Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1846 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. .Sew York, Tue#?li?y, Dfccmbcr 16,1HM. . THE ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALO. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY or THE M3ZI0AJT "WAR. I JIOTJCK TO AOBNTI. i'tie Annua! Pictorial Holiday Htrald, ot which we have already spoken, will be ready for sale today. The engraving are done in the firat style of art, and will be confined to subjects of importance and I ate resr, and among these is the war with Mexico. They will lie illustrated in the Holiday Htrald in a sort of chronologically pictorial style, particularly the events in Mexico, and in a way we believe tha' will be properly appreciated by the public. This -heet will lorm indeed a beautifully illustrated history of the Mexican war, from its beginning to the present day. The retail price will be 6^ cents each, and to agents $4 p<tr hundred. Agents will please send in their urders as toon as possible. The llcraid fur Europe. The Herald for Eurvpt, to go by the steamer Caledonia, will be ready at one o'clock this after* noon. It will contain a quantity of highly interesting and valuable matter?part of which will be Daniel Webster's great speech at Philadelphia, the Message of the President of the United States, Reports of the'Secretary of War, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Treasury, and of the Post Matter General ; full particulars of the change of operations in the war with Mexico, showing the contemplated line of march of General Taylor from Sa tillo to the Gulf, and also that of Gen. Scott from Tampico to Vera Cruz, &c.; besides our usual digest of political, army and naval intelligt-nce?as well as financial, commercial, and miscellaneous matter. This sheet will be the most valuable one we ever issued, and will be of infinite interest to European readers. smg'e copies, cents each, in wrappers. The mail will close in this city at 3? o'clock, P. M., this day. National Affairs. We conclude the reports of the Cabinet in this day's paper, by giving those of the Secretary of the Navy, and the Postmaster General. We also give an abstract of the report of the Secretary of State on the Consular System. W e conld not find room for these importan t State papers till this morning. The Report of the Secretary of the Navy will i be read with interest by all clashes. It is a clear and able paper, and reflects considerable credit on the ability exhibited by Mr. Mason in the manu^Pinent ol the naval affairs of the country. The report of Mr. Buchanan on tlie Consular System will attract universal attention. The News from the Army of Invasion?Ita j Character and Imparlance?Wove me uta of Santa Anna. The intelligence published in the Herald of yesterday from the Army of Invasion, the Army of the Centre, and from Washington, is of an important character. That relative to the change in the plan of our military operations is of the greatest consequence, and that respecting the mysterious movements of Santa Anna is of almost equal importance. It would appear that the popularity of Santa Anna was on tho wane ; thnt his harangue to his sold.ers. in vindication of his eomlnnt hail Alloit. ed from them no marks of approbation ; and that, in consequence, he had left San Luis at the head of all his cavalry, on a secret expedition. Now, the question occurs, whither lias Santa Anna gone 1 It appears that the population of the city of Mexico were ripe for a revolt, if not actually engaged in it; and, therefore, horn this circumstance, it haa been surmised, that Santa Anna haa gone to the capital, for the purpose of crushing it while yet in its embryo. We are inclined to dissent, however, from this opinion ; and for two reasons: first, Santa Anna by going south, while San Luis was threatened by a foreign foe, would lay himself open to the imputation of cowardice, or treachery ; and, secondly, Generals never approach hostile eities accompanied only by cavalry. If Santa Anna were to find the streets of Mexico barrioaded, and defended by eighteen pounders, what could he do, even if backed by all the cavalry in Mexico 1 Where, then, has Santa Anna gone ! It he haa not proceeded to the city of Mexico, it ia very probable that he has gone to attack an amy on the march. It may be that of Valencia, who, as our readers are aware, had gone to reinforce Santa Anna: but. subseouentlv. nro nouneed against htm. But we will hazard a conjecture much more plaastble than thia one. After hit unsuccessful harangue to the troops at Ban Luis. Santa Anna may have reasoned within himself thus:? " Well, here I am in a critical position. The troops are mutinous. Unless 1 do something to rega;n their tavor, 1 am a lost man. I wi!l do something! I will strike a blow which shall tun the enemies ot my country, and, at the same time re establish my authority with the army. I will intercept General Wool's division on its way to Saltillo." This conjecture will not appear so groundless, when certain facts are considered in connection with it. According to recent intelligence trom Monclova, General Wool was to leave that place about the fourteenth of November, or about the time Santa Anna left San Luis, on his recent expedition. To reach SaltiUo, Wool would pass through an unfrequented part of Mexioo, a sort of t*rra twofnita to foreigners, and therefore favorable for Santa Anna, should he Attempt a surprise. But it may be asked, has Santa Anna a sufficient force to warrant him in attacking Wool 1 He probably has. As near as we can learn he took with him all his cavalry, or, at the very lowest computation, lour thousand men ; these, added to the two thousand live hundred ramcherot who had assembled to defend Monclovs against Wool, Kill hn/l ? ? ? - _ uun in ooeaience to order* from Santa Anna, would form a force more than twice ai nnmerom u that commanded by Wool. Bat what ahall we gain in speculating on the proceedings of Santa Annal He is a Mexican, and like his countrymen, fickle and impulsive. We might as well speculate on th? direction of the wind in Mexico, as on the direction Santa Anna took, after he left the city ol San Luis. One thing, however, is certain. If Santa Anna attempts to surprise Wool, the moat rigid disciplinarian in the eervice, he will be aatoniahed himself. If he attempts to catch the American commander napping, he will probably be mistaken in his calculation. In this view of the recent news from Northein Mexico, the next intelligence from that quarter will be looked for with considerable anxiety. If Santa Anna should attack Wool, and be defeated, he would probably be irretrievably ruined in Mexico. The position he now occupies in the army is of too precarious a character for him to meet with the slightest reverse. Nrws from Aijunt.?We are indebted to Messrs. Livingston It Wells for the Albany Arg\m of yesterday morning. It was bronght over the Honsatonic railroad, and reached here early last fvening. | 8*i? BrxLDWa m Nrw You ?The new London packet, the Sir Robert Peel, built at the yard of Mr. W. H Webb, and whose launch we noticed a few days since, will leave hare to-morrow, on her first trip to Europe. To show with what rapidity we can build fine vessels in New York, it is as well to mention, that it is not yet four months since the keel of this ship was laid, and only the weather haa been so unfavorable this season, she would have bean , finished half a month sooner. Mr. Webb has now on the stocks a new ship for Messrs. Fox and Livingston's line of Havre packeta, to bs called the Doctor Franklin; her frame it nearly up, and in a few days they will commence planking her. Sh? will be the same model as the Bavaria, but a larger vessel. We learn that he has also the contract to build a new ship for .Mr. C. H. Marshall's line of Liverpool packets, to .be the same model as the Yorkshire, but much larger? the keel of which will be laid in the course of a "~7" At the yard of Messrs Brown St Bell, we notice a monitor packet, larger than the ship New World, intended for Messrs Woodhull It Minium's Liverpool line, to be called the Constitution, and will be commanded by Captain Britton. She is nearly completed, and will be launched about the first of January. The ship Sea Witch, launched last week from the yard of Smith & Dimon, is loading at the foot of 2d street, and is well worth a visit, previous to her departure for Canton, which will take place inl a very lew days. All who take an interest in this branch of the arts, and wish to see a perfect model, should not lose the present opportunity, as she will probably not return before the expiration of six months; and as at the present period some of our finest packets are in port, we would reoommend them to go and examine the whole of them. We have now in port the Siddons and Sheridan, of the best in their line owned by Messrs. E. K. Collins k. Co., who have lately made some important alterations in the Siddons, and we believe intend to do the same with all the ships in their line. They have made the second cabin almost as good as the first, so that passengers who cannot afford to go in the first, and yet do not like the second cabin, can now, by paying a little more than is usually charged for second class accommodations?procure as comfortable a passage as any one can desire. We would recommend all the other lines to do the same. We have also in port a number of others; among them, Messrs Woodhull & Minturn's splendid ships Queen of the West and Liverpool, both of them first class vessels, and fitted np in the most splendid ntyle. The latter, under the able command of the popular Captain Eldridge, will sail on the 21st in?t. Then there is the New York, Marmion, and a host of others, that will well repay any person who spends an hour or two in examining them. This has been a pretty good year for ship builders; most of them have had as much business as they could attend to, and some of them have contracts to fulfil, which they cannot commence for some months to come. Altogether, we have the best packets and best packet builders and captuins of any city in the world. Skbiocs Accident.?We regret to learn that a serious accident occurred about noon yesterday, I\?Jl_ n- t? ? n ? *"? - hiuuuiiy reuse, r.sij.,^1 me urm 01 rersjc k Brooks, of this city, by his left leg being fractured on the whari of the old slip. Mr. Persse, at apartol the wharf that admitted of no escape, was run at by a reckless carter, who jammed him amongst u pile of loose logs, which gave way under him, and caused the Iracturc under which he is now painfully sufif ring. He was conveyed in a coach to the otiice of tl?e firm, iu Nassau street, and from thence to his residence in Clinton Place, under the care and tuperintendence of Dr. Hosack, who afiorded such remedies as the nature of the injuries promptly required, and prudence suggested. But little doubt exists that the conduct of the carter was wilful and perfectly outrageous, and as his number is known, we rejoice that summary punishment awaits him for an otfence that he seemed to triumph in committing, by disregarding the victim of his villany, and driving off at a rapid pace. The eye of the police should be vigilantly direc*ed to the noto" rious recklessne : s and independence of some ot the wharf carters. Tkk German Kmoemation.?We published in yesterday's paper an accurate report of the meeting of John R rnge's disciples in New York, at the Tabernsuile on Sunday last. Our readers are aware of the extent to which Ronge's revolution has gone in Germany. There is an association of Germans in Cincinnati, who attempted some months since to propagate the same principles 111 tins country, but we have not heard any thing or them lately. The proceedings at the Tabernacle on Sunday last, was the first movement of the kind we have had in this city. It will not probably spreap beyond the German populationTroops for Mexico.?The following troops sailed on Saturday last for Point Isabel, on board the barks Ranger and Walton 1st. Liaut J H. (Jon, 4th infantry, commanding ; Dr. J. Simmons, L* 8 A , aatistant surgeoa ; 1st. Lieut J. O. Uurbeuk, nth iatanlry, commanding 10U recruits, 4th infantry; 1st Lieut C. 0 Jordan. rt?h infantry, com mending 44 re nuiis. 8th infantry; ?<!. Lieut. K. Hsyes, 3rd artillery, commanding 8i recruits, 6.h iniantry; j j. Lieut T F. Castor, 'id dragoons, commanding M r? emits, ad dragoons ; 3d. Liaut J. N U Whistler, 7th iufaulty, commanding 100 recruits, 7th infantry. Their desunauon is Tampico? the new base of operation against Mexico. Haalcal. Thk Amllowmi-A concert will be given at h# Tabernacle this evening by this youthful band of instrumental end vocal performers, whoee equals, we confidently believe, are not to be found on this or the eastern continent They are five in all, the youngest, Anne Maria Cole, a lovely child of but six years, performs on the piano, with an originality of style, a erispiness of touch, and a sweetness of tone, infinitely more pleasing to the earthen that whichcharacteriiee the execution of many of our reputable professors Nor is aha les; excellent as a vocalist For one so young, her voice is of extrsordinary compass, her intonation delightfully clear and sweet. The oldest, Oeorge Bullock, aged but fourtean, plays both the piano and violin his younger bro' ther, Henry, t ha viola; and James II. Cole the violino secondo. At ^present, we will only say of thesa three that their performance Is snch as to have called forth, through the medium of the preaa, a moat complimentary eapreaaion of approval, from nearly awry muaical artmt of rmioaoca in the cjtjr. The remaining one of thia corpa of prodig iea ia Daloa A. Cole, a lad oi but loarteen, the violoncello piarar, who, if wo mi (take not, will aland at the head, aa now among the Irat, of hi* proleaaion. Again and again have we Intoned to hia playing with real delight, nor wondered at teeing km of the oldeat of our naatciana, whom cna would think eatiated with all mutic, liatan night after night ta thi* and the other* of Uieae children. They are not, aa aome may auppoae, confined to a few aet piece* ; on the contrary, their pro grammea are ever freah and varied : and whether in aoloe, dueoa, trioa, quart ettea, or quintattea. alway a give a pieaaure which i? truly felt, not affected. We could honeatly apeak of theai mneh More onthnaiaatically. but we enly call upon the public to give to Lheae children, born in thia State, due luatice. enabling the* to paraue their atudjea, which will render tham. even more than at I reeent, a credit to the land of th>ir birth Siroai.?Owing ta the aevcre at ores which prevented many from attei ding hia iaat concert at Philadelphia, the great violiniat liaa bean prevailed upon to give another entertainment eome time thia week PolHtomi. Letter* have been received from raaponaibla eourrea in Kentucky, intimating the probability of Mr Clay'* election to the tacaocy to occur by Mr. Moorehead'i retirement, whe decline* to he a oandidate In South Carolina E* chancellor Johnaon waa elected Governor on Toeeday laat without oppoaitlon. Dr. W. A. Kain waa elected Lieutenant Uevernor, receiving 81 votea. W. Oil more Minima, hia opponent, reoeeived 71 | vote*. The inauguration wa* to take place on Thuraday Mr J J (aldwell baa been alee'ed Chancellor of South I Carolina TkMMwl. hil Tllifu?Th* P?dmu?> nrniWit appeared last evening again, to ou of the largest honeea of the teaton; indeed, we cannot ujr when we aawa larger home Not only was every feat occupied, but it appeared an if very available (tending place waa taken up From aomo cauae or other the appearance of the little dancers wai delayed f >r some time after the hour appointed in the bills, which, as might be expected, created a irood deal otmurmur, but the moment the curtain rostt, and the 4antut$*t glided along the stage, all symptoms of dis oontent war* hushed! The enchanting spectacle then exhibited, produced aa audible expression of approbation and delight, which anon subsided into noiseless but vehement admiration, which continued till the last step of the " L'Allemande" was performed. Previous to the flrst appearance of the daniuritt, the orchestra performed an overture, styled " Le Lac des Fees," which although bearing a very foreign name, might be appropriately termed an Irish melody. Certainly Irish airs, and those too, of the choicest kind, predominated in it. At all events, it waa a beautiful composition, and appeared to give general aatisfaction. The same bill or performances I as that of last evening, ia published for to night, when we suppose there will be another large bouse. Bowiar Thkatbi.?Mr. Murdoch made his first ap! pearance at this theatre last evening in the obaracter of Hamlet, before a full and crowded house. His persona, tion of the part fully equalled the high reputation whiah his acknowledged capabilities have won for him ; and his fame having already been well established, could not fail to insure him a warm and cordial reception at uia Dowery. x nere 11 mucn eoout me acting 01 air. Murdoch that would remind one a (rood deal of that of Mr. Booth and in the part of Hamlet he displayed much ability in hi* reading*, which ahowed an extremely accurate conception of the part. He wai ably aupported by Vache aa Peloniu*, Clark a* Horatio, and by a very powerful cast Mr. Murdoch make* hii second appearance thi? evening, aa Claude Melnotte, ana Mr* Coleman Pope will perform the part of Pauline. Such an attractive bill, combining talent* of luch a high order, with the powerful , cast presented in the bill* of the day, muit draw a bumSir none#to thia popular theatre; and the patron* of the owery will evince a proper apprecia'ion of the liberal , management of the enterpruing and worthy proprietor, Mr. Jackaon, by flocking forward to witnet* the performance each evening duriog the engagement oi those dietioguinbed "etara, " who are now engaged at thia excellent theatre. i Obkbnwich Tn?ATa?.?Rioe, Mr. T. D. flioe, Jim Crow Rice, the Rice of all Ricei, make* hia flrat api<ear: ance at the Greenwich thi* evening, and if he doe* not I amaze the inhabitant*, we will "acknowledge the corn " ' He will take hi* favorite parjof "Jumbo Jum," in the ( burletta of that name, and in which hia nigger revolution* have been more lucceaifuilv triumphant than tbo*e in Hayti. The farce of the "Vtiginia Mummy" will al?o be presented, Mr Rice personifying Winger Blue, the I chief component of hi* rauinmjahip'* pieiervation. The , musical burletta of the "Two Uregoriea,' and the farce | of tne "Artful Dodger," will be performed in addition, Mr. and Mr*. George Chapman ana Mia* Julia Drake asI auming the piincipal character*. Mr Yatea will give a i couple of hi* popular dance*, and t.r. Qti vie will *ing a i bird-like long. The entertainment* at thi* theatre are | full oi novelty, variety, never drag, and the low price i of adnuanion place* an evening'* amuiement within the reach of all. Alhambka.?Herr Alexander (till continue* to draw good audience* at thi* pleaiant and well-conducted saloon. Thi* evening he will exhibit number of hi* wvat vrwuuwsat** U>v?a, UlUllgtl WUiUU BID ICCUi UJ tieiglkt of hand, optical illusions, experiment* in natural philosophy, chemistry and magic. Hi* happy manner of performing them, and the incomprehensible delusions he ejrcitea, are equal evidence* of hi* skill in th? branch in which he ha* lew if any equal* There will alto be a great variety of songs and instrumental music, performed by artiits of well-known popularity. Mr. George Loder is the director of thi* portion of the entertainment Bowebt Amphitheatkb.?Mr. Gossin's benefit wa* a bumper hou?? lait evening, and the performance pasted f ofl with the ?sual ability of the company. Oossln, Kemp, and Gardner, passes* >in ti.emselve* a versatility of talent, combining broad c.-jnic humor, genuine wit, and rich drollery, that nightly convulie the houie with laughter. Mr. Ketnp'* benefit is fixed for thi* evening.? Mr. Kemp, perhap* mere than most other* in hi* line, ha* *o many claims upon hi* numerou* friends and admirers, that it is only neceuary to mention the faot to insure him a "real bumper." The attractive bill of the evening, coupled with the strong claim* of Mr. Kemp, will bring together on thi* occasion a full and cipwded house of his numerous patrons. Common Council. Bosan or Assistant Aldexme* ? Neil Gray, Esq , President, in the chair New Alarm Bell jor the City Hell.?The joint committer on the fire department, presented a report in favor of nurchaiinx a new fire alarm ball far th? r.itw Hall I Adopted. I Expulsion of Firemen.?Report in lavor of expelling a I nnmbar of firemen. Adopted. i Grade of 4Oth Street. ? Hepoit in favor of restoring the original grade of 40th street, between the 4th and sixth uTtnuo. Adopted. Taxation, binding of Passengers, 4-c ?The special 1 committee having this subject underconsideration, re1 ported in favor of applying to the Legislature for an i alteration in the lews respecting the bonding of alien paaaengere, mode of collecting wharfage tax, and alio to i be empowered to levy a personal tax. Ordered to be laid on the table, and three imes the usual number of copies of the document to be printed Appointment of *1ui>tant Justice.? Resolution in favor of appointing John ? Haskin an assistant Justice, in the , place of Thomas 8. Henry, resigned. Adopted. Employment of Convict Labor.? Resolution in favor Of calling upon the commissioner of the Aims House to furnisa to the special committee to whom was referred the subject of contracting convict labor, all the information that he may possess in relation thereto Adopted. Finances of the Fire Department ?Report of the Chief Engineer in relation to the funds of the Fire Department. ; AcceptFd Future Appointments?The opinion of the oounsel to the corporation, sotting forth that the Common Council : have no power to make any appointment* of Police Magistrates, Assistant Justices, or Clerks for the Police or Ward Courts,was then read and ordered en flle. Twenty-second street.?Resolutions in favor of causing 33d street, between Sth and 10th avenuea, to be lighted with gas. Adopted. Ilutbisk in t*e Is I Word.?Resolution in favor of empowering tho Aldermen and Asaistant Aldermen of the 1st ward to select a suitable place lor the ashes and rubbish collected in the same. Adopted. yatrant* ? Resolution in favor of appointing a special committee to examine the legality ot the commitmenta of those who have been aent to th? penitentiary as vagrants; and in case* whore persons have been aent thither on account of being found in a state of intoxication, and are able and willing to suppott themselves and their fam! iiiea, to procure their immediate discharge from their imprisonment. Adopted. The Board then suijourned. Board of JJupervlnore. The .Mayor presiding. Titt minutes ei the preceding meeting were read and approved. Petition!.?Of various persons for the correction of tax. Rule i red to the appropriate Committee. Coiamunn o/te?? ? From the State Comptroller,in relation to tne new constitution, and recommending tl,at the Supervisors should call meeting of the board preparatory to dividing the county aod city into Senate and Aasenibly districts, and on variousoilier subjects connected with the nest election to be held under thu new couatiiation Alderman Bsnsn^ moved to lay it on the table for tha ' [>r*?.pt, aod moved that the board might meet on tha first i uc-da; m'grj, tj apportion the city according to the population, into A;?embly and Senate districts.? ' Adop'cd. Aidei man Brady mevad a reconsideration tf a resolution adopted at a previous meeting, in relation to tha taxes payable an $471,000 of the United States stock, held by t)<" Bank of Commerce. It appaarad tha resolution ! remitted tha taxes due on the above mentioned slock, on tha ground that it being t nited Suites stock, it wai not liable to taxes. Alderman Baser read tha opinion of tha lata Justice Thompson, and also of Justico Johnson, of tha Supreme Court of tha Uaited Siataa, in which they stated, that in their opinion. United States stock was liable to be taxed, otherwise it would be an invasion ot Htate rights. Mr. Brady said, he only wished to have the matter n.ore fully considered, and to have the opimun of the Counsel to the Corporation on the subject. The resolution was, accord ingly, rescinded. au> H?*t morel that the bill* for printing and publjahlng the call for the election of delegatea to the Hut* Convention, which were ead)t?il by the committee on County faea, be when from the hi* an I referred back to the una committee. Adopted. Bill? ? Variou* imall bill* connected with the Police department, were preeented and ralerred, after wluch the Board adjourned to thia day week. HIOTenii ntiwf Travellers. The arrival* yeatorday are detailed in the following extract* from the reaped,ve rogiitiie*. They will be Couod far lea* than any we have, a* yet recorded : AMCB1C4T?Hon. J. McPhenoa, Georgia; D. U. Morlia.Thila. W. ti. ..nett, Newburgh; P. Mtrachan, N Y; W Hendric.k, F. .Clarke, U 8. \\ W. Coleman, Penn; J Pnrroy, Staten laland, O. Bailey, .V. O; pf. I'arnum, Cincinnati Airoa ?W. Atnait, Lanainhurgh; H. Newcoman, Phils: C. Morgan, Auburn; J. Lawtence, Flushing; L. Chimin, H<whe*vr; C. Churchman, I'hila; J. Morn*, Loui?ville; CapL Btem, royghkeepaie; J Henry, Louiav.lle, Citt?Lewi* Terrine, Trenton; B. Reeve*, fhiia; J. Chi'tncey, N. Voik; K. Jeaiot, Waahingt?n, VV Clarke, J Weaver, t K Eyre, Phila; S Banon. U H N. Fbakklin?ll.C. Seymour, I'iermont; K. H. Leonard, Ohio; Hon. W. Wright, Newark; J. W- kTompkln?, Weatcheater. Hnw?*D ?T. Van Biont, New Jeraey; J. Thempeen, do ; R Keniey, riUeburgh; Geo Lewi*, Hertford; Hon. Jehu Howard, LI; 11. Taylor, London; M Greene, Syracuse. B. Kewler, Mr.**.; Mr. Hupgood, Boaten : Mr. forter, do.; J. NeaU, Phila ; 0. Parmenter, Providence; 11. Muuy, jo-; J Noilan, I'hila ; T. Gold. Boeioa. JuSee*?r Heair.L. Wadawerth, Hartford; M. Gardner. New Haven; u Bruce, tln:lo~d. K Aiuaon. U. B. N.; J.Hobmaon, Maa*: (' Parker, H Lbaft?r, Phila. General Lealie CoomUa ha* instituted a claim agajnit the l*oited State* government, amounting to JMMi 'JO*. which um the Government of Text* owed turn when It became a member of the L'nion He made hi* inveatment In the war ilelit of Trias, in the winter of I9SD-9, and the public faith of Texa* wa* pledged to meet it, in Ul* language: " \nd to much of tha revenue at wing from import* and <lif?ct taia'un a* may be neceaaery, 1* appropriated and herebv aet apart for the payment of the interval" Gen. Coomb* coutenda that the United SUtee government, having taken poeaeaaion ol the ruttoa home of Texas, i* hound to pay all demand* againat the extinct Reritt die, for the liquidation of which the im^erta were pledged by law. OttVllMlllflMIt Te* wutiii -The thermometer last eveniiam. U * o'olock stood at on* difrn below I citing pout at Morrin's, Wall street. Tha river U already beginniwg to freeze up, and tha boati, we understand, cannot lately proceed farther than Pougbkeepsie. Busman?The Liaoaaaa?Paica or Paormeee.?In | oonaequence of tha itagnation produced in buaineas, at thia aaaaoii of tha year, several laborer* hare been thrown out of employ ment, and th?ir familial, in thia in clement season are mada to feel the praaaare of want and privation. In tha publio (tores, on the wharves, andJn : various other parti of tha citv, thia saipenaion ia 1 very apparent; and many of tha laborer! and poorer olaaaee of mechanic*, whoae baaineea usually , ilacken* at this icaaon ef tha year, complain a food deal I of the high prioei of prtrviiioni in the aarketa. Tha boati that have landed at onr wharves during the peat few weeks have all come well atocked with all kinds of provision* ; but specula or* of every kind immediately buy up the provision* and retail^them at inch rnormou* profit*, a* to place them beyond the reach of the poorer claiae* of mechanic* and laborers, as well a* the poor in general. Thi*, coupled with the operations of the panlo mongers and apeculatore, connected with the , foreign markets, ia a very serious grievance upon the i whole community, end has had the effect to raise the pricea of provisions a (rood deal. The ensuing week reing the holy festival of Christmas, eeveralof these speculators also make purchases, being sure of a safe home market, and will keep up.large supplies of fowl, i meat, flour, corn, potatoes and all sorts of provisions, which they have been purchasing daring the last week or two, aware that the frost will aoon block up the canal* and impede the importation of provisions. Surely ome efforts ought to be made to check the gross impositions practised in tuts respect bv the heirtlcif men who thui make dear tha provition* of tha poor, and placa the purchaaa almost beyond their raach. | There are many instance* in tha city where actual pri- i ration already threaten* the Doorer claaa of laborer* and mechanic*, who have been thrown out of bread in con sequence of the *u*pen*ion of buiine** in tome of tha public atore*-and aliroit tha total ceuation of building. We underitand it i* in contemplation to adopt lome ' measures to alleTiate the distreaaa* of these poor people, and such a step would be a great to them just new ; and would be hailed by every true friend of humanity. Dry Goods Clbbks.?In consequence of Ike alleged conduct of one or more oi our dry goods seller*. in em- j ploying police official* to watch the clerk* and salesmen in their employ, the latter have issued a call for a public i meeting on the subject, to take place this evening. We know aethiag el the ciroumstaaees connected with the ' business, but shall probably give a report ef the pro| ceediags. Emfibc Clc? Ball.?The Umpire Club of this city, under the command of Captain Ryndrrs, the D?n Oiovanm ot democracy, will give their annual ball at the i Coliseum Assembly Rooms, No. 460 Broadway, on the evening of the 16th December iast. Every needful arrangement ha* been made to en*ure a good attendance and a pleasant evening. An old Salt out or TaMraa.?A lailor, who said hi* name wai Jo*eph B. Hammond, wa* ye*terday brought to by loot ef the preservers of the public peace, whe found kirn cutting all sorts of queer pranks in one of the streets of the 4th ward. Jack had been ashore but a short time ; nut long enough, notwithstanding, to serve the purpose of the land thark*, who it i* hut fair to auppoae had left him but little richer than when he itarted on hie last voyage. He thertforo turned misanthrope, pronounced maledictions upon hi* own and every body else's organs of vi<ion, and finally took his position at a corner, where he drew a sword eane, and announced his determination to kill, (laughter suck, jab, and *end to Davy Jon** whoever pasaed that way. He wa* *oon di?covered by lone of tbo police officer*, and sent in and afely anchored in that mug harber, the City Priaon, where he ha* no doubt long since resolved to haul down till Diaok log, and nil onca more under honest color*. Boor or a Dead Infant found ?The body of a dead iofaot wai yesterday diacovared ia the grave yard of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Prince street. It wu humbly shrouded. Many Catholic parent* *uppo*e that it they can but place their children within consecrated ground, thoy will have the benefit of bufial there. In tlm they arc miataken. All auch caaea are disposed of by the coroner, who aeada the small specimena'of departed humanity to potter's field. Anotweb Dead Bast was yesterday found carelessly thrown into a coffin, in the alms house yard, rear of City Hall. 1 Attempt to commit Suicide.?A man, named Chas. Short, described as a "wild looking geniua" on the police returaa, yesterday determined to put an end to his life, and Jumped into the water at the foot of Old Slip. After a hard pull he was safely and coolly landed on the dook, and at last accounts was fully of the opinion that tne hydropathic treatment was an excellent mode ef treatment for the cure ef suicidal desires He has not the least idea now of curtailing his natural life. Aobd, Houseless, and FaiEKDLass.?A poor feeble old woman, named Mary Kry, was yesterday found wandering about the streets in tbe 4th ward, m search of her friends, whom she had lost. Hfce stated tha' she arrived in this country from fteland but a short time ago, and that since her arrival, she had entirely lost sight of her , mcuua. ner moij wu a piuiui one, anl (he Wll sent to the Aim* Home to be properly provided for. It is but a short Unte since, poor little bojr was inhumanly deserted by his parent* and grand parents, in Krent street. And here is probably an instance where the children or younger connections of an old woman have cast her off as troublesome, while they, unencumbered by the care cf her, pursue their adventures in their new home. But the old womb pronounces no malediction. Old ace. like childhood. is conAdlng ; but when tho aged nn i thamselves teally deserted, the iron enters their rery ouL A case 10 paint occuried a snort tisae since at the Alms Home. Keilevae. A rery decently dressed, and rather youdr woman, applied to the oommissioners, and made arrangements for an aged woman, her grandmother, to be supported at the public institution lor me puor, a small sum being allowed tfr her support. The old lady west to the poor house, but from the moment she entered the gate, sbe yielded to feelings ot the most noignant grief. Poor old lady, she was intelligent, and the matron of the institution would gladly have become her friend, and made her as comfortable as her own resources would R.lmit of; but it was all to no purpose, she felt that she had outlived her granddaughter's love, and she wanted to live no longer. " You are very kind, Mrs. H." she used to say, " but I cannot forget it! I cannot forget it! to think that I brought her up, and her children too, the little dears, and thoy think so much of me. 1 could work until last summer, but now I am past it,and she shuts me up here to die " And aoit was, the old lady took to her bed, snd grieved herself to death. And when she was dead, her re (stives sent for her body, and had it respectably coffined, and mourned the death of the kind old grandmother, whoso little income of $40 a year was now to be claimed by bar no loncer. Bat the walls of Belle vue could tall many and strange aloriea of a similar character, il they war* to reflect all the scenes that have pa?aed within Uie apartments which they eocloee. Sated non Daowifino.?A man named Joaeph Jackion. waa picked oat of the Eaat river, near Old slip, yaeterday morning, and wu saved from drowning by Offlcar liughaa. Accident.?A woman fall in tha vicinity af one of the wharvta yesterday foienoan, ud broke her ankle. She *ai carried to the hoepital, where the now lies i bar ankle, however, hai been aet by. the phyaiciana of the institution. Hlidho ok the ioc.?A lad fell yeaterday at the corner of Catharine ureet and East Bioadwav, and injured hia arm. which had nigh been broken in the lalL? He waa led home br aome of hia playmates. Boys abeuld be very curelui just now of sliding on tha ice in the streets, wuera the channels and gutters are ao narrow, as a alight aiip would be apt to endanger a leg or an arm. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdmetnls. Nov. 14?The Prttidml ?/ (Ac North Rivrr Bank vi. Chart" Ji- Jackton ? Thia waa an action on five prum.ssory noes, amounting in.groas to about fiO.OuO Tne d?fence waa that the ooiaa were given aa accommodation notea, and without consideration; alao, that tha declaration contained only the mouey counta, and that the plain* tUT could not recaver unleaa tha uotea were ap*cially counted on. Tha Court allowed the delenoe aa 10 three ol Uie note*, dual.owed it aa to two, aud directed the ju ry to tiud a verdict 'or the plaiutifl'on the two notaa. Verdict lor pUiutifl lor (9.J31 m. Ker plaintid, Jlr Kayniouil, lor defendant, Mr. K. 8andford. Jtttt Jirmiti vn/t and Enoch B. Jtrmitrong *? David A I fenjilttf/nt and Luting J'ujti.?Thia waa aa action for a conspiracy. The declare.ion contained three couaU ; the 6r t count for a conspiracy, tha second lor falae repreaenuitiona, and the thacu a count in truvar. Tha plain tiffs are pioduce meiohauts residing in. Home, in tha upper part ot tha state. In November, 164*4, they aant a >?|V V. ?< IV uih Kt\f, vu uuua IUB C|gu ooal IUD jar, Albert Wheaton, muter. The boat arrived on Saturday. the 17th, and en the 18th Tuft* called oa Wheaten and offered to buy the eaU; Wheaton mid the eat* wss to be tweaty-eiftit cenu a baahel, and that he had no authority to make any but a cash tale. Tutu (aid he knew a tiroi up town, (meaning the firm of Palmer kCo. the owneis ef a line ot omnibusaes) that he thought woaid buy it, and then weat away, and shortly attar returned had said the firm ol Ptliner fc Co. woald take It. Wheaten (aid it should be delivered the next day, ai the season waa tar advanced, and ha wanted to gat away before the navigation oloeed. It was sot, however, de. livered, and the following day Wheaton wait up to Palmer's office, and enquired of him if he had bought the oats, and if so. whea ha woo)d send hia carta tor itPalmer replied, he had not bought It, bnt at the same I tine said that Vanalstyna had bought it, and that bo was to take a part of it at their price. Wheaton then came back to Btoad street, mot Vanalatyna and asked him if he was the man whom Tuft bought the oats for ; said he waa. Finally, on Satuiday &s!K <>uah of the oats were de1 livered, wtich Talaier got and paid lor to Vanalsty ne, and sad on Monday the balance wai daiireiad, making in all 1,661 bushels. On Tuesday, Wheaton called at the office in Broad street for payment, and eWW|V*nals lyce, t0'd him that na had just sent out his cleik to collect dkvaey u ray for the oats, end desired him to call again at two and at feu* wclock. At feur he met , Tuft, and asked for Vanalatyna ; Tint sand he w;s not then in, and dasirad Wheaton to call in the raernibg, (Wednesday ;) he oalled accordingly, and saw Toft, who then told him that ha was afraid he, Wheaton, had got j into a "bad sersoe, as Vanalstyna had shortly ba:ore told him that one of the clerks had lost the money, and that he, I Vaoalsty na, would be ruined by it; Tnft slso toid Wheafen that Vanalaty ne b id a partner named Boyd ia f'mladaliihja, to whom he ha<l sant some beer for sale, and efcpeoted a return shortly, which would enable him to pay some of the money, ana th^t he had an action pending which would be soon terminated, and ba expected to gat something put ol it, and that he had claima in Columbia county, which wouid enable him to psy 'he price ol th? oats, but the upshot of it was that plaintiff nor Wheaton * rate never paid, and they now bnag their aotion to recover .lamaT?*- One wltneta only was examined, whan the court sojourned. 7^7 Mr H. T Hastings; for dafsndaat, Mr. Jordan i A letter from Westpart, Missouri, dated Hof. Wtk, { says, " A company has just arrived from Bent's Kovt, who report the loss of a large number of mules, and one or two men having beea killed by the Indians, near the crossing of the Arkansas stoma of their wagons were burnt, and the company could not prooeed pa their route until they obtained aid from Bast's fort. The theve wagons belonged to the government father De Saatt, from Oregon, has juat arrived?says ha laft in Jtsly tost. Tney ha?Tnot heard of the war there when ho laft. The country was ixxspwroos, and the people generally wall i tad content*! ^ WtM IllttlllRW** fh>iTgt Fala* ?A ?omplalnt wil T?'l*MiT b?^r? Juitlon Drinker. by Mr. Jamea Mayan, of the Ann of E'WiHtkl'o., dry roo<1? merchant* Ne. I'M Pearl street, arainat * man by the nam* of Jesse W. Conklin. who *?and? chaired With obtaining a hill of good*. at a credit of *1* month*, for the *"m of *400 and upward*. by Mm an?l fraudulent representation!, under the followin? circnm?tsneae ;_lt appears that, on the 'JMh of September Iwt. the accused called upon the firm cnl wished to pm-chase a bill of woo** on a rro.llt of ?ix months representing at the time tha* ha wh? w>r?h i" ;>[>?) half in caah and tha other hall in ava'lahl* promissory note*, and wa* likewiae clear of all ilebt* and incumbrances. He alio referred them to the Arm of Lee and Brewster. wbe fare him a good character lor yeraeity. ata'ing that he was a resident of Fall River. Long Inland Consequently, upon these representation'-, a bill of gooda waa sold for tip wards of *400 at* credit of six months However, it was subsequently ascertained by Mr. Meyers lhat all these representation* were false and fraudulent t that instead of being ont of debt, ha wa* largely indebted, and that a portion of the proceeds of the aboye bill of roods were appropriated to the poyment of *oine of his old debts. A warrant wa* leaned for Conklin. who is now under arrest on a similar rhargo at Pa'chngne. Lang Island, and the process placed in the hand* of officer Kteyart of the lower police, to do up the buainess in his usual gentlemanly manner. ,/}rr#ff AM QusmViAsa A fanttln n?r?r an/1 rtf. fleer Css?v. of the Ut ward. arre?tIK. yesterday, two man. called John Rindsn anil John Tohin. on suspicion of ?t?aling $70 belonging to Mr John Phalan residing at Astoria. Long Island. Locked np for examination Sim lint Clmhing ?Offi-er Kelly, of the 14th ward. arrested. vetterdav. wo old thieves colled Ooonca Barna and F.dward Martin, on a charge stealing two jackets, two overcoats, and a pair ol pantaloons, rained in all at 913 belonging to Mr. Pater Vanpel Locked up for trial hv Justine Tavlor. &mi>* Bail?Mr. Michael Walsh entered bail yesterday, be^oro Justice Drinker, in the inmof)MM for his appearance at court for trial, on a charge preferred against him hv Mr Hastings, for a libellous article published in the ui'rrrantan, reflecting on the reputation of the complainant. Drunk and Disorderly.?A man, called Wm H. Dana, was arres'ed on Sunday night by officer Donnelly of the 14th ward, whom be fonnd drank and disorderly in the atreot; and whan spoken to respecting his noise by the policeman, he only returned abase, which terminated in his h?lag taken to th>> station house. At the r?qnest of the prisoner Captain Kissner allowed one of the pol cemen to accompany him to a friend's honse In Prince at, for 'he purpose ?f procuring hail, and whila thsrehe endeavored to slip from tl,e en?tody of the officer, bnt failing In the attempt was bronght hack again to the station house where security was given before Alderman Tappan. for his appearance it th? police office Essex Market, at o'sloc.k the following m?mlng. bn' failed to do so Slrmli-g a Watch?Officer Witson of the sixth ward, arretted yesterday a man called John Mnnd y. oa a charge of stealing n silver watch veined at $?, belonging to Mary Steohens. while in one of the dens of iniquity located on the Five Points. PeUt Larceny ? A woman called *arah Randolph, was arrested on a charge of steal ng a bonnet and head bag, belonging te Elizabeth Graves, residing at No 3-2 Suffolk st Locked up for trial St-l'n?A small French clock. In mahogany cas?, was stolen on Rnnday la't from office No. 1. located in the hnilding corner of New ?treet and Wall, the proper ty of Mr. c. H da Lu??. Nonirnst Entry Thief.?An eld female "lifter" and entry <hia f, called Moll Brown, entered tbe premise* of Dr Cheeseman. No 473 Rroidway, yesterday nfternoon. and rarrled off from the entry a silk nmhrella worth $4 Tbe accused.was "etected in the act of pawning it at King's pawn ?hop. in Canal ftreet, for in cents, by Mr Weaver, who conducted her before Justice Drinker, who locked her up for trial. Caught on the "Jump.'"?An old Five Point thief, called Henry Ford, waa caught yesterday afternoon in the act of stealing a vest worth $3. from the clothing store occupied by Jaeob Cogswell, No. 148 Chatham street.? Justice Drinker locked him np for trial. Maliciow 7Y< ?????.?A man named John H. Dayton, was arrested yesterday, on a charge of maliciously breaking down the fence of James Blackwell. situated between the Oth and 6th avenues, fronting on 18th street. The case was brought before Justice Drinker, and a farther Investigation will be had to-day. Superior Court* Before Judge Vanderpoel. Kendall tt Stent ?This cause, which was commenced on Saturday, aad fully reported in the Herald, aa far as It had then progressed, was resumed this morning?after plaintiff's counsel had closed their proofs, the defence was opened, from which it appeared that Mr. Isaac M. Woolly the brother in-law of the plaintiff, was formerly the owner of the premises, in relation to which this suit was brought; that he had conveyed them to the defendant, Stone, or at all events that Stone had a charge on them, and was empowered to sell them in liquidation of that charge. In pursuance of such power, Stone conveyed them to plaintiff, in the manner and for the consideration stated in the report in Saturday's Herald. In some months afterwards, Wheeler entered into a treaty with plaintiff for the purchase of one of the lots, and pending the treaty, hd, Wheeler, called upon defendant to make enquiries in relation to the goodness of the title to the lot. Upon which the defendant told him in good faith, that the lets formerly belonged to Woolly, and that a creditor's bill had been then lately filed by a person named Paige, to raise the amount of a judgment obtained by him agaimt Woolly, by a sale of the lots; the defendent having been informed so some time previous by Paige's solicitor. It was therefore contended, that as the application was made to tho defendant by Wheeler, he waa bound to respond to it truly, and that having done so in good faith, not having stated anything that was not strictly true, it wa* a privileged communication, and the defendant was protected. Toe came standi further adjourned to thia morning. Before Chief Justice Jones Tht Fmrnm L?an and Trutt Company vt. Thomai R. Mintvm?This wai an action to raoover $6000, a balance claimed to be due on a guarantee bond Riven by the defendant to a person named Haaiilton Murray, who raised a loan on it from the company. The case was tried before and there was a vorJict for the plaintiffs, subject to the opinion of the court on a case, which verdict was afterwards set aside. Two defenoes are set up; one usury, and the ether a discharge. It appeared that the transaction took place in the eatly part of 1639 ; that Mr. Minturn became sickly in that year, and was advised to go to the Braxilf for the benefit of his health ; that previous to his leavi jf*. he called on Murray to settle tue matter and take up his bond. It is alleged that Mi. Murray did accordingly close the transaction upon which the bond was given, but raised a new lean, leaving the bond still in the hinds of the company. It is contended on the part of the defendant that Murray having closed the first transaction by paying vpall principal and interest on the bond, defendant is discharged, and cannot be held liable for the new loan made to Murray Kor plaintiffs. Mr. W C. Ntrii) for defendant, Mstsrs. D P. ~H*1? and D. Dudley Field. Court of Oenenl Sessions, Before Recorder ftcott, and Aid. Jack ion and Johnson. John McKean, Eaq , Di*ttiet Attorney. Jtcqniiul of Mr. Sicklti.?At the opening of the court . this moraine. Mr. Kemble. on being recalled, dspoesd thst on the occasion of previously testifying in thia case, he hid itated that the mortgage was Riven in his own name but that he now feit tstuAed it wai in the nam* of Ealer k Bance ; whereupon the Reoorder intimated t? the jury, that in conirquencs of the variance between the proof adduced and the indictment, they most acauit th? accused. The jury accordingly rendered verdict of not guilty. Trial f*r Qrmnd Larceny.?A young man named Wm. bean concerned in stealing a gold watch, fold guard and fab chain, a golJ pencil caaa, a knife, and $140 in money, frta Augustus H. Lamson, en the ttth of Oet. last. The accused waa feund guilty, and sentenced to be imprisaaed in the State piiaon for the term of two years. Trial far Burglary?Alonzo Brown and Samnal Jackaoa ware next ca)l<d to trial, on an indictment charging thara with having, on the night of tbe 9d of December la?t, broken into the atere of cbarlee Campbell, No. a Centre Markat Place, end stealing property of tbe value of 835 Triey were ^verally luun i guilty, and e*eh aentenced to two yeara and aiz months imprisonment in the State priaon. Trial far en Attaull end Battery?Daniel Wal?h waa then placed at the bar for trinl on an indictment for an assault and battery ou Mra For I, th* wife of a reapoc table be ker residing in Ri-'ge street, whi.e at work in the premieea of her husband The aeculed waa found guilty and remanded lor aentence " The Court then adjourned until to merrew moraine. Court Calendar?Tills Day. CiacutT CocaT ? Noa. 110, 61, M, 44, HI. 974, 130, 131 Suriaioa Corar?Noa. M 41. 18, SO. 44, 80, 81, 340, 'lft, 34, 3S, 36, 17 . 87. 00 to 100. 0, *, 38, 88 From Hayti ?By the schooner Mary Wilkeg, the yew Orltant Bee has papers ol late date The conatitution ia contained in them, preceded by an addreaa to tne people of Hayti, setting lorth the condition ef disorder and anarchy in which they were plunged until the conaammation of the laat revolution under the auspices of Uen Kiohe. Having restored peace and tranquility to the country, Oan. Riche was elevated to the caief magiatrary bv the spontaneous cclatnatioua ol tha citizens He immediately resolved to restore tbe Cenatitution ef Mil, together with sueh modifications and improvementa aa the progreaa of liberal opiniona seemed to require. In thia important work.the aenate of the Kepublieco operated with him. and the present constitution ia the fro it ef their joint labor. The features of the constitution appear to resemble those of Mexico. The rreeioent is chosen far life by a vote of two-tuirds of the senate. That hodv is ita Inrn ia ?u,.|^t h. 11?a tativea, and ita (miction* laat nine yeara The members of tha houae are elected by tba people, tha right of anf frage being e*tabli*hed on an extremely liberal hula To be a lenator or repreaentatire a certain age and a property qualification ara neoeeaary. Tha Roman Calknljc worihip ta proclaimed a*tha religion ol the country. So whit* nu can become a citixenci Hayti, by birth or adoption, nor ran he acquire and hold immoveable property. The pieaident it the qommajider in-chief of the army and navy, empowered to make tret tie* ol P**9*> alliance and neutralfty, to appoint miniatofa to (brain o;tion?, proclaim war?iqbject to th* approbation of the *?nalp. Fton J im4ica ?By the nrrirol of the schooner Col Blum, <3npt. White, from King'on, Jamnicn, Jut ?f ht, we were put in poaaaaaion of Ilea of Kmgaton mtm the Md of November TI?ioi? little new* worthy of note, the paper* being '' J dlacu?eien* on local *nbjeot*. The Houae ef A?s*mhly waa in *** ion, and Sir Charlee Orey, the newly appointed *OT?r nor, waa daily expected to arrive Public mooting* were h*in*( held all over tha ialand. and threatening remon (trance* made to the Lieutenant Governor, on the late movement S? tom# *?* ".?*?? ]n relation to It* action on the angar question f he price* of prmiucd b?*! iiVh'ly edrai.^ed. In fr*?t meaaure to the [?eu city of arrfV*l?. A bill wa* introduced Into the Home of Aaaembly on tha 17th 0f Kovartter, to m?hi> Kingston a free pert The fata of tha bill wa* ascertain on the 3td, oor lM dataa Sale* of Philadelphia and Oeorgetown flooAare quoted at (W to 40a per barrel. dnty p >i I The mnrl^B la bare of corn meal, prices ran^inc from 1ft to Mi paVnerrel i larl, (tmerioan) A to 41 per poend. The stock of flour, moal, ham*, hreat, American candle*, choeao, lard and butter, wa* bacominglight, while the demand continued active.?If. 0 IVe^imm. Affaire to the South. .fTKEVALD MILITARY COERISPONDKNCK Mont?r*t, Mexioo, Not. II, 1840. Imperlant Hforrmenl of the Army. General Taylor ha? iuued an order to the following effact:? Under instruction! from the Department of War, the General in-Chief of tha Mexican force! liaa bun duly notified, that tba temporary oeasat:on of hoatilitiea,agreed upon at the convention at Monterey, oonaiating of the General! of tha American and Mexiaau arroiei. will oaaee and determine from the ISth in?t.. after which, the American forcei w#i be free to aroaa tha Una of demarcation MtahlUhed in Mid convention Saltillo. the capital of tha State of Coahuila, will be oo cupied hv the U. 8 troope Tba following corpa of tha 3d dlviaion, will form tha parriaon at xaltillo in the firat Imtanoe, to be inoreaaod aa circumitancei mar reqnire:? Lt Col Duncan'i batterv of artillery, ith in'aatry, ?th infantry, I rompaniaa of artillery, and Capt Blanchard'a company of Louiiisina volunteer!, tho whola to be cosmanded by Brir. On. Wor'h. Lt Macull'a battery, the 7th infaatry, and on* company of tho artillery battalion. to bo Mlaeted by General Worth, will remain at Monterey, under command of Col Smith, regiment Mounted Riflemen. The corpa above deaignated for the occupation of Saltillo will march to-morrow, under Gen Worth. General Taylor will march at the lama ?ime with the two aqoad n?u? ui urn w iiTiianw, nnntr Lt <;ol Msy. The troops will take faur rations in th?ir haversack'; ration* of salt m rat for ten day*, of bread for fire days, and mall ratio ?s for twenty Jars will betbrewn forward at the tame time. 8niuble arrangement wlU ba made by the medical director f r the care of the invalid*, necessarily left behind by the 3d Division Thar will be sent forward to their companies as rapidly as tkey may recover health and sttength. The whale of the 1st Division will, probably, inarch for Saltillo on or about the 30th inst. There is no p^obability.of a ha'tle at Ssltillo. According to all information. there are no firces at that place The whole force of the north of Mexico ia concentrated at Ban Luis Fetosi ?we shall certainly have a bm?h at that pUce. If they do oppese our march t? SslUUe. Gen. Worth is the best able to meet them. A foree of one thousand strong, will be left to garrison the oity ef Monterey. * The health of the army la extremely reed. The wounded are returning to their friends in t?e States, aa fast as they are able Look out fer important newa very soeon. A. D. THK NIW* y?OM THE ARMY OT IWVA9IOK. [From the New Orleans Delta. Dec.A] Gen Butler ia military commandant of Monterey. Csit. Thorn ten reached M?ta<neras on the 17th nit., with 7* dragoon recruit* snd their koraee. The men and horses looked as if calculated fer good service, and under his command will perform lt The command depart ed on the ISth fer Monterey. An American deliberately, and without previous provocation, fired at a Mexican in Matamorns on the 9tth alt. Sergeant Major John L T. Bnesd, of the Tennessee Cavalry, has been electod Captain of tke "Esgle Guards" one of the sompanies composiag the aame regiment, to All the vacancy occasioned by the reaignation ei Captain Wm N Porter. Gen Taylor has returned frem Saltille, leaving Oan. wortti in poaseaiion of the place. We him conv?r*ed with an intelligent gentleman who left Monterey on the 23d alt Kit impreoion U that the whele of the force*, except the neoe-aery number* left to garrieen the aevaral post*. will concentrate at Tampir.o. and that Geo. Taylor in going there will take a ronte leaving tan Laii Potoii to hi* right; that arrived at Taa>?iiro, and haviag the necee*ary force* to carry out hia fu- / are operation*, an attack will be made on Vera Cruz timultaneoualy by tea and land. Matamobk, Not. 91, IMS. The "Flag" of thii date, which yov will perhap* receive by the aame nail a* thi* letter, will raraiah yen with all the new* that I could give yon from Monterey. There ia tome ether new* wldch I will commnaicate, that i* not allowed to be made public here, a* It might affect military operation* Sioce the official anaouaceinent of the taking ef Tarnpic*, all ha* been preparation here in gettiag troop* and munition* of war ready for that paint. The company of appera and miner*, recently arrived from New Terk, which had proceeded np to Camargo, hare boon ordered back, and will be *ent fr.ira the month to .Tampiee hy teawboat. The 4th regiment of Indiana volunteer*, stationed at the month, have already departed for that place, on the steamboata Undine and Cincinnati. A movement of troop* i* about being made from hero to Victoria, the capital of thi* State, (Tamaulipai.) A large Mexican force i* aaid to bo collected Aero, nppoted to be from 3 to <000?the latter number moit likely correct. These troop* have crowed the menataia* from San Luia, with ? view to strike in thi* direction?the mail garriaoni that have been loft here, favoring tha.imi proasion with the Mexican*, that thia point conld bo easily taken. Col Clark haa evidently feared an attack for aome time, and every precaution i* nightly taken to { Erevent a aurpriae By the and of the cewiag waak, I eve it from good authority, Gen Patteraoa will he on hia march from Camargo for Tampico, by tha way of Victoria. Three compaaiea of tha Teaneaaee cavalry are under order* and preparing to ga oat an a aoont tawarda Victoria?a aat of pic had nt and horaaa have been chaaan for that purpoaa. A majarity of the haraaa of thia regiment of cavalry are at preaent ult for aar ice, tha long journey they hare undergone having need I he ea up?it will take weeka to gat than is flaah again. Tha advance of Gen Worth upon Saltille froaa Mnateray. waa cor. aide red certain bare until yaatafday ? what haa induce J tha countermand, no ana ia able ta divine.? I haar it atated that tha object ia not ta gerriean SaitiUo, but to march immediately upon tan Luli: or if tha farmer place i? to i>a garrisoned, Uea. Wool U to take oom mend. Oea. Butler having baan appointed military Governor of Nuevo Leon, yau may expect to haar abertly that Gea. Pettaraon held a a aimilax oAca in Tamaulipea, inning hia mandate! a ad diapenaiog tha lawa from Viotoria. 1 mnat aay a ward to you abaat Matamaraa. Matter a and thinga are going as proapetaualy hare?bmauaeea la exceedingly briak, though ta peraeaa arming, wha have jf I baan here previoualy, the oity looka dull. Tha canaa af thia apparent dulluaaa if to be found in tha oloatng ap af the gam iag home* If aay gambling 1a carried an bare | now, it haa to be kept frem the aya af tha antherttiea,To be caught offending, auhjoota tha effaader to traaaper tation to Now Orlaana. A hard puniahateat, ia it aat, ta be aant ta auch a place 7 Tha river ia very low, and haata aeldem reach Oamargo fiom bare ia leaa than Ave day*. Taara, lac. AFP AIM IN MKXIM. Emtraet *f alettir Jrtm aw fffittr */ the ?i B| (a AlflM. Dm. 9. 1949. The uwi from Mexieo abowi that ooantry ia aa awfal atate of anarchy. Santa Anna he* com back to Mulw, and there ara only 19 900 diaaffectod, half atarrod troopa at r*to?i Oaa Taylor ought tobo there M? with 9 999 or 19,000 troop* It ia aaid Horrora will ha alee tad fraaident, and in that erent poaoo will bo oortaia. MILITARY INTOXIMNCIWn Dar<aTiaanT. Doo 19,1949. Sia I bar* received yoar latter of yaatardar. aad ia realy to it hava to etate that tho conrao you nrgo. theaah the roaaona for it ara atraac, ia a bo watch I oaa hardly aatiafy myaolf ia porau?aibio. Tha requiaicoo ia far a regiment. aod not for compaaioa, and ahouid sot the regiraeut bo raiaod. groat aoabarraaaaaant woald aria* from baring a fow compuaiea in aorrico, with mm regiment to wbicb thay could ba attached ; yot. aa4or all tha oircumataacaa, with yodr aaauranca that tb* what* ra<iment will bo raia*d. I aball aaauaio tho aatboritr to ord?r tho ?uator by ca?pamea Thiaia irragalar. an t h?a oof boon dime in aay other mat a no* [? tha ditridiag tha regiment into battalion*, p'onuiia ta aw*r pa waa Aaaa ia tho eaao of tho Virgiaia regimeat, waa g*iag farthor than had boon dona ia any othar eaaa Oruera will thia ? day ba iaaaod fcv oiua'aring tb* coapeniea aa yon 4* , lira. 1 baya the honor to ba. ] I Vary reapoctfUly, j ] Your obodiont aerrant. 11 WM. la. UARCT I To hi* Excellency Win i*m Smith, Governor ot VirgioM , (Krom the Waahingtaa Union, Dae 191 MajorTurnbnll ol tbia any. Captaia J. E JehaeteB, I Lien'oaant S-ammo* Lion tenant Darby aad LUa'oaaat I Hanlraatl*?all adlcera of th? cor pa of topograph ioai aa- I Siaeer* will leave Waaiiington to-morrow meriting for I to army ot tha waat i hay will travel tho national I road, dtecon.l tha river, and expect to loin Qenoval Sdott I ?t Biaioa Santiago NATAL INTE ULIOKNOB. Citt or Taurine, Manoa, ) U. 8 Natal hiii in fomimim, !f(>. IS J I racelred your " Weakly" at *< oo the Mri i| af the lithinat. The data of tha paper wai Um ilik lit Tharaio you aay. ia an article an atral affair* that ear fallant na?y matt Uka Taaptco Your ?M? haa kfao promptly obeyed; and wa are ia csnmaad of (kit iaiport*nt point W a paatad tha bar in the awrniuf af thia day. an J carriad tka plaaa witboat flriag a faa! Tka troop* retreated, throwing thair ami, to , iota tka rivar, and the eity anlhoritiea caaa of with t Aug of truce, aed aarraaJarad tha oity to Caaiawdare Conner, a failaat and aaab akaaed oflner, wke did tha Matoa fnnl-jor ice laet war, aad ia ready ta do it kialfke meena-ligkt draft ttaanara, aad baaib *hqu Tka oi'laeaa ware vary maoh alar?ad whan wa orotaad tha bar, caariag ia twa dtalataes. C*aaal?r? Ceaaar lad, ia tha maaei Spttira, Captain Tetaaii; . tka Petrel, Cap* Shaw, uaat; tha Beater, Capt Htaratt, r neat. Than caaa tha eec.end diruioa, < o mm odor* | j Parrv a valient nl?ai. Ia tha * tea Birr Yixea lautain I Sanda; tk* n tbe Nonata. Captain Rtu, Mat, the Malta, I I Captain Boohem ell to* reeeeU towing the rewiaf 1 boau. with 400 ai?*l ? ? aod aiarina*. oader the I I roinanand of tl??ir reepactire rfn:?re, Captain Kaaadere. uf tha Ht Mary 'a. Captain Engl**, af iha Priaeatan I Wall. Tiaploo it oura ! tanka of thia latter what mu I I can I writa to yon ia groat haate, aad hare only time ! I ta thank yon for yaur tnendehip to tha aa?r. I (la ahead. U SriTF *E. I from tha Maw Qrleana Bulletin. Dae 4] I Tha au'ijeot of Meaican privateer* from Heyaat. 1? I osa of anci groat in'ereet. au.i particularly to tha com erre ot New Orleana. that wa hare taken aowe i?tn* to eaarch out. and raaa the ni-nor* that hara baaa rlfa 1 in our city oq rhia aubject within tha last *? hoara, aad I the raault i?. that wa do not '.hiak. there ia any cauea of 1 alarm to Amaricaa commerce 00 tha nbjeat. . I A* to the rumor which *o (are yeaterday, that tha ! Kpaniah local authority inteaded, or had it ia roaaidorB- ! Hon ta 'recognize" piiaea taken by tha Memieaae. wa ' are, fiom t.i* reeult of our iaqniriea, diapoeed to beliaaa that they will ho unwilling to adm t 'hem inta their at all and certainly not with "" ' I . ,- ? ""? > 01 Ml a ftron notation of treaty ( atipulationa With U19 United ttatea. that aren'liego II Tern fjj; at Malrl.l would not venture on lach e hasard- II oui wvpeiiment. and e ill leae would one af tua ooloaial |l forernore dare to attempt it Tne Meaioan agent now is II llar*Uj will of courae attempt to tell tha coamUemne ha II haa with him, and it waa reported there that he had aoi I II three, but letter wa taw yeaterday atataa that ha now dame* haying *old an/. We we no#r fully c^nyiwad II that the local eurtuomiet .ie not ditpoead to enco'irage II tha proofing in any way; and looking orer rariout II latter*of iale data, we ware cleaned to tee how 4nap 01 general waa the publio fooling againat tha thing. Oofl letter atalea. that whan tha war waa Aral hiy>wn^h?re Ml laat ?nmmer. a number of the moat iaiientlal PreomBB called on tha Meiic<in con.iil and atated that any attem| ilH to At out Mexican f rirateera would attended with auchll

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