Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 31, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 31, 1846 Page 1
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Tfll Vol. XII, Ho. 3U-Wbol? l?o. 4597. THE NEW YORK HERALD, j JAMES 80R00N BENNETT PROPRIETOR Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAI LY H KKAL D?K?ery d?T. rno?lc?iU par eopr-*> ' W WHEHi.EhXLU-t^trr Sewrday?Price tx emu per ropy?$3 tfU centa per vinnm?payable iu .idvanre. HERA LI) IO>R EUROPE?E?ery Steam Packet day. Price cents pw copy?$S.M per annum, payable in ad ranee. ADVERTISEMENTS at the nana] prices?always casta IB adronce. PRINTING of all kiada executed with heaaty aad dee yairk ,f.U letter* or communications. by mail, addreeaed to the - ?/ </i>b|lahment, niuat be post paid, or the postage will be'de ' *, <-t? 1 from the sahsesiption money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the t Nbw Tosa Hataid KiTULiiiMin, fcjijl in mm ??'? !?...< *J<n? * lUvadiMIU aUXJHHUUAiriUIIB. r t* i r CHANGE OF HOURS. WINTER ARRANGEMENT On aud alter Monday, Dec. 28, ll46,Traiaa will ran ai follows:? I.kstb Uhuuilyn?7 o'clock A M. (Dostua tram) Tor Urccuport. daily, (eieept Sundays) stopping at i'arraingdale ana St. Qe?rgo's Manor " " at 9M A. M., daily, for Greeoport and 'intermediate places. " at 4 P M. lor Kartmnpdale, daily. a. m., aauy ucciodiouomtrain lor Brooklyn. " " *i J)< P. M., (Boston Train) or oa the arrival of the ooac from ftorwi h, daily, (except Sandays,) it ppmg it St George's Maan' tad IOuiningd>ie. I.rtu K a ft minuualc at 6\ A.M. daily, (escept Duilari,) 1 aecoiaroodati *' train; and It M. and Jjf P- M. ) Lcavc Jamaica?m I o'elo** A. M., t P. >1., and 6X P. ' M., for Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boitoa , train. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thompson 8ta tion? leave Brooklyn at ? A. M. for Thompson and intermediate places, ( commencing San la/ the Sth H?vember, returning leave Thompson at J o'clock P. M., Karminfdale 2>%, Jamaica 3X| Kabk to?Bedford, cents; East Mew Yirk, JJX; Race 1 Coarse, l(V:TrottinK Course, UK; Jamaica, 2'i; BrusnvilU, JIS?; H?de Park, (17 miles) J7X; Clowsville, (dunni iJhesession or Coart) 1"K; Hemintead, 37X; Branch J7X; Carls PHce,44: Westbnry, 44; Hicksville, 44; Karmingdale, 62X; Deer Park, 69: Thompson, M; Suffolk Station, $1; Lake Road Station,$1 1IW; Medford Station, ft 1JX= Vsphsnk, $1 J7X; Ht. George's Manor, $1 62X; Rivernead, $162tt; Jamesport, $1 Uk: Mattetnck, $1 MX; Cutchogne, $1 62m; flonthold, $1 6IX: Ore en port Accommodation Train, $1 T5; Boston train, S3 Si. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage ft r the several trains. M mutates before the hoar of starting from the Brooklrn side. The steamboat "Statesman' leaves (ireenport for Sa? Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklrn dljrh FOR BuSTO.N AND PROVIDENCE, via ; ^^^KBCStonington and Long Island Railroad? Night ^H^^LLine ?On and after Monday 21th instant, Trains I w will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. South fer- i ry, vis Lnnt Mand Railroad, on Mondays. Wednesdays, and hiidays, at2 o'clock, P.M., for Oreenport,crossing the Honiul to St aingtou.iu the favorite sound steamer NEW HAVEN, which has been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordina ry anchors, and from thence to Providence and Boston by the mail trains which coaneci with the steamers Massachasetta I and Governor. Pare to Stnn'ngton $2 M " Providence 4 00 " Boston 5 00 I Theateamer *ew tiaven hu new boiler*, itud will take i only li?ht frcighra. <115 rh ] RtUULAK. SAAIL LINK bUK BOSTON. ! VIA NORWICH fc WORMQ ^ggOESTK.R, without change ? bJBb J?Cara or BHinfage, or withoat.^^^^^P dL ? cro??iup any Herrv. *EC. 1 saaeagevt using their aeata at Norwich, are wan red their I a > ta through u> Boston. Thia being the only inlaLd route tj;t communicate* through by ateamboat and railroad. I raasengen by this line are accompanied through by the eon- j ductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ji eaae and comfort. Thia line leavea aouth aide rier No. 1, North Hirer, foot of ! Satterv Dace, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock, I\ M., . tad *1 MM in Button in rime to take all the eastern trains. The now steamer WORCESTER, Capt Van felt, leavea very fuesday, Thursday, and Saturdaya, at 4 o'clock, P.M. Th- steamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williams, leavea e?wry Monday, Wedne%d?y, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. ? (Tar further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKRBILT, No. * R*?r?rv H?f?. N<?r?h Ritm. dtS rf re UMUKII ?TATK? MAIL LINK T ^4MgKOR ALBANY AND TKOV, VIA fleejBy^fl^Bridgriiort and Housatonic Railroad. DurjB^BE9K>ing laal aummer, the Honsato ic Railroad has been elaid with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the We'tem Roil mail Through bv Daylight, dtily (Snu- , daT'a excepted) at 6^ o'clook, A. M. . in ninuwni r.iuUKl aiilM.n, v?. n miff, I leaves the Toot of Market street. E. H, for Bridgeport, Daily, t 6H o'cl irk, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. ' I'uMD|?rt take the Can at Bndgeport,aid without change of ! ' ars or Baggave ('rates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 3 o'clock, P. M. New Can and Locomotive engines hare been procated, and iho Road ii lit ercry respect equal to the best i New England Koad. I A Kieight Line by Steamers Nirorotl, and Mohegaa, I daily?Kre tht lariffsime as last yesr.?I"or Inriher par- i ticalan ii quire at toe Office ou Market srr?et Tier, and < at Livingston and Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. i dlJ Im rc O. M. PERRY. Aeent. i notice. i vagM jgH On and alter F ridar, November Mth, the AZj^MfgQpstenmt'oat 8YLPH, Captain Braisted, will i ZSGnSEKL-uii-ke (he following trips to and from Stat en Island nntil fnrther notice) Til J? Lmtc New York. Ltm 8ute? libti At A. M. At IX II A. M. 1* t r. m. 11 m. , ik : i p. m. sg " i KOR LIVERPOOL?With despatch?The very i 1 VkI9^ fast sailing, coppered and copper fastened ship jBBHsaCONCOHl)! A, hiving three-fourths ef ber cargo < oil b aid. will ha?e drspntah | I for freight y i-assage, liaring handsome accommodation*, I QJ'lily on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall St., or to _Js K. K COLLIN* It CO.. MSonthst. j ???- KOR OLASOO W?Fegnlar Packet, of the 1st ofj angary??The fins Br bark(ANN HARLEY, I ( i v?|? . nuviuovmi win Mil u ?UU V C, ucr refculardny. ( for freight or paaaase, baring iplendid accommodations, apply board, fool of Hoaserelt atreet, Kaat Hirer, or U , WOODHULL ?t MINTURN, 17 Hoetn >treet The regit,ar packet ahip Saracen, Cap* N T Hawkma, will au./-ee<t Ann it?rl<-v.*iiH ml on ihe lit of Kebruarr P V KKTSKUK HAVHK ?Peeotd Lme-The Mky1>> picket >hip IT7 1CA, (Japt John A. Pieree, will Mil aHfai"! lb* firal of Jannary, IMT. For freight or pas<v fply to EOYD & IIINCKKN, dll iT'iii" HniMinm M Wall frrep J|t> l illlKt UnLLAK HAT8?Tne nndertigued haa JP" jo?t fioi'lirJ an a?ortmeut oi' " Eeaciifal Nutria Mata," which he will sell at tt<e abova prce. The?e Hata will re* liia/beir shape and luitre n long as my It Hat aold. KOBKKTt-O N, ?} Kulton atreet. between William tod GoldN. B.? The nderaigned doea rot pretead to offer the " rerr beat Nutria H?ls" at ttie abore price, (that being im- i l<oe*ible); his " b? ?t" he aell* at $J 10. i dl? >w*r KOBKFTPOV. , MKS. ZKliUO. ' NO 07 DIVISION STREET ! WILL open * large .??? rtme.H of Paris millinery. QDlBonueu, kr. Shs will offer Tor impec'ion s choice 5lF(toe . of Kill goods, comprising nlkt, sa'.ins, plui aa<] i cut velveu, lie., kc.. which being selected withgooJ taste from the lateat arrivals, is wel] worthy the attention of | purchasers. Merchants and milliner* fron the country, wanting maleri nod patterns, would find it their mtetest to cull hrfor ( purchasing, u the stock 11 fresh, the ?t|le (he latest; whtc will be Hnixtwl of o> reasonable temta nX lra*rc ' OVER SHO?8 | 1 LAD IRK and Gentlemen, at *7 Broadway, yam i i ^pHna tad the iar# shee I India Kchfcer Over phoes from thelxrfest to the smallest, and as chenp a* von cau those inada our ol bid rubber Ai.d a large assortment of coik Dole, Uonble d >, sad Itahi Krerch Boots; also a great assortment ol Udies, tames'andchildren's boot* and shoes, eqnally cheep, at H?* Broadway comer ni'Kraak'lu wwet dt Im rc VOOUTKAH7# OVEH HHOEH, 100 BROAUWAV. Jy LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OVER SHOES', in-rnUctared of Ooodyear's Celebrated ! ' Patea'Metallic India Hnbber, perfectly desible is the eoldMlteillw. For sale bT the rase or single pair, by m BROW EH * BllOOKS, '|>le Ageats (or Ooodyear's Varcfkrtoriea, 'V vH^ttc NNi Broad* av. o-posit* Trinity f'hureh. '"^Tl*l<f..VilU.V boo ts ? (*ukk fxxJtt and Small Pre,in. 1 ^ JHNE rUENCH BOOT* forfJ J? our owa make. S*>J w?rr?n'ed to gi?? sat>sf?cli?ii; fine French imperial K.t)ress Boots for it ?. equal to those usually s- Id ui Jffc.usdwav for M or it, at YOUNG k JONEH' Aae French Boot sad Shoe Maaifaciorr, one ol the most fash- , inuable stores in tats city. Our boots recetred the highest I praisa in the late Pair of tba American lustituu for the t piee.eeer add la this city. Boot*. Shoes. Gaiters. lie made* ! .tec tier at tve shorten amice, Viendimt Ae dime lathe . *?r?. I(?UNU * JONE& 4 Ala it. " aim*re ; FRENCH'S HOTEL. ' jta* THE Proprlelorreapaatfally ?form, hit frieadj i PlW { * *>> P?H?? ?? * l>?a ramorad hnln h|t u,# hoM| f Xilbia ?; ? "> hi* other hotel.?? yhatham atie?t, ; ? few doors ?! i?f Pe<rl Mreet, to which he f*? added tddi- ' ? tioaal bedronma, nod fnranh-?d t'>?m in * ttvle tket will bear " fsrot-tble companion with the eery beat hotels m u,, clt_ _ | " Upon no oee.MjoB will thara be more than one bad U? mom I he price for which will be Vt rm>% t?er night. A IT li??rc ' | Fur r>ALin " , > * A THREE STORY HOUSE on nd treet.tmwe^ |I1W |V? M ia4 1<I irtuaai. It i? well Amahed. and replata < .iiHwith the lataat improvements. including kitchen range. I I B, MM and warm hatha, water rtoiru, lie., Italian marMe maoiela throngh >at the ho?sa; a court yard of ISfnet la front wit* rrr?nd.?b and French windows. The hooae is one nf * row of lis hoasrs oa IM south aide of the street. For i further particulars apply to VYBE k SONS, d!Jlm?rt? IT? Pearl st PLLNU I i >rt l i, IWSTRUC i I' ?.v I & E. CASTLR k EDWIN MeOORKEI.L, , jnMHQB lit- Inter fr.iin (lie Itoynl Aridemy ofMnsie, . Ill I If Lor dun, will airs le*aoa?nn trie i'laao K<nt# ' i 1 * "or Violin, a> their residence, 54 Lupeaard ?t., !i nrar Broadway, or thst or their papils, upon rery modarata J teims, which can b* nude known b/ applriac as above. dll lm*t? OUUUHS, CUUOHS, GOUOHtf. ("*ORIYN'H COIJUH L0ZICNOES?Prepared by Corbya 1 k Co., M1 Holhorn, I.ondon The beet article in eiw- I . (ate forth* c na of coughs, eolda, hoaiieness, iritation of | ibe I ags, asthma. c.ouaampiiou, he., for sata by U COLBY, i all P ari Isowt, e inter 91 Vrukfort, agent for tha United , totai. M ... ? Ua*ra 11 E N E' NEW I BASS FORI) tf FIELD, RESPECTFULLY inform their friend*, thai th?y have laid four vary luprruir TEN PIN ALLEYS Under their Billiard Rooms > V Aaa (treat, run mac through to 149 Fulton street, where they hare introduced large White vory Ball*. 8. W. Fairchild invites hit friends aa above. N. B.?Keren Billiard Tables iu the same building with Marble, Slate and lk5 Panel Mahogany Beds and the Air Casbioas, all made and for sale, or plaviug at above. dll Imend'r CITY LOTS FOR HALE. ONE LOT on the East side of Broadway, between Mth and list streets?>3 feet by IV. 8u Lou ia Mth street,bet ween the Cth aad 7 th Aveaaet?IK feet by M. One Lot on the South side of Uth street, between 4th and 6th Aveuura?35 feet by 146 One Lot in the tame neighborhood?SO fret by It], Four Lota in 5#th street, each U by IN feet. t'iie Lots on the N. If. corner of 5th Avenue aad 30tl> street ?13# by 113 feet. Squire of JOHN JAY. d? 2taw lw*r 36 Naaaaa st. TO LAOUEKK1AN AKTia 1 a THE attention of artist* u requested to the advertiaer* preparation of Bromine, the bisst accelerating liquid e?er used for Photographing. Picture* takes with ft hare a rich i white tone, and it work* with certainty and qaickne*a!ia all weather. JOHN ROACH, Optician, tt Nassau street. | It can al*e be procured of T. C. Doane, Montreal, and ol I Oeorre Dexter, Albany N. B ?Artist* will And always on baad,at O Nassau street, /oigtlsuder and American Instruments of all sizes. Plate* of the Planished and Hear bran I cases, chemicals, thermome ters. merrurr baths, cnatimr Havks. ke lie nlt)m*re AC60KDEUN3, MELODEUNS, ANITMUSIC BOXES THE Subscriber, Manufacturer and Importer of Musical Instruments, has for *ale a I art* aisortment of Accordeoas, Melodeoui, and Musical Boxes, and all kinds *f musical instruments. EDWARD BAACK, dli lm*rh >i Fulton St.. cor of Gold st. MUSIC. BALLS AND rRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instrument*. The music selected from the most fashionables OpeR^AYLIFKE, 8. AYLIFFE, J. AYLlKKKaad O. AVLIFFK. Brother*, Protestors, No. 1?7 Elm street corner of Howard. d3 lm*r CHIC.?MRS. OAVlH resDeatfully announces, that she continues giving lessons aailr on the Piano Forte, and also Singing in the English, French, and Italian style, with an easy method of acquiring the accompaniment* to the voice. Ladies preferring it can be attended at their owe residence*. For term*, Itc., apply at 171 Mott *treet. ntl Ira re BILLIARDS. ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON, No. ?H Barclay street, just Mow t> e Astor House, is the largest and injst commodious Saloon in the city. It contain* nine Tables, all in good order, and of Penn's make? (who is acknowledged by all good player* to b? the best billiard table builder in thi* 1 country.) with fine maple and mahogany beds. These tables can. at all times, be depended upon for making correct angles, as they have all cloth cushion*, and are, therefore, not anscted by the weather. Michael and ^oseph. formerly of the All Nations' Hotel, and late of Gothic Hall, take thi* method of informinf their friend* aud the public that they have just opened this establishment, and hope by proper management and strict attention, to merit a renewal of uie patronage heretofore so libe. rally bestowed upon them. Gentlemen who may favor diem with a -.alt mar depend on having the beat of attendance, with a private cue and apron for their own exelative use?and those wishing to play in private are informed that there ia an excellent table in a separate room, which can be secured by application at the bar. N. B. The moat fastidious need feel no delicacy in patron izing this establishment, as the company will be fonnd always select, and the beat order prevailing throughout. MICHAEL PHELON, ?M)m?rh JOHEPH WHITK. DECLINING BUSINESS. POSITIVE SALE of $1,000 worth of Dry Goods at 17C Bowery, opposite Delarcey street.?The stock consists of a large quantity of French aud English Merinoes, Black Alpacas, Cashmeres. Orleans Paramattas. Monselin de Laius, Cashaeres, Printed (.alicoea, Brown. Blenched and Colored Muslins, Sattinets, Hosiery, fce. lie The entire stock has been pnrchaaed foreaah, ana will be aold at a great sacrifice; Furniture and Fixtures for sale. Henae und 8to'? to let. J? >w?rf M BELL tc CO . H6 Bowerr NOTICE?In the matter of the estate of the late John A. < Drew, deceased? Notice ia hereby firea, that tfie undersigned have been dn!y appointed by the judge of probate of the county of Michi limackiuac. ia the State of Michigan, administrators of the mate 01 jotin A. JJnw, late or Mackinac, county of Mtchilimackinac, dreeased, and have taken upon themselves that trait, by giving bonds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November SI, 1M6. WILLIAM P. DREW, HENRY JONES. SAM'L. K. HARINQ, 1 dJIw'rc Administrators of the eatate of John A Drew LAMl'tt, GlKAiNDOLES, HALL LANTERNS AND Th% TRAYS. 'T'HE subscriber haa just opened one of the beat selected . 1 ttock of Lumps, lie., now in this city. Lard and Solar Uih|i? in Mill ; iironzed and Turqnoise inlaid with fold; ilso Oirandoles of variona patterns; Silver,Qilt,tiid Bronitd; Hull Lamps withauuued itlass. The above goods are all arranged for inspection.nnd wii Ibe sold at low pnees. Churchea, Hotels, and Manufacturers ean always find a lane assortment nf Lam pa aaiuble lor their purpose. JOHN U. MORGAN, dl Itn+rc 161 Fulton at , 1 door fmm Broadway. S1QHT RESTORED AND INFLAMMATION OF THE EVES CURED, BY THE ROMAN EYE BALSAM?A Specific Ointment for Diteaiea of the Eye*. Thii Balaam will ipeedily restore weak eye*, remove inflammation and sore ess from the eyelida, and reatore tight where it ii possible i odoio. The weakness of sight Iron old axe, or Irom over- , training by loo fixed attention to minnte objects, can be enrad by a lew applications. In fact.iu si cost miraculous nriaence on diseases of the eyes, will aatonish any one who isei it. i Prepared only by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist and Druggist, surcessor to A B.SANDSkCO. 17] Broadway, n the Uranite Buildinr. Sold also at 100 Fnltnn .rr??, <( n Kaat Broadway. Price 25 rents. d3 lm*r a A. STUTZE'S ! NEW FUR STORE-Jutt Ovtntd. THE ADVERTISER would hereby respectly inform kit | triendi and the public, ol hit bavins opened a new atora i t No. ?7 Pearl (tract, a few duora from Fulton, where lie has cousta?tly<on hand a large and splendid aaso'tment of Muffs ud rurs of all descriptions, made no in the richeat style, and which he is enabled to offer at the lowest price*. (J. A. STEITZE flatten himself to be able to fire parti* :ular satisfaction to thoae who will favor him with a calf, and iope? by hi* attention to deaerve a hare of the public pa:ronage. 1 Don't forget the umber, 1ST Pearl it. nZtlm*rre O A HTUTZK. Furrier. JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. OrncK No. 5# Wali. It3?IT, orrosiTC thi Mi:?ch?it'i T ElCHA!*aB. HIS Company continue* to injure against loss or damage by Fire, on dwelling houaea, warehonaea, buildiuga in leneral, goods, warea and merchandise, and every description if personal property ; also against loaa or damage by inland narigation and transportation. I _ _ directors. Thowu W. Ttiona, Elisha Rlgga, Thomaa T. Woodruff, Anson Bsker, R K. Robaon, M.D, Joseph Drake, Thomaon Price, Joseph Allen, Meses Tucker, James E. Holmes, I Johh R. Davison, John P. More, < John H. Lee. William K. Tliora, Cilet C. Tun if, Thomaa Morrell, Francea P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, Jotn C. Memtt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE,President. < PRO. T. HOPE Secretary. all tire 1 WlM'l'JMl (JLUl HinU " ! JKLLINO OKK AT COST AT W. H. DEOKOOT fc 7 CO.'8, Itt Knit on itreit, eecood block rut of Broadway. York, where every t?nttf of Owlenm'i Clothing can be hud for lower prices than at aay other aatabnhnirnt id (he city nf New York. h? Com and Over Hacks, of Broadcloth, Beaver, rilot Twee da, and MasmrkaClotha, of avery style and eolor, front 4 to 'lopfct?one half, three qaarter and fall circle, of French and American Broadclotha. from to MS 3reaa and Krock Coatt?black, Mae, brown, olive and (reaa. of Kreach, English, Delgiaa and American Clotha. from ?to fit JtUce and Bnaineaa Coau, Pelto, Sack and Winter Froektcf Tweeds end Broadclotha of erery aryle in (he market frjra - - SKofC '?ais?Broadcloth, C\ssi meres plain and fancy, Doe >*kiw? k reach English, and American, from $1 to St doable breasted, strairht breast. and railing collar, new styles: plain and fancy Velvets. Woolen Velvets, Cassimere, plain and fisey Satins and M)k>, from f 1 to $t ALSO, I large aasortment of Broadcloth, Caseimercs and Veatinfa, which will be made to order, to (nit the moat fastidious. lT7?"floys' Clothing, of every description, constantly on land W. H. DEGKOOT fc CO., di lm*r No. 1M Knlton ?t. l?f.ft off wardrobe and furniture wanted. f AU1E8 OB OENTLKMEN havng raperflcons eCeeu Li io dispose of, ench as Weanag Apparel, Keraitnre, fce., cna obtaia a fair .:aah price for the same, by seading for the lebscrtbar, throagt the Poet Office, or otherwise, who will r.sad at their residences. J. LKVEN8TY.N. 4M Broadway, np Ladies eaa be atteaded la by Mrs. JLKVKN8TYN dt lm?r "notice. ~ ' rJBH K HEDUCKD TO 25 CENTS FEU BOTTLE r Car* lor Baldacaa ud lirtr Hair.?A deatrahl* article ur the toilet. '!">>? Tricopl>er<>*a Compouad iow aekaowledffed hv all who ham aaed it, to b* the beat tad moat certaia article that Itaa ever been iaven'.ed. Thon*nd? lure proclaim* <1 tad bore witneaa to in value and rfflca:y. It ptwvent* baldneaa, teatorea the hair that liaa fallen off >r become thia; keepaih* hair ftom becoming ey/aad reaoTea daadraff. acarl, fce. It ia particalarlv recommended 0 the ladiea, aa ll oat only cleanaea the hair, bat jpvea a aolt ieaa aiid br.lliaaer which caaaot be aarviaaed. Prepared aad old by A. 0. BARRY, aitiat ia hair. No. 14( Broadway, cor iar of L.ib*rty atreat. dtl lm*re ~ CHEA1* SUGARS. CHKAP 8tiOAR8?J. O. Kowler, tH and 4tt Ureenwieh ud 74 Veaer itreat. Kaa ia (tore a Ian* atock of whit* ind brown Hngara, which he ia aelling at radacad price*.? New Orleana Itagar Ja Sd aad 4a 7 Iba; St. Croix 4a?d; fineat ioM; Htaart'a yellow 18 ceata; craahcJ loaf do II* centa: i krown Havana 7M and I centa. Orocera aad Bakera woaW I *o well to firenim a call Alao general aaaortment ol Wnceria* Frnift. ke a If REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND P ARTIM with ng to retail money ia lane or all mm 1 to their frieada in Ureat Britain or Ireland, eaa do ao > ia the moet evpvduioaa manner thioagh the aubaeribara, by Ira ft* at tight, toyable ia all the principal towua ia Knglaad, Irelmd, aadSeotlaad Money mar be aent by letter (poail>ud) from any pirtaf the failed Watea to lliem, iiviav ihe ddreea and th* aame <.{ the paity to reeeifa it, which will he regularly forwdrdad by packet or ateamer. Apply ?? .?, . Abraham BKLLk ?6n. AM lm*rrc ]I7 Falton atreet. W?w Toth. MILLS, HATTER. 178 BROADWAY. | f) KFERS t* thoae 'la want afT'laat aad taaty hat, for a VS moderate mm ; a fin* French molaakia 0( fine Lutna it r?j?. 1 he patronage mat with ia U>a aala of the ab ive hata, 1* a I rail cieat gaanat** of thaw raparivHty. 414 *w*rre } W Y (J YORK, THURSDAY MC lSelancholy Intelligence from the GULF OF MEXICO. Total Wreck of the 7. S. BRIG S0M2RS. THIRTY-SIX OF OUR BRAVE AND GALLANT sumps invr Suppposed Loss of the Steamhip Tabasquina, with all on board. The Capture of the GALLANT ROGERS. NEW8 FROM THE ARMY. Capture of Mexican monitions of War. Accident to Col. May. ARREST OF MEXICANS. Special Despatch** to the New York Herald Office. 4-r , <$c, . [From the New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 33.) KKWS FHOM THK GULF SQUADRON. By the Morgan Dix, Captain Hamilton, we have received <late* from the iqua<lron at Anton Lizard* to the atternoon of Similar, the 13th in<t. The full particulars of the melancholy loia of the U.S. brig Somen will be found below. Among the passengers on board the Morgan Dlx, were Purser L. Warrington, Jr , of the Mississippi steam frigate , with liia clerk, L Hutchinson?both on their way In th? north. By thin arrival we letrn that three men, aaved from ?da of 1 he prize ichooners recently wrecked, have been ent ai priionera to Perote. Five out of lis pernont who were on board the prize brig Furnante when ihe wai wrecked, were loit It may be recollected that three veaaela went adrift at the time; the prize steamer, we believe it waa the Tabaaquina, haa never been heard of, and those onboard were doubtlea* loft. The recent intelligence from Tabaaco ta to the affect that the inhabitant! of the State are muc h diaguated with the neglect of the Supieme Government of Mexico in not aiding them. From the City of Mexico, not receiving any pepara by thia arrival, our intelligence i* meagre and unaatiauctor) An opinion prevailed in the aquudron, however, founded probably upon flying report* and rumor*, that a quotum of the new Mexican Congrela could not be got together at the time appointed for it* opening, the flth December. The Moi{(?u Dix made her pasaage from New York to Anton Lir.ardo in fourteen daya?eleven from Cape Hatteraa. When ahe auiled there were lying at Anton Lizardo the following merchant veaaela: Briga Oneco, Chinchilla and Oar net, loaded with coal, and the brig Abraaia, which had arrived io eight daj a from Pen?acola, with proviaiona and atorea tor the aquadron. Captain Hamilton brought up a letter bag from the aquadron. At II o'clock, on the 13th inat, Commodore Conner riiveJ at Anton Lizardo from Tampico, in the steamer rrinoeton. In the afternoon hi* broad pennant wai changed to the Raritan. The Potomac frigate came in the aame evening and anchored under Green Itlaud? lila Veide, ai it ia callcd by the Mexican*. When the Morgan Di* sailed from Anton Lizardo, the following U s men of war were lying near that place:?Frigate* Raritan and Potomac; iteamer* Miaaiasippi, Princeton, Vixen and Petrita;*tore ihip Belief, and schooners Bonila and Petrel. The I'. 8. ichooner Morris?formerly the Laura Virginia?had sailed lor Tabasco with provision*, bo., for thd cutter McLane. The John Adam* wa* blockading Vera Crux, in place of the Somera. The officer* ol the merchaut veaael* apeak in warm term* ot the promptness anl vigilance of Commodore Perry, who protected them by rowing guard round their vessel* at night when attack* by Mexican boat* ware anticipated. During the night on which the Creole wa* burned by the expedition Iron# the U. 8. brig homers, a party of riiteen Mexicans, under command of Captain Alsmea, w-iied a small island called Sulmesa, a place used as a dei??ite of coal for the I'nited Stales squadron, where tliey found a man named Mmphy, generally known as Uovernor Murphy, who lias a family inthiacity. The Mexicans compelled him to inform them of the precise situation aud condition of the American ve*<ela, threatening him with death. Murphy re cognised among the party a Mexican named Klorea.with whom he wa* acquainted, anl implored him to save his lite, whi-h ha did. Alter being informed of the situation of thf Morgan Uix, which wa* loaded with coal they atarted with the intention of attacking her, but were prevented by seeing a light on deck. It afterwarda appeared that the cook had at that moment come >ut of the cabin wiih a ligiit to perform *ome duty on An,I lha \1.? ?.?,. - *-- >!..< ?l ..U ? - repulsed. raited Miiihipman Heg?rs, of the Somen, ?u taken prisoner while in the mo.t daring manner making rei-oonoiuance in the neighborhood of the magazine at Vera Cruz, a few nighta before liia Tenet wu loat. We live a full account of hi* enterprise in another part of our paper. TOTAL WRECK OF TU* tJ. 8. PK1? MOMKRS. U. 8. t)<lr?D>on, Anton Lizirdj, Dec 9, 184<t. Gentlemen?I have been requeated to make a atatemtnt of the circumstances altering the melancholy loaa of the U.S. brig Somera, while maintaining the blockade alT the harbor of Vera Cruz. The writer of thia waa a witneaa of moat of the occurrences detailed, and the narration may be regarded a* every way authentic On the evenirg of the 7th inat, the Somera had takeu belter under Green Island, thera being tha usual appearance indicating a norther. K.arly in the mornirg ot the Sth a sail was reported from aloft. Cept. 8emnaes got under way to chase, and stood out some miles, until he made out tha John Adams, being on her return from Tampico. We hailed her appearance with great satisfaction, at Com. Terry had already inlormtd ut that ahe ihould relieve ut from tha blockade as aoon as aha caaa in. As the wind had already hauled to tha north, and the weather was threatening, Capt. Semmea at once run t>ack to Orten Island, intending to anchor as soon as ho :ould regain his former berth, which we had proved in the previous gales to be safe and comfortable, baaides snabling us to maintain our station upon the blockade. Oil approaching tha anchorage, another tail waa dia:overtd, apparently standing down for Vera Crua, through ihe passage between (Jreen Island and Illar.quil- 1 la Shoal, with tha intention, aa waa supposed, of running :he blockade. Apprehending that the atrange vessel night aucceed is her daaign, Capt Semmcs was induced :o change hia purpose and run by Green Island, atanding icroia tne pa wage to intercept her. making short tacks between the reela. Tha wiud waa than freshening from ho northweat, but Capt S.'mmes hoped to be able to maintain hit petition until tha auiptcioua vessel approachid, and to cut her ofl'lrom Vera Cruz. To eflect thia ob ect it was ncceasary ta press the Somen with canvsss, n order to avoid tailing to leeward upon the ree??, and lualljr to fetch Uraan Island anchorage. The Sonera was exceedingly light, having on hoard inly fourteen barrels of provisions, and about six bunlied gallons of water. Alter standing across the pas see, the vessel waa tacked and run back towards Oreeu Island, and as we approached oar berth, (,'ai??. Semtnts laid he would anchor; but aa thera was a lull at the moncut, and the weather rather soltened, he determiued to lold on a little longer, and woie?round and stood across he passage again As we neared Pajaros reaf, we tack>d and stood lor the northern point ot tha Ureen Island eef. The stiange vessel in tho meantime came down rapHly, tat showed no colors. While at thia point, ibout half paft tine o'clock A. .\1, while Capt Semmea * os standing in the lea arm chest, observing tha reef Kith his glass, the officer of the deck, Lt. Jus. L. Parker, reported the appearance of a squail. Tha brig was then >n the larboaid tack, under topaails, courses, jib and main trysail. Capt ftemmes immediately crossed to windward, and ordered the mainsail to be hauled up, 'oliowed ipou the instant by the order to brail up tbn trysail.? Hie mainsail was hauled up, but tho trysail took againat ;he lee rigging, and was in part braiied up with great lifliculty, at the seme time the helm waa put bard up.? The squall now pressing her, the order was given by the jfttcei of the deck to let go the lee maintopaeil sheet, ind on the next instant to cut away all tecks and sheets. I- mding mo would not pay on, ctptatn nrmmnt ordered tha hum to be put down, hoping to bring har to the | rind- It w?i, however, all unavailing. Krom the mo nent tha commenced careening, aha continued to go I ?ver with great rapidity, and in thirty eecondt waa on I Iter beam endi. In leu than ten minutci aba tunk. The . puff of wind wat much more violent than cauld have Men expected from the appearance of tha weather. The ! iccident it, however, meinly due to tAa extreme lightneat of tha rataal. One or two minatei after aba wat > war, mott of tha man and oOtcera had gained tha titto ' of the Ttuel or tha topa. Or Wright and Lieut Parker, flatting through tha weather alter port, ware the Ant , 10 reach the main ehaina. They were followed by teveral men, and an attempt wat made with tuck meant at ware at hand, to cut away the main rigging, 1 [he men and oflfcert uting their penknivea and theaUiItnivea for tha purpoee. Capt Hem met, who had bean iathed on the lee aide, wat now drawn from (he water, | ind at aoon at ha gained the tide directed ear exertion*, rhe flrtt lieutenant, the matter, and Patted MiJthipnan Hynton, with a large number of men, had by thit lime reached the tide otthe renal, and ware making ttranui>ut exertiont to relieve her of har maatt s but it wat a ' fiuitleit effort, for the briar wat to far over that there wi. no itiain upon the weather rigging. The tmall larboard t}uarter boat waa in tha mean time cleared away and aropped carefully round leeward, and manned by her

uiiial complement of Ave oartmen Midahipman Clatke, j who had gained tha maintop by awimming from the tteertge hatch, waa ordered by Capt. Heminet to take charge j ot tha boat. Finding that there wat no chance of eaving ! tha brig, and that toe wat fatt linking, CapL Semmet ordered Mr. Clark* to ehove off with Dr. Wright and 1 teventeen man, baaidea I'urter Htcele, (who reached the ! boat by twimming ae aha waa clearing tha wreck, I ilk I )RNING, DECEMBER 31, ' lirit enquiring if there *u worn in the boat for an' ether) to poll for Oreen Uland, about half a mile dieUnt. and immediately to return if pouible, and cave more live*. This order waa at onco executed, but not uotil tome of thoie in the boat bad solicited, by name, each o/ the officer* left on the wreck to come with them. These offloer* resolutely declated that they would wait and take their chance with the brie, i'aased Midshipman Hynion, who had been partially diiahled by a bad burn received in the tiring of the Creole, waa particularly imlilured to k? into the boat. A lad bv the name of Nutter jumped eut of the boat and offered ui? place to Mr. Hynion, and a man by the name of Power* did the *ame thing. Mr. Hynion refuiin* both offer*, those men then declar- 1 ed that other* might have their place*, and that they would abide on the wreck with Mr. Hynion. Captain Semtnei, who wa* in imDaired health, waaalao entrant*/! 1 to go. but reluseu Lieutenant Parker answered a aimii Inr solicitation by (a) ing he would drown with the brie. Lieutenant Claiborne and ACi'i* Matter Ciemeen held ; the mine language. It U a remarkable circumitance that three of the officer! and all of the men who acted thus nobly are tared. When the boat shoved ofl', the gale waa blowing with great violence and a heavy aea running,so that lor aome momenta it waa a matter of doubt whether the boat would live Tuner Steele at one time proposed to leave the boat for a flth davit he aaw float by. The boat, however, reached the ialand in about twenty minute*. Jfi aoon aa tlie men were landed, Mr. Clarke, disregarding the moat atrenuoua entreatiei, reanlutely ahoved oil' again with volunteer crew, at the imminent hazard of their livea. Leaa than three minutea after the boat left the brig, Capt Semmea, finding the vetael settling under i hem, gave an order for every man to aave hiipself All simultaneously plunged into the water, and grasped the poata. gratings, spars, coops, and other floating objects at hand. Many must have gone down from the want of any support whatever : others atruggled on frail floata, to be flually drifted onfthe reefs and dashed in pieces Seme were driven to sea to be heard of no mere, and others encountered the worst fate which could be apprehended, in being devoured by (harks. Of near sixty who plunged from the wreck, only seventeen escaped. Through all this appalling scene the greatest com posure was observed by men and officers. There was no appearance of panic, no exhibition of selfithness ? Those who could not swim were paiticularly enjoined to go in the boat. A large man by the name of Seymour, the ship's cook, had got into the boat Lieutenant Parker commanded him to come out, in order to make room lor two smaller men, and he obeyed the older, but was afterwards directed to go in the boat, when it was foiind he could not swim. Capt. Semmes and Lieat' Parker were picked up by Mr. Clarke from a grating, and Jacob Hazard, yeoman, was .rescued, awimming near them. Those who survived, have told of manv in stance* of heroic- *elf-de?otion. The acting muter, Henry A. Clemien, was struggling on a imalT iteering ail boom with Qvo other*, twoot whom could not awim He found that all could not be sum>orted, and he left and (truck out alone and uusupjtorted. He waa *een for the laat time upon a tky light, and probably periahed in the aurf. The fire men he left were saved, the two who coti Id not awim being supported by their comrade*, Amea Colson and John Williamson Thi* complete* the hiitory of our own efforts ; but with grateful hearta we havo > et to mention the daring and devoteu exertion* of the foreign men of war. There were lying at 8acrificio*, about two mile* to leeward of the wreck, H. B M. a hi pa Kndymion. and Alarm, and the brig Daring, commanded re*pectively by Capta Lanbert, Franklin and Mataon ; tbii French brig* Pylade and Mercure, Capta. Dubut and La Voyaire ; and the Hpaniih corvette Louiaa Fernanda, Captain Puente A* soon a* the accident wa* discovered, the boat* of all these vessels were simultaneously called awa>'. The crew of the Kndymion, to the number of two huulred, came aft and volunteered. There wa* the moat noble emulattona a* to which veuel should u*e the greatest expedition, and persevere in the most strenuous ewrti?w. The violenoe of the gale waa such at that time that none of the boata ooald pull against it, and it waa with the deepest regret that Capt Lambert and ethers in authority felt it to be their duty te make signals recalling their boats. An hour or two afterwards, when there waa a alight abate ^ ment of we gale, they again put lorth at toe peril ol their lives, and succceded id saving fourteon person* and bringing liotn Oreen Island those who bad landed there. The flist lieutenant of the Endrmion, Mr. Tarlaton, reicued the first lieutenant of the Sorners from Pajaros reef, which he succeeded by a miracle in reaching safely, but where his situation was most critical. The most gallant and well directed efforts were made by the offl cers and crew in the boat of the Mercure. She rescued ten raoa at sea to leeward, on a spar. One hardly knows wlitoh to admire most, the forethought or the daring of this noble adventure. The risk was incalculable. Fire boats, representing each of the foreign vessels, reached the island, and took off twenty-three persons to their respective vessels, where they were received with a de gree of kindness and delicate consideration which I cannot adequately describe, but which none of us will ever forget. They gave us refreshments and supplied us with clothes. 1 regret that I do not know the names of all the generons and brave .Iticeis who were in charge of tlie boats of the different veaaels. I canuot, however, forbear mentioning such as [have learned,viz :-Lieutenant Weod and the gunner of the Kndymion, and Mid shioman Saliz, of the Pylade. The strange vessel proved to be the Abrasla, bound for the squadron at Anton liznrdo. She passed very near the Homers, but the catastrophe waa so sudden that aha tailed to discover it. As soon as the boat landed at Oreen Island, Dr. Wright took the celors and had them koiited in the most conspicuous place, in order to attraot the at tention of the Abrasia, so that the accident might be re ported to the squadron. We were, however, to dty, the bearers of our own aad story. The Mexicans saw the accident from the mole, and cheered and exulted for a long tijie. The brig had been for a longtime engaged in the blockade, and had done mor to Interrupt the commerce of the port than almost all the other vessels together. Within the last fortnight both town and ca'tle had been kept in a state of constant alarm by the burning of the Creole, and otier aemonitrauoni, wlicd 1 preiume you win near 01 in due time. I have no doubt the Mexican* were relieved when they aaw her link into the ocean. I append a lilt of the loit and raved ?39 men lived?37 loit. One officer, Mr. llogera, pined midshipman, and one man, John O. Kox, were captured bjr the Mexican* two day before, while reconnoitring an important point, in com pany with Dr. Wright, the latter escaping to witneaj the catastrophe of the brig. List of Officm and Jkfrn loit in the Somen. Henry A. Clemien, Acting Vaiter. John Ringgold Hyn?on, Paiaed Midihipman. Wm. O Brazier, Ebenezer Terrell, Charlei H. Haven, James Ryder, Jamo? Thompson, Charlei Lowe, Thomai Y?ung, William Oillan, Mathiai Gravel, Major Cain, Dennn Kelly, Alexander Anker, Charlei McKarland, James Fennel, Charlei True, John Day, William Purdy, Edward McCormick, William Elmilay, William Qaeat, John Hargrave, William W. Cardy, John Christopher Myera, Clement C. Willen, Thomai McUowan, Joieph Antonio, Adolph Belmente. Manuel HowarJ, Willi?m W. Power*, Henry W. Spear. Jame* Chapman, Lewi* Jobnion, Ignatiui Leopold, Thomai Jefferson, William H- Hoie, Peter Hernandca. lAtt of thoie Saved. R. Semmea, Lieutenant Commanding. M. O. L Claiborne, Lieutenant. John L. Taiker, Lieutenant. John V. Steele, Puner. John H Wright. Paned A**i*tant Surgeon. Krsncii O. Clark, Midihipman. Edmund T. Steven*, Purier'* Steward. Jacob Hazard, Yeoman. A mo* CoUon. W m Jnlinann Mitlm Ruck InKn Mcl'irfo, John O Van Nordan, Cbarlea Seymour, John William ton, John Pollen, John Smith, Henry Strommell, Thomaa Mulhollen. Ueorge Wakefleld, William Kay*, Krancit Haira, William Toland,Wm. I. Thompaon.Chriatophar Lawrence, Joa. Todd. Stephen Maynard, Samuel Bennett, Thornat 0. Burnt, William I'ower, JoeephSkipt*y. Joieph Jonea, Chat. Nuttara, Waahiagton Cooper, William Dlx, Krancit A. Waldeon, Jamea Cbambert U. S Squanao*, err Vaa* Cart, Dec. 11,1844. At our norther of yeaterdav ttill continual, I feel strongly inclined to indulge in a little goaaip with your excellent paper. On the 3d inat the United Stalea atore aklp Heliei arrived, tan daya from Penaacola : on the following day the ateamer MUaiaaippi, bearing tha broad l-eunant of Com. Perry, accompanie d by the ateamer Vixen and tch'onert Petrel and Bonita, alto came in, last Irom Tatnpico On the 6*h, tha failed Statea frigate Cumberland (having exchanged officer* and crew Irom the Karitan) wat towed to tea, bound to Naifolk, tainting the Commodore at the went out But now. tir, I have to tell the mott melancholy tale it hat ever fallen upon me to do. On the morning of the 8th intt. the United Statet btig Somtra, Lieutenant Commanding Raphael ttemmea. waa under way. off lala Verda block ading. The wind | waa blowing fieah, and gradually increasing in atrength, 1 but a ve?ael heaving iu aight, determined her officer* to atand out for her iu order to aee what aha wa*, when a heavy inuall struck her, and ere the could recover, another followed quickly upon itt heel*. The brig wat hove down upon her beam end*, end in fifteen minnte* waa at the bottom. Two officer*, Acting Matter Clemten and Midihicmtn Hynaen, are tuppoted to have perithed, and about thirty of the crew. The remainder of the offlcera and craw ware aaved by the gallantry of the offlcera of tha Knglith vettelt and thoae ot the French, lying under Sarcimciot, who, notwithitanding the danger neoeaaarily attendant upon going out tuch a dittance in the height of a gale, and in an open boat in tach tea, laarlaaaly, and moat nnhlv riib*H (hair norn 1 ivaa anil iava^ man* aC who were straggling with death. Thoae who im been ared were brought op end placed on board the rartoaf reaeela of thi* squadron. Home I leern are very eeriomIv injured. Mr Hyneon, I andentand, i? the rouag gentleman who accompanied Lieut. Parker, of the Somen, upon the bold end gallant expedition in which a Mexican vette! wai burnt under the walla ol the Cattle of flan Joan de L'llua. In thi* afl'air he we* badly burned by the etploMon of powder, and at the time of the terrible lot* ol the Somen, waa incapable of anuating hlmaell. The (errice haa lo?t a good innport. There aeem? to be eome fatality attending the brig* upon thia itetlon?three gone within a few month*. The John Adam* mil* to-d*y to blockade. Aaron Ltiaaoo. Dec. 10, IMA I hare jait recaired intelligence of the I oat of the V. A. brig Somen with two of her eficen? Ar.lng Ratling Maatar Clemaen nod rained Midibipoian Vfyn*on-a?d thirty-nine of the crew. Many of her of^cer* and crew who were tared owe their lire* to the '.xtraordinary an. daring exertion* of the boat* of the P nglith, K ranch and Spanleh retool* of war lying at HecsMctoe Nothing waa known ol the lea* of the brig at ?*,? anchorage here until the tarriron of the wreck * > brought down ia one of oar (teamen. The Somen had been performing the mo it arduom blockading duty for *ererml month*, un ler erery ricieeitnde of weather, and waa to hare been relieved in day or two by the John Adam*?but her race i* raa : IJjiltA , 1846. aha lias in about seventeen .fathoma of watar, almost ! within nun-shot of tha Caatla. U. 8. Fbigite R?rita!?, DOC. 13,1844. At tba failing of tha Morgan DIs baa been delayed by a haad wind, 1 have an opportunity to add tha good newa that eight mora of the men of the Somen nave been picked up by the Mcxicani on the beach Dear Anton Li- 1 zardo, whither they were diiven by the gale on a hen- ' coop. One of them haa since died. They are held aa prisoners in Vera Cruz. This makea forty-four, all told, who hare been saved from the wreck. The homers had j near eighty souls on board, all told. I have also learned some more of the names of the officers oi the foreign vessel* who picked up our men on their boats, viz: Lieut. Petit, of'the French brig Mercure, who com- I munded tho whale boat that went so adventurously to | seaward ana re*cueu tan man Midxhipman Fox, of the Kugli?h brig Daring. Mr. Anthony, gunner of the Kndymiou. The othari are mentioned in my narrative I have yet to learn the names of the officers of the Knglish frigate Alarm, and of the Spanish corvette. On coming oat of Anton Lixardo, the Morgan Dix I waa boarded by a boat from the English frigate Endymion. The officer in command of the boat, after placing I a package of letter* for England in the hands of Capt. I Hamilton, informed him that it had been ascertained that i eight more of the crew of the Somen had been picked I up by the Mexicans, after being in tho water no leia than thirty hour* on a hen coop. Another party, numbering also eight, ia aaid to have reached the shore in the same manner, one of whom died after landing, from exhaustion. What i>umber of these two parties?whether both or only the former?are now in the hands of the Mexicans, we cannot distinctly understand. It will doubtleee increase the suspense of friends, vet must mitigate the gloom which tnis most melancholy calamity creates, te ascertain that the loss of life was not so great as was at first heard, and we sh 11 now look with anxiety for further particulars in relation to the survivors. [Correspondence of the N. O. Tropic.] Okk Visa Ciu-z, Dec. i>, 1846 ?One of the mast af dieting calamities of the war occurred yesterday, in the loss of the brig Somers, which foundered near (ireen Island, with the loss of Passed Midshipmen 11. A. Clemsen, and John Ringgold Hynson, and more than thirty of her crew. That any esoaped is due the humane exertions and intrepidity of the British, French and Hpaniah officers of the squadrons lying at Sacrificios, who wit. nessod the sinking of the brig: and, notwithstanding the :aarful height ef the tea, and toe rage of the gale, sent several boats each from the principal ships to tha rescue. Twenty boats are said to have been out. J It was honorable to human nature to attempt such an undertaking, and their success must be regained as a reward for their intrepidity, directly conferred by an approving Providence. 1 hear the names of Lieut. Tarleton, of H. B. M. frigate Rndymion, and Lieut. Wood, mentioned in terms of tho highest praise. But all acted bravely and nobly, with but little distinction, individually. Hynson was an ornament to the Navy of the brightest 11 character. He had no superiors?except accidentally of 0 rank in hi* profeuiou. ill* enulla and inferiot* all loved " him. ? A ipecimw of hia gallantry haa bean shown in liia par ticipaiion in the recent cutting out, or burning, of that c veaael under the caatle, and 1 am told he could now have 0 aaved hia life, but for hia generoaity in giving up hia apar * to a aailor whom he considered weaker than bimaelf. In * aeekiog another lupport he went down. c dl " i knew him intimately, and can triily pronouftoa hli 1 the noblest mind and the w?pie*,heaft that I have ever * vet found in the human breast. Mr. Hynson'a only ' brother ia a reaident of your city. In deploring hia aad 1 bereavement he can enjoy all the conaolation that la to be derived trom the reflection that half the officer* of the * Navy Aoin in his grief, and alao mourn brother. ' 01 Mr. Clemacn l.know ill Mm IhiI?s mill (Ilirffl 1 wd a young mma / turn tTIfaracter aad gifd promiae .as ' an officer. V ? . * The commander of the Somers, Lieutenant Comaan- 0 dant Semmes, and hia aurviving officera and men, were P taken to the different ahipa at the Sacrificios anchorage, P and treated with muoh kindness until this morning, J1 when they were sent down to us with the flrst intimation )' of the dreadful accident. ' The John Adams, without a pilot, ran through the 11 reefa in the heavieat of the gale which carrid the 8omers *' down, and succeeded, at the most imminent hazard of 11 destruction, in reaching the anchorage at San Anton Lizardo. A merchant brig also escaped in the same manner. The Adams takes the Somen's place to-morrow morning?filling up the breach. The Cumberland frigate, under the command of Cffpt. * Gregory, and officered and manned with the crew olthe ? Harttan, sailed for Norfolk via Havana, on the Oth inst j * The Mississippi. beariuff the red 111iff ol Commodore B Perry; the lUi tan, Captain Forrest; the John Adams, 8 the Relief, the Vixen, the Petrita (late Champion) two or r three gun bouts and four or lire merchant vessels, lie P at Man Anton. ? Commodore Connor it expected every hour, with the Piiooeton, Spitfire, an<l other imall vessels from Tarn- & pico, and the Al><au> and Boston from the north, and we " confidently expect upon their arrival, to make an imme- 11 cliate commencement upon Alvarado. Some of the pa- * triotic citizen* of that place have thrown out polite inti- r mationa of their readme** to recommence the exchange 1 ot their copper for our iron, and Commodore Conner is c not the mail to decline a traffic furniihing ?uch return*. ' 1 preiame you hare not heard of the attempt of Mr. 8 Roger*, one ot the recent cutting out party, to aet fire to 1 a building uaed an a magazine, near the town. Hi* life 1 wai probably aared by not auccaeding. Himself and " one of his boat'* crew were made prisoner*, and it 1* (aid 1 hare been sent to Terote?roa*on not (tated. That i* all 1 1 know of It. ' My new* from the interior i* all aecond hand, and you ( can gather such from the newspapers which deal in that e article. A* a faithful chronicler, I record only well certified fact*. The rumor that the Congress will not con- ' vene, for) want of money amongst the member* to de- 1 I ray their travelling expenses, is not worth much, 1 take a it, and 1 only notice it here, because so much harped P upon. 1 1 regret to see some of the New Orleans papers so ? anxious to do injustice to Com. Conner, aa to overlook J1 the credit of Com. Perry. I presume the latter officer ?j will correct, or ha* corrected some of the misstatements " to which 1 allude, tie i* a gallant, ju*t and warm heart- v ed officer, and will sufl'er no man to force upon him the 11 credit due another, and no real friend Of nis will ever c attempt an operation of that character. 11 Besides the information furnished by our Vera Cruz ' correspondent, whose letter was dated the 9th nut., we ' have other news to impart. ' The 8omers sunk in a few minute*. Not lei* than 80 1 persons were en borrJ. Of these, 39 were supposed, at first new*, to be lost ; but it happened, providentially, 1 that Id persons floated ashore, one of whom died from ' exhaustion Not less than eight want ashore on a hen < coop noar Vera Cruz, and they were taken prisonera by | the Mexican*. 1 . Toe ir uch credit cannot be given to the officer* and crews of the foreign vessels ot war which were at anchor near the Somers, at the time of the disastej related | above. Kvery assistance, on their part, was given. CAITTTHK OF MIDSHIPMAN ROOKRi. [From the New Orleans Picayune, L)ec. 32 ] The successful exploit of burning the Creole, a fastsailing vessel supposed to he .flttinr out as a privateer, and moored alongside the very walla of the cattle of San Juan d'l'lloa, emboldened the officers of the Somen to < undertake fresh enterprUei. One of these wui a reronnainanri of Vera Crux itself, with the intention of ' ascertaining the locality of the magazine, and the feasibility of an attempt to blow it up,an* on this hazardous undertaking a little party, which Midshipman Roger* and Surgeon Wright volunteered t? conduct, was made up. (For two nighta, favored by the darkness, the party pursued its riftnnaitianre; on the third, after having obtained a most complete and satisfactory knowledge of , the localities about Vera Crux, and ascertaining that , their object could be accomplished, the little band waa j surrounded by a small body of Mexican lancers while returning to the boat. Kogers and the only sailor along j with him were at once taken prisoners?Mr. Wright, by | presenting a pistol at the horaemen, ?ueceeded in keep tag them oft' until ha ranched hii men at the ihore, when they at once (bored off and succeeded in gaining the ressel in safety. Mr W. did not dare fire, thinking it might bring a large force upon him; aa it waa, he nad the aati?facii?n of knowing that he had fared the boat and her crew. Of the dlapoeitlon made of young Roger* wa hare no definite information. An account hai it that he waa chained and marched oft by the Mexicans to tha cold , and gloomy caatle of Perote. but thia needa confimation. An act of the Britiah Consul at Vera Crui ia mentioned in one of our letter* which doea him great credit. It it aaid that ou learning that Mr. Rogers waa about to be marched to Perote, be at once atarted off himaelf in queat of him, or elao aent the aum of $100 beside* refreshment* and clothing, for Lie comfort. It ia certain that the gallant young midshipman, w ho lima thua loat bia liberty while performing a hazardoua and important cerrice, wa* not at lint atarted off for Perot* whatever ttfty have alnco t>efallen him. We shall look for accottnta of him with interest, at alao of the unfortunate priaonera whom the element* hare thrown into tho power of the Me&icana. NAVAL 1NTXLMSKNCK. An arriral from Rio Jancito report* the United State* *loo(-of-war Saratoga aa sailing, Nor. ft, for Norfolk. If ihia report be correct, her injuries were so aerrre that she could not make her intended royage to tne Pacific. Dr Silas Holmes, of Bristol. R. I , surgeon In the nary, has boon ordered to tho United State* ship Ohio, at On the morning of the 19th in?t , the U. S )>r? P. t MtM, Lieut. Wm. K. Hunt, commending. tailed from Petuecole, to join the blockeding squadron M1WS PRnM THE SEAT ?r WAR. IIKHAI tt ilNT OMUrOW I' Dee. 3, 1840. To a ,<rth(er, many odd castjsns are rloble in this , <atholic counter. Among onrselret, for instance, a fa- i serai la generally considered a serious business; and to 1 be contacted " dec?n!ly and in order," the utmoatiolem oitjr ii repaired. Not ?o here? particularly if the dcfanct happen* to be a young child. You meet a procea rton, headed by a pfiioo carrying a (mall, square bo?, , containing the cor|>ee, the latter decked out with flowen and ribbon* Next follow* a band of three or four nuii | citns, so called by courtesy, sending forth upon the air, throagh divers win^ and stringed instruments, the moat discordant *onnds All seem to be playing for a wager After these come mourners, in the shape of ragged nan , sad boys, who sand, up, a* they walk along, epeciee ot ID. Prto? TWO OMitli miniature rocket, or ffir* cracker. ThU ia continued until they retch the grave. Arrived there, the mortal remain* are lowered to their laat reiting place, the malic lolloping, the urchina falling to, and throwing In the _ earin wiui me greatest activity and apparent satisfaction The entire acene is lingular, and this evident rejoicing can scarcely be regarded aa complimentary to th?4ittle ne'* memory. The cemetery of Matamoraa ia situated in the western auburb of the town. It ia lurronndod by o high wall, and contains a few tombs of superior style and material. These wore manufactured In our own country, and their Spanish inscriptions declare them the resting places of members of distinguished and wealthy families of Northern Mexico To witness the manifestation of respect for the memoiy of their dead, among even the loweat and most ignorant of these people, ia truly delightful. Their holy days And them congregated around the graves of loved ones, and while flowers are strewn, tears of affection fall, and prayeti ascend for the souls of the doparted. The common people of this country are degraded in the extreme, but like all primitive and ignorant races of men, they have some virtues and qualities from which the meet enlightened might profit Could we infuse a portion of their simplicity of character, their love for friends while living, their devotion to their memories when dead, into the heartless and fashionable condition of aociety in oertain other lands, the latter might bo improved. There are more waya than one by which we may " learn from an enemy." X. Y. Z. Mitimoiis, Doe. 4, 1S40. We have dates from Haltillo as late as the 2Sd till. A letter from that city states that " a Mrxicaa alpharez or ansign, with some seven or eight lancera, came in, bring lug six prisoners, who had been releesed by Oon. Santa Anna, at Ran Luia Poto*i. The officer and his ma wi.o? ?"*>/ tucir uopvnarv, homeward bound. The priionera itate that the Mexican force at San Luia ia daily increaaing: that they bare now ibout 30,000 men ; that they are drilled conatantly, and hat ererr thing ia being done to make them good troopa. rhe inhabitanta hare undoubtedly turned out rapidly.? ien. Valencia ia aecond in command." Tha writer then ndulgea in aomo honeat indignation that wa are not pre>ared to march immediately againat Mr. Saata Anna, and liaperae hie rabble. The commandant at Saltillo en orcea a rigorous police, preferring order among all anka and racea of man, and aa one meana, ho permita no ?ne but the ciril authoritiea and offlcera of our army to to out after ten at night. He waa > boat tearing on aa ixpedition tw ,nty leaguea to the aouth weat ot Baltillo, vith a reconnoitering party, eaoorted by a aquadron ot ragoona. Through another aourco, wa learn that Gen ray lor remained there a abort time, and taw erery ar* angemeut completed for the defence of the town and ha well-being or hit troopa Soon after hia arrival, it raa diacovered that more than a hundred cargoea or mlo loada of flour had aat out, or were about to atart >r San Lnia. He took the liberty of aakipg a faw qooaiona, and waa anawered that tha male train and loada bringing to an Kngliahman, who had authority from tha iritiah Miniater, reaiding in Mexico, to remain ear tha aeat of war, and to exerciae the right of a neural, by aupplying either army. The proprietor candidly tated, that ne preferred to aupply the Mexican forooa, nd deaired to proceed qp hia journey, (ien. Taylor hoae to purchaae the Hoar for Amerioan rationa. The wner at first charged $30 per barrel, but Anally eonanted to take about $10. Immediately after thia bargain iraa concluded, aeveral other flour dealera came forward nd offered ua almoat any quantity on the aame termat can acarcely be doubted that tha "ainewa" in auttciant mount will bring forth from their hiding plaeaa, raat uppliea of proriaiona of erery doacription, eran in dexico. Baltillo ia repreaanted aa extremely cold, and It la fear d our troopa muat auffer considerably, aa it ia rory dificult to obtain ftiel. Wood ia ao aoarce that a amall mala oad costs not leu than dollar. It is brought from a peat distance, the poorer inhabitant* making uu of ome substitute. This h the more unfortunate, m the Wmuta la aq many degrees colder than that of any otltar lace in the occupation of one troop*. Even Monterey reduce* ice already in abundance Bat the moat deightful of all temperature* i* that of the Rio Grande val?y at the preient season. Matamoras, aa far aa climate i concerned, i* what Kentucky was in the estimation of ae enthuii istic native, "a heaven of a place." It mast oon become a favorite retort for northern invalid* dttr:ig the winter mouth*. X. Y. Z. Matamora*. Dec. t, IMC. An ofHcer direct from Tampico informs ua that the roops lately arrived there hive been posted Judieiensly t different point* in and around the oitv. The well nowo fort on an eminence Me low the to ?u n gsrriaond by two companies of the 3d artillery, uivker Major lorris Capt. Sherman has po?ea*ion i f a fleld-work bove the city. Tampico present* a vei y clean appear; nee for a Mexican town, and the inhabitant* principally amain in the pursuit of their usual avocations The reseuco of our troops excites no alarm, and all seem a* _>nd of our maney ?* if it bad sot the American stamp. Two vessels of the navy ascended the river as high s Fanuco, over twenty league*. No resistance was ?fired, llU a considerable quantity ol camp equipage and military stores wore captured and a portion ot them detroyeJ. About ten pieces of artillery, which ha4 been arrisd away from Tampico.were found buried at fanuco. t is said that these guns ware instantly plscad hor* duamhat by knocking off tho trunions and spiking hem. It is difficult to aocount for thi* extreme caution, is mi pieces were peocesniy in our possession, no WHS 10 prospect of an attempt at recaptura, wa gee no good eason why they were not brought away. If not needed igainat their late owners, they would form vary desirable h namnnts a* trophies in some of the arsenal yards in tlie J mted States. The necessity of throwing into the river overal tons of cannon balls found in the sane place, is lot more apparent. These might have bean useful to xcliange with the enemy. In a few days Uen. Patterson's column will commence ts march for the interior. He arrived with his staff on he morning of the 4th, and has entered with great zeal nd industry upon the work of preparation, livery delartment is active under his own eye. The General's duies, and more particularly his head quarters, must causa n the part of the native population, a sober comparison letween the present and the past He is now preparing n rasich into, and take possesion ol the country ; anf rom tho point where, seven months ago, a large and rell appointed Mexican army was assembled to Mvo rom the hanks ol tho llio Grande, a handful of Amoriun troops, tlieir lattfe force, under a distinguished eader, was met and dispersed, diiven from our aoil, vhich thev had dared to invade ; and now an American ieueral is occupying the headquarters of Arista, In ,1 alamo *. There was considered a peculiar fitness in his selection, on the part of the Quarter-Master. Brigadier Ueneral Pillow has lett for hi*w Orleans, topiog to recruit his heattn, which has grMBy suffered it the Camargo encampment. Oen. Shields, who waa >rdernd several weeks since, to report to (Ion. Woo), las returned to his lormer brigade, an I will march with t under General Patterson - X. Y. Z. Matamodas Mexico, Doc. 11, IMSThe sad intelligence reached us last night from Montorey, tbst Ueneral Thomas L. Hamer, of Ohio, is no more. He breathed his last on th* XI Instant. Tho Oenoral had been indisposed lor severs}.days, hut had so far recovered as to be able to leave htrtfent and visit his friend* in camp. U nfortunately for his lriends and the service, hie sickness has terminated fatally. Ho h?s 'been distinguished In civil affairs?he gave high promise of no loss merit IU Win II* w (IU11VM iw WUIl.ll lie ll?U prill RII|1> |l|l?U AM* country will loin mourn the loaa of ao brilliant and umlul a nun X. V. ZMoimbbt, NOV. 27-? P. M. I Another delay of that expreaa, and another! day'* event* to chronicle. Two or three more of our men * were killed by the Mexican*, between thi* and the camp. Col. Harney i* to remain hero in command of the 2nd Dragoon*. Thii morning three "big-bug" Mexican* were arroated on a charge of trying to indue* some of our men to de*?rt. One of thorn U the ion of the Alcalde, and I think it will go hard with them, tien. Taylor wai in town and told them that unlei* Mtae three or Tour m?n, who had been (educed off, were brought beck in given time, be would bang thorn in the rlaxa. Thta mhuioh induced me to make inquiry a* to the number >f men who had de*ert*d from our rank*, and I waa told ihat not leaa then flftv had gone over to the enemy ifnce he capitulation of Monterey, but I am prood to state [hat none of them were native born Amerioan*. The liat of uamea compriiea moatly German* and Irtah, and 11 from the regulars. The Mexicani here aay that Mania Anna will march againat thi* place, and ha rsya be will tat hi* Chriatmae dinner in Monterey, or lose hi* other leg in the attempt. Thia may be all potaah, bat if they lo attempt it, dreadful will be the slaughter. MILITARY INTKLL1UKNCK. [h rom the St. I.oui* Republican, Dec. 91 J * We nnderatand that Major Kitipetri-k, the bearer of the despatches to Btnta Ke and < alifornla, nmntljiisd in the letter of Colonel Benton, published in our paper of Saturday, arrived in tha city on Haturday morning We undeiatand that every effort is being made to despatch the express fi on baia (by Tueeday next, and If the proper ih isoua can be engaged, it will leave about thai * time. Communications intended to be sent by this express, must be left at the store of Cel R Campbell, on . Main street. All >uch packages must be made small, a* the difficulty of rro?a ng the plain*, at thia aeaaen, forbid* the ideaef binsportirg aay large package*. TRAVELLING TRUNKS, fee. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Mannfarmrer, No. 1 Wall street. coraer of Broadway, has i*w oo hand tad eoaataat|*makiu?, a aook ateortmeat of Trnaka, Valieea, Carpet ' B?ta. aadHatebela, wholeaale and retail. Aleo, a aaperior article of aole le??l.?r Trnaka, aai table for American or r.amixaa Travel, aad rortmaateane fet the Krench Mailt Put*. Orders for the Weat ladiee. Booth America, fcr.. tiled with dnptch |) ihpn H.VV I'OWiN rimN Arrt,*j?.--ii?e waaanaae mii on hudand offer- for *ala MM barrel* of c^oie* taad picked N>?to?? f'PP'??. pat gp nprmlr far the Eatfiak market: alto. MM barrel* of eboiee Lady Apple*, Spitaaa bare*, Oreaaa, he. (^nince* and Pntatoe* alwayaoa taiU -ijwsir'.'Hsy-itLL. M 1m*rb Ml I IMm< narkM |'W CAHKOLL'8 Mediot?d V*?or aad fc|?kw L Kaitu, IM Kul'oa *treet, otpoeite hareh *tre?t. A certain care for Cold*, Coagb*. Rlientnati?m. Hare Throat and all inil?mi>at >r? diaaaaea iaeidmt to tl?a cbaagaaMa * Me <>f tke we-tther. The Halphur Vapor Baih u pertiea larly return aeadrd br oar ?r*t phyueian* a* a tare fat d| eruotioaa aad diaaaaea ul -he at ia. Na danger of takiag a*ld after tha a*a of ?keaa lathi. dl la*r* KK.VAL.fc.NTA. TH W, aaderatfaed bareJaM racaired a (raah rapply *1 **Taleata, pwtapla poaad package a, wkieb way lha pabl ic either whJa*.,. at rM?^LUC aM Ua*th >o I Park Haw. aad Ml Brea4wv> V