Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Aralık 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Aralık 1846 Page 2
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IVEW ' YORK HERALD.1 ? r - _ ??> Vor??, Turxlay, Ucccmtxr '4l>, IN#'-. (tin- Volunteer Syatem. As !u v-i the wlni> membersof Congress per- j si.-! li coiir-e of coi<(luct they have pursued itir.e tliP commencement of the present session, it is worso than useless to draw their attention to eny Cubjrct requiring legislation. Hoping, however, and expecting,that they will ere long recover t'neir reason, roll up their shirt sleeves and go to woik at the business which they were sent to the oapitol to perform, we venture to suggest that soma action is necessary hy them in regard to vo- i lunterrs for the war. Volunteering is decidedly more popular than j enlisting in the regular army, and it may seem an anomaly, that while ten, fifteen or twenty thou- j *and volunteers can be organized in this city j within one week, Uncle Sam's corporals and , sergeants are obliged to traverse our streets with arum?, ni. saun nit's, Dealing up,or ram"r scaring up, wish their execrable noise, recruits for the army, without success. However anomalous it may appear, it is never- ' theless true, and the cause is obvious. A requisi- : ti ;?i may ba made, sjy {Jr two regiments of vol-* i unteevs. Oar young men, fired with patriotism, j and animated by love of country, throw down their implements of trade or profession, and enrol themselves as defenders or asserters of that country's rights. The work-shop or the office is vacated, ai.d the drill room resorted to for discipline, j A'ra>gement* are immediately ir. ide for settling domestic uff.i rs?the ir minds are bent on glory j and gunpowder. Nothing occupies their attention , hut w;.r, glory, and heroic deeds. All civil matters being u .o-td of, th?y put in their poekcts ail the ;iu>m y tliry tan taise, and cageily ar.d anxiously : await the tune when they shall be mustered ; into service. Alter a short time, seven of ten Companies have been raised, and the members of these seven companies have expended perhaps t -"ir I:<*<t dollar in eqn pp ng and providing thems.-l wi h articles necessary for their comfort. . Anm iiii-y g>* poor, and become dissatisfied with tli- 1 lay ; their means are perhaps exhausted, .iiui tiiev are losing their time. Murmuring is heaul -difs.itisf^ction increases, and, like a eonra^io:i, it spreads. Other young men, willing to wiii not do so, because they see no reason why ti.'.-y slioui?l abandon their civil pursuits and re m 11 tin indefinite time before drawing pay from u netr ; mid the result is, perhaps, that the panie* w li, with hard work, be filled, t i v v i-?, t'.i? government cannot pay .fit tint : they are mustered into the ser\ of tti i' United Sates, avid tliey cannot bo mmt red into service until the requisition is fulfilled. If,therefore, the law were changed, bo that volunteers would draw pay from the time of their ofter- , ing th ir servict s, instead ol from the time of their bei. g mustered into service, one hundred volunteers would flock to the standard of their country where one goes now. Several of the States and mincipul cities have Ween put to great expense in equipping and supporting their citizens after volunteering, on account ol this defect in the law. T^iia they were obliged to do, to sustain their c'.i-.racter and reputation; but there is no reason, why tliey should be put to this additional expense i >r the f-deral government. We hope that Congress will look into this matter, utid 111 its wisdom asiume all the expenses that h ive bee i incurred by our cities and States in equipping and supporting volunteers, and that the present law will be so modified that volunteers w 11 be entitled to compensation from the moncent they enter the ranks, without reference to the ,mo when they are actually mustered into tarvice. Something of this kind will prevent a great deal of d ffisult. ________ Qoadranollar War ?The war in New Mexico jsLk' ly to bu prosecuted something on the plan of the triangular duel, with this difference, however, that the opera'ions in which General Rear ney is en. n^ed produce a quadrangular contest, ins'ead of a three cornered fight. In the first place, the General has to fight a 1 mongrel crew ot Mexicans and Indians, knavish cut throats, who hnil war as a piece of good luck, because it enables tliem to carry oat their predatory designs under the protcctiou of a flag. They sire never to be deterred liom shooting men, that they may obtain their valuables; but still a flag ia a matter of convenience, and as they are likely to be better rewarded by the plunder of Americans than Mexicans, they ndopt the flag of the latter. The next corner from which opposition is to be seen, is the one occupied by the Texans, who are indignant at the idea of a territorial government being established at Santa Fe. The papers throughout Texas generally echo this sentiment. They say that? "Sian'B Fe ia included within the boundaries of Texsa, a> Ui.i down and defined in the law ot 1816; that it rightfully belong* to her, and to bar alone; and any to rttabluh a territorial or other government within those limit*, i* an inn ingement of her rights as a sovereign State From the time the Santa Fe expedition atarted from Austin in 1811 ? in lact.fiorr 18M ? up to the present time, 'l'exaa h?a claimed that pert oI New Mexico lying eaat ol the Rio Grande, aa within her limita; and that the United SU>?? hua no rigtit to set up any form of government over a portion ol the State of Texas." Th?a? n? it>r Inilleta tlinnir'i not mure anaerimis in their immediate effects as the leaden ones which are sent from Indian rifles, have their irn- j pcutance, notwithstanding, and may prove as sellout, ultimately, as the bowie knife or scalping blade of the yellow faces or their red skinned companions. The ni-xt angle is the position assumed by ike , whtgs ot the United States, who oppose the war, and declare the invasion of California an outrage, j With all this opposition, General Kearney pur ies the even tenor of his way; torms his territorial government, fights his Indians, receives the abuse or commendation of the press, as the case may be, and is content with doing his duty. The course pursued by the whip, in this matt er, is one calculated to make them unpopular with the Texans, who, almost to a man, will look upon thoseho oppose a war with Mexico,as their worst friends. They remember their struggles with Mexico, they remember their butohered brethren, and they will be likely to forget that our | war with Mexico is aught else than another act ; in the same drama ; and, consequently, the par- ! ty wiiich is found opposing a war with Mexico, will be likely to find fe>v friends in the new j 8; ate. Thus, out of this small war with Mexico, seve- 1 ral smaller ones will arise. Agricultural Statistics of trk Unit*? Statbs ?It will be perceived by one of our Washington correspondent's letter* in to-day'g Herald, that in conaeqaenee of the refusal ol the Senate to make the necessary and usual appropriations to enable the Commissioner of Patents to publuh his ieguUr annual report of the statistic* of the , ountry, we are thi* year to be without that report. We are much *urpri*ed at thi*. We are surprissd, because the Senate as well as the people of the United State*, must be aware of the immense advantages thi* rrport haa always conferred on the country, on our merchants, our politi- | e .ans, and, in fact, on all classes of our citiien*. I The Senate cannot bat be aware that the stop- j page of this work will throw the country into a state i of chao*. Our merchants base their speculations and ventures on the data it furnishes, and our | state*mon look to it as authority tor legislating for ( the future by the experience of the past. How t can they legislate without official data to guide > the in 1 We trust and believe that the Senate will reoousider their action in this respect, and make the neoessary appropriations foy furnishing the report a* usual. . Who m Fciurnl?Tiik Mkcican Navy -In the Htrald of Saturday, appeared n letter from our special correspondent at Havana, fram which the lullowing is an extract:? ?' The agent of the Mexican government is (till liars; he ho* oot teen able to depose of s (ingle privateer licenie; in fact he finds it no go Information nus been received hera, that the Mexican government had made over to a Frenchman by the name of Rebaud, the two men of war laving inAlvarado. the St. Anna and Maxicano. Rebaud left Mexico with the expectation of getting them to tea under the French flag, taking them round Cape Horn, and urm them aa privateer* to cruiie against our commerca in the Kast Indies and Pacific, but he is not like)}- to accomplish his purpose. We have obtained some information respecting this Kebaud, which w? think will interest our readers. He is a Frenchman by birth, and a seaman by profession. On leaving the French uavy, (wherein, we beliave, he served with the rank of Lieutenant,) he entered that of Mexico?then struggling hard to achieve her independence.? Rebaud was ot great service to his new employer, and was rewardad by them with th<v rank ofCommodori?a rank he still holds. When, a few years back, the people o! Yucatan and To* i,.,?i ?? ^juuvuuocu a^uuioi IUC vciuiai ^uvciir ment, Rebaud deserted the latter, and lent hi* powerful aid to the revolted provinces. Though not a man of first rate talent, his decision . is great, his courage unquestionable ? Not long ago, he fought under peculiar circumstances, a duel with Sentmanet, whilom Governor of Tabasco. Sentmanet, who was a noted duelist, challenged to fight with pistols, both combatants to fire, as the phrase rtin, "at , discretion." The/ met, and both duellists advanced to within a lew paces of each oth*r, without pulling trigger; when Sentmanet was so appalled < at the firm bearing of Rebaud, that he lost i his usual preseu-je of mind, fired at random, and run away, without waiting ?for his adversary's fire.| Rebaud is about fifty-two years of age, above the middle height, and very compactly made. There is a good deal oi the filtbuttitr, or freebooter, in his appearance. He has only one arm, having last the other in <t land fight, not in a ?ea light. This tend fight occurred, if we remember aright, in 1880. Santa Anna hav- ; ing in that year pronounced against the government, was attacked in the neighborhood Df Jalapa, by a certain General Echwerni, and , sustained so complete a defeat that only one in twenty of hts army escaped Rebaud being at Vera Cruz at the time, Santa Anna started on his ill.ftitPfl f- *ru ilitintn fli^nmnnni^H him fn thf* ? fight,and there received the wound which depriv- | cdliim of his arm. , i Rebaud has a brother in the city of Mexico, j who partite* the useful occupation of milkman, md to whom he bears no resemblance, whether n the inner or outer man. The milkman has a (ood deal of the milk of human kindness in his :ompo?ition?the commander has none. We agree with our Havana}correspondent, hat Rebuild in not likelj"to succeed ip his piratical expedition. At the satfte time, it will benesessary for our naval officers to watch the , Frenchman closely. 1 Collision, at Ssa?Satkty or Vaaasi.a and I Lives.?The schooner Laura Jane, reported in ' Saturday's paper; and supposed to be lost from jeing in contact with the brig Savannah, hence [br Savannah, has, we are happy to learn, arriv- i sd a Norfolk. \ The captain, mate and three of the crew, who 1 were reported drowned at the time of the acci- | ient, have arrived at Savannah in the brig S., j iiaving at the time the vessels were in collision | jumped on board that vessel. ! The Laura Jane was bound lrom this port to Cape Biscayenne, with materials for building a light-house, and had on board twelve passengers, captain, mate, and five hands. Sly? sustained but little injury, loss of bulwarks monkey rail, anchor, &c. TheS. received none. The Savannah had her main channels carried away, some ol her chain bolts broken, and sus- I taiaed other damage. TfV4? I\1y\tnfnw nt flnM/iov?? 11 ia urtH^rttrwl that Gen. Sam Houston, the hero of San Jaointo, Gen. Husk, and Messrs. Pilsbury and Kaufman, 1 Df Texas, will arrive in this city to-day or to mor- I row, and remain until after the first of January, | for the purpose of witneMing the manner in which New Years is celebiated in Gotham. We 1 hop* that our public officers will show them the respect they deserve. Magnetic Telegraph ?Wo n that the new wires for the telegraph between this city and Boston, have all been put up, with the exception of a short distance between Boston and Worcester. week will see the lightning again at work. News from Boston.?We are indebted to Phillips A: Co. for Boston papers of yesterday morn' J ulcali Sr. Oeokok'i Society.?The grand concert given in aid of the fundi of this society last evening, at the 1 Tabernacle, was attended by some 1,600 persons, not- | withstanding the very unfavorable weather. Of th performance* it it impossible to speak at length, or iD . detail?the late hour and the piece* played, to the number of twenty-, forbid. The grand novelties of the eve- , ning were the appearance of Herr Dorn, hi* flrst in thj* city, and the yonng Apolloneon*. Of th* farmer, suffice to *ay, th't (hough all the mutie possible, per&ap*, to be attained from a French horn was achieved, yet the attendant mechanical difficulties can never be suffi. ciently appreciated by the public to counterbalance ita mesgerness of compaaa and ita monotony of tone Kyle, in the duet, did admirably; we listened to bii flute with even more than usual pleasuie Of the Apolloneoni, we can only aay that they . did aa we propheaied they would ; Ihey achieved a great triumph. Little Anne Maria Cole, by her performance on the piano of the airs from " II Croc la to," called from the audieace repeated and prolonged burata of applauae, in which oar mo at distinguished artists and the grvat Here himself, who was present, heartily joined. The aoio on the violin, performed by Henry Bullock, was one of the gem* of the evening, and also great ly applauded. Madame Ablamowici sang aa aha always does, well, exquisitely, and in her laat solo gained a rap. turous encets. Miss Northall sang her first piece, aa we bad voice, but in her last was delightfully aweet and pleaaiog, so mueh so, as also te be compelled to repeat, in spite ef the lata hour. " God save the Queen" was sung with energy, If not with accuracy, at the close of the svening, the audience rising and joining in the chorus. The artieta who kindly volunteered their eervkea last evening, and Mr. Loderparticularly, who has been the main spring of the whole affair, deserve well of the public. We can assure them, that an evening spent for charitable purposes will not be to them no craning Ion. Hawai Him ?Our neighbors of Brooklyn will remember that to-morrow eraniog, thi? great pianist will ire a grand concert at tha Lyceum <n their city. MeJame Ablsmomlci and other talent of eminence, ia I engaged to bis aasistanoe. Sivori give* a concert at Philadelphia to-morrow araning. Julia North all and Da Bag nil will assist him. Hanmanta of Trav*ll?n. Yesterday's srrirsls, aa usual on a Monday, were peculiarly limited, aa tha annexed extracts from tha registries of the respire hotels will testify:? Amssicau?M. Churchill, Sing Sing; Dr. O. Tuthum, Phils; J. Miller, Elitafcethtown; E Waring, Montgomery Co; B Phelps,Connecticut; D Morris, V. 8 N; D. Casey. Newberry; W. Mcraghan, Yonkari, S. Haywood, U- 8 Army. A*tob?c [>?!?, New York; D Randall, Louisville; O Philllpe, Georg,?; T. Vincent, Philadelphia< W. Leper, ! do; J Sunderland. Hudson; W Bird sail, Binghhampton; A. Huntingdon. Boston; Uaorge Thomas, Philadelphia; W Gray, Baltimore; M Martin, Washington; H. Oolip, ' Baltimore; M. f'hemn, Hertford: H Ballard, Boston; Thos. i Pomeroy, do; Col Burnett, Fort Hamilton; H. Townnend, Albany; M. W Mililer. KngUnd Citr ?C. Chauncey, Boston-, Mr. Bookman, Wast ; Chester co; J. Value, rhlledelphia; W. Clough, Newsrk; II Campbell, Philadelphia; a. O.Boyd, B.C.; W Harrey, Albany K?*">bliw?J. Murphy, New York; J. Hall, U. 8. N.; , C. Colman. Roxbury; J H Ricker, Bt Louis; A.Bryan, 1 Mississippi; Mr Rutter, Phila. Huwaso ?Capt. Black, Norfolk; A. P. Chllds, Pittsburgh; J. Maaon Philadelphia;R. Purael, Pa ; R . Thompaon, Beaton; W. Iliehatdson, Delaware; J. Orahsm, St Johns; B. Williaeia, Phila ; M. Mowell, do ; T. <*oold, Boston; C. Rnggiee, Phils ; M. Oaohen, Orange co.; B. Miner, Brunswick; Mr. Llerd, Washington. Jresew?Mr. Kennedy, Rest Hertford, D. Temple, Beaton; Mr. flagg. New Hsrsn, O. Darkoe, 8t Lows. Th? Wew York Pilots, f be Maw Vork licensed pilot* were, a few Jay* since, | unqualifiedly .lonouuced In an articla which appeared in tha Journal off Commerce, in the following term*, vix:? "That they are the wont ptloh we have, for nine-tenthi of ; all thed igatters occur in their hande." The following extract from the memorial of the Board of Underwriter* to Cong ran, will at onca clearly show the entire falsity of the abova statement "Your memorialitU desire on this occasion explicitly . to assure yonr honorable bodies thai they neither deny Ike competency, nor are they diepoted to undervalue the merit, nor do they urieh in any reaped to interfere with the j interetti, or limit the empl.,ymtnt of the \ew Vork Piloti; on the rantral y, the undereifned deiire that the character and ektll of thai moit ute/ul and valuclle clots of citirent should become identified with the interest and reputation of our port." Though the preceding extract from the memorial of , the Board of Underwriters bears ample testimony of the character and skill of tha New York licensed pilots, and u a flat contradiction of the Journal of Commerce, yet unfortunately we are in fact compelled to impeach tha testimony thus offered,to convict the editor of the Journal fey showing that the acte of the Board of Underwriters are not only wholly .inconsistent, but are at war with their published assertions. While the Journal prides it. self in publicly defaming tha character of the pilots, the underwriters extol them to the highest extent, clearly proving that the editor of the Journal is not entitled to credit, though unfortunately the pilots are obliged to dis credit their awn professed friends, by showing that their public representations and professions cannot be recon- ? ciled with their conduct?like they who "male* the promise to the ear to bnak it to the heart." What art their profeitioni??Admitting the competency and merit of the New York pilots, they disclaim the "wish in any retpect to inltrfere with the interetts or limit tht employment'' of that mast useful and valuable class of 1 citizens. What art their acti'l?Can there ba anything mora pro. 1 scriptive and inconsistent with their professions than the following published circular? We ask net that tha character of \he warfare against us be judged by any representations of our own, but by the conflicting statements of our persecutors alone. To what irresisti" ble conclusions must the mind of arery just and candid man come, who will compare tha preceding statements with the following circular? Let tuch men enly answer i as It is not our wish to characterize It New York, , 184-. ' Sir: In consequence of the repeal of all laws relative ! to pilots, by the Legislature of this State, the subscribers \ were appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, and the Board ot Underwriters of this city, commissioners for the ( examination, licensing and general regulation of pilots for the port of New York, by way of Sandy Hook, and having licensed a numt-er of competent persons, the 1 commissioners best leave to inform you tlut they are pre- 1 pared to furnish pilot* for all outward-bound veasels, upon 1 application at their office, No. 70 Well street. The commissioners wish to impress on all merchants niju iii|'iuaaioia I lie imjiui inuti- ui uieir lunuui cu*W|"er? ktiou, to enable the board to fulfil the object* for which It tin* been organized ; and they feel that", as they are g?' ninz their seivicrs gratuitously, they have a strong claim in aifcinf for such ca operation : ana thev, therefore, beg leave to call your attention to the 6th article of the Constitution, as adopted by the Chamber of Commerce >nd Board of Underwriters, recommending ' that no vet- < iel receive a person at pilot excepting en Kit producing a : :ertificate signed by the hoard or those issued under the j lUf hurity of the State of New Jersey. t (ft?-Office hours from 9 to 8 o'clock. Robert L. Tatlob. [Signed] Chas. H. Mabshall, Rlsskll Stt'bois, Gkoboe W. Blurt. To Captain The recommendation contained in the 6th article of the sonstitution, " tfcat no vessel receive a person as pilot, ; excepting on his producing a certificate signed by the Board, or those issued under the authority of fh? State of I Netc Jersey," was adopted, aa mast be apparent to every Inialliffeat man, solely to exclude from all employment :he New York State pilots. That section was, in our ! >pinion, purposely aimod at them, and steadfastly and leliberately ha* the proscription been practised; yet ^ongresi and the public are entreated to believe, that :he underwriters and their associates have ne "wish in my respect to interfere with the interests or limit the employment of the New Vork Pilots." The merchants of this city well know how faithfully | :his ediot has been executed, and how tho poor pilot 1 who has safely brought their ships Into port, is dls- j :arded from their service, when applying to take them to sea, without the slightest pretence of mismanagement ! Br misconduct being attributed to him. Criminal Justice would long sinoe have been visited i upon the pilots, had they dared to combine for any pur- 1 pose, and the merchants be made the subjects of their COraDiDBUOH. x ei wno wiu xirBuaie 10 iay, auer r?auing the above circular, that we are not the victim* ef a 1 combination? And though our oppressors be rich and 1 powerful, yet are they, no leaa than the meanest, amena- 1 ble to justice. | j Witn the most unparailelod assurance hare the just righta of a whole claia of citixena been invaded, and while the pilots and those depending on their exertion* hi their aevefe and arduous calling, have been moat cruelly persecuted, for daring to resist encroach ment, yet still the war of injustice is waged against them, and to their doers is laid the misfortune of every disaster, whether happening under their charge or not Stale complaints are newly raked up to affect the action of Congress, which has long known our calamity, and will grant us justice, despite our enemies and persecutor*. STATE PILOTS. Theatrlcsls. Pabk Th*ATa*.?The little dancer* appeared last evening in three piece*?in the "Pa* des Bergen," the "La Paa de* Mouoneura," and the "Pas Polka P ysane "?to another very large audience. Their engagement closes this week, se that all who have not yet witnessed their extraordinary performances, have no time to lose. They will appear again this evening in the same piece* a* those they danced last night, one of which, the Pas de* Moi nonneurs," Is, wo think, better calculated to exhibited their grace, artistical skill and beauty, than any they lievo previously performed. The farce of "Somebody Else," which by the way* was capitally performed last night, will be repeated, together with the comedy of the "Dumb Belle." Bowaav Thiatse.?" Tutnam" was again produced at i this popular theatre last evening, with its usual succcsa. The "City Burglar,"anew piece ,of much merit, *uc 1 ceeded It unfold* saver*! of the icenei of city life, . and containa (one excellent pointa. The very title ii not oalculated to make it popular with the great crowd, but when we coneider the tucceu that hac attended " Jack Sheppard" and similar piece* of that ca?t, we augur favoraoly for the "City Burglar." A* a new piece, it ha*. like all new piece*, labored under the di**dvan- : tag** of a first representation, and though not announced for thi* evening, it would bear a repetition. Thi* even- ' jng will be performed the " Wild Steed of the Prarie," 1 aUotha gorgeou* cpectacle of the " Bronze Horse" will ho pre?ented, t i conclude with the "Children of the , Wood." Preparation! on a most magnificent *cale are being made for New Year'* Day. OaccnwicH Thiatbb.? Mr*. George Chapman take* her benefit thi* evening, and offer* a iplandiu bill of en- | tertainment She ha* also mcured the aid of dramatic I tulei.t of the higheat order. Mr. George Chnpman, Henry ( Chapman, and Julia Drake, will appear H. P. Orattan | will take the part of Tom Moore, in the " Iriah Lion '' i The drama of the " Battle of Texas," the tare* above ' mentioned, and the comedy of" 1* He Jealou*," will be ! Cirformed To morrow evening Mr. Stammer*, the popu- j r lessee of the establishment, will take hi* benefit. Almsmbba.?Hen Alexander ha* kindly consented to 1 an arrangement, by which he remaine through the holi- 1 day*, and weed vi*e parent* and children to vi*it him. HI* \ fund of legerdemanic feat* aeem* iuexhauatible, and are performed with a rapidity and eleganon that ' alight even M much aa thay aatotiiah. Uii pareomfication of Santa Clam, 1b which character ha present* to the younger portion of hit audience a variety of pretenta, la not the lout atttactive part of the entertainment. Bowcar AMmiTMATaK.?Madame Macarte. the moat 1 ccompliahed female eqneatrian [of the preeent age, it nightly drawing crowd* to thia popular place ef evening'! entertainment, by her extraordinary feata. Laat evening aha delighted the entire houae hy her varioua acta, In jumping through hoop* atrongly papered over, dancing, and by her geneial exhibition* of akill. There ia a degree of eaae, grace and agility in her motion* on honeback, that ihow an extraordinary proficiency In her profcaaion, a proficiency which baa indeed gained her the universal admiration of every admirer of thoae high accomplishment* that attach to the equeatrianiam of the circu*. The mo?t accomplished 4anttu$t could not appear more eu fmit upon the board* than Madame Macarte,on her beautiful steed, and her appearance each evening ia the signal for tha moat enthuiiaatic applauae. The riding of Mr. North ia equally received with applauae, and with doatin, Carlo and Gardner a* clown*, in connection with the ether attraction*, thia popular place of amuaement la nightly crowded. On New Year'* day, there will be great attraction. .Vmbbica* Cincr*.?The attraction* at tha Chatham r ince tha celebrated company of Sand*, Lant k Co. open.d their Clrctia, hare drawn nightly fall and crowded houaea, from pit to gallery. La*t evening the twin poniea, %a "Damon and Pythiaa," diaplayod a aort of profl oiency in tha hiatnonic art, which allowed (if not a true conception of Ihe port.) at loatt c degree of finiahed training, that could not fall to escite the aurprteo of all preient Mr Carroll'* laata, hia carpet leape, orolutiona and general gymnattk exerciae*. were much -pplaudad. Mr. Mver'a Indian Hunter waa alto well performed. The youbg lad Maator HenAtdot again appeared in * hie celebrated act of horseman hip Mr. Saudi and children ahould bo aoon by every admirer of gtraruauc feata The dancing of May Fly, the celebrated blood horae, roil it be conaiderod one of Ihe moit extrdordinery accompliahmanta of the 1 ago We have aeon horeea traioed in to almoet a knowledge of erery trick that could be brought within anj- I mar* reach, hot it hoa remained for the preaeat day to , witneM the performance of the|faahioimbla Polka dance I by rich a beautiful animal aa May Hy. The hill* nightly preeented here draw maenir crowd*, and with our favorite May Fly atone the Chatham would bo nightly crowded There are great preparation* being mode far Friday next, Nov Veera Day I City IbUI11|?ih>?. Tm* WttTHK ? Yesterday wu w?t Mil itorn; during the greater part of the day. About 1 o'clock it rainad heavily, and continued up to 6 o'clock, whan a thick, heavy fog aat in, occasioned by throwing off the froit which had to long remained oa the (troota and siJewalks. The weather about this hoar, and after, aeemnd at a stand-still We had indicatiem of front and rain after thii, and the weather would appear to he somewhat puzzled as to what should bo its course during the night, winter, however, in all its aspects, would seem to bare no terrora for all who determine to *n)oy the festivities of the present happy season New Ybab's Oar.?The most active preparations are being made by most of our fair denizena to receive the calls of their beaux and friends, on Friday next, and welcome them with that proverbial cordiality lor which New York and the acknowledged hospitality of feeling that haa always characterised our citizens have Ion* been celebrated. The temperance man and thoae who do not subtcribe to the doctrine of the disciples of this new school, will all be feasted according to their different desires, with the rich luxuries of the season. We understand that thii year will surpass all former celebrations, both from the splendor and style in which it is to bo kept up, as well as the general and extensive manner in whicu the goodly custom is to be observed. Ths 8raccTs.?Yesterday, several laborers were employed in outting up and removing the tnow and ice from the atreets, in the vicinity of Pearl, Columbia, East Broadway, Chathaoi, kc. This will prove highly advantageous to the foot psssengers and occupants of the different streets just now; and we would earnestly recommend tha continuance, until the nuisanoes in those itreeU long complained of, ihall have been fully removed. The spring election will take place iu ordinary course. Tha aspirants for re election intha Common Council, or for continuance in office un4er the corporation, would do wall to agitate such a reform aa cleanliness in the streets, and the abatement of the many other abuaei that stare us continually in the face, j befora the preliminary meetings for the spring election take place. Patimkwt.?This pavement has now stpod for a seasonable time tha " peltings of the pitiless storm" of omnibus, cab, carriage, cart wheels, and all other vehicles, since it was constructed last summer, and still remains, " Unhurt amid tha war af elements, The wreck of matter, and the crush of worlds," a standing reproach to our oity fathers and the constituency wnese politics so cost pletely blind them aa to tolerate the abuses that have so long existed in the arrange, ment and paring of our streets. A good job, substantially executed, like the Russ pavement, in capable of resisting the action of a whole train of omnibuses and other vehicles,such as are perpetually plying upon Broadway. Whether suoh a plan ot paving the street*, generally adopted through our public thoroughfares, would not prove more economical to the publio treasury ef our oity, and more advantageous to the city, let the mudpools of Broadway, the ruts in the Bowery and the dilapidated atate of our public streets in general, answer the question Something must eventually be done to ensure us clean and well paved streets. Honor where honor is due. Aid roa the laisx Poo*.?The ward collector* designated by the general,committee, appointed to receive subscriptions for the Irish poor, are to meet at the residerce of the aldermen of their several wardi to-day, to make arrangements for calling upon the citizens of their wards by Wednesday evening, to solicit of each some contribution for the relief of the distressed poor of Ireland. Vn. ........... It i. It,at tV,n nnar ?. ' camped on Governor's Island, will leave on Wednesday for the seat of war. We think that there must be some mistake in this. Whitmt'i Rradiitcs.?This gentleman, at the solicitation of numerous friends, will give one more evening with the American Orators and Poets. It will take place an Friday evening next. IhisH Emigrant SocitTr.?The third annual ball of thi* benevolent society will take place at the Coliseum Rooms this evening. We desire to announce the fact, the bare mention ot it is sufficient to have it well attended. You.10 Guard Ball.?Another demonstration in favor )f Henry Clay. The Young Men's Henry clay Association, intend giving a grand ball and supper in honor of their great leader, Henry Clay. We are assured it will prove the most magniAoent affair of the season. Frem the unprecedented sale of ticket*, the committee have t>een enabled to appropriate large sums in decorations for the ball and supper rooms, gorgeous banners, resplen- ; Wit lights, and more than all, the matchless beauty of > the young Clay girls, will prove attractions few may rraiot The sapper, prepared by James Stetson, Esq , late i>f the Astor Honse, and more recently of the steamer Atlantic, will be ofthe most extensive and refined order. Hon. Luther tiradish will preside, and for guesta we will have Major General Gaines, the tamous Captain Walker, late from the U. 8. Army in Mexico, Hon. Messrs. Fillmore, Morehead, Crittenden, and perhaps Gov. Young.? From the character of the committee we are confident there will be no disappointment Tickets $3 each, may be obtained at the various hotels. Fibe.?A fir* broke out last night, about 9% o'clock, it 80}? Chatham street, in the toy and fancy store belonging to A. Prikard k Co. It was promptly put out, through the efficient aid of the Are companies, the shop trticles being principally damaged by tbe water from the engine*. Have it Rioht.?Mackrell It Simpson are the proprietors of the Kast Broadway Stages, and not ??f Brown'* Tremont Bowling Saloons. A&baroement or the Cibcciti foe the Kmcino Two Yeab*.?Pursuant to the statute which requires the Circuit Judges every two year* to arrange their Cir- 1 cuitft for their respective districts, the Circuit Judge of I the first Circuit has appointed city courts, as follows:? In New York Circuit Courts and Courts of Oyer and Terminer on the first Mondays ef February, April, June, August, October and December. Adjourned Circuits wilt be held the first Mondays of March, May, Julv, September and November, in Richmond county on tne 1 fourth Monday of May and last Monday of October. \ Law Term*.?Kor enumerated motions the first Saturday of every mouth. For non enumerated motions overy Saturday. Feebt accid?.tt.?Ws noticed in yesterday's Herald, ! an accident which occurred to a Mr. Mills, in falliug at I foot of Courtlandt street into the riv i, and attributed bis escape from drowning to the efi.i:ts of one of the police, to whose aid, we have been inlermed, Mr. Milla was indebted for his life. We have been informed that he was rescued from his perilous situation, and was drawn oat by James Sherman and Ueorge Dobson, pilots | of the steamboat Isaac Newton. He was immediately taken to the office of Peter C. Schultz, who obtained a physician, and after the most unremitting attention, he 1 was restored, and removed to the Northern Hotel. Accident.?A little gitl, namod Sarah Carlin, residing at 408 Water street, lell down stairs yesterday morning, and had her leg broken, she was taken to the City Hospital. Arotheb.?A sailor,named Meehan, fell from the gang ; way in a sloop in the North River, and broke his leg.? He was taken to the City Hoapital. Sudde* Death-?The Coroner held an inquest, yes terday, at No. 3 Catharine street, on the body oi Luke Slater, a native ot Ireland, aged 06 years, who died suddenly on Saturday evening. Verdict, death by apoplexy Dkath bt DioriT -The Coroner held an inquest also ! on the body of Mra. Taylor, a native of Holland, about forty yean old, who d ?d suddenly on Sunday last. Verdict, death by dropsy in the chest. Buanao to Death?A colored child, about three years old, named Alexander Nelson, on Monday came to its death, in consequenco of his clothes accidentally 1 catching Are. Verdict accordingly. Lbctvbes on EoTrTiais Aschaolooy.?Mr. Oeorge R. Oliddon, formerly U 8 Consul in Egypt, having been invited by the New York Historical Society to deliver a course of lectures on "The Antiquities of Egypt," during the present season, haa accepted the invitation. The eourae is to consist of eight lectures, including tbe introductory one, which was delivered last evening at Mechanics'Hall, ?*i Broadway The walls of the lectur* room are covered by paintiugs, drawings,and engravings, illustrative of the subjects of which the lectnrea are to treat; the pyramids, exterior and interior views, the labary nth? illustration* of the arte, sciences, manneri, costumes, A1., of the ancient Egyptiana?portraits and likenesses of the Egyptian sovereigns taken from sculptures, -fsc similes of genealogical papyri?battle scenes from the monuments,?hieroglyphtoal inscriptions. and a great variety of colored drawings, representing religions rites, scenes supposed to relate to the Hebrew captivity, procession* 01 foreign nations tributary to the Pharoabs, with plans, maps and topographical charts of the- country snd architecture of the land ol the pyramids. To explain the value of some of theee drawings, paintings, Ico., to the student of Eg) tiau antiquities ; the mode in which others were obtained. the egteemont of each with others in dates, historical relations, and the recital of facts .was the subject of a part of the intro luctory lecture. The lecturer remarked, "chronology, like every other science, Is progtessive " The laat few years he said had made great ouangoe In tbe aspect of primeval history The Turin geneological papyrus, the ancestral chamber of Karnao, and some other relic* of great Importance, containing in their inscriptions the key to information long sought, had not only?opened up new flolds for re sesrch and supplied former regretted blanks, but had led to the proof that some erroneous calsulations had heretofore been made ; these errors were not attributable to any avoidable error of the chronologers, but to their want of the dats, which happily have been supplied by the reecue from oblivion of these recently obtained tablets and papyri. Mr. O. hoced ho should not be co tidered pgotiKticsl in his familiarity with tho subjects upon which he was about to lecture ; ha did not protess to m i discoverer, Due an expositor. a residence of twenty three year* In the valley of the Nil*, had enabled him to make himaelf familiar with localities, and a study of his favorite science upon the apot, had itftn him peculiar advantage* in making him acquainted, by personal observation, with theae curioni relic* of past atM, by which a retrospect of aome A,MO year* is obtained. The history of Ancient Egypt, he intimated, is a subject . of increasing interest, bow that the Isthmus of Saex haa again become tbe thoroughfare of nations. Mr. li. alluded to the vast labor and expense which attends the researches made in the country of which he was speaklog, the valuable live* that had been secritoed in the arduous labor of making these reeea-xfces. Seme idea may be formed of thia labor when it ?c stated that the preservation of the aculpture upon the walls of the " Aocestral Chamber" (one of tbe vain ole and most important diecovetles alluded to atx<ve) waa only accomplished by sawing off the feces of the blocks of stone upon which they were cut. This waa accomplished by an intelligent Egyptian, who afterwarda sent the sculptured blocks to Tails, where they now stand, reoording the names and reigns of <1 monarch* consecutively, and all of whom held ru e in Egypt, prier to the time of Moses The Turin tables reter to the lives and reigns of 4*0 king*. Glancing at aome of the featurea which are to characterise hi* lecture*, Mr. O. atated that he should take leave, in thi* lecture, of assertion, and start in hia next with facts. He atated that, owing to tbe limited height of the walls of the room ia which be lectured, he was unable to diiplay all of hi* illustrations The audience in attendance last evening waa small but eelect, compoeed mostly of the members of the HMorical Society. After the lectoie Mr U. remained to convene with any of the audience who were carious enough to aak questions, which the figures a pea the wall* raggested to them. ! Common Council. , Bo.kl. or AMitTiMT Ai-Dta**:*, D10 4<th ? Neal ! Gray, Eaq , Prealdeat, In the chair, and quorum of mrtnberi prmM Nntark Pm. krtm ? Sundry merchant* of Newark pr?aeuted a uetition for the excluiive u*e of the north aid* , of pior at the foot ( Albany afreet, u a landing of packnta trading between thi* city and Newark. Re! ferrad. Jitnumin ing of Print? (' ?< ?Petition of ?undrf peraooa to ha to Prince atreet renumbered. Referred. Sttrtr in Mnrf itrrtl ? P?tHkm of owner* artd leifeea to ' hare the aawer now in the coor*? of con?trnetien in Stlnd itreet, completed without any ucneceoary delay. Referred. City K*ftniilufiJ?r 1947 ?A communication wa? rej ceived from tha Comptroller relative to the probable re. ceipta and expenditure! for the year 1847, together with , an eitimate of the amount to be raited by tax. For general city expenditure* within the control of the Corporation other than thoae for police and lampa and gat, $1 082,900; for police. $479,000: lampa and gat, $171, 444. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. WmHtr of Merchamiitt?Petit ion of Benjamin Wood to be appointed a weigher of merchandise. Oranted. ^notUrr Jilavm Bell ?Reaolution in favor of enpairing into the expediency of erecting an alarm bell in the eaatern part of the city. Hs'iti Btll ?Reaolution offered by the Pretident of the Board, in favor of directing the peraon having charge of the bell on tha City Hall, to atrike the hour at 5 o'clock I each Sabbath morning, a* a signal to the bell ringers in the different parts of the city, to commence the matin peal. Adopted. Increaie oj Compensation.?Resolution hi favor of authorizing the Comptroller to pay to each aoorman employed in the (everal itation houses 'f 1 K, instead of $1, which they new receive. Adopted. Chmnft of Name ?Resolution in favor of changing the name ot the Bloomingd&U Road, south of 43d (treat, to Broadway. Adopted. Tea Tail*.?Aiiistant Alderman Wcaa offered a resolution in favor of dispensing with the future feasting upon roast turkiei, eanvas back ducks, oysters, he., lie., usually provided for the members of the b>ardsby the keeper of the City Hall, at public expenses. Assistant Alderman Smith proposed to amend :he resolution, by dispensing with it not only in the City Hall, but every where else ?Adopted. Pay far a lost Hortt.?Report and resolution in favor of allowing Joaei h Conner compensation for a horse which be lest in the month of August last, in consequence of the string piece of the pier not being of a suitable height. Adopted. Ex-President Houston ? Resolatio i in favor of tendeting to ex-President Houston the use of tho Governor's room, during his sojourn in this city, wherein to receive the visits of his friends. Adopted. Food of Prisoner*.?Resolution in favor of aszertaiaing whether the prisoners confined in the prison ut Jefferson Market are allowed the same kind of tood allowed in the other city prieons. Adopted. North Moore Street Pier.?Resolution in favor of .appropriating! $3,000 for the extension of building of the pier at the foot ol North Moore street Adopted. Jlllowance for a Room.?Resolution in favor of allow tug me cun ut rratuKiia muni 9/0 |>er year since me Ut of July, for the rent of a home, which ha had been obliged to hire. Adopted. Nurtttjor Long hland farm.?Resolution in favor of employing respectable female* as nurses for the children on the Long Island Farms. Adopted. Prioon jinociatinn ?Resolution in favor of permitting a standing committee of the prison association to visit ! without restraint, the inmates of the House of Hefugo.? Laid on the table. Police Intelligence. jSrrett on a Charge of Murder.?OiHcors Hays and Stephens, of the Lower Police, arrested, la<t evening, a sailor, liy the name of Allen Moore, from on beard the brig Stirling, from Savannah, lying at the foot of Pine street, on a charge of murder, preferred against him by a Scotchman of the name of William Waterson, who relates the- following lingular story That he and his brother John were on their way irom Quebec to this ' city, and on the road they pat up at the railroad tavern, kept by a person named Luther Munger, at Saratoga, on the first day of Uus month, (December; and on tbe folio wing morning abnut fl o'clock, the 3d inst, he was awoke by a noise in the street, and cries of help for assistance from his brother John, whom he saw from the window of his bed room, knocked down and violently beaten by some 90 men, amongst whom was the accused, who appeared to be one of the ringleaders, when, after beating him about with bludgeons, they finally got an ase and finished him. All this time Waterson was locked up in his room, which he auppos?s was done by this sang, to prevent his rendering any assistance to his brother. After thus b?*tiog the life out of his bi other, they next threai?ued him with violence, and to show what they intended to do, they rigged up a rope on a tree like a gallows, threatening to serve him in the same wsj- whenever they fell in with him, and all other bloody Protestants. He says, the next thing they did, was to come to his room door ami , offer lilm the 95 or 110 pound* iterling, which wa* found on the pernon of hit brother, but the door being locked and no key th<sre, ke waa unable to receive it. How. ever, he informed them to place it into the hand* of Mr. Munger, the landlord of the hou?e, for aafe keeping. He *aj? that he haa been unable to ascertain the wher? about* or what diapotition ha* been done with the body. Ho further laid that he wa* well aware that the cau?e of hia brother'* murder wa* not with a view of robbing him, but merely diapjte between the partie* on the aubjeot of religion, the decerned and hi* brother being Presbyterians, and the accuaed partie* Catholic*?he remained in the neighbor hood *ome ten day* after thia a flair, and communicated the circumatance* to the Rev. Mr. Cheater, a Pre*byterian miniater, bat finding that all the accuted partie* had left the place, ha concluded to leave likewiie and come to New York, which ho did, and arrived in thi* city about two week* ago. when yeitcrday he met a man who told hint that he aaw the accuaed, Moore, on board of the above brig. WatUrion immediately applied to couuiellor Wad*worth for advice, who at once look him before Juatice Drinker, and Moore wee arreeted on the charge. From the manner of Wateraon, and the improbability of the atory, together with other circumatance*, we ahould ay that Water*on i* inaane However. Juitice Drinker committed Moore for examination, and Wateraon wa* alio committed to priaon a* a witnea*. Coming the Dodge en e Countryman. ? Officer* Lynn and Powell, of thi? 7th ward, ax re* ted on bunday alternoon a fellow called Ctiafle* Jackson, aliaa Foot, on a charge of coming the dodge game on a ciuutryman by the Dams of Edwin Msrcey, who by tha aid of an accomplice managed to obtain $15, and then ran off. It appear* that the accused met the countryman alo~g the dock and showed him a wooden ball, when as they war* talking together, the accomplice came op and the two fellow* made a but of $30, that a lecrct drawer waa concealed inside the ball, and at one had not enough money to bet with, induced the countryman to loan him tha above turn for that purpoae, which he did: and no aooner had he tha money than it wai decided that the bat waa won by Foot, who footed it off in double quick time, until stopped by the above officers and conducted to the Station House. On searching tbe fellow at the Station House, the ball was found on his person,to^Rher with a pocket book containing several $10's and $8s. spurious bank bills. Juitice Timpaon locked him up for trial. Burglary.?The door ot the basement, corner of Maiden lane an.l Pearl street, wot discovered broken open by tome burglar, but fortunately the rascal waa alarmed before ha had time te do further misebief. Pickpocket in Church?80me light Angered "knuck" i visited ihe 8th street church on Sunday evening last, and extracted from the pocket of Mr. J. H. Hazzara, of No. 177 Water street, black leather pocketbook containing scrip and stock amounting to $400, $4 in change, together with sundry other papers ot value. No arrest. Suipicign of Burglary.?A black fellow called Wat, Thompson, alias Frauk Jackaon, on a charge of b#ing an accomplice of the negro Thompaea, who waa detected in robbing the dwelling house of Mr. Theodore Crane, No. 63 Monroe street. Locked up for trial by Justice Timpson But clary at Flatbuth ?The residence of Mr Isaiah Washburn, of Flatbush, Long Island, waa burglariously en'ered by some bold "kmrksmen," en Saturday night last, between the honrs ot 9 and 19 o'clock, stesling therefrom ten silver tea-spoons, marked R O ; six table spoons, marked R. O.; two desert spoons, marked R W -, one auger tongs, marked R. O : one salt spoon, marked R W., alao, a pistol, German silver mounted; one gold breast pin, with topes stone set in it, and two gold earrlnve Tke MAiteta tnasep/ta tkla <?itv i'l all probability they will be eaug bt A rrwxirai Oirl ?Quits a food looking firl, of only II yeer* of ago, by tho name oi Carolina Bentley, waa ukon out of a "don" of infamy, located at No. *1 Anthony atroot, by Alderman Hart, of the Ath ward, whom it 11 aaid had bean decoyed away from hor parent*, who re* ido at Pougbkeeptie, by tome man employed on board one of the tteemboat*. 8he waa placed under the kind - ire of Mrs. Foster, tho goodly matron of the city priaon, prior to being aent back to her home. Common Ploaa. Before Judge Ulehoeffer Dae 38 ? W* Oilchriit ?. Jamtt H Partem and A. W. Partong.? rhi? we* an action to recover flOU, tho amount of a promiaaory note, dated tho 10th February, IBM, and payablo to the order of A. W. Parana, ill month* after ale Fiom ooanaei'a opening etatemen'. it appeared there waa coniMerabla dealing between the defendanta and the houae of John T. Warren It Co . that tho latter were in the habit of eodoraing paper for defendanta and ibfMMuP endowed for them to the amount of M |flflUarqB52lPdi?coauted by the houie of Cary It CO., Pearl a trot; Upon Warren It Co'* endorsement; that gooJa to tho nmonnt were given 'o Warren k Co. by the defendant'*, aa a security for their endorsement, which they afterward* gave back at the requett of tho defendant*, and upon a promiac that they, the defendant*, would eell the good*, and apply the proceed* in Uncharge of the endonement* held by Mr Carey. Wnen tho note* arrived et maturity, they were protoiteJ for nonpayment, i and Warren fc Co. had to take them up. The defendanta then gave Warren k Co. twelve note* of $400 each, pay UK at diflarent date*, an* at which U the not* in *u!t. The preaent action, although brought Id the name of Ollchrist ii for tho benefit or Warren It Co. Th? defence i* uaury. Adjourned to thla morning. For plaintiff* J- L. Whit* and F. Cook*; for defendant* Uerrard and Piatt r. B. Oommlulsneri Office. Before Commiaaioner Oardnar. I? rt IVm. H lFiintr ?Thi* oaie wai returned yea{ tarda.v, and *oma teatimony taken in relation to the letter* received by the priaoner'a lather, at the Unlonrllla 1 poat offlco, and the amount of money they contained. The matter U adjourned to thia morning. Conrt Cairndor-Thla Day. Commok Plka*, lit Part-Not. 43, 83, 87, 89, 91, 94, PS, 97,99 37. Sd Part-No* 103, 104. 108, 108. 110, 113, 114, ?>?. I?, i 133, 134, 136, 1-38, 110, 113. 134. ? Political Intelllg**?*Among the pre*?nt viaitora In Weehln^ton city, tliere are the Hon. Millard Fillmore, of New lfork, and Col E. D Baker, representative In C*ogre?? from lllinoi*, and commanding a regiment of roluriiear* frotoi that State, now ii. aortic* at the aeat af war. The two rapnientaUvea elect from the new State of low* have arrived. The Hon. Stephen A DougUaa, now a memt>er of the Houaa of Repr??*ntativc?. was on tho 13th inatant, alerted a Hanator of the United State* for aix year*, from the 4th of March next, to aucceed Mr Sample. The rota ateod a* felfowa : ?Por Hon. 8. A. Douglaea, (loco) 140; Far Hon. Cyru? tdwarda, (whif) 44. T)u Holiday Herald. This i? tu-r- last week of the holiday*, and of^^K the Holiday Herald. Those desirous of sendt?i^^HK this (>eautilul pictorial sheet, illustrative of thj Mexican war, to their friends in the country.^ba 1 obtain copies in wrappers, at the officc, at six each. Court of Uyar and Terminer. Before Judge Kdmondi,Aldermen Hart and Foot. ! Die 98 ? The turni of this couit commenced thii lay. After the court wa* organized, the Clerk we* di I reeled to call over the name* of the grand penal of the county. The following named gentlemen ana wared to I their namre, and were iworn of the grand Jury AuKuitine Averell. foreman?William Banket, 811a* Bronion, Joseph Close, Cue Cook, Peter Douherty, Thomas Delano, Archibald Hall, Mold Hoyt, Hamuli I McKenny, Peter Mcl.aughlin, Thome* M. Partridge, John S.iyie, Thomas Thomas, Daniel Trimble, William I H. Wilmarth, 8ila* Woo l. Judge Kdmon * delivered a I ' charge, of which the following U the substance. He ' s ad their dntie* were *o clearly defined by the oath that I | wa* administered to them, It was unnecessary fer kim to ?? mull uluv iu ui?ii>k auj ivimrii upw ?ulfI ject. The statute, however, required the court to call the attention of the grand jury to Die election laws, to usury. to lotteries, and to wooden buildings, in tbii city. He i?id that a grand jury had been aumoioned in the Court of Station*, and it was their duty to investigate those subjects, aa well an all o*hers brought before them. If they have done to a* fully aa the . occanion demanded, it would bo unnecessary for th?ui to take any action on thein, but if you find, said he, they have not done so, then it will be your duty to give them a lull and thorough investigation.? Vour flrat duty will bo to see whether the per?one custody, and whose name* are on the calendar, wliicu|^^^H now hold in my band, are or are not indicted, and that those who are not, shall be indioted, aa all priai^^^^^^H against whom indictments shall not be found, tule.l to ojll for their discharge after your labors xhaHIS^^H got through with He then oalled their at'entijn to throe cases on the calendar?the flrat was that of Thomas Harvey, who had been senterced to the Stat* prison and pardoned on acoount of ill health. The names of the parties involved -in the other two rases, his Honer did not make known, hut it appeared they were both cases of fraudulent representations ; that the parties were arrested and bills of indictment sent up to the grand iury of the Coiut of Sessions against them, u" one of thos? cases, which we understood to be the case of Moffet vt Su} dam.) the papers have beon returned by the grant jury of the Court of Ueneral Sessions, and they are nowi said the judge, laid before yott for your aotiou thereon.Ttie other case is OM which came before myself, an. jfl which I think particularly demands vour attention. Th< party was arrested under a Still well warrant, ant brought before me on a charge that in Hept last he repr? sented himself to he worth $18 000, and upon the strengtL of these representations run ui debt to the amount oi t'JO ooo, and shortly after failed for $40,000 ; aad it now turns oat that he wsa totally insolvent at the time be made those representations. This fact be admitted on his examination before me. He hau given special bail, and is now at large. By this means bo ia onlv reaponsi ble in civil action to the amount of the bail, and by the defect in our criminal laws is discharged from proaecu UOU in a criminal c.oujt, except through the medium of a grand jury. It would bo, therefor*, year duty to in- | v.-atigat* tbia caM thoroughly, an-l Me whether it ie not auch a caio a* demand* your interference. Judge Kdmondi cautioned Iho grant! iury agaimt all out-door influence that might be breujht to hear on them- It i/ ( aid he) a apecie* of interference unfortunately, at preaent very common in thia community, and eoe which would demand all their CMtition aa<J vigilance te guard nf.iti It wa* the moat d*i.?,9rnus, l>?c*u** .? wan intended aa well aa calculated tacur rup: the adminiatration of juitice at ita very rource. A petit jury was ihen aworn, a i.! the cat* of Ruaa, indieted fur the murder ot hi* wile, .?** fixed for Utla morning. The Court ahortly after adjourned A Uri zlilan Cap* for kale, a rare Article. H ?UeDtlemen who inteud mukii c ? ho Hay present to Ladie* of their acquiintaoce, will fiud at Ki>uxV i!? Fulton street, a rudiJ aud be<util~ul a.ticle-* Brazilian Lady'* (. ?pr?said to be the oily one of ihe hind in the country. Portable Shaving Caaea The moat porta- H ble aad at the aame time the moat complete aud elegant article now manufactured, having every reqniaite for a gentlemau'a toilet, and as a travelling companion iuvaluable. For aale by U. SAUNDEtvS It SON. 177 Brordway, A few door* above Courtlandt street. u. launder'* Patent Alatallle Tablet Raisr Strep.?The oldest aad most approved strop now in use, htving l>eeu before the public lor the iaat thirty rears, can be had at the subscriber*, No. 177 Broadway, wholesale aad retail. The public and stranger* are invited to call and examine the variou* patterns. Kheurautiara, Paine and sUITiimi of the H Joint*. (Jont, lie., fcc.?King'-i Compound Syrup of Hydriodate of Totassa, Susaparilla and Yellow Dock. The above i* prepared from the purest article*, and reeeoiinended a* the beat and only *ure cure lor Khnematiam. At thiaseaaoa(f H the year especially, it i* of th? gteatest importance, aa it m remove all those extremely iiiiuletuoi ivmniaBa. hi? pains, stiff<ie*s of the jeint*. back, *honlder*, tc. Ice' j, thins. purge* and quicken* ihe circuUtien, and leaves a*,.. P?rt ot theaoimil economy in a pe< feet ?t*te of health. pared and lor sale br CHAHLfcS H. RING, HI Broad,-1 comer of John street. MaTlyatluu of tli? UUo }tlr?r. placet. 'JHmt Stan of 1U***. * PitUbur* Dec. 28 *\ ft. foiling Louiavill* Dec. 31. .8^ ft. tailing J Wheeling. . ? .... .Dec. 31 4 it. 9 la falling, j Cincinnati. ..............Dec. 91. ... .11 fL, foiling. ] JIUNKV UAKKKT. j Jloiiitar, Uw> as?8 P. Kf. " There ?u a slight improvement in the stock market this morning. Norwich and Worcester advanced 1.1 Long Island, %\ Reading, the same; Harlem, 1The ales were not very extensive. Next Thursday is packet day. We now quote bills on Loudon at 106 a 106X; Paris, fif 43X Of 42X; Bremen, 77* a 77V; Amsterdam, S8\ a 39; Hamburg, MX a U I There will be very little business in the street till after the holidays, till next week. Then all eye* will be turned to Washington. The Seventh Ward Bank baa declared a dividend of three and one half per oent, payable on the 4th day of January. The Newark Banking and Insurance Co., has da clared a semi-annual dividend of I per cent, payable oa the 3d January. We see it stated that twenty-one veeeels oleered frMs New'Orleans on the 19th inet, principally for foreign ports, namely: seven ships, four barks, three brigs, four ;hoonersaDd three steamers. Their cargoes consisted in part of 9238 bales of cotton, 8690 barrels of flour, and a quantity of lard, pork, whiskey, lead and tobacco. The Spanish ship Bueanaventura arrived at New Orleans on the 10th inet. from Havana, with over $41,4(0 fea DMle It ia reported that Cel. T. F. Hunt, dtpntr quart*. .? ter general, (tationed at New Orlean*, reoeWeJ by tx preaa on tha 19th, $403 000 in gold, wkiah amount he do poiited with tha Canal and Banking Company, to the credit of Government Olit Mock Bialuuift. $2000 Ohio 7'? 100 Ittihi Harlem RR J0J< 7J?h? Mechanic*' Bk lit IM Long Ulaad K8 M IM Vicksbart Bank 6% 1(0 do (M U m Canton Co bM I *t IN do >Ni II 1* EmI Boiton Co 10* M do blrf IM 30 Nor fc Wor RR 47fi M ? do ? .41? M do 47? *i Erie RR, o<d atoek ? % 150 do bS M Heading RR II* 100 do btw 47X won Boaida > M aha Loaf Ulaad .CO MV M aha Vlekabnr* ?K 110 do ** KM M Harlem *15 ? * M0 do iJ UX to Nor It Wor bl 47K 100 do b4moa Sup M nw atock Biahanga. 50 aha Harlam RR ?3 49* tSahsNorfeWor bl 4Tjf 50 do b<0 5a 100 do aaah 4T\ M0 do b3 JO 7j do cam ?T)J 50 do Thoradar ?5 do Tneeday 47)J Rarrltd, On the 38d inatant, in Philadelphia, by the Rot. Ma> A Do Wolfe Herre, Eswian M. Horama, to Ltma, daughter of the late Samuel A. Levi*, E?q. Otad. On Sunday morning, Deo. 97th, of a abort though painful lllneaa. Mr*. FLiitacrH, wife of C. P. Harmon, rti?t, in the aid year of be, age. Tne friends of her family, and thoM of her toss, ? Oabriel and La/ay at ta, and those of bar aoni in law, O. Ackerman, J. S. Pool, A J. Morale*, P. Jardinee, D. P. Smith, and J. A. Stevenson ara requested to attend her funeral, thil (Tuesday) afternoon, J9h Dec., at I o'clock, ' f. M., from her lata residence, IJ7 Crosby >t, eet Philadelphia, Waahington, Georgetown, aad St. Louia papers. pleaia cony. On Monday, tha 98th December, Mra. Elisabeth I Dcaron, widow ot the Uta Joua Deacon, in tjf T4;h i year of har aga \ The relative* and friends of tha family, a# ?f har Bon?, Edward. William, and Fr%nc.a Deacan, lt)d her ^ sons-in-law, Allerton Cusbman, W. R. Cottar, aad Oeo. Walah, ate respectfully invited to attend tha funeral, on ^Vedneeday, Wth instant. at 10 eclock, A. M , frem har lata residence, 110 Columbia street, without further to itation. , ' ' . On Monday, 39th inatant. 1 o'clock, A. M., Matiids I Accosts D?*btm?*, daughter of Hana and Catharine I Snail, agad 9 yaara, mesrfbs. and 14 day a Tha friends aad ae^oamtancea of tha family, ara respectfully invited lo attend tha funeral, thia (Tnaeday) afternoon, at I o'olock, preciaaly, from No. 7 James alto, ' without f-rtbor invitation. Her rasaaiaa will ba taken to Oreenweod Cemetery for interment. On 98th Inatant, EutiatTH Tunwan, wad M years. Tha friends and relatives of tha family, ara respectfully requested to attend tha funeral, this (Toeeday) * afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from tha residence of her son-in ! I law, Jsmes Kd^erton, at Tompklnavilla, Staten Island. i 1 Weekly Report of Deaths. !u the City aad Cennty of fcew York from the Mih day ol Deeeirberto the Mth day of Beeen>b*r, t?4?. Men 61; Wom?a U ; Bo?? M; Uuh 41. Total til t DIMMM. Ab?ea<?, I; Aii??r?am. 1; Apuplerr, t; Aflhni. I; Blaadii>|, I; Bronchitis, 3; Canear t; hnlara Infantum. I: Colic, I; Cnammptioa, ?J; i on?ul?ioo?. II: Croup, I, I tuoiii, |; liability,/; L?litinm Trameaa. I: Uiarrhaaa. I: Dropay, 4; M Dropay inthahaad 1: Dropay in th? cbaat, 1; D owned, I; A Dyaviitary, I; Kpilapay, It ICrvtipalu, J, Faaar, I; Farar, purrpar-l, Si Fertr, tear)at, T; Cerer, typhiod, I; Favar, typhna, 7; Karar, eoaaeitu*, 1; Fa tar, PiarTona, I: Haart, d?mta of, 1; Hooping eouk. J; Inflammation of brain, 4: lartammitia of bowcla, I; lafltmmaUwi oI haart. I: InlUa* station of lai (a, 9; Inflammation of throat, ]; Inflammation af lirer, t; lntauipera ca, I; Mirumi, 1; Moruncatioa. it; Oldaicr.t, I alit, 6; Toiaon I; Prematurr birth, ; Plannay, ll llachitia, <; HtnifnU, 1; Hprtia, I; Hnicida, 1; Strangury, ti Unknown, 1-TotaU til A*? -Undo* 1 yaar, *1: I to t yaara, IT; tt? i, K; 5 lo It, 1010 to ti, 13; MloM,M; 4? t? ?, I); M toM. It; M to 7t, t; 7t to to. It, M to M, I; N to It*. I; aakaowa, I. CORN*. ?. ARCHER, City laa^tor V | CUT lupaator-i Oflea, Dm. 1% l?t?j ^ 1

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