Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1846 Page 1
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f TH] V?i. XII, Ho. 3!i8-Wkal? No. MM. fUtUVIHK MHOS1 nUOAl'ICM*. * i-voo/ivjr- riwu.">l ALiLi rAK.1" ?-T C.i*VT LAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAD AND WALES. m. m. i& PERSONS wi>hiug to ?pud fur il>?ir friends in any part of lit? Old Coantrv, will lind the ?nb<cnber's arrangements foi 1147, DIUIC complete, <u>d c .loulatrd in every way to euiure I ?visf*et<m to nil who ?v ni.ike arrangem?lUs with hrm to 1 briug '! i:.. T .cuds across the Atlantic The ?ut>sciib?rs are I agents f r I tTHE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, i <JUEE* OF THE WEST, 1 ? u?ns. ?1VKRI*OOL. 120# " HOTriNGUCH, icoo ' ROCHESTER 1?M " KO*< I US 1D00 " 81 DUO\'H,. 1IJ0 " r SHklMDAN UJO " UAKU1CK 12(0 " . The above uipguificrnt 1'srkMs are all New York bailt ships, ofihe ?*ry lir?t elaia, built expressly for the Liverpool passenger tndr, and filled Bp with special regard for the comfortana convenience ofpvsengers; they srr commanded by men ol, ai.d are not surpassed for speed by auy ' aliipa kfl wit. Th'ir sailing daya from Liverpool are on ibe th and 11th of every month, on which daya they leave ponctu.-Jly. Irlu addition to the above splendid ships the subscribers are l?o Agents for the t ST. "OEORliETJ," *ND THE UNION LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed in part of jhe follow in* favoiite and well-known ships, via : "The Arne ica," St George, Enipi'e, St. Patrack. Happaliamock. Hiirmmii, Sea, Ike., kc .which together with the new line. make ail aliipa per m r'n, or onr every five da ?, from Liverpool; thus preventing the posaibihtv of delay at that port ftsnaae from auy pan of Ireland to Liv erpool ran he secured nt the lowet: rates. Even' inforraatio given by applyiott 'o \V. & J T. TAPST-OTT, 86 Sonthat , 2d door heluw Burling slip Drafts supplied for any anion nt from ?1, upwards, payable throughout 'ne Uuited Kingdom. d9 r i&Sfo iliji T^EONLY REGTLAR LINEOF GLAtaH^y * /' itcto LAUnDLO Wli. J. T. TAP8COTT brg to inform their friecds and i tli? |>ul>:ic, ih it thry I re affMli for the Regular Line i>l GIukow Packe's. sailiug Iroin Glasgow on the t>th, and from New Yoik on the l?r of every mouth. The following first clan ihit* c-mpiiie the Line The BROOKHBY. SARACEN. " ADAM CARK, .ANN HAOySJ Persons wisfiug to ?eu<l for their Irieuds it lty put of Se<>tluid, ein have them brought out in the above named Packets on reasonable tfir.ii 'I hey tail from Glasgow punctually on the IS'h of every month, ar.d are commanded by experienced captain* acruttomed to the pauef-ger trade, and i.oted Ijr their kindness to panengers. For farther narticuara, apply to W. ? J. T. TAPSCOTT, d9r? 86 South itreet, 2d door helow Bnrling slip M rife jfe M ROCHE. BROTJ/ekTV Co. AURANGKMENT8. Remittances to and Passage from Ureal Britain and Ireland, BLACK BALL, Oil"OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the lit and 16th of every month. Alto, by Tint claai Ytnencau ships (weekly.) Persons sending to the Old Country for their friends, can rnaVe the necestary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them brought out in any of the eight ships comprising the Black Ball, or Old Liue of Liverpool Packets, sailing from Liverpol ou the Is- and l<th of every month. Also, by first class ships sailing from that pert weekly, which oar nrrnt, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent oat without delay. Tne Bleck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool prise the following magnificent ships, and wt'l sail IromLiv- i eruou! on the regular appointed days, as follows KIDEI.IA, lit January, lit Msy, 1st September EUROPE. 16th " 16th " 16th NEW YORK, lit February, 1st June, 1st October. COLOMBIA, 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKSHIRE, '.at March, lit Jolf, l>t Norimbw. OXK 'RD. 16th " 16th " 16th " CAMBRiDOE. Ut April, lit Ann., 1st December. MONTKZCMA, 16th " 16th " 16th " ?*. The public are respectful ly unified, by desire of the owners of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, that no paasenger amenta bat K. B It < o. hire permiaaioo from tliem to advertise to bring oat passenger* by that line, uid that they are the only regular authorised passenger agents ofsaid line in this city. Wc hare at all times for sale drafts at sight, for any amouct, drawn direet on the Koynl Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alio on Messrs. Prescott (Jrute, Ames It Co., Bankers, London,which are pant free ef discount or any charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland BoeUwd and Wales Appl7*r adareevkr le::etp eat pailie ROCHE, BROTHEM * Co., J5 Kulton street, N. Y., neit door to the Fulton Bank. The oKceof Mr. Roche, Seer., is at 75 Dublin street, o7rc Liverpool. PACKETS FOR HAVKE?SEOON1J L.1NE. 1 a; ^ ^ of th^Ti^will Mil year^w^Hol lowing order ?? From N.York. Harre. Jan. 1, Feb. 16 MnpUTICA, Cape. J A. Peirce, ' May 1. June 16. I Sept. 1. Oct. I. Phlp ST. NICHOL AS, Cap.. K. } Kveleigh. 11 Oct. 1. Not. 16. Ship ONEIDA. Cape Foack, |1 }; i! Not. 1. Dee. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John S^'1,1; * ,ton- l|8(C. 1. Jan. M. They are all of the first class, ably commanded, and with j accommodations a?ple and commodious. The once of pas- , sage in the cabin is $106, exclusire of wines and liqaors. Apply to BOYD It H1NCKEN. Agents, No. Tout ine Buildings, No. Wall street. Goods sent to the agents for forwatdinp, will be subject to one other than the expenses actually paid anil m "MEW YOK.K AND GLASHiOW LINE U* PACKETS. Jft & ? S^R?frnt? AB th? 1 w fit each month. from N.York. FmOl'ioW, ! J1104 1. July 13. Oct. 1. NotT 13. fn. 1. March If. Jnljr 1. April 14. Not. 1. Ang. 13. March 1. Dec'r 15. I Auguat 1. May 13. Br Bark ADAMCARB.Jno Wright < Dec'r 1. Sept. 13 I April 1. Jan. 13. ( Mat I. Jnat IS. Br. Bark ANN HAKLKY, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 13. ( Jan"y 1 Febran. 1SJ Theae ahipa are good, anbatantial reaaela, ably commanded, aad will aail punctually on their regular day?. Their aceom modaticna Tor paaengen.are good, and eTeryaoaatfoa will he paid to promote their comfort. The ageata er C xaina wiB not be reaponaible Tor any parcela or packagee ae Jt by them, aaleea bill* of lading are (igaed therefor. ^SULL.M.NTO.K. IT Soath atrvet, New York, Of otlre RF.1D fc MURRAY, IMaagew. NEW LIN1?~0F LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m, M M ?St To aail from New York flit, and from Liverpool Sth ofeach Math. FVeal Hew Frrk. Lira-pool. ?! ??. i Newahiptfreenofthe Weet. j{ jju?h ! ?*Woodhcm.., NoJ. * N?w Ship Rochester, M* tmu, ?*^7*rT " J Join Britoa. ^h? l\ J BhipHotti.guer l^w?, igg* ?} ^ J lraBur.IT i'Not. II Jul. Tboae *nt>*rantial. fat sailing, drat clan (hips, all bartt ia the cut of oew York, are commanded by men of eiperienee ?d ability, and will be despatched panctaally on the Hit ol each montli. Their cabin*are elegant and commodioa*. and are fnrniahed with whatever can conduce to th* eaaa and comfort of paasragera. Price of paasage $1M. Neither the captain* nor owner* of thece a hip* will b? responsible lor aav parcel* or package* *eat br them, aale** regular bill* of lad*kg are signed therefor. tor fraight or paaaage *in<iT to tSJr-t WOODIII'LL It MINTTTRN, nt&K*a&Bafrb&u re Liverpool. glasgow and new york line of Si packets. M M M M. PKRSO^ wiahing to aend for inci^meuda in uy part ot I Scotland, to aail direct from Glaagow, can mafce arrange- ' MMta with the Sabacribera, to haye thea brought o?t in nay ! of the rtfvlar line ot Packeti, aailinr monthly from Ulaaffow. The ANN II MILKY .Captain Scott, ADAM CARR. Ca| turn >tr Kweu, SARACEN, Captain Hawkma, l . bkooks^yT-? Oompnae the abore line, and the high character of thoae Tea- ! ??la?h?nl<l be anrhcirat inducement lorpc.ona who may be Mailing for Lieir frienda in Scotland, to make arrangements fof i thia (the only line.) further pantcnUn (itan, on application to __ . w. k j. tTtapscott, 75 South nreet comer of Maiden Lan?, ot " Mil. kER) It murray. Agent* ** ? in Olaafow. makskllles link oF packets M. M. M. T>^idem?e...lo^hip^ill b^rgiUrlj- d?fHSWl fr-nce of, the tat, and from Maraeillea the tM orZk ?? dorinftlie year, a* folio w? >? rR'CE dPioiNVILLK, (new) U Ule, A/Zu fVm'V 1 MISSUM. , SiWe.ter, Miy 1 ) ARCOI.E (new) ijeeleigh. Jane I Nov. L I (MHTOiV I onlter, Jnly I Dee 1* ! NEBRASKA (newJ Wataoo, Au? I J,n {" Shi pi Captama. From Maneiliea TRTRHt IOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, Jnne It Not li MIMOt'RI. . SilTener. J?|y it g?e. ? ARCOLE. (new) KTeleigh, Aug. IS Jan It ' OAfTON. (jonlter, Sept. It Feb. It Nebraska. wauon. Oct. it m? it Tt ete ireaaclaare of the ftrrt elaaa, commended by men ol 1 tperience. Tbeir accommodations, for paaaenfrta tie nntur ! paaeed for comfort and eoaTenieuee. ?ood? addreaaeri to the ^enta will be forwarded free of other charges than thoee aetu w7',t?,sr ";r^"r?elr,, . i?re tTontine Saildiaft. ?? WMI.cor Water ac N* TiCK?Br Bark Aun II r>y from Olanrow rXsXaVA1! r*""*1 *fr c?ntioi>?d vrinit JBglfcailher oi the yew of tbia no febts of their, win be paid by tbe captain er coti?te. dure % E NE NEW 1 -? iuavkllihu atu?anui)ATion?, I CHANGE OF HOURS. L. ISLAND HAlUiOAD-rALLAHRJINGZtlEm uu tiia SiM-r follows: Liiti Bxooklw??t 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston tmin) for (irreoport. daily, (eirrpt ^uodnyt) stooping ?; PnrmiDKd&le sud tk. Uennra's Manor. , ' " at#H A M., daily, for Karminad?l? and intermediate places. " " at 12 o'clock, M., for Orcenport, dailr./8vndsys eicspted.) stoppinir at Jamaica, f(it> eh, Mickaville, <uid all stations east of Hickivi lie. I I H ( T M. for Karuiogdale, daily. I urt UnrnroKT?at *"< A. M., daily accommodation tra tor J)rookl>a. I " " at 1H P. M., (or oa the arrival of the boat fVom Norwi h,) Boston train daily, (eieept Ron- 1 d.tyi,) 1. ppto( at ft. Ueorga'a Manor aud Leatb KARMintiDALB K % A. M. daily, (eieeoc Sundm,) accoiumodati u train, and 11 .St. and P- M. LiCave Jamaica?a ? o'clor< A. M., 1 P. M., aud 6* P. M., lor Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Bui too tram. SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hereafter ran toTomjxon Stn'ion, leave Brooklyn at | t o'clock for Thnrapaonand intermediate places,commencing ' Suular tAelik f'?TBu>k?r. returning leave Thompson at I o'clock P. M., farming Da'el %. J?aiiso IX. F*kk to?Bedford, 8 cents, Kail >? . Iirk.; IK;HW! Coarse, 18V;Tmttii.g Conr?e ltV; Jamaica, l">; BruahvilU, ; Hi de l'srk, (17 miles) 37X; Clowsville, (daring the ae?i <a of Conrt) S.X; Hempstead, T7J<; krauch 37W>; Carle Pl^ce,4<; Weatbury, 44; Hicktrille, 44; KarmingdaTe, UK; Deer Puis. 69: Thompson, M; Suffolk Stmion, SI; Lake B"i.d Station, II ISJi; Medferd Station, $1 18)^: Yaphank, $1 37)4; St. lieoue's Manor, $ 62K Riverhesd, $1 62H; Jnmeaport, ?1 6Z&; Mattetuck, $1 6?.*{; Catchowie, $1 62*; Southold, $1 6J>i; (Jreenport Accommodation Train, $1 75; Oreenport by Boirou train. $2 24. . Stages are in rr-<diaess on the arrival of Trains at the seve. ral Stations. to take pasaeugeia at very low fares, to all parts ol the lsl.-.nd. Baggaje Crutes will be in readinasa at the foot of Whitehall treel, to receive baggage f r the leveral' trains, 39 minutes be'ore the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn aide The steamboat "Statesman* leaves Ureenport for 8?g Harbor on the arriyal of the Boston train from Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Oct. t. 1*46. o> rre PEOPLE'S LI E OK 8THAMB0AT3 KOH Al-BANY. Daily (Sundays excepted) at i P M.?Through Direct. from the Pier between Court land! and Liberty ft t. mMQ >eM Steamboat COLUMBIA, Choi U B. i# Higgs, will leave on Moud<y VS'ediiesdiy, SC^BLtL and r'udav eveuinga, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat KNILKEHB* 1CKK.R, ('apt. Alf Houghton, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 5 o'clock. UNITED STATES MAIL LINK. At 3 o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. >'? ?* the Foot of Barclay Street. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave on Mondav.Wedniisdav. Kridivand Snndav lAtnuuuii at 5 o'clock. '' * Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R H. Furry, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afteruoous, at i o'clock. The above boat* will at all timet arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning car* for the East or Weat. i,Freight taken at moderate rates* and none taken after 4 o'clock, P. M. All persons are forbid trusting aay of the boats of this line without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on boaid the boats, or to(P. C. Sehultx, at the office on the wharf. d7 c OA V LINK TO BOSTON via N KW ASUS^haven. springfield, and the V1 M 3E.WK8TERN RAILROAD.?On ?ad ofter Monday. Deuember 7ih,bv the splendid slsatners TRAVELLER and -KW YOKE, from Peck Slip, daily,(Snndays excepted.) at iX A. M Cars will bs iu readiness on the arrival of the boat at New Haven, to take passengers direct to Boston, arrinug at 7 P.M. Fare taken through on board the boat. New York, Dec. 4 IU6. di lmisfh NOTICE. On and alter Friday, November 20th, rtie steamboat 8YLKH, Captain Br?i?ted, will SKa3H^IL.make the following trip* to and from States Island until further notice, vi* Leave New York. Leave Stat en Island. At 9 A.M. At IX 11 A. M. U . i p. m. i* m. ' ? r. m. >3 " 4)<^ Bltr . BRITISH AND NORTH. AMUR! /?C^?VCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM KHIrS (? ot 1100 too* anil 140 hart* power each, na **5J4JUfcJjOf der contract witu the Lord* of the Admi IIIBERN1A Capt. A. Rrria CALEDONIA Cap. K. G. Lou. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA ....Capt.C. H ?.Jndki?a ACADIA Cart.Win. Harriaoa. Will tail from Liverpool aad Bolton, Tim Halifu, aa folowi raoH BOfToff. raoM LiTEitroou Caledonia. Dee. IC, 18)6 Caledonia Not. 4, 1*11 Cambria Jan. 1 IMS Cambria Not. 19, 1846 faaiau* Monu. rrom Boitoa to Lirerrool f.M?. From Boston to Halifax 10. No berths secured until paid for. Thru ships carry ex perienced surgeons. No lreight, except ipeeie, receired on Java ofaailiog. roi freight, >iumc,or any other informatioo, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr., Agent. At HARNjiKN fe CO.'8, < Wail at (TT* la addition to tha shore line ketweau LiTirpool and Halifax, and Boaton. a contract haa been entered 1 nt? wirk Her Maieatr'a (OTenment, to ettabliah a line between Lit rpool and New York direct The ateamahipe lor thia aer rice are now being bailt, and early next year doe notice will be given of the time when they will Mart. Under the new contract the steamers will aail erery Saturday daring eirhl months, and ayery fortnight during the other moolhi in the year. Going alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boaton, and between LiTerpool and New York. all r - DRAFT** oh ENGLAND, IKk.I.A.N D, /^|M SCOTLAND AND WALKS !-Pe-son. can remit any ao>onnt from one ponud anil upward* to their Irieoda in any part of Great Britain or Ireland, by applying to the abacribrra, of whom drafts can be obtained payable at sight without discoant.ia all the principal towns and cities thr?n?hoat England, Ireland, Scotlanu and Wales. Those obtaimi.g drafts can forward them br the packets of the 1st. 6th. nth 1 16th, tilt or :6th or the month of Decern her, or the Koval Mail Steamen sailing from Boston ou the ltth. and 1st of Janaary. W. k J. T. TAPSOOT r, M Sonth it., d} r 2d door below Burling slip. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc. JSt &L M- tfb MefTOTJr., haa hit ; 46 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in mmili'ieor i mall, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in thesaine j manner aa he and hia predecessor in bnsiuess hare done lor ' the laat thirty yean and more; also to any part of England or 9?o Jaad. Money remitted by letter, poet-paid, to Lha subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person r paraona in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia tt be sent, and nearest poat tawn, will be immediately transmit, led and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given I>r forwards^ lo the seeder n24 1 m r NBW YORK AND HAVRE COMMERCIAL LI.NE OF PACKETS. M m. THE SBMcnbers beg to inlor^Mir friend^an^the pub . . lie that they hare been appointed br JOHN BAR BE, I *) . of Havre, agents in New York for the abore line, one o which will be despatched from Harre weekly, thromtlv o it the season The shipa ol this line will be of the Brat, commanded by men of chancier and ability, and the (reetest eare taken togire erery aatisfaction to shippers, as also to promote the comfort and convenience of passenger* As the rates of freight and passage will be much leas than by other lines, shippers and passengers will doubtless consult their own interest by applyingfor farthe- information to W. It J. T. TAPHCOTT. M Month at . M door below Barling dip, ai J. BARBE. Havre. 4*^; FOK LONDON?Flrat Packet?The aplendnl '?tt tailing packet ship ELIZABETH, Capt. Brti Hbwill potitively Mil a* abovr. TTn accommodation* for cabin, aaeoad cabin and ireerage paaaengera are aaperior to thoie of aioet of the other Loodoe packet*, and the price of Miaagf la reduced, for which apply U> W. k J. t: TAPUCOTT, K Booth at.. at< ddiutrWIo* lurlnif ilip FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louituna and .New MPk York Line of Packeia will compriae the following I Mbrrueli THiTlOI'ISVILLE. Cept. Hunt. Ship OS"-*'EGO,' aptain Johnaon. Skip GENEVA, Caputs Go-dha*. Ship SAHTELLfc, Captain Taylor. Ship JANE E. WILLIAMS, ( apt ain Parker. Ship GENESEE. Captain Minot. Ship Hl'DSON, Captain Page. Ship CUfTOJl, Captain Ingertoll. Time ahipa were all bailt eipr'ttly lor packet*. are r.f light draft of water, have beea recently newly coppered and pat ia aplendid order, with accommodation! tor paaaenger*. aneaeafled for apleaaor or comfoit They are commanded by ctperienced ma* era, who will make every eiertion to give general tatiifactioo. They will at all time* be towed ap and dowa the Miuieetppi by (team. Neither the captaiae or owner* ef theee ahipe will be reaporaible for jewelrv, bullioa.prtcioaa ataaaa, aiUeror plated ware or for any latter*. par< ell, or pacfcaeea lent ky. or pit oa board of them, unleia regular billtol lading are taken foi tit* aaae, aad the value therein eipreaaed E. K7COLLINS k CO., M Hoaih ttr?ct Agent in New Orleana?Jane* E. Woodruff, Eeq. who will promptlr forward all goodi to bia addreaa. N H ?The ahipa ol thialine are warraated to aail panetnally a* adrerti*ea, and great care will betaken to hnve the gaoda correctly meatured. d? KOit LONDON?ReguFar PaeJketot the ftlkDilIlfie'mlMr The magaificeut aew pa< krt thip SlR SfilbHOBKRT PEEL, burthen 1M0 uwi. Capt. Chadwick, will poaitively eail oa Wedaatday, Uth Dec. Iha accommodation* for cabin, aecood cabin aad (teerage p aaeagera, aa to eoafort are unequalled by any other *eetelini'ort. pertnnt iateadiag to embark would do well to go oa hoard and jndge lor themtelvet before eoaaging alie where Kor farther particalara apply on board, Toot ol Maiden Lane, er to JOSEPH McMItRKAY, dS c Corner of Pine and South ?ta. -nfcg- PACKET BARK ANN HARLEYVf" Olatgow k3Wfy-( omigneea will confer a far or bv eroding their JM|Abl"rmiU oa board, foot of Pike ttreef, E. R . without delay^^^ All gooila not permitted ia fire dart matt be tent to public atore. WUODHULL It MINTLRN. dilr 17 South atreet. 1^- MKW I.INK UK PACKETS KOR LIVEHPOOL. ! |fl^ Packeu of the Jlat aadtKth December?The jjdeBJBfWBa did faat failing and favorite packet ahip LIVr.R- I I POOTTTih tona burthen Capt. Eldridgai will tail on MM 1 | <f?y. Dee. tlet.and the tplendid faat tailing packet ahip SIUUUNS, |M? tor.g burthen. Capt < obb, will tail on Saturday, Uee. * ?>. iheir regalar day*. The arcimodationa ol th-? above ahipa for eakia, aecond cabin, and tteeeage pateaugera Cannot he larpaaaed. Thote withing to ecurebenlia ehoaM ot fail to make immediate application oa board the ahipa, or 10 w. It J. T T *PS( OTT, , -i. , , ? ? ? Ml at., td door below Burling Slip. - The LIVER?QOI.will tail from Liverpool on the ?lh J; eb . ?nd the SIDDUNS on the llih. Permit* wiahiag to tend | for their frteaa, e?n have them broaght oat in theae magnificent packet*, or any of the regular line, upoo re?e?>nahla hy applying above. <l| Itrh Jjg^S Igiiysftg'Ja.'t,'-'- i mmMk * Jt Collins h co. 1 wmms w ro 5T0RK, WEDNESDAY M PASSAGE FROM BRISTOL, ENGLAND. I FK.RSON8 wiahin* to *end for their friend*, in uHnWur part of the ?ut of Kugland or Wale*, run have JpjBaKithein brought out in the Ameiicui hip I'HII.ADeXrmA, which will tail from Briatol on the lOlli day of | March neit. The accammodition* for pasteiigert are nn??rp?*?ed, h? in? fitted up with tpecitj rrgt-d for comfort and couvenieuce, tod 1 he price of pacafte it vrrv reasonable, for which apply to JVV. ?t J. T.TAPSCOTT. K couth at., 2d door below Barling Slip. Draft* (applied for any nmoout lroin?l upward*, payable Without di?roiiut throughout the United Kingdom dlSrh KOK NKW OKLKANd?Louisiana *iul New kjrfHfW York Liue Kegular P cketa, Mth inat.?Th? very MMB^?f<it aai'iug packet *hip OS\V E(JO, ("apt. John* >n. ?... -- *??% u?;. ror 'rr?Miii or |>uh|v, h.viui apleudid cabin*, apply o? ^o.-il, at Orleira* wharf, fjot of w?il at., r 10 E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South street. No good, received after evening of 17ih in.c. Agent in New, James Wooduff. who will promptly forward >11 goods to In* addrees. '1 he packet ihip Bai telle will xicceed the Oa.ri'i, ?mi rail 3rh Jauairr. dlirh , nuTI E ?The packet ship OsWEOO, from vMCTWNew Orleioi, ia diachtreing at foot ol Pike atreet JMMKaCooaiitiiee* will pleaae elteud to the receipt of their goods immediately. dlJrh PATKET fcHir UTICA FROM HAVRE^ vV^V' onsigiiee* for thi* ship will pleaae send their perMHRKemiu >u bo.rd, at Pier No 4 Noith Hirer All ooda not permitted iu fire day*, muit immediately be aeiit to the Public Ptore. d 15 rh PA' KKTS FOR HAVRE ?Second Line-fhe mfflW pteket a hip U > ICA.Cent John A. Pierce, will Mil WSihtOJ the first of Janairy, 1847 For freight ?r pee?"ge Pfly to BOYD Ik HINCKEV, dli rfi 8 Tontine Buildine*. No. St W?l| street. TAPSTTOTT'S FOREIGNEXCHANGE AND rfWkfV EMIGRATION OFF1?;E.?Draft* on England, ISNftfa Ireland, Scotland r.nd Wale* ?Per*on* wiahiug to remit moner to any part of Greet Britain or Ireland. can proctite drifts of the aub?cnbera payable at aii(hi without dtaconut, in all the principal towm, at follow* :? lu England?On Meaar*. J. Barued St Co., Liverpool; National and Pro* u-iol B.nk of Eoglautl and branchea. lu Ireland?Natioual Bmk of lielaud aud branche* throughout. In Scotland?National Bank of Scotland and branehe* th-onghont.* can be forwarded ky packet ihip Koaeius on the JJth inatant, iteam anip Great W.itern on Kill, or Royal Mail ate.inanip from Ooatou on l*t proximo. W. It J. T. TAPHCOTT. #6 Booth ?treet, nil second door well M Bnrlinv slip I *ig-A KOB LIVERPOOL?The New Line Line?lie I *T?n gnlar Picket of 21*1 December ?The anmrinr f.n pnrker ihip LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons bar (hen, * up' John Eldridge, wilt Mil u above, her regttlar day For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accam tnodatioua apply to the captain ou board, at writ side of Bur ling slip, or to woodhull It minturn, 17 South at. Price of passage (75 The packet ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, 125? tons burthen. Cnpt. Philip Woodhonse, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail nu her tegular day. 21st January. 1847. dllrh * ?> FOR GLASGOW?Kegular racket, nf the 1st of January The fin* Br bark ANN HARLEY, JmmlHfa500 tons, Capt. Robert Scott, will nil as above, her regular rf iy. For freight or passage, having splendid aceommodatioas, apply oo board, foot ef Roosevelt street, East River, or to WOODHULL It m1ntvkn, tr Houtn street The packet ship Saracen, Capt N T Hawkins, will sureeed tlie Ann ria/ley,and sail on the 1st of February d 12 h packet ship queen of the west. wwyfrom Liverpool?Consignees will | lease ?eud their MnwKasPtrmiu on boud, foot ol Dover street, E. R., immeuuteiy. All goodi not permitted in Ave days, are liable to be sent to public store. WOODHULL It Ml.NTURN, d'2rh tr South meet. BL\CK BALL. OR OLD L'NIt UK LIVER,?#wrOOL PACKETS. FOR LIVERPOOL.-OuI? aWMair.iihi p.iclitt <>f tne 16'h December.?The new in-K ificeat. fast sailing and frvorite packet ship NEW YOHK burthen 1100 tons, C?ptala Thomas B. Cropper, will sail |>ositively on Wednesd <y, Uth December. It is scarcely ueressiry to say, as it is well known to the travelling peblc, that the accommodations ot the "New York," for r.ab n, ?d eabiu and a'eernge passengers are fined out in a in ist supe b uid costiy manner, with everv modern imprevem-ur aud convenience, ihat cannot but odu to the comfort of ttn'se rmba Ion., who shnu'd call and see this sp'enriid ?pecirr?-n ? f "n vai architecture," before eugaging elsewhere.? K r i usage <n e?bin, 2d cabiu, and steerage, early auplira ii'-B >li nil be made ob b">rd, f ->t ' f Be^kman itrrrt. or to the bacrib'ia. ROCHE. BKOTHk.Rn * CO , d11 r 3^ Knlton I'rew, "est door to the ulton B?u*c KOR L'VERPOOL?With deipatrh?Th? very tdHHfVut tailing, coppered and copper fastened ahip jSmbfeCONCORDl A. luring three-lourtha of her cargo on b^aol. will hare despatch. Kor freight or paaiaxe, hiving handsome accommodation!, if ply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it., or to <13 E K COLL1NH k CO., St South it. ttfg- FOR LONDONDERRY?Direct?To sail with dispatch?The first class rrgnlar packet ship MA MMfaKION. Capt. M Thompson, will sail as above. Tli- accommodations for etbin, Id cabin, and steerage pasMagtM are of a very superior description, and rrquires no comment Those desirous of embarking ahonld mike immed ate application on b ard foot ol Pine street, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 69 South-it., Corner ol I'in*. P. 8? Persons ilesironi of sending for their friendi in that section of coot try can have them brought eat by the above veil'I on moderate lermi. by applying is sbove. dj KOR LlVKRPOOL?>ew Line?Regular pack*jHw> rt -f December 16?The splendid, last sailing packhMwmLci ship SIDDONS, Edward B. Cobb master, will aii as above, her regular day . Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort apply on board, at Orleans wbaif. ootof Wall street, or to E K COLLINS It CO., M Sooth it. Packet ihip Sheridan, Cotniih master, will mcceed the RWMon*. and nil *ih January. her regular dav. dl r fj MOBERTnON, Hatter, formerly of 103 Knlton Jpaipr'i, is now l^trd at N Eulton street, where he sells lie Hat mn illy sold for $4K and $), for $1 40. Call and eiamine for yon 'selves d 12 lw'rh MRS. ZEGLIO. NO ?T DIVISION STREET. WILL open a large assortment of Paris millinery, Bonnets, hr. Hhewill offer Tor iuspecnon a rhoir? itoc of Kali goods, comprising silks, aatins, plain and cut velvets, kc.. he., which beina selected with good taste fr? m the latest arrivals, ia well worthy the attention of pu rchasers. Men habts and milliner* from the country, wanting materi ill and patterns, would And it their interest to cell befor rnreliasinr, u the stock 11 fresh, the atyle t)>e luted; wbic will hr iltspnsed of a* reasonable IITW nM lm*rc OVER SHOES" LADIKHud Oentlemen, at 367 Broadway, yon 4^Hfcu fa J the f*re sheet India Rnbber Over fthors Iron tne liinceit to th- amallea'., and u cheap u yon can those made oat or old rnbber. And a Urge assortment of coik Bole. Doable do, andlieht French Book; alio a great assortment cf I ultes. miraea'and children's beots and shoe a, equally cheap. at 367 Broadway corner ol' Franklin atreet. d? lm*re OOODYEARS OVEH 8HOE8, 100 BROADWAY. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OVER 5SHOES. muafaetnred of Ooodyear'a Celebrated Paimjt Metallic India Rabber, perfectly flexible ii the eoldeat weather. For sale by the cue or angle pair, by BROWER ft BROOKS, Sole Afenta for Ooodyear'a Manuf\ctoriee, dJ Im'rre 100 Broadway. nppoeite Trinity Chnreh. ___________ Quirk Salet and SmaU Pro/ltl. . FINE FRENCH BOOTS for$J it oar own make, ud wirranted to five satisfaction; line French imperial Dreaa Biwis fur $4 M, equal to tltoe* nasally told in jM Broadway for U or ?7. at YOUNO It JONES' fine French Boot nod Shoe Manufactory, one of the moat fashionable stores in thie city. OarV>ota received the hicbeat praiae in the late Fair of the American laititnte. for the price, ever sold in thia city. Boota. Shoea, (Jaitera, he made to order .it the ahorteet notice. Mending. lie. done ia the store. YOUNO It JONES, 4 Aaa at dJ im-re PIANO.FORTK INSTRUCTION. y. CASTLE It EDWIN MeCORKELL. HPPBK'li'' linrr tr<?m the Hoyal Aca<temv ofMuaic, ft A I 11 London, will fire leaaon* on the Piano Forte or Violin, at their reaidence, 54 Liapenard it., near Broadway, or thai of their papila, apon eery moderate terma, which can be made known by applying u abort. dll Im'rc FOR SALE,. MA THREE STORY HOUSE oa ?3d atreet.betweeu the til and 3d avennea It ia well tiaiahed. and raplete with the lateat improremenu, inclndmg kitchen ranee, lua, ?. Id and warm batha, water cloaeta, kc.. Italian marble mauiela 'hrongbout rhe hooae; aconrt yard of 15 feet in front with Trrand*h and French wmdowa. The honae ia one of a row of an huuar a on tne aanth aide of the atreet For urfher particalua apply to VY8E k SONS, dl3 liti'rh 171 Pearl ?t FOM SALE?A f rm of fifty-two acrea, moat der^TW lightftally aitnated, abont five milea from ElizabethJiJ|Lti>wn. N J , compriaing a hemlaome eommodiona dwelling h inae, fitted with marhla mantela and every convenience (or a reapectabla family ; the whole, iiiclnding far dener'a ho??e, barae, tee honaa. and other baildinga, ia a aahatattial iut) of repair; the orchard containa twenty aerea ol choice fi-oit treea. Tne ruy acceaa from New York.either by the Tariona cara from Jeraey City or the terry to Elicabethport. whence a rail roid trmn rnna witkin a hnnared yardi of the hoaae, render* rhia rroperry rery falaxble to thoae doing boaineaa in thw city. The rreatar part of the rarchaae money ean remain for threa v eara on bond acd mortgage ft fire Per cent. V Y?E k SON8. 171 Paul at. Alio, for aale, a dwelling hoaae id Waahingtoa a:raet. II im r DR. KELLlNOKr. ."5 ~ *1 _ INFALLIBLE LINIMENT ia warranted to "~l avrea and ulcere of ercry mture in a few ' 1 > A .ln?? it acta like magic in removing rheumatiftn, and all other puina One or two doaea ia aa ceitain to relieve h>. I Mtr il ia t>lt*n Ir ta v Am Iixhtfnl IB iU odor and ifdTor^It if nmrer?nlly acknnwlede-t) to be the brat fimily medicine ever offered to the it bile ? trice JO centi per bottle. _ . _ Sold at M John freer; corner Bowery and Broome; M ure ae mid loth it; Jeffriee'i drn* atorei Dr. Bunett'i, Doyer end <;h*thaa, and u the II. K. office, City Hall, nil Im're CONO DHKK"D~(lANAHThTar?nd cage blr~dafrom SJf,*II pirtaof the world.?The aebacriber reapeetfnll? .JBLj, lori'ea ladiea ud rentletnen to look in apoa him, at hia Bird Depot, No. 5 Jotui atreet, near Broadway, where he will be h-.ppy to ahow them hia collection of birda, he , auch u raupot b* aeen at any other eatabliahment in tlie United Htatea < AOK8, of the lateat pittenia.and fitted up III the naoet taateful manner. HKK.Ui of the jrareat kinda, and mixed, ae ahonld be, for the different apeeiea of birda ? Male wrorma for Mocking Birda, lie. fee. (iold and Hilrer Ki?he?, and ilobea. Hn DOOM eonaiat of King Charlea (Blenham) Hramela, K.acliah 'ud fWnicb Terriera, luliaa UreT Honnda, lie , and be ta ronetanlly receirin* fancy Dogt and Birda o( all aorta, from ibe beat atock in Knrcpe. cl Im'rh AHCHY ORIKVK HOWARD HOrfcL, *th Dee., IM. THB SUBflRIBKHfl, thankfal for the patmnaae ther , hare received durm* the peat aeaaon. in the aborewrll known eatabliahment, moat rMpee.tfally aak aconlineanee ?l I tne a\mn, wi'h the aaanrance that they mean toeontinee Iheir etertioni to deaerre the p?bli? fa*?r by a eonaUnt attention, at all tinea, to the eoa^ort aad convenience of then |ne?ta diaiWr THOMAB li WHIT*. kkemch Fancy boxrs fM)K HOLIDAY PRE8ENTS?BBUN. LAROBIIRE k COURT, III W illiia atreet, hav# J tut reteiatdaad (iter for aal# two catea of French Fancy Boiea for boaboae, ; of the lateet atyle dl l?*nt ' n,;- . RK 1 ORNING, DECEMBER H CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL ?uit ofsuperfine Cloth made to order, in the mott substantial aud faahienable ?tyle, cau be procured for til. at KOKKATT*8 Kasluonsble Cuh Tailoring Eatabliah aent, No. 14 Catharine it.. New York. Every article in the lu<e eqnalW low. Call and see. JOHN MOi'FATT. dl lmrod*r THE~EYb. DR. WHEELER. Ocnlist, 39 Greenwich street, near the Battery, devotes his eicluaive attention to diaeases of the Eye and Opthalmic Sorcery; and asanres the public that there are not amongst the numerous diseases to which the hamail eye is subject, any disorders of that organ which ennnet be esseutially relieved or cured by him. The vast number ot undoubted testimonials which can he seen at his office, will astisfy the public that his practice ii not exceeded either in extent or saceess by that of any other Oculist in the United States. Artificial Eyes for sale, tad which will be inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours from I A.M. M 1 o'clock P.M.. after which he visits out-deor patients. a puini>niei cokuiibioi renurii on aurain 01 me a*yc, with numerous instances sf great card effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatment. can be bad gratuitously *t hia residence, or the same will be forwarded to any one making application to him by letter*, nou paid. *Ceod!ss*rc FOK. SALE, In Charleston. Booth Carolina, JONES' HOTEL. THIS Taihionable and popular establishment, which has bren krpt as a public house for the last thirty years, will be sold tt public auction on the Mih January, 1M7, by the Master of Equity. This houie fronts on Bro<d street, three stories hiitli, rum back to another street, with brick build* it:cs outhe same; the interior of the lot contains a house lor the n*>ter of the hotel, with kitchens, wash house, and all necsuary buildings I he establishment contains a lanre dining and drawing room, and twenty-three chambers. The situation is central, and if kept by a proper person, would command the beat and most fashicnsble custom of aey in the city. Any oue dis|>oied to purchase, will obtain a bargain, and Will be mre to make a fortune. The terms are, a quarter cash, the balance in one, two three md f-ur yea's. d9 ttaw 6t?rc ! -OA.NOlvU?A GElCfAliN OUKE. THIS dreadful disease has been repeatedly and completely eradicated from the human system by Drs. Cor I is aud 8hepiud.No.l9 Murray st.N.V. Effectually cured?a life time eure. The disease wil I nerer return in the patient treated a,-them Drs C. It 8. hsre cured the following amongsthnndreds oi other patients :?Col. H. W. Jernsgin, of Jeruagin, Ala : Mrs 8ar*h Kicbardson, Lanear, Georgia; Charles VV Smith.Talboton, do; Hon J.Neal. Zebu; Mrs. Elisabeth Klournov, Talboton, do; All these were very severe cases, and all hare been completely cored within the last fire years by Drs. C. It 8. They have several eaaes uow uuder soccessful treatment in New York. In no instance hare they failed to perfect a cure. Certificates from the parties can be seen at 19 Murrav st., and they ere confidently referred to by DR8. 8HEFARD It CORLIS. OCT" Address No. 1# Mnrray St., New York. nxl'eodzm'rc CITY LOTS *OR sALE. /ANK LOT ou the East side of Broadway, between Mth V and 21*t streels?23 feet by 1*0. Si* Lota in 26th sire*i,between the6th and 7th Athim-115 feet by M. One Lot on the South side of 15th street, between 5th and 6th Avenue*?25 feet by 146. One Lot in the ?ame neighborhood?M feet by ICS. Kour Lot* in 39th street, each >5 by It* feet. Kite Lou ou the N. fc. corner of5th Arenae and 10th atreet ?120 by 113 feet. Esquire of JOHN JAY, dt 2taw lm?r 25 Naaaaa it. ?????????????? Hath Consumption'* doom been spoken 1 Art thou (pitting life away I U thy couatitntion broken, Bringing darknei* o'er thy dayl Towering high o'er imitation, i>r.8wayn?'e Wild Cherry atanda, Spreading joy through many a nation, K'en in jky Switzerland. DR. BWAYNPa COMPOUND 8YRUF OF WILD CHEKHY la mild aod pleasant tothetas(e, perfectly ante and harm'ea* iu ita operationa, and yet it is one of the most power ul and certain remedies for (onsamptioa of the Langs, C ughs, Cold*. Asthma, Spitting Blood, liirer Complaint. I ains in the Side or Breaat, and general debility the eoaatitutiou, that waa ever invented by ihe skill of man for the rilief of the afflicted public. Certificate* and evidences of iis wonderful cura>ive powers are daily received from all quarter*. It is impossible to coaceive tne aggregate Of snfferirg and misery that haa been rtlieved or bauisned by it, nor can we calculate the immense benefit that shall from !l All ...I are alike affected by it, and the d**eaar ii eradicated from the ysiem, the constitution repaired, and health restored by the judicious uie of l)r. SWAVNR'U COMPOUND BlrRUP OK W1LDCHKHB.Y. How many sufferer* do we daily behold amiroaching to an untimely grave wrested in the bloom of youth from their relatives and f leoda, afflicted with that fatal maUdy, CONSUMPTION, which wastes the miserable (offerer nuiil he become* beyond the power of human skill. If turh sufferers would only make a trial of Dr. Sway*it's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry they would liud th?mselves aooouer relieved, than by gulping the various ineffective remedies with which our newspapers abound; " Vegetable Meinedy" heals the ulcerated lunga, stopping profuse night sweats, at the same time inducing a natural and healthy expectoration, and the patient will aoon find himself in me euf ovmeut of comfortable health. 1 he public abould bear in mind that Dr. Swayne if a regular practising phyaiciu, who haa had year* of experience in diseaaet of the Lungs, Cheat, A CAUTION TO THK PUBLIC ?Be cautioua to ask for Dr. Swayue'a Syrup, the only true and genuine article ol Wui Cksrry befoie the public, and we would say to the afflicted, always look for toe written aina'are of Dr. Swaths on each bottle before you purchase. Beware, and be not deceived ! From the increaaing demand for the above article. Drug gisra, Merchants and dealer* generally, will find it to their advantage to have a full aupply of this valuable medicine Hemember to inquire for.Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup ol Wild Cherry, a* ihere have been some individuals with the assumed name of phyaician, making great effort* to push a apurioua article into the market under a fictitious name. The (original and only) genuine article i* only prepared bv Dr. 8WAVNK, N. W. corner of Eighth and Haceatreet* Philadelphia. Agent* in New Yore?Charix* H. Riito, comer of Broadway and John ats.; H. A. SANDS, IN Bewery; fc. B. Warmer, 20i Bleecker street, J.C. Hist, 341 Grand, corner Norfolk; J. L. Lewi*, 517 Greenwich; Dodd.TTI Broadway; Wtatt and Kktcham. Itl Fulton; Mra. Have*. 139 Fulton street, Brooklyu; B. Oli>* fc Son, Newark; John Peariok, Hahway: Mr*. Kidder, 100 Court atreet, Boston; Diiu.t* k Co., Portland;C. Dyer, Jr., Providence; Hoadlet. PHELri, k Co. 142 Water street. N. Y. n3n MWkK I m rrc SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING. IT iaa aubject of congratulation to thecitixen* of New York generally, and to strangera particularly, that at the original t;a->h Tailuring Establishment corner of Wall street and Broadway, they can be sure to obtain any and all the gartaeuts their neceasarns may regutre. at the shorten no ice, of the very best material*, woikmanahip and style, and at pr ces that will compete;with the cheapest in the city.An excellent aaeortment of over Coats, ready made, from wate -prool Dev nahire kersey, French Caator Beaver, English Tweeda. kc. all of which uie got np in a style not to be excelled by my. l'leaae rill ?nd he convinced of the faet. d 14 Sreod'r liV'b.K i'.iia is K< 1l< a 1.1 . "6ilBAT' AN D 8MALL f ?T may be interesting to some very large u wall u tome very small people, to know where they cui find overcoats of the latest Kyle, varying in sixe trom the man o< three hun <lr*d to the boy of yeara, with a complete assortment of *cn teet ready made clothing, adapt'd to the season. Call on BOUUHTON k KNAPP, <H eoH 7t*e 33 Maiden Lane. ROUtiaEL.'ej AMANDINE, CHAPPED HA^NDB * ?' THE SUBSCRIBER, (Ute of the firm of E. Ronaael. LSI Brradway)?no remoral? respectfully aolieiti atrial of thia article, ao tpprop-iate to the season Upon its absolute Grfeetion he is willing to risk the reputation of his establiment. It is warranted to enre and prevent chapped hands, and in addition to thia communicates lo them a healthful softn. as Mid whiteness The manufacturer claims for his perfumery a perfect equality to the imported, a superiority trom its freshness; there is, however, no article ip this line, ri'her foreign or domestic, which the subscriber does not keep The perfumery of his former partner, 'for many yeara director of the first laoo atory in Paris, is certainly unsurpassed by the crodnct of any laboratory in Europe, and ia sold at Pliers geoera'ly 30 to JO per cent cheaper. He most lespeetfnlly solicits the patronage pf the elite ef the metropolis, at the same time promising to deaerve it by truth and fair dealing in all his transactions. A. A. MOSS, late KOUSBKL'ft, m Bread war. Where he will remain until further notice. Every variety of Soaps, Shaving Cream, Extracts,Colognes, Cosmetics, Pomatums, lie , with an extensive asuuwnl of Ilaxors. Hair, Nail, 1 and Mtuving Brushes, IBet Bottles, Onour Boxes, suitable for presents, he. d? lm*r ~ BILLIARDS. Aii'-Aur diluaiiu nALUun, wo. Barclaystreet, , IV I c|i,w t C Aitor Home. is the largest and m jst commodious Saloon is (m> city. It contains nine Table*, all in food order, and ol Penn's make?(who u acknowledged by all good players to be the beat billiard table builder n thia country.) with tine maple and mahogany beds. Theae lab lea can. u all timea, be depended uprn lor making correct anpef, u they have all cloth cuahiona, and are, therefore, not affected by the weather. Michael and *oseph. formerly of the All Nations' Hotel, and lute of Oothic Hall, take this method of informing their fr^rnda and the pnhlic that they hate joat opened thia eeta' 1ishm? nt. andhope by proper management and atnet attention, to merit a renewal of the patronage heretofore ao liberally beatowed upon them. 0;ntlemen who may fayorthem with* -all may depend on baring the beat of attendance, with a private ene MM fortlieirown delusive nae?and thoae wishing to play in pritare are informed that there ia an excellent table in a sepa rate room, which can be aeenred by application at the bar. N. D. The most fastidious need feel ao delicacy in patron ixiug this establishment, ns the company will be fonad always select, aad the best order prevailing thronghont. MICHAEL PHELON, nISlm'rh JOSEPH WHITE. A prima dunua, botli rianOsome andfyenng. Was seated at home in grief ; Her mind waa troubled, her nervea were unstring. And naught conld afford her rnllef. To sing at a concert ahe must that night, That morning she'd taken a cold ; And she knew fall well that Sitoni might, I mean Mr. Lonna, might seold. Bhe picked up the "nvia," aa her only hop*, And quickly commenced to read Of Him t' Srnt'r?not Jones's aoap ; Hhe sent for a boule with speed. She took three doses, three hoars apait. Of HaKCB's HoiIHOIID t'OMFOCRD j It cured her cold aed gladdened her heart? * Sh? says 't>s the best to be found. HANCK'S COMPOUND SYRUP ol HOARIIOUND is a BOVKHKION cure for COUOHS, COLDS, BHONCHITIS, ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, he. Price M cents per bottle, or ail bottles for II M. Kor sale by SANOfl, corner of Kultou aad William ata. ; HKNKY JOHNSON, cor. of Broadway and Chambers st. ; D. Sands fc Co , 77 East Broadway: Coadfagtou, cor of Hndson and Springs sts. ; Eaeulapian Temple, eor. of Broadway and Howard sts. , Onion, cor of Bowery aad Oraad ft. d) lm*r XV/ i iu> ft i r< r n iWi i iii C.O. NO BOARDING HOU8K RKKNCK NEED APPLY A ffnilf m?n and hil wif*, wtthon. children, ar? dtmrout ol obtaining board and an nnruraiahrd accond atorjr room in tome rrapectablr private ftmilr. Tcrma mail ha nr derate, and location within tM minatca walk of the CltT Hall. UctrifiKM rifh?nf?d ud the imimHl la daatrod to be i eraaaeat. Aridrraa (with lull parttcalara)T. C. C.. Herald Oi'? dltlifh coughs, COOdhs, coUohs. C0J*!,TN^cS';?H tf k* coTby. k Co., 3f;0 Holbora, London. The btattrlirnii ni? te?e? lot 'he rare of co?fha, cold*. hMrinm, irritation of tba luMMt, aathma coaiamp'Kia, ?m.. for Ml* br O. COLBY. JMNarl (tract, corner of riaakfort, acent lor tjy^l'nltai IERA m 6, 1846. Th* Van TV cm C?M. Circuit Court, Waihikoton, Dec. 14, 1844. According to our computation, thi* ia tha 3i2d day of tha trial, at an average of iix hour* per day, about ona hundred witneiaea or more, having been examined. The plaintiff, who wai not present on Friday and Saturday laat, during the ordeal of the examinu ien of her character by the defence, that ordeal having been | pussed, re-amieared at her accustomed place in court this morning by the aide of her couniel, Messrs. Brent and I ? The court ruled out the railroad book testimony of Mr. Stettiniua, K. R. Agent, aa being evidence not strictly of a rebuttinr character. Mr. C. W. Stewart, an employee at the Capitol, called in with a parcel of envelope* oi vaiioui lisea. Hia testimony wa? designed to renut that of Mr. J. C. Maguire, which waa brought in by the defence to ahow that the envelope of a certain " Philadelphia" letter of the plaintiff'* letter* on file, waa cut by the machine u*ed for cutting envelopes at the capitol, an l made *ince the date of the letter The examination of the witneaa wa* minute and particular, acd the croas examination by Mr. Bradley waa (till more *o. When the machine left the capitol, the knives waan't in very good order. The teetimony of the witneaa waa ao triturated down aa to render it incomprehenaible Mr. J. T. Mullov, an employee at the Capitol, aworn. ?Had cut envelopes for Mr. Maguire in 1H42; cut them by the patent board; we cut up about sixty ream* of paper that way; we used a knife like a shoe-knife; they were after the pattern ef the French envelope. Yes, sir. that's the style?(an envelope of one of the record letters.) Cross-examination.? Thought it was the same Mr. HoasctGH.of Baltimore, sworn ?Testified to having seen ataaips (shown him on apiece of paper) at Philadelphia post office, of tke "two1 cent rate. They must have been mado in Or. Lehman's office; I got them at the Philadelphia pest office; I enclosed them to you (Mr. Brent) witn an envelope; I enclosed the paper with the stamps on, the letter and the envelope, in an onvel pe auuressea to you; iraper nanaeu wiintu. | inu 11 me envelope, Sir; yes, Sir; (laughing) it waa on Sunday, about the middle ef November, that 1 waa in Philadelphia. [The object of Mr. Bient waa to preve certain atampa on the piece of paper of the "twe" cent rate, not identified by Mr. Reeae of the Philadelphia office ] Mr. Burnt now wished to prove what waa aaid abost certain a<amp, or atampa, when preaeated at the Philadelphia office. Mr. Bbsdlkv objected. Tha Cu?rt ruled out the t'ltiaiony. The Jury retired to refresh tliemiulvei, and having returned, Mr. Harauan, a member of the bar of Baltimore, waa aworn?Teatified to hii viait about the beginning oi thia trial, to Philadelphia, with tha diaputed envelope of one of plaintiff'a Philadelphia lettera, to ie? if the atampa on it aid not correapond with the genuine atampa at the office. 1 did not lee any experimenta at the pott office of fitting the typea, to aee if any would fit correaponding with the envelope atampa; 1 never aaw the large stamp at all; I think all the atampa are on the paper aa 1 presented it to yon. Mr. Clements, an employee at the Capitol aworn ? Examined with regard to the envelopea. [Walk light ] Dr. Paoe, examiner at the Patent office aworn ?I am acquainted with chemiatry; tried by a chemical experiment, to remove the black ink from a figure upon a piece of paper, which flgure waa firat written in blue ink; did ?o by oxalic acid diluted with water; afterwarda 1 tried thia paper (supposed to be one of the lettera of plaintiff) and removed enough of the black ink to aee if there waa any hlue under it, but there waa none; com |>ereu uia genuine amy stamp 01 me rmiaauipuin post office with that of the disputed envelope; they coincided in several particular*, which he enumerated aa from to* tual admeasurement; the only discrepancy if in the ipice occupied by " Jul," in the record envelope of plaintiff being different from the " Aug." of the genuine stamp The "Jul" occupies greater space than the " Aug.," and the letter* are different; (hewn a genuine stamp ol" JuP* te aee if it corresponded with the " Jul" of the disputed envelope; they correspond, d in width, the height i* the same. the character of the lettera ia the aame, ho. Cro$t-examination by Mr. Beadlet?The rate stamp " 3" baa a different figure upon the envelope from those upon the genuine stamp upon the piece of paper before me; the riug is also different; it is among the possibilitlea, but it ia not probable that this stamp could be made by the genuine ' 'J " There is no " 3" resembling it in th) specimens of the genuine stamps upon thia paper; the color in the two stamps is the same; 1 see no indication of a double rim to the " 3" stamp on the envelope; on one of the genuine atampa there ia but a piece of the outq? rim, and a part of the " 3;" yea, there is a faint indication of a double rim, even in that; shown several Senuine impressions of the Philadelphia stamp, with the ouble rim Oiled up; they bore some resemblance te the stsmp in the envelope under dispute; and a good deal of talk about acids and alkalies. Mr. J. T. C. Clark, sworn-?Belongs to the City Tost Office; has been a cleric since July, 1845; was taken from the wiudow and put on duty on the floor in the fall of 1846; spoke of the injury to the stamp in atamping a letter with a key in it. It waa this that injured the stamp; could not receUect the time exactly; might have been about a year ago; examined with regard to "atampa" and " way" latum. Mr. Brent exhibited a aealed letter, baarinff th? imureuinn of an iiulnntn<l tiumo nf March . 1845. Mr. Bbadikv wished to tea the data inside. Mr. Bbknt *aid it wa* a aealed letter, but hit client (ave him permiaiion, and he opened it?Dated March, 184.V A letter from Mra Conner to Mr. Cr?gin, Oreau Valley Depot, Va. Mr. Chaui*, iworn.?Identified tbe letter, ai ona be received at Green Valley Depot, about that time, from Mra Conner. Crou-tttamined by Mr. Bradley.?-Ve*. air. the handwriting it Mra. Van Neu'i [Shown another letter.] If that i*her'*, it i* a good deal worie than the generally write*. And alter a tedieu* tix hours, the Court adjourned. New Ori.eak*, Decembers, 1846. 1 regret to ?tate that Mr. Bravo baa been compelled to cloie hi* reading-room, in tbe Merchanti' Exchange, in St. Charles atreet, for want of patronage to auatain it. It ia a great pity ; it waa, without any exception, Ike very beat organized establishment in the country, perfect in all ita arrangement* ; and it ia a burning ahame that the mercantile community of the Second Municipality ahoold sufler it to (top. Our city peaaeiaea now an abundant supply of amuaement, wherewith to make the evening* paaapleaaantly. The Orlean* theatre, with ita excellent opera company, I* well patronized by tbe native*, and those American* fond of excellent muiic, apleadklly executed, and perfect stage appointment*. The ballet company, at the Ameri. can theatre, continue* to attract full bou*ea, bnt not ao many ladiea a* would, and do attend a wall conducted ballet at the North. Tbe more one aeea of Trabaltoni and Adelaide Lehmaun, the more one likea them. Their dancinc ia hichlv finished. At the St. Charlea theatre, Julia Turnbull commenced an engegement, last evening, and draw the beat house of the season, the bmineia, heretofore, having been ra ther poor. She baa improved greatly aince the wa1 here last winter, acd wa? applauded with warmth. It *u hardly to have been expected that aha would hare been so succeaslul after everybody had teen the ballet company, containing dancera io much her inperior, for several weeka, and is a proof of her skill. It speaks well for the taste of the public too, showing that they are ready to acknowledge the merit of native an well a* foreign artists. Mary Ann Lea and Mr. Smith, have arrived. "Our Mary Ann!" Her old admirers are impatient to see her, and expect to discover great improvement in her. They will not be disappointed : there ia something peculiarly arch and bewitching about her dancing, that is quite captivating. Miaa Cohen did not auaceed quite ?o well at the Orleans theatre as was anticipated. She came at an unfortunate period?juat after the billet com|ianv left?and her style is ao different from tbeir'athat the Creoles proved hard to pleaae, and were not altogether aatisfled with it The ballet has spoiled them. The Southern Ethiopian Serenaders, under the management of Mr. Ralner, have been doing a very good business here for some time past. They take a benefit at the St Charles this evening, and award a silver cup for the best conundium offered. In some respects their band la auperioi to any I ever heard, except Dumbleton's band, and as a whole eflecthe. They leave the citv tomorrow, on the ship John P. Harward, for Liverpool, intending to fellow in the footsteps of the other bend, and give concede in all the principal cities and towns in Oreat Britain. The weather still continues fine, but the riven are rather low, although there has been a alight rise. i ne co.ton Rial xei clown niDir neariiy yesieruay, with* sale of .'hjOO halea at the following rates : ordinary 8K to 8X<middting fl'i to 9V; good middling 0} to 9^: middling fair to 9?. fair loto 10'^; good fair 104 to 101, good line It to liH The (took on hand is about 138,000 bale". In tobacco the sales ol the week amount to about 3M f A40 hhds, mostly refuse and low, admitted at from ]){ to i If; inferior to choice A to 8; aegar leaf 2% to 10. In sugar the sales of the week amount to 21*0 hhda.? The sales of yesterday- M0 hhda, wara at an advance of of a cent, making the raUa now currant at:?infarior Hi to 4|i common live to 6J; fair 6| to prima ? to '*; choica to 8X Arrived during the weak 3007 hhda; exported 3317 hhda In molaaaaa there has been a good demand during the weak, at an advaore from iSj to 34:. 31*2 hhda nave bean exported during tha waak. In Hour an active buainaas haa bean dona during tha waak, and yeatarday. Tha intelligence from the north of the rioting of tha canalaby Ice, haa given more Armneaa to the market, and II MO barrels were sold; 10 000 of which hi ought $4,74; CSiO, (4 no, 300 atM 873i;J choica 8t. Louia brand a command 4* and %iX> During tha weak 44,98# barrela have arrived, and 17,19' bean *% j ported. In corn, tha rales of tha week hare reached 88,000 asks at Irom tWto 70c , except on Thursday; when there waa a alight advance . In wheat, the drat aalea of any magnitude thia eeaaen 1 have been made; lOOOOhnsbais prima Illinois hava been 1 disposed of for shipment to Kngland, at $1 00 par buahel. ; In freights, the report of privateers from tha Isle af I Cuba, haa h?l Ilia erect to ranee British vaaaala to be ) preferred, and 8-l8d baa been paid for cotton. American j veeeeie are alao holding out lor higher ratea. In exchanges, there baa be*a a tail demand during tha i week, and large Iran sac'Ions hava been made in sterling at S to ftV P*r ?*nt praaa.; K ranee bf. 47)4 la 6f New Vo. k 80 Jays IS to IK per cant dia , (tight H to \ its . Treasury nates, per a H par oent die I ID. Prlea Two Caata. Albany, Dec. U, JM6 Fusilitifg for IVinttr Travel?Jlrm-cknr fir Htm y Clay?Th* F.zprnt Company?The Ltgitlalurt, fc. The boat! which left New York laat evening did not ' rcach this city. The passengers were landed at Cattskill, and were brought up to this city in sleighs. The river ii Ailed with floating' ice for milea below Albany, and it would leem that the navigation of the river haa finally terminated for the season. But the facilities offared to travellers lrom this city ta the metropolis by the Housatenic Railroad Company, are in point of spead and comfort fully equal to the river route The track having : bsen laid with an H rail, and the staunch and roomy steamship " Mountaineer" having been placed at the terminus of the road, it is confidently believed that this energetic company will not require more than tan haura for a trip between the two cities. 1 casually looked into the Express office af Messrs. Livingston St Wells yesterday. I saw there a large bax | with the name of " Hon. Henry Clay" painted upon It. ; On eaquiring of Mr. Livingston, the gentlemanly principal of the celebrated bxpress Company, I learned that tba box contained ao elegant and ooatly armchair, which was made (or the Kentuckian at Auburn, New Vork, and which was a gift of tbe citizen* of that village. Tbe chair is said to bo moit magnificent one. Honor te the citizens of Anbnra for their liberality. It ia really astonishio* to think of the vaat amount of property of all kinda wnich ia annually entruated to the vigilance and indomitable despatch of theie gentlemen of the expreta. It ia a fact eminently creditable to these gentlemen, that aince the organization of the company, not a s.ngle individual ha* raftered loca through toem 1 understand their meeaengere will make their daily trips by the Housatonic roaa during the winter. lion Samurl Youcg and his lady hare been staying at the Delaware House lor a few days past. Seme few members of the lower House have arrived in town to remaia until the opening of the leaaioq. The Assembly chamber has been put in complete order. The arrangements for the comfort of the members are certainly superior. ('apt. Barnum, of the army, is at the Delaware Hotel. A number of army officers are in town on the recruiting service. Persons are engaged in patting the town rest dence of Gov Young in order for his reception. Sporting Intelligence. Louisiana Eclime CountsSunday, Dec. 7.?Sixth and last Day.?Carrolltoa Purs* $31)0; entrance 10 per cent., added. Mile heats?beat three in live. The following horses started, coming in as below : Colonel J. Metcalf's b. g. Fred Kaye'by Grey Eagle, dam by Mosea, 4 yrs old. .3 3 3 1 1 1 A. W. Small's gr h. Croton, by Cnorister, dam by Muckle John, 6 years old S 113 3 4 John Trumbull's ch m. Margaret Edna, by imp Glencoe, out of imp. Pickle, 6 year* old 1 3 3 S 3 I Titnn . I -A-l 1-171/ I-AO 1-All I-AH 1MV Varieties. It it laid, on what it deemed to be good authority, that Mr Bancroft'* nomination a* miniatar to England, will not be confirmed by the Senate. Nathan Smith, of Hampden, Me., waa drowned Jn Portland harbor on Thuradey evening laat. The watch and jewelry (tore of Mr. E. llaikina, o Fitchburg, waa forcibly entered on Kriday night laat, and gooda to the value of about $460 stolen. f * Benjamin Alexander, aged 108 yeara, a aoidiar of the revolution, died in Mobile on the l'Jth inat At a late term of the Court of Common Pleas in Fly month county, indictment* were found againtt the towns of Hull, Bridge water, Abington, and Rochester, for bad road*. John Britell, of New Bedford, ha* been held to hall, on charge of manaiaughter : an Irithinan, to whom he had (upplied drink, having died of expoaure near hi a promi*e*. The Panta Claut, on Monday night, had to ?top^t Hudson. The Railroad Company carried the mail*. Thero i* much ice in the river, and a cold wind, which aeema to *ettle the quettion of the close of navigation for the eaion 1 A grUt mill and it* content*, in Quincy, Mas*., h elonging to Henry Souther, waa totally destroyed by Are on Sunday morning. Loaa, $3000- insured. There have been built in Cincinnati daring the present year, 810 brick and frame buildings, making in all 1,37 S. The trial of Albert J. Tirrall, en the indictment for anon, i* awigned for Monday, January 11th, in the Supreme Court. A gentleman in Pittiburgh, has offered himself as one of tw enty, to au^soibe for an hospital In that city. The Canadians hart ?aaa*?a< yrmlnim from her Ma' Jeity the Queen of Kagtend, to construct a bridge acroaa ma IIV CI, ( NM }PV|Ul HflWItH Ulf riltf Wtt Lake Ontario. The surveying of the Railroad routa from Chicago to Galena has already commenced. An electric telegraph ii to he established between Richmond and Washington Levi J. Salomons, of New Orleans, was arrested to that city on the 4th inst., on a requisition from the governor of New York, charged with being a fugitive from Justice, having obtained, under fhlse preteneee, about }M,000 worth of goods from, we are Informed, the houee of Townsend fc Co. of Now York. Application is to be mode daring the approaching session of the legislature for the charter for a company to build railroad from Buffalo to Frodooia. Also; far the Rochester and Syracuse railroad Col. Hajrs, of tho Texan Rangers, has had a poblio dianer at Jackson, and a ball at Benton, Miss. The improTomeot In the health of Mr. Adams, during the past lew days, although not rapid, has boon steady as heretofore. A subscription is being raised in New Orleans for tho poor Kelly, who volunteered to follow Ringgold at tho battle of Palo Alto, though discharged after twenty-one year's service. He lost an arm in Mm engagement. i?>>|nviu wviiMH at n>? nm?ii niiiun WMI ale of ardent ipirita, a committee of JO wu appointed to proiecuto all vioUtori of the licenaa lav. The *tock of the Capo Cod [Railroad haa all booa taken ?p A portion of H ia undo r contract, and the whole lino I will be completed within the time iaa?d in the charter, thereby greatly facilitating the communication between the Cape and Botton, New Bedford, Providence and New York. The Grand Lodge of Louisiana I. O. O. T. and* pre (juration* for a public reception of the remain* of Col. Wauon, on their arrival at Now Orloena. The line of iteamboet* on Lake Cham plain have gone into winter quarter*. Harman Wallander, a discharged Sergeant of the U. S Artillery, and who leeta leg at Palo Alto, was rotted of all hi* laving*, (00, on landing at Now Orleana. In Salem (1800 have been *o.berribed for the Maifclahead aufferora; about (4000 in Boaton. Religion* Intelligence. Two new chnrchee era to be erected, this winter, in Bangor, Maine; one a Congregationaliat, and the other a Unlver *ali*t. The Rev. Charle* P. Bu*h, late of thla city, ha* been installed over the fourth Congregational churoh at Nor wich, Ct Mercer Street Church ha* been temporarily cl Jeed, to coneequence of flaw having been discovered In the roof. The Brooklyn JHrtriiitr *eysWe loam that Ike standing committee of tho dioee** have given an in vita tion to the Rt Rev. Dr. Ire*. Biahop of North Cnrellae. to perforin tpiacopal office* therein until the lit of January, proximo, and that ho haa accepted the aamo. Pol I Ural Inldilctiict Mr. V al land ig ham haa introduced a bill into tho Ohio Legislature, for the calling of a conatitutional convention. The (torernor ot Florida, in hia raeaaago to tte Legia lature, recommend* bienniil seaaiona of the Legislature Got Johnaon, of Sonth Carolina, waa Inaugurated on Thursday laat. The charter election in Boetoo on Monday, resulted in the election of tha whig candidate*. Ookah Stiamkm.?We And ia the.Havana paper*, translated from the Rvyl OmuttU of Bermuda, a prospectus of tho West Indra and l/nited State* steamers. Tne company proposes that ovary two weeks one of tho steamer* will leave Demerara for St. Thomas, touching at Trinidad, Tobago. Oranada. Barbadooa, St. Vincent, Antigna, kc. On the other hand, a steamer will leave Vera Crni every two weeh* far flt Thomaa, touching at one or two porta of Cuba, at one port of Jamaica. at Cape Haytien and Puerto Rico Upon the ar.1 i j ,l. h?a lliiunn >) V... t bt Tbomaa, thoir pm?n|?n and^wlll he tranaforrod to iteaanara of a larger claaa, to Mil thence for New York, touching at Beranuda. It it tbo intention of tba company to bora tha boat* teach Now York In teaaon to connect with tbo ateamer* which will War* th#re for l.iveipool Upon tbo arrival at Now York of tbo tnaiia from kngland, tbo Woa' India boat will depart fcr St Thomaa, touching at Borauda.?Ntw Orltmni Piety**", /)*?" J. Part/Morale and Laconic?The JsOti>?ville 1 Jwvrnal of the 9th inatant, givea the following u | tbo retail to tbo broach ofpromiaocaao:?Tbo following chock waa yeaterday protected to tbo bank apon which it waa drawn, by Judge Plrtle, loading eoaneel for Mioo Neno Kayea Ui ii'iui, Dae. 6, 1844. Henry 8 Julian, Eaq , Treasurer of Mochanlca' Beringa I natitnt ion ot I.oniarilte s Pteaao pay to tho bearer, for a Hunday evening walk, Mix Thotiaand Dollar*, and charge tho tame to accoaat. ' ?0.000 JOHN HAYES TO THE LADIES. LADI KM. if yoo will peep iatoiOT Broadway, well kaowa aa tba Prewiaai Store, too will bo aatoaiehed to aoo tho bargain* of Fancy Articlea that aro aold there. They c?an? of a apleadid ueortmeat of f?? r droaa < ape Wi HaadUroaaoa, a vary new atyieaf CaiaiwaootW ead Collate ; aleo, Kihhona. Powrra, Fealbeia, (eotoi, aad vartoaa other ft?clea too mrrtif i, i t4i?t wwtmi tarti irtlclw to? tS. h. I .1, > - ? ? *?< ? Mi Btc 'way. yearly cp|?ifr ' M'tMr o* r t<i?h Uoowi caa t? o * i a?..aa? pno?a. lw*t

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