Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1846 Page 1
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' THJ Vol. XI1, No. 330?Who 1? No. *583. THE NEW YORT HERALD. JAMES 68R00N BENNETT PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY H&HALD?K??ry <Uy, l*rio? 2 ccati P*t copy??T tlpertniian?urablc lb idrnce. WEEKLY HERALD-E??ry S*l?rd?r?Pric. t% e*nu per copy?$3 12)4 cent* D?r nnuum?pay able in advance. HKllALD FOR EIJHOPKjJfceamPacket day. % ?^| v?n??* K** WK7 """"'"i |??f?DIC IBM VMCt. AilVERTISKMENTS at the tunal prices?always cut IB advance. PRINTINO of all kiads eaecated wuh beauty aid deopatch. All Imwi or tonauiudou, by mail, addressed to tko eetablishtneot, moat bo post pud, or the postage will be do Proprietor or the * Wt*"U VIMIRf HIIIMMI 9UNP FOR LI VERPOUL?The New Line Line-Re I09S gular Tacfcet of flat December ?The superior fait flHfaiul"!p?ek?t ihip LIVERPOOL, UM torn bar then,'-apt. John Kldridge, will sail u abuTe, her regalarday For freight er passage. Baring elegant and tuperior oceans modtttons apply to the captain oo board, at weit aide of Bur ling dip, or to _ WOODHULL k MINTUEN. V Sonth at. Priee of puuie $7.> The peeket il>ip OUIEN OK THE WEST, 116? tea* burthen. Owl Philip Wendhoaie, will sacceed the Liverpool. i?it tail ee her refalar <t?v. 1 l?t Jannsrv. IMT. dltrh Mt "OH OLAJMiOW?Reg-Jar r?cke-. ol ihe'iat (MBk.ofJsbaarT Th* fin. Br bark ANN HARLEV, toaa, Capt. Robert Beolt, will aail a* above, her rsgul?r day. For freight or puiue, having splendid aecoaarandinona, apply oa board, foot efReoeevelt street. East Rrei or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, *7 Hnetn street The r?(a,ar packet ship Saraeea, Cspt N T Hawkins, will aoeeed IM Aaa Harley.aad sail oa the 1st of Febraory dl*Hi Mdttt: Bt*i;K Bali, ok old mnk or livCRvISBVPOOL P4J,K*T?l for LIVERPOOL..?Oalv aga?vqam iwari III Ul< 1*111 u?i:?mMr.?I 111 ? nutiflewt, fut a?iliag ud f'lonM racket ship NEW YORK kurth? 11M tons, Captain Tlwnu B. Cropper. will Mil poiitirelr on W^iiuiy, lttb DKtmku. I( u acarcaly acceaatry to iiTi u it U well known to tha travailing ftUie, thi: the accomaodv ioas o( t*ti "N?? Vork," for aakia, Sd cabin aad seertge pasaesge-s are iced out in a mostaupe k >?d co>tiy man oar. wilh ?r??-y madam imprtve aat and eoBTtaieDCa, 'hat eaaaot kit add to the comlo't of tb^MMik kiat, who ahua'd call aad aae this sp'en<iid ipeeiman of " * *> art hi tec-ore," kafora eegagmg altawhva.? Fur Maaaca ia eibui, id cabia, and ateerage, early application ahnola be made oabnord. f.iet ?f Ba?km?n street. or to tHa subscribers, ROCHE, BHOTHERf" t CO , dllr U Fvltoa srree", eeatdoor tothe fulton Bank kOR WVEKPOOL?With despatcn?'f lie rary KfH^faat aailin;, coppered and euppar fastened ahip JEhBEiC0N(;0KDIA, hiring three-fourths af bar cargo oa but'd, will have deepatah. For freight or passage, hiring handsome aceonamedationa, apply oa board, at Orleane whnrf, Toot of WaII it., or to dS R. K COLLINS It CO..? SoBthat. ?OR LONDONDKRRY?Direct?To .ai| with k^M^disratch?The flr*t class ragnlar packet ahip MA JRNSKbh IO N. Opt. M Thompson, will tail as nbore. To? acceaimodaHous fercibia. 3d cabin, aad steerage pasaaafere. ara of a ?ery taperior description, aid reauires no comment Those desirous of ?nb?rfcing should make inn*dia:e application on b 'aril, loot of fine itree', or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, C9 South St., , Corner of Tine. P. 8.?Parsons desirous of sendintt for their tiirnds in that aaction of eoastry can hare them brought ant by tha above Taaa?l on aioocnf If aia. ky applying >.% a bore. dS Iff- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular pack ISket > t Der'tabe' SC?The splendid, fast sailing packJRBsvet ship 8IDDON8, Edward B. Cobb master, will ail aa above, her regaiar day. tor freight or pasetge, hurirg eccmnmodationi unequalled for splendor er catefort apply on boird, at Orleans wharf, oot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., M Sooth it. Packet ship Shendaa, Coraish master, will raceeed tha Kiddona, aad tail 2*tli J?anr.rr. her rci-olar day. dl r fii KORVKTUiN II...-- r 1- -? JfLrtreet, ia now l"C*t*d it 19 Valton st'eet. where h* tell] un H?t asatlly mid for and 95, for $3 it. Call and iiamine for yoanwlf?. dH lw<?rh MRS. ZEGLlO. NO 07 DIVISION STREET. WILL opto a large a??"rtaieot of Paru millinery, ^ jjBgsnafa. kr. She will offer for inapection a choice 3^*tee? of Fall goods, comprising silks, aatiui, plain and eat velvets, fcc.. he., which bain* (elected with Rood tut* frem the latest amrala, it well worthy the attention of parchasers. Msrchtuta and nuUiuers from the country, wantinr materi ale and patterns, wanld find it their interest to call befor l>ar*hasmg, as the stock is fteeh, the style the latest; whie will he di?t>ni?d ef oa re?rrn?hle ier?s nM lm*re OVER SHOES. ,fi.i LA Dl EB and Gentlemen at *>7 Broadway, yoa 4nWcra ted the pare she??l. (ha Rc?ber Orar Hhoea from the largest to th* smallest, and as cheap as yoa can those rsaflr ont of old rabber. And a ?arg* sssortuient of cork Sole. Doable d >, aad litchr French Boots; also a great asaortmeut.of ladies, nifaes'andchildren's b?ota and shoes, equally cheap, at X7 Br"*dw*y. corner oi'>'rank'in street. dlim're GOOOkEAKS OVER SHOES, lOo BROADWAY, ^tii LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OVER *HOEB. manufactured of Goodyaar'a Celebrated PaTeat Metallic India Rubber, perfectly fleaible in th* coldeat weather. For sale by the rasr or single pair, by BBOwlSi BROOKS, Bole Agent* lor Goodycar's Mannfactoria*, dl lm*rre 1*6 Brondway. o:>poair? Triaiiy C.hiireh. PREMIUM BOO TS Quick StiUt and Small Profit*. - FINE FRENCH BOOTS for*l 50, our owe make ad warraated to give satisfaction; line French imperial Dress Boot* for $4 M, eqnal to thoae osually sold in jM Broadway for ? or $7. at YOUNG & JONES' Bne Free eh Boot and Shoe Maanfactory, one of th* most fashionable stores in this city. Our boots received the hifheat praise ia the late Fair of the American Institute, for th* pnee, ever sold in this ciiy. Boots. Shoes, Goiters, kc made to order at th* shortest notice. Mending, fcc.done lathe tor*. YOUNO k J ONES, 4 Aaa at d5 lm'rc PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTION. r. V CASTLE k ED WIN McCORKELL, Hsp^3jy*'helatter from the Royal Aeademj ef Music, (|D ( (I lmjbuuii, win kit* ituoni on tne riut forte (fr Vto'fa, at their re*idence, 44 Liipenard it., IMI Broadway, or that of their papil*, apoa *crv moderate tanns. which CM be mad* known by applying u above. dll Im'rc FOR BALK, ML A THREE STORY HOUSE on 2Jdatreet.betweea pTj) the ?d and Jd afeanea It i* well finuhed. and replete JUJEL ith the latatt improvement*, inetadirg kitchen range, ma. cold aad warm b >th?, water eloaeta, lie., Italian marble mantel* throughout the honae; a court yard of 15 feet in front with verandnh and Freaeh window*. The honae i* one of a row of ait houa'* on the laath *ide of the street. For lauherparticulua apply to VY8E t SONS, dl] lm*rh 172 Tear I it Jtk* KOR BALE?A I rra oi nity-two acre*, moit daJyfy li*litfolly tuuAtei, about Ore mile* from EliaabethXlnSLtuwii, W. J, comi>ri*iug a hmi'aome eommodioiu dwrTTtn* honae, itted with marble mantel* and every convenience for a reapectalile family ; die whole, including gar deurr'ah&ate, hiaru*, ice hoaie. and other nuildinga, in a an>> itantial *t*te of repair; the orcbard contain* twaaty acict ofchoice tin it traea. Tne ea-'V acceaa from New Yorlt.elthrr by the varioa* can hn Jeraey City or the frny to Kli<*hethport. whenea a mil roid train n<i within a hundred yarJ* of the home, reader* thi? prjperty very valuable to tbn?e doir.g hnaine** in thi* eiry. Tlie greater part of t!>? rnreh:ue money can remain for three year* on bond ibd mortage et five per cent VYBE fc SONS. 1TI I'earl *t. Alao, fet aale, a dwelling honte ia Waahingtoa *ireet. all lm r i)K. KfcXLlNGr. 5 <1 . INFALLIBLE LINIMENT i* warranted ta iianicurr aore* and ulc?r* of every nature in a few f ) f* ?-. ??" It acta like magic in removing rhrumaiUm, and all other |?iae. Una or two dole* i* aa ceitain to relieve bilion*cholic, tlitrrhata, lie. a* it i* taken. It ia perfectly delightful ia it* odor aad flavor ..It ia aniveraally acknowledged to be 'be beat fiaily medicine aver offered to the public.? friee 3* can*.* par bottle. Held at M Joha erect; corner Bowery aad Broome; JU avenue and Iftthat; Jeffriee'* drag atore; Dr. Bnnatt'*, Dover nog i nun-m. ana w wie n. n occf, tnv nail ni9>in*re LONG BRK.KD CAN AHTkS, sndtajrsT birdsfrom . /Or nil psrta of the world ?sntiscriber respcctfnll? Jmr'- 'uti ?? Mies ami *-ntlem?n to look in apna him, it hi* Bird Depot, No. S John meet. na<r Broadway, where he will ha h ppy to show them hi* coUrcli< n of biros, I1'. , inch as cannot n* ?ae? at iot other eaubliahnte'it in the Ueited ^'itrfl ?' AOK'*, of the latest P'ttems, Bud fitted op in the most tasteful maimer. HBtDi of the purest bind*, aid miiad, a*ihr?M tea, Tor the ditterert ape'ie* of biHs ? >1al? worms lor Mockiut Bi:di, Sic. lac. (joid tad Silver >'i?he*. a- it alobes. Hi? UOOl consist of King Charles (Birr.ham) Spaniels, i>jlish fi-d Scotch Terriera, Italian Cfrry Honnds, 4e , and he m eomtantlr Teeeiemt fancy Do(i and Birds of all torts, from the haat ttnek in t.pre pa. cl Iw'rh ARCHV MBIKVK BUWAXD HO 11 L, tih Dee.. 1U? THE fUBSRIB* VS. rh >.b'?l for the pair urr ther haaa taceiva'1 dtttiu* the pas' sr*sna, in the shore wall kno*a eslablia! mal!, nut respectfully salt a rontinnrnea o( thes ia*, with lha -s?o anca that ther mean to condone their narticna to deserre the pablia fa*or by a constant attcr.uon,, to the comfort a~d coaTaaiance of ihair yvr?*lw*r THOMAS It WH1TK. KkENCH FANCY KOXK3 FOR HOLIDAY PK?SRNTB?BKUN, UAROSIERE It COURT, 111 William street, hare just received ir.d offer tor sale tKo cases of breath Fancy Bo?ea forbonhous, r rk? IH..I .H,l> .17 ImSm RUUeetu'o AMANDUNL. roa tuk nnrnriof ami curb or __ ? HAPTtD HAiNDB. THE FUBBCFIBKH, (l>t? of the firm of K. Ronasel. 111 Brredway)?to remoesl-reepcetfaUy eolicits atrial of thisartiele. so upp'op'isteto <ha season Upon iti abeolnte Bfeetion he is willing to risk the reputation of hi* e?t?b ment. It i? warranted to cn*e md prevent c'lap^ed hard*. eon >a addition to this rommnnicates to them a healthful lofta sa *' d whireaea* The manafactater cImios (or his perfnmenr a perfect eijnulity to the imported, a supeTio itjr I rem us freshn'sa: ll.err u, however, no aiticle ia ihnliur either foreign or demesne, which the tu' irnher d >e? uot keep The perfnroere of In* forme' partner, tfinmany rears director or the first lah* atrrr ia Tana, ia eertainly or,surpassed h* the product of 'tr laboratory ia Karope. sn>4 it old *t prices geseia li 30 to 50 per cent cheaper. He most .e?pe<tl?'ly ?ol cit? the patmnage pf the rlueof the metropolls at the mine time promising to deserve it by urath and lur deal in* in ail his trai sir hum A. A. MUSS, lata ILOUSSF.Lp, lit Bre?dw?y, Vh?re he will remain natil farther noti?a. [tery variety of Hom-s ShaviogCiesm, Kitrse(.s,?.ologn-s, Cosmetics, Pumntnras. he , with an eitsnsive assi^ynsnt of Union. Hal-. Nail, 1 o th and Mming Brushes, iTJIet Bottle.. Qdoar Bi xe?. niiuHe for presents. Itc. <B la'r .Ht't.K.Vt OANUI-lSS. 0)l-?, FMIjlTM, he " k^UPCUIUll Miicrm < andle., at S3 eta a lb: winter blesehD ad Sperm Oil, ai SI a gallon; eery good white Lamp Oil, 74 eta-, with a yery large Mock of fresh Teaa, Family Oro caries, foreign tea. For sale wholesale aad retail, at vsry low prieaa. Goods delivered to any part of the city, ,f#* *' oT FOWLtll. Grocer aad Tea I'eeler, X* ards: I (jrienwich. and H Vaaey sta. Also, s large aasoruBcat ol aheap while aad brawn fcagars 111?*I icfl E N E NEW Vrom Um Mouth. INTKLl/lOKNCK FROM TAMP1CO. [From the Cherlerton Newt, December IS ] Citt or TAMrico, No*. 3d, 1940. ! I avail myeelf of the departure or the steamer "Sea," ; which veeeel will leave to-morrow, to inform you of our wherMbout. The loea of the it earner Neptune U a very aerioui one, more parttculsrly aa aha had en board the djapatchea ot i Gen. Gate* to Gen. Taylor, apprising him of hi* poaition here, with information of imiwrtance 10 him in hit operations The emir* mail waa lott. When we landed the American fl waa hoisted, and our column of 000 men, display iuj{ the regimental colore of the td artillery, marched into the square, surrounded ?j uiwwiiii vi >wm auu iiupmej Mexican*. The command on ahor? wm transferred by Cam. Concar to I Co). Gates, anil the usual exchange er compliment* were ; made. The city aaireDdered without resistance Tha Mexican soldiers, after destroy iDg the armament of the forts and thrown.^ into the river lame 6000 mu?keta, evecuated tbe place, leaving tha inhabitant* to take care of themtelve*. It Mem* that a report had reached them that Gen Taylor ?m advancing with 10,000 men on tha other tide f the river?the appearance of the boat* of the fleet confirmed their impre**ion, and they left the naval commander undisputed possession. We Are now here holding the (upreme authority; and thougli err number ia small, we endeavor to make our footho! I secure, by streagtheniag the fortiflcatioui, one of which u about 90t yard* and the other 1 mile diitant from the city. Wo are alio fortifying tha roadi and avenue* leading to the city. The command stationed here now consists of companies B, Lieut. Anderson ; D, Captain Brook*, and F, Lt. Arnold of the -Ji artillery. Compenie* D. Captain T. W. Sherman, and H, Lieut. Steptoe, of the id artillery; Cam pat is* A, Lieut. Millar, and K. Captain Hunt, of the 4th artillei y ; in all about #00 elective men. We are ell buiily engaged at werk on the fort*,whien were dismantled by the flying enemy, and placing the city in a state of defence against their return, which 1* more than probable. Tairpico i* ritunted on a point formed by a bend of the river, having a lagoon in tha rear. .The house* are built of (tone, handsomely plastered and painted; the roofs are chiefly of plate, consequently the cistern water 1* pure and good. The reservoirs are all thay have to depend upon?the river water, though fresh, i* unfit to drink and i* used only for cattle. Water i* brought Irom tho country on mule* or i.'o?<key*, and retailed out. Tlie inhabitant* who remain*.! are tcostly of the poorer class, and number about 3000. The market i* well supplied with all the necessaries of life, which we purchate at very cheap rate*. Good fre*h bee<* 4 cent* per pound, milk 1cent* per quart, and vegetable* of ail kind* a* cheap a* can be procured in your r.mrket. Though the Inhabitant* are lomewhat sullen, still they prefer that we should remain amorg them, a* we pay for every thing ? o pet, and they would be compelled to furnish their owl troepe at much more reduced prices, withvtry little chance of being paid, for the arbitrary exaction of their military chieftain* is robbery In it* wont form The honor and glory of hoistinv the American flu* at this place belongs to waman and a Mexican woman too, be i* the heroic wife uf Mr Chace, a Yankee, who ia coniul here. While her husband waa on board the Princeton, this bra7e and noble ia ty planted tho American standard on the housetop with herown hands, and though threatened by the Mexican*, who shot at her repeatedly, she atoort firm and undaunted by the aytnbol of our Uuion, and Sroud and erect ahe pointed to it aa it floated in the reeze. She indeed deserve* aomething from her adopted country. P. 8 ?It ia reported and bolieved here that the Mexican forces under Santa Anna, about 18.000 infantry and 7009cavalry, are moving teward Cfcmargo Old Rough and Ready will no doubt watch him clotely, and if government will only act promptly and furnish him with the necesaury number of men and means there will be no eaeapa for him thia time. ___ MILITARY IirrCLLIOBNCS. [From the Richmond Whig] fltLieut. Ringgold, U 8. Army, la calling lor 100 atrong, active young men to aerve in a new department of military aervice, about to be introduced. It ii for the Howitzer acrvice. [Prom the New Orleana Picayune, Dec. 8 ] We learn that decDatchea w?r? r?r?i??d from the government vesterday, sanctioning the proceeding* or <ien. Brooke in tending troop* to l'ampioo which were here en rtule for the Rio Grande, and extolling the deciaion and energy of that officer in talcing the responsibility of measure* necessary to a speedy an>l strong occupation of the newly captured city. We have had occasion to remark the despatch of business in Oen Brooke's department. He devote* himself in a quiet unpretending way to the duties ef his odice, oni matters nilk an!l Ji- * -* ?*-? " ? v. *mu uivuioui Hie uuiposcu ok wr.uuui proauciliK tho least stir or exciting any public remark. Ha U au ofllcar who will take any amount of reipousibiiity nc crstary to a full aud complete ditcharge ot the requiremeats of kii position. He drcides at onca what be should do, and does it aa it ahould b? dona. Capt Jehn 8. Simonsoa of Gompeay G, Mounted Rifleman, arrived yesterdoy with his command, numbering seventy-seven men, rank and Ala. Lieuts. Taylor, Russell, (Jibbs and Frost also cam* down with the command, but wa are unable to say which of these gentlemen properly belong to the company. The troop landed at Lafayette, and rode through the aity to the barracks, making a very line appearance. The corps is composed of aturdy looking young men, and all well mounted. NAVAL INTXLUQKICK. [From the New Orleans Mercury, Dec. 8 ] 1 he shin Liberty, Capt. Morton, arrived this mornlrg from Brazos St. J ago, which place she left on the 3o inst., four daya later t<ian previous arrivals, but ahe brings neither news or mail. Commander Webeter, of the U. 8. revenue service in at the 8. W. Pass, awaiting despatches from Washington for the fleet. The New Orleans Trine of the 7th instant, sta'es that the U 8 steamship Fashion, Captain Hugh Fullerton, left the preceding afternoon, under sealed ordera. It is rumored that Tamplco or Vera Cruz Is her ultimate destination. Lo.iDen, Nov. It, 1M*' Politic!?Tkt Rtttlion in (As C*rn Mar kit? Jfain in Ptrtufl?Theatri'*li, 4~c. Parliament will not meet until February?a happy thing far the whig ministry. Meanwhile a coalition i* talked of, and it is expected that Sir Kobort Peel, with hi* friends and all his party, (with the exception of a law rabid protectionist*, at whose head atandi Lord Q. Benhnck.) will coma to tha aid of Lord John Russell in the present dJfflcnltjr. The present poiition of the Engliah government ii rery remarkable. At no former period of iti history had it ao few enemies; never waa political tranquillity mora assured; never such an abatement a' party rancor and opposition Seldom, perhaps, were ever its foreign relation* mora peaceful, or on a better foot ing, while there are no inancial difficulties to harrast and perplex; and yat, with all this, seldom if aver wa? the Engliah government in greater difficult!as, entanglement and perplexity, than the present government. Whattodo, it knows not Tha wiadom of politicians is confoanded, philosophy and philanthropy are abashed at their want or resources, and politfssl economy is la despair with all its theories. Ireland is the main point of the difficulty. Tha people a?e starving, and yet there ii no lack of food or money; every wind that blows brings vessels laden with provisions into the norts, and still they are coming; money and food aia distributed in Ireland; tha people there ara making money; tha deposits In the saving bask* in the moit starving districts ara increased beyond farmer years; and yet the famine, tha suffering and the outcry, destitution, violence ant. despair, go on augmenting, and it ie discovered that, after every thing is done than men can do, nothing is dono? the evil increases. Such is the real state of the case??uch is the perplexity. The reaction in the corn market, whiob, in ssy former correipondence I stated had commenced, goes on suavity; the (ears as to the quantitv will be required, as to the means of proouriog it, and the extreme prices calculated open, are now modeiated; the farmers who held hac. from tha markets, waiting for tha high price promiaed by the 7Vsaes, begin to think It wiser to realise at pre seat prices, and are sanding to market, so that, although a constant demaad nr-d h?gbly remunerative priee may certainly be depended upon by the American producer, yet tue very extravagant calculation a Uiort time age made and bald out an thi* aid* the Atlxntlo, muat be abandoned. The drain of specie from the Bank, which I e'ated in my laat. wai apprenended, haa already begun. A Tew day a ago the firat large ex)*rtetion, since 1941 waa made from the back vaults. Of thia I have received private information Irom the hank, though it ia kept aa far aa po?. aibla eat of public view. A contraction ia the currency, and an increase of the rata of interact, with panic distress, and exteneiva bankrnpteiea and general depreeeian of trade, may ha looked for aa inevitable coneeqoencea It ia "going to coma;" yon aaay he anre af that, and how far it tr.ay rractupon New Yotk marchanta the HtrmU will be better able to judge than your hambla servant. The money and city article in the Timti, haa a f?a?? connection with the hank ef England. The bank gives out "ieelera," and occasional iietea af pi operation in that article, and jtiat aa often throw a duat in the ay aa of the public, aa it gives light by its aiticlaa. It ia written now ucder the control af a gentleman who a few daya | age waa high in oflca in the bank When Mr. Alaager, who hitherto, for many years patt, haa been the writer ef that article, committed suicide a few t*y? ago, the acting proprietor of the 7Ym<?, sent for the gentleman in 1 queation, and aaked him what he wonld expect a a a ienumeration to undertake that department. Ha replied, , Le could not exactly ear. bat mentioned what wise hie 1 aaiary from the bark. The limn instantly oflrrad the 1 double?he accepted, and of course gare up hi* ?taploy. 1 asent at tha bank. Bat whenever the bank director ! wlahea K prepare the commercial world for any great ' ; operation or change af policy, or aima at producing aBy i bapresaion, aometaing beaiing man tha subject appears i in that aitiole. 1 have means of knowing ot a very high 1 and reliable source, but It ia prauer that neither voar correspondent, nor his source of information, should be , made known, for evident leaiona. The accounts of the pregreae oi the revelation, and state of affaire ia Portugal, are contradictory. You, will * 1" official announcement of the blockade af the port af Lisbon, but it ie believed to have been ineffectual , and already nullified, ainca H ia poaittvely stated that Daa Antaa, at tha head of the insurgents, haa entered ' l.iaban? diaaolvad tha government, and that the Queen to eeoapad to Ike Aaaiaa la a ?ritiah frigate. Thia affair | w ro YORK, THURSDAY MO ha* thrown the French and Spanish cabinets into great I perplexity. France is endearoriag to get np an snfsnls j t orihalr with Russia, in room of its broken relation* with England. Kuitia ia rather shy, and require* much i coaxing. On the other hand, affair* between France and Austria are becoming rather complicated, and great vent* are beginning to cast ineir sombre thadow* before them. Beth Russia, Auitria and the Jeauit power are indignant and inotnsed against the Pope. Russia because ot the decided stand which Pius IX. has taken in farorof the Abbess of Minsk and the nuns so cruelly persecuted in Poland by the Ureek or Russian Church. All the latiorffd fiAncilliatinn nn Ihii ?ri?rnntUr K? the personal effort* of the juror Nicholai with the j late Pope, are rendered null and abortive by the decided I conduct of the present Pope, and hit open demonstration before all Europe in favor of the persecuted CatUolio* of Poland. Austria it implacably offended with the Holr j See, for the entire subversion, by Pius IX , of the polite , cal policy which it had for year* imposed upon Italy and the Papal dominiens. Lastly, the Jesuits are offended beyond measure for the liberalism, quasi heretical, of the new Pope, and the complete overthrow of all their plans and power. These are formidable elements of contentions and divisions, which will possibly lead to combinations ami complications exceediLg in magnitude and interest any thing that has occurred in Europe for centuries past.? Nothing but the death or <le|<osition el' tho Pope will pacify the Jesuits; he roust abaudon his policy and uproot all his reforms to satisfy Austria, and both the Pope and his religion must perish, as to all political existence, to satisfy Russia. Austria and Ru>tia are intimately allied in policy and feeling; under mutual arrangements Austria has seized upon the free state of Cracow, the last shred of the political existence of Poland, and having prepared tho way and the excuse by encouraging revolts and insurrections, has ended by "annexing* and incorporating into the Austrian empira. Meantime, as she is jealous of the Orleans dynasty, and especially provoked at the success of French intrigue, both at Madrid and Rome, and attributes the courde of events at the latter city ai?1 the election of Tius 9th to Krench influence, she has inatle strong demonstration against Krance by marrying Henry 5th, Duke ef Bordeaux and legitimate claimant of the throne of Kranee, to the wealthy princess of the House of Austria. This vexatious event came to disturb tbe marriage festivities of the Duke ef Montpensier, and that young gentleman finds that his father and Mons. Uuizot have not laid him exactly upon a bed ol roses, and that it is rather dissgreeable to And all Europe pulling as it were at the bed clothes, and disturbing his honey moon. Ail this is perplexing enough; it places Krance in fearful dil -nima; she cnnnot shake baods and be friends again with England.?wounde'. honor forbids?the King hss declared 1L.. L. ?.l> L! -If 1 l.-l 1_ -1 ' J - - ui?i uw juu ujlu-cii IUNUIVWU in uif own |)?uiu?; uoiiuvi, England has offered the term*, * ji'n<t qua nan, *it: that the Duke of Montpenuer mould formally renounce all future claims to the throne of fcpain; uoJ h'ranc> bat energcticallv, though mildly and hesitatingly, rejected the term*. But if she get* up an entente coriiale with Ru**ia, ibe mint abandon the Pop*, and tuccumb to Auatria, and take no notice of Cracow md forget thj treaty of Vienna, to which ?he i* a guaranty But the Chamber* will meddle, and thii wuull be unpopular at home ! What can aha do 1 She will Join Ruaaia, leave the ?ope to hit fate, pacify Austria, abandon Poland, coquette with England, and do it all in a way to appear not to do it, *o at not to outrage t>y too manifeat proceeding!, the teadenciei aud feeling* of the French people. '1 ting y ou may mad to the readera of the U*r*li a lecture, detailing the history of event* in Europe ferat ieaat six moutm to come. Madame Anna fiiahop has gained freah honera in the new opera of Loreita, by Lavenu, brought out at Drury Lane, iait week; notwithstanding aima alight aymptoms ofdiaapprohation, the auccaaa ot thii new opera may be pronounced complete. There are aome piecea in It, eapo cially a delicioua l:ttlo romance lung moat aweetly by Mi?* Poole, which took perlectly, and will no dombt, aoon be repealed and played en every piano in the muncal world. The coitutne* are superb iu thia piece, aud the flot founded on an eld Spanish romance, not without interect, though apun out perhap* too long. It haa hitherto had a good run at Drarv Lane, and the increaaing nightly crowd of fashionable* speakj more in ita praiae than any criticiam can do. The Mia* Cushman* are beth playing at the 8nrrey Theatre with unabated attraction, where Macready hax just finished a aucce-aful engagement Julieu'a eoncerta are crowded nightly at Concert Garden. The faihioneble aeaaon, however, haa not yet commenced; the weit, or polite end of the tewn, it dull and gloomy, Irom the abaenca of the beaumtnje, and it will be yet aome week* before the opera and drama meet with that aplendid auace*a and encouragement which alway* at aome tira* of the year, and for a aeaion, they obtain in thia great metropolis T11E ?PV IN LONDON. iLun. IW 9 ltUl. The Proimi'e Policy of tht Oovernor elect?Another Chap' lor in the Politico of Now York. The arrival of the Ourtmor eleet haa cauaed iobi little animatioa and bustle around Congreaa Hall, and tba politicians ara exhibiting that activity which mark* the advent of uaw adminiatration. Among other*, GotSaward, Frank Granger and the Hen. W. Hunt have been here for a day or two, in communion with hi* Excellency elect, who, let it be added, look* aurpriaiagly well, conaideriag the fiercenstt of the contaat through which he kai pawed, and the general atate of hie health during the laat aummer. He haa not that ruddy bloom whieh de tea a atrong coaatitution, it ia trae, but he haa the elaatic atep aad blight, peaceful look which giree aaaurance ef anffleient atamina to keep back the epproackea of daath'a chilling blaat for a dozen year* at leaat The lite insurance companiea might inanre hia life for ten yeara at a low premium, without iacarring what ia deemed an extra haxardoua riak. H the Governor had the free diepoaal of at many fat office* aa had hi* predeceaaor, we would set aniwer for the conaaqueneea; for the importuaitie* of an army ef huagry. voracioua mendicanta might aoon hurry him, aa they did poor old Gen. Harriaon, to an untimely tomb. But fortunately for hia constitution, the State constitution haa provided other modee for the disaoaal of the crumba ef patronage. Among the molt rdnomi, indeed, if not the moit ar- 1 duoui, ol all the duties of the executive ot thi* State un- \ der the old conatitntion, we* that of appointing inJivilnale to office; and an injudicioue exerr i*e of tkia power (or performance of thi* doty, a* you pleaie) waa almo*t certain to bring defeat and rnin upon him who wielded it; it waa therefore not only arduon* and difficult, bat became dangerous in the extreme. Who doubt* that the impolitic if uot Improper eppoiatmeut* of Oor. Beuck, in many iartancea, aflerded the mwt potent argument* on the part ol the di'BattsAed, for thrusting Lira aside in 1844 1 And who will question that much of the unpopularity of Qov. Wright wae caused by lu* disregarding, in innumerable initauce*, the nomination* mad* by county convention*, in several countie*, of peraona to he appointed by him, and hi* appointing the tavoritea and frienda of thoie who hovered eround him, and claimed to be hi* exclusive friend* instead 7 But Gov. Young U placed, and not by hi* own aot, in a poaition where he can neither appoint the creature* of a e/tftts, or outrage the withe* of the people, lor all patronage ii (tripped from hi* hand* by the new comtitution. It i* hi* good lortune. therefoie, to e*cape the danger* which beset the pttha of hi* immediate pred*ce**or?, in tha beetiwsi of office, and it will be the good fortune also of our worthy and moral people in this goodly city, to be rid of the host of office-seeker* that generally hurry hither immediately after a victory ka* bt en woo, like the vulture* who hover about Held altera battle ha* been fought. In tha ahaenceofa general icramblo for spoil*, wo have little to interest except to watch the movement* which will be made here thia winter, all tending to the manufacturing of candidHtea for the FreaiJoncy in 1449 Tha inaugural of the O?ven.or will uoabtleas l.e chiefly distinguished lor its brevity and for the extreme caution which wilt be oxerciaed in touching upon matter* or great luterest, excepting porn'ips in on conuecuaa with the eanals. and of those he will speak strongly, manfully, and decidedly. But anti-rentism, the tariff, the Mexican war, will l>e dealt with, for the present, very lightly; indeed, 1 ahall be surpriaed if Ise takea any decided S'and upon the question of antiretism if his Excellency writes aa well aa he spoaks, yeu may be pre ar?d for a scholastic effort in style and language, and if be dwells upon any exciting question at length, you mar look also for some eloquent passages. As for the poliey which will be marked out for the "great whig party," of course we are left to conjecture, bat ?ithout any extravagant indulgence in this mo te of arriving at onr eonciusinas, we maf expect the moat liberal policy recommended In relation to the public works, and that nothing but the coastitn ional turners which have tesn erected for the^Tesrrvation of the public faith, will restrain the coming administration in proceeding te ?n early completion of the anspended impr?veDieota. And the su>>Je< t ef the enlargement of th? Kne Canal and the eempletion of the works en the Black Hirer and tieneiee Hi?er Carols, will be held iu me as hobbies for the purpose of securing tho Sate in 1S19-? The anti rent diJLulnes may be oat t lull j nursed for ibe same laudable purpose The whigs hern, aa you will observe by the Jturntl ef thia evening, are deteiaslned not to brea& ground on the subject ol a Presidential candidate for a year to coma; at least that portion wbioh the represents; and they are recom mended by that print to abuse the acta f the Polk administration ,by way of employment in the meantime. Mr. Tburlow Weed take* occasion, at the same time, somewhat emphatically, to express his choice a* being adTerse to the pretensions of Judge McLaae, of Ohio. K? that matter 1a settled. While the whig party?for the first time almost since Ha existence?is adopting a prudent, cautious plsn for a thorough organization of its materials, lor the pur|>ose of carrying the Union iu IMS, the democrats, contrary to their ueuu sagacity, aie widening the breach which divides them, and it would uet l>e at ail surprising if Uov. Mercy i? pretaed bcloio the national convention for a nomination, a* well aa Oov. Wright Tho whig* J>ie?ent { two oeiulMlataa Irom Ohio, Judge McLane a?<l Twu < or I win. Why ehould not the democrat* of New Y ork, pre | aont "Cato"ati.l 'Sempionius T" Another reason may be given, equally potent The friend* of Cato aeem rapi<lljr dec.reaiing in immber iiure , he te do*m*<i to rotiro Irom public life, ia which ho ha? | ahouo conapicuoualy for too Uat twenty-lU jeara, arM I ae tuey lee but little proipect of hia etar'e over emerging from behind the cloud which at preaent obicurcf it, Kta diapoaod to abendoa hia fortunea mod to wotthip the riaiug iuii which now eliine* retplendontly upon tho ' brow ot General Caaa If, therefore, the friendi of Ctto are bont upon ahaiing the fortunes of tho brave General, we, who have State prule to actuate u?, and don't care two pina about either of tlie parties,will pat up the Secretary of War aa our candidate boforo tho Conrontion. Itia i Uao now to bo looking about ua ; tho akiraatahing will commence in tho anting, when tho nominations for the Judgeehipe under the new coootitatioa are to be ado, and aa tho linos which hero divided the parties in tfcla state have boon naarly deetroyed and obliterated, IJJI.1I... ... Li I'.'J.'.. , ,.J iiJ i RK I RNING, DECEMBER 17, the reformation will than commence?the rank and flla j will fall into line, that again drawing the distinguiihing , marlta betwa?n th? antagenitli.-. power*, preparatory to the following fall campaign, when the great and bitter > fight will cotne off. Then the remain* of the old Regenoy, or rather auch of them aa have eacaped the ruina of ita demolition, will be caatlng about for renomiaa- , tieaa. Mr. Flagg. who hae bean in office here for orer twenty yean, with but Terr brief intervale, will do ub tieaa be prvavutvu ior nomiD>uoD ? vam i.ompirousrstup. Tnis would bring out a strong opposition from the Ctnawltri. Mr John Van Buret), tin tola representative of the old Presidential stock .will be presented tor a re-nomiaation aa Attorney General; and then there will ba a howling on the heath, particularly front those economy loviag radicals, who object to fifty-Ire dollars a day and roast beef, to say nothing of jail fees? and should Col. Young's friends desire him to bo a candidate for the Secretary of Stnteship, some of these conservatives whom he was sent to the Honato to rebuke, might retaliate by applying the treca to the " mild and gentle Samuel." It is said that Mr. Flagg will not be a candidate for offlce next fall?that ha has positively declared he will never permit his name to go before the people. Thia may bo so. but 1 have generally found that whenever a modern politician says positively that he is not a candidate for an office, you can most surely depend upon it that hn is. Close attention to the movements of parties next spring, when the shuffling commences for nominations to the judgeships, will afford infinite amusement, if net profitable food for reflection ; and fce kind of man selected as csndidates will show how thiugs will shape fer the ensuing autumn. In this district the singulsr state of things will oe exhibited in the nomination of Hen. Ira Harris, now Senator elect, as the anti-rent candidate for the bench. The policy of electing the judges will he fully demonstrated when a confirmed, ultra out-and-out professed enti-renter is selected to preside in conrts of justice before which the difficulties existing between landlord and ten int will be brought for adjustment. Perhaps the other candidates will be required to give pledgee to their constituents as te what kind ef decisions they will make in suits brought fAthe recovery of rent List ns see how this system will work. Before closing, permit me to call year attention to the fact tha' the N T. Evtning Emprt&i of Taeeday last, copied almost verbatim my remarks upon the probable course and known views of Oov. Young en the anti-rent queetlon, and preaeated the sasae to its render* aa original editorial matter, without the asual courtesy of crediting either the HtrtU or its correspondent, ItNUti Tic* Chancellors Court. Before Anthony L Robertson, assistant Vic* Chancellor Qrortr H. Kiltty atX't wife > Henry Jf Wetlrm, mr. wivor, fc ? In charge of a legk'y on personal and real estate, and en the executors and (>*Tl*eei personally, the psrsonal estate end the executors are flrat responsible and then the laud, anil it is at me?t hut u ainple contract debt and may t>e discharged bj a bond, if sgroed to tie tnlc?& ia payment: the acknowledgment of the receipt of the bond in this ca?* in lull, waa such agreement, and discharged the personal liability of the exocutors, ar J with it the lien en the land The bill to be dismissed nith costs of pioving the receipt and bond. Stephen Hutilii tt el. vs. Fanny Smith it al aim's, and ?thtri.?Tbo requisition of the statute directing the sale by the mortgage of mertKagad premises, when consisting of distinct tsrms, tracts, or lots in separate farms is fully complied with by selling in oae parcel that which was reputed to be oue farm at the time of the execution of the mortgage, though the cultivated part is separate from meadow or woodland by the distance of a mile, or upwards That the testimony in this caee suAciently establishes the reputation and us*ge of the mortgaged nrem'ses constituting on-i farm, an.I the sale was therelore regular. That an agreement that the complainants I knijit > x. .-i ...... -F? .? 41. ? decrco any apecilic performance. Tnat anv equities appearing from the testimony cannot be enforced, anion founded on allegation* contained in the kill. The bill diimiitad with coat*. Jumt ji Bur tut ??. Fitzgerald 'Pitioll, and olMtr*.? The bill confirms the sale to the di-fandant Bailey, but ?eaks to reach the proceed* which were divided between the defendant* Tisdall and Hickman. Held that a sale by partner* of partnerahip auet*, and diviiion ol proceed* and application of their *eparate interact to payment of individual debt*, i* not fraudulent of itieli, I against partnership creditors ; that inch creditor oan only reach partnership auet*, where oae iwrtner diasent* actually, or by implication of law by death or bankruptcy and hi* lien is established by filing hi* bill. That the debt from Hickmen to Bailey, 1* not proved to have been fictitious ; a creditor* bill cannot be filed against innocent debtor* of debtor. The bill to be dismissed with costs-, costs of the defendant, Hickman, to be credited on the judgment Oouvtmeur AT. Wilkin*, vi. Itaac Dt Fori$t, it al.?On a decree for account the calling for a discovery of the disponition ef partnership asset*, and an account doe* not prevent the complainant trom introducing fresh proof before the maater, on the reference to him to take the account. The book* of the partnerahip are not required to be pro J need, aa a matter of course, but it i* controllable by tbe discretion of the master. Reference ordered accordingly. Garry M. 1'tck vg. John Fitktr ?Where the time and manner of holding lands and the terms of occupation are settled, and nothing remains to be ascertained or done before the right of ]>o?session is to commence under an agreement, It n to be considered a present lease, and not an agreement to execute a future one. The words "I will let" are not future; the instrument set forth in the bill was a perfect lease, and there was no neceaalty for applying to thi* court. The po**e**ion of the complainant was perfectly coniiitant with thi* lea*et and tt wa* not neoeiaarr to conitrue it aa a posaeaiion under any new leas*. The substituted agreement, il any auch was mnl?. via rniil. aa nat hainv in writinv and an of part performance shown. Bill dismissed with coats. Cyrui W. Field vt. ike Mayor 4?e. New York, at aL? An assignment of future property to be acquired is valid in equity though not at law; the assignment in tbil case was such assignment, but the naked assignee of a chose in action having his rlghta fully protected at liw, without some act of hindrance on the part of the assignor, or collusion between him and the debtor caanot file a bill iu the Court of Chancery. The notice of the assignment to the comptroller of the city, who U only authorized to adjust the items of accounts, was not a sufficient notice to the corporation. It Is also doubtful whether mere notice ia sufficient in regard to such ?n assignment of future acquisitions whether a bill must not be filed to establish the lien. Bill dismissed with costs. Pejer Sckermtrkom and etkere vi. the Hay tr fe. of New York and other? ?Where a pier is not built on land belonging to the city, the city is not rested with any interest in it unless for tho purposes of a highway, until after the failtue of the owners of lots opposite such piers to make tha same, after proper notice, and even the right ef the corporation is only to the wharfsgo, and they are bound to giant the land to the riplrian owner. That although the right of tho owner ef the upland to the soil under water in front of his land is not strictly a legal restod right, yet it has been the policy of the dtate lawa to grant sueh soil whenever it is considered for tho publia interest to have it made land above water, and that the corporation are made mere agenta to carry out uch policy. That the complainants having received wharfage for twenty years on the end of the pier as for merly built, a grant from the corporation, which they were bound to mike, it to be prnnumed. That the corpo- I ration have no right to order the exteruion of a pier originally built, either under pretence of enlarging a (lip or other wiie ; that-if they had, the notice in thia case waa irregular, bring to the owner* of the eaiterly half of the pier, instead oi lota on South itraet, oppoiite tho pier ; that the pior wai a nuiiance, being made without authority ; that the complainant* having a right to the wharfage at the end efkthe wharf, are entitled to conaider the itractuie a* an accidental increment to their pier, to tha wharfage ariiing from which they are entitled. There inuat be a aerpetual injunction againitthe corporation, retraining them from interfering with the collection of wharfage by tha complainant*, and a decree againat them for coata. WiUinm Van Hook and othtri, Ex'rt, +e., VI. Samuel It Komaine and ofAer*.?The mind of Beqj. Romaine, the mortgagor, doe* not ap|iear to have been deprived of reaaon. so a* to make hi* contract* void at the tiaoe of executing the mortgage in qutatlou. That hi* hoitiiitv to hit wife appear* to have been a mare moral maof* or the affective power* whioh did not reach hit intellectual power* for twenty yeara and upward* ; that hi* view* on two other subject*, though extruvagant, were not the re?ult of any mental delusion ; that the grief ariiing from the lot* of hit daughter, '"tided rather to frenzy than melancholy, and su'??id?a 'mlore the contract in questinu ; that/hi*'enile debility had not amounted to a:>*olu'e incapacity ; that the contract wa* cimplv to borrow meiiey at n legal rate, to l>e appropriated, and actually appropriated by him fur rational purpose*, an J witiun nia cempiehension. That no uodu* influence waa nn?<l, ami the contract wa* legal and binding: and wi hunt a >'ic? by cotnml?*ion of lonaoy or otnerwi*e, of any incapacity, the complainant* are entitled to a tale ol the precise* In question ? The alleged contract aet up by the defendant Western 1* not binding on Mr*. NIooU's ihara, *h? bei'ig a married woman at tha time of making it; and no decree can be made upon any equity ariaing from an incapacity of the teatator to n<ake the aevanth codicil to- hi* will, a* the other defendant* have had no opportunity to contro rt it. Tho defendant* nuit pay taeir own co*ta, exempt tha guardian* ai litem tor the in ant defendant*, who are entitled to their'* ant of the proceed*, after paying tha complainant'! claim and cant*. Uaetd Ogdtn vt. Fitkrr and elhtrt ?Tha partial to tht? >uit ara entitled to councel fee* to be paid out ot tha fund*, tn.'h tee* to ba certified by tho tax ng officer wit* hii taxation of the coat*. Henry bhrrman und fVife rt. Michael Burnkam and olhtrt.?A hill flled by hntband and wife i? a bill by the husband alone, and the wife I* no party if tha bill U to affect her teparata eatata. Whaia the object of a bill i* to o lain a dUtribution of a (nod, tha Court, in order to protect the ahuent partiei, unlete it i* fully taticfieJ that | all perioa* intereited are made partita, will order r i ferrnre to a matter fur that pnrpo**; an adn>ini*tr?tor dthenit non tun , of Michael Burnham, dtr.eaae J, all tha children of hi* daughter*, and Mra. Sherman, muat be made partiee defendant*, and *he may be atiuck out aa a complainant-, if a next Incnd wa* appointed for her, leaving her a* complainant, the mil wonUl then he in the name of two complainant*, wit* cei>Cicting hiterett*; for a wife aa to bar aeparate e*tate, hat an interest horile to her huab?nd'?; it would be in fact an entire at'ditien af a stranger to Uie rait aa a complainant, which the Coart ha* no power to order. On the confiimation of tha Maiter'a report the complainant it to be at liberty to amend hie proceeding* in regard to thoeo defect*. Jeteh Swrfet r Suitn Lawrenre and etheri.?There mutt be a decree for ?crount in Uiie ceee, not wi thatending kill against defendant, Mra. Lawrence aa awignee hat been Bled Hi tho Circuit Court of the United Bute* to cot a tide Ike a*aign*n ent, Dm complainant not being a party to rach rait. i m* m ti n I ERA 1846. Notice* at Slew Books, Huilr, <Sfc. The (luadautcd* or North Aurnct?By AuJubon and Bacliman ?Thi? volume, published by J. J. Audubon, we mo*t oordialiy recommend to tbo notiee and patron- 1 ago of our citizens. The labor* of Mr. A. in his laborioa' reiearchai in natural history, have aa yot boon bat inndo quatoly appreciated on tbo continsLt which has baon tho tcono of hii labors. Wo lad this volume descriptive of the animal* to bo pictorially described in two large volumes soon to be published ; and aside from this it is a lost valuable text book. We are clad to so* the names . of tome of the most eminent man or wealth and science throughout the oountry appended to the subscription list for fka ?" ' ?? kuni ?? many willUDg, f of thoM who are abundantly able to add thair influence | ta the support af a truly national enterprise. Wa a am- r estly commend tba attantion of all our influential man to I Mr. Audubon's work. American Monthly Maoaiine : Wm.H. , Graham, Tribune buildings. agent. The January nam- ' bar of this popular periodical Is the moit be tutiful and valuable publication of the kind that we have yet aaan. i The new vignette ii a treasure in itself, and an engraving \ which reflecta great credit mpon publithor and author. There are two other engraving* beaidtsa the fashion plate, which ii alro far superior to the generality met ' with The latter pres& aa usual, i* of great variety of ! uteful and entertaining matter. We cordiallv recommend tbia publication to the support of the public. Rear O'Meaa?By Samuel Lover?Lae k Blanchard, publishers,Philadelphia. Thiaiia meat beautitully printed and illuetratad edition of one of the meat humorous works of the Iriah noveliat ind poet. It will, we deubt not, meat with an extensive aale. Thb Rubai. Rtaianaiaa Almanac for 1S47,published by Lee k Blanchard, ia aa invaluable addition to Um farmer'* or horticaliurist's library. Blackwood's Edinsobcm Maoazihb for November is received from Leonard Hoott It ia a* uaual Ailed with instructive and entertaining matter. Gba*um'i Mohthlv Miatuxa fer'Becember contain*, heilde* two other engraving*, a plate of " Rebecca,:' which ia worth the price of e year'* aubaeription The reading matter ia good. Wra. II. Graham, Tribune Buildinga, ha* a *npply of thi* number. Goluimith'* Gem ec Pbnmaihhip, published by the author, is Ailed with beaatifal sxsrciie* for proficient writer. Lira ?no \DvtnTUBK* or P*ULlONea ? Wm H. Orsham, Tribune buildinga, publiaher The nam? of thia werk speaks for the thrilling interest ef it* content*. CnaiaTMAa Box; Wm. H. Gmbam, publishers is vsrv neat edition of temperance stories by T. H Authur. it is a pretty present ior the holiday a. Loidon Quabtebly Itaviaw ; Leonard Scott. pnblish er. We have received the Ootohei nu.iher of -hta inagatiaa It is more than uaually full of instmctiou and readable matter. i Htuunii' i iroimitio-t fob Ttir P?ori.?, from H. Long k Brother*. >3 Ann itreet We have the 6rh and 7th number*, an1 find tham quite equal to the wall tieaerved r?)iulatian of the pravioai number*. The publication i* a universal guide, and a library in itaelf. Thb Roman Tbaitob 1* tha titla of a new hiatorioel romance, by Henry Will am Herbert, author of " Marinadulia Wy Til," " Cromwell," ' The Brother*," eto. The work ia built upon tha hiitorj of the olt rehearsed act* of tha Roinxn Comparator*, led by Cataline of " Baui'hed from Rome" memory Mr Herbert undertake* to atcer Clear of the rock upon which *o many writer* of claatic fiction have broken, viz,-that of appearing too learned, lie aim* . at depicting men, and remember* that " the human heart i* atill the human hrart. wherever and in whatever age it may be found." He premiaa* lu hi* preface to adhere icrupuloualy to the hiitory of the event* I referred to in hi* work. Hi* th"me i* a fruitful one. The work it published in two volume*, by William Taylor ?t Co., No. 3 Akfor House. I Thk Watbb Ccbk, ob IIvbbopatht, by John Forbes, M. D. F. H. 8., publifbed at Philadelphia, oy Lindaay and Blackinaon; 03 page*, 13aio The author undertake* to unravel the u*?* and ahuiea of the water treatment, and announoea himielf on the whole in favor ot the hydropathic e*tabli*hment?. The work will undoubtedly be >e*d We recommsnl the Park Fountain a* capital place to try the water cure treatment, when the thermometer i* down to zero. , patitk'a Iliuitraticd London?Part I?A aerie* of view* of the British Metrupolia and it* Environ*, with hiitorical and deacriptive letter pre**, London print? Robert T. Shannon, No. 3M Willium-at Thi* i* a pamphlet of IS page* of reading matter, Illustrated by five highly finished steel engraving* Thc Rival*?1"A Comedy in five acta, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan," with ttage business, east*, coitumea, he. Thi* 1* No. XXXI. ot modern atandard drama, ed ited by Epae Sargent William Taylor k Co., No 3 Aator Home. Paths'* Ukivkbial on Piotobial Wobld, with four beautiful ateel engraving* No. 10 of the above work i* now on aale at Robert T. Shannon'*, No. 300 William street. Tnb Victobia Cbabadi*.?C. 8. Kranci* k Co., 393 Broadway ?Fifty Charades, printed on colored card*, accompanied l>y a key, and arranged a* a game for the amuiement of evening nartie* : a verv riant affair. New Muuc ?We have received the following piece* of new muuc from At will, 301 Broadway " The land wa lire in," a patriotic aoag. "Liala, Liela, ceaae thy lay," an anrverto "Oh caitthat shadow from thy brow," new edition. ' It ia the chime," a aerenade, with a pretty picture of a leave taking on the title page. " 1 come, I come," with Queen Victoria, done on atone.? Hero's a chance for the muaic loving ; quite treat, no doaht will be found in these pretty production* of musical geniu*. We hare alio received the following publication* of the National Publishing Company, corner of Fifth and Cheatnut street*. Philadelphia. " Lady, the rose I give to thee," word* by C. C. Peebles, music by George Loder, and "Weep lor the Gallant Dead," words by Augustine Duganne, music by George Loder ; dedicated to Mrs. Colonel Watson. This piece will undoubtedly have a run,as the burden of the song is "weep fl>r the gallant chief who fell at Moatorey." The Eclectic Commentary ok this Holt Bisi.e, from the works of Henry and Scott, and other writer*. Published in London bv the Religious Tract Society; New York, 8hannon k Co., No. 300 William *treet. Part VIII, with an excellent wood engraving of Vount Sinai in the distance. The names of Henrv and Scott sufficiently indicate the character of U>e work, which ia to be completed in twenty-four psrt*. The Abciiitcct.?A series of original design* for domestic and ornamental cottage* ; by Wm. H. Ranlett, architect ?Wm. II. Graham, Tribune Buildings, New York ?We have on a former occasion remarked of tkia work, that all person* contemplating to erect building* in the countrv, should purchase it, beside* being a valuable acquisition to carpenter*, contractor*, lis. It de*?rve* an esteniive circulation. " Thk IJetil's Gift, or thk Three Bas* or Gold." ? l.a vicioire"-' muuru en iorme ue nonuo '? " Initiation March"?by Anthony lleilT, Professor of Manic to the New York Institution for the Blind?'" La Belle Gallop Brillante," and " Oh, Cruel Fortune," from the Opera of Ernani. We have received from the well known publishers,V, Riley k Co., 297 Broadway, pieces of music with the ahove titles, all arranged for the pianoforte by competent hanJf. '? liey are got up in the flrst style, and will uo doubt be in every parlor. Kndicott has published an admirable lithographic portrait of James ?. Murdoch, the tragedian. The resemblance is capital, and the style excellent. Soyai and Bailadi, by Samuel Lover?Henry Der raott, up town book store, 033 Broadway. This la a collection of Iriah legendary ballads by the well known Irish novelist; many of them are thoee which he sings in his " liish Evenings." No doubt it will have what it deserves, a rapid sale. Hall's Hvdbostatic He Fountain.?A new invention, of the above name, and one combining many hitherto mush needed qualities in the article of ink stand*, has been shown us. It's great superiority over otheis seems to consist in its rolidity, protection of the fluid from the air, and it's simplicity ot workmanship. It is for sale in this city by Thoe. Wi/.les k Co., SO Old Slip. tiaiAT MaTBorOLis?H. Wilson, 150 Broadway.? This guide to New York for l?47,is out- It is an excellent pocket hook for memoranda. Julia Ukmanu ; oa tmc N'tw Sittlimkit : by the autheresi of the " Two Schools." Edward Dunuigan, No til Kulton street. This is a very planting and v-eli written t?l?, and we recommend It t<i iho notice ot the catholic part ot our country. It lottna No. 7 of uui.ul- . gau's Home Library, whici' oomi i'ei Work* of trreat w terns t and value to aatbolicsgeouiall) Sn Lcctvhas on tn> Uses r rut .Ltms a*? Causes, Pbktawtion and Cobk or Co: itisriivn kc fc.v Burgess Stringer k Co., Broaiway. T?r E*oha*TBa, na th* Kali, or (iaaxsst el Hoiwaa.?burgxss. Strincor k t o.' An cxUimriy iattr?sting *ork hom this Ut'entod author. ; ClHlSDAfl, Dec , 1840. Sluti ?J tkt Rivtn?Tkc U 3- iteamir BiH ? Tradt end Thftricalt i na nnr comes nuumuig uown n i?it, wiin re uiuai accompaniment of drift wood, coal Ut^n, largo ted mall craft, giving an impuUe to the carrying trade, and glad heart* to tha trader, leaving a* In no doubt u to plenty of cheap coal u winter la aetting In. The U. 8. iron ateamer Bibb having a new engine fitted for her by Yeetmen It Hbielda, aailed yeaterday to join the 'aquadron in the Oulf. The levee wta deseely crowded aa well ai the apper deck of every eteemer in port to witnetf her departure. The U. 8. bend atatloned at Newport waa on board, an<l played many martial alrr Her aaillag q-talitiea are excellent, and wera fully letted. She made fire milet in let* than fifteen minute*, if j an excellent ctaft, and tltf proudly in her element; car- I rieaaeventy men, and eight lonn gur.a ; we hope too a to hear of her uaefulneat. Her gentlemanly oommtoJer, Lieut Faunce, invited aome one hundjedcitir*'" on board, who partook ot an excellent lunch while failing a I few milea down tha river. Ke rounde l to,wnere-omai- I boetea vera in raadineaa to take ut to the city. Every ! ona waa delighted with the trip . I Aa an evidence of the high etage of water, the large rlaaa ateamer Cincinnati came up the tallf, end vifited her nlace of nativity for the firft time in two yeart. Mbe u much too large to go through the can?l Rockwell hit ballt a hrick rircoa and open* to-morrow (Monday) with a full ooropany. Herr Cline, Frank lin, Lipanan, the Acrobat family, a quartette of Olee Singera, with other novelty. The theatre he? d?u? an exeelUat bueinea*. Leonard, tha Iriah comedian, cloaed laat week. Booth playa I ahortly, foUowed by the Ravel*. | Flour ami wheat at a ftand Tht packer* of petk war* bitten eo **rfcm*ly laat year by the gruntera, that thay era holding off Breeder* are fending them alive , to the eeetein market via riUehorgh? aomething novel, and if aucceeaful, will certainly afact Cincinnati VORTEX. | I . . -r 1 r ".-il L,D. ? - , m flic* TWO KlMt>Mtl intelligent. Tm DurtmiHiti or New York.?Among thechar table inatitutions of the City of New York, the 4i?penaariea stand piomiuent Whoever it aick and cannot afford to pay a phynician for attendance. or a draggiat for ne iicine, haa only to apply to one of theae eatabluhmenla, a ad if hii aickneaa ia of anch a character aa to allow him j.o move out, he may receive daily ailvice and medicine rora the dispensary gratis; or if be if to ci tasted aa to ba unable to mova out, one of the out door physician* of the charity will attend him at bit own home and carefully prescribe and administer to bit case. There are three dispensaries ia this city, Tittha Eastern, lituated in the rear of Knei Market, corner of Ludlow itraet; the New Yoik Diipemary, situated at the corner of Centra and White streets, and the Northern, at the corner of Waverly Plaoe and (th Avenue. The arrangamenta at A these three differ slig htly ene from the other in thalr dataili, though in their ultimate abject they are very sissilar. At the New York Diipensary, corner of Centra and White itreete, the arrangement ia nearly M follow*, Tii'.There ii a reiident physician attached to the institution,and he ia a salaried officer? $000 a-year.we beliaTe, be gnta, there are besides this, ten attending physicians and Ave assistant ones These gentlemen receive no pay for their services. There are three out door phyaicians, whose duty it is to Tiait patients at their homee. These three are salaried officers? $400 we understand ia their annual pay. There is also an apothecary and an assistant, who are also paid There ia attached to the establishment a vaccine and tooth pulling department, under the control of the resident physician. Of the ten attending physicians, five take charge ot the female caaes and five of the male ones, and some one of them ate to be found at the dispensary from A. M. until sundown. Any person who applies for advice and medicine between those hours haa hia caae looked into and supplied. Aa the object of the institution is to aid the |?oor, whenever pereons apply whom the physiciaus have reason to suppose are well able to pay for their medical advice, 'heir names are taken and enquiries are made, wb?a, if it appears that they are usurping the place of really poor patienta, they aro no longer attended to. 'J'he Dispensaries are supported in part by certain ananal endoivmenu from the Corporation and also by privet* subscription. The board of trustees ie made up of the subscribers, aod they oleot the medical ofllcera Aa annual subscription of five dollars amities the subscriber to a vote, and h? has an additional vote for every Bto dollars he subscribes; that is to say. until he baa ao> quired ten votes by subscribing Aity doiiars anuolly; but any subscription beyond that does not entitlo him to any more vo'os? ten votes ia the maximum that one person can have The medical officers are appointed permanently; and though there ia maoh labor connected with such an appointment, and in ti e majority of cases no pay, and in a few but a trifling remuneration^ tiled up immediately on the occurrence el vecanoioc Tui* faot alone ibow* the feeling neoi the profoo lon in New York. A* our city i? daily increasing, the neoeuitr for More of these eatabli* . menu become* greater; and freaa the pint evinced in the manner of conducting the onoa now in existence , we hare no doubt that the different a action! of the ciiy will aoon each have it? ditpenaery. On aoma ether occaaion we will fire aoine further account of ihf> other inatitution* ef this nature, atioh aa the Eye and Enr Infirmary, the Lying in Infirmary, fco Hralth Ovkick at C^uarantifyk?We presume that erne change* will take place in 'he Quarantine eatebliaUiuent, whan the new Governor ahull have aaaoaed the rein* of State. Thia ia a very lucrative aituation, la an ordinary ve r the receipt* at the Jeaat cannot average lea* than $10 000 clear; however, that may ho, it liir? apenaible appointment and require* a medical van of extenaive ability to folfll it properly. Wo trnat, if Governor Voting doe* make any enange, that ho will weigh the claim* of all the applicant*, not by the balance of their politica, but by tnat of their medio*! intelligence. Lennox La?cbt ?Thia paper li-ropubliahod hero without abridgement, by Burgee*, Stringer It Co. It la a very interesting paper, iambodylng all that 1* new in the Kngliah medical world. It give* a good Idea of tho atanding of the profeaiion there; and the** membera of It in thi* country who are grumbling at bard tim**. It*, lie., would do well to take thia paper, li only to *oe how much better off, a* a bet)*, they are here than in England. Vatrletleo. Jamea Waldroup, a revolutionary patriot, died at Fayette county, in Virginia, on the 3d inat, at the advanced age of IDS yeara, being in hi* 104th year. Mr. J no. Stacer, aged 17, died at Burlington, Vt, lag week. He wa* left an orphan at two year* old. entered the aervice at 17, aervod *ix yoara, and r*c?iv*a an km orable discharge from On. Knox in I78S. There wore built in the United States, from tba lrt af January, ISIS, to the 30th of Jnna, 1946, 96,7M v ewe la af all kindi, with a tonnage of aboat 4,OM,000 tana. Tha Delaware and Raritan canal waa eleeed by iea Mi Sunday night. The boat* are laid up, and goada will now be traniported over the Camden and Amboy Kailroad. It ia feared that a Mr. William C. Brown, of Concard, Man., waa loat on board the Atlantic. Hli nana kaanet before appeared in couneotiod with the loet orsavud. B. McAlpin haa been re-elected Mayer of Mobile. Tha Democrat* hare a majority of one in tha common council, on joint ballot. Tlia remain* oi Major Ringgold arrived at Mabile aa the 8th init, and ware received with appropriate honora Elizabeth Price committed auicide in Boaton on. Thursday evening by throwing herself from a window. Who waa a widow, and through intemperance, partially deranged. Hon. Denial P. King, of Maasachusetts, returned houM from Waahington, on Saturday last, Mug called bask in conaequence of tha death of his father. The printer* of Lowell are to celebrate franklin'* birth-day by a (upper, and extend an invitation to aome of their neighbora to participate with them. The Town Houae in North BrookAeld, Maaa.,waa daa* troyad by Ira on Monday last. On Tueeday laat, at Bcituate, Alvin Porter, Jan., WW accidentally ahot by Calab Bate*, while on a docking exo onion. Daacen John Sullivan, of Qalncy, aged eeventy-eavea yaara, died on Friday, in oonaequence of injuriea received in falling from a load of hay a few day* before. Mr. Fletcher, of Salem, dry good* dealer, waa burnt out lait Saturday evening. Lou $1000?ineured. At a meeting of the (tookholder* of the Wai pole Rail road ob Monday laat. it wa* voted to prucaad forthwith, and locate the road, and put it undar contract. The Hudion river ii undoubtedly ctoaad for the aaa on. At Athena the river i? froxen over, and the oald af the lait two daye will aioea it yet mora. ? The Connecticut river ia now claead. Tho member* of the Wiaconain State Convention refuted to adjourn over Thanksgiving djy. Cauaa?iplte ta Uor. Dodge ; aoaay* the Milwaukee StnittuL The Traveller made her trip to New Havan on Tueediy laat io four hour* forty minutai. Diitance SO miiee. Mr. Clay lately racaivad a box with 3M Iba. o yet en In cane, apreeent Irom Jereey oyttarman. It wa* eonveyed from New York to Lexington free of charge. In Philadelphia they have a well-dreaaed female wha "pich* pocket* in the omnibu*." Hhe i* of genteel appearance, and ha* a vary taking way with bar. At Fort Meiick, illinoi*. there ia a greet excite meat, one 800 men being under arm*, armtliqr counter feitera. Kive hundred and eighty-two wagon* ware Carried over the .Mi*?i*aippi at Burlington, Iowa, In two waaka? moat of them containing immigrant*. An affray occurred at Richmond, Va, yeeterday, be* twevii Mr Botta, the editor of tne Southern Standard, and Mr. Lambert, the aon of the Mayor of that city. mtt. uuiw - M "JRuvi; wuuuuva um IW?IT? IWII WIN aubangad. Mr. Cranaton, of tha Eutaw Ilouaa, U alowly mco Taring. A vary rxcallant ^oal mlna ii being workod hy an American cutbyny ? Owarrara, in M 'ilco. It la M fto rirer SaUJo, 1J DiiUafroai tut Hlo tiianda. Court of binerkl Hi K?m, 3?fora R?curd?r soott tad *M. iiakMB and Jaknaaa. J.ihn ??X'un, , Diatuot Attoraay. Dru it of lln J?\<t 9ay*a ?Tha trial af th,? K?oUam*n I of an aiiagad aaaaait upon tha pawn af Mra Cram, wfnah waa i?t ilown fur ta-iaarraw. wUl nat coaimcnce than, a* ktiiiHpatad. tha da(?u-t#at b??tmg o"?tain??l an ordar from Ju>tga Kdvouia, ' ra aaia (Ma l>ru-?aa<iiug? iu tba caaa lr<?m tha caurt of iJaaatal Saaaiun? 10 th? C onrt of Oyar and Taronuar. tka nast tarw al whlca wilt cnmaaanca on Manday tba Mtb tnat. Trial f*r Hit*?* Rahterm-William UaTia waa placad at tba bar thia warning lor trial aa an indtetaMBt, charging him with rabbary io tba A rat dagraa , and la harm* barn coocarnad with ffa. SUaay (irailaialf trix.l and aant to tba Suta Priaou) In knocking down Liicm Beroet In the *h ward, and robbing kin of a watch and a wnaii aum of mm; , Ml the eight W the Itth of October Itit The teittmeay of Um oeaplalonat baring *> " l?k?? it *?n? int. *u flrit rtld I in evidence on the part of Um >iwmiUw, I ami Kara a detailed ftaUmeut of the clrcumt'eneee uder which tba robbery *11 committed. *1111 tha nuMr iu which the eccuaed it char* el with being connected wiiu tha *ama. Officer Roll than depeeod that ha took Dtvit into cnttody immediately after tha robbary bad been committad. and that on aeerobing h|n aeme M the property alleged to have beeo atolen waa found is tea imatettion. Tha cate waa tummed up In behalf of tkn acr. need by Janet M Smith. Jr., Itaq , and bv tha Diftrtot Attorney on the part of tha protecuuon. Aft?r which it wa? given to tha jury, under a b?>ef charge from tha Recunler, bat at a into hour a verdict bad not bona rendered Trial for Burglm'y ?Two lad*, named Oeorge W Alliton and John fownaend were then onlied to trial on a charge of burglary, in having burglariouMy eniered the office of M?t re Brown h Bell, tnip builder*, and t'olen therefrom toe luu of fl.SOO in bank btlle, on tto l ith of September iatt. On the part of the provocation, Mr. Hampton teatified that en leaving the effioe for l hort tune on the afternoon of the day in qnaati?, he fattened the office door ; and that en returning, he >liecovered that the deek had been opened. ?nd Ike etoMMa, amounting to atolea tberefiom. Mr. Farrand depoted ih t, while near the office of Brown It Bell, about 4 o'clock P. M., on the 19th of .September, he eew AlHaan enter the piemieea. Witneaa taw another led heatJaa Alliton, but could not tey that the prisoner Townaend waa the individual be then taw At tbi* tttft of the trial the couit adjourned until to morrow ma in tag.

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