Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1847 Page 2
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I NEW YORK HERALD. ^ *V*w York, Ki I'lny, Jamitty 1, INIJ. The Daily Herald. To give those attached to the Herald L'staiilishmsmt an opportunity ol enjoying " New Year's day," we shall not publish a paper to morrow. ?We shall, however, issue an Extra rat 10 o'clock in the morning, to contain nil the news that may reach us in the meantime. Tim Werkly Herald. The IVttkly Htrald is now for sale at the oliice. It was printed yesterday, in consequence of "New Year's Day" coining on Friday. Single copies, in wrappers, sixpence each. The Holiday Herald, We have published a lourth edition ot this beautiful sheet. The illustrat ions of the Mexican war give it an historical value that no other pictorial possesses. Single copies, in wrappers, ready lor mailing, can be had at the desk. A. l>. Klghtren hundred mid forty-six?A f>. Klghtceu hundred and forty-seven. We wish each and all of our patrons and friends a happy, very happy, New Year, and co cra niate them on the general prosperity that / the first of January, 1847, witnesses in our beloved country. Although 'he year 1846 belongs to the past, it was marked by many incidents and events which i : i.. : !.? n,.o will bo found in another column, under chronological and statistical heads, and we recommend our readers to preserve this day's paper as an index to the history of the year just closed. We have taken some pains to compile these tables in order to present the patrons ef the IV* w York Herald with a rich New Year's Gift. The most important event that happened in the old year is the war with Mexico?a neighboring republic on our own continent. This war was commenced by the enemy, and forced upon us. Previous to the commencement of hostilities, the United States had endured a series ol insults and injuries for a number of years, which no other nation, able to redress its wrongs by force, would have submitted to. Notwithstanding our acknowledged ability to force satisfaction for our repeated wrongs, our country, with a magnanimity without a parallel in the history el' the wcrld, held forth the olive branch of peace, and ropeatedly asked and implored of i Mexico to retrace her steps and avoid a collision with us, warning her, at the same time, that, in the event of hostilities occurring, we should act only on the defensive, until sell-protection and the came of humanity required us to assume another position. Mexico refused the hand of friendship, and was deaf to our warnings. She declared the two countries at war before a shot was fired by our troops, and followed up the declaration by spilling the blood of our fellow-citizens on our own soil. Tiro war is still in progress, but wo doubt not, ihat before the end of the present year, it will have been brought to an honorable termination. The year 18M?, thon, witnessed a disruption ol" ui?? penceiui itriiuiuns which iiit? \jnucu oiairs hud enjoyed with the whole woild, for a period ' of more than thirty years. The same year, too? has witnessed some of the most daring military and naval exploits that were ever performed.? j Opposed to a foe three times superior in point of numbers, our brave regulars and volunteers compelled the enemy to bite the dust, and such of them as escaped their deadly aim, to fly before ihem as chaff before the wind. Our navy officers performed feats of heroism and bravery, which, Tor dauntless energy and daring, are probably unexampled. We have now changed our own position. Wc have taken an offensive stand,and are prosecuting the war in the enemy's country. We have gain- i ed, and are daily gaming important advantages, not with a view of conquest, but purely to conquer a peace. Before this is accomplished, we may record other victories and other deeds of heroism and bravery, worthy of our brave army and navy. The year 1846, too, has witnessed many changes in our domestic policy. The Congress of that year passed the sub-treasury bill, and modified the tariff of ld42 ; but the time that has elapsed sinre they were put in effect, has not been sufticimtly long to hazard a conjecture on their probabb influence on the interests of the country. The year 1846 was marked by a love of order >n tho part of our citizens which we may be highly proud ol. We have de uonstrated to the world that republics afford as adequate protection to life and property, as any other form of government. The year 1846 also witnessed the settlement of a long and angrily agitated question of boundary between the United States and Great Britain. iMutual concession, and a reciprocal desire to avoid the effusion of blood, prevailed over false ideas of honor; and a matter that at one time threatened to cause a conflagration that would ; encucie me civinzeu worm, was uisposvi 01 i through the influence of civilization and humani- ! */ There are many oilier events in the year 1846 j that we might refer to, if space permitted. We shall content ourselves with mentioning them in another column, under appropriate heads. Adieu, 1846. Thy hand, 1847. Slilp Building In New York In The spirit of enterprise which has always marked the character cf the American merchants, and which has done so much towards the welfare and prosperity of the country, we are gratified to perceive is still in the ascendant, notwithstanding the innumerable restrictions' which operate against commerce, growing out of national dissensions, and which seem to have effected but little that indomitable spirit of energy and perse" verance so peculiar to the nature of our people generally. This most important branch of trade, in w: ich the New York ship builders are so justly eel ub rat ed, not only for tho tleet and beautiful mxeled vessels they have sent out to every hnbitabi portion of the world, but also for the largest, t e most durable, and withal the most convenient ships that float upon the bosoms of the Atlan c and Ny Paciflo Oceans, is yet, we are happy to state, keeping pace with the rapid and onward march ofthisageof enterprise and improvements. In on- annual report of the amount of tonnage built at thv port during the past year, we find that no less thavtbiriy-seven thousand, nine hundred and forty-five t%;ig have been and are now in course of completion Twenty five thohsand nine hundred and forty of that amount is 110^ engaged in its legitimate clement, the remainder n yet on the stocks, *na win np comrioicn .n the roufe nl one tp?nrh. vessels launched in 1s-16. Perin*, Palltnnn tr Stark Ship Yard head of Water atreat?Schooner rerine, 100 tool burthen ; Luilt for the coasting tiade ; lawhed on the 10th day of March. Schooner Bola da Oro, HO ton* burthen, built for S. Blanco. foriha-woeitlnK trade at Balize, ilonduraa; launchrjIitrtToTjiine. '( jm terry hont, 1m0 ton*, built for tha Jarkaon Kerry; launched Sept. 10th. Schooner N'ew fork, 100 tona, Boaton packet; launch ed Htb of October. Ship Enterprise, now on the atocka, 060 one burthen, built for Capt. Edward Kunck, late of ?lhp llaltimore, in' t eo led lor the Liverpool trade, will be launched on oi bout the '16th of January. hiy ol 1100 tona, m v building for Merrte Slate,Gard Mr k Howell, intended for the Liverpool trw*, will he launched in May neat. / In addition, one eloop, 70 ton* burthen, A?r R. V. W. Thome k Co. f A drudging machine for Peter Morn*. Kaq., of 110 toni burthen. IK. H Wtbb't Yard. Ship Klita Denniion, launched in March for Meiara Hurlburt'* line of Mobile packeta. Ship Bavaria, launched in Septembor, for Wm. Whit lock '* line of Havre packet*. 1040 ton*. Ship Columbia, launched in April for the Black Ball line of Liverpool packet*, 1150 tona. Ship Admiral launched in October for Kox It Living*ton'* line of Havre packet*, 10*10 tona. Ship Sir Robert Peel, launched in November for Meaara. Oriiwold'a line of London packeta, 1080 tona. Smith 4r Dinan'i Yard. The magnificent ship Sea Witch, Capt. Waterman, of 00 tone, launched in November for the house of Messrs. How land I Aspinwall. Brown f Self's Yard The work done in this yard has been principally for government 1 Gun boat Bonita, 76 tons, for the United 8tates. Gun-boat Petrel, 76 tons, for the United States. Gun boat Reefer, 76 tons, for the United States. Steamer Spitfire, iff 1 tons, for government Steamer Vixen, 341 tons, for government. Ship Galena, of SAO tons, intended for Nelson's line of New Orleans packets, under command of Capt Dennis. iVritirrilt and Uc Kay's Yard. Ship Margaret Evans, Capt. Tinker, of 1000 tons, for Messrs Griswold's London line. Ship Christiana, Capt. Hammond, of 800 tons, for the New Orleans trade. Ship American Eagle, Capt. Chadwick, 1000 tons,for John Griswold's line of London packets. Jabrx Williams' Yard. Ship Atlantic, Capt. Rose, of 000 tons, belonging to Messrs. Stanton and Frost's New Orleans line of packets. Bark Montezuma, of 4*0 tons, South American trade. Schooner Pocahontas, 300 tons, Richmond packet If. H. Brown's Yard. pvuBuici .uuuuiMiioer, ^urui ivivei unue, ouu long, launched in January. Steamship Southerner, Capt. Berry, Charlestoippacknt, 800 tons, launched in June. Ship Fait Held, Capt. Loveland, Charleston packet, 700 tons, launched in June. Two barges, 060 tons each. ; Bishop and Simonson't Yard. Steamer Atlantic, (recently lost,) 1160 tons, launohed in May. Steamship Aurora, for Porto Rico and Havana trade, 300 tons launched in October. Steamer Botafuga, for the Cuba trade, 360 tons, launched in February. W. H. Colyer's Yard, Steamer Francis Secor, East Rivar trade, 006 tons. Schooner Heroine, of 000 tons. Southern trade. Schooner Blanche E. Savre. of 000 tons. Schooner Cornelius Vundurbilt. of 200 tons. Schooner Undine, of 176 tons. Schooner Pauline, of 200 tons, Southern trade. And two barges for the New York and Railroad Compuny. VESSELS ON THE STOCKS. Perine, Patter ton Stack's Yard. Ship Enterprise, 950 tons burthen, intended for the Liverpool trade, under the command of Captain Edward Funck, late of the Havre packet Baltimore. She will be launched on or about the 25th instant. Ship of 1,100 tons, intended for the same trade, for Messrs. Slate, Uardener & Howell. She will be launched in May. W. H. Webb't Yard. Ship Dr. Franklin, designed for Messrs. Fox It Livingston's Havre line. To I>e completed in February. 1,000 i tons. Ship of 1,160 torn, intende 1 for Marshall's line of Liver, pool packets; to take tho place of the Europe, and will be commanded by Oaptain Furbur. 6 Steamer for the Williamsburg Ferry, 315 tons. I The keel of the first steamer for C. H. Marshall's line ; of New Orleans packets will be laid next week Brown 4" BelVt Yard. Ship Constitution, of 1 600 tons, designed for Messrs . Woodhull & Minturn's line of Liverpool packets, under command of Captain Britton, lately of the Rochester.? j This ship is the largest and best modeled vessel evercon< structed. She draws two feet more water than Captain sitiuay a new snip ngrra. due win up inuocucu on Monday. Westervelt and Mr Kay't Yard Steamship Washington, Capt lie watt, tlie first of the : government mail line, between thia port, Bremen and I Havre, 1750 tone. She is now nearly planked, and will i be ready to launch thi* month. The keel of the aeconJ, in the same line, of the same burthen, will be laid imme. diately. Lawrence and Sneeden't Yard. | Steamer for the Kast River, of 400 tons. Henry Steer's Yard. Two pleasure schooners, one 80 tons, the other 60. Jaftez Williams' Yard | Ship of 900 tone, designed for Messrs. Stanton k Fost's I line of New Orleans packets, under command of Capt. Ruttoone, now of the Union. W. H. Brown's Yard. Steamer for the North River tiada, 600 tons, will be 1 launched next week. TU. b..l ?C > nf 1 nrtn twna ...111 ha 1.M ...-I | week, to ruu in conjunction with the iteamahip Month. erner, to Charleston. Bit hop 4' Simonson'i Yard. Steamer o( 1000 tons for ('apt. Van terhilt. She is almost completed. Stoamor ol 400 tons for the Fulton Ferry Company. In addition to the above list of the vessels { launched and on the stocks in the various yards | within the precincts ol our city, we may mention that the keels of six splendid steamships wiil be ; laid in the coming month. Messrs. Westerveltfe McKay will, next week, put upon the ways the keel of a steamer of 1750 tons, the second in the line ol government mail ships between this port, Bremen and Havre, under the superintendence nf Mr Mil's. The Washington, which is the first in this line, is nearly ready to be launched. W H. Webb has completed the negotiations with Mr. C. H. Marshall, lor the lour steamships of 1400 tons each, each intended for the New Orleans and New York line. The keel of the Pioneer will bo laid immediately. W. H. Brown will commence, without delay, the second in the line of Charleston steamers for Messrs. Spotford, Tileston & Co. She is to run in conjunction with the famous Southerner, hut will be 200 tons larger. Our scientific and enterprising builders continue to receive the encouragement their taste and skill so deservedly merit. TnE British, French and Spanish Navv Officers in the Guj.f.?The noble conduct of the olfi. ccrs and men of the British, French and Spanish vessels of war oil' Vera Cruz, in risking their own , lives and saving those of the crew of tlio U. S. brig Somers, is deserving of all praise. We hope that our Congress will take occasion, at an early da/, to pass lomo suitable resolutions to bo fnr1 warded to them and their respectivo governi merits. Military Movements.?The gallant Lieut. Nichols, who acted as aid to Gen. Quitman, at ; the storming of Monterey, leaves us to-day, to join his regiment (2nd artillery,) as adjutant.? Success attend him. We learn in addition, that ' Col. Bankhcad leaves on Monday next. | Society Library.?This library is becoming yearly more and more valuable. On reference to our advert columns it will be seen that several very important additions have been made to its assortment ol books. Political Intelligence. The elections in iMaasachusett* on Monday, for tha 3< | end 4tli di?tricts, resulted in tha succeaa of the whig | candidates, Hon. Daniel P. King, aad Hon J. G. Palfrey I Massachusetts will present an undivided front in thi , neat session of Congress, ol ten whig members. I The official returns from Iowa show that Anaal Uriggi ! was elected by a majority of 118 votea, out ol Id,000 cast | The Senate and Lower Home of Iowa will probabl] ' elect no 1 . K. Senators at present. The House ia whig SI1C1 U|l|iuimn<l 1u? < vim mj uu wuivk in ku mm i?> : "Union*, and the Senate, which i* loco, refuied to con I cur. In Indians, Samuel ifanna, of Wayne county, has liuei elected Treaaurer, Uonglass Maguiro, ol Indianapolis Auditor and Horace P. Riddle, i'reaident Judgo ol thi eighth Judicial Circuit. The election* wore made 01 joint ballot ol tho Legislature These gentlemen an whig*. The whole democratic ticket tu Boston was elected on the second trial, on the 30th tilt. Ldwiu C. Bailey Esq., one of those elected to the Common Council, is one -of th4 principal clerks la tke Bostonr ost oflce. HERALD CIRONOLOtilCMi TABLE Kor tl?t Past and Previous Years. Jinujar. Ki tnlt of Loot Year. Kvtnlt prior to 1846. 1st -Panic in Wall street. Battle of Princeton in 1777. Oreat ball of Washington. Norfolk burnt by Lord DunAcadia loft Boston with more in 1776. Greeks deSO OoO letters, 40 baga pa- claro their independence, pers. and 70 passengers IBM. ! Yucatan withdraws from I Mexico. 3d?The "man with the Trial of Gen. Hall for tree1 white hat" is sesn in New son, and cowardice, at AlOrleans. Staten Island be- btny,1814. comes celebrated through ! Hernandez. 4th Tho Hibemia arm- Triple alliance of the | e>l at Boston with Charles Hague between France, I Keen and lady. Kngland and Holland, 1717. I 1 sth?Introduction in Con- Whitehall Palace burned, | I gresa ot Cbaa. J. Ingersoll'a 1608. Peace ratified be- . IrolOlUUUU tvr mo wuwio v* i ?vc?u vncsi uiutuu unu iuo i Oregon or none, end for Ottoman Porte. Destruc- 1 cessation of joint occupa- tive lire at Smyrna, 1810 ! tion. Oth ? State Legislature Peaee of Taris between I met at Albanv. France and Sweden in 1H10. I I 8th?Grand balls given On the saaie day, 181a, ' throughout the city, and balls were given and recountry generally. ceived at the battle of New i Orleans. 10th?Reception of news Oreat fire at Charleston, from Mexico, that Paredes, 1810. Treaty between Eng. ' at St Luis Potosi, was pro- land and Holland, 1078. paring to march against the ci'y ol Mexico. 13th? Oreat abolition .Alliance of France and meeting, and Cassius M. Sweden, 1031. Norway Clay at the Tabernacle. Col. ceded to Sweden, 1814. Wet>b recovers a coat stolen in Baltimore. 15th?Hrraid receives ex- r. S. frigate President elusive news from Europe captured by four British by packets Iowa and Ox- men ol-war, 1815 Treaty lord. of Chambord, 1353 10th?Reception, by ex- Battle of Corunna, 1809 ! elusive express^, of^ news Alliance ^ between Trtusia from England, oy suiu u- mm r.uguuu, inn. herty, stating the resignation of Peel'* ministry. 2l*t- Commencement ot Louis XVI. beheaded in i great snow storm- Paris, 1798. 21d-Honey man,the barge The union of Utretch, robber, convicted. 1879. 24th?News of the refu- Frederick the Great born, 1 sal of Mexioo to receive U. 1712. England declares j 8 Minister . war against Spain, 1805. ; 1 28th ? Rejoicings and British scbr. St. Lawsleighing times in Gotham, rence, n guns, captured Senator Allen introduces by American privateer I the " anti-European dicta- Chasseur, 14 guns, ISIS. 1 tion" resolutions. Great Escape of Bonaparte from debate thereon at Washing- Elba, 1818. France declares ton . W"J"gainst England, l?d?. 2'tth-Montreal bank rob- George the Third died, bars arrested. Receptionol 18Jo. Peace betweeu Spannews that Paredea had tn- ish and Dutch. Indepentered Mexico, and Herrera donee of Holland recognisL SI A. .1 A/1 Ifiia aDUiCHieu ?? -"'W. FEBRUARY. lit-Terrible fight in Col. Aaron Burr if chargWall street between bull* ed with high treason, and bean. , . . _ 3d?Every body in not ,7?1en?r*1 P?#c? at Pari*, water about Dr. Mott and |78d,_ between France. G. the Brochierra water- j^tain, u. states, Spain, j ftth?Hon. E.Everitt con- The Cortes of Spain re- ! I firmed 01 President of Har- nounce the treaty of Valan- 1 vard College. ?'" The Chesapeake , blockaded. 1813. ,( 7th?Message of Presl- Alliance formed between ' , dent Polk to Congress, re- United 8tates and France, ' ] specting refusal ot arbitra- 1780; Kingston, Jamaica, : ' tlon on the Oregon ques- destroyed by fire. , tion Stocks going down. 9th?War panic. P*141 , . Emperor of Oermauy I 1 boat Homer sailed. ?*|. Joins Russia against Tursage of 11 months notice in Key. 1 ? the House 1 14th?Tremendous gale Explosion of powder awl snow storm. Ten ves- jn'lls in Brussels, by which I 1 call incliulinflr the John luo persons were iostautlv I Minturn, Lotty, New Jer- killed, 1HU . ' I gey, Alabama, Sto., cshore ! on Squan Beach, 68 uvea I lout, among whom wan the brave pilot Freeborn. 10th?The Holy Alliance Treaty of Tolentiua beol uewipapera, annihilated t<veen France and thel'opo, 1 by Herald Erpreie from 1797. Hake of Suffolk, Beaton in 7 hoar* and o father of Lady Jane Grey, minutea, with tho pacific beheaded, 16*1. new* by the steamer from England. I aid?Van Buren arrived 114th anniversary of the in New Yoik. Body of birth day of Washington. Freeborn brought to this i city. 35th?Great debate in Messrs. Clay and Russell ! Senate on 13 months notice, sail in U. 8. frigate John ; Large fire at Williamsburg Adams for Gottenburg, 1814. 27th?Coldest day of the Elias Hicks died, 1830. i season Pleasants wound- Pestalozzi died, 1827. Most ed in duel with Ritchie.? destructive storm fn F.ngConviction of anti-renters at land, 1818. Albany. 28th?The shortest month Alliance between France departed in a long snow and Holland, 1635. storm. maM8H. 1st.?Great fire in Savan- Earthquake in Concepnah. cion, 1614. 3d.?Splendid dinner of Gen. Provost, in South St. Davia's Society. Carolina, surprises the Americans, and compels them to retreat, 1779. 4th.?1The public aston- Inaugurati n of Ameriishod with Herald extras, can Presidents. Col. Butwith news from Europe by ler, in 1814, with 100 Amethe Toronto. ricans, defeats 350 British, t 18 Mile Creek. th?Mass meeting of Col. Crockett killed at locos, generally, in Tarn- the Alamo, 1836. Peace of j many Hall, and oi Mike Radstadt, 1714. Walsh's paiticulars in the ! Park. 1 I 7th.?Grace Church con- Treaty 01 neiiDron, | secrated. Gen. Van Neaa I died at Washington. j 12th.?Arrivals of the War declared by France : shine Liverpool, Zurich, against Great Britain, 1744. and Sunbeam. Murder of Light royal powers issue a the Van Nei* family, at manifeito alter escape of I Auburn, by Freeman. Napoleon from Elba, 181ft 17th?Effects known of St. Patriok's day. Britj disastrous lieshets north- ish forces ovacuate Boston, ward and eastward. 1776. 19th ? Hibernia at Bos- Independence of Columton with accounts of the bia, Peru, and Mexico re- , great battles in India. cognized, 1872. j 20th.?Canadian Par lis- Bonaparte's Rambouil- ' , ment assembled. Harbor let decree. Treaty between , bill passed the House. France and Spain, 1601. h j 24th.?Packet ship Henry Queen Elizabeth died, | i Clay ashore and 6 lives lost. 1604. First printing in i Trial ofTirrell, in Boston. England. 1471. American I < War Message from the Independence acknowledge , President, asking increase ed by Spain. ' ! of forces. _ | i 28th.?Great indignation Raphael born, 1483. (.ten. ! at verdict of acquittal of Hull tried by Court Mar- j Tirrell of murder, on plea tial, and sentenced to be of somnambuliam. Flood in (hot, 1811. Maine. $1.000.000 of property destroyed. U. 8. troops encamped opposite Mataraorns. 30th ?Rejection of our U. 8. frigate F.ssex cap- j ! Minister in Mexico, by Pa- tured in Valparaiso harbor, , redes. Oreat debate in 9e- by two British men-of-war, nata on Oregon question the Phoebe and Cherub 31st.?March marched Great earthquake at Lis- I out bon, 1761. APMU 1st?8|>eech of Mr. Ben- Fool's Day. Charleston, ton in favor of 49. 8. C besefged by Sir Henry Clinton, 1739 2nd. Hub-treasury bill Thomas Jefl'erion born, passed House, 123 to 67. 1743 U. S. ship Alliance, j Terrible tight between hun 32 guns, captures British kers and barnburners, in frigate Atalanta and the MiAlbany. nerva, 10 guns, 1781. 4th? Robt. Owen arrives Wm H. Harrison, Pres't I from London. Speech of of the United States, died, i McDuitie against 04 40. 1841. j ott??Aiihhurton treaty nadajoz stormea uy explained by " Daniel the British and Poituguese. godlike." )8W. Massacre ?t Dartmoor prison, 1815. 11th?Bill passed for re- Bonaparte abdicated, giroent of mounted rifle- 1814. War between (Jrcat men. Mr. C. J. Ingersoll Britain and Prussia, 1800. charges Mr. Webster with peculation. 14th?Charter election in Embargo laid on AmerlNew York. Tobacco and can Tassels, by England, Andrew H. Mickle, demo , 1811 3wedon Interdicts all have 7000 more votes than commerce with England, tho whigs. |8|j. Ibth?De Meyer took Shakipearo born, 1594.? possession of New Orleans, Porslano captured Bassora, unlocking its gates with the after 19 months siege, 1770. keys of nis piano. Oregon Treaty of amity between notice resolution passed he- Ureal Britain and Columuate. lu to 14. bia. 18th?roily Bo.line ac- Venezuelabecomos an inquitted ot murder, at New- dependent government, ourgh. 19th?Lieut. Portar and Battle of Lexington, 1776. four men tilled by the Holland acknowledges the Mexicans. Colonel Cross independence of America, murdered about same time; 17?2. flrst blood shed in the war. 20th? Riots in Brooklyn The Krench National Ashy laborers. Military cull- sombly declare svai agoinst d^ut Caledonia arrives Uerinany, 1701. I DUCIOU. J.'td ?Captain Thornton's Biaiil discovered. 1600.? t scouta cut off. 20WO Mext- War brenka out between earn croai the Rio Uramto. Huaai* and Turkey, 173fl. Oregon notice bill )>a?iet both housee of Congresa. 23 h?Bun eclipae'l, but Blockade of whole Amebad weather presented uny rican coaal declared oy Ad| riaa in smoked glaaa. rairel Cochrane. 1814. 28th? Great Weatern ar- General Wolfe allied, , rives. Fight between Capt. 1*49. Oraat freaheta in I Wulker'a Texaa Hungers, Switzerland in 1802 and a large body ui Mexieana. 29:h?Democratic dele- Britiah sloop of war Eper gatea to State <onvei.tion vier captured by American ' elected. Smithsonian blli aloop of war Peacock, 1814. pastes the Houae. 9 30th?Fifty-nine firej in , Wa'hirgton inaugurated the city during thia month, in 1789. MAT 1 lat Gen Taylor's fan es Expedition agalnit? rown tr? TA?rJ 1 ti.a m ,4 A.l 1... Psxin* An/1 TifUinflsrAM. 0 three timra their number.? 17*.V Portntai (ier.lnree 1 K very body on the move in war n^amst France. IHOfl. ' New Vork. Jd~.steam ehip Oambri.i Tremendous liail itorm , pays a visit to (Jape Cod, in Kniland, 1 ?.P7. lunuirec, and goes ashore for a fe<v tiona n.-eak out i i different ) hours parte of Rpein 'tmultaneon sly, U06. f 3d?Taylor's forced march Battle of Lutzen, 1913. to Point Isabel, with 4300 men. 4th?Balance of troop* left British army at Boston at fort Brown gallantly do- reicforcod froan England, fend it against a numerous 1775, Hurricane in Charlesforce of the enemy. Major ton, B.C., 1701. Brown killed. 5th? National Medical Napoleon died at St. HeConvention in New York. lena. 8th?Holy week and anni- Gibbon, the historian, versaries commence. Battle born, 1737. Peace between ! of Palo Alto. Mai. Ringgold K ranee and England, 1360. mortally wounded. 9 000 Treaty confirmed between ; Americans against 7,000 Turkey and United States. Mexicans. 9th?Battle of Reaaca da Burning of the Ben Sherla Palma. Gen. Vega taken rod, 1837; 175 lives lost. A prisoner by Capt. May. In great fire in Canton, China, these battles the American 1789. loss 300; Mexican 1,900. 11th?President sends mes- America discovered, 1499. sage to Congress. Great Robert Treat Paine died, ?>,? 1*14 House. 13th?War bill passes the Peace between Austria, Senate. Mayor is sworn in. Saxony and Prussia, 1770. Another great abolition meeting. 17th-Barrita captured by Revolution in Venice, j Col. Williams and 7 com pa- 1707. nies U. S. troops. 18th?(Jen. Taylor takes Peace between Russia possession of Matumora*.? and Sweden in 1593, alter a Vera Cruz blockaded by war of33 years. Com Conner. 30th?Great wnr meeting Lafayette died, 18.74 Co-, in the Park. What was said lumbus died, 1306. has proved to be words and ' nothing else." 31st?Trinity cburch con- Treaty of Troyes. 1430, ; secrated. Commencement between France and ling- 1 of great fair at Washing- land. Treaty of Hague, ton 1639. 33th?(ien. Scott takes a An act passed 1633, ex- j hasty plate of soup, and the emptlng Portugal from du- j Knglish queen increases ties on tonnage. the royal lamily. 36tb?New York city in John Calvin died, 1561.? a delirium of joy with news A storm in India, in which ; of the Mexican defeats of 7.000 inhabitants were de- j Palo Alto. He; New Orleans ftroyed by hail, 1793. Legislature votes $300 lor a word to (Jen Tavlor. ovth?Arrival of the Great Montezuma. Kntnoror of i Britain. Mexico, died 1620. 28th?Disastrous gale at Wm Pitt born, 1769. Point Isabel. JUNK. 1st?Tope of Rome die*. Ja k Cade's rebellion in Constitutional Contention favor of tbe Duke of York, meets at Albany. 1450. Britiah captured Stony Point 1779. 4th? Supplementary war Uratian died, 1830. Aubill paaiet the houie. Gen. guata capitulate* to AmeriCan introduce* resolution* cans,1781. recalling General Gaine* to Washington. 8th?Great Britain leave* Cholera broke out in with about too passenger*. America, 1825. Indian* deBattle at Taropioo. The St. atroy Wyoming and massa- 1 Mary's demolishes forts op- ore the inhabitants, 1778 posite that city. ' 10th?The President's A fire broke out at Cal- i message, commending Mr. cutta, 1705, in which two or Pakenham's proposition for three thousand buildings the settlement of the Ore- were destroyed, and76 lives eon question. Santa Anna lost, zocknghting in Havana. 13th?Theatre burnt in New York incorporated, Uuebec, and 60 lives lost. 1086. Martin Luther ex I'he Senate authorises the communicated by the Pope. President to settle the Oreron question. 16th?Arrival ofthe Great Geo. Washington elected Western with news of the commander-inchiofin 1776. epeal of the corn laws lath?Caledonia arrives Battle of Monmouth, 1778. it Boston. Oregon treaty Wai declared by the United stifled by the Senate. States against England,1813. 20th?Death of Hon. Rich- William IVth died, 1838. ird P. Herrick. Victoria proclaimed Uueen. '23d? Alexander Everett The British sloop of War ail* for China. Gen Ue la Leopard commit* an outrago Vega seen in Canada, on upon the U. 8. frigate CheHenry Clay's farm, and at sapeake, 1807. leveral other places. 30th?Debate on tarifl S. L. Southard died, 1842. I Mil. Fifty Camanchee In- Roger Sherman died. 1798 ! lians, with names in little Convention between En- 1 pieces, arrived at Washing- gland and 8pain, 1828. ton to conclude a " '? ?? ? '0U7th?8(ien. Taylor made Battle of Monmouth, 1778. Major General. Good. JVLY. l?t?Commencement at N Washington joined army Fork University. _ at Cambridge, 1775. 3d?Tarriff bill passed the Fort Erie taken, 18:4. 4th?A great deal of noise Declaration of American uid rain and rum and fow- Independence, 1776. PresiJer from Maine to Mexico, dents Adams and Jefferson died, 1890; Momoe, 1831 8th?Monterey in Califor- U.S Congress, 1778, pubair taken, and a U. 8 .Go- lishes the grievances wnich comment established. IT d to war against Eng1." d. 10th?Hottest day in ten Columbus bora, 1447. "3th--Great fire in Nantucket. 14th?Picket Liverpool French Revolution comarrived with 400 paesengra. menced in 1799. 10th?A yatch race in Stoney Point taken, 1779. aur b arbor. aut?The great panacea Robert Burn* died, 1796. millionaire, Dr. Swain, died in Philadelphia 33d?Freeman convicted Gibraltar taken by the sf the murder of the Van Britiah, 1704. Ness family. 34tb?The Harbor Bill Simon Bolivar born, 1783. posse* the Senate. 35th?Santa Fe expedi- Battle of Bridgewater, in tion itarta under Oen. Hear- which the American* were ney with 1,600 men victoriou*, 1814. 38th?Tariif bill paaie* Robeipierre guillotined, the Senate, 38 to 37. 1794 39th?House concur* in Revolution triumphant in ; same a* amended, 114 to 93, France in 1830. (Jeorgia and it becomes a law. Jo- join* the confederation of epli Henry attempt* the the 13 States, 177?. life of King Louis Philippe 31?1,096 death*, of which American* send two par31 were by the sun, during tie* against the Canada*, this month. 1776. avoir it. 3d? Hibernia arrive* at 1,300 British and Indians Boston bringing new* of defeated by MajorCroghan the ratification of the Ore- and 160 Americans, at Sen gon Treaty duaky, 1818. 6th?TheCalifornia Regi- Treaty of Cambray. Alment completed ; China, liance between Ureat Bri(Mexico,) taken by Texan tain and Hesse, 1740. BurnHangers under Capt Mc. log of the splendid Berlin I Culloch. U. S. ship Con. Royal Theatre, 1814. titution sail* from Rio -.a neiro wnu ceuvoy. 6th?Washington Union Gen. Herkimer killed on complaint of being hied by field of battle, 1777. reporteri. 7lh~- Reprisal Bill paste* Great fire in Valparaiso, Congress 1810. 8th- President asks- for Henry V. of Kngland $9,000 009, which John Da- commences war against vis prevented him from get- France, 1410. ting. 10th?Congress adjourns, George IV. born, 170i. to the delight of the nation. U. S. schr*. Growler and Julia captured on Lake Ontario. Uth ? Daniel Webster, Queenstown, Md , taken with ahostofCongressmen, by the British, Aug. 14. U. arrives in this city. Much 8. schts Homers and Porcualarm lest some should stay pine captured by the Bribers and have an extra srs- tish on Lake Ontario, sion. 13th?Great fire at Quo- Napoleon Bonaparte born gue, L I.; first time light at Arjaccio, 1709. General was ever had of the exist- Sullivan besieges Newport, euce of the plane. U. 8. 1778. biig Truxton lost. 10'h?Santa Anna's revo- Battle of Bennington, ? i- ???:? t>?j? itrt r.m.ia,, nwn exiled ami Santa Anna take* Baron De Kalb defeated at command of army. Camden, 1780 Gen. Hull surrender! Michigan to the British. 17th?Wyatt executed at General De Kalb die* of Albany. his wounds. 18th?Santa Fe captured General Tarleton surpriby Gen Kearney Gen. A r- sea and defeats Gen. Sumpmije retires with 4,1)00 ter, 1780. troops, and the U States government is established 10th?Commencement at Guerriero frigate capturYale College ?<L 1819. 94th ? Dutch man-of-war Gen. Howe debarks with Adder arrives in tho her- 18,000 men at Klk River, to bor. attempt the subjugation of Philadelphia. 1777. 9'th? Com'dore Stockton Dr. Herachell died, 1899. takes formal possession of Battle of Long Island, 1778. the California! 90th?Count Rodisro, Mi- St. John Baptist beheadnistur from Russia, and ed. Paley born, 1743, suite, arrive in the city. 31st ?It) 919 passengers General Sullivan defeats arrived during the month, the British and Indians at all of august presence. Newtown, 1779. FFTMsaaa. 1st?Yucatnn joins Mexi- First wood cut msde by co under Santa Anna. Rust, a German, in 1480. 9 J?Great meeting of hard Seventy persona confisted democracy, and flare demned as witches, and up between Rynders and burnt in France, 1809. Walsh. 3d ? f imbria arrive* at War declared by DenBoaton; McLane returns in mark against Sweden, 1818. her; the Apolloneons make Battle of Worcester, 1881. their ftrst appearance in N. York 7th?Hon. Mr. McLane Hannah More died, 1833. received by the New York Chnmber of Commerce. 8th?Great gale about the Third Coalition of allied country. powers against France, 1803. Oth?Calvin Rusa mar- Treaty of Alliance batw'n ders his wife. Russie, Austria and Prussia, 1813. lOLh?Hon. Felix G Me- Pan-y's victory on Lake Council commits suicide in F.rie, 1813, and destruction Washington of British squadron . 11th?Battle between the Battle ot Brandy wine Mormons and mohites at 1777.McDonough's victory, Nauvoo. 1814. 17th?Jackson th? mutl. rroaiy 01 reace ??w?u near hung on board the St- Rimin nnd Sweden, liOv. ' Mary'* in th? Uulf of Mexico. Santa Anna entera the copitol of Mexico. 18th?Niblo'a Oatdandc Benjamin West fisiU atroyed by Are. llome, 183a. 31*t?Storming oC Monte- A treetWof neutrality r?y by Oen Taylor with signed, MOi. botwoon 0000 troop*, againat 11.000 France alJr .Naples. 000 i Mexican* under Ampudia: persons killL] by the fall , after three dayii siege the ins in of a v Alt of a church i fortreae ii captured. A me- in Baurbon, Joanna, 177b I rican loss 500 ; Mexican V JOOO lid?Great Bl itain run* Treaty of Arraa between aahore on the (rieh coa*t France and Burgundy, 1435. : and ia loat. I :14th?Santa Anna start* Columbu* aailed on hi* j for the seat of war, in order voyage resulting ia the di* < to concentrate 30,000 men covery of America, 1441 at Ban Luia Fote?*i. Gene- I ral Wool'* at my leaves Ban Antonio for Ci>aiiuila. 06th?California Regim't, Treaty at Vienna, 1815, under Colonel SU'venaon, whorebv the Duchy of J sailed. Habeat ccfpxn weep- Parma, he., waa secured to j eth in consequence. the King of Rome. */7th?Hoyt shot by My- Great earthquake at Mex- ] ers in Richmond. ico. i 30th?'The great artiste Saxony placed undor 1 Sivori arrive*. control of Prussia, 1814 j Treaty of amity between ] France and U. State*. 1800. i j OCTOBER. | lit?Steamer Canh'ria Mina, the Guerilla chief, ] leave* Boston and the ml U* defeated t>y the Spanish I behind; the latter go to royalists, 1830. Cape Cod ; the former A mains in the mad. I I 3d?Revolution in Gene- Savannah bombarded, by ' a, Switzerland. the British, 1770. 6th?-Nineteenth annual* Battle of Moravian town, , fair of American Institute. -in which Gen Harrison do- i ,'toated Gov. Proctor I , 8th?Mass meeting of Krunltiin obtains money I I wbigs. from Krance and Holland i I 10th?Queen of Spain mar- Merchant Tailors' com- ' . ried; great disturbance in pauy founded in London, < Europe thereat 1603. 11th?Destructive hurri- Varna, an important for- ] cane iu Havana, Key Westr tress ol the Turks, surrenlie. dered to the Russians. I I'Jth?Sivori's first appear- The Bahamas discover- J ance and triumph. ed by Columbus, 1492 I 13th?Great storm in this Battle ot Queenstown, j ?6r anH -louihara Penn- 181-2 William Penn born l sylvania votes for the whigs. .(supposed) 1044. ] 16th?Attack on AlvaraJo ilurgoyne defeated at I by American squadron. Saratoga. 1777. Koiciua- i lio died, 1817. J 10th? Parade of lat Regi- Oen.Washington capturea ment Artillery. News from Lord Cornwallis at YorkOhio and Pennsylvania de- town, 1761. Lafayette relights the wbigs. turns to France, 1781. Battle of Black Creek, 1814. | 20th?Caledonia arrives at National Jubilee in En- 1 Boston. gland. 23d-Blockade of Yucatan Kirst license granted for , ordered by our government. a theatre in England.lSOS | ; 36th?Norwegian man-of- Massacre of Christians war "North Star" arrives: in Crotia by the Turks in ; tbe first from that nation in IMS, when 60,000 were this country. slain. 27th?Row in New York Richard 1. excommuni- j about an escaped slave.? cated by the Pope for an Tract Society induce him to alledged creation of dis- ' make tracks. cord among the crusaders. 29th?Henri Herz gives hie The last witch executed I first concert in this country in England, 1808. Queen'R to about 2600 people. College, Oxford, founded 1340. NOV KM) KR. lit?Steamer Rho<5? Island, Hurricane in the Medidriven ashore torranean, with immenie lesi of life and projierty, 17M. 3d?Elections in N. York St. John'* lurendera to the 1 Whigs carry the State by American*, 1776. 11,000 majority. I Oth?Hon Win. R. King, The tecond war common- j late Minister to France, ar- <* vd between England und . rived. H olland, lfldl I ; 8th?Elections in Massa- First potatoes taken chusetts result in favor of fri m America into Ireland, | the whig* of course. 181 0. 9th?Col. Cross buried Battle of Taledega, in | with military and civic ho- wh tch Gen Jackson defeats nors at Washington. tho Creek Indians, 1813. I 14th?Tampico taken by C harles Carroll died, 1932. the American squadron j ; 16th?Ralph Ingersollsails A rticles of confederation | < te Russia as Minister U. ado) ted by the Amorican j ] 8. ship Boston lost at Baha- Stats *, 1777. Tho Barrier ma Islands treat, r, 1716. j] 16th?The Independence Foi t Washington surren- . and existence of Cracow dered,, 1776 British Muse- ] destroyed by Austria, Rus- um oi itablished tinder prosia and Prussia. "King tectiol i of government, 1763. ] John'' is brought out at the Park. Bteamer Great Western arrives with Sir A. McNab. . 17th?War department Bosti >n riots in 1747. calls for more troops ; one regiment from New York. , 18th?Yorkshire packet Erupition of Mount Etna ship arrives in 16 davs from in 1832. Jay's Treaty wit'i , Europe, with the Viennoise Englan4 signed, 1794. dancers. 20th?Constitution pro- First Presbyterian Meet mitigated in the Republic ing tooit so established in 1 ofHayti. England, 1673, at Surry. 36th?Moj. Gen Scott ar- Evacui tion of New York rives with his stall' in this by the British, 1783. city. 36th?Thanksgiving day. Judge IVashington BushSteamer Atlantic, with a- rod diwd, 1830. Kirst watch bout 60 lives, lost in Long broug.Vt ii?to England from . Island Sound in a tremen- Germany, 1697. dous gale. Brig Creole cut out from under the guns of Vera Cruz, by one American boat's crew. 39th?Gen. Cass arrives Cardinal | Woohey died, . in New York. 1630. 80th?Ma). Gen. Scott sails First stone of St. Paul's with his stair to New Or- Cathedral 1, ud in London, leans. Capt Walker arrive* after the grewt Hp*. itm 1 in the city The former go Revolution ar Warsaw, Po- i ! to the war, the latter lrom land, 1830. J it. I DKCKMBKIt. ! 3d?Daniel Wobsterl eats Battle of AudktJlitz, 1806, a great dinner and makes a Riots in London, !1816. great speech in Philadelphia. 7th? Congress convene* Smyrna destroyed by an at Washington. earthquake, 1630. 8th?President'* Message Ferdinand confirmed as 1 delivered. U. S. brig So- King of Spain bjr Napoleon, t mers lost oil' Vera Cruz, 18) a. r with about 60 lives, including two oflicera. 9 th?Navigation com Milton born,\1608. a mencss to be closed. a 13th?Meeting ol Sece- Dr. John?on dl ed, 1731. . ders from Catholic church in the Tabernacle. 16th?Gen. Taylor takes Great fire in\New York, , possession of Saltillo with- 1836. out resistance. 11 17th?First great snow Napolaoh issuer the Mi- 1 storm of the season. Ian Decree, 1807. Bolivar t died, 1830. 18th?American-Art Uni- War declared by Engon distributes prizes. Ex- land against France, in ta- c Mayor lluvemeyer receives vor of distressed Pretest- ti "dead game." ants, 1077. 19th? Albany refuse* Louisiana purchased by 8 $100 to her volunteers for the United States from the 1 Mexico. Gov. Young ar- French, 1803. r rives at the capital i . J'il -Major Ringgold Congress lays an embar- i 6 buried at Baltimore with go on American vessels, appropriate ceremonies. 1907. ! ] Meeting for the aid of the t Now York volunteers in this city. I 23d?Important news Washsington resigns hie < from Mexico arrives via commission to Congrsae, Havana. 1783. Newton born, 1642. ' 24th?Common Council Treaty of Peace eoncludvote $6,000 lor the aid of ?d at Ghent between the j volunteer*. 8ix dinners lost. United States and Eim. land. * 36th?Immenseconsump- Great riots at Nottingham, c I ' .llhl.. ?ll M..:. I I HI I It,rtlt nf - tian land*. Christ. 38th?Meeting for tha re- Heiilans defeated by , llaf of Ireland Steamer <>en. Washington at Tree- | Mohagan lott in Long ton. Island Sound. | 38th?Grand Concert of Poit office established in i the St. (Jeorge's Bensvo- England, i860, lant Society. ! 39th?Senator Barrow, of Savannah captured hy 1 Louisiana, die* at Balti- the British, 1778. British mote. frigate Java captured, 1813, by the Constitution 30-h?Oen. Houston ra- The British burn Buffalo, ceives his friends in New 1813. Protectorate of 01iYork. Remain* of Capt. ver Cromwell begins, 1853. tain Lawrence re-interred. Jonathan Thompson dies. Evenlt to Take PUet. The year 1817 begins with Friday and ends with Fri day?that very unlucky day. 'I he 4th of July come* on Sunday?very unlucky. There will be no full moon this year in the month of February?unlucky i month. Our national political day begins on Sunday ,tiie 4thof March? unlucky day. There will be no eclipse visible in the year- unlucky for the star gazer*. Janus- ' | ry is to bo blessed with two fnll moons, and March with a like number?this will be lucky, and will perhaps throw light enough over the dark features of the year to overcome ail evil prognostication*. All this appears in an exchange paper. Flra Statistics of New York tn December, Through politeness of C. V. Anderson, Esq., Civil Engineer, we are enabled to present the following return of fires for the month of December : Dec. 1st?corner Division and Bowery. 3d? oorner Grand and Broadway. flth?No. 138 Colombia at I 7th?No. 34U Spring at. < 8th?No. 34 Hammond and Mh street, lat avenue. Also, 33d atraet, near 3d avenue. , 10th -No 104 Maiden Lane. 1 1 llth?No. 388 8th atreet , 13th?No. 9 Theatre alley. , lAth?Foot of Fulton atreet and Aator House , lat floor , on Veaey. 18th? Alarm?No 309 Stanton street. i 17th?No. 1M Reade street 18th?No. 41 William atraet; 33 Jacob street Olat?49th atreet and 3d avenue 31d?Leonard, near Centre atreet 3Mh? I'earl, near State atreet; corner Attorney and Riviogton 38th?>3<1 and 8th avenue, and 83X Chatham atraet. '10th?43d atreet and 0th avanue; 103 John atreet, and j corner Wall and Front streets ; alarm. 8 )th?873 Broadway. J Depopulation or Liwwjquk.?A cor re sondent^ of I the Galena Gazette, writing irom i/huuijuc, raja that Rome " lftOO persona left that place on the 28th tilt., to attend the Legislature, about to convene at Iowa I city." Moat of thoae wore arplioanta for office under the new State government. The only inhabitant* loft were two mlniatora, the clerk in the land office, the postrnaater, a faw mechanic*, one doctor, one frooer, one music maater. end the women and children." 1 n Criminal Itatlitlei uf Sew York. I Henry Vaaderroort, K?q.. clerk of the Court of Sere liont, hut poiitely furniihel u? with the following n?ut of couYictlone, acquittal*, kc., in the CourU * Jyer end T-rmiuer, Oeneral end Special Settiont of Y.o I Peace, in the City end County of New York, for the 1 fear 1848 COl'BT or OTKB A*? TEBMIFVBB. Convicted. Aiqmtlrit, tltirder 1 ? riantlaughtnr in the 4th degree 1 ? Vuault and bettery I ? IranJ leroeny 1 ? s'nitence 6 ? (oe| ing a gambling houae 1 ? 11 COL'BT OK (iKNKRAL tCMIONl. d aneleughter in the 4tn degree ....... 1 ? Vstault with intent to kill 2 6 " " maim 4 ? lape I %r Vfltault with intet/ to commit a rape... 3 ? lohbery in the lit t Itsault with intent to ?ob I _ Hint and attault and batWry a 1 \ttault and battery 4 ? '1 <*orgery in the 2nd degree (counterfeit bank note*) 4 > " iu the 3d degree .6 3 I Burglary in the 1st degree ...2 A , " in the 2nd degre 1 1 " in the 3<1 degreo Ul n attempt to commit burglary 3 1 J rand larceny 74 >s \ttempt to commit giund larceny 3 -* Petit larceny, second offence 3 Petit larceny 84 4 * Yttcmpt to commit petit larceny 4 Obtaining money and good* by falsa protenoea 9 U llecoeivlng stolen goods (scienter) 6 3 \cct3unry io felony before the fact 1 -fc !Jrocuring an abortion J | Insuring numbers drawn in a lottery . . , 2 ? . Libel 4 1 Indecently exposing person 4 ? tolling obsceue books and p rinta 1 ? & Keeping gambling bouses A ? i < , Keeping disorderly houses ...30 \ telling liquor without license 1 ? J, Ylisdeineunor (wilfully destroying a car riage) ? 1 U *7TT Ik SOUkT OF 8PECIRI. l<laiON(. J|h| Petit lerceuy . v.... .097 wo tUaault and battery 609 07 160(1 So of triaLi in Court oi Oyer and Terminer...... ' 7 General Sessions SM Special Sessions.. 1,6)1 2 .010 So. of pereona convicted end acquitted in Oyer ^^B nixl Terminer 11 ^^B General Beasiona, 396 ^^B Special Session*, 1813 ^^B 2,220 So. of priaonera discharged by Court of Oyer and Terminer 3 ^^B General Sessions, 176 ^^B Special Hasaiona, 1,109 1,2011 Total No. of persona convicted, aci|Ui)ted, and di*- 9 H charged in all the courta 3.31? Souts need to be executed t H Sentenced to the State priaon, 09 men and 14 wo- ^^^B men?Total 113 ^^^B Swnteaoed to the Penitentiary, 726 men and 144 wo- ^^^B men?Total 670 Sentenced to the City Priaon, 226 men und 94 wowen?Total 320 Sent lo the House of llel'iigo, 70 boya and 4 girls juitu 74 Aggregate of time of persons sentenced to the State prison, 377 years and 8 months. No. of indictments found by Grand Jury 767 No. of complaints dismissed by Grand Jury 316 No. of indictments discharged by ml prut and settlement lot No. of complaints lor assault settled before indict ment 36 No. of rocogni/.Rncos to appear and answer filed du-Ateg^^H ring the yeur No. of recognizances forfeited end ordered to prosecuted Amount of flnes and fees collected and paid City Treasury . HENRY VANDERVOORT.^^^^^^B New York, Dec _ In the Courts of Oyer and Terminer and there werd III IS la 381 1846 333. . AlmsHousk. Retort Koa It appears from this report thst 6639 have wrted by the city. Of these, there are in? Bellevue Aims-House. llallevue Hospital Luuaiic Asylum Nursery H . . . Transient Paupers Amount of supplies furnished R?Tlgeilen of ilii Uklo i'ia-" A?f State .ottisville Deo. 3t? 1A. s Wheeling Dec. 31 4 (t Cincinnati Dec. 31 11 ft . 'iitsburg Dec. 37. .... 9% ft . XHONKY A1AKKUT. Thursday, Dec. 31?8 P. There has not been much activity in the stock o-day, and no material alteration in prions. Tbore^^^^^H ' ery little disposition to operate in any of the intil after the Independent Treasury Art goes in ) opeat ion, ai there is considerable anxiety to see w}t the fleet of that act will be upon the market. Th bulls re making desperate efforts to sustain prices, ttff have o far been successful enough to prevent any ve^ great eprcciation. At the board to-day, Canton went up X per cept j vich and Worcester, >? ; Reading.^ ; Indiana, iois, *4 ; Harlem fell oft' >? ; Morris Canal, %; V. 850, U ; Long Island, Pennsylvania 6's, and closed firm at yesterday's prices. There has been an active demand for hange for this paekat, notwithstanding whic^i iona have fallen off. Prima billa on London' t 6 a 6X1 per cent premium ; good billa, with ittlo known, have bean offered freely at tremium. We quote on Paris, Af 42,'f a Af 42>? j lam, 38,V a 39; Prml nip, ?/% n :<<>; Bian ?i ii anticipated that importations of specie, I? arge amount, muit come in within the next wo. Judging from the extent of our exports, educed importation of merchandise, we should hat the procious metals would flow in upon us nense The trade and commerce of the country, of ust closing, has not been characterized by xtraordinary feature. Congress was in sessiol:^^^^^^^^ iommencement of the year, and there was at tonsideroble Interest excited in relation to the nenta ot tne party in power, regarding too cowempi^^^^^^H hangea in the commercial and financial eyatem lountry. The delay experienced in parftctiia^^^^^^^H arioue had a tendency to unaettle congcM H flair* and deatroy all diapoaition to extend a ranaactiona in any line The apring trade waa nuch more limited than anticipated, and a d nfluence appeared to exiat in all the ramifli H Karly in the ipring it became apparent that a dexico not be avoided, and the diffloult ommerclcl world anticipated, upon the commi >f hoatilitiea, had a tendency to indaca oapita engaged extenaively in mercantile pur* iculnrly in *hipping, to contract their operai juietiy wait result. The of the :la*aea being therefore prepaiei, when actual hoa^^^^^^^H eere announced there wee o particular my thing but fancy atock' V hich had for boen fluttering in the win<i, affected more or enme, eithci inflating or depr^^^^^^^H The excitement growing out of the wer, in V-U^ IhrAtlvKAIlt (K? Jim circles, conunueu uiiiu?n ind the uncertainty which axlited in relation movemonta 01 Congreaa, regarding tha moat iu^ortant meamres of the aeiiien, continued nearly up to the oloae Tho tariff', the warahouaa bill, and tha independent treaaury net ware pawed within a few daye of tho time H H listed upon for adjournment, but their enforoemeut <wiih^| H jne exception, the warehouse bill) wat put off for aererelfl H montha. A* eoon a* these biUa were pe?Md, the publid^^^H mind became quiet, and the adjournment of Cougrea^^^^H nabled tha commercial claaaea to take an ohaerrationJ^^^^H And out their true poaition and make the neceaaary parations for the enforcement of the near flnancia^^^^^M rommerdal systems. The buiiDew was H limited, in consequence the state of oar^^^^^^^H The rednotion in the our stfle articles importation, under tariff, |iPAented the transmission order* for for en#y under old tariff, and the great anticipated in prices for goods entered law, cjtiipnrr <1 with those under the thole engaged trade to purchase no tually required for immediate consumption, will therefore very much rentrlcted. Since riff hue gone into operation, tho iTi|>oTi,ilionil I exeetdinglr limited; but there another cain^J H Importer! anticipate very aerioua embnrraH H the niney market, the the the Independent Treerary act being

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