Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1846 Page 3
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I The Annual Pictorial Herald. An enormously larpe edition 'of the Annual Pictorial Htrald having been disposed of, we hull be under the necessity of issuing another in the course of a day or two, to fhlfll the orders that are crowding in upon us from all parts oi the country. At the time we struck off the first edition we i considered it amply large enough to answer ?r?ry demand for it, but now we are obliged to print as many more; and we would not be surprised if the circulation reached another, or even a fourth, edition. It is worth preserving, for it forms the only illustrated history of the Mexican w?i jw puuiiBiieu. Our agents are informed that their orders will be punctually attended to; and such of them as kave not already remitted, may do so with the relian #? that they will be filled. Singla copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, an be had at the desk, at sixpence each. Rhtamatlim, Palna and Stiffness of the Jolnti, Gout. 4e , kc.. R>n('i Compound Hyruo of Hydrio[ dale Poiaaia Saraa, ar lla, and Yellow Dork. 1 he above i? p epirel from the ptreet articlea, nud recommended > tlibest avd only ante cnra f r Khenmatiam At |M? aeaeon of ibe te*r e?i>*eially. itii of ihe freateat importance. u it will remove si* ihoae ejtrem?ly oupleaeant avmptotna, ftyer* Paine, atiffneaa of the joint*. back, ah uldera he . ke . It ihiita. puis?a and quickena the circnlaiion. t d Imtii ( very i part ol ttae auiina1 aeon my in a perfect a'ate of health Pre. pired and 'or ??lr by C HAHut3 H. KINO, 1M Broadway, ' oner Juki atraet. Marlln Bntner?We are pltaaed to learn car old friend. Mart, recently "f the Plact, and long and fa varaMy ki>owji at i ulemau'n Hotel, Waihington, and A?t.>r !lru?e, Mew V ork, aa one of the be?t fellowi in hii line, is to be irn at the Seaond Ward Hotel, in N-aaau ?tr?et. Ta all thtr know him, it it needleaa to >ay. (ire hitnacall; but wbo d ? not, we would aay, do n?t Ion r icmain unacquainted with him. aa no man at the New T->rk Bar *?"v* n?i irr m'w mi | ivaur mi ruiiumrri, lei mem ub u ft ndt vi as ilier in?y Martin u an old favorite of oin, tod ? 'ike 10 ? ? bun do well?io le: rveiy one give him a ca'l. JritSmt delay. He faroiahea a splendid Inucli everyday, rctn tl to 1 o'clock A.M. One or the ablut, or oac of the b?'_L ai yon choose, rcenaiooal writers o'Cbe " M?ehani?.^jti'ror." a r?r'od"al of inennatderable valne ro a I aria portion of a immunity pub iahed at Albany, ia a Mr. N. W. Adams. a Jeweller of Naff lo, wm ia said t<> be connected with the Adaeu family, ef Maasachaaetta. After the death of hia par*n ih?l?<t rtspectacle friemla, wandered weat, and set 'J?nt a blevinr aonathiag on hia own book. Jt navigation of th? Ohio Klvar, Flacti 7H?m Statu of H???? Ptttsburg Dec 91 4 fl 9 in fall inf. L Hetiiir Dee. IS 12 ft. falling W ?<Unjr. ...........Deo. tl 4 ft 0 In falUof. Clnaiiinmi. . Dec. 14 11 ft., falling mONICY MARKET. Friday, Dee. SO?0 P. H. Thla being Christmas day, neither board* of broker* et, and wo are, therefore, without our usual tales Of tecki. Bnaineee, generally, hai been suspended, and all olasses have joined in enjoying the festivities of the day, ' The weather baa been exceedingly unpleasant, a warm rain storm having set in eaily and continued throughout the day. The South Carolina Kailroad Company have declared semi-annual dividend of two and a half dollar* on each share The business of this company, for the last six months, show* a large increase over the corresponding months of last year. Tbo receipts on the public worka of Ohio, daring the put season of navigation, have been aa followi i? 1 i'blic Woiii or Ohio *815, 1IU. Ohio Canal, .....$262 199 01 $321.016 93 Mix mi r???| : 7i,870 U0 89.569 77 Miami E?te??ioti CanM 32,007 47 17 l>96 91 Wabuh nnd trie Canal 73 907 44 110 511 73 Wahandiu Canal 1 I8J 81 1.C90 69 Ho'ki?? Canal 4.519 73 5,115 15 Mnakiugnm Improvement 28,461 76 34,037 II Tarupike Dividends 87,165 18 35J91 81 494 313 *1 630,770 3* Dsdaet amonnt of Htpairs 212,4 8 77 848,9.0 31 Net Revenue $8*1,Ml 14 $307,829 OS It will be teen from the above, that the aggregate tolls of 1848, exceed those of IMA, $!88,456 80; and the net revenue of the present year exceeds that of the last' $108 028 83. The greatest increase has b?en in the Ohio Canal and 1b the Wabash and Erie. The receipts on the Miami Extension and Walhunding Canal, ware this year less than Vaat. The aggregate net increase amounts to about thirty-three and one-third per cent. Tba following taoio embrace* the principal article* ( a'eareri at tha Collector'* offlce in Rocha*tar daring the years 1846 and 1846, by the Erie and tieneeee Valley Canal SHimiMTi raoM Bochiikl IMS. ISIS. Beard and Seautliac, feet I,1S3*00 1,149,184 hbiaalf.n 461.0W 974 Sleeea, Iba Kl.'tt 8,141,131 jlthet. l?b * 1,411 Pork ' Ml *6 5. e( " 8? Cna lb *< 31.584 Cbeeaalba noi 168 411 fitter Iba St>7CU 1*1,980 LaM, II * 13 869 28* 1,111.14# *8.117 Hid... Iba 7J8K 101118 Fiona be'* 4 8,111 M9 ?8 Whe.r.Vuahela It, 48 liB.MJ r era b? 187 3 7M Barter Vi * 868 11.590 O her I'dU. bn 11,078 90 918 Braa a?d "bi> f taffi, bo 177.781 838*77 N'Biiid kewa, ka.. C.U1 1148 fjiaiee*. ba 7.811 8,837 Dried f.ati. lb* 153 144 800.M4 Tobacco. Iba I'.W 4,411 I flee.raad Oraaa aetd. Iba 71177 18,870 Fl** freed, lea ? 12,117 Hop*, lb* 4.710 ? D aneatic Fpirira, fal 11,111 1 018 Le-iker, lb* 31.W8 11.187 iW. l,cr,l?8 1,141884 #<r*ra r t INI, Ikl MM 10 <83 fbtiron, Ibt *57.1* JM 46J Iron w?r, lb. 436 077 MS ?<? Ditne.tie Wuollus.lbi ?4 *31 ?.?'7 ! Skit, ha 14.?S 9H! M'TchtniHxr. I hi J,512 Ptt 3.147,OH { one Lima, ud 1 Itr. Iht 1M4M *51,791 Oj p??m. iha 19 7? 46J 90S Mi> e?el Cral. >b> >1 SPO ? ! taad let, iba 4.160 SIT S 324,757 The whole aiaonnt of toU* received at Rochester for ! the a* a eon of IMS. ?u $303,100-being about >90 0*0 lata tbia for tha aaaaan of IMS. This deficiency at- i tribntable entirely to reduction! mad? la tha tariff of toll*; bat It ahoald ba borne in mind that there might Ml have been io much produce transported, if the tolle *4 (retained the fame aa they were left year The ; rate* oharged by the forwarder* on the canal no , ,j0.?the4 a tendency te reduce the aggregate of toil* tv<a year, eeu,pared with laat. The annual report of the auditor of Virginia preaenta the aanesed atateaent of tha finance* of that State for tha year ending Oct. let, 184<t? Fnuwcri or Viroiria?ArntToa'a Bcroar. The balanae in the Treamrr on the lit of Oet. J 945. excla*ive of the funds under the management of the ?econd auditor, waa.. $91,159 95 The raceipta from that time te the 1st of Oct. It 1*40, arising frem the various ordinary rewureee of taxation and income, amounted to 999,999 34 Frem Hi* idends on Bank Stock and interest received from the Jsmes River and Kanawha Company, and Board of Fablio Works 170,Ml 69 Isteiest on Washington Monument Fund Loans, and on guaranteed bonda held for that fond !,1NN , From Baker'a securities oa account of Cincinnati fund 1,107 05 Frem sales of real eetate in Richmond 1,599 39 Making the aggregate of . . . $971,905 97 mewat of watrania drawn on the Treasury in the same period, on the following arcounta, to Will ? For ordinary expense - of OoTemmert $443,999 99 Interest on public debt, payable I through this ofllee 09,510 09 \J Interest on debt due Board of Pub\ lie Works .... (4,709 00 Paid en rrquiaitiona of the Board f Public Woiki to meet interest, and for the redemption of aertain certiOoates of pabUa A 9?bt, uader an act of last see, - 979 00 invested for Washtagto* Moout "T5! /? 00 Tnrett? ! l*r ( InnnnMi fnnA ? in-r mm , Sundry axnanaea aider ? penal < liwi. inch * half pay, rtpaira of aapitci, 1m it Mi 81 AM warrant waned before tha lit Oat< bar, 1B4*. and paid In ? tha laat tacaj year t M M Dedaat warrant* leaned hafora tha l?t Oatebar, IMS, mnpaJd on that day 78 7M 04? H Balnea In the Trairary an tha 1* Oetabar, IS46 1M.MS *1 ! , 'ran which dtduct a so ant aandlng ta tha credit af tha Waehington Monument fund. aninretted an that day 16? M lad tha nat balartce applicable i to government a*pona<? waa $1M 7M 03 ; Aceordmg to tha eatinate of tha and iter, tha balance hi tia traaaary onthalOth of fteptember, 1047, will be 9IM-, ' *0 Th ? ?atlmate ia formed npon the titnel data. There ?> .una itana of expenditure nat incladed in the eat I' Mite wh-rli, if aaactionrd by tha Legialatnre, wiil rail tea tba anticipated baiaaoe rary Materially It ia atated ' that tha Jaaaaa lUrer and Kanawha Company will make j in application to tha Laf iilatur* fat aa appro priatien not pi ly for "ha wnotint of intartrtm (ta bonJi g*u*?tee<J ?) tha ?tau, but lor aU ?a<i?aaMy to tiirMii tha sea f i ?>ay (t<m m mhamaanawti ( DM, Oa Thursday r?ning, De?. 34, Kimoa LVuriSLu, second rinuRbtar of Edward Delaield, M.D. The relatives and friends of the family are requested tomtend the funeral. l>om lOi Bleeclter street, tola day at 13 o'clock, without further Invitation On Thursday evening, 34th last, William Hall, Br , a|(e<l PI. Hisfricods toil those of his sons, William and Thomas, ore requested to attend hi* funsral, without further notie*, f. om No 7~Dorer (treat, on Sunday next, at 1 o'clock P. M. On Thursday, after a iViort il'nost, Cathi!>imc A inf ant c.'iil! of J. 8 an! 8 D Wheeler. TI.e fi irmlt of the family ar.) re?;>eiMfully Invited to attend tlia funeral cf Saturday, uath in?t., at 3 o'clock P M . lrom tbeir resilience in State street, between Court and Boorhem street, Brooklyn. AH.THK . F. H I UOLOW, Auctioneer. Fashionable fuks, kleioh robes. muffs, VIOT<?KlNFS,kc., fcc.-E H. Ludlow k <0. will coetmue the ?Me r?r f*ney furs, uleigli robes, faihionthle ard high priced muffi, vicrorines. tie., ae , oil Mo- dsy the Ifth inst, at M o'clock, at the store of 8 Philips. 377 Broadway, nrxi to White street. The roods c*n now be ex>m ned. *uo c?t .locofs Mi'l > ? r?'ilr on Hoaday morning JOT lt?rlt rOVTINUATION OF THE SALE OF COLMAN'8 w viicci < iiiirtuuu ui v/it i aia'iuyi. R.n|nvin|?, sou Illu?<r*ted Works?suited to tho Holidays ? con?i?tiug of beautiful Landscape*, History. ''o,iversations. Portraits, Merrv Makings, Cattle, lie., by ?nc;ent and modern artists, at will be lully described iu the catalogue which may be be had on **atnrdiy Mr. C. has placed in this e*le. his ce'eb-nred Land?cape by Ye bo .m> *iil?e I and dated 167. pronounced equal lo a Hovb<ra or Kum.dael a?d admired by all artist*. beside** I)ema\ ne. the Paul Totter of Kr'nce; ? Richard V* ilson the Claude of Kuiilind; Urumewald, Waid. Km. and other American artists, wh ne production* hive sold at very high pric*s id Fnrop*. Keveml Madonnas grace (his collection, and more thin fifty plea?ing Landscapes, all in rich frames, and will make lovely presen-s for the New V ear. Those who were di<appni ted tn? no'drawing oue on ihe llih, can now have an opportunity ol huiing one a'their own price The I'ic area tre ready for ex iminatlou ct No 103. broadBay, second rt -or, where the sile wi'l tike ula?-e a 10 o'rlock. A M . of il>? 29th irst d2< Sntitl u 2t is?rh 2C00 FEET OF STEAH RUBBED HEARTH STONE FOR S1T.E ~1T JtVCTIOV. PS. VAN HOUTEN will sell on Tur s-Uy. ?th Decern at ID o'clock A. VI., on vacant lota on lS<h(fi?er, ne?r JJ Atenue, 2000 feet of Blue Hearth 3'one. of the beat quality and a'sorted rizes. in los to suit purchasers. Term* made kuown on the day of sale, di4 ThSa\tliTulr*r W U HA Y N C8. Aucuoneer. TO be soH at public auMiou, oa the premise*. a Hons*and Two Lots, between 41st andtld srreets, 4th avenue. on '.he tth day of January, 1147. at 10o'clock. A. M. (if cot dispoaed of previously at private sale ) Terms. 20 percent at time of parehue, and the balance in 15 days after, when fnll warrantee deeds will be given. Tnr further particular*. apply to Harris Wilson, Esq , 77 Murray street. Terms eaay. dUto Jy6*rh OYSTERS. D DECKER requests hit friend* ard ?cqaain'*nee* who want oyaiers for the New Year, t? send thei- orders in r 'O'l season. Pickled ovsters rnmumlvnnliiiiilii Mn 9 V n street. ' ' d'7 1t*rh WOKLD'S TEMPERANCE CONVENTION. Ah F.SPO vt-F. to thin meeting will be m?de byihe Ami inn Temperance Union, at the B*o*dway T*beruacle. ou Tue*d?y even" g at 7 o'clock Addresses will be m<d* by the He* Mr Wheelock, and Her. Dr* P?>toa and Cot, returned delegate*, and her. Dr. Tyng, of 'hi* cit" The ' occation and tTie character of the ipeakera will deeply inte re?t all cl4*>e* < ( the community. Mnaic of the firat order will be fnrniihed for the occ<?ion '1 icketn ol admiaaion S3 rent* each, to be had at the office of ' the Americau Temperance Union. Ill Naaiau atreet; at the Org-ui ofiice, 128 Kn'ton ?t.; Mile* li Saiton'a, J01 Broadway; Mark Newman'*, 19} Broadway; aud at the door, dtt SMkT*re BRANDY, WINES, GIN, SEOARS, FRUIT, lie. ke. WC. BUBDICK No n Broadway, tbree door* above Wall atrett, offer* for tale the following, ia lota to *uit?? Brandie*, dark and pale. Tariona brand*, of prime quality Whiakey. Scotch and Iriah do Hum. Jamaica do Madeira, E 1 and other branda do Pherriaa, pale, gold and brown do Port do Champagne, varioaa brand* do ' I'/lareti, in ea*e do do BuMtk. Bn'gundy, Reuteraa d.> Pegar*, flardia**, K nit*, fcc. lie do Scotch Ale, in pint*, jnat landed, ripe do W C B. pie If e* him*elf mo?t fiithfally. to keep and deliver, only of the ba*t quality, and aolicits the favor oi the public. ROBERT HOPE HART inform* hi* friend* and wellwuhei* rtiat he i* to he found at the aNjve titabliahment, where he Uope* to ate hi* old friead* aud cuatomer*. rt?6 lm*re ; I'ARli.N IS DON'T fail to give your cUldrrn a holiday ride at the TENT in Ur?nd atreet, oppnute Cent e mtrket Yoa cannot *pen* a tupence for anything that will pleMe them be'ter. or do ihem more food. df? lt?rc REMITTAISCES To E>GL<vf*D, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND PARTIES witlrng to ramit money in larg* or tmall umi to iheir fnenda in Great Britain or In land, can do ao , in the mint expedition* manner thioofh tha tubae ibera. by draftaat ?ight. payable in all the piuicipal towna in England. Irrl-nd. a?U ?co;l nd Money may be aent by letter (poatptid) from mny pvt of the Uuited Starea to them, giving the addreaa and ib) nme of the patty to receive it, which will ba regularly loiwarded by packet or atexmer. Apply to abkaham bkll at son. i dI6 1a?rrc 117 Kalto-' atreet. New York. RELIEF TO IKELAND. WE, the underiigued, viewing the alirming and diat'eating condition of the People ot Irelxnd iu their extreme wat of proviaiona, which should call <onh the ?) mpathv and benevolent exertion* of all claaaea, have. fier p-epa'atory me?t> ' ingi reaolved nmtmmonalv, tn coll a Public Meeting, pt Tm?m\?v Hftll.on Saturday Kveuiogi.t7 o'cl rk, December K h, in order that the citixeua generally may on tribute, ?ccord>BK to iheir meant, and ihat tha money to c<'|le<-ted, be acot by Hit Honor Mayor Mirkl* to the L>wd Lu-utenant of Ireland, to be di.penaed, by him. among the r*ally Ui?tr-??ed diatricta ; of that country The Mayor hat kindly eora?nud to take tha ; thai', and Me-ara Horace Mreely, J. T. Br 4,\ T A. Talltnidge, D Graham, Charlea O'Conor, Jolw M'Keon, Henry Bunje,atd? U < ounery, ara invited to addreaa t'-e meeti ing. Kveiy fiier,d to humanity ia called upon to b? preaent uu Saturday nlqhl, to contribute all in hia power to 'rreat tie ! progreat ol famine araongal > paople proverbial for iheir Hubert Hogan, Horace G-eely, liichnrd M Hoe, Jamaa H. ( ook, Peter M'LonEhlin. Jainei Olv ell. Dsvid Or?han?, AM Tapi-ei, I onnti, John McKeon. AU W.lm, <>. W. Anderson. Jmti T. Body, Aid Purter, kdwcd F ttgerald, A'd. J t>. Hionedl. Aid Mollins, James Knuic, Aid. Gilmartia, Patrick MuWehill, Kdwifd D Coanery, Ad Bvrne, Dr.O'D nnell, Francis Oilmor, Aid. M'Clay, Dr.W.S Richvdson, Thomas Kovle, Aid Benton, Ur W. A Walttrj, Michael Pheli", Peter Murrar, l)r t. Couwat, Andrew .1 ckmau, Mirhncl Oaffi ar, Wm Blligh, ilwen Ojffnty, Jnhnfian, O W.D??im, Johi He-ny, P-til Mm orn-ick, J>?eph Pn'cell, J ha Nnl n, George Mars t-all, Jam's Malone. D-rid Kiasrer, Archib'ld Halt, Jaaea O. Smith, E Iward Mah dy. Tho? Me"i nry, tora'i U Tinnna, P. H M-guire, DauT OilmariU, Patrick McBarron, P B. Mwriy, Patrick Kelly, Joseph Ynrphy, Rich.'d Flaufg-n, O Burnett. Wm. Latnbeit, (J Ward, 1) Hu ty, Keliy, rhil'ip nllina, , B Hatrittan, Wm. P. Powers. Kiehard Fanning Phrlii Quin, Matthew Kyau, J*rre?'odv, Andiew L lark*, Jam*" B*rre, Patrick L-ehy, Aid Dougherty, Aid Kichols, CharUs King, dH 3tis and numerfu' n'hers. MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY. (Howard Hotel.) AFFRRS to thoaa in want of a neat and tasty hat, f?r a ' 7 moderate sum ; a fine French moleskin or nut Lutria at ?3.M>. 7 he patronage met with in tha sa'e of the above hats, it a sufficient guarantee of their superiority. dI4 2w*ric MONEY 1.EXT. i THE highest prices adrtnee.1 in larga and umill snms on gold acd silrer w?tches, di'tnunda, plate, jewelry, d y lends. farnitnre. clothing aad ??rty description of personal ( 'petty. JOHM M. DaVjEH, Licensed pawnbroker, >11 William straet, near Dnaaa. Persons received in trivia olfle?s hy rir gmc the bell dtS lin?rrc mJTTCT." " THE COPARTNERSHIP hereto'ore existing 1( ween JENKIN8 k Mu.NTidlMKRY, 31 Futon Market, was dissolved th?e dry, by mu*ual consent, Dee. 14. 1144 N. B ?1The Subaerifceis ?ill continue thai' husiuess at their reipectire alalia the s&iue *a pievuui to their coputnershp. TnO? M JENKINS d2", v.h (I' '.O MONTOOMF.HY LOST. Auutu reocit tue with the initial* M. A. r. on tha*eal. Whoever will brng ih? ??>ne to No. C Broadway, op rain, aliall be libtra.'y rewarded. dttlwrc I WAToHEn, JfcWhLRY, AMD ?lLVbR ; WARK THE rabacriberi enotinne to have for *ale fall aaaort sent of gold andti'ver Waiehe*. ?f the moat approved maker*, which will be offered at the rery loweat price*, ud . warranted correct time ke. per*. They are eooalastly receiving tha Uteat styles f fashionable Jewelry of every description. including s?ld. fob, and guard chains; brestt pin*; ear rings; finger rmm; bracelets; head ornameau, It .; lilver IfMM} fo'k*; batter kuire* and ilver ware equal to Coin; (old and ?ilver iprr acle*, tonc?ve. ronrei. lie s Kreneli clock* and watches, tepiired i equal to tho original ACKERL7 k BRKiOS. V* Bowery, dl* 1m*?h * H"or? nHrvr ?treef Fitb.NCH 11'ALIA^, GUI'HIO A,\U AMl> R1CAN COTlAGE CHAIRS. TIIE *nb?r bar* be( leave to call the attention of th* public to the abore Chaira, at 4U Broadway, nait daor to the Tatteraa'la. between Howa>d a id (irand *treet?,?h?re "in be teen the Italian wi>low *aat, th* Kreurhruih, tbe American cane aaat, k?.; a variety winch evmot be fon id at nv other establishment in this city or rotiutry. We have alio on lianri a railed sisoitmeot of Children'* Chair*, of entire new patfraa These articles a?a very *niuble asprv-ent? for tba cum heliday*. la addition, wa are co?*uatly m*iiar*ctnriii( all other descriptions of Chair* Hariug terred *n apprenticeships! the trade it will be e?ea th?t <ar riatonrri have tome guaranty that tba work will t a riecoted wi'h a atria', regard to elrg'uce and daribility. We in- . ?l the Piiblie to call and aiaininp, with the annuarr that they will be ti fied that they ran procare the aLote artnlaa at 441 at the lowaat osiaufartuing price*. N B.?4 hair* of all kiad* at wholesale. Shipr.a's are inTited to eall. COMMk-BKUHD k HEUiiATE. dlll>isMa*re in Rimiinv SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, AND HALL LAMPS. JRIELLYv4*4;ariainaa'raat, would reapactfullr call tti ' tentioii to hie uinrlmmt ufgood* in the aboaa line. lie inn confident of (iruic aalialactioo is price tad quality. Solar Limpi from $3 to (II Hall Ltmpt from (2 ta tl l.ard ,r " I i Brack*! " 1 > Oor-e " " IS Ciadalabrai, " I* 10 Oriental " " t 1 OiMudoUa " It O Mantel oraaaaata ib (raat variety. Irrm $1 * to t'S a Nt Olobae, Qlaaeae, Wicka, and Solar, Spa. maud Lard Oil u ab?*a, ?'*> *i i?a?C * re ~~ PAKlS HATS. f AMIDON, IT7 Broadway, haa Jaat receive an uvoice af aplendul Paria Haia, new aiyla, to which. >?d a chotea aaaortacnt of hi? own oparior dniah, the attrti. t>on of (aatltnaa about iraitiog thcmialraa or frtradaiaio ?"*<< d8? tfrrc ? HOLIDAY HATS. \M KNOX, tba H?TTfiH, of lit Fulton Strve*. offcra 'plauaid aainflj?a|?f the andird?t?!a- Al?o -he Fartt Oahi-m or Hate, jaat Teetired, which it a i?tr ia|i <bte ' w 'ear Aleo a ch..iea lotrfLidira' appropriate t'~a?nt dn 7fi? rre Ul , THRta. DuLLAH HATI^*Ti>? nuU?i?i?M?<l liaa M n HtWfM WllIwB 1)4 (J 4 N. B.-Thf 4ot? not pr?:*Jid to ?fir th# ? * > auaaaisgft. , 0 I THE HOLIDAYS. 1 ELEGANT CIUl'Sl MAS ANU NEW YEAR'S PME?KNT?. FRENCH CHIN\,e'pcaotlj decorated ?.nd entirely Dew, ad appreciated by the l<dies peihapa m,re then ui>tiling alee inat c u be preaeuted. Care Cufftti and Lucira with the following inottoea !? For B> Ue?r Wife. Fur my Intended. tioHuibiud, d'iMi?'[ f-(. d 8i?t*r. do D-rlmt B?y. do Brother. New Yeara Gift, do M Iher. rhriil ?I1 do Father. Foi the Bride I'oAiint. Kou^h au.d ttrndy. do Uncle. do Friei d. Cu'o*ue Bottle, do lie'iirmber Mo. Very ?-U**ut ana cheap, do BouTemr. To my Taator. Al?o, Tete*a-Tete I'll, aome a* low a< $13"; Tva artaand cheap Planer ten. toilet eeta, Itc. Rich cat gla?, neweit ?tyle,?i Iraat Tj I er cent auder uaval price*. Aa it ia the cotton in thii city to sell at eoat, thia 'ale I* tnctly nrfbriej tain hi* ?tore at the preiei>t time, the pro; prierrr qeittmt bn? n??? J. Ktfttt, I hiu? Hall, Broad wy, corner of Cham Here at. D? not rrita the bircaim at thia ea'abliahinrnt. Xiao, the flume e'seant (French China, at the old well known ehe< p eatabli-hmeut, China Hall in Philadelphia, directly oppoaite the State Honae, tatablahed for ift ye >r?. , dM lt? re KKKK It HON. I HUAU I IFUL. W UUUUb HAVING Juit received a cue of tplendii Oi't Goed*. rit: Work ? aaea with mirrora, he a ilal Arorea, Wa'ch, 1 l^k, Card and Re|ar *tar<ilt, Card Hrceirrr Card i aaea, and i Urr# lot nf Fhdi. aivU !<( Aiti Ji ?iul unaJ 1 of nil articles. tc ne.. for i>rrae>.ta 1CIaheli . Comb* The goods are u*w and will ba> aold low. A cill wil< be ihanklally received at the sigu of "he Ool Jen Coinb, V9H- U. M. QUIMBY. ?I76 11 1? ? d*rh ; NEW l.VlfonJ'ATlONia OF K1 It Kav?YGU066 AND PARlsl iN NoVELIlEH FOR THE HOLIDAY1* WOOD WORTH, sncceaaor t.i BONFA^Tl. Broadway. 1 it now opening hit animal collection <t Sort tie< ami Cnrinaitiea, for CHR'STHAS and NEW YKAi.'S PREHi NTS His praseut assortment f r MfptMWta ev:enraud varietyithar f|any n evi n< seuon. and e mprisea v me of l lie moat taitelul worka of an lhat have ever been impute I, j including a *? apes mens of S-Vie's Porcelain, from the , Itoyal Mtuufiet ry, exquisitely rare, eud worthy the attention rf eonnoiacara ai d lovers ol? he arts. Am >i| the rnilerti :n or- ai,mr beautiful mechanical Antomati.of be moat curmua aud ingenious dtacr l'tio'i, which I will richly tepay a viaitt" * < w thrm. Purc'iasera of fJolid v Presen's a e invted to rx'mine the j imtneme stock he;e < ffered, ai,d they Will find great advaji- i tage in maki"* their ae ectiona at au eaily day, WOODWOKTH,aucce?.orto BOVFANTI, 114 B'oadway, Barclay Buildings, near the Hospital. I JMStia* tli RICH PARISIAN GUOOH, auitableforth>-aeaa< n.?The snhacribe a would call >h^ attention of ihr pub'ic to their ixteusive stock of, ich Paria fancy artielea, auitib'e f ir the aeaaon, (for presents) comprising 'he moat magnificent : ai-ortme .t ofroiew -od, ebony, ?td inahoeauy, inlaid ??'ork Boxes, D,esaing and Tiavel ing <'??e*, Toilet Mirrora,'>deur aud Porcelain Boxes, Bronze and Gilt Clocks, Oamea. F < Articles, ftc just eerivei hv latest arrivals from Have.? The whole of which eaanot fail to pirate. nnd will be aold in pa cela to anif deale-a and othera, aid will be aold at a large redaction (rem taction privet. DEKAISMES ft BOIZARD, dZ( Jtis'rh Importera St Willi m at eet. RICH AND CHEAP h YlBRuIDEUfcU ! HANDKERCHIEFS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. JAMES BECK 3c CO have joat received a spl?ndi<l assortment of <>ew Pari* Embroidered Handkerchiefs, t'rapea, Coll-ra, Dreaeaa, Batta, Kichly Embroidered Mitts Kid Ulovet, L'ce Canea, Scarfa, Evening Dresses, at grently reduced prirea. at m troadwav. d^^ I w i? r*i J AiVlhSS 11 UK. fc CU. No 359 Brnadiray OFFER FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, j> D. J.. i n - ? jrjki jKUKurt r i wn, SILKS & SATINS. VELVh TS AND RICH KM "KOIDfcREI) SILK I)Rf.*8ES BROCADE* OF THE MOST SPLENDID DESCRIPTIONS. REAL PARIS WAT* RED 8ILK8 OF THF. MOST SPLENDID QUALITY AND COLORS. Silk Dam as Mnir c. Silk Jmdiniere. " Jlfricaine. " Mnyarka. " *ilgtrinnr. " Odulvifut " Daman Wane. " F.ea$*ui Merit. " llama Ilayiert. " Plain fon de S?it ' Ptkin 'Jki' iot. " Blk IValr'd. yard uu'dt. " Ptkin Hair* " Plain Black and fTkilt , " Mourning Silki. Changeable " d'Jlmame Mt/USLIN DE LAINES. CASHMK.RES. CASHMKHE D'l!'.Os8IC AND SCOTCH PLAIDS, KJEHY CMEJ1P ALSO?GINOHAM*. KMENCH CALICOES. PANAMA I PLAIDS, SHAWLH, SCARFS. HANDKERCHIEFS, . KMBHOIDICR1KH. he. fcn diltJt. rrc ~ DESIRadLE KNOWLEDGE. I EVERY ooe should be informed of the aimple fact ihit such article* a* am iadispemaMc lo the well fureishwg of their tablei, inch s? Wines, Cordials, F'Oi's. he. be . may be piocnrtd at 229 Bleeeker street, now and at all tim??. J- R. BALL, d24ioSlst*r 229 Ble>ch-r at. i i W. E. ROSc., SILVERSMITH and JewelW, and maonlacturer of aold and silver mounted I anea ; also, |>lain and farcy turner. The sabseiiber haaou hand a beautiful assormcut oi goiu moanieu anea, nitwit Tor r*ew-Ye*r pre?euu, | who ctale and retail at No. II Chnmbera it., np lUiu. d?l I w?re I INUVELHES. TIFFANY, you no It KLLH respectfully anaonnce cat iheir noveltiea for the holiday* ?re tow open, and Amdr for inaptction and aalc at ?9 and 369 Broadway. d'31'til re Rl H AND UHEFUL PRK8KNT* fox the Ho'idata, coaaia'iag of French, English,' German aud American ' > Toy*, of all and eye y deacription. from the moat aimiile te the moi' beaoti'nl artie'ea Frnitaiu every vaiiety, Winea, Cordiala and Liqeeta of a inprrinr quality. in f*et all aud every a'ticle tha, may be needed 'or the erjov meut of the coming fetiiTitiea. 1 he anbaeii er wi nld particularly call the attrition of bis patrora to a choice lot of very fine Spaniab Mu?k Mt loci, a very rare and delightful frnit d?3V'rc I. I'Q,\8<IUB. Wo. U ">n?l at. COAL, COAL FUR THE HOLIDAYS. ; LADIK8 who wia tn give their Irienda a warm reception ' in rii- coming hoitdaya, will please rail at SIMPSON'* Yard, 76 and 7* Thompson atreet below Spriug street, and prneare eome moit brilliant burning Peach Orchard. It makes 1 a beanufnl fire Clear Red Ash. All saner cover . N. B?Lehigh ard White Aah 8ehnyllnll. dI3 9t*r , BR ALEX'S CONFECTIONERY, FANCY BAKERY AND SALOON. 73 canal street. TlllSnld esfablishrrf aid f?voiite rnannf ctory end dM>?t ol all the delicacies roming within the range of abat 1 cUu Coufect onery, Kane* Bakery. ?nd lee Cre m and Re* . fo ahmrnt Galoot is this aeaton applied in anlimited profusion with "II the rrqeititee af a perleet hotida- set oar Every vn iety of Creatna. Jellies, Pyramids, Bleat Manga. Charlotte de Kuue and all other deacrtp mm of Coafeetione. P n, Tar's, .ml < aket, and Fancy r??try. ii all their varia iea; Preserved Fra'U an< Oyateri ef the flrat q nitty ptepva'l in any form,aepplird tovia'ten t the i?lo?n, or in aaiatitiM to > Families, Paities Ball* kr. he LiiIim will A d thi? uliuin on* of ihe moit qoiet tod be>i anpplied in ihe city, and lh? location extremely convenient wh-laton- on bai ne?e The oftoyt i< thi? action r.u- of he molt eit*nii * wri'd ?i'<3 w*i| itlected, to b* lou'.d in th* city. dttu jyi* n* THE BEST OPPORTUNITY KOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS! GUION'S BAZAAR., 171 Bro*d*??, corsti of Courtlandt street. THE PRoPRI* T OR of thi? old end fitoriif tanliehment having concluded ro cloa* hit l ock o' ncli and e?atly Kancy Go- da at * ail by private ??le. it w>ll be aold witftnnt regard to th* coat price*, and will fir* a be let opportunity f r aelecfioa, and at lower piicc*. than any a<le by auction ? { The atock. in Bwy artie'ea ia not equaled in th>a coanr y? ; the lap >riuioni f?r thii araa^n having been nuuanally l?^? : of the newea' and h'at 'elected good*, and ue?er b?n equ>1ed in former ye ra for ta??e or fiuenraa. Pnreii ver and irver gilt mounted Dreeing l'.?e*e, ! ( nir rhe price . f rranu.c'urig in Parii. To tltOM wh w u!d wiah to procure an and* > f the kirr. no ptIi opportunity will aoo.i oe< *r. Elegant dre ann Work Boiea, rorc lain Ware. Wnt'tig Deaka. Keticttlea. Pura-a, Card Caa-a, Paraaola Hiding Whipi, fcnveln|>ea. >ote Pa-er, fine t Perfume y, Brinhe?, Coinh?,a"d artie'ea irnpoaaib'e to panienlarixe. c mp lamp the euti'ei*ock of th* oldeat and moit fashionable eslabluhmema in Broadway f/l/ION'S. 171 Br*dway, Corner of ConrtUndt itreet, oppo?tt* dM?oIi?U?*r Howard'a Hotel. HOLIDAY PRESENTS. invoice of Sue French jewelry and gilt fancy , fcda, for nle at low price, wholrule or retail by VICTOR BISHOP, importer of preeiooa itouet. No. 11 ' Vaiden Lane. ap atairs dltlwia*r french fancy boxes \ FOH HOLIDAY PRE8E>T?-BRUN, LAIIOH1ERE ; K COUKT, 111 William street, have jnat received and offer <ora-\le two eases of French Fancy Boies for bonbons, nf the latest iiflu dj Im'.rc fancy boxhs and cornucopias, CUITAILl! foi Confectioners, for Chr'ttmna au<i New Year's presents. A large assortment of these aricles ? Also, eoierrd papers of all kinds, may be f.innd, nnd will be old by wholesale and retail, at reasonable Prices, at the ma aufactory of BAI'KR k BoDEN H Fmton st. ap smire. N B? Wedding-cake Bsiei on hand, or mada to order. i dt Im*r I M'. SIC, ' j THE ONLY TRUE BONO. ARCRY OHIEVC, the real caterer of'anerand j i VR limine Bi ?'s, has now rai h?rd and prepared to off?r the best selec ion yet offered to an American poblic. . fe eeied wuhont icaard ti price from every qn-rter ' of iWe Olobe. Amivng-t the following will be fonnd the I most choice deten tion of fancy lo g and va led Canary Birds, maclied and prepared to be pot np for ba'ehirg, (with I reeling cave, made cinieislv alter his own design ) Al*o, English French. German. African. Month Americen. l,hino-, and Domeitic. Together with the most cf>oice drifeiption of barj door F.iwls, Darks, Oeese. h ub'isIi and Not way Swsns.s'lver and golden Pheassnts. and \? toundI .ml. King i harles Hpaniels, French and Hpa'<i*h Poodles Italian Orey Hooudt. aud every other ape ics of rare and l'a?cy : Bird Cagea of every va iety. Alao. Archy'a Treatiac of the management uf the various descnptioni nf birds, fcc. See. N. H Evi ry variety of Bi'd Heeds f'agee. Itr. P. S Let-crs, r?-f iwid, will at all times meet with prompt ' attention from A. Oh IK YE, No. % John >tree\ New > orfc. YOUNG GENTLEMEN. Look out for your Christmas Preaenu. Archv'will be ?er-rint>?ird * hen the randy and the cakes are forgotten Bonnets pnt np by his own hand, in hit usual style, ai short no tire. dlltfrrc. hFki>*' ltffcbs'! nikur*!! THE stock of Birdi of a celebrated Fancier in l>. ,i?ncev atrce . are now " tiered lor ta'a at the Bird Fin I JK' r?rfn?. No. ttt Broadway. Tbcae Bitda are admitted r2*% to be ol the beet at clPin the ronetry. Aleo, Honf I Bud.larev earea. ingreat variety. Meed* a? yrm w?m then, he , tijr w. S Johneton, dealer in foreicn and ullm Biida. rflllw're Bill UP. ! JUST received, and for a?le at 114 John it real, IM yMh'toog Bre*d < anarv Bird*, which far length and bem- ; JmZZtr are ?ot anrpaae>d by any in the United -t*?a?. Tboee i r* *1 p'la'iin ab*at le'Mtlat Birda tor brtedief ?ill flud It ! areatly to their dvanaae to eall and czaaaiae the above aloek befit a pnre'.aaing e'vawhere. Alio. Bird Cafea of every variety cneetaetly on hand, and warranted aapenortofflr manulaeturrd in the city. Alao, hraaa. copper and iron wire Cloth, ornammtal will wo'h ftievea. <v>el and aand Percent. di?lw"r OhNlN, HiUtr\ 214 Brxidrcnff, ojtpotiU St. PamCt fB OFFEHS the ve?y laleat eevettiee r.f the Mem. S* flaring received the plate of Taiwan Kaebiea for Notemher, takea thia method of Iuformlag thoaa gentlemen ' who prrfar Ih l>e<ntiful French et'le. thit ha hat raw on hacd a!' t" ??o tmeat of th< a* tmly graceful Hata. The aaperioriiy of tha fabric froai which tHey are uixoa- i futnrit l, it a gmraniee of their taperier inane and durability, *i the low ttatd?rd price of Deit Mole.kin |4 M | Beat Nuirit or Bearer. I *$ Particular attention ia alao celled te i^e luge aaao meat ?! Cape (enable for the aeeaoa~aaeag which ia ibe celebre'etl Boaatt Cap. inimitaced by ihe aabaeriber fir Men and ' V omiJ**, in via ol Tar, Clbtn, V?lr?< ?<J &?'* P|*ah. flit trv I yeiltsg w ?t?oim (.??. * * UteU'i Velvet Aoaatl Ca* >i thmi. Ml?i Slwey. J | % AawicnKni. CHRISTMAS x E S rtVA L. HttNKl Ilfcll./. BICOS to announce thu li? will ti?e OKA.Mf> KfcSTIVAL CONCERT, Uie.latt but oue piior (o m? dipmart for HiraJU, uJ iboac* tufcuropc, ou Stturday ?.vtning, LHcnnbtr 2Gth, AT THE TABERNACLE. wb?n b* will b* Hf-utt J by MADAvlt ABLAtlOWICZ. Mrt. frilLIP MAVKO, MH. LOOCR, ud hi* XPLEXUiD OR'-HEaifttAPRO'.KAMME. ?a*T i , . 1?Ore-tare (o ".Vlonri'i Duu Oiuf^uul," Grand Qrchettr*. i? Aria irom "Hemireinu,"............. Ph. Mayer J?A ui-w Or?nd Couerrtn, for ri inoforie aud OrClle?t'*? I. Adigio Krligioio. 11. Muudo Brilliant. Computed auaex<-cuttd oy HeoiT Ilera (-Caitiiin ' Come p?r uie." from Li Bonminliul*. B?llii>i, tunc by Mad. Ablamowicx. i?Le Tieatolo Capice on m celebrated Air hy Be-ihovfu, followed by tlie Km.ile ?f L'-Mnba tad ice, by An> ber, computed and executed fine tim*. bv Meori Her*. 6?"The Lait Rote of Summer," >un( b/Mad.Ablamowies. r**T it. 7?Ore.-tnre t.? Reeihoren'a Fidel to Onto Oreheftn. 8?Freucii Homaure Hi. Mayer. ?Du?t?Conreitnnte?" Le I'hilim"? rompoa il bv H Ht-r*. andexecvt-d (first lim. ) hy .Mr. 'J'inim and Henri Heig. 10?(J and Mia?" Lore, at nee 1 hrenk thy Feuer*"?from Aub?r'iCr?wa Jewel* Mid.Ablaroowic*. 11?Fautatir, Va'ianoni. and K udo(de Concerto) on the vlar h from <>uilhunie Tell, for Pi mo or.e nnd O ciieitra, toinpoird and eiecuted (fiitt lime) Henri Hert. 13 -Urn.d F.uale ny Oicheetra. Mr XI >1 -1 will preode at th* Pianoforte. Mr. O-.dRU'. 1 i 'iiKlt wnl lend hit pleiidid orebretre. The Trrmtlo has been published by Sob* feu berg & Luii, 1-.I Rr.Uii'.Vi, To bring ihil 'estival cot-cert within the reach o' every> , choo', iiuil student ol thu 1'iauo Korte, Mr. Heuiy Heis his Cied KOH T.lid EVENING ONLY, the following | PRICES or ADMISSION : Hint'* Ticket* tl M Family da to admit three persons tM Do do do Bto do 3 04 A Ca?i>.?M?. Henri Heri hiringreceived intelligence by the last steamer, that t' e Sec retiry Tor the department of public iusuurtiou aunot comi>l>? wi h his ieque*tto eitend his li'STe ofabsence fur a longer period than Apiil next, he will be able to give only one c uicert more in ISew Yoik prior to his dai'inure lor ihe 8, nth and Havana, and the..ce for E'irope. No pnetpoiiement on account of the weathe*. Hnors oprn at 6?Conc-rt to commence ai TW o'rlock. ItT" Thecooci rt of tne American M nical lnstitu'e, annouLced for this evening, doe? not take place,is consequence ol an rrHjiK.m-oi m?d -with Vtr. H-II. il?4 HILHAUMi-Ml; a.CIt.TV-M'TH 8E \>ON 'I'he public and the subscribers tie respectfully informed thn'ihe Hrcoad toncert nf the ?e*aon will take place at the Apollo R> oins on Baiurdiy, Janu ry 9, It #. >?u scriptioua loi the leinainiug th ee concerts, entitling the subscriber to four 'ickets to eech icceired at the mmic sioie ol ochmfeuberg It Lais. By order J. L. ENSIOV, Secretary, d?6 7t_isSaTu It Th rc 417 Houston it. ST. GEClRGK'd aOCIETyT I^HE Charitable Committee of the abort Society, beg to . auuoance t? the public, that their FESTIVAL CONCERT, lu aid of the Charitab'e Kund, will take place at the tabkrnacle. On MONDAY EVKNINO December J?, Ml*. Principal Vocaliiti. MRS E., T MlS8NO?THALL, And MADAMK ABLAMOWICZ ; MR" AUSTIN PH ILL I PH. And MR. EDWAkD rtHEPPARD. Principal IntIrummlmlitti. The talented Children, Matte's BUi LUCK It COLE, and muiAnii n.tULL.ngowiu iiUiArubiiunLAiio, will p? form a law piece*. * HEMR DOKN. (The Fim Horn tad Ouitar Player ofOermauy, hii ftm appearance in New Yolk.) MR. J. A. KYLE. Mil* 11 C. TIMM, MR. GEOHOE LOUER. and hi* UPLItNDID ORCHK8TRA. Ticket* One Dollar, to be ob aiued at the aiual place*, tod of the member* of the committee- dl9tl" rc \["r.W YOttK H 1ST OKI' AL, SOtlt.TY.-At -lie re1 ^ que*t and und-r theau*pice*ofrhe Society, Mr. Oeo. K. Gliddon w ill deliver a ourac of eiyht Lecture* on Egyptinu hieroslyphical diacoveriea apeudidly illustrated by Diagram* 4iid Antiquities, al the Mechanic*' Hall, 473 tiroadwaT. Therourte will commence on Monday eveaiug, XSth Decembi r, and be coirinued on the 4th, 7th, 11th 14ih, 18th, 21*t a'.d 25ih January, at 7>J P. M. 'I ic'-e'*, with proapectnar* and progratumea, for *nle at the B"ok*iore* ol Bartl tt ft Wei ford *nd of Wm Trylork Co., under the *?tor Houie; of R. Lockwood It Co , 411 B'oiriway; of H. Hermit 633 Dro'dway: of J C'mwen Broadway and Bleecker areet; a' 'he office of the Omb? Hotel; at the Haunt of the New York Historical Society, I and at the door of the Meehauic*' Hall. Oa.iUeuiWa Ticket, S3; L dy'?, $1; Juvenile Nmu 1 und*r IS $l-fur the course Single adtniasion?admit*. M 1 can'*; juvenile perton*25 centa. For other paitira'ara. see Programme*. JO H.N R. BART LETT, lor Com. N. Y. Hi*t. Boe. dtt tf rTe (jLAKKB'S SACKS. ! No. 116 .WILLIAM 8THKKT, (Oppoaite the New Building*.) MY SACK OVtRCOAT-4 have m.t with universal ?p- 1 prnbatiou. I cat ihein in auch a manner a* to aet ona : bad fntuie tu t'ebeatadva tage. and to improre * goort one. 1 have a large a**nrtmeut on han'l, ?h ch mut be *o'd by the UtofJ naary. Thoae I now hare are of ftuer qu illty and more Mrdaomelv made and trimmed than ?*er, while I am elliog ihem at a reduced price, var>iug from flO to $17. It i* aeldoin au oppo'tuuity o?cur* lor bnyiug inch eicelleut garment* at to low u price, therefore call eaHy Every gat uirni 111 me iraue inane to craer, u uuu, at low price*. ill tfrc ! TO THE LADIES. LADIES. if you will peep into !?3 Broadway, well knows i u the 1'ieoiinin Store, > on will be aatooiahed to tee the I bargain! of Fancv Articles tlx' ate luM there. They consist ' of a splendid assortment of fur y drets Cap* and Head- 1 Ureasea, a rery new atyla of Cnimmaeetta aud Collar* ; also, Mourning of every descri|>ti->u ; together witS an assoriinenl of Evening Dresses for Indies ; French Embroideries, Laces, i Itlbbous, Fiow-rs, Feathers, Gloves, and various other arti- j clas too numerous to meuriou. Laities wanting such articles lor the hoi id v * will do well to call at 3t3 Broadway, nearly opposite Niblo's. wl ere a great variety of Krencn Goods can be had at the lwweat market pric?a. >w*r i WIOS AND ?OALP??Tb- largest the cbraneat. and j the best assortment are to be found at A.O. B AMKY'S, | 14$ Bmadway, corner of Liberty street, upstairs. dUHmrh ' MR?~ CaRK()LL'H Medicated Vapor aud Hutphar : Baths, 1M Fulton street, opposite Church street. A cer afci cure for Coltls, ' oughs, (l^eutnatisin, "ore Throat I ard'ill inilam<ual> rr diabase* incident to tne changeable > .tie of.he weather The Sulphur Vapor Ba h is partiealarly recorn nended bv our first ph?sieiausas a crtre for all eru ti"iM and diseaaes of :he si in. No danger of taking cold 1 n<??.r nf'^1 > P K?fk a. A'i 1 ?H * r* bttViiLfeft 1 a T<HE undersigned have just received a *rfsh supply of fcr valenta, put np in pound packages. which they offer U> the ptlblie either wholesale or retail. DKLLUC k CO.. Apothecaries and t hrmiats. Sola Successors to Place It Sonillard, n!4 1 m rh Nn I I'ark Hnw. and Ml Broadway. iVlKjJ ZMiUlU NO ?V DIVISION 8TRF.ET WILL open* large assnrrment of Paris millinery. QKpQ^nnrts, fce. *>ke will olfer for inspection a cboire stoe of Fall foods, comprising silks, sarins, plain and cut velvets, He., fce., which beiua selected with good Mate fr m the latent arrivals, is well worthy the attentioa of parchnaera. Merchants and milliners from the country, wan tins maten als and patterns, wwuld find it their interest to call belor pnrrhasinr. as the stock is fresh, the style the latest; whic will he rf fti liable 'erlPS n?H 1 m re ______ j LADI - S and Oent'emen, at 367 Broadway yoa e^pBRfcan 1>r.i the fare shee iludta Knbber Over Shoes fr m t?*Tarpe?t to the stnaMes' and as et>e*p as vou can those mi,o? oni ui ?.iu nmne-. nnu a '?r*e aiaortinent ol coik Sole, i L)"uM* d >, and lu-lit French Bona; a'.a" n great uNHMto( Indie*, miraea'audrhild.-ei.'a b?cta and ahoea, equally cheap, at M7 Broadway corner 01 Krai'h'm atreet. dllm'rc OOODYEAR'8 OVER SHOES. 100 BROADWAY. ijLj I.ADlEtt' AND OENTlEMEN'H OVER SHOES. mMinf&ctnred of Ooodyear'a Olrbrated r.i.rui Metallic iadia Rubber, perfectly llenble in lite eoldcat weather. Vol tale br the '.utpr aiafle pair, by BHOWEB k BROOKS. Sole A*?nta lor Uoodyaar'* Manufactories 4) lm?irr Wit" ?y. nnpoaire Trinity '"linreh. PK.EMIUM BOUTS Quick 8<dei and Small Profit*. - FINE FRENCH BOOTH for fS M oar owa nuJr*. Vaad w?rrui??J tn give aatiafaetiori'. fine French imperial ' Dree* Boot* for f4 Jo, equal to tho*e naqally avid in jM Btvadwny for M or $7 at YUUNO k JONES' fia* ! French Boot ind Shoe Mann factory, on* of the moit fg?hiooabl* ?tore* in thia city. Onrboot* recaivtd the highcrt 1 praia* in the law Kair of the American Inatitat*, for the ; price, ever told is thia city. Boot*. Sh?ea, Uaitar*, ko mid* to order at the ahorteat notice, Mending he don* im the , itnr*. YOUNG k JONES, 4 An at 1 dl Iw'rft i TO LttT. " | M S****al apartment* to I*', in tli* central ptrf of the | ffTf eitr.?ilh every ctmTeiiienea, anitable for atnall fami- ; Jj^^li*a Arply at l7T>lnd*on ?f. d!9 lw*re j FRENCH'S HOTEL. THE Prop iet'ir te*rectf"lly inform* hi* friend* \ and lt? poblic that he haa r?mor?d frim hi* l.?te hotel . X^flLin Eoltou *t ect, to r.|* other hotel, <M I hatli'in *tie*t, 1 * few door* ?e*? of Pearl it-art, to which he ha* added additional bedroom*. and fnrniahed them Hi i ttyle that will bear favorable comparison with the very brut hot'I* in the city.? I Upon no occaticn wi I there be more than one bed iu a room, I the prire for ? h'fh wi'l h? 7S r?m? rer night dl7 lm*ic I'Uli 1 A THREE STORY HOII.4F. on ? fT-Tx the id and M avennea It it well riniahed. and replr'e XiaAw"h lliflittii tmproreaienta, inc>admg kitchen range, , am?, rrld and warm bMha, water eloaeu, fce., I'alian amble mnele throaithoat the home: a mart yard of IS feat in (rout with rrranii-n and fmu'h windows Tlia honae la one of a row of aii heitate on tita etaih aide rf rl?e afreet For ; further partiealara apply to WBKItBONfl, dHlnr?rh IT! Paarl at DR. KELLlNOSttS ?fl__ INKALLIBI.K LINIMENT ia warranted to aoraa and alcta of every aamre ia a few t. j / Indaya. It acta like magic ia removii g rhenmatiin, aadall otkvr paiaa One nt two doaaa ia M certain to relieve 1 bilioae eholic, diarrhma, ke. aa It ii taken. It ia perfectly daIitfntfnt in iu odor nnd flavor It U nnireraally acknowledged in ba the beet family medicine ever offered to the pa bile.? Pnee M ceata i>ar bottle. Bold M W Joha a'reet; comer Bowery and Broome. Sd areaae md lath a?; Jeflrier'a dmi atore, Dr. Bonett'e, Doyer ,,..i i h?'K?m .?d fti? H h rffl'i, ( kt Hull. nlt|m*r* FIANO FORTH INSTRUCTION? Z CA8TLK k EDWIN MeCUHKKLL. ^^^ 'he latter from the Hoyal Aaademv of Mnaic, f f # | JlLotdoo, will give leaaonaoa the fiaao K.??e < ?' their reatdaaca, 54 Liapaonrd at., | near Broadwaj*. or thai of ihnrrnr'la a^'on very moderate | te ina whirh can he m.ide kiw*r, b applf mg aa above. dll IM*rc M* DA LINE TO PQ9T0N ?.a NKW rtZjI^&MAVV.N. SPRINGFIELD, AND THE >1 ^ MM ^TKk.N nAILK(JAU^-Oa aid aAjp KsteanaKs to ted,) at fj{ A. M Can will ht is raadmeai ou ill* urtval ot Ik* baal tl N#? ?i?v a-, iy I4?e dxaatui laataa, grrior.g u T T M. [ ateta.w.'3rH""~ 4? Mteia i AfillJlRIKSTS. iik n ?ki r o k LesTdanmusks viennoises. PAi*. K inE ltkt-Ditonlir ?TeniP((. lite M?The p?r> foruituiera will coiniucuce with the lruli Medley Over* I lute by Cit-my. After whch 41 Daixcuiei Virsnoite* will appear in the f ? iuatiuc P AS OK KLKU * S. To which will b- add. d CII AOS 14 COME AGAIN Jo be I'ollowrd by *4 itaiuruaei VieBno.M-a, in the PAS Ok. PTVKlKN. To wh>ch wi'l be added the MARRIED RAKE. Afar which the CA> HONOHOIS by 14 Dametiiei Vi onoiari. A Her wl.idi, VY NEIGHBOR'!* WI^E. To couclir'e with ihe uaL OliL UES DRAPEAUX, by 41 Uuiteu?? Vieuioi't* L>nnra open at 6H o'clock; and the performance* will comu ence at 7 o'clock Bitin II; HtMc nU; Gallery ti cetta. | 1 BOWMlY t UkAl'Kfc- 1 hi i creuinf, u?c. rt, ii<e pe j formoeea will commence wi b the spectacle of MA XKPP A?Nl^a-npe. .\ir. Neifie;Zaailla, Vira Defiant, Abdri Kban, Mr. Booth. To be followed by the Spectacle of ALADDIN?Aladdin, i Mr? Booth To conclude with (be Drama of LAK11TK?La f.tte, Mr 1 Nenfiei Aiphfnto, Booth; heberio, CUike; Throdoto, Mr* | Booth. Ore** Circle tS ceuta; Pit and Gallery IIM cent* 1 Doon opcu atfljj o'clock: tnrfaiii n?e? at f. , i 1 rvtlttN Wlivll cornet 01 varica auu U ( liarlton etraara?Since Manager, Mr. H. P. URAT TaN.?Smurday. Dec .?. F.Tenin* the pe'formanrea will commence with the MILLER'S MAID? Uilea. MrO Chapman; f <a0e, Mti Q ( liK^iutu IlkT j b* i (lowed by Mil. fc MtiS CAUDLE?Betty, Miu Tuna Drake; vimi Mr H hirtntn To couclude ? ith * JN 1 HE DARK?Mr Pettibone, Mr 11 Ch piuan; Mr* Peti'boue, Mia* Jalia L?ra*e. llo?e?, !b ceuta, to all parts ol Hie nouae ; private boxe*, 93. Pit, 1JH cf n o. Door* open at half pa*t 6? Performance to eommeuce at 7. ivi 1 I CH? LL'b OLYMPIC THKATKi ? 8*turil?T EvenLei iu? Dec??'b'" !6? To cowmeuce with ilie Extrav aattaofTHE SLEEPINO BKAL'TV IN Tut WOOD? 'rii. ino, Mr Kvurv-d; Pr'nr<-*? laat alia, Mil Tiiom Alter whirh, MEPHI.*>TOPHIL?>?l B?ny J inks, Mr Holland; Lady Vlirlilla kgiinuiiui, Mi Tiiaia. To be followed by. S3 JuH.N TBh.fc.T-Mr Tomlina, M' w-alcot; Lidy Cmtr Mi*? Ana Crui.e To courtage with lHEKlNU'3 OARDENER?Galoch > d, Mr Holland; Madame WiJoai.ard. Mitt Ana Clone. Dreaa circle )0 eent*. upper bote* <3 cenu, pn v?? > <>> <? prirnte bo*e? t'j Orclie*tra bcxea, St. Dw*i n' half : * 'h ii elorit curtate ri*e* at 7 CUU.06? UU W c.KV A>1Prj 11 Hr.AlKK. MAD WE MABIA MACARTE, QoEEN OF THE CIRCLE. LEVI J NORTH. Firit Horaeman of the Age THE DANCING CONY. Je?uny Liud, will exhibit bar wo dclul irn'nirK and I'm Se?l?. Mr. JAME"> NIXuN, wiih ?'i??uperh.y taught chil? d m. Wil io Hid C'arlie. Mr NORTH ? ill litfe hi. great act of HnrtemmiMp. SR. FELIXC *1<L0 in tie Pi. of T? iAD IN THE HOLE mid the Nuriery Leg?ud ol *?M'AcLal8. Mr. rtAUtAI^i T ? Sh?k?peare'a Heioaa. Mr. PERRY. aa the Indian Hunter. AM E R1CAN~"C1 ft cu?r: CHATHAM T"E?THK. 8JIND8. LENT t- CO. PROPRIETORS ON Hjtniilny Evening, De<- 26th, ihe emrrtaiuinent will ajmtnauaa with a Gr.iud Entree entitled the Coartiara i.l LoaiaJCIV Scene* and KxercUc* in the Arena by Mr. Stud* and hii talented children; Putturiuf by Mr H. E. Cono?er; Fuhting har-e*; Pickwick* by *'r. Mrtely: Miner Hernandexaa the Sailor B< y; Dancing Hone May Fly, ke. lie. Clowua, Meaara Pemlaiid aud Lnthrop. Tln.tra ,i,t..n u) hat,? ?Vl,.-L, l>.rt>rm.,ll>u fx uim. mence at 7 precisely. Boxes 26 renti; Pit 12V cents ; Private Boies 50 cen's. 8ra s can besecn ed at that Box Office from 10 in Uo'eiocli, i A. M , and from } to4 P. M. A FO<*TKR. dtl tf re Secretary snd Treasurer. THE ALHAMRA SALOON, 4*9 Hinudwcy, bttwtn Sprinn and Fnnce ttritli, nearly ojtponte Nihlo't. Kc-ciigageiacnt of HERR ALEXANDER, The Great Orithnal German Mweini, who caused such nnbouuded astonishment at Niblo's. He Will Appear Every Evening Thit Week. Kali particulars in the daily bills. Tickets to the Rotunda, SO rents; to the B?leony, Si easts? Children under II years ol age half price. Doors open atBH?commence ai 7H o'clock. dM lwre I ITALIAN-UPKKA COMPANY, At Talmo's Opera tlonse, in Chambers street. SIGMOK1 A. SAN QUI 11 ICO and C POOLIANi present their most sincere thanks to the patrons ol the Italian Opera, for their getter on s encouragement, at the same time they hire the honor to announce that thry have smceeded ia aeromplishing engagements with the following artists of sterling renown, who are at present in the ctiy, tii:? Prime Donne?Hignore Clotilde Barili and Jtosiua Pic*. Pnmi Tenon? biguori Sesto Benrdetti and Balrstore fatb Primi Bassi?Signori Kederico Beneventano and Anr. San qnirico. Maestro attach)d to the Company?Siguor Antonio Barili. | Leadrr of the Orchestra?.Siguor Micnele Rapetti. ; Chorus Director?Mr. H. C. Ueames. Piompter?Signor Msroni. Stage Manager?Big. Beuetti Riese. i Scenery by the distinguished artist. Signor Allegri, ef the . royal theatres of Dresden and Paris, and Sig. H. Moltni. Seasou tickets for 36 uights, $34, can be secured at the box | office, from 10 A. M. till 4 o'clock P. M. daily, j . (Jentlemen'a huod uc? eta, not atcnrtog 8 numbered teat, may be bad at tU. | let tier iioxea and I'anjnetie $1 00 aa ti?r " , so Fririue boxea for 8 petaona 11 00 ' " < ' . ) ? The firat Optra will be the "Linda of Chamonni*." In active prsraratiun, the new opera of the calebratad Verdi, "I Lomondi." dl< ll rrc WALNUT o'l. IHtAl Rt., fniLAfhLrniA K. A MtRiHii.i., Lea*ee,.. W K. Bi?l, SATURDAY EVEMNO, brc 26. will be perfoimed, lb* I comedy entitled THE Ait'J Ul'S WIFE Clairmonr. Mr Jtuniaon ' AT ei which, the new dra^a of A LEGEND OK LISBON; or, A Maiden'a K"me. Jean Homiro MrRichmga To coaclnde with ' ! THE HAPPHCST DAY OK MY LIKE. . On Mon.lav?M'. And'r>on. the celebrated tiagedian, wili appear u brului. in "Juliua Cetar" CHEgMJ'l STREET THEATRE. OWE AT ATI RACTION ! A gre*'. qnantity of HOLIDAY PRESENTS gireu away . ? er?-rv tr ning LOOK OUT KOR THKM ! Mr. Al FXANDEH, the young AMERICAN MAUI- , C1A.N, w ill appear EVERY EVEN 1 NO, _ at hia brilliant! y illnminated and M unifiernt 1 emple ol Enchantment, in I la vuncriona and Oriental Moireea, and par- . form hii moat increci-leni d aetoni>hing KEATtJ OK VIAOIC, lie . duriuc which he will Biannftemre aquaati'T of Wraatha, 111 qneta CaJiea, loiiteriionerv, he.. frrtbe iadiea nnd an ex leomre aaaotimaait of T"T'; B'oka, Klowara. Caiidiea, ate.' kc , for i hildten, all r f which he will gtte away. The peiformince will he changed every craning; for p?itlcul ira ?.f wt ich, aer bi'l of li e oav. rhicEf-HK ADMI-Sior. Dreaa Circle, 10 eenta^Unwr lt< xea and Pit, IS centa.? Cuitdran half price. Colored Oillrry, 15cenia, (entrance in C irpenter afreet.) t),.ora often at 7 c'cloeV?pe formanre to commence ' tf.ri- II n'-loclt. '"?? r NEW THEATKE, BROADWAY THEpublic are tttptctfuMy luf'-rmid. that i ter much t<Out?|* and ausiety, the uiidetaimed have concluded their arniig'menta for Gcu I owoaeud'a property in fr-ou h llrtudwav. auil execmed c ut acta with the eminent arc i nets tlmn Htf. og fc Adaou, ro complete t? e b'Midmr by . the itt of J nnary wti?i it will be opeu to the pnblic lor a ' e ?or. of ?ix mouth* ' duration Piofe ?iona'< of leaprc'ahi'i'y wi*bmg to ipend the wit. . ter in ihc Cipul of U e Empire Ftate w II ilrue idilmi ' the undeiticned (, on paid) wli.*u they will rr eve di.e it' < teuiou. H. W rMLKTON It CO. di3 I wrr | iNtW YUKK GALLLUV OF 1I1L t IMi ? ARTS. t THE Eihibiiioo of ihe Wo In of .Art belonging to this l Insmu inn >a now rpru at the Kotanda in tie Park.? 1 hr?* fine piece* of f-cul| tore bv Brown have be*" Ittel adil'd.Mi: Koih, |i.e*inted by Mi?? kl'U Hieka ; Th? Boy and U >, the gifi i>l CblTln M l.ei TP M . ?ud A i n. la In id'liti. u t the aboT*-, ai <| a valuable catalfgae of Kngravlnga, I if ei lle' line embraces Uolet' C ouue of t mpire { aud Voyage of Li e. I e?id>a i tli'r fine ipecmeua ofA"*ri can Art. by M tint, ln*b?m, laman K.duu nd., llnr ino l.ln^ Iran, Hoaherinel, aid r>tbrr?. The <ial riy is 01 en diily fr< m 9 A.M until dark, and oo Vnniliv and i itrvdn Kaeninaa until III I' M. Vew?* *r?? ip one dollar ; tingle hdnuoif.u 25 r*?n* I HVg r ?nf. ?t2< + Ttih hush c.ftiic>RA>'i aocibiy WILL give their T1 i-d Annual Ball at ihe Coliaenm Koomi, No 4J0 troaJway, an Tueaday Kreuuig, ?th Derrmtwr. in*;. A Ticket to admit ? Uentleman ?nd two LUIh S3?Cm be procured at iHc office ol ihe Society, Ho. 6 Ana *U?et, or ol ?"y ol the following cotnmitloo Unru *t Un.Loit 33 Btrrlay at. Joicrii Mivait II Williamat, Hi:oh Ktur 138 Bowery. jAMr.a M?tthk*i ?5 Wall ?t. Jamei Kmcni n Month William iL Wm H i 44 Kicnutt Placf. Fri.ii Iksoluiit lit Mmntii Uai. Joh" 1(4 Tra>lat. Wm. 43 Kichaoga Pise*. Jamci Otwrix 179 Weat at. < T? ?. bwixwici 'A Pin* at. T Dnmttxr 7 Sooih William at? Chai K. HM*A 71 NUHIII. C.M. Ni'ir M Pine at. K B. Dalt ? W Broad iL M.J ()'( o**on M John at. Kutnr.xcE McCaithv 7J N'aiaaa IL d? o?i?^ _ _____ PHIL-?4'HOKhA^ TdClfcl Y AHHiuMBLIKB -The ir.rmlura ofilir Phi'i cli'"f8 citty AmmWiet ?> rrnnnrrd to attend a ?r>*ci#l iBffirg at 'I AM VAN * II ALL on aATL'RO Y KVK.MNu. Dee, at I o'cltck, on bt?:neaa of importance. Bv t'onnt, d?a |t?n W\l. M. HQVKM AN. Bec'y UNION lllFLKMAN MALlj THK. ELEVENTH ASM AL BALL of ti c UNION RIFLEMEN, n i I hr he'd at T?mm??r Hall, on Toeadtv erening February Id, IMT. Ticket* ma* he h d of iha following committee:?Lieutenant Jcbn P. Kllia. <"0 Peail aireet; Knaign Hear* A. Winn a<n;fl?igeant Joi n Oilhooly, 78 Naaano atrial; Adjutant JoM 14 Noma, 71 Oold atreei; Mr. Henry Wright. 1?# Liberty alreet; Win Bn Fnl. ton ifM't M- riucli.lli Ni*tn ?treet;\l. Oo?dcteon. 47J< ..I . : 1.' _u - r. , It ,'J I>-?w?p-"" itrett. dli. H tX'W THE THIRD ANNUAL KETE OK THE FIFIH NATIONAL GUARD, WILL Vi firm it th? I olitrun on M'uday areaier D" c?ra*er vl, MM. Ticket* may b* obtained of ei I *r ot tne uad< reigned. ( 'Pt J. L. WAUOW, tt *?>dr t'rrat, Lieat. K. MlLLAnD. ir Wc?t?t. Lieut. V. CRK'UH ? Ov, 4f FmtuM *1. _ __ Mr. J. J?. PLATT, prace ? 'eec. d?0 HnTtTnSWn M.<*'u?rc 3?HIC HANt) uoihtnn *ery node rat a teime by a LeJy who uu(!?r(t*i da the acieaee lhoro??Mr.and nudere* <o impart to Her pnpila a perfect ha wle"*e of the theory with ilia ireateat laeriiy. Term., th;ra dollar' per moe'h. A liae aoilreiaed to " Mnate," at tha office or th<t paper hal >? attended to. d<1 fmiea*re L'<l?: TAUOnT. and a ianjimjuiTak rOR BALE?M. DUMSUA* appliiatioa of the <?uitar Auger-board and at'i"ta. to the Btnjs. prodscm* a much Ineder tone than the Oeitar Alan, a r'*h toned *e'aph m. with a a'ronjr hellawa, ii?er|r tte?. and ia food order. For at'aattl*. U|>ii to M. lOl'MKUAY. Teacher nf Mane, ??Broadway ' d*J*?re WtlME oLn WiiinKb*. THE Nuhacriber offer* fur a le Wiae'< relebrared old Cork < Whiaftey, 5<li proof, in pnnehenne uader cuaton hoaea I'Wk. He alao offera the earn a article at hia norm ia <ja<etitioe to aait purchaeert. Together with a well aa.ortad a:??ek *t <?roceriee. OAAlKL NOCaJiT fiia iwrrc M Oreenwjcb atrrv. PUKfc. GHAMPAOiNE WIML. AJTMEAH tarsia* M " rale AIM" CkunaM Wiaa, with " Crowa." Tbora, aad Or* pa Van da, haa iyt b?e? reeaired by the vubtMciMr, to which tha yuectioa u( MW4'iaqu, hotel ka??w". aad prlrate feailane ti u c*l'e4. wh?i u? **%*', >0 wi, e?*t ijsp^tia^a (taaaity. Jllri IMMIM If VlHhN'liMMNtli ?- m LATEST INTELLIGENCE. IT TBI MAILS. Waihikoton, Dec St, IMA jld trillion of Iowa ? Th< War Qu?#(nn-Tin 8+tr>t*rf of War an,! the ^vlunttert ? The brigudiortKip? India liuklttr? 7'A? Tta and Ci'Jftt bill?The Two MillUm* appropriation Bill?The fKul agalntt the Oouth. The bill for the admii'ion of low* Into the Unkn. pu(. eJ the Seuita to-d?y, and now want* but the tanciion of the President to become a lew. Th? Semite, after a *h? rt Acalnri aH Iftttrn?,l ntar till \fnnia* The war question ?u di*cu?aod is the bouee in Ik* u?ual (train, on both (idea. It hat anawarad vary wall t smuie the houae during that portion of the aenion that hat elapsed, but I truat (bat after the holiday* the play thing will be abandoned, and that the honae will turn ita >ttention to the cubjecta demanding legislation. Everyihing of moment pertinent to the lubjcot haa bees aaM laveral times, and ibould not be aaid again, and I traat the houia w 111 take thu into conalderatioa. I must lay tnat the debate tbua far ba? been conducted with unuaual and moat unneceeeary tudeaeta on both idea The rppoiition ruibed into it with blind fnry iriking right and left at random, dealing very awkward blowe, and observing none of the couriedea and amanl tiec of gentlemanly di*cua?ion. The administration party ostead of treating the assaults of the oppoaition coolly rod with the confident calmneaa thair security ahould leget, responded with an equel degree of indiscreet in petuoslty, and allowed themielrea to be drawn from tkoi^ rntrenchmeoti, when their evident policy waa to permit the enemy to do all the fighting. The brief waa made tip in the President's meiaage. Elaborate defencea of an t?our in length could aerve no good purpoae Tkey were ,uperfluous; and the only thing tbat can palliate atok is* discretion is, that the time occupied by thoae apeeekeo ha! Koan (ttmail Ia mnek aJeanliM in Mia buslnessof legislation, at there ii alwaye tacit uader. itnndinK that until after Christmas holiday* no bnainaaa trill ha earnestly attended to. Mr Root delivered a dry, humorous. oaustio speech toJ?y, in which he strongly denounced the war. Tke House ndjourned orer till Monday. The Secretary of War 1? beset with applicationa of rolunteer companies to bo mustered into service. Mr. Dallas called upon him this morning to endeavor to interest hial ;n the application of a fine company from Philadelphia, which pltads bard to be accepted | and scarcely waa the Vice-President gone when Mr. logcrsoll called lo Bn 'csvor to induce bim to accept a company from Keolington, the Captain of which has come on hero to urge the applkatiou They aro willing to be attached area to the Massachusetts regiment if they cm gat to fight BO ither way. All they desire is, to bo called into eorvioo. Neither company, however, can be accepted. Now Jartoy urges her claims, and New York offers every deecription of force. It was but this morning that the Captaia of ?troon of New York Artillerv BDulied for the aOCOD lance of hi* troop. Hit application could not b? complied with. There is considerable difficulty experienced in making choice of a Brigadier General. The wlaoUia iheuld, of right, be made from New York Mat*, and the Secretary of War ii fully aware of the fact, but of the many offering themaelvee there are rery few oompetent. But that the appointment belong* to New Fork, it would be given to General Cadwalader of Philadelphia. Col. Webb haa ban talked of, but he will uot receive it. Gen. Ward, of Sing Sing, hai been talked of, but ho will not receive it. Who will receive the appointment haa not aa yet boon determined upon. Captain Taylor, the inventor of the India rubber ;amel,haa had an interview to day with the Secretary jf the Navy, in relation to the employment of the in vanion in our ncval operation* in the Gulf. The late of the t?a and coffee bill, ia now regarded aa lealed, unlen something unlooked for occur to aevo It. If the present difficulties were foreseen by tho Proallent, 1 look apon his recommoiidaUon of the measure, la lis message, as extremely impolitic If the administre lion it in minority in uingreit, me voie on we oiu if ill lay that fact bare; a* the meatute ia, the democratic >artv, of extiemely diubtful oithodoxy, and conaejuently the democrat* in Congreaa opposed to the niniitration, will be glid of tha opportunity of deallrf it a blow with impunity. They will be p?rf??Uy wb n voting againtt the bill ; the whiga will lay, " If yott irish to raiae additional revenue, why not raiae the ta iff 7" and they will vote againat it. That the admialr ration will be defeated on a meaaure it haa itaelf re:ominended. Such a mortifying reault should always >e avoided. There ii a determination on the part of tome ot the tf eateru democrats to op pott the two milliona appropriation bill, unktt it unbrace Mr. Wilmot'a anti alavery proviao. I car not but condemn thia determination it extremely injudicioua. The thing ia inexpedient, aa well aa unnecetaary. It ia cat of place in tuch a bill?It a more, it ia a tenreleat abiurdity. It enjoint npon tha 'resident a duty wh'.ch ha ia not bound or able to par* \ orm, that i* to prevent the txiatenceof alavery ia *WJ arritory acquired by treaty. Tht Preiidext haa no power 0 do to. and if ita operation it int? nded to reatrsin tha uture action of aome future Congreaa, it la eaaily teen R a a mere nullity, having no effect what*ver for the at ainmrnt of ita ^ateraible object. Even tha temblarce ef coquetry with tha abolition tarty would be the moat runinoua policy the democrats ?uld purtue Tha wbiga have been coquetting with hem for yaara, and their temporary all Usee a have al* v yt resulted to the foimer in ditoo&fltura. Tha daaw :ratio matte* will not tuttain aiiy coalition with tha abo' ilioniata. It it theer folly for the Wett to bejealoua of tha Soatk. 1 our Southern dominiona should eatand to the Iathatu if Panama, the Wett would ttill havaa avfflcient counterfoil# beyond the liocky Mcuutaine She haa all tha ilementa of atrength her ; aha haa nothing to ear, and, therefore, there ia no excute for thia pretended ealouty. I will refer to thia subject again. iALVIENBIB. \Va?hMotos, Dec 34,1640. Cenirtu?Mixican ?Tht frrrndtnt and StntB Jlnna? Smalt Bill of Nr. Jjickini?n ?n tfatvtaU**tin?Chriilmai?KilmiiU'i Olympic, <-c. Iho proceedings of tbeweikjin t onfresi, give a* rcry dt finite foretaste of that whichia yet to be done, ejf :ept that the " Shibboleth" of the party dominant i? to >e (he vindication of tba acta of tba President, and of hi* [eneraJi, goternois, and eomrrodores, operating in th? crrituriee and waters of Mexico. Vary (aod. The parrirg yesterday, betweeo Messrs Bayiay, of V?., md Davie, of Ky , in tba House, came within tba eatloor cognizance of tba coda of honor, bat w? snppoee H i all airangcd The only profitable moral deducibla rorn this pasaage at arms in, that it'illnetrataa tba spirit ritb which the war between the President and hia party n tbe one die, and tha whig* on the other, ia to beoonucted if tba war in Mexico wara conducted with half ha vigor of this war of worde and ganaaoB ia tba Ions*, we should soon drive Santa Anna to negotiations. In the Senate ta-dsy, Mr J M Cla}ton. ontba praseaition of a memorial, took occasion to dafand tha wbiga iom the imputation of " giving aid and comfoit to tfco oemy The whigi will never lorgive the President or this eccn?at?on, sod tha war agsirst bis adauaistra * ? ??-l ?i?? ?.! MintiaiiA to ktt inn win oniy nav? uto?, Bmi ho mora nmfil and roethdUtcal Irom iba day fbat tbo nrfaaga wu* icad in tha two boo??? If iba oblect of bi? accusation ware to drive the whiga to an open Jioaility ?ff*inat tba war, and ibut to create twodiatinot and fell ilc(1 n?d partiaa npon tbit queetion, to wit?a war nd anti-war party, iba derirn and (be infant will fail hroiiah; bect?ti*e. leywn a?ide tha ?poech of Mr. Wablar, tbo wbiga bar* detaiminad upon the intaraodiate olicy oi euanming Ibe government and tba war, wkiJo bay opno.e the acta and [ roc*eding?, initiatory and aabidiaty of the admlniatrwion. Tbia ia a T?ry In* ot 'policy loilow np, and a vary nnplaa?t ooa. )o doobt. to tba wbifa. but they bar* their coo, and will te caref'tl to make aa much capital oat ot tha Mexican ear aa poaiiMa They will vote all approprint'ona aakot. and tbo more the hotter for tham, boeauao tha InrgMr lie i tihlic debt created, tha stiougertbay believe, will e the naoaMity of a high protective tan if o( mlnimoaaa nd tperlflci to extinguish thia public debt. Moreover, m heavier the demenda on the troaauiy tha mora imperove, they hold, will bo tba nocaoity or mitlgatinc or ot itally repealing tbo ?ab-traaaary tow; and 11 tbo nooooIty ib on Id arise daring thia admiaiet ration ot a total raaal ot f'jia law, and a reaort to Mr. Tylor'a ayatom ot radiog with tha bonha, thon will a heavy Mow bavo een inlictod upon tha ontiro polioy of tba admiaiaUwtioo. ixiangering vaatiy tba poegrsmme for tbo eonapolgn ot 948 Tbo wbifa. tboroioro, regard tbo embenoseaeenta f tbo Ueoanry and tbo administration aa positive capital >r tlM anaOIDR onauitut ion of potty pobej.thay witl caaarfnlly ?otauy mount of appropriation* for th? war, holding ta thoaimi*lT?? Iba ugntol praaooting to thopoopia *t tha pr? r titan tha biU a( blurWara and aipcnm of tha war, aa (kbit account afitaatlh* party of tha adainiatraUon. 'bia wlli account for tbo extraordinary caution ol tho raaMant in tha proaoraOon ol tho war; for hia axtroot tnary attampti to and it; and tho atill mara aatraordinary apcrtatiooa of a paaoo from Santa Anna, aa tho oondl ton of tnrttring him to run tho gauntlat of tho bloehadiK ?<inaHron. Now, tho fact h, that Mr. Bayly'a appeal that Hanta knna paaaod over u> a nautral aaaacl ovar which wo h?4 io right of March, ia, in itaolf, no absolution of tho Pro. Moot Ho admit* that it waa by cooaaot, |i nat by i? itation, that Aan'a Ann* waa pormlttod to roontor Ma*, o Mr Polk a boat apology la hla own -hia oornoat doin tor paaoo, M* hia ampoetotioa that a^nta A ana woal4 iToiturn tha *? iuiatcal to ua, abd Pno4MM4

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