Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1846 Page 1
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v' . .1 HI THI Vol. XII, No. 234-Wkolt No. ?M7 THE NEWYORKBERALD. | IAMES68RD0N BENNETT PROPRIETOR ! Circulation - - - Forty Thousand. daily hkkald-jctwt dar.fnoillMi pm copy-f7 | ?EEKLyT?EraiTi^Swt hnu^-hiM *3f cut* | wbrs ?r.; ftie# 6H ceuu p?i copy?4J * par annum, payable in ad hoc!, advertisements at um uul pricM?always eub j 7KINT1.NO of all kinds ucui4 with banner u4 4? Hull All totwi or communication*. by Mil, Ufc?in< to tk? eetabliahment, man be poet pais, or tha postage will be de ducted lrom the aubacaiption money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of thn Ny Vomi Hiulo Bntiunmnn, > ?>* WWla?na By OhDfcK of JOHN W. tuMUiNUS, K-qnire, Circwt Judge of the first circail, notice it hereby girea, paraa ait to the proviiiona of tha atatata authoriaing attachment* aftaiait absconding, concealed and nau-resideot debtor*, that an attachment haa iaaaed against the estate of Patrick Burke and George Barnes, non-rosideuti of tha Htate of New York ; and that the tame will be aold for the paymeut of their debu, unless they appear and discharge ncn attachment, according to l*w, within nine montha from the firat paolieation of thia notice; aad that the pay meat of any debu aae to them by their debtors, aad the delivery to them or for their aae. of any property belonging to them and the transfer of aay of their property by them are forbidden by law, and are void. Dated the lib day of October, 1*44. A. A. rHILLirs, n? ltw MaT Attorney for attaching creditor*. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That we have been duly appointed truatre* of the eitate af Thomas IX Finch, an absconding or C' ncealed debtor, lor atl the oeditor* of auch debtor, by Abel Meeker, Supreme Court Commissionar, and wa hereby require all pervona indebted to each debtor to render an account of all debts and sums of money owing by them reipectively to us, and ta pay the tame by . die 15th day of January, IM7, at tha aflee of William B. Litch, in BalUtoo, Spa; and alio all persons having in their p>sse-sion ?ny propertv or effect* of s'id debtor to deliver the same to us Vv the day so appointed; aad alao all tha cadi tort of aaid debtot to deliver their respective accounts and demands Co as, or one of as, by the day so appointed WH'KLER K. BOOTH. WILLIAM H. WENDELL, ALBERT A. MOORE. Trusteaa. Dated Ballaton. Bpa, Nor. M. I?g. n83 lltM'rh FOR SALE, In Charleston, Booth Carolina, JONES' HOTEL. THIS fashionable and popular ea'abHahmeot, which haa been k?pt as a public house for the last thi'ty vears, will i be sold at public auction on ihe 14th January, 1147, by the ' Maater of Equity. This hi.use fronts on Bro d street, thraa stories high, runs back to another street, with brick buildings on the same; the ir.tarior of the let containa a house (or IBS Iiuirr gi im u'.icei, wiiu uicneoi, WHO uoaac, UQUi necesaary baildinca i he establishment containe line dining ud draw in* mora, aud iwenty-ihree chamber*. The situation la central. and if kt*|H by a proper peraou, woald command the beat and out fa>hioni>b'ecuuom of any in the city. Any on* disposed to pu'chaae, will obtain a barfaia.and will be >are to make a fortune. The termr are, a qaarter caah, the balance in one, two three and f ur rra a. d9 3?*w 6t*rc CiTV LOTS r OR ALE. ONE LOT on the East aide of Broadway, between SOth and Stat s'reets?SS feet by 110 Sit Lots ia 36th atre*:,bet ween the 6th and 7th Areouea?114 faet by 98 Onr Lot on th? Sourh aide of 13th street, between 3th and 6th Avenue*?S3 feet by IM. One Lot in the am? neighborhood?3# feet by IN. Fu?r Lota in 29th atreet each S3 by 1M feet. ti i Lota on the V it. corner uf3lh Avenae and SOth street ?ISO by l'S fret. Eoquire of JOHN JAY, d> lt*w lm*r S3 Na?saa st. WEW T^CES A>U EMBROIDERIES, Juit Received. for the Holidays. POINT BRI'XELLES LACES AMD BOUNCES, or rrirv width. MECHLIN do do do V LKNCIF.NNE8 LACES AND EDGINGS. LA' E 0HES8ES OK BKUXbLLK POINT AND ME(.H< IN?One dreaa the muat macnificenr ever made SCALES of the ??w*at deaiirna and moat beautiful work BKUXKLLK POINT CAPES, COLLARS, CUFVB. BERTH EH, BARB8 he. MECHLIN AND VALENCIENNES da do do On* eaae of NEW PARIS EMBROIDERED HDKFS. Do do do do DRESSES. Do do do do COLLAR!) AND CAPES Do CHILDREN'S LINEN CAMBRIC HOBE8 AND FROCKS. D? CAPS, HANDKER HI EES, lie. a L?* OnacwofB*H EMBROIDERED SILK DRESSES ti.AT1 N DRE- SES?all aultable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS?at yary low price*. by J AMES BECK fc TO,, S3* Broadway. N. B.?SHAWLS and CLOAKS at yary reduced prices. dlt S?reod r CHEAPER THAN EVER. " A FULL suit afsuperfine Cloth made to order, in the moat il subatan.ial and l?ahiambla style, can be procuredfor $30. At MUKK vr rs h**hiouab!e t"a*h Tailoring Katabll*hnftnt, No 24 Catharine at., New York. Fvery article in the liue eqnallt low. Call and ?ee. JOHN M OFF ATT. dl ltneod'r BJSSFORD * FIELD, RESPECTFl'LLY in form their frienda, that they lure laid four very inferior TEN PIN ALLEYS Uader their Billiard Bonn* \ Ann itreet. running through to 149 Fulton itreet, whaie they hare introduced luge White vory Ball*. S. W K?iichiM invite* hi* friend* a* above. I. B?H?v.-n Billiard Table* in the lame building with Marina, Hlite aad lt>5 Panel Mahogany Bed* and the Air Caihion*, all aad* aad for *ale, or playing a* above, dll lmeod*r T "A NC^GIM hlSTTb R EVke'?AEKfcAN C?? hen to iolnrm peraooa keeping the above *torai, that ha baa a few aplendtd Ornament J Show Catd*,jo i table for their trade, at verv o* pri<-e?, which they will find, on iiwpeetioa, woithy of their attention. Ornamental Show t arda of every description, *nd elegant deaicn*, aa?de io order. Apply to A. FRANCIS, X Mead# itreet, dll IMtl *r three door* from Broadway. Bath Cou?i?ot'i doom bean ?poken I Art them (pitting life away I Ii th\ coa*titntlun broken. Bringing darkneis o'er thy day I Toweung higti o'er Imitation, Dr. Swaynr'a Wild I berry * tan da. Spreading; joy through many a nation, E'en in icy fcwitzerlruid. DR. RWAYNR'S COMPOUND 8YRUP OF WILD CHUHKY ismild a?d pleasant to (he taste, perfectly mte and hum tu in iu operations, ana let it is one of the moit power al ?nd cirku remedies for I otnmpliM of the Langs, t uhi, Colds, Asthma, HpaUing Bk-od, Lirer tonplaint, I ams in the Side o Brensi, and general debility ol the eoMtita'ioo. ihtt ??erer invented by the skill of man lor the r< lief of the tflicud public. Certificate* and eridencei of it? wuuderfnl cnr*' ire powers are daily received from nil quarters It ia itnpoMible to coaeetre toe argragats of anflern ( and miaeiy that liaa bceu ra tiered or banlaned by it, nor can we calculate the immrnse benefit that a ball accrue from ft hereafter All afes, ante* and roustitations . are alike allected by it, and the daaeaae ia eradiented from the system, the conatitHtion repaired, and health restored bribe jndici as use of Dr SWAVNEH COMPOUND8YBUP OF W]LD CHERRY. How many sufferers do we daily behold approaching to annntimely jrar e wrented ia the bloom of voa h from their relatirea and f lends, aflicted with that fatal tdy. CONSUMrt'ION, which wiuics the miserable sufferer nnnl he becomes beyond the power of baman skill. ]f su b sulfate re would only m*ksa trial ol Or. Swatnc'i Compound amp of Wild Cherry they would find th-mreives aoooaer relieved, than by gidpinc the various ineffrcUvc remedies with which oaxaawa|i?pera abound; tbia " Vegetable Hemedy" heals the ulcerated laaga. stopping profaae night sweats, at the aame time inducing a natural -nd healthy eu>cct?ration, and the patient will sooa find himaelf in the eio jymcat of comfortable health. 1 ha public afeoald bear in nod that Dr Swayne ia a reg alar pracDaing physician, who has bad years of experience ia disease* of the Longs, Chest, A CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC.-Be cautious to ask for Dr. Swsyne's *y rep, the only true and genuine article of Wit* t nrny belo'e me imMic, and we won id nv to Uie atflictrd, a!waye look for tit* written i?i a'are ol l?r Hwavrtc on each 'Kettle befoie yon parchaae. Beware, and b? aot deceived ! Krom the increaaiac demand Tor the above article, Dru?(itti, vterchiuu aad dealers frwerally, will find it to their adrant -gt to hare a full aupply ?f thia raluable medicine. HemrmlH' to inquire for Or. Bwayue'a Compound Syrnp ol Wild Cherry as here bare brea tome individuals with the assumed name of physician. making great efforts to paah a i;mr ioaa article into the market under a fictitious nam*. The I irwical aad nnly)geuaina article it nnlr prepared br Or. gwAiNE, N W corner of Kightn and Haca streets Philadelphia. Aokitti in New Voai-CNtlui H Kins, corner of Broadway and John ?ta.; H. A. SAN US, Its Bewery; E- B. wuaai. to) Bleeck?ratra?t, J.C.iUar, MS Uraad. corner .VnWolk; J. L Lewis, MT Oreanwich: Dodd, TTI Broadway; \V?*tt and Kkti HaM. Itl Fa 1 ton: Mrs. Haras, i]f Fulton street, B-ooklya; B. Olm k Bow, Newark; Johk Pbabsor, Rah war: Maa. Kincaa, IN Coart atreet, Boatea; Dvant* It Co.. Portland: C. Dtr.a, Jr , Providence: Hoaplsv. Phelps, 4 I o. lat Water atreet. N. Y. n3~' M?W Im rrc OA Ct,K?A Ctlil'AlN CUKE. THIS dreadJU diaaaaa ha> beea repeated It aad completely eradicated from the human iviten br Dra. Conis aad Bhepa?4.Ne.}? Mimj at.N.l E0Ktt?lly cared?a life lima cure- The diaeaee wil I a ever re ura m the patient treated Sthem Drs C. fc ?. have cnied the following amongst haad> ol other patients -Cot. R, W. Jrmi|in, of Jernagin. lit Mrsllarehlt??hnrdso?, Laarar. Georgia: ChaHaaW Smith;H?a J.Ne&l, Mrs fcliaabeth Flonruoy, Talbotaa. do; All tbaaa were very severe eaaas, and all haveitMa completely carrd withia the laat live yeara by Dra. C. It W. fhev have aevarml cual bow nnderf><*?ulfcl WoaMMnt ta N.w Yorti laae ta.t?ace have th?T Ml#< toferfect a cnre CertiftcaMa from the parwXoir* * "^ibrstows rttttifT tCT Addraae Na. it Mimr it., N?w York. all eod*m#re ' PUkls Mali wHIsKEy. ? ud.oMut?ra>ff?lW . ^ A literal ducnnut allowed to thnee who b?T to Mil ifiii. ?w'f ___ PUKE CHAMPAGNE WINE. AjriUtAH iara??a ol " Paio Alt*" Claapuia Winn, together with * Crown." T>inrm, mi <*rape lraadi Has Just heen reeeieed bj tha ?a barn Oar, to w'aich tha nitration af hotal herpes, and pnv.ta gentlemen u called. 1 He ?&"" Wiaaa are aqaaJ to My arax imported n thai city #nr.*i?br . . rfc Sal*. hi !?*? ImiwfttrnfWiaw H Br?j?datm Ir AV tLLl SG i tCuNK6f &c? J'HN < ATTN AC M, Traak Manilla ?.ar. Nn. I Wall >trr". comer of Broadway has Bow oa hand aad anaauat|y m'k.'if. a cook I'Mrmrat nl Trnaki Taltaaa, Carpet B?jt *nd rtairh?lt, wholesale aad retail. Abo, * lopenor article of tola leather Trnaki, snitaM* tar " American or ftnropeia Trarkl, aad forma at earn for the French Mailt Pftu. Order* far the Went ladiee. Sonth Ameiiea. fut., Ailed with 4?ep?t?h 431a*ra \i ' ' * 3 NE NE1 Y ' ? Fort ltitinworth, Not. u, lmi. Tht Ptople of Santa ft?Tht Sihaht ani the Canaille Hoviti?Habit! of ikt Ptople, fe., fc. Cneloitd i? small sketch of a scene in Santa Kb; the house* aro til one story high, made of mad hardened in the >un, with roof aa flat aa the floor and aodded over; aa it never rains in Santa Fe there ia no danger of leaking; all the houses are alike, square, with a court in the Ire, upon which all the doers of the principal rooms open. On the outside theie is but one large door, entertog generally in the fandango room. All houses, both large and small, have a fandango room, that being deemed indespenaible with the Mexican character. Oar Kwlean Halations. MILITARY INTELUSENCS t"'% Wn DtrimimT, Dec. 14. 1&46. Sir?I am instructed by the President, to request that yon will csu?e to be raited, in addition to the force already enrolled1 from your State and sent forward, one Battalion of ay Ave companies of Volunteer Infantry, to be engaged for the period of during the war with Mexico, nnieu sooner discharged, and to rendezvous witb the least practicable delay at Pittsburg, where the Battalion will be mustered into aerrioe, with the aam* organiration, and under the same instructions, as pro Tiled in the requisition fro as this Department of the 18th of November last. The Field and Staff of the Battalion will consist o( one Lieutenant Colonel, one Adjutant?a Lieutenant of one ef the companies, but not in addition?one Sergeant Major, one Quartermaster Sergeant, one Drum Major The amount of the force here specified, is a Battalion of five companies: if, however, a larger number ef companies, not exceeding ten (including Naylor's corap ?ny,) formerly organised, to he in roadie as* under a previous call, shall be presented for service during tbe war, they may be accepted and organic* d as a Regiment, in lieu of the Battalion here called for, and to have the same organization as the Regiment already received. | It ia desired that Naylor's company shall form one of the companies of the Battalion, or of J he Regiment. It ia hoped that no delay will take place in sending forward this additional force, on account of the disunities which may be presented by the dosing of the navigation of the Ohio. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, Tour obedient servant, WM. L MARCY, Secretary of War. Hi* Excellency Fas. R. Situat. Vibuinia Wooi.lcb CtHriit'i OrricK,) Richmond, Dec. 15th, (840. $ To Capt Roar.O. Scott, Jb Sib I am requested by the operative* in this atabliahmeot?the moat of whom are female*?to present to you, for the um of the Richmond Volunteer) un dor your command, on* bale of scarlet flannel*, containing ft to hundred yards, and valued at $148 You will please accept the same aa a small token of oar gratitude lor the very prompt manner exhibited b? you and your aasociate* in answering oar country's call. It may be proper to add, that the idea came from the operative*, by feeing in the Rlahmond Timet of this morning, the "recommendation of Capt O. T. M. Davis, aid-do-camp to Oen Cliacn. The flannels are now ready and subject to your order. In be naif of us operatives. Very respectfully, your ob'd serv't, Calks Jonas. [From the Now Orleans Picayune, Dec 10 ] We may sav that letter* and despatch** have already bora received hare for Oen. Scott [From the Charleiton Mercury, Dec. lft.1 Six companies of the Palmetto regiment have been *ncamped for several day* at the ?>gaoUa Farm. The encampment, in honor to the memory of a distinguished Carolinian, has bean called Camp Hay no. The Richland volunteer* arrived in tho oars yesterday. The itemaa of tho companies now hare, are a* follows: Charleston Volunteers, from Charleston. Hammond Quards, " Barnwell Diet. Sumter Volunteers, " Sumter 6 Boys, " Edgefield " Chester Volunteers, " Chester " Do Kslb Guards, " Kershaw " Kiehland Volunteers. " Richland " The oompanioa are all tall, and average about 80 each. They are in good health and fin* spirits?eager for active service Tho cadet* from tho Citadel have been among thorn and vssy eflciontly aided in drilling tho companies. It is sn instance worth noting, of tho value of the ia litary schools to tho public servioo. independent of their im portance a* eenainane* of learning. Tha ihh**ilU Pnmnanw ? latm Kv tlin frfin tKa B??:n?r, met on the l<Hh intt., and elected J. V. Marthall. Cat.tail; J. B. Mongne, l?t Lieut; If. W SelUck and A. A. Roberta, 3d Lieut"*. The Henntr aay a: Ordera ha* a tean leaned to take up tha line of march on Tueaday evening next. Tha liat numbera nsw ninety-three and ia (till iacreoaing. the greateet enthuliaain prevaila ynongat them and all atem eager to march. Oorciutene have been active ia contributing to eqaip the velunteera, and wo loam about fiOOO have been raiUad. Two companiea have thna far bean organized and muttered into aarvice in Maeaachuietta ; that of Captain Wabater ami of Captain Wright. In PottaviUe. Pa, each member of the volunteer company weed there, waa preaented with a revolving platol, blanketa, clothing, kc., kc , by the citizena. $1600 were raieed in alL A meeting waa held in Boeton mm Tharaday evening for the raiting of volunteere for Mexico A great deal waa aaid and very little done. NATAL ItrntLLIMNCK. [Krom the New Orleena Picey une, Dec. 10 J Lieut Thoe. T. Hunter, U 8. N., arrived in town y??terday morning from Waahingbm, with deipatchea for beii Commodorea Conner and Ferry. He went down the river yeeterday afternoon to go on board the cutter Swing at the Bailie [From the Annopolia (Wd) Republican, Dec. IB.] A feet worthy of obeervatioa occura in the attack upon Tobaaeo by Coeamedare Perry. The Mexican flag-tuff waa cut down by a ahot fro* one of oar gnna. It ta aaid the run waa directed by Paaaed Midahipmaa Siapnen, and it may M thought ao accident. We have raaton, however .to believe that it ooald .be done again Knd again. Paaeod Midahipmaa Simpaon U of the cltaa of MldaUi jn eu who were peaeodlart aummerhy Com. Kearney and l orry, and CapU UoCaaioy.McKaaver and Mayo, who coo tftuted a board of osamtaore at the naval aeheol ia thit place. We are teld, that ?ooh waa the predion of experimonto ia target Aiiog by the young men ot the achool, aa to coll forth from the board the highbat com mendation; and M la aaid of Com. Kearney, that he aaid ha had not only never aoeu each preciaion, but atatail ho had never heard of auch. C?nMm Uwta Worriogton, Hi I. N., arrived at Norfolk on the 1Mb in*L [lorreepondence of tha Philadelphia Inquirer.] Ttarico, Nth Not , ,1640.?Tha itaamar Mi**i**ippi, Com. fairy, arrived yeeterdey, bringing a com plate battery of bra** piece* (galley*) fro* New OrUone, many munition* of war. and two ( -inch howitzer*, complete Capt Barnard, or the engineer*, cane pea*anger. Tha mining iron itwir, Mary Homti la oil the bar, and will got in In tha morning, with Ue root of our ammunition, gun carriage* and proviaiena, and than wo ahall bo ready for a *ioge, if Santa Anna giro* u< thia honor. The two (teamor*, Spitfire and Vixea, hero fcaoa bu*y all day, in bringing up our thing* from the " Mieeiaetppi " Col. Ruay i* on the war?(ien. PaUereon, it it said, will march aoon with anoo man, voluntoora, and two regiment* of horae. via Victoria, the aeat of government of tha Mete of Taaaanlrpa*. of which thia iatho commorcial capital. There ? much wealth and *how here, and u wo hare now boon in occupation eight day* without the ' loaet dieorder, the ladiea anJ familia* who ware hid, be(In to come out. Our band in floe moonlight. ia now playing quite aweotiy is the "piaia 8t Anna." W'e have conatant ruaaora of the approach of Mexican troop* from 1 Potoel. and from the aeuth Yeatrnlej, the roport wa* that U?a. B*i*l waa league* liom tbia with I,MO I men, ae an army of ebaorv?ti?,n To-4ey, it ie *a>d Mai.u Anno la coming down I thing bo will *oon go to Ma*. ? kso?Ma political ae oail ae 2 military pontien ia criti- I cat.It i* reported to-day that the garriaon of San Juan D'UUoa are about to pronounce far a capitulation, being in the moat fuAring *tato. Lieut WUptoo i* out with forty men ainoe 10 o'clock, tonci?oitra a pirttien with a largo mttknm, twelve W YO W YORK, MONDAY MOI VIEW OF SANTA Fl """" ~ ?rr* 77 tr T F The male in the above (ketch represents a wood merchant, who has hoen to the city with hii load, that waa packed on the aaddle you see before him. The carta are made like the one in thi* cut, with large wheel* four or fire feet high, of (olid wood, which are hauled by two oxen, tied by the horna with triga, (buffalo akin twitted.) When asked bv some of our ofllcera why they did not make their wheel* and wagon* like the American*, they reply, "O, we dont have much hauling, and these suit u* well enough." In the distance is the cathedral with it* two spire* and crosaea. I can't compare it to anything else than a tremendou* big brickkiln, with the polei and croaae* on the top. The pig which i* seea mile* from thi*. We lontf to tee (ion. Patterson here, and to be moving. Our column, with the fleet, must take Vera Cruz The weather is warm, the musquito* thick, and our men who woik in the line* covered with tioka and every anuoyanco. Yours faithfully, 8. L. The story of aii American frigate having been fired into while entering Oporto, and having been dismantled, ia incorrect No vessel of our navy ba* been iu the neighborhood.. AFFAIRS IN MEXICO. Ki tract from a letter from the interior of Mexico, date I 31st October, l?4? ?Thi* conntiy ia in a terrible sitn?tion; and every day it become* deeper and deeper involved in difficulties Notwithstanding the people most see the follv of persuing in a war which will end in their ruin, and in which they have been un*ucce*?ful every time they have met with the enemy, (till they will not liiten to term*; and it is aaid, although 1 do not voach for the fact, that they have rejected the mediation offered by England. " There have been seriou* apprehension* of a Saqueo in Mexico, and or a tnas?acre of ell the foreigner* there. Flacarda, threatening the Americana, have been posted on me wan* o: tne noose* here; ana in vera orui u plot wm <li?covercd in which all foreigners, withoiit dis'inction, were to 1?e assassinated?beginning first with the Spaniards. In this affair, tome of the young men who fignre- most In that plaoe, and who own nil their importance to the foreigner*, were intere'ted; wh'ch serves to show that the Dole* caraet?r Mrxicann cau he ??ry sour when it chooses There is nothing but hard blow* for such a race, and quickly dealt : for every act of commUseration shown to them is construed into fear. Oen. Taylor mistook entirely hit customers when he allowed the oAcers ana soldiers at Monterey to march out of the place with th?ir arms ; ler this battle has been turned into a victory here, and repeated in every paper printed in the country as a brilliant afTiir for thu Mexican arms. If the Americans don't keep a > harp look out upon Santa Anna, Me will play them a trick as sure ?s he has a woorieu leg ; not by any exploit in the fleM, for 1 don't think be will risk a light, hut by some cunning nr duplicity,which he understands better than any rrwn living. ''We are suffering from contributions of all kinds, levied ubder the pretext of carrying on the war, but which serve to enrich a parcel of vagabonds, who speculate upon the debility of their oountrymen Kvorything has risen in value ; so that in addition to the disgusts we receive daily from seeing ourselves in print called robbers, violators of female chastity, entmito dr. (a tantn religio, and other sjch epithets we are taxed to the eyes with all sorts of imyutttot Tli* Tan Ntis Cass. Circuit CouaT, Wiihidoti!), Dee. 18,1848. RltlUTTIIU TltTIMORT >0K THC bimnUAftT. Several witue i*e? war* examined for the <lef?nce lait evening, in relation to ilampi and envelope* Hon Metare. Nornvcll and Hu -?t of Michigan, swqrn. Mr. Huht?L am a r*pre?enUtive in Congrest from Michigan; I knew tka Rev Dr Ketcbum twelve year* ago in Herkimer county, New York; ha waa clergyman of tha Dutch Keferme 1 Church; 1 do not belong to that church; I have beard bin pi each; hu (landing man waa as good aj that of auy other clergyman; I have known him nlao in Michigan; never heard his character and reputation questioned, in 1943, when I first came on to Con^reu, I found him horo.and renewed my acquaintana* with him, and aaw him frequently; naver heard anything egjinit hint a* a man of truth and integrity Oro?i~*mmintd by Mr. Bbkit?It U eleven yeare eince I left Herkimer; he had left; he lived, below Little FaiU; and u*ed to preach there from time to time; it must have heen from twelve to fifteen yean ago: I wae at Herkimer ahout It yearn age. (practicing law; I know where Stony Arabia it; never heard bis reputation questioned; I think ha mutt have lived there before he came to Herkimer, and tint he went from Herkiner to Michigan; I don't know Diliiaoack; I know the lawyer* and buaineia men in Montgomery county; don't know Laotz, I do not know lliram Weli?; don't knew whether he lived at llerklmer or Montgomery Brit; never heard anything ag.unit him In Peterborough, New York; I know J. O. Mchneli; I never iaw Ketchum in Michigan; Herkimer in 18i4; I think Mr. Ketchuin went to Michigan before I want; I want in October I never heard af the attempt at seduction nf Mrs Samuel Lasher; never heard tba name or the offence charged. lion. Mr. Nobvkll, aworn ? la a'me tuber of the House of Representatives ; hara baan in tba Senate ; I bava known Or. Ketchuin for seven or eight years ; ha ?u introduced to me by Mr Crary, oar late representative ; I hare known him aince in Michigan ; I have never heard Mr. Katcham'a reputation questioned ; hia reputation waa that of a reputable aan and a reapectable clergyman. Crut-rxnninrd ty Mr BacitT?I wet introduced to him here in ltafV-M, and knew him afterwards in Michigan ; ha did not reside near ma : he waa a candidate for employment, and waa employed to remove certain Indiana westward, which made it necessary for me to acquaint m\aelf thoroughly with his character, as ha applied to me for a recommendation ; never heard any report affecting his moral character ; I know nothing of nis history in Mew Y ork Mr. K-*w?nv. of the city post ofllce, re examined regarding the regulations and orders of the department in ?tamping way letters, kc Mr. VUuoiaie, bookbinder, re examined respecting tha envelopes. [ Tne object 9t hia testimony in the first jdsce waa to show that the~hnvelope of one of the plaintiff's Philadelphia Van Nesa letters was male by Mr. Maguire's congress machine, and subsequent to the date of the letter enveloped : bis testimony was mat on tha other aide by countervailing evidence, and Mr. Magnire waa here reoalled to auatain hie original testimony.] Mr THsoor, engraver, was recalled, and reiterated that the latter signed J P Vho Mass, (oue of the plaintiff's on Die, an order for the copperplate printing press at her houae, is not the ord?r which he took down: tha ink, the pepor. the phreseology being different fTha plaintiff's connssl do net prclsnd that thie is the order which lien Van Ness aant by Mr. Throop for tha Tirol* m mri. i onuer a iionm ; uu\ \nm\ ui? pupcr moj nave pre ? anted ia another paper, la fast, confidential order aant down privately to Mm. Connor, perhape tha *a<n nrening that tha ordar fU carried down by Mr. Throop ] Senatir WaoDaaitwiK awarn ?1 hare kuown Dr. Kat> chum Bra or alx year*; hU general reputation ia Tery fair, and from my peraonal acquaintance with bine, than opinion haa bean confirmed. [Peraonal knowledge ruled out] I Crm txanitui by Mr. Iim.?I have lived at Datralt; abjut 130 milea from where Dr Ketqbaan lived; hare known bim for flva yaara; mat with him frequently; neighbor ia a relative term in a new country; a man may be a neighbor and yet lira a Ion* diatanca off; ha waa fre fluently away. ' ByiMr. BataLtr.?It waa tn tha capacity of Indian < gent that f ft rat knew him, and in that capacity I had aapeclat mean* of becoming acquainted with him, I believed him a competent man; I believad him alwaya to I bo a man of trnth. Dr. Jo*af, lata Examiner in tha Patent OfHoe, aworu ?

Waa aakad by Mr Bradley a quoation which woald hat e ' led to an admeaanrem int artentifk-ally of cartaia genuine 1 i ? of the Philadelphia Poa? Olfi ? in connection with 1 the atampa of tha dtaptrad Philadelphia envelope. [ rhi* taatloaaay at Una atage of the trial gave riaa ta a * iiactiaaioo, aa every lit tie technicality of law baa dona > rrom the I'aainaing of thia canae , and after tha oppoainf I co.naal liaXpietty wall exhaualad IL* grounda of argu meat pro and con, tha taatunonv waa r?*d ant] r Hon. Mr. Cairiua, of tha Honaa of Repreaaatatlvee, f fiapoaad to an acquaintanaa with Dr Katchoaa ainca IW; bad Uva4 at tha aaaa TtUaga with him ia MtekJfaa from ? * w f . -i nn*i . *r r k. KK t tNING, DECEMBER 21, E, IN NEW MEXICO. jumping, reproientu that animal picketed. Id the moraiag, dror#? of man, with thair pi ft tied round tbefnock by a larietto, may bo aoen going to picket thorn out for tfco day, and at night bringiDg thorn homo. The pooplo indolent and 41 thy in tho extreme ; every house may be called one of uu(diUn, ud every women common. The streets are perfectly ilthy with excrement ef ell animal*, and were it not the case that no decomposition took place, the people eertainly weuld be overtaken by plague or lome peftUeatial disease. The rich nabob* live in all the splendor of the Orientals, with their lilver and geld plate and dishes, tuperb 1*40 to '44. Hia character stood ai fair a* that of any mm among us Dr. Joitrs reunited, examined and cross-examined as to the chemical ag nta that will remove blue ink, or a blue stamp, a figure. '6" for instance, from an envelope. Dr. Jones (rav<> way te allow Hon Mr. Benton to testify, that he mignt go homo. Hoii Cms. S Benvo*. of New York, sworn.?Knows I)r. Ketchuna ; heard of him when he lived in New York State; never heard hU reputation questioned ; I was youDg when he removed away. Crot$-examine4 ky Mr. B>i>irr.?I INre In Herkimer county; did not know Dr Ketchuna while he lived there; think he visited there in '37 or '38, during the administration of Mr Van Bnren ; ho was there for several days; think he was taken sick tnere ; never heard hia character innk?B of in Mantsomsrv conntv: heard there had been seme dispute in hi* church, but it bad no reference to hie moral character. The jury retired while, and on their return the examination of Or. Jonee, with regard to the removing of inki waa recommenced, and continued for eome time I Mr. Gacmicr, late of New York, an employee In the capitol teatifted aa far u ho knew to the moral character of Dr. Ketchum. He had not heard anything againit him until within a week or two paat, and theee lumora he hail traced up to Mr*. Conner, the plaintiff. By request of Mr B*ekt, the wttnea* waa proceeding to atate the way he had traced up tbia information through a certain Mr. Tree, when he waa (topped by the court. Mr Joicth H. BaaoLET, (ana of the counael fer the defendant. Ooveraor Van N'eaa.) aworn?Mr Brest ask ed him respecting hia arrangement for feea with Uovar nor Viin Ness The Governor h<td paid him and e<ch of hia three associates at the beginning ef tbia trial JkltO.aad that's all. He auppoeed hn waa to he paid for hia aerricea. and that would satisfy him. If he got nothing more, he would at leaat have Uie satisfaction of having uiecharged hii daty. Mr. Busolet waa about to proceed to a statement re pectlng n feature of the teatiraony ol l)r Ketchum, and produced an anonymoua letter to begin with. Mr. Brent objected. Mr Carlislk explained the eaae to the court. The Coubt aaid the witneaa ahould confine hia teatimony to the conversation. Mr. Ba^PLEr?On the lat December Dr Ketchum told me thai he had been threatened with the introduation of two letter*, a iid to be written by him to Mra Conner at Baltimore; be naked me if they would be introduced; he had m recollection of writing auoh letter*?if he did write *uch letters, they wero of a quizzical chaiacter. At Mr* Conner'* Dr. Fibio had proposed to introduce him (Dr. K ) as ao unmarriel man, to which he had neither assented nor dissented I toll him the letter* would not be introduced unless pertinent to the issue; and that tn?n he would d? permuted to minuij uib, uwuplain himaelf. Cron-txmmintd ty Mr. Batirr ?Dr. Ketchnm said he did not know whether Dr. Kilio had represented him ? > married man By Mr. Carliilb?He mid be hud no reoollection of writing theso letter* to Mr*. Conner at Baltimore; *be had wiitten many letter* to liim, and it might be po**ible he had written tome to her; bat he al*o taid that ii he had doito *o, them wa* nothing in them affecting hi* character a* a clergyman. Mr Bkemt objected to thi* *ort of version of the let* tan, and after a controversy imong the counsol, Mr. Bradley gave way. and The deience here propoied to rest. Tne plaintiff'* counsel had a witae** from Phi lade 1 pUia, (Ur. Leon,) the object of whoM testimony wa* to impear.h that of Alderman Brazier, reipecting the bribe of $3,000 for a marriage certificate. Mr. Bradley wanted Aidornau Brazier bere t j onfront this witnoe*. The <:ouarraled that the examination of tho t*?o witnesies (Dr. Loon aad Alderman Brazier) be put off li'l Monday, and that then the testimony on both side* mutt be finally closed. Varieties. A telegraphic station has bcea established at Hudaon, in this State. It commenced snowing in Hartford four hours after it began here; the grouud was corerod to tho d?pth of six incues. The ttorm wu severe in Albany also, and through the northern country generally. The foaaral celebration on occasion of the re-interaaent of the remains of Major Ringgold, will take plac* tomorrow in Baltimoro. The question whether saltpetre will explode, ha* been settled The explosion at tne great tire in this city was canaed by the cotton in the buildings blown up becoming saturated with the acids also there, then washed by the engine*, dried by the he?t, and exploded by the flame. Mr. Mills baa been elected Mayor of Montreal, MrJanes Kerrier, the ex-mayor, having declined a re-election Governor Wright, Samuel Young, Atariah Flagg, and John Van Buren have beeu making tne late Preeident of the United Mime* a visit at Kinderhook. They all went to church on Sunday. The sUem saw and grist mill of J. k J. Robinson, Bath, Me., was destroyed by Are arming of the 13ta, with a large amount of wood and lumber. Loea fft.000 to $l0,l?0t ?do insurance. A " New England Society " if to be formed in Chicago. III. The Richmond booksellers presented quite a library of books to the volunteers irom that city. The dwelling house, barn and outbuildinga attached, beioDgiug to Jonathan (ietchell, a*. Wells, Me., were destroyed by Are Friday morning; aad the unfortunate owner lost his life ia attempting to save his property. The thermometer at B'eton, on Saturday, waa at 98 dag. The (now vary light. Nswa bt Pkuon Express,?The following riea patch was taken from the iirclt of a pigeon found in Ipswich yoeierdav Wp publish it pertly brcaase it probably will not otherwise leech the person for whom it was intended, and partly a? an exercise for thoso of onr re dor* interested in Cryptography." \Ve (ball not probably gat into Boaton before morning ; ba sure this goes, aa it ia of graat importance " i'he fallowing ia prin'ed letter lor latter !? Ah A E Cr Ld A B U L Cp A C U L Cp to Cl Ad la from N C to N C and Cg Cd C A X* to Ma A L I. M N C C W rer L A A M L M N A C VV per L A Ao L N from N B to J* C C W per LC AO ia much wanted at A to IVU W par 4*0 L1AULMN C V per tg Lsu-JBoi (en wide. Die. IB. William's Ceiuor, Mtn ,Dh. 17,1840. The fall and winter tana of this institution was closed ?n Tuesday. The College Is now in a Tory flourishing condition, much mora so than it has ever been before ? The number of studeuts is 177j seniors 40. jnulors 40, so. phomoras M, and fresh sen 3$. The proposition of arreting > new college bullllng hm [>asaed the trustees, as has ?lso the one to repair the lull Mng known as the "College House," to bo oceapied ?y Professor Nathaniel Herrtok Oriffln The now bnildrig is to H? built of brick, four stones hi?h and is to conam M rooms The aew librae* building I ceiled 'Law-, wnoe Hail," after the name of the gentlemaa wh_^ firoo eo mocb towards the erection) Is sln?Ufinished, tii of ea ooiegoael shapo, eumoaaksd by ?4om. The of is mede eo es to slide op and down. -Adonation of one t ousand rotomes has lately bean node to the library of the Collage by the alumni The it torn of tba College *kll commence Jan. M. 1*47 11? D A JOi Jti xjL 1846. I jjjj^ *x -? win* in profit ion; and the houses, or palaeae n they miy bo called, perfectly crowded with liveried servints to wait upon each particular guest. Thar* sre only a vary faw of that* gentry, aad it is a Tilt (tap from than to the general population of the country, who are the laiiest, filthiest, and moat degraded of Ood'a creation that I have ever aeen. I think if one visits the Fivj .Paints, they can eee tolerable bat' apacimana of humanity-hut theae Mexican* or Saata Faaa can beat them, and give odds. In *nilking their goats or aheep, (they have no cowi) they thruat the aaimala hard againit a picket fence, ait behind, and milk through the lega. The Corn Trade of the World* The French minister of agriculture, has juat caused to be published, a document at an important and satisfactory character. It is in the form of a circular, addressed to the prefects of departments, giving them the general reault, drawn from the whole of their own returna. aa to tlia state ef provisions in their localities. According to the conclusions arrived at by the minister,as well as from the returns received at home, aa from the state of other countries, the high price of bread throughout France ia by no means warranted on the score of scarcltr, there being no such thing as scarcity, properly speaking, so that the prices have been pushed up by farmers and spa ClUNIOn UOIUlUg U8GK UIO UIUBI U|l|>ire*l 111 ??|ioviauvu of prices advancing, they being misled by the panic caused by the partial failure of potato**, and some other 10rts of TeRttanlei at home, *trengthened by the reports cceived (rom other oountriea of similar failure*. We gave extracts frem thia document is Saturday's Herald. We now publish it conclusive:? "In the principal entrepot* of Kranoe," continue* the circular, "there were at the end of October, 26,719 quintal* of wheat. 17.S44 of other grain, and 1* 669 of floor, independently of 430,000 quintal* of foreign floor and grain, which have been admitted between tne 1st August and the 31st October, and of more than 1 000 000 hectolitres of wheat, which have arrived since the beginning of the present month in the various port* of France. At the same time that I have inquired into the ditpoiabla resources of the neighboring states, I hare also examined into their want*, and inquired what we have to fear from any concurrence in foreign market* From this examination, I have deduced additional reanons for feeling lecority. Enaland. which annually draw* from foreign coun trie* 3,000 00# hectolitre* of grain and flour, ha* thia year had an average harvest, as well in quantity as quality. The potato crop haa, it i* true, to a certain extant failed ; but it i* already ascertained that the evil haa boon much exaggerated, and the public mind ha* become more aa aured on that point. The other (tatea of Europe, Germany, Belgium, Nethorlanda,Spain, Italy,and Denmark, although the crop ha* been generally unfavorable, do not experience any extraordinary wants, and will And in the orticary resource* ofthe commercial movement, the facility for making up for the partial deflcita which have resulted from thofailuro in the crop of potatoes. A comparative list of ths prices of wheat in the principal ? .11 .ll? ? .. ,nnr?l.ll?n .f <k. ,U_. tioa of the different power* , Pricti of Wkoti Placet. Dull. ptr hectolitre. Antwerp November 59f. 71c. | Amsterdam " 34 78 Rotterdam October 34 87 Dentzio November 32 A3 Bel Lin... October 34 14 Hamburgh " 33 73 Luheek " 31 ?3 Stettin " 33 64 Trieate " 18 47 Menti " 37 40 Bremen November ,...33 73 Genoa October 41 M Nice November 31 87 Ancona October .Id 78 Rome " . 19 39 Naple* November 19 71 Leghorn October - 19 04 Cetunna " 10 4ft Murcia.. ...... " 33 43 Malaga " 10 08 Bilboa " 18 34 Cadiz " 34 58 Barcelona " 34 73 London November 36 6* Copenhagen. . . October 18 88 Curiitiana " 33 44 i Poli?H yel wheat,14 to 10 " Odaiia i, ) Red wheat 13 IS } Bee*arabia wheatia 14 " 4 Hard wheat.... 10 !3 " Iliga November 1* 18 Ht. Peteraburgh. October IS HH Alexandria..,. " 13 *0 New York " 13 09 " I cannot terminate," fay* the minliter, in concluaioa, "without remnding yon, M. le Prefet, that in time* of scaiciijr the .beat remedy ia found in maintaining irmly the right* of all. Nothing in matter* of *ubliatenee can aupply the intelligent activity of commerce, but it haa need of liberty and eecurity? of the latter to engage it* capital in entorpriaea of thi* nature, and of the former to conduct ita operation to a auceeeaful end. Be careful, therefore, to direct all your attention to promote a free circulation of grain in your department, and to impreia on all that in that conaiati the true guarantee for having maiketa well (applied." Foreign Theatricals* The London Sunday TSmti aaye that Mr. Tevpleton ha* returned Ireaa America, after a ant ?ucce?sful trip to the new world, and ha* brought with bim very *ub(tantial proofa of brother Jonethan'* patronage and liberal encouragement* of the Britiiher* Mr. John R Scott ia playing at the Frinceaa Theatre. He draw* tremendoua houeea The Mi*?ea Cuthman continue to meet with great aueoeae They have >ecently made e profeeaional tour through the province*. A Birmingham paper, la apeak iDg of Mi** ( uihman, etatea that Una diatinguiihed American tragedian ha* been performing to crowded heute* at our theatie during the week. Oa Monday and laat evening, ahe *u*tained with ainrnlar power and truth to nature the character of Meg Merrille*, in the dramatic adaptation of "Gay Mannenng " Perhape in ail the galaxy of character* in Scott"* work*, there ia no one mere atrongly developed, or more terrible in ita reality to enr apprebenaion, than the g>p*y woman of Eliangowan ller moit fearful burst* of paaaien are yet an guarded and atfflttfng to the time and the place, that we hardly know whether mora toadmire her intellectual power, or to hate her Malignity. With all, how *rer, too i* a woman, having me <(uick u*cepui>ilitlea and deep affection* of tha aex (till warm in bar boiom. although their natural outleta have btu choked up by indignaat griaf. It U not too much to ?ay Uut Miaa Cuabmau't impenonation wan to tbo eoreliat'iMeg Marrilloi what tba itatua of Haraoine (in tbo " WlaWr'a Tula") la to that injured queen?tba iiriag (arm itaelfThat tba publio thought ao too waa arideat in tka warm applaaaa which folio wad tba repreeentalion, tod in tha faot of ita rapatttion with lika deterred bonora M a vanin*. Vat. after all, Miaa Cnabmaa'a Mra. Hallar m Kotsebua'a play of " Tha Strangerwaa, to aur mind, a much atrongar proof af bar powar, for Iba uiBciant raaaon that tha artlat who, out of bad materiel*, craataa a grand ideeliam, thereby provaa himaalf ?? pariar la turn who only bringa forth tbo lutg^""# boweeer Una, af a maatar'a cauvaaa. Without underrating tha talent which ia aaaantial to a full comprebenawn : (ualag tha word In ita claaaie aaaae, aa tha entire graap. , log by tba lataUact) of a cbaraatar ao tally eliminated aa I Mag Marriliaa, wa foal that to maba a Urlog raaUty out nf tha rapid roiamonplaeea af Katiebue demeaded a higher capacity. Thia Mia* Cuabman daaa, and aha rioee aere. Tba at laaat awpictoua .entimeotelHy af tba Piaca. rod ita emptr, ||f'jni morality, ?antoh in bar banda, and ir* behold rat'oar what Katiaboa ought to bare mada Mra. Hallar what *he to Tba play la throughout i laticiant both atrength of leellng aad character, tha mthor t,crna to frrquantly come, ao la apeak, upon tba T-'Jtot a * >od thought. bat.afraid to i?tjr*ae It, "back j recol??: w? k?w ^ wiiy_"'Tba flr^dW-. botwa? Mra. Hallar end Baron B tain fart to in?lpMtty throughout; be ladt 'a daecrtotton of nature wanta power, and we Cm! i at the admiring acclamation* of the Baron ara not Ju*ti- , led by the metier which calla them forth; vol area thit ! limay wab of dialogue booeme interacting from the eaaa md craoe af the heroine Abe waa at once the woman of Id? powen oondeeeending to talk trlrialitiea, and tha aoman of deep feeling, from whom tha lighteet , LD. Price Two Cents. word* and accent! are fall of *>e??n|{. The quiet well bred irony of her exprowion, " The noble putlme of the chaee, and the elevating recrtat oi of play, we are content to leave yon," waa itrikinf. We have, however, lit'le ipece to { into detail, or we might All a column with commenta. So/Bee it to aay, that the power and eameitnesi of her penitential agony, M CAUiUjlOU IU IUV UUUICHJUU MJ IU? ^UDUI?|I WW MWIHB and in the final scene with the Stranger, war* fearful? The lowliness of her self-abasement, the soul of pesiionate earneatnei* in bar encomiuma on her betrayed husband. the touching candour with which ah* rej*ct*d every excuie which might palliate her crime. met their fitting encomium* in the moi?ten*d eye* of th* ipectatora. The cloaing acene wu painfully real. On* wondered of what "aterntr (tuff" than c*mmon humanity th* man ooulil be made, from whom penitcnc* a* perfect did not wring forth aa perfect a forgiven***. The peniUnt wife *f the | lay waa not d**erving of nor* than th* half , forgiven*** extorted from the u nam table, world-fearing oul of her husband ; but the Mra. Haller of Miaa Cu?hmen. aa we have already *aid. waa rather that whieh ought to have been, than that wnich waa pourtrayed in th* play. The interect felt by the audience ho wed itee If at first in hearty applatia*, but gradually deepened, till towarda the cloae every plaudit waa huafaed aa an in pertinence : no finer tribute could have been paid. To-night we have Milman'a fine play of "Fazio," In which Miaa Cuihniaa aupport* fiianca On Monday aha tehee her benefit, and close* her engagement. Miaa Cuabman, we understand, pocket* a large amount of sovereign* by thia engagement. The Ethiopian Serenades are making money rapidly. They are at preient in Lublin, but will aeon revisit Loadon. where they are engaged to appear before Qu**n Victoria. Mr*. Pitzwilliam i* engaged at M*nch**ter. Madame Veitria and Mr Charles Mathews concluded their en gagament at the same place. Madame Eugenia Garcia, who was mrtmm d??*n* ia turn at Orury Lane, the Pnnr*aa's, and tn* Hurry, si?i to have surprised the amateurs at Rovigo, for ah* wu called for at her benefit, il we ere to believe the Frtmtt Muuicale. 68 timea! in one night! ! Mendelaaohn'i "Paul" haa been given in Vienaa bjr 1,000 ucecutanti, Staudigl being the prinoipal singer.? Liazt baa gone to Constantinople, and Ernst ia about to visit Russia. Conradin Kreulzer haa been nominated successor to Nicolai, at the Court Opera, the latter going to Berlin. The Manchester Theatre Reyal closed on th* 14th of December, in consequence oi some difference between the proprietor and hia performers. Emiliana. the eminent violinist, lately rave a conceit t Bologna, for the benefit of the poor among at thoae included in tne amneaty granted by the new pope. The concert waa very successful Emiliaui'a reception waa moat enthuiiaatic, and 'II Fel gin to atatea that Rossini, who waa preaent, complimented him highly on hia performance. An accident, which, fortunately, haa not been attended with very serious results, happened to Mr. Farran, the celebrated comedian. While croesing Trafalgar aquare en foot, he waa knocked down by e cart hora* that at the moment waa being ridden through the itrneta at fall gallop. The horae passed over him bat luckily withont touching him with ite leet. The escape waa providential, and Mr. Karren, we are happy to say received no injury, except from hia fall, by which hia arm waa bruiaed, ao as to oblige bim to wear it in a sling, while performing, all last week. Madame Celeste is at the Adelphi. A new instrument haa been invented in Paris, which ranka in the middle place between thd alt* and the vio> ioncello, and whioh the inventor call* a baryton. it ia nearly a thir l less in sice than the violonoello, haa four co/ils, aod ia played like that instrument. Each cord, commencing with the lower note, ia called sol. re,la, ml, aa those of tne violin, but stronger and louder, by reaaoa , of the enlarged sine of the instrument. Thia instrumental ban tone will complete the genua of stringed instruments. Mr. Scribe ia engaged on the composition of a new comedy, which ia to be produced at the Theatre flucan. Ha has also promised a now vaudeville far the f-mnase. The Drawatie Rtnriew states thai Balfe haa engaged aoout twenty orcheetral players at Vienna for her Ma,ea ty's Theatre, and that Lumley is adding to (MooBMr at Milan. Mr. Benedict has returned to London fion a viait to Germany and France ; he ia engaged to compose an epera lor the Academie Roy ale, in Pana. Fanny Cerito and her car tpatt, St. Laoo, are atato4 to nave narrowly etcaped being drowned, l'heir carriage on it* way from Feith to Vienna, through the road* being flood ail by the late general inundation*, got into the Danube, when the vehicle*. iUintereiting oontenta, driver, horses, and all, narrowly tleaped being awept away by the enrrent. Mr. Wilson is giving hii entertainment! in Croeby Ball, London. Mr. Henry Phillips ia in Manchester. Balfe's new opera is in rcheaiaal at Drury Lane, and it will be brought eut without delay, with Miae Homer as the prima donna Mr. Vincent Wallace's opera will be brought out early in the ensuing year, in ?hich Mr. Buon'a ''matchless, unrivalltd, extraordinary," present prima 4amma, will not appear. Tho in'.eudant General of the theatre at Btutgard (Wurtenibnrgh), M. Gill has just issued an order forbidding the female chorister* ot the 'heatre from entering into the matrimonial state, on the alleged ground, ratee tho foret/tn JturnaUtl, from whom we borrow thi* piece of amusing intelligence, that they may not prove In similar periodical situation* to La Rtina 4'jtngUitrr*, and which the good people on the other aide the straita donominate " interesting." The ladlea of tho Btutgard Tbeatie maintain mat they have right to Mtliko"a queen" if they choose, and that they pronounce M. Gall to be a very Uittor manager, Which imji great deal for i'uetr taate. Jenny Lind, aayi a German paper, ha* accepted an engagement in the Austrian capital lor Tour months, far which ahe i? to receive 100,000 franc* (?4,000.) < M?yerl eer*? la*t tew opera of " Struenseo" wa* parformed at the Theatre Ko> al at 1'otadam. After the parfoimance the kiDg sent for Meyerbeer to hia bos, and hi* Majeity complimented him highly on hi* work. Meyerbeer** " Midsummer Night* Dream" ha* Jut been brought oat at Prague, Bohemia. The overture, itraifgj and imaginative a* the creation* of Bhakspeare, wa* encored by the audience, and thi* occurred eeeh night of it* performance On the whole, all tha **u*io wa* found surprising, nuptnda, a* a journal written la Latin say*. The opening of the Teatro Nuove ha* ju*t taken place, on which occasion Mercadante'a " Duma d'An'ioche" wm produced. To Morrlli, the basso, thi* i iece principally owed its tuccen; thi* iiager i* in much requeet by the impt tuarit of Italy. UHNIMHKD UOOMH to rent-A parlor and two bed r rooms ou the second story. Kjiquire Z7 Warren street. did iw*rr C^O.Nil H'AI ION DKMTKOV KU. OK KXPOnI t'lON y of a nntural, simple, ?i;rre*ble, suit iuf?l|i le mesas, 11 Kt only of orercom n(. bnt alto ol romi lately d sfroyiitK hslxuitl coiMtipnDoii, withuat asing either purgatives er ?ny artificial means whatever, (diicovery recently ** d* is K ranee t>y M. Wsrton ) followed by aumeruas certificates from eminent physicians and other persona of disuactloa. Price 10 rents _ . A pel atal of this treetiae cannot fail to dispel all doabt* ta the mind ot any ie?ner of th? grnaiae character and great >mixtrtaace ol this diteoTery. which has agitaied trance, Vjiranil aiiritha <Of.lnia.ilt With its r#m*rklh.? (#llll(? 1 hi* r'rat remedy ii a liifht, palatable, and del ciona food, callrd Kr?.ilrur?? a rigetaole lariat?in some respects rs cmbling arrow-root The Treat is* and the Eryalenta (the latlar X PMliMi at $1 each) constantly on hand at the National Depoti f Warton ? ! Pari", aipr-sslr establiihed for their aale, at No. 1M William ?r-eer N'ew York ' Jl ?e?Mw*r U i U1 1 V luliC. i iUAOO W wi.r\o BENNKH8. HMITH It CAMPBELL, Drottrilla (Xaea Works, Philadelphia, maanfactnre Carboys lor acids, benLjohns, Wine Porter sod Blae, Purple and Graaa Mine ml-Water Bottles; Tumblers, and all kinds sf Draggiito* Mlaae. Orders addressed to No. Houth Front street. Philadelphia. will meet with prompt mtennoa nil 11*re LIQ ID HAlll UVfc. O ATCHELOR'S ms-aatuianae Liqaid Hatr Dye, IS frit tainlv a most valuable bandrrd* of persons in New York ca testily Unlike ih? many misersble cumpoandu tlisi are sold under the name of hair dyea, it actaaJly perfnunsall it promises; in proof the inteator ia prepare' to permanently color ladiea' or iHtlmaes'l hair, IS a perfectly even and nniform black or brown, and make ao charge unlets enti-e satisf?rtion ia given. Oantlrmra caa bare raeir wh?eken died and cleansed ia half u hoar, for whi?h raryose private rooms will be found at the depot. The aye is pat ap ia a eoori ieat form, with fall d.reerwins for at* far 'k? ??r v mueace of those who prefer ap lfttl HXi for Hair B -tiles*! M; for the Wh1.krr ^ttlee. Jl ft fcM whelesale and reiail by the proprietor, W>i. BAJT HiLOR, No. I Wall ?treet, neir Brosd??ir lm*rre Rich holiday KKtlafivro. W E UAL, iOtXA^n k CO *. PnllHppe a torfwaat of arttcf** taliabla for Ho lifer T?^u, c<H..I?I-? 9f P? wort b?Mi, d renin* (?". tilt fancy and rich boa hoa hoict MfVattea. *lo?? beiet, rich pa'faiaad itektu, peifomrry, kc- kc.. which rbey offer for tale low, yd ia low lottiit rmrehttcrt. folWrh * i FOK LIVKKKOOL-TW NOW Lim LIB*?Ko JBW ultr r?ckol of SIM l)NtBter ? The eopenor fatl ^^BiiMilini|iiirkrt thip LIVERPOOL, 1IM ton bar CTTTJ* Joha hidridge. will Mil a* tfoft, her regalar day For freight or manage, (in iug iltiut and aaparior MCM modnnont apply to the captaia oa board, at Witt h4? of far line .l'P. o* to WOODHULL k MlirrUKN. r Stalk at. T^'^cCT3.^rQUEBN OK THE WMT,I? toaa b*rt?.ea. Cat*. Philip Woodtawaa, will "W?i< ih Uwpool, *nd Mil o? h?r ftliltf **T. >11 i??T. 1MT. 4ltrh FOR SALE. Thi Tut tailing cen re-board tWop BELVI of ? tout reg'tter, wall foaad ia nil* JBLLf?anchore arid chmat, will b? told low for eaiH. Ale* tU tloop QUAKKR, r toan reaitter. two yaaia M, well foaad ia eaclior. tad ehairt. now lying at Um toot of Htain Icy itreet, North Hirer Uqmre on bowrd or atfU^ gwdie lw*rh FuH LOV IiO.N D>.RRY-pireet-To u:l witb |JWWili>Hirli ?The fcret cleat regalar packet ahip MA 4.u. Coraer of Ite P. 8.?Paraoat deeiroae of eeadiag for their friaada ia that taction of eoattry can ha?a the* broaght aat by ihaabora vaaaal oa moderate terme. by applyiag 41

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