Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1846 Page 1
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* THI jjj Vol. XII, Ho. 3?T-Whol? Mo. MM. pDT of JOHN W. KUMONDS, Keqaira. Cireait IT- -a-* Jedse tf the f>rat eircait, notice la hereby (RNlIW* ;4 wit to tba proriaioua of the italate aalhonaiag tfMkmU m arainatabeeooding, concealed and non-reaidept debtora, that . an attachment baa iaeaed acaioat tha MMta of Patrick larka I* aad George Baraaa, uM-iMidntiof tit Httta of New Yort; and that tba tana will be aoU for tha pay inapt of tnair dabta, ' enlace thay appear aad ditehirca ?aeh attachment, aceordlug to law, within nine men the froa tha Brat paaiicatioa of thia notica; and that tha payment of any dabta daa ta them by their dabtora, and tha delivery to them or for their aaa, of aay property haiongiai to them aad tha traaalar of any of thrir property by them are forbidden by law, aad are roia. Dated the tth aay of October, UM. A. A. PHILLIPS, ^ iM l*w M'r Attorney far attaching creditor*1. lU-Ol'ICIC 18 HERKBT OIVEN, That wa bare been duly appointed truatae* of the aetata of Thooua D. Finch, an abecondinc or concealed dabtor, lor all the ciaditora of aach debtor, ay Abel Meeker, Supreme Coart Commiaaioner, aad we hereby reqaire alt penona indebted to aaeh r debtor to reader an accoaat of all dabta aad auva of money owin* by them reapectirely to na, aad to pay the lane by the 13th day of Jaaaanr, 1M7, at the aCce of William B. Xiitan, > , Bpa; ud alao all peraooa having > their poeaettion ur property or rlttta of uid debtor to deliver the ume to as by the i*7 eo appelated; and alae all the creditor! of aatd debtor to deliver their reapective accoanta and dcuuide to m*i or one the 4itw appointed. WHKELER K. BOOTH. WILLIAM H. WENDELL, ALBERT A. MOORE, Traitf. Dated BtlUton, 8pa, Not. M. I??6. ntt l?tM?rh CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL eait eftaperfiae Cloth made to order, ia the Moot tnbatantial aad (aahioaabla ttyle, can be procured for $*, at MOFKATT8 Fashionable Cash Tailoriag Eatabliah- i neat, No. M Catharine at.. New York. Every article ia the I hiie equal I v low. Call aad aee. JOHN MOJFATT. dl laa aod*r THE EYE. TAB. WHEELER, Oenliat, 2* Greeawieh ttreet, near the 3J Battery, devotee hia eiclaaive attention to diaeaaea of the Eye aad Opthalmic Surfery; aad aaenree the public that there are net amoagat the aameroua diaeesea to which the haman eye ia aakject, any diaordera of that organ which canaet be eeaeutially relieved or cared by hia. The vaat aaaaber el andoabted testimonials which can be a?ea at hia office, will antitfy the pablie that hit practice ia net exceeded either ia extent er aacceta by that el aay other Ocalitt ia the Uaited 0tltN. Artificial Eyea foe tale, aad which will be inaarted oa reasonable tenu. Office heart from A.M. M 1 o'clock F.M., alter which km vitita eut-deor patieata. A pamphlet containing remarka ea diaeaaea of the Eye, with numereat iattaacet ef great carae effected by Dr. Wheeler'a mode of treatment, can be had gratnitonaly at hia rotideaee, or the tame will he forwarded to any oae making applieatioa to him by lettera. poet aaid. eteodtm*re KEEP THE BALLS A ROLLING. rP ha-'b?ceme generally known that Bowline ia very necessary aad healthral exercise?if to, it can be had at reatoaable ra ea at the Tremeat aad Treaumt Branch Bowliag SalooasJNoa. M and 3M Eaat Broadway, exteadiag ta 71 Din ti?n and 441 Qraad irreeta, coataihing Tea of the bett Alleys in the city, from 1* o'clock A. M. to < P. M., (except pablie days,) at the following pricee, via 1 year $?f0 T month.... ft M 1 etriag $ M 8 moatha... ISM 1 week ]M In the evea'g *0# mentlu. ..1?M 1 day 7S for each poraoa. Each Alley per hear, ISceM. dlMteedo FOR SALE, Ia ^barleetoa, Boath _Caroliaa, J U JX .b ?' tl U 1' E L . npHll faahionable and popular ee'abWahment, whieh haa JL beea kept aa a pnblic house for the laat thirty yeara, will ba Mid at public auetien on the 14th Jaaaary, 1947, by tha Maatar of Kqaity. Thia hoaae fraata oa Brand atreat, thraa atoriaa high, rana baek ta aoothar atreet, with brick buildings oathe laana; tha interior of tha let eontaiaa a hoaaa far tha natter of tha hotel, with kitaheni, wuh hoaae, aad all ltlMMrf knildiifij he eesablishaeat eoataiaa a lante diaiag aad drawing room, aad twenty-three chambera. The situation is central, aad it kept by a proper peraoa, weald ceaaud the beat aad aaeat faakioaable cnateoi of aay ia the city. Any eae diapoaed to parehaae, will obtain a bargain, aad will ho tare to make far tone. The terma are, a quarter caah, the balnea ia aao, two throe and four mil. d> Itaw 9t*rc OAWOfciil?A UhRTAlN CUIUS. nPMIS dreadfal diaeaae haa boaa repeatedly and eoapleteX ly eradicated from the human ayatem by Dra. CoHia aad liarray itN.T. Effectually cured-alife time eare. The diaeaae wil 1 sever retara ia the patient treated 07 them Bra C. k H. have cared the following amongat hundreds el other pah en la :?Col. H. W. Jeraagia, of Joraaaia. Ala.: Mra Sarah Richardson, Laneer, Georgia: CharleeW. Smith. Tal bo tea, do; Hob J.Neal.;Mrs.Elisabeth Kleoraey, Talbotea, do: All theae were Tory aerare caaee, aad all have beea completely cared within the last fve year a by Dra. C. k. 8. Thejr have aoveral aaaee aow under successful treatmeat ia New York. Ia no iaataaee have they failed to perfect a care. Certifcatee from the partiaa cea be aeoa at It Marray at., aad they are cenfideatly referred to by DR?. SHKPARD It CORL1S. Sr~ Addreea No. 19 Marray aL, New York. l<ood9m,rc ; CITY LOTS FOR a ALE. ONE LOT oa the East aide of Broadway,betweea Mth and t lat streets?II feet b y 1M. f '* Lots in 26th ween the 9th and Tth Aveaaeo?US One Lot on the loath aide of Uth atreat, between 5th aad I 6th Aveuufi?ti feet by I4?. One Lot in the me neighborhood?19 feet ky 199. Kour Lota ia Mth atreet, each IS by 1(9 feet. Kite Lota on the N. 1C. corner of 3th Avenue and 99th atreet ?199 by 113 feet. Esquire of JOHN JAY, |Kd9 iuw lm?r 95 Naaaaa at. ????????? ????? Hath Cenaamptiou'a doom beea apokea? Art than apituag life away/ I* thy coiiatitatiotf broken, Bringing darks Ma o'er thy day I , Towering high o'er iBittliit, Dr. Sways*'* Wild Cherry staad*, Spreadiagjtgf through maay a aation, E'? is (WSwitaerlaad. T\R- IWAVNt'l COMPOUND BYBUF OF WILD mJ CHERRY it mild and pleaaaat tathetaata, perfectly aula aad harmlraa in iu operatioaa, aad yet it ia oaa of iha meat paw era I and certain ramediea far (ananmpOon af the Luoga, C.ugh*, Cold*. Asthma, Spitting Blood. Lirer Complaiat, Paiua ia the Bide or Breaat, aad general debility ol the caastitauea, that waa ever invented by tha skill of wi for the rrlief af tha aflheted pablie. Ceitificatea aad evidence* af ita wonderful cara'ive power* are daily received from all qaarter*. It ia iapoaaibla to csaceire toe aggravate of *aflenc( and aaiasry that baa beea r< liar ad or baaiuted by it, aor aaa wo calculate the immaaae beaefit that ahall accrue from it hereafter- All agea, aexea aad coaatitatioaa are alike affected by it, aad the daaeaao la eradicated from the ayaiem, the caaatitation repaired, aad health reatered by tha jadiainaa uae of Dr SWAYNE'8 COMPOUND SYRUP 'Ob WILDCHKRKY. Hew many aafferera do we daily behold approaching to aa untimely grave wretted ia the bloom efyeu.hlrom their relative* aad friends, afflicted with that fatal malady, CONSUMPTION, which waatoa the miaarable aufferer an'il he become* beyoad the power of knmaa akill. If aach tuaerer* would only make a trial of Dr. Swarna'a Compound Imp of Wild Cherry, they woald find th?maelvea auooaer relieTed. than by galpiag the yarieaa ineffective romedie* with which oar aewipaner* abound; thia " Vegetable Remedy" boala tha aleerated langa, (topping profaee night aweato, at the aame time iad aciag a aatural and healthy eipeeteratien, aad the patient will aeea find himaelf ia the OBjermeut et comfortable health. 1 he pablie aMald bear ia mind that Dr. Swayne ia a r eg alar practising phyaiciaa, who jvai bad year* of experieace ia diaeaaoa of the Laagi, Cheat, A CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC.-Be caatioa* to^ak for Dr. Swayne'a Pyrup, the oaly tree aad geaaiae article of Wild Cherry before the pablie, and we woald ur to tha af irtaa, aiwari iook in ma written iijpitnra 01 ur. sviini o? each battle befoie yom purchase. Beware, aad be lot deceived ! r Krem the increasing demand for the above article, Drag1 liill, Merchants an< ileal era generally, will find It b> their adran t*g e to hare a full snrply ef tliia valuable medicine Remember to inquire for ,l3r. Swayne's Compound By nip of Wild Cherry, aa ihere have been ictne iadividaals with the assumed name ef physician, making great efforts to pnah a spurious article into the market under a fictitioas name. The (iirfvinal and only) genuine article ia only prepared by I Dr. 8WAYNE, N. W. earner ef Eighthand Racestreata Philadelphia. Aoe*ts in New Tem>?Charles H. Rmo, corner of Broadway and John ate.; H. A. 8AMD9, 1M Bowery; E. B. Wn.iia, Mi Sleecher street, J.C. Hast. m Grand, comer Norfolk; J. t,. Lewis, 537 Greenwich: I)ot>D, 771 Broadway; WraTT and Ketcham, 111 Fulton; Mrs. Haves, l? Fulton street, Brooklyn: B. Olm It Sow, Newark; John Pearson, Rjthway: Mas. hidoeb, IH Court etreet, Boston; Dvaaiw ft Co.. Portland; C. Ursa, Jr., Providence; Hoadlev. Fkilm, It < ? H3 Water itreet. N. Y. n3? MWltK Im rre HOLM K8* KITCHEN HANGbS. TH C prnprid'on in praaeaaag the above Haagra to the public, warrauta tLcm to perform the parpoeee for which they are purchased, and if not, they will be removed free of aay appease to the purchaser. Nameroaa referencee can be given to pereaas wiahing to pvehaaa. The piieee raage (rem tS to 44 dollars. Orates it the new eat pmani for Parian, Oftcaa aad Bad Renos. In, fcs. Tin Wire? Brifht, plain, ud japanned. Therbare ?nn at all nmee rndy to set rui|Mi grates, ami trailer*. Ala* k" """*" e"tSI???ir.- ?*. ~ rrapri?r<m tad Mavafcctarera, T| (luiu sweet 14 lw*rr?^ ~U4. CA KKOLl.'B Msdioated ViMr and SaipBar i*ail??. 1*4 Kaltea ftraet, opposite Chareh street. A csrsii cue fur Lelds, < onghs, Hheamstism, Sore Throat ltd ail inti'Di aatrrj diseases iacideat Ut the changeable 1 I.aia of the weather. The Snlphar Vapor Bath i* pertieuUrlf recoin Beaded br oar ftrst physicians as a tare for all erartions and diaeeses of'.ha sbia. No daager of taking cold allar tbe n?e of ihcse bo tin. d? la* re PKfSMlUM SHAVING tJOAP. THE neni'ne Walant Oil Military Sharing Soap, manaifbrt?r*d by the ia Tea tor, Dr. Tatar D. Vroom, baa agaia txeaawi ided tbe premium at the lata Fair, we e.aatioa the pablie anion pnrrhaainc either of the rations imitations get up by others. It aaa only be had geeaiae. wheleaale and r?tiU, freas ear old establishment. No. i Conrtland street, whore we offer else, upon the lowest terms, a geaeral aseoe* "T" General Agents for Dr foord's celebrated Pectoral ?yrnp. the beat remedy srrr offered to the pablie for colds sad sH disaaaas nf tbeleags. a)s |B*m IV PiliA MA^urAUiuiiciujAWlJUl HKKo. 'POUgU. with pyimm, * Kftcu>ri?, I. Baildi"ga, **d Machinery, with ?it? pnrileae. mult in Tolland eaaaty, Cnaaecticnt. two milta from MaaaAeld foar eoiBera, eed equal? diataat (twenty-Ate railee) Iron 'he ehiee ?f 1( attford aud Norwich, known aa tha Dalaeville Bilk ?c!ory Tbt property eoasiale of two (ketones, oaa )M fleet by B, tw# atonea aach. of fa?t pitch, tha other M feat kr W. twe f to*ie? eaah. of feat pitch, and wheel hoaee beneath. Koar I .ufe bcai d ug hoaaee, with ail other teaeaaaUitwo ' 'Wu dioaa tlorea, one of which nuaw doing a proftubie baaiaeee. b u> r o? benw, aad other oat baild, aad aboat M aam of Itsd, wr!l propoitioaed, coaaiaung of (o?d pastorate, bowiscand wood. The Factories are bow, aad hire beaa far eight year*, ia .re'ewfni proration, end leolete withc? reBiaaceo.poeeess , n g aaperier dye house, with nana apparatus, (eew and coat- ; nine) also two eats of ifcachmer7, which may be takes or dot, , 41 the ortioa of the northaaer The Water Privilege ia aseijnalled ia the Stat*, the Mills ' a<-eer haviag been atnppod by the loagest droaght. All tha 1 haildlegs have been erected wilhta I* yean, the greater part within 3 year a at a coat of 939,M-aad are all ia first rata re 1 pair aad ceaditioa. . T>i?re ia gr?at probability of the contempleted New York f-tf -? .1 A VnaUia Kail Road phasing throagh tie load of thia eetate, ' v , , in ita iainriliate neighborhood, whieh woaId greatly ea< h nCf Itt Tllnf E NE NE Hap of the Field ' ># i ' 1 ?v . . dura, m . fi \ Ci,\ ,4$gis w.1, r>v, , 6) ' ; , i ? N ' ; , f Vv ^ 1 I 1 ' Our JHcxJc&n HtiitltHi KMVrm FROM MOtVTS&KY. iFrom the Washington Intelligencer, Dec. 11.] or Orahaa, ofthe Corp* of Topographical JCngineera, returned to thie city oa Tneedey iSonmn, trom tbo headquarter* of oar army in Mexico. Major Graham left Waahington on the 14th of Octobor, with daipetche* to General Taylor from tho War Deportment, ordering tho termination of tho anniatico which waa aimd upon at tho rairender of M onto ray to oar am*. Mo renewed Oon. Taylor1* headquarter! at Monterey on tho Sd of Noronbar, after aixtoon and a half day a travel, baring boon detained two and a half day* at Now Orleen* for a veaeol to oonrey hi* to Braaoa Santiago, and half a day aground in a a team boat in Major Graham tu sent to Saltillo, sixty-five milss in advance of Iki srmy in tkt direction of Ban Lnii Potoat, aad mad* a reoonnoieance of tha strong mountain paeses of tha Rinconada and Loa Muartoi. Tu latter paaa had been defended by the Mexicans with Are separate batterioe, maimed by artillery and infantry, which commanded the road at the narrowest nag of the paaa, but theee works were evacuated after the retreat of the Mexioan army trem Monterey to tan Lois do rotoai. Sen Luis ia situated one hundred leaf uas (*76 English miles) beyond Saltillo. Here Santa Anna had concentrated all the is roes he could eoilect, including the army which hsd retreated from Monterey. His force, aa ascertained by Meter Graham while at Saltillo, was II, #00 men, and a reinforcement of d.OM more was expected by the middle of November from the surrounding coon"ft.. Mexioan General had been very busy in fortifying San Luis ever since the (capture of Monterey.' No intermediate point, it is belie red, waa fortified upon that route. Major O. returned from Saltillo to Monterey on the ISth of November, and, on the ltth. Gen. Taylor aent Gen. Worth with e portion of his division, including Dunoon's battery of horse artillery, Lieut CoL Child's battalion of foot artillery, and the fifth and eighth regiments of regular infantry, to trko pooeoaejon of Saltillo, which wes entirely undefended. Gen. Taylor accompanied the expedition, bat would return to Monterey in a few days. Our troops at Monterey |were generally healthy when Major G. loft that place oa the 16th of Nov emberWhile at (Monterey Major Oraham observed lor the latitude, aad made tha Cathedral in M' dog. M m. M a. North. Wo understand he now reeumes his station as head of the scientific corps of our North-eastern boundary com minion, whom auue? sre not yei quite lerminaiea. MIUTABT INTKLLiaitlCR. [From ths Boston Journal, Doe. 11.] Wo loin that ordora have this morning boon received from the War Dapartmont, ordering the mustering of the Tolnntoera, by companies, without waiting for the tall regimenL The recruiting will now go on rapidly, and the whole regiment soon bo filled. Wo loom that Mr. Wobetor'a company ia already foil, and that the earn pony now recruiting by Mr. Wright, has forty -three names on Ma roll. njtTTAirr OtnaiL'i Orrica,> Washington. Dec. 10, IS4?. <, Sia?The Soctetary ot War has this day given orders that the several oomponiaa of volunteers called for in the requisitions from the War Depertasent of the lftth ultimo, bo mustered into service as fast ae each company shall bo reported ready, without waiting for the enrolment of entire ragimonta. You will, therefore, consider the instructions heretofore communicated to you on this subject as modified accordingly. I have the honor to bo, sir, rery respectfully, Your obedient servant, I Signed) W. G. FREEMAN, Asst Ad'jt Genl. To Cift B. Altobo, 4th Infantry, Mastering Ofteer, Maaa. Volunteers, Boston. aval nrrsLLienicz. The schooner Nahant loft Boeton last Friday with a draft of recruits for Norfolk. VsrsifM Thsatrlcals. The following performers wore engaged in London at the last sreonata:? At lha Tbaatra Royal, Drury Iim. Mr. W. Harrlion, Mr D. W King, Mr II Jmm, Mr. Borraai, Mr Waiaa, MtduM Anna Biahop, Mia* Foolo, Mia* Rabocca laaaca At tha Tbaatra Royal, Hayaarkat, Mr. B. Wabater, Mr. W. rarras, Mr. Hadaan, Mr. Wabatar, Mr. Backctoaa, Mra. Olarar, Miaa Farteacaa At tho Princaaa'. Tbaatra, Mr. J. M. Maddox, Mr. J . R. Beau, Mr. H Hagboa, Mr Barkor, Mr. Coaptea, Mr. Rydar. Miaa Baitkaoa, Mra. Faakroka. At tka Tbaatra Royal, Adalpbi, Mr. Wright, Mr. 0. Baattb, Mr. Cullaafet^, Mr. Btokar, Mr. Paal Badford, Mr. Moayard, Mr. C. J. Baitk, and Mr. Mitcbanaan, Madama Calaata, Miaa Wooigar, Miaa Marian Taylor, Miaa Kama Harding, Mia. Kllan Chaplin, and Mra. Lawa. At tka Tbaatra Rayal, Badlar'i Walla, Mr. Fhalpa. Mr. Q. Banaatt, Mr. M. Mallon. Mr. H. Maratoo, Mr. Hotkim, Mr. A. Yoaaga, Mr. Bcharf, Miaa Laura Addiaon, Mra. H. Maraton. At tka Royal Olyapie Tbaatra, Mr. Goorgo Bolton, Mr. Walter Lacy, Mr. Laigk Murray, Mr. Wilkinaon, Mr. K. Loo, Mr. J CowoU. Mr. Arohor, Mra. Uordoa; Miaa Charlaa, Mr*. Walter Laoy, Mra. C. Jonaa. At tha Royal Burray Tbaatra. Mra. Franca* Davidga, Miaa Cuahaaaa and Miaa Buaaa Cuahaan. M. Bartholaaay i* coapoatng a naw tragady for tka Tkaatro Kraneak, tha baraina of which will do laporaoaated ky Madllo Rachtl Baaadict i* to write a aaw opora far tha Acadamia Royalo do Maalqaa Tka eoaipoaitioa of tko Ukrut* haa booa coaBdod to M. Lacaa. Tha naw lailat which ia akortly to bo prodtiood at tko graad opo a at faria, callad " La taitioaaaia ia actlva rahaaraaL Tho priaoiaal tewwii aia Cariotia Urlai, and A date Daailatra, ahted by P.tipa, Coralli. and Clio. | * mm fr? urn *r*~" miwi u <????,?>? *-'* ?I W TO ,W YORK, MONDAY MO] of the Present and Future Operal \ At JMS/ltDtao&X V- * /J 1 j JCffASCAirrHTcsjl y _ ^w. / i3anlu'^*^^ \1 V.fftLco*V. H ^ "**" >?^:l^haxuato' * "- - voder the aint of Charlotte da Hays, wai, far long time, a vary popular and talented actrees at ear Theatre Royal, haa just purchased, they say, the aetata of Armkerf, ia Switzerland, with the latontion el aettling there. TUia to* aetata waa oaoa the prepertT of Cewateae 8t Lea (Horteaee Bueoa parte,) aaa it aitarwarda passed iato the possession af Liaais Napoleon. The oelebrity attaehad to the former poaeeeaora af this estate, weald appear-te have itduoed our distiaaaished comedian to ila parchafe. From Milan w* learn that a Freach singer, named Manat a . i- ? Z?riiili" of Roaaiui. He lU*t Iki part of Ageranta , originally written for Niiitri, ul acoaitt?d himeelf woaderfufly. naw ballot waa brought out at La Scala, Milan, Nov. a. It U entitled " Abd-el-Kader," toy the coreografo, SignorC. CMati. Mile- Ce rito, who ia engaged at Vieaaa far twenty nighta, arr ived in that city on the ttth ul*. Ia diaembarking fr?n the at earn boat, a largo portaaaatoaa, containing all her valuable atage dreaaea, waa lot Ml by the aailora la'jo the watar, and aunk. Thia haa retarded tho fair dan t*u$* from commencing her perfermaac*, and who, in tho. mean time, haa oonunenced local proceediaga againat tho propriotora ?f tho atoambeat for damage* ? 'bo amouat of 4.MS florin* (about j?41?), the y alu a of tho loat property. strt. Yatea haa rotnrnod to tho Adelphi board a, from Which, throughaevere iadiapoaition, aha haa bean aboont aevorai laottha. She appeared in tho favorite little comedy,of "Sw?*theart*>ndJ Wivea,',aad waa received by the audience withe moat enthuaiaatic and cheering welcome, and thia, not on tho firat night alone, but on every evening daring tho weelg The right of dramatialng Dickesa' forthcoming Chriat maa tale, haa boon pnrckaaod by the' management of tho Lyceum Theatre for one hundred gnlaoaa. Albert Smith ia to bo tho dramatic cook on the occaakm, and we haye little doubt that ho will eerve up an attractiya diah for tho Lyceum audience, from tho matariala aupplied him, which report givea oat are far raperior In ouality to the "Chimea," and quite equal tho "Chriatmae Carol* Tbo theatre will not bo open for dramatic purpoeea nntil the Chriatiaaa holiday*. Amongat tho now ongqgemonta for ita re-opening, era Mr. Oxberry and Mia* Emma Stanley, (rem the Princoaa'a. The Liverpool, haa boon taken by Mr. J. Monro, formerly manager of tho Birmingham theatre, and will opan under hia management on the 34th inat Madame Veatria and Mr. Charle* Mathewa have boon drawing excellent houaea at the Queen'a theatre, Manaheatar. Thia theatre ia becoming much more popular with tho Mnncb*ater people than the Theatre Royal. Notwithatandiu^ the attraction of Mia* Helen Fancit, who haa been pen*, ming at Dublin Theatre Royal, the theatre haa been very badly attended. The principal tenor of the Aeademie Royal* do Mn" aique, Oardeni, haa entered Jnto an engagement with Mr juuwiiv; , vi ii?i kibjvaij lufiui, iuu m. v aiv*, ui iu? Opart Italian of Pari*. He is to perform during tha lis aummer mentha, in Lendos, and tha remainder af the year ha ia to sing at tha Theatre Italian, at Paria. By tha agreement which Gerdoni entered into with M. Loon Piflot, at tho tlina of hia engagement with tha Acade la Royale da Muaique, ho waa to forfeit tho aum of 60,000f, aheuld ho braak that engagement. by entering into the eervice of any other Manager. ThJi ? haa boon conjointly paid by Mr. Lamiey and M. Vatel. The celebrated chorographiqae of Her Majeity'i Theatre, Parrot, haa arrived at Milan, where he ia engaged for the Carnival. Dr. Reia, the efdeet ataiialan in Germaay, died oa the 4th alt. at Bonn, at tha advanced ago of tl. " Tho diracfmtr of the Qaeen'a Theatre, Mr. Lumley," aaya Lm Critffwe MuricuU, "ia ia Paria, engaging artiata to complete hia company. He haa already engaged Madllei. Taglieai, Cerito, raha, and Carlotta Orlii for tho ballet; and for opora, Fraackini, Colotti, Meadamea Freatolinl, Cerbari and CaetaUan. A new opera from tha pea of M. H. Berlioz, called tha ' Damnation da Janet," la to be preduced at the end of the month, et tho Opera Com!qua at Paria. Several cane* from the original play of Ooetho have been trana* lated from tho Oorman, by M. Gerard do Nerval. M. Berlioz conceived tho compoeition of thia opera about a twelvemonth ago, on letting out for a tear in Oermeay : and aaveral of tha moat powerful erenea were compeeed la Pregne. A rurioua anecdote ia telatod of the eompoaitjon of oaa of tho inaat peaeagea. M. Berlioz bad I oat hie way in one of the intrioete windinga of the city, and entering the ahop of a grocer, commenaed noting down aome mnaical iaapirationa which had anddanly taken piaeaaeloa of hia mind. Thia he continued doing, unmlndftal of hia whereabouta, until requested by the proprtotor of tho ahop, who had grown weary of hie presence, to remove himself, hia papera, and hie inspire tione, to some more suitable locality. Mr. Benedict |? at praeont in Paria. It ia not generally known that thir talented compoaer waa pupil of that original gentar. Carta Maria Ton Weber. The imw be lie t to b? bron,ht out at Milan, by Parrot, U entitled La Flour do B , , .on." Strauae mi boon th?n> S oy tho Queen of Spain, for tho able manner in which I/O .'onducted tho balla on tho ocoaaion of tho roral marriag ea. Ho ilw received tho ?r?<wV*onaof tho bukea do Montpenaier tad Araijati oaaim'a now opera, " Rohort Bmco," wia poeitiTelr o bo producod on tho 30th nit. Nothing, it ia aoid, but th o aaddon indiapeaition of ono of tho principal ijnfiri can rotard Ha production to a lalor data Tho jrotiD| and talontod aathor of " Tho Dooort," ha* roiapoaed a now work which excited much inloroat in

tho muaical circloa of Pari* It ia an odo aymphony, ?n titled " Chriatopho Coleaab," in which it ia attempted to dopiet tho incidonta of tho voyage of that mat navigator la tho diaeovery of tho now world. Thia now work waa to two boon prodoood at tho Park Conaervatery of Maai a i tho ath inat, bnt wo tinea Warn it haa boon p?a?| . aid "ir a few wooka. M daa.a , j 11, the firach wrimm 4?nn*, on concluding harreoeat . ,, agaa^nt .at Lyena, waaj.rey^Ud wig IWHWHTI WWW iRK 1 UNING, DECEMBER 14, ions of Major Generals Taylor a 'Jl \ ^MONTHfifly 4S4a?!2wS=Jj RttHkof f / *\ K*->N L*C# ?T %y^V ^ptANJEBLA^^^VERA c) r 3 9 / V turers of that city, and which ware paid for by the subscriborsto the Lyon* theatre. A female chorister of tho Italian eompany at Paria> who had been noticed aa laboring under a great depresaion of spirits,has Jn?t terminated hor existence by suffooetton, arising flrom burning charcoal. Sho left a Utter its ting that mm had come to the horrid reaelutien of Jeatroyug hereelf, from the impossibility of avoiding tho importunities of an Aatiftu of tho balaony of tho opera, above sixty-five yoara of ago. Tho Theatre 8m Carlos, Naploi, after undergoing redocorationa, has juat opened with Pacini's opera of'^uonaalmonte " Tho opera of " Leonora," by Marcadante, wra brought oat on the 11th ult. with tho utmost suecese. Tho audience called loudly for tho composer to appoer on tho stage, but Marcadante, with a dignity not comprehended by all his coaatrymeo in tho same way, refused to oomply with thia oration, j A French actress has written a comedy entitled " Tho Steeple Chase," whioh led Beuffe to remark that tho authoress was more of a sportsman than many of her conntry men. An affecting scene took place last week at tho Cemetery of Montmartre. Tho rematna of Tfceaulen, the popular dramatic writer, wore temporarily deposited there in December, 1841, in a provisional tomb, until a monument to bo erected to his memory by tho Dramatic Author's Society, should bo completed. Tho work having been finishes, tho deceased's remains wore removed to their now depository in tbe presence of the principal members of the above eooiety, together with M.?ttenne, Arago, Michel, Masson, Vauderbuck, and other distingaished literary and dramatic characters. The docoesod, who was highly esteemed, was the author of " La Chaperon Rouge," " Le Beneficial re," " Memo ires du Diablo," and nnmarous ether popular places. Tho over green Brahaa^snd his two sons, Charles and Hamilton, sung at a concert, whioh was given at the Philharmonic' Institute, Manchester, with tneir wonted succoss; (As Braham both delighted and astoaishod the indiiBCA- bv kifl nnriwalUJ /l?^los?a?A??f a??U?f nUsstn? Me*** BUms only asked im*(| iwiiiu fir singing t * ooaoert at Brick too, had Mr. Wright paid it, wa ihauld ba i Delia ad to say that ha acted vary wrong. Balis baa carapoaad two acta af hia aaw apara, which will ba krengkt out at Drury Laaa aa seen aa "Loratta" begins ta tottar. Mr. Laurent, Jr., tha talantad pianiat, haa compoaad an opara, which la highly ipokaa af by thoaa wbe kara haard tha musirf; tha MrtUo ia bjr Fitxbad, and tha ubjact ia taken from ana of Walter Scott's papular morals. Foraaaaari haa arrived in Faria, aa likewiaa Madame Dorae, from a professional tow, and Madame Qniseppine Strepponi, a celebrated eantratie* from Italy, about to make her iiiui. "We ahall here thia winter," says a Faria letter, "a deluge of concerts. They mention amongst othera, Liaxt, Frudent, Doehler, Drvyschock, Vlrier, and Kallak, Thalberg haa quitted Paria on a professional teur ; after performing in tome ol the principal tewM in France, he proceeds to Bwitterland, Belgium and Holland. Wartel has Just left for Braasels, where he will join Maaeei, Mathieu, and Courdere. M. Theodore Lebarr, wall known in England as a talented harpist and maateal compoaer, is appointed cktf d'*rck?$tr? at the Opera Comique. Mdlle Pepina Branbilla has Just made luccaaaful dthii aa Abigail, ia "Nabuchodonoaar." Bha raaamblaa graatly, ia rolci and acting, har aiatar Taraaa" MtdiM Viardot Garcia haa baen angagad at tha Orand Thoatra in Barlia, by command of tLa King of Praaaia. 8ha ia angagad thara for tha wlntar, and will aiag in Oaraian ia "Tphlgania aa Aalida," "Othallo," "LaBarbiarda Barilla," "La Jnira,""Laa Hagunota," and "A Camp aa Silaaia," which ara to conatituta har rftrttirt. Attaading tha coaMaaneamant of tka laaaon t tka Orand Thaatra, tka ia tinging at th<- Italian opara, aad haa mada bar Mul ia "La SoaaambnU,'1 and tho ' "tliaira d'Amora." Tha aarricaa of Madaaia Oarcia ara tha mora ralaahla from tha fact of har baing wall ac2dated with tha graatar auaihar of tha F.aropaan gnagwa. Tha Adalpki thaatra at Lirarpool ia not unffaqucntlr rathar sola; ia canaaqoanca of tha lotjoaeiooa propanaltiaa of aoata af tha go4a, who coaaidar thair awn witticiaaa qaita aa good aa thoaa of Bhoridan, and not at all iafarior to thoaa priatad ia Ftmth. A (aw aighta ago, howtvar, tha hoaao, though crowded, waa ailaat, aad tha lorara af tha play had tha plaaaara oi liatamag tharruoto anintarruptad. "Mowqaiattha hoaaa la to-alght," aid a gaatlamaa to Mr. Raaktaa, tha atipaadiary magiatrata, who waa aaatad ia oaa of tha baiaa?"what caa ba tha raaaoa V' Tha myatarr waa aoon diacloaad. Tha ailanca waa for a momaat brokan by aa individual in tha gailary. "Jack !" aaM ha, calling to a frtand oa tha oppaalte aida "Wall !" aaclaimod Jack ia a loudar wkiapar. "Whit makaa thaa ao quiat, Jack V "Hnah !" rtpliad Jack, jarking a glanca towardi tha baa in which Mr Rnililun "tab* r.,1 . .W >. t .Willi and coat* ia"the bose*.'" Tha repreaentative of tha part af Captain Roland, in Halary ^ "Mouiqaetairea do la Reino," wm arreated Jnat u tha opora wai commencing, the creditor* hoping by thla act to have forced tha man agar of tha CoKit thaatra to pay thoir claim* Tha director, however, cloaad it, and tha polico had to explain to tha aadionco tha cauaa of tha dteenpoin^ment. Tha ma nag a r waa fubaeqnently flnad tOO florina. for not having anothar opora in readlnaaa to raplaoo tha "MouaqaetaJree." 1 ha flr?t organ that wa road of in hiatory ia that which w*i *ant by tha Byzantino am per or, Conatantina Copronfrana, to King Pepin, in tha jear 7V*, and it ia inppoaed to hava boon aa improvement of tho Hydraalion, ot wi tar-organ of tho Qreeka. That tho Engliah compooara ara prograoeing in thoir avocationa k vary evident, for. boeidea opera* from Loiter, Lavena Jewcon, Balfe. and Wallace, another, from the pen of Mr. C. Cooto, mtutoel director to tho Dnke of Daveoahlre, nay bo anticipeted ; for hia grace reoneeted Mr FltaboU to write a libretto, which ho haa done, and Mr Cooto i* buaily engaged la lotting it to mnaic. Tho aubjoct it of a romantic character, well calculated aa elude lor faaeiial muaic Mr- T evon totwia to have hia aereaote, "tho tft I 1 1 g IERA 1846. ind Scott, In Mexico. 1 *> L F f C 0 ; I ( A " 1 < . A ||^ 1 A Y or M|P\ * CRUZ j ) ( i rit of the Shell," publicly perforated shortly, at the 1 Himth Rooms, by a full band and aherui. Tha manager of the extensive City of Bordeaux Thee tres, M. Lanarftto. haa juat boon deelared bankrupt ; consequently all tha thoatroa undar hia direction are cloaod for tha present. I Mra. Fitzwilliam loft Landon at half paat 6 in the after- i noon, by the exprees train for Bristol; arrived there at a quarter paat i, and at twenty minutes to 0 precisely ike waa ?r'"g her first ionr in her monopelylogue of " Widow on the boards of the Briatol theatre The oanfoment of Madame Voatria, Charlai Mathewi and Joka Perry, at the Brighton Theatre, prerod so succaeafol that Mr. Hooper re-encaged tkeai for throe evenings. The houaea were excollont, and tho audience delisted. Tke Wiilin Madrigal Society feu rafunid lu practice meeting*, which will be continued ry fortnight daring tke wiater, under tke directien of Mr. Tarle, erganiat af Woetmiaater Abbey, whoaa pupil* (uatain the canto parti, and tha othar parta arc aung by tha ma ban, who ara chiafly amataara, la a highly craditabla icaaner. Mr. Mac ready tarminatad a rary aaacaatful aagage neat at tha Surrey with tha tragedy of "Macbath,'' which brought an orarflowing houae. Ha will ba *uccaeded by tha Miaaaa Cuahman, ia thair popular charaotar? af Ilaaao and Juliat. Talteurd'a claaaic tragedy of "loa" waa alao to ba parfomad. Thia apaaka wal I for tha improved draaaatic taata of tha ultra-Tnamaaiana. Tha Oarrtck Thaatra ia daatroyad by lira. Tha theatra waa antiraly camaaaad, and tha valuable wardroba deatreyed; tha who la of tha aceaary and atage appointment* ara Likawiaa burnad, and wa regret to itate that aboat fifty performer* will ba thrown oat of employment. j Aa to tha origin af tha fire, nothing cartain oan ba aa- i cartainad, but it ia tha frarailing opinion that it aroaa i from aoiaa of tha gan wadding lodgiag in tha " fiata ? i duriag tha firing af aannon at tha performance af tha " Battle of Waterloo" on tha prevlon* evening. It la aaid that although tha laaaaaa of tha thaatra ara inaurad, thair loaa will far exeeed tha amonnt af thair policioa, to aay nothing of tha aarioua destruction of pro party baloagiag to tha carpaidraaiaft'fa*. Parrot, kaa laft Pari* far Milan, whaia ha if engaged tha whola of tha carnival aaaaon, aa " Maitra da ballet." Ona of tha choriatara angagad at tha Italian Opara, aa a aoprano mala ainger, and who aaog during tha whola af laat aaaaon and tha baiginning of thia, to tha graat aatia faation of tha chorua maatar, M. Tariot, and approval of tha aiaaagar, M Vatal, turaa aat to ba a famala. Tha aaaumad aeronimo, proraa to ba a Bignora Juaaa. The diecovery ia aaid ta have been diecloeed by the female ta the manager. It appear* from her (taUment, that ahe waa brought from Parma ta Pari* the aeaaan before laat, and d?1 mad off bv her Darent*. for tha aaka of tain, aa a lotruo chorister; her role* having iiddtnljr dianferi to 1m tanor, aha mada a confession of bar tax. m. Vatel.the manager. la said to have expressed hii satisfaction at thia discovery, from tha scarcity of (aod taaor singersMil*. Souco had baan datainad at Pari* from baring ] sprained bar ancle; (ha ha a since sufficiently recovered i to take bar pesssge for England, aod will, In a short tima, aaka bar appearance before a London andlanea on tha~boarda of Drury I.ana. On tha lit of December, J Mlle Plunkett quits Paris for Turin. R? taming to Pari a, aba will stav in several cltia* wbara aba baa mada engagements for faw chorographic reuresentatioas. Carlefts (Jriai will quit Pari* on tha birth of tha naw year, far Roma. A naw piaca, in ona act, has jnat baan received by tha I director of tha Academie Royal* da Musique, and will i hortly ba put in rehearsal. I Mlla. Dajaiat U making a moat successful tour of tbe , Drincipal citiaa of Franca She waa laat heani of at Nimes, whara aha waa craating a " grand furore." Thara haa Juat baan comptotod in Berlin tha reiteration of tha tomb aractad to the memory of the celebrated actar and dramatic author, Iflland The iron railing bad J baeoma eatan away by rait, lie., tha inscription ea tha | tablat, fram length of time, waa defaced The whola haa baan elegantly r eat a red by a marble monument, bearing limply tha actor'i noma, and data ef hia birth arid death At tha aame Una there baa also baan restored tba tomb of Madame Bethman, aa actreis, who in har tima enjoyed a great reputation, and whoaa remains rest by tha aide of thaaa ef Ifland. Mr Loder's new opera, " Tha Night Dancars," has i baan frequently repeated since its first rapreaentation 1 at tha Princesa'i theatre, with incraaaad effect tad suecaes. It is a curious fact that tha same meretmita are regularly encored, although tha audience are different every night Allan ia decidedly tba best dramatic tanor 1 on tha stage ; and bad ha baan paaaaaaad with an Incledonlan vofce, ho might have challenged all Europe, for ba ia an excellent musician, which very faw vocalists , are. esDaciallv foreigners. Tha follawlag, which wa hara oxtraotod from tha ] Rtrut (I QaztUt itt TKntr*. afford* hm cla? to tha , raa*on of Janny Ltnd'i rafnaal of tho many brilliant of- J tor* (ha haa rooaWad from tha thaatriaal manager* in , ail parti of Knropa i "Janny Ltnd declare* that iha . dooa not loTa tha thaatra , that iha it ealy waiting to aattira haraalf of har fortune to ratli a from too *tage aa ?oon ' ? poMibla If aha <1oo? not lore tha thaatro, if aha ia oat . food of tha ftago?if, In fact, aha like* nalthar har talent, j har face, nor har glory, than doaa aha tacitly admit tha truth of that which ta aaid of har is Vienna and Berlin- i that iha lorea a young gwediah Protectant minuter, aa J evangelical paatar, and that aha will marry htm no aooa I I aa iha can bring to him a marriage portion aufflciantly , large te ia.n re tha prosperity aod affluence of tha rem Binder at thair day*. ? i< only lora that lecriflcea all J poaaaaaiona, and yat remain* ignorant af the *acri#oe." j \ Another account aay* ? , Janny Llnd i* aapeeted, at tha terwlaation of har praaaat angmunt, to ratira o Rwaden, and bestow her i ln^l an a young Nora eglan nobleman, to whom, H ia J aaid, aha la hatrothad, aod win quit tha *taga, at all event* far a time Tha fair re*imtriti i? not yat af age Aa ia wall known, In Shakapeero'a " Othello, tha Moor , hJUa hi* wife, by aaothortaf hor with a piUow. Doala, j ?,D. ""m Two OMita. ^ tad Mini othar French "irrinnn," and aijaptara of tkie tragedy, have to far chaortd Snakapeare'iaa to Man Deademona to fall beneath lk? poigaard ef kar jealoua lord ; but'tha Othello of the theatre af tka Hague having a ihort tima ago forgottm kia peigaard, laranlad a oaw mod* of killing Brabaatio'a daughter by tkrowlag bar ao violently ta tka ground m, apparently, ta break aitkar kar head or har nack. In fact, ?e eerfectly n*t?r*l ( amad tkia proceeding on the part ef Othello, tkat the aud iaace thought that DeUemou wai n* mora, a?d a terrible aoena of affright and uproar enaued, wklok waa not quelled until Deademona appeared in irrepne vereena to convince the audience tkat uioee who die en the atage till remain living inhabitant! of the earth. The concert room of the Theatre Royal of tke 9read Opera, Berlin, kasjuat boon completed. It waa tried wltk reference to aound on tke Mth ult, when Meiart'a " Bo aniam " tka nortiir. ?? " at -".? >) k- u??k. ay mpheny in ?( major of Beethoven, and wm tktniNi and march from tha opera of " Tha (ileiiaa Cup." war* executed. Thaaa work* war* h?ar4 to tha greeteat perfection. tod tha aaloon will ahortlv ba opened to tka public with ban*fit for tha charitable inat itutieaa. Mademoiaalla Rachaal haa contributed 10M franee toward! the relief ot tho aufferere by tha late inundatiena in Franca. A aubacription for the aama parpoao kaabaea ommanced in London. A grand repreaantation ia to ba given la tka tkaatra of tha Circo, tha procaeda of which are to baadd*4 to tha fund for the conatructian of the Bailee monument. Mr. Wilaan, tha celebrated tcottlah vocaJLUt, la giving hie entartainmenta in Liverpool. Miaa Louiaa Vinning, (known aa tka infant lapphaj togetker with thoaa attoniahing children, tha Tyler family, have bean giving aaariaa or coacarta at tha Concert Hall, Lord Nelaon itrfet, Liverpool. Madame Oriai, Mario. 9. Lablcche, Jako Parry, and Benedict, have been highly aucoaaaful ia their tear through the prorincoe. Twe mnaieiana having qnarralled at A these?one, tka Chevalier Vincenzo Mifaud. who had compoaad a plaaa si muaic entitled "La Parte ma dell* eroa Mara* Bezzari, which ha had offered to their Majeatiea of Oraeoe, and rkifih hv tham Ha A vrar toti ! w tka ligaor Oennaro Fabricheai, who ?ad premmed U oriticiaa it,?the former called on tha lattar to appear within U houta, and oompoae a niece af muiic, vaaal ar taatrnmental; at tha aama tima ha would compete nnether, aad ttoth to ba loakad up together in a roam till liiahairha compeiitioni of both wara than to ba imbmittad to iny compaaar in Europe far hia opinion as tha martta A lupplamant in tha Courtier d'jitkeru, by tha Chevalier, ihuafairlj announcaa "If your muiia ahould ba feand preferable to mine, tha* 1 am content with your jadgmont on my duat Marco Bozzari, but if tha reaalt af enr nutual challenge ahould ba agaiaat yon, thaa tha dia;erninr public will learn that you dapraaiata tha talent >f another from envy and tha laiufSaianey af yaur awa tbility." How thif lingular dual will terminate, time will ?how ? Malta Mail. Fanny Elaaler haa bean prelented to the Papa by CaL Pfyffer, of the Swiaa Onard; and tha PeatUr eaid that ' talent in every department ef ham an aneaUenaa waa ar welcome to hli deminioni." M. Alexandre Dumai hai raiaWed on tha prodaatie* >fatlaait ana of Bhakapeare'a playa eaah year, at Ua rkaatre Mantpeniier. " King Lear" ia ta be followed >y " The Tempeit," and " Meamre far Meaaara" will ivcceed the "Midaummer Night'i bream " In feet, M. A. Dumai haa reioWed ta de (ar Ihahipeara in F ranee, what Tieok and Wilhalm Bchlegel have ddfca fer an* great national bard in Germeay. The Theatre Moatpemier net being completed, M. A Dumai haa breaght ont at the Saint Oenaain, af which eitabliihmaat alee he ia the proprietor, a translation of tha play of " Haa let," which waa well performed by the varieu* artlati, and pro iiei to become a great faverlta, having bean meet eathniiaatically received by a large andienoa 71m transition ia, ai far ai tha geaiua of tne French laagaage will permit, a moit correct and axcelleat one. It la tha Joint production af Alexaadre Vumai and Paul Meurief, tha latter having made, in the tret initaaee, a atrietly literal tramlatian of tha play, M A. Dumai made a few altar*inna wkink WaM ahanlaUlw ineaeerw ?? nnam* portiraa af it comprehensible by a Fremch aadieooa. Political. An alaetien U hald is Boston to-day far Mayor aad Alderman. Charles Goodrich ia the democratic, aad laaiak Quincy tha whig nominee for Mayor. Tha democrata af tha Rockingham aad Straffbrd dlatriot in New Hampahira, have nominated Hob. Boaalar W. Jaanese aa candidata for Congraaa. Mr. J. mwi ma session ia tha U. 8. Senate. DYOTTV1LLE GLASS WORKS. DENNKKS, SMITH k CAMPBELL, Dvoctville Olaaa MJ Work*, Philadelphia, manufacture Carboys tor Midi, Daaogohui, Wine forter and Blue, Pnrple aad Green Miaoral-Water Bottles; Tumblers, aad all kiada af Dracsiaw* i>la?. Orders addressed to No. Sooth Front street, nit ladelphm, will meet with prompt attention. all lm*ro FRIMt. HL.U iKlsH WHISKEY. TI1E subscriber offers for aala Wiaa'a celebrated old Cotk Whiskey, (5th proof) ia pnncbeoaa, ander custoaa-hoaae lock. He also offers the same srtiele at hiutore, ia r- yahHes to soil purchasers; together with a weir aaaortod aak of Groceries. DANIEL NOONJI n27 8w*rc K Oreenwieh si NOTICE?In the matter of the estate af the fata J Drew, deceased? Notice is hereby givea. th:t tha anderaigaed have b? ly appointed by the judge of probate of thai eoaaty af limackmnc. in the Mate of Michigan, admiaistmteri estate of John A. Drew, late of Mackiaac, ecauv af limackinac, deceased, and have takeu upon themaalT trast, by giriag bonds according to law. Mackiaae, Michifaa, November it, 1IM. ? WILLIAM T. DRF/W, HENRY JONES, r BAM'L. K. HARiNO, dstw*rc Administrators of the estate of^bba A. C Ul'KKM CANDLES, OILU, KRT;ITS, he. SUPERIOR Snerm Caadlaa, at K eta a lb; wiater bleached Sperm Oil, at tl a gallon; rryiood white Lamp Oil, Ji cis; with a very laixe stock of fresh Teae, Family Ore caries, foreign traits, ?e. Kur sale wboiaaala aad retail, at rery low prices. Goods delivered to aay part ef the asqr, free of charge, by J. O. KO WLERj^Oroear and Dealer, Also, large NMortmeat of r heap whit* tad browa iftri. all lm?r SHAWL. WAmsHOlTSt, a%*. 176 Ptari St THE rROrRIKTOKSol thia Eatabliafcaeat ia*te 9*1chaaera to exaaiae their eitmifi eallectioe. raafiag Irom a cottoa ahawl at M ceata, to tha ladia eaael s hatr it tMO. Deal tag eiclnaively tha article ef Shawls, wa aaa Bake it tha lataraat af barer*, oa acceaat ol tha laraa as or.mant m mre, u wall aa tha low pneee at which wa at* idling, by tha cue, doten or aiaila one. JOHN C. HINDEERON * CO.. nl 1m*r 17* Pearl aireec FANCY BUXb? AND CUK.NUCOl'lAS. CUITAHLE for Coafecnenen, for Chnstaua aaa New tJ Year'a preaeuta A I arse uaortmaat of theae aruelee.? Aim. colored pepers of all kiads, aiay ha foead, ead will ha old by wholesale aad retail, at reasonable pnees, at the aa aufaciory of IAUKH h IODKN. 74 faltoa it, ap ataire. N B?Wedding-cake Base* oa haad, ar made la order. d3 H'i FRENCH FANCY BOXISS tfOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS.?1RUN, LAROSIBRI I1 k COURT. Ill William nreet, hare jaet receded aad offer for sale two ease* of French Fancy Boiaa for hoaboaa, of tha latest ?tyle dt lB?rrc SJUUT Ht.iiTORt.JJ AND INFLAMMATION OF THE EYES CURED, BY THE ROMAN EYE BALSAM?A Speeilc Outmost for Diseases of the Eyea. Thia Balsas will speedily restore weak eyea, remoee inflammation aad aoraaaea from the eyelida, aad restore sight where it is poeaible to do no. The weaknees of aivht from old age, or Iroai over training by too tiled attention to ininuta objects, aaa be cored by s lew applications. In fact, its a 11* os t miraealoaa inflnmre on dliffiiH of the evM-'uvill aatoniah aaf ma ek* it. Prepared only by HENRY JOHNSON. Cbemiat and Draggiet, aaeeeaeor to A B. HANDS k CO ITl iraUwir, in the (irnnitr Building. Hold ilioit 1(0 Valuta strsst. aaa f7 Km Iiwiiwt. Pi in H ewf. w$ im*t NEW TA.KIFF7 Iff ti#w of the radaetioa of lb* Tariff. wbick takee eUee thu 4*7, and to keep pm? with the spirit of the ui, Was. r- Jennings It Co., Ameriean Hotel, will raslasa tSapriaas >f their Clothing in like proportioa. They hare now am land a large and eplendid asaiitantnt of Cloths, Caseiaeeae. ind Veerings. alto, a large assortment of flratqaaltry m# nade Motiving, fancy Drew artielea, snder clothing. *? . *? Gentlemen id want of artielaa are invited to eiawlae sax uaortmsot. dl tw rre CAST 0? CLOAHlMi AMU bURftilUK* WANTItD. LADIES or OsnUeraeo hiriii ar.T tnnsrflieoa er east af clothing or farnitare to dispose of, eaa obtain a fairevk Gee ior the asms, br apply iu to tba tnbscribsr, at bit rs??nee, or throvgfa the pott office, wh>eb will bs rusctonlly ittanded to. M S. COiW. Dsane at. N. I. Ladiaa can be attended to br "?. M. 8. Cabaa. nti lm*re LEFT OFK WAKDROHK AND FUJlNITUIUfi WANTED. I ADIKH OH UKNTLEMEN fwnag eanerffnose effect* La to dittoes of, web Wearing Apparel, bnraitnra, kc, au obtain a fair ?k pnea for ? *mm, by ' asaidiag for tha abeeribsr, thr<ra?l ?Se Poet Oftca, or other^, who will attend at tbs'r residenese. J. LEVENiTYN, W Breadwar^np stnna I.adise eaa be ettaedad to by Mr?. J. LEV It NWV.v. d< 1?*r ? MUSIC. DAH,? AND PRIVATE PART I EH faraiehed with iko D violin. Harp and Piano Porta, er any nnabair of luatm nenta Xl>e mnai* "ejected from tha asset faaLioiebla* OytS ittlB* <fo. 1X7 Kim atreet corner of Howard 41 )l*r I*UHIC.?MRSTuA^fS rwwtMly awe ??????, tWaha "1 commaea firing leeeoa* d-iilr oa the rinao foru, aed Jao SiBfinc is Ik* K*?tiefc, Preach. aad Italian rtrU, with m aaajr method of <:<)*iriM tk? ace*ipaaiaaaata ?tW taiaa. t.adiea prcftmag it eaa be iiimM m iMi m aatderea*. VorwrM, 1m., apply M ITI Mou atrael >11 Im ft IE55UN5 TS SINGING, rs ENGLISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH OR GERMAN. Vf U JULES HK.? HT. oftDe (ooeerratoire da M?ai?aa lUii Bra (Ml*. he** lM>t to inform tin friends and the H?i?ta raneral. that he i? now prepared to ?i?e Umem m ibkiui in either of the above I ci, uagaa. at hi* ra*idaa*e, IJI .eon?rd atrtat. or that of hi* pipil*. Meeare. CJ.Loder, w fckarfenberi, H C.Timai and L W. laamee, tar?kiadlr >e i ail tied to refer to them > to hn ak<liti?? a* aaamet aad eacbar. Flew amdr f V. V. Ha*ar. ?l ?raajh?er, ud leharfaaber* k l.m* Ml Rroadwar lltlw'w ACCOM DION TAI <;H r LJACOBH, Teacher of the Creech Areordioe, ear tafca a few more papil* for at* wiaM* aUaa. '' a made *ooa. Ha hu j?*t >*ajad a aew baak. cofclTjmafa lartio* of popnlar air*, with rahtabla laauaa*l?e we ? natrament foamfed on a pr??tteti of eifM Tear* AfplV m he oriKi*?| Art p" 'u- ' *"' lr *'' a meat Depot. whw* M???^

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