Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1846 Page 3
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9 | u. I ,1 , . Our (fork in Antrlein amount* to rtbout 1000 tlercee? f Tallow, ko ?A considerable dogrce of fliln??s Una pre! dominated in the trtnsertioc*. and pricea of tallow have | receded Tiom previous <|Uot?trn? Only '.A casks Rus,* aia, yellow, were di?pored of ?t f 66 60 anil 70 bb'a Amtrican lsnl fetche 1 f 6i per kil, duty pai l. Theoclyimr part waa M casks tallow from 8yd?ey, 44(1 caaki tallow and ?M barrels lard from New York and New Orleans Some barrels lard were takpn at M franca ? Whslebore.?The protracted Itutneai in thia article hat led to a dec lint in price*, and the only aith a to notice are t toni north-wnttrrc finery at f 0 40 to 3 43 per K kil. for consumption No suptdiea h*re betu received, Stock?114 loin acainst HO ten* last rear. Wheat anJ Flour?In the eaily part of the week. HK? hectolitres Folith ard Rostock wheat realized f 71 to 71 80 per aack of 900 kll., but price* bare since experienced a dvoliue, and prime northern would uot now command more than f 06 to 67. IIoim growth baa alto given way, the ererage at the lustMvntrillera market being f M per aeek, making a deeliae of f 4 on the former quotatione. There is, In hicl, a downward tendency in all the principal inarxera, o tnn complex reaction may " anxicip-ueu The ?h1c* In foreign growth consist of 2,100 hactolitrc* Ameriren, ut f 70 to <0 74 per 2#o fell. In American flour we have ?e if cord *alee of 1,600 bbl?, partly to arrive, at f 43 per thU in bond. The import* were .1*0 bble flr.ur, ani 6 VW bushel* wheat/rotn New YoikM9 bag* w^tut from llambuigh, and two cargoes coaitwiie. ? Amrmiia-Colfia w*i without alteration. Ord. Java was in reqnett at 19X cenl* ; Sumatra, 1?X to 10 oentt. In S&gir, Surinam had been aold at 3*>^<o 80 florin*. Rice was in more demand for exportation. Tobacco ?u feeble. Cotton dull, and Indigo in request. Aktwkwp.?Coffee wa* rather mora animated, and *ur tair>?d fully previous rata* Brazil aa}4 to 24 cent*. Cottoa wa* wihout alteration and in hide* not much vii deirg. itdigo wa* dull Bice wai wa* rather mora active, at fall quotation*. Carolina, \4Si florin*. Raw sugar wa* tolerably ective, and holder* vked fuller rate*, Havana grey. MX to UX florin* in foreign bond. Tallow wa* very high. HiJiiracH ?The operation* in mo*t article* have been on a rf strict* >1 *cale, whi jk may be attributed ia a great ; measure to the period of the year, few parti a* being wil- I ling to enter into laige engagements to near Chriataaa*. : In csffeo very little h?* been done, the quantity brought ! loiwwrd for tale having bean unimportant. M0 bag* 1 Brntil *olJ a* tallows: Ord. S 1-10 to *X> realfonl 3 3-lti to * 318. good ord. 8K to IX, fine ord. to 4*f. two bag* Domingo, ord 3, good ard >Xf- The demand for 1 nmar ha* been (low. and aaly 000 chest* yellow Hsvannak l:ave changed hand*?ord at mid #X, fine flXff- 1 Holder* remain very flraa, and there is not the dighteat diipoiition to force Dniines*. The value of rice haa been steadily capportad, but the tale* have sot been extensive ' vis. a00 bag* Madras at H It, aad a* tone Carolina at 16 j 10 in cotton scarcely a sale haa taken place. The salea j of tobacco by private oontract kava cunaiited of 1,700 package*. Porto Hico leaf, told at 4 for middling quality; 160 Mavaenah, IIX: 78 Cuba, ISf By auction 100 packaces Porto Rico leaf have been dUpojed of at 2X to 3Xf In Spires, the traa?actions havo been uaimportaut; about 170 bag* have changed banda at a V., anil Pimento has j been held at 4Xf- A small cargo ot Dyewocd haa been I pieced this week et 3X- For zinc 11m. 11 continne to be 1 uskrd. but vales have been made at 3,700 cwt at 11m. 9. Courre of Exchange on London; S months 13a. 4X short i 13m. 7X jroNBtr, n??. > -inporw ?ft. uduhq amount oi duiiim' i witi done op till Mnd of October, in consequence of the Dewalle holidays; at the sitae time the market wil 1 atnadv- From the Jit d of October till the and of Novem- i her, 'nere ho been an extensive business done in piece gooc's The d?alei* appeared snxious to purchaae dur- ' lug the eaily part of the fortnight, whilst their demand was freily met by holders, induced to realize by the advancing late of exchange on England. Few of the Mar- 1 wsnee dealer*, who are generally oar most axtensive 1 paiohsseis not having as yet come forward, the bazaar ineichants appejr, within he laat few day a, more reInstant to increase their stocks. It is alleged [that the 1 Marwoms are deterred iron making purchases here by the state ef the Calcutta market, where manufactured goods are selling under the Bombay rates, and whence they are tawing supplies in preference.? Co'.tgn Manufactures.?The sales, since last report, have l>etu piinoipaliy in gray and white shirtings, Madapollama, and gray and white jaconets. There hare also been considerable transactions in printed and fancy goods. <iray Ma.lapollain* ai.d .stout shirtings continue in good demand, and realise full prices, say two to three annas above those oi the early part of the season?August and September. Domestics are not so much asked for, the dealers nr-t having disposed of their recent purchases, but no reduction in tirice has been submitted to. Matin* Stores ?The only alteration in price in the** articles is in coal tar, which hu declined from our lost quotation, ?>>?'r. to 4>?r. per baireL We have not beard of any sales being mad*. ExpoiIs?Cotton?Supplies of Broach, Hurst, and Uollera have, during the past fortnight, com* in to a considerable extent, and there are aUo a few arrivals of Compta. Previous to the arrival of the English mail of th* 34th of September, the market was exceedingly dull, aud th* dealers anxloas tp realize at a reduction in price*. The accounts by that steamer being considered verv favorable, prices are now more Arm, but as y*t there nas been little disposition to purchac* We hear of sales of 6*00 bales as noted below. Very large arrival* may be expected from the interior. Wool?Considerable arrivals hav* takes place of Khorasan and Persian qualities, which bav* bean fieely purchased at lull price*. Freights?Freight* to Great Britain war* for a few days aitor the departure of the laat mail firm at our th?n quotations, hut fiom tn* little inclination there was to ship, they bad begun to giva way; and, previous to the mail's aruval, 79s 0d sppeais to have been considered about the value of tonnage. Sins* th* arrival of the last mail two ships have !>*en taken up at 75s, an<t there being not very much unengaged tonnage in the market, the rat* is very fiim nt 75s to SOi Exchange may now be quoted at Is I l??d tn 3s for bills at S month*' sight on England.? Oa t a.untta. at M days' light, 9?h, and on China 207r to 20lr per $100. Minui, Oct. 13.?Cotton?We here da to notioe la 1)111 arliclo; both Tinnivelly end Western remain Withcwt iiqniry. end prices nomineIIy the same. Indigo?The Jemaid loraouthwarj and Knrpa haa been vet3r Etir since otr last, end exteiuivo tbipmonA have beetw m?<!e to KngUnd. The market ia ?t nreaeut bare ef the i lie* r qu iliti-a, and pricea ae from 26rs, to 27ra. per ibsudii.' Cofton I'i?ce Country?Tbe market tor the*?a,an?itactureii lua ex/m ieuCBJ 110 c>iange since our lMt.iud ne hern be report of any tale. The money neiket coutiaut* eaay, and we have no change to report airce cur laat Government aeenritie* Maintain their value with scarcely any variation a< quoted above. I Canton. ?cpt. Jfi?Expo.t??Teas -The tranaaction* it the tea market aiill coutiuue small the expoit* tip .? vhia date In ing eight au<! a half roi.lioos agamat At teen ir.iliioii* duiiig the corraapoadtng period ot laataeaaon. Of < engrnt a Bent 340 rU.p< have arrived, of which 140 or ao have met wi'h purchaaera, leafing SOu Itill in the marke', nrtiiy of the hohon- and ainchtikje We quote mot; t;j at 3b to 00 t:?-li. un l two or three of extra fine quality tfor wh*h li to 3d ta?la have bean refuaro) 32 to 34 taela; lioaow, 21 to 24 taela, and for good ' to il. u sincMihje, SOtoSituels: com in on aorta ate held lor 1U to 17 tuela, h^mg lour or fire taela above their value in the ??ghih market*. Of souchong. about 1J00# rhetis have come down, of which 1,400 cheats have teuud buyera at 33 to 43 taela. In flowery Pekoe the ti nusactione are very tiilling, and price* nominal, la aceuted t-r.a nothing ia doing id caper, and the total quantity of eraoge Tekee tKwu Heung) fettled during tee pa*' month (carcely exceed* 1000 half cheats, at 33 to H tt. la lei goo-i to fine : extra ftno is held at 42 taela. Ham M9K* : n 1 Orange IM.o ? me altogether neglected Of Mibg Yeng* a few purchases have been oiade ditripg th? paat waek at 18 taali ler good to 23 Urla for tipenor Ooioi g kinds ; the stock of good fair kindi is ja g?, auo i.o ouy?r* ?. aiion grot-m are now lower iu puee than tae> naye hem for **v?ial araaoua pa*t; but tLa heavy shipment* la*t yaarcauaing corresponding low MtoM in the corn-liming maikata, amJ tha ibipmenta up to djra Iming eoufuierabla, tliaia ia but little inducement to ptucliata. Use or two mutter* of tba new crop of grata have arrived, but tha bulk la not eapectad for three or (ear ?eek* ; uatil Uen we cannot offer an opinion on the qualitr or puce ]CxP4BTATI(iKtor Tka TO TNI UjTITlB STATE* OF AMKBICA t r?m .1 arr to Jaue, IMS. iB46. 1 M?l Otef lb*. 13 *0),099 14,2i? 074 Total JSlaek ?,**.4i9 4,?e "66 Total M,"12.ii4 II 5M,Mt Frem the Ut of July to the 3*th of September, the lair at date which haa reached England, the export* from China ta America ia Ave v**?ela, including tka Chioora ond the lantha, comprue tha following Foundt. Young Hyaon t tiU.tll Hyao.-i 03 3>? H>?' B ikin and twankay 307,367 Imperial 47,OAS Ou; powder 67,474 Qrttn. Total 1,0*0,040 Souchong and Congou 1-18,775 Pom hung 108,760 Pekoa Orange Pekoo 44,340 Ooloug 380,449 flack. Total 768,304 Total Green and Black 1,798.853 Bilk.?3500 balea Tua'lee anJ 600 b?lea Tayiatm of the Dew crop have arrived at Canton. We hera of pnrcba. rei of fdo hale* of the farmer at $450 for One. t'xcuaagaa? V. a hear of axtenaivo operation* in hille on London, iix month* at light at 4* 4d to 4a 4fii. Ea<t India ComI an; 'a nil.a arci*i ted are mora plentiful at 316. Ho.-'o Koto, Oct. 39? Cotton Y*rn ?'The improvein*! t noticed lne? month haa continued, and rricea of all kind* have adraiioed. Tho demand contianoa good, and itixli ii-.oderale. A* the bulk ol the hoavy arrlvala haa hern placed, there muck mora flrmneaa on the part of impo'tere, hn l conttdnnce on the p<rt of tha daalar. Tha following are the quotation* long ? No* 10 to 34, $37 ; Not. 36 10 33, *39. and No*. M to 4), *33 ?Long ( lotha ? We i?gret to notice an incraaaad dullnet* in thi xtaple. TLe Chinese daalera aeatn over aupplied, and it i? xaid lima been re-sellinr at Dries* ara can Mitur credit nor quota. The itooE in th* kia<!( of importer* mobi heavy, and there appear* no protpect whatever of mpreve.nent. Orey* may be quoted difficult of aula at $1, AO: for common, up to $i, Mc loaf tor fin* 71a; kitd whiten (ito <K) -Exchange - Oriental h.ut.k rataa, on London, # month*' *i*ht ?4 4i, on lnlia. aixty daj ' sight, 1.4 ; thirty day* 313. Ma*ii u, Sept 7 ? Sugars? In con*oqu*nce of order* from Knglend received by tha mail* of Mar andJuna, bated upon quotation* of 93a to 21a per owt laid dowa in Great Britain, th* price* current lor clayed qualitiea have been mainta-nrd. an.l even a* high a* 4)? dollar* ha* lately bean paid lor aume parcel* Tne quotatiou of th* day i* * 4-Hto 4% dol*. par pical. Undat ed Pampanga, I T 1? to ax dol* ; Zeblr, I ? l? to JJ* dole.; Taal. i% to j* dele ; * ioyla and ether inferior *?rep sagars, 2H to iTJ ,:ol* ; and a vary brisk demand for all kind*, except to* cLynd for the Australian raarkata. Under exiatiug rircumstance* no decline from the above price* can b* expected lor tome Urn* to come C?aUn?nt*l Narkeu. In Merael. them n but little bn*ine*a doing except la I,ir.*Red, wnk'h i* dearer?tne amplaa being worth 41* 1 er quarter I o. b l.inaerd Cake*, lor spring ahipment, gre nhtamabl* at ?1 per ton, free on board, ol the beat manufacture. In Dantig buaineea ha* been almoat &ta>tand. The artivala were delayed by went of w?>r in tha Vtatula. about qaartera la lit : ? ? ??re >t. U:ined alrni* with a number of timber raft -jup the river, where a portion will prokat . ; !> ' \t t ' > ti.e uoat; owing to the cireamatancaa pievci.t.i* lre*n a'nvala, and factor* not offering graaaried parcel*, theie ?u a total cessation of I'uaioaa* Price* are qtio.ed nominally <0-toA4a lor high mixed, and 47* to Ma lor Bused, tiki ud mixed N* to Aj* per buahei. Peaa 40a to 41a, barley ?0e. rye <W?, oat* IT* to 18a. Freight! &< lo x 6d per quarter L o. b., with the uaual idruce.? At Stettin, the ?upplie? were trifling, *<><1 con?iHer*Me 1 complaint exi?led m to the reiujt of the ia*t crop. Pricea rou.ained nominally ae la*t quoted, 64* to Mi for oil, on the apot, and 60i for delivery in *pring. OJerbroch Bailey very short aupply and brought up lorihiixnrnt to Eu^land at 32*to33? per quarter; Pomeranian at 30 . | Oit-i. for apiing abipment, -Jla (id per quarter I o. b. Freight*-4* 01 per quarter for wheat to the Eastcoait. I At Roftock, wheat and other rrain were in very abort 1 supply- but equal to the drmana. For shipment at open I water in *, contract* can be made for wheat at 60s; barley S7* 8d; pea* -IOj per quarter f. o b. At Leghorn, the farm-able account* from Uenoa and Marseille* have cauaed holder* to be very Aria in their demands. The only vale reported for Keg laud wh 3000 quiitar*. . Tuacan maize, which h quoted at U* ?d to S4? per quarter f o b Frrifht* 7* to 8* par quarter? 1 Arrival* during tan day*, 43.800 quarter* of grain?18,740 quarter* of which were ferwardad to Oanoa It *'ar*?illes. Letter* from O ieiqg aJvUe, that with continued abMoce of veuel* and favorable weather for the traoiport of (Train, the arrival* bid continued very large, and the ; itock oi all deKriptiou* of grain wa* eatimated to fall little short of tuo trillion* ol chetwerta,(1.600,000 qr*.) A i contiderable fleet of vetceli were, however, on paaaage I from Conctantinople, and the future range of price* will in a great meuure depend upon whether these viUili arrive before tbu cloje of the navigation. The weather had a winter? appearance, and ihouid the port be cloaad by ice, prioe* wore cxpected te decline to some extent. The arrival of these vossels would, however, relieve holder* of thoir advance* ; and it is principally from the tightness ef money that any decline of consequence can | be expected. Present quotatiene are S6< to SAa for prime ; 2 lb*, yellow poliah, Sis Ad to Sis for red Bessarablan : Oi lbs. per bushel. Linseed in extensive demand, and j bought up in suall parcels at 33* to Ms tfd per qr f. o. b. i I No stock of Indian corn, but contracts could be made for delivery, April and May next, at 18a per qr., with usual ] advance. Theatrical, P*ax Theatre.?To-night witnesses another change ' of performance* at the Paik, and the ViennoUae dancers will appear in three of their divertisementa which have been received with the greatest enthusiasm?the beau tlful "Pat de Pleura," " Pa* des Bergers" and the "Polka Payaanne." Theie delightful little performer* will be in thn city but for a limited time, and all should see them. Two favorite farces will also be performed, ' Spring Gardene." and " 40 and 60." We expect to *ee another crowded house. Bowxar Tmiatrk.?Mr Murdoch's Benefit waa welj attended laat evening. The " Stranger" was the piece sleeted for the occasion. The principal part was per. formed by Mr. Murdoch, Mrs. Coleman Pope performing the character of Mra. Haller. The entire performance Rassod off in a manner highly creditable to the talent* of Ir. Murdoch and Mra Coleman Pope, who were ably supported in the minor parts by Clark, a* Baron Steinfort, Vache, aa Solomon, and Hadaway, as Peter. It will be perceived, that Mr. Murdoch'a engagement ia announced to terminate this evening. The billa will be found highly attractive. %Bowbbt amfhithbatac.?The Messrs. Carlo, Goesln, Gardiner, and the principal clowns at the Bowery Circur, continue to draw vaat crowds each evening to this attractive place ef popular amusement. Their astonishing feata last evening elicited burata of applause. Master Nivnn'a annaatrion fan fa tra annlanHaH TrvtiivKi the entertainment! will be found aa usual, h ghly attractive. Go and aee the Meaara. Carlo, Gossin, Gardner, Ktiggles. and the entire trouye. whoa* performance nightly eiicitathe most unbounded applause. S^The Alhambra.?There was a large audience her* last evening. The performancea, as usual, went off with great satisfaction. Every body seemed pleased, and we doubt if a single individual left it without being assured that he had received in pleasure mora than the value of tne trifle he paid for admission. Herr Alexander will perform again this evening. This great magician is duily growing in popular faver. and we think the people who have been so oiten amused with his tricks will had it difficult to part with him. Mr. O. H. Hill, otherwise known as Yankee Hill, takea ! his benefit at the Chatham Theatre this evening, and we j trust it wil be a bumper. A strong and attractive bill of ; entertainment is offered, in which the beneficiary, we ! notice, is set down in some of his most popular charac- , ters. Yankee Hill deierves well oi the public, and his ; miny friends should rally around him to night. Mualcsil. Hknri Haas ?The Emperor pianist was to give a concert at New Bedford last evening, assisted by Madame ' Ablamowics. The New Englandera will hear two of ! the best instrumental and vocal performers in the coun- | try. Sivoai.?The concert given by this distinguished violinist at Baltimore was a brilLant one. and drew iorth the most enthusiastic encemiums from all. He was to give a concert at Philadelphia last evening. The Alleghanians' will give a concert at Washington ! Hall, Newark, on Christmas night City Intelligence. Boston Link via Lous Island Ahlboad?The Storm, lie.?'The train over the Long Island Road left Brooklyn ' on Thursday at the usual hour, and arrived at Green- { pert at the commencement of the gale. A small portion i of the paasengers were desirous ot attempting the passage 1 across. The officers, however, in strict accordance with : their orders from tha Company, "Never to attemm tho psswge, except it can be made without hazard, and with comfoit to the passengers," deemed it prudent to remain ! fust at the wharf This course, it appears from the card which we publish herewith, met the most decided appro- j val of a luge number of pussengers, and they deemed it a duty to publicly express ttteir approval at such a ! course. This ii the proper course to pursue, to ensare safety to travellers. The officers need only the couutennnce of the p.itsenrcrs, and no, attended with ' any hazard, would ever be made. The passengers, | together with those who left Brvoklyn yesterday morn- ' in#, proceeded after the gale had subsided, and arrived J ii Aiiyw* roim, ru wouiu |innnoi; reaca dunga niij ; in the evening. The (tale was quite ni severe as that of the 37th alt, i in which the Atlantic met her aad late. At a meeting of the pasaeugets on board the ateamer | Mohegan, running twit ween Ureenportand Allen's Point, , on Tbmaday, the 17th Inst, the following resolutions aid preamble werj passed I? Whereat, Tne Pilot and First Officer! (in the abaanoe : of the Captain) assumed ihe responsibility of remaining ! at Qreenpott, ou account of the hwa.1 gala of wind and j enow storm ; and, Whereat, Officers placed in these trjr ing circumstance* are lia'de tu ciM'gea which kf*ct thair feelings as I men, and reputation as ottcera ; therefore, Resolved, That the |>?ssengeia agrco with them in believing that (ho Sound could not Uavo been crossed with safety on this occamoo ; and further, Ketolre 3, That they ex press thoir opinion to theae of- ' ficers, that tbe piu.iuncc which aveid* a needles* expoaare of life and urooitrtv. is at wuithv ef commendation , m the courage Which make* a tttewtVful ri?k. (Signed) Kev. EDW. N. KiRK, Chairman. Boiton. HENKI B HERTS. Sec'/, Jr., New York. SAMUEL QUINCY, Bo.ton. ABRAM NICHOLS, Newark, N.J. J. A KANKIN, do. t NEWELL S I URTETANT, Boston. O. W K1 rTKRIDUE, Now Market, N H. E. H. MANaHtLD, New York. WM. BARTON. Brockljn. N. Y. E. O ABBOT, Philadelphia E F ABBOT, do. 8EWELL Hit OWN, Milbury, Miaa. J T. AT WOOD, Franklin, do. ' 8. THOMPdO n, Worcester, do. STEPHEN HOLT, New York. J. T. WHITNEY, do. O. W. UANFORTH, Vermont. J. P. SPICEK. Mvatio, Conn. J T. COMSrOCK, New Lindon, and other? in behalf of the passengers. Paiai Bsir?We aaw in front of onr office, Tester1 day, a aplendid prise iteer, called Char let, raited by O ' T Olypiiant. Eaq , Livingiton county, N. Y., which waa decidedly one of the finest animals wo ever be Veld. He wilt be slaughtered on Taeaday, and offered for eale on Thuraday next, at No. 8 Jtffsrton Market. Fuhul er a N>w Yoas Fikbma*.?Yeeterday, boat thirty of the members of the Clinton Guard*, cider the command of Capt Charles Jones, proceeded ; to Westcheater to pay the last rites to the remains of , James Titus, a member of their company, who dlsd in ; that village from a disease contracted in hit capacity of , . fireman of the same company. The promptneaa, at a ' short notice,with whicn his companions responded to the , I call, speak forcibly for the eetimatien he waa held in as 1 soldier citiien and firemea, aad doea equal credit to < those who Urns bore testimony to hia merits in each cai pseity respectively. Fiats.?A lire was discovered at hal^pait ten o'clock | 1uy.aM.j5. 1U U1? ?I1K |wua LaMllllUlCQl 01 u 1 H Moore It Co. 41 William street. After a severe strngfie, the Aery element *u subdued by the clerkf, with! out the assietance of the Are department. Another Are broke out at U Jacob itreet, in the hot* factor* belonging to John H. Bowen, last night at ten o'clock. Through the activity of the Are end note com- ' n*n>es, the Are waa promptly put out. The cauae of the Aro waa attributed to accident, an I it ia understood the ' pr-mises were inauied. Another Are, al?o, broke out early yesterday morning, | at Noa 1M and IM Heade atreet, in the bakery belonging to f. Schwartz. The premiaea were coniumed. Cent ef Oeneval Scealone. Before Recorder rtcott and Aid. Jackson and Johnaon. John McKeon, Esq , District Attorney. Die. 18.? 7Viai ej JilUton end Ttwtutnd cominuti ? Kuwin F. Coaar examined.?I em a olerk in the SI Diatrict Police Court; I hare had charge or the money taken from Aliaon, and whicn ha* been IdentiAsd aa poitionef that atolen from Brown li Bell's office: I received it frum Henry Regan, a clerk In the employ of Mr. Bimpeoa, pawnbroker, at )be corner of Bowery and I Btoome street*; Ueorge W. Alliaon claima to be the owner of the money in my charge) it con*lata of $At in . bill* on the Berentu Ward Bank; Alliaon a aid that if he , had not been intoaicatod at the time, the money would not have been found ia hie poeeeeeion. The oeae waa than opened for the defence by R. O. Holme*, Ksq. At the cfoee of hie roaaarke, the Court adjourned until to-morrow morning Varieties. The (now atom of Tfturaday Man* to liave boon attended with little damage, bat with much inconventea . to the road* and mall*. In Philadelphia the fall of a now . was heavy, and the mails aouth of the city were retarded many hours in their piogrese. The remains of Major Ringgold arrived in Washington on the 10th instant, and were to leave on the 17th for Baltimore In Rochester, the crim con caae of Wheeler va Hovey, lift. r?. v.i *1 day a trial, resulted in a verdict ef |AOO lor tli? I'ivnMff. .4,1 w.ul growera of Wyoming and Genesee have lvi ..?U mi eeeeciation for the depositing, assorting and telling of wool: and design procuring a warehouee immediately lot tfcat purpote. 1 he H on*eIonic Railroe.1, on Tueeday, brought MO I passenger* to Albeay tnm New York. NEW YORK HERALD. N*w York, Saturday, Owxuibcr 19, 1MO. MR. BENNETT'8 LETTERS. 1 OUR EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENCE. We received by the Cambria, several very interesting letters from Mr. Bennett, the publication of which we shall begin on Monday next. Wo have also icceived communications I from our regular correspondents, which we j may give in a few days. The European cor- i rcspondence of the Ntio York Htrald surpas- , as that of any other paper in the United States; 1 and the Proprietor of this Establishment will improve and increase it still more bafore he returns to this city. Th? Weekly Herald* Our regular weekly edition of this journal will vo ivoujr mis mutual^ ui 9 u ciouk. It will be a complete budget of news from all parts of the world, and admirably adapted for circulation in the country. It will contain all the news of the week?the late important intelligence of the operations of the American squadron in the Gulf of Mexico? the latest news from the army and the theatre of operations in Mexico?the English news by the steamship Cambria at Boston, and our usual sum- , mary of commercial, political, and financial matter. Price, six ccnts per single copy, or $S per . annum. Tlse Stwi from K a rope?Important Political and Commercial Intelligence. By the arrival of the steamship Cambria at Boston, from Liverpool, we have advices, from all parts of Europe, fifteen days later than those received by the Caledonia. The intelligence, both in a political and commercial point of view, is highly important and interesting. The tnttnte c or dial t is in dan^r of another rup- j ture. The scene of difficulties is no*r nt tho other i extremity of Europe. Russia, Prussia, and Austria . have aroused tho indignation of England and 1 France, and the excitement growing out of the 1 Spanish marriage question has subsided, and the ; political circles of Europe have become deeply I ngiiaiou, uy uic annexation 01 me cny 01 otacow ! to the Austrian dominions. The city of Cracow has heretofore been independent of both Russia and Austria, a mutual understanding having existed between these two governments to that effect; the only supervision they assumed being that considered necessary to prevent insurrections and revolts. The inhabitants j of the city, were generally opposed to the annexa- i tion, but made no public demonstration of the effect of thi? movement upon the public mind A deep melancholy appeared to be the genpra 1 aspect of the populace. This is the last scene in the grand Polish drama?and Poland, and every thing bearing a distinct Polish character, ha?, as a nation or a people, become extinct?the whole having by this last act become emerged in the dominions of Rutsia and Austria. The political affairs of Europe are rapidly I reaching a culminating point. Many years can. | not elapse before an exploeion, endangering the peace of the principal powers, will be expe- j rienced, the result of which cannot be diflicult , to foresee. The holy alliance has beome a dead letter; and the protests of Great Britain are of no more importance than so much blank parch- j ment. The State of affairs in Enrnnn ia Wnmin* I highly interesting; and our geographical position enables us to look only quietly, and to a certain extent disinterestedly. There is now very little probability of the balance of power ques:ion, so far as this continent is concerned, becoming again agitated; and the governments of Europe have their hands full in regulating their own difficulties, without meddling with maturs in this part of the world. Every tub must now stand on its own bottom. The spirit of annexation appears to be spread* in? very rapidly over Europe; but there is no nation in the old world able to do it upon as extensive a scale as we can. The annexation of a city having a few hundred thousand inhabitants, is a small affair compared with our movements in that way. An immense territory, covering hundreds of thousands of square miles, is annexed quietly and peaoeably, with no opposition but he paper protest ot a petty Governor, and i: becomes a province or a portion of the Union at once, from which we at our leisure carve out States, and people them Irom the oppressed population of European governments. The commercial advices from Europe are highly favorable. An advance of a quarter of a penny per pound in cotton looks very encouraging; and as it was caused entirely by the com. plexion of accounts received from this country i in relation to the crop, the improvement must be considered permanent. The corn and flour mafliPtf wcrA firm. b?lt th? trunuictinnt warm temivc; and the prevailing impression was that decline must soon be realized. On the whole, the new* is very satisfactory, and the condition of things on the other side wai highly favorable for the principal interests of this country. SrraiT or thi Amxkican Navy.?Oar little navy has of lata been the subject of animadversion by : a portion of the press, on account of the two failures on Alvarado. We knew what stuff our navy officers and marines were made of, and had no hesitation in i saying, at the time when the accounts of the unsuccessful attack en that place reached us, that ; there would have been no noed of attacking it a second time, if nature had not implanted bar- , riers in the way which our navy could not overcome. We knew the spirit of our navy, and would rely on it in all cases and in all emergen- ' cies. As a proof of their bravery, we have only to > refer to the recent capture and burning of a Mexican vessel under the very walls of the castle of San Juande Ulloa. A rough accoant of this j gallant exploit has already been published in this journal, but the origin or the movement hiu been as yet, we believe, unexplained. We give it in the following extract of a Inter received at thin office, from a gentleman on board one o( the Oulf squadron. Here it is "I must give you an account of the moat brilliant little I affair thai baa occurred during tba war. The Soman waa anchored uodor Green laland, near BacriAtioua, a | mall Uland soar tha cart La of San Jean d'UUoa, undar tha loo of whleh all tho nautral son of war aro anchored. About sunset Lieut Parker, Passed Midahipmon Hynaon and Rogers. with a crow or live men in tnair boat, loft , tho brig and pulled on board tho English frigate F.ndj- j mion, where they took supper, and in tho couraa of con- i versatien raantiouod the practicability of burning a Meal- ; can chooner.Tioored to tho walU of thecaatle, and which ; was being fitted out aa a cruiaer. Tho Eogiiahaien , laughed at tha idoa aa impoaaibto of execution. Nothing daunted, our brava fallows started about B o'clock, ana , pulled up to tho achoonor; aa thoy approached, thay . waro hailed. Lieut Parkar, who la the greatest linguist , 1 erer aaw, ma<la some anawer which satisfied the Took out on board the schooner, who allowed the boat to come . alongside, whan tha Mexican was immediately gagged, : secured, and put into tha Mat Eight more man were 1 then seised in tha same manner, without alarming the castle. A train was laid and fired and tha boat shoved off, , but as no flame waa aeea our tars pulled back, and Hynaon jmnp?d on the achooDor's dock with two powder flaaha, emp'ied them late a barrel ot tar and diachargad his piatol into It He stood too close and was serio <sly 1 burned, but jumped Inte the beat, which fertunetely got off without being hit. The schooner soon after Maw up, aod thna ended thie little brilliant a (fur, executed by a , few gallant heerta. Wo have lots of the eame stuff in our navy, waiting for a chance." Our brave olGcera were, it loams, determined , to show tho Britishers what tha Yankees could do, and Well tho noble fellows performed what they undertook. But while we give them due credit for their Waverjr, we cannot conscientiously award them any for their rashness. IT the lives of these brave j boys had ?been ^saeriAoed in this aJair, their [ "-I-1 ???? name* and the honor of their oountry would have been tarnist ed. Their country need* no rashness on their part to prove their bravery. Their lives and honor are at the call of their country, and before the Mexican war is allied, they will incur risks H.iiioicnt fir all urposes STKAJIKK* C'EKAT Wksii:IUI AND Calkdoma.? The steamer Great Western, hence for Liverpool, wan spok?*n on the 8th inst, lat. 50J, long- 24|; andtho Caledonia from Boston, for Liverpool, | was seen at 6 P. M. same day off Cape Ann. Police Intelligence^ Puiing Counterfeit U*nry ? Policemen Tenkler and Jube, of the loth ward, arreated yesterday a man called J John Hunt, on a charge of paasing a 91 hank bill alined to $V on the bank of New York, to Henry Clausen, No. 30i Broome street, grocer. Locked up by Justice Timp- I son. Burglary ? The carpenter fhop occupied by N. 8 Jemiaon, in the rear of No 42 10th Avenue, waa burrlarioualr entered by some thieves last night, and robbed o( a lot ef carpenter's tools, valued at 910, together with several others not vet rrcollected. No arrett. Charge of Fraud ?Officer Stewart, of the lower po Ilea, arretted yeeten'ny lawyer by the name of Daniel A. Baldwin, on a charge preferred afaiutt him by John W. Lot ton. charging the accused with purchasing a bond and mortgage on the Pearl itreet House, for the purpose of bringing auita upon the same. Such operation# it appear* are contrary to law for lawyera to op?- 1 rate in on their own hook Justice Drinker held the accuaed to bail in $600 to answer. Dishonest Cl<rk ? A young man by the name of Oe- i oar Hetftneitter, *u arrested yesterday for embexdiug ! from bis employer, Mr. Sebastian Polloek, Ne. 90 Fulton street Looked ?p fer trial by Justice Drinker. Charge of F<iUt PrsUntes.?A mn by the name of i H. B. Rapp was arrested, yesterday, by officer Prinoe ' John Davis, on a charge of obtaining a lot of glassware valued at $M, fr?m the Arm of Walters It Bergin, by 1 false and fraudulent raj resentation. A hearing is to be 1 hail in the matter to-day before Justice Osborne. P?lit Larttnitt ? Joseph Vosill was arrested, yester dsy, for stealing $90 from Ueorge Hofer, Sd avenue, near : !iS:h street Officer Kennavan of the 18th ward, brought ! him in, and Jus ice Koome locked him up for trial. Bridget Dunwan was arrested, yesterday, on charge 1 of stealing a bead purse containing $10 94 in money, a j gold breast pin worth $9, iu all $iS 94, belonging to Jane j t-kiddy, residingut N >. 03 Division street. Locked up by Justico Timpson. Morris Canal and Banking Co. Philadelphia, Dec. 17, 1846. James OoanoN Bkbrktt, fcjq. Mr Daaa 8ia: la yonr valuable journal of the Uth iastant, I And the following statement The f Mowing is a liat of the names of persons who associ- 1 ated aud purchased the Moiria Canal ana Banking Company in lilt John Raakio 1 part. S. R. Brooks 1 part. J. W. Haine 1 " J. J. Codriugtoa 1 " J C.Oreen 1 " J. Hovt 1 " (Jeorge Oris wold... .1 " N. Q Bucknor 4 " C.Clark 1 " (In all la parts ) List of Directors, with amount of stock held by eaen oa or O. Uriswold, N. V. 80 ihi. B. Williamson, ICtizaJ. C.Ure-n " bethtown 1 ?hs J teob Lt Roy JO " J. J. Bryant, ElisabathIhnntl R. Brooks.. " lowu I " Thuiui Of hon.... " J. J. geofield, Norris ?Varuum " to a n I " J Souter 0 " H. McFarlan, Do? AUop 100 " ror 29 " E. K. Biddla <S " D. Scott. PowatTille.. 1 " J. J. Codrington... Ilh " D- Tyl?r, Norwich, Zebadea Cook ....100 " Conn I " J. Strong. Jer. city. 1 " O. ilenshiw, Bo?P. Mc.VUrti i,Jersey tou 10 " city 30 " A. Whituay, PbiladelH. Son limayd 1 " phia 800 " J. K. Kreiinghnysen, Newark 10 " 12i0 Total maikrt valu* of all the stock bald bv tha Directors (except the Philadelphia Director) leas than tt.COO. Thi* sufficiently explains ?h< the Morris Uanal and Bankiu( Company is. at present, beset with difficulties. Piooiiuenf. in fact first on tha list, stands the nam<- of George Gr<>wold, Esq This gentlem* has *0 ih iret of stock, at s*y 6>? per snare, is (500?Only lire hundred dollars interest in the stock, while he holds (90 90". iLifflity thousand uine huud ed d liars of the 7 tier cent bouiis. Second ou the list of diiectois is the uatn* uf Jotiu C. Ureen, *.?q. He h..|ds no hare?oo. no; oue Notons rent's uterest in the stock ; but he holds (138 SS0 of the 7 percent bonds. II the mortgage bp foreclosed he is dimaged in his s'ock interest no hiug. but h s (131.660 "I' bouds will own one-third of the wli lie ual, and (4 ,000.000 of stock will qo to tha dogs. Third in ihe list standi J. K. Krrliugnu ' sen, Ksq.. ha owai ten shares of stock, (62 50 wor.h. What a large interest? what an indue mien' to attend to the interests of ihe Morris Canal and Banking Company. As regards tha attention this gentleman may give to lus dntirs a? directo , 1 am not formed, bit we may judge o? the attention generally, when we le-rn that there hns not been meeting for some fire or (ix months for want of a quorum. j no rniiueni n?? oa?ini<e ui hock. m^kci tiioc kdohi $6 ii Oh, bui he isa creditor? lie has $1,000 of ilie bonds.? 1 all*!! pn-sue this subject and I earnestly invoke all tho stockholders and bondholder* to more in thia miner promptl>*. We w*nt a redncliou of the number of directors: we want directors who rn interest in tne stock as well as the bonds, we don't want the old set any longer. JUN1U*. P. 8.?There are 2J Directors in all, 13 of whom hold a? follows L"/~Joliu C. Green, Fsq.. holds 0 (hares dj?~H???el K. Bro iks, Esq " 0 " jL^Ttieorlora Dthou, fc.tq " 0 " 'L/^J B. Varnnm. Esq " 0 " (at-J. Seu'er, E<q " 0 " E ft Utdd e, Esq " % " J. Strom, Esq " I " H S. uthma^d. Esq " 1 " B. Williamson, E?i " 1 " J. Bry ant, tjq " I " J. J. Kcalield, Esq " 1 " D. 8c"tt, Esq " 1 " D.Tyljr, E?q " 1 " Thirteen Directors own TJj shares. Market rJoe l?*a than $30 Itombcy St Hon, Ho. Three, jry LONG k BKU. CHEAP EDI i ION ! ! in advance ofTll others, wilh two illustrations? Price 6X cents. For sale by H. Long It Bro. S3 ?nn s'reet; Bnrgees.Stringer fc C>., 3J1 war; Wm. H. Grahun, Tribune Building;'.Messrs. Taylork Co., Aator House. The Sunday Heicnrjr of to-morrow will contain five comic illuitratioos for 'heholidays ; two stories! the laiestnews by telegrsph ; a I the local news ef the day; and an infinite deal of fau, wit, end humor. All advertisements touching things for the holidays, will be noticcd editoria ly, s > they must be seat iu early t.-da)'. Office 1W Maeaaa street Oenln'i Bonnet Cap.?A. rery beautiful article for children?anew patera GEISIM Hatre', IU Broadway, Society of the White Plume.?The Members of thia distinguished Society meet This Evening. See adververtiseDiem. Prime Beef. The splendid Prise Steer "Charles," raised end f?ttened by Geo. Talbot Olypbaat, laq , Mount Morris, Livingston county, New York, which to. k the prise at the last State Fair, held at Aubu-n; and was also entitled to the first priie at the lain Cattle Fair of the American Instirute, held in ihia city, (if he h d been prrperly entered ) He is sbnut ha>f Dnrhtm and half large com in?n stock, h'S weieht beioz *'> -uf J"00 pounds Judges and others prouounce him one of the largest, fattest and primest s^e.s ever offered iu this city. Th tee who wish to see him efter being *r?ssed, will have an opportunity by railing at the slaughter house of the subscriber, (flrsr homie in lfth st. ' "Vth eide, west of G h avenue,) on Tneediy, 23d met., and will be rue and offered for sale on Thursday, 34th instant, (dai brfo e i hri<tmes ) with other choice meats, at his stall, No. Jefferson Market. ? mum t- nr vnr To thOM who itadjr Economy, combined witli elerancr, convenience and atllity, the snhseribeni offer thnr Portable Shtrioi uil Driuiai; Coo, the in.ut complete of the kind ever offered to the public. They possess ell the menu or the imported article, with theie superior advantages, being cheaper, more compact, and the articles contained in them warranted to perform their duties; and last.though not least, each being furiiiihed witii the subscribers celebrated Metallic Tablet. O. SAUNDERS It fiO>. in Broadway, a lew doors above Oonnlniid t ttxee . Pine Cutlery ?The anbeorlbera* uwrtment embrace*every possib'e putern of pen, porkot, deek and (porting Knife, with > l >rte variety of choice Hasora, which will be warranted to the purchaser. Also, Scissors, Mail Files, he. U. SAUNDERS It SON. Opposite Howard Hotei MMaanaaBaMBiMMMnBHaBB 1 navigation mt the UUe Hirer. PUcti. 7S?m Mote / Hirer Pittsburg . . Dec. 14... . . 8 ft falling. LooisvilU Dec. ft MX f*. rising. Wheeling .......Dec. 9 38 it. rising. Cincinnati. . .. _. . ..... Dec. 7 13 ft, rising. UHKV HARKET, Friday, Dm. 18?8 P. There was cenaiderabla activity in the stock market to-day, bat price* were not sustained. The new* by the Cambria was In town about 11 o'clock, aad the first elect was food; bit the stock market tiecame heavy at the aesond board, ani closed very dull. At the first board ths sales of Harlem ware very large, and prices fell ofl about one per cent from the opening price. Long Island declined X ? Vicksburg, \ | Reading Bonds, Reading Railroad, and Norwich and Worcester closed at yestardaj's prices. We have given full reports of the European market* j in our column*, which will be found highly int*r?*ting to oar commercial reader*. The account* are Tory favorable, and In relation to cotton are particularly *noouraging. From the character of the advloa* regarding tha corn markaU, we should judge that there wai little probability of an advance in price* for flour beyond thoee current at tha lateit date*. We annex the several monthly *tatementa of tha bank* ot South Carolina, for the purpoee of comparing the ag' gregata movement in tech department, on* period with another. They exhibit very little variation:? Itltuor South CiMLWt. Dfktt Jul* II. to M, Ot. It. N?r. M, i 114 ii4| im |i^ Capital Mock fl.MJ.M7 3.MI.NT 1.M4.MT 3.MMI7 ISilit la circulation,. I.IMUI 1.WJ.J7I 1,3*5 M] l,?7?*W Net proft'i on huwl.. IX,tU J75.MJ IK,Ml lli,l4l Baltoci doe to bulk* iaUuiMa* l.MI.Ml I5M.5I0 1.113*47 I.IIS.M7 i Belance da? to bank* iTotber Urate* IM/Wt IM.7M 1M.7N I4*.*lt Alt moa*y* 4a* whten b??r inter*.t 41,M4 M.77I IM45* 44 57* Stat* rreuury.fnr halaace current fund. 117,M7 19I.M7 Mjm 73,141 < 8tai*Tra**ary,for balue* n<ikiaf fond. 414,M4 4M.SI5 JI5.MJ JII.5M Stue Trca?u f. lor loea f<r rebuilding th* eity 1,110,151 1,810441 1,H*.JJJ Mil,HI Caah dapoaiieii and . all O'her omtri doe, aicloaire of bill* in emulation, profit* on head, balance* da* other bk*. and money beariaa iat*re*t 1 M3.1I1 1.543,133 1,315 Ml 1,*13 514 ToMl liabiliuea 14,117,Mi I4MMM I4.7M.M1 j Hrituren. , I Specie on hand $119,866 478 940 418 181 4M.]1T> M-al f.U'e 337 ,W7 287,997 287,997 2*7,91)7 Bills ofother banks m C'nt State 118.138 t97, 169 441,974 373,133 B its of banks m otlier .. . State* 1,981 1,U? 1.1*7 1,148 Bilmice due from bits ..... in litis Slate. .. .,. 69.9U9 63,3* 17,7* 49,117 Balance due from Ml la olher Hutes 73,031 40,379 60,090 1M72I Notes discounted on persona) security .. 8,1*,121 0,017,116 6,191,428 8,077,734 Lo'iii leeured by pledge of IU owu _ stock 201,364 202,6114 104,029 >31,101 Lotos sreurt-d by pledge of other st'k 3M.S68 414,793 4*4,418 4'6,133 Domestic exchange.. 419,119 334.073 411,1* 190,411 do 112.034 73.197 139 911 I3U.22S Bon lit 1,122,612 l,l92,jr>i 1,191,071 1,193,111 Money iurested iu ? ... stack 1,3(3,999 1,310.207 1,361,13* 1,318,26} Suspended debt au4 deb. iu smit 642 809 714,729 738,189 74),049 State '1 reasury 8,743 Breaches an*, ax nicies .7... 1,331.691 1,489.869 1,781,887 1,708,929 Bonds under law for rabaildinc Charleston... T^T 909.413 898,191 191,012 889 361 Internet and expenses of Bute loan 91,044 141.914 11,161 13.838 1 Moony iuTested iu eeery oilier way than it specified in the foregoing particular. . . . .. 113,289 143,738 118,604 119,604 Total reiources $!4,317,8*3 14,068,333 14,780,831 14,837,391 Tho aggregate movement on the 30th of November, exceeded that at either of the other period* reported iu the above itatement?the increase baing in the amount of paper issues, and the amount of ipecie on hand. The | line of diico unts aince October has fallen off. The aggregate bank movement ot the State for several years past has been as annexed : Bah* Movement or South Carolina. Loam Specie. Cire tMy s. 1?J7?Januiry $18,(99*13 1,061.7*6 7.123*16 j.01(.47T 1840?October 16. 0* SO* 1,608,317 3,008,*'4 1,712,745 1M4?March 5 367.345 984,135 *939.(10 2.080.111 1*14?November 6.073.2<U 9O1.173 2 IJ4.9W 1,358.0*1 1113?March 5 955,768 1,100 118 2,330.304 *.214.(94 181)?December 5 9W.791 10.7(0 1.3*1*11 1,8*8.383 1840?April 6.169,(28 360 943 1 971.649 2 068 0*1 1846?May 6.113,885 *1.741 * 00* 9*9 2.081.389 1846?lune 6 06 1 9)7 537 809 1,837 71* 1 0*2.464 1846?J ttly 6,156,52* 539.8J5 1,926 6*! 1,883,312 1840?August 3,301.137 331,493 1.903,570 1.667,100 18(6?September 6,017,816 470,040 1.903 373 1.345 123 , 1816?Oe obrr (,191.420 440.3*1 * 303,093 1.595 981 llK-November (.077,734 416,117 *,479 036 1 023,314 I It will be observed that the circulation is slowly, but steadily, increasing, while the amount of specie in the banks still keeps at a very lew point; it is true there has been a slight Increate since October, but the amount of specie on hand on the 30th of November, was only about one third that on hand in March, 1846, when the circulation waa but a trite less than it is now. As the ciroula* tien has increased since that time, the specie on hand has become reduced. The above returns show the aggregate movement of all the banks and branches of South Carolina for several years. The annexod returns exhibit the movement in the principal department of each bank and branch at four periods Bsnxs or South Cabolina. Loan*. 1*45. 1*46 1*46. 1*46. jtpril. Sept. Oct. Net. Bulk of the State....$1,<25,660 1,130,311 1,147,1*1 1,138,41* Branch at Columbia.. 771.007 992,1(1 1,170,110 1.115 0(1 do Camden... 401,731 536,** 4*8.293 423.2*0 Soothweite-u HK... IK 111 310,7*8 318,169 400.ZM FUutera' It Median's. 930.393 *01,471 911,143 994.17* Union Bajik 700.U50 007.300 651.131 677.82* Stale Bank 474 711 365.493 357 *31 362.947 | Bank of 8. C 426 M *12,03* W.I4I r*4.*67 $3.128.143 6,017,113 6,1*1.4*0 6,077,7*4 Specie. Bank of the State... .*268.017 134,161 91,*02 71.614 Branch ?t Colombia. 3 ion 4,in 4 163 3*20 J- f'-?.1 I Oil 4 411 << UQ (IU : Soaihwea'eru H.R.., 111 6*9 65/51 51,624 69 Mi Pl?ntera'fc Mechan'a r 17? 412 101 Ml ]48.49t 102.507 Union Brak 1J7 667 11.611 68.<50 93.091 ftrare Bank 130.134 24.894 16 641 71B07 Bank of 8. C 74 626 SI.053 46 649 4 9,014: ?<rn m 470,039 446,311 466.317 1 Circulation. Bank nf the State... $1,014 ,325 996,651 l.M?,433 1,333,046 I Breach itOlumbu. .. .. .. do Carodea... .. .. .. . 8ontt.wr.-ero KR... 456 * 55 191,11* M4.M* ?g?g flaatara'fc Maiii'e.. 3*1401 Ml.656 348,690 370 700 Union Bank 17.415 78 595 81,655 95 645 , 207 451 160,517 206.117 209 041 Bank of 8. C 100 050 111.137 114,311 101.072 ; SI 136 702 1,903,371 1,309.093 1,479,036 Devariti. Bank of the S ate $575 647 541,714 551491 534 879 B and) at Colombia... 113.806 64 665 67 9*6 71.793! do Camden 44.747 33.741 33,998 19.557 Sou'hwrtlern RK 509.930 287 ,H3 299,341 296 6*1 Planter*' It Mectuniea 296.437, 165 234 195,511 115.047; i Union Bank 194 007 155,931 119.765 194,464 ' Htate B.nk 114.811 104.116 119.019 110,113 Bank of 3. C 115,160 190 719 199 100 111^79! $2,131661 1,545,113 1.59>,99l 1,615.534 The variation in the movement of each bank haa been rerjr until. The annual report of the Bank of the State of South , /. II i. ?_ .L- I I.l-J .> II..1 U.-. l/KTOIIQH, DI?UV IU UIO VI ut?i owi?| N?WWWm that the proAU of that bank hive exceeded tbe estimates During the fiscal year ending on the SOth of September. 1846, the profits have amounted to $337,60* 90 | Of thU there ha* been paid for intereit on loan* in Europe and intereit at home, $1M,0M M Profit and loaa account, 47 iu>7 01 Carried to Sinking Kund,. . ,95,0v0 00 $947,003 M The report ?how? that the profit* eitimated for 1844 and '45 hare been realized, while thoie for 1846 have been exceeded. | The ability of the Bank to discharge all the obligation! 1 of the State, it satisfactorily shown from the following ' passages of the report s? ' For two years past the Bank has pet prehaeed aay o* the State stacks for cancellation, because in 1M* they were above par, and in 1846 the heavy payments made in January to redeem the 5 per cents, then paid off, rendered it impracticable. I "It hea been seen that until tbe present time the Bank ha* not only paid all the dobts charged upon it by the several acta of the legislature, but has amicipated, by i purchase and cancelU'ien, oih?r portions of the public debt before it fell due ; and bos made provision* to meet > what will ft.ll due in 1646, I860, and 1864, being the balance of the o per cent* created in 1839, and amounting to $690,641 14 " Old Stock Eiehangs. 1 $5,000 U S *i, 1M2 >60 40 ihs Fbasais bk, It $I,(KH) do do 101 50 do do iH M $106* do do s60 MS 106 do Cwtun Co 35>? $1 000 do do 1136 Ml? 50 do Harlem KH *'j $15,100 do do #9 450 do <*o 4-Jfc 1}* 91 550 do i> bGO 4??* $1,006 Ohio Is. lltt 91 40 do do 4?? 64 500 Ohio 7?, 100 Ml do do si <8* $5 000 lad Dol.Uys.stm JI '00 do Rea'in* RR <60 62 j *5.000 recasts, (.9 I -A do Nor k VVor KM 47,S I $5,000 Reeding Mqr Bds 71fc 2J0 do ds OS i 35 tlis Vicksbarc bk, 6)4 56 do do sIO Vs Second Board. 35sbsNorkWor bt 4* 100 shs Nor k Wor b90 4IK 25 do do re( 100 do do rev <8\ 25 do do rcg 41 35 do do re( 41% 50 do do rr( 48 35 do do I*;, i 25 do do *Tii M do Long Isl. RR 24'-, 25 do Jo t 17V 200 do Hailam KK >1 **\ 2Jd? do 47V 2A do do >M 48S i0 do do ilO nS >00 ilo do bJ 4?S it do do ?IJ *1% 104 d > do 4kS New Stock KxchM|t< SI,M0 Ohio (a, Y0 bW'o *1 300 aha Ha/lem RR caah 48V 2) th* Cauton Co aair 25'< 300 do do Monday 48?, JO do Loag III HH bio 27'< MO do do Monday 2'i d<< Nor k Wor cuh 4'Ji Mfl do do cash 4?S 2i do do cuh 47W 2j0 do do a3 4?Vg Xi do do ai 47)2 '.'00 do <o ?3 48* 21 do do b3 47', 104 do do hJ 48?, 50 do do 47)t 109 do do >11 4U* 50 do Harlrm RK caah 49 58 do do a3 48* i loo do do cuh 417s do do 48>f Itarrled, On Wedneaday evening, Hth initant, bjr the Rev. Jo, aeph McElroy, Mr. Oioioi F. Blow* to Almib* J an* , , youngeat daughter of Robert Rogtn, all of tbl* city. DM. Oa Friday morning, 18th inatant, of Dropay, Roaiar , Ba*aa. in the 74th year of hia ago. ilia frienda and acquaintance!, and thoae of hia daurhtar, Mr*. Martha M'Cormick, ara invited to attend hia ; funeral, from hio lata reaideoce. No. 107 Concord atreet, Brooklyn, without further invitation, on Sunday afternoon, 90th inet., at 3 o'clock, preciaely. On Friday morning, Liraaia J. Coair. daughter of , William E. and Charlotte Corey, aged 10 yearn and 4 aar?. Tha friend* and acqutinUiicei of the family, al*o those f her uncle, Alfred N. Brewer, ara re?peotfully invited to attand tha funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at SX o'clock, from N Vanck atraat Yeaterday morning. Cuimt, wifa of Captain John Demise, in tha Mth year of bar a*a. The lrienl* of tha family and alao of bar oo tn law, Charle* t 8haa, ara invited to attand bar funeral, tomorrow, (Sunday) afternoon, at * o'clock, from bar lata reaidence, No. *4 Allan atraat, without further invitation On tha 1Mb instant, Mr. Albiaisoc* McClat, aged 39 yaara and 7 montha. ilia friend* ara raipactfully invitad to attend bia funeral thi* afternoon at 3 o'clock, from tha refidanca of C. ; FrancU, W Bowery On Friday morning, tha llthlnit, Mra. A** 8 IIbtmbb, in tha 7M yaar of har age In Baltlmoro, on tba ltth September laat, William Iiuil, formerly a merchant of ttta city. UK. POWELL, OCULIST AURI3T, AND OPERATIVE SUROEON. A TTENDS ta Disease. of tba Eye Bad Eat, from to i A o'eloek, at hia reeideace, HI Broadway, corner of War , reu street. Opthalmia, Stoppage of tba Tear Paaaaga, Cataraeu. sad I Opaeitiee. effectually removed. AMAUitOflld treated with (Teat anaatioa aad *acce*a lavaterste eaaaa of ST&ABInMUB, or Nqainnug. eared ia a few mutates J?n imported AUTITICLAJL ETE8, ef *a?er.?r b*?oty aad Aaiah. ? 9 '? r NOllCr. ~~ CVBWyRIBCRS are iaformed tint fh? Eiflish. aid other foreign Newspaper*, Price* Cereal. bhiri'iof List?, lie. I received yesterday bribe ?t?*?er Cambria, from Liverpool. 1 are oa Ale er tba OAs* i?lr?'?|h News Room, coraer ol Beaver ?ad Hanover stieeu dll lt*r AOARu W HKtH?kuV.>i mWO or three ma ft* OeatJeweu caa be eeenmmodsied I with board aad plee*aat roo*?. oi the tecoed H kh m No. 77 Willow street, Brooklra, wiibia ire laiaetee' w*lk of the Faltna Ferry. dlt lt*rrc NoW kbAbv. PUBLISHED tbi* day, Ooldsmiib's Qem* of Feamaashin (fa i-Pr.ce ? ceat* Far *ele at the Room*. IN Broadwar aad at Uraham'e, Tnbaae Baildiaf A liberal distant ro A?eeta d?Mi*V mnn i n? me- ???e| A UCl ION lOTItlCI. JACOB 8 PL ATT, Auctioneer. rpOYB AMD FANCY ARTICLBS?JACOB 8. PLATT 1 will (ell this day at I* o'clock, at the Miction rooas, corner of PI*11 ' (1 tiol I Iinm, 3 0 cases aad low Onvti. Kreneh and Chinese T?vs awl Firework*; Caricstarea. Kid and Woodru Jmaioil Dills, etnuuR which la an entirely naw r'^iiij'niriit, mitiblr for r?tail de?l*is, director* of isira, laimhri r?ud mdividaaU, alio comprising Fancy Aiticlaa la great variety. Aim i chmre election of Accordions, soma of which ar* fine and c ur*, aud will ba told separately; all, md in |%d tine. '7-B.?Cataloguesmc now ready. and theaala peremptory and wirhoui re e ve. dlt It* r J AC H M, CLaTI*. uctiouear. GOLD MLVh.ll WaTCH?8. MorW?e ?! fo pay advances.?Jsc-b 8 Piatt will sell Thia Day. at p ecj>e'y 11 o'clock, to p?y .dvaucea and under mortgage, bout 711 Qj d Wm cuss, Mnoagit which ara pa tan t levers, uiihora, duplex, detached levers, lepines. and other gold watchta, warranted II earn li a gold raaea. part of which are of the ?ery latest style aud importation. Among then are full ?d extrajewels. fold dial*, g> I I halsncea, (old cape. tec. AI?o?For acc.-unt of whom it may conearn, 1 heavy aaaae patent lever wa'ch. caaea weig.i M dwu, II carats One, and war-an*ed originsl, coat BITS. Alan?1 one otb - r of a annular description. Alio??n iuvoice of silver watchee of every description, and go'd jewelry, to which the attention of purchaaera ia directed dl? Iter WM. W. BHlllLt- Y, Aoeuooeer. SALE of vtlunble Toya and Fan?y Oooda far Preseeta, by Henry K. Willsrd, Mondiy, Dec. fist, IIX o'clock, at Hales' Koaui, So i Pine street?? cases assorted . oys, Bo^ks, Prints. Canes, 8hels, Perfumery, Paintings, fcc Alao, I hina Tea. Dinner, and Toilet Sets.Plated Wars,Britannia aad C?tlery. Tea Trays, with varioua other uae ul and faacy articlea. suitable lor holiday pie?ee's. dlt lt*r Til THE PlIRMil .VOUR attention la died to rbe Uiu'opi Hal* of tlM ?1 iliiumnl articlea at the China Ha'l. <71 Broad way, earner of Chamber! street,en Monday aud Wedoeiday, the Slat and 13d mat., at It o'clock. Jnat nciind by tha lrt*et peekata frr m K ranee Ul nar Sau rf newest et\ la; over MA piecee; desaert Mia, aoma very ri h tea arte of all kindi M. 77. una 44 piece* Mantel ornaments, rieli, in freer variety: Chad** lieraof varion? kinds. Cornelia*: Solar Lamp*, do; Cardelahraa, do; Dinner Hata French whi'e elima, white atone flows blue, aad others in treat Tanety; Toilet Bottlaa, rich Ceffeee -ud Haactri, and a thousand other articlaa. N.B If tha public nesrlecr this opportunity 'hay will lot* money. TUTTLE k DUCU/ZEAU. d'9 it ia IkM'r Auctioneer*. K. H. UfDEoW , 'nnioifT. FANCY KUBS. IILEIOH POBE*. *e.-Peremptory f'le oI F?ahionab>e PuBey Vara, ke ?To be anld at ?uciio?, Mondav, Da? tl. at II o'eloek, at No. MS Broadway, near Leonard alreet The good* are of a Terr enperior quality and ftaiah. and are worthy the eopeaial ?t*eat ion of >*die* and gent'*nitu the whole being th? e'oek o' "tall f*ncy fame' closing bnaieeaa. The ca'alogne eoaaiata in i'*rt of the following. ? i-8?pa"iot Inatered Lynx Man, laanella Bear do. Siberian Squirrel do Raaalan Fog'do, I hmehillado Natural and Luat'red Wolverine do. Bine Fog do, Luatered aud Natural French Oenet do, Natnral waah Bear do lie Alao, Polar Bear, Wolverine, Seel and Bntalo Sleigh Ro*>e?. Alao. onemacnifeeai richly trimmed real Beagal Tiger Sleigh Ro*<e. originally coat ?IA4 Term* e?eV unleaa by s,iee<*l agreement with the owner, dl?eod tti*?r IM F. H l.UD' OW, An-ooneer. AUCTION NOTICE? F.lega-t Chineee and other faeoy Good*. iiat imported will he told a' auction on "Minraday. Dec. Mth, at II o'clock,at S45 Broadway. Can be aeea on Wedneiday. Parricnlera *n fu'ure adrertiaement. dl? It eod;a*r F, H. LTTDLOWfcCQ. _ PAfNTTNOS AT AUCTION. A LEW will ?II on Saturday Evening, *t ?K o'eloek. at No. t9! Bwdw'v. an old fahioned 'nraiaa of rhniee Pain'inrv in their original atare. Joet r we aired Awn Antwerp which have not h?en aeon h-fore in th<* eaiau i Arti'ta dealer*, and a" othera dee'roni nf obtaining good works of art. a** i"vit*d t" call and v'ewthem *"nernvinr? efthe old VTa'tomon Wednesday Evening. PI ?nta on Friday morning ?t |1 o'clor.k. dig ft*r W O HAWES. A action*ev. rrn be a l' ?t pnMie an'Hon. on the premiaea a Hone* aad hf? HtS ?fv a* ?*"n*rT, 1*47 Kt A. M 1ST ?* Ju* po??d r\f pr#vion?1r nt Pri??t? m'f ) T?m?? Wp^l^M rime of ""H th# Kdlwe* in 11 H?ti aftr*. wlin fall will fif*n F^r fnrfli^r ip> pir tn Unrri* WiUou E?q.. 77 Murray itrnt T?tim Miy i11*to 7t*?rh AT? TO'TH'>rR?JT RFOTVIKNT OF NEW Y"RK VOLtrNTKEHS. NOW Vn?frrin*? \nto th* ?e'T*ee nf 'he ftnl'ed R'atea ? K p**hlie r?n*iiti"p n' ?W ^il'rw ' f V#w V^rk. '# vfirrt |n will he l??| ' nn Td??A"V n?rt ?li? |M in<it , rf Vffhmifi' H"l' 4TI PronilwiV 7 nVlnrk p*#ei?t? Iv Inni'V' 'Tirli nfr?nrpnfl?'i"m n?g h? deemed Proper, t< tKf Vrtlunt*#** nKonr ?n be fn rht m?' <*f W.p with rt'nt articlea nf f Inthinr. nod ofcerarin, aa (table fnr the c*mp*'rn. In the nrannirat'on ?f 'hi? rerimenf. nneapee'e* dilBnlfies were enernn'ere?* uriimr 'rnn the fart'h?t rorcmmenf had mt then enna?nfed ?n receive ?in?'e eompaelea end ?mat?r then* infn ?erripe: fhii pnitw ho* ainee been adofeo, *?t '"O l?te fn av"id e*nenpp? whjrh have ham ineor*ed bv ?ha nfflr?n of the >?rin?i'. he'ond 'he amount allowtd by the Comnrnn Cnnnril if nn? fhnti<rnd dn'leta. It ia nof helieved t'-af the oi'ir.ent of New Tnrk w*l' h? h?r1r*-?T?t in maliitr np a anitahle wiw" inHi?ch?tf ;Wi, rnii] nitrlj'iir tontethjn; mnrt. to t*"^?f, If th? litnv tinimi the Tolnotaeri at comfortable cimimitannaa will adinit A H. Viekle, Charlea <M?nr. O-innell, Wafann **?! >>. v.. K Col'ina. r?n,w M 'Jfcaora. flt?phe- Wlii'ney. Wm (' Boatv. Jatnea WfOllrith, Robert H Vf^fta. Benjamin F Under, .(?hn I B->tiI Jimn O Kinr. Elilah F Pnrilr. The nnde'airned rentlemen are invited to ba pretent and add??*? the meef'nr ? Hon Wm R Hon D. S .?*<-kann, Wnu Wm W r.mptiell, Hon. K. A Til't'n. Hnn W. n Miller Jamea T. Br?djr, Et<] . Hnn. Itwitr *fieoll, and othera. dlj *tin? SMT're ottvchtAFINF. HPHOONF.n ?f ahnfit '00 to-? knflw ma l?nnrh?d ?l'he thifncH of IOHN J Wl I.TSIF., F.*q.. at vT?cll. fn,. New V->rV, on the IStb l>e?., INI. WH <fhn?i? ia bnilr foe Bike' W?l'a It 'V I.naihtf Merchant*. nf th-n eitv : ia thn*onf?iW eopt?e? faat?*ed. hailt in ? mot >hnrnn?h manner of the he?t mat-rial, ??d ia wiiat m model ia nnf mrrraaaed hv ??r reaael o( her tlaa? o?t of Aa port nf New Vn'V. Her e'hin > fitted no io mnd>m atr1*. enntain-'rif "'rht hertha and fn?r ?t?te room? An<a*^4 wiffc m?hne?nv. h;rd?-ev* maple. rn??wnod lie The ?aid athooaer ia onll'd th'- Oerdrfno'?'a intended fnr the "nrt1" l'"a tfde. and i? mmmanded hv Paptain John Ch*ttmi. o?ie nf the moit efllpient ahip ma'fera nn* ol t*"e po-t w?ll knnwn ai an et'fl'eit teaman, and of indelatifah'" ii'daatrr, and ifentlemanW deim*?m*nT. d'>l>eod*ro i SOCIETY OF THE IVHITF. PLUME! | 'Titii wh?re reaee my WHITE PLUME (bine, amidst tbo rinka nf wr, I tut yon* O'lflatnme. to-na^. the helmet or not'tt#!" THK rntl'iin of iSr Hoeiery of it?? Whit# Plant* will W th>a ereninr. tnr |tif traaanerion of haa<a*ee of ?omentont imnnrtanee to theiatereat* of the inatlta'ion and of the individual mmbin. 4)9 1r*r FRFK CHURnw (>V_THB~NORTH? RfVER RKV. B C. n. PAKKRR. of the Floatin* Cha*?h, will preach n Sermon, '"-morrow ?ften>ooo. to tAe milora, ho?tmen. md eonere*atioi of the Thurch of the Holr Ci?mfotter, moored a? the foot of Dey atree' ot the I'M wrwak at the Atlantic. Alao. lit t?>e Church of the ?| iphaay ia the ereninr. on the ?me 'abject. Mr-,i??a to coranacnce in the afternoon at 3 o'clock P. M. dia ft* re GRAHAM FOR JANUARY, IMT. 'mi.r,H?n This Monnino. GRAHAM TrNEOTTAH.r.O, for Janaarr.tWT-ADoahle Nnmher.?Or?h?in fir Janaarr. IMT. will ho pahl'?W thia H*?, and it will be 'oaed to he the moat ipleadid Periodic.1*! ever presented to the American pablic It coataint no leaa than 14 nogea of origiaal matter h? the beet anthora?th'ee r?r?a cf Conper'i Norel, from the eomaaeacament; tod in ita Kmballiahmenta it it ananrptaecd for >? ) lenre. The Leadin* Plate by Rartaiie ia wor'h all that appear ia the nthe? Mon'hliea; and the Title Paire?a tern of Art?ie worth a d?ten nainl>*n of any ordiiurv illnatratioaa which aow diaifa^e the l|?a?rr?ted M ir?tir.aa. Original Jfrticln hy J. Ken imar? C r. .1 B Tuv'rtr. fTaroHit# Bntlrr. J. K. FmHini, Ki'f ii*?hwood. MiuH I M'D?ul4 W r. B*vint. Vra J C CtmnMI. O. J. PMMMW. JC. P. Whipple, Hmith, F. E. T., And ie??ral nth** diatingniahed writer*. Vow i< the time to rubieribe. Termi?$1 per tiilB, two copUa for IV fire copiaa for III. fnrri?'?. Country Agentv Booktellen.and th? trad* ?*n*r IIv unpnhH at i liberal diteoant with all the Magaginea and new Publications. WM H. OlAHAM, d'9 Jtia re Tribune Buildings NKW?C\THOLiC MAO AZIJJe! Puhlitlu/l Monthly?Price, (htt Shilling. NOW R K A D Y. the uirMAfrs orrERitro, for Janrarr, IW7. Fnirtn ir J C Cunntn To be had at No. 7 Liaponant at, or of d 19 U*re KDWARO DUNIOAN, ttl Faltoa if KCHIBALD McKELLAR, Copperamith, from Scotland, whole preient addrei* ii unknown, will pl?M? writ* to Mr Neil Campbell. 42 Na<h*H' atreet, Boat?*. aad ha will hear of aomerhiogto hi* advantage. dll It A TANN'fift's MAP OP MEXICO. FOURTH VDITIfTN, withnumeroaa additioni. ii thin dar published and for aal* at <he m?p itor*. No. TV Broad war, cornerol Park Place, N*w York. A plaia of th* harbor of Vera Trai, with the Castle of w Jim dUlloa, kc..Hu been added to thiie ition, wh eh mow afford* a mo*t eompler* eiew of the ieat of war, Teiai, th* California!. Ynrattn, kx. . fce The lit* of the map u IS by 13 inches. hand>on?*lv co!o'ed. and dona aw in aaaat pucket eaaa.prc* T) cent* each or %5 40 a d <gea. Aa thi? map ha* be*n adopted by the army, a*r?ral-im tation? of it hare been iimed and pal med apon th* pablic a* original mape; among theae is one disgaiiM nader a rtwsnuh titl*. which ia t copy of th* old editiou ol Mr. TANNEB'I work, made, without h>a eonient icreral year* liac*. and now imputed unoe the nahlic mt?? map. d'j It're WK6IKR.N H'JTfcL, CIlY, H. J THK Sabactib*'htying receutly latitd tbii hotel, woald announce to hia friends aad th* public (hat ii !? ? thoroagMy repaired aad fitted up mgool order,_ wit* 'l>* addition of i*T*rai commotions rooms The Ball Hoo* has beea enlarged X feet ia leag It, now aiakmg * Ba* room Why J feet ia sig* Th* t>oai* ia now in jaeh good eondttum and nader such management aa to render i: a comfortable and desirable hoaa*. K->r smile geetl**?en, or atlemea and thei wit*i, who would prefer ? boarding-hoaa* a liltl* reft rai from th* noi** ?nd bustle of New York, this ia a ?0***Lunt r*tr*u, aa there ex* a nomber at tqnare room, with bed roomi attached, coot*"""' To th* travelling pablic th.i H a * afforda advantages got inferior to any in th- viem'ty of N*w York Th* stable* ar* commodiooa, aad the oetlers careful and .tbpBiit. The proprietor (letters himaelf that all who favor htm with iheir patronage will be well satisfied with th* (are und r,,fhe IVeaiern Hotel ii located on York atraet, aboat om """""' "J'jiiSi'i'JocKa. M,?, ,N. B?Twenty or thirty gentleoMa. or gratleme* aad Uwtr wirai. can b* accomuvdatad with board on reaaonable lerma l.?. ,r( itu IIm Ilk llli lit 1 TU THE PUBLIC OK BROOKLYN. IF rn in is wait of I milri?o4 aud itnaiM article ?' Perfamary, call at I0?X Kaltoa atraat. whara to* will Oad 'ha larfaataad iliaapait aaaoriaieai in the cur. Partama Su kata, aoataiatag aariuaa hiad? of ai rieu, (roa I to t thil liafa; Parfam* Boiaa, roataininf f z'rac'a, Ot'o of Hoaaa. Y*?er Soar Scant 8??. Tooth Bmah, ?nJ Tooth Powdar. from to to 73-anta for in* whola; ?ad aariaty of othar am flat aaitahla for pwwu. d;# lt"r RICH HOLIDAY PREtJENTB. LK OAL, BOULtNl) k CO , rso.M Haaaar .iraal. nf tain Kara laraiaad by th* bilata da Otaata and Loaia I'llllippa. a aplendid atauit j.eni of articlaa uiialil* fur Ho liday Piataata, enumtiaf of poreaUin and a, won hoiaa, draaatag (mm, lilt a-ticlaa. faacv aadiirb ana hon hoiaa, aafar caaaa. float b#ia?, rich patfam-d lachat*, parfaatary, he k? , which rhay oBar fomala low, and m kilt to ?ait purchaaara. '<* Iw'i'i_ HOLIDAY PKK3KNTH. A SMALL iaaoicaof (Ua Kiaach ja?*alry and gilt fan y ao 'di, for ula at a low rnce, wholaaa'a or raiail v VICTOR BISHOP, iaportat of praooiu ?toua? No U Mudan Laaa. ap ataira JlllwU-t

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