Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1846 Page 3
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r? * . t preient emtarraaaed state of the company; but u the exce?* afford* evidence of a violation of the charter, it may hereniter hava a mora important bearing. Tha loans ara aia* aoiae what precariously situated, aa tha right to borrow in limited to tha amount paid ia, vis., $1,100,00#' tha proceed* of 30,700 shares; we therefore aeano reason j f why thia transgression doea not afford another evidence 4 m of the Hoiation of tha charter. We will rait hara for tha piaiaat, With tha simple ra- j mark, that bond* to contractor* at four month*, bearing let en par c?nt interest, are offered at heavy diacount* In i Wall (treat, without fiodiag purchaser*; and, anla** Mr Havemeyer and hi* patilotic aiaociataa oama to tha res' cue, and obtain from tha Legislature a renewed act of Indemnity for a loat charter, tha contractor* will find a barren ohance for payment. Out Mlor Is Bxcluii(*< $l#M UUuoi.S., mt JtK tM *b* Hariam RR ??Ji I?"9e Pennsylvania 5a, 6?Ji ID ilo . I r oo do at U 1*0 do haw 4$X 9000 Rending Bds WO 75K ina do ??? <?S t aha Hunk Utate N Y II 60 do MVishsburaBk bfiO sS 100 do * <? , J0MliTr.BkNObC0M^ 301 do btO 49* jQi Long Iaiand RR sW M j 75 Nor fc Wor RR 47m 1M do 24 50 do atO 47J? to Bending RR 50 do bM 471? 1 W0 do bN ?l>4 1M do i?0 47* ?- do 0l3 _ con# Board. tfl sh* Knst Boston 1?? ?h* Canton 8crip bM IS M Hailam RR bJ 48)* 7} do 1* J0 do aW 75 do 2VZ M do sM 49S 100 Vicksbnrgh l>?0 OS J0 do >30 49S Maw blot - Kithang*. M ah* Nor It Wor cash 47K 200 shs Harlem RR s3t <9^ u i'o Mou 47S 50 do cash 4*1?,' 35 do aiiw 4?>-, 50 do aj ?9* ii do a7 47M ISO do hi Sti2 I 34 do rath <7)i JO do Mod itt do Mon 47)5 SO do tuh 49'i it de il 47W M do i4 <9^4 U do tN il\ 30 do uw 49.'? Harried, '* At New Orleans, December 16th. by tha Rev. W. A j*'' Scott. Hsnnr T. Baimix, of Camdisa, Ma., to Mart B. ' Fnou*. of this city. Ou Thursday evening, Dao. 94th, by tha Her. 8. Spears, M?a?AtiBT Ann. aeoond daughter of Jacob Pointer, of I Brooklyn, to B. Llot? Jamb*, of New York. On Thursday, 96th iast, by tha Rev.|Mr MoClusky, Mr Tmomai McIntosm, to Miss Eliia J- Tiimii, all of this city. Dl?d, December 97th, William Hsitav Fimtr, son of Patrick Feeney, aged three years and six months Th? relative* and scqusintances of the family era re- ; apectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) aitornoon, at S o'clock, from 391 Stanton street. At West Cambridge, Old inst., widow krufims FobTta, vgad 89 years and ? months. At wardsborengh, Vt. lath inst, Mr. Solomon Pakk, aged 88 a native ef Hollitton, Mass. At South Kingstown, R 1.. 99d inst., Thomas Billihoton, in bis 93th year, a patriot of the revolution. ! VOLUNTEERS FOR MEXICO. THE lit Regiment of N. Y. S. Volmauera, is now com pUt'd.with the exception of one cnmpiay, for which twenty m?e ire wanted. This will be he last opportunity for l ertoui who wiih to join this Regiment. Apiilr to-day, befor* 1 o'clock, at American Halt, corner of or a lxayaud Onmd treat, or at0 tha Mercer House, corner of Broome nod Mercer ?treet. d?8 lt*rh ACAHD ? The Id Compaayaf Wasbiatfea Volunteer* ....... .1...... .. u. i?i?i .r u.l.i for Kin siucere kiuilaess acd titration to the abo?e asmeJ Coa>(? >v when on a target einitiM ea Chiistmss day .and ia doing jastice to Mr Ireland we would (invi'e other Con- ! ponies to (ire Maa trial, if wishing to enjoy themaelvea cn sack fa oecaaioa. E Ciowtir, Iht'y. D. MULL1N8, Captain. dil It* rfa - A CARD. ATA MEETING OF THE CARL AND GUARDS, A held on their return from their Target Excursion, ou Christmas, the following resolutions were unanimously : ad"p e J! Revolted: That the thanks of tHscoapaay be tendered to | Messrs. Collius St Son, of the Ball's Ferry Hotel, for their ' ki" Jtins and attention fo ns while at their notel. Be?"lted, Thit the thanka of thia company be tendered to I the officers aad members ot the Equitable Light Guard, for their handsome ?scort and rapper provided for us oa our retarn from ear excursion on Christmas Day. Re-oived That the thanks of this company be tendered to Mra. J a* Kvera'd.for the beautifal bouquet presented by her to as while passing her residence on Christmas morning. W. LLGYD, Commandant. ' cHajiJW. Jjloc h an a r , Secretary. da? lt*rh ! TO LET?A fine targe apartment in the Lafa^e Bnifdiug, ; t.irner of Keade street aad Broadway, from now until 1 the first of Mar. for thirty dollars cash, or ita equivalent in 1 almost any kind of goods. Aa a'cov* for a bad ta connected j with the room, and hudtome marble fire place. Address "Shelley," statiag where parties may be seen, Herald Office, dtt Itia'rh NOTICE. JBIELLY, <1 Carmine street, aow offer* his entire ?tock of felar Lamps, Lard and Oil Lampa, Done aad Oriental Lampa. Girandoles, Hall Lamps, aad a newly invented out-door Lan'ern, Britaaaia and Glass Lamps, Castor*, Bottles, fcc.. aad sandty articles in the line, toe numerous to mention, at a redaction of tS per cent f r this week, in order to close the whole fall trade by New Year's 1 day. N B ?Astral l.ampa altered to Se'ar at a trifling expense, j re-gilt or brnrxed equal to now Solar, I.?rd and Sperm Oil i fore Camrhine Port?l>le Burning Floid.Ulobes, Glasses and Vi?ks rf uvety description, at 49 Carmine street. dtl 4t is* re THfc "NEW YOK.K STAIE STOCK SfcCU RITY BANK" New York, Dec. >tth, )8U. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the " New Yerk 8'st* Stock Security Bank" has resumed loaning money to ia<l;T'du?ls, and that it* eirrnlating note* will ceatinae to he redeemed, until farther notice, at*4 Wall street d?lt?ih rpH' TLUflBE fOrULAR MAGAZINE, wtli a I aplenrf'H Flnmbeotyee eopv of the principal individuals of the nited Atatrs, with a se'eetion of articles from the fce>t wri ers n this conntry, issued monthly, prce $1. pa? - , aMe >n_*Hv?a?e Forsale at the office of the Plambe Na ' tibial Uaeuerrma Qjllery, No. 1SI Broadway, ni>per corner of Murray s reet dH )w*rh CHEAP PUBLICATIONS. TO Apali who iiipOM of the above, tan impnrtant * *iliary raa ha f uni by apefving to tha office of tha Flsmke'National Deruerri>n Gallery, No. >51 Broad?ay, apprr tmiM ?f Mar*av street. dll 1 w* rh. CLARKE'S HACKS ~ Na il? WILLIAM 8TRECT, M( Opposite the New Buildings.) T 8A?'K OVfcRCOATS have met wiA noiraraal upprr batien. I cot than ia inch a mannar aa to aat off a b?J figure to lha km advantage. and to improve n roari one. 1 have a large assortment on hand, wh'ch mn<t ha ?o<d by tha lit *f Janaarr. Thore t aow have are of laar Mlllty Ml nil hand<omelv nude aad trimmed than aver, while I am aelliae ihem at a reduced price, varying fro* $lt to $17. It i< seldom aa oppertaaity oecari for buying aaeh eicellent i gatmeats at te low a price, therefore call early. Every garment ia tha trade Made to order, as aiaal, at low prices. d;l 'terc MR GILES' LECTURE ON SOCIAL LIFE. ! THE LAST LECTURE of the coarse, will begiven at tha I Stnyv??ant lastitee, on Tuesday Eveaing, Dec. 29th, at : 7k o'clock. Sabject: "Tlie Simplicity aad Dignity of a T-ae Manlioed " dU ttis*r TO WATCH DEALERS 1 Jiff MUTT'S UP STAIRS PRICES. A COMPLETE Aseortmeat af English Lever move- , eats; plain, cold balaace. ratchet work, jewelled ice Ac. lie. Lever movements with reconda, lie., $9S?; I ilver levee watehas, $11. Ala* " ieeslev V' geaniae Liverpool movements, plaiaand jewelled, at vary lowpricea. A nleadid let of fine garthic tea travs st $4 per set, fine ivory 1 table eatlery, violia strings. perspectives. Ac Ac. JOHN A. NEWROTII.n d?8 Jteod i**re Uj?hiitrMt(iipciin).{j HjIIR SK it TIN OS ! AGENT'S REDUCED PRICES. FRfMI OOODI, liiet the redaction of price* >n i Fnelaad, are sow offered te wholesale dealer*, at I he i tet'aeeelUt of prieee Parchairra deeiriag a prima article, aid at a law priea, will ceaanlt their awn interest by Uking Aianl'i up itair prieaa before parcb**>ng e'aewbera. JOHM A. NEWIOULD, dt* Jteod iu**r? MJoha treat. Op *tair. WANTED, A SITUATION aa Teacher el Mo*ic and tha P>an?fnrte, to Yoang Ladie* ar Children ii a pre ta family. Tha aJ*erti*er i* a l-dy of tba fir*t retpertahilitr. and *e ber only (fctire t* a cnmlnnaVe home, bar botrd will be cngiidere* an rqairaleat. Pleaae addreaa " A. A. A.r Herald Office J--TI?rti LOST, I JCA BOLL ARB REWARD.?Loet, by the tabeeriber, on IF" J rb? cirr-aing ol Thuraday laet. hetwrea the htara of } I and# P. M , two imndret cad ihree dull*r?, rolled leoaely t'geilie-. I'wai loet berwaee Theatre Alley aad Park Row, in Aen atreet. The money waa aa follow*:?one $100 arte cf t* e Vercliaat'* B?ab af thu city; one $50 note of tha . Noith I'iear B?ok: fear $5 note* of the Famen'and Meebamri1 BmU of Oedeaabargb; the denomination* aad haaka el tne remainder are forgonea. 1 he finder will 'aee'ee the ?b?'?e rew.-rd upon applying to George Ooremaa, Rio Grande (Wl^on. Ii? Church *cee. d>73t*'e lust. A GOLD Peaail Caae with the imirlata M. A. P. oa tl>e*eal. Vhoererwill bring the aame to Wo. Broadway, up r?ir* *hvl W- liVcra 'e rewarded dW I w* re I NATIONAL loan KlMJ Life Aaaartuee Muciety of Loadon ?"A Saving* Bank for tbe Widow ana tha Orphan." Capital, VM 00# tterliag. or XlJM.tM (mrowinb bt acr er p*bliamcnt ) t Vict?Royal a***at. 77th Jaly. 1(31. Diiitw iTiTti taiiD or Local DiaitcToaa? (Office 74 Wall ?tree?. J? New York?Jacob Haraey, Kaq., Chairman ; Joha I Palmar. K?q. Joaathaa Goodhue. Fmj. Jame* Boorman, Era , oeorae Barclay, Rao . Htmnel S. Hewland. Ran., (jorham A. W< rth, E*q . Hamnel M Foi, Eaq., C. Edward Habicht. F.k) , William Vaa Hook, E*<i 1 ki'adalphia?( l?m?atC. Middle, K<q., Loni* A. Oodey, E*<| G*orge llei Orabaa, E?n . William Jone*, E*a. aaltim i e? Jonathan Meredith, Eao., Simael Hoffman, v.. n. i u u.r.n.L J. I mud*' Stat. General Agent, and Edward T. Riehard?* , K?<i . Oraeral Arc.ui.Unt, for the Uatted Statee and tha Brttt.i. N. A. Coloaiee. UtdictlErminrri.Nlw Ynr^?J Reamer Rndgara, M. T> . ||* Hire kc u ; Alfiindi' E. Hnaaek. M. D., Itl Fraaklln *t ; H 8 Keene. M D,M fourth ?tre?t Baakere?The Merchanta' Bank. Naw Yo'k. .. | St Wiii i:?nin|!-Wiliiim Van Hook, Eaq. M Wall at.; Joata Meredith, Req Baltimore Solicitor?John Hoiia, tin II Pi?a etreat. Medical Ctiaiiirrt ettend i>t ih? Chief Office. 71 Wall at., aad Me IJ4 Bowen* at I o'clock. P. M.. daily rrrepectaaat, ratee blaak forme, ke lie., fornuhed gr tia oa application at the above oAcae, or at tha offiee of either of the Society'! agant* ib the Uaitad B**t?e, (aea pamphleti.) "or Britieh N. | American Coloaiea fee to Medical Eiamtaer paid br tha *^icpB IIABTKT. Chaim^ ofU. 8 Local Board. J. LtANDIR BTARh, General Agent, f'.r the I nite^ 8tat.? aa4 B N A. Coloaiee. dll MWfcflatJl 74 Wall at Hew Ttk. Uth Pee. !??? WOKLD'S TEMPERANCE CONVENTION. A httSrOVSE to thia maatiai will Ve made br ?h? Antt\ Me >a Temperance Umoa, at the B-oadway Taberaacl*. Ml Taeedey aveav g ?t 7 o'aloek Addraaaea will be made br'he Her Mr W heelock, aad Her. Dra. Paitow and Co*, retorted ielegate?, aa< Hir Dr. Tyag, of 'kia ei^ The nrr aei.i'i and the charne'or of tho epeekrra will deeply lata l it all cl-t'M "f the eommoeity. Vaaie of tha Am order will He farntehed for ti e ece'aien. 1 ickett ol admiaaioa 11 eenta each, to be bad at tha ofltea of 1 tha American Temperance Uaioa. Ill Naeeaa atreet; at tha Or*?n office. 11* Fn'toa it: Mllaa k. Bastoa'a, S?1 Broadway; I Mark Newmaa'a, I9J Broadway; and at the door. d'l "MBT're " OYSTERS. T\ DKCK'R ref^neata hit fritrdi ?aJ acgaai?caae?? who JL/a want oynara lor the Ntw Va*r, to Mad thai; ordart la | >od atafOH. ntU*4 OfltH* MMMHUlf M luad at S?. "r" AUDTlUa IUTIC1I. LARGE BALE OK 8PLKNDIDLT ILLUSTRATED WORK! EMBRACING THE MOST VALUABLE collection or nuut and valuable BOOKS, EV^O^^Rfl^yVT AUCTION COOLKY. KEESK f HILL WII.L sell at their aac'iou room, IS1 iiioidway, corner of Day IWMI, this Mnndsy rveniug. w4 the following Tuesday eveuing, December Win, an exceedingly valuable | collection of standard t nglish Works, curious and rare comprising among ether liler-ry varieties. ? cauiplete of the Gentleman'* Minlim. from 1131 to ! ?}; Valpy's National G.llery, 44 plates ; The Napoleon Gallery, an exceed- j inglv choice work of Art: Mackl>u?< splendid Bi' le dates. ( volumes, Russia; Hoyden's absksreare Uallery, 1*0 pines; ! Man? mntiin and Musi* Rnyale, I volumes; I roofa before the Letter; Pictures of the French, 3M plat?s; Bonkef the Comt, Chronicles of plates; Grose's Antiqui( ' 1/ vo'umes. Alae, in addition to the priated catalogue, ibe followi g splendid work*embraced inn supplement,vii:? The Works of Rafaelle, Domenichino, Poassin, and Albuoo; consisting of (oar hundred and ferty-five engravings, from pictures painted by those Great Masters, priucipa'ly for the itineration of the Holy bciptures ; preceded by the Lues of the Artists, and by concise notices of tbeir productions ; together with references to the varioas passages of Scripture they are intended to illustrate 1 vats. 4to; elegantly boand ia tree marbled calf, by Revere; full gilt. i.endoa, il 9 Liber Ventates, a Collection of Prints, alter the original designs of Claude de Lorraia, in the eollectioa of the Duke of Devonshire, executed by Richard Earlom, to which is added a descriptive catalogue of each ariat, together with the names of those for whom, and the places for which the origin*! pictures were first painted (taken from the hand writing of Clnnde de Lorrain ou the back ot each drawiug,) i vols., folio; elegantly half bound ia morrocco ; full gilt A beautiful and costly work. Boydell's editiou from the press of Bulmtr. London. AUo. a rare collection of c he ice engravings, embracing among other choice works ff srt, Leo X, a very flue engraving, proof b?for? the letctr, after Bsphsel, by Hir.homme. 1 be Holy Kamtly, by Richomme. Gartick in the Greeu Room. Satan id l.'ouncil. The Caudf uionium. The Doth of Harold and;Napoleon Battle , 4 Mgravinca. The lIorueihHeifer. The Flitch of Bacon. Six prints. t x : Impudence of Candanlaa ; Resentment of Queen Catherine ; hesiguation of Lady Jane Grey: Mary, CJuren of Scots ; Fortitude of Sir Thomai Moor* ; Horace Walpole. The above work*, aa well ai the whole eatalogna, are tha election ef a getulemau of great taata andlviitn, and hare been called with great ca?e, from the rara librariaa af Karope. Calalngaea are now ready, at the aalea room, where the booki can be examined. The sale will commence punctually at o'clock, p.M. dl( lt*rh SFLKNOIO ROSEWOOD FURNITURE at Aactioa.Will basold Tuesdsy, J9th inat. at 1IK o'clock, at tha manufactory. No M Beekman at'eet. a large and complete aa ortmaut of reiewood Karuiture, in Elixabeihean, Louie xiv, aad modem style, -ii made in tha beat manner, by l,. Gerner, ana warranted .f Bail positive, rain or shine. Catal^gnae now ready. dli It*rh K. H. LUDLoW. Aactioneer. Auction notice-to the lades-e h l-dlow It Co. will sell at anctioo, Taesday. I>ac 39, at No Mi Broidway, at It o'clock?A choice assortment of worsted Embroider*, finished and anfiaished ; embroidered Piano Covers, embroidered Card Cashions. embroidered Bell Pulls rich embroidered Fire Screens, ottoman Covers, embroidered Suipenders. lamp Stands, Slippeis, rmbroide.ed I'ocket Books, segu Cases, spectacle Cases, lsdies work and perfumery B x*s, watch Stiuds, Albums. Garters, Ore Screens, Bags. Corbeill*, velvet Vedta, kc. Sale poaitive for ?a?h. Catalogues raidy the morning of the aalf. d>Ht*'h k. h. lu dlow, Auctioneer. HANDSOME MAHOGANY FUMNITUBE?To ba sold This Day, Monday, Dae. 11, at II o'clock, at No. >41 Broadway, being a general aasortmant of patent French Bedataads, a Grecian top to fold ?p; Toilet Bureaus and O'ass ?ith Marble Top; eaeloaed Wsshstandsj Centre Ta. las; mahogany >4 trench Chain; Conches; Divans; Book CiA-i, fcc. fcc Terms r??h. iM lt*r WM W. 8HIRLEV, Auctioneer. EALICR'S SALE OF CROCKERV GLASS AND , l;MNA-B?H.E. MLLARD.Tue.dsy, Dee 21th. at ?0? o clock, at No. J Five street, catalogue aalettf ' crates best blue printed Tea. Cuff?e, Pinner and Toilet ware ; eon mon edged, dipt and C C wars ; white granite and China Tet ?ts ; ?ieh fancy Toilet sets ; cat and plain glassware Turn biers, Wiues, Lemonades, lie ; St Solar and Lard Lamps ; 10 casks Botsr and Lard Globes Sale without reserve. d21 lt*rh H. DUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. Fancy furs, muffs, sleigh robes. ?e -tutTL.E It DE?:LUZE 4U will sell on Tuesdar, the Nth, at II o'clock, at the rerner of Broadway and White street, the entire stock of line Far* contained therein, consisting of the saner elegant assortment of Muffs, Sleigh Robes, Tippets, and other Fors, ofir red at aaetion this season. The whole will be sold without reserve. Catalogues will be reedy on ih? morning of the sale. Terms cash 479 2tis?rc 2000 FRET Of amjiu ruhmld HK.-IH.TH STOVE FOR 8.1 LB AT AUCTION. PS. VAN HOUTEN will sell on Tuss'ay. 39th Dcecnv at 10 a'clock A. M., on vacant lots on ISili street, near 3d Avenue, MOO feet of Bine Hearth S'one, of the beat quality and aisorted sires, in leis to aait pnretusers. Terms mad* known on the day of sale, I d24 ThSaMfcTu4t?r W. ti HAYNES, Aaeaoaeer. TO be sold at public aaetion, on the premises, a House and Two Lou. between 41st end 4Id streets, 4th avenue, on the 6th day of January, 1(47. at 10 o'clock. A. M., (if not diepoeed of previansly at private sale) Terma. M percent at time of purchase, and the balance in U days alter, when fnll warrantee deeds will be given. For farther particulars, sp plr to Mam* Wilsoa. JUq., 77 Marray street. T?nm> euy. ditto Jj**ih BRANDY, WINES, GIN, SEGARS, FRUIT, lie. lie. WC. BITRDICK. No. tt Broadway, three door* abeve Wall itreet, offers for aale tbe following, ia lou to *nit:? Brandies, dark and pale, varioa* brand*, of prim* qaality Whiikey, Scotch and Irish do Bam, Jamaica do Madeira, E I and other brands do Hhenies, pale, gold and brown do Port do Champagne, vatlBus brands do Clarets, in ease do do Barsack Burgundy, Sautcrne da Began, Rardiaas, Kiuits, lie. lie do Scotch Ale, in pints, jnst landed, rine do W C B. ple ttes nimsrlf most faithfully, to keep and deliver, only of ihe best qaality, aad solicits the favor of tbe public. ROBERT HOPE HART informs hi* friend* and wellwishers that he is t* be found at the aSova establishment, where he hopes toiee hi* old friend* and customers. Im'rc REMITTANCES TO EnGL\ND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND PARTIES wiahngto remit money in lame or small sums to tbeir f'ieuds ia Great Britain or Ireland, can do so in the most expeditions manner through the suutc ibers by drafts at sight, payable in all the principal towns in England Irrlmd, and Scotland Money may be seat by letter (postpaid) from any pvtofihe Uuited Stares to them, giving th? addreas and the name of tbe party to receive it, which will be regularly foiwarded by packet or atmmer. Apply to ABRAHAM BKLL k SON. (128 Im'rrc 117 Fulto i street. New Vork MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY. (Howard Hotel.) /"kFFERS to those in want of a neat and tuty hat, for a V/ moderate nin ; a Bae French moleskin or Baa aubia at SIM. 1 he patronage met with ia the sal* of the above hits, is a sufficient guarantee of their superiority. dS4 Jw rre MONEY LENT. THE highest prices advanced ia Urge and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate. Jewelry, d y good*, furmtutr, clothing, anil eveiy description of personil property. JOH.N M. 1) W1ES, Licensed pawnbroker, in William street, near Duaue. Parsous received in rrivate offic* by ringing the bell dtt lm*rre EK.VAL.ENIA 'THE undersigned harejait received a Ireah supply of ErI. Tilrnta, put up in pound packages, which they offer to the public either wholesale or retail. nELLUC It CO., . Apothecaries and Chemists, Mole Successors to Place It Souillard, a>4 lm*rh No I Park How. and Ml Broadwav rpHE PIANO taaght oa very moderate teims bv a Ltdv Jl who andereteBda the eeienee thoroeghly.aad who nude rtakeato imparl to her papilaa perfect knowledge of thetheory with the greateat faci'ity. Terma, tli'M dollin par mimh. A line mardird to " Maaic," at the office of thia paper aha!) be attended to. dM Imm'n AC?OK.DEONS, MKLODEUNtf, AND MUSIC BOXES. I^HE Babacriber, Manufacturer and la porter of Maaical 1. fcutrumenta, tut for nle a large ataortmant of Aecordeont, Melodeona, and Maaical Boiea.'and all kinda efmaaical nutraneata. EDWAID BAACK, d!3 lm*rh ?i Knltoa at . tor of Oold at. MUSIC. RALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES fnrniahed with the JD Violia, Harp aad Piaao Forte, or any Dumber of Inatrameati. The maaic aelected from the moat faahioaablee Op*RTATLIFFE, 8. AVLIFFE, J. A YLIFFKaad U AVLIFFE, Brother*, Profeaaora, No. 1*7 Elm atreet corner of Howard. di tin-r MUSIC.?MRS. DAVIS reapeetfnlly announce*, that ahe coutiune* UljUMMMtWTa the Pinao Forte, mid alao Hisgiag ia tie Eogliah, French, aad Italian atyle, with an eaay method of acquiring the accompammenu to the roica. Ladiae preferring it caa ha attended at their owk reeideaeee. For leraa, fee., apply at 171 Mott (treat. nM 1m rc H1L.LIA K.l>3. ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON, N?.IK Barclay atraet, Jnat below ti a Aator Hoaae. ia the largett and m jet ro? modioaa Maloon ia the city. It contain* nine Table*, all ia food older, and of Penn'a make?(who n acknowledged 'iy all good player* to be the beat billiard table builder la thia country.) with fine maple and mahogany beda. Theae table* can, at ail timea, be depended aprn lot making correct anclea, a* they hare all cloth cuahioaa, aad are, therefore, aot averted by tha weather. Michael and ->o*eph. formerly of the AU Natioae' Hotel, and lata of Outhie Hall, take thia method of informing their fiiaada aad the public that they havajjat opeaed f':?? eatabluhtneat, aad hope by proper management and arriet attention, t? merit a renewal of the patronage heretofore ao liberally beatowed upon them. Oentlemea who may favor them with a "all maydei?ndoa Kavina rKa k#af a?*n^a /< m?i#K a MiwatA -?? ? J for their riwi titluiTt ?lad thosa wishing to pluyii private sre informed chat there an excellent table in a parat* room, which eaa be mciM br application at th? bar. N. B. Tha moat faMtdioae nead fttl ao delicac y in patron iliac thia establishment, aa tha company wall be fotind alwaya elect, and tha baat order prayailiai throne ho at MICHAEL rHELON, nfS 1m*rh JO*EPH WHITR DECLINING BUSINESS. POSITIVE SALEaffMM worth of Dry Oooda at 17? Bowery, oppoaite Delarcey itreet.?Tba atoek cortiiu of a large unantity of Freaeh and English Memon. Black Alpaeas, 'aahmetee, Orlaaaa Paramattas. Mous-lm da Luiiu, Cuhmeraa, Printed (aliCMt; Brown Bleached red Co oird Maalina, Battinata, Hosiery, Be. kt Tha entire stock h >s been pnrehaaed for caah, aad will be cold at a treat sacrificeFaraitare aad Fnrarea for aale. Hense sad flto-e to let d??Wre M BULL km.. P> Bowery (Vf MS. CAAKOLL'S Medicated Vapor aad Balpftor 1?A Batha, 1(4 Ft I ton (treat, oppoaita Chnrrh street. A eertaia car* for Colda, tonghs, Hbenaatism. Bora Throat and all inflammatory diaeaaaa incident to tna changeable lata of tha weather. Th? Anlphar Vapor Bath is particularly recom tieaded by oar first physicians aa a car* for emotions and diseases of lh? stia. No daagar of taking cola af'*r the nse of th?se hatha 4* Irn'rr ABA HE CHANCE?Kor Mia, tha City Bowline ftlooa, N". Ill i?r?adway, opposit* ihe City H KM, wiih ix (ood allay* aa th?r? ara in New York,aaarly new all oq ooe floor, and Ihe location oaa of tha b?st, it taingiajlia immcdista viciaity of moat of tha principal hotels, ror farth?r particnlars. please apply on tha premises, where aaii ? factory rea>nns will be (tyaa for talliag, lie. Nona bat caih caaromen need apply. dli Jt end is*re FKlMfc ULD 1K1SH WHI.-iK.bir. 'T'HE Babscnber offers for s le Wise's celebrated old Coik B- Whialknr, Mh proof, 10 pancheons, under rastom hoa-e loek. Ha alto offers th? tana article at hi* store la qaanti TWD HOLIPATI. A SPLENDID DISPLAY OF CAMEL'AS. THE SUBSCRIBERS would}eall the ittratino ?r thou who wtati m nww hHfr Plan, far tk? .New Yesr, to their very large collection of Camelias Jspouicos, uow io s,leudid bloom; some 1M or more taige Double Whites, from io( feet hub; iome w>th over HO bad* on and a good mare ol dowers, will be sold at moderate prices, by WM PHELAN k SO>8, corner or ?if h street and Avenne A. W B B-wq-eft ma^e no wi'h-a?i? d'8<t*rh A obi i ABLe. IMJtw >c.Att'a UIKl'-A Vtsuiug C?>rd P ste elegantly angravtd.wiih apacKof porcelain cuds, really primed, being a Terr uaeful ai.d appiopuate present f ir the iVts V ear. Cards printed from engraved plates at abort notice. Cards at heme and Complimentary Cards for Wedding Parties neatly egecutod at VALENTINE')} Engraving and Printing Esi tibluh'xeut. 33 Park How, oppoaite the Park fountain, third do t Iro-n Beekman street. Oy Ball Ttckeu printed in gold and silver dM It* re NEW YEAK'S PRESENTS. " EMBR0IDk.RIE8 AND LACE. PARIS woiked dollars, Peleriuea, Fichus, Gimps, Handkerchiefs, Chemtaetu, Ball Dresses, bcaifs, lu. lie. | Keithers and fioweis. I Will be sold tat less than the cost of importation, to olose couvwnmenu A. UNS WORTH, da??tis?ih n John streetNUNNS It FISCHERZ WOULD call the attaati> n of their frienas and the public al their Muafactory and Wareroom. ITS Greenwich tieet?io eiamme tbeir assortment ol Piano Kortes. Tltey are the mou fathiunable and neweat patterns. ' N. B. Pianos with Coleman's Patent Ao ian Attachment. (??? 'w'rh fJtvEPAKE IN J iivlE. GENTLEMEN, if you wantto look well in miking your calls on New't day, without purchasing new clothes, you hsd better tske your coats and pants to M Alua-ay streot, corner of Washington, where you can depend oil havmg them tied t.< look like new for little money and no I fvi>?Hicui. aii aiiiciv* n?iu?u lur new i eni man [ beielt previoua to Thursday. 'leaning sad dyeing don* . within that time, if required. Hememoer, no disai>poiut: incui lit my store. A. CURL18SOS.IH Murray ?t. "2? K*'h i NEW 1 >1 PoRTVTIONH OF RI' H FANCY GOODS and parisian novelties for the holidays WOOD WORTH, successor to BONFANTI, Broadway. is now opening hi* annual collection of Novaltiea and Cariosities, for ?.HRI8TMA8 and.NEW YKAK'S PRESENTS. Hi* pre*ent assortment fir *nrpa*>e? in extent and vsrietyfthat of,any p<evioui iruoo, and c unpri*** n? of the matt tasteful work* of art that have ever boen impoited, including a lew specimens of SevioU Porcelain, from the Royal Manufactory, exquisitely rare, and worthy the atteu1 lion of counoiaears and lover* of the art*. j Anoiig the collection are (ome brautiful mechanical AuI tomata.of he moat curiou* and uigenioas deaenption, which 1 will richly repay a visit to view them. Purchaaers of Holid -v Pre**nt* are invited to n?iM the .immense stock here offered, and they will Cnd great advantage in laakiiijf their ae action* at an early day. WOOD WORTH, *ncce*ior to BONFANTI, 325 Broadway, Barclay Building*, near the?Hospital. d?l?i?? rh Rich Parisian goods, *uit*bie forth? ??*?on.?Th* subscribers would call the attention of the public to ! their extensive stock of iich Paria fancy article*, auitable for I the aeaaoa, (for presents) comprising rhe moat magnificent 1 assortment of rosewood, ebony, end mahorany, inl*id Work ! Boxes, Dressing and Travelling Cases, Toilet Mirrors,Ddeur , and Porcelaia Boxes, Bronze and Oilt Clocks, Games. F.tncy i Articles, kc.. just eceived bv latest arrivals from Havre.? i The whole of which cannot fail to please, and will be sold in i parcels to sait dealers and otbara, and will b* sold at a large redaction from auction prices. DERAI9MES k BOIZARD, 1 dH 3tia*rh Importers M William street. RICH AND CHEAP bVLBK.OlDEK.E0 HANDKERCHIEFS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. JAMES BECK k CO. have jaat received a splendid assortment of New Paris Embroidered Handkerchiefs, i Crapes, Collars, Dresses, Bags, Kichly Embroidered Mitts, Kid Oloves, L'ce Capes, Scarfa, Evening Dresaes, at greatly j redaced prices, at IW Broadway. dK lw it rh JAMES Uf UK. & CU. No. 869 Broadway. OFFER FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At Rtductd Pi ictt. SILKS fc SATINS. VELVETS AND HIGH EMBROIDERED SILK DRESSES BROCADES OF THE MOST SPLENDID DESCRIPTIONS. REAL. PARIS WATERED SILKS OF THE MOST SPLENDID QUALITY AND COLORS. Silk Dnu Moire. Silk Jendinitre. \ " Jifrieaine. " Mayarka. " Mlgeriimt. " Odaluque. I " Damat Blanc. " Kcastat Mori*. | " Damat Kmyiert. " Plain Pon de Soie. i " Ptkin Ckinio*. " Blk Watr'd yard wide. | " Ptkin Moire. " Plain Black and White . ! " Mourning Silks. Changeable. " d'Jtmanle MOU8LIN DE LAINES. CASHMERES. CASHMEME D'ECOHSK AND SCOTCH TLAIDS, VERY CHEAP. ALSO? GINGHAMS, FHENCH CALICOES, PANAMA PLAIDS, SHAWLS, SCARKS. HANDKERCHIEFS, EMBROIDERIES, fee. lie. dattJli.rre NOVELTIES. I rpifTArrr, young * kllis. reapeetfuiiy ?>oum ; JL that their novelties for the holidays are bow open, and [ ready for impaction and (ale at 159 and M Broadway. ! BEAUTIFUL NEW GOODS. HAVING ju?t received a case of splendid Gilt Goods, via: Work Cases with mirrors. beiuiiful figures, Watch. : Ink, Card and Segar Stands, Card Receiver. Card Caaes, and a large lot of Fans, of new style and finish, and a good variety of small articles. Itc. de., for prrseuU. Elegant shell I Conks. The goods are new snd will be sold low. A call will ha thankfully received at the sign of the Gold- j en Comb, IC?K. U. M. QUIMBV. ! d? I It ii e >a*'h ! AUVbLLIKS K??K TMfc BALL ROOM T)ETER ROBERTS, respe'tfnlly solicits inspection ol r his splendid stock of Goods, adapted for the preseal season, many of which, owing to the redaction in the tariff, will be found cheaper th-n have heretofore been offered. Hupcrb Neapolitan lace fionted Dreasesat H Tamboured flounced Dresses, very rir h, from * I to $14. New style nunc fronted tamboured i>res*es $1. Double flounced tambour Drrsses $12 a $14 Fine needle work Dreaaes at $*. usually sold at $ . Laee Dresses of the newest and most approved style*, from 1 ! $9 to $30 A lew very fine riv ered lawa Hhdkfs, trimmed with rich regency lace, at I and $4, the cheapest art ele ever offered. 4 ! French embroidered Chemisettes, with collars, at 1 75 a $1, 1 worth $S M. Pico edge Collars, at $1, usual price 1M a 173. Extra rich do. $1 JO. usual price 17} a t Si. Superb Lac* Worked of the most costly description, from $3 i to i JO, wprth 5 and $ . A large variety of Thread Laee and trimmed Needle-worked Cape*, Collars, lie., suitable for holiday presents wu f -iu JUPtOiuwiy, ( BRAUEN'S CONFECTIONERY. FANCY ' BAKERY AND SALOON. 71 CANAL STREET. THIS old aetabliahed and liToriie raannf ctery and depot ol all the dehcaciea roming within the range of >o it claaa Confectionery, Fancy Bakery, ?nd lee Cre m and Hefrrabment haloou ta thia aea?on (applied in anlimited profuaion with all 'he rrqni?itea of a perfect "tlida- iet oat fcrery ' iety of Creama, Jelliea, Pyramid*, Blanc Mange, Charlotte d? Ho>h and all other deacrip'iona ol' Confectiona Pica, Tarta. and t'.akea, and Fancy Paatry, n all their Tirie in; Pieaerved Fru'ta ani Oyaura af ihe flrar qmlny prepaid in any form.anpplitd toviaitera ?t the aalooa, or in amnlitiea to | F-miliea, Partira Balli Itc. he. Ladiea will fii.d thia aalooa ooe of the moat quiet and bett anpplied in ih? city, and the location extremely convenient whilat ou' on ba( neaa The aupply of tnyi i> thia aeaaon on* of 'he mnat extenai re yari?d. aud well at lected, to b? loatd in the city. daftojyl* rrc CONTINUATION OF THli 8ALK OK COLMAN'B Oreat < ollrction of Oil Peiatince. Eafravinfa, and Iliuttr ted Works?(sited to the Holidaya?confuting of , brantifol Landaeapea, Hiatory. OouTtraationa. Portraits, Merry Making*, Cattle, lie., by ancent and modem artiata, aa will be fatly deacribed in th? eaulogae whieh may be ' bo had on ftatnrday Mr C. haa placed in thia aale, hia celebrated Landscape * by Teiboom. aigned and dated I6V7, pronounced equal to a Ho'ibimtor Ruy?darl. a-d admired by all artiata, beatdea a Demi rue. the I'anl Potter of Fratce; a Richard Wilaon. the Clande of (Kniland ; Ornnewald, Ward, Km|, and other Americaa arttata. whoee productiona hare aold at very high prtcra in Earop*. tieverel Madonnaa grace thia collection, aud more thn:i fifty plea?ing Landerapea, all in rich MM, and will make lovely preaenra for the Naw Vaar. Thoaa -k. .... A..?.J ? >- - bow have an opportunity of baying on* a'their own price The Pie'im ire ready for eiimioartoa at No. 10} broadwar. iee?ad fl'tor, where the sale will take plana a It , o'clock, A M . of the nth init dtt HatfcTu 2t ia*rh PURE MALT WHISKEY. DQUAL is atreogth and flavor to the beat Dahlia diitilled Hi Muiafacttred by CHARLES MURRAY, Tl Rooeevelt at., rod aold at 12 par gallon. A liberal dieeoaat allowed to theae who bay to Mil tgaim. 3w?r 1 MUSIC, # THE ONLY TRUE BONO. ARCHY GRIEVE, the real caterer of faaey and 1 \JmF> *<u('a* Bi'da, haa bow on hand and prepared to offer jKL the beat aalec.ion yet offered to an American public. '' ' He eered wiihoat regard to price from every qmrter : of the Globe. Am.uig.t the following will be found the moat choir"a dcacH rtlon of fancy loaf and va-ied (anarv Hirda. rove bed aad prepared to be pat np for batching, (with breeding eate? made cvpreealT after hit own dee.go ) Al?o, ' toglieh French, German. African, Month American, (hi- ' near, aad Domeatie. Together with the moat choice dracnptioa of bura door Fowle, Dnrka, Geeae, Eniclieh and Norway flwana, ailrer atd (olden Pheaaaata.aua Newlonndjand. Kief < harlea Spanielt, Krnrh and Hpauieh Pnodlet. Italita Grey H >anda, and every other ape-ire of rare and fancy Doge ; Bird Cagea cf every va.iety. Alao. Arehy'e i Trretle* of the management of the varioue deieriruone of Bi'de, ke fee. N B Every variety of Bi'd Seedt. Cagae. fce. P. A. Letrera, postpaid, will at all timet meet with prompt attention from A. OR I EVE, No. 5 John auger, N%w York. YOUNG OENTLEMEN, Look i??t for yoar Chriatmaa Preecnra. Archy *will be rereemtiered when the candy and the cakea are forgotten Boqnete put ?p by hia own band, ta hie utael etyle, at abort no tiee. dMtfrre. ! HOLIDAY HATH. KNOX, the H?TTEU, of IM Fulton Btreet. offer* i^a aplendid aaaortmeatof the e-andtrd etyle. Aleo the rariafiahioo of Hata, jaat received, which ia a verv aaiiabie Srw Yoar'e gift. Alao a choice lot of Ladiee'Mafft?a vary appropriate prreent. d2J 7t?n rrc t? THREK D'JLLAK HATS?The aaderatgaed haa Jpkjaat Aniahed an aaaortmeat of " Beaotifal Nutria Heta," whiih he will aell ? the above prce. Th*te Hata will re taia their ehape aad lactre e? loegae any it Hat aold. HOBERTM)>,NKaltoa etreet, between William and Gold. N. B.?Tha anderaigned doe a aot pretend to offer tha i " very beat Natria H>ta" at tha above price, (that being ia powirifi; ma Drit nocni mix. i .IHJWr RUBKHTSO*. j G t N 1 N-. ! Huttrr, 214 Broadway, oppotitf St. PauCi. (V OFFERS the icy luut aoiillin rt the aeaaoa. JP? Having received the plat* of rarieian Faahioa for November, take* ihia method of informing thoae gentlemen who prefer ihi bemtifnl French atvle ih>t he has now on hand a complete aaaoitment of th"?e trnlv graceful Hau. The aaperiority of the fabric from which they are maunfoctare l, la a guarantee of their aupanor inatre and dnrabilitr, at the low itaadard pnea of Ba?t Moleakia $4 M Beat N?iri? or Bearer ? ># Fartlcalar attention ia alto railed to the large auo tment ol Capa tunable for the aevon?among which ia the celebrated Bonnet Cap. iatnwlaeed by the tabacriber for Men and Yovtha, mad* ol Far, Cloth, Velvet and Bilk Floah, for travelling or aveaing Cap. (tenia'? Velvet Bonnet Cap for childrca are ptr/tet Ormi. d?3 Iw r (,KN , N >14 Broadway. MRS ZBOLIO NO. BT DIVISION STREET. WILL opca larga aaaortmcat of Faria milliaerr, ^^SBonneta. fce. fhe will offer for Inapertioa a choiea atoe of Fall gooda, compnaing ailka, aatina, plain and cat valvata, fee.. ?e . which beta* aelected with good taate from the lateat arrival a, ia wall worthy the attention of

pvrehaaera. Merchant* and milliaera from ilia conatry, waauag materi ala lad PMUraa. weald lad it iMl iaMtaat ta call hefor THK HOLIDAYS. bouquets"for the holidays. THE hUJISCIOBERS take |iltuiira to inform the pablie that tbrf hiT? during the pas ummer erected two large additional forcing houses at Harlem, which will enable them to ticcutc all orders ihey Mr be favoiro Willi for Bouquet* duriug the g ty stMson. ih-ylisve also purchased the eutire tuck of i>iie of the largest private (reeu hou??s iu the viciaitr I of New Vi rk to nable tlieui to nil all their order* for New Yen'? morning Our patrons in?y rest assu ed that luey will be servru in point of style* equal if not superior to any previous year W e would also respectfully inform those who have already left their order* for ;*e l*t Jjo 'hit they will be first served, and every sarceeditig order in rotation as received. d?T lw'rrc DUNLAP k THOMSON. 83a Broadway. new year's tablfcs. MOULDS of Jelly, Charlotte Kusse, Ice Cream, lie., Pyram d*. Ori<*meuts and Baaketa, Motto* oi every kind, Plum, Pound, Almond and Sponge Cake*, richly oruament e<t; small laney < ak?s, ftiscaroons, Cocoa Drupe, Lady finger*, lie , furnished by THOMPSON k WKLLER, 235 k 713 Hrn.dwav, and No. Ml Clinton sl, near Fulton, Brooklyn. dff lt*rh THE BEST OPPORTUNITY FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS! guion's bazaar, 173 Broadway, corner of ConrUaoJt street, *11 HE PROPRIKTORofthis old and favorite establishment 1. having concluded to close his stock ol rich and costly Kaucy Goods at le ail by privite snle. it will be sold without regard to the cost prllH, and will give a better opportunity for aelectiou, and at lower piices, than any a tie by auction.? i ne aioca, iu many articles is uoi cquaieu in in is count- y? the importations far this srason haviug becu unusually Urge of the newest and hut^elrcred good*, and sever been equaled in former ye >r? fortaite or fiueueaa. Tore silver and silver gilt mounted Dressing Cue*. less ihau tli* price ?f manufacturing in Pans. To those who would wish to procure au article of (he no suck opportunity wilt soon occur. Eleiwt dresa Kara. Work Bexra, rorclsin Warn, Writing Desks, Keticulea, Purse*, Card Case*. Parasols, Hiding Whins, Envelop*, Note Paper, fiuest Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, v>d articles impossible to particularixe, c 'mpiiaiug the enti'e?*ock of the oldest and moat faahionable establubmeuta iu Broadway. GUION'S. 173 Brradway, Corner of Courtlauut street, opposite dtttoJanlia?r Howard s Hotel. des1ramle knowledge. EV KRY oue should be informed of the kimpla fact thit such articles as ate iudispens&Me to the well furnishing of thair table*, sucli as Wines, Cordials, Fruits, kc. lie., may be procured at 239 Blocker street, uow aud at all time*. J. It. BALL, dHtoilst*r 229 Bleecker st. w. e. rose, SILVERSMITH end Jeweller, and manufacturer of cold and silver mounted Cane* ; also, plain and fancy turner. The tabacriber haaou hand a beautiful assortment of cold mounted Cane*, suitable for New-Year present*, wholesale and retail at No. 11 Cbambar* *t., up (tain. 434 iw?rc coal, coal for the holidays. LADIES who wia tn (ire their friend** warm reception on the coming holiday*, will ;ilea*e call at SIMPSON'S Yard, 7( and 7( Thompson itreet below Spring itreet, and procure aoraa most brilliant burning Peach Orchard. It make* a beautiful Are. Clear Bed A?h. All under cover. N. B ?Lehigh and Whitg A*h Schuylkill. dI3 ?*r solar lamps, girandoles, and hal.l L.AMJPS. J WELLY. 4* Carmine a'reet, would reapectfnlly call at) ten ti tin to nia aatortment of gooda in the abort line. be in? confident of Kiyinf aatiatacti'iu ia price and (aality. Solar Lampa from $1 to $10 Hall Lamp* from $3 to $ Lard " 3 1 Brocket " " S J Doric ? ? j 3 Cindelnbraa, " 10 3* Oriental " * 3 3 Girtndolea " 10 35 Mantel ornament* in great variety, Irom (3 50 to t$3S a aet. Olebea, Qlaaaea, Wicka, and Solar, Speim and Lard Oil aa abore, >'3t 6tiaexC*re TO Tkb LADIES. T ADIE8, if yon will peep into 5?J Broadway, well know* JL-J aa the Premium Store, von will be aatonianed to see the bartaina of Kaney Articlea that are told there. They conaiat of a aplendid aaeortmeut of fancy dreta Cape and Head Dresses, very new style of Chimmasetts mod Collars ; also, Mourning of svsry description ; together with an assortment of Evening Dreasca for Indies ; French Embroideries, Laces, Hibbona, r lowers, Feathers, Gloves, and various other artielea too numerous to mention. Ladies wanting such articles lor the holidavs will do well to call at JM Broadway, nearly opposite Niblo's. where a great variety of French Goods can be had at the lewest market pricea. d5 tw*r NEW LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, Juit Received for the Holidayi. POINT BRUXELLES LACE8 AND FLOUNCES, of everv width. MECHLIN do do do V.ALENC1ENNE8 LACES AND EDGINGS. LACE DRESSES OF BKUXELLE POINT AND MECHI.IN?One dress the most magnificent ever made 8CARKS of the neweat designs and most beuutifal wo A. BKUXELLE POINT CAPES, COLLAKS, CUFFS, BERTHE8, BARBS, lie. MECHLIN AND VALENCIENNES da do do One case or NEW PARIS EMBROIDERED HDKFS. Do do do do DRESSES. Do do do do COLLARS AND CAPES. Do CHILDREN'S LINEN CAMBRIC ROBE8 4P FROCK*. Do CAPR, HANDKERCHIEFS, ke. ALSO, One case of RICH EMBROIDERED SILK DRESSES. SATIN DRE88E8?all suitable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS?at very low prices, by JAMES BECK It CO., SS? Broadway. N. B.?SHAWL8 and CLOAKS at very reduced prices. dm tweod r HOLIDAY PRESENTS. ASM ALL invoice of Ane French jewelry and gilt fancy goods, for aale at a low price, wholeeale or retail by VICTOR BISHOP, importer of precious stones. No. U Maiden Lane, ip stairs dlllwis*r FRENCH FANCY BOXES POR HOLIDAY PRE8ENT8-BRUN, LAROSIERE M. h COURT, 111 William street, have Just ttnirMuo offer for sale two cum of Krench Fancy Boie* for boabons, of th? latest style dl lm*rre FANCY BOXfcS AND COKNUCOPIAS, UI'ITAIILK for Confectioners, for Christmas and New O Year's presents. A lane assortment of theee arMclea.? Also. colored papera of all kinds, may be fonnd, and will be told by wholesale agd retail, at ressonsble prices. at the ma BDfaetorjrof BAUER It BODEN 74 Kultoo at, np stairs. N B?Wedding-cake B?im on hand, or made to order. dJ lm*r WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WAItK THE subscribers continue to have for aale a full asaortmiDt of cold and ailver Watchea, of the moat approved makers, which will be offered at the vtry lowest pricea, and warranted correct time kot pers. They are constantly receiving the lateat atylea of fashionable Jewelry of every description. including g?ld. fob, and guard chum; breast pint; ear rings: finger ringa; bracelets; head ornaments, h?.-. silver spoons: forks; batter kniyea and silre* ware equal m com; gold and silver apectaeles, concsve. convex, ke ; French clocks and watches, repaired equal to the original. ACKERLY k BHIGG8 IM Bowery, d!ft lm*rh * door* above B'onme street. WMiti Si' ALPS?The largest the cheapest. and tit* beat assortment are to be fonnd at A.C. B AHHY*8, MS Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. dll !m*rh OLDALK, v?. ALBERT SHADES. WILLIAM ALBERT, 132 Cherry street between Catherine and Market a reets, (eels happy to inform his frieada and customers, and especially the cuunoissenrs of Ale five rears old, brewed at the celebrated brewery of Howard It Kyckmau, in 1S41, that be wilt Ap one hogsbetd of the same on Christmas Eve A plentiful an ply of four different taps of Ale, among which is the celebrated Burton Ale. 431 lw*rrc PURE~CHAMPAGNE WINE. AFRESH invoice of " PaU Alto" Champagne Wine, together with " Crown." Thorn, and Grape brands, has Jnst been received by the subscriber, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is called. The above Wines are equal to any ever imported in this city. For sale by K B. DALY. n4>rs*? Importer of Wines. *4 Broad street. CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL suit of superfine ("doth made to order, in the moat /a. ?qh?tintial u>l fnahienable atyle, can be procured for $M. at MOKKATT'9 h'aahionable Caah Tailoring Eatablitheient, No. 24 Catharine at., New York. Fvcry article in the hue Mjnallv low. Call and aee. JOHN MOFFATT. dl Imeod'r LEFT OFF WAKJJKOBK AND"FUKNTTUSE WANTED LAD1KO OB GENTLEMEN haviag aparflaoat effect* to diapnee of, inch aa Weiring Apparel, Fnraimre, ke., eu obtaia a fur <-aah price for the aame. by aendiag for the ibieriber, throngt the I'oat Office, or otherwiae, who will Ktead at tMr retideacaa. J. LEVENHTYN, 444 Broadway, ap ataira. Ladiaa caa be atteaded to ky Bin. J. LE VENSTYN. da 1m*? LOST, MA BLACK SPANIEL, aboat I month* old, rather large; has a imaM white ?tar on the breaat. Whoever will return him to lit Green (treat, ahall be writ rewarded. dU Itia* rh LOST. FIVE DOLLARS REWARD-A Black Better f'.g, withal inte w>'ire on the tip of hia toet. and a _/? ! ?'? white on hia bra-it; aeawert to the name "f TW ? LKK. Whoerer ahall retnrn ths aaid drg to No. It Ririogran etreet, ahall receive the ajave reward. m u?'a C. ??RL UK. KELLINGKitS ?4I .. INFALLIBLE LINIMENT if warranted M iaaT^farf aorn anil alc?r? of every nature in a Tew ?12Ljud?ya. It act* like magic iu removing r hen minim, and ?n nthrr paina One or two <ln>? a i* aa certain to reheve bilimii cliolic, diarrhos^ fcc aa it la taken. It ia perfectly delightful ia ita odor end flavor. It ia nnivenallf acknowledged to be the beat fiBily medicine ever offered to the pabl lc.? Price 50 centa j er bottle. Bold at 94 John aireet: corner Bowerr and Broome: Sd ave nne utd !#th it; JefTnee'a dm* ?tore; Dr. Buriett'a, Doyer nil Chatham, and at the H. R.oflr*. Ciir Htll. nltlm'rc OVERSHOES. ItADIKR and Gentlemen, at M7 Broadway yoa jrtVVcai fled iki |U)>bniloiii RakbtrOmRlMti (rem theTarge:.! to the HMJiaat, and aa chea|> u yna can thme made out or old rahber. And a lanrc aaeortmeut of aork Sol*. Doable do, and liaht French Boota; alao a (seat aaaortment of ladiei,imiiaei'aad childrea'a baota and ahoea, equally chaap, at >67 Brmdway corner ?>i Krank'm atreet. dl Im're GOODYEAR'S OVER RHOKS, 100 BROADWAY. LADIES' AMD OENTI-EMK.N'8 OVER dMS SHOES. ran n* factored of Goodyear'i Celebrated Paieat Metallic India Robber, perfectly flexible ia the coldcat weather. For aale by the caae or aiaila pair, by BROWER k BROOKS, Sola Areata for Goodyear'i Mannfactoriee, dl lm*rra IM Brrmdvav. oppoaite Trinity Olnrth. PREMIUM BOOTS J Quick Halrt and Small Profit*. fINE FRENCH BOOTS for ?> M. oar ow? make, utd warranted to fiye aatiafaetioa; fine Frmeh imperial fratnK Bool a?d An MMajhuyr, one pi the most faahionabla itora* m tbia city. Oarboota re?#Ted the hifbeet praiea ia the lata Fair of th? Aatrint laatitate, for the pneo. aver 10U ia thia city. Boota. Shoca, Gaitera. ka made to rraar at tba ahorteet notice, M ending, ka. dona ia the tore YOUNU k JONES, 4 Aaa at dl lm? re FRENCH'S HOTEL. THE Prop iftor reereetfally inform' hit frieada WW aad the pablia that he bu removed from his lata total |"M " Fulton atreet, to hit other hotel, #4 Chatham atieet, a Tew door* wait of Tear! etreet, to-which he haa added additional bedroom*, and fnmnhed them in a (trie that will hear favorable eompariaoa with the eery beat hotela ia 'be tity.? Upon no oeeaaioa wt'l thara he mora than one bad in a room, tba price for which will he 2} eeata per ni*ht. d 17 lm*re FOR WALK, M A THRKK STORY HOUSK oa Ud .treet.betweea l??jM the Id end Id a Ten aaa It ia well ftatebed. aad replete J^ULwith the lateat improaementa, ioelndia( ki'chen raage, ainh, erld aad warm bathe, water eloaeta, Cl, Italiaa marbla maatela hroaftmnt the hoaaa; aeoart yard of It feet ia front with yerandah aad fraaf h windowa. The bo aaa k oaa of a row of ait hoaaet oa tba aenih aide of tho atreet For farther partieaIan r to VYSK k SONS, dll l?*rb ITtPoarin AHIlllMllillTa. Re-oof acrmont for una week of Lei Dantruses Vienuoiee. PAJvi i'M&ATKE?Monday o?euin*. Uec M?The poiImhmu will !> ? ,?ii? |iw4 L>f?rrtur?mt by 36 Danacnses v touoois, entitled PAS Dt BKHOEKK. To which w'll bo "rfded tb? Karco of SOMEBODY ICiltl ?H&oi Moritx, Mr O litrML To bo followed by a srcoud lirmud DlTcrtitemeut tv 34 Dagseueoa Vieuboiaea. thoir admired 1 OLKA I'AViA.NE, in app'opriaio coituw. _ . To winch will Do adilvo tho DUMB IILLfi-Biu, Mra. Abbott. _ .. Tocomlude witH r. colobrated Ballot Divertiaoraont entitled LK I'AS Dfc8 MOlSSU.NtURB. or tho Whoatahoal DaijCO, by 48 I anseusta Vteuuuisra. Doors open at ?X o'clock; and me porfonnancoa will eomoincr at 7 o'clock B<no? >1; Pit M c??t?; Bwti. OWr-RY 1 UE ATRi.?.viond*y E*euin?, Dec. ?. in. peiformnocoa will commence wih tbo Grand National Drama of PUTNAM?Uoooral Waahi fton, Mr Vacho; (Jonaial Pet nam. Mr Milnor: 1'albort, Mr Booth; Onoattah Mr Neafie; Go?oral Cornwalfia, Mr Forreator; Kato Putnam, Mra Sergeant; Violetah, Mra Booth. After which, tho Local Drama of THE CITY BUROLAR ?M do Koaxtnborr, Mr Vacbo; Kduiund Maibary, Mr No* fie; Br aov Light foot, Mra Booth. to conclodo with A LOAN OF A LOVER-Potor gpyk, Mr Hadaway; Geitrado, Mrs Booth Dress Circle "43 couta; Pit nud Uallery 11)4 toati. Doors open at l)j o'clock; cartain riaoa at 7. GREENWIi:H THEATRE?Comer of Varick and Charlton streets?Staire Manager, Mr. H. P. ORATTAN.?Moudav K?ening. Dec 21, the po'formaacos will commenco with the DEVIL AND THE LADY?WUdloyo, .ur u i/ni]*ni4u; r 111 i*in u iviiRfutu. To be followed oy THERISA'rt VOW?Sergeant Auiterlitx, Mr H P Urxujt?Thrret*. Mr* Geo Chapman To couelude uli THE DUMB GIKL UK GENOA? Strappado. Mr H Chapman?Juliette, tin O Ctwyinau Boxee, XI emu, to all parte oltbe home , pri?Ue boi c>, $1. Pit, llfc cente Doore open at half paat ??Performance to eamuieor* at 7. Mi HHM-L p OLvyPIC TMBAliti'?Moutf.'j Krening. December 28?To enintnen:# witii the F*tra?ianiixe entitled, MEPHIHTOPHILES?J-nimy Jin Vs. Mr Holland; Lady Elirtilla Knteifaittou, nlra Tii-un To be followed by the ne? farce of Bytl'.Bt'H BRAVO ! ?Wirolamo. a baiber. Mr Welcot, OUnica. vn Timiu. Alter witch, Si'UING OAUDttNS? Hcotcup, Mi Holland; Miee Scotrup, Mre Timm. To conclude with A DAV WELL HPfcNT-Minle, Mr HolUnd- Mm Brown, Mia* Mobcr'a. Ureee circle jO cente; upper boxei ?> ceLta; tit??ihilliu, I mate boxee *4. Orcheetra boxei, }1 l>oor? oper it half paat o'clock: ( ortaia rue? at 7. OPENING OF THE ITALIAN OPBSX , At Pal las'* Opera Hoone, in Chamber etrect ON MOM1AV Evening, 4th nf Jaaa*ry> 1*^7. the Italian Opera Company will |* farm the oper* of UouitetLi, LlxT)A OE CHAMOCNIZ. Director* of the Italian Opera Company?Biguou A. 8anqnirico, 8. Patri iud C. Pogliaoi. Acting Manager, Biinor Pogliau*. Dr*m<tiit Ptrion*. Linda ttigtorina Cloiili'e Borili. Pierotto Rignoia K'*iai 1'iro. Magdalene, mother of Lindi Siipiora t'hillipa. Vieconut -irral Signer 8. Beoedctti. Anthony, father of Linda !<i|nor F. Benerenuno. Marqaie of Boiefleary Stan.t A "euqairico. Maaieturte 8 gnor L. Martini. Adminietrator... Signor ?ci.etti Kiese. Maeatro attached to the Company.fipurr Antuuio Barill. Leader of the Orcheetra Higu.r Michel* Rapetu. Choree Director Mr. H C. Beuaea. Prompter Signor Maroirl. Stage Manager Sig. Banetti Kieee > let tier Boxee and Parguette $1 #0 Id tier ' 7~ 8# PriTata boxei for I U 00 " " ' 10* 8eat? can b* aeenred at the .box office from 10 A. M. till 4 O'clock, P. M. dailv. Perfoimance to commence at 7}?. Door* open at 7 o'clock. df rh santa claus alhambra"saloon, 959 Broadway, ktlween Spring and Princ* itretti, nearly oppotitt NHlo'i. Rr-engaaement of herr alexander, Who will ipimr erery eveuing thii weak and produce Sent* Clans in parson, loaded with Toya and Candies for tha Children. h all particulars in th? daily billa. Tickets to tha Rotunda, M cents; to (he Balcony,? ma Children nndar It rears ol age half price. Doors open at ?commence atTft o'clock. dV 1 wra circus?bowery amphitheatre (T7~ No "Third Tier" tojthia establishment. No female* admitted unattended by gentlemen. THIS EVENING. December Uth, La at niaht bnt one of MADAME MAC!ARTE. First appeaVanee this season of Levi north. As tha Sprite of the Silver Shower. john g08s1n, } FELIX CARLO > Clowns dan gardner,, > Boxes *S cants?Children halt price?fit 12>4 centa. d28 Iw'rli american circus. CHATHAM THEATRE. O matds, LENT * CO., PROPRIETORS. N Monday Evening, Dee. lfth, the entertainment will commence with a Grand Entree entitled the Courtiera ol Lome XIV. Hemes and Exercises in the Arena by Mr. Bands and hia talented children; Posturing by Mr. H. E. Conover; Fiehting horses; Pickwicks by Mr. Moaely: Maater Hernandexaa the Sailor Boy: Dancing Horae May Fly, lie. lie. Clowns, Mesara I'entlaiyl and Lathrop. Doors open at half-past S o'clock. FerCormancea to commenca at 7 precisely. Boxes 3S rents ; Pit UX centa ; Private Boxea SO eenfs. Seais can be aecuied at the Box Office from It to IS o'clock, A. M , and from a to 4 P. M. A. FOSTER, d?i tf re Secretary and Treasurer. ARCH STREET.THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. BukToit Manager and Lease*. J.M. Scott stage Manager. tC7" Thia Theatre has been thorongkly re-decorated in kTnut mJ i. .k. _?. Lnrihl Tk_ train lb* union ' MONDAY EVENING, Dee. nth. To (omncict with the new eiiiaTagaaza of GULLIVER; Ok, Lillih/t and BaoaDia.faa. The Bit Baby of Irobdipii Mr. Barnes Gulliver W. Wood Donnn Juliette.. Mm Sinclair A new Hiatorica* Play, called MONTEZUMA; Oa, The CoaqtratT or Maxtco. Monteaama Mr. Conner Cortft : Scott wAi-iiL j oA\ TnKATH^ rnii-AJJii^Vtl.A ?IC. A ^laiMtt.L, Lfw... W. B. BLAKB. M?iwt> Fint Night nt MR. ANDERSON, the eminent Tragedian. MONHAi EVENING, Dee.3?tt>?Will be performed, the Tragedy of JULIUS C*SAR. Marcos Brntna Mr. Anderaoa. Caina Caaaiea Jatniann. Marcus Antoaiaa Mr. Leman. Portia Miia Fisher. After which, the Farce of LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS. Mr Golightly Mr. Chapsaan. On Tuesday, Mr. Andenon will appear in a favorite eharacier. CHK8NUT STREET GREAT ATTRACTION ! A great qvaatity of HOLID AY PRESENTS girea away every t? nine. LOOK OUT FOR THRM ! Mr. ALEXANDER, the yonng AMERICAN MAGICIAN, will appear EVERY EVENING at hia brilliantly ilium muted and M ^uifi 'ent T'tnnle ol Enchantment, in l it Myaterinui auJ Ortrnul >Oi.-e?a, and perform hia moat incredibleard a.-'oni?l. ng FEATS OH' MAtllC, Itc , . daring which he will roatiuf?c:ut" aquantit? rf W.eatha, Buqueta Cakea, Confectioner?, fcc., fi r the uuirs. and an e* renin e aaamtment of Toys, Bui ka, Flowers, (midiea, lie.' Itc . for children, all of whirh he will give away. I The peif<jrBi'"ce will bechaucl every tvening; for particulars ef which, aee bill* of th? oar. rniucajir AL??II ?iu.^. Dre?a Cirrle, 1(1 cent?!*l'pprr 11. 1*1 and r>t, l'> cean? Children half price. Colored OilUr), Uctuii (entrance in I Carpenter atrrrt.) Doora open at 7 o'clock? performance to commerce at S< i before * o elm k. <t'<*re I NKW THEATRE, HIU>AD W AY THE pablie are reapeeifally ia T inted. that a'te. tnach tiootile and aiiiiety tne anderairntd hate one I uiii I I their arrangement* for Hen TcwhhJ'i j r oper'y in Pouih Broadway, aaii eieented contact* with the enunta* er?hifacta, M*aara htr<n* It Ad sine, to comiletn the buldna by the lat of Jinnary, whan it will be open to *h? public lor ae*aon of ail montha ' deration Profetaionala of reap* ccability within* to rpend the wii tcr in the Capital of the Empire *t*te w '1 pit ?e addiria the anderiigned (poet-paid) wliei liiey willisana da uttentioa. H. W PKKRTON k CO. dMJwrre MEW YORK GALLbKY OF THE HisE ARTS. THE Eihibitionof the Woke nf A ' bel"i zing to thie loatitution ia now open at the Holanda in the Park.? Three fiae piece* of Pcolptnre bv Drown hrre b?m luel i added, viz : Haih, meaenied by Miu Elita Hirka ; The Buy < and Dor, the gift of Charlea M. Leu pp. Ciq , and Adjuie. I In addition to the aboea, and a rain able eat?i< ?oe of Eagravinga, ti ia eollertion embraeee Colea' Coarae of k mpire and Voyage of Li'e. beaidea rther fine apeeimena of Ameri ' caq Art, ky Mr tint, Ingbam, Inmaa. Edmoada, Dorand,thapman, Itoahermel, aed othera. The Oallery ia ores daily fri an 9 A.M nmil dark, and oo I Mnndtv and Taeaaay Ereniuga only aatil II f M. I Life Mem> erahip one dollar ; aingle admiaaion U ceate.? | Calaloeaea lt}j eenta. dJ4 I "Persia* 1 THE IRISH EMIGRANT SOCIETY WILLgire their Third Aaoaal Ball at the Coliaeam Kooma, No. 4M Broadway, en Taeaday Erenmg, mh ' December, inat. A Ticket to admit a Gentleman end twe Ladiea $1?1Cm be proeared at the office of the Society, No. t Ann atreet, or ol any of the following committee Oicoiibt Dillon Ti Barclay at. JoaerM 8ti;*bt SI William at, ai..?u r-... Ill Rn?,T Jamei m?tthk*i w?li JiMra Hrraiit!. ? *>ath WWiM ?t. Wi fl(i>Mo*D 41 F.i'h.nie Plate. Fm.ii Ihooi.MBT II?M?I4MUM. JoH!? MaI?I?I>0 IM Pearl at. Wh. Wat.ojt 41 F-iehange PU?a. JiMii Olvill 17? Weat (. thui. fiwawwic* . . . .. ^ c"".'?, in T Dowpellt 7 Boath Wiltiw at. chai. e. tnli tl ?? C.M. N.war M Pine at. K. B. Pal? ? w Broad it. M. J. O'Cowwo* ? John ft. Floarwcr McCabtht 71 N??"? lilt to 2ti> r thtk third annual FtfK or fH* fifth national guard, WILL ka ti?en it the Colima oa Mrnday ??????? Dae?mi>er 7?, IMS. Tiakati mar ba oktataed of either of the aadrnignad. Q|p( j tl>iVAUO?lnRH4?i1Ml. Litnt. f. MILLARD, ir Wert at. Lieat. f. CHKIOH > ON, 41 Fulum it. Mr. J. k. PLATT, Bpraea atraatd? SaTaThBaSa ModtiaTa j the complimentary ball TO MR JOHN LUCAS, _ . WILL Uka place at th? ColiaeaM. Broad?aT. oa Wedne.d.y e*eni?? sett December *Kh. If* T'ckeutl 1 e?< h. to admit a gentleman ?nd l.diea. to b. h, < ?,7i" mil tea at tha Ro?ma. Mr. Wm W.llaea'. V??jl.on Band ara, aaJ the floor will ? d"*?i tion of Mr. Joha Bennett aad a enmmitt0?. . . . . . . N. B.? re. pec tfk " T'1f*aMhI. fric?d?that I the above i. for hi. e*clBaVT?"beo?#t(? WU* u?a^ either directly or indirectly with .ay other peiata aa to P'd? Jtirh JOHN Lm:A* Wm s,iE3K tWyl? ZTon W. doodar. -be. ?b "I J.anary. at The ?ol*.? ?t">. Bro.dwar. Tick.I. to ke had at th?^foJlowia*pl??^ t, itrirti A. II p*kk?. a ftJJe .treat ; laidora Berabord. ?1 Oreod .tree t; F.U iy.|H j i^speiir^ it'ett ; Ly?wi ? ' . 3 pivifion i*rt|l ; i ? Bach IK MadUoa .tteet i th.Ha. Newman. IM Uu. taeetree'i henry OolditBithi ft Otaad Krtdt momt,? Mtidaa Laaa lw * - .. . . ~se* 11 LATEST INTELLIGENCE IT tii aitti. WitmnsTtn, Da?. M, INC. Liiutenanl General?Jldditimtl " /Yssd F*cti"?Mr Btntu?Mr. Qritlmdtn? Cmtultttiun ? Tkt Starst Kxpludid? The WUmot Brinktrktff Re&olutim?Sl* : very, Pro and Cm. As mi much talk has baen lc dulged with regard to tha oMce oC Lieut Qeneial, It may be of (MMtil Isttmt to tot* that on the second of July, 17N, QenertJ Washing ton wm Dominated by Presideat Adams aa " Lie ate ana General and Commander in-Chief of all tko a notes rates d r to bo raised in the United States " Tha Senate una nimoualy confirmed the sproiotmeit. Hawavar, la 'he following year, intimation* wara given that friendly lelationa could ba roatorad between tea United sad Franca, and tha power given to waa not exercised hjr tha Father of bis Country The three savoys eatraor* dlnary sent to Franca negotiated a 'reat* of peace. A weak ago 1 alluded to several Axed facte, eouneated with the administration and < ol Bamoa. One or two additional may not ba unacceptable A short time before the meeting ot Congress, tne Colonel waa asked whether he would not serve the government in an aatraardinary capacity, taking with him Mr. Crlttandan of tha Senate. and some ether distinguished gentleman from a i roe State. Tba Colonel hesitated, and said ho would ratbtr remain where ha waa -in tha Senate; bat ha ad<ied ttiHt lie ^o<ild not inalit on a refusal If ao batter arranga mem couiu r>? made 'l ue matter wu wnteperod in uie rloisteis of lh? Whit* Houm, and from the public it *h to be kepi a profound lecret. Col. Benton and Mr. Blair haJ contoirad, u'l it wa* arranged that Mr. Blair?(ha of the Qlobe, svnouymous with Jackson) should go on to New Voile, and tuu.ult with Martin VanBuren and Siiaa Wright, a? to the propriety of tha more mast, or. perhaps, to engage the ex Preaidant to make oao of the extraordinary i?o Before the important object of tho errand couid U> accomplished, the profound secret of tho administration waa discovered. Tho Preaidant wondored how the fact became knows, and the member* of the cabinet conld not te 11 him. It aoemi to be doubtful whether the President still entertains tho idea of making Colonel Benton Lieutenant General, or whether he will consult tho Sonata as to tho appointment of two Commissioner* to net with him is our affaira with Mexico. Circumstance* will bo ooaatlered. President Polk is almost, if not quite, afraid to propooo such a measure. The vary moment ho shall do ao, If tha aubjeot come before the Houso of Representative*, up would spring the Wilmot Brinkorhoff resolution, prohibiting slavery in any territory which may bo aocured, by negotiation, Irom Mexico. And then would commence a debate which would result, at this time, ia nothing beneficial If tho roaolution should bo carried, and there ia no doubt it would, tho soathora men would not bo a* happy as Mr. Walherwaa whoa tho revenue bill of 1046 waa paasod. There la no way to foratoll all the oiaagreoablo consequent** that may ensue- Tha President says that ho ought not to bo ombarraMod with tho Wilmot'Brinkorhofl restriction?tho territory should be obtained by negotiation first, before tho " municipal police" is established Northern reor^santativo*. on tho contrary, inaiat that the itm of alavorjr ahull sot bo mtended; and hoaoo, in advance, they doairo a proyontiv* of the avil. FELIX. AMV? a?a?a. ST. GEORGE'S SOCIETY. pi RAND FESTIVAL CONCERT, for the benott of tho vJT Charitable Fund ef St. George'a Society of New York, at the Tabernacle. on MONDAY EVENING., mm. raiMcirAL vocalist*. MRS. E. LODER, MISS NORTHAL.L, aad MADAME ABLAMOWICZi MR. AUSTIN PHILLIPS, and _ mit Howard sheppard. raiKCIFAL init acmk9 I ali*t*. The Talented Childien, Maate.-t Bullock aad Colb, aad Miaa Ann* M. Colc, knows a* the APOLLONEOnB, will perform a few piece*. HERR DORN, (the lint Horn and Goiiar Player, of^Oer many, hii firat appearance iiijNew York,) MR. J A. KYlfk, MR. H. C. TIMM. MR. GEORGE LODEH. And hia >pl end id Orchaatra. PROGRAMME?Part i. Overture?Foil Orchetuar-" La Roi d'lvetot Adam Engliah Song?" The Flag that braved a thonaaad year*"?Mr. E. fheppard. Caratina?" Should he upbraid"?Mra. E Loder Biahep. Adagio and Variationa, oo a faro'it* Tyrolean air. with accompaniment of fall orchaatra, eempoeea and eiecatedbv ..... .Hrrr Don. Aria?Madame Ablamowici? (fiom the Opera of " Leetocq"(?" The yoang frmarant Roae" Aabor. Ballad?Miaa Julia North all?" The apell ia broken'.. Bellcbawkif, American National Anthem?'" The Star Spangled Banner' ?Mil* northall, Mrs. E Loder, Mr. iaiui Phillips, Mr. Sheppard. and full orcheitra. To bo followed by a Grand Overture by fu'l orchnrra, introducing " Hail Columbia," "Andre's Lament," and 'Yankee Doodle." riit it. Will consist of the performances of the talented Children THE APOLLONkONS. Fantasia Concert ami- on '1 hcuiet from ' Le Pirate," Piano Forte, Violin and Violincello LotU. Duo Piano Fone (aquatre mama), on air a ftom "II Crnciato." Here. Air Vaiie?Violin Do Beriot. Caprice D'Variationa, on subjects from ''La Norma,''?for Violoncello Mil*. PART III Ballad?Madame Ablsmowica?'Oh, aative scseee." Belllai. Now Ballad?"Monterey,"?Mr. A. Phillip*. Seotch Ballad?Mrs. E. Loder?" Aald Robin Gray." Orand i oncertante Duett for Horn and Flute,eieceted by Herr D ru and Mr. J. A. Kyle, composed by BoaVMM. Aria?Mim Julia Noithall?"I'm Queen of a Fairy f.igfce Enalish National Anthem?"God Save the Quean," Mr*. K Loder, Mias Northall, Mr. A. Phillip*, and Mr. E. Sheppard, with fall Orrbeatra. To commence precnely aiiial l-P">at seven. Conductor, Mr. Geo Loder; rianiat, Mr H. O. Ttmas. Ticket* nn? dollar.?1 h- Public are reepectfailr advise* | to purchase thei- tickets in advance eithoi of the Member* ; of the Committee or Kt the Mnaic Stores, aath* neat crowd | purc.h?el?f at the Ticket Offi e. n the Tabernacle entrance, is productive of irtit inconvenience and inuoyanse. partiea' I rlr 'o Lidle*. di7lt jerk PHILH ARM --M' h"l'l?TY?FIHH PEABON.? The public *ud the *ub'criber* are ruprctinlly ihformed that the Kerond Concert cf the ae->aon will take place at ! the Apollo R< nma on SaturiKy, larnryt. I 8u senptiona l<n the remain in* thiee concert*, entlttiap I the subscriber to four ttrkeu t. ??cl?. received at ine mute I atore ol echarfenberg It Lui* i y o'oer J. L EN8ION, Secretary, dMJ't it SaTu k Th rc 4 '7 Houaton at. NfcW YORK"HISTORICALTSjclE'f?.-At ?l?e request aud nodrr the uaplces of th* Society, Mr Geo. KI Glidaou will deliver a coarse of eight l.eernree oa Egyptian ; hieioitlyiihical diacoveriea. sp'endully illuatrated by Dinyrama and Antiquities, at the Mechanic*' Hall, 47t Broadway. T!>e course will commeuce on Monday evening, Mth December, and be continued on the 4th, 7th, llth Hih, ltth,]Ut and r, b January, at 7S P. M. 1 ic.ets, with prospectuses and prorrammee, for aale at the Bookatore* ol Bartl'tt k Welfnidand of Wm Taylor It Co., undff tlie ti or House; of R. Liwkwood It Co , 411 Broadway: of H. Kernot. (31 Broadway; of J Crow en, Broadway and Bleeeker afreet; a' 'he r.Aco of the Glob* Hotel; at tKi Jlocmi of th* New York Historical Society, and at the door of ti c Mechanic*' Hell. Gentlenndi'a T i krt. f.\ Lady's. >1; Javeniie persona 1 under 15 $1? for the coarae Single admiaaion?advJte, M cent*; juaruile ( eraei.* JJ cent*. For other tee I'rofrnmmM. JOHIN R. B VRT'.KTT, for torn N. Y. Hiit. 8o?. dattfrre ____ MEDICAL N*Ol'|t.Ji-DH FITlH'H Lecturea on the prevention nil crire ofConan mption. Aathma. and diaj eaiea of the Hurt, and thoae diaeaaea that lead to them, aad I on tha art of Prolonging Life to IM yeara, JS engraving*, 3M l page*. 50 and 75 cent*. Hinge**, Itrnger k Co. tU Broadwar; Charlra H King, 19 J Broadway; Marrener, Lockwood fcOo., 459 Broadway, corner *f (irand; T S.Cr?ww, Kl I Broadway. DK. S. H FITCH, I dll MfcMtia'rre 70T Broadway. PIANO FOR'l'E INSTRUCTION, i K. CASTLE k EDWIN McCOKKELL. ; WHithe latter from the Boyal Academy of Mnaia, ; TTI ( 11 London, will aire leaaona on the Piano Fort* * *or Violin, at their reaideace, M Liapenajd at., I near Broadway, or that of their papila, npon very moderate te: ma. which can hie made known Dy apply tag aa a bora. ] dll lm*r? THE NEW (and which we e^W% I .mm jg think will be the favotit*) /gga^3.N,(;HT LI"E FOB BO'-MH 9CS3KSE.TON, via the Long laland Bail ^SB^lCL. I road. Stou uigtoajand Providence, commence* to-day. leav! lug the foot of Whitehall atreet, 8??<k Ferry, at I P M. : Paaa*nger* hy thi* tine will arrive in Boatoa by the Mil train 1 from Stonixftom. They will have the option in thaaveatef a atorm in the 8o?nd. of remaining over at Urveoport to tak* ! the day line on the anceeeding morning. 1 he New Have* ' fteamrr make* the Ker?y f'ota Ore en port to> Btoniagwn- the I Moheiii h*?ing wi hdrtwn to the BridctpoTt Witt; i TV iota at th# South IVff?. I UNlTKD nTA'I'U MAIL LINK. ^MQ jm for ALBANY AND TROT, VIA flpJAaStBridciwrt and H.-iautmrie Railroad. l)ai? JCXQLihi u?e lanmr, the Hr.nnro ic Railroad haa bren relaid with a hfiiy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the Weatera Kail mail Through br Daylight, dally (ha<l*v'a eicrpted) at oVIoofc, A. M. i The Steamboat MOUNTAIN/ fcH, Capt. W. H Kratee, learee the foot of Market afreet. K. R, Tor Bridgeport, Daily, at tH o'clock, A M. No frnght taken in I We Paaaeager Liae. Paaaengera take tha Cara at Bri<lgrport,a? d without change of I Car* or itaggaea Cratea, arn?? in Albany aad Troy at i o'clock, P. M. New Cara aad Locomotive engiaea hare bean procured. and the Road ia ia arary raapect equal to ()>? beet New Kngland Road (T^"A Freight Line by Stoamert Nirnrcd, aad Mohegaa. daily?Fre.g fit Tariff aame aa laal year?For farther par* tiealara laqaire at the OllSce oa Market arrret Pier, aad at L megaton aad Walla' Kipreaa, . dl5 'in re a M PF.RRV. Ay eat. Jim DA* LI.NK TO MU?TON m New d^^B^&HAVKN. SPR/NOFIELD, AND THE SCSSPLwr.ltTJCkN RAILROAD.?Oa aad after Monday. December the aploadid (teamen TRAVELLERmi Wr W YOR*. from re'k Mip, daily, (feudaja ei! in readiaeea oa the arrival of the boat at Nrw Haven to take paiaeacrra direct to Boatoa.arriviac at T P.M. Tare taken throafh oa board the boat. 'm,? Vrtrk. Dec I IM? dS tea ten. , the 9th of Jaaaary, at ! o'eloek. ' M -The aa w aad alecaat ataamekip MLNKW ORLEANS, of l.Mi toaa bat than. I John T. Wiight. commander, will aaii aa abdva, aad atop at Charleatoa and Havana, by partiealar reqaeet of Doeaeagera. For freight or pea cage, t-aving elegaat larvieaed aeeoaamodationa. with atato rooma, apply to the captain, oa board, fnot of 9th atreat, Eaat Hirer; or at T. F. Seeor k Co. "a fa? ' dry. _ _ df7 U>*rh ! MT FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loaiewaa aad Now ' ' ' -( i??ilii naekM. Toaall JHHLflfl <" b*f-r? ut of Jnnnary fha fW?t a*.line parkoi ,h!p ftjWKOO. rapt Jnhmtoa, will Mil M aboTj, Ur r*olar dor For lrn?hl or punn, hi?i? .pU?dM utnnm ditiona, applv on mi^'n Wall .traat, or to E It. COLLIWB k CO. Mo M Rnnth iirwl A*ant In Now OrlaMa. Jaanaa K Woodniff. who will promptly forward (II rood" to hia addrua Tha Mortafla will mMtfd th? Otwafa. nil Mil lk IMi ? Jan. r?*nl?r dt?. *" Fa< kr.t koh mahfkillk# of i at w ?Kn-Tli< patkit ahip Mr.BRAMA. UK JaotM JBttLWaUoD. will he d*.patrh#d fur tko akoro port m $7*n,Be,rT' Kot *rffi?XZVi,TVftitu*. It Kiwat apa?l or to HOY I) fc H1NCUN. jr n Mo. I Tnatix iolldimn J