Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1846 Page 2
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Inland. I . The regular employment now ?o generally given to the peasantry, together with the reduction in I ' the prices of provision*, has already produced a ' sensible improvement ui the condition of the < people, isiill there remains much distress to be . relieved. Thee* are great complaints of the i backwarJness of the ordinary agricultural operations, in consequeuca of the preference which . the laborers gve to the public works. j The accounts from the country districts are ex- ( treinely unfavorable, particularly from the south t and we<t, wli-rn there is no doubt tbe prevalence , of distress affords a pretext for the wholesale sys- | tern of plunder and outrag) which, lor some tune past, I'as rendered it unsafe for the peaceably disposed to pursue their usual avocations, even in the broad glare of dav. T'ie differences between O'Connell an?l the " Young Ireland" party grow wider every day. j Mr Smith O'Brien his availed himself ol the columns of the A'tition to commence a series of I epistles " No. 1" is add'essed to the " Landed ( Proprietors of Ireland," whom he ondeavors to 1 Touse to a fr i nd! v union in behalf of a" sasceu- ! tible population," by cxclting their animosity to- 1 wa^ls England. The Governinant are now employing about 150,OiK) of the poorost 01 the peasantry, on publ.o woiki. 1 The amouilt of rent acknowledged by the re- 1 peal Association, up to the 24th of ^November last, was ?134.379 Us 4d. France, Our advico* from I'aria are ol the 2i inst. The Crauow alfiir absorb* attention in Paris. | All the Opposition and Ministerial journals exSress indignation at i<; and the subject has been iscussed in diplomatic and official communication*. The Paris correspondent of the Morning Chroniclt relates what passed ia two of these einiinaii'Catiouj. Tne first was an interview held at the request of M. Guizot, l>etween himself and Lord Normanby, on the l!)th nit. There have heen food riots in some provincial town* At Tours, the populace resisted th? exportation of grain ; soldier* were called out; and many people were wounded, others arrested. On the 25th, the people of Bou- i logna resisted the export of potatoes and cattle for | England M Adam, th? May<?r, was mobbed, i the Sou*-Prefet was nearly killed; in the midst of the turmoil, twenty five cattle were let loose and chased about the town, and in the evening the j Mayor was surenaded with the "Marseillaise " [ < He ran out of house, sword in hand, to fight the ; ( mob alone; and was rescued from the aonse- J ouencesof his bravery by the mounted National j i Guard. The authorities refused to stop the ex- | {>ortot potatoes. but me Mayor wrote to Fans, t >eggi"g for the free admission of American fi?ur i from England A* the law stands, it is prohibited unless stepped direct trom America. Tue Bay of Tunis arrived at Paris on the 221 ult ,and took up his residence at the palace of tne i Bly*<-o Bourbon. On the 23-1, the king drove from St. Cloud to Paris, and shortly afterwards the bey ' and his suite, conveyed in royal carriages of the i court, arrived at the Tuilleries, and were present- i ed to his majesty. I The Paris papers announce the death of the ' celebrated historian Michelet, whos * late work, i called " P. iests, Women, and Families," excited so much attention. i The meeting of the Frenoh Chambers is fixed < for the U'h of January. t The tixed prices of bread in Paris, for the first j fortnight of December, will be tne same as in No- i ] vember. By the accounts from the markets which t supply Paris, the price of wheat has again de- 1 clined, but at some oI them the supply had fallen \ off. In the other parts the rise generally conti- r nues. c Privato letters state, however, that only 20 out ( of 45 days' deficiency had been made un by the i laV) importation?; and that, consequently, there < f was reason to appiehend that a rise would yet take place in the markets. The Muniteur publishes an official notice from ' , the Minister of Commerce, announcing the tlis- j a covery of a mine of mercury at Monterey, in Cal- t iforma. The mine is said to be of great value, v and easy to be worked; but the existing war be- ^ tween Mexico and the United States is stated to , be likely to prevent the formation of a company , for working it. Wnat right has the French Go- t vernment to put forth a notice of this kimil Does . not California belong to the United States, and t lias not the United States' Government alono the right to its mines! Orders have been given by the government to ' the custom house department for putting into ex- J ecution the new treaty ot commerce with the re- < public of New Gronaua. 1 A royal ordinance liasjust been issued, fixing ' the '* effectif" of the French navy in time ot peace, at 226 sailing vessels and 102 steamers, as follows:?4;) vessi !??10 of the 1st class, with ' three decks, and 110 to 120 guns; 10 of 2d class, < two decks, 92 to 100 gun-: 15 of 3d class, two < decks, 84 to 90 guns; 5 of 4th class, two decks, 80 guns aud under. 50 frigates?15 of 1st, i with 52 to 60 guns, 20 of 2 I class, 44 to 50 gun*; i 15 ot'_31 class 32 to 40 guns. 40 corvettes?20 of 1 1st class, a g'lUUirtit, 26 to 36; 20 of 2i class, a bat: i birbette, 14 to 2<> 50 brigt.?30 1st class, 16 to 20; \ ' 20 2d class, 8 to 12. 30iiglitboats,2to6. 16 trans- < ports ol nbom 6o0 ions Total, 226. Steamers? 1 10 lrig?tes of 600 to 130 horse power, and 20 to30 ' gunij 20 corvettes, 1st class, 400 to 320 horse p?w- i er, ol 8 io 12 guns; 20corvcttes, 2d class, 300 to 220 ] horsepower, 4 to 6 guns. 30 airsos, oflstcla-s, 200 to 1(V) hors-* power 20 of 2d class, of 120 < horse pow?r and under; 2 floating; batteries, of I 400 to 500 horso power, and 40 to50guns.. Total < 328. ? Of the above. 24 vessels and 40 frigates are to { b? kept afloat; Itf vessels and 10 frigat. s to be on the stock-, advanced to 22 twenty fourths. The ? armament and artillery is to be complete in the I magazines, a-id one quarter at le ist of what I would be necessary for ihe arming of tue vesseh ' and frigates on the stocks. Besides the above, , I tnere is to be in the dockyards a reserve of vessels 1 und frigates advanced to 14 twenty-fourths. All | 1 the vessels inferior to the friga'es, and all the ! I steamers, are to be kept constantly afloat. The sub division in classes, prev.ously quoted, may be altered, if the Minister of Marine shall think fit. The artillery for vessels ot war i? to be tho | same as already fixed, but such modifications | may be .introduced in that lor vessels on the j stocks as the Minister ol Marine nmy think neces- j I sa ry It is positively stated that the Government has 1 a treaty with a coui|iany( giving up four la<gc steameis In-longing to the btate, lor establishing rrgul?r communication between Cherburg or Havre and New York. Nothing, however, of an officially authoritative character has yet been allowed to transpire. Some ol the anti-free-trade newspapers clamor loudly for the abrogation of the treaties of 1822 Hurt between France Rnct Great Britain, and France and the United Suites. They say 1 that the-?e treaties cause the ruin of the shipping interest of this country. In the Bibleotht-que Royale there are not fewer than l.:*r2,(>'J0 engravings. The Government has caused to be published a note, setting forth that a baker at Vienna has discovered that if beet root be mixed with wheaien (lour in the proportion of one-half or five-eighths, it will produce excellent bread, equal to good wheaien bread, and keep longer. A little less water, and a little more salt than usual, should 1 be employed. The Minister of Commerce has just caused re ductionsto be made in the im|>ort duties on mar- I ble, nitrate of potash, quinquinna, woods, and < other articles. The reduction is increased in fa- , i vor of French vessels. The illustrated newspapers here giv? portraits I of General Taylor. The republican newspapers publish a violent address from the " French democracy to the de- ' i mocra* tes of Etsrope,*? on the abolition of Cra- ! i cow. It is to be translated into everv European i language, and circulated 10 the extent of WO,000 < copies. < The Chamber of Deputies allowed to thr? Min> i j itter of Foreign Atl'airs 1,430,000 fmncs, for unfor- i ' -een, secret, and extraordinary expenses, that ' might arise in the course of the year. M. Ouieot iii addition to thu sum, ha* allotted l>imself, by 1 royal ordinance, not less than '2,210,000 franc*. ( Tie French Itovernment have resolved not to advise the Duke and Duchess of Montpensier to n;ike that renunciation of all pro?pective right < to the crown of Spain, which our ambassador in 1 Pans had been instructed to demand This re- 1 ? luaal, it appears, is couched in very courteous | but equally deciaed terms. "" i Belgium. | The Chamber of Representatives, at the sitting i of 12h ult, passed the following act Art. 1. That wheat, rye, barley, Indian corn, beans, vetches, peas, oats, potatoes, potato flour, and other farinaceous articles, and rice, shall con- I ti a no free of import duty till the 1st of October, 1 1817. ' jvernment has besides the power to grant, for 'he same period, the total or partial remission i oi import du ies on floar, oatmeal, cattle, and i on all provisions not specified in the above arti- ] ele. Upon finse articles a scale tax of tencen- I time* per 4000 kilogrammes will be levied. Art 2 That wtieat, rye, barley, buck wheat, | < o us, beans, vetches, peas, potatoes, and potato tiour, are prohibited from exportation till 1st ef October, 1847. ( tjMVerninent is berdet authorised to prohibit the | exportation of II >ur, bran, and all kinds of grist, bread, biscuit, and oatmeal. Irt. 8. That <.?o* eminent may,if circumstances require it, determine, wholly or partially, the operation of the praeent act, in whatever appliee ft ? :o exportation; it may also extend it, wholly or in part, till ihts lit December, 1847. M. O'y moved?1st. That the duration of the net he fixed for the list December, 1847. 2;id.? That the free import ol cattle be decreed; and Srd?That the act should give free entry to tlour. lie also complained of the continuance of the prohibition for the export of corn. He was opposed unon all his propositions by the Ministers r>r the Home Department and Finance, and the Jh&mber passed the ministerial resolutions upon fie term of the duration of the act? by 40 HStDN iG?and upon the importation or cattle by 86 igainst 30. The proceeding* in the Chambers have pretented nothing ol interest to a foreign reader. ltaly< The expected ordinance of the Pone, au'horis,ng the formation of four lines of railway, has at ength appeared, to the great satisfaction of the rteople. His Holiness has aho authorise<l the ;i'i7.ens to form their own local guard?an immense concession. He is understoad to be detignin-' ?th-r measures of liberal reform. His popularity is immense. Spain. Goneral Flores has obtained an army of 1000 men in this country, amonsi whom are s'sverul ollieers and sub-otlicers of' the regular army. His enl s'ments hare been made avowedly for the purpose of atiarking the Government of Ins native country lie bus proceeded to the coast, and ha* probably set sail by this time. The Ciwlifcts are preparing most actively (or a rising. Cubrern is suid to be already in Spain, and vast supplies ol arms, ammunition, and clothing, have been received in England Great numbers of tlie Carlists, refugees in France, h ive been arrested in crossing the f.ontier, and the French Government has thrown all that it ?oitld lay its hands upon into prison. It is impossible to s ly what chance of success the Carhsts have; bnt it is certain that the detestation in which the present Government is held renders the present as favorable a time Jor the rising as they could deBire. If they have money, as most probably they have, they may be e>abled to put the Government in serious danger, unless England or France should take its pari. All parties, with the exception or the Carlists, are making active preparations f?r their new elections The Government party will most likely gain the victory, for the Government functionaries have either shot, or sent out of the kingdom, or depiived of the right ol voting, the greater part of their adversaries. Our newspapers have expressed great regret at the defeat of the Mexicans by General Taylor, but console themselves by expressing admiration at the daring courage with which they say they defended themselves. The Heraldo, the Government organ, calls upon England and France to re-establish monarchy in Mexico, as the only means of saving that unfortunate nation Irom the clutches of tho United States. Portugal. The intelligence from Portugal is checkered. Both tho royalists and the rebels claimed successes ; on the whole, the most decided advantages have been obtained by the Queen's forces ; but the balance ol hope still seems to lie on the ather side. Advices from Lisbon of the 20th ult., state that i batde had taken place at Chaves, in the north it Portugal, between a portion of the msurirent irmy under the command of Viscode de Su da Sandeira, and the Queen's troop*, headed by [Baron Casal, and the result had been a loss of be. ween one and two hundred killed or wsunded, jesulei two regiments (the 13th and the 15:h) vhich had deserted to the Baron Casal. This lews was considered very favorable to the royal iiuee and the present Lisbon government. Gen. 3elestino, with his division, bad entered Santarem, ind so had the Baron de Almargen, with reinorcements from Oporto. Switzerland. The detestable principles ol communism are inhappily very prevalent in this country, and it is isid that a party, which possesses some power, is letermined to endeavor to on force them on go'ernment, under nreten e of the necessity of >reuking down what they call the aristocracy of noney. These men purpose nothing less than to nake an universal distribution ol all property, ind it is needless to say that the very attempt to )U'. their doctrines into practice will create inirchy and bloodshed. Germany* It seems to be confidently believed that the Zollt'erein has, or will, denounce the treaty with Enjland, which expires in 1848 If Prussia and the Zollverein should be abl?s to form a treaty of com merce with the United States, as is now being attempted, the denunciation of this treaty would probably turn out to the advantage oi the United States shipping, tor in all likelihood it would transfer it to the conveyance of many bulky articles, the monopoly of which is at present enjoysd by British vessels. The three Northern powers, Russia, Prussia, and Auttiia. have determined between them selves, contnry to the pledged faitW in solemn treaties, to put down the republic of Cracow, as 1 separate and ind -pendent state; and this deii^ti has itctu.ill/ been carried into effect wub exraordmary celerity, it is not doubted that this C'tiuJulous o ltrngf will excite immense indignaiOO in England and France. In Germany K is universally condemned, but unfortunately] our people ili\ro not give utterance to their opinions. Unfortunate Poland now exists no more?she is sompletely and entirely absorbed in her three oppressors, Kussia, Prussia, and Austria. The ex:use put fortii for this act of iniquity is, that Cracow was a hot-bed of insurrection, and endangered the peaee of those three great powers. In our mercantile circles alarm exists that this itrocious d'-'d ol spoliation may lead to a European war, for it is not supposed that England and Prance will quietly allow it to be perpetrated.? A.t Vienna also the same alarm existed, but it appears that the Minister of Finance assured a dep nation of merchnii'R who waited upon him, that peace would in nowise be disturbed, because, as tie intimated, neither England nor hranee would take any measures on the subject of a nature likely to interrupt tho friendly relations now existing. The Orleans family are said to be much chagrined al tin; marriage ol the Duke of Bordeaux with the sister ot the Duke of Modena. A letter from Vienna confirms what was long believed, lhat Louis Philippe has been using all his infill unco at the courts of Luropeto prevent his grand* nephew from marrying any of its priucosses ? "Prince Metternicb, if he has not promoted the marriage, has, at least, suffered it to be) accomplished, recommending haVmatiers be managed with the utmost discretion. If the project had transpired, the imperial cabinet would have been expo edto the remonstrances of the cabinet ol the Tmleries, with which it mu>t in some way or other have complied, in order to keep up a friendly intercourse with France, by appearing to avert cue court ortdodena from the projected alliance. L>n tin.- contrary, the negotiation has been carried 3n with the utmost tecrecy; and when the affair was concluded, Prince Metternich got out of it in this way: he sent for M. de Flahaut, the French embassador here, and communicated to him a letter frorn4tlie Duke of Modena totbe Einperor of Austria, whereby the Duko notified to his Imperial Majesty his eldest sister's marriage with the Duke ol Bordeaux; Prince Metternich added that the Imperial cabinet had known nothing whatever of the projected alliance until the moment the Duke of Modeua's letter had rcached the Emperor, who had even greatly complainod to his jousin of Ins not having been consulted on the subject Such is what is repeated in our circles, where Prince Metternich's protottations are disbelieved by more than one. Austria. It woulci ap|>ear by private letters from Vienna .hat the incorporation of Cracow with Austria did jot take place without a strong opposition on the i>art of several members of the A ulic Cabinet. ^oum itonowriun, iinaing nimsoii in a ininorny >n that important question, had tendered his resignation, with the firm determination to retire rom public life. That reioluuon had produced lie greatest sensation at VMUM. It is stated that the Austrian government is deermined to contract a loan (Or -10,000,000 florins, ;jg?,000,000 sterling.) PimII A letter from the capital, dated Nov. 16th, >ays !?" The news of tt?e occupation of Craoow, which baa been circnlated in this city, ha* proiuced the liveliest sensation throughout the entire ovulation, and especially among the nuddle -lasses. It it said that the gsmiunt, ii order : modify the effect of thss act. piep?e calling ogether the States General in the month of February, but it ia not yet known whether that ii to be at Berlin or Bmndenbaif. It?the tot time of the States being oonvoked, and it is expected that when 500 representative shall be assembled together, they will not sepsuate without giving the country a constitution." tnaeta. An extraordinary gazette announces that, on the 16th of October ttie troops of Sehsunyl warn completely defeated, with ei^ht hand red men killed, three hundred taken prisoners, and the lorn of nearly all their artillery. At the eastern and southern extremities of this vast empire the ohotara is said to exist. Tarkajr. Letters from Constantinople of the 9th of Nov. contain shocking accounts of a massacre of Nes'orian Christians in Kurdistan, by Bedr Khan Bey. Anticipating no resistance, Bedr Khan marched into the country of the Nestorians, divided his army into small bands, and sacked M villages. The inhabitants' were killed, after women and children of both sexes had been sub ?as?^ iiii ii.ii Jew ted to the utmost torture of profligacy and cruelty. Many wore impaled, among them two Bishop*. The Porte promises the French and 1 English ambassadors to punish Bedr Khan, but I ia powerless; and it is 110' improbable that <b s | i outrage ia provoked by intrigues of the Porie with i the .Nedlbriau Patriarch to undermine tho contumacious chief, who is too strong to b -crushed ! Bedr Khan had sent three hundred Christian heads to Moussoul, with the message that it' he 1 were molested, he would sent to Constantinople enough Tuikith heads to make a pyramid. Cap? of Good Hope. The last dates from Cape Town are to the 20''i September. The Suuth African Comnwcuil Journal states that, previous to the 5th September, the chief Stock had surrendered; the two other i leaders, Mocomo and Uinhala, had a*ked for peace; and thnt Krell hud accep ed the te rins ottered 10 him by the colonial aumnritiea The con j ditions otfered by Sir Andreas Stockenstrom, on ! the one side, and partially agreed to by the chiel i Krali, on the other, are slated at length. We can- 1 not tind space to enter into the details of the nego- | tiation, which Kreli appear* to have conducted ; wmi an me laci 01 a most accomplished aijjioin;itist; but from the whole it would appear to result , ?first, that tho extste?c3 of Kieli, u* chief cl K'Utirland is to bo reoogoised: second, that he, a.s ' paramount chief, should cede to the British go! vernmerit certain portions ol" the K*tfir territory, ! as according to the treaties of 1836; thud, that res- t | titution should bo mad.> to 'lie missionaries lor tho j ' losses they hail suffered; and fourth and luatly, . that Kreli should restore to th?i colony all tho colo 1 nial cattlo ound in tho country. China. The following summary of news lor the month i i is from the OverlHNd Friend of China of tho 23tli j I of September. Tae events wtncli have occurred I since the departure of the last mail are not aito! gether devoid of interest to a distant reader. | Affiirs in the provincial city are very far indeed i from bi-iug in a satisfactory *tatc: tranquillity, in | I alt probability, may be preserved until tho nor .h I I east monsoon luliy sets in, when the crisis to 1 which matters are now evidently working, wil! i most likely result in an attempt to burn out the , ; whole foreign community; the sooner suoli a po- j | rtod of commotion arises, if it is to occur &t all, J the better. The residents are fully prepared to ! defend themselves, and although tho next gather| itjg of the mob may evince a mote determined op- ' i position than they have yet displayed, with the ! assistance ot the honorable company's steamer i Medusa, we have ni> fear whatever ol the issue. ! In our columns will be found the copy ol a chop, issued on the 16th instant, wherein the number of the killed on the 8ih of July last is stated to be ; i 20, and lor each of these is demanded the head of : ; a foreigner. Another chop of more recent date, I in grandiloquence of language peculiarly Chi- I ; nese, utterly denounces an American gentleman, | I an eld resident amongst them. India. The advices from liombay are to Nov. 2, Cal- ; cutta Oct. 22, Madras Octoi*;r 24, Delhi October ! 21, and Canton Sept. 22. The mail which arrived on tho 21st ult. informed us that the din of 1 j arms again resounded in the north of India. A ! formidable rebellion in Cashmere, headed by the j ! late governor, who refuses to resign his authority I J in'o the hands of the new sovereign, has compel- ; ted Golab Singh to go out wiih all his troops to i ! endeavor to subdue them; while a contingent of! 10,000 men has been furnished by the Lahore j Durbah f?^r the purpose of cooperation. Such, i i however, is the phtcht of the domestic affairs of j I our allies, that before the army ot the mountain ! | Maharajah could march, 6000 British soldiers j j were requested to garrison hia capital?before the j Sikh soldiers could quit Lahore, the force of Sir ' John Littler must be detained. Brigadier Wheel- j er accordingly marches intothe Jumboo territory j with a strong force of about 6000 men ; and there remains till matters are quiet, or aid an circuin- j stances muy require. A considerable detach ' tnent, chiefly of artillery, is held in hand to leave | Lahore at a moment's notice for the Beas ; while | fresh troops move from Ferozepore across the Sutlej, others moving up lrotn the southward into i j the Jullundur Dooab. Mootlan matters look less j satisfactory than could bo wished for, and altoge- i ther the atmosphere of the political atmosphere j ; uiruugirjui uie oikii dominions 11 unpieasmg.? One of those wild and murderous outbursts, for which these regions seem remarkable, has occurred at Katmandoo. A favorite of the Queen, a man of high rank but low extraction, had been ! murdered. In revenge the Queen seems to have created an uproar among the people, during | which upwards of 100 of tlie chiefs, consisting of most ol the great officers of state, were cutoti. The later news is somewhat moro pacific, and states that Sheik Emaum-ood-Deen, the lender of the Cashmere revolt, was negotiating term;, and would probably yield an uucondidonal surrender, unless an eaily winter should close the pusses from Jamoo, before the army of Gholab Singh could penetrate into the Cashmere valley, in i which caso he might be tempted to olfVr a protracted resistance, or insist upon more favorable i terms than would be otherwise concc.ied. In tbe meantime a powerful force was in full maroh against him, comprising the entire army of Gho- j ' lab Singh, nnd a division ot 10,000 men under 1 | Tig Smgl), from Lahore. A British force of G000 : men, commanded by General Wheeler, J.Uit | I marched Iroin the Jullunder Duab to Jamoo, and j j the 4:h division, on bein ; relieved at Lahore by some regiments from Fero/.epore, had crossed the Haver, and occupied Gnolab Singh's domin- ; ions. The extent ol the reinforcements moving towards tha north-west were considered indicative of some important measure on the part of i i the lirtish government, but the ultorior purpose , had not been disclosed. The report that tho ..on. j l Mr. Hardinge and other officers bad been taken j i prisoner*, and were coniined in Ctshmer'i. ! ; proves to have bet-n fall*. Tue affair a of Mout 1 ! tan weie in progress of settlement at Lahore, , ; where Dewan Moulraj bad appeared in person, I ! and rendered his eubnussion to the Kegent. Fiom i ; the Sikh capital the intelligence is unimportant; S but little had trunspired, yet that litJe confirms ; the belief that (he liaal wuhdrawtil ol' the Biitish : forces will be followed by a popular outbreak, if not a successful revolution. Nothing new appears to be known of the state of Nepaul; the Maharajah has returned to his ciipital, wiiere he is niied uy his second wife. The financial difficulties of ! the Nizam's government remain as great us ever. ] Tbei?aio strange events reported liom Madras, i wtiich have been madn ttie subject of a special | reference to Cite Court ol Direeiora. The Mar- 1 quia of Tweeddale has removed all the judges of tue Suddur and Foozdaree Addavvlut, because of ' a decision they bad arrived at lavoranle to some | natives, in a suit against certain missionaries at ; Tinmvelly. The excitement at Madras was > great. 1 he natives Had held a public meeting, and called upon the government to reinstate one of the judges, Mr. Lewia. Faahlone for December. i [from the London and Part. LsUies'Magaiine of Fashion] Oauies Constantino, Aixa faconnes, Bum crapes,Mou*solines Luisa KernanUa, hereges Havdee, with orgsadyt, tnllas, fttq ara tue fashionable ma erialt ot full dres?; lor : walking and neglige plaids of every dimension, cheeked 1 foulards, taffetas chisel* io stripes or waves; taffetas manvee abet with lilac, green taffeta* shot with a differ ant lint of theaeaae oolar, aad i>elerinas of two contrastI isg colors, ara all raach worn In iilk materials the corsages are frequently made with the corsage open la ' front, having collar and ravers turned baok and confined , by pattasoi gimp, or even simple cord; others are tight i and close to the threat with two deep ravers confined at 1iU? VUlWin UJ UIBIHIOUUvUI UIU UUIVII, WBIVU ivauu IV the bottom of the ikiit. N?k1i(ju dreues are without : point. QDd when they clo?e behind have narrow cein! tare* and buckle*, they may al?o hare reran Irom the shoulder* to the waiit, and ladie* wiahing ta ' wear high coraegea in evening dreia, hare the revera co| rered with lace. Fura at this aeaaon are uaed to oruimeot dreaaaa aa much aa for outdoor coitume. Chiocnil- . la and aablea are tba moat taahionable fura this aeaaon ? ' Manteleta and viaitea of chinchilla are rery elegant.? Manteaux, manteleta, cbatalaioea, naitea, pardeaaua. are all now in requeat with the newer atylea, the reuliers, the Oerrick, Manteuu Urec, Infanta, and Mooriah. The bometa moat approved hare the forma a little > aprcad, and rather deep at the ears, lorming a circle 1 r jund the face and hair Black velvet bonnet# are al- I ; moat conlned to the promenade The mora elegaat onea | are of plain colored velvets: many of emerald gtsen are j lined with a lighter ahade of green. All ahadea of gray are faahionable, with ornament* in ceriae color. Carotsa a rouliiaea of aatio are trimmed with veloura eplngle. Oai trich feather* are much worn, but not long, merely the tipa. Colored lace i? alae aaed corresponding to the color of the bonnet, a lauchon of velvet the asms aa the bonnet, edged with black or white lace.ia pretty on nag- , | lige bonnets flC spot ea of aattn are ornamented with biaia of velvet; dark bonne ta era often lined with pale color*. Cue of the Pompadour atyle, the Genevieve, the Margnarite, the Faaehan, are laaktooeble. HaU of aatin, and ! velvet, and historical oeaffntwa, am is favor; pretty little ! oatffarto, merely ecmwMia| the top of the head, are I made of gold ribbaa aad blank laoa. The moat novel style are Ikepetatae,arhalf sqaares, Uak deflaheeeof ! : aapUaattea laoe, lac-, Me?d?4 te taaHaia the coifHirea of 1 tiaMaef NateMmrt. They asw alao aaed fer honneta | j mt aMMraattaav wlial, eoweriag the crewn, the oor- 1 I we aaiUag trv ikwk ef teweta, or naoda of ribbon VM Bufiaw Cern Trade. I friwasOe Maafc Lane Expreee of Nov Mtfc.J The lessee ks of wheal aad leur into Oreat Bntain thia | yaar hwve oacMalr boon Immense? equal together to abaat I.MO.MO qaeraara If, therefore, the consumption > of iwalgii braathtag* had baas no greater dnrit>g tba I ' ptwaaot antnmn thanH was in the autumn of IMA, we ' rtnH at present havs a large excel* of both wheat and I Senr over skat waa held at thi* time last year. That there reeilly in an aaooae we entertain no doubt, bat it la | not aaarly aa great a* the extent of the import* woald appear to indicate, from the comparatively bare atsta ' of the granaries at all the principal depots of foreign in the kingdom, wa question whether mach more than 1.000 000 quarters of old foreign wheat is lelt in the country. The rapid redaction which the eteck* have recently I undergone, and the very acaaty manner in which the growar* have brought forward aupplle* daring the last month, have imparted a firm tone to the trade. This has II been more obeervable in the coun ry markets than in Loadon, and the rally which lui occurred in prlcae within the last fortnight originated in the provincial markets, ' Mirk-'auo baring folto-ved, and not. usual, led the advance. ThUu u new feature in the trad*, und one deserving of notice The accounts received thii week from the lead,-if country market! ??ate that a good deal j of htniae'i haj been done in wheat at improving rates. ! ft the shipping port* ont le east coast, the supplies have 1 barely kept p.ce with the demand, and prices 1*. to'2a p<?r quarter u'ove thote previeusly current have consequently hoen realized Whilst this bat been tha ca*a in the agriculture) district*, the tendency bu also been upward at the large consnming towui, though not in ?o , markei a degree. HoMrn ot free foreign wheat Iibvb ramained vary firm thtoii)|hout the week ; but tbe inquiry has not been ictive.anl no alvanc.o on pfvioui pdces has been e? tahlished. American Sour his met with a moderate ; share of attention, an) in some instance* a trifl? mora money lias been paii lor re ally fresh, aoun,I qualities.? On th?i 6th of th? month there were were ii.Vi'J owt*. of j Hour uixler iock in London. on that day week, but flour rota 1? par burn 1. tui-1 Iniiin | co'n being in iii-ely request for Ireland, p*rtly recovered from tbs previous depression. Liter iu the week tbe i ioqu ry fur wheat Uecainn mora livoly, end a fair amount of business w as Joue on Krid ty at au eahauce'nent of 3d par 7l)lb. [From Wilmcr's Time*, Dec. 4.] Lo"tDo-?.?A firm feeling baa prevailed in the groin trad* since the date of our last report, and although the huiidSi* transacted has not bean of a re ry extensive cha>ac.ter, priros have been steadily maintained^ami, in souie Instances, a tlight advance ban been readily paid.? The bu?iunan transacted in wheat en the 30th ult. was moderate, and fully previous rates ware paid ; but on the J34 an advance ot Is per quarter on tha best qualifies of Kuglish was l(riKl to. .American was unimproved in demand or value. Indian corn wat In alo'v demand, and the prices last quoted barely supported. Tbe market f r all the?e articles continued steady on tbe 3 Vh, but without atay oh-erv itde change in prices. Wheat met a ready sale for all good qualities on the 37th. The transactions iu flour were unimportant, aud tbe ourrency last quoted supported. At the market held on tbe 90th ult. a limited business wat transacted in English wheat, aud, iu some instances, rather lower rates bad to be acceptcd There was not wtuch passing iu foreign free wheat, a purrtia**} or two were made for shipment to Ireland.? Notni'iaf ol interci-t transacted in bondtd wheat Flour had b-it n slow sale Indian corn continue* to demand attention, and for auy thing uear at hand better rates would have been glveu. The business transacted on the -id inst. was sluggish and unimportaat, and prioes for must aiticles were maintained with difficulty. Supply of Provisions In Burep*. The Krenoli Minister of Agriculture sal Commerce haa transmitted a citculor to the Prefets on the state of the provision supply, from which ws extract the followin*: Pahis, Not. 10. 1048.?The lsst season has not bsen s favomhln one: Atill th? atimltia nf thi harvkiti of 1S11 4. ?ud an importation of mora lhan two million* of hectolitre* of grain, will afford a supply adequate to the generiil consumption. without raising the average price throughout Franco, which haa boe? 33f 6c on the year, above 33f OSo. The annuol consumption of France, for the nouriahtnent of the people and their cattle, for ired and for manufacture*, may betaken at 130 000,000 of hectolitre* of wheat and other kind* of giain. The district* of the northweit, north, and northeait, (apply nearly the half of thi* <|uantitv, *ny 64,000,000 of nectolitrea. The district* of the we*t, the centre, and the ea*t, supply about a third, or nearly 40,000,000. The remaining three di*triota, the *outhwe*t, aouth anil southeait, yield rather more than a sixth, or about 30.000,000, The ordinary price of buckwheat, which in August laat was 131 31c, fell in September to llf 60c. and in October to llf 83c. The price of Indian corn fell aucce**ively, in three mouth*, from 16f 16c to 14f 18c. and in October last to ISf 40c. It is at present below lOf in the department* of the Upper Garonne, of the Arriege, ef the Aude, of the Eastern Pyrenees, kc. The potatoe harvest it genertlly better this year than last; the easy modo of trausport of this provision to the markets, and the maintenance of it* u*ual price withih tolerably moderate bounds, sufflcientlv rirova the exaggeration of the fir?t complaint tit at wn? made on the subject. At thii moment the price at Paris and Rouen is 8f the hectolitre, and at Lille of 60c, at Strosburg it ii 4f 40c, and in the aouth from 3f 60c to 3f 60a However, it muit be observed that there are only fifteen departments la whioh this vegetable has not suffered to a great .degree, either from drought er from the disease of 1846. Baft, notwithstanding, the to'al loss does not exceed a quarter or a third at that of an ordinary year, and you wiil;perceive that the inferiority of the wheat harvest has been greatly attenuated by the good quality of the produce, and almost compenaated for. in a great number of departments, by the abundance of the inferior crops; and yet the general price of the hectolitre of wheat, which, at the end of July, was f33 96c, has risen in August to f 33 06c, in September to f 34 89c, and in October to f 36 71c. The harvest has been magnificent in the ancient Polish provinces and in New Russia, which supply Odessa, in the Black Sea, Taganrog, Rostow, and the other ports of the Sea of Aaof. The enormous exportation! in the years 1844 and 1846 gave, in those countries. a great impulse to the cultivation of white crops; the extraordinary temperature ef the present year has been favorable to their develop ment. As to the quantity, the people of Poland and Russia living on rye, and the people of Bessarabia on maize, nearly the whole of the wheat may be considered as surplus and for exportation. In 1846, nearly 4,000,000 hectolitres ef grain were exported from Odessa; and the quantity disposable in 1846 and 1847 will not be less than 6,000,000 independent of the produco of Poland. The countries on the sea of Asot may supply above 1,600,000 hectolitres. On October 13th, the prices woro, of yellow Polish whoat, 141 to Iflt the hectolitre ; red wheat, ISf to lsf; red wheet of bessarabia, 13ftol4l; dried wheat, 101 60c te 1 Jlf. The export duty is 30c the hectolitre ; freight, 4f; assurance '-hi to 6 per cent; and the charge for commission, fco , 3>,' per cent. Tho harvest in Egypt is more abundant than in ordinary years, and vary much oxcoeds the wants of tho inhabitants. The annual exports amount to about 900,009 hectolitres. Tins year .Alexandria may easily give ua \ 7OO AiiO /ir 1 *(m ( 00 hprtaiirrAi At nrp?nt fh? nrira ifl from 13f to ISf AOc the hec'.olitro. The eapoit duty U 15 per cent; freight, 3f 76c tha hectolitre; nsmiriinr^, to 1 percmt; the ejCfCtue of putting it on Una: J ?r.ip fioia Vw to In the Unite! Stuta* the two abundant harveata of 1846 and 1816 hare accumulated important quantities of rkio ili?|)0??t)lo for exportation, anil an official rej*>rt ol the Juth September l >ct eatimatea It at no l?aa than ftoO milhone ol busheli of mnize, anJ at 140 million* of bushel* f wheat, e^ual to 3d million* of barrel* of flour The principal entrepot* of Europe preaoatid, moreover, on the 16th Octobor laat, the following reeourcea : ? Nice, 66,111 hectolitre*; Genoa, 73,616; Leghorn, 84 319 ; Amaterdara, 1,463.770 ; Rotterdam, 164.690 ,Hamburgh. 61,000 ; Dansic, tcn.iHM); London, 4M,O>0 ; Liverpool, 436,600; Glaagow, 170,0(13; Leith, 133,090; total, 3,897,f85 hectelilrea. Thcro exiaUd in the French entrepot), cn >7 at October lnat, 38,778 quintal* of whtat; I7.U4'.i ot othor grain*: and 16 t>60 of flour, independently of 0*f 000 quintal* of foreign flour and grains which hay* leea admitted for conauicption from the lit: f Aiiguat to the 3i?tof October, and more than a million of hectolitrea of wheat have arrived aince the l&t of the preaent month in the porta ol franco. Table of the ttorea of grain in the principal eatrepot* of &uiope, in the laat fortn ght of October:? Nice qra. 30 793 London qra. 149,700 Oenoa 33 043 Liverpool,,,,,,, 131,040 Leghorn 26.3U8 Ulaagow 63 7-X! AniKt?"c'nm 431,631 LeiU*. 40,077 Rotterdam 46,321 ? Hamburgh lrt.SUO Total 998.374 Daoxic W.WW State of Trade lit tike IlanufacturlKg Dlw tilcta. The report* are very unfavorable. The Hanckufr Examinir of the 3dth ult. aaya 'The languid atate of the market noticed in our laat publication atill continue* Altogether the week haa been unuaually dull and unsatisfactory Some lower qualiUea of cloth* have been fully easier to buy than lati week, while the prioea of butter quahtiea of aluitinga have been in aome caaea rather firmer. Old ealublianed and wealthy flraa* chew no disposition to push sales, panicolarly at ihe preeent iinremunerating prices, but ara content to abide tha gradual but certain etfecu of diiafcuthed productions " The raport from the same place of the lit loat. says "We have nothing better doing in either the yarn or the cloth market." The HaUfma Guardian aayi"A rather better feeling baa beea manifested i of the hall,but not many more gooda hare gone off, and pric.ea continue unimproved. The sales have been principally in fancy goods lor the American market; and the prospecta in that quarter arc more cheering." Markets. Loudon Montr Markkt, Wednesday, Dec. 9.?a considerable improvement baa taken place to day in the English funds. Consols opened at 96} to j for money, antToiJ to for January, and a puiobase of ?50,000 on accouut of the Court of Bankruptcy caused them to advance to 9&X to both tor money and time. The closing prices were U5>? sellers for money, and 96K to | lor the opening. The foreign securities have again advanced in a slight degree, owing to the buoyancj of the English market. Although not much business was transacted, the bargains were, iu almost all eases, concluded at rather better prices. The latest operations were?Max ican, for the ii ? . Thursday, Dec. S?Public securities have sot supported the advance of yesterday. After the opening Contois were done at ?4)? beth for money and account, but the quotations are now H. for money, and M)% Reduced Three per Cents^wrre last sold at M, the Thr*? and a Quarter per Cents 09, and Exchequer biila are 7 11 pm. lixli* stock Lsi been done last at -USX. The tone ol the market is not so Arm. jiviicau i'ubui nav0 uwi soiu tor iccounu ii ur iog a (light improvement on yeiterday'a quotation. Saki or EnoLAitn. An arconnt, puranaat to the Act 7th ud 7th V ictoria, rap n, for the week radius on 8*tnrday, rha Hat of Not., 1M. Utut Drp*rtmtnt. Notat Ooi*rnment debt,.?ll,tl3,lM Other aeenritiea... J M4,(M Oold eoia aad Mlioo 11,794,111 Silver ballioa.... ?J'1.T7I ?UUl,liO , X9MI7.W9 S.C.Rwt 1,<?.? ? ritiaa (incladiu* Public lUpoaiti (in- Deed Weight Aaclnding EifW- anity) AlI.MI lit qaer.Saviaga Bka. Other eecuritiea .. 1I,S4S,?7J (. emmiaaionera of Notee ?, IM.ItJ BNatieaaldebLaad Oold It ailver coin M3.9K Dirideud ?eeV. 7,?7I.1M . Other dapoaiu 7,975,151 Seven day aad other balls #*.4H AJ4.t77.??l MS,177,611 Dated tba Mth day of >oveMbar, lltt. Li'iinoi Cotto* Miittr, December I?For waak ending November 90 ?Cotton baa beaa a flail article thia waak. It ia not that there it any naw laatnra regarding the main ground of public confidence?namely, the a stent of tha coming crop Upon ttat point thora i* nothing naw. It raata much at before?that ia, oa tha almoat umveraal Impraaaion that it will not exceed two million* of belee. But Maucheater marketa are dull, aad a certain proportion of apinnara are reducing thair pro duction by working ahert time, and in thia way very na to rally and very properly giving a cheek to tha apeoulative movement iu thia placa How far thia will auo ceed in the lone run, retaeiae to be aaen her*after. It would undoabtadly be a moat aalutary oourae if tha reduced preduction of versa and gooda prove adequate to tha for them ia tha Meanhootor market, aad alao I if ?ucli a conne of pwcedlrg woul t insure a moderate I currency ot the uw n a'e ul until an adequate and abundant supply wan placed beyond doubt. flu* after all, it will remain, at it now is, a ijuedion ot quantity Therefoie all parties wi'l conliuue to look with much interest to American account of crop*, us well m to the atate of thing* at borne with regard to tho consumption : In our judgment the public tale *oldatthe same price* as the previous currency. Il,3o0 American have tiarn take.i on speculation, tttO American an I 3 0 a units for export Sales today, 4000 bales Sales of the week, S3 860 bale* Anot his Report.?In the early part of the week there was a good demand, both from the trade and speculators, but during tho last few da> a the inquiry lias t)een limited, tha liusinefcs for speculation being mi,nil Prices ef most doacriptioua an J?d lower dating the fortnight Specu- , lators hare taken 11 300 American, and exporters 660 American anil 300 iurat 1 OtO Sua Island and Stiioed. ! an lOAO ?gTuiian weie offered Oy auction to-diy. of which ! 8*0 only or tha former found bu> era, at prices from >,d to , id lower than the previous currency. The sales of tho I week amount to 33 3S0 bait a i Fit Witt (.KDitie Nov. 27?Tha trade, without in { nuy s?ay disturbing the even course of our market, have J ukan a little more cotton this week th:in for soma time past; still, allowiag for what is supposed to be the re duced rute ot consumption, tb;y hive haidly taken sufli ! cient for the week'a work. l':ii.i demand, howevor, Join, ed by the little that has beeudono on speculation, ha* I been found sulDcieut to k^ep us at a (teaJy and even currency in price. No doubt the reports from Mancbeiter, and the slate of thin ja in that maikat, have very justly 1 had their modernting etl'ect upon us ; a*, tbe same time, , the stock of the raw material in thi* phce, ia becoming ao for aa reduced, and is held with *0 much ease, that the holder* apparently look upon their prosent position and future prospect* with considerable confidence. We make no cliango whatever in tbe scale of our quotations since Kriday last. As usual a*, this season ol tbe year, we still look with much interest to the next advice* from the : United States. 4.SOO .American and ?00 Egyptian have ' been taken on speculation, an J 600 American, 30 Maran, bam, and 100 Sarat lor export. dalei to-Iuy. 8.0J0 bales. ' Sales of the week, 31,4JO bales Anot hk* Ht roar?la tha early part of the week tha innuirv was moderate, and the market rathnr | dull than otherwise, but during the last day or twe there i has been* revival of demand, whiah hai produced more I firmnafm, and the priceu of last week lor all description* j are fully aup| orted. The decline noticed in S?a Island : at the auelion last Friday baa been r?cuvered. Upeculai tore have taken 4,800 American and S00 Kgyptiau, and exporter! #00 American, 30 Maranham, and 100 SuraL? I Sale* of the week 81,410 bale*, ? Nov. 38.?There ha? been *ome speculative demand toi day, which added te the trade business, has swelled the ! talea from 7,000 to 8,000 bale*. About 3,000 have been taken on (peculation. N?v. So.?The sale* to-day extend to 8,000 bale*, and include 3,000 on sf:acalation. The market ha* gradually fro ?n firm since the middle of last week, and to-day the mpply offered for aale being small, an advance of ){& took place, the maiket closing firmly. Dr.c I.?The aaies to-day amount to nearly 10,000 bales ' | about 3,000 baiag on speculation. Prioas are very firmly ! supported, ){d to )^d higher since Kriday. Dec. 3 ? t he sales are nearly 38.000 bales to day. 8000 j Surats, and 8000 American on speculation, and 8000 bales 10 me traae, ana 01 course at a nine nigner prices; ksy H'd to-day ami 3<d since Friday. There is no taws to cause this, and the accounts from Manchester discourage it The business included- 13 000 American, fid to 7d; 800 Pernam and Maranham, flJid to 7)fd ; 309 Bahia, ?d ; M0 Egyptian, 7Jtfd to 8>?J ; 8000 Suram, 4d to 4)<d. Dec. S?There i* till a large demand, and the aales today are about 1*1,000 bale*, of which 4000 were on (peculation, viz: aoOo American and 1000 Maranham at to 6%d. The market cloaca firmly, and price* hare stiii an advancing tendency. The buaine** transacted to-day Included?ISO Bahia, 7d to 7>^d ; SM Egyptian, 7^d to d ; 400 Surat, 4d to 4)*d. Livebtool Corns Mhiet, Dcc. 3?The ti ad* from the 19th inst to the present date, Dec. I, has bean rather improved, and more activity prevail*. At the market held on the 30ih ult. a slight advance took plaie in the value of wheat. 10 000 bbl*. of bonded flour were taken for investment, Philadelphia and Baltimore commanding 39* to 39* 6d, pnd prime brand* of weitern SO* per bbl.? Indian corn declined 3* to Si per quarter, and for some of the beat white United States 48s would have been accepted. Waeat was purchased more lreely on the 34th at full rates. Canadian and States flour, duty paid, realized an advance of Is per bbl; and the latter in Dond obtained a similar amendment. With an increased inquiry for Indian corn, at the decline already noticed, a fair business wa* traniacted. The trade anumed a firmer and j more active tone on the 37th ult., particularly as regardI ed wheat; an advance of 3d per 70 lbs. was, therefore, realised, whilst State* and Canadian flour, both free and under lack, commanded a rite of 1* per bbl. There was an eager demand for Indian Corn for Ireland. Whit* descriptions sold at 61 a to 53', but prime sample* of Uulitz brought 64s per 480 lb. The value of wheat was maintained on the 1st inst., and Indian corn being i n unabated demand, at 68i to 53s per 490 lbs. States flour, both free and under lock, in *low demand, but the Srice was maintained Since the 1st instant, the mm ket as not been so buoyant, and price* are rather inclined to recede. Quotation*?Wheat, per 70 lb , United 8tate*, red 8* 4d a 8s 8d; white 8* lOd a #s 8d; oat*, per 45 lbs., 4s i '? a ?? mj ; luuian corn, jior too iu?., o*? u oo?; iiuur, per bbl., 196 lbs , United States sweet, 33s 6J a 34s 6d; in , bond, 3ta a 32s. Liverpool American Provision MaRut, Dec. 3 ? Our market* have been dull, aDd price! are on the <le cline. Old beet ii in moderate request ; fino quality is held firmly at the quotations. 346i bbls. of pork hiro lately arrived, and the sale is only to a moderate extent. The quotations are in some degree nominal, and range ' from ofla to 66a pur bbl. For bacon, of .uitable cuts, njut- , ly packed, there would be a goad maiket. The supply ot' Irish at market is rather short. Cheeso is still I on the decline, and prices have given way 3s to 4s.? : Lard being pressed on the market is Is to JM per cwt lower. Tallaw is very fiat, and prices are at least Is below those last quoted. Quotations?Bacon, per 1 cwt., United State*, 38 a 44s; beet, United B ates, prime mes per tee, 60 u 7U; do. per bbl. 2S a 36s; < ueene, 1 por cwt, United States, fine, 4J a Sis; mid., 44 a 43r; ord., 38 n 4Js; Imp), per cwt., Uni'?d States, in fcbts , 43 a 44;; ! Wops, 43 a 45^; poik, per bbl of 900 lbs , Uidled - S;n'e?, i mes-, ;,t> a fl-'s, prune do., 60 pes., M a 60s; primo, 60 a I 6 Us; hams, per cwt., United Slates, dry, in bd., Si a 4"s. 1 London Markets, Dec. 3 ?The Foreign and Colonial : Produce markets hare bad a quiet appearance since we last addressed our readers : at the same tine steady ' businrM has been transacted, and prices in general well suppored. Raw Sugar and Rice have Utterly declined . in value. A limited quantity only of Trodu^e is being brought forward to market. Orders for export come in slowly, and the arrivals during the last ten days hare been pretty numeious The accounts trum the manulact tiling districts continue unimproved, and the merchants there ere limning the amount of their productions. < Kor the luil particulars respecting all the inur- 1 k?t? ia which our renders are interested, we refer ihera to the following comments, ami our prices current. I Ashe*.?Tke demiiul is moderate. At it late puldie sal-the chief pan of 641 barrels Canada s?ld nt tne lol | lowta( pncaa.Monties! iwrl, nrateort. brand IMd, a: S7a to a7a 3d; first sort Pot Sfla SJ, mco kI 94a Ui toird -JUt 3d, Quebec if at lort Peail, brand 1?18, Ids 0a to M6* 3d, iicoud 'Ibn 3d; first aort rot 2?i ? ) to bit Bd, aecond 33?, aad ataiard 17a to 33a 0d;46 brla United State* Pearl, int aort, damaged, aold at nas Sd, and inferior 174 to 2l? bd por cwt Cotton?During the ffreater part of toe paat turtn.ght Cotton | l?ei<n in great damnd, although { oitrcuxiiLi were wiLiiig to make sums fui thtr co*<ceaaion In price. The private anies w*i?onl> 7t>0 bale* Surat at I Mi io 4jd lor very good 0>di:.ary to gou.. midtliug ? tun ap.cul..tive d-m?nd wua en'itely aubaid d for auction 1400* a fcual li dU, at d 600 bal?a ot Peruvian are declared The accounts Irom U.mbsy mate that Urge shipments of Cottou are making for O. Britain, ahirfly of the Icwar qua'.iiief. The market diirn.g the laat few da) a : tiaa become Itmor, and a batter busuieaa transacted.? Hop*?We have an animnted demand bath 'or bags and pocketa The whole of the mid Kenta are cloared o0', and Sutaa* have lately adt aaatd 3a por pocket. The prices currant will bo lound in another column Metaia ?Prices arc Aim for neatly all deacriptiona Lata higb prices are fully maintained for E. 1. tin, atraita 09*. There a no farthar change ta notice in Engiiah. The market for all kind* of manufactured iron ia very Arm, ami pricea bare atill an upward tendency ; common ars ate aall ling at ?9. Scotch pig 1a rather lower, and there has been leaa buaineaa dona. Spelter haa aold at aome improvement in value, vie XIit ia to ?lt 10a per ton. Naval btorea?Among the late aalae ia a cargo ot Stockholm tar, which aold laat weak at 10a M per barrel. Rough turpentine continuea quiet. A decline of la haa bean taken up for Engiiah spirits, which now bring ?J*. Provisions? Butter: There ia very little doing in Irish butter ; the holdera of the Aner deacriptiona are not dispoaed to take leaa pricea ; inferior eoita may be quoted irom 3a to 3a lower. The arrivals laat week were 14,7*0 Arkina tn.l nf fortiffn 1S2Q r.uki. Tkn f'titnr* nrir#t in I tbii market will depend apou the state of th* weather, i The quotstions from Liverpool state their Mock is only | aboat 13.900 firkins, and the broker* are not disposed t* ; take lower price*. Bacon : The stock continue* larger I than laat year, and twice a* much a* in 1944 ; the weekly : declining i* leu than either of the former year*, s&ow' iaf the late high price* bare tended materially to lessen the consumption There aeerna little oupomiion either ! te buy or sell for forward shipnflnt. cheese, ham* i lard, and foreign provisions, remain in a doll state. ' Riee.?The maiket for ail deacrip.ione of East India i ha* a dull appearance, and price* declining. Bengal pri' rately ha* been purchased with caution for home con| (umption, and for exportation there are few ordera ; the : rate* taken hare bean lit 64 to 19s for lew to fine white, I and 14a 9d te if* 6d far yellow ; that a inrther reduction 1 in the ratea will enaue ia the general impression, the i (took being more than double of what it Was last year, aad ths consumption not a* good ol late. 98# bag* at auotien ware partly sold, middling white rather dusty at 1 lfis 9d to ITs, sea damaged first class Its, second do lis, ' third and fourth lis Ad to 13* fid, being la cheaper?low 1 yellowish white was taken ia its 8.1 t* l?s tor small grain. In Madras few purchases hare been ma?2e privately At public sale 031 bags were only partly sold at i at a reduction of Is parcwt? line yellow Bengal grain 1 went at 14* to 14t ttt, good 13* fid to 1M, low white thick grain Bengal kind taken in at 1M to its fid Of Jara de, sciiptiona there is still none here, but it is little wanted ; the nominal ralue ia 16* to lfii For cleaned rice the market ha* a dull appearance, and Patita i* cheaper, aale* | having been mad* at 90* t* 9Ss for Carolina, prices remain at >4s to 40*. The stock of East India ia. according I to th* laat r*tomi, 49,903 baga nor* than it wai last year, but th* d*lir*ri*a exceed thoe* of lMft up to thi* tim* by 43,090 bag* for horn* conausption. and <1 90S | for exportation ; but the consumption in thi* couni try aad en the ceatiaent, is b*ginnii? to b* cheok*d by | the Improving qualiti** of th* potatoes, the supply being I larger than of lata, and quotation* are going downward i for rlc* of all descriptions, as arrirala are near at band ? Tallow?Th* market haa been list since our last report ' and prioea continu* to dacline, and ar* now Is fid to Is ; 9d below former quotations. Rather l*?s than Wi have been accepted for fin* St. Peteraburgh, V. C. llome; made ia in steady demand, at about 9d to la reduction. Th* stock Mill show* a deficiency compared with that of 1 liat year at the *ame time Tea?The eaily part of the | pact fortnight waa aomawhat remarkable fur a speculatire damand for thi? article -Insiigated on the faith ot a r*dncli*n in the duty,which caused price* to have aa upward tendency for a short time. HtiKscjMrntiy the speculators gar* way. and now comt-non sou 11 (:ougou enn b* had *t lOd to lOJadperlb. tVmi- c ? Tnrre is lit' tie bunn*** tran-aciu.g ?i her m w irwhslefins; *t auction) a few diya ag-? a pi' I n| i;t tons Neith western, s*ld a' ?itt. and a knuU iui oi Southern, at itM Wool?Th* public ?alei, which commenced on , th* Utk ult, bar* attracted a large mien.lane* of buyers j from all th* manufacturing psrts of the ooantry. i [ Although th* quantity of Colonial declared waa larg*, f I .11 in' mounting to 18,000 bale*, (till the Jemnnd has been sctive, especially for the better qualities. and the piices obtained equal to tliore of tha laat quarterly tales. The quantity it appears is not more than will lie require^ but there is an impression that uo rise in price* will oc< cur during the progress of the sales Other kinds have v mt met with only a modsra'e demand, and the rates taken ? are rather under those of the last auctions. The quantity announced amounted to 401)0 bales. London Tobacco Mahbkt, Dec. 3.?There was a lightly improved demand for most descriptions towards the Utter and of last month, and sales may be es'imated at 880 hhds ; In some instances there was an evident disposition to meet the views of buyers, and sales were made at rather lower rates; the market, however, gene* rally, does not warrant us in altering o ir previous quotations, and which we hare resnmsd accordingly, but for some sorts may be considered nominal (mpoits have b'>en S49S hhds., making the stock 13.SUA hhds., again?t J8.&34 hhds , in the corresponding month of 1843 ; 10 AJ9 1844, and 30 3?9 hhdx la 1813 Deliveries, 1707 hhds. oprainst 1101 bh ls iu the correiy.onding m mth of 1845; !>a7 hhds In 1844 : 041 hh Is la IStf; and 1M4 hhds. in 181-J. In Virginia sales have been 300 hhds principally leaf of the import of 1844 and 1941, at > 3%d to *d and strips of tho present import at 4^d. te Sid. a few limited sales of ord and mid. descriptions kave been made at a reduction previous prices;-mo>) in some instaaces, for old strips, mote especially for cutting purposes, at lower rates tuan lor Western strips of relative quality. In Kentucky Leaf and Strips sales may be estimated at nearly M4 hhds, a very large proportion of which consisted of last year's imports at.^d to tfd is favor of the buyer; in new Strips scarcely any transactions have been effected deserving notice; for first class parcels hollers appear firm at our quotftioua, but the trifling sales hitherto made have not been of tliat character te test the market. and oar quotations, as before stated, may be deemed nominal; the character of tho import U decidedly fine, in irn/vl P A Mil i t in n ktniil _ *.-? ..M, .? .Anient in /?rv_ Tor. Mary lsnd :?a few limited ssles kave been mad* at J Ad to 7d. In Havana Leaf, demand has been modarata, * the trade having purchased for tone time pest rather free- \ 4 ly. Stock in the hands of importers it very small. Havana A* cigars, of good brandi, wall audo, and eligible in siie. have buon in fair demand, and sales have been effeotad of nearly all of raoant iaiportatien at itaai'y prices; heavy ami ordinary- sorts have baan (old at re4uoed rite*. Manilla cheroots are 8 rm la price,and eome parcel* are held at higher limit*. Cube ha* been leu iaqutre after,and fear ale* mala.?In Columbian Laaf and Roll a limited busine** hit* been done, arising fro* present *tate of at oak and ihort supply, the trade have also continued to dlract their attention to other growths, in consequence of the high price of Columbian, and which ha* vary materially interfered with Ju consumption. Ha van ah Seed Leaf, of One quality, ha* bean in food demand at steady price* ?Brazil baa been In leaa request; *ome limited sale* have bean made at rather low rata*. Manilla Leaf ha* beau much inquired after for exportation; 400 bale*, part of a paroel recently arrived, ex Olentnnncr, will be offered at eur public *ale on the 0th fns'ant?Perto Bieo Leaf; S38 bales ware offered at ouj public *ale on the 39th ultimo: a portion cf which sold at 8d to 13)?4 ? German ha* been in fair demand at ateady price*. 8tock p ef line quality 1* very limited ? Amersfoort?Nothing done deserving notice. Negro Head and Cavenish of good and Ane aorta have been in fair request, and sales mada to aome extent; for middling and ordinary, lower ratea have been inbmitted to.?Stalks in fair demanl Litkbpool Mabbbts, Dec. 3.?Ashes continue very languid, and the eale* effected do not exceed ISO barrel* at 36? 3d par owt for pot and 37* for pearl. Coal?The demand continue* great,and price* are 0d par ton higher. The atock* both in town and country are vary email. Iron?A fair demand has existed throughout the pa*t month; the maker* continue fully employed, and a ateady $ and large consumption i* going on, particularly >n tho*o trade* connected with the formation and working of railways. The prices of bar iron in the Liverpool market are unusually low, as compared with the makers' prioes ] in Wales ; and as the make of merchant bar iron i* much reduced, there seems no reasonable expectation that the makers will reduce their prioe ; this will make it necessary on a further reduction ot stock, (which is now only i moderate,) to advance tho prices hero. Thi* effect is f ueginmng 10 ue proauceu, ana win mosi nicety continue, 1 but we do not anticipate much variation before the end 1 of the year. as it ii customary to a*oi<l making engagements at the present time. Tne following ere the quotations delivered in Livrpool:?Scotch pig, 44 As; merchant bar ?9 5s; best rolled ?11; hoop ?11 A; sheet 419; I. C- charcoal tinned plates 3is. Rice?Net much doing: the market Hat. The value of the article ia considerably lower since our last, and the sale* do not exoeod 3,00# bags, baing fine white, which brought 19a to 19* M per ewt. Salt?We have no alteration to note in prices, nor any improvement in the demand Tallow continues ou the decline, and the sales have bees to a very limited extent at 48s 6d to 49i fld per cwt lor P. If. C. good North American has brought lately 48s 6d to 60s per ewt Tobacco?The sales this month are 1090 hhds vis: 140 Virginia Leaf and 166 Stemmed, 331 Kentucky Leaf and 493 Stemmed. Of these 116 Virginia Leaf, 100 Stemmed) 3 Kentucky Leal, and 3 Stemmed were taken for Ireland: 17 Virginia and 178 Kentucky Leaf for expertntion: and 16 Virginia Leaf, 49 Stemmed, 61 Kentucky Leaf and 490 Stemmed by the trade. The imports are 8468 hhds from New Orleans, and 1 iron Pallodalphia. The exports aro 170 hhds. for Africa, 30 Malta, 8 Draamen, 4 Drentheim, and 3 lor the Isle of Man The enquiry has been steady during the month for all kinds tnough not extensive, manufacturer buying sparingly until the sampling is concluded. In prices we make no alteration. 1(48. 1(41. iihdl. Mkdf. Tobacco in Liverpool, list October U 8 it l?9ti Imported in Norembcr 1 454 3.(15 33,379 17,179 1(4#. 1(45. r.L.r.S K L.K.S. Hit. H4i. Delivered for) 7 j? J8 323 3M 349 Coastwise... 1 71 7 1(1 188 173 v.ip< rtmios.. (0 3 1(1 0 t*4 323 Ireland (1 297 1 389 218 1,17* (14 tl 091 M.939 uUitr Net r.L. V a K t. K 8 sorts. awU. * Stock, 30th Nov., I (48, 21)( '7(1 2?l( 81(7 24 443J-(I Ml .Afainsi 29th Nov., 1(41, 1410 3424 3Mi 4!Jt H 1381? ?,< ti Wool?We have experienced a J for foreign during the month, and the tra.'.?*''tl?n? liave beiu, on tiie H?f?i*giit.i, more extensive than for some tiiaa previously, but chiefly in the low or description*. 'I'ho ttner brunches of the trade, both clottiiug and eombieg. aro still in a very unsatisfactory condition; in some district* the mill4 aro working short time, auil, unlets there is a | speedy improvement in these department', the hears of m labor ate likely to be still further contracted. The principal business has k^en in fca?t Ituiia. K.g< ption, Russia, Peruvian. Mogader, aud Bnonos Ayres; a portion o: the I three latter tnkeu for evport United States have also j roil in ijirraquovi; aui me grr.u jrnguisiry ni [aese wool*, mad imperfect washing, are very laneH complained of. Wa are Hurry to observe no ioip-ovatncnt in tl.e tn respectf, which cpara'a -ji'ish afainnt thoir s la. There in oo niUirattoa to note l'i prir.e. e*c?ot in Baeno* 1 Ay res, in the middling qualities of whi b a further decline may ba quo'ed. In Alpaca a largo buamets his bean dooa, anJ prco* are rathtr firmer. In Irish (bar* ia little to report Match ba* been in limited request, at rather receJiag prioai. F?ki?ht? at LirtarooL. Deo S-Freigkts far tba Stats* have rather improved liDce our left report mora (rum a scarcity of ships, came t by an easterly wind, however, than from any abuadanoe of cargo The shipment* of Manchester go->di are becoming mora axten*ive. but meUl*. hardware a id earthenwaro uri sill scarce We advance ear quotations to Ve w York?fer fine goods 15?; hardwate I->s; ca:lUenwari? Ji to ?; d*ad weignt 1**61 tu 15a. Bosioa?dead weitfh1. 2J< to 3i<nd; floe goods -JSs- hardware i*s; eartbeuwara 74 PailadaU phia? dead weight 16* to 30t; Una g.jol* jjj to Ms; hardware 26s to > *; earthenware 19s ta lis Cd. New Orleans?dead weight 8? to 1 it Si; tne goods 51s; hardware 17s 6d to iflto; earthenware ?l to As par ton. | UtTiK, November 30.?Cottons. Not. 3S.?Our market has again exhibited a considerable degree of flatnesa throughout the past week, which was futthar increased after receipt ol' the accounts frum the United tttates by | the Caledonia a:eamcr of 1-t inet. The intelligence of I several cargoe* coming forward to otir port, and tha j extremely dull character of the advices Irom Livero<>ol J have created a ratner depressed f*el,ng an 1 reduced tha sales to a lower figure than we have witnessed for several 1 months past. But, notwithstanding the slackness in tha 1 demand, prices continue to maintain their ground which, however, would sot have been the case U'ider any ather circumstances than the reduced state of our present stock. The advanced season of the year, added to the high price* of cotton and breadktuffs, tend to check oon nmption, and a* there i* nothing to awaken a spirit of speculation, the pro*pact of extensive operation! are yet far distant On the other hand, the interior being pretty well *uppli*d. the buying i< not yat likely to **aume a very animated feature, though from the fact of it* having been restricted for aome ti no paat to urgent necesiitie*. more activity may pethapa be expected! Bat this will nevertheless mainly depend on the advices from the ether side of the channel, and in no alight degiee en the shipments of t'ottou invn tlie States, which, should they arrive in quick succession, would probably, under the prevalent dull date of the market.turn the scale In fevour ol purchasers. Nov. *0 ?The sane want of animation ha* continued to predominate in oar market that wo be fore noticed, for although in the aarly part of last week dealers from the trade made their appearance,and seemed disposed to purchase more freely, the tenacity of holder* prevented the baying from assuming an active character, and nearly up to the ciosa the teles were of a most limited description. But the protiacted latneu having rather ahaken the c ufldenoe of importer*, and created a deposition on their pait to lower their iiretensi >na, ' buyer* were induced to eoms fotward witfc lea* reluctance. and within the la?t two days rather mare bnsinos* has been transacted This, however, his Ke*a to (he detriment of price*, which have declined fl to I M on American Cotton* generally (peaking, bat. notwithstanding thi* concession.the operation^have been far from extensive; and the intelligence from Liverpool, as well a* | from our manufacturing distiicts, being of a dull com t 4 plexion, there is nothing at prennt of a nit tire to excite any inoculative feeling. This date of inectivity will, therefore, ptobably coo'intie tintil the arrival of tho Britannia steamer, with advi.- M from the United State* to 16th instant, which may be expected to contain aome. j thing of an interesting nature, ami to thi* may be ?ttri DUtoa me iieurminlLaa ol the brokers to maintain the previous quotations, notwithstanding the decline that i has taken place. We hare to observe that several lota of New Orloana Cotton, deliverable in January next, hare been aold IS to 4 below the actual rates. Asnks?There has been again a spirited demand manifested. and prices hare undergone a further improvement. The sales effected were 400 barrels Anericaa I Potash, first brands, deliverable in December, atf4l 74 to 43, and 900 barrels deliverable in January at f 4* 00 to 4074 per M kil. duty 18 <4 paid. A lot of U barrels Pearlash, first brands, found buyers at f 44 for oonsumptloa. The Havre, from Mew V ork, brought In 70 bbla Pearls. Stock H>00 barrels Po:? an 1 FX) barrels Peatli. Drugs an.i Dyes - V lot ot 1(00 bag' Nitrate of Soda waa Jf dis|iosed of at f 19 per 40 kil in bond At public sale held 14 ca?e? Rhubarb w?>re inn ofi at 41c in bond ?ivl40casea annisro I at 70 cents par half kil, duty paid, 'l'ha imports were 14 bags beeswax and 'JO cases anniseed oil from N. 4 York; 3t>0 pegs drug* Midnev no bales S?fl1ower coastwise f, Hides?Our market hat been veiy dull, cud Bneno* Ay- M res Hi'lee have fcee i without inquiry. The only sales to I report are 900 New Orleana wet sailed, at MM oen's, I and 314 Carthagena, damaged, at 4) to 4oc par 4 kil,duty I l>aid. We have received 04*4 hides from L>a Plata, 1?0? I from Sidney, 13*7 from the United States, and aoaia Uu, I salted, coastwise. Rice?This article remain* without M change, and the tales amount to 491 tierces Carolina at f is 74 to M 9> per 40 kil. duty f I 37*. paid. We hare received 8 threes from New York and 4100 kales from Caic utta, which had been aold pravioMly to anitrml M

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