Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Aralık 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Aralık 1846 Page 2
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the country, under an escort Captain Thorntan's compiny of dragoon* are here, ami ov*>rv command In thi* Kocti 'n ia anxion* to more forward. The ?ick huve nearly n'.l v ?cutt>d the hospital*. Captain Haynes' company left our vicinity acd joined tho regiment, preparatory t-i futnr.- operation*. and everv one citizen end soldier, aoi-in? aCMon- to 'e.eit our city and proceed to Tampico ; hut the ordei* ol (Jen. I'attorson are very utiict, and no person. not <>van a sutler, will be allowed to go there without peimissien [From the New Orleani Picnyune, Dec 16 ] We icarn that th? thiee ccmpanie* of the new rrgimailt of mounted r li?men. now St the barrack* h?ic, Uive veen ordered to Tampico. Three vessels have already f>een chartered to convey l>oth men and horse#, an I tiiey will h? ctl to-morrow or next day. iM.iV YUttK~ 11KK:>-l7u. .Vtw York, Thurulay, Ucccmhtr 44, thlG. 1'iir 1'itu of Uuropv nnd tlie United Stair*' ' UcuiaikAhle Coincidence. It baa beau our habit lor some years past to int"?rl in this journal, for the edilieation of our readers, the state 01 mo European teeiing to. wards tho United States, o* it is reflected fey the public journals of that part of tho world. We hav.. -oo, appended to them such remaiks of our own as we thought necessary. Tho good results flowing from this plan cannot be overestimated. It gives our readers an insight into the feeling of Europeans towards Amorie ins, towards their government and institutions, and brings the minds of the two people into close communion und contact. We publish in this day's paper another batch of foreign extracts, which we have taken from English, I'ish, German and English-Colonial l -'pcrs. Tho war of Mexico is, of course, the most prominent topic on vrhich they debate; b~t it will 60 perceived that the tarnf, our foreign reI Hons, our domestic and iore <n commerce, our national caieer, and other subjects,have occupied the attention of the writeis, as well. A majority of them a^ree in viewing the war, as one of agression and conquest, commenced sol- ly fur the purpo?e of ebtaining possession of tiie long coveted and fertile lan is of Northern Mexico, but ihat before it is concluded, rignt wilj? triumph over m'ght, and the invading army bo cut up in detail. The wish in this case is father to the thought. These silly writers exhibit a woful ignorance of our resources, power, and ability to carry on n war; and throwing these all overboard, they lush to the desired conclusion, and would fain make their reader- bcliev? that the United Stntt s are not only defeated now, but that we cannot survive it. Silly fools as they are, they had better "save their breath to cool their porridge," than waste it in defaming the best friends they have in the world. ,\ ra^ng m large a mass of illiberality and prejudice, we Hud an aiticle in the Liverpool Chronicle, which we likewise insert in to-day's paper, which is like an oacis in the desert. This otio really speak* of us with some favor, it even woes so far as to state, " that of the itiperior pluck oi our brethren of the Anglo Saxon raee, we have as little doubt as ever; and if the aiTdir were to be decided by one grand battle, we would still back them against any odds which their opponents could bring against them"?but ut ihe sune time, it double whether General Tayior's prospects are better improved by his rect nt exploits. We have frequently stated that the tone of the European press towards the United States, is very different from what it was a few years ago. The more we read the more it is apparent, and we should not be surprised if it should become quite favorable in the course of a very few years. Notwithstanding this, the leading journals ot Europe, as Mr. Hennett stated in his recent letter, are corrupt, ami wholly under the control of the monarchical governments. The change, however, will be produced by the force of public opinion?by lho progress of republicanism throughout Europe. While we give the remarks of the English press oil our war with Mcxico, it is as well to present our readers wi'h the views of a distinguished English statesman, delivered in the British Parliament some sixteen years a^o, by the Right Hon. William Hoskisson, who was one ol tlie brightest ol the Canning Ministry, and whose views on political economy, A:o., were regarded as au. thority, and are cited as such to this day in reference to the future poliey of this country. On the 29th of NHy, 1830, he presented a petition from the traders of Glasgow, London, Manchester, and other places in the United Kingdom, praying the British Government to enterpose its power to prevent tha repetition of attacks on Mexico, proceeding l'rom the Island of Cuba, before the independence of Mexico had been acknowledged by Old Spain. These attacks, it appears, had caused great injury to the British, who carried on a considerable commerce with Mexico. The following were his remarks:? * But. sir. it thare are great political interest* which should induce ui to enileavr r to maintain to 9|>ain her Cesent sovereignty am pos^rsuon 01 L uba ami rorto ico.iheie or* other political consi'.eratioi.s which make it not lei* important ? i! possible, still more important? that Mexico should settle into a state of internal peace anil tra> quilli'y. and of entire and secure independence. If the United States have declared that they cannot allow the l?land of Cuba to belong to any maritime power in Kurope. Spain excepted, iui her can Kngland, as the first of those maritime powers ?I say it fearlessly, becans* I feel it strongly ? suffer the United States to bring under their dominion s greater poitivxi of the shores ot the ( ulf of M< xico tli n that which they now possess IVithiu the lust twenty-seven years thev have become m?st?rs ol all the shores of that gull from the Point of Honda to the river Sabine, including the mouths of the Mississippi and other grext riveia, the port of New Orleans, and the valuable and secure harbors of Florida; and. within those few days, we lieur of their intention ol forming a naval statiou and urseual at the islands of the D-> Tortiigas, a commai ding position in the Unit-stream bawajo Florida and Cuba With all this extent of coast and is andi. we know, further, that designs are entertained. and daily acted upon ?I will not say by the present Soverntneul ol the United States, but, notoriously, by 10 people?to get possession ol the fertile and extensive Mexican proviuca of Texas. To borrow an expression of o deceased statesman of that country, " 'he whole people cf America have thrir eye" upon that province They look to all the country between the nvet Sabine ?nd tho river Bravo del Norte a* a territory that mnst, ere long, belong to their I'niou. Thoy have alto, I bolieve, that same eye upon some of the western coast ol Mexico, possessing valuable ports in the Oulf of California. Should they obtain these districts, the independence of Mexico, 1 will venture to say, will be no better, or more secure, than that of the ('reek Indians, or any other Indian triho now living within th? circle o( tile present recoguixed limits of the United States; and the Uulf of Mexico will become as much a part of their wi'.itj a* the ulack no4 wni ones ot the waters or Turkey, or as the channel which separates KngUnd from Inland may be considered a* part of the waters of the Uahed Kingdom. I may be told, sir, that these are visijnsry alarm*, contemplating schemes of aggrandisement and ambition wmch never have been, and SroliaMy never will be, entertained in a ay quarter t thia moment, 1 willingly admit that there exist* fiieu.Hj disposition in the government of tha United State*, and I cannot doubt thatbis Majesty'* government tally reciprocate* that disi>o*ition. Upon every account, I am glad to *ee these two powerfai State* living upon teimi of honorable and mutual confidence, ea< n relying upon the peaceful council* of tha other. Rut it is m>\ to be imputeJ to me that I ana undervaluing t Us good understanding. or that 1 am guilty of waut oi respect towards the United State*, or even of discretion a* an individual member of Parliament, if, on this occasio ., 1 do not Wse s.ghtof tliose c ircnm?t?n-es of a permanent oature ?hicb belong ta the filed policy of ttie United State*, and to those mo live* of action which, however dormant at present, would probably ba revived, under contingencio that, in the courae ot events, may hereafter arise?comingeerie* which the viaw* and passion. cf the American t?opie would not fail to turn to account for the attainment of a long cherished and favorite object * * * Thes* remarks were truly prophetic, and the man who expressed them saw daen into tutuntv It must be recollected that at the time Mr. Htukisson made ihum, Texts was comparatively a wilderness, inhabited only by the roving rancheto*?at least but lew Americans had then em grated there?and yet he truthfully depicted (he course thai events would take in sixteen years afterwards. We have established our boundary to the Hio Grande, and the harbors of California are in our possession, and will probably remain so lor all time. England and all Europe eagerly watcti the progress of the United States. They would like to restrain us iu our career, if they could ; hence Ui? at ack upon us as a nation by the European prfssj but we are now so pawerlul that we can amuse ourselves wi'h ?li?iri ot.its and protocol#, a.. I pursue tho ?Ten tenur ol our way, absorbing aud annexmg whole worlds m our much. lUii<lom Note* by Mr*. J.O.B. i/Kxrcu mo. iil. Paris, Nov. 28, 1846. My Dear Mabamb: ? I went uux JtalUn last night, and beard Grisi, Mirio, and tlie whole troupe in II Pirata. Grisi, 1 think, is changed since I heard her, four years Siro, an<l not for the better. She is decidedly jxtttt. mid that i* the general opinion here. The lirst night she appeared for this season, they were afraid they could not continue the Opera, tbe applause was so little, and th* frigidity of the audience so great. Grisi is now, I think, sufficiently pout to visit the United States or Russia, those j semi-barbarous and half civilized countries, as the diUrtanti call them here, where, they say j the great artists generally visit, when their po- ' ularity is on the wano here in the metropolis ? But that is not the case, because some of the him uiiisis iiiivo visueu our country 111 be very ; height of their popularity here. I could men- 1 tion many. The beau mondr is in daily expectation of some new goddess of song from Italy, as that is the mus cal school for all Europe. Mario, I think, has very much improved, (if there was any room for it,) and truly may be called the "prince of teuors." When ho sings, the silence ol the house is death-like, and at the close, my heaven ! what applause ! They have a very line tenor at the Acudumit Itrpal, Bettini; but after hearing . Mario, it spoils one lor other singer*. The Italian Operalloitsepiesentsa very splendid appearance: ! all the ladies are most tastefully dressed, and almost every laxly wears a bouquet in her breast, infctead of in her hand. It is not, as yet, thr high lasliionablo season, nor will it be until thcr two Chambers open. At ' that time, all the distinguished persons wi I have returned to Paris?the talons become crowded? ; the balls are given, and the theatres present crowded displays of beauty and fashion. I have Been another of the celebreties here, Carloita Gnsi. She has a great deal of graco arid utility, ur.d a pleasing smile. There are some who prefer her to Fanny Ellsler, but I am not one of those. I have never seen one to please ' me as much as she did. Everything she did wait j so neat, so perfect, and so beautiful; and then ! that smile, which drew down such thunders of applause. I have heard it said by some persons, that it was only necessary for her to come on the I stage and smile, to till a house. None can sur- J pass Fanny Ellsler in her peculiar style. Kerlmz. the art at comnnipr. hrinos out ne*t i Sunday, lor the first time, his new composition, ' called the "Damnation of Faust." He finished, it last summer at Prague, that romantic capital. ) of Bohemia. They gay that the last bars were composed during a thunder storm, when he had to take shelter in a epictrit, in one of the by streets, on the banks of the Moldan. Berlioz is j 1 quite celebrated here as a composer, in the Satanic school; and also, 1 am told, he is charming in society, being himself considered as a mixture, i < in equal proportion, of Mephistophiles and Faust. ( Berl.oz was the person who brought out Leopold < do Meyer's " Marche Marocaine" in Paris, ar- ' rangnd for four hundred instruments. It had immense success; also h? " Marche d'Isly" in Vienna, which created a great furor. I suppose the next will be his American airs. Only think of hearing " Yankee Doodle" and " Hail Columbia," with four hundred instruments. I Lear ( that all Da Meyer's compositions are sought after i very much in Europe. lie is considered here as one of the finest composers of the day; and certainly his compositions are far belore Lixt in vi^or, liieioay aim genius, ine compositions 01 Lizc ace somewhat incomprehensible; they soem to be nil prelude and very little melody. They | produce no effect, except when played by Jiim?elf. Hit great popularity seems to have been partly acquired by his eccentricity of manner in 1 society. 1 understand he has just gone IO Constantinople, to rouse the Turks from their lethargy. 1 went last evening to tho Optra Comiqtu, and heard some very good music. The theatre is very pretty, somewhat smaller than the Park Theatre, but seemed mostly attended by the middling classes, with uot much display of dress. In the next seat to me, I discovered one of our marcluinds from Biden Baden, dressed off like Kigolette, with her German beau beside her. After looking at me lor some time, she could stand it no longer. Said she in broken English, " Don't yeu know me"! don't you recollect mel" " No!" said I, " I have not that pleasure." " Ah!" said she, " you must recollect the lady who was fond of yaur little boy, and who i used to show him all the pictures at Baden."? " Ab! yes," said 1, " I do remember you now ; and am surprised to see you here." She said she came here to lay in a stock of new year presents and bon-bons for the <5rand Duke and his family. ' "His Serene Highness," said she, "is a great friend of mine, and also the Grand Duchess Stephanie." The rest of the house seemed to be the same kind of people?half Hebrews, half Christians; though the English say there are but few Christians in France, and none at all in Paris. But 1 can say with the old poetic thought, " Paris, with all thy faults, 1 love thee still;'! for the Parisians are the most charming people in the world, except the Vttnnoitt, and they are a riehgtitlul people?hospitable, guy and kind?at least, so I have found them. 1 shall have a bundle of news to give you in the next letter; and il this one does not please, why you can just put it in the lire. 1 am, dear madam, Your guardian ango), Henhibtta. Is it S:*aum* 1?The attacks now mide in the whig papers upon Fiesident Polk, Secretory Buchanan, Secretary Marcy, Secretary Mason, Secretary Walker, Commodore Sloat, Commodore Stockton, General Kearney, &c., lie., would have made their first appearance in the demo cratic journals, if the President and his cabinet were only whigs. This distinction makes all the did'erence in the world to the small potatoe patriotism of our immaculate politicians. But the . President must be impeached. Whyl Because tic is a icco ioco. i nere is no outer reason in uus ] world of oars. We shall next hear of a vote ccnsure against " old Rough and Ready" for whipping the Mexicans at Resaca, l'alo Alto, and Monterey. Mysterious are thy, ways. O ! poli j ticians ! IHnnlral In trlllKenre. The arollo^kokt.?Our Brook!)n friends will net forget that the Matters Bullo.-k as 1 Cola will gire a concart in their city on Friday evening Thoaa who have already heard them will certainly go again, and to those who hare not. a rich treat i? la store New Muiic.?"At tar Lie it Dawn," la the title of a aong, the muaic to which baa lately been compoted by Mre Luther B. Wjiiiib, of Brooklyn It it a rery beantiful composition, and we hope it in not the last we shall tee from itf talented authoreat. Firth k Kail bare it for sal*. The following U tatther accesaion of Tiaitera at the principal hotels, to the caUlogoo published in yesterday ? Htrald i? Amibicak?( apt Tboi Clarke. Louisiana; Col. Hom, Long UWnJ; Mr. Corbin, Philadelphia; D. Moon, Newl I burgh. , Asroa ? ft Fldler, Albany ; W. Thompson, Springflel 1 ; A Slarta, Q Peabody, Philadelphia ; W.Woodnu?t, Connecticut. r Toolane, New Jersey ; J Ualson, New Orleans; W Townrenrt, Providence } W.Wood, New J?i?*y ; O. Ootdart, H Lincnlo, Boston ; J Smith, I 1 Baltimote ; W Howlm.1, New Bedford; II. Mitchell, PougUkeap?ia; M Holland, W. Dana, Connecticut; F. S'ow, Boiton; N. Carter, Krgtand. . ? trr ?9. Smith, Phila.!el|"iia ; K. S Smith, IT. 8. A ; J Wiit-lan. Philadelphia; vv iliown, L. I ; (J. Napkeya, Philadelphia; Uep.-g? Totten. U. t. Natjr ; H. Bell, Ltj I N i!ri#gs, Boston: J.Cre* Pbilada KaAiaLi* ?P. Losnax, Virginia; N. Jarri?, ; (1. W. Dait, .New Orlean*; T Koster. Newburgh; Mr. Bullard, Saratoga; Mr. McDonnell, St Louis; Mr. Laurence, do; S M?-ggen. <!o; Rev. T. Spalding, Mic higan llowaap?H IVrk, Louisrille; ? . .Mimay, Trenton; I O. Dugan, Va.; Cast. Kull, Bonton, II. Vhet, Rensselaer; J. Cle&ver, rottsville. Jimot.?Mr. Pacha, New Jersey; Mr. l lttke. do; R. : F. farmer, Pittsburgh; W. Imlar, Hartford; Mr. Brtgf*, 1 FroTidencei J. O. Clisffran. Hartford. VKRV LATli AND INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. Arrival of Dnpntehes from the Paeifie. AFFAIRS IN CALIFORNIA. Movements of Santa Anna. GREAT PREPARATIONS AT SAN LUIS POTOSI. Falsehoods of the Mexicans. d(C. ?fcc. dec. We have received by the arrival of the packet ship Norma, Captain Ellis, irom Havana, very late dates Irom Mexico. The steamihip Clyde arrived at Havana on the 7th instant, with advfces from Vara Cruz to the 1st. instant, inclusive. The Mexican Government had Kivcn bonds for a loan of ."Sr2,000,000, divided as follows: - ,000,000 from the Archbishop of Mexico ; $100,000 from the Bishopric ot Puebla; $250,000 from that of Guadalajara; $170,000 from Michoacan; $100,000 from Oajaca, and $80,000 from Durtyjgo. News was received at the English Consul's office in Vera Cruz on the 1st. instant, from San j Luis Potosi, that a brigade of about one thousand men frotn the American at my, had deserted, toith arms and baggage, to the f-rces utuler Santa Anna. Through the same channel it was staled that a horrible typhus fever raged in the American army, and tl^is couplnd with the numerous desertions, bad compelled General Taylor to retire from Sol- ! tillo to Monterey ! These last two items are of course of equal truth, or rather of equal falsity. The British man-of-war Daring entered the harbor of Vera Cruz as the Clyde was leaving, and stated that the steamer United States, after having landed 500 troops at Tampico, was lost on the bar; and that another steamboat not having been heard from in 14 days, was also lost. The former of the two is undoubtedly mistaken for the " Neptune," of whose shipwreck we have already given account, and the latter i? the "Sea," which ground- \ ed, but has been saved. The Diario de Aruos, I from which wo translate this news, states that | #150,000 was lost with the steamer. Another Mexican misapprehension. A letter received from San Luis Potosi, on ! which some reliance may be placed, shows tho i preparations making in that city for its defence. 1 " Mr diar Broth**?Yon will wish to learn how w* re situated here with regard to the ba'burous invader* , of our rail. Yesterday they entered Saltillo. and have alio . taken posso?sion ef Tampico. What our own fortune mav bo. wo cancot tell ; but we have here, without doubt, 35 000 men, 61 piece* of artillery, 24 pounder*, in first-iHte order, an incredible abundance of powder, ball* and all other munition* of war. Thin I know from persoml inspection. Tbero ha* alio arrived here a body of 200 men. blackimith* and carpenter*, an ! POO men for tho fortifications, besides over 10G0 women from SanMago and | Tlaxcali, animated by enthusiastic love of country ? I Men and women may be seen at all timet actively engag- | ?d in making brick* and strengthening their fortification*, j Yesterday I caw General Santa Anna nddreis *om? of them with tear* in hi* eyes, amid the thundering cheers 1 of a large assemblage The fttling againit our tntnin j cannot be deiciibtd. In every part of the city laore* and j pear* are being constructed, guns put in order, and the | busy preparation manifest lead* me to thiuk that the lor- | tune* ol our republic will hare give a check to our inva- | der*, which will end in their daitruction." The gallant exploit of the boat's crew which i burnt the Mexican cruiser under tho very guns of St. Juan d'Ulloa is mentioned,and the success ac- I counted for?Arst, that when seen from the watch- ' towers of St. Miguel, the American boat was sup- i posed to be from the English steamer, and occupi- i ed in some night duty; and second, because the 1 commander of the port knew that it was an enemy's boat, but did not wish to notice it. Both rea- : sons very satisfactory. Four American seamen were brought into Vera 1 Crnz as prisoners on the 28th ult., having been : shipwrecked and driven ashore Their names, ' nor that of the vessel they belonged to, ore not given. Sr. D. Antonio de Haro y Tamariz has resigned the seat of Secretary of State, and been temporarily succeeded by Sr. Juan Almonte. Sr. Pedro , Anaya ha* been elected by the General Legis'.a- ! ture Governor of the district of Mexico. General Salas has published another decree, more strictly demanding the enforcing of those , hitherto made, relative to dealings with Ameri- j cans. By it, any goods brought into a town , captured by our troops, renders the importer lia- ! ble to a total confiscation of his property, and any seaport in our possession is ordered to be entirely avoided so far as the sale or delivery ol any kind of goods is concerned. Cam peachy, which on the 23d of Oct. hadpr> nounced against the government of Yucatan, on the 25th of Nov. concluded articles of arrangemei.t with her. The Government agreeing to pay not only their ewn expenses incurred in levying troops, See., but agreed also to pay the whole expenses incurred by the insurgents themselves. The Yucatanos were daily in expectation of being blockaded by the American vessels of war. Flour in Merida was held nominally at $25 per barrel, but holders were looking for a further adTrance in case of the blockade taking place. Tbe commerce of the country wns at a stand. The U. S. storeship Erie, Lt. Com. Turner, left Monterey on the 20th of September, for Pa- i nama. one iinu as passengers to id hi piacc, j. P. Morris, bearer of despatches Irom the Commodore of the Pacific squadron; Mid. Hackson, Dr. C. P. Oukley, and Mr. Kaght, all of the U. S. Navy. The two latter crossed the Isthmus, and arrived here yesterday in the Norma. The j Erie sailed op the 15th of November for Callao. | The U. S. ships Columbia and Vmcennes had ( not at the last accounts arrived at Monterey, but ; were daily expect d. To Dr. C. P. Oakley we are indebted for a copy I of the California?, from which we make tho fol- : lowing extracts:? From the Monterey Californian. Sept. 10 ] The U. 8 frigate Congress, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore Stoek'on, returned from the south on ] Tuesday evening the 15th in?t. The Commodore was 1 warmly greeted by his numerous friend* here, and the ' Consul was wslcomed back again to his family. The oQlcers and crew of the Congress have evinccd much i energy of conduct during th*ir nbMnce, they earned i out with promptitude and vigor the motsjic?uf the com mandor in chief, who has tho bspnv hcultv of imnartiusr to those under him. a portion cf bii own euthuiia?m. They took poasession of tha town of (hp Angels with- ' out resistance. Had Urn*ml Castro cr filarfed the lino of tha Commodore'* march from Han Pedro to the capital, he m'cht have made the force* of the Congiess wade througn their own Mood, or had he remained, when ho bad entrenched himself, there would have been a contest that mutt bare been decided by the superior tact and courage of (he victorious party, for in point of phylical force, Oen. Ca?tro had the advantage. But he precipitately broke up bi* camp, and i* cow undoubtedly in Sonora. The result i* a* conducive * if there had been a general engegeraent, and many live* aro spared that muat have been aociifleed War it a calamity, anj we should rejoice iu every circumstance which miti<?ie* its evil*. California ia now lo*t forever to Mexico ; net a hadow of hope can remain that ah? can recover a font of the territory, and we do not believe that one inhabitant in tan, really regrets the result. The U S frigate Savannah ha* been got ready wi h all despatch tor tea. and will Mil 'o morrow with sealed order*. She h.ts been in onr harbor now several week*, or*A K?p AffiMn havi von a vttrv Mi.nral rncrirH Tli? TigoTntia policy of Captain Mervine, in tho military no lice of the town, ha* effectually prevented all popular dieturbance The officer* and craw of the Savannah will leave behind them a memorial of their Fctivlt) in the fort which ha^ men to (tability and itreDiili undei their hand*. We with them an agreeable rruue, and a ptady return to their home*,from which they have been Ion* (operated. The Congree*. Savannah and F.tle, are e*treirelv active in their preparatlona tor tea. They will be of the firrt of the ?eek,to look to the protesticn of otir commerce, and maintain tho power of the Ao<erican fl ig Vijoi and alacrity are every where compicnom The reeature* of th* Commander in t'hlel, *u?ge?ted by the crlala, are wide and tangible in thair Mope, and will be carried oat with unrelated t fllciencv. li we err not in our conjectar**. the harbor ft "an Kraucitco will loon be in a irate of thorough defence, not only c?rnii.?t privateer*, but any armed squadron. Ki.ictioi Keti'bs*.?Sit Ji **, Sept. Iri, 181(1?An election \va? held *n the lA'.ii for Ale%l.'e, which reiultad In the clifice of .Vateo Kelou. H. W. qVRRX, Lietlt. * ammanding Po*t an*! Aoperintendeiit 01 election. Ciaci'tta.?Yon are hereby acvieed that war rxiiti, , betweeu the Uiuted Staiee at North Anoiica and ,vt?xico, and are cautioned to guard agaiuit an attack from Mexican prirnteeri, tu-<) ail under (he Mexican "fl* Territory of CaiiioraiA Ui bee a taken p?aa?a?iM , of by the fntfi under ay command, and mw belongs to tha I mted State*, and you will find a ale anchorage and protection in tha harbor of San Francisco during any lernxon of tba year R F. STOCKTON, Commodore, lie. V. S. frigate Congraaa. News from Lima has been received to tha 7th November. The papers were occupied almost exclusively with statements relative to tha expedition of Gen- Flores against Ecuador. Don Felipe Pordo has been appointed ambassador to Chili. From Santiago, in the latter country, we have dates to the 27th October; we find nothing of interest. Mokky for thk Voutttkkhs.?At the meeting held on Tuesday evening at Mechanics' Hall, in aid ol the volunteers for Mexico, a committee was appointad to mako the necessary arrangements for the " collection and disbursement of the funds requisite to insure the comf-rt and support of the several regiments of New Yo? volunteers, until they are fully mustered into the service of tho government. Thia committee consists of Messrs." A. H. Miikle, Mayor; M. H. Grinnell, Wm. F. Havemeyer, J. K. King, IVm. McCullogh, Kobt. H. Morris, E. K. Collins, C. W. Lawrence, Stephen Whitney, Moses Taylor, John J. Boyd, James McCullogh, and Elijah Purdy. To tnese gentlemen, there lore, or to any ot tbem, tee liberal hearted may entrust their donations. Let no man say he is too poor to give such an amount as he would like to offer. Let our hard handed, open hearted countrymen, who feel a desire to do what they can for this cause, hand in their contributions; let them give their $6, their 98, their 91, their fifty cents?it will make them leel good when th<*y hear, by-and-by, from these troops, that they arrived at their destination comfortably provided. We are suie that the volunteers themselves would rather know that the necessary amount was raised from among many of their countiymen, than to feel that the purses of a lew supplied the requisite aid. But the wealthy are not to be depriv?d of the pleasure of giving largely, or relieved from the responsibility of making a respectable contribution. They can do it, and will not, we dare say, be backward in showing to the Common Council how different the people feel from those who profess to represent them, at the City Hall. Now is the time lor the Park orators to prove how sincerely they felt the sentiments which they expressed at the time of the great meeting last June. There ware wealthy men among them. They talked well?they will, of course, act well m the present emergency. In North Carolina, where the war was said to be so unpopular that an extra number of the President's message was ordered to be circulated among the people, a generous spirit has arisen, and a resolution has been introduced, in the legis- ' lature of that State, by Mr. Gillara, a distinguished whig, appropriating #10,000, for the equipment and outfit of the North Carolina regiment of volunteers. In Abbeville, S. C., a town numbering in population less than one of our wards, #2000 was raised; and in Columbia, another town in the same State, between $2000 and $3000 were collected for similar purposes. Good examples are not vanting, and now that we have waited , to be led in this matter by other State* and districts, it only remains for us to vindicate our reputation, by showing ihat our northern sun does not shine less warmly upon Americsin hearts than does the southern, and that, though not so soon aroused, yet, when once active, we are fully equal ; to any requirements which the cause of our country may make. That our purse strings are not so closely drawn, but that they can be relaxed when the time'of need arrives. That time has come, and we shall see presently how its demands are to be met. 'u P. S. The committee appointed by the meeting held at Mechanics' Hall, met at the Mayor's office last evening, and passed a resolution requesting the Mayor to convene a special meeting of the Common Council for the purpose of appropriating a sum of $5000 for the equipment of the volunteers. We understand that the Mayor, in U.. -J: reSpUnBC MJ IUO ICOVIUUUtl| UBS UUCUICU UUIU boards to be summoned to meat at one o'clock this afternoon to take the matter into consideration. We shall now see which has the most influence on the Common Council?patriotism or dinners. Cltjr Intelligence. Night Lix> ron Boston via the Loko Island Rail road and Stoiunotow?This line commences on Monday next, and will run on alternate days, viz Monday, Wednesday and Friday At this season of the year when much rough weather nay b? expected, passengers who feel a reluctance to going through the sound, will And this a convenient and comfortable route. The steamer New Haven, one of the most favorite boats on the ound, mokes the lerry from Greenport to 8tonington. She has been fitted with ms?ts ana sail*, and an extra ordinary complement ot cables snd anchors, and will not be tacumbeted with freight. This route, in addition to the daily line for Booton, via Norwich, over the Long Island road, which leaves at 7 A. M., will afford the snout ample and perfect accommodations to passengers. by uiglit and day. The fare it the lint, $6. by both Tinea! Tk? W*ATHEa.?Towarda evening yesterday it became intensely cold, and began to freeze rapidly about 4 o'clock, when the thermometer atood at two degrees below freezing point. AaaiT*l or Knniiatiiri.?The ship F.liinore, Captain Proctor, fro.-n Liverpool, arrived hare jeaterday with -230 passengers from Liverpool They were 73 daya at aea, having encountered levers winds A child named Margaret Loughlio. aged about ten yeara, who was coming over with her grandfather, (being her only protector J died on the passage?it is presumed, from want of proper medical treatment. Scmocv Arruicnnf?A man ?u taken to the city hospital yesterday, from a boarding bouse in Cherry stieet, being suddenly afflicted with a bleeding in the cose, which the physicians were unable to stop. Ilia name is 1 hemss Hart. The Holidays?Thk Pooa.?Many poor families have been humanely supplied by the alma house with coals and firing for the winter. There is no doubt that dlitress exist* to a considerable extent in the several wards of our city; and the supply of coals lie. ia a real boon to the poor, particularly in the 6th and 13th wards. NuiSAncBS.?Court land, Fulton, Barclay, part of West and Dey streets, also, the piiocipal business streets, are obstructed in a groat measure, in consequence of the tradera i*siding therein exposing their gooda, casks, fcc, lie , on the sidewalks. This is clearly an infringement upon the law ordinances of the city, and the corporation attorney could confer no more substantial benefit upon the ommunlty, than by adopting the necessary legal steps to exact the usual tine in all eases of abuse. In ^*aau atrcet, under Uw ordinance, it will scarcely be tolerated; the carting in of a few reams of paper to any public establishment, on tLe ground that the sidewalks are thereby obstructed ; and yet in the streets we have named whole piles of goods exposed, on the very sidewalks, ob itruct Iho pa*sagei. 'i'tiii n a son oi anomaly in tne government of out city which ahould be chccked forthwith, particularly ilurinjj the holidayi. Let the police look alter the ubusca. The city regulationa and law ordi nonce? ahould bo reapecte l in overy instance. Meeting roi thi RiLitr or thi StrrcBina in I*? law?.?A meeting for the benefit of the hungry auOerera in Ireland, will b? held at Tammany Hall, on Saturday evening next. It la to be hoped that taere will be a large attendance, and that a ?um large enough to make an impreaiion will be railed. If any man who baa tho ability to give, doubta lor a moment whether he ia called upon :?t 1 hi* time to contribute, let him imagine himaelf (and family, it he Jiaa one) out of buaineae, and out of bread, with no protpect ahead but atarvation. and bo hope of re' lief except the benevolence rf the well-fed, and well-todo in the world abroad. Who would not liactea on thia ' hope to iU realimtion, when ao such ia to reault from It tio one, go all to the meeting. B*lb ok Cmbktman Niont.?The Richard M. Johnaon lioae Company (No. 3J) give their aecond annual ball to-niorrow evening at Vauxhall Saloon. Dodworth'a celebrated Cotillon Band ia engaged for the Occasion. Fcniopt Dbiviko ? Jamea Dunlan, driver of obc of Reynolda and Wort"! line ol itagea, waa fined by hi* honor the Mayer, $10, for furioua driving through Broad. fciToario*.?William Rollina.tdriTor.of coich No. 00. was fined $10 yeaterday, by bit honor tho Mayor, for charging Henry D. Davii 80 cents, for driving him from a steamboat landing, to tho Now England Hoaao, in Broeaway. Oout of Uanaral Bualona. Before Record*r f*cott and Aid. Jackson and Johnaon. John McKeon, K?(j , District Attorney. Due 11?Trial ?f Jtllnon f TownitnJ continued ? At tho opening of Court this morning, Mr Corey, police cletk of th?third district, nai called by the prosecution, for tho purpose of showing that Alliton had boon arreatod on a foraier occasion on a charge of stealing Tho silmiaaioa of inch evidence waa objected to by the counael ior dofcne*. which objection waa sustained by the Court. The case waa then summed np in behalf of tho aocueed, after which the Court adjourned until to-morrow morning. Court Calendar?'Title Day. Srraaioa Court-14#, 137, 87, ISO, 147. 6, 90,1A8, 1M, to 1HJ. 343, 1M, 1(18. 189 170, 178, 17S, 178 to 181, 389, 13V, 188, 181, 04. 7, 7K, HP. 148. Common Pi.k<?? Past 1? 81, JM, SI, 58. 87, 89, fll.lS, ?o, 67. r*aT 9- 60, 63, 64, 66, (4. 70, 73,74,70, 76, 80, 893, 89, 3M, 84, M. Tfcta'rtra'*. Fin Thiitii -Ao?w itrlM of divertlewente ii thl* week preaented by the VlennoUe children. The " Pu Ja Pleura" and the " Shawl Danca," together with tha Hungarian and Bohemian dancea, had drawn enthuiiautic appUuiea in their torn ; the ftrtt admired for their plandor of coetume, their exquUite grace, their variety of form* and combination*, their striking tableaux, their endleM variety ; the latter for their force, their ruatic charm*, their simplicity, their air. of coquetry, their pirited action, illustrative of national sceuns and manner*. To theie have tucceeded three other* in their ttyle full of grace and beauty. The "P.* btjrien" abounds in the iait of these effect*. It was truly national?nothing could he more pirited?it wa* a rich and beautiful display of rustic dree* and maun?r*?it brought the picturesque scene* and aporta of village life in the heart ol Europu home to our boaom*?it wa* vivid, freih. and charming picture. "Lea Sauvage* et le Mirroir" fallowed. It was full of delicacy au<l grace ; the conception wa* tnoit happy ; the execution most perfect. Such wa* the artistic art thown, that tha Illusion of the mirror wa* complete. Each graceful *tep, each impoiing attitude, each expreaaive charn of form and feature waa reflected to tha eye -the imitation wa* lost ight of?all waa chatte, refined and pleasing We cannot wonder that at tha Italian Opera liouae in London, and at the French Opera in Parle this Qallet was so attractive?lor there, all know, it a standard of the moat refined taut*. Thf mo?t striking and effective scene wai the " Gallope <les Drapeaux," at the cloae ; two partioi were presented, dressed respec' tiTeiy in white and red, with flstfs to corre?i>ond?hera again were varied and novel groups, and combination* the most pleasing?they were so many little amazons rushing to battle with their waving dugs, aud making grace, apiiit aud beauty the weapons oi their attack, the instruments of their triumph?they wore Cupid's arrows about them like the " fiettul porcupine," his quilli aot the less dangerous, because unseen?their movements were truly military, they advanced, retreated, formed into si ogle hie, into solid column, then showed an open front, now cautious, iiow bold, always graceful and imposing, and full of interest and effect. The whole was admirable, and the audience went away delighted. Bowaar Thkatrk.?Mrs. Coleman Pope's benefit last evening was well attended. The house was nearly crowded from pit to gallery. " The Hunchback." was performed on the occasion, Mr*. Coleman Pope playing the difficult part of Julia. Her personation of the cha racter was powerfully sustained, and she was frequently applauded throughout the evening. Nedfle's Mas'er Walter was an excellent performance. Claik's Sir Thomas Clifford, ami Hadaway's Fathom were also ably performed. Mrs. Sergeant's Helen displayed much ability The entire performance of the evening passed off in a manner highly creditable to the entire company,and the ctowded house was a flattering compliment, and one which was fully due to the talents of Mrs. Pop?. The "Foundling of the Forest," "llebeit Maciire," and "Vict"line," will he produced this evening, presenting a very attractive bill. The preparations for the holidays are on magnificent scalo. uftkknwich Theatre.?The patrons of the Greenwich are promised a treat this evening, to sharpen their appetite* for Christmas. The j erformances consist of four pieces, with interludes of a pleasing character. Mr. H. | Chapman, Mr. Geo. Chapman, Mr. Rodney, Mrs. George Chapman, Mrs. Tilton, and Miss Julia Drake, are cast for the reading business. " Did you ever aend your wife to the Elysian Fields 7*' Is to be followed by "The Dwarf Dance," and a popular ballad. " The Actresa of all 1 Work," by a comic song and a double Iriah jig. Then comes the laughable farce of " Object of Interest " extemDoraneous effusions bvMr Harrison are next innnlnr and the evening'! entertainment if to conclude with 1 "Hercules, King of Clubs." Here's cheap amusement, ! (our plays at sixpence a-piece and the interludes thrown in to make weight. There are to be two performances I to-morrow ; one at half past two in the afternoon, and the other at seven The Alhuissi.?Judging from the applause with which Herr Alexander, the celebrated magician, i* nightly greeted by the numerous patrons of the Alhambr/, we would not be surprised to find that the closing of his engagement will not be satisfactory to those who hare been nightly delighted with his extraordinary deceptions. But hia engagement, we believe, end* this week, so that no time is to be lost in delaying to see him. He holds forth to-night, as usual, and it may be as well to state that for the remainder of his engagement he wili perform tricks which r'ill not only be novel, but which ne haa never before performed in the United States. Bowsav Ciacos ?This spacious ond commodious amphitheatre, notwithstanding its immense capacity, was again crowded to excess last evening by one of the most elegant and enthusiastic assemblages we ever saw at any place of public amusement. Madame Macarte, al though laboring somewhat under the disadvantage* of weaknes*, con?enuent upon bar recent indifpoiition, surprired and delighted all beholders by her daring, graceful and refined performance. We nave never before beheld anything in the way of equestrim performance that can begin to compare with the feats of thii inimitable artiit. Levi North likewise excelled even himlelf in hii great principal act. Thii evening, Mr. North with hit infantile corpi de ballet, appear* as the Sprite of the Silver 9hower, a performance in which he particularly excels. On Christmas Day there will be three performances?morning, afternoon and evening. American Ciacua.?The Chatham Theatre was again crowded to excess last evening, by anxious group* of spectators, desirous to witness the extraordinary feats of horsemanship, gymnastics and exhibitions of this superb company. Mr. Myers1 principal act drew forth rapturous applause. Mr. bands, in introducing his celebrated fairy steed, astonished the entire hnuse by his feats of horsemanship? the beautiful animal, Cinderella, showing a degree of training which drew forth much admiration. The flghting ponies bad another "set too" last evening. As true representatives of Deaf Burke and Tom Spring, they performed with much clevorness. Mr. Sand* and, his talented children, Maurice and Jesse, in their gymnsstic exercises ware rapturouslv and enthuliaiticaUv applauded from the pit, galleries and boxes.? Master Hernandez, as the sailor boy, performed with extreme talent The hills for this evening, and during the holidays will be found highly attractive. The beautiful May Fly continues to attract univeraal admiration by ita finish and style of dancing May Fly may b considered the only accomplished dancing horse that appears at present in any circus. YanKM Mill i? Mint Aioany mom Signora Cioeca, with her cor pi it bclht, hai made a very decided tut in Boston. Mr* Mowattand Mr. Davenport are still in Charleston, an4 appear to be exceedingly popular. I*OilCC|tlic*i Dfc. '.S ?Jlrrmt of a Nolonout Piekpncktt?Aa Justice Osborne wm patsing hy the Bowery Theatre laat evening about 9 o'clock, with offlser Stephens, he heard the cry of "Stop that thief, stop that thief,!" and on looking around, he observed Tom Henry, an old pickpocket, shooting across the street on a fall run. This active and vigilant magistrate fprang into the centre of the street, grabbed the raical by tbe two arms, Just as be was in the act of drawing hia hand from one of his pockets, which hand contained the>to!en pocket book, in which was deposited a check on the Kulton Bank lor $447 40 cants, and twelve dollars in bank bills, j Just then, and at that moment, the owner (lames Woodruff. of Virginia,) came up, having cba?ed the thief out of the Bowery theatre, where the pickpocket had relieved him of his wallet, and would undoubtedly have made his escape, had it not been for the activity of the above magistiate. Justice Osborne banded the rase 1 over to officer Stephens, one of his principal aids, who conducted him to tne Tombs. This Tom Hertry wa? only pardoned out of the Bute prison last summer, where he had been sentenced for two years for a similar offence in picking a gentleman's pocket in Broadway Viiknneit Strv nt?Captain Bush, of the Ninth Ward, arrested yesterday, a servant girl by the name of Hannah Hardenburgh, in the employ ol Mr. D. D Nash, of No S Abingdon place, on char*e of dealing bed clothes and various other articles from the house, belonging to bar emplo) or. Locked up for trial by Justice Roome. JirrttI on Sutpicitn.?f (Brer Anderson. of tho flit ward, arrested, yesterday, a fellow called Thoa. Burke, on suspicion of stealing 3A dollara from tho trunk of Bridget McCourtsay, residing at No. 38 Washington St., | which trunk was placed in the caio of tho accused, and the money being atolen, smpicion rested upon Burko as the thief. Locked up for examination. /tamped.?A gentlemau was "ramped"' just as he came ont ol the Kulton Bank yesterday forenoon, by four I ic?.pockc:s, who extracted from his pocket a wallet roniHining (80, and made good their escape. Where's Jim Roso ? Singular Charge if Forgery.?Officer Prince John Davis, of the lower police, arrested yesterday a man by the name of Kphraim Dougherty, on a warrant iisued by Justice Osborne, wherein he stands charged by Martin Pray, with forgery, under the following circum: stances It appears that the accused was in the employ of Martin Pray, tinsmith, residing at No 3V9 Pesrl street, , who not being plrased with his conduct of late,discharged him from his (Pray' ) employment, and forbid him the premises The accused, however, at the time of his dismissal, was indebted to Mr. Pray two dollars, which debt waa enteied on the account book kept In the shop; when yesteiday while in the abacnce of Mr. Pray, the accused entered toe store, took up the account and tore oat the two leaves which bore his indebtedness to the concern. TUii wii Jonn in the pretence of *mall boy who wa? attending the (tore at the time, thuf de*troying the evidence of hii own debt, which trantaction Udeemtd, in the eye of the law, lorgerv. Justice Osborne held him to bail n $000, in default of which he waa locked uy la the Tcr^bi. Burglary.?The clothing etore occupied by Wm. T. i Reurk. tnchutch (treet, New Brunewick, New Jeraey, wa* burglarioualy entered br tome bold kracktman, by cutting through the pannel of the front door, and stealing there!rem a quantity of clothing, auch ai aatin reals, pantaloon*, overcoat*, tic The raacal or raaeala were ! traced on their road toward* New York, eo, police Ben, be on the tjri rir? Ribbing Mi Employer.-- Officer Austin, of tha lower Police, arretted, yeiterday, a German bootmaker by the name of Lewi* Kinaal, on a charge of etoaling from hia employer, Mr. Johu W. Worth, bootmaker, No, M Chatham (treet, while in hi* employ, at virion* Mnee, *everal lot* of leather, valued at tan dallara and upward*.? Locked up for trial by J oitico Otberne. 4rreat (./ a Fugitive /Vex* &**ton? Officer lie!yea, of the independent police, and George H Kellinger, latea police officer, and wow United State* mail agent, arraat> ed yesterday a man by the aame of George Tolliver, a fogitive lrom the City of Boatou, where he?tanda indicted on a charge of violently aaaaulting, with intent to kill, Mr. liaac Woodland with a Urge, ugly looklog butcher*'knife on the 10th of April laet. He alao ia charged with committing a violent assault on a Mr. Horatio N Allen, of the above city. Tke accu*ed wa* Uken into cuitody on a bail pece, hi* *eeurity having *urrendere<1 him into the custody of the l?w. Mr Kellinger conveyed him to Boeton by the afternoon boat. There war* about two hundred boat* caught in tha ice, when the canal cloeod. Each ol these boat* con* tain, on an avenge barrel* of dour, or ita equ valient It would require tha railroad* one ImuJrad ilAa to bring the dour forward, aa they can transport but 1W0 Mil. ? i ta* pertayl The Annual Pictorial Hera'd. An enormously large edition 'of the Annual Pictorial lit raid having been disposed of, we shaH be under the necessity of issuing another inV the course of a day or two, to fulfil the orders *"> that are crowding in upon us from all partgnf the country. At the time we struck off the first edition We censidered it amply large enough to answer every demand fur it, but now wo are obliged to print as many more; and we would not be surprised if the circulation reached another, or even a fourth, edition. It is worth preserving, for it fortns the only illustrated history of the Mexican ' war yet published. I Our agents are informed that their orders will be punctually attended to; and such of them a? - (lave WUti nilVHiujr iWiUik^u, ?I?WJ WW WV nitu vuo i v lianoe that they will be filled. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, can be had at tue desk, at sixpence each. .\otlcca of New lliwkt. Tmk Columbia* Maoaxiisk ior January is an escellent number of that popular monthly. It contains oontriImtiona from the pen* ot near a acore ot wntera of high character, and is embellished with two mezzotint* from designs by Matteson The subjects ere, " Tue Stormin< of Palace Hill at Monterey,",and "Ha: vay Birch and th? Skinners " Israel Poet, 140 Nassau 'i*et. | Gooey'* Lint's Book? Godey ia on Land lor New Vear's.ifcThe January number has upward* of fifty aitfc 1 i cles in prose ami Terse, which will amnly repay an at- 'A ; tentive peiusal. For sale at all the periodical u^eub and | nowsmen. i Rki-i-buca-mo" op tmi North Amkricak British ' Review, No. XI., for November, containa the usual amount of instructive and entertaining mutter, historical, philosophical, biugraplii-al, with old ballad* aod do. I cumonta, to pleate thu lover* of (he old school of li| terature Leonard Scott St Co. ll'i Rul'on *tra?t. | Ancient Kottt?Her monument*, hieroglyphics, hi* I tory, aicheology?by Geo. Gliddon, late U .1 Consul at I Cairo. Win. Taylor It Co., No 2 Actor Houae. ! Thk New York Illustrated Mao aiinr, with four . embellishments. Tki* i* the tirat number of the third volume of thi* magazine The publithei* have autborizod Mr H. Price to collect subscription* for the work in thi* city and Brooklyn. Tuif f Diiiinii i. Iiv niimoa ? anil Tnv Htarv Pttnni?n *u kept io very dark that 600 bales ware aold at an advance of X of a ccnt, principally for English and North* era account. Sugar ii firm, and isles of 340 hhd? took plaoa Tests r? day. Molasses is not quite so briak as it waa laat week a* per my letter of Sunday? and aalea were made at %?% to 36 cents a (alien; 7000 rations at Uc par gallon. The flonr market is dall?the sales, yesterday, of Ohio and Illinois brands, were at $4 AO, and St. Louis choice branda at $?, $5 DX; the aalea amounting to 1M0 barrels. There has been a further decline In com, and aalea of 8600 cache were mude yesterday at 66 to #0 cants In ! wheat there was a aale of 40W at from Ii cents to 1M I cents. The Fnglish news wns pib'ishcd in the Picayune, end j Commercial Tirnrt of this morning. These pepers get the news generally l?te in the e*enii.g, sn t it is siid have te pay a terrible stiff price for it; but as they give it ia advance of their contemporaries, their enterprise will probably he rewarded in the long run. These same papers.have issued a joint extra containing the President's mesaage, this morning, by extraordinary express, twenty-four hours ahead of the mail, beatin* all the others to eternal smash Several of the other offices have combined together and got a heavy corps of compositors with cases of t>pe, at Mobile, waiting for the message and intending to aet it up oo the lake on the way to this city. Have n't they put tlieir foot in it 1 The weather is ati.l delightfully fine. Mary Ann Lea ia dancing at tha St. Charlea, aad dancing delightfully. The Wallacke are also hare. SUlibee and Mra Oaorga 'ours are at tha American, drawing like blisters. Tha French opera-is mora fascinating than over. Dan Marble ia in town,and opens soon at tha St ' harlas. SnpREMK Cotst or rHK UmiritD States, Dec 21?Win. Hunt anil A. H L*wreno?*, Erqv, of tha Diatriot of Columbia, ware admitted ettorneye and couoaellora of thia Court. No lfl?N.kJ Dick fc Co., vs. H. D. Runnels On a certificate ot diviaton in ouinion between the Judgea of the Circuit Court of tha United States for Mississippi. Mr Justice McLean deliveied tha nninmn of thi rnurt that th? rartiflrita iibMap rnndHart. tioo in tbi? case ?? sufficient, and that the dopositionca the ground stated in the record ought not to be mtruled. No. 9.?Jamaa Wood vs Wm. A. Underbill et al. In error to the Circuit Court of the United Statci tor New fork. Mr. Chief Justice Tuna/ delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment of thn Circuit Court, and remanding thia cause, with directions to award a ceiur? facias it n**i. No. 93?James Pepper, at al., vs. Hugh W. Dunlap, at al. In arror to the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the amnion of the court, dismissing this ?writ of error for the want of Jurisdiction. No. 1M?Cornelius Tnylor vs. Josiah Gate*. On the motion of Mr. Tulee, this writ of error to the court of appeals of Florida, was docketed an?l dismissed with costs, under the 43d rale of court. No. 40? N. 8 Waring, et al. appellants, ?s Thomas Clarke, at al. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. Johnson lor the appellant*. No. 44?Henry A. Hall, plaintiff,vs. William Smith. This causa was aigned by tha Alessis. Uiles and Stewart, fur the defendant, aud submitted on a printed argument by Mr. liulany for the plaintiff Adjourned till to-morro v, ] 1 o'clock, A M. Tuksdat, Dec. JJ. IMS.?No 45?Henry Millar, s4minim a Lor. its., plaintiff ia error, va. Betsey Herbert at al i thia cause was argued by Mr. Coxa for tbe plaintiff in arror, and by Mr. Lawrence for the delendante in error. , No 47?United Stales, plaintiffs in errcr, va Bank United Slates; the argument of this came was commenced by Mr. Attorney General for the plaintiffs in arrar, and continuad by Mr. Cadwallader lortha defendant in errar Adjourned till to-morrow, 11 o'clook?N't. Itt. D*c. 1* The printer* of Western Naw York will celeb rata Franklin's birth-day in a magnificent manaer. There will be a great convocation of the craft Capt Howard of the British barf Vancouver, saved with his passengers and crew, by the ship Coquimbo, of Beeton. baa testified his thanks 1a a vary neat manner, and highly complimentary to Capt Boss. TTninn flvmaastle Academy. No. 159 aa4161 Crotbjr urm.ioi U*nja',t be largaet tad mo* toaplM iraaniic n.atitatiaa i? the Lnifd Ik* u Clwri for Malta meat at rut and at an, aeveu and *>1111 o'clock > tha eraaia*. Claeaee for bojra mart at four and Are o'clock u taa afieiaooa. Hoi. cold and ahower barha fro* to mbaeribara. J_B BICH, Maaager To Umm who itady Kcononajr, wtl??f ' with elegancr, conrauioner and atility, the aabacribora oJUr their Portable Sharing and Draaeing I aa tha aioat ?oa?II plate of 'Ma kind rrer offered to the public. Ttwy (iiaai?a all the inonta of tha imported articlr, with thaea aaperior tagea, being ehrauar, mora compact, aad tha articlea aoabauaod in tham warranted to perform tlicir dntiaa; and laat.thonf >> not I ana 1. each being Inrniahed with the inbacribera celebrated Metallic Tablet. O. SAUNDERS It SOU, 177 Braa4war. Pocket and Penkailrea?i buamtirwl n?aart> ?nt?f tha ibvri ran be aeeu at tha aobecilbe>?\ taoag which will be louail aome tha moat epleadid aad aai?aa pattaina ever imported to ihia coanirr. U. SAUNDERS It SON. , I 1T7 Broadway, oppoeite Howard HotelUTH tttoa of IM (MM Mlrat. ritHbnrf Dm. 17 ft ?aUu*. iHinrwi. < Dae 13 ... ft. fallinff fknllimhm Dm. U M ItMliag. CMMrm rra rea?a # Wa a-ea >M ?, | by Joel Barlow.? Win H. Graham. I Thk Dat e?- R< ads?A thanksgiving wrmon, by Horace Bushnell, Pastor of the North Congregational Church, Hartford- For rale at Tayloi's. Astor House. Tanker's Tratkllino Map or Mkxico, with a (action thowing the harbor of Vera Cruz and Caatle of San Juan de Ulloa. II. 8. it H. Tanner, 237 Broadway. Mitchxll'i Mat or Mkxico, including Yucatan and Upper California. rUiladelpUia : 8. Augtutine Mitchell The Dailt Journal, forfl947?Francis It Lontrel, No77 Maiden Lane. A neat affair, containing date and headings for every day in the year, with ipaoe for journalizing. Done in foolscap. Superior Court. Before Chief Juatice JonM. Die. S3.? Gtrtrude Rtllii vi. Joseph Bradley.?Th'? i wa* an action of trover, to recover the value of aorae article! oi household furniture. The defendant told the fur. nilure to one Biggs, ai the agent of the plaintiff, for which Biggs gave nis note payable sixty days afterdate. ' Biggs failed, and the note was never paid. The defentf- J ant issued a writ of replevin, seized the goods, and sold ?' i them on the premises to a man named How, the plaintiff's son in-law. The defence was fraud and false renrasentstions on the part of Biggs, therefore the sale to him was void. The plaintiff's counsel met Iho defence by saying that the coutract could not be rescindedaalong as the defendant held the note of Biggs, and that do offer was mode to bim of the note up to the present time. A verdict was afterwards taken for the plaintiff by oontent, subject to the opinion of the Court in Bank, on a case to be made. For plaintiff, Mr. N. B. Blunt, for defendant, M Western. //envy Ev ergon vs. Jamei Maxwell ?This was an action of replevin to recover a machine printing preaa. The liefendant is a machinist, and told tiie presa in suit to I. /'? Thn,. noi.l r.or* nf tha nniml.o.A in cash, and gave their note* tor the baluice. The pre* a waa left in defendant'! poueuion, and he afterward* made tome repair* Crowell It Co. mortgaged it to the plaintilf, and demanded the pre?*. Maxwell retuied to give up the pre** until the balance of the purchase money wai paid, and alto the aura claimed by tr.m for repair*. The plaintiff iaoued a writ of replevin, and the right* of the partie* are to be teitod in this action. Adjoarned to thi* morning. For plaintiff Meair*. Cram and Greeni for defendant, Mr. N. B Blunt. Common Pleas. Before Judge Ingraham. taut S. fatter ?. Marcus T. B. Kembtll rnnd Jrmti E. R?g*r? ?Thi* wu an action to recover $414, the amount of a promi**ory note. The defendant* were in the habit of borrowing moaey from plaintiff, for whioh they gave him check* peyable ahead, and the draft on cuit, aa collateral Mcurity. The defence ia aiury, and that the draft upon which the *uit ia brought, waa drawn and pnised by Roger*, without the knowledge and content of Kimball. Adjourned to thi* morning. For plaintiff. Tomlisaoc k Grulley?for defendant*, M***i*. Juieph L. Whitcam ik Scott. Nkw Oblba**, Dec. II, 1 o'clock. 7%t Umrkih?Tkt Smut ? TKt Papert? Thtir Enttrpril* ? TKeah icalt, fc. The foreign new* per Caledonia arrived in towny*a? tarday morning, per carpet bag expren, and wu ia tke "" hand* of the * peculators, who pay the piper, all day. II

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