing from Botton on the 16th. and let of January. I W. ft J. T. TAPSCOTI', ?6 8outh*t., - ! d3r ?d door below Burling alip. j JW*1- rACKC/l'SHir MAL.1 IMUKK.rUK HAVHE, ! MjIPy will (ail thia (Thonday) m rning, at It o'clock, ff^HKwrreciaely, wind and weather permitting The Lrtter rt?ga cloaa at the ainal placet at half paat 11 o'clock, i ds It rh FOR .NEW ORLEANS?Loui.iana aad Now ' dHPfVYork Lino? I naitlveljt.lhe firat aad oaly regular SHMMmpacket for Monday, Dec. 7th?The aplendid and ' fail aailing coppered packet ahip LOUISVILLE Captain Mnaea Hunt, will poaitiyely anil at abore, her regular day. I For freight or postage. having atdrudid faruiahed aecnin. modationa, apply on board, at Orloona wharf foot of Wall 1 alreet, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Honlh-atreet. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday, | evening. December 5th. O" Sh opera are requested to aend iu their billa of lading i immedia'ely. Agent in New Orteana, Jamea K. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goodato hiaaddreaa Packet ahip, Oawego, Johnaon matter, will aucceed the Leoiaville. and aail on the 17th Dec. her regular day. dl I "SB? FOR LONDONDERRY?Direct?To aa<l wuh MUWVdisratch?The firat claas regular packet ahip MA JpHlLKIO N. Capt. M Thompson, will sail as above. The accnmmodationi for cabin, 2d csbio, and ateeraga passengers, are of every anperior deaeriptio.i, and requires no > comment Thoae deairoua of rmharSing abonld make immediate application on b"nrd, foot ol Pine atreat, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, <9 South-st, Comer of Pine. , P. 8 ?Peraona deairoua of aanding for their frienda in that ectinn of cnuttry can have them brought eul by the above ! teasel on moderate tarma. by applying aa above. dl * - ? - limit ii li in i in i i m ic" "he Mtu. riiT. ffit2V LEAH? PACKCfS^Tho sh?pa"u> miT 'in T?"pjHftair'Xi'i Regnlar New Orleans Line, in their proper order, mc aa follcwa, nt:Packet ship LOUISVILLE, Capt, Hunt, foot of Wallet., I December 7th. Packet (hip ST. MARY, Capt Potter, foot of Wall etreet. Dec lfith. For puuie in either. apply to W k J. T. TAPSCOTT. M Sooth street, d3 r two door below Barling Slip ait imoN lI:JE 6k PauiK-is Pok i.IVF.r- i |J9|V POOL? Packet of the ?th December?The ejilea. I JKUpdid, feeteulioe packet ehip RAPPAH ANNOCK, ( eptain Drammond, will poeitiTolT aail aa abore, her regular , {he accommodations for eabio. aeeond ecbia and steerage i passengers are very anper'or. her cabin being fitted op in the mo>.t modem atyle?her areoi d cabin nod steerage being on I deck, in lofty end well ventilated rooms, and all ol which will be taken at the loweat ratea. Thoae ebont to etnberk fer the o'ri eonntry ahould aeethe sccommodattona, and thoae wishing to secure berths should make early application en 1 board, Toot of Dover at , or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, M Sonth at., tH r td door below Hwrliag slip. FOR Li V EM POO I, ?New Line-Regnler peck?A9PWet of Deeenaber M?The splendid, last sailing packJHKet ship SIDDONS. Edward It. Cobb master, will sell aa above, bar regular day. For freight or pesasge, having aceomrnodatigna unequalled for splendor or eomfort. apply on board, at Orleana wharf, Tout of Wall sirttt, or to I. K. COLLINS k CO., M South at. AMI SKJMlf. Vl'M. J 'LAST WE? J^bP'flK'u JuHM. PARK THEATRE?Thursday evemug, Dec. 3d?ISth nlKUt of MRS CHARLES KEAN, MR. CHARGES KEAN. and MR. UEO. VANDKNHOFF, On which occasion will be performed Shakspeare's traiedy of KINO JOHN?John. Kiuf ef Kugland, Mr. C. Keen; fliiI?P Faulconbridge, Mr. VaadenholT. Couatance, Mn.C. Krui To conclude with the ferce of THE MISERIES OF HUMAN LIFE?Mr Ally Croaker, Mr O Barrett; Mra Courtney, Viae Fanny Gordon. On Monday, the 6th of December, the petite Vieneae dancere will make their Aral appearance. Dooraopen at 6i{ o'clock; and the performancea will commenceat 7 o'clock Boiea SI: Pit SO c-nta; Gallery 15 centa BOWEHk THEATtcE.?'Tburaday Evening, Dec, 3d, will be performed the Grand National Drama of PUTNAM.?(Jen. Washington, Mr. Vache ; (Jen. Putnam Milner. Kate Putnam, Mrs..Sa;grant After which, the BEAUTV AND THE BEA8T.Beauty. Mrs. Booth ; The Beaat, Mr. Bterena ; John Quill, Mr. Had way. To conclude the FOUNDLING OF THE FOREST. , -De Valuiout, Mr Neafle ; (Jaspard, Mr. Vache ; Geraldine, Mra. Hargeasit. Dreaa Circle 25 cents; Pit and Gallery ltjd cents. Doors open at o'clock; curtain rises at 7. C< REENW1CU THEATRE?Comer ol Vanck and I VJ Charlton atresia?State Mui?tr, Mr. H. P. OHATTAN.?Thia Evening. Dec. 3, the parformancea will commence with ROBERT MAGA1KE?Hubert Macaire, Mr. John Donn; Marie, Mr>. NeUou. After which,the Interlude of A KISS IN THE DARK? Mr. Pettibone, H Chapman; Mra. Pettibone, Miee J. Dreke. Te be followed by THAT RASCAL JACK?Jack, Mr John Dunn; Lacy, Mtta Julia Drake. | To conclude with the Farce of the ARTFUL DODUER ?Timethv Dodge, Mr H Chapman; Mary, Mtaa Julia Drake. Boiea, 23 ceuta, to all parte of the honae ; private boa ea, ! S3 ; Pit, 12K centa. Doora open at half-peat 6 ; Performance to commence at T. ITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. - Thuraday evening, Dec'r 3?The entertninmeuta to commence with CHAJtES All?Charlea, Mr.Walcet; Eudiga, Miaa An1 na Cruiae. After which, firettime MATCH IN THE DARK?O'Fliu, 1 Mr. Wilkiuaon; Ellen Maraden. Mtaa Anna Croiae. I To be followed by THE KINO'S GARDENER?Galo1 chard, Mr. Hal land. The whole to conclude with LEND ME FIVE 8H1LL1NOS?Mr. Oeltghtly, Mr. Holland. Drcaa circle SO centa; upper hoiea IS eenta; pit one ahilliag; private boxea $S. Orcheatra ooxea, $3. Doora open at half paat 0 o'clock: curtain riaoa at 7. I BOWERY CIRCUS. Boxea 23 centa. Children half price. Pit 12M ceuta. THIRD NIOHTOF MR. NORTH, The firat rider of the age. THURSDAY EVENINO, Dec. 3d. Mr. NORTH will introduce hia beautiful Shetland TWIN PONIES, JEAN1E LlND and BLACK MOGOY, in tneir truly wonderful performancea. Mr. Kemp'a new pantomime of HARLEQUIN'S FROLICS?Clown, Mr. Kemp ; Harlequin, Mr. Gardner; Columbine, Miaa Jeaaelyu. Mr. GEORGE W. SERGEANT, will give hia peculiar illnatrationa of ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND. Maater WM. NIXON,the infantile prodigy, aged only nine yeara, will exhibit hia wonderful Horaemauahip. n30 fw*rh THE ALHAMRA SALOON. 609 Broadway between Spring and Prtntt etreete, nearly oppoeite Niblo'e. HERR ALEXANDER, The Greet Original German Magician, who canaeed anch unbouuded aatoniahment atNiblo'a, Will Atrptar Every Evening Thit Week. Full particnlara in the daily billa. Tickets to the Rotunda, 30 cents; to the Balcony, 23eenta? Children under 12 years ol age half price. Doora open at (W?commence at 7R o'clock. n30(t*re | CHINESE MUSEUM, PHILADELPHIA. HE.NKV HEKZ, Composer and Piaaiat to H. M the King of the French and Professor of the Royal Conservatoire | of Paris, begs to announce to the pnblie of Philadelphia, that in compliance with the wishes of many iovera of mnaic, j he h?a beeu induced to give (on his return from Baltimore,) another GRAND CONCERT, On FHIDAY EVENING, December4ih, AT THE LARGE SALOON OF THE CHINESE MUSEUM, on even a more magnificent scale than that produced by him at the Tabernacle iu New York, which haa beeu unanimously pronounced to hare been the GREATEST MUSICAL FE8TIVAL that haa ever been presented to the citiiena of America. HE.'"'Rl H EHZ haa succeeded to secure the valuable services of the following eminent talent Signora ROS1NA PICO. Mrs. WALKER, Mr. EDW'D WALKER, the celebrated American Pianist. Mr. H.THORBKCK . Mr. L. MEIGNKN. FIFTEEN of the most distinguished PIANISTS of Philadelphia, aud A GRAND ORCHESTRA. HENRI HERZ will performI A New Grand CONCERTO, (the 4th) with the Hand Bell Rondo, for Piano Forte aud Orchestra. A Brilliant FAN I'ASIAon " Lucia de Lammermoor." I VARIATIONS (di Bravura) 011 the Pre auxClercs, with Orchestra I A DUETT CONCEKTANTE for two Grand Piano Fortes : on La donna di Lago, by Mr. EDWARD WALKERand I HENRI HERZ. AlllAS, by SignoraPICO. SONGS, by Mrs WALKER. Two OVERTURES by the Grand ORCHESTRA. The Coucert will conclude with the Overture to SEMIRAMIS. arranged for EIGHT PIANO FORTES, and executed by FIFTEEN of the BEST PIANISTS in Philadelphia, and HENRIHERZ |p- Desirous of affording erery facility to families, schools aud studenu of the Piano Forte, Henri Hen has determined to fix the following prices of admission for this j evening;? Single Tickets $1 each; Family Ticket, to admit Jper 1 sons, $2; Family Ticket, to admit 5 persons, $3. dl 3tTThFr ! TABERNACLE. ' THURSDAY NEXT. DECEMBER 3d, CAMILLO SIVORI WILL fir* a Second, and poailirely hia LiiT.Cooeert. in w*i?-h he will be uaiated by Signora Pico, Mrr Loner, ! Mill Northall. Madame Ablimowiez, and Bignor De Begun, j I for the rocal); by Siguor Kipetti, Mr. Fontana, Mr. Deo. < ,oder, end Mr. H. C. Timm The pieceito be performed by Ctmillo Birori are the fol lowing : 1 The celebrated Adagio and Rondo, "11 Catnpanello," (tht hand brll) compoaed by Paganiui. J. A dnet for 2 rioline (by general denre) executed by Bignori Rapetti and Birori?compoaed by Manrer. I. A duet for piano and violin, from the opera " Lncia di Latnmermoor," eaeented by Mr. Foutana and Birori, (compliant by Omillo Birori.) 4. " The t'arniral of Venice," with tone new rariationi, nerer heard before. aM FREE CONCERT 8, COMBIirilfO A SELECT FREE AND EASY. Every Evening, at the Stag Hotel, 20 Mercer etrut, between Howard and Grand. VOCAL1BT8: . Mr*. Newton, Mill Barton, Mr. Collini and Mr. Olindon. A profeiaor will preiide it the Piuo Forte. To commence at half-put T o'clock. di Ifr | MUSIC. j BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES fnrniahed with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Initrnmenti. The muiic aelected from the meat fuLionablei OpeR.yAYL'FFE, . 8 AVLIFFE, I J. AY LUKE and U. AVLIFFE, Brother!, Proleuon, No. 1>7 Elm atrect corner of Howard. dJ2w*r THE GREAT NATIONAL PICTURE I or THI LANDING OF COLUMBUS, DAINTED Tor the Capitol at Washington, by J. VanderX lyn, will be eontinoed on exhibition for a short time longer, at the National Academy of Design, corner Broadway ana Leonard atreet. Also, several admirable copies, by Mr. V , from the chef d'ceuvres of the great masters, Titian, Corregio, and Rembrandt, together with a splendid new of the Cataract, Rapids, and scenery abont Niagara Falls. Open from 9 A M to 10 P. M. Reason tickets SO cents; single admission 2S cents. Descriptive pamphlets t)i ets. nIT lmis*rc UKNTitJiVlLLK CuUK&t ?T i TKOTTING?LONG It LAND. T) URSE $20?MilefHeatt?best three in live, nnder the sadJt Aie, for Trotting Horses, will come off over this Course ot. whnrsday, December 3.1, at 2 o'clock F. M., and closed wnltthe following entries:? il Mitchell enters gr. g. Williamsburg W. 8 Hied br. m. Wiss A. Conklm .g.g Emperor C.Corson o. y. Dmoke Brown | F.J. Nodine br. m. Village Maid Also, a Pacing Match, Mi e Heats, best three in Ave in harneam for $100 aside. J. Whelnley names s g. Postboy J. Wo. drnff b. g. Roan Merry Admission to adl parts of the Coerse fifty cents. JOEL CONKL1N. Proprietor Centreville, Dec. J, ! ?. _ dlJtis*r DK. KELL1NGEM.S ~ f INFALLIBLE LINIMENT is warranted to ' dil * sores and ulcra of every nature in a few ^LQLdays. It acts like magic in removing rheumatism, and all other pains One or two doses is as certain to relieve bilious chulic, diarrhea*, fcc as it is taken. It is perfectly delightfnl in its odor and flavor .It is universally acknowledged m r>e tnr oral I miiy mrmcine ever onerea to uie puoiic.? Price Ml ceole twr bottle. Sold uM John e reel; comer Bowery and Broome; Id eve- ; use and loth it; Jeffriee'a drag (lore; Dr. Bunett'i. Doyer and Chatham.and at the H. II office, City Hall nil lm?rc M THE STRAY DOO that tint to the premiaea No. 311 Commerce atreet. aa adeertiaed, if not claimed by the 7th inat. will be aold accordinc to ia keeping, fcr fcr. dl Itfh LONG BREED CANARIES. The Stock of Dr. VAN KLEECK'S, Siath Arenne, wdWwcompriaing birda ol high colore, and pnrchaaed by him V|K?at great etpenae ; alao a good aelectioa of aoog birda' TSKZeagre, bird aeeda, and other articlea connected with he trade. Korealeby WILLIAM 8 JOHNSTON, No 2?0 Broadway. nl.3 ?w*rh 1 FlyRNISHED HOUSE TO LET. MTHK wholeorapnrtofahandaomelyforniahed hooae will be let on rery reaaonablt, terma until the lat of May neat. Apply at No 14 Bare lay at. da3ti**rc BOAKD1NIr MERCHANTS' HOUSE, iVo?. 185.137 nntl 139 Rroathnay. M THE PROPRIETOR would reapectfnllv inform familtea and aiagle gentlemen deairing Board for the winter in comfortable quartern, with all the eonreni- ' eacea of a home, that he hag a number of light and pleaaaat apartment* to let (fnraiahed) at moderate pricea. A eheiee I of room* may be had by dWly application. aM lm*rre ___ ORLANDO EISH ,, FOR SALE?A farm ol fifty-two acre*. moat de- I jjjlg lightfnllr aitnated, about Bee milea from Eliaabeth- | JmJULtowu, N. J , comprising a haudsotnc commodious i dwelling bonae, Atted with marble mantela and eyary convenience for a raipecuble family ; the whole, mclndiog gar- ] dener'a houae, barna, ice bonae. and other bnildmge, m a . an batantial atate of repair; the orchard eontaioa twenty acrea of choice fmit free*. Tne ea?y acceaa from New York,either by ihe varione earn from Jeraey City or the leny to Elitabethport. whence a rail i road train rune within a huud-ed yarda of tha honte, rendera thia property yery valuable to iho*e doing hnaineaa in thie eity. The greater part of the pnrrluae mongy can remain for three year. on bond and at. | Also* for mIi, i dwell ma house in Washington street, nil lm*f fAlno forte instruction. C E. CASTLE k EDWIN McCORKELL. the latter from the Royal Academy of | fig III Mnaie, London, will git# lenaooa ou the a X * Piano forte or Violig. at their reaideere, T| Walker atreet, near Bread way. or that ft their papilaupoa rery moderate term*, whiah sag ha made brown by applying ItU M ? ? \ LATEST INTELLIGENCE. TELEGRAPHIC. The Ureal Wcbeter Dlunar. Philadelphia, Dec- 1?S P. M. Four hundred persons s*t down at two o'clock to-day to the dinner given in honor of Mr. Webster, over which the Hon Samuel Breck presided. Tables were extended the whole length of the ( immense saloon, and twelve smaller ones were placed on each side of the platform, which had been erected in the centre for the accommodation of the many distinguished guests lrom New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, etc. Upwards of fifteen hundred ladies occupied the galleries, and tended, by their presence, to give , an unwonted tone and relish to all that wan passI ing beneath their immediate cognizance. Upon the removal of the cloth the reading of the regular toasts commenced. The third toast was? "Daniki. Webster?The faithful representative, the able negotiator, the fearless statesman, the eloquent defender of the constitution,?his patriotic services demand our gratitude?his untarnished honor is the nation's property." After the clamorous manifestations of approval of the above sentiment had somewhat subsided, Mr. Webster arose and commenced the da; livery of one of his most masterly and eloquent efforts. The course of the present administration of the general government was elaborately commented on, and a comparison was instituted between the measures of the lamented Andrew Jackson and those of James K. Polk. The Mexican war was brought upon the tapis, I and Mr. Polk was condemned as being the origin : of it. Mr. W. considered that this was not his 1 opinion alone, but it was also the opinion of a majority of the people, as the result of the resent elections plainly indicated. No better evidence of the dissatisfaction el the people with regard to the measures of Mr. Polk and bis administra uon was wanting, than the mere Tact of the rej cent great revolution in political affairs. The idea of the Senate's making the Oregon 1 treaty to meet the sanction and approbation of the President, was expatiated upon in the most bitter ! and sarcastic manner. [It being late, the reporter was compelled to withdraw from the saloon, leaving Mr. Webster ' still speaking.] Washington, Dec. 2?8 P. M. The Southern mail has arrived, but brings no ! news. The testimony in the Van Ness casqlooks bad to-day for plaintiff. The English Minister, Mr. Pakenham, has re: turned from the South. There is nothing of particular interest at the | meeting of the regents of the Smithsonian Insti1 tutc to-day. Application was made from the sister of the late Hugh S. Legare, proposing to sell his library. Mr. Choate's report was not made; he has yet to prepare it. Mr. Owen's speech yesterday was very able. Mr. Owen and Mr. Choate entertained opposite views as to the eourse to he pursued in organizing the institution. MAm)tAra n 1 flnntrrARa art* arritrinor in niimh^ri I -____^?_ BY TBI MAIL*. Washington, Nov. 30, 1846. The Administration and the Opposition. There never has been a more determined, a more vigorous, or a more formidable opposition than that with which the administration will have to cope this session. What with their own strength, and the support of the disaffected democrats, the whigs will have a most powerful organization In order to have any chance of success at the next Presidential election, they must endeavor to cripple the administration this session. No means will be left untried to attain this end. The tariff of '46 will be attacked, as well as the sub-treasury bill, and the various flnaneial measures of the government. But 1 regret extremely that the attack will not be confined to the domestic policy of the administration. Its course in relation to the Mexican war will be called in question, and it will be denounced for doing what it was absolutely forced to do. The acquisition of territory the wnigs will call pillage, and the loss in battle a reckless sacrifice of human life. These attacks will be listened to with satisfac! tion by more than one of the leaders of the democratic party in the Senate, who, from jealousy or some other motive, desire nothing better than to see the administration thwarted and hsurassed, though they themselves are constrained, for their own interests, to appear to lend it their support. It is deeply to be regretted that the conduct of a war whicn affects the interests of the Union should thus be made a party question. 1 can wsll understand that on questions of minor importance men will organize opposition for opposition sake. But on matters gravely affecting the destinies of the country, to oppose the measures of the administration, merely because they are proposed by a democratic and not by a whig administration, is carrying factious folly to the verge of virtual treason against the State. The administratioa have the whole responsibility of the conduct of tho war. Tbey are accountable to the people for their actions. The character of Mr. Polk, and every individual member of his cabinet, is at stake. The least swerving from the path of duty lor political purposes, would be sure to entail ruin upon them. Men with such a weight of responsibility, do not trife. One might as well expect a man with five hundred pounds weight upon his shoulders to dance a fandango. To attempt to embarrass the action ol the administration under existing circumstances, is pragmatic party bigotry, ana by no means what it pretends to be, regard for the welfare of the country. How much better it would he if the wbigs were to adopt the advice ol Mr. Crittenden, to suffer the sd minis (ration to transact the affairs of tho nation in their own way, to give them every facility for carrying out their policy, and when the war is brought to a conclusion, let their fellow citizens pronounce judgment on their conduct. But the administration is fully prepared for the aiiacK 01 in enemies, iney aw mi 11 wiin an confidence?they are guarded at ay points. The message of the President will be a moat masterly vindication of th-' course of the government since the commencement of the war. The accompanying documents Irom the different secretaries, will be characterized by consummate ability. Oalviknsir washisotom, nov. 30, ltus THf Smithftt mn TnitUutc?Tht Kan Ne*? Co*r, #c ? Sin In dmia'r Lsil Rokhtry. The Smlthson'an Regent* are gathering in, end in a week or two we suppose they will settle opon the site end th e plan et the buildings. The Executive Committee have been very industrious during the summer ia examinetion of public buildings all over the country, particularly at the North end East, in convsrseUou* with architects, fcc., end we doubt not they will hit upon an excellent selectien (the Mall or public common, in the heart of the city, fronting the cepitol,) for a site, end an admirable piece for the main edifice and its subsidiary buildings The van Ness case has lingered to-day in the creseexaminetion of the Post Office witnesses, flies sod stamp*. The proceedings ware very tediousi the only interest being in the inexhaustible tact, perseverance and ingenuity of Mr. Brent, the senior attorney for Mro. Connor. Krom appearance*, however, a day or twe more will probably reduce the widow's chances still more materially than the poat bills We are informed tint the BritUli Miniilti at Mexico, Mr. Bankhead, haa com pail ad Santa Anna to dingorgo thoaa $3.0*0.000 aaizad from a lata coaducta. If taia ha eo, it will probably account Car Mr. Pakanhaai's aoath ward tour. Ha waa a largo itockhelder in that cooducta. w W*aHif?oroo, Nor. 30, 1840 Kilmtitc'c Olympic A anug littla Olympic, "got up" by Mr. Kilmieta, opanad thia araning with lha following artUt't.?Mra. Moaaop, Mra. Oihbon, Mra Dttgard, Mi?a DaHayaa, Miaa F.liza Kilmiata, Miaa Kilmiata, and Mraara. O K Brown, Littall, Martina, Jordan, Pellayea, l.ipacorab, lie Tha playa wara "lha Pleatent Neighbor" and " lha Dead Shot." Mra. Moaaop, (late Mra Kii'ght) lia? improved in avory roapact. aa an actreae. ?m?e ehe left ua aoma yaara ago. Tne piece* want oil vary haudaon elv, and the dancca and aonga were wall put in, during tha intervale. Tho two littla g'rla, Kliia of 8 ycara, and Emma of , are certainly tha moat accomplwhad child: on of their yaara that we have ever aeon Tha elder, in 'ha " Highland Fling." waa received with vary auHa'antial applauaa lathe coina, dollare, haivaa and quartan throwg upaa the atag*. Mora anon

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