Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1846 Page 2
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\ NKW YORK HERALD. w inrk, Monday, UccnaWr UN, IKM. i'h? lloll<lt?> ll.rull. This is the last week of the holnlays, and of the H liday Herald Tliose desirous of e nding this beautdul pictorial sheet, illustrative of tha Mexican war, to their friends in tlie country, can obtain copies in wrappers, at the otlioe, at sixpe ce eacu. i lie Whig* and (lie War-Jlast we have an Bxtra Me union or UHigicM The holidays will saon be over; and we hope that after New Year's day, the two houses of Congress will commence the business of the session, his now lull three weeks since they convened, and no attempt has been miulo either to assist the President in bringing the war to a c lose, or to promote the interests of the ccuntry in any respect, although it is suffering for want of legislatioa. On die contrary, they have thrown every obstacle in the way of the Executive. Will there never be an end to political intrigue at the capitol, bv the neoole'i r?nrpiipntnt!u??? u hn ur?ro to the honorable positions they occupy, not for the purposeof furthering party views, or making political capital, but to legislate for the benefit of their constituents 1 The conduct of the whig members, thus far, ha* well nigh ruined them in the estimation of the people; and all that is wanted to damn them, politically, lor ever, is for them to pursue, to the end of th<? session, their senseless and bootless opposition to the war. It seems to be clearer, every day, that political foresight is a virtu*> which the whig party never pos-essed. Soon after the war broke out they charged the President with commencing it with a view of gaining popularity. This we think is very far from the truth; but what advantage under heaven can they gain by opposing it 1 If it wore unpopular with the musses of the people, there would probsbly be, for a politician, some sense in the opposition, to gain popular favor? a sneak m# and conteinmablu wav to ret into I offise; bat it is well known that the people are in favor of the war, and are desirous of supporting the administration in carrying it on to an honorable termmatiou. Any party, therefore, that thwarts the President in his measures, or refuses to place at his disposal the means necessary to conquer a peace, virtually commits political suicide. The opposition of the whigs to the last war with Great Britain, has been freely used by their opponents against them, and tended as much to keep them in power, as probably an/ other argu- I ment they brought against them. Their opposition to the present war will likewise be brought to bear in succeeding elections, throughout the country, and the probability is, that it will be fully as effectual in the hands of the democrats, as was the whig opposition to the war of 1812. At no time in our history, perhaps, have the people more closely watched the proceedings of Congress,and the conduct of their representatives,than theydo now. Congressional news is eagerly sought for, and if members of Congress but knew the ten thousand exclamations of disapprobation and di?- , gust, that are daily and hourly uttered by their ' constituents, when they to see in print the ridi culous and frivolous debates about impeaching 1 the President, icc-, they would turn over a ( new leaf, and go to work at once far the interests ; of the country ; and if the whig leaders persist in thwarting the President mnch longer, he will bo forced to call an extra session of Congress, imme- ' diately after the adjournment of the present, and if he do so, then the whig party may take farewell of the advantages they acquired in the last recent alectious. He will have no alternative but to do so, and the experience of past years proves that . extra sessions aro unpopular, and always react ' against those who were tke cause of them. There is another way, however, in which this opposition to the war must be viewed. The speeches of our number* of Congress will be eagerly extracted from our public prints and inserted in the Mexican journals, lor the purpose of showing that the war is unpopular here, and that the Mcxican people have only to hold out, and they will yet drive our armies from their territory. This will inspire them with fresh,courage, ai d we hnve no doubt has had great effect to our disadvantage. The terms used by our great men, M?njast war," "odious war," &c., fco., are used there as rallying words for the people. The procrastination of the war cannot be laid to the account ot the democrats. They are willing anil anx'>ous to do everything in their power to assiit the President in bringing it to a termination; but their hands seem to be tied by the conduct of the whig3. All they do is to defend their party and the President from the ridiculous charges the whigs bring against , them.? They would do better to let the opponents of the Yi'Jtr uiv nil th(?v tn >?v nnH rr??lm nn ranlw o them. They should look calmly ou ; tome of tthem,we learn, already begin to speak of the probability of an ex'ra session, although there are two full months of the present one unexpired, long enough to transact all the business of-t-'.e country. If the President b? obliged to call an extra session, and it the whig? should, perchance, have a majority in tho next House of Representatives, the responsibility of the war will probably, by a. coup (Ttlat, be thrown on their shoulders They would then be obliged to exert themselves to bring it to an end; but instead of gaining popularity in this way they would lose it, by making a necessity for the extra session. They have now the power to accelerate a poace, by making the appropriations necessary to that eud, and at the same time acquire popularity; but let them permit the present session to pass without doing their duty, the expense that an extra session will cause to die country, the derangement that it will produce to our commerce, and the jury that delay will cause in our relations with Mexico, will as assuredly throw the next presidential election into the hands of tho democrats, as that the sun will rise to-morro We hope and trust that after the holidays, Congress will go to work like men, and leave all shilu's play to the long sessions and peace times. , Aid for tiic Vollntkkrs.?The opposition Willi which the resolution appropriating the sum of $5,000 for the relief of the volunteers of this oity, was received by certain members of the , Hoard of Alderman, and the paltry objections that were urged against its passage, are talked of a good deal by our citizens. The Board of Assistants cheerfully passed it; but when it was sent to the Board of Aldermen for their concurrence, no quorum of the members was present, and another meeting had to be called before any action could be taken. It passed, however, at the second meeting, but not without opposition. Tne excuse which the opponents ol th? measure offered (or voting against it, was, thai it would increase the laxes of the city, which are already too high. We certainly are of opinion t hat the party in power in this city, have laid it on " pretty thick" this year, in the way of taxes, (viz : $1 Oft on the ?100) but we haidly think that "saving at the spicket and spilling at the bunghole," is the right method of economising, if thei* were tors corruption in the contracts, and a smaller quantity ol wines and edibles consumed in the tea-room, and elsewhere, to say nothing of turtle soup and oyster parties, the taxes might have been some tiling less than they are, and loco Toco |iohtk-ians might be more consistent in their professions of ccouomy. We are informed that one member of the Board of Aldermen purposely absented himself from the special meting, because, forsooth, he had conscientious scrtiples against voting away this small us# fox the ooatMnpUWd object. We believe, bis residence being not very distant from the City iial, that he was waited upon two or three , Uuica, aud requeued to attend, K> that a quotum might be obtained, but to no purpose. He remained inexorable. When he was waited upon he would not attend, but sa d that if he did, he should vote against it and defeat the appropriation. Consistency, they say, is a jowel; but loco'oco consistency, on account of its rarity, must be an extremely valuable comodity. We wonder if any one in particular, of these economical aldermen, had any conscientious scruples in voting to expend $1,500 of the people's money, to extending the hospitalities of the city to a Secretary of the Navy. The taxes, we suppose, were lighter then than they now are. The fact is. there is too much old hunkcrism in our Common Council, and the sooner the City Councils are freed ofits hypocrisy and humbug, the better. Talk of refusing $5000 to supply 1000 volunteers with a few shoes and blankets, on the ground of economy, after attempting to spend $1500 to fitt a Secretary ol the Navy, is about a3 big a piece of absurdity as we know of; but it is politic in this oase. We will remind the people of these Aldermen, and their "legal adviser" next spring. More Rklikp for Europe.?The ball is now fairly opened in this city, and before long we may expect to have our citizens relieved of the stigma attached to them, for not moving sooner in favor of tlie starving millions of Ireland, and their characters as liberal, enlightened, benevolent and practical Christians, fully vindicated before the world. On Saturday evening last, there was a large meeting held at Tammany Hall, which was attended by a number of our wealthy men, of all professions. The amount collected wu nearly nine hundred dollars?a larger sum than was ever collected at one time before in this city. The scene that was presented there was truly beautiful, and one that the angels in heaven would delight to witness. If there is any thing that mortal man can do to propitiate his Maker, and win the approbation and approval of Heaven, it is deeds of charity. Talk not of men of piety?of men who attend their fashionable church and loll and roll on their velvet cushions three hours every Sabbath? men who turn up their eyes, and insult a 1 fti.l .1 1 J L1 ineir water wun meir nypocracy ana uiasphemy?out with them?show us the man who hai a heart to relieve the distresses of his fellow man, and does so as far at his means will allow, and we will show you a man who standi higher in Heaven's estimation, than if he had attended his church regularly for a century, but was deaf to the cause of humanity. We should not be surprised, from the impetus given to the cause of charity throughout the country, if the round sum of fifty thousand dollars was collected in the United Stales, and remitted to Ireland. New York city will, herself, we are confident, contribute a large portion of that sum; and, from all we can learn, other cities will contribute largely likewise. With a population of only five or six thousand, Jersey City has raised the sum of one thousand dollars, to buy food for the hungry. Here is an example of practical piety and charity, worthy of being followed. While this is going on for Ireland, there is an etlort making, we understand, among the Jhwb in thii city, to relieve the starving condition o the inhabitants of Hebron, the place where Abraham, and Isaac, and also Sarah, where buried. We learn that an ambassador has been sent to this country to collect lunds for the suffering He. bronites. America is full of the milk of human kindness. Wrkck of the Stkamlk Mohkoan.?This vessel, as noticed in yesterday's Herald, was wrecked on Saturday in the Sound, on her trip from this city to Bridgeport, and is a total loss. She left her pier at 12 o'clock, commanded by Captain Manchester, heavily laden with freight for the Housatonic railroad, and was making good way between Throg's Point and Sand's Point, (a distance of about aix miles,) when, between one and two o'clock, she struck upon a reef called the " Gangway Rocks," which is two feet under at low water, and , on which there is a buoy.? East of this spot lies another rock on which there is also a buoy?and the boats passing up and down the Sound can go at e ther side ot this rock. Capt. Manchester went this same course with the Rhode Island one hundred times?and often with nine feet of water, we understand?yet he never happened to hit until yesterday, when hia vessel only drew 5 feet 8 iiu 'jis. The M j'.ogsn being heavily laden with freight, ha J but a small number of passengers, about tea, who were all saved, as well as tho crew. She struck the rock about midships. The concussion must have produced a tremendous injury, as she could not, under a full head of steam, make more than a mile before she was filled to the hurricane deck, and had she not been thus timely put into shore, she would have been totally powerless, and unable to make three lengths further. She now lies near the shore on tho Sound, the only part visible, being her state room, smoke-pipe and wheels; the rest lies under water. The crew and passengers were all taved in three small boats. There was a good deal of valuable freight on board and much of it is saved and is now upon the beach, under the charge of care takers and laborers. m Tka MnitnUitiAAr AAmman/la<t ?? "j * "ci, on passing dovm last evening, about 5 o'clock, rendered much assistance. Also the Nimrod, ( apt. Brock, and the Cricket. The Nimrod took some of the passengers to Bridgeport. There was a Bridgeport pilot on board at the time or the accident, and likewise another pilot. We are indebted Tor these hurried particulars of this socond fatal catastrophe in the Sound, to Mr. i'ullen, of the Empress line, of Livingston & Wells. The steamboat Sampson, Captain Duvall, returned last evening from the wreck of the steamer Mohegan, bringing a large quautity of freight. M utlcal. St. Gk?*ob'? 8oci?tt?The grand festival concert for the benefit of the chaHUbU fun J of tho 8t. George's Society ot this citjr, takes place this evening it the Tsbernacle. We feel rati<fled that the building will be crowded. Not^nly ire the objects el the entertainment inch as directly to appeal to the better feelings of the nurt, bui id* attraction* uia oui in 01 a cnincttr dom met with in our city. Among the TocalifU who hare volunteered,we perceive the namea of Madam* Ab lamowlri, to hear whom ii a rich traat of itaelf, Mra. L<x1?r. Mlaa North all. Mr. Auatin Phillip* and Mr. Edwarl Shepherd The principal inatrumeatal ran tic will be from Mr George Loder. with hia excellent orcheetra Meeara Tirnrt aniwCyle, Kerr, Oorn (for the drat tiara in thii <"lty) aod tHe voting Apolloneona. The perform anca o( the letter will, we guaranty, be, br far, from the leaat pleasing feature of the evening. Iheee children are a credit to, and will yet gain honor for. the land of their birth The national anthem of " Ood atra the Quean." and the " Star Npenglad Banner," will, in the couree of the evening, be perlormed by a powerful vocal corpe, ami by % fa|| orcbeatra Mr. Loder baa apared no paina in the arranging of thia concert, and hia exertiona will be appiecta*.ed by the public Orraa Coairanv.?The Italian Opera Company lately colivcted un^er the direction of Hignor Ninq'iirico, wiA open in thia city on Monday evening neat, at Pelmo'e Home. Doniaettr* |.in<ia of I'hamotiin'' will be the firit opera brought out The Tremo:>t V'ocaliata will give a concert at Boatan thia evening They are a very meritoriout company, and hare el way a pleaeed the pvblic. An application ii to be made at the neat aeiaion of the l.?aijle<tir* (or the formation of e new county, to be railed ' anadaeega. roanriaiog the towna of Kayette. Henace Falla, T) re. Waterloo, and Junlua, la the county ( Seneca, ?ud the tew na ef rhelpa and Vaneca Id the ceua ty of Ontario Highly Important front Hondart<?attempted He volution In Man Salvador?the Church vs. the People?Death of Blateapln, the Chief, and Defeat of the IniUrgtnll. By the British brig Elizabeth Porter, Captain j Alb? h, which arrived at this por: last evening, we havo reotived news from Honduras to the 2d of December. Our correspondent, stationed at Belizs, fur. nishes us with the intelligence that there has been a serious outbreak and attempted rebellion in the State of San SiJvador, whieli at one time threat' ened to revolutionize the whole of Central Ameri| ?a. This outburst ot popular feeling was produc! ed by the impositions of some of those who, under | j the cloak of religion, have taken upon themselves ; the privilege of tyranizing over and robbing the | poorer and defenceless portion of the inhabitants, j whenever an occasion ottered itseH. Fortunately ] the rising storm was crushed at an early hour, 1 and fjuiet was restored by the death of the hypo : crite, who, while professing the creed of a Chrisj tian, performed the deeds of a demon. It appears that Malespin, who, for some time | has been hiding in Honduras, suddenly made his appearance in the State of San Salvador, at the : head of a large body of men, with the intention ; of revolutionizing the State, assisting Bishop ; v lien in nis pians 01 opposition 10 general Government, and finally, it is supposed, to place himself at the head of the Government. Two years only have elapsed since Viteri excommunicated Malespin, and cursed, by bell, book and candle, all that should aid or abet him. The Bishep, however, got himself into trouble a short time ^go, with the authorities of San Salvador, for assisting in some revolutionary movements, and was, in consequence, confined to his , house under a guard. Malespin, by some means or other, opened a I communication with him, and, by way of reci- ; procation, the bishop had taken off the ban of i ex-communication, and received him back again into the church. On his route to the city of San Salvador, Malespin commenced levying contributions on the people going to the fairs of Sau Miguel, or in other words robbing them. The authorities of that department, having been pieparing lor bis reception, sent out a body of troops. A battle ensued, in which the revolutionists were defeated with great loss, and Malespin fell, fighting with the ferocity of a tiger. The death ol this desperate man, will, it is , thought, prove a blessing to the people of the | Central American States, as he has, without ex- ! ception, been by far the greatest enemy to the peace and prosperity of the country. Ho enly sought his own and his follower's aggrandizement, and was perfectly reckless as to the results of his numerous attempted revolutions. In Belize there was no news worth recording. The schooner Victoria, owned by the firm of A. Mat be ft Co., was lost on the morning of the | 25th ult. on Glover's Reef. The passengers and crew arrived safe at Honduras on the following Sunday, but the vessel would probably be a totzd 1 loss. The trial of Adolphua Frederick Connell, R. A. ! I and Henry Symons, charged with murder, was to commence on the 4th inst. There was an advance in the price of provisions after the receipt of the news by the bark John R. Gardner. Lumber was in good demand and rather scarce. No pitch pine in the market. I There were no American vessels in port. The brig Monserrate, Gray, was loading at Deep , River, for New York ; and the Matilda, Jenkins, was daily looked for from Nassau, where she had been undergoing repairs. We are indebted to the kindness of the editor of th? Belize Obttrver and Gazette, for extending the i use of his news-boat to .our correspondent, in 1 order that he might overtake the brig Elizabeth, ; which had already gone to sea when the above 1 information was received. __________ Theatricals. Pass Thiatsb.?The damtutti Vlennoises are en- I gaged for this week, and this week o?ly. The managers here sated thai liberally in securing them, owing to the \ request of many parties who have hitherto been disappointed in securing seats. They will appear to-night in j a dance never before presented in this oonntry, entitled, "Le Pas dee Moisoneurs," also in the "Pas des Bergei," i and the ' Polka Peysenne." We are glad to learn that ! their benefit on Saturday evening, was attended by one ' : of the largest audiences ever collected within the walls ; of Old Drury. The faroe of "Somebody Else," and the excellent cemedy of the "Dumb Bell," will form the | dramatic entertainments of the evening. Messrs. Barrett, Dyott, Fisher, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Abbott, will u! ap- ' paar. Bowcav.?In consequence ef the many strangers pass1 ing their holiday! in our city, and the great reputation that the national drama of "Putnam'' has had throughout i the country, the managers have been induced to present , It this evening, with a very good dramatic cast. In addi, tion.a new local drams is to be brought out this evening, nuuea, iuu t iij uui^iki. tv c uuuvriiuiu iuii 11 is writtanjby an author of i?reat talent and experience, and | ia to ba produced in a beautiful atria. Tba evening'i antartainmant will conclude with the comedy of a "Loan of a Lover." On looking over tha name* of tha company 1 at tha Bowery, we obaerra name* which enaura a correct and interacting portrayal of any pieee; Meaira. Vacha, I Booth, Hadaway, Nenfle, Mra. Booth, Madieon, and ! Broadley are all among them. GaaanwicH Thutii.?A varied and attractive bill of entertainment ia ofl'eif d for thie evening. Mr. and I Mra. George Chapman, Henry Chapman and Mill Julia | Drake, will appear in aeveral favorite character*. Mr. ! Henry P. Grattan will anitain hi* celebrated part af Sejr| geant Auttcrlitz, in the drama of " There**'* Vow." ; Tha evening will commence with the petite comedy of the " Devil to ray," and conolude wiih the melo drama of the " Dumb tiirl of Genoa " In the lecoad act of the latter, Henry and George Chapman go through tha celebrated drunken combat, which ha* alwaya been received with great manifestation* of delight by numerou* audience*. Mr Quavle, end Mi** Greenwood, a very promiaing girl, by the bye, will, in the courae of the evening, ting two favorite aire. On Wadnaeday evening, Mr. Stammere, the leteee, take* hi* benefit. Bowcav Ammiithcatrb.?The manager* of thi* ea. tabli*hment certainly deaerve great praiie for the admitable manner in which it ia conducted, to aa to render it alway* an agreeable, ebaete, and profitable retort Madame Macarte and Levi North will both appear tbi* evening ; certataly a ttrong conjunction. Mr. Jama* Nixon and hi* punilt, Willie and Charley, the celebrated i>oeturera, will diiplay their wonderful power* MUtJta, lelyno. the beautiful damtuir, will appear in aeveral fa | roriie aanco* in?amv? iicumw 01 me ininy surao- ' lion* held out. To-morrow evening, Mnt. Macarte will talcs her benefit. Amkiicii Ciacc*.?Bandi, Lent It Co. appear to ba doing a moit sucaeaaful bmlnet*, it home* crowded to overflowing may be any criterion by which to judge.? 1 We cannot, in a (bort notice, mention even (air part of ' the pleating novelties and attractive nature of the per formancea offered; bnt lufflce it to tay that Matter Her- ' i Mndex, the greatest living eqaeitrian of hit age, Mr. ! : Moaeley, the living incarnation of the Pickwick papera ; I the poniet. "May Fly," end the "Wrestlers; " Mr- Con! ner. the attitndinarian, and Mr Sands, with bit children, ' over a few of the attraction* at thia ettablisbment. Thit ' evening, in addition to all, will be performed the farce of "Dumb Jerry." AiHtNaa*.? If yon with to hare the "wool palled over your eyet," in tpite of all your efforts to the con" trary, step into the Aihambra this evening, and *e? if you can detect the great magician Alexander in any of hi* ' wonderful deluding tricks He will delight you and as- | tonish you ; but voull not be able to underatand the >e- i cretofbis remarkable feata. Music, instrumental and j vocal, will pleeae vour eats a* much as Herr Alexander does ) our eyet. Don't forget the Alhsmbra. i Yankee Hill has engaged the Tabernacle for New Tea''* dey. an<l if he don't make the wall* of that btiild ; ing ring with metry laughter, we are much mistaken iu j hi* powers over the risible muscles of the public. The Arch street theatre. Philadelphia, offers a goo'' bill this aveninc The eatiavaganza of " Gulliver.' and the hiatericel play of " Monttmna," will be performed ! Mr Anderton appears to-night, at the Walnut street ! theatre. Philadelphia, in the character of Brutus, in the ' . tracedv of" Julius aaai The faro* ef " Lend me { Fire Shilling*" will feilew. Young Al?*?nH?r Am*rio?n mngiciin. who ha* ' t*hen tb? Ch?*?at *treet thoatre. rhilmlrlphia. for hii ' enter1ain?*n?*. itfmi l< ba?* mad* a (real hit. Wo | propUoci*'! that ho weulJ. after having attende l one of hi* tihii>ilioM in thi* city. Daa MarhU i* playing at th? 9t. Chaile* theatre, Naw j Orleao* M'Ua Blarney, the gra?efiil an>! ftacinattag djn<tui* m at Naw OrleaM Mr Wallack i* playing at fiaranriah, IMr Col 11 ut mad* hi* Ant appearance, at C harioitoa, Heath Carolina, oo ?ho eranJeg of the 9*oJ, Is tha 'Mri/k K*baaa?4or" % % Cltjr lnUUlRtnee. Tni Wmtru yesterday wm extremely mild, and the froit began to thaw about 1 o'clock, F. M. Toward* evening it begun to frarie ligh'ly againBoo it Sal*. -Wt would c>n the attention of fh? " lie to a tale of books 'o take place at the sales room of Meiin. Cooley, Kmh & Hill, on this and tomorrow evening. The collection olfered at auction la a most valuable and complete coll ection of English ttaudarJ j works; such a one ai U rarely to he met with in this couutry. Those having libraries, or in icarchof particular volume* cheap, would do well to attend thia*ale. Ntw York Histou ic4L Sociktv.?Under the auipioes of thi* lociety a coune of eight lecture* i* te be deliver- [ od at the Me<'hauic? Hall, 47i Broadway, by Mr O II Gliddon, formerly U 8. (on?ul in Egy pt The researches : of Mr. <i. in his Eastern sojourn ana tiavel, have been of l a nature to ensure a vast deal of instruction and intereit in his lectures, toe first one of which will be given this evening. Th* Holidavi ? In the notice ?f eur advertising pation* in yotorday's paper, we forgot to say that Moss, (late Kouiscl) No 161) U roadway, has an ininite varietv ' of perfumery, cosmetic* and toilet article* on hand, well worth attention dining the holiday a. Ho is the Stewart of New Vork in hi* line of business. No toilet can be complete without his article Furious Daiviio -We have frequently had occasion to comment upun the recklessness of driver* of omnibuses. c?bs am) hack*, ia driving through our streets without regard to the lives or limbs of the foot p ax sengo r?; and the abu;e ha* latterly become so prevalent, that it would apj?-a > e* if these drivers were determined tu ?t?i nil mw tii u> ufliire. a iu?n uimeu L.iYing8ioa wii driven over yesterday, by the driver of stage No 40, and one of hi* rib* wai broken. He wai taken to tbo City Hospital. whore he now liei in a vary precarious itate. It la to be hoped that some example will be made of those men who drive furiously and recklessly through the streets, as neither lire nor limb are safe when drivers thua wantonly violate the ordinances ol the city. Srajv Ox Kit.?Two oxen want an owner, being found in the public streets. They will be found at the 18th ward station house. Saved from Dkowrino.?A man named John Miller, i accidentally fell into the river at the foot of Courtlandt street, in jumping from off on* of the steamboats.? He was saved by policeman Brundaff*. Fibk Auhms.?A falsa alarm of Are wa^made yes- ' terday morning in the 5th district Dk ad in Bid.?A person who haa boarded at No. > Catherine slip forthe past year, not making hi* appearance at the table yesterday, his room was entered, in the course of the afternoon, when he waa found dead in his bed. The Coroner will hold an inquest upon his body this morning, when the cause of his sudden death will doubtleaa be ascertained. Police Intelligence. Charge oj Conspiracy to Dtfi mid.?Officer Beard, of the 3d ward, arrested on Saturday night, at the North American Hotel, Bowery, a roun called Robert IV. Moore, on a warrant iaaued by J ustice Drinker, wherein he stands charged with a conspiracy, together with several othera, in procuring a large ameunt of batter and gro- , ceries fiom the following merchantsJesse Van An- ' kens k Son, No 186 Washington atieet, have been de- ; franded out of $861 worth of butter; Mr. Stephen Roe,

No. 107 West street, $600 worth of butter; John Boyce, No 337 Kulton street ; John 8. Moore It Co, No 316 i Front street; Clark It Fisk. No. 3J8 Fulton atreet, and Caleb M. Little, No. 184 Washington atreet, all of whom declare they have been defrauded by the accused, and others, of a large amount of butter and groceries, embracing between $6,000 and $6,000. A large quantity of the, it appears, has been traced to Boston, belonging to one of the above firma, where it was discovered in the market, with the original marks thereon, it having been told for several cents leas than it had been purchased by the accused parties. The whole case will be fully investigated ana sifted to the bottom by Justice Drinker, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Meantime, (the accusod was committed by the magistrate to the custody of officer Stewart, to insure his appearance at the appointed hQur. Jtirrettuf the hlnaped Convict.?On Wednesday last, vuuciKJK uy iuo uamo ui wii'ci nvujr, SKipvuiruiu UiO State prison at Sing Sing, and was retaken at Beekman, ear Tarrytown, about five mile* from Sing Sing, on Christmas day, and immediately conveyed back to the prison. It appear! that tlui desperate young man, after obtaining hii liberty from the priion, on that night, tra veiled (trough the ice and snow as fast as he was able, taking principally to the fields and by-roads; and in his haste upon staitiag, be lost his shoes in a snow drift, and was compelled to walk bare footed through snow and ice, cutting his feet severely; this, together with the cold, almant stopped his progresa. However,ha managed to travel all that night and the greater part of Thursday > ?when on Thursday night he huddled into a barn to I 1 procure some rcst. not having had any sleep br foad since he started; and being in great agony with his feet, , threw himself down on somo old straw for relief, and on | waking up in the morning, he found himself stiff and almost frozen to death : he finally mustered strength | enough to get en his feet once more ; and feeling quite I faint lor want of food, he was determined to make a uold i push, but l aving still his striped priion clothea on, he felt that his arreat would be certain were he to be 1 aeen. But thinking it would be better to be taken 1 than to starve to death with hunger and celd, he approached the Beekman Academy, and seeing the door open, and a good fire in the stove and no one about that he observed, the temptation overcame his better judgment, and in went the poor convict, like a starving rat into a trap, when scarcely had he sat down at the stove two minutes, before a man came ia and seeing Kelly with his striped drees on, kL?w at once?he was an escaped convict, and look him at once into custody, conveyed him back to prison, received the reward of $60 for the arrest and the thanks of the keeper of the prison, for his vigiience. Thus ended the career of the escaped convict. wona L.arcrny ? uiicemau uirqun, 01 ?m warn, arretted a mau called Dcunia Deamond, on a charge of robbing a young *uilor by the name ol Chaa T. Savage, ol * $i00 bask bdl, on Cbriatmaa day, while in a home kepd by Jane Page, at 67 Jane* atreet. Locked up lor trial oy Juatice blinker. Breaking open a chut ?A policeman of the 4th ward Treated yeaterday a fellow called Michael Riley, on charge of breaking open a cheat and alealing a quantity of clothing theiel row, auppoaed to belong to Catharine Kennedy, an emigrant pa?aenger that arrived in the (hip Oxford, irom Kn^tand, on Suiarday night, for which an owner ia wanted. Apply to Mr. Stewart, the eflIcient clerk of police a: the 1 omb?. Juatice Drinker locked the accuied u p for examination. Stealing CiotKmg ?Policeman Furlong, of the 4th ward, arre*tel yesterday a felow called Henry Lacker, on charge ol lu-ahng a lot of clothing from Darid Lewia, No. 82<> i r rl street. Locked up. Burglary ? A black fellow called Jim Thompaon, waa caught laai nignt in the cellar of houie No. 83 Monroe j atreat, occupied ! y Mr. Theodora Crane. It appcara the raacal got in ih iwugh the cellar coal grating, and bad packed up a u.ce tittle lot of turkiea and chickem, and ?u juit p?k in/ Ma black top knot out of the grating to aee if the coan ..m clear, when he waa grabbed on the wool by officer Brady ol the 7th ward, and conducted to the atation home, when in the'morning Justice Timpaon locked him up for kkL stealing an jinckor.?Two boya, called Deming Colman and John Fitz^atnck, ware arretted by officer Cashing, of the 7th ward, lor itealiag an anchor worth $30, from the achooner BaM Ann, lying at the feot of Montgome rv atreet. They wep delected in aelling the fame to an old junk shop kea|Ar in Cherry atreet. Locked up by Juitice Tiinpton. On the "Sneak One ef the "sneaking" Five Point thieve! entered the dwelling bouse No 27S Mulberry-at , en Saturday alteinoon, about 4 o'clock, and forcad open bureau drawer with a chisel, uteallng therefrem fiO in geld coin, and made hit eicape. Cote of Sr Knoicltt ? We noticed a few days ago a compla lit made Against Mr. Knowles, of No. 7 Washicgton street, wherein he wai charged by a man called Teubrook, with stealing a trunk The case wu investigated before Justire Drinker, and diaraissed, there baing no larceny in the case whatever, to justify Ilia detention of Mr Knowles. Mahciout Tretfti.?Ofticert Davil and Stewart, of the Lower Polioe, arrested on Saturday night, ajonng man by the name of James Ryan, on a charge of nia:Icioui trespass in cutting the transparencies placed in frant of the Bowery Amphitheatre, belonging to Messrs. Draper and Try on Justice Osborne held the accused to bail iii to answer at court Ji Rich f'agrant?Officer Odium, of the 0th ward, brought before Justice Drinker, yesterday afternoon, j an old grey heeded man, called Thomas Lock, af j some ?i*ty winters, whom he found in the Bowery, ; near Walker street, sitting en tho sidewalk solicit- ; ing aid from the public, otherwise called begging. It arpears this old man is seni eat to beg by two weaiea j who live in good style on the money thus collected by the old man. About two months ago be waa brought la and the magistrate,sect him up as a vagrant for 0 months I to Blackwell's Island, but scarcely was l.e there a week before the old man, or his frioDda, procured >40, which ; was giren to a lawyer, who procured a writ of certiorari, and obtained hi' discharge, end he is new brought in , gain and committed on the same charge, bnt the record oi conviction this time has been made out by Mr. btewart, the cleik, in a monner that we doubt much if any j Judge will be diuhorised to discharge under such a re- I cord of conviction J'etit larctniti.?Mary Ann Ward waa committed for cutting oil' a pocket containing $'2, from the draas of ' another prisoner, while in,the call together, in the 0th 1 war l station home. Mary Aon All. n, wee Drought in oy oncer McMmui, for ate*ling $ J irem F.ugene Minna, while in a orib on the Kive Pointa. Locked uj> tor trial jliirrt.pi to stab.? Officer McKeon arreated laat night, fellow called John Chew, on a charge cf attempting to atab Mr*. LUily, wi lt a lire < bowio knii'e. Licked up for cxaitiauttou, by Justice Drinker. Pttil larctny?AaaiaUnt Captain Oirdner, of the 8th ward, arretted laat niglit, a woman called Elizabeth Harriot, ou a charge of ro?bing a man by the name'of Owe* ; Matthewa, of $3, whila In a crib on the Fire Pointa. Alto accomplice*, John A. Brown and Petor Wyanta. Locked up. HoTcinanta of Trarelltn, The following were the full amount of traveller* regitteied at each of the principal hoiela, yeaterday:? AMiaican?D Cowdrey, Nawkorry, Maee ; W Scrigham, Yonkera; S. Maynard, U. 8. A ; Captain Barclay, U. 8. A.; L Clark*on, St. Lawrence, Va. Aaraa.?F. Prince, Boaton;T. Lovett, Halifax: L. Gardner, L I.; W. Valentine, J. Jeflnea, and C Chad wick, Boatoii; J. Monroe. Peril; S. Slater, Webeter; (General Oalnea, U 8 A.; J. Cowley, On.; J. Oliver, Qaebec, O. Borthwioh. Montreal: Thome* B. Merrltt, Canada; J. Jot 11 n, tad 9. Hicka, Troy. Citt ? W. Harvey. Aineny, L. Borden, I*. Y.? T Stretter, Baltimore; J 8 Jonea, Rich mood; t Baker, N. Y ; Oeo. Kaoaoui, 17 8. N. Fiidilir - W. Rutter, Philad ; M Ferron, do; C. Banforth, N. J ; Dean RichmonJ, Buffalo, J. Holbome, Providence. Mow?*d?Col Denny, 71at regt. B Army; (J. Roach, Canada; Mr. Williama, Pmla; 8. R Hobhie. Waahington, 1 D. C; J Oreraon. Annapolia: Z Raddle, A. Smith, Naiaan Hall; O Portar, Pann; II. Littla, Conn; L. Hayden, | Ueneeee co;P. Waller, N. J. Jroaow.?D O Tempi*, Boat on; Mr. Flagg, New Haven; Mr. Parkar. Naw York; E. |Rogera. Northampton; E Haler. New Jeraey; D Dnrker, HI. Louie; Sydney Smith, V. S. A.; J Bradley, Maine. A aad affair occurred in Bolirar co. Miaa. week Wore laat, in which a m?n Lumatord waa accidentally abot ? Ha wu about being arretted ft atealing Degree a, aad ?u killed bj the diecherge of t gun which he waa trylag to take from the htsdi of M oftoer Aid to tha Famliblni People of (Ireland? | Pursuant to public notic?. a meeting we* hol.i Id Tm>- ' rasny Hall, on Saturday evening, to da* 1m and glr* effect to measures calculated to afford tome relief to the nilRotw vf A. It. Mtcrt*. M?yer of the city, ?u culled to the chair. The following gentlemen were appointed Vioe Presidents, viz Or Robert Hogen. Robert Emmet, Jucob Harvey, DavU Graham, Jas T. Brady, John McKeon. Aid Gibntrtin, Horaca Greeley, Pater McLaughlin, Richard M. H-e, ! Felix iDgoldiby. John R. CalUn, Patrick McBarron, Elijah F Purdjr. Thos. Boyle, Barnard CueRan, Andrew Jackman, Aid Walsh, John Egan, I'atricU McCahiil, Jamea Keane, Andrew Kerrigan , with Bartholomew O'Conner, .Edward D. Coimeiy, and Pater E. Patterson, a* Secretarial Tha call baring bean read, the meeting wa* successively adJresaed by E D. CoRRur, Hoitci Uinur, and Dr. Robot Hooan, in exposition of the preient axtent and intensity of luffering in Ireland, and the imminent necessity of our doiog something to mitigate that suffering. The followiiig reaolutiona were then lubmit ted anil adopted Resolved, That Hi* Honor Mayer Mickle act ea Treafurer, and that the money collected" be remitted by him to hi* Excellcncy the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with a request that be inititute an iDquiry into the really desti tute district* of that country and that he dispense the money lent, amouK none but those lie tinds to be real object* ef charity. [This resolution vu adopted, but at a subsequent period was taken up for reconsideration, and amended ao a* to authorise the committee (appointed by : another resolution,) to determine the mode ui which the money waa to be appropriated to the objects intended ] it Keiolved, That a committee ot seven be appointed to sobdivide the city into districts, with power to add to their number*, to make collection* for the relief of Irelaud, and that return* of the name* and *um* *o collected be given to the Mayor on Thuraday next, and that tne name* and mm* be published in the city newspapers The committee, a* increa*ed by subsequent resolution*, is constituted as follows:? Otntral Ctmmlltt. .? Mayer A. H. Mickle, Andrew Carrigan, Dr Robert Hogan, Aid Jamas Walsh, P. McLaughlin, Felix lagoldsbv. Aid. Oilmartin, Aid. Dennis Mull in*, U. D. Connery, Horace Qreeley, Jame* Keane. The general committee,at a subsequent meeting,made the following appointment of ward or district commit teas, to make collection*, and umita with the general committee, in the discharge of tha duties devolved upon the latter by the meeting: They wiih it distinctly understood, thet seme of the names below have boen us*d i without consulting tha parties, and that they have only ] assumed to request these gentlemen to co- operate in the good work of charity to undertaken Ail who are wil- i ling to aot, will plasse consider this public announcement thoir authority to do ao, and proceed to call on the mj iupaiuiaiu^ KUU U0UVV?1?UI, U vinj US IB CUUTCQlVQi; whili those who feel constrained to decline, are respectfully solicited to signify that fact by a not* to ua at tha Mayor's oitlce. forkwith. Commute* It makt CalUctioni. lit Ward?Mayor A. H. Mickle, Aid. Gilbert, Aid. Byrne, Han. J. P- Phoenix, John McMichaal, John Gilron. 3d Ward?Aid. Stoneall, Aid. Brown, Jinsa Kaley, Oao A. Hood, David Pollock, Patrick Quirk. 3d Ward?Aid. Benson, Aid. McElrath, Chaa Stetson, Wm. Redmond. Felix Ingoldsby, Simoon Draper, Oregory Dillon, E. D.Counery. 4tn Ward?Aid. Parser, Aid. Mullins, Wm. Hall, Han. Jas. Harper, Jas. Murphv, John Egan, T Oarrick, Florence McCarthy, Patrick Mwlvihill, D C. Peptz, Simeon Abrahams, George Dawson. 6th Ward ?Aid. Hart, Aid. Radl'ord, E. 8. Derrjr, Jas. B. Nicholson, Jacob Harvey. 8th Ward.?Aid. Koete, Aid. Oilmartin, John Mullin, Patrick Kelly, Jamas Keane, Dr. Hugh Sweeney. 7th Ward?Aid Smith, Aid. Dougherty, P. McLaugh- ' lin, Jama* Kerrigan, Owen McCaba, Andrew Brady, ratrick Moore, Abner Chichester, Lake Doyle, Jacluen , Shullz, Peter Smith, Hiram Ketchum. 8th Ward?Hon. Wm. F Havemeyer, Aid. Compton, 1 Aid. Maclay, John McKean, Jamas T. Brady, Michael Burke, Gideon Fountain, James G. Moffett, Wm. Okamberlain. 0th Ward?Aid. Van Tine, Aid. Smith, Philip W. Engs, Edmoad M. Young, Hon. Moses O. Leonard, David 0. Broderick, Francis (ifcmpbell. 10th Werd?Aid. Mfessetole, Aid. Gray, Elijah F. Puidy, Bryan McCahili. y Uth Ward?Aid. Johnson. Aid. Dodge, Patrick Brannan, Felix Quinn, Chas. M. Simonson, William Gage, Michael Phelan, Abraham V. Ilatield, James Kelly. 14th Ward?Aid. Jackson, Aid. Spofford, Patrick Dougherty, Andrew Kerrigan, Horace Greeley, Samuel Osgood, Thomas Addis Emmet, Andrew Leary, Morgan Ma- mull 13th Ward?Aid. Roberta, Aid. Teeks, C. B Timpaon, Dr. W. A. Walton, Wm. O. Boggs, Dr. H. O. Dunnell. I Thomaa Boyle. 14th Ward?Aid. Tappen.AM. Nicholf, John Callaghan, Hugh O'Brian, Francis Gilmore, Abraham Bell, Oeorga I Marshall, Dr John Gray, Edwa{tl J. lunes, Hugh Kelly. . lath Ward?Aid. Brady, Aid. Oliver, Dudley Seldea, Henry Kvofson, Col. J. Watson Webb, Francia Mann, Dr. Wm Power, Robert Emmet, Martin Water*, Dr. Robert Hogan, John C. Greene, Wm. B. Astor, Alex. T. Stewart, | Robert B. Mint urn, J. O'Reilly, Patrick McCormiok. 18th Ward?Aid. Livingston, Aid. Webb, Hon. Moin H. Grinnell, G. W. Anderson, Miohael Connolly, Wm. ' Campbell. 17th Ward?A1B. Walah, Aid. Robertson. Patrick McBarron, Jamea W. White, J. Murphy, Daniel O'Connor, ! Wm. F White, Tighe Darey, Jraes Reyburn. 18th Ward?Aid. Walker, Aid. M. W. S. Jackaon, Wm. . P. Mom, Thomaa 8. Henry, James Armstrong, Jamea I Brooks. A subscription for the relief of the starring in Ireland was opened at the urelinini ry meeting, and the call for aid responded to as follows :? Dr. K Hogan, >21); James G. Smith, $3; Edmund Boland, $3; Patrick Mulvihill, $34; Patrick McCormick, %U\ Jeremiah Fielding, $5; Michael McVitty, $t; Daniel Gilmartio. $i<>; Mrs. D. Uilmsrftin, $J; A Friend, $1: , David Pray, %b\ Redmond Mc Mania, $4; Wm. Lambert, $9; Phillip Collins, $4; Wm. Donovan. $0; Andrew Mc- ! F.voy, $4; Stephen Luan, $1; Peter Lallv, $2; John Fitznmmuns, $1; James Lawless, $1; Michael Phelan, $4; Dr Jotinsou, $6; Patrick Harney, $1; Francis Blake. $4; A Friend, $1; Patrick Gill, $3; Wm. McMenomy, $lJi; Thoi. Hamnon. $1; Jamea Condon, $6; Charles McVay, 91; Michael Qulgley, $9; Michael Murphy, $1; Patrick Meaher, $1; Michael Rorke, S3; A Friend, $IX: Wm. and John Pendergast, &1; James Egan, $t, George H. Pnra?r e.V !>>n? H>?> it. U..r^k- ?in A drew Jackman, $4; Michael Pbelan, $6; Tereccv Mo-. Canna, $1; John McCanna, 91; John Thorn**, $8; Dr Walter*, $6; John Egan, $16; Pattick Fitzgerald. $1; Jama* Walah, $1; Coruellu* Ltodi, 81; Ilaroden It Co $100: Janet Kenny, $1; John Walah, $8; Patrick Cain, $1; John .Moras, $3; Michael Hughe*, $1: Peter McLogblen, ;$1; John McCarthy, $-4; Michael Boyd, $1; Timothy Hay*, $1; Michael Flannelly, $25; Dr Kennedy $|: Owen Rooney, $1; John Dwyer, $1; John Clark, $8; John Sullivan, $1; David Culbert, $3; A Hootch man, $3; Patrick Griffin, $1; Daniel Madden, $1; Ja* W. White, $6; Gore Kelly, $1; George Kit/.aimmoni, $5; Win. O'Grady, $1; Jame* Kain, ?i<>, Michael Brennan. $1; John MeKew, $1; Nichela* Meyer, $3; Mr*. O'Keefe, $4; Jame* Gillen, Mot*; Patrick Kearney, $-3; Jame* McKenna, $30; Thomaa Fallon, $4; A. Moiriaon, $1; A. , Birne,$l, Geo. W Daweon, $6; Wo*.Ballagh, $5; Wm. Dunn > $8: Dominic Kelly, $J; Aid Oilmartin, $08; A ' Friend, $1; A. P. McCaiT.rty, $6; Jame* Kelly, $10: i Jame* J. Bavin*. $8; Peter Cryctal, $9; Jaiaea Frank*, 1 $1; Mir-hael Gaffney, $6; Oeo. Marshall, $5; Mr*. Mo- ! t oward, ti, Frerman Campbell, $18; Ricnard Hagmn, $8; C.Frank*, $1; E. Frank*, $1: Tkomaa rhelan, $8; Edward Mellen, $1; Rev. Henry Oil**, $6; Lawrence Zana, $1; A Friend, $1; T. M Dougherty, $98; Mr. Bay Ion Coleman $10; Obarle* Oilmartin, $8: John J. llaley. $10; Patrick MoBarron, $#?; A Friend *1 the Destitute, $10; Th*me* McKnight, $6; Thoma* Meighan. $8; A Friend, $9;J.O Carpenter, $98; Jame* Dominic, $1; Edward I Dunn, $1; Timothy Egan, $3; Sympathy, $9; Jame* Mc- j Mullin, $1; Michael McCormick. $3; Patrick Phalen, >9; He race Oreeley, $34; Patrick Merrick, $8; Patrick Keenan. $S; Aid. Mulline, $10; Jame* Codey, $8; Thoma* Divine, $8; Henry Mabery, $8; T. Smith, $1: Jame* Markey, $1; Patrick Kelly, $10) John Ryan. $1; T.Coleman. $6; Timothy Murphy, $1. Tetal?$7rtS 90 [Hon. Cha* O'Conor, being usable to attend th* meeting, traaamitted $80 in tb* Utter apologizing for ki* ab**nce ; He*. David Graham. $98 do., making tk* entire receipt* of the evening $838 98 ] Th* m*mber* of tee General and Ward Collecting Committee* are requeated to meet at th* Mayor'* Offlc*, City Hall, at 7 o'clock thi* evening, without further notification. By *rd*r of th* meeting. 1M Breadw?y ?the only ?*tabU*h8k*nt in the erty where all kiad* of fine toilet *oap ahaviag e. cam, cuiwviiEi, |?ri ihuici anu vviv(im cm Dff I'iuuu, ?ii mi u" e<ts wurialcd (eauiae, aud eo >1 at timed bat reaaonable price*. A. A. MOH8. * lata R utael't, rerfnmcry, Coaraat, and Toilet Article Depot, IX Bioadway. The Cock may crow If he for La ao dlapoeed. but mil ha lionU betr in mind that at thia action u it now, aud.haa been Tor many yean, the cntlom to ditpnee of1 ham to the bait advantage, that it. to wriua their seeki and rufl for tham. Now. in aome daaciptioa <f i>irdathit would pay very wall, and m othe t?if tou ih< old pat ttitm ap ever a" ehe?p, yon eo'ild t:ever rtaliae anything ftum them, at any -ue wuald know at a (lance they war* aot werth the trouble of throwing for. However, tbia la not to the point. What we want to eay ta our frieuda la thia?oar old favorite, Martin Botaer. a rime bird of the ba<t plumage, can be aeaa at the Hamad Ward Hotel, erery day at all hoare? and whea yoa call oa hiai voa m*? eapect better attention thaa you caa meet with io >iiy other honte in New York, aad we will guaranty be will net crow at all, Heeervea up tapurb loncn evtrv day from II to I o'clock. Kxerelee, lite fountain of Health.?Thoie who with l? avail ihea>ae:vee of the ineatimable beurfliato be derived from Qymnatic Eierciaet, praetited under ihe tuperimei deuee of aa eipeneneed rhytical trailer, can do an Mr placing rhemtelvea under tha inturaction cf Dr J.B. Rich, of I In L'mou Uyiaaaatic Aearieny. lit Croaby atrert. near Bleecker aireet. Claeaea for adnlt* aieet ar auntite and at*, T.Hndt o'clock in the evening. Hot, co.d aud ihower batha fiee to tabtcrib'ra. Navigation of the Ohio Rlrer> P'acii. 7\m* Suit tf Rite. Plttabnrjr ........... .Dec 33 Ci ft falling l.oeiiTille Dec- 31....... *,l< ft. falling Wheeling. ... .... .. ..Dee. 31... .. d ft. tin falling Cincinnati Dae. 31 11 ft . fallta* nOSBTRURKBT^ Sunday, Dee. 9N4 P. Id. The (toek market during the peat week tiaa been rather qalet thaa otherwiie, and quotation* have remained qalte tteady. Nona of the fancies kare raited mere Uiu one or twe par cant, and there appean rery littia diipe ition to oparata antil after tha holiday* ara orar. Thai* Bra a namhar of reaiona for tha inactivity in tha *tock market ; tha noit prominant, la tha approach of tha period aat apart for tha commencement of the maw toaa* rial policy ef the goTernmant. Speculator* in ato?kf are aaxtoai to tee wkat will be the operation of ike Inde pendent Treatury hill, hefor* they become mere d?tply | Involved in traneactioni, and they are dlapoeed to await Mine action in relation to Utia meaevre on the pert of the government, with the hope thait It will he modified and improved *e at to meet Ike e*%enclri of the coactry > growing eat of tha Mexieea war. In purralng oar snmiMtioa Into .he tflhiri of Ikl Harlem Railroad CMiptny, ? in M? prepared to ifeow that the mufti w* ? ( Mly enttrely tail, but inch will he tho exposition of official im propriety whenever tho concern shall pua into other lundi, who- 1 ttwr m ?! iwpmoi taUm of tho stockholder^ or tbe ' creditor*, u will fully justify the charge of acandaloua mismanagement Tba public attention having been awakened to tba enquiry which i( in progress, they wilL^ not now be satisfied with any halfway meaaurea that c* l? be patched up ; the reasons ud causes of the general disappointment must be brought fully to llcht, sod we( therefor*, csution those who would venture on the bus!-., | ness of restoration, either from vanity or selfishness, to jook well to their undertaking. It has been, for some time pest, just oause of com- }. plaint, that the stockholders have bean kept in constant ignorance of the condition of the company, and consequently there has been no opportunity for consultation among them, through which proper measures for assistance might have been deviasd, thus leaving the whole matter to the charge of a few incompetent individuals ? In excluding the stockholders from a knowledge of tho embarrassment*, the directors have boon enabled, with the tranafer book in their exclusive possession, to operate in tha upe and downi of the itookmarket, u piofeaiionel garablera are wont to do with loaded dio*. Th* gam* ba* been in this maimer all on on* ilde?whila tha Intatcreiti of tha public have been totally negleoted and abuied. Tha re hat alwayi bean auch a fait idioui wlthholdiag of informatien, and lelfiih regard for tha tranifer book, ai to form itrong circumitantial evidence that the oan- 4 cealmeat practiced waa adopted far th* moat dinngaauou? purpoeea; hat, in thii imtauce than is no neceeaity to raaort to auoh special of corroboratire testimony j j thara ii positive evidence that the principal managerial have bMi guilty of repeated eooatruotive ftamda ia re fl ference to the mystery ia whieh every tranaaction hbaen enveloped, we take the opportunity to remark, t H it daaervea ne higher diatinotien than to be charneteriaad ai the emanation of an exuberant littleness of apirit, the miserable trickery af ignorance and weakueee?es thoee who feel conicioua of their ewn integiity, having bo diehonest objecta to cloak, aeek no aecurity from conoeal" moot, nor importance through disgniie. Ai another instance of incompetency, it ia proper t? state, that the council! of tha beard have been governed by a mean iplrit, through which every difference with ereditori haabeen unjnitly conteeted, by resorting to legal technical!tiei, and the^.ahancei incident to procraafiliating litigation; and inch have been the frivolona grenndi reiertod to for defence that the fkith of th* company hai become a by-word with the profeeaien, re ultiag, aa might b* *zp*cted, In larger verdicU and judgments for damage* than would have occurred through fair and equitable oompromise. It u tbM imbecile policy, tbi* Jealousy of latarferenoo with official dignity, this want of honest independence, and this auprama degree of seiflihness, which baa influenced every movement, that ha* brought thia oompeny to tha Tary verge of insolvency, and proves moat can elusively, that in tha management qf oar corporate estab] iishments, than ought to ha constant and iibaral intercommunication between tha stockholders and their rap- _ resentatives. Tha fault ia not, however, entirely with the directors; in the lupiaeaes* ef itoekhelders there exiata a great deal too much reapeot for official dignity? an overcharged confidence in the integrity of elective trustees, giving to those in place a supercilioua habit ef eonaidering themselves . bove reapeniibility. In the representation we have mtde of the cenduet ef the direction, we are awara that the oenaure doe* net apply to every member, as there have been aeveral who have ahown themaelvea auperler to the eentxcl. ling influence!, and through whoae exertion* ap association of individuala was farmed, oemposed of gentlemen of respectability, intelligence and capital, who would have advanced a half miliiea of dollare, provided a reconstruction ef the direction could be made to meet their views of repreaantatlve responsibility. There have, also, been others who have retired from the board to avoid any further participation in tha public diepleeanre. Uiia prudent exertion may have been justifiable, especially as it oamports with the general practice of avoiding diffieultiee; but we are ef opinion that those who have refused to driven from their post, have acted in a manner much more manly and unranoni. There ikoold be no arrangement* In the gonadal (negotiation* of corporate inititution*, in which the itockholderi ihoald be held unworthy to pertieipete, and, whenever any auch are attempted to be introduced, having a vital bearing on the general Intereata, it ihoald bo the duty ofthoeo who disapprove of iuh operation* to give to Ihtm proper publicity?and with thee* sentiment* wo condemn thoae who retired from the diroctiea, for a want of firmneu, a want of fairneas, in not expoWag the infractiOM, which were about to bo made on the right* of their constituent*. The negotiation* which are now under conaidoration( and in which Mr. Havomeyer i* playing a conspicuous 0 port, may be auccoufal a* bargain, bat will fail to raiae the honor of the company. It aeem* that tfci* gen- > tleman, in declining to serve hia democratic friend*, on the ecoro of domeetio comfort, ha* all at once discovered that the burthen* of oAcial life, if accompanied with proper pecuniary oompoMation, are not to much to hi* dlstaato a* he had Imagined. The game now ia, to bring ] into the board n new set of directors, by giving them a controling amount of itock at vary low priooe, with the contingent advantage of loaning money on the bend* of ' the company, convertible into ateck, at twenty-Ive per cent below par. The director* who hold itoek, have a perfect right to contract for aaiooiatea; bat have they the right to disregard the re^aiaitlom of the charter, in order to carry through their stook-Jobbing operation* 1 i nere n, nowerir, bo caneiiy w uia arrangement; me negotiating directors will make a* ?acriflce?; the stockholders who sre kept in igaoranca af lha caovanant will ba deceived. If Mr Havsmsyar goal inta this company on such, or similar condition*, ha will ba diiappointed and luoh is the nature af tha nagoiiation new foot that it raflsrti very little credit open thoie concerned. In oar former remark! wa itated that tha debt* of tha company would aat be leas than thirteen hundred the*-, sand dollars whan the read reaches Somers, hut it wll| ba seen from the following statement that it already ?x coeds that amount. Not that this smount ean be aacer. tained from tha raoorda of tha company, for we know that the loans made on the hypothecatien al steak have nsvsr bean regularly entered on their books; and what will appear much mare extraordinary, they hare never been authorised by tha board af diraotors, nor la any manner sanctioned by the stockholders. Wa will Tea tore to say that the chairman of their ftaaaee committee has not been consulted?at least suoh haa been his reply to a direct inquiry. If the negotiation which Mr. Have- -g mayor is contracting, is legitimate, wa eannet see why the legislature circumscribed tha made of doing business through the instrumentality af a board af directors. The chnrter has no legal existence at the present mo ant, end those who hare been guilty of thus transcend Ing their duties, are proper subjects lor the attention of the legislature, where violations of ell charters should be condemned, whatever may ba tha rank sad state o those guilty of such transactions. The condition ef the company may be summed up in a very few words. With a debt of $1,000 MO. bv bonds, and S4M 000 on tha hvaothaAatisn ?f illegal (took, thsy hare about thirty mil*I af road Inithed. Ttia amount of olJ stock U > 700 shares, and of hypothecated about 38 900 ikirti, wkila the legal capital ia M #00 shares?learing a h. lance of ever lime of 1100 share*. > Theaa general statements are acknowledged; but what hat bean the real Block put into circulation ie mora diflloult t* bo ascertained, tad probably oarer will be kun until all the certifloatee in circulation shell be called ia Thar* may be a large quantity or forged iaanee, or atf ligent if auoa, and of recently falte iaauee, which My not ba accounted for The hypothecated atock (tanda aa fbliowat ? 3000r aharea to Charlea Chrutmaa, aa affeot for a lean of ,? $40.000; to the Danbenry Bank of Connecticut KM aharea, for $ 100.0*0 of United Wetea benda. hearing Are percent intereat, from which $00 #00 waa reeiieed?the hank to return the atook at the expiration of fonr Month#, on the receipt of flM.MM, and eevon per cent, iateroet? eomewhat uanrione?#006 aharea to Jacob Little k Co., for the aeearity of benda aanoanting t? $900.00*?the atock redeewed Area Jandaa k Ce.; MOO aharea, em . which a loan of $100 000 waa made, ia now hell hy the ateck combination, whh the premiae to redeeaa whenever a eerteln lubaeriptien for $000,000 a hall be tiled netD'*"i Broeka k Ce. 0000 aharea, to proteot their entrart for iroa, already delivered, on which $M,M0 ( fall* da* oa the l# h Jinntry, and $10 MO on the first I d?y of each lacceeding month. Te Floy4 Ferrie and David CotbMl, direetore, 9000 iharea, in eererel certifi estes, to protect theea * suretlee on an appeal to the Supreme Court to eet atide an honaat T?rdi<y obtained a<aloat the company by Storey, Milla It Co for $19 000. To Edward Faile, a director, lOOOaharea, for money loaned; and a boat 900 aharee. the laat if the batch from this prolific eonrce, to peraooa unknown. Theee aereral amonnti exceed the capital ttock aathorited to be rabecribed, eleven band red there*, but whether the txceu affect* the ftnt, the la?t, er either of the Intermediate tmufere, U Mt v#ry taatertel, la Dm / /

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