Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Ocak 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Ocak 1847 Page 1
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p JL. T IIJ f I 1^1 ? ?o. 1-Wluil* Mo. W1IN l*fl . i M YORK HKKALD. ;?tfON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. a* ? tion---Forty Thousand. , 7i ^ALD?Everyday, Price 2 cents per copy?$7 , -paSwi.le in adrauce. 1 HBJ1A.L D?K?ery oat urdiv?Price 6.'4' cents | '<tM nrnts yr sunn in?payable iu advancef*y FQR iVHOPE?Kvery Pteain Packet dav , P*r sopy?|J 00 per auuiiiu, payable in adJfEMSNl'8 at the usuil prices?always cash kinds executed with beauty and des- 1 communications, by mail, addressed to the Y4B**' be port paid, or the postage will be de[.hwauhrciiptinn money remitted J|ME8 OOltDON BKN'NKTT. I' _ .. Proprietor of the I ft j <v >i)BK Hkrai.u Kara bi ish >ir.M r, irtfc West coiner of Kultou and Naaaau atrtnta. hk i ?= A ?l>ldHU ACHUJUtUOATlUH. I IhANOE OK HOURtS. ISTTTAT) ra UU IANUK.V1KNT. On aud alter Monday, Ii4(, Traina will rnn ai follows:? ^^B via?ft 7 o'clock A. M. (mutou train) for ^^B rteenport, daily, (except Sundiiyt) stopping al p'ermiDKdale and 8t Oeoraa'a M inor ^^B ?t DX A. M., daily, for Oreenport and interiordiate places. ^^B at 4 P M. for Karniinttdale, daily. rroa r?at 8(4 A. M., daily accommodation train ttrroUlyu IX P- M.. (Boston Train) or on the arrival of HB e uoat lrrtn ,N'orwi h, daily, (except Sun^^B y?,) V ppinir e< St. Georga's Manr' and iruitngu-le. ^^B anaun at 6\' A. VI. daily, (except Sunday!,) ^B eommodau 1 train; and 11 M. and P. M. ? 4 8 o'doei A. M , I P. M., and fit, P. ^B for Brooklyn, or 00 the arrival of Boston B ^^B AINH will hereafter run to Thompaon 8ta : itlyn at 9 A. M . for Thompson and intermeineucing Sunday the 8tli Heyembvr. return ^^B -,.n it 1 ?-l, l> M J..I- 11' I t. . ? ? . ?... ?- -.?.I..,..a.s VI, emit*; Kast New Yark, 1?V; Race name, 18V; Jamaica, 26; bruinville, ?)37V; Clowaville, (during the ?eaempatead, 37V; Branch 37V; Carle ; Hicluville, *4; k'armiugdale, 62V; 1, 88; Suffolk Station, 81; I. (ke Hoail u Station, 81 18V; Vaplwuik, 81 37V; 62V; Riverhead, 81 62V: Jameaport, IV; Cotcliogue, 8.1 62V; Southold, comcnodatiou Train, 81 7}; Boaton on the arrival of Traiu* at the seveengei* at very low fart*, to all part* i iu readme** at the foot of Whitehall e f< r the aeveral train*. 38 minute* ir from the Brooklyn iide. man' leave* Ureenport for See HarBoaron train from Brooklv* d25rli iTON A^TKO^TBXNCE, tn nd Lour '*1 and Railroad? Night d after Mondly 2Hth iuttuut, Train* I footol Whitehall atrert. South ferroad on Moudava, Wednendaya, and d., for Greenport.croaaing the Sound >rite aound ateamerNKw HAVEN, I with inaat*. sail*, and eitra ordinance to Providence and Boaton by the ct with the *teamera Maaaachuaett* 1 4...' $2 ,68 S I 00 i ou tea 8j* i,ea boiler*, and will take <125 rh L.1.NL KOK bUa'lUiN. NORWICH 8t WOR. 'R. without cIunM r%f\JL I I w or ftaapngr, without.BK9flB any berry, their seats at Norwich, are insured their This being the only iuland route through by ateamboat anil railroad, are accompanied through by the conwho will have particular charge ol' their ^^^^^^^Bwill otherwise gtvr his attention to their south side Pier No 1, North Hirer, foot of ^^^^^Kily, (Sundays excepted) st 4 o'clock, P. M., iu time intake all the eastern trains. WORCESTER, Capt Van felt, leases Thursday, end Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. <" I.KOPATRA, i.nptain Willi tins, leaves ^^^^^ Wcduesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. ^^^Mhwiati m, inquire of J. H VANPKHBILT, Nr.ltt. ^^ iMrvi a I < M vVTiTTlTl N K. KDk ALB AN* AM) TROY. VIA |Kirt and Honaatonic Railroad. Dtir^Ufntl last summer, the Houaato ic Railroad ith i henry H Rail, from Briaiieporr to ^^^Hit.,iLoad Through br Daylight, daily (Sun^^^Heil) at tl'i o'clonk. A.M. ^^ tbout MOUNTAIN* Kit, Capt. W. II, ^^^Hist of Market street IC. II , for Bridgeport, Da ly, \ .V. No freight taken in the Passenger ^Vm'i r the Cars at Bridgeport,ai d without change ul ^^Vagga.-e t'rotes, arrive in Albauy and Troy at J Mew Cars "id Locomotive engines hsve b-cn J ih HO id is iu every respect equal to ihe best I rlanl Road. I ,;lit Lire by Steamers Nimrud, slid Muheg&n, I t Tariff tame as last ye*r ? bor lunlier parI r? at the Office on Market strret Pier, and nd Wella' Kipress, 10 Wall Street. (I. M. PERRY. Arent. f NOTICE. I m On and alter p rider, November 20th, the ^ 3e*teamboat si 1.1 II, Captain Br.isted, will ir ike the following trips to and from States further notice, viz York. Leave States Island. At 13 3 M. ^ 4X" nllr j Ll )OL?With despauh-The s tiling. coppered and copper fattened ship t lRDIA, having three-fourth* ef her cargo ^^^^^Br passage, having handsome accommodations, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st., or to K K COLLINS A CO.. M South St. HTSoW^ Packet, of the 1st ^^^Hlstraary The liua Br hark ANN IIARLEY, ^Blsa, Capt. Robeit Bcott, will tail as above, her or passage, having splendid aeeommodatioas, ^^^Hrd, foot of Roosevelt street, JCast llivcr, or to WOOD11ULL ic MIN TURN, m R-utn street, packet ship Saracen, Capt N T Hawkins, will ill Harlev -n.J sail on ihe 1st ni Kebrnarv a KBT8 FOR HAVR IC?Second Line?The ship Ul ICA, Capt. John A. Pierce, will sail first of January, 1847. For freight or pasBOYD (It HINCKKN, 9Tontine RniMinga .N'n US Call atreo K DOLLAR HATS?Tne undersigned hat ^^^Pfn bed an assortment of " Beantiliil Nutria Hats," ^^Bnll .,-11 at the above pree. These Kali will re^^Bbtpe and lustre as long as any Si Hat sold. ROBERTSON , 89 K'altou street. between William and Hold. ^^^Bhe undersigned does not pretend to offer the ^Hr< atria Hats" at the above price, (that being im^^BIs " best" he sells at $3 50. ^ 1 ROBF.RTSON. ~ MKS. ZfciULlO. NO. 07 DIVISION 8TRKET. I ^Hl. "!"i i large assorrment o( Paris millinery, I ^^^ Is, he. She will offer for iuspection n choice ^^^ f Full goods, comprising silks, satins, plain and ^^^ vels, he., he., which being selected with good latest arrivals, is well worthy the attention of I Iliad milliners from the country, wanting materi J lr".? would tind it their interest to call brlor It the stock is Iresh, the style the latest) whie ' l??rd of on rMionsMS 'frmi 3i? In re 1 f UVEK. SHOES. ! [LARIKHand Oentleineu, at J67 Broadway, you i i.n find the fire ahee flLdii Huhber Over Shoea keel to thn smallest, and as cheap as yon ran those I [old rubber. And a 'ante assortment of1 ork Sole. ? pud I lain French Uoota; alio a great assortment oi I I es'and children's beots and shoes, cheap, [way, corner ni' H ranklin street dt lm*re i fcXk-s ovKit shoes. iou bTumDTvay. ! I LA I) IKS' AM) QENTLEM KN 'S OVER ] SHOES. manufactured of (taodyear'a Celebrated , .11 ic India Kiliber, perfectly 11' utile in (he eolil- '| I C For sale bv the case or sniffle pair, by I BIIOWEH k BitOORn, , I Bole Agents lor Ooodye ir's Manufactories, , I I 100 Hroadwav, opposite Trmiiy f htireh. j / FtV^MIUlkl WJU 1 5 y Qy.n k. Salt* awl Small Profltt iNK FRENCH BOOTS for ?J SO, our own make. , wrrranted to Rive satisfaction; line French .napenal J as Boots for $4 SO. e.fual to those usually sold in . "way for ?? or ?7, st YOUNG It JONES' fine \ oot and Shoe Mann I' ctory, one ol the most fash- e ores iu this eity Our boots received the highest b the lets Fair of the American institute for the i sold in this city. Boots, Shoes, tiaiters, fco made _ at the thorteet notice, Mending, fcc. dors It the ' _ YOUNG * JONES. 4 Asa st. n?rc | tfvRENCH'S* HOTEL. if ropnrtor respectfully informs hil frtends Jib'.ic that he has rrmoTtd from his 1st hotel * ' street, to his other hotel. ?4 Chatham ?treet, I 1 of Pe*r) ycest, to which he has add*!1 addi- 1 " , and farniRhsd them in a style that wi'l hear * risen wlih the * ery best hotels iu the cuy.? 1 J] n wi.?l there be nvire than one bed in a zoom, 1 tfh wi>l he 25 cents per uighf dl7 In ?re 0 Ft?K HA LB~~" 1 i b LEE STORY HOUSE on 2M street,bet seen . ti > Id avenues. It is well finished, and rtflete C stmt iksnrov ementt, including kiiehen rkge, o .area baths, Water eloaets, Ate , Italianinar- ti nghout the honae; a court ?ardof JSfe* in * <1h and French windows The housei*one o boasts on tee south side of the street For c irs apply to V YKE k HO.N54, ' ri 172 I'earlat j li o t()kiih inSTRQO i ioiN. " Pi K. CASTLE k ED WIN McCOKKELL. | w he Utter from the Moral Aendemv yC.*;- i - i.o .'Mi', will glya lr??.,n? on llie Pl.ino " | ^ lur Violin, at their rmdwnee, 44 Uitpeniiu'it., 1 H t or that of lliflir pupilv upon rrv laoiUrate h? mill* known lij applying aa shorn H l| r-i!-, TTuiTiTifs,"UouuH?. t ~~ u Ot I.i( 1.14/'!'. Prepared by CM yn Holborn, London. The best article in*u. ol con Him, eolda, boa amen, irriMliMof ^^Kw, (onianip'jou, kr., lei tele by U IQBv. teraai of Kivnkl it. stent lor tjw^UK,4 I ^Br E NE n; TIIK HUUOAVH. NEW LACE3 AND KMBKOIUEKAES, Ju*t Received fur the Holidayt. POINT BKOXiLLES lace8 AND FcOrjNCES, or eierv width. MECHLIN do do do Valenciennes laces anu edoin.os. L ACE OK ESSES OF BHUXELI.E POINT AND MECHMN?One dress rite most inaenitleeni over made SC AH F8 of the newest deaik-n* and most beautiful work. BHI I.Ykt.l i' priiM-i - -?. vim vm c<0| WliUAAOf Ulif BERTH EM, BARBS kc. MECHLIN AND VALENCIENNES .lo do do One ease or NEW PARIS EMBROIDERED HDKFS. I)o do do do WKESSES. Do do do do COLLARS AND CAPES Do CHILDREN'S LINEN CAMBRIC ROBES AND FROCKS. Do CAPS, HANDKERCHIEF*, kc. ALSO. One cue of RICH EMBROIDERED SILK DRESSES SATIN DRESSES?all unliable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS? at very low prices, by JAMES BECK k CO., 359 Broadway. N. B.?SHAWLS and CLOAKSal very reduced prices. <118 2weod r ~ BOUQUETS FOR. THE HOLIDAYS. THE SUBSCRIBERS rake pleasure u> inform the public that tliev have du ing the past summer creeled two large additional forcing houses at Harlem, which will enable thena 10 execute all orders they may be favored with for Bouquets during the gay sesson. Th*y have also purchased the entire stock of one of ihe largest private green hou tea in the viciuity of New York to enable them to till all their orders for New Year's morning Our patrons may rest assured that they will be served iu point of styles equal if not superior to any previous year We would alao respectfully inform thoae who have already left their orders for tne 1st Jan. tha' they will he first served, ami every succeeding order iu rotaiioi as received. d27 lw*rrc DUNLAP k THOMSON, 63i Broadway. NUNNS fit FISOHEK.Z WOULD call the attention of their fiieiidi and the public, at their Manufactory and Wareruoin, 170 Greenwich treet, to examine their assortment oi rtauo Kortes. They are the most fashionable and newest pate to a. N. B. Pianos with Coleman's Patent A ml>an Attachment, did lm*rh HU ADEN'S 'JUI\*'KVTJUM:U 1', FANCY BAKERY AND SALOON. 73 CANAL STREET. THIS old ealahlished and lavorite man uf'Ctory and depot ol all the delicacies coming within the range of a hrst class Confectionery, Eancv Bakery, nod lee Creim aud Refreshment Saloon, is this season supplied in unlimited profusion with all the requisites of a perlect hpf rset out Every vniety of Creams, Jellies, Pyramids, Bias z, Charlotte de Rusir aud all other descriptions of Confections, Pies, Tar'i.and Cakes, aud Fancy Pastry, iu all their varie.ies; Presmved Fruits and Oysters ?f the first quality prepared iu auy form, supplied to visiters at the saloon , or in Humilities to Families. Pmties. Balls, kc. kc. Ladies will find this saloon one of the most quiet and beat supplied in the city, aud the locatiou extremely convenient whilst ov t on business. The supply of toys is this seasou on* <i f the moat cxteuai ve varied, and well selected, to be found iu the city, iBtojyl* tie NOVELTIES FOR THE 11 ALL ROOM, PETER ROBERTS, respectfully solicits inspection ol his splendid stock of Goods, adaptled for the present season. many of which, owing to the reduction in the tariff, will be found cheaper ih -u have here lofor. he?n off..?I Miperb Neapolitan Ucefiouted Drea'eant $4. Tamboured flounced Dreaaea, very ri rli, from 56 to $14. New Kyle ruuie fronted tamboured Urea<ra$8 Double flounced tambour Dreaaea $; 2 a $14. Kiue needle work Dreaaea at $?, aim lly told at (9. Lace Dreaaea oftlie neweai and mo it approved atylet, from $9 lo $30 A lew very Hue riv end lawn IlhdV la, trimmed with rich regency lace, at 3 and $4, the cheuj eat arfele ever offered. Kreneh embroidered Chemiaeftea, with collara, at I 75 a $2, worth $3 30. Pico edge Collara, at $1, uaual prie v 1 SO a I 75. Extra rich do. $1 50, uaual prid i I 75 n 2 25. Superb Lace Worked of the moat ioatly deacription, from $1 to 3 50, wonh 5 and $0. A large variety ofThread Lace and trimmed Necdla-worked t'aoea.' 'ollara, Ice , auitable foi holiday prevents. dlllm*ih 373 Broadway. HOLIDAY PKESEINT8. A SMALL invoice of fiue Kri nch jewelry and gilt fancy goods, for aale at a low |<rtce, wholesale or retail by VICTOR BISHOP, importer of precioua atonea, No. II Maiden Lane, up atnira ' - FRENCH FANCY BOXES K1UR HOLIDAY PRESENTS.?B RUN, LAROH1KRK r U COURT, lit William street, have just received atid offer 1'or sale two cases of French Fancy Boies for bonboua, of the latest style iia lin?rrr ~~ WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE THE subscribers continue to have Tor sale a full assort- I menr ol'cold aud silver Watches, of the most approved makers, which will he offered at the very lowest price*, and j warranted correct time keepers. They are constantly receiving the latest style* of fashionable Jewelry of every description, inclu Jiini g?ld. fob, aud Ruard chains; breast pins; ear rinus; tinner rings; bracelets; rad ornaments, lie.; silvrr spoons; forks; hotter knives and silver ware, eijual to coin; gold mil silver spec'aeles, ecuem-, eoiivei, lie; Freu :h clockv and watches, lopured C.S ">th.orir.M3llls,lLy BRIUOM. IM Bowery, dig lm*rh 6 doors above Broome street 1~ Hr."F 1.U VlUfc. MAOAZINE, with a splendid Plnmheot -pe copy of the principal individuals of the Cniled States, with a selection of articles I'roin t'.ie best wri'ers in tins cosntry, issued monthly, price fs. payable in advance, Forsale at the office of the i'luinbe Aa tional I)niiu?-rriaii (Jiflerv. No. 2M Hroa,lu,?? ? ot' Murr'V sTi-it. ___ 11 'I'HK I'IANi) Uutht uu very moderate teims bv ? Lady 1 who understate. the acirurc thoroughly, and who under lakes tn impart et pupils a perfect kn .wledge ol'tha theory with the great anility Terma, th ee dollars iter month. A tiue 'luJreaaeo to " iVIuiie," at the office of thu paper shall be attended in. An lmim?re MILLS, H A I TER, 17M BROADWAY. (Howard Ilotel.) OFFERS to thoae in want of a neat end tasty hat, for a moderate sum ; a tine French moleskin or tine nntria at S3.S0. The patronage met with in the sale of the ab >ve hats, is a snlhrient guarantee of their super ip-ity. ,124 IWrrc oiikap publications. Ta <? Agents who dispose of the above, an impoitanf tiniliary can be f und by apnlyiug to the olfice of the I'lnmbe National DacuerVian Uallery, No. 231 Broadway, upper corner ?f Murray meet. d28 lw" rh. suspenders for export. Till! EE thousand dozen Patent corrugated Suspenders, adap'rd to the Mexican and South American, as well as domestic trade, and warranted to st ind unatler.ed by any climate. For sale by the manufacturer and owner of the pateuts. dit) Km r HORiCE If. DAV, 22 Conrtlandt atreet. pickled oysters. CHEAPEST and beat iu the city?Families, and others desirous of having Ovsters of a superior quality lor New V'ar'a Day would do well to send their orders to Walnert's Uystrr Saloon, 214 Broadway, oppoai.o 8i. Paul's Church. dl#.1t*re Wj(f8 AMD SUALPn?The largest, the cheapest, sud the best assortment are robe found at A.C. UAHKY '8, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up staira. d 18 lm?ih brandy, wl-nes, gen, sugars', fruit, ike. be. WC. BURDICK, No. 92 Broadway, three doors above Wall street, oners for sale the following, in Iota to suit Brandies, dark and pale, various brands, of prime quality Whiskey, Scotch and Irish ilo Hum, Jamaica _ . do I .ciaueira, r. i aim omcr nrxnili do Sherries, pale, sold and brown do Port do Champagne, vaiTons brands do Clarets, in ease do do Darsack. Burgundy, Panterne do SeRara, Sardines, Kiuits, See. he do Scotch Ale, in pints, just landed, tine do W. C B. pledges himself most faithfully, to keep and deliver, only of the best (juality, and solicits the favor ol the public. HUBERT HOPE HART inlbinis his friends and wellwishera that he is to he found at the above establishment, where he hopes to see his old friends and customers. das I m re jAXfJ/k REWARD?AMERIC *N COMPOUND?This popnlar, pleasant, and specific remedy is waranted to cure effectually all eases ofa delicate disease lu a e v dnys, uuder a forfeiture ot the above sum, Peraous using h s cefebraicd S'tirle need fear no espoaurei. as it leaves n? >doe on the breath, requires no lestiirtion in diet or huiir ess, ind is adapted to every age, sei end condition. It cout-ius 10 mercmy or nosioiit ilrnga, injurious to the constitution, lut cleanses lliesystcm fnun lutecium Thousands of lorg Handing rases have been cured by a single bottle, while ;he treat majority are radically cuird witn half the quantity. Phis ia no trumped up" humbug," it baa long bseu, and alii I i medio the piivite practice of physicians w ith unerring nereis, curing ninety-u neuf the bund ed rises. Try it, ami toiiTlnce yourselves Mold wholesale by ComstocK St Co., 11 Courilaudt street; retailed tt Bowery and Urai d, Bowery ind Walker, Bowery and Houston. Bowery and h ourth its ; l L. Cuttou. 3n6 Bieecker street: Hammond St Co., corner iroadway and C hambe a street New Vork; corner rultoil ind Cranberry, Brooklyn; Third and Houtb at, Philadelphia; toiner Charles and P.ati atrrets. Haliimme; > 8to't, Waah ngton City: HobrrUsm k Coruiick, Norfolk, Vs.; aud 1'. Cuieu Sc Co., Charleston, 8, C. jlmeodrc WOMAN AND HKR. DISKASKS, nilOM the cradle to the grave?Adapted eicluaively to r her tnatruotion, in the natural lawa of her system, end dl hadiaeasea of her critical perioda, by Edward H.Unon, M )., pp. 32)-juat ptihlithed, and lor aale by Charlea H. Ding, orner ?l John atreet and Broadway, price $1 25 Every inrlligent woman ahonld poaaraa this wort. The Albion aya E? ei y prudent mother may conanlt thia work with -eat advantage to herself and her children. Jioeton Journal -Dr. I)i?on has lent a deep intereat to FIFTH EDITION. 1 Jl ST PUBLISHED, and lor sale by CHARLES H. I lINfl, corner of John atrei t and Broadway?A TREATISE ' )N DISEASES OF THE SEXUAL SYSTEM-Adapted ( n grnetal and profeaaionat reading, and the eipoaitioa of , nacktrv, by Edwrrd H. Dison, St D., author of Woman M hrr Diseases, Irom the cradle to the grave. Sundry anr- j ical raaaya.and leetnret on the operative aurgery ol'llie eye, 1 neejl. Ton work contains e eomplete rcsraw of all the I auaea of premature decay, and the symptoms and treatment I f esce?? in eaery cJcss of life. 1 he. Burton Joornal re- 1 yarka Dr Unon haaj written much and well on various j iranchu of lurgtry ; hi? book ahowa a thorough arquain I . ineewith modem science. Stisctute, CJonorrhms, Hydro- I elf and V'aricoule. are particularly well treated. We hate : ur doubts about the propriety of ex|>oaing o all aorta of , aadrra these evpositmm of the vtcea nod Irailtiea ol those rno moor underawe?n moral sentiment. Vet the Anthor't | ' riginaliiy and infennity nuder triin* aitrgical cireamttan* I n, a'atnp hit hook wttli niicomm'ni interest. Horace (Jrrcly I tmarlra It contains no line or word calculated to rteilc centioaa passions, but the contrary eterywhere ; and will / rarent thousands from .-utliini into* couite of dissipation, , seasonably placed in their ham's . we hope it will hare the odcat possible circulation ? 7YiA?tic JI If re. v hi UTIL'K?In the nialteral the eat/ie uf llie late Join A. u 1 Drew, deceased? Notice is hereby given, that 4ie undersigned have been dn- ! appointed by the judge of probate of the county of Michi | mitckmae, in the At ate of Michigan, adminiitrntort of the | | itate of John A. Drew, late 0/ Mackinac, couuty of Michi- * niackinac, deceased, and hnre taken upon thetnaelyes that f uit, by giving bondt according to law. M-ckinac. Mifhifan, r'oreniner 31. 1*1(1 1 WILLIAM T. DRKW, I HfcJNH V JON KB. 41 lw*l* AdtgUJstrttgri o^the^sute'ef X.' Dta-, ' W Y O EW YORK. FRIDAY MOI Theatricals. 1'ars Thkithk ?There will be a grand jubilee at the Pifk Thflatrn this avoninir as will ring to tbe advertisement under the amusement head? | The danteutrs Viennoi?? will appear in some of their favorite dances. Mr. Kdwin Forrest will perform in one \ of hi* beat character*, and there will be other attraction*, j all of which, wo think, are sufficient to till the houae, j were it twice aa capacious at it is The manager appears , determined to mslntnin the character of hia house, and 1 afford as much enjoyment to hia patron* on New Year'* ! night, us can he obtained in any other place of amuse- , montin the city. Bow? *r Thkstbk ?Last evening, the " Kemale Horse Thief, or the Heroine of Humblo," was performed, und the entire company displayed their usual talonts in tbe 1 piece. This afteinoon and evening, there will be two sepaiato performances. Seldom has this popular theatre presented such a powerful combination of attractions, a* will be perceived by tbe hills of the day. The after- , noon performance will commence at o'clock, when 1 " Putnam,"" Tho Lady of Vlunster," and the " Rightful Heir, or the llecluse of tileneairn," will be produced, i Clarke, Hadaway, Vache, Neafle, Mrs. Booth, Mr*. Ser ! geant and the entire corps drumatiqut that have for ao { long a period sustained the high reputation of thii truly popular theatre, will all appear in the afternoon and in the evening, at the usual hour, 7 o'clock, will be presented " Pi/.arro," ' John Bull in France," and "Jack Sheppard." It will he perceived that the leading talent of 'hli company will again appear in the evoning; and witli such a variety of entertainments, the Bowery on this duy will he tilled to excess from pit to gallery. Those who wish to see the performances should go early.'s Oi'kra House.? Signor Rossi makes his Urs1 appearance before an Aueiicau public, this evening, at Palmo's Opera House, in Chambers street, where be wil' perform some wondorful feats of magic and ventriloquism. Miss Yates will appear in the course of the evening, and dance a hornpipe and a Highland fling. | Tmf. Ai iiamiika.-SucIi of our citi/ens as wish to spend 1 ! a pleasant time on New Year's night, (and who doe* J not had better go to the Alhamhra thii evening, where | Heir Aletandcr's mysterious tricki] and a variety oi mu* { sical enteitainments await thorn. We do not know of a place of amusement in the city where ?o mucheolid and I rational enjoyment can bo obtained at so small a cost as at thu Alhumbra. Mr. Corbyn takes his beueflt on Sat ! urday night. i Ambbicav Cisccs ?The Chatham Theatre was again ! crowded to excess .'ait evening. Tho performance was, as usuu', admirably sustained by Messrs. Sands, Meyers, Conovor, Carroll, and the talented children, Jesse and Maurice. Master Hernandez, in his principal act of borsomanship, always elicits the most unbounded applause. The tlgtitiug ponies and tho beautiful May Fly showed their extraordinary powers and docility 'n their dancing and lighting scenes. There , Will be three giend perlotmanceH this dav' one at lO)i o'clock, one at o'clock, Had one at 7 o'clock The wholo talent ot this splendid company will be produced, in order to make the performance us attractive as possible. Seldom lias such a combination of the most extraordinary and varied ability that usually ornaments the circus been presented together as will be found here; and the vast crowds that nightly dock forward to wit. horn the |M)rformancp| in the beat teat of tho high appreciation in which the talents of the company are held. By all means, go and nee tho American circus this day, and applaud May Fly. Bowkhv Auphitmkatkk.?Mr. Levi 1. North performed here twice last evening, with his usual talent, and drew forth the most unbounded applause, Gossin, Curio and Gardner, together with Mr. North, delighted the entire house by their extraordinary feats. This day there will be three pciformances?one at 10 o'clock?one at 'J o'clock, 1'. M , and one at 6J* o'clock, P. M. Madame Cainille Gardner will ride her great act of horsemanship on die occasion. Messrs. Niaou, Periy, Beigeant, ami those distinguished clowns, Carlo, Gossin and Gardner, will all nppear. Perhaps on no former occasion has such an array of talontand high attraction been presented together on one d.iy as will, on the presont occasion, at this popular Circus. Every one desirous of witness ing the most splendid riding of the day, should go and see the performances here mis day. YaisKga Hill has some now notions to present to his friends to-night at the Broadway Tabernacle, where he will introduce the peculiarities of " Down East," by an introductory lecture, to l>?i fallowed by anecdotes, dialogues, t ankoe stories, 8ic. Mr. Hill ban bocu to long nctoru tbo American public, that bis name ia sufficient to insure him a good house, which he will tuke good care to keep in good humor. He will tell that atory of the " Two Fat (Jul*" to-night, and conclude his performance* with his inimitable " Table Talk." Movement* of Traveller*\eiterdey'? arrivals eroiywhoto were multiplied bevend all precedent at this concluding period of the year. Amongst theiu will he iouud the namea ol some oi our iliatinguished naral, military and diplomatic characters. Amk*ic4R?Capt Cullum, U. 8. Kng'r Dept ; 11 Palterlon, Troy; &. Puttcisoii. do; Isaac ticker, I'hilu; W. 13 Meyer. New York; J. Mosher, Plula; John 13. Co/ins, Mexico; Jfi. Palmer, Baltimore; K. L Hitchcock, Noith Wayne. Astos?Thos. Jenks, James Adams, If Durbank, I Shaw, A. A. Roberts, George Roberta, Boston; Col. Burnett, A. Gibson, Albany; J Hojt, Danbury; M. I'cndee, Oswego; J. Gilbert, ltochester; W. H. Seward, Albany; J Wolcott, J. Cunningham, Boston; R.Rogers, Salem, K Post, S Davenport. Philada ; T. llutler King, Washington; W Duncan, Philadu.; I. Plumton, I. Jewett, i U.S. N.; H. Bady, Boston ; N. Bishop, R Green, Provi- | Uvuv?, u. iiumu, im?v nurcu ; onion tllfiniDg, a1mia- { chusetts; W. Dally, 0. Hallowoli, Philada ; 0. Pond, Hnitford ; O. Uill, Baltimore. Citt ?Cant. Cobb, lurry town; T. Dannie, Dalhoti- ' ie; <:apt Lines, packet ship lowu, Mr. Robinson, New York; George Loring. Concord; Thoa. Drake, Ohio; W. Marcy, Albany; G. Pomeroy, New York; J. Pease, Philadelplia; Mr. Israel, Coboei; C. B. Clay, Home; Mr. Brown, L. laland, Fbanklin? C. Haven, Philadelphia; Hev. M. Coit, Bridgeport; J. Walton, Philadelphia; W. Jlowen, New Jersey; A St. John, do; 8. liay01, Albany; D. Pritr.hard, Connecticut; C. Pastor, Albany; II. Bunalr, Bridgeport; M. Calruih, Newburgh; J. Bancroft, Boston; J. Marsh, New Jersey; W. Iluuer, Poughkeepsie; C. Greenman, Norwich; T. Warren, do; C.Bett, do. IlowaaD?T. Coflio, Phila.: T. Davis, Nassau Hail; A. Smith, do ; (8. Blatter, Thila ; U. Pnttersell, do.; R. Porter, Hartford; J. Taley, Thila ; W. II. Tyng, do ; K. Learning, Cape May; D. Porter, Pennsylvania; Mr. Van Uurkill, Lansrnburgn; L Piatt, White Plains; E John son. Mass.; C. Rignter, N.J.; Aug. Lee, Nassau Hall; F. Wells. Miss. Juniors?M. Frost, Phila.; S. Walker, Conn.; O. Grin nen, rn. ?orn; a. Clarke, Northampton; Mr. Dunbar, New York; Mr. Clayton, do ; H. Knight, hut Hampton; Mr. Andrawa, Boatoo; George Head, Hartford; C Judon, do ; P. Daily, Conn ; 8. Gaakill, Monroe: 8. Goodridge, N. York; Hon, George Craig, Maine; J. Hovey, Norwich; Mr. Judion, Albany. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kdmonda, Aldermen Hart and Foot. The grand jury came into Court veaterday morning, and handed up true billa againat John Carrick, John h'lynn and MBry Wutera for grand larceny. Mary Watera waa afterwarda erraignedand pleaded not guilty. She was rent to the Court of Seaaiona to be tried. The indictment rent up againat Suydam baa been ignored. Another indictment,rent up againat a perron whore nume ia not given, for faiae pretencer, waa laid ovrr. Wm. H. Shultre, charged with an ottrmpt to commit a burglary, waa diachargod, the grand Jury having ignored the in dictmcnt rent up oraluat him The Ca*t of Calvin Ruts. In thu pane, the counsel for i Russ applied, on Tuesday, for an order to oblige the I District Attorney to hermit him to inspect and take copies of certain letters in |mssession of the District Attorney, i which it was alleged wero material to the prisoner's ife- 1 fence. Judge Klmonds pronounced the ojiinion ol the < court yesterday morning, denying the motion. t In Chamber*. ! Before Judge Oakley. i Dn 111?In re Dorothea Thnrin ?In pursuance of the adjournment had on Wednesday, all parties appeared today , Ht one o'clock, before Judge Oakley, attended i>y their counsel. Krom what tran-'pired befoie the Judge, i it type trad that the wiit was granted on the application ef a young German named John Berger, who is connected witli a private German theutie in this city, under pretence that Mile. Dorothea was deprived of her liberty by I .Madame Weiss. Judge Oakley examined her very mi- | nutely, nnd to all his i|uaations she replied distinctly that ' , thorn was no force or coercion used tiv anv nermn lowanli her. and that she preferred remaining under the protection oi Madame Weiss. The Judge told her ?ho might go where she pleaaed ; upon which alie retired , with Madame. | Personal movements. r Oenerals Houston nnd Hunt, Co). Kaufman. Judge Pile- t bury, nod Mr. Lee, of Taxas, paid their respects to Al- f fiert (iallatin, Chancellor Kent, Major i'opham and c Thomas Trenon, K?q , at their reipective residence* in * :hi? city. They were intioduced, yesterday, by Alder- ? nan raters and were moat cordially received liy theae " minent and venerable gentlemen. The brief interviews t ietween these eloquent and profound sages ol the old I1 - public, and the vigorous enthusiastic and more youthul representatives of a new and remote State, was high <1 y interesting. Chancellor Kent presented them with a P till set ol his commentaries for the fupreme Court of i' Texas. li fr'jiott jhk phaliss.? We learn lrotu the 7.eji?g- * on Kxprnt, ol the I Uh, that an express had tl cached that place from the company of Ballard, Hooka n k. Co , traders to hoots KV, who were the la*t to lesve r naeiiamiance thin season. g Thry hed crossed tl o Ari-anin, and wero encamped v or the night south of the .and hill* 011 the Semitone, J then one of thoie dreadful north-western mow .tormi 1 n rhich ate common ou the plains, came up, and so alarm- tl id their cattle, that many of them broke through the 1 o ;uat d. and inade their escape. Some twenty head mado their escape, and thice mtiiea , tc leriahed in the atorm. Being thus wonker ed in t'-cir ti earns, too compiny were compelled to return to the \r- j ti lansas. where they have very good giara, rut-Ins, kc , ai or their stock. It was their intention, however, if the weather con- st iriucd fair, to move on to Bent's Koit, lot) miles, with jt 11 the goods poasible, and wiulei tbeie By doing to, I hay will bo auaLled to teach Basts Fa early in ths , puny ? Bt Leu fa Jby, Dae. 31 1 * -IU ? H K I r? -*.t r T a uttt a t?tt - ? ttlVLNUr, JAiNUAKI 1, 1?City Intelligence. Booi Ht around thb Pa** ? I 'he attention of onr new Corporation Attorney, or the Captain of the Sixth Ward Police, or the Ahlermar of the laid Sixth Ward, or some other official gentleman whoao province itia to attend to the matter, i* moat roapoctiully. but earnestly, calltd to the email edifice which are almost daily increasingin numbera around tho Park railing On the easterly aide of the encloaure, quite a apiritut emulation haa arisen; architecture haa decidedly improved, and instead of the canvaaa covered tables which used to serve for the apple and peanut trade, quite aubatantial fabrics of wood, with roots formed of ho.irda, tongued and grooved, are now to be seen. Tbo trade of this incipient bazaar ia already quite varied?apples, red, green and golden?peanuts and apples?apples, peanuts and segars?perfumery tor the million, blacking und glass beads?stockings at low prices, and oranges and lemons at high ditto?cheap literature aad tin whistles, vie with ench other in inviting the pas.engera to establish on ownership in them. While the four cent man?noi the Simon Pure ' Hauy-artick'l-on-th'boaid-tjai-lour-cenU'oian.but an humble imitation of that gentleman?collects crowd* around his cart-load ot rusty scissors, iron gimlotg, stc., and furnishes abundant amusement for the little hoys who snow ball each other from nnnnflits ai<lA*i ol Hta mnr.vhniiiia bleu, or blow pea-sued lump* of putty through tin tubea, at the nasal prominence* upon the face* of the bystanders. Hut the improvement is not contiued to the upeer end of the Park. The speculators in cheap wares, old books, and " the fruits of the season," have also commenced the erection of shops upon the side walk on Broadway, opposite the Astur House, and these will, no doubt, ere long, have a settlement rivalling their neighbors, who have set up under the very windows of the chambers of the Common Council Whose duty is it to see to the abovo ? " him sneak," or we shall take occasion to remind him again of the matter. Ora VoLUNTKKat?Ml'stkh-Usv at Fobt Hamilton ?The regular muster of the lit regiment of U. 8. Volunteers of the State of New York, took place vesterday at Kort Hamilton, for the first time. The regiment, numbering about 800 men, paraded u|ion the gieen, inside the Kort, at about I'd o'clock, and were formed in snonen I square, when Col. llutnett addressed the volunteer*: | telling them that they were now regularly enrolled in 1 the lurvice of the United State*, und it wan expected of I them that they would deport themselves a* soldier*. He briefly explained to them what their duty a* members of tfco regiment would bo, and alluded to tho imperative necessity of the observance ol strict discipline, and concluded by exhoiting them to poiform their duty promptly, and ever to remain faitiilul to their nation, their Htate, their homes This, he stated, was the muster-day for the months of November and December. These musters would take place every two months, when every ? ... ? ><> icniuKiu vio> uajic^iuu iu ue pi eat ill 10 answer to hi* name. Mutter-day it pay-day, and they would, therefore, receive their money on theae day*. ATbe Adjutant next came forward and read the Regimental Order*- the substance of which wai, that the regiment being now about full, they would bo ready to leavo, for whatever service they were ordered upon, in a lew day*. Mention was made of the $tt,UOO which had been given by the city of New York, for the purpote of furnishing articles necessary to the comfort of the men. !ndia rubber tent clothe*, knives and forks, spoon*, plates, ttc., had been procured for them, and the greatest regard would be bad iu all thing* to secure to them the means of preserving their health, he. Sergeant O'Hilev, of company K , was, by an order, reduced to the ranks, and by another older to deliver up bis uniform and leave the garrison by la o'clock, M. The articles of war were then read, and the regiment was mustered by companies. The following is a list ol the commissioned otticei* : ? fitlil and Staff?Vol. \V B Burnett, Lieut Colonel Charles Baxter,' .Major Junius C. Buruham, Adjutant Charles V. Gallagher; Assistant Commissary, Capt Mutton [ Assistant tjuarte rmaider, Burgeon, and Assistant Burgeons not enrolled J Company J1?Captain, Chan. II. Bhaw; 1st Lieutenant, Augustus Jacobus; jd Lieutenants, Uiael Miller and Thou. W. .Sweeney. Company U ? Captain. tien. Count De Bongars; lnt Lieutenant, (iustavus lteichard; ad Lieutenants, M. N. Cioft and Jamas (J. liillis. Company C.?Captain, James Barclay; 1st Lieutenan , ( has. H Sherwood; -id Lieutenants. Krancis L. Boyle and bdgar Scaunell Company D?Captain J. T. Taylor, 1st Lieut. Alfred W. Taylor, -iJ Lieut*. Francis K. Pint, and Robert M Floyd. Company E? Capt. Cbas. H. Ftarson, 1st Lieut. Robert A Carter, id Lieuts. James Ward, Henry and Kdgar Chandler. Company F? Captain Samuel S. Gallagher, 1st Li ut. Win. i orrey; id Lieuts., Charles B. Brovver, and .vtayno Re id. Company (/?Captain Daniel K. HuugeiTord; 1st Lieut. Charles 11. Innis; id Lieuts. Wra. H. Brown, utid Henry Gaines Company //?Captain Abratn Van O'Liuda; 1st Lieut, L- ,l_ll ? ..I . vuanti r. t <niu|^iivi .u lilBUU. /IIIUIHUQ C BI HH WOI'IU and Jncol) Urirtin Company J? Captain Morton Kairchild; 1 at Lieut. fieo 0 Hall, -iJ Lieut*. J amen W. ('teen, and J. D Potter. Company A'?Captain (ferret Dyr.kman; let Lieut. W Taylor; i-J Lioute. J.S McCnbe, aiul Jam-,s Raflerty. The Itegiiuent it composed ot a remarbly due looking act ot men. There it 11 great deal of intelligence in the ianks. and tho very beat uudantanding exitia between the ofiicen and privates Out of the H00 names, only about ttlteen are upon the sivk list, and they are, most ol them, dotug well. There are but lour or live men in CODlinemt-nt, end all for trivial offences. (J'Hiley, w ho was expelled Horn the garrison yesterday, is said to have called a meeting of the nun commissioned officers of the command, for the purpose of demanding of the government an increase ot pay, with resolutions not to go on foreign service without it. The officers learned what was going forward end nipped ru the bud this first appearance of insubordination. O'Riley was a favorite in his company. Ilis comrades gave him three cheers as he pasted them on his way out of the fort, escortad by a sergeant s guard Wo understand that Colonel Uurnett'a command is to parade in the city before they leave lor tho tfouth The day for their sailing is not yet tlxed upon; they will, no doubt, leave, however, within a tew daya.j Whitney's Obitosi - Bs it remembered that thia gentleman's evening with ^the orators, takes place to ni^ut, nun ? . u win surpass 111 excellence any heretofore given. The familiar will be very properly diversified with the solemn, anil the gravo with the humorous The speech of John Mmith, Jr., the commanilaut of a hire foot company in the lloosier Ntete, is a rich burlesque Mr. W makes ta?y and graceful transitions ! roiii the Kiililime delineation of a ( lay to the " aangui uary pathos" ot one not " alleard of the inemy." We recommend all bypocondriacs to heur him. Mr. W. has drawn ctcwds of delightful visiters to his former lec- I tures, and we anticipate in the present otve a great | throng, os Kx-Presulent Houston, one of the men of the age, will he present, which will of course, induce the ilile to be there. Holiday Si-ort.?There will he three grand rhooting matches to-day, at Connelly's, foot ot 13th street, Nort> River. An Knglish giey hound, a good horse, an.l a of poultry await best shota. Nkw Year's Uivt.?Dr. Felix Oouraud, No. 67 V. ?lker street, has a valuable assortment of toilet articles, cosmetics, bo., on band, which are worthy of atteutiou This Spirit ok thu Ana.?We have read the prospectus ot a new temiwiaace paper to be published by Joseph A. Scovill and Tnaddeus Hyatt, with the above title. It promises to be o valuable aid to the cause it will advocate. Nkw Cororkr.?Coroner Rawron's term of office expired with tho old year, and to-day Dr. Waiters enteis linnn lh? ihitiAi a f tl*s? nfH?A TU- - *" ? r * * .... v. ...? viiiw a ujiibi) ui cuiuuor 01 me city and county of New York i* no elnecura ; but while the incumbent perform* tho sometimes arduoua duties which devolve u|ion him, he ha* the comforting a**urance that ha will bo well rewarded for hi* labor. Mimtaby Clinton Light Quard were out yesterday on a target excursion. The bull'* eye upon the board gave evidence of aeeeral good shot*. Conoisr.a's InguxsTi?Tho coroner yeatorday held two impiant*! one at the Bellevue hospital, upon the body of un unknown man, about 47 years of ago, who was Found lying in nn insensible state on the Bloomingdale Itoad, and was brought to the hoapital, where he died liom injuries which be appeared to have received upon 4i* head. The verdict or the coroner'* Jury was that the lecuaicd " came to hi* death by a blow with, or a fall upon, some solid blunt substance." The other impiest was held at '40ft Bowery, upon the body of John Hermann, a native ot (lermany, aged 43 years, who died iuildenly on the evening of the 30th December, from apoplexy. Ai.ha.xv, Dec. 47, 19-IG. Tnvtttigntiun in H'lnlian In framlt nnun Iht Puhlir ??. trnuss, 4"' The Legislature, at its last session, appointed the fol. owin? named member* a committee to investigate al edged frauds in the expenditure ot the re-, enuea of the levnral canal* of thia btateMruri. Lawrence, of Kranklin ; fierce, of Dutches*; < ha'lie id, of Steuben; Burh, of Krit, tM Vicle, ol Washington. These gentlemen ale now present in this city, and are rreputed to make their report to the Legialatute. They luve been actively encaged during the whole p**t mm nor, and have procured an almost incredible amount of estiinony in relation to thoae alleged fraud*. Kor a long icriodol timo it baa been auapected |that many of the Jaims of contractor* have heea eatahliahed by perjured estimony ; at leait, it haa fren known that the public rorks hare been convoitad into huge engine* for the immilacture of what M termed political capital, and for he aggrandisement of a few favored men, at the ex>ense of (heir fellow citizen* of the State of New Yoik The able and voluminou* repoit of tbia committee will itrloae an organized *yatem of depredation upon the lublic. treasury, of a nature most startling and altogether xiuuiuiv. uimiirienirnii io ?n ca'ent exceeding l,eicf lieve been allowed upon the teatimonr ol feigned I ri'iutae*. But I forbeat to go into onj claboiete iiieaaiitation ol | is matter contained in thii report. I will await ita aufc. I nation to tlie Legialatare, with the earneet hope that tho ommittee have Oavtaed an-l will recommend to the Laixla'tire tome thorough preventative* againat this , tholraale lobbety of the treasury of tlio 8Ute It ia. inced, no longer a matter of aatoiiiahmeut that thn reveuaa of the public worka are inadequate to ineet even ia oidinary damauda upon the tieaaury for the luppoit I thn government. Mr.Tierce, of Ouchaaa, beadiechetged tha moatimpoi- I nit iHitiea ol Ibia committee, ami haa been di*tiiigui?lied r an oneigt, * ><' ability in pioaecuting tliia inveatigaon, eminently c reditu hi c to hia reputation ai a pat i lot iut a gentleman. Mr. Btticc, of Mndiaon, one oi the mrmbare of the Con- i itutional Convention, ia a candidate lor the ofHce of Ad i itaiit 'leneml. M**?ti. Bush, of Kile, and Mathei.of 'toy, ate klao candidate* Mr. Thomaa Smith, the anti rent representative ltom . chohtrie, la working prodtf toualy for the Bpetkenhlp I I 1^ Ii/1 17. 4.5 7. Police Intelligence. Charge of Grand Larceny,?Th it valuable officer, John hurley,of the lower police, arretted yeiterdav. a men by tbe nemo ot Luke Dillon, ou a warrant issued t>y Justice Drinker, wharein h? etanda charged with stealing a large quantity or liouiehold furni'ure valued at $600 the property of an elderly widow by tbe name of Frances Johnson. It appear* that Mra. Johnson hiied he house No. (>H Greenwich at, for the purpose o( keeping boarders, last spring, and the accused wae one of her boarder*, when Mra. Jot.nsor, tin ling that she waa unable to carry ou the business to any prolita le advantage to beraelt, concluded to break up housekeeping, and the landlor-lt 00k the house oil' her bauds in the fall ot the year Mrs. Johnson then stored her furniture with a Mr. Waldworth, in Greenwich street, near- ; ly opposite her former residence, tor safe keeping A , lew days ago this man, Dillou, went to Mr. Waldworth, demanded the propeity thus stored by Mrs. Johnson, , stating that it belonged to biinaelf, which was given up, supposing all was right, and hus since been sold by the accused, and tbe money appropriated to his own use.? I Justice Drinker committed nim to the Tombs for examination. drresf of a Pickpocket.?Officer Williams, of the 3d ward, arrested, yesterday forenoon, a notorious pickpocket, called Jack Shinale, alias the ' Kid," whom the officer detected in tbe act of " sounding" the coat tad pockets of various person* in Washington market, when, alter watching him around the market for some time, th? " rnnrmr" * nark ml him. anil tnnL (Iia " cmv" hnfnrw like chief ol' police, where he wai identified as an old Philadelphia "kuuck,' he having served ouf a term of yeara in the Massachusetts State prison, with hi* Pal, Jack McDonald, and aince that, he lias hm sen tencod tor six montha in Brooklyn for picking u pocket with another "pal," called Biily Kian. This same chap kept for a short time in Philadelphia, a coal office, aa a ' ^tall off," to cover his depredations. The chief locked him up, and to day he will lie " spotted" by all the police department, by the way of wish ing this slippery chap a happy new year. OrdertiI by ibe Mayor.?His Honor the Mayor has instructed the Chief of Police to issue the following order, relative to tho arrangement and better delusion of police information to be derived by the officers detailed by bis Honor at the 1st, fid and 3d Police Courts, it np|>eais that there aro nine officers stationed at the 1st Police District, in the Tombs, and lour at each of the other offices. Thus, every two months hereafter, lour officers will be removed from the Tombs and placed at the other two offices, and two Irom each of the other offices will be ordered to tuke their place, and so on, alternately, through the year. Pardoned.? An Knglishman, by the name ol Thomas H. Bramhall, who was sentenced on the 7th of last November, by the Court of Sessions, for a term of six months to the penitentiary, he having been convicted ol passing spurious bank hills. Governor Wright yesterday granted a conditional pardon as follows : - On coudition that the said Bramhall, upou leaving the penitentiary, shall surrender himself to the legal custody of Alderman Stoneall, of tho city of New Vork, and permit the said Mtoneaii, by or before (lie oth day of January lie**, iu bui11 uiui vu uuuiti vi nuiiiu vtBHci uuunu lur tt port in Ureal Britain?and that ha depart in such vessel I Irom the United States, not to return to them for a period of Ave years, or that the said Htoneall return him to the peniteutiary to serve out his sentence,? and in default of a compliance with any part of this coir dition, this pardon shall cease, and the said Bramhall return to the penitentiary and aerve out his sentence ? Upon this pardon, the prisoner was brought from oft" Blackwell's island yesterday and placed in the city prison, wheii he will, on Saturday next, be conducted, in the custody of an oilicer, on board the ship Columbia, which sails lor Liverpool on the above day. .drrest of a Slant Driver.? Officer Leonard, Stage Ins|iector, took from oft'the boxjyesterdey, Charles Miller, driver of stage No. 63, Reynold and Wors'liue. It appeurs that Alderman Hart, of the 6th ward, saw him standing with his stage on the crossing, opposite Courtlandt street, and requested him to move ou, which he refused to do, at the same time using lfcnguuge of a vory abusive nature towards the Alderman, wuo made no more to do, but immediately informed the Chief of Po lice, who causedthe arrest ol the driver on the comer of Chambers street and Broadway. Ho was conducted to the Tombs. .Irresf on Suspicion.?Officers Van Brunt end Walsh, of the 16th wetd. arrested last night two fellows called John Thomas and John (iillian, having in their possession a bag, containing a set ol harness, marked (ti), which they were endeavoring to sell at a stable in Mercer street, for which an owner la wanted. Apply at the police oftice, tftu avenue. Justice Koome locked the tellow up for examination. Robhtdon the Five Poinlg? Officers Watson ami McManus, arrested yesterday a lellow called Patrick MoCewley, oua charge of stealing f 16from John Alvord, while in a bouse ol doubtful reputatiou on the Five roints. Locked up by Justice Drinker. jirrnt of a Skopliftrr.?Officer Urumstead, ol the 10th ward, arrested yesterday a lellow called John Schoals, on a charge of atealing a set of studs valued at $6, from the jewelry iture of Slebbins it Co , corner of $ niton ?t. and Broadway. It Menu this tchap went into the atore for the purpoae of pricing aome jeweliy, and watching an opportunity, stole the abovo property. On searching hia person the property was found. Locked up by Justice Timpson. Jlrrtitof Ha> k Drivero ? Office is Bloom auJ Hulkwaite, Hack Inspectors, arrested Yesterday, Bernurd Mcllugh, owner ot cab No. 47;<ustles and Mcdoveru, coach No 10 >; < hisi!? Uallagher, of cat) No. M7, all of whom were Quod lor a violation of the Coiporatiou law, in coming on the I'ark -tun.I witnout tba number ol the coach painted on the lamps, and for not having their lamps lighted. Tbejr wore all lind for such violation; likewise Patrick (duinn. was taken ht-lore His Honor thv Mayor, yesterday, and lined $o, lor a similar oilVnce. In default of payment, ho was locked tip in piison. Keeping a Ditonlrrly llousr?Officer Martin, of the 6th wurd, arrested yesterday Phobe Doty, on a warrant, whetein she stands charged with keeping a disorderly house at No. 164 Church street. Justico Drinker held her to bail in the sum ol $.">00, in default of which she was committed to prison. Recovery of an jcordion ?Officer Stephens recovered yrserJay, from a socoml h^ndshop kept by L'Jacobs, in Chatham street, a handsome aecor lion, belonging to Mr. John L. Cilley, worth $30, it having been stolen at 1 the great lire in July, a yuar ago. Uurglary.?The shop occupied by John Mitchell,in the ear, No. 'Jtt Vamdam street, was burglaiiously entered last night by means of a false key, and alo ol brass and Herman silver Bute Koys. valued at urar $40, in an un- | iiuiaiinu ?m c, nno .1 small sk'.vn in n cross frame, such as aie used by silversmiths, stolen ihorefrom. No arrost. Anothrr.?The prem.eei No. JIH B'twary, occupied by Mr. Henry B Venn, waa burglariously entered on the night ol the'.10th, and robbed ot oight ball ticket*. No other property taken. No arrest lohb'd in an Ommhtu?A lady was lobbed yesterday ' a gold watch, on the hack of which was engraved J. V. B. Vaitck," while riding up Broadway, in one of he 11th street omnibuses. .No on est. Common Pleas, Before Judge UHboeil'er. Dkc. 31.?Fartrran vs. Ilyrr.?In this cause the jury rendered o verdict for tlio plaintiff. After which there was one unimportant caae tiied, and both branches of the court adjoumod to .Saturday. Varieties. The rope walk of Thomas llammoml, in Washington street, Poitland, was entirely destroyed by tire ou Sunday evening. I.oss not stated. A new post oOlce haa htcn established in the thriving village of Nivervilie, in the north part ef the tow n of Klnderhook. The chtirch occupied by a portion of the colored ponidation of Augusta, Georgia, was recently Jestioyed by tiro. The Philadelphia Typographical Society intend cele hrating their sixteenth anniversary by a supper at the City Hotel, on the evening ol Saturday, Jan. J. There was a tremendous storm in St. Johns, New Brunswick, on the first of December. Kvery part of the capitol, at Albany, has undergone some impiovement, during the recess of the Legislature ? ml it may be mid to have !>?( .me entirely rejuvenated, without having lost iti identity. | The Van flurrn (Aik ) Inlr.lligtnctr, ?aye " We learn that acme ono or more of the volunteer*, no *uppoaed, who aic now stationed nt Fort (iibxon, have recently killed two Cherokee* The Cherokee* are great lr excited, and we hear that they loudly demand redrew. We hare not heard any particular*, and therefore we are not ahle to give any hiitorv of the affair, nor our opinion ??to the cauae of the inurderi, or the justice of the excitement. Henry V. D. William*, of Lima, Ohio, di. d at hi* re*idence on the 18th mat., of hydrophobia. He wa* bitten in the arm by a dog, on the U 1st October lait, while on a vi*it at Marion. A provision ha* p*?*od the < onatitutional Convention 1 in Wisconsin, aecuring 0 wife in the |>o*iei*ion of propeity held hy her at the time of h?r marriage. The homestead of a family, to the amount of 40 acres, cannot be touched by any action at law. It i* estimated in the HI. /.nun Union, that forty-six hundred good and substantial building* have been erect; ed by the cor| oration ot *t. Loui* within the two last year*. f ields B. Hackey, committed suicide on the 17th inat. ' lie wa* poor, had a Large family, and was in ill health. Despair drove him to *eif-.leitruc|to n A flat boat, with 1*00 hbi* flour, and two loadad with plough*, weie sunk on tha Kith inat, opi>o*ite Mayivilte, Kantucky. A nr? took | l?ri> on the pistil*', iall of J. J. Way, Libeity o not if j, Ot-otgia, on the Jnih, which destroyed one ; ol bis negro houses, end burnt to deeth four young chil- ' dren, t>oloie assistance could bo tendered. A Are in rittsbuigh, on Wednesday wis attended with sellout damage, destroying liquors of R Watson V Co., I to the amount ol ys,irfW doubtlsss the work of an incendiary. Theo. Messick, a eoloted man, was murdered the | samr atoning No arrest has been made. An attempt will be made Ihia year to celebrate Naw Year's Ray in Boston, after 'he manner which is adopted so generally in this city. Mr. Rota, a soldiet belonging to Captain Naylor's company , was tariously injured on Saturday night, l-y lulling Irom the second story of the barracks at Pittsburgh. Nichols, the Ameriren I - 1 -* 1 lhat,d.coontho?thinat ,l j A latge ttonn mill belonging to .NyJvanoi Holhrenk, 1 Knj., Mtinted in Notthhridge, wan entirely dcatroyed by ftie 1 at Monday. It wu filled with cotton machinery, ' none of which mm* saved The building and machinery I in connection with a mill adjoining, which waa i-aerd f wore lnruied lot Jjo.uou, flO.CMJ at the Maoulacturaia' . Mutual offlae in thia to?B, aud lO.Ot'fl atch at t?o of tl>? ^ Hartford offlcea LD. Pile* Two Canto* Naval Intelligence. HERALD NAVAL CORRK?PONDRNC?Hampton Koaui. Dec. U0, 1546. Arrived here thin day, the United Statea "loop of-war Saratoga. She left Rio de Janeiro on the 24tb Auguat laat. under ordera to join the Pacific equadron; but. encoun'oring heavy weather round Cape Horn?aplitting eotna of her auiU and loting one of her quarter boata? the 37th, vktrii MdM with Commodore Shubrick in the Independence, and lum. Rousseau in tbo Columbia, the Saratoga was deemed unlit lor active duty, and Wea order*'* ty the United State*. Sbe tailed from Rio en the (ith Sept, and arrived here alter a pasaage of Ji day*. Uer officers are:? Commander J. Shubrick, commanding; Lieut* O. 8. Glisaon, J L King. A. B Davi*. anil Acting K. T. Nichols; Surgeon M. G. Dclaney; Pasaed A?*t. Surgeon J. I) C.Barclay; Punier J. O. Bradford; Lieutenant ol Marine* John S. Devlin; Passed Midahipmau II K Steven*, Acting Master; C Stevan* Captain'* Clerk; Midahipmen, Cha*, Latimer, li H Key, T. B Shubrick, J M Ford, R W. Scott; Boatawain Wm. Smi h; Carpenter J O Butler; Gunner J. O. Williamiou; Sailmaker K.Middleton P. L. D. Judge McCaleh, in New Orlean*, ordered the Yucatan ichooner Lnonida*, taken a* a prize by the (quadrai in the Gulf, on the 17th inat., to be releaied. Revenue Aim Ine Order. Tutiuar UrrtiTMiiiT, Dec. 'JS, 1846. Sir,?A* the seaion i? approaching when much suffering and distress experienced tiy vessel* bound to port* in the Unite 1 State* |from long voyage*, may be alleviated by the agency of the revenue vessel* while cruising on the coast, in discharge ol the duties enjoined by the act of Congress of December Utl, 1837, I have thouarht it udvisable to deaimute the revenue schooner , under your command, more especially for that set vice. To enable you to utl'ord the required assistance to reticle and ere we in d11 cases of distress, it will be proper that you should carry provision, fuel, and water, in such quantities as can be conveniently st?wed. Should the underwriters see (it to place clothing or other supplies on board, you will take charge ol the same, and dispose of them agreeably to their directions. Thus prepared, you are directed to cruiie between and keeping as close to the lsnd as may be consistent with the aafoty ofthe vessel, and not going into port oftcner than you may be compelled to from stress of weather or want of supplies; on all such occasions you will immediately report to the depaitment the cause of such return to port. While cruising you will speak all vessels approaching the coast which you may (ail in with, and afford to those requiring aid or reliet such assistance as may be adapted to their condition and necessities, and as it may be in your power to reudor; and that any supplies thus furnished may bo duly accounted for, you will charge them at the cost vrluo, handing over to the collector any meney or orders which you may have received therefor, and taking his receipt for the same. You will cause the tracks made during youi cruise to be distinctly traced upon the chart, and all soundings, staling the depth of water, quality ol the ground, Sic., entcied upon the journal. A lull list of all vessels boarded or spoken, specifying those relieved, the na'ure ofthe assistance utfoided, and the positiou of the vessel at the time, with an abstractol ilie distance run by log, will he transmitted to the department, at the expiration of the cruising, 011 tbn 1st o April next I am. vorv 1? tier.Hullv tntir nhoiliasnt kervunl K. J ." WALKKK, Secretary of the Treeiury. The Alert to cruue botween Kastpoit nnl OwI'? Heed. The Hamilton botween Cape Neddock and Chatham Light. The Jackson, between Holme * Hole and Point Judith The Tany, between Montaak Point and Little Kgg Harbor. The Crawford, bctw eon Little Harbor and Chingoteague. The .Madison, between Chingoteague and Cap* Hat teiua. A reference to House document No U01, of the laat session, will exhibit that during the months of Decern ber, 1und January, Kohruary au<l Maich, 1640, l/jei vessels were spoken and boarded, M? of which were iuuua iu distress ana relieved. HI) vessels, at a moderate a vet age of. . . $.1,(100 $440,000 89 outgoes " " " $10,000 8!H),000 Property saved to the merchant $1,386, OOP Onehalf of these at leaat were foreign vessels, having dutiable goodi on hoard. Tho value of tho cargoes, ninouutiug to $440 000, the average dutiea being 23.'? per cent., oxhibiti a saving to tho government of $104,675 In duties, riot taking into consideration the raving of life oi frauds prevented.>ki.mia, Dec. 31, 1848. The old j ear i* closing exceedingly mild, tie atmosphere fog^y, and resembling Indian summer. Our atreeta are (warming with lalies, ami store-keepers are doing a thriving business in tho diipoaal of New Year's pre" (enti. There i( an attempt to be made tt -morrow to introduce the custom of visiting the la lies, so general and popular among the good people oi the city of (iuthatn. It ia a practice that would meet w ith tinivetaal favor, if onco adopted, and it ia to be hoped that the attempt will t successful A colored fellow named llitchingr, was yesterday cotr mitted to prison for a most brutal assault upon bii sista. diirinor whic i he inm..eil ii,?er> I... i?:-i . i p J , ?pX u< I HIIIIVUIIJI avnvui i? temnl injuries She was conveyed lo the hospital. A sloop laden with coal was sunk j etterday at Naw rustle, in consequence of running Hgatnst tha atone pier. She Mink so rapidly that thu cupUiu had to flee into tlu. rigging. and wua tsken >11" hy h lioat from the shore. t Sivori'a farewell concert laat evening cattail out a bril- \ li ant audience, and they were enraptured at the atylo \ and mcl'dy of hia performance. Miss Noidhail waa in \ excellent voice, and l)e Begins aa entertaining aa ever, \ and thu w hole art'.ni ( assoil elf cr.urmic,;ly. \ Snlca of Ntorta at PHtln<lrl|ihln. \ Dec. 11 ? Kinsr Boaat).?4*1 I' S bank, l'f; 7100 If 8 Loan, \ fi?, i#,c*rli,t. (k I'.Dhi 13?"> do, y>'?: 'IKIil Uo.aj';; !<MK> City is, 'J2, ifltHJ State in, cash, Oil's; I0U iieavrr Meadow Hit, 1<H: \ iff Heading K K, cash 31. \ Arivn San a ? Ml llirrisbur.- It It, 2> Strain Bmau -23CA Sr*te As, 71; 1IIU Harntburg H B, 2i',; I JO Vifhsburg Bank, a V j\n ran Sat.i t.?100 Vieksberg 0ink. 6 V. 21 Mreliaaiaa' Bank, LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS AND TEA TRAYS. rftHK aabaeriher has just opened ooe of the beat aeleeted A stock of Lamps, he., now in thia city. Lard and Molar Lamps in l<ilt ; IJrour.ed and Turquoise inlaid with (old; alto Oirandolet of various patterns; Silver,Chit,and Brosied; Hull Lamps wirli stained glass. The above (oodaareall arranged for inspection, and wii lb? aold at low rrteea. Churches, Hotels, and Mannfectnrers can alwaya hnd a large aaaorv irient of Lampa amiable lor their purpose, JOIlN U. MOHOAN, ill Im're lit b niton ?t , I dnnr froin Broadway. tSlUH T HKU'l'U AND INFLAMMATION OK THK KYKS CURED, BY TUB KOMAN KYK BALSAM-A Specific Onatmrnt for Diaeasea of the Eyes. This Balaam will speedily restore weak eyes, remove inflammation and soreness from the eyelids, and restore sight where it is possible lodoao. The weakuest of sight from old age, or from overstraining .by leo fised attention to minute objects, can be enred by a lew applications. In fact, ila almost miraenloua influence on diseases of the eyea, will astonish say one who nset it. Prepared only by HENRY JOHNSON. Chemist aad uruggiat, anecraaor to A li HAMDM It ( O. Z7I Broadway, in the Ciranite Building. Sold alao at 110 Knltoa atraat, aad 77 Knit Broadway. I'nee U rml?. _____ ? ? Hath L'onanmption'a doom been apokeal Art thou apilliog life awn\I It thr eonatftntion broken, Bringing darknett o'er thy day I Towering high o'er imitation. Dr. Hwtyne't Wild Cherry atanda, Spreading Joy through many a nation, K.'eii in tcy Mwitr.erland. DK. HWAYNt'h COMPOUND SYRUP OK WILD C1IKKHY itmild and pleaaaot to the taate, perfectly tale and hmn'raa in ita operatinni, and yet it D one of the moat powerul and certain reinedira for ( nnamnption of the Lnnga, C .ngha, t .nlda. Atthina, Spitting Blood, Lirer Complaint, I aint iu the Side or Breaat, and general debility of the ronatitntion, that waa ever invented by the akill of man for the ri lief ol the nlflicted public, I eitil'n utra aad evidencea of ita wonderful rnranve powera are daily teceiyed from a|l qnartera. It la nnpoaaible to conceive trie aggregate of anflerirg and n.i.ery iliat haa been rrlieved or ban'aned by it, nor can we calculate the immenae bent fit that ahall acerne from it hereafter. All agea, eeiea and couatitntioua are alike alft'Cteo by it, and the daaraae la rradicatcd frcm the / 1 air in. the e?netitution repaired, and health rratored by the indirpoia u? el Ur SWAY.NK'S COMPOUND SYRV'P OK Wll.DLHKKRY. How many aiilfrrera do we daily heboid approaehiug to an nutimrly gray* wrr itrd in the blontn of you'l. Iiotn ih? ir rel .in and f inula, afflicted with that, fatal nial idy, CO SSt :.MI'TION, which waaira ihe miaerabK auffrrer u.ifil h? beromea bey nd the power of human akcilIf aneli auffe era would only makeairialol Dr. Swe'.ag a Compound S' inp of Wild cherry, they wuuid fi?* themaelrea aoonuer itlitvcd, than by gulping the vari#e* ,nt?ee tire retried e? ill. -.I. - - i- V- -a a1"- " "" - nun II UUI lltnn|M|TU IWUfc"' %??? ?? S< table Hrmnly ' licala the ulcerated luuga, ?e ?'plr,a Drotnae night awrata, at tlx imik time inducing a ueteral and healthy 11 perforation, nail Ox patient will goon rod himtelf id tha enjoyment ol comfortable health. '1 |>e public ahould baar in mind that Ur. Hwayne ia a regular irtactiaing phyaieiau, who baa hail y eara ol eiperiecce in di?-*aea ol the Lunga, Cheat, Ur., he. A CAUTION TO THK fVBLIC.-Be eantiona to uk for Ur Swavne'a lyrun, lit* only trua aiid grnaiua article of Wild Cherry before tl?? iroblie, and we would any to the*' dieted, alwava look H i ilia ? ntten ngr.a ure of Ur. 8* at"' ou each bottle betete yon ynrcl aae. Beware, and be ?ot dc eeired! . From the ?ncreating demand forthe aboae art/de. I'rulgi?la, Merchant! and dealer* generally, will bnd't to rheir no <*iit>g? t > hare a lull 'itiply el' thia >aloablr wedietiie. *? number to inquire for.ltr. hwayue'a CompoundBy rap ol Wild Cherry, aa there bate hit t aomc i?di\idaali with th? armined r.arnc ol phyiietnn, making great '*>rt? to poah ? purr iia arnrlr into the market nudar a lirtiliou* i.? The ( an I only ) gnnouie amele ia o?lv nrei-arfdW^^ l)?. KWAv.NK, N. H r? rter ol highlit and Hnce ?:reei? ~ - Philadelphia. . Ai.raTt la Nl.w loaa?I iitaiii II. Kim, rorneiol Broad way and Joliii ?ta. H A.HANDB I la i'.ewrry . k,. H Wa***?, 20"> Blafckrr ?tie?t, J.O. IliHT, M1 itm4. corn*' Norfolk; J. L. Lr.vtii, jTI <h\ ruwirh: DonrvTTl Urn*il??y; w?*tr ?nj ktit. ham. 131 Kull'ia; mn. iw knll' i itrn.t, Urooklm, B Ol.Bl N So*, N???rk lull' rr*n?oN, K-'hwar: Mk>. Kidor* t On Court itrret, fc.^too, Dvhoi* kt 'o.. I'omnnl;C. I)?i it, Jr , Proridrnre; Hoai ?*v. I'mkuf*, a ' o 113 Wnur run, N Y rv ,M WfcK iw rtr Nr.HTOWN PUTIN ANT.-.S -Ti \r in-.,riIwi ?M on hand and ofer. form* J009 ? irrrU ol cfcoiee W? ,'lnl N?*to?n Pippin*, pat up ?ipr*??ly for th# Mali imrk*tj alio, UN barrel* of f!?MM I^dv Applti, 8pil?e? ?r?t, Ortra', hi. 4^>j> jf** njid f\,'*lo?i *l?t> ? >? b"u4 laa ,t UP to o*d*r ,,r .b,PP<M w i ?i, i fun* rim

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