Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1846 Page 1
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h w ) THJ / "* >W"W>WU MO 4604 ' THE NEW YORK HERALR~ iltliroonDnnM ocmuctt DBflPQIETHn v/nnnco gqnuuii dlhi'ic i i i nvi ??i?-1 un Circulation--Forty Thousand. DAILY HfcKALU-;.r?) . . irire2ceuti j-er copy?S? ffpareunom?payable ill a.Wnurt. . , ? WEEKLY HERALD- Kvtrv Saturday?I'rice emu K' com ?11 US cenH per Milium?payable in advance. HERALD l>OR KUROPB?Every Steam racket day. Price C<i cent* par copy?f 3.00 per auuum, payable in ad ADVERTISEMENTS at the prices?alw^y* curt m advvice. yRlWTlNti of ail kind* execurid #itli beaatr it< .!?? ' patch. All letters or commuDiCi'tlona, by tuail, addressed to. he Mtahltshmeui, must be post paid, or the postage will be d? Med tram 'he sat>scsii<ion money recoiled, h JAVEB GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of th? f-'t* Yin Hirai.n k'Tirt-KHMCWT, V ?ptK.\4f <?? Mfnci ?# 1 ( * ? sir* v? < i PAMHAI.LK FROM ALL PARTS OK ENG LAND, IRELAND, SCOTLADAND WALLS. m. mk m m, pKRKIN8 wi hiug to tend for their friends in any part uf J? the Old Coniitrv, will fi:id the subicriber's arrangements | for IM7, mortt complete, and calculated iu evi-ry war to ensure 1 tatisbiafon to all \*ho av make arruigrintiui with then to i bring their freads across the Atl&atic The sahaciiberi are j agents f?r I THE NEtV LINE OK 'LIVERPOOL PACKETS. QTEEV Oh'THE WEST. 1*0 tons. TIVIHPOOL 1*M " HOTTINOUER, 1209 " KOCH ESTER 1050 " ROS< 1UM l?co " S'DDOVS. 1150 " BHrKlDA* lliO " GARRICK..... 12?0 " The abave ni?gr.ific<*nt packets are all New York hoilt ihipa, of the r* ry Int el*?s, r.qilt egpreasly for the Liverpool ! ruunter tride. and fitted ui> with special regard for the com- i Ion uid convenience of niutngari; tli?y are commanded by men ol ipaiienca, and Are not surpassed for speed bv nny iMl>e ail->v. Their ?aiIi"K dtya from Liverpool ?' en the 6th aud 11. h of every month, on which day* they leave puuctaally. Slu addition to the above splendid ships ihe subscribers are n Agants firth# ST. "GEORGE*," AND THE UNION LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed in part of the following favoiite and well-known shi?s,jriz : 'The Arae ica," St Geo rue, Empi-e, Ht. Patrick, Rappahannock, Mansion, Sna, lie , Sic .which together whk the new line, mote i'x ahipi per m n:h, or on* every 8?e da-s.'roiB Liverpool; thna preventing the possibility of d*'ay at that port rassaire from auy pirt of Ireland to Liv erpool can be aecured at Ihe loweat ratea. Every informmo given Vy ?pplyin* 'o W. Si J T. TAPSCOTT, ?; Sooth at , 2d door below Burling alip Drafts supplied for any amount from XI, upwards, payable throughant ine I.'sited Kingdom. d? r m~~m m M. ROCHE, BkoTH^im Co. ARRANGEMENTS. Remittances to and Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, ; by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Hailing from Liverpool on the lit aud 16th of every mouth. Alio, by Brat elasa American ihipa (weekly.) Pertona leading to the Old Country for their friends, can make the use salary arrangements with the aabscribera, and have i lit si brought out in auy of ilia eight ahipa comprising tbeBUfk Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool Packets. sailing frt.m I.ivHTTinl nn the Is, and 16th ol avert month. Alao. bv flnt cl?ae ships sailing from that part weekly, which oar ag.*nt, Mr Rocne, Henior, there, will see ue tent oat vitboat drier Toe Black Bell, er Old Line of Liver;x>ol rackets, com prise ike follewiag magnificent rhips, and will sail from Liverpool on the regular appointed days, as follows :? FIDELIA, 1st January, 1st May, 1st September KUhOPK. 16th " 16th - 16th HEW YORK, 1st Fabruary, 1st Jane, 1st October. COLOMBI*. 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKHH1KK, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November. OXf KD, Kih " 16th " 16di " CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, 1st Aug., 1st December. MONTKZUMA. 16lh " 16th " 16th " P. 8.?'Tin p <a HI ic are respectfully notified, by desire of the owners of the Illicit Bill, or OIJ Line of Liverpool rackets, ao passenger stents hnt K B It Co- hire permission m them tt> advertise to britui out passengers by th*t line, sad that they are the only regnlar authorised passenger agents ?f said line la this city. We hare at all times for sale drafts at sight, for sny amooct, drswn eirect oe tlte ltoyal Bmk til Iielnail, Dnbli i; alsnoc Meuas Preseott < irote, Atnes & Co., B ?ukrrs, Loutiou.which are free el d'scount or any charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout Kaglaad, Ireland and Wale*. Arp.jar adareaa k r le;:?i:> asi paili ROCHE. BROTHER* * Co., IS Fulton street, N. Y., nest door to the Fulton Bank The officeof Mr Roche, Senr., is at 73 DuMin street, ^ oTrc Liverpool PACKETS FUR HAVRE?SECOND LIMfc, )? -M. M. TTteSinps of thCTan^will sail dunn^tne yearT^tmol lowing order From N. York. K'ra Havre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 HhipUTICA, Capt. J A. Peirce, < May 1. Jane 16. f J<ept. I. Oct. 6. Ship 8T. NICOLAS. Cap,. N. W.My j. >-releigt<. ^ Uct , Not I Ship ONEIDA, Capt. Funck, jji'yl; a?"|6# f Nor. I. Dec. 16. Bh,p JIALTLMORK, Cup. J. John-j^nll. May 16. t Dec. 1. Jan. 16. They are all of the first clan, ably commiuidedl and with aecomniodatinaa ample and commodious. The unce of Pas aire in the eabui U J10", exclusive of wines and liquors. Apply to BO VD fc HINCKEN. Agents, No.# Tontine Buildinn. No. M Wall street. Goods lent to the agents for forwai !injf, will be subject to none othertlwn the npet-ses aotmllv poll auVl in lUitK. AND tii^ArfGOVy L,lJNii Ut PACKETS. . & ?k Mk M TSiSTfrom NewY ork on the lit, undGlasfOw ou the lath oi each mouth. From N.York. Fro. Ol'gowJ I June 1. Joly 15. ELip SARACKN, N. T- HawVus, J Oct. 1. h'ov'r 15. ( Feb. 1. r.larth 15. j I July 1. April 15. Br. Bhip BROOKBBY, H. M'Kwen, \ Nor. 1. Aug. 15. ( M.ircli 1. Dec'r 15. \ August 1. May 15. Br Bark AJD AM CAfcJi.Jno Wright < Dec'r 1. Kept. 15 ( April 1. Jan. 15. 1 May 1. Jane 13j Br. Bark ANNRARLEY.R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. la. f J.nV 1 Febrna. 15.' These ship* are rood, substantial vessels, ably commanded. aaJ will sail punctually ou vheir regular days. Their aceom nodatlcn* lor pmaenfcera.are xooa. >?ua every attention mil t>? - V ptt.u to promote their comfort. The agenta ?r f" Jtama will not be re?i>oiiaib4e Tor uiy parcels or packages teat by ibem, m'eaa billa ofladiBg are signed therefor. for freight or puiage. apply to WOODHULL k M1NTURN, S7 Scutb ?rrM>t, New York, or 011 re REID fc MURRAY. Ulaagow J. McMURRAY'S ARRANGEMEN1S KOR 1M4T. ' M. M M M OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED 8TATE8 THK SVBNC KIBER respectfully b'g*..>ave 10 tender b<* aincere thaaka to h? nuraeruua frier, d? and the public for their Trry liberal aupport he haa received for upwarda of ivinlf yeara, and a'llieita a continuation of their eonffdeLCe. Tbe daapatch by whic > liia pauengera hare Keen brought nat, and the prompneaa by w hich hit vary cuinaroua dial'a bare been ptidattbe different bauka, are, he tlatfeis himaelf officiri.i Kaa^aaiee to tlie ]iubli? lor the f.rl.lul perfurmiaice of any future coatrac.a catered with inm. The following are the daya of au.llins ?f 'he : ccnlar line of parketa to and from Livrpool, ?it: ?l?l, 6;h, 11th, l#.h 21at >6tb ol each month throughout the year. la addition to tlx above rrgu'.ar - ion a uiimhtf of aplendid abipa. such aa the Adirondack. >iaririiop, Rappalr in.i.ek, Libaity, ?*a, Uieeuock. Broom, aid Ocean Queen, will con iuue ts tail from Liverpool weekly in legal ir lucetMioo, 'hereby preventiagthe le.ut poiaibiOty of delay or delruuou la Liverpool. The regular line of London Paekeu tail from New York oa tka l?i, Ith. I<ib and ?lih : aad from London on the (ill, llth. lltt.aad Htk of each toot, tli throughout the year Pnaona daairoua ol sanding f>r their Iriaada rending in tha Old Country can i, ibcm Uiought vat la any of tike ? -nlend.d veatela on mnlente ttima. Ai d for the accommodation of i eraoua wi?hng to remii I Mar** to their familiea <?r frieada. f have arranged the pej\ menta of my Draft* an tha fn lowing Bauka / A tnaih, DrigbriL, i.niidoedf rry, Athloaa, Dutdalk, Lurgau, Baaflon, fiang.rvm, Monaghan. Hal I eat. Duucaaaon, Mallow, rf* Banbrtdge, Pnwupatriek, Omaah, * Bs'lvm.n. I In hl.M l>. Vallyahansna, KoDiakillen, SkiMirreen, V Valliaa, Kmin, Omk, faniacorthy, Htrauaae, l.olerame. Kemuy, Tralee, CLntnel, Oalway, Weiford, ' r*n, Kilkenny. Wate/ford, Oarlow, Kilinah. Yeofhal. s) Cwxhilt. Limeiiek, litiu^D-Meaara. Pp >?n*r, Attwood k Co., Bankera, Loo, I (tea , Meaara. Jaa Bee-kett k Boa, and Mr. Iliebard Murphy Liverpool Icutu'p-TIk City of Olum Bask, Mil nil iu bra??he? and XT' r*i?U'e? rail al?>be n?*c*d from Liverpool to ThiUiUTM>". B^aioo. ?u<1 Bait more, by the He. ulir Packet Ship* aSiirrb*,B" *ftwjw&wnrpo-r,/d I Corner of Tin* *ad Wool* itrrnt. New York 1 Or. B?c?r.t k So*,and \ No. I Waterloo Ho^d I Mr. Kicmio Mrmeait. f Liverpool ajj, ' ft nEvTYoHK AND HAVRE CUMMEHCuL I ' L LINE OF JACKETS. i m. 4* I 'PHK aobecribera her to id Tor in their tneiioa .tna the nik I 1 in (kat ihcy have he?a appoaattd >tv JUHN BARBK, f V lia .ofHarra. M*"ta 111 New York for the above line, one t 0 whi< h wil be deapatched Hayre weekly, ihronihD it rh* aeaaon The <mpa ot Ihla line will be of the firat ?..i? commandfd by men of eharac er md ability, and the V*ateat taken to *ive every aetiaflicuoa to thippeni, a* alto to promote the eoml'ort and eonvenienee ol paaaenffera j ?, the n?e?of frn?lit aad paaa??e will be maeh leaa thaa by 1 X-Iter 1'uea, ahippera aud paaaeofera will donbtleaa rnnanlt 1. ? r own latereat by applyiuafor furtlie'infoiaaatiou lo ' ?r fc J. TTArscqi T. * "omh at . I k H door below Barling alip, I j J. BAJ<B?. H*yre I X ~rS~- ?MTP MMKklUAlS kHO.W LIVERPOOL la dia ? JHLi harcing under general order at Orleaaa wbarf, foot Wall at, Coaaifaeea will pieue attend to the U?"p: oltHeir jooda. Mr E NE NEW I MA VKI.IJIKU AU4IIII hiuatkiin CHANGE~OF HOURS. ?$? ??? ?aa LUN51SLA1>D RA UKUAU W1NTEB ARUANOCMENT 'Jo nml aftrr Monday, D?c. 2*. 114#, Tr?i?i will ran u follawi:? Leitk BkooKLtti? ?t 7 o'clock A- M. (Dosi<?n trntu) for Green port, daily, (except Snadsyi) itoopiac ai i* sriDingd^le md 9t. Genr&'u Minor " - at 9* .? , aaiiy, lor Ureanport ma inltrmed;a:e plate*. " at 4 I'. in. for Kanniuedale, daily. Leave GuircroiiT?tr tSi A. M., daily t/>romraodati?a train for Brooklyn. " " at 3)i P. M.. (Boston Train) or om tha arrival of trie iKiac Iroui Norwi h, uaily, (ncepi Sundays,) v npmg at St. Ueorga's Man'' ano K"arminij?l''e. Litvt KiRMitooAi.r at 6'i A.M. dnily, (eicept Snndara,) areomp'odau i train; and 12 .V and P M Leave Jamaica?* 8 o>1o?a A. M , 1 F. M., and 6l? p Al., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival ofHottnn tnn. SUNDAY THA1N8 will hereafter ran to Thompson Rta 4ion? leave Brook1 yn at ? A. M. for Thoinpion and intermediate places, (commencing Sun iar the 8tl? f'srsuiksr. r?-tu"i ing Imt? Thompson at 3 o'clock P. >1., k'irmiafdale 2>J, Jamaica 3^. Kabc to?Bedford, i cants; Eaat Maw Ytrk, 1'X; Bare <'onrse, 18V: Trotting Coarse, 18V; Jamaica, 2*>; BrasnvilU, 3! Vk; H*de Park. (17 miles) 37Xi*Clowsvill?, (daring Uie session of Court) 3T>?; Hempstead. 37){; Branch 37W; Csrle Plice, 11; Westbary, 44; Hickstille, 44; KauiingdaTe. 63>i; P?er Park, #9: Thompson, 8S; Suffolk St ition, SI; Lake H?nd S;*tion,$1 18V; Medford Station, SI 18V: Yaphank.SI 37 S; Ht. ()eor?'e's Manor, SI MX; Riverriepd, SI 62W: Jameaport, Si 62J<; Slattatuck, $1 62>C; Catcliogtte. Si 42*: Sonthold, II e-H- 'Jreenpor* Accommodation Train, Si 75; Botton train, ti 25. Stage* are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at rery low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall ttrert, to receive baggage f> r the several trains. M inmates bo'ore the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesman' leaves Ureenport for 8a* Harbor nn the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn dSirh FOB BOSTON AND PROVID*.NCE~7Ta J^^^^KStoninfton and Long Island Hailrovl?Night Line ?On snd after Mnudiy 28th instant, Trains _jB_jE-.will leave the foot ol Whitehall rtreet. Snnth ferry. vn Loin Maud Railroad on Vloudava, Wedue-days, and h lidays, at 2 o'clock, P.M., for Qreeuport.croaaing the Sound to St nington.iu the lavorite sonud steamer NEW HAVEN, which has been rirovidud with masts, sails, and eitrj ordinary aiich irs, and f'om tlieace to Providence aud Boston by the mail trains which conuec; with the steamers Massachasetls iuid Governor. Ksre to StonSugton ' $3 50 " Providence 400 I H.< ?/> The steamer ^ew Haven has tew boilers, ana will take only lisht frriglirs dW rh . REGULAR MAIL LIN IS FOR BOSTON VIA NORWICH k WORCESl'F.R, without change of \ wrM?x >Cars or Baggage, or without 1 i? -L-crossiny any Verry issrugess liking their seats at Norwich, are msffred ilinr t t ts throngh to Boston This being the only inland route U; t communicates throuph by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by trtis line are accompanied through by the conin ctor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise (ire his attention to their ease and comfort. This liue leaves south side Pier No 1, North River, foot of 3atterv Place, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. ,\1, tud ai. ves iu Boston in time to take all the eastern trains The lew steamer WORCESTER, Capt Van Pelt, leaves everi Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdtys, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Th steamer CLEOPATRA. Captain Willhms, leaves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further information, inquire of H. VANUF.f* BILT J IVo. II Buttery Place. North River. <M rf re NOTICE. sMM On and alter Friday, November Mth, the d__JMM^steamhoat 8YLPH, Captain Firms ted, will jKs5BDB>make the following trip* to and from Hute.i Islaud until further notice, viz Leave New York. I Leave State* Islaad. At t A. M. At 11 A.M. I- 1? 1 P. M. I U M IK " I P M 5,3 " I 4J<" njt, PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR Al.BANY Daily (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M.?'Through Direct. from thi Pier ketween Ceurtlaniii and Liberty Hi. jMd ^ajl Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt O. B. Kins, will leave on Monday YYediicsd.y, jSmmmMCX-. and Friday evtuiogs, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat KNILKEKBUCKKK, ('apt. All Houghtou, will leave on Tuesday, Tnuisday and Saturday eteumgs, | at 1 o'clock. UNITED STATUS MAIL LINK. At 5 o'clock, P. M.? Landing at Intermediate Places. Fr?m the t'ott of Barclay Stmt. Steamboat SANTA <. LAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave no Monday,Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboit NORTH AMERICA, ( apt. K H. Kurry, will leave ou Tneiday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. The above boat* will a' all times arrive in Albany in ample time fortlie morning cars for the East or VVeat. ? Freiaht taken at moderate rates, and none tf ken after 4 oVlock, P M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this liue witlioat a written order from the captains or agents. pFor passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or tojP. C. Bchultz, at the office on the wharf. d7 c UNITED iTATES MAIL LINK. jMAja FOR ALBANY AND TROY. VIA Bridg?port a>id Housatonie Railroad The JMMa3DK9K?Housaiojiic road during the past inniser has been vebiult throughout, and reUid with a heavy H Kail Pnsaage $1 M. Through br Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) st o'clock, A.M. The Steamboat MOUNTAIN r KH, Capt. Win II. Fraxee . leaves the foot of M irket street. E. R, for .Bridgeport, Daily, ai G)? o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars ft Bnd<e;-or:,ar d without change of Cars or Haggave Crates, arrive in A'baiiy and Truy at 5 o'clock, P. M. New Cars lid Locc motive engines have b-en i rocu.ed, and ihe Koad it iu every respect equil to the best New England Koail. (?T"A Freight Line by Steamer Nimr&d, duly?Tariff of prices itmc ?a last yeir? For further particulars it quire at the Office on Market str et Pier, aud at Liv-n gs'on aud Wells'Express Office, 10 Wall Mreet. dl5 Im rc (1. M. PI'.RKY. Acent. MALL LINE AT 8 O'CLOCK A.M. TO ALBANY, |rt( And chr intermediate landing*, or as far pJHp'hf ice will peimit. There ia g.nid sleighing any poiut on the Hndn.n to Albany, i m.J M?k'ri wiiTlie ia reai.nirn Co convey 1'xseugtrs to their destination an the arrivalo< the Boat. Breakfast au board (he boat. The cclebrnted ice heat COLUMBIA, Capt O. B. Biggs, will leave the picrbet?ccn Courtlsidt and Liberty ttieeti, every morning at 8 o'cloik. All p?ck?ges nnJ parcels will He landed at any of the rrgui lar ladings, provided tb?y an paid for at tha agent1* office, I and entered oa (be freight list. Knr iiu??ne or f-aigh: apply on board, or to P. C. BCHULl'Z, at the office on the wharf. dltr tfg- NEW LINE OK NhW VOKK PACKETS VwfV^OK LIVERPOOL?The splendid, faat aail.nK Biifaril favorite packet thip til DDONU, Cap:. < obb, w li uui positively ou Saturday, Dec. 86th, her regular day. Tie acc m mod Mi on a for cabin ?cd second cabin passengers are u?snrpi?s<ed, having bten fitted np S'nce her last vojage wit*) atrict regard to the comfort and convenience of (avengers. Those wishiag toMcure bertha ahonld make early application on boaid, foot of Wsll atreet. or to \Y. * J. T. T APsCOrr, 86 South at. 2d door below Barium alip. The PidJoos will aail from Liverpool on ihe llth February next, P?r?>ns wishing to send for their friends tan have thtin biooght out in her oa larornble termi, on application asVhove. d2J r FOIl LIVERPOOL?> ew Line? Kegular packMfWet of December 2*?The aplendid, laat sailing p?ckflHbti ship SIDDONS, Edward B. Cobb master, will aan as above, her regular day . Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled lor splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, oot of Wall stiect. or to fc. K COLLINS k CO., St goatb it rteliM (hip Hheridan, Coiaiah nuuter, will aaeeeed the Hiddona. mid Mil ttih J?nn*rv. Her rrnlu dnr. dl r KOK LtVKKI'OOL?The Mew Line?Be JM% golar Packet of Hit J tnuaiy?-The anperior f??i VMLmiliug l'*cket ?hip Q'rtfc.N OIT TH t. WK.8T, ( jl't'in Phil p Wood houie, 1.1M toua, will tail ? above, her regular day. Kor IrciKht or paaaage, having uplar.did, l?(e uil fumlo l able ata'e rooms nud cabin, apply 10 the captain OB board, at weit pier Barling alip. or to wool)HULL k M1NTURN. ?T Sooth at. Pric? of PMIUl't mo l ite lew. racket ahip " CONSTITU1 ION." i?M ton. burthen, I apt. John Bn.(en, will aaeeeed the (^ueaa of the Weal, and anil on her irnnl ir d?v. *la? February. <123 r FUH LOINDOJVDlLKKY?Direct?To tail wnk AfflVditoatri. ?Tl>e Ant claai regular packet iliip MA iKHbklO.I, Ci|<t M Tk <mpaoa, will aail aa above Tua accontncidauoai for e-tfcia, 2d c.ibin, and ateerage pea ekCtra. are ol a very superior ileacr'ptiow, and rcqnirea no comment. Thoae deairoat of embarking ahoutd make iinmcdia:e application en b> ard. foot ol fine (trtel. or to J08EFH McMUHKAV. t? Boath-it., Comer of l"ine. f. H.?rertnaa denrnna of Beading for their ftieuria ia that ection of eoaatry caa have the* bronghr eat by the abate veeeel on aiodevate terraa. by applying aa above. iU hOM ULA&UOW?Kegnlai racket, ol ibe lit ancV^VofJar.uarv The fiue Br hark ANN IIAm.VV tou, Capt. Robert Seen, will sail m above. her regain? 4*1. For freight or punn, having splendid aecnnimodntiona, tpply OB board, foot of Roosevelt itreet. Kaat River. or to WOODHULL* MlNTUllw. ... V Hoot* street, i h? packet skip Straetn, Cat* N T Hawkins, will , 'he Ann Harlev,*arf ><! oo the tit of Febraar* j ^ FOR NEW ORLKAiNi-Uiiiiw* u4 Ntw ! ARV V ork Lui-To tail ou or hefira (? ? Stth iastant.? i HbThr very f?st sailing packet abip OSWEGO, Capt. Johns a, will positively tail ai above. For freight or paa- ; aefe. barm* haadaooM famished arcemmedatiooa, apply oa , board, at Orleaas wharf, fw>t of Wall at., <r to E. K. COLL" NH k CO. M Hoath atreat < A rent ia New Orleaaa. JAMK9 K. WOOUM JFK. who ! will pmi^rxlr forward all goods to bia addrras. Tha packet ; ih^Miiilli will saccsed the Dsn ego, and tail Ith Janoarj\ FOH LIVkKrOOL?With daapnub-lhe vfry j AllVfui sailing, coppered aad copper futaaed ship JBUKcONl. OBDIA, having threa-foarthi ef her cargo ! oa bun-d, will daajmtsh. For freight er passage, hiring handaone accommodations, pplr oa board, at Orleaanvharf, foot of Wall it., or to _J? K JC COLUNH It CO.. M8o?th et. i jir N?;w LINE OF PACkV-TS FOR LIVVHPOOL i'acbata of the 21>t and Mth Decembnr?The st'len- i jnp? dul fast sailing and favorite paek't ship LIVfcK- I SSW2?ftsaai isfOtMxjBM K i Ei J?* "> b?rth*n. CtftC Cobb, will Mil on ftrtnrday, ( k i. ,S*,F days. The ipc^mMom of tb?'i aDove thtpt Tor e%*jn, aeeoad fibm.nnd steer?fe pftMengrr* caniiot b? nrMi?4. Tho?? wishing to ??cirtT)Wth? ?honl4 aot fail to make immediate application oa board the shipa, or a. ? J- * TAMCOTT, ? TV. I i vrwpfiffi *^ et., *i door below Barling Blip. _^e klYERrOOL, will lailftora Liverpool on the 6 th liMl '^SP # W ?0 YORK. SATURDAY MO I j^JTHAVKLLINU ACCOMMODATIONS. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m, M. M ToeIiT from New York ai?. anil Tron^Trerpool JtRofeecn month. From Mne Ytrk. Livcipool. * &. i! JS~ ! : New ?hip Queen of the Wr*t. S {f^2! jS*** ' .Wt^.WoX,, 5 | ff?w 8hi^Rochest?r, $M tow, \ ji""7 a! AutL John Br>ron > October 21 l)ec. I j Ship HotiinifTier JMO MM, ffifb ? &{* ? Ira uunlt ( Nov. II Jan. ( Theic, fut sailing, tirst claw ship*, all burtc is the city of new York, are commanded by men of etpenence | iud ability, and will be despatched pnnetually on the *lit ot i each month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished I wiih whatever can conduce to the ease an J comfort of p<useaI ten. Price of puss-tgu iioo. Neither the captains uor owner* of the*e ship* will be reipouMble for any parcel* or package* aent by them, uules* egul&r bill* of lodiuii are kiw'ui d therefor. For freight or ra**nti? apply to' WOObHULL Ik MINTURN, 87 8<>uth street, New York, or M I FIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., ml re Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS ihfe. msl j??& The i\ndermt . ,io;i Ship* will bJ regularly despatched fr# arnce on the <st, nid from Marseille* the lOtb of each moa Id ring the year, as follows Ships. Captain*. From N. York PR'CK de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. 1 M19SURI, Silvester, May I Oct. 1 ARCOLE (new) Eveleigh. Jtin# UNo*. 1. OABTO.N. Coulter, July ?>0ec. 1. i NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. j Ships. Captain*. From Marseille* I'K'CE de JOINVILLC, (new) Lawrence, June 10 Nov 10 MISSOURI. Hilveuer, July 10 Dec. 10 \RCOLE, (uew) Eveleigh, An*. 10 Jan. 10 liASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. It NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels are of the fine class, commended by men of uperience. Their accommodations, for pa**encer* are unsur passed for comfort and convenience. Good* addressed to the i(l pun will be forwarded free of other chargei than those acta uly paid. ?or ireigni or imssage ai'l'iy (0 CHAMBERLAIN &. PHELF8, Proprietors No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD tic HINCKEN, Agenti, lire ?Tontine Buildings. B1 Wall.cor. W?iml, KEMJTTANUiSS TO IKKLANU, &c. #f> M. m, (flWuOK M?-B^nKT Jr.. h?? rrmoTed hit 46 IJroa'Jway, aud continues to remit money, in I'jnu U'ge or (mall, to pritoDi residing in any part of lrcluid, in the aame manner as he and hia predecessor iu buaiueia hare done lor the laat thirty >eara and more; also to any partol England or 8co land. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the aabacriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the pe>son or persous in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia t<> be seut, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, aud a rcreipt to that effect given or forwarded tn the sender nil lm*r ~ r-URITISH AIM JJ MOUTH AMUCK! (JAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM BH1P8//^Tl?XJAoI 1100 tons ind 440 horse i>ower each, na ^ShUQewmK der contract win, the Lord* of the Admi HIBKRNIA Capt. A. rtyne CALEDONIA Cap. B. O. Lou BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt CAMBRIA Capt.C. II K.Judkias ACADIA ("apt.Wm. HarrUoa. vV ill sail from Liverpool lad Boston. via Halifax, aa foljws >rcoM boston. raoa* uvgarcoL. Caledonia Dee. 1*, 1646 Caledonia .Not. 4, ims Cambria Jan. 1 1>4S Cambria Nor. 19,1(46 fiiuui Money. From Boston to Liverpool $1*. Kroin Boiton to Halifax. M. No bertha secured until paid for. Theaa ship* carry experienced ?urgeon*. No freight, except specie, received on lay* of sailing. ( or freight. P??a??je, or any oilier information, apply to D. BRIUH \M, Jr., Agent. A:HARNPKW k CO.'B, 6 Wall at In ndd,tian to the above line betweej l ivtryoel and Halifax, an1' Boston. a contract ha* been entere d t n;o witk Her Majesty'* government, to e*tabli*h a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamthip* tor thii iar vice ate now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when thi-y will itart. Under the new contract the (tenner* will sail evary 8atorday viurint eiuht mor.lrii and every fortnight during the other mouth* in the year. <}oiug alteruHely between Liverpool, and lialifac ind Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. all r KOlT Sl.W ORLEANS DIRECT? OEP? The new arid elegant ateamihip NKW OR I.V. A NH of 1,000 tons buitlieu, John T. Wright, maairr, will leave lor the above aulrJKnbapnrt direct on Saturday, the 2d of January nrxt. a id wil , it i?. expected, make the passage in#K days. Kor freight or p?* age, - snug extensive accommodation*, apply to the master en board, foot of 9Ul street, E??t River; or at F P. Secor * Co.'s foindry. d16t/2'ili BLACK BALL, OttTOLD LINE OF LIVER, POOL PACKETS. F<" ' ! VEKItlOL?Only regular Packet of the tfiivlit of Janq try?The new, magnificent, fast-sailing, inSBaiaf>>vorite Pa'kn Ship COLUMBI burhen UdO tuns, ' ap aia J, Kathb >ne, will sail positively ou Saturday, the 2ud of J Miunry. Kenpectable persous visitiug the Old Couutry, who ma\ not wish to go tg 'he expense of a cabin passage, ?-? informed thata portion ol the roop Caoin is fitti d up with sple-ulid slate rooms, each room hiving pat nt vcntila'.iag side light*, and deak lights aver h? ad, with single berth*, au<lal*o double open berths in ptOP cabin, lor second cabin passengers, who will be taken *t a little mjre than ste*rage rates. In faet, the Columbia i* furnished with every requisite, aud all the modem improvement* aid couvuieoce*, that ctnnot but add t'> the c<,ml'ort of th"*e embarking, who should inipeet fier ecI,-IVw. ?,,en . i,i,? in oll.-r v....I n.._ ! ea'lv application should b- made on board, foot of ; lieekmin street, or to the stibscrihrrs, I RjCHK, BUOTflERH k Co . J35 35 fr'nlton St.. nest J 'or to thf Kiil'on Bank. 1 I Mi>V UKL.KANS? Louuiaua aud ?e? York lint*, tint and regular packet. To rail KtCrC&eco or tuf.uo lit of January. The fust sa ling packe. hip O.weco, Ca^tiiii Jolintton. will sail aa above, her rexu4a' day. I''or freight or pa*ti>Ke, having splendid farnishrd nccotim d-itions, apply on Origan* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CM. No S5 Sontli street. I Agent in New Orlenns. Jimes E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all go' di t > lii* address. The packet ?hip 3irt?lle will s cce'd the Oiwege. dii -?!' PACKKT BAItK ANN H AKLKV .fin Glasgow iSxfW?Coiiaigneea will confer a faror by sending their i ?dWnk*permits on board, foot ofTike street, E. U., without delay. All roods not permitted in fire days mast he sent to public store WOODHULL k MINTURN, dtr 17 Bouth street. ??? FOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Liue of Packets will comprise the followini | J |WK. vessels :? 1 tihipLOl 1KVILLE, Capt. Hnuu Ship OS"-*'COO, aptain Johnson. ! felvp (JENEV A, Captain 'Jo"dhue. Ship 8AKTELLK, < aptain Taylor. S' > JANE fc-.. WILLIAMS, Ceptain Parker. Ship OF.NFSEE. Captain Minot. Ship Hl;U"t<)N, Cnptmn Page. Ship ( LIKTON, Cap'aiu Iugersol!. Tlirse ships were all built exp;*sily lor rackets, are of light draft of Water. hare keen recently newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodations lor passengers, unequalled lor splendor or <;oir f .rt They aie commanded by eiperienced man era, who will make eTery exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all limes be towed np and down the Mississippi by (team. Neither tht captain* or owners of these ship* will beretpoisible for jew elr<, bullion.prccions stones, silver or plated ware or for any letters, par- ela, or packages sent by, or pat on board of them, nnlets regular bills of lading are uken for the same, aud the value expressed E. K. COLLINS k CO., i? South street. Aeenr in New Orleans?James E. Woodruff, Esq. who will promntlt forward all goods to his address. I N B ?The ships oi this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, nnd great cara will be taken to have the goo . eorrerfiy inciutired- u'J passage Vkom* hr aiul, englaino. ???? PRISONS wishing to wnd for their friends, in wHVW any part cl the welt ?T Kuglird ?-r W?le?, fan hare MHLthrn uroaght oat in die American Mm- PHILA0p.I.['ill A, which will ?ail from Bristol no the itlh day of M'.rch next. The nccemmoditions for passengers are antnrpassed, be ina fitted tip with special regaid for comfort and cnuvenirace, and the price of p? U(r i? rerv reaionable.for which apply to W * J.T.TAPtCttTT, M 'outh at., 2d door below Barling Slip. Drafts sapplied for any -mount Irom ?1 upwards, peyaolr without discount thionshont (he United Kingdom dlirh NOTICE-Packet MKip HAMTELLE, Captain jJSVy 8e*rs, from New Orleans, itjiuw discharging at the HbVt of Rutgers s'reet, East hirer Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goorit imtredi?tely. f'.V Kfc'l'H K->R HAVMJu ?Seen il Liu*-The lC?Vy packet >hip IP iCA, Cant John A. Pierce, will sail JBMall the first of January, 1817. For freight or passaga iiply to BOTD k HINCKEN, dIJ '? lT?itl?? Buildings. M?. M W?|l mi - am.' SHIP fOMl Ur FttOM LIVERPOOL -I on"fneea of cood< for this "hip will please send JlNNtA their permit! nn hoard at Pier No. 10 t.ast Hirer. All goods not peimittad ia Ave days must naaToidably be eat to imldie nor? < 23 r billiards. Akcade BILLIARD saloon, no. I* Barclay ?tw*t. jnn below t> e Astor House. is the largest and m ist roatnodiont Hgloon to the city. It coataias nine Tables, all in good order, aad of Penn's make? (who is acknowledged by all good Playeis to be the best billiard table bailder m this coantry.) with fiae maple and mahogany bads. These tables can, at all timet, be depended upcn for making correct angles, as iney have all elota cushions, and are, therefore, not affectad by lha weather. MKtaH *11II -oifjiti, formerly of the All Nations Hotel, , Mid lute of Onrtiie Hull. tnVr rhis method of iafbrminf their fiuada and ihc public (hit tl.ey hate jaal oj-eaed th?a eetaSliahment, and hops by prouer management tad strict ?ttenliou, to tnrrit a renewal of Jie patronage Heretofore se hberall f bestowed npoa thorn. Oentlrmeu who may favor them with a ".all may depend oo haviegihe beat of attendaacss with a iirivare ene and apron

for their owe siclnaive inc?and thoae wishing to play is private are informed that theft it aa excellent ubir in a ?epar?:e room, whieh can be secared br application at the bar. N. 1. '1 he moat faatidtons need feel no delicacy in patroa iung this establishment, aa 'he company will be farad always elect, anil the beat order prevailing thronghnnt. MICH A ILL I'HKLON, nMlm?rh lO^ETH WHlK LAMPS, WIKANUOLliEs, AND TEA TRAY8. THK sahteriber bea jnai opened oae of the beat selected Muck of Lamps, lie., aow in thia city. Lard and Hniar Lamia ia Oilt ( tfrcaxed and Taranoiee inlmd with (old; alao Giraadotaa of variona pattern*. Silver,Qilt^nd Bromed; i Hall Lamp* with stained glass. The abate coeds ate all arranged for raapeatJOa. aad wil IW said at lew piiees. (Jharch- | a, Hotels, tad Miaafietarera eaa always ted a large aaeortr 1 meat ef Lamps suitable let their panose. v J OH 5 U. MORGAN, | 41 la*r? I *iltea st, 1 tew MB Broadway, j RK I RNING, DECEMBER 26, OUR WAR WITH MEXICO. ' M1LITABY INTELLIGENCE. I From the Richmond Republican, Dec. 23 J We understand the following gentlemen have been ft|ipvinte<i, b? the Governor and Council of State, a* ofllcors of the First Regimont 01 Virginia Volunteers John F. Hamtramck, of Jefferson county. Colonel; Beverly Randolph, of Warren county, Lieutenant Colonel : A. ?*rly, of Franklin county, Major. These are excellent appointments, and reflect credit 011 the appointing power. Major Hsrotrimck, to whom the command has bean entrusted, U the son of an old Indian fighter, was hon> in an Indian hut in the NorthVVcitern territory, then belonging to Virginia, served a* a sarjeant in the last war under Oen"ral (then Major) Taylor and afiarwardi graduated at Wert Point, with the highest houori. He was awhile assistant Instructor , of taction, and received an appointment ai lieutenant in the army, from which he was transferred to an Indian agency Col 11 Uua all the rcquiiite*. and lome of the ! eipenenre of a aoldier?and being vigoroua in mlud and 1 body, will Oe honor to Virginia and the Union. This mucti we feel authorized in aaving, Irom personal knowledge on the partof tho wiiter of this paragraph. General llnndolrh, of Warren, to whom tha second place in th? regiment has been assigned, ii of a gallant stock. and has uroved himself a true man in all.that characterize* a soldier. He, also, is a graduate of West Point- was u Lieutenant at the storming of Queenstown Height*, an I with his own hand spikod the first gun captured fioin the enemy. At the cloie of the war, Lieut. KanJolph, with many other nobla spirit*, wai disbanded oil th? reduction oi tue army, but i? now ready tor the litw nnd honorable seivico assigned him. Uenarals Hcott and Worth were witnesses of hi* gallantry, and will doubtle??;hail his appointment with satisfaction. Major Kmly, of Franklin, is a graduate of West Point, and is represented to us as a most accomplished oittcer We knew him, some years since, as a member of the Legislature from his native county, and wara preposesked with his excellent qualities as a gentleman, and a man of talents?calculated to adorn any station to which he might be asBignad. There are now three companies of volunteors at the Barrack* in this city, all of which hare been mustarad into tlio CL S. service, to wit: -Captain Scott's lire} s and Captain Carrington'* Rangers. The third company is from Alexandria, and commanded by Capt. M. D. Corse. [From the Albany Jonrnal, Dec. 34 ] We understand that Lieut Kearny, and the company of volun'oets under his command, will leave for New York to-morrow morning. AFFAIRS AT MONTKRKY, KTC. [From the New Oileana Delta, Dec. 10 ] It was our pleasure yesterday, to hold a convoriation I with Dr. Wilson, of Col. Wood'a Texas Rangers. Ho I arrived hero on the steamship Alabama, on Mouday ere altiff, an 1 is one of the last persons from Monterey?hav; iiiR left there on the 3ftth tilt. Sickness was abating in the camp, and the wnundwd, generally speaking, were rapidly recovering. Gen Butler wti among tkoae whose o-onvaipacence was m?st slow. lien Worth, with about l ino men, was at Saltillo, where he found very comfortable quarters. By the way, a good atory 1s told of old " Rough and Heady," who accompanied (Jen. Worth's Brigade to Saltillo, in connection with the march into that place. Aa they approached within a few mile* of it, tbey were met by a courier from the Alcade, or chief governor of the city, who preaeutcd to the General a very formidable looking despatch. A halt was called, and the Genet al'x Interpreter was ordered to give a trans lution of tho document. It opened with an expostulation of the injustice ot the war on the part of the Americans ?alleging that it was prosecuted for the purposes of con quest, rapine and plunder?protested ^against the further advance of the General's forces?threatened him with retribution that must follow, and ? but the General itnnnait I )ia translator in the middle of a aentenr.e. with ? "Are yon through, sir V " No," wuthe reply, * 1 have not rea.l half of it, yet!" "O. I'll hear no more ol it," Mid the General: "March!" He ordered the bugler to sound the advance, and again the column was in motion The number of men fit for active duty at Monterey at the present time, U about 3000. Of these, one regiment i? quartered in the city?the remainder aie encamped at the Walnut springs. Krom tht representations which Doctor Wilson makes to us, Gen. Taylor cannot advance with his forrea from S^ltiilo to San Luis Potosi The Mexioan\ in their retreat, performed the march at a great sacrifice of life : the Americans cannot accomplish it?first, because the enemy would let the water out ol the tanks, and thus deprive them of this necessary element of existence ; next, because they couW find no provisions on the way ?a Uistanoa of two hundred and filty miles?and because it would amount to an almost absolute impossibility to convey the necessary forage and provision* aver the mountains in the line indicated There would seem to bo no probability, then, that a junction can be formed wliU the two wings ol our army at Saa Luis Po'osi?the ouo mirchiug from Tumpico, the other from Monterey and Saliilio?which, report has been saying, is to be the movement. A rcpoit circulated a1 one the Rio Grande, that SanU Anm bad challenged Gen. Taylor to m?et hicn with 30,030 me.n, in pitched bat'.le, between Han Luis Potosi and 8 tllillo. Rough and Ready replied, that so soon an he would have 10.000 efficient man unJer his command, he would meet him any where, whatever might be the strength of his forces. A few days btforo Doctor Wilton left Monterey, an expref* arrived there from Oan. Wool, at Monclova. It W not his present purpose to join Geu. Taylor. In this deciiiou hu is guided by the instructions or advice of the latter f!ol Harnnv and hi? r\rnrnnn are at f^hihtia. hua, into whioh thoy marched without firing a gun. Indeed, they were cordially welcomed, and got trom the authorities a decent blow-out into the bargain. The regular army at Monterey conduct themielvei with great order and regularity: not no. alwayi, with the volunteer*. They and the Mexican* too often get into difllcnl'ie*, and homicide* follow. On the day before Doctor W. left the camp, the body of a member of the Louisville Legion was found in a pomion which chowed Uint be had been violently murdered. Hi* comrade* buried lum. and theyioit day, the Doctor heard, when he reached C&margAhey sallied out and killed aaveral Mexican*. Hh further heard, that for thi*, (ven. Taylor had ordered them back (rum the camp, with a ttrocg reprimand, either to Lanarc* or Camargo. The 4lh regiment of lllinoi* volunteer*, which bad marched from Camargo to Matamorai, on their way to Tampico. were ordered back, probably to take the place of the Kentucky Legion, or pnuibly to repel *omo threatened attack on t/amtrgo Whatever the motive, they were, at lea*t, ordeied to countermarch from Matamora*. There wa* a report at Monterey, that lien Ampudia had been tried by a military MWtM San Lui? Putusi, for hi* conduct at Monterey, and ordered to be ihot! The Fran at Buffalo.?At about half past 1\ : o'clock last evening, a fire broke out in the exfen-; ?ive grocery eitabliahment of Oeo. B. Walbridge & Co,No. 2:t Main itreet, which had made *ach progre** be lure diicovered, that the entire atock of good* wa* de 1 atroyed. The store wo* filled with inflioiaablo material*, and the fire iprend with a rapidity that baffled all effutt to check it until the interior of the building had been conicmed, and one wal fell upon the adjoining building The item wan owned by the occupant*, ami wa* worth umi $5,000 Stock of good* valued at f.i4(too Goods and building rally losurea. Henry Uishop, tbo book-keeper, a young man about twenty 3 >-nr? of age, was i leepinj in the second story of tb? tore. an<t wait probably consumed, aa no tidings of him bare bran heard (iscn the lire wn discovered. Ma wan seen ontbo premises after 9 o'clock in tbe evening. Thill spruad to tl>e ?tor a on each aide of the buildiDg where it originated, end the interior of each was aoon enveloped in flame*. No SO wai owned by T. T. Sherwood, and occupied by II B. Ritchie, for storing flour. The flour wu removed, but in a damaged condition.? Building insured No. 29 was occupied by J. T. Zinu* as a clothing establishment Goods nearly all destroyed ?no insurance. Amount of loes not ascertained. J Halieistro occupied a pait of No. 30 aa gnn-smith establishment. Goods in the store partially saved. Tools and >t?ck mostly dtistroyed. Loss fl.ooO?no iusuranre. Tbe store was owned by Wm Newman. Loss some $4 000 Probably insured. Store No. 10 wm occupied by V. C Newell, ?s a grocery store. Gooda considerably damaged by water and removal. No insurance No. 3 3 was occupied by B Lichunstein, as hat store. Stock damaged by removal-fully Insured. The entire loas will exceed $30,000 ?Rvjfatn Eaprrtt, Vrc 33. VarlMlts. Mr. Cranston, of th? fcutaw House, Baltimore, is not expected to livu from day to day. The fifth anniversary of the New Lngland Society o' New Orleans, was to be celebrated on the 231, in great style. Byrne tc. Co's brass foundry, and Johnson k Richard's lulling mill at Millham (I'rentun) were burnt Thursday morning, with quantities of valuable machinery and finished work. Loas from $9,000 to 110,000, partially insured. Col. Win. R. King, 1st? Minister to Krance, is spoken of the candidate of the democratic party at the uext election for llevernor of the State of Alabama. A negro, the steward of the Pearl street hotel, Cincinnati, was ahot on the night of the lath Inat by a gentleinao, a boarder in the houie. It appear* that the negro had been in the habit of peering through the transom window of the genlleman'a chamber at an eaily hour in the morning?toe gentleman having been recently airried. The negro haa died from the wound, and the gentleman haa giveu bail for hie appearance at Court. The President'a meteage was conveyed to St. Louia, Mo., by express, from Washington, for the editor* of the Rrpuilictn, m tonr days, being the ahortoat time ever made by empreM Westward. Hon Stephen A. Douglas*, democrat, haa been elected by the Illinois Legialatara m United states Senator I roan that State, for the teim of sis years liom the 4th of March next. Coi.n Wesritaa.?The thermometer in Albany at A oMock Thursday neraing, stood at zero-at A o'clock, at 4 and s above. At 0 o'clock It had risen to 10 degree* nhove. The Courts for the Correction ef Krrors, was to proreed yesterday, at Albany, to decide the cauaes which have Ween argued during the present year. oni i of Osnsral Sessions. Before Hecorder Scott, aad Aid. Jackson and Johnson. John McKeon, Eaq , District Attorney. Coiivicli*n if Jill<ion md jTnr*i?*il.?in the caae of Oecrge W Allison and John Towtiaend, indicted for burglary in the third Aaare*. lo having leiuaiouily entered the office of Brewa k Bell, in Um month af September last, and stealing therefrom (I .aoo la bills on the Seventh Ward Beak, the Jnry, after a protraotod absence oa Thursday night, rendered a verdict of guilty, wherenp w the pslaeasri were ramaiidsil tar siataaoi. J I EH A 1846. Folic* Intelligence. | t Robttry of the young man bjr the came Or i William H. Wiwer, dark in thepoit office at Point Jar via. in thia 9* at a, waa brought to tha city yeaterday,' t (Friday.) in cuttody of the United State* Deputy Mar thai J 8. Smith, charged with having purloined from i the mail letter* containing draft* and other valuable an- | cloaure*. We have not hear J all tha particular*, but uu- t deratand that hi* operation*, if guilty, have been going i on foraoma time on rather an extentivo acala, au.l ac. cording to a plan, which inducea the baliaf that he may i have had one or more accomplice* In tha buiineta. The i mode of proceeding, if we are corroctly informed, ha* 1 Deen something nite mu mute a iiuraoer 01 letters, i purporting to come from anonymous correspondent*, ami containing various lumi of money in bank note* hnv? beeu received at the post office at Unionville, directed to Col. John C. Winner, the father of the young inan above named, the inside address oi the letters being to young Wi?ner. The letter* wer* mostly from a distance, according to the dates and post bill* accompanying th?m, and in a hand writing (m two being very similar. howe ver,) whi.-h was quit* difficult to decypher. The circumstance was considered as very strange by Col Wiener, who, by the way, is represented as a highly respectable and somewhat wealthy citizen, but stiil baring tn tiie confidence in the honesty of his son, be received the | money as of'en a* it camo; made no secret of its receipt, and invested it in ascfe and convenient manner for William's benefit The cuius ha has received, in this way, have amounted in all to about twelve hundred dollars. A few weeks since the Poat Olttco D?partment received notice from the postmaster of this city, that a drati for about $:>oo, in favor o( Tweed*. Jennings &. Co., of New 1 York, bad no doubt been stolen from the mail, tomewliire on the route from Orwell. Pa , to thi* city, as it had been lent to tbo Newbuigh Dank, up^n which it was drawn, in a very informal way, in a letter purporting to come from Otiaville. New York, accompanied bv a request to tend the proceeds to Tweedy, Jennings It Co., Point Jervis. The draft not being endorsed by the payees, the Newburgh Bank declined to remit the | money. At this stage of the case the Post Office De! partment despatched a *p*ciil agent, Mr. llolbrook, 1 for the purpose of lolving the myitery.and si resting the depredator if possible. It was soon discovered that the ' hindwriting in the letter, enclosing tbedraft to the D ink of Newhurg, was omewhat limiUr to that of the Tort . Jarvi* Clerk. The luipicion thus started wa* followed up bv further and closer investigation by the agent, the result of which wa* thought to fully ju?tily an arre*t.? j It will probably turn out that all the remittance* of money to Colonel Wi*ner, from ao unknown aource, were from young Wiiner, and were mailed at Point Jervia, the money having been abstracted from letter* pasaing through that office at different times. Some of the bills we learn, sent to Colonel W. in the manner described, can ho identified a* those contained in miising letter*.? I On the whole, it ii a singular affair, and exhibits in iti detail*, a degree of cunring and skill, of which young Winner wa? hardly thought capable Up tothii time, he ha* enjoyed the entire confidence of all who knew him The invettigatiou will take place thi* morning before the U. 8. Commissioner. Conspiracy to Dt/raud?Ofllcer Joseph arretted, yesterday, at 86 Walker street, three Germans, by the name* of Charle* D Mehreni, Harman Schwarz and Henry Blute, on a warrant itiued by Justice Osborne, wherein they ataud charged with conspiring together on the 17th of September last, to cheat and defraud Henry Schnirrlng of the turn of $850, under the following oir- | cumstance*: ?It appear* that Schuirring *old out hi* por- l ter house, which no kept at AO Gold street, on the 17th ; of September last, to one of the prisoner*, Harman . Schwarz He (Schwarz) at the time of the purchase, i represented that he wa* worth twelve hundred dollars. ! besides a large property in Oldcnburgh, (Jerm my. The bargain being agreed upon, at the above sum. in payment J 1 for which Schwarz gare Schnirring two note*, made ; payable one day after light, one far $?OOand the other , ior #360, making the requisite amount. A few weeka > run on, when Schnirring began to press hi* claim for the payment of the*e netei, and Schwarz finding himself i cornered, contested a Judgment to Mehreni, for $469, on j the 'Jl*t of December, on which an execution waa issuod the next day, and ail the property, consisting of liquora, winea, fixtures, ks., on the premises, No. t>9 Oold treat, waa aold under that procei*. Thus by this ma nouvre the complainant avers that he has been cheated and defrauded ouiof hia property by the abore accused parties, in conspiring together for that purpose. Justice O?borne committed the three accused partici to prison for examination. A Skop "Lifter''1 Cauqkt.?A fellow called Charles Humphrey, alias Williams, was caught in the act of "lilt ing" Iti yards of blue cloth worth $10, from the dryiroodi itura uf Win. Yonnir No 'J.V.) Hrand street. Dili cer? Cottigan and Juba, ot the iota ward brought him in, and Justice Ketcham locked him up for trial. Diiordcrly Home ? Officer Burrell, of the ltfth ward, l , arretted y esterday a mau by the iiaano of Nicholas Hand, ! , on the charge of keeping a disorderly home, o i the j complaint of Mr. H'ni. Oiliispie. Locked up by Justice |< Merritt. .1 Ftmah Lifter.?Officer! Van Riper and Mansfield, I , of the 17th ward, arrested on Christmas evening a young woman called Sirah Franklin, alias Rosaun* Kinuigau, , ou a charge of shop lifting. It seems that tha tuxused entered the jewelry store occupied by Mr. Adauna, No. , 3)8 Bowery, under pretence of purchasing a gold ! ring, instead of which sho stole one. On"being search- j ed at the station house, a card was found of VV. B. Hatch k Co., 7'i3 D road way, where she haulikewise been, and I { purchased one gold ring and stolen another. She was 1 identified at the police olile* as an oil offender, cou quently Justice ketcbam locked her up lor trial. .1 Shooting (Posian.?Officer Josephs arrested yesterday a woman by the name of Mary btephene, who keep* a lashionable " crib " at No. 1M Church street, on a warrant issued by Justice Osborne, wherein she stands charged with attempting to shoot with a six barrel pi?tel, one of the bucka aroutid town, called John A. Briggs, whose residence is at No. 41 Jay street. It ap- . pears that this gentle youth entered the above premises, j kept by the ac~u?ed, last night, and not conducting himself in a suitable manner to command respect from tho goodly hoitess, consequently sue ordered him out of the premises, which order he disobeyed by becoming quito violent; when Miss Mary made no more to do than out with a six barreled revolver, presented it at her mau, and anappod off one ol the | cap*, hut luckily that barrel was unloaded, the other j five being heavily charged with powder and ball Briggs j 1 immediately closed in with his auiagooist, wrested tbe I j pistol from her hands, and ran out ot thohou ie. Thus, upon this charge, the was held to bail ia $300, by the , i aiUglftinflB, W iu? pv-ato. tUltntive llobbery ?A young sailor by the namo of Charles Savage, juit landed from a crui/?, was robbed ' yesterday by a fellow called Daniel Desmond, of a $.'>00 ! bank bill on the Massachusetts Bank. and a few dallars in lilver, taken from a smill bag which he had fastened around hi* neck with a cord, while in a rum hole kept by Jann rage, at No 97 James street. The money, tlie young man say*, wai given to hi<n by h'.i father obout a year ago, while on a visit to sea hi:u at Calais, State of Maine. Preparing far Iftw Yttr't.?A black fellow called Bill Long, wai caught in the act yesteiday, by that excellent 1 officer, Vanderzee, of tne 3 J jward, dealing eight very floe fat turkey*, worth $12, belonging to Mr. Deboise, No 3 Washington market. Lockeu up for trial by Jus tice Osborne. Sifting a Coat.?A fellow called Jim Curran waa brought in on a charge of stealing a coat and other do- ' thing, from No. 141 Walker street. Committed by Justice Ketcham. Jlrrttt on Suspicion?Officer Wataon, of the 6lli ward arretted last night, big Moll Sherwood, on suspicion of stealing $16 from a Dutchman. U Jirrtut on Suspicion?Captain McOrath, of the 6ti ward police, arreited yesterday afternoon, a fellow o rather genteel appearance. whom he found concealed in an old trunk in the attic of a heme of an old negro wo- ' man in Franklin street, near Centre street, in tbe rear. ' The captain saw this fellow run in the alley way in , great haste, and supposing something was wrong, followed him up and discovered him as above stated. It was subsequently ascertained, that two chaps had been I ? detected in a house iu Broadway, or its vicinity, in the J act of breaking open a bureau drawer in search of i ' plunder, when the gentleman of the house surprised ' them, and they mado good their escape by knocking him J down; and this fellow who call* himself John Ander- , son, :s supposed to be one of " them " Consequently the : n.irtiffi Who w?m rnlttu <1 will further th* on li of iuatira I by calling upon thii vigilant officer, toil identifying the prisoner Ht tue Tonriba Char ft of Patting Spuriuui Djllari?We notici d.lhn other d?y, the arrest ol man by the name of N. Davis, : on a charge of paaaing two counterfeit aellara On the matter being investigated before Justice O.borne, the oharga waa dismissed. Aiattr, Doc. 13,1846. | Mr. Yaung and tht jlnit Rintori again?Information for Conurvativt H'higi? The Pardon if tki .Unit Hmt ; PrUontrt?PUJgn DiicUimed?Str. Young on (At Mrriran War?Canal Convention, tie. j The dilemma in which Jlr. Young find* himself, in re gard to h:a obligation* to the anti-rent party, and in re pact to hit obligation! to the comervative wing of the whig party, will demand the whole ingenuity and talen- , for which he 1* distinguished. The penalty for amenity i to the prisoners, or a refusal to interfere with the law > administered during the popular excitement and outlaw ry at Delhi, (la in either caaa,) are to be shannoJ if possible. But it cannot be avoided; one alternative mart h? embraced. la my Utter of reatorday I atated, en the authority of ? gentleman in wbom 1 hare the greatest coafMence, * that Mr. Young would decline to pardon the anti rent convict!; that tha consolidation and union of the whig r |>atty, wan a cruaidcration of too great momant to l>a hazarded hy aoeh a atep. It now actually appeara that up to a lata hour laat n?gtat, Mr. Y on off bad not arrived at } any determination ia Una matter. Weed. and Howard, > , aou (ireeley, bare ncvrraily been conauhad It ia a fi kind of criaia in tha |*>litic? of thia State; for It ia par- I j, fectly certain, if (Jae. Voting pardona there man, that a ba will ha denounced and anathematized by the conservative portion of thn whig party. On ? the other band, If he roiueee to pardon them, tbe execration* of the wbole anti rent body will he hurled upon hia devoted bead ; be will be 1 houted and aooAad at by theaa men aa the violator of ao- j a lemn pledges and promises. Ha will be called infamous Theaa are the alternatives. and I take it upon mo to nay. that Yr Voung would gladly eeeape from the tearful reapoptiNMy which tbe indecent ha.te of bii friends, or i Uliawn fell; baa impoeed nj,on him. J But the atep has now l>een takan which will wilneaa n the disruption of tha whig party in thia State. ??v?n?r > Ketmf Aes r??e/srd to penfan f*a anit rtnt convicti 1 1 maka tbia statement on the moat oadoubetd authority, J and on my own responsibility. I waa in error yaaterday ; and MW far tha particular information of all ooaoerve- , JLD. Prtc* Two Ccnti. % wbi(f?. I My unqualifiedly that Mr. Vouof will parka the toti rentcr*. Id ralatioo to any promiwi midt praviout to tba elaaion, by Gov. Young, I ?hall itate jait positively that tone were mado. No letter wai written by Gov. Tonne it that time conveying an expreif promise that ha would >ardon these convicts in case of hi* alootion. It U true list Mr. Young corresponded with Mr. Irs Haril ; ha did no often; but thara waa no pledge -no commital, perhaps. The public deolamtjon nsde by Mr. Slingerland, that auch a latter waa written was untrue ; it tnust have been unfonnded? t la due to the public aud to the Hrrald to know upon what ground* and upon whose authority 1 make thia asler.ion 1 have no hesitation in giving the noma of my .nformant- the Hon Ira Hants waa the gentleman?the illeged receiver of the pledge, which he tella Be waa iaver made. 'I hia information will put thia matter at rest ; but a aolemn denial of the charge, by Mr. Harria limaelf, appear* to be necessary, and I have no doubt but >? would make it if called upou It will bo Mr Young'a duty to assign some powerful easons for interposing on behalf ot theso men. The ,ieculi*r circumstances under which they ware cooviotid?the excitement which may have had a tendency to tias the action oi the court?the period which haselapaed lines their imprisonment - the ample punishment already Dflicted, and the quiet which haa since prevailed in tbeee Jistricts, and the disposition they have evinced to recog11 in the omnipotence ot the law, will, I think, be among be reasons which will constrain the Executive to re,??ast< the*e prisoners. But the infamous chaige of deliberate collusion with this party, previous to the election, will bavo to be denied. 1 have no just reason to doubt but that the tenantry were apprized of Mr Young's views in seme form or Dther. In the month of September last I wiote a letter to the Herald, convening the intelligence that n committee 31 anti-renter* nm canoa on uovernor wrignt witn a new ti< ascertain whether, in cue of bia re election, he would relen?o theie inen ; 1 alto itated. I think, that Mr. Wright replied negatively. Whether any *uch queation ivai lubiequenlly propoved to Mr. Young, 1 aball not take it upon mo to tuy Tba explicit denial of Mr Harri*. that a letter of the nature mentioned above waa received by Lint, icemi to warrant the opinion that no auch inquiry waa made. A few day a ago the Albany Evening Jillat quoted a paragraph from one of my letter* lately published in the Nrw Yurk Herald, in regard to the tone of Mr. Young'a tneuage, upon the aut<ject of the relatione of tbo United State* with Mexico. The conclu?ion of the editor, whioh ollowed the quotation, and which wa* repeated in the Ailae of laai evening, that 1 have given an opportnnitjr aa to the etfeeR of any "onalaugbt" upon Mr. Polk i* ana uad ind without any loundation. Neither did 1 clasufy John Young with the ultra or experimental whig* of the Northern State*. I alio question the expediency or good policy of harrnwting tne general government, and impeding it* effort* to restore tranquillity to the country But I may repeat, in good authority, that our Mexican ielation* will be reely though cautiouilv di*cu**ed in Mr. Young'* stealage; that the war will bo deprecated aa a calamity; that it will be denounced a* a criire?a* unprovoked, nda? a palpable violation of the law of nation* ot the nineteenth century. Mr. Polk will be reprehended aa Saving offered a feigned iuue to the nation, and aa hav< tig criminally premeditated the rupture,and then plead the violated right* of American citizen* in extenuation jf the crime. He will be accuied of having a**umed sxtraordinary power*, not guarantied to him by the eonititution, Ike. It i* itated, very confidently, that Thurlow Weed will receive the appointment of adjutant-general to hi* Kxcelleucy Mr. Young. The Caual Convention, which it i* piopoced to hold hare on the 11th of next month, for the purpoae, a* i* laid, oi naaiemng we enlargement 01 ma trie binu I'aster than the mean* designate d in the new constitution will allow, appears to be unnecessary and uncalled for. 1'Ho project ot borrowing a sum for this purpose, on the credit of tiie State will probably fail : and any attempt to have this clause re amended would be pretty nearly aaeless. Business is temporarily suspended here, and all clashes are preparing to celebrate the holidaya with uncoBinon spirit. The streets are constantly crowded with ileighlng parties, and there is nothing to mar the beJKty jf the scene except the husky and supplicating tones of the famished and frozen beggars whom 1 occasionally meet asking for charity. It men would worship the in:ompr ihensible Ood in their ewn houses, and give begKars who sleep ' in maugeis" the money they expend in siting priests, and builJing palaces, nicknamed churoubs, human woe and starvation would be considerably Jimiuished. Movements of Travellers, Yesterday's arrivals, as might be ex|?cted on such a day, were limited to those, who, of necessity, had ocalion to leavo their homes. Aubhican? Mr. Kates, Kentucky; Captain Walker, Texas; J K. Millar, Boatou, Hon. J. II. Lumpkins. Am on?J. Kirk man, W. Smith, J Walton, Phlla; T. Cohort, N. York; VV. Cart well, Fhila; Capt. Thistle; Washington; C.tiilbert, New Haven; M. Martin, Baltimore; Co't'inau (iellott, do; Kd. Oellott, Westheld; J. Russell, Boston; U. A. Willard, Washington; 8. B. Owing, Phila. Cirr.?K. Savage, North Carolina; P. R. Woodford, J. W. Burtlott, Boston; H U. Stewart, i'hila. Franklin?P. Boughton, Balbmoie; M. CanfieM, Hudion; C. Leonard, New Windsor; J Leonard, do; J. Baldwin, Buttalo; O. Howl&n, l'eekskill; kK. Kalley, Kochester. Howard.?J. reten, lutcbfuid ; w. Taylor, Aioany; M. lingers, E. Phillips, New York ; J. Huuipnreya, Kentucky ; j. dwinburn, White ['lain* ; J- Van ttruut, Lone [ land ; I. Side, Georgetown ; W. Bent, 3augertie? ; K. Stewart, W. Lowell, button; 11. KmgsWr.d, .New Jersey; M. Van Alitom, Troy. Ji'Dkon.?J. Kennedy, Hartford; George Thayer, Boaton; U Howe, do; Hon. D. P. King, Denver*; E. Williams, Hartford; E. braith, East Hampton. Weepest thou Abdsllah / Thou doit well to weep, O feeble heaitt o'er all thou couldat not keep. Well d.i a woman'* tear* belli Hie eye ()l turn wuo kuew not, ?* a man, to die. AIIO AliDKLl, upon lair iiat Ursnid.v. afer its conquest by I* e-dinniid aud Isabella, stopped ou tha lull of I'adul, to take a l<si look of bi> city aud palace. Overcome by Ike light, he buret mio tear*, and trai thus reproached by hi* mo iher, the eu<uuiess Ay** "J'hwu ooat neil to weep, like a wotum, over the loss of thit kiug loin, winch thou knewett 901 Imw to drfeud and die fur like a man " INot so however, withtluse wh > hire uted Or. Lin.aui * Vegetable hi estuary lor the piles, fir when they look back on (he suffering* they live eue juutercd lioui tin* diaeaae, and thi annoyance ana J-tuger incurred by the u?e at external applications, which re bern cveiCome i>y tha est of mis invaluable medicine; they have given rlieeilully their testimony in support oi IU rtricicy,and recommend oiheis alike afflicted to give it a trial. .vlark tin*:?it u au internal remedy?uot an external application, and will cine any <a*e of pile*, el her bleeding or timid, intern 1 or external; aud the only thing that wilL rhereiino mistake *b lit it. I i* a positive cure?ipeedy mil peimantnt. It it also a convenient medicine to take, uid improve* the general Health in a reiaarkatrie manner. It t* very mild in it* opeMtion, tnd may ke taken in ease* of the most acu'e mil imin iti >u without d mgrr All external spplicatious aie hi the highest degree disagreeable, incouvenient and offensive, a id Irom the very tuture ol the disease, teinporaiy in their efl'tcts. in is med.ciee attack* the dlat i*a at iu source, and removing thf cause, render* the cure certain and permanent. inflammatory diseases. Although the r leetuary was origintlly prepared for the cure ot files, vet it has proved use.! to be a medicine far superior to all Diners, iu all duea*:* if a i n./laiuinatory eks or organ In mil <mmali< u *ud eaoiuti n of the liyer tad ip'MB; li lltuim.iliiHi, aoreneaa anil ulceration ul the alomaeh. tvowels, Itiduxy aud ul.dJer. in lud iininatoiy aad mercurial rh .atniruoi, it is th? brat medicine e?er discovered. IMrURITlK* OK THE BLOOD. For all imparities of the blxoJ, arieinc (root the impendent laeof aeienry, or other causes. Tor alt riiaeases of the akia uid acrolulona >,fleciioiis, iu all caasa where the bloed la pow* :rfnlly deteimined to the head, pr?daciii| dimaeM aM term, Or. UpluM's Klectnary i?eot*rely aarivalleJ. TO MARKlEU LAUIKS Married ladiae are aim >at inTsriaMy aublert to that paiaftl md injerioua disaaie, the Pilea, ? nh cuaatqiril lamaMi n ol t?e atomarh, bowela end >|>iae, we.kue?a of back, low of blood Ui the head, he. 'J he Electa try ia p rfetOy afr for prrjfiiaut ladi-a, sud the moat rueful catnartic ihat :aa |>o?sibly be Died, aa it will aot only remote the piles aaa >11 iniiiuimato y diseases, ? i timet paia or irrit itioa, bat will sn-urean eaa, time, a safe delivery, and a aoaud ceuatitaioa I taa oAspriuf. 'tCUU A.ND EF-ECT8 IN N ENGLAND. CNaonic PiLra ?A wormnio in tha giase house, at Ca? iridgeport, who had tue piles filte n yea<a, very sever-ly, iud was c u? anti> eipoaedto Uia miease heat of a lurnaee. md greaily redact d by th* disrate, receited great relief aaa i final rare bv the a<e of Ur.L'ptiams -emady. Tha eaaa vas a very obaiinaie uue. owing to tha nata'e ol tbe Mct^ iun, ?ud the drra ge-l condition of tha MtieatBlkeoing Film.?A geailrmau iu Bedford. Maai , ah nd the bleeding pile* fr m a- > e?ra, greatly eihaattiaa hi yataai. waae-iirely relieved of th.s d>al/ra<ieg aad danger iua symptoms, by taking a ha i doaa i f ih? hlectaarf eaca wireemmth. . Filliiu or THI towiu -A peraoe amictad with pilot, md falling of the bowels. to sncfi J'l"". that no tvaca* ion con d be ha* without Jyi g darapoa the floor, waa aaircly iflieved and < nrtd br ib:a medicine, fiittate an I ery eitraordinary oni f.aiauagCoiTlTaam-Nomeroaa pereoae, and aspectJly females. i.?ieird with eitreme coadveaesa aad piloe, viih all those ilmrrsaiug symptoms attendant apoa each a itata of tha ayaieai. bean able to effect ?a euttra. change a this condition by the ase of ih'S madir.ine It a ?ety nild cathartic and an admirable remedy for eoatireaasa, aa Jially for mjrr.ed women KiaiuLX. U i? ia s, lie ?In the worst eaaa of piles, what* islnlas nlcera, an J cavrrnnaa holes eiiat, the lUactaarr if >l wave salntaiy in i*s effects, aud il persereriagly nsed. will >r,.Jaca a cure. Two or three caaes, where a igriicd opt lion thoacht to be neceasary by the doctor*. ha?e Ma ored br thi? aiediciaa. It ii iwtfNt remedy for inamriai teases in tlie luteallaea. I'rice. $1 par hot, of twelve dotes. with foil direr lions. a?d iiter information respceiiuf tha treat seat aad caia of the { ease. Pol* wholesale and retail by WyaM it Kat bam. III Fnltoa treei, and by Dr. A. Upham, proprietor, IM tfowenr. f*. Y ? rice $1 a H<n. dt? It^w OLD ALIS, vi. ALBKK.T SHAUK3. IIT lLl.1 A M aLBKRT, li? Cherry street between tathe?V riue aad Market areata, leela happy to inform hti riauda and castaairrs, aad especially tha cuunoiaaaara ofAle tc fears old, brewed at the celebrated brewery ol Howard . Ityckman, ib 1(11, that ha will tap oae hofsbesdof tea ima on Cbrts maa K?e A plentiful tavply of four different tap* of Ala, a?oag rhirh K tile eelctiraUd b'lrlnii Ale. 4U Iw'rrc " pi J K ti M A I/r WHISK ET. FQl'AL in aire lath and tlavor to the beat Dahlia dietilled. Cd Manufictnred by <H AKI.U MURRAY, W Rooeeyait t., ' d sold at (ii par gallon. A liberal dismast illnwtd to thaae who bay to aalI ifiit. Jiw'r DEclTM NtTHTdlN E8S. POSITIVE SALklof !,? worth of Dry Good* at IT* I Bowery, Opp aite Delarcey street.?Tha atock *oa*ia>? f a large quantity of Kreaeh and hnfliah Meriaoaa, Black Upaces, f.eehmetes, Orleans Paramattas Moaaclia da Laias. ' ahaneree, Printed < alieeee. Bream. Bleached C? arad ilailiai, Hattineta, Hosiery. kc. Itc Tha e?ttre Mack haa een purchased for eaak, aad will fea sold at a greet aaetMca , Keraitare aad Kutarn for aal a. Hnasa art R-ora la fot. ** Iw?tc M. BELL fc CO., tW f wvrr