Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1846 Page 3
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M OM SfMk Birhun, | ?Bdf* "r ?* l*"h" Hj","n bkS ! :i *? B* 3 & $10, uCO do 7S? <i0 W i? k v,?l!*bBr*Bk * J? do .10 49$ l.? >?rUi? lnut fc!* loo do al# 49K " jf' l?0 II 10 Erir KKoldatk 46 r?,dor *'X UihiNork Wor 47V 2, t.?au>a Co 2?i ino do bOO ?>* * "J0 2JJ? i? do 5? do ii* M do 47U M j? *.j * do b4m 41 1 ? an 2 ?8 ? t ^ J7* >0 Look UUud 311 Uu liO do 47?< *? dj HO MW 200 do 47 ? VX n <>? bw "iS ,M R?*d'?? RR b43 ?Jt2 J50 liar am RR 4?l? 200 do b4S U& 3J0 do 4?S *30 do W ? . S*con?1 Board. 130 Nor & Wor 47W 50 aha Reading alS HX 2f do 4?C 100 do bl3 61 ? *nl iM do 61V 25 do ,3 47)2 30 do bO 6*2 5? dj 47*J 23 HaiUm 4t)J ? ?>* 30 do blO 4?* 100 aha Readme (IK W?W Itoeb Kicban?[*> W MJ OfciortlfO ??o 90 W 30 aha HarUm RR tw 4IW 30 Harltm bl 4S?J 15 aha Nor k Wor caah 47^ ? ?? oj 1/-4 u " ??n ?l?, SO do ?S 4?S S# do cub 47* SO do iJ 49Si so do fcaturdv 47l4 F30 dr> eaah 4#S J00 do euo 47J? 150 do Friday <*S SO do ij 47.V I JO do c??h 4??{ 40 do Ftidsy 47'* [5* do (Utu relay 49*4 i Ittarrlcd, On Wednesdsy evening, 16th instant, by the Rev. Joseph McElrey, Mr. Giorub F. Brow* to Almiu Pint, ; youngest daughter of Robert Rogers, all of this city. On Wednesday, 16th instant, by the Rev. Or. Lyell, , k Mr F*?ncis M'Mall*, to Mabv C., daughter ot H 8 " Kierste 1. Ktq., all of this city. ^ Died. On the 16th instant, after a short and severe illness, Hrnav Mikuou, in the 49th year of hisage The friends of his father, (the late John Minurh,) also, those of his brother Jobn, and his brother-in-law John Whittemnre. are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral en Saturda / the 19th instant, at half-past 3 o'clock, P. M , at his late residence, #3* West 21d street, near the Vth avenue 11 Oa Wednesday morning, 16th instant, of consumption, KusAacrH B, wife ei Albert Journeay, Jun., and daughter wf Win. 0. Windie, aged XI years, 3 months and 3 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend the funeral services at 8t. Jokn'a chapel, this 1 (Friday) mo- meg,at half past 0 o'clock, from whence the body will be taken to Staten Island for interment. Car- ' riages will be waiting in frent of the church On the morning of the l*th instant, at 7 o'clock, Mrs. _ . Msaev Fbadkhbokoh, and eld aad respectable inhabitant ; C t?f this city, sge > 8j veers. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, | No. 148 West Thirteenth street, on Friday afterneon, ! 18th instant, at 3 o'clock, without further invitation. rain Newtown, L. I, on Wednesday, the 16th initant, ' \1 lu a mm a m"?- ? do - - -- ' i ....... vgvu on JMII, V lliuuiua, KJMI 1'4 U?y B. I i The relatival and friend* are respectfully invited to at* tend ber funeral, trout the residence of Mia? Susan Moore, this 'day, (Friday,) at one o'clock, without further invitation. At Cambridge, on Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Mebiivba, ' wife of Joseph T. Buokingham, in the 63d year of her : . | r At Weston, ?th instant, John M. OoiraoAS, Esq., aged ; 81 year*. I f MEW LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, Jmt Received for the Holiday?. . TJOINT URUXtLLES LACES AND FLOUNCES, of v JT tvarv width. 1 MECHLIN do do do VALENCIENNES LACES AND EDGINGS. LAi E DKESSES OF BRUXELLE POINT AND MECHi.IN?One drrtstlie n>eit macmficeui ever asade BCahFS oftha niwtit dwtigus aud most beautiful work. BRL'XELLE POINT CAPES, COLLARS, CU*l-8, BERTHES, BARBS. Stc. MECHLIN AND VALENCIENNES de do do One ease of NEW PARIS EMBROIDERED HDKFB. Do do do do DRES9R9. Do do do do COLLARS AND CAPES. Bo CHILDREN'S LINEN CAMBRIC ROBEB AND FROCKS. Do CAPS, HANDKERCHIEFS, lie. ALHO. One esse of RICH EMBROIDERED SILK DRESSES SATIN LREHIES?all sellable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS?at very low price*, by JAMES BECK fc CO., 3?Broadway. N. B.?SHAWLS and CLOAKS at very reduced prices. dlt tweod r RICH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. LE GAL, BOULANn k CO., No.M Reaver street, up | staira. hsve received by the Silvie de Orasse and Loais I'villippe, a splendid assortment of articles suitable for Ho 1 liday Present*, consisticc of porcelain and alaasware, , work botes, dressing cases, (ilt articles, fancy ana rich ban. ben betes, segar eases, glove boxes, rich perfamed sachets, porfuiaery, he. ke., which rliey offer for sale low, and in lots ; l? anit purchasers. oil lw'rh t \ HOLIDAY PRESETS. A SMALL iavoiceof fine Freach jewelry and (ilt faaey j ro' da, for sale at a low price, wholesale or roiail by VI TOR BISHOP, importer of precious stones. No. 12 1,-iuo, vpauin. dl8 2wit*r IKK VOLUNTKKK. THE FIRST NUMBER of thii Weekly will be lasoad ftaiarday (to-morrow) morning. 1; will contain Po?trv; Oar Oviwi'a Neighbor, an original tale; Timothy Todd, Kaq.. a numoreua talc; Letters frem Dead Latter Office-, Waahi?sioa Corresp .ndenre, is Advance of the mail; Letter from (lea. La V a f v, Oku. Oainea aid the Common C unci I; Ola gymea oa Broadway; Fashionable Charch Music, Editori I, lis. Edward a-d Gerard 8. Stags, Editor* and Proprietor". !|l Nassau at. ci8 li*r : FRhNCH CHKSNUTS; j A USE lot of French Cheauats, just rece'red and for sale by BOiD It HI.NCKEN, dl? Itrh Wall, cor Water it'V NOTICE. ! PRICE RKDFCED TO n CENTS PER BOTTLE ? rate for I).Idiot aad Q-ay Hair.?A deairable article fcr ha Tiln ?The Trieapherova, or Medicated Compound, ia aow ackaowieSaed by all who have used it to be the beat oud Most ceitnu article th\t haa ever kawmmMti Then| aan< e bsye pioelaimed and bora witness to ita Talueandefficaey It pre tear* baldness. restores the hair that haa fallca rffur became this: keeps the h-iir from becoming grey,and remove* D? idniff. Hcuiff. fcc. It ia paiticalarly recommended to tin ladies, as it not only claanaea the hair, bnt gives a softness and brilliaacy wnich csanot ba surpassed I'rera *d and a ild hv A. C. Barry, artist in Hair, No. 141 Broadway, corner of Liberty street. dllltrh 117 l(iS AND StALf8-Th? largest, the chea|>?st. aad VV th* beat assortment are to be found at A.C. BARRY'S, lit Riaadway, corner of Liberty str?*t, up atairs. dll 'm*ih OLD * It1E?, BitAND1E.H, RUM. MOUNTAIN DEW, tte.lte.~Tha snbseribrr offers the following articlea, super oi in quality, el his own importation, expressly for fa- 1 ujy as*, all para: Madeira, rery aid, ia glass ia wood. themes, da do do Pahs. do d-? da <. ham^gacs, Burgaadiea, Hocks, Claret*, Santara* and Tokay. Old Janaiea and Antigua Rum, Scotch Whiskey. Vary eld Cogwiae Pnadv Apply to GILBERT DAVIS, No. 45 Pine street, dlTStrh corner of William. 1'fc.LLON'S CELEBRATED BRAND OF HAVANA SEGARS. THE Subscriber begs leave to inform consumers that by aa arraa*rm?at entered iato with th* importer Mr A F M Hum, he is the sole at ant in the United Statea for the , ??Ie of tais juatly ccleVrated brand, and that none are genuine uclasshavingadoub'a label, ana oath* top>igned by Mr. A k. M. Ham aad myself, aad oaa at the bottom sigaed by ; me ealy Mr. Psllna'* Segars enjoy tha highest credit in England aa . well aa all over Europe. The anbrcriber feels, th -efere, aas<r as to secure that mark pa much as passible Mams' counterfeit, rui'.g I a ly convinced that i t will, after fair trial, be eeaair *r*d 'la leading braad in this coaatry- . He take*, at the s?me time, occasion to offer his extensive aad best selected *t<>ek ofgcanioe Havana Segars, as:? ! Nor ega, f.acalapin Anigaidad. Victoria, De Moya, La V Norma, fcspartaro, Princip*, and >11 other brands. dlT ?t*r M. R?DEw, ?t Chatham *t***t. I^URNISHKD ROOM* to reat-A parlor and two bad rasas ea th* second story. Enqair* 97 Warren street, dtf lsr*re I WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER ware. FT*HE *ab?-riber* comma* to hare for aale a. fall aaiortI A manr ofiold and lilfn Watch**, of the most approved ! makera. which will ba offered at th? rery lowaat price*, and W"?>.ud correct time ka< per*. 'Jh*y are conalaatly receiving the lateet atyle* r( fashion able Jewelry *f every deacriptioa. iecladiag g*ld. fob, aad Iiritrd aktiai; breaat piaa; ear ring*; facer ring*; braceltu; i head oniataeare, k*.; ailTer *i>ooa*; fo>aa; batter knivea ana I'll*, w. rr rqnal to coin; gold and *il?er apeeatlea, con e??e. convex. lie.; Fraaen clock* aad watche*, rapiirad eijaal to tba original ACKERLY It BKIOOfl. IS* Bowery. dl? tm*rh ? door* abova Broome atTeet , THOSE PANTALOONS. \ N'OTHKR tot of flaa I'asiimere ju*t racairedand ready .? to We Made to order at extraordinary low pticea, at Kirt land'* .No. 4* Maiden Lane, on *tai>* A lua let of Scotch ria-di. eery taaln.a >ble. Mr. Kirtland aapariatea a hi* own rai'irg . conee aeutly no mi*fi'* tiire yonr oider* early, a* H tb> boli aya are at haad. ?td no time to be I oat. dU It*rh i clarke's sacks. 11 fi William itrml, njipm'tt tkt Washington Storu, 1 H AVE * ipleodid aaaertment of black aad brown Sack JL Overcau.irimmed with ailk velvet collar* aad caffa.batH toe* *n4 liamga (well wadded) to match the eleth. A faw hue h- ada.itnely worked ailk front* in additiaa. and |>laid French caahracre liaiag* The price* vary from til to tl7. H 1 mii eoaA-leut oo o her It <nae can aell a liinilar article within three dollar* of the*e piicee. kyery article of geotlemea'a d -- . made re order, a* n*u*l, at low prieaa. A l>t'?a?rre i furs! kurs!! furs!!! H "The Far that warm* a monarch, Warmed a bear." "Now i* the winter of ear discontent, Made glortca* an mmer by the Fo r* nf Knox " [Shekapeara improved MUFFS,SLEIOI1 ROBKS.BUFFALO OVERCOATS,fcc H . A LAKHS AKD CHBAF ***o*TH?ftT For ?*le bv KNOX, the Hatter, dlt lwia*re 1? Fa I ton ?t? Fan baildiag I <8iA INI **-COAL! COAL !"! COAL ! !!-Avenr W? *hoiee aalectioa of rmeli Orchard, Kerf A*h, pirtiealarlv prepared for family nae, aad delivering at a ' ery lew pnee ler 3 day* only?(rate, ranre and eat utee. Give a* *!} aattafy yowraelf, at SIMPSON'S Coal Yard. Tt aad 7? Thompaon atraat near Spring atraet. t!? *tia*re "" BOARD down town, H "IM'RNISTED Parlor aad two Bad R?oma, all oa the aee* X coad floor, al ? Cadar at, near Broadway Two or three upeet-bie pereo a da?i lug a comfort ?ble home, wi I be well accommodated Eoqatre at W Cedar atraat. or 1M I'airl atreee, ap *taira. dl) lw* re \m PKIVIP; <?[,D IR.HH WHI-KKY ~~ H PpME Snbeeriber offer* for * la Wiae'i celebrated old Cork H I M>hi*key, Jib proof, ia puneheoa* aader caatom hoa*e H |->ek. He lei offer* the aaaie articl* at hi* *tore in tn?atitie< ro *ait parehaaer*. Toge'her with a well aunrt-d *torfc li Oroeenee. DA.MtL noo^av dlj ?w*rrc 91 Or" " 9150 rewakd. H I OCT?A Pear Phaped Diamond, (atigbrly i ff eo r,> I j ?e?tbit>g ab> at two rarata, moanted a* a pin, with e tmell hell1 i*at *f foot of >tem The pin hein* rained (aaa . *el>c) be ir. owner above it* incnn*ic worth, a reward of j H (??e l-nndrid *n-1 Fifty Dollar* will he paid for i;? da Iiffn v> BALL, TOMPKINS ft BLACK. Ill flroadwjy. ildiitfrc | Hi.. I I I I'l 1 1 TO 9AILMAKER3. I WANTITIV-Bt * respectable mi^d'e iftdwam etperiruced draftsman and cutter of lore and nit s.iils, a sitoation m f.renntn. Hit no objection to go to any put of the : States or 10 Svuth America. Addresa RICHARD ALEXANDER. dl7 3t*re Charlestnwa, Maia. | ~ WANTED, APiaill Boy rrom 10 to 12 yean or age, to go errands for a ' prirata home in the upper part ol the city. * nquird at dl? 3irh PEK8*E fc BRQOKH. M Naim at. I LOST ??tt MISCARRIED, A BOX OK MERCHANDIZE;, marked No. Ml." Coutrnu-60 doxen double end woreted Haspeuders, No 1; ' 39 daxeu do. do., No. t ; 7 doxeu wool las Cravats. Thei ?bore named Box wu ahipped at Philadelphia for ' New Yoiit, by C. aud A. Railroad Liua, on Thursday the ' luiU December, and has not come to hand. _ A ?ui able reward will be paid for ita delivery, or for any | information reipecting it. on application at tha office of the Company, on Pier INo 2, N.R. New V orh. D-c. I?. 11W. diT 2t*rrc SINGLE OEMTLEMEN Can be accommodated with furjished rooms and board, by early application at 15 Eiitabeth (treat, near the Bowery. lUnrencaa given and required d!7 ttia,rh ACeORDEU.NS, aiEUJDEUlHiJ, AND MUSIC BOXES. fT*HE Subicribar, Manufacturer and teportar of Musical 1. Itaetrumrnu, haa for aala a large MOrtmant of Aaaor> deon*, Melodeona, aud Musical Bexee, and all kinds ef musi cai iminiDNB. EDWARD BAACK, d'i lm?rh II Fulton St.. cor of Gold ?t. NEWTOWN PIPPIN AP.-LKh.-ihe .ub.criber hat ou hanil and offer/ forMle MOO barrels of choice hud picked Newtown Pippins, pot up expressly for the Eugliah market; ahu, MM barrels of choice Lady Apples, Spitcen bergs, Greens, be. (^nincee and Potatou always on hand and pat up to ord.r f?, tupping nM Mt?rfa No. I Fa^sna market. WIGS, WIGS. BACHELOR'S New invented Wifi tod Seal pa. a r? decidedly the greatest improvement yet introduced in the art I of Wig Makiug. They arc to perfectly comfortable ai to ; like the wearer uncouscious that ke has t Wig en, and yet to eaty tad ntturtl in appearance that they eanaet be detected. Made only by Wt. Bachelor, No. t Wall street, near , Broadway. A large tstortment tlways on htnd. d 15 lm*rc LIQUID HAIR DYE. 13 ATCHELOR'S instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, it carD tainly a moat valuable discovery,at hundreds of persons in New York can testify. Unlike the many miserable compounds that are sold nnder the name of hair dyea, it actually performs all it promises; in proofthe inventor it preparee to permanently color ladies' or gentlemen's hair, to t perfectly even and uniform black or brown, and make no charge unlets entire satisfaction it given. Gentlemen can have their whiskeis died and cleansed in half an boar, for which purpose private rooms will be fuund at the dapet. The dye is put np in a eoovi.ient form, with full directions for me for the convenience of tkoan who prefer api-lying it themselves Price for Hair Bottles $1 Jo; for the Whisker Bottles. _f I M Sold whelesale tad reitil by the proprietor,WM. BAT^HELOR, No. > Wtll street, near Brotdway. d!5 lm*rrc TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. Rf From the Evening Post.l IVO'a CREAM-'SPECIMENS OF RING'S UNAPPROACHABLE VERBENA CREAM, for Shaving ?This article, nniveraally praised by those who made trial ol it last year, took the first premium of the Institute Fair.? Irdeed, it is fullr conceded, by those who know, that it it -1 nossible to manufacture an article equal to it. It it teftng to the skin, fragrant to the tense, a dettroyer of freckles S pimples, and is rold cheap* r than the old Soaps. All, erefere, who would consult economy and comfort in fchaving should possess themselves of it." Bewtre of imitations, and observe the written signature Lder the directions for uee, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared and lor sale, wholetale tad retail, and for exportation, by C. H. KING, Druggitt, dll lm*r 1M Brotdwtv, corner or John itreet. W1NTEK. CLOTHING GELLING OFF1 AT C08T AT W. H. DEGROOT It O CO.'S, 1M Fulton itreet, second block rut of Broadway ^New York, ^whefe every variety of Gentlemen's ' uiiuuK com uw m?u i?#r lower pncu inui at any otner establishment m the citv of New York. Ortr Costa and Orcr Sacks, of Broadcloth, Bearer, Pilot, Tweed*, and Manuka Clothe, of ererr aty le and color, frem $4 M WO. Clonks?one half, three quarter and full circle, of French and' American Broadclotha, from - - $1 to Mi Dren and Krock Co*t??black, bine, brown, olive and green, of Krench, English, Belgian and American Clothe, from Off.fe ted Bnaineta Coara, Pelto, Sack and Winter $>ook?? oi Tweeda and Broadclotha of erery atyle in the market, from titoti. Pants?Broadcloth, Cassiraerea plain and fancy, Doe Skin? French, English, and American, from - $ltoK Veata?double breaated. straight breast, and ratline collar, new stylea: plain and fancy Velveta. Woolen Velreta, Caaaimere, plain and fancy Satins and Sllka, fiom $1 to $4. iUO, A large aaaortment of Broadcloth, Caaaimeree and Veatings, which will be made to order, to aoit the moat faatidiona. ^ CTJ"Boys' Clothing, of every^ deMngt wm ,^<H>n ? tau Uy on dS im*r No. 1M Fulton 'at FASHIONABLE DANCING, 74 Lsonard itreet, Wttl,of Broadway. ]Vf >LLE PAULINE DEkjARDlNB, of the Acadenue Boyale, Para, reejpeftfnlly informs the pablie that " i viauci mi luiiiwiiiii vucni ditp commescM. Dtr idei all the nana] Dances tangh', will be the new welts Masarka, Mazurka Quadrille, Polkas, (various) end ihe Ho4n??. School* end femiliee attended. Terms end hours made known on application. Mice D. will five the first ball (or the season to her pupils, the first week of December. nil lm?rc * CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL suit ofsuperfine Cloth made to order, in the most substantial and lashienable style, can be procured for $M, at MOFKATT'8 Kashionable Cash Tailoring Es?abli<baeat, No. 24 Catharine St., New Vork. Krery article in the line equalIv low. Call and see. JOHN MOKKATT. dl lmeod'r SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING. IT is a subject of eontratulation to the citizens of New York generally, and to strangers particularly, that st the original Cath Tailoring kiiibliiniatat comer of Wall street and Broadway, they can be aure to obtain any and all the garments their Lecessarins may Ttenire. at the ahorteat no ice, of the very best materials, workmsnship and style, and at pr cee thai will compete|witbthe cheapest in the city.An eicelleat assortment of over Coats, ready made, from wate-pr..ot Devonshire kersey, French Castor Bearer, Kngliah Tweeds, he. all of which are got np in a style not to be eseelled by any. rituse call and be convinced of the fact. dU ?teod?r OVER UOA1S FOR ALL, GREAT AND SMALL! IT may be interesting to some very large as well as some very small people, jo know where they can find overcoat! { of the latest style, varying in sise Irom the man o' three hun < dred to the boy ol S years, with a complete assortment of gen I teei ready made clothing, adapted to the eeason. Call on BOUUHTON k KNAFr, dSeo4 7t*c 33 Maiden Lane. ?????????. ?????! Hath Consumption's doom been spokenl Art thon spitting life aw <y I Ii iKv constitution broken. Bringing darkneas o'er thy day 7 Towering high o'er imitation. Dr. 8waynr's Wild Cherry stand*, Spreadingjoy throngh innny a nation, fc'eu iu ley Switzerland. DB. BWAYNK'a COMPOUND 8YKUP OF WILD CHKKRY ii mild and pleasant to the taste, per ectly tale and hum r?a iu ill operation*, and )et it 11 one of the mutt power ul and certain lamediea for t ousnmptioo of the Lungs, Coughs, Cvldi. Asthma, Spitting Blood, Liiver Complaint, Tain* iu the Side o Breaat, and general debility of the coaatitutiou. that w?s ever invented by the skill of man for the rrlirf of the afflicted public. Certificates and evidencea of ita wonderful cura ive pjwar* ?'e dsilv received from all quarters. It ia impossible to coaceive tne aggregate of sufierugand miaery that ha* breu r<lie*ed or buiianert by it, nor can we calculate the immense benefit that ahall accrnc from it hereafter. All ages, aexea and constitutions ; re alike affected by it, and the dsseaae is eradicated from the ' ayaiem, the constitution repaired, and health restored by the jndiri us use of Dr ?WAVNK'8 COMPOUND SYRUP Ok' WILD CHKHKY. How many sufferers do we daily behold appreechmg to an untimely grave wrested in the bloom of yo? h from their relative* end fiend*. afflicted with that fatal malady,CONSUMPTION, which waste* the miaerable offerer until be become* beyoaal the power of ho man akill. If anch sufferer* would only mikei trial of Dr. Swarnc'i Compound hyrup of Wild Cherry they would find th-m elve* soooner relieved, than by galpiug the various ineffectire remedies with which onr newspapers abound; " Vegetable ftemedy ' heals the ulcerated lungs, stopping profuse night sweats, at the same time inducing a natural >ud healthy expectoration, and the patient will toon find himself in the enjoyment ol comfort..hie health. '1 he pablic should bear in mind that Dr. Swayne is a regular practising physician, who has had years of experience in diaeaaea of the Lungs, Cheat, A CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC? Be cautioua to ask for Dr. Bwayne'a Ky rup, the only true and genuine article of Wild Cherry before tne public, and we woald say to the afflicted, always look for tne wrirteu sigoa'nre ef I)r. Swavng on each bcttle befuie rou Dnrchase. Rawer* and !> im its ceived! From the increasing demand forth* above article, Draggists, Merchants and dealer* generally, will find it to their advantage to hare a full (apply rf this valu.-ible medicine. Hemember to inqatre for,Ur. Swayne'a Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, a* there have been some individuate with the assumed name of physician, making great efforts to posh a apnriona article into tne market ander a fictitious nsme. The (original and only ) geenine article is only prepared by Dr. DwAiNt, N. W. comer of Eighth and Kaceitreeu Philadelphia. Aoknts in New Yoai?(.'haulf* H. Riko, comer of Broadway and John sts.; M. A. SAN 1)9, 1M Bowery; K. B. Wiiui, Mi Bleeckerstreet, J.C. Hart, Ml '.irand, comer Norfolk; J. L. Lewis, M7 Greenwich: Done, 771 Broadway; Wvatt and KktchaM. HI Fultoii; Mra. Havks, 139 Kulton rtreet, Brooklyn; B. Oi.di k So?r, Newark; JoHlt Pkarion, Railway: Mas. Kiddkb, IK Court street, Boston; Dl'antn It Co., Portland; C. Dtun, Jr , Providence: Hoadlcv. Phklm, kl.o. 141 Water atreet. N. V. nJ'1 M WfcF Im rrc CANCErR?A CERTAIN CURE. THIB dreadful disease has been repeatedly and completeI ly eradicated from the human system by Drs. Corlis and Shepard.No.19 Murrey st.N.V. Effectually cured? life time tare. The disease wil I never re'ura in the patient ueated <17 them Drs C. It 8. have cured the follovtia^amonxst hundreds ol other patients 1.0I. H. W. Jeraagtn.of Jemagin. Ala ; Mrs Sarah Hichardaou, I. an ear, Georgia: Charles *V Smith.Talboton, do; Hon J.Neal,; Mr* Elisabeth Kloumoy, Talboteu, do; All these were very aevere eases, aad all have been completely cured withia the last five years by Drs. C. k H. They have several caaes now ander ncceaaful treatment ia New York, la no intttnee have they failed to perfect a cure. Certificates from the parties caa be seen at ? Murray St., and they are confidently referred toby DRS. BHEPARD It CORLIS. BC7" Address ft*. It Murray at., New York. n3l>o<iJaa*re PURE CHAMPAGNE WINE. AFRESH invoice of " Pale Alto" Champagne Wine, together with " Crowa." Thorn, aad Orape brands, lias jast been received by the sabscriber, to which the attention of raerehaata, hotel keepers, and privategentlemen it called. 1 The above Wiaea are equal to any ever imported ia this city. I Foraaleby K B DALY. n4 lia*r Importer of Wines. X Bm*d?tre?t 1 artRM CANDLES, OILS, FRUITS, fcc. I CUPERIOR Sperm Caadlea, at eta lb; wwter bleach- 1 0 ed Sperm Oil, at tl a galloa; very good white Lamp Oil, 7J cu; with a very lame stock of fresh Teas, Family Oro cenes, foreiqa raits, ke. For sale wholesale and retail, at very low price*. Qoods delivered to any part of the city, free of cbarige, br J. O. FOWLER. Oroerrand Ten Dealer, XM aad <11 (ireenwirh, and 7S Vesev SU Also, a large assortment of cheap white aad brrwa Sugars at! lm'r , TU UAliUttLKlAiN ARTlaib. THE attention of artists KTequested to the advertisers preparation of Bromine, the beat aceeleratiag liqu J ever used for Photographing. Picture* taken with it haves lich wh|?? tons, wd it works with certainty and qnickne** fin all weather JOHN ROACH, Optician, 13 Nassau street. ' m . ?.> be procured of T. C. Doane, Montreal, ind of iter, Albany. * ? - A itiata will find alwny* en hind,at il Nasssa street, v/|r*iMi<Wand American In'trnmenta of all aisea Plates ofine Haaiabed aad Star bran ca*et. eliemieals. Uiermom*. tare. m*"nrr b?tha. coaling boic. Ibe f" aNMm*r* aao? ,?.,FRKlNrM FANCY BOXES V Ln<Ti(,.yjAT PRESENTS?BBUN, LAR08IERE ^ ^ William atreet, have just reteivcd aiid 1 offer for sal* two ?a*es of Fmack fWy Boies for boabon*. 01 tM IHM itflt. dj .utTioa Hones*. WM. W SHIRLEY, Aactiooeer. *~r\ r|'K>Vi>E of China, Gla a, and Karthenware, by J- Heury t. W ijJwJ.-Tti i l'?y, December Itth, at I0>i o clock, at tl.r ? lea '<>om, No J I' 111 ? re?t, iu lt?fa fern the ihelvea, aound, to auit retaile'i?l atali *ue aaU ?f a an axtortuit-ui o commoa Mid line '>ockrry, Wlu.e (Jianite, Blue Priued, Paiuted, Dirt, aud cC 'Vara. .llaj, - hum Tea fe'.a, urn 40 pa<*kagei <?lata Tnmblera, L-a'rnn. Solar Shadea, aud variona oiker uae'ul gooda. Sale fo.itive. d'N it ih HLNRV H. LKKUs, Auf'r. First clash < il paintings at auction? Heury H. Lea<U will aell at ancnoa uu Sitardav, Dec, it a'. 1> o'clock, at hit atlea room, ? Wall atreet, a catalogue of 1U0 valu.ble aucien't ill Paiuuaga, moat of which hare baau recently iinj'Oited. Iu the collection are many Aral claai original paiLlingt, aud audi aa are laldora met with at auelioa. There are a>i of Richardaou'a be?t pictu;e?, two superb interior* by Jan Staen.gratd rcbireciural piece by Panine, Holy family by Diepoubeke, Venus aud Adonis by Vovit, grand Pastoral piece by Kaio Du Tivoli. and many O'hrr naparh paintings by the old onstera. din If rh J\COS S. pl ATT, Auctioneer. HARDWAHK It CUTLERY?Jacob *. Patt will tell this day at 10 o'clock, at No. M Piatt atreet. far accoant of wham it may coucern, ISO lota auorted Hardware u1 Cutlery, among which ta Skate*. wrought Naila Shovels and Tongt, Locka, iioa Bella, blued cat Tacki, atael Fire Seta, kc. Alio, Pockat an>l pen Knives, Scissors, Ratari, Sbeara, kc. Alao. a few aaia Ivory Kui< ea and Farka, balance handle*. Also, at II o'clock, 1 caae aheet Ca,t Steel. Inr account of unilerwri'.era, the aama having been damaged on th< voyage oi importation. fatal >?uea ?ow lesdv. dll lt*ih tfAlNTiNliS A I AUO L'lOiN. ALKTV will aell on Satardgy Evening, at 6>a o'clock, a: No. 211 Broidway, an old fsahioned uvoica of ehoice Paintings, in their original atate, just received from Antwerp which have net b?en seen b?fore in thia coat try! Artitta. daalara, and all olhera deairoaa of obtaining good work* of art, a'* iuviud to call and view them EngraVing s ef the old Maatera on Weduesday Evening. PI ant a on Friday moming at 11 o^lock. dl>2t*r W. U HAVNtS, Auctioneer. TO bo iqU at public taction, on the premises, a Hon tu ami Two Lots, between 4ltt snJ 4la streets, 4th avenue, ou the tth day of January, 1J4T. at 10 o'clock, V M . (if not disposed of previously at private sale.) Toms, *) per cent at time of purchase, and tlie balance in IS d*ys after, when fall warrantee deeds will be givea. For further particulars, a>ply to Harria Wilion. Esq., T7 Murray itreet. Tcrma eaay. dllto JyS*rh A RAKE CHANCE. A OENT8 are wanted to undertake the tale of anew and -fa. aaeful patented article, that can be sold to every family in the Union. To aaen of respectability and business habiu, a guarantee of per annum will be KIT en. Al>ply to C. ALUEN. No. 117 fultoa at, New York. All latter* must be poet paid. nlii lm'rn PURE MALT WHISKEY. Ej^QUAL la strength end flavor to the beat Dublin distilled. JCi Manufactured by Chirlea MURRAY, 71 Roosevelt St., and aold at $1 per gallon. A liberal discount allowed to theae who bar to sbll again. 3w*r LAMfa, U1RANDOLES, HALL. LANTERNS AND TEA TRAYS. FT^HE aubacriber has just opened one of the beet selected A stock of Lamps, lie., now in this city. Lard and Solar Lamps in Gilt; Bronxed and Turquoise inlaid with gold; alao Girandole* of varioua patterns; silver,Oilt,and Bronzed; Hall Lamp* with stained glaaa. The above goods are all arranged for lbs poet loa.aadwil lb* cold at low prieee. Chore hee. Hotels, ana Manuleeturera can always lad a largo assortment of Lamps suitable lor their purpose. ? .. JOHN U. MORGAN, dl lm*re IS * *ilton st 1 door from Broadway. DEAFNESS CORED. a?i BROADWAY. (Extract )I cheerfully comply with wv/x the teqneat or L.ieuteuant Mclntoah, to atata that h* Su invalided home. ? unfit for doty, In eontequance of t< Oil eatneai, and diachanea from the sari That under the treatment of Dr>. Cattle a Edwarda, auriata in New York, ne entirely recovered hi* hearing, ard ha* again returned to tia military doty.?Signed, H. McNEVEN, Surgeon to H B. M. lorcen, Jamaica. AeouaticOil?Aanrecurafoi- incipient deafnaaa, diachargea from, or noiaea and eollectiona of hard wax, be. in the eara?foraala Ml Broadway. dll lm*re NOVELTIESITOR THE BALL ROOM. PETER ROBERTS, reaper tfully aolicita iuapection of hia aplendid atock of Goodi, adapted for the present aeaaon, many of which, owing to the redaction iu the tariff, will be found cheaper ih n hare heretofore been offered. Superb Neapolitan lace fion ted UrCaaei ar $4. Tamboured flounced Ureaaea, vary ri< h, from 'I to f 14. Saw atyle tunic fronted tamboured l>rea*ea $1. onble flounced tambour Dreaaea (12 a $14 Fine need!* work Dreatea at , uaually aold at $# Lace Dreaaea of the ueweat and moat approved atyle', from Otota A lew very Ane rivered lawn Hhdkfa, trimmed with rich regency lac?, at S and t4, the cheapen an cle ever affered Q French embroidered Chamiaetteai with collara, at 1 74 a (3, wonn an. Pico edge Collars, it $1, usual price lNilTi. Extra neh do. $1 SO, nsnal price 1 76 a 2 26. Snperh Lace Worked of the bom costly description, from $3 to S M, worth 9 and ||. A large variety of Thread Lace and trimmed Needle-worked Capes, Collars, fce , suitable for holiday presents. dll lm*rh JTJ Broadway. - MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instruments. The music selected from the most faacionables Opera's. By R.AYLIFFE, 8. AYLIFFK, J. A YLIFFKand O. A VLIKEtC, Brothers, Profeaaora, No. 1ST Elm street corner ef Howard ill lin*r MUSIC?V RH. OAVIS respectfully annonncea, ihatane eontinuca giving I batons daily on the Piano Forte, and also Singing in the English, French, and luJan style, with an caay method of acquiring the aceompauimruta to the to ce. Ladica p rferriOK it can be attended at their owe For terms, lie., apply at 171 Mott street. nX ltn rc SINGING, PI \NOFOKTE, VI LIN Flute snd Guitar, also English, French, the German and Italian Lnnguagrs, taught by Mr 8E\ MOUH, at Ins residence. No. 56 i.*rnanwich ?i . on a new plan, particularly adapted for adn'ts. Families ana Cchoo's attended. Te mi vary according to the number of pupils N B.?Documen's ofevery description, scientific and other works, translated, or, corrected and prepared lor the picas, he. he. dl? ii'eod rrc LESSONS IN SINGING. IN ENGLISH, ITALIAN. FRENCH OR GERMAN. MR. JULES HKCHT, of the ConaerraMire de Mnaique at Brussels, begs leave to inform hia friends and the public w general, that he ia now prepared to give leasouain singing in either of the above languagea, at his residence, ll< Leonard street, or that of hia pnpila. Messrs. G. Loder, W. Hcbarfeuberg, H C. Timin and CJ.-W. Beamea, hare kindly }-vi uimsii nj nw w uwn u w ma iwniiri u u Knm ua teacher. Pleaie apply to C. F. liover, Ml Broadway, and Rehnrfeeherr k Lnn Ml Broadway ?Ji Ira*rh ACCORDION TAUGHT. L JACOBS, Teaeber of the French Aeeordioa, can tafea a few more impils for nw winter elw. i> application i? nude ?oon. He nu jost issneJ a new book, comprising a NMNM "I popular airs, with ?nimble iuDMtullfor the internment, founded on a practice of eight year*. Apply at the original Accordion and Musical Instrument Depot, where term* will be made known. Chatham ?t.. nlT Un4rrc Oppoaite Chamber it. r? ROBERTSON, Hatter, formerly of 103 Faltoa J^?trert, 11 now located at W Fnlton sfeet. where he sells tne Hat nsoally told for and $J, for $) 50. Call and ezamine for yonrselves. dH IwSrh mrs. zeglio. NO ?T DIVISION STREET WILL open a large assortment of Paris millinery, Bonnets, kr. She will offer for inspection a choice JJ^stoc of Fall foods, comprising silks, satins, plain and cnt velvets, he., kc.. which being selected with good taste fr<>m the latest arrivals, is well worthy the atlentioa of purchasers. Merchants and milliners from the country, wanting materi als and patterns, wonld find it their interest to call befor inrchasmi, aa the stock is fresh, the style the latest; whic will he HiiiHwd of on reasonable terms nJfc Im're OVER SHOES LADIES and Gentlemen, at 3ST Broadway, yoa 4^Btai Bad the |*re shee 'India Hnbber Over Shoes from theTarjrest to the smallest, and as cheap aa von can those made oat or old rubber. And a large aaaortment of cork Sole, Doable do, and light French Boots; also a great assortment of ladies, mitses'and childrea'a boots and shoea, equally cheap, at 167 Hrotdway. corner ol"Franklin atreet. dl lm?rc GttOD* EAR'S OVKK SHOES. 100 BROAUWAV. I.ADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OVER SHOES, maaafaetared of Goodyear's Celebrated Patent Metallic India Rabber, perfectly flexible is the coldest weather. For sale by the rase or single pair, by BROWER k BROOKS, Sola Agents (or Ooodyear's Manufactories, dl lm*rre 100 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church Premium hoots ? Quick Salts and Small Profits. - FINE FRENCH BOOTS forts 50. oar owa make, sad warranted to give satisfaction; fine French imperial Drees Boots for $4 10, equal to those nsaally told in AI Broadway for U or fJ, at YOUNG k JONES' fine French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one fl the most fashionable stores ia this city. Oar boots received the highest praise in the lata Fair of the Amerieaa Institute, for the price, aver sold ia this city- Boots. Shoes, Gaiters, kc made to order at the shortest aotice. Mending, ke. done is the store. YOUNO k JONES, 4 Aaa st. dl la*re FRENCH'S HOTEL. tTHE Prop ietor tespectfnlly informs hie friends and the pablie that he has removed from his late hotel in Fnltoe street, to his other hotel, W ' haihtm street, loors west of Pearl st-eel, to which he has added additional bedroom', and furnished them ift a style that will bear fsvorable Comparison with the very heat hotels in the city.? Upon no occasion wil there be more tjisn one bed in a room, tha price for which will be ti csnta par night dIT lm?rc FOR SALE. a A THREE STORY HOUSE -n Jld street .between the Id and Id aveaaea It ia well finished, and replete with the latest improvements, including kitchen range, ma, cio *i": winn ifiuw, wmrr ciumi, ?r., uanan mi*r* ble mantel*'hroachoat the hoa*?; a court yard of 11 feet ia frout with yeraadah tod French window*. The home it one of a row or ail houaea on tl>? rfaath aide of the atreet. For fan her particular* apply to VT8Kfc.8O.NS, dll lai'rh 172 Pearl at th'OR 8A 1<E?A f rm ol fifty-two acre*, inutl litlightfully eitaaied, aboat Are mile* from Kliubethtown, N. J , eompriainc a hanoaome commodiom nil houac, fitted with marble maatel* and every convenience for a raapectable family ; the whole, iaeladiag itaidener'* home, baraa, ice home, and other baildinna, ia a obatantial ttate of repair; tha orchard contain* twenty acre* ol'choice fniit tree*. Toe eaay acre** from New Verb,either by tha ration* car* from Jersey City or tha terry to Klitabathport. whence a rail road tram run* within a hundred yard* of the houte, render* thi* property very yalnable to thoae doing bnaineaa in thia city. The greA-ar part of the purchase mosey can remaia for three yeari on bond acd taoriirue at five per cent VySe fc HOSH, 173 Pearl rt. AI*o, for tale, a dwelling hoa*e ia Waahiagton *tr?et. r UK KfcXUNUfc ? INFAI<I<IBI<K L1NIMKNT i* warranted to ASX^rnn *o-e* and ulc?i* of erery naiare ia a few .l^^Lj^day*. It act* like rnigic ia removii'g rhearaati*m, and ill other pain* tlae o' two dole* i* a* certain to relieve bilinaacholie, dinrrhma fcc. aa it i* taken. It la perfectly delightful in it* odor And naror .lt i* unirenally acknowledged in be tha be*t family medicine ever offered to the public.? Price 'A cent* per ho'Ue. Sold at 90 John *' rett; comer Bowery and Broome; 3d avenue and loth *U Jeffrie*'* drug *tore; Dr. Bunett'a, Doyer and Chatham, and ar 'he H. It office. City Hall nit Im* rc l<0NO BKKED < AN AKIKH, aed rage birila from y^Ljin pirt* of the world ?The *ub*criber reapecttnllf JUf inei'e* lidiea and geatlemen to look iu npoi him, at "^^ Mii* Bird Depot, No. J John atreet, Broadway, where he will r e hippy toihow them hi* collect! n of bird*, fce , *uch a* caanot br *?en at any other earabllihmeat ia the United Mate* CAtiK*, of the lateu pittem*, and fitted up in the uioat ia*tefbl manoer. 8KKD? of the pareat kind*, and miied, aaahoald ba, for the different apeciea of bird*? Male wnrm* for Mocking Bird*, lie. lie. Gold and Silver Fithe*. a< d (lobe*. Ilia DOO* con*i*f of King fharle* (Bier ham) Spaniel*. Kr tilth -nd Seoteh Terriera, Italiaa <#rey Hoandt, lie , aaa lie ia Conatanily receiving fancy Dtp tad Blrda of all aarta, from the beit atock in Knrcpe c? la'rh AJICHY OBlKVt . | ati skh 10nts. NOVKL r77NCKKT HV Tllf: SNOW VV'iirj K vl.blNO MINSTRELS fiHEEO ' -""O * ""IllTK At.BINO NKORO BOY8 j j X rt.?i>ec;fu'! r .otince * .i cy wfll give au enieitaiu m?r.i ill lMaiKci.. .. ' L .. SIC, PINUINOihd DANC1.NO, i irTHk MINERVA rooms, ?m bboadway, I Ou Friday Evening, December 18.Ii, at half pill 7 o'clock, Coiiaiatiutf ofa vanety of ucw ta?l popular fv-ui/a, Choruee* ! nuil Melodies, pn-uliar to the eolor d race. Ttmy will alio I perfjriu several pieces of music with ill* Violiu, ttaujo, Tunbonne, 'i riauglc and Ca?tanetta. 1 Tlicne Boy* hive appeared before crowded audeneee | while ou t luur through the Western Country. Their akin aud hair arc aa white a* mow. They have pink eye* aud ih* Woolly h? :d. llat uoae and thick lips of 'he Africni rare, per- 1 fectly developed. They are of two ftnili**, all of whom, with these eiceptioha, are aa black aa jet?aud their reaemblanre to each other 10 astouuhing aa lately to have been the cause of law proceeding! iu New York, the parent* of two of them claiming ih wonx boya a* tlwir children, aud were Dot co?viuc*d oftntir miitak* ontil they aaw the four together. Tbeattauuou of med'oal man ia oalled to theae truly woi* derfal Kreats of Nature, the subject having entirely baffled the reaearche* of the moat acieutiflc Bea living. To remuveauy d a Ins that may eiiat M the boya being what they are icprraeiited, they will be introduced to ihe audirnru at the cloae of each ConcertAd m'ttancr ti centa. dli'l wii*rh THfc AMbKIvAN MUalCAL INSIIIUTE WILL OIVC A. CONCERT OF SECULAR MUSIC At the Apollo Halo 11, oo Friday Evening, )8th December, mat., commencing at half-past Seven o'clock, on which oc< uion MISS CLARA M. ROLPH Will make her Debut. PROURAV1ME. pait laT. I. Th* Gipaey Chora*, from the Opera of the BohehemWn liir' Balfe. I. " Ma la fola Ohime." from th* Opera of Beatrice tie tmda? Miaa C. M. Rolph Bellini. 3. Cavauaa, ' Per Veder," from the Opera of Pariaini?Mr. fhilip Mayer, juu Donizetti 4. Quintette and Chorni, " Xho' every hope be fled," from the Opera of the Bohemian Girl? I adiea aud U*i>tltn>*n of the fnatirnte Balfe. i xtv.. u..~,ni,.? h...i ?_vf... f u Rolph Baroett. ! , C. Quartatta. hut 1 ! 1. Duetto. " Proiita io Son," from the Opera of Don I'?4qu*le?Miss C. M. Rolph and Mr. Ph. Msyer, Jnu , Donixrtti. 2. Quartette. I J. Romance, " Une fleur re-ponse"?Mr. Ph. MayI sr.Jun Massini. I 1. (. horns,' Vive Le Hoi," from the Opera ofOtMj late Balfe. S. Pong and Cho-us. "A wealthy Lord who long had lev'u," fr>>mthe rtsasoiis?Miss C. M. Rolph ... .Haydn, l.ouductor. Mr. George Loder. Mr. H. C. Timm will pre- , lide at (he Piano Forte. Ticke's Fifty Cent* each, for tale at the usual placet. . j dl7 2tis*rh H. MR1G08, Principal,448 Broadway. "UNPAKALLEDED PHENOMENA SURGICAL Operatiora without psm ! Visions ! Witchcraft and Gho't* ! accounted for by LE ROY SUNDERLAND. in Mechanics' Hall, 471 Broadway, betWCeO Broome and Grand (treed, on Monday, Wednesday, Thariday, Friday, and Saturday, of the present week, at 7W P. M., combining a aeriea of reiulta produced in the midst of tha an- ; dience.' extatic. graye, mirthful, mutical, mysterious and ; wonderful. ITT" Ticket* (admitting a lady and gentleman) 2} cents. | d'4 MWTFS.Vr I NOTICE?In the matter of the estate of the lale Joha A. > Drew, deceasedNotice it hereby given, that tha undersigned have been da- . ly appointed by the judge of probate of the; county ?f Michi ! Iimaekinac, in the State of Michigan, administrators of the etrate of John A. Draw, late of Mackinac, connty of Michilimackinac, deceased, and have taken upon themtelves that , trust, by giving bonds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 31. 1146. WILLIAM T. DREW, HENRY JONES, ' SAM'L. K. HARING, dl ltw?re Administrators of the estate of John A. Drew. 1 NEW YORK fc.NEW HAVEN RfcROAD COMPANY flajagi NOTl^h^i'nc L>7rec^s Vort^mlNew HaVeu Rail Road Company, in pursuance of the original 1 plan, adopted by them lor the d ipoial or part of the capital i ?tici of the Companv, will receive proposals for th- reserved eight hundred shares, of o e huudred dollars each, at the : office of Kctchuift. Hogers St B' mrnt, No 47 Wall atreet, I New York, to ai<d including Friday, 18th inst., in amount* to suit applicants,provided that no one periou ahall receive more | than fifty share*. The aobaoription roll, chartera of the Company, mep of the route and location, may he teen, and full inI format ii n obtained at the office above named I A Cummittee of Dirt Com will attend at the several towns I ou the li"e of the road, to receive proposals for the reserved one th'.usaud shares, iu such amounts as may be desired, as I follow*I I At Milford, on Monday, A. M.?21 December io*t. ' At Stafford, on Mondty. P M.?21 do do I At Bridgeport, on Tue?day,A. M.?2t do do At Southport, on Tn sday, P. M.?ft do do I At Westport, ou Wed'day.A. M.?23 do do : At Norw*lk, ou Wed'day.P. M.?13 do do 1 At Stanford, on Ths'day, all day, 24 do do At Rye, on Sat'rd.iy, A. M.??6 do da At N Rnchelle, on Sat'rday, P. M?2d do do The conditions of subscription* will appear in the Roll, , I and rv?'y information given by the Committee. By older of the Dirre",r* ROBERT SCHUYLER, Pres't. December 14, 1*46. 5T7*" Editors of papers, published in the several town* ; j above named, will in?ert this advertisement, and send n copy > of their respective r?prr? and bills, to R. Bchayler, 2 Hanoi ver street, New York dl5 7tisrrc MAIL LINE AT 8 O' LOOK A.M. TO ALBANY, j4WK*% /(I mediate lindings, or a* far as fl^^jS?Agd*ihe >ce vtip if unit. There is g'>od sleighing frm auypriut on the Hud<ou to Albany, , and ''tngrn wTlTbe iu rra' iue?? to convey I'-ssengers to their ! itiMio'i ?u tlir nmv 1 oi the Boat. Breakfast an hoard the bf*t. The celeb-ate l ice b< at COLUMBIA, Cent O- B. Biggs, will leave the pier bet w ecu Courtlaudt and Liberty streets, every m<iriinig lit ( o'cloi k. AM package* and ParceU w:ll be landed at any of the regular landing*, provided they are paid for at the agent's office, &ud entered on the freight list. Kor pasange or f ?i<hi apply on board, or to P. C. 1 8('HUl.TZ. at the office on the wharf. dllr DAV LINE TO BOSTON via NEW ASkSIHAVEN, SPRINGFIELD, AND THE M M BL.WESTKRN RAILROAD-On and after Monday, December the splendid steamers TRAVELLER and > EW YORK, ftotn Pe- k Slip, daily, (Sundays egj cepted.) at <K A. M Cars will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at New Haven, to take pasaeugers direct to Boatou, arriving at 7 P.M. Fare takeu through on hoard the boat. New York. Dec. 4 IH46. 45 Imisfh j KOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT? /^nEl9lTh? new and elegant steamship NEW /^ftflvftf^ftORLEANS. of l,(>00 tens burthen, John T. Wright, mas'er, will leaveier the above port direct on Saturday, the 2d of January next, and will, it la expected, make the passage in d*ys. . For freight-or postage, aving extensive accommodations, > apply to the master on board, foot of 9th street, Eaat River; or at V P. Secor It Co.'a foandrv. d 16 tJ!?rh ?A?- THE ?? ami copper bottomed bark SARAH E. wjtjy SNO W, ("apt. , for Ualwar, 11 elanil, can lake | JIHbi tew barrels light freight, if offered imai?"iate|y Appl> to PERSSE k. HKOOKS, dm llrh 64 and 67 N tau : PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, KKOM LIVERPOOL?Consignee* by thia Teatrl will plea?? tend JflBttfiaihcir permita on board, at Orleans wharf, foet ef Wall at. N. B?All toods not permi'ted within fire days i will be tent to the public atore. E. K. COLLINHfcCO d!7 itr 66 South at. | KtJR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New Wjl^V Vork Line?To tail on or bef >re t^e 28th intrant.? JMUftfitThe very fast tailing packet ahip OS\V EOO, Capl. i Johua n, will poaitively tail as above. Kor height or p*s1 trgr, baring handanme furnished accommodatioua, apply on bol d, at Orleans wharf, fiot of Well St., or to R. K. COLL1 NS It CO. 58 South street. Agent in New Orleans. JAMES E. WOODKUKK, who will promptlr forward all goods to his address. The packet ! I ahi|> Martelle will aaceeed the Oswego, and sail Ith January, d 17 r I'OK. SALh. ! Kf- Tli* fatt (ailing ecn re-board sloop BELVI- ! JJfJa'y DEH E, of 90 tnns reg'tter, well found in aailt ^Hewtesanehnrs and chama, will be aold low for cash Aleo. I (he sloop QU *KKIl, 27 lona register, two yeaia old, well I fouid in anchors and chairs, now lying at the foot of Hamersley street. North Hirer. Iuquireon boarder at Ne. 0 Htan- ' too street. O. W. FRANCES. I <1 HI lw*rh KOK LlVt-KPUUL?The New Line Line?Re ! |Mli gnlar Packet ef 21st December -The superior last I AHBfasailing packer ahip LIVERPOOL, 1130 tona bur ! then, tap' Jolm Eldridgr, will aail at abnre, her regular day I Vat Of passage, hiring elegant and superior accein modatiuna. apply to the caprtin on board, at weat aide of Bur i liag alip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN. r Sooth it. Price of Piaaage %75 The packet aliip QUEEN OV THE WEST. 11S0 tona burthen, (-apt. Philip Woodhonse, will succeed tlx Liverpool. and aail on h?r regular day. s 1st Jaanarr. 1147. dltrh X**- KOR OLASOOW?Regular racket, of the lat rfffy of January The fine Br bark ANN HARLET, JMAfipftO x aa, Capt. Robert Scott, will aail as above, bar regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, having aplendid aceommodatioua, apply oa board, toot af Rooaavaft street. Eaat Rver. or to uuv/unuijii ? inniiumi, V Son in atreet J l>e packet ahip Haracen, Capt N T Hawkina, will ac~?e>J d? Aj d Harley.and tail oo the lit of February dll'h FOR LIVERPOOL?With deepetch-The very kdt*yv?' aailing, coppered and copper (Vatened ahip JKStfULcciNt OKUI A. hiring thrte-foartha of her cargo on h i?id, will have deapatiih. For freight or paaaage. having handsome accommodations, ' apply on board, at Orieana wharf, foot of Wall at., or to di K K COLLIN* k CO.. M Booth at. FOR LONDONDERRY?Direct?To?a'l with WrV^. dispatch ? The fint class regular packet ahip MA IO N, Capt. M Thompson, will aail aa above, fhe accommodations fnrctbin, Id cabin, and steerage pea- I eogers are of a very superior description, and reo aires no I comment Thoae deairout of embarking ahonld make imme- . diate aprlicition on b-ard. foot ot Pine atreet, or to J08KPH MeMURRAY. 19 Sonth-at., Goner of Pine. i P. B.?Periou* designs of aending for their frienda in that aection of coo-try ran have them hrnaght eat by ike above veaarl on modern!* terms. by applyirg aa ?bove. dl FOR LlVKRPOOL^Tew Lii^-R^li packtMWWet' f December l??The splendid, laat aailiog packJSnBbet.hip 81DDON8. Kdward B. (Jobb maater, wiU aaii aa annve, her regular day. for freight or paaaage, hiring accommodations nneqnalled for aplendor or comfort apply on board, at Orleans wharf, out of Wall atreet, or to fc. K COLLINS It CO . M Soath tt Packet ahip Bhendan, Cornish maater, will aocceed ihe Biddons and ??il #aili Imunrr her reen'ar dav. dl r PASSA'tK KK.UM HK-iarOL, ENGLAN ?. PKKKJNS wiahina to eand for their frteoda, in j tAWVany part of the wait or Raflinii or Wilea, 'an hate I JHHHntlirm brought out in tha \me>icui 'hip PHILADe l I'd I A, which will tail from Briitol on the Mth day of j March aett I'l f iccummmliiiom fo- |??n)(?ri am nntariKiMd, bo I in* fitteil up with apecial retard for comfort and e?nranienc.e, and Jie price of pa aaf? it eery reaaonahle, for which I apply to 'W k J.T.TAP.COTT, ft "ourh it., 3d door below Barltnc flip. 1 p*aft? anpplied for iimouni Irom ?1 npwarda, payable , thriii or the I . 'IK nitdntn dlirh lAvr Nufii Bt Bark Km* H rley from (itaafow.? | mHWV All reraone are hereby exotioned acainat treating JflpMB*"ither of tho crew of thia reaael.u no debtaof theira | will he rail by ihe captain er eouaijneea dllre | KOK LONDON?firat Packet-'i he aplendid ' <i?V '? *a>lini racket .hip RUZABKTH. Capt. Beta JOliMbi'Aill pKitirely aail aa aboee. Tha accommodation* for cahin ??eond eaWn enl a'eartfe M k:er? are ?np? ricr to thote of m.>at of il.e other t.ond>.? | pnekau, and lha pin e of Muur la reduced, for which apply t* WkJ.fFXr?COTT, M South at.. i Bl? ddoorbjlow BuiIumj aJir fJAKK THKATKfc?Friday e?enmir. I?ec !? ???'The pe,r<i-miucc Mill commence with an Irich mrdley overture by Cxcru*. Alter whirh, 42 Dameuiei Vienuoisei will aprear iu the graiid dirertiit-nirtit. the fniciiiiiiog FAS DK FLKU'iS. To wlurh will b<> ad l?il, the new petite comedy of 8CHI *G G ARDENf*?Lord Courtiug'on, Mr Barrett. To be Inlawed by the ?eeond grand Divertisetnrut hr 36 Didmuhi Vieunoiiei,their admired PAH DE UEKGKH3. To which will be added 40 it M?Mr. L'lly white Mr Baaa; Clementina, Mill Kati Horn. The whole to couclude with i third l)iTertiiement, POLKA PAY8ANK Uoori open it ftbi o'clock; aad the performance* will commence at 7 o'clock Bote* Si; Pit >0 n CM: (Hilary 25renti. BENEFIT OK MK. MURDOCH. BOWERY THK4TKE-Fndar R??nmir. Dec. ll'h, mil be acred the STRANGER?The Stringer, Mr. , Murdoch; Mr* Hillrr, Mri. Coleinan Pope After which an admired Song by Mr LEE. To conclude with WILD DATA? Rover. Mr. Mnrd-'ch; ; Harry Thaudar, Mr. Clarke ; Lady Amaranth, Mra. Coleman Pope. To-morrow Mr. Murdoch'* laat night of engagement. Droit Circle 26 ceiiu; Pit .aid (Hilary ItK cent* Doora open att)f o'clock; certain ruea at 7. G""REETtWICH THKATRK?Corner of Variek and Charlton itreeti?Stage Manaeer, Mr. H. P. GRATTAN.?Friday Evening, Dec. ltih, the performances will commence with the Comedi'tta of A KIM IN THE DARK?Mr. Pettiboae, Mr. H Chapman?Mm. Petti bene, Miai Julia Drtke. To be followed by the Farce of the PEACOCK and the CHOW?Jim Crow, Mr. T. D.Rice To conclude with the broad Farce of the VIRGINIA MUMMY?Ginger Blue, Mr T. D. Rica?Suiau, Mm Greenwood. Tomorrow, lai* niffht of Mr. T. D. Rice'a ensaeemeiit. Monday, Mr. T. D. Rice's Benefit and lot appearance. Boies, 15 oenu, to alt parti of the house ; private bov es, |1. Pit, UK eenu. Doors open at half paat g-Performance to ewmmenee at 7. | MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?Friday Even- 1 inv. December II?The entertainments to commence with THIRTY-THREE JOHN 81REET?Mr Tompkins, I Mr Walcott. After whieh an Olympic peculiarity 'called KINO JOHN ?vs. The Very-Nice Children?King John, Mr Walcott; | Win, Mrs Tlmm. After which the faree of A DAY WELL SPENT?Mixile, 1 Mr. Holland. After which the popular farce of 8PRINO GARDENS? ; Scoremp. Mr. Holland. Drees circle SO cents; npperboxes IS cents; pit one shiUiif; > private boiea 95. Orchestra hoies, 91. Doors opea a! half past (o'clock: curtail rises at T. C~ HATH AM THEATRE-LAST Ni?ht of YANKEE ! H'LL'S snccessfnl engagement. Friday Evening, Der. II lint The performance will commence with JONATHAN DOTJBIKINS-Jonathan.Yankee Hill; Lady Ooarmsnd, Mrs Greeoe After whi'h, the HYPOCRITE?Mawworm, Yankee Hill) ! Charlotte, Mrs Harrison. To conclude with the MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN- 1 Hassan, Mr W Marshal Doors will opea at o'clock?curtain rises atK T Precisely. Boxen 25 e?nti ; Pit 1IK. dlT 4t"rc BOWERY C1HCU8. Boxes 15 can**. Children half price. Pit IIK eeata. OOSRIN for two days more. FELIX CARLO will exhibit his Italian Tneki. _ THIS EVENING. There wilt be a splendid display of Horsemanship, Yanking. Acobatie Etolntiom, Gymnastic KrtH, And Splendid Cavalcades, By the finest and Isrgest Troupe of Equestrians in tlM werld. d!4 lw*rc ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY, At 'almo's Orer* Hons*, in I'himbm straet. CflGNORI A. SANQTJIR CO and C POOLI ANI present O their most lineere thank* to the patron* n( the Italian | Opera, fer their generous encouragement, *t the sense tine |hey hive th? honor to announce that they have succeeded ] in accomplishing engagements with the following artiata of sterling renown, who are at preaen' in the ciiy, vix:? Prime Donne?Sifrnore Clotilrte B arili and Forina Pico. I Prisni Tennri?Hignori Seatp Benedetti *nd Hslvatore Patti Primi Basai?Signori Fcdenco Bcneventano and Ant. Ban quirico. Maestro attached to the Company?Hi gnor Antonio Barili. Leader of the Orchestra?Signor Michele Rapetti. ''horns Director?Mr. H. C. Betimes. Prompter?8ignor Marotxi. Stage Manager?*ig Benetti Riese Scenery by the distineuisheil artist, Siguor Allegri, of the ' roval theatres of Dresden and ftris. snd Sig. R. Molini. Reason tickets Tor 96 nights. fK. can be secured at the box I office, from 10 A. M. till 4 o'clock P. M daily. Gentlemen's season tickets, not securing a nambered seat, may be hud ?' tii ; 1st tier Boxes and Parquette $1 00 Id tier " 50 Private boxes for 1 persons IS 00 " '0 00 The first Opera will b? the "Linda of Chamonnis " In ae- ! tive preparation, the new opera of the celebrated Verdi, "1 J Lomhsrdi " did tf nt j THE ALHAMRA SALOON, M0 Broadway, between Rprinr and Prince ttrttli, nearly oppaeite Nihlo'i. Re-engagement of H ERR ALEXANDER. The Ore-t Original German MagieUa. who csused sceh unbounded astonishment at Nihlo's. He Will Ajrptnr Every Evening Wttk. Full particnlars in the daily bills. Tickets to the Rotunda. 50 cants; to the Balcony, 15 touts Children nnder IS years o( age half price. >. Doors open at IK?commence at 1% o'clock. dIS 1 w*re ARCH STRtET THEATRIC, PHILADELPHIA. * W. E. Bunroit Manager and LesaM. J M Brftft ... Biiti MtBiraf. 3^7" Thi* Theatre Km beao thoroughly re-decorated it I the mn*t rorfeou* atyle, and it bow the raoit beautiful Timtre in the I'mon BKVEKIT OK MR. E 8. CONNER. FRIDAY KTENIMJ. Dee. Itth. Thlt erruiuc w i 1 di c^the new piece or the Serf cut Krtacu Mr Scott 1 hi Nautical Drama of "LA FITTK." La Fitte Mr E 8 Conner 'I lieodure .. ... >1 r? Burke Solomon Mr Bnrke To eouclaae with the Bullet Eitraragai la of PUNCH'S OHOST. , ? Punch . .Mr flunea Other p*:tirn|ar? i?? billt of the dayMonday?MRS. HOWARD'S BENEFIT. The new dram* of the ROLI, OF THE DRUM LES DANSEUSES VIENNfUSE. MJDE J08EPHINE WEI88, Miatreaa of the Ballet, beg* to atate to (he Manager* oi Tliealrei in the Untied State*, that application* lor engagement* matt be made to heragant, Mr. J OHM POVEY, of the Park Theatre. Maw York, who it duly authorized to inak* all arrangement* for Lb* DAifiButc* ViKi?"?ourt dll lw"je THEATRICAL FOR SALE-PRICE ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I AN origin*! American Comedy, in manaieript, entitled "The llepnbliean Wedding; or, Rich and Poer, written 1 for the prixe of (l,00>) offered, la?.t year, by W. E Burton, I E*q.. ol Philadelph a. Tint the ali'?re may not be unworthy the attention of mmrtr-i. in a letter acknowledging It* receipt, Mr Burton lay*:?" I ain gmtiy pletaed with the good aeuae of your prrface, and thiuk the character of the dramati* n. l. SHIPPER. d!4 lw*rh 10 Centre street, New York. AT TH-: LYCEUM HALL, FRIDAY KVENI.NO, DEC. 18. 1816, AT IX O'CLOCK, POSITIVELY the lut evening with tlie Ainetieau orators, aod the Amcricu poets. Mr. Whitney hu the honor to state that (by desire of many who we e precluded from attending in the last I he will (ire oue more miseelladfoiii eutertair meat. Illustrations drawn fiom Willis, Charles K. Huffman, Halletk, Br; ant. et. cet.; oratorical impersonations of John Handolph, J. C Calhoun, (reply to H ) T. Bnrsess, I infective raiimt C. C. Cambreleng,,) C. C. CanbreleuK, (rejoinder tofl.) Elf Moore, George Griffin, and others. Admission S4 cents Tickets to be had at Taylor k Ore- < liam'j, and nt the door. (T^ M o postponement on m count of the weather. ul7 2ti?* rrc UNION RIFLEMAN BALL.. THE ELEVENTH ANNUAL BALL of the UNION RIFLEMEN, will be held at Tammany Hall, on Tuesday evening, February 2d( 1347. Tickets mar be h.dof the , following committee:? Lientenaut John P. Ellis, 400 Pearl street; Kusign Henrv A. Whitrm'n-.Heigeant John Gilhooly, 7i Nassan street; Adjutant Jonn H Norris, 71 Gold street; Mr. Henry Wright, 120 Liberty street; Wm Brooks, 80 Haltousccei; M. fuseh, 111 Nii<h street; M. Gooderson. 47X Columbia stieet; E. iN'oiih, 7 Day street; C. Dewstow, l? 'i'homii'ou street. dli. 19 UK* re LAFAYETTE FUSILEKRH BALL-The first Grand Military Ball will be held by thr Lafayette Fasileers on the a I December, at Rathban's hoiel. The ball room is oue of the .'atgest in the city, and every pains will betaken by Mr. h.'.ttbun to have it the best Ball given ia this city this . season The Bostoa City Gauds and the New Haven Gray* will be preeent. dll tt?ih LANDING OK COLUMBUS FOR ONE WEEK LONGER. IN (ooseqaence of Mr. Vauderlya's having relinquished his ; intention of going to Bostoa, the exhibition or his raint- i jag will be continual! tiM ihe >ld mstaat d!7 rre AMERICAN ART UNION. Ntw Yoaa Uth December, Il4t. Distribution or paintinos.-n?tic? is hereby given that the annual meeting f this Asso-iatioa and distribution of their vajaable collection ol pa>atfngs, will tke place at the Tabernacle, Broadway, on Friday evening the llth instant, at seven o'clock p eciselv. The collection ot paintings, aow nambering in, is being *. added to, asd eust over i en Thousand Doll us. Plan or the Any Union ?Each sab ciiber of Five Dotlars i a member ol the Art Uuion for the year, and is entitled to all iU privileges, The money lhas obtained is applied (after necessary eipenses) lirit, in the piodnction from an American painting, of a large ead costly erig nal engrtving, to be preseared to we member* aloae, ever/ member receiving a copy. Second, to the purchase ol Paiutioga aad Pcalptnre by native m resident artists, which are pabhely distributed bv lot ara-rng the members at the aaaaal meeting m , December. The Subscription B"ok M now open at th? | rooms, US Broadway, where the paintings are oa exhibition, free of charge, aad open from A. M. aaul 1* P. M. dll7tis*re PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, Aro 88 Cedar street. MR C. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the " Science of Double fcntrv, Book-keeping Simplified," aad the " Art of Si igle Entry Bmk-keepii.g Improved," eoatinaet to teach as above. Coarse ol Instraetioa?The public it respectfully informed and assared, that the plea pareaed by Mr. Marsh ia teaching this important branch, is tmly a coarse of practice ia keeping books, rather than a coarse of I eet a res ea the theory. The papil tecomes familiar, from actus! ase, with all the i books constitution a sal, and a person of good capacry will by this coarse beeome a competent book-keeper ia aboat I one month, and will receive a certificate to that effect. Pretpectases with terms, cast be obtained at ihe ronas, fromt A M. to 9 P M. dll lm*rh JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. Orricc No. 10 Wall itheit, orroattt ini Mkbchakt'i ClCUDAI rrHIH Cdnip'iiy rontiBnea to toanre agaiaet Iom or X br Fife. on dwelling honaea. wureh.maea hniMion (*n'Ml.gooda,~area end merrhaodite. ??d e?rry deaerirli?? of pereuaul rrop?rtv ;?lao agaimt Ion or damage l>r wl?nd navigation i*d imnapoiutioa D HKCTOBH Thonua W. Thorno. Klitha II Thoinaa T. Woodmff, A??i Burr, B K Roha?n. M l>, Jotepb Drat*. Thomuin Price, Joaeph Allen. M?aeaTncker, J?mw Hnlan, Johh R. Duiim, Joh. P. Mm, John H. Lf, William K. Thorr, CalelC Tama TktliW Mmnlli Kranee* P. Bur, f.nfene Bojrjrf, John C. Merrill K U't 'mitli. ' ' THOMAS W. I ifORNL, t*,?,Meut. (HO T HOPE Heeretnry. at4 lire PIANO FORTH INSTRUCTION. K CA8TLK fc EDWIN MerORKRLI,, fiMHiHnfthe latter from the Royal Arademt of Mnaie, VIA I 11 l^nadon. Will kit* !??<? on the Piano Foite II * or Vio'ii, V tHeir ruidmn, il Mipraiid at, I near Br'adw*/, or that of their papila. nj>oa very moderate term*. which CM he made knows by applying a* a Vote I 411 l?*re LATEST INTELLIGENCE CBLBSUniO. TWKSTlf1AIT11 CUNORK8I. SECOND JKKSION. Senate. Wuhibotow, Dec H, 1M0 Mr. Simmon* appeared and took hi* eeat. Mr. Aihlet , on leave, introduced a bill eiltblukllg I permanent general preemption land lyatem. Mr. Bum (ubmitted a bill to reduce and gn^uU the price of ptiblio lands Mr. WoooaainoB, on leave, preiented bllla to grant public landa in .Michigan for internal .improveaMata, and aell the mineral landi of Lake Superior. Mr. Dix gare notice of a bill establishing a branch mint at New York. Mr. 8rciaMT gave notice of a bill eitabliahing a branch mint at Charieaton. On notion of Mr. Tcaitcv, the Military Commute* wu initructed to inquire into the expediency of allowing volunteera ,diecharged in conaequence of atcknoaa, full pay for the term of their enlittment Mr. CaiTTcnocn, on leave, introduced a bill to improve the navigation of Weatern rivera. The Preaident'a meaaage waa taken up, to be referred to appropriate committe ea. Mr. Wbitcott moved thatao much of the meaeage aa refera to the organization of territorial goveramenta la conquered provincea in Mexico, be referred to the Committee on Territoriea. Mr. Sanaa moved ita reference to the Committee on Foreign Aflklra. Mr. Banroir aald there waa no auch thing in the meeaage, and aaked Mr. Weetcett to withdraw hie motion. Mr. WBOTeeTT declined. A apirited debate enaued between Meaara. Benton and Weatcott Meaara. Allen, Areher, Came roc, Crittenden and Bemple alao participated in the debate. The motion waa laid upon the table, M to M * The Senate proceeded to elect a chaplain, and on the eocond ballot the Rev. Mr. Slicer waa elected. He received 94 votea, Mr. Tuetin 9. acattering 7. After an executive aeaaion the Senate adiourned. WtimnaToK, Dec. 17th, 1MI Petitiona and memoriala were preaented. The conaideration of the meeeage being reeumed, Mr. AtRLKv moved that ao much of it aa refera to privateera, be referred to the Judicierr Committee. BIIU were presented. on lurt, for a new enatm honte at New Orleans-."fo^ a Branch Mint at New Of laant: a Branch Mint at Charleaton, a Dry Dack at Pasaacola. fflrinc the nnant of Con^rea* to certain Matae Kwtnor the Import tax on pnhlic land* a* soon at aoM ; and to ertahliah a national armory at Maaaae. 111. Mr. Pit (rare notice of a hill to annul tha ant relative to ?eamen'naTlRatinr (ha water* of tha United State*. Mr Rr?rn.ic ir?ve notice of a hill to remodel tha Consular aratem. On motion of Mr. J. M. Ckttoit, the Vice Prea Want wa< an'hortxed to appoint a Select Committee on French spoliation*. On Mr. Ba?*?r's motion, the Committee on Commerce waa Inrtmcted to inqnire into tha expediency of mnkin<r appropriation* for the Improvement of harhors. After nn F.xecut'v* Be**ion, the Senate adjonraed to Monday. flonar of Rrprrwntatlrr), WiimrniTnn, Dec 17, lMfl Petition* and memorta'a were presented. Mr Pot ior* moved a m*nen?rfon of the rnleato introduce a re*olntlon in*trneHn(r the Committee of Waya and Mean* to hrin* In a Mil to repeal the tarltT of 1946, and to remodel the tariff* of 1943. Loit, 78 yeaatollO nav*. H?e committee resnmed the eewrideration of the Pratt* dent'* meseaga, and proceeded "to refer H In Committee of Ik* Whole. Mr. Onrrav npponorf the menace?declared the Preaident made the war. lie. Mr Ktinim. of Indian*, followed, in defence of the President and the war. Mr. HntMow reviewed and opposed the message. The Committee roee. " Mr Bnrrev (fare notice of a bill regulating appoint menta to offloe. end (urdiai the publlo eerriee ftem improper toflnencee Notice wm given of a bill to provide for the ascertainment and satisfaction of rlairas for French spoliations. Mr. RATMarw presented resolutions of the New Tork Legislature for regulating the pilot system of the United Statea. Adjoorned. Washington, Deo. 17th, IMA. Mr WmTHBor offered a resolution calling on the Secretary of War to farniah a itatement of expenditures for harbors, roads and fortifications in the aeverel Statea and Territories. Notices were given oi intention to bring in billa te aell the mineral landa, end for the improvement of riven and harbors. 1 he Hooae proceeded to elect a chaplain. On the third ballot, the Rev. Mr. ImoLs wea elected. He had 103 TOtea , Dewey, 48 ; Binaley, IB, ud Morn a . Mr. Douolam, from the Committee on TtnUniw, reported a bill for the admiaaion of Iowa into the Uniea.? Read twice. Adjourned. IT *HlB MAZ&fl. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM ' WASHINGTON. tbs tamjtt qubiszov. kt. kt. kc. WilHIKOTOK, Dec. II, IMS. Tht Ntw York PiUlt-Tkt Ult F. O. tic ConntU? Mr Siddinfi? WW* Opporition to tko War?Folly of tkii Policy?Tan on Tto mnd Cofftt?Qovtmnonl Mo*ourtt. The memorial of the Naw York pilot* for a repeal of the law of March, 1837, waa presented in Senate thU morning by Mr. Dii, and referred to the Committee of Commerce, of which be ia chairman. Ha will doubtlea* meet a great deal of eppoeition, but I hare little doubt ef the moceee of the bill which ha ia about to introduce. I am happy to ba abla to atata that Mr. Dix will fire the inbject hia earneit attention The Senate waa appriaed by a meaeage from the Hoaao of the death of the Hon. Felix Q. MeConaall, of Alabama, and of the reaeiationa adopted yeatarday ia teettmo ny of raapect to hia memory. Mr. Lewie pranenaaaJ a rery feliritoui and touching eulogium on the deaaaead , and what atruck me aa inexoellant taata, pa?ai orea in ailence the tragical manner of hia death. Than la no naa in putting anch thing* on record. The Senate paaeed the cnrtomvy reeolutiona, and ad journed. In the Honae, Mr Giddinga maJ? hlmaelf very ridicn loua in a tirado againat the iniquity of the war. In truth, the tax upon oar free Inetitutlona ia a pretty aerere one which inflicta each men on oar national conncila. 11 la a mare waata of time, for nobody erer heada him, of couraa. Hia doctrlnea are aa moo?traa?, *o abhorrent to patriotiam and common aenae, that it ia by no meana uncharitable to auppoee that abolitioniaan with him ia a apeciea of mooomania "Other* to eome faint meaning make pretence, But Oidding* nerer derietee into aaneo. I mu*t coofee* there are other wertern membera ta whom the distich might apply with equal foroe , but th?ir* i? individual and characteriatie liiiineea?bia ia tha raaolt ef hla political aeaociatione, ao.l a partiality (or ao ciety of old woman of both eases Tha whlga Kara taken a moat imprudent step ia unl ting witii tha abolition party against tha war. It ia a I'iaca of egregious folly aod imprudence, which wiU matarially damage tha proapects of the whig candidate In IMS I scarcely see how thay are to reoever their loat ground, unless tha Strang man of tha pirtt repuJi ata tha aantimanta of tha tmall fry, aivd thus esoape tha obloquy which attach*.I to tha opponents of tha wit of I Ala. Tha taint of contact with tha abolition party ia almoat aa bad aa tha anti war movement. Tha waatarn democracy, furious at tha veto of tha river and harbor bill at the cloee of the laat session, wara setiously coatcra plating tha Mpadiency of being inoculated wfch tha abo laion virus Bat they want home, reflected, and thought better of it. They tnow make votive offerings for their escape. Tha people of thia country era a warlike people, an I they never forgive those who raise a fact lone op;?a?ilion to a wnr. Tlie *hi:rs ?'? not mm to understand thia. I omaien sense might Jeat h them that I'je Waited Matae are now in a position to cow a * -

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