Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1846 Page 1
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*1 I'' V J THJ Vol. XII, la. Ml.WHol? Mo. ?S94 MEM^YoRKflERAII?. JAMES BBRDON BENNETT PROPRIETOR Circulation---Forty Thoniand. DAILY HfcHALD-tt?ery day, PrireK-enU P" eopr-T |9peranuan?payable in advance. WEEKLY HEHALD-Erery Saturday-rnee t* ceau per copy?$S !1W cenri per annum?payable in adraae*. HERALD FOB EUROPE?Erery Steam Packet day. Price tX centa per copy?$3.00 per aunnm, payable wad MIC#. ADVERTISEMENTS at the <u??l prieea??lwara ea*i> 5lU of >11 kilii tucitii] with beaorv ud <!* pat eh. ' All letteri or couimtuncadou. by mail, addr?i?ed to the . atablUhiuent, mnatbo poat paid, or the po?ag* will b? do ducted from tlie tubeeupcion money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of tho \ N?w Ye*.* Ubiald EfrACLisaiuir*, V?vt^-w*t( tnnicv N?ufl? MhM"? PASSAGE F1U)M ALL FARTS OF ENG LAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAD AND WALES. m. m m, pEll.'ONS withiug to tend Tor their friends in any part of Ml the Old Country, will find the subscriber's arrangement* for 1M7, most complete, anil calculated in every way toeuaure satisfaction to all who way make arrangement* with them to bnnf their friends aeroM the Atlantic. The subscriber* are ageuta fur THK NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1360 ton?. KIVEHPOOL, lJ?n ? HOTTINOU^R 1200 " HO'.HKSTER 10J* " KOSC1US 1200 " SID DONS 1150 " SHKHIDAN 1150 " GARR1CK..... 1200 " The above magnificent packets are all Now York built ?Kip?, of the v ry first clam, built eipreaaly for the Liverpool naaieoger trade, and fitted op with special regard for the comfort and ronvrmence of passengers- they are commanded hy men ol'ipeiie'iee, and are not aarpmtd for speed by any anipa ?tl >nt. Their sailing daya from Liverpool are on the (th and 11th of every montV, on which days they leave punctually. In addition to the abovo splendid ships the subscribers are alaij Agents for the ST. "GEORGE'S," AND THE UNION LINE Of LIVERPOOL PACKETS, omposfd in part of the following favorite and well-know* ships, vi*: "The America," St George. Empire, St. fr> rick, Rappahannock, Ma-tnion. Sea, be., ?c .which together with the new line, make sit anips per ra<-nth, or our overtfive da s.frou Liverpool; thus preventing the posstbilitv of delay at that port rrssaite from any part of Ireland to Li? erpool can be secured at tlie lowest rates. Every Inforaatio given Vy lpplyinjr to ??. * j x. j Aro^ui i, coa^n 11 , 2<1 door below Barling (lip Drafts supplied Tor any amount from ?1, upwards, payable through?nt trie United Kingdom. 09 r i?r ja EB3L mUSSl juK ifly ROCHE, BROTHERS & Co. ARRANGEMENTS. Remittances to and Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, BLACK BALL, OR *1)1,1) LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing irom Liverpool on the lat and 16th of avery month. Alio, by first class American ahipi (weekly.) Persons tending to the Old Ooontrr for their lrienda, can lake the uecenary arrangementa with the subscribers, and have ihem brought out in any of the eight ahipi comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, sailing from Liverpol on the Island 16th of avery month. Alao, by first class ships sailing Irom that port weekly, which oar agent, Mr Rocne, Senior, there, will see are aent oat without delay. Trie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, com prise i he followiug magnificent ships, and will sail Irom Liveruort! on the regular appointed days, as follows t? FIDELIA, 1st Jauuarv, 1st May, 1st September EUROPE. 16th " 16th " 16th " NEW YORK, 1st February, 1st June, 1st October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th ' YORKSHIRE, lat Much, 1st July, 1st November. OXF"RD, 16th " 16th " 16th " CAMBRIDGE. 1st April, 1st Aug., 1st December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th 'r 16th " P. 8.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the owners of the Hlack Mil, or uia Line 01 Liverpool racaets, oo passenger agents bat R. B k Co. hove perm ission from them to advertise to brine out passengers by that line, and that they are the nuly regular anthoriied paasenger i|UU ofaaid line m thia city. We hare at all times for sale drafts at sight, for any amount, drawn din-ct on the Hoyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; also on Messrs. Prescott (irote, Ames k Co., Backers, Loudon,which are pan) free ?f di*. onut or any charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland 8o*tlud aad Wa'aa Apply.r letter? IVULnfiit onUinLAB ?L to., 35 Kuitoo street, N. V., next door to the Fulton Bank. The office of Mr. Roche, Senr., is at 75 Du blia street, oTra Liverpool. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Sfc.CO.NU LINE. J&w JUL BBUmL JSEEfcs MmmL SBL The Ships of thisLinewill sail during the year iiwh^ol owing oruer from N. York. K'm Havre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 1< Ship UT10A, Capt. J A- Peiree, \ May 1. Jane 16 f 8?Pt. 1- Oct. 6. 8h,p W NICHOLAS, capt. N. W. * hvrleigh. i 0e( , Nor ? Ship ON KID A, Capt. ITuac*, Jjl'yL yui'.'lj?' f Not. 1. Dec. It. Ship BALTIMORE, C?|>t. J. John-S^j1,1; gjgJ*; I Dec. 1. Jan. i#. They are all of the 6rst class, ably commanded, and with accommodations ample and commodious. The price of passage in the cabin is tlOO, exclusive of wines and liqaors. Aprly to BOYD ?l H1NCKEN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildinga, No.? Wall street. Uoods seat to the agents for forwarding, will be subject to none other than the expenses actually paid. auil m NFU' VflUK A1M11 r.I AKnnW MNfi! HIT PACKETS. 4 f m ^ tSnituix from Nev^YoA o? the lat^u^UIaagow o^h^^th ( each Month. i-o. From N.York. I'm . 01'gow", t June 1. July 15. Ship 8ARACKN, N. T. Hawkiaa, < Oct. 1. Nor'r 15. C Keb. I. Marr-h 1?. I July 1. April IS. Br. 8hipBR0OKSBY,H. M'Iwe?,< Nov. I. Aue. is. ( March 1. Dec'r IS. i Aaxuat 1. May IS. Or Bark ADAMCARK,JcoWright < Dec'r 1. Sept. IS ( April 1. Jaa. IS. 1 May 1. Jane If] Br. Bark ANNHABX.ET,K- 8e?tt, J Sept. I. Oct. IS. (Jan'yl hebrun. 1SJ Theae ihipf art food, inbatantial veaaela, obiy commanded, will mil punctually on their regular daya. Their accom taodaticna lor peiM>n*era,are food, wd everyattenhoa will be paid to promote their comfort. The ageuta ar ' ptuu will rot be reauouiible for *uy parcela or paeka|(?a a*Jt by than, unleaa billa oflading are a.gued therefor. For freight or VtfoVAuLL It M1NTUHN, 17 Hotith atreet, New York, or oaire 11 KID fc MURRAY. Ulaagow. J. McMURKAY'S ARRANOKMRN1S FOR 1847. OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THK UN1TKD STATK8 'PHK SI J BiJCB IBK14reapectfally b?ga leave >o tender hie 1 sinceie thanka to Via frieida and the public for their v?ry liberal mp,>ort he hav received for epwarda of twenty year*, and aoltcita a coutinuatioa of their eoufideuce. The deap^ch by whien hia paaaengera have heen brought onf, at*d the prouip'oeea by which hii very nnmerona dralra have been pud at ihe different binkn, are, he tlattera himaelf a aufficient guarantee to the public fur the fiithful performance of anv future contracra entered into with him. The lotl iwiLg are the day? ofaailiugof ihe rrgolar line of pa-kr ta to pi d from Liverpool, via lit, B'h, llth, ll'h 21at md '.Arii rtf ainnth tlirnuirhntir th? v#*.ir. !n addi-ion in ihe above regular 1 in* a nmnVxuof aplendid kip*, such a* the Adirondack, Martninn. lUp|>ih>nnoek, Libeity, ton. liieenock, Broom, ud Ocni Waren. will eonnuur to aail from Lirerpool weekly lit regnUr enrctiatoa, thereby prrventiug tlif Irrst pouibility cf delay or detention in LlTMpool. The ngnla? line of London P*eket* mil from New York on the 1st, *lh. Uth andHth ; ?ad frotn London on thr 6th, Uih, Stih of eeih mobth thronglmut the year IVuon* daairoas ol tendine Or their trienda rea'ding in the Old Country crni hare them broaght oat in any of the abnre ?plendid Teasel* ou moderate trims Aodlorthe aceooiniodatiou of jeraons wiah'Bg to remit moi-er to dieir families ?r frier.ds I h ive arranged the pa> menu of my Draft* on the fo lowing Banks Artn?<h, I>To*lied4, Londonderry, Atnlone, Do-.dalk. Ltirgan, Uaudon, iJniigxrvaii, Mcnaghan, Ketfrit. Dongmnon. Mallow, tfjotmdge, Down patrick. Omagh, l1 ill) menu, Dahlia, faraonstown, b\il?slirnuon, hoaiskillea, Kkibbereen, Kallina, K.nnn, Hligo, Calk. Kmiarorthf, *trnt>aa?, 'oleraae, Krtmny, Tralee, ( liniiyl, Oalway, Weiford, t.dTin. Kilkenny, Watertord, ' allow, K 11 iikIi Vnuvhjtl C?r?:hiH, I tun hi k, Viouf^MNira. o??r. AttwocdkCn., Bankera, Loa nn ; Meaara. Jaa k?oi>,?i4 Mr. lucbard Marphy, L???rpool Hcoiuno-The City of Qlaagow Baak, nnd all itikrudm and Aieuciea. IT/- l*>aagra rmI ?J?o be engaged from Liverpool to rhiladelphia, Boaion, and Baltimore, by the M*,aUr Paeket ?hipa nffir b"B" "o , ? -Corner of Piue mtd floats itrtiw, n'?w Yotk, Or, Jamri Bbcket k Hun, and i No. I Waterloo Ho*d, Mr. Hichou Mukpht, { Liverpool rtW r NHW YORK AND HAVHK COMMERCIAL LINK OF i'ACKET?. | j& M. M rfiHR xiuaentier* bet to inform chair frienda ?..1I the pub ; lie that thay hate beam ippoiaMd by JOHN B.UlBfc, , f ai .ofHafta, acanta in New York for the above lioa, one o which will be deafmtched f-'?n H*rre weekly, throwh- i n it the aeoaon The ahipe at tlila l)aa wilt be of the (Stat I, eouunaaileil by rata of character u>d ability, aad the (-eateat eare taken to *i?e every aariaOirtion to ahipp^ra, *a * alan te promote the oomfort and cou?enienre of piaaangera A? the ratea of freight and p?aa*ge will be much leaa than by tvhrrlinea, akippera aad piaaei:geea will doabtlaae eoaaalt ! th?r rwa istereat by applying for ftirtl'e' information to W. h J. T. TAPHCOl T, * tJoath at, 2d door below Barling alip, ni J. BAN BR. Havre. fi'hll* SHKHIDAN KKOM LIVfcRfOOL la dia. I aJM^% charging aader general order at Orleaat wharf, foot jSHLof Wall at Coaaicneea will pleaae attend la the | receipt of thai* good* dtl t ' E NE NEW HlfiHfrY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE I PROM OUR PAOIFIO SQTLA.DB.OXT. State of Pnblie Feeling in Mexico, j The Condition of the Mexican Army. SANTA ANNA AND PBAOE. Naval and Military Intelligence. ; Special Despatches to tht New York Herald Office. &C., if, &C. Havana. Dec 9, 1H-W). General de la Vega md luite. arrived her* on the 4th ioat, from New Orleans, on board the Ma*7 Ann Jonns lie intends embarking in the Britiah itei mer for Vera Cruz, to leave tomorrow or next day. He i? not so much of a ' lion" in Havana, aa be was in the Uniud States, and peihaps he secretly regrets having been liberated. Don Buenaventura Aranje, a captain in the Mexican navy, is also here; he haa with him 300 patents and letters of citizenihip, for those who msy be desirous oi privateering under the Mexican flag. The pri.e the captain has pat on the Jnogo, or set complete, is $1000; but a4 yet, 1 believe he has not been able to dispose i>f a single one, notwithstanding he himself has stated that i he nad disposed of five. General O'Donnell has openly j declared to Ueneral Campbell, that he will shoot the very first Spaniard, whom he flnds aiding or tilting out a privateer, in any of the ports of Cuba Oil the 7th inst, the British .steamer Clydo arrived from Vera C ruz, from whence she sailed on the morning ot the 3d inst. and brings dates from the city of Meiico. up to tbe J9'It ult.; and Vera Cmz, to the hour of her de|?rt?re. SanlS Inns was in the neivlihnrhnnd nf Sin T.nla Pa Umi with in army of 'ii 000 men, and was expecting reof Ave thousand more. These troops are k jm twothirds regular soldiers, and one-third militia, b*4iy armed. clothod and fed; it is said many of them are alaiost naked, having nothing but a blanket The election* hud gone somewhat against th Sat.ta Anna party, and tfcere is probability thut another revolution would shortly break out. The Clyde brought only $160,040 specie to this place, and twenty passengers. She reports the louof the U. 8 steamer Xeptuuo, on Tampico bar; also another ateamer, the name oi which is not mentioned, is supi>osed to have foundered at sea, on her passage from Matamoras to Tampico, with a regiment of troops on board. An Knglish gentleman who came passenger in the Clyde, left Maxatlan, on the Pacific, oil the 8th alt. The U S ship Cyane was blockading Mazatlan, at the time this gentleman left; she had takon several coasting schooners, and run other* on shore at and near Mazatlan, about the first ult; one of which the Mexicans attempted to defend in seme armed boats and launches, but were attacked by the boats of tho Cyane, and notwithataudfeg their superior numbers, they were deieated, alter having six killed, and seven wounded The Cyane had a slight engagement also at Uuaymas, the particulars of which 1 was not able to obtain. Lower California haa been taken possession of by our naval forces. Mr. Bolton, acting consul of the United States at Mazatlan, with all the other American citizens at Mszatlan, had gone over to La Paz, where they were under the American flag, and where the people wer? well disposed towarda them. The Mexican Government had issued orders for a forced loan of $-2 000,000, to supply tfae immediate wanta of the troops Foreigners were exempted irom the list. I have read many .private letters written in different parts of the country; they all concar in representing the country in a most deplorable and desponding state. The more intelligent classes have given up their country us lost. The commanding general at Vera Crui, previous to the depanuraiif the Clyde, declared he could not be responsible for the tioops und?r his command, as thay were in a state of starvation. General Santa Anna declares that he will never think of making peace with the United States while theie is an American soldier on Mexican soil, or a ship on the coast. It is firmly believed by all the intelligent clashes in Mexico, that Santa Anna has the preliminaries of a treaty to propose to (Jen. Ta\ lor in his pocket. The Mexican Congrers would, in ail probability, be ; awe 10 meet on me appointed day. There i* not a single rumor that p'-are is ilo^ircd at all by the Mexican*; they leem to bear up nobly against a thousand adversities. The beautiful sloop of war Albany, arrived here on the 7th inat, nine day* from New York, which is a proof of her good sailing qualities. A few nights previous to the departure of the Clyde from Vera Cruz, a small coasting schooner, called the Creolla, at anchor undor the very walls of San Juan de Ulloa, was set tire to by the boats of our blockading ships off" Vera Cruz, after which they escaped without being discovered from the castle There is a long article in the Vera Cruz papers on the subject, one of which says, with tome private letters, thxt the schooner was actually made fast to the castle The officer who onJucted this daring expedition, should be promoted at once to the rank of post captain. SOUTH. AFFA1ES IN MEXICO. [From the New Orleans Delta and Picayune ] El Indicator of the 30th November states, that on the evening o! 36th, (our large boats,.belonging to the United States man of war^tationed at lala Verde, came near the fort, on the side of San Miguel's battery. Their object seemed to be to take three or four large Mexican boats which were fastened near the aforesaid battery. ! la soon as the sentinel on the battery saw the boats he informed his comrades, and a boat was despatched from the fort, filled with armed men, to watch the approiching lighter*. When the Mexican boat cam* near those of the enemy the latter draw off and fired two musket shots ; on hetricg the report two guns with shells were tired trom the fort at Uxe American boats, which retired immediately. Whether they sustained nny damage or not ia not known The Mexican boat returned to tho fort uninjured. Krom the city two guns were likewise flred, aa a sign of alarm, the citizena believing that an engagement had taken place between the fort and the tee t * The Municipal Assembly of Vera Crua had made a petition to the State Legislature, that it ahould appoint Oen Soto aa Governor oi that Department. Beside* tbe 38 COO men at San Luii de Potoei, it ia laid that General* Valencia, Cortezar, and Pacheco, were at the vale oi San Francisco with 6,000 men, who aotsld not find place* to be lodged in at 8*u Luis. Alao, another division, which will number nearly 8 000 men, wus organizing at Tula. These troops, they iay, are destined to attack the Americans at Tampioo. The aforesaid coireapondeuco also itatea that Oen. Tay lort total forces are frem 5,000 to fl 000 regulars, and about 15.000 volunteers, with 1.000 wagons, each of which is drawn by five mnlea or herset. That, according to reports, Oen. Taylor was preparing to leave Mob terey for San Luis about Uie 31st, and it would take him one lull month to teach there. On taking his station ai Minister of Finance, Oen VI monte gave order* that all payments should be sus|Kinded; but AmJieg itch regulation unsuitable to the existing circumstances, he immediately countermanded the order. At a store in San Luia. supplied from Matamoros, six thousand Bewie knives bad been purchased for tho ci'l (ens of San Luia. It is stated by the Mexican paper*, that Oen Taj lor had retired lrum Saltillo to Monterey, leaving at the . former place, a colonel,authorized to enter into arrangement* u ith Santa Anna, and tbat tho Utter had ago ed to meet the (aid colonel, to hear hi* proposal*. That General Taylor, before retiring, had proposed to Santa ' Anna a?u?| ?n?ion oi hostilities, but that the answer of the latter general wa?, that he could i.ot enter into any such arrangements whilst the American troops were so near to his station. A letter from Maxatlan of the llth of November, says that the bio kadirg of that port ia nothing but " ch'ld'a |-lay"'? that the (loop of war charged with the blockade, could not prevent Mexican icnooner from entering there on the 31 nit, and since that, sho ha* not been , neen, consequently, a foreign veasel enteied on the f?th, loaded with provisions, an.I had di'chaiged her cargo, unmolested. 'ienetal Santa Anna is said to be profoundly disgusted vilh (ha minnar in whi.'h tka <Uh? Viaa? K-#.r? or ranged, hi wall a? In the other financial meamtei of the . adminiitvtion. Kraudi and enormoui peculation* are | broadly iniinua'ed by lone of the paperi aguinat indiri- i duali, liar y Tamarix in particular, but the chargca are not explicit. A letter of tbe llth announced the arrival lu San Lull that day of Geni. Valencia, Corta/.ar and Parheco,the Aril named hating a diviiion of BOOii troopi in the Taller I of Pit) Fratciico, for want of quarter! in the capital. The letter alao apeaki ol the fine itate in whirli w bib the two brigade! under the command of Oeni. Vn*quez anil i *ombardini It alio commend* the fire brigadei of cavalry under the command of (Jena Minon, Romero, J lire re, <>ue man and Cortozar. It a<l<li that another body ' of 8000 men i* oiganiung in the town of Tula.whirii lait ate to act according to clrcumitmcei after the j Americana hare taken poeaeiiion of Tamptco, ai the force! which occupy it will tie in communication with | JOOU .Americana who hare left Monclovi for Monlerey | or Saltillo. The 8t>aniih Minister in Mexico, gave a iplendld en- I tertaiument on the birth day of the Queen of Spain. The whole diplomatic body wan preient, and among the notable! of the country the Coikm de la Cortina u mentioned. A meeting of the officer* of the national guard in the j city ol Mexico wai held on the Sflth nit, to confer upon Meting one company from each battalion to ptoceed to join the army. The remit ii not ilgnlfied. The troop* that gernaoned Tatnpico. composed of tba i Guarda Coetaa of Timpico, the regiment of Puebla, the | Corpi ofVeterani, the twelfth battalion of artillery, a/vd j tho competUoi of the 7th and t?th regimenU, hare been formed by BaMa Anoa into a brigade of obieiration, nnder the command of Oeneral Trrea. On the 44th of October, the troopi that had been opposed to the Americana, entered Victoria <!e Dnrango amidit tbe acclamation! of the people, who vied with one another in teetimocy of admiration. The Uorerncr addrened them in high flown language of penegyrto. On tk* l*th of November, pa peri were receiredtnnn W TO YORK. MONDAY MORI TTS' J,1 Durango, announcing that the port of La Paz an4 other point* in the hay of California, had been blockaded. Tbe blockading (loop of war had taken, in ?i?ht ef that port, the two Mexican ichoonera, Kumona and Julia, and had afterward gone to (iuainat, demanding the aurreoder of two gun boat* with their armament, and, on refucal, she had opened her Are on the town The Commandant General of Saltillo had marched with the militia und volunteer* of the State, to Matehuala, previou* to the arrival of the Americana, according to ordera from Santa Anna. In the city of Tlatcala the inhabitant* were constructing a fort, und the aame n.i, in operatiou at luttfti for the purpoie of miating the invader*. In C^nerutaro, an army of reserve was immediately to be organized. We hive a copv of Et Oltdindur dt Son" a, of the 7th of October. It i* published in the town of IJermo illo, inlhe State of Sot.oia. It ncLCUnces the arrival off the p>rt of Uuavmai of the American corvette Si im ?Cyauue, we presu-ne, ia mean'.--with a view to blo'-k ftde it. An earnest appeal is mad* to ihe people ?>f th? 1 country to coma to the del'enco of it It would not edify : our rt adeia were ue to gne extracts from the addretse* of the authorities to the inhabitant*, abusing tho United State* and Commodore Stockton. From Yucatan the report* aro meagre It is said the yronunciam'Mo of Meiida ha* led to some die- j alter* Among thoae the doath of Kenorca Barbacano and Montero are tpoken of but the Vera Cm editor ia ignorant of the origin of the renorta to that effect Sunor Artame haa been elected governor of the State of San Luia Potosi at which there ia a great outburst of joy on the part of the paper*. AFFAIRS IN YUCATAN. I From the New Orleans Picayune, Doc 19 J Wo nave had access to papera from Havaua with further accouat* from Yucatan Nothing ia aaid of the death of Barbaovmo, but immediate hostilities were apprehended betw> en the troop* of .Merida and those of Camjeachy. The numbers on each aide are about 1,600The Government of Meri<la, the c?pital, cviiicea a determination to carry through the policy of a reunion with Mexico, be the lesponaibiiiiiaa what t!iey may; while th? people of Campeachy are equally obstinate to avoid tho con?e<i'tarcea of a war wl'h the United States. The situation of tho whole Peninsula is repieaented as deplorable by the Havana editors, who h?ve every moans of Judging, for we note that an active commerce is carried on between Havana and the porta of Yucatan. TIIK MEXICAN AHMIST1CK, etc. Kxbcvtivb Orncic, { Austin, Texas, Nov. 23, 1810.) My Dear GeneralI was fsurpri-ed upon my arrival here on the l'Jth inst, to see in the Washington city Union, of tho 17th October, the following paragraph, contained in your despatch of the -16th of Mptember, to the Adjutant Ueueial, vix "It will be aeen that the terms granted the Mexican garrison are less rigerous than those ttrst impose I. The gallant defence of the town, and the fact of a rccent change of government in Mexico, believed to be favorable to the interests of peace, indaced me to concur with tno comniwsionerc in roese lerms, wnicn win, i nope, receive tho approval of Kivernment. The latter consideration also prompted 0 convention for a tnnpor. ry cc-sfition of hostilities." Fiom the a>ove, it may, ami has been inferred that the commissioner* acted withoui having previously had in structions from yourself, which I feel assured jou never intended to be understood to fay, as we received aur instructions from you on both occasions of our retiring with the Mexican commissioners to draft the articles of capitulation. I now beg leave to remind yon of a circumstance which took pl?ce on that occasion, whi h I never intended to speak of publicly, until 1 paw that a malicious print iu Texas, had not only declared that you were opposed to the terms granted the Mexicans, but that Oen. Worth, too, was not satisfied with them?thus endeavcring to coucentiate the whole censure upon my elf, lor Col Davis is unknown to him. and, I presume, he did not wish particularly to injure him. The circumstances alluded to is this:?Vou will, doubtlos* recollect, that when your Commissioners, immediately after your first instructions, returned and reported that they could not agree with the Mexican Commissioners, you rose to leave the room, your officers with you ; some proposition and appeal (is made to you by Uen Ampudia, I believe it was, to allow them to retain, as I understood it, onh their muskets, sabres, and other small arms. I saw a disposition in you to grant the boon, and I then reminded you of my opinion that you roald soon compel '.hem to surrender at discretion, and added, that if you persisted, they would not allow you to leave tiio city, before you would be notified of the ac ceptanra of the terms first proposed. You replied that you did not wish to run any more risk, or shed any more blood?that nil you drsired was possession of the oty, and that that would s<<ti'f> your government. To which I replied, that if it satisfied the government, of course 1 would be content lleie the conversation terminated between na on that point 1 have ever, when 1 have heard yon censured, defended your course, upon the ground that you be ieved the term* grunted would meet the view* and wishes ot the government, and shall do to in future That | art of the rnpitulatien which teema to have been uior.u objected to by the government, h far a? I can learn from ita orgnn, I feel ?ati?fied wan <pite immaterial? more favorable, howevor, to the American than the Mexican army. Every one who baa ceen the condition of thinga in Monterey, na far a< tho Mexican army was concerned, and knew the atrergth of your fmee, rhould well know that it would have been impo?"ible to ndvance, within any tort of aalety, upon the Mexican army within two uiQntba after the capitulation. 1 have the kouor to be, Very respectfully, Your obedient aervant, J. HNCKNEV HENDEKSON. ARMY INTRI.L] QKNCE. [From thn New Orleans Delta. Dcc. 18 ] Tho steamboat South American brought down, yeiterday, from JeA'eison Barracks, Company D, ef the U. 9. regiment of monuted riflemen, numbering 78 men, and their how a. The following ia liat of her officer*. ?MaJ Burbridge, Capt. Poe, Lieut*. Jonea, Ewoll, Claiborne, Hawkins, and Dr. Hammond O'rom the New Orleans Delta, Dec. 18 J Two full (ierman'rompaiiio< were muatered into *ervice on Wednesday last?one containing 79. the other T5 men They are a fine, hardy act of] ellowa, many of them old soldiers. They will play their part hundaomeli, if ever they come in contact with tfte enemy. The follow ing are the name* of the gentlemen who are elected officer* :?Company B?Chriatian Wirth. Capt; I'eter Baxtarden, lit Lieut; Henry Wechkopf aad Joseph Polor.eroiki, 51 do. Compiny E?Joseph Prog, Capt; Viedcrick Eichhcttz, l*t Lieut; Ueoige Zectmr and Henry Arhold, 2.1 do. General La Vega, on hia arrival at Havana, received the melancholy new* of the death of hi? mother. He ha* been directed by hit government to repair to San Lnia Totofi, aa toon a* potiiolo after hi* arrival at Vera Crnz Th? tteamboat Hendrik Hadion, Capt. Chri*tJe, from 8t. Lonn, ) et'erlay brought ilovui Company A of the Mounted Riflemen, under tlio comman 1 oi Capt. Lorhig. The packet *hip L'nion, from New York, having oa hoard General Scott and unite, w?* reported below last evening, and will no doubt be at the city thi* mornirg. [From the St. Loni* Republican, Dec. IB ] Order* have been frtued for the marching of one comi-anv of the Kirat Regiment U. 8 Infantry,now at Fort Snelling, to Mexico. Two enmpaniea are now *tutioned at Fort knelling, and when thii movement take* place a low men, only, will be l?ft to protect* moit espoicd rcJ to th? Secretary of War, that great difficulty might be experienced in getting this company to St. Louis. News From Texas ?Tho steamship Galveston, Capt Havilaud, arrived yesterday fiom Galveston The -hutin Dtmocral, arguing that Santa Fa is included within the boundaries of Texas, si laid down and d. fined in tha law of ItClti, contend* that it rightfully belongs to her, ond to her alone, and any attempt to establish a territorial or other government within those limit*, is an infringement of her rights as a sovereign State. A large body of Indians, supposed to number not less th?n oOO, are near the San (Jsbrlel Knob, about 40 miles from Austin. This camp U ia a nection of country where there is little or no game?tbey keep up cons'ant signal fires in eveiy direction. An esprc?* ban been received at Houston, from Messrs Torrey and Brother, stating thst " a lsrge. body of Camanches and other Indiana had arrived within neven day's ride of the trading house, high up on Little River, numbering more thsn t?n thou?nn !. hive I'amanche* were sent in by tlieir rhinfa, with the old Waco Chief They profess to be friendly, fco. " The Wscos ami Wichitas are said to be unfriendly The ?;am?nuhc>s express a determtaatien to carry out tha treaty entered into w ith the United States, to the letter.jau'l request permission to remain upon tlie frontier duriug the winter; among them are many new bands from the vicinity ol Santa Ke and Tmo?, who have never been in before The Indians appear to he incensed against the surveyors." M ...i n.1 . ii._ i. ferwl detachment of rangers to protcct their trying ea tablMuMat On the evrning oi tho lith in*t at Aua'.ia, the 'Tresi dent's llouie," occupied by the faintly oi Capt. Joaeph M. L)ini'H?, *u coukiimcii by Are. The furniture and papeitweio anved; among the latter were inportant dorumrnti belonging to th? post office department. We learn from the )Ud LnnJtr that a young man in Mabine county, named Slaughter, a few week* aince killoJ one cf hi* brother*, and than attacked and wounded three other brothera and a young man who waa oa a viait to the family. Tha cauae of thia horrid outrage ia not mentioned. Charity induce* ua to hope that it ia attributable to inaantity. In the comity of Baitrop, there were thia pa?t aeaaon in cultivation :(M6 acre* iu cern, 1049 in cotton,340 acre* in o?ta, and 12 acrca in potato?* Thoie are at pre?ent 47 000 buahol* ot corn for ?aio in that county. 'i'he dtfi at Han Antonio i* to be broken up, and ee- i tabliahen at Camargo. Capt Irwin i? ordered to trane- I port ail the gu.v.truinent itore* now at Tort Lavaca to : Tampico, fcc. kc. The paper* generally are very indignant became Gen. Kvaiuvy iia* organised a territorial government at tt'inta Ke Krom the time tha Santa Vo expedition started from Auatin in lit I, in fact from 1830, up to the preaent time, Texaa haa claimed that part of New Maxic < lying I aat of tha Rio Granite, a* within her limita, and the edi- J tor* now come oat boldly and itate that the United Btatea haa no right to aet up any form of government ov>r a I portion of the State of Texa*. We hardly know how J thia matter will and. The Legialatnre of South Caro'ina unanimously i paaaed a reaolution to ratorn to Now Hampahire without | comment, a aeriei of inanlting reaolution* oa tha inhject* j of the annexation of Taxaa and Nlavery, paiaed by tha j Legialature of New Hampahire, and forwarded to the Governor of Sontk Carolina j It K I VING, DECEMBER 28, 1 Genoa, (Italy,) Nor. 24, 1846. The Situation of Genoa?lit Commerce and Hail< tadt? 'The King and Court?Don Carlot?The American Consul ? Italian Literature, <J"< . The first thing that enchain* the attention and call* forth the admiration of every stranger, a* he draw* near from the sea to "Oenoa tho Superb," i* tho bold, picturerque ccenery which atretche* away on either shore from the foot of this lovely city, reposing in its strange beauty in the shadow of the snow capped Appenines. The history of Genoa is one of thrilling interest, her commercial history particularly ; but 1 have not time to touch unon that now, except so far as relates to her present inci eating prosperity. The number of vessels which daily enter this port reminds one of It* ancient nrlivitv whf>n thft Harit'i rnmmiini)oil lha nf ike republic One came of this-increase is that the Sardinian Government now admit in trauiit alt goo's for the northern kingdoms free of duty. Another still greater anil moio important design,'now in progress, and one that will luve the effect to decrease greatly the trade of Triefte.ii the milroad now being constructed from here to Turin, the dist-ince of one hundred and thirty mile*. This m itself is one of the grandest project^ of modern times The tuiinel which has to pass through the lofty range of 1: ills that overlook this city, will be upwards of seven mil> i rxtmt. One hundred and forty thousand francs havu all .idy been subscribed to commence operations with A manufactory of steam engines is also under way; the King has himself given, it is said, eighty million franks, and will in the spring put on thirty thou and soldiers of which there is a great sup: ly, to expedite the woik Several cotton manufactories hav? also been established in the kingdom, and so prosperous are the undertakers in this new brunch of industry, that the importation of cotton has the last year, doubled that of any preceding one Two vessels of 640 tons each, loaded with tobacco and cotton, havo recently arrived here Irom Galveston, Texts They each drew about 18 feet wuter and pasted the bar at that place without difficulty. This nrguos well for Galveston in particular, and for Texas generally. The King and court are here now. They ware received with considerable military parade and display, but the monarch i( evidently disliked by the people. He is yet young, but looks like an old man. Don Carlos, of Spain, is residing here at present, as also his two sons, who are in the Sardinian army. Don C. u a Ann looking man. with a spirited and youthful ex pression, though Lis hair it white with venerable age. I had the pleasure yesterday, of dining with our distinguished literary and hospitable consul,C. Edwards Lester, Ksi], t'ian whom no one I have met abroad ii more highly appreciated by government and people, more worthy the esteem of all, or more capable of Ailing with dignity, and honor to his country, the highest offices in her girt. I meX at his table several estimable Americana, and somo of the distinguished literati of Italy. Deeply interesting was the conversation on the scholars of this elaasic land, auu mo riwij ??#? uuui in ?iluiua , uui there w? bright aul t'liilling hope burning in the countenance* of each, a) the noble, charitable and philanthropic deed* of the new Pope were reeouuted ; for in him they look for redemption from that cursed thraldom under which the generous, literary and lofty political spirits of the age, havo b sen groaning from the contumacious acts of hit predecessor. It will bo gratifying to many of my countrymen to know, that the poplar work by Mr. Lester, " dam Houston and his Republic," is being published in the Italian IsinguaKe, for the name of that great man, Houston, is levered even here, and his deeds of daring and his wi* oom in the councils of the nation, are understood andap predated. It certainly makes us proud of our native land, when wo hea and feel that the action* of our great men have a voice which dies not on the shores of the Atlantic, or is stayed by the Rocky mountains ; but goos forth to the ends of the earth, working a secret gladness in the hearts of thousands wJiom (wr now k?epa silent, but whose bosoms heave with the spirit of liberty, and who yet may make the world tremble with their own lofty deeds. Profesaor Risley and hi* two lovely children are now here, performing to crowded houses. They are great lavorites in all part* of Europe, and the boy* have received splendid presents from numerous noblemen, citizens and noble ladies, and they certainly deserve every success. T.ey go immediately to Rome, under an engagement for tho Carnival season. O. D. Uollltoal intelligence. 1 districts of M***achu*ett* to-day. The whig candidatei are lion. Daniel P. King for tho second,and John O i'alfiey for the fourth. The democrat* have nominated Gaorpo W. Dyke in the cecond, and Frederick Robimon in the fourth. Wilder 8 Thurston, and increase H. Brown are the native candidate*. * On the fith January an election take* place in Ver. moot, to fill the vacant neat* in Congre** from that Stat* The number of member* in the Mi?*ouri Legislature i* 133 ; the occopatioDa of these are as follow* Partner* 80 ; lawyer*, 27 ; physicians, a ; merchant*, 3; blacksmith*, S ; saddlers, 1 ; artist*, 1 ; editor*, 2 ; wolf hunter. 1 ; no occupation. 2. Their place* of nativity, are a* follow* Kentucky, 34; Virginia, 37 ; Tennessee, 19 ; Mi'souri, 9 ; NorthjCarolina, 9 ; New York, 5 ; Ohio. 4 ; South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, each 3 ; N. Hampshire, Ireland, each, 3 ; Maine, Mas*achu*ett, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Dlat. Columbia, each 1. Iowa.?Extraordinary development* have recently been made.V4'**"* ,0 'he expected election* of United State* Senator* in thi* new State. We take the following from the Missouri Republican :?" On the 10th in*t, immediately on the a-sembling of the House, Mr. King, n whig member from Keokuk, a locofoco county, informed the Home, that Mr. Marshall, a lawyer from Lee county, had been negotiating with him, from the **cond day of the *r*aion up to that time, to vote for General Dodge? that his first offer wai a snit of clothe* and $100 in ca*h, which wa* increasod, a* he held off for higher wage*, to the promise of a " d d fat office " ana a* " much money as ha wished " He state ! also, that Mar hall told him " there wa* *ix thousand dollar* there to secure Dodge'* election," and that on Tueiday Marshall gaVe him fifteen dollar* jto " bind the bargain "?which he (Kinr) by advice of friend* took. Theie are leading laaia u/k?n Kinir t<wtlr hia inal. clifton and l.onltM. <)a. mocratic " possums," rose and itatcd that the v, too, could " a tale unfold" whenever interrogated. Tu Houaa at orce raiiad a committee to investigate the facta, and the t. ok Marahall into custody. During King's (pooch, it la said that aome of tha " royal family " were present, and that they looked black aa a thunder cloud. To give Mr, King an excuaa for voting for Dodge, a net of instructions war* procured, directing him to vote for drmocra^c Senators. Mr. Ring made allusion to these instructions in his speech?aaid that every man who signed them " voted against him ; " that ho " received his instructions at the ballot bax ; " that he was " elected as a whig," and should vote with his party. Varieties. Lucv, the wife of the slavo Harry, has been tried for her share in the mnrdar of M. Dicharry, of the Parish of St. James, Louisiana, and convicted. She was execattd on the 10:h inst. The U. 8. Court for the Dittrict of Texas, commenced its first session at Ualveston on Wednesday, the 13th alt, tha Hon J. C. VVatrous, preaiding Henry M. Broadman, K?q., of Boardman, Mahoning Co., Ohio, was thrown from his carriage on tho lftth, near CnmHald, and to seriously injured he died on the lwth inst. A man named Bernard Doyle, aged 3.1, having a wife and two children in Canada, waa frozen to death in Rochester, last Thursday evening. The colored man Henry Richards, arrested for the robbery of the German pedlar in Hadiyme, Ct., has been discharged. There are over one thousand boys at the Farm schools on Long l?Und. Mr. Abraham Cole, of Waldboro, Me , was burnt out on Thursday last. Loss $1600. A row cotton mill and a new steam saw mill, are soon to be put in operation within the limits of North ami ton, Man*. The tri weekly line between Bo?ton and New Vork viu Providence and Stonington railroad), leaving each city at '1 P. M. commences to-dey. A new woollen manufactory ia to be eitabliahed?t Tal* myra, in thia State. J. M Fletcher. proprietor of the Central Hotel, in Mem phia, vn attacked by a ilare on the llth inet, and near ly murdered The amount or money coined at the Dahlonega Mint, during the month o( November, wia forty-nine ilioimond one hundred and forty dollar* . It waa in half and quarter eeglea. The atarch factory of Benj. Abbott, oi Temple, Me., waa burnt on the nltht of the 14th intt. The factory waa injured three d?ya before, at the Maine Mammoth Mutual offi-.e, which circumatance. the Skowhegan paper, it the moit fortunate which haa ever been known to attend the atarch manufacture in Maine. Hon Theodore Krelinghuyaen haa been elected Pre fidcnt of the American Peace Society, the lait incumbent, Samuel E. Conea, L?i, of Portamouth, having relifMll. At the lead mine* near Galena, Illinois, in one week, eight men took out ninety-one tliouaand pounda of mineral. Aduelwt* fought at St. Oenivieve, Miaaoiirl, on the 14th inst. between Dr. McManua and Mr JohnBarr ? Riflea were the weapon*. The doctor ahot hit opponent through the ahoulder, whereupon all partiea expreaeed themaelvea aati?fled, and made friend*. The Planter'i Bnnntr says that the sugar mm become* acclimatized; that ten year* ego the aame weather, In the tame section* of the country, in which the cane* now flourishes, would hare destroyed the crop. The body of Dr. John C. (ton, of Rochester, who hal unaccountably disappeared, has been found near tb*t city, bearing mark* of violence, aa if his death had occurred from a beating ^'th a club. Winnett K Tuckers shoe rtoro, in Gardiner, Me ,wa* dntroyed bv fire lost week. I.os* fSOOO. The ftuntain nOtt *r?? *l?o Injured aome hundreds of dollar* worth. Dr Albert Chapi ell ha* recovered MOO. in a tlander suit, of Oeo. (!. ( amp, in Rochester Mr. Camp accuiod the former of having used mal-prsctiM, in the treatment of his (laughter, who had died. A bullet which waa fired at a mark last week, by a young man at Leo, Mas* , passed through the target and entered a house a qnarter of a mile distant, and lodgod In a watch in the breast pocket of one of the inmates. A r.onsi lersUle quantity of th? Atlantic's engine haa been taken out and la on the deck. A lira took place in Central Falls, R. I , on Katnrd j, in the store of C. T. Totter fc Co , dry goods dealers | Loss 94000? Inrarance Mftoo J J? ft A ..I JDj XV Im 846., 'l'lto Expedition of Ocaatml Klorce. [From the London Times, Not. 28 ] The Lord* of the Traamrv having now directed the legal condemnation of tho Glenelg; Indiainan; and tha Monarch and Neptane, itaamihlpx, which were intended to take part in tha prouoaed expedition of General Florae 1 to the Fwuador, the following particulars relating to the contemplated invasion have b?en obtained: ? In the early part of June the director! of tba General I Steam Navigation Company were applied to far tha aala I of two of their powerful ateamera, and eventually two { were diipoaad of to tha partial applying, viz: tha ' Manarch iteam?hip, which had heea running betwaan I Leith and Lon Ion, aud tha Neptune, trading betwaan Hamburgh and the Thame*. At about tha game time application wit made irom in* same quarter to .Mr OrMD, the owner of the Glenelg, which ?ru then ly ingup in the F.Mt India Docks, for it* purchase, and which waa also effected. The purchase money waa promptly paid, and ihey were consigned to a Captain Charretie, who formerly was a murine captain io the Cast India Company's service. Th?ir complete repair was immediately proceeded wi'h, the utmost expedition being observed in getting them ready for sea. They wsre repreeented to be for foreign service, and it was stated that the Gl^nelg would be employed aa an emigrant ship. The unusual description of work for the merchant's service mentioned in the shipwrights' contracts excited for some time much attention, but similar work having been done to other vessels in the dock, whioh were really for foreign Powers, and sanctioned by the English ( overnment, the suspicious created by the fittiugs of the Glenelg and tho steamors passed away. In a short time, hawever. about the beginning of .September, the fact of a Colonel who had served under General Klores in Colombia being in London, end authorized, it was said, to engage men, more particularly in Ireland, to aid the Spaniards io a ceitain expedition, and lso to grant conraistions to officers with the same view, caused revival of the suspioiona as to the purpose for which the vessel* were intended. By the following month facts had transpired which greatly tended to confirm previous suppositions, and on the 90th of that month Lord Palmerston, the Secretary for Foreign Attairs. received a protest in r**peat to the proposed expedition, signod by Baring, Brothers, and Co., and the principal firms in the city, and exiling upon the noble Lord to put in force the provisions of the Foreign Enlistment Act. * A second protest was subsequently forwarded from the President of the Manchester Commercial Association, embodying the same representations, Tho Government immediately adopted measures to aaeertaiu the accuracy of the charges contained in these piotests, and several of the rao< active officers connected with the London Detective Police Force were employed in the proceeding. A few day*' exertion anfflced to warrant the interference of the Government. The principals w?re watched irom place to place, and equipments of a m. st warlike character ware proved to have been the o-Jcct of their visits. The fitting outof the ves.iels in i e East India Docks proceeded with much activity, and thoy were appointed to leave last Thursday. From somo unexplained circumstance the steamor did not leave on that day; the Glenalg, however,did, and, after proceeding down the rlrar, took up the usual mooiinirii < ft' Gravesend. At this juncture, it appears, the Government had directed the detention of the vessel, and in the courso of the railing Mr. Forsayth, the principal jerquer of tha Custooii, accompanied by a stall ol officer*, boarded her and seized her under the Equipment and F.nlistment Act, tha 59th, George III , c. 09, for boing unlawfully equipped, without the sanction of Her Majesty, for the purpose of commencing hostilities agaiust 'a foreiftb Cower. There were ou hoard, besides the (hip's company, 260 young men, who semed to hare been recently in the most destitute condition. Tho officers who had charge of the vessel frankly admitted that those on board had enlisted to become eithor toldiars or marines, and that tho was to touch at Corunna. To a casual observer the vossel appeared to have been fitted out as an ordinary emigrant ship, but closer inspection showed that the arrangements were vary rudely put together. Slie is a vary large vessel, being 1,200 tons biydem. She has three decks, and certainly in her present state may be more properly termed a transport ship than one in the emigrant trade. She is said to contain a cargo of 7*0 tons of coals, and consequently draws considerable water. No ammunition was found by the Government officers, but of course it is a difficult to state what she may really hold until her large cargo is cleared out? Since her seizure, the Lords of tha Treasury have ordered her return to Blackwell fer that purpose. As has been previously announced, tha steamers on Friday morning were sei'.ed on behalf of the Crown ky Mr. Fomayth, and on inspecting them there can be no doubt of the purposes for which thev were intended ? They have have been ontirely newly rigged, and evidently altered to carry guns of large calibre. Their ex terior would cause no suspicion, but on mountiar their decks, the bulwarks can be easily laid level lor tha working of guns af any description. Since the detention or the three (hipi, the Lords of the Treasury have received a petition from Captain Chorrelie (who was eventually to be appointed a* the i dmiral of the fleet),soliciting their reititution, averting that they were hit own property, that he had fitted them out ai a matter ef speculation, that ho intended to take them to the coast of Spain and there to dispose ot them to the heat ad vantage to himself. The result of the application has not transpired. There is every reason to believe that a large amount of ammunition and guns has already been shipped, not only in the Thames, but at Liverpool and Southampton, for the coast of Spain Even as late at last Saturday week a vessel, assuming trench colors, left the river from Erith with 3000 lbs. of gunpowder, her papers stating her to be for Cuba The following aaniancement. which >u received at Lloyd's ou the 34th ult, dated Rio Janeiro, Aug ust-34. may in some way have reference to the contemplated movement" The British bark Medora fell in. on the coast of Patagonia, in let. 40 8, in Jmne or July last, with a schooner of about 150 ion*, named the Sovereign, with tlx brass guns, the commander of which stated her to be one of her Majesty's ships, but had no pennant flying. She was standing to the northward, and win bound for Liverpool. The officers on deck appeared in naval uniform*. The Medora also reports that two other similarly armed achooners, but rather larger, had visited the coaat of Patagonia, where British ship* were collecting guano, and were altered freight to take guano to a:> island for the purpose of shipment, but refused, stating that they had otner objects The master i?f one of the vessels wrecked on tha coast of Patagonia stated that ha saw a schooner leave Liverpool last November similar to the above, pierce'1, for, but not showing guns, and full of B, but her destination seemed unknown '' The following ia in the Clamor Public*, from Vittoria, dated the 20th : ? " The expedition of General Floras promises to be a failure. The depot of officers and man established at Durayao and Ordana are dissolved in consequence of two mutinies, tke first at Xarnoza and the second ea leaving Ordina, on the route to Santandar.'' The (English Bagman. In travailing through Knglsnd, about two years ago, I was much struck with a class of men, frequently met at hotels, called " commercial travellers," or, ia more familiar phrase, " bag man " They are always on the go with patterns of various goods ; not peddling on their own account, but as tlie representatives of extensive ?- ?-l I ? ? ? V.? ajtn/4 lliam alinnf t It A onitnf rv tn oh tain ortie r?. Being in the habit of joarnaliaing, and alwaya taking eapecial notaa of the peculiaritiea of the various claaaea ot nan I met with, the following rlietch may he relied upon a* aubatantia ly correct. The peculiMritiea ol claiaea nre fair game, and the English think ao , for they do not apare ua in th?ir Notei on America. How ever, it appeared to me that the English Bagman waa ai fair a the American Vankee. He haa many qujliicationi to which the Yankee cannot aspire, and which, with all hi* cunning, place him far in the anade. Vou no aooner become acquainted w ith the Bagman than he astounds you with hi) braggadocio, nod umutea you with hia ubiquity, lie ii excessively rain, loquacious, and egotistic There la no anbject with which ha ia not perfectly familiar. He (aw York Cathedral, London Exchange, and the houaea of Parliament burned ; happened to be there, and knew .Martin who fired the Cathedral. He waa cloae by ticott, the diver, when he hung himself on Westminster bridge, and waa the (irat to cry out, "he ii dying;" for which ho whi laughsd a , but thn raault proved who waa right. He ia iulimately acquainted with Miia (_ viiliman and Forrest, a ad haa spent a great part of hia time in the greenroom; know* AUvkespeare almost by heart, and haa taken many of hie charactera can ?mois L. Btilwer waa regular chum (pot companios) of hti, but the novelist nsed iiia wife ao badly, that our karo could net aaaetioa him, and oat hia acquaintance. Ho haa had many a spree with Dickens. Cruikthank and the Marquis of Waterford, but the Marquia el wa> a Insisted on paying damage*. He kaa a peculiarly delicate taate for wine Hi?f eigara, aad will yield to ne man in hia knowledge of those articlea. A good dinner ia hia pellicular loible?i^it may be ao termed. Of course ho was educated at coller^aad la very fond ef the classics. I.ikes Virgil and Ovid'tny well, but ilorace ia hia favorite. He haa atudied ni'licine and surge 17, and it biitn full ?f extraerliaa v talea at>ent the liaerctiag room Think* Sir Attln" cooper the brat lecturer he evrr heard, and Aberncthy % brule Mr lit* an Victoria, Albert and the Km<eior N'iciieUa. aftan; and i>aa had oua inlanriew with the Great Mogul, under vary peculi*rcircumatanc?*. Ha bai buu upin a kalloou and Jown in a diving hell , tciia yea ol the euriou* concavity which tha earth praaanta from the former, and tha painful *?ntatioiPin tha aara experienced in tha latter. Arronomy ia hii eapecial (tudy, and th? calculation of eclipaa* delight* him in hia leiauie houra Ha haa not paid much attantian to algebra ol Mo, Lavini long tincn conquered ita difllcultie*. Tha aummation t" inAnlta ceriea and diephantine analyaia lie keep* on h-ind for occaaional amntament. ila haa bean on moat of the higheat mounteina except Chimboraio ; but <liJ not fc? down tha crater of Vecuviu* daring an eruption -know* batter than that Ha drlnka at l?aat three bottle* of wina at a fitting, hut never dugracr* himaelf by drur.k! anneaa II there b? ona thing to which ha ia devoted , more than another, that ia tho Mr * *, and ia a particular favoiite with them II.* repeatedly danced with Kanny Kllaler, and give* a decide'' opinion that ahe ia a charming rfen.tx? lla thirk" Brahani Joe* not mng ao well aa he uid fil'een y**ra ago. Ha ha. frequently heeu through Bucking*""" Paler#, and every o hrr , palace or building ol "<>'? ,n ,u* L'oi'ad king.'cm or on tha contina .1 of fcurope He ia a crack ahot, and haa bagged ona hundred and Gfty brace I of woodcock' in one aaaaen. and of other kirda, ha doea ot know bow many With a rifle he I* flrat rate, and I doe* not believe a wor l about Kentucky. He baa witnetaed the moat aatonitblng experiment* ia meimeriam evar heard of by man, an 1 haa ?eea the galvaair wiraa applied to dead bodiee, which have opoaod their ejei, jami>ed up, and walked ahoat the room ? dead all tha | wU'Ia." II* 1* a perfect matter of tha intricaclaa of tka ' currency quratien and ran explain it ta hi* own tatifactien. Thia knowledge he haa acqaired by being deeply | engaged In foreign trada *nd exchange* Ha i* a gieai Ln JLJ Prta* TWo OmIi. lover of the in* art?, aid an enthuiiutic admirer of tha coloring of Rubena, and tba outline* of Angelo. Haa in fact, painted two picture* hiBieif?tor wkich. tba London Society of Arta offered him a large price?he thinke more than they were worth?but no weuU not toll. Harriet Martineau and Robert Owen aro hia great aotipathiea, and he ia eure Franco and England will aever go to war whilat Louia Philippe livoa. Ho ia alwaya man of great expe*tationa aa to pro port 7?indeed, haa conaidarable of hia own, but cannot gotatiljoat now, and would like to borrow a few pound*, ho will repay yea when you nee him again. "My doar fellow you aood not be afraid." Hia appearance ia tke baut-ton school? but hi? trada require* greet humility with CUltosor*. He ha* looked through Reaa'a trleacope, and taw everything in the moon qui'e diatinctly. Ha ia all thiaga to ill man ?vinr?a th? itrhfAiin^mt Wnnwl?H#A of human rha. racter, and plays on the flddla. Hia ntootr ia tba ' stiav iift in mudo,' aud hit pet amusement the prixa ring Ha tall* you that Sir R Paal ia tha greatest of living statesmen. and O'Connall tha greatest of living humbuga Ha j casts a philosophic aya on France, and aaaa nothing hot 1 miserable, gristly. shrivelled up remnants of humanity, kept alive with tour wina and frogs' leg*. Ha hates ul Catholic* with Christian haired, and haa no very favorable opinion of Confucius. Ho haa made all the phe( nomena of earth, air, or iea, hia particular and aapeaial I study, and can in ihort dive deeper aad coma up drier j than any man living. Such ia the egotism of tha barman, and you will aet be in hia company many sittings before you And that all of them possess most of the foregoing quslitcations?la fact, they are animated concentrations of ovary thing, ia their owa estimation. Tbeae maa have been generally taught tho rudlmeata ot grammar at socio charity school and aiaeo their school-days, have bean mostly shut up in some maaufaa* tory or merchant'a warehouse When thejr commence their travelling operations, thev have only to lieton for a while to tho swaggering twaddlo of tho commeraial table, where each professes to be tho hero of his owa story, and they soon become iaitiated, aad deal oat aa good lie* as their predeoeasors. One of tho moat abusing parts of the business is, that they toll those stories with a grave lace, and think you really beliovo them The Yankee may ho cunning, rattier mora so than hia ueighhora ; he may he inquisitive, or impertinent, and if you are net wide awake, may trade with you to your disadvantsgo, a leetlo; but for pure braggadocio, unblushing etlroatery, self estimation, and baro-faood lying, ho eanaot mstoh the English Bagmaa TRAVELLER. Peraoital InOD^ara. Hon. D. P. King left 8alem, where ho had beaa to attend tho funeral of hia father He ia oown hia wag to Washington. u?r, Ilamnhlll f Klof IikIim nf tha Diiiimu Court of the 8tate of Teui, arrived in Austin, on the 9tli instant. Bi?hop Potter, of Penney lvsnia, U delivering eerie* ef lectures at the Lowell Inititute. Hon. John tourney Adams i* better, hut will not pro bably go to Waihington, thi* aesaion of Ctogres*. Colonel Te; ton ia about to return* the practice of law in New Oilcaua. Judge Cbumpneys h*a been appointed Attorney General of Penniylvania, and arrived in Philadelphia, on Friday lu?t. Colonel Mclntoah wa? ei pec ted to arrive at Savannah on the 3Mh inat. Gov. Johnaon arrived at Charl**ton, from Columbia, on the 31st iuat. He completed the organization of the P*1 metto regiment Sporting Intelligence. Mktsirik Jockey Clum Rack*, New Orlean*?Kirat Day.?Tbuiday, December 17.?Jockey Cluh Purse $300 ? two miles heat*. Hogart & Pryor'a gr. f. Sally Ward, by John R. Crymes, out of Lisbon Maid?3 yeara old i 1 John Turfcbull's ch m. Margaret Edna, by imp. Glcncoo,"out of imp. Pickle?8 year* old. I 1 Col. J. Metcalfe 'a b. g. Fred Kaye, by Urey Eagle, dam by Mote*?4 year* old 3 Time 4:10*, 4:08. Track heavy. The race* over tho Franklin Course, Louisiana,'will commence to*dsy, and hold four day*. WINTER ULOT111NO SELLING OFK AT COST AT W. H. DKGROOT fc CO.*8, lot Fulton atreet, second block eaat of Broeoway. New York, where every variety of Geatleaaea'* Clothing eun be had for lower pricea than at aay otherjestaklishmeut m the city of New York. Om Coats and Over Seeks, of Broadcloth, Beaver, Filet, Twseds, and MsxurkaCloUia, of every atyle and eoler, from $4 to $*. Cloaks?one half, three quarter aad fall circle, of Free eh and American Broadcloths, from U>tK. Dress and b rock Coata?black, bine, brown, olive end frees, of French, Ensliah, Belgian and America* Clothe, from lltalN. Office and Bnaineaa Coats, Pelto. Seek and Winter Frosks of Tweeds and Broadcloths of every atyle ia the market, from ft to |4Paata? Broadcloth, Casaimeres plain aad faaey, Doe Skin? Kreneh, English, and American, from $Sto9> Vests?doable breasted, straight brraat, and rolling collar, sew atylei: plain and fancy velveta. Woolen Velveu, Caesimere, plain and faaey Saiina and Silks, fiom f 1 to It. alio, A large assortment of Broadcloth, Ceasimeree aad Vsenacs, which will be mede to order, to aait the most fastidious. IT?"Boy*' Clothing, of every description, constantly oa hand. W. H. OEGROOT It CO., ib lm*r No. 10S Fulton at. NO'i'KJJS? lu the matter ol tlie aaurta of chc leu Joha A. Drew, deceaied? Notice it hereby given, that #\e anderaigaed have been duly appointed by the judge of probate of thei county of Miehi limacktnac, in I he State of Michigan, adraiuiatratora of the eatate of John A. Drew, late of Mackinac, county of Michilimackinae.deeeaaed, and have taken upon thenuelrea that trnat, by giving bond* according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 31, IM6. williXm r. DRlfW, HENRY JON KM, JSAM'L. K. HAUINO, d3 Jw*re Adminiatratora of the eatate of John A. Drew. By OHDER of JOHN W. EuMONDS, Citawt Judge of the flrat circuit, notice ia hereby given, purauant to the provitiona of the stature anthoriaiug attachment airaic?t ibaeonding, coucealed and iioo-retident debtor*, that in attachment ha* iaaued atainat the eatate of Patrick Jaarka aud (Jeorae HaTnea, non-reai<leat( of the Mtate of New York ; and the lame will be aold for the payment of their debt*, anlcsa they appear and discharge -ucli attachment, a> cording to l*w, within ume mouthi from the tirat pn?licatiou of this notice; aud that the pavmeut ol any debta due to them br their aebtora, and the delivery to them or for their nee, of any property belonging to them aud the tranaler of aay of ih'ir property by them are foibiddeu by law, and are void. Dai ed the 9ih aay of October, 18*. A. A. PHILLIPS, nm Iflw M?r Attorney for attaching creditor*. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. [l""roin the Krening Poat. I CREAM-* SPECIMENS OF RJNO'8 UNAPPROACH *BLE VEKBENA CREAM, for Shaving ?Thi? article, univeraally pruned by thoae who aaade trial ol't l?at yea', look the fir at premium of the Institute Kair.? Ii deed, i< ia fall? conceded, by thoae who know, that ft ia < ?o?aible to mannf?ctare an article e<taal to it It ia ?efkng lo he ikin, fragrant to the aenae, a deairoyer offracklaa ai pnnplea and ia told cheap'r than the old Soap*. All, therefore, who would consult economy and comfort ia having ahould poaieta lli-mtelvea of it." Beware of uniiationa and ubaerve tiie written ligaamra aider the directions fornae.of" C. H. Ri'g " Prepared ana lor aale, wholesale and retail, and lor importation, by O. II. RING. Dmggiat, dll lm*r I12 Prn"dwav. rorner 'f John afaet. [NC1NG ACAUbM i MR. 8ARACCO, Italian Chor<.rrsphiat, and Mile AN 111 I IV ? ?... P.,..,.. II. mimrn in - of.Mr CelUrius, grateful to the America* "beau mood a" for itie generous |>atronage they hire met *nh ia aim oat all distinguished Isinili's in >?w York, ha?? ( om posed the 1 TAUANTKLLK WALTZ We ofNaplea, now very lashiotable in tha hither circlet of Parte ; aad AiNlsi^LlN A, a new wall* in five t'cpa, in order to replace tha on* iarwt<4 by Mr. Perot, which wai not received m Par man "aalaat" aa oeing too theatrical The above i eantifnl daneet, and alao all the moat faakiona ble new Polka, naw Manuka, and Quadrille Mexurka, Ha 'owa. Waltx Hedowa. Waltxee in two and three atapa, ar* thorougly taught in a lew leaaona N B.?The music Tor tha above mentioned dance*, recently poSli?h?d in New York, can be pnrehaaad at U?* Dancing Academy Broadway, comer of Canal street. No. SO. d< Im'r JEt'PERSON INSURANCE COMl'ANY. Orritr. No. 10 Will itikt, orronu the Mr?cN*nT'i KicHAnar. THI* Company continues to insure against loa* o? damag* , by Rire, on dwelling houses warehouse!, huildingt ia gcnr nl, goods, warea and merchandise, and every description I of personal property ; also against loas or daman*>y inland aai vigation ai d '.ranapoilation 0 HECTORS. Thomas W. Thome. Kliaha Hut*. Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Boer, j K R Robs"n. M.D, Joseph Draae, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tnefcer, James ?. Holmea. Johh K. Davison, John P. AJor*. John H. Lee. William K TWn, Calet C. 'l oan, Th..maa Morrell. Kn nces P Hege. Kugeno Bogart, Jul t| r Meruit Robeit >tmiiJi. " ' THOMAS W. THUK.NK, President ??r.O,T HOPE 4ecr?tarr. aMtlrg ,oxaHLK DANCIHO, 74 > t. nard itir'l. Weel of BroiHwf. Mai if pAl'UNE DK8JARDIN8. of the Aca4*mi? Vi v.le Js^m '.spectfnllr informs the public tH*t 1 I her Claas'S for (*''iionabfe Dancing have commenced. B?1 all ih? nueal Dawres taught, will be the new wait* Main". M""** Q"?j"lle, Iolka*. (various) and lj?e ReI J?-, Schools and familie* attended. Perms aad hours > f maee known on application. Miss D. will live tha Ant ball , for the seaarm to her poult, the Brat week oT December. ; I ntl Im're l SCOTT ? UU.'S, TO. Vi*.*/.a. *#?*?i CI ITY Wholesale and Retail Fam ly f/rocery, Tm, Wkm, J and Spirit FltaMilkMU, kc Tbe proprietor* pledffa lhema?l?e?lt?t errrya-ticle ii K aniae. aad ?old at a noiai ?>l profit, lac'mlinc t en, of the latest importations and m at appoeed (i?alitiea; Kmart nl rvery ira4r ; Coffee, Mocha, Jura. I,a?n?yr. ?u? Maracaiboj Wines, Champagne, Sherry, ( I'ret. ?d?ini, Port. he.; Scotch Whisker, <>r Glenlivat I and Ufa)'< celebrated brimd: London Porter. (Barclay It Parkin;) Kdinburth and Alloway Ale; KtuH; Ihtb < andles; Oils; Old >.n?l?b Dairy Cheese; I'reaeh, Knfltsh and Amaricau Muu*rd; (ihagow Spiced Hams, a superior New Yeir'a rti'le lor the table. r>ish H^orrd and "nnd, Hegtra, u? rted. uliI ol tbe li'tflteit llnor; H^a; . HUrili, kc.. Kaiains, rift, kr 1 Sir wines tooiirt of aaperier old London Dock Poet. J Amaoltilado pale sheiry, Mar*a>lles do, pale go'd and brown berry. Ka?t Inoia Keirrrr, Mubtrt Siewton, (Jerdoa, Mar dorh, kc. Hcotch H?riiui(? now ludinf I rum aliip Am liarley, (the e?lebrafed Loch Vine.) COTT k THOMPSON, W Broadway* A "p'ydi'l branch of the nboee eeranlishiBeat. baa ben, at the solicitation of their npto?n cmtomera, opi ned at MT Broadway, alio? llie e<?h principle, where aa eaeortieeet ofartirlei enriespotdinc ? ith llirir establishment down town, and of the cme (MlNf, will alwa>a be fuBhd? aa asaort/aeat that cumot be surpaased by any ia th? city. All the aboe* article* will be f.mnd there, and goods from each place will . I>e delivered free of nt ense in any pan of the city for eaab 1 only. d?1 I ait

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